The Florida velvet bean and related plants


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The Florida velvet bean and related plants
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Piper, Charles V ( Charles Vancouver ), 1867-1926
Tracy, S. M ( Samuel Mills ), 1847-1920 ( joint author )
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture
United States -- Bureau of Plant Industry
United States -- Government Printing Office
Govt. Print. Off. ( Washington )
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    Stizolobium hassjoo
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B,. T. GALLOWAY, ',.f of Bureau '
____ ojt




I8sUEI MAY 1'.. 1910.

M^ r

--K ... -_ -_-.. :
f^ ~ :--=:- -_
(^ -C**/(*- -,i 9'



The scientific and technical p,,lhli, ,iii .l ti i 'r ireau of Plant Industry, whit n % ii organized July
1, 1901, are issued in -inl-h se: w1 .,1 ,il h i-,, hi 4 'f which follows.
Attention is direct .1 T U., fact that the ,itlhi ,rio, in io I1 :ri,- ,' 1not forgen.:-.r:jl lilo riution. The
Tl.]V;|,,i, ,,.|, ,ii of Documents, Governmenjt i'Friir, 'ii i.' \%' .hiri-tun, D. C., i. jiritn.jrized l.v ]a i tj
* I th0. i i I .. t, and to him all application .., Itr"' i.l,.', --riil, I l,- m1.l, .c, .in(iifoni I v .j postal
money order for the required amount or by cash. Numbers omitted from i IL li.i. (.In not be furnished.
No. 2. Sperni, 'h-..*i Lnml Fecundation of Zamia. 1901. Price, 20 cents.
3. M ,1 ,.ii.i 'A I,. ii, 1901. Price, 20 cents.
4. Range Improvement in Arizona. 1901. Price, 10 cents.
8. A Collection of Fungi Prepared for Distribution. 1 .,2. Price, 10 cents.
9. The North American Species of Spartina. 1902. 1 r,, :. 10 cents.
10. Records of Seed ri iril.Tiin, etc. 1902. Price, 10 cents.
11. Johnson Grass. I'. i'ri,,, 10 cents.
13. Range Improvement in Central Texas. 1902. Price, 10 cents.
14. The Decay of Timber and Methods of Preventing It. i'-1.' Price, 55cents
15. Ilu., .1- ir-.,iiions on Northern Border of Great Basin. 1'.,' Price, 15cemen
17. asrj, fit ,r -,-oftheCowpea. 1902. Price, 10cents.
20. Manufacture of Semolina and Macaroni. 1902. Price, 15 cents.
22. Injurious Effects of Prematur.' '.II ii,-It. 1902. I.'r i, cents.
23. Berseem: The Great Forage .,.ri -,.hrg' ir..t ofNil. V iih 1902. Price, I.'. i 1u
24. Unfermnented Grape Must. 1902. Price, 10 cents.
25. Miscellaneous Papers. 1903. Price, 15 cents.
27. Lette: 'ii .\%. i iltiir,' ia ihe West Indies, Spain, and i,,e Orient. 1902. 'ri i. I cnt.-:.
29. The EiT, t l' Iof li. k-RI %:i Turnips. 1903. 1 ri. 15 cents.
31. Cultivated Forage Crops of the Northwestern 11,. 1902. Price, 10 cents
32. A Disease of the White Ash. 1903. Price, 10 cents.
33. North American .Ir'' i.,,'rTL',ptochloa. 1903. Pri, ... 15 cents.
35. F: -.,-'t I'.ri:;ii L'.|.l..,r iflU-. 1903. Price, 15 cents.
36. i,-' Ilrinc of ii,.' \\ .r ,rn Yellow Pine, etc. 1903. Price, 30 cents.
37. I-'rni 6,i.,., I ISp i S. in \.,rri .. 14' ii.I ,1i]- N i i, .in.. rr. 1903. Price, l' ii lc l.
38. ForaceConditionsin .E.,,i.r '.,r.I ri. .ic. v',i, I ri. .,15 cents.
39. The I r. -I,,: ,i.'i oft,? e. .I. r I r, ,.hi, '*- 1'"': I, .:.10 cents.
41. The C.i iri, r. iA 1 r t.lii of C''rn. 1903. Price II.. IT..
42. Three N- '.. I I ri Iit, r., rii.'Tni,-,1 from Japan. 1903. Price, 10 cents.
47. I'e I., li[. wn f Wheat Varieties. 1903. Price, 10 cents.
48. I Ir,- Ar-il1. in (C',i1 Storage. 1903. Price, 15 cents.
49. 1 i,- I I ir,?e .,I i i i: Central American Rubber Tree. 1903. Price, 25 cents.
50. Wild Rice: Its Usesauj. I'',p I. P-r 1','3. Price, 10cents.
51. Miscellaneous Papers. 1',i'*). I'oi. t. ,. rs.
54. Persian Gulf Dates. I"`-: Fri. ]i,. it
59. Pasture. Ml..t.,.,:.Ii I',r'!: 1 r ..[: in N-braska. 1904. Price, 10 cents.
60. A Soft l:. i h.i i',ln Lilt I'.ii,' I',. ..- 10 cents.
61. The Avocado In Florid -,. I l'I. In,,, mts.
62. Notes cri L I.: plI .%pri\ ilture. 1904. Price, 10 cents.
67. Range Iit., i-.,. -irn- in Arizona. 1904. Price, 15cents.
68. North Airu-ri'. i r p. ,.. of Agrostis. 1905. 'i., Ilcents.
69: Americ:,i \'.i. T.. .l I iruce. 1904. Price, 1 a.'
70. TheCommer(, -TTi tii;,.-' frliiin h'neat. 1904. I r, v. 10 cents.
71. Soil Inoculati.,n kir Le,,iiiii 1',,C. Price, 15 cents.
72. Miscellaneous I' pr.. I',,. I'r,:-. cents.
73. The I1, v1,r,,prhi ..I 2ir.l,., .e'rl, 1'. .1 Seed. 1905. Price, 10 cents.
74. The 'ri. lv [' ,r :-]ii- l i.riltr C i. ,i ,-. i'ood for Stock. 1905. Price, cents.
75. R[ie M]fiJ.,?iii.'T in ub, St ,ie,.1.w.l,iil.-... 1905. Price, Sceents.
76. C.,p[, r i. ,,1 lc.t.l l,.i l, I ,r iii i \ ,. r 'i, .|.lh 1905. Price,e 5 r'l'<
77. Ih .'.,'i il,: A.: ,i i-r Tr [ the Tropics. I', I r 1. , 5 cents.
79. VjrinI ii ',ir %' \h. Ilrj \' ri ,; iir, .11 .i-i t1 to Toxic Salts. 1905. Price, 5 ..riUl
80. A ni .1 i lh rl II'\ r'Ir,r,i.i', in .\cl.-ri I ., Price, 10 cents.
81. Evolj ,'i .f C11ii ir iru, 1iir 1'-1.i'. 1'rice, Scents.
82. I';r..- I. i-.l. cf i' h,,'ill Al .-k- Coast. 1905. Price, 10cents.
83. I I, Vi ,i t. A Iir, I .,',l- 1905. Price, 5 eents.
84. Th. .,. i: of rhp ll,,'r-.:,es 1905. Price,5cents.
85. Principles of Mushroom Growing and Mushroom Spawn Making. iPh'. P'r,, s, It) i ,rim .
86. o -ri. ilii ,. irhoiii Irrit r ji 'ii i Sjh.r. Desert. 1905. Price, enl-
88. \\ ,.'. il.. .i-in.g il iilit ir.r ol ihi C,'.iii Plant. 1906. Price. 10cents.
89. Wild Medic.n:irI, P of i i oh liniti.l .'L-t, .; 1906. Price, Scents.
90. Miscellaneou; i',er n I'e, 'ri, ., (etiii.
91. Varieties of Tobacco Seed Di0triliirh,1. -I,'. 1905. Price, 5 cents.
94. F ,rn Practice with Forage (C'ror-s in \' .:!, i Oregon, etc. 1906. Price, 10 cent-,.
95. A N. i Typeof Red CIver. 0 ',ii. I't Ie., it cents.
96. Tol.,,,) Bt,.,dirL'. 1907. Pri', I,,'mnl;
97. -,.1 iii ' Ilmirli',. n\criiio'ry Noit 11. 1907. Price, 15cents.
98. Soy Bean Varietieh i,~. Price, 15 cents.
99. Quick Method for Determinatlon of Moisture in-; r,,n. 1907. Price,5cen ..
101. Contents of and Index to Bulletins Nos. 1 to 100. I',. Price, 15 cents.
102. Miscellaneous Papers. 1907. Price, 1.5 cents.
103. Dry F.rint, iii, ihl, Great Basin. I''7 IPL.'. I0 cents.
104. The l'-1,ii IR.lipiihi.RocksasFcrrini'ei-. "ro'. Price, 5 cents.
105. Relation of Leaf to Pliurniil (pi] ilitihf iof l ,ii .1',. 1907. I'rm , I'u'hits.
106. Seeds and Plants Inipureil in, i ihi',r.% No 1: 1907. Pritr, lI cenl;
[Continued on page 3 of cover.]

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M U.1 I \U F PI \';1 '., IY BULLKTIIN NO. 179.

j ] F, I IIOIt I I V FAI j \ V 'iA\11 I Ik N N' I)
Till, lI.l,(lDl)A VLI,;,\,T lilm.\ AMI)

IIt VA. J I' I) P I. ANTS.

('. V. PIPREl,
A<_(;1S(ST< ~IIO(ST IN" WHARGE )F lI'()I;A(;E-( I VI lSTN T UI;.V'l'l<>NS,

i. 1. (I\I(A(IY.
SPE(IAL A(;1ENT, ]'(>IA(;w -('I;(>' INV1'-ST1(,AI11)NS.

I .'il> M1' \\) l.l('.(

1i 1 ll.


C(i'ifof Bureau, B1EVERLY '1'. 4ALLOWAY.
Assistant (Chiiof f urtau, (- HAAROLD POWELL.
Editor, J. E. IROCKWELL.
('hirf dhrk, JAMFS ,. JONES.


.'. P. I'iper, Agrostologist in i,...
J. M. Westpile, Ayroillttist.
R. A. (Oakl(y. lbsisAt/ant A ploslohqist.
S. IM. I r x' y, tpoil .Aylet.
A. kt. C'onner, A. It. ('Cron, M. W\. lvx ans, Itoland McKee, W. J. Morse, andI I1. N. Vinall, Assistants.

U. S. DII'ARTIMIE'.NT' or A ;llicri.liliU':,
BlinE.\L o Pr AT Il -Iu\v,
()l' ic .: ( lr *' ill: C( 1 1trI,
H W ( ', :/ P o' l 1, F*( hrmjir, / '! fi t
Sill: f have te loior 1o train itllit herewith d iil to recwtilliieiil f'wr
publicatie In ;i Iulletin I o. 179 1f hie .,tris Io1f I i' iutia tiIi ine
iiccoiiai])ahiiii nuainuscri])t, enditld "Tihe Flmhia \V4\vetl Beal 1n 1i11l
l'lated Plantt's," plret arelt r by (x V. V .Pipir, A-i oilliii-I in
Chiln!, ald S. M. lMracy, Sl)ciNl t lor -(r ) Ivsia i .
Thlis papel r [)oints oi'ta i interes'til l'Xill) l' c" ( th i cl' fu iol Hlinl
exists- in the botany v ( lIe cultivatile p)lants, which iu lias ill tlis pmr-
ticular caso bi.ri-,t ab!)out lhe nle-lect oft a iiunilx'b r (d, valla hle sots
related to the Flo )rida velvet beanItI. Two) 4, ill of c spec'is posses-
decided elenienlls of sulpriority and will wailhiouitl doubt reullt in ex-
tendinTg far to ill(, Ilrt wV rd tlhe cullit e o4 thli. cop, as well als in
:i' .,llv increasing its importance. This paper dlisc lses ilie (4' ilie
species lll, have beel studiede, but is to be comsidered a .preliVinar
rather than all exiaillistive publication.
The author's desire to acknowledge lihe helpful suest isand
assistance rendered ( iie bv Mr.W |.W ]otanist.o ,1 his t I elll't ul.
Respelect fully,
(;. 11. Plmu-1:l.!,
Se'crotar' of I,// ;culture.


C () NTE N S.

In trod u ii on ........ ..................... .. .... .. .. .... 7
(ii r.ial character fl .' ,- Sliz l bi .... ........ ...... 9
A nlyla licat key to the spcis ................ ............... ..... 10
St izolIb liim (Id erinitianimIn .. . . . . . . 11
S l iz/ l b ilii ca p ila lu i ............ ....... ... ... ........ ... 12
S tizolob iii m u tile .. ............ .. .... ... .......... .. ....... 1.1
Sl izolob ium ci1er .m ...... .. .... ........ .. .... ... 15
S l izolob i I nII u . . . - u . . . . . . 1.. . . 15
Stiz m1 o il nl hl1 s-j .). ...... ... .... ....... . ... . .... 17
S tizoliobiiii rrim uml ... . .. ... ............. . . .. .... I)
Stizoluhilul x acIhlohl ilu .......
S tizo lob ii i v olu lin ti ii ... ...... ..... ................. .. .... .. 2'f
Ind ex ..... ..... ....... .... ...... .. ............. 23
17t 5


PLATE I. ,1;1i.-- H f Mucuna keyensis and Stizolobium hassjoo............. 8
II. Mature pods and seeds of Stizolobium capitatumn and Stizolobiumn
deerinrianum r .................................................. 12
III. Mature pod.- and seeds of Stizolobium cincereum and Stizolobiumrn
utile ........................................................... 14
IV. Mature pods and seeds of Stizolobium niveurn and Stizolobium ater-
rimum ....................................................... 16
V. Mature pods and seeds of Slizolobium pachylobium and Stizolobium
h assjo .. . ....... ...... .............. ---... - -.. ... -. 18
VI. ( I, i. of ripe pods of i1. -I pd 1)ealm ( !ti:olobitmi pachylobiuim). 20
VII. ('lusters of green pods of Mauritius bean (Stizolobiumn oatrrimim).. 211

H 1> T

umll; FLORIDA AV Il.Vl' ANX AND) l'lAk0l1I0



For ai /l4 t W ift'v y ar. tile Ilh"riFlF: xvixrl ,wan l;has 1,I ii kl wl,,n in
lo'riO Fa, ani i lthe las(I twFl, v ,r al's lj:es heron, i ii crol,-i I 'ri
Cultural importanceT Its ccrl\ hlistor l as h]Fnt 'I l 14 \ -Mis. K. S.
Bort in Bull[tin No. 1 11, Parl 1 1 1l. f I' I v It* B l f I '4 1 lit l -. i .
TVi IFhloidat Nelvl Wcan is plrin ipally ;jro,,n ,oi acokunt 4,| i&<
'xtro' ll' viii g ior aild tl e lar1 e (i ntit[ ,,|f I (l I- v hlic'l it |il iii'u ',- iFr
n'ur'. 'it Ilants arI hF a l v as vs htlip I; [,yIx'lu ini w, t1 I-tock,
cattle Ile'in llii tl l41 init) HOte Wli,'l- in N FI'cilh'r anii li4iislinnr F toli (
velvet l)W an in good conditii, For inarktiti!-.
The tlor 'htid i vIv eI' in is a la Ii -s('a oitl IrI)[) a;iH l ,v if i l4l b ,ri" a
lias t I)l planted ,';a lv in tlh SiPriAiY in onl er 1" niatlun its s(4.41 ()4 t
tis ''account ;ti earlier ni'et li lh'o I IW n a dc-ide ra ill si (', iall
i t' lon l withi F rlii,4 ss can I' sFcnred a :j'oatcr lrtt (Fio. nll I I Ir
IriF. lI xr \'arill'is l -olFns 1 1h Fl'act that lFther,4 a ,tlir kindsl4 "f
FStFindoldt 'lin lih)s l\'v r laitl i thl I'l lh 4ri "l v clF t lFnFni limq l414n wv\,r-
looked v A\rierican al'r>n<)li fro iil India ;ind JIa\va wv,'re lowi-, a; l.,o d -'cril),,,. A\l )j a ,ii I\ iwoun Al'
tlhesI liF \ \'(,\('r. ,vF r, in' rl. t .l4 d fI or N O l Mi O W l+t'l ri ; i il lI '.1lIT.
In Sop)tenil>er, I '.itQ. Illf'ron w, re' I'i, ,,v v ,i b on D)r. ..W lHart,
P~inlr* ici a ut' l B razil, se11 441., f a s is +) S l i. | l I I ,I'
wlhichl dill'ored ti it Floh,'rid; vSle., wal l'.i in >\ inn nuil>;-!ISlA,
-Iiii,_ seeds, and! in I' l iralo"3, I 7 aim a t I rr spcri..'. i
  • was recei,,dl V+,in Mr. W S. l,\von, M anlil, I'. I., uiider tile nI; mIII> d,
    ' ,+' +,c+" 1ini,;; M e'lill. "l'li ev t'o,, W 1,,- ,, rr ,TO \V|| ii At W+7 ;antd -V ow.
    A+ Itcvr t Icir rcthe (M A Iil)t i l m.c inr l 1,, I" \, i, s to 5,i 1 ,,1 ,+, (i,>, t W, ,llr ;all
    4l thie' other spl),ec*ies ()f thlii ,'n-mis in Ilm, I ,,i' If lin'ipid "'; v riot i r,i 1 !:1
    wouhl prove ,arli(T or ,t liruwise or,, valuable t lhan 1 i ,I' ridae vA mlocvc
    Ixain. In tile' tt(l ,yars during thi,]li t lich ,AtWA 6ui-, howii ina;lo', wil h
    (Ith as- i-tan,, (d tile 'llir, of 1Q -ci,-n S d and Pltlal In(r,,l nct ion1,
    t\vcit y sorts di~sl inci at hca~t a- ta s-nd(oliatt!civ. hlave( W!M'It olo it;n dI,
    N ot onl, lia\', ly have ,iihv1 1 < ii h li ,l thart l e re :tr1 'n 1-I at +l* |> .i-
    1)ilitic's hi l hi-. A ro i of *j)lailml, thlianl lihad Wnli siultpn,. .l l ll hut ancx ( i -
    ;W; ls1 Ind!l 179.I to 12 7


    iugl( in elr acting 1 otIanicnal 1problen hias been disclosed, as there are
    clhatil mr>e sp(ci(s' than hlinad been recognized by botanists.
    Until tihe puIblicalion of the paper previously mentioned,a the
    Flo'rida velvet Ibean had been known in this country under the name
    of Jlcthar Ouib;,. Mrs. Bort. showed clearly that it could not be
    thle plant olrigitally described under that name, nor could it be
    identified wiIlt any other described species. On this account she
    na1lledl and describted tie plant as a new\ species, tSlzolobiam (d,' ; ,i/j'-
    I I/,. She also emphasized tlie fact that tihe Florida velvet bean and
    allied planits collstitute a distinct genus from Mucuna, pointing out
    that the enums Mliucunia, consists of perennial plants with woody stems
    an1d with a biand-like hilum that extends two-thirds of the way;I
    al'oludr tlie seed, 1or 11oree, while thlie genus Stizolobiub consists of
    plants essentially annual, with an oblong-crateriforin hilium to the
    s Ied. Site futthier stated that Mucuna in germination is hy,,r',.,u-.
    witile Stizolo 0iulni is pi_', ous. This last statement is incorrect, as
    both a-e hypo! cous. There is a pronounced difference, however, in
    tlie gerninalion. In Stizolobiuni tlie first, leaves above the cotyledons
    are a pair ,of petiled leaves having solitary cordate leaflets, which
    immeliiatelv a:ie followed bv the typical alternate, trifoliate leaves of
    tlhe plant. Ii Muumna, on tle contrary, the initial leaves are all
    alternate, verly mutt reduced, amnd scale-like. These differences are
    well shown in Plate 1, where the germination of Muacuna. t. ,' is
    contrastedI witli hal of t t 'jilfolo 14ihla.i8 )f thlie 20 forms of Stizoloblium obtained, 10 have been grown to
    matulrity for one year or mnore in the field, and several others in the
    geel 1ouse. The lie ld work has been conducted principally at Biloxi,
    iss.1, and in coopelrationI within thlie FlHorida Agriciultural Experiment
    Stlaion at G(ainesville, Fla. In addition, large qu(iantities of seeds of
    lhe1 Lyon b ean (S. P. I. No. 19979) andl consideralble quantities of the
    llts\y-pw)d lean (S. P. I. No. 21094) and of tlie Maurnitius or B.ngal
    beolln (S. P. I. No. 21:100) have been distributited for field testing.
    Tihe characters by which thlie dileretit species of Stizolobiumi are
    di stI. _.disheet are paincipall in thlie pods4 and seeds; otherwise thlie
    spe'ie ale' lmuili alike both in habit and foliage. Slight differences
    (o1.cct in (lie leaves ad1 flowers, which, Itowever, are not conspicuous.
    It i> }4'probabIly dlue' 14 t lie fact that most herbariuni material does not
    ('411(ail Il mattrei( p)ods tliat the distinctness of the species lias not before
    SIulh.tiii 111l, p). :;, l ,Bureau ( Plant Industry, i)09.
    j 1 4li Sizhltbilul was first published liby Parick 1ro4wne I i. Civil and
    ,\:nr: jlii ,,r, 4, .la uiBa, 15, p. 290) and B ased upon the sp1 ci4' s now known as
    14 11/.4' pi i,, 4 4h c 4i1nwi) cowitch. Th14 sM4d chanracli)rs 1v which Slizolo-
    hn i. ,l i f li i d ii i- i b 11r, 1 Mu'c liv,, b41 441i clw( arly pointdl out by Prain tJour-
    .1 t l i \-i~ ,,,.i,.t5v If al 1. s. N l No1. 6i6, 197 p t01.)



    "l I i t *r i '. -;- ~. r i. \ n. '. i

    PLATE I.


    GiM K.M C I I I \ TACT I WI; Ii I 1 6 1i \ '- s,'l 1/,(, 1- 1I I M

    been re..1. nod hy t Toewe i-q alm)soI ;i'osidrable raiiye
    as rvslmi '. s IN l bl'< e id fil wl wl n -p ce som e he+ li unirli earlier
    thiant iV, Florida veklv t lWruli :linli ilier w' Pill lilater.
    T hIe | K I- M 'crcllcr, are < !ill|)11 \cW in dill+r e lte, . ll -l/.e. 1+' -do llape,
    of A midire onl l!>r vI -. ilinl -M, n'icla ian I lly 111 15 h a er! oi(lnt tn' l biles-
    el+icy. The latter charac-t e iW thle varioit fo ri i, -uch twt it
    si Allls illipo--ils l, 1 Ir' t+r t lu'lll | i ;! -t.lll'j1e s e e, q v ,4,1 1 l in It D IMI of
    lejulnes lnuvli 1 1 i- > 1,,> \v,' (iiii I>ill renic,', o A s > l i is Iv ii l i ;i wal;riciltiu Il
    \Va ieties, ]nloiio \ to lir "-Aiicl. l''irtl linrtii i lr .,'- lc | i t:m s iivvi+r nlciI
    to ha wbve l c lth+ c Ii i\+;tnlon! tllciil l \ ni L'.mt It) ri-.fA l 11 rit- Ij v or aript i's
    sUlCh ; ;is ar< l' Jo n lll +11 IllrtM d illl\'; t m ost l li(N'lllll. A lltulr l)(r .4 tl he(
    S iX H'.S hiav\e 1 ni cuilli\Vah',l 1<0 ;> sli::li! A M X1i t !\1 l V 11 I litiMlui .\ll-
    oltlher s|)cinv s, WW WWy i pii ii ii, I lM\- .) (Mucuna W an'il nl
    [lluss]<.). s( '( 1() Ix' sot+oi't' (1 i i"n, -W W x c" i !\iv l\Y *ullivait 'dl in 1 la N';,
    In this et)( '( s 1l' li-+[^;sr! ain ii ) l i ... .. ix VN I I(I .q dill'crillin in Sinn]
    clianicr i'/ rs. Wl t/ ( cdils ; li'nliti t o 11) l 1 (lmitiim'I- is. T'lir' Mvidlenceh ,
    al ( 4w, do -s not vet ii-lil\ 1-o 111 jhdcrifliiLu i \\ lldt licr all of these ari'
    IVA ; llv a u'ltdc vari(t in'i or o li-.tict i lo ,wio., hut l1w; latter o(rlc will-imin
    l -s( coicidcsl \\Will litlif 1'uc l- lf q lA t'; r om rci l Mtill aiwl lier
    species, Q;ij,7inn l. y cizo. li, llFli i-]riiiW r of .Ila)alt. 'l'llis Iq -) is IW \- far iliv twirlitst
    fvirin pattolli d c, in o J.-+n+ i nil itr ils seed ;>s f'ir norlti as
    Tennesseea and Nortli (';irolina. 1roi a sinde seas lonn'Ihs (I it spemIs to unni-o^'-+s !lllt1 1 I eiarit and \wil t|i+ohl)ally conle into exteln-
    sAve cultivationo, 'lme "OilIy f,1r L+rov\\iii_; t \ ,lFh corn.
    ie iled iotcs selltting f ,rl lite mresmi'l Inlwhed'_lv or the ll(l'er-
    vnt fornis is _'iven in v tnitI ll io W ", li eachi speies.
    All of il1l0 >t1i/z. ltiluis li ri f-. or i ro+ \ln are lairi_,e, 11tiinndl in eli-
    ltratiielu d. twinin, tliert- lit1 w.leit t"A\niiir_!+ in "n oplos,-t direcotim
    fW t.lii (lte linan s of I a ilch ; l \e- t rt'ulia te. itli trrf,+ litil 6 1 ne il tiraia-
    vetotls l Ailhts >.liorlel tlic( li e t1, petioe: l INKalle o\'nI te lie W mh-la e ones
    oliple, all ll ninviimalc, is! M W IM hx-ido l. (le-li.. \ver\y l+tu c eilil(
    leliohihlulus: W tile?, w I:l aind iiieeoate: lipelsl I trilhlile: llW0 W Sou6 ers
    in peldent! ut-iallv IoW p.'f t+ieeiiif^- Ie lio\\cr-, tio.lly ill r lro -ps of
    three : Ilnl ltnHie o I > l,,irl j l,,-criil, M ii n l.rkwl ti (me or ino e, mlo -
    J .it ndilil rid1'-oes, o tr tli-c ran lv r n l. -ciwre ir "a;nlino.
    Iroin all economic -1 1 dl|intilll ie+ -ipecie- (it, -stizolol)hti in inaIv he
    divided 111(0 mv awo o p-, 10 m,~ \v Ail !invv' alundlant boi : s nii'-in1'
    hair,- o, l e i6 Nis- |Il o lia\-e' or 110 I .tilliinlZ tiairs.
    T'ihe llWri ;i l e !' Ohno.wi i : i on it lt i i e v\ I nll (' fo elllor
    Vathlt''o|l\ IV' 11)to 1" 1 /! *,.n /+li M A 1 iJ 1 M edic. (] hil;'ii +.,i
    A; its I.+. t lie co,\si 'p or cow itch, (lti tpe o" 4 the e ients \W I TIn is


    n;ii tLe to I East ltidis ibut which also occurs no in Jamaica annd
    other West ildian Islandls, probally as an introduction t. oloJbiu,
    SWri"rt 1, ( l/n, < trtria Ilook. in Wighit and Arnott, Prodro1i1us
    Flora' India, 'eninsula' (rientalis, IS34, vol. 1. 1). 255); and Stizolo-
    biinI, /,;.i. fit ii, (W. andl A.) Kluntze ( Hlcumna /hirsuta Wight and
    Arnott, op. (it., p. 1), 25 o Iih of tlie llatter native to ISdia. Only one
    o4 these species willt sting-in/ hairs onil the pods hias matured in our
    I rials, namely, S. I1. 1. No. 252(3, Sf izolohbiutn trnu ns (). None
    of t liese species wiith stiingin, hairs can be utilized as for.i._', crops,
    1"ut they have been rown wii ith the idea of a(scert iii,._ their rela-
    tioniship to tlie m1re 'valualaeh forms.
    All of the slizolitii ms Issess somlethini, inl the juice, especially
    in thle' :reenii l)ls. wXhich rapidlX t( urnsh black on exposure to air. This
    siustalnce tIlackens tlie hands andl clothling& of workmien cutling: vel-
    vet beans fur hava, Xvlich is oc.asionally done. It also causes ithe
    dlriel loXeXs and ,pois to bIecomie bIlack., and does tlie same to the
    (see,(ds if Iwhite-see dedl varieties, especially if gathered too green or
    Where they press Upoi(m ech other.
    lBtanical de'scrilpimis anli e.onoimnic notes concerning nine species
    are presented in this publi.catioi.


    1't)]- v(,lvety wih) Ibllack iUlbtesc .cii .
    S(m 'r>[ nar/,hcd, rarelv while, thick, lublol,(,se* po],ds t, l :! inc'he.. 1.,.- nearly
    as ih i'k as >r:a (I ........................................ . i &i .
    Si-i- I) lak il i on iq, r iaiicw iiat 1nI m Ai ""aiil, 4 lo 4.1 iii M ies .-
    <-imli ]i lit1'. .i
    P|)(I,,h1 t l, '-rci, I llc it ) pubescenlc eh not black ,,r velv'ly.
    PIlw'i.iic de 1t ihr t nearly ->, N o h appr('dscd.
    n-ldull I)lla'k ilh f'ainl risly ilarkig..- ; il.u/(>rcenc(- If pois tawn- y. u i ec,.ls ash h colored; plutc-cm +c of t,,d"in whl ish . ... ....... .iKr n.
    P'lnescenccl,+ white. a[pprcsefld
    Fhw r .s whiie; haf surb'ac n tuhillc; m+edl ash hv d .d .......... /it' uim.
    ]l,'li)\\'rr ]purtpi+: le+af s'urt'lair p)lanlr.
    1'4 It x\al\('" ii tih e [Xh ri'ifI< 1ial rin/ i pr romin lnt, h l s lmndary ridX e'r
    ra l' v i X li'an oneX
    I'lihels'sc tucc on pods ralher coars- and loml : ,, ; ,l :* n, I 5) inches
    Ion;;, radlhcr thii+k; sm W Msli el+r 'ilr..s onn vr,- tminr l hcalhct lar ,i r and thinner: s lia k .-. . .. ... . . ..... .. .. ... .. . . .. .. t i T ri n, u m .
    'l"I % alv-s \k ilh a \v on1dair' rid,'_cs; pubescence siU.
    Seeds lh1la nicil, whiilc with lack m}r mray pts; pds l"r6 e. vmry
    llcnhy, when greeni, A' 0, 7 inches hmg: valkes wilh 3 ho -5 secondary
    ridprs p: llwl's m v' ery jumparse. ........... ' ,',


    S" l11 1 4 i}1 iti 4 1. t t 1' 1i B} ol 4/ i ."1 I I' l4 \4 1 X l \I } i a( 14 1 1. I I I';. I
    A4 4.' 144

    I i', | ri d r, 4 i.K 1n i .1i i1'' [ t [> < |1 1 ,i i ', <' \ l *

    a1 r, [ >. l -- d h 14 4ir-1 4.<1] 4ta dl v Ill, ridl.;, 1 1 I4 4- 444 lal I : c 1 l. I [ l I, .
    14 4114 41; .1i4 4141> I~ l ',* t,4 4 -1. I I ,
    -*n d i, r: ] n'i i< lu [c ab uli 5 m il lim n r-i iT lu l;;. >ui \' i y | i ,i ,- i t .r. li ;- '. } i
    | ll > ill-i l 4; 4 l 1( t l:H (': l u lll4441141444444 I-Il l'. l l il l ,}l '1, 1 1 i1' r i I
    1,14 5.4 14 114144QjQ

    4 r e 1t,' 4 1nr lx [ l l ) -t a l I l. .j i :i i i I 1 . I'
    i ni I li ir<' it 4,'144' 4' I1 i\ x r ,l l r i ,t l ,,. ;l4 4 .1
    i i 4 4 \ 4 ; l 4 1 c ~ n 1 1 1 1 l l \ 1 4- .4 > (14 1 :' > 4 1 4 l l li4 r r 4 l ] t i r i l r i ir ;
    lhii''.fr, [all al4 nn l4 : rL A W>i like 1-r, ,4 14iu-4'4 l 4. t .44
    A 'inl / or in (win ,r lh mro" >'n rir haicral tiral I+.c l;toi< Apoo lano,,' 1; .
    vr, i>tl)('~crll, earl\' t'td i tl.-. (';Il\'\ [filum-cciil \\ nlhn aiiil \Wi 1u iu mr id P
    while, ; 444-,d I ir '. i 2 lil ic,4 lh 1 p1,1 I 41 t inll\ 4 .;l r. t1ne q4 '. rr Ili ;; Ir' .
    4.1444..14144 -114 1411 '41n% 1 '44 414 I .n y -1 in!41
    41h4' I, -s 4 ria llar-l4j, ( I la 4', 1S i h d1 rk k"rt)l 1,,' i I ,< *ll l bl rr. i l ,t 4 l 1 O 'W 1o~ 1W 1i h4 l l i o a 4 A ,
    darker lltaii ill,,ir r .~i l" l} lr ling e'r: x in "- -l-t lih l\ q' T-t !h tI l i t.i kc t. rj! !h 1' Ii! .ji .
    iihlani.4c4 l.'t44 ,i M aw. Maln 11-;1 kW44 44riih i, r il Ii me lln 4 i i ri l.rt
    44141i14) I h awl mim MOWT- A. I M4 1 10 4~. 144
    iil 414r4l, lip lir n aiil n 4t:K C: :> ii4 irr-4 nl l I ..... r -.i l c ', <"\ In ;iii lIt 'h i lir
    l.1444 r i miKi l rii 1 '; l r -fil iinlo lt : 4'4iart lii'ar1 [, il44 44 l \ |, filh 1 4 i4 : i ,I
    !I-' rl\ h !i (I 1, 71i:.- l iin ti a l. t'"( l' l l-n i F' > .h, the 1 p cr in iiir r. I' .ii.- l 'lA. P il,
    d qi ul' v fiiv. rcd v, lllil a ,nP in irl\ tblar'k, \c.l\cI\ pi lln' t illim, l -1:11' int
    t1ait ; 1 aires \ill h I j ir '1 4 411 1ti ilclir 41 il-, 4 i4 i 4i lin4I rid lrrd t ; tn .'
    4i1 1cacil py ioudo 1 -tih> nlarl0,l rl anil -ftdxkh p 1 lili l iir\i ii ,1 lIla k. a r l 'I
    i.tll, o i .t.p l- t'r i ,*I il nr Ji lit ln ll p rr v .iy idt i i -.ahl", p r M a k ph rur
    r1 '\ 1 t, 1n i' re(i i lte i l A iiKr irr ttI ilu Nhim I'tnt 2my ,niT A i, I,1
    414 14 1 4I in I 1il I i4 144 141.1 h w .'c .1 1
    -hal ~I ll 4 144 :,4 I f4 44 41 e'I14 #, ,4 44 I 4 ~ 4 1 I ,

    T hi le. all of l lihi- s|>('ci s a ;r alri) ly iiiii 1 1oi41 f1'r4 1ii ;i .ioa l y41

    ol)tsoe a'\x.
    T]li si is Il I \\'cw ll-knol wn\4 i p.l cici- wvhiici i h ias 4li .-. b e o u llli\.;ia

    in lohridao. Its imlmii c t'anlvt in latc Years liats" J1"r)\vl r;iT Q h, ;n l it i-
    l11O \ miuchIi m )rv cul iv alil th4 I i t an cr t 'l l'e. i lWe 1irik'i4 4l <>I>)('l i< 11
    to it is tohe hl 1i s j4s('i 're luired |k wr m at lil/''li i ', 1 li'cl i ill11 a laii'Lo(
    iiteas/lre nllIIH te\ l It14 ii 14t h X u li ilh n lrililutl ii f4i4 l. II \, il!.
    Il I W8,,141'1I04 11 I i-tIv IiIi i4',1 '' I I 14,114 X('11 '"v Ii 144. 4,I i I XXr I ir 1. m lu -4 r4 L It I .

    tlowev 'r. i akl a, v r X l'\ l rl'4 l' (\)lli l viies 1- i-. ir nortl a- Vi \ ir iii: I
    antd Kentx. tii v. WI it. rar ly'1 m aturesl' ilts se, i llli4 4 O I' Ilila. It i-
    o)t, \vell adaplXd s 1a hay ldant "I1 aiccoh nt1l o4 il 5 X, 1 x4e1 villini--.
    filnd %hlc it d11 s 1im' p od1I mce d.,. is of' o l imil cd4 xi- l'i xx] ,1
    I~llke all ,of tihe st d~i/ iiims it is- a -oluit kl iiiiIM IM l t lie \\6ill vh l N i ale ,0 iiaanv A wl:c Iv~uinms a"d W-0) Ili iwolt-lkno mkMa h)\
    n1i4iiat1 de I 11 1;|l 4 itII' t111 lii plant 1)ia- I 'i4'14 u in er ui ill ivalio, ll Ill
    I''I4 lo i o l' \IS i1v vaI riant IX \ul is o l44 4 i4j1ii \\I' liil 1' Ior Inarl\

    I Alh4 in 4 Ill, 3,I B ireau 4n 1'l il l1141 ry Ii), 1W)!O p. :1


    -wile( soeds, apparently bel)ing identical in aill other respects with the
    ()r(dinliry I'rm 111 having 11m(ttled seedls.
    The' original source oI) this species has never yet been determined,
    though inl all probability it comes from southern Asia or some
    island of the Malay Ar' hip,,j.,-o. It has been widely distributed
    tlihroi-lJi it the world by the United States Departmentof A-ii lilt lre.
    Seed which is und(loub)tedly the pig,-iiy of such distributions lias
    beenn obl)taine(d Ifrom Saigon, Cochin China (S. P. I. No. 25261), and
    also from Poona, India (S. P. 1. No. 25715). On account of the wide
    distribution which has been made of the seed of this species, it will
    le rather (dillicult to ascertain its exact place of nativity v, which can
    probably be determined only by fIliin. the plant gp,,1i',i under
    conditions where it is undoubtedly wild.


    Stizolotbitii <, (' M111ctIna ('upilafi Wight andI Arnott, Prodiromus Flora' Peninsule
    India ()Orientnlis, 1S31, 1). 255.)

    Roximurgli's original (lesei'i1ptii is Is follows:
    Annual, twiningl. lHeads axillary, subti le. I.A'" n1es armed wili 'soft velvet-
    like down.
    Tclil. Soorootoo.
    This I have only fountid in a 'ultivatle, state, and tht (luring ihie cold season, in the
    gardiens of i the native.,. It is an annual.
    Stem herbaceous, twinimn, branchyi, utining to ani extent (f 1) to 12 feet, if sup-
    portled; yiung shoots slightly dlowny. Leaves ternate. I .I equal in size, the
    extlerior ()tnes ovate, about 3- inches lon' and 2 broad, the lateral onees obliquely
    l'lcordate; all are ent ire and obt usRe, above f- ntoth, a little downtny underneath. 'i iplil.-
    of the petioles axillary, hilrt, any :, '. ,red. lrat ,-, iI. is, stamiens, and pistil
    a, in (C. pr icnts. L(eUtls cinliiil ri,', d'endiidin', a liitll curved, about as tlhick as
    (he fori'lina(1r or tIlhumII, a dl al)ulit (c ilncihe lln'. (ov'ered(, with s-)ft, velvet-like
    down; when ripe wrinkled I' 11V ,Il, ilt. S(, ,ds five or six, olf the size of a small
    ga'rdhn bean, smoolfi, bliii i_, black.
    Thle volung pods like thl(,se of /)olict lito, /ill,i andl ltibll.l>J are used Ib the natives
    in their curries, after rubbing otff the dow ii that coveIrs telilil.
    lPods 9) to 10 cm. long, about 1' cm. wide, strongly falcate, much
    com(' plresse(l, mostly our Cseedel" valves wit h a stro'2 ('lenltral lid".g'
    extending iIg frontm near the base to lthe tip, a seconldar\ ridge usutilly
    present extending for (' tl)'e upper third pubesc('enc('e identical with
    thiat df St1i,:ol h:1r1's ipped with white; sed'('s obloig, glossy, black, \with or without
    ftiiil bi'oiwnish nmaikings,, S by 15 11mm., tlhe whiHe hilunm 5 mm.
    I 17 I )

    4 z9


    I1, N -,

    TIZ-1 4 I I' \ i \ x

    S dN/ XS, P I '_)l < A 1. W 23sl2 A ln iC '. inn (hruic- ", 1 K I 1
    t'1oiii N l "(ij A '1r. ( li ir l .ill i >l lto ;i B < I I ;i 11 ; i 4 ( 1 :1 ii
    (O dl t I [a, 116r1ishii I i a. 'I '. I s d ons, m ix- I \\ it- 11 I'. 1 \ '.' It -.

    10iolld {>l i"m O fl t'l. fn iw' an"'H~ II, Q tin Al- Glut it lki Fs
    yo f I .l ,iclh tl 11 itlit>, / l/ l.O l l\ IlC ,',a 'I ()K p lace ( rI \() ~ 11,( .I* I
    s-le sp c i(s mas l ixed W( ilt S'. 1'. 1, No. 220I N 0':-,, ,,' n i
    obtained throu"di Mlr. A. ('. Ilarlless ip'inlfiidcin111 (d III( ( io\r
    DHcut M ilan&i Gntilen, Scliaranjiir Brilk-h Ildimi unnir A li m 11
    of 1/ IIIIIIItn" iiifdthl. As 16li scovos ( if -' A m I"> (- j^ A, ic r ,r ; i n11 1
    M eii~, t lfe ix "r\a~s in e'ach too, p lind >ldlv a,; i qialr .
    T KIl SyCCIes IS l IlC lllll \' (oIn' lll\Ihztv idc- j ll ) ~i ano Q 1 ( 1 Ili 10 \
    found ()io the lhlorida velvet )l Imo )il l l1" [),'i|-. an 1 -cQil- ;N i \t
    dill'crcwi. A l Bih xi, Mliss.. and (Gaiii l(sv lh, t:1li nL it i Ir- ;
    polls in aboui t t(l sli c sai cl y O liipilll ol' I asmil ic 1lrida \rlt c n1 ;
    "ll(d pIrmh Idlv is "f alx ll Otw, -;itc i'roiioiinc \;ilc x .
    latlr ]. nolo iiK'i writers have made v m\'a i- Mo(nni pito- (m on W
    w1,,,)_. 's )Iwcie'v. W ight and AriO)t( Pid'n"Iml i qin |ISor I c(' n -!
    I d li~t' ()rh n l alis. I s ; }1. 1). ..'.'.'t i i r),li~ii i l iii iin 1 < ,,
    l)Url'th, D ill 'D11 s.' inIr,, if, Sr on ii ;il oul u i -t l l li- d < i n.i-', ji
    hlerl')ariumlll ;it Calc( t ta and alo i ci itif\ ( li l (|iO('l- lo, ui V \,'
    Uin lli his's ( w',citi nopi/',. l'lairl. 11 4, li.ldi't ill t IN I t1 i rin
    Anin oitios,. '| i,W t()lw, r as initicalmi ( in W ulI ii & K] 1"'w pl ;
    vvr dtill'l(T nt flol t oli vo' a of any Slz(ii/e iunin ,\ fih wl l i p i, ... onii
    (h),l( NIv tlhlo <, of T h'edlil '1 1 itIt l .s. T1 I ra\\ lt f o II -(t e
    hio cv(r' indlicalc;s a tl ical Stixo)hlo itiiL. -\V 'c ; irI .... r ;
    fact rilv to iwh'itifv (Ids [date. M ui dii and A. ,11- 1 ;1it -1: t,
    tlicV IlwVo mxaminin ,l sp(cill lcnim l )\ lIri )lilabiitWkI rin ,
    tie ,Mlissio( fiCia 's' (Gard il. lBakir, in \ l lvcr 1"!"ACI ,,i'.4 110 i {-I 1
    vol. |2, l. IST alo) refers i n "ii iiii I'llii ii lIa-l\. toW Qi-A '110 -
    r'fleimce' whlilch' wr consider erIT emis'ro. A Antiiilor I'clcrprjii i- al
    naw lty M iqnl (Fl'lra van .,h'rlai/dlc Wholi i., vi,. 1,. I :
    M i|uiel also ref "rs willt (dmou t to A1ii-. q-ip,,ics 1iw [>l;iiif d i l'-"A mOi I
    I nii niiilis in liv rbarhiin Aii nill cii '-t' as-< 'iiriir. ;,i7+/<. \1I iii-
    il|)|ar(mnlly follows W,\i'i, t and Arn\ ii.
    Thli(,r<> coild see, toIl)c linl, doubt rHI.S rMilioir t ii K )i i
    slun-i' s as l)as
  • flirtIir fact that l this pdlanm lIas b/ c r,ic ived C'r!oIl (':Ii 1i. (, Ii(
    ]locality. It does{' l!ot s,'(cii lilcivIx ia:t Iu i.\l)itr;.d i'> oi i<.n n Jl ]> il:
    l 1 1 i ,lk v. 11 jblit 1tH l t -id li 'c ol tkic j >0i I eolh I oa t l > 1 *-(Ar

    !n' ('Alll't ve>lve't V. I m c-. ci'r'if-s s -. I[ l'[',11 i' l it" hi it in- j | ;
    a<(t<' i's, ini w hlii(li ri [)w(> t it can (o i i\ l ) a i li i ti l ( I"I +, l'oI
    V'e'lv' l bean. w hliicli !tio- t, oml + id r dillr ciil i tnii 'rc ..
    dhiil'er(i p, a.linic;id w wl( r.



    Stholohi,,, oin ,ti (Wall.) n. comb. (I'l. ll, B).
    ! ,,'.uu Utilis Wall. (WVighlit, Icones Plantoninm India Orientalis,
    IlS40, 'vol. 2, p. 2S0).

    Wiglit publishes an excellent plate of this plant, which has been
    rep)roduce(l in Bulletin No. 141 of the Bureau of Plant Industry,
    pagne 2S. The only dh- sription given by WVight is as follows:
    Murcua otilis i\Vall. MSS.). The princilmpal difference of this species, if indeed a
    slpecies, and A1. poriiN con-ists in the hairs of its legumes being appressed and almost
    Sill. i ot erect, rigid, and stinging. In all otier respects ihei -ill, Lily i" r'.i
    The flowers in lili are purple. The greater size of tlits is probably attributable to
    cultivation, in whilh state only it is known.
    Voigt (Iortus Suburbainus Calch'uttensis, IS45, p. ': 2) identifies
    the plant with "ti'te variety extensively cultivated in the Mauritius
    and Van DI)ienlen's Land as a table vegetable and also as a fodder
    for cattle." Thlis plant is tile variety with black, shiny seeds corn-
    mon v known as Mauritius bean. \oigt also gives the name "Pois
    noir de Bourbon." ('ordemoy (Flore de Vile de la Reunion, 1,,i.',
    1). 393,) accepts thls identification. This author states that the
    plant on the island of Reunion is known under thlie name of "Pois
    nllascate." Hle also gives a detailed description of tlie plant, which
    lie states was importedl into Reunion to serve for breeding purposes,
    but is now naturalized. We should be inclined to accept this identi-
    fication if it were not for two facts. First, Wallich's figure indicates
    more ptlbhescence on tihe pod than occurs in the Mauritius bean and
    tlhe p)ul)escenc'e is not closely appresse(ld; secondly, we have obtained
    from Maj. A. T. Gtiae, superintendent of tlihe Botanic Garden at
    Calcutta, seeds of two species of Stizolobiumni now 1iiin grown in
    tlie garden at (Cacutla. One of these is NStizol/oium cal'i,;Il,,,.
    already dlescriibed; lthel other is tlie species which we feel confident
    is tlhe same plant that WVallich has figured. It is very different
    from tlie Mauritius bean in that thlie pod is densely covered with
    tawnv pubescence which is not appressed. The following is a
    (detaile(d description:
    Stu.m stolt, growing :0 O t 50t feet long, striate anid furrowed, pubescent with fine
    retMrore hairs; il, i- pi ane, ,vate, 5 to 8 in-ehes longi, mostly obtuse, niucronate,
    put rulient n Iboth sides with fine appressed hairs; racemes 9 to 15 inches ain',
    alyx saccalte, pubescent without and within, wih line white appressed hairs, the
    uppr lobe triangular, blunt or noltehed, the lower lobe one-half longer than the lateral
    les: irlla dark purple, 1 inches long, the wings broad; ovary densely pubescent
    with hil"O and purple hairs; pods attlenled, 31 to 41 inches ,l'_. densely ipubescent.
    wih shQit l ridge sro m', iore or less broken, extending nearly the length of the valves; seeds
    A Mo ratlhr Shick, 1I2 to 14 iit. ,,ii .. dull black, faintly marked with brown il' -,
    7lie \v ins ivisileh.
    1 7,t

    PLATE:I 11.




    1-- '" iI,


    S'l IZ 1" I N IV I OI .

    T ill ', i1', P, Li V )o,, 'J ,+ !,;It ,l >11 ;2 ( 1 : ,'md 1H l Nl;| A T ( lcl II, Hlwr-

    \v1 i I Ii i I ,iI 1. 1. >1 2 2* 16i 1 iWdrr a I ( % I I a r I I l. l t l I | i I vi p I a l
    w iti i! i SI 1 .' I1 Iii I i/ill, I M r.- Ali.i iF'. 1 ...I .>i 'ii i,'n it
    oft i i I, ( ,iv Tiinw i( 1olnni, (Iiard' ii, rlliartlii tl l. p l tI- l i li i;.

    i t i l il' hasi 1 lVcl Iit. 1i l>I+ IiI W o o ;it li,,i.N 6 111 0 illl
    (i ti lc .v ilh,, Al'l I t l i m a tl e is lli l lii l l dti l) ;ji alm ) ttit as jH',diial in i 'v l'I tlc pu e it"ce c, ro l t l p> |>ixl- ln>\-k\ +e r. i-. FK itelir
    hli ir' li, lli s o l' ci -ilv. ;ii i l is irril n il w t ii( -iii hii I i in noliil
    it '"ill outiht t hlss notl l, tl iiiX! ,iid I-ira l fmi+ cu ll i\ i% t io, .


    S t'tC~1 11,:+ ;. l C; ,tll Ii I 1. \A.11- l l Il .Aitl. I'I+ Ill, 1 .)
    S ltf ii li I Jill. iu r,+\v iU ."* l i >+ *",il f 'l ,Irr 'ii/.;. 1 t ~~ri,-i .\\> |. ,i i+\+ rrrl u; +l i fli t hi n r II- I .iI l i --
    (*C tlC C'{ ( < l~lw t ir>- ul' I'l (~ -'i '[' ,>* : t.l ll ,l e i t.U l lil} (|l I \' +n \ il l,.+ ll ).,i l l+ \ t i il ll]- ll lr l' ll;tl l .
    .") tI i ~l~ H ll< !+l iLT, ) tl +l+ll +< rH t }, i li' l -ll {{ r, V,/l ;ll :l l lj i .... n l \\ !l l 'l ,tl ~ r t ,, (**]..*< l ,l
    Wil lin ,I + 'M u I l ii n: c ,rII.t I.M +k !+iriI,+. 1 i ii< }ie- .': t .,l ll:w 0 0 A "i c I v ii j '
    itnc/h es 1lI1'n t' i +', l i >',', d i'r v | i l i'u n. ih -}li q'i' **rc l i>r+ a-,,,i1ii li t}' +, }in{ ii, li ir iir li
    ruI+{ It I l' +ll' i l ii iti il. !** *liii) >l<' c tll{ ln ~< ',r < i l:>r\' i~rrrm il it. \ .i \ {I L I 'rn i c.H .i ,i i i ** k n
    o r >,rnl lrtl WI"- '' t. l lt lllir +!{: ,- tl.- i 1 1 +il' ;l-ll <*<'I'l l'r, il. tlh c ltit i' l lr lti |I|;i k ,'. i'll \ ;, +nil
    l5 1 1 ii 11i il4 i A

    lT is specis bli7i {'t'i H1r +,II fo" (\vo sc'sl > tl/ ill l xi, M i-., ind
    (iainH, vilh l', l- i. Ii m l ai lc< \\ tl ll{e I'l,,rl, ,',l\,(t ibran, how: i>- lo
    in KlIr, pl'oliti<' ;ill lI lti{P ill r l l's l l r i a ,l M ln 111 '.
    6 lhi is S. I1. I. N oi. "_'2 1;l. i'roii M r. A ('. ll;>rtl -Ii d ,crin tiiiiM .iit
    o( l- i (w o vw" nim il "Iltni, ("it ii, "c",ltOiimw nii ilr. I &Hitit li liiin.

    S rti sohh; i vs i s .,t' I romxl tIIT i ] liiit/c. Itv,,i i la(t;ii. (i'l. I\ andi

    ('l^ ]"irim iKX Joti ,i i 'i" ii i I u ix.l/ ir't+ li (1' lol'tl Illd~lf+;i 1k. I ...'-. \'ol!. .">. |>. L'V") .-
    Gl IICU iK l ti'f,, \V i lit "ild + riioti ( t1w' Ro iini, ','lo it i, 'en i"iVi-A-i ln'
    H (rhienl li<, It"l s i e 1. a -.'.') '.

    MfK'IIIKI tli/,ini X/,'rrill (l~tililij)))!i! .It}I 'iir tia ol' Scirntcr.' Supp~lementt 1 ,
    1<)0()l, I). 197 '.

    +\ mi ll .t it l' \ li li+,. l ,t< < 'Illi ) > '(li lllli il. +' tl tL'l I" I'r lit ;1 In c i.l l TnirL < ,i i \ is is .1'. IN <] +. 22 1G ,' fr i il ;itN l \ u.lC iI r In v
    o the rin lii hnixla
    I k+' iot,i< (l++ istn t + (N x Imoh) ,,1\-"M z.+ ; I A4- I NW ( l q IN L ), .

    hl ll r l ;l I 1 l l lllll l l tl;> \ l l 1 1) 1 I i l4 4 "I :t I 1+, 1 I I" l4 P VI. Il.
    Y ucl +ili 'l( tI + I'lo i W W!+ I+ ( }+ i 12 p l e,++'IIA l I-a l+ ()f 'Si once} I I+'S'lipp- enif lt'

    U o, I 1 ,, ,1. ; i ll W 1 ,<,l| l i rr~ ;1 ndt h I l I ll i nll t < .l< (ttl il lq K l K Y + i 1 i hl ], t, | +l
    t+ r }ir lr iii.k r it a [>;irt ,I In 1 lici. tl ..i .- th lr iu ++i hi.> ` A i R hl+ t \ \f c r~ i-..r
    Ilt]+l}+',r l ,ic l. litry" l '.lti ll I ; lllllll tl dl- ll n lll, ir Ia llhi !
    it* 1i,<0 I 1 1


    l'>r that as it may, the ptlam is culWivated during the cold season, when if blosaons
    and produes fruit in great abulmndaI .
    10ol ramoms, geterally animal, Ihotgh in some soils it lass longer. Stern twining
    to an extent (di orne falhom.', v% ilature, yolng >hol' Is ai little \villms. Leaves ternate. Leaflets entire, tle paIir
    nearly senli(odahte. Ili(' lerminal otie rhimlibidal; all have short acluie points anld
    are eiiar'ly equal ill size, (if a soift delialte texture anld -]liily villonus oni both sides:
    from Ito 10 inches lonig. I'li'hls round, lightly xvillous, from 6 to 12 inches long.
    Slipules lanceolate. Raceiemes axillary, "nl ary, pendulusN, ofien as long or exen
    longer' than li(he leave(,, bearing lmllIellrois, liree-fold. plendulous, very 1 -i .- while
    flowers. IBracts fourfold, a common oniit e i e it t lublerele of the ram'nies, on \whi(h
    the three flowers are inserted, anl ()Illn o ll ( of lie proper pedicels, all are cad(llnni",
    nearly v lancelaLte, anld Villo1. Calvx fonlIr [arted. The upper division broad and
    (mnlarinalt( the lower inle nlarlowVOt tind moll re le'illieil(ld than the lateral pair.
    (Coril p)aliilina'ees,. ialllnner cor(aile, inll'unllllllt ni the wings and keel, and abolllut
    half (liheir lein-lh. Wings olblong, wilth a remarkable callous gland near the bLase of
    each. Keel oile in(allid, linear, lelntlh I(the wings, with a sharp), rigid, invur'led
    point. XNeetlary ta renulate gland round tlhe insert'lion of Ihe gerni. Filaments one
    and nine, alternately clavale and illiform, with hlolng' linear. slubsagittalte anthers on
    the slellnder ilaments. anld shrt-\oale onle on il ie ela alte lies. Gerlm hairy. Style
    slender and villus. SNiqma smill. I'niume linear, a=boul i inches lii.. 'urve d a
    little like an italic S whein ripI, ,l0ak. dNIitute of dowmn. and longitudinally wrinIkled.
    Seeds generally from six ei ih, xal, sIiot, ii aslh colored, and separated by thin
    part it ions.
    ly removing tIle(, exteriIr velet-like skin of tlhe large, Iles"hy, lender legumes, thny
    are whlien dres'd, like Frmech beans (t'1iuio/,s c"Joei/e//. a most excellentI vegetable
    for ir tables, and tIlhe fuli-regin m iais are siareely inferior to the large garden beans
    of EurIope.'
    We idntifty ias His spec'ies S. P. I. No. 24936, obtained thrig1i M .r.
    C. )rii i, o f lie (eybln A-rieultur'al Societ'y v, C('olombo, Ceyl.i i.
    which at Biloxi, Miss., amnd (ainesville, Fla., proved inlil ii_'uishable
    frontm .iciuiiii 1/ii.;; (S. 1. I. No. 19979) (1)taintdt from the Philip-
    pines. The Oriinal sli'ecim'ens of .!f1c 11 lfo; ('i ame from Panm-
    pangia Provincet(, l on, spe('ies b)1ainetd by s w'ith aish-collorIl seeds that Ihas white flowers.
    Wiglit an]d Arnott," in diseus >in' .l,}ficn" clpif!tfa, commentt as
    M. nixvouen, I). (. (( ,, ,;riim, Exl). in East India ('mpaxny, innmus. ab..
    1i;01 ) is a spec ies very closely allied, Ibul differs by le 1 th_ I lrooi)ing raneumes and the
    legumes when ripe, entirely free from puble 'evne; it likewise is oely knimn as a
    cultivalted Ilatill
    Watt's Diectionarv of thve E nonomic products of India, 1S91, vol. 5,
    p. 2,-S5, comments as(follows:
    Mel wit il t in 'urma and Bengal, perhaps only a ('ltivxated variety of MJwI'n1

    Culfivaled during lhe oNdi season for Qlhe sake Af iHs abundant and useful fruit.
    The lar-e, it. hy", tend,,r lhgume- ha vc long been known and valhed as a ', ,-, l.
    by thl lliindus. .int am rilin Ig lt ti 1,t aire, when dr(essel, like French beans,
    a most l veg 1111 x Cetable for Europealn LAlts.

    ( ), 0 hil t). 255.

    PLAT IV.



    M ~ND F ~YZ0 ~.'N. V ~) ~I 0 V AVER V V

    )M AND 5T I -LO,'U,1% ATER-0%% '.

    )F STrZDl0 t ';IUM NIV

    >11/ittt u1~I I "it It \"~> It itt.

    Watt also starts thait lt vernacular names iln use 11n BC.iv;{l are
    "'Khaniah" andl ''Alkii-.lii.' Finniuller (+Manual of (Giarelli'. for
    In liu, p, I;'t '1)) says: "'To, up, tli beans V(qnI t(o partake tiller agreeanle llavr id (Ih'eIwo Lim an. l, n l aill'or ;i a very nie i-dit drini_
    (he lit tter cnI of tlh, main season." Baker in IIonkI (Flown ,,' 4Wil idl
    In liia, vol. 2, p. I+ S, l. io.eq M uiiitii !f:jrii Ilant kin W all. (At.
    56I 7 a as a snonynt, but ithehir ,IC' iplt ion no ,il ao I, ion acco panit s
    thlie |)iil~li<'iti( m i 40f thliat laillme.
    The ljvm, iien l>;as now\- been t u, ivMlli\';< in lorida ;n~l oWlianls
    Southern Slates for three, ,ears. It requires all.oil the a.ntne liiLgtii
    of tim ti Inialur, is tllhe l'h']o i(la velove lat omr is |)erlia[)s oll vl
    earlier. It is, 1iwev\ r. tn ieli n ore [)roililie in s> Ai productt io (ini
    is lheref'ore likekv ,o on, into, ltroniie (lt use. I esides its < talti
    |lrt(>li('tivit v it lin, llrv I wl m viv t ,,, over ttlie lh'lo l,> ,e'i W all
    of hcing w\\,llv Mdevitl of >tiniing hairs. The ]af shu>irface, tIllike
    annv otl +e Species'S ]l, o\\n t(o us, is ,1'uid ilv Wtt illate M, thait lit e
    plant cain realilv bIe recognized, even lxwfo, A it tihlon. Tl'w i'ne
    is full\, as o amenitital as Ile lhloridl\ve lIt ad s!lwandai AM nne
    a popular Armor plant, especially il' Ihre-as are ds ,iblh HS ildiCated
    by lKox i)ir,-h aul others.
    Proo'. P. II. HAll's, of 1i6, Flolida Anrictlturnl Ixperinient Stlation,
    aiid live otlihr l,'wr-,n Witeld the elibilitv of (thlie ses pnevpared ws
    baketl means. Whihtlhe ( v mmeret' ]o to in: very p'alatlalelnim, caused
    both purtnil._: null voiliti++.. Three of tilhe per:sot wio aIte about
    half as nmu' of tlhe dishi as they \vwuldo o rdinary ba.ked eians "wre,
    tlius ail'ecled. Tlie other lhree wo) ale of thet very sIT sparingly
    suil'eredl nto ill effects.
    The lpods and seds or tis speies are, wvall represented1 in Plate
    IV, .A. Thle Hlowr 'lusters nre lon<:er thlain in any oter .species.


    SOO~yfi N=i liaisH'in n. sp. Ul okoianin bean1. (1I. V, 1?.)
    V ino-) nd.*I i fr. ()t+ 2i ,-'0 Id l I n ,>p', -[ia .- l\ |~nilic- nt w.,itli r,,rl r .iii',c |+itii hair+. leaflets
    oValf. !i,-ndti'hl alr, t]>lly 1, n1r,)20 fc rattirr l id w > lwirot in W sx:rc, l.>ii>>, *W HO, ;
    ilitclic' lo>[ii;, [>ar~cl~v )ntil>,.ci i, n l sy a i 'ai> \,\\\\ \"n l eii, :qiqii rc^-- i i ir+': rarci n c *l
    t,+ +; inch +, lo>nti.. I *cir: ,lark+ [intrjlrl : r+:s[t x >:;,+,+:ii+, iln- l[iiw r Il,,,c +in +r-li ll` Iiiiii+l"
    llian ]++ Itin- l 'ra;l iiii'.-. ])+,r -~<'l *iiil+r -c ni', .++ i++h un aIiilla 1
    i ll+ }u '~ Il l^.. : ]i>|,I >< I is i rltl, lull" I ++ .+ 1 II, *( *l *i,1,,*l+ ++, (* i\ l >*i1 w is r;lhl f l ,r l,,+i w h ir+,
    a] 1 pl l)t <--<-riirr : tiK'iliant rii|;'<- [,r,+i iiiio ii tin'+, ., .ii(|arii-i, < lain t **r<'rc tl il'ri ,l.r-ki-l : al lie cll~l-~ l l i, l+ .. lat~rllri, IS,) i)ISli< ~ +ln. u l:, thf
    \,,rill+ nft t~in' i- v, cr', i t+ ,++ l)^ 'I hlis is S. P. I. No. ,,. 'J')-1 d,tobiained fro m tlhe Yoko;,hanm Nnrse~r\
    ( to n i p a ni y + i o k o+ li ai ml ;i *lI a p a i \'+ h o s t al el I( l~ i t t l l is pl a nt l t i s w, i d e, l ,,
    _'i,," i in I ,l';lo it, o Y ez o. (he Alorl li island ohf Iap a In tlie
    Ow 1, st I

    I l sel I PlantsW of joip n, I N95', p1) .. 1, \vltere it is erroneonll Y idell-


    lilicl wvith Mancon cp~nfiln Wighll ald A.rn ott, the following infor-
    Inai it I is gi vei:
    J Lap. i0.i mlo.- ii lb. 1 i( ho-l m,.i'; aln annual lgtuilnous ('limber cultivated d in
    common try lani. The young soft grains amre eaten boiled and have a taste of 'icia
    fAtfi 1 .., |ul t his bean co stains a poisonvius ingredient in a slight quantity; so it is
    advishable 1, eat mo'deratlely.
    Sf ,o,, ti /ti ,,ssJoo is IAv far the earliest species known to us.
    Plaitedt at lIihoxiO Miss., April it, 1R1)1, it was perfectly ilature and
    (iry oil Septviemlbier 20; at (daiesville, Fla., it was fully mature byv Sep-
    tembei'r 27, having been planted oiln May 1; at Monetta, S. C., it, was
    plantedl June 1.5) aindi the pods wer nitre e enllough to ripen when lthe
    vies were killed 11y frost on ()ctoWer 25: at thlie Arlington lExperi-
    ment al Farmni, near WVashing'toh, I). (., it was in full bloom on Octowber
    12, havinIg bee planted on( JuIne 21. The individual plant will cover
    a plat :' to 4 feet square, xwhichl will indicate thlie proper dlistace to
    This species was also grovn at lanlhattan. Kans., in 1'i N under the
    na me iIcuml ctti'tlafu. by P'rof. (C'. C. (Weorpeson. Front seed planted
    May 19 tihe plant began t bloom A-'nst 7 and matured a few pods
    be'ire frost."
    This plaint is mentioned by SAieboh (Verhandelingen van liet
    Ba.taviaa.schi (ienootschalp, INs;, vo]. 12, p. 55) under the nante
    Dl/ ,,o/i tl(s15j, anid tl ie' .Japiaese inamie Ilassjoomiame" is cited,
    but no description given. \We ihae thought it Iwbest, however, to use
    the same specific iaime.

    STIZOLOBIUM ATERRIMUM.,olh;1,1 i< alt rr;m lul n. s M. i Mauritius or Bengal bean. (P1. IV, B,
    a dt I VII.)
    Vine verx- iromn' and i'mnfus, the to-tun/ Htriale ltit scarcely fumrrowed, covered witli
    a >oMt, sl);'rse [pKlIescee(v ; I. Hll.', very large, [)lane, mostly acute, strongly lnm donate,
    sparsjely alnrssel-pil~e:'ei on each ,oidWe; raemes p ent, 'm18 I to 30 inches mn g,
    ea-v l fl i'wered; (lwiTs purple; ncalyx n mt saete densely all iessed-pi bescenei with-
    aoii, t iand lii: pds falale, alott t I iitit Of" ni, li lack when mature, isparsly cov-
    enred itlh a short, wthit', approi -etd pulbesce'et ; median ridge oni valves prominent.
    Ii.l omeitilles ti e ; stecoiidarl ridge fhilli or wanlinA' seeds four or Jive, ohmong,
    Iblack, very shin 10 t 12 mm. I nZ ', Ii e pr mimnent hilum white.
    Tids species is apparently iiici tlmore widely cultivated than any
    Wotri at lias been obtaiinedl from tle fIollowing sources:
    I' I N1 s. l/ IS anl 21:100, Ifroim 'ira iaba., Brail.i
    S. I. 1 ,. N 22 '0311, lf i S tyhdney, NXe\ Snai li \\ales, under tle nanie
    Mlack Mauritius bean,"
    ), 1. I N. 220:12, frim Kiamteriina, Q(,ie lamitl, Australia, under tihe
    Sa-me- Mlack Marit iius eIan."

    "See Kan'as- \.'i ,' , ] ExI )exrinient '-i i.o., Bulletin 191. December, 1-1'1. 1), 199.

    PLATC V.



    wsSk ^'
    *vW AA
    ,.f^ f^
    :' .' **

    v^' ^

    "- a

    1, 1" !.i.l i.l -*
    1 ,' ol -

    P, I N,
    N-(f > i', -J ,, .l 5 2>


    to n F nli l r.M A B 1, h iA t II,l 'o F M. I!

    S P I- niv .u'ii ( I t'iin 1 9[ "

    S. I' I X u \'"':",fr iiM il n

    's 1 i0 25, f
    S- P I N I JI%

    Si ItiI, i l r hII Ir.oiii Il .m li I ll !i ,i l i t ii it *'I-|
    Trhis spewces k zlso g*rovm in llaNN]ii under the name 4o laM>irilius-
    el.tu am! has teen M ainii htin M AI/ u1de i l tei na e o l Ilorake-
    Eye Woan.
    Both ;at BIlOWA NMis, and ;>,t (iiiniesvillo, IFl;i.. tin j ece" ro '
    lo a m uch la i vr size than t in loIN t velvet eaL' t' l'! iii, r Ni, ];wi. ir,
    so that tIhv podts haivink mnia~ur. On acroiint 4l it, (A ref" n li' n wcm ,
    it is nlot ;at ;all likvl\ v S lt it wil he of v~u tn iiinir kinikr ian no"? i

    In M artritius, according to Diirecto I*. Iti/i of1" l'ii ;the rin liirt il
    stalion at Klc. it./ l i; l ii \I'l ve it I an litas proied to be i iicl
    less luxuriant and valahl.
    As alread'v state Ithis plant was idtiied hv \M Mi_ by 'Ad .Ii i as111
    it!;:, ,of \\ allich. V tl'or tlie retaso s givel in 1lie discissioni Under
    f't,7 o':til< i i 7Ii W K we i. _'ardl libis ide(wl ilieioal ion ni eroneo s. isihere
    is still sliglit roOit fl hiloi lt in c ionini'l ii \\itt lNiO O N I liatlter, hliii i,
    however, can only he (de.irh w pl Inil ompa)ison wi6 h

    S60if o[o`i( l nt ]iilclh ",hkht ",i V. H. l Fleshy-pod h aiwi. (IT. V.\ ald
    P. VI.)
    V ines s tlo i I, P 1 )t 'Ii r-Iy ] l .ii l \v' l i xi-

    0i i i10 l" A 1 1 I- j I I !):I,
    iltK ri"i22)i 7 i.i i l ; l i v A | M ni
    t ul th sid e('-. (.'-le-i llv ,ml lhl( \'<.itlS tl 'l( i';Hll l; n Irll,'- I lil ] l rl

    T'lhlei lirurilii. ;i o v m all l iA f: |,4. |,lik p l 1 i <- l \ W,1 Hi [> -r l
    kl lK uhctt illoll b tl t illi l il \ li i 1 *j 1\ I * 1.1 JI -; t.. o
    l r i ia, i I i,7 I( !, i \I r': ( < li i. Ii i i -r l < i l m o 1 1 1 t *I il
    h:ir-, til <'k ;il l li xx tt xx i i t'} Ii t' 1i" ii t i i\ ;' tN I iN i ,,..l l i \ ;il Rh ,
    itU K-'ll ti H t'tK l ,] , i_* [iii I . ,{ it .. ,u l i ,,I t ,t i i.. |1 1 ,,, .... +, ,r ,,: r I, v . ~-

    Ttie or'i~ii tll seedt oft tllii. S. I. I. No>. L'll}io Xi, was r iese te to) !ie
    Il) |atlml cll~ l iH 1)V M ,1. ( '. V ;iiil i~;In. oli' ( 'ti,'irii .
    1 1 \ .It w s l l s e i t o h i ml l t t y M r A 1 ,. K e n nl n u:l l 1'!' o 1 m T ai l .1: ;!r M l~ id a j x l r ,
    l i i i ii i w \l o w i l e : T I l e x i 1 i ,e t 1 ;+ 1 1 1 i \ e r \ l p r o d, l i \ e t l li l '] -
    iult ivated tI [l \er liinia" II t %liw tlv I >;tll ;it 1) v I Ia l lit' ai) o riii-
    Wil Iri7 4 India. Miy\ e dlhon q t ,.. il'l il a, H ,llierie d
    seeds, billt 10 not like eiXte vc"i'.v wel."


    Tli s has larger seeds lihan any other species, and thle pods also
    are the lari,'-( and least pubescent. It requires, unfortunately, a
    hmlo er season than the Florida velvet bean byv at least a month.
    Some of tlie clusters of pods of this bean measure 3 feet in length
    and bear over 50 pods.
    The edibility of the pods and seeds has been tested by Mr. S. If.
    Gaitskill, of McIntosh, Ila., who writes:
    We have been_ i. ii, the fleshy-p )d velvet bean a I rial. 1 could not get the ii'_i..-
    to try it until I had ealen it and had Mr. DIedman Iry it; Ohen the negroes tried it. I
    do not c) isider' it a ii, i ., v-red bean, but haIs no bad taste; in fact, is quite palatable,
    and there were no bad effeels at all. I would call it an edible bean.
    We found tlhe bean better than hie pod, and it mihlit be that it would be more
    palatabhlde to let them get fairly ripe and use them as shelled beans.
    An important characteristic in which this species differs front the
    others is thliat the pods do not dehisce at maturity, but the.pods can
    be broken in pieces without the valves separating. This character
    will very likely lbe valuable in crossing within the L-on bean and others
    which dehlisce rather ,too easilyv and thus shatter seed.


    Sti:z:ohbit, velatiuinm (II assk.) nt. comb.
    llicuia t'lchit ina Ilassk. (Beiblatter, p. 77, to Flora, 25th year,
    1S412, vol. 2.)
    The original description is as follows:
    jIm0,id hl llliii,. Nom. sund. A'...- boddas.
    LI.etumina lamellis t rantversis hre distituta:-Rllaeemis abreviatis 6-4, 5 poll.
    Ion-. 0, 5 pll. crassis densissime vwlulinis subteret:-...,.-i.. aliee curvatis -.I..- ]] ili-.
    seminitbus (imiessis;--ilis llaleralibus oblique ) ovatis mucroinulatis utrinque
    pilis adpressis minutissimus sparsis (in junioribius & caly'ee sericeis); corolla alba.
    Caulis volubilis, petlioli pedals, .stiell;e subiiulataS,-Spec. intermnedia M. mitem
    inler A& mollerm DC'. P'rdr. II. 10o>.
    lasskarl later published a Imodilied description ((atalogus Planta-
    rum ini llorto Botanico logoriensi, 1814, p). 277), as follows:
    Mucuntia velutina. Kwas.
    Fliriluts racem, sis, I)raceis s'iIliImIllis, lei-uminimIsbU densi'sSime velut inis subteret i-
    o1)ld m ion apiCe c rm'valis vix 6- (slub I ) lculali.s, foliuolis o('atis muiicroilatis utrinque
    pilis minll is.simis adprssis spiarsis. Variat seomill)u s ine1c miaculatis majorilbus
    mintioriiisve (K\\. bioerick edicli & leutiek) nuns immiiatit alis a is rugosis s. lavibus
    (Kw. bI ihhs mengrti, & lietjie.i aut viridiustii'ulis aut tii-ris ( Kw. iheedjoh s. hietdnni).
    Tlirotuli the kinldniess of )Dr. NI. Treub, director of (hlie Builenizorg
    Bolanical (Garden, we have oltaineed seeds of all tlel, sorts now grown
    there. These inclhtde tlie followming S. I1. I. Nos.: 219,51 and 21',.'.:,
    withI black shlinmy seeds; 21 952, with ash-colored seeds: 2 ii.',7, marbled
    ashl a11d brown" 2442-1, reddish to pinkish vray, more or less marlhted
    with Iblack or )brto)vi; 219 55,greenish yellow or 1r.\Mii iI, clouded




    PL.' L VII.

    24922, G 'oWN AT GANL SV,.LLE, FLA.
    (I ll, lhrr l TiI n il tl I :/e'

    /1 1 1 I' l \ 21
    ()i~ ii(1 \\ it ii lilrii 1i N 1 1 I I \ ii 1-'
    ,over it l pe l t l < .. 1) 1 I. IA Itl l d I al .I"oIre wiii 2 11(,s.
    Ther wNi- al"o A nI'oii in --oic;^p)*l^^l;n -e fromlf Builen/~oly
    i variety wit~ h *r..'rem-i-yl -u ^i,,,l-, N-> 2 V toiir T I)''II ) I Vit II iiin < It A\! )I '--. I Iil ,r):

    T h ,lh r .,, .t r < , ', 1 1 i I I, . ". ', tli,'il\i\i :,"
    n u m '- 1 /. I < '. .. '< <, l l ..r .) ;i :) If.,.; .< < ,I h i ,, \ a r'. <

    1)111 ;I. l n l l j I 1 *.I..I I i *i *r ill 2 I .1 I it n x :1itit. [* l
    It will lbe n i- ) io h" '\ 'r, li ;i t t i i'c \ <'i'r i\'i l i' lilt i W id nwi -
    zY()r Hi ii i ,I i ll. It inn 1) t>lir i ) i4rii itr-. (rqi Ii t10 01. uu In I ,. ;.t
    2 1955). a!lr(| IS ) fa i i l I to n.,r li i N,: ( I), *J )I i l 2' 1 *.'):> \ 1 l It I b (ac ,
    shlinv nsi n -;. [i ,\'|l t, Ic i\ i'i l \ 11i Ir M \l iu il i 11-l'2 i : V ).
    21 52, "wiAt adi i- ) iltx i' i(ti | t ,I i-" ; \ WiO-x .il l. W it)h I lt/ low s,,
    bu it l )i Ithl (I4l1l lI >i \ ui 'i : N > .i. '0tl l ;iti ( I I 2li .'/,7 l))( li u ltli
    1Il '1il'i l vt('i'iu l, Mui lj di 11o >x intu il l I' X M ... o, (o- li ( 'lK svi ll ,
    la., lb)i It h. tWe x li'ii I',i Ni I( xi'i Iu v in the u' -', iil,,oux-i.
    SinceI l ,,-.k, l ill in t lis i ,i x W cri)loitoi r>te('ri <'(l (oil ; ti h) \_w
    l) (il i ,"ti al i-,' i i rl h i i i I ,\ l ia, (o I xe Ipxci -. It % il be, Doi iul llalt
    in lh li ,lti tcri l ti,, l ;l i x-kW il > iit t i- Ili i ( I si ul-s 'N lui x ut l tut Irs.
    Aci'ordrlii t uo li. ; t s, o i u.c i i uii I, ]-tW xx> N ih -ss IOtW i li is utliitl s i-,ids,
    rI 'iu hIli ill on, form i ni d -io(otlh i lic otli
    (lh)wers is n 1int. i liio ( .
    In ; : (* iii co 'o)iio ivel\ rcr' l pvr id)lictil io 'i, tlic lKn)itc (thite'd ln
    BMrAc; (A\lieislc dn J! rdii l>ot ii c (IP n Airiih 11in/.o :, ld.el: vol. 1 1,
    1). 1S7) (consid( rs 1-1 I ul na id Wclli K' wil with 0 /t1.s ;and roi ices l)o(li it
    awml tvi 'i/.; vair. ii/i,' r ( 'if ha' < i -, ill(r sc(rd l" ite, f wi-sc, -. oir ftiI n--n- acill/l(.
    Ie do s lio) 'rif InI(' colo ol' the lli(4 t 'e p ol' 4 ;ir. ,ii/* in .
    Nolei olf In l-iinds i l:il a nw linive Nee'invol 1'roiiv Bt vitiz)iof aiml gT),wil
    fulfill, tlihew (,oti ithiom of w ltitw W!r(lo e nili|l l e SN4 i, ni- l lhal
    I''ew Ill/i" j>W r[)le' P(low is l"Id o 1iVl\ V o ICe i -(HJ S 11"l1ii i l)e b e C led
    white. There rein tifiis> S. 1I. 1. I. No. llS (), witll :Tei iis -yellw seed-.
    Thi ls A)eenii t b) e i( il( ti nil \6ill) S. In. I. o. X( -,2 T.T l'(6, reeeiV\ed I' )lii
    M au rili .s, a d (li;ttl t ll drop i 'e n W it,e I1hw -rs. ThIi-, li(e>e'eoir, \\toall
    seem ( oIl (1() i !)e'-t w~it I l~i-sk, i il' "Ivw .i-. licedjoli." t lie' >~'eedI- oft w liiie ;ire
    (d -cribed ;- ':i'ee' nw iti- iridii)'cili- .-
    NVO re 1 ( Ierebl'i)le ;t( ;a IW S-- t 1 t iiid le ie t ( h Ilentit\ "f o ll'l reail
    M! rii. II i' Itti;n w nli se'nii \ i-i otw oniiink Knilw'(| ;>n loh/' eiho
    ." A)\ o v wI<, unless n it ;nt indi ee l)e iilent ie'd willi 7 I M I.N:Al ilh 11111
    li i'1' ltu. tl( (lieoltv >!>'|>eie we ;)s \'el kl()o wt tlli \slIill e llowt'ir'. li(in w'hll(,

    A\- I('l')i'' l(Hied. tIle a-.''id" willi !)lvic'kl A PlIn, "'(141-S plr)v(s to be
    the ssile ;i as tihe l: riiin. le nii). T'ihe (two Kiwis "ill ) killed s(eeds
    are' lp)chlt dwislilcl sj>eeics.

    I N I) X

    Alkushi, nam, in H'-wiial f ti iiu ni ......... .
    Ah yr-kd rai l Sli/,,)|Itiuillm .ri un i.t
    Blake'r, <'las-- i~ual i+n

    Bra iil .ij'iiW tmi Mwn" / t i'Fi Kan AT m inii mim
    bi. il l i au i.u m.l li't riil, i ii 'llFt'ir li Ii ti i.-ut i 1uI .i.... .
    S r, Mtirili lat- NOW amn I SFdiidlUm atrrin mun
    uh i'.Natim, ,) St i/n I trium nii\ int an1 i-'r a, m .
    B ,rt, M rs- K S 1,. w'rk > i' ti liu ............ . . .
    Boivci l. ,,htnt It.i j tlenim i rt i n ,1f Ma rit-sii m l iu r W i rn '* i niii IiF
    razilt n illF ivati i 4i MN riliK' -. . .i. F F. . .......
    Br,,n w n l'atrim k, nm l, 1m cias-sili,+al ii>i rl Si i/ul lii in 1>ru1iirn .........
    lhiit m on ,. I nlaliical ( la dcn, >t>qls.' <*f 51i/.il !i in . .......... ...
    Burck. (la w-.'icatiii Burni a, cultivalii 1f Sf Caciara nik ra,. nim ilalriry tv i Slii/ ,l)l)iuini ...................... ...
    (adl ull a. I i(;inic ( ;;r~l>n ,c ii+lti ,ili n 4i -[H-Ci-S n, Sti+o ,lJ i t i) .... ...
    ('ario, ,<>i <'al[itatutt 11, Sti/.il, iul ( [alliatuni,
    niv(cum N,, S' i' i ])l)lilllll nivetiti .
    Ce>vlon -. s 4e ,f SlizrUi tld niiivcum. ilklrnu .t ii' no" lr i'm l S>:t t .,
    cthina. Stiz-lum ,'.d. inltIrdul tiAi i ho nit"! SM at1 s.t .
    ( ordcinim ,y r,/ -.-ilH-.i'i,, ,,fi" Sl i>',iltitlm iil ui h ir.. . .. . .. .. .
    ('towh L;ri Nr(,' St izl olilltn) pruriell".
    (,'uwitrlh. X', t--i ti/ > i prirlifils.
    lDolidn-, Iiruricii.' +<,'' Sl i/ol++i~itiii i,,+urir+ii'.
    su~orool o,>, s ony m n. f St i/.(>l~dnl '. piit a[iatiil i. .. ... .. ... .. .
    l ruri x'rr;. '. +.,<< 1 ," t" *li/. i+l'l iu in Iiii \- lni ... . .. .. . .. . . . ..
    tI'irniiniir,,tr, stAt mmn ol as 1"n udd iln ly ,,i SAPi TAil,,liitn nixvuln ....
    MAchIMpod ibtan. +' eii/.ii"lhiiun |acluylohiuin.
    Florida. (Waii<-w" illH 4*x ,,rinvi il m'(iti ii. ;wrk i4l M u W/rlii1n

    l .' I

    v lvvt lan'in, analyticb l dW rili tiQt n......
    r liararti' rrisi i<'-. .. . . . ..
    71 -silic a ti,)i . . . . . . . .

    -rr i| d i. r m i>n i Flin iir ... ... ... ....F
    I I, ti -t ri uI I I I I N%-:.h rl Ic M
    w-, k ld in .... . .... .
    FlW AT-s, Stizvil l -iun, A. d -.'cri[)li,'n ..................
    F".d, .lis (4f S! ix ldMil ni tcaii. .a. ..... ....
    Il -t joF, I rccaIltin .. .........
    tage, M aj. .\. T ., s 'Icd 7n S I l/.In) I ... ... ..
    (AD -t Hill, S. 1I,+ slat<'inclI! as wt> <'di/)ility <,f Slizd l..l'ii- in
    ( 'rlitiitiallii ,sv* il. M ul una ai. l l Stizoli ubilt n tif!(rfiii ,--



    1 1



    ".. 1 :;,
    -' F


    1 I

    1. 1 L 1. ,-,
    12. 1 >. lA ;, 17. 1s, I I

    I; i


    Hairs, stinging, characteristic of certain species (f Slizolobiumn ............. 9-10,15
    Ihart, Dr.J. W. sender of seed of Stizolobium ................... 7
    Ilartless, A. (C., sender of seed of Sl izolobium -------................................ 13,15
    Ilassjoomaine, Japa inese name for Stizolobiuiim hassjoo ........................... 18
    Ilasskarl, description of Stizolobium velutinum ............................. 9, 20
    Ilawaii, cultivation ,of Maurilius bean ..................... ............ 19
    11orse-eye belan. No, Stizolobium aterrimunm.
    India, cullivalioa of species of Stizolobium........... ......... 9, 12, 13, 14, 15,16
    native species of Slizolobimi ................. ...... ......... . 9-10
    Slizolobium seed, introduction into United `l ,f .. . ... ...... 12, 16, 19
    use of Stizolobhium beans for food. . .......... ..... .. .... 9, 15, 16, 17
    Japan, cultivation of Stizolobtium lih.,--* ....................................... 9, 17
    names of Stizolobium hassjoo..... .......... .......... ....... 18
    Kansas, growing of Stizolobium liassjoo as Mucuna capitata................. 18
    Kennan. A. L., comment on seed of Stizolobium paehylobium ............... 19
    Khamach, name of Stizololbium niveum in Bengal. .................. .... 17
    Kwas boddas, type of Stizolobium velutinum .............................. 21
    varieties, description by Ilasskarl, vernacular names of Slizolobiumn .... 21
    Leaflets, Stizolobinm, description. ........... ..... .................... 8, 9, 11
    Leaves, Mucuna, description ............................ .................... 8
    Stlizolobium, description .......................................... 8, 9, 17
    Lvon bean, seed, distribution for tield testing ................................ 8
    Suce also Stizolobium niveum.
    W. S., sender of seed of Mueuna lyonii ................................. 7
    Manila, source of i ntroduction of Mucuna lyonii seed ........................ 7,16
    Mauritius bean, seed, descriptions. ......................... ... ... ....... 14, 21
    distribution for l6i-.1 testing................. .......... 8
    similarity to Slizolobiumnl utile............... .............. 14
    Ser also Bengal bean and Stizolobium aterrimum.
    cultivation of Mauritius bean and use for food.................... 14
    comparison with Florida velvet bean. 19
    Miquel, classification of Slizolobiunm capitatum .................... ........ 13
    Miississippi. Biloxi, field work on species of Stizolobium ....... S, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21
    Mlucuna capitlata. Ser Slizolobiutn eapitatum.
    "enils, characteristics ..................... ...................... 8
    hirsuta. Sec Stizolobinum hirsutuim.
    keyensis, seed, germ nation ....... ....... ..... ........ 8
    lyonii, seed received from Mr. WV. S. I.yon, 1907 ....... ......... 7
    N nivea. Se Stizolobiumn niveum.
    prurita. Sac Stizolobium pruritum.
    seed, germimnation different from Stizolobilum .................... 8
    itilis, original name of Flohrida velvet bean ........ .. ........... .. 8
    Sece also Stizolobium utile.
    velulina, cultivation in ,Java ............ .... ... ..... ... ... 9
    c also n)Stizolhbium velulina.
    Pachyrhizus angulalus, similarity lo Slizolobiumn capitalum................. 13
    i'hll Il.l ,'. original slpe(-imeIns of Mu(una lyonii seed. .... ....... ....... 7,16
    Pods, slwecis of Stizolobiumin, description ............ ...... 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 20
    Stizolobium pachylobiunIl, i,..-. I-, il,-,i .......... .... ..............-- 20
    Reunion Island, growth of Mauritius bean and use for food ......... ..... 14
    Rolfs, l'rof. P. II., test as to edibility of the Lyon bean ..................... 17


    Root-knot, imunnity of spcni's o St illihimi ...............
    1Roxburgh, tWdescription I m of Stivd iiumt a pi la tn ................
    n i\ v m . ..................
    Sahual. 1 li ip in namer for I.T\1n 'w . ....... ...............
    Seed1, chutaractrs of .li unai and u iz, ii im, danl SrIi, s..... .I... .
    Florida W(in,,') lraii. di-tribution through M u, rhl .. .......
    g(rtdwi hotal ii, M i ntl It r 1ii oI r w h WSlin.l nl i............
    M auritius Ian, d '- ript l i n .................. .
    Stizn o iim'

    ,u-lIL- r1.11 i ,1II!2. I
    d,. -ti r i l, m il . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    dis hu m t oiiii f I' tll lP iiiLz .. ---
    Seharanpur MHolanic Garden, ctrlti,' ;ai, w -ni i,,.,i,, >l t, S Plt,i),l umiin .
    Sie' old, s.tati*m (n t al"m S" i l i u,,i ha.0 0j,1 .. .....................
    Sorou o-, d,.t'c ipti>o lv F{oxhmur l .... .............................
    South ( 'triiii Moiirl (;,, m culliv;y i( of)i Sl iz,,l)hiunlih .-j ...
    S li .I, Slim h lidim (-(,ri[ti Stitul .- Slizololr ihu de-mfrijiti ................. .. .. .. . .
    Stizolobium, analyvikual key to )spc.ics ..... .
    :tf't'rim u n. ;,ni /y ld l 'a/ dt.~-crii )iin and cofnill.'.m s ....
    (c.tiita !iiii, m ial, ih'al (hosf ri!)li in and <'imIIin lll ........
    .1 y I I lls ........... . . ... . .. . .. . ...
    (cinereini, a lyl idl d ]lnlI)C-c '[l('c- oil [xod.k ol)jccli(mi l;a lhl .. ..........
    ,d. ,i,,i. I ,, i,. ',, .Hialytiral d(>scri[)(i,,ii and (*lhara d'w ri ^li <.' ',
    am( .iv ,en h)<> lh''>rida M( v( l<'an .......
    So, it w lVlourida vClvl l pc( ns, ]l- ara-n risM ic e'l .. ......................... .. ...

    c ull ir a l in ti n Ai ...........................
    : ss awl ( Olv nw i| riln . . . ...... . .. ...
    044 i,, 'il inat . ......... . ... .
    lntui u.-Al(. and (iall\u ia riUH- .................
    iirs utu m i. ..l.. < a ju ice, iar lcri t i< ()r. . ..........................
    liv l'r tl(la aial\'tic'al d 0 k* i >ti n alnd coin "lllt\ .... ........
    i s -ir n h a irs r ..... .... ..... ........ ... ....
    .-i>(', ('h ar+,,('tqip -tiil \'h r 'l......... a... .......... .
    lq)- yhlh iinM anohlv-ifal d(l<- l ". . ...
    ,i(, n liih^his+ ili: ( ']llr:.ia<*^^l,.r sl i'*, \ al!iir i n
    lar w(d in n .............................
    .,,rfd. di,-irilhuliin fAir ". '. i l(c>tiiw ..
    u,-r' I'ur fund. I, l dia; . .
    pruriens. ('la:.:iti, l iion ............. . .
    ori-in ad (and ara<-td!i.-nd >
    sti~ivi,,i_: haiirs- (hara,'(r i i <'t .
    Ivpl ol ( lfie( .i im ls. .. .. . ..
    prurilium, .4inii ., hairs i'iginr lho .aa .,w*ccd di- ti l mliuii lor A I ['" I ti i.. .......
    g(*rniifation t lilfv itl dir! 0 i). M iuruna ..... .. ........



    15 16;
    I ];

    I t, 21
    ITI At 21,
    11 15


    12 13,


    h. 11I





    .. I -17
    15, 1 G, 17
    S 17





    Stizolobium, species, classification, difficulties .... .... ............... 8-9
    immunity to wilt and root-knot...................... 11
    pod differences ................. .. .............. 9
    stock feed, use ...................................... 7, 15
    utile, anal ytiral description and comments.... ............ 14-15
    pubescence onil pods objectionable ........................ 15
    velutinum, analytical description and comments ................. 20-21
    cult ivation in Java ............. ................... 9
    varieties, differences in seed characters............. 9
    Stock, live, feed. Sec Stizolobium species.
    Treub, D)r. M., sender of Stizolobiumrn seed .................................. 20-21
    Vani Dieman's [Diemen's] Land, cultivation of Mauritius bean and use for food. 14
    Vaun han. J. ('., Stizolobium pachylobilimn seed . .......... ............ 19
    Voigt, classification of M ,,1 ii 01 .; bean ...................................... 19
    Stizolobilii l itile. ....................... ............. 14
    Wallich, description of Stizolobium utile.... ..................... 14
    Watt, statement about names of cultivated species of Stizolobiium .............. 16-17
    Wight and Arnott, classification of species of Stizolobium .................. 10,13, 16
    i I ,r , .,i i, of Stizolobium capitatum ... .......... 13
    description of Stizolobium utile ...... ...... ... ............. 14
    Wilt, immunity of species of Stizolobium. ................ 11
    Yokohama bean. NS' Stizolobiunim hiassjjoo.

    JOCUA I1


    I I I I I II I II II I I11IA W *

    3 1262 04969 0117 L, ,,

    [Connud front page 2 of cover.
    No. I7. '10 i. 'n RootDrucsi. 197. i ,' nts.
    108. i h, ',l l ,, ,. ,' '- f .l t''r i ,,, t' Price. 15r v Its.
    1 .l9. Anerican ,', ot ;Irden B7,ilb 190. Pri 1 e, n25 centI.
    110. C1ranberrv Diseases. i 17. dt ic, 1i cents.
    112. Suprarenal G'iladiin i A, : 1 '. I ciiotT nr, Ph7 lts. 1907. Price, 10 cents.
    1.)' Tolerance of V\ riou I itt \lk di .1 l1M7. Price, 5 cents.
    11.14. ,-i.- ,,r .. .1 til r )ise cil o(the led t i 107. I'rice, 15 .t. cents.
    115. I2 .,l .. n .'i ot -. forl 'rote tion of tbli W atcr '.i.!l, 11017. I t'. 10 cents.
    11H+ The Tuna ust .... i *i M 1n 19)7. Pi~e, 25 cents,
    117. The I ..... .1 r. ..f l,. 1.I i i. ... ind Naiive Pastures. 1007. Price, 10cents.
    118. P'er 1 . I I t Ien s.
    119. Th1e Mlherr tinil Otther Silkwor t Food Plats. 1907. Price, 10 cents.
    120. 1'rodntictihn of Eater I i l1ulbs in 1 Ie United States. 190. I ,,. 10 cents.
    121. Miscellanejts ,, 1 i 0. Price, 15 (eits.
    122.' ,, Pi Io of i .1 1 ;cs. I' Price, 15 cens
    123. i '. 1, ,,f ,'.itcs it' i ,n ltrott U lifh niat t 90S. 1'rice, 20 cents.
    124t l ', I l l tr IIa lnr , i iS. i iw. ftlls.
    125. I' w .1 ', -I CultureI it I,. i 1 AtIie, i .. l rit 10 cents.
    120. Noltteic hitiireofthte 1 .. i'. i 30e ents.
    127. i,. i ... P.11,,I of'.I .,,, ..,, 1 , D O.S. l'riee, 10 cents.
    128l. I .' i m the .'othwesi rnt tliilt lates. IS,)- S. l'rice, 15 cents.
    129. i in,, , ., the Lo o-WA e I.iseIusf, 0s, 1P'rice, 10 cents.
    130. I, .I ,,I .\ ri Ii] i. 10S). Pri c, H 1ent.
    131 t,, "N,',,,,,1 I ,-"' IiO I )'c- ni.
    133. I r l. i.' I x |i l ', I i of the 0ruit In 1ustrv. 190H 'rie, 1 tcentts.
    134. Infhtet- .... m ,l ,, i Sadt upon la f Structure and Trantspir nation of Wheat, Oats, and Barley.
    190s. l'r., eetts.
    135. Orchart l i111 in '., '... '. ) m',e -otllti Atlantic Staites. 1. 118. Price, 20 cents.
    15B. NMet- IfSa C.:i( s ,, I I ,,1. i i, W ,. I i 1i cl,'t s.
    137. Seedsand ilst. 1', i i 1 1t Invntorv No. 1I 191. I ri.. 10 ceit.
    138. l rI l' ir, "i i -,i I *.*.t 1 Tolat 'o (t Conte ti ilt V ill~e tl>fS. l'rice, 1 cents.
    139. .\re, r, ,,1 \1 I' .., I 1 19 I 9. nz l.S> ent~s.
    1IW ** -[ i, h' "' I 1., I [i I 'e rs. 1'tt i. I .,.,. 10) ceints.
    1 I. M ,itl .. .. 1, i'. 1 Io. Price, 10 cents.
    112. -,,..I..r I Iii I i .. 1. 1 t ,nior No 15. 190 I Price. 10 cen s.
    143. Principles and 1 , I I,,, I i. ,,', To'ulxco. 1909. i'rire, 10 cents.
    141. \i,[,I, I" 0 0 in '-io s I) , ,,i .- *'., i ,,, rc O hards. 109. l'rice, 15 cents.
    W '> ,',,' ii, r, ii 1 ,', ," ,' r, i, Ccntral A mrerica. 1 1)9. Price, 1,"> enls.
    IW6. I h," '|1" r,,,,'',[ ,d ,~ ,, ',. ,',',: ,, ,* N arrow F ...' l* 1<*1!; 1il )' , 1 CelltS.
    147. A ,i . I If I i I I I I. int Cotoi t ',i 1 l1.i I cents
    .148* -,, ,. ,' 01 I ,1 i I.. 1 1 Ii 1ii 'o. i. 109. 'rie Pi 0i,- iS.
    119. Dlis'sesof I'.. 'I,, '. ,. ,, I'rice, 15 ients.
    150. Wild Al falfs and Clo ers ot Siberia. 1909. 'rice, 10 ccni.
    151. Fruits heconmen ed t or Culti nation. 1{X)9. Price, 15 cents.
    152. 1, 1*.- 1 W ,,I 1arle v IIni Wheat. 19I)9 i ., 15 cents.
    153. I-1. l m , ,I, Itort No. 'I 1 90. Price, 10 cents.
    l',i. Fuin WVat, r :,j .] ,. i. ,,, i .. lti}i)9. Prire, 15i cenls.
    1",.. Controlof .I. .I ***..r .1 11., i i '. 190'. ,1 ).[ 15cents.
    I;."' A Study of lDiversitv in ERVphiiia Coltlol. I'. Price. 15 cents.
    157. The Tict ce-C arson I" , 1 ii F Ir 199. P rice. 10 cents
    158. h le l'oot -Rot ofV tl: I I I 1 Thhelivia tiisicoI. 1!01t Plice, 1e5 cents.
    159. l-eal Adjustment of Col ton \ ,, i 10019. Price, 10 centi.
    100. Italian Lemons and Their B.-1'rod its. 1909. 'ri, 1.- ctnls.
    1S1. A New o Indin Corn from China. 1909. I' 10 teits.
    162. Seeds and :. I 1, .r l IvcnltorI No. 1. 19)9. Pric, 1o centt
    ll3. Varieties ol ,. ,i i ,I, I Cottont. '1910. Price, 25 cent-
    16-t. 1 r-,,..i i,,.. I; .. *i i f Son ih. 1910. l'ti i .,1li* t:+.
    165 \.1' ,. ." '. ..i I i i ..*I II ,i, to Plant I,.. i.. 109. Price, 10 cents.
    166. I \1. i r.,.* I i l -,.,,, 'I ., 19)0. l i .l I ..ent~s.
    167. New1 Metolisof 1t ,i I. i io. i nl.. 20cents.
    168. Seeds and P1hit.s I. ...,'.. I ......' \.. i 1909. I'rlce, 5 ients.
    175. VT ,[h ,i,. ,if,1 ir.ti. i t .. r I' r, .
    171. :,,,.t' l ', ...ot i ,. iof 1It; o r +iir I orfanee. [hn press.]
    172. i r -.,.l ,, i+: c .1 .... ii ', c ,i i ,, h i',,ill r 1
    173. ". .,*. i N itrification [ I .... I :. i i..i .,. ; I i .. PIo)H Price, 10 cents.
    17.1. The Control o[ P'each , 1 l ,. m ... [ "* 10+cenls.
    175. The 11Istorv and lliistrilniiol, I -.,, ,, 1 I .. i0cents.
    17(1. Seeds and (*'la ts'l ,. ,+ 1 'I.. ..... ", '. [I { n ,,r ...
    (77. A Protracted 81ocl. i riI A;, ,,, i ) ,li, 1Prire, i ', ... i .i
    178. Iniproveie' t Onth,' of ..' ,., it Caltlornil'. [Itn press.]