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THE HOMEMAKEWS, WE added an xiet to t pnth
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Eve liki Ition 'With a a] to Tiomemkkers ancl those interested in country Ife WIII, r ere 'no. e
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..,.C .0 N such escape, Now, NAt1OW,.
'es d' I'' ure of' 'it. So-':
cape The tubercular r school children
U81KIN. Y1,GF.1DA-::': am s
long as oatmeal is less, thaT waukee are enjb fng the freshL; a
A i) v 0 C A E 0 F A "R:F,'# IDEAL scliool during these fr6sq, d4ka.:riT
three cents a pound,: so long as Tr
childr I Y. *V, 8 -in
the en gather da']
-fish bite and" the cabbages I leaye at 4 in th evening,-
sha p 0 of the a nap every d4yfrorr
r. $" OdtJVUdOnQf the Road; _Hea t 'knon "- 1, 1,
for U-PAI Lubw oft for every F il weaXing apparel bas been
Ild, 1.i ftd TU*hu141A4oZqMikinx an slavery of modern cit d ealthfOlipad Y oneiAQceubL_-. y existence. the q
-ink ufso iik 4-d6orOccu- tioulnthe-Fun amen WTMIMP,- hool board, s& that au exercises
tri ted With _Hb)he
MR ng an American life is often sadly-
of, en and lG the school
t are conduoed
of tik1r,_O.g C6,Qf d the Cultivation of uninteresting and com-rnonplace, F *ndows wide ope Thege childrpogrV'r
-tiew Life, a'ad,'Its Praftle6 HA the Land.
anArt, S
1- .. %. 1__ h"
4V n inarie. J. am not su th 't makin' I to
the effect of:eity life as Seen in and also in their a
RAY 6. kVWAPbS'Ma ng E fto
our large cities is anything to be
ADMER D. MILLER, Business Senator Lodge reconfly deliveMd
ISE d,,: of.t,: In the o!4,,, YS,,,,,tadd On'len
and POS 04t A tgre4f4 s
d cli ap news a ii And L Z', ,ng '&ar, ii
tolls ",the
booksycountry life -meant ffitel-
cannot afford to exem*, ,rhqr
lectual isolation. Today vessels from ev
t d N Pay' '4P Act R4
mtflts, Not V
To ',to brinx mean's noth bt,-b -Use su
te and aik aligut our 4,rder- ing of he ', fn 4" J
Wol If your proposition 0' held by"bther na ns, as v
r far you -are fromt the, U,
A )Pe la IoTv 044,$5"! W matter hom ;W Ti
1), all the thought Of fh6'
-Thollouftu WHI 11ot be for-Kg t. 'Vtor *o exttW Tli
P"4 i of Zo ing YOU
llantdrw %Aw"Pw& PrIctl we VM0 reAdl4g e suAlvette, hik
*fte SUM great world. The -conditions reap ng the Delaware, 11
TI 'Tt
crops theice, a s,,and ,wvMco
have changed. cki
to make a de our,,,aRPo,7
L 6 necessity, of to
'V IhiStl, hand. The leadipm An
S OT;q COOPERATIVE NE DS. ous effort8to. T
land,' ,UctoryL e r of, forcing secul*
11eleo X01
A "81 men, to -buy what they do not EDm tmGH, Scotland, is a city, of d, in,'
Oll't-in me,(JiW, AtWnt$64i ineed in order fh*_J way live. of 260;000 population.-, Ordinar- be he,
nit -loss, Tamlidinj tb' Instead of I doing others I ily, a city of this size would'have
t, wit SIX HtOC_ ,
stom ead wi
ffi ih-its
to On opi a e t
ul ate J iswhe,4
owing eac er up-
i4g to "%arbgP I in _OoWn the streetS.L",
,o6e_,Pc6uldr "qUietly tt -Xdinb4i4h has; thil St., u wn 0iiFV r
iAef 'breathe A that a ey as
'SU S, beW Co- 'ti Association, POOD
r opera ve
jtl6ih te ChaM
__ a lAr d4ring, sessio
thby t4fv4d lif ragr6nt 'litn't' with its flf t i bra ch stori*, 7
ry i law tJ* garoen and throughout e city, serving its ocese in the,4o*
work' speiid, what surpMs m -work 42; W Me 'r&, h- world'wil, eC
y and their, fai 'cel
F on or brings for books, magazines, iltes all the n6cessities 6f. alihiverary at n Jiiah, Pq;k
the latter LWt:() t 8-montb. e 11 8
QCCU ic an fe2t0"the Que of 37 0 C B
'd art,, and travdI'aro d $8 athQ -the now
Wvve bishop, to,. e4,cb
Oeing. kcasionally, to see how the rest i4wly. arrived in Porto Rico ln: L 1413.-1$el, ca,
en thWral whqre be 4 buried
-the' .01he worlds Vting on. The profit$, amount
oth n Anierim', L
&',and. 6) the:: All of thi WOf. the m qr church'i
46* J a :%n the' qwe 000' annpally. But the tfiA
Tt' il* ,*- of We. Vithout neern for othe 4r, Scotdoes. not aJJqw _:3i
ey -0, an Be' er as a Or'r _Probp
OnW-nW*400"soon.-- 18 eh letting you know anything about *go.to, th bar. ,k' credit, ofPresscensorship ythepostoflim-46
among, ed on suppression, of arb-
( hiefly'-in -, it. -L But I s mipect- z the *0 d millionaire.-' It is w4ded partipent, bas
eles"b Mrs, -,,844wr lp't
cr Wdr ed'diStriets, and among could be made ideally the mem: n et;
asers -articles,
New, ork Call, we-
tol- J 4&wctimrp-,mt-' w tselfish And semi a4nuaJly, just Ore the ry
dnder t e cajih F4v
Writt _
%& rl, "der that ibrough e Ahnu'al rent day, And Shodta now;,) Beacon oI'...1arge sb in'- nd are n
e members make diimified mann&. Mm Sap 't
itnd:1- with- numb& L o f peopl' may 'be th er"is"a
*bl'ereached WA are sick,,' and eir dividends in the asso&Atit) trai
4f iirid dis,,P uted with- IH6,- in congested PAY_ the rent. , '.7 'Thq roppi -sfroni,,L1or1sd
T-_Iteh 11 city, d are xeady for he1nan a pipsengerlro
fof";thii a chang0-, sq b,,,, a c4 ,nke a iesented 4fie m opo tliqWi4o L 'o
r in t e capital tire UDa e o. w t W
A, unfiMlthy., Philif w1thL :aj'_ SC)JJVenJT
P m0ney 1 ecauBe af-the 1 banks" i
1 tfiumfWrs ,New Xork c ty, ne 1"", OT.tbe '4swi4
y ,qpaper b k i -,q clo -,1vgepup rpf. AT FF 2a
_j .'WrJ1t0ei'and'- 4uthokTof rig 'fiftieth -, npiyersar
its' Jr6ad. st -peekiligAO
we&- rom,,,and a Living,"-- t 8 Vo Ume afid-the
so interestinkiY
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trctu so 4 , , '" 'i, B
of! V l
on&- wiftes we gathei,
'b, pr,6d f hi -h'
ue parairrap t*
ii-A Ir e 6, a
yqarS af
4nyW6merit-'thi A- I L, 9U
fife, to aw :a era e, m een,, mterests iii, t i
mdu M, 'le Y,, -are means hdrd : 46xibus *6 biiijnninkl _a Ahe, -q6-operativi. Y14 _ap0b' am, boor.
C j, stantly carrying a
-1,fto*- tiot theff 'dis- 'ihtm va'y TeT'0= 1'A
'end mo-Olement at R(kehdale) the:
appo 5 t significant, d01.1je opment, in
ve been among them whereas it sought to mea Guth ert.. .,.,association, is Q
Atilt strike is e arrest of 11Mother,,1!,,4jqiRqqj,
1,,VTf -4 W T asarit'. work *fth, plenty of growing O'tbe he lt to A one of.tho beat kno-wii- 1ib6r,.agItatQrii"
_P s "and talk There i lythrei thousand 4ok memw
onnalJy L awf is onths. The gedijet
T Dmditions in ong about. a. b0s,"in: Aix .;n
."n, w I b con mn 11,e
syste "a
bee 1 The fe4eraj& atio ai'l5itilleon 4t t4,q'
410rfMc1do affect a ninety. of its qrpatiucc f,
eo' h thkt only ope ftti ,of t e pPb1f6,qq o
8 n t M,
J _the
nine -trained ai d,4
q i Jhe ndrdth .race. itedivisl6nof profits amotig, he te' o rly.
e-r r t th't-these represent the, hjgfieqtjp"
A41 7t hn-pkistonce a,., bare, of ih- pu'rchmeri. Men bers hay4,, In '4f,,Tsq
'JTtT I I'lle elWm4t "
b The prob e '54r!,,
ter; dJA meA 'Cdveil4or the'past eleven y4o* Ipi
_, R, toachers In thp ga A4
-tthe 41bat bfaChbti 6 and with (Q611thilleda,, 13C 0 s, REI been most a u to 'for,-
Fi W,


has been no indualsment eitherinsalary poses. During part of their trip they confdsion cauaed in. public- service, but SCOTTISH CP-OPE"TIVE METHODS.
or advantages for a, teacber in such a have: faced a twenty miles tramp the decis!'on has been promulgated that
school. Special doukse,. for, the rural, against.an icy cold wQ., When they, Ruagian is to be fh6'6fricia i4iingua e of (Continued from Page. due)
teaching forces -are,' especially re6ornn reachW shingtowa grand 910b is pro- -the senate and to be made 5
mended. mised between the siiffrage and anti- for entrance exa hinati6n into college. nearly one dollar, refund, semi-
suffrage leaders for I56 ular support. Sever punishment will be result of any annually, oil each 'five,. dollars
Contract has been let for the construe- infringement of. this drastic measure.
worth of goods"'
tib of eight of the- largest wirpless, Fines aggragatinf.$50,000 have been
stations in Vfiew6rld,'four, sending and imposed by criminal court justice, C. S. A change for the better in'eduedtioiial M PlWi
four receiving Stations,- thus makin the Stafford, 6f New York, in, the so-called advan for women in- India is, now on their -purchases, ihe; other
Miir&ni,'wiieless to. ehicircle the gf6be. bucket Shop cases, resulting from in- bein tage b -_ e Ndca university.
There will be statiobs in HonoluluAn vestigation made by. government men wliglanned ff. ,th, half bbing al: utll equal to, -.the
nos issu. a report i n' which it is
Californiaidn N16w. Jk!iseyand then in thre6 years ago. La courses will be running. expense". This., ienliotsy
JhpAn." After Japan'th4company- will provi dd for se4. !-hundred, women. the support nd patronage- of
erect stations-ir -India- and thus com Detailed plans for the observance of ---- :__ I I I
non-m.emberc,, and brings, them'
municate with Europeo the fiftieth anniversaiy of the battle The chaotic condition of the currency into full membeihip sponer or
-ofGettysburg are now being mad in Ch ins, is I making a ?6f6iffi urgent.
ng-of the W later in, order 16: get the fall
At a recent meeti omen's Both the blue and the gkay are enthusi- The heavy weight of the silyer,.of which
Polltic&VUnion ih:NdV York City Mrs. aaticover thegatherin' at which. about there are 170 varieties, is on 11 of the benefit. of the larger dividends.
IbAH-HUrper -o so-the clause in the 70j000veterans from toth -the North factors which calls for a change. One A map, of :the city of E-din-
WOM: 711in that state, which and the Soathare expected. The ques- thousand coin'"qual'ohe--Me-xican-dolla.r-,'btirkh( tnodLi-r'nAthetiW,'),sho*.t;
re9ds thd;t a41oman must, live -in the tion as to 'whether toe veterans- should The smallest unit, knowi _a tael,'is the_ -fifty stbres,, :in
,state five yearB beiforebqing able1o be- appear in blue. or gray uniforms has used in a large portion -of the country wen, y-,Ielkht
comba citiz been left to the'individual desire of the an&varies in Weight, in touch,,- and:in WhiYAliere ,_.arb:_t
.the motheron;anmnjastbasis With, the, old soldiers -themselves. value; bakery depag mentsl thirty- sjx
fatherarid.'sob who Woul& be able to S al
butcher shop', eight co sta-
vott atthe exTirations of one year. John Welsh, an empldyie of the Brook- The duke of W llington's coach,
Jn thecourse ber 'speech, Mks. lyn R fi C pany has been award-
Hait oo ng omp which was used at the battle of Water, tio five drug department4s,
per, though giving credit to tho pro---- ed a verdict of $10,000,fbr,, the. loss of, loo, has beentaken:to its.d6stination in seven -boot and Shoe departn;iqn $,_
gresmve party th6 two first fingers onfils; right,,hand. um: 'at Kensingtpi pa_ ty- .ight grO66i y-dep V. lpts-
notfor- London, muse I lace. f%
"Att'rne s for tbe, .',corn
m pregept- ffij r an4l halrdw4re
taking a sal rngt Roosevelt s 0 This famous as 0 eo cro&6
fear aying Justice geudder to havi ed to the museurn by"its pre I ent owner, stores, -besidestaflaring, -jewelry,
she knew too muebz of. his record on 'aside but the appeal was denied. Sir John Tyrrell.
wbinan suffirakein thb ast. dressmaking, furnjturej paint
Mrs. Philander C. Knox, wife of The Scottish sbetion of the indepen- and upholstery d artments, tea
Thg:Niaw York Wo$dpresents a sum- Secretary of State Knox,. is said to be dent labor party sees need of reform 'who] al. e rehouses-
mary of thelr port of the moneytrust the owner of the.smallest woman's foot under the recent insurahce act, -and the rooms, a
committee and of thd, drastic provisions in- the nationalcapitali Her sho4,dealer conAwence demands legiS stables, workshops; and -Jac-
that- congress wi 11F b& aske& to enact to asserts that sbe.wears a No.,1AA Shoe session to provide againstunemloyment, tones.
break Morgan & Oo. and their associ- comfortablyi This is thesmalleat size complete provision against sicknessi This might *e ern s I fficient -b qt
ates' hold on the nation's business. Five made.
b1l1EqwhGse linde,2Aipgpurp I eis to, re- and abolition of: e poor I aw. thereare.otherll' es df, adivy y..
fftore old-f9ahion k-competitonin the In the annual k-eport of Postmaster- Prince Henry of 'Prussia announces SociaLand ed cati
businiess. worldAkm in -thi- final stage -of General Hltchcock after callink,,atten- that he has disc6veiedthat the propo- the members-,are considered, by,
pa owand will soorrM preseuted tion to the Ket that thq -postal saving tion ..of automobiles in England I and the woman's gufl-d, .. litom y W
stem. now has .12,812 .0epoaitories, _66i timesas. greatas ciety, lecture-courses .,- eheir., and
'rout SOD;000 4epoBitorsi and'08,000,W0 about -pos
a ih any. Thia condition may
Thlat- kiniona andL wrapper, in deposit's, he states that, the -postal be orchestra, claii;5",in-bo6kkee1pin
sibl due io the high taxation, of
worke'rshave score ,!-a, Signal vs, 2F bank will pa its own way as Somas it an "first And the-
motor..cars InGermany. I atV6, 1 :.,
Since the-'bosses -eo&ide 411demlill a reaches- t U000,000 mark. lej "
0 publications.-
of the.strikers Eknd i A an agrepment TO ASSISTANT CO-WORKERS!
with the union. FourThousand jirls have Uncle Sam will print smalle bank b
ret4meidto-work note4- n the peAr future..-'The now cut- Do ndVsubsoi-66 ta'tho Deacon until you n'd unk,,,bailf,
-be used Is to-, be by two have readtbe following -paragraphs,
r6hey to.. hornes iand -rents, them _I!R04te8_L
ache half inches. The back of the it is the pleasure of the publishers to
The publie- cheol4e rs- of Chicago; and% one push the landward movement and the Ideals against acc idetit and, deatlx, Al$w
will got m rise- in-'"Iary- this.Lyear. L The, notes. wilt be same for all denominations f the
o4eachers P Beacon. t It Is our duty to PrOMUIgsteL insuring plate glass and, cattl&.
wow& wore, e8peolally indig- and all, classes of notes United, States and demonntra e our ideate.
vant for they had ddihaoded equal- '_ notes' coin certificates, and 'mational L It may be yo.pt. pleasure to L add to the and, doing the L TaMjly Wa8h7 inti_
with the men'.- F6 ilifteen-years-t] rl4t bau0notes. movement and profit by these Ideals by sub- ts -greatlaUndry establishmenc L L
Ficriblag to -the -Beacon. It Is your public
salaries have"beem r1aifted ten per Pent. duty M L to fUr-
th t and sbolild he yo ples I Itis intereAffig.to ge e hoWAhe,,
Wh10 durIpAft&W1*riod the costvf:IIV The house judiciary committee has his movement by lullilldliclu-g the Ben- St CU th'bir-
'op a con In your comm4zitt
i ha& ror& t,- leat'-three,'LtI1n'" Votedl-not toL reportLany billthis s"on y.
whiCh-bas to do: with longthenin or OFFEW No,. 1" Own inf;ura ,icq&
'hanging the president's t&m of Nee.
can be done Most eff"tIVOIVby send- fifty cents:a month,,I va Mngwl
A-Who, prommed, so' The cofiiinittee also voted to pigeonhole Incr a subscription to your Public Library at
MUPh- the risk,,, Mpaid,,imi _g
in the,'way ;gra inves tion- any measures which would the, the same time you, send vour own: as
special ofter we will send.both one year insured to oyl,4 c WL
in.New-York,,9tat iahdt making goods' Works resolution to bedome= ve in for $1.20. if you Fto wish we Will -notlfv lollar and
Hundr-edg-of, thoQh4nds. who trembled- 1921.L ur librarian to whom they are indebtea a week in casd of accident, and
when the investigRtink gornmittee began for the subscription.
tM to, 0
worknow-f6alized-that the worst, diey A- New JerBey man has L lately. dis- 1 0.
in6- alshaS I Rp'nt tOL eXpenp)esr In.. CawL of:-deatl
can Buffer igtbe, loss of- easy jobsor culL covered that, oneof his eixm) re You may have the Beacon, ten
in their pay, Hundredis of itate, offic-ials, laid.anLeggwhieb'was perfectly flat.At pubic libraries. -or,, to,, college,, .11brarles, in. the -end:of, ear RL divisi.."
Rr4e able to 4obk-41%e. -graft, commission one end whigh mav- ea;sil be set your 14tate for one :vpsr for $5, Including a
T the- 'I jr,
ubscrlptlon to.,yourlelf. made. o an ney ,
squarely in the face without. mentallY right.- The ownerwatchedverycloae y L L 1 .,nejft year
unn see which one'of e OFFEft No, 3.
ihg. over an av4ilable.1ist-Of bonds- hens -hag' pr6duc d 6L
If YOU Wiq eo oper
Oc CYL6 htr
th The of L
vain'ss-the b to aid -in. the general.landward aurve
freak but his vigi is in -i movement of homemakers by personally-.dls,. StbreS i ihiS. ,
hen.makes, her nestafbWth L manner of tributingL Copies, of the Beacon, Yell May L L n
:The 'town o eetorivAll: close up L anLostrich.; c6ples weekly forL three. me Of the-S
Study' L _arid -, English
Sllljp,6n thenight' of' March let and for $2
L No.L asSOC1460n9l _-1ntereAing,,
wijl L tn reh.; t6 theL_.Wilson Fred C. Vieek, who for sixteen years, 4.
Make it six months, (ten co bds parent,
ban alov -. on le"Itind larie- to Say has swallowed no food but hastaken ples weekl.y) though L theirineth
by-6. the, pi;eid6nt4l'ect and his iiourishmentbyLmeanS ofLa gla8s_ tube for $6, and, W6L Will endyou a CQPYL Of. Ed- tirely:L calble-to
ward Carpenter's "Toward Democracy."
ly. into r eeds.
leadirigfrom tbeabdomefi the pto nent, and
'aid _L to SCi ko iER' No. 5.
now- giving ene The. generat of'; Jhe
e Or one year ten copies w e ekly) for $10,
The second arinual carnival, in Loli 1402, h an investigation of his'digestive Cr&ftSMan L '
and we 'will send you "The Co-operatrve,,Lurn
;under tkie auspicesof, the som processi at the',Uilversif o aliforni& magazine for one year. J
L ciallst party,, haS- proried!la program uarters-L at avrL&ester,
h OFFER No. 6, q fU withL&L
which will, crowd GrAbd an above) sent land; rnishes jj&LL,
Avenue Two sub9arlptions-(other tN
pac $1.J50L on,
L The niemorial services'hel& for a t in at one time,
auditorium to its full seating ca 'ity L In thi way you get bundle- of literature
L: of 5,000., The Star feature of carniva t your paper for 50 Le uts a year.
he Antarctic expl6rer,,were
week-is to be a baby. show. mot. practicat. working .:,.,out_ .,Of 'th
Secretary imp essive -ever, Aheld inL OFrEa No. 7.
Peterson, th&rinKleaderof thefeitivv- far t 11, for a person not of, royal blood L in -near C
Londo Spvcia[ nur"ers will be Issued theL o ratiVe
ties' knows fhae if'tliere last rites future, on the 5ubjoft of-
is anything in The were ?aid t I o 66:gallant
World _that Will:Lget Industrial Education, wade through these
eaLp ain L ejd 6iL
the. wide the crowd, t i in St. Pail a' cathedral, where T'ractical Life.' and.-gi Ve, Our. X s,,,tbi
it IS: a:Lbaby-show. those highest in official circles were in Fellowship,
q' attendance. Large numbers were of our sfudy, in an.'early issiie of
Garden: afid.Gruve,
The suffrage tite, hikers whoL are now turned' away by the police. .' The prem the, Bea'am
enk6ute to Washington are making vailing note in England was white BundleH of any ono of these t8tolos orqeroa q
d-,ubly-., inter6ati b L g instead, of black. in odvanco, witE roinittnDeo, $2.50 per bun.,
mournin drod, Bundlo of ten, 30 cauts, L LIVING W,,1TH,10tff-WAdES
wearing a Behibld-,'coBtume Al :are
garbed in bloomers! :of silk:_o woolen, The Russian language is now made Or IM R No, 8, RACIAL memor .ofthe' -Soil-: is
topped, by a sh6A walking Skirt., L Short official for the'Finnish people, according This Im I-ill ;)Tor of an 11(11 e "lloulecrort" strongin the mihd&- of" Most
coats are to, bethe ref'i.lation, a pilgrim to the government view, and protests in UuHltin, wortb $250. Wrife ior Inforiml- The man dbIW,1i4b
an L are The Finnish senate.pro- tion abom "Offor No, 8." Thig L4 a gi
erba of brown; wit khapacks d tip ed.- opportunity to get a homo In Florida with, -subUllbali" L,
btaftto 'be' Ubd' !fofrpictdreisque' pnrm tes e against this innovation, owing to out cash outlay. hope to retire to it little


acre "Plabted' to poultry"
years is rare.., Men of rwealth 'will supply inean for all neces-
t t 't
ure a 0 life, 19 not this w rt
siti o h, U 1A
coun ry es a e,,, _s R R sk ,. ck tflglerl."
Wile thb:wage-worker hop i es. to knowing? 'Yet there are eight
T 1446uthulate enough to establish million families in this country
a:,'modest littlepoultry yard and who do not own homes. On the If you ov
,Kn land in Ruskin,.this p 9po itign.,willinterest yr
gardeiY!i where he and -his, Wife, other.hand our 'farms. -are too
be'sdbui iin' ih6ir:oild'age. arge.;
'I -they .."grind a: man down We will improve your five or -ten-acre -tract in, fop; months
This , racial ,.memory 'of Ahe in the furrows of his own
harging about what it would costyou1ndividually if you were here,
-fd, ifie very Tields. Four million farms c
soil dat ba e thf j --cash.
payments to be mad monthly, or wi jor cen di ippuptf9r
b ginnfnjj jof 1he:,Aryan...races; average, 160,,acres each and are.
improvements include 6earing, Ditching, P6i11rf
worthonly twenty dollar oot -Fenee
it,)s what Arst .(bstinguishedl the s an-
progressive ribes, placing them acre. and a FlowingWell. Then-we will
th' -irie d But if farin land producing
apart fr6h! e hdnts n an
Cultivation of the fifteen dollars an acre net
Cultivate Your Land.JorT7iV'.'e -ears
spil iequip.d. permanent homes, annually is. worth twenty,. dollars,
siab!e,,govPrnrven nd- laws E at think you are under lease, without, cost- to you, and divide, the, net #rofits,.-, We"
-ruck and fruit gardens worth if
protect thepa, inventivenessin the make no guarantee- as to what the results -Vill -beJ but we ask ift'o
makiiig.p ;t6ols, skill-,1n. their they, -net 4hrebi hundieqAo Ififte" h
en wh4
i: I part-beyond the- usual, cost of -improvements,
use, stddf of-soil9,,p4ii t...gr6wtb, hundred-doilars, 'an'' acre.- 'And outlay.on..your
of the beauty.of the., s with the continual cultivation for five years, will increase the value to''
irngatign, and the effect _propo sition i ; I
clixii t d1i6h' these many. garq6Aand- An'be ha al,,,6ost. R.eputa I'
6at -d'for at least -doublelthe entireorigin e seed: houses.
related. scienices.' 'about fifty:dolldrs an acre. In do not guarantee seed, and we do not atantc-e crops, -but, yoijr,--.
Landculture goes with man, Florida one miqht make a com- share shou I Id be $750 a year on ten a er es. B ut, you ask, co I uld you-
Xtsi-the; ,bed-1-odle--bil -plete faildr.e.of-one crog and
whith to biiild national aad- three months later, if he has not d6'as, well, and p All the pro s. es,, You, W,.
-health and irrigation, be shipping hundr(i& how, an will come an o it. Come',()n.;. Rup4in -ne Ut
ipdivid40 Wealth, d' M dst'you. -B'
of crates. per acre from- the wemayevendo better. Ruskin.'s nearest, neighj q clears $1,500-
7 si-m-en and women who are same land., per acre this year on celery.: Remember, we haveith I ee: o r fouf
nbt money-mad -would be ConsidOng oVrselves..... coge
as crops a year in Ruskin. Our unua facilities, f6rjirAgation, to-
happy and contented 'as any ivelY, w6;. annoti66n4iRO6.,,.t6l-. e
gether with drainage and proper- soil an4lysi nd" 46 make
er has a right tG,, I tf th!q 'on ',Our' manufa t 4- "d a
P son T apure sj
were economically- ifi etien , t good crops. almost certain. Your.. I d.,Wi 4,
expor s nd nat4.al 4p under,.,* bW
1%11114 14, PgTp', as to, 1 -able, to, biit with h ',renoloal tensive culture during the- life of thislease we naturally want A0
-I&k forward to security in o( tion o we4
11 "d crea ? w i Ith iij :A make all we can.
i-houghtful persory. garden h aividq
age Zvexy. we can, bo-t ih 411'
y Ify9uhaveno land in Ruskin at pKeserit we would., like, to
hat, independence, and collectively, A*
i[hugt realize,,,t ive orlqst,,
is quite mpossible' in this healthy, helpful IN.ps UU40 make the selection, so asto bave it convenientJo,.ovii. 6tMr,1,41dij oq
machine and, trust age unless conditions neither, ye- wearmme Prices of land,, cost -of improvements,, refe Ap(q
f .. I I I ,
one %owns the, machine or :is. nor overanxious. ticulars upon application.
e: he A u4t; but it. is -Apt so 7 vA
41, PU
g."'pAljy, ufidei-stwd that dom- RLIC LO,4$S. i.0'FARNERS1
indep6defice, itud se- F.&RmERsin Kahsas apegetting.
neverthelm, within tired of borrowing, their own
-the-reach:oPev6ry one who owns money from the banks at- high
aiid,-- intensbi4y, (intelligently) rates: of, interest, .so the city
iltivittes, alp irds.of l7tind. z ouncil. of La *4 arpe & ided
It, is raiher"a sad r6hection on to loan surplus public funds T ,N ew 3spaper Pbbl
ffiziwouvi mos men' direct to far z
_.btr civi that- e t pers ', at five per
rfb f er will pay less and, Printers
". 'have forotten how cent. e arm
-to live
without wages; without, a for 7 credit and the city will get
the product more for. credit than the banks
'I i d - I Id 6 all We manufacturp the
_*ck only wou pay. A ben
:':,',of their of an give efi t very highest grade of
..,_ 'part value in. the Saturda& niklit-. concernild except the bankers.
-Pay nvelope.,'.,,5ueh,.metEA6 -not..
know- -how-to oh4ploy- themselves.
.Bfjt4hdy- paya de IY-for their- An-t-Jp-to-date Line of Brass Rule in Strips MeUtl-,Barders_
...... Brass Labor-saving Rule "La -savink Mbtallfu rnitdre
co of'%'eaa th g, s6ys- THERMOMETE S Brass Column Rules Leads and Slu
Thoreau,, '1611 1 6unt ofw _af B Circles Xetal.Ijea4 Wrsl.
Leaders ces ds,
will call life: which-1 s-ie4uire& Spi ijid
exchange f r t, in d' Brass Round Corners MetalQ oins.,
otely or in the long .run.,. I, am Brass'Le Et 'eitg.
Zllvin7ced that to- maintain one's MAGNIFIER
elf on this earth isnot a hardship S
but a pastime if we Oldcolumnrules refaeedand made goodas new at, small cost,
will, live COMPASSES
i l I d visely.- the. -pursuits.
..GOGGLiS Please I reme I mber.that we are. not in any. trust or ornbli*tion; afid'are, Fre
%_- simpler nWons are still make it 4W t 10 44 kht k' to deal W#h ik
'the sports the more that we can UP 0 or ,a 0 s.
t.fi Everything in the'optical Line.
-a, ion
ar i cia. copy of our ca*qgyvillb chee ly furpighEtd, on W#9
I, -havd.,-,.found, by, my own,
We grind our own lenses. id bargains in's ond-ban db Pkesses V pei.Uutters.
'personal oxpqlence, that a man We fr quently have xoc' ec d a;-:
and other printing machiner
ti a:-very of The "Fits-Ul' Eye.GlasseB Mounting for.
49 small bii 'sale only at this store.
acre)..and that expert
04p.ert -and ',horticulturists P 0.
consid idoiible'thl's ainw Ph i4a4e, 1 Phia%,,P. ri niters 9 S UP' ly'' C
Une4ourth of an acre, worked
Manufacturers, of Tj e and, Righ ,Graoe'
one-fourth'of the 4gizej for: ope- Gr 94pate In Optics
1alf 01 the',y-eat,. -w.ill supply
vegetable's and f t1ot-a.-laike TAMPAFLA.
family. Another ow?401 04,. of. Phone 688 Proprietors Penn Type-Fouhdr ,14'Soii h) ,ifthSt.,,Philadplphia,,P


Cr- c wan

0 Outline s I of the International Sunday'School Lesson. TaMpasLea ing'De'p' rtment.stp:r6,",, .,i'','' 4z liz,
Everything you want' for men, women and bil' re
by George.McA. Miller
Sells It forless,
Mail or phone your orders, 1012-1014 Franklin Street
in confederated revolt against unrighteous foreign
ddriminations. xiv.: 1-12.
2. In triumph of the righteous few over the unrighteous
many against oppression of even the unrighteous. xiv.: 13-16.
ViMieatd Our! Shoes ar e Worth: -C ""'n
3. In refusal to take material reward for righteous' ser-
V e on behalf of the oppressed. xiv., 17-2A.
O.A 'Miles to. See-NewSprt,.
an xal I ting vision of notional greatnessas-the.re- tyvfe's
ward ndividual and family faithfulness. xv.: 1-71 xvii.: 1-8.
Pumps, Strap Slippers, Button and Lace Oxfords, Tans, Patents, Gun Met al,,'
2 By practical expression of a psychological experience
Vi ized I n iorm of a sacred ceremo ny. xv.: 8-11. for men, women and children.
prewpng vision, neces-
3.. By a de of nation4l sugeijPg; p j_
12- &P
sary to national saccess. xv,, 21.
Shop of Quality
1. By impatient attempt to fulfill a prophetic national 715 Franklin Street
vislon by transgression of the most sacred laws of individual TkMPA
ap-d social life. xvi.: 1-6.
E-L violated. Resultin in the laying of the foundation for centuries
of international strife between inter-related peoples. xvi.: 7-1.6.
F611 Line'of. Souvenir.'

Akain we take three connected and connecting chapters of this early drama Alligator'Goods,
ofoociAj -evolution as the foundation forqur outline and comments, instead of the
isolated group of veAeH given as the lesson. Box Pa'ers, Stationer,
A. As .early as the indefinite date of the traditional events here "t forth in P
the duplex account giiien by priests and propheta of -Israel, we have an imfor nt
step in social e, olution'clearly 1ndi6kted by confederation of tribes onbo h 11des
th, Good Reading at a LowPrice.
e compound f"at*-tribAl war desciribed In verses I to 12 of 'chapt6i 14.
'TribelslivingAear ba6h 6ther combine against combinations of more distant Call and see us when in town.
tFabe6) 6nd, thu8-.natiob Are tiorh,. and -as the groups grow greate.,
e rpetual.tpws occasional confij
po s.,rom?6i M
I a -a, 13 w6 find the. higher moral jdeals in ftipl gtk
verses I n TheSha '- Clayton.,Stati-b ;oAr.,- ,yi,"c ;i
did yi ill.ii, jh'
4a deflensivewarfare to an extent that would be incredible tot i ory.
Vilidate it; and we'are reminded of Sir GallibadB. clairn in his search f' 514 FRANKLIN, STREET, TAMPA, FLA., he 51
J oly Grail,
16M strength is. as the. strength i of ten,
Because my heart is ure
A. In Verses 17 to 24 we have an a= incredible example of unselAsh
ser.vl( MK ideals attributed to Abraham by his 0
,e; butnot inconsistent With the
wells, are painters -of
bigotedblographeis; who like all Bos, .erfectlon, rather C O N U N D O N .L, A I
than criticis of character.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers-
L. Both faith and faithfulness are necessary to the seeing of exalting
visions;, kind if the 'doings" of Abraham were really such as his biographers Private Ambulance
picture, his seekings" were no matter of miracle.
2. As suggested in sub-topie II., While -visions vitalize the law of righteous- Corner Marion and Fortune Sts. Phone I
n I e sB, they al8o.tend to perpetuate themselves in pious.practice of what are called :TAMPAi FLOREDA
"sacred services; which up to a certain point vitalize right conduct; but which
beyond such point Pam] ze it. Against which latter tendency all the prophets
andthe Prophet of Cts hurled4henigelves with almost fanatic fury.
19. ---Visions are 'not, iiar should they be, always of theoptOmistic sort. Dark
rioss must.bg discerfied.rathertban denied'if it is evei to he Aispellea. Y,;!

1- To make a modern application of xvi.: 1-6, it is not too much to say that.
in ord6r. -to 'fulfill,.,the. Fourth of July vision of material greatnessof our big
unt some ti b eat as well as big, on which each generation M others B read
co ;ry,.,vhich will. _,me e r
of 'young Americans. has, 'been fed for more than, acentury, is now engaged in
sacrificing its i I ost sacredAources of real greatness by Violating the fundamental The Original. All others are i ita On
'laws of individual social life in its factories and on its fa m-s; in its markets and
mineS;. in its slums wid in its slave pens.
2. And as t eh gis-ldngintermational strife between the Israelites and the
Ismaelite'A grew out'of violation of fundamental social relationg,'.aa recited in
xvi.': .1-16i, so itisipow coming to be recoqnIzed that all the discord6 in the great
he only bint which is 'being.bdt Ask, for M .ohr's M other's rea
440fa 0 feation," of wbich'Haydn 9'is t: 7B
im rf ectly tacti 6d by tlie hations'of the *orldi but which can not be rendered
I I all nations come. to'beat time with the baton of the Master, can be traced
to the violation, of 66: social laws which cohsiitute, 'both the cbromati6. and
diatonic scales upon the.proper blending of the tones on wbich depends the bat-
indfiyo unigni
PH614E 82 ,. A
,The readers of The Florida Beacon. Dr. King's New Discoverf, and give- it mnpa,
W4 pointto'patibpIze to the little onfe" T heA m eric'an La U'ndry,0 6
will please mike 9 wi heh ail ng and Buffer-
our advertisers. When trading in Tampa, iniz with colds, coughs, throat or lung
r6ehtion the fact that -once Prompt Service
you are from troubles. Tastes nice; harmless,
-Riiskin, And that ou'saw their "ad'! in used,-always. used., Mrs. Bruce Craw-
this paper. This will not onlybel ford, Niagra, Mo., writes: "Dr. King's Cleaning and Pressing a Specialty
to get good service and lease they4aolu- New Discovery changed our boy from a
Or, but it will also help your home pa'per 'ale, weak, sick boy to the picture of CORNE R HENDERSON AVENUE AND TAMPA STREET
And advan"' inte 6sts of y 11 e ealth Always b lpa Buy it at all
druggists; Send for our Wagon.



TY,., language; cOgtuh, ing the stalks, upper growths 'lblication made thleir -Strang&, p n said cause-, on file, In my
74 ffice.
customs, ideas, institutions ai Tam Florida, January4,19la.
and surrounding soil; At one &.c"N TT r
nager of, the aoral' c6dds,9, 'Can,. We forco place they. Would in;creA e t e o st AL)
genera S 6- Clerk Ci tg& L
ihgO admi.4., other weet.D.C.,%,r
dacitrus '492 theifi't"o adbpiovrs',-'as the Negrb water supply, and' at an' By Kate WS
that the tariff on citrus fruits has done? 'dininish it. If it rained they in the Circuit Cox I irt, Sixtl iudiliial Circuit Aius-
wila be lowered; that this will The doubtf ul, temporary ad- -had that much additional borough County. Florida In Chancery.
alkw foreign comDetition,'-.d-* ke 'td-d'--c-o"I 0ai4fiVely.few :n1bisture in the soil,, but-if it did, P P
out 1he iiativ, f, or F. W. Jennings and Isabel Jennings, his wife.
t, Fowners ,ok big :.groves cannot h6t",rain their crops were pro
low ering the price so, that the justify us in making tramps of tected anyway. Bin to QuietTitle.
mrs must quit, or. makp no it la earlng'lby affidavit filed in the above stated
_millions of -Atfiericans lowering
gr9V ther point they are ve ry. cause that the residence of Frank Jennings and
Amo t Isabel J his wife, the defendants therein
some rddical.- c ange. e sugm- the'standard of living of millions partic lar about is the Un named I n w n, and there is no- Verson in the
ge9ts tha eyLmeel of others, and adding the ofdirect sunlight their plants State of Florida zthe service of a subpoena
up6n whom would bind them. and
f t"
Kt ua ion y us ng orien b M Or "yellow peril" to the "black red6lVb. With many, small they are over the age of. twenty-one years;
t)T6 I it is ther6fore ordered-'that
incubus. farm crops it is necessary to aid non-resident
Whatwould he the effect of Cannot the general manager irlinimiZe the. sunlight, a-ad with defendants be and they are hereby required toL
appear to the Bill of Complaint filed In
a Id cause on or before Monday, the 24th
gulch cheap labor? of the F. C. E.; or someone else, others the more sun received day 'of L March,, A. D. 1913, otherwise
the, present laborers offer some edy, ini real -re s ead the b6tter. The Chinese are the allegation of said bill will- be taken as
in- confessed, by Said Defendantij .I
wouldU displaced Land become of a re edy womrse than the extreW y' close.students. of Ahis. It is further ordered that this order be
tramps, op-Would underbid work- disease? ublished once a Week for eight eon_
question-lof sunlight, and that is Psecutive weeks In the Florida Beacon, a
erg in! other Ines., newspaper published In said County and
This is not an Arkument either one e reasons why they are
Second' the L Orientals would for or against the lowering of so succesful as farmers. They DotYe and ordered-iri Tampa, Fla., thlq-
US L the I day of January, A. D. 1913.
seek -better, p aid work as waiters, the tariff on citr fruits. It is study% rlAure as -well as their (Seal-) W.P.CULBREATH,
cooks,.. carpcinters, mechanic rather an exposition of the folly c Clerk Circuit Court.
etc.; and would be welcomed by of a system, which puts both Still another point which, I Xy W. A. Dickinson. D. C
employers who wAtWb6" bk, ltself7srrd-the nation in which it have observed about them'' is -Solicitor for ComplaIiiant.
other em. yers of this and'every.. operates in peril, if it even- that they fit their crops, to the 'kSTATI -,' or, -FLORIDA
other4section- would import cheap suggests a change of any par- needs of their neighborhood. COUNTY OF HILLSBOROUGH.
labbi and discharge the 'Ameri- ticulair 4 61 1 hereby certify that the above and fore
economic condition; while The *6 d not raise apples going Is a trud copy of the origin I order
cifi.laborers Who would become not to make any ch4nge exposes where-an' Ot of publication made In said causeabn filo
app e market did n In my offlee.
the nation Ao all the 'penalties exist or was so small it would am a,- Florida; January.20.191:3.
Third, the self;employing small i qUiL, T W.Lp. CUlbreath,
of partiality and alV the prove Valueless. They go in, for losst
owner would- getL -,no,, better ties nequity. G. m. m... the Soil.'$roducts which hav 'the By W. A. Dickinson, D. C.
Ices' but-rather worsgi 'if
at all. Zis Jneome- Vould 4i CHINESE CA ft NER$. greatest demand. Saleable crops -NO TICE
they always have on hand. In the Circuit Court, Sixth Judicial- -dr
ach e oriental L itarii cult, -Hillsborough Countyj Florldft.
Pro By Ex-Governor Dix of Ne York. In conelusion, they dq all L the In Cbancery..L
living; or, he *ould. Aio driven Vf
Of busifi'6*L farm work possible themselves. MarthsA. Adams
oul or b IF a Chinaman Were to take They put their own muscle and
Herman A. Adams
91)Dwer,' employing one of the small, beautiful tracts brairr into: the work initead- Divore'e.
It ap earing by theL sworwbill filed in the
many'hands, is -the qpe evidently .,ofthis state his first leaving much L to be -done by above arlated cause tbat-Herman A.-Ad a.-.
move L the 'defendant therela riamedL IS I a am..
considered rie 1 L labor mark how important it is-would others L in a hapha ar'dL way, den, of the 9*te of'Florld ,'ai -to a t
WA re-dude i.1h es If eft to tatdo WaWrigton,' indlielbov&theaje
WOU14 r4- pj.'-,pro be to remove everyt hinguse is, TheirrgreateSt farthis, placed, i t, .18 f
du6tion, an", e t niturailly' from it.' of twonty-ouw years; it da--th refore ordered
ndh I their Own ability"Lio work,' and that said nonwresldent Doe, dapt be-4ud-
expee I L cr L ' rs is is a sp he IS hereby 'required appe r. to the
-f I ?his income. Hi underbrush, including the for beginne thi i lendid Bill of Complaint filed In said cames- on or
gUfhoW. about L market-w-the rootg, Would be dug up principle. L One cann before Monday, the, 8td, day of March
A, D. 1018. ..otherWAse, the allegations of
demana i rice e dried. L Some of it, he would capitalist or even a success':
fUl d bill WIJIL be taken as, confessed by said
orlentals, Would pidly- enter: skillfully weave into small ga e farm worker 'through dreams. efendant.
#L .3c. 1 enclosures, 6r t"i Must L IL It I#Lfurtber ordered that MIS- order beL_
m0stArAde and 1 UstAe i all thick ea ne be willing' to
% # CiL j en 0 work published once a week for four. conpeiptive..,
partsof the co' "try, displa n ghblt6rslor delicate plants. L The hard before capital accumulates p1le"' in the Florida. Beacon, 9. neyvapaKll, ,:
ee of L blished In said Comity a6dLState.-, -
mIllioris-d Am n nd l6wer rest would go into J1Pje,,. box. and finally brings a degr Done and ordered In Tampa, Ffa-.- this
ewaL. 4 1, .. the2nddayofJarmary. A. D., 1918.
in th6 Stan of' li tract, of la d was small, earned rest.
VIng of If his C M., KNO*
th he wo Cl rk Clieult, 64rti
uld not have too By L Itate
tLose not displ !go ard e many
oriental level of' fish and rice trees upon it,.L but those lie kept J. B. Johnston and Robt. W. DaNis.
%dii6 'Citius'-ffuits,' choice veg- would'L ally' pruned FOR SALE S.11,1 to,. for ComplaIna ntL_..
elables, e lc 7.WPuld be,,,ILU.X an STATE OF FLORIDA
uries spra ed to ke I ff insects d
reach f rkers. the -soil abo'ut their roots'. gentl ie Beacon Wishing Company ISL'. -that the ftliove ftfid. fore.- 7.
I P r hereby certify
the Owner of' two ex _611L ent town.110tS, go e Qrlglucal oecler--
Id rred, zand' t Ing Is a. true copy of th
he' em* but Stj 'f necessary, -'near Ruskin-Inlet, ifi:Ruskiri City,'Fla.. of pr cation- made W- sala, lakusetv en-' file
1-ttle of the, k;. would -supplied-witlf'wa certain- These lots Can be u]rcblased to advant-'
ireMe Tampa, Florida, Jandary2 i9l'i
ndousl' exceilif- -demand,- -numberL of trees on a'small piece age on the inStalhii6nt plan or for cash.
(Seal) C. M kNOTT
Id fall: below Cost, Of ]and L unquestioniably add to Address The Florida. Beacon, L, Ruskin, Clerk C cult Co rt
th L f' 109-4t By Rate D. Sweet D. C.
'even of G)iiiie* labor.L' -Ank e richness o the soil,' Lb ides Florida. 109-tf
give, e serving as win
th aklars an
relief. tMq;. wo4ld, dbie' d in-
grove-owrwr'would-bd briefL., zfd creasing the moisture supply. Iii the' Circuit Court,- -.;Tallifal- bir-,
I 1h I It Court, L Sixtb- J udicial Cir- L CuItL Hillsborough- Cciunty, Florida.
the qlt disastrous. If he -: 'With the land cleared, the In L 0 ren
for cult 111119bovough County, Florida. in In Chancery, L
should, .,a, Period drunk naman spa es or p ows every Cha6cery. --- Di orce.
UIT, el Mattie Dixon vs. Henry Dixon
of it. L 'in the above stated
wl e. wo ..certainly inch No corners, jogs or E. M. FREER It appearing by afllldavi fll d
VS. deferidant therein
-tnr h angles left L as dead soil on LILLIANLH. FREER L, cause that Henry Dixon, the
90" Ue so nnl are i ence .. is
narned.iasecretinghimaelf and bialresid
process .'the mornifik after. which weedimay flourish. UVtO Divorce, Etc. unknown, and he L IS over the age of twenty-
L ig S6 L ra; It Is therefore orderpd that said
'nk glass L the property-Lline everything is a appearing by the sworn bill filed in the above one car
place QfL no lident Defeadant be and 11 P Is, hereby
The effi L few tated cause that the esidence of Lillian o
required to appear to -the Bill of Complaint
H. Freer, the defendant themin named,
comp'ztr ith 6ducifig, d1ASL s, used for seed culture but two is th
pr el t unknown and she 10 over the age of filed in said cause on or before Monda
'that lf' roducing ass is no spaces-a narrow path dividing twenty-one years ; it is therefore ordered t I bRt deventeenth day of March, A. D. 19 3, thy._ wla.
Said Is JILd the allegations sald blll:L W JVL
Defendtmt b 01T'sbe re by L be taken
Wellp he 0 become a the different beds or crops, and as confessed by aftId 1>,feDdftnt.
requIred to appear to the- Bill -of Com- It is further ordereu tti&t this'order be
glut i market for the want well-defined water ditches into. plaint filed In said cause onL or before Men- L publisfied once a week for eight c6naecutive
dsy the 'third day of March, A. D. 1918
of a nd-.: I I .' '- 01 L bill will weekt In the Florida Beacon, st-LnewBpaper
which water -may be run to' give oth rwise the allegations said published in said County and 'StaT!e.
BB U L would it affect the cro s-adequate moisture. be taken as confessed by said Defendant. Done and ordered In Tampa, Fla- :this
4 p it IF; further ordered that this ord(,.r be thirteonth day of Januar.V, A. D. 1913v
tilop ,,the collectivity? The No matter how much moisture imbi shed once a wcek for eight consecutive (Seal) W. P. CULBRET.H.
ent- -Southerners is likely to fall in any L diistrict in, weeks In the Florida Beacon, a newspaper Clerk Circuit Court.
published In said County and- State.-
Fla., By W. A. DieldnabA. D., C.
ivhich he -farms 'a Chiniamarl Done ano ordered In Tampa, th 113
bav i SM ll the 4th d DICKENSON & DICKENSON,
A J Say of January, A. D. 1918.
pr ir "irrepressible makes sure of 'a' a M. KNOTT, Solicitor for Complainant.
watea L) Circuit Court,
S, thE fiegio qU68" He is an irrigator under State of F lorl, County of nillsborough. L.
L By Kate D. Sweet, D. C. da,
c coast L -has, -- its intri- all circumstances. He does not DICiciiNSON & DICKItNEON, I hereby certify that the above and fore-
s udy the sky r signs of rain, L but Solicitors for Complainant, of Publication fo L going 'is KL true, f the original order
e4 d vexing Oriantal 't' AT inosald, cause, QULPle In
Each, -.is serious 'his growths for what--they need. Stnt.L 6f, lt lorld L Tanu L a; 191 3,
Shal b the I have seen them' goin g froin County of'11111pborough. CULBPWH,
.1 hereby certify that the above and fol'e- Clerk Circuit Court,
ihes6 and"Hindus, with trA&t to-trIA
ct minutely examin going is a true copy of the original ord6r'of 107-8 By W. A. Dickinson, D. C'%




"'..-RUSKIN'R, V,
J. S. Jones. and 1). D.
Mr.Atfley, who returned from At- Estes spent last
lanta.,Jast wpek to hip family, who were Friday experience M E R C H A N
tifig. in t he carm ing T ," A 111;
v 'ti with Mr. and Mr&-.4. A. Doane of kraut.
isi ng While there is but a. limited,
on.:Garllsle, boulevardi found, it neces- market for krautin cans still it is 'pos-
SaPy to take Mrs. Riley and the sible that the canning. factory may be Have V O.Tor ,-Me:T." -
cWTa ?6n-.bitock'With 7him at this time. able to find demand for what it ht .0 got
Mr Riley hits become. tl' inter producei The.cabbag in
;grea y e crop I. ilu,
ested in Ruskini, and h& also finds that is .especially fine this year, but, prices
a ace has'a great attraction. They have not been as good as last,- owing
'ith e e
wqlll uB,' howev'r, ea'h winter, td diff6rent conditions in the North,
it 11 ,,pect6d., an&this outlet for thecrop may, :prove -CLOTHES TALK
of &eat advantage.,
Mr.Robinson. of Atlanta, and Mr. -to- make that.41t; cloth I es'that
My business is, clothes
Jersey, arrived in The insurance el 66 of
Gk of Ne-w earing, 0 se
the former to Tampa has ruled that Ruskin: is, now sonality; clothes that help beet. Comejft
last F!ridav, you tolook your g,
lth Mr. Doane. entitled to a rate of one per centon. all 'our la ge stock, A-44.let-us ta, it. ovdJ7. Yow,
sks, and future policies will be written need not leave your measure unless you wish,,but 1. 7
Three clays rain Which we h d during at that rate.
think you w 11 wheiryow.know rne.
tl e j:fveii sufficlerit moisture
to enable the crops to get R food start.' St. Valentine's eve was celebrated in
Somepredicted1hat we woul have a Ruskin by one of the most notable
-rainy, season at this -events of the winter.d Mr and
foretaste of the, social
-her settled in .reg'u- Mrs., L.
dine, butth6'-v at 4w db,.ehtd I" ic AXI)gd
Diclon rta n0d' at', WE1 HAVZ A:, LE llngp --AXIP ;i--
lation style and -the days are again their fi6me on Fourth street, invitations'
bright and clear. having been sent to over fifty of the PRICES REASONABLE.,..
young people of Ruskin. Games suit-
'Mrs.!dCliugen tu e 'I Tampa,. able to the frivoliof, the day caused
ov. at merriment. afnty refreshments
'Dr 0ashman-is ha, i served-,' after which the large
ving the south omzoii the third -floor.. was cleared, for 1015,17ranklin St.', Tittlipa, Fla.. A,
flvq a&6s,6flWr farm tract fenced this daudin&. No one could be serious In 7T
WeE3 *,e tory, to planting same in stich a Jolly crowd, and all thoroughly ---- --------- ----------
tdmit6es, pla ta for -which -am already e joyed themselves.
Mrs. MiLbel Lyman.entertained Mrs. RUSKIN COLONY SETTLERS W] LCOME-TQ THW-,,--
:t6ii w.111 be no lit6rarysociety pro- Clara Miller and Admer D. Miller last -, "..-'. % I
gram next Satuiday night. on, account Saturdav atdinner. I , I I '! .; ,
of 0 6 excurai6n to St. Pethf-bbur The You are down here to make and save moh0y.-
-following Satiirday the progtami.will The launch-I'May Mll'made ivspeeial We are the, people to see. Here are some-of ourprjces
contaipanother one- of:theinteresting trip to Egniont Key -on the 19th lakine:
at 'areLbeing given -by tbe L .man, paTty. Bed: Spreads up,
in rs of the expression claw. The. Q
pa Saturda r night, t ,j Sunday aftetnoon Dr. 'Millet
lto M me, of lot Blankets, good ones
9M 9A P asq society 11 e proved: a d.dh6f, meMbeFs-T6f his-'16inily
jadeedtobealivingnioving picture. rAotoreat6.thenew,'town sjte,-;Auruoda. 41
Write.us or give us.EL call. WeFi4sure y
A-- rst-2class hotbll- isone-of the great good hotel, of 'fifty 46 one hundred
needs of R'uskifi. That such an enter- r6onis if e G 'U L.r. FU R N IT U RE
assured, it wo Lld
prise would'pay well is' e ideht frOlh under' efficient management. Cor-,
the fac-ts brought, before, the c respond nce is solicit 14157RANKLIN ST, TAMPA-
Gmm0n ed by the common-
monthly in4eting. .,Two good society, Write for your'1918 Calendar-:
members'announeed-, that they had
inViries, from twelve. .persons who
desired to sp&ndsomeweeks dr:zlmonths There are several openingsin Ruskin
that wil
in Ruskin:a would do so if there Was I pay well if pro perly conducted H T
b whounderstand their.businem...
gGodbotel. Without solicitation this men S
Ve have in mind, just now, the need
informotion comes to us' gn ent. ev.
dence that: a T -cl of a good baker. A steam Jaundry is Coiner.B irst ass hotel of fifty tEl
gTea y -We have a y
rooms or more would,, bewell patroniud, also tl in demand.
W cannery. building and outfit, but need
:Most of the year. People come us Flo
ry week fienced man who understands.
evei or so -whose only excuse for. an eXPE nd s
thoroughly the making and marketing R
-is the Is& of od
_q'Btaying'long r an
accomniodation, 'The eon1TrMTfgG09011 of' canned fruit d vegetables,,
alades and jellies. put up in at-' RinningWater an %d
ciety went on-rdboid'as-being willing to Marm Hot and Cold.
phone in Ed%."-R6 -"Fre6'Rv
donate it number:bf town lots for any attractive, form for the best trade. If'
f h rsons please a Cqoleq ]Rooms., Beat
. building this. nature, plaris to be you know o sue pe dvis&
approved L'by --the,,society. There are them to write for full pa ticulars, Take StJ:ept,,Qarat.,Ui St 'oa
several persons in toWn,:;vbo w ald be stating in letter their experience. or get 90 atAogpa Sti qet or; .
glad to eAj-oper or take stock in a qualifications.

Pre 1i stbick. Brqm,
Mercautil pany L
in 0 operative -e Com. effhor.W)Eo
Pen No.,1 Eggsat'$i-.50 per siattingof 15.
:K Coopeiati -2
ve. Pen No
-1?08E-* Be t service foi A minimumcost. Selling;agent for:p du for its stockholders
S tf, tRh
patrons; 'Purchasing agent for its clie tele.
D. b. Es e
,PMULV Retlirn6z on investment and purchases to stockholder&
(R,6fukee) lb. '10 Lim'a Beans, per. lb .10V vy Beans, per JNO. M W 14 E 'k-
;Afptlcots, Z58.- for 35 Cow Peas 08- Gold-Dust, Gfor .25 DENTIaT
n'eS 25 Can Peas, :15 Pearline zooms O ba 10i G1
R 'Ca C "t T.04a
25 n orn, 2 for'
alsi'n'so, 2513acon,.1per'lbo, .20
PKgS. 6n
Currants, pkg. .15 Guavas, No. 2, per i. 50 White Meat, per, I b. .18
I)ried,:Apple,,pkg, ..15 No. 3, 2.00 Oatmeal, i05
Paying for Eggs-23 cents in Merchandise; 21 cents incash
Several Town Lots andFarm Tracts for sale. 707;FRAjNXLTN ,ST.,1W -e,
Solicits your patronage when4n TaVi;ia.
Dealers.m Merchandise, Feeds a% nd Fertilizers Manicuring A
T., C.

-T 1E;!,FL0RIDA,,, BEACON,!,:, 7

Se Ahat your state is provided for.
'h tb &acoir sent to t FOR SALEI
ou may ave e en
te. M S public libraries, 0 00 and 230; 1
to college librariesi 0 -fi fty S "ifitt-N A s I Farm lots No. 219 Y2
ur. state. for one. year f or ve 0 0
dbfl ng. AndaSIX.111ONTH sulxq ptia&to t1w 0: out; d pine land; Twenty acred,;'f or
ars,, includi a subscription to goo
1 $35,0 cash. Address
younblf. 1
Interfiational; SociA t- Review
?,'6h6uda jnAd6a'b- --bit tbrough7- HERBER'r I, WASHBURN,
U The books are by Eugene
0 ifib eiifird- state ig : 11 0- No Npqd. to Stop Work. V. Debs, Jack ., All1w&e- glid,'.t: All or London Box 105' Laurel Springs, V. J
bXost"'TIbrida", rodb 0. 'Lo- 6*Q,-grbcq'rs M Above tracts arei also on sale at the
W wyand, other.
and hqt4,lBW 1tu= th6 thus''I : sii liwstwriteraofAmer- Commorigood 6ffic6i
hen the doctor orders, you to stop
daA-natnral I ica and Europe. The Review is an
work-it staggers you. "I can't," you -illustrated nionthly-rnagazine of, byand
New, Ybrk
say. You- know you are weak, ., run ,for the Wurking Class, This year it is RUSKIN COLLEGE CAMPUS'.
Aec t or'- by- a running a Study Course in 1!ublicSpeaking 0
down,,and failing in health, day bydAy.,
and another in Socialikt Theory and Tac- '1111, There are opportunities for seven new indus-
s-, boosted guay but-you must work as long as YOU, CaU ties. This offer gives you over 2,000,pagea N'
'ron of guavwli ;card
t, E trial students; who would like to earn-the'
stand. What you need is Electric Bit- ctellin J.st what youwant to know abou Lr
h- is
int 6 e clear-
a e u ii Socialism Address in cabinet work and furnittir making. land
ters to give'tone, strength and vigor to CHARLES H. KERR&tO., Hlilf.rvqje& ajap 0 g uch applicants
your system, to prevent break-clown, 0 ing, type setting and. gardenin
't 461bov shouldcorrespond before coming. as- th -oppor
h, -dm- d for build you up. Don't beweak, sickly
itate-tolsqr oqe t e e an Pthis or- ailihg when Electric Bitterswill. ben- tunity may be taken by others before t ey- 91-rive.
efit you, from the first dose. Thousands Phone 965 707 Twiggs Street
bless them for their glorious health
Jn get the railroads to give s#ength. Try them. Every bottle is
oi t dai I movements Florida Transfer CO.
I ements.of.,the guaranteed to, satisfy. Only BO cents,
V-w W, ts
sap pr uce s pmen For'warding.Agents
at all dru gists.
elthexallroad tommission Baggage, Furniture, Freight; Safe and
ng ly, Jack- onvjlle last Machinery Moving
8 y t vhi 6h the matt0r *as.. Patronizes. firm that appreciates Your business
Oil K I I nidered. TW6 growers. Special TavDistrict Petition.
'bl mo inf6fin n
Pra y re (b
afid ad7re U51419 to ask the railroads To the Honorable Board of Public Instruction, :Take
Hillsborough County, Tampa. Fla.:
tq, give embetter figures -on ShIPPing, GetIersn:-We, the undertigned, 4elazmore ono-
tban one-fourth of the qualified electors reWdInk Pain Pill"
'Awl borders of the hereinafter proposed V t or CAtiolle to disprove the
Th IL L Xirkl nd ak 't thin the
Revi t1m W t pecial Tax District, do tgetitioncyluer honorable gr es 11he
lig thq ow fActs given in Is book., in which we prove: the
11 Tnow .1 vingelist body to call an election decid foll iDir Ptoman (Iath llc church to b un-Chriatian. Every
cOun 646red ujt for -)di matters. Parean eye-opeper:. T
W 'Xiiildand W well; Fikw Whether or:: not said territory shall SD 224 'pages. Pike 25c, postpaid. Ive'tor$IXO I& it:
kpowJft-..,iw,,, mpa, rwhem .,he' ,had ereateda special tax dlstrlct Ever7. man or, woman Interested inAmerican, in- yo.
lasted' couple di Second. Who shall be the three trustees of, sa!d
metepric r which strict stitatlons and American liberty should order. t
of ydars.' 116 left the South. about a I Third tb
Xan Safi The number of mills to be levied as a book dlBtrlbute them, amng
year ago"going from Ta toLZ. special ciiool tax. PUS T&
Inpa ead'0 ff"
fty. I I I : -
Coi. (Not InC.)
The following is a deserigtion of the boundaries L
Othepropo"drilstrict: Beginn t the nerth- Box 814, Chicago, Ill.
'"at corner of Section 8, Township 8, Ranxe 19
t i he r i ecent dis4atrous El I "I lowing a I ine running due west to ita
fi eoij U01 ring, it is irit;Aar s 4rg-1-,to intn.til. with the east hore OfL Tampa Bay;
note UE t 7 Florida does-'n6t 'fear a thence following- said ewd shore line of Tampa Not" As'Bkstthr..
B" in a theasterly directJon to the mouth of
eiL She now-' h" 'morxi
varied J 'd 'tries, citrus fla.1ts, bel L ngL the Little ManQtae RIVer: L thence following the Dr.. Milee Amiti-N in
An up f north bank of Wd rivarlin a southeasterly direc- 4.
'in the lqad 'LJOUt truck ar nOW tion to tho oazt line of Section 29, Township 82 S.
They- GiVe L Relief IthoUt
attentior Range 19 E* thence north to the northweat corner
givob more of Section ?6: -thence eut to the southeast comer
Ze 13". After-Effeitt.,
years. ;- At he time, of the grelitt.free of Section 10; thence north to the point of bWn-
seyentep years ago, oranges were the ning.,
J. S. JIM", "It gives me great pleasuft 1o,
stAVlq,= nd after thiS 'e4l e
ty W. H. Woodvmrtb, J offer a word ofte omftien4ati'qn :
,pe le k driven C, T.,Amlour. for% Dr. Mfl& L Ant" Pain P1?1S
-,IveJetA41bw'otbat 7' ftia no one Chax.
t tateS in the upign In A. A. lWLIE11-mm. as there are -thousands suffer
'ot, hie OremoB 8 L. W, Unnecessarily from- he'ada:,the.
piouction. At the' keBefit
iniermitt4iffly" -for..
as afflictcd
ti me- & freoe of the, orange, Leo WOUJOL Win. Idillr..
L. VcHargue. years with. Lheadache and d6ri
meap' 4,xAqe to oul 91 state. other remedies faiMdi I trl4d
]RAY 0' Ed*ard&
tha e lots' of' the Corn' Ck to
Op pRdrewa Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. :L F6r
iqm d* 'or if a, sho & L.. L Fitts. Vd
kill 411 -ve Otion qpo, Jn th e p ast ten y6ars 1, hav;e carri
go to, the gro.. T h a S, one r
ek, L th em. constantly- with MejL 4ettii[4'.
sixty, A uld, .:b 010irg H ote

vqge "= ilo the North., % instant relief by Using "L
twoon the approach- of.headac e.
0 0 'n
T I a Ch lqua L -proinn!"s-to :aISOL effective .'for ne -
iT autm They, are_

'k iiiAii*ccess, judging froihL HOMESEEKERS, ..ralgia,
g giving immediate,. reueVAL
p a- the L ft
C. M.- BROWN, Es r%, e, ;;$i".
11, e. pro&Tam. The ability Of Will findit convenient and. profitable to:,reg ster

with us while in Tampa.
Will nings BryanrIS W ForSiila, by,
ell -All Drum
SQ*L ive ,yf,, U rs M Doses, 25-LCenta.
of StetRou Un .- PL -OF-TOWNL PEO
and W 4her OUT PLLE
'Work; .110410 i hlle'tr in Tampa, should make The L Lea s, MILESIMIkniqAL C6 Etk itrt
VP -be Ipjd r headquarters.
,Newm _H1119.6 thei
T, Qf
aboine.641i"d'and back .. wdbm
Litt" I 1 11
T!!e4 X. M.L & W. M. lAa. Owners and Managers
6!LAJk,6n, RM .'104 ftnd wr
idglk IM
ZVWWd wwk rightL Am you a subscrib r1o the -Reae
bt JBIt
Would you -lik o n Ow ()qr-, butlour bottles o 1919 Get I' line and help us' Ork
1,bff for,5 pablic and colleoe lijiidg me fed "C
MaIL-0 Phone 707: Jackson St.
]I rary i g of, course we ers' cause. $1 a 'year; e h
have n etohear from I a ny I of PRICE 60 C".AT A11 AMI ',XMIIEL TAMPA- FLORIDA year.
d*' b since the' -offpt
oul;, is en era,
'eek, but ',W6 litsvp
7.7 77-77
alas M OdtL Of t O tWU
out to'
cu'lfural li rar 'L.'jn the
'a th B 0
H E FLO' IDA 131"
Vac0n ;Vg41 Vy, N
nd Ing
W UK 141t4 L ; An, 'IT h e H o in e in a k e r's W e e k I y
'K ea 0- orth
arp Geor la, One Dollar per Year; Fifty Cents for Six Months.
0 EknPAP; Pie e
05 lve as LORIDA BEACON for .................... .. ... .... to the following addreS&
9 or m re i the 4tate.
ber t t three hundred NAMJ CITY Street Address or P. F. D. No.
ogee IP O 4- C, in the' country'r,
PUF tts'lba'
Maso fil g ,wit 317. New
York comes'vpxt, witb,280, followed by
PeniisyNahia' Tn; 136; Ohio,
J3 "y lng vA- on
Dol W fl, W O'ffi' 'ha ly ',
Vi 341ipwu- alYd,
A . .....
isF36uri has, owa .14,
iplipliota 42- Indiana 65" -Ke i6


Di "kin#" Sftrpfisc 'y* rl 6,h, d
P R I Z F,$_ F .2,- b-iht&b 't", 1, .- I
s ffig p an--is: to.Wftti cc cry
he iriltatedithro tiand iu6gs, stftii
ht i' th at odt 8 -pogluirvi Me
I dbronie ab cQ gh reli, *, X6 Ljf e j
On cent credit 1,ng t 16,hacking
6 drake 46af-' 6:r 66un
aVro it, hem- n g6owr t; tastes ,nice T-Alc6 iw lsstpn, jr emoFp it,
ancy Pi ow, ane '. -,
ti hedh4ndke eHef r Fikhth'grade 9ther. Oilee U
throe stq, alyvv _,L Use
--e r I _.. I jod
a a I t a t r f 18
00torn,- $ -T
ye= 6ih, _thr6b e & ing th
quart.of new whdat, largest S u b. q r T-teF16yTd B)OR
alld churches, scho6 a ms;. 4-
-4est head-. bf- -Oabbage'. This pe C&&jft PIP911
Oignifieg'neither a .... n-A qt 'S
nor ,a, colinty ifai -but a, the teeth e 1: eel KEU'
0Q1 akricuAui e fb
"-Mbif- in a, county w re In 1 14 tifl
dustria Js',,xecojji.i d by
work- d
the f arrTI, an pffig a bS for*_Sgje- 0
ng %bqock 0. , I
out- -cowq Lr- ; FO
4X ":)% FO P
6 ', '4nd _' -'i- -
,year. Lo6ksmith
be at home' uindgr -the Ietters 'v K4fen at AME f(, 41 6L jl
Work, is d6,
L_*9of ,par _as dit
Sac c6d'h'ty,' 10,W
According to orma
duties, such'as- jetdi The I*idr-ward i _ap
for ho 0 ng
_SfatO''A& Af ter cardf oil 9tudS, of MX=tZVa h ,
AcerWhatz of erptis, dqt &jjty of, 'a q_,W a electedd agt'he' 1 e.t' fiitkr i. tbe --Uhioj ,
0 ti 1, Splitting killidlings,, e'td.
The,,coun'ty '1ndu9triig,".ed ...... ,hmnenrofts, or Brniall latd-orwnem. ;The C-
Thr6e Mi Co '0 V 'Wilance jejqact lo ation, at fo1ii)Nvd( ia Wt'
ssouri liftL S dhtw oducational Advantages and qab Wj all t e above conBiderat!P o ,
iffieir'f aith, in human L
d t
as ts
=01PI an" h6 botc child' I m
on induAt'W, w, done e;.
AW: s'W4p1i&' dqstiiIg dish
gles -".e ,Owa fad
in C t, 41t 11 -
t I'm I in 4A a '$t6ek,
that _. has 66 k
7a M18W ,th el,
int, hb 'A -*1
tio 8 14nt ae wto i3i4irrpose is to -0 om
ohW "r 4 'pub
'both aient, and P14jo,
It bser eAWY i ko" U0 qfrf)US I
y 0 q -10
T b
b-ef Oro dU
fj' 'I edu
th *4jd of- th6_ j IN THF,,GARDEN SF40TION
ZF 4' iWA 14
i ;rT j+,nT
AF w8lulq C
tog L UF ye"J
J i'd
t 14af. Z [t4 nt
Ity W96h, Di r
V, fok I 'for pa
'TH194"All The,' second ah, e
frphO- prl -'wh
4.1 &R 16 n y tp bera qf j,
"un cosis $2.W ;$h U t
ke You a Cold Suffdrqr?, YSA fot It6,V
4 oye-, P' j
-th ''lod, '140 e
in Ilk U -17
t V a L
e- ,A bhey,,,,re
ADVile6ftt6 Wk It t 9 rA
el! LZ Velll!
41 10
U Forl9x_

A:! j
t y Take,'__ O Li N
th P
U11 f
t y a
aw 00 4
Se hfl
-X"1F;t VVA
We 4 je. tj ce
Uca vea, pro,
W46i a&Wly'- S,
me- 771-
itts 77
n--*a CU
6re )Jp,
o h
is. Pn t f the 06rheoalf. "Program,
.4nd.-a, -portion, lpfr this wbrk,-,is ......
done.in School hours. The Or- EVERYTHING FO THE ROME
f h I
on an o se oo cred t z for
me P uti
qh o d es, where the idea. is
-M., Arrive t Peteraburgi
to lide the iwidest Leqve Ruskin, 8 A. S
e' t e ded incl
ange of' home activ- W o D W A D E Leave St. Petersb rg, 4 P. M,.r" Arrive Ruskit, 5.-0 P "M
-h success One'Way, 50c.; 96 n'cl 'Triip
4jes, has been tried: wit u
Frankli E S, T 0 E X C U R S LON'
hnany- se 14234425 n St. Tampa S PE