Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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T all now subscribers sending one dollar for a two
ricuttur&L eA CTU S G TJ ID E o f yearscouliscription to the PINEAPPLE we offer choice of
any of the following:
-Potato Fertilizer. Q OF THE WORLD'S FAIR.
Devoted to the culture of Cacti and
ExpewimenIts with fertilizers for Retail value one dollar each, Make your selection and
Succulents. Sub&criptiom, 50 cents a send your dollar at once. The full set of six and PINE,
irish. potatoes have beeh systemati- i -&PPLE twoyearp for $2.60. This offer Is good, to use In
6a]IY eonducte&. for it number 'of I year, saimple copy for stamp. word contest.
Ohio. Phosphoric acid says
tire American Agriculturist_ seems to I Tatho"s Points of lot t
:h xve'the controlling element in in- think P C
erpa-slng.:. yield :in all these tests Wanted-An Idea a
ing to patent? A unts of six a4visifely Cowell lirt picivra, inagnitictut wbite city*
: Vherees inmanyof the southern, Protect ynur Ideas; they may bring you wealth.
Write JOHN WEDDERBURN & CO., Patent Attor- bdila fac-simileS Of The Inwous olialal$ PI
and eaetern states, potash neysoasbingwri, D. C., for their $1,800 prize oirer
by 30M 1R. lity. lReVrI In Tiltm Matta Colom
and t of two hundred Inventions wanted.
seemp to be the -more necessary element. In the Ohio test, the lowest FLORIDA Ch NTRAL. AND. PENIN- i The Peristyle
SULAR RAILROAD. $iZe of, eacb Piciure The grand water entrance of Reproduced In is Colors
cost-perbushel of increase was ob- 19 X 26 Inebe$ this wonderful dreamiand, on btavy platepaper
'tained by the use of snperphosphate guarded on either hand by the
vlonebut -the greatest gam per, acre COL',1101 tates and Territories, and surmounted by an artistic group of Statuary representing Columbus making hisentry to thewhite A it. City. The Peristyle is formed by forty-eight noble columns,'twenty-four on leach side'af the
was With 1,100 pounds per a cre of a central arch, representing the States of the Union and the territories. The columns are over
Complete fertilizer -containing nitro- Sixty ft. high, the width of the colonnade being about the same, while the entire leng is 234 ft.
gen, phosphoric acid- aaid potash. N, F 111" --TOP 2,0eneral View from Colonnade
Muriate, of potash, and nitrate of b. AC 04, 0 11 we $ecure
P 1, This magnificent picture, with its many artistic bridges, nurperous
canals, banked by wallsofapgarently, solid marble, suggestsaglimp e .99d.&,.when usedalone, did not give of Venice, the foreground em races the South canal. On the right is
pi-ofitable increase, but :proved bene- i Secured- caught glimpse of Agricultural Hall, at the left is the striking set
handsome eastern entrance tI, Machinery Hall. The column rising ficial with superphosphate.- The only from th end of the Grand Basin is noble and impressive. CrossV I- If W.I W, of
ing both the south and north canals are the graceful arches and in :which farmers can definitely Ellinitga bridges, thronged with the visitors to this wIcriderlous drearaland.
determime.whether it will pay them o'de ntr cc -ation Building wbilt
I n- F an Transport
tq: u e. oinapletefertilizer, contain The color scheme of the Transportation Building was a courageous y
ingall thr elements, or only one or A ugee G a_ artistic experiment in the midst of the snow white palaces. Itsgorgeous
I.U. I entrance was known as the golden doorway. its lavish sculptural last
two, Js to experiment for themselve.9 decoration and series of recessed arches commanded the admiration
-the GULP -d
vpP4 different ingredients and,, of the world. It is a picture that will be preservedlor all tiv:-Buxtures. Directions for such ex
4 Court of Honor for Perist,,
-periments -are given in numerous A grand picture-full ing its tit e. In the foreground rises the Republic. a colossal
'bulletins.. 111 r L figure with arms uplifted and showing the emblems of liberty and country. 'I ihe
Bu a ,if, magnificent Administration Building with its superb dome, on the rightis seen
ftr? % kldF. I the Manufacturers',Building, while at the left extends the graceful lines of the Agricultural
Yellow.and White dorn. Building.
i, Upon the much discussed question
Administration, Mining Electrical Building
er Tl e Adininistration Building was a perfect dream of beauty. and vias the keystone of all
.of wheth there is a material differ- )Kap of 68 PI
guce in the s eding of yellow and RIDA CENTRAC\ u.M. 1, W h file magnificent stnictures which surrounded it. The apex of the superb dome WAS 27 feet
P0 v, from Lh grourid. It appears in the center of this superb reproduction in colors, while on the
b, ht We'see th6 Mining Building 70OX150 feet in size, and at the left the Electricity Buildingv h!ite corn, Prof. G. E. Morrow and r1i
tho Me-tropolitan and Rural fENINSULAR R.R. w ich contained the marvellous inventions of our modern wizards.
and Connections. 6 Art Palace and
Ho 'me, KEY EST I. nattow criumph
#- Worlis ot Nrt to Em i
Chemical "alysis shows no appre- SPRAIT /',"OY FLO"D belllsb 31merican 15omes Lagoon Presented lit Jinpicture,
ciable difference dependent on the I N, Y.. I I
This is the last of the series
colot of -corn. There are minor -dif- and a picture replete with exquisite coloring. The clouds in tne sky of azure 1blueappear to
the The Florida Trunk Line Short line he slowly moving ver the famous palace. Many of the world's best critics considered this
ferenees i composition of (11 structure Jus ultra of all the architectural conceptions of later times'and of the skill
-soaville, Savamnali, Atlantra hands In
to Jack
re fliuman it was found the true combination of rare beauty and availability.
f ;RL vaxietries, aInd'considerable cUfe and all points north including New 'ft Is Now the Opportunity of a Life Time
_,/fiI in the struetur of the ker- York, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City 'limi e
nl6lig -ais fb tl e hardness. In ray ob- to secure a set of these magnificent colored pictures, and as the supply is t d, our offer
etc., etc. Only line with through Pull- will be withdrawn soon, as the color plates have been destroyed, and no moie can be secured at
s6rration, yellow varieties are more anyprice., quehily hard than white orte but, man sleepers from Jacksonville to
some of thewhite varieties have very New Orlembs.
hard 'kern6lc. While I can give. no For ratest and other information apr6"on fot- the fact, it is true of III piy to DISSI ON PURCHASE,
&0* of-Varieties tested at different A. 0. MACDONALD, G. P. A. (4,000,000 ACRES.)
-i I nation that the average N.'S. PEINTNINGTON, Traf. Manager.
yield of the. white has been- some- tf. Jacksonville, Flawhat larger than that of the yellow. FOP, S A L S
Probably a majority of the farmers
believb that white varieties have not 40 A 0 IRES $1000
as Intich value osthe yellow. I have l ands
Often heard the 'expression, that the LAN
Yellow co*rn 11 DS SUITABLE FOR CITRUS AND OTHER FRUITS, GENis more "heating- My Oranges ERAL FARMING.
own vie* is th4It -neither yield nor
composition depend on the color of J ?esolls Large Tracts for'Turpentine and Colonies.
the kernels; that some varieties are
much better in yield and slightly bet- investment Address for Maps, Diagrams and all information about Lands in any part
ter in quality of one color, and some of the State
of the other. Developments W. B. GRANT,

Orchids for Amateurs. -Attractions 3 RE ED BLOCK, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA
The growers are busily trying Address,
G r
now to reverse our long held opin- G. D. ACKERLY,4
JIM we] E-73 WFI 1]
ions as to the difficulties of window J r,
... ERA
culture for orchids. They name a S"dard Seed and Plant Catalogue. Contains aU that's New dw
score of species that any one may THE TROPICALTRUNK LINE, Good. Always Reliable.
grow. Among tijcni all, says a co it JACKSO I NVI LLE. I FLORIDA. Ine pacle, either Wonderfal Branch.
-64butor to American Gardening, Lai THE GIVIDEt Ing Aster, New Japan Morning
p I erhaps. none is. sa, I fer for an initial F E N C IN G Glory or Pansy Choice ml= ifcr
and Ybur ChOiC0 Two packets 25c., three packets 80c. Full
attempt with the showy sorts than WE HOPE SELVAGE retail price 45 cts.
Coelogyne crista. Itis said to be of
v er y PA-y, gro-th and is called real- Vick's Hlustrated Monthly Magazine which tells
1Y one of the best winter flowering how to grow Plants, Flowers and Vingetables and is up
-to date' on these subjects, for 3 months, the 'Guide and
orchids, even without reference to of Seeds (named above) for 2, cents;
the. -amateur. It is very beautiful,
with its WW e floWers, lqxge, yelloW L
1=7 Pmon sena#. an Orbr as above wM remve a =PM
tehed -and crest6d. The clusters poulfty, Farm, Garden, Cemetery, goocl kr 5.0, Can& winth"'Of semb.
&Te n3lainy flowered, and if the plant LaWn, Railroad and Ptabbit Vb0n ordering-date where you i;Rw this adr. and we vdII send $6
boa ag Fencing. Choice Flower Seeds; free.
,e the racemes wnI be very nu475otmand& of rLV--,s fl uge. Catalpgue _F, .ce.
merous. A pan of two feet in diam- Preight Paid. PricesZout. JAMES VICKS SONS, ROCHESTER, I Y.
eter and hidden in bloom, such as
some growers show, is a sight for ;1TheMcMUL0 WOVEN M FERCUI)i
-Ex. 114,116,118 and 120' N; Market St., CHICA 001= 14UMIM "TINQUIRRIM
00, H.L

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Bulltin No.36,forOctoer,'96 hi so e generou ofer ofnn ae laynd, W e inln toteopno 1 a~ fe e~ irom ted Fld a AgriultralEx ec fo iea mied oi~ef n an4d poiiu ae yth a1tla

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PA BtOR LAeKEL9O~ D_ SOT COe, FLA and hich of g rutrei e xitnc n
Deot cthe s comsinr cl m spe ot a mnh an so he estate ~e"

Editors~ and~k Pulses theer rasi ftbco orange est mon Lr e iderd thu gvsh i -tbue he douens mas *U
yil of1hce, 0 ie acres~ $50 slous ue "I oant el blidei th tas paeso n ndeeycut
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SUBSCRIPTION 50c PERac tA7Ne s' have- a rier ax sigl imene-and to i si oiint edi

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'Q)E AX R TG MAKE MONMY",' I I t is easier to make the chicks FM it-, G1 *40. *(qno
comfortable in cold weather than it -w e
46 ,
-N ,Du _-Want It? Read Below. Don't is to keep them o of ut he dew and Can't afford to be without iti The,(Ireat.
Lose This chance. to fight the 4acreased rumber of lice MontAIyw4ie4 help4 If.xnllt GTOwera, to make
and mites. It is true it. will take
So itors wanted for "Echoes from N.V.
jic. more feed, as they can get very. litSA171PLE M 8, For a trial year.' Postao6 stamps taken. Adt L e Rocky NLfountains," by Job]! W- tle feed themselves; but this is only 450 Ste. per yew. Mon0ly Orape 8oft. dresaFRU1T;,DvnkIr1.N;'7claaapitt, -the distinguished writer, a small item when compared to, the om and advocate. Te most fas- advantage gained by early hatching.
Mn g book of the time. in, cool weather the hens are more
ie, micord of the -events and reminis- attention to the nest and coiase- FARM ANNU L Foll
e en.ces of the roinantic and golden quentl'y les eggs are required to U R P E E %V
The UEST SUEDS, thitt Growl
of the great west, with an an- I", pnirt d fr jni'riature.'If Is knov n as
age I I produce ;k given amount of chick. Hundreds of illustrations; remarkable Nojeft
thentic history -of itr. discovery, set- than in warin weather. "The Leading American Need Cataliogue,,, 4 6-mzxf ed FREE to a][31.
element, and great developmeuts, to- About the first. thing to be done is 1B W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO., PHILADELPHIA-, PA.
tgether with the personal adventures to get the hens to laying if they are ........
61 the author, while, traversing for not already doing so. Give thein
More money In ten, acres han in, 100 scre in o0in ,ry erp. many years this wild aud Mystic
more feed than in tbE summer as a 4ap" oh stunts also pay larg income. Cost sma I,,compared
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land, Superbly and elaboratel with Income, which Is annual and sure. Send for I Focts in a Nut
great deal of faod is required to *a "bellished with 200 engravings, many keely up bodily warmth. Don't be
I full page illustrations and. afraid of getting them too. fat as
e es by the best artists of thethere are more hens too lean to ay
94Irtry, It -is historical, pathetic, FORT WORTH, TEXAS.
than too fat to lay.
'on thumurous. Not a dull line in its
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