Pabor Lake Pineapple


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Pabor Lake Pineapple
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Pabor, William E. ( Pabor Lake, Avon Park, Desoto County Florida )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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:4 ..Pabox LA 6, 060 C i FIA. ftt6b6k 15:189 0
an pl di
sons d v iza
dy to' ,be rha0e EP en d group of ld V; Asterh;- Cl il" 'tion; knew, k,
fruit, wit 'the t .On
h crowning pineapple, nothifig 'epicurean le r d
adorned the' table. A jocose, but -omans never ,rh6n.' %
Orina on.,o a fruit'IsV
redL guest,- wh o wished to jionj e can -v ,eii imagine'whafT
ways ia botanical- curiosity;,-Nv rx "
reV eD 'elimself.'on his'-bos' for a idib 'Juxurious Horace '.:Would,
lof close stu or, in t
tt he; had ever, expesoLme slight, an *b&, was, sea e ave wri en, ;if ..of. that fruit ,olutib ii v
It"Iscu to note how fruits, opposite the 6uit,-_a9lk A s I aced its- perfum,6- filling the hall'
nei.g,, I- riei trace 'a', connection' het si
-gain or Jose social.-Stand'-- if she. Iiii- I'k at---soine sybaritic feast. But its- &:.eff c 'erry,
wou', Pe., some,, pine. ail t I An, the
.answer: in, :8661itific name, as, Well as its pop s1rawbi"
oiig, by,b,&ih trahsplaiite 'frorhone,,aPPle- ', have "the.4-miriate, seeds,,; cdq T.
'fi6,alfirmative, lie reached.6 ''the, 'ular- name As- quite mode Jf. wn in .th e t L' ooit where S %
pi ciouscrown and'cut the anscri t word-:a itushisr 're4rid-' orall f_ cs here ar h ut a.c son- f1iiisli of a, devel
upoa t tion
ri orrup
lh6 1os ess u ere e 'k a y a name, -it is,-b li'Alle -,plum
6"d"6,6, IT(ioA- every table.,-, Th ey t tb 'th ht, f iteri t8f- the' Pbrib-g-'uese, or I intio-1
PC; cll,'vie eat the ou"ke
4uafity. 1 'i a '"lo- enga in.a. 94
, i osp iere c bill and fh n fainted-for-f _B I
:.,was- uce.& int 6edy 5 be : n-p py,
which has,.kr6vV ul
'd, th h*red! No such occurrence:. 6'uld 'spreaA b
_iiiglan ey-are- rather ple- 'w ffib and brig], 'd J, the--ri
be likely to take place on, account arde& as'anything s or. -0
-bei in -P6a-ches ar' st4 decide& bi t. fiP. berry th ese same4, OU er cb ,64IIL C)f ail apple, an orange, a pje cbl Tr o in en' al, f 6 r -'I n _166i cellturies, at. ca -b ere. O'A, the other have becbme, succiflent an d ;
e'ni, a pear,"and, therefore, the fhe oq.tsi 6; appearsto.havebeen' -A -at'' we' co'nsum
-, l e -0 e Y-are most unibe so h
th tilLe d t 'lfas one di&p.ersed ovi the 1 1
pineapp e may regar i se
morsel a,. number,-of s:6eds ,,th4e*,1W
farn ropica reg vo
Pinealp- of, 'the royal:' 6 '
ily, of f uits, at Subm,
par. inK.easily, from the yeccff '
fid a ik ':here it' 'inainly: a
ai e ou I 'eL 'on -'the feast in- trigland, althouk b beiAg.carr'jeA ioEuf6
y pe wbf6h k6hiains in oi r hngerskthe and on' those must be coritt f A- e
,nt to bea'Plain citi7: by, i OvepeTs o in
90P e -,not-, qyq apple, p6ar present" ,s :wiff tkl,
rburdened 'zen of the commonweali -lea "Jar of c- rult st,41k
ed maSSr h
great' i balanr Botanitdlly,, this The' earliest jii. orian8. bl _QL t the L
whi-( h contains the ov I
k I"'E -land the quisitely, perf u b S'
t,,,;th6 er ri, DZI med fruit elorigs to P nIs onques spea, i
whole flower has jcuie '. e- 6 ff, tY-te
g Oviedo
"Lyx, ODI
erica n4__ A _os 4.
sands haV e n, fa -A'-specimen' 'f',th761 _-rtbefrhit:",
tflt _f6 z Th Viu
vre i -lix ilaj -6- een 4a e 7 the faculty of growing, CV le I ak p o e, emperor, :pie furnishes '.IiS-Witl ar
h 6n not in co I" V.
aitli pain, but he did
a fitact vi ith thee ar es -c
A", markable rm.-... ie p ant pr6l;,
any, his pe akies in Very, tl 6 the looksof it,,arid, not du ce's.,a co-hi-cai
suitable.,for-ormime I A41 d e coura ge of the man who i Lf
All a 'en-,bands '1k 'crciwned itb a' u
of t a d th 6 r are' lark A : li ed M"ae's;J _h ter, he de lined
A n as sue s a e Araw oys
tilly l6aveS.1
',--occAsionall Youbear 'n the-stre- e tive regionals TT d -tacsiie it: Not that he was. un
pWar 7 '1 a swellinkt
After".fer izaborl
Of I 7o. species, are known'., m. The reasonably cautious, f or, the:pinie whic em aces,,, -thel-1,
a-Vice b -C thatis on A la t k J ia h br
y.on'such fibrous eaves o one o t em are -apple w en,.p ucked ripe, will, not
:- I I 1 11 1 1 .. .. whole of th -I orescence. so', at .
is brought 6 t, by coffiinonly'the West Indies b6ar.% Sii6h a .Journe as that to III A h fAi-5nol on y e, owers' Wit tf
th 7
hip which h a-s 'not de-.s'o' quick -for ropes 4n in is ay. en
otks, Stranve S ain.was-' h" 'd Ev those
a, s, -ma d hammn' P 'k,
ture-seeds, but thj6 br;i6ts inclosin"
'Passage as, was e* oicte& froi as it' may seem -wb h e.-i p 0 s e d for shle ii oil our streets
en t e. two p aLn supporiing't4'em, 1ali be COMO
th,6 West Indies The. ui is plan ts are looked at.,side by- side, now have to b6 gathered before
fleshy and are -c66s6Iidaie&1'ihfQL1
musi_ 0 e,::piiie '6- h d -! 6,,
spoiling and e _s Id th I .apple and har issus' are t ey are perfectlyr ipe ar so we
one 'inA serk clcxties on. this nearly related. The Brazilian name miss:_Uoth the delicious. arbmaand SS.- .1
In 'Our -seaboard
seeds -are prP. duce a, but t ese_,4rP:-side -of, the ocean -one c ii buy a o ily It.
f -,the fruit is nana, which .:the luscious flavor of, the fruit caref
not reckoneddiI by the'cu iYa or,good pinea 1- t, an treet ',cor- P&rtug.uese changed- into inanas. cutat the' right-moment.
'In! En- glanc' aniards called it pirl The- plant pp ie .;Of pro
nei almost 1,.41th6ugh T4 SP is, said, to have been pagat I
I I ; tb6 plaut is easily increased,,,Z'
very lawyer, oc'' A because the fruit resembles -the fir6t C itivate'd in Holland. y
suckers,,", or, ie- 6n by planting h"
has his, -vineryJ an y very, cone he., a of certain kinds. of pi 6 that may, be, John Evelyn
c 0 n' o; ,the fr.ui6 after' thevery select bdve. their.,Ipinery,". trees. Thename Pineapple- needs W'as'the first- to mention it'in Eng,',-where--the pt t ru-,*t is grown; no explanation. The Spanish his.; lish,' erattire. He ra ord lowed to d ry easan i, lit c s in-his where wa :cut, off has bee
fog, t e witld I rain torian, Hernandez,, says that the, ',,,'Dlary the fact. that 'he tasted bne of t41e Pb' t
of the garUnei; haS'L tell ro
f r6st. S bient. exicans -c le from Barbadoesi when been,
and the h6uld you go to ani M afted. it Mat7 a pineapp duce-see pples, .a:
F dl 6 ss pinea ndxX
the Lord,, _M a:. or s banquet ,-you .-zath., dining With Charler II. of En Y-larid.
ceed 6 d- _s o t a in
ha'-sue h t t
will see the pineapple, surmounting It is cultivated, in the open air In .the ro-orris of, the: Royal Horti fle
there is fittld, .excOpt the,
'...the pyramid of fruit?-on-ithe gliiter-_ inthe Az6res in the Mediterra- cultural Society of London, there
when the riild- -h 'fi
"Ing epergiie righ 'ro 11' "in the Congo. district is- a'
akild t I Va y. it nean region, a. copy of picture representing
0 its sh pe: in A c -as-in-the-casb 0 t e st
sits there f ka stmh 6tically a fri ia, In India, in-C6y1on, in' Mr. -Rose the ripy'al Pridetiet; on Just- 1. "... f
_h6 raspberry,,al
e 66fided knee,, present Ing Claafle
-:fits It to be:. ezrowning point of the. Malay,. Arthipelagoi :in,'N' W, s )erry, t
a-i in China 16 found w lld o w-n in like, a provision bas-been
,,th,e pile, just as- t 6 pine. eonejs a nine; S, : the first pineapple gr,
-very 'a artistic termination to 7"the in Celebes-aind.oth&s__6f .1 A e Iand; ',and it, is hisb e th frilit, I
h M,17 En 1hought7 that by nature 'r e.
eaten: by s6me,,.animal; soibitli4,4thyrs us of us At. such A ayanIslands, in'.Ma ritius,'inthie the Jant which ,produced it wa
feastY affd-_in-aJ6 theii-oflo' 1 g-' in raised' from the on:e of which seedinay, -b6.4da.ttered,
0 dal Siliychelles inRod upz Islal
degree, _you.,will get A,.,t"te of the Irl -nd'3 -is -to pineapple the luscious jui
all ret -it a true Ariieii6an Evelyn speaks.. From that time, many a. ant, -,As-all e r :l Ing are iAteh-a
at 1211, dinner,-part _I p1bas perfume
fruit, b t Y, p 'th -,b 0 s aie th6piesent the cultiv';itiori bf the
w ich'are kii e as'. a rac spm
where I ty 'le" is '-put 'On,"'there --is' hi own at present tt t animal.-_ M _n* '-4
it"s pi appl: h eenlodked uponAS
turn -:,the acquireAl-qU
e-,fruit on. the topmo of-4 ative home. is I I n Cent' iperl ai onedf the ighestbranchesof-the
honorbut neorli cuts:it-- -becaiuse arid -it ha"s been found Wild 1"A'Mek-, gard ; ' 1'. rpo-S
ener s-, ar an( science- and
n a in'th6 'V th h ti1i k th I Ldvantage of thetendetl
--for m'dec ration" 1 6, Pa am pper there- are at
le 0 Ic ose w o In
n and mathr d -Plant i6 produZ
ffi e fruiterer Orit6co -viljley carefully grow e
Sah thaht]:ie'o
qy', ar, IL ia. a y un er g s. is.-the kin
y-gal er t a.. le
jmonious for qt It P

th test. -Thosefhat were la c ar d f 6- l 0 W in g 4 s gtb* 6 g", av full.'of s'p' e f6 'tend" rest and sdf- Von n Lit, in good,,
v e g ettibgs,--_b C ondi)f k D NTRA1',:: "
fered most, being killed'to:the heart,'. tion, (hongh ts _qw .-,, Tarq
Troio the'r d aritids, 8urinArnt, q4
oots suckers
UDA. ame, t p. an
W1,11, -L"IT 01 e,
growing; ne y... The 'starapple, loquat,, olives, ObmegrA : J;u these areihow;, fi, And Pihio ro
n Warb il ad i
two-year-40U.,p antatibris had.their ates, anonas'or, cu t3-4w- drhd'JA iMt. beriew.. gf6'vvtleaveS111 killed butt &ite gooseberry., 01-,tht s 1, wedost
'ne Florida, Trunk Line ,4i
y e .goo5e erry,, ar bort L i 'no
ca*,strai ht showing the hekit- 6nl th' b'- '-a
9 UA. a rjD nd
tA and
red :and f.heir ptesen con. I S ar apploki t --All therest,; 6r&:wWly' affi;qinta North 'including Now, Tork
e, Survtm kt-St6ty of the tion.givespromiseof early. age qninj d '1dJ ceptt C tqopof f uit. (4 -b qt o Lonjs,-Xa:uH",C
ago Tropto4 rlaj Th r..g7u' provided We do not-: bear these one; &ch 6 f6ur ie. Oniy W#h, through Pullman
T I t -'L , . 11 1
One, up-- new sl
Trom:_Dakat' lid plants' i ots that' ki'6'"fo VIV but Now
W m. I "fill ai y- an
till] having ma e, am y, s i very ea t t e anon-Wlled t6 the droun ers S d root gro th
were checked only a little -in.devellop.l as are-as-tend'er, ast4py purdAy--. tr.opl !
ment. ea. TU1,E, -WC aTe- lad tb b&tkbitq -'
F, _--Tdbor Lakej Se f., 29 Aboutone Those, of dwarf k of St.
p- variety, illed to vivAl -ficce
-' r a4o SOM6 account 'S. The littlb-,patch- of ground set
e va. given. in he ground,. threw up'suckers and at k A 'k f
111 4the)Citizen of experir o nceprqceededto demonstrate .,that, eeeiyQd.,frpm. the
J U n
De- h6i ltd "' i' Washthey -still I iVed. Often three to five Vartn1&i f o Ag u e'a
-in-horticniturre-at-Pabor Lake,
rits VI Th -ington corrtained-thec offee -t/ree ',,five
V It new, ants came up. ese gave
veseciajly ,i 0 6 .&r6lyJropical_.,Ij myaddedarea.tothe patch,..:and we new.varieties-of pineapples,,tea, rv *bflruits- At that,'time it wus. .writmw: ghall. rica. rubTa, mipstpra :d6lecmsa, nID,-,
hive nearly 1,000 where-we
f. basia,
"By A trif6lata,, macodami, i6iraf
prt _o -next year, the had only about. 400 before the f reeze.,
',,' -'r passing bfth 'tro pi-alplants through In twovarieties, the dwarf Caven, caro asso, rpse4ppleanonas, two dish v 'illa' bears eubal
and7rench. dwarf, th&el seems- yarii _tios an yptus
*iH, up itti6daa, a6pai6tim. ferax' black
to be no difference in But c .J
WFTfii',cal. mity flights', Of D&erhber, per, cinnarnon an caroo6r.
they will not do so Well on the... high, Pep ry w6re-tHeh, U'tidreatned- of -esel; A s ;loss,;
me wi Or
pine Iandas-on :low land bordering-', p a fits,"
thilbtd haty. Cool: W8athei7' 0"rilakes, and so susceptible. Of mogtiof t e I w e'ypung an
moisture. A tenderr, Still,'only th,'66ff e Jr!Z X-2,0,0
good. crop next. year
is looked for. rubr4 va)2-illa' beans, -'black pepper
in,!,Aipril, Ahereforei;, the r,:, New', and euualyp us Were Wholly lost.
Xm6ffio, --in Florit!0. wasi hardly in. al FL4=WA I dM MAL,
Odly :the pineapples' ahcT,:ia'nofias Y.
Trees set outin., the fall, of 1892 PXNMULAit
to, be, de-scitibedwithany:J w6f&-kille'd to the:,grouhd 'and there
ere entirely_ destroy, !d o sign OF
tgy e o MX
al- nbe.
-certainty. ipf cour e, I growth at
life in, root or branch has. shown. it-,-, renewdd:their
sj' rorn PURELY 'TkO P!1C;Ai'FkU1TS.' 'Tor rate au&otho -f
and yet, some. Small tree ormation"apol
,' ,fewi, hardy, heirbace'ous .Plants, and!
ps;, I Ive e col T e e list oxxvi b _R A'
Seed:obtained -,in the est In i those to
Mne-sk like the),, Japan honeysuckle,., N. S. pili*,
and knownJn the catalogues as. No. I season' and'iln p ren
inches tUsis, no e e present con ition, 11,,.that- were ten to fifte n, t th 4 '' '' di
1, ,t:teh nged to UMb6jL, "di lay, prostrate
only in height, did not los a leaf. dninjiired); B ab
Sapodrl a p un Ike Trookal Tru&L
_qb'-th6) g ound. p 0 n y. question 0 u t of ab o ut fi fty we have. fift bdb (killed), Car-6ss a ardei
wha' vive ? e.andi
ji iJjLj 'M
CLLhad, su Jr d Hei Extendi'So
iithward J rorn"LJILC Son rO t that r iiht be called a frosti-tes Rose tired angos ina
Still ti-,d : ri
ereto ensL, t a ife vaji&ie I ; Le,
tbq ,e,,W k :,lay Tfi- "f66d SM tA
1.6_ i' L thf6eL I L : :, ': LL I _'L. -.
t L" : VA f ie t ey n n 6 rsery VhyNn ,'.
tbe roqts,, ; ut, the. Vjij'6jL
was 'd'
d thus erabuba e lcarPii AnAcar leffi, rows in the open ground, and it is I Rent -of the Ek
r' LYJUStlfie lpLP'U tIng _UPOn,.'reC
at t ey survived.: A Austtalia'fi 'pihe,
Candle: ,ntit itred
r mystery h,
o resu ts. gj Vtjjof f66, L f 6 L i 6_ rt. in
r e has b a e, Norfolk; Islafi d. pirie''L Cardbrft6ruL TEX; ORANGE GROVE "J
5- w t at a year n" PasSO arid on 4t, Iorseiadish tree T]H3 COCOANUT 0
some thisseason Arro*i 7 LE
7Ahe" warm rainsa'd gehi&l 'gumirier TB!E rixtiprl
Ve I I GUAVAS. Tropical i oapbitarry :Ind rubbe ,
il tlieir perfet-t
!_,-,Suhshine' ba do 4
All Var e were killed t L the tree Qatta, perch; opha4ari, or, TEE SU
the sior pan b'e b' n al Jar
etter to d.,
fbiand but, sent: up vigorous e t ghrub], fig, 0 1GAI-FA= M
9 8hbot n S;; white and
-:,DECIDI ;.kill
V and. one or two 6ushes are larger al- purple, [these., weree ed -to tb F
JrOS( of tL jWOL
ritouche d ready, than the ground ,.but4all.s.ent up.,.nm,,gr.owth].:
u years' 'growth
rost, 8aveL ihe loss of, fruit 0' eriod.. The Tallow,. tree.L,
p made:befor4ethe calamityp L -Surinam,
w' 'Varietics o -.-peaches by early -cherr L and, L LS
pan-sh- lire5- were ACKNO V1 ULK
rewe some, t of t L" wholly uninjured,
he' c*. t",
tA 4- Five or six ou 'Jjf ,7
t OL six y survi ed
F40io-vedr ol d rees L having,. 14 peach- ihg ITAL -AN GRAPES'
V :and arenow,,slow'-g 6 AND,:'
s, pearSiL Lapp es The fivevar'ties 139.te
special v d as-grpw-,
,,,the, p I u4ffiS,,d, d 1, ore L, Z G
%ye :a ew trees b :PEAR itig out ot tea, received -fr m the T L"an' e. tree One very fine, tree oUtL of phe._Tjni erit 0
f our B rkeley_, station.
'I -flv&:feet hig growing W not killed; it -s n
e up L California,. and making a, air, r h MEt d a f g owt,
Lip ti b a- bushy I ast fat, d i d nytfruit this,, y alr,' but
4ilk, -enJ Veiy oo& new shoots an DNA
h, Y Jefibings! Fl6rida:.' growtfi;four eet'hig'h ffiis.seas o they j 6k h .._77
Jap a'n I moifs :, *eft&.; unhAimed_ TRO Son. h- last we sen
AL PAW-PAW. n arc
fib J"friiit _SeftihgL Vin t -ti
"'ind, 1we t Saw 500 California. eS, en' :Varie e j,
e but- These perish L the. first and foreWfth L M" -d.
Such' rpost'and forever. Th proved I -the 65 of'these d L are.,. 96k Tig
oiotj silo es ::A,- we,:now tenderest of ail: tmpica To ay espec
trees,, but fairly Werl; the Main k' Ok tre 'to' b'
bWAV& 'th&t hduldt- be'a goodl,,tro of others are,&owingin their p,, aces,_ S8; Ve L hope t
L 0 KA 4 19
as"we, ; J rr
"7ke rt
'klt kil, 1 *em. ma goo 'repo 'on th
;" " L I 6 : L 1. t
EAST INDIA FIG4 _up ese ne
This tte .said ,of. V
e, _mbe.a tree
idtYTFt:, 1 11 .
oved o be very hardy; ue7in the Indies, its fruit beifig u 'L OUSL
d, Tjie8e Cifft
tfebs-' usan& d6cidu''
ere' wholly uninju Well N,F for. jelly as, as. eaten -In. itsripe% me ji0if d-ta: having 'been r66eived' L L
n ev n 'a leaf. state,
while its foliage isgood4o.dder; from Catania and s HT
t Y. in thL et in nurs 'ry.,
-&ow' not: sI6,ivg .nd h6 ge6fll stood about f ou r- f eet, high, Jn bush, ows, Were,,- I e thaid,-"ulnihjur d
K,, fi lihed to.take, th 6 jo m of a 13tish., or- rather bra n chin iomat the time fa:r: ai
a ri and
a 9 as -olives, lemonsitifron,,
4A" r t tl,,,. ca Phor of the freeze.- 'It w"' killed,:t6L the
M e tip the', list"
h measuring L % ound,#.bui soon oranges mak T lie IVY
'r,"'Weg-'em t -Y gr sho V,
t' L Vi" 0? tipper. lbrailicliffs were more ,ore:JeSS
L W&e;L L ki US life
a r, iame er L illedl g and'. nov stands ome. kil ':but: ne',shobts were erft otit
fierm L part :t f L da,'
",,in,' t e- nort 0 ori and still wing rap d, T
e, high gro' L illbe replanted this :wint6r '. if
It wouldindicatevthat in- this IakeLL
No sign of fruit appeaxg L K Y W
as yet- alLkoeSjwbll. L The decidu6usz: trees 'thd &- econoiriicplantS of va ue L IfL it should. yield a _of
f L- econorrilt. alli erishedImL._well astheL L L
It, p nufL'trjeeS.
u ivated for commercial. ue tothe Flori val da h6tiiseke6p L The _JWU L.
I t r U
forq oing,. is- -heL,
rpOSM L L L "h
h in the. state g Id
OMP hod be 04_re&uLIL t h dreo.,
jr o j I '_, L 1 ma ep the Par Map
T T it, or h C6 ab6bd Oldeta A4.
L mmen Hpinp, i 71pridW! afteta
St& 0 KXR I
o Trneapp hag L;!he
t6all. We ar 'watchJ hJk'.th1s 'en, P4 1cp
wtos -0 Taek F
tc wf4vywas a :as 30javi
ar ic s (mera aL.wJ _.WaSL
X.ft old and.- ie-t. ol d ever wit h 4tierdasi n g, U g L r6pa great tnZ A . ".
go, jer j L L f -f.atai h*ngr Wh be
jo: 4n, t 4 jL
Z[ Via, sjiou][4, tie bJe- -7E Y
res it ca ii pi
ootder ffiat Sk)Me Ila
nt, ft6ff w t;,rs
d J:W
10 d _0 L 4t t*O, as wt to' c earthen
i% are not i n,,t e le ast drisE
0egient __om pep eptswe:-are, no the,-; ; fr in
!t 'ti T L, L , and R NM I
tof '.
t plantar-,
d, fear.
pe,'an we
__DR4 ve ,vidence, to ,,, ag-the plant its lf wii8' cAia1qku4df: all d a&d hA drebi X il'
:1 i-, ',- I ; 1
'6r'&---d egr oit in- ai h ldSt-year-.--,r,,
s L M td 14
an 6JS'

5 ''xi
:w S
7160 '
f1mapple'Air" TkMs,
7- ENTH T "Ein
Dow p repa' 'd
re to,_:t4ke.', ImolVl rliat you are ettij:ik,
6ntract :0 t you are 'buying o a= :rS1nFd4u1ot; q se orid orthird h" d dealer.
for the y -,:MA
ish Tor. po an.,_ :qare fq_ y P C, ed iri,:
INEAPPLE ANTA, jo !sl, in;, f k' pfi -N
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50,000 CITkWH TRIFOLATA and, AMOOR PRrvET- .1 (_ _1 That, silch:' a factory is .in,
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'ountles, about midway between the Atlantic Oce" and the Gulf ofMeMeo. batwoostlksWila d28th
I. f rolat An bergun&Ro6enbdrg have begun opera- oflatitude, For this colony a ch, oleo selection of about 2,000 acres 91high pinsland, Isteii
ccv*rII6gAb:o&,w1th rich muck,: prepar- tions-at theiriiiAmmoth oigar factoryin Bper edwlth live oak, turkey oak,.and blackjack-oAk was inadeinthe stunnier of 1M, TIser* art
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large about, 800 acres' these lakes are from 25 to 75 Is t de4p, with:- uro, sw ost r olosom AW I 1 61 p P r
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water. There are no marsh lands an tkVhave a gentle inellnefrom:'the bigh.rldgewdowm-to;'th,,'*111JIle inade._ This will render Ahat waS selling for.8. arid 10 cents, and (30) water's edge; conseqx1ently no stagnant wate aud!nu. malarial
r I ondit)Qvs. ,: NO thtor, location
parvo6hellagler property pactIcularly. wagons, all, laden with. tobacco, were ,an be found in the Stato.of Florida. Freedom from mosquitoes Isalio an ; aporta*oeatnie;
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if to o a lal e about Itfty acres in ,'eiUnt;'Aroun, a.& oulovsrd thirty, 1,
gro W -FlorU all., The Town Site reg n,
Wh lt ls th6ukht vifil -'settle 'all th Nide has been reserved which'im eventually to'be notto oh8de treeg aid iiado a ploasaui'loks* drf4,X
fund, A, f ew days agoL Jesse Dreggors'L Villa Sites of an Acre, more or less, have been laid out, which *i1i'malke-lovely
dogsdrove albear:from some point soutb- cover forty aer n, Qftho, Ovp el" Am i(Ijoinig t .. aro
e.jfr6 L -the L bho lake. Residence.and bunlDeas Iota
e7f in enat at gover ment DaSt L r .- 4 ,.;k-I L. ; I __ I 1 1, West of'towLn directly and but a few -ders of two and a half acre blocks for residences and pineappleplantatfons, taking up the
sdii _of $38"480.66, ind'there has, been
'Nie baI&A Co 0 the land haoLbeen laid ou
iods away from Hotel St. Francis, and Dho 160 acres set apart for the town sft'. L L tt i to 5, 10"
df9eibuted amohg'o aimants $28,715.60. nge In p ri. t
then ifitc; the wamp below town. 10 acre tr&eto for groves, orchards, plantations and gardens. Th rawts ii 7'
on 16 ifiJrd_'a]sbt.ud aj 'j'
down to $10 per a ere according to'distance from lowiveenteisaidare jeopi ro e.t 'minititure'.grgve Conil'St'ng ofor- an(* in Long
The 'L Saturday anot erbdarcAuwht and killed, mad tvroyears- without interest. kory4kcr;s; of2ths, colony laude'lo1illable: a-ke Dnosto'!'L
,lemon line Mo kgs, and spid 131 fae R ,te
Ange J41 grape fruit, figs and fick intfie Tricy hei ghborhood. U- are hold'to be more vainable'than-those not bavinea.4aterfront t of S"
Ire n6 of L StUnl Y "-me moro'or'less for from t250 to 375.. Towfiiot, are 8oid at $20, $50 an $75 s
0 the mo day m6r ihg a' h nLing: Dart WAS, or- cording,
clue ind- attr lkL several lays f P -tib Buoinses lots a" 25x].25 feet. Villa 81teg $1001*ach see "d t6walld
d.,i@p ganized and a ter a chase of au 'NIIL
in csmh,, balance in one year. Title to tbose lands1w perfect Warr
county.- All,'thetrees frorn :this grove. hours. r. reggors Succeeded in killing
number of families ara alriady,,sotded onthe coloby1auds; other are. ropro 'un
were grown right hers in Lakelandsouie the beari a very argq one Francis derth chargeofth@6olonyinanager. More. colonists will settle here this wf4tpr &Dd Othermj rjcAi
Y P t1ted d vhOis-ijod 806 will ai leatur
n66L wi b M ; 0. M. ey -ioi.y
_Pfjh6m ai fieu r. 1. S. to Join our numbers an find a hom .. , L. ) '01 tb I D
rsfl' I L 1..c..h
un; giving IoLe oRs
thlrof: with a daily 9 ho
_:.Mirsh Oioprie the famous! Luke
is under construction and a General 8toreis in coat emp at on..' A.Schooi" & Cburcb a V lt j;1I '0
iahd-'Nurseries. Lakelaud. S11h er h acinth is JjOW on6'cfL the L
ad 1.1brary are looked for in he_ near future;, for tfi Qe choice: of-lpts,: Iswvre b 4 ,
most: conspic uous and obtrusive features One of the special feature
amount of' L tYL a 40 t1ds settlemeA isthat lels
ome grown ay L St'
46hns- river. The rapid -A Temodranbe Colony;.
-ght'into to- L of the A
that has been brou wn during
with which it spreads is wonderful. The Rvery deed gl yen cent" a clause forever. probibi mitnuf*C "Fe"L
ieW Id think 0 at A
ays you wou iquors as a beverage upon the land so sold.: -This clause is ai in I _ti
tile Past'. L channel of L I)6ad :river 'L and the mouth
ustis was Situated in. t e banner, hay deedm orado Springs. (Colo.).Towii Co. blchhas pass*d t
at the 'St,. Francis wbarf, would be
gr,&wlDg s eL o ot thL tnited States. 'L of that St&teL&3id been affirmed aalegal.
Zb L,; !'
1, j -: ', L completety'choked up with the plant in At present we are eighteen miles from a rafl bid olnt, the P o!'ps: J owllng_ Gre e a
."L ; It we ad P, ne -thi little trick
a, Short time were it not frequently Florida Southern division on the Jacksonville Tanipa andXeyLWost ltallr(iad;- a aimlerm9to
'y r p ; 1 1,
ears ag 'L an*, hundreds ind, -Halues City, forty hiiies north ban bein [Y
crleaed out, And same condition hallway from ted, whleh,'wil
usanos of,'dollars *on d :have been cheough the colony lands and It Is believedwill:be conetructe 'an fn'opiirg- On- befo?. the "Cenh 0
prevails along the rivet, wherever the -t L 0 trunk lines N&th;Land A
saved'i;6. the- peo le of.-z ricirida.-Lake 1884. This will give no easy and quick transit
plant can find a lodgment. It is be qlony limits from on hundred t"VeL handrodipar, cent-,
rains of every acre within the
coming serious question with naviga- ho manager projected a series of
eavy Acreage of tars of the river. as to whether the hya- Pineal)
The p intiftig of' L h _01iiii Plah6tlons
'Jpjj' .VPieS," jjgL L' Oton Lill Stilt L in whereby for a fixed am unt of M60ejLhe guarantt-ed to
re binthwill notbefore many,monthstake. [or settlers and for non-rosidents"L
1- 1% 1 L L iiscres of land on the town alte fence the same, plan 10,'(i(1Qpn4apVI'd n11ps'on6aVh aerecare, uItf*'At,' Ah6 diAribut on: o 'L arge gums of money entire, possession, of the 4tream.-St. FIL t
'And fertilize the same the first. crop.on, the'lirst atre matured. Tlills, eA
thIg-g6agon4hich. will go directly into, Francis Facts. -esaful, resulifug in belting the esot'tfer and,'part, of the seq tracts F 0
mber menj L wage-workers The orange grower isnow "tossing the owauce of thesouth tier and all on thewestaide ware reserved for a ,g#cond;;Herlps, wbicb- JR-n
haVL, lantW L for S 9, 1 1 e" new inown: bay.".: sprouts have '*Pen to membership to parties having R6 few huxidie'd dollars, to nvest. J if r pl- rldc.jarp regarpfu#-, p plantatLODS L to eablep
TbI 0 6hese which. the manager giv orsolkal 6ttou 03n ,wili lio'given U -it
8_111 -the L hands of made a, good.- growth. A.good many da. i8intheint" F.olitiildevelopmoint; jjjo
Pu, It may4!e said here that Pineapple Culture in FIo:rJ
w ran ge and grape fruit buds have been
ple residing here, 111 remain here 0. alaly State in the -Union where they canbggroVYpLamd here latt
to, j4 'L L 111L, go tk&tLthea]rea ils'llmited. The returDs are early. coming within two 11 years after
and'serve a im. ate,,business in all Put In,, while the average t4,at, lived was
Re 'th ive are doing Due do*s motbaTata wait five to seven yogre, as, with '&nL orange grove. 'there are q6i
hra iAes porter. Small" L at djd' ,I'- _F- 4 ,L6u
jj L ' j' f
ellLand mAkingLfine growth. "Parson 6wolve acres set to Pineapples at Pabor Lake and it is expected i thif a-" w
W flaunted next season.
swey., 1who owned a forty acre;
orange "buds are. the favorites.. Them in In the near vicinity, from three to four wiles fr nthe.tov
tro just outside -the corporate. limits.of This orange ripens very early: Inc Sep tem. ongoing to various railway and other corporailons.,for which the nusn &,I r_*f ifill colon_# is L L 'I L 41) to go
iSreported to have. sold it L to :a during man, These laids can be bought In tracts of rom' acres b' dl atironi jitr'
ber. L Many qds will be Pqt Lin or even arger o as)
wegiiify party ce; $10 por acre. oDe-fourth cash and balance in one, two, or three wlikintereat at V
Will arrange at Lon this.morith and next: to :remain dormant yea",
m Some of these tracts are high pinelARds,,sultablef
to put_"_a loonslderable :portion 'Lo it in until or all.citivalrWts and
next spring.- eir Park Item in. are lowlands adjoining &'lake of averl,1100 acres In extent axdvogld
pines;pple ,pl&uts. Jt is also re-ported' Timp"s-Union. mhos. sodralneO, would be very rich lauds ojk wbidb-cora, rice, sweetO6t8't6"-op4ar
thae a 1, in southern: part ileed a kinds of farm and gai'deu ernpa:66uld',be -raised L t 6 profit.. L i,
argei tract the:. L,;'. number 'of,
The new bailalng wbich Ing t'LaCtS
OfU been purchased. for, the same oald' leasaut nel borkl6ods smdyet ii In 'cloje 4i .H
wn seenreadjolla r and NOL form P gb
L Cor
he Asylum f 0 1 JrLthe Insane at church,' and School faef]ltlag-L in
oft N erected at the poRtoffice, store, resp
piirp 1ro M figures collectedby t ygsr sa 'resddeniL' .1 1
L -Chattahoochee, is-rapidly reaching com- The Manager of the Colony wamfor woro than twenty ot ()olarrs do ."an'q
predJots that L 100, ae L iently connected with the foundingof flusi6wum, of Grebij, Coloraod6 2priags, Fort
'e L pletion. W. Harris nas charge.of
the jineap e area L ony4ettlementsix Coioi&do asd henco, rings to tble. his ny
F P1 in The L the -work.and, will SL o on have it'realy fo- and 6ther, successful col L latest co 101
'm y4cinity, of Orlando duringL terprize, an experience 6fLMaMy years in the building up of town and the sottletbonts of Coloq!
occupanay. A' arge force, of workmen *xg and active life In the hi -nertons-1 's
coming winter. gh altitude of the Rocky Mountains AsAllyisifocted his
is engaged. The buildingL IS 275,,feet bo Such an eXtent to necesatt I its a eban igo of'elhuate and.reelden"At 446vFsr
long, three stooriegL high, and-will' have readybesia Immeasurably benefited andesi:sIncerely rwoiamendot&,Onnk*LLs&Jlqlctodto special -election *.as held in. thiscity
or than abli ndred room SL 1h me and be healed.
m e e Conor, the- Purpose of authorizing -A. immaly papor called the
tract fof the bui din g lot:: to Mr. S.
'L. -the city:cow1dbto borr6w,_sIx thousand Pabor Like Pinisao
S. Leonard of Tensacola; at $19,500.
J.,.,D,, i.-Its ..d year of publication; subscription bi)eemts
dollim tril-tuild a new, aA, usut.
so" P&S""(16yoted t43.Lt lofiy nd the dai olopmext oV Semi[41
tfilsbuild0lig willi Supply heL a(liAncomeit o 1 6 o
Very-little res was manifestedaa
opposed the o fe t W iN It o 1 0 to ilfs ,alkg Aail I be tto,
one scarcely Snflat the iiistitut uni gal OLliotou t r O, 4 .' '., ssftpeooplosww )sen 'Ay
been tinable th tal e but fe v pitipfit4
ew", PO va4, I atio n wM4
VQt Red. Th&-,vot4q.-y orL Bdei belurz
I' L Th," L' 1:11 a while, which necessitated the "qP"p- ace is IwOt6d. accurate, Wform
iWorences givin' :d --A dross.,
the loan -and 5 againAt t d -td]jtradt 411eil req red." -d is
donfine'ment of' several in the couhty- 1 1 1, L, I :
-46r A building n L &, yarded gev-, WILUAm F., 0
ntil ;ro6
) ails of the'Sta e h- In
i* 4&'Y'4 40146'lffr C; j L _' 'I L "
th ,4

1 1 J I 11 1 1 1 1 O W N 1 15 1 1 1 !Il ll l 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 j j !!11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I %,:j



da ed to qm&Btion opt,-, inaiiaq-01e;-iigb
love, 4
zL efi
t enew woman. be edticite as
-T 7 Ft"04y lellssible- let her o t6 the bar'And
:ibi:idy-medir,1nejand- preachlrom, the #ulpit As rnuch sAe like lmii6y a:lj rneftns let An
U 0,t:brongb the c oming night,' hei not n aglvct b er hear t,. It ,ge
'U $MOLMO keep o me,
-- I' 1 1-1 hester aithig,, .
a W d Tb I.. W o
ftna- P py; 0 .no* that, many Women treat Cbojrhearts as
,, morning lfgltt ithe Chinese do theu' feet, cramp And
*e el :whlfe In my bed I gleop. .,
ple andde-b
qrl as hem."
u., IR
t iibB 'st-I know tb at Tfib
wifiro 8 ka,]V the, night, Thy loved ra; Booth pafd an eloquent tribute. to Our:Modef i8 9,3 ShotZun 'is n6w;u sed
'Qu "h Americng treatment of: her the
'Von -women, Shot'G- n
loe; 'dmee
Zr, bL6 tnou ( -',
"WOUlan Out D pe baybor heio holding up ij -' Y' I the most' advanced tra
V Th -me s ce my hou P
qrt'jha;a t ep of: the light, of hb6rt* was-a significHut figure in.
ht s regard, She said. :She spoke. of bein g and game, shboters. Shingle
ntTby'gr eat 64re"'.- Sh t R ift
.0,66 jor a, m' me d
in cot and once and' addiessing :aij an i- es,
-1 know 1: c uld not a Woman'SL IL
euce in a town vu ere
pu Was consider a very bad rhing.
-hbar n alwple ebildlm that is
"'-,krj- 6,, r, 'She had an avidi nce, of 8,000. however aifd Everything: Newest: and!. Best in Repeating Aniis as'-*dl XiSL 01.
M; nine pen46na' confessed coniersion before kinds I Of; L. Ammunition are, made, by, the,
thenioeting 06ded. The 'ne Ct'Ljj sy a man WMCM TEW,:REPEAWG ARNSL Co" Winchwer Ave., NeW
me ot th
'W0MP4.UI1*o fill the o- -Pa
Mn:,, Y L, thepastor eL chuTob n wr.Ben aF s6&libard withYouraddr Ssf6rouill2m gie 11lastrat44.C1iWo9n S d",
aoOOD -her uddresspp aijo asked-how WN we I Ling', had got along
short time a NeWL tfie:ni ht before
er reinarp by Saying sh e w a's I .,jVe had a very ajim crowd out," replied DENVER o_ CHICAGO
be miu slp :NL6 jDH 11t,
_r, frorning. baa &I I P-A- N .SL.
,On, the that A&64, OV0 across, the: way. to, beak that hen
dfit" jje Sjjd, OUld ,v
4,t)i6 6ooka that tberu'pwwoman
1. . I L "I felt," said Mrs. Booth, "like sending
that any- God-fearlngi-hght I : W The :Modern stand
about word to him about the success, of my effor wo ld-,blush to :h"e- ily,
and,"king him h I ow I many souls bad been W ard Fam
treatiseo'-on Tea I in and THE oNL, iq
saved. there where t he rooSterL as C11reS jL
-pile, these books
crowing.. LINE FRO j 0 cine the
tJ bUrn them.
ew 'aDdbLLrn I ipm, ., , ". I f -W
v rid 0
t h, e ne o an e her wheel," she COLORADO T ay
it 40r,ei, rett" an er cb" L common every7d
Went -on in cone usion, and 4witin m.agnifi I i nilyequipp,
jijough Vestibule
flie n 6i t atep 'Jn.
erit on lo ,94 tha ills, of hum
drive -40 any fiY9 'Which W, perfect her 66UTH Wl HOUT Anity.
f' lie reform the' new.
ation o fiysidal y,.so that she may stand for
beji.pow& in the'nation,
-pe, I repeat, "Tt I L &"D ,
,her t' OLj Come, doLall these things zand forsake her _C 11CAGO Z
o n1iness f rget that she has a- hea ORTEST LINE
,Army meetIng& aa& tj Qu 8'r
4iV-atio;41, 1. W, Ma rt. mmF
The type otnew woman: whichthe spea 'er, w ,getridofLher"Jf, 0 13"T SERVICE
Ihe sick-, the Jost And.the-outca8l 4r)-d. WerpiqWredbefoje her audience the
wor V I an who.had embraced religion and bei4j) A' )er Vaj j- Se Texas Old r1bxfdo,
an on, h li7 kPeping.. To
'qomeilew indeed, wfi4sueh new aspfi atifts, if that plan fail A, Louisiana, Florida and' ALL
I her .4, stro,,ig-willed, lo, AR hus- eelinis that.sbe med
-eastern and 'Southern h'j r- I t tO hj*e, bee n created At tbe close of
come torecogkiie't a pc
1. 1 B L ToUri
M 0 L St looida
ff .,some inggreat a str6bk and 1. _t I S S addr&SL th rium fairly F L Agr cylturitt L'
-in, the otber.'sex.' Theteridericy ofLthe rang L it I hL the VO L i ceg Of L soldiers and staff Devoted o the
at Outpouring Of gongl 0
4W _Wom an is to liefit officemraised ib A gre Sam that y9ur ticket read i 3)evelopMexxt of F.lorida, aud th L Best
'stalwartL. aides-dewca L Interests of the People
cr es --e activation, progregaion,' She U.LP j L
mp of, the: army PFNVER A GULP FAIRWAY
clapping intinieL Th6LOlde t Agr u ral journal 6 t e:State;
tusb;after th idols othe-iiiepsure and: the, d bil L APjCVTTUjMi;etc, ,eartios Intereste
timb Is autobaips. drums,.an d'
re reer IngLrates, o tes, tickets,
abd mangle man he- L Piano ae-L For full informatI06 L AGRICULTUP-B. FLORICUY,12VRE
ceutuating the'chorus,, of which the crowd 'call on your nearest &Sent- Jor; addrdM: TT
lie "'I W heels. women 0 VITICULTU
I -have n ver eemed to-dre.-Ex-, SHRICULTURE STOCK RAISMG
'My; rmy, who ourse yes -11. L. WINCHELL,- Gen. Pas
,dne omen, gay to thisrep Or anyLo the varlotle industtic of tho St to,'
1 6lne afford to bo without.THE FWRMh Af;u1=
QnesUons asto Xafiagefntmt of Root It will pay for i t&1f many times over in "'auabl'g
profitable ini o n ation.
n6l 'T'WOP"e 'have been exa e
d0j9t",wan t YOU ,amODg iPTION.
A recent number of theFarmer and SINGLE COPIES FREE.
V 171 Ioifflan's sideiand'in
ew- Oman, 8" A good agent Wantied 1. oiery iocallty. Sc d Toi
Fruit conGained a Suggestive at- sample copy and Bee for yourself. Address
ai46W im igher.' .::' L -, -1 '.. .. : 1? j 'a&r
tiole in regard to4be'recuperation of the R O.,FAINTERi I 61,naid, F I
prevaLung idea ofrthe new as,
ijlmpw y pictured is not the-,'ad orange industry, with some hints as to
4 iiian-6fthq age with wh am the management of, oiir frozen trees.
pathy. e On some: of the points touched upon I ,for
meo ; -0-UT of S1,
is'& very poor COPY oi, todiftilbute
-0 should like. further light, and shOuld -be
*+44006f 0111 advertise- i a unique. nWnth]y ma aSine. Bond 10 ,cte
-fieisj ,Coatseunferninfile mature, glad to have Mr. Phelps or same othe ments In pmi pa iii fit for hl h g-H&Jo'A;6m6
d ke :: tu- r b c 1,101 wosen(i them OT) approva..C.N.., and leardho.w to get CACTI
Mnien an women all r13 w yelt e TI'tl
tiSteS t scientific pomologist answer a few ques- orkd W the blcyclo arrives ancl
ion She in) i e garb and sitlsfactoFy- O utt, CsLLI: ,
L 1 11'.1 L 1- :on tile
tious in regard to.L. them, particularlyas i %P"O" t,
que 6tmah"evep Younglad
touts L fro 'to '.the, Wis
She to L Sp in trees 'killed I apOythey must be we4 recom, LL WHO, CULTL-VAT&
h for
ground. mw= for paiticulars.
xabrC s ig ,,Conies wqrd, tQ tramp e I I., ...- L L : "
1, Does'the iprout take the age of the S
our motfi.Ors,, of the: AcrAE cycLr: cortPAXY,'
i sse d her i n t h i4le ,a d root?'In other woxd will a spr6lit from : L 'L 1, 1 L FR UIT
whok e era ELKHART
th ots of. a beariii tree b6ginL to bear A NOMAJI" Of, her.- This abnormal' e to 9
geo n od: M&
to FL 0- WERS
"f.9 e gef3L r W4 d- and as gooii'a's he wood' is sufliclently,
1h ''t, .4
MYst ons 'above inot er bkx.. e. t e lie same as if it grew from. the; VEC ETTA U A &
On CgSeSjb at she abhors I I I . ',, '' L L '. "
il&dh, trunk above t he' ground
uou8 topes., tree T. H E OD ELL.
j's-to, them in' tempt' 2-, WhidhL
will make 'the better a r, P1 w ure or
i,"b there is no g-eetnesjs fro in thestump or center OfL the 4! tj
bleav .n in jrinbo-9,t 6abYL 01OL! Should 6156 that tha journal th
pise of lips._ UOIL 0. L to is the .best and most T
tree at Qr near. the grounder One,81)r11197 T yp e VIM ri Or
ic in'-tbe prattle ,l chiltiAh
ng froni'aL Authority obtaluabll
pattering ieet." -,She,, -abhors thete root, a foot or more fr6m the -0 4ill b I& L t e L; ObtILL TY Ft'
-and: _prefer the' WRITEW 6 5,
-find Wastes affouberlove stump ?, Mr. helps seems'to with Mchara6ters, :86v
L ug_. for the CASE ODELL
o A,. in rable. Jittl atter. If so. why So,? SINGLE
DL any mAC Ue
11, the o warranted to. do better work the, S EC
,-do -,-lam s[irethat-if no -tittery ase supposed. in will the.
a"'i do.
t seiil hie? Sin P o sprout if preserved Use the root System
It ombfnes Simplicity with Dtirabillty. SiDeed, 'FURENOS: 11,7#j"11
-good happy rharriagiD. would
"a Of.the old tree, or form a new, root SYS- Be" 610 aeration. w arii longer dthoiit Cost of
t e 8; Its arld
'aucl wwowan, for, JU: she felt tha: t ap L root 'any L otber .nmchfno. R" U'Oelllt Shrubs and fl6weit,'aild
5, teM Of its ite uding -inew repaire'thau,
dl rib I bon tOL bother I the operator.' It is neat, L flub CoVT"
&-cbtfl"b,-11 pa i3ad iehil, sh' Arafs
4. Will anyt ing be gaited in time,., laeld of horticulture By
Pl LL LL , L ' 4 , , ..' th, Orou
'-; teck. and a fair JJttjiB,,,hmd, stantial, ntekeloplated.L erfebt, and adapt4'd t g hly." xmustmtes
j agt: Conlit asjo bcarilag, by'L lidding- &L spmut fro -, J; -irb nting
56 o if t- 1 1. .-1 T L l1kinds 61 0 V rifinlk. 4ki ri presa,
8114 -130t 'tL ' a ,, I .: L . : tion, In' proved vatfeties
:1 , the r ot of a hearing SWLee ieedliugt6 O., it prod il:iarn 'LlwAbie-linaiiiiscript, rL L I I I
r"Ve dffiinlinlie'ss-by 'giving r6rit' p Wees f labor."ving ft
copies e4in '66 Tna;
'there ri :-, , C.' -It is, Wi
T 6 a + 'D n 0 wrltim
Such a womiin 'W 0 or' 1 oT
Any intelligent perso a n bk como g _oPorat-or 4,- 6 ]ea changing 'the ru.t, at-I do,, iyot
in two dam
'min 1 ;18 yt its andom
Rellabl e Aget
I T, 6 M e t i t th as eques ti o n s- 4 r e I u dn Cora ent;eto De4 1 a
.,tti rest zu 0 -Alki P Igt kivm IC

M 7i
fi Sy, c CT ,per d -,* J n d dollars em .4n
Ss llabl e ed" T
h:tO o 'doffaraIi4-'a
per modt ne 'o e soils rapidI"qiiarterI6, tbaA dries, ,cit our lo
ay in g 6f-the, two:-, dol# -rr Th action gr vi nd r Q ateifers w-ith eed'gerraingr,
ra 5
t'nd ))a,, olf ten making it'a total failure.i
tic S bf riaittia], Selectio6.' eis a oUld, not is ra*. ,'Ytie pTibe ti( J
-ii-s 'Of. the of :
bo.-niedicinalI qua I e cottonmpuldnotjustifyAhem in'p&y- a
Insec 9.Ar also less troublesome o ca
ela le are best left'to, the doc- ing 'l6laxits rL n e, "Q
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Tir ei P' Stipp Y d t id beigl i of theAreeL, anol If rw-61re
ia cabibage.6eed-in the, ground- w eT.e.. A e *ere.- la
w76 werel-f6ld tf -J jneippd h' th' Id t4q,:v ,xl or), thei
than when.-theorangehootEfirstA rt6d..
iow, L 'It 'is L lants are to stand.,
-Very lndigestiblt %,-:'- -er p -Nothing Is gained 'eaCh-.TO* ,L_,
gbn ally 'admitted, that no.coun 'their top branches L w6n)
therthings, -eyen inc 'Iu-di n, ong sta,- in.,eatinegs,.1
-,9 tii op,:, eart LI* n Jadt Ahe transplanted 'toue :and overlap., C04
I ta Mature _firSt;L it is:a wasteof Seed;
a, p an Cle ds cfiltIvatioJUtWhdLfe
sa on 'and 'cucumbers, the pleLdotwu thSnL uth'FofoTid-a,, nd-whil .., L- - 1, 11 -11
L -4 L 9
a -:,(J cla & to benot. only diLk6StLi_' -the germination bein much lower- than jilIZ, Th-- tf U
many, r nge. growers:are *aitinz- L, atiori. e, pr
very arii_*I at i, &,seed bed where proper amountOL. b e
... .. Ir 'groves LtOL g I I I I f"."
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per aps, e ittislitio, water Can: be Theplants
DIE,' Edt, Ir 'no 'L 'They--wbhld
L th they" Will lurn eir n ro, tie I L a 2good"OPE L,
se Lm matters 0 ge'stibility cotton. open grounct sowing are seldom as vigor- gOOL "Q
more probably i f i catterled-J)6I,
afi -ffiuch L like the, fashions--ever ... 1. .. L, L, : . :L "I -' L I I T. I -4
ous as from seed bed. L L 'j" f -fE
t One' ad azitiige t1lat long, staple -cotton e at Js o in e (list
angi qg is. o it hoped, how- This open 'L ground L seed sowing is,
c has oveit e h sta is- that it trunk.
P Ort L pleL Can
eyer, that the learned practiced extensively with both cabbage Thi 13 L in ethod'-6f L: C U it Ure 6 a
a jUSt--, d"fL bkma*eted4h,.the'.seid.. -Nriies 'wish- L L
ers WI ef an al r e7 and tomato 'a L L
and iii -n ither one L h _Ve,
'11 -re d t ViL , L", 11 1
ixl_ L L :- .1. n I deg re e, th e s ty I e.o f, )pn
toengage:. M 'L '6 61 1 I I id L',h, ; 1, I I - I
'611 of Cot- an tr ining.L thc
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h top in seotiods-wherez-theri6 are no.gin-: L"
er aps;:
Aild,,yet,- p -IL IS, not'w'brth gr er Akas J
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th at L decision he onion. crop, -we, nink it j --not.. bi deter ed LAs to t onsi e I ologe,'Jipth th6, t
for L V eii if : I . 1 11 ree, and,'applyj,
from: he fear tbat they',will 'not be
idver s ft the sate6b one to pl-antfor market;,,
h"1(14 still con- L tL is t ere they had' io--ttlin "6,h7A1
able' COL g6t'their Cotton L I ers,
girine and pre- Crop
t&e jo ea" Ut L one -t: at tS
'P P" cy pilee
not'a fan b lowbrAiI6 es',an-d
pared for market' Pan;be bagged and
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'L "Ppe O'L large iiecessa
L. I L 11 Coal mar Tb 81
Jj L I I L L- L ." L ry stlok L was prob t
TnEzic V]E; -' 0i t it.will, And ya Pe
a e, -w ere a -ready Sale,- ; I I L 8 il 'L ': L;,7-7- 6, L Haveyour: o thoroughly j)repared. the. trange'. method ot Ar Mw lig, p,
4 "J. 1 --L If 'L L L '' , L ilf S e-a- enT L tobsoc w from trasb, oia I a :'and roots.
Ntronkly Ltobacco free
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Pra ,orOPP-aSL't.caxl be- n an See- cover pne in ch and It tl o
fo i 6. crop for LL all Sop the seed and rlp L even practiced in mariv oTcharo 41
aI co Min F F d 'L L 'tiono 'the
'04 the ,'State.' 'Tobacco fojC'garSL-,.WJIJ f L soilafter ow hg-., If,, the soil: is, firined TlI6 triinrne I barejf ) aldigG
J Jde IS' h op 'that has Claimed ubde ,,q b), Ale Taost profiltable, crop, L there wjll not be any., cQ about oi
le, t d L t'L ee Ab e 1eet up, aridAlii
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seed not Coming lip. .'.Be su tie 1 g. PrOV a jyo L, U up o form K Y in
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ID06 L the J'j067'ing 0 -the-LIL et the genuine ermR a-oniqr geed. t 6ven- -the growing,"of the L C'' bey' -top. Tlio
done zat, 't v3s
orange grooves, last ebrugrv Soon L ". -:.. ", L d a -&, -j,- ,
woJor P UgLoan L Costs inoreL than the SpurioUg-LItalian, h &a
rade s of tohac eL made s, I
appreciatedAlle 11ect sqlty of-ptoductlog
gWclt gold, ps Bermud'a Y L PW or
a, you comedown to h
Rk' crop -anj L rice Was' an article
T, qu d as L h 04i worth some t
seedsmen,:but 6 e I 4-0ac h tree Is socom
area tha t Could L be sed at h I om 11 L 0 r U
e' as we L &S -ib L h' thing, jbjtL I I L I- I ,
re theing w en grown,-.a cannot L -, Lprofit- L ids that manypeo I Aa t
A ob-S.that' proV6 t lb e Mo 't mgrietedL,, they gave it.. p e
L L r i.a a so, be said, o the spu i6us Stock. Ahkt this is the Cat ral f r th'
-abl j aq, a'fxft'iz The 'cause for, this f. i u
ar M we-know-the y old 'was.w erythit6d, th.6 L :L I keS L a, to
obvious, e a y family gardener h
PTO" pqt a MI t c u d'be desired, e 5 rop Small patch L U.celery. The difficulty
je-, and is'ir6xt. axid'the 'growers are in tr U
you L plant 'L
t at is eully o tivated,'and the returns quiteLtbe 6ouxitrkryJB
t. L 11 L seems to be in getting the' n th L CVIt
itio Improved peach'
the SaMe 'pqS n PfAe''lea Y as the come the saineyear L tbe'seed is -planted.
t L C.L Dp" L from seed. There are oompaiAtivel y h : Z
ru ts of, the ciau Tb' is L I I _this. :The
gizaD tic n r ev r as _SUL, -L L I L e ow ate
Y -Th will &:'geiiera
fewthat are successful in: growingL it. L
are MonOpOIlStS;:t, ey L set the price for p& I pea-oh trees have just as g t
n, beL grown ia,&M SieCtion of; the State.
froua, the.. seed USUa
and 'they are to Spread out 'as those 'o It e -a
their proi axid theLcOusumer, must The rice that was planted this year pay thL was Practical. -market.. gardeners.-. e ery p]um. Our I peach trees sb6nldb6,tr
is price or -do without, -for hei e 19 va I ' "I '- 'L
known as the-upland riety that is, L itoult.reLinL Florida has reached,'a stagebo'C61ii-t6titidn' 'th ere 'is, no..oth6r mar- -flooding or irriga. to .1 a-low-hemied, wide-sprp lng s
was: groiirt: Without tead
this year that y ready for right
tjie Comm plants p for,"
which- odity Can be Ins OIL _U
t1oh. The highest pixie land will grow a 'L Y-setti n g L I fi, the open can 'be, furnished advauta os are 9 btjne IPrphased Of course,-the better
good'er of rlo6
OP fro October:to-b cembe We be leve
nly. L -L L 111 r The frtiit can"be picke' u
;'..Ciaba S b en c et
a e onsidiire the C the dultivation. axid fertilization, the
that cel6ryWill, prove, in time one of' :-the L b':- and 1i s tTI
CoTlptr- oil the.globe where the-genutme ter the yield Florida's best market Crops.', prunedL ea 'h sewsoh wi
ubi ) tobi6co 6 re'L a!'P _arge traould be' ow6.: By Cubia The I CtS OfL land in the
On the farm preparations should be a laddpr- any Lo our b st
We do, not espec y mean:a Sta iihat can be easily flooded, and low- SUpplyOf_ RULSt IL
ny L te made f6r. sowing a good
grow upo th'e, topnio st biatrwi6s",
6L grown
iw quba bUtL"US _,Ut
laud rice could. ese di: tre*, wh L
Proof oats. They, make good L hay :and Is difll euW toIj'
_L lf.YOU
A's- a scri Ai a certain. lots to -advantage.. ;Where It 18 LPOS'P: Jeiiii. e p ve of
'he tob a 6 L L 6L t L 9 no
rain 7ant a pasiureL for Stock The brazfoob s a',, po t' Si;ron ,,
LL gra L e-, t cofrom Which ismado :ble to flood th landLplan ed In ri Ce the
there is-hothingbetter than Florida rye. h ddiii--a 6,
a, b6arLthia veig tof :6 Jgddiii,,
the-world amousAffavaun o grs. Cub -expense of 0U tivation is greatly de- L 'L
r e and oats should
nehas sJong pole wi
b Ize 9 Industry bereto- creased.
Sa "MopplIq have 250%OL3()6-pouhds of cotton seed to. it L- the peaches. havL -!
the PoS_ be: Lg
fo, JeL L We haveentipidiatied theAea
t recent developments j justify th a If 6he
re v ineal per ere -rye is to o n :An&1 bruised, R 4A,
b sible COMInK L YOU
tha L Oto 8 ',Of Florfda --crops
e ie, ot' distant future
the. p". 'for Lg
rain. potash should be added.. 'W a everway vIew44;"2;,
th grown while the oranges are
4jft6rids petitor, and, at can
Gr undtobacco'stezus givethe bpn To,- lateral bia AaS S du
k OL
SO f er o L n v ooxn etjt r. ripenlng--cropSL that Will L prevent.;.the low
ar -as nawn, suits with rye., -H. G. L Hastings 'In PlotOL L
I range grower from being 0 en ge in Rrowtb-nopat r
f, XCubktp -be 'growii In Flor.. depend 'I t aliSt.
ida Rur v6 tie
ily a foot aboV6, tbe "ki
0 1 a L Or6pL.And the rl of
fda at. al I and there now seems no doubt L L a Single e DOtL -e- g
tliese ar piuuo,'d ,off
We do not,'inean to
It oan; e grown al, the, weather Clerk. -will
b the growi Ir6e -,go-An
_tt s tem W1 II 'DOS A Oot,
4p; te.e TfiJS'WJ1I Intimate that the OtgPleCtopof dUtb the main n' b,
make the crop's, The Orlando correspondent -of the
and, spindling.' In' fact ,-4ft
ra OpeL a -Fldrids the:.bran I 'W $ 0
nd not confined is the ge",Wi I tod neglectedd Oi L;Z' 1. -,
Florida tj en thuh refers to the pros.; practice jn priming,
casew lithLlpineanples. oranges. an d o"hor I.L be cultlvaLtM _L. but as our roui C, -of OrkngeL C IOU
pe a conditto ouInty. ourpeach trees to be as
to p 6 aye learned somethin-but
cal- crafts, an particular g, Ride, for the first time in ten years, was ,as, the.. apple. Plu7in ot- qi-)'
the 0 an -here, and L tturik-L will be short and -a
I xi.-We ope much from' tobacco r ge canl- be L L 'grown
planted foed and,, flOld.crop, andL&'
Up much less I able to In Ur
also, that It. is verL wise to: grow only'
re in Fj L ?r da PuLthis account. L e mill to Clean, and: repair it for use, and rain Hlornl ;' Tife 6 ?S, 6C'.
e Orange, L"
e"grovh th I Single crop,
Th L ne of long staple cotton, At or, any Other
At L t i as been established here and is doing thicker and Closer iOgether,
YL III devo -po L go.0 L
they, w- eas a rtion of
time s great industry In, -Narthe work. Corn hi b the top.ofthetree.
heir L, to general and:.,spe ial uno the fiea& ahou"
(Idle,.Florldic, AS att to be *er was-before in ge dountyi in!
instead of the lateral
revived. e Of "Joing,
e oultur eport ',show a surplus iiithe, habits of this way; a Stocky t
Cotton _W88 U y 01 to datbis,,
diabontin ed -'Practicall the L farmers, n US" 80 In order b only a.sUrp far
When the orange boom cOM me C,4;- rj3j ft "d G&T&IJ !p a, in should--not be* mo
as the-farmerseare oncer
,%,Js pra&lca lly a e ye
that methe lopg"qtaple cot on-piafkots 'Ooidbiir gid6uing t L e co n t y s L -needs;, A -coryl After that 06 ieid'
-that it lg'-flot,
)rld. 'were veri ch d6r reAed contiaustee-of plautin the same 1 vari- mill haS bpen Pstablished-herej, "d all, -i- f6und h
8, ce,-for e mtpl ber-iezeept'th e tender 6ther'-atMi4er Garden4 h'..The stern.
d t L IS" il IV Isms e36 baiiaju A-the, Oi Y, eme, e