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SIlForida Continues to Lead South in
"" ": .. "" / r.

Section One


rage kive


Coralabent s .... 2

., = Daytona Beach.
SHOW -CH NCE Del ray ........
Ft. Laurderdale I
:~ ort Pierce ...
9 45 PER ENT Oainesvlille ....
SHollywood ...
--- Haines City .
State Continues to Rank acksonvles .
High; Few Cities Fall Be- l.:kland
low Last Year's Mark Melbourne ....
Miami ......
INCE the values of real Miami Beach.
Q Ocala .........
estate are regulated large- Orlando .......
ly by the buildings erected on
the ground, the number of
these and their cost, the re-
markable strides of the south-
era states, in which Florida
perqpatently leads, is shown in
4 b Aldiing program of one bil-
lion. asAd a quarter dollars in
uignth permits for the year
1.9 d $65,904,467 in 139
ditfe.. -ai-towns for February,

TlIkt3. the stupendous total given
by G 'L Miller & Co., Inc., of New
York and Atlanta. Investment house
|*which l'as Just published Its first
S numbs 61 The Builder.Economist."
under te direction of the company's
rooearch department.
This survey, just Issued, says the
Cgln.over 1924 In building pernils
wa 45 per cent, a percentage of
gain which Van well maintained by
the souther states through Fooru-
r, leaving out the border cities of
atImore, St. Louts, Kansas City,
loulsville and Washington, D. C.
Without counting in these rive cit-
ies, all of which showed marked
losses for February as compared
with Plebruary a year ago, the gain
in the 139 cities included in the sur-
S- vey for February as compared with
lebruray, .1924, was 28 per cent.
Sets Race
'The Miller report for the month
at February, 1926, says: Florida con-
tinues to set the pace In the south
with a total of twenty millions. This
Ia a gain of 40 per cent over the
month of February, 1925, but the
state lost half a million from the
total for January." In the Florida
tabulation only 28 of the 95 cities
and towns to which the State Cham-
ber of Commerce questionnaires are
The report continues to show that
the construction of very large and
ea stly buildings in any one city from
Month to month makes the change
In position of honor in the leading
e, W and towns very marked For
pi:.' Itaa"e, the February total of build-
; ,...~j'ts.ra ur this

Feb.1926 Feb.1925 Pensacola ..... 0 0 27,421 CL MriiN rC A most intimate friends when they vi.s- "Happiness
132448 $ 211.125 St. Augustine .. 739.916 .1.78i5.|N fl ited the Tie-r's primitive seaside cot- linuation of v
327 2, St- Petersburg 1.682,600 2.453.200 rLI1ILlULflU tage on the tastes of the Atlantic Ing your job.
ZSa.7o0 .09,71. 452 5 .3nd dunes.n. MnSA I a. M


69 925
401 620


ri ,ara Loa ,,...
Sebring .......
Stuart .........
Tallahassee .
Tampa ........
Vero Beach ,..,
W. Palm Beach


21 SO0

ROCHESTER, N. Y., March 26-
(.P).- Brigadier General Thomas
Ward, retired, died here today of
pneumonia, aged 87. He graduated
at VWest Point Military in
1863. He was the oldest living grad-
uate of West Point and the last liv-
ing member of his class.


Noted Frenchman Says
Life's Labors Will Soon
Be Finished
(<_np riIght. i t ;i. tby t'ri-real Ui 'r,.i .)
PARIS. ArMarch 27.--"I havp finish-
ed my labors. M.y life is completed.
I shall die this year."
These declarationq we-re made Iy
Georges Clemenceau to two ,f his

These friends of the aged states-
man, u ho have just returned to
Parli, declare that Clemenceau's
mind is sharp and incisive, not at
all betraying his 85 years. His mem-
ory. also. is excellent, but his body
is rapidly failing. He walks bit lit-
tle and then with an uncertain, shuf-
fling gait.
Phllosorhizing to his friends, the
Tieger said:
"The great sorrow in the twilight
of my life is the disco.'ery that al-
th,'u-,h I liaef completed the pro-
gram of lailor laid out for me. I
know now that mankind doe, not
find happin-ess in ending life's work.

comes only in the con-
'ork and not in finish-
As Wfe draws to a

c.U-ioIse U UUI i.tUi amUmore aIImore llcu e14
to concentrate my beliefs on science
and drift further from religion."
-(.:P).-Theft of a quantity of illicit
liquor led to the killing of Robert
Graves, 20, at Mannlngton Tuesday
night. In the opinion ot Fherlff S. L.
Cowherd, expressed today.
HOLLYWOOD, Cal.. March 26.-
(.'A)-A daughter bom here to-
day to Agnes Ayres, motion picture
actress and the wIfe of S. Manuel
Reachi. The baby has been named
Maria Eugenia Reachl.



Mussolini Proclaims Cele-
bration in Honor of
ROME, March 27.-Premler Mus-
solini has Iss.ued a proclamalIon for
the celebration Sunday of the
seventh annivC-rsary of the birth of
"The Black Shirts," says the proc-

lamatlon, "after seven years of fiery,
sanguinary battles have triumphed
over their foes, the supporters of the
old oider within and without, saving
the nation from decadence.
"By overcoming almost insurper.-
able obstacles, they have solved do.
mestic and foreign problems, win-
ning the admiration of the world,
The victory of fascism Is due to the"
ardent sacrifices and patriotic fup-h
port of the people to achieve the ul-.
timate Ideals of fascism and aug-;
meat the material and moral power,
of the nation.
"An Immense army, made up of.
the Italian people, awaits the signal
for new battles for fascism. \ w-,
torlous over everything we will' go:



..- S

- **.4,.~.1 4..4.

Mp- glig Is Pronounced
; other words, building activity,
N especially in' the building of homes,
": was: very much more pronounced
last month than In February of
125, though the total of the con-
struction did not mount so high
The Miller report points cut this
fact In-other cities of the south re-
porting for the month of February.
Atlanta. the report says, was boost-
ed to first place In the south, ac-
cording to the Miller & Co. figures,
largely because of tao large Indi-
virtual permits, the $3.000.000 Sears-
Roebuok distributing plant and the
$1,760,000 Macy,store building. At-
lanta's showing in turn lifted Georgia
to third place, follolng Florida and
The Report
The Miller & Co. report, continuing
on the February figures, says:
Second only to. the showing of
Atlanta was that of New Orleans,
wbrch had more than two and a
quarter millions for the month, three
large office buildings accounting for
01,483.527 of t-is sum. Other large
Individual permits include the Se-
curity office building. Miami, $SO,-
000; the Southern railway station at
Greensboro, $800.000; the million
dollar Bankhead hotel, of Birming-
ham, listed In the permits at S.f50,-
000: a magnificent municipal buildl.-
Ing for Danville, Va., $40,0')0, a
Church at Asheville, $335,000; the
DeGeorge hotel, the Houston, $330,-
0'01 'the remodelled Morgan office'
building at Wichita Falls. $225,001)0;
a school at Fort Worth.. $12, oin: a
mnew municipal building and a Ma-
sonic temple each $0l.00Ou; at Abil-
euei Texas.
The Ponce de Leon apartments.
0o00,000, at St. Augustine; the Times
newspaper plant at St. Petersburg.
8 .000:; the First Methodist Church.
92 Daytona Beach, $150.00lo1; the At-
lantic Ice and Coal plant at Albany
Gk1. $100,000; an addition tu the cot-
tn mill of the Muscgee M.inufac.
Stqrtng company, of Coliimt,tjs. Ga
1200.000: an addition to the Murclhi-
S son bank building of Wllminaton.
$115,000. and a Liggett and Myers
tobacco warehouse, at Durham.
2q. C., $126,000.
Leading cities for thi- month in-
Feb. 1026 F,.-b. 1921.
Atlanta ....... $5.7Sl.575 $1 241.502
Miami ........ 4.163 6.3 3.716 j'.'n
Washington ... 3.607,105 4 896.79l
St. o111 ..... 3.l30.20on 4.A71 125
T .ampa ........ 2,365.717 7.53.667
N oew Orleans .. 2.292.S15 1 201 :l21
38: Batimore..... 2,224,380 4 219 520
; Houston ...... 1.910.183 I 639.76S
Jlas ......... 1.937 iSO 2.1 17.M.2
Birmingham .. 1.916 527 2 276 3riu
S' t. Petersburg 1.6S2.fno0 2 If. 20),.i Kaas City ... 1.574,ti.t 5 0i 6 14"
.. ichmod ..... 1.r. 1.919 2 ,,".(, ;2;
", Other ranking cities for Flhriiar\
iJn .. clude Jacksonville. $l. 1;i6 f.3u;
Louisvllle. $1,424.9765; Mlemi.his. St..
8" 54,430; Fort Worth, $1 3hu.387; SKn
". Antonio. $1.286.737; Fort Ludelr-
AeW% $t.Ml.628; Green.-horo $1.016..
"-. .0' Ashevllle, $8333.310: Wichita
S:'ell9, $814,596; West Palm tearh.
#19'",'.t,416; St. Augustine. $739,916;
.'- .~.leiand. $693,440; 0 r I a n d o.
S...:..: ; lug permits for Florida clt lea
IAn. February, l.26i. are a
I iii-,, .
= .: : 1 : .

/ -

- now


"in your home .... or living room
with extra Murphy bed .... dining
room and sun porch .... bed room
.... kitchen . .. and bath .... here
in the Carmack .... a selected neigh-
borhood .... at Twentieth avenue
north and Bay street ... you will
have all the benefits of janitor service
.... steam heat .... individual frigi-
daire . . community room . .
storage space .... garage hand it will
be rearv for your return to the city
S. ... about November first.





I you are doubtless planning your summer trip north ....... and you are contem-
plating even at this time your return to St. Petersburg in the fall ...... for

.... you have been converted here this winter .... you have enjoyed life .... here ....

neath these sunny skies .... ever refreshed .... invigorated by these health-giving

gulf breezes ...... in the midst of this pleasureable activity ......

gff now .... anticipating your arrival in the fall .... you should arrange for your

winter abode ..... r and .... that you may have a complete feeling of security
.... you should buy a home now ...... a home about which you need not worry dur-

ing your absence .... ever .... during the summer months ..... a home which will

increase in value .... and ..... above all ..... a home which will be situated in a

preferred location ..... beautiful ..... convenient to transportation ..... which will

be comfortable .... attractive... modern...

jT such a charming place is the Carmack ..... a beautiful building in the delightful

Section of the city .... the North Shore .... and your home here .... of five

Larger rooms .... facing on a raised court .... will be an assurance of complete

happiness .... it will be wise to make your selection now ..... before you leave ....

to ensure you of best location ...... of a home here at all. . .

- what-




' Such a home as this .... in the Ca-
mack .... will cost but eight thous-
and dollars. . payable over a ternm
of seven years . . under'the co-.
operated plan of ownership approved!
by National Real E3tate board . .
! and you are invited to visit the ful! 3
size model which has been erected at
three twenty eight Fourth avenue
north .... which will be open until
five-thirty today . . although nL
business will be transacted on Sui-



carmack cooperative apartments

Roland Investment Corporation, Selling Agents


.-* .5,

N:M-- . w

* I


d a fo

w.or., ReeseCOC Oit tCU., flvUUL7y t4UIU
ber Co., Ninth Street Improvement
association, Crescent Tile Co., Bob C.
Smalley Co., Good Humor Ice Cream,
W. McKee Kelley and Beauty Girl
On with the dance! Thursday eve-
ning at the Coliseum the .ueen and
her court held sway. The key of the
city was given earlier in the day by
the queen to King Neptune when
the port of St. Petersburg was dedi-
cated. J. Spencer Smith, New York,
president of the American Port Au-
thorities and a recognized authority
on ports of the world, was the chief
speaker at the port dedication.
Grand parade Friday afternoon!
Those who have seen each succeed-
ing Festival of States parade say
with all enthusiasm and without re-
serve that this year's grand parade
was "the best ever."
Music galore! Ten bands and a

s3 Elsie uBogert, New Jersey;
,. Potter, Wisconsin; Mrs.
Chandler, South Carolina;
[ary Edna Hearne, Indiana;
ary Louise Moody, Missouri;
ildred D. Warner, Massachu-
Mrs. Alma J. Hancock, Maine;
(ary A. McGregor, Detroit;
I. Haight, Canada; Miss Clyde
Georgia; Miss' June Walker,
Miss Betty Allen, Kentucky;
E. Macomber, Vermont; 'Mrs.
Herring. Tennessee; Miss
C. SwanSon, Illinois; Miss
e Kelbourne, New Hamp-
Miss Marie Tessler, District of
ia; Miss Mabel Wehrle, Iowa;
SA. Kaercher, Michigan; Mrs.
vin Tousley, Minnesota.
Janet Poulson, representing

St. Petersburg-The Ideal
Summer Resort

For A Short Time Only
Monday March 29th

ugene Perman ent Marcel
14.00 Whole Head -

The Appleton Beauty Parlors
wer and Light Bldg. Soreno Hotel
/Mrs. Florence Gale Smith

Winners In the four divisions of
the grand parade of Friday were:
State society divisions, Michigan,
first; Illinois, second; Maine, third.
Municipalities division: Tarpon
Springs, first; Gulfport, second; Pass-
a-Grille, third. Civic and schools: St.
Petersburg Art club, first; American
Legion, second; Euclid boulevard
school, third. Commercial division:
Grounds Manufacturing Co., first;
Cole Jewelry Co., second; Donovan &
Sons, third.
Friday evening there were fire-
works on the waterfront and many
were the ejaculations of praise and
wonderment as the fireworks were.
displayed in all their beauty, viellng
with the silvery moon that shone
over all.
The Imps took possession of the
city Friday night and the parade of
the horribles was something to laugh
,about. "A little nonsense now and

St. Petersburg-The Year.
Round Playground



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A lot of iune silk
slips consisting of
Tcrepe de chine,
flat crepe, wash
satin and pussy
willow taffetas in
all colors.

One Group
.Others just
S arrived



InM' EW. '."
Page Eight

Section One


SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1926

Flowery Floats Represent Many States in Parade

Ray II. Ln:r!.i, fl-ig
il:e Grand lPraMC2.

q Indiana state society's float, representing the state's position in the United States and its predominant
sminqtarlstles, was one of the most effective in Friday's parade.

4II& \ W4N ,k\V
-5 ...i.;4 . .

'' t. "
-. ..,. .. ..s1. .. .

J .. : .J e ^ .* .... . ... ... ... .... ** **
o cva

Float of tilt Vsconsln society was featured by a huge bottle of milli., fne of the stair'a greatest products.

I .ow-,.V :. ws,5U tr. .'& :.---- ". -- li ,.. -- .
Y. ], ( f., [' "t( ;'" ", : I l -" ir'.V lhii!d;.': In lit' er.q'ted Il1'.- \'ra'.

M.M. C. A. ,

On Handsome

GREATEST single achievement in
the history of the St. Petersburg
M. C. A.- has been the securing
of $550,000, for the erection of a
T. 3L C. A. Building. The opening
date for this beautiful building has
b am set for the month of October.
This building, modelled after the
Upanish style of architecture, will
occupy the corner site at Fifth
street and Second avenue south and
owill cover a space facing one hun-
dred feet on Fifth street and 160)
feet on Second avenue. It will be a
complete building with swimming
pool, gynaslum, lobbies for boys and
Ipean, club rooms, luncheon rooms, a
dormitory with about 85 rooms. It
will also be equipped with a modern
A staff of about 25 people will be
r4qulred to operate the building.
Work on the new building Is pro-
Tgressting very rapidly. A tremend-
eos lot of work which the general
public has not been able to see has
been done in the foundations, where
Ull of the walls have been poured
and prepared for the erection of the
atructuraJ steel.
By way of history It Is Interesting
to note that the St. Petersburg Y.
IL C. A. first official meeting was
held. June 20, 1920 at the home of
t.'D. Harris. The board of directors
was composed of the following: S
D. Harris, E. A. HonIs. Washington
(W-.ll, ,V. T. Bay-nrd. Dr. \V. NI
Zvtls, who were appointed by reso-
lution and the by election
V. A. Chancellor, 0 It. Albright,
eomrge M. Lynch, A J. Wood. C. A
* Btllard, A. L. Johni-on, 0. G
-.The first offic-lr. iof the N-,--.
tid8 were S. [). Harri., l'rI-s.lent.
T," A. Chan-ellor, Vi i,- i- i r l. nt.
1. T. Baynrtrl. Recor,.ine i- i-cre-
til; and Dr. \Vim. MN. Li\3s,
The Board adopted a huo,f t of
9671I. and alppolnted a toniruitce to
ftcure a aeimre-iary.
The next official nm-.i;tg oof the
T. M C. A wa.. held on S.itonitber
17, 1920, at ihe oLffii e urt f'i.ilfni
S. D. Harr.s, 674 Cti.ilii as\Lnmie
Th a- new sesrelsi y. Oilh. i o Bu-ih
was Introduced to the hoard At
thbl meeting it was 't-Itl'd ih.,ia tie
Sew secretary should has. Ilec-k
space In the real estare office nl
Baynard & Thorn, 56,i Central
St. Petershburg ha-i at I1l0t inim
nO Y. 1l. C. A. buildiring or po,,ii."i
of any kind and the 'lirti tr-rs hopel
that within five years tlhey wnoul.l
be able to ask Ihe people for enough
iMoney to budild.
In March of the following yeai
the boardd of Direelors dei filed to
purchase a lot for a luilhing Afiet
a thorough Investlgalion of the
places obtainable, they pun i.-ed! a
corner on Fifth sireni an cd e-.ond
avenue south, 80xlonI feel In size
Wd owned by the Lutheran church.

Rio Vista school float contained an aggregation of youngsters waving

.. . .,.. ,,;.. ..,.. .' '

Float of the Presidents' Union, decorated entirely in white, with' doves placed on top, drew mach applause
as It went down Central avenue.
------------------------------------------- -- -- --- .. ,.-

Starts Work verythearpemoplre ofhanSt.00Petersburg.oys and Florida Weekly Review PREPARING
men enjoy outings at the camp.
;New yuilding In addition to being used by the ho s r en us m n
,"NewBuildin Boy coutsC usthe lcap councrlteirSh ons TremzendousAmount FOR EASTER
> /Vf~m r~fii 1/wvn fr local Y. 51. C.' A.,the local council of ^ /ii c tfy/so i / ~n i J w^'^AL *
Boy Scouts use the camp for their B y EMILE HOFFMAN
summer outings. The camp has aleno Copyrifht 19- r-. I ,.r t. trersburj
Th-rieareduonws$2.0 been used by the following: f f ^M fxw 9-T7^Jl I'^Tmes
The price agreed upn was $25,000 The Girl Scouts. the state gather- e l pm ent Under W ayI
and they set out to raise this logs of Buy S,,our leaders, state Merchants are now catering to
amount, but owing to poor neawspa- gatherings of Y. Mi. C. A. leaders and Easietr 5,hop.per and eve-ryc day adds
per publicity and lack of support on different church groups. rHE Florida Weekly Industrial, sponsored bty city commission, for something new to the attractive dis-
the part of the community they [ in ,pr' plays uf nearing apparel and acces-
succeeded In securing only $10,000. Plans are now being laid for thel Re%,ew for the hec,,ndleck in,,-,mpr,--%-mn-nt%.
In the spring of 19 they were able most succesLsful camp this year, un- March sho"s trmen,-ous d:v..-lo,-,--.r-City cnitmplates .wden- sores.
to secure the full amount. In the der the leadership of C. M .Alexan- ment in all pari. of the .ltte. No, in i .s,-re's in business section. One Fifth Avenue shop is esen
meantime, the program of the Y. der. physical director, assisted by 'a- only are the larger cities carrying Cocoa-Siteen n,.w homes will be giving aid to home dressmakers, and
51. C. A. consisted in conducting rious volunteer boy leaders of the' through hug-' programs of instriit, co.stru.'ted In Casa Loma Springb many of those smart frocks in the
games for the boys of the grammar city who are Interested in boys. tion and industrial developm-nt. hut ..uhd.jviin. Easter parade will he cut by the c.x-
schools and high school. co-operat- Another outstanding feature of the cities like Orali. Bartoe. VWnter Quincy-This city rapil.y becom- ipert cutters pro' ded by this alert
Ing with the churches and Sunday Y. M. C. A. which has drawn atten- Haven. Stuart. Bunnell. Inscrner.'. inv maikr an.l distributing center firm. The serslee is gratis, but of
schools. especially with problems r- tion of national leaders is Its co-oper- Mayo. Fort h'ade and at'- fr tlruk ci-lats t ourse, the customer must purchase
lating to the boys and young men'se ali'e program ,ith thb churches of building and dVvelor.lng at a rate laIn--ri'lnns being mad. material and pattern in the shrp.
Sunday school classes, the community. ablch it is expi-eted aill far surpasns t.r prop..--.J newv hospital. This is a great consenin,-'e to the
After the purchase of the site The Y. NI. C. A plans to help to Floridas record of rti(,oj inii in Nsz-tu Cunty l.,id sall cnunliw- busy woman. It saves her the task
fromthe Lutheran church, the make each Sunda scri-ol lss a actual .onsiri last .Far a.1- -i- in F[.)ridi in lpii.lucii.n of poultry fo slJudying the pattern and hubs to
from ,h utra chrte aeec cuai cix1.usa-Ch b io nl-i:[,:Uo -Ut thy material to tli' h-sti adson-
headquarters of the Y. M. C. A. club of boy-s and will work v.ith the mated Y the State Charnb-.i ofand ,d..-t lalo ut the material ton h..t b .tdrat-r
were moved to the Chapel of the teacher as a leader of tie club. and Cummercen.Cle:rwtte-r plmnllns o u n t y tage-a thrift ite.m mot h nome dri.s-
Lutheran church here the re- ill help the teacher in forming a For instance.. the lime rock inilut. .lAr t, cmpny to build anex sub makers consi delr. The eno satomn 1
malned until the old church was re- four-fold mid-week program with ac- try h.s lkat.e-d in volume until., l-! n ad \,t bt ui th totnt
moved last year to provide for the Itvitles based around the physical, In- most hbeftore the general puh or e-Venaie. En,'l.o m.o nd who c3n e w but ate afi id to ic k
erection of a new Y. M. C. A. build- tellectual. service and religious lines the stlte has been made aware.'Srinlihin railroad ,,k.s r,-mrn,,ion to tutting the expensive fabric.
ctin g The new building will ser- .as a cen. 'here are now no r- s than .27,ti_ ti'hl 13 mil--i n-w hline from her., Judging by the cro%%s that gaher
trial meeting place or activity center quarrie- a' vel opera; inng %h 'L t' Englewood. a here irarfs are di i, \yd it Is ap-
The Board of Directors discovered for all of hee.e church groups. illy output of 2S 600 tons. 'h,- Waut'hula Work on .,00 ,areni that arns are in dmtind
that the secretary tas engaged The V M. C. A. also plans to pro- weekly it vlew follows: Prown Arcade building rapidly near-I This auefssory hao really biome: an
so many activities that they decided mote a Sunday school superintend- B New I ins -mt. t c-leion. irin-gcln I paio of tuOti% s .scoitunie' andiI
itt aSwasyschtosupadden- ton, the staff.ate t be on irtoKw Appni.'r irnatety 1tC',0(1' 'here are s,.aU I for every occ,vien.
it wasnecessary to add to the staff ents congress and to be the head- J t1ucti'd. orth of bulw -dng permits $ie,1d I0, The reLlespop, for every thu dahin
an assistant. Accordingly. H. IM. quarters for the meeting of tie m- Apni -h-orh ofa -uAldaa perm'ts nl tvd Iw Theklseigt uP ar e huo ne co inro
Buland, who was an outstanding isters of the city and the m.,dum Apalihi'oha -- Apalaci-o a Bay ,e wek. Ieogt, squares one corner ote
physi-al dire,:tor front Parkershurg. through which a federation of men's bridge company. ni prnrIe hre-re. nner hat e i-n.h hh 1i 3 tied in a knol around t
West, Va. and one of the leading B casse wl be orn 0 In l-rness-Ci.- will s r.lIl bon& for i s der, t wll hr in ,,in Ficnda., n-,-k. are in great deninrd.
r- stens wn oflwaeicr spply.andlatdpi hs of 4 [',,It t iii et
foot-ball coaches of the East. was As a result of the five years of co- -(Xteoson of %aiatr supl'" and at d-.tplhm of 4 (00 Il 5,, f-. In the mitiiei3 de-ar"lnitrit th,:.
added to the Y. M. C. A. staff to operation with the churches all the ,"r WC.i %erS ms tM. Winter Park--CitNy to vote on .,y th-' tlo.-tone Pfftcts or,- esollal-
take care of the playground work in churchi.s are inlned under the lead-i Mivyo-, 11(.00 l1 road bond is'-iu-. 3'',i6' 0 ..hootl bindI i su.-. 1,, favored. Thei:- cnlrin.iLtuwi of
the school and the coachlon of all ership of the Y. MN C. A. in the tak. vI.tled by l..-f.J.c.-te county. I ,Micolt,--i.uit-etn misil s strectt nat.3 nidt bright' Iui tl en in c-n- hat
hi&h sb.hool major sports. The Y. ing of a ciiy-,ide religious cen-us Thirt%---ix thousand one hundr"-,'t.min" conltrucltd. 11 mal. ani t-,) Ml ,.Ils of PI I
M. C A paid the y of Mr. Bu- This census will be followed by a forty-sIx and- s'-t-nth.s tons feri- ; Apopka--f'lant for ininufaicture of made a charmintt ch.ii 1u.
land, although practically all of his campaign In each church to eel 7er u-,-, in Florida dirnine monihi drinks e"t:il.lhei-d h-r'-.
time was spent in working with the ho.e who are not now members of .Tr 'tr. ime rok In-lu'ly of Fl-,ri-ItDi t--rft'l n. D|. t-b ,-prting
hools, the churcLh to ninle with the church Branfori-City niole, 4 l i''.h 'in-i nirl-...s 25 ectt ., ol.t1;,tn ,. D
This work grew so rapidly thai ni, work of the V M C l i '-u'"! fir ire"i iJt-ling an nI d% trt't* 'lt:irrtt-, ith dil i tt,ul i of 2 'u if l e
ltie MNI C A. finally a% %a In-iru- A. has attraiftrd a great deal o-t at- -""ntrt ,-t "n Iil ci- l-h-d riatri,nil. Sai o Id-City', .inLh great na-
mn n,.l ,n having lh, city,ir' tition through he attltillct Iaguta.:s Sl u rt-N,.' .-,.wor on -in i hi.nL Lee-hur;-.I tnu ,r lil-lino- i",r- i ',.,,ii.i I- putii, i t.' t c ni,-.tig .
ia..- National lagi-ound A- i. and aciititt- in conn,ction with th aI. a'mil, a-- tI "a'-i l ii. .\iit-ile-f liui u Ii.'iio to
ti.n to n' ke a surse y ant as a rt.- hig I sLh-i ol tL.c ns vunnI mt -n on 1 lI' m Clm iiy-'"'h'- l.l'ir of cf ncnm erc, -re t:l--i i.-N-- is r ar -.i-t, hullni- toL" .! i. iu, i cl u l'i.d \titi- teaih.
.illt, thy City F .Ecrea-li,,n:il D, i:uT- |t e t. Tl i w k w ist. hr, ste| i i .. I,, ,r"t-n,'eJ. 'J|,. (.n corner F tli- 'Sir- -t nd-I r .- t I,, -rsl.up;- Tlii d ii.lllLa i i-ult
ni. it s,,'Is form"-l i GltU1,, 'I -Ir h in the school.- here Clrjra.n.t f --Pl..t' ion .l,le .l fr.[r 'itc" .,' iii.i ,i h'."e i0 0-.1 ei.lli]l.',1i
T'he first offiual meeting ,fr lie: plaground gamtfs were i'ondu'-|icd 1 'ldeniniCi Os-,Folan aensc-, front \\111 i7i I i\.,:,n-Nnnmti,.-,rrr ir,?l- EII I-Ch inlii:r or comnreice
it)o ;t oiit orr-anizanin. n _a.a hell it I Thil -work pr.. ,-- SL, ui h larg-' .rlri-or- '- r'ee_ .l'- Haif-n ird- sh. ih oii-l_'i l't ci''r. unt--irg .-iiic aid n- -,..,c i o -tn. i" r. fclmi:-li ent heri c
Eli( of 0wY N, C.--%kin,;to s'-uu eiii-liethr
bhe ht..lui ranc ers Ot iht V M C. '\ I _n thati, i n nici -ar i. -m-l (m -n P-ri i-it- l on. i i r. $1;$,i Uf"'1 diatr-mito plant.
-dn t .51 n .e Ihe nrgan i.a iion of th P [- tg i' ii t lsiunvhao. n si .H nif.e' A.-- in--, l o rnrL "r'tt' .- i -c.' 'ro" -, -nli" .- in- rt !I .r.
It M [uin-J. e.ho -,tr%,.'h1-1,-1.1 ihe P a" .. A von--I'lan, in[l,-t f' r o.r, :u~~ -G t' n le fol )
Si.)l ` hc .e I h O m ,o.n, tnit s ha. In Nit for an.oat *ko 1, ar. Mr U- rl r Irh r.f hr-rt. tie"| r r, l.ltnl. Mnr l
,c-iked hi, .lh, r ihrm.I in hanti, I ii a .- l,.,lil ''d C NI Al M -\l,- Ln- ,. ii -' .. |itrt -t il \Vi'il til, --C n-'i ri. mit- n nf n-i -. t ilNI"r ml'" ny u i'
I I W iCL Ii. t g -h t rpet ,.It --n
Thp Y M C A is oniroll' .-d I.% a I % h I --,. ntef ,,] |hE .l. lT.(1r,1 , .- i ..-n lh. :m ,J "'h .r:i".I ,l. r lo h, V ,n .i It v
bo,.,J rf |l ,lii e torar el...- 'l, annu.,Illy P i.i I i -k .-.... .. ,, ., .-h--. ,r i- in --' h- I,, -' h ,, ,.,i
itl'oubnd the itiuyv si-hoot, baket-Th .-r,,,'nkfn
liv ih mmi,|-hip "i': sork of toll it .L- ;in-I is ,tami .. ThI- L-k.- ', ,rl-CNii''s w lli.r siitl,.t :ni t ,-n,, n- ,-' if .i i l ',-ron of noi. -h(.I..ll
IhirI ,llr lors h s ei-te n o effi. nl it-ll l -i. .- a il,:- ll iri m ,;' a r' -i n .l' tir',i--. iI ti-iltlh_ ],n of n, ,'. ll. Il --ni.- i --'[hi. |i-i,- iil,. tiig Tulllih e-----Ci' cti's to puitr-
luiln ng i1c or ;nrizai,.i or the ,1i r,,l n i hi r-ill t- f '."i tint. A' s,- m i m I --i ",r-iri ii- i n it i'l i L--- i' i r h'i.,ni -i-si f..r ni tt" ni-. n-ia-l'-' i.'.i.ill L'i-iil ii-l t-.tii-
-IIi t eFA rJ. I n.]",,i .i
['etert-r .urg Y N C A. thalll internal iZs l Iof IS OUl-tn-,ri.n ', i. n ["-1 ti"ln (" t'-'lltn plant iiiI 'I Tml I 'I t ,.,-ni, l I t-i, iSN fo -t.S t-N-r.
'ional s-. -.relaries has.- reL.arded ,Ih. II I'h, n'it u.ntl v Tll i, iTs.l ,- I I- I i. ..ft I ii.l.-p -t .. Ii t o-h-n l, lSe, l eor -t 1I.i to- st"-
St [irttr-,l-irg I.(--I o n4 '- of i h-e a.-ton o |',:i about tHic os of; Ti rpon .i-* o.,-- \Work -iarlt-' ,r tiii-tc M-!h,.i,- I t ,i i irk lu t erlL .iJ nr 10 n
Inree h-.-t i o rd,i in ti,- I'nlied of i ii l n an, i rinu 1 2, .- ,, |as ri-.,, -;:,)If 'hir i- t rBell:':l IU'. SIU'il -\. i.' i lIT iii..i-A '. o',IlTi.e.
ihct.i iiie -|'lrnzt-t la k >,;,.vik h t. all ns in ihb- ', *, r, -I.I ti-ih iif i', BrooK.iil.:- SurI st-'.% i-ni. ni,.,i.-'
(C'ampiig has been one of ilie i out. country. 'ins 1 ,-am ne t vecar, t hen Tam i i-' '". ml' i i t t-, i a.-hill I'li' St I '-r-iir.-N- \,.-.t-mIiiit riR F4I.I i-rep-arriiory to laying Ili mil-.- ia
standlngl rtalures of ili. St. Peters- the net rud.nil in l ronlh-iit- 'tl w 'dl.rm nrimi,-un>i d t T.inl- a I 'nl-a r-'ri .I nl- In I t i l- tui tt i 1-'I n .1.3Grille. etpr nauinas.
hurg,. M 1- ; C A. I I thie unmnie of irohtiai,,hit iotne one ot Ih,. strin'ir, -"- IIi"ii. t;tlf r oilt Claruater-Patk siitet mi. he
1I,21 i Ie St. Pelerl.lurg rioy- used the ba -kt ibll aggr- 'atiurs i i ilie soulh MT mi-i-A.,I-I CuiaIhn com t l.i n'. 'rtinr.i I-',lr arnI' ,iild1ln per- ald-,ned to 4 1 fetl.-
nimp owned l.y lie lTii|'na Y. ll. C _n,__,____ -t if1 II:i (;riind ("C-nitral as-i.nt- mil- r-:'. h $1 (isoi', f... Jak-mnovllle--I'lans propose-I foi
.% oil l.:ke ik l P df lt, bul o ing lo The WVOM.\^. 111 irlb,. 1 [''r 4.-!, ur, Nv%% l' ln. '< Oil',n1 l l,'lorl~id [ ,viy Conns I;.il ,n-lallnri while ,y igiglil.s on I..-i
gcenerosllty of Dr .- WV. AiIle-rson. St H t S.\\V :S.-II.LL K I M:,r- h ; it'-, I "i-%Ill r, :il- d10too 1 yi-ylroro hli ',I'A.i rumi- ni r-,n r.r- i irin .o ri l,-iil 1 Il%.N rooai. irold- Imtitl i.ntN line to
lelerslt- trg now tm ns its o n an tai.l 1 i. 1 ; .-1..-- lii -"-,r-- ii .i ,I I,,.- r irlit ,-,r i ii lJ- iT r l\,- lhi,--t' .:. it c -ro its limit.. iof .1 k-,.in ille.
'if 4- acres .l-;:ililutilly loralied on ]lie\ ,I to he Ihi olii,.vIt n-gi':s-i in tEll- _'iermiti -'T'Ii- 'ii n line ro- ,,I1 ,nm t7h oft -il'. Fri-it rrot t itti',tr"n'-d OI''rai'ar-
MounI lake. T'it- u ilnp hu a lain g -., ,1 i i ,i, ,i t 1 I ,. iT Ion-il nil,, -nt d .'-. l'eirlos-.'- I' IC ',la h Coi0%nit .rI l .I ll endl a- b 0.itt s h-re ittro-i > ninI
-ining hail iii IOs Jli-s. the L-lft- hI-re oinls. S-' e tli I:' 1: hil-r' r Fnrl t t-ti.'-- tl-iii ) 11u m'ni iit1i ii inl- i ii n mrllla- taic ir'. n n l rFo $.It. lot oil
of tiht- Kiwanl- -lilh. the -olarv .Ir lii'h .hi]t thr,- are lihvin a. on- in Ilote-. .]ii.I--. l n i . i- sue '".pI. '--. ii'i h.inliiin- ri-ntic Fro.ii.i.-iof i.munt i ui.iotn i.rtiiin
the board ot directors, Dr. Anderson ville and two In Louisville. Bdniord--2.100.000 bond istue Tarpon Springs--"Leader" put- uti new CiLiZenb' Bank building.

St. Petersburg Music Lovers

4re Offered Array of Talent

Galli -C('uirci Chaliapin
never before in history has a
series of concerts on the west
cotnet of Florida iqualh-d in
brilliani'e and Luerit that of-
fered StI. PetT.-i'.jIrti' nmusie
lovers this season i'. S Eneflt
Philpitt. the ('arrenito club,
Prof. H. D. Sle,:-per andtl the
various hotels and org'aniza-
tions of the eit'y.
Art..-tI r-.f s.- id-i-ide fame havse
aip-'ar,:-] in concert hPi- tils .&ti-on,
m.iny Nf thtm for the flr.t time in
Florida. and many of them espre-- I
ei the desire to return again .to the
Sunshine City
An even more brilliant -ries of
concerts. if that is possible, .i- being
arranged for the season of 1327 IMr
Phill[itt hits already announi v-d that!-,-mt-its for a return .n-.ege-
ment nerxtl nltLer have ieen com-
pleted, with Am-lita Galli-Curi.
sho.-e concert here was one of the tvt-ni-s of the year. NMr
P1il[,ll ttis al-o arranging othel con-
certi s with artist of world wide fam.e
and a symphony orrhe-tra Convert
The Philpitt course open il this
-:a-)n on January 21 wnith the
op-.r.i. "Don (G.o innl." pret-itedJ y
the Hndlu sw Opelia Cunilp'iii liuam-
.< red- hy tlie Liek o:.f ,n .d-e, iu.ite
stag- i an-] proiael luigllinc fatcliltit.
the company yet gate ani e\tii lnt
p.-rformance-. a i-ecilal ft-aiure of
ailch wan the mu,-ic' il a'.-. omini-
mntnt by the orcel--ira.
Janu irt 30 Fi ieiJ' llI:mp-.I, cilid
hr "Jenn% LIntt of i, d.iy" dli-_hltd
A large audite ni e II1 li-i lovely
%ui tin-I -.iatmina ei .,-.nilitv.
.i-ntce ki. 'oiihi slties- a-n i the tx.ilii t" .-1 famou-
[.i.inl .. [lj.,I hli..r>- V<.r~rutl IJ
l'oterfuil. hrnlli;int., mnijt-
i1i. witI all ie lote and I i.'ttlii. and
itl,'.- [ ft line -, o f i tone of the m o.-i
iill,.I. ic-t i -int .h in tli .-i'y s-i't
.-ne.,- rlll. r s. onln r,-tJ. by tlie phila-
,.i.-.l ii l n ol-l .k of ,i,<-, % Ihith ''-i-c
iit ishi ,."t -a-illi t .i- an.i i % t-
cxl,,r-' :'n.- in hi pit.1y. t g
.m lIai.a (-li: Ih.i "it;ln. i ious
*A hO ias cha rni,. iidll h nn on l i-t
Sil. m ile f-c .41u.1.tli [- lillV ui.' I ti.-Iut'.
.-1f ir vo .-. -un.- liir 'h-iirTing Ier-
-r'n-t:iii y ..inl htim ir ,riint oh l,'e-h.
1:l -, 27 iotni i c iiiltiil'I- hu
..f Ihe t nilmiil -In,--r tn-I hbir t'c
S...lil-inl-t. in-1i N iidel i-rf.ngt i. Hill
, .I, a,'i.~-i-li i I'r u-n etlet swhi- h
ti.< n,. ifllI oni -lari-lilnl si- ll' .l
'l mil:ii-ti l l-uIoll H iin.lrt.l- ia wi-re
ul ne,- r,,v..iy- from 'hi.'-. Ithi-e Krei- l-l
ind th-ie l'hiletew-k Iconteri-, ildue to
lic likik of an anli tidle hall
Kulhi rlne Mtl.-i le ,l-li,.-hleil hei-i
ulli-.nor' i %oh tin exA -llentr prngritll
.-%himh gave full ci-it|.nlunl'y for Ihr
itIl.- ru nil,- itod e:.i1iii% otf her lloie
Ni.t.-' MNI.i-.-si- i.s ialii g ponrt nin
It.i h lhe 'lii,'ago i.)tera uotnrany.
Sousa's band gave two excellent

concerts, matinee and night, in Feb-
ruary, which proved conclusively
that the famous bandmaster and his
group of musicians are as popular
altih the mniusic loving public. The
r-rograms were well varied and
spleondid in every respect.
The final concert on the Phllpitt
course was a fitting close to the brtl-
liant series. Yolanda Mera, famous
Hungarian pianist, prsroted a pro-
granm of great charm and beauty.
The almost startling clearness of
her notE.s, the great power behind
her playing and the brilliance and
color and romance inseparable from
I" r native land made the concert a
nevar-to-cr.tfoigotten one for those
who li-.ard the vsiacious woman, who
claims she Is a "died in the wool"
American now, with a "Yankee hus-
band and a Yankee farm."
Hundreds of people crowded out-
Elde the doors and windows of the
CLonr-'egational church after the
auJditnttim was filled on the chance
that th-y could hear the strains
trom the violin played by Fritz
Kre-ler. Petfection of technique
is-as 1i'rie. one ieaihzed subconscIlous-
ly that he was complete master of
the instrumi-nt be played-ihat it
was alrnu.t like a live thing to him
-but technique was forgotten, and
in the siillnets of the hall there was
nothing but the story the master telling through his instrument-
Lilte t-ioi3 of lire 5ith all its loves
,ndO Ilste and btautics .ind hideous-
n? -s-itt heigl-hta and its depths of
metton. Kr,:i-lcr was brought by
licf:-.for H ID) SIlIp, a personal
it!,. n.J of I ite \ inlinit.
Tho.'- ,. ho heard Feodor Chaliapmn
-in. the "\olga Bouat Song" and the
',Sig orf tlie Flea" still nevet again
be al.-.' Lo -,iiarate tile singer from
the songs. The great tU.s.iaUi singer-
-itao ,isa. up-mit '1ie uudien'e would
not let .illt leuae. hu was Im.1:-t:"'.-
ed four ire by tellow countrymen In
the audience who pleaded for the
zongs that tre a part of Ihe life
of es.-ry Rusoilan. So enthuslasti'
sta5t itrl :|UJIttILC. so inuch had his
,iniiii4f torn away, for a lew mo-
uneilt.- iu[ se-nce of <-onvenltionallty
andI r.irulnlL one lon.s for a ltoncert,
tiijt th, -.iaer hal dlffi< ulty In
i ..[Iin;rin il cun'ietrt to a C'lose.
Ialmntr Chriltian. hand ot the or-
-oan tl Iothe, nioersaily Of an-i one oa the le-aidling or-
-.anl-L- o ithe ounlr3, guae a ron-
r ol iiiiiitt iiu l exi illene al Ihe lFirst
C'ril.-yivnrian chir-rlit in February.
'ha i on terl wa-a arranged mainly
hihmuh the efforts of Mrs. A, D.
cl. voi k, who has studied under the
'rtmous u igtinl-lt.
-'-t y Urainger. one of America's
'oreniost pianl-a,. delighted a large
.iluin,'e wlth his perfetIlion of leeh-
iil|Uje anil inierretall on iwhlen be
-ippeired here In tvoirert emily In the
s-ason tiniler the auspices of the C.r-
reno club

4 -,-. -I - -N -
' ' -Times Photos by Gasquet
In: beuipfl i reowish lateral Ws CallfomnIia'. cotribution to the Festival ol Sates
la Al Im Mseen folowing.

SUNDAY' MARCH 28, 1926


Section One

Page Nine








TINISHING strong while her opponent weakened on the late
.. holes, Mra. F. J. Doyle, of the Jungle, won the March golf
tournament for women at the Jungle Country Club course Sat-
urday afternoon by defeating Mrs. D. C. Neeld in the final 18-
hole match, 4 up and 3 to play.
The vtetop'y, which was pretty--
much according to expectations, | D P
gave Mrs. Doyle possession of the Mann
beautiful sliver trophy, a figure of I D P R
a woman, golfer mounted upon a be
thefiAl- RASOlTA ClAMP De
Start of the match found the final- Del
late playing evenly While a large UflSA ASUUI T
gallery followed them about the FOR'
course. The first nine ended with
honors evenly divided and not until New York Nationals Close th
the twelfth hole did Mrs. Doyle show In their
a decided advantage. Prom thai Exhibition Season by Beat- way re
point on, however, on the long thir- riol t Americ
teenrth fourteenth and fifteenth, she ing Orioles, 6 to 3 pa of
was markedly superior and the Improv
match ended on the fifteenth green. By JOSP'I1 GORDON present
A prize war also awarded to Mrs. Universal Service Slatff agpr Ci
Neeld. who played good go I f Correspondent to be p
tbhoughout the tournament and SARASOTA, Fla., March 2f.-The to L
I prlimnarysprng tainng ern-his citl
Igave Mrs. Doyle a better game po. preliminary spring training ca on thec
sibly than.any other entrant could palgn of the New York Giants Is at the
have de. Mrs. Doyle medalist In an end. Tonight they are speeding rainin
thave qlfyirng roundly, stood aout In northward to Tampa on the first leg In sn
the qualinfyig ound srtood out In of the Journey which Is to wind up has
the field and as she retained her at tb Polo Grounds for the formal since I
stroke oi the succeeding days of the p o the National league sea- 22. a
Steurnament encounteredd real little opening of the National eague ea- 22. anxerci
son exercisel
oppostlonu. This afternoon they finished up around
Winner and runner-up In the sec- the home schedule by swamping the believe
end flight received trophies, Mrs. D. Baltimore Orioles In the mud-soaked edition
H. Wartser being awarded the prize field, by 6 to 3. The Giants hit every- ago. T
as winner In the division and Mrs. thing the Oriole pitchers had to of- fine sh
E. Carroll receiving the runner-up fer. Hughle McQulIlan pitched un- a singi
award. til he was injured. He was relieved served
"-b\-- Iby Fred Fitzsimmons. the splI
rp --m _ l'flo "We are in a much better position club Is
Toronto Golfer now than we were this time a year Mack
1"7* T O ago'," McGraw said as camp was team's
Wins Event at broken. "We are much stronger as ness.
-. a defensive club, and never in my soaking
St. Augustine career have I had as many crack inlerna
-, right-handed pitchers at one time as long at
27.-(IP) I have right now. Philade
ST. AUUSTINE. March "The race this season for the Na- the Me
rrank Thompson of Toronto, former tional league pennant will be a te
amateur golf champion of Calinada. tough one. It will be anything but Americ
won the' Flhorida winter amateur a run-away race for the Pirates. The Te a
haulplonlhp for the Ponce de Leon Giants will be right up there with games
trophy, h61 since last year by his them and they will do well to look they it
b.ather 'twiley,, when he defeated otit for the Cardlnal&. I don't look New T
....y ..a-Of hais city athe O- for the Circinnatl Reds to come going. F
k t ;*. ^.-.tqday..a. 'aP qnd through even -by the widest stretch maI e I
-'".", i ..--.,, . of the imagination. But with their W5th ti
-,**>t a l ud p at:..- -... pItehtng they will gtve the leaders strateg
^'q lit (Iarx, i xtle albit :6t trouble la 1pts.." "The
'tt, %eigniA A factor Which may a.ect the in- dy n,
!j< B i'Atl.'- crba.:_d Ia.e palng ca. pltgl ia thisgeneral nha- develop
s wieln. difflcult. On the flrst I1 ture of the current baseball. Ac- started
BoleasEhttlpeon. had a 77 and Evana cording to McGraw, the ball this sea- lead on
an 11. Thompson was out In 87 this son is much deadler than It was a'cL. came f
afternoon, while Evans was out In 39 They are using the same ball now right o
Jack Cummtns of Cleveland won that they used at the end of last "Our
the secondd 16 final over Edward season, bult (hi
Beck*lth of Boston, 6 and 5. "The itllows %ho make the bails to our
In the third 16 final, N. W. Deddall don't think they should conisultl tho and th
at Pottsville, Pa.. won on the 1ith baseball Peorle ailotl. th.-se ni:c'tCrs story. I
bole from W. P. Kent of Chicago. and changed the ball without saying 311 rlten
George Yerby of Narragan'-tt. R about it. The rlay will h:i- to the ch.
Ir., defeated Harry Dodge oP Boiion chang..t accoringiv. On my club now."
3 and 2. In the beaten ei.:ht final there c .11 be an Ln,.rea'.e in t::.- hit Joe
of the championship division, and run play%. And, I di..n',. look re-'t r-
___ tor so man, hoi me run_ t r,. F. a-on. kept hi
_, r e a" ,rrIthier. I think the general cbarjc- lat ,s
Iowa U. Relay ter of ,,. game ,ill be (- for firs
siderarihy--unl,.-ss the t:'in.: ri
Team faituil-r-" d'.i]de to change ith i b. l rpam '
Team Defeated ^triop ca
3 ,a,_,a ,. f l e l d s l a
in Texas Meet hot h o
Vanderbilt FrnGridh
HOUSTON. Tx.. March 27-(.Pt)t Grid h'
-Iowa university's tinbeatEn one- M entor O posed arn,
inlle relay team tell before a cquartt O o i t
of Georgetown ncnsipiny to Rule Changfe liltinr
of ~o..o, n,.,.,,to Rule Change ITn
at the southwest relays at Ihic.e tnsti- ult ,11mc
tute here today. It-- ,R
The easterners were con.quered N.\SHVILLE. 6,nn. March 27. brll in
yesterday by Iowa 1it the Texas re- (.P)-Dan MiGiigin, buldde-r of tor.d,''-, .
lays at Austin, but today turned the nidahl-ile gridiron r-; n. at X.l l.r- iout if
tables, flashing to victory in 3 mn- Iilt university, Is -...[ in f.c or cf thuII- 1-la
utes 213-56 seconds and L.-tltr-nt ;: cw ..-,[nictVe rules ro-ilnIc lho
Iowa's time ve-sterday by 1 '-10 sec- It,-ward p-a in football. The vande SIR 1
onds. mentor has anntuinLed 1,1i. in lij S
The I'owa team had gone throuc'h mi'nton ha-s anntaintceu illtit in iJ,, -r
The Tow& team bad on throuhp,non the rule was a sr,; b.,ck TRY
the Indoor and outdoor s,.ason un- (pi, pani has
defeated this year and] capttirid the t-car the [a-i when th nie a.
ofih c.-tnn o~t .i.'1 fasxt an-i Open as at fines. ni
door championship of the -stern "H.i the been such a trule i
conference. toud probably ai sa ule i LONI
Illinois proved its suplerioriy in ul proly hae ted u5
the relays, winning the quarter an e lat ear." i said "We m Lilt"n
half mile events an-d ih- m--,t.y -,-c-n ,Olnts( o 'ne,.n hc'.- n 3.,hln
The University of Kan-as fini hcui th-It c-w could nut hate le ha, P,.ir-nt
behind the IllIna in the quarter and ucrh a rule been In efcit. It i1 .a Sr
half mile relays oo] rult. in thLt it pre--nf, n t,:.nt h ,l, n-
Haskell Institute b-at Krin--i an,] that is bh-ind from throwing ..i'- ter ,
Notre Dame in the gruii-tin -irier pa.-s in 'he closing ni,nil.. hillHer
mile relay. an Inditmn rLnn..r tkin i Thiat i.- th-, r.nly good effer-i hlAt i-
victory away from Kansas in a 'an hate. On the oth,-r and th. .11..
lunge at the tape. ,iJcantages to 1.-m rnd -,:r,-,.:'rr-
-Ire too great to m,,ke utip for ih-
-u icht benefits gainm-d frni lh-. 1
Dash Event Cut ruil.. I
S'"Thre te-,ns, nre c onme 10 I 3' ie -
Off Relay Card r an-. lh- I.m ,i
of gh u ntm t.y pu:n aili' I t ciIi
htJli.tCt from the gp rni, "' ?Ik,? Ben- ^ ^ -
PHILADELPHIA. Man-h .27 -1. ti .fro e M olds n -_
ni it. Ecc'aniee M.-nitor. hr-Ih,. c in-
(/P)-For the fur-t time in a numlier l
of years. the 2flc.'ard,:i 'i>tth isn,- on |0:I11li' the s m n t. tic'..l 'ti' li ,.I ,
the program of the annual tinl.... uin i n i-i i' ^ --
altly of Penntsvt'arlmnu Rein\ Carnit\t t..,' i l lie 1,] thihu l '-i ,. ll,. -
to be held April 23 atid 2_I. I~t il *mii- t-]i I
The relay commit'-e decldi.d t'hi t-. '. n by the altai -k "it .''
year that 12 special evtnts ccoulI --
prove efficient for the demoan-] o' Te L en Eniiiters
tie large number of collent-e an- --
tered for the coan.,... Carnt Tennis
WIth the etimtnation of tie fi>-i C.arltoi .nn i ..
long. It Is felt that the srnriters c cii
concentrate on the hundri-d-Inrd
dash, the entry Ilst of hitch has il- CANNES. I.'i'n,.. Mar, h 27-L.'T',
ready taken on great prorionilon" -nei .on-idprlini hr r d.'uilit- li t"o l.Ii3 i vc11".t
Barrlentos, the Cuban champion no tournament te-nni-] [-foile ,'ilbil-.
who last year gave en esce.lleni -c. -jr.n Stlinn.i L.:nc'l. n ins ,'nier'-d
count of himself, although ha fail,-, Ihe Carlton tournnam-nt v hli'ht o,-.n.
to get Into the finals, will acail' tiot-y -Sh>' ccl Ial\' in ihi il..ih. -
compete.I 'lih Ntr,. I'lln ll i '-it It'mi. .... ,.l '1. I"..
Entries are potrinin in for tile 1" I .ni.i'.in, her it-,iini i Mllr I.it1 -
speclal events, which inclu'le ih- II u.n al'o a-'il par[Icii.ti.tti. 11 i ,i,''- --
decathlon, the century. runnin.-" tin,"les e.hili.l-On niati hi-- ,iunrliu the
high, running broad, pole \ail' |;iu i-to days nf I he toaurnm.ntm 't. .it
hammer throw, 400 meters htrdi-l- She appears to be lntlne conhliiton
hop step and Jump. two mile run after her rest in Itsly nnil is Inr.,c-
Javelln throw, discus throw and shol tinic daily, on the Nice cour-s.
put[ lii- tODE
ATLANOTA. Ga., March 27--(iP)- CLEVELAND, 0.. M.irch 2/-

Ohio State ................ 4 3 6 (.-')-S- tuffle Callalhan. Lhiii- o. n.- .
S Georgita Tecb ............ 11 12 S been matched to nier-t Tonimy Ft.-." it 1.0
Ulsakhart and Mackey: Vhalsson, man, of Hot Springs. Ark., liere in
I- l sf'lt.r d Alngle,. a 12-round bout April 6. -

|'8. ..,. .
:, ::,:. .:,*a: _il-*"


Women 's








(Special to The Times)
iger of A's Inclined to IAMI, Fla., March 27.-Capturing two first places and two
Pessimistic on Eve of M seconds in six races, swimmers representing the Spa
.Swimming Association of St. Petersburg gave the team of the
parture From Ft. Myers Roman Pools, of this city, a close battle for honors in the open-
:- 1 -- U q- i ]-r k A TT- -----ILD---I

r MYERS, March 27.-(,P).
, Athletics are to take the bit
r teeth and repeat the runa-
ice which they led In the
an league during the early
Last season, they will have to
e considerably from their
t form, in the opinion of Man
bonnie Mack. who was Inclined
pessinjistlc today in sizing up
ub for the Associat.d Pres-
eve of it, departnire from it-
g base the first of next week
ilte of the fact that the squt.d
it missed n day of practi"-
ls arrival here on F-bruary
I most of the time has been
Ing with the temperature
the 81): mark. Mack does not
his outfit Is in as good con-
as it was at this time a year
he Individual players are In
ape, and there has not been
e injury, but critics have ob-
that the team play has lacked
rlt which is present when the
Blames poor hitting for the
present lack of impreesive-
The regulars have not been
g the ball with vicor against
tlonal league pitching in the
Tries with Baltimore and the
-Iphia Nationals recently held
icks to two hits, though the
an leaguers won the game
also hit poorly in their tcwo
agaInst the Giants, which
st. In the same combats the
workers did some terrific slug-
'riday, however, the Athletics
15 hits in their second game
lhe Phlllies and the board of
y began to cherish hopes.
boys may come to life any
w," said Mack. "Last year we
ped slowly and did not get
until Boston had a six run
n us in the opening game. We
rom behind to win and kept
hitting has been weak so far.
a fielding has been fully up
which stan.Jard of last yer
e pitching has been satl-sfa'-
think we shall come throtuli
it. blit e ? are not ready tor
iampiuonhlp campaign right
l-T i1-,er T 'tq -l i,, 1. -; fu tlli

ing day's program o mthe loridaa A. A. u. swtmmlng meet here

DALLAS. Texas, Mardh 27.-(.q')
Chicago (AL) ...... 11 16 1
Dallas (Tex.) ...... 4 10 3
Edwards, Thomas and
MCL'urdy, Schalk; Victor, Andrews
and Hingllng., Wicker.
MIAMI. March 27.-(.P)-
Cin.'innati Colts ..... 6 11 1
Cincinnati Vets ..... 9 11 2
May, Springer and Ragnow; Day,
Picinich and Sukeforth.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 27.-
(,Nf) --f
Milwaukee (AA) ..... 0 4 0
Little Rock (S.A) ..... 1 6 1
Danforth, Stauffer and Thiomjp-
son; Mack and Dickey.
Minneapolis (AA) .... 3 7 0
Shreveport (T) ....... 6 9 1
Hubbell Harris, Wilson and By-
ler, Sengstock; Whittaker, Rclrh-
burg, Adkins and Polvogt.
MIEMPHIS, Tenn. March 27.-
Toledo (AA) ....... 34 14 0
Memphis (SA) ..... 0 3 5B
JohpPon. Frey and Heving;
Hodge.:'Jones, Hensi tind Cousi-
neau. Tarver.
THOMAS'VILLE, Ga., March 2.
Atlanta"'(SA) ....... 0 4 2
Rochester (1) .......
Bagl., Markle and Lu; eb; Mc-
Graw, Dlevlne and Start.
FORT WORTH, Tex., March 27.-
St. Louis Cardinals....... 16 21 2
Fort Worth .............. 7 9 2
Rh-m, and O'Farrell. Vicks; Head,
Farrell, Walkup and Smith.
MOBILE, Ala. March 27.-(.P)-
Louismille (A. A.) ........ 7 9 1
Mobile (S. A.. ) .......... 5 6 1
Dherry, Ko.:.b and D-\ormnir.

SAlthough Jack Hall, of St. Pe-
tersburg, won the 100-yard back
stroke In 1:11,1I-., and Marjorlce
Provost, of St. Petersburg. took the
women's back stroke event over a
course 46 2-3 yards in length in the
record time of 362-5 secondA, the
outstanding performance on the
part of the Spa's rr presentative-s was
the swim of Msude Dew who placed
second behind Betty Andrew- r.f th,-
Roman Pools, in the 220-yard free
style, in 3:03 2-5. which is 103-3
seconds below lbh? former state rec-
ord. Miss Dew %as five feet behind
the winner and lier own time twas
3:05 flat, nine seconds below the
former record.
Marjorie Provost also won second ]
place in the free style dash for
nom-n over the 46 2-3 yards course.
two feet behind B-tty Andrew-.
whose lime was 27 1-5 seconds, a
new state record. Ruth XVilliamson.
of Miami, former stale hie-h school
champion and record holder, was
third In the race.
Both Betty Andrews and Owen
Deshong, of the Roman Pools, won
two first places in the six events.
Swimming of St. Petershurg'
youthful entrants was the feature of
the day. Miss Provost, 12-year-o!d
star, gave the big gallery a great
thrill In the women's dash as she
raced side by side with Betty An-
drews, and again in the baitltroke
event which she won over' Rulh
WiUllmson, high school star of a
year ago. Ann Booker, of Coral Ga-
bles. was third In this" race.
Coach T. J. H rowland, of the lt.
Petersburg team, was highly pleased
with the showing of Jack Hall and
Miss Provost but felt that the finest
performance of the day was that of
Miss Dew In view of the fact that
she bettered her best previous time
by 13 seconds and herself smashed
the record by nine seconds even
though Miss Andrews won the race.
F-.ituire race for Sunday will be
the 2"2n- ard free style for mirn and
Coach Howland has hopes that Jack
Hall, of St. PLt.terbiurg will h,
am-:ong the first thrne in spite of the
una-ullilly 1 Lrong comr.--iton.




Pirates and Giants in Na-
tional and Senators and
A's in American Look Good






B ATTING two of George Sisler's most promising young
hurlers for 15 hits, including triples by Gibson and Wilson "
and a home run by Dave Bancroft, the Boston Braves brought ;
their spring exhibition season here to a glorious close by swamp- '.
ing the St. Louis Browns, 11 to 0, at Waterfront Park Satur-
day afternoon.



Sixteen of Ci

C-- It was a victory doubly sweet to
th.- Braves, for it avenged a defeat
at the hand.-3 of the Browns In a
LFERS ao,,. Ittfac. it much more than
game at Tarpon Springs a few days
ago. In fact. it much more than
T Rmade "p for the loss, since yesterday
the Braves were clearly the best
TOU R Y team in every respect from pitching
to 1lotting. Even In the field. the
Braves, who have shown a tendency
country's Finest to la.n':,.s in their last few games,
Pla i exhibited a bit of the form that made
Will Play in them the sensation of the spring
.h P'xnt training season at its opening.

NEW YORK. March 27.-(.?)- illl -.vetll Much of the credit for the top-
Although at least five clubs figure thea) ,victory of Braves must
themselves likely to be In the ihickiNEW YORK, March 27.-(X')- go to George Mogridge. veteran left-
Ethemselves likely ntries of 16 AmcrIcan golfers, in- 1-ander. and Joe Genewlch. one of
ol each of ihe major league chain- cluding the eight members of th,- the mainstays of Bancroft's hurling
pionship frays for 1926, the main: Walker cup team, have been for- s-taff last s-ason. The two pitchers
dliscu .-ion of chances SO far hasl warded tn ihe Royal rind Ancient kept the Brow'ns cell in hand
club of Great Britain for the Brith throughout the game, getting them- .,.
cFntcrcd about the two clubs in each amateur chaimpionhip, the tUnlted -elves in few holes and climbing out
crctit whi-ch did most of the 125 States Golf association announced of those without a great deal of -
battling-the Senators and Athletics today. The tournament will be heeld- assistance.
ir the American and the Piratei-s and nt MNirfield. starting May 24. Riconda Stars
Glinti In the National League. The American starter- ciil lnclut-l I- Harry Riconda. t d baseman ob-
St. Louis, however. has a double William C. Fownes, Jr. of r iPi- It-ned as a sort of throw-In on a
rebultal for tihe followers of this burgli. president of the IU. S. G. A.. trade sth theo Brooklyn Dodgers,
quartet of outstanding clubs. Cor- and Albert R. Mackenzie. father ol trd uted some of oly mot spDe-s
respond],nts in the Southern camps Roland Mackenzie, a mcnmber of the t.ular fnlelding. for consistency.
have been particularly attracted by' Walker team and medalist in the that has been seen at the Water-c
that ha teen senaat tekWater
the fighting spirit. as well as a amateur championship Oakmot front this season. It was Rlconda's
formi.ato ability, displayed In ot last year. day on the hot corner and it seemed
camps of both the Cardinals and The other entries, additional t! That his pitchers were feeding the
Browns, guided by their twin play- members of the tnitied States team. bal to the batters to keep him busy.
re James D. Standish. Jr.. anil C I alt
ing stars. Rogers Hornsby and Ja s D Standsh Jr. and
Gcioree Sisler. Gilbert Waldo, Jr.. of Detroit: Law-IAt that, dawn the third base ine
It ir b oe M lo f Gre ^nw.* 01rinn 'seemed to be the safest place for
It ii noteworthy, in fact. that St. re-nce M. Lioyd of Grnch Con., i sure outs.
Lotis is the only city In the Ma- Grant A. Pecock of New York Al- Riconda tbok up grounders every
fred C. Ulmer of Jacksonville. Fla. I way. mostook up gr o n er bander
rs cw,!t two- teams figured to have and Donald Woodward of Chevy ray.r m st of them with one hand
slrong pennant chances, a situation Ch laterr speedy sprints toward second
chielh has not prevailed to any Bheides Mackenzie. the Walker cup !or at the very edge of the bag. The
marked degree since the New York players are Bobby Jones and Walltt last play of the game 'was one In-
Yankee3 and Giants held their mon. Gunn of Atlanta; Francis Ouimpt stance, as he scooped up Dixon's .
opolv on both league honors in 1921. and Jesse OGulford of Boston; Jess drlve almost behind the thir bag
l1'22 and 1923. Sweetser of New York: George Von a d caught him easily with a fine
Last year. St. Louis was the only Fim of Los Aneeles nnd Robert A. throw. He was credited with seven
city with two first division outfits, Gardner of Chica-o, the team cap- assists and he handled every one of
the Brocins galnig third lace and tan. Max Mnarston of Phlladelphla. them in fine fashion..
the Canrdnals fourth. Both have f-il- alternate on the team. also iS ex- Dave's First Homer -'s.
lovers who already are hearing the peteled to enter the British chanm- It Is not easy to pass over Kly' .i
buzz of the pennant bee. although it pionship. .1_ j onda's playing. but one must pay
would rank as an upset for either .. me attention to the hItUng ot the
to win and calss as an upheaval of COLLEGE BAS ALL Braves at well. Dave lBancroft got "
the most violent order it both led At Atlanta Ohio State University first homer of twl year dB Ao g t
the way to the wire.r h 4 Gorgia Tec.h -1-1. drive that went pa st lillaias and';. .i *
One contender seems to be .bhe A,,f-'f.-- f ar away into the buhes, t. i ."'.. .* -
best any other city. can Irodice It I",-,I T[rT TJ'I"'TI 1' | field. Frank GiOtla, veoteran-t..Bt i: -
1926. The giants carry the hopes ofL lJJL N" lL A'iJJ. 1 er, besids Ien tt" a aIn.l ." *4 -. '
the metropolitan area, with the -re ., erI-beids-I t-W1inIa dttouifll EIt.>aPia j.-,
constructed Yankees and Robins BOSTON AB.R..BH.POA.E. porary bleacherSti i rigt c.stA. ', -" -
rated as 4ncertaln quantities, Chl- Gautreau. b., .... 4 3 3 4 1 0 which would have been a 'i":
cago's White Sox look powerful in Wilson, If., ....... 41 1 2 1 0 0 except for ground rules. In the :'
the American League race. But the BroWn, 6f......... 5 0 2 2a 0 sixth, Wilson caught ob.61.6 -I'Wevev'- -
cubs appear to critics to be doomed Burrus, lb., ...... 4 1 1 15 1 0 fast ones that found the center of c '.
to another in the second division. Welsh, rf.. ........ 4 0 0 1 1 0 tha plate and lifted it Into left Ceanter "
The Athl-tics ocrupy Philadelphia's Riconda, 3b., ...... 4 0 1 0 7 0 for three bases.
leading role. with the Philllies not re- Bancroltl, ss., ..... 1 2 1 2 2 0 While the Browns were being set
gnrded as pennant factors. Boston's Taylor, ss., ....... I 0 1 1 3 0 down saorelessly inning after Inning,
Braves may be the National League Giibsot, c.. ....... 33 3 1 1) 0 the Braces open- d up their assault
sn.aatiin, ,f thilr pr-season expec- Mogridge. p ...... 2 I 1 0 6 0 oe, l.y. Gautrau counted in the flrat
tati,:'ns are fulfili'd. but the Red so x Gene%%ichli. .. ..... 1 0 0 0 1 t fram- when he alked,. went to ec- .
arec not claE,-:d as c-.nt-nd,-rs. Igh. v......... i I) i 0 0 0 on'j on V ils-it's a-rilice and trotted
- home on Bitov. n's inigle.

ri from i tihnirv n h, hjh Me r: Mrurray. SuttleniSre, Me- M3rnirrr or the party from St. T--.ial. o il 15 21 1IrNo GiLson 'Jled th2 second run In th'
im out of the ame most of Ev'crs and Rinchl,-. Adams. Pei,-rFhir' which incltud e ,ir Tlnernatinal ST. LOt IS .W. BII.PO... thrd i,.n ne tritled ant1 came home
.ent -f HWill and nMisq Dew. ,,lt aihr Intetational Rite, rl. ........... ... I 11 i 0 I on Bialu'.s wdll toss to Dixon as
t a-o. H, Iii .Ieh.,r 'th, a?' TUSCALOOSA, Ala, March 7- jth Coah Hov.d,n.. exp,:t t, rt Gerber, s.,..... Ii i, .i 1 1 ie pit k,.. tip Ahogrdge s slow roller
-t with Poo. iin th e ran ,npz (,,n tI. iet hat: y lrjli h lhe W omen s Court Si.ler, lh .......... O 1, the trit baoe line.
.nt w h PI in i tra m, mrin h,m (S\ ........ 9 S S team m.mb-r. illia I .. ...... 1 I I
m..'. ih,-q, h-f ihr.n tho in- UTniv.ersty of Atal.:inR..... 7 8 Ev Planned 1ca,.2b. b .... 1 i 0Acion egiis
ar In th-e -,hhibtlonr cont-. Joyce. Friday and Yaryan. 0 Brien: J -- acbison. f., ..... i 1 2 i ,1 Real action -egan in the fourth.
on the de-Nrno anJ at hatt TI1 Lnd Chnrmb r. Cruise. Dixon. c ...........4 1 3 4 hoecr. Hturrus was safe when
has al, .-hown utip w,wel iI, l o1I NEW YORK. Marh 27-f.Pl- RnRberi. in,0 3b .... 3 0 ? 0 3 : t Gcr-t.ber jUx..lIed his roller and went
feld anod is :xpee'f-dc. to pli\ Rl-ICMOND, Va Ma rch 27 P orT~o V Th? I. nit''*d Staltcs L-aN Tennis as- i~,up, ..... 1,0^0111''seo~ sWl' oldt alu
,, The t ntsd Stat.o. Lun Tennisa ,au., .........1 0 (11,,,1to seoon.t ia odsIh lolled to Ballou.
Plys'vis Va~ '~ i in i-i r iiin'oiiit ir-n'.)1 1.Iit. onija ccae out. Robert son to .Sisier.
ot of c.n--n Hirri-' an.] )_ l so,-raon to..lay r.., ki., negoli ,,n1.i rai ., 1 .. ..... 1 I 1 1 1 I on a u. Robertson to i lr,
RF-u hm ,on.] (Va) .... ....... 13 17 3 x ...
'..:,run ,t.ith.r-i. hb .' bot, ,hn n.Ji (\'a, .t. ...n.... r3 ra t3 F ,orni ,rai tem m.ith he- ehn. :,, ........ 0 0 0 0 i' anii r. un u. rient on to third. Thus,
nt. Inning'. to in .icr-,.v Ci (Int.) ......... .. 6 t1 I'. n c.rurn'cn ri .-rs i-f thl raountr .i- t--u I.o out and a man Ort third,
r,:. H ,r'.rrs.' corn r't- a:., e, Fwenon. Miatt ncly an-I and F| inn,I. to I-.e r.ltn d at the WVe-t Total* 3'-' I, 1 1 'a he sta-e ,,.L fir the rall' that
Sid clb. er, -t FI atI the "..Lpr o t B ie u allo,,l32 1h. 9 1 ... .the g m o h rally tha
am-nm-I 11as.9 al pit'.hi'I c0oni Bran h ": Z-hller: Parks, Spaulling PINFrHURH T. N. C Mar',h 77 -?7 ti t lhe Fu mr' t Hiluk. N Y.. prior \ uiied fur B .llou il l 5111. lii. ... thl oame for the Braves.
-ill f.d t.II I, tarr exc-r.i IFri- and Frnilag. -oInnn -,lt N ir nih W r o a m n d n rampton- s it or Mi.riuge ill Gill. acruft looked oer four not so
-n thr ['liis kn-r. him _______ .hir.s i i % in AauLust. ctinre it. ,linis-: coO..J aiwdl v.alkedt 10 io'itl base. Gib-
h Y ,' ,n t h r P l li k k n o c k te d h i m r- n r I f 7h a m r~ i- ,n.- .11 1 1 1 m t I e r w r e bltnfil : 5 1 41 1 0 %I l ,-I .- n I .tl h ,. J.1 o u l a ntn a s y l it t le d o u b l e
Ih. b.ux In tlh e-ci..n'h nftr r NE\W ORLE.XAN, Marrh ?7.- n'n 'i m Airr.iii-, mntin- f'r the visit of a i-IIun ...... Ull I ti i. ou n aa litle double
hi ink ,l for ?ix irnina .l'.tl- n .. V' in. \,i. ,'i. ,n-',n cli, m iin. i t le .im. -lii-h 1i1, I' tlude th" po,-- .. Lo.uis ...... . Ill Uh I II l (' -- 1 t. II IhI ti-ut Ri,.e failed to field per-
R I h ." ri.init .,nm-I n.ic n it -, -i ihtt, of a return in a-inn of Ani-r- T\uoba;e hiti : \1 illi:lin, Gibsii. ft 'll. and eoth Buru-ianil Dancroft
_Norr11 and Slth_\V,,rn W.-r'__ _lf,_ilrl_,:a_ _hyS_ _zannel.__nlen._%ere ,G ,Itn crtF-edItheIplate
I'H OMAS LIPTON TO Pnon (A.i.) .......... i n' Sih ri Anat i i nn L-nl.n. were ,lis. rlr. Silrr. Tliree-ht." llit: 1:. Citt.'n crc'-ed the plate
HON.-w Orln n.' (.r \) ... ( 10 2 ir iirn nm2nt. Itus,-i.. y Am-.-i,,an offlTicals with 4ilh i '.ii\ ""n, N,'ern. Home rilin.: wh-n lMogrTi.Jle in l.,:.l down the
YFOR AMERICAN CUP Lindern Wi,.ir ,ndi G.'t-.ln P.rah emr- lhrouch wuCihi ,v '.I- .i. J,an Borotra. Hre Laco'ste and Bandritll. .rrilire hlits: Wilson. third l.. i.- ln... Gautreau singled to
m i___( % .:. 'iros. S.-.ffman, Hilton. t.ou-u ifi -r'j,\, the ft:'- In-r k 1r; ; JcJ i',l :s t'irui.'nutl nJu -nL" treir par- \- e.lsli. o.,l-lbiiu I;t n oi hallk: oil:Ii I .I.t rhiJ Mo-r'. e, : .I. o to %ent to sec-
SImiipile.r,,i e ch r ndl Dha .].i .Irs. J:." LL'-- li.:-k'-n '' v n k N ', N tJ ,,r Tri Ion in to tloor inalls'he r h rc: tl ;j|ih)i, :; it.fl ( 'eneiicli, 1; I lfl on.] a-i Gib-on rore-J, also counted.
Byii i inile.l l _i___ei. I ; n- 1. iiil,' Mi'- .i b.-",t Ann,' w nint.r. N ,ec -e . StruIltkl oult: ". ly M. r-iltZe. Ga.I .aJU ,-nt. to -e:,nndJon the play
(Special ('ablDc Inipt~hl -'"
DON. M irbli .' .-- .ir Th-ima- T OCM e r'\ I IIE. Ga.. March 7.- Mleriili. N- ti.,n Center. Ma . e an.! i Fnal de,,ih-n not. r.-tsa will the 1; hy l'ilo,, I. Ih. ihill4 il4 a .: lS:ill.ii I ni i.'I.l 'v hen W i'lsc.n singled to
w ill ir. to lift ti. Ani ilr in (l.'Pi--,cianta 1S\ .. ... 0 4 4 Fr.nih I t-nni., l, f.'.c lratinn i ito Sirt', l- 0 B I an. .ila.- e- nitir. L3roa, n ended the inning by
c clip in 1",- 7 o .' lo,.h .' Il .. ... 1 t. Oih.-r '.-niiin.ili, i10 i I o' ....' I.' -i'n ...tion of the arranrr ni.-n rr.l fi, iler t I l )i\iiim t Si-ler, u ir- i. llnin t to P1allou.
,a n niii it in th: ,i.i.. in'- .! ,..r. h rI%- .' ,,. ,:- ':'r' Yr'.in or iln -I..o rlirnn.' ,:,1l.| irouni out lh. mo..t ext..nsivi. ru. to lo Burru-. llitl : Il l.nd all
En.tinc-:01. nt in t her Murnin.. F0:I-.. 1itrrkl.. otin.] Lu- lt.- ". F ri c. Vutrc -o.. c in rRally 'ii
ir..i. l.- in.- *'nI r.?irr. ri, l;,hih Q ,l-r. r ,in nn.3 -ti1 2 ' nro-:riam in th. h,',t.or. .Il 1 l i ill I iiiiiiil.z :; ill Neverw" 14
Them ,-m .% ; il ...nd a anlI li.,n r i,'.-'ion Mi of tih. r.'m. ni.- n an alrn] h ,: in 4 inni4 .r; lf Mo ti, i tI'e I; i t in slin got throu h the fifth orn
. ilu.s .,i:,i-. 'r ,i I ccill n-. tI( I.-l(.l' l: Bi. I. \ -I.I evh, ,I,.r,'.tcd Mrs. Emm. nit Frn hl, beu ni l-a.-., ) s.-ndl i-. m n of h,,-tI ina.: l i i (,..n'if :; in :1 inninii-.i i hare but Ernie Nevers. tor-
n, c. .uii. r .1 n ,-n.J iv i." % .\ M. KeENZI:. Tenn.; Union 4. Lrii .:tiwn. 5 and] 4 The final- I e. Ti',oni h, . nlrv a broqd to Tile.l I houl r 9minut-.. 'nit pire-.: m'-r i it coast football star. was
"i wlt-i-ir hv Ti- dL NTh i iEtaIF.rc.i ,-_ uctlUll. and four more runs
of Ihe S1-l r..k IV t I l i I. wX[_,_ill ho pl Tii-,.ny.In .rdl.- in Enclan.1 nn.i Francel\V l ..l, n ,.n ou .J in ~he inning.
Fur ih.l l '-i.'jil liin_- eery member
of th.- Ii..\, is came to bat. Bancroft
or .. :c 1 cclbh a home run. Gibson
Florida State League Season Will Open On April 22 : out %i%,.' d.Gene-
kk\ fi.1 ,Il=] out to c nter. Gautreau.
..;. I,,, s, ond sii.n le down The third
~ -- -I- 1I,1,, and W ilzon scored both
l o r r l [ r .> ..r arr.J Glu iiean l with his triple
111.l[) 0 itI.\%1%DO I.%h. I 1)T.M '". P11:1. 111 |.B[Itt, 1 I. l 1 FIt n n kIt~ ) I%f N"rl.\,o \ l't_;O I Id I ]i, c t
IIt o I' ft lliot nI -iniji il to kit. scor-
,: ............. ...... ..... R E A D .... [' .. .. .. '.. .' ..a... ... i ...,. ] .1. .. t 1 ,-., h. ..... .....' o,, 1 a n-.,eo
I ]I . 1f' I .. ",, -. -, .r.t thr.:j m ore hilt all
I "l, -n----___ ,".,_________h____________ ________ I *iilc '. in th:-. i.'-,iIti-ut failed
,." ?J \M ;i' ., "_7.. ." I .ti.,',. :,,.',i.'i ; .n,,r,." ." ,*'' 't -'] '."*; ''ll . ,, :' '. i I i;,, : :.' ['1:".'F a ul,k'' G ib. ,,n ,.nd D ,jv\e B ancroft
Si .......... .... 1.......... T : . i i: i .- ...TiH i l3th .. tpe rect days ,I bat. Ban-
'1 __ I_________ 'i-"t" ', 'llI.', i.'i.c and hi. a home
S|I I lit. '. i',l Gil..-on htt a ezinile, dou-
'. 'i ,,. I ', ",-'* . n \ [ -1' ., .. I .. .. ih I | '.C l llil n ] t[ .l r c t a n- l 'i- a b a se o n
. D ...... .......... T IM E S , I : ..... .. i .. ... -' ... .11 ",. ... ... .

*oIT I Senators Bunch
........ .... .. ..... i.J.'. 1 . .1) .I ....::" .....;. ...S PR_'.. , .. ,' .. ..H t o D f a
,, "-.7 u .,, \ ,. ;. \t ''"\ M ] \ "" 1 ,SP O R.Tl- It ,l,,l

K I Ell-I;" tI I ,
rititt~il iin.

I LItI .....


1) L ..... ....................

IiM. l i. .N1 I. . i i I. ,:. | I I ,,i I . ti
.. . . I : i .t i .. .....l . . .. .. .. ..... l 1
"\ i .. [. 1" ^ 1. 1: 1 . 1. .i i. ir ', r:t -. i *nj' 1 *-* -s. .I -. *
I' I

I.l .. 1..5..,' % ".l 1I _, ,,7 l. n. .'.. .--1
ll' ... .'. *l. ? l" 1 .. : ,, . 1 ; .l.... :;1 ;" : i :1 J ..] l l'. ]'" 1 .. . ...... ........U ; ;' ,
I i I _

'i .. 1. 1 I' .1 1 i i r Vt. [ t' -i] l-;..l .\U-;. :ul.'tl l i ul :t '. l., I -' .'O O i ,.t :l .1i '' .l - "

I,. I I.'' I. i1 i'It., ,'.1, 'u, v ,- 1 '"';;, ," "' : i?... ';",--. SC O R E S
i trl. >1 S 21 1 |-in-. 2 I i l l l. u.n E' | | i. Ii 1 I [
Itii. = 2 .t ciiiU I 19".Y'21 1. .7 .i-- tu t I I'l-'.' 1 1,. .9 i5. 2-2 J 6-.'; i. 7SC O R ES
A 15-.j I AlI ..... ~ptI Aug 4 'F, M1-7


- i.


- 52]



Giants by 7-3

T.\MPI'.\. l-l.i. Mar,.h 27.-(.P)-
" \V.,-hin:lon S.nators bunched
tli. r hil I I- ii tll, f it tI c o tunings to-
ili'y :nI -1 un ttont ihe Giants 7 to S.
\,.;ill.r John-on ha-I M.tcJraw's team
at i ii ,'v for il.- 1'rames and re-
ti..l iin t i,- ..ilth in favor of Fergu-
-:.n, cih, rllow..d tlhb-m but two runs.
S.Lre: R H F
N- w Yotk ... 100 001 100-3 8 1
\\ .ihinihlon IO.130 1"i 1 000x-7 10 1
Il;.'i i t irs lit iir- \a 'iner. Thom-
n- antl ,iiiltiey; Jublinsun, Ferguson
and RueL





. .. ....... .


. I


Page Ten,

Section One


SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1926




Canine Races of All Kinds
SAre Scheduled for Polo
Grounds on May 15-16

NEW YORK, March 27.-(.)-
*An international ilog carnival of
whippet racIlng, gre. hound coursing.
police dog trailsl, sCled dog dei li,.-s ant
spectacular forms of compefitlon will
be held at the Polo Grounds. May I5
and 16. by the American Woman's
Association, It was announced today.
Awing the greyhounds to chase
Ab'.the electric rabbit, will be the winner
of the Waterloo Cup, the foremost of
,English greyhound racing fttures.
,which will be bought to the United
States especially for this event.
The annual ipollce dog1 trtal, held
hy the Shepherdl Dodl Club of Amen.
S-ca, will Ibis year lie u feature of the
p' arnivai. In addition there will bie a
competition for the Von Stephanitz
Cup for the world champion police
dog in which there will be entries
from Germany, France, Belgium and
England, as well as the United
Other features "%Ill be the- sled
-dog races by Eskimo "huskies," in
which light sulkies will supplant the
sledges; the Judging of hound! and
beagle packs and competition in
sheep herding for collies and old
English sheep dogs. There will also
be water rescue contests h% Ne't-
foundlands in which "'hero" ,lopg "ho
have' already wvon recogniuon for
,aiLIng lves will Lake part.

I Orlando Results

8-- 0

ii -


First Frtaum-It- iurloni s"1 l-,p AIL.,ng
115 iTryoni. ll'l. 8A". II,. won: 01-
LIdv, IU6 I Holeilkou. 3 2I1 j v. mu.', ond.
lShine, On, t.i IMourel 3 i0. thlrd Time,
S 11 4-6 The Ally See It Through, Ja'.
obean. Sundoi. alau ran
4econ,1 Race-& L fuilonsrg- :_-h.-
112 tiHolpel-k i. j ai. ."i, 2.26, %on. Tra
jaauui. Ill (Tryon) 32. 2 2 i, second
epnita. 103 (tBurn rI. 2.1., [nLrd' Tirrme
1:13. In Thel Ba Ma'mJlna and F'in
also ran.-
Third Re,--E.e- furlm-ngs .Anati9l 10L
(-lilck t. 42 LGr 1i3.,o0 1l. ,ona ark-lI.
Square. 108 iJWalkelr S.1 1 41' B. on-lI:
'toximor, 116 (Rodriguer t 4 01. third
Time 1.10 3-6. Viking. I'orto Die Oro.
BooatinK. The Perun.'msn. aloi ran.
Fourth a ae-i "fJrlIonsL: .aolsalni
102 (i1lOPt'-oi utU.?. 3 i)0. 2 0 '-won.
0tOin Mark. 1h9 (Moorel 80 2 4i1. nt-.
ond: tiamlble. 103 tIHobirtil. 2,40. third.
Ttie1. 1t:1t 2-l Mrc.utilo, and Rough
and Read., alBo ran
Fifth Race-I milt,: l-.-' Gnod. lul
(Murphy). 2 G8.0. .ii. 3.60), nu-Jn: Green
VWoods, 102 (Walker) 3.8i1 second.
Oaptain Donan 108 iRodrlgue'i. 4 Ou
third Timrn. rs5 4-5. Chbeasterbrouk.
,-race Mavers, also ran.
-l SIh Race-I mile; Lurky Run. 10i
('Aron). 6.80. 4.80, 3.81. won: Shanghail
102 tWalker) 7.00, 3.00. second: Donna
Samta. 107 '(MeDonald, 4.60, third Time.
1;47. yasrlefa. tee. Dorothy Adams, and
Beli Franklinc, als o ran.
Seventh Raea-1- retles: Sword. 109
(ltoks). 1.80, 6.00, a2.0, wot ; LBoier-
leu, 107 (Walkr), 3.10, -.40. mepood;
* WIT, 11Y, 1t14 (Iiane8al, i.40, third,
5I0% 202S 1-1..d"Ian Creat, Attr*mit-oe,



First National Tourney In
Winter Time is Held
Of all the outdoor pastimes in St
Petersburg, I he ancient game of la IA
bowling Is one of the most interest.
ing ihuat may be played, or witnessed
The game Is of Fngllmh origin and
dates bec'k to thu ..ixteenth centuryy
%hen it--wa played by many grmt.i
men of history.
'To Inasier bowling the player musl
ha\e very meady nei vea aLd accu-
rate control of mu .clet. It Is not. a
game oL strength, and can therefore
be enjoyed by hoth old and young.
The St. Petersburg Lawn Bowlint.
club was organized in 1916 with
twelve members, and before the end
of the season the number ha'd rown
to forty. Each year since Ithe mem-
ber-hip has Inc'rea..eul until now
ar-' about 251i nameP in the club reb-
The boalhng courts. too, ha\t- heer
enlarged. The charter members had
but two courts, but as the club gre%.
more landi was obtained and then. art
now 32 courts in all.
Probably one of the finest clul
houses, of any like organization in
St. Petersbur.g, is owned hy the bowl-
ing club. It was built and cornm
pletel) furnilshedl with lhb funds.
Present offlLers of the (lub are.
President, C. A. Godman; vice-presi-
dent, C D. Gordan; secretary iin-I
treasurer, HI. G. McMahon.
National Tourney
The local club during the v intei
staged the fi rst national bowling
tournament eter held In the state
duriat. the winter months. Some 20u
coiite.tant.s participated in tho rink
or team ilay which opened the lour-
ney on the local greens, followed b>
the doUbleh and then the singles.
Visiting bowlers ntre s'i well
imleaed tAlth the reception received in
St. Petersburg that they readily ac-
eeptel the invitation ext-ended by thc-
Chamber of Co'mmerce to hold their
second winter tourn,.y here next
year. The tourney -ill be held a lit-
tle later than If was this .%eur. offi-
cials of theIt local club declart.
Besides the national tourney,
which attlracted attention all over
Ihe United State4, numerous club
tourneNs are also etagid lier-e.
Club Membership
Ml-nbershbii of the' club here fol-
lowt :
George Arbuckle, Toronto. Can.
Win. Arnold, Brulde. Pa.
VW. A. A.3e. Montreal, Que.
E. P. ,Adame, Kansa- L Clt3. Mo.
John Angrote. Kingston. (nr.
David Atherton. Philhipsburg, Pa.
J. Mr. Arnmstrong. Columbus, 0.
Charle G. Blake. Chicago.
AV. G. Brown, Toronto. Can.
Frank Baumgartner, Joliet, Ill.
L. A. Beatty, Toronto. Can.
Chas. 0. Beatl., St. aCtherines. Ont
Ohas. F. Bruce, Boston. Mass.
Frank Bull, Yorkton, Sask.
Harrtngton Bailey, Philadelphia,
Pa, .. :

Aft -O' may. 4-4- trnt.

*P 0 9 Rezad ................... .r ., 1.3 1- '.' 1 5
993'--: B Black- Barton .... .........-.. 7 t 2- 21 i .
SE 99q3 Fearlesa Footstep.? -.. -._..... 1 1 }.I- "-' ,] I"
9B^ S' T hinlnp Bob _-. .... 4 7 tf..l d-I .',
ES99 S3 Queen of Hearts-. .... l .1. 4. -I"
l01a .fl Ur'e ElnotlEh ..............-.. e, r, -.1" ', i .*_"
fH i. 961 :Dallas Boy --.. --... -.......... 2 >- 7.,1: 7-1
Ii'" '' Time-- 2" WVIn. ,'i.2,, -',," ;2 .'2i P~ e t i.,t. 2 2. 2,n m *I*" W i2,,
ne'. r, blark doh. Jamiardn. 1924. L,, Gl,=nover 1\V *iir~l Pr-,-y N.. 1'1 ,rti I|-

I" Ow-ner. Mr- T. I ["r,:,'.t. Rez~irfu v,:in ea'il\ RI,,,.. I; r := Bnr .Ii l 'i. r '- rlc.
tFoolfp .'r AThe ,rO.Q, Mereb 27-balanr te of t clear track tid
iRace No. 102 SECOND RACE- Mle
index Do Po.t Off' lI-. qtr Fin.
10125 SU rmada roK --- .--.-..- .... : 41 -' 1-.
93 B altla k r .7............... --- l-.. '." 72-1
11 3I m Ieale ..t .------ -----......... 1 l- 4.t
W 9 Fonh ining b a...... ...... I ", '.- I .-
Y' 93 Qu e n f Heart --------- C. .

I( t,2 lrr I''t" llnlr . ... .....-.... _.. . "- tl. 1].1_, r ..z
1 Dall B.-l ..-................... 5 4 -1 7-1 7. i

A0 Ml-. L. r ................... 7 "| :,-I ,.-l .-.;-'
S. Ilh02 -M ,:rr v \"" W i rlno, ............ ._ 3 7 >- .- i, .
k Timc --'". W in. 2 n ii. 3 I, Plae 1 11. 12 S, S',-I ,% Vn
nor, trldack dot. May, 1ii 1I, Kin nov B s. ano r I d I.,.. P. i-n.r \ l.lni v.

SR andall Sti n t Hi|,,.:.. ,*l,',-.-,] B'uln h .jrli ,- [ro ii '.h,- 1.i v iiir'n r h...|', l flt,
O was N Tlrn ',n T Rntdlll.:d i[ all rr, '.r -, I H-ro na I
Frooltst'pn loen th? It'to l balin-" of ti-c hli d
Race No. 1027 THIRSECOND RACE-Futuril.

Index Do:e Po,"lt (off I Sir Fir,
101" Su' n rti ,r ro --.,. -i .........2 4-L 3-21 1.I
S' I.t ................. 7 1 I -----------------I
S9 i nn .- ------------------- ',' 1 1
9i Pr.i uc hh 4 ni.----------------, : 7 f..i .1
Ifit.iA lrroe--tttnut------------------- ---- 1'- ti
S I t \Vlif ................ --------------------- .1 .-, 1
0 i3 i- ,:,- ................... L --- .--1" 7 .

:snt,',.;L P ru -iit I al- ........ ... .. 2 :..I :
l(2 SpI-rv I I- ar n- - ---................. 3 71 ; .
TIm -- c'ii %. i \'in h iln m.111. P ;ial Pe 3 ;2-1 i. 1 .ii 1 h.i i' 'oi V iT -
ner. brilde dcj. May,lrv. lt I.nv B ran. a.dri d Lady, PL. 0a Pcln v -1irn, r.I'
SRandall Sth. inipi It-.i. e-- r ni-il qinach L ret TEha th- tih a t nri C ,-t.-it
was tir ing 'n.' i 1 teld titl l- nirl. l'h r ein-r ,r irnlh.-fi i
Race No, 10278. FOURTH RACE-Futi5.16 Mile.
Index Do.- pr.?i Ofl1f 1- fQr Fli

;,999 Rrtnmhlin Irnn ............ ... t 1 1 *- L. --" .j 1 "1
s1 f~ib Rf, mhll r .. .. .. .... 7 4 t;.l" ;" I t.' .,
1'irl-J Jrek Drni|.,e,:r II[I............ 3 2.1 2.1* 1"
B'1 Trir oi .r .... . . .... i. 2 ;,.I.i -. 1.-1
10'> R. r M, .n B .. o......... .. h 7-', 72- h-I
102 M.-i f M r .. . .------------------- 7 3 31 7i
1012 E er n p ................. t 4.1 .I 7-'
-- 1it'n D.-nin 5 -------- 7 '7- -
3116i.1 Pr''I i-, I m 2ia -- -- -- -- -
U94l Spri Barn-n'--------------------- 3 7- 1 t -1

Tlm ,-- .ii VIn r, oil. 'I .'I. f ic PI 3 ',, ', ;'su Ph--. "I i iTn-
ner. tihile- rioE. I r02 I-.' Dl.:.n Hl-.dn a in d Pot- t-`Ir%. o i-,r.
Dr. ThK. Ernip-. i,-'lm [.nt.i r Inn. ri rn L.t 'Em te- ith a Fiof ,h n i h tot-
eambr C r. nn ack n-i'-i -t III. T 'h r1 nei n 'tid cn .t c-un.-rril.i e
Race No. 1029, FOUIFTH RACE-- F16 Mity.

Index lDo P'.-,l Oitf I .. Sr. Fin
999 Rantihhin Trill------------------ t I

1I rl k L s ...n. r --------------------- 7 4 e .
364' 0 e1La D%:nni.-:v Il l----------_ 3 z 21 1. 2 I I

10;I Lady .\rn ..................... L '2 r.- I 1 4.1'-
I9i9n R~ Timole------------------------------------------r.i-,I

1(21 Ni m, rlnf E -r--------------- 7 5 7-1 3.1_ 3.-no
1019 Sahltp ------- 1 47 in 2-.1 i-1

]* "11 I1. Nneht Ft'* xki .......... ...... 4 > *-*-1 **:-I F.-t
*21a M <,rvlfh ir .. .. ..' 1-1 .',' -2
9 p ,rr.w n--------------------- .... t I 7-2

:' 1021 Durani G ir| ... ...... ..... i 1 .S- S- '"
Tim----.i Win. n 1.iu 11i 2' 7 2. P'Ic- s ". 3 n' Shis I mi> I'mn-
T ner. while- do .Tur'. I-,nn ir F 'il 1.1-- 1a and Suna'I r Lb ell r ..,'rl Di

ODr. Iore M. Fa in Jri t k Lanl-ir tl',', rn. L.Ty- AnnI 'i .J I. n ld -if i- 'n t ii h !
afrom tbh lat i9- u t ack h. ,erp- : hommne ..nisin ''rd ell. Durdid tt il

had litleli c|,n,,i:e.
Race No. 102930. SIXTH RACE-Futu Mile.
*Index Dog P'.-t P if I-C S'r. [Fin
10 1 0 edrAnd nv F ----.--- ... . .. i I 1-:. 1n,
I99S M rn ... ..................n. 7 ------------- 3-no
1013 9 n t Frim ..ih. t----------------1 1 -L 2.1 i-h
S 119 Lechl LiNnh ...k4 -----------------4 -i .'
3i1l R'1 rv,3ch If- ... ... . . . 1 i: --1 N-1 1 7.

'1022 .\,-,l pI,, E d di-. .. . .. . ? 1 '- ,-'2
1022 R d ir-w .H. -k I E -- 7-2 7-2
93021 Duirantir Girl --------.. --------.... 7 7- -
Tlimn :_i. -, 1% i I. I It1. I 7I". 7 i2. Pl-ce. 4 S". I 4., S-". c. '. ,1 %tinit -
f. tier, redi do g. M T n. lI21. ','Il HBiw k .s ant m ori S nlr. ore.'- fl ..itr I'
George Ni Fapzin Jmm k Ltitc.r -itf-iaei Lad> Arnt anld Aiii- mi1i Fing!'

from. Budd. Flt tdrnv For ia.- n iv:n Tommie. Mon o'itrand iell. Iumnt iri l:
lied little yrds Th cher. had Il chane.
Race No. 1031. SIXEVENTH RACE-' MFuturity.
Index Dog pO: -t Itn I-.C Sir. Fin.I
S991006 Srendl-n Ha k- ---- 2 5 I- -- 1-.
998 NIon----------_--------------- 7.
1023 DTecu Freth L--d ------------------ 2- -3 t .-

,1 1012 Stlop and Fnx It ..-....... 7 7 4-i- 41-1 I*
999 Deuce Ros LiI ----------------- .A . 'tI
S1012 3 Orang H wl ....... 2 ------------------- -
1020 Dear -Lhum 5 r5 ,-I ;
999 Drbnu DawBllg --i-------6- 7-I 7-i -

,,=]-a. 016 c]Ipp-r .-- -.... .-..... . ..... 3 S s-
STlnme- :3-t, 2- In. il. 4 11t 11. .2, pl CE. 6 i,. I i %v.ho,. iii1 t % i\ln-

i nr rer. rndle d .e lMey hrur. i '.i2y t,,, lu-d-. n H't.. kr und N .-n- Mh :nir.I-
Bu Dr. Fri. .i-di n-11o r1-ra n- i.n 'al Mon nutn'L r :['i n h }m 1t i trn ,
.,'last yar nd won wot her3 ha d little cha ,l['>.ri h.- ri ri. t .l

i ?'.'* Stop and Fix It raced r. .lI from Lhfr eitghth it, >_'1ipi,,r< t uciiriped ,Ul.
S i :. Race No. 1032. EIGHVENTH RACE-Futurity Hurdles.
Index Dog Po-t Oft' l-' Sir. Fin
i 1006 SCecil Bo .......... --------------- 1-
S 102300 Caumic-h Lady S ke---------------... 4 2- 3 2
1 012 Stop and Fix It.----.------ 7 7 .-' -1 .1-.'.
S1016 RDeuce o ----------4 4,- ri. -I

S 101623 Orang xi F t.i ------------- 7 I.t ..- "
10200 DeaRummy Bill ---..-----------....-- 7- .
All 999 Dr. Deirling'----------------- -6 1 7-2 7-2 7-
^La31006 CRIpp-rs ----------------------3 a

Tim e----.3 2 1-, W in S i A 1 III ,,,1 I-I3 ... .r i.,. j1 11 l..ji,, I 'II I
i Wia ner, redl dol., Junera 1 1. '12, ry J,:hlk Vl .. Hai kn% J .|anI -F nd Nl.c a':,r
S' OwSnapery lackDr. Ken,-. trm ;-l B n-oy raih -a kll.i o -e clriear '-f th, ijii t -r Ien,
frthat tumarken nd onthe pa thk. T-uateh My Si.kd -r and Bair N one wer ih lht c
.' the band Fix It racEi f the te th lip- urrpd ut
ace No. 1032. EIGHTH RACE-Faturity Hurdlea.
Index Dog Poit E Off I S Fi n
1016 Cecil Boy ---------- 1. IiC I--6
1000 Catch Niy Smoike --------------4 I -. 1 7- 2
10t6 Bar None ------------------
UT 1616 Righlte------------ -------e 6 7 i2
1016 Itiaxniauckt'-------------------7 -'
7000 PumtimY Bill-------------------I A 7- C-I
1L 914 HatIt'--i----------------------m
1016 Rags iScroitchin-muu.
Time-.'12 1-3. Win r im', I lint. 1 in'. Ii.- J i-. j .nis.. i.
L- Winner, red dog, Jutie. 14_I. -at y jam-k It hit.- Hat an-i i4j-tm-t 1,i-ntCQtr
SSnappy lack Kenn.-l-. "in-H Behy rati '-all>1 ormcn ulear ot th,, iii rl,,reaem
Mitht marked the pam-k. Catch Aty and Ban None n-arm- the inert c-f
the balance of. the fIeld,.

C. H. l3ftrrltt. Mitchell, Uut.
S. A. Bee, Enast Wareham, Mass
C. A. Bigdlote, St. Peters.burg.
R. T. Brown, Toronto, Onl,.
Wm. Htulkworith. Mallewood, N. J.
D. L. ialintoux.', C'hiago.
Archie pii'nelt, llrooklyn, N. Y.
R. S. Bx-,'St. Mary's, Ont.-
J. W. Boqlhur. Delrolt, Mich.
Wai. Blihbour, Hunderland. Ont.
E. W. ball,'Weston, Ont.
J. B. Hiagor, Washirgont, Pa.
W\ H. Bard. Gowanda. N. Y.
H. S. iradiford. Col'olmbus. 0.
E. L'. uHil.-win. rulfrnrt. lia.
C. 0. Besg, Torionto, Otnl.
Lewls Chlpman. Yarnmouth, Nova
SC.OI in.
J. H. Cratikshaw, Mountainhome,.
A. M. Cravkford. Winghani. Ont.
H. J. Cla-ry, Toronto, )nt.
G. M. CtUzhlng. Chicago.
E. E. Cumming. East Bra,1. I'a.
.\. W. Older. Cleveland. 0.
F. A.. Chadwlel(. Buffalo, N Y.
.los C. Colwell. Dtroil, Mi'h.
A! H. Coulwell, Deiroit. Moch.
\V J. Calhoun. Fort Sott. Kan
J. T. Co-'.:hirn, Toronifo, Can
Wam. H. Cnldtvell. P-lert-ioro. N. H
H. S. Chase; Boston. Mass.
\n'm. GCeo. Cameron, Toronto.), Can.
Win. S. Carter. Lebanon. N. H.
John Crowe, Gulph, Ont.
W E. Currie, Detroit. Mich.
S. A. Coombs. Brookli,. N. Y.
A. M. Clonney. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Munroe Cole, Evanston. Ill.
0. P. Cobb, Cincinnati, 0.
R. J. Corson, Mark-ham, Ont.
Henry Date, 'Montrral. '.-ut:l,.
L. E. Daigmaint, St. Peteriiiirg-
H. H. Davison. Toror .0. On.
\V. W. Dundas. Toronto Ot-Ilt.
F H. Downs. ironklinhn Ma.,s.
David Dyer. $ea ('Cliff. N. J.
Dr. P. A. Dewar, Windsor. Ont.
J. B. Ellwood, ('hikago.
J. E E': mpson. SI. I'.eter,-tiitr
George H. Elliott. Lil-ti.'-it. MIhi.
F L. Elli-', Mllfordl. Mla-.
Ben Freer, St. l-P'terhiirly.
0. Ak. Feine, Burnal". N Y.
Harry Furze, Glen itilJe'-, N. J.
J. K. Fisher, Ocean 'i'v. N. J.
C. D. Gorden. Toronto. Out.
Freid Oroch, Ricnlioind Hill. N Y.
('C. A. Godman, Cienelanl (Lhio.
F. .1 Oallonougli. Toronto. Ont.
W. R. Givlns, King.ston. Ont.
J. E. Hamilton. St. PetersluirL-
E. F. HRrve-. Phtllip-burg. 1'.i.
Roland Hill, Buffalo. N. Y.
A. T. Hobby. Toronto, Onl
Thomas Holmei. Toronto. O1t
Harry E. Hushes. Baltimorep. Md.
.1. H Hall. Mt. i'f-tesburc.
Williaml Herman. i'incmnati. Ohb..
Dr. Fpleit-- Howmitt. Gtelph. (Jint.
W. B. Hatting. Walt hamn M,-.
W. B. Hmlnmin .ny. Np% H;nevn.
MV H. Hill. S't. T'rfiFr.l.irg.
R H. Hood. Philadclplii.i, Pa.
H. G. Hanna, Toronto,. Ont.
J. B. Heuther, (uelphi, Ont.
Fred Hoffman, Brookli n. N. Y.
H. L. Hawes, Rpringfleld. Mass. ,
E. C. Holliaton, Quincy, IlI.
J, VW. Heusell. Richmond, Ind.
L. Herugt*itz, Toronto. Ont.
Roland M. Yoft, Plymouth, N. S.
H. E. Jrame*. dgewood. N. Y.
E., B. *raAbekona Buffalo, N. Y.
M. M, 3Jf,. Pontlae. Mich.
Frank W. Jones, Plainfleld, N. J.
William Jackson, Kingston, N. Y.
E. S. Josslyn' Oshkosh. Wis.
E. L. Johnd, Grand Rapids., Mich.
J. C. Krings. PIttsburgh. Pa.
J. C. M. Kringa. Pittsburegli. I'a.
W'illls E. Keats. Milwnuke", \'is.
W illiam Klapre rt. Cin'ltnii ii f (- ho
Jnm'- Kersh& w -iall Hi'-r. MIN -
'. \\V K ,:llv. G 0 10l.,h. ''i .
I G K n o l l I ,r t ] t ,: r n n t . Lo.,) ,Jn T',.runit )iitl
i,,h .-ri (. l.nk,. N. -. York i':
C II Lr.,w. Oi.- [till,. rhi.
W Lln ^' \\\-ti-r|,|jrv. I ',-- nll
\V. T'F. LnTng. Mar. ihail. MNI. i.
''". ]:. I. l"r~i--..T t jM i-on.'p l,-
F-ldrt-: l~uhrni'. i, tn:iiriil .i. ('iii'
II. It Lloid. Tormn'., O'i.
\V. .1 Larkin. W:V, rhiuri. I'..rii.
\' tlih:nm I.irkin'-. H-nilloin .ini.
L.. S Liclth\. Ki t lipnt "'int.
H 0 M c M : tM .- l Jr l lr,.n. .l. .n 4 Ir
G;. '. E l.,-',' n.y . r I. r l .r,-,
\V. if{ Mi 'an. l'-'tt "'iorm. I.iil.
i.' L ..Nau-mrlon. i 'Lt i.-.iinJ l mnti
M .M,'N. ll l.r.,,..k]rn. N. Y
P.oliNri M, Jairit,-. I irh irrn. Ont.
G E .- l.5 .' il in 11 i li-i-,n u 'nin.
.1 M M r I -', t-,cir,,i. M ,it.
I) T .Nt'llo.ih. Toiont... (min
J. I MNladil- m'him a'u,
N .A M S r. h . l N r r l .l l :
Mri,'ilt- Yor T,,oi.r i I'n
C. L. M--min-r. .'Sti. i-irr. Mi iI
Atlix. Mil-.z, Tor.,nt,'. "ian.
J E. Mitch<:ll Glnil.-In. I'-.
FN Mihc-v.. Gihi-n.,om. l'a
... J tlErc :r. T'ironi. C'.;iii.
W H Mil:.' .. "'i.i.i'o. C ,n.
J. .\ Ne-rmann. Kitrie.'i,1 -- ilt
R. %V ("il-. ;leni,- Onl.
o C'L,:r%. (i-. linl.
M N .. ISni- t r'-i '-returv.
F H. flir. (-.iihouiirp. Owi.
\\ J.3 O-ter. Bjllmirmi MI.


"llarm'h 27. It'mi. t\'-.,iii r (l. .-r.
Tr', I I ii
FIr t Ra'---t- i; tI.I.-. 01.-,,d.i.,
,'Irmir. n--n t1 ,-1. II- 1 1 ii' Mt-.
i',n l' ;'-.itr, .,ri, l-.I'rm.. t $'. 1 nll'1 _lhil
('rv-w. bh.-.- i: 1 -,c ham H.-id
F-irk-i. Bh.ind;. Pr.'r Pnui It Mr Ar-
c t-nIiri. ,'il-, tori Tirmi- 21
cj'.vtl P..i:t--. MItlm- [, flk ,.l.i-
to p IT'. 1" .,". u''11,, { % S in _t J, Hif c.,la. ,- '. ii i I i ".i'k P i I., -I-,-,
" ,1, Li.-Jr b-rr-min. NM,,n IIr \tut
R.:,rlir., Ferr.-y Fihrr \\'ii.i H-,I-LI.:
Thiri H-,(c..---Fililiirnl ilr, i--
irn li.; IT rll ,.-F. :i" 1111 I ., ',' .1 I.
(i .k A-hon ", 2'' I[. -n ," H. Il .i-l i
W.,.nml .-r. .iii-- I-.. It:.-'.. ir. Mn--
\\',h-rni Tim-. 31.
',mlitrh Race-5-.Im Milt. Trr-m R.-,-
r-'.n. S i 'm S ,-rrnim" C oi , nl .1 inm Ml ,Jnhi.Jii.-ht .i", .-
r'I'.i. A1mto l.i'--'rn I--;nj. \V ikim ein-,v
Fiaminiite Mr nnrier. "--., riin. [i4m.
s~i'r i,;lhed. T oini. '",! -'.'.
FIfLh Pa,?m-- iii irlri ('rm,--i Dri)..
5n''.ri. 7 2n. 2 'm"m jm in Hntni.,rmr-. c-I- r
1 ,n, 3 Sj Fr-lark 1Imick. -l.oI in. iin
7..:v n itlI.s. (-c[il. tir,'r m--l. F-..rnl- i i
Ih St". r y. Oi_ itl I a };'., r~in "]I nir
,',i i I- M.
Sitiii t'.m N- 4 M It' n_ riml.l m~.r

nrl.r, '" J -n ', l:n" M In1.'r,.,:.4n -]l': '. : 4 "
P Ilihore lgi,. Tr .-I .ri .11r, minnn, -.
.vlror "..y. M n'-, r M iin. Tr.,l-i-,-
a]-o ran "r'. .Tim *
Se ,ri irin Pc.'R,'-1-- .:t rlt v. I;li., ii
nion. ""7 I I |lu1 11 i'1"'i E.mi-ki-.iit-.
pla-cc. II I- 7 P. RP' inr h-inir-. -r,..
r 1 .\rr mi- .. -iI n imi i n11. I '- ;I -I
\ L :l Jln. I. nj,' l n 1.,1 ',I -,, i I I":\ !
Ltr n i i lh-" l T i ,I. t. t -
El.lhnh l'.a,Ct.-- i Iu ir.] .' HIt reIt "..
H II .1 i :. ,,n. m "' l ii i n. i:
PI .1i D t.. I? 1 11 1 i.iI Lr !m i-., i'n...-
'1.2mm. t gl,'g 0 ll N. c .-.r. '1'i-ll.: lI'-\v.
I.,haunk -.. Li,:mim C.iIrL,. ntl.. r:ln
IM-trl 0 . L rnta ser jn'iimrti. 'rinin.
Il:3 ,.5


.n'lrcx nt.'lpfr. BufTalo, N Y
I: I 'cttl.[ -H. Eimv tinebahnm. MNiL.L.
11. T. 1'rait. Si. I'ltrrshbing.
.% I. 'r-rr%. BLl-rnmmrd tr.
H Dn. i'rm-it-. i. CortlanJd. N. Y.
rT .1 Prkt, :-hert..i]ok 4111ii-
F -'eajrun. Brank"urd.l. -ni.
F Wt. lietucr'.. e'm'atd.o. III.
\V.I H Pi.rsn Nouan-ilk. tmConn.
ll.irr,' I'ullen (s. ,.n tr,.v:. N. 3.
W alt'.r J. l-'liillip-, Criftuni, P..
Erne-t I. I'i Srrifon. SPt 1'in-rIur-
M. M. l'a.n.'. Hamburg. I-...
.1--., a I' -'l.. Tor-'ntilo. Can.
1' II. 1,11 h. l'hna d ltlh,1 P.
SI W. Ko ,'. Torrmnto. ".i1
.%. F; Ho-. ':Ito ['lar int.
, I .. % i.ihard-on. F. Orangp-. N.J.
D). U. Knhrr't-.,n. Buffalo.
.J.i nI-i- -an, ''Toronto. C('an.
John Rothti.ll. Toronto.
W. P. I-tiee'-r. \Villmam,-nn. N. I.
Jlin Roe-r-' .twood. t:,nt
'lihs Sm-lint;r, Toronio. I'-tii
F.dwin Sh-pard. Nnattnk, N Y.
. W I Tolle:,. Si. retrsljiire.
l H Si-'neis'o -' .t Johnln-t.irc, \ I.
AV. V. Swart.;. \X-b'r, 1-ark. N J
F'. -I. .Slepe.r.] ir, M-Is-.
\V. C Shurilf'f'. h 'dgo. 11l.
.1. A. Shepr.rd. Flushing. N. Y.
A H. Vmiih. Port Credit. Ont.
F. WV. Strahant. Grand Raplds. Mie
John S. Simmons. Tnronto. Ont.
Go. H. Smith. East Orange. N. J.
Alex Stracham. Cleveland, 0.
F. W. Sloan. Cleveland, Ohio.
J. 1H. Sloan, Montclair. N. J.
Shuyler Sigler, Chicago.
F. Sut herland, St. Thomas, Ont.

I Orlando Entries7I Teamwork Be
UltLMIfO FORI I 1 '' R MO>U..
I ",. ,- 1 1.9 Cambridge
iL ...... .. -.. . i I . 1

-ii mi.iutiin l-In.Uh.unjimn
|ni 1ari. 5II t i 1inI- ri fnf- F-i n 1 1, I '.ri r i
i ,,..q .[ ,, .,i ..m.i l ,, I ,-N T ENG LAN D. M armh T -
I'lai NiJii 1 Mti"- vi'tltni ]", i'-, t. )-Tli. Canm i id-., .,Ighf. r;"' i ;' i,
i ih '11 -j.. i' 3lr,'h zMl ..ll 1' \'.* lh a -t l",rcm m: m i-low rtu to n p-p eat
-n ,il F.J..,--- ,i'. ainm n', U. ". l'-ur:-] hut in m.-it'- m>.t u rtti on.
.1. 1- .-i fuI,-.,,.'. : ,- .Main- .Mi iiii Iir. e'J 'hin- finieline tin' fi\' lengths
i -ii ,. I In I mm--n.n m'illl t,]mlI i1m
Pdaiiii ,- N1 "~., -'*uIl '1,1- .t ",il'-, adl of ti : t.. fiford i shell in llt 7 irii
kiii I t. sit.,. I. _.intl0 l,.,at st .i-,t l..' t. -i n tlhe.e tv.n?
riih n I. a.- -InTI."- ii l-ti'm -,.l ,.- i --a .lpnIm;nt .ill un the 'lhnm- -. Iod y.
I t, t a I.' lir ii t.l rl- in fW nlI, The e y t'finilh of I lltei hh? 1lim
I I.. & .. l I u !1 '1' C 1.!! "1 ,l i-
', r nv -la.. iSn I-.,. n i I' .. ti'.-. i l ranwt didI not indmm i' he l I-r il''
i rlhm r',iti.-.- ,', ].,l 1,,,- -ro .l im I-c"'gI. I l .'ePn th- r im i il eleht- I
RfIl iJI I Ul.ili i :il--n.TL,-riI. i]. ahlt'h markedly ih' flirt half of their
J1,.,l n n aIr nn udI %.' 11 ;.d.].,.rhi I., u r f S (nitr tth- four aund
Jli,. l [a i r hI t1- ,l t 1i a urt i m iti r tr e.
ial. r ,n t -- II II I Ih. i 'lli .a rh. C. 11 1 liaml..rn ni. a l n, th r.
]'II' R-i.'.--- 4 i ll.. -a rl. P, -ca-" I .-I
-h I -,fh tt,i ,n- .. ,I l Tl ui t I { i.,-I : I.'P itoIl- lalf us3" m ai;r i n ilh~r
,,'r., ; i, ii. ,.f L,- ltI, IT. 12. a- ijrtiw in ,I at ,| o 10 t -ICk 1O1 TI.,I? lhi:Jt
in i t,. 1.. 'Iminmri., 3 mi4 111. st'-i Bri~th
P! Fornt. -r-., I 1'l4- lla 'ha h .:I'm i held Ihe-m a i n t.t nr-k and n.t<'. in
n-.-ri ,,,,]. I,. i -Ii': ,ot ihe grrutet exeri on%. Thi
Inim I'i i. ,-- .'- .- n -,,', rnrl -ir'I r.i rhn s, Iif th e coni .si, ho w ev er, -ndl'-d
ar,,i 1.i i, i' llii i 7' --Mai r.. -r 1 i3u ],ilanmmr-ismitli Bilien. nn he-io H-
I"I '|u ~ h L I'l',if -1'410 .4-11ll H u,
!;"' I "i ,.j'-u,- il -.-' h l ,-P''" 1 .. EJluards. bhe freshman \iho
F-'-.- I, L Msdal. \V-nmn.i 113. .'-Nrth ro.ed at number five Tfor Oxford
,'im. u.i Ana,'lH .-,iainip4~ faltered and allowed Cambrldge to
--nti1IsP-3 -ainitiip 41
inc up mile .2i.-mi-i. 1Lonir i %i& swlng into thle lead. This advan-
Supr Lady Il1 l -WVar tt lJj t103 ia,
ll 108. nl te ills, x-Jim Ipaisi [age the victors easily maintained
i"f.. BHn FTranklin ti. s-Penmlve iU3. x- until they had passed the finish line
Cnhin ('rp~k 108.
Ciear:a .108. at Mort Lake.
S_ Cambridge's brilliant yitory was
Achieved in sptte of a daimddviantage
STamP4. EntrIeS I of position and-the los of a9 regular
member of the crew through sick-

A. -C. Terrill, Grand P.Rapids. TAMP&a ENTIIUS MONDAY ness at the last minute. 'J. C. H. COLLEGE I
lred \\ Falle, St. Petersburg. 'i'rt Race--$131t10. 3 years un. nialdeia Booth, at number four. was out on NEW' ORLEANS
Edgar Thompson. Brournshurg. Ind ,i filn nK 1- i7T-Dr. ,nardones lin. Calude
SL Thompon. Ste1er0urg. i .'Fra,'iel Jane 101. General Seth li nceconnt of measles, and R. T. D. Mississippi A and
W. L. Thompson. St.. PP.Ershur m. .En -nit 111ii G- re' Lee....r tI,). ftrap' Crag.i- substituted. The liglit blue Tilane ..........
J. m. Tosky. elnd. O i M tnae int., ti-t' IIJ
Dr B M. T, nn ver., Ceonn nt n O li it a"im in mi :* a' ,,tor, v.n-s hailed as a noth.- r -x- lolton and Cord
", <.111,1"''"1 ,r'^ --- "l:*'," *"*'nll "'* i' .,n l'41 .^_,f th.e q.lli,.ernonri t 1,f n, m ',n. I-'rter an n l,1"
.1 \. K Tao.vlcr. G.ilr. lnil | -. a wn-r.ii, ii mo o ti ot,,. ariL of ani'r-n. Io r n-IP

Ti. .n ..-- ?u. l i in ini K' T. Li'.,a .m
l: ... "],,, i';- o ,r~, ,' ,, P' J I ',q '"" ..,h '. l .j.rf 1i .i9r
1-. lrhi Dll. ,in 'I l ti[ I-. ,T, rl,, ,,, | 1 I i i '- ,
.n'11iii *r" \'i]|'i^ ,, St lri 4. r l.lln'- ri'in' h ": n .'u--..iinm.-.t 1- i n I ,i,-n-ii h-
.',:- V .r ',;-, t'r,,, ,,i, n,,,0 l I I |..,.I 4 .^ ,1 ; 1 =b *. ,. r rt ," 1,',7
I:. -' r l .t, -.' In i .. I.- -1 'I ,.. .-.. ..,,
IF \\" 11\\'. i .r. ,rSt i'-i. r"-.inn',- n .. i. l. r-_ un 1 ,.1 ,,'%',- i -
o n . i.. i n-l n, .I ..- -ii ,' , n i,,-u
riGriv;i ni Miei.,!m-
N W I\\'-. -Ovi,. (-l. N NI. -u i ....n, 1 ,.. i
1 \'. ,II m 4 i It' I .; h .I

]i i, I ll' ? iI lo lll -- ,;- n i S iJ[
\V \\." V'\'ilk,:r. ]~-{1111 .",r'J. *',,h ll. .,,,,.- -'., ,, r.'i. ,' ,- -' i,' ," I,,I,",'4 ,",,',
r. r \'.'--' ] -: "-'x I.'; ll ." I -, ,," l",, I.l, ,l l] ]I ,. M n.! B-I.
nn "" V.,]| -,n'- M il .,,k-, !, I"r ..rrl r I,, 7,.. N'lh .I\ .,,
J. H \l' ir, i -,. iIr'..-1' inin i-i. II .i. i,.r. i t 1 3 .a r.I\
11 .2 \iI'C.' i i \\'.-.r ilo n L '.- * ' rl, ... L, u.k IIII. .
W. .1 Im.hI.Ii.i.h* Ilrl.-iri.. I F -I.-.u. \,lii r-l Ji I--
Sr n -W ill H f. tr.-hnit ll .i, .-,.. I. 1 .,rI, ..i,. .
; F W l' l1 n i. I'n it',1N Ill III,, -r M .,..r 1 1. l.,l- ,.r 1- .. I I ,. \ I
L .1 V\'uiu i .:r. K7ni lat ..rh Nr f_ -, ., a ;:m1,'', t,-lh,, ;." "-t '-'
I .\ A V h-=,T. l Ill h % \\ i[rn n,: IIl n.ll .. -" ," i N 1 .... ,, =. r.1
Frr,,1 ,! W ~,,.t, Pfr,:t.,1 ; ,:. *^ :','Y,. ,5 ,I... "'J1- "'"i ',"*;* *\ t
S A NV _v-1h..11__ nr v. II
G;-oo IT Yolin,: ,.ndo 11n V r ri'j I,; .-. ^*r .. ., i ',.,u,
L XV Z ll -r. .it [S ,'I.t lI -','1', ,- i .; ., I,',
'OUl.l.t.E BRA,,I-,Li.L. -- -- --
At Fi r. F.nn- ..nni-i.--nniilirin ll' ri-'iFLi IIFLDL -L EAStEI
r y S ch o u l, Un r.- r'i fv of G 1 i-. i ['M I 1 IIS T". n o m l,.Ih 27 -
3 ( ."P" ". .l- i- I-;- k i nif ,l I r h .it ,.- n
f -eIr'i--d l.y bthr M, m ,nr-hi. S-.uibh. rn r
-'",' -- A ''n ii, I 'li i ii ,, lin- LE urtl i'ii jJrt .
Tamna ,Results- ime (',Iti'n k- n -
1:- d l,"~ ",-l l '] .'-,,n a ni..nnh,-r ,*. r1h,. (*, :
___Fl.-, I r i, '.Ill NI,- ,- -fi-.l.iJ- -,I,;.-
T.ttiP.A tR tP 'LI[t I.-,,-I,hl ,-lub,. M'I
ir. },' .'-'* nri n- r,'n i '". -'r l 7,1 .. |1 '- --' .-_ =--_- .. . . 4 aI~ l
-L7". -".1, Ftr-
*.'I r- Iin i'. n h ,I' 2 l -... I ''',
-. .. in I .. i .. .... am ... .. I . ',

.11' -.-.m,- ..... .1 r h.,.,..h .... ... ?K eeps I Iair Com lbed, Glossy
T-l rri i i1 ".-i; I rti---'n [.- i- I 1 ;S

",,,,,,,!,, ,...;..'';,"" ;'\";. :; \VWell-Groomed all Day t
n, .l T in. I I ;'" T .', T. ,
n I ,%lE r r T nt l\ is lI 1.,. I -. fd 1 l Ih
......,h-F...... Tn-..- 'i.n SHAIR-G "RO.l.Groom"
hi-. T_: ii., T hmi-in r. II
,^"." Fhr , "" :""- ,' ",," "n ,",v' tts sE, 1 S a dlg~nlfte-d i j
tkri'rinn r. litrir HI i

T' in" i to;In c t "I.,, n ,
it' n nsr.',n" in 'n ,'- ro.'.y', -'l'. ,, r, 'in m n i- n I
m,,i, t .' ,-- ,p.I^ i .t' c ti,.- i LU. hh* 4h".-t.,,s ,n1 \'
iirh 'a'.r--- r ,| M ..r 11.i X'e r, Il a few l -nrs a'
,- l .ih , ,, ,,r, T .I J -ar al a ', J drug
r L...... ..11 .. '
it i "'_ -i.,ret'U- ec Ils
,.. in ...-'-. n' -a- OW much it can

,,", i... .".. ;, .. .... .... t: ,, r tu, 1,,3 and good appearance .
.... i' I..- l. -- . .n.i .-i ... Il t ad. I I arooini-f
;';,,', h., r r." I1 ;. I rh rr ; ,- ( l 'r e L'1 tO Ih fl I-t 'ir -- i h J fin al lu u.'h p o s s i b le b y \% e l l
Murn-" ,,urjt,'. .n\ t're.ii.'.r an,.in, raro. u good dr-,'s e foth in -cUSI1" tind ,
...... ....- r.,, l . .,. .r,i. TOr on L-"Olial OCc s.ons Even stublb rn. n ation 's fash io n cen ter
, H .r I, ;,.. r --mIl. 7 n mi
,-,r, I ', 'mii- InN"- T im-' ,-.- Im in Yir-eclothcsil> y

..m.m.. H. i'.',, !-i'r...i. ciii-- . unruly ,r shaml un r a s ork . clothes w
rni. ,iuri r. I,' ,M.,"oi . I, i..t siaomr .ed all d~tv in anyn 1 il ..ou
-,r% ,u N11... S h. rL........ I.V. a Aanluke. iHticr-aGroomI' 1 r.: ..... tan effect. 1 A nd
.. also hielps gro% 1I 4, 1t. heah ll. \, 1.
, I I..-.. -. i r r _t 1,rnr. I I-r bein g displayed by this
-- -patterns and finest fai
prices. . .

I St. Petersburg lvd. ii,,,t..rymMigll .0n

"- RACING'"'""L'?
Kennel Club M. IIl mee ,1 ,0
RACINGWed ?Ind sal..
Gandy Blvd :.;3 '. Rh
Admission 99e. iiluding l.iax.
imn mI i i i tri, n-i



S '/07 ( -m New Madison Square Gar-

rrLE -, iH o s" ^ den Brinqs in Nearly Mil-
-. lcTt *" lion Dollars for Season
T14 I "I-9-U 19,----
r ,3 H' ^OS~,e M NEW YORK, March 27.-(.:Pl-
V .En me l, ytH-E Boxing, now in the 'las.ia with "bi;
\. business" brought a return of neat-
,,pS-?0 ly one million dollars to the new
I apMtadison Square Gardien Corporation
L .N- TO for the winter '-amitalrn just rt'io..
S.ilten ring show,-. held In 'Ti
i -- "-- --' Rh-kard'.s lie flew are-n.i tetie--.i
i" I Dr-c 11 I NnIl ManIi r21.. drew tot.oi
rate receipts of $S31.619. according
Sto official figures made public todav.
'iThe total altendlance was 226.701.
S The average "gate" was $58.414 with
the average attendance 14.169.
S The largest total paid attendance.
1 7'.177 regIstered at the season's
I' .-losing ihow last Thursday with
young Stribllng and Jimmy Slattery
is hrjdlfnerr., also set a record for
indoor boxing anywhere in the
i-.ount ry.
The l'"whes't gross receipts totaling
$14tS.115 were realized at the open-
|ing show, December 11, when Paul
Berlenbach successfully defended his
world's light heavyweight champion-
,hrI-ip against Jack Delaney of Bridge-
porT. Conn.
This represents the second largest
indoor "gate" in the history of box-
f iing in this country. The Jess WilI-
"~ *^ lard-Frank Moran fight in the old
SMadison Square Garden, March 25.
DIl'.. outdrew it by $.,000. Unoff;.
i r 'hal boxing records credit the Jade
1 l"mpsey-Bill Brennan fight of De-
'e remher 11. j1920, with a gal':te of $200, -
110_ 111hu Ma.lison Square Garden of-
,i n inal .-tiil this wa' erroneous.
STI'- hbeavyAeight battle, February
WV 7.1 12.: i'-1i'nIm-e Jack Sharky of Boston,
m Wf:;n-1 FlIle Hil-iffman of ('alifornia
oatr W .-wr.. the smallest attendance an I
-at:.'". a crowd of only .8419 r payin,
Crew Winnerl3''"d ine-t
rl- tl i n Sweetser Tops
'ir,,:rl; o\', l Ihi ill- :o-i '.llnu. d-, Lf- ;"
['ort- of ti~oni:,-r and hvrr nik-n. l Sf I 1(
f'ort- e,? .-i'ong,.]" an,' hetii,. r enti. Golf Rankings
Th.b: n ti.-to I mln- wa. rit minuies I
2:l srt on1s .ju-t on.? minute rioa-et I NEW YORK. March -27.-(A'n -
tihan tbhe rpoord for the cour.:-, ma.,j T-ie metropolitan golf asoarisiou 10-
I,% Oxford in 1'.11. The burfaco ot ,lay issued its 19?; haindical li-t.
h- Tlia-. n. tinriile dtii m rmnk ,-- .les I' -wer-tser at Ihi tIhe
ibm rare l y-iimr I onditiond- i)f more than 7"t) players.
t, rarl. and .al" onion The form-r national unai'-eur
.eal.I m iamriion und Walke-r Cup liian
J. A. Broen. tll- It potin. CtIamn. -tr, is t onl y scratch pluNcr i ni
bridge cotsen. taioda. .sio-r. rl hi- jl,| di-trirt. A venr agn he shar..l
boat to victory' faoi l third 5ut- thi ih. eak position v.ith Williltm I.
c.',snie tIme. Cambridge now hi-;: peekjt. of LUpper Monlclair. N .1
it-' annual raii'sh' .ivt. re-unttniid ft. F, ic h wa.s haniJlcaimped 'opt i-Iok
won n-epn of tihe eigl-ti 'ont-'F[i- ,ince. fc k,- i', in -i-cond' ilai .
Ih w-ir. Ibi]t O\ford slill retain- lh.
,l m ith 40 viclorif,- I n 37 in Ili Y. M C. A. SPONSORS
Irna hstory, nf this intern ollegiate
.trithe-. tI- 1677 rar, haintn been TELEGRAPH BOWLINC
; dead hasJ CHICAGO, nMreli 27.-(l')-TPel'-
- ~grapbic returns today from teantm- ii
DERBY I'ENTRIES IN twenty slates which competed sla-i
CINCINNATI, March 27.-f(.PI- night for the National Y. M. C. A.
One hundred and forty-one threu Bowling Championship showed Witl-
years-olds of the first rating havt mlngton. Del.. the winner, with. a
been nominated for the Latonia *ei tolad of 2.877. $loux FU,.S S. D.,
by which is to be run at the spring with 2.,68. finished tsecowtid, and WlV-,
nmeeting of the Latonia Jockey club liamsport. Pa.. with 2,820 wa igbt..
on June F'. The race will be over -
distance of a mile and a halt 3ind COACH IS S-10E$)M
will be worth $25,000 added. DANVIfl4. Ky.. Mbxrch 1.-(.'1"
'C--entre Wn lleae-'a football caf'nd ifl

BASEBALL problernf was settled here today *ith
M, March ?7.-(.'tII announcement by athletic authorities
M .. .13 17 3 nf the college that Hal D (Hod) Ofs-
........ 3 -.1 C, tie. line coach of the Colonels In
.: Harp r. N>r. I 11. Ias I.-nEr:-n to s year-
l,:n\J. I',ri r.i' a? lipnI froliball conch.


be increased . by a
. an appearance made
ed clothes ... from the
r- Fifth Avenue, New
a swagger, metropoli-
such clothing is now
s store .. in the latest
brics . at reasonable

frue k st of

1 0E:m y -

I- J. ,# ,l...-m . .;.
a a. s..i a ~ ~


!;'.,-A....A CH. 28, 1926

Rqqe Folk Enthusiastic

Over Festival Of States

Pageant; Courts Are Busy

SBy StOMA cm6
Ba* normalcy of playing the
game falte tertzed the output of
fun on the toque preserve on the
last day of the record-breaking
ePdstival of States.. Universal com-
mendation of the efforts made by
thg Chamber of Commerce, the Pres-
iden&' Onion, the many state tourist
societies, the long list of civic or-
ganiLzations in their determination to
make the 1926 annual festival
to outshine everything heretofore
staged was heard from &ll who
spokd of the spectacle presented.
And they were glad to hear the old
slogai sounded 'Ore the festival had
completed Its stunts for a still
greater effort in March 1927.
S Court A-CUck With Play
There Were tough-flghting furl-
ousness, 'two-men adventures with
nothing invs the fun of kiboshing
the other fellow. And there was
joshing and fun galore. All over
the play ground the players were
engaged In their favorite sport, and
it wia evidpnt that while they en-
joyed the festivities of parading and
eveyitlnkg of that sort, for a steady
diet they professed their roque con-
One-Half Sill Family Here
A great welcome was accorded to
Willidam Ranson Sill-an old time
role champ whose playing was a
feature here dating back a baker's-
dozen years ago. It was back yonder
in 1913 whed the Sills appeared In
the-Sunshine City. Their sport was
roque-not only did Mr. Sill plan.
Mrs; Sill was an expert in the old
game of croquet-In roquet she be-
came an expert, her technique was
the delight of the fans. For five

Hockey Player,

Father of 17,

Dies at Quebec

The ch-.rman states that the cam-
paign last year did not in>lhdec the
amount nr.-'et.arv to furnish and
r-qlip The n'-.vw ltuinldng and did not
anticipate the increased cost of ma-
terals an I lRbor. The Increased
work of i-'(- local organization Is rin-
other itt mn that has addlied to the
present hualcat.
Coupled with the statement is a re-
port of the local organization f,-r
1l25. which shoAs that the Salva
tion Army conducted 221 street meet-
ings and 229 Indoor neetinEs durnm
the sear that were attendd! b.y more
than 70.000 persons. Familii_ to
number of 373 were alded ind 1.1'1.
hours were spent investigating
and in advising farinlhies and Indivil-
uils. The Army egive lodgings to
206 per.ions and 1 7," meals during
the year, while 1.275 garments were
Besides this work, the local staff
visited 90 prisoners, held 101 serv-
ices within the prison 'and located
three missing people. Too young
men are on parole In the care of the
local staff at this time and are doing

years aMr. Sill had not nanolea a
mallet until Saturday afternoon
when s foursome was arranged with
Mr. Sill mated with John Woodburn
who tested the mettle of Ed. A. Tal-
bot and Chp-ley Ward. The Sills
are living In Roanoke. Va.
"The"'1, .bp. here for next winter's
spS,,At IbU angels," remarked the
VirginLian. They will. be most heart-
ily welcomed.
Court 1
8 a. m.-Conkling vs. Moon.
10 a. m.-Hlld Jacob vs. Scott Day.
1 p. m.-Bowe Jacob vs. HMld Day.
1 p. m.-Marble Freeman vs.
Mothersll Scott.
Court 2
8 aI. m.-Rector vs. Scott.
10 ai. m.-Yonngsa Spore vs. Mar-
tin Spore.
1 p. m.-Conkling vs, Stearns,
3 p. m.-.-McElwaisMcEwai vs MElwaln,
Court 8
8 a. m.- Bradley vs. Bradley.
10 a. m.-DUnhamn vs. Ostrander.
1 p. m.-Crossman vs. Woodruff.
3 'p. m-Wllilams Ostrander vs.
Clah Conkliln.
Court 4
a. L.-McEitWaln Clark vs. Mc-
El tl .. e' 's a'

B. q.... 6 *- M '.i *;,Ma..,

a.' -ottr ys *g
8a*.'mn.-Pottsr Vs. Briggs.
10 a. m.-Page Mayhew vs. Walsh
jn ---MLss Mothersill vs. Mis
Court 7
a a. m.-Brinker vs. McPhail.
10 a. m.-McPhail blotherslll vs
Brinker Marble.
1 p. m.-Locke vs. Thomson.
Court 8
10 a. m.-Ward Cole vs. Talbot
1 p. m.-Ward Woodburn vs. Coli
a p. m.-Young Spore vs. Bradley
Court 9
8 a. m.-Loogman vs. W'heedon.
10 a. m.-Lowe vs. Lowe.
3 p. m.-Longman Wheadon v-s.
Longman Lowe.
Court 10
8 a. m.-Ross vs. Ross.
10 a. m. Ward Stesart vs Ward
a p. m.-Ross Vs. Ross.
Court 11
8 a. m.-Longman vs. Morrow.
10 a. m.-Poth Kesterson Vs.
Walsh McConnell.
I p. mn.-Poth vs. Walsh.
3 p. m.-Kesterson vs. MeConneli
Court 14
10 a. m.-Crossrman vs. Woodiuff
1 p. m.-Brown vs. Kinsley
1 p. m.-Crsampton vs. Jones.

ROME, March 27-(.-P) HlI.n
Wills, America's woman tennr-
champion, now traveling In italy,
after her long season of tennis on
the Riviera, reached Rome this
morning and spent the day In slght-
seeing. She indicated that she meht
try out some of the local courts to-
theater being built in downtown dis-
')ear Mr. Smiatli-
I ant a Ihard-
working. good.
looking s teu og
rapher, but find
,bosses in Ihe
North get too
W fresh. Will tlhey
getf Ilhnt nway if I
Come to Florida?
Ours [or the bet.
Ier lype.
Miss LoLta Gunm.
Dear Miss Lotta Gum:
Your letter is so touching Ihat I
conclude you must use the touch
system. In Florida ue use slenog.
raphers to press tine keys of the
typewriter and for no other kind of
a pressing engagement.
In Florida we are so busy holding
our own to lake care of our lthriv-
Ing business, that we have not Ihe
time to hold anything else. If you
wish to land the right kind of po
sition. first notice tie pnsihin otf iir
lad which you will tid 3ou can't
beat at Pomello City. With iur re
sde profits you w',t't have t lheal
m.ything else sueh as a typewriter.
Yours short handled,

,. '
^ "" .".: "" "* .





Hardy Greek. Badly Injured,
Toils Nine Days to
Aid Comrades
(Continued from Page One)
with wife and 8-year-old daugih-
Ler in Tarpon Springs.
S(iGeorge Filaliouris, diver; in
dliriutm Iroin pain )f 'burns.
over legs and back; lace
eorched beyond recognition.
st ieriomimly injured of stur-
vivvrs; has wife ahd family it
Ifsai Palagianeos. lineman:
Slefrt arm badly burned; scorched
.and 'seared about taee and
cheat: married and has wif..
and three young daughters in
Mike Bakeros, diver; left
left hand severely burned; i'r."-
and chest seared; arus
scoreh:i; unmarried.
John' Vergulakis, englnmer;
hands burned; severe body
butrna;,,fe scorched; suffering
tfmH* -4ostion; unmarried.
'-. -.Atouos. Paparikolts- deck
'" Jeft leg dseles' i'and iv
veilr 'burned; burns all over
Sbody. uniarried._
;N4crtaq Hashas, deck hand:
fpce,.- neck and shoulders
srare4: ope hand badly uurnei;
married with familHy in Greerce.
Mae)rh IS .at 10. o'clock in the
'evenolhg,'while about 60 miles ou- i:l
the gulf, the sponge boat which
was it-clared to be queen of tine
-ay fleet-caught tire after a rins-
tenons explosion that burned ni.-
members of her crew.
All hands leaped overboard as the
craft seemed a mnass of flames.
More than 1,000 gallons of gasoline
were stored aboard and In less t[lin
a moment the hull was a roaring
Traces Lost
Two of the crew, Alexander Kou-
soullnos, diser, and Savas Ha&kas.
diver, evidently more seriously In-
jured than the others, never wure
wsen again, according to survivors.
They were either unable to reach
the boat's side, where remaining
seven clung, and were drowned, or
became unconscious immediately.
When boat had been gutted and
Intense heat somewhat subsided, tihe
even survivors, led by Capt. Kala-

fatis and Bekeros. climbed aboard burns. Men, they groan and can
and fought the fire-finally eftin- not do much except groan. Niketas
guishing It and receiving more Haskas was only one who help
burns, much. Ha Is good boy and was on
Only a charred hull remained, with first trip. We set jib sail from blan-
water lapping the gunwales Con ket and try to make land. I feel I
densed milk. a small keg of water know which way land is but I
and hardtack were found and pro- thought we never get there."
vided] the only food. The sponge- Signals Futile
men were exhausted and with ex- In his quaint phrasing Bekeros
ception of Bekeros were scarcely told of his Intuition which brought
ablie to move the craft zigzagging to-.%arir the
Bekeros crudely dressed their shore. Bekeros said he hung 1i, dis-
nounds and Improvi--sed a sail. For tress sIgnnls anti also found a fea
nine days they driftde-- pawn of rockets ucutoiched -by. th'.-: blaze
the julf water- and winds. Once a 'hess he set off In hope of attract-
tug was sighied, towing two narg-es. ing a passing vessel.
Frantic sinals were made. but ihese First news of the tragedy was re-
were eith,=r unseen or Ignored. Mem- celived in Tarpon Springs from W It
voer. of I he sponge colony were Hodges of Cedar Keys. It was srnt
wr'thful then this was reported. to Emmanu'l Mac'anaris. timnins-
On the ninth day-yeiste-rday-a ar supply dealer and read as fol-
-licht squall came up and bearhed ows:
the traft on Perperfish key. about "Greek boat Tarpon Springs burn-
31) miles north of Cedar Keys, in six ,d to water's edge nine days aeo
feet ot wator. All hands were un- with nine men. Two (livers liurned
ablP to move when a Standard 10 death. Five more burned nearly
Manufacturing company launch 'o death, eLanving hero on Walter
commanded by Capt. Robert Staple- I Mrees diving boat. Says meet them
ton picked them up. They were I with race boat and doctor."
taken to eCdsr Key. ['he fast The first choppy waters on th"
sponge boat Walter Meres was die- gulf outside the Anclole river at
patched to Tarpon Springs yesterday I'arpon Springs convinced local
afternoon with the survivors at:oard. ihermen that a speed boat would
as proper medical att-ntloan could not 'e unreliable. Instead the diving
hie given at Cedar Key. "coat Liberty was manned by a
Physicians Attend mall crew and hastened to the gulf.
IDr. Theo-Pippasi anti Dr. A. "Mlang.
Another boat the Liberty hearing ritlaD e iplpaniledrthe Crew withag
two physicians left Tarpon Springs e uie the w t
to meet the Meres. It joined the bandagesa.nd equipment for tie first
Mas aut minit and medical attention the wounded crew
Meres about midnight and physi-
clans were transferred. TImmedlate was to receive since he tragedy.
attention was given the satinr. rlnine days before.
Cause of the tragedy was not def- ThroEngs Await Arrival
inttely placed One survivor, who Crowds drifted to the sponge
recovered sufficiently to tnlIr today. 'locks by nightfall and swelled to
.aid There had been a loek In the !
gas line and some gasoline bad
spouted on deck. One. of the crew,
he said, lit a cigarette and threw
the match on de'k. This started the
fire which in a few moments result-
er In expllslon. he said. Others
members dpelare they remember no R TD
such incident. UT A
Wounded and exhausted, watching
from a car near the dock while his Where the Styles are
companions were being removed. W ere the Styles are
smoking Innumerable cigarettes.
Mike Bekeros-h-ro of It all-calm- shown first
Iv told his tale. He spoke In broken
Engllsh. but said In substance:
"It all happen so quick we not
know just what happen. Cas It go
'boom' and we all eet' every-
body jutmp In gulf. After while we
climb back and start put out fire.
After we get fire out everybody fall
down, nnany bad hurt. I find some
hard tack and milk In can and try
feed men. but they no feel very
much like eating.
"SaUl all burn up and motor made
bad by gas 'boom'. I take half-bum
sail cloth and wrap up burns of men.
I also use some of clothes for to fix

J"e wish to announce
that we will remain
open throughout the year



Daily (Except Sunday), 2:15 P. M.


Busses from St. Petersburg City Hall, Daily, at Noon,
Direct to Grandstand




Section One

Page Eleven

eager thrones within an hour. Spec- safely removed-then he was taken
ulation as to the hardships unIer- home.
gone and the condition of the mt.n, One by one the wounded and
who had survived and who was liv- suffering spongemen were placed on
ing ran rife th rough tlie crowds litters and carried from tie rescue
The high pit( hed voices of the craft. Captain Kalafatis, drawn with
Greeks speaking In native tongu.. pain, insisted on being the last to bh
was at times broken by a shout oi removed from the vessel. Friends
"Here they come" from persons who intereil the cabin of Ithe vessel and
had fancied seeing a moving lighi sought meager details of the bar-
near the rulnt in I he An'lote. Timt rowing experience.
after time th. alarm was sounJed "I f we had encountered the slight-
the crowds rushed to the dock's eat bad weather In the gulf we
.iges str.iining ior a soindl only to would have been sunken." hlie said.
realize the alarm txas false. .\At
12 o'clock the, roadways and streer.- Ot Initial Trip.
surrounlt~dg the docks were crowdJ. Savaas laskas. one of the two
ed. Delay in lIP arrt'al of the re- lhiers who was losr In the dark.
li'f vessel cai i,,J all to fear possibl-- ness ah'no the crew leaped into thp
.louhle tragedJ. waters ot the gulf, two weeks before
At 2:15 a. m. the signal lights ot had sent for his young' brother.
the Wal-ter Meres pierced the dark- NIlketas, to join the sponge colony
nrss. The thrrongs milled over th, in the comparatively lucrative occu-
docks. A shout cam- from the ap pat-on of sponge living. Nikelas had
preaching craft and a hush fell over arrived from a northern city fresh
the crowd, from Greece and had Joined the
"Two host. Seven on board party on his first voyage which
are alive!" ended fatally for his brother. He
"Saves Haskas anti Alex was serving his apprenticeship n-
Kutisqelinus were lost at sea," la deck hand and receiving his first
came the next shout from the knowledge of sponging.
baunt. Captain Kalafatis. one of the niosr
Aid Staff Organized. skilled1 and prosperous men con-
UndLr the direction of George M nectef-d with the Industry in Tarpon
t:nimnnurl, prominent T a r p o n Springs- had prepared to take the
Springs resident, the colony wa- .essel on a short voyage and return
organized to receive the injury l in time for Easier ceremonies of
Ambulance and rrtihers qJeckil ilie Greek church. He had planned
r-onveyed the iltLrs to ho. LO take his wife and small daughter
pitals and prlhate homes. Only B. hack to the native country for a
keros. who was first off the Mere,.. hilt following the festivities, the
was able to leave the boat uns-,iet r!rst he had made for two years.
Pd. He wa& chered., hut went Immv- The Tarpon Springs was the
diately to a waiting automrnobile iufen of the sponging fleet and was
where he rested, until his palM wer.- cknoMledgcd the fastest and lar'-

QUEBEC. March 271.-(P1).-
George Vezina, star ice hockey
player and father of 17 child-
ren, died today of illness that
had been aggravated hy partici-
pation in the game. He was 44
years old.
Known as "the Schicuttimi
Cucumber" for his coolness un-
der playing fire and one of Can-
ada's best players for 18 years,
he contracted a bad cold last
November, but continued to
tend goal for the Canadians
team in thie national hockey
He played his last match
November 25, but after only a
short appearance on the ice was
carried off so weakened that be
collapsed. Then doctors ordered
him to quit tlHe game perma-


$50,000 DRIVE


Pre-Campaign Report Made
Saturday; Funds Solicited
Early Next Month

Ralph Esau, chairman of the exe-
cutive committee of the Salvation
Army Issued a pre-campaign state-
ment yesterday setting forth the
need for the $50.000 fund that the
people of St. Petersburg will be asked
to subscribe early in April. This
sum Is the amount necessary to com-
plete the building that Is now under
construction and to maintain the
local oragnization for the year.
The statement explains that $81.-
000 was generously subscribed by
the people of this last year and ex-
plains that $50.000 of this amount
is still on deposit in the local banks.
The sum of 58,000 was used for
maintalnance and there are out-
standing pledges of $28,000. With
the money that will be raised In the
-new Campaign the fund will be as
On deposit ................. 50,000

.-**tllt)Ta left,2
4aM "tn .a.... .. 60,000
1020" too..50-0
'o wa i ""' $ W O
t-2 fond 'will be dAliiraed as fair
Building and equipment ....$ 95,000
Maintenance for 1 year ... 15.000
Contingencies ............. 10,000











They Are Far Below Regular

Get This Straight MEN!
These are New Spring Models, bought from a leading maker especially for
this event and will he offered at no oilther price. Light colorful flannels in
an assortment of 150 with twin pants-only a store of influential buying
power-and large volume could afford to offer them at just $24.45. Swing
Sin early tomorrow ahead of the crowd for yours. All sizes-slight charge
for alteration.

lezaz7ul cotrttzg Ca.


Next D)oor to Northrup Rutland





Hagen Defeated

in Team Match

(A&)-Ben Lordn a -Fred (.qanausa.
professionals ,t the- Clarendon golf
course, today won/,; and 1. their
golf match fr.4a Walter Hagen and
Charles Clark. the latter the pro at
the Daytona Beach Country club.
Lord and Canati-a ended the morn-
ing round, one up. Afternoon'play
was better, the match virtually be.
ing settk'il when Canauss took the
ni-ilath and tenth holes of the round
with su-cessive birdie. Lord led in
medal play with 1 'B. Hagen took 147
strokes, Canausa 151 and Clark 154.

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 27.-
(tP) Hand Deberry, Brooklyn
catcher, came to Memphis today to
undergo treatment at his home here
for a spike wound In his knee. He
expected to remain about ten days.
The injury was Inflicted when he
collided with Sam Rice at the plate
in a recent game between Washing-
ton and Brooklyn.
LEESBURG-Plans completed for
erection of new $150,000 Knights Ct
,Pythlas building.

eat boat In the trade in the west
coast sponge center.
The loss of the vessel and Its sup.
ply cargo was placed at $15,000. The
wrecked hull was left by the crew
off Pepperflsh Keys in the Gulf of


4 Sixth Street, North

A Sale

Of 150

Men's Suits

For Florida

i '

.-c . r
"" !" "

1. u. r *. '* p i..-*- *.'
i .t-".
. . .- ,.




,, '

I.tA ^uj*
I -y.

* *tw..

4'g44 -

t1"' <.

* ,/ + : E
*['.T'C J


4-- -


4% ~44,44~
444 4.4


7-0 ,, B -
' / 4 4..4"' +


.'. .A. '.44" ,'


4444.~ 4.4
4.' ~ ~ ~:44%, ~4~44444
. *44 ~ ~;444~4 4

-. A 4J4
.444"~* -~ 44444* .4.4 *~4
44 ~4 .4 .44 ~ .4.4.4 ,4~4,,,4'4 4444' ~
4 4- 4. .4444,"' ,4~4.,444'444
~4444444 .4. 44
*4 V .' .44'~~.444#$~

'* ,' : ,, ;, ,, >* ^ .," <
* ,; '. "', -s,,*n, ," K+ ,^ ;
'. .-a '. .. ... 4,'. ".
'- -*--'" ,,".'. ./: 'v ":+ ,++ ....
* .. * j .- r *" ^-+=-

., ,. .. rt?. ; *]+ )>.(,'- ., *y, iM:
: 4,4 4,4 ,. ,,
-+, ., *',p *'*.,... +.:,: "* + ,* :,+,' y.. ,.,,4'4

- i Bs i s ..,. ^ . ., +,, ,,o. ..... .;'" .; "' ., .. ..'; ./-^ :o,,
.... ... ',/^ *".rrN '.^ V w w s\ iees i'' 7^
S. ) ", | :. .IBJ I DDY MYEIS SAI-. 2m
S. AT TIRD ---*
*: .. -* "+ tt'* 'r I . .. \ ,

'. 4 .. .. 4., .. *'. .*4. <
' , ,, ^ * .. +. '* ** * ''""
S '. . ". .....'4. ....4 .. + .

WHOOPS! THE BALL SEASON'S ON..-Boslon Braves and
Washington Senators doing battle at St. Petersburg. Fla., in tile cur-
tain raiser on pre-season exhibition games in Florida, while, in Call-
fornia, time Cubs and Los Angeles were getting the season started in
:" the training camps there. The Braves won. 4 to 3, showing, pos-
Jsibly that thie National is superior to the American league at the be-
ginning as well as the end of the season.


.44 *' 44
. ,. ,. .

.. :..* A

N*. :.' .o..

q>.44 -'4 .;
4/^ 4 4 * / 4444* ,.'

Enthusiasts are predict-
ing t g'eat future for Ed-
ward"EVerard, high school'
lad who set a new national
'indoor scholastic high jump
'record when he cleared the
;bar at six ft. ] 1-1 inches.

beauty variety. William J. Conners, Jr., pilots his speedster around
a curve just ahead of "Baby Cub" in the Bradley gold challenge cup
race, feature of regatta at thie Florida resort.

4 4 4. 44.-4".1" 41

J' -l ...

,, ;i, .,&
S, 4
4**f -4

r 44






4:4.4 *.~C
44 4 4

~44.. .t~

-Glcnna Collett, left, women's U. S. champion,
is getting in tune in the South to wrest the British
women's golf championship from Joyce Wethered,
above, thrice winner, when they meet in the English
tourney this summer.

WHAT'S THE JOKE?-Murray Hlulhert, president A. A. U.,
referee of the meet; Charlie Hoff, breaker of pole vault records;
George Guthrie. Ohio State U., who equalledoworld's 60 yard dash
time. at the national senior indoor meet in Chicago.

'4. ,
,,, 4.4.

Latest photo of the
heavyweight champ
(at top) %hen com-
pared with one taken
just after he won
title (right), shows
how hc has changed
Sand softened up. Can
hlie get in old trim to
beat Tunney?

,. COUNT Tiger
:r Flowers, new middle-
WE weight champ, seems to
Sbe getting the worst of
,' this friendly bout with
^ .a:*y "his wife. He says
...g ... .. : she has an advantage
'~::: ~of weight which he
;* can't overcome.


I' ~

. .444

' ':.":* : ,"," ,.:. ...i ,
.4. < . .. .. 4


V* "

** ** 4 s* .. :
"* ,, ,'* ,

George Herman Ruth, "King of Swat" is us-
ing a rubber shirt to work off more exce ss
weight at St. Petersburg, FJa. Babe is intro-i
during the "Helen Will's eyeshade" to base-
ball, as you see.

4 44

.4 .. 4 , .< .

.. ,,. ;.4,,, ..T-- .
444.4.. ~ -All4
44.44 t -A

4 44.4
444... ~4~4 44.

4 .44
44 4444444~4 4 44
4 .. .44
4 44 4 44

4,.'; .
.,+ ,

A panorama of the New York Yankees' "school," show- '
ing varied activities in progress, including, among other
' things, an exhibition by Behemoth Babe that he has taken c
Soff enough poundage to be able to bend over.


,.,. -.
ot, .2' '

m ... .-.^
i -*. . ..,...,.......--.. ..:-. .:. .:.., ..: : '-. - .... t i

U -- --






. . +- *A

w '* ,


., +.:;- ,.'y


,, ,., '.

yr w

J, Z .

M; -to
W 19 C11 ffI-Y State
ture di tli
4- A't" AdClub-
jr Y
A ]W. MRS"
d oo i of f 1
was a har
ubs of:Floilda, WhIQ11 =16=:
4WrIcr4 L jg to hQIj$';4n Aud
AyIU-. 12-14. or Advartlaint 'tho
;Three DaYS ftle oW$Y-j6-theHjJj$ a
Largo club, 401nff hobt, ispr9parIng elab- H
orate1r, for the' sion, which in Pj
Will Draw Hundre6 fr&n very INtle
ppadfotd' to be M6 th dtivet
Many.ft ,et, to be
adverttisins convettlen. ever PHIliant Oeotxle
Wbat Is dealgned to be the C. rr, fourb dIMrICIcWr- _,;,h,,a, Ar
t O!Od.'to
A" gvolba -at" . to;, Or,
"god, ;Ilfbeotjwr WAO-AU O*Pse, A*_. ThOO
Vvopert' "QtMter,,PTojiiM for fhe- .P tf pro
_L' llt, -;t*
"Will e LIAr", -4
4111 be fti**O*LVO 111N, 0(1-,
emb" Olf t to A V4 rA 1*1 Omit
A Or-, I' t 4L 4, itr 0"***
on 14#AIRWKV develop
been a to TOT th pft4dy
-Wjio u rg pl
three d St,
Mon y M, to. Orlando for th4 Ov e lit-'
ftrrtha RUCtloneerU, _50 Wjjjffo ftM ieWevert, t ly"
are re lit to
iWu. an* auctl6a 100 #V t"g"W of' part.joujar',
oopxjt3f,'*hera`Ltja tr4offl* 99
AdvOatiallig, men A to
wel' As by d., It$.L'"tirety 1 Iflanno.
bUs'au "q
Mit6m #M I I -
I he
tM Mem& ta 'ho OWMIC
the' ah" UIM Contxdl
r, jAr." from 4iuhg.
t'ja4'L ' JJXtt,)4. !at Th tho"Aftlea;
jatni a ey are inr
'JOC& St.
t the Ta*M9 Petetburjj.q M
Orlando, st P
_,rtla6d ij, Ta Aroama
owl 1, Ott;t "d' 6.6

TtV.M thiV w6lf spoken
&_ 11 "M PJMO' people ha"
rj,*,' robum autj.9 jL heavy 9, aiii baVce at they're
two "&r$ 0 of
TAWA. Xanu -27(R_-Fivo
men were aeb-tenced to not be's4flsfied -with th WM an
ft$PaMtIOn8 b&VO' biWn made for
the -feeding ,entartai each in the federal p4wft'eAtiary at
6 A :rt
t6u their
4%44 peop;enmer1;t*py today follov
I I 1 -9 fi L on h
t4 IreX and' kjn.W L arges at, bribing 'fed'
q ln& built for CIRIM
6UW lUahb Will era, pr9hibi'lon,11 631 and violation The liquor interests exeraptR
xervwLA4, t e JR=PUB J*rko on W
rneA are rig,4 to eL the la reference b
'VattrUj tbb Tlie NeWM#^ rW R' I : d
'rouhds `acc6 7ewcox; _R cauwtheie was Ap ref e4 lim vote.
;'0 poinA "to. ; W6 L *cKee Isaiah reWCO- -obert '6W
'ryLand 40hry
Pdljjng'n6*ApAPej.vOtes to prove thoir,
of., m ConntS. Counsel
nt L ,, Largo In,
rae 1 for the convI&ed CllLq 9 I L L .
Un, Wbpaje.
'e Pf &n appf'r 1.
in* gave' Uqt)q gr A: for your stand. 0 1
fifiv of 614X different defects in, fhe
'the L I hq L r 9L . .
d eVelt f rom the heart of TArgor to GOdy
4, ty, Acn&, in- the
Iq 'n-OW -150 Pre jwsod,.emy OC'Loj,j)l.iSL
*gring UJOVStdL in
roves p*et. In Petersburg. e7ple Vere 4
The proii6rtv is WIMle the, salf) J 'Lr SCWU)6d for
Withia, in aLpa r4in
ftitss of tarm Al. three dayt, a should in v a- gre'st trus Oil A,
ote. Are io
!>I Ukrrupt the We durtng,,ra4y'ote Oay v
-%,It ODU uty, Va tr guniu OTY'Roc 'e- we mak be -are you px
#I- j Ottrhpt Conduct n1pt Ig It epaWr
ft to exiecfed thst the Y OUZ
tr ed in two days.
au a of. your so,.
OIL We, W). e

-7 A-1
7- V
of Tr, QT"Mb
Att- lkyWg fore Y"jjrLutIQ4W& et j*rr'jjjj*L U9,M,6 oif
of tj
q17 mova
n a 46W4 COX" to
'77 _p Op e b4," k

T i 'N,
1 4 Ai0r, yhh, ja pre
L M r1aa ,Q
Al", eArrjjjls$* '*04rt MOM.

e)4X6 T*M
Mot 44 Ct
ip;i4 -eart" BUYS% nis
4;d I'm An. "D VhO&I %A
We ;"a Cor in
fifte d oprar
I L &," vr, In.,
ed to 1 01 T)Ua-: 9L L accog ' LL .- 14rp 1,11 'H O U
idfi A e6ololoton 0 Duh
k3d et IMO*rra Cpm E
alo" thg gulf, wh has re-
has opea '6dJOUM
41-9grried ly #L LIU 'hA$
,*asltt ovtw pany
Peen pa ed by the county.
'O#rV*l ttie.! 'rj "Ue_ no the JjbUSIne
Cotonel McFIgTn, speaking-of the ing
fhe pajj' "will pa$s ot Boeian
"14 describ- Arqo4t ated
'jW jjjo,CL, m orcade plans, SALYS It Iptefe L 'in6 W I I : $3; 000
thej -eade and day Ate] FiUchkorn FIprida 1 barns to get a returb ii0cet'ibat
W4 Ajr Ing
pute of the niotot parlor-cw V08m wl1I nlo*e regulx to '' k ]EX'Clusive, Norithrl- r ore seption
over jfa. eaumorkIg the developxnentg 5 to DUnedUL ISICS andreturm I wad'obliged ma e reservations, .3 apaitihent ho se, 2-3
these 56bdivIalon ptessive line-of travel, M6hojs 1 9 two oi three &ys in' Ift6ance on' a room
V*reon, an im a4d J4 D. Fentqn. and bath; 14 room an& bath; 2.cirgarag" O feet
_te. It ts'evldent ieft for additional buildingS. $215M
31 rVea lwindj&W, but no one who 4m not well khowa in state circles, in ttqket. for this depth
ji, "L'L real, .e of L r I I
Be,qnd 1"e qy4r t,#,e roUt6 can appreciab_.,St. Petersburg, -are In charp that people pL" Interested In' norida
ot its gr t jmp'qrtanice to the city. It and that'rthe spring weather Is at-
6ftice' AY
traotinr U .
UNaltT;p "'A
*'notari' Importance of tbe rfUtUre, eiqhLedil-hp le: golf course is y L prv C 0
at,'an w a s re now belngL&nstrU(Aed on th
A - L , i 9 - _n R
V"4i'ho* biii otthe,,J$ree d e U B O P R P T
'*Nt;O1iuLW P" thi_ Ifit
or At the InDtor" ,L jprij."j, will derrion-' ert:v Ard V`Vork on UOOL, 006'r ii,&nv6rting a piece of steel 0 Ave. Sq c
interest. house will be iinderL 6edie 'gAaeq_ 358:2nd or,.4th St. Phone 46-183
wLyAn kn days, a n thiouh 23 ro
IDO**n, of the clt3f Ites in p ag at on&." occording to V. .8, i" om De- ceases In the hands of 70 persQa,'t,,
Toy Oqp&,helkk-' a7l
ibTjjjt_4 ell ICUell-d. - ftbU AUW
Party *W &low dqv
eathLj sti"It %t'Pine, N
r)'j" !g>AA E Nolva"ola Army

' ,, VIF I I -- " _ _ ! _, ", 1
I~ ,,, ,, I I ,, ;i,_, - 1, , A. ,. `, -, 'i ""! -, , I ,'
'' : ,, ' In 'Y'Ir,,-, 1, _X I , , ,, ,I : ,',,"4 _',
-, I,.-, T _, . ', 'I, I , 1_1 :v'., , .'- ":,- ,,-FV'V 7 -11, _7 11'11"_ T 711_,
I -, I - -', ; -, I I : ,, li,,.,_', ' 1_ , '' ,2 , , _ I, : I I .!',' r . .! %. , I :. ,, I , ,,, ,
-,%N ,IT ""' I T, 411;_"_ _"`,,__1111,It', ,,,, ` I I .._ .1 I I I i 1,111,
"I .4,! e'' I 'I,
11 , I 1 5 I I I , I :,_ , . I I Ir ` 1_ 1 I
,- % -": 4 , ,7 , , , ,,,,4. , f, ,, "" , , 7"
1-1 I I I , I i I 11 I I I - I I ,:, 1. ,1, -, I 1, t I , .1 1` . I I, ,, I 1 I I -,,
,,, I "I 11 11 I'll A t'l_',,,A ,_ .. ". , A. ,. -1 , , , _ ,, I z, : 1, _. , % -, : : - : 11 'i I 1 4. .. , : 9 I . , : , 1, 1, .4 , .: I I : , :, , -; ,
I 7 ,, ,, I , , -` , . , . ,. I ; '. , , 10 1_ , , ,. ,:
,, 1 , ', , , i , . r : , : ,, :: , I I il :, I I I , : I :,., : : ,
-,, I , , 1. ,. :i . , I : 1 I ,
'4 I ,,,-_ _ '. V I,-, 11 ,0 0 , '., , 1, I , ,* .11 I I I , I I' . : 11, .: , z ; I I I
I, _', ,,i I" I 1', I 1 14, I ,4 I i Ij I" I , ; , , ., .1 I _ r : I . 1, :, .,T
-, - -, , I I 1. I I I I I I I I I Ii I I ,:,:"
i I ': ., .; % 'j" : ,4 x '. 11 I : I 4 I I 1. ,, . 4, I I : % I :, . ; .,
111- l" I 1, 6 :j I I '. I .. : I , : I I I , :1
i, , , , , I I I I I I ., ,, , 1, .1 : I .1 I t I : , ". ., , I f, j .1 I .1 I ,. I I I 1. I : I I I , I : o I '. I ',
") , :, , , I : 1. 1. , I I I I I I I I I I I I ':
` , I I , .1 1 I I 11, I I I ., I I I I 11 I I I ..
1 , , I I 1 :" .: '. , q , %- : : I . I I I I I I I '. . I I .1 I I I : , ,,
4 ,,, ',, I , , ., -, .; I 1 I .. I .1. I ,
-, I I I 11 I I , I
, I 1 .. ,Z I : . : Z ...
I I I" I I I 11 1. I .::, .!. :- I : I j ,? ,
1, .1 : ?," .- I, , .. I I . I A Imp
-- ", , I I 7" I - , -, ,-- 1 "I $7 ._r El -E .. I I 1. I 1, I -' -". ,- _.- 11-111 I I ,
I .: ;_1-1 1. 3 TIM S I I
` I I 1. I I I I ': T E itSB U R r .....
I- r 1 I I I I 1, I T ... 1.1, I I
,, ,j, , 11 I I I I I ,,, 1. I !, 'P l_ .1 1. , ,, I .. I ", 0 1 I I I I t
I 0 "r- ' I I I I .11- 1 I !, .- I I . 11
1 1, I I I I I I 1 I I I I .
L I I 1 I ,I "'i I ... I.- I- j 1 ,.h . - % 1. -,!! "r ,, I I ._ % I I I I
;, I I I I I I I I
, , r,
:, I I
L .
n,,,L 6m
I I .
884'' __..,_ EQ I NEW RAIL PLAR., 'Wy, lu vernor Sel
.1 .1 I IS
.. Ill , I 11 ffn_ EST ing W6M, wn Go
11 , I I ? , I 1 I I
7 I .o w n .: :,." ; .. I ''I I .. I 1 1 .1 I I -1 .,I : 1 :, Z I , 1, _. 1:1, I I : . 1 I I I I I- I I- -- -- --- 1_ 1 I I -
'': ,.._ ,._ I I ,,,
I,." I ..' 1;.., .1 11 1 1 I I I I .
.111 I I I vp ft , _,.* ffi.._.__1_
I I I I O w-
I .. I~
1, L a .., ,
,. ''t __-,
I' udg, Mi
-ji, 1.1, _i
.. '' I i IS ANNOUNU T I I 9. P rs q P i
:1 . ,.I.-, ... 1 1- 11 , , le I 11 " "; ,, ,.,.Ar-`; ,!. :. I , .. :`
-, ` A"'' I I 1 ," "., I
- ,,, 111 -1
* A" , `-.. I ,,,_ ., L : , ;, I , ; ..
,rr - I : , 91 & . '- J -
It r, _ : ,r I I 1 ,. _,;
j 1, , : K I 1. I .
_ , I I 1- 1r. 1, , , I
911, _ * , 1. ;, I G& .W ,Y-.,; I
'W *I hm, old-la
, .. I I 1 1
I r I
_, ROM, YSFRIN shwn",.W ugh, 110*-,
`, W / , '. I ,
, I I , n 7( Although shohas t6t bell e, tbat no car6f -for
, r" ,,, I I I ; ; ; ,
, , T Defi ite, Steps for 3yu hg 2 3 11 I I
rr',". I -; I ", . I ".. I the f0turrot AmeridA,740 lk4ag ni fer' to I ;,IO 11 I
1. I ': , "", ,-tl I , I ." "', ., I 1. I Women," o4o =Ad,, as glorione ,or
14 1, ; 1i
I I , 1, 1, I - 1. .11 , .. 06 " ,._4 a,
, :..-" .. .. New Seaboard BranCh anhood.and-belteva' r I I I
I -r I vlI:,',--y, 0 J , ji1:0 I,
rr , 1 :: Pq,', aStbOying aa that 'wlijoh' I
11 I 1 w6m6n,;
,,, ,, " 4 I 11 6unier I jjnaTaif ' I "
I 'ti 1 0 ned -the 7 1. P11 6 And -Ae
Q , ,:;
it,, ; Will, boefiela I
I ,ft ies-Lotter 1. ,,-, Line utfir MGtbor.hbbd' -off-Okis aild,,it-is Ever
, , _4" I ,, I,' G16yemor Not,
, , , , L Ilt I thero fwfiflaAlpr; laijh,0; de;.: I -
T^, ,, I lie. Rdos h6W thaffhoi-hlgheb_
, I I I __ F *V i* 1".
'. , 0 100 *, I I Dell -1 tion;6f WomanAAAjf4rA %4 "'e- I , . , ,_ , Re
,,I' tm 11 , nite, steps for, the building of I , I I : ,
IV I I 4': , The mo.em r , fortomt, 11 ,tbaOwA,' , ', e i iO I
I igee$'-'. ', ".. I -Air Line and mc ih6od and n6ij:al .11 P, JO Pa
r, 11 ': . I the branch of the Seaboard. I lt Itr. I I "I I
", ,,, I 11 enbub ,,,. 111,ving, ln, a day on
-*A , , I ness world of., In ,`1 wil; ,placUcalw"
'j I I I 1, "I ".,., L , - ,_ . 11 railroad from Port Myers to La Belle In ikch j;hj ',W5,oiA ,y restraint its rembyed thtKcouR
1 I Av
f- , I 'q 41 U tw I i .
I I ,, I~' L' ehairmaA at, I I I I I S wbnj, ,
I .1 11 I r .Iev repr
'"$' "' are annotinc6d by., Emil Roth jt.,'de- an governor oxpressM wa, 17 I~ elss a girl% hepi*., spiii oi a he
I'll 404 urs, aWj4q:-.rGc4Ivtng;. ODJX- , I I I I , ,,,, lj`F' vii, I ,
rrrr A,Ii& 1, I vploper .4 Englewood Terrace, La an. address, before ,the Re* lum4icap,, t her vroinas,- d6veriiaor
"' t" U lafttd th67 fQ00*Wft Lot- I- I : 1 11
offt I ces in Springs organization of jiri...scouta koss satd.. I I I I I 1k - , po:E
-,I 'V and Belle.. Mr. Roth 'ha loeal 1 'woman exe tjv4: fi ,the
,,, - *ttoft tq,oblpjm jjjj S#649 I I I I I
oxpl" I '11 ": , I of which I ko'honorary, metnbw, : The eu C*6ver
I:" -, -, the Pe nkiyra Atcade., I libertlegsou4ded a .note I I I
I v ,of t*g" iiovt ., M. The coraple SfiecharacierftW the now of, war" featuri
- VstAek_..- 11 -111 I
__ tion. of I41s, biun.oh.'ofl iho,'' 'railroad aud fr ,,_a_46 ,P .!'this freedo school
,I 1, I' 16 4, 1 I orded modern girl tn".9f Women hy saying
Vl ,0 I I I I I 11 I 11 ,
I I I I:, I "AW410t, rAPW4'W__._"_ ak1Psj ,- Will open up a "etion of'Ahe state , as leading W.greqter' "inteJI66tua) ,that "it may,bbtbe pendulum W
I N I I We jlitv- tions
whjchbave been frew from the em. I -and spiritual dt*6146ot 4md.,pbysi- swung -too far ao .
?, , .) In dry I ; tiful 11
11 J" lp"OV6. 11_ '- ,,,: ,, ., '_ ... I % I Han co"ty, whiph- bas not Cal &a of vwn I'auldnd.- jl i,. 6 ,tp extremes In our ftb1qrA.ih*d SenLq
T I I , 4JWrQF our lUft1*ad*U, miss Is mor a ,Iiiioa6tive than view I I
after a I .- heretofore had-rallroad service, The modeim, 0 40i it iIA: most!, IzUportani thf ed by,
.- 1- 1 I.. I 1. I I ,
1-1 -1--l , 4 ,, -of a' nera. liberty be t,
-90&4 AUdY,,QfcPndttk'qUX,.&s th ,- 1. 1; ,,,,, : :: I h mistaken for' llca4m .
y I "I 1XI- 'I'll ".1"',), ........ :!; I announcement. means ,. much to ,the t e cling"g., villo type _9e - no ,#
I" I Werce
,-, '' Qd the'girl of today should use her Junior
,, , 0 ,11- _- , -11 I , I '' I
I the southeast ad,. I ,,- :, developers and land owners of tb)K I -tton ago, she declared, and the mod-
E I I I t, I I I 11 11` z,, I:: I I I I .& em dress is not only'more sensible liberty as a merr of development
W44A dens I riot,,
ikJAK ,Of, t,#G
, ,C4 .,415 '':`--' 1',,A'--' Section Of, the @tate. I emotes health and;grace. Into. the finest type of, womanhood.*' Moth I
, L_ I , 1, " _- , ,I ;, but hv;irmar' together' wfth Ahe. , :111 11 I I I I
, Ix 111 1', 4 ,V i, I I I I
, ,
, It tsivrodicted. by Mr, Roth
that I L I I I L L I it was
11 1, "rICU,4,P,,4l OOCIatkln, QM- _,,_':114;...
j4 L ,-4 ;I,-', , ,R
tw4y' , 1, 1 L : L L I I
'i k M I MftnL Ultimaj I I L I L 4 L
1, ," of ,ON I 6e. A V, 61Y the L and gi
&;" 4&dc ,,',,L-iI,- -, I, I this ligo, wfl
.E3xJOtt- I I W USIne. L''
,, ng -1 ,,, `1 ]',' o 'r N & L
... r 4 ' L line L 16*6r to the Sf5 , ., .-,' ,
In li*ut to I .1 ue G bers o
4 low L `' L tranO Ax en
'g" "'40o ,'-, '-''j"'",," -iftte reAlrp#d
) I .1 or L 0 'L.. .
I I -A , theL L I I
, .. ,',' .', is I L I I '. .,
'Iopli,Ieb ta 11 ,:_ ,4 01-1; ]E4jk' He Says L that Lit' 'L L OUP
ez"-t L L ttv(1 OU
_-1 11 -Iil ts.-6! ""L` -,:,P,',::,`,-,, I I L _' ,j L 'B I Ck L I
1 ,,, 1 L 4., MAPeb 11 L n, jent JUL-the line , ork o _U asi6d L"
11 ,L" 1 A6 I I I , , 1 ?!:, 4 , first'movem ofinter. L -_ I
% be -_ rgo L -' "I 111- 17, : L very
,+i' .*L. on _
,ZX ?, W i : :
_.- I I,, r 4 -%, I I 'J
,,,,, 'L' I ,, 11 W I .
: PoIlata: 1A ,.L - ter deve)4paent of,'ioutbern B0JQMft;, lur,44. : I ,,,, ,4v- < ,-, . .. -I- I Junior
L I L 4 "If JOL.the first link in the:' ot I.
.1, , ;: I . I I
I tolIo**- I L ... L! ,4. ., _; con
1, 'L f.' L" L , _, I L kruc Eucl
`,," -'- .X13 I ., 7 I tion -of "the rralftsit P lan T o
1, 006tdooltiar* .: bi Ikvoa On ,geaboard:AiiL Line A&6BS -, 1 9 411ve
freo *ad' 61toapted JJftL L' I I I 11 ()Pen * '
41 ... I except. L L'.. -.,,, , -saad M i;ind cer- I I I I '. I 'L -11 varied
1 ,", r. RqCh
,, I 11
`i ioo; qejnjm`4L an k'nft, ,;, I "'. ,"I
"" d4 all 11 I I 11,-'. .. -1 taInI all ,who are interested 'JaLthfs The Ninth Aveauk North Im- Taking over on feass tto greater the
I , ding tUO,,W ': : i ; I I i : --, r", I the fie.wj- th
, ` ouft g Toofing" 1160i : .section have heard wji ,
-,I -* .. I I provement association plans to work part of the new business block ro- sonted
4d f L `11,*J,," I '. I L I I L I kV, L
-, Iiumbe;-. all -1. 11 L _", , ,, I I-TK_,,'77X,17`1 'I'll ,','.' -` satisfaction. .L
i- dON el6 I ,. 11 "T closely with Ile city oftcials in the oently'eojnpjeted af. Morril efte month
,, L, "' jkt t tell t"4CI U L I L I I L he depot to be built for the road I I I L E
I ",., "Wpo-used' L tlockiag'and stay- I I I 1L. I 1, I 1. L I I I j- fuat ,Piow; ()Y, Gaisquej will L ,stand at the, comer f TAUcqJU Wert to secure the interurban roAIL and Eighth 4troet north. the Ualon was .v,
', L cKrU0, rtilij, ahjPmenta. L I L I I
, I The PLepW vanis'float i" was one of the most attractive In the, Festival of States parade Friday after- even way for St.'L Petersburg this year. National
," L 0Or LhA been h"j2.",& LJj*j'j-0e#, and, t1%j, ?4inat L Men Uo'efd Main street and willbe ; t 6, jadrRoj"'djj,,L e I /Insuranm company has. color,
are soft ne&Lr;the center. I I I attion, to anxious
1. I We I .1 L 11 L I I I 'Englewood Terrace. This*eans whili"the assoct practically complete# ng did f1c
',, 11 I 6d fr* theL 4jZ6"Koi ter in %' the rem6deli '
I he an
-1 i, 1, L ve 'the route of thb' Interurb'11 f j L 'thj ' 1% I ; L I L IL 11 IL L ., 11 1, I I I .1 much In- the tndu" and I agrIeW', I L I of the floor 'L space there and Within L Ora 0
'L, dry, D 'L t isconsighments G jf L I L L : I L I I I from Central avenue to f
,' I I -. L, L 4 1 tural developmOnt of the interlor-of 'changed 6X L float JE
; I 'ith I I ". ' Niptb, aVenu
*M]Argood .doT lodlue-, ,ill not I I LS ; I :, I L ., . L the n few days wtll be occupying I
1' ImA H a M the, stat e north. tb:e mkin liaten;
__ I I oaktr
, I V;AL ja6kson I I I I I : I L I ,,- ser e5t to L in securing it'' tr"s- one of -the : most. extensivi offic I
Seas. 'Ind Art I A conforence-betw .the: new,
Ville _ I U a i yace, r0rim- I I 6 activity
'' F L I portation L route L forLthe' I
'' J,116Ction L I . ,- 'E. Y 0 Y. I -
"", 11 L or -DoIZU IThe 1j$"". L]3bnd, 'vl i I L dent Sta.ftley" James, Aendry and W" suites in the city. The .e=pany them.,
1_L I I , e L;Utirely 1 1 I 11 I I I 0 Clemen
, 'L ,L cat4on rel I I ,K ueker of the Seaboard VQr'. this. ,purWse .Thomas
k to- L I IL'
,, 11 1*0, and T*Jdm !N L t Hindi I ad, Goorrb W,Cllpger, re- ,plans to renipm there Untfl,'it i2i In f6j. L *1
,' I ,,, tMek* "Jr0jL".pj*tos, % O & Y I 8 I- I I L q Second
I "0_ ." ibilifies -6r City. Air 1AAe and the La. Belle,, chamber
IiI .11 I P o s F I
,,, 11 I iwqudltW crji teil and kW- 1110d I .L L I I L' I L I I I . I -co VMS I '= 44 ,,resident "and treasurer of position to',orect %, business block c
,, , , ,, I . I I .1 I I I i .1 I I . of Commer held oarlierin ",L j4-'asS6ttation, will me tvith L I the HI
, I I I :1 I Week and the definite. plans for I LtM its own' wh" Will pro L
L $Abn and LtQpt* lattA MUG - :L L 1. I I L I ,. I bably be with-
I I , L el , L L L L I L L L L I I right L City coMmjsSjon"%s Me L twa yearff, .
,' ; L I 11 ,Pi plamer bi" including. a L. bond eqUOUL JML Gulfport '114ve athoughtfor:the-,sailor, Bueh club' and home life 'whiobil entri4ee of the road, ,',the of 11 r4ay night to ,th the next L tty wa
'T ;li .' In o IE
," p" or w8mufacturms heard. -1 11 I-It- I I I L and -all necessary details were ascertain Just la" the association ,-The front of building facing on' l
jjjo t Ur TueSdayLin oxp t( bring, out a t;' ,, aan, -wh nit their go here way I L be, 'of mostow I kI.It"
1, I- y 0 .4" 'l Z and ;1ei o perhaps for the love Kht'teiad to L make I can ss3J0tjttMeLj to ,the the street and avenue, is givett"over
-I 11 of jeborL Vote', /aCM0JUS, to R. :M ' heas I L more- enJoyable make'8t. Petersburg' coin I pleted. The railroad, whith itis L- 16, a receptio roL and the, ofdOes &MOCIS
11 *, ;;; 1, I p*= rive kinds, L 11 I I of, adventure 'roams L the and L I expected will 'Join Fo proJect, 1 4' n om. I
port'L ,, a plscethat they 6r'elo" to leave Beach L rt Myers L With Heckman, Secretary, and
1, liw tilo, structural, Steel Rlno; secretary: of the L rth for, thb change of L. LD.L the fIg
grave). ', L, L Gulfport caiwany; w1wrei he, docks home. and a -place which .they anticipate Palm, I I ultimately, IBthe first In holding L fo
,,: 1 '' 4 stobi 0*iP* *ndi-etoiae L. ,ot .,iomm I L L to crone the in this L Ninth auditor and Emery 140MA 140J)Orts Presl4f
; : states Urn state secti8n, I ,,, L Of Ethel
oil*nlngh, incin Chamber .L , 'era% L i'ho. He may follow theLsea for the love with pleasure to ret, to. .of the' Interurban route to 10 re6r 14s, the- gener
, 1 li, I ding that there J&L', 4very : L Ci A,, n diicusstng the Lopening of -tho a"nujL north, the amoelat'OUL'Clatfna actuark. At ft I
L I ttiaU% b ockii 11 I .1 I L Ind I 104ti9ft that of'thoqama,-but c6Uslder,'tkq:haz- The Y; M. '' Or L Some other L 11 I Wes force offl6e aUdLL legAinc, "oh! sch4
,,, ,,;, 11 11 and marb.101, I I L road, through y mr that the -now wotfl be loss L L
11 d"VOU and Mal' MOrCantQe the b9ndw will, os" vilthout;oppoi ards.tht he'tm4ortAkes-and thelife, C14je.brgaulzation, could' I 11 Hendry count route' from wh private offteg, and 'vJ1
,,, pponsor, the uld bo clo36r to the jch are, the L 'L ,
, , I I % 4 L to be, tdd Prton, Vi ,
1, 11 'L I L I I thatL ho' JJVjO:,JU:..earryJng Out Stanley sj)oks of, the vastarea o esieq we .P.L W
tIAN31 ; I his cond atl f' t1le Lt p9pUl4tio L 'off es of: Thomas h
, 11, I... I I sitlQa. L': on. ug ''eri fo* the rich w iculturalL land' that will be future c ',of IL: 11 11ml Ic ce.; luo
11910 I '14 enter L
', L L -pour:. development of -the, Mr. Smith, clasOlfieo this as . I I 'LL I pre Ins
,, ," L , it '' ,rt L dUty, In sanors. stdent and generalL Manager I of,
11 L to deW tely _Undoh**6d hVL%"aU' j& l.:, $190*0". L .4ey_ an Tor Me :L of I fit I Petersburg L Met L rtant phaSeL of' naed up and- developed laroly WOUU- serve, the ,nejw educational L IL fibb -
%Ll ot I Aqiat the pfjjr laiiii & new I t% L Port L I aside a very Impo I harbor 00 1. the company, and oi C. equira,
e=b&M "alUst ;* L pose L of but Wa er L tbroidgh'tbe coming pf the roaq. He centei, now buildilag,032, the avenue. :1
I I sotle Place where: a, I I I I .1 I Sala that'L L I 11 L.
L ' ." -L or L th ` saflO who' dovelopradut. 7 L t'L % I I L ertsou, agentL director for th b6m_ anid Log
1 I ts,will',reo*h I a tit L I L L L .. L I L I .1
L ,
,,, -I , iiA t '' I L,' L 11 I g-, IL newLelty' 'c of ) in MOW, 0146 y .home life. I I See Jae I o the future of the covurity I pany, I I I. I I 1, cun
'"' 'L f jJW tie bulMing' of: ejt' in- I4toiUjWPUwo fee "thAt , I I L I -6r, b L'of th $2,000,000 DEFENDANT
I 1 I , I I _4 a'ad 11 1. L ,, 1. wh -e may reWCL.and, appreciate. - Imagine the JUG I Aeroax. the'h;41 in AU extensive, C14y
1 I I or.-:,,,:.. ,. I I I I I e sailor on L
1',_ All I I I suite to theoff" of
0" offl= u I I I tlQ atmoopnere L thaj, tends to 'Uaake. I L CLAINI L John L. I Davis, Air, M
11 I I I I *Mft* L #3:d I "I I I I I 11 1% -"- hJUJI, W44conae., IL : him L ot the averbge seaer. L The only, life E HOLDS AMOUNT ,fbL ,
I L Will I L Make- regT I ,I medical. director r tbo -company,.
- 4 L a I I ,. tftlpt
',f . . . I L' I jea* ; St., pot6rb L *,knp"_ ,".a row of trains will be running over the new - I L The Medic I &I dipar=,eptW IL be one, 'are eke
1, , AW ;EAT I 0 0 jt*,L, AndL' make' : b _ at b I '11
Irt*6 Rt*pes In tba I ISIVG-JAN I L I L J INGTON, MW Jj 27!(,F-)_ OfL the, most 'Itapoft"t f a f $ 1 1
'L *,Zz " L .. , I 11
,L ,"LVISLITLOIR YL 'o _, L IT' 0 eature
Ai,,, ,LLLfi+, Iy, L I hIm"looki for*ard.LLto ro ad,- Lb L$ and hiige., WIm line,-withln one year. WASH L
W,,'LV', I I- I L Urlh U91 I I 11 I I I he ,should, bAve k I L _iL I L ' I -, Afi company I ., ` L
'& I I es, on,,IahdL I nouncemtUt ,was made 494Y by it LIS an_'L
t4_W'X4QVir . :_ : L TO CIT I L ,Xll.LOMC' .
pif "I" 44 I 4 ,w6nth should 'L ; I L',%L... 1, 11 I 11 I L tea 4. SpencerSmith,!,prepident I ., 1jh L '' U 'eW" L Jr., de- me I ZUS1
L"_ l I I 4 1, 'L L;, I , I ,. e e he, I his less., Urer 90-1 I Upuneed.Vill be furnished ttrAetfve- Lvki i
it eVe- L L I L L I 1. 14'te'AA'iliCo='*kSBD614ti9q'of'p'ortL I ; : ujjK for-Artftlatead L L .
,iij', I I L I ,In I _, le -fenitant it. a suit by hla'eAran I L % 1-
. 11 Inerob "': for,- the nwstW t, a" a I L 41;,186
,,I i 11 L "]K,' G L I k of LIM I I : 1. I L ''L, ,,,, ,,,K0Xome% "of 1a* 014 ,k1itbbq1ok-_,w, it 11 erslalp 0 I ged ly. \ . I., ..
-, , W 'L 'L ,K6N -t,6rk City'L I I
Al i, , I I I I Mk 'lot, but condidei4iliO life they' - -wife for, accountin euiritles
Ij il, 1, I : it, $W Inpos"r vr thio g61at tbo-world; L ex-pr6tdent. I- ; L L -L j L Sp6a I .that L L % -
IL L 1, , "., ;;;;;;
, -ono, i6ft e. Nrernost n jj'Jneers',,of.L "k-,14, le"'-,:, .. .1 .. k ay and jeweliy value4 at $2130.0001, I I
1 1111 .... E n r, I j 'L -_ f th&L ' L L I I I ,
11 , ,, "I' 11 I , I- 1, I eac I 60 'BQar, or : X_, , S" h, VMS L 0 alift'sn', 0 L 11 I - illtacV, allthelproperty') NDAY-Tt
I 't I 'L I I ho'has"Ifully 41PW ING- AJO
, 11 I .,
-11 011m 0nmJttft,'WhJ0h L Wash: L ' % / L'. Z..4L,
:1 d, WeWM04 VW,0p- ols( o I I I I.. N L L ."' LL.A 'L)jL
, gatiow of Now J(3rL-; ttt, aUALV."th L M3-of:' ,rj rt PrTthe Feophirjji,,'4he He is a descendant of'Martlia L L L L 11 ,:L '. ., r_.L,
... e i tjLo'.J v6bjeetl of a leatuys to be _L dQtVtjod ilitton. -"."I" L' ." I -, ', "; L I I 1 1. L !L ; L I L' 'L. " L -

the B oRTd ,ofL ,E du I 1- i, ""_% ,L L L' -L: ' L .,LL I L I L 1 ", I I '
I I -
L 00,4'velt. :wh i lvlj,, bl M6alld, in the, (;.A ,,ft, 40)3VdW,*ep,"w111t* ir',114'w :,:::" L,,,,, L j, ;-,'i I ! I
-I' II, ,ho hU I g , L ,W oxf kjrror lake L %
4 I L -' ' 1h V "Z. I ",Lth*' L *60+y, jt : - ,. _....
TM* On- tAth"r*iRidt" 1 I ,I I ;-
;4" ,- L utifty, 4ftemo I 1 -, 0-
11 'A t = _11 *t L ... I , P'. V4a* ,ftv,"*Oot4ti,o-,ntlos,16. fts, 'Adal& I 1 %4 baA -teUVA L 'tin(jar I 1 ' I 1, 4
-1 I i!l,, ,fjjm l
"I ,i` ai*l 84d L M j 1,1111 `
1, r :N , ij L 7,
UPOW, M16 lstidiift4 10 I t14 t+ ,ft"
_**W1 L, 0
,,7-,,- 01 0 ,, - e4 -
-, I I I ajd, -,,,,I, ce-rJift ,, ano!piesin *Ow k,l 4*, , , I I I iT'11i L
." 'A
, ""
Ze ;7 In
",Ela tjtr,1110, a Lt I '- ,z"
A 1; , I .11 t 'W"S .
- _,, L", "', 11 I "-*V 1,k,,;j ,$t, L ,, I -', I I azuk !,'. I i ",
, 'd' ,W# 11, "i
4,jiIO,',,':' 1 '4._,L ' I _*", "
-1, U. I " ii ,
1 I _ W ',
.,I , I
L 1 I I , k I
.. I I 01 1.' ,,, . 0,Wb Ac, olk, ,, Lq, hi, iro')4, %to vtor: jtjw- , , I
, 1 , 7 40 , , - 11 11 , -t',", ,
I ,, t W" i q&* ,"ll , : :; ,"I "I
_. I M and -11 1 Y 4,, 1 "
11 I I iao, -"OW16ti, W','W -be', I '1_ I
I in Z* -;;V , I
,,,t, r __ ; "'L"",7 , ,
t". "M I ,, I I ,, ,,,, I ,- ti`L'
4 1 1 . 'T "ILI",
11 I ,, I ', , I I 'JXN('j U L "I. tain, XT" "Tae (4a L ; 'I or ;qoV" 61ani a3%4 ituctiop, M I J`.",,"'" L' L7' L I ' ', " ' L,
jeUdJUL ,;ciff.,(*'_ is, .."...' , ',j '' %:
1, ', 'j ,,, ", , iftl M4 j bfmb 'to rMUTt,4er e trovO! of' W,_1 th LL -orm L U ift I 91 L L A .1,q ''[4 1,,' 1,,,- 7 1i I I 10 tho I'Ro6i Oj an wbo ,k66 =' I Ott L ., "P'L," 2 L, I I I ,
7 I I Of detabutir,".. adVISOS L Mr.. L $Qjl(h. p by,10 crew ftid, W 0 gul&d; th 'lecturers. I.. L ,.-. ._`:L .. I- I 7 11 I.
, I I t ", 1 "t aj 'to"sQ0' L'" 1_t6t'-ha,e Lie, , I I throU Moos. pertious- liours w L 11 .. I : - I I
', ,V t" 't"A MLXtAft "h;t4 not oiijy so ,. hen L ALBAIty. X. ly, kXA47-(Ipj ''I I MRSr, L .1
't , j but to bt able., ro-. L ,., ,," L 14gik ., hero , In St.. I I I the ubje I i. L .: ga I I Discuastov/ of ct Is to in-, L , -. 1: .-. ,. I
, ,, t gq,,JgAo. local residents,' but to bt abl P, 0 .b .0 big, t L 'br6ught:;frra" Mrs. Aifred L E, Smith I I I L L I I -_ -
,, _ 4q ., o.fUr they Go*44Uor and ..
', t1far Lthe 'bdosis S6: ife76, trano6rtWo ., tom ` ", of irg to'TM L e, eryt L tLhe ' L "teri graves elude the cncept bf the rest6ration L. I -., .
kb6_-4iKd`hazt1nV-oji- 'heavy, volumes of IM L f,: S' tb qr your own *ATowth. if you have British tars, .broke' down and of thts,'terrestrial sphere L to a t today announced the engagement or ", -aw e-
po L L iii JeS L had to leaviethe room when mention, Waial state. O!"-, their igdeA claughter,', FAnily,,'to. Mad-'
''L t be- Industr that dend out :fFetght.i the I I I I I I I I I
"bm Ttm%" at the Plaza holds that Florida can, if it will, I to 0 twie 'members orf. the crew I John A. Warner, superintendent ; ti, 10 I t
f(.L I". , W6ftl$13dfty-t and L como one of the leading"" Jf not the freight companies will get MiMms_ L I I I I L 11 ' I ofthe New York stao I dltce.- 'The L I I I I
oo Who. perished was 'made. The lion L L I
mattaw' 4i Zet 64m Its r 11 L left,
J I I L ,a IeOdlug truck farming and dalryingL come here and getAhe frqIght. jf I Petermburg'100 percent strpngland wedding will takd placeAn JuJae. L I I
L I I hearted 6ptaln tje room and % I I 11 I I I .
, I . X I L, ,., I ... 11 e triuinr3las ,in. New, -York, states o fthe southeast. - I you have facilities for-handlIngral-T the recelAlon- was suspended by 10 that he Will bend every energy to 11 I I I I _ I 9
-, _Posfi)l aUd,.-Phl1a4A1pbj%. wAterials here, the raw materials. Mount Dora-Fivo n6* hordes to
,,:, I !V L' L : ,. .- I .- I minutes While the captain regained aid in the commendable project, the I I I

-r-7 -7 - `f" ;T
77"Pm P,
-P S,,BURG TIME'S secfi; One;
j 7
Mrs. D. a. P ey 1,636,219 00 Called, 4MM
-morrow I to his ORR
FWAT LS peofte W. .00 Watertown Touris.t Picnic WOMEN BACK
'W. Fred Allen .... 1.* 1,446,816.00;. finally into
Norma NOY as .......... 1,646,485-00 talkinc to -
'James A. Austi n ...... 1,648,750-00 could do n
H. S. Cashman 116601000U, Attended 1y .100 Persons
Mrs. J. W, Phi TARIFF --CUT
oila I,. Brothers ...... 1,650,900,00 mittm.
toot4 te Clairn Jo L. Smith 1,665-000 00 The annual banquet of the Water- Mrs.W. J. DeW Mias L,
-Immar, 'National Consurersllteagiu'e The gm,
Glenn H. Cram ....... 1,655,650.00 town, New York, tourist society,, was I- W. DeMar, Miss, Us" offlee of
it Not lhjufq4tis Marion 0. Tavlor 1,673,000.00 held SaCurday evening at Guli Chicken, Mr.'and Mrs. Levi Carpen- hastliy
tt Mire. Ella E. Howard .. 1,675,00,000 Although Watertown, basaniy U,000 ter, Mr. and ",%MYTOP Reed. Supplernents, Dem Ma
to HumanAY,,,: Mrs. VictorlaDay 1,675,145.00 l1habltant,%'avOr-j0,0.W.ere present at -.;and Urs,Hfl- authority
I y % ,, Miss Alice Reed, gr qrat Stand, Represents
M A. G. Barber ......... 1,676,800.00
the dinner. ton'Draki, 14o Wash
Of Frem.PW.1.1ift J. R. Elliott ........... 1,678,000.00 Mrs. S' IJ. Butler, S.'K.'Hunting,Mr' the republi
r A concert, dinner and dancing ent assiettl
John'A. Lutes ........ 1,680,000.00
is, D. at vlerq' W, a nd Mrs. M. S. Wilder, W11 Attapli Ahat house, democrais tion over
that the formed'tbe cblef part or the enter-
R. F. Randolph ........ 1,690,2 L. G. Williams, Mr. and MMj,,.jj.:T"- by EL Comm
:modtrn city We IS prbdudng 00'00 tainment prepared for.6e Now York
ol eiephant-eal-ed'tnen and' M. 0. Connell ......... 1,682,270.00 deelgation. Arrangements iiin6,Mr. and. Mrs. J. k'ainek D at the tariff, law:' at
Louise Gifford ........ 1,683,400.00 were made I I '$ was autple ent6dtoday
jW-,L H. and Mm WS art- a q4w on in
by a committ Budibng, W, th
*-40es obt Ingot *1th"favor in Jas. S. Gordy .......... 1,687,849.00 bAm, Mr. and, Mrs. W. Hyland; and bJbi
E. M. Allen 1,687,597.00 Stockwell, George Everly, A, D Fox, Mra, Ida M. Thomas. that' the ways and meana. 4 -mmittee nicatine I
William Hyland, George Wlillams
getr Italp aho;vs that thel H. a Jones ........... 1,695,70000 aphid- 6ont
'V. 00 and Levi Carpenter. Mrs. E. A. Cbtck. Mrs. B. J Sr4ltb Immediately hold beiringi voth the
r4je* *"Improvmgin physique C. D. Brown ........... 1,697J00,00 View to t6 mevdtag a do*n*axd any tight t
T&,jjign Howard. 'Mr aud'Mr&
The 'first Watertown, New Yorlt Mrs- Agricultan
Hartman Rohe ........ 1,700,000.00 'kri w J, ro*jffioof. r.atem 7
banquet was held last yw-06 being J.'R. Bajentln6, Mill and, -
Attlotivo -"that Is- W. 0., UcWhite ........ 1,700,000.00 present at that:ttm-& Tltio'yar liz Balentizie, mr, and' Uri 0' K' 41#7: '- 00*00 by. Mrs.-laorden E[,arrtn an Wustra
,k*,# to,4 m .4t4r form, the Rose Gardner ......... 11700,725.00 1 1 1 1 1 8: copy can-
$I -i attended, the. dir&ef while'well over chirm Mr. and Mrs. I& IsIdOnt of th NationatCon s'umor
W moutb box*mIng Amaller and -L C. Nielsen .......... 1,702.000.00
71, the group presented- itq de- county age
and Mrg. j., r. Maxon, -Ur.,and M
200 Watertown People were eatimat-
40110,00 tnpwlr, #e Sa& T. WbJte ......... 1,708,400.00 -6. L. Brat d to 4m Green"of the Com- Gainesville
ed as baying spenta part. at the win. and'Mrs. W....L.
Jack Wilson .......... 4 1,790,000-00 Mvb.
IT-*vq0-i #fbr IbW Improve- StjIIrn43;, C% D., Collins. AJfce 4nittee-wbd advised theni to.,confer
19 advanced at, t*,o of the ter in:St. Petersburg. with the'democrats. This they, did' Okeechol
Those present at, the Gulfport Rovebodh. Mr& Florence Roseboon'
N' yordod A. S. Fritzinger ....... 1,729,500.00 banquet were: Mr. and 14ra. A. D. 144as ()m Roseboon, Mr., and Mr&
ts'*0'rtunte ti) to, take The"float of McKee Kelley conWany symballaing the Inseparable but Representative Garrett of Ten new reside
Mrs. Mamie West 1,732,000.00
01" of the xtandinij- of jInkjrjS.,Pf Weat OMSA Ctes, was one of the prettiest In the co ercial Ward Hawley ....... 1,73a 7SS.00 Fox, Ur.'and Mrs. Henry lainA Mt. W.: Hyde, Mr., and Mrs. A. J. Payne, 'nessee,. the democratic Ieader, who choboe GFu
*Aof god ear specialist ieklon -of, the,, parade. It was given honorable mention by the Judges- !Flora E. Burke ........ 1,7M500.00 and Mrs P. H. GAnn, Mr. and Mrs, W. and Mrs. H. m. Kellar. Mi. and
-'.pt his observations are 5668 Sao;" Groves (Miss June Walker) held an exalted jiosition on Albert Willis Jefferson 1,734,268.00 J W. Gi= UxiL Cora Hughes, Mr. Mrs. 0. M, Relford, Q. A. Eveletgh,
be d MraA_ Mr. aAd Mrs. J. W. Cgrny. Mr. and
6-oinbeing ppWWe that it be. the flobt a& Abe Queen Of the West Coast Leading from r were white ice A- Blakeslee 1,73500000 and Mm. W. Potter. Mr. On
j; 4U.t' jLL:c djct Al W. Maldhultt, Mr. and Mrm John Mrs.A LM. Bwdlek Mr...and'grs. C.'
A4nofit Abbova 4be ends of which were held in the handa'af Miss St. Peters. James W. Iuen ....... A
SprinkS, -, 1,738020.00
Kim Cearwater, Miss Tarpon andMiss TAmpa.. Miss Largo j. B ey Leaky andL son,. Mr. and %fro. M j. 0. RVgs, Mr. and, Mrs., Roward
'o Who Wp4cialing j*L'..tbs.14.,ftt_ OTg, I 'WejtLCO&at thre Ball 1,741000,00
and. min L w orangeo from Roosevelt Groves Into the crowit. Mrs. Katt C. Stowe .... 1,742:084 00 Stewart, 1JM Cora Drake, Mr. apdL Vrooftan anil son. Buddy, Mrs' I:*4
tar troubles 414 'Zoik ChurChIlL Mr.,apd R. Joues,
greater "Ilot$ oj.eax.ooiqms Julia H. Nall .......... 1,743,973.00 AlfradL EVerly and, Robort'"verly.
Rubye Barnett ......... 1,749,479.00 Mrs, 19 J. Boljt ...... 2,100.0m-00 W. Darr. J. Miiiar M, r .'L and &M
Eva EL Phillips ........ 1,760,000.00 FL P. Tilley 2,110,110.10
Can 4 POW Stockwell, Mr and'
Jhfb bly c6l5pe to & Interest In B building Em a A. Hawley 1,750,000.00 W. R 2.120,200.00 Mr. and, Mro N
Of t4w VlevL" 1006168 Cal, Maude S. Barker 1,750,320.00 C m
holleive Vft are td' I DUM Mr. and ]?Utna=,
Ar Vold- low, Mrs
know' W MF*. Mr. R. A. Knapp 1,753,400-00 Mrs. C. MuhleabrjUk ... 2,115,000.00 Mrs. Anna McBride and Mro,)P. a,
Contest For March Lfigh Carl E. C!ook' 1,765,000.00 J. M 2j82,8Isoo
F. Mandeville ......... 1,755,766.00 R. J. 2,183,300.00 Cardb*1
R S Warner ..... ..- 1,759,449.00 Jack Ralgl1t, 2,13IL460.00
xa*10,1 -6hansts, In the M. Allen 1,763-,4-26,00 N. Harris ......... 2.150,000.00
Coeur 398, Answers Submitted ii;,
and 4rm Of tho, Oftro A. Noyes ...... 2,150,&00.00
Nellie MickIe ........... 1,766,260.00 Mrs. G.
except for tba. better. .. ..... 1 0. 00 00 j unior C lass
4nnle J. Plurnwer ..,.( 1,777,70.00 W, G. Mickle 2 5 6
C;,Lsual, ab tjbn 'vrM con_ S5.000.00 Robert R, Clark ....... 1,777,700.00 Edward Morris 2,162
With 398 submitting estimates in U.: -S
opt intproated In the sub- B anque.
Mo L, 0 Frrk Youngs, Jr. .... 1.783.428.00 Reada, B, Gila 2,152
1 the **arage pe n no The Times building permit contest Harold Tornquist I J. Shaw ............ 1,797,tig.00 George H. Vinton .... 2,15,8,924.00 D -G ,, WIT I
i4,, tn.aiwa tralvau bqve.we'fl form- for Match, Interest continues
'Att;xcOvely shaped earn, earg I to Homer L& MoClatchey.. 1,389,580-00, A. 34cGintey ............ 1,815.000.00 M. J. Jones 2,158,962.00
grow from Month to month. Esti- Bedy Lee Knapp 1,398,00-00 R. A. Morse ............ 1,784,100.00 Mrs. Fanny P- Clark.. p,185,000.00
7 from a H, G, StflimEln 1,$LO5,810.00 Hugh Hilliard ......... I 4t,
:Ut can*@ thein owbartam- mates ranged aU the wa; 820,000,00 E. R. Epping _the'p
It398L 756.00 ........ 2,16,420.00 Succa sfu
"-but` more than one tho 'San J.:Charles Burrill
dol., Mrs. C. M. Dowda ...... 1,820,000.00 Prank W. Canning 2,166'eryo."00
lars to twenty-tow: million I ...... 1,400:000 00
J. 0. Johnston Mrs. J.. S. Gordy ...... 1,825,000.00 PL J. Silberhoin 2,289,006.00
If 'One Observe further with Mrs. E. B. Maxon 1,410,20.00 f ofmpko "W tC.,
perhaps the greater umber Mrs. J. K. Bennett 1,825,600.00 JOS. S. Beall ....... 2,195,125 entertained the Senior
21509,000 W, H. Hanson .00 high school
lj"k n6jce that ;t quite &a many ranging from $1,600,000 to I 1,4:6.S00.00 Miss Beckie I. Bell ... Is3o,15o.oo B. Thorwert ........ 2,191,400'
0 at the great human family for'the month. Mrs.,FL S. Warner 1,483^2.26 Mrs. R. X. Miller ..... 1,880,645.00 Mrs, 11. Stark 2,200,00000 class _ithone of the most elaborate 0
thS &0 lftree'aa those ofgev- The winners Of the'three awards, Mr. Ray Poling ....... 1,440,000-00 R. C. Kuhl. ............ 1,846,148.00 Henry Rlebton ......... 2,212,o&ooo banquets that has ever been given
emit first, $15 second and $10 third, Miss Elizabeth Fauvre. 1,450,450.00 Emma Welch ........ i,950,ooo.oo E. Page V. Niuqr 2,222,000.00 at the Vtn07 Park hotel F'rid" eve-
Of'the vrqgje Man wlU be announced Just as soon as Gladys Donnell ......... 1,450,500.00 Mrs. Hal J. Copeland.. 1,850,000.00 Vincent Ampico must, be, v4
1121" today is qmaftw,' Being the building Inspector makes offi- F. G. HolmeS7 ...... -. 1,450,542.00
bi L, Ama M. Rice ........ 1,850,00,0.00 B- T. Rouptres 2,250,000,60 Guesbs entered the spacious dIV-
aeopM, to and. more har- CW announcement of the total as Mrs. L. J. Bona j 1,459,000.00 Pduline LMickle ....... 1,850,000.00 Mildred. Hopper 2,250,000.00 ing room of the Vinoy over = 4m- sive and that- it ca
with 'U* eax, which seemA Shown 'a his office 'at theLlend of Elizabeth Cranford 1,459,100.00 L. R. Buckman ...... 1,850,600.00 Fred 1. 'Wright 2,286,500.00 provised gangplank, decorated with
grown limaner at the same the-month., Mi. d. A. Ket&. 1,43,000.00 H. P. McKenty ...... 1,850,726.00 Mrs. Harry E. See 2,300,000.00 purple and white, the Senior colorm
Estimates on Aprilwill b#gIn on 0. ff. Held 1465,500.00 John Welch ......... bo' ht for cash?,'
bpsh Wod mo U9
Caroline A. Kelleher-, 1,856,650.60 000-00 A basket of Premier roses centered
April andwill close April 10 at mId- Charles L. Siver 1,465,875.00
a.K?" IY oUited to ME Alex S. Grant ..... .... 2.3 480-00
Addison Wheeler ...... 1,860,H0.00 02, eu litable, and treasure chests 111led
night. Mrs. S. F. White.. 1,467,6 0.00 Mrs. Felin Goldsborough 2,310,eoo.oo
sftfi,0':NPe.ftM with': -F. Stowe Laura A. Dryburst. .., 1,862,a50.00 with life savers were given as, fa-
The:follawln to o6 list Of all who, Roland
'M njfjjt 1,468 N0.00 Josephine Gifford 2,
M, we tj&1 tjj Mrs. H. A, Dayton..... 865,715.00 sts were
COX patlclrated In, th4 March contest: Etta L, JoneC-.. ...... 1,478,500,00 816,800-00, ,r,. Ow six hundred gue P
a a eyep WtO wrisider- Miss Lqttil Miss Rebecca Grauer... I,87j,000.00 Mrs. P. 0. Udell 2,818,67U'O own dcs4v) and siiW
be agrg&bly amazed at Lia Kitchin ..$ 1,689.61 G. V present, and the Vlno7 was the
Murray .......... 1,476.200.00
titm whole they gal, 10,500. 8- MIny Phillips 2,822,447.76 scene of much gaiety during the
make. Mr& Haddl 4 00 7, V. Croom -.4 ..... 1,478,573.00 Mrs. A. E. Barbee ....... 1,877,000.00 2,323,232.06 evening. A most delightful, pro-
000.()o Edith KUn., C. P. Atk1 wad cmu
roodernLeity n Annie G. Br6wne, 126 ..... I1485,00Q.V0 Robert Sinclair ....... 1,875,625.00 John Sewell 0 000
Otago bav- L Mt F. H. Patton 150,000-00 C'. E. Lingharn 1.486,000-00' John Krayel .......... 1,879,000.00 H. H. C,, 2,325, a gram was given, consisting of talent 1prewntpizoo or pla
il It to an .......... 2,881,500.00
to do, with
W. R BanibI4 166,000.00 E-velyn juen 1,48s,6oo.oo Wm. A Rice .......... I from the Junior clas& Little "Art a0cepted,"itt itslW
Matter.-Tbaroaret"Sldeatd-S. N5,000.00 Mrs. Marie Thorogood 2,A35,147.00 be
229,800-00 F. L.' Gile ......... 1,487,638-00' R- F- Stafford ......... 1,885,800-00 Lillian Wit$ :1#- 213501000.W ChenY, 6-year-old Son of LMr. and
bth, axe of In, A L. Narvay .......... 601,200-00 Miss Dorothy Strobel. 1,490,600.00 Ina P. Baker .......... 1,889,964.00 W dt Mrs. Arthur Ch th of the, firsup
Th*, qu&"a 0",bO, trgu9d JXM W. W. ft&eI6 L..6. 750,000.00 nL Sebrug 2,350,000.00
gLU get baok t applause with his numbers and as-
'an Ifts. Clifford Durham., 1,.500,000.00 Mrs. dVnVqS YoU of the,.8i
J., R. Rainwater.. 1.900,00010 A. A. MeNuil ...... 2,350,900.00
ly A. Butl4nd .......... 765-576-00 Gertrude F, ldiller- 1,500,000-00 Mrs. P- A. Xnapp..... 1,900,000.00 0. T DickerSon ...... n,465,1H.00 Pecially entertaining was. his flIng-
al and not Mrs., B. D" Wason 780,50().00
&" *nj" 15 that the Agnes J. Morrow, r. 1,,600,000 00 J. Florence Dean 1,900,000,00 0. T. Farmer 2,+TSiDoooo thg Of."&nybody SeenMy Gal" and
ff4b- Chas EL, Kilpatrick
410i I*VeL '66 P L L 860,000-OQ! Mrs. Jessle, Mickle.,... 1,50o,000.00 E. S. Morse .......... 1,900,250.00 U. R, Barnett, 2,479,777.60 "Yom 'Sir, Tbat!S MyL Vaby'" Aft
.0binson 863.750.00 :,500,00().00 h" L gained Qatte
jn 06Ses erank'A -4- J. M. McCanless a "
ung 500,000-00 James Phillips ........ IN0,600.00 A=6 $gweil
IS -4 EM P*At"
Wr& WAff, Wieland-- 1:500,000A0 lennle Z ;Brotbeft 900.6moo ATM a efesono 2,600,900.00 noted dc* ibrhoAt t4e
1W h".V 000.0 Charlea
S M, PhIllip jj50Q000.00 _Mi,& B. a A&1628.
0,00 OertX04- Whqelef,..L -K H.,Sv*# "' L' cl,
I 23A Theodo"
J't' 1X*0' U." Mamie Gj 1 tb(o VAjai4
4 5 00
X04M T *hi9b
00941 411A011"'10,
IrIL141, 011, XM R. d -*A -c
Idm G. n $""I1
P." w"210.00 Mrs. W. F, 'RAyes. U46iOOD 00 ftU
M4 6 119101625.0 SCOW
Mrs. 4Ctanf Walter WdCh 702,10UO
all Auri -v 1,617,000-00 U. Milan 2,408,?80.00 tt T4L& 4tntr
0.00 Rtherine BA;
6 Johnston 1,03,250.09
ft45 of XL Mrs. Charles, S. prock t787'sl5s.,00 ton Pearcw and Tlarriet Ryder.
50.00 Samuel E. Moore 1,954,Z86.00 Mrs. Herschel M.'LCoj 2,800,000.0,0 Date COMMIt0e: Juniors, Jack
ps our nerv" on Kv nobert X. Bellew 998,9 Mrs. Jahu Lutes Tzio 000,00
EurriCe F. Larre 1999,200.00 John A
Y403 to; evi Mrs, A-- C. Morrta 11955 200-00
2,000,0.0 S' 13." Ma= ......... 2,900,000-00 TAntz and Marian Stanacher; Son-
'S many Mrs. G. -d Ray 999.992.00 Barbara Lo 957800.00
A;igtn'tvrws of nervousness Mien C. Mandeville 1,625,280-60 ihla- .. 1, : Mrs W C. Rucker 2,916,743.00 tors, Maxie Hogan and Gordon
*LU ous"to the hurna mair Guy Bishop ...... 1,000,1000.00 Miss Nettle Wise 1,56,57$-00 Irts Thatcher ........ 1,958,ooo 'de
Emily Muckeftfuse ..... 1,002,500.00 *00 Clau S. Wells ---., 2,856,000.00
't = ',&I axle ful. Mrs. Alice B, AwrtIl.. 1,632,606,00 Milton E. Thaxagood .. 1,965,453.00 Wright
W. A- Wightman ...... 11,009,800.00 0. L. McCaleb ....... 2,872,000.00 Invitation committee: Jack Lee
m, Mrs. E. H. Weaver..... "75,325.00 George N. Frier ...... 2,945,120.00 AA
7*x truly big thinc is over Put Miss Dorothy Rowden .. 1,030,500.00 Mrs. Belle McCatkd,635. ISS5,4go.00 and Pauline BantL
'" w 0.0o Mrs. C. G. Parker ..... 1.978,625.oo Mrs, S. F. Sewell utoess them are nerves throb EL A. Day ........ 1,050,2 Clyde Morrif ..... 1,540,00 ..... 2,950,400.00
belaind It. S. W. Taggart 1,542,750.00 T. A. Cover ........... 1,983,200.00 Mrs. F. T. Mears 2,982,794-00 Transportation-. Chairman, Jay
j, Henry Fernald .- ..... 1,075,250.00 F 11 Willson.
is thtv reIatipnohip L of nalse and H, W. Stowe 2 00 Elsie Baker ... ..... 1,5A,000.0() Mrs. R. F. Stafford .... 1,985,500.00 -,ftin Bambi .......... 31000,000 00 A b o u
jtAt' Zha ........... 1,085,73 Mrs. D, R. Hutchings.. 1,548,000.00 Conrad Womack ...... 1,986,000.00 S. F. Sewell ............ 2,000,000'00 Decoration- Mary Settle and Eliz-
pens the intellect. C. A- Kothe ........... 1,090,000.00
ot" "I Mrs. H. Scarborough.. 1,548,10o.00 Kathryn Gifford ....... 1,987,600.00 Marguerite E. Moore ... 3,000,000.00 abeth Putnam
&0pg ents master their problems, Mrs. Wm. H. Hall ..... 1,096,000.00
Mrs. Ruth Muckenfuss. 1,55oooo.oo Minnie MICkIe ........ 1,987,800.00 Sarah Sewell 3,100,000.00 Favors: Margaret Payne, Bet-
ntn and women on, In the big Mr. Wm. Strohmaier 1,100,000.00 Vacant property suitable for busin
Mrs. Charles Strobel... 1,555.000.00 E. M. Hopkins ....... 1,987,834..98 Isaac Shumaker ....... 3,11T,1171.00 tina Beach, Maude Dew and Kath-
especlany. to coveted goals thiLt Harold Allen ........... 1,100,000.00 9
would have been reached if the George Sherman ...... 1,100,000.00 Emma W. Sheldon ... :1,560,000 00 Lena Thorwart ....... 1,997,400.00 Mary F. Ferguson 3,250,000.00 ryn Gre-e. plendid future po m bilities for profits
giiiyouisy-stem was not sub- Esther M. Graham ..... 1,101,365.00 Walter S. Baker ...... 1,560,000.00 Dorothy Zeyok ....... 1,998,000,00 R. C. Bradshaw ...... 8,473,713.00 amental which can accommodate and make goc
to, S*twk In just such a maA- Mm C. E. Ltngham ... 1,103,038.00 J. F. Gamble ....... 1,560,000-00 Mrs. 0. T. Dicken ..... 1,999,2oo.00 E. Robert Stasch ...... 3,750,000.00 Tavares-Orn and draln-,
from 'Virginia, to- business enterprises even today, sayii
_t* 4t*L Ve described. C, Fairbanks ......... 1,111,035.00 N- F. Wars ........... 1,562,300.00 Harry W. Clark ....... 1,999,999.oo Mrs. M. J, Jones -..13,000,086.00 age tile factory
step or stage of Improve- Mrs. IL L. Lamprey -- L111,111.1t Mrs, A. W. Jefferson 1,568,713-00 R. H. Norris ..... ... 2.00%0oo.oa Fred Weldh ............ 29,985,000.00 locate here. future -- and the town Is growing vej
Voa raffects itself In the human face Mrs. E. F. Robinson ... 1,115 620.00 H. L, Eastman L50-200.00 Thelma Sawell ........ 2,000,000.00
Ix 3101*4 lot IQ in the-hun" face the Loreno Alexander 1,123:000,Do H. C, Sale ... N ........ 1,875,000 00 E. Meade Graham 2,000,000-00 bilities of all the properties lisUd her
Ores ,Rf their waight subjecUng G. a Rwy .............. 1,126,850.00 MM Leta GMY ...... 1,577;,482.P0 J. a Bradn er ......... 21 000.000.00 strated with cold facts. Consult us.
owl pahot Me Igoe to the resdLon Mrs. Ella Youngs 1,127,40&00 Mm M. XeeMls 1,00,000-00 A. WerlY, Jr ......... 2,000,00 0.00
tbe m6bdig a toth. intellect and. S. H. Smith ........... 1,131,162.00 dliff Hogan ........ L592,600-00 Lelia H, Eastntan ...... 21002,300.00
40ars4a and quiteAatumily causing a Nassans ........... 1,145,750.00 Mrs. F. F- Finch 1,694,651,00 Charles w. Howard .... 2,008,000.00
tb dow but Certain reahapir A. R. Thantello ........ 1,160,075.00 W, Harrison Gifford .. 1,600,000.00 T. 0. young ......... 2,050,000.00 90xII0 feet on the North
LC of the T U E S D A Y
th WArle Givenrod ........ 1,156,400,00 J. Z Willfams 1,600,()0000 MM Arthur 0. Huff.. 2,100,000.00 side and the nose and mou
Cornelius Bus ......... 1,157,000.00 13. B. Maxon 1.602,410.01D I m d troa Avenue between 20th 4,ndl;-

t "i 'S':7,
HE I' 1-11L' AFHAN
.19 S., U, SUA' L L.New resse8,

1";'on-r-, "fiirnittire.,
-ep At
Se k6bi rices,
S t
7` 7."
y less thaz a, week old; plain
man' I aFka f"C17 frocks t &U
"T borts and Ina,11 theinew designs 04d, W044* to 1* WA
JL` v
Arm' d For)E t and

Tra el Shobners
Ai Advantageoul$ Pikes

Georgettee, Flat.: repe

and Combination Pres
A splendid arAy of trocks to suit every and e**rv-

'29 75- 5.0,0- 03'
6. P3 9*506''
7%e,. caa
"'J6. 'A. SPECM
of'. f viv, Georgett Comb* d Taffota,,J "-ir
Ajjj 'ftUojt, Vii 6i
=a 401 to, without 611ityl artii1itle Without ow'' rifice of 6mfovt or utifity, the designs of this
16 Diff r t Stylts
'Wa Will 4urvi e en Siiiii 15'
a" vm, rdooss'of'the eenturivs,,
04rri vO 'or England's grei
*t C bo_$Qti aft ltE;ghte'anth C*ntur 'ci 'B"i' r
i y orf ey,& Gay designed
_11746""U th arkersbades full.of style;-new, crisp, girlish frocks to I vvear toprotfteuade Uwltilr. I
il: XM 9 L .1 9 I , .
especially in thV Shftp# of, tiie', tMr6rv 44M*ails delighted with their orlgin6li:t
-and stt*ttheriv, as well' and sintutness.
rr v 9 pp* WW
WW Orsi0$kWK, )J3Ujvwolqut-in skillftilfy hand. wh d Sjurin ij ars U
ants 4ho dh4hi, foof sod-bod bordi of the b. lope M
t" *Cjj, *er o t Q th 011'
"am W
01 X
"ifto" or
pr" SPE
Iro)ROY 1'-
jvm- Rs wili be fouvid.m 0 burftu, wwle I 0.
X8,A -0
W14* ,b f,,dttwes of- Retko Gr b6'appr"
F SM 0
4ffillyi a4ed and rOW by h e 91 rifies the natuml
and, nrithei an wood tones. A hand-i*inted
.0 of, all the pieVea, Ap;teept'the
Cheney Bros. 40-inch Printed Crepes la-Sylk VOILFS--So
an Y0
Radiums -In Dress Vpilesl
Shown in patterns and colorings-i-tbe
last word In prints. Thq regular price is $3.99 a yarfl A delightfully sheer and pleoitc
For 8 days only-Speciall:y reduced o large assortment of celorl4v and
t $2 98 make th4 imartest of summer frocii
7 ri, _C_ very small outlay. Only, yard
Genuine 3 inch Tub Sport Silks
This is the popular Florida Bilk-and comes In a com.
plete range of combination stripis and broken pWds. 'Pretty Printed Crepeg
The regular price of these silks is $8* 50 Ultber light or dar k patterns in
Special for 8 days, ya $2,59 silk Creps, Sold specially at, o1i
-Elinor Crepe (The Guaranteed Wash- Yard ..........................
able Crepe de Chine),
'j, Special-3--pei, Bedroom Suite Shown In black. 'white knd colors. A, practical and Mary Dear PaTt Silk Pt
I I ., lovely silk fabric for early summer, wear. Smart for
'"'8"P* 6, Dinm SA te In, the. new
r' include's a large Vanity house, strebt, business, or school pear. patterns and the lqve:
This three piece bed ooln suite sale,
Drem6r, Chiffozlier'bf good proportions and a full size bow. Special during this 3-day vaxd .... *02.49 coloring& A regular $1.00 print'.
Thig ei&t piece suite is niediura in'size and Very beautifully -B ge eneer, excellently con-
end ed. Made of nuine Walnut v Don't Forget Our $5.98, Bordered
dinatl_ FinislitAwalnUt'color. The suite includes Buffet. __A _. . 54-inch Fancv Borderiad I

7' 7
4 WT,


5 V



(13) Antomobilek for $We (13) (13) Adolnobiles for Sale (13) (13) Aul
C asgifkatibn's DA"Y HOU230 OAX
fs (0d) U, oo)
1925 A60 Sedan
fb), of F. We AUTO X Brand now 1934 Dodg CP
A3 ONTRAL 1925 bloon.RoadoW. ADS
1924 Ford Tourl"
5$ 1926 Dodge Busirlso Sedai,, IR qrFMqWrz GCT,08= L Ion
et rate j$ ToUiIN(i OA
we Stock 64)- ".-f dat rlouI4 Five Words to the Lfto
Poultry -4k sugues 5E ;rt' for il-clt J,
ill Ave., THESE ARE
Wanted LAve "it PILA;, OrFIC S. T r1vt LIN1111 MINIMUM RATE AN AID OR IX88
0 otnir north: FIVE LINE&
FOR "A'J=Gpfto*r=-Cf stavens,
[=1 'e. MOON AND DIANA r Una
AUTOMO-v 2370 14"or Lske Drrv
(69) Barter & Exohante (59) hr 0-time. Ad*, 0 par
M) D"" Acraburies-.; 041
"1 (61 DEALERS, STeven-time Ads. per 6ir
-0 13) 4 teriale' 7t5Rs TAKt NOTIOZ Oil# month Adj% per
mmld,, Ord of Cm."rolet 1024;
T, T, F. I
49, V F. is Spnday'only
ries. Vire0l (16) I$b 06ntr other Wyzer Una- go
Sunday -witilf o 0 Anore
t1i 16) (62) CAeveland Sedan 1$26; 1 Fr=klin; 2 to 4. p;r qpe
Products or Comes. I CadrIlao Cotipo; I Jew-
Fuel, Fe6d, (68) ett; 1"..0evelapt! Tourln% winter. tot); flues or more, to Ima
ttery service I Oh&ndier Tavring; I ely.rant 19 dam ;7, #htho on contract with
Obad Thl Mit at C8611 1200 ap ;qd rot q6tire r vanly. thah, r-
Things 65), Central Ave. 0
It- 11jouseih J
Goods 66) 0= af,6u nor wootIL
'JoWialry. WiAte"a. 1W) 'clu
ootteal Goode
cehinery A Tools jk( Vey Il ell-rif't-itoo Out*
(49) U, I 4er-hind a rlglt to regula
n,"s 'j 1, tis the ouR .1t1qrl, roaerveB" a
Offer," 0 7
Sao0a, P. ants' for more than "Q column, width.
Building and (2s) I)EV A
Contractirig SouVantr*. Isail# dally-
Nqvaltlea.- In I ON
flo) Clearing, I)yetus, (14) ferInO oer
Special@ sit tb.T7t '(73)
Hanoy Iting
ONLY A Vo '9A W 1 BL F111D
061 Trting, Goodw 11
a ns 40y"d ' .4 M IT
'o !][ d6 I &113 WIH*sL* rh EIR QRIPIAT R A
mrin,Atlparfll Tk)` er TH
C70 Vftnled Buy 7", VQuiting j*:," 4V64 its new. ;Wv M M P H 0 N 9 S MAY:;a,N 74 ATISOMMNTS
seatino", Plurt.11274 -Ptt6"osibNAL' (77) CHI
SR Inou A= tm, , '
USED CAJLW. 1926,XWFt wuh pa-
ROOM$, ARO, ETC. ::'44* ads Ad changes Wtp b* accorted'over the We-
71 Ut-11, Board 78) -phone' but T no responsiblito- fol
29, ?1 Boar 191-4 $750. m t Always aak that
d error* under theme circu= r1larm.
hov'e order be,: 4pftted badit to you. to tnake cdrtain
0-1 (181 It
to* su Ylt ha# been: ta-en
Pain (82 o 1924 Dodge Bros',-13" Sedan. Neiv thoa, correctly.
Friatini, $31 Wantoet. Rooms or Board (83) IpAWt and diwlb. Buy M.'s I car and 468 To EVNIrIL FUfITHER D! TI WIM
"AL ZSTATt save. the alficerellm $67A. A"& WITH S UN Its!R NI)FING
(32) R and TjUNk3.'.ARIP TO BE MADE IN
FOR RENT- See These Dodg I e Brox. "B" Sedan. This PANCELLA
!n I ng (94) TING. OR TO VZ r)ELrVSRb1D AT VHS RUS1.
Taller 4 Prea-mg us %d5) 192YqASH SE AN cax has bal oon tire w, Ipmefit and IONS ADS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
.,W;, Q3 *eA Down ment $182-10 to In Perfect shape. $560, *4 MerrW4 Farms. and LAnd (0) 1923 REO, SEDAN The Times willaO be responsible for more than one L
I.OYM94t 1 $828.30 1924, Dogq 131:0 Incorrect Insertion of any advertlj" a,brdared for more
on -0 I Foi -Rent-04noral Down payment a. "B" Coupe. This
HAIP, anal Fame, '87)
%V* 6 X -- ,m I ( I ) Houstso For r4tnt 88) than, one timk
Htlp W*nt Kate 346 1924 CHANDLER SEDAN one has been thoroughly overhauled.
tq) Lease& (89)
-1 1 1, j. 1 11 the t ALOwt th#. 06 adj told
P MAjl)- I .: uowp Down payment $394.80 $660.
Male or Female Offtues, Do (90) 41= =
0) Roor, WA tion vogue
'A L 1), Out of zTowl, 4 tl. (91) 1923 HUDSON SEDAN I
17 alf) 1924 Dodge Bros. ToutIng. Good
So= 39) 2) Wanted- Down payment told coup
a:lt To Rent o? Lease 4, t1teq, good top. good paint, good car,",
(44 Sit too 1923 BUICK COUPE Ali kds .66nt, join no item, ad
A ltff.L ESTATE good P-rl $450. ent will be made containing the 1934 hw
T VA FiNANCOAL Down payment $301-40 r.
AG 1,, (41), 0 FOR SALE
Opportunities, eagre 98) 1928 'Durant Sedan. ThNcar is welj Igit
't4 Investment (j2) 94 DOW 4""td, Broke,-a 94): 'Cancellation orders wradw iii,aii an, but not
worth the price. $350.
(as Busineds Property (96) t ;Published. will .1 It" to"Zrtj*n Cam not
uk,* % n For Sale I :,- 1. 1 ,
Kortey to Lena guaranteed.
3) Yes, We'll -rri de 1928 Studebaker Spoctal Six Touring.
5,110elgaw or 041a, arms, and Onoves ;,4 i -tolljts ads
vlt* : Houses 97), ,The Tj ft Una"
4' New and ians fine, $350.
IV -1j. paint
1446) wefial
V%*11 -M41 I'm and g-
tV To 98) la a'the set
19s) =r
Loto F4111U. r headt3. M to
1,99) hTlacellanevus (99) 1924 F, Ford Sedim, E -is been of all classified IL f
QENS$A%. i (47)
rea ven Real fttate R. H. BARBER, INC. patnted it beautiful maroon. In ex- '411 claims for a4gu 611le- should be made
'1., 1100), To Exchange (I W of
1N8TFtUCTj",;, ,s
MAO *t 12% Athietico" Stni aeal, Estate cellent conaltiqu. within 10 dayp after received.,
LAn W) <101j Wen Reat ibuqo (101) 10) .. I At k
armon. Distributors 'CAN BE: ARRANGED.
SIO Ninth St. North
USED, CAR- l)kj**,RJTMz".
'Phone 5$09
M 4,11, ft*Yfidl 1W
to Ft-, fire iules one a littl Ct. Betersburt-' J.
I l 4; a ra 14A" Mon sys L0ST-T*e 'whit's e M ott, (13) AUt0Z466U6,' for saill (13) 113) *110tobuft, I Q-3
JIMA mQPIR At 9136 A, 4 from our W th" the other., Tuesday night -... I I I ".. 1, I i!Ll 5
dir, inf6rmatlot so 'rig & on 4 9L and $M Alfe. 86uth. A. T. BIAO; Mime. 1 1046, tt
-q tiy131 ", Fbpnw 44 c'! 0". 45 Ili trad, for riv: 19 47
Th m or. neW12 IL cond tion or
SIG DRAA"Sk the 9 Rul,
Of, OTU 44W, FN
A, jV 4jj LWo 1924 model, rl" esevetl toveo
Wnt. 8 *sh,*4'dr
W W-W A Win ti tW bytng hrjW n two "tra, 's"Do R0
, W140ICA V`16A A
j: qL
mt, tlQforor Ill, x1po )AIM A P
114 f Sent
I 1 1. , a;.e. 4 ':00%
V, 0" ror jt)n
ed an BloeW anel 1-tartni n COMEL
.,Men's s.nd IALdi"LL 4 to, A#j
=9 Ninth Street Nbrth t. A-e`w-a-r-d--.-,S-1919th, Ave. SUMMER 8TORA04' IN, TOI)A`T
4tb Alve, REO delivered iquIpped
INS HE BEST MEAL IN TOWN" Your car will have perfect car*. AND INVESTIGATE
09, TALLIM IJASKU, 3,4 CENTS LOST-Ladies black purse containing
L EAOTWR VS. NINTH STREET NORTH., letters, keys, bank books and fqome
BZ ID VU) ja yl;tU omall Reward iLf returned. to ILLINOIS GIAR,&GE Following cars haw been
137 Fifth Ave, South. OPPORTUNITIES
*NR 1 1925 Oakland Landau Sedan. Xew
SA T 3rd Lve, and 3
LEAVING for Cleveland March 29. Can rd St.'South, put in condition tires. Duco pkaut. In good bonell-
ttlEeltwo pasperig"d. R. A. L Elxler, 1143
ECeuvon.) LOST--VVM person who took, by mist- 1. New Reo 5-pass. Sedan. Original Comparab e with new tion and meetcally A-1. $950. 1924 HUF
noMed and " bls service a package containing a Pink sprt paint and ;erything In the best JORDAN lent cone
bif ta L oared GOIN03 ABOUT Apirli lNt to-Wis. 1, EaAt coat from Union Garment Clothing store Two 1924 Oaklan(ITourtngx. Good 1924 Overli
I non-restoe. for Coast and New York City, n' for Thursday about 6 P. M., Phone 46-662. of shape, $1,600. USED CAR DEFT. $225.00 V
room 1925 Studebakt.Sedan tires- paint, and mechanical condl- cu=16.
deA.fromvandallarn while two. Very comfortable car. Studebaker Reward.
e b y Addrees S. D. Foreet, Bel- 2. Blear Sedan. Same as new lr akor 'Prougham %ion. Each $500. In I
OV n y TOUBLEY 6 ars lm studeb $350.00. 0
W,.ve-L Phone 4139 STRAYED-Snston male terrier, with every way. $1,000. .70 have some uzed c'
1925 city lt"nBo, "a harness oil; 0 w 1925 Locomobtle Touring run less Avenue No
or WhIto and brindle. Ltberal mward 3. Reo Sedan 1923. $500. New paint that will take here. iquyig six, baetpn than 5000 miles. $1300.
-7tb AV6.
2128 North. Phone 74CL67 ESSEX 4 C
and rubber In good trim. you wa.t to ''go- -a-id. th.?y '195 Special Six, Roadster perfect e
LOST-Brown fox,-fur neck piece Wed- 1925 Star Vedan. L $800, tlre Barg
baker 12-passenger Bus. Will "-ring you back 1923 DurantSedan .......... $200 -
tuSesdaY or Thursday. Row4rd It re- 1, StUde 1924 Special St3c Touring
rned to Urs. Gerald Colyer, 3624Pluol- Practically' new. $2,000. 1928 CheVrolet Touring ... $160 BUICK TO
.C PERL)ONAL las Drive. Phone 48-942. Waster 01
20 Others. 1923 Maxwell Sedan
And w.- mean bumers. i
$550 cash,
have several people who want LOST-Small bunch of keys on, bead maybe!- Ave. North
haln contalnln two auto keys, num-
NOTICE c ,i j 622 'and. 1 50. Reward. Ohaxa-
to aell. their used cars before going bl", C I consolidate 1924 Buick Roadster.
1.r of C PENINSULAR, Wallin-Meacharn 1926 HIJU
NA DE LUXE North. ood con,
cy. rt
LOST-A R i1n. stone bracelet, In or tu M otors 1924 Ford IT'udor Sedan
vicinity cf th VInoy hotel. Return to 4"n 5 to
at a MOTR S', CORP-. Motor, Co.
i:r) Sbore2 filled Do you want a good car Margaret S. Pe"&'rce, In o f cashier
"lt rktift --mme.Ut4nrx Arill bargain without having to pay a at Pearce Drug Co., '45 Central' Ave., 1925 Paige Sport 4ptssenger, $1,000. WILL, BEL

4V F,

= 14~~~~~~! iiillii SUIN.........................................i apale f 411ta R FIN
voi Wiii 11i 9Ni1 HO -1 mociovrns
1119~i]! Fi! RUGS!iiiii ANDi SETCVR 1 a,=" Itr"Cte eie tehg lrsdvlpmn iot ~
........... HUNTER-Rutdar btragalowai WANTEPe saleswoman garIi g F I s m to cover
14 44ON 154c ed -so. .p4 a ne

.............. '040bi Ai sellil life. he lt d Xot o
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679+ ................. AVE -tu toi ............ producers.' Ad rm, Blx d r o o s o loy d rct t e r u i

-. = h acti aai companion fori elderly P. a
ft=ri Is1!1iii iniii~ Stir B ic cl boo!iki icoei i ......
ir~~.; of= thehl 110atIh Ams,'Ph t
fo W athre mn&Rofthe bAt4l q

iiiiiiQiiiiU@iiiiiii iiiiiUN121. P10401 4461iili~i anilt4t N .iiLiim n iiiiiiwiiitok bai iiiii
Aiii!iiiii~liiiiili N ,i Ci~ M l N W O R W H IT W O M A N=t live on re m se la ld o r h o u e' t o o u s C ll et een 0 a d 3 M
M Pg kE&W 8144pr w ek o m a d b ax M s o t
comeIN DY' seIUng Xau'ou 8 can ~asin 'S alar4ytn
LATAT g, ,v ySt etrbug, A ES E PAC

iifi Se vi it son ble 419 iFifth Ave. So th Tel. botew r to live at pr m ss Good iliI*i iIii

G ... & H ,iEL E C T .i 0 0 .i7iF= 1iA s k fioitr U r C
1f v, M Phoneii 60439 Ad r il P.i 0.- Bairi 9351, keepii., Apply morningsi+ ati E.+ $35ii 7 ii+ Irea B, +iiii=
Twntet avue not. u g bu ies ,i
Want& ON__ __ __ ORTOexetn uombl o u slig oc

Raird'Sur____________ Grading Sidewalk@Q 131Ni~ Daily tain oresEIi-'-Lfo gocla ut

_ _ _ _ o ul t o ......................... 19SiI :i !ii ]ii! iiio ii ii~~i
....oduecrf Cs F.0Bo 0sain belt -pr Py dily T
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4led Se Mack on,~ 51 hoo orli 1,o~ n4DW 1t4Q~

'RIMS83 rot ofc.LESMFtngrpo wt xpreceI AL S E

$66 Central.p ~ iihat Phn 820 ii ii i han dl c
tr4 6U buldn matria ora retail. AmercantileD~~4
11~~z~aW hf water.p clanng 'A SenPokinlif buins prfred al odyon
imap lwr l ~r deelpens greatln~ activity, 'o~~
IF W L L ; A A S f r a t m d e 7 r e dna no e r gaia orA tn 3 4b 2~n d I n g b e t e e 1 06 a n dI n o n D a n n G e r o bi g oVl 9 t n h c s a h o

Wi +;IV n I~ r~ lL~p~ I9~ M J ret. 'TbI~i~iiiiiil~ilIIIim jiiIiii]I Iii] 3iil~~i~ % 8!!i~i;!lUli~lL iii~il
14eag r ed n M3 lk Dia 693 1 th C o., 19th St.p en amd~ Lt av n u south.

IF YOUale1 WANTlmNt serviceI~ qult and TEDTI whitee~ watess I
a I4el t i e a k n t e t i a d o wr t W in oge r m 14th St;-N o ( A rar ic ua' g re a rtes ~ t tap fa t st44 t
# .5 0 L...................................................... a ndliii di sti b ui n g W rig h t ,
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WIL TR D MYLSP Oi~ii !ii~i!ii Ini. lo oelf addressed st m e n eo e e t- W N E O O n icyc!! le sadil!
ten inues rom ostpleefora Pn,'Bcke Blg.,R 36, Dyto, O io jnj to tak a ,selecteiiuiI oi
OJJORLE4 WO A O M N Giigh Lunch +i and ';Willl~iiAii~i rptiirm tolii>i!i Flordil for]+ii~iIQ!i III
M Y++ MEANING+i]+i AND+ii PfIESSINGii fonan confctinar sho and+ takei+i+++i++:]i i+i+++++~~+i +iJ
WANT W -Goo++d=+ use Lincoln a+ +;~i++ Vyeri of~i+ all+~i kind Iners Inii it.! Box+! 9-87i TiaeI YOUNG MAN WANTE for i~ sods~ fo n sp to acivtis is
rXiyT0N iARiX t _IT iPiercei t in, no experi ec necssry War-i ey. W e be i v ii ii!iiiili iitiii!l! hi!=~lii~
wil pity;ii~i cash;i Cl se ca Alliili !;iiii Re a r Free li~i] i !!+iii !iiiiii~;!i! i i % IIiIii?
1P11 IWi JE ET AGENCY Address Auo iPi 0. B02ii~ Prmp Deliver Seric ran's!ii~ iN.iiiii S.iii~ii Phr aay 42$ iiii 9t St.~ No. CiOMEii ph 7
$29 Ninth!! Stree North ST N G A Al isi th ea i s se l +li+n+ +!+ i ++== +=+iiii~ii~~ii ii
HE Ri~i~iiiiii W ALNT D -11 iiiili tolii ou lo a offic 578]iiili Centr l A ve
ST OR H WANTED-i'iF~i! i rs clas "iial iiiilap- Stilitliiiiiiiliizig o b
** Street+ *rodi Third+++ i+v+GI North (25) Drss al u ati (2 ) able of+ roetin o+oruto + j+ +++++ ++++
BUINS SER LC +ti+on++ inFoid,
0 7 P hone i++ ii ......... +++=h fo fip oin in ask for++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ ....................................... -p r op o st no+++++++++++++
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(22 +orpp-102dAe o
.................. in rd cn newili~liiiii~i guaranteed~i!! moneyiii] iii n+ !
tomaue iO8% 7tl 3 oos prn ienw A ANZi(iyo uti)--0;11U0t

Nori -0- buteer day.i 'i 'T ELO Q IS u
10T.t4 iiC.lii Ey i~liiiiiiii!iili!i Maers, of Gowns~i WinonaiI Xln NtLIc.B idn L a 114
liittondr M ade iti! !liiiol-iliiii m iii+ .............. ...............o..
R oo m~iii~ iiiiiiii~iii!!!!ii 1, N lh m b r A r e d W A N T E D+++= ++= +++= + + + =+++ + at o n es, exp erienced all -++=osat .
Is"i MANii~ TOiilill MANAG Ligh Lu ch f!in Alii iisi isiii o ci a tionii F iii iii~+.] iiY
W E ] W IL Lii ii i~iii G R A D E y o u rii !ili~iiii~ii ii~i!~ ii] !iiii .......... ........... ................................................... h o n 7 4 ,0 0 2 j k .... ................ .....
aniiiiII!ii+~i!+Ii!Ii anyone+ilil tat and' conecioar shopl~ and OWNERS AND iEiiLOPERS OF~
g+~ cheape th tion help.+++++++++++ Schutz,++ 551+ Cen ra A ve.'+ 14++++++++++++ In er rm in+++ It.++++++++ Box++++ 5 -6 T+++++ + +++ +++ ++ ++ + o++ ++i ++ ++++
D+,B t+o gslr l Writem iii+++++ + ++++m C HICAGO A NDi +++i++!ii++++Rii+MiA+++] P R OP-i+i~~iIi~~++++iiii~ii ++ +lii++i+i++iii+i!++i+~i+i+i+ Li i++++
S;1 V1 PDINU resnkn. esn l
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiil '1ali~ii ilii"i Li!i 1 1'7ii X ,~i~iiii

4jj N11 Stee No. iPlioni 06.02i3i (26 Heaing Piiii, (261 11i[iii Corneri~ First Ave and
A Rii iiiIAii~ i~l ililiiiiiiiiiiliililliiii!li lili liili iiIi~i[i iiii~ iiii iii!

t, , r, ,', V :,; , , '', !- "'' "
,t -,
-- 1 r 'A 19 -t j ,,
I r ", -,"" "I I ", . ,,* , F- ,,-"-.,'-.--.- ., `, 7 ,,, , ', -F-
FF?, - tl,;M`, , t,'-,: ,7!,, I ,.!! . ., -
'Ff' , "", tIltt :t"-JI,* -. ., ,, - - ',,-t,
I I 111 ., -1 <1 . , t t, t I ) ,-, ,
;lllIli'lll O F -9 k li:7 71 -M 1, IR I , ,, , ,:, ',',, '' ';. ,-,. : , I I 11 I -, .: I, ,,- 19 "
, , I I :, I I I I : 1 '), ej-;.,,'-
V, ,,17 t I L1. ,.'' - , 1* I TTW71171
I ,-, 1 ;, I , 1,T I , I - , I ", I , I , !- ,
,,, 'It, ::
I! M M '11;,""IM -'r-o- : ,. ., I ,' . .
,- I 11 1,k ,- ,--',:v ..,:rt, : . "'' :. I -' -7 ..:,: ` , I f, , 1,; I , t I
,Nk ,tt 4 I,,,v ," ', t 'T , I n.',: x ,,, 7 `., .7 ,,: e I I 1z , ,,, -, , ; ,, ' , j - I ) : : ,. I I I I I 1 :, '. I : 1'. I I I I
, ' .: : : I ., I
I~ 1, I ` , I , "", ,I, .. , ,. ', t, t0`0" I ,ti I 1 I -', - I I , ..: : ', ,!, , I % 6 , I I ,, ,
I Fr , I I I ,,
l I t, 11 , ', I' I j t , I .. I I I .1 1 I I I ,; I I :,
11 - I F I ,F ItF ,,I , I , I I I I : I "I I '' . I '-""., 4 I ,. I I I I I I I I I I I . ; .. ,. I , I
F I , r ,, A I I I I .. I
FA ,"'- - 1 ; I IF -" .-! ., ir. '. , ,. I i i 1 I I . I ,
F, 4 T I I e , : I : 4 I q I I I I I I I I I I I I I.,
, I I r , ; ': I : ,.
., I I ; , f I : : I 1, I I I I I . 1, , I I I I I
1. ,,,I I `,., : %
, 1, I I I ' I t ', , ,', r" ,, I I ( I I I
I I : -: C .1 : , , 1.
F- 11 r ,,,, I,' - 1:11 .1. 1, : . I I I I f I I 11 I I I I I
, ? I . ` I I I 4' I ; - I I I I : , I ; ,, , I
I , I ,, , ' I . I I I I . ,.. , :1 I I , % I I I I ", I I 1.
I., I 11 11 -, I I I
I -
r, I I ,, I : 1 - ,: -:,---- - ,. .-
i' : : ,,.11 I I . , 6 I . I
1 .?: .: I l.'R:T PETEKSBURG TIM1910. I - I~ SwOon Tvm
4j 10 6 'I., .' I I '.
, ,_ -, I .1 , I -, 1 I 3 10 ] 'I 11 11 I I I .. .
I !, 111 -11- I ; "I I
1,111,1 4 ;- -i`--- ",- "I., I 'I I I 'i I 11, I I I I I -60
ftl- 1 1. I 11
- I (4.1 0 ,, !'' -t' ,
11 tj " I 11 '' j, ", I I I 116041s ' :` (61) (59):1164# ob A
I Ai6 '"s I -Im , ; ). '.' zliooos - col)'' )-,,
'! I .. ":Z; 11 1. 1 41 ,161 itiw . ,. Ow ofl" (59) 77 PROFESSIONAL 77 (") Rooms Without (79) (84) 4partments (84) (88) -
4.,I 110 11111 11 1W 1, I I., : ti, ': pportud z I 11 I I
1-1* 44" ,ft t,..%---.., I 11 ., e,- 1, I I Board I -
': -1 "- ,. - -,-777. A 00=EX oppo I FOR %411 T CRUISER. Goo. roithabu F. A. A. I -1 ST1228
,:, I "' Architect I I z
I i '. I I RT`L1NITT,-Waatod CRA EIGH SCHOOL TIMES. 0 0 man IIARON ROOMHmoa two; beds. I
, "I W 14 ROM i,14-316 G-R Arcade
-I' , ','.-, . I 1. two paitlem W4112 about -11,51 NL Ow live room
I t, , '. I : )o t. .,,IiOOL
, 1,et,-,17- 11 1.t,;; ,,,'( "1000 e4w4i to 1610 advortloor Irk -a oafs 899 Central AvS. NOTICE throe hal
I 1'r --F, t , ,- .. .:,. , 4 and man* Us money making dimaj bank I . I I I I Phone 44-11". : 449 Seventh avenue north. opposite I I I Importani
,,,, I L ,,f-, , ", , '': I -71 'Thu I ''I Round Lake. I I
,,,,, ,ftronoos.,Wrltos ON., 1. -
I '111 1-I't I 1. I I I For BO" Only
I'' I .11 I I V I I No* -that the Festival of
111,, J5ELCA%*8SM "O P
,:, I I UT TOWN" CANON AGENCY Confidential I.vamligstl bath.
States is over, you will be M j
4444" 1 I UIDAR, "LI .TTLE'. ca", stor., r4 b4liall and light gro- The 0= 60hool exatupivelIp tar bas in Central Ave. DILI 76-550 ons 4 Iza- NPACIOUS ROOM& equipped with hot
,-, .1 -A COMbilso I J:Vad Waltham clock J)Mrotnew-' .
-. I I 11 . orger.liblem ,"Mell I- a,- pet- -ff- (Catalog on Request) reputation, Is our recommendations. and cold water. Roduced Price& Ho- I
F, _,' "' M I I -, ML two. p, 13 j 15c. I -luot gorado, 0 h fthe" I Ro rlad to get.,-awayfrom
,",L,.' -1" , I HIVE , r= h Ur S41, Central Am om SOL Phone tot Allda 481 Third avenue south. To
1, I I ,-, I '' - I I I I I stu -560. I be open all summer,
lioit ittidtiye (i = ad athietta (61) Office Eqmpment (61) 16 11 LARGE AIRT room, neat bath-, twin those terribly bifrh-prieed WILL
I I .- .. . No home work until seventh CrqA& ipo" qr Ing a ; cillsfir I Suratzler
11 : I ,,: . I I Caltago Preparato;7. OFFICE Furniture &no Cu.EFIg 5e.km6 beds for two gentlemen; in home of
N- 'so ; : I I Safes. garace available; mummer ,en' room mr
11, It 4 4Q0--#thBt,, 11 I Chaim Filing n ale. St- WELOW0 NATIONAL DETECTIVE rofluement hotels. W hv not JoY lot, North
,- ',,I . . r' ItA$ob. ,r I Co* bIS bdMgbt'.foj,'. #, I U 00' Ggi AGENCY. Licensed. and rates _12th Ave. South. Phone A
i . et adm to Banded Car. 01
'r, F '! 0, ; & S., Hoar He aster PGe'tnetrr"aJbu'A'viso"PhlliE#'l'fron' respondence aj' principle 2S. 1 1 L the rest of the vAnter, and T, a. N
", I L I I L .. .- ZUX Ure '!! an Richman cArla. L I L
'il r _rq$ kna, L L I L L I VESKS--CHAIRS-SAFES-rILES- NO m- It'" f U. 69-9
er.'- , 1, I I I -L 11, f, "d 1: ; , U26 USA I matter wiJift your office, furniture ro- an d I ROOM" ol up.psr- I- weak.. Hot showers, ' Med.
'.. I jov I L 0# val" NORTH summer too, hi a reason- -
j 'r , (vAi I 1, I '
I .1 I , . I DJ:L 8, R. LOVE
,,; ,FF, , .JL L;% , I I- 1, L I 10 I I LL I quirements are. we can save you money kin I pries a
11 I I / Phones: School, ".44 &" L its rj "I 'you X7.,Vmm ,ably priced ap rtment" `Room
, ,,,,,, "'' 1-, 4,L" ". .. 111, I z L I I 6ftff 9 46 OL. Sam an also for typewriters, adding me- I Electranothtr dcr .
I -1, -. L I 'I -- L L I I I I 814140210%, 64-100. afterit v. m. chiaes. abeckwrttoril6L kind* ,office / stsorth
1 41 nL ] I I I I 1 40 -
-11 -' 'L' I RjM I I a` 06 a. I I I h t`,%'-y,-'t'
", -! L' -' L I L devicoo. Price ounaziall, LOW, rW "9Ah.7Si`?6r?8 I Come down 0 137, 5t
'F-, _''j'. ,,, ,
-- `'-, -r,'' fL L ., 11 .. VA .1 WANTED ROOMZRJS. All rooms re-- Ave. south and ask for w' "
11, I I I ., I 11 I -. I I I L I I- 106 OTH ST. NORTH. I 11 dubod. Most converitent location. Tran. I bungLIo
"I 4 1 b L I I ,,, .. L I f L a L n
1, L I" ec I '10T" PVrEP ILARtON od ts accommodate& 240 Third 19t. sonab 0
'r ; ;, oto W, -L I .1 1. 1. AMMO U(C. 87AITH & BROB, Bell bearing DR. ETIY JONES Mrs. 'McDonald. Note 4
mtP ,,, I
, 0, lKock, Uturoi. I 13US= 89 ODLUDGE veaxtn# Exclusive sales Lane OBTEOP 117 a 101.N / North-
F' "U#Wa1o,* 004 -Wlt4,ffWloo,4o oxvoiloht W6 have one, of the vw7 best-, aa;::%&-!Ropatrs en aii make& Mg- I t Se,`IILT 1, I
-` ttoro, an north Sidoo. FlaoLopport 100atio I PERFECT 81GHT WITHOUT L ; I carefully the loati6n, then '
L' J.' L L EV-okkeeolng 'L Sundstrand Adding Machines St. pet. GLASSES I I I HOTEL BUTLER LRMN a. no e City for a high class I ,' L' chinos bouzht Sold aM axchangjed. L I 1. I I I
,, A 111*- -,41Cje US l once. ReatAurtI4% right off-, Central Ave. M16 L L consider the price and ypu
Vsmeut Co- 666 451 SECOND AVE. NORTH I
11 1P4 nivany, re." Rop-rp is- I ersburg Equ: can- -European
t;Sft L ln t'h6.11041t of the City-' rth=4 tral Av.M ou e 6, PHONE b20- L by, will be, w eeably-surpris-
11 , Avo Nor"L, Pholas e - Diming room in connection. Room
4va 47ealL,. Hot and cold water.. 3rd
!,- , , ", L I : I I .1. I I I T" ewnI" I L I .ay .
**t*W ISLWX PLANT Roolli., 14 feeC WIdeL by 104 feet I I LISTING CARD& sho" hoolm local I" neax ;nd 'at'L I ed. Don't fork6t, the num- I
RAIY I I I ' -LL , Co;121Mertlsfj*W -L. bIrk imported sts.- L
I a ry, show card inks, -13 JOHN A TQT
-,, vo; 9,*PLr' (00404 to -;h.",Ai wit deep on, alley comer, with Plenty of ,-!L' , . tic I ;RAM '
11 ,,, I 111,74matots. J :A. ordy natUral light a, air, front and rear, ., 11 Wm panc pencils. K Print ARCHI L 29i THIRD ST. NOR;i ber--137 Fifth Ave. south.
7 It'12 .. R" I 01 I V R.11 rZrando T" .1 I Izk9 ,Co., 546 Central avoou!. ROOM 4 MILLER BLOCK Nice )arc* room-asar bath. Reason- I ,
-,, i-1 P 2401 1 entmIlce. I Duaftoss Tmhftg THE DICTAPHONE; in your office ih. ST. I I
1 "I ;L I "I I I L \ able: also can accommodate several I
I , I ,I I "I L L I I I 1 I cre"es efficiency, fLoubles ability, men at fS.60 mnd $6.00 per week. 1-2 tarl&L Etc. get things L Pro.
,, II ,,,,- , I zt, Thi room 1s!$uBt rightfor a high L 1; dons. AAk for demoustra- F. W THORTON V C.. Ph. 0. block from park. i I
IF, ,"i I tion. sales and Service, Ai V I
, , covab t = t claw S I 1 Frank Palmer GraduatI CIilrpracter' I L .1 corz
I 1 I a fill I"M
I I L irt'd- eating, place. neinbers Nationsj ARM L lin St., Tampa, Flm Phone 2 736 Central Ava. I
I "AV I I I t.- TWO completely furnished roams for NEW ., .
, L'in a$ , or a" L I I L L L Rooms 6- Miller Blft RuhnIng water In
1, f"", jL: ". I L L INV STIGMM. L I Cartifted FW o Accountanu I L Phons 60-022 I light housekeeping. DE SOTO Ave
-, I I I I \ I I I STORE FIXTURES bot.4 rooms. ,Privat$. entrazim $60, to S L '
4 & I x4i
"X ', I I 1 I ,
..... F I i ,,,, F; 1 I :: . L' L ; I lo, secovd Inoor I Florift A-rcMe I- L X"Iffili LU JONES May 1. 062 lith Ave. south. I APARTMENT
I ..... -1 1, 1 I I L
#, .1 I I L, 11 L44S %.UnUa 'L
,-F- I I*d mirkst,'bA6kmryV LL'. P og L Rleafty -Co. L P2mme U-613 IMMEDIATE SHIPBICCNT General and Specific, Massage BEAUTIFUL LARGE cool rooms. some I 1. I
11 :10" M L Re I le I / Corrective Exerolses. with private bathe end sleeping Finest in Bt. Petersburg. All
1"IK L very 4 1
,FI'", I I th",;;IOO00, "ar business.. 1 1 499 secoad AN&zotoo North. Porches. plenty of he water. Ton orn. completely and luxuriously furnish- Roo
1, T F: , t tqOlWIa4.,4CfoW I ., 115! gixffi Street South I I Phone 01980. blocks north of post Office, 10 00 Second ad., Sun parlor, tiving rod= dining I '
'r 00 I St North. Phone 46-430. room kitchen. Two doubt* bads. FrIZ-
,; ,'I I thL Bloic. .L, --- I I tdatre. Garage, with eve" Apartment
'' I 'L'L (53)L L Dopo Odts i (53) a 1, wall Year-round tenant wanted. 19th L AVa. Cen
Q, '1111 I tiolto, I I = 911antla Abdovil" AIRY ROOM nextte-bati:
"I k , k,.*N,,ING"' 'L L, ', L I I UT I Bu rim MCM
-"Y, I Salto Lea St.. betwegn 10th and 11th at&
,,4'', '. X 1 : '" I L I I W. B, Mcl.em Vfjr'L CO, 0 HOSIOrT. AUklet4% Vt ". located bungalow. Private family, Ono
'I,- FFFt 0 to- .1, I L I L 1, I a. ANNA B, WaRwip : block from Oth street .car line. Men *iat &44 mll4i"rrW*Ik qs* L I 1-1 L , L ' ', : L 'L Other Pets ; Ida 1, North. See owner next door.
IF 7011 Smith 311"s I I I ,,, I
L,-*% ',;il 18031 BW ow Wvd. ROOM Ili. Alhambra Arcs," ,only. 836 18th Ave. South, j
,, 1,ii,- L' I I C"ARIA& Parrots" pups;' mal 16
I I I 1':- I , L --7:L ,- L I I I ]?jt8bUrffh. ft. L I I I I IL -- I" FOI -- hEN'
;---1.1. I I ," a& pigs, fancy piffsona, paro =Sets, T I I Roo
0, "417 I, ,,, , L 'L '-''j.,L. L' L I I L - 9 REPRE814NT.&,TrVE ROOMS BOARD, ETC. TWO NICELY Furnished rooms In raw 'At Peat-a-Griiie racing on two I I L 1,
,,,' L, ",.;,.'_ , :, I I -,t L t "7 description and supplies..
11, -1 ,, .* "I I I I I I I I ca, SlilLanywhero. Na- L rootas, screened porch & snatte
it I:' " t ' L' 1, L "L I I I r FM-11-4." ; A. St. Ulm.; 199. , I I '. bath, other ad xv. cadi
I I L : I Joining bath. 703 8th Ave. South. furnished apartment --- steam heat-will
LL I *rAX'M L I 71 611 L ondance. FOR a Care Wright Drug Co. i (78) Rooms vnti7Bosrd (78)
1 ,,, I I.,. I *I,,- BAVtN'L BIG ;T400MEL and accommodate 3 to People--for month
6, Ill I tudep E--Threa extra line and h1bly I 550-U? Pourth Ave. 14. ......- .- of April $76, ,Can L rented for longer Ave
1, L 1, ,I 1
I C I 1. ant bust, bred German Jllce famales, sire by
M Establish ,f.,r*Atsble perman L Window 0 1 -1 I
L I '4'' I 4 A ONCE CrIAAACCIR 'name by truit It new stano the Great "Zill the greatest sire in, St. PetersbUrg.'Fla. L ROOM AND BOA-RD at Sit North 13th ROO* With eann"Ung baft. time. .L1 .I.
,,:, L It LJANT Lo ourral ,% I .L N, I it Family style. Cloiepi, $11 and $I par
," "I aalr#171n y tory. ,!g profits oW America. They are seven and a half I I
,Ft I LEW 1047 ths old, about 66 pounds, and beau. Men 'only. L Saltsman
tIF, L K, "FF --. : 0 '.L ,.' B#UX bIgh-clAoss bakery ptoducts. We mauu- MOD UP. L-week. 430 Eleventh avenue south. .- I IL 11
,T I L L "'111 L' Appli for .1L 1"turo, complete pmella for atli pedIg cation registration and ". I I I I I I
,,,I 4t, pt ,' .1 ,L: ,; L ., C. A R e ors -
'l I .1 ; "It. to raments ,and X I ree furnished, Write Bresst, I YU61, Fiedo (63) I L
11 t "t L Shelbyville, Tenn, LARGE. pleasant *10sling room With War & 0 btlc :, : IL;o quI On a Y 1)"'? :1 I I <63) .. re tt ,ldt, Gr64
I I : plan. Let us tell you about It. 1% I GORMN HO2=4,53" th Ams Naftb. ,
,"tt, L 11 , .. J. L 't iiotom M y. 59 East Fertilizers 'private entrance a joining modern L P11 USL 6763 %
Fl t .1 -41 '
., -,;,t t= V.- an CANA.,-ft- L.
C.'t o,,.* . r baLJIO par week, comfortable double
, Beautiful Imported miners. I I . I reasonable ratem. Phone 90-915., room with sapkrate entrance and v- I .
.1 I ',. ,- I L
4 1. .', ,""'.' 'o 'L. '', L: L ., 'L
- , '' *, L L '' .. , L , L L ;-rantab every b" and Lear" a .WELL -ROTTED DAIRY MA'NUF I., I
F "t . I : .. L .]L $5 .11 .
t,It-, L.' ' L'' L WANT__P&r6arLt6 go comvidle, line of Hondt" Cages' UO' -torv, track, IoO4, anyw in tcwn I veto, bath. $15 per week: also small ,
,:. ' ,L L '' "L he Co. .I. t C710
"' .. ' . '. i . : ;. . L" b- Gahan-Parraly Flo L here, I apwtrn-nt, $16 per week. RN IN
11 I Ing Business with, me rlat- Ph- 6369 phone 40--479. : L' I 'ROOKS--WEST COAST INN .Near. bay and Apartments and rooms.
;,;, "" ' -'.k'.Q' I . :, z1a.411 J 73:9r No. &63 Central Ave. 11 L I 1ce, 331 First street north. 11 i P, %,= #so cant
I **parlance. Address RoUte'I, Box I L THIRD AVE. AND BEACH DRIVE 00. Postoff mouth or week. &MA$
LL -"'L I y L ; L. ) L I I L I OVERLOOKING CITY YPARJE AND NICELY furnished rooms. new ,bung,%- 316 Beach, drive north. ftene 7671, GRZI
I :",'Iv t OPPORTUN'IT I I TAMPA BA L I low thorouAthly modern garage space, WELL FURNISHRI) garage apartment .
11 I '. I a), HANDSOME COLLIE Nppiss. beautiful (66) Household Goods (66) summERRATES AFTER APRIL 19T shower bath and telephone. Must be'i" ' -W-L, , ,(42) Investmen% (42) Bull Terrier puppies $16.00 each. Bat- TOM SNEDDEIN, MANAGER seen to be appreciated. Summer rates. u aInd xarage to sub. at at reduced rate
IRV I I I ntil May I Call between 11 and L
L I",_1 4 -V - on:ds L Griffliss Stock Farm,'LLmout, Flo- AT SACRIFICE furntahingh for an I I ,- LIVE ,J: 'L L 8,1t'11)* a L I t6tactjon guaranteed. Trained coon date. . 1120 13th St. North. Williams. 632 Fourth court mouth.
1 -L 1, I- ,; -TTLE'L" 0 L ROOMS and BOARD for meuouly, $10-50 ,L I L
,4 1TH A, 'Ll. I apartment or camper. including mitent
, 'L L table CLOSB-IN nicety furnished. clean rooms, ,;&IONA WED APART -
,,q, ,, -, L I .. COLLIES. Shepparft, FOX Torrl6rs, tram Lad up. Single be" L Mod fvmg
Answer Times r, L "RNfS --
,X "I `,F-,, F, ,XONEY '' -L '' IPWRIMA Land Say, Bulls, Betters, Pointers, L PP set 5 e W rk and sc.reeila. I bXd. Apply 226 3rd St. North. running water; also L ffI&mmt`ftZOlOajd ARGID PO me, OVER -
-- "' I L I I I 8 Of T (89)
.W edurltiq .0 ox'S-93. is porch. Reasonable rates. 8 8 iiNC'H'11 SUMMER RATILIt.'
f,, -' I L'' lroetrgratad'F 4n L 14Wi 0 "the state months. old, Purebreades. Any h a -- I sisePIT -
1111' ,ext*rkoceti. t-' c HL I wil
, Alittoir to of,1,C m,.oflyJ600 ,.OW. J.. Bas- kind% rnsaeF6 SIO'each; femalei% $6 each; BEFORE GOING NORT I macrill Fifth avenue north. I
to )c "' Rooms WITH BOA-RD four; block TH17 W ift --ti.SdWNT0 IN THE
,-- ' 3 a from
*I`t ot tiow =I OT; ineat or I ary. X tounds, $10,. pair order from this Darw for $ 5 cash comparatively new 'L I*, I 5 R, -Not hattiltri' L nall ICquroaW, Willtaniffton; S 0. I $750, raxorany 48 note, A0611AU t)Uo L Central An. Good bow(% All con- L I A.VRN7JMv feettv
", jlitnte I(x*tj6n,, chMp. rent. INIrEST WISELY at me piano with beach and music Ventonces, $1 per week- Ayly ,411 .. I avenue 4(
" , I L LC Art play
, L I sh safe and, otouna LARGEST PET SHOP 114 THE a I Big bargain. Act BOadcourt, between 4th end th Sts. Hotolpillet.i 2610 Central AVO I L area and
"I 400,-- 'Ic. P vs, roil plate, t I -IN -room
76,1 ry A. sit. $24 9 Third a
I ,ft .- -1-1 PU k. com Ninth Ave. South. South and 4th and 5th Ave. 0 uth,
"r "Ill I 1"' tL-. Z : -:L '-. ; p-,TU, I'.-- TRY-Pedigreed, German Police CLONE two &partm
'L, I I L ." " '.L I amount fft,-d. Sort, different Boston. Pat", Forns. tem' $26, .4AR quic 936 L I .0 I Redu"4--.Imjr L 0i615 Us
, I I Be. 8ins hounds, ELI I raies' ,'= rcom Third Ave. South.,
_L- L L, 1TV0 WGANT' $500 znoohcsfth UrrIght
'L L but, Wt P. 0. 35; Great Danes. Russian Wolf
AL.-, ., F 'r - _;! 1.11" ") '.. L , I be twin b6da, $16 00 a week. room I betwleet
Xllzh BU111% ism ,$35; rrialas *60*. Es piano. Must not qu ck to BOARD AND ROOMII'L$10'and1, I I '. L', Grand
"` ,: - 4L JL ej4L ch gas. $150 single beds, 2 In room 546 10th Weak. Hot a III old= also - annually
I If I L ,., . I I I a.y ad 1111211 $10 06 & on
I :% 1; .,:, rillw&ff, tem. $11L, nuilea $17.60. &L Bar- 1) ance and, storagee AIJL
F,* ""' .1 I:r, (43) Money to'L L (43) OLL aIL b cc 17 Third So., halt block west 6th St. go. ParkInc shower baths. L DOLL HOUSE TARRACH buying &I
,, 1),,, I Fo irF :- ,:: -- L I - 1, '-- L -1 Newfoundland AJred ea Irish uYs it- Twism Transfer I L I I I .L 11 1. OnsL VOOM kitaheiL bath and screened P*"e..E
, ' 112goot TOL FST MERT4,AGE Terriers, fem.. $7.60. males $18.60: scot St. south. L I .". I per complatel
I7717)T1 I "I ',-' T -L ";' I 2 I L L I --
I I F I I 0 ; t I L
'L CrI PROP-L Col"08, FOX L Tertrers, Rt I thrse.abdg,ts- Apply at 403 iltb Ave.
'" pj,kCff )SE4N 0 --r- ---
4,rfipa "Y
41 I ? ,' XM LEi,633
,;,, It eAILABuz: A Terriers. Silk Poodles, beautiful Persian SIM AND TRY the nevi glum '- Ma,- (79) Rooms Without ( 9) I south 9:00 a"'PLaw 500 P. .m.
I, 4 - ,", tt, ) , : ,; L PA" TREE INV L now too
41 -, , o L T. JAME F; McCULLQU
," I #1 0 1 AV I L I G H, kittens, fem. $6.50, males $10; Yellow- chines. ITO matter what type 'seems: Desirable toonia by d". We" at FVree RIENTZ!r.jht'd z apartment. F.,A Brol
, t, 4 I L koard rivate 6ath,
,, *j'', L, 1, I L544 L'a COtTUT SOUTM PHONE head Parrot and cage $15; Round bran best to sm-ve your nee" Singer quality month with, PiNdlese of sitting room .. L
Wo., '48-7 1 I I -
I ging cariaxy 110-fi QsAtral 249 Flrortestroqt north; tol.,.4p,18 Zr -
( -" Wb I cage and aln 0: Tame insupbs you long lamtin. --.-,.--. NEW, HOTEL, located an 220 k1du*54 ;; befti I I 1, 1. L I ,r;um or season. orountilclas
PrIcT Sj;W L L L L I ringtall monkey $25; ship everywhere. Slager Sawing Machine Cd-302-M S L Aa will p3va IC ,gar4g O*ner On plao
"I I v ry, reasonable rates ."NO11) square
'S" time L SL60aaot.
"', I I I I I I 1. ,- L L AN I on. Every room L I
I'll I', Tt, ,,, A U I rred an approved Illumtrated' catalogue 5c. Modern Pot North. Phon I I for balance Or mes's ' 655r Second Ave. South.. ._ I 8011th I be
"'1, .. V., Stillson. 316. Hall Shop, 26 N. 9th, Pblladelphla, Pa. I has
-7 1 t L .. !.,day I I I I running water and are newly furnished. (82i :'. n erel* Ut 82) VERY ATTRACTIVM faoir-ro= d ruin
I ,, 4i, -tdothr .. I L' , I I I an
, 00. I : I A.RRIVZD,,-TW0 aLrIGMAX of Used Hotel SIMMOU&L 226 41 L=
L L .. I g '% L % I I 41!NGING CANARIES $7.50, -female i-ITST Contra] Av '' L, -- tm at a sacrifice It ire
1. L I I b t apar ent
1 ce #jb6M /*o L th ta
4' ta L = L $2.50. Mexican, Talking Parrot and turniturs. 4 L
'L sorv lpayeOtx I V oTT rrO -gosas "d, ooo it- We, will I I 1 at, ,wo. Gara To. June L
WANS MADE -zRoa- cage $16. Psoaras. Parrot k African buy what "'u, hAve. SmIth's Furniture TRY KANVAORVOETTS Cafeteria, Lower.North -Side apartmen- --- ,P raptL AW 'CID FRONT ROOM with twin bad* I'd
141 a P M IL pro -VtOOL efflr Gr ;5O- P I S; ON Ver 0 S Store, 770, segand, a+aztio, #outb. Phone NI 2nd Ave., zouth Beat home 6ocZd I L I
,A I nd 0 1 eate iptorto I I with S opartt- L. to 9% first niortga. Is. Fred Terrier, Toy, Poodle, Co Ilte, Op I., Tew A4'622' L '' : I I L for .two gentlemen or bust le. food. Reasonable L priceiL P. . ---r- :
oats, r"t In- 1- 'L I $59 Nebraska Ave. 34 ;block A- C UpSt* cakes a speciality. I stwo 'it
I ltilbson-816 Hall r., 19 $20. Ne OU I At. Berns.rda i i I 11 to wl.ih "', L 11 ; I
11 4too, 'Wft i17,2991 ,, I ale $14. ski 4no $1,19 : Ok
I ; ba to yAlum ]INOLEUMI beds WItft Car,. LL I I FOR RENT at ft secrift Chojes, twasto 'St.
1, wNti.a. wiovo voNmt T6ri LoAit, $ 250, in $1 0. 9 tablikit 2 rang'M One' I' iric dish wash- I I , LL .WYOMING akra under now ma, We- plat .%n aps m=t' ooft' Znl"

L a cn A I rat L marto Oys 5:, ,sprioge and Ma.ttremseAL dro0owt, 5 I I L Sthoolay' 12 "" A Ol
L. jts S1
ot 04 d In ' house, 144 per
F1, ,, F ' F L linpro L 8 1 1 $20. Soo lunch whetjbr ,f )ANDY ,ROOM. moat. gpectad aly 'U Uetg' 't"T-* L
'L I I not t4 large. Stat 11 $ID male $10 G lice, ported Ing machine. one SoLAUer. Apply 30 I we Pial' 900 $76 "tU ,;i. L ""V"L posselota*
I I L or aWnrprovod and: ,Vr (o bolatt's RfId stock, Boston Terrier. Petringese f a AvV, from 9 WIL I I elf. Men '0411. 114&-14M AVa- and 'tfiQL4Injj6M' Speelfil Iz and T
ern-ale Coutr
ail 0 I Boas:ste So,
-Cast F I St South. I I L I 11 1. L ak 4 janem, 4417 U4,8t. I RENT----Htore and Garage Apt. I L L ", ''.
- L, I tfte wauw% WrItfi N I;glf 12, Xnalo. $36. Porneraniaas ;30, male ::, ,-, L VonUe Soutb*iqXCefent 1C.ront-L -
,,, ,-oioomod j,
: 41, t, , L, L, ; I 1, 11 IF 40, Also Chovs, EnKllah Bulls, Wiro. ', I I - I -... - 14.
3-M, 00'' I I L L 'L I .1 runs,48 ra*n" 2A! 9 6rdy ,." ,
F" hair, For Tw I -SQuttiet6 Ore&t DmuF
I d mjtU*K LA#W, L Call -; l - L --L M1.11t
1 Vets jiere
, ) I allMONS QOZ an I V 21. R.ity 23
1, Us '. I I e to-W L '(82,, ran 417 1* I ,.:,.- 'L
1-1114',F` 0 ObD ,, :L L iso t% OW40TL "Riv[11 wance I ij&o _L ", w 1pe., Itma A $ 1 -
I V" RuAstaa W11 hounds.- Write your, I I 1, "L irt r4dt, 4aioa I Avo.. Dior . oot'72'-
A: ` I -1 I and' vspai" strod , L I (P) V]* ', L
I .. A a eoortawo 1,
, I wieouto, A M, ftoluo lat.iuu: Rll
ix 0, 6 ;.,. ". 1. 11 ,.. ass" a I :- Or 110
1 rom -in -1
IT .1 I I , .. , L '
r I I , rAW U 1"" I PS, W I b= .111 w1th two, bAtlp;'=r Lthal P AV 4 4
male m a, '. 'LL I A L 0 8L '. ,."L -., ;, ! 14-- I L
:!, -" U AIRNI"lorw L Taa-' Pri, '4 1

'L I* 4a P lonmyw oil- a w IfI)f "Polt, L ,.L,,,., cntinuo Toomlxx,h ,I I ,,- 60 We, I L ,
", ,P, ,V- o amnal, V.,%!WXT ,! '. ' I I : IWA OOM AW I ilk I ow
4, It, ff *Mjt oc(A at- I WT.
111', _11; I 1: ,,-,
I .# I . I 'j, L%,,; 17 "I I

., ', I BO A"
,,,tq I "' 'a .. .', I , y ,,,I`b y Id tic t ToUt I '
L Vpf, , 'Ll I I I I I I t -. - twle, 0,"ir Arentil I v*
t , ' L I I % 1, I I L I , , It -, I -A, V, -1,1, ,L , t Is I I - , ,vato U A Y, -` 1 11 ttl I -
,, ",, ,, 1-1 I I At itb*-'Wstroutiax- B x e"I 4 4". L : IL ,
I L b"' -' Gn; DgABL*"""06%,F*4i, no- t *14t" ent. -. ". - -:, ., w I 11 I 0 I I I I 1. ; ,
, , '.
I, I 1 rm' por ., or ovv I*- ; :, ,.!" L, ,
t4t A" W11,14 1oa,! Jt ( I I I Where, yon car( t uy r 1-. oh, 'Will accomod&tl I --,- : I I L . :, ; LL L" ",,1. 11 "L L, I 1- ,'-! 11 I
I X. al Decomtod M40 ii ,
proper I 0*'Od looking Gr I? TE 'L 11 ", ", I ,,I,.' -
l-,;t F '11, -% 7 y! A '040 is 05) I- ns. Private entrance, Rates 'U., 11 I 11 L I .
r I -7 VXW" --_ LL, = Vend tied, blo to pern-mnent p1glokut, r c-r c M T :, L I L '' .L - ,:L; -
I7 tt t oney, L __ jototem 1 1 P I ",
,I 11 ", -- with jargf ''
,!,, IILI 91(--12t-h t :
I I ., TV,, vid Jaeaff L specialty
-L 1 I ; tu, ",no W $Rcr P, DAP 0AX 13.6*4 no ra we OKP and ,Cbtffonjer TAr", .I -- L .:
r".". C", L V., or priced at $tg.00., Compje'o JjUe or Appj L L 'L
111.1 .t r.),, 0;1 P-111 Par L I-OQ; 01M, L 416"llo I eht, 13' the 9 64itht,', .L :
1944M 1 ir I L -1 I I I
-, -, ror, I W-14,1 ae;v O I rs. AeU"Or 1. 1"O; Mixed L COO, mons Beds,, apringe and Mattroloses-at 1. I FOR RENT, 'L I 0 L L' I -..
-,"t,' I~ IF" I : I., Estate, M.rtgsg",Amo=tb I Post gad. Flo d "' i4m. take- $10 par weak Onza"or ratts I L'*44
11 ,,,,, ,,r -', I ", "", f , I L -40250 up' I Py Chi L c I k.ry. I PrIcoeff that axe lea& I L I I I CRT" for roifit'the lo'w$r atqrt- T'jnV
,t L Ian 711L I (") Apartmen:t7s:. (84)'
4 '000 . I P., WnRKMAN L - I I I TIL
at *:klnlr a orcdt of ". : Contrat AVapaa L EMPIRE QUALITY CHICKs. 10o and-up WATXINS-LIMBACHMR FURNITURE ; GRADY COURT 110 ment ,of the 'Cook and Poster kpt. A..IV
F 11 L . IrvUrtns. So TWO' ROOM" -d- kitchen, ,b M O- lomted at 604--28th Ave. BoUthL odi- L .
Ft, &Ud bat. r. : Owner f A From carefully selected breadem 1. I 00. 401 15th street North I square from 4th attest or Prompt L I L I sudy Blv&
1, ,,, '-glioatoM L Loag I ahIpments. Thousands. we rj tol rectly west of J., A. Moore's Com-
I F I III tZ, $100. L L Re- (") Mortgages for Sale (44) Each in lots of i0o 500 to 6 11 rIRST AVE. ROUTH ON THE North St. Petersburg. $25.00 per montht
,'-, k:`-bt Free Bus GerIvice Inquire 820-822 'F Ave. North; now munity Corner) for 6 months or one I
,- 4 I '. I a -dma,, in I - I I Leghorns and Anconfin 120 llo 110 L RAILROAD Smarts Cafeteria. r
I I Mix lot.9 all br"d* .... 110 10%0 L I -- year. I I CAPAJ
,41`- .- L: L. :"' L FIRST MTG, for sale. will discount UP Mix lot all heavy ...... 1443 13 91, -- W. D. ,Button DANDY LITTLE APARTMENT- 3 You pay rent each month.
1, ,,, "ding to 20%. large or small amounts. R. J- Ro4oks and Red, . 15C 14 I robms. bath and flue screened porch ,
", t, I "op 1-,L, C equipment, CantWN1, 36 Ylorlda Arcade. White Wyandottes .: Igo Is A 6c (617) Jewelry, Watches (67) 1 i 2 blocks from trolley. .7175 from Aprli This Is one of thq finest furnished
: T, 116,000 cash re- L L
4,',:' L , I _; 1, L I I For 60 ad I cent' a tck. For, 610-1 ad, FURMSHED ROOM, now house, new let to Oct. lst_ No children. 1417--44th IMA98 f
11 ,$I 1".. f, L I I I centiL Order from this ga or roquest Optical Goods_ furniture, suitable for two men. Rent St. south. apartments in the city, Peterab
I 11", disartoto*4 W saft drin" right off FOR L BALM-Second mortlAgp reason- instructive catalogue EMPIRID HATCH- R..E. PEMBLE JEWELRY 00. reasonable. 1811 Second Ave. North. I HAVE reliable clients on my waiting Four room., bath. House new. very cloa
,f '; *psa4u4. Long IaajK low rental. a I M RRY, 1(IX Once. Js
_0j, tjalL able discount. On Firm ortgage _44, Lloganaville. GjL Our Watchmakors are Expert.
,, . .- list who wish to rent apartments by AppLy
, 4, ,- L $20,00 .' 2 notes $10,000. due 1-2 yeam .. Our Prices are Right. 604-28TH AVR ROUrE [no-, ROc
1__,*0k4*-*;&* ffiouVontrtotorts. Flae lo- 0 1 49b CoutrRI Ave. the season or year. Before you go north Phone 72
ll F, 1. F; tca'Cmajrjoj &VenUO.L Large cash Address P. 0. Box 1579-City. MERCHANDISE, ROOM for a gentleman or business lot me take care of your property, rentals FL ---
, I LL 11 -- IsAy, 1-2 block from Beach Drive, I collected, etc. Geo. F. Border, 306 Smith 11 I tNE LC
15- 1-1 L 4' Musical Merchandise (69) Lbl from carline, summer rates, 1024 I age f
4 P-41 (57) Atcles'fiir Sale--( if-) (0) C Ock Bldg.
I , IF I L, L of herry St. ENJOYa Ao CHOICE room with twin call at a
I , liud66mm. Doing capacity Second mortgage In the amount I beds t I w rate for balance of sea- Company,
, L ;tt, t" In good tondition. $195d on property valued $3000, the first Miscellaneous TWO GOOD used ptanos at a bargain. L son Exclusive use of kitchen If desired
, 1tucks cage to $3900, this second mortgage FOne Aeolian Duo-Art Repr FURNISHED 'ROOMS for rent. 4 blocks CLOSEIN and convenient 2 room'aPart- North.
," kdUAtLl"*Q for North at once. and mort oductng In a bungalow; home with two b-..--.
,Ii, ter. See us Is payable .$5D per rhonth and we ,will I Grand, just three ,Months old for ba.r- g spaqa, 437 1 merit, near stores and &r line. F k-
iee ,;"t reSiOnsb1a 011 I d & Trom Post office. Parking ar I t
11 pay for collecting through your t)amk FOR SALE--Camping outlit complete. gain if sold at once. Standard makes ng apace free. Reduced weekly rent. 603 Wood St.
A'$b 1 L Right down Aown with privilege of of new plajos. Ju Ath Street South. 640 Sth St. No.
", ,, I' L I and allow you a bonus of $250. See M' camp $pro 911t, water and bath. Must tent district, park (86) L I
I "O .i exclusively; L. Perry. y O 11 I comfortable bu '' L *to L race ; I I , 4 as, long as you like. (85) Business Places
I 15-ear The Sutton Perry Sales Co. sell.-b-, 700 Second Ave. South. Our slogan, small profit aiid quick turn- COUPLE hav ng 0 11910w, CHOI(A APTS. 6 rooms and bath for I
' ,,-r11z1AI4 full every day. Price 1 23 Third Street So. I -- Atherton Music Co., 1728 CentraJ screened porch, shade trees--few stevil rent, during summer. Immediate pos- For &nt
1, """ -"'LL I L I I I L I L 9xI2 TENT.FOR SALE cheap. Must Pell '-vs. "on's 66262- from Euclid Boulevard, will rent one or session. $20 13th Ave, South- FOR RENT-Large store on First Ave-
F, L two;orooms to congenial people Summer I \ nus Njorth between 5tb and 6th streetm
1 b I (7ij) rate Garage free. &6gL27th -A-ve. No. -
I j ftlj% otatton on usy street, doing (71 Seeds, Plants lease runs for 30 i months. reasonable .
"Ftt*,taxl ustumog. -I;Ouw lea". see this Ali- by April Ist. 433 5th St. No. rHREE GARAGE Apartments furnished
L \ L I; Wanted J10,000 loan on Improved bust- : rent- Fine location for Drug Store, '

!! =77711 7 T _ 9, 7 , F `TW'35

Two, *,P,9T1E1ftSB1J1,RG, T. 1,M E S SUNDAY, I
(03) t93) j
AarApr M .4695) susine" Propa#y.
6H "'W'My
LEON Ot co,
WISib #8A Nit, sod kcRrm wML AT= 9-.000 acres x"eat vegetable. 42ftruff, M. C
*AARD410ADRTJNX44,GT1UM 4H -------- and, farming lands (blCitAin Caunjy
00 $l,406 A*p* 1kam
THz, 'tRACT. Uostly hanimo6k find, alut*." Xt, a,
M $16 00 PER ACA3Fh pr" that vvtllVaalte abti; profit t4
14 CAS9 BAY~ 1-24,YkAAS. I P sold in 6 boo. and at fortunek
insmall tractp,,, Brokers protected. New
A, F.- Harg" BARGAIN house"
WITH onp of tpa Finest and -most have i
'14 S., Chbft+A
In- Edw. Lot 44xlOO between 6th and 7tk oft
RITTS County. Contain- -fo,
'19. T.T streets north on lst, Ave. north
inff, 41bout 1 40 Acres for sale $02 Tribune Bldg. To=p& ML yvhere the proposed 20 story Mutual
ko-w A"nuk I-To. ROOM is by- Personal Repre4nta-, erill W
;rime 68-192 Building will be erected afid other
substantial business is, and well
tabItshed Owner In the
Abd I alli
raw WOUNTXIN TIANO, 41:01 40, 0 "Psi thortzed us to sell Ibis lot, at
P., 0'-Box 624, -ft Petersburg, Fla. RU
acre. tax '146: Sacrifice for a short time.
Ahew I
PRY, 400%Thi Will Three acres, covered *th6 tax"
trees, cleared ready to' bqlld o* d1tant, R. F.'AND C..M .
'y Aylon shore overlooktngbay good
-a bn Indhallbor, restricted neIqhwrIrv0,.
4001% ad -yet handy 6 to lt P., statfom
tGres, etc., town amlkter, oleotrieJ%. 540 IstAve. N. Room T.
aer good roads, always cogi J)reeZ
1 can deliver 86 W &" ng
616 H weather Island to'12 from June to Odtobo r of
e A A, y bom pt t4e fastest and, mo*-
Able, r beat locations left oiv, ttte-(2apia.
Mereaces required. OWner Vvill, malte
developments In the St. Petevsburg
nno, 0 attractive price for quick sale. Ad-"
tau Dlititet, wtt big iioittage, on'hard,- 76 A"RES Forn:terlhome of the late H. dress Times Eox 8-49
4urfa6w street aii itaked-, Snil C, Jbilburd, Pr"Ident of Mgln
`525 GehO aT Ave,., kl.ared and ready for IM, It $1000 RIDGE -ROAD Wat-h C-m-, disposed ACREAGE, LOTS, HOUZZ10,
per under the actual market. AM of byTruste" of his- Es-
Only $18,060 dash neede4.' Can be w Ridge JRoad; bise tates, to now offemd for Acro&co. near Haines road, on wash-
retalleil at. two than adjotaing do- sale. Words,- nor' pictures b ulovard, all around '.Fluallaa
01!_,0 ut this wort- on Boos Clega bay and itL'Levy CLOSE LN
velopmeny ftd returb 'at,! "fft 40ft this tract-.% -Wile can tell all abo county. 45 Wd Fvt,)ry- JJM L
where at 00 and up no Ins Corner lot on street, this aide f
VJQw, Curt- UNwil Retreat it
Bay Quick action needed- n frontage derful ppunty, Homes to suit U from $2;800 t1th Avenue, size 43%100. Southown
6alty seekers I)Iea"L don't answer. '01d, Old M an,
must he se P ea.- to $23,000. 1311SI11658 OPILC6 for rent t(ront. Owner needs money and must
Write TtMeil a", S-Ifi, Somo gr =4 "Oond i:bamd, caro';QV
I so71cdh.!000. sell. Sao W. S. Blackburn. 690 Can
1,. A. Re"s, "S - tral Ave.. 'ExclualVe Agent.
I BAkf BqTJTM--I0 pere tract
Best buyWthis section at HOUSE 01% the OW Y,
t.b4 ad b 5211d St and-
A magnificent home of Colonial type
With L large rooms and hlgb CeJJJugS6 rth by WjshJAktftL BanjovW
X4 Tm y-dotage -acre tnon'AWL ]WQ$ttO_
Th in Ji Ideally situated (p,,h9po
$12 0 per' among the true@ at the t to, k
wm, 7w volt-, for tl:io #W end of a drive bordered with arbor, vitae, terms. 0 a'
eare- home: a bu _V n or e__tWo
Ation", III take b" r$L. of EASY TERMS -amphor and pecan trees. 'For lease or sal
91 a' k kn
TEXT'ION I 1,A]ad' OW 'that Th house of whit* rrossed brick, is of 'the veg best business
1.0"609, for out. A P. a
In perfect condition and would probably A
04 PROFIT -SEEKERS- INTE iESTS', cost $76,000 to replace it today. 'rho M il corners in Gainesville.
*JW 110 vv".I = t1irr" or, ftur- living room Is about 25x50 or 60 feet,, it
t 'th .1 1 lio'nalrds., okers- protected.
0 has a glassed tn sun Porch -on the West Br'
'WItbtn 406ay iO Act*#1n City lirnitb;of end, dining room at the "at end and
_"d W 34: Y D AA& Y S OWNERS- east "L. the 41ning room onother glassed fe
a= 10 co Park' an "Jac 'Re
Write' ving addemis Ju PU]3 L poroh. lt,13 wired completely for
Ttll'w -49. d am, gas: fittings. and Esta H-,C- OLSEN
hoetricity as well
X0 '_3 BJUCt Co. Qwn gJA plant The, gas is al-
Pry. Way., toady for Instantaneous use, but aineSVil.1
TF1 BLDG. now at the dam-on the Oclilawaha River-. e,
!e1bayag-14"tr. 301aw S. is BluC, I'l 4, 130 1,-_res
211-- L are num bered a L Power Plant' and this place
M-80 0,'Cash. could be supplied with electricity very -f -Wm.'
'EPHONE 6379 F1 irida ez. *e Old
estally. The 'Second stgry ot the, house -a
W. C. L PIOSS has six' bedroome, and a bath between
0abIr.tWo rooms., Also two servatits E. Bird of New Y.,rk.
7 rooml over the kitchen. and a bath in
808 Magnolia Ap4& 111T11 AVE. betwoon 30th and Both
10" connection. All bath rooms have auto. Ten miles waterfront. St., $746:09, per front-foot. E4*y'tqF=x.
10 hot witter heater% and there s0so
Phone 5790 rart automatic hTeAter for the general P3autlfull sittizted,0n. a
T1414 IS A'L PICIC "n. ties of the house. to also it refri
fat hdj n; high shell bluff ,No
wii -TwP '"-flartgo, t orator room corftletaly built. The roc
at' 47.00Q, L 43,000 cash. B11"Ce 0" has been Iced from the nearest Jae plant, i L L
gto us& wbm" for 2 tob q. Inquire of Which to Bellview. about seven miles dis -- and
Thd World bas been at .61 of St. J9hT1SL R N__
'to VolU
go am 10 ACRES, d1rectly on
,odL -,to nle: 1, new tuteru Lake Doxte,., sia
line. Luorth of Pinellas Par The, house Was built about fo Yufft weot of 22nd St. fte 46*11"
t1* t to It ad by IstpKe f prowGd brick, whtto,. Lt 14 c"b. Balance ar.
mon of 'AID r. rich, L as worldly & ds to subdivision being J)"Par urtes. iD6unty. Well, knowit hur.- Faces Nortb. %
04MOL 1. 1 L 'L years "o
price tn latt'K. I developer. L Beautiful jaridandvrill completely furnished in
04 and in and fishing grotindt. ralago
go and I'ha-m,,corfie bdivislon in, 13tpeew tore
toty. I -1113150 and has A
3' '10 11% 1 "y to 'Auld outlary. Noth-
Nt. North
b sh P con Wers ideal sites fo
_QV_".V *dAnd IV" realizatil'on that write Dr. ill o. %il;, removed except the 0 r Lotel SF
wmo su^vnor won Sonia effe0ts and" 'the solid silverware, an
Itticltd or Row Fark, d winter'homes. Tran WM. W'' P*AIIEY
evei do any goo, but LthQr$ IS plenty of plated w4re for
rVt*"nCo' 3OX D, care to "fello 1 ordinary It is supplialt',with Phones portatiob.'and rdfflc-
UORIDA to"all 0 tlreplaoe. Couneoton'WIth
I I L ; f
IM11 I X[" D4 14* '00 I L the regular pholie.system through Ocala, ities are fav Realtor
41)"truic" I b$ nqan xyl W jlf or I I L I l IL
= Iver ten tajuy t
Woe Line ers, and. at GUI L X GUARANTEED WOAGX
beLm n'd my LOCATION, searr 13OND BIXG.
V )o t .. 3 .1 I , :
I tv Ock, AtlantX.c Coa, Line!
,ft, "*,for omi4malr or year, i,6. This Iplefid, of abotit 4380 acres, Is
Situated In the ceiitef of the OoklaWoha ONE 6524
b0X"3d*; *Io" Rivbr, bet*eon. the new and. old chan-railr6d two miles
"I"n* ]R*fflr- L -
VQ) \ 11 to 17: miles from Ocala and only 2 0 Of
tant. Propc:,ty touches' (7
'U.1%. from Candler, a station oo the
main Una oftbjF.A,, C. 1. There 4LaboUt
real A" Or new bridge, Volusia to
.Balad I.. I I 1 9 9 L two "all", ft on the river ch"-
*011 Arst mediate
pel., motorboats x0ale and
rotss LOOK ter'lo":Ieads to a Astor, on short, ut route AVF
I a quer -TANGERINE 14UE
to tmpa,
'to Near DeLand J:
> ani
CIA. MV0,1nack1lat N n lrw aom joi* in
b e4 I t X h -k IA0,d,,b6th 4b
;pa or wpmax thj4,Ll.L C' wboo star"
U 4,L In big 46b*o. 'O*
f pble oV prd;JSLcJcg, Aw . 'L '0 J,
lat' sshjt_ to h,69", in. tbo L" a. L". 0,6 Apra 46d :6t er, 0,
c a Pro Go,
The balan." of the rove,
ontiiW mQre 1116.1 as of a hj4]j Will,", FAJUal& 'm t feWL
IV" face of this skli to mI*e4 Ant woo, _aer day" uy.
1X_ and cYprusa land Therta- Is A great dW '.i
491r.6 10 so joW-the t"a so me hundreds and i nm= eU; a erl
of timberon Lit and conoL Of It had toen
W ow, f0W otd -boxes. for road, -building., O Ws6,
.qnd L area_ turpmtInvd, excepting. ej -e
V61MG t16vPt* IV 13169" Ai OV."y 'one wilng 0, 'buy There Is fIftY acres or more In :orange
7Zr'zrt eath"U" ner I "a" I or, tialet as -the., L '' L enoug to' groves, and-thecurrent crop *111 exceed barn, L o"-, nq,,e packin
sztb*A gedo many a ur": al- sUP_ $30,000. L 9
lows. DoU3 be -cduter with 212 HALL BLDG.
tract L A poftmillions of people 1-.)use., back lands coih- PHONE 6986
one buy as nIany as 251-258
kINIM. responsible couple, with tht-ir every FARM BUILDINQ'S
you can the opportunity may 5 and 10 acre farms prise t ree-thousand acres
Q.Ilml like occupy a comfortable I want to con- rich soil pine landjoined "SATISFIED CLIENTS OUR
for the never again be, open to you. want. BEST ASSET;"
161=lf iand EQUIPMENT
FEW TRACTS vert W s land into There is a good, Substantial home,,, by tropical hammo,ks.
Lll'jtn to have, your home H alf h6ur from St. I the farm manager, three Or four houses
ow- to d iWed for whU% L you are money. I have fixed forrwhite tenants, and six houses for ',atural drainage by eight
0, "r Fiavolf -ill ta-ke will be offered at the introduc- neg 6 tenants. Also a complte saw.
of It foil the rent. Answer S-97 tory price of $20 per acre, sub- th price low enough rrlll, allos, garages, two tractors, all rletive creeks' All large
ject to and increase W ke Petersburg. -nee ssary horsits and mules6 about 100
I to ma it attractive head of cattle, all necessary tools of timber removed. Idpal
Tfitlim I 060L]i Gestris a homis ta price Mthout notice. Probably every kind, tn fact, everytkiing to eom- STORE-A tremand,,--m trade.
oarv for duir[aff ri cht 1 Plots an'estate of thlskind.' ROCEPT
is P. 0. never, again will you have such to a conservative in- for aaricultural and hor- 'Owner broken In health. and must sell.
of rSfAr"4PMA1 0 Governm ent m a p Inducement before April lat.
A ftatlon an cipp6ftunity. Most ceftainly I Special
vestor. The title is ticultral purposes. En- See Everett Cappel, 6 Fifth St. North,
LZA 811-1,t or 13 1 room, this onewill not lazt'long. Gmsp HUNTING and
it BUT DO IT NOW. Tomor- clear, and the area tire property so favore I CENTRAL AVE. between 26th and 27th
,roontins ho reasonably close In shows excellent' I Sts., $W.00 pqr front foot. Terum H, 4TH Al
JvJJqgo'of, Ji-ysaxa 675 row may be too late. FISHING by nature offers all the re- J. Cantwell, 36 Florida Arcade.
has been verified b'
so Gove y There, ham been no hunting for the last
For Full Information, U. S. r fifteen years, and they have plenty of iirements ana ple-,sure al
month nment soil for all crops. turkey, Quail some dear, and Such other BLISINIM911,)PROPIMITY n1shed, $11
"Me"' righ. game as are months section of the state.
attradi -ns of develop-
;urvey. If you are I
The river ab u do in fish, and It to but
an" Location, Terms, etc.. few miles tothe National Fort He- ea I sy termf
See' interested enough to serve, in which there Eire about a thou- me-it.' F Inc
We are putting a a
sand deer killed each winter. In addi- etc., inquire of Hotel and stores combination on
earythllg, Pro- want further infor- tion to the river for fishing, there aro'in.
of unrAl -rouse for ble lakes within a -hort distance, promin2nt corners First avenue' and
wrolder roxit ug. OX Merrill avenue. New building, all rented.
rent. WW'= Sanderson & Epps I mation, consult my Ex which well sto I w1thAba various'
I fr"h water Ilah oll I Good incume. Owner will laitse from
41' Ttme&, price on this acre- "' Florida. i _D T r% h,,vr if li-hnhl 't ""Afit 'phi. 1. G(

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1926
i i?


Section Two

Pae Five
Page Five-

(95) Business Property (95) (07) Houses for Bale (97)
For Sale
between 3rd and 4th Is.:- 4.OUD sq
ft. floor spaoe. Price and term very
'reuonahi. sJam 8. Gnrds Rpalt Com-
my,. Inc., Room 11-540 1tl Ave. No
Phone 72-3031

Probably the last well located
apartment site Is now placed on the
market. It Is a remarkable buy be.
cause the size Is 127x210. It Is only
two blocks from Bay and right on
the street car line.
The price Is $70.000 or $10,000 tinder
value. The terms are less than one-
third caAh with nothing more to
pay for three years.
Ton can make money on this prop-


217 Power & Light Bldg.

MAIN ITREET to the harbor la Third
It. South. The corner or Slith and
Third is good at 3800.00 a ft. C. Alien
& Smith, No. 10 fourth Bt. South.

Ninth St. N.

We believe we have one of the best bar-
gains neo 14th. Fifty feet wllh an
raitLiy O. T700 per foot 0. A. White
a Co., IB Sixth street north.

IDUCLID AVENTUTE unrestricted. 60 foot
lot, has good house. Former price 3800
front foot: now 3700. closing May 1st.
Saving $6.000. For this and other bar-
ina, see Herden, 9 Third street north.
aom 3.
3k1AR HEART of Central Avenue.
Prominent corner. 50zl00. now pro-
ducing ;17,000 Income. Small expendl-
tre will make fine store loca'lona In
addition to present Income. A blsg har-
Cg n1 at 81100 front foot on long side.
Herdenm. 9 Third street north. Room

Central Avenue
Northeast corner of 46th St. and
Central Ave. 60xoo00.
520,000-Easy terms
,triWe deal homesite. 75x192, on
MANGO AVENUE, 54.250. Easy
Several flie large Iota, S0xN10,
IOnly two blocks from Centl?
Ave, 54,250. Easy terms.

Gilbert E. Thayer


201-4 Plaza Theatre Bldg.
Dial 64-0112

fl['HARia 0 foot lot, frosting with
a eouible frontage, one block from the
Latersectlon of 9th and OentraJ, the hub
of the city, for 11.060 per front foot .%
osah aA the balance on or before 5
"aem. Any good husinitne man upon In-
vletigation will realize ithat nothing can
compare wtllh this In the city. Gee. W.
FPorter Realty Co., 714 Central Avenue,
Room 112.
(96) Farms and Groves (96)

12 year old trees or Tangerlnes. Tar-
d11f Oranges and Orapefiult In splendid
eondltlon., one mile from Indian Hocks
and near three hard.-urfared roads
Price i12I0 per acre. 1-3 ceah balance
Sland 2 ,ears Dial 72-38? Sei
Owner. Room 230. Magnolla Arcade.

'97) Houses for Sale (97)

Two houses, located on
southwest corner of 9th
street and lth Avenue south.
To be removed at once. For
sale cheap to someone hav-
ing vacant lot. Houses In
good condition.

Florida The.tres
T736 Central Avenue
Room A.


Highest Point in
St. Petersburg
Spanish design, with patio, foun-
tain and palms. Located In North
Disston Section near the new school
and bus line. Has a tile roof and tile
porch, five rooms, oak floors and oil
tinted walls. Tile bath with built-in
shower. Running soft waler, elec-
trio stove and telephone. Comr pletpt'-y
furnished for $12,500, good terms.
If you wish a home that 1F difftir-
ent, see this.

4911 14Hil A.. N'o.
Phone 5939 for an app.,

Only $1t.0ol),.) Do n '
5 Years To Pay Tile li:,i :
bi room bungalow. Bran-I n-et' .n-i
beattiirully turlbith-.l l ..r. ni. i,.-
but; a. a 2 crsL-i, |'.ri he I -iilltsit.-',
lecad floor rmoml Suiti '.,ar %L. 1 .i.-_
trlcally op1Trai ,t Built in -. 't'ii. i in
lets Vlth linem alli cr, china 1-i. ..11
look from car tine in a liii.ll i ,-
Veloping south dl l strlt.n 1, minr
from Postoffilce. Addieas 0%" i :i T -.-.
Box B-Sir






A Place

For Bargains




A spler lid new bun-
galow in Pasadena, in
a neig] ,)orhood which
is coming
At a price which will
amaze you;
Let us show you this

Living room, with
open fireplace, dining
room, kitchen, two
bedrooms and bath.
Hardwood floors. Ga-

Fine lot.


This house cannot be
matched at the pr!,e

In Pasadcna, it is a
,ift; sacrificed be-
cause the owner
MUST go North.

A Real Bargain

In a sL:-rooin bunga-

Open fireplace, sun
parlor, all built-in

Lot 50x'27.

Excellent neihbcor-

A Pic: :-:) at



"THE 'GI1" "' OUR



Real Estate

Exchange, Inc.

i I ', \' ,
PIIUNI' :.."

(97) Houses for Sale (97)
Beautiful new R-room, modern brick
bungalow In fline nelihhorhood. at a
barealo. If you want a hime. see thir
before you buy. 1319 Netbras'ka avenue
VERY CHl-EAP for a few days. On
North tilde. 4-roorm hurialow and
garai-e: also 4 npt house. All improve-
ments. Large lot Fully turnlehe,1 A
buy at 81.'U)0 1 Sov caeh. balance
terms Vill brini S.uu0 in.:ome Time-
Boa 0.89
I IfSl- to o North net we^.- and
want to dilu po of' nirrl rnous: ibrore I
go. No trades. hut will ank small ,.e.h
Four i..drormA 1iled l-atl. all mo-d-rn
Impro-m-rm .t u.,-u neli;htr-.iuod, close
In. 112 6-u. Tim,'s B'x P-I.

FOR. SALE--'l,-.rooinm nd l.-a'h bun
al.iw. FirE rdial a. h-le rit pulimp
Gras.[ and tiress Twao i locks car ilre.
tlour Mlucks flom .hrr..] 50u x 1.0 ft I
herd ural''iC- rr-I. ,-II unfurr.i "' 1d r"'
furnl.hrd Cai Nl.Utiti uniurr.lnhed. hal.
ai'e -c-'i. This I. n a 1.rtlin. LwnI-TY
i:., fl:rl ardon A%-..

LOOK AT THIIS-Huiwvalow it-e ru.lpi'
bath. Comi]lt-) aitis wll liurril.i_-d
garage,. nl':e gardli,. ruir iro,-s. flot r5.
Located choice fctilon Ni.-rl thiShore Price
11l,75"fi il Ownnr .3, i 'I-[ .A .c. No.
S APT. and 2 (ARAGE. El.-,nth A-P.
No. ne-ar Pe'ord s Ji-.n-n ir r.Prl.
Sea C. A. Blair & Co, Inc 11i C.:iiral


You Go Home

Secure a place tc liue "h-n you re-
turn to the Land of Sunshine. A
home in St. Petersbulrg aves you the
trouble of looking for a place to live
each season, and is o011 of the iert
investments to he found. It'_ increase
in value will pay for ;,our trip.

We offer to nice North Shore
homes, comni letel: 'lrnish-d. ready
for occupancy.. Pr'ilI at $2..i500. .ndJ
$13,500. We can r'-nt th-.-m for the
Summer to reliable parties at ti)
per month. An income, assured uip-
keep and care of the pror, erty, and
a good Investment comb'in.i.


W. L. Beck

Realty Co.



NEW MODERN 4 rom art baih bun-
airlQw snni carae E l5N i" .'- tnm
Located at iS P5atton _tre-l. ee F. J.
Crisp eaoier 103 Tllril ii-l-t e-juit.
New Slur'co bungalow, harou',nd floors.
2 bedroom. 6'h avnue south, Pase-
dena. Groe. Sarriflc" prices [ i;.701il
H. C Ja'lc ..n., 219 let A'.-. N.

Bungalow Buy


(97) Houses for Sale (97)
AN EXTFIA good tIrgain In a asix roonm
bunalow and 'Igarae i.n o iIr. SI. No
All I truprvernmunta Prie I II ll iu S,3itju
,ash. balance 1-2 years. Auinresa Owner
Times Box P-'t.
Will cell modern t-uni.low. one-hiali Eu' lid Bilvd r.ear 2r.d %.e Prie.e
57 '"31 Teii- eas.s lj Adar., 'ri9 Tim-e
B.s P-i69
R AIFiAIN AT LA.T 't-.if. ile.i. Bun
ral,-a f r-..rnS l i l on. ie- lilt
II-hi l' v wi. i, r. rl...l" ijrtll ri:.j. ].
'rul irecti. dJu l-i lit t*.S.i l. i a.:l 13
i2nd Ae 7"1i-:33rd .A'-. N.-iili Ltlner
LA r'-E t'li l t.iliti ,.iuw. t..n l... .i-1
I'Ut rilh' : 3 teJii.i.find- [ ei l.:-I-.Ing;
por'h:- mod-rci. we il. n rt ,andiilor,
ldri- lot: a't ige: rlI- i!'., r ) i a .l
hi ilbfrr Prl..- r -lu'.-_ J if .n Itll iI
.to unit $11 fu r i .ul. k inl- op a'-
itini I-at lr. tc y c ', F It at 43lh srir-1t
and 2nd aeonu. nrril
,'r. to ., $4 C\.ASH I'tsB rnhol.a n..a 5
ro.m san halti hur neal'. 4. larI;e II
parage. rituE i iSiBulne'a ia.-" J. P
l h I.' ttli. Si. Nrr1r. T.1 7";.4' %
NEW EnNGLIrt-rl Slu.. Ddpl..x" ,intl-
rrprav-B n.,1. Iart.' ,i..ti.: i.-'tlrac-' Li.t-
'.hi-w a' '.i Pa fn itr,:.-- $1 I'I% ll ,rr.
ihr a i.te r. V. .1 t Z rll.[ Il Thl.' .n -_


2530 Second Ave. South
New 5-room bungalow. e.onpletl-l%
furnished ithroughoit Garage ihll
servant quHnrlers. Let u- i-howv you
and you will be contntced. PI Ice
$16I.iu See Mlr lHelns.

Power & Light BIldg.
rihone 67;3


Beautiful home with six
rooms furnished i&th goo-d
ta.ste, clone in. all city Im-
rovnicm,-nt.A and a wonderful
buy at this priie. Good

Tallinger & King

PHONE 7363

'ill SALE-Str--arl b and il.r-..,.im un-
ya\i. s iurhi..i.i- P I.,. rdIn.',- i t,.iri
35 7_. ion $13 i'',. acrrdirig to locatun.
eau) i. ni.6 IL iU. -Pas. i-. bt.- I 1 Urn-
mrnith Bldg
ORH AL.L. l-i. it 'uh t i u'.- .-il %%-i
C.oa-i. Ihisa llti- sri n.1-d ..lor, hd.s all
as' around .1 o,. Ltixt. iarge
in)u l -In lo ,',n o ai, t a.nal .i IL j up. l
AIl" w' l.l" M.l .onv i Ih L.,rd ill i, U
1.1rc.- P l li-. 12:1. -l f. '-r 1-wi.
,'LoSE IN .-,n I.' nlt ih a%,:hd. s..ull
\A exi I. Ninth sir.'n, w.-l nult A -rom
firnlihd bunalo% and Kar3a. ton lull
1._i: I-.i i'i,-it south: ; ri'r icduc.'.-J
[rim l1$.' till in i l..ti.ilj0 SilI .ori'.-, i iht
.i.lh If tjul.-k h.j. -r I., c-t:ut,. l I :-
sitd, thli. .tili-r 'will -uaruni- a ,.-,rt .n
for I n,.-ntha ink sunlnir nt $E.u tl,t'.
per 1rr,.ntn. who 1 iiinks good care of
huj?-,. ftrnillure., lawn and .hrut-h,,trv It
aill rt-av l ou lto c. a I it i. I'ld-
raioe & Eldrid R-allrq. 22', J. Bri-..c
Smlh B-1.c ('nlrol at ThiJd siln, I.
BY (iWNEIt R atra(liv: ronm thunsa-
low 2 a.:rfenvd p:,.'r-ti'. all lri.pror .e-
minl. Pri,- end a.:rms r.'asonabe.
closa In, silth side near Si91l ta. Ingle-
aide. 10b9 Enterv street.
Furnlshed bLunalow, five room. two
bedrooms, all iripro'.rments. close-li,
near atores street ecar, etC. Owner, 1111
Orangewood Ave.

(97) Houses for Sale (97)
BRAND new unfurnilhed 4 roina end
b. th hunualum 3 ro-m rnoultae ann
.ara4e on 4I ioon' by iriI fool lot; faclii,
asdt one hlocikh south of I'nKrrlre ni-ai
24th eLiret Nice reeldecce or 6plendin
income troperlv rriji tree on lot
activee sftilon $9 jtn I1-3 ca,.'h. SulII
%an Reaity Co.. 32 SIlth St. So.
IL 33 13TH Ay' NORTH
N-rih shore mod,.r n IJri.nal1'w Bar-
iat:r1: 5t Iti)l under marilcm C':.mplo-i-l
a, ra.-'liv-lv turnl.hi-,i Lart 11' Ing
room op n i iruia- -s.. diil ri-r .-ru-,ni
,it. lien. breaifaSL ncook. two line airy
t *:rIrorm lire n1,it i ..-r,':t. rfarta .
clu- ''n troll,y rtOed', td i i 7 ,UiI
tI F'ke 13 '.o-J fir r monarieLag- r i siall I"I
frI rote l -a m.i-n iT p.- n I1 nil orfier
tIcahntir r~rr.t e. 1.-,I.

Ask us about

Largo and Wash-

ington Heights.
689 Central Ave. Room 12


A new'. modern ,ix-room aJid bath
Bungalow" with CGarage. Many built-
in feailres. Lot l47xl27 to alley. Lo-
c'ated T' "- Ave. North. Tills home
niuF he seupi to bo appr-atedJ. Call
for approintmirnnt.
If It's rTal e v.l:,t -. v '. laiv it.

121 F'.:nrilt S[reel Notlh
I'lion L 711.'

|',I1 \ll:-RBv firt i : II tv M li-rn
i..,it l-'.jr'.iLt -s 't h L lti 11 ll hr -
lrv r o.m..m _. ilrt pie. ti i tt i 1.1 e lLn.jihl
l L ulll l Iu .i p 1 1r li p if. i, .
~-.hin1a ,'I-1.. hun J u JL.. 1. 1 '. I.'-aihr, l
Tii..:. lar '- r, nr.-.J I r r-.h ab i.- k.
i rac Ca i 1 ". p .' ali-.v: *'ll' Bu ii[-r w.11,
ri a l:at r lisrr, i- L- -o seuit l at -r 0 .11.
I- :11 1 h II .i l Ir 5,-.U aii 1- a i... l I 1. .
at A ati;L ric.:. will s.-l Qt i i 5 i.i.
u I' it. Arprll ,li n'i:, tr. t mu n i ,
It-rti, lhn .a'h nrrin inrk: ir,.-r Ijt i 1|1 mo.
nl I'l:'-3tlh A,%- N.Nrh

W north $i ,..ti.i--t Sill s ll ithill IPX1t
few da.s for --,u"ti. Eignt room
houe '_. itnct'o on tight-Ilni-h lini-r-
I.cking ilt ranite foiinlritalion. lnk
floor-. Arcol i h-eril. three> tile I.nlh-q.
mt.o tile prur-h-.s. four large r--I
ilooLis. panlr:. 'r;.,n rl_. -,-l. frin.
IxliireL, Lopper -I-creeni. roo"?er
\%irid; tile parade. All built-in f-a-
lures: many trer:--. ,.,-font N. E. ,)r-
n..i lot: pal oer r'id rle';llto.s in md
paid for Otien fur inspE'.lcon.
Corner Clarview Ave and Green-
%ood li'd. Allendale Trr'act-
DIAL .10-1'.

81 fl'OM and balh bungalow. Crm
pltie.I furnilstie1 tlock from OMach
[Dri%- i'ith Ave. North. near t-ae Mrs. Gridl.ey. i'2t Oak St North.
HERE THEY ARE'-TTwo two-car ga-
rage apartments on lois f.0-t7. Must
be aold a' once. Prii-e $3.(,u0 under
alue. Addresst Box U--t. TImpe.
ONLY 6l.nl0u down pe meat. two beau-
tiful nw homes at 4639l 14th Av- on
Verv rnice lawn %o.rk all In Irade In
your car or Mir. Wm. A.. Tuscany,

(97) Houses for Sale (97)
I''iR F;LL---D% *i.tir i9 I _I. a "-anu.
nurth nali .Ih.:k w--i uf LU( 11. l u.IJ|l
n.ard. rle-ruorn bunr-alow. tio sc r,,.n-.
r. a lar,, ,.ar., F with one room dt
iahebd Lors of 'hrulVi-irt. h.,Ili-a Snnl
nr,-or ro\r,'r-.l wil Ftov erA N1n. iru. n
rre I r. ltrl, S1 '1 r T, r r,a c.j

Green & Richman


You'll continue to come
It's economy to own
A Sunshine City home


$9,750-53rd St. South
Near Forest Illl School.
lnew and attracrltel.
lurnlishtd 5 room bun-
c-alow, I car garage. Well
wIit i elet-r rnc pump."Ing porch and every
_onceniencc. This is a
COZY home nt n price a
resale this fall ill makc
you a re-onao leal- profit

$9,500-10th Ave. North
Near Ne-w Mark.ct. Bank
IEucl]id School, cfrr line
and store-i-n'urni'hedl i
lo.oni btuiitvalov ,and gor-
anze. Very rasonri bl,
ca-h paym',:nt anl liie-r:tl
terniq Thi place is
priced to sil now.

$8,500-Nebraska Ave.
Three- bl, cks from 9th
St. car line andl iores
Splendid 5 room furnish-
ed huncalow. sleeping
porch, 1 (rr 1;araae,
paved street an.l every
rity (ronocn.n.-n'.. N,-arer
i:li ann. like value in
Tn is cly.l.

$7250-21st St. South
Near Lakc lti,. Ave. rirw
and a dandy 5 room
liitinalo I 'ar griraL.e.
Sle,'ring 1toreh. well ailh
le,-rt rle pump. S250b(
cash and you .rcan have
the ke'y o ithe from ni>ror
facing en-tl where Ihe
sun nine--4 Juo a- hrirlhl
as it does on Central
Ave., where the prite is
more for one fronr foot

$6,750-4th Ave. South
Near :29th St. furnished
5 room bungalow, lot
50x127. Paved street,
$500 Improvement will
rut this well built place
in the 813600 by Sept.
]926. Here Is a chance
to commit a lawful
theft, Its a sleai.

FO S LE-B t tlJt-Ntcl' 6 ruoll .I lh v.N. w li,, O ,th st
Beautiful new large Colonial bunga- FaR SALE-Bt ,u2nga1l1*uwHNitl' rl i? dl th A N t -
OLand 55111 bungzalow H1-1 ainsri roil -u A U T --si
low. facing on Tangerine Ave., just 6l water: tlre-pla, : larve- rni A '_P' SALE-TA i If you REALLYv .,WANT TO SELL
completed and two car garage. fac- ., h a nd large ,,,le ,or also haik. holl- w li hom.m in I,.t O ',i r- If yOU REALLY.W ,daNT TO SELLu
p irci,. alti Ivt c'l.1 III .-irl,.i lirl'tilt il-nilal set tion. two i.athir On. 0 13200i esa lue and
Ing alley In rear on a large lot. Six anol ,ii.wailr L,.t xl, 1:1. Pi t. 1't,, Ilah I-i, will .e t .a .t,, e u the present day %
rooms with sun porch and buill-in 't', *..n ai enia n.-, it i thl R.hri. l,, arn. d E. L. Mc- we will do the rest.
I.rr, -rt ._'ha n t,. c- .,n all d a I .u n ,, nv Iii. i .-n rat Ar 'a 'h -
features. Fireplace, book-cases and ..r i.-.k .-1, (c ll t-.ou...-- wtlir .... Fe r o
plenty of closet room. On car line c-i ll' in., r ,,t 'ai, n t ... . I... I Se M
'-... i, , . ... .,,arin-. .-nt .rare .
from SL ileter.l)urg to Gulfport. one in-i l F" Cn- rtldd '...I. ,.ii- [ jr,
fare either a:.,. Close lyv new r,tRy -i-iri.i.... r..,t, I,,... Green IF Rn
school and stores. Tanerinr Ace.. t '.r I ,'h I 1' .G I.' e ie ] I ,in
not heing paced anl c hiltc. wa ''h..u.. .i ,'.' '". itt,'f ...... YOU ARE LOOKINCG -e o
In'-Iall.ed .A ton t-Lrful tj.y Ior in- -itne .., .o ..I .i .In. 0 s
%cestmenl or dil tinctl ve hrome M u-il :;,, n U'' ,'''-'"I A ,' n "*. n, t l,'iii- R at'
br seen t'in' Ind li'it.-'l'd I,) ti" p|,l'- N I.- h i hr ltikt'o- '.ur ,r ini ,- \il' I
claied. Owner c-t.-,l'.-d t. ) o North -., i. Fi .i i .. ,l 11. tI. "n i .I l t.i-h r-, inept Green-R ichnm n Arcade
.l.i... v.. ,. t ...r- .... ... i. Nl'. Mr"Qi, iK 689 Central Ave.
1.-in.4r itt |r oii 't ,T. it ,rlTt itt.. '
Fr-ED L .. .. J'hn T. Fisher Phone 4508
Fi L PU.Il]. 3r l. r.I.ll- .- it I r, .l -.,J n T. Fisher
I-- .-' .'.riral, AV-nli. Ii
do- '.,,' Il, n. r i-oni ,..itrcno WI -n-. j __ __ _
i F.-i,.l v. ,in,'rc-l' r ,c n:l *".,, l, inhl- p tTV.',, *, ,,,[ . .. .i.i.t1.1 ..' -I i I . e I ti i i.-,M tt 'NA.L'.'\ v'i. .. ..
I \ : l[.l..llilt : n l-s j -'.,,,." .Jo '. n 'r, ',: ,',"' '.*.... i,' .. ...' i a i : ." ;. ',, ." '; ''*';, '''' .' ,.,''' :"
I. '- T'N,.% -'%"1'
,-. -' ''''., .I. .. .i 1, I .,, ,,
.. . .. .. . . .. . . .. . 13.1 11u s,', | ' l ; I l
Iirc'- r""-_l'lh a I. :,1l .~ ot il.Ir." ni |h iu-, c-. i .-.' i, .,. I' .1-i -.e H t,-..n.
BY OWNERS h-.,.,.. '- ,, ,l:,., .,St of it,.,-trN Sh .- ** -'r.... 1.----
olic ,ul. -., r, ith. ri. .ii-e ain tr.- "r' I-.
Two l w i A tl, i tl.air.- honualw. n "- i|n:, r h v i]r oi oun-
anI. Ej 3 s islth h, ii.o ,uth r' ii a.l- ion ly;' c e h i to .'
ir lliston irnd i..1-' i., L Foj.Iei- or -'-. lnc\ 'slnilit. Thi nr.t. -rt. -
Hill l -I rr.'c' .rno ill.; i1 ,hi arI.J nient r[i,1'o -! ri- t c1t. i' n r,r. r'- l lg N iu r' n. i ' -i'
nO PC,,,:, t ,;,r a dr '-. in ia ;s t, n n, t int % , i .. r 1.1 r . .-;-i.
an.t l %u n m i. r r-." #', m l'rl rlB',,[ "1 1 "* h .r '*. cl rt i ^ ,,., ] [iI ; n ,,,n,, t ,, I ,I I ai ,
Tcrm-' ,1".--: 17;r F ret Ai nu Nor-lts i I.:,oni
'Ln ,U'] [ l~ i n'" ''1 i. e l" I",1 I. I *. II 'i I i'1' i m' i Ul.'' t n. l'1 '" r." 'I
Address P. 0. Box 940 .)1,, r i: na. -n i. .,,, r.: it i ,. K i kT
...... -- -.-.. .. i -.I... ..... .. .. .... Brand New
......... ' -..t. '. i Nicely Furnished

16" 1t A Ll: 13 k''' 1. 7 1 .i. h ''n ,.., ... ..... 1.n '' A
at"[ l,,, 1.., I' *, J k ll I ..I li f ,ij" .' I C[li 1. a I .I. Ii |
Lsl,-r i-l V h aIi i -.-,I . ti .', -ri.,
La I ..II .I t I ..h.r i ...- ..i l ...... NT\'- T -
P r.ic e ''i ui ,.-I ni i.r U.i l wr L i n I. .I.i 1 \ _i i ---- -I I I -1 7 . .- -.
i m-it o i..l-- .. I -u.. ...Il. I ,i....--;" l,,it ..
'i. I TE I. iT T LI T''\It; In 'i.- .111.1~l,1 .. ]1 1ii {1"{1 ,;t l *-.*. ? p n[.tl i '-l. i'~. ". -- -!
:fi, m n .. ., , i. .. .'i, ,h .- ,n ,n, v, it, i l .- L.I.-,, k -
a '1r? ,:":. ,l. 1 .u ,. lit'h-.,.. II ,.U '; ,' u'l.n I" "h,.^ ^ f on, In ,-il D n i ,. onil l.I.,.I.; l'rr, n 1 .. hI l :.- .. 1,, . ,,- i.- .,j,.,'ul
r,':', r i, *h .]d """" *'." *'_*."h r I,*^ r I~n,". r,..'.n-, I.. ',.,, 1 .lll, I' r, e [,.. . '", i"_, ";...1-. h; :" .I;, , "
iiiai t uELIuulllII
wil- m.i. ,I.i n l.r n l-i r.l inl -. lion .>i ,ii .. 1 l-r3 i i i r.iiri. i ir
| l'i-' l i r~ rr;. ?*'( ,' 1 ,' 1,.i ,~" .'1, .j \ J r ]j'h .. i f .' ,-. I.'
n ,,1 I t, *i, I & t I,, [ r In I I 1'.
F rom l]e -l| -iJll fr,,lll [,i.hl (.. ..:. 1 1 I f.., I.- ilil il i jr"
thIb c,,ll|..- r.?om i .ni..- .c.-t --__ ____! ,. -i r ,i.. .. i r '.' IF- 1 -o'i u' I-r...r.. '[llt -
tjn a.'..- lil:- l-limnin-i rurl t i-ti.I i 01' of- it ;.tii .:1' i,.. iO lil e i.. i .*' i',, h
the b'I\. -, l'[i- r "h'l- ; s llr ifcc'J"-|
'oIIr Wl'," will Ike:, l1ir? .lil'llh.i. it I _____________
anl'l..,io ih'c i Ith g ille I_.hi ; n n ill |.I
cantr .li -. hrm'll<.' Irla-, rv . 0 -I .. t.n i. ;r, -i... ii i -
bhug tiI.,. l i- h, ,-t ... r ti.J ,,.. M ust Sell H om e'L ''"'' '. .- ... I ...
Ynur t'hil-li'n MillI 1.- i c.-r' lI I ._____,.

s'hot t i til it .:],.".oi :01n.] ,-ri1 cc li
-T il h i [ .,rL, ,- -. I. . I , .. .. ii
nlPlr iut, th, hir lp,-- -_ii l 'l % -ill j ,i' i T'rh i i ,,
a '1 .1 l j. ll I 1 1 '_, r_-. I -1, .. ..| i. l i.. -'. r i t r..r r .- .1.
T h ." 1. h ., e '.-1..,t ..r' lh ,- l ., l. .. I. t N.-. i , -i '
f l. h..a l- 1 ..I '. I h -,11 -n. ' h.
O1.,'11. li'S. tir~l I l. .; l~tl. ,\ l..\l~r 111: r~l .r,% I.,',r nu. Li i.. ,. Ii

i1 I- ~ r.* ',1 Irr :1 ,.lu ,,.k l,. : t I, ".
'.Mnlh .1 :.% I, I rn'i
1A. Iei ii.,:.ii i i

711 P,.',: I.i:Jit ['iiE

L'EN 'i l..\l.[." i l .r J ,I jIlnt. '.I ii.-u-.
rie t I'I i lh." r-air c-i r- litl- h'
r, iii,,* r. I,|T I i.-.,n ..hl P i i. r I, i .i
ii .e r ,. I .,--ui, c mu -A r
.i, r I.. I'. i.l t-F .' i t .. .-.ilh

I . I. e I

f' l- n' r: -f in ',lr nl-hi ..l urii.a R .*
Til-- itcI h. tbu l ii i tul. Zr r1,' ". t'." e i
w-alr i l-.'lrl. i 'J'iil -. r.- n- i-.. i...r cit
L'ar& ,' l,1 t. 1, i xi '. ^-i fr .,ii t rEi
P l B- .-' r i_ il
..i. at '. 1,.I- thli andi Tatigorl6e

,l i no 4 1. 1 { r.|l .
V,.. P-Jr,

Big Bayou Bungalow
N-n r -liii, i, -_a ,irl,-i i-t y- "-'. -

Y\. rr r*'1 I'n inu-hi. 4' 1-1 P. I

$11,000 Now
I T "",t P I':I".
S.'l.,) 'I Tu* iM.t-' -'-l_'Ti- i"'l 1 ;
ii A i i ',N ,AVLNL' i

..-.- i i.i,' ti..' .- ".-r.r,.J I s-a.

P' r^j i I hli rr^- t-l,,,-, I',l ih t-l n-Tt r i. 1

.J i.T. 'I.' 'All '[L A.L' Lr:E "FL Ai
1 I. r'* *I'l 1 \\'t t i .iAL ;'.

a'lii..... ni li, l -.itt' lint. -\'i

-. i I I .I I' i ih.rll i ll.'-. 1'
tu .r.'.x- ;",,$.

Fne.iooui ,liii ik-l.'W'. ,% ii t.allh.
ri! -plh,:,t. ent'losi:,J .:J,?. r. -ng ,-i r'h.
1,Ulti n l',n lRttlre a. ill u' tr. l~itvu r ll nllin.r i'.--m inp. 01o Ni.nlirh
E \FY TEI.klt-

Gilbert E. Thayer


P-HONE 5.-'ul,

HOME 7.k-" AIN
On Twcent. -lhir.t \initie Norlh
nu.,-ir 1;lnihii Hull'7l -hr.. \,' i-td\.- a1
liI:in.l-h rno .-in room h-inLt-nlh' rn i
lii cr- lot Similar hnoui- .' in thi-
i.ightlil.-)rh c .I arn.' i' ic ..i i'i i'it
P'ri-e of i hi" IP-r, ,-l y rI tr a ft'%
* i c- onl'. Is

$13,5 .:(i r erninL

'1I H .AI.I. I LI I:
PHONE '1,1;

(97) Houses for Sale_ (97)
tae- at o a..'on1a.u n'Ri-purl fc.uthllii of
Ad r,.ri'nla,-kRs 2u t il_ ntrit. of Glover-
Illt N V I'tt e 52 rUt. Rents0 for 93.0
for Jul, and 4utizi% will trad for bun.
o'alw ror _araT p aarrimrnill htre las.
S (i.,dw R.allI, Ct1itani Inc itr-jrn
13-5111 1, 1 Ate. norlt l'hliln.. 72 V03.


On 23rd Ave. No. In 'iglily restritlte'd
section. \Will Isell r-nsonahly and
will take a good iot in tiade.
Sp, 'P tlit :lah

121 FuurLh Strct- North

5 I'rt.'M .sPNi-\ H itie eu.i,.o bunsa-
"i,' I"a v.j rt nJali ]bxiiln-.- l>.oad
at Gran.1 BI d lini dala-I ng igi .[.,r
ho-,' Pr t.i i ljlli S ...'.l azh. ral-
'trr,. E;, p..r rn, .ntih Ju: t,.
nettr o>-cuplt'1 l .i -rur" lit %il initers
h.n f.,r u.- .up. ancy or protfil t t -'
Cr'a-' Fl ' i0i-. any, N. 3'n 6t
outu i Lt il 5 '.i'




44th St. and 2nd Ave.
N., in Interbay, beau-
tiful 6-roomI house,
large screen porch,
hardwood floors, lots
of closets and built-in

Will sell house with
one lot facing east for
$18,500, or will sell
with double,
100x120, for $22,000.
Can arrange very
easy terms.

This is one of the
most attractive homes
in this neighborhood,
which is fast develop-
ing; only two blocks
from car line on wide
thoroughfare, with
wide pavements al-
ready in.

Will be a money-
maker for someone.


(97) Houses for Sale (V j..


We ('an sell a new five room -
bungalow on a large lot.
(Cl-. I it i 'hiltol anti -ar line
foi bthe price or Iha lot .
$M0i1 t0 Cash, balance ar- -

Tallinger & King

PHONE 7363

CO'ZV HOMfl--lah A.e South iiar thie-
Ba,: niutl h o -.n lto be'-isl'4t..
PrI'p and ti-rip all uureiria wi oil litve.
us now lis a iluri neallta Cornmlaii.
Inc. loun i 13-, 10 lat Ale. NGirti:
Phone 72-Su3 "


to pit.k up real lionie bargain. -
The rollocing ides'-nrib-d pr.opCt-r?
is to mi krtoaledge thet best bu..
in looin. The house l, of lhL."
best con-iru.tlon The arrangie-..
men ik Id-eal having a long liv--_
ing room. lanrxe lining room and.-.
a m',d':rn kit( hen. There areh*
tlirie large bedrooms (if course.
there is v'as, elitlricily. -orf.--
vutr., In I'tac all conteniencewn-
It I,. naar hih: car line and closcI"
to ,a ntlioil '
The price is onll. Il$.fOit UU cowr
pletel.i t'urri]?hd. % ith e s. "
ternft. W'hy not Lu. the bet.
IuIsp-cet his brhome toda. '1L

217 Fower & Light Bldg.

Buy a Home -

New flie room house near Harris
S. hool, .$1.f,00 Good terms. IF'_
Sl.pani-h bun'alov just completed.;
Fruil trees an.] improvements. $5,b00.
Terms. -
Dutch Colonial home on large lot.
A big bargain at $9,250. $3,250 cash.
balance very easy.
A nice honie in North Shore. Col.'
pletely furni.-hed. Has aix rooms and
hath. On corner lot. W'V cot sider this
the best buy to be had in that re-
stricted -ction al $t.b00. Terms.

R. L. Sharp





18 Third St. North
Phone 4136

i.: -'r i, A pi .K .-.'- TI.,. B I .siu ] hIr
I.uhieai.'Sl.. <-'.1 l'I I 0.h. ,'l1 ar-
rr 'r,_' ,. r..- ..-.' -- r, t a l,' In, l i .'at, -
i . e h l, n, r,,,.l i r r, ii
' p. ,r .. i,,. I q,,i., t,,i..a E ',-. i.rr- ,-
trio'.n' ,I.'. \"t' t, J-r'l n. 1 r r n. !I
t"-_" ----- Located


FURNISHED east of I ,ni: ,1-Y' l, emrrith for t7,,.
(,;ar':i ,i'iarlmi-nt ci r. .ir of 1,. Si e
m ..rii ,l Tl i I r I r e i- _'l. r ill S
un t n i -h'I r'ot1 1 fir r S I turi aI
I-i.t.- ny.' n.l I- ..r..'.l ..1 I t llaia
,rrily il..',,ii t i'.|. {.Fil[irl,.e 1-"-.J T
&l i i'.i -B .

See John T. Fisher
7':i C, .Avenue 764C (
IrE lITi'It'L B[Ni TL,',LiAV ,f 7. r,,.r.-. i
n r.i ro.thili lurni ,-l.- r,.al hin- 'n t. I
i-,r i rt.-,, I-.. i r o a t...r .r [i..[ n
,' i.-.,I r. run r i cii'At, i- ,-.n r. ar L',-3d : i-
r .'" ,.In r ,.n .. .. I .. ... il' ? In lh.? I= r.....
i N. rr..'r r r. i-ltt ..-.1 ',
Th." 'F '. ,r..r i,' 'lit' -' Tl L ..

Actual Builder's Cost

N'- %% z.r. i r.-i-{ .:' ir ',
r.-,:.1ni -..

Lrapiii r.,,i ms
'Ilin.,_ n mii
Itituine- rootn
Kat h' n
,.,..l- l l~lll| I 'UII pl rl,.l.]"i

.' -Ieeping rr)oni
Wni. LL- itPt-t rr'.i'ni
TIIIE F'h-l'I-: 1 VII.L iL'-St RISE
T ,.i rnl I "il "*" i:n h. II1r I. 1i ,.'iiic
jikt: irnt.
This lhoime im in Montir.'ty. "'t
P.'-lti-e.,urg' Suib1tiio-l -r-eauoliful."
u.\n,.r n Il'ernii- Iltw Mnlert,%
Flhl Ofic'i:. corner iti.l Sr. in-.1
:i01 At.. No. 1ijn.01iv rft ern,.-,)n
from till i; O'L'io- k. r iian ir .-::n
Men.Jn :!,t ": -ih Sr N,.
I',ili L \ rL '-. C-'" -'.i h- 1 r.rli -li "-I
1,' 1.i. 1, i e.' 1 0 i1it '.'i I I .
.. |i -.. ti-. t liln l. t a t- ..l .h
ini 1..* i I .. I ii ' -I t- i' 1. it .1 i * r~.1.
I I 1 .. , h-. n .* "r d hi.- l.I u '.'h ** J,"

general Broker
irteen Years In the
Sunshine City"

'and New


two blocks south,
'view; two blocks.
Disston. -

$4,500 -.

1 cash payment l,

nce 1-2-3 years

H. Smith K-

Owner '

Central Avenue :


17th Ave. Between 1st
and 2nd Sts.

I- A .g'l.-
0' ,tvr -r ant-s to selll t i.airg'gan :
,,iiie. now, iihn onom hom,., dellght-
1il room' Two tilt-hI itlhIri. ulouble.
gara -e, r-'crvanrl. s qua r-lrs., ull con-
S\eii-nces. 1-3 t..a h. t.alante tI.nrm-

10%C. Discount
If Sold For All Cash

See Mr. Brown



Beautiful Brick Colonial

EI-n ti l-ui Ii'J on AI e. Nort-ti"
I I '.lt LI L.-L'' 'Om-n. I|I. Lill "i', furniihol' b.
S i -.-. l ,'i ;.. ,iT, rl i T,, j rl, li i- n t-,nl-.- 1. r u% n h ,m ., i v Il ,
. n.l.1 i. I, i =.l-h .I h1 1 .1,1. .liiiLn Llin O l -ll.'l n.J,-,l -I 111; ilir.
i i i . 1 i , I .. A i i-a i 1 l l ir
'i r. I hi ..i jL'mi-h 'I. 'i_, i iti' : I . ..1.' frroni ow n-' r. M i. C mrnc. 23l' C ntni
it, I 9I i r. ri ,u 1 Jr 1 i r a
i ..,l1,:.l I 1 .l llh l l. 1.'-.-is I 1. 1l: 1 .% %a
DL. '. IIL'NT, .:,iri.!





. A


Of l I '-. ':I1

H Six

(7) Houses for Sale (97)
SOR SALE by owner, new and atrao-
titely furnished five-room modern
bungalow, near car line and school: soft
water. fruit trees, 4hroIli.ory. lawn.
S.759 eLt. Terms. 1816 27th St. Boulh.
AT MACHrAq. State of Maine-3 story.
12 room lInusp rihlit In town-see the
photograph. aitl Ui about tlle. The lot
Is 300016v irontln" on main Blreet. Dnit-'
aluJni rould not te btillt today lIes than
12,t'00. YF.u can iluy this ror ln 1n0O.
One-thlrd rash. idridigp & Erildrifte.
PUallor.L 302 J. Bruoe Smith Bldg., Cen-
tral at Third street.
TO AVOID a heavy losa must sell mi
beautiful 1 room (new) home all
Spletirdldi'v furnished focr only 115 Li"ni
This Is a forced salo and you ree.lie Ihe
benefit. Don't class 'his with a lot of
built to s-il houses. this Is a real bomf
and the bRet way to rontlnce vou Is to
come oul an) nlook at It. Haa large sun
parlor, 3 large he.roonms. acreened
lorchea. beautiful flo, and decort.
lons with iat-pt s'l c-le-irlr: fixtures
Two car garage, nice lawn and shrul.-
hery. Terinms to suit can te airnnpod.
but i must dell. See owner on urdmia:-l
firat I.ture north of Tangerine Bvsnu.
on 22nd -irept south and fares east, or
P. 0. Box 3421.
nAVE the beat buy on "2nd avenue
north east of Rav street. Bpauilful
boples all around. sixty feet irontale
Price 87.00A'. Good terms. '. H. Conn.
32 81ith street south.
FOR SALF=-O-rase Apartment. i1
rooms and hath: newly furnlshtd, 17
o500. l.l500 Lash balancep -aiy payments
Inqulre 2028-43rd Si eouth, or Day
ATLANTA n.A modern bungalow
equity s$.55,n for Ft. Peteraburg tot
or trade St. Peiersaburg prope-rt fr.r At-
lanta Income prop-,rtv to 636 00n value
Joe Wallter. E3snl13th Ave. North.
81 50O REDITCTION on home located on
lit Ave. South between 28th and
39th Streets. This Is a good buy JaS.
S. Gordy Realty (ompant Inc.. Room
13-540 1lt Ave North. Phone 72-803.
(98) Lots for Sale (98)



At Fifth avenue and
Park Street, facing east,
75 foot front. $3,000
under the market. Terms


Realty Company

251-253 First Ave. North

The Southeast double corner. 100o120
Tangerine and MaAlinio is owned It,
three partners. We want to d isive
and ara offering this corner at a bar-
gain on almost any kind of terms. P. 0
Bow 3 97.

BIngle corner 0IIlO on main highway
Only 11200 with easy terms. Itunning
water and electricity. Box S-14 Times
A RIIAL PICK LIP on Candy Blvd at
11200. 1-3 cash, terms. See owner.
Wm. M Farmer, Detroit hotel.


Lot 8, block "C," Thorn-
ton's Subdivision, being
the NE corner of 4th St.
and 5th Ave. North, 127
feet on 4th St. by 55 feet
on 5th Ave.-$1.100 per
front foot on 4th Street-
$35.000 cash terms.
Brokers protected.

Wate-rfront properly on Pap.'e
bayou. Two beautifully located lots
5.0 feet on Papy's Bayou, running
buck 270 feet to Wre-'ilon Drive.

221 Power & Light Bldg.
Or P.ow S14. City
"hone 6'.73

BACRFITCi'. Indian Rncks B-ach beau-
tlful 7F ft gulf Iroot corn- r noir
balhlng cilsino Name )our i.wn pri-:
Tel. 6583 or call at -375-lth A-e. No.
A BARGAIN, this week only. lot on
4tb 81. North (Gaudy Blvd ) 49zi00.
85.500, terms. Address owner. Bo 6-
30. Times.

Lot 45x127 faces North. $1l00-l-3
cash-Bal. 1-2 yrs.
See Neville

With Charles B. Cleary
401 Power and Light F.lig.
Phone- 573S

At 13th Avenue and 47th SIreet
North, we offer a heauniful lol lo-
cated directly ni-ro-t Ihe tre-et froot
new High School location.

Pric. $3,00". Terms.

212 Hall Bldg.
Phono 59S6
"Satisfied Clients Our Best Asset"

Section Two


(98) Lots for Sale (98)
ONLY 1i1360 for my lot on 28th Ave
North. lust ZOt feet off Ilamlon Loi
ita 45 by 137. has a nearllin full trees,
and a 79 foot elevalton. H 1. Rlcharde
366 Central Phone 74-L50.
FOR 19s75
Adjoining mot active and aubldiantlal
reeldenT ditrti of 4t. Pvlersghurg Ill
accept Lf 1tlim cash, i\lance arratim-d.
Chanice of life tLme. Act quick. Bix
0-63 Times.

(98) Lots for Sale (98)



now under way in



is steadily


to the desirability

of the

ideal homesites



Lake Euclid,


perfect places

for the homes of

particular people



Realty Co.




Florida Arcade

Indian Rocks

Gulf Front Lot

For quick sale, $7,250.

Easy terms (two blocks
north of hotel)


310 J. B. Smith Bldg.
Phone 72-212

DID YCOU know we can sell ou lari-
North Siore lot unhvtlilet,-.l on 13th
Ave. North on which Iou t an build
nice stores In front and (larag. AparI
mental In rear. rinJ will ipav )nu h n,.nd
*ome Incr'me. Ja S Gordy R-alt. Co
Inc, Room 13-540 1st Ave. N,,rth.

51;,u' FRONT rFLore

ROOM 200

71t1 h : t ..',

Gulf Lot

Ruppert Beach

62 ft on Florida Ave.


62 ft. on Gulf

Only $18,000


B. E. Riskin
Mgr. Brokerage Dept.



658 Central Avenue
Dial 6973

4TH ST. N.
SulheA't rorner of 4lh st and E0th
A Ve 35 t o-n. OI N I'h St. l h i f.-.:l un
lE'Jth A\e. only.
Can you I-Pat ii t A .-love In corn-r on
ihla reav t i 'lilT \V.\ f n tllh tihu sid-
walks In. andl ih- '1li.-h on 41h Street-
tll-. fonr onlI Lt uoi ar1i on trTis 01O
1-3 cash It .foIuJ fan i to mkea somre
easy money buy thil corner right now.
Si;0 N Ith Irel.

Ni''lRDY IS GIVING anything swas.
Th- r niii kI ..",.king ti,- Iard huld
Ill, etUrf t 11,1" Ig iu flj uIn Fh .I'- 'li
tiahk- "tU s`rri--'cood aumni*i r- m on, or,
'hi- Tarna rlrin.- A-i-urio I.- ..... hi l
It .'. All- & Siiiirh, N. it F" uiLF h et
IiU fe-i -I o r Of L'I-i-,a
PrIm'e tO sEll
FLOLLIDA RE.L L:;r.Al"c L.Ciit .%,L
iiIni c'liral
Lfl~l .IU.4 J.

NOW LISTEN-I niut sell niv laih-e Ot
oO ha', -,urlar,- -Ili t ..- i-ni alki-
.ti-. JLst 12.' niiiiu[i ritoin do-,i-ah.n
cailln iiii iimi, ti, -h ,ti--i., < I ale cat i
-'ill. No a irlB \\Irite ~.N-jrtherter rle
S7;iV AWAY-Two lots a from store.
tu -tiert. eual to iour 'lit i WI'iI AtI
ih..iii 1w'it for '',lt S. U;, ll im1 pro-t
i,.i,-ri i i ,i .i.. il r.. inl c in thtire-.
Vynrrn, tero 6. Wriln B. I-i 36. Time
BuS, re Only
I slinply musJ (iI-ponte of my lot worth
51 In f.r 89, intn nePt, a-t 'ie ctctlon of
-.1ii Ne-'l L$ lularne arranged
%% rre I-l'J Tilni.-3i
'.'."'"' A."r .ii Si i.,i rfh A'- N.-.rlh
If o, .elii vrit, ?. i
i ..,ui l l nn h i',..1 IIv rn- l e|i.rlnj.i

Trrir-Il toni-er In Svction "i.' Jungli
r e r i .i t- o iu l in lt s il1 ia Qle i l u4 l >. i
ii1- u Us 3 for Shtw)Ji S.c- Mr. ittiL]-
PHONE 6763

. I


Two business lots on Ith
Siri:eL North, In Rio Vista.

'" cash. .-ilan-:I 1 and 2




210 First Ave. North

Down. b-alr-.- 17.' a nr.-ir'n. Ten mmn-
utels trum dorrlow tovii cn hard u rea- id
f r'-t. I in- in, ilik.& Hich and .Jdi
r.iijtland n,.,i BShn .' e and Iranhpni iL -
i'in. lrl'i, onr $I.lenL l\ri'e uo ltir
.-S TInies.
MY y ,:,NTI:A.>' Fr--i% ;-:
''n tblau'fulu [ l.t In n'.tle hulldin'.
.?r.ilon. ilos.e in on hard air.?-l. O:mi
to ilI--o hmorn.. Balan,-e $1.10l ravtol.
t.' a mouth. Ste mc- i-Acklyv. F-.-.i

B'R:-.IiN oIll QL'["IK SI.E Jui.rl-].
Triac- lit 11 I. t-nk Ri;a tor oT nik
Pt. rii x 13%t fa-,s ohouth. .'.- T.-rms
' n.' r P-.Sii Tilrnm
I.r',nK--l' VI"S .-silOr.ES
P-aoullul a-.wnt r 'ri-nl lot Inr f0rt. rl'
at orllnel ioJt by OtIt:r S'i:'i' Tim s.

Grovemont No. 1

Lot 50x127
Lovely five-room
Furnished Bungalow
on lot 50x127.
Has fruit trees and
beautiful shrubbery.
Single garage and
soft water
For only
One-third cash,
balance 1-2 years


Realty Co.




No More to Pay

We have ten well located
lots for $6,000 cash. Deed
and abstract given.


Co., Inc.

653 Central Avenue

2 LOTS FOR tale ,h.ap i th At ts-
tr.--n 3rd and 4th t S-o Apr' 1,, 01'

6 ',iiiv CASII. halranre taV. Pricu .wa,
ojr der UmarkeL. Bu .. 1i,,, i.:-.t uiu.-
-: r.-crner. Pin.InIea PaRrk. main t..-1e a .lI
i. ue W'at. Sli .n-s romi t a, -ill e
Pru-ne t.ii^" __ _ _ _ _
Rl. RGC' LT. on1 Ih ,A- South
-o Ti rti, t ih ',rr i 1.- ii''
I-. Mt1 n ca O ,ll i '.,i aill -ur.

N'f1RTr 4TH ST. A r,-.l I irriRin. ,i.i
Itki Mu~- .u ii a, .... 1 r
riti du in i N.r th. HI ow nlilaW t. -*t.
T nin
N ,IN ]h -I.T >-'.:-'"H 1I.t i 4 v. I.?
tI 0 r. al I...- I.i I .' 1 S I l .-.i. hit' h
-.lh r I '.i A t .liii i: II .u er-r ,, -.
I ,I' uo n iB imiii ir' n -,rn'r i .. -2

G( I.[ F FiF,', T I.,-T .'?\:' [r P. li-- i-.
P--a-l fi7 n1nn' nii' i-* -ii- 1 ni iiin -
W. II Kl-]:.r da A.-.,t.rld

Tangerine Avenue

and Disston Blvd.

.\ Ioiu.lI rorrri--r ifh,-it in nr .linii, n
15 ll,:' I.. -t ,I-ii -in n ii i. 'n i li'-
e nt nr '- Il i de h l, .'ii p i'It ,. |,ijo:,l -,i
P:..-' '"l. ,_ r. n t-.

Kenney & Kenney

:1^ I.\I. IL n -r;
I'IONE- [.,a6

(98) Lots for Sale (98)
10 n-asIttful b-uildlig Iota hetw en 5fth
or. I hth Strets I mupt sell and hnic
rd'ifl i hT pirlb .p te -10 to' move ttherrn.
-sonl my other nrli e ws Inl when cono
-u-iring ill.-? titidoni ul o at iL-i
P 0 B.,i 3977 t Pefpr ur.

Ask us about

Largo and Wash-

ington Heights.
689 Central Ave. Room 12

My beautilrul lot In high pine grove.
orn improved street. surrounded hy ntc-
hom-s for 8120u. Pay ye only 32)0 c-ash
balance tLo suit. Write Owner 0-.s
CLt-,6E IN L'IT. Let me showed o
*here you i an t.-u tIo lota o it
Ate. South between 4th and i5th Stis
rivht in Boahoro Harbor section for
S4.".10 each wlth a liwnri aymen of I.:
and balance exteurided over a perio>J
of 3 E)ara. This Is a real oppurtunlt1
B1,itr see me at once. LarPlamne. 14;
Central A-.e.

Sinvle- i 2 2 i- i',-h $1."'. 0
l ,:.,h. $I.ju0-m '.-i '$2.r.iiii-
Triple Si,700-C.ih $3.7,)0
Balance moiitgaii du cli years
icce.'at orlict luitu on (.ild.I I lid

Nl Ji',llat .Ar--le,. Nxt 1' 0.

IOCR F\II E--7 I-. i on i4th ?'t Norrh
.,.,iil,. ast Coi i a E .rtI .I.- .tlie-' I.--
%,lol t nri 1 -.-rii-ln C'olt 0 p.-" fr.-'nl
ilot- la i s ei Fllai,.- 1-.-- ans d ,,-ure
I1. G Pa'n. iL-.'l-10th .'.- N rIth
FOR RALE-Lor 3 Blo- k I. Jungle Ttr-
race. facing Palmetto Ate.. Ii 70O
.Otla 19-.2. Block 5, ra'lng Palmetto
Ate. $2 (,0LI0 each Lots 19-0.21, Block
fa.In r uwennen At,-. 7.0010 each. LotU
i BIrck 13. facing North Terrace Clrile
12 i'"". All are und-r there market S't-
them and then sea- mI. R. 0. Paylle.
E-351-t1ith Ave. North.
F0R S AL.E-lot 5 Blocrk 10. farlng 3rd
A",a. near 65th St South Pasadena
Estatea. Prt.i-e 33.n00. Easy terms
Lot 1.. Bloirk 8, ifaing 3rd Avle. ner
63rd St South. Prite $3 30,1 If sold this
week. Lot 11 Blo' k 21. o--Inlg 5th A' -
oOUth orxt io orne-r ;i6rd St Pr-re
$. crl i,..r ..lul .i e ll- l eitr.? in raPc -
.1-nq nni 3rn1'-nr th mftrl'p- R G PeyI
f. T --h'ill A' '?* 'r rnr~l____
i t'F [IF T I T r1'T _'l i. i ,.'I m I. i ,- ,'..1.
d.3 ir .i i. .'...I .1 .. ..- i . *i i
ri n l It ", P 5r,.-,: *'1r'- ?! I
;' -v 'r It t, r .--~-
*tB'i '--,-. ______in_ c-il___P,-11
.[h m:r,-'N AVrT i ..uth 0.A' i- ., t'"i, \-
Fn it.l. a.n, $1 1, y. r .T I ,
F j,,' I.rlnr jo J i '7lll11. .I ', alr d

PINT:ttl-\.~" F,',iNT--I..,i L'1....l. ;" L',.t
I ki t i'j e c '. I'.i o f re
, h.'m &t r.r'.- il I ,I I Tx E -it-i.Ii Pas'-
in hIT l ,,l I ,on,,- ," n'+..nil i B. I.
I,.-.^ / r-r.^'rli' -n C'.) Etirm ing-

C]1: '.IP % l. N\ l"N'L' C'' ". l efi
1 i.I .' .1.'g ( T r. r ,l l-b ln r foir
[ -. .,,, r -. r f.-'. r' nI rp .-1,ii.) n .-al ,
,',1. 711 i ,.-ti n*imr '


One block off Euclid and inside
of Jc-hnb Pass Road.
Total Size 'is',xl5O
All fitT for $2S.000
C-.:irnr separat- for $S.",)
T'ii- .- a viond1rrmtl i3tarinnint
-it, ar-i h.le sitrreet 3 1:t\-J on
both eijs.

Single Corner
Block east of Dlsston on 11th
Avenue South. Full size lot.
Only 1"500

C 'in In i-k tl le':" nlterm; on (,illi.
of il11 .tjho\t". ri iitS ilhons.

Poorm 17 l- 'llt.y .\AraiiJi.
714 I-nt Irhl

Clearview Avenue

Double Corner
11'- 1 li b-thl SIr, I '.' ti. froniapl.: of
II', h.e t Thi-i It a e.on.i'ritll buy [at
"..i Ii i l"'*. '"ti.-rr s.

Kenney & Kenney
212 l-hi ll RII:
Iu'h,:.'- t ,O. O u'r u
'S-iti.-ird Chn 1.' Our r,....- ,A,--


(98) Lots for Sale (98) (98) Lots for Sale (98)
NEAR TANGERINE--2 blocks north BSTY IN THE PATH of progress. West
.ear 31st are Iwo nice home lota for CuoIral was wa recommend. 13500).10
51 ,1nm 1 each. C. Alien & omith No. 10 on 3rd Ave. No nPar 33th St. C. Alien
fourth St South. & Srr, lh. Nc.. I-) Fourth St. South.


(98) Lots for Sale (98)
[I.-iSTON Ri.Vt.--ot between 3rd end
4th Avenusd on011h. 30- tiln fur 1nuclr
4alae. anr he thought ror a.lrtfit with nood
tE-rrns. S-ee ;ra) with W. C. Cro, 96;9
Central Avenue.
-3 ED CORNI|-R-ith Ava. and 19th St
No ; in h-mre of elite Cily iL'elJtrit
io.allon for [rum store or oltlti
Sullivan ReaIty Co.. 32 Slxth at.. So.

INTERFRAY LOT- Ret wi-en 44,'h ao
4uth StrFeta 4%El'S6. Prl e 8l',i. cah
1.-UIt. balancee arraiintrd. Brlmont
RFalty Co.. 7 14 Ctutral Ae.
If vou want a hbargalii t.-I rnzi_.rln
Avenue aiha will uy It irornm u lrrit
I hate It In the P,SinhiiihW-,t til'iQ ('.r
ner cf lt B,'utli. a.l- 141 on rarn.
g.rine t, I.' -' n n r rhe oric. an.ij
turns tr [11 interest vonj
P 0 BONlne 31.21 St Pr-rtrs1i.urV.
.L`O4 E In lot f.tutjt-..uch .f 9th ,',
.un naer Rierih ltrite For .Jul ,
sale amn- willL ..-'oil ) $12 IJiu 1e11
Larw c'adh pa' nr-nt. It tn4Id-,r itr,
lot and ,'ri'- 1 ee ]..-tti']l| r wlin F 17 .
deno' t l1 ra & R i-alvt i nTltdi.%
In- ,261 1 r .\Ae N" Pho)i.' ,,31t,

A B\% PrIN. L',irulbi corner lu'nl"?
2 blo.-ks off 4th EL. North. 31.550-1.3
cash tOw.iir t -lihg North Iiust skll
\V H Landing, 7;2 Central Ave.
Lot 75x135
In t.luck 76l
Last year's price
Boa 35. Time.
Inc priparid tur tinl summer. Prop.
erti will be In d. mand. A uoo-I 2nd
A e. lnt at .Ir'.i St for S1 .,it ha. l_'.
,,l-r. & $rniith, No. 1,I Foujrlh 't r,-iuth
Thr- loi r, n-ar t-i'-t..i-n and Ih Ai
No $I UI-, nl o 0 .a l or lIiI 'o ijr ail
I.ii L- double corner one block from
Dlc't.n. s-utin of .th At.-. HartI u-jr-
tI, f'. t. siduwalkas, aorL.t-,.r .
$5Er'w" i. .:ajy Itrms.
If. C Thoanpesn. 18 3rd Si. North
Cnriinr I-r. E.unl" I5 in li-Iat of s.tli ty
In 1-lill3 ]-'L rn I.nliv f l-.n v. lth Leiln o
Act quick. No Besiila. But. 6-.t, 'TIlie.
I H.%\"l- Soan u ery chi,'e Lakew,-o-l
Ea:ia'.i l3tif and wooul-. like to Ira.i-
[Ilni i.,r a oiuua-. I n-t Iithe h-jue.-.
andil mll cut atst lt pilr.r ou ni.i IL-tI to
Stt Oult. b- P-5 Tl7ici
B-,st .ff-r takes l[ t11 Block 4. B-llse-
cr_,-t Il-l;ht, Rcalrlcted. Ideal lo.-.&tLoii
j L.r-tlt QuIt-K. Siliause. N. Y.
LO.N T BUY this lot for $3.UolU.00 unless
y-'Ju Hait iu tltiakt a pioli. You cau
do th&L t is.a btIlhIti. C. Alen & Smllth.
No. I F'uutrh Si. S:uil.
l:,.'. .AL C--'ouil--.'ii h i- li-ln h-
lit .,i. l-',.urlii n .riJ lth t i a -ie i ?, l. i-..
In, t lwo late oji2 ia. lclri,; .BAt. i-I- l
lor iO aps|i innrt or aidte aisles-
ro.jni Liberal diecoount allowed to a
iOlrt I TeTrmS. Will11 a'dll e-
arat-. LD. M Avery. Tini Box ca U-4
LOULBLE CFi RNEtI on Third aktuij
eou.h, luuxLt7 leei. Price t6.750. cadh
$22 -0. with good ttIma. E. B. Rehnku
and E. L Mclntyre. 103 Central Arcadp



East of 28th Street

$7,000; easy terms

Empire Realty


Development Co.


Splendid Lots

For the six

We know of no other such
bargain being offered to-
day. Let us show these.
They are good for 100'
advance immediately.

See MacLeod

Volney B. Leonard

Realty Co.

(Room 107)
528 Central Avenue

1 1ih -_1f r, r, t1tjr _I-rl>,..\ r, ft ?pl,'n-
*\ rI h r'" c. I 114 n r 1 .1%, . ,i 1,

I ,,,n -Tr.,-'t. u.-.r n trth ,-.f L3 o. I
Aii. -I-ui I Enni. 1 i'. -- h .
r-- ii h .- I'. -[,.r .- t ,iii sr Ii i. -
' -r-1--n 'lnin al. i u uI -h- i ,"
u- Td .,r 0 h S.ri i- t ,r n I : .wr r
-il 1,'1c T- innh at C.iiJiil.

If ,ou nave 120 to make down pay
tment on a wril locatid nigh and dry lot
in Hiti.-s Hoaue eeclion. .in Inipro' 1d
trtet viirr,.,undP" d I v ul.'1- h.ome"- Inul
haeli' hl rl-nc- only ti1',. write me for
oill delalls. Box 0-91C Tit ir.

i'e a1i o it, 1sto1'e a paTtner.hIp
,in i 1i uil .r ii, eI- j wa.nt to cell 6
-eatii'iul lotr betee.'n 2.llm Snd 2tilh
ctr-t.--i Fith ill tli-nenii'nd Grote N-, 2
'n L.Al- I,.1- A'- r Y.-i know '%th If
I,. r'. 1 ,- J 1, ..,im L i t' A -t, .-,
North lIe an o.l.--?tU'iiiL (or a bull-.-r
t'.: 'i.-' the bi i- ali morst d-, wna i l i1
crii-n i obdi e -'L talct m i rH- l [r i.
P. 0. Bo x 216
DoohlM corner i ti-m n Tangerine and
l.ak-t Ic w A'.e-. $ iilj. Term'.
T' ron L. Hiarrl r.&5') Central Ave.




Development Co.,
722' Central Ave.

4TH ST. N.
DoUL-I' ,-'.rh. r e-n 4th St N at .i Vol.ta

Tri, tanni. "I corn-r directly a.r..-i
rh r Iit iri.-n I ll 1.i 1 h..-i'l at $ iS iin
Tn '-d-l r ti' ir-rnr-n are 1t I on r saie-
ard ill riu r,i ibis .-ai If .'-u -anpt
a .dlj.v 4ui-j.. pr-r ot. tUh thls corn-.r t .. .

SI0 N ith St

MItA-T SACHIFICE! my tiuaslleul clos'e-
I--L 45I. Rt.Aith all Improt-mente or
only I$ '. W I ill tkt .;-arrai pavm.'r -tIt
dit- n %% rile dlredl to owner Boz Hi--b
T I m

61h .\A nuo North and 56th SIruct
4 1 'iiin'i
1-3 ctsh--L., I 1-2 %r%.

11, I 'Fo'- : r an.- LiL- litr.l.
I'hnno r,. iv

r'i.|., NT'.FITH. MiUst a-ll my twu lo'-,
neur tilb -lreett 0..'"U on [,L i.lhin A .
ras'h ".m l inclunin lwali-r tpr lis,:r It
Porlk h ine-haif block frirn.m trollsO
psrt to hbe paed. Very cheap. Owner,
P 0. ex 3189. SBtation A.

S(98) Lots for Sale (9)

On The

Where values are rapidly Increasing.
Closo to the proposed street car line


Thire are still a few lots I. ft at
$300. Liberal terms..

Graydon G. Coffee
107 Sixtb Street South

WIVLL SELL mv equity In high class do-
'elopmrn-nt i..r $3i): ItalanS- hll8 pay-
able ouart-rl, B:-. 0-5D Times.
On Thia
Mv corner lot. just 10 minutes from
li-is U wiotti. In an uctil'.e luliding ec-
,I.. IIl liii.rutLntm It In Tand ,paid h for.
VIIi E3.f--ii.a lnur lf ij % 'II tako llii,
ea.-n bEalan., 13to suit. Write otrer u-S9
I," Ei-. r CORNER ON 41IH ST. SO
& I tlh .At. tcry dEslial.le for quick
sale at n1 ptr t.tF L- easy sterns. B. J
Faimtnr 6ini.i CeniralI aetjue.
BL,'Cit cf o ItaI hi Mt. Vernon Sub.
.ilIlh Lls,-iun section Inltluillng unt
trpij. rn.j [nwrj double trrraers arid cur-
her il rtear itv of new scho-Al ltuk. all
I.o- I.r $l 1;.Si ii) cash Sie Bia-kr.oirn
wi-li W. C. Cro. 9B9 Central Atenue.
and Zlt.1 -ir-tr. 'san deltcr or jT'o.,.
per i....i Li'I-,. Delmont Rl ial. L....
7t1 (.e/i'rai .,t :
$C.]Ti( u1 L..TON fl >~if5RM at ln ,lite.
Pit,- nt(lu0. Prica tar ilis we-k. $7.-
5". 1.3 rv.h hal. I and 3 years. r ,-.
Mr F..reir' at II ,th St. North.


Go With Us to
St. Petersburg's
"10-Minute Suburb"



551 First Avenue North
Phone 5572
.%VtLrvN LOT Mll1i Aruue North owner
needs mrn-n--v and will a-Il for SlIilj
-3 each. t.lai.'u I and 2 .yars eC
fray. with %\. C. Croy. i'69 Ctntral Avc
Jut r' of lith lT. North. worth '1 fWit`-
ii a-il tr Vot $i'O If s.-Ad t elure Ipril
let. ('oud trman write owncr Box M-126
OUi HIAVE SEEN-Hugo rrolti mnal&
,i1 .ntral] A'.-,. t., Tills vii i a lit $1i
/ il i'1 will ',' rr Ie cheaper. C. Allerj
.rmillh. No. Il Fourth St. South.
PIogramit nidi thiou-arnds to toe Ave-
ru, Cerirmr. Oil- lot $1'.mt, aocI
i-rn-, PuI rtl from the iwner. 1316
I1 h ,l Coulh

Below Market $100
Per Front Foot

Fourth St. South, where
values are increasing rap-
idly. We have for quick
sale, two 60-foot corners.

Price for both

This is valuable informa-
tion. For full particulars,
see us about it.

Mitchell & Hause
No 2 M2 1 hi,:Il ArLadJe
551 Fir't Ave. North
Phone 6S-614.

Latimer & Latimer
PHONE 4321

WILL SCLL AT a bargaIn my rilely
s11uar-.l I-- on 7th St. 6 lots south of
L.aUl.-tw il' d l tcn l east Loceted In
mI l- L. t.bulilding arl it. (Owoern 14111
.n. I B l,t-
Eu- 'id- GI 1_______d__
FOR SALE-Finq lo. close In 29th ave
N.- andt lsi Et has goorjd garage an-1
',th-r Irlnpltr.vmerilts 92 i(iJ takes It.

MU.ST SELL southwest corner 6th A"
an.1 4t, t South. $I-) pcr foot. J
H. MIrnottil No Sixth Street South.

H.AINNES: road to 31-' 6L. Four rio
biic t.uaIneaoss lota at this future great
buasleii w rltion at 12.000 below value
'r will a--ll separately. Florida i-'lowe
Farn.- winer. Hains and Lellmar
C-ONE LOT FORP SALE luO feet from
t.ike ".lew .\' nr, 37th 5t. Key to
a ti-uln-as I, hich IP oFlr:--d at 1235,00-
Ti'- c:rl:e will srpri % ou. Addres-
.i ,r,.-n S,-I Tim-.s
NnIFr. A PLAC'IE where seclhool will I-.-
L-uil i .-..n I ha- a lot that will
li ".".. i i tioth In -r-:e and location
d Irc I owner, P"n C Time.


i',-atl'iet. Aive. A certainly
W\V have a lot at a bargain
ot thi ,.- A. nus.-. Bets -uhn
2(th nnid 21st. A real har-
.\nolti-'r I.,art.iin. Don Ce-
Sar Place. Within a block
nf Ithe Gulf and Hotel-
$7',i00 0)for n few days.
A, Bujit>. .s buy Third Atve.
Soul. WI\Vlhin block of tho
BaJ. Soyi0in,. Low prict:
nn- tery e'iyv lernis.


Realty Company-I
PHONE 5977

-' ~J' t-1.-; ~t'-3r-.: 3 C --


I ---. - I I

The Real Activity:

On l1t Avenue North
\\'e hate exclusive listings
oe a number Otl choice lots
between 35th and 46th its.
We also have buyers for lots
on thl avenue up to $.500o
If Ithe term are the same as
tAhal Inlerl-hay a- sold ot
1-fm cash, balance 1. 2. 3
e ,ars.

Crane & Magerus

125 Central Ave.



We would be very
pleased to take you
for a very pleasant
motor trip over the
world's most famous
to see BEAUTI-
GARDENS, located
just east of the Gandy
Bridge, on the world's
greatest hiziway, and
show you a sight that
you have -iever seen
before, a sight that
will never be forgot-
ten. We will just take
about one hour and a
half of your time, and
then from there to
that place you hear so
much about, TROP-
just a short trip from
Private cars leave
our office every morn-
ing, at 9 a. m., and
each afternoon at 2
o'clock, daily except

N. E. Jones

Realty Co..
563 First Ave. North


"In all the world
None Other like it"





From a small

A close-in



Ask Selby


4ye....j,' .9: '. -- r %;-': **
NI .;t. ,t- .-

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1926

(98) Lots for Sale (98)
A REAL BUT-My fine lot In the UIn6a
road eollon. 11x147. only 1895. Pay
6100 down. balance to suit vOu. Write
owner. Bos H-27.

502ll. Third lot east of Euclid Boule-
vard on the hill. 64.210. Make offer
BJa to tflsm.
1900 Central.
ial.1 40-493

A BItAL HA|tIAIN-A 1-lock or lot
surrounded I-) four streets with all in-
proselneutm Worth 20 Luu %% Ill s-.,
fIn 119 530 Only Sut cath uered; bal
an'., to IL%. \i lte ioux H 19 TII:a.
BLOCK of 1 tlrloto tb-w.piit 10li nd llh
Aentel and 53rd and 64th -Strefpt
Nurth buy all of them l for Sl)"
urlth anno Iitrms. i-,-e is. 1,1-urn with
W. 1. Croy. 969 Central Avenue.

Jungle Terrace

Two lots in this fine
subdivision for

$2,350 each

Suwannee Park

Just off Gandy Boulevard;
two nice lots. Price

$2,750 for BOTH

About one-half present


Realty Co.

15 Fifth St. North



on Gandy Boulevard

Central Avenue
$2,000 cash
Balance over period
of three years

Two Lots
Double alley corner
Just off Fourth St. North
Only $4,090

R. G. Carroll

S& Company


451 Central Avenue

OLOIE-IN. Just west of Prh Et and olf
Lakevlef Boule'ard. riz-' r.ui x 1"
restrlcted. Splendid ln%,etm-nt Iot
iromente. sacriflce for 82 tc0. Tcrma
Owner P. 0. Box 21,35. civt
B1UT NOW-You will pay more later on
This lot in the Weal Certral s:tlot
for 13250.00 Is a good buy. Third ca'h
C. Alien & Smith. No 1-1 Fourth St. So
Balance easy terms: uilIO0. on Im.
proved street: near school and transpor-
t&tlon in restricted area: price 6139: ;:
snap for someone; offer suhiect to prior
sale. Misa Woole. P. 0. Box 4187.

HALLS NO. 2 double corner. 2th St.
and 6th Avc. North. All paved fl1 ,.i.
Easy terms. R. J. Caninctll. J" Fl-..rida

Wili take f.O" for ff55 cJlIWV iT,
lot near W'ashiniton b-I,-ulvard
and 41h street orthli. i t t,1:n

Floyd WV'olfe
9th Street Eark L

$50-a real bargain-$50

A wonderful harcain. n, v $1.."40 lot
for only $1,2uu. on natid surlac.-J
street, sidewalk-. elI'-,t rn ,i y .nd]
shrubbery. Pay me $50 dr.-in an-j
the balance In small mrnontil d pay-
ments. The oprpirtunity o(f L hflf-
lime for some one. \W'rite corner
i-102. TimeF


,'.ndy boulesar1
BUianeslfs I oallti
at RIo VIsta
ti. [lit.
8.0)iO,. Tirms


401 First Avenue North

Unretrlcted close In lot fronting 9th
Ave. N. tor only 35.500. H. ct Jack on.
149 lt Ave. N.
OCNTRAL AVENUE. n-xt tO ithe rrner
of 40th Street. We hate a fO toot lo,
Iat for a short time can be bouhtl at
a vrie that will make you some real
=moe within the neit 12 months. anr1
this Io for a short time only. Geo W%.
Nater Realty Co.. 71A Ce.ntral Anniuc.
4opm i1.-

(98) Lots for Sale (98)
ACr QUIiCK- to-- u O I4 the Ilaer'
bT rgalii In St P S1toIl-urg-45 12
Pri-.e. S tli;: lerin. l u I dnwn. t, ialnre t-
suit you. Write at once B.xs H-7S. Time.


in Naomi Park

Here is a bargain you cannot afford
to overlo
Clay surfaced streets, water and
electricity to every lot.
The retail price of these lots Is T62.-
'00 and all set to sell fast.


Easy Terms
:2,)-POW'ER & LifIH'L ILDG.
St. Petersburg. Florida.



$5,500 for both

4- Pennf'lora Arcade
Tel.M 9

Lr M1C 1HOW VYOt .-..w :.Ju cjn ge'
LWo lots eii;a frori" City Flail
In Ba horo- Hartor nectluin frgt l."1-.
-ach on r-y r eay. rerms ThI' I a r'ail
opoiurlunlty. Bf-t'r [ ,c rni- at r,n.::. No
tbrkers. Call at 31-'-."th A'e. Nitrh
Lariamn e

Btw..I 11 15.lh and' 6i1 St-

t, Cash
Balance 1. 2. 3 yEdi"

First check takes this.

fljii lot.,l I.-1 tInr> % r I I -. I
In rentr'-r of act I'. it,'. co% r.,.,
with fruit lIe':o

Miany lots ar', btt.- old in
Largo fo'r Slui.i" and up-
s.ari.s n h ii' a i-re far from
i.,a]ni c n O wr.I] Iocut.:l i-1
thpse in


AT $600


H. J. Martindell


i I-"i -L .5\t Nu. rill

Barl- in. k. ik lh l.'ii I t-I l,!I-
M I. 'IV IlTTI[ [-.'. [;i,_. ,:'. i : \1 1.
-7 '-nt',il .Sc-' i,-
I'h.-.n.- -.-7:

ONLY $."
It.,ll Ii J t il .1 rn .- It'llI lot i ll
h tliu I- %, i,-it -l -iiiilt "i'-i--
II,111. n lh ,I m ,,ntl ,l l ', -u l
I 111 i111,1l m i. ,n hl J .-I

- l i .I .-1 1i -I I .l : i I I r 1 i
.11 1i ... r .. -i I i'
'I im .


(98) Lots for Sale (98)
Couror lut-341i avenuje ain "nel atre.t
unrlh on the rat Ilie Illsh and dry
with iiltr trees on lot w 6012-13 6u11. on
easy termn Sullivan Reaill Co.. 32
-itlh trele aou'h.


50x127 and 45x127 to all'.-y. All Im-
prove-rnents. beautiful r'arkwa.s: len
minullc- ["rom ilorntown: high anril
dri wiLh an elevation of .J l3'tt;
right in the leiart of, St. Peters.
burg's natural levioi.mrn-nt and 4om-
pilelely surrounded by big activities.
%ery rapidly growing population.
near new $350.000 Junior High
School: a regulate schedule stop on
Atlantic Coam.t Line Railroad; a com-
munity in itself. Lots from $900 up.
where $1S.)O secures any lot.

St. Petersburg's
"1 Minute Suburb"


W. A. BODE &

L51 First Avenue North
Phone 55.72
P.%SL-ENA LOT 7;:5i. on 3rd Al-
n.-ar thu bay. Pri-:- nilow niarkrt lot
*',alI. ln, hjm'- tll ar riun-. 1 thi lot.
. L V,.r'htn. E 23,'--1 n ,\, . South.
0I: SA,%LE-Toa I-.-i- In Hall 3 Divlieor.
No rt,'F i A..:-. arid |itit i. A-r.uth
One corner Io'.
ONE LOT. fiixil. rc.rr...r I'th e ... and
Soul 1i
Thi rd St. -,.uth Clvvn11r 251)--lkh A,.. 0
Lot I Bhl-'k :. I.ak- Paiadina. trc.
s-ll 'jlil i' vSII I'I ii l S Cii' iii) cash
balatij o eae,
D..utll c.?rrn-r on Lake' w and 'lith
SI. Orl 5Aiiri.i .... i.. ,r .i.. h caic.
S-e H. C. Thimi pson
t 3r,1 St N'.-. Ph.-,c 1 '



Lots for Sale


Think of It

Two Nice Large Lots

Surrounded by Nice Little

One Block From School
and in the Center of

High and Dry

Near Corner of 39th and

Only $1,000 Each

Try and Match This Piece

See Mr. Dailey

J. B. Thomas


687 Central Ave.

cash and

per month

Bt:ln .I-2,,,1i and 5,-d dStrec,.. A W iil buy a choice building
,nr.A nice tu ine i ... f o cn-i lot in Sunny Brook Park,
marknue thai ar ,i,: on North Disston, between
ure at |42nd and 46th Avenues.
$2,5,00. Terms i Right where the activity

KENNEY & KENNEY is now greatest and where
1 Hl BILL'values are sure to in-
S Hall Bd.crease. Warrantr Deed
r.i,,,o+ ,s ',crease. Warranty Deed

"?SajLiz -l: Cilicnt Omi iJ-, .\--,t

(98) Lots tor Sale (98)
DO Yv U KNOW A BATiIlA' when .ou
a.e It Lool. at nl T wo IV lotk
I2?txl''5 lt, unt 52 leo arm. Lii
lo.1n 1.-aance Ir. enltali 3a)menI. %VWrti
Fr,n, Ii-.N Tint.'s.



Lot 9 in NE'c of Section 14,
Township Su. Range 15.
5 acres, $400 pel acre, cash.

Lot 6 in -SEI of Sectimn 13,
Towtusti.L. 0. Riang- IfE.. 10
acres. Pinellas Grove. in sec-
tion Joining city limits of
PInrllas Park. $30)0 per acre,

Lot 30 In N\V. cof Section
.3. '1 .wn-hii 331. Ilu-. -v IE,
5 arres. $.i)0 pcr acre. caslih.

Lot 2 lin NE' of section 10.
Tossiitsil, :p,. Range 16 E on
Ulmerlon Road near Roose-
Sit Bouleva 1-10 acres.
W')1) per acre c. h or 8600
per acre. one-half cash. bal-
ance- o. or before one and
two y ers.

Lot 1. block IS. large corner
lot-l1.2i)0 cash. Florida RI-
vIera plat No. 2. known as
Boulevard Estates.

Brokers Protecte'l
Abstract furnished

Boxs St
Pc telerrhurcr, FI'i.
S Own.: r

I 'lion," h':ii

V ILL SELL ? I.,.i r.:.' nor-
r,-r t tr.J h i :-i \' .- N..rh P:r.: -

r ,it. r .' i .1 nlrim i '. .i'.
-a I nA1.r Pi aId
l [.k 1 l'" t1. u l'* r ',,n ,_ I. l..i < in i i- ii ti .ii
Mrtl-'-.t- 1,3' i'hir.i Ir-. t .utih


Lor I.- itc-eEn
29th 'LrecI antl1 lak.
In Flo- tl Vila E-il-,-
Faring n- illIt on 10th ,\,

I)n- rf I hi-

and Aostract given when Lr iot;h I
,25 per cent of purchase I th -iit..,,,,-i.i ,
price is paid-6 per cent I ni-
intpor ron hnlntRa Po- ,P.-.- I

- i A ...r -r .' ''- .- .- .

I i r u Vi i L.I' R.

\ I. I F.. i l '.* l f r- Ir ,
l,.. -,n i i Ill. F'i' i a' a I *i l it
il 't i i. C ,It, u ri. -.
l 1.. i ,.... rr. i ,l i . r, ; ,l -, h

i.- r - 1h 1 ii I 1 ,- ll r
r,'"t'" ,% t' .. t" iiii I-. I.. 'Ot h ii .
II._,, ii, i -. c-, _: ..__,,,I_,. . . .
,1 i -r ,hil' .,rh ,, .r,.Ji ,,. ,- ,, l
I. Ih inIr -F.- I i-r t-iF... F h,
SIi i ii ii =

--, ~ i! I.r ". I ,,.. r,',' I lii I-i

---' IiL r i -. i,--------h ,, r ,I,

ha l-N- u


\V. li:,i- a nunm b-cr of c',r-:f lll\
t.lI.. ,I Irin Llth corn;.t'- >n-I inil-
loi q 11. I l.--t N-r h a-Ind
t r-.: .\\' i la C i , t.hb. n,'.:%

H it 8ll,:r .\i I l r l t1roiJ ih 1 .-
'fiu,'i. o ir '.. 1 ll \i11 -i bhat l hi
;,--i I')r io ,*u,. f.r a r ,. l il,:,m A .- r,'
- t.-'cr l\ 1

Pri,.( PI ':. ) i)t-i uip.

'I' H ill f i.]
I b- -ri-. .'a,- '
. i ,I i ,- -i,'. I i ti'h l I. -UL l- -I. -_I .\ '. "

Section I"'wo


Lots tar Sale


You know I never lie and I
will convince yo. I %as
l.orn very young., that's no
Ire). and my mother was a (now you'll admit
that's no ll-). Now you
l.n-C AI aIvan,.s 'iave the
, clO~e ,n lots, don't
.llo? lethal s -- ??? Is
it '?.' now didn't I convintco
you? \We tave Its near in
for $25. down atn-l $25 month-
lyan id scme nitce .,ungaloas..
for inrsance. 5 room, near
car lin-., F-outn -idc;, brand
lic-.r 0i. ioil. I.r-l iC lightsi.
"%at-.r. b-ath. C.irag.p $'f5.51(
lu.s l.3t tor..) NLF SED!
L .id .%OII li'itin".


N-THth lir Cu'.)U iNL-Slj corner lot
]Ub t ihnulka Iruin d-)ulttunwr In an
t" .o bu.-'lidnr yc-tIn Al imlroe-
i-.rita in an-I tll.- I-r. \VIl nacrin.-? n.i
I.jiJ -hy SIa, itj- rn uoafd n--e to sutt
vrll,, 1 R1-.1 -[ ;I Timnep

I~'. r r Fi IN% F., r: N, r-.i-: ,. -ii -
A cr-- Sf iiiiii- c ," iii t .i: i Ij'l,'i,-n'i 1
.n.j- _- -ar- L,- r rair Pc it 7' ,... It
i ltl. A| I ,\ .. Ph..,- .-. .
]JT .\VE N. N'-kTII--L.,[ aEt t. r -
.11aii tprl :- r- r I -%% --ni ..rl, 5,-- u..
SIt o.r. ., J,- .- ; '-; rJ, il. i11 .otn l %,
Ir. i.:..--.n : --IlT A' ,- Nurth
Pnrl-,1., 7 ] "
A .,UR ILI: M,1'*E-MAI(C-r-Cornter ot
I inl I,. r" iy l .,.- m All Improve-d
w-rirh loubl T. rns 1126 down;
ane37. 127 ipr motLh. Write owntr. Bus
H-30' llmeas.
TH'E NRTmI'ESr tfti-lIe corner OL th
A\snue Nort end L itton.. being tll
re-t un Dision. 126i feet on 9th Avenue- Theo': lots are way under the
market prle at pit.seut. and can be Bold
al ai. %eiy closo figure for a short lime.
with goodJ irmna or o'n sell you a single
lot. or the double orn-r. Geo W. FoR-
ter Realty C-. 7.14 C.niral Avenue. Room
e.l fcooFt Iot on LSth rhr -Lake Iw for
S -I"Ui P In04 p i'lt.i-n signed. II. LC.
J ,'.k.--n 2 'j s tE A'.-. N
DL L- i' T i .\V E\ XPF.Nsi.: t-rbUtghi
',F t,. 3., h.r -- n ,r e-li mv tIcn
l ... r [--. ni ,] i -' u .-i t ht ut ihl
r- -- t. 1 I i .1.. 1 r_-..hi irl ,ni-, !l.
l Ir. L t.. i rm %r i nr .;, P '
(99) Miscellaneous (99)
Real Estate
t.L. 'l i r,. I. a l i.-all .r ,Ih',
1, : ii i t ..[ .. -" i' i n] a- i a '. it
,ihii.rr..1 .+, li-ii r i--, rn ail:, i-c r i r r
I.,,rT|| ^.- t. i > .. h a%, **o i- I.% ~ l l h ',[ij
,ii-i. h i *& -,1, h h i. .* ir -i pur ,'or +,- l r fu '-
"" l".i I! hr -l1i t '- sli Ahl i A ',-
or i. ri, 1 I I-
F'~ I.i Itll F I1:tt --r-rrsl *A%

We Guarantee to

Sell Bargains

,r r, .-. i ,, ii. i 0 ..n : I
ii i ] Sr.. n-in l'. s',a im.a
1 ii f r i Tll S~i; i-a'i;,~
11 "1 | -,1 'ii ll| S t I,; L' I'I P .
,,11 ,': ]'t r ,^ *' iL .ui u,,. p '+.,:, l-.
I n. t rni-' Tl.-- m on. -'['
h .? I rn ,' Ib, -,ilt ijl atr .-
,ii t I n '., rdi 1 r .- -- L i. Ih r-
.\i r- -r.d v LIl ,h |.. [ ,r. .\. ]In
-iu, s-rIl,1 in-tm I-i-it-- l3.t:--
n nr-r rt a. Irs Ini >'-i- -
n-' Lhhbl ,'ni- ii 'a S.',ith 'a.-I--u
a-f..r,1 .-. Or.i- l. i t I-n, hlal k
.'l, itt [+'jy- n r.J il..,,r 1.1.+..I;
3i.i -:,t- hi itf fr-jnt
M.,5 uit.'. X\\'" r-, imin1.-I
11i l' .1 n ,", \ 'i l i,.,n .i .l'. '

'. c'.f.slV, i S-t..,,',ltt' an.i,?,.u ;-'|,"n-
i-li .1CI.A1,: Ltt n ai ii .'. l:itl It.
cl-ri cr p li tl '. t P'. Inr,,'e
TI u ,m. on. -.t urtn (:. -h.
;ijC:'- : 'i -t -" arljtteo--.
,',*^ Mi t'_ L. l.',.,'e. iii-

j I l tlI Ih S,,llrh -'rp, ;
lutl---ir- r i 1? a-
-lh "."". ri -i---riunr h ,.- ill, iaFl-
-,na. -,"tt .i a. rr n.'n ei .

\V ,- tal(s lin %-. ith -.T
i-.1, at $1 ',i'. wno c.-ill nrra-d 'ar of I'-1111 v-alrJu-. Thin
i',t- i; Io :aiat #'l in ifa -:'t pir ,' -
ilm- F(n 3.'I'n. N.-r in-'w Jiin-
i.:r Hirlt -.honl to be built
for nret ;- -n;.-,n'% ue. H-a-rd
surfau-d ,tr-'l.-, an-1i side-
s.' ll:' in. Th I.-il 1,:.FunJ
I a iciv-ri- e in s'-luc rin-I
I ih n n ..-.1- c.,r. S,:'- 11- at

)owling- & McNab

I -7 '"- 1-I 1 I.\ .:.

I1 1 i. ,1 ?.l ? I_''l i 1: 1 .1 .1 i ,,m I. Ih r-r,, r
| i i .- 'il --i I....i r i- 1-..i.,,. i .hi
r~i t .i. ,i 1 Li... + v ia-F ll. ..\.. Fir. -i ri Li

(99) Miscellaneous (99)
Real Estate

I,'NE COi.NElt lot. wurth $6 tik). r-.
diicd It, only Sl.Siu f fr quick sale
ui a ,:'ount I-avliin city. Apply at 4797
ec-'ri-l a Lcnue., nJtlh.
$11.-0 LOT FOR 60iO
if ,ou will bulld at once. High class
16- e-loi.m-ri ail Iniprovemntals. Thia
is a rural .por1i tulllty Will aaisat fin-
al- iall,. Write Boa 0-69 Times.
I 2 BIl ,. $8 5ut for a few days only.
S"-- njo atI 'rnr' for title harain Jas.
F 'i.r-lr lr-air% L',-irn.tarin Inc. Ri-rm
iI-Tl,'I 101 A%-. Nutili. P ni J 7:.8'13.

Our Golden Gate

Central Avenue

We are offering a lot be-
tteen 40th anl 41st streets
fr.r only $16.50000 liberal
trrniA.. This investment Is

Tallinger & King

PHONE 7363

Five room furnished bun-
galow, with three rooms
anC' bath. fully furnished.
Paving paid.

Lot 50:.:127

Front and revr screenc
porch. Income on cottage
$600 per year.

In well ha...ed



Ne\ five-room and bath
bungalow on 18th avenue
south nc.-. NLth street.

ThU', i- a well built home.
The fricmer pri.e being

You can hIa.' now for

.7,5 '0

PChtbe'fis odilii
Ncv fcr'-rooii and bath
bungaloN, with r ragc.

Ncar -' )th : .reet and Tan-
.-rine. A little be: .ty and
only $1,,50)0 c:,h.

The l)rice is

T,\V) .:)ts--Rocsevelt Pajrk.
Facii.g \', \\ill be the
new development.

For short time, $50u cash
will handle at

$2,250 each

S275 i er acrL

For 10 acres in Section 15
-30-16. I doi't kn,,1
of anything else )n tI--.
distr;ct at this [li k ), do

rage Seven



Elmer E. Dearmin, c. E. Phillips

,. ... .n & Company

-ze' me r or Bulrgains

629 Central Ave.
449 Fifth Strret So.
Clesri'iew and D' ;ton
Phone 55-19

909 Central Ave
Phone 5917


1-Ale -. -i


Ninth Street to be Paved 81b. l restrict.. ion. .. -Bi ,urgiti
50 Feet to 94th Avenue -- lots$900up. EB sy t $- It
lots $900 uip. i
Bus frontage north of 42nd Ave. before Thi0 is an
tirices advance. We are specializing in HFld Esciuis ca ll-iitr
I,~~ I .. ,.n...~,=. .Field Office: Northwest Exl ue -tr.,i
this section. I O fice- Nut es can delilter T
D MT Fmm corner of 42nd avenue and TO-DAY.I
DON M. TOWNF umm 46th street north. !
Homesites BRISTOL i:
103 6th Streel Sutih C.P Full REALTY
\Amonz the Blue Ridge L .COMPANY I
____________ Mountains i i
NINTH AVE. NORTH A goid bu.ines,.' Hedersonvill 207 F lorida Arcade r,,o.- .o MILLER BLDOC
oaruer near Ninth eir-itI. for a lltinlied H'nesoillell ______________ _f. L i!
tima only 550. front fc.-t Near tne I 736 CENTRAL. AVENUE
city rele. For this arid otn.r at.-. Northh PC ne1; nr -i LO-'I:OL'T MOL'NTAIN r'H'NIL .". '1
gans ace Hardt:n. 9 Thtirnj Et -. n-rt cli i C aro lina
room :. i .- F-.r- eimmrr hum-a f-or .' tl-,rr.. Tn -_______
XWe have a tract of 5iF, a- tf I... i] ltrFT ,r fa. .. I:AL i it l-
'hich a- noicaill i ,ll a s a I l,, NM a indim -I F- r,-
t~hlch trill % 1 ;tS tB S \NN13 ,', It, ,r f. ( ;,,,, .l 1.ti,,r 5.'r., .. ....'
n-hohl -r I ll ct-o traci, l rfli. r.h i r 1 ..: t ,,Ii' 'J l
I fur nuld Mrsllt L.c:-tcc in..3n l I',. ft L : : i. E i. tiaC-rt',,, ..h n ,1,,,. ,,,, I i r -
T A N G E R IN E A V E. | i ,r- ,,-,,n ,,- anl .i..hvl,|i.h ----ii--'71i... i .....i:.. 1--N l t *l-..*rt
,I n G o. -irnn, I felt lh t. %,, rN ', i,. i t 6 l .. t r '.r ,, '. , l,,,,. a ,' ,,
I S G O I N G U P T I P a t s rc.nicl' ,i o n f- r d* l i r i. .. .. . . i ..... ..-.i i .. i .I .. ..l ..i... I [ '..i. i- ",t i '-. j r
.UnLl- atri-ace l. n..t% in lot ', -,',I- i -, i t. t I gt" . r.- 3 ,, .i d .l 1 t,, 1.,,, 0. r- -
'I Sin I i F~ri n c- ti-,I.. ru '
Cornr-r 4:,x1',' t inre-.-tr,.ti .'.- nb ti II .n,-r-.i,,rt flli- ,.)..I. ', ', ia-r... i, ,,r-, r,,-,h. ,,.,'-tl, .-, l,,-,' n -. ..-
east of Dil-,>tlt. r niEt l 1 I-JIit' 1,-', :l,-t.-1n: fi ,\v r ,, t Ir. h*r. ',.. '." ,.' ] ,,,' , '. -
Tan llni: .ke,.. h,1 ^ .l'll' T" < .]"" l '."-]I I' aT. 1-,t +n-,i '," ,,*. r,.r II '_ "h,1 ,.h
i .'.tJ-e, f'llf-i- ci, u.Jr lhl L I.., t n,-rnl _____,1ri i _-ii -
In s id e lo t u rn re n ,i e d. c a I F .-t.: IN F O R M A T I O N .A I :. II ,_, i' 'i L-.- --i.
C.f Dl tn.r $lfo a. foot. TIh,- t I T 1 -\-' il 7 ---, U., i ,, n,..r ,h'e I
i-i on Tangerin Avs.. I o. .. Ii ...-... i*,i i ri i h- h .r tc[F..
r J .-, n ..r .- l ,i -i ,1 1, A -..
43 foot 1-LIn-., Trng'-rrie, I e& ..... o 5 x 4 j s off"
Ave. lot. ea-t of Maximo. L; P.r & I Lot 50x140, just off
$6,375. t h r- I t t. ir -.,iI Ctr i
THESE ARE ALL GOOD I .. ... I - c r n e r one Clearview
INVf-STMENT'rS i. '.,, .ii.l-. Ave. and Disston
.i 111..114 ,, i [t ,1-ll P ;, I !, . .
Ar. 1.F "ii .- -w-I,, IH,-,
Service It I, r iPo,ii fot;,,\e.adJbLUI
IENService --- ,, "*" "'$1,250. Terms easy.!
Realty Agency ,t, g.oi tus o-t-- i V1.... i. lu Built all around
.TA G-IN. A E E ., ,rANr.E .. :lh" ilt. i ,
"Service that Survives" rL..:, E :1 .. -i .l.., I~ ... '- I .. \ v,; u to ate
LIHT rL--it:IoA PX1,i.. ElA-TE LV ii cI.IL: 2v_ li. II-- I 'I miditcri.r \ l) -t l t
0--i- --' l'i -- -ci it 11aa.-to date
31 -31-. POW ER & I.1r.;HT ial ;.n 1 I r,, ,'Lh mi .,_ __.., r
PHIIONE _7;n ,lal hus., . 11, .. -. i i..... ho es
M--i ,.. ,. ,ii..7 1 ,,11 .I ..- .,j-,
1 %] [ .I. ] . P .1,.n' ,. A I t,..r,,
si.N,--.1 -T -L- A. T. SQUIER
-- I- -... .. ... . -.1... ..- I. . 'c
r i L re l "1-1 1 +. E i :. I i I n "-"
I B A R G A IN '......- ...... I ...... ... I .... I 1r
.IlBARGAIN lrl lh-- I[ r Fi-. i n 11 Third St. North
I i -_"iiII" '.1l'liii'd.l~
South Disston Business II, "rr+ ..-...- .. ... L. .: Phn e797
tLot . i r... i.ii ... .ul .- a ;- I nn
A ++ ~y,4' ,, 1 i-" {* .In ii;.. Iluh- u--.:,i 1. 0 r. i i.'n ,- n-cs
A tten tio n t ....r,,! ..I... i... ... ,. ...... ... i .
l.lliri r im i.i. ,,i, .I .i,] - r 1] Inra.
-10x107 In..1 ..... I,-. ....... i i" -ii ,r.. P ir

0- for $3,600 "'I '1 -'.z iI.... Bi. ... .,
|L A R G O0 o n eas e .... ... .. t .. I .c . .... .i .n r in A
i Fhn 1.. I Fr ii% r,.i.iri. -, 1 I- Ii* XV" ill NV'i..- it ]...
0] l "- r l': | 'i. . . ..- -.- t h. l,1d i '" - on rI n .In e a t.,
'Ot in l-Ii Cl -tr. :iti- I,:. m l] .,11 -,,r ,l lli, 1 i F''" "i'- -. it- i-i-F, ,--1.' F a'''r-- i ia1 .' rc
tJ h e i tl. ii ., t'h <-d ,-..r -i'i. 'i,,- 11 I..i [',, . .. 1,,I. I. ii.

(99) MisceUllaneous (09)
Real Estate "


SLet's figure this thing
cut. Florida ..a, re-
diL -.'ered only a few
yearn, avo. People be-
gan t realize that
playing in ,' s un-
shine was lots rcre
pleasant than shc.:el--
ing snow. They all
Seemed to arrive at
that conclusion at the
same time and the
grand ir.. h com-
menced. The "shoe-
stringerc" anir '",ind-
er boys" were well
represented, but with
the settlino- do n to a
steady, healthy
growth in Florida
they are fulrling their
knickers like the
Arab,., and as silei.tly
departing. The deal-
ers who LI'd anyone
anything to "iake -
money have sealed
their owii The
people whi invested
in Florida p.-operty
only after invest:ora-
tion, and who %"-alt
with reliable dealers.
-.vhc had lived "' re
for years, and who
intend to live here
many more years,
could not lost. A per-
mnianent resi' ent
could not afford to
jeopardize his eputa-
tion 1), sellin-" any
pJ.. pe. he is not
sure is a co- irnvest-
r nt. The clients of
thle C. E. Phillips
CUT,:1 .iny ha1 '
monfVy JIec.uise more
than "2i.) years resi-
dence in St. Peters-
burg lias madt TIr.
Philliwp a judge of
values. 'Ve are here
to stay, and we want
you t.i stay here, too.
therefore we can't af-
ford to recomniiend
anything to you ex-
cel)t properties, even
the most conservative
would label "Good
Buvs." Our Istinos
cover thle city, county,
and state. We have a
complete list of ;len-
did ini.,stnie.ts in
Lots, Hou: -s. Acre-
.-'e and Business
properties. Consulta-
tion invited

.. I

~ S.

Page Eight

Section Two



MARCH 28. 1926

(S9) Miscellaneous (99)
Real Estate____
Improved close In oropvrty. Property
shown by appointment. Prirc and term
,pon appit'etlin. Principals only. Own-
er P. Boxa 4668.

"took to Lewis"

Fine bungalow. 14th Avenue South
Well furnished

You had something close to the Har-
bor. Here Is your chance at,
per lot

"Look to Lewis"

6 room home furnished. On 18th
Ave. south near Tampa Bay. %
block from carline. Strictly up to
data. Built in bath, fireplace, double, awnings, shrubbery.
Seven rooms on 6th St. north near
8th Ave. Cottage and garage In real
Walking distance of Central Ave
This Is a bargain. $1,750 will handi'
balance good terms. Will take home
as part payment.
New modern brick apartment on
fifth Ave. north. Will sell or lease
for 9e years.
Lot 90x120 near Central Ave. East-
ern exposure. Priced for quick sale
PHONE 5770.

-' A full sized lot just
Z4-Off 4th Street on
'. ; 4th Avenue North
at last year's price
'" : of $3,500; one-
third cash, balance
-1 and 2 years.

A good lot on 11th
Street South, one
block from Lake-
view Ave., which is
already a fast-
growing section
near a lake; $3,000
with terms.

Five rooms and
bath; two screened
porches; lot 50x
127, faces east; 1-
car garage, lawn
and trees, nicely
furnished; near
Bay-to-Bay boule-
vard and close to
lake in fast-gro(,w-
ing section, near
school and car line
and close in; price
below the market
at $12,500, with
good terms.
307 Sumner Bldg.
Phone 76-188

"SEi ,'TE T P ST"
Come out and see City Garlh-ns on
Gandy boulevard Hrre Is a s,'ttrion
already imnmr-eil with t-lei-rir icht'
seft water, brick-pased streets. idle-
walks and shrulhrery. A morre lileal
homesite could not be found any-
where. Liberal terms can be ar-
Bplendid Spanish stucco bungalow
In City Gardens, Just I t.lo'k c-ast of
Gandy Blid. No. 333. 43r.I Ave. No
Living room, 18S22. sih hehrijuool
flocra and open fIrt-r.lae, r.rrnikra.,i
room, kitchen, to large htilronms
with tile hath bet.ween. A rral bhu',y.
fully and finply fiiTnshed, at $13.-
00. One-third cash.
."ring In your listings for our buyers


Realtor Notary

DIAL 62-710

(99) Miscellaneous (99)
Real Estate


The letter below was
written us by one of the
most efficient Oil men of


After going ver your acre-
age of oil an' gas leases in
Lv. County, Florida, I have
frequently .een asked as to
the prospects of It being an oil

To all those questions there
can be but one answer, that
Is:-that, the IndJicationa are
good. The surface has a
strong resemblance to that of
the prolific fields of Oklahoma,
Texas and Louisiana, where
oil and gas is now being pro-
Sduced In great quantities.

It Is well known that the
first big paying oil field In the
United Mtates was along Oil
Creek Valley, Ven-go County,
Pennsylvania. The seepage et
oil showing In creeks and wa-
ter wells was the cause of
Col. Drake dr ',g in the first
well for oil. A water well in
Bronson, Flo-za, shows such
strong traces of oil that by
skimming It off considerable
quantities of oil have been
saved, and upon analysis I
find the oil to he genuine
petroleum or crude oil. On
the pools and water streams
we find traces of oil; all of
which must come from oil rock
formation or oil strata at a
greater depth In the earth.

I have drilled for oil and gas
in seventeen of these United
Stales and the indication in
Levy County, Florida, all look
Svo favorable that I have taken
an Interest in your Company
witlh the confident expecta-
tion that there will be de-
v'eloped In a a short time one
of the largest oil and gas fields
of the Country. The well now
locate.1 Is on a good structure
and has been approved by two
of the best and most su,:cess-
[ful geologists who have had
large and very successful ex-
fperience In the oil fields.


Copy-Original on file in
our office.


1 Sixth Street North




Bounded by 43rd St. No.
and 40th, between 22nd
Ave. and 17th Ave. Only
six blocks from the new
school; adjacent to Diss-
ton Ave.: also joining the
F. C. L. developments and
two blocks from Baynard
& Baynard's fine north
side development. Good
terms and 5-to $700 per
acre under the market


The northeast corner of
25th Ave. and 1st St., 85-
foot front to alley in rear.
Worth $12,000. Only
$9,750; one-third cash,
balance easy. A real buy.
See it.


PHONE 6756

Bayboro Lot
For Sale

15th Avenue South be-
tween Bay and 1st Street.
Lot 50 x 150. $7,500.

Ninth St. North

Another corner south of
5th Ave. in a fast -rowinp
business section. $1750
per foot.

Good Buy

We have a fine home on a
corner lot on 1st street
north which can be bought
i; :At this .eek. T',is
property will come into
big money when 1st ':reet
- p-..' tiroup-h .) Gandy

Mclrvin & Hall, Inc.

31.0 Central Ave.
Fhor? 5958

i .,i r.1, I,-s Owner
12- "tIlI A- Nu1ih
Cn-iall aerit- --sln rorin h-,.r. -ir'?lr.-'
lig ,lfts. t.- i-h.-n.e i it .- lir"".. i ,
6eprinl vwear, Ih, i 'uITlfl ni'-rirll', it si-i
on R. F. ID.. c-nil milo fr-itu '.i1.
iagn railroad .tsli-jn ,. huruh.-- h-, I,.'
pOetmmfifte. Ai1.)
Rnadmide Cafe i Hndt Siuvnir ctnr,- -s9-
tar-l-Ii-el pisr.-n a,trs. ,..-'-. firl I ,il-e
Sunaple. railroad station and aIt, AiL,. I
I.nfllnR on SvaIt iluhwar Es .lcrnt
cie fo i ftill r sitrtlon. auln an- i-rat
livery, apply to ahove a ddtis ror tur-
ther deallis of ihese two prupertlCs.


Real Estate

(99) (99)

Real Estate


(99) Miscellaneous (99)
____Real Estate____
212 O01) up-Lo catin saltes. 1300 up
Hard auriaced count v roads: ele.:tric
llgrtts. Wairr .f.ri, i.,lht,,ra. Address
0. B. Pettlt, 728 6th Ave. So.
S5(uO ( .'ACRES at 117 in acre. Term&,
n,.ar Gailneesvllle. 31 acre. lal,, frnnt
north of Tampa, 1I.2(10 an acre. C40
acres ft S500 an a. re. great p(ri .r.
two ;ake. D.uhile 3rd A\e. North
liitrhbay corner with biniLealowsS 19 no"'.
Trma. A good buy. Central Ave. at
lh St.. 92 f loot corner at a m. v mak-
Ing pricerp Ce.ntral Ave. corner at 4hMt
SL. f.r. ),.,t cash. Irlani e t.ri-ms. PI Icr
1.'n 1111). ,A\ r-npv mal,,r. TGrupe rult
T'isptrtn North 1.-la $13"') cP-h. I lince
terms. Th%, era hleh and lit v rnd
will mak'. ou monf-y. Let ma sl..' w
you some monnerI makers. 'Vant-.d itt
Ingi aronndr Cf-niral and Dist,'.n iHome-
sn lotsa ell c.ter town Phone rail or
wrilte R J Hrandt. Central e. at trh
St. rl t 5011.

r",ry pretty six-room bungalow well-
I-ullt and nicelv' furnished. with "oft
water rIstern tiped Into house. hentitiful
lot, garaife. laundry; In fact. all Ithe
thri, s necr-ssary for *omfort. Located
Thirteenth n-enu south. west of Ninth
istr-otl. Price $15.1100
Plenty rood tatlti'p In north and south
side houses at 19 n(et and up. May we
t-ll oo u about th-. m?
Lot. Granada Terras.e. 11."750.
Lot Jungle Terrace at only $?".6t0.
201 Third Street North

I' INTIRIBSTEBD In anything In or
around tafet) Harbor such a arr-
age. busluea or r.-aiddItiai Iolos. try C.
J iDwit caret) Hari.ur bla.
WIe ar.n e. ilnu a tfsr-acre Itaci or ffr
'lie farm land riand a l.-wri lut 1 Burn.
tiil F'Ji.iida. the rtuni rt-at of Stitt.
tir cun|i% loo-avid on trl O lDime hialway
rnd 'he main In ol thf h ..aihoarid Ali
Line rliroala. Tie m ornrrinntion Toi 7,i,
-~.nv i>rn risis ci L'- v s nirnPre rio.
its OGard..n Lethui .'o. 6 Fourth tiret.
zL.u' h Phl .i," 7 1-14'.f.".

- Real Bargains -
Lot 100 feet on Pth St.
and 220 feet on 10th Ave.
North. Will take first
mortgage or North Shore
house as first payment.
This lot is in the business
section of Ninth St. and
9th Ave. North. Could
you ask for better? We
know this to be a bargain
and you will say the same
when we tell you the easy
terms it can be handled on.

This property consists of
12 new bungalows. Will
trade for good home or
lots in St. Petersburg or
will consider good first
mortgage paper. We do
not know where you could
find a better proposition
in this city of ours.
Pitts, Bailey &
PHONE 6S.$63

Indian Pass
BP,:kautiful Gulf Front Lot
ft x 113
Termz To Be Arrang-ed

425-19th Ave North. Two story
rnEeliJence ttio car carag,: Every
modern improvement. Ju.t com-
Property Free and Cl:ar
Terms To Be Arranged
231 Florida Arcade
Telephone 51.1

Harnea Road Double Corner of 23rd
Street lu,7xlll., $'.4u0..
Haines Road. 33rd Street. New
Small Cottage partly riurnish.I, wilh
Motor Car Truck. $700.,),) rash
Price $170110a, balance $23 O8J per

A V E.: Near
16th St. at $1,-
800 per front
foot for a
short time.
$200 per foot
under the mar-

Home on 8th
Ave. north,
near 6th street.
Well furnished
at $16,000 with
very easy
terms. J u s t
the home for
next season
and priced
under the mar-

Home on 11th
Ave. north
near new
church, well
furnished a t
$17,000, with

t e r ms.


be seen to be

H o m e near
new million
dollar High
school, w e 11
furnished a t
P15,500. Today.
You can guess
what this will
be worth next


Haines Road on 34th Slrye-t. N.w
Collage paily Fhr.shvd. O--haif O O
Ca-zh. NN I ffin. B.0 l"nIM

Ne' Cottage 2'th Ai-nite Nortlh. oil.
Blo.k from Eur:lid [llvd Lcl f',,127
for $7.500.00. Tile lol is worth this
alone. One-third Ct.ah.
Clearvlew Doubl, corn-er of 16th St
i12.00tlv. Unresl rtctlJ.
VWashington Bivd. 'Cortntr of 3'rd
Strt.r l,'ll (ft $l;.hi t0 100h.1 ui0
Haines Road. 100 fi iJloinling, cor
nr cof Cl,-'rir le.\ to E.i-1 On- 1 hitj
Ca-h It rInm:' I nurod 2 y.'-. s


I'lrl Ati.UhO A, .h
Fir;, A%.truv S-uth
FLORIDA Rt .I. L, I iA'I. -: -..Ctl.\N'
St'.'u Cr-ririftl
Pl,.ie 40i- .i

j IL Cj o

651 Central Ave.
Dial 55-55

31 Years in St. Peters-



is being widened and


Now is the time to buy
before prices advance
For exceptional bargains
and opportunities, se-


2418 Euclid Blvd.


V .lters


Modr-rn Hotel on Central
Av-. 75 Rooml. completely
furni-he.J. Exc"_lient all
Year Money Making Propo-
For Sale-Residence and
Apartments on lot 50xl29
feet, 9tli Avenue and
St So. 6-room house and
tlo garage Apartments. All
furnished. Will pay .0 per
cent on invEctni-nt. Will
sell for $116.700 on terms.
For Quick Sale: Block 1.
In Shore Acres. 11 i.1i`i0. 1-3
cash. Balance terms.
We also have some excellent
Central Avenue Puyss.
Real Estate. Rentals, Insurance
PHONE 5592

(100) To Exchange (100)
Real Estate__
Five-room and bath modern bunga-
low in hurt of Orlando. close to new
million- dollar depot, price $8 500:
and 20 acres four mil-s we-st of Or-
lando at $150 an acre. Will take
good home in St Petersburg and
pay difference. See Mr. Bowman.
Tso-story 9-room aeroplane type
buncalow. 13th Ave. No, fine loca-
tion. Price $2'.00i). W'ill ex,:hange
for other propicrty for all or part
of price.
TweLhe lots on 9th Ave. No.. east
of 401 h St. Will lakr. good hnirst
mortgage for equity of $6.E1,.
You can often trade to your adean-
tage when you can't sell. If .\tiu
hate property atilld wnnt other prop-
erty. let us make the e\cliance for
you. We bae several cx. hangev
deatlri a'ith our organization.
PHONE 7526
WILL TFADiE ss.- lr in l.ulnsv
rtI p I"-' M1 ur,4 It ,',' Wi-r,&
hat. ,od t.1-) o' vnt-r, Tir-.-- E-i)

Close-in Business
Income Property

Will acce;:t Nortl. shore
home, clear as part of first
I.yvin ,it.


215 J. Bruce 7nit Bldg.
Dial 710S


Have a lot at 31st Sir-ct
on S.xth A,-hui Norli. in
Kr'tlood ,jSulidivision. thich
olrt r '.'ill Irael for Lin,'oln
or tI`-l,i)l"c S inJll. Th ; i a
ool I~u. .
O Iri-r i" n (oi-t iO %lli 1 rilp
ti.j lo'. on F1',fth A.venuo
Norlih. n.,.r t .'rl r.i -i rr.r
,:loe in lolt-s or tr-T i moit-
.ac'-rs Erchli .,t h.,is io
fiu ri l-Ih,.1 iiiri, -. on -:,ni.w.
ati .] ilic tn t-.' li.i. it
.,'Ier irIfi;- |pric.'e'-

Carl. & .' itlhell
o'.9 '.[FNTRAL .\VENUE
"OL 1!: iN.l-:i:\ .\'']\ I:Nr-'.S IS
yL I I'F'tiTEL'TI-N."

(99) Miscellaneous (99)
Real Estate

"My Sincerity Is Your Security"

Comprehensie listilngs in farm and
timber lands, large or small tracts,
in any setilon of the elate. Deliv-
ery positively guaranteed.

Unusually fine offerings in Manater
farm lands. On the railroad, and
near highway. In tracts of 10 acres
or more. Only $200 per acre, with
very good terms

South on Palm Way. one block
from Tange-rinp car line. New
house on corner lot, 50x109. Elec-
trk'lty. water, fireplace, garage:
43rd St. in rear. At the exceptional
price of $7,500; $2.550 cash.

Two splendid lots in Junele Terrace.
$2,800 each. Small cash payment,
balance to suit purchaser. Th\-
price Is far below anything in that
sect ion.

35th St. and 6lthb Ave. No., corner,
50x127, $3.500. Terms.

St. Petersburg Beach, corner on 5th
St.. 100x103. S25.000. Incomparably
below prevailing prices.

In Pine Hills Subdivision
between 4th and 9th streets.
WVell located. Have $1,000
equity In this well located lot
for good automobile.

BY O1-'NR--A lot r.n a rav,.d street a'
T-ml[le Terrace for a gooud Thli lit I nrot o'..-r rthr'..i an] I 'ran
cit. t-:rm 1 tr1 ulti ril.-, 1. L. Hall
'errn. r Lakrvie-w and ith StS.
FOR EXCHANGE-I have four wtll lo-
L T- J lot3 UIllI erch n.e or ,u or Ell
f-r ,. -:,d cli...rl car. F 3rd rr.r i.-.-
P '. B,,s 18",t
NEI% SPAMll Bur.ralnw n-ar 3-,h an-d
l.rr .,i. -w. -Fric. nh. .ji .ij i o ner
will .%,. Fan ?e t0uit,. Iurr l.-t w% t i h ilrtO'
nrr.l 5 : i., li i,8. eel .'l,' I :.. -i.-n mo rI,
r'a) r.. :rr. Se-- Shoiok. l..,'rr,. 2"., it-sit'
\it a I. l',.c-n t99 1.
NE'\ I',' L Ri .t ',.M Ia rca,.,v: I,
I.,,I'. n i'dr 'l It'rn b .-J Cr.I A ,' S 1ih.
an'e.; *wnr @ jL.rJ .% 17lpa IV. 1 1 e I-
i.- cht I.-r uo I., I at.' l smart a .n.ouirt
"R- I Ir SH,.,Ii i m 2"t, Ae
%r a.i,, lI'h,.ti fg.f.I
ILL.IEIC GEH dnE ;,:,d ilot.n ,It st.
F iuth n. ,ar nay ,Il crr llre. Can
-ir l.-r at 6.1"1 %'il tila ."-rio and
5-.n-,. h i 'r rt -ju l. rE .'se ,r,.-K. noom
tR-alt \rrRle Photie &9J)l
Bi-rNFC4 pr:'-r i-EPTY. hair itknI., ,-off
Nintih at Northl. n-ar Central. In-
'rm.- 101i1,) r-'r m'j will -I hane ,-.'ll't
f-..r rN,.-ih r |r r Ir.n.'t-. l.-ti or L-'-.3.1 nor -
ftg.- S. '- .Hi," ,.. .',- tr h.
Ar, .-J- .- rorna 5',. I

Ninth St. North

Have a property valued at
l.,: 1.000 aln(d viant a close
"n, fine 'ome on North
Shore as part payment.
Can make liberal terms.
0. A. White Real1y Co.,
15 Sixth St. North.

For Exchange

We have c 'er, I cl:nts
x. hac \ alnt to trade lots f r
l.'.uses valued arou i 1
$7, '00. Kii '-- send us
YA.W list. ~


Realty Company

J P. Hall, Jr., M"r.
Brokera: Del'airment

669 C,?.tr-.l Ave.
Ph...- 5317



(100) To Exchange (100)
Real Estate
NORTH SHORT E APS. 'n-l- ; Houee-In
Coetk b l'ojif per Ieas btsr)ttmrlt. ue
and rn al; will lake .l I,. ,ti r : i n,
buVsralow Il k cilerlagt. Jan 8. Gords
l-ally C'mpany In.-.. ;ooriui 13-54 10st
Ava Nornh. ,P-orh. 1 .I.7..
WA N'-II i) TRO., -i arge lol on 6t1
Ave North n-7,1 ihd, Baa, ha,, 2 houA.
on lot with !lliomk, ar,iirl., 1I IO)u pet
'ar. \'ii! tkeS hunraliiw Iotar or goo.1
first and ra I i Tv,, tlrses Jna S
']urd% Realty Cnmipanr Inc'. RO min 13-
540 e1st Avenue North. Phone 72-803.

North Shore Home

On double corner near
Beach Drive. Will take
good business lots as part

Realty Company

\C.'ID TRADE orange gro'.e equil'y
SI ui,2). 2,) a..rB. r'.:cri,. Highlandris
rat..]l road. 'or Nurlhrrn or "Ithvr ,ie[
I r,,ir-rt, Mr. Tat lor, 307 Ctiral Bank
F-Ii1;. Phone iu-'33r
home on North side on 10 fr. corner
tn trade for nirnrall apartment t I .
in go.,d location c.r 'lnse in bull.ilin
I-.ta e ib E Bilet.r with Harris L
Lrr.rowne. lib Sunoner BIdg.
FOUOIR ACnE', 3l', feet on paved rad.
Two aecrE- In rcirus. Tmj scrs ',Od
;frat.err, or tru.-k land Pai.Bm bunva
low and barn. Two towsa. chickens
All e.,t for Eaes sar,. Value t ,$iluil
WIl rradv. small tt P'etera.ur, or
vi. tillh C. C I.-hlll-r. Br.-.ok Ilila. Fnla

Have property. valued at
$65,000.00 close to the
Vinoy hotel, party will
trade on Fourth St. prop-
erty or tL-e in a well-lo-
cated bungalow. The prop-
erty is clear. 0. A. White
Realty Co. 15 Sixth St. N.

To Exchange
Real Estate

Owner of new and well-
furnished home in Lake-
wood Estates, close to
school, church and car line,
will take a lot in Lake-
wood Estates as part pay-
ment. Write.
P. 0. Box 116, M. 0.

WILL EXCHANGE Tarpon Springs
property for St. Petershurg property.
Belmont Really Co.. 714 Central Ave.


We have a double cornmer
on Cle-arview Ave., a f ,.v
blI,-:ks wt.t of Ilainoo roa;,
whicLh v.-e cca trade for
oth-,r property and a little

PHONE 48-193

(101) Wanted- (101)
Real Estate

Your Listings
To Wi itt Your
Fire InEurence
Give Us a i'al
We Pron.':e Our
Personal Attention
Real Estate. Rentals. Insurance
PHONE 5592


, Phone 74-842


I .. --.

(100) To Exchange (100)
Real Estate
PARTY wants to Irans oeautlful 11S ils
foot larnipashores lot for enTiLl Ia-
rome prop.erly In St PEtsraburg, Will-
ing to pay slight difference In canh.
W+'hat have You to trade? Sullivan
Healthy Co., 321 ith L St. o.
iit 'rL and cottages with 56 rooms
and cafetueria in Ohio on Lake Erie.
S'ily 3'J1 "i'0- % cash or wuul.1 trade.
tli,'.tior B Jurdan. 235 Central A.v.
I OWN 411 acres unltncumrnherod in Lee
countjil thrr- iiIllas from FL. M-ers.
Would trade this as firsi lown paym-nt
.n unino umbrdi I-uneialow It, St Petera-
tjur. Am perman-nt resident and
w.'rkling man Couldr par halteane like
rtni aR high a- 1t6 i er month What
nats "ou7 Write or see H. D. Rudlaill.
728 Fifth St. North.



We exchange real estate: St.
Petersburg for St. Petersburg, and
Northern to, St Petersburg. What
bave you? See Walter S McKee
with E. C. Banighman, Inc. 535 First
Ave. No.



A blork of 13 lots; 2 corners; In Lell-
man Hleights Subdivision. ['rice $15,-
0)00. E-1 'y 0 $9.000. Will trade
for Filliii- Station 9r Grocery Store.
See Pettlt with
424 Fourth Street North

HAVE THREE LOTS In fine residential
s3.ction and double corner on Bay to
Ba3, Boul .esrd. Will trade one lor en-
losbd car. Times Boa 8-83.
I WISH TO TRADE mr beautiful Allin-
dale Tvrrare .high and dry huldling lot
for a -,o', ajutonublIe. No Fords or
junk TIr.ics B. s 1.8
PA e-A-G 'ilt."i.i COM-- Prn,.PER-
TY to itra.l,, or st. Petrra,' rir prop-
ertly Will bte glad toishow you Jas.
S. GoTiy [ta&lity C,. Inc., Room
13-l4I l,-t Av. NorthI
iT Pl:'lRh.R CLIIRG ; t PLiR'r fIr a,
Chelltr.' Hi litt <. urnldsr North "Ir.
srotert' Talk It ov-r with R. Preece
re&aity Exctange. 464 First Avenue
rlur t |1
WILL TrIAAUE D 21 M il) .0O seven room
huuise oak floor.a, t o baths, aside en-
trance d uuble garage or $I2.iuO..O.
Two garage al'artmnt Corner lot.
Both In North Shore want car. lots or
niortgages. E-J2i6 22nd Ave No
WILL EXCHANGE 10 acres on Roosevelt
Bivd. for city lots. Address P-1J
Ti ros.

HAVE you a well located lot to trade
In on a new 6-room bungalow, near
carllne with every convenience? Jaa.
a. Oordy Realty Company. Inc.. Room
13-540 First Ave. North. Phone 72-.03.
WILL TRADE any part of 10 shares In
syndleate owning waterfront subdivi-
sion for fully paid up property, mortgage
or acreage. A. 6i K. iBroJierage, 621 Ce-
tral Avenue. ,
HAVE CLIENT with block of twenty
four lots In Xephyrhilla all high dry
land. Wishes to exthaeige for lmproe*d
properly In St. Pttdraburg. .lee itay
Sandry, 665 Central Ate.
6 SLITEi '.of 4 and 5 rooms and bath.
iitnh 4i $I t r'0' r |.rr Yra '. ',i, o {3.1ii.U0
Will trade equity of 116.000 for good
bUlu li I..T1 Il ..ll 'it'i' aelt .B6 .)1 'R 4
FO'Rll Lice .'t ,.L Nit.' new bul.les
hut'.. t o1lo0i Ani bath and fir-tlace
On eacl. st I. front and rear porchdis.
-,r,. h.r u Ithnt flilur.B. 988: lot 411.131.
slir', .rc.rn-r. 2 tlocks off car line paying.
.ri, t. v."", quick sale or trade. Box
*i.- Time.__________


Will Ltk.- closed car or first mort-
agee a-. pailt rp.jn-itt on new North
Shore home wi'h two filed ,liaths, all
oak floors and two car garage.

Want I he same on a corner C(ixI'i0
in1 Not ih Sh"re 0 A. White Realty
"o, II- S,\th St. N.

SUNDA:Y: .. MARCH 28, 192
: ; .' -

SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 192o

Your distings
,On Florida Property
S Solicited

Reliable information
given concerning St.
etersburg City Property
-and Florida Real estate
in general given.
Call on, Write or Wire

C. H. Conn

Licensed Real Estate
32 Sixth Street South
St. Petersburg,

AM IN THE M. I.h :T l..r '.11 tt i-
structed hrcm- '.1I 7 Sr. 'S r"flu in'"
2 to 10 acre-, u-tll hiii ro ., alld ni.
rut tireL-s. Mut le i' n ,r i- ,r hat 1
road near Si. P..i ,.i burv .r ".,7 1 -1.
Sp rin g a. % 'il i ,,,n l r .:-' ,,rl. ".-
right properli Ans.v -r -. 'I-1 T -.

Listings wanted
205-7 Oreen-Richmian Arcade.
W A N T E D - Oa n y. B l'- l. I rt. ti a e r-
buyer for llnilted i.f letIs .r,
North Fourth Ft. VWill u-y $i.,V for
filty foot lot' oil casn. F''minhu ,.t- 1
210 Realty Arcsad_-
LOTS on second W S,."riga'-,' S--- E' N
Bunt. opetatilng at 45ih ar,-a S.-.-'ld ..--

In the Court of the otIi.N ludge
I-lnInlla ,ntr ..
Sta:e oi Fl.rilSr
In Re Fstate of
W. A. Blackmore. deceased
You. anild eacli of il r' liirei
notified and re.lulreid 1.3 cr.--i .t
claims or demand? a hIih .i oi '
either of voin mI iHate i"ii' .-i itI
estate of WV A I-IItu-kmore. d,,.-'.]-.,
late of Pin--llsa ('oil ). 'i--rlci I. i tII.-
County Judge of f'inel.. l'I'.iii i
his office In the C o ,irin H i.h-. i ,i ,
water. Florida wiLli, lit'ele rn mnrlh-
from the daIPe ni the ir.-l illi. :i..I.
of thia notice Salin cl-inm .rde
mands must Ie diil\ 'auI, '..
A ftllln fee (i1 i t-nI l l.rlr ,i I i .
a c c o m p a n y eP I > II I._ l n Ai ,,t M ,,,
should file wlih ihe ii..-ri.-i.,d
copy ot said iniltm- *or .-inri'd,-
Dated. This the lh dfi iI M ir- 1.
A D. 15"i.
First Naullonal i rK f It I-'er.--
burg. Fliorida. Airlim ri I fr';i-r o1i iI-
estate ol VW A [ i.n.kin ,re. i .ne. 'e -.i
St. Peters iurg. hiI

Many bargains in used
car, are advertised in The
Times classified section
every- day.

Room Friday Bi

Eureka chapter of the Order of cc
lhe La.slEtrI-' S-itar wll pissr.rt tirte l.
mne one at, "I'h l BaLliroom Door," It
the p-lal in t\hi.'rn thie Miii.e o i '
i\ai ,.: atltl't.uu-O. ti1tl.-n bI ,_;I, i nuJ. a
ji~ iiri 11 thlie -,.,'i ., Iui-Lei bilil d,
.v.L U l .i i. I. i h ll l.l ll ,in
I,,l'U ,ll ai iu[ is -,, sutlti -
| El lll Jlla el>; lll l a "
lnljll',-a-. hul k iI,-kl i
I'l lh: "\' ..urif Mji. ....] I-Lm ,n ti'I
'il,: Yuiing \\'ui mt . LuLille a|l ilh-
l 0- Ldrir,. U.La.[U]an..n ..
............ .L-., ILt 'ILun-aulaz,
The L-,. ii l.,I .1.- . .. Ali-.- LI i,- I
'lI tin ",lfh i L'uiitn l.ii i[B=iit Jeazlt. '
'Ilh6 L,OL . %- --.u-_--:C .,ill:,i
StLu-A -.'A pol- "i,:i oI thIe Il.u'Ir-
t].i.'O u lh-r l-i ,it.l ..luj-.v L Lu. lt i'-lLjtl
OU lULK. Ih [lie1 niulIIt lU .
"'n,: l!atLruuDi o Lirie r" Is no%
01 Id-i.illi.,i-. t.. thI a 'tlS tile', io i te
i Oi -.i.i I.3 lii,. P'rii... U \t i l. i -
ti liAI.i Lu illjko liA iA. i.liM L un Luiau
H. M. S 1. -' I,iL-, on tila t,.- atI. tu
l.nlaiil iroiLn Siloulh Alr -a. lit-i
I'l ll. Lio'uK Irl. t, 1. O u[ tlu L .\-tlhi.
lidJ.. In l u th l' ,alullJ it. ll ,'-l., tile
. UlO :eIZ .| L tiPl't ill ,Lul.o r ti-n it
ia lv, to Ith.: .>i.- 1 IIlh. di-nill,.d
I il n.-i -LII -L:,

,na i an o..[,ihui l ni chi '. pi I.l .- -
I _,a i i, u tl.I o tr.11 tllu k-k'. in ill"I
dlijut d,l ,:i|> IL I'. dhioul V']lll'.hl h ir'l'
li.ii i.'cr'l o n11Ji. i Ijk In th ll>: in -
It ,.- lI~ nni; l .l n'u,]l, .,J I,.' M -jt -i -l,:
f,-.izz-.l:.\, '.ho h-i".; lia.d m uch exl.i.r,-
I _LI>.,2 Ul Li-nk.I' lh,?iat ,: it .ll K In t11ni~

,. ii nr ti .. l.., -iJ Jl i Irn .,' .--.n A i..] r -
i-,,ional actrv-. in Li-,ilai-d i.-Lui:
lir nli- liHot Il,. li-'l j..!a.. 1 ih i ..urit
LU t[i. hi.unpiiam.nijil pi in Adunn,.
.l'. Liar-., v.hoa..- iork is i a Po-
'.: -Si,:-jl iat.'i.,-r i .-cO i%, ii aitd faCuor-
i.-alV kttLowin he-rr, is tIh.- i-dd-ily la-.1.
L,iil .I. .-Iihk.-. a 'ti. P -rstiurg girl,
i!.L:,.3 thel ['iit n ,ai- Tamnlll-. I.\ ,he..
t icr'. u.,L \' le-. 3.:'lt Han-]n. rno
ii iloii neui.ILi *ntirtalining fuor Lih-


oth pictures were taken at the Rol-
it. the world's most distinctive hotel.
"It is gratifying to think of that
ontra.t," said Mr. Taslor. "Especial-
, does it se-m re-markile v"'h.n one-
hinks hack to iios,- tr.t ,lj;,s wh-'n
asadli na .is ill' I a ,l n. Th-.-.
ho e-':ir:. e',--d ih.:ir i.i li in .i--
-nrL tI.%'h-, i,-i- I,. n ii f--.ui
-:ll" 0, 'C hi-I.,i., -. nad their

"*Go to Flori

Famous B

The-. say Ihliat roinaie i' i
dead, Ihat lile i niire' hasi ldie
salor a.nd ze-., sthi(li in .erir,-
guilt by t made it uorllt Ining.
Tihy '.a3 tli:hl liho iinie is 1 i r
ttliei :i .& uiiilg Ill.iln oilil l rihl.i
out inlo new land- and lid
hltld-slh-rin i: idl iiltire, feminci
and proving himin in lie tires oul
daii-,et'rt ind i.irdulhiij .
'Iruly Ihle Ilimies lihate chianed.
but it is a.s po-sible h ur a .%ituiiiw
mai tIn linmd ilt-irliir'e and i t-
tion low as it %%.i- 111 i[;.k
ulien H ,Ii.(v lIlreeplt., :aijd "I_,,,
U\'e l. %,tjlIlg 111;111. A L; %% ,l."
If liit htuie old edilo-r indl
politiiiJn iteri alit. tod3ai
tould he li-. ,-ipinin iii illt i
po-ssihiililty f 11lltilliint: i l:al il'
hire liur ueit e ilil-. hlr t:Wlt
liand .: lianill trtu mh- sill lile
thlincl e'vtre rd .hliuhjiled .uilh
loi e'.' (Ce l.iinly il lie ltii t'
condliin, in l-'lurid:i lie ititIld
say., "Go soutijUl-l, .ouii; nmn,l u
Florida oftlern to erry virile

-1 T

.l..,,ru, il.t..... u,:,-tl-. ,..1,.< ,hL rown Jewels
., Cinl m' m I.n ,Iti.,,rt G i ll ii a,[I .
ohat uf the i-ieui. gi ntliman al A of I Romano1nffs
i;.or i*l*t, ll 4',3 Lit-oh,-1

C. C. Officials Broughtto U. S.

Discuss Plans Mrs. NEth,. I:.. .r

for D d ication 'Imn.-r i ri,,h it...l ,II ,,, ul' ,
i.i r:j-, on I, r .uli'ut.l i.-lv i l,' i, I
t-, 'mr-'l-, I-I nrr I i i nr--lri. I.r-
CI.i..\IW ATELl M .r>h tT- Plill lo, ri,,| io In-i, 11 ,-fl.,,1I fr ,!'
to d ,l en "ine Ill..'rI. il I n- nitiln Vl. i ,, I,,i i f.,rmI r I:u--
,*I,,l ir i. .iiJ-c w .i',' IO n Ih n i' o. n. 1 n i i ,n 1,a' ,:1I l. ,r i,. .l. . .,, ,' |
~ill I ,n \Vtull'nl \\ I'ir i. 1 I i- [ u ,t, .i n- fl I rill- i .
iII-/ht hI lhr i ,,a rI ot (";m ." l r, "f 1%Ir'.- l l. 1. i.. ll h l 'li,. .l h,, I .,I
I Ile hli liinll.-r of u 1-m m 1 I 1 i u III I l: ,n .T i 1 r i I .I| i l I 1' ]
n l tlilt .-i nl .-1 i- 1I l l', |I- 1 .' . i .1 111 l 1 ii ii I "' ,'I .,11.
l .'.iil i'u .ly ill liflf' l'lC1 I -, i. I l ,, ., h ;i l t'h i l r l i, -t l-
.l, l u.m .. ll.u ,-l Iui--i i r, ,, iln .l il 1 ri.-ti..
,i -. I '-t .- I l I I i ,;i r i, ii , l- il i T.. ', i i- i '* i i li -
[ rj rnil r > I 1'.o .-u l'in I .i i' l iri. lil,'ii ,,,n ,if li ,'_. I,, -I I, I 1 -' ,*' i" i i l'I* *
',Jitl l.l I, fl i,'e l/ 1 lt,l. I ,* 111. 1 1i 1 1i I1H ,. l ],., r I l li, ., M, i l ,I r 1: 11 ,
l.. ni- o f .ill % hi, -. I l. l h l. I I l .,I ,, I hl l I. ll i I I- s '
ti i 'I hi- ,,mi I1 h, r" I, i 1,, i ,, ,- i, -
.in Ahii Ji i i- i tic> i .' -.' i . I.. ll i- ii 1 .
I," tit o l I u lti-a lld al ldl on ,,I ft u, l a -'till ,..
Ell I. -1 -l h 1 0 1 l 'f ,4 1 1',0 1 n .1],",I,, I,,,14" ,.f
all.] ur tht 1 ^ 1,* '* '*** "" ii- il % %.,, firwo" .I
,N n I -I in u l t o rI ll 1 .-i I .. t o i ( l ilh e : 1'I i l1 , I ,I 1 ,I i" I 1 1
i .ill i 1 :11 .1. 1 lin 1 l i l r i n i- 1, li h 'r lln _- I o,' ;I '. !, 111 -f ,n i l, I I
ill, iel-ln,. l d 1,:, C-* E" | i" l-hn.".i ,, inl 1.'.'l i' ,i ilii I ill' i .i'-I
.,n n.. < 1 11, .r .. Wi.i l I 1,. .I 1,. H i. I in ,I lI,
--- i- TiInI.. ri i-,r \ .-i i. ilih ii

i,.-l h %. 1 Ildl, ,I l ,i- h.,ll..n l CL.I ,, C I Il, "', I It, r- N -0 .1 1 ,I1 -" L ...r
nl t lo L. l..f in l lled. lIlid on GlrirLn, uu, a -.,i'u.-.

Section T'wo

Page Nine

SYears of Pasadena Development

o101 Wantd- 101) c,, E.Es I
~Fo u r
betweenn th and tl Streets i l|
WANTB)D-Dlre.ct from Owner--ENT-
lireforrsd, long time tase. Our cllen la i ,
ane of the largest 6c and Ile Store oper- 1
a. ra. 1aB. 8. Gordy Really Compan"y, -: IRIN N M T ".
Ime.. Room 13-540 lot Ave. North. ,.,..; ..h
2Phone 73-803.
WA.NTED-Yot to list your hous aid Court of Honor Makes Many :
apartments for real for aummer wlI .". > "" nor Mk M
u&. We have a long list of clien'a wait- All'
aaret o..r rt ofaordyRel t ,.1<. Awards at Friday Session;
1l5g. Jma. B. Gordy Realty Company. 1 '
Inc. room 13. 540 lat Ave. North Phone G s Tl
7-3.. Gause Talks. .;I- .. .. "t ;
'WILL BU acreage along new Interur- Closing session of the St. Peters- Z'
ban. Write location and price to Boa burg, Boy outs Leaders Traing '
B-12 Times. br Bo cuts Leaders Training
course was held Friday evening at
INTERURBAN AOREAGE wanted be- the court of honor conducted at the
twsen Ptineta Park a.nd Road No. 6. First Avenue M. E. church. About
Must be suitable to subdl.l'k. Larg-e
traci preferred. Write Box 8-78 Timer 10 persons attend--ld. and first order
WANTED First class apartment ofl business took the form of recog-
houses for sale Have cliepnrt watilng nizing work accomplished by Boy
jl&. B. Gordy Realty corm t-any. in .,
room 13, 540 First Ave. No. Phone COuts. at the hanis of the court of
72-I10. honor. Boy Scouts sufficiently qual-
Ifled to be awarded first class iins
were, Johnny Danielson, W\oodd
CASH -CASH-- CASH Beckman and Sam Dodd of Troop 7.
~CASH-CASH-- L second class scout pins were
awarded to Latimer Dills, Richard
W nt to b y 20 to ray. Charles Gary Arthur Malid.n.
W ant to buy 20 to Felber Walch, of Troop 1IS. and Paul
40 1 i R M.cAuley, Charles MblcPek and Fred
40 close-in Resi- Goditi, of Troop 7. Scout Johnny
DaLnielson, of Troop 7. wLas examined
dential Building- -ur rqui'ernents for the mel itbad ge
r, 1 1 n muC and awarded it by Lhe court
t s. Send Lotf o honor ScouP John Long. of Truop
Lots. S d L t 7, was awarded merit badges for
Bi 10 k aand B L e i- anell rt. Ian1 1ing and S for
Block and BlIu e-,n,,oU W1JMBcmn j%
J~lU~n.ClilU. jlLIC scout \\'iJlum Beckmuan, alhso of ai^ lI8^ -

print if possible e, Tnmtt badgesfor
prn i os i leSwInMMUlL and Iotei pcetlsg. ,.OUL
i John Estepp, of Troop 17, rectivtd.,
stating best Cash ,ptl n cai ng and ir.
__ ~~~~~~aid. Jy^^JJ H^^^iBga
PriPce. aldwin W. Gause, of Los Angelus,
. A1.delivere-, a tiinuey dioursto on
AmnrIcanization, rniilasizing tO
OX NO 17 scout leaders ile patrioliC ar%,',.
B X NO. S 1 nd r-i|onsbiluiOh.v u li..hi is their. lui
mouldJing Llith iuUg lives of tie Na- i
tion a yuUth. _l-err.y Wetmore lpoke I
on nature study and the iiatieied;
kinbdum. Above: The origin:il nrganizailon
Scoutmaster PetlLt expressed aui hic.h started oult with Pasidelna.
BEFORE apprecialun lorlr toe 10oaity al-I ine I four e:irs ago. l-'nri lf I lo right
Tl.0.'u)ialuU llie ine lu h d d i\nt I lhr.y are Ini.'ss H U'nr, secrelar.y
LEAVING CITY in .itcri.Jiag the, courc., assuring and treasurer; E .,E A. Autin, t ,ssitl-
theim that the .uc.-s uf scout c,- ant stles nIlatE3l:ter: .Ja k Tiyloi,
List your property for sale, lease t-:.ri,'1" in the Sun'thine Ut.y de- pres%.-itt; (-i'urge i.utilliii4.s, Esales
or rent, with me. I will give It nt' penoad largely upoir effrOLS tL 1o ulnl msnager, and Itny.% ( unmiig. a.-
personal attention. Call by, write or the piogiam ouillitd. sislant sale, ni:nJgel'. Ielow: Pie.
phone 5720. Excutie t-ost l ,aid that according: enl Pauadena force plii,hlr;apli.ed oni
to reoius tie tollowunal met had!lihe steps of lhe R01 :it hlt, Ppia-
(ompltei tlie trill .'I Ul -e, eating jies- dena.
W. C. Pless ent t eeL y b,.i-,iu., waitingg a Bu) Monday the fuurili ,tnni'ercary. of
38 Magnolia Arcad. i,:ttioup ,alo, alottend r. court ofn I the tale of tih,- fir-t lul in Paa.dJna
30 M magnolia A dnlce. unni c.,nlp, ind ir.erium ni.Jd takes place \VWli.t 11- har.-i-n.
Phone 5720 tI._ t....,01. i,,-,.., i oPlud t i N-| Eon,,, th-n I, tzp.iol of ih h ddt -
lonal hiAddquarr'Irs u t rec,-ive trin-1 vt-el,,io :nt of all Ih-'lon-l.i E .--in-
,ii lei nllLcu ict [i E. xt..lin'. L.i-' H IS c3 ont in-d in tihe ab.)% pe Iur.'l,.
lt t ald, as ar L i.,,ti, .S. A. Ntli. [ne, N. A. i 1.c',, eontr.tIin1 tHi,- r[.ui..ri C -=t-,t,h.-h-
WANTED-Lol, well locaud.l as pen IU Nordquisl. Bcn H.Ll-En, il. ,% f fr i- i ht u
paymnrt on nkiCe iw Bungalow. Cal le[ I,, r i.. tht of
early. Jam. S. Gordy Really Compani. L. L'. b'I"lltt, A 1'. -lanultLt, T. L. ILod y
inc.. Room 13-5I0 is Ave. North. Harney, F. A. -lansi.., F. I. Dai Dling. Six meml.-rs a'rt Il ft of that or-
Phone 73-802.1, -- La ion Swan, Louis Suter, l-rank g'nlzaLion ehih lour vears ano
WANTED R.AILROAD LOT BarliydIt and Herlbrt Ladd. e-rlal,rateJ Ihe ueat lthalj Ge:oi-, V...'I
Client wants to trade other property i I sold a li'satjcna lJ-l. F ur0 of tlilnt are
tor cheap ralroad lot. H. C..Jackson. IST
249 lst Ave. N.i _n __ ______ iL O OT in t vhi: tlc'c, prlltrt. i, .ne lnit-s.
Wg H'AVE A FEW CLIENTS L I 1 I I Hrnr'. the "r'estlcr E. A. A-.lllt.
fine people, but mean buyerp Th- asiislidnt .al m.ln.l.=-. r: .].uk Ta;,-
say they are rady to Lu., whlien w or, I ir:i.-l..nt G':(,.-- llminiln ..
.how their a real bargain. o I Ton ITA ILAY n a I nn
haDpen to have any of those real bar- | IeL lA--I idnt and ll.inager. and
SIala, for John's lake give u.3 a chance his b,1 Uli,.r. Ray Cumminags, Pistant
at am. 'rThe Martins, at 886 SeeunthhiOiSirRyumng, I
Ave. N-orth. sale's manager
The photograph below shoes the
"Bathroom Door" to be growth which the organization has
made.-until today more than 145 are
,. Given in Sorenn Rail actively conne.ctdl with Pasadfna forlunle ainld \hiiileratliug
"'ittest t hat lie esi shumitdi in
it, palinirsI da.1s.
iAnd li e ioulh of tilhe natliumi
ret'coiciln;i/i4 lihe oppujtluIil'. lor
lie Fliridla Irek i- uat liachinne
iiide ol eaer outli. aiou-i
tn try. their liand ;at lie g m.ile of
liJ.- in c.itilest illti ,tIhers, con-
fidllit 0o' iheir t hiliiy o toime
ourt ahead.
'rlii. Fl-lridailt reki is e I llie
,*lre..lfsl t s iltm in lin hil ,t,,,i in
ri.-nrid Io nliinlib-r. inil d lil-I
lita Ihe world lias etcr ,een.
I- i[ Itres, i lit'k l at .Ja 'lioti ille
dlu ing lI'J!) slioit lli:il -aipprxi-
ll,.itfly l.lli.111)1) |lilr-ril clianl
lli'rollth J:iclsaih, ille li-ided lor
sni., p iint int I-'lorida. by atito
lne. An.d Ir:tel Ii ,t. P'eler%-
hIrm tils t-J.uIili) I a iraiii ihs
intreai-'d 11) per ceillt uer the
,-a1l" l imlh t la l kear, ac-iordiig
lto a re't-it latt-ir-nienl h By lob
.Ahiilt. dis-rict n zen for lihe
All.inlic Coa'tl Line
.A hI-adinc pearl int Isli create

is hbtini. pla3.ed h. tihe atoinlo-
hil-. I'l'rn i tlli, hllhlhle Lizt/ie
up to llhI lordl.% iRll- Rijree
Ihe,% are c' lluinz. till Florida
hound, the less f-\p.-iiciu r.trs
li'aiin in many a-'ls t'iilS
slr.ipped on f[lie -ide, aind suit-
ars e'r-ryushi-re Ilhal there ir s
rI-ii i'or one.
A% lar iirlh ,t Penns lhania
signs pl.iced by ent-rpri-ing
i-hanilher_-i of (oiiinm tr! l' o f :1-
ri,)us t iti- a ;>r '%u inl. ,lucl > ion
boards, io pr.le-,. aid iu ,smei
ca-ps l.irc,'e itouileni ,i-n t i-ired,
eri-e-ted all all i" llit route. St.
lleerl-.luh r ., I'ii2,1 i ilIp : M iaium i.
100 utile- : >,l:t (.ale ('it. ; aiil ;l rti>rli-t-ein ti
of a surpriint, l ItitiIer oh snitall
citie- tl)ho e en i-rlirisr is )III|'- ainutiini .o l Ihou- itho
lnit5 Ihe tilni.l .ire c1I lie :il-.
crli'iers. are somnie of thle ,igs.
Touri-t tamps are struing
along. lie route frinii lauine to
Key \'t. Collttaces and -ainp-
ing place, whili running taler,
a small store ashrre provisions
and canipijig supplies are sold.

Is land City Plans To

Island City Plans To

Wage TWar Against Pests

Prel-ri-ttioiuns fo'ur s". ai- un-i'-r i -i :Xr-ltLined that hatan impt. to-
in 11.w conmm'ljnty an.I J.1. G.. mn.ilo cin nfi.-r au rimnfall i.' a niu-
I:.i l i., .iln, Irj l'i:,- G-h rI.; rill,: rI- i l t h llt mI hu Itill for th- I il,.-.i-ji Io.,
l. -i. ii- ri ..'n .o t1 I ini h-, E ian i.i i it, ..l r l h.- on-
I,,l ,1 -111-, [ii "!'lr "T hi, %. .'1i i ,1 ii c n: [n e.-ll j ii al ,In o-,t I'1.^ rc,-,ple "~l
r -i,- I' i.r,, a. :rir- \i I-i si t ill I.e ill- I I'. -i -f'i- rill' for ill- nii r.-r. in: iull'a,
roiwi .i onl'. i i,. th ii i.tI.j i it, f ti, ll .. -iI h ,- t
,,-' i, I i'.-. 'iint ,' ."n .t i r0 : -. ."-ih.liiin-L-
i run i 11. i ,n- J u l,.i.- % '' f iL..i nt I- la o c.ilinlI. lh. l.u -
1., -l Ir.:rm -,- 1 Iiuni 't I', [i I i-n1. I ir I ,'i i |,art 'f In.,' pro- 'r-,il
I ,',' I ii v ', I AT" ;. \ ,:, ln t i ,1 ,I ,,I , 1 1.1 .I~fT,,l (l r h 'AI." l I' f l
n r,,| I ,, ,rl ...c i ,. i ii ,i l lI '- I' I i l I ;i r I I. ili tl "i tll:l i ill. .
-i i t- ( li-milil i of- i ,nia I'- ,. Ir .. [I I,; -l,| i iI i ihli -iiii it r.
[1 ',,ru iln .i i n l' l h. Is .i .( i-l. i ,,-.i \ i ic io il n-li-. [ -i-' '1 h i i ir -
,, ,, in hi i '. i l i.f 1 1 .1 i ,li i ll. 1 ,1 u ":L i. r an -i -,',": i -
nii l. i i [i ril it' il I-n i 'iI- i ll i. i- in% ]i .,- I ,i
, ,. i,-. i I. r. [ I :ilhi i... i.l .,I r ,'l. i, t i,',l, i~li i. I, 1 1 '. i ll,i~ill V n t-r:, r,.-.i l ilm

SI ,, [1 1 111 il i lli I '. ,M i I I .- 1iu-- '. ll l I 'I L
rd rr .----r. ,I rI' .. r ii,-h 1 ", i t." Ir 1m],l, l."n, I='-. 'c i.,f l ,.' m ,,- -
S l i 'n I ,. i n i i i I'If t n l n i l m, I -i t, r [ I- r .: I ,i n n0l R l n i r f i
i -, h i l. iI ,i | I- rrom i i i.ii i II nI. lt of I ll.. i.n thal t hI.
I Ior.ii , 1-1.1i c.- i.r, ". I n I .,1'- :it 1 .j. tii i, .- rin'L i ,n1ni ,,i 1 n 1 h .
I,,,,i, i, Ih i -h ] i. .- r, i i, 1 ,.- -. i '- l m l l< %'- ill f r eid dn i t h e i- %in
T,, ,o h.'o 1 il.,,.l ,,l ,' |-.1 A ) il l. I .1 t ll i' t l I 'i[ r -lre :iim ri,[.% n ol-l I
, i ,', h| l ,l ] ',ll i Ih l ,. l l i, l h l i l h h i ] -... l ,: l . m ~ i- , il .

, 11, i1- ,-i i l ,r 1 ". I i i '' lI 'I 1- ., r,, .t 'n 'i i l I
"l l. ^intLIlr it, ill i I'.i'1' i, I, 1 r i rf illi~ prl't.lJ,..l[ o i b th.^ l [111,, I

leiturp nf lmuOl Iln-e places.
At nki.ll ii lall and spring
litse place aret lull %'iit, Iutr-
i.t-, eliher liniueitatrd llitiid. or
li-.iilil lor Florida, the niodern
All alng llit ,ta.% front the
Iirtli (ai's aret passed withI
FI-'lrida sint. :and sitl I lltaLue
t.tiiig upl evcr. ;lsaillhile itlh
uf spai-<. Huip.,s 111i %% liieels
are pl'tiili nit il Itil.'-"' lh:t -
itir puts indu tnis iand Ptery
lhind ui hou-ueiold Iti-Rilure lied
1,n tlie iiilidile ud nidaliing a
inl r.i ihin.
A lirJle n majirily of tliese
etr. alrei 'ul icieed hy (inmpara-
lit '%itth. lieitl onil making tlie
tnew Klhndihet ield lip itl- richl-
luir IthIir hetuil. Thlie
hi.ilipy piriit ol .1 ilh Ih iil ,,ii
iidtrulure i oille'n displayed hy
-igtll "'hiurid: tr IJut.-", h'eill.
the l.ivorilte in imitation of the'
i.tim.jin phrase oil p r a i r i e
cliouoiers ot Itheir way to the
sest in e'irly dIay., "Pike's Peak
4r B1 it."


HOLLYWOOD. -l. Martcn 27.-
'- T ,.I un i ,ii' ifu(:,- nt u r,-',? ,?.-r:
k ll--, ai1,t .-lft Li,,. .li. aim-I-uth-r n--
.r... n\"1 -,'1 ilJ--l inpjirl'td hrt- 1 -
rc. t ain sI 01, ihcr L2ai I
ni0u'hl t hi-n :i l'Pl d.i-o "'ai C .5-i
ft h- e ini IjjL'kiUi colhi-J-,
.' ili n t iuiu-,'l'l,- t'--arli- a l b.: i -ir
NI -i. r il, o!' itt--. actidpri

Government statistics Snow Mezzo Soprano
Immigration of Agricul- Mezzo- pran o
tourists Dropping HeC edo San Remo

NEw ,oRp. Mu ., Concert Tonight
IlnnmiL.r.nt farmrn- who came I, thisIrMurl3announcd
, .I Mi-~is E.ii I-art M'mur'il Is announced
c-iminltr d luring tlhe S.l l-n n 'onrIlh ),.r r f h.? -Ii .per Coil.- I n l-id J',n i. tc.all.-1 only -,,:rt to l.,e gitvn at Cilil, S n Rrmo
,iihLhily m,-nIr, l i -u ri.lJ t lhie nunilbPr r h ti luFiri:l, iiiiera lOniEht. Ml-.?
thi-i c-lt r.-i ,hiUl' l ie .-h .inti-. rel, nrh.di, urel is- a n zz,) ..o[-rano of un-
I ,-il ] ,l-lll\ 4.. hi har d a ddid local
: ,,, i' ., '.,. it i- -],... n I.,. t-.icres .- i i,) ii, nt'.rnru lti'nnl favor ..on
.--il i.,t I.' . lhe- n.>i-.r l- Indr i-tlri- i n hr r o l- ih tie on n -
ruii i hrnol-.t ii tC Cons -nt Gn-1
i,.,riLlli, l1u rd .N't ir. ,-L n- on |. ,c-ra comliany and
Iat i rni r -i,-,-.i a slh-hi gailn ol,,n Orera cor ,n v ,and on thr
l,tulirn. ihe --\.n n.inths" tienro- -,i .-i ,t inLur o-pend] A\m-i-
.[n1 in,11 Ifal 31. 1C- I.. in-I..r- n--l.-nt ,a.-
l.,u n tr r- ,-lerIn lh,. iil- n ,lnti lltrlll 'i- ,ii,,rt,,nri Mi,- M iturIl in her ai
.i.i'.;. st lile Ilring lh -:,m- Pe-lo .l a -i|., -,, c a i.jl., Sn I.,tmo tonl ht.
.- rl I 'l- i i. "% I.1 nll -rr, iil bO- iltii ' i'i;.- n-- I, -,[- .1,' n ..n ].Nh or im Il;. t Ie i Ih I il, and Ithe Club L i
milcrni ii ti-, ,l I," til- r.-tri,.ulie i-;,ira in qp+_,-iu hi umber-
inimigri tin Il3tt %, "ucd bh\'u ce ).%
niore- tian hI,, If lijilnu the set,,-n ,n
rionlhi.' prn,.d r-n.ding la-I Janual.. [iViera.Upens
.ml..: i r.-rd %slh ,- .irnei.' period I il
I'2,-,. nurTing th,:- ltl.r ,erid il,,.37, Mont Alban as
c-nim-,ii lahbllrr -il-r--d Ithe rI uin-
, and. 21.1 b icrl. hie 1.. en(- NT It
li .,-i 51 5t, -a New Bayou Road
>,-:re.1 ;.ndj 31 S41 1._fr in thi e ,arirll
Thi-- lordl'' fiures stlu.:d, tlit:u Stunday through the Ri.
tndu r ,h' i-.- i ih-ltn. imnh.: ritluo-n kitt .lora illi] finnd a r".'' rout.: to Pn','-
ihil country i:rile.d -skill., l.i.tor an-I : ."u for th-i.r u.-, ith the corn-
Iost tun-kllr:,I lihbnr The bulk of Ini 'l ;,'I,:10 t in f the -: ii- and -irfat-iln-
lillicrt.l i rOnlinn-. I uto rn- fint "r .1" Mntalhan i'.-, rruni Rio Visl:,
'-ii i-li :In.1 M xi- U i PLuring t ih I J li-i t".,i,.' t--'v.ou Il thl di .-tlopmr ei.
,',.n i-rnlh-u -' I ',rI.l -, i." rr .l I.-y li -if -uiu 'i l ule'ork .
r,.'lport. Nlexican n-It ints i'ation Rio ',isa Liruletard through Ri
-hos.teJ an incfea-., of 4 per eent. -.' rat i '-'a k I u in tlurse of beil.-
nhile lthe. gait from immni- a-di.i. l ru,-J Iin lhe mcanlilm Itraffl.
-rullit .1 clinc-I2f.l .,-I ri ni. rni-in i .'-. j ln ,i n't-r MN nni.miall.a to i).-
,he .un.,tu pir-iod u ihoi;,nv_ peiodnF orn-arri -1010 I I-C.., 41i-ud1-].ClubQSal-

i-i. I,.- ii j r i t u tl ILu.-l '. \w he-n' L, I.< :- r na l irc iou.]..
ir ," .- fi..n.l ni. -l n .h nl -ht-,-L
.l-. ,r i,. ,,, ,k Ii,,-,. h. I, GEORGIA WOMAN IN
S ...?1.-1. i1 .-,\'r ; :,lk n I in M i, n,
-..I, .it.t," hi- c,:nh,'iOn .\'Io MIAMI HOSPITAL. SHOT
,l.: i f I I ',u-,frir] -i --
nI....~,1I, M rf h L'Tt-- ."' Mi -I
.,i,| J ..II ,-,u i h.- .t thiinc- .ill. M ie (- Nt-l. of -'i.'lmunl.ii frt i
,i.,,li.. for li, i I l-A il "lln '~inll,% ;>i* hln iiil, In ;i ..i i.cil,. ( -,',lhh II lU
"'[,i'- G l ll,.. 1f, lil. .i01 i ,. hort' of h-r- .n ,-':i ,i J. I'N .-il
i ,.i in. 1 n ,> u-f i' : l -h i ,iI -[' r i -. lu i :'. s t l ',
i, i, ,Iu. lu' I, 'l l h I n lb -lnt ir1 h,: r il, ( in, :I r-:%' l\ .r I'.,'
i i~l~l,1 I l,. i,-Itl.ii 'r th'. ni -,tilm i. Ji, r -ilw
h,|,.l I t',, i, h, 1 , I.,ll l l, iI l ll:il t ll l -, h ,,111 1. I. v r. l- 'll I .' a n f \ l
,. ,,l~ h n ,-] > -,I,,ld li. I n hIi ill : .,. I, I ,.,r n [ .- i,, r \ l..i i i- i ri l, i lir
;. .- Ii il I re -itl .-u rk .Ii-. I -.,i- ti n t -a,.h unJ- M I i1. -il I. ti ,1
-no in: ..tlxilt tli.11 f, torl I lihtiu i li-- i r -.'n. hI. .1. iN. L-
I -i it .c. n iiit la I Ih I" i i n1 i n' I i O I, .im-,,.1 0 nlulien-i lat I
i -,' n ,i-jii, r i ,-, r.. i c.n' f 1- ind l,,,.,-l Ii-- m olhi r 1) a n I 'al lih o-
i ', l t ork i h.iL hauI-t.-n un l r- %ii el. .h i iiit ini i .. li ll Iht-
I 1il. I ,-.n li. l P -;- i il,- k Y tit l i iitl lI'hod n'l 'ii'.. l ni .,- l Ih- .i- .it
I, 1'n ].. I II' I' 1I" \' i n. t-%t nnrhllOn -'m i -is rr[.ort.,.l
I ull~ll l.l h '.'.ill l, I,' ,l in Ih, J. c 'i l-
I i - .1; i ill.i' ..- -i f.'' ii tir i ut i i -
i i' i t- I- [' I" io ,. t' Cl. 'rv. rirer-Nc % v ,teri mrilnus ill
m. im|..i.]1. LIe in.taIII l-d in C'laidtun bil-divisiuia.

io Gand'i Bridg,- and Club Sai,
U. m.).
Mont.ilban dlir''- ir,,ralldis Ft-i
-tri'' t ii noth. anl is the fir-I noril,
in-I .uoutll -rInE-i cast of Rio Vis.' ,-
;limniitelu y it is 1 hi lcut Ithrou.t
ri-E I to (inlUd. ltn.rd,...


NE\V YOUIK, M.n,h 2;.--(.Tl-
llii W.,l-,:.n, a:,.l S. a S. ho last nilgh'
.. -i lie We .oiitn2l.-. r.rn, npal wii h
I' Ni. t [.i.l'l .in (Iir. i rc company ri -
,.i,. I h. ll. l a i| ll' i,,ii~iii w :tlually ol
i.rili's ;.nil ,ntoni mo S oil, lean ol
i"i u l ,,',lii i" -hporrs. %%ho i'n-
he i'ir, or "L Ormanlo." She is ,h,
,I ijluti'r or nn Eilizahcth, N. J
i lhi.. It .1 -hIPl'.
o ti. yl I y ronli ii i for T41il,
''('0 ,'iili of highway building i,-.



Syndicates which are turning to
the trust departments of local banks
for the handling of their parliclpa-
lion certificates are becoming In-
creasingly active on the local realty
market, according to J. V. Wllaon,
trust officer of the Peoples Bank.
faith justifled.j. as they see Pasadena journals, have pronounced Florida's and wil be as much an architectural Boca Ciega bay. which will unques- During to e last two weekp par-k
today." masterpiece in the adaptation of the showplace as was the Rolyat. tonably be one of the west coast's icularly, Mr. Vilson slates, the
Pasadena tolay ranks unuesltion- art of the old world to the new world's The city of St. Petersburg has let finest en;gineerlng projects, ts to be number of syndicate propositions
ably as one of the foremost develor- coonvenence. It has a golf course the contract for 1600,000 worth of one of the next progressive steps in which have been submitted to his de-
mnts of Florida and especially it is rated by- authorities as fourth in, paving in Pasadena which will mean Pasadena which will bring about the partment. has increased notably.
toutsianding on the west coast. Thej America, a course where the world's the imrrovemint of practically every fulfillment of Jack Taylor's promise Where the "bank of friendly aerv-
3.u00 ar.rts of \irgln land on Boca foremost players have gathered an- street in the development. Beautifica- four years ago, "I shall make Pasa- e" has been employed to handle
i(,. K hay. -hkh me-art lhb begin- nuall, and where the Han.-Jones ton work Is carried on through the ,dens not a place where we ask peo- their interests, subject to the in-
Snin : of I'tdA.d, na four 3ear.s apo. to- niatch wass played thi-l spring, th- million dollar Pasn,],d-na nurseries. A pie to l.iv. but a place so attractiveL.truclon of the syndicate manage-
-in'- h.s a ,,omniunii, f britiful n[tif -tandtn vent of the golf-wvorld riding ac.,dJ-mv hni been established, lhat h,::, will want to make it their nb.n, the trust department acts as a
1.t11. 1- ,i a lpark r-y-iint: It h .s th I On the c.,Jie' is being built a 'golf,' A h stn 1t-o, .ern mt-n on the con- horn third u srty to protEct all parties ian-
r ..rl. n-- --.l ji-tn tin' l io' ,I th -i,-i c..-uri ry clutl h.-,.-' ul !ii h ,.%ill :-r'i.,li-,n Cof th- s-.,ond Sl-hole gulf N,'-,rl'. ` 0i n. ti,'m .'e ni no ."- built and io,-l d..
l...l ,,.r,. r t l- I. n riiiritl l :ink wit. t lhe fint, in 'l? 1'., ... 1i 1 r i.:- An il.,in,.i : e].:,rni-p nt ini .-. -iip -.l in Pa i.J.-'na Tries,. ,nd it <, F are operating
1.- i a -- i'~- i_- - -r--- --hu- ii- -- i---------- _ltri_-, ,ciin a' .a<,n- an.- busine-ss, prop-
FEW E FARMER-S ,ir-e,. arti.nd .,.ine of them are "on-
C,, i ., I!RDII D t~ti-iuun~.dv-'.1 niinent andi building
4iI' ~&l -, ildin; to Air. \Vilson.
I-Ma n e Slogan ade FEWER FARMERS ;-si. DL s;iiiir t
Th s v'ndmale bIJIiinl represents

SHorace Greely Who Sent Youth to West ARRIVE IN U S.traniionshihruno
ce ARRVE 0N U I I0U6i-V81, i ,, eoh ,,rr<, he .<.,ttz.
1 _-- MEZZO z'OrCF'A NO .. .. .. ...
I .h1 all thle po-sihililil-s f re o f I su f liiiianil' ji inio horid.& ind sninililry airnaileinlinls are







Committee Recommends
SBroadcasting by Govern-
nient in the Future
By Universal .Service
I ONDON. Mar'h 27.-That the
Ilr.,.ad. a. Lic of roallo programs
Aliotld he a sItl e onterp.rlse ratherr
than a pil'.ule monopoly is the chief
ruomnicnJation male by the cornm-
I tIt..:, aii.ointed by' the Baldwin
'. i'ei r t-nenl ..i in.,uire Into thli
[Utuli... 'i l.road.ii.a.ting in England.
Tl'J LonilmilttLe ha s been sitting lor
e-i iil- i rlinntlhi-. andJ haa hard all
'hadvi-. l urul'u,,ii on the sul.,(-Ct. it,
I report haI rno A hclr-n Ipre-rnted to Ihe
'iA.n-ll rnli h r. \hr~n]. it is nirti'iialeil.
%,II .,' i -,t r. [ini .'i , ? t.ilr.i s m li,]
In all eiFhbt main recommendations
are maili-' by the conrmittep, as fol-
Ioaw: 'lThp control of broadcasting
by tIhe -riLii, I"liad, atirig tonimpany
to expiru the ti1d of the present
.% ai ; i"Ur'thir ntirol to be ,e -'li
in I pulhlic coriorltion to be knotiu
ai Olie BriLish l ioadjea,-ting comml.-
-,on: The ei.xtiilm $2 licen-e fee tO
r-e retained: Tie entire property of
the existing hbionilensling company
to be r-tainsd and taltn over by the
new corporation. The development
of bigh-pco.ker tirannilltting stations
to lie eciicIrag.ed: Eni.ouraigement of
e'ducalional broadcasts. The broad-
-,trting of a moderate amount of
i -'ltlrneis.ial matter: Free licenses
for the blind.
oAt he pii- net moment bhroaldcast-
ing is a nionolioly in England. The?
l- I]'.?-r,-e to lIrc- l' j -,t is held by
th- British Brc.d.aI'-iastin company, a
gioup of audioo manufacturers. This
c.aoni-any ,'c.-Id .three-fourths of
th- nione" collected. by the post
oii,- authuriti,:s for licenses. and In
reluini undlertakes to provide pro-
crams during a certain number of
hours dJ.Aily Including Sundays.
Charges have been made that
broadcasting i-i .e--Loming i.aanant
Oue to the lar'k of competition, and
the .,tthng up of the comnmisslon fol-
lotir-d !e-t-ral months agitalltLion con-
dultCd by nev,'paiper.. members or
parli.'mPnt, and members of the gen-
eral pubic., asking for inquiry Into
the hole methods of broadcasting



Peoples Trust Officer Re-
ports Aspect of Realty


eing 20
,etn 2


MW YORK, March 27.-Following Hupp Motor Car .-- 21% 21 21
tie complete closing list of today's Ill Central..-------1% 1216% 116%
asactionsin stocks on the New Ind Oil & Gas 2 %.. 23% 21% 21%
ik Stock Exchange: inspiration Cop 2/- P2 1 21% 22
High Low Close inter Rapid Trans- 3 2 30% 30%
nmada Lead 8 8 I 8% IoterRub e-.---- 1 16 161
r[ntBusine cMach- 14 41 6
Reduct -..-- .-.1138 113% l a nt Cement ew 60/ 60% 604
x Rubber .. 10% 10% 10% t Combus iEng 39'A 7 37% 383
ika Juneau Gold.- 1% 1% 1% C nInt t arvete ewC 1177/ 116 117e
Am Cables:.....- 135% 135 13 5 % lt HMatch prtpfd-C 127 1 57
2hem'& Dye -.... 118 114% 114% mnt Mterc Marine ---.8 8% 8%
s Chalm Mfg-- 80 78% 80 78todopfd --- --- --31%31 31?
eradagi Coe rp ... 2. Mer2e4 ' Marin 8% 498a4%
a 25 25 Int Nickel ---35/ 34% 34%j
Agd ---------- Cha 7423 23%2 In' Paper new*---- 4978497s49%
S 7 do 7spfd-- 95 96% 95%
36% 36% 36% Int Tel & T1el 117 116 117
Bosch Mag 22 31% 21% Jewell Tee---------32 31% 31%
Brake Shoe Fdy- 117% 117 117 Jewels Tea- 5-W 1 1% 1%
Brown Bov El. 34. 331 34 Joes Bros Tsa --.... 4 45% 15%
Canne ,.- 4. 4 ~Jar dan Motors -- 479440%4, 45%
Can new ------44,z42/s42 Kan CityP & Lpfd 1Q7% 107%5 I %
pfd-...------.-. 12 5 125 K C South Ry 4 1 It 28, 39^
Car & Fdy 98 97l 9 Su 1y K--aye r,(j) &S 38
Chicleser----- 40 31) 4o 38 38
Chicle ... 40 39 40 Kelly-SprIng Tire 16 15-- % 15%
y yn --.... 6 25% Kelsey Wheel pfd 11,5 11,5 115
251xp --- 13 12u 1201 Kennecott Copper --.-1 71%51%,51%
&li Yor Pr 2 2~23% 22% Keystone Tire ---- 1%/ 1
Ipfd --.-----I---- ". S. Q 89 89 Kinney Co-- -.---- 60 65 065
ide & Lea -- 1% 10 10% dopd op ------- 914 94 '4
Ice _-..-- .-- 117 .116% 116% Kresge (S S)C ....52% 46% 46%
Int'l Corp 3- 36% Kresge Dept Stores- 17% 17% 17
pfd- --- 8 3 83 Laclede Gas-- 151A 153 153%
-La Fr Fire Eng 13% 13% 13% Lh & i
Linseed- 35- 35%355% Lig & MyersFTi b nwn375a 75%
Loco ---- 11%- 9 .8 11 d B ..g&M r _7 7A8 75 7
Metal pfd .- 115 1 115 15 1d 13------------ 57 5
Radato IU7/8Iv8y4 us-%Lima Loco ------- 58% 0 7% 57%
adiator .109% 108% .08% Loew's ic.....--.3. 87/. 31%
Railway Exp..- 77% 77% 77% Loft Inc ....---- 7% 7% 7%
Repub -.-- 67% 7 % 67% Long Bell Lu A- .-- 47% 47% 47%N
,Satety Razor 49 40 49 Loose Wiles Bie 9-- 1OU% 1) 97
Ship & Corn 9 8% 87A Lorillard (Pierre) CO37',/ 87%311,
Smelt & Ref 121/ 118118 Louis Oil Ref neW--!.. 1% 19% 19%
Snuff -........ 140% 138138S rLouis & Nash ---.. 12 6% 12% 136%
St4elF s- 4778471/.7 /8Louis Gas&EIA.--- 231 /23 231/
Sug Rel 9 67% 68 Ludium Steel 42 39% 31%
Sum Tob 10% 10 10 Mack Trucks ..---..-- 112 109% 110
Tel & Tel --. 144 144 144 Mackay Cos 13%130% 130%
Tobacco -....-- 113% 113% 113% Macy (RII H Co 91 91% 92
B ..........112% 112% A12% Magma Cop-.--.... 39% 39% 392
Wt Wks & El 48 45% 47 Mallinson & Co .-21% 21Is 21%
Woolen -34% 33133% Mahat Ec up 70 6
Zlne, L,& Smi... 8 7% 7% Manh Ry mod 70 65%4 69%
p: ........ Mash srt td. 40 45 45
o pfd.-----... 31 30 30 Manh Shirt ..... 26 22% 23
conda Copper -- 44 43% 433,. Manila Elec Cor -- 29% 29%1 29%
lcr-Dan-Ml4.---- 8 318% 31 9 MaracaiboOi1 Eip- 23% 22% 23
SS Co of Del pf 96 96% 96% Market St y ------ 8 8 8
of I l A ---- 21% 21% 21%.I do pr pfd -------- 42% 42 42
o B -----.... 11% 11 V11 Marland Oil ------ 64 5S'1/ 53%
1Con Corp new- 22 22 22 Marlin Rockwell ..- 28% 28% 28%
loom Corp ....-- 51% 51% 51% Martin Parry -.--- 19 19 19
a Dry GoOds 40 40 40 May Dept Stores- 114 113% 113%1
. Top & S Fe..- 127 126% 126% Maytag Co --------- 21% 21 21
If pfd .------- 95 95 95 Mclntyre Pore Min-. 24v 23% 23%
Bir & Ati -..... 1%- 1% 1% Mex bea,'bd Oil 7% 7% 7%
Coast Line --200% 196% 198 AIami Copper ---.. 12% 12 12
Gulf & W I -- 38% 38 39 Mid-Cont Pet --. 30% 30 30
O pfd ---...... 42 42 42 Middle States Oil -- 1% 1% 1%
R dr ----- 102% 100 Mid Steel Prod pfd.. 116 115% 115%
s Powder --. 5% 55 5 Miller Rub ctfs .-. 37 37 37
as Tack -.. 11% 10 10 MO,tan&Texx..- 37% 36 36%
o Knit Hpsiery 1 1 1 do pfd- .---------- 89% 89% 89%
iwin Loco ---.- 100 9s% 99% Mo Pacific -...---.... 31% 80 30%
t & Ohio ......- 88% 87% 87% do pfd ...-- --..- 76%/ 76 76
nadall Corp, A 27 27 27 Mont Power --...... 72% 70% 72%
ch-nut Pack -- 57 56 56 Mont Ward--.---- 65% 63% 64%
huSg o --- 34 3% 3 Moon Motor Car -- 31% 30% 31
SSteel .-------. 42 41% 411t oMther Lode --..- % 6% 6%
o 7s pfd ---- 115 115% 1 15 Motion Pie Capital.- 2. 20% 20%,
)th Fish -. ..- 5 65 5 Moto Meter A -. 40 34% 40
gs MfgV----. 30% '9% 29% yMotor Wheel- -.---- 27 27 27
ok dis ---. --136 135% 135% Mullins Bo33y ....... 15 |i% 10%
yn-Manh Trans..- 0% 659% 59% Nash Motors ------ 654% 6% 5 3%
o pfd ,-..-.-- 8- 0 79% 79% Nat' Biscuit .-- 78% 7, 78%
yn Un116n. Gas ..70 0A 44 J1 3'
ynUni Shoe new G.. 79 9% 36 3 Nat Cash g A -.. 44 3% 43%
wa Shoe new -. 37% 36 36%' aNt Dairy Prod ... 59% 51.6 59
Inas Balke Coll -.. 25% 25% 2. 5 % Nat Dept Stores .... 3 29 30%
Ins Term & lBy__ l3 2001%
as Term & By..... 11 10 10 Nat Distillers Prod-. 21 20% 21
Bros-A .-.. 1S 128%127 128% National Lead ..-14S8 118 148
rns Bros B -.... 34 34 4% 34% Nat Pr & Ltctfs 2-0% 1/ % 2%

U S Distrib ..-- 44% 44 44
U S Hoffman Mach-. 50% 49% 50
U S Indus Alcohol 51% 51% 51%
U S Realty & Imp_ 54 50 50
U S Rubber ---....-.. 69% 67% 68
do 1st pfd -------- 105% 104% 105%
U S Smelt & Ref pfd 49 48% 48%/
U S Steel Corp --- 123'% 120% 121%
do pfd .----------- 25% 25% 25%,
Uni Pipe & Rad --.... 18% 18 18
Vanadium Corp ... 31% 30% 30%
Virg-Carolina Chem.- 10 10 10
do new -.---------- 18 17% 18
do 6s pt pfd new-. 56% 56 56
Vivaudou Inc .-...-- 28% 28% 28%
Wabash Ry ..---.... 40% 39% 39%,
do pfd A ------- 71% 71 71
Waldorf System --.. 17%/ 17% 17%
Ward Baking A .--- 115 115 115
do B ---------.. 33 29% 30
do pfd ------. ----- 94 91 91
Western Maryland -. 12 11% 11%
do 2nd pfd ---- 18 18 13
West Pacific pfd 79% 7917 79%
West Air Brake -- 112% 112%1 112%
West UElec & Mfg -- 68% 68% 68%
West Elee Instru -- 15% 156% 15%
Wheel & Lake Erie-.. 22 22 22
White, Eagle Oil 7 27% 27 27
White Motor Co .. 68% 65% 66
White R M Sp ctfs- 31 26 30%
Wick Spencer Steel 1% 1% 1%
Willys Overland, -- 22% 21 21%
do pfd ----- 97% 97% 97%
Woolworth (FW) Co 160% 151% 152
Worth Pump & Mch-. 26 226 26
Wrigley, Jr (Win) Co 51% 51% 51%
Yale & Towne Mfg.- 61 61 61
Yellow Tr & Cch...- 26 24 25%
Young Sh & Tube 73 72%, 72%
Total sales 1.026,300O against 1,677,40)
previous day, 815,200 a week ago and
338,200 a year ago. From January 1
to date 119,372,600 against 110,175,200
a year ago and 73,821,700 two years



NEW YORK, March 27-(2P)-The
departure of William C. Durant for
Oklahoma today accompanied by a
group of friends, on a tour of inspec-
tion of oil properties in which he is
interested, was believed in'Wall street
to be the forerunner of another large
consolidation in that industry.
Net income of the American Rail-
way Express Company for 1925
amounted to $2.183.,640 after taxes and
charges, equivalent to $6.30 a share
on $34,642,000 canital stock. This com-
pares with $2,291,999 or $6.59 a share
in 1924. Total revenue was $149,715,-
038 against $150,699,783 the year be-
fore.- Surplus after! dividends was
$105,120 against $203,479 In 1924.
Net loss of $619,847' for 1925 is re-
ported by Consolidated Textile Cor-
poration and Consolidated Selling
Company, Inc., excluding B B. and
R. Knight. Inc., the year before net
loss of $2,027,615 was reported.
Negotiations for the merger of thlt
Standard Oil Company of New York
and the General Petroleum Corpora-
tion probably will be completed next.
week. Wall street heard today that
the merger plan involves the ex-
change of two shares of Standard Oil
stock for one of General Petroleum,
an Increased dividend on Standard
Oil of New York and a special cash
bonus of $5 to $10 to General Petro-
leium stockholders.

w York Stock Market Quotations

Copper has been easier. Foreign ad-
vices indicate no improvements in
consuming demand abroad and in the
absence of export interest buyers for
domestic consumption are holding off.
The latter appear to have their more
immediate needs pretty well covered
and are supposed to be looking for
lower prices should there be no re-
vival of foreign demand. Producers
have sbown little disposition to press
for busaiess in a dull market and In
some cases were holding for 14 cents
at the end of the week, although
small sales have been reported at 131%
cents for electrolytic delivered.
Tin sold off in response to the de-
cline in Wall Street and weakness
abroad, but no weakness was appar-
ent. Demand for tin plate has en-
larged and the statistical position
promises to remain strong for some
time to come.
Lead ignored the weakness in Lon-
don as producers are well booked
ahead and the movement Into con-
sumption continues heavy.
Zinc was easier most of the week
With prices making new low records
for the year due to the continued light
inquiry from consumers and the
weakness in London and in the secu-
rities market.
Antimony was less active toward
the end of the week and early ad-
vances met increased offerings of
nearly supplies and reactions fol-
NEW YORK, March 27-(a)-Re-
ligious holidays next week are ex-
pected to retard trade in primary dry
goods markets especially in garment
and clothing lines. Cotton goods were
barely steady, with most of the busi-
ness confined to a few gray cloth and
sheeting constructions and active de-
mand for printed goods, rayons and
cotton and stilks. Rw s ilkm .rkts

20 Industrials 20 Rails
Saturday ........ 127.16 111,13
Friday ---------___...... 129.10 111.14
Week Ago -------- 131.9S 110.65
Year Ago .-- 1-- 115.73 97.01
High 1926 ---- ----146.07 117.89
Low 1926 ------- -----127.16 106.51
Total stock sales 1,0226,300.
Frl. Sat.
Ten First Grade -- Rails 91.43 91.37
Ten Secondary Rails 92.78 92.77
Ten Public Utilities -_ 93.05 93.08
Ten Industrials 99.26 99.21
Combined Average -- 94.13 94.11
Combined Month Ago -- 94.18 .
Combined Year Ago -_ 91.37 --
Totals bond sales $6,359,000.



Steel Buyers Limit Pur-
chases, With Other
Lines Slow

NEW YORK. March 27-()P)-Buy-
ers in the steel trade during the past
week continued to follow the same
conservative policy being experienced
in many other directions, and limited
their purchase to nearby require-
ments, with little provision for the
future. The volume of sales was quite
liberal, however. Prices were steady.
1Pi Iron was more active In some
quarters, although generally quiet and

NEW YORK. March 27.-(AP)-
reign *xchanges irregular:
reat Britaitai, demand 4.65 13-16:
bles (,86%; 60-day bills on banks
t 15-1, France, demand 3.45; cables
5%. Italy, demand 4.01%; cables
demand : Belgium 3.94; Germany
80; Holland 40.05; Norway 21.41;
eden 26.81; Denmark 26.20; Swit-
land 19.26%; Spain 14.08%; Greece
5; Poland 12.75; Czecho Slovakia
t; Jugo Slavia 1.76%; Austria 14%;
mania 41; Argentina 39.75; Brazil
30; Tokyo 45%; Shanghai 73; Mont-
1 99%.
3EW YORK, March 27-(N')-Bar
er 65%; Mexican dollars 50%.
.ONDON. March 27-(A-)Barx sil-
* 30% pence per ounce. Money 4%
r cent. Discount rates short bills
per cent; three months bills 4%
r cent.
1ER L I N, March 27-(A')-The
iehsbank report as of March 23
ows the following changes, In
,iold and bullion increased 21,233,-
; deposits abroad increased 297,000;
serve In foreign currencies increased
75,000; bills of exchange and
eiques increased 72,854,000; silver
d other coins increased 5,161.000;
tea on other banks increased 4,837,-
; advances decreased 2,785,000: in-
stments increased 5,177,000; other
sets increased 36,037,000; notes in
dculation decreased 90,778,000; other
touring obligations inoareased 88,-'
,000; other liabilities increased 4,-
,000; total gold holding 1,449,159,-

IEW YORK, March 27.-(A')-The
ual condition of clearing house
nks and trust companies for the
ek shows excess reserve of $15,-
,670. This is an increase In re-
ve of $4,438,990, compared with last
ek, when excess reserve totalled
NEW YORK, March 27.-The raw
gar market was firm today, but no
as were reported and prices were
changed at 4.02 for Cuban duty paid.
Predictions of reduced Cuban crop
imates had a stimulating effect in
Sraw sugar futures market and
upled with the firmness in the Spot
irket caused increased covering and
side buying which lifted prices 3
4 points. Realizing for over the
ek end checked the upward move-
tnt and caused partial setbacks with
e close 1 to 3 points net higher.
Say closed 2.35; July 2.47; September
0; December 2.68; January 2.69.
defined sugar was unchanged to 10
tints higher with list prices ranging
:in 4.90 to 5.26 for fine granulated.
Band was light.
JACKSONVILLE, March 27.-(2P)
Turpentine firm at 95% to 95%.
le, 112; receipts, 47; shipments,
3: stock 20,327.
tosin firm; sales, 617; receipts, 323;
ipments, 220; stock. 79,402.
uote: B, 8.60; D, 9.25; E,. 10.00;
12.35; 0, 12.50; H, 1250; I, 12.70;
1.90; M, 14.00; N, 14.30; WG, 14.50;
W, 1,5.00; X, 15.20.
OLBEDO, 0., March 27.-(P)-
ver seed, cash, domestic, 21.00;
ported. Marc (, 4.40 bid; October,
Ake, cafsh and March. 17.00.
Timothy. cash and March. 3.55; Oc-

dO cttfs --------- 16% 1%%53 5%
Chi & North West. 69 68' 68%
Chi Pneu Tool ---- 101 100 100%
C R I & Pac ., 43 43 43
do 6s pfd .------ 84% 841 84%
do 7s pfd -------- 97 97 97
Childs Co --------- 6534 52% 53
Chile Cop ---- 33% 32% 33
*Christie Brown & Co 42 42 42
Chrysler Carp ..35% 33% 34
Chrysle Corp p( A-- 98% 98 98
Coca Cola 132%, 130%130%
Colo Fuel & Iron 32 30 30
Col Gas '& Elec --- 671s 65 65%
Coium Carbon 62 60 604/
Corn Credit -------- 31 31 31
do 61.s pfd -- --95 95 95
Corn Ino Tr ---- ----58 58 58
Cong-Nairn --------- 17 16m 16%
Consol Cigar ------- 656% 65%/ 56
Consol Distrib ,__ 30 27 27
Consol Gas -------- 91%4. 9e g 90%
Consol Gas ---------- 91% 90% 90%
Cont'l Can ---------- 76% 76V 76%
Con't Insur ------- 130% 130% 130%
Cont'l Motors --- 11 10% 10%
Corn Prod ------. 38% 37% 37%
Coty. Inc 45% 45 45
Cru Steel ---------- 68% 67% 67%
Cuba Cane Sug --- 9% 9% 9%
do pfd --.--------- 40% 401, 40,%
Cuba Co., ThIe ---- 43% 43%43%
Cuban Am Sug --. 24% 24% 24%
Cuban Dom, Sug _- 2% 2% 2%
do pfd ------------ 17 17 17
Cudahy Pack ------ 8314 83 83%
Cudahy Pack ------ 83% 83 83%
Cushman's Sons Inc 87% 85 85
Cuyamel Fruits --- 45 45 45
Dan Boone WI Mills F A % %
Davison Chem --- -31 29% 30
hDeere & Co pfd --- 1047% 104% 104%'
Del & Hudson-- -- 164% 162 164%
Del, Lack & West 137 135% 135%
Den R Gr & W pfd- 42% 42 42
Det Edison --------- 125 124% 124%,
Dodge Bros A-.--- 32% 31% 31%
do pfd ------ 84% 83% 84%
Dome Mines ------- 16 15% 15%
D S S & At pfd _.. 6 1 6% 6%
Du Pont de Ner -.. 204 200 203%
Eastman Kodak ___ 108% 108 108%
[Eaton Axle & Spr 26% 26 26
Eisenlohr & Bros 137/ 13% 131%
Elec Auto Lite --- 65% 65 65
Elec Boat --.-- % 5% 5/s 5%
El Pr & Lt ctfs -- 19% 19 19
Elec Storage Bat 77 76% 76%
Erie R R ------ 25% 25 25%
Erie 1st pfd ------- 37% 36% 37
do 2nd pfd --------- 33% 13% 33%
Eureka Vac Cleaner- 47% 47 47
Fairbanks. Morse Co 48 48 48
SFamous Play-Lasky- 119 112 113
do pfd ------------119 119 119
Fed Lt & 'Tract -._. 31% 29% 29%
First Nat Stores -- 35% 34% 35%
Fisher Body -------- 91 89% 89%
Fisk Rubber ----- 16% 15% 16
do 1st pfd cvt -._ 100 100 100
Fleischmann Co new- 36% 34% 34%
Foundation Co 98 96 96%7
Fox Film A --- 61% 69 4 61
Freeport-Texas 23% 22% 23%
Gabriel Snubber 33 32% 32%
Gardner Motor 8 8 8
Gen Am Tank .... 46% 453/% 45%
do pfd 101 101 101
Gen Asphalt 65% 59 69%
do pfd -----.. 101% 100 100%
General Cigar --6- 51%4 51 51
Gen Electric 299% 292% 292%
do apI ----------- 11% 11% 11%
Gena Gas & El A-.. 40 35% 40
Gen Motors --------- 120% 117% 118%
do 7s pfd ---------114% 114% 114%
Gen Outdoor Adv ctf 29% 29% 29%
Gen Pet ----- 60 59 69%
Gen Railway Sig new 67 66 66%
Gimbel Bros ----- 521/% 61 51
Glidden Co ----.----- 20% 20% 20%
Gold Dust --..-....-- 45% 44% 45
Goodrich (B F) Co.-5 67%7 56% 56%
Goodyear T & R pfd 102 102 102
do pr pfd ..----- 106 106 106
Gotham Silk Hosiery 35 33% 33%
do 1st pfd ------ 99% 99% 99%
Gould Coupler A 18% 18% 18%
Granby Min 18 18 18
Gt North Ry pfd 71% 71% 71%
Gt West Sugar --.... 96% 96% 96%4
Greene Cananea Cop 10% 10% 10%
Guantanamo Sugar-. 7% 7 7%
Gulf States Steel -_ 70 69% 69%
Hayes Wheel ------- 40 40 40
Hocking Valley Ry.- 147 147 147
Hoe (R) & Co --. 26%. 25% 26%
Household Prod --... 40% 40% 40%
Houston Oil ---- 69% /, 59% 59%
Howe Bound Co ... 33% 33% 33%
Hudson & Manh -. 36% 35% 35%
Hudson Motor Car...- 83% 81% 82

Packifi Uc t ------- 65 4Y 5 a4
Packard -Motor C 34% S33% 824
Paige-Det Motor Car 260 19% 19%
Pan-Am Pet --------4% 63% 64%
do B ---- --- 66 63% 64%3
Pan-Am West B 37% 37 37%
Panhandle Pro & Rf 9, 9 9
Park & Ti.ord .--- 22 22 22
Pathe Exc A ---- -----62% 61% 62
Penn Coal & Coke 11% 11 11
Penn R R ---..------ 51 50% 50%
Penn Sea Steel -- 1 16s 1%
Peoples Gas, Chicago 1181/2 118 118%
Pere Marq ---------- 81% 811/ 81%
Phil Co ------------ 65 64 65
Phil' & Rd Coal & 1 38%1 381, 3 88
Philip Mor & Co -_ 17 17 17
Phil Pet --------..- 44 43% 43%
Pierce-Arrow ------- 28% 27% 28
do pfd ------------89% 88 89
iPerce Oil -----------1' I I I 1%
Pierce Petroleum ,' % 4,% 4%
Pittsburg Coal --- 33 3 33
do pfd -------.. 72% 72% 7 72%
Pittsburg Ter Coal- 411,/ 41 41
Pitts & West Va --.... 95 95 95
Posturn Cereal --- '85'4 82% 8314
Pressed Steel Car ._ 54 52% 04
Prod & Ref-----------i . 3 33 1
Pub Ser Corp N J_.. 77 76% 76%
Pub Ser El & Gas pf 98 98 98
Pullman Co ---------154 150% 150%
Punta Alegra Sugar. 35 3% 14%
Pure Oil ------------27% 26% 27
Radio Corp -------- 37 32% 34%
Railway Steel Sp nw 63% 63 63
Ray Consol Cop --- 11% 11% 11%
Reading Co ------- 82 81 % 3151
Relid Ice Cream --- 50 5 0 0, 0
Reis & Co Robt --- 12 11% 12
Reining Type ------100% 98 98
Replogle Steel --- 10% 1U% 10%
Rep Iron & Steel %- 5I,1% 49% 49%t
do pfd -----------93% 93% 93%
Reynolds Spring -- 6, 6% C %
Reynolds Tob B --.... 91% 91 91
Royal Dutch N Y sh 52 51% 51%
Safety Cable' Co -- 45 45 45
St Joseph Lead .-- 40% 40 40
St' L, SF Ry ------- 90% 90 90
St Louis S West -- 68% 66% 68%
do pfd ------------73% 73% 73%
Savage Arms ------- 84 83% 84
Schulte Retail Stores 48% 47% 48
do pfd -----------115 115 115
Seaboard Air Line..- 31 310 31
do ptd ------------33% 331 33%
Seagrave Corp 13% 13% 13%
Sears-Roebuck 186%131% 182%
Shattuck (FG) Co.-. 53% 'S% A 3%
i Shell Union Oil --- 25% 5% 25%
Shubert Theatre Corp 56 56 56
Simmons Co --------44% 44% 44%
Simms Petroleum 22% 22% 22/4
Sinclair Con Oil .. 22 21 21%
do pfd ------------93 93 93
Skelly Oil --------- 28%21 281/ 28%
Sloss Sheff St & Ir 107% 14 4 107%
South Pacific -. 98% 8 98
Southern Ry -----111% 110 % 111'/
do pfd ------------88% 88 88
South Porto Rico Sug 112 112 112
Spicer Mfg ---.------ 22% 22 22 :
Stand Gas & Elec -_ 55 63% 55
Standard Milling --- 71% 71%i 71%
Stand Oil, Calif --... % 65%V 55%
do of N J 4.. 43% 42% 43
do pfd ..--- 118 118 118
Sterling Prod ...... 76% 75 76
Stewart-Warn Speed 79% 76 78%
Strom Carb- ------ 67 67 67
Stude Corp ..---- 53% 52% 53
Sub Boat-.... ------ 2% 2% 2%
Superior Steel -- 21 21 21
Sweets Co of Am -. 9 9 9
Syqington Co ------ 9 9 9
doA --------------17%/ 17%/ 17%
Telautograph Corp.- 12. 11% 11%
Tenn Cop &/Chem..- 12% 12% 12%
Texas Co ------ ----50%/ 49% 50
Texas Gulf Sulphur.- 129% 171/s .128
Texas & Pac Ry -. 50 49 49
Tax & Pac Coal & 0 14% 141i 14%
The Fair Co ------29%4 28% 28%
Third Ave Ry 33% 2 32%
Thompson (J R) Co 44% 44% 44%
Tide Water Oil -- 33% 33 3
do pfd .---------- 92 92 92
Timken Roller Bear.- 49% 48% 49%
Tobacco Prod ---- -101% 7100% 101
Trans Oil ---------- 3% 33% 3%
Twin City R T pfd-. 101 101 101
Union Bag & Pr -- 39 37 39
Union Car & Carbon 81 80 89%
Union Oil of Cal -_ 47 45% 46
Union Pacific ..-- 144% 144 144%
do pfd -... 77% 77%' 77%
Union Tank car .-- 88 88 88
United Alloy Steel-.- 301 30 30
United Cigar Stores 92% 91% 92
United Drug 142' 140% 140%
United Fruit 251 248 248
United Ry mInv pfd. 74% 74% 74%
S 8 SCast Ir P & Fy167% 156 165

.Jones Brothers tea reports net in-
come of $149,812 for the rear ended
January 2, 1926, equal to $8.98 a share
on the cumulative preferred in coh-
trast to net losses of $284,800 the year
February 'surplus of the l'lIssouri-
Kansas-Texas declined l $o334,247
from $384,920 in February last year,
making surplus for 'the' first two
months this year $720,965 against
$802,743 a year ago.
Bank clearings throughout lthe
country for the week are'compiled at
$9,841,304,911 bYy the Commercial and
Financial Chronicle,. an increase of
15.1 per cent' over the $8,553,113,214 a
year ago. New York City gained 21.6
per cent.
Th i Submarine Boat Corporation
reports deficit of $247,126 for 1925
In contrast to net inc6ime Of $160,5810
or 20 cents a share on the no-par
value stock n 1924. The ,New York
stock exchange has bean nitofied of
a proposed decrease in the authorized
capital stock from 800.000 shares to
191,730 and a change in name to
Transmarine and Terminal Company.
An issue of 30,000 shares, of seven
per cent preferred stock, $100 par of
Americah iMachine ind Foundry Cor-.
pahy has been approved by Stock-
holders, also a change in par value of
the common stock from $100 to no par
on the basis of three shares for each
share Of the present common held.
The changes will require 180.000
shares of new common. Twenty
thousand shares of new preferred will
be offered shareholders prorate at par
with nion-deetachable warrants en-
titling the holder to buy one share of
common at $50 between January, 1928,
and DeCember, 1929."
The substantial financial condition of
several of the country's largest rail-
road and Industrial companies is re-
flected In a. Wall street compilation
of 17 corporations whose annual re-
port for 1925 show cash and Invest-
ment security holdings exceeding a
billion dollars, a gain of more than
30 per cent over 1924 and equivalent
to more than 20 per cent of the com-
bined deposits of New York clearing
house banks.
Foremost inthe list of those which
have made public their balance sheets
for last year are U. S. Steel Corpora-
tion with cash and investment hold-
ings of $295,344,954; General Electr4c
$149,128,285; Gen'eral Motors $14.142,-
088; American Telephone and Tele-
graph $72,484,921; American Tobacco
$45,883,661; Swift and Company $38,-
Secured by Income Cilt
Beal Estate.
& safe Investment. Interest an principal
guaranteed. Trustee. ThIe Central Na-
tiosial Bank.
Franklitn Bdll.. O)i)HMllte Post Office

Meaden& Welsh
Counselers on Federal Taxation
Telephone 902. M 204 Hall ISldg.

Principal and Interest
Power and Light Bldg.
S A. T. Blocl(er, Pre&.

Rye firm:; Number 2 western 1.00%.
F. 00. B. New York and 99 C. I. F.
Export. Barley firm: malting 81"/8@
84 c C. L F. New York. LaM firm;
middlewest 14.90@15.00. Other articles
058,652: International Harvester $34,-
099,364: Western Electric $31,560,305;
New York Central Railroad $31,183,-
947; American Sugar $28,003,084; Am-
erican Locomotive $23,124,034 and
American Can $20,299,231.
February net railway operating in-
come of the Baltimore and Ohio rail-
road gained $200,024 over February
last year, reaching $2,000,506. Operat-
ing revenues increased $581,539. Net
operating income for the first two
months of 1926 totaled $5,082,131, atn
increase of $1,273,572 over the same
period of 1925,
The New York Central's February
passenger earnings were' the largest
for that month in the company's his-
tory,, $6,937.431 and for the first two
months this year, $15,225,355, an-
other high record for that period. Net
railway operating income advanced to
$4,112,500 from $3,893,257 in February
last year.

State Savings Building &
Loan Association
Resources, over $700,000

Mr. Tourist:

Leave some

of your money

with us. 6%

on Savings,

8% on Shares.

Drop in any

Time. We

have no sales-

men. Our office

is our

sales room..

State Savings

Building &Loan


627 First Avenue North
Judge Geo. W McCleary
J. A. Stringer. Secy.
Phone 50-229
We pay 5 per cent on Savings
Accounts if left 3 nionths.

visions in respect to deduction and
withholding of taxes by corporations
on their bonds. If the investor files
notice with the withholding agent be-
fore February 1 that his net income
in excess of personal credits does not
exceed $4,000 (the maximum under
which 1%% normal tax applies, the
corporation shall deduct or withhold
1ic% rather than 2%. Where income


depositors and clients. Your considera
tion of our efficient service is cordially



100o% Safety!

8% Yield!

Every nman-whether he has hundreds or
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Mortgages we own and offer. Don't
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The appraisal committee of this company
consists of T. A. Chancellor, C. W.
Springstead. R. HI Thomas and Paul F.
Skinner. Every loan we make is person-
ally inspected by this committee and in
no case do we loan over 50% of our own
appraisal andt only on well located im-
proved property, and in the majority of
instances we require a 5% (or more) an-
nual reduction in principal, thereby inak-
ing the loan grow safer as time goes on.
We have no salesmen.

You are invited to write or call for fur-
ther information. You receive 8% semi-
annual interest from the day we receive
your check-principal and interest guar-
anteed by us.

St, Petersburg Bond & Mortgage Co

The First National Bank Building
'Resources Over $1,000,000
St. Petersburg, Florida

No Loss to Any Investor and We Guarantee There Never Shall Be

general sharp advance in

.RDemand was slack for futW
MEN &^ SHAlRP ALLY coud esil
MNeries of corn and oats. As
ommunisslon houses bought on]
the market sagged.
M AI hDownturns both I og a
SETSP.IN LATE n grain weakened the p avl
B P. F.B. j ket.
Report of Wheat Shortage MWheaty--w. High
May (old).-----1.01% 1.6 7
MABSON PARK, ass. (Special.)- Causes Market to Gain L /May
M' H. Aylesworth, Managing Director uly ----- -.
of the National Electric LightAssocia- in at H r sept- ----. 33., 1.
tion. draws our attention to the fact in Last Hour e Cornp -
that whereas in 1902 the capital Invest- --- May 7. 73% I72%i
ment in the electric light and power CHICAGO. March v27.-(@)W 1 t JuIly - 77% 760
industry was in 1922 itdecrease of more than 1,000.000 busb Sept --------- 79, 178.
was $5,100u,000,00u or an inc-rease ofi ......(.....inlv M ha "T~/i n-
was $5,100,000,000 or an increase of els expected Monday in the United Oats-
more than 9 times (900 per cent). We States wheat visible supply total, as May 40% 39%
believe that-in view of the large and Staeswleatvislcte io ply thao as et--y -- -- 40% 4/
Increasing customer-ownership of se- well as a reduction of the stock of July -..... 40% 40%
curitles in such companies, that these wheat in Chicago. the wheat market Sept.- ---- 41% 40
figures are exceedingly important ones, rallied sharply todaw In the last hour. Rye-
and add the following to substantiate despite earlier setbacks. Closing May -----------8g 87
the fact, prices for wheat were Irregular at 1% July ---------- 90 8 8
cent net decline to %c advance. May Spt- -..
:____- (new). 1.60%1 to 1,60% and July 1.37% "t- -----
NEW INCORPORATIONSI to 1.37%. Corn finished % to %c off. Lard-
Oats %@c down to %c up, and pro- May ----------14.40 14.22
,,<1. ---0 visions unchanged to 20c lower. July- _-.-- 14.55 4.47
*9 At first the wheat market was dorm- Ribs--
Inated by profit taking sales and by July ...- -"-
S7 \ \ ews of a heavy snowfall. Improving May -. -
he crop outlook in the southwest, B3ellies--_
'specially Texas and Oklahoma, so May ------- -
t nuch so that according to one esti- July -------- -
0 nate the southwest will raise 200.-
100,000 bushels more wheat than last TURPENTINE
ear. In addition, forecasts of wide- SAVANNAH, (1a., March 2
pread further moisture in the west ceipts 31; shipments;85; stocl
n 'd southwest, together with rising Turpentine firm 97%; sales
1 0 TV,21112&2 31M1 111 2.1 temperature, tended to relieve appre- Rosin firm: sales 173: rece
pension of crop damage and ts weaken shipments 2,504; stock 28,809.
tokho r f elet values. Besides, export demand today Quote i. 8.50; D. 9.25; E,.
Stockholders of elect s companies for North American wheat was slow. 12.5S; G. 12.50I; H, 12,55; I. 1
reached a new and asto. shing ly high UnusutJly persistent absorption of 13.90; M. 14.00; N. 14.30; Wi
mark last year (1925). T'ack in 1518 wheat- offerings, however, brought WWV. X.1).00
there were 5,000 new stockholders aswh t f h v b WW 15
compared with over 375 thousand of about greater confidence on the buy-
them last year! gIn side of the market as the day COTTONSEED OIL
tem laso year. approached an end. On the ensuing NEW. YORK. March 27-f.
Lower Price for Antimony brisk rally, talk was current in some tonseed oil closed steady. P1ri
Prices are now 25% be low the high quarters that a further upturn of a mer yellow 1200@>12.75:; prii
of this year, but are still high corn- few cents might start a flurry among 11.001ool1.12,'. March 11t20; Ap
pared with average prices for this traders who were short of wheat for May 12.001: October 1 t Sal
season. Although the political situa- dlivery on May contracts and that ._ ..
tion in China is still unsettled, sup- -delivery o Ma'ycnrta
plies are considered ample and a fur- C A AND SAFETY-Wrtre i
their downward movement is expected, does not exceed such exemptions 8 o I rst Rscai sate dofer.
A Buyer's Market Dominates there need be no withholding. I S.etESo o0
Commodity prices have slumpeA d 4% Favorable Bond Features ANST.MRPETERSBURG O
since the first of the year., This ac- Such influences as the new tax law Res rcs OReTGA 1,o
tion confirms our statement that con- and the current downward trend oit .Fi -Ovet -N.l Bld St-.s
sumption has fallen off more rapidly commodity prices are distinctly favorT-kB S st
than output. Competition, high rate able. The Revenue Act of 1926 per- REFERENiCES:
of failures, and a buyer's market mits- in fact impels, considerable F -rt N'etional Bank, Ft.Peters
dominate change in relative holding of taxablet C.ittiersP n;&Trs Cn
Caustic Soda Cheaper and tax-exempt issues. --_ -____
Although the market is more active. Definite attempt is being made in -
concession from quoted prices have New York State to make certain util- ,e .mwn andi otifl
been obtained. The tone of the mar- ily bonds legal for savings hank in-I I MR TA
ket does not suggest a higher price vestmen. It seems to us inevitable | % I,'tIIM'T M RItTGA
level in the near future, for caustic that many important utility additions Ii Iniirovnel City Rieal I
soda. will be made to the legal list withiin|
Pinning The Dollar Down the next few years, irrespective of' ./r"w t
Pin ing The Dolar own what th~e imm ediate degree of suco W ri gh,, W ar iow &
To find some way of stablizing thewhtheimdaeege c W ght
yalue of the dollar is the problem on may be. 320 Central National Illi
which the Stable Money Association (All right' 's rv d. Publs
is working, under the leadership of Financiali Bu1 at 1abt> l'' Po -918
such men as H. Parker Willis, Irving Mass.) __ ___
Fisher and Willford I. King. A prac-
tical effort to remedy the injustice of
a fluctuating standard of value has
been made by the Philadelphia Rapid
Transit Company in its recent wage eiB ss
agreement. A base wage of 73%o per
hour has been established but this
is to be adjusted yearly to conform
to the purchasing power of the dol-
lar, as shown by a designated index.
At least one industrial concern has
put out an issue of bonds embodying
the same principle. The adjustment
will probably be small, but, In paying
wages in stabilized dollars, justice will
be done, and better relations insured.13
Canadian Business Better|
In Canada now there is a high rate .
of production, car loading and rail-


r- Arn
tw ArtI
I.-.. Assi

Assistant Treasurer
Assistant Secretary
president. The First National Bank
St. Petersburg. Florida
1.. A. BIZE
President. Citizens Hank & Trust Co.
Tampia. Florida
Vice-President. The First National
St. P'etersburg. Florida
Vice-President. Thie First National
St. Petersburg. Florida
Director. Time First National Bank
St. Petersburg. Florida
Director, Tihe First National Bank
St. Petersbhurg. Florilda
Director, rhe First National Bank
St. Petersbulrg, Florida
Director. The First National Bank
St. Petersburg. Florida
President. The Peoples Bank
Clearwater. Florida
Counsel and Direetor. The First Na-
tional Bank
St. Petersnmrg Florida
Attorney At law
Louisville. Ky.. anmd St. Petersburg,
Mortnmege Banker
St I.terhlur". l''is ida
Mortgaffe Banker
St. Petersburg. Florida

-. AY, MARCH 2 .1926
| =NAMRH2. 12


Section Two

Page Eleven

Pessimism Covers Financial District With Blanket of Gloom




Opinions Differ as to Trend

of Business in the Im-

mediate Future


No Strain on Credit Situa-

tion Even With Specula-
tion at High Point

NEW YORK, March 27-i.P)-.\
7 trt of pessimism swept over the
fInnclal district thsle e-k when re-
newed liquidation of siock.s sent the
average of 20 leading induIrirtl i-ire
down to a new low level for the year
the bulk of uommodlty prl|.es con-
tinued to decline, French franrcs col-
lapsed to the record low estahllshed
In March 1924. and Belgian f'rancs
aMk to the lowest price eser recorded
Although there I still'ihle
difference of opinion as to luast 1iuit
extent the break In stock prices i
forecasting the future of rtusines.
there Ia no doubt that most r.f the
earlier hopes have r.c,.ni revised, and
that spring trade, while comparing
favorably with a year ago. has n.-it
come up to general expectations. It
1has been noticeable that the slihrpee
declines this week have taker, place
In Issues known to hie selling nut of
line wUth their present earning poi.1
and future prospects.
Bankera generally agree that the
depression In sBock price-s has h,.] a
temporarily bad psy,-hological efli-ect
on business. The facL that it has not
been accomp anied by any unusual In-
crease Ifi j'allur-s or other signs of
financial distress Is accepted as evi-
dence that busln-ss conditions are
fundamentally sound. Most of the
leading companies are In a strong fi-
nancial condition, well supplied ith
each 'and with relatively low Inven-
tor lasi
Although there was no strain on
the credit situation, even when smook
speculation was at Its height. It un-
doubtedly has been materially nim-
r ro ed by the reduction of or-out
335,000,000 In brokers' loans since the
tirat of the year. New bound poi-rini:.i
ate being brought o11] at thi- [ite -il
about S100.O00u.00 weekly but stock fi-
nancing has practically suspended for
the time being.
Weakness of the French franc and
Belgian currencies reflects the d,,ner.-
tic financial problems cf those gov-
ernments, centering largely on ineir
apparent inability to balance their
budget s.

JAUKSONVILLEI, Fla., March 27.-
(AlP).-' he following niumlier ol car.
conltinisg Florida fruit and vegetables
er4 forwarded from Jacksonville.
igt. ,,mprin;go and Hampton via rail
d9U= 21 the l.,at 48 hours, endlhg noon:
0 6Ba. and No. oP Southern
S Beyond Savannah Pts. Totar
e 21. 76 79 115
WE-r-p2rut 6 66 1 9
Att --. 0 5 0 .
0e 0 0, 4 0 4

Cel 48 3 69
s 0 a
*. 0 5 0 6
I 'V" etabies Durino Seasont
movement ince beginning of season,
ael 4tl her, 1925:
S Ohio.
Miss. and No. of Southern
Beyond Savannah ['is. Total
Omgpaes ..2984 9S1;7 25iJ 3683tr
Tsafirtale 261 AZ3 62 11t2
XIetI -- 14 5,2 4 ,51"
V7egetble 41 1,7 12 112-)
Peper -- 6F. 2,5 I 3"1
Tonmoes 26 158 87 211
Cabbalee 3G 6.' 41
CuSPmbers. 14 ?S 9 5I
reApe 1 3 r 4
Calery ..L. 91 146;1 16 2-' <
Strawberry. 32 2,16 1 23')
Potatoes -. l "-2 ,
Beani. ---- 2i3 1 2.16
.ACKSONVILLB.. March 27.-(.AP)-
Conditions and ,isi .li.ii5 |,re. iiltii,
on the local markEt i"diay a. repc.rt.ia
Py the State Marketing bureau:
Supplies of all ml1cellaneouis vege-
'tables very light, demand good, move-
ment very light; market stror, for
good stock.
Beans A bu. himpers freern
6.001S.00: wax 5 io.,.'j.t.[li. C1l.haF,_
3 bu. hamierr nea'.- stock 2 0(,. ,i fii
Celery Florida 10-Inch clrat3s a anrd 4s
4.@59 .00: 6s and %. i -"',t'1 111 1 '_'K, i
hothouse dozen carroini.s -5r.-2 'r,
Eggplant standard rates chiie fe,
.00@,00 Let-tuce It l.u. hampers.
Ioaton type, 2 2E5.2.5i). Peas, English
Sbu .hampers 4.i,(1@4.50. Peppers
standard crates green few Ti (,n'j.i -,i,
quash, standard ciqt.-e yellr.w few
,.0@9.50: white, no supplles. Spinach
bo. hampers 1. .'. 2 ti u .i,,.' po-
toes per cwt 4.111). Tnmii1.-'s 7.q
orlda's fancy count 4.2,05 i,0. To-
Btstoee SG Florida's choi-it court
3.O@3.E0. Stir'imihr- r mi .iJ2 Quart
*rates 30c35c. Oranr.-s l-, oxeq fan. %
aunt and stock 4.F.i.'13-.0f. Orange'
bo xea choice count amnd stock 4 ii.I. rI
rapefrult boxes fimnry i ontn and
.stock 3 50@4.511 <;rapefrlult boxes.
diholoe count and Ft.-.. k 3.(.,ii,'& F,1n
CHICAGO, March 27-' IP)-The
'butter markets during the week were
flervouc and unsettled. Receivers In
most Instances pressed goods for Sale
on arrival while Jobbers and diatirlhu-
tars operated close to Immediate
Confidence was aJinost entirely lack-
)ng and at least ar'ctnmulltlon of gr-l,
'esulted in a wtsakeriinj 01' the mar-
ket. Generally |.si-'_kin'. there nsiu
bo definite trent Io ii'1 .vitiiailnm. tur
sentiment Inmosrt quarters appealed
,to favor low-r pric -
Stocks of butter or, hand In alorane
a,-e exerting a f .'ih;-r lenrl-h Infl,-
.ence on the mr'rkIt aq trin moren ni
hf storaEge butter Ihtto comeumt.,tiu.'s
'cksannels Is very limited. .

CHICAGO, M.',rm-h 27--A'tP--Pol,'-
.'toes receipts 9ij vlrir: 'toin l LI -,. Shir,-
ents 647: 21 Canadian, tiradirnq lil-
ited; market strori=---r. o0lces higher
and few sales: \'liaco nsin asck..d
round whites 4t'.nt',175: occaei.,:nl
"fanoy shade higher; Idaho saskel
rusaels 475@485
CHICAGO, March 27--(.Pt-PouI-
b'y, alIve, easy. Receipts. 3 .'ar.-e
gp~lwla, 2i'2S14'; sprtniE.F 31: tijrk"
( roosters, 21; duck.., 3r,.j 72. B-e.-

I NEV YORK. Mitrm.h r"7 -in|AP]-
Butter easy; receipts 9.571. Eggs easy,
receipts 27,7M;. Cruise-.:- i --,\ .-it,,
94,9S9 pounds.

SNEW YORK. Nlarh 27.-fAPI- poultry unsettled: brolers h-\ rx--
ipress 506-60; fowls k-y freight 2.S';,'3,..
Dreased poultry steady; Lries tnn-

i MINNEAPOLIST. Mrinn March 27.
J-(a&-Flour. 2u0 hiu-hkr at 9 lI'i, 'm"
ia barrel. Shipments, 41 32b larr-ls.
jBran. 23,0(0.
I Wheat. No. 1 Northern, 151t;'aQ135112;
.,ay. 1531; July. 14S%.
SCorn, No. 3 yellow, 66',6'ii9.
i '*g$, ,"o. 3 white. 3r.4&QJB'lj.

NEW YORK. March 2; -F-Ilowine
ale todas'a high. luw and closing tIricc
o[ Lt'uaC. on thlb Ni...w York Such LCx-
chang'e, and the totaL salts of ealb
tU. F Gontrlmeni Bon-is in Dollars
anrd 'hjrL'.'-i.L'4,ndsa 0" Liiilare
: iri-a in fIis i-t H it-'li Lil 'i_,].-:.
Liberit, Jt' ...... l.& l>1- .4 1Nll 4
.J., l-.t 41, ...... 112 7 1'.".4 liD ;7
lIo Lnid 4 .a .... .111 27 1"i I il :
1 2 ;r, 4-',s ...... lP-1i 11]1.4 IL, .u
A, I n 11 41LA ..,.. ]"; ] I. l f 1 In- I
L T "'rr'avt.u I ) .. g i' ".- 111.3 'e ]" I '
J 41, ........ 111 l Ul;3U ll;.-. It j'-
AlcJii Mbiult qtl 7s .. 6 i1 l t4 t
A Jurg M ki d.' .... I';tI, 1U I, l'7 .
nLtel S-.owt 7a ...... Intl-i 11tn-. t:i9'-1
tsr i, i1', u ; sm-i A ". 3 1 5 4 .91.t
dl 'J .3 .. P -b9 *I 18 -
il- I..s rigk's -' b9 0c i 9,' 4.
Ac-U t i Goil l d n I U 'i liJii iII1 1
Chin 51o3 1 y i .'d ... I1 il 41
C l "I Bet 1,i.s I.ia .k".' ," ,I,'.
l; ol Boge sn 19SI5 .... .'1j fi'j 59
f H ind Ci- .- .. -3- '- 5L
1 I" I FliE ..11 tII l' t. I 1tin Ii,
C o io p-mlh 5-.a ... v' MA-1 99
C nof L; PI 1 7,n- .... 97t1 1. '7 SJ7I,
C- f Lsn ha ...... 3 I
,; c,]' M rh I.s ...... b3 1 8.1
C '.-I Oi .3 '.s 195" .. 'i" 1. ;'v ;f'. .
'f[' -P ,r e .i h / 1 .i U' t Ir1 I 'li--
," 1. -..,-' .J an i. I ; 1, ',, I, ],,i6 ll,, ,
Cr i-i 6- I.. .. 97., .r:. i 95 .
C r.. h.:'_. R 1' 9, 19 1 i DO I L i ll, ',
.1.1 6 ; 1l :.,3 .. 1.1 ],,, Lj Ill ,,..
I 1 i i I.' ] i.It 1 i I
I I. C i f.[ 'Sr, i 'Fr-) r "- 7- ^ r, i k N .i 1
In..,rnin 1 I , '.1 1.j; I., 4 .
li 01 C',a r.1 nitt... *1 tI In. I '.i: i,
Lu E tInI if i.s 196;2 ll I"10 nI"
Ino 44 1947' 1 I i 1' 1. I'1.. i Ji .
if hi. 19 .3 N3i- I,2t 1 ,'2' 12
FrFi' Milt L iq m cr A 4i" -1 r.,
Fr.nnl-r I L[V 71. S..1i s i1- .4 1,
F r, rni T n R . . .. , . ,,' .'7
.d.. 717 . . . . S ; >
K,, 7' -57 55 .:+ 'irn Acr Bk 7 li'. l. ,I.
i-merm r En Lonn 7q l. li, tllI Ill.'
I ,'I iI ,. t E l 2 . 7 I ' 'v 1
'r Mr1 1]I,' l 7- 19-'4 . %. 1 ,4 ,;
.J'np -r I Kr' .. .. '1 a ,
K-: cf Pu.:]t 1 P4 ........ 1 :l Il.; liT ,,
,io 7 1 ..... ... u9] i-1
rlJ' v . ....... I 1 '
*ni.) i .1 .. .I 91i t''. i- 5
=..[ i: "I I ., . .... i I ; . It I%
1 r, H-]inc 71"l. a r tIn rl,4 ;ill t ,
I2 I .f HIto l [ 9It . ',It, 1 4 ; '-.
iN r ; [N .r I ; r i 'a 6 3 iq I 3. I ,.' ,.
mi- .m i.' r'-Sl l .. i~ii tin. tul
i'; I-' Nun '* Ii i 'r.; ] *i I-".. *
dl- 1 i-i 'a lul . .. liti. int til .
Prt.I a. M .... I; Ii' i.
P i 1f .1 l g . j li (.Si1 ilr
rI n 7 f A -1r t .. .. ] ]. I '"A t 1, 1
V i. n l P. ] I -ll- . . f I ',-L I I ", '' .
.r. r f -.. ;1 ,i I ' .,i '.,.
-i' r I .ri 11.i 'i; ; I o 'rI 7,.
P -f in' Sln 7 f- Q- i- W4 1, i.n
P ,. ,- f .-li i. 1947 Ai.l ',1 5 I,"
Ir'.l -'F ('Cit'1e- l u ]it int L, tr'im;L 1i r
rvfi 7,I tM'1l . ...... 'l- h, "f I li i.
rtoli ~r S i llt, .r. ,IG I II. n I i'i? il_"ls
T'.- r. ,1I ,-l . Iq . II ', rl 6 i,' I .
t. r r. I n II, I v 3 ir I 'n'I m 1 -.
n, n cf 1"in '+ t'n B II' i\ li r 'In-
ifp nl I..-I i niIl '. I tI n1 .1
' is m'1,-i. 51," -' "4. "'l. Aii e4',
i-u P u i' l i f ,' i .l ,'
iA i '. 7 I 1 I' I I x 1 1 ir. 1.- .

Il r jin' Fusfhid t -- 11 tIAll I, 1t i I 1.t.'
p1n 4' i, l rr, .. lI ., I'.n I I,.
AIu' ',r rt-' a l 6l . .. I trim'+, nI ',

Am r'e-t . . . I",'I. 1I i i-
i .,s nt l r fl .... i, inn, ii,,i itr,
ir, e'l a- p. a8 ..... l .' 4 1,i
Am Tv T 'i is .. .. tllt' i '.ii ] 1q
,'. ,, i r + 19t ea ..... s e -, 9'1 i ,,5
ndo F1 Ihq. .1 .... . n, -1',
.H M nh r.:. ~ I,, I 1, ~. l i-
Amnt " 'ln' U P-r C5 tue I35 'is' t**m ti, '*

Auk r- -lr t .- . lfl IA1,''A1; tur, 1 Il
'm 'r.,ls r 3f . . . l "i 71. ,1"'.i
AniT, Cnp 7.m ]94 ... I 1".i 1 %1 lii1

Armlreln D' O T, 5t1 ... ir,. 9,'-, pr
don I rM 4' ........ t9" i qt "tn
An d'lIt 'a 191 r . . ]5 I ,a in -: m ".
ni:a m- e ,-1 din ,..... 5dm' 1,,i' a,,2-n
AT,-'PnI 'Fe n 4 .. 9 . ti 74
AWCs it, 111rB tin. tin ia 90
All CnIat I, 7s ..... 7011 1114 I o
ArL-TN tr i t4 pn .. 412 Il lt %91"
Alt 'lb ii,'b i sa ... 101i itl Ifil
B8.0 rr g .O 1996 .... Il",6 1nlil l n ,
do rtr Si ...... . 91, L 9- 95I '1

Re-l T Pa Ilst5&rg s in 107 1"12% 1"74
Bell o Of Pa a . C f. I f- ,'I"T", 'n '.
Beth Stl con B6ser A 9S 9 7,11 5'j .
ne-in SPi bisp B.. ... 92'% 5 9: 92,L
Bethb ill p in s 193-t i95j 14 051-,-
Ri.-In v7TI w XAn ?9q Pr .A Ill"16 I. 11iJt11-11
1111ln ManTrRlnpTr 6s 9'.I Si, 91
CA'n nVor r, 7si ..... 11401 14"l7 I1i.9
"Ln Pn-' Pelh 4r .... I' i S'
A" I of b BV.0 ... I ,t11I 1 '"1
d. ri n % 19i .. .... it'l It.'ii i-'-
'io i til ......... In --- -1-. t' rl i
Cr,.it L,_ .1 .i . '1. inu. 99 1.1, 1It"L
I'mIl v. s--------Fi' Cr? 5 F'm9^

lh. Pai- I. . ti s ... 14', 1 is1W
i ric- 41, 19S1B .. A ls 9 17 91.
pi. ,li on 1 i .... n ',' 9: '.
r. ItII p.[ 19f 1 9 ... 91" t ,
Ch&Nn r irfT i s ...... Ill' tIl. l it
doi teen 4S 9 ,.... .. R'.l I t
Cfin le T s ...... .. ...', ',;
(n I& 4 r f- 4 .5 .- .. . I r l .
rci \' I nii -nt.s 1 *i2 1i"'ls I'".5 It1"'o
r,.hl P] !. '?.p f . ..... It', + !'""^ I,',''
Ct. 1..'O !. fM E' ..1 T

:ZtL rrig a s.r cD tlnt, tIn
-.I fln rfk 4', '! .. S 4'1-i n*'
mi-h.I &F tat iS . lii- in,., 1'"' i
U.*- :II-. Ni 191 1 r.. inn, '. ir 7 in tn-i,

i- nri' I -tll 4 ..... 11 5
..lon .. 4a h .. ....... I '.l nll-1 h 1 .
-uin I-.; I. Is. in . 1. .I' .i'
C.'L., L,,..ritlu Sug 71-2a v I 1 tvl i, =.
It-- ,tInlC rI u6 . '. . S I i'
J.-.ll& i sd t.. [ '. iIi. e 4i I 1.'

.i i, ln it . LL.I L . W) in ,-
L'.-i riL rg ; ...... i4 tl li1
3In I, LL Lre......- .. thin i "m.,
L. lio_ I n L!a ic g I. .." I. I i.\
. MPl G .. t I .,A . I. lI.", lil! l",'i

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1.1 1, 9 .jn 1.. .. I. 1L 12 1
I-Jira a.i- ul s 43 .. . 1. i ll '5 l
-'l t. tl . .1 .... l iJ- n. I"U
i,,J. i EI.. 'own l4' 1. '1 l '. 't

u Li r. TaRt i.. .,t. t.i 1. t1i I D,
1. 1 .. . .. . I .- I 1
L. Ni 7s -r .A .. . 1 '
a.. t t .-- z I.r bh ... I rim l -, i--ri
Fiis[Lu5 l North ; i r' 1 -1 ..ti ] .,
]1,1 Jl~ler Ml" ,1 ,.s^ i b5 m '*1

d...liL ,Kit .I Ld ,- .A. tins, ir2 '-
l ..i L I,'ll iI An .... I ,n SI i,
l to J, 3 L .... . 1,' 1,,1 1 1I
4I_ l nu'h r.. 5a .... 9r. I ', I b'u
i-n. p L61i' ]s 4- .. ,,.l& bl"s l~i'.

ol -s. r I i .. .. a . l int L. A ,-,
i-..I i tn 1. u I . . .,. '
lit I. N rt r ciii .' a ,'
tin itecr S tar I 1 S -iS lbin
mt i [. ti in 13 i-.- 1'' i t,
il-. L. L ,u 1s l A. 9 . ]I' I92 ]', l l
1^.1.r11 [T' ..., 4 . l" llir< ll"-.t]

It 11 li 1 C . . .I- A .. 1 ...
ca i u .- m'3 ir ] 11.. 11, 1 1 i,
K,, C P &LM T .... i :,', tm,
C Sii l tri Rt r . "s 1.v I.2 1,,li-
La '. E I'ii ii Ijs .. !j ^ Sr1. .' in
La, I i:r '. i-.: .. ] a 'c n T"
)il[ GI[ N on h'.]^. ''*~ 4 ], f I *- "+ (.
,I.i l- Mr f," 1 '.... ],, |,, i,], "
--.- i t 5 1. 1 C A, L .. S,3'H 9 l l '3
L 'N : I i ... ... JIu 1 I ln. i: .

T..I. C~ pih ri 7,4 .... 9;'. a'-i rt':
i ,,,T; in . ..4. .. , ^" ,, ,j ,1; .
L l,.'n ii l ,* ,\ It '- . l.St i :,' ;
l-..i r i ] l.1 tl i ;. . . a .II' '1j
L1. 1 v-c ', ... .. tintit tril t'ril

I- C' ,.. :u tL 'l'ij t . I,, < ,,,' r ,,,
I'r ,.i I ini in', i i In. T 1"] .,
7l.1, I- l,.it I '. .. I'l i ; ,''L nI;,l
luil i. i ], ..1 t; . .i '* li ii,, ti u is,
-l' -I " a .. 1in ]i" 'n ] i' .
,1--. u* *. Ti l i..[ ,,i in I s',
? hlL ii l. 'u- ; ,. l ., i i, tin

.", F;e r l '.l ,'; l L[ ,, !. .. ^ ',, S, 1,
* u, ',1. :- ,. ] >- <; '.%. 1 .' J 93 |i
N .-ti' -M l.t rli i".. . .. tkt. S. ] .,sI

lN ^ ', C .5 1.. l 1 . i. -i,, 1 ,. .
I. L rai n .in .m I. .... : ]"'

N."i H- ] ,,.ti I n ,,' t..
l. & F e'n 1 l .l I 1 r i. I. ',

.l' ill .. '.v Ini ]" a . l_- 1. in l..

N ."T~i l ,.i 1 tL trll l,,ii- ,,
Nt--n~ii-a.-l It 3 l . 1... nui .. .,

Fo Cn 4i n-- -.---.... .L. S;. T.i
N I nC 9'l'i5 7.\i l . :ii 2., I ris-. 11.1,
N- -e'.,i- -iu ..i [ ',- a 9.1 v.1 *i 5n^;i..
N .iinri &M. s -.: A ;j.l5i .1 i-. t-'. tr *i

"Si. 's, i' ri .,. - -r .\ l '" I,, "' ] ,,- I
NYl-.. t t Is ti tl ,1n r]. in i 5',
YN t-I ..-F4 '.1 '* ISI *.'ns vSf 5'
i'Yi T~in [T c- in,, 15 Ir*is-. tic, I n-mis

NI.AC- ir ia l.~ '2 e'- A *ll, I *- lmm
iN-i- Am Cufi in -.s I'ii t ii ]" '. l" liu n

N --i m. 'r i S 1 1..1 tIn" I', t .
N..r I..,: i 1 r n .. l]" .1 i"'; 11 n,
dm Ftin r hi.n 4i I .. 'i "- 7" Si L,
N t.r.t', Pw fi r . .. .l', ;* r'k
n-'s hurt I. rm Iv 'i41-i ..' Ii i
i-'l \Si' i ,inir::.:Na c-
-in s .tl .i; .. ... '. 1., in3 i, '
Pnc *-,qUY:j q D .. r' ;i to a5
F.-i T.- T l i 1 .:- ,I ,ni I ,urn In., .
l..I-... I.& ll r,.- 4 :1 i tin i I :,i i1. l,
Pan Am P&T I If.1" ... I,..V ], '. in '
Prnn 1.'11 j'..u . 1,, l.. ],, .
d, g cl.l i-i ...... lh' 11;t: I .:
,Jo 1 A 19,4 ........ 1,,,,'j Il li ,j
do con 4Loa ....... ul Jt101 Il

di gen 41, ...... 97 S7 97"L,
Pc-re Mar ref ,La . 1r'%s lr,1,3 ir.r .
['lii .' 6 .-. ... ..... IULO-i Jua iiI
Phlia '-iri. i.&l 53 IuuN. Ir.i-,, v liv
l- .. rc i .lo w > .. "l i p 1. '4 ',.
Pr,:'?:-. vtii ,.ie 5B ut,1t ;,r jj
PubSer lii., j bi d t- 4 .II. ln.' IISI
Pur," 'q r El Pr ,.- . "1 ; I% i 1-;s
doi N J As 191 1 1 -I ii "1 ". Jill7,
P Altcr, sdi: ;a : 6'l iili. i, '.
r'.] L I,. Ll :,'.i .1 :11 i :' 't "J.' 'i
I-L .rk oLuun P& i i. 91L. L. rl "
-Iiolc BrOWit ]rll .B' 7Lr, ;IJ''i "I'*l
Ii.&F P Inp 4se Br 7 .9t, 7 ;qi.
lJ h j I .. ....... ;i.] '-1 9 ] ?-
FiL&* F in.' t S.'. i. .'i.
SA&A'raI .al; I%,t 4c iC .iit ,ib. %
Scab A L rn s . '.3 1i l lii.-
8 i, Air Lin, AiJ 1ii .. ;; 7 ::'l. 7l 4
irl ,3 l [ Is .. ... . ,:' .-.:- l -'0 '.
lirn. C C il .,1 l 7a .... 9":,' r. .
dJ, '.9 It-+'7 ...... r ]I Il, 6".
ll' FP ur -n .. 11 I'I A li. ti
Ilni1. Pip Lin C.' .... 19 be '
o Por RIc SBug 7 I lt'itk lu7- I.;ti,
S't. B.--il T T :1 .' I" 1 I't i;11 I 1,
,;o Pa-. ',e I 4 1] .:9 .. "77, 97'i qi7 s,
1o r.-f 41 1"5i . qlSI 31i- til'
L. P. i u~l ',, . . 1H 1 111 ,
.lI e l i ,s .. lii ; r i P' .
do * 5i1 ......... ull II l'r II '1 .
u4o r, ..... ii i i1 i2.3
dr, ". 4l I&I ii, l ,. ... it 'I l i i I' ,
-.l.jlhvw 4-rl I s B-- r 1 Tl6 tI I-:Ii.
tanr.d till ( :' Ilia
Ti-nn -.1 PIw i1 cw ,Ir A I '.. t 1 -, I, i.
Tril'. .1 e 1 1- i 1.t. I. ] i'I'
1)'n Li&P A s. r A .... I I. lV4 1 -:,
lii PFr, Il tEt . .. : '3 J ', '
1o a Vl 44 ...... 9i'k t.P S ,I.'-
L1 ruG.1 .. II" ti'L 1 I'r'iL
LU l-'.rJt. .: 1 lli l ,1" 11', ]'*L 1 ,
'Ji. .. . .. 69. U-'.
S tl ''ii is". s . .. Iii,,s ti,;,n is ,i
iUtah Lt&Ira.- i b .... s L sa cii
I'lah Pc.&i.t . Si; L {*'i 'ir'*
V L T llc i.-I h S u e a 5 9 La 9 9 ti'
V., L'ar C nui :i ].it ti"4 11i IriS
io a rIp.. ri ti[ Iii'. lr. ii,1 .-
%, r...&Pw i ..... 4' tsL1 l
Va f.y bSc.. .. '-i. .-. .i'i.
\'8. Ply 6-1 .......... I I %IU I 1 &I 111"L4t
\Vab ir i ,,la il.:.i 1,- ,. I,,,," ],,,1i
X', rn a 'm B I7ntL 9 I2 5-
.\ P-n Pt, s- ." U.3 1 i, l-I ]II
\v.,:... 1-' ;. . . ],, i 1, '~-i. 1,, '.
\'" i;1'+ ri.,.l :3 Ii > . nt''l I' ll l '. 'I -.
1s' larislani Is . 7 '. s.1t 67'_
\','.i V ,-n t-1 .. ll"% 112t, I I '
W -rine. l i t 1 : l s .7 I ?'. Ii"'.. rI'-5 ,
\%'l DiA. ecf '* .. 1 EI 53
i jii i" ....... 5. 1. 514tL i4 '
I.i t l . r..ii') I" II, ll,'
Youn 'l s&T 'i.- ... Li-,r i, 1.,:' i 1,. i,
Titial '.le fil '1. I.- ii Rin'I. L ii .2i "
ii, I.r.,i iUS, ,1a'. I ;' .1 IIII & tw.-K ai-..
. 4 i ,i ri a '..t r I-> .\% 1 i '". ViVi rin
-, .. lr- =... Fi,',Tih Jinrdas I it o I L.-
: i.111 "a tim-iir~ I'. *i 5i'i; rii a B ar.
airr. "nd i,:, ts 1 6'1r t"lio 'i.irl aS-o.

rItIICAU0O. IM ,ireh 27 -t' DO0 A I
-Hog' irei.[- p1 3 1,il t' ine'i-n- 10 to 2,[
cents ir.aer ilitin l I'ridqy'. aver, .; .
Il.ilk 20 to '"2, c- unrd t,riii,-h r-
Il, n5lA 11 r i nqjJri "', ile qr-llr e ' I n t
2*'5-p:.und *e.,'ht I1 iii 1 2 ?5" ri.-rid and
ciii. e r l,I ,i-,.iinj d- .r.'n 12 1i..j I .n
Ip on 1 ir to IFii-p)LInl.J ;i% r ,m ;1er .ui III"
p-. kitn"v-' o9lls 1 F "'wi: pinrIt.ld kill-
Ing pigs i lip IT 1 : her,,' %tviicr-i
hogq tr Wfi 11 55. niedririm I1 E1 'I.-12 45:
light 11.7. 1]'-.1'2 Ilght I I SV,,'i ItI I i1:
pricklng enn i 5 If90,j Iu 35; ia35 i-ihter
pig" 12 7f.0' 11 2.
CttlF : .,'i|.ip, ?,iii: compared 'lsth
ne-'k r'o fir ete':r' mostl1 2?5 cenrii
fr.we r I.t'.r rcl.-s snrid -T,.'l-.: rrl and
fei-di-.r- 'im in, in i nilq itim d,--lin.-: feP
gnoi end cno]i.- .t.- re ]rnp.i fil shi
tocrlk 25 to 5" cr'-nrs lower: cannery and
cutitter-i S-idy; tbooc-ria hills wenk to(
IS c-ri-t Io ,r r. %sallvtlr- f., ilo I m11i
hi he-ir. t irir-rr'- I,-p i l, li 1.r-r ii.f.
rinid for y3eO'triring%; medium wvLight and
heainle:; light yeariigs heifers upwvari
Ito II ll.
Sheep: Rr cfpts 6.000 for week
around 3' tarii dlrr-t rind 181 4car from
nearby feed loti; practically all re-
celptl today direct: compared week
ago fat lanimb? il to 75 cents lower:
yearlings 25 to 50 cents lower: fat
sheep firM; scarcity of sheep supple?
tupportIng weighty fat lambr; totps for
week: fat lambs 14.35: shearing lambs
13.71: fat yearlinegs wethr, l?.0ft aired
wethers 10.fin: practically top on rat
ewea 9.00; odd lots 9.10.9 25.

CINCINNATT. March 27.-- VP) -
"-Og., 90fi; stlOw. Ioandy' to 2TiliiN:
Inwer: heni,. I |i','fil;2. ll-: parkh'rs and
Iltcrherc. 12 50T,' 12.7T. m-Hium 13 25-
-t'n.. 7.nri, c ^', ; h -. y fit rmn-l. Mir
t1-11 25' pire s&r. li-hl. 1 1 lij "t.i'
]rPltre. !",- -low
(C'alves teadv'. 5,1ii,,' !iO
JA,.KS., V\'ILI.[: .'I,.r<-h -;.-- .T')-h
Hogs. rec:-elptl elihi mnir kir I t--n-i
h>-qa-le., 9 ii'i,'.in ii:.; m idluin I 11 5i:
llrpht IC 'i,': pheri y pFi- l ii. light
Niip, 11 i r. ro L-ii,;. ii mii,.'j .i l .
Cattle r,','eipt. ii-i mark.-. te'ltu.'' m iJi:T7 2": i,--- and h.--if. r'
t III I' in I'r i 1.3 i t1i r" ,r l ,.in I ir .r-r ', I 1, r
I C, ( l' . i 4.unt',l "11. l ln 3 irr.,,,
i 5i.

NT\\' I'ORP.iK i ,ri. 1 27.-i-,PI-
Coii .-e Ri. No. 7. 17 l.'i-l: No
| L'-.." /
4 2e
FJttirt i',rie .dIr, 1 17 2-": Juill 11' 7I


CHICAGO. lar:rch 27--(.')--I1- i-
closure that tllo men ilolied In the
in'.e-tigaltion Condu-l-iJ hI;,' asenit cit
the d,-partlment of agriculture ipnJ
the department of Justice h.,, itf.,i
before the inquiry Into stock yari.-
condltions h-re 1lla, got fairly uniJer
way' an.] that the .\.riil fdI.-rmil r-ran.i
jury would take up the case were
made tnvla.a
The dcrIartnlent cf justice 1-i snil
to liaie rErv,:'i1 a report r'i om-
m-nlind r rand jury action.
r .ie of the principals in the allege-l
conspira.'y said to have In\ol'.,J
53.1i"i1.uui.i or more In livemlock Falns
and alle'gel pratft. Is reported to have
male a confession.

L'TIx' VIiEW, Texas, March 27.-
(.A')-Follosv'nr a severe stores in
Galveston. Texsi In 1!i... MIts. Nina
Chancy. isho Wtis a siiitor in the
coa-t city. malhuj a poflcard to her
sister. ill's Mollis Chhnts-. of triv.
city. with tiIe nv-.'n that shite "a,
safe. Yea-teruay. just 1I years late.
t', card reached its dPslnatlon II
was in a p.,erfect slate of pr.c-erva-
lion and bore no marks o0 any kind
to Indicate where tt has spent the
ir, el eTenin.; time.

New York Bond List


CEB'rlFIEI) PI1111'B I: A tO''IINTANTSI (T'nmiessee)
Second Floor-Firsit Nalional Bank Bldg.-l'hmne 5767

N1unicipaIl-Corporation-First Mortgage

215 C.'entral National Hunk Phone 5579

210 Donovan Building Central at Sixth
PHONE 4564

SNew York Curb List



Investment Buying Helped

in Keeping Prices on

Fair _asis

NEW YORK. March 27-(.'P)-The
lond market today failed to throw off
the npainhy which has characterized
Ihe p -.-t l IiiiRht's trading. although
invpe.-tnient ,hi dinl or ralli.,ad li-ins
imp3ried n firm-r tone 1 d.:alings.
Foreign obligetiluna were. uonspicu-
ously heaav' Selling pes.ure acalnst
FrernLh bonds,. unable i make head-
Vaj rigainst the government list,
loilnd an .uiletl In the more ulner-
at.le raiioiad atid municipal slaaues.
(jnte of alich nere depressed to new
lo pi ices for the year. Bl.ian sixes
also touched a 11.26 low following an-
other lump In Ithis country's ex-
charie. chlle Greek 7's %ere driven
do1 1. I'? points to a new ininlinuni
|lh;ure at S.
The cushion of loniestmenu fundL.
al~ niaallatle or bargains in high
grade tonds. buoyed up the railroad
group. Michiran Centrals 4s of 1hIl)
readily attra.ied ibu.)era and rose 2-8
points to 95. ihe highest price of the
3i ar Fractional advances were rec-
)rded by other standard issues such
as Alchl.on Central and adjustment
4s. Canadian Northern 7's. Kansas
City Southern 5's. Southern Pacific
rel'.fJnndirng, and .onvirtrile 4's. South-
ern railway I;t'. and various New
i,.rk Centirl leues.
ihihlic LItlIty and Industrial bonds
rolhwed the downward movement of .totks Losseas of a point or so
,ere regilstered ty Tennessee Elec-
tric 's'. Ohio River Edison 6's. some
of the- local traction Issues. Wilson
and .'.,ItIpany ertllicates and Vir-
ginla-Carolina cheen-lcal Vs.



Liquidation Puts Shares to

Severe Test During the

Past Week

NEW Y'YORK. IMar,-h 27-(.P)-A
futrihr t.reik of aoot 12 points fol-
I,'Ing Fridbi'a de-line of 2i1. points
in ,iiiilinrial Bakln.g ".A" had de-
d Ii.e ,' ir'I..ttlihi. f e',-ct on today's
trair ir o'rl th curr inrmrket today. The
c(.:lla[.e in t'awt SI ock 'as alin al r-
companle1i by exceedingly large trans-
artoins a totalli1 in the class
"B" Issu.,a1 about 54.itiO shares Gen-
eral Baking '\" sold off 8 p-Ints and
li-'r.r I"js.;s were sustained In the
juni-ir I.,.;ties7 of those companies.
In the in,-LI trial -roup Singer man-
ufntctluring; sold at 355. A drop of 24j,
poin fri irn the previous sale.
Ptli.c Letlhitlea issues also were in
'ippl'. and ,pr.stlire also was note
In a large ruinber of oils. S.,uth Penn
made an e.rly gain of 3 points but rc-
aW.,i-r about that amount when ex-
It eil -plliig compelled recessions
The position of many of the secu-
rities traded on the curb was put to
a severe test during the past week
when liquidation resulting in some
caaes fiirn losses in other markets
caused acute unsettlement in values
on which fully hal tof the Public Util-
ities and Industrials dealt In made
new records [or the year., There were
some ex-eptlions, however, among
them being Northern Ontario LIlght
which advanced from 55 to 71, making
a new hlieh for the year. and Standard
Oil froni N:-.hraska whinlh rose from
238 1o t',3l, el.o making a new' high for
lip' yar. Boridi H-re n-t directly
alffrp.-.I excer'l w-hl li po0sass-d
cnv.:[i ilie privliege. Th- wildest
rior.',. .1t, 1n in 10 ,, I,,:,ri.o n'.,i K[ t Jlitg
in l-'irid bird. x ,~X vllhnh dropped
trImn lfi ,, t. I. '"-,.
Tri- Vl-' Ul'tlillt.. group swung o'.?r
rn MI ile I ngr .. ii .-ite t Gas Iniproie-
n -iit 11 thn ,eri.:d oi [ if '':,knesa Irll
iruni 97 i., 90 r.rn. I nluid Light an-i
l,.v.-er ranged I'r.-m 7J toI 71 Anitrl-
ran Lighth aid Triction sold doivn
' 212 to rjlqi i no "'l mpa ElI,:tric
i-,s l11 ,lI-d at -L' I to 27
T li.: ir.rit-t ,I ( pr'er- ,--f i-n.- ittl.nm ei.I
djiirinr I hr 1i k l. i in h t lra h to.',k
l. .'' mm inn ih I m. 'i'm-- Ito,: asterda.
%i,n C'rintimrr n-il Pnlking "A'" had a
.: 1' -I." (' -.' r 2rir i nl 5 ni
i n i l.rii, A" .\. IlJed ov.-r six


CI.E\ ELAND, March 27.--(.')-
More- tihn ].501t 1rer-ons are serious-
ly III vlih influenza here and 4,(0i0
oiheis ihae miller atta.k-. Health
Commils.iuncr Rocknood announceil
tolm:,' Iolloing a che-,k-up of the
outbreak which began two weeks
LOft' 2.0iu hospital beds in the city,
he -Ai. alil except about I00U are or-
I cupiedl. .'onie hoFpitals are rr-fusing
lu aldmir visitors s a precaution
against spreading the disease to
.,atil rits.

Area 231 niiles.
Area 14u.760 acres.
('oast Line 80 miles.
key and Coast line 130 miles.
IMade county in 1912.
,nitaillest in stale.
Has 13 incorporated municipal.
Meian average temperature 71.5
Assessed valuation for 1925,
$?| .30 1.7 16.
State e-en. us population In
county y 51,0)00.
Highest temperature recorded
15 degrees.
Lottesi temperature 21 degrees.
Average rainfall for seven
:ears, 51.65.

, I

Federal Reserve Report-

Shows Big Florida Record

The review of the sixth federal rb-
se'rve district -hows under thpe head-
ing "'lorlida Frults and Vegetables'
that the movement of oranges and
pr.pel'riilt up to March 1 by freight
and express has amounted to more
than 9.I00,000 hoxis, leaving Valencia
oranges still to be moved and late
This was 8S per cent of normal for
oranges and 83 per cent of normal
for grapefruit. as compared with '"I
per cent, of normal Lor oranges and
.0 per cent of for grapefruit
the 4ame period last vear.
Pro.perlity In Florida was Indicateq
In the rr ilort hat 91 banl:s In the
district which operate s-avings ac-
counts showed savings deposits al
tho end of February 13.6 per cent

greater than for the same period
last year, and failures record a. de-
crease of 3 ,er cent and a decrease
of 50 per cent In liabilities compared
with February of 1925.
Building permits. the review states,
were I.sued In large volume during
February tl the sl district, aggre-
gating $20,.217,136 based on reports
from 20 cities, as compared with $18,-
931.86C0 for January and 31.155.489
for February a year ago.

'Tampa-Levee along Bel-mar
frui.tnge on Old T-.mpi> Bay, com-

Lakeland-Central Labor Union to
purchase site for "new $100,000 build-

High Low Close
Am Lt & Trac2..... 20 ]199t2)lit,
An 0 & El new--- 71 7utL 7u1.
Am Home Pr new_ 251, 217.s 251,
Am Pow & LI new 52t, t51 611,
Am Superpower "A" 22 22 22
do "B"- ...---------. 2'I ':
Atlantic Foilt Co___ IIlI I It1
Atlas Porti Cem new 491, 49s *441.,
Borden Co new ...- 9-5 4 91
Bradley Fireprooing 71- 8, ) bi
Bridgeport Mach -- 9 91, J,3
Bkl.yn City R R.... 7, ? 7%, 7%t
Buerucr Co -.----- 2111 139 iii
Bulff Niag & E P__- !6 21,t1 :;6
Canada Dry G A nw 4611, 45t 15L.
Celluloid Co pfd... 62%0 i',1- b".
Centrifugal P Corp. 21 21%s :il .
Chic Nipple bll "A" 42% 4?'-. 4's
do "BT"- -------- 2C0 2a% 26,
Commonllth P new 36 35 35
do pfd 8t 5 ------ I ki St
do %ar ....45 41 41N
Cons Dairy Prod- 3!1 %% 3'1
Con 0 & El Bait new 47 4e; ;
(C'ons Laundry Cor. 221.212, 2'a J'
Contin Baking "A"- S5 761, 7t134
do "'B" --------1-----, I. 1 11.
do pfd ----- 898s 1L., hi,
Curtiss A & MN.-3 l'.' 'a 1a'I.
De Forest Radio -vie .' 3 3
Doehler Dle-Ca-ig l'll 1.1% 1iIT
Dubilies C & R new B 9 i 59,
D niplex C & R M,..- 6"5 6l, 56
Durant Motors '" S -1 i n .
Eastern Roll M new 3I ?. r.
El-c B & Sh new.- 6.. -I6111 61
do rfd .------------ 1161 1, 116
Electric Ry Sec--. 62 6,i.: 1 i1i%
Empor Corp ------- -..3 23ta 21L
Eng Pub Strv------. C-, SiL 8 Ai
Faceol Motors Co- i1 ,5t' at.4
Federal Fin "A"...-- 3If'. 31.,0, :0,
do -'B'- ------ ----1 1' 2's.
Fed Mlot Tr -7o__. '..."6 35, 16
First T & R 7"o% pf ,9 .m.. ukI,.9%
Ford Motor Can---.... 611 611 Gil
Fuoindi'-ll.n Co forgn I;i?; I 1 1l,
Fox Theatre 'A-.-211 2ii1 "1
F.ox Theatre "A" 21'1 21 21
Franklin Mfg Co--. 24% 21 21
Freshman Co (CI--- 2_i" 2i"t1 C211
Geit Bak Corp "A". 523 4'. 471,
d o B . . . 6 r 4 I t %
("en ITee Cream-.-- 6l'g % &7, 51'7
Gillette Saf Raz--.... Sl' % 97Iq 97l,
Glen Alden Coal....- ] 1511. :i- 11,1
Goodyr T & Rub- 33, 333 1 Stas
rrand Stores -------.. 591, '19 t @
Grime- R & C R- 2 2'i ?-.
Hanplness C St "A" 7 7 7
do Founders .... f% ,.
HazelLine "orp . 138, 13 a 1':1,
Hires 1C El Co- 21 '-': 1,& 21,
Ho.llender & Son.... 3 Indist Rayon "A"-A lt 111.6 1i1"
Inter UillltieP "B".--. 4% .I 4%
Johns Manyille .-- 139 131'- 13t:.
La Salle Ext [Vnlv- 9'S ', .ib
Lehigh P Sec new-- I 12t '4 1
Lehigh V C Co etfs 37.V'3 37' % 7 1
LIbhheyv M Nell & L 7L.. 71- 717
McCord R 'c M iste- 21', 211, fl, 2 I.
Mancle Co A------- 5 15 . 35
Middle W l pr In-- 111t6'i 16liI I]' t
dr. pfd .---. ...-- 1 11"7f t! 1 ',7!.
Midvate St I'o Del_.. '1 21- 21.
Mohawk & Hud P.. -22' 22I- 2:
Mimni Servm Co(.--- 1- % 13, 131&
l. i 1. A st C ..... l7 %7 r7
Nat El Pow 'A"..-- 2 1','- 2'.
N'mt Pub Setr "A".-. 1".i 1:1 15
Naw aEn T K T-..___ 119 Ill 111
N'ort'heRst Power--... 20i 2, 211
Nor Ohio Pow.-1....-- I I i1',
N Ont P 1. & T....--. 7" 7', 71)
North St Pow "A".. --- t l 1,I 1'9
do pf,.----------- In-. 1 I..i 1 1 I
f'hio Br,-; B".--- 7154 7 't% t'
Pac SleIl B.--.--- I.' I'n 1'
Pender Groc "A"..-. 4-'4. 411A 4'11
do '"E "- ".,' 2Fl 25'Li
Pilisbnrv FI M I t.SF, 1 1 4q
Prat & Lamb Inc-_ 52 5T 52
Proctor & Gamhle.- 14I4 4 TI7', 147'n
Pugel pSd Pow & Lt 51" .tlL. 51 "
Purity Eak "A".-- 3- % 3'Iq%
do "13B" ----------- 30 I
Rern N Type pfd_--. 100 Ino il
Rat' Motor Csr--- 21 21 31
RlickenhariMkep M Co- fi5% 5% %
Safety Oar '74 & L..-11l1 1123 1121.
Srhwait C C "A"'-- 10 tr It r i. n-
Servel Corp 2-7.... 20% .',6i
Sierra PacE Il...-- 2At% 2q'i '-i,
?lne.r !f'-. ...-....-.- 34% 3.-> '-
Sniln Vl 1nfn rnts.-, PtI. 1 I'!'
Sovth'-q.a P P.: I, wvr q 1. ',.
F-2hk rn r d-ii ui .1d.. l 11t1 11,in
dn 1 ,fI ..---------. -- 1 t'l 11 11I '.
,nlt hrr"rn pn]r4 'rF" "' j ."' ;, "
'*,'nt11 % ''|t~lL-]n C,,'- 1r* l l n
;r'_,]ll1 Pih '' \' ..... l1.-\ ll;I If ,.
Ztl[iz OITl r A Am. 3l l "nl
w fi (-t -......... ]-------- 1 1 I".
Qvrifr Inipirn -. i" Ic', Iii:
T inr e r:Il ci 2..... ?7?i'. 7ti ''i.
'i'htrmionl ne-' P.Hd .. - f' i" n ,', ,n
Tlh'-r.nirFon "-i '-til-. "
Timt:.n P-It ,\ l'.. ,'1, ii, i.
Tr'.,n I.-i| rs-t P a .1 .
Tit,.lzP Art .S "-R" cillF2 11? 11'?
Time FCa I.amp----....
1irio.l 1 r' r'' .... ?, ', 2,'.
t'nited 1, & P "'A" A '" ', ',i
I',itd.J Profit F r.iws 7' 7. ',
l'nio -d Sh.-.' .M h._ II 111 i
U; S I. s:t Hi ne-w.. 7,, ', 'n.
tdo r.f ---------- m r. ,
IT nP tf-' Co -...... ]1 17' 171'.
LIill Sithsrr-a -.- -- .
d.. Opr,'n -' ------ '
\-irlEr Prm.. Pic-..- 'm n' -
\V"r.t pr.w rf.,n ------ f.. ,'I '
\\'ilon & Co' n.-'. 9w i. n'i.
l-., "Af" nl .... .. I 'I
i.i,' f ,t n,:%v. ....... ; I
V.lioo. T C N Y...- ]'1: 121, 1.
Standard Oil's
Atl rti;c m Lcl..-. nil.- 3; 8 "-1
Chr+.--rr:,'r h Ib 'If i_ "; "";
C1o n i i'. t -,l 0 .1 _.. i = I L'i
Grin.ri S 0 ri-'d ol.a '
Humin lle (0 & RRef-- .,i3, 0,i
IlliLnoi Pipe L_. _ 'll-' i'- : 1 "-
Imrp riil ('i 0 Can-- 311 : .' I '
in h-rin'fi l iial Pet .- 316. '3t 11
0 l-.1 t) O ll -- -. - - -- r. i".1 % 'lN i:l '
Pri.rie 0 & G newv F.N I 'll 4
S, l.i r F i. r l rn ".... I : i1'' I-- .
S.-iith P. nr Oil. -.--- Ii '1i, Ii',
Stard 0 of Cal A I-- ,1I "' .
d.) In d .- -------- C i',' I-, i;''
el.i K nr.s! --------- *-- I, -1nL 2 11.
.I., Ner-.-Tka --- -3L. 1 '
do N-aw York.... 3-5 32' 32"
Vawlim Oil .----- '
Am Cont Olflelds- 5'- ,''
Am Maracal-,o .. 71 7 7 7.-
Be-aron Oil I ---- 15 I I
Cardinal P-trol t'1 I1. 11-

Carib Syndicate _- 15Ij
Ciltle Servilce new-. 4178
do pfd ----- 3
do "B" pid....---- 7S
Creole Syndicate 11%
Euclid Oil ----- 4.5
Gilqon Oil ---------- I5
Gulf O; Cor nf Pa S.t":',
LugO Oil Tr "A"--..-- iS',
Laen Petr.-il ----- 10
Leonard Oil .... i
Nlirtrnl Oil .- -. .s
M-ican P 4--
Mountain Frod 241,
N,:vw fradford .-- ,'1
N M & I.d ICo.- 11"s
Nor Cent Tx-----. 9
Peer Oil ----------- '
Peilnrk 0 Corp-..- 21117
Red. ank?. Oil------ 17
Reller Fo-ter 0 C-. -IS',
.-ilt Crm-ik Prod ... FIs
Sarnlta F- Oil---------i 3,.
5'e1zitlet.uir P-t r. Is
W'llcox Oil &. C-.... ,
W'odlev Pletrol .- --
*.Arizona Gi -..--. 12
Cons Cop Mi t------ 15;
Enr g .Gol Min..--.-. 'J,
*RFlirt Thoulir G NIlt;
*F'ort\ -Nine Min -- 11
H-Icl'-i M in--------- 171
Kr' 0,'opI,-r ----- 1 '
M'kf..r:.n V.lley- .- 2
Nipi in ---------- t1,
Noraniih Mines -- 12',
*i'lii i n
*Pini. .n'h ..'
P..r.l-irnd Gld ---. t.,
'-S. n To --.-------.
lIrjlwdj ,-rae Ex.--- 2'L
U'"}l Aprlx --------- *
\\'nd-:-n rC.'Ap M.--- 2",
Domestic Bonds
.Allr,,l aPnrKed S.!... n1
U.) t"5 ---------- .. I
Ant ,'; & El 6....---- ".1,
Am ti'..w &h Lr 6 I-- 971,
.Ain1 i;oll M 1N--.- 1',2
'mnl \t SW GT l"75.-- ""'.
Aiineo.C-li Cop m'r---- IliI,
5.io0 ('. & El r? ..... 'I.-
ASeo Sim Hd '.s '.es-
.ALI Fruit in.- 8,,-.-- 2. 1
ALI Gulfl & \\' :.... 3-s
BE II Tel i-f Ian 5 5-..- Iun
I-Ith St 7 1;z.---- ii'.Ji
rri in n n r T u r b 7 1 .3 - I .; .
C i l irk .- S e r 'l ,e 6 .-- i t .
U,3i 7s 1"'0 %... ... ] ii 1i
do 7.' -'.'- ----- 1iinl'
do P -& t. 6.... 9.,
Cuoiro,, M ',iC 0 -:is 9
C]rwii W illin 1 >.s '... 112
('Clusn Tr'I 7'- v.... ."1
De-troit (City i'.- _IJL.',I
7irniE-.n s,.'h C f .-- '-%1
Flie I:efrii 6is...... li,-'t-
Fi-k Ruh ,i r'.V 1971 'i"
Fl P .S, Lt iF.--- .21
;ilur Rn 7T.......... Ifi'
talelia Cia 0 7Si ..... in S1
,- rl.n r',l P -"t r- -...... 7-PS
.-l' T & R It P ;' !. St
t;iinf Oil 5'. -------- 9:'
!r.l Steel f- I r '1 4 .... )__ '
I.-lnicn P S miA ri,-%n-- 9'." M2cN & lil- '. Iil';
l.x ri I I 1 .1 i-.i . .. l------
("Ir .ii G C E,'1 S '4F,-- inil..
\ ,t Di F'..-t I' 17' .in7i.
N.,ir St P., n 61'.s.- ii. i'l
d.,- rc- 11. .--.---- 1 1-1,.
Ol1.,in P.-wv-r 5 -, 9',
Pjn .\mI P l,- 'i -... 1i1"
I-i ilino I'-.1 C.s IT'S" Ium,'' C
Il' Pr..v Lu bs.------
do 59 '"'.--... 9S%
rhnilIe r PrE 1 9C n' 9C
Shti'V. h-en 7 ------ 11.11
Ii- Sh.:f puir'-h C ]h'"I
S P & LT f.17.!.... 9-'.
So Cal i--.. .7'"
Sin.,] 0 N 'Y 61.p-s- 1.6
Stutz Mot 7iS '37-..- 19
9iit Oil 5145q...--- 99's
Swift & Co 53.g- 971%
Trinron Oil 7s---....- 91
U S RPih 61-;' 1129- .f in2s
do 1930 -----..........102
do 193 .---------l-----tt'l
do 1935 ..--....--- I31
Vacuum Oil i7a------ 10
Walworth Co 6I '465 I
.kntloquia Col 7s.... 92
.rllnr C El t61s 19C?8 qq
do 1929 -y ........ 971
Cy Col,-iiai nes I..s 1SiI 51.1 ,t
C(V Dre-l.e 7 ------ 'l'
I'l ,ni .ri -- ri i' .- -- "*T
r.l H R r'rq,-,-. 7- i
rinp. In Nn't M i J
- ,1 i rI- F1T "

f i (,u1 [In ~ i
Fliini'i-.,r- rl. 7 ;- "'". 'Ii
I7 r .Fiim 7in 1 v ". ] .
SI-r-i'.rn i -,'ri' 'l 7-_.._ .i-i'1_
M.,I' llin .1 >- 7.... c
- ',',-r.'. .\ 71.5 *'. !,'+
-I.l i :.I-r [ 7 - i
. ,r r ,]* r. \ . . . 7 ', .

T i '. I1 'I 5 \m' 7. "" "-

1 I i-11,l.I.
*I ..i,1 ,i i i-'] i I, ul 01h '11" -tr.*irie
n ,'.l ,I 1,I. -,' l I ,',,'- t' 1 nilhi "u- '
Ir.dus t IIMls
I-If I., i-
..i I --- _. .. .- i I. 1.' 1 1

hI. ., r h .1 1 - I " 1 1'

I.- ,, r. 1 - 1. ..i. 7 n
IT'1 1, )i," [ .t ,,u f ,-"i_. 1 -i.i '1 Tm1,i

vi ri I t P1' I" l )i. I' ,
'.' i- ,I, i ,' ,131 -, I -1 i n' hu_. "' lu ,ls I"n1

Foreign Boids

l r .1 1 'ii I r _.. ,'- i :'i ;' '-.'
hi- t1- .mi-, r .'.i" 7 ,i-_ "' 1 "'i. l'- o
,T r I' .*.n I.... -.... '; *' '* .* : '*

m, i I .- ,;'Ali, 7 ', "
TT I- An.i I % z & .-, ,iii lil iiL',
Nirr-',c-i'n I L..t -- 7; 79
rN. I itl' ] -i i 'II"---------- 'I '' -1 -'I
r-"r. l Corp Cs L-- I' 1lI li 1 1 'l l
If Y Li l up z 7 5 u---- '.' 1I 4i 1 9i'.
,,r.-rnl m_..I, f.; ci t.. .' l-t "ilt ,& lull t


Investments Insurance Mortgage

510-11-12 Hall Bldg.

on Demand TO P t mi Time
das ings '' a


Pay all .your bills wilh a loan lrin]i
the Morris Plain.
You'll get Ihe ihahli of saving ns
you repay Ihe sniill weeklyy sums.


623 First Avenue North


The future of St. Petersburg is assured.
We must grow-we will grow! The
growth recorded in the past will be
eclipsed in the future-and in the im-
mediate future at that.

Estimates of population increases have
been made. But the record of the past
is our best guide in this direction. Study
St. Petersburg's record of the last few
years. Ask any "old timer"-and that
means a person who has been here three
or more years. Let him tell you of the
striking, amazing changes the city has

Prepare now-just! as the Alexander
National Bank is preparing-for this
growth. Prepare for these increases.
For we are going to have a city of great
population. We of the Alexander Na-
tional Bank are ready to meet it and the
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Si.Peic b iirq.Floida

U. S. Depobltory Central at Seventh

"H'mnes for Ihe Homeless"
668 Cenlral Avenue


.....OR DROP IN....

$10 EACH

fTinimum subscriptions
-ten shares. Maximum
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Payment for stock ac-
:epted as follows: 20
per cent with subscrip-
tion and 20 per cent the
month thereafter until
paid In full.

No bonus stock. No
promotion stock.

'When our representative calls
on you, he'll be only too glad
to answer all Ihe questions you
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If you

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If you believe in St. Petersburg as we do, you must believe In us




I'lione 7526

668 Central Avenue


5Specialized Federal Tax Service
0 Real Estaie Soles Analyzed for Federal Tax Purposes
,I 236 Florida Arcade Bldg. TeL 7788


. r m



Page Twelve

-- t.... .

Section Two





Prices Remain at Fairly
Stationary Levels
for Day
NEW YORK. March 27.-f.q')-An
early advance on unfavorable weather
reports and relatIvelv steady Liver-
pool cables, met considerable realizing
In the cation market today, and was
followed by reactions. July contractils
sold off from 18 34 to Ilq 25. and clo-,d
at that figure. The gen-ral market
closed barely steady, net one point
lower to six points higher.
The opening was steady at un-
changed prices to an advance of four
points. Active positions showed nf-I
gains of 8 to 16 points during th-
torenoon, May selling up to 18.Ij and
October to 17.86. Reports of unsea-
sonably low temperatures in the south
with prospects for further Fhower'
over the belt, perhaps, were the thief
Influences on the enrly advance. Their
effect was IntensifIed by more numer-
ous complaints of delayed farm work
and much of the early buying wa-'
attributed by local brokers in grnw-
ing apprehen-lon that the coming crop
might get a late or unfavorable start
Reports also were received claiming
that a saedrcity of good sead might de-
velop If much replanting became
necessary this spring Theqe features.
combined with the steady ruling of
the Livernool market, appeared to
make con-lderahle Imprepion on sen.
timent. A little b.roadening of acorn
mission house demand wasR reported
en the advance, but th- buying did
not become at all general or aggres-
alve., and the market seemed to meet
Increased realizing around 17.75 lor
The disposition to take profits on
recent purchases dotlhtIP is was pro-
moted hy continued comnlaintq of noor
demand for cotton goods In both Man-
chester and the local ma.rket. While
P rt of the late selling came from
all Street sources and may bave
been connected with the unsettled
tone of the stock market.
The Rmninnt of er.ttnn nn Fhlpbonrd
awaltlng clearance at the end ,.f th-
week was -trlmnfpd at 97 1"7 hales
comnnared with 1-S 51 last year.
There fl-ti res wrp renrdi-'d hy
some of th- local trnd-r- fq rf'prining
to-relatively light end-March clear-
Cotton fitures closed net unchanged
to six points up.
Pre -'inlo
RIch Low Cl'ne C'ne
Mav .I IF-. 1..71-72 A 71t
July ....1. l !a 1q5 1V",;- 1I'r.
October ._17.7i 17 ;1 17 P.i;- 17 *'f
December .17.49 17 32 17.C.-3S 17 i1
January __17.3g 17.25 17.27- 17.22
NEW ORI.lANS. March 27.-f(J.Pl-
The cotton market slaeed a typical
short Saturday se-slon with only mod-
erate business and with trading 1'irre-
IV of an eveninge- up for over thr
week-end charneacter. The fat that
Liverpool wqs conslderahly better than
due and thnt the weather man showed
indleations of an Imp-nding chance to
unfavorable weather w-re re-ponlill'
for a fairly good advance dtirlin the
first hour nf trading. the blhbs of the
morning rh.,'winu gains of 12 to 15
points over the previous clo-e. During
the second hnot prices eaned off grad.-
nally from the he'-t levels on werk-
end evening up and realizing and the
market lost abott S to 8 points ,f
the early Rain. The close was steaslv.
showing net gains for the day of 5
to 7 points.
At the start Liverpool cables showed
that market about 4 penny points hef-
ter than due and the Weather mnp.
though evidencing little rain, showed
a menacing low barometer to the
west of the belt which map readers
believed Indicated bad weather-over
I unday. First trades showed rain
of 4 to 7 points and prices continued
to Improve after the call on buying
on weather prospects and shorts cov-
ering until Mlav traded at 18.08. July
at 17.73, and October at 17.03. or 12
to 15 points above the close of yes-
The market eased nff moderate.
during the second hour of the short
pessli, owing to evening up for over
the week-end and realizing and ahou,
half of the early gain wna lost. Th-
close was fairly ,-R.adv and a little
above the lows of the day. Aihle- frnn'
the weather there aas no special fta-
Exports for the day totaled IS SAO'
Cotton futures clno;e, si ly at a
net advance of 5 to 7 PoCnn
Pru viou-
Hiigh Lnrw Clh'ie C'o
may -._I..lS 17 'i9 I '2 -'' I 1i7 .
J u jy .17.7.3 1 17 ,17 '-'17 17T .
O ct. I. 17.11 1".. 1 7 T" "' 17...
3Dec ._ 17 15 1705 17 rir..n13-7 It A'
Jan. .._ 17.13 17.6 17.0lT ,d' I C -7
LITVEItirOOL. Miicri 2- (.7')-Cot-
ton spot dull, pries rt" y, Aiteri. an
strictly good mi.ldling I1 13; goaol
middling It'. 8: siri:ctly nilddlln ,. I, 5S.
milddllng I' 13: strictly low nmiddlin
9.4S; low n.Jdhling 8.63. str.tll goou
ordinary 7.6s: good ordinary 6 :S.
Sales 2.)uu bales, Including 1.40u
Receipts 5.000 bales. American 3.400.
Futures closed quiet; March 962:
May 9.53; July 9.41; October 9.17; De-
cember 9.07; January p.1.6.
NEW YORK, March 27-(S)-
Liquldation by umid Iogils due to tihe
heaviness in other commodity mar-
kets and securities, resulted in a inr.d-
erate decline In cottonscI oil today.
Closing price. were 5 to 8 poins net
higher. Sales 2.3('.i tlarrn ls. 1'riin-
crude 11.lni nominal: print,- stirnter
yellow spot IS '(,'i-i!2 7TI: Mtar' h cl,,sed
12.20; May 2 12.t'; July i.t,2, Sept.

Residence Sites

in Demand, Claim

An unusual number of small sales
made In the last week, all of them
residential properties, is believed t,.
3. J. Idclrain of the MSlirsin & Hall
brokerage firm to tiducate the trend.
of the market to home buying ani
an Inclination on the part of per
sons of moderate means to acquire
homes L'here heretofore they have
been renting.
The unusual scarcity of homes
and apartments offered for r-nt at
this season when ;n the past the ru-h
for summer rentals has been well
under way. Is bc.lievcc to be larg.i'.
responsible for the rush among the
small Investors.
Owners of several large apartment
houses, which In thb ;'a-'t have been
closed during the sumnih'r month-.
have announced their Intention oi
remaining open throughout the sum-
mer. Only a part of the-se asart

men' will be opened to summer
tenants for the reason that at leami
40 per cent of the present ecupants

WILL underwrite
from $100,000 to
$500,000 stock issue of a
new or growing corpora-
tion-one that has paid or
will soon pay dividends.
Replies must state full
particulars. Box U 20,


Crews at work on S 235,000 street paving program in Monticello, Jefferson county, Florida. Five miles of
pavement are being laid by the enterprising cily.

Bird Songs and Orange

Blossoms Add Charm to

Opening At Haven Park

REAL estate sales and opening of
subdlivisions hdte their charm in
St. i'eter.sburm, as well as the busi-
ness Instinct to make them profitable
Florida invcslm nisa.
A few days ago Haven Park, a
new sujiJisliion being developed on
Lkeview avenue had its formal
public iriEpection under the direction
of thei sleqs agents, Murray, Sterchi
& Rincle. The property was former-
ly the wi-il known Lovi-lace Home
steal: It has a wealth of' trees. flow-
ers and shrubs, and %hlle the G. ,.-.
Sweetheart Orchestra pla ed, the
mocking birds joined In and the fra-
grance ot fhe citrus trees was sweet
in the air.
About 500 people had gathered to
look over the new offering, a Trac.y-

Cram development. General Man-
agr A. B. Cram Informed the guests
that no efforts sere to be made to
sell lots at this assemblage, but after
ladies an-i rentiemen had received
souv-nirs, and the program had
clo,'cd visitors had picked out some
ground they liktd especially and
.30.itii v.orth ,f ,lots were purchased,
in lih last half hour of the after-
There was a considerable amount
of community hoosting, visitors at
the opening discussing the paving of
Trw-nty-second avenue front Twenty
eighth street to Masirnimo Road. and
the paving of rTwenty-e I g h I h.
Twenly-nlnlh. Thirtieth ael Thirtl.-
first streets from Lakeview avenue
to Giand Boulevard.

"Florida Takes Inventory

Congress" Will Discuss

Population in Year 1930




Plover, Teal, Duck and
Other Fowl Will be Safe
From Gun and Snare
A sanctuary for the thousands of
semi-tropical birds of T:amp.i Peach,
along the shores of East Hillbcor-
ough Bay has been declared by J. R.
Clark, preside nt..
The purchasers of the tract of
land facing the bay for more than
six miles. sxere with the
number of gayly feathered birds on
the property %then it was bought last
Plovers, teal. duck, gulls, thrush,
mocking birds and many of the mobt
beautiful of the feathered tribe have
made their homes in the pines and
palms of the property.
"To some extent the property lias
been cleared for the develorim-rnt
that Is coming," Mir. Clark said. "but
we used the utmost caution and had
sork done hy hand shen It would
have been cheaper to burn. it is
our intention to make on Tampa
Beach a refuge for birds of all
Specific orders have bene Issued
by officials of the development
against killing birds on the property.
The order will remain in force, of-
ficials said.

M. R. Werner'a "Barnum," which
has been through many editions since
its publication three years ago. Is
to serve as the basis of a moving
picture featuring the life of the great
showman, who believed that you
could fool most of the people most of
lhe time.
Bartow--Plans preparing for new
$500.000 bank structure.
Lake Worth--Work of extending
Lake avenue, bez-rin.
are salid to have rented ithe pla,:r"
oni a yearly tiapis and other npart-
mintb soon to be vai'alied hate beer,
re-er ed since eRrlI I n the ill. Tni-
ronlitlon Is cxl.e, trd by Mr. Mrl-rvin
t keep Ihe home huntug m irk,.i ag.
lie throughout the umme-r aind alson
to reFstl In heavy Iuilding activiii-.-
from now until fall.

lritlon Is expected to be when the
Federal census is taken in 1930.
The Congress is to be held for the
purpose of taking Inventory of every
thing that pertains to the progress
of Florida and since population sta-
tistics are of vital importance an
exhaustive Inquiry of the subject is
to be undertaken.

jHotel Arrivals
S. W. Walker, Decatur, ill.; L. A.

Mills. Decatuir, I11 ; Lee Miller, New cit
Yolk; AnniP A. Hyalt. Hockcttstown. -
N. J.; Mr. i.auraS M. Bristol. Salem.
Ind.: P. H Milton, A. C. L. R ;
Js,:ph F. ReIlly. New York; David'
.\. Smtl-r. New York; Ch.irles E
m-'rt. Gr:nree E. ,Mar.te-rs, Inc ; R
G. lR.:- .i. Ncw York: D. G. Susman.
Fort MN,.rq;: 0 Brickler. Niw York;
R. B. Minton. [tarberville. Ky.: Mr.
and Mrs. \V. J. Ahland. Co-rnwall; J.
.\. F.iliatin. Chicago: E. Swans.on.
Mit.mnii: J. V. Thontmps.on, Galestburg.
III : Edward %Y Bennett, City; Mr.
-ind Mrs. L. Pel. Palm Beach.

What will be the population of
Panta Gorda In 1930? What will the
census then show for Tampa. Miami,
Jacksonville. Largo, Pensacola, Key
West, Lake Wales?
It is not a guessing contest but a
subject for discussion at the "Flori-
da Takes Inventory Congress," to be
held at West Palm Beach, April 16th.
The Committee on Arrangments for
the congress. headed by Col. Peter
0. Knight, of Tampa, is seeking in-
formntion realtive to population so
th'-i the question may be handled in-
A questionnaire has been sent to
every lo,.ali Chamber of Commerce
in th.:- state by the Florida State
(Chanitir of CC.'mm-rceE at the re-
queif-t of the committee rn-I sdI1. n
the inrorm.,ilion reqJuel, Ildas ber:n
tat.-ulate-il t I 1ib-lieed a fairly pood
line cn v h',i may i-,e- er-c.-.d iurln:
the noi' four- yars 'vill h:ia\c 1.c,-n
ohl lnirmi. Tiht- r li :.Ji nnl- r? ser-c'k<
the por-uliliotn fluire of 15'20l, th
nopulaiion fotuni b) the Stat' when
the cn'ut oif o '-'".' was conducted
and an estimi e of what the pnr.u-

First to understand the banking

needs of every man-

-and then to fill them efficiently

in a little more human way.

"Friendly Service"

6 to 8

Open Daily
9 to 3



Bank & Trust Co.

Capital and Surplus S'210,000
Conveniently Located

At Seventh and Central

JJ Local and Personal

Mbrs. Ellen Blum and Mrs. C. W
Cook, Ottawa, Kan., are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. L. F. Blum of this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Graham
have arrived from Baltimore, Ml..
to spend the remainder of the season
in St. Petersburg. %
Mrs. Charles A. Wasn, Plttsburg.
Pa., has returned to this city for her
third season.
Mrs. Sarah Jane Allen of St. Pe-
tersburg has been spending a winter
vacation at the New Hollywood ho-
tel at Hollywood By-ihe-Sea. new
resort city of Florida, between Palm
Beach and Miami.

Fruit gift boxes. Send a box
home. All sizes and prices Home-
grown fruit Call at Citrus Fruit &
Vegetable Co on highway to Tarpon
Springs. two miles north of Dan.
George Martin, Ocala. Is register-
ing at the Royal Palm during his
stay in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. S. Brirga have
recently motored to St. Petersburg
from their northern home Royal
Oak, Mich. They are enjoying their
first season at 240 Lang Court.
Elvia Wahner, Altoona, Pa., is
spending the season at Pinellas
Mr. and Mrs. W. IU. C. Smith.
Avon Park. have arrived In the Snu-
shine City to spend some time. Thuy
are slopping at the Royal Palm ho-
tel while here.

Special gift box $1.30, prepaid to
any address. Fern Grill Fruit Pack-
ing House. 135 Second street north
and 451 First avenue ncrth -Adv.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C Davis, Canton-
cook. N. H., have recently arriv.-i
here to spend the remainder of the
season at the Preston hotel.
Mis. Olive B. Snyder. sales man-
ager for Henry Realty Coop, Lake
Stearns, Fla., and sister sMis Mayne
McCIdowny of Sehring are spending
a week here. Mrs. Snyder was man-
ager here last winter for the Lake
Stearns office and has man;my friend
who welcome her back to our city.
She is stopping at 805 First avenum-
Mr. and Mrs. \%. \W. Clement-,
Los Angel, Q. are spr ending the se:a-
son In SL Petershurg. They are lo-
cated at the Royal Palm hotel.
Mr. anod Mrs. John J. Newman.
Chicago, Ill.. are enjoyinx the re-
mainder of the season in thisa city.

Cracked pecans Vic Ib, 3 Ibs. Si.
Sunshine, 128 Central avenue.-Adv

Charles E. Hulase has arrived In
the Sunshine City to spend some
time. Westown, N. Y, Is his home.

J. C. Christina, Indianapolis, is
registering at the Royal Palm while
visiting In t. Petersburg.

Albert Schnaufer. Butler, Pa., has
arrived to spend the remainder of
season in St. Petersburg.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mann, Memphis.
Tenn, are seas-on's 'msitors in this

Among the recent arrivals from
Birr-'nghum, Ala., Includes Duff
Grent id R na Green. They Pre
Inonc'i-d at "02 Eleventh ,avenue
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Reed, of Avon
Park, are visltin,' 'n the Sunshine
CPity. They are lotited at the Roy-
al P1dlm hotel while here.

Miss Katheryn Weaver, Harris-
burg, Pa.. is enjoying her second Eea-
%on at Pine-las Park.

Everything for Ihe kiddies at The
Juvenile Shop, 6 Sixth street north.
H. G. McNamee, Oakland, N. J-.
iT spending his third season here. He
is located at the Pennsylvania hotel.
J. A. Comer, lemphis, Tenn.. Is
spending a few a opks in this city
and is slopping at the Royal Palm
hoil r while here.
Mr. and Mrs. 'W. F. Rowe. from
Ft. Mlyers, have arrived In St. Pet-
ersburg to spend some time. They
are guests af the Royal -alm totel.
G. F. Larson. Coral tables. Is vis-
iting in the Sunshine City for some
White dresses for the little miss
for Easter at the Juvenile Shop, 6
Sixth St. No.-Adv.
M. J. Idail, WVashington. D. C. is a
season's visitor in St. Petersburg. He
is registering at the Royal Palm
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Warren arrived
yesterday from Ft. Myers to visit
In this city. They are guests at the
Ro.\al P-'Im.
W\. E. Evans, Daytona. Is spending
the renjainder of the season in their
Sunshine City.
vWilliam F. M. Herff.-y, Boston, i.
spr endingg the- remainder of the season
in the Sinahlno City. He is regis-
tering at the Phe-il hotel.
Easter togs for the kildies at th&
Jut-nile Shop, 6 Sixth St No.-Adv

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bealq. Saturate.
Maws. have arrived in St. Peters-
burg to spend the season.
Mr. and Irs. 3. J. Wumplett are
season's visitor In this city. New
York City Is their northern home.
F. G. Veaman is registering at the
Pheil during his stay in St. Peters-
Easter suits for boys from 1 to 10
years at the Juvenile Shop, 6 Sixth
St. No.-Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. S. Culver are en-
joying their first aeazon In the Sun-
shine City. They recently arrived
here from their northern home, Buf-
falo, N. Y.
Among the winter visitors here
from Oakland, Cal., Includes H. G.
Kraft, who is a recent arrival.
0 .
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wilder lave
arrived in this city from their
northern home, Watertown. N Y.
They will spend some time here.
Mr. an. Mris. C. WV. Graham,
Cleveland, are spending the winter
months at the Pheil hotel.

SUNI)AY, MARCH 28, 1926


Have You $500

For Investment?

We Have Found a

Real Bargain

A syndicate has been formed to purchase some very valul
able, close-in propt-rty in the City of FORT MYERS.

The priee we are paying for this property is exceedingly
low, a real hargain, otherwise we would not be interested
in l)buying it ours-lves.

More than half of the money necessary has already been
fully paid in by St. Petersburg and Fort Myers people.

The property is situated in the best moderate priced, resi-
denlial district of the city, only about twenty blocks from
Ihe business section.

You would be surprised to know the low price we are pay-
ing for this property.

Fort Myers is a coming city. firmly esfnhlishd.
tell you something of what is gning on there.

Let me

If you have $500. or even $250. you are invited to join us,
on just the same basis as we have bought.

Fullest details given about this opportunity. Write

Box 3152, Station A
St. Petersburg, Florida

Lumbe vBudindg SupphjDtrector

LLM _ _ _ _ _ a



The contra(cur who gives you
a lower price by using ini-rior
material instead of our quality
lumber, isn't on the level-or
either is yiNur building later.

F. H. Littrell

& Co., Inc.

1215 First Avenue South

Phone 7708

)ur stocks are now complete
Hiring us your estimates for
building and get our reason-
)le figures.

"From rree o e'rade"
1100 Ceitral Ave.
Phone 7791-7792

ite boxes, cabinets, iiad oilither
wall receptacles are made to
order hy us in any form, .lyle
or size %ou nay ildesire. Our
representative will (all anrid
givp you a figure tn %iour re-
quirenienals. WVe ailin ikmi to
order any s | leof doii wir, win
dow porch entrance, etc.
1213 First Ave, So. Phone 5156t






17th Street, Fourth to Fifth Avenues North
Telephone 4106

Neponset Wallboard

For-New walls quickly
For-Dividing large rooms
For-Refinishing old walls

14th Street and 2nd Avenue North Phone 7275



9th Ave. N. and 18th St.

PHONE 4168

Good Materials at Fair Prices Prompt Service
Estimates Cheerfully and Carefully Given

Discriminating Buyers Patronize

a -^^^dlSW

J. C. Curron, from New York City.
i- a season's visitor In this city.
Mrs. Guy Parker, Glen Ridge, N.
J. is spendir-" the remiiti season in this city and while henrt
she is a guelt ut the Pennsylvania

H1. S. Park-r is reslgstPring at thr-
Penns. Ianla hotel during his st'-a
In this (ity. Glen Ridge, N, J., 'e-
his home.

Mr and Mrs. James Kaler, Mer,,n
Pa, are e-asorin's visitors in the Sun-
shine City.

Only six more days for Easter
cards. Palm Book Shop, 205 1st
Ate. No.-Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Williams, St
Louis, MI). have arrive-d to spend
the remainder of the season in the
Sunshine City.
Vincent J. Lowe, Sarasota, i-
apeniling a few days in this city and
while here he is stopping at the
Royal Palm hotel-.

1-1. D. ". Pratt, Boston. Mas, Is
a season's visitor In St. Petersburg.
Ted WV. Smith has arrived in the
Sun! City from Lake Wales. He
Is stopping at the Pennsylvania ho-
tel while here.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Markell, Con-
ncll. lie, Pa., Is spending the re-
mainder of the season in St. PFters-
George H. Newkombe Is register-
ing at the Pennsylh-ania hotel while
visiting In St. Petersburg.
Many small dinner parties were
given Saturday evening at the
V'Inoy Park liholel. Mr. and Mrs. G.
Harvey Russell had as their guests
Messrs. and Me.Adames Whitney
Wall. Edgar J. Tapping, Bradlee
Van Brunt and Stand Klein.
Bunnell-$75.000 Flager County
courthouse 1o be constructed.
Delray- $100.000 municipal hos-
pital proposed.


- I





I lil! T

!4 I'll!

'N 4



'Xi M
Tx vx




A2 ..w


V :x,.1 -v
7- ... ......

M.. .
7 -ij ii%


........ .

.. .... .


I M1,
0. i, 6j,.
... ....... .

V 4
.. ...... ..

\.n ..... .. ......


Uxlx olve.

tago city council is urging ordinance requ ring alkequestrians
iii.i. M
......... ..
to carry red W lights4h6,'riding at night i parks. Photo
Or7com qed 1.%w,'
sbows one devicl; f Plying



th.V*n Sant,
-St.,, Augustine,

S", 4P
j I

,vsl ew J

a: e qns U1 k L

nd scl M B .1d T- n ine

lorida s .'Gu If nd, an. ches Pres" nt A tionsfo
Bea e Wac r Mak COUNTY MICTEDIIN 1012
ir. & wood, st, reterab
am m e. M- -Ye -_O. JTallsbaoivr St. Pe= urg.
otateinto.: obularS r.Resort Start d Thiw. ,
ovethent ar
9KN NG UT A D..Howe..Aoona.
S. S. Cochinkin Clearwater.
L.' D.,,Vlu"a.OT
ifor ff= n 5prIngs.
M5 161 dfe Pe''
Lift 1" 4'
""V'SIDE 19riod Loc s AC C. W. Wlckft, clerk.
P X BL Whiteharst, sheriff.
torsl.redidL LeRoy Rrxndo, Count* Judge.
M ons Conorete L J. Northrup,,,assftspr.
",!ere: ,be, a atatiwde D. X Hoillm superintendent
Invite the S
t Mi to, get
movemen !go under
-,,dents K R, mcmullen., tax I 001leder.
Wj Ujaxiii, to, poularize Commissioners ofk Office.
this sumbierAs.A.oWn- 'Tar
K- H. Becketk chsj E
lAer re A t te. It 'is OVjdaut pon,, Spring
0 Ig
*V V BAR Y, -2roadAft Florida thaj aredy. the rqhiadiaXd J. P. Lyn%," St. IR
legAs-ta'the. lteaolwp`.', com ps AN V R. H.Stuunerj,St. Petersburg. st
61 W. L Hackney
sewed the.1 at;,eW-0 ty Safety Uaqor.
7L,*ttja to-fthe-#06 and-Vie, goal alollo, N4aduo thousandap a, W1. I T I _Harrison, Ctearwater. of
Other Officers,
---iof-th0e, beautye.- inAsad-'and 011a up Norill"to 4mehere Vy
John V. BftA COnty JU40- bro
pers Lane, Circuit judre'
tU'j)at imita- this a ilia hnd;,but 1,dr whii
F!" P.
8!'W1MU'1L4en,1 tax ollectar.
*G* f dig 7ffi th pNX4 &.,on.-ea easeves au At"iti-
C. E. flurieson, jDognty engineer, ty.
923, d4 4tatt B eiialatoe Floilda'proA 6& is about. T- Harl O'Qulnz pounty clerk beer
am . uncahliy M I I t hiold h.
tami, plans rates "A to
4;r ht of, VrW AM eLMing and cost of tiviliIs'at A- 41in-0awn.
t4 th W td,jlg. 'and *Ieitof ,wiii kind',the r6sejik t6o&
state following, suit. beez
turn north,'td tell the ilamou BAPTIST; TEM PLE
wo tt.00to nolnare to' I ix:106 CS,
'A han"ielsewhem',and tlie! sent
jai'd 43t 3 60 'Are ...,PLANS BUILDING althe
Ideal 8 mmeF
ltb&, 4rd aheN of, i, summ t; 91 woo
mid w., many days tbire4re-
Co Nembership of Chufth It with
t& 6C
I n boiachos.whiifi efilily ar, Ther
for -9U-, maiii 1r`ahk I Wa a flhceas'ed During Ygar wate;
4WS-- and sviooui enjQyment; of,
6* ied, hk sports. Ndt so, in flour
Way dWArt, Swimming ondF
ofActivity clatic
*onpy_ pn Florid- Therein no doubt that this also,
state is entering on a now em that
III, result in'netivity surpks.sinr -.CHURCH membermhip doubled, and P116
i"fW _tr0*W- Lovor ht the ijjSj --.urnme
tt r's spectacular trading attendance at Sunday school. knov
h tion.
e Season, but this time It win be 'of three times what lt.waaa year
a- cord,,of the Baptist Temple, each
ad was amen ed to the.thoughtsof, v r -Fourth -street and' First avenue
746df A sto a sec6ad preferen- & Town 'big
sand,, Inc, who 'were south, where Dr. W. A. Hobson Is
04terrlhliiel *4181noluding the facto I 'go" 'of MInne. the paLstor. Plans for 'a million- eggs
-Pler sy"m.,, apolls,, I 'California Pefora ,r dollar. church edlflce are being made.
to, 8 The Baptist Temple was estab- af
tbo'Vant fit field a4, plon,
enter the, ori
pd that jyjj blon, l4id'dowli to Ing. c
Hailed In, the; year 10,03,by. Dr. Jud-
TU rs '80WAarris, lt4foundera4dfl*t Pas,
I in', the 4iient-ysar, theL sWe 3s ed' W pi atkte'An 4t9witi.
*t*dt4,g about V10 to mat ty, roallzwg the, mr44t, 1jarris remoitned pastorfor
lriPome foi.tlks comes from h Florida has rate-,
oxnpeectolthlbfift of lo5 , years;"an= ", si.tcct6d6d by
ar,. to,$00,000, b
jo On. The
*4b 040, iax, 0#,Op, Automobil uthe nW 4. A, TOWK811i. R. 0. 'A littio.more than a year airo, Dr.
first Is. Vl6ion,Ao efNigoaltz the
_6061_Uderal aid, I I -, I I -
st*e',0 ett of Industry, ag- adV!fitges( XQ one 'instance tWo oth men "of, vision, 'nor -24 Toy ',T6wu,', and ln other cities of by Driver & Town"nd, that mcwt '. A.; Ftobsbp! resigned" the. pastor-
71, -'altu just At of the M64 Baptist 'church of
W+, lk ric yv amp and,,ioiStIrt'- ceut- 6 'cal e the antedate FIMch- Florl" : ey likewl I as' 4 1 11
a;e built/ under a to e4ually, itip6i-."20mb o llli,11 :thois 'of' tit a eeded, 4)f us axe &Vxage, people wlph Joicksonville, Bla w ore, -he
0144 40ads 6bfiatlon of viz-ut'at' Y1 Adjr Acd in' T and ac-
st.:and or, Perry ftelfandpther Floridian South'GroisnAprings, at fT oony#s, hen rs,'ag% boien -N
_.ytA ivt-r'for; 22 year,%
it is fit an- t4htl ikU4 to ui, now remost in
st fo I r. .1 1 i3 rt'6.',DrtYer,, bor,-,, Sbois -Acies,,IA a Bonny See- only, pepted, a calf to the Baptist Temple.
XieutI4ceX6c4tIVk a '. come to
;.Ath-V 84M 0-the When in loi4da'Abs p the millionnire:,could
Towneend.- oxn.;, and Alcjs Gardens and Mid- 'FI; V,
z0hat , po uO)v hs dome. In this ih6f, ias- l5esh no.-lack of vislom tion, Shore rt Dr. Hobson, bbkan 'his work 'Oeto-,
;n as to ploneer"An-tell1ing'of tlielp 4da and'enjoy true comfo for
Partner, Joseph A1,TbW way; these% being.nuimbered ahb Mplp er 1, 1924, with a membership of
kagapul,, ot oopstr4ction, for only a Never jinywherebefore hiLve Such his through full page advsr R9 there:wm no -provislon for. -
-tjji, edi' s Lakeland's built-up, "cttono.-,A
-s of e j re b* X.. to" evident: to,.Ahe mbat disin- P" time When m UPI Wa a,out. one, hundred and fl#y,' Dur
14mutt wfth,-.enormOus, h1orne 'could gorgepus pictfir '. A 4utn" of, nwdoiate)Oianbto o*.m flie brIef"Period th6'efiurch has
the policy and build somany pain d. t, this second. n-A981". tereffted redd r-Abat, the mem,,Whoh practically., unknown In V16rida.', It Winter. Ptrk, briarido, tho Wted 46,1Torlda grow.;jt wlll ii4ve mo Ink
= 14%, of d6llars worth of j*,at equality WIth I. Viacticallty"'is: witV SiAd Ahat. the, first full-page ad W s agents, for Lake knowles Ter- milliefied,,: buk 3jj' d61qbled tt membership and- the
also Intimate hc4u ra:6 Np.'I'and No. 2, andfor, Bevir iday'school has gTown to. Wee
$10,69,600 'a presebt, In attimtoid, by. ths, aoituai po, :retilty$eotipri, 6f t4o..St, tend believe.t"t 75,-new, tesidents S,
m-cm ptartlhg a. ve *q Park, 14 Fidistproof, Lakeside 0 'n, timei its ususd:attwftda4ce,,s year gitcl
-cp .2 Its M tht area, es In, Pkek0oIr ft ima" tle I I
4"ter Aself, 4 upgrib*h of Vat in ut of every 10D will'wlsh'to
0 1mg POO 10 Baptist city
v**Ai feels that to extend tbepro- n Consider St iesItT,,6btfi, Ili 416MI` 01 jibDi6d by, Driver; & w4r"._wths risult'of their sales bomesites cost 64`. ;sloroo ag
ed .,by vizusAsts'. orl(la, *as sp d P146
nr, 10, jnc. Vj' ability, ^ndja W F Aa
4*AXO "Y.Ond othtg rou, Would, Pell: In P md miic, -hity t TOW, est rostp U tonhan 4nereased frona. one -11 ae
eter" ";, sw years agqi_'a urg. S 00"', had build on them "Winter homips
jl po,4y izexperieqd'rpad., build Villap -up, g ceWux" In and thir, vifited h brgant
cit 'It , pc oelda!,x%= th nation 46'1hrpe tint.olis.
tr4gli;, hx =,1' id, frorfi, an I;re 'tat, Jhofflclent, mU n)
40.,"Rerta would notbt satWac7 Silp"'A0,1heir. credit must be Worth. public lo kn6w, it. I Sold 8616y chogse that kind, oflaxid,, a; gu
4ovT, 10fnbar"s On Ohn"e, of ula; t"aY`jL me' Ill's ab6lt a adard A-1 B, Y, P. -U.. 0.00
wbat,, I to., Overtime" :10 Tu, majority of th66 is at",time pf
cq;otng into thesta ed
as AW Petersburg I.' i]4:Orni",#ty id Driver To* a4901 by the de- meats *em.not only III "base d hence
ioniois *119 'col, cr66 Vis tt and Vtownsejid In heav#y' as' ho
ve built up In a ell
tine -Mlami4l kays, ozi. b*b**y6
Ir. period of les Iodated alv
tWL t.'b"'cfty, wjU,,*r,"P
11041 '-(49Q12tNb14W Pi -nf to *,s city: 0:i .1Bronel"St.4w", thag ilve yeitra, adAexluestlori around c0fiI6 Settled In IWO` Aew,pestorste. Whil
-the- pa iilfs tNAtmtfon, them, etig 6jA144*,,j6 t,*( pulg rlar)r, 67 ob it?" it, Two lotfs, w6e to _1M 'd
'VtWh&t A"stly to Be Rd .. !b did th A4 West
'o not 're Pp
of norwAla I F" th uxe CXl St',Petei*bufg, SemWola Shores 4,
Iwo r4at
206 Alopojalfo tweta First
abn to,
series of trocles- ot, im, th, tp Tam&
t., be, p: an ITIle b* tojeft
b 'ru fOr ov
VATPOm g1*6i S614th',, att(i ind', Gulf m ltsoe prop i4ore blowsy and of he NW* t4p eo-O_ tACX, nacbjne, Vt., I at to V aPpro tel one Per "A
fbo*d N ber V ;,adk- W ned"'to e, Thlt' T t PvAm6ttb,. Braden east and now 6 .,G '"ville 4te 'dollars, he ed us PrObf
sue tor'soom, roads 'In, lea & L ., = A"* Wn and'
1b, I Hier 0. pletion. in Saraaots* Punta Gor)da and the lime rock v rb build- depir+Jiint' has'- eqq`uI p
;io norka, counTlesie "Ons, of to 'no of the lot is ofie miiit n. talAt
me ots t& Pra&. rvey, is -of ditiOnS In thil year this't t ve r e itne os soia- thence to Fort'hivirs; a rather will Ing almost in its natural state,.' bops to do almost Ind of re, eurv4
lor-WW'01 the mi n hl sa a: rida tions are plattedand figured In or- connected central route through the A sub-grade is roughly made on pair work onany of the, blue Dr. Hobson. expresses htmatkf as
314,jObn p6*y 0 1 -he y "FIO being well pleased with the growth W.
weat-tcthe polls and ap- is the, most sp cUlar of the forty- der:, to: determine the amount of ridge sectiozi north and south. the and of the Florida' formation; used in road, corIstructio
eigIft States." In his coTicluslons, earth eled by roll- the Pme rock t of big church in membership, or- well,
'r6ved, sthgls; bond lAsuiv of $4,560,- to be moved. After figuring With these route tra-v- is deposited In depths this machinery Is', war dep said
00 Wy reftntly. Charlotte county he saw. "The workthat ham, beert jh6. sarthwork quantities the grade lions of people S year, for Florida 'of one to 11 Inches, rolled to thick- surplus. ganization and efficiency, and 1nthe- cQmr
_70,Iiilid4W WiY-U good roads pro, dons sojar is excellent VAe lite is arranged to eliminate waste has no "bid weAther period for the ness of, Six to.eight inches and tn, Convict Labor prospect of better facilities in the ,Tbt4
hich7'gives: a"m1le of'new t*cal Florida road is amply wide and to provide for sufficient ma- motorcar," 'the state has been con. that form now makes, the complete ncxldgL employs about $00 con- near future. In comment Dr. Hob-
forleirery i1quare,1fille In-the for two ve4ide travel,,haafinN We terial with which to make the, road- necting the east and west coast road. The praqtice now Is I to coat victs- on her rodd.system. on di ever3
be- temem- shouldersand a wide right of Way. bed, rout0s, where water development the lime road With a bWk top, as- is to use t)ie convict-labor not under "We are looking forward to
are, In addition to the trunk The 'Surfade. generally of 4phali as "Side drains qIqng the h44way, as was the magnet that had Its.result phaltor tar. M*Lny of the Streets ok severe eask obligations so much as greater things when we get oui coulli
a. ortfqtential and secondaV statistics show, 10 smooth an4 )re- well as outlet ditches leading from in the intensive building of park Florida cities are of this construe- to keep the men busy in such -a way new building with better conditions vesU
markably free from. the ,,.disturbing culverts receive the same careful at- Subdivisions mile after mile on e tion. Few citle'. anywhere have had, that the high standard of the work and facilities. I have beea. watching 50 pe
and so often are theme waves of the asphalt road at-tbe 'tentAon as any, other part. of the Atlantic. and the Gulf of Mexico.
-S6,1 nian ly to stand the sinc6ssant travel tO is maintained.- QualitY"Of w0rk, not the spirit and growth of St. Peters. atIng
,iisuea approved throughout the north. In a fairly extensive experl- plan. Slde drains are planned with This has brought about' great which Florida streets are Subjected, mUeage, is the slogan. -The calrips burg for more than twenty years. wort]
"" a 'noida, that the-. rec ence of the roads of this country, the true, grades and even Slopes Ili order cross-state highways, the most trav- and In places like Miami and el"- are always pleaspfitly located,, clean -It was the progressive, substantial, use s
*Mtbweuld not be complete fbr pr where th14 form of road'has Stood and 'Yell managed.
wiit 'has never ridden'roore com- that they may Oraln'at alltimes and *Ld being that route which crosses Attempts at qS- sane administration of publie'affairs, have
60tith.- -An-estimstd several fortably'6r With more wurity at that ponds of.water wjllfiot be left from St. Petersburg and Tampa to the test of well. cape are repqrted'to be -ery few. the delightful climate, and the five valu
at tallahaisee, however, high 8ppedthan dver the newer roads A report inm showed 70 per pris
11 Wong the roadbed. Outlet. ditches Palm Beach. Information of only a oners have cleared 820 mileg of personnel of cltlzenshlp and winter able
=71hefe 'was outstanding built by, the state of-Florida. I are cut true to.grade and to as per- few days ago announced that- the cent of the State roads had this lime rights of way; graded, 634-mllw: devel
iock base, In 1S24 this Percentage surfaced ;23, miles visitors that brought me to the
ut $166,000,000 Worth ,Z'b6nds is- 'In, this. connection and as further fet aligptn6fitas the road Itself, as cross-state route from Fort Myers to `mds; shine City.' I have been more than affon
-the state. proof creased to 90. This same ock completed 36,miles of surface Lreat- pleased, by, personal kfiowledge of inch
IrAhe 02 of drainage is one of the main Lake Okeechobee and thencetoPalm was In
road for high speed travel, the true -will be ready fcr Is used, of course, as the base for ed. 21 miles of bituminous macadam, the city, and Iam bapi)y I my Fach
Vasi wagrAfft In road construction and Beach and Miami,
jjftld6es,nct -taim into- coonsider test of! any 'road a member ipf the maintenance.. After the plans are be&%ry travel. by August I of this brick, sheet asphalt, asphaltic, con- 9 miles of concrete; and cowAct'la- work anA in the prospect of
M.6i tfli.. 11. -foi 4naghifl- traffic squpa'of the, police of Tampa, a sfLn
made and all quantities 'fig6red, a year. crete, bituminous macadan'4 and In bg was used in the cbrIstruetton of greater Baptist Temple at the heart one
t3i th Wj except recently In testing a new,.boulevard detailed, New Speedway some of the minor ioads serves as I culverts and
citi estimate is Made of the qost brld'g!"t Up Ito of the Greater St. Petersburg."
bi-h- are which Is" an- import"t gateway, of 6f the finish. the,4
ere 0 ce n g *aya section of the road for whirh That section of -the Tan-daml a treatment in the first the early part of L 1925. This work
U 1 11 1 ; Buildinoz Another evidenee.L of growth is the The
Zfnfq,roaAs.nor for the huie pro- Tampa's street system, went over trail. leadine 'inb) Punta Gorda. Record has been carried on In the blk i)ro-




rad^enton and Fort Myers

be Connected In Line
|l| West Coast

H:AL ESTATE values on
t'he West Coast and in
tAe4 central section to be tra-
ttd by croms-state transmis-
Ea .leetri. lies will be in-
j Eaa A by the completion of
hehuAge power projects to be
#erieA.throughb by the Plorida
?jqbt'and Power Company this

*'W. j total of $20jG00,000 will be ex.
1wbdm brgthe corporation. it ila an.
Suonoed, In conqtructlon work for
.tM(asc year of1i920.
A meits and extnsions wi
1 lpdinaillatoan of equipment to
.th aectloa trom Fort Meyer
o'tooi on the kuf O~t and
X--Hh St. AuSglUtibe td Mimi on the with connecting power
to join both seaboanrds.
6 :.. 70 Mlks of L4M
glp.. t1u project gte construction will
lu~tl- the. Instalation of early 700
pI2. tansamisson line! to carry
Kl&". 06. v 00ts V ma -these 'lines high
"p.ho )t tnfat sense of the

-I m Vu S. est coast the lines will
4 trougha and serve arasota and
.'ttt S.orda, both young cities of
gl::... sho ine i which have made
: iatvtllous advances In the past few
g itbat On the east coast the line
.,"' u 3ahd.down the coast from St.
.'. Augustine ta Miami. a long line gasas-
n: 1ithrBugh an serving the growing
,:*alMi Bda towiu of tHfe Atlantic
Sm,,j.A or feature of the plans calls
..*rt e C." trucgon of power plants
.0.:. 0 ateeclty and fatlities total-
l.91 ,000 horsepower, and the an-
Mo maleineat is that these power
~-be con*Lcted this year.
"'* .. igMt Plant
.9. The laiet of the power plants
w il be located at Fort Lauderdale,
/4 witf a capacity of productun 65,000
, 4ho. -power. This .plant is now un-
dr construction.
'q si major crow-state transmission
R ts w leave the east coast at Fort
:'' 9rc1. pas Uthrough Okeechobee and
X o, 0*.vets west coat terminal at Punts
:'na, bounty seat of Charlottc cottm-
.o. a the great Charlotte harbor,
;tw e docksi are now being erected
ppt lines to operate between
_l o Odri onw wleas and other
.%#* f o coiastiuction Mfo-
jt~i" a *m tmmatgon of the

4 U*4U hi Florida with
fl&b, the maricanua wr
^^i~ll 11ji 0DOBF. .9> whiah waown
tclfeh ,tbe hw e qsny headed
&b 8 Inch. New A nmaf in
.q:wJ.e,*ta ..with the new combine,
I. .t..ohoing to the New York an-
*mtemeient. Includes ua Issue of
4bt.1O.10,.00.000 in 5 per cent bonds,
%U)h oestingm syndicate to be beaded
)y.9.lnbright and company.
::.. Included In larger
^.tlnduded In the merger are the
... l.lectric Light and Power
*spvy. Miami Gas company. Mi-
ti Beach Electric, company, South-
iUtilitJes company, Daytona Pub-
asiB'e e company, Ormond Sup-
,y Company, Lakeland Gas com-
*' yp St. Johns Electric company
and,. uthern Holding company. The
slted corporation will serve more
0a oaou4munlties. It Is declared.
D fitluon to the power plant build-
i at Port Lauderdale. a second Is
: s under construcutloa on th St.
SP*a.m river.,
V .Vnim bond Issue will be used to re-
SAre the entire funded debt of the
doioldated corporations -nd to re-
.;'fbUm the new and bigger corpora-
,':.on: for expenditures already made
thea' new company- as it embarks
f1 1= I Im0mese project for extension
s.a -lnezpanon.
.; The Installation of the major trans-
lgsMi i nes up and down each coast
F."; 4wresw the state means not only
.. of Bpp.oelectric power and light to
f te'-towns and cities through which
: h ". se lines pass, but to ever: other
da, .'tty a'd town which may spiing up
Ji Us.lte area covered'or adjacent to It
".p;iew wittih reasonable distance of
* L:tesloln. The plan thus mean Im-
.mos'ie tlipetus to the campaign to
48M up the vast resources of the
- *swt cast In a long list of Its rich
opf *pmttie-Manstme. Saransota. DeSoto.
? ,: la4wtotte--and the cross-Mate coun-
l SJJs-Hlghlatlnd. Glades, Okeechobee
"iSd ft. Lucle.
..:" Announwpd Recently
". o ...n jlmeements of the program
"'*th. ed In the foregoing have been
de through the Florida Utility
& Vws,,tt published by the Florida pub-
i ut irltiea Information bureau. In
|;: which member companies, are the
;'-..erevard County Power company, Co-
tea*.on;. Southern Bell Telegraph and
y W:ephone company of Jacksonville.
h+ Lorida Power and Igiht company of
fmL, Pensacola Gas company of
,,'-]Pesacolat St Au~mrtlne Gas and
t'Ztit company of St. Augustlne and
,, the Pinellas County Power company
et : t. Petersburg.
S Cot.onneeNtno of 'he" new transmnls'ion
line of the Flnrida Power and Light
4"Ompsny with the linen of the rinci
lra County Power company and the
: rIets to bhe noti o Rt. Peters-
b"pIrr+ a section of the itale'r heavi.
"'.W a population would 0 the wesl
ke"ydtut a complete high-power trans-
*Ip.Weamlon service all the way from
ir:.*Port Myers northwards on the gulf
.:Oet, with St. Petersburg a strateglc
A efller of the development that Is
*:ldug to follow In the wake of big
*'etrk- pov er supply day and night
fle roas-Meate line will pas.

S'*irouh Arc already a railroad
Shighway center. and In general
ga' I la likely that the hiph-tension
S'IuhlSt, o lines will follow the
t4 tor' n'aewhere and conform
"BiiiS possbMle to the major hi hway
:Am advmatages In I he place.
^^'wfW^i (flIpeai~t and &dminlstK

4T K.
a .:' ',:^ ::'t'" '* .
- ,;(" *; .? .* '..*... .. : "
ip1 ++ .; !.<& ,.+-:p.. .,?..','" .


Southadoey float was one of opt4tc In the day p e. was covered W rese
Sonthland eoceiy float was one of moat dlstinsctitB ta the" Friday parade. It wa severed lth l nd rowa.

Georgia Is famous fr Its peaches and the Georgia eniety esconced some real peaches in its decorated float.

PUT 4MI` r -+ : .

Johnny Green Turns Green Lantern Over

To Chamber of Commerce for Societies

T HE Green Lantern, a large
pavilion on St. Petersburg's
waterfront, has been turned over
to the Chamber of Commerce for
the use of state tourist socie-
ties. This action gives the tour-
slet associations an admirable
place for them to hold their
entertainments in, the future,
several of the societies having
outgrown the facilities of the
Presidents' Union room in the
Chamber oleCommerce building.
The Green Lantern, erected on
the waterfront by Johnny Green,
aviator, has been used as a dance
pavilion foi several years.
Green also has a hnpgar to
house his airplane nearby.
Green's leases on both the
Green Lantern and the hangar
expired in late November of last
year. The fact was not noticed
unlil sume time later whed city
officials chanced upon it in the
municipal records.
Green immediately sought a
renewal of his lease for a ten
year period. This was taken
under rensideration by the cidtv
eonuinmission. At the same time
the Chamber ol Commerce re.


Each society of Christian Endeavor
of the First Christian church will
have a part In the special program
arranged for presentation this eve-
ning at 7-46 at the junior high school
where tbe congregtIlon is now wor-
The program Includes numbers by
Intermediate society, the'first speaker
to be Frederick Pierce. Adull society
will be represented by Mr Buchanan
Junior C. E. by Miss Helen Nippert
and six Junior members. .Dorothy
Wor.l will ad a pem Dri J. EL.


quested possession of the Green
Lant rn for the use of the state
tourist societies.
Reach Agreement
City commissioners proposed
to continue Green's lease on the
hangar for Ithe desired 10-year
period provided he would im-
mediately vacate the Green Lan-
tern. Green failed to take advan-
tage of the offer, not vacating
for more than a week. During
this time the Chamber of Com.
mere requested that no action
be taken before an Investiga-
tion had bees made by Its wa-
terfront committee.
The request was complied with
and the matter was held in abey-
ance. The final report of the
waterfront committee recon-
mended to the City Commission
that they adopt a policy permit-
ting no more leases on muni.
cipality owned waterfront prop-
erty for a period of more than a
year, and furthermore that all
leases to made should terminate
at the will of the commission at
any time under the year leased.
File Proceedings
The city commissilin adopted

Gorsuch will make the address and
there will be special musical num-
bers. Mrs. Grace Trafton Sears ren-
dering a solo. and a class song by
Mrs. Nelson's department.
The entire program will be In the
interest of the Dixie Endeavor.
William Rountree. who came to
this city four months ago from
Toronto, Canada, died at his winli-r
Some at 439 FIfth avenue north
early Saturday morning. Body waR
shipped to Toronto for funeral serv-
ices Saturday night.
Arrangements here were In charge
of Walter B. Wilhelm funeral com-

this policy and immediately In.
structed City Attorney A. 8.
Bradley to file dispossession pro-
ceedings against Green. Papers
were filed and the date of the
hearing was set. DurlnL the in-
terval previous to the hearing
attorneys representing Green
conferred with city Officials and
it was decided to grant Green
a one year lease on the hangar
with the provision that he
should immediately vacate the
Green Lantern.
It was only recently that
Green actually vacated the
pavilion, the key being turned
over to the Chamber ol Com-
merre foi the use of the slate
tourist societies.
Green's lease has not been
granted on the hangar, and he
remains in possession under
"sU fferance,"
So after all this litigation, the
state tourist. so'ieties through
the Chamber of Commerce have
obtained the use of an excel.-
lent place for them to hold
their danrces, parties, and other


Corn used for' the decoration of
the State of Illnois iAoal In the Fes-
tival of States Grand Parade, was
shipped to St. Petersburg from the
farming district of Illinois.
On the float were 16 girls, dressed
as ears of corn The Illinois tribe
of Indians, from which the state Jd"
rived Its name was represented by
the queen. Miss Helen C. Swanson,
Benford--2,00,000 bond lasu. pro-
posed, for civic Improvaments'




The lmlW parade Friday night was marked by groteoqe wstumes of mummers. The picture shows the
ereilolt ff4tasy that staggered down Central whenue.

-Times Photos by Gasquet
Float of the Detroit society combined Detroit's asceniancy as an automobile and airplane manufacturing city.






Dunedin Isles Takes Over
Another. Hotel to Care for
Big Crowds

To take care of the crowds of B a
summer visitors that will visit
Dunedin Isles, the $63.000,000 fairy,.
land development of the west cop"9
this summer, E. S. 1'rsehlcorn. pres
Ident of the Frischkorn Floriud a C
Company, announced Saturday that
he has leased Dunedin Lodg e also
known as Halcyon Hall, from The Junior Chamber of Commerce float was regarded as one of the
George F. Washburn, of Clearwater most effective In the parande Thursday,
The fine hotel wth Its appointments Te_ ilrmnontei _hus udng he
and beautiful grounds will be usedl
In addition to Crystal Beach hotel. h ou o i rd
which was taken over last winter Tsa o B r M
when the Friechkorn Florida Com-
pany announced ts magnificent de-
pnvelopmezaouede ltltent de Sunshine City a Paradise
The lease Includes a number ot ne ty ar d is
dwellings opn the property with the
exception of the beautiful residence rDSr of St. Petersburg are with- to be found in this section of Florida
occupied by Alden Washburn and i out the shadow of a douhb, the and 'the nature lover wintering In
family. George FP. Washburn Is friendliest that one will find In a St. Petersburg may spend many de-
owner of the hotel and grounds, long run. They will remain'on the igbtful hours studying the semi-
The addition of Dunedin Lodge to over hanging bough or perch on the tropical bird life of both land and
the rtrytal Beach Hotel will m vy e sidewalk and stay there, eyeing the water.
the allsehkorn Florida ompan ps the passr-by with aehty friendly glance. tern, om tern y terng
accommodations which It will re- pass ery shin fre glance Just a few of tbe many InterestIng
aurc orotherswhh of summer via] They are not afraid because they specimens are: Florida pelicans,
tquir thE nie rush of summe nw realize, after these many years of white pelicans, great blue herons,
tors. Extensive plans are now an-
derwav to bring thousands of peopIle protection, that they are within their Louisiana heron, little blue heron,
here from the north. A branch rights. They have as much right to black crowned night heron, yellow
sales office has been opened in Phil- enjoy the Sunshine City as have the crowned night heron, snowy heron,
adelphla and additions] offices will sojourner of the human species, laughing gull, ring billed gull, her-
be opened as fast as organizatlons Just as the present time. birds' ring gull and many other of the
can be perfected, nests all 'over the city, all over gull family, least tern, caspian tern,
In all Florida there Is perhaps Pinellas county, are filled with royal tern. common tern.,sooty tern,
no hotsl with a more beautiful set- young. Very soon the yoUng will be noddy tern. roseate tern, wood Ibis.
ting than Dunedin Lodge Te aex- strong enough to fly and then in a white b l roseate ep onbll snowy
tensdve grounds are laid out in flow- short time they will be starting agret great American gret, whoop-
er hbds which are abloom ith the north. So while Mr. Northerner is Ing crane. sand hill crane. man-o-
choicest blossoms that llorda0 so thinking of getting ready 1o start war hawks from South America.
lavishly produces. Towering pslmn. home there are countless birds thai black skimmer, cory sheerwater.
pinep and bamboo dot the grounds. have the same Idea In mind. snipe, sandpipers. water turkeys,
ranking a scene of truth tropical Hundreds of varietles of birds are black vulture and Ward heron.
T lf ta nce laToledo,.Ohio, to New York with inthe AUTO FURNISHED FOR
Lo'lvr lD~ tance last year. FUI9N n-l FOR
H ers Re c Brown aroused considerable inter- QUEEN DURING FETE
Hikers Reach est In 1918 when he walked from
City Boston to Washington. after he had During the days of the Festival of
Sunshine C t been rejected for service in the the States, the Queen. Miss Marle
army, to prove how fit he was Tessler. representing Peace. the God-
Raymond Rrown and Charles Mar. Since then he has walked thousand Washington, had at her dis-
tell. New York City. reached ihe of miles, visiting numerous places of dess of Wasin
Sunshine City Friday for a shor' interest both in the United States posal a Chrysler 80 Imperial auto-
visit. They are hiking, and walked and Canada. Following a short res, mohlbile.
and rode In automobiles all the way In California, the pair of hikers ex- The Queen and her retinue enjoyed
From New York, where they left petel to board a steamer for the Ce- the car, it conveying them to the
March 12 They intend to return to lesLial Kingdom to carry out a plan dedication of the Port of St. Peters-
Jarksonvllle by train and from thal of globe trotting In that and other burg. to the events of the two days
Point to walk to the Pacific coast foreign climes, and two evenings.
Both of them are long distance walk- ___ __
ers of experience, having already BROOKSVlLLE.-City to vole on HIJGH SPRINGS.-A. E. Fitklns
Walked from Chicago tb Hollywood. $268,000 bond Issue, for municipal corporation plans to construct 43,-
alifornia. in 1924, and also from improvements. 000,000 power ant near here.





Developer Quotes Babson on
Future of State and Gen-
eral Trend of Business













The speech made last night by W.
fcKes Kelley, local real etatt
ealer, before a mass meeting of t
tens ot Galnesville which marked-
he close of a real estate dealers
ill-day jubilee, contained many inter.
sting figures, heretofore unpub.
shbqd, on the development of Florida
and Its future possibiltles.
Mr. Kelley was one of the Sanew '..
vlle developers who apoke before th6
mass meeting In competitlc for the
eat five-minute speech on his par-'
Icular development. Mr. KelXer
poke In the Interest of University
Otatestat Gainesvllle, development
t the North Florida Realty co.a-
pany, a Kelley syndicate. "
Supremacy of U. S.
He first began with figures cobhs
emrning the supremacy of the Unitsd
states in world flnan&e, following tia
with Florida's supremacy among her
later states, and then~broUght his
ubject down to Alachua c uny,6
ialneaville and University FHstates.
Whether or not Mr. Kelley's speech
wop first prize could not be learned
set night. It Is, definitely known,
however, that the figures he quoted
.re entirely new to statisticians.L
His speech in Its entirety follows
"With a national wealth of 75,.000
millions of dollars, the equal of all
European and Aslatio nations corn.
blned; frith more than 50 per cet
of all the world's monetary gold,
amounting to 9,700 mllllons of del.
ars, In the treasury and banks c
the United States; with ;t monetary
system so flexible that 25,000 millici
of dollars have been loaned to fep-
elign nations by the federal govern'
nent and by the banks, after rept. '
having 5,000 million dollars of Amer.
can securities owned abroad at. the
beginning of the late world waj
with 8.500 million dollars of dome-
tic circulating medium in our own
nation as against 3,850 mlllonei of
dollars before adopting our fedeoml
reserve, system, It should be appsir-
ent to every student of economicl
that the day of industrial depresstioat
and finapelal panised has forever
passed and our nation Is enjoying.i
prosperity such as has never bia .
known by any, nation in all thI6
world's history% ..
Bound toM Prosper 4
"Roger Baboon has recently md' L
that Florida will .continue to,prompol" '
lust ka long as t he Noflet ; .,.
ire free from depressot; ttht V.O p' ,.sI
100 people are,-ntW' sttefip*W
weasty to.enJ0oWsg .w om 5a *g
Florida without rfern to to, .
pomes, thus Indicataing tlt at S 'y
three times that numpeir, or IMOI,.
o00b of people, can secure a livelihood
through agricultural, commercial sad'
Industrial pursuits in Florida, making
a total of 20;000,0o of people whlqh
can eventually be bared for In Flor-
Ida, the world's most famous winter
resort. "
"Florida Is Increasing In population
twice as rapidly as the rest of the
United States; her industrial prod-
ucts have already reached a value opf
200 millions of dollars per year and
her agricultural products, livestock,
fishing and mining Industries produce
annually over 500 millions of dollars.
The total resources of FPlorlda'
banks has reached the stupendonl
sum of 1,000 milLions of dollars: an"
In no place of slanlV area anywhere
In the world will there be as much
advance in tihe value, of real estate
as In Florida during the transition
period of from 32,000.000 of population
to the ultimate 20,000.000 referred to
above. This means that nowhere at
earth can such large profits be safely
made as In Florida rbal estate, pro-
vided thorough familiarity with oltr
work as real estate experts and alto-
lute honor ijnderlie our every under-
"Alachua county comprises 807,610
acres of fertile land, of which thli
far only one-sixth has esn cultjvat-
ed, yielding $8,260.000 in fruits, vega-
tables, livestock, poultry and daily
products. The tung nut from which
a highly valuable substitute for lin-
seed oil s made yields a larger rt-
turA per acre than any known prod-
nuct. Alachu a county's soil Is better
adopted to developing the tung $i1
Industry than any other county In
the state of Florida.
"Gainesvllle Is growing more a-
idly than any Florida city of itsA lel
is the sej$ of the University of Flor-
Ida, which will be enlarged from time
to time until It Is able to care fOr
7.000 to 8,000 students, a larger prO-
portion of which are studying agri-
culture than In any American uni-

So rapid has been the growth bf
appreciation of the Value of real q-
tate as sound Investment tnat mort-
.gage bonds rank second only to pub-
lic utility tissue in a survey ,of the
financial business of 1925. showing
new capital bond Issues for last
The figures, given by the first 1k-
sue of a new monthly bulletin, the
Miller Builder-Economist, show?
Public utility bqnds, 5975,37,400;
mortgage bonds. 6I85.Z94.800., RaIl-
road bonds rank third with $364,-"
0682.00, while Industrials and othlbr
*classes of bonds are far down the
The Important part the real estate
mortgage bond Is playing In the de-
velopment of the flia dlal structulo
of the country Is very finely shown
In these figures the growth of
sentiment favoring this class of se-
curity, guaranteed, as It Is, by tl.e
first and basic sign of progress In
the land. construction, and the ground--
on which construction tpsts.
In 1924 real estate mortgage bonds
were thih' In rank; in 1923, they
were placed fourth.. while In 1921
they were fifth. This eurve! shiW
the steady forward tread of the sC
estate mortgage bond,
Il -

-~ ~ ~ '. ': *. *';
'" ;" ".e i. r '

Beautiful Floats, Mummurs Draw Throngs To Celebrations Of Festival


SI ... 'E
' ": ':r

~ 43'
A'A. $12..,

itci \
K t
%2' IL

4." .4..
r I. '~



..-"' ,

St. Petersburg

* Study these
Statistics of
SF. Petersburg's
SProgress in new
. Construction

Since 1922.




I K' ,



- I



S. I

h .- F lori
: i 1 1I i:c
.'. ;\ *a

.. -...., ,

4 ,

I", .. ,' .

. .. '' a t o"
k a t t t

looks forward with faith to
* '' *. - -

* y .


as St.' Petersburg's Greatest year
f ". ,B u l d. .ing a n d .B p. !. '"

S- i. i S *^R1;




I .

"' ..
i ^ i : ' "' '

SArH, looks forward. Analysis of $t Petershwurs five-yenx
Sbuilding record -letves no room for doubt From every-
where money is continuing to pour into the Sunshine City to fi-
nunce every sort of construction.

4 *'~ I


", *, ,""* ..- i 1 ... .* ,
;*' .i .. * ,1 ,'.'* ,' ,
.," *:' o. ',1 , .. ;, , .. .

i? -' ": '': t !' i . :. .' ,.+ ": ' :" ". '
4.v .. 4. 4.:***** ". ,. .

'' ,,. :, *.v. ,' ', *. . : "*
', ,: 1;', .# '; ..


SWere .It not so the vaat devlopmenil-b f-ore-sales program.
QEf the A RA Riwiera w. uld be built on hope, not faith:
O RVO,- *i. ;';< ..6 j 0 to -!4n 1 *' '
brf3^ tlttbtt@ the Cia North'Shore Gateway to St
Petersbrnur &odty. YOU will see. the work that is being"g
done every day to open this splendid location to the grow-
ing demands of new construction.
0P i '





Month ion
January. 4 . .5 172.80
February. . .-. 227,5650
Varch. . . $74,980
tprll. 4 .... 40B.300
%ay. . ... 877.40
* rune. . . . 654.510
ruly. . . 3894.0
'uguut. . . . 352.015
September. . . 471.)0
October . . . 302.100
November . .'. 340.2150
December. . . ..... 270,300
TOTAL.. ..... .$4.107.665



" '' . 'i '. -


Montk HIS
TJanuary. ..... 903,000
February .. . . 2 .43,89
March....... 6.m0
AptH9I' .... 1.04S1.
May.I..... 1.570.400
Jun . . . . L70.0
July7 . . . 2,21,300
Au s't. . . 2.600,fOl
iept ember . . 3,1.300
otober . .. . 410%300
November . . 290.60l
December. .. . j05EOO0l
TOTAL. . . .3.303.99













(Y R E""
". q '- "''.'
.. . V I
*~' *^ *^

6 *" .''.^ ""'" *

26 '
*. :'*^
., -.. i:

- ma m a awn

*. o I


Minimum m
'orernst i '
for 1926
'&35,oor.Ooo I
m1 new buildings m
f , - i ., -,.a

nr th-iN 'Cit'
St. Peters!

m "*. f "- ... i,:

I. ,t-,,. 4
1 .. 4..

. ," :. ."';
.. m .:*. *'^j
L ..I.,

'. -, : .' ,'*i
1 ' a mm '^


: .4 '
I' ,. -- .!.
.? 44." -:',.'. '
Sml I m ^1l

~4-~'~ *1..




* I


Month 114
January . . ..2.1iu.Shl
Februa7 .... ..fL441u
*MaMrb.h..... .... s,"
TOTAL4. ..... .$5440,40"
*T27 day.

"* ,*. *..t.L[
', I..* f, l.!

. ,, 4I
* .' -^'a',o i :!
.i i.', j-.
.; ..!.

4i *'"I
4 '^
,.* ',.,*

., l1
*(. :/',

* I;;'

v lJ
S* 44I
; .'...'.i-'.,,
*.. .. .1.; -
.i. ': ;*
," *...*, .
..... -*!
,, .:a'

' ,-t T ')
... **, ...;*^

; "T
,.' : .,-.,
v ..'..1 ;?
,:' ,;|
"" i
1 4 4'
'. . '4
.\ '. 44

.4 '4
4. '14


S. ..-. . .
' ** ,. 4. .. ." , *" :. '
* '.* -- '. %* "* ..',- ..- ^. *. ,* :. :. e ^ ^. .





M nthb 131
January...... .. su2s50
February. . .. . 322,325
March. . . . .209.250
Aprfl. .... . . .527.780
May .... .... 1.40.58,
luae . . 61 [.50
Tuly. .. . . . 462P00
August . . . 213.00
September .. 326.700
Octqb6r . . . 54.400
November...... 58300
December .. .. 20
TOTAL..... ...I.4,5u


Month 19314
JanuLry. ...... .5 20,400
February. . 663.600
EaSth. . . . 453.600
April. ... . . 754.,000
May. . . . 742.700
rune. .'. . . 79G.5UU
July.. . . . MOW40
uguat. . . . 761UOO
September. . 1.002.,00
3qtober ....... L0. OO1110
November. .... 1.05.liu
December. I . L038.,0io
TOTAL... ..... .5%9557.500

% a


I '- ."-,



"W.09 I "-fp 1"

1 7
I kl_ 1 11 P, A

-W! PAZ!,

ton, ,,oster

iza -S 1; 11

CL "'41"010SA
41 T rs Po S' r 'CLASSES .,UE
LJOPTHE 'M-ES Nor, th W.ard,-Tpa'e-'he otogr pher
MIR. the Ph
$4 1 T
JL IL, cw*",., %4-p f urtfi
y Wa4l" Iakht_ by Mr PLANNING I
the V* W1,0*es. Rusacl Pr*ht AND S CHO 6
0 'LS has nap!'-D4,'* 011_
dr ffpltures, tip spot-
6 I* os In eaCh,,104* iWd UNIOR High school, as well'as Senii
91 I "_ I I n
clubs :1!unetioning as a extra ej
,iere ties. etr resp -plan has prov'. en of inest:
fe:6ter interest in, school work, order,
8, 1 advancement.
UIZ$ b&g" N*" f9r P, qlub, th
the sub,
"0*0C, has, -NOW IN CHAR In ca
club e2
that they LOCAL SCHOOL$
oral pr(
Wl 9f, iibbing OF 'MISS will be
to litemtu:
ivre 1-7 Toghers'. Have
itL9 stuo P a r-e n tjeachers Associa- at the
m able to
tions are Fostering Work
4*' it the, of the c
With, Fund and S Uper e
34* 04 pf tuel 4k
Doris C
5hdols' 'brf the 0611 Vision
:w -tea The Jya By, MARGARET A. HELLER
7; ST. PETERS13URPT -schools A'stu
10,690'p ban have well equipped We- ganized
by 17 toaaers a" principal, mis riod I
rid A140d 1 i K terias and most careful0super- tPhee sch4
!,Th 06holl"is always active In all vision I is given, that children Miss D
ac,obl wbrk- and '01ftw: acqvities.
y, sbgd6,a It has, a Ubrary, a -one hundred pier. get Well proportioned meals 8al0m,0
an:d at a very low cost. very ffu
it)JTFIMO lirk, 6f the Cross, 4udobon One of the grade school cafterim In the k
*di opel4fin whicb.4 number-of prizea
pat" !th bAve 4een, wda,`, T*o pri"s havO that, of Roser Park wits built by
uVon thope bpo.,A vvpp of k $7.00 each,,by this the Parent-Teacher association charge
ldftlftt to kaoN Kilool for b*V14iaccompli4hod the three'Years w,'the second school tors ine
'about n:cVK- of, JMprov*iii nt on, t6h4l 1 orthWar(L. 'First. row-left. to- right. Miss FMces, "rrand. Xm Charlie Martin. Mrs. Ad. Cullis, Mrs. Willisin, HArshbarger. cafeteria building erected In St. only XD
o I FraF Burton aGnible, Mrs., Thornton Neat6n, Peteipsburg,,and it also has the dia- of the, c
Mrs. Mrs. Erle Ball. MissOla, Allen. Miss Edni Coe. Back row, Mrs. ChaAes Pamble. 9m
unit oolib" frgo, cove, Miss F41ini6 oBswleit Mis Mao qII6I*1st,.aAd Miss Leola Case. tinction'of being one of two cafe- on qtw
teriag to be built, without aid by A col
eacber aswclation, *4,10 the school board. made .8
,,4sltbd dd thr -
th, ,forth4"ad
Roper Park cafeteria is ong of tlie follov6
=j7y Rolqei*7 A rk.Students P
E nter higheit. type. The Ins e&.6r* and eluded:.
t., 9,p Of tbLe. HONOR'PU.PILS'
4ool rooms $Lt.RoaW. Park j)eho6l nurses of the city.bealth'department each in
0068!14' in"A tha Pli *IwAys atti-activei vlndovo,,*bxes have ahmys rep6rted It,100 per cent, has ou
4 0' and otbor p -F lo a t'
SIM& IVWV to Teotio ,.State drade,
rus "OrtalAN -P Many mothr,'diia patrons ha,e tsry t4i
"4e Ut beadt(ful doxiiiis,46d bf
WIP, 0t:1 fu ntpllmo.qtod, the-,management for the teAX
r4ftute. 'Fl4a, plctitiresme% .'ARE ANNOUNCED 0
dopartin -and: the splendid condition maintained. ftk pur
o4laga-4jad pots
Pat , float 1&moved Two B grade -isgUd. to have Billy, sio-me'r fromL New York. toJack- Miss, Katherine
Awilt0ti th the ferii4 0:nd th ts at the' tnbst ttraatlve in the parade., Minottl aS&IA in school. sonville which was very intortsting.. Ayr6, has beft the as a sp
b plaM all times _Ans, of iff lentmAAbLggr sihee the opening Work I
L, twoo and _41404, cor* the, -"The, By I time assist- ic
tuo sctual wo several, planga ?I had &g Harris School P r, i nc i p al c uced
2, bon -W To cbndr 00(V f and lias introd Manner,
ing in -the. da;ooratlon ab'd when, it Qr&dy. Those having 'perfect spolling in Gives Ou o er
bomInMad' fr *41,611 are us6dt,,..htud of Spring'. IuJure& by auto t U6 f P m&fiy-'sp1pndId 146aa which' have class
y AppoLred 'Ift the Parade there *as a mobile in unable yet to'retum to M10 Noyes 6A grAe during the ast
09;pp 'pf the ko h and English PAV.U as in P le, been-,pissed on to, other schools. Thei,
a pild the school. re; Jeeve Fight, 1=boh ct Students
to OWL gxe a in having, one of, week vA. assists grades
;uor_ app= is. '*ptma S. Ford who
P60t, 4A protheit floats In the long arrAy. Wes: ]a-AbJsyear, Is, a very record 4
th"Aro active ar'l
n, pupus nmking, perrect ln ter, Joseph', Pill L14ts' oWaloh, Rios clortrude; r,, pruxaW, at
miss TVV6,t capable 0*1qtant.'
ty 'Fr,
L-06,01po 'MR PWU indluoed .1 Elltabeth a an Harris #6041, an4o*" tha fohow
"4oc The)Xbowne", destg7n "Drotby SmItS, rfect
-o"tiou., C60 Miller Ang 44104-116, b#V9,1had a.po
g t.bil, a" to, m4rk for, the molith, of, i4x di#wei# kin
U1 L'am 4 Lqep Vzd mm
42 1316'dty Uaed wamA 6"WatIqU I I v I )_
,to, ad th' ldr)Bn. Th soup
h Very '!ttr' thre pl" ar seryq( da4y, 'boo
140$4firs twr(f gnide, V11POA& wb6l Ila+ rf4wdeh- *A1oti,,A4 t61 4
IL"prol been, a bibt C ocolate. special
JAW, 04VIP"' bOg-oOTWng, h*"- oy -T jahli V a ftr6 for
Vi *do by R 'au 01
0 W YTdo.'Jal, fta4roni, baked
Gar dber, !X woe
It 11*180#044 *vO b7 7P04 Jed. ;Iloi puddWg,
ck 'W g(. I hilf %, viWs, bi
it W# wW'Otttor too" ice
o A ft I t I whlclh tq'lj*ei'tllslr Jyt). evIeve' VVb1t-
r7.7- wkw
00 :Xe z4m, Mwt" i4iui% C
so Apia& One ,*O!,
`0 =.Ar4bh
:134 iro boitIbs, of AM
41qiW 1fctlnis Hartiet 11pot, rg-Oet Long. :V
stud Of. Ycb bad
now W 6"d h"k A ilk 44 furnish"
*6re Wiwl IPULL Pmu, 3tld. Edwin 'Xift1l, DM
Ki he 6111ofjslty 16
.6 I W Mtwento" a, (Ar in ordst art 'birds In the JL.i, ow
f, 49t, W 4 Rua -ft
ke4Ld on Scouts. tIon th.
ing In tht 1 11, M611 vat
Atft,, '
17'IA! j%mexibj.. trolt'..
no spend 00' Xvlr:,V, boy "d,* ra.
work and, play. lit, w I 104,' 1* tb
the 4*itfb.o tU tie it
The hit. this
weimtet 'kr t p liVe amls worth-. i YX
wroned -, _P I r,
rbr v#Yys, A'qulte dIt-
6; Mybu,
more. Ver IzUr" o a 'frutt'prtss Vus
Five 13 grade under,34ra. Prowd-, tl*. onsbAy ferred to Wood acAqo
.4 'Otoni s r to f4 r
the, Inalvessl6n
I, X 10 o1i
uro to \Ap4;tYi 9t impiewon of & 'illf. hipy to hAlr* new, wludovo 1een'deelpped In Tput.A grado.'Oxie Robert Paschaii has moi4d to UIU H61Rnan, s"ted %the school 1W the County
wed, 00 a t. h9re are large Mud box(A 4bLds In' t mfit,'41 her trtr; by lacksonylile, Florift- OIL Billy rooridon of Woman's-clubs, wVeh
";9,11"i6oi ro' t rti` 7 o _L
00 Dum H6#sliel Morris, hea, provion Very valuable. *Ith Mo or
'upsmwY P6, oowwhat more in 0. where all 00148 0( 14 .
U es MorgaJ4 Carl J#ckson, Ita td, the sixth grade girls daily
eq moii;o th XW ff_]1AN TO'- JOIN R"VARD- 9VPEkVTSE;COUM'9D SCHO0,1.4 knowled
b4lt and M904pd '= .Chapman, 'Margaret Brady, make orange ade which is Servea ractlce
b- I any ffin ural supervisors of, 3109r* VirgW&.DeaALue1)a 3tftwood,.8a- vlth a chocolate gTaham for five of peop
AW. tor headpi* of 0,, paw. Z.dk1,CW4,* Dr. Alfranto do Amaral. an: aisifft-
T tm W ESSur schools, employed under the Jeanes rah Willi" grno4lne Tingy, Eller- t,.,
+ki for the", ungsters mean$,,' paxtiy, ant in the -Butantan institute vf, Sao fund, are Nin important factor in Me cbme in
enCe Preston, Marietta 'VOttg, 91. "The -installation of a system liable society
'som % 4a they can tot' P4ulo, 13=%, has, been Invited -.o or- education.41 program of VIrgIpLv_ eanor. WvN, Louise, Da)*on,,,,Teddy this
,,4 dt Soe objectllpYIol"_ 3DUring de school year f924-25 56 Potts, Dale re;contly has also' proven of great, of
A, A in I gantze, a section for the study of n- BoYce.. Edgar Goft, help in the, serving_ of hot lunches, dents a
the pub- talnW t If a. gatA. Th&' DEFEND JUDGE' ot these workers were engaged
door animal poisons, toxins, and anitox- Douglas Hood,' Billy 'Urwin, Arthur the upper grade children offering lEnglish
1114" nctMols'ofa pr ve A=eri- _dy',Oburs a)2d r6c4q, i # counties in the state, their labors re- Jory Glenn'Witt, J. D.Croy, James 'tan
ot abouit 41 Ins in the Institute ofTropical Blol- sulting in improved conditions' in gr decldiily a kain. Atlp4y e ce in'serving. At t
*04018 are trylt llllims, Dailon Phipps, Tbmmiq New wnlngskave been placed Decemb
of, t4*.,- cular, city a Illinois, Jurist Fab 8 *Jial fo r ogy and Medicige, of Harvard uni. homes and schools of the eblo-d Hayes,' Bobby Beach,' IAUre"' over'thfa sunny'windows and win- elected,
w0y tho Ay's1w *Wo* 4ad h ican' amb 'Bador people in many. sections. In addi,- Kr"r, Glenn HoMnan.,C., R. Morris
Mput"A' 4 Way safe- ddV
tion Jeanes agents raised more sUdes'addedigivirig the build- ClarencA
as versity. The Amer as 'than William O'BrieA Charlie Orland, '
le, examples ray riouslY -P High Misdem'eanoV4. Sao
at Rto de I Janeiro has asked the $100,000 for educational work among Nat Orland, Orrie Ransom and ing s, much more attractive appear- Dorothy
A,*'Moftin public eft' oA in this for. the crime of being YQF1*--'-,b
ooputr7.- OUtvverdlyw the- 11.,e that childrP6 gexief4t,' ftArd Paulo state, authorities. to, grant the negroes in Virgipla. Prances JOrry. ance. Horner,
*Ach, di 00 Oeim and leave of, absence to I Doctor do A-ma- Bea)des doing a great service to Weelsl
public schools -with mo're'alro, In providing them gram c,
Ft ring to,. ble: I was Peanuis shipped from Senegal last HONOR SPELIERS school children,
X sod to. WASHINGTON. March
less averstq4-than thtyu' 27. (1p) r.l to enable him, to accept the invi wI& a warm, well' balaniced meal, Grogg.
191p*1thahiater. T4o I up are 0 r one Argument in favor of &,clean tation. year weighed. nearly 350,000 tonli.
That ia-&'R*n All tojvtha bill of Honor spellers In Harris school the cafeteria has proven a very Peacoelt
1*iwtuo. better better t u a good y' jins. health for Federal Judge W. 'En for. the past mogth includes a X"Y successful project for the Parent- There
IVI and far si nerate 0 -1rV A 7n 0,
Probabiv. tb5v. _iustIfv that increase lish, of Illinois, wb pe impeacbW Y3 A 0 T7*T,1FVT3, A T T L 7-Icredttable.sbowing. Only tho"who.

"'7,,T 1 4T -`4 7

9r Pt .GT1MRSM


TourstTrav~l, Hotl ad Reort Pa


4ot Wayn Denad1oaBiw K )j CW K 66" ~tRg4ftI h et Q9,NVjJPe% gl

4 7 a49ptal ~A law uJI ~ 14 n
WA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 ,qpq R h ?IJb f#AeWW* ~eW a ~OQ
,..HOLD V EETING21 4*_ ne I. spiijW 04W* *dth.1pa or 6 W

'jJ.y.PILLEMUt- A bo8 Ifewkt WI~ PW ~ ~?JQ4 4*aaewl eI

Thj~e-j gr~e he pst Wee i~qw-h4W~W J W Vr*% A~9W~ N-* tack


4twf wihUfd 4k "=DuW rp,# o 0V U4 o
'A`~ Potr y 4 k>

. v -
... .. *,

E * .
+ .- .* ".











~ 1'

~. i*

Never before has such a sale /of

fine used cars been held in St.


A Frank Statement by Roy Dew
,. 1 lr1t 1 W 1I .......


o New ana used L ar Duye

N' .1 'Record sales of the new 90-degree
.. ,. :., adill-iac s .fsuking in an unprece-
S-.d ,h of r tradeins. .Sube-.
.u,:. . .,. .. .,d, d ej artm, is
,stoW ith. 2 2fine used c ru,'
all of late models.
i. .' *' .
"To remedy this over-stocked condi-
S, tion we have decided to close out
: 'every car at once, regardless of the
i loss. To this end we have cut every
price far below the actual market
"For example there is a Cadillac V-63
Brougham sold by us last June for
$3,800. This car, after having been
maintained with the best of care for
only nine months, is to be re-sold for
"Never before have we offered for
sale such cars as these and at such a
S sensational reductions"


Never before

have prices been slashed so


This sweeping

sale of fine used cars will profit

every buyer!

Every car offered for sale is a late model of quality manufacture. Many
have been but slightly used. They are all fully equipped with good
tires and extras, and are in perfect mechanical condition. Many have
been newly Ducoed.

A rush of new and used car buyers will mark the opening of this sensa-
tional sale. Within 48 hours every car will be sold. Never again will
such a buying opportunity be offered the motorists of St. Petersburg.

No deposits will be accepted and no favoritism shown. To the first buy-
ers will go the greatest bargains until every car has been sold.


Half Cash Balance in 6 Months
No Trade-Ins Accepted

These Cars
and Others Will be
Sold at a Loss!
late type 61 Cadillac phaeton. New
Duco Brewster green finish. Per-
feet motor. Brand new tires and
completely equipped. Price 4900.
Brand new Reo coupe. Only driven
900 miles. Perfect throughout. A
wonderful buy at $1,100.
Cadllwa 5-pamiesmer 61 sedan. New
Duco paint, good tires and complete
equipment. In excelen shape mne-
chanlcally. Price 1,100.
1925 model Willys-Knlght sedan.
New varnish finish. Good Ures. new
equipment and ine nmotor. A great
bariat ;*1 ,9$700.
Cad&M 4-umuaIt *I cope. New
Duso f, u. New tires. Special
ol-t.-Roysce Md ,tisp 1a
equpped ad jn poae 1dglmth. rt6e

Master six Buick 7-asenge-r esedaM
1934 model New paiMnt. good tires
and manay exturas. Excellent me
ehanOaU0y. Price S5L0.
V-4l Cadinoa phaeton. Praciteft
hew. New tires and spare. Perfect
mechanically. .E100.
1926 Hudson 7-paasenger smeda,
Good thres and new p&aint. Fully
equipped. Fine iMchalcj al coadi
tion. $9oo00.
V-6 Cadillac T-passenwer nedaX
Only slightly used. Dne o ftnlh.
Good tires a and pmar. Complete
equipment. Wonderful motor. $,3.000.
193 3Model Nash I-pasenger sedaf.
This oar Is In good condition and I.
a real bargain. $750.
Many Others Await Your








Dial 4197


Third Avenue
at Third Street

i -


.- I **

4 J Ietero bury. lwt 4 : r 41w4
MistrWea .at the. fatneM ,ost Office
Pu Uhltiseed ever 7rirS t l ies Putuliulns
company from rhe "Iau i &dng. lt.t tu'seet and
irast Avenue HoutS. I'O tesrtsUrR. ferid'.
The Assocated kreaW- is exciAl*ut., ntlled id EA*
ose for publication, of all news,, qretdlited or, ot olttr-
wine urdted InD tlhis aaper. and q0o the local news ,o1b
Imhed therein.
PAUL VO!NTErIH 'roent"n
W. L. STKUA 0 H _Wditur
DAVID B Ld dIJM A -Manager,
Display ssrl.u.ilna rates 8c per column Inclh daily;
sIc per column Itbich Sunday. Discount given for repeat
.Inserter1. ateu on application.
.ReadIns, boLues per count aine per Isaqe. daily b0c.
Sunday '15a" First page reading enoties. 11, per coast
line daily, 51.5 per count line Sunday.
/ Delivered by Carriet
DfIly and Sunday. One Year _-'.--$7.60
Dily and StuLday. Six Months ------ .75
ally and tSupday. Three Month .--.-- 2O
*JDally ud Sunday. One Month i ,'
/)lstl af d Syunday, Qne Week . .. 0
iDalil. One Year Cut'...-. ~-- B.U0
/Dally, Six Moothft Lou-;,-- _- .
Da Ol.Thee Months t-' "- ii1B
Dai Month -- .
Daily. One Week :.2u
/ .By Mall
/ Daily and Sunday. One Year .. ..7.0
/ Dally en'bunday. Six Mon'the .-. '3.75
Daily and Sunday. Three Utha .LOU
Daily and Sunday, ane Month ..7.
Dali and Upnday, One Week -- .2U
SSu11 ty.One Year .. .. .. 2.00
Sunday, Six Months 1.00 '
Telephone 5101
Subscribers are requested fo notity the office at once
tor any reason papers are not delivered promptly.
GOD'S WONDERS---"Who is like uhto
Thee, 0 Lord, among the Gods?.Who" i
like unto Thee, glorious In' hoUlihesd, fearful
in praises, doing wonders?" EM. 15:11.

The TouriSt MetropoeJ-the "City BeaiitIful"-tU.-
nicipal ptanuing-uniicatiot of railroads apih ar-
bor Lermilnal--Upitn pa eenqer !ttion-pu!ll
Ownership of all puMblio utnities-better street plan.
4 ning-iiore parh-,playgronupd-.rerplon arras
-boulenards-baysbfre and slaeside 'd res-devel.
opment of' Uulf beaches-a Municipal Director of
fibllfEntertainment-a non-partisan. uon.pollleal,
buslnes.methods city government,.
SL Petersburg Rts Metropolis-.the "County Beautil.
ful" lqw In operation wilU make Plunellas Peninsula
the Turibst Residential and .RecreationrPark of the
Better railroad service-good road-s-fir tranapor.
tatlon rates-good roads-National and .tate High.
ways-good roadsl-a modern Cons.fution-good
roads-nore and better advertisint-Lood roads.

Roger W, Babsoj, the national business and
and national business and economic authority,
in a recent address'on good citizenship in the
Old South Meeting House in Boston, said that
the need of the hour is not more mdney, more
legislation, more railroads, or more factories,
but more sane religion. "By sanetreligion I
mean the ability'to see beyond one's self," said
Mr. Babson. '
"Morover, this conelusjon is the result of
'* tatisticalkanalysis. There are fodr reasons
,.for this statement: Religion is the greatest
factor in eausiig business conditions to be
1 'good or bad. The reason is as folowst .a All
h". i are actuated from sixty to ninetT per qent
b' y their emotions. Psyeholbglsts' show that
.,.41t' intellect plays a very small'part with the
t 9tf-iWi. Emotions rule the world. dood
|'.. w oi"top 'are/created only by religion; all
S emotions'a re safely directed .and contrnlRed
only by religion. Religion serves as; a safety
..,valve for the excess emotions. Every red-
blooded man eitbei prays or swears, sings or
scolds, loves or hates, is sympathetic or jealous;
and it is religion that determines which the
Sman does. Furthermore, statistics 'show 'that
all worth-while things in the world-,-I inqluq4.
inventions, industries, railroadi, public utilities
-originate with a very small' group'of peopJa.
Statistics further show that ninety,, per cent
of this small group owe their vision, faith, ahid
S courage to a praying father or a praying
,mother. .
"The real security for property'and legi-
timate investments rests upon the religion 'of
the nation. The value of our stocks, bonds,
ideeds, and mortgages lies with thetmotives of
the people. With fifty-one per gent qf tho
*, people honest and having a heart the good of
the community, our legitimate property and
It; investments are safe. With fifty-one per cent
&fe of the people dishonest and without this vision,
cI.; our investments are unsafe.
*'" There is no value in the piece 'of paper'
-.! which we so careEully lock up in our safety
t deposit boxes. The value lies in the motives'
of the community in which this property-is
located. The real safeguards of your savings
|... are hot the banks, but the'churches.
Every period of prosperity is the' resuk of
"J the thrift, industry, and righteousness generat-
'p" ed by the preceding period of depression, and

every period of depression is the result of the
Hi extravagance, inefficiency, and unrighteous-

n. ness developed during a period of prosperity.
^g^ The solution of our industrial and social
B..\ troubles will come only by more people getting
":. ,a correct vision of life. Industrial unrest, cora-
";.' mercial profiteering, labor strikes and lock-

gv .outs, the high cost of living, are fundamen-
". 'tally religious problems. These problems cap

tbe solved not by our legislatures but only by
our churches.
'"The man with true religion is he who
fls to make others healthful, happy,. andt
more prosperous. The man with true religion
4' never objetp'to what others have, but hi. .im
iS to have oO'ers have as intmuch 'as 'ie has. The
an with true religion stands for equal oppor-
titids, puts faith before fear, and,seeks bfr
greater production rather than loi greater
'protection. Moreover, statistics show that thi'
.:-'Aft with this religion become hap.y, health-
J ? .J and prosperous themselves. .
VM..'The truly religious man is maklbg two

He' is creating more 'goods instead of fighting
jor"'a bigger share of those already produced.
He is starting new enterprises instead of
s"giOng to control those already existing.
Rie is.,setting young men up in business for
themselves rather' than holding them to posi-
tions because they are'doing good work where
they e .,r
' Statistics shoW .that such religion is the
greatest fator inthe development of our so-
cial, industrial,- nd commercial life. Hence' I
say.that the basis of real prosperity yis sane re-
Uhgion. '"
&.' The First Tourist
Mareo"' Polo Is out in a new, modernized edition.
and 'there is some prospect that the picturesque old
V'enetiqn'.-traveler of the thirteenth century may yet
beooife a. blt seller in this epllghtenend generation.
This is. Interesting, as showing our widening ta$e
and the progress of knowledge. tor centuries Marco
Polo was regarded as a wild romancer. His fellow.
citizens of Venice themselves 'would not believe, him
when AtS returned from his As!atic travels and told
t.em of the wonders of India, Tibet and China and
the giqr~es of the great ruler, Kublal Khan. They
were-particularly amused at such absurdities as his
rAport that the Chinese used. paper money. But re-
cent scholarship has corroborated nearly everything
of Importance in Polo's great travel book, and the
.hopsevelt boys have Just brought' to America dozen
of the strange sheep which.he reported as elisting-in
Central Asia, and which now bear his nime.
SIt has been the same with Herodotus, the "FRather
of History," whom shallow historians of modern
times have sometimes scoffed at as the "Father of
Lies." Late researches and explorations In Egypt and
Asia zave done much'to clear his reputation as not
a merely entertaining story-teller but a careful ob-
server and Surprisingly truthful narrator, consider-
ing the limited opportunities of a historian of his time.
Cynics used to stay there was never any Trojan
war. and now Homer is upheld.
So It is, to some extent, with nearly all ancient
writings of note. There Is pretty. sure. to be some
fundamental truth In the old books, whether of his-
tory or travel'of poetry or religion, no matter if there
is a considerable 'admixture of rubbish or fancy.
A Great Newspaper
If there Is a dull period now existing anywhere In
Florida, evidently It is not In this Gulf Coast section.
The St. Petersburg Times last Sunday' published an
edition of 232 pages.
That Is the largest paper ever issued in the Sun-
shine City, and'is an indlcstlon' that the city is more
prosperous, busier and' bigger than ever. t is also-
next to the largest paper ever. produced snywhe.h in
this territory,' being ekceeded,only by the West' Coast
Development Edition of The Tribune last fall. Aria it
Is one of the biggest papers eier gotten out In the
As a-regular day blday affair, the St. Petersburg
Times Is one of tife best and near lfbe top it size and
advertl n'g ?lnage. The retdlng matter contained in
la"t' Suhnday's edition shows how that Is possible. The
new city .directory estimates the' population of St.
Petersburg and Immediate suburbs at' 82,000, a, .com-
nmnding size amdng -Southern cities. And the Sutday
Times wAs worthy, of a city if any size. Tampa

Ruildiag Officials' Conference ,
''Tb.ettteib has bee. advised by the Nationai Bu-
Ing O(flbjala' Confetence tblka; agaP' this yea4' St.
Peterasburg 'la being' urged to joi and send a& repre-
sentaUt# of the Building Departinent to thli meeting
of th .Conference at Columbus. Ohio, April 27-30, .
About 100 leading-Amerlean, cities "are now mem-
bers, Prnk 'Burton,. Building' Commissiloner of .De-
troit, being President. Owing to -the Increasing com-
plexitles of building problems, It .is almost Impossible
for any Building Department to keep abreast of the
times and informed of Important developmentss with.
out belonging tp the Conference and regularly at-
tending. ,r "
It l.jFellably statiR' that the. cost 'of housing In
many cities tis much above what it should tbe simply
iecausaof antiquated, unscientific and unstandardlzed
building codes, utterly out of touch ,with present day
builldigtprinctipled'h.nd ,factA This tends to restrict
grp9ih of population and local. prosperity. On the
bther hand. the security of citizens'from the dangers
of flimsy and Inqanitary cinstrgtion Is decidedly pro-
noted by tle progressive worlk of the Building Off]-
cials' Conference.
A National Entertainment
The Festival of the 'States'that has jtfst closed
certainly placed St. Petersburg's annual gala celebra-
tion In the list of notable events of the kind of the
whole natiOn. /
'It was organized and staged in a manner that
compared with anA of them. The pageant and pa-
rade features were unique, suitable, and artistic
in a very high degree. And the crowds were enor-
If the standard set this year shall be maintained and
enhanced, St... Petersburg will be warranted In ad-
vertising her Festival of the States as one of the
country's greatest winter entertainments.
Another Booster
Orange City Is to have a newspaper. "The Orange
City Preen," which 'Is announced to begin publication
April 15. On. that day a special first edition will be
printed ot-probably 3') pages or more, In honor of the
big.Hitghway Compiatlon Jubilee which will be staged
ti Orange City, celebrating and the completion of the
last Jap of State Highway No. 3-the connecting link
in the Black Bear Trail between Qur-bec and Miami.
That sounds like another booster among us, and
The.Times wishes the Press all success.

Terminal faciltlies-rallroad and steamship, are
dectding factors of immense Importance when a town
Is about to become a city. The problem ia now square-
ly before the city of St. Petersburg, and its solution
requires the highest trained judgment obtainable, and
the apamimous and earnest support of the people be-
hlad it.

-- 0
That St. Petersburg and Tampa are 'he only two
conidderbilje cities near to ea i other in the country
without an interurban railroad must be a fact of some
rea1.signiticanco. It must ho a fact that should not
remain. St. Petersburg and Tawmrpa.'need' whit.'aill

0' .- ---'- '--
b here will be Florida history making ih the court of
dudge LIane. in St. Petersbur' tomorrow. A*d it. is
important history too. '


.,The world's 7Iighe,

WJHEN Josephus Ceat. 'and his
Swiff Ernestine, who by pleas-
ant Conlideince were of identical age
to the day and year, celebrated'their
sLxtlethobirtlhday, they did so by
shaking the dust of Philadelphia off
their feet forever, and buying them-
selves a delightful little one-and-a-
half-story house beside a mountain
lake In West Virginia, near Jo-
sephus's birthplace.
'This little home they named Dun-
wandering and painted the rather
wistful little name in green letters
across the white newly post of their
pretty veranda and set up house-
keeping on a simple, peaceful plan
they had dreamed of during all the
years ,of their busy lives -In Phila-
Years voted to rearing three child-
ren who were comfortably marricJ
now and scattered over the land;
.ears. devoted, to accumulating the
snug little nest egg Which enabled
them to purchase Dun-wanderin.
Busy; fretful, hectored, accumulathile
years, not unpleasant while they
lasted, and always redeemed by the
thrue thriving children. But, In the
main, years that sapped and sapped
and drained youth from them. For
fifteen years Josephus had been'city
editor of a great daily and, even
during the period when her children
were yodng, Ernestine had aidled
and abetted the always limited
family coffers by doing a "social
column" for a suburban weekly.
Then when it came time to send
the eldest boy to college ano Stella,
the pretty daughter, wanted a year
Pi a smart nermantown finisbing
school. Ernestine took over the sole
editorship of the house-organ of a
large mail-order establishment and
for seven years carried that job
along with thid social column ant
the running of the home that now
contained only Ernestine, Josephus
and their,youngest child, Ernest,
later to study medicine.
Well, the children were all suc-
Cassful and married now and the
turbulent louse In Phtljdepbia was
a thing of the past and Ernestine
and Josephus; in the little green
and white home beside the mount.ian
leke In the Virginia hills, tooH up life
anpw! And in the delightful mood
of Dun-wanderim.
There were relatives of Josephus
living. here andithere among the
hilts and the" local literary society
Eind Tuzesday club Immediately
r otced upon Ernestlne as ideal so-
cial timber. 'osephuo, whd had not
worn riding breeches for thirty-five
years. bought a pair by mall lorilei
f'om Chicago and learned to ride
his'native hjlh, once morp. and' to
hunt and flh wj th the old.' local
rncnit'aineers who- rmffembei'ed' his
refher and his grandfather before
him ... /'."
.It was their" dream come true.
ThLeir dream 'pi ultimate retreatt into

0-;-, '" pf.'ae'afad'beauot. Long. sweet days
The world's greatest port authority told .the peo- tnllof sifmple,.things. The-deolvious
pie of St. Petersburg what The Ti'nes had beeni'lel- rtlamatlon'.df'tho editions to Mske
.. ._* . , ^. tel. No column1 rt.N-defs
ing them for years-tit SL.retersbhurg caAiot hbie No,.iof into frtte. No.advertising
a real deep .ater port without railroad eonei stS', oiEi.. No fear of"this ybung-
a. real deep water port without rliroad contjeitjons, stpms ,,'wjhooping.cough or 'that one's

Ernestine and Joseph'
-Lines ef fatigue seem'
sands from a glass, leaving
looking. Johephus began
like a dried prune thrown
In the kindly, benign
Succulent days that

sore throat. Just the long rel
days of two rather tired travel
who had done wandenng. A(
lines of fatigue seemed to run
of Ernestines' face like' sands
a glass, leaving her smooth
somehow plumper looking. Josep
who hada deep crease between
eyes, began to smooth out and
pand.' Slowly. Like a dried p
thrown into water.
It was a pleasant thing to see
expanding of Ernestine and
s-phus in the kindly, benign at
pher? of mellow days. The
house beside the lake, shelte-re
a cove formed by a mountain.
spray of waterfall just below
dam. Forsthia blooming in
camber. The blaze of floral colo
spring. Just one sweet, benign
of day after anotLher.
Succulent days that finally
to become a bit too sweet!
Josephus was not the one tc
mit it to Ernestine. as he sat,
by hour, sunning himself acains
side of the house, sucking his
and looking out oter the Vir
Nor Ernestine to her hushan
she found herself as early as te
eleven in the morning, her mc
household chores finished,
hours and hours of leisure,
bun-filled Idleness of hands.
Bat sudde-nly, secretly and a
te-rrifyingly, Ernestine and Jose
were,. surfeited. WVith leisure.
sephus. who carried his white
so erectly, began to stoop a
Of years. And to snoop the m
tainsides for birch to help him
tie away the hours.
Ernestine, who at sixty bad
gray hair. ncgan to hurt at
joints, from the long hours of
lion, and of sitting in the garden
her rocker. That was when shi
gan to write to Almee. married
lying tn 'e-nttle, for the baby's
measurements, so that she n
knit sock-.
It bothered Amiee. n Ittll-.
letter. Fancy Ernestlne knl
Loang. scented, Idle days. Erne
and Josephus sitting sltepel
them. Bnred.
Then one night, with a ruh
a tumble that vas lon unon
almost before they had time to
out of its puth. the ilarn broke
a. whirl. In a swirl. In a fas
as Ernestine put it, that she
drenamed happened ousltde of m

IN BFy Fannie Hurst I__

St Paid Short .Sory W; ritr A short time ago our city ioiux"
'' ''" easioners were going to cleanup .p 't
terfront park. So far they' hai'a 14
flscated the Green l&ntern.'.
.* which Mr. Green paid ten it..' U
dollars, and for which he w 'ttft'
Ing the city fifteen hundred d
: 'per year. To say nothing about "t"
injustice to Mr. Green, this- ('a
It 1 like a very poorideal for the' cil
'Now how about the Sps?.. 'Tbetaq4
i~ J rious leases, agreements, A.t4' 4dftuA ^
up by attorneys for the' Spa," **$if
'.', .^ ," signed on the dotted line by pu'l'"'
};." ~y '' '*i. ",,' rious city ofriclals datlrf f rb
to 1925, ought to be published by'
1 6 {newspapers of the city as an art l ?
| 'o~ t (of news, for it Is certainly anl y '
usual document.
This lease to the Spa has nlWleteen..-'
y ears yet to run, or until '1945.
then ten years, longer if 't
,.d9 does not purchase. The aa.nisha,4 Z4
^;^ ;'-F" f'' Part of this lease Cis the afortuthe a .
.3i f .,, the city recalves, as follows: Bev*..
}"/' ', j j' ,e, hundred and fifty dollars piter it*
:"f'< )nP~lB Yt' /l HK iV "t44V fo^r the next five years, and e.fe 'B
'.'t9h)"V a ji$42 -" ,/ thousand dollars per "year tor'IA "
'.W -hen the value of this fe'bntaie.-
;''. 480 feet on Second avenue north, J
!"'t,1 ginning at the end of the city piaer.' ;

^^S'-JP^^^.S4"' it '1~ ^ ^ per ye^** ar'e mucanst be aFisrinth ane- i
Z' i^ Ipl considered. it seems as the!ti.:
fcifB^MAMP^ *t^ y"per yea re must be datspring 6,
'IC" c "per month" was intended. ,:
.*? ""M r. Green bad 75 feet frona't |
A.asnot nearly so well located. aI *40..
feet less in depth; for-wbtch
,- "1,500 pler year. Now figArin.ts.4 4
s bo i Spa's holdings at the same a a.,
gives us a rental of $9,600 per
Quite 'a difference between .$750ai4..
'$,6041, and it should be more. '1'
,. . .".,',. I f''w hBut eien worse than thq iaSt"t t
,''! Ceremuneration to the oily la'they .
Ii... .that the public is debarred fte a.,
...'ot of the sands that the taxpayer. q; "t
5 "to have pumped up.
But let us hope.that there .s .o .
means of getting relief from th.isA-..
o 'lo tolerable situation.
p H. A. FAcMft.

falNo doubt the astute statesnuen o
I"the world smiled indulgently .t t ah .
e frantic efforts o' a handfUl of. Qo
lonlala setting themselves up in dim. .
fiance against the might of the-JraL-
ish Empire-no doubt whatever.
And what fun they made of "'Da- .4i
brius Green with his flying machine' .
baand they laughed at l ngley .a. aid .
-n they laughed at the Wright brotfherq I(
up yonder In Dayton, Ohio.
.. h Adventuring with the Imposamble .
"Some ars ago," related Roy A' _
Haynes. once-upon-a-tilne Probil-.
-tlon ComInlssioner, "it was my gdVq
the firgt time I looked out over the Y
..... b r famous Culebra Cut, I saw the Pap-
ama Canal as a great highway qt "
commerce. But out there before me :'
4, I he lay the machinery of the engiuely '
"' ip tof ide Lesseps in ithe dust of discard ti
l gn' le of years. The dusty. broken, dtb- $
S"carded mechanism of French En .':.
Mae neering seemed to cry-'mntpostibe!'
I-' /r wAfteard there came the daring efo
it *" tr nFa Roosevelt rm Before the force'of tJe
ou ,- American will, the obstacles faded.
,TiT'. the fears fled. I t.'a
a 1 J A1l\L o"The Impossible became t a e
F "* '"n *"5 achievement of the cent ryam .
. .. . 4"The. itttle oi eadern O' .t ']:
4'' ie ,' fs
world," said. the edior of An =:A'A "
4' ." ., =.' ican periodical. waiting ftom, ,,
wth t0 'Tu ao on the .eve of the famous ws Pee ,
G'' "a Avn conference. "are darting to tackiet4 "nkj
-ranow era., consciously. They are rc '
,'tempting the Impoiptsble. So they '
,will accomplish the 'impossible. Jait
as well you and I. There is blggeq.
J m' better reason than comnRulalon tt :
steady, brave "'tpeas of rebuilding makes it seem sure that they aa '
Crest had their dream come t0e out of waste. Ofthoxtng. batk out we will be able to take the measine
rf andirs the besutV.coat had been of and deal with some how th"
d to run from Ernestine'sace like there. ,hat ba future that is here. There are signs
Dto S l hru s rmooh rndsom e'ahehoklme r oep an e whos. en here in Paris which any one can
her smooth and somehow plumper Josep]us and werh e j whose see that conscious daring Is to bl
to smooth out and expand slowly home had-been most dt coist in.the the featureof the nev era. TA
itwae.wake of' the tlood. we.. ardist'hit Is the very spirit of the day. 0 0 4 S
Sinto water. of' all tol.e ommun~ty, -a tar as loss We are going to try, knowingly
of effort end property yere con- the Impossible. One of the quiested.
L atmosphere of mellow day. corned. 4*' minded., most matter-of-fact of the
The neighbors ...banded'*together great American jurists, a statesman
finally were to become a bit too valiantly to help their reaonstruc- hich In the councils of the New
tIon. World leaderehIp, said this very
For the first time, that dai after thlng,,to me. It was at the end of
the flood, of Itapy an aimlese week a long evening spent on the war-
]axe] I Their little home, and the prim spent In his sun-drenched garden. peae reconstruction.
etlers garden about it. and the homes of the old flair for life began to work. Marriage of Spiritual and Mnatersl
ctual three of their neighbors, were swept ts way-back into Josephus's veins. "'WVhen we came to speak o0 it:-
away like so much kindling wood. It was good to be alive and have a future.,'he was asked this question1
f out 'What had been bloom nnd cultiva- job. The job of creating a home "'What will its chief characterinp
and tion became overnight, as It were, a again and a garden. And helping tics be?'
ad waste and a desolation of uprooted his neighbors to create Lheirs..There "'Adventure,' he said like a shot
phus. w
frees. twisted bridges, and soggY stretched ahead.wb t Windtnted to as though he had long ago Ihous'bt
nhis Irdwn mud 'with a pull to it where years of reconrstrfcl9iz',before theig out his answer. 'Romance and ad-
e fichis and meadows and flower gar- places could be reclaimed again, venture. Not the old sort: not the
)rune %nue o h l ot o h
dens had been. Josephus. who had whilpled away ruthless, l/hf-conscious gamblltM
e Ithe Dun-waudertn was a mass of pulp many months ,of boredoimr, had a each man for himself: but adveda-
J). and ruin and broken sticks of fur- jpb! ture where the risk will be real,
mos- nature. \W'here iad been pergola 'And Ernestine. It was up to open-eyed, deliberate. High advent;
Little and vine-clad arbor. there oozed a Aimee t.o buy the baby's socks ready lure, with bold plunges Into the
,_ by bit of red clay march. The house madc. now. Better knittedi anyhow, mysteries of science, daring graip-
The itself hail collapsed like so much than Ernestine could, do them. Ern- phing with the unsolved problems, of
the cardboard. c-stine had work to do. A home to thought--art and social iii'Ing.
De- Ironica lly, the newel-post, with create. A garden to coax. The old 'We shall dare to marry tb~e
rts in the word Din-\Vanderin. stood days of boredom, filled with n con-. spir itusi with the.. material, rT~e
kind sticking in the mod, up~side down, sciousnessbof t he creepthg year, .men of. our future will not say con-
tBcfore do-ck .of the 'toy following were gone. cerning the evils rampant that they
were the flood, the Virginia hills, debon- Josephus and Ernesline were home have alw-ays existed and therefore
nairely, took up lh'-ir burdtn.. The building! ai !ays will exist, He will seek to
oad- task of r,:c'.nstruction. The slow. FANNIE HURST. determine'whet is the greatest s~il
hour --and wvill set himself to defeat ilipt
thec .f( f \, .A T I R succeed. WVe asnell make conquept
P1 la k J f 1 of the Impossible--because we h&4e
Ily Si1UAA CIII Ilearned to dare,.'"
di, as Anierica's Great Adveniure
;en o The Eighteenth Amendment Sil habits and styles nrp'econtin- One of the greatest among Amer'-
oetualyv chargngl. la's ad~entores it occurred to 'us
with to the Constitution T h e \Vanien laugh at the big hoop days after r'eacting the above ",'as ,
and Great American Adventure of the .60:s. legal banishment of the drink evil
-Th Efortto lLJust think of the leather-leg" boots from the homes of Ilie American
little -- h fo t t iiange .us to ,vsar' people as represented in the' adop,' -
p ,hus the Habits of a Nation a Try to recall the 'lays when every ,ion of the Eighteenth Amendment
Joinneraig- man in tow~n wore whii-kers---ali- to the Constitution.
head, Collossal netkn oer-the-face-,,hbi-kers don't it It was certainly a great dare--
little. *The Only Answer to the seem to funny to think shout! breath-taking diere to the c ,ivilze
wht ueto:uCn thni- John Shpip~l of New. 1Redford. on a world hal Ihe peoides everywbej:et
.'hit Quetion "Ca {:h Im-,,whaling cruis in the Pacrific I been sO nff'ected as to believe ihl
not possible Be Achieved is To r a, w ,rote.. Ihis in Isisdiry' co,,' ,hb. adventure 'ould rault in the ac,-i
the Aciv"-h W r i.qh t cemning those-a',ho were dlleat'nlng o3 c'iiew--ment of that for which tbj:
a railroadI across'- tile contirtent r haul fared forth to accomtiilsh. '

iliac- Brot h e r s Did It With A.merica: When finally the law of fwrohibj.
'n iII "At 6 p. m., being eateud at sup .1 tion had been writtenn into Ih,
i t he- Their Flying M a ch i n e per.he mnsar phseived. ch raller of the nalion-the Eligh-
Sant After Darius Greene Had "'"r. Ayer.-,'i hn'e Ieen re.lin leentli Amendment marked lhe real
,ool Failed- After the French he n.cws.'aie.r d an']l mn of the o0n.- beclnning of the Great American
night -fter te re -on Ihut a riilroai from one end of Adventture.
h Debacle Came the Amer- the LUnitedl i eal tu hi other %ill lit The sentiment against intoxicr.ts
ilia ; ican Victory aHnd T h'e" bol' by th. tltae arri'e at home.' had been a steady growth-strec-'
llin ican Victory-and "Now Gd tlfwi-ld'tlhl our loyacr luig hack o 'ihe batllefielids of t
Panama C a n a I--What shoa0ul 1-he ,rotrnr-tid o this distant Revolutionary War-the, War ot'Ini
stinele A10uk the 8th A nd -eiiil, for whlien IlhiI [peat evil shull ldieitl.ntCe.. i
S i About the 10111h HAiend- be. rcomp'llsli-e'l. ta'a'en anld earthi It had been manifested in a greti
ment? and s,-a andI sqics may. be no more. moral u.rtising-s-pringitg froti tir
anl ---- The I.bordl Iresrapie us all i our homes of the American Peopjt--'
Ihem Adventuring wilh the Impoissible Ihas ' to the la,', hA replied." everywhere. The agonizing cry of
Sflee the world of Civilization Advanreid In'1869 lic .spfke wasidrlvon that brutally treated wives and mothers
in. -The keynote to Progress. ,ll wedded '-ast andV West. Today a had wailed forth against the demon'
hion. -Tle eynot tPoend that only a generation ago -rumin. The pitiful voices ot.ilittle
never p--eemcd like anoihpr world, shroudild children-starved and ratged.-.jolj$'"
lion An- attempt to i hange the wolld's,.tarmos, Jn myiptery, a has ecdmie eth e hedl wai.llngs and ;lMe )ig.o{f
habits always meets resistance every-'day tart olf the nailon their m6there--oIOr lUttle :"ga..
'. .

-,,I,.... *..,,"'i-c
: -. ,. ,'. .,x: .....: r 4 j tt.b .... .::,

ipnders Will Serve as
o'ff a a tatation in
,,,~ .. ,
# b.4ittB eplth Leqgue has. been
60 Gleanoak with tho follow-
W-* ire. Chief of smanitation,
ep i t nJ; .Inspectors, Andrew
A t- lorence Ingle,' Myrtle
LfBieVl:: 'nurses Donna, Helen
a, Donova_ and M.r-

I t .I .1*-A Imi voted to be 100
-qtltt AuMdUhlw* members.
-1 % :6r1ok, tflve-.A teacher ac-
jIAlS2Sd. the basebalitr players to
!186U-tl an field where they
Ia, t.t. O rat.wnme of baseball
S-I:~kewo64, Wednawlday. Both
.."s1ttre t Into the game with
.piriPk Lakewood coming ant

St.,.Otenoak school, led bY
i .ttterss took a nitture hike
Maggotre. The children
.~.e~ si.lgns.-of spring and to
baef'aythlne unusual that
,4 hand. i .
i .tX ', saw, bird nests, bmrstlng
nw.ering plants dfid newly
tA;rees: and brought back an
at of Inte'restng spesimnens of
pa Some of these were the
hyacinth, which they now
3f.4 froWgR In the room, a 'purple
as' several kinds of waler plants
1' f iiDes and many flowering
-A '.-ta room Is partioularlg at
.te rtiwe now, with Its several large
fpluIta, orange blossoms. wild
Mrs tgeem and a bowl of carrots grdw-
i.n in water.
n.. iutlce Muriel Moe, .fifth grade
.". % "P.Oat Gleno4k school on her re-
u'. /. ,= f 'rom Lafke itaggoire, had
''~"~ly 'interestinff things to say
:' ,.i that she saw, which she told
p' t:.t a ctas about.
;' .Sihe.'told of the birds making nesth
t. A the trees and the eggs in the
oparpftliy made little soft round
WiEoaee for the -tiny birds, and (he
"I thllter hovered tightly over them:
t-: t.. b ,.he many flowers they gathreSd
t. d Odf the blossomping of the hucke-
;: rtyr bushes wih -their masses of
:"*rpte blossom.
lV" -.e, big alligator was out Ih the
S, not very pretty to look upon.
.At the edge of the lake there were
p ny pretty water lilies which the
W. ,hlidren gathered. Litles sparrows
: were In then nests,. with wide open

L I A. 1.

Ruser Park boys' basketball
grade schools.'

mouths waiting for mother bird to,
freed them. Across the lake was
seen an eagle's nost high lina tree
and the mother sat in the big" nest.
Cattails were growing near 'th9 lake
and the trees were all In:new geten
dress. Many sea gulls were around
the lake and pretty birds with white
plumage. .

The Glenoak Parent-Teacher asso-
ciation will meet promptly at 3:15
o'clock Tuesday. After a short pro-
gram, the teachers will meet the
parents in their class rooms, where
the work of tie children will be on
exhibition. The exhibition will be
open for the fathers-Friday evening.,
April 2. Mrs. Carrie Sweet, presi-
dent of the Glenoak association. was
ra delegate to the blate federation
meeting of Parent-Teacher assocla-]
itlon held at Jacksonville the pas4
Roser Park 'pupils, were honr-ed
with a lecture Wednesday by IdId-
win W. Gause., patlonal lecturer on
Americanization, from Los Adfgeles,
Cal. His subject to the boys and
girls was ''The Constitul ion, Our Na-
tional Rule Book." His talk was
most stirring and aroused a: hearty
response from the children, ,


-Times' Photo' by 'Uasquet
teaft. winners in the league of seven

Bryan's Daughter
May Enter State
Political Race
MIAMI, March 21.-(P) Mbrs
Reginald OW-en, daughter of the late
W'liam Jenni-gs U:,m-in. announced
at her home here Friday, that she
was considering seriously urgenit rv-
quests thaLphe become Demo' at-
Ic candidate for nomination to "h'
state legislature In the June pri-
The statement was made, on the
heels of a newspaper editoriall
su-ngesting Mrs. Owen as a can-
dIdate anJ espousing her nnairij-
rion In honoring the daughter or the
commoner as the first woman 'o
hold a seat on the Florida legeis!a
In following in the footstc# of
her prominent father,' Mrs. ').or.
has been urged by friends fpratlorni
instbe state general assembly to he
followed by a possible term In Ithi
U. S. senate.
- "While I haven't made any rub.
lie announcement of my anjij,,
for the state legislature. I sho'i.-l -w
very proud to serve Florida in any
manner In which I may be able. 'nd
am seriously considering lhe- re-
quests 'of my many friends hetc'
Mrs. Owen declared.

j WIUUL11Ia I LwilI


SForest Hills School to Have
%n ft-11 A ,ntie ;in

Much interest is being shown by
the children of Vorest fill' .in the,
improvement oft st-heool crounis.
They have wholc-lenrteilly hssiste.i
in the planting of r-hrnbbery an.1
grass to beautify the surroinldihgs.
Lorg tables hdve been placed on
Vie grounds, benches with them and
the whole screened from the sun'-
rays by a pnlmtto covered Nhelter
open at the sides. The benches ano
ta',les are used 'my the children In
eating their lunches.q.
Preparations are still In evidence
for Ihe Eater party to be held 11t
the school on the evening of April
2'. A large crowd i. expected.
The growthI of this school ha-
nece.ssitated the forming of a ndill.
tional room and an extra tea.,'her
since the opening of the session In
BEAUMONT. Texas, March 27. -
(1')-While his frantic wifN sped
westward from New Orleans In
search of her aviator husband, Mc;
Dowell Lyon, -New Orleans flier-
salesman, turned up in Beaumont
after his machine wa' wrecked by a
tornadon in the waste marshes cf
Mameron Parish. Louisiana.
For nine' hours after he crawled
out of the wreckage of hils plane,
Lyon trsmrped through the storm
swept march until ho came to a
shack otcupled by a trapper named
Devereaux. At midnight the Irapi.
per started out for lake Charles, .LA
with him in a motor boat, the only
means of travel between 9amernn
Parish and the oulsile world.
They landed in Lake Charles about
7:15 o'clock this morning anI lien
Wilson, of Luke Charles, a friend of
Devereaux brought Lyon to Beau-
Lyon's parents live at Bristol,
Preparation of the annual school
exhibit Is occupying the attention of
principal. teachers ani liulpilis nit
North Ward school. The exhhlblt-'wti
open Monday and r'ontinue through-
out the week. Thursday the faculty
will iold a reception for Ihe parents
and friends. The reception will be
from 3 to 5 o'clriock.

* I'


'A' ~


'Great Gamble of 1886

- (Ihen 6 *.YVirdsd XiHead.

and Opened St-Petersburg First Store

E IVEN when the Jlitle settlement of St.
4 Petersburg waA hAving a bitter struggle
for/ existence, there was a deterrniined group
S of optimists here. In the 'face of many set
backs, they gritted their treeth, redoubled their
efforts and won such at noble victory ove-r
adversities that their conimunity began to
flourish and has never ceaned growing.
Thcre was much diff'i.t-ulty getting the
S Orange Belt railroad tracks into the town. The
road was having financial cmlarrassrn'nfs.
SBit finally'when its completion was t'forcsecn
there came the optimist who hod thei1 gre;it
courage actually to open a store iJ St. I'cter.n
burg. i
That was E. R Ward. He moved in from
dig Bayou, where he had' opened a store in

1885. He aeitiirel tint ius' of a dilapidated
building at Ninth Street Southi which had
bqen built IIs a git.ltiring place fair sellers of
thie peninsula. And thliat was tlie beginning of
retail biusini'ss in St. I'eotersliirg.
St. Peterslpirg has lipen t'frlunate in ihe
fgenitrnl type of its reta-nil morrhants. Thev
have helped their city as mmch as liheir city
hams helpeel them. 'Tlihy hAlte fir ihlied able
civi, leaders, they hIa,' -4aist idli in niiany
worthy for the inlnilialil, r ot' r lli ir cily.
It is with prid, Ihaint fle' I'int Nalionill
Mank e.on po int to a Ilong period, of sr'vi.e to
maniny of St1 Pletrslhir g's most .epi.ss4t'll iii'-r
chants. No l[isiepss ,or <'nmiinnvi nI,' iiir'
ha- ever founl this baniik l[o nbig," to rci-ihr
pCrsennl. t-onscitnrtiotlus .T'rv'e.

SSt-Petersburg- Florida


Capital, Surplusband Undivided Profits Over $1,000,000
Total Resources Over $15.000.000

" ..i ,.S,.S'.... ~~. .



Than Words

This is a view of one of the wings of the triple unit Snell Isle Gardens. modern aparmHentl In
be built by G. W. tLshin and Staff on Snell /sip Boulevard. C. W. Fuliwood. jr.. ol Atlanta and' st.
Plpersliu:g. s I.. ar.hhileai. E :l;.rh sapshnt unit. ,arrangrd in the I' urin. 'with gardens in thie center
olen, u ill liie' llvhe co met apaurlnipnts. and home aintmepliere is prpservped in lite architecture arl
the fact thiat tite :a:.irimentls will be only two stories high.





Now Being Built

In Snell Isle

Contae;n;ng the Following Features:

Large Rooms
.Electric Hzat
Built-in Features
Mirror Doors
Shower and Tub Baths
Tile Bathroom
French Doors and Win o
Hardwood Floors
Tiffany Walls
Private Entrances

These Apartments Are Being Sold on the Co
National Association of Real Estate Boards

Tile Kitchen, with
Masticomp Floors
Electric Range
Electric Refrigeratoi
Water Softener
Large Closets.
Janitor Service
Private' Verandas

Phlan pprov:2 P

-'-ommended by the

A Few Choice Apartments Left. Come and See the Apartments Now Ben-" Built
Ready for Occupan:y by September 1st

. NW. CASHIN and STAFF, Inc.
Owners ani Builders

Office on Prope-ty in Snell Isle
Phone 6374

I -- i




Intftution Grows om Small
: Beginning to ne of Great
Importance Community
j I\'OST SOfear s ago a group of
-. fll-spi ted young women In
it. V MttLsb opened a public read-
eg om y r the auspcees of a
40ioa Ea vor socwqty. In the
PrIW of 1397 this pitifl attempt
t bibggod books before the pub-
tc ''ked the beginning of the
St.Petersbarl p w ich library.
PIG sleatetiuitl were
W In order to k.ep alive: the
ing little tibrao, diles of ten
q a week were charged to hor-
wes, and thMap were often difl.
i/ t to. collect.
._ )library began to feel its way
AMiOy as a commantilty gaLherins
qlow4 at that time bY serving as a
est l.rbm'for the soldiers of the
Splhjs-American war, two corn-
Oab*: beipg stationed in St. Peters-
SIt was a great comfort for
:is4 .an to be able to vite their
tth s In a ,home-like atlsosMherl.
St. Ptetsburg at that tnmt eWa a
ftle of 1.000 'peobe. lthoawh
lbors claimed a pop latia cc
,l., The room occupied by the
"bn'ry was situated on Oentral ATOe-
fli.t, between Fourth a&4 Fifth
*trds ,agd rented for 5S a wanth.
.44cr the war Intlafrt in the
VtiI4ll little reading ton 6e1M
1 wne and at last it had to be
4, utinued. Miss Margaret H.
I fMt one ot 7he present ibra-
r can recall the day whiaen a
=v6Wf of the diqappolnte4 vrmks
nCpt the few worn book la.. boWs
to; be stored away until the thme
wbg public sentiment dsuMd hring
tt.,forth again to plw a part in
i. t rves of thd -men and women of
| f e etersburg. I
"' '"le next attempt'at i library was
i In 1905, under the auspices of
O lt business men. of D alO W. A
'etUng Was held in theb saeObly
.dW- of the old school buItdtn oI
1 3*tb'street,' and a new lbrary was
Ufte on Central avenue, btweea
STitS and Fotrth street. ocecpyig
two or three different rocas. Dues
Wer. charged to..membre of the
DBirry association "of freo1 S2 scats
to, ".',f cents a mootl, but sost of
'tsk donation' were m tbe 35 cent
eio*k, .except' oir a few rith ad
jwli-Pc-prited citizens who donated
v '. 6 t ft regularly. At 9I.h time i
'1 .obr of fine books were collected
'W <'very reasonable price Crom the
44i1 ot the famous Tabord IL efr.
library, which, failed, ]Kie
sld -many oj the books ebb
bqot at that tim are in active
ton today.
te day of rent profiteers had
Sto dawn and the prte of the
Itte rooms were, raised, so
t Utknore adtei the library dia-
f.r the second time. .
Atie ti.e tnstitutlion remained
for.les than a year as the
ItAUp: Satialpt^ ity began $at
Wt b 6011d t 1 veroe not, 0.
h1a1si! in 1001 rif the! hazle

S *I A. 'I' ''.Li'


-Times Photo | by asquet.
omeas f .Ro R k seched swbmung teams who wen bhoners to
the lut.arade swimui

Ingt* occuptedL bY the Perry
8eau interest.
At this tij thesr were s0O books
in the collection did mMaalnea
"glor.e" Later it wams 'deded to
mak mu an active campain for a
Carnegie library. Dr. Edward CeredL
superiltodendt of the local schools
at that time anMd now president of
the Wouos's Stat .ecouel i' TalW-
hassee. took a' very active part In
the campaIgn as did several othar
Public-saplrtedt (Ittsetbs fh the re-
sutt tht the VC4W at let was a.-
eured. The Carnegsqtrustms at first
woud only donate jIt2bs, wich was
later raee, to 817,046 upon the
represeatatin of the t6wn's needs.
Mr. W. Sttraub wa kurlYr re.s-
ponaibe for the speoseaul c ul t .
tson of.tlM utegOatla&
BItx per cent of the Carnegle dons.
tioa 4 ganmnteed eah year by the
tty er the upkeep of the library.
and they also guaranteed that the
property will not be used for other
than ibray purposes.
i The oottemtese of tle paesamt
ibey was Is M' Decempber ,1.,1914.
by Governor Tammenl, then chief
executitive of the state. The first
Jl.ry board IV serve was composed
T, i. Strai president; Joh; N.
Brown, vice.Wesidentm and Mrs.
Anna N cCrea.' secretary And treas-
urer. '
j]lata Moore- Williami; a former
tepaber In the St. Pststunb prblic
sqisbols, w ji| w st*.
hrrir .pHM. g '.' t,*:. Jt,' .
,~yas !au 1 ', .* ..' "".

0coltect)on of 16.000 books which in.
clude fiction, non-fiction, Juvenile
reference and travel With the many
micellaaeous, and over 10,000 bor-
tMie Mary Bright. the present II-
brarlan, has incl'ased the value of
the library dftuing her administra-
tion by tha excellent conduct of the
library and the fine selection of
books. Miss Bright tate s that In
Fb'rutel over 14.694 pIople applied
1.r books frori the library, the de-
WALd bein gre rater than the supply.
Children espeoWialy seem hungry for
books. Miss Briht said. A branch
Ubrary of 150 books has been started
In Glenoak school Over 600 were
cirtulated lest month.
The 'present board, wtw T. A.
Chancellor as president: Robert
Walded. viee-pmoident. and E. F.
Naugle, secretary and treasurer, amr-
making plans for an extension of
the present building in the neas,

The L6etderehip chlub of the sixth
grade, l -tooPafltschool, gave a very
credlthable entertainment Friday aft-
ernoon. Tickets were sold and so
great was the crowd that:there was
no place to seat the spectators, mak-
ing necessary Ithe:glvlng of four per-
formnnances. The. main feature of the
progtamn was origLal laylit Bn-
tlged. "The pdd*4 Corslx,"
4eaBm uimeunQtoi $w 5400.0 whIch1
;*rr e. ver to' te pirnlpal to
b4.54 fty.tte sm. ltiba'-.

i' ",-. ', '* *i" ': ' *



. 10th Avenue North, between 4Sthbad 46th Streets

Drive out 9th Aveute to 45th Sitet-Turn North one lock on 45th
or.from Central -n Diston, Eut on 9th Avwle
-T ,

Open Daily Planned and Decorated by Mark
DLU9n Dodd and Philip Von
:, la. m. to9p. . U Sites, New York Artiai
To Aprill 2 , e
Constructed by Jaeck'Coss

1"-^ ". Furniture by thbe. Hall Studios, of
St. Petersburg

Wrought Iron Fixtures by the Bay-
1 boro Marine Ways and Machine
* El Dorado Company, St. Petersburg

vei Tile Work and Gardcen Pieces by
HillS the Crescent Tile Company,
St. Petersburg

f.]! location of this, and
beautiful houses, is a
SBrothers properly
developed In a citrus
Ijtlla the hills. Baynard
have begun here one
5pfutstandling residential
S ls In St. Petersburg, and
o s ar cordially united to
,. ejoythe beauty of El Dorado
El. is at the 'same time you
...., Inspect the model house.
he .''

Free Transportation Daily 10 1

I v^baynrw
'NN 0

S 449 Central Aven",
'.. ..

Awnings by the St. Petersburg
Awning and Tent Company
s e e
Lawn and Ornamental Plantings by
the Wedding Nursery Company,
St. Petersburg

A model house adapted for Florida, but
closely following the best tradition for a
Spanish provincial dwelling, this is a happy
blenmding of the old and theI new under the
inspiration and execution of eminent artists
and craftsmen.

a. m. to 5 p. m. From Tlls Office


d Brosnc


St. Petersburg, Fla.


. tIi

1'1:1 .

As a part of the Junior Red Cross
work In Glenoak several of the girls
have brought money with which to
buy cretonne from which they will
make "houaewlves" sewing bags, to
be sent to orphans at Jacksonvulle
home. G Ira included are: Juanita
Carrell, Eileen Harrold, Mildred
Brenneman, Martha Black, Pauline
Klutts, Bob Glenn, Edna -Donovan,
Louisa DeBoard, JaneO Shankweller,
aid Inez Shekey. Others girls will
bring material
Marguerite Poulton has made 100
per cent In written- spelling this
Pour new members of the Har-
monica club. directed by Miss John-
son, are: GeoRe B. Kiss, Jane Bry-
Zon, Roalie C hftwood and Marguer-
Ite Toe from grade five B. The club
which meets at 7:30 on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, now has an
average of twenty present.
The Junior Red Cross self denial
box now has a fast growljug fund.

vklIiunhit vwimEv


Girls Are Enthusiastic Over
Plans for Games During
Spring Months
GIRLS' baseball teams were or-
ganized last Tlhursday at Glen-
oak school, Frances' Allen six B be-
ing made captain of the first team
and Margmaret Alderman of six A
captain of the. second team. Girls
from 1x A grade In the team are:
Alleen Colton, lae' Shekey, Flossie
Smith, Edna Donovan, Helen How-
ard, Miargaret, Aldermnan, Mary Smith
Jame ft4#le. Loudise De Board. FlorA
ence Ingle and 4Annabelle Gibson.
Jack Gage, of' six B was&-elected
captain' o tthe boys' 1rst baseball
tea mend Hansell Stanley of five A,
captain of second team. Six A play-
ers include: Arnold Jacds, jerbert
-Williams, Paul Towle. Eug-en% Gav-
,direw. Joe Chitwood, Earl Cole, James
Sanders and Steve Kuban.

S: |

Reprinted' from the Financial

Journal, March 1, 1926.
'' I

"In Florida the co-operative
apartment seejns to be winning
some measure of favor'alorng
with 'all other modes of build-
ing. and financing structures.
Just how many' are in operation
at this time is not known, but a
number are being financed and
in the course of erection. On
the first of May of this year, or
the close of the season, the
handsome Schooley-Murphy
apartment house on Fourth
Avenqe No., in St. Petersburg,
will begin operation as a co-
operatively owned .and occu-
-pied building. This is one of
the most complete apartment
houses in the city and is a fine

example for co-operptive
eration. The building

aKnE urrosvqu ruisLiu
Total number of rooms Jn the
hotels of Mt. Petersburg. coma-
Ilg the 90 hostelries listed in the
St. Petesburgt Chamber of' Cont-
merce records, Is 4,8W. T This
number does not Include the hun-
dreds of apartment houses, tIe
rooming and boarding houses mud
the inns which are between tihe
hotel and the boarding house

Boys and girls of Harris school are
working hard in preparation of the
couIty track and field meet, to be
held in Clearwater, MatF7T. I
A new field is being put Jnto ahape
for the soccer team, under the super-
vision of Manager Mary Thomas. Bu-
ford Oeland, a sixth grads boy, has
donated two Jumping standards to the
Daily-practice on the Harri s school
field will be the program in anticipa-
tion of the big contest. _
More than 35,000 books, carefully
chosen and graded, have been placed
in rural school libraries In Kansas
within tour months through the ac-
tivities of the Kansas State Reading
circle, a new department of the State
Teachers' association ,with the co-
operation of county superintendents
and teachpra pf rural schools. The
books are selected by a committee ap-
pointed Jointly by the state depart-
ment of the State Teachers' associa-
tion board 'of directors of the teach-
err association. SBupplies are obtain-
ed In carload 19ta, the publishers al-
10wip u the association a discount of
from"10 to 50 per cent foftm list
prices. The association fulnlshee
books to the schools at a liberal dis-
Ft"t boys and girls of grade three-
A, Roser PQrk school, with Miess Lu
Amanda Pinholster teacher, were
given an automobile ride and beach
picnic Tor having made' perfect in
spelling for three weeks. Those so
honored Included: Alice Whitman,
Mary Margaret Randal, Isabel Land-
man, William Peek and Chesney



Wpst Coast Building for Per-
njnency, Says Massq-.:
chusetts Man,
DUNBrSN, March 20.-"The wot
coast of 3 tlda Is destined to be the
most solid?' substantial and preaier-
ous part o4 the state," said F. E.
RIgdon,'-well kiown because of his
connection with the golt course of
the famous 'Sprlngfield Country
club. of Springfleld, Mass., who for
the first time saw the develoimentwi
taking place at Dunedin Isles.
Construction of the Dunedin Isles
golf course.. signed .by Donald
Ros, particularly interested Mr.
Rigdon, who declared that the topo-
graphical features of the 140 aWres
seldeted for- the links provided a
beautiful aid picturesque setting as
well ap the necehsajy hazards to
test. tile golfers skill. '*\,
"PFor sevegiteen years I have been
coming to Florida," continued Mr.
Rigdon. "I have seen land that
couldn't be given away at ten -enis
an acre eagerly bought at $10,000
and more an acre. I hare heard peo-
pie scoff ab6ut the fut'rq and #'e
possibilities of' Florida, only to 'omo
later, bill homes and Invest their
money here.
"Florida is the playground of tlie
nation and It always will be 'with
its matchless climate, itla'llugjng
sea coasts, the wild charm of. its
forests, its good roads and the many)
comforts of modernd"civilization that
are being so rapidly installed.
S"The west coast in addition to its
ocean shores, has the backing of a
fine agricultural country rapidly t.o-
lang filled with farmers. It has fine
transportation, the best roads and
It hap men who are bulldmbg for
the future on sn everlasting founda-
Each roore in North Ward has Its
own library. jMany books have been
donated and the privilege of reading
is greatly enjoyed by 'the boys and
girls. In some classes there are spe-
cial library reading periods and in
others appreciation of good books is

same line of work.
Of the 208k boys tested, 177, or 87.2
per centL hai already reached some
conclusion Ju to their life work: 26,
or l 2,8 per cent, registered no choice.
Of the 177 boys expressing some pref-
erence, the largest number, 57, Indi-
cated manufacturing and mechanical
industries'; 54, professional. services
26, agriculture, forestry and animal
, husbandry, and 19 chose commerce.
Only 39 of the 203 boys, or 19.3 per
oent, ,wished to fqllow the occupations
of their fathers.
* An Investigation recently made in
schools of England developed thatsl
half of tbe school children who
breathe through their mouths, .n
third of these who are hard of teir.
tIg, and a fourth 41 those who suf-
fir from enlarged toneIls had thesa
defects before doing to school,
though the age of entrance is early
in England. The' need of pre-dchool
medical attention was clearly shomc.

1 I 3


,Give Play Monday
hills Ppark minstrel show to he'
Oiven tomorrow eseaing, promiaseta i6.
eclipse every other event of -';fl
school yea..-.:d special biCage -h%
bee t erected ftb the production and
special coi nmittees are In charge of
the arrangatnts. Bernardi Thdmas.
director ot special activities of'tlbhe
city recreational, board, aseistsd by
Mrfs .."Oode. also of the bofrd, ani
Mrs. Brendle and Mr4 Stev2 ,r
teachers, are supervising, the play.
Mrs. Qrey Thomas. has charge of
the ticketss, .Mrs. Cone seating- or-
ragsmeqpts and Miss Ogden staga
decdftttl6n.. t
Winn In t e. arithmetic.contebt:
held at te9'last larent-Teacher. aps-
soclatiodn meeting of Childs tlck
school, were Harry Buckman first
and paze! Hutto, second.
.dhilds Park. team won over. oreat
Hills baseball nine ltst Friday to6 a
score of 24 to 16.
To determine vocational choices ef
boys In the ninth gtade of the unl-
vejsity of Oregon bigh school, a study
was recently .made of the occupations
of the otherss of these boys and
whether* they desired to follow the



,, ,

If interested in obtaining a desirable

Home in St. Petersburg at Low Cost,

to Read the Article appearing in the

Financial Journal, Issue of Marchl, "

byRussell M.D. Bruce. TheTitle,

of this AWrticle is"Cooperative

Method of Apartment

House Ownership."

SIn explaining the operation and advisability of
co-operative apartment ownership in a general
article as quoted-at the left, Mr. Bruce made patr-
ticular mention of the Schooley-Murphy Co-op-
erative Apartments. This was entirely unso-
licited and without Cur knowledge of its appear-
ance. A-tribute that is appreciated.
___________________U ,_. -------- :--- ----- ,. f ,.lI ,IL ---- ..,^Ip

op- r

forty-two apartments and will
provide homes for that num-
ber. Many of the apartments
have already been sold. to those
who were' anxious for homes
in the Schooley-Murphy build-
ing. The building hag no va-
cancies now and it is probable
.that many of those who have
been renters of the apartments
will be owners."

Ready May 1, at

318 Fourth Ave. North

$6,000 and Up

Six Years to Pay


Randle Building '
476 First, Avenue North

If you wish to see thee co-operative
Apartments, get in touch with
W. P. Hunnicutt


Telephone 40-00 ,


St. Petersburg, Fl.

.-*. ... +
I| ~.. Lvtm" .. .,:,
'. ', '.% .... '] ''

ounu m, rurtjma....



Conference is Held ind .9
to Decide What i -to$t :
Done to Wipe Out Disa.. ',
protecting and adta B,,;^s
dchooT lc lI'dren' ur W
throughout tbh e6tntry *er 'd 4
brought out in a meetiiig r ,e-:;.
cently in New York of 20 M o.
Sthe country's most fo i ao ,.'
educators. .' '.
SVentilation lawi must be debathl.,l',let '
in many states, as a rsust.'of .... :, ..
4angs of New York State venttatt*.,'" ;'4A
committee, which :'
widely accepted theories, It %wa5 rw." `i'+
ported. School superitbhdents frott.4 ;.. '
all'over the country agree tit ai''" .','.i
change is most desirable. It sla. lJLr'r'.-.;'."
Owing to importance o f janltorK"', -
to the health of School cl,14r4. '' '
standards of training antd the'melee-.,.,. ',
tion of. janitors must be inzJroned.j .,- '
HandwashfHig equlpient a inA . ..
quate in most schools. ,r '
SIt tIs planned to help the ptl- '.'..'
become an active citizen, I5L: h ."'
school and community, by 1 ftbg4-P;, 110
It a more healthful place to Ilt";I .n' n
The flrst part deals with the de,,.t".j:
opment ot health laws from thb .-'. "'
early history' of man; the soA06 *L'C
with speclfb health laws existing in2 -": :'k
the comTunity, wilte the' tt'p4-. "..:
raises questions of methods of a-,;,;
plicatlon. Improvement, a. des -; "
forcement of'those la*s. :
The problem of standardizing v i :
dren'as m e d Ic a I examinLations iv% ""
terms of the best possible mthod, .'
will bb studied. The group agreed., i"
.that at least 6ne parent the scho '
qurse and the teacher, should be
present at the examinadtln of ech
child, so as to Insure the proper
program for correcting dlscoveted
defd9ts. Only a few school system"
now require the presence of three, ":
It was brought out. ..'

- I





rts Found in


IWTCON. Mxn-h 27.--(AP)
*'"h' o members of con-
~I msm~4 eOnaurrentl7
.A afrom dif t VIOew
p.ube sb of the house and

!llv~ll' e udim s ain. It, t
,the doort ,fo debate
sq'~iDr. Canneso True Wl
q loca prohi.itiosi off Inivk ,
they M eat in th
A.-GIn, oeeverll~gthe luteS-
cem ma me Deof a.quarts

.tsm l tPustInai
o:9.. the houqide build-

fo'. ftlbiia ot-
at-b pt lo g-

'.Pavidt,;lla eroia but yestenla
a.Moflg theIreOrseltattos,
'.b .rthe allped ,nmmyoI ottbe
Aie fl anetasd released
atatrqit"tio ns. The In-
gotassmenuaicd In the
o 0f prolibitlou debate.
a t e Rahut Dm o rt.
SM'onped tsn discussion
.. pflh, eying, he Was sorry
-n-mat*- Oc.. or.. De-mocrat,
-,gty.wt hd seen fit yesterday te
M&D. Wibisn'sreported satie-
the dla's betars Volatead.o
4L POItS out that Dr.I
sa1p6y siI,eA.mlnentathet-
el eZS'lmaa, but aeceta~rY of
~isd~ tompflinoeof Rii

AZ *r'*l
14.1, ~ t

4 A?

a. i

ii a

'0 Ta

~' ~4



-Tinme. Photo by Oesquet
Obsmpionshlp girl basketball team In the Grammar school league, and
winners of the trophy, gh'e by the Times. Roser Park school has the
honor of elaimins this team.
chur h. Attacks on muirsters and member declared such a speech as
religious organizations, he oontinued, that made by Mr. O'Connor. In which
would get the wets nowhere. he called Dr. Wilson "a liar." ought
There was 'applause on the Demo- not to be regarded as a gauge ef
crattio ide' when the Mississippi Dealocratic sentiment. He esti-

"The prohibition amendment Is
just as binding on Democrats aMeRe-
publicans, alnd we are not going to
meet you In 1928 or any other time
on a platform of light Wines and
beer." I,
Wets Make Attack
A telegram from Dr. Wilson.
saying Representative O'Connor ap-
parently had entirely misunderstood
his meaning, was read to the house
by Representative Blanton. Demo-
crat, Texas. It reiterated the ex-
planation 'reviously made by the
Methodist leader In a public state-
Undeterred by the criticism of
their Democratic colleagues from
Mlsstislppi and Texas, the Demo-
cratic wet bloc from New York later
returned to the attack. Just before
adjournment, Representative .Oliver.
Democrat. New York, put In a bill
to permit sale of wine and beer in
states that approve suth a course
by referendum. Replilng to Mr.
Rankin. Representative Oliver said
It was regrettable but thie wet and,
diy question had been made a na-
tional issue by the "tyranny" of the
Volstead act.
He declared the stati of Nqw York
has had to submit to nuillfichtlon of
Its laws because of the federal bro-
hibition act.
The house lobbies heard all sorts
of stories in connection with.
(he liquor found in the office build-
ing. Where it apparently had been
abandoned upon the approach ot a
police officer. Enforcement officers
denied they had evidence so Lav lo
,,onnect the Incident with any metn-
ter of congress, but said they would
follow the t-ill no matter where it
might lead.
What they may itav@ been told
by the man arrested, George L. Cas-
sidy, remained undlielqa.d.
On Sept. 23. 1845. a number if
young men In N'ew York City or-
ganized the Knickerbocker club and
drew up the first code of playing
rules of baseball. The Knicker-
bocker club continued in existence
for nearly forty years.

Loule dedek. president of the
Junior class, and general chairman
of the Junior-Senior banquet, an
event of Friday qvenlng.

WASHINGTON. March 4 (41)
-Prohibition officials had revoki,l
the alcohol licenses of lL of the 21
manufacturers recently named by.'
Governor inchot as violators of the
prohibition law, before the governor
cited them lo bhe treasury. Assistant
Secretary Andrews Waa4 Friday.
The government wad inV 4#tigating
27 of the remaining 30 at the Umo
Governor Pinchot's letter was re-
ceived. he said. The other three
manufacturers are now under inves-
tigation as a result of the governor's
Uebring--SI5O,000 to be raised for
erectioni of hew, modern hospital.

........ . . . . .. .. -, _- -' ' .. "- ... '_ ? _

"I !


V ., W ill flu besatisfi d to goNorth before you have seen "

*4 .

S- MAlawbeaautiful homes have been fuilt in St. Petersburg,
Probably you have drivenabout and seen some of them.
The man who designed the Rolyat Hotel has also de.
v4ined a group of the 'most beautiful homes in Florida.

"rhey have been built by S. V. Schooley at Snell Isle, and
'will be, 'he architectural theme for this fine colony of
more attractive homes to follow.

Every one has the rare charm which distinguishes the
"olyat Hotel.



Or, if you prefer, one of' our courteous salesmen will take

you there and gladly show you about, explaining the rare
materials and unique construction.

a :

S. V. McCleary, "Follow Snell
director of Sales for Profit"'

401 dCntral Avenue Telephone 46-010
St. Petersburg, Florida



Thetown of Pag-a-Grille is wide awake.
It ispreparing fbr big crowds at the Beaches.

We are glad Ruppert Beach is so close to Pass-a-Grille. Mr.4Rowe is
also glad, no doubt, that his Don-Ce-Sar develbpmejt is so close to
Pass-a-GCie. Incidentally we are glad that Ruppert Beach and Don-
Ce-Sar adjoin. We are dylad, too, that Sunset Park is so close to us
with the fine public gchoof being eretted on this splendid property.
With stores close at hand-with public school close at hand-with a
great fish market close at hand-with fine'bathitig eaches close at
hazid-with a good casino at Pass-a-Grille--with an Aquarium to be
established---with modern hotels certain'-to be builk-with theatres
certain to come along-with modern apartment houses sure'to built-
with hot and cold writer bathing pools to be provided-Mhd finally a
Great Community Church, taking on the vital feature of a great audi-
torium, totbe built in the course of time-can you imagine a more
ideal spot to own a home than anywhere on Pass-a-Grille Key, neaj
to the little town that is wide-awake and determined to realize, on the
great advantages it enjoys?
We were wise in selecting Ruppert Beach as a property that we know
has every possible advantage. We would like to own the whole
island, for that matter. Nothing would fire our ambition more than
to be concerned with the development of all of Pass-a-Grille Key-
not that we could developr it'better than our neighbors but we would
just like to have our fingers in the pie. The development of Pass-a-
Grille Key means making a lot of money-making it with conscience
and satisfaction-by all who have the vision and the cash to buy now
and be content to wait for the completed development 'before cashing
There is no sweeter proposition in all America than Pass-aGrille Key
is at this very moment. Don't you see it?' Try to get its possibilities
in your investment mind. The more you study the situation, the more
it will appeal to your common seiise.
Ruppert Beach has a fixed, detetminefd'policy which assures the pub-
lic a square deal and will give Pass-a-Grille Key a notable contribution
to its greatness as a resort.


Beautiful Two-Story Oolonial Home
-E.-425 20th Avenue North-8
rooms, 1 bath and downst~ihs lava.
toWy, also enclosed sun porch. -It
stands on large lot on the restricted
North Shore Section. Look this over
and make an appointment with our
salesman to show the interior-it is
lovely, and the price is right.

Here is the very beat buy in this
fast growing business street. Won-
derful corner South of 25th Avenue
at $550 front foot.
If you are ready to buy in this
beautiful subdivision, call and see
as, as we have some listings, at very
interesting prices; for instance, a lot
60x127, Hotel Section for $3,200.

Take a look at the garage on the
corner of 12th Avenue and Fourth
Street, standing on lot 138x115-ft.,
and see us for particulars. We have
an exceptional proposition to offer.
North Side between 22nd and 23rd
Street. Size 90x100 at $900 per front
foot. Terms are right.,-
For quick sale we offer the corner
of First Street North and 16th Ave.
nue, 105x127, for $18,000.
The immediate erbotion of a public
school in Mount Vernon on North
Dtsston Boulevard, 12th to '17th
Avenues North has aroused preat in-
terest among people who know the
value of property near to public
school. We are offering lots in
Mount Vernon at $1,650 and up.

Exclusive Selling Agents for Ruppert Beach Development

Plaza Building, Fifth and Central, St. Peteksburg, Fla.
507 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y.

/ '*1~


*11 5%<"l

A M:.,', ', .. ., . ,

a .
r :

. I --- 1

opt ,r ea ,'B ea,4t ',

'$mwr ?, Breath Bringf iAddedfHealth
SAnd Ev*,v Moment Pleasure

qe:n 7roe:.560, a, rl

TiOnda Counties Contain 35 Million Acres of Lanti




Pinellas is, One of Smallest
Counties and Contains But
235 Square Miles

SPECIAL acts of the Florida
legislature from the pet-iod
when the state was a territory
hape created 65 counties of the
35 million acres of land cov-
,*red'.by the peninsula. Areas
range from Pinollds county,
smallest in the statee with 2 4
square miles tod Palm Beach
County which. has more than
24688 square miles.
But 13 Florida counties border on
other states, the remainder being on
the Oulf of Mexico or the Atlantic
ocean.'. For commercial reasons. the
various sections have become known
as- west Florida, the Florida., rwest
coast, Florida east coast, the ridge
Section, Everglades and 'southwest
Florldk. West Florida includes the
nortllweStern arm of the stafr bouid-
ed by Georgia, Alabama and the
Gill of Mexico.
West Coast
The Florida west coast is com-
monly used to designate all counties
sadith of west Florida down to and
including Sarasota county. South-
wdst Florida is the section including
Charlotte. Collier and Monroe coun-
ties. The Everglsades hold Hendry,
DeSote, Highlands, Glades, Hardee
and Okeechobee, while the -ridge sec-
tion Is named to Include Polk. Or-
ange. Lake, Marion and q. part of
Alachua county. The Florida east
coast applies to all counties border-
ing on the Atlantic ocean from Nas-
isau county at the northern bound-
ary to Dade county at the tip south-
ern end. North Florida includes the
divisions of the state in a 100-nile
radius of Jacksonville west and
southwest and the border counties of
tfi Seorgia line.
Alachua county was cut into two
counties at the last session of the
Sstale legislature into Gilchrlst, for-
merly known as West AJachua, and&
the original section' which retains
the naze. It is typically agrlcultu-
ral. Gainesvllle, home of the Florida
Stite university, Is the county seatl
Baker county lies Just south, of
Georgia along the west side -of the
SSt. Mary's river. The Seaboard "Air
Line raltway extends through the
County elCt and west. Baker is the
largest producer of Satauma oranges
and pecans.
Bounded by Gulf
Bty county is bounded on the south
entirely by the Gulf of Mexico and
Is the site of one of the most beau-
tiil bays In the world, St. Andrew's
-bq,.Panama City is the county

radford county of the north Flor-
,* da up, with Starke as the county
ant.0-one bh the oldest agricultu-
Ssohvlisions of' the state. The Santa
r'1nd New rivers trftverse Brad-
N county is bounded on the
.m ezatta'elr' by the Atlantic ocean.
ttwtt's Island in 'the county Is
f# by the Indian and Banana
tf4rs. The county has 70 miles of
coast and 200 miles of river
trcutage. Titusville is the county
pedL. I
B towardd faces the Everglades on
the West and the Atlantic ocean on
lthe east. The county Is one If the
first ranklirg producers of citrus
fruits. Fort Lauderdaie Is the county
met. Hollywood is also within the
Scoflnes of Broward.
Calhoun, with Blountstown the
county seat, is of the west Florida
group. Livestock and agriculture
are te chief industries. A million-
diiar dam for hydro-eledtric pur-
p*ses is being built across the Chl-
*ola river by the federal water power
.County Seats
i-untastorda Is the county seat of
' the southwest Florid county of
Charlotte. Peace river'and Charlotte
balor are the chief waterways.
-, Citrus county belongs to the west
;q a "t group, the Gulf of Mexico
,"ftnting the western boundary. The
e bitty Is situated at the narrowest
.neol of the Florida peninsula and
edI Klves winds tempered b) both
oieja and gulf stmo-pheres. Homo-
pIopea, a new city, In being built on
aissom n aa river fbur miles from
t e gulf. Inverness Is tho county
wa t.
-. lay county In the north Florida
c.l' has as its seat Green Cove
SIfpiangs, near which the Florida &iii-
-. send iy is located. The St.
L.dhhl river flows along-the eastern
; tundary -of the county. Numerous
ti'eams drain the area.
:. ,~ller county, probably the largest
hoieale project under "-ay In the
state, is being developed by
M n G. Collier. The Gulf of Mex-
the entire western bound.

Atlantic Coast

Highway Nears

Its Completion

(JP)-AIr funds for the completion
of the Atlantfc Coastal highway,
reaching from Canada to Key West,
have been provided, according to P.
0. Miller, president of the Atlantic
Coastal Highway association.
Florida has all the money needed
to complete her section of the high-
way, Georgia, through a bond elee-
tion in her eastern counties last
yer provided funds for that span
of the road and North Carolina al-
ready has one road across the state.
and ja building another.
When the Atlantic Coastal High-
way association holds ..its annual
meeting in Wilimington( N. C., on
June 20, 21 and 22, it will be pos-
sible to drtye there over good roads,
Mr. MUler stated. He -added that
the eoad is pow In good condition
and can be easily traveled in except
In bad weather.
. The convention this yndar will
stage a great celebration over the
aompletlin of the project and offl-
-cials of the association are exnect-
ing several thousand cars to make
the trip to Wilmington for the
convention. I
In. expressing his opinion as to
what the action of South Carolina
In voting tod complete the road
means to the south and to Florida.
Mr. Miller declared that it was the
greatest asset that could come to
the south or Florida in the way of
Interstate highway because the Im-
proved road would extend from i
Canada at the northern point or
Maine to Key West at the south-
ern point of Florida. The Improved1
road will run straight down thea
coast, of the Atlantic. This will be
a great medium of bringing tourists
to the Southern states and especial-
ly Florida, not only in' the high
season but during the entire year.

ary. The Tamlami trail is being
buit through the county, extending
from Miami to the west coast
-Columbia, another north Florida
county, borders on the state of Geor-
gia. The Suwannee river forms a
part of Its northwest boundary. Lake
SCity, through which passes most of
the trek of Florida tourist cars, is
the county seat.
Dade county is bounded on the
east and south by the Atlantic ocean,
I while Biscayne bay borders much of
the east coast. tliemi as the county
seat has led the state in growth. The
western portion of the county Is
composed of Everglades land.
Arcadia is the county seat of De-
Soto bounty, one of the Everglades
group. Peace river, which traverses
thle county and has rich phosphate
deposits along its valley, empties Into
Charlotte harbor.
The Suwannee river, which bor-
ders Dixie county in west Florida. is
plied by vessels from the gulf.a dis-
tance of 12 miles inland. Cross City
,is the county seat. Lumbering is the
chief Industry of the county.
Duval county of .whicS Jackson-
ville. Is (he county seat is the gate-
way county to the east, coast of
Florida. The city has a port which
clears 'mre than 3,000,000 tons of
Freight annuall,.
Escambia county, the extreme
westerly division oa the state has
Pensacola as thtf county seat. The
lumber industry is of chief "mport-
ance. Escambla Bay and the Gulf of
Mexico from the southern boundary.
Named for Flagler
Named for 1lenry M. Flagler,
builder of the Florida East Coast
railway, Flagler county is primarily
agricultural. The county's., eastern
boundary is formed by the Atlantic
ocean. Bunnell Is the countyseat.
.Franklin county has the Gulf of
Mexico all Along its eastern and
southern boundaries. The Apalachil-
cola and Ochlocknee rivers contribute
to the county's waterways causing
most of the interests of tfie section
to lie in sea products. Apalachicola
Is.the county seat.
Occupying the central position of
the North Florida counties Gadsden
county has as its county sedt the
city of Quincy. a railroad center with
population of 6.000. Agriculture lead'
in the county and a high grade of
tobacco Is raised under canopy.
Glades bordering on Lake Okecho-
bee with Moore Haven as the county
seat is drained by various canalI
running east. west and south serving
the duel purpose of drainage ahi,
Created in 1925
Gulf county was created in 1925
of the southerly half of Calhoun
county. It borders on the Gulf of
Mexico and St. Joseph's Bay and has
a well known hnrbor-port St. Joe.
which is the terminus of a railroad
and Is the county seat.
The north line of Hamilton county
borders on Georgia with the Suwanee
and Withiachoochee rivers on the
eastern and southern boundaries.
General farming and livestock rais-
ing are the principal Industries.
Jasper is the county seat.
WVauchbia, designed as the "Heart

Horseback Riding Popular Sport

With St. Petersburg social leaders showing there way, horseback riding on the b-.-iJle pathi of th:- ,lun:,'
Country Club has increased in popularity with unexpLocted rapidity, according to Captain 4. .:atv. Ii, hlto is
in charge of the Jungle Riding Club. Above is shown a group of St. Petersburg sportsmen andu sportd-
women before starting on a mythical chase.

of Florida" in recent months Is the
county seat of Hardee county. The
county Is wholly In the Interior of the
state. Garden truck, principally
strawberries is the chief Industry.
Land values are said to be rising.
Hendry county bordering slightly
on Lake Okechobcc holds the Semi-
nole Indlan reservation. Henry
Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas
Edison are conducting rubber grow-
ing experiments In Hendry county.
Hernando with its entire western
side fronting on the Gulf of Mexico
in west Florida is a dairying and
trucking center. Large phosphate
and naval stores interests have op-
erated in the county for years.
Brooksvllle Is the county seat.
Highlands Cgunty
One of the highlands group. High-
lands county, has as its county seat
the city of Sebring. The county em-
braces many square miles of lakes,
the largest of which is Lake Istok-
poga covering an area of 40 square
Hllisborough county with one of
the best harbors in the state formed
by Tampa anl Hillsborough bays.
Tampa Is the county seat. The
county is one of the leading west
coast divisions. Gandy bridge sla de-
clared one of the greatest assets to
the county.
Lying north along the Alabama
line Holmes county represents one at
the principal agricultural counties In
North Florida. Peanuts and sweet
potatoes lead with pecans fast be-
coming an important product. Boni-
fay is the county seat.
Indian River county on the Atlan-
tic coast was formed in 1925. Sit-
uated on the Indian liver and on the
main line of the Florida East Coast
railway is Vero Beach, the county
seat. Citrus fruits and vc-getubles are
grown in abundance.
Jaclson County
Bounded by Alabama on the north
and Georgia on the east. Jackson
county ripreseuts typically tihe old
South. Pecan and tobacco growing
are newer Industries. Marianna is
the county seat.
Termed the "-County which holds
Florida together," because of its
unique geographical position extend-
ing from the Gulf of Mexico through
to the Georgia line. Jefferson county
is one of the really important agri-'
cultural counties. Monticello is thd
county seat. The city is being con-
neted with Perry by the Atlantic
Coast Line railway.
Lafayette county, another of the
west Florida group has been held by
large lumber interests and sla only re-
cently being released for individual
ownership. Mayo Is the county seat
Unimprove-1 pasture land may be
bought for $5 to $10 an acre.
More titan 1.400 lakes are within
the confines of Lake county uhich is
located Inr the central Florida se.--
lion. Tavares, the county seat, Is
situated between Lake Eutss and]
Dora. Mount Dora is 300 feet high

The county excels it quality of citrus
Fort Myers is the county seat of
Lee county, one of the leading
southwest Florida counties. Chief
geographical features of the countY
are the Calosahatchee 'river. Char-
lotte harbor and the numerous tri-
butaries of this river which make
drainage easy.
Leon county, center of the North
Florida counties Is the location of
the state government with Talla-
hassee also serving as the county
seat. Truck-growing and dairying
are the chief Industries while man-
ufacturing plants are locating In
Tallahassee In Increasing numbers.
Levy County
Levy county Of the west Florida
group is the location of Cedar Kejs
on the Gulf of Mexico and Wa-
casasse bay. Bronson it the county
Liberty county lies in the central
arm of northern Florida. The
Apalachicola river on the western
boundary is navigable to Columbus,
Gorgia. Hemp is grown in the
county. A 190,000 acre tract of land
was solidd in the county in 1925 for
$1.200,000 or $6.25 an acre. Bristol
Is the county seat.
Madison county of which Madison
is the county: seat borders on Geor-
gia. A large improvement program
for county highways is under way
while development of a resort on the
Suwannee river also occupys atten-
t!on of real estate interests.
Manatee county located on the
west coast just south of St..Peters-
burg and Tampa ships a car of
truck every 61 minutes of the year.
The county seat Is Bradenton In the
Manatee river which ht this point
is a mile wide. Palmetto and Man-
ate' are sciter cities.
Mari,,n county of the west coast
and ri'ldge section group has most of
the large phosphate mines of the
state. Silver springs in the county
is a leading resort. Ocals is the
county seat.
Situated on the Atlantic ocean
while Its western boundary faces
Lake Okechobcc. Stuart is the
county seat. Jupiter Island par11aels
the cast coast for a distanc.:- of 31
miles. Fishing Is developed to a
commercial stage.
M" onroe County
Monroe county is famous be'iause
of its Island city of Key WVest to
which the overseas extension of the
Florida East Coast railway reache.-
from Dade county over coral keys a
distance of 107 mile.q. Monroe coun-
ty is being reclaimed in the Ever-
glades drainage projects of various
-interests. /
Nassau county Is situated in the
extreme northeast corner of the
satle. The Atlantic ocean on tlih
east affords a seacost 12 mile
long with the Nassau river on Ih-.
south. Fruit is grown in the ro'unty
extcnilively Fernandina, the county
seat is located on Aanastasia Island

and has long been a shipping port
for lumber and naval stores.
Extending from the line
down to' the Gulf of Mcxico In the
western arm of the state is Okla-
loosa county where fruit growing.
berry culture rind stock raising
form the chief industries of the sec-
tion. Crestview of 500 population is
the county seat. A national forest
reserve Is Within the confines of the
Okeechobee county takes its name
from the great lake: which forms
the southern boundary. The county
is typically an Everglades territory
being separated from the Hichlandls
section by thq Kissimmee river. Su-
gar cane growing is being intro-
duced with success. Capitalists have
purchased more than 200,000 acres
of the Pounty for development.
Oilier Counties
Bounded on the west. north and
south by Lake. Seminole and Os.
ceola counties. Qrane t county Is
well developed agriculturally. Or-
lando Is the county seat. The
county ships 60) carloads of cucum-
hers every day during the season.
More than 1l500 lakes are within
the county's confines.
Oscoola county whv.-ich i- in the
central part of the state near but
not on the Atalntic ocean, has val-
uahle timber landR chiefly composed
of cypress. Kisslmm-o is the county
sept and is the center of the ritrul
slippinfg and packing industry of
the county., I
Palms Heach county Is one of th'
largest in the state and extends
from the Atl.inllc on the east to
1,,ike Okccchot',ee on the west. Cat-
tle raising if rapidly becomni" an
industry of importance.' Palm
Bc-ach. world famous resort is ri-
valed in size by the .growing county
se-at of West Palm Beach.
Pasco county is situated Immed-
iately north of-Hll1-lborouc'h county
nn the Gulf of Mexico and i1 one
of the leadJIng wealthy cntuntis of
ihe west coast. Dnaie City is the
county soat. E'ctrns-ive realty de-
vPF-lopnoit nils rr under way involving
thousn.'nds of ocrc of lant ihroiugh-
oiut the section. Port Richey anti
New Port Richey are the gulf sites
for propop'el resort.
Pincllits County
Pinellas' county was a part o"
Hlillsh.,roueh county until 1911. Ti
is the smnllc.-'t 'FleriJa county and
haq the hich-e, coa-t elevation in
the state l'inellri county hais 234
square miles and iincludi-s Safcty
Harbor. Pinellas Park. Clenrv water.
Trarpon Springs, Dunediln. Gulfpoi
anti Seminole.
In nearly the prographical center
of the state is Polk county with im-
portant citrus nnoJ lumber produce
lion volume ranltlng among th'
highest in the state. Phosphate
mlnini ha,.s long bepn a chief in
dustry. Th" county ha- b,-.ides it-
Pounty scat city of Bartow, Hnine-
City. Davenport, Lake Wales. Fr.o-s
proof and W\Vintr Taven. More thut

100 lakes are located within the
confines of the county.
Putnam county is situated Irn-Lbe
northeastern section of the state
with its closest boundary 20 miles
from the Atlantic ocean. The St,
Johns river intersects the eastern
section, as does the Oeklawha. Dairy-
ing and poultry raising supplement
truck farming. Palatka, the county
seat is the largest city, With Cres-
cent City and Pomona also as rank-
inrg towns. I
St. Augustine. oldest city in the
United States, is the county seat of
St. Johns county, whose eastern bor-
der is entirely on the Atlantic ocean.
while the western portion Is bound-
ed by the St. Johns river. Hastings
in the southwestern portion Is a
truck and fruit shipping center.
SSt. Lucle County
St. Lucle county products, which
have consistently taken honors over
those of other Florlda counties In
the state exhibitions, faces the At-
lantic ocean and Indian river. Fort
Pe.rce Is the county seat, located on
the shores of the Indian river.
In the western arm of the state is
located Santa Rosa county, running
through from Alabama on the north
to the Gulf of Mblexico on the south.
The Escambia river forms the east-
ern boundary. Milton. the county
sent, i8 said to be the location of the
largest berry grove In the state.
Lumber and naval 'stores are the
largest exports of the county.
Sarasoto. county seat of Sarasota
county, is located on the Gulf of
Mexico, the county being "Just south
of Manatee. Thirty-five miles of the
western boundary is on the gulf. A
causeway Is being built across Sara-
sota bay to connect the city with a
long strip of islands and keys, in-
cluding St. Ormonds and Long K-.'s.
whtch flank the mainland. The
county Is chiefly agricultural.
Sumpter county in north Florida
has as its western boundary the
WVithlacoochee river, while Lake
county borders the eastern slae.
Fruit exhibits of the county have
talcecn first award at two World's
fairs. Bushnell is the county seat.
Centerhill, the largest bean shipping
center in the United States. Wild-
wood, a melon shipping center, and
Webster, "Cucumber City," aid In
placing the county in first ranks as
a track producer.
Bounded by River
The northern, western and most of
the southern boundaries of Suwanee
'ourily are formed by the famous
Suwanee river in north Florida. Live
Oak. the county seat, holds a com-
manding position as a highway cen-
ter. while railway lines ra'diatq in
five directions. Tobacco Is produced
in commercial quantities.
Located at the bend In the Gulf of'
Mexico coast line and having as Its
county seat the city of Perry. '"West
Coast Gateway," Taylor county leads
the section in the production of cy-
press. The Atlantic Coast Line rail-
way is being extended north to meet
the Monticello extension affording a
through route to Georgia and -north-
ern points. Perry Is already the
seat of three railroads with the Sea-
board line also being routed through
the city.
Union county, located in the north-
ern part of the state near Jackson-
ville, is the location of the 17,000-
acre prison farm of the state. New
river is on the eastern boundary,
whlte the'Olustee river forms the
west border. Stock 'raising is a
principal industry. Lale Butler, sit-
uated con the lake of the same name,
lis the county seat.
One of the east coast counties
wvitP many miles on the Atlantic
ocean. Volusia county is drained by
the Halifax, St. Johns and Indian
rivers. The natural highway on the
each 23 miles long from Ormond to
Daytona Is dally rebuilt by the tide
and forms one of the most famous
drives in Florida. The Halifax dis-
trict is widely known as a resort cen-
ticr. DCe Land is the county seat.
On the Gulf of Mexico In the cen-
trnal part of northern Florida Wa-
kullt county lies south of Leon coun-
ty and Tallahassee. Crawfordsville
is the county seat and a shipping
center for the extensive lumber
products of the county.
WNalton county Is located in the
northwestern part of the state, and
extends from the Alabama line to
the gulf. DeFuniak Springs is the
county seat, and T.s located on the
waterway which is the site of the
second oldest Chautauqua in the
United States.
On St. Andrews bay In nu-st Flori-
tla Wa.shitcion county is rne of the
nlhiest division of the state. Plant
nurseries and truck gardening are
leading industries. which are center-
rd around Chipley In the northern
section of the county. The Chocta-
watrhee river forms the western
tioundJary. The town of Vernion in
ihe centrl part I.1 the county seat. .
In Greece foreign tourists pay a
fee for the privilo..e of alsiting the
ol museums and places of interest.
The original cha.. was $5, but n
movement has been underway to in.
>:; this to St0. Lvldence of hba
i,,; pall the fee a, dmlts the toJr,,i-
10 all the placc.- of antiqulty.


The Rev. Louis A. Hanson, one of
the editors of lhe popular health
mdgaglne.' "Life and Health." pub-
lished at Takoma Park, Washington,
D. C., will give a free stereopticon
lecture at the Seventh Day Advent-
ist church Monday evening at 7:30.
Mr. Hanson has travelled in Eu-
rope and,other countries in the in-
terest of the medical missionary work
of the Seventh Day Adventist de-
nomination, end it Is expected that
he will show some first-hand scenes
from the mission fields.




History of Body Shows Activ-
ity During the Past Few

Years in City

F [RST Presbyterian church
of St. Petersburg, was or-
ganized in November 1894, within
the Rev. I. M. Auld called to
service as the pastor. Arrange-
ments were made with the
First Methodist churchli to use
their building.on certain Sun-
day's in the month for services.

At that the Congregational
,body was without a minister and
thrrarlgemc-nts were made' wheeby
the Rev. Auld serve both congrega-
tlions si pastor and] the Congrega-
tional church furnish the building.
This arrangement .eoninuod for two
years, when the Presbytery decided
to build a church of their own.
The new organization struggled
along for a time having meetings
every alternate Sunday. In the Meth-
odist church. In 18119 the Ladies' Aid
society of the church purchased a
lot at Third street and Fourth ave-
nue north for $30u0. At that time
there was very little development
beyond Second avenue north, and
the Presbyterians were joked about
having "bought in the woods." How-
ever the coti.?-galion was not
daunted In its efforts and went
ahead, building an attractive ittle
church. Building committee consist-
ed of the Rev. \V. W. Powell, J. G.
Bradshaw and J. C. Jenkins. In
1903 the lot west of the church was
donated by Mr. and Mrs. L. tM.
Deane and a man:- was built there-
Finest Church
When the brick church edifice
was completed in 1013. it was at that
time the finest church in the city.
The pipe organ was installed short-
ly afterwards, the cost being partly
borne by Andrew Carnegie. With
rapid strldds in the growth cf St.
Petersburg-at that time, the church
too, enjoyed a large Increase .in
SIn 1922, the Sunday school build-
ing, thp Davidson Memorial was
completed. Mrs. R. M. Davidson and
tier daughter having contributed
$20.000 toward the building In
memory of Mr. Davidson. who had.
made St. Petersburg his winter home
for many years.
Six ministers preceded the pres-
ent pastor, the Rev. James A. Mc-
Clure. ho has served for three
years. All of the pastors are yet
living excepting the first, the Rev.
Auld. The order In which they
were pastors follows: Rev. I. M.
M. A.uld. Rev. W. S. Milne. R,.ev. W.
W. Powell. Dr. J. F. McLean, Dr. G.
E. Morehouse, the Rev, W. J. Gar-
rison and the present pastor, the
Rev. James A. McClure.
Gives To Missions
The Presbytery in St. Petersburg
has done much In contribution to
missions and in advancing the work
of their own denomination. Their ex-
tension work Is manifested In Iwvo
new organizations. West Ceptral, es-
tablished three years ago, now a
thriving church organization, within
the Rev. E. R. Barnard as pastor.
The church Is located at Twenty-
-ixtbh street and First avenue north
During the summer of 1125, the
F.uclid extension branch was opened.
a community and Sundlay school
room erected and Sunday seliool
conducted regularly. Just r-cently.
the Rev. T. I. Deane. has been se-
cured and evening preachbing ser-
vices in ai]lition to the Sunda.
school Is he-lId as wt(ll as; a midweek
'nirae. The new organiz/tinio is
located at 1Ou2 Twenty-sixth avenue
The membership of the First Pres-
.,yterian church has increased more
"t.ain 2tI0 the la-st :ear, making ;.
total resident ,nemhership of 70,5.
'ho 126 builset is $50.fl00 anI out-
liel the re.;ular work done by the
hureh. there has been expended
.27.flfi' in mission work during the
pest year.

re -1. .,. .11 1. 1---- -- ... -- - f -- -- - --- ....... -- i- -- -------------------

First Birdseye Panorama of New Development at Ruppert Beach and Pass-a-Grille Near St. Petersburg

r -, .1 .. -,1 .-" --; i f l.i.__ i U-- ,

here is the latestvision of development at Ruppert Beach and Pass.a-Grille brought up n the hour in a lirdspy exposure of lithe camera. In I.e hlsckround is Ihe grnarpeful contimnr of the RuMppert Beh shoreline, fve miles of winning waterfront. A concrete bulkhead will be built on the
entire waterfront. At the left is the itunDert Beach ronlae on the Gulf ol fl 3 Shp ;= -twv Lu the right center is the muain ithiornughl:re nurth iand south through Ihe key and I'ass-a-Urmie.

a - ^
~~~~~~~.. ... .' ..~ .-. ::. ,, .,... s%..:.,!'...;s.. ,,s.'w=



.___ -.., ,

Methodist Church Enlarges
Buildings To Take Cane ;
Increase In.Membership ;

T HE FirSt Avenue Methodit' '
SEpiscopal church has hid '
a wonderful growth the past
dozen years, and is now very
prosperous-a strong force for. .
righteousness in- the city.
Besides the many organizations
and activities l within the church
proper. First Avenue Methodist
church has "mothcreOd'" several now
prosperous organizations. The new
church at Clearvlew avenue and
Harris road and at Iakewood
Estates. are extensions of the First
Avenue M. E. church.
In 1890, the Rev. H. 3J. Walker,
presiding elder was attracted to 8t, "
Petersburg. as a desirable place tIq
organize a. Methodist Episcopal
church. General John C. Williams.
offered a site for a church building,.
and In December of that year, a
corporate body of trustees was
At the meeting of the St. John's
river conference in January 1911, the
presiding bishop appointed the Rev.
George E. Skaft. to organize a
church In St. Petersburg., in cbnnec-
tion with his work in Tarpon
Sprmng. An organization was ef-
fected. the following month, with
twenty charter membelars, arid ar-
rangements were made to hold ser-
vices c-very alternate Sunday in the
school house. A Sunday school was
organized qnd the first year showed
a good growth. A lot was given by
General Williams at Central avenue
and First street and the following
year, the first church was built; the
structure was 21x33 feet and was
to be a part of the future l'ltlncd
The second building of the or-
ganization was a small frame struc-
ture which stood on the corner of
Central avenue and Fifth street., lhi
present site of the Plaza theatre.
The Rev. A. E. Drew, who we
sr-rving at Tarpon Springs came to
St. Petersburg, and with a vision of
a dt-w church for the Methodist con.
gregation was assigned the appoint-
ment by the presiding elder an.'
came to St. Petersburg with gre-al
enthusiasm Lid began the work for
a new church. The result of hir
efforts was the building of a sfihell
dash church which stood on the
corner of First avenue and Fifth
street north, the church's present.
site. The church was completed qt
' cost of $10.000 and wad occupied
he winter of 1905-6 and dedicated
January 1, 1906. The name at that
time was changed to the First Ave-.
nue Methodist church.
Seven years later, -the present
main building was erected and soon
after the annex, or Sunday school
room was built; but with the addedT
buildings more room was yet needed
by the fast growing congreation
and in 1921 the Business Men's
Bible class erected the third anne: -
at a cost of S6,000u.

Sea Family Lives

On Waterfront In

Yacht Benetta

The Sfiarit family, owners of the
yacht Benetta. which Is at present
chartered by the Tampa Beach pom-
pany., may well be called sea dwell-
ers. For three generations they
have lived upon the water. Captain
Sharlt. 86 years old now, has salle'.
the seas all his life. He once was
captain of many an old clipper ship.
and knows the wvhims and tricks of
His son, W. M. Sharit, was born
on Ahe waters, has lived there all hi
life, and Is now living with his wife
and baby daughter and father
aboard the Denetta. Their daughter.
four years old. v./s born on the sen
-making the third generation. At
the age of three theiridnughter
learned to swim, when she leaped
from a 12-foot bridge into deep water
to escape al onrushing car.
She is even more at home upon
the water than the land, deciarin;-
that she is a hit frightened at the
prospect of going ashore for Ione
periods, just as the average girl o'
her age, or much older for that ma'
ter, is afraM.! to go on the water.

Refuse oil discharged from ahil.-
has tjrcome such a menace to bird.
and f li thnt changes In the three-
mile limit have been recommended.




AIr, o 4ZIt,&V

- LIi~

- 9



LPem During Past Year ;
Vry Interesting and. ,
uifur to Membership
the,' old *n- t
a ,rtof he O "t
HKm.ta-c~ During Ph sastn r Ye a hr of ,o.r. F.W, obt, "led Gnybuead1 t
BBi'~c'tBtery wInth eres a 'ting Found +tr., an Gad olvr aste uis iha n

SKiw has been the as ". hayc
B's hieh has guided the ac 4 "l" .
B .'~.0-bof the' St. Petersburg goin 'p "rv a" .. Ta .
d'wi cub since its organize AllR-,-' o .. .. r.
,"e* i re four years a .1 b e a a CtlofuG
t. Lea. who has served the R o "
HK" ''" ".*Awated o' them.ough .nt.roug 'h "f sevr" roybahdclr
%dtu n -secrtetxr from the time of ':
^^p r 13, 19?3 became interested I
-r''".1a.,... .j through -conversations Reading from- left to right- forts of F W. Colbath, pioneer of
.O' ; l '.r erd"who was a member of Thomas H. Me raiI, Dover N. H., Fourth otreIt north and Gaody
ano-, & *the clubs In the north and druggist-. -eorge H. Bidplle. rqt tie, boulevard.
1: -he dting he season. Mr baker, of Dover: F. W Colbath. alreadyy Gandy boulevard I er-
A~s' .-"'ii ete duing 'erthe seaso. Mr. catrmmeso h lbwr *Wi fh W Ik
'. together with several other Fourth street and Gandy boulevard baps the busiest highway in lh-
"'. *' ent mena of tule city. Interest- pioneer; Jackson Kenney. of Lythn, corint,. linking as it dqes two of
i h" thb idea-'of establishing Mas e, an l John E. Fritz,. of Red-. Florlda's greatest cities. Buildings
a... .aelub -in gt.C Petereburg and ding Highlands, Mass are going up everywtlere and fan-
.4 .tWi0 Ithrough. their efforts that All of these owners in the Gandy lies are moving into new homes. The
S.'*,.' name. necessary for a K- boulevard area are enlhuslastic o*er future of Gaundy boulevardcan be
"f l hrtr Wel'es n ecured a nd the the future of ;Gandy boulevard. All easily foreseen by any casual ob-
3" 'eiUlb organized. of Mtha 'brought i through the ef- server," Mr. Colbath declares.
n:ch5rter was granted the club
B"",h 13, 19"S and on that date wailan and known I lf
|..-. J a elected f, as an entertmo er. was tJLe guest ofB
"I%4U,. tpe office of pr esldent J. B. honor and principal speaker. At this ALICS BUY
Br. vit e-.prPeaidrt: IRobert E. time a dinner wag given at the
I:.1 decretxy and Wayrne Black- Buntlngton ,hotel followed by danc- Is STES11
bi treasurer. Ing.
.. -Thewc~llw yeor, the te. lral Charter members of the club weee
-.' .~,~. lb was -re-elected pre.sIdent Archibald Atchilson, Jacob Alexarn-
& " tet.' u r.eainig officers were der, Albert Archibald. Jesse IF.
S" ued folowa.. Fred Willlamsone Blake. ,ayne BlackFurn. Willia, Church Extends Scope of
AI; laolland Blakel Wo bt p a ynGore BV Stewarn Wnillim
-preAldent; Robert E-. IA Baynard, Winston S. Banning, John Work In Sunshine ity
e:" a "'.arnd Wayne laackburn. treas- H. Bi'anlett James Booth. Har- o r I Sn he-i
Is9' tnit. e C. Case. Paut Conant. S. J. Co- With New Buildings
uir ...:t ewBilig
: ,I P s Judge D. C. Spear was rey. F. H. Cole, Henry S. Dupont,
p n. r. George E. John AV. Davis, :. M. Endlcott, Ora W 'VING to the groarth of St.
i,. ee-tsdent; Robert E. F. Frazee, HR. J. Foster. Dr. .uh PetersburI it was ner e ry for
e.. ti-elct^ d secretary Ora 'Fra- L. Futch., Goodrich M- Greer. J.. the Catholic ch urch to lay -lans or
&jaie ohbn as treasurer and W. H. Green, James Hackney, Frank S etenson of the parSsh asrt and
-D.fnt ;truiftoe. Hallowell, Horace Hudson. Roy Her-
;t~t7et H allowell, H Rt this end properties were purchas-
Miller Hilored risen. Juniper. Charles Klicket, R ed in three different parts of the
det; Clark Svlter. vice-plpresident: E. Lea, D.. George E. Miller. city, north, south and uest.
er Thomas 3. orthp, Clarene 1. 'A building used for both church
r. e secret Mr. FrazeeT homasJ. Nf. and school purposes and known as
: tr a*sier and Paul Conant. trustee. Wentsyer, J. C. Otman. N -t W. St. Paul's church, was erected dur-
ffilcers elected for the current Parker, C. M. Rgser. John hg the Past summer an, opened
ear are' liark Sivitpr. president; nee. E. A. RoBeeter. A. T.' Squire. A. last fall. at Twelfth treet and
: Luther P. Tucker ie-prestdent ; C. Siviter, Charles H. Smitb, Robert. Nineteenth avenue nor fth street andRtv.
: f, trnRivh~bl em oeRltos Atu Nor- etenhir avenue north. ere Ronat.

Luhe rc Tucer ^ iribPe rmn .cara;Rbr rodb r arto hldlha h
'"- -, "bLea. c a retard Mr. Frazee. B. Scales, Joseph Sharp. Horace n son Is the pastor, hns-
t~.~re~. iiSd W. 1j. Aton, trustee. Williams, Raympnd E. Wyinarn. F sd-
Te Srnttwork hA.o thelc ward Weeks, George YoungD- g been named as Priest in 1919.
.,. Th e p rtin olplm work that the local wa d W e s g r e F o n D Jesuits of Tam p a, w ere the first
cluh h e'b9-oLInterstsed In through- viad C. Wilson, Albert '.; Marsha i, esuts to officiate at religious wot-
Ethe'four. years of Its existence Erie B.. Reniwick. ClarlRt W. Hol- Srie for ite athrligious wat-
bbvenu chrara'gfor the underpriv- Its, F. W. Williamson.. Judge C. E.haI
L 41 'otild and wordcijlt for the bet- pear, George W. Stewart William now known as St. Petersburg and
'"I ," t tl o piviefng.e hondltos nd F. Davenport., Jwames Baliley,' E, E. adjacent towns, forming what was
irling recrestlownal facilities for Wneaver and William S.JerriU. known a as Poiht Pinellas.e First masse
E i~dm i e playgrounds and was Ai beee ci I'e le* tht h celebrated in the Sa n Jose
Wi tlldreasy 'iwidneplygownd ande P Committees of.Mer, hotel by Sthe Rev. Father Waidman
". /bsebl a"or fb. rs ity t. ed o ommlttqe; In. cl.are, of the club in the fall of 1892. Beaie o the
S i~" ia.of; the .clubc t withe Cor i evities during the pstyear were small c asgreTwtion, the priests at-
waaSt thOs'bylhe c"I i l drkengt ofa follows: tended but once a I yea, thiis plan
th- GV&' : d. pwmireri- Atieiidance--jesse .Bake,"bhslr- continued fore tire yea"s.
t'"- t M"sn Htohr daldtrable man' Howard Cun Vnghani," D. A. In 1906,' Fatfier Bar'r:y searched
unity. c 'attiise Lswts, T. J. Northrup. C. C_ Stewart, for a lot upon which to build a
S ,,.iven tthe~ cloperat on 'C. T. Townsend. church, and the result aes that a
-tb.; buH hsdthSgh elrtin
Iteim i6ts 6j'u etr iaudkrd.s'for B1usiness Sardia'ds--Luther P. site was purchased at SP-th streCt
i. I relAg lout r t cu he develo- Tucker, chalranan; EdHaa BurnhAm, south between Fifths and Sixth ave-
m.t- of freandshilps among men of. F. T. S.. Hallowel, hprace Hudon, nhues. In 1508 there was a con-
.. te prdfe plu bls. af E. A. Rosstter. Thornas H. Rifley. gregation of about 70, during the
commh&ig tan more detail the year Membership-Robert Edward Lea, baildihg of toe new church. which
jat."We d the club has taken an secretary. was erected oin that year. Three
rSe. t in many matters of civic Goodwil and .evanceLdRobert J. years later' the congregation had
.- nrta the assisted materially WMcCutcheon. Jr., Gchalrman; William become large enough to warrant a
a riigthsum ot co10,oe000 to de- B. Horne,. Rev S. W. Walker. J. church nearer town and two lots
fs the expeMea s uo1 the yankees W. Wilhelm, Wvinston S. BrannIng. on the corner of Fourth street and
er' the Boson Bra Wlbahebl teamnks House Relqteons Arthur Nor- Third avenue south were donated
S which have their Spring training wood, chairmann. Robert Arnold, by Mr. Barret, of Philadelphia. The
had ters nhe Fred H. Cole, Albert E., Marshall. aorner stone for the n~ w building
headquarters here. Kiwanis E7 ducati on-Harvey S. was laid in l13. the sermon for the
-...- ,. ,.Kiu~is voted unanimously n Dickson, chairman; S. Jack Corey, occasion having been delivered by
-'4 to glee $5,000 to the build- Frank Smith, R. J. Foster, Jugge C. the Rev. Father Finnreian, of
i e of th. c A.r for their E. Spear,. George F. Yoing. Tampa. Macs was celebrated in The
hom nefd of 1fthe' streetY aothe Law and Resolutons-J. B. Green ew church for the first time in Oet-

H ecapo prite rt hecuDavenuepca rman John WN. .Davis.Hrvy-------7 ----
econd Avenue. chairman; Jon W -Davis, Horace ober, 1923, the con0regatio0n having
Dr. A. P.,.Wood and his commit- Williams, Arthur Norwood. met In the Rex theatre building to
teo on undtrpr ldleged children was usc-Goodrdge M f. Greer. chair- that time. The members of the
cteo,)On00 with which to carry on manr; Paul A. Beach. Jesse C. Blake, church had increased to the extent
the.w6rk. Paul W. Conant, Albert H. White. that the Jesuits of Tampa came over
n wive Cresy. widely known vaude- Program-Harrie C. Miller, chair- every Saturday eveningl'eady for
vile antonr of 'tihls city, staged a man; V. H. Aton, William F. Day- the Sunday morning service.
rnuatrel. for the club at the Con- enport, Albert White. e i The parish was well organized In
gregationni church last April. He Public Affairs--Harry C. C&9% 1911-15 under the pastorale of the
W- m -asisted in this by the children chairman; C. M. Blanc, R. LI. i all. Rev. WIallace. It wal through his
of.the Masonic Home and the pro- W. P. Powell, Henry H. Du'ont, diligence that a houwe was bought
Cseede.ofthe show, more than 300, Clarence H. o Neimyr. John N. next to the church, to be used as
was given to the children at the .horn. a rectory and dwelling place for the
home. Publlcity--William C. Freemau, priests.
In.August the club.went on rec- chairman; Harry B. Warren. George In 1919 a secular priest was nam-
ord.a being unanimously In fvor W. Stewart, W. C. Weaver. ed. the Rev. Father J. J. O'Rlirdan,
of the report of the public f.ffalgs Reception-Edgar W. Weeks, who remains in charge of the parish,
committee -to supper taction to ex- chairman; Gilbert Bush. Soreno and the Jesuits were relieved by
tend the city limits of St. Petersburg Lund, Nat. W. Parker, J. C. Ott- agreement of its care.
no as to include Long Key, Pass-a- man.
Grille, a pok'tlon of Treasure Island Under-Privileged Child-Dr. A. J.
and,Gulfpo t. Wood, chairman; Gilbeft Bush. Fr-Id B. Chandler Neeld. Clarence B. Net.
A telegram of condolence was Lane, W. P. Powell. Jacob F. Alex- myer, Arthur Norwood, J. C. (At-
sent to Mrs. Bryan upon the death ander. .Dr. David Bradley Needy. man, Nathaniel WV. Parker, W. P.
at her husband. William Jennings Roster of the club's membership Powell. Thomas H. Rifley, George B.
Bryan, at 'Dayton, Tennessee. at present is as follows: Selby, A. Clark Sivter. C. E. Spear.
TJpoq' the, report of Dr. Wood Robert Abbott, Robert. Arnold. W. C. C. Stewart, Gebrge Wilson Stew-
that there-were in the city a num- H. Aton, James Baley, Paul A. art, John N. Thorn. Aharles T.
ber of families too poor to buy a Beach, Mditon S. Bickley, Jesse C. Townsend, Luther P. Tucker. S. V;.
Trhenksgrlvlng dinner, the club voted Bliake. .Charles M. l~are', 0. UItt WIalker. Harry B. Warren, Ed'Iar
$50 to be S pent for this pu~rpose. 'Alderma n. J7. Edgar Burnham. Gill- W. Weeks. Al. H. White, J7. W,. Wil-
1' The club" voted that 52 for each bert Bush, Harry C. Case. Fred n-. helm. Horace WVilliams, A. 1. Wood
member of the club be given for Cole, Pattl W. Conani, S. Jack Core~-, and George F. Young. H. I. Isbel],
the benefit, of the Near East Relief Howard E. Cunningham, ,\dlham g. Ahlin Peter Spatz, and Albert Raie .
be .appropriated "ft-oat the club Davenport, John 'NV. Davis. Harvey
treasury. G. Dickson, Henry H. Dupont, Jsnes .
Upop..recommendation of the un-MIi. Endicoltt WV. C. Fender, R, J" rl STOMClo
der-prtyrtleged child committee. 5600 Foster. O~re. F. Frazee, Hugh I.
paratus for the l~uclid Boulevard Goodridge M. Greet-. Erie H.
J~choal and for the,.hare of~a'woman .Groun~ls, lRichard Ml. Hail. Frank T.SUI P E
and five children who wer~e in des- S. iaedlowei., C. Eugene" Hamce,
pat-ate-need df aid. Innes" Henry,. Clar-enco S. HindI,
Annual dinner and Installation of Stnrt ,L3. Latimer, Robert Edwjr'i
officers wans held on Januarl' 6 at Lea, secretary; D. A. Lewis, P. Instantly! Euid Flatulence, Gas,
the Soreno hotel,.. Otho 3.eeels, Soreno Lund. Albert E,. HeturInisio
A special La~iea night was heid Marsbp~al. Robert J. Mtc'Cutcheon. Jr.. H .rbup I'ieto
in January when 3oles Brazil. KH-George C. Miller, 1-trrie C. Miller. .=.,, ,

., ,-.:-

fgA '- .'^ ^ s .ir:,j .

AS-Z OR fChew a few!f Stomach fine!
Iodlt 'roe Wi AS aORy
d Masonry s o pleasant, so lnexpenrive, so
TO*i at, your'HardwaF., Dealer, or wu e. or.fthe qiteK ti. setti)e an upset stomach
nazne of your nearest d -al'and our'ree Handy 'rhe moment "Pape's' Diapepain'
Book useful to all Plat.erS, n ers, Ty e races the stomach all pain and dis
&Setters, Cemrent F cirii Stucco Workers f. ess.. from" Indigestion or a. sour
C GO-DBrATT.tO. as s vaoma'ch nsheas.-.'
B Co0d. Millions know.14smagic, All drug-
DepL B KANSAS CITY, MO. gists recommend this harmIgss stom-
ach corrective.

A I TI lman. treasurer. Because of the lopedia., large dicLionary and se ot thews, W. H. Lending, H. Bower, R.
illness of Mrs. Hullman her resign? junior classic. Holmes, IT. Reed. A. M. Bisboff. Io M n.
R lGANIZATION ion, was accepted and llrs. Sawyer Th, cafeteria has beep furished S. Ford, L. J. Stewart, A. R. rank- Dead
FORMEDwBY ,as eleoied treasurer. and Is being opardted Sy the club. Iln. R. E. Treasure, J. J.Mc~ueen. PL fl itald
F O RM D BThe club -has helped the school in Several food sales have been spon- IV. Hullmadn. 3. Gibson, Lawson, -1
many ways and it has built up a scored by the club and one entertain- 'Armstrong, Sivlter, Duryca, Tynan, :
I FE bond' of ftiendship between patrons ment. Sorrellas Irwin, FrPench.. Brown. Gil-
.flAA Y P and teachers that nothing else could The association is Hlow -bert. Means. Martin,HHill, Black, An- "' A .. .
ha've arconiplished. give anotib entertainment at a Very derson, Xpettling, Ikctuntrie. Rick- HOMESTEAD arch 27. (.P) -
I 5 DUUBLSTE The meetings. have been both. o[ a near date and clear up all jjlebted- MtS, Allen, Boecke, Greenwood, Car- Qeorge 'Morgan, 4 RoPeatead real
business and social nature. Pro- ness and purchase suitable pictures ier, Bridge, Coffin, Harner, Fergu- estate dealer, was frnd hit
grams have been given at different (or each room. &n, Danletson, Murphy, 'Leghorn, home here shortly ,1ore noon wlth
times by the schoO1 children and EucUlid spbool has one of the young-. Peterson;. H, Knar,.'St. Clair, Han- a bullet in his head l a revolver
clid Parent-Teacher Asso- many interetibg speakers have been eapt tarent-tea'chers' .,Koclatkins AIn over, Pills. Moill4r. 1tath, Schmidt,. clutched In his hand. .
heard. ' the city' but.its membership Isnow Cross;, Gearyl' Grotmundsa, Tsayfor, W. His wife, hearing the hot, rushed
nation 'Grows in, Past Rw, The mdetlgB plandded 'or future qdllp, large. At' a recent invitation Clarki, Blalk, Nesbit, Mlarltln, O'Neil, Into' an adjoining room d foui.d
Months dates are'- Iolbe imok'eoJoyable!. meeting- more than -50 tames wel'e Streeter, Calarde, Stuart, DollarnJus- her- husband dying In a\pool ol
nh The"flh5t w1rk of thbe s:Bsciation sdded. i lus. Perry. Oowdy. Baker. Purvis; blood. Finanolal diffilculti, w-rj
vwas'tb't urnish the cltn4 :a a' flrst. Membership Withers, Zuck, McCraven. Hesel- believed to have prompted th sheot-
UCLID Paront.Tcaeber as- dlid"r'oofih.- his is- fuht'leJd,'wlfth ,9Fo0low ng. s alist'of membero of barilh, Wilkes. COohrane, Chapman. ing.
seintion was orflzcd .stdr stel:ct white' ena'ile the fl paent,'teachers'orgahiza- Baughman. Arnqld, Withers, New- Morgan, with his wie ad brc
obenr 8, 1925, with75 table' e-idr 'and iaeicine- cabinet. tion'at ticlid cehoog, and Jt Is the burn, Wright, Stanton, Winter, Bow- small children, moaed lo'.-ontIe'.ad
obe 8e, 12, "lh7 p-r Sdales yere friaished by'the county d=sir'cfr ife principal, Mrs. Deal, man, Smith. Groves, Goodbread, Me- mora than'a year hgo _rom an ,
is present. hirty three iealdth'departient. that. fhee and other friends and par- Cloud, Goldberg, Duskee, :.wyer. known Georgia town. He haa nela
'e hter become .memcrs.. 'this To6m is very nea t swlfi Its ents present at the special Parks., Eatslers, Bower, Blocker, Ty- engaged in the real estate busiun.i..
he first officers of were: bUo andwit.tlls.'" ehblht'd ay.,'April1: nan. Vaughn. Lettellier, Stevens. since coming here. \
Slab St. Clair, president; ,Mts. The'(Aib!.prclhased a.tno. a'vid. Mr. and Mrs. McGray; Messrs. 't. Keaton, Thompson. Gibson. Erick- '
Denal.* vice-president; Mrs., Me- tola' and.fhes 231 volumes in 'a It,. Clair,' awyer, Geary, Hulbert, Trqut, son, Aveldson, Elliot, Leavengood, ,EUSTIS-150-foot pier and casino
[d, second vice-president:. Mrs. brary.,tThis set of-boeitks consists of Viaughn'anl.Qfaper; .Mes.,ames 'Ans- Bishop, Arthur, Blood, Doyle, Rowe, will be constructed on shores uof
Holmes, secretary;,frs.. WaI er silx sts-of readers, one set of. eicyc- tey,'J. F. murphy, t Ni. Math- Toney. Pontius, Haswell. loke Eustis.
e - t a ' 1
I [. "Il9

.1 - -

Es ,9f. * I ** .=. . 9 .9
*. .i* *- *-L*** ^ *" .*__._*r - -- .-.---9.-.--- ,

.9 -

I ; '... I " '

^ Greeting Old Friends
=^ ^ .. , _ .






Creators of St. Petersburg's eminent success, '.'WOODLAWN," and developers of
S!acksonville's engineering masterpiece and quality suburb, "VENETIA"

r -.' I r ..* .,..,*

takes pleasure in announcing that they have been

retained by' the

9 for the Development

and Sale of One Hundred and Eighty Beautifully

SElevated Acres One Mile North of Safety

SHarbor Directly On the Shores

of Old Tampa Bay

Fronting 3,000 Feet on the County's West

Coast Boulevard.,

Offices Now Established at Safety Harbor, Fla.
and St. Petersburg-645 Central Avenue


Consolidated Development and Engineering, Corp.

RAYMOND C. TURCK, President.

1 9 9E91








-' 99^ ~'

999 9
9 -~ .'999 99
'9~99 9 ~ j. .9.
~49 ~, '9 ~1

i .- .t


^ *
*' J. *

*9j, 1



Improeent Work Will Be
Ruthedto C tion Dur-

ONTIN #PlON of thi fl*t
C= / avnu north street rail-
way lop,.. which at present ex-
t"ends fom Seoond street to
SBath otflt, s that all west-
bou d street ear traffic may be
t&k6' fibm Central aVenue i
inol6ded in ljsns to be worked
ow this saimer by the public
utNltieH department.
As this wfl is an Item at the
taieoe public laprovwent oowd
,is',ue hloh was authorized in No-
'/ vetier by voters,- the department
/ has beon unable to start upon it
bebforbtebod sale had bMen complet-
ed. Construction of new track
w. which will give a loop extending
down Central avenue north to first
, avenue north, west to Ninth street,
:in baa gpn upon Central ave-
pu, is to cost $15,000.
Diectr E. X. Ludwig of the util-
1ltl3:1 department, 'has dbclared that
completion of this'loop, or construn-
tin. of additional passing tracks
muMi Cetral will be essential ne-
Nfq ext season. Present delay
caused street ears by having to wait
a on passion tracks will be avoided
VWhen the loop Is finished.
Not ofly would more switches be
"tedid. should the loop not be in-
Stalled this summer, but construe.
tioe double tracking on Central
avenuMe between Sftth and Ninth
attets would be urgent to Assure
prnf=n of cam promptly off ached-
uled tme.
* i )ven heavier trafflo alon this
rftte will be brought by entrance of
the proposed new interurban linue
lIto the City from Tampa. Interur-
b ti car are to be routed east on
d entral avenuee and around the same
lOP,10 adding materially to number
S of carp running down Central.

Harvard Limits

SFreshman Class
I t Is Announced
CiAlfRDGAE, Mass, March 27. -
(0)-Harvard's freshman class will
be limited next fall. New regula-
lons ptoulgzated by the committee
;, on admisSilons will hold it to about
.a thousand etudeints. The present
'ehbroHmeat is llho. Prospective stu-
leats muWtt'sublhit photographs with
their appltcatons.
In a letter announcing the plan
Usury Pennypeker, chaDrman of the
q 06M'cnitniae said:
',: a "he e.bllAment of a numerical
-i..MaT iwMB6arily sets up the plrincl-
-of 9o lpmetttldn miong the candl-
rt ie- 0, afR tdial application
: bii'.tb foretfr be carully reviewed
.\i.'t.. dalnittee and gAih. weight
2I-W19A40 attadbed to chamoter, per-
R promise w, "a.."
.to g. lvrn g committee
tKs 'a 6 to the 'appearaflce and
^A^mltfr tf the candidates, the
'it.*tM.e will be kept with the
S ''g":" Ow'isile *Tlege authorities to know
gti 'students by sight more rapidly
1': at4 iolt matter with a new group
S.of a thousand men each year. It is
t.oi'felved this practice will establish
dcMir personal relations between
students 'pnd administration.
: A government owned meat' packing
", pdint planned for Alfgeqtllna will he
Sthe mos4 modern possible and tech-
nift experts will manage it.

I Should Say
1itey Are Biting!

Every one that goes out
M. 'bhlg is coming back with-
*| aoatload.
,,'-Are you getting, your
sI hare of this seasons' catch?

Better get out with the
boy rand enjoy the season
whilp it is yet young.

-' beforee you go drop in and
Ic over the wonderful
II dipiay of tackle that we
Iure showing. You will find
*I orything the heart desires
Ip fishing tackle-from the
lightest casting rod to the
heaviest deep sea tackle.

"uvays Pleased to Show

I " ""

MW Uenerw Manage
^"aden Hardware
B Company
C Dbms9e. Number 4377
Is::f Oetra Avenue

*.. ,-a .i..*., .. .... ^ .,;,;"-i ;.: i.. i. , .. : --, , -^ .,, .' .^ : ..
Abe -


Next V' th' acna'Arlea
entangeletiet people stn
i' know lsm about ever-
glades than asWhIng elme.
Ther's no exuise tr nmy-
buddy : it bolin' a gentle-
mma, unless, course, he's
a trucok driver.

(Copyright John F. DUIe

Four*Square Club
In Good Meeting

TTNTERESTTNO meeting of the
Four Square club of Central
Grammar school was held last
Thursday. Several new members
were added and the president gave
a short talk on "How To Be Square
to Our School."
The club will purchase for the
school a flag, the money to be earned
by the boys. Plans were made for
a hike and welner roast. Pep songs
were lndulge4 d In, led by Mr. Thomas.
Next meeting Will be March 2.
Miss Fortier's six A room has been
having a contest In spelling. The
across country trip has created
much interest. and those who have
reached the West coast are: Helen
Boskey and Josephine Bates.
Central Grammar Red Cross
planned, to send 250 St. Patrick
cards to the veterans in hospitals.
Nut cups were also made. They
were little green hats and tmnusuaily
Since the trip taken to Europe by
the children of Central Grammar
school, they were quite fatigued and
decided not to journey to Asia. So
Asian villages have been made In
the and tables, with paljbs, tents
and camels to complete the picture,
John MoQueen is captain Of the
baseball team of Central grammar.
Four Square boys conducted a sale
of orange Juice Friday, the proceeds
from the sale going towards pur-
chasing a new flag for the school.
Billy, Arison's father donated two
boxes of oranges.
Five B class at Central Grammar
school has chosen for their class
motto, "Ball on, and on," take from
the poem, "Columbus," In the
Child's World.
Several hundreds in spelling and
several in arithmetic were recorded
In ftve B grade at Central GrAmnar
School the past week.
A chopping knife has been Wnvent-
ad that Is curved to t the bei sold
with It to enable it to be used *it a
minimum of labor.

Give me your order now for
complete five room Spanish \
home with $2,00 lot all foat
57.750-i1.750 cash. Come out
and see.
Win. A. Tuscany
1442-20th Ave. North



Large Enrollment of Junior
High is Being Well Taken
Care of
J-NIOR High,' school has made a
wonderful record for tho term of
1925-26. Having an enrollment of
,109, necisasitatitng double seslons
daily, no confusion of cessation In
rogUlar class work has been experi-
enced and besides the regular school
program extra curricular work has
been carried.
The school has several well organ-
ized clubs of which they are justly
proud. Among the most prominent
of these Is the Dramatic club. This
club was organized last year and
after very successful work a play
*was given securing funds sufficient
to start a school library, which is
available for the entire student body.
Officers chosen for this year in-
clude: President, Margaret Qard;
Vice-Preasident, Norma Staff; Sec-
retary, Kathryn Coad and Treasurer,
Gordon Nichols.
The first social meeting of the club
hls year was a Hallowe'en party.
Before the holidays a Christmas
pageant was given and a box was
filled and given to the alvatlon
Army at that time.
Plans for an-operetta are now un-
derway, to be presented by the
Dramatic Club under the supervision
of Miss Brooks and the Glee Club
directed by Mrs. Smiley. The
members of both clubs are enter-
ing Into the plans with en-
thusiasm and the production 'gives
promise of great success.
There are In the Unied States 17.,-
436 state commercial banks, 8.085 na-
tional banks, 1,664 loan and trust
omnpanles. 990 stock savings banks,
613 private savings banks.

Every home should be
thoroughly equipped w i t h
scrubbing brushes, clothes
brushes, hand brushes sculli-
nary brushes and mops. You
would be surprised at the ex-
tensive line we carry and their
low prices.

618 Central Ave
'hpu, LCurry rre
H. U iluwimi. Mar
Ladles Rest Room


2.94.40 Dunlop Hal......1B II
30x%8% U. S. Cord Cl ,. 9.95
3z4 U. S. Cord I. 8..... 17.63
32x4 U. S. Cord S. S ... 18.05

ISOx3si Tubes ...........$1.99
-31s4 Tubes .............. .99
32li Tubes .............. 4.19

Batteries 6-13 UuarsnteAd .................................$13.93
Mai Order Prices at Home
S. WV. Corner Secopd Avenue and Second Street. South



Dial 7769 St. Petersburg, Fla

The Look of


The home without awnings
S looks hot and is hot. (live
your home the louk oft com
fort by installing H-P
Awnings. A salesman
will call and show
you samples and
quot' prices
Phone 7728

Harrison- Powell Co.

Established 1895

Central at Third

FIRST AVE490.000 to purchase property from
Seventh to Ninth streets In now be-
FIRS -AVEfore the, supreme court of Florida to
Sbe decided within two months time.
Oeflnits action is expected to take
IS OP Ements in the injunction proceedings
-- which he brought against the vall.
Th hf nation or bonds authorized for the
Thoroughfare Reliees Some opening of First avenue north were
of Congestion On Central flied on March 18 by Harman Mer-
rell. loal attorney and' property
Avenue owner o that district, preliminarir to
the consideration of the issue In the
O LONGBCR a one-street town, supreme court.
0the Sunshine Cty ha related First through passage from Ninth
N~ th Sunshine City has relegated streettotebynFis vui
'to the mossd heaps of time Its small ret to the bsy on First avenue
town appearance, for First avenue north was made by C. S. Gorsinse the
north Is contending witf ,Central latter part of February. 'the aive-
avenue for first honors in holding nue is not yet Open for traffic. but
-1way as S.L Petersburk most m- a? number of cars have been parked
,p0rtant thoroughfare. Before many 9 the section opened from Seventh
moons have pateod. &hingo over the to Ninth streets during the past
torn up condition of First avenue month.
Marked Changes -
north at present from Seventh to those familiar with thin ie pr-
Sixteenth street, that avea, e will 1thoem th I
preaent'the continuous urae of lltant project in the down-town area,
Promnt'he onfbuo urfce f aIt is known that markeod changtes-
smooth pavement from the bw t s kw tt marred b
westward to' that point where It have takel place converting this
meets Sixty-evhthstreet-aglor-area Into a veritable business sec-
a anticipation for the expectant overnight Full prase is due
m ntorisat oGeorge Burnett, who has lemoved
motorist, houses and put up a group of nine
Upen to Bay stores even before the scoring mu-
Now First avenue north Is open niclpal Improvements have progress-
from Tampa bay to Seventh street. ed very far.
From Seventh to Eighth street the Plans are that the municipal street
city has acquired a two sedre foot rail*ay will complete tht Ninth
right of way. From hilgbth to Ninth street Iop in this beotion Just as
street the property owners have wid- soon as improvements are made on
ened and gqaded the former alley the new street section. Curbing for
way and given it to the City Quit- the pavementU is now being laid and
claim needs have been executed all within a short time this section of
along Lthe route, excepting two the avenue will be completed.
pieces of property lying between Ftom Sixteenth to Thirty-second
Ninth and Eleventh streets,' which street it Is now already paved, and
still bar its opening. However. con- deeds for a 100-foot boulevard have
siderIng that most. of the land has been executed for the territory lying
been deeded to the city, these two between Thirty-second and' Sixty-
obstacles to the completion of the seventh streets, binding it over to
project will soon be eliminated the city.
through the loyal efforts of the Ave- Arrangements have been Inade to
nue Association of St. Petersburg. grade up the Goose Pond area arind
represented by its three capable place the adjacent property on 'the
leading principles, L. B. Baynard. market.
George Burnett, and Dr. J. D. New Building
Pearce, each of whom have been A nine story bulldihg will be ereck-
prominent in their efforts to further ed on the southeast corer of First
the welfare and advance the inter- avenue and Ninth street north. The
ests of their city. telephone building fronting on Mer-
PaVing Completed rill avenue baa made arrangements
Recently the work of paving be- tO put up its second unit facing First
tween Eleventh antl Thirteenth avenue and conforming with Its
streets wa brought to a finish Con- Tpresent structure runnillig up for
tract for a bridge and pavement four stories.
work has already been let for the First avenue north, when it has
stretch between Thirteenth and Six- been opened up. will inevitably bring
leenth street, and the work Is sched- welcome relief to the congested con-
uled to proceed without delay, edition of Central avenue by furnish-
Proposition of the bond issue of ing a second bpy-to-bay thorough-


Kestaurants. Boarding Huues. Apartments. said Kanges for the
various homes are on display by

The Best Plumbing and Heating
Phone 4359 451 Thirteenth St.,fN




"Everything for lhe Kitchen"

825 Central Avenue


Every bottle is sterilized.

Each is automatically

filled and crowned with

wonderful machines

without the touch of

human hands. All the

purity and wholesome-

ness is sealed up air-

tight. Nothing can get in

and nothing can get out,

1701 Central Avenue Phone 5144

New Girl Scout Troop Is

Orso'I nnt *Pnr A

DOSER PAIRK has a Girl Scout
'L troop of which it Is Justly
proud. Troop 8 is known as the
Purple Martins. Four patrols
are included, and great interest
Is manulfested by the groups.
The troop was organized by
Capt. Mary Ruuell Day, Girl
Scout eommissloner of St. Peters.
'burs, and she has assisted them
In several meetings, starting
them in their tenderfoot test.
She"expressed herself beilg
much pleased with the troop's
name chosen and the origin.
Roser Park children built a bird
house in which, each year, the
fare, but the extraordinary swelling
of traffic for the last two years or
more will necessarily make It advis-
able to penetrate the city westward
with Other arteries for movement of
Plans are materializing for the
work of securing quit-claim deeds
for the opDening of Seventh avenue
north between the two bays of Tam-
pa and Boca Calga, and the city
commission has determined to open
Fifth avenue south through from
the bay to Sixteenth street, thus
giving a third artery westward.
It is safe to assure that property
values along First avenue north will
never be below what they are at the
present time, because the location of
the railroad tracks on First avenue
south has effedtually blocked that
avenue In so far as business loca-
tions go.

When in need of room heat-
ers 0Dme in and wsee the
Humphrey kidlantfire. We
have a full line ranging in
price from $18.00 up. Hum.
phrey Radiantflre Is always
clean and wholesome. The
heat rayi,;-projected just like
'the sun's rays, reach out
from the glowing basket and
warm the solid objects of
the room without raising the
temperature of the air.
For sale by

% cs w.

Hewitt, Inc.
The Plumber
Who Satisfies
11 Ninth 8t North
Phone 244


a kitchen, brightened by a
modern, snow white sink
with one dqfaced by a 'be.
smudged, old-time fixture.

You prefer the kitoben made
cheerful with am easily
cleaned sink, installed at a
comfortable working height I
Let us install that kind for

C. J. Godsey
914 First Avenue North
Phone 5734

Pinells Printing Stationery'

Have You
Some Printing
to Be Done?
Our Printing
Standch Ready
To Serve You-
Just Phone
4104, And
Our Representative
Will Gladly Call

Two Stores
265 and 709 CentraJ Ave.
Phone 4104


...Jr W,, ,, .,. ,, JE.L UO.A J[ tr f I I.

nmartins build their nest, hence
the name for tioe new troop.
' Marian Wingender has been
S a member of the fife and
drum corps, and both she and
Peggy Zaring have new uni.
Miss Beatrice Emerick, first
grade teacher In Hoie' Park, Is
captain of the troop, which In-
cludes the following patrols:
Patrol 1, "Animal Pals," with
tHelen Simpson patrol leader;
Eva Thomas, corporal; scouts:
Alice Porter, Arline Landfleld.
Helen Spaulding. Elizabeth Jam-
bion4 Grace Whitmore, Edith
Patrol 2, "The Jolly 2iUp:
Ctona Westberry, leader Flor-
ence Ileh, corporal; scouts: We-
none 'Stahly, Hallis Arthur,
Utah Dooley, Marcella Rader,
Oharllne Brice.
Patrol 3. '"Happy.Go-Lucky":
Ruth LaBrant, patrol leader:
Maren Wingender, corporal;
Scouts: Margy Glasgow, Dorothy

UrystaJ Ice
Pone 59U
908 Fifth Ave North
Pbor 590
n *

IN ANY" R.-^L-
You 514OULb SUe.

No Matter .Bow Large or
How Small the Job We'll
Handle It Right.
334 IIbh Ave. Phone 719

Mechanims, arpenterm, Plaste
22 Second S

P. 0 Box 2228-
V!: o ,ind St. North

Service Regardis olI
iT. p IrrERLi
1404 Central Avenue

' " 'i"D


"A Iade Better"

"A Shade Better~

We have specialists with creative ability, natural appreci-
ation and practical ideas who will gladly help yo in the
election and placing ot shades for out.ot-the-ordinary
We Put You in the Shade

SBeacph ilrive-- First Street North Phone

W .. A.,. ; :..r
: # '3 i
1' 'W r? .. ..''
.. .... .' .L. .& *;.'. ,

., .'sw z


Peek, MWryars .loyd, Dillow, RButh Lut., Medeat
nings, ,
Patrol 4, "Four Leaf Clovelk. :
Lols Proehaska. patrol joleectZ'a
Peggy Zaring, corporal; ,
Ine Hine, Virginia GAbbs,'..
rains Snyder, Bonne Bes o"l. '

Sixth grade Leadership Club t .'
l.ser Parl school, entertained ult ',
a delightful program 5 4Friaftt-\
noon for the school and parmits.,A |
playlet and several other Interestl !
numbers were presented.

Goulds Pumps :
Goulds Auto Water Syte Ii'
small, cost for electric eunn 'ft..
abo4t two cents a day. and def....
preelatlon almost nothing. Ije '"
have exactly the sE o to fit ow ..''
needs-Repair service. .'.
Sales Agents 4 C
517 Tenth Street North : ''


SERCOE \ (--
ffMxWO TOio B-.s"^*

5179 4314

Your Appetitp WMil B.
Mighty Trickld

when you give it a tant
with the delicious one e
Cooked Sandwioh and rieb
drinks it our fountain. -

Drop in any time and ty m e

; 1 1 ]-, ^ -

I 1. ), A i
tOTHERS'' "" *.

IRING TACKLE ,' ,.:.-" '".
Mr. Haou and terden Too1 :,, S65
It r e e t S o u t h , *' :, ,' "f
. , ^. ^ *;*. ..fa ". "' :.*.
Telephone 6790 <0.'1
y & WITT ;
PAPFK i : :-"
8L. Petesbiirg, FM. .

k PAKER r"'
the Size of the Worb
U IK U. FLA Ph ne
Phone S90

A ih F
St eesmr Fit.

*^ M' it

II]I .I II1l




ptd ip Work and
iUp on Scoutcraft
MOP^T 8000'T ifpyvgiBi
Vq atazted in the city of
r. prnb 1rg i' 1917, with
Wli' Robert Walden
4ty first tregp. istory
'fff"tlkp. shows that it was
active in 4oIpg Uivja
,Ta Trn." during the
'Wir. tn 1919 tbig troop
~b S s $etmnA,.
W. Clark aiW 4till
|'to work under the
d class Counqcl plan of
tipn, with repr'senta-
.bulsiness men a8' 0411i6
1' plqgf:$fl3 a first class
,#aew u'6dzed and E. R.
wa 1 reacted as Scout Ex-
-. t served two years.
:-. Pmay Otagoe Pf
m u"e. up of tGe fo1-
lI P Len t, Dr. Wd. Scout.
.vlqpr. f~r f WlDr. -
t'e Curry &n4 Cerrua, Jgni-
0O:Wloptp I,. P. A WN:
Ceuilct VpmmWlsloper, Robert
A$ld Gl b4rt' Osh and Her.
:.441 dtjpptprtepbrs elc-,

r- WtRR. he& ,tt; Dr. Hugh
Polo. I.a. B44dy; E. EL
ba Si **1#9@i P. Ltewuij
Our en ,W. 14
W tftd''tkla Wayward; Paul' Reese,
IL Mclhtosh.'
T theo two ye rp. t'ELr
Weleh did A yaw srrdUtab)l
'.j'g-nlzing eight troops in the
-mdr8 a nutiber IP the county
tg Tarpod Sprtgp tletr-
.;'ra4 Wowr, pu to Mir.
4ie wag la his rgWaRo,
w aI's p. from New Or-
4"* t cjp November 10.
S. the lsade Wrsbtp o; Ex
"'I.l.. Hoyt a.d with the help of
I:,', t ilnte.eSdte citizens of St. Pe-
"' pl% qiu jqt bps continued to
h-... SW 0 troOps with their leaders
~ p 9SQ 1, I. rraneis W. mark.
er. Earl Legett, Harry
':stmatap e 4. R.8 M. Ruttr.
r ~or; Trppu 4. A- 1e Qigop
:..' ut master. it. B. L,*dU, a,-
rff t i na Trotp 6. F. A. Hayi.s,
ffi :tiDM' Daflta,? Naplt-
*'**it.TO d&to. ?9> Vauabn,
k^uitfnfl6 Troop 9, Th* Revr. C.
.Z, '*hitant; Troop i, C. X. VFih,
..0lp, ~pttnaster; Tropp 15, J. E. H.
rr,' Scoutmaster, Mla Sa1s. 1a,-
". aitat; Troop 17. IT, E B seeQ.,
*t rflsr; rmea [a. At. I, J.
*,d Sgcutmautor, : S. 44%, 04-
l;,; aw ;j'Jtrae 'o T ?< ny,I
"rr: e o V4 Th Ijay. L,
i... tooui 38 Ben: HmanS,I
cupq.,nett, 4co;a Frs*
t" T'roqp 11. Th Rem. l.,I

e." .lqber of Scou.t. I_ St. P
y':.. ,ttM .arg seB. '
'. opal r cordB show the follpw-
-. 1t m.' prsplO #qf! i:I
Tq twaYI AM 0010141& 78.2148;
.*p-, w n 0 iP'Pr 57,s0O Lone
'* "Sao ta), 6 c;17; Scoutmaster, 81,-
' 4|6: 'i =litadt eooutiatjem a,ts 104
.' ter volunteers, 127,274:; troops,
'."'The St. Petersburg headquarters
'. #1,e is conducted for t4e Boy
..It troops In Pmellas county In-
4u"i W p7l troops Iq Clear-
$, r. Tarpon 'prags, Di n.dla.,
.Wfi, Hq*or, Yfsppal~ s, fesr1.
WW' t.t. Park, Gujf port and St.
P*rsbnrq, TM fictss and cotn-
mZtttemeu on Pinellaa council are
e.leont, Dr. #. .. WWipt; vicib-
p-eildent, Arthur Norwood. N. L.
*Mford, C. N. Hall of Tarpon
'4tlngs;a and Robert S. Blantop of
; (WIerirter: treasurer, PMA H.
*eaeh; commissioner. 0. F. Frane;
leAce Dr. Win. M. Dtvis. Finance
-lttee: Dr. A. J. Wood and
N MWgl pf Q@ww fttF.
tof hjf: PbMf Pi5ce
GBO B. Pettit; 0. F. Frae:;
N. Vftt; J. C. QttmF ;
oi aL. Dobny; E. B. Holley;
ui1 a Hyt; chlrmalu, TheMes
a of Clearwater and C. N.
stlmrp' SDarihf TIzder-
'" p trAtaing: Chairman. Geo.
S- ittt;t Dr E. Davis; W. F.
L.nBport; P. W. Weeks. Troop
istatlon and extension: G'lio
a L. B. Hulse; Rossa Hall; Patil
Q p"nt: Pierce Gahan. Camping:
qbalrman. 3.C. Oltman; L. B.
Wul e; Jos. S. Davli W. T. Bay-
a.d3. .eo. Young; (also "Y" of-
4hsrs). "Music: R. 0. CarrolL Ed-
iattion publlclt;; Chslrnan, H. B,
4Ylord. Community services: Chair-
pq, PFpul Conalt. Chap. F. Mason:
#.. Z Wrlu. Sp .ooblHtS: Pssd4

St. Petersburg Schools
Fp"lowrVn ae some outatandl.g fpets about tlie Sf, Petersburg
swubtie soe'la;~s
Values of eOsy school plants Is $3.50W,00.
chpol eproMeqt is 1.500.
Number of. teachers employed 281.
St. Petqrsbdrg Schools were organized on the -8--3 plan four years
School' mysi Ipejulps four msalc supervisors; a primary snope-
visor, a vocational supervisor, nilL a building stad grounds sup*vlr.
School system includes kindergarten to twelfth grade inclusive, di-
vided into kindergarten, and primary grades, Intermediate, Junlbr and
so elor 41high.
it. tf-lqrburg chp0ool have an rra eqrrjglar program. ,
S8. pete~rbgrg ha b Aq tenshn of the pob1lc school syqe ah
opportunity, or part-time vocatlona school.
St. Petersburg senior and junior, high schools have well organized
archeRWu s W4UP" c ",
Every school in St. Petersburg is a member of thg ejty Chamber
t Comp perce. I"
St. Petersburg High School publishes a weekly paper qpd Ju4ili
apboq1 an nw"
0,%.Ptererltg hghA school football team won state championship.
St.Petersburg Jiam three Continfation Clubs.
Jpnjor fbhmber of Commrce, Junior Woman's Club and Better
St. Petersburg Jrade schools hore a Junior Red Cross organluejvn
@1 Ot p mxebei' 'a,

S. Welch. Reading: Dr. 3. E. Davis.
Equipment and supplies: Ross Hall.
The Sqot pmovemept cajp for a
Pipfr wtc#b @4dvwams boy f mp
a candjdpte fo a Tenderfpot by hav-
ing him pass certarh teat, which re-
quire his knowtqg thp h!stbry of hIls
Flag: learning how to tie nine knots;
the deftlitiha-o the twelve'parts of
the Scout Law: A Scout Is trust-
wtrthy, loyal, helpfgl, friendly.
coprtous, klIl, 9hwdlant, cheerful,
thiftxy ;!rv c..ja" and reverent;
and the Scout Oath, which tis as fol-

&"t Oath
"Qi W'r hpnpr I w1l dh pj bet-
'To do my duty to Qod and my Coun-
try. apdl to obey the Scdut Law; To
hljIp thlr people at aLt times! To
kueo mvra phyaisaily strong.
mentally awae, and morally
tri.bght," He l pen encouraged to
ra99Sri lhilel*r.4r the. Second Class
n. aFcomplplsblfig thleo fplowAing:
=now the general directions for
First Aid; elementary signaling; Ie-
psit, qu.qkqreKWJ4Pw qtt faour
plssrye#fl W4'e pRa4tq* :cp; 0o a
pilLe ip twelve minutes' at Scout's
pace; use protefl* kilte and iatch-
et; nyp atbglt to tld a p in
the open; cook meal. and potates.
In the open without any cooking
utensils; earn and deposit at least
one dotlar ain a public bank; and
know the sixtae principal points of
the compass.
glo Lips paafes to tje rank of a
rAst c a ap poqt b.y fulfilling the fol-
;lowing requirements: Swim fifty
ynrds; earn and deposit at least two
dollars In a public Jank'; send and
receive meaesage by Septaaplere;
a&l4 qd4 writer, a description of a
fourteen mile trip, going on foot or
oVIpfi% a bot;: demonstrate methods
pf panip greventiop and first aid and
b4zndaging: prepare In the open a
camp mes; rsed pa map correctly;
upe an axe properly; describe fully
from pbservatlon' ten spe*lp of tree
oe plgats; put Into-dallr, practice the
nrirldples of the 1eom4 QaLh $pd
Law; and enlist a boy trfnlad by
tbw 1 te f p a equlrementp of a
Tenderfoot. Then there are sixty-
ei4f difftent merit hadges, whiclc a
(sgt Wout can seek to ae-
qulq; pach tokee from flve to sixty
hours to' accomplish. Recognition Id
given through a Court of Honor,
which mete in each district every
iponth and awards the merit badges
upon the recommendation of the Ex-
qmlning Board before uhom the Boy
Scoqt appears personally or where
ppers on the subject are examined.
M',# flve mnrit badges passed by a


This is a REAL BUY in
School Park-Near New
High School--)qn't De-
ipy, It's a Bargain-See


31 Years in St. Petersburg
(We Know Values)
601 QCentral Avenue


All the Latest Fiction
at the
Rendezvous Lending Library
718 Second Street North

Small Payment Down
I I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Buys a New
In a Good Location
Balance Like Rent

I See
,30 Power and Light Bidg.

f"-"-.-...-.... .. .-

&Jgrat Class Scout gives him the rank
Sa ttar Scout. The rank of a .f4o
iout Is obtained by tqn merit
bdg#I, Including th l rst fivp with
the following: First aid. atidettes,
ppbllp b*eqth, pprvapal health and
life saving or pioneering.
The Eagle Scout ank Is given to
a Ipy Scout whO ae piead twaa-. nLirj e t Seout nldinu tlw-e
pwenticnef in Life Scout and in ad-

State Chamber of Commerce

Tells Truth About Florida

T BE Florids State Chamber
of Commerce, with its
Florida Developmeot i Beard,
headikrnpn at 40t ConWl-
dpted building, Jackponyille,
may well claim great credit for
the marvelous progress of Flor-
ida, just as it is today one of
the tremendous tdayrees giding
the way to a fturtr bright and
T16 Slate Cbhamber of Commerce
coyvru A% wi4e tield og news In *yery
county it lbt est.e Psp4' m4aIrlbtes
this sqrTice to the press. It ac;4
qpOean 4ietioi of $ippra.Oce' for all
the people. It InauguraLes cam-
(IlD7qn the foUowing: rooting, camp-
lug, bird study, pathflndlng. Court
Of'WpitQr Is held In St. Petersburg
'each month of which Pierce Gahan
is chairman. The Court Is held in
the Men's Bible Class Room of the
First Avenue Methodist Church at
7:80 p. m. The Clearwater Division
Cogrt 9f HHoner a be4 on the
THIRD-"uesay A acf h month at
7:p8 In V a ullunhty WOOe;
Judge Thomas Hamilton, chairman
and In Tfrpon Sprhings on the
FOURTH TUZaDAt at 7:30 I1 the
iethod;4 chrpe'o whel C. T.
Hall Is chairman.

S Dro p On, Y First

.0 0
Buy On Gandy Soulevard


We Have Several Exclusive Listings Priced Below
,. Market

N. W. Comer 76th
Avenuend ad Gady.
High, Dry and Hand-
s m. $17,500.

Rio Vista Business Lot

FillIpg $tationp-45year
lease at $70 per month,
$1j80. (Has 4-room
apartment In nar).
And mi"y others
Realtor '
71i Swond St. North

Stop Look Think

and Then ACT!

A Rear Home Inh Florida For

As Low As $780

Property is located 80 miles from here in Hernando
County, on a pave ro4d-.-kirted by thq 4 .C. L, railway
and traversed by the Withlaceeehee River, where fish
abotund-truly a spertsmaq'a paradise.
.* *
THINK OF IT-A bhome for $780 with eleptrlc lights and
water,-on a full sized lot with clear tle and deed.

St. Petersburg Representative
216 Fourth Street North



To Trade for Income Bearing Flor.
ida Property or 1st and 2nd

This property faces a public park, 3 car lines,
close in, in well built up part of this famous industrial
city of 155,000 popular.
Thip -tory brick apartment is only seven years
old and modernm in every respeqt, Rented entire
ae-d producing a good revenue, all year,

S Owner now a resident of St. Petersburg desires
to keep his investments in this locality, and will cun-
lsider a trade.
For partial, write owner
For particular, write gwner

Post Office Box 1756, St. Petersburg
Real Estate Broken Protected

_______________________ I-

paWns of progress. It Is giving
ploe attention Ip the agrcu4turai do-
velopPent, real estate activities, and
esjiclally to' the' vast construction
program of Florlda.
Only veryrecently tphe State Cham-
bear of Conliaerc anI ltp prppiderTt,
Hlrman A. Dappm Ot fWt. Patoreburg,
opened a campaign of education to
urge every proper agency In the
state to Collect and turn In lo It eeta-
plete records of the building permit
figures of 95 cities and towns In the
state, and has been able to give
these fligures'for 50 cities apd towns
compared with the former average
pf about 16 to 25 cities and towns
It has showed already tlht Flort4a
has a building prograp4 of one bil-
lion of dollars for 1926.
Officers are: Preosident. Herman

A. penn of St. Pgtergbqrg; v*ie
president George A. Balwnu; 'treas-
urer, J. D. la'rahap; pIleral secre-
tary, A. A. Cult; dlrecors, George
H. Blalp1wln, jacksohvilla; Mrs. W.
P', Blackama, Orlanado; C. A. Blair,
fissi!nmqee; Jutes M. Burgqi4r&u
West Palm Beac: W'. F. doacmnan,.
Jacksonville; L. W. Crow, Miami;
termaq A. DOaI St. Petersbqrg;
Cary A. Hardee. Live Oak: Ctherlss
E. Harrip., It.. Auqustine i a4ry R.I
ioyt, Jacksonvll|; J. P., TngrTq, Pt.
Augustine:; Prank D. Jatksog.
Tpmpa; Peter 0. gnlght, Tampa;
Kaf) Lehman, t)rLando; Scott fil.
Loftln. Jacksonville; 3. H. Lord,
Sirapola; Carl C. McCjure, Fort
iYerp; J. (0. furchlson, Orlando; Dr.
4. A. Murphree. Galnedtvlle; ,W. C.
Sherman, Mlilvil1; Sholtz,
Daytona Beach: r. J. H. Therrell,
Pcleti; Mrs. Kalbprlpe B. TIppetts,
ot. Patersburig; j"sao a ljorn.
Polk City; Ailqn E. Walker, Winter
Haven; TFredeick Vp Roy, Crystal
River; 0, p. Ware, Leesburg.; Lor-
etzo, A. Wilson, Jacksonville and
William L. Wilson. PaAama City.

C. Perry lnell i p glyig his Pafltplq fpqu lhb pJle of one
hundred ninliy-q tq es to the AMEEIPJAN W4l.ION. This is
an additional gift, separate and apart from the large tract do-
nated to the LEGION bp 'r. al, and ;p4 $he ehey derived from
QWtl a of them 4 hypilredr nlnty-one Its. is to tie leu i
the LEGION to ImprovFe aM buid op the large taet already
deeded to the LEGION by Mr. Sal.L
You are helping yoarselves as well as the LEGION. The
lo0 are exeellent value--Priees $1.400 to 53,500. Vetnu an'-
lith caah, balance t !, 1.3 La& 4 yearP, PeeWd as Abstract fur-
nished on each lot.

C. Buck Turner Cch


147 Central


Beautiful Lot

This beautiful large lot
56x169-located on 14th
Ave. North within a
short distance of the
N e w High School-
Will sacrifice for quick
sale-$2,000. 1-2 Cash.

See C. D. Phelps
,. 561 Central Ayepqe
Phone 7338

Phone 51151


South Disston


Gulf port

I1Q0x180 facing east on
YDisston about 250 feet
from the Bay.
Webb &Yttes,lnc.
Second St. and Car
Gulfport, Fla.




176 ('enlr;i Ate.

Phone 7181

Brokerage Department

2 Ilota q 4th Avenue Just off lith Street North. 44 $t. x 1?7 It.
$3,500.00 galei, 9q4t.: % cash. balace L yer.
Spe Mr. Emnflt

Corner of poplar and 15th Avenue North; 6 large rooms with
tlila bphel qlatraj *nd d*o' tias b hrckfat pook nrid every mod-
ern eon"vnlpnre- plenty of clqset room: I-car garue with laqiydr';
Lot: 60 ft. x ll ft. Price $32.500.00; $10.000 Cash. Balance ar-
See fMr. permit.

On 4th Avenue Mouth between 43rd apd 44th Street. Price
$2.,800.00. Terms.
See Carl trown

50 ft. x $00 ft. $451,000.00. Terms.
See Carl Brown

On 4th Avenue Ne h-East eof Dieston; two large wrenrqi
porches. fireplace, garage, tile bath; Lot: 50 ft. x 1z5 ft. 1-3 rash.
balance easy.
Bee _r1. Coyne

Lot en 4th Avenue North facIng Mouth. Wisps 80 ft. U!S i t.
tot kS0.Oje, 1,100 cash. balance 1-i-3-4 yearsn.
See Mr. Ctyqe

Buy this IotL.% square ef Euclid on lisat Avenue North-$S.50U
will handle thls--beautiful lot.
See Mp. Tremor

$1,000.00 WILL HANDLE
This well located lot in Kennelworth Sub. This lot is priced to
See Mr. Tremor


SFourth Street and Ga4p
Boulevard Listings \

3Q4-5-6 Hal Building

I. ----- .--- ..---- -- I,

For mqys in the Nortbwept Sction

Watch the Northwest Section

and See How It Grows

If it is the Northwest section

Office 1461 28th Ave. N., Be. 1455 28th Ave. N.
Pboun e 9-4

lii. I


r --.--.-- -


$400 CASH

Buys a dandy lot 444xj7 on Sith avenue South
at Thirty-fifth street which is paved. The price
of this lot is $2,000 and the balance is 1,2,3, years.
This property lies high and dry and will show a
material increase in the next year.


Phone 4985

a i-a-II

15 Fifth St. No.


If ytu knew of a beautiful home in
one of the best sections of this city, sur-
rounded by the highest type of resi-
dence property-
If you realized that the builder hAd
anticipated your pet ideas-
If you learned that the house was
completely and beautifully furnished,
saving you much inconvenience-
If you had a heating system, double
garage and e*tra large lot; all at a
most moderate price-

Would You Look At It?





















o 5$35,000
I ,C5

lBouton&Cermak i
p pbone $0B5 1|
S519 CentrWi Avenue St. Peter4iurg. Florid I
S OThe Urganisation With a Legion olF Prindsa
*L-- m-mmi a -im

. f.

Telephone 42-074




-y^e :

9 UIAv-i -




Three rooms and bath each side,: consisting of
giving, room, bed ropm, kitchen, breakfast nook
and bathgrage. Near school and car line.
Small cash payment.., '




New 5-Room and Bath, With Garag

18th Ave. S.

Near 9th St.

This house is Worth $10,500

S*. Ae #For Bargains
629, dntral Avenue Offices 449 Fifth Street S
Clearview and Disutpn
.* *




"" Disston Blvd. So. Nurella Park.,-East <||
We have a New.Bungalow on ThirdA. AvBvd.NueaNr aS
11th.."Ave.: FacfihN u1
- .that is a steal. at t W figure. Hih School. Size 40.x '.; ,
:tX : ,* ' *' ,". '.
....S 4 X Alt.~
Eas Ters Tangern Hgb lnd Suib.6M Ston Tange'ia|
a .T .. e Ae.,B,~..A.~eB--~U.tice $5.37S
308 Power end Light Bldg. Telephone 42.074 .,,
: * * . '." '" '' ' : * "'. '...[^ : ,i


- I I

, Buy This Business Corner
70x90 ,'
Southeast Corner Thiod Street anl
Fifth Ayenue, South
For a Few Dyu-$50,00000
$10,000.90 Cash-Balance 1 to 8 Years

Hall Bldg. No. 2, 4th St. So. Phone 6766

14th Ave. & 2nd St. North
Furnished Two-Story Stucco Home

on Double Corner 105x130
With Double Garage Apartment
Showing, Good Income
One-Third Cash balance Easy

Dial 52-559 307 Magnolia


-- m


180 Feet Frontage On


f acin South
* -.* *

$5,000-.Excelleit Term,

Squiare Deal Realty and MMor
"Company, Inc.

"All that the Name Ilmlies"
Cor. Central and Sixth

'. \ ... *n.^jr ,
'.,- "SNELL i

A D- .. . ,. ....,
AnI~eaIHomeste. (,
S; .'SN9LLS9E'-O--

r~ ~ ~ ,':lW-y

S 03-4Plazae Theater Bldg. l :..'
m e 74-013 '*' ' '" ," ***"i*'*
-----4.0n ." . i .: '.' i. '.'


S, $8,000

Will buy a beautiful building lot, size 60x
110 in restricted North Shore. This is
$2,000.00 under the market.
S' Very Easy Terms

H Wm. B. "Bill" Carpenter Realty Go..
We incrw Values

73 '.5

-Years in St. Petrisburt

Phone 5555

Three 40-Acre Tracts

Near City Limits Of
Best Farming Land In State
Special Price This Week Only

463 Central Avenue V Dial 4972
214 Florida A ' SeMr. Kuntz
*** v .' ,* -

LeAss than ten blocks fromn Ctr.l 'Avenue. Alley
corner, 603127 feet, paved gint and rnar, 100 feet
west of Beach Drivp facing .ut.h: Priced, for quick
sale $22,000. Easy terms. ,' ""'
Another ,alley corner, ith iudlei emiure, very
cloesq in, 50x127 fet:. Unrestrlct*d, ed front and
Prj~ed to'usilat Al5 00--#4bI.;..te i~
two years. '. ",..'

921 Ceral Ave. ".; l "a .199
Ara O I',, A,

r '





Wil .there e an .opportunity I
h, near! 27th St.,Brand New'
ly Furnished. ," Six apartment

The small, sum of $12,000 a
nce extended over a term ,o
This is an unwually goodI
tionably rettiu t.t splendid-p
Ask. in-r Mr. Daill

ne 42-1

J..& THO(J

a .


Located on Sixth Street North
Near Hotel District
For Price and Terms


Home in nower Park for Bent for Summer
Dad 6-83 102 Third StreetP



Ross Oaks Subdivision

14th St. North
50x120 to 16ft Alley
$4,500 each

106 Third St. North Phone 56.823

C n
^ ^ I | .~- -^

Gulf Front
Bay Front Lots
From $6,000 Up

:, Crane &
0'15 Central Avenue

.Phone 7529

Two blocks



North of Tangerine-qne block East of.

See Mr. Mdrse

210 First Ave. North
Exclusive Agents

That Fifth avenue north from second street
to the Bay is the prettiest in our city. We
have a lot just two blocks of Beach Drive
size 60x127 facing South for a price of
$40,000.00. Good terms given. Finest
apartment site in this city.

L L. Henry, Manager
50 First Avenue North
Phone 4109

St. Petersburg Homesites

Close In, In a Rapidly growing Home
Building Community, right on a Main
Paved Thoroughfare
S$10 Down $10 Monthly
Way Underpriced

'% .. 'I* *
Double Corner 4th St. No. 46th Ave. No. It does
not seem possible but we can'deliver ,this double
& 'i

corner for

$5,00.00 Cash

Balance 1 and 2 Years

No. 2 Plaza Theater Court
Phone 4509

,* u

Dearest Little Home
Near Harris School
Elegant snalt bungalow that will make a cozy nest
for a small family. Garage attached.
Easy Terms


Phone 6587

.. a


r.'. : ." '
* :. . :. 'r . *

" -, ; : I: I,4 ,
756 Cdtral Ave. ,
.. ./ '!.,,..:

6 T' "I
)ak Street,
d. Price .
ion. '
.' ,"

Phone l3 '
ir" to i
- -" - ', -

Two modern SpaiUshh tucoo bungalows with hard wood fl.o,
built In baths. beautiful shades and draperies. awningp, elactrleall
lighted. mupplied with soft water and with hrtbberyt and pam'
trees. ,,
City Gardensa I sjut six mindtea from the City Hal. on Gamly
Boulevard and extends from Gandy Boulevard to Third St. MAd
from 43rd to 44th Ave. N.
Priced for Quick Sale at $12,500 Each
W. J. Warrington, Realtor, Notary
15 Second SLt. North


Nine Room Two Story New Corner Home In

Only 10 Minutes From Post Office

544 Central r Dial 52474

I* ,"
........ _. ", },;'"
,.V .."..'. .* -.*. .^ h
' ". ....:...* .. J.. t
,, .. ..I .-*. .. -'.:~


Brokerage Department
C. R. Birmingham, Mgr.
21 Tird St No. Phoe 42.930
"1 "' -

: ;( :.. .-. .
':. I "' ,


I; *


21st Avenue North near (
60x110 feet unrestricted
Terms on applicati

Ask the Thorn
7 Third St North REALTORS
"On the Job AM Ye.

215 Secqnd Avenue South
Exclusive Agents

On 8th St. north on corner lot 50x114 running back to -
paved alley. Large living room with- fire place, dining
room, suAm room, breakfast nook, kitchen, toilet and lava-
tory on first floor; three large bed rooms and built in
bath, with tub and shower on second floor. Plumbing
and lighting fixtures are of the best. In fact everything
about the house is first class.
New, just completed, unfurnished price $20,000.00.
Terms reasonable. We will gladly show. this property.

15 Sixth Street South .' Phone 7355





d I I






. . .



From die Real Estate Firm Contributing -.0 Th Page. Every Piece of Real Etate Advertised
for Sale On 71f Page pi a Special Value Offered for Q(ui& Sale Only In St. Peterburg
M L m,"r -" A Y _T n ".^- ->LA.^'"^.-- XT fk"^ ^ A -


S I .

--- I



-n^.-,--. f ----,------ --------l"!-^


.4 '.. I


, K'r r- *
,-i!A *
*. '"*' "I

*A'' .^'.L;

Z8. N11- , 1 7:4

N'', iiI it ru~NJNN




N N N,

4f1- 4"/ 1".,

A'N N ~

4 N

,b 4'
Ty.~tuin~~ ~

C.A A C A~

N N'C M:I~

NoU D_ aihe ~ rNG~g~Srn,~~ o~~~It ~ib ;o~o~~wt
0ti of he 1CIO -0,en i. 4~~ ,a Is K I (
Q~~~~~~~~~~~~W~~~~W THAT"S~A, the~N 61citeYaypmaio S~?~ I~d~ i m&iX~or:

a~~cy few.l parares&*dM
Mi ~~~~~ ~ ~ et~s fitfl EnetawMl g urbt
6,1 Missea 1LtC ot aoi~,uulmaa~

eItpwa$ actiitie and fromr alley thes Weuii] Wic willt tak plac c-T daytsn

District _er a~baae re, r. .F Ln~ of Colmbi was~ electe queen. I. Cuivoitu Clu isa sm~i-n
meitl Nl~rn hera elcton St.~* Peters v .Iag. ft.Bu~i.Oe~ v t~,q ty~ -
urt~t ~ ~ ~ ~ laipLn be~ topa homage, too Herd MP Majesty,~ Thek American. Legwa dine an d4
en~ ofpe 15 Mrsd excxIv~iepisdn Wednesdaya I Io bqd tea~ub6g ~ib n1 1b, V. y
fiii~ ladie and ~ ~u tmnsoa~ efr~M~s~~wr WId2 t' rd~n .~
presden offl th .Camer. Commerce enter- udr 4 eevn ws lr, '
~~*~~th Legion

saae Mrq. Mrs p. urody TrMre Ina ae~la,~ ~f 4S f~l~,~V~ ~~4
NLpaBwne~A N1~.o s, rt(irg *~t; .(~~ "da'e sixs. memer ot the~5 Associates Outt
oomte Mrs.h 'FestivMsalvIs~ ir~ b~g r ~p.~~4Drae.g i~S ~~Xp
Mr. )( ei4y M~ir ~ Jtyad ~,son Mis M~~ar~ ~n Mrs 3. L P~sii~i.PetriitMr~ ~5S, 3'. the Entrta& (2
Eiteldh luncheonI' .Rt~s~M.paz h~~Mr.Zin4~c~~st: roi 'W'.~st

13 Mv.nge ins all scn of a deihtu dinnerbo 141', Lasgs~,Ch~; iin e
l~~~~~~pssn' MrnW n kfrti )J5
~~~ Sos Ine, sale agent forC.?)T M

d~in the rvni Aecia W S. Bh.~s M.s A.NE eneraie Treasureon Islnd in complimen tor~ lihfi s n oe
vdf'rth wihanl attaciv bridg partys thi socae.thsct

flltr ft- 'Sotv


Li Style ,of

1926 Maftron
W' LNDOjN, b.are 27.-Although
fashion bas taken/7h a suggr-stion of
.- ve) Indeed z the stralkht-line
e eet this sprir .! slenderness' Is atl II
Tey dsirable.,,
o comblle, the effect of slender-
neas with' tie delicate curves ,which
muMt be u Is a problem fh.lp, thto
dges desmiuers are ojvnl; hI. a yV-
S ri"e s of-'ays. One of the most suc-
c, lip laoftla In have the ppm-
cltt/TU~erl of fr:l4 put IP p
dev V at' the frot of theo bpf the
p6 nt ben 1u4a aJ4 4 'e w1a8.s4lne.
risi' of 0 tirg t 0- IA or toa
f e Oolprqr of an et|Irly dpI afrert
color ip Inq pl14 III te V. apRi .4
/ slendertng eg t 9! tWi ia ye.y re-
pleovep hIv4M been poqlceIhlg Iy
t4kr qpencp r lp qqontbp iop
-' both tea and ev(; froqkg, qro now
t rurnln; 1; he pot peontriq
.. pea. Wl bhve P014ted -.1leves
... balloon sleeves. .irlp sleerYe a4d
S divided |jdevas. op 1",R thls array
'''' we should bp .I|l to *4. our
[' ohoige.'
Th.e 1alug0 apt! r" "ePys
S'naot recpm iasq4 tp the WPM.n
who Would be hgtes at aftroMon
tea. She Bqpr flwtase p. tifook With
at %alf pleevo jo4 41,0I be 9a90ionahig.
16, 8 much lat4fttde il 01Ag NaInWV.
^ ft biBa.F e("*dW-The do-
qW .. 0 i. 4u
aers !ew to Yta n
a7#srea by' thy suid pq !Pi or
nod ves havPg0o iet 4ida just
whNat is to be the.' ipt faqhioqable.
-'hnr is a se1ft little wF in the
dgyt salons between th r"iot-t cila
aid the coat for s;Pjfj VIT. TWhP
,4th -bn-Y, t M-- --'

A alions Bnfotain
At Vinoy Prk HoOel
Mr. and Mrs. C0wrle@ 0. d44aJta
entertln6d a group of friends Pri-
Sdr.r evening a1 a do e tlil d4lp.a
party at the Vinoy Pary.
A bowl of orchid ap4d pipl Fweet
peas centered the taWle ",4 ll'Ited
taplers of pink were placed 4it eilta
end. Dainty hind painted "i'.
cartds marked the place of the i|l-
Silw g guests: Mr. and lira. A. C.
Melter. Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. tInl,
Mr. a'nd Mrs. Harry Adaltan, MIAIs
Althpa Adallan and Master Harry
r Adillan, Jr.
S Luncheon Will Be
S Given On Tuesday
i Mrs. J. M. raising and Mrs. War-
: ren IasMlaF will be hpoeesep at an
attrautvel1j =eenDt4 ape o'clpk
T4 T 'oMa l 6uncheop at the Jungle
S Cgxtatty Club 0 4el, omppllentlHjt
Mim.' 4. LaMn. Jr. -. Mlr. Faa.-
b,.. A. was Wbtte hp r mwaitae last
fo":i" a -Vr PqP--F; T?ntuoi" gir
. --- ---- -
-4, *m "-- r --

Es !" l _; ti
I *r

Ain Te.


Dangers Lurk in Parental L6M ,As ft'

Causes Children to Always Stay Home

Liv.s are Ruined hy Pareuun
i'ho Do Not Understand
Their Boys and Girls
M'O'-W.R-LoA'E aan4 %alber.Qve
I,, are beaulifuttl emotions. 'Y*e, If
tiey gl 'given too tmui ol"Ja th.y
ra' ruin youp; lives.
%,cdom idp the gathet-.tlt e4B
,400e00 jp 4 llneg. Q|en q wiqA
t14 tise of "ald blAp91ipr." Or. 1 hs4
dos poRqdpr i empelf enough tp
FlprrFY, is l ]lkWI' to la 1l4.PpN
wldh hie wile.
The fat1.r-tted wopanp u6 j re-
mqaa|B 4A1is. Whan' o \191 *
husband, pho plighip pr troth w!ltp
reaervatipgs. flernaly saga Is cq'q -
pprinp her husband with ir 'fgllr,
and 19 tbo dliqpprageneut of Ibta (F-
[Air. She sl not oA4tltf 11 foar _mar-
riqd life.
VMAMA's boy, to whop the lF{s
.oler prntfqtlly a ",a por fqh or
"a 41s4y." Is a logicl growth, not an
Tho trqiqfln;f wIob 'aptl hiw |q
0e 0ilq Piae[ in tbW world %44 ti
ltoy wqqga 0th.r than hti gt 1f
beglta tn hia balbyhod.
Whep he 4 is bb.Y be h pply
Lq whiFpper &"d h. oiiq4 Iq p his
al4a. jj" soon ia.r..- the ticjs which
hi gae for a1l .4i worth. yig
e t o f-lA.y hv bita, pvw ln t maOn-
Pii~pd, f wit tl dhf(frep 9-ng wtq
ow top.a, or nis, w .ream0 a
bibe Rae lapd a tyln#e urtH. tyfe
th ter ar rs .

W.e be ghow Inther. hof.l htBp if
;174y runping Poaws to pa4(h@F 1q9F
.onaglattip. w19p Ua ffoia teaS hilim
o f e Ii4c psuiteh oeuO

jft to. O le
t ir
lHoe rqesgo" with
th W. s e; N1 01 n41, no potsther-
apron string
nio hatter how ;?1 mhe ayd be.
hil pother-tid oanh cannot develop
IqtQ a pean. to pare himself th
pets of competing with PMO p.1 tooa
own Froupd, be o Otep poso;-A 1 fps-'
inlpe or eapi1-re.flaip! oocaUpa401.
Fqr, .alter 18 or ;0 years of 91111
Ipg to heis tnpther, he can ot treew j
himself ip ;houhht pr action. E"ry
PpnveaiLiqp ilea '!sflp,l0oo and jiptep'.
ylgnapotl to him. He id wUo. ut
. pPS4fily.
Jqat ahout the tltq hig nppnall'-
repe- 04puioer hi belinnngtr e anru-
tinihr rabi if in .. mirror apd to
display an unwonted fupsalness sbqt
his hair-cut and his necktilg. M1ain
ma's boy.uncohsctpggly s rntFugrijqb
lo euppree 44 linteregt jp the girls.
For reasons he knowns nothing
about h e cannot transfer the waor-
cblpful lov be hea bad for hit
MRither to q young pfgir. which Is the
natural thing for him to do.
So ypu bear him zptber boastlng
tp her Friends:
"George doesn't care one thing for
the ripfa. Pfp-ies and 4agces bore



K. 'A


, .... UU^'.^ ^ ,...-- -------

1a44 ge wou0d4t ;h44 Otf at ho2 him his po;aLho 0id bhfort bgr.
w W e._ Usa g1 I i aY-'0 I1 Therefore, her husband fele that hi'
been umiih ptuuBii I'th Wonderflu to *' .. .....
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flide tht fpr him when h. wpe of theta faml." t'61t he ,B.Y h.yp
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his cqpspita to Iqny another W Foqp i4 fo- nppL
Apnapletely. In fact. he aWNWpai I0eig F P
at ease with any woan: -- h. ,H fl.pa4" w !ia! .r! I!
* Ad' in love's "coatetUh p.pp.t WPn.- wbr he wer .U fMO
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A wife. deppi'e tbhe blipafhs of OcpapippqU( ti crthlred 1Q4145-
love. 1 likely 1 o t h1br hqqband ppe the briuUllen oa lif a *Py
aN h is.' not la l6l, p4rs o, ble l, g into lnvalldism. Wh)Iie ( b s
mot*s Injawie 'h40 mo be. ornm oput t4t 0 slnWplv pa I'A
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not P97ly t% pet hiUm a0nq iqpr l8 rapjlplnow hwiOw f j4 7 -qi



r 01 iM.bur-en: t lt q wife
iPieK !t !? sad rt o .- .
la the ttiog he Rftt -f S I-.
veibt ha O igrtwg to oj1 smDbyoo&
Ein 4 hap.l. by #fr. 4; p Pt itu-
atiou. thal bf pould a U I -tip world
ot nmen.
'dthbr-Ued girls are I-a common.
Rinve fathers usually are too bupy
tiig1 t;.4 get dHie *Abtterv-nd.-9h1
blonei'eS the hat. dress an' gasoflne
qoiiey to' spend much time, spoil-
tng thenip'.' ,
g.t, iiq p4 j rfecogpnze Daddy',
irl or Mnamma =bytby te wit
abe rushes bach q199 after a fpw
ksko] na rlags. pr gJter she 4a
had the firstVpa.t. '
When thltra go bit wrong, he
.a tgldakor zaolf n too'do bqi
ito -y. bk-k to f.4aty eqfi the an8e
of ort&brJ mitt,; Who kept' ijr
I baby,-girl'uit!l Dhg wa" a wOtui.
hond .4wh6. In tltir rpisrten i4a ef
love for her, shleldl hetr from *ll
the realities oft'lfe." '
AqoJbpr obitaciA t .ler succrep it
rlae la.that *. h4 an'uqcpn-
Wc)6u 'sense of b lpti untrie tp ber
father 'tika lvYes here! q
her'ihusblipd. 1
Parelt-lied Vomen I.r |b. plenty
of wof tor he 4 r ivprce o.,tfp. To
their divoreq tetljlon ichqR see noth-
ing about tl4i; b!je_ apI at24 to live
witil their h PhPande bp.q of .he
lovei the r pVV f1011F V* i other
YTl thiat Is-1 4hF t4f gupase. -
la thao .ap., hfoWPI, family.
par:at...,.Mrl va plier t evqIot.
Sly T. car fp lhet ,Thy
t'Ain w- M peopa them
S oCI BO 1te p.4do."
The |!lM cn'lpaq I tsoer 001V fe
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?d.i'Ban 0ipdpaqident 9 14e40p,
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fh4'iops.k they gre usualky Suo'pp8g

RanRteidr club w41 bp the mpp

of Iwo U1 the at pmq Mnent $
tg-!s qt fhe week. "oq' y'.tht pl.-
1tp PhiWUIl baye IIM'qmanap ladies
pf~tbt dgg WieyitaedypWaa tise
4yptwa Leploc *wil 'enljitalit wif
an .r, ctFvi rdlnnur aAd 4ks' at
t e i .a p_ qb. -. .

Jiuuor-Creno Club Has

U uafl Successful Season

Junior Caarrpp Club, an orgnlma. tine and pponpmsos be local obsevn-
lion of grla of high school age in- ance of garden week.
lereutedln''n Cej. haetfHad a- -v," A featfire of the' rclrl Life of the
qjccwaifu!' seaio'n unetFthe dir.- city greatly enjoyed by both Ihe zit-
pia 6of ic q. Gdorge E. Mi.ler. I'he Izena and the toirista have been 'he
club qeeIe ofee each 1idt for ia 0htrnlay afternoon teneflt card'var-
dilp#Iqoq 'of nutaic and a'nuiatal tleas sglygn by the St. Petersburg
Ppq1t'fu o qf ...'. ihn'"suonal oap,- Hlistorical rSBoclety at Ibp HistoriiaJ
It ce. niuseuu on North Mole. The aas
^hIA 8<. ?ette$uur; Art plqij. i9 s!tfva be n' as. llccess from-ve-ry
t ho QtppAtb( rt 4Pqt Op ufqLP Rdt and 4ve lp~rqvfd very
6% VOWO Pipuhur 01APUsuqSCe ty
l -n.t ow, i l Its t o, S 14
w P( waIsF PD19 gitBH ( 17," q 1 Fig FN1N'ro ^the wild
6444lOlIin4fiV 0 iroqW~ qq 141 IJp tqe-
At aI1g 49Ip~ pu''i
J' Bh~d~lbla fk~thicuban a Wj P Yln jq9r M'irl iHp h~upI Iqa iir
~~wi Hl liwjlq'. fg apeal 6 gfia fl Mqed p t4oFlorida

'it- -_-h ar i e

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SI-; h r. q'iis Wros w -hich

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pYt YI0w. 00t01y;Ofplyio biUr: frAin, Lo #g, flffoess

".9 ?- 4iBe M S ridgea
0r 1' t!C i p B. '* fe y ;ill ...l.t as
thd rn &)' }8|s IP fbP t? i?1K depp4Bf. 4W -g'h W Pa i-i Flif~ep Club.
ti C~tew8 6o Brwuieo'ap bp-i teiau. Pla.nt Marala ?1t at
e P0 Sc po-it; Isa n th ,ln-
0r ivUw .. .. a-
.p ..e Ueto t |p;ia ba ty a ee P.n-
?PF aaIW"fif ^"t(aknme wac ( rwnp o( nptpatenp
pta ; *>|f j t **mat i" ts m j ld t
been ^St~efr ttii ifoy tiolup ICC gT. w iffiqT ijt* no Lth
Winnuf0!sn0 -'pga

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ulnpwap ptWu 4p w et thy
14 and qW9 5 -o:-4

TowS' I'qprpvpqwpt asoclai~q ana -'ni A. hp-pnwX o "11'"
spppl w'orj Isp been dong tflj year lant-a~ler n C~nttya
Wy the orpqilmtigii. It 14e Rt'pt- npp-jas cities uqm egpesEegI go tend
ed nuqjl~re of tr~ee p~tafi i-he :ltirty qilpi P~eep Ige lepe ppiwale
streets. ;In vq; a~way piqp qn4 cut- Daptip w41 be g(en at s b-Pa-


APRIL 4, 1926
s. n

of pec ia interest to all

sinmart Women of St. Petersburg
We h vj maae dratiec reduqtzrnn, as bith as 50%6, on a
rnmpber of jpr evegIpg gqwii Thb, pntpsau rpnr.sent
the latest ; style qnd smarbntem. They are all in qur reuq-'
lar stock, ap4 word pnuch niore. This is your QrnIsrtuity,
np 'on pn-l .n t QW b fr n cha e b aisrBR."apd save
pqrhapq one-half qn the purchaive prip8. T-fIee advantage

'! '. 6 . ...
A. i i. .-.


It's NOt -


Hewuid Ti. n

New Fahm

For Ester And

This Sjxing9

Thoy Herald
Themuplve. 9
MPO, ps

. ;-. Here

You Will



A,|BF iuii
At Her


And Betl !




*;, g4


Assemblage of New Apparel Featuring

Spring Modes of Sunny Colors

And Youthful Styles

The most fascinating of costumes are assembled here, smart, exclusive modeq-the new anc| charming
Brilliant colors in profusion, the fashionable rose family, and all the flashing primitives of the modernistic

Soft, flowing lines, moulkad cqrvep, moulded bodices, .traight lines; short flqripg slkirts; a gentle .wing-
ing movement! There are the authentic signs qf the pew modes-expressed hqre somehow in every
creation of our distinctive collections for Spring and master wear.

The pattern of the fabric is important, too. They are expressed in squares, triangles, points, c4cles and
other interesting ways. Nowhere o1 in this fine city gre d isrpln-" -' varied and so q!l-inclusive as they
are here.

55 Fifth Street North .
.,, ;.__ ___........ ,__ ,_ ,___ !


r .. ** .

I ; J

Mrs. Louis Racquet will entrt1n
Wtl a& reception Saturqa a r-
poq. trdtn 3:80 to 5:30 o'clock at
her attractive honre, 2300 Cotfee'Pot
9dTO. *


fleaufy er sWw
Corset and Long Hair
By Inturnatlopsi Wfewf Serrfaj
BOSTON,. March 2.-U is
would once again lake to WVeartl
corsets, let her hair grow long ana
re-adopt a waistline, she would LhI
more, beautiful than ever. accdtriling
to Bonton beauty experts. Over-us
of cosmetics add short skirts are
describe'l' by men who ought I(
know, like Henry Havelock pierce ,
emintot photographer ofr boau.tirul
wopen uand Ernest L. Mhejor of I h,
Normal Art wbcolI, an artist or note
"Use pf cosmptics Ia only permlI.
Silbip wvhen It is ot apparent." mys
FiMrce. "Bobbed hair polls all bui
i fpw women, while short skips art
4 mqnstroelty Fas Fnvon ,
C14 se they talSe away the charts
of rep. be..ut.",
A plea is maxde bby ihe experts
to wdy2pn and Firl! of today, "*ho
reilly pycell thp womaep of the past
In gjuty'," to ,leqrp to suit their
dra u to'itheir Individual personall-
tisl insaied of Iiniformwig to faabh-
Ion Jqat beoaum It is "the style."
T'Wome. op the ltrpets today pro-
duce the worst pofible affect," says
Major. "IThey capnot walk grace-
fully in tigir ilrts and tbhe an-
Uot sit liown In them and looB like
anylhIn "
"Ygt women are 'e y beautifulso- ''
.1 and retain tbtcir good looks far
.eybgcd what thi di In' their mdth-
erW R.d gnadmolthbra' days."
Pan-Hellnic Will
Meet at San Remo
TaFlp. P HTellenic wle meet
Stiurdd.y A pr S, at ;the Club San
p~w6 14U memlbern q)S tbeh8t P%-
qWdwt-g4VanrW telenia areepoa tr
VIO kn Ma tohe m weti Mia MW
aft_6M[Wugthme 01C114th
7-.J of fie olcb> I Ow
ish to make rervnau
Afrs. qcquqt to
(ive Receptien

IT E i i4 i i jl on

. . ! iA
on e of4 th e4 f l o i ac s o Sgte

Jicic s a t
ell 4S -Tiasg a.rehmn, "Musical M CS u ti r444+
Se tl D ow= Liht fro Meor Lane,"l;!= "P.wo a h e ie yKse ou-pewllavfrBsoMs.
,C~~~~~~ii~ rt Mohami Ali andiiii "Rme andi~i Juliet Xc;enod an Hndrsn,; woofatat erl dte

"-on By CAT doui= iinithieiipiastiiiyear.!
4Sisoiga t4 The iiii w .e ri t tY

LAKELAND,'was'illed with Psii has been organiled at So Friends
1 O 4 h o eoiiws a a c 4iiiii4 jllwtn h pt e ad u l
pro4am whic 4444; dLaeadatgsI t rsiet nitr tS ne n

4, t 4 4 44!44his yc aaTC
111111111112.111111111111111111111111111111111 settled o ad
givenduringthe ea-usualcollegevariety.DuringtheIng.In the evening 'be deaing cently fm inwLeonardToz
40404 "h at wlcc do4fo ndp
4eek 1. waitiaLtl

4 au44xof 44e a' Spa De- Fitkg5A
students have bbo.'Th Scocuga adnwa34s
er4i 44 4ne 4of ld asfo n It y
but now with their 44 thi s 4 l g ............
Zw c e o t me in was4 perap -the hiih3444ooliiSeveal of the boys
4443 iiil4i -to new to34 St. Ptr aii i!

bus* audience an the Flo444tn 444 4ha sh s m t a h og f e g okb fhy4
lan44 prett Eate paty gie by Mis,4thefr fiskidi h i, vnn.T4ouigwstoouhyA p e o e u y P

444Ct sC i a n o M44lT f I n b l ou
b e 4m ad an4 tn n u a l4event t h e m e -'4 S t r a th e gliiiofit hiiKap p a
tkr with h~ t. A, June Walkeri of St. Petersburg. $! -i WHOL HEAD' 4 4

Floronton guests hMn n K

Iwnia i i ii 4eid iis ......................
.....44rdhestra played "The Cm 44s was t first time the new
....... pledges e present The Tau
Notre Dame"ii(Baron);..Victo
norK e tls' iorti e Teller" s c sg l a o t d iP r dh dr
4 4i4 ii4i s a n g i" H4 4 4 4 4an ei i i) o f ... n e w... ...... ..... ..... . ..... .. . ..
i iI M- -C U M E ALtniqn ii
44i I "The R t B gv v t pg
the 4444rs was4 reading ii iil f iei C isl D 0A V A S o T r f Ned Wiii i

,M e to 'iYou ( H a b n -"> 4, Lv G Cl a SiE S D A Y A IN
ai iii for a'4 That" ( e His !b Ms L s Overturf, The4Phi4iiiiiiiiiii Vic]
i ii i4Odd Fiellowisi! iiifbniext to Ide n P Street South

axob4pnis was Mrs. 4 S 4 20 P L b
plaed ji44'that sa evening. They areii
w'==%: the, SL Petesbur Scotchi!i~ii

P 444$1i19iiifti band, a ge with

ii of-i app aus where shei-i ..
\ m4>4 .... Merry 4 I Send It 44t! Loun

Mr 444e 4a4 am es- o ba

X44d) S uno e r i o r (aDord) C oma n an

44i Theetr Sunhgv enity StQetarbioge1o;
plaed a c1 had am3

V4 s~ Soetin" By POLL PINELLAS.RMLL 4 4
ylii r"14eatiiiiii~iiii~l she~i sangiil The enseble designed for th VA]u whe it isi rubbiiiti o v

late 4 444 4; rii l i li! I a!eiam ongi-ch est
........ I 44444i B 44 the4 a bedtime
44iison't' most InteIestg cos- throat 44nd 4And
vllttol~~~~~ 11prto Ameica (Wgier plei fashion aadin elbrt andili thel (1)~ It.......................bea

and 44er ne jn m r 44 a d the btli and..nhaled rightito theiinflam..
4horus. The ensemble pictured 4ere Is a s4<44 l e t 4
simply me:444si A c ng t'h444e4>44 difcl breathing;
Concertiiiiiilli at theiiiii~iiIli plaedsir ndtejaktih si iki lifah
w h ic hii=== i i c o m e s= d o w .................................. ..... ........... o..f ............ ....................... ...... ....... .......po u l t i...... ... ...... ....................., &..............w i. .......... .....o.............. ..... .. .......................0
iiiiiilii iiilriiliiii!iiiii hem ofli tiihe sk ~ i~iIiiiiiii =ii!ili!!!i~liii =iliiiii~ ~iiiii-i!ll~iiiirt. 'Paiin .4iknd toren m and thus helps!iii! iiiiiiiiiiii]iii~ii~ii~ii~iiii
Tbe overbiouse is gree..n... crepeili the. the ili Vaiipiiiiiioir s 'inbal!ie ... d toIii relieveii ii the c a ieif u l S e r v i c e!iiI !iiiI i i~liiii= il'
FJW'Whitemares oreheotft make coat= linin machn the bl'ue An= congestion-= =
# h It bo w to St. P etersburg tonight interesting tie effect == = Ii : = =o = =the i............... r.........d o od= fo................................................the = '........... ..
&tbb, i o Par ho el This~i is~% 1~~i%1~IC i! thei the only touc. ......h ..............................mmin.................. It =
'U t Sunda eve tri oo c r andii~ ];liiii~il~ii willi[;]ili=~i[~i~ii] iii has!i!)[I!i~l~ ~iII11li~ long-i sleeves.~l~i iiIIll]!il~ lll!i1%] liIi=% IIIilII~ ilIi Iiiiii2!ili~i li!ii ililiiiliiii ili~~iiiil!iili]iilii]]iiiiliiii iiili.iiiil
Theii tim m oot~ In e e tn va sziy snowiii! !!i ii~ii~ii i~ iiliiiiil
P rig riM Uil~ liilii!ii iiil o n e d idii![ iiiiiili p ot i![iilil toiii m a tc h th e a lr i iiio ii i i iiin ciiii!iiiii iei i l iiiiiii iii iiiiii iiiiiii li iiiiiiii iiii]iii l !i!~ i!liiiiiil]iii iil ii ~ii ii l lili!i ili~iii~=ii!iiii iiiiiii li
ii4*0 byii~ iiiiiiiiii~iii~iii the iorobeitri during tihieir hat;i to theii~ll green of th blouse-i-al~~li iiiiIQ ~ i i iii iiil=[ iiiii i i ii iii iiiii ii i i!iiii i i!iiilil il i 1i i ~iiii i iili! il i lili !=!iilili i~ Eiiiiiiiilli=iiiiiii li!ii
o a=ge en at= i th e.. b o e E v r S u n color......... ...' ..................... w h ic a lso..... ............... th p laid......... .. moer ..................
Z! A! :=i. ii d O evenin 4t leas 2,000 Peopl il]iiii iii! i i ! Miil lii!iiiiveiiii!iii~ i~ !i !! 1 l!1ii!111ll~ iiill! --4t could b e m atched to o ne 6't th el~i=iiii~ii~i~ii!=Iii liiiiliiiiiili !ii!i
etjpy o th eiiliii!iiii iiiie!iill l=#iiiitli i iiiiii !iiii g ivein ii I i iiiiiiinidoiiit! iii th e i lii! ne utraiiliilii lii sihades ini ith eiiiii! iiliiilii ii p l iiiiiii ali= ii!!li~ ~iiiiiiii:liiiand th e!iliiiiii ~i I
difiiiitiiii ofiiiili!ill~ Josep L~!i~I!ill!~ ucasi to '~ the V C~~ili iii;iiii!~i!i~iiiiii ~~l~~i ~i i ii iiiii~i~ii!ii!ii iiiiiii iil iii]iliiiii ~iiiiiii iIiilii~ ii~l ii'ii iil iii i l ~ li!i~i~ii~iliii' I Iiiiiiiiii!ili liii'i i ii i ii iiiii' l
st c i g coul b e tc h ed i =i = i ~ !ii i i !i ~i i= i ii=I ii i i i~i i~ li= = i =i i=== i i ii! i=i= ;
eve n ng p rog ria m w ill~iiiiiiiiiii b ei h !i iiiiV li i !! iii i iii !i l ii A !P U s i i iiii!iiAiiiili!f~ iiii*i! ~ ll iliil i!i!i ii ~ l ii ii~~ ii iiiiiiiiii! iii!ii ~iiii i i i !i!! ii~ii lii!i iiiii il!ii
............................. p u m p w o la b e~ b e s t oii i i i=! i i iii i i i iii i ii i iii .. .. ..... .... !....... .. == = = = .... .......... ...... = ;= ......... .. ... ... .. .. == , =. .... .. ... .. .= ......= = =.. . .. ! = = ...... .. === ..
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A r r .~i A .iii 4 ia i i i ! = .. . . .. .. .... .. .. .=. .. . . .. ... .. . ... . . .. . . ... .. .. .. ..= .. ... .. ...... .. .. .. .... ... .. ...e . .. ..
a n d! i~ i l i i~i il iiili iliiii iiiii!iliiilii j v d r t u rb .i iiiiii!iiilili!iiiii ..... .. . . .. ... .. .... .. . ... .. ... .. ... .. .. D O... .. ...... ... .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. ..E...... ...... ... . ..... .. ...... ... ...
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Fiiiiiiiiiliii:;ii soo I====;= .. .. M A
gys" ... .. .. Li Finishe W o rk on Ei !i li i iilx Q !. ii i = .... i l ii iii[ ti ioin ati ii i=ii lI
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ili~liililiii iiiiliiii i i ...iiil~ ii= iii iii i~iiiiliiiiili~ iii ii i~iiiil iiyo u r !iii il F i lo ti h eiiii s a reiiiii ii r e iliitiiiiiiiiuri nei d fr e sh d c le a n tio -y ouiii~ iii ii iilii! iiii~l iI.. .. ... ii~!ii liilii iil~iiiiii~i iiiiiiiiii ii!iiiil i!iiii i~l
== ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -h y are' carefully andii~ii intelligent handledi by i ii i!ii i~ii:ii i== - ;=
2 M~i~ii iii i !iii~i~iii i ili~iiiI iiii l~ iiii iii! il~ ~ i i iii iii~ i!~ iiiii ii iiii iiii~ i ii l ii! i~iii]lii l iiiI! iii iii i iiii~i i ~ ~ii! iiiiiii
i~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~~xet wh'gv to them theiiii~iii~ caeu iiaitiiti en!ii ']i!!iionii iiiiiandii~i
jo. .:.. .: )
Whenii iiii=%ii Youiiiii~iii!~i~~iiii~l~ill Minkil of She Think of Roberts" c niderat ioni~ thati=I i ~i!ii ii;i ii~ is ai part of Su e ior seri ce.I iiiCi i,!iii
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i ;;=ii ii;;i~ =iii!;= iciilas i fy iiiii i]i iii!ii !~ii~~ii=!!i ;in o fi cl t in g i o f 'a;i~ ; i lli col fs an d fabriiiiiiiil i ll l i cs.i;ii!i!iiii i:i i ii iiii ~iiii
re n tr::4?!i: i; N
low o!I]L~iii ........... .....
Ii liil~iliiiiiiiIIii~=IiC1iIiiii ii)I~i~ii : .. .lii) siiiiiiiii~i]iiiiiiiiiiii~ii=; .... e y!Di........... ri iiii w iii iiieil~iiidli cleia n sediiil!iii ii!iiii=ii.. .iia s, o nliy m o d e rn ila u n d ryiiiiii~iiiii~iii2ii~!i~ii iiiii;i li i~ii=i.... i=ii
........ iiii !!!iii!ii~iliiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiili~ii .. =i ii i .. ..... = .... ........ .. .. .............. .. ...... c a n. ...... c. ..l e..a n. ..... = ==
f n t r ig u in g1ili S t y l e s -=== ........'isiE :.... ...........=..... . ........ = :=== = .. .. = .... ...... . o i . ...... = = ... . ===

1,-.... ---Pea-rce with a delightful bridge entertained In the spacious audi- 'ter'Was glvin "firt prize' "for brtitgt amd'Msarv-Wattles. Guests tumbere-d luncheon. -The tables *Wr-aftltic--"
a''iu7"' "n ..f.l .f lc. A. ,^ , party the past week. lorlum of the Ele;s Hoeo, honoring for ladles while Mr.. Vought,- or 26. ally de4orated,.for the dealon ..
..A ,ir v'1. / Ac DL aJncl i After a number of rounds of 450 guests.' One hundred and elglity Rochester was given first prize- fort Amnng'those wlAlng JprlseM
'*:'I'"' 1'I b__ T rldge were enjoyed the Honor tablps of brldge-and 500 were In play men. lr& Irons won.first.prize In SECRETARY HONO9ED . bridge, were re.R' John Cheter a
iB ls c'" l I L n "-""' guests, were presented with at- during the evening.. Attractive dec.- 500 for the women and Mr.. Britan Mrs. Ellen Stbne, field secretary at Mrs. Phtlbrook. Mrs. Mary Brown.
i#,ton the .men. "t.
C..,CVP. ,,al_..Krrt/ EK. j tractive..,.prjzes. jn.d. Mrs. Roy L. oraton wons were .ufed for this ccaion., theo men. . 3ulline college, Bristol, V, was hen- %tn consclatZon...sth.'s ,. R o'f W
Dew and TIea. e urry won prizes The' Pennsylvania tourist society ored at a luncheon Thursday at the
.-, ,,'iR, :o. '_. tot Nigl score. Members of the won the prize In, :.old. while9 the sec- IBRIDU: TEA Mayflower inn, given by the former SURPRISE PARTY
',. * O'"" .w'%a. ,." O T B H H HH H H H Fortihnlghtly-clb -and other friends and prize.was awarded to the mccreT The Sorea o.e.iot1e wyas ie scene of students of Sulltns bo are In this Friends of Elner E. Rowe of War-
~. . ^ were guests of Miss Sterling. t.ary of the eOhoisociety. Mrs. Rhoda a deli htful bridge tea the past .week s ty. Mrs. Stone is a guest at bhe qaw, N. Y.. Msntred, him. WJtha ae d et
-i #.i ,. .---- Vog if this city won two attractive when Mrs. Henry 1. Haley of .s Alexander hotel during her stay In lghfut surprise party day ve
6fttsldfe n fr'jage Ohan) MISS FIELD HOSTESSSS prizes on the raffle'. Moines I.. entertained St. Petersburg. Thirteen former stu- ning at the Soeeno hotel.
ytiale fere! .sotalsilap w before mewo- bidu e"e.."S MIs ary Field was hostess 'to The south side of the mezzanine dents were present. Many games erpled ding
bia;.4 fthe lm. Bdiat family, and be clb Tuesday evening EA floor was prettily decorated for the the evin and the ets _a- ~t~p~a deihflat 'her home 921 Sixth avenue 'north.ER 4 TAforwnptl'deradfrth
bSater.wAse r ted>on a t deUlightful at heT home 2al Sixth avenue nor Mrs. Delmar Miller gave one of occasion, where tables *were ar- MRS. CLARK ENTERTAINS song specially" written for the occa-
Wbas served battle Prncess Three tables were arraigned for the most attractive and enjoyable ranged for bridge. Dainty refiexh. The Phell hotel was the scene. of qlon 'by Norman :. Bown entitled
taialt.'/'. .... dauhte bridge i the"ig room bwhicho bridge teas of the past week at the ments wve'e served. after whlt a card party Tuesday afternoon "Elmer Rowe's a Jelly Good Fel-
L.4 ft .s$ Cisttie.daughter of decorated with oing blossoms. Mocking ird.tea room. pries were awarded to the six high when Mrs. Hr Clark of Columbu low." Thirty friends were present
a31.: iftiA the,,A. Uhl. who Mtel-first prize for M beth sore, and the The tablefesi were nioaSt effective e t scores, who were Mesdamess Atell Ohio, entertained friends at bridge at this enjoyable occasion.
nW a t#0diak tWe, mason: at pe copsoltlon went to Miss Virginia with a profusion of spring flowers Webster, Chprles B. TLee, .J. E. Pou- -.---
W'at, ake Waies. The couplSihe A day at.nan o urs a rn tttlg arranged. After a number tre, Edna. ]yder, W. W. Walker i
li',ft'1, a. two Wote ka, tripI to Cuba. Smith. A. daliity,salad 'course ueal' .... .. .............
t for, a twro- f .ren .Cubaa. served by the lostess. .. of htMpds were played prizes were (rNm -..I .....

r>,' t(8 ielBai cerecmatony. wer give weekB^ by'^ Mias~fteia Cdynn watteChares 'Cot.Ptenrsbur.. a rnd crs. E n. '\/r ., I^^________
The club will bIe entertained this awarded'to Mrs. 0. 0.. Rouei-f. Mts ht \ a L !y
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ S w-eek b:y, bis,,.*V'ei.. C"Rbdy at the Charles'-'ottfng'h~ur'. and Mrs. E hWi ftl ,
.' GS pO...SSna 'H Wolfrum. A ilainty salad course e ayg i-air r te
ir..,a6d'Mrs. l..D .'WeVer of the wit. 'B was served aer the games. Tenn EXCELLENCE
'/"' teit' .mhoteL entertained their ... B'MPL OYESF7ETED guests enjoyed the hospitality. of .. I
"i.' a. mid t' folends. ata a m. The employes bf' the Soreno hotel Mrs. Miller. fo C T constantt E
64.'_ m4$cra s. grar o con listing were eatertained with' enjoyable SHo Io LUecNCes-. h rsm o .
cst 0 eCodst'uma. Ball the pAs.week. An In! SHtRNE LUNCHEONw ek A n
.. .1ata auereaetatlonsweregven cereal ng event of e w t W vin Cl
I' uo.tig a di t re ts en h evening wagoe The Snwt Petersburg Shrine clubd .d Ct nur ng
M _.,l.fe 'e e aiiye r- OetCharlestbn contest..The winner gavet'one of 4he most enjoyableavi brin
: .. wm4 presented :wit~h an 'etlraect Ive luicheons df the- past week at the ".
01 ., ro o 'prize. Prizes weBe also given for Vinoy Park hotel. honoring the o . .. t a i
5' 'M..J.8Daond r ----the'mOat o-iglnal-'customs, and noise Imperial Potenates. Twenty tbree ,
"' .D on Maniouth makers. and favorsD played a great members 'were present. l u
.4", ftp",hostess- at an attracthie ,part ittht ejoyment' oftthis occa- rn
.r rty Wednesday evening st on. '" PHEIL 'AIrAEY
: th e par'ty e.s-w .teo pa-t n t ejyen of th oc- w ft -in al thongs
. aI Six tuesta wr. h The gdests'at the Phetl hotel -and- muscaI is to be
P Aresent ES.E PARTY AT INOY their friends enjoyed a bridge and
'Th VRoy'Park hotel lss,#ltays 500 'party Tuesday evening.
le seno hoteled wanth s lo Afas r n s ta delightful dineand dance. Winners in cards inclu4ed AMlis s found here.
n:.: y. p retya lho ns Th utr. .sday e n at- MSParty of thi -kind given the pst darollse Sperling of Bangor. .Ate.
irrst.;protty luncheons Thursday af- week was that of'Mr. andf Mrs.'A- E. who won first prize for bridge fo 4
.. rSo:t .Among those entertainlnga Hanover. Their "gless includes Mr. ladii while He.M "Vught of Ro he- There is no Cr i in
niit'grou s of frends were': Mrs. ,apddirs. .Ir.'apd Mrs. The is "no guesswork
D. W.l:iams Jr., Rtchmobrd,"'nd.; Sherry Fish. Mr. and Mrs.' Fred r
lirs. V. Van Genten, Montolair.. N. Coberry, Air. and Mrs. oseph C $1 ti" $ abqut the fitting oI our A hear the super-
3' Mr S'. ai-imth Tmp n- dard,S -r. and Mrs. F, Sutton. Mr. '. Y Uw va
S trtiped Mr..a nd Mrs. W. l..' Stahl eand DIr. CJ"t rr* Mrs: A. F. Wood shoes--A large Xray.. ma-
I Lor" party of six; C. 11. arier of
T60. Te party of fou r; 'V. Me- e a t oS FEchine ihthe store show's the
: t~Cai of New' York, 'party -o jour: ,L AOne of the mqst'ejoe yabf cardt "o h. a
r n d. J. R. M aarsh of StGllivani nd.. Littleh'Miss Katherine LyneI Overstreet, daughter of Mr. parties th past, eek was that given foot in the'shbe--There is I r *h-ad
S partyo of our: got A. fDotwnward of and ls. L. L. Overstreet, 510 Fifth avenue'north, one of the by the Ladles qf.tihe Mea when they no gueswora ,- O.ur new Tecntt-- c
ro. ort o fo uBraw Youngest Charleston dancers in the state, who Bresented song T ontt urig dwBaldwin i
of WilkeN-Barre Pa., pnuoik U lioure o a --f0' Sg women a demanded by present styleA In bob-'
r. Draper- of Now orand dance numbers at the United Officers' Oversees club all line of'e bed hair, slowly bums the color.
'irty af four I at thie Vinoy Park hotel Wednesday evening, winning wide Ittstre and very life from the hair,'
I Praise. Miss Ov'erstreet recently moved to' St. Petersburg COLOR. IT NEW WITH ,,/shoes :i attractive. leaving It dry, faded, brittle, and full
SBRIDGE; LUNCHEON from Jackson, tississipi,--Photo byD FrankliD. of dandruff; then, the hair roots.
14 .,rs..J. S. Dawson and Mrs. F. W. Sl~tf-103 71*1
!J Mrb.J. R, gave a delightful bridge "DIA DYES Twent shrink and the hair falls out fast.d
4~N WAnliynL *a Isngnu s W iriwe requred Since grirs just mupt curl and
luchpbaog the paast week at the Mock- parties the past week. One of inter- table centered with a hewn of spring ed i saaraco ur we the hair to apper their prett,-
Ing-. lrd, tea. room. The luncheon est was that of birs. Felton honoring flowers and alter' the luncheon anteed Not Inrrious to hair. "I. Mothers sturdy dst. try 'Dauderlne" to offset any
tablefls centered.with a low basa-Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gibqo 'or bridge was enjoed on the Mezzan- Just Dip to Tint or Boil :00 t Offce hour. bad effects. After the first applica-
kt of different 'colored spring flow- Youngstown. Ohio. Among those ins.: shoes for the youngsters tion your hair will take on new life
re and aspai-aius fern. Dainty present were Mrs. Edmond Powe Ito Dye ReSTLE L S se fo th resyounster and that healthy. youthful lust-e. ,
atnd-painted place cards marked the and Miss erre Nademus are ENTERTAINS FRIENDS NS E'ATT here. becoming Incomparably soft, wavy
S plees of 10 gets. spending the season at the Boca Miss Nattalee Sterling honored Eacht l cen. LANOIL PROCESS 'and appear twice as thick and abun- O
r Ciega inn. Miss Mary Stinson of Mt. Vernon. package contains t 'hole Head 510 and a tw asT tuc s ad d
det Filn hai step: i
MRS. OGDEN UOSTEk5 I lad., and Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. directions so 'i km Fl h slp a d *f\a
Mrs. Samuel V. Ogden, 53s0 Fourth H[ a w M Addingten's Permanent druff disappears. S U .
Mr- tamue W. Ogde n 530t Fourdtshoo Marelefev Shoptda oerud L~ ir C iO ^ 1^^- 1/\\ A 3 n botl of refreshin
i n.: Wreet north. was hostesp at the tb- Mrs.-.C. R. Ladback. who is a tint soft. del- Marel Vave Shop A 5cent botle of refreshing
mo hotel Thursday a-eroon at a guest at the Vinoy Park hotel for Classes in Correction te shades or dye 218 4h Street North "Dande'ine" from any drug store or veryth i

nuohoelThusdy f ternoo at ~L abv N REASO sh ades. Bor GH dye Dia Stylish t oSi les, couter wilt o wonder -for.- -'
Celightful htidue luncheon. Covers the Beason, honored eight of r of m c rich. permane L TILLINGHAST any countrls wi do wonders tor
Were laid for 34.guests i n the palm friends the past week with a lunch colors In lingerie r, grated ris the an 2 4 4
S om. The table was beautifully dec- eon at the kotel. Every Tuesdfy and Friday 7:30 silks, ribbon 1 Feet Filter rths I te ni shes a i
td wit three large bIaskets iled P. Special rate to both adults skirts wats 421 entra to grow nethick, healthy and luxuri-t.
with varicolored flowers. Attract PHEIL PARTY and children, d r4essetS to intcoats e aotc, h d u '
fyo f and place cards-marked the Guests and their invited friends First evening for each person stockings, sweat ant.- .Adv.
plac6 of. each guest. Aet'therlunch- were entertained at a card party free of charge. ersm draperies.
eon, bridge wan enjoyedii, on the mez- Monday morning at the Phell hotel. coverings, hang-
ENTETAIN CLU Dr. Etha Marion Ingea every.
BRIDO E ta Mrs. Reba Mueller entertained the o neean veBuy Diamond Dyes n- no other
SMrs. J. R. Voght city.. Save a de- members of the Twentieth Century Hazel L. Jones kind-and tell your druggist whether a
.'ilattrl,bi'dge~teathe past week at club last week at an attractive lun- 459 2nd Ave- North the material you wish to color Is
tbon Soreno, hotel ftoa ja~nmber of cheon at the Browning tea room.*rl eiy cm w oponl or silk. or whether It Is linen,
Iflrjds., Five, tab]s 'were -in, play 'Ten members were present, com onx or mixed goods.
o$ ie hortheat -side -of the mezza-- PAT_____________
.', nine.' Refrdshmepote were served at- 13RTDGE_________PARTY_____
utt tasame. Among the many parties given I ,
Monday at the Serene hotel was
A" ENTERTAIN TEAMS that df Mrs. R. H. Bryson, who Is
qTh e iTI TEoys an'l~f tebse-a guest at the Wigwam hotel.IOL -
'" b ')' tea ndms of the North Ward skool Guests were seated at one round .OE D
: er'entetand the past week by e i t n
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Belze at their
home, E. 525 Eighteenth' avenue
Miss Huldar Simpson, Mrs. Gertrude
Gamble, James 'Gara and Miss Fan-
Die Boswell were guests Invited to 'I
ez y the pleasure with the boys and ',
girs. F,
Many games and Contests were car-
ried 'on during the evening and at-/"
tractive prizes were awarded to Miss
Vtfrgnla Wilson, Ted Sharp, Pauline V
tittelier, Selma Dint, George Can- Kathatrine Veach
ling. Herbert Jones and Roland
Wood. V I I I I s
Selma Dent and Marshall Beize ,jr.. ederat S o
captatns of the teams, were present- 16 Setand St. North L II
ed with miniature gold basketballs (Hotel Detroit Bldg.)
by the members of the teams. De-'
liclots refreshments were served by BAR
the'hostess., assisted by Mrs. T. W. I 01
Roberts and'Mrs. Elsie Knight. Lamps. Glass. Pottery.
Hooked Rug Materials.
PARTIES AT INN Needle Points, Beads.
7'he Boes Csga inn. Gulfport, was Stalnped Goods, Yarns.
t..he asene of mnai. in.;,rmal dinner


)I ~ ~~"Smartly Individual" Apti: !

) Describes These Lovely Frocks ?

S n a y S e c ia Above-ONE REASON" WHY SHoES .BoT.IG AT Stylish Stout Sizes, 36V2 to 46 ",' .f
THE WA-LK-OVE-R BOOTERY. TAMPA. FrIT. Trhey Women's Sizes I8 to 44 '' V,
fit because we get the accurate size af your feet tiy 4.Misses' Sizes 14 to 18,":i
Every Sunday We Place on Sale a Regular =' mean of the Faootograph chart and then select the 1'
60c Quart Brickc *poe hefo~u ~ tc fWl-vrSos For days we have' been planning this wonderful frotk event. Great( :'=#,
f fleffort was put forth to procure the finest 'modes possible that they :,2
3 9 c~~cta makes a last for every known type of, might be featured in this Easter showing at a very modest figure-- ":.,
'Poinetti.a.U.. foot. Trained shoe fitters find the and now they are here, all lovely, Paris inspired frocks--first re-
type you need and give you the correct shoe. moved from their tissue paper wrappings. Scores of them--dozens,
Ice Cream- ,Come over the Candy bridge to Tampa and find. ofdfeetsye- o e pigvogue approves. /ii;

Ion Drug d epton ar the Le foot comfort and shoe satisfaction at the WALK- Khe' materials are excellent quality-their details are smartening .
K to n Phr ma e hOVER BOOTERY. and individualizing. There are styles very simple and very elabor-
9Keyston Pharmae y TOI['a Iate; smartest of Springtime colorings. S= rr e
291 Ninth Street, Northi I ........... "'The Hou'e Of Personal Service"\

I 1,


K6 Pn
T.PEtEk El IJ Se't


Aviator Drowned Mat

OPENS I 0.ccqr4- brue neest know aimn,
r7U AM ra~0 Geeea drowned in e thele Paraa rverwhe
dt~I ,,ffbJctn treat from th anle ot~ t~o hisek~~ seaplan crahe wbpe a, ele

11ato ofiO itra~# ~~a n r50uir #555tmt* ~
a" ,In chs it- according to1 MrlW fo ra e Foy J
-d V~ro __________ nee political altuaa bee tlrie dito~ '4yi the sincete Mach16

on CetralAvet~e wh proltthe bruisoted Ian4 the cra sshwic wa.e
]? A TSM arh 2 .-T e l nge-,o e s~ ys n Pars t e g eat r d claedt o ben d ue to. ma otor te roub e. CA L Ita e tt~
is-e the imprssio not. onlyr tha ther drift awa from Lo-. Lieuenan Page wa e fahe y A
ofoisms mred u that Ameica interprtation ofithi oguzvetb f Mp1ajor Z an' woeed
10aou agee en har beee fari~ tooP opiimise4 und hav tede th se d i Akra4 i
abecanddt fo th ororo' p~ne cnvn
n ndu eten t gil- t he haactr f afinl ettemnt-ge tina to- up ai d flight b plnnd toec A109CO1 t
hatt-p~ dis~a impesiv at fferencee of isa #4
vpintioa1cI between Brti aed Franc and also bev e Frne der, Frno.e Ove thtls bcp
it I h pA~ o i t~es deisn ofnt the realts meaning of thei~n pacthi co 'to'~)'hu'
Jrt0tti vt~~gmanern o 9U 9tc urt q.lme~ *~ o ite weos sawi~ it very th~ a y ha
Lq4 in giin rr1c securityste ~ 63 0 e~ ppe t ~i~4 o ~i~ ttl nvm i frtesa~ salba pIn-bl Indi. T l pTint alatmpsw u
mVo a reur toa norma theton Ao far ttwO Zrp constbolidatiy ofngow Sk peaceiptoam inu thet ly, lae ti pac w er te n
"wee the9.I tw arpaitt rial .sb6'~ s~ dwt i sbp
b an Euopj t enth Frnch ar eescen V I aIT yI e I T Y up ny
rthe rIs for andw dlmaa[?s The k. ~ay ptiid cas

tha Terracstriusthn t hk e N
71 aseasO eeywee sR ale Estat Bon avry offica i sy11( Qan td ayt nggap
14~~~~~e thoftha9e adsil~or g
tf spri of Loeiitai This~ upiit Sant thFrkaT e
an~~~t i -it mean anyt ing se m p we f l v n er a y o be en '

= ,,temperT~irhaer and thrt all4 Pate dtelo SLe and thti ed'o onentw-
meLORD fratl orst fartm Penacol bee
t~~~~~oS Peteac werelr Prepared. tho givea French now~ th t he av a Oe 1 e
#!rnc to K y Wet a erok ng f r
yt0 s m n er r t t o .m n, g a a t e o F renc In eg it wa rd to t ah e co i g of uW. er re m er ca
'wiliel that~ It will tudottapl esnta hyd o'eiv r opHer tyn wi begin hi itnrr y Wipot~hte
4k wset surede*d e fre Marchnt a2 Hnahr eAbgo en wolln u pt Pee n s out yia- ,soev ~
adequat toigagtwi Gemay o~I)( lf bepledU erz n. Ee w a
do ih u, bann ayra h Teutonic stat had rite to4 t. co la or ti a steetin onM rc 3.

11acreasing~~lIL~l restvene see, as Gebetve o emn
acos westerna~ Florida ton te
,*srs B rh ei n ewu s ourfn th e~ N e l c C ns d r dSa te Ab r oad ath a n, ganp hir alY
- ~ r re a i n th B rt s see m~p In~c thye distance is aah B u l r M e ed t of the~te
;ob ihgtercn une- A th moetthn't ere Ia Th Veeincirce finsaeIth vintyoTrpnS ragda n Itterar tamo1tcal uede
markt Elateexeiicy in France to o- or 20 Zmeetings in pacs man ay.lan h5Iid('
ftrouant ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ purps toteLcroudr sdr h osb ftefraio IEE P R SG h ii or wnt~ b eInS.Ptrbrma g ~ng. In
-.tot~t Geran In too tbeem aeiu~ Inm 'of05 somtts blck Obviously Itly C Op O p ra iv A p a tm nt Mac 9'oasr
Oftelage u Wt htth it.k net adPln are,. A M thU e WO JRRYTeS V E RUSSI Ofies ad mmeso.te8 tg o
_____isGrmncmngitoterncit______pcl4ofGr-H cito~malng~ withav anoporuntyo
MOSOW Sfleach s2plmeeJepeg n-te bearns be(0 lo ngte e to ~dthe r MteAso thir sh
P1 am ll mo e I mda t~el concer4t ned lee BE LI, Ma irc 27'Te alay orm-e
Prp rdthcfp h u h n F an e u h ifclisi n~ otalo ktie q nt eG raLhe h es o h aiiain b h While tw l lb eImp si ble fo an m i n
si ua io a I i a d s ar t e ay of th f rm t on of su h a my fo ms a at er of gr ve (,it E uidi g f he be utfuly d F orda at os h re of su li ht an C un il Of pep- C mr is xs o t te to mt t it e ch bo rd y t he wh re d


Sci Ten



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rtinds Oportuniy-in Flinda to Do Rare'




/ ** es .
C 0. 9pson Sees Ned of
S M F e Exhibitions Here;

S s Real Art ColOny

:. OSTERING a broad and
', ,. deep love fir the arts in
i'St. Petersburg is the aim of the
; little artist group of citizens
whb.realize the value of m4i-
h p b .e city's appreciation of
l,.y s keep pace with its mar-
"o. Vlbo growth along more .conm-
m" r'47 lines.
I- -. tt group of persons who
hv.'- e a visionn of, the beautiful and
-'M pn~iductioU always before them I.
".'.'O.Copoqip, an Muglish artist, who
,': akes hts hope in Pasadena, where
J .b produces 'dally art objects of
V'Vt" .'/II, both purely decorative and
if.' Useful in type.
:. It Isa joy to alk with Mr. Cop-
*'i ,gl;i 1o keen Is : a appreciation of
:, 4rt and so broad his hope of placing
Af. t advantages In the reach of young
I,,,' people in lt. Petersburg who show
S lan aptitude foi any line of anrt work.
c". AA art school, a lne arts building
s.'' ad frequent public exhibitions of
'.',.., work done by the city's artists.
S..' whether they have "arrived" artis-
ltAlWy or not. Is Mr. Copson's hope
,..for*tho future, ad' he sees no rea-
ion why ethis future should be too
-lobe postponed.
T.. he Unusual House
S. .Of gray stucco with many case-
meat windows, Mr. Copson's artistic
.. house stands at Seventy:seventh and
||*. veVith avenue north.' and has many
':- tausutal features, especially In the
,': latns1rid', which w:.. planned In de-
ll. tall by the artist, wio did much of
: !,the actual decorative work.'
II;., Walls are left K soft gray, while
7 the stairway, mituch of the wood, The mantel and base boards
: are in deep red, with fine lines of
Black, The effect is very unusual.
.* most startling, and is probably the
s. ofly interior of its kind anywhere in
F,, lorida.
.. .One. of the most noteworthy feat-
; urea of the living room Is the tile
'' rk about the fire place, a frame
f. for the dpeni flames tat is both
I'', n otly and very lovely In its Intrl-
aW. Cate aMd delicate beauty. The paint-
I g Is done' upon white' tiles and pic-
tures cupids and garlendi, very
ameab figurea that, filtered together.
ti. .B a complete picture. The screen
S, the Are place Ia also Mr: Cop-
'.. B'mer' ahd has two brilliant
..".tt. "-Atst Florida landabape.
*< :i ,hymtel are three of the
;SS 1P wmff to valued pass aslotm,
tfr ....t ,W royal. Woreastrr pore-
Yl' 'ifi,-Wh he brought from England
.t', pid" decorated himself. The ground
y~ 'Ade green with decorative oval
".' paills. These are never to be "for
sal"' ew and are being kept inthe
';' fatilly as heirlooms
' English China
:g ftllsh china in- many of the fa-
y" mode makes abounds in the house.
most, of it decorated by Mr) Copaon
l'ii.. at vtrjous times. Among the pieces
ii' are fld etched plates with centers
; in vry tiny French figures, show-
L''" ng.the nicety of the artist's work.
'", On the walls are examples of
fpalatUngs showing the wide variety
of Mr. Copson's ability. and his great
versatility. Among them are tlree
in oil, which are done in the old
Flemish style and In iCaborate detail.
T'.. hey are of flowers in the formalni
arrangements favored by the Fleip-
lab masters and cue includes a pea-
i, cook of great lovllness. These axe
S valued at $150 eadb.
The largest painting is a copy
", of "The Lady and The Helmet,"'
s., after J. C. Hook. which hangs In
the National Gallery. London. This
picture was made while Mr. Copson
'. was in london and when he was
quite a lad, and shows his early
ability with the brush. It is an oil
with splendid I color and Interesting
New Lamp Shades
:: Mr., Copson is naturally an artist
'. of the flowers. He like to paint them
.. in their natural beauty and Wlso to
conventionalize them for decorative
S purposes. ie is at present putting
i' them upon lamp shades, which he Is
., making himself and which have a
soft beauty that is pleasing and
flattering. The mqaterial which he
Is tiusing for his shades and the
entire activity "is in the ex-
x,,i i ..nmentar stage," according to the
"": Most unusual is the charming copy
S of Landseer's "Caviller's Pets,"
S whichb'hangs over the fire place'This
.. Is a copy, of the original, now In
London. Bid has been achieved by
S Mr. Copson upon a china plack.
S In the Oudle
Too the person who enjoys
0 'udlos the one at the top of the
red and black staircase is overflow-
ting With interest. At present Mr
Copsobi is working upon an oil study
*' O Illlant red poppies, a good sized
'.. V can'Vrs that reflects the beauty of an
old garden. For ',ntrast, the artist
has used old fashioned snow balls.
whictf. In another picture, are
happily combined with lilacs so
realistic that they recall, almost with
i ..,. perfume, childhood dayfi in grand-
. mother's delightful yard.
A I"I like to do landscape best! said
the artist, vsho has in his collection
"/' of studies; water colors of hits of
Paris, Venice and California.. He
.'. has traveled' 'widely andi brought
away with6 him in every case. much

of nIe 1l1 AndU 'oIor of city and

I. 2r I* I -

-Times Photos by Gasquet
/ 1
1. English pottery, decorated by C. 0. Copson and valued at $500. 2. The ,London Artist, who has built a home in Pasadena, working at liis easel. S. Copy on china of Lsndeeer's "Caviller'a s ets," the work of Mr.
Copson. "4. Decorated pottery, a study in roses and original copies of "The Spectator," among the artist's treasure-. 5. A Florida landscape painted by Mr. Copson.

is doing for the Kohler.Potterles of
.St. Petersburg. He has been assoqiat-
iO *ith this concern for home time,
.doing decorative pieces s for the vases,
lamps and other pottery which Is one
of the city's picturesque industries.
OnCeof the possessiotis of the Copson
family, whict Will shortly be a lamp,
fs a lovely piece of Persian enamel, all
hafid work, which Mr. Copson brought
from Paris.
Bird life has also been studied by
this artist who has made some life-
like studies in oil of the blue beron.
This bird Is very hard to paint, since
he Is so shy, but Mr. Copson has sev-
eral flte Studies of him in various
poses. Just how he persuaded the
- retiring and beautiful bird to "lsit" for
him Is one of the secrets of the crl'aft.
Panels In Cify Homes
Beauty and Individuality has been
added to many public buildings And
privan residences by Mr. Copson,
espeelally In the way of hand decor-
ated tiles. In the show room of the
Crescent Tile Co. this, his work. Is
displayed and shows the'ability of the
man to paint delicate roses, great
ships and Interesting birds and fig-
In the home of John McCutcheon
in Pasadena there are three of Mr.
Copson's tiles, all of Holland scenes.
In the lovely Dupont home there Is a
decorative panel of Florida scenery
and in the extensive Kirk residence,
Mr. Copson has done a great Spanish
galleon In hand painted tiles. The
Owl Electric Shop and others In
buildings in the business district have
tiles painted by this-artist.
Mrs. Copson's "Job"
During the artist's Interview for
The Times, he was gently reminded
of this and that interesting bit by
Mrs. Copson, a smiling woman with
white lair who loves everything
beautiful and Is the ideal complement
for so ardent an artist as Mr. Copson.
"And your part In this creative
work?" Mrs. Copqon was asked.
She laughed. "0, I just criticise,"
she admitted. "That Is my job. You
see, Mr. Copso$ has his head In the
clouds so much that he needs some-
one to tell him what the public will
buy, whdt It wants. After all, artists
have to live, you know."
Coming to this country over 80
years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Copson went
to Grand Rapids, MIch., where the
artist was associated with the furni-
ture people in decorating French fur-
niture of the Louls XV type. For 10
years he was with the Oriel Cabinet
Co. He camA direct from London,
where be lived most of his life and
was associated with such famous pot-
teries as Mision's, Doulton's and also
with the house of Raphael Tuck &
From Grand Rapids he came down
to Florida, stayed here in St. Peters-
burg for a time and then went to the
Pacific coast, where a son and a
daughter now reside. Cdmlng back to
Pt. Petersburg and Ihat subtlee
southern charm." which Mr. Copson
admits In largely indefinable, the
Copsons built their home out In Pasa-
dena and invested money in city real

Club Leader Will Give Series of Talks THREE YEARS

In St. Petersburg 'Starting on Tuesday

Mrs. Myrtis .Hodges of New q
York Will Lecture for t
Woman's Club :7 .

W OMAN'S CLUB of St. Pe-
tersburg has engaged
.Mrs. Myrtis Hodgers of New
York City and Standford Uni-
versity, Calif., who is spending
the winter here, to give a se-
ries d'f Tuesday morning lec-
tures. Three lectures will be
included upon the subject,
"The Scientific and Spiritual
Value and the Practical Appli-
cation of Color;" four lectures
on "The Philosophy of Bal-
zac" and four mornings dce-
voted to "Modern and Ancient
Row the leader of the Institute of
Progression in New York city and
active for over 15 years In public
work, Mys. Hodges isiwell qualified.
The New York school stresses the,
truth from the absolute standpoint.
It is a non-sectarian center of pure
religion and science.
Mrs. Hodges has lectured unidet
the auspices of women's clubs, na-
ture clubs, psychology clubs asd New
Thought societies all over the coun-
try. She has been qon the lecture
platform for the past 15 years. Much
of the time she has been at Stanford
University, California, where as the
wife of the resident architect and
under the most favorable conditions
for study and association with many
of the greatest minds of the day, she
finished her studies and opened up
her (lasses in "The Science of Be-
Ing." Her studies In evolution under
the noted biologist, Dr. David Starr
Jordan, opened her eyes, she declar-
ed, to the great truths of life, but
from pure science she turned to the
study of the Bible and religions. Her

sliould be sought and carried out to
utilize the art of those who have abil-
ity and already live in St. Peters-
burg. This would be the foundation
of a future reputation of this sort for
the city.
"I would suggest that resident ar-
tists be given a chance, and that'some
sort, of institution be established for
the teaching of the decorative arts, of
painting and of the commercial
branches of art, too. We know that
at its present stage the development
of art appreciation makes are for
art's sake Impossible except as an
avocation. An artist must turn his
talents to earning unless he has an
Independent Income.
Exhibitions Needed '
"Then artists should come to know
one another and to see one another's

',iBut- pottery Interests me also City Has Art Future work. Everyone should be encour-
How '* you like this?" "The material here Is abundant for aged to bring his offering to a public
The large va&e which he has Just the creation of an art center," said exhibition to be held here in the city
S decorated for the baso of a lamp Is Mr. Copson, speaking with an un- at least four times a year, perhaps
S unusual in both design in color. Thi mistakable Binglish accent, and lean- oftener, It seems to me. This would
S tree of Florida have.,been cleverly Ing back in his studio chair, his white give the needed encouragement for
adapted to the contour of the curved hat askew Just why hc should wear Ihe growth of art appreciation.
surface, and Mr. Copson has dioge a white canvas hat while painting "There Is a lack of community ef-
S soWuelhing In color tlia. is momnl indoors. Mr. Copson Is unable to ex- fort along artists here that could Be
unique and pleasing. All tones are plain. It must be Just plain artistic eliminated. I think the people who
I' n browns, reds and yell,'ks. with icm.i-rment faking a new course, have the interest of art at heart
s ome sofb itreens, anll the glaze In "The exhibits of eighth grade draw- should get together, regardless of .tn-
r canary marks something new in Ings In the schools convinces me that lion or Iheir ability as ;irtsis,. so
.. aftloivemnt of pottery finish, there is plenty of material to be de- that everyone mi'lit hatve un cqual
;t his pottery deeBertlen.Mr. Copson veloped," he contlnutd. "Some means chance."

S . . '
I. . . .. ,

Mrs. Myrtis Hodges of New York City and Stanford University,
Calif., who will deliver series of lectures under the auspices of the Wb-
man's club of St. Petersburg. "The Scientific and Spiritual Value of The
Practical Application of Color," "The Philosophy of Balzac" and "Modern
anid Ancient Philosophy," are her subjects.

interpretation of Genesis and presen-
tation of the New Testament is illu-
minating, Inspiring and shows (he
unity of science and religion.
While in New York city Mrs.
Hedges assisted in the establishment
of the Manhattan'Health society, be-
ing chairman of the organization
committee, also being lecturer for the
Institute of Progression.
Mrs. Hodges is one oP the found.
ers of the Stanford Faculty-WVom.
an's club and was also a charter
member of the Palo Alto Woman's
club. She presented a month's course
of lessons n "'.'The Science of Be-
ing" to the Woman's club of Loara-
mie, Wyo., and has lectured to rpsy-
chology and metaphysical clubs in
many states in the union.
During the summer of 1921 she
conducted a summer school at Port-
land, Me, under the auspices of ihe
Portland Psychology association and
this past summer was spent In Bos-
ton, where she gave lessons In color.
Bible Inierpretallon. science of bring
oand philosophy under iho ausrlresa
of the Metaphysical club.
Her lecture work has carried her
into Sal' Lake City. Utah; Lpramlc.
Wyo.: Cincinnati, Ohio; Washing-

ton, .D. C., and in many of the New
Engfland states.
Among the well.known people who
have endorsed Mrs. Hodges are Dr.
David Starr Jordan, president eme-
ritus of Stanford University, Cali-
fornia: Dr. Charles D. Gardner.
chaplain, Stanford University, Cali-
fornia; Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, pres-
ident of Stanford University; Rev
Thomas Parker Boyd, rector of St
Paul's Episcopal church. San Fran-
cisco*. president of the Emanuel clinic
of that city: Miss Mary Garreit Hay,
president of the Womnn's City club
of New York city; Dr. F. Montgom-
cry Smith, assistant of surgery,
Flower hospital, New York: Rev
Elizabeth 'Towne., editor of Nautilus
and past president of the Interna-
tional New.Thought Alliance; Will-
tam Spener. president of the hoard
of directors. Brooklyn Psychology
club. Brooklyn. N.I Y.; William Mc-
Qeough, president Portland Psychol-
oay association. Portland, Me.

Folding compatily, an easy chnir
for campers has a back that Is sup-
ported agr..nt a Ires or suspended
from ,an ',n'.'cnriient object and fabric
[cops for arms.


t&La.,.- s.~ .- S.


Young Italian Songstress
Gains Pinnacle in
Short Time

Copyright, 1026. by UTni ersal Service
NEW YORK, March 27.-To para-
phrase the phhosopher, some are
born to fame and success, others
achieve It. These words came to
myv mind recently while I was listen-
ing to Duzolina Olanninl during her
recent concert here. Gianninl has
youth and presence, but above all,
that divine gift of the -fods, a beauti-
ful voice which In the short span of
three years has won acclaim for her
both throughout this country and
abroad. In a few months she leaves
for England, Germany and Austria
for a series oF concerts before start-
ing another busy season in America.
Yet just three years ago this
month she was on probation. Un-
heralded, almost unannounced, she
won recognition overnight when she
substituted at short notice for an in-
disposed singer at a concert-given
by the Schola Cantorum, and her
way has been triumphant ever since.
Glannint Is an American by birth,
hailing frond Philadelphia. Her pa-
rents were both musical and well
known in their native land. Italy.
They gave their daughter her early
training .and in 1919 she became one
of Marcoela Sembrich's pupils. It
was under her auspices '.hat she was
launched upon the perilous waters of
the musical profession.
It was with keen regret that I saw
Schindler take his baton in hand for
the last time. For seventeen years
he has worked intelligently and
painstaking with this grorp of sing-
ers and under his leadership they
have attained an ePxcellent and
unique place in musical annals as
he piloted them through the Intri-
cacies of Gregorian chants, folk
songs and Liturgical- music. But
Schindler has other duties next sea-
son. ar a incidentally I hear that In
the meantime he will conduct that
fascinattlg gypsy, Raquel Meller,
whom Ray Gotetz has at last per-
snaded to come to New York as a
spring tonic.
The faculty of the Curtis Institute
In Philadelphia goes to great pains to
gain distingulshed members to the
august body. Deems Taylor Joined
them last autumn, and now I hear
that Emilio de Gorgoza has become
one of the instructors. His teaching
is confined to thrb. days a seek'
leaving him free to fulfill his concert
engagements. A polished singer In
his own right, he has the added dis-
tinction of being the husband of Em-
ma Eames, who in turn is the aunt
of the talented and stately Clare of
stage renown.
Clarence Mackay, whose sympa-
thetic and practical support has been
the mainstay of many an organiza-
tion, has Ik-en signalled out for hon-
or by Her Majesty, the Queen of the
Netherlands. She has conferred
upon him the cross of an officer of
the order )f Urange Nassau in honor
of his untiring efforts In behalf of
Dutch music an.'J musicians.
SIn addition to his duties as chnir-
man of the Philharmonic aoi:,elt,
Mr. Mackay takes an ncllve part in
the manaugL-m-nnt of the Metiupollan
Ojera House. Hi..hrm,? i 1he rnn-
de.szvous of Ihe leading musicians of


Organization Backs civic
Betterment; Membership
-, Includes. -Prominent Men

A ILWAYS living up to the club
-. motto of "He who profits most
serves best," the St. Petersburg
Rotary club has in the six years
since Its inception been Instrumental
in originating and carrying out nu-
meroas pibjects for the betterment
and advancement of the city.
Robert Waldon Is president of the
club; Bayatd S8. Cook, vice-preal-
dent; W. I. Watson, treasurer and
Bradford A. .Lawrence, Jr., secre-
tary. The'board of directors In com-
poqed of the officers and the t6I-
lowinr g-members: Ed T. Lewis, A.
,F, Lang, T. A. Chancellor. John D.
Harris, James D. Bourne, Jr.. and
Byrd Latham.
The Rotaryclub was the first to
sponsor city planning for St. Peters-'
burg and it was a committee from
the Rotary club, headed by -Guy
Shepard. which drafted the city's
first city planning ordinance.
The club financed the Boy Scouts
organization Its first year in St.
Petersburg And has taken an active
Interest In the association ever since.
Rotarians assisted In getting
Waterfront park for a city park and
In putting the athletic field there in
In 1923 the local club entertained
the district convention of Rotary
clubs at an enthusiastic meeting.
DuriAg the past year about 40 un-
derprivileged boys were sent to the
regular Boy Scout and T. M. C. A.
summer camr. In Hllisborough
co t y, the club paying all their ex-
It assisted in the support of the
children's home In Jacksonville bY
giving a large donation for Its dona-
At Thankygivi'a and Christmas
the club gives holiday cheer to nu-
merous needy families of the city .
sending them basket dinners and
helping In other material ways to
ai1e-ta-e -n0su-rer0ng tea


Progress Is Made

In Developing New

Country Club Area

TAMPA. March 27. Progress
made during the past four months, in
the development of Tamnpa's North
Side Country Club Area, $20,000,000
project of the B. L. Hamner Organi-
zation, has been the outstanding fea-
ture of Tampa 'real estate acttvitl
during the winter season.
Two thousand acres of rolling
wqoded hills, dotted with over 30
large natural lakes, were acquired
by the Hamner Organization during
the summer, and J. franklin Mee-
han, noted Philadelphia landscape
engineer and golf course architect,
retained to plan and personally su-
pervise the development.
Mr. Meehan, whose landscape
achievements In and around Phila-
delphia and elsewhere In the United
States are regarded as masterpieces,
prepared plaps for the treatment of
the vast atrea as an ideal residential
community with wide boulevards,
two golfcourses, olub houses, social
centers,, segregated business and
shopping district. bride paths, ten-
nis courts, many play-fields, bathing
beaches, boating club houses, and
other desirable Improvements.
Late In November, E. C. Dawley,
director of construction for the
Hamner concern, started work on
the monster development program.
Barracks for the workmen and a
large garage for the fleet of trucks.
busses, tractors, road building mrna-
chinery and other mobile equipment
owned by the company were built
on the property, and tremendous
quantities of building materials were
A dIstinctive example of the mag-
nlitude qf the work carried on Is the
fact that a standing order for 10 car
loads of road building materials was
placed when the development started
and is still in effect. Other building
materials are ordered on a similar
scale, and according to recent re-
ports the progress of the construc-
tion forces has exceeded the ambi-
tious schedule adopted when work
began and even more speed is ex-
pected during the coming months..
Since November several miles of
hardsurface boulevards have been
completed, many more miles of road-
ways have been graded, an 18-hole
golf course has been built and plant-
ed. sidewalks have been built, an
administration building In Southgate,
the first unit of the project, com-
pleted, a magnificent country club
house in Golfland started, playflelds
laid out.

all countries, and many of each sea-
sons most delightful parties are giv-
en annually by this most delightful
host. It was owing to his ejorts
that we were enabled to hear Tosca-
ninl this season and that the noted
conductor will return next winter.
All radio fans are familiar with
the pipings of "Gaqmby" and the ro-
must singing of oer v.hosen partner.
the stalwart "Drig," or as they are
more conveitilonaly known, Maria
Oambarelll, the dancer, and Doug.
las Stanbury, theL b.ritone. Unless
plans are switched a' the last mo-
ment. the latter has been select"'ed by
\.'inthr' Ames for a leading role
in the forthcoming production of
"[olantbh,-." wlil.. "Gainy" Is under-
ing a saIrl-vllle tour. appearing
in man.:' of thoj prin-ipal titles "in
person," as the saying go0s.

o -:.

l i, : ^, ". .

I -

alleviate the sufrering o those leas ,.s :.
fortuudate, :'
The Rotary club was organized In
1919 and the charter presentation
and Inadgural night of St.- Peters-
burg's first 'civic club was held In,
February, 1920.
W. L. Stratib had been appointed
by.Mr: McGill of Selma, Ala., goVer- -
nor of the district which included
Alabama, Florlda and Georgia. to or-
ganize. the lub. Mr. Straub was ,
chosen president at the first mseet-
ing and ele6oted to this office at the .
first regular *lectlon when the ehar- ,
ter was received. Air. Straub hild
this office until 1922. . ....:
Charter members of the'elub are: "'''
W. L. Stradib, A. F. T hdaamai.. .
A. Chancellor A. P. Avery, C. C. Carr .
L,. B. Brown, Robert Markland. '
L. Johnson J3. 0. Foley, lack YTrk1
Leonard Whttlley, Al Lang, 0. 0 '"
Shepard. Robert Waldon. Roy Sel- t
lers, Howard Frasee, George Gandy, r..
Byrd Latham, and Bradford A. Law-
rence, Jr. '
' Followjag Mr. Straub, A. F.
Thomassen was elected president. ',
C. C. CaTr became president in IM, .*
Herman Dann In 1924; Dr. William :"
Davis during 1925. and Robert
Waldon during 1926, the current :
year. ___________ 14


I I '.":.

Mrs. Hawkins of Brooksville .
Only Lady to Hold the '
Office in State J,

BROOKSVILLr, March 2T.-The '
distinction of being the only woman
chamber of commerce .gotrnor in .
the state is Claimed for Mrs. C. E. .*
Hawkins of this city by her many ./ ,.:'
Mrs. Hawkins, who has been a res- '
Ident of this city for many years, has .
taken an active pirt In civic affairs, ,
acting as volunteer secretary of the
local chamber of commerce in the
days when the city was no more ,.:..
than a straggling village. When the ":
city decided that It was large enough "
to take iank with 3ther rapidly ,
growing aitied of the state and em- ':
ploy a full-time secretary, automat- .
Ically ending a certain amount of ,
Mrs. Hawkins' duties, her friends i
proposed her name among the first
nominated for the board of govern- ..
ors. '
Mrs. Hawkins. however, has not-
confined her activities .o Brooksavlle ','
and Hernando county. She has beet ..,
one of the leaders It the Florida '
State Federation of Women's Clubs, .
having acted for five years as see-
retary for that body, during which '
time she has visited every comMun- 't
ity Iqr the state. She has gained rec- .
ognltlon as one of the most forceful '
platform speakers in the state.. .'
Friday' evening Mr. and Mrs .
Hawkins gave a reception in honor .,
of Mr. and Mrs. Willard T. Ryser :.:
who arrived h?re, where Mr. kyze' "''
assumed duties immediately as exesc ,;
tive vice-president of the chamber
of commerce. All chamber o' comn ."
merce okicials, together willt ,MI '"
[leamnan. former secretary, an. Mr; .,.
Beaman, were invited to the reet ''t
lion. .'',
Mr. Kyzer comes .o this city fqo ..:i
Kinston. N,. C,, where he was seer,.'
tary of the Kinston chamber of con A;
merce. He was employed following "
Mr. Beaman's reeignallan to go '
St. Petesburg. where he .s haftdlln i i'.
that cily's shipping problUnAs a- he it ..
Of the chamber of commerce tmn. ,
tInrmallon bureau. Mr. Ryzer, an SL ', '
cultural expert, was chosen as '
Beaman's successor because'of pr' ..
ent plans for the agricultural a,' '.*
vnnoement of Hernanilo county.

Crest Rrltain has not devel81e, '. i.Sj
world's,heavyweight champion 0l1K .,,.
the late Ioh 'ltzslmmons left qljt.- r., .
wall nearly 35 years ags. 'f' 'A.


k, Yo

:..: .."

*I~~~~~~~~i -~ii -...." .'<'.--I. 'IT
Ri2ii406 S4 4il4ioiii T

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9; fsmpt of the ChailanAf the
%lorida Compomes Ot
*I":1. Tl chief aim of the DEpartment
V95' 'Florida Composers this year has
b*`',.to prepare as coviplete a cata-
"leUi an possible of composers with
"t:-Jaat a partial st of their com-
poiilons and their publishers.
in. .]terest in t e.composers of our
^' native state Ja grown'rapidly an4
each year )e chairman of this de-
artmpent receives many requests
for data -4aout these composers.
flram eibs both musical and other-
W.. ise, 'who wish to give them en-
o :otagement and too add to their
0"' iW Information about Florida's
9e. atlve work, those having Flor-
AdfWxt' composers programs In their
A. long as we could supply only
a1 tsat of names we thought the de-
partment was not atof much help for
"1' ..t-Florida most of us have to send
.to the larger centers for special
'm1nol desired and Unless the in-
formatlon Is very definite this takes
much time, for clubs are very much
U ste individuals In putting off until
lif t their requests for assistance.
":". In order to make this department
,. more helpful then the chairman
S: 'met questionnaires to all the com-
.:.: poe'' on herllst asking for more
daa about their works and many
Sof them have graciously responded,
so that now the department offers
a WaIrly complete catalogue of com-
Sposers, names, addresses, publishers,
Lubliphed works and the publisher
S from whom they may be obtained.
.. We have twenty composers on
Sour list. There are doubtless others
Il our state and It Is the aim of this
department to seek out these others
alam To that end we must enlist
,aid of each one of the music clubs
on.the state, and It Is only through
or cooperation that the depart-
l nt can be brought to the highest
Vria of helpfulness.
hia report will be completed this
0er0oon 'when the department is
er proud to present to you a few
of 'eur Florida composers in a pro-
SRespectfully Submited,

,. Sao Chairman
Madame President:
S While some of our music
have written that there seems to be
L, no need of this work at the present
tim% In that locality. I believe It is
S because the club has not taken the
subject seriously--and I am very
sure'that in time music will be fea-
S toured In every Institution in the
I. State-for it Is needed in all of them.
The glrls at our farm, where I bhad
k'- the pleasure of teaching for some
'." JWima showered me with gratitude
i.r, yry time I went to. the Home, and
: while they acknowledged the benefit
&' s:'- ----~



derived from what I was able to do,
I am very certain that I received
much more than I gave.
Our City Jail Is taken care of by
one of our church choirs. Also the
musical or'ianlzations in Miami have
promised cooperation and have at
last cme to understand what Settle-
ment Music Work means.
Recently 1 appointed Miss Frieda
Shirmaker local chairman and she is
delighted to teach the girls at the
county farm. Whenever any music
club wishes to obtain the keenest joy
from the organization-why Jutst
start Settlement Music Work-A
field al its own!
Miss Mabel Snaveiy In her recent
report from Tampa says that MrA..
E. H. Hart is the local chairman
and that the Friday Musical Is giving
programs In seven Institutions: The
county farm, the old peoples home.
Faith Mission Refuge Home. Chll-
drens Home. Semans Institute De-
tention Home. Miss Snavely Is on
Mrs. Hart's committee.
Mrs. Agnes Bishop, the local chair-
man of Jacksonville reports that the
institutions which accepted the offer

of the Musical Clubs to give pro-
grams including the Florida Chris-
tian Home: Home for the Aged. Old
Soldiers Home, City Jail. Mrs. Bishop
conceived the Rotary Program plan
and she has been most generous with
splendid ideas and in writing excel-
lent reports r trust that Dear Mrs.
Bishop and Dear Mrs. Snavely are
present at thIbis convention and that
they Will urge clubs 'to follow the
example they have set.
School Music Report by State Chair-
THE rapidly Increasing Interest In
school music throughout the
State of Florida should be received
with great satisfaction by members
of the federation. Our largest cities
are one by one adding the study
of music to their school's curricu-
lum. And In some schools where
but a .year or two ago, music was
a struggling and often unpopular
pioneer. It has developed Into a
promising and well-organized de-
partment. under the enthusiastic

supervision of teachers who refuse
to acknowledge discouragement or
A number of the state's super-
visors attended the Southern con-
ference at Birmingham, Ala., gain-
ing therefrom no end of profit and
Perhaps the most spectacular vic-
tory for the school music forces
of the state was the action of the
Tampa Board of Education when
It placed the study of music in its
high schools last fall. . one and
two full time. teachers In each of
the Junior highs, and one part time
teacher In the Senior high, with an
instrumental teacher who works in
the three Junior highs. This was
the direct result of the pressure
brought to bare by the committee
appointed by the Tampa clubs of
which Miss Mabel Snavely was
The present year Is also notable
for tl`?e splendid musical programs
given, or In process of preparation
by the schools having organized
music 'departments. Music memory
contests are being prepared In many

of Florida Music Clubs

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places as part of the "end-of-the-
yeac" program. And the observing
of National Music Week by the
"schools by means of music festivals
or contests Is being urged by the
federation t airman.
The Interest in instrumental
music Is growing rapidly. In Jack-
sonville and Tampa 'instrumental
directors are employed. And nearly
every school having music of any
sort has its orchestra. and in some
cases also its band. A few schools
are giving credit toward graduation
for work done in school, or out.-
but this will not be general until
the attitude of the state unhverlties
and colleges undergoes a change to-
ward the study of music Very little
Is donq as yet In rural schools.
A plan for an organized system
of school music supervision headed
by a -state supervisor and county
supervisors.-and the adoption of a
standardized course of st u d y
through grades anal high schools.
should be mapped out and backed
by the Florida Federation of Music
clubs. When this done wonderful
results may be looked for, and a
tremendous step will be taken to-
ward making music the valuable


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to all pbrts of i united
States and Canada.

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By the Well Known Globe Trotter

Norman F. Winckler


Monday, March 29th

100 Beautiful Views of WINTER HAVEN

If You Want to Know Every-

thing About Florida.

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Winter Haven the SUMMER Resort of the






4 4,7.

* *

iDv v n-ittie7o r3UI y i A k t/ 1

and great essential it should bh in
school and home life.
Respft Fully submitted bk.
Report of Friday Morning Musicale
The membership of the Friday
Morning Musicale, now numbers.
about iwo hundred and fflty mem-
hers, covering six active depart-
ments, namely. Piano, Voice, Organ.
Choral. Orchestra and Dramatic. OMr
Student Club members about seven; y
five, with five departments: Piano.
Voice, Violin, end Choral.
We are trying to create an ap-
preciation of better music, for the
younger children. FEach child who
plays, gives something of the life of
the composer and a story' of the
Our executive work Is carried on
by a board of fourteen officers and
six directors, assisted by twelve well
organized committees. For the past
twb years our efforts have been di-
rected toward a Club House. The
plans are now perfected, and if build-
ing conditions permit, will soon Ie
under construction.
_-The outline of work, as given In

the year book, has been devoted to
the study of the "Ideal Programme,"
embodying the Intellectual, Emo-
tional and Descriptive elements of
music. These programmes are bi-
monthly, and extended from October
to May. Our study club is now In
its second year, devoting study hour
to Masons" "Song to Symphony." Of
especial Interest are two light
operas, given in concert form hy the
Choral Department, andl the Sym-
phony Programme of our orehestria
In addition to regular bi-monthly
programmes, are those given during
Music Week, consistling of pro-
grammes given at all mens luncheon
clubs, which Includes a talk on
music. -The Opera "Martha" In con-
cert form, at the Tampa Bay Casino.
A programme at the Rialto Theatre,
and programs at all charitable insti.
tutions in the city.
The settlement work is going fine.

The normal rate of Increase of the
negro.race is nearly 11% per cent,.
about one-half that of the white race.
Tavkres--Construetion,.of TavAr.s-
Clemront road, to Xet under way.

tL [S<11

J^I-~, JVIAtVtl n, Jl.YB,'

One of the yac'hlts which made up
a part of the life In Ithe yacht basin
her, up till quite recently, was the
Lucinda II, owned hy Joe G. Roberts
of Philadelphia.- The Luclnda left
Philadelphia last I'ovemhey with a
party of six, and a crew of fivo un-
der the command of t iptain B.
Brown, and her natty whila uni-
formed sailors lent a touch of the,
zest.of the sea ,to the public, landing
here. Only recently she shoved off
for Sarasota. It was reported, ex-
pecting to return here before long.
VANCOUVER, B. C., March 27.-
More th -1 50 Canadian industries
are now exporting to Singnaore and
territory in that area. In the first
eight months of the present fiscal
year there was an Increase In the
value of Canadian exports to these
countries of $3.000.000, as compared
with the total exports of 1923, ac-
cording to A. B. Mluddiman, Cana-
dian government tr-Je commissioner
from Singapore, now in Canada.

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And ,.' 4 bands which wil com- assure the t e n It ...
with the fine or4 the CentraliHigh schoo a44uf The following nationally '.known supply retailers that many amateur artists
arit contributed their gite sei=44= male4 that such c ar'eal
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'he fal Of 19 4 ICrs -' H E I H LR
,bee inc eas d.t.14.iece.Pe r....I. S u pise ) ~ iiii~ii
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ba~~~~~bip~~"t offrbra Sma, with plyr an-atst h otrbtdtotepo
Vi-Oj I Is known as the Eas is; Miss Benieii Withrs ... )I

b i Books -------- $1.00 A ND O TH ER
and >4iste Cnt Hudsonii iiii ii
-i 4 'i actor s s and stoies CO OR W iiii1 i11i
....... ............. ,===D rearriland ---------------- 3 .50iis ii i~ ii i !
] M I.iiliii~i~ J U NIO R .II= CI X B S~!Iil A n attractive lu nch eon i w as aerved T R I M S-ii!~ Ii~i!i~i IIiIi ii~!iiiiiiiiiii;Ii! ililii !!i!i:'iIIili!'!I!IiliiIiI~iiiii''IlilII ===
1 0 A L Z e r y ............... sta te ch a ir -ioi ta b lesii a rra n g ed...... ....... ...... ....................... . . .... .... ..... N .. .. ...... ..... ... o.. .... ...... ...1. ..... .. ...... . ..
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kl--, a::w:: that sevra new= Ju THiE CLERMONT=== MUSI CLUB Pu= n i -- -- 1.75 .... == ==== = = ,=i==,.ii ii = = ;
,V iiii iiii : ::v e:: b k ao ad d e t o h er. d== P R I C ED. ..........M O D E R A TE...........L Y=i=,== = =='i- == = =.......... == ................ ............. ... ...==.......= ............. ... == ==== = .. ....= .............................. ... .= ,i =. i=...... ...
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pr g am ute the ...... fo the Ca rm 4 8 t .. .........C............e.....n... i
i#o%1iiiliii!!1!!! i h av y ou r.... .. ....ub represe i1! i1niiii!;it1ii .... .... urn !1 iiliiiE -1 09.. .. ...i r s A v iiii~ i in ue== iiii!1!;i= iN o t t hii i iil ii=1]iiiii= i~~ii~i ii iAi ;i = i ~ i liii!i i:1i i11[11111111 ;11 1 11111111 111 1111111 ii!iiii 1 111]111
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ftiI111 Jutto Day program D ii i!i !!! i i t f..rom the club. a pd -1 bave ii i =iiii=i = =i
ii ;! : !~ i! i ; iiii~ii!ili!!i~li:=:illiii:i~il~ii! = iii!!iiI~~iiI!lliii!!]li T H E P E A C O C K S H OP iii1 iiii i! Ii 1illl li11;i iiliiii111iiiiiA 1iii1ii!1ii~ii 11ii1!iii 11 '!@!iiii iiiii1iiiii i~ ii~~i iii i i iii~ii~iiii~ 1111111%11111ii" A r t i I ni !iiiiiiiiio o t w e a r"!iiiiili.
:== ~ ~ ~ o .... o......
ii!iiiii!iilEm 'u!iiiii ite -E qster :Si ]ii~i!!iili!!ii!lil~i!iil!iliilii ii ii ~ i
F A R Riiiii!i~li~~~iiiiii~i C O M P A N Yiiiiiiii 1111111ii 1111111iiiii~~i!ii!i i i~ i~ii ii~i N C O t yil e sli~ii~~]ii i[!i!i~~ ii~ii~l!!:]ii~iii
N u m b e r~i T e n11ii!ii~i i!iiiii~li ~ iiiiiiiilii~i!i~iii=ii iiililii ii lii !iliii i~iiii
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i~~ii~iF o r T!i =i iii ii! i iiiiiii!=iii! i i=i ~ ~iiii ii iiii> h el~iii ihiii i
i1i~~ii!1i!S m a rt1~ii iW o rdiii iiiii!'i== i=i ii!i==iii i lii]ilil~ill i~iiiiii1ii1i i

>I/ -




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ITM ygwwaVW. vi'Mx

0' ~a4


W'"., *
N -B...,:.,, g. ..,. . -.. . ,: v ..






4 .. .** S4


rI- .l-


:. c

%%at the sale Is tore-m
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kuppy. A~r 'eopprtuitymdedH ]i ) ;
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Peiersliurg'i Sf..

IHT L'A X 1 r M^yQml. r- m


H, ~. aS
.. .. t" -~H.**HH <~H. F~ H
IC. 4Z~AtF.~s~..t.~ ~ >~:. F.H. H H ;H$~\A.J....

HF' H v .' .. . .

, : .. ':

H* .HH: .

: ,*
H ** A .'
, . . , .:.: s

1. ,
.r -

I '.; 1 '.'-

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y LA.f

.;'. ,v 4 .- L
* 4''..

4Uat.efrsvr LJtn



u ;_ ** ,. ... .i i-- i --'4--"-




SEvidences of' a Strange AR ace af People Are Found



.i W t Coast of Florida Is
41 Jagged Outline of Land
P !dered by Small Islands
SA4 NEW romance is being
$'. written for the Florida
S- There have -beep other
Gasmoe, many capters of
in. but the one awakening
=9 log lender, islands from
e hilaet sleep has undoubtedly

:& n. Th* day. of slumber-
Si 'alone IIIthe soft lsj hine
dver. Their 1",development"
son O started m earnest.
S are ,peclfar- to Florida,
1' i with the sunny weather,, un-
Stasting water and winter tour-
t 'Z Their study involves one of the
.,t interesting searches ever un-
''yaWkMt. since their location, for-
aid flora nmke a fascinating
6 world that in' peculiarly en-
,pH even without the pink,
*, gdeand white Moorish structures
d d iflah are growing on them almost
A41r centuri s -the' laid in the we-
s of the Gulf. of Mexico and the
Afti'Uc ocean, bnnotloed save by
.U lIt wld animal and bird life, which
i sj b another story wel worth telling.
'peMet reports odming from the
tli .on ina Itltutlot in Washing-
T.y that tez 'must have been
i teantlariorlda. as long as
'2 years age, a discovery made
s'pr erted 'human bones.
No Changes.
eve, if those far back ances-
# ,;*w apt tz a lived on the lace work
Ali*t4a kys which encircle the
* a frill doep a garment,
A s.e noIthing to mi24ate that
dl'mdid bre than lau 'eom thy
alM e or brief ampLing part..
i' In their primitiey manner of -
Hleft little trace of anything
hji t i .mbdernly called. civUliz.a-

&Us'8tl hwf~ lay lit the sunshine ''^ ^ HH
Ei1" S terwoven with that of
ti'tleft little tmprikslon upon
H12;nd *hiti chores. ian frcs
Idthere, doubtless, but thpy,.
'b' ned to ashea and left no
V 1 1nhta race after Pa, Soto
I ato PFloi. along with the
11 : raqe, lie4 sun and 8aft
.2' ''S oyied tha pictuesque veg.6
00 tas easily grown iamtve
.they tomnad little of Inter-
0~ ,,
...... ......... '

lhe1-deflonnpmit of the Florida
: amodetn achievement Athzch
'anything in land develop-
1,4 the country's history.
Sthe north, the far and middle
Szrpm New, England and from
i* oudtherly states, the builders
nWsa the a4vantagea of -hotels,
Othsbe, homes among the palim
the keys'felt the throo
4 twnUeth century life swoop
-on them'from New York City,
S.i.Z 'Angeles., Detroit, Phlladel-
qi long aSleep ?in the tropical
Is. 1 ended. They are t rive
RS .h. Phe treasures of ht of
lifer' air, mea and wind which _.
.' y-hxve kept ancluaively for
1, lBlves through thq centuries.
The 'J Key CtTle. ,
a&U-rdB keys Ule in the form of a .
spd have a combined gfs .'
ir of t'about ;'25 miles. In addl- "
i-to the many tiny Islets too
*'4 sen toJ bear naam, there
Uk':fl"15 wreath' approximately 200
t i LDkndat These are naturally ,' Evidenae that a stram
44 e, itza four- interesting groupti remains enlca;bcd a $ew feet beneai
'Mvtim marked characteristic.s, further investigation. The remains
;'the northwestern end of the member of the, tribe who was evidi
aetwQ band islands, Vh-ginia Place wher-e r0mnains were found.
i' id Key- Biscayne. These are .
kow '1 the upper pand more varied, with areas of, pine and
l ine they are merely detached palm igd extensive hammocks, and
O'.of the slender coastal Pe- their- vogetatlbui resembles that of
at'o. sand dunes extending Cuba. The pine lands are .like those
"the eastern side of peainsular of the Miami limestone region and
a :'r have the flora of the West Indies.
seven Fales between In Tropical 'Waters
seandkeys and the n'ext tfo- The kes lie bor the most part in
*boh-isi .of coral-rock and the, tropical waters, of.the Gulf of
e .isfrota Spldier Key for 120 Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. The
to the West Bummerind or dinner side of the keys is directly, in
Ha trbotr Keys. One charac- contact with'%he Gulf, which grad-
o of these islands It that Pi ntact. hThs thy owhch grad
almot al t eloeisgats im h uaWly narrows Into the Bay of Floer-
al'l *U Liad weahure ouoi Ida, Blackwater' Sound, Barnes
long aids in a. curve' foliowlini onCrsSon n ByBa
s'lw, of the mainland Thisgroup Soun cards
as the upper keys. ,' synn,.. On the outer side, thb keys
i thrd goup of keyr egins adare in" the, waters, of the Gulf
.0flb f Ojamwe Key and Little k ine Stran. This warmthof climate and
lr,'TSiutl a in Key West, now temperature gives the keys their
%' k.n rwe as ea shipping porth this decided tropical flora ounh as is
'-" Of islands measures about o found in Bergudad the West lilies
Again 'the formation difers and Cuba. Botanists have found the
that of the other groups and keys, for this reason, of unusual n-
ste' 1iam, liksatbe. The keys are terest for study.
I~~ar In shape so thiat thy long Keys Close By
4 -hem tIs netriy from north fo The keys near Pinellsa county,
in direct conrtrol to those w f now the scene of acti a ity In buIld-
nd group: This third.part of lig, road making and either civilized
j..^,J e failed the Lower o eyF, develoRments, are a part of this
lliE t. thq lIocaton anti for- circlet of Islands. All have distinct
*. characteristics and are interesting
ward from' ia West. is the from more standpoints than those of
A zr.uP; Of these islands which the real estate salesman or investor.
V )]lori''rda" This group reaches Their formation, their trees, Iqsect
fUnit of .Myico, csembintthe life and springs bge offering pautic-
I liore U p, up around Tampa ual r subjects of interest to the
re cling St. Petersburg and crowds who daily visit them.
t) W still northward to the The CiearvJqr Keys are opposite
||the state line. They are.geh- the town of Clearwater and are be-
k Inown' to geologists as the ing connected with It by a truly
'lauad Kqys. wonderful causeway for motorists.
-""i most part the Upper Sand Sooth of these is Sand Hey, where
'hive a dense hammock growth qIndian Rcks is located, one of the
like that of the northern oldest settlements in the entire
',, a the state. Those called county and famed-for It. beauty.
.,Upper. Keys haye tropical South again are still more of th~e
shrubs and trees and slender Islands with the Gulf waters
.and are much like the trees breaking on one shore and the more
2'..Baiama Islands. quiet waters of Boca Ciega Bay
ltiomi I the lower keys is lapping the easterly sides. In keep-

ige race of people, neither Indians nor Mound Builders. Inhabited this seetion was round 6- few days ago at Mo
th the ground, face downward, with heads pointing tovpard the west. Skulls were declared by sicentlsts to be "vs
were of a very. lodw order of people, with brachycephalle skulls, who filed their teeth and evidently lived on roots
gently of a higher order than the other; center left: skull of a very low order of Homo Sapiens; center right: Jui
Sketches show the wooly mammoth which, roamed the earth in the quarternary period and a Ritutot reconstructl

Intug with-the early Indian and Span-
ish days, the stralts between the
islands are not called' straits at all,
butipasses. Thus the explorer will
find Johns Pass, Boca Clega Pass
and Pass-a-Grille.
Fisherman's Story
This last is not the aime of water
alone but-.has been adopted by the
village on' Long Key as a permanent
and picturesque name. An old
fisherman has either learned the
true story of this name, or he has
cleverly made his story to fit the
name. He says that the Indians al-
ways called the .water between Long
'Key and the mainland of Florida
The Pass. One day some explorers
were looking for a place upon which
to cook theiz generous catch of fish,
in other words a "grill." They found
It on Long Key and so named the
place as It Is-today.
P'ine Key Is another interesting
island partly between The Pass and
the state shore. It Is broader than
most of the, key Islands, and has
pine trees, a feature which. Is un-
usual. There are also some very old
oaks with great branches that reach
close to the ground sometimes for
40 and 50 feet. Directly below St.
Petersburg, like a period to the
story of the Pinellas keys, Is Bush
Key, one of smallest of the group,
OTTAWA, Out., Marqh :7.-Cop-
per prbductlon it Canada has varied
in recent years between 50,000 and
60,000 tons of blister copper and cop-
per matte per annum, according to a
report of the Bureau of Statistics.
The Increased demand and the sub-
sequent rise in price, however, have
stimulated activity in the mining and
smelting of the metal, and the pro-
ductlon for the year 1925 has been
one of the best on record, amounting
to about'56,000 tons

Magnitude oj


Building Ai

r E magnitude of Florida's vast
Construction program for, 196
is shown in one development' after
4ather. All sections of the United
States are. sharing in this tre'nren-
dous expansion of Florlda'q re-
sources. An up-to-the-minutd de-
scription of Just what is being done
aL one big development, Davis
Shores, the' St. Augustine project of
D. P. Davis, who developed Davis
Islands in Tampa .Bay, just north
of St. Petersburg, gives a picture
of how this Florida movement Is a
benefit to State,and national Indus-
Material by the train load, boalg
load, and truck load is now being
brought to Davis Shores to speed
up work In the $10,000,000 building
and physical development program
which Is under way there now.
A special switch track in the north-
ern part of Florida east coast yards,
now known as the D. P. Davis spur,
is a scene of great activity as build-
ing. material and heavy machinery
This week, the average for the un-
loading crews has been from eight to
10 cars a day of brick, hollow tile,
lumber, steel for reinforcements, sand
and gravel, and heavy macblhinery. A
huge crane for unloading materials,
with hoisting engines, was being un-
loaded and assembled.
A cargo of steel of approximately
150 tons, a huge drag line and 10
turn tables are coming by boat to


t Is Shown in

r Davis Shores

Davis Shorey on the new barge and
tug line, established-recently by the
D. P.. Davis Properties. Two large
conveyors have arrived on a lighter.
A huge ditcher, to be used In dig-
ging. ditches for sewers and drains,
Is among the heavy freight, received
at the D. P. Davis spur this week.
The- ditched is attached to a large
caterpillar tractor.
Many truck loads of coquina rock
and gravel have been hauled to Dalas
Shores from the coquina quarry oq
Anastasia Island which ). P. Davis
Properties purchased several weeks
ago. The company has acquired 150:-
000 cubic yards of this material for
use In the building of foundations,
sidewalks and driveways. Trucks are
used for the transportation of the
Dredging operations on Divis
Shores, which now total more than a
million cubic yards of sand and shell
a month, are to be Increased 2# per
cent by the addition of a new electric
booster dredge to the fleet of the At-
lantic, Gulf and Pacific Co., which
has Just arrived from Houston, Tesax.
The dredge looks small' compared
to tha giant New York, near which it
ts anchored In the Matanzas river,
but It Is powerful.
The booster dredge, known as the
Houston, has a capacity of 1,250
horsepower and will. be used to re-
lay the output of the Clinton to dis-
tant parts of Davis Shores.
The Houston. now painted red, will


Miracle. It Is Intact and Is said to In Florida, and, counting tourists, who J. E. Gorsuch,' Glenn Miller, W. H.
be a masterpiece of the Greco-Bud- are In small groups, not included in Melody, H. E. Mc.Cardell, Cha. A.
dhist school of Nara or the-third the list of certified camps there are Russell, E. A. Rathbone, Geo. W.
century. It is to be placed In a pub-I approximately 125.000 persons occu- Rowe, Brad Swift, W. J. Tanner, S.
lice museum. pyluj these camps. D. Vaughn, Paul B. White. I

. '.'." ; *
, *. ,," . .
;::.-;;';":, ,
S ..
-2.,- .

1, '2.', -.



on Island by Workmen MORE LA IS



Organization Plays Leading',,
Part In Civic Life of
Greater St. 'Petersburg
T AKING as its motto" frien&
Sofr the boy" and as its
creed "better citizenship," the
St. Petersburg Optimist 'elub
has, in the two years since its
organization, ha ac o m p 1 ished
much that is beneficial to the
Dr. A. D. Glasook is president of
> the club and other officer. are: J.
M. McDonald, first vice-president:
Rev. W. A. Thurstonwsecond oeprs-
ba1 president: Dr. Charles K. Farber.

in; hatof he linon nd he Cpe |||KI\ li MPN ot he. cit A.d Thtone shmerond vior-
third vice-president; Dr. Aneollt
Wright. secretary, and Rev. W. sE.
Pugh, chaplain.
The club was organized in 19a 4
simultaneously with the organization
of the Tampa Optimist club, the first
two in the state. Since that time
a several more have been established in
aen\l n Florida, the St. Petersburg club being
instrumental in the organization of
clnibs at Lakeland, Vero Beach aid
other places. James Booth, a memn-
bar of the club, Is district trustee, and
they are working on several other
The club this past year bas been
particularly interested In the Glen-
oak school and among other things
bought a set of books of Bible stories
which they have engaged the teach-
era to read to the children.
Want Better Water
The Optimists are
tar water for the clty.
One of Its chief works this year Is
to be the setting out of shade trees
alone public properties of the Scty,-
thereby bea ut ifying the streets. Many
of these will probably be set along
o, the school grounds.
Another matter the club took up
was urging that the law providing
that no schools built in the city be
placed on less than five-acre tracts
-aab. T enforced. A tract of two and oa.s-
half 'acres had been purchased for a
school building and the Optimist
clubb took up the matter, assisting -
materially in gettinug'the city to buy
another two and a half acres to pro-
wvide ample space for the school.
The club came out decidedly as
opposed to the adoVdionn ct thde ew.
city charter which was. d i.efea ,'
I enthe election. OptiWM.h otpo ,. W. A
charter on the r-nDe tat 4. tom
feared no better JaclltlUs for the Vlut- "
pose of expediting iusinesms ad did
not fix authority on kuy of the execu-
tives. ,
.14 Elect Officers,
At the first meeting of the club in
February, 1924. temporary offlowrs
i ~ were elected, for the purpose of' or-
Ii' ganization and for gefting a lot of
prospectivA members so that a char-
ter from the nayIonal association
could be granted. James Booth was
elected chairman. Erie B. Renwick
secretary and a temporary advisory
board, consisting of the following
named: *V. A. Bogart, J. H. Win-
chester, J. J. Mcilivain, C. QM. Smith,
R.0 Payne and H. E. McCardell.
Yd P On March 5 the first regular meet-
ing mas held and election of perma-
nent officers for the year elected.
These wdre: James Booth, president;
B7 Scales, first v4ce-9resident: Fred
4. A. Nichols, second vice-president;
George M. Coslick. third vice-presi-
dent; Erle Renwick, secretary; W.
A. Bogart, treasurer; Frank McIrwln
and H. E. McCardell, official greet-
era, and Glenn Miller, chaplain. Trus-
tees elected were Frank Oliver. X .
-Times Photos by Gasquet Payne, G. O. Osborne. EL E. Pemble,
ate Cristo Isle when workmen digging shell for roads discovered human Dr. A. D. Glascock and Merle Cook.
Bry interesting".. and samples have been sent to Smithsonian Institute for A house committee of J. J. McTrwin,
and'barks. Top left Ihows view of 'the skulls; topi right: skuli of q A. Anderson and J. H. Winchester
amble of bones-as they were discovered; below: Workmen digging at the was appointed.
tion of a Neol#tIlc warrior. Make Addresses
Mayor Arthur Norwood and repre-.
be repainted In a gray color, match TOEURI T CAMP sentatives of the various civic clubs
Ing that of the Clinton and the Cape NT KISIP of the city and the Chamber c4 Corn-
May. the other dredges of the Allan- mere mere present and made short
tic OgW and Pacific Co., according to ,,~ addresses. C. W. Larribee acted as
Mr. 'McLeod. The Houston- cost the nR[ toastmaster. An interesting address
company $50,000 and it weighs 50 on the princIple of Optimist was
tons. on AR'ANITA made by Cornelius Conway. general
,'Work on dredging north of the director of Optimist International.
causeway on. Davis Shores will be Mr. Booth was reflected president
conipleted within 10 days.occording State Will .Watch To See in 1925, W. A. Bogart, secretary, and
to Mr. McLeod. Much extra dredging CA.LEastman, treasurer. Durlinth,
has been done there beyond the orig- They Are Kept In That year the club backed the efforts of
lna~l contract, he. said. The entire 'Condition the American L.egln to establish a
north portion of Davis Shores has playground for the children.
been raised a foot and a half more -it endorsed the plan to have a
than the original contract provided. ,JACKSON'VILLE, 3lac 27.-G'.P) city park between Ninth and Eleventh
In addition, on the ocean side, a t--Rapld Progress is' being made In streets and between Second and
three-foot embankment was .thrown the sanitation work among the tour- Fourth avenues. They were as
up, making the level of Davis Shores ist camps in Florida, according to a back of the move for a west coast
at. that point from five to aix' feet report of Ellsworth L. Pilhy, chief railway, a union station, soft water
higher than the sholre line of St. Au- engineer of the bureau of sanitary system and a scholarship fund to
gustine, engineering of the statue board of send worthy boys to the university
In spite of this extra work, all of health, made at a conference of the who otherwise would be financially
the dredging operations of Davis district sanitary officers here. ,unable to attend.
Shores, which involves the pumping The camps this year are more nu- Present roster of the club includes
'lip of 13,000,000 cubic yards of esad mel-ons-and more populous than ever he following meal: A. 'M. Arnold, 31
and shell, will be completed earlier before, Mr. Filby said, and the scope 0. Bird, Norris t Blake. James, W.
than the contract b)rovides, according of the work of the bureau is being Booth, R. 0. Chalfbknt, P. V. Cunning-
to Mr.' MLcLeod. greatly expanded to meet the tncreas- ham, C. E. Chambers, Dr. Jlas. 5-
A. clam shell" dredge, which will be Log needs of this phase of health and Davis, Maynard A. Duryea, Dr. A.
used in throwing up enibknkments sanitation of' the state. D. Glaacock. Seth F. H. Lamgerstsdt,
for ,the creeks of Davis Shores, is The conference recommended that Clarence 5. Leec, James J(. Mac-
now enroute to St.. Augustine from a no dogs, except" those inoculated Donald, 3. 3. MLiervin, 5. C. Mic-
point on the Florida east coast canal against rabies, be allowed in the tour- Pherson, H. J1. Myers, E. 31. Os-
near Daytona. ist camps. This recommendation will borne, W. 5. Pugh. Herman W. Pius-
This dredge will also speed up oper- be placed before the state board of bury, R. E. Pembie, Clyde T. Ben-
ations, a~lit will solve the problem of health for approval. Sanitary prob- wick, James C. Russell, Rev, Win. A.
carrying on the regular dredging lens of construction camps, lumber Thairston, A. S. Vances, Frank Walk-
wh~le keeping the streams open for camps. new town sites and railroad er; A. Gould White, Wp. Moriono
navigation1 camps were considered at the confer- Williams, 3. H. Winchester, Sidney H.
ence. Sanitary, officers, it was re- Winchester, Dr. Ancil R. Wright, C.
NEW BUDDH~A DISCOVERE[ D ported, are maintaining strict patrol B. Worrell. Gso. A. Churchill, A. T.
In the excavations of Afgheanstan on roads to prevent squatter camps. Anderson, Dr. H. C. Bumpous, W. A.
recently, there has been uncovered a According to the chief engineer, Bogart, (leo. M. Cosllck, 31. L., Cook,
new statue of Buddha of the Great there are li0..certified tourist camps Cues. A. Eastman, F. S. Fellows, Rev.

m ,.. : .. .. ,. ,,

IS OF .:.

Worry Over


D:JmtM Seviee Fadhion Expert
S Y ,ORKE, Mara 277Trhe amll-
eint's we o flnr tpao reos UWon A
7ea the ay of givS thtie
samine Atwvsofnjo teir bate a the
Jean give to tQuirj. They hol9 up
fe...*.4 m* Os rM i ., ,t con-
5QloijW. haTl$ sa bwra ts.tcvr
every AePsoa. The women have'
oa. Jt W Or &41 oaoonq. Thori is
Smut 4Mq erssned brimakiw fans
2"s' t(trade because Ihe
*. 2 e6 cannot be aroused to a point
whoje they will abuandoa the little
g:zgp kw1 amd A Bod ald ,eJ0,
p / d c1ae hot ws takes such a
'gr p 40 the feminine fancy that the
eutu ntg ffetvM ff bays oUtMArig to
do wlt more eaborae headgear.
the WCMA We CHl*~tg 140 riid tin-
UF"Pj, 'FtPO x,.e, on the otker haald,
Sha,9 lmp In for the jnoat perishabtle
sort of tBat-.lwss. very
*: m at 4A ovejrnfatt,
2 f# wefr With dinner tiad eye-
wmh somf ima for wpoit wear
... 4p a eubabme to protect tlaer
W" tMOOKo@ t PR*wof sla wbw
p ah re playing tennis.'
at jM ft X .'pane famiIy
w ot*at fP M tA Mga the women,
tlW fkMsWW pjcipcw. Therefore
tQe *RflIWr a promoting the
ft m 4 I"* c'paclowneas," which
S i auap to "clothes conscious-
AeM." "0 zM bave both but the
*ntinen iia neither. It the fash-
t&=le 60's. VJMere the women pay
b rb wten for twr hata and where
fl0t of bp, LApAons are cjaled, the
at ftm. cf. VWl exeeedlagly smart
iMiyrpy #WtSlMjeeas are genu-
to*& idf^n ibe rawKly plain
.ntjP gea s"i o4f eWery effo ktaf and to sace
aw St *- whler sam hat now
'rseea s (ss e on as a at I Le cbliry.'
T tLautet pqOpNmEA4ds rvaitlAs
thtwOgh tba eatmwed ut=kp at the
Unpeounel Utad. and prospecLtve cgs-
-taAa ow wst 6 ta'W In gNad
that a AW< aw -lwmian wennta
OWV 103 4& 3hM grare to provide
a 400i U D to Wr L4.vAtrs A ithe
1 esaflbe&'w,'V*m#JWte. Toe ill,&
these ftendi*mweis thq waaItJt
vWGDIW' harp tsraed OWdaf ear.
SapliM) "ad ealeswomen cannot
.ag to imrese their Savorite the-
orlAM on their eustoinel and the i.t-
ie vad bat dfieste efforts of tahe
be. Markman 4 to ioot At of the
BB$CD beads. atAonntwa I
MB JWiptrw 4Muate the iteret of
b mpr ad batter WOs fr cipaosey
clipped heads the atU mwUliners
S'1p pvointAed a djiinterated dicta-
terrame IalaMy Stqiava. pfjllan-
tbiWplt a=nd bw.*s P*Wn. It was
cbboefed gtiat the pnliersa thew-
seoim ka toeo appy bWast to
*bnM to h e a diAiteaested
IBR SV V View% Te tfe pf thS 601211
S'-]ett at W o wa* now wear As aad
to Iw abet L9 4% Allowing tpr
oue Mfip to Ito 4.loy~.plaaer's. It was
', tinted 0t4 th hitting trade for
m rsgfm got A ma wore a ht
;for tMe .1rB'B Xw it would be
S, 'bwu' f t tP wW s the
ths a yaor.

Afro. L. L. Barlow
Goes to Chicago
MzB. L. 1. tlV#W. a *,Wtor In the
SBM CWr fApr apw months and
a awmet at 00i Gunnee hotew, le,
Frary OW trMe#, 1# w-,ich city she
wit Pwie Pher Ptoe at the new Pai-
mrn bnse jtgm. Balo.w As a large
thltw peal wAe la St. Peters-

71. moWM Tuesday evvAW:A di;-
aer hwpWu Wt te JW#le hotel end
Cbuftlq "M V gro^mT fg in poW-
Iatpr, pWpW Me*yeta JungJe sera-
iqlu WflO O Up muac and they
-t w.&. s.a....... .

Home for Vacation \

Miss Roberta Oxford, has returned from We'dsyan Co.1
.ege, Macon, Ga., to spend Ithe spring vacation wilb her par.
euts Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Oriord, 204 Fifth aven e noribth.

Nursery Benefit
At Soreno Hotel
,'largaret Penick will pre--
sent, "The Prince Chap" for the
henf'it of the Mother Goose Nursery
Tuesday, March 3t, at, the Sorego
She gave this play in the artlats
course and was pronounced perfect
in her Inteipataop. In Tampa she
presented it at the Tampa Bay ho-
tel and was enthusiastcaUy receJv-

Mrs. L. H. Crandall
Tendered Farewell

All former mWtaers of the Drown-
Iing club are invited to attend the
regular meeting Mo'nday afternoon
at 3 o'clock in the parlors of Ute-
Congregational church. TJbis will be
a farewell reception to Mrs. Louis V-.

Maine Society To
Honor Designer

The Maine socLety will give a re-
ception to Mrs Bertha WhitLier, wto
designed the Maine loat, and all as-
aistinc her, at tha Green Lantcerp
Monday at 6 o'clock. Those atLend-
jng are requested to bring box lunch.
and coffee will be served. An orches-
ra will provide malsic.

Wliist Meeting Is
Postponed Week
Whist Literary society, which .was
to have met Thursday with Mr.
and Mrs. W. Straub. has been post-
ponred until after Holy Week.

I_ HotI Arrivals _

Mrs. Guy parker, Glen Ridge. N.
J.; iAss Pp*.er, Glen PNdge, i. J.;
i. S. PaJrk&r, Glen Ridge, N: J.; Mr.
aXd Mrs.-. M. S WIder, Wrternown.
N, y.; Mr anod Mrs. Jamc-s K4ter,
lerion, Pa.; George H. Nm'floew e,
SL. PftersbUrg, Fla.; Vinca-t 4.
Lowe. S.rB.sots. Fla.;: Mr. pf4 Ure.
J. G. Iorrj Sarasote. Pife.: Mr. .*4
Mrs. 0. Wa,. Hwions, Harrisbtrg,
Pa.; Ur. anjd Mrs. '. E. k Marke,l,
Conrtp-Usvdie, Pa.,; Miss Kattherne
Knox, Co nellsa ille, Pa.; Mr. anl
Mrs. E T. Williams, ..t. LouJe, Mo0.;
Miss Lydia "WiJJia.mns. St. Louis, Mo.;
Thoomas H. Ryan, Boston, DAass.; H.
G. NcNomce, New 'ork, N. Y.; If.
D. W. Pratt. Boston, Mass.; Ted.
W. .awitht, Lake Wales, Fiag.
Wm. F. Heffei. Bostoop; Mr. and
Mrs. reel BeaJsi. Satuate, Masa-.;
J. J. WumPlett and wife. New Y'or'
0,'; F. Q. Yeaman: C. S. Calve;
and and wife, B u3Ao; Robert F.
Ma4do. Jr., AUanta. Ga.; T. C.
C-urron, New York; A. B13. Folong.
Cinlnana 0.; Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Graltwm. Cleveland; WV. H .teIge&.
Oakland, Cal.; 'H. G. Kralt. Oakland.
Cai.; N. F. aRelood, Buffalo, PS. Y.
The president has appointedd a
chairman to organjz- a Tampa chap-
ter of MacDowell league. &Aready
scmue members have been esGured
ad ,it is hopfd to ha-ve 6 program
during) the year.
We tsent a delegate to the PorLJand
nieeung. We regret exaEcdingJy
that we werg net represented at, the
state Cederaton, but Illness and other
good reasons prevented. -

Rid of Stains

Iron rust l easIlly remove by
dipping the spot Into a solution of
oxalic acid. Dissolve one teaspooa-
ful of oxalic crystals In % eup of
boiling water for the acid solution.
Apply lemor Juice and salt to the
spot nha the direct rays of the sun
until rust disappears. This takes
Ink-Use a solution of oxalic acid
for ink, the same as for iron rust.
The crypt-jp dissolve morpe quickly
in boiling water, and the stain dis-
pappears more quickly. Rinse thor-
oughly in cleat: water after 'appllca-
tibn of acid, or the texture of the
materials will be Injured.
SSweet or sour milk will often re-
move Ink atqtns. Let spot soak in
milk several hours, a,.y more
milk, until spot disappears. Rinse
the material.
Blood is ,eet removed -by soak-
Ing the staiA, i jtepid or lukewarm
water; later rub with soap, and
wash out.
Cocoa Stains-First wash in cold
water *and then pour boiling water!
through them.
Coffee gains are removed by
placing at pace over a basin and;
pouring on boJirig water while the
saiw are fresh. The force of the
water aids )n iooseping the stain.
Fruit stains require the same
treatment as coffee metes. A alcoholl
softens an4 diaolvyes fruit stnans,
aWd does n4t i4oiue the material,
Graps stains are dissolved by al-
pohol dr ca4mpor and may (hee be
washed out with clear water.
Mildew Is a plant mold that grows
p, the g1ber of mtaaAerJa. Ut de-
y4lops or clothes- when t4ey are
.damp for some time in wopM weath-
,er. jnsa mldew atala are'old, tfiy -
wilN pot conae out.
Strong 6eaqn wue aa4 salt put
On ad poed the po poedothe sunp
toW several eayu wi#A regoe light
spots of miWew. A bieaclipgP agetit,
as cloride of limw, say he used,
but IJs Ver' hard op their f'ir of the
a.fleraJ. O-, Wet the spots w Ytl
Strong aoppstids eapd powdered chalk
and met 1i 4,he s. for many hours.

"Shawl Pageant"
Given by Women
"Shawl Pageant," displaying old
fshiooed -,sbawls aad dresses and
the modern dresses and ehaws, will'
oe presented, April 8, 2:0Su o'clock.
at the home of Mrs. Ed T. Lewi,:
op (he south tide of Big Bayou. pageant is under the auspi#2ts
of the Woman's club and is directed
by Miss Elaizabelit lgplow of Ifia-
sackisettes, who has Onie
pte pageant producing.
Mias Bigelow, Mrs. GLen Taylqr
and Mrs. George W. Smith com-
prise tbe committee in charge.
Mr. D Mrsr. Robert W. Fisher of
Pittsburgh csiAebratcd the 55th oani-
versary of t'eir qiarrlag.e .he past,
week 4t the Morgai hotel by a din-
ner party for fourteen friends. .
T8l.e diwur table was 43A AW-
tractive and was centered witb a
Jarge baske.t if bpri.g flowers Jn-
termlanged with orange blojsdoms,
tbis being o gilt fromn hiMae sayen
sopfs and daughters a&4 elevep
graidchijdren. The frJeads of Mrs.
Pisher at the t.ot-ei prerated her
-with a corsage bouquet.
Twelve gues.A were present.

Sherman L. Berry and Waltier
McAlary, WaVLerviile, Me., haye ow-
rived in the city for a short stay..
They -ams down to driyvp ome
Mr. Berry's auitopob.le wbkch k e'
left here sevevaJ weeks .a when
be and Mre. Berry were .ud4eply.-
- iled home because of the illness1
eIr. B rry's SO.-
Mr. Berry has been coming to
Qt. Petersburg for a .number of swe-
sons and this is Air. IcAlary's irsLt:
visit here. lMr. Berry anr4 Mr. Mc-
Alary are both p4raiemmuet l Water-
v'ile civic affairs.


Society Is

Veiy Quiet

Universal Servica So # Corr-
WASHINGTON, March 27. Fr
the second time during the brief,
CooJidge admmiistrutitgn Ike Wkite
House is Sn meurntig.
Njot a Aflsa101g o black, ot colUre,
nor a doleful air, because the presi-
dent and hilswife are keep
their griefs locked In their hearts.
The Vanijg sopial reson, li fact,
I1 on mugh as if nothing orr,
rowful Wld happed in tp tfamfy pf
1he chtef exaeuUve. The cab in
group canceled all social engamenpts
from the tiLe Col. Coolidge dIed .til
after his burial. .ut si.nee then t1ire
tia been no interruption lIt the party
A disturbing thought, however, is
tLe practical ceflenity that the Arsm
lady will not give those cliarintLg
garden parties that aJways torp such
a nice part of the late spring pro-
gram-when everylbody is tired of
every other kaind of gatuetpg.
Mrs. CooJlidge had arrpgas4 (W
three Lep ten Mius,, at tiht W e te
House. Tirae seotd fell op "M vry
day death en.twer the fasmy' oM wae
Pcaued off at tLthe iaMt pom p A
burried trip to Piynw lok 4
place. Anot4r euch event W a
scheduled tor Mae, but will probably
not occur.
The o.njy fuVctq 4tat tgbht Pe
expected to L*ae place a the exeoU-
live mansion ti, season t the gar-
den party or the, a tracy-
tlota] ataft', replete with polor aod
All th woundac B iiers are
brought frop W.VjLert Reeod sad every
otber hospittaj for ap efLeqroon on
the Whp* tosaq grouids. They come
hbblJiQg op criltthes ad sometimes
oD litters, amlt th; e mitrese of ie
house is there to bid then welcome.
it is ahwAyj a Joy.ot occasion and
may be kept oni the calendar -this
year, for sentiment's salf. '
Bprjing came to Washington this
week wath tMU loowptls of thie am-.
aryJib, In the htrhque.s- of the agri-
cut ural department
Mrs. Jardine. wife of the secretary
of the department, staged an am-
aryijj show awW you never saw so
many love-ly biggsomis in your life.
1I was the public'd show, but the
agricultural lady gay p 4 "private
view" on Tuebday for a group of
notaJbiso. Jadies of the cflinet help.
ed her aqd lijrs. Dawes sert of led the
gues1 inU. Diplomrnai wi-yee, especial-
ly those-of the Li-i-a-Americalt coun-
tries, were much in" evidence.
liusLc mJng)ed with flowers to give
th we 1ek a "cultural" vpilue. Every-
body turned out for "Lolengri."
gian iwo say night by Washington's
own opera Ucompany.
During the good many years of its
eijstencg. Ie lac. mpa.qy hai .cyt be-
fore pleeuatedi a Wagner opus. The
"Golik llorme Shoe" gliLtered won4
the brigAtest gen s shone I 4q box
occupied b thl German Aimbasa4or
a.P4 froness Maltgan, Wzw .were p.-
apna of patrpon, Am it were.
SA whiff of te !nceae: 9f 54-away
Pe-rsialgm brujat a fragra;nCe tP thP
past sev, deys. too. The Perelia
legatjona with aq is beautiful orientalg
art treopures w@a the scee of a. re-
ception to celbrate PerMja's n4w yaar.
Even 4onugM ypu were Chgrstvia-
pau dropped jin juwt the.sau to greet
Mr. zaaemi, aw osetor of the .tega-
tiop, and ifla4 RXtic wltse. Ap.d, wol
Etoppeo fo mwre the t sshqesie tapesQ -
tries ap M r's, such aa only fortuwes
cap bqy.
".EverytJing hiere is Persisa, nx-
cert tie'spring Bowers," declare.d Mr.
Mrs. Arthur JR. Robinson of jndl-
a8o thinks a Aiatora' ife is goo4


Society Calendar,

OSita clubh diaer anAd damnc Club 5an BaMAo.
MatJq A a w y picnfl Wappoiar, Grpe L|j4 aT p, 6 o'clock,
Mrs. C. F. T.ylor'wUl entiela .-t member of the P. M. 1. club at
crown's Palm Trp .lap, j o'c(f*.
Nw Eg)anad society will bave ziher last meeting at the Congrega-
tioqa cltjrcph, :8 p'cn4-.
Ladies of the Elks card porty, Elcs auditorium, 8 o'clock.
Bushiia Card club. 432 aissen suenu aave t. ; 1.0 o'alack.
Meg Wee elub will maset atMh mrs. U. 0. Yeoua, 2 o'ock.
Mk. J. V., Iniwg gnd Mrs. W#Ten Lasinawg wi ll4opor M. J. L..
La aing, Jr. with a luncheon at the Jungle Country Club Hotel,
I o'clock.
League of Women Voters, President Union room, 3 o'clock.
Catadian'Society will hold their last meeting, 432 Second avenue
north,' 7:4 o#clock.,
Michigan qcgy rii hav their aarnuj dipper part;. Firet M. E.
"wurci., :4:.9 Vcli.
0. .. 'l. crd party. M ysopic iab' reoqs, 1:50 o'clock.
STarefam $uf cAd pps"y, 8 rtcWis.
DrW0pP chb P emwpoa., Mo.tept4.d .tea room, 13:1pgclool.
Pe 4an Wjrl Sptu, tr(oop ., mreL at the Firot pre bvterian church
parmtb houso, 2:;0 d'Aoc*.
Spisbtine Card cibn, 4O2 Second a.vep ue north, 2 O'clock.
Jqnate hotel ad Cpuatry club diaser dance.E Dinner dance from
7 o P 'otjac. Pancig tfromw P a l03 o'clpok.
41aerwcap Legion 4pner a"d dance, Out) 0S@ .Pq, .
W.wax's M sulonLO y aociay at the First Congrealanoal church,
O'*tJ .
Mrp i. %. 7.eng hostel, at s Mwe Womap's club betfit card p jty,
Piwpola P.4t in pwrt 3:4@ o'c*ck.
P4 la.wm.n psi" t uitatpty l glchep, Pflncpep Martha hotel, 12;15
JWpat iritge c4I, lmo ot-a. 2:3 .o'clock.
SigWs p WN Rpehap, Mayfower Jtal, 1?:15 'cjqck.
1. 4. K JAJP90 P, Pfrlwai MfarFhe hot"lP nao".
TaMln .owing l ciuIb, No. I, !rit'fPp Amuesineet hall, 1:50 o'cock.
wThoswtopkw J ty will flWf wit fi Mrs. Rebeoca Bo.a9rdpa, 620
'fweaIfy-LhldF avenue s8p.90
Aipha ps"g Pk. Iopcteop, flopeLepA4 lea room, i otlock.
Sups*w 1rd cLa$, MM fCsd4 ayenae poprt.", 7:9 o'clock.
4 1!Carsw Pot, . A. pt., w ill t MW .Q l A. A MalJf ; o'clock.
14 Craor6 Cex'Mp, $Sos of y f rY* a, ,qd Ladhes' Aulllarl.yy\wll pneet
gt the 'rasd i4rpey hat, 1:.3 o'clock.
Ua4ia Over~seg Officers jub lgpcheon, Priepncas arifti otefil, xwgop.
Woma-'s uilllp" of t p Pre*feflan church of Pipelles Park
Wil miee t the 41"Aprct, 3:30 o'clock.
La4jes' of 5 t twd prty, 0111' c0b1, g:20 o'clock.
Memoy/Wl lijtqrsiaJ society board meeting 7:59 o'clock, regular
me~eting 3 q'ciocjk.
Tri Pe4's will meet wUth 4rsu, bert, BX-6l0 Th!rtseabh avetjue
north, i o'calj.
Warprat Blair -hmat CWrisar means in thei hall over Wrlg4's drug
0tre, next to CjlawUP), 0 90)A. M.
1,444 of the 0. A. if. mweqa h tha 0. A. B. hall. 2:90 o'clock.
Ame-ican gop cur4 prty4 Legiol horne, :30) o'kock.
Pythiep .fL.res, J. 0. Q. F. hall, -;T39 oclo'k.
Yefalt iub diwper amd dance, 7 o'cIock.
Kappa Alpha Thela luncseqn, Gypsy lap, I o'clock.
Tampa Pi-HeIfle.plc lhpncheon, Club SM p p O.
Mrs. L4is a94 Lcqmt HwI egtertolp witb a tea from B:g8 to b:S0
o'clook\et her home 2 0 Coff e PoP driye. .
wiori )'fHIWtorlo.,i cart. pa.r, Moseum, 2:80 o'oocfk.
Avon club d eRC, Qtslfpo't *ssjio, 8:30 o'clock.

for eomeltjng more thbi b0rqghtefiag
tlie0rejs. Bo sle has gope baak to
her for iar at, te set up On or-
ganlzatioe la9 ,e-nwwMinaie her hbs-
Senator Bel-iswa. you D kow, was
appoiaW t4 1 ll 41he *epired teri
of the lase B egp& Pa$al& nad will
have to be eleoted' -regulorly" before
long. .
'She's had plenty of expertenA, an
the political game and as My anop-
ger Mrs. Robinsop Is going to put me
through," say the sepas-or.
Boreno lotA w4 paty wgA Wei
patydi~e Mop.ay w |dkip witha 25
tqhlse of brids a rranguId nJ baldj
rpbm. A peie -'of ka Wcore was
wardp4d at egrh tate.

Entertain Frfends
With Box Party
iq. of the most auractLve spring
parie was giyen Thurqday at the
sunset Ina by Mrs. E. A. Donovan
op4 her daughter, Mrs. Elsie Hain-
well, wop they nLertaine.J about i
.of thir friends. The Itbles were
4.estaulltfully decorated with spring
lowers and arSaFflKd Jn the form of
an "W.'I repreeflntig Lanwell.
freed)Iola he junrWto60n '4e guest
tujoye4 bridge apd it t-e tpClitsion
tile honors ,we to Mrs Chariles Ne-
aBzUb, Mr1. M. M. Ml/ciell, Mrs. 0.
W. Btit.erwport, Mrs. A. P. Stewart
Mrs. A, %. Neideckr -@ Mrs. ,. J
PepF, After the games a luncheon
ivas pervq4.


Bathtub PartyM t. ,
Gotham GOrnd Jury

NEW YORK, March 27,-(<'P- .
Irvin 0. Cpb, who was gue it .,.
'he recent Earl 0awou "Path 1gW
Party" in which Joyce IiAwje, 4
chorus girl, was alleged to hav pap-
peared nude In a tub of winy, wepti
before the federal grand Jury Fi-'
day apd, told 'ls veriwp at the eve-
nino's enlrtalpinment.
Mr. Cob tlold qewqpaperrpen that
he "arrived early and left early"
at the party. He l4d OlWae be., iPN-
self, was nrt a drinking man, "he-
cpaues you're not sure ofr what yog
get thepe days." For that reason.,
be said, be did not knowa of ftLy in-
toq lcaLjng liquor paying ben b seed
at the party.
"I saw a bath tub Dlled with a L
pInk lquld." he said, "and [ aw ai
half barrel of what w-a afeIP A9
near beer, but (hat Is all I AM At
thfi party."
Mr. Cobb said be awbo t 0he ,
only reason he hld been subpoe-
naed as a witness w" tat Aid face
was onp not easily forgotten.


AWO ALTOQ Caj., Krc 2T. -1

(a)- A, cpobn or nmuwrrI 4g-
selad like a bank of agent WK 14
qwviifg porthward pv' the W l- .
stqa betwsen W ere and S" V'at "
clwa In S fluttering wmigrtlop 0 o*
one knows where.
Automobile windeblelds are Wi
obscured by 01i tliy wavl.r,
which 4aX of It" "pfrte4 la" .'
The butterflies. flylWr 49 A *6,
mass, start off At dawn a.wa i4 4 s
about 15 Plas a 4day,

Than Cosmatic

Te h Mrnale may be the o
deadly of the speces, #Ad, I I"t
eyes of conrpjno) men. the Wre
beautliful, jj4 ppt Jo Lpp p. dgcier, .
dilractor of phse'aJ j lpd it)o t ...
prake ijiversfly, PCe fSl WIP, 4.
Athletjqp ui D noto aome C mW @ .'.
beauf;y, 5.w2Ler s ayp, a9 9 erep
because meq triap smore .mfdUtam-
jy, t.hir bwlies are the nwae tavltf. :l
fW. /*
Women. hp sai, are t Wll ..
or lopsided, or ;eo e04i$ or too thin. *
They rely too much on theb pi t
pMul-up to pmave theipjwi's a M
trative. The aglroefltep in weOF*
wjicb is trmed steu ty s unq ,.I. J
Pad not ae ipttic, LAuter 6d0, S I

New England Body .
To Hold Meeting,
Tlie last gnoelin of the aeewq '',-
pf Tge New ^ngla.nd sdiety wfi ".W
held fDorvay; 1laret 99t Iln t :;
Coingregetlopajl chqrc, at ;:3 p. Mi,*',
,iimibc fci~'ar~oN *'*l-.i
Mrs. C4Tl A. Williams and Mia '.
Louise King were hosteBses tb past ,':S
waek at a bridj;e 'uuiehon gjvsrit) '.W
the Sorepo hotel ,.
The luncheon ta4l. were .d. eo4
Swift tiowp of pastpl .1A4.". wWf. *
gAya a pretty effect. antity V plqW
cards q'ar"ied tfe placy of ea0 0b ,'+
guest. The gmests numberesl 17.

IDA -'


Some recent purchasers of new

homes in thi vicinity have put the

complete furnishing in our hands.

Think of their pleasure, in find-

ing upon their return nextfall, their

homes ready to really live in, homes

ready to entertain their gtwsts.

Why not be one of these happy




' Contral Avenue

Twenty-Sixth Street

St. Petersburg,



. ',i'9 "





ik,,iiw r Lines, Wells, Streets,
P.idge, Seawalls, Among
C construction Work Started

OT CIPAL improvements
S JL,' .under way and projected,
Sidin practically every
0 of civic expansion and
Y 'i0'ative of an tUnprecedented
vW h of the Sunshine Citoy
a general *line involve ex-
fst .Jture totallidg approxim-
^.s $y 3,175,000. This figure
based d upon estimates com-
'iled' dfor Information of the
." oimiiion and the public
Scity engineeta. S e
r'pE (Iri the g-reatest and moat com-
vs ,rogrargm of development
4 's(tekf St. petersburg Is pro-
'do & by at series of huge bond
.'7 tsu passed during the past 10
o* ptt nad by special assesamenti
m. ir,.*ptdy benefitted by various
*- a tving Of 130 miles of city streets,
..teaUtmo of gas, water and street
j.! tabpstlion service, construction
O.sta gigantic sewerage system to be
.**tn" with that now in operation,
LAt, eIppment of water transportation
-fe'tgilllfts at the Port of St. Peterp-
: d,' .dr.edgfflinff and beautification of
.the city's entire waterfrontt on an
.t improved4 plan, ..establishment of a
imm. ottrh water distribution souire
:,..''i s sylatM, and Installation of at
les't nine white ways on prinelpul
I'{.''ti9 thoroughfares, are major
;:'.,.p. of the vast Improvements Do-
k5fl~'mxeoje4Bd or planned.
S;,"' Certer n Prosperity
S n* rly ag Important municipal
1Ivelonmuent projects are authorke.l
4K petition from citizens to meet -c-'
jt' a1. stuations existing in St.
/Ytitettrg", this enormous gapeadi-
s Nf Is viewed as a certain indita-
'AtW' that the Sunshine City's pros-
itt during the present year
t r., eTert previotius record which
f tilu Revu seemed little less than
A'vttkHable at the time it was MingA
M, ,,ir*'y department of the city's
lrt&$tlt0tiye Administratlon Is en'er-
-ins i~tp work exceeding at varying
Ip gat ,the moat unconervatilve
a'p tbgevoiualy made for it. City
_''fTct" ara unanimous in opinion
ltst' the almost phenomenal in-
I IA4 municipal Improvement
4lyBe',indication of even greater d.i-
p Ment to take care of future
^=.''...Work Under Way
.:. .. thq more than $30,000,000 nec-
.,e5I4. to. carry to perfection proj-
#tpItei and plans being made,
i t' =lSl expenses totalling
,0eAeo00 i under way. hlis
Mitt;l r_ of this amount Is bring
q"4t Arougbi the public works ,do-
tiMder. general supervision
l tekl Xten director of pub-
,: while the remainder is in
......e.nt of It. E. Ludwig, dl-
blic utilities.
pa to' a recent report .nidc
'Drctor Kitchen, program of the
I ;Li..worjw department Is in two
| ki) Of the total 2ZS.500."lO0
'is being spent or will be
.iov public works, a total' of
P toO is for work actually un-
. .'.lostructilon. This is divided In
V9'.':4apm sewers in various sections
~;..'t.I 4eteroburg, but notably In vli
o.2Hf',Booker creek and 'ifb
and on Seventh avenue not rh,
laid will cost $480,000.
'f*tfS tery sewers, principally in
.^?th sBide sanitary district u.jn-
it ct.D-Pooker creek, are coatin'l
. "'ed.O This is part of what is
St e the largest, sewerage con-
k12 contract awarded.
,-^ New Incinerator
i "' Modern incinerator whlc will
^# : s~omplete garbage and refwe
I 'plant represents an x.-
Wfl e of $10.000. It Is repo,.-
'. city engineers that work of
Is now more than 70 per
0 -1 small bridges in the city,
-J2 which are to coat more than
0.B ^ bring the total up $200,.00
N- TW' Includes a new bhorT
ove4r Booker creek on Thir
.isuth and one over Booker
SiinA First avenue north.
riA.pwements completed at the
r .t6'St. Petersburg In nearly
t:i.alls have cost asoUl $5OOtUO0
iJK~e',lb only a small part of ,he
l^lApm'oprlation made -for harbor
W priatlon of 51,000,000 "'s
- In a bend Issue voted last
t for construction of a ncw
4^^ IiUPier. Work has '~ei
-.tq-than half finished under a
P tqt which calls for a coat of
lltiM $700,000, so that a *sr.',
fltll! will remain for other proj,,rs
K.'6 4oetlon with the pier whk'h
=Titot ers may consider necs-
f single item of municipal
flle'neent Is street paving, ahich
m$4ga an expenditure sev-cal
- in excess of any other single
i.'1t and which extends oVeIr
, "t ..territory than any oilir
a noW under contract witnin
. $"' .lAits totals 8,560,000 In ex-
- hes.while pidewalk conilrui'On
i'cUlls to an additional $123,900.
;'-:" "i:, ,*To Dredge Lake
y '....ldgling work at Mirror rake
?4c# Will make the body of ,v.',;
'0 to the public utilities deoanr-
5i''fed emergency water supply

-,M~UPe". $45,000. Dredging andl
* nBg done at property jwn-
Sllte at Crescent lake to in.-
sae of land and beauty .,-I
l..e, runs to more than $65.300
Sgi Mtlon to construction of the
V"f toiplal pier, other Improve-
lsetires are under way 'Inng
*. .Rtarnt at a cost of $494.000.
$-tldea creation of two hew
... j.iaa adjacent to the preatnt
>...l).n Clof about 100 acres of
f Cor park and residential
nd general beautifclrtiion
hIe uline.fations eng
*4 pecifications are being


S -w-



1 .fif

Formal ceremony of 'breaking ground for the new 9$05,000 Salvation Army Home on Third street south.
Left to right: Stewart Moir, Franklin J. Mason, W. l. Straub, Roy V. Sellers, J. M. MacDonald, Nat Parker,
Captain Mabel Coleman, Captain Margaret Batis, Mayor C. M. Blanc and Harry F. Cunningham.

drawn for a program of work nearly
equal to that being done at present.
Continuation of the storm sewer sys-
tem Is to bring expense of 41,750.-
This work will be started shortly
in theap following districts: Nebraska
avenue to Booker creek; Twentieth
street from Third to Twelfth ave-
nues south: Sixth avenue south near
Booker creek; Twelfth street north
bar Twenty-fourth avenue; Second
avenue north near Fifty-ninth
street; Fourth avenue south near
Fourteenth street; Eighteenth street
north near Fifth avenue; Thirtieth
avenue north near Second street:
Third avenue north from. Mirror
Lake to Tampa bay; Fifty-first
street near Central avenue; Eighth
street nort near Eleventh avenue.
Storm Sewers
Storm sewer extensions in the
above sections will mean an expendi-
ture of $500.000 being only part of
the entire number of sewerage jobs
I Further development of the huge
south aide sanitary plan'for which
specifications are being drawn ts to
bring a cist of $1.220,000 '
Completion of the huge.dewerage
disposal plant has been estimated at
$865,000. It will be directly linked
with the south side system.
Big items of this program to be
started soon are an additional 54,-
i00,000 for street paving and $1,-
677,000 for extension of facilities at
the Port of St. Petersburg.
The port Improvement was vbted
February 9 at special election. It
Is to include deepening bf the main
ship channel to 27 feet, deepening of
entire Baybor harbor to 19 feet, con-
struction of another pier and ereo-
tion of transit abeds.
New bridges to be built will Cost
In the neighborhood of $160,000.
; In the utilities department there
I s only a minor part of the program
being done as compared with num-
erous project which are soon to
Depend on Bond Sales
Improvements have been depen-
dent'upon the $3,319.000 public works
and utilities bond issue, and little
work has been started previous tq
sale of bonds.
Biggest feature, of public utility
Improvements will be establishment
of a new water source to servo the
city. A survey Is now being, con-
ducted by special enginpers employed
by Director Ludwig with authority
from city commission, who are tak-
ing consideration all possible water
sources near St. Petersburg or in
this section of the state.
According to the utilities director.
In case a nearby source is recom-
mended, cost of acquiring land,
building a mammoth plant, and con-
structing an adequate distribution
system, should amount to something
under 38.000,000. But should It be
found necessary to go any consider-
able distance for water, additional
cost of piping it to the city should
raise the cost to approximately $5,-
000,000, he has said.
Attention has been focused upon
the Skeleton Lake district north of
St. Petersburg, which has been sug-
gested by the Joint water commis-
sion, representing city commission
and the Chamber of Commerce. Op-
tions have Ibeen obtained upon the
land, which can be purchased at a
figure in excess c' 52.000,000.
More than two-thirds of the 83.819.-
000 bond issue is to be devoted to
utilities. Exact figure is 52,175,000
divided into the following Items:
Other Plans
Digging of wells, purchase of wat-
er from other sources, pumping,
sterilization and similar matters,
Laying of mains, pipes, manholes
and other matters pertaining to wat-
er distribution, $964,000.
Extension and enlargement of gas

plant facilities for Increased produc-
tion an.d purification, $354,009.
Laying of pipes, manholes and
similar matters pertaining to matter
of g9s distribution, $226,000.
Purchase of eight double-truck
street cars, $100,000.
Improvement and extension of
street railway tracks, $994,716.
Erection of new car barns with all
necessary departments, 6105,284.
Purchase and Installation or two
power units at the municipal plant,
This department's white way street'
lighting program necessitates expen-
diture of about 52,000,000, while ad-
ditions to the list of thoroughfares
to be given such lighting are made
frequently on petition from proper-
ty owners.
With municipal expansion already
exceeding $30,000,000 for this year,
other projects will loom during suc-
cessive months. Next proposition
which the city commissioners are
anticipating will b, erection of a
new city hall structure, Announce-
menta with regard to this are ex-
WINNIPEG, BMal., March 27. -
Claiting that he has discovered a
process whereby ink can be egtract-
ed from the hulls of wheat, a former
Canadian gas engineer, now resident
in Mexico, has written to the Secre-
tary of tWe Winnipeg Board of Trade
-offering to establish a manufacturing
plant in Canada provided co-opera-
tion Is guaranteed.


made by

U. S. Rubber

Mills, Garages, Machine
Shops., you can now buy the
very best grade of belting
right in St. Petersburg at
the same price you will pay
out of town jobbers. We
are jobbing belting on the
west coast and if you are
needing a belt of any size
and of the best grade see us.

Campbell Hardware

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Ask her to breakfast



CALGARY, Alberta, March 27.-
Winter records in Alberta went
overboard when George Bedell, Taber
farmer, sowed a field of alfalfa on
February 8. First wheat In Alberta
was sowed near Cardston on Feb-
ruary 27.