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American, and commercial daily advertiser
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W. Pechin ( Baltimore Md. )
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*0L. Lx.SII. B. L TkT IORE:::. FRI& i .oTIOR.VL'., -FEBRUR\ S. i S4I. .... .. I.-i s ,-8

Daily paper, 8 dollars-Country paper 5 dollars per
annum, payable in advance-the advance must be
regularly paid, or guiranterd by a person ri-.:,liiu:
a dne city-all new advertisements appear in both
LICAiNTE IIAT"'--.-,, t..zen. For d,ae iby
le 4_ J CHO"IlV, Commerce street.
IR'I ES, in Wcdi bu.xs, tor sale by
te 4 J. CROSBY.
P U'l.jI?.i--Ii) h l eg, BI.Kllh.I i, _1 P. I ilI-EU. lIr
__aleby 1.-4 CL.AlRK i. KELLOl.,
-3tiU LD CA S ULEK-- io th..tea, innr -aie r.i
IV le4 |J % IIS[IHbN, A2 io\.I'. lul.
IN EG N R, in ihbs-. Ior -ale OD
fe 4 d t '. F P1T', 85 Smith's whart.
A PPLLE --z-ur-ril.. Batlwiu-,, Iond- ib) -
te 4 Commerce st.
ORW''A m IUSTA.IU Sf.l.U --. r.,r,.-i i,.r
B sale by CHASE F. PIT I-,
be 4 d 85 bmih's wnart.
B tard, &c.-For sale by CHAS. F. PITT,
fe4 d 85 Smith's wharf.
B U U K "I IEA *L FV L.qu I, I. .il n..-i .. lir
sale by KLEKNAN & SI 11.I.1IN;E1.,
fe 4 No. 17 Spear's wharf.
B .A N 0 -i-Iu pipe- t II, aI..C .tN Y, in
public sl'ore, Iordsale I'w Iy
le 4 J.OHN P. ADAMS,7 Bowly's whf.
LOVERSEED.-A lot in bbls. just received
and br saleby Z. [H 0 POI H,
Is 4 d4t Wood at. ;oio i'. h i, I
1HOL'OLATE-,-J bu\e .. 4OO.I .riice-e-or
C sale at low prire. CIIH.A F. PI FT,
IP 4 1 145 '' u]mili,%I' t1.f
O I-'IE-75 bagi, i,Mie J,,%i t1 1IF' LL, i. r
Sale by JOHN P. AiA\lI.
fe 4 7 BwI1') ihf
I Il ifD A P P I.E. ,ri-t eei'l'd anl fr s.Ile by
KERtN'N & 6 I l.L ;EIlt.
fe 4- No. 17 Spear's whi.
ULAXSLED in C.-,s air, r.i 4.,I- th
fe 4 d 85 Smith's wharf.
LORI UA I'O 1TO N-il.i I-,. Fir,.a i ( )1.
I')ON. or swle bv Wt 1StON & HERR,
fe4 d3t Nn... 1 k 71 H..%l\' %sh.
UULASSb.S- .o litld4 .riit "or ih u tir -I liii
I daal Mola,-, If, sale by
le 4 Jl-OIN P ADA MS. 7 Bowlv's whf.
i-)h BASKETS SWFVI' I L OIL, Ir,.I and
5 fur sale by H1 VY.\ 1 1' & 1 LIM 1'.
fe 4 58 South at.
(VsIN V BAU -SoUkre IA.' ,r.l-i W,,,r,. Itfags,
torate by J.W. (IBtOHN,
f. 4 112 Itwly's whf.
f MOU N D N IrTS-393 bag. \ ili,i..m. tr sale by
fre4 82 Bowly's whf.
MYVRNA FIGS--JOdniuri, i t.,,I.,r it.r iaie
Ie 4 82 Bowlv's wuf.
AL.1El.A'IUS--40) C'-6, r.-'," ,..-u ..
Sauziatlusli sale bt' JIHN P AL)\I%,
to 4 7 ., It )'i trif.
bags, for sale by J. CROSBY,
fe 4 Commerce street.
4 roNtOLUEs t, lur .e. by
fe4 dlw VN BRUNTh& rl \1 lq.
S'lOLAN Ds 'IA1 AI --Ior -. l.y
fe 4 Lombard. near ,ight street.
RIME N11,11N7UIII bas -.' -.al61 ir.1 -i
aid fur sale by (H F.I. FI. 1 I",
fe 4 d 85 blmnilb's wiart.
OPlT'l' 'liNE--.J qliJl ir C.ak1 .li'] 4U l],lth
Ird Port WIN-.-Fnr i.,e ijV
I' 4 JOHN P A\Dl) M, 7 B.'l' 7 %iirlf
STIN rER Wll ALEOl 1.--i t n .l.I. .i sadle
SDy JuliN I' Alt'1.M.
fe 4 7 Bowly's wht.
F MI I LY FLOU i -Suprri-,i I'dIuiIV F.I IU' It
-warrainte]; Inr male Itv
fe 4 14 LCI'K & HERR.8 SRR -.-n'I rl ,Itl
., -.SEED-J2 caa.l., .i .t. . i i d ..i qii itty.
F lor o ale by G. G .ll'-l I 's.'N,
fe 2 .41 5 '0n.,thi '.
T I IaOAS1 ES- ii, li. iir. -i~il.iniom5i'~ *i~[ r~uui
for sale low by G.M. RiM. I( I ',il..
fe2 d4t. -___ 50 South Gay st.
SA LTPE'TRE--ti'r.., oi g.-l qu,.liiu, Ic, -i -
1 and lor sale by tiL0. M. W llIS -["N.
If 2 i lt 5 ,, -* ,,il h l ,- ,% i r .- .
-G1; MAN St i Ji:--a J. h. lla-eir,-eii -
S-no starr p, lor 4.-, ty
ja 26 C, W. KARTIIAUS. 9 Cormmerce st.
----o--U RGL--T N--~.,oit'- |oi-ul.,r H.ur-
l gass (,n. c.ii antll r-i n I"' a, a l I., -il' tby
ja 28 C. W. K R RI HA I'". U u I ,im.rc. er.
i ESS POiI K .-15ot ,lI.. Me--- P 1m ,i-..
lV for salf- by ( t WI 11.S IN & i 0.
Ife I d,.if Ctlamrls 1 'rp|l., .e I1. H I)I | .i
1> <. A couailaini 1uppl i, Ile .tl then II-e l".rl., i. Miltl
always be louind by api.l) ii-e In
Is 3 d P HENRV THOMPA.ON &'qt N.
A FKICLAN PEA NjI'TS-.u b.,-i!tl4 -nr,-li
Al'nrte n Groundl NUT, lon *ale ii. I.,- O ,, l.rut -
chasers by G. M. ROBER'ISON,
fe 2 d4t 50 S. Gay st. next to Pratt.
OLASSES-17 hhnds, prime quality Trinidad,
Suitable for retailing, receiv-, d11- f,-r -.le by
G. M. ItBlt I StIN,
fe 2 d4t 50 S. Gay st. next to Pratt.
ffl.AC*,-in casks and kegs, of superior quality,
1 for sale in lots to suit purchasers by
fe 2 d4t 50S. Gay st.
P ORT WlNE-7 qr. casks superior quality, tor
sale low to close, by
tI, d4t 50 South Gay street.
SRAPPING PAPEr-200 reams, suitable
W for Grocers, for sale very low by -
fe 2 _50 S. Gay st.
B OLTIN- CLOTHS--- lull -i]t-uI.r ,I ihirs
article from the best and most approved fabric,
for sale by C. W, KARTHAUS,
ja 28 9 Commerce st.
A LTO. sE IIAM d m ,, i .VL
BEEF, in fine broiling order.
ja 28 10 Ballimore -I ir-.,r Btrm.t-.
S-LARD-In quantities to suit families, for sale by
ja 28 10 Baltimore st. near bridge.
1NDlGO-7 serooiinCauacas and Guatamala IN-
I case Manilla do. For sale by
fe 4 JOHN P. ADAMS, 7 Bowly's wharf.
SALll.Y _LOUR.--0,mail'a .-,ier..,u tcitii)
FLOLT Wdarr.,rlet. COiinalt l" tr' as le [,y
ft 4 No. 17 Spear's whf.
IFBESH ROLL BUTTER, a hew bbls., just
rec'd. from Penna. for sale by
J. & A. H. HERR,
fe 4 4t P 91 Bowlv's wharf.
S_ .VUA VAQUIL l:O0tIO.I-F-dL 'i,, uu., .,.,ttn
^^ .l'OL'OA, laiidt:l- IluuiL al~ qiif S i i. d .'ii~l lu[
sate by B. G.ETTING,
js 29 d No. 36 South Gay street.
iRN ABIRlI i l(R C St GA It -i I, I L..n,7 7a"l
-. bag. P-rinant'llro M hd ln _lr> .; \ll". ,.t 1.11111
q~ialily, for sara ty ri. G-. E'" 1 NCG,
ja 27 d 36S. Gaya.
100 II.IRRI.L, IFtAMIL," F LOUtlirTi
tonle ar i le,,r air tli\
;a25 d C'.m,,rm'rc.' .1. wtiarf.
l g m Keglua.. anl 3rr i,,n, Ha-Ia air SEGARSCa.
nonei', Ic. eal1 [ieJ to deb,'.,Iir-, i"r ,Ip by
fe 2 d4t 50 South Gay st. next to Pratt.
S UGjAll-lI- nox..- ,. r'i,. H.,v .,. ".[qi, lK
K50 boxes Boston refi'd. loaf do
20 bbls. oow'd. ansi crashed do

For sale by CLARK & KELLOGG.
. 4"n) ibl'b. (. PriimBrat, o r 1, 1 C':p V hitle s;U-
900 bags S AR. Cargo of schr. Juslina, re-
presented to be of superior q, i, -ii r- .. n'.-l aind
fosale by LUI IN HNI 'silN.
fe 3 42 Commerce street.
1,$ IIHDS. SUPEIRlul&.'W lshkLt
S50 barrels do do
20 do Old Monongahela (to
100 do Superfine FLOUR, just received
imd for sale by CHARILES rt)UCEY,
.ia 29 1-21 NtIl, Howard st.
U %I'tWvD1kK f, I m .I IAL & I OU %.G
P HVN-ON of the finest quality, at the old prices
Fnilhes would do well to supply themselves as.
an advance in price must soon take place.
ja 28 Ic, ,l-IT ,.,t I..1 lu e .
C ABINE'rT 'UItN ITTLltRC.-. iawe to order
al the shortest noTlice at \Va .i R ou,,, on Fayette
slreet, near Gay -tlSet.
Superior SOFAS, atnd Mahogany CHAIRS,
Venitian BLINDi', .rhI OTTOMANS,
Orders executed promptly by
iv 24 HY-Y. i' SII.RVROCi'. Aceld.
--The cargo S1 cchr. Derucrat irde lBiliaslion-
stating of-
2 SPARS, 6,r f,e; long
3 do 55 do do
13 do 50 do do
16 do 45 do do
S46 do 40 do do
1681 irnclies SPARS
450 POLES. For sa!e l.y
'Commission Ml iih 1 ,
rel fl') B, l'9 %t-f
87 barrels No. ,
143 do. No. MACKEREL,
2 No. I C REL,
I hb. do. No. 4,
200 boxes Smokeli HERRINGS,
200 barrels Grounl PL.,i-fER,
122 boxes 8 by 10 Window GLASS,
115 do. No. 1 SOAP,
100 do. Mould CA NDLES, assorled sizes,
25 kegs Goshen BU ITER,
25 bhds. Matanzas MOLASSES.
f. 1 d~t P 10 Bowly'I wharf,


A SEEMULLER, No. 6 Baltimore st. near
the Bridge, has in store and for sale on moder-
ate terms, a choice and complete assortment of finest
quality Havana and Principe CIGARS. ja29
WHO may have occasion to prescribe SARSAP-
ARILLA may depend upon the SYRUP and
FLUID EXTRACT prepared by
G. W. ANDREWS, Chemist,
ja 27 No. 3 Baltimore st. near theBridge.
DORSEY & NELSON have received a lot of
38 in. Black Italian SILK CRAVATS, a very
iup-rh.r.. article. Gentlemen in want of a first rate
aI it le caII, be acommodated by calling at No. 13 Bal-
timore street, 3d door West of Market Space.
ja 29
hand, a large assortment ot CLOTHS, CASSI-
MERES and CASSINETS, which they will sell at
very reduced prices, to which they invite the atten-
tion of the public.
ja 16 43 Baltimore, 4 doors above Gay st.
ISHING ROPE, &c.-We have on hand and
are manufacturing at our Walk, FISHING
ROPE of the best Russia Hemp, and of all sizes,
which we warrant to be a superior article; also Gangs
of Rigging made to order, or, pleo-ii.-a t-rms. Apply
ja 13 Shin Chandlers, ec., 71 Pratt etieet.
URS W. AN I'rD.-The subscribers wish to
. purchase all kinds of shipping and Hatters'
FURS on the pelt, such as Ra.-.- or,. red and gray
Fox, Otter, Mink. Muskrat, R,bb,tL. &c., and will
give the highest price in cash.
ja 30 dtt 15 Light st. .th .,r
0OURGLASS GIN.-Tine suOscniner, sole a-
gent in this city Ibr the sale of this popular and
excellent flavored GIN, has lately received per differ-
ent arrivals from Rotterdam, a prime lot of filly pipes,
which is offered to the trade as a superior article.
ja 9 No. 9 Commerce st.
3 KICKLES<, &c.- Underwoou's superior PICK-
.3. LES, Mushroom, Walnut and Tomato Catsup;
Fish and meat Sauces; Mustard; Cayenne Pepper,
&c. a fresh supply just received and for sale by
7 Norlh Charles street,
ja27 opposite Union Bank.
--Just received a splendid assortment of fashiona-
ble deep SILKS, plain SATINS, plain andt embro'd
Velvet MANTILLAS, 7-4, 8.4, 9-4 Cashmere and
embroidered Thibet Wool SHAWLS, latest Paris
styles, towhich we invite the attention ofl Ne ladies.
ja 16 43 Baltimore street.
T HE undersigned have on land an assortment of
superior CLOTHS & CASSIMERES which they
will sell at unusually low prices. Ladies wishing Cloths
for Cloaks, would do well to call and see as they can
be purchased at nett cost, Ifrom
ja 6 No.51 Baltimore st.
oH hand ,inr.A ..-or'nent ofBlacksmiths Bel-
lows, which we ..%ll ,..Ir.,i.i equal to any in the Uni-
ted States, L-t reduced prices. Also Kitchen, Chamber,
and Parlor Bellows, assorted. A1l.i to
258 Baltimore st,
Jth- Bellows ofall description repaired, de 9
i.A K- :RS' IHERBS.-The subscriber has
been appointed Aeent, for this City, tor the sale
of SHAKERS' HERBS, put up by the United So-
ciety at Lebanon, New York, and has just received
a lull supply. Orders for any quantity will be sup-
plied at the Society's prices.
ia 18 DrugI ?isl No. i7' Illliiini. -ir-el.
IHECTIPNGS> A. IAPEI. --alh- .Ihi.Cri-
(ber has on hatinx a choice assortment of LINEN
SHEETINGS, l1 to 3 yds. wide, some very superior
quality A 1... Table DIAPERS and Satin Damask
Table (ClIi I ,ll sizes; with a good assortment of
Table Napkins and Towels, all ot which will be sold
low and old Franklin taken in payment.
JOSHUA ROYSTON, 57 Baltimore st,
ja 26 P 1 door above Tripolets' alley.
.... ^i-rs s ,-i''.4-. 'rT il L T'AL --
T 2HE UNDERSIGNED 5, ,i let.P-., .p..iut-.l
agents for the sale ofJ. & H. I Cii..t'- e:tblii .
ted Ale from i.i-..',., beg leave to state that they
have on hai.l .nl ill .1%% ..%. k Li a large supply, in
quarts and ]i.ii- a li, .ili t,' m...l.t as low as it can
he purchased in New York. or any other market.
MlllDMOS t'A- l'-"t KS--
20 cases Flat Cap, fine
12 do superfine
2 do Q to. Post fine and superfine
12 do l olded Caps, ruled and plain
4 do Folio Post, fine and superfine
Demi, Medium, Royal and Super-royal Writing
PAPERS, gBae .t uni..'.'-.l. For sale by
TURNER,1 l-ErL' 1.1-it;ll r & MUDGE,
No. 2 South Charles street,
fe 4 C Sole Agents for the Manufactuiers.
1 A D D E iL l0 .., ,, "11, l.,.. "... I'd '" -m.03 ....
1 ,,-." M 1% l .l I i.n .; |i.a,r baiqle 1 -Dn1lil
Harrison from Rotterdam, tor sale by
'N o. 38 ,".9,)illl ..y -,ret.
IN STORE-10 casks low pric,:., M 1 %)1I-It
35 pipes high flavoured Holland Gin
"Grape" brand
2 cases superior Holland Sail Duck
50 boxes (I gross each) Harlem OIL
5 boxes assorted Dutch CORDIALS
of direct importation, ja 28
No. 14 Pleasant street, between Holliday and North.
RANCIS HYDE & SONS have always on
hand and for sale-
DIP'D CANDLES, all sizes
White Variegated and Palm SOAP, in boxes
Do do do. in lb & ib lumps
Shipping and Retailing SOAP, also,
Fancy SOAPS, of every description.
oc II dtf
125 barrels new Prime Pork
32 do do Mess do
25,000 pounds Baltimore Smoked Shoulders and
M i.iii,, ii- i i con
16,ru1 p.l.,,. h,alinrur" cured Sides
105 barrels No. 1 Lard
450 kegs No. I do. in handsome shipping
order. For sale by
fe 4 P 32 N. Howard street.
5935 hhds N. 0. SUGAR, part e1 superior quality
10 do do MOLASSES
10 do Cuba, do new crop
150 bags Rio Green COFFEE, part low priced and
part superior
100 bags Laguayra do
10 do St. Domingo do
25 bags Java do
1000 loaves rtfiaed SUGAR. On hand and for sale
low by WM. & GEO. McLEAN,
fe 4 Lombard near Light st.
of all qualities, by the package, bale orpieceat
the very lowest prices.
English, French and American PRINTS, fine and
common, with a general assortment of SEASO)NA.
BLE GOODS-all of which will be sold as low they
can be ftued in the city. Call on
165 and 173 Baltimore st.,
ja 22 SRPi near Charles.
3 u just landing from ship Powhatan
10 tons HOOP IRON, assorted *
10 ltot and "t, roil do do
20001bsS]'i'Vt P \t..
Also, a large assortment of Maleable CASTINGS,
for stove finishers; stamped TIN PLATES; Jelly
Moulds; Candlestick SPRINGS; horn leaves for Lan-
terns; Stove Rivets, cc. Allot which have been im-
po ted by the subscriber direct, ansi will be sold upon
the best terms, by OLIVER PARKER,
ja 27 eodt2w corner Calvertani Lombard street.

B ACON -Hog round
3000 JOLES
100 kegs No. 1 LEAF LARD
20 barrels No. I ,Io
The quality of this Bacon is superior to any I have
had for some years-the salter has been careful to
make a good selection of the best quality oh Cornfed
Pork. Those who want a good article will please
give me a call. The above is in store and for sale by
ja 13 No. 123 N. Howard st. near Franklin st.
> 2500reaanu News Pi,,i,,,?l\ 1X3
800 dio do I-,.) 1\ Ii
750 do do do 24X31
400 do dio do 23X33
800 do do do 22X32
450 ito do do 25IX35,
350 do (do do o '-, \ '
200 do do do 17I- l
200 do do do 25X39
100 do do .ido 21X30
600 do Super royal tdo
2000 do Medium anid Royal do-On Ihand andi for
sale by OTIS SPEAR,
ja 29 No. 21 South Charles street.
G LOVES, &c.-
Men's Cuffed Woolen Gloves
do Lined Cotton do
do do Beaver do
do Buckskin do
do White and Col'd Berlin do
do Buckskin Mits
Boy's Cuffed Wollen Gloves
Women's Lined Beaver do
do Unlined do do
do White and Col'd Kid do
do do & do Cotton do
For sale at No. 229 Baltimore street.
H MEETiE ER offers for sale at Warehoue No.
M 36 South Charles street-
Do 20 x241
Do 21ix28
Do 22j x 321
Do 24 x 2',
Do 24 x3t
Do 24 x36
Do 27J 372
Do 28 x38
Do 23 x274
Do 23 x25J
Do 24 x 38
Comprising a good'asaorlmpnt rrom course lo super-
fine, all of which are now offered lor sale low to close
lets. ja 16 co

J4 5 U G% LLON DE1[JUOHNS, in guod
B ioider, ion ;ale by
fe4 Lombard near Light st.
4 superior article, in store and for sale by
fe 4 4t N. Howard street, No. 118,
COTTON-51 bales Florida COTTON, of good
quality, in store and for sale by
fe 4 d4t 5 Spear's whf.
l o REAMS Medium and a half Printing
1 Paper-For sale by
fe 4 C No. 2 South Charles st.
F ESH PRUNES-25 cases in glass jars, just
received %nd lor sale by
fe 4 No. 139 Baltimore street.
MERICAN PRINTS-150 cases, trom vari-
ous Print Works, of new and approved styles,
some very choice, for sale by
ja 28 dIOt No. 12 German st.
59 bbls superior White Wheat Family Flour,
in store and for sale by
fe 4 No. 69 Pratt at. near Howard.
150 bbls. white wheat Family FLOUR ot very
choice brands-in store and for sale by the dray load
or single bbl. by CHAS. A. GAMBRILL,
fe 4 4 Light st.
IME, LIME, LIME.-An agency for the sale
S of Lime is established at No. 22 Cheapside. Or-
ders will be filled from the Glen Ellen and Cool
Spring, York Road Kilns,at the shortest notice.
au 20 PSP HENRY N. WILLIS. Agent.
LD RYE WVHISKEY.-130 bbls Old Rye
Whiskey, of Zigler's and Eichelberger's cele.
brated brands-in store and for sale by
fe 44 4 Light street.
% 75 kegs 2d quality Glades BUTTER
40 3d do do do.
Will be sold on pleasing terms.
fe 4 A. GREGG & CO.
45 kegs assorted Cut NAILS
3 tons Bar and rod IRON-In store and for sale
fe 4 4 Light street.
tant, Spy Glass, Charts, Books, &c.-For sale
low by THOSE. B. ADAIR,
ie 4 4teo4t 6 Commerce at.
9 established and justly celebrated Anchor
brand, of which wine we always have a supply, for
sale upon liberal credit by the regular agents.
he 4 58 South at.
100 Reams Ironmongers Paper
200 Kentish Cap do
100 Cloth do. For sale by
fe 4 C No. 2 South Charles st.
400 barrels Mess BEEF)
303 do No. I do (
250 do Prime do i Baltimore Packed.-
200 do Mess PORK For sale by
le4 dlw VAN BRUNT & ADAMS.
tucky Leaf TOBACCO, the principal pailrt of
superior quality, will be landed to-day from ship
Cherokee, from New Orleans. andl fr stle by
ja 27 d2w iNo. 7Commerce street.
ITi assortment of plain MOUSELINE DE LAINE
colors in great variety. Also BlacK Ground Cherry
Figures new style Challeys, &ce. &e. at
ja 16 43 Baltimore st. near Gay.
I entitled to.l3h1-itil,, GENERAL HAR-
RISON, from h P1 IIt Rh\DI-
*l k PIPES HOLLAND GIN, of the cele-
I.P brated "VINE LEAF" brand, lor sale by
fe 4 4teo4t Commerce st.
4 cases Women's fur bound RUBBERS
4 do Mens' do
2 do Women's figured do
Just received and for sale by
fe 4 No. 2 South Charles at.
RANDY, c.-
"A. Seignette" brand, pipes, half & qr. casks
`'Otard, Dupuy & Co." and "J. Hennessy'a"
White BRANDY 5th Proof.
Holland GIN, Strawberry brand
Champagne WINE, Orange brand. For sale by
ja22 J. M. SLAUGHTER, Bowly's wharf.
i"11"-u t'jot,-d iJ M.Imm
50 do Royal
Mifd.iuni Rno.. ",ip.'royml and Double Cap
V-r-rpn'r l-'ale by
No. 2 South Charles street.
f' 4 C Agents for the Manufacturers.
L The subscribers have received a case of tfe new
style Leopard Furnitureq, suitable for Sofa anti Chair
covering, camsiage Linings, &c. Persons who have
been compelled heretofore to send to Philadelphia &
New York for the above article, can now be supplied
at a reduced prie by
fe4 4t P No. 1571 Balto. st.
ved, 18 cases Franklin Manutacturing Co. PA-
PERS; Flat CAPS, fine and superfine; Folded Caps,
line and plain, Nos. 1, 2 & 3; Letter Papers, ruled and
plain. For sale by
Sole agents for the Manufacturers,
fe 4 No. 2 South Charles st.
AISINS-7000 boxes Bunch
1500 do Cluster
1000 do Bloom
1500 do Bunch
]1200 kdo do
150 kegs Lexia. for sale by
fe 4 J. CROSBY, Commercest.
2000 HA M S B
200( HSAMS Baltimore cured of supe-
2000 SHOULDERS Eor quality, for sale by
Lexington street, opposite the
Ife 4 d:w Market House.
679 bags prime Green La Guayra COFFEE
782 Laguayra Hides
84 seroons Caracas F. INDIGO
13 tons Lignumvitae-cargo brig Reaper, from
La Guayra--landing and for sale by
fe 4 P d8t No. 4 Commerce at,
-X-The subscribers having been appointed agents,
in this city for the sale of the shove celabratied Cham-
pagne, tthe superior quality ofsi.heir it. So *-l\ known
and has b'en so long approved, offer for sale a parcel
just received, and of which they will always have on
hand, continued supplies.
ja 6 58 South st.
11 Oki DOZ. assorted Cordialisuperior to any
A rK imported
50 do 2d quality do
20 bhls, asad. Cordial, low price
10 do Cherry Bounce
5 do Kemmel
5 do Wine Bitters
40 do Lemon Syrup and alse a great as-
sortmeut of Liquors and Groceries for sale by
no 21 Second st.
AITHER & CO. No. 203 Balto. st. have just
XX rec'd.
Colored Canton Flannels

Dark Low priced Prints
Plaid SHAWLS, large size
Low priced Blue CLOTHS
Plaid Linseys; Furniture CHINTZES
-Also on hand-
Heavy Tickings; Brown DRILLS
Canvass Paddings; Burlaps, all of which they
offer for sale. de 5 P
I llIl- in, KOk)DuLIil HS, CASSIMERES,
Vestings; Beave: ;. I.l 'l..i .ilI'HS, CASSINETS,
Flaninels; 100 dozen black, white and colored HOSIE-
RY, Handkerchiefs, SHIRTS, DRAWERS, Waist-
soms, SUSPENDERS, &ce. Also a larte and exten-
sive a-sortment of ready made CL"I I H -I [G. consist-
ing of Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Vests and
Over Coats, which will be sold at the lowest possible
prices for cash. ja8 d?
D (IM NES 1TI C GOODS-Just received low priced
and Brown .HL1EI[IN,. i, n-HIRTING MUS-
LINS; 4-4an:7. i; B-.i T 'KINNi, 7-8 Cotton OS-
NABURGS; Suffolk DRII.LS; heavy twilled Osna-
burgs; Canton FLANNELS, &c. Also, super 12-4
1 ir,*, -r e.tine, t i to. for pillow ,-.,,.; Irish Linen;
Bi..wr, Ht )11 \ N D:; Bird-Eye Di.i't-r; Crash; Nap-
kins; Brown Table CLOTHS; a large assortment of
Bleached Damask Table Cloths, some 4 yards long.-
Also a large assortment of super Thread Lace, Edg.
ings and INSERTINGS. which will be sold at the
lowest price. GEORGE I. KENNARD,
ja 29 125 Baltimore street.
3 BONNETS-On consignment, lorsale at man-
ulacturers prices by the package only
The subscribers have in store by late arrivals :
200 cases grained, and seal welt and pump sole
BOOTS peg'd
150 Kip'welt BOOTS peg'd
100 Calf and pump sole BOOTS peg'd
50 fine aew'd stitched
50 Kip "
20 double soles upper Calf "and
15, single "
300 comprising a general assortment of means
women's and children's SHOES
150 Palm HOODS
100 Florence 7-11i and Devon Braid Bonnetsi
50 low riceI Tu'canrs, to close an invoice
100 Palm HATS asiort-,Il qualities
60 Fur anrl Russia HATS
20 Wool do
fe 3 eo3m No.23 South Charles st.

ISH GOODS, have received by late arrivals, and
offer for sale on reasonable terms,
BURLAPS-No. 1, 3, 3, 4 and 0.
6-4 Brown LINENS, assorted from No. 1 to 5.
or Silesias S do do 60 to 100
6-4 Cress a la Morlaix
6-4 Flandersheling
Linen CHECKS, red and blue
White Tecklenburg LINENS
Flaxen BURLAPS-No. 1, S,8
German Brown ROLLS
S and 4-4 Irish LINENS
26 inch Poinser Long CLOTH
Damask and Diaper Linen, Tabling 6-4 24-4
10-4 Brown Linen Table COVERS
Linen TICKING, 63 inches wide
do do I and I yard
Men's, woman's and children's white and black
Cotton HOSE and SOCKS
Schleicher's genuine German PINS, No. 5
6 and 3 cord white, black and coloured SPOOL
Linen and Cotton TAPES. ja 13
THE rates of wharfage charged on Oliver's (Fen-
by's) wharf are for vessel ar.d cargo
Half the City BIl,s,
Except for Lumber, Fire Wood, Laths, Timber and
Live Stock, for which full city prices will be charged.
The above is a large and commodious Stonie Wharf,
having 1100 feet water front, with piles for the pro-
tection ot vessels, and at which there is a greater
depth of water than at any other wharf west of Jones'
There is a large space for the recep'.-n of Coal,
Lumber, Mahogany, &c., with a warehouse for Stor-
age of Merchandise generally. .A pply at ibe .ifice on
the wharf, or to S. FENBV & 11BRK.
Corner Gay and Pratt streets.
The Ice Boats keepa track open within a few yards
of the wharf, ja 2
4$(1n REAMS Fine Medium Printing Pa-
,-qp U per.
300 do Superfine do do do
150 do Medium and a half do do
1000 do News Paper, various sizes do
300 do Colored Medium do
100 do do Cover do
2500 do Ruled and Plaia Letter do
2000 do do and Cap do
500 do Flat do do
200 do Fine Writing
100 do Medium do
50 do Royal and Superoyal
Binders Boards, Band Box do. Trunk do. Straw do.
Press Paper, Hardware, Grocers and Cloth Paper,
Russia Skins. C ja 16
0 100 Bloom do
100 Cluster do
200 Bunch do
100 do
100 bushels GROUND NUTS
10 bags WALNUTS .
S 10 mats Ivica ALMONDS
50 dozen Lemon .' ,\ R ) I'
25 kegs Malaea jGI i PES
50,000 superior .LG A Ii.ol ulifferent hranis.
ALSO-All kinds of CANL' maruaiictlured and
pat up, for sale low by
165 Baltimore St., 4th door
fe 2 6t east of Charles st.
T HE Subscriber has in store and for sale, a large
and general assortment of Upholstery GOODS,
to which he respectfully invites the public to exam-
ine before purchasing-consisting in part of
Silk and Worsted DAMASK
Watered Moreens, assorted colours
Satin and Galloon Curtain BORDERS
Gilt Cornice, Rods and Ornaments
Curtain Bands and CLASPS
Silk Drapery TASSELS
Silk Cable CORDS
Ottoman Tassels, &c. &c.
All of which will be sold on pleasing terms.
fe 1 ]w No. 104 Baltimore st.
E have just received Ihe following SPRING
W GOODS, which we offer on our usual terms,
Prints, new style light and colored
do Black and white, bik. and dove
Bishop LA WNS
Cambric MUSLINS,5-4 and 6-4 Jones'finish
Jaconet do 6 4
GINGHAMS; lack and lavender
Mouselin de LAINES, British
GAMBIOONS, Prince Albert, and Insertings
LAWNS, 9-8 super single and two cold, blk. and lav.
QUILTINGS, super printed; Lawns, 3 col. Thesian
JACONETS, 9-8 white ground; do, col'd ground
Printed Sillc and Cotton HDKFS
Mouseline de Laine DRESSES
lu it 1I. I% 1,-. col'.,i prI,.Id: sLU jand sui l0e
q I rTH 4 I" ''-I I LI lE.A, S ,riuU. d-i,'crl.pti.,.
li l 0 1 ;lr,,i 11. i. -ir.h
Pins. Bindings and Tapes
Victoria Spool COTTON; THREAD
4-4 Irish Linens of various qualities
5 8,3-4 and 7-8 Lono LA W NS
Linen cambric 1111K F,; Barnsly Sheetings
Brown Hollands; lancy Drillings; Brown LINEN
DRILLS; Barnaly do.
Diaper Cloths; French GOODS
Rich black Satin VESTING
Super blue and jet black GRO DE SWISSE
White Marceline and Florenuces; rich fig'd CRAVATS
French Prints and Jaconet MUSLINS
Gum Elastic Braces, GAITERS and Wristlets
BIk Gros de Rhine Cravats: black Silk SERGE
Black Silk Cravats, 32 and 34 inch
Fancy plaid and Cap RIBBONS
BIk filet gloves and MITTS
Plain and fig'd Mouselin de Laines; second MOURN-
ING, dto.
Linen Cambric HDKFS
Green BAIZE, blk and blue blk Bombazines
Blue black Mounelin de Laines
Satin Stripe CHALLY
Extra super blk Drap D'ete
fe 4 12 South Charles st.
THE SUBSCRIBERS having removed from
Liberty Street to No. 150 Baltimore street, op-
posite Light Street, offer for sale on accommodating
35 casks Sal Soda
160 barrels superior German Black Lead
10 casks Powdered Turmeric
8 White Mustard Seed
15 Seroons Cochineal
1 case Fresh Vanilla Beans
30 casks Potatoe Starch.
500 lbs. Powered Jalap
250 oz. Otto of Rose
25 barrels Powdered Manganese
12 Casks Sugar of Lead
Besides a general assortment of Drugs, Chemi-
cals, Paints, Dye Stuffs, &c.
Also, of direct importations:
90 cases Hock Wine of'superior quality, dlfferen"
brands, vintage 1834, warranted PURE
8 cases Tokay ) Cabinet Wines from Prince Es-
6 Eslauer 5 terhazey.
For sale by G. & N. POPPLEIN.
se 1o eo
Baltimore street, 1st noor above Sharp, offer
for sale the following Seasonable DRY GOODS.
Rose and Whitney Blankets, 9-4, 11-4 and 12-4
Woolen Comforts; bl'k Lamb's Wool Hose
Kentucky Jeans; plain Linseys
Germantown Hose and half Hose
Men's and Ladies' Kid Gloves
Merino and Broche Shawls
English and French MERINOS
Gro de Naps; Lustrings and Satins
Linen Camb'k, Hdkhs.; plain anu hem stiched
Red, White arid Patent FLANNELS
Calicoes and Furniture PRINTS

All of which, with various other goods will be sold
ow, to reduce stock for Spring purchases, de 28
B TOLDRIDGE, has returned from N. York
this day, with a lull assortment of rich Fash-
ionable FRENCH GOODS, which he respectfully
invites the ladies to call and examine as being the
most splendid selection of Fancy Goods opened this
season, consisting in part of the following, viz;
French velvet MANTILLAS, colored and black
Do. satin do new style
Embroidered Velvet POINTS for the neck
Embroi'd, Algerine LA PPETS, for the head
Do. Velvet BAGS-gold Fringe
BONNET SILKS, in great variety
Changeable Down BOAS
Silkc and Cashmirt N I I 1'S, all colours
Long Fella MITTS, white and black
Paris embroidered CAPES and COLLARS
Gloves, Laces, Blonds, Feathers, Crapes, Silks, &c.
together with a lull assortment of Ihe latest style ol
Ribbons. Wholesale and retail, 123 Baltimore street.
no 24
No. 185 BALTIMORE STREET, (Up Stairs.)
J UST RECEIVED a large and general assort
meant ofSTRAW G ItOD., among which may be
found the following desirable kinds suitable for the
country trade, viz:
Florence Braid BONNETS, (all qualities,)
Super and Medium I11 Braid BONNETS,
1 i "1 7 do.
Devon do. do.
English do.
Silk BONNETS, (assorted,)
Super White Palm Leaf HOODS,
Medium do.
Super coloured do.
Medium do.
Willow and Tissue do.
Palm Leghorn BONNETS,
Fancy BONNETS, (all kinds.)
ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, (a general assortment,)
Leghorn FLATS, all qualities,
Small Bonnet REEDS, &c.
s 109 Wholesale Dealers.
hand and for sale a most superior selecltion of
Wiite Wheat FAMILY FLOUR, compriing the
following brandts-Clagpit, Small, Overholl & Son,
Catoctin, Landis, Welch, Greenwood Mills, Newco-
mer, Welbhants, Shupe & Boyer. ja 12

Twenty boxes Schleicher's PINS, No. 5
Two cases Scissors, Knives, Knitting Needles in
fancy boxes, etc
Two casks SCYTHES
Twocasks Dog Chains and SHEEP SHEARS
Two casks Iron Lamps and wood SAWS
Three cases Looking Glass PLATES
One case Calf and Sheep SKINS
Ten cases, wooden lancy boxes, hair brushes,
Spectacles, Accordeons, Shaving boxes, Buffalo
Combs. Agate Marbles, etc.
Twenty Cases, Baskets, Dolla, TOYS, of glass,
Three Cases, Violins, Flutes, Flageolets, etc.
Fifty boxes TUMBLERS
Twenty boxes cont'g Flower Vases, Mugs and
100 m. SEGARS,offine flavor
Poland STARCH, in boxes and barrels, ofeupe-
rior quality
On hand, a great variety of FRENCH AND GER-
MAN FANCY ARTICLES, as fine fancy boxes,
Tooth and Hair Brushes, Accordeans, Harmonicas,
Gas lamps, genuine Cologne Water, Hooks and Eyes,
Buttons,Combs ofevery description, Looking glasses,
Jews harps, Needles, ITwine, Pocket Books, Pipes,
etc. ja 22 2aw4t*
BALTIMORE STREET, (near Howard st.)
Have in Store the following articles, which they offer
very low for cash and on the usual credit to town or
Country Merchants.
Sweeping BRUSHES, No. 2,3,5 and 6,
Chamber BROOMS, 2 sizes (very superior,)
Mill Brooms and Dusting BRUSHES, assorted sizes,
Scrubbing BRUSHES, 6,7, 8, 10and 12 rows.
CLAMPS, 6,7,8, 10 and 12 do.
Shoe Brushes, common size, middle and cov'd. backs,
Hatters BRUSHES, assorted,
Tanners, Blacking, Paste and Scouring BRUSHES,
Weavers Brushes, Horse BRUSHES, all sorts,
White wash 4, 5, 6,8, 10 and 12 knolltts,
Painters Brushes and Sash Tools, all sizes and quality
Cloth BRUSHES, plain and fancy,all descriptions.
Head Tooth and Nail BRUSHES, assorted
Shaving BRUSHES, of every description,
Blacksmiths' BELLOWS, all sizes, warranted to the
purchaser, and at reduced prices.
Braziers' and Jewellers BELLOWS, ja 29
W' E have on hand a large assortment of PLA-
Parlour & Chamber CANDLESTICKS, CASIrORs.
COASTERS. Tea and Coffee SETS in 6 pieces-
WAITERS, &c. Which with an invoice of the eenu-
ine Dixon & Sons BRITANNIA TEA and COFFEE
SETS, we will sell as low as they can be purchased
in this city or elsewhere.
de 14 eod8t No. 155 Baltimoiestreet.

1 AVE JUS' received a laisee and desirable as-.
.sortment of BRITISH DRY GOODS, consist-
ing of-
Rich new style British Prints; painted Jaconels and
Lawns; London Quillings and Weltings; Bath I asi-
meres; hair cord Cassimeres; super single milled fan-
cy Cassimeres; black Italian Summer Cloths; Persian
do; Lama and Astrakan do; Crape do, Turkey red and
furniture Prints; Italiananis; Bonnet Lawns; Cambric
Muslins; Mouslines de Laines; brown and bleached
Drilling; mixed do; Gambroons; fancy Cotton Cassi-
meres; Marsaille de Soie; Brown striped Drilling;with
a large assortment of other descriptions of pantaloon
stuffs, &C. &c.c. &.
They have also the agency of the Hamilton, Stark,
Massachusetts and other well known manufactories
all of which they offer for sale on the most reasonable
terms. ja26 d1w P
G EORGE & YATES, No. 12 German st. have
received and offer for sale the following Spring,
PRINTS-New styles, bl'k and whitebl'k and Dove,
fancy and full Chintz and 9-8 plate Cam-
LAWNS-9-8 fancy, Tripoli, and bl'k and white
WHITE GOODS-A full assortment of Jones' 4-4,
5-4 and Cambrics, Jaconets
hneck ;tit Siot Mulls, Book Cord and
Checi. M USLI N, spot and lace stripes
6-4 Cambric DIMITIES, ass'd qualities
Quilting PETTICOATS, &c.
GAMBROONS-Prince Albert, fancy Mixtures and
SPOOL COTTON-Raworth's, 100, 210 I& 300 yds.
Mitchell's, 299 yards.
400 pieces Wool bl'k. in areen,brown, blue and Olive
superfine CLOTHS
100 pieces wool bl'k, blue and fancy Cassimeres.
ja 28 dint
AVE received per Powhatan, Oxford and Pa-
trick Henry,
1 Consisting in part of
New Style, Light and Drab Manchester Prints,
Leopard anud Chintz Figured Furniture do;
Victoria New Style Printed LAWNS
Satin Striped and Figured Colored MUSLINS
Rich three and jhour colored Printed JACONETS
Melrose, Beyrout and French Printed LAWNS
Plain aul Twilled Summer CLOTHS
Fancy, Ribbed and Plain GAMBROONS
Grecian CASSIMERES, Fancy Gotha CRAPES
Imperial Doeskins, single Milled CASSI MERES
Silk Warped Indianas, Worsted CRAPES
Fancy Checked, and Bl'k and White Ginghams
.-.ondon Printed Quiltings and Weltings
Barnsley White and Colored Linen DRILLINGS
Rich Silk Figured Valencia Vestings.
Cambrics; Jaconets and Fancy Checked Cambrics;
Fancy mixed and striped Cotton Drills;
Printed Silk and Cotton Bandannoes;
VeronaSilk Fringed and hair corded CRAVATS;
Drab Genoa Cords; Black Cotton VELVETS;
Bleached and Unbleached Irish LINENS;
Embroidered Muslin Collais; Capes and Shawls;
Light style Printed Cotton SHAWLS;
Cotton Gloves; Imperial CiiU N rERRPA NES;
Victoria Robes; 3-4and 6- 1 RLD PAl. I ,'.G;
Super Linen Thread; Friti..-I Lien T tOWEL'.:
Barnsley 10-4a12-4 Sheetings; Birds Eye DIAPER;
Thibet -mb'd Hdkts ; printed Silk SH O WLS
Gauze Scarls and Hdkls; Muslin INSERTION, &c.
ja 25 2w P
STRF ET, have received per ship Powbatan
from Liverpool,
~t9_ l count ri-i,, ih.e following articles, viz,-
CoI'd C o'h- tR \\ V FINIbH
Col'd and Black single Milled Cassimeres, NEW
Gambrootns-Diagonals-Ribb'd Stockinetta, Lastings
Summer Cloths-Imperial Worsted CRAPES
Wool Cashmeretts Z Black Verona Serges
Silk Warp do 5 Wellington & Genoa Cords
Marbled Doeskins-Fancy Cotton CASSIMERES
Fancy Col'd and Plain Brown Linen Drills.
French and Neapolitan Twills-9-8 Florentines
Col'd Casbans--BI'k and White Roll'd Jaconets
Printed Marseilles and Weltings, Gotha Plaids
3.4 & 6-4 Red Paddings
New Style Fancy Lt. & Bk. Col'd Prints
9-8 Printed Lawns and Jaconets
9-8 Superior Printed Muslins-Furniture Chintz
6-4 Jaconet and Cambric Muslins-Dyed Lawns
Black Tabby Velvets-Victoria Robes
Furniture and Cambric Dimities
Linen Cambric Hkfs-Cotton Bandannas
Printed Cotton Hkfs-Silk Roslyn Checks
Superior Light and (lark, col'd twill'd Silk Bandannas
Printed Saxonies-Linen Damasks
Brown and White Sheetings
Improved'Canvass-ast'd Nos. of Canvas Paddings
Canvass for Sacking Bottoms, &c. &c.
ja 27 d2w P
TAPES; black and colored SILK BRAIDS; blue
black and colored SEWING SILK; FRINGES;
Thread and Cotton LACES; BOBBINS
Silk and Cotton VESTINGS; brown Linen and Drills
suHpeidl.,i, lit I I' ri _\ Iorsted Yarns
I -i'5 '" I *'!. in iilV
NEEDLE [I'\T fl.tN-,; I .OQSS tMLK
SPECTACLES; SCISSORS on cards and bundles-
also Surgical SCISSORS
Spectacle Cases; Dice; Dominos; CHESSMEN;
Chess Boards; NEEDLE CASES; Glass TOYS;
Pen, Pocket and Dirn KNIVES; RAZORS;
Razor Straps; Shaving, Tooth, Hair, Cloth, Shoe,
Whitewash, Dust,Scrubbing and Paint BRUSHES;
COMBS of Ivory, Turtle Shell, German Silver, steel
and Horn; Percussion CAPS; plain and split;
Snuff Boxes; Lead Pencils, Wafers, Silver and Gilt
LACES; Slates; Slate Pencils; Pocket BOOKS;
Pistols; Accordions; Harmonicas; Tea, Table Spoons;
Violins; Looking GLASSES; Watch GUARDS;
Ladies Garters; Money Purses; Perfumed Soaps;
Cologne Water; Night Tapers; JEWS HARPS;
Marbles of all sizes; Sn'uffers; Kidd Joint and WAX
DOLLS; TOYS; by the dozen and cases;
Pictures on Sheet Iron; and a great many other arti-
cles in the fancy line.
Bronze Powder and French METAL;
Printing Black and Potato SAGO;
Russia Fur and Drab and Black Silk PLUSH;
Muffs; Boas, and Dressed FUR SKINS;
Willow Hats and CAPS,
CHOCOLATE, of all kinds;
ALSO.-WINES, Lactarimachristi and Dry Madei-
ra, Old Port; St. Julien; Rhenish WINES; Arrac de
Goa; in boxes of I doz. each.
The greatest part of the above GOODS imported by
ourselves, direct out of the Manufactories; and will
be sold at reasonable terms.
ALSO,-On hand a very fine 6s Octave PIANO.
No. 7 Hanover street, Baltimore.
fj -The Richmond Whig, and the Harper's Ferry
Free Press, will publish the above to amount of $5
each, and send bill to Wille & Dickey.
ja6w d4w
H[OFFMEISTER &- CO. No.8 Eutaw Street,
opposite the Eutaw House, have received per
ships Caspar, Clementine, and Europa, from Bremen,
and offer for sale on liberal terms-
A complete assortment of white, black, tn-
bleached and mixed Cotton Stockings and Half
COTTON GLOVES. of every description
Ten Cartoons, Thread Edgings and LACES~new-
est style
Three do Collars and CAPES
Two boxes Cotton and Silk FRINGES
Three Cases Silk VESTINGS
Four do black and fig'd Silk CRAVATS
Two do Fancy dress Silk SHAWLS
Three bales BROAD CLOTH, twilled, of sure-
rior quality
One do Zephyr CLOTH
Two casks Linen Bobins & TAPES
Two cases Zephyr Yarn, Silk, Chenille CORD,
Embroidering Chenille, Cotton, Linen, Woolen
and Silk Canvass, Embroidering patterns
Two cases Cotton SHAWLS
Three cases SILK PLUSH, of superior quality
Three cases RUSSIA FURS

A CAMPBELL has the pleasure to inform
his friends and the public, that he has removed
UFACTORY, f, om Bank lane to No. 16South Cal-
vertstreet-and having associated hlimali wnih MlI.
GEO. H. SCHLEIGH. the tbusmipes sill heieaher
be conducted under the firm ol CAMNIPBELL &
SCHLEIGH. Who have now in store and tor sale,
a general assortment of SADDLERY, and a great
variety of COACH MOUNTINGS and TRIM-
MINGS; such as Springs, Axles, Steps, Bands, Han-
dles, Lamps, Laces, Top Hides, &c. &c. of superior
Quality and on reasonable terms. Also, COPAL
ARNISH, warranted equal to any in use.
SILVER PLATING in all its varieties, executed
to order in their usual superior style.
A. CAMPBELL avails himself at this occasion to
express his thanks to his numerous btiends lor their
very liberal encouragement, and hopes to deserve a
continuance of their patronage. ?d ija 15
Ofice of the Philadelphia, Wilmingtrn and Baltimore
Rail Road Company.
WILMINGTON, January llth, 1841.
N OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the Stockhol-
N ders of this Company, that at a meeting of the
Board of Directors held this day, a dividend of three
per cent. was declared on the Capital Stock of the Com-
pany lor the last six months, payable to the Stockhold-
ers or their lagal representatives, on and alter the 15th
day of February, 1841, at the Offices of the Company,
in Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore.
And it was furtherordered that the transfer books of
the Capital Stock be closed on the first to the fifteenth
of February, 1841, and the transfer books of the Loan,
redeemable in 1840, be closed on and after the 18th in-
stsnt, to the 1st of February, 1841.
ja 15 dtl5thF J. WILSON WALLACE, Sec'y.
ROBERT HILL, No. 73 Baltimore street, ha
just received and is now offering, at reduced
prices, a large and well selected Stock of Seasonable
DRY GOODS from the Importers and Actions-such
CLOTHS, all colors, from 2 to $8
CASSIMERES, plain and fancy, 1to $3
CASSINET do do 25 to371 cts.
Kentucky JEANS, 40 cts. to $1
3-4 White and Red FLANNELS, 25 to 37| cta
4-4 do do do 50 cts.
4-4 Bleached LONG CLOTH
4-4 do do (very fine,) 12 cts.
10-4 Damask TABLE CLOTHS, $1
And many other scarce Goods equally as chesp.-
Call at the cheap Slore.
de I ROBERT HILL. No. 73 Batimore al.
The Stubscriber has lust received and will thisday
open a splendvid assortment of SAXON Y.BRUSSEI.S,
sand beautiliil palteri.,; which togelber with his for.
mer stock, render his- aso ilmelt as complete as that
of any house in this city, and will be sold on terms
that cannot fail ho please; persons wishing to purchase
any article in the carpet line aie invited lo call and
judge lor themslehes. RICHARD DUVALL,
ae 7 P No. 210 Baltimore at.

130.0 LB I ,SI.NU, GI,r byah,
J S ,ja2 W G. HARRISON'.

No. 107 Bullimore street.
J ARTER intendming to chait ge his present
Jine of business, will dispose ol his stock ot
FANCY GOODS, wholesale or retail. Thly consist
in part of-
Fine Linen and Muslin SHIRTS
Domestic and imported SILK SHIRTS
Scotch Yarn SHIRTS and DRAWERS
Double-breasted Merinio SHIRTS
A large assortment ot Merino Drawers
Fine Lambs Wool Shirts and do
Cotton knit Shirts and Drawers
Very superior Buck Jackets and Drawers
Merino and Cotuou HALF I- IOSE
Fanicy English Silk H1 ISIER R'
Saiin and Silk Dress SC-ARFS; Mlohairg&Merino do
Trimmed and Plain Sai'm b] iOLKS
Silk and Satin CRAVATS
Linen Cambric and %ill Pockel HHDKFS.
lienlleinni's DRE7sSING GUW.NS
Fine Gum Ela-iHc Siapenderi
Fine Fierenic U UMBRELLAS
Part. Kid tLO'VES, all colours, .&c. &c.
Person wishing the above articles would do well to
call before purchasing elsewhere.
ja 15 3taw3w
HE SUBSCRIBER iespeclfully informs the
getilermen of Balimore and itsa vicinity uIhl he
has opened tre above elegant esfablishme'tl, and will
in fulure be enabled to furnish them with HATS -u-
perior in slyle and qAahty lo any bereliolone offered lor
sale in this city,
Fine Linen and Muslin SHI RTS, made Ito fit in su-
perior style
Paris Kid Gloves, fine colors $1 per pair
Under Shirls and Drawers ofVadrioua kinds
%oollen, Mnriro, Cotton and Silk Hoaiery
Gum Elaotic and other SUSPENDERS
Silk HDKFS hemmed
Satin figured CRAVATS
Fancy Opera Ties
Blac Italian and Satin Cravats
Cocoa, Ebon) arid olher CANES
Morning Gowns-and a variety of other Goods suil.
able for Gantlemen.
The prices at this establishment mill be uniform
anid as low as the quality can be sold at retail in this

C ASTOR OIL-14 brls Superior Castor Oil, jlUa
received and for sole by
ja 28 GAITHER & CO. 203 Ballo. st.

NO. 225i BALriOE SaaTREET,
H AVE RECKIVEDpershipiCielmenline,and
Europe, and other lale arrivals from Bremen,
Which they offer ic.r ale on liberal lermi.
I case blk and blue blk V'lvet RIBBONS
1 do Taffeta do
1 do Hal Binding and !ilK Corset LACES
2 do VLSI'IN;S,. neweilst patterns
2 do Cotton CANVASS
1 do Scarlet Cashmere, and do borders
4 do Cotton FRINGES
16 cartoons Thread LACES
2 cases Woolen HOsE, sh irs and drawers
2 do ass'd Woolen BINDINGS
3 do Linen TAPES
1 do Striped Cotton do
I do Boot CORDS,Cotton & Linen Corset Laces
3 do Zephyr Worsteds, ass'd colors
1 do Merino SHAWLS
3 casks Coffee MILLS, ass'd Nos.
2 do German LOCKS
1 do do Braces and Compasses
2 boxes Curtain Poles, Rings and Ornaments
I do Knitting Pins and Fish Hooks
2 do Scissors on Cards, complete ass'd
2 do Halter and Dog CHAINS, assorted sizes
3 casks Lancaster & German LAMPS
10 cases Fancy Willow Baskets
10 Kid and Jointed Dolls, all sizes
2 do German Accordions, 6 to 14 kegs
1 do Bone Suspender BUTTONS
2 do Flutes and VIOLINS, ass'd
8 casks MARBLES, all sizes
Together with a complete assortment of TOYS,Shell
Ivory, Horn and Iron Combs, Pocket Books, Segar
Cases, Perfumery, Looking Glasses, Magnifying do,
Pins, Needles, Drums, Work, Toilet and Shaving
Boxes, Trumpets of Tin, Wood and brass, Guns and
Swords; Snuffboxes, Crayons and Pencils, smoking
Pipes, Canes and Whips, Magic Lanterns, Port Fo-
lios, Globes, China and Agate Marbles, Games and
many others too numerous to detail. Country mer-
chants and dealers are requested to give them a call.
ja 20

dS Persona in hiis Countriy desious of secuir-
ing passage lor their Iriends Hom Irilin.t, can
osoby applying to the subscriber, in first ci- Si0ps
to sail from Liverpool 10i Baltimore etery month in
the year. Terms liberal and accommodating.
No. 6 Commerce street.
t]-Drafls for small sums of money for the accom-
mnditon ol Passengers. can be procured as above.
ja31i dimn P
lK El'-The coppered .and copper fLsveihd A. 1
AnierICdn barque I.OUISA, James A. Hob-i.,n, mas-
te-i; will be despatched a-,aboae on or before the 1st
of March. For freight or passage, having superior
accommodations, apply to
ja 29 P No. 31 South Charles at.
t FOR BREMN--i-Tie lne iast -aliiig
copperedJ and copper fastened Bremen aihip
CLEMENTINE, H. Gesselmann, master; will sail
for the above port on or before the 10th February.-
For freight, of small stowage, or passage apply to
ja 25 S. Charles street.
S FOB HAVANA-With immediate des-
patch-The fine coppered and copper fastened
schr. HOPE, White, master: burthen of 900 bbls.-
For freight or passage, having good accommodations.
Exchange Place.
Oct-The Hope will (commence loading immediately.
ja 27 16t
rBK FOR BOSTON-Union and Despatch
Line-The packet brig CHOCTAW, Captain
rowell; will have despatch. For freight or passage
apply on board at Bowly's wharf, or to
ff FOR BOSTON-Regular Linie-The
M packet brig VICTOR, Whipple, master, will
have despatch. For the bulk of 400 brls. apply to
fe J. W. OSBORN, 82 Bowly's whf.
-- FOR BOSTON-NManuficlur.r's Line-
A& The brig MARV S'TANTru, Capt. Beard;
will nave dlepaich. Apply to
ja 29 P 12 and 13 Bowly's wharf.
-- FOR BOSTON-Regtilar ComitereiaI
S lLine-To sail on Saturday-The packet brig
ALMENA, S. C. Howes, master; having 23 of her
cargo engaged and on board, will sail as above. For
balance of freight or passage, having superior ac-
commodations, apply to the Captain or, to,.J, r1 to
fe 4 4t1 o0 Bowly's wharf.
_2M FOR H1ARTFORD-Ttie good schr.
JN FRANCES TRYON, of the r-.,,l.,r 1-.,1
Capt. J. Norris;is now ready to take ir-iqb. t,.,4,%a '
Ite 4 P 11 Bwly's wtiarf.
A The substantially Hanovejiin barque MOe -
.EN .TERN. Capt. Jacob Appel; 200 tons burthen,
will be reaiy to take in cargo in a few days. Apply
f 4 8t P 31 S. Charle, st.
FOR FKHIGH1I' u0r CilAttTt'I,--
The schr. SUPERIOR, Capt Selep; a good
'eswel 3 yearsold and stows aboul 6t0bbla app'y
to J. W OSliORN,
i S27 PI P. '. It. r
trUit 'Flt *-1I61-1 u1 | L'A i.kIL1.. -
A TMhe brig tlAIDEI., Fliter, maste,; umrthen
12 Mo 13U00 barrels.
tdier, waster; about 850 bbls turttin. Apply
'u Itis). Wfill'IIt,lE,
jh 19 12 and 13 Bo. ly'swhiaif.
.g FtiK IIFRIEIGHIT OK I II.,t I k t. .-
The flue A. 1 ship CHEROKEE, Capt. Sir-
uoiis., buithen a0oul 6)iO tibls.
The brag AI.t'EhL L' Ski Ifield, bur-
lthen about i ;ubinl-. F-'nr i-ins al p y to
j. k 7 ( 'L AR K & K I.I 01.
Jm ui U r i fi.lGil'l li. LI i 1ib i i.ic -
d Ti-" **chr. Jtli h [ BRlt-1 1N i-lI \\ll-
lihamins, burlthen about 9U0 bbls.
f 1The schr. HERALD, Capt. Crockelt, bur-
i tet, about 1000 bbls. For tern.; at.i.l\ lo
S.7 CLARK & KEI I '1,.
b FOR FI4t.LIGH I Ot C'llI t ir-'--
The sehr. FRANKLIN, Bibber, master; 850
bbls. burthen.
fl The schr. GOVERNOR FRANCIS, Shaw.
mstiler; 700 bbls. burthen. *
] Ihe ,chr. PERU,Alien, master; 500 bbls.
bihrten. For terms apply to ,
fe 1 7 Bowly's wharf.
The fine copper fastened schooner FAWN,
apt. Washburn; stows about 800 barrels, Apply to
fe 1 P 8 Bowly's wharf.
S The fine schnr. RIENZI, Capt. Patterson,
burthen 750 bbls. Apply to
te 1 J. J. CORNER & BRO.
hTne gooa schr. BEhR ', apt. Howe-; bur-
then about850 bbls. For leims apply to
fe 1 No. 9 Bowly'a whf.
The new fast sailing schooner DEMOCRAT,
Capt. McClintock; 110 tons or 900bbls. burthen-a
West India freight preferred. Apply to
fe 2 99 Bowly's wharf.
aiU DENCE, of 150 tons burthen or 1500 bairels,
built in Plymouth, Mass. Apply to
fe 2 6t Exchange Place.
FOR SALE-A Baltimore copper fasten-
ed and coppered Schr. of about 800 barrels, in
good order, and sails fast; will be sold at less than her
real worth, the owner having no further use for her
in the trade she was intended tor. Apply to
fe I d6t W. RHOADS, 61 Smith's whf.
_2 WANTED-A Vessel to take the bulk of
200 hhds. to fAew York,-a fair freight and
despatch will be given on application to
fe 4 7 Bowly's wharf.
Baltimore, Jany. 5th, 1841.
N OTICE is hereby given, that an election for
S eighteen Directors to manage the affairs of the
Bank for the ensuing twelve months will be held at
the Banking House on TUESDAY 9th Feby. next,
between the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock. By order
ja6 P________ TH. PHENIX. Cash,
AN'L. BIXLER & CO-Have on hand and
offer for sale on reasonable terms.
50 boxes 5's Roll's Spun TOBACCO,
1%0 do. Pound Lump Cavendish TOBACCO,
50 do. Small Lumps 12's and 16's,
Scotch Rappee, Macaban, Congress, and Natcbi-
toches, SNUFF, in bottles and pack'd to order and
warranted to keep n any part of the Union.
120,000 Principe, P. L. D. & Rendon brands,
30,000 do. 2nd quality,
150,000 Trabuco SEGARS,
5P,000 Silva & Co. do.
190,000 Half Spanish do.
100,000 American do. ^
With a general assortment of articles in their trade.
Those who are in want of the above articles would do
well to examine their stock before purchasing.
oc28 eo
&C.-200 boxes Jackson's Mould CANDLES
6000 lbs. GLUE, of good quality
275 reams SANDPAPER
300 kegs best Eastern Nails
9 bales new HOPS
60boxes TAO
3 bbls Colegates SARCH
63 boxes FIG BLUE
15o do Bakers and Laphams No. 1 Chocola a
20 do Homepalhic and spiced do
30 do Bakers prepared COCOA
500 reams Wrappiog )
100 bundles S. Leaf j
190 reams Imp'l. and Medium LPAPER. For
80 bundles B. Box 1 sale by
25 do Sheathing |
50 reams Tea J
ja 18 d 68 South st. near Pratt.

&c.-The subscribers have on hand a genera
assortment of
Irish LINENS, Barklie's bleach. all prices from 31
cts to 100o
Brown HOLLANDS do do 12t to 31i cts
Unbleached Table CLOTHS do 62 to $1
10-4 superior Linen SHEETING at 621 cts per yard
Superior 8-4 Damask Table LINEN at $1 do
10 cases Bleached MUSLINS, all prices, fiom 9 to
18a ets
5 cases Linen Cambric Hankfs do do do 181 to 50 do
1 do col'd CAMBRICS
1 do bleached twill'd MUSLIN
1 do Unbleached do
10 bales Unbleached MUSLINS, all prices
I do Russia DIAPER
I do Methuen TICKING
CALICOES, CHECKS, PLAIDS, &c. all prices
Persons in want of any of the a: ove goods will find
it to their advantage to call and examine our stock be-
fore purchasing, as we have a good assortment of
goods on hand, and they wll be sold Wholesale and
Retail at the very lowest market prices, by
DORSEY & NELSON, No. 13 Baltimore
ja 29 st.. 3di door west of Market SnaCe.
0 STREET, has received per tate.arrivals from
Europe, and has constantly oi hand for sale low,
on accommodating terms, the following articles-
such as Gentlemen's super Fowling Pirces and
DUCK GUNS, Double arid Single barrel; Youths
do do, Brass, Steel and Damascus Barrel PISTOILS;
a very lulla'sorlment Dixon's, Yates anit other kinds
of GERMAN SILVER WARE, such as Spoon',
Forks, Sugar Tongs,Soup Ladles, Fish KnivesPock-
et Combs, Rogers, Stenton's, Anderson's CUTLEL V
Gillott's, Perry's, Windle's, Warin's, Attwood's,
Mitchell's, Chance's, Harwood's. Mosley's, Heely's,
and Dannis's STEEL PENS-together with a large
and complete assortment of JEWELRY and FANCY
STATIONARY, with other articles :oo numerous to
mention. Country merchants would do well to call and
examine for themselves before purchasing elsewhere.
oc 24
GOODS.-The subscribers have on hand a very
large and choice stock of superfine Wool and Piece
Dyed Black, Blue, Invisible Green, Grass Green,
Citron Olive, Olive, Brown, Drab and Gray Mixed
Cloths; Wool and Piece Dyed, Black, Blue, Drab,
Grey Mixt, and Fancy Cassimeres; Blue and Drab
Beaver Cloths.
Sattinets, Kentucky and Glasgow Jeans, Cordova
Fancies, Beaverteen and Corderoy, &c.
ALSO-White, Red, Yellow, and Green Flannels
from 25 to 75 cents; very superior, yard wide at 50
cts. Canton Flannels, Rose and Whitney Blankets,
Plaid Linseys, together with a general assortment of
FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS-allot which will
be sold wholesale and retail at such prices as cannot
fail to please. Persons that want good goods at low
prices will please call at No. 13 Baltimore street 3rd,
door west of Market Space.
AS I design confining myself exclusively to the
A Hosiery; Glove and Lace department of DRY
GOODS, I have determined to SELL OFF my stock
of STAPLE GOODS AT COST. They consist of
Blankets; Flannels; Bed Ticking; Calicoes; English
and French Merinoes; Canton Flannels; Table Diaper;
Napkins; Barnricy hrleeting; and all lhe arnicle usu-
all fiuutnd in a R&Lall [ ) buoil-S 'tore.
Heal- 1 inl'tlieS; cinditdL.e i. .ltuionariand indivi-
duald i ll iti)- i-ll in call ar-I '?-e i9 .t .oii,? ht bre
purchasing elhewhere. JOHN A, ROH.CHE,
ja 16 No. 52 Hanover street.
JUST received from auction, the following DE-
SSIRABLE GOODS, part of the cargo of the
ship Grace Brown, and will be sold immediately at
very low prices-
3 cases superfine Irish LINENS
2 cases English Chintz CALICOES
1 case fine BROWN HOLLANDS
N. B. WANTED-A Young Man, of pleasing ad-
dress, good moral character, and experienced in the
business, as salesman in a wholesale and retail dry
goods store.' To a good salesman with the foregoing
qualifications, a liberal salary will be given. Apply
at 157 Baltimore Street. fe 2 P
T HE SUBSCRIBER wishing to reduce his
stock Dry Goods, will take the TIDE WATER
My assortment is large, consisting in part of rich Sa-
tin MANTILLAS, French CASHMERE, Brocha,
Thibet and other SHAWLS, fig'd and plain SILKS,
Mouseline-de-Laines, CHINTZES, CALICOES,
Irish LINENS, DIAPERS, CLOTHS, Cassimeres,
Hdkfs, Fancy Hdkls, SCARFS, &ce. &c.
ja 9 No. 135 Baltimore st.
HOMAS McCONNELL, No. 163 Baltimore
street, offers for sale the following desirable
GOODS, viz:
CLOTHS.-Blue, black, brown, citron, invisible
green, mulberry, London smoke and cadet mixt; CAS-
SIMERES-Black, brown, dark grey and albian
mixt; SATINETTS; Tweeds; Kentucky Jeans: blue
black VELVETS; Silk and Merino VESTINGS;
Silk and worsted Serge; Italian LUSTRINGS; blue
black Bombazine; English and French MERINOS;
Irish Linen and Sheetings; Cotton and Silk HOSIE-
RY; plain and figured Swiss MUSLIN; plain arnd
hemstitched Linen Cambric HDKFS; worked Col-
lars; black Lace VEILS- Lasting, Satin and Velvet
Buttons; gum elastic SUSPENDERS; 28,30 and 36
inch Umbrellas; bleached and unbleached Canton
FLANNELS, red, yellow, green and white Flannels;
Bath and Whitney BLANKETS; 4 4 Ticking; in-
cluding a large assortment of DOMESTICS.
N. B. Tide Water and Franklin Bank Notes taken
at par. ja 8


Published every mtorning at No. 3 South Gajy
Street, by DOBBINs, MURPHY d BOSE,
Tams--Dally paperetght dollars per annum, payable bualf
yearly. Country papers five dollars per anum payable in
advancee, unless the subscription Is guaranteed in the city.
All new advertisements appearing both papers. Single pa-
pers 6 1-4 cents.

At a meeting held last evening of the Convention
appointed for the purpose of making arrangements for
the reception ol Gen. Harrison, the following resolu-
tion was adopted :
Resolved, That notice be given in the public papers
that the several Tippecanoe Clubs and the citizens
generallyberequested to bold themselves in readiness
for the purpose of forming a procession with banners,
&c. on the arrival of Gen. Harrison.
93y-All the Tippecanoe Clubs are requested to meet
THIS EVENING, at 7 o'clock, at their usual places
of meeting.

Increase of Tolls upon the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
Road.,-The bill to grant a discretionary power to the
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company to increase
their rates of toll upon certain articles of transporta-
tion, passed the House of Delegates not long since by
a vote of 42 to 21. The subject has not yet come up
for discussion in the Senate. We anticipate for it,
however, in that body a favourable consideration.
The question is a plain one, and is to be settled by a
few facts. When the rates of toll were established in
1826, the scale was graduated upon conjecture. TLere
had been no experiments to ascertain satisfactorily
what would be the actual cost of transportation on
rail roads; and the rates were accordingly arranged
upon such estimates as the limited information then
possessed on the subject seemed to indicate as just and
sufficient. It was never the intention oftbe Legisla-
ture, we may fairly presume, to subject the company
to loss, or to compel thep to transport commodities
at their own expense. The reasonable profits of their
l'a-biour are the only sources of support and revenue to
which the company can look, and to deny them these
would be to do an act of great injustice, as all will
The only question to be determined then is whe-
ther or not the present rates are so low as to deprive
the'Company of a profit on transportation. If that
fact is ascertained, as we are assured it is beyond all
doubt or uncertainty; the obvious requirements of
justice are too plain to need enforcement. The State
herself, a large stockholder, is annually a loser; and
duty to her own immediate interest, as well as justice
to the Company, demands the establishment of a fair
and equitable rate of prices. The report of the Trea-
surer lately submitted to the Legislature has borne
testimony to the accuracy of the statement which had
come from the Company, that the strictest economy
which it was in their power to introduce into the
management of the road had not enabled them to re-
alize their expenses on certain articles of transporta-
tion-to say nothing of deriving profits therefrom.
It is further to be noted that the Baltimore and
Ohio Rail Road Company ask for no higher rates
than are allowed by charter to the Baltimore and Sus-
quehanna Rail Road. There can hardly be found
any reasons which apply in the one case that are not
equally applicable in the other.
It is further to be considered,that although a discre-
tionary power be granted to the company of raising
their tolls to a certain amount, they will still be bound
by their own interest to put their prices no higher
than the trade can properly bear. If any rate under
eight cents is found to yield a profit, even if it be a
small one, it will be to the interest of the company to
keep to it rather than raise theirprices so high as to urge
the trade into other channels. A discretionary pow-
er they ought to have; and thus let the trade regulate
itself. The interests of the company and the interests
of those who use the road for transportation will work
together to bring things upon their proper footing.
We observe in the reported debates of the House
upon this subject, that an objection was made to rais-
ing the tolls on the ground that the Cempany is already
doing a prosperous business, and that their annual re-
ports of late years have shown a steady increase.-
Let the proper distinction be made. The Company
has declared for the last year an average dividend of
sevenper cent. But in this average is included a divi-
dend of thirteen per cent. from the Washington Branch,
the profits of which road are derived from travel.-
The Frederick Branch divided only three and a half
per cent. and upon this road the profits.of travel make
up for the loss on transportation. Because the Com-
pany derives profit from one portion of its business it
is no reason why there should be a lossimposed upon
In referring to the Company as making the appli.
cation in this case, it is to be remembered that the
Company represents the stockholders, and that of
these the State is the principal one. To make the
stock productive, therefore, to the fullest extent,
observing justice at the same time, is to advance the
interests of the Public Treasury which at the present
time needs all the resources that can be brought to its
aid. ________
Hon. Caleb Cushing.-This gentleman has lectur-
ed.twice before two of the associations of our city, to
the great gratification of a numerous and intelligent
audience on each occasion. His first lecture before
the Mercantile Library Association was on the "oc-
casional extravagance of the social reform spirit."-
The second, whichwas delivered on Wednesday even-
ing before the Mechanical Library Association, was
on the general subject of mental cultivation. The
voice of the lecturer is clear and expressive, his man-
ner prepossessing, and in the matter of his discourses
there is a rich variety of happy illustration, extended
research, much observation, and sound, practical
The Bankrupt BilL-The Louisville Chamber of
Commerce have memorialized Congress in opposition
to the passage of a bill establishing a uniform system
of bankruptcy. One ground taken in the memorial is
that large sums of the indebtedness of former years,
particularly of 1836 and '37, are now in an adjusted
state of gradual collection by means of specialarrange-
ments; and that heavy amounts which might thus he
realized in time will be entirely lost if a general bank-
rupt law is passed.
The question is one which affects many interests.
To afford relief to the unfortunate and to shield the
creditor from injustice at the same time are two things
difficult to be united in a general measure which is
to operate without individual distinctions. The sub-

ject, we doubt not, will receive a full and fair con-
sideration in Congress.

By the kind liberality of a few citizens of Balti-
mnore, a choice library of one hundred and twenty one
volumes ofmoral and instructive books has recently
beeq present to the Baltimore Female Orphan Asy-
lum in Mulberry street. This interesting Institution
atpresent consists of about sity giils. The acces-
sion of this library will be a source ofamusement and
edification to the children, and those who have con-
tributed to place it within their reach cannot but en-
joy the heartfelt satisfaction of having thereby been
the means of doing much good.
The Legislature of Michigan agreed to go into the
election of a U. S. Senator, on Monday last, in place
of Mr. Norvell,whose term expireson the 4th March.
'the Legislature having a Whig majoritnlya Whig Sen-
ator will doubtless be chosen.

According to the register kept at the Pennsylvania
Hospital, in Philadelphia, the quan tity of water which
fell last month in snow and rain was 7.84 inches.
There were 11 clear days, and 20 days of snow, ra in
and clouds.
The Explosion at Detroit.-A according to the Detroit
Advertiser, there is reason to believe that the author
of the contemplated mischief by the box of powder,
which exploded recently at a house in that city, will
be discovered. He is believed to be a man named
Warren, who removed some time since to Upper Can-
ada. Jealnuv is the alleged cause, one of the indivi-
duals to %hom the box Aas addressed being suspected
by Warren. Durkey, to whom the box was directed
in connection within Weed, was the friend otthe latter,
and had thus, it is supposed, excited the wrath of
Warren. The matter is it. the hands of the authori-
ties. _____________
The St. Louis papers mention the death of Mr. Ran-
som Jones, a citizen ot that place, who was shot
through the body on the 22d ult. while on a hunting
excursion, by the accidental disc ,re ofa rifle in the
hands of another of the party.
By theb Enropa at Valparaiso, we have advices from
the S.ndwich Wands io the 20th of July. 'the ex-
ploring expedition had not arrived, but was daily eX-
pected.-%'. Y J.'ir Corn.
Army .llomtients.-Thea ship Gaston sailed from
New jork on Tuesday lor Savannah having on board
I 8 recruit' under the comman.l ol Lieut. William
Mlock, 3,1 artillery, intended as a reinforcement for
lhe 7th retpimentol inlantry in Florida.

reached Brownsville, Pa. on Monday night about 11
o'clock, in the steamboat Loyal HElanna, as we learn
by a letter published in the Patriot. His departure
from Pittsburg was attended by all those circumstances
anl ceremonies which alike honor those who give and
those who receive, when as in the present case, both
are alike worthy. The assembling of the multitude
in the streets at an early hour evinced the universal
interest in all that related to the veteran. In compli-
ance with the desire of the crowd, the General appear-
ed in front of his Hotel, and addressed them in his u-
sual felicitous andevigorouis style. He was attended
on his departure by an immense concourse, although
the rain and snow fell fast at the time. All along
tbe river his course was cheered by the most gratify-
ing demonstrations of the popular feeling.
At Elizabeth and Williamsport the shore was crowd-
ed to receive him, and though his stay was necessarily
short, the delight which his presence imparted was
manifested in the sincere regard and attentions of the
people. At Belle Vernon, night had come on when
the boat passed up, and a portion of the village was
seen beautifully illuminated, as were also several gen-
tlemen's seats situated near and within view from
the river. As the boat reached Brownsville it was
met by the steamer Montgomery crowded with the
friends of Harrison,:anxious to welcome him to that
place, and on the shore perhaps two thousand persons
awaited his arrival.
On the following morning General Harrison receiv-
ed the visits of the citizens, and then proceeded to U-
niontown, at which place he arrived on the same day.
Here the same enthusiasm prevailed, increased by the
circumstance of many of his old soldiers living in the
vicinity who spared no effort to pay him a visit.
In the course of the day be addressed a numerous
audience, and took occasion to enlarge upon his views
of Executive duties and the constitutional restrictions
upon Executive power. He was listened to with
profound attention, and his remarks responded to by
the people with a hearty and sincere concurrence.
It was believed that the General would move on to-
wards Baltimore on the following day-Wednesday.

A committee, composed of thirty citizens, has been
appointed at Washington, charged with the duty of
making proper arrangements for the reception of Gen-
eral Harrison, and empowered to call a public meeting
for the purpose of adopting arrangements for appro-
priate ceremonies, on the day of the Presidential In-
LUNAR ECLIPSE.-The moon will be totally
eclipsed this evening, and the effect will be visible,
total and partial, over a large portion of the earth.-
With us it will be total, commencing at nine minutes
after seven o'clock.
A public meeting was recently held in Chicago,
Ill. for the purpose of urging upon the State Legislature
the passage of a law to provide, by direct tax, for the
payment of the interest on the State debt.
Buenos Ayres.-A file of Buenos Ayres papers to the
28th November, has been received at the office of the
Boston Daily Advertiser. The papers contain the
particulars of an'engagement which took place at San-
ta Fe on the 16th Nov. between a body ot 2000 men of
the Confederated army and a superior force comman-
ded by Lavalle in person. The troops of the latter
fled, leaving upwards of 400 killed; the loss ofthe vic-
tors was comparatively small. Lavalle escaped. It
is affirmed that his troops had evacuated Santa Fe,
having suffered great privations.

The Boston Daily Advertiser says that the Steam-
ship Acadia, for Liverpool, carried out about 30,000
letters, and the amount of exchange, it is said, is more
than ever went by one vessel from America before.-
The number of newspapers must be very large, se-
veral wagon loads having been sent on board.

FLORIDA.-Letters havesbeen received at Savan-
nah, stating that Col. Riley, after following a trail
several days, came upon and captured a party of about
a hundred Indians, which proved to be the band of
Coosa-Tustenuegee, who stated that they were com-
ing in to surrender themselves and exhibited a pass
from General Armistead. Consequently Col. Riley
was compelled to let them go. It is stated in the let-
ters that General A. under instructions from the Go-
vernment, is to conclude a temporary peace, so that
the Florida war may be terminated by the fourth of
March, by allowing the Indians to remain in the Ter-
ritory and ceding to them the entire South of the Pen-
McLeod.-The Buffalo Commercial of the 28th qlt.
states that McLaoD was discharged from custody on
the 27th, the requisite bail having been procured.-
No sooner was be released, however, than a numerous
band of men, two or three hundred in number, seized
upon him and conveyed him back to prison, where he
is yet confined. The avowed object of this disorderly
proceeding, it is stated, was to afford the ownerofthe
Caroline an opportunity to arrest McLeod for the de-
struction of that boat, on a suit for damages.
This lawless act is much to be condemned. The
pretext is a mere nothing. There are, no doubt,
many reckless men on the frontier, some perhaps
with special designs, who are seeking to precipitate
matters between this country and Great Britain, and
for this purpose apply themselves to the prejudices
and excited feelings of the people along the border.-
The nation's honour should not be allowed to rest in
the keeping of such. It is an unworthy deed to
wreak upon one poor prisoner that indignation which
is due to a national act now avowed by Great Britain.

A Queslton to be asked.-The following is from a
Thanksgiving sermon of a clergyman, Rev. Mr.
FLOY, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, delivered
at Brooklyn, New York:
"It is not a little curious, that the Constitution,
which throws open so widely the right of suffrage,
should not appear to know or recognize a man una-
ble to read; and it is a question that at least will bear
discussion, whether such a man is not constitutional-
ly disqualified from voting, whatever may be his other
qualifications. Elections are by law to be by ballot.
What does the man who cannot read know about a
baloh? How does he know for whom he votes' Nay,
it is not his own vote that he offers, at all, but that
of some friend who has induced him to go to the polls;
some wag, perhaps, that has put into his hands a pa-
per, of the contents of which he knows as liltle as an
automaton. Is that what the Constitution means by
In some States voting is done viva voce, in which
it is only necessary that a man should know how to
talk to constitute him a voterin respect to intelligence
or education.
Education in Kentucky.-We published some time
ago extracts from the Report of the Superintendent
of Common Schools in Kentucky, which gave a very
unfavorable aspect to the condition of education in

that State. The Frankfort Commonwealth says that
investigations are now going on in many parts of Ken-
tucky which demonstrate beyond all question, that
the returns referred to are most egregiously inaccurate.
In several counties where recent examination has
been had, the number of schools and scholars is vastly
beyond what they have been represented to be, and
the belief is expressed that a similar result will ap-
pear, upon inspection, in every county in the State.
The remarks ol ihe "Commonwealth" indicate an
earnest feeling on the subject:
Nothing has ever so seriously injured the character
of our Slate as this well meant but inaccurate repre-
sentatiniqn of the Superintendent. His errror has been
in taking lor granted, as true, statements founded up-
on partial data, and he should endeavor, during the
coming summer to obtain accurate intfortuation. In the
mean time we would request the members of the Le-
gislature, on their return home, to set on foot, with-
outdelay, searching enquiry as to the number of
poiesons who cannot read or write in their respective
counties, what are their ages, where they were born
&c. &c., and send the result to this office lol publica-
tion. We do not know in what man ner they could
do more to redeem the State from a stigma which will
stick to her like the poisoned shirt of Nessus unless it
be speedily taken away.

TEXAS.-The steam ship New York at New
Orleans from Galveston, brings Texas papers to the
22d January.
The Congress was still in session, but no important
matters are under discussion ; nor did the last advices
fiom Austin contain any additional intelligence from
the Mexican frontier.
There have been great floods even in Texas. But.
falo Bayou had risen to an unusual height, causing
much devastation. People living on Bray's Bayou
were obliged to climb trees, to escape drowning.-
Notwithstanding the great rise of the waters-40 feet
in Buffalo Bayou-the weather was intensely cold;
and ice and drift wood prevented navigation in the
streams. The Trinity river was reported to be at a
high stage, and risingrapidly. The freshet has carried
away two bridges over Buffalo, and one over White
Oak Bayou. Ice was formed three inches thick.
The bad weather had brought all sorts of business to
The following annunciation appears in the Phila-
delphia U. S., Gazette ot yesterday-
Our readers are aware that the bill for incorporating
the Philadelphia and Havre de Grace Steam Tow
Boat Company ihas become a law. We deem it pro-
per to add, that the committee having charge oflhe
matter in this city have a-'ldopted measures i- have the
steam tow boats on the line at ihe earliest opening
oflha Canal, so that theie will beno delay The
promptness of our citizens in this undertaking shqws
that they appreciate the importance of the trade.
The great Liverpool sleam ship, on herlastvoyage
from England to Egypt,with theIndia mail, made the
nDassge from Falmouth to Alexandria in 14 days one
hour, having stopped in the ports of Gibraltair and
Mlalta 38 hours.

Twenty Sixth Congress.
Correspondence of the American.
WASHINGTON, Feb'y. 4th.
The VICE PRESIDENT presented several Reports
from the Executive Departments. Among them one
in answer to a resolution offered by Mr. Clay of Ky.
calling for information from the Secretary of the
Treasury in regard to a home valuation. One thous-
and extra copies were ordered to be printed.
Mr. CLAY of Ky. presented a memorial from nu-
merous citizens of South Carolina, praying for a uni-
form Law of Bankruptcy.
Mr. TALLMADGE presented a memorial from
New York for the passage of a similar law.
Mr. RUGGLES, who has given much attention to
the subject of steamboat navigation, the dangers at-
tending it, &c. and has reported an important Bill,
asked leave of the Senate to have it taken up at the
present time. Mr. LINN seconded the effort, but it
was opposed by the majority of the Senate and de-
A private bill for the reliefof some ofthe scientific
corps employed for the Exploring Expedition was
At one o'clock the bill to establish a uniform law up-
on the subject of bankruptcy was called for.
Mr. CRITTENDEN, the member from the judicia-
ry committee, who has charge of the bill, spoke brief-
ly in its defence, declining to discuss its merits at
length for the reason that he hoped the bill would pass
without discussion. It had been thoroughly examined
at the last session, and if the discussion was to be con-
tinued now, it could hardly pass the present Congress.
The thorough examination it had received,he believed
should suffice.
There were, Mr. Crittenden said, five hundred thou-
sand persons who needed the benefits of the bill. The
condition of this large class of persons was pointed
out feelingly and truly, and the conclusion drawn that
the community would be benefited by its passage.-
The power having been given to Congress to restore
the unfortunate to the community, to re-create them,
as it were, to restore them to society, it belonged to
Congress to do so. It had been said that "the world
was not the poor man's friend nor the world's law."
He wished to make it so if he could, and if Congress
was to err at all, it was best to err upon the side of
In England there were two classes or two systems of
law in operation, the one upon insolvents and the oth-
er upon bankrupts. The operations of these were ve-
ry different, but of late there were distinctions be-
tween Bankrupts and Insolvents. Distinguished
names were given to prove the utility and justice of
such a law. The operations of the bill were known,
and the opinions of jurists and statesmen given in fa-
vorof discharging the debtor upon giving up all his
property to his creditors. This was the principle of
the bill before the Senate, and he hoped, founded up-
on principles of justice and mercy, it would pass.
Mr. BENTON followed in the discussion, and for
the purpose of submitting the amendment promised
some time since, which proposed that corporations
should be included. First, however, he wished that
no Bankrupt should be discharged from his debts until
he made a discharge to the District Judge and receiv-
ed the consent of two thirds ot his creditors. This
was according to the law of 1827, and the debtor un-
der it was required to make oath or affirmation of his
condition. Mr. Benton asked to have this provision
in the bill of 1827 incorporated in that before the
Senate. The creditors, in his opinion, should have
the control of the debts. Our Constitution forbade
us to impair the obligation of contracts,and this clause
ofthe Constitution came in to the protection of credi-
The amendment was long, and when read Mr. Ben-
ton closed. Mr. HUNTINGTON of Conn. contin-
ued the discussion in reference to the amendment.-
There were three objections to the amendment. The
proceedings were to be partly conventional and partly
judicial. It was best to have them entirely judicial,and
he had full confidence in our judicial officers. Again,
he thought that the protection given to the creditor in
the bill was sufficient. The question of fraud was
given to the court and j ury, and they were the proper
tribunal. Again, he was opposed to the operation
such an amendment would have upon the debtor.-
Persons under the amendment might purchase the
debts of debtors, and forever control the debtor.
Mr. HUBBARD was anxious to recommit the bill
with instructions to report in favour of some such pro-
vision as had been introduced by the Senator from
Missouri. Mr. H. expressed his unqualified disap-
probation ofthe bill,and regarded it mralsly a a me-
sure to protect the debtor.
Mr. NORVELL spoke mainly in opposition to the
amendment of the Senator from Missouri. The Sen-
ators, and particularly his own political friepds,he con-
sidered, were behind the age, and it was not a matter
of surprise with him, in view of such backwardness
and opposition, that there had been such a political
revolution as there had been. We are, said, Mr. N.
behind the age,-behind the people-behind our Con-
stitutional obligations. The constitution said nothing
in regard to the'power of Congress to impair the ob-
ligation of contracts. That power operated upon the
States, and not upon the General Government.
Mr. CRITTENDEN spoke briefly inopposition to
the amendment.
Mr. WRIGHT suggested an amendment to Mr.
Benton's amendment.
A motion to lay upon the table the Bankrupt bill
followed, made by Mr. MERRICK-for the reason
that he believed it would not pass at the present ses-
sion ot Congress.
Mr. WHITE of Ind. expressed his favour to the
law,-but he did not believe it could pass at the pre-
sent session.
Mr. PRESTON and Mr. BUCHANAN expressed
their unqualified disapprobation of the bill, but would
not prevent action upon it. They would leave it with
its friends, and vote against it.
Mr. CLAYof Ky. hoped it would not be laid upon
the table, and that the Senate would do its duty, and
leave the co-ordinate branch of Congress to do its du-
ty. We had passed the bill once, and could pass it
again. Let us pass it or reject it-not lay it on the
table. The Senate by doing its duty would relieve tbe
feelings of many who were looking with anxious eye
to its action.
The motion to lay it on the table was withdrawn.
The vote was then taken upon the motion of Mr.
Benton to amend. The following was the result:-
YEAS.-Messrs. Allen, Benton, Buchanan, Cal-
houn, Fulton, Hubbard, King, Lion, Lumpkin, Pren-
tiss, Roane, Robinson, Sevier, Smith of Conn, Stur-
geon, Tappan, Wall, Wright-18.

NAYS.-Messrs. Anderson, Bates, Bayard, Clay,
of Ala., Clay of Ky., Clayton, Crittenden, Dixon,
Graham, Henderson, Huntington, Knight, Mangum,
Merrick, Mouton, Nicholas, Nicholson, Norvell, Por-
ter, Preston, Rives, Ruggles, Smith of nd., Southard
Tallmadge, Walker, Webster, White, Williams.-29.
Mr. HUBBARD followed with a motion to recom-
mit with instructions, proposing that corporations
should be included, and that there should be maltriol
amendments. This amendment was discussed at some
length and is yet pending.
The Treasury note Bill was before the House last
evening until a late hour.
Mr. MONROE of N. Y. spoke not more than half
an hour, and in a strain of good sense to the end of
his remarks. The House was kept in good kumour
while he was speaking, partly from his manner and
partly from his matter.
Mr. ALVORD of Ga. followed and spoke in a ran-
dom manner upon matters and things in general, and
mainly in reference to a protective Tariff, which he
feared theNorth was desirous to thrust upon the South.
The Protective Tariff was denounced in special terms
and the style of speaking was as novel as some of
the sentiments.
Mr. SHEPPARD of N.C. who was entitled to the
floor this morning, made a somewhat elaborate speech
in support of the Bill. As the honorable gentleman
could not be distinctly heard it is impossible to give
even a sketch of his argument.
Mr. JAMES GARLAND followed, and stated that
he should vote for the Bill, inasmuch as the necessi-
ties of the country demanded it. He also stated his
entire hostility to the imposition of an extra duty on
Wines and Silks, and declared that he should go all
lengths in opposing the Charter of a National Bank.-
Mr. Garland is a conservative and professes to hold a
neutral ground.
Mr. ADAMS followed, and mainly in reply to
Mr. Wise, between whom and himself Ihriee were
some hard words, and so hard that the member from
Virginia became greatly excited from the attacks
made upon him. A friend who heard Mr. Adams,
says that the attack upon Mr. Wise elicited great feel-
ing and deep regret. It was based upon a remark made
the other day by Mr. W. at tne time of the contro-
versy between Mr. Duncan and Mr. W. Cost John-
son. Mr. Wise then said that there would be "no
fight," and this remark Mr.Adams perverted into a
lamentation that a duel would not be had,

The speech bad no possible bearing on the subject
under discussion, nor could any one divine the ob-
jecls that dictated its inception or delivery. Having
disposed of his controversy with Mr. Wise, Mr. 4.
went into an elaborate discussion of the probable
measures of the coming Administration, and avowed
his disposition to support it.
The conduct of the member from Virginia was re-
viewed with great severity by Mr. A. and things said
which many considered unjust and improper, especi-
ally in reference to Mr. Wise's duelling opinions.
Often there were calls to order. Mr. Adams perse-
vered in unusual equanimity of temper, and as usual
a calm succeeded the storm, and Mr. A. proceeded to
discuss mildly the questions which bad been agitated.

MPraryland legislature.
Correspondence of the American.
ANNAPOLIS, February 4tb, 1841.
Mr. Legrand presented the petition of Caroline Mar-
tin, praying for a divorce. Also the memorial of Geo.
W. Krebs and others protesting against the repeal of
the Act providing for the inspection of Green Hides.
Mr. Winm.Lynch presented the petition of sundry
citizens of the Pointof Rocks and its vicinity in Fre-
derick County, praying that the Office of State Geo-
logist may be abolished.
Mr. Gantt presented the memorial of the Annapolis
and Elk Ridge Rail Road Company, praying addition-
al aid from the State. Referred to a select committee.
Mr. Hellen obtained leave to bring in a bill for the
better regulationof private Banking in this State.-
Referred to Messrs. HIellen, Estep, Graves, Hooper
and Willis.
On motion of Mr. E. A. Lynch, ordered that the
committee on grievances and courts of justice be in-
structed to inquire into the expediency of so amend-
ing the insolvent laws of this State as to require all
petitioners for their benefit to exhibit to the judge or
justice before whom their petition is presented,before
a personal release it granted, a certificate from the
clerk of the county that they have not made applica-
tion for such benefit or obtained a personal release
within two years proceeding such application.
Mr. Legrand submitted a message, requesting the
Senate to return a bill entitled an act to vest certain
powers in the Corporation of Baltimore City in rela-
tion to the collection of taxes and other claims.
Mr. Coad from the Committee on colored popula-
tion, to which was referred the memorial of citizens
of Howard District, praying that the Legislature may
afford protection to their negro property, reported that
the Committee had the same under consideration,ask-
ed leave to be dibeharged, and that it be referred to
the Committee on Grievances and Courts of Justice-
which was concurred in.
Mr. Gaither reported a billsupplementary to an act
for the prevention of frauds on the right of voting by
the stockholders in the several incorporated Institu-
tions in this State, passed Dec. session 1836, chapter
264. Laid on the table.
On motion of Mr. Poultney, the House took up for
consideration the bill reported by him in relation to
Rail Roads in thg State of Maryland. The bill was
rejected-ayes 23, noes 33.
Mr. Coad offered an order that the select committee
to whom was revered the memorial of the Annapolis
and Elkridge Bail Road Company be required to in-
vestigate the affairs of said company, particularly as
to the manner all money heretofore appropriated by
the State in aid of said Road has been expended; the
number and names of officers employed with the sal-
ary paid to each; and also as to the probability of said
company's paying the amount ot money it at present
owes to the State, and report to this House. This
order was adopted.
Mr. Causin offered an order requiring the Commis-
sioners of Lotteries to report to this House the name
of the Contraclor for the State Lotteries, and furnish
an abstract of his bond to the State for the payment of
the guarantee required by law; and also an abstract of
his bond for the payment of the prizes that may be
drawn in either the State or Consolidated Scheme, par-
ticularising the penalty, the names of the obligees there-
in, and the means which they have taken to inform
themselves of the sufficiency of such security; also the
place of residence of said Contractor and obligees; and
if residents of States in which the lottery system is pro-
hibited by law,whether they have been legallyadvised,
if the penalties ot said bonds can be recovered against
the contractor and his obligees: and further, whether
said obligees are by coparthership or otherwise con-
nected with said contractor in the conduct of said Lot-
teries,and what difference, if any exists, in the phra-
seology of the licenses issued this year from those for-
merly issued, and upon what suggestions and for what
purpose such difference in said licences was made.-
*ne order Was .idopled
The committee on Internal Improvements reported
a bill for the benefit of the Baltimore and Susque-
hanna Rail Road Company.
The supplement to the charter of the Marine Insu-
rance Company was passed.
Mr. Howard, of Baltimore, obtained leave to report
a bill to incorporate the Patapsco Canal and Naviga-
tion Company.
Mr. Pratt presented a memorial of sundry citizens
ob Georgetown in regard to retrocession. Referred to
to the committee on judicial proceedings.

In FirstBranch, February 4th, 1841.
A favorable report was made on the petition of Mi-
chael Gross.
A petition for a pump at the corner of East and En
sor streets was referred to the City Commissioners.
A report and resolution relative to memorialising
Congress on the subject of a Forton Sollers' Point was
passed by both branches.
The Second Branch concurred in the bill relative
to changing the name of Chaniberlain Alley to that ol
Eutaw Court; also in the petition of Henry Staylor
to erect an addition to his house on Buren street.
The petition of the deputy clerk of the Lexington
market asking to be relieved from the payment ol
$9.62k received by him in uncurrent money was re-
ferred to the committee on claims, who reported un-
favorably thereon.
The committee on police made a report and reso-
lution recommending three additional Superintendents
of Chimney Sweeps. Adjourned till Monday.

Correspondence of the Amercica.
3rd. FEnRUARY, 1841.
No. 52. John Young of Robert and others vs. John
Robinson and others, appeal from the Orphans' Court
of Washington County.Archer J. delivered the opin-
ion ofthis Court-Decree affirmed.
No. 38. The Farmers' Bank of Maryland, vs. Ben-
jamin Mulliken, was further argued by A.C. Ma-

grader for the appellees and commenced by J. John"
son for the appellant in reply.

The St. Louis Era contains an account of a robbery
committed on the 22d ult. at the house of a German
named Von Harten, about four miles from Selma, Jef-
ferson county, Mo. and the murder of his wife, who
was shot through the breast by one of the ruffians, of
whom there were three, while running for assistance.
One of the party was subsequently arrested at St.
Louis, identified and committed to jail.

From the St. Louis New Era.
At the commencement of the present session of the
GeneralAssembly of M issouri,a law was hastily passed,
for running the Northern Boundary between Missou-
ri and Iowa. It was immediately forwarded to Con-
gress,and presented for its consideration. Very short-
ly afterwards, the Senate discovered that they had
done a very foolish thing, and passed a bill repealing
this "improvident act." This bill was sent to the
House, and there it hasreceived its quietus-the chair
having decided, and the House sustaining the decisi-
on, that it was not competent for the present General
Assembly to repeal one ofits own acts, as proposed.-
This "improvident act" must, therefore, remain in
force, although it abandons the ground hitherto main-
tainrd by Missouri,andmay result in depriving her of
an important portion ofterritory claimed by her.
Three Children Burnt to Death.-The Albany Ad-
vei i-e states that on Fri.l'a. evening last, the dwel-
h iio Mr. J. Starr, of Henderson, Jefferson county,
was cnsuined, and three children, the eldest 6
ears, the youngest 18 months, perished in the flames.
t appears that Mrs. Starr was absent on a visit to one
of her neighbours, and that Mr. S. was also a short
distance from the house, on an errand. Previous to
leaving the house, the parents placed the two eldest
children in bed, and the youngest in acradle, designing
to be from home but a very short space of time ; they
returned, but to witness the awtul destruction of their
hopes. The remains of the three were found lying
together, proving that the youngest had sought theb
company of the eldest but to share with them a most
horrible death.
.Another Case.-A son of Mr. Delos W. Haight, of
Green, Chenango County, N. Y. was burnt to death
in the most shocking manner on the 12th ult.-aged
about three years. The circumstances are these :
Mrs. Haight left the housein the morning to call upon
a neighbor near by, leaving the child,with two others,
still younger, engaged about the room. She was ab
sent about an hour. When she returned, she found.
her child lying on the floor burnt nearly to death by
his clothing, which, it is supposed took fire from a
spark emitted from the fire place.
A Breach of Promise Case.-The Crawford, Pa. De-
mocrat says, a trial for thisoffence come upin the Dis-
trict Court of that county last week, before Judge
Thompson. The Jury alter retiring a short time,
brought in a verdict of $1200 damages for the plain-'
tiff. It was stated by the counsel, that this was the
first cse of the kind, ever tried in that county. I

Girard CbOl/ge.-The Philadelphia papers contain
an address to the citizens of Philadelphia, signed by
the Trusilees of the Girard College. There has arisen
some misuanderi landing between the City Councilor
some members of it and the Trustees, respecting the
true meaning of a certain part of Mr. Girard's will.-
It appears that the sum of4wo millions was express-
ly set apart by the testator for the erection of a Col-
lege and the necessary buildings appurtenant; and it
seems to have been his expectation that this amount
would suffice not only for the buildings but also for the
maintenance of three hundred pupils. A residuary fund
was granted out of the other portion of his estate in
the possession of the city of Philadelphia to be ap-
plied to the use ofthe College in case of an increase
of applications for admission beyond three hundred.-
The controversy now is to ascertain whether this re-
siduary fund can or cannot be reached before the
number of three hundred is entered in the Institu-
tion. The following passage is from the address of
the Trustees:
What renders this misconstruction more dangerous
is that the party making it is the very party to profit
by it. The agents of the city declare that they can-
not be called upon for the residuary fund, unless the
College contains three hundred pupils-and then
they proceed to expend the College fund until it is un-
able to support three hundred, and thus defeat its
claim upon the city-availing themselves of the po-
verty they have themselves created, to refuse restitu-
tion. But of two things one-This inability to sup-
port three hundred pupils, is the error either of Mr.
Girard or of the city. Now Mr. Girard certainly
supposed that the buildings would not cost so much as
to prevent the residue from maintaining three hun-
dred pupils-and if he erred in that calculation,
should his mistake defeat his whole design and de-
prive the orphans of 'their dues? But it is certain
perfectly certain that the city has spent more on the
CIllge than Mr. Girard would have done, and that
int.. o.,hln, to support the three hundred pupils ari-
ses exclusively from these large expenditures on the
College buildings. With what grace then can the
city take advantage of its own extravagance-if it has
really spent too much-and make it the pretext of
withholding funds which but for this very extrava-
gance these orphans would not have needed.
iReported for tie American.
CITY COURT.-George Cordery, indicted for
breaking into and stealing from the store of Mr. Cron-
ly alquantity of boots and shoes, made affidavit and
removed his trial to Harford County.
John Spicer, arrested with a bundle of newly wash-
ed linen, &c. in his possession, pleaded guilty. The
plea, however, was set aside, and the case submitted
to the Court on evidence, and the prisoner convicted.
John Fields, indicted for stealing a box of raisins,
the property of Mr. Daniel N. Thomas, was put in
the bar. Fields It appears on Christmas eve could not
resist the temptation of carrying out the time-honored
customs of the season, and accordingly had to make
his ingenuity supply the deficiency of his pocket. He
was convicted.
John Watson, colored boy, charged with stealing
a pair of boots, the property ot John O'Hara, was ac"
quitted. He was subsequently convicted by the Court
of assault upon Miss O'H., committed evidently in his
haste to escape from the store to avoid the consequen-
ces oflhis suspicious conduct. In consideration ofthe
time he had already spent in prison he was subjected
to the nominal sentence of one day's imprisonment.
Harriet Robwell, alias Dempsey, mulatto, was ar-
raigned on a charge of stealing a piece of calico, from
a board before the window of Mr. Russel, dry goods
dealer in Centre Market Space. The testimony was
in part direct, anil sustained by the strongest circum-
stantial evidence. The prisoner endeavored to inter-
fere several times during the trial, and was with some
difficulty brought to the observance of due propriety.-

The Mint and its Branches.-On Monday the Presi-
dent of the United States transmitted to Congress a
report of the operations of the Mint for 1840, from
which it appears that there were coined at Philadel-
phia, $2,260,667 -at New Orleans,$915, Char-
lotte, $127,055-at Dalilonega $123,310,-total $3,-
426,632. The number of pieces coined at Philadel-
phia was 7,053,074, at New Orleans 3,446,900, at
Charlotte, 31,828, at Dahlonega 26,821,-total number
of pieces, 10,558,626. The deposiles in gold in Phila-
delphia, during the year, were $1,201,998, of which
8176.766 were derived Irom mines in the UTnited
It is stated in the Message that applications have
been frequently made at the Mint for copies of medals
voted at different times by Congress to officers who
have distinguished themselves in the war of the Rev-
olution, and in the late war, the d(ies of which are there
deposited; and it is suggested by the President that
authority shall be given to the Superintendent of the
Mint tostrike off copies of those medals in bronze, or
other metal, to supply the persons making applications
for them, at a cost not to exceed the actual expense of
stri king them off. This authority will undoubtedly be
granted.-Philad. Standard.

No. 3.
MEssRs. EDIT'roam.-TThe recent act of the Legisla-
ture of Maryland, authorising the Banks of this S,.-T
to receive and pay out the small notes of the Balti-
more ard Ohio Rail Road Company also legalizes
them, bad there been, heretofore, a doubt upon that
'The Banks, now, without an infringement of their
charters, can isce them freely and may enable this ci-
ty and themselves to profit largely by them. They
umy discount upon them, they may collect foreign
drafts payable in current fuuds,-and the notes of the
Rail Road Company will serve 1or those funds. By
doing this they will not be liable to be called upon for
specie, to iedeem this circulation, and may not appre-
,hentt a drain ofspecie in comparison with the extent
of business they may be enabled to carry on. It will
give to Baltimore the command of the Pennsylvania
and other trade which will be destined to our market
in the approaching season.
The writer is aware of the objections made by some
of the Banks to receive the orders of the Rail Road
Company. It is admitted that depositors, without a
proper understanding with them-may deposit the
Rail Road funds, and check for Baltimore Bank mo-
ney or specie. That difficulty may, however, easily
be obviated, by the express condition, tiat every de-
positor shall be compelled to check for as much Rail
Road money as he has deposited. But this will not
be necessary-as the people will, generally, receive
the paper more -freely than they will that of the Bank-
ing Institutions. It may be troublesome to the Banks
to keep separate accounts of the two descriptions of
paper currency-but no trouble should be regarded in
a matter of such vital importance to the commu|city-
nor does the writer believe this plan will be at all ne-
cessary to carr} out the object.
It may lie, just at this time, when the Bank circu-
lation is very limited, that the Rail Road notes may
bear a large proportion to Bank paper; but that, it is
to be hoped, cannot continue a very long lime.
Some have objected, too, that the issue of the Rail
Road Company will interfere with the circulation of
the bank. This is the most unfounded objections the
writerhas heard urged ,i.- i-ii them.
It will be borne in mu,.1, itmit at the most prosper-
ous period of the commerce of this city, the banks
have not been able to put out more, than, about two
millions of circulation-why is it so? It is now, be-
cause thie business wants of the community would
not draw out a larger circulation-on the contrary,
the business portion of the public would absorb tmi-
ple that amount, could the banks trust themselves in
issuing it. Th Iact is, the banks know full well,
that in cnna-,,i|,'[i of our location and peculiar
mercantile position, if more paper was issued,it would
speedily return upon them and subject them to heavy
drafts for specie. This, indeed, has greatly contribu-
ted to limit and to cramp the business operations of
our people. This it is, that has in some degree caus-
ed such repeated out-cries against the :i.,i'l,'
tutions for illiberality.-Now, Sirs, the banks under
the present system, may put out their two millions
of paper, when deemed prudent-and they may also
have the benefit of the issue oh the Rail Road Coin-

Come Messrs. Bankers, you must yield your objec-
tions and provide the means of circulating the Rail
Road issues, without discount.
The Rail Road Company is all powerful, if she ap-
plies her strength and energies. Her President, with-
out disparagement to any Bank President, is a full
match in the powers of his mind and financial abilities
for any of them.
The Rail Road Company is in the receipt, now, of
upwards of seven hundred thousand dollars, annually.
She does not, perhaps, out of that large amount, re-
ceive two hundred thousand dollars in her own orders.
What then? May not the Rail Road Company draw
specie from every Bank, which does not receive their
orders with the balance of the paper received by her?
May not the Rail Road Company discount on long
p.t..-r. itit hier orders, conditioned for re-payment in
&liiuioir Bank fund-? May not tbe Rail Road Com-
pany establish a quasi Bank of her own, a sub-Trea-
sury, if you please, where the notes of the company
may be exchanged for such funds as are convertible
into Baltimore Bank paper?-May she not, in short,
curtail any Bonk, in this community, in its business,
which will refuse her orders.
It must be apparent, that the present crisis in the
affairs of the Rail Road Companiy's issue, loudly
calls for extraordinary exertions on the part of the
Banks. It' sacrifices are to be made, the Banks must
make them, for the benefit of the public.
The Banking Institutions must not forget that they
now stand subject to the pleasure of the legislature of
Maryland in relation to the restoration of their char-
ters. The Banks by the late suspension of specie
payments have, ipso facto, forfeited their charters,
and the Legislature will, no doubt, be memorialized
by the citizens at large, to compel the Banks to re-
ceive and pay out the orders oftthe Rail Road Com- s
pany, as a condition of a restoration of their charter-
ed privileges-shonuld they continue to persist in re-
jecting the issues of the Rail Road Company. I
The writer cares not what arrangement the Bank- t
ing institutions may deem proper to adopt, for the t
purpose of carrying out the object and wishes of the
people, and maintaining the Rail Road orders at par.
He, nevertheless, trusts most ardently and sincerely s
that the Rail Road Company may not be induced to d
enter into any arrangement, with any of the Banks, a
by which they may hazard a tittle of money. a
He is fully aware, that if the Banks were to treat w
the Bail Road notes as their own paper, subject to be
redeemed in specie at all times, it would surround
the subject with great embarrassment and difficulty.
And he does not belive, either, that by redeeming the
paper in specie, it would answer as valuable a pur-
pose as otherwise-because, if liable to be redeemed
in specie it will then take the place of Bank paper,
abridge the Bank circulation, and not afford as much
active capital to the business demands of the trading
portion of society. The circulation of the Banks
wo'lid, then, together with the Rail Road orders, per-
haps, not exceed above two millions of dollars.
It is to be observed, however, that the convenient
form, or small denomination of the Rail Road Com-
pany's orders would, also, take the place of specie
in a great degree-and in that view, there might
be a much increased circulation, beyond what has
hitherto existed, on the part of the Banks of this
It will not be improbable too, that a considerable

amount of Virginia Bank paper, may,by Ihe adop-
tion of the proposed aystrm, be displaced Iram this
city. It has for yeats past filled no inrconsideranle
space as a circulating medium in this city.

Messrs. Editors.-I have noticed in your paper, re-
cently, several articles on the subject ot Rail Road
Notes, intimating that the Banks would receive and
pay them out, or in other words redeem them,and was
much surprised that the Banks should agree to do what
was very evidently calculated to injure themselves,
and destroy their usefulness to the community; but in
your article of the 2d February, I find it admitted
that there was no authority for the intimation.
Ascitizens we feel an interest in the welfare of the
State, the City, the Rail Road, and the Banks; but it
must be recollected that there is a separate us well as
a general interest connected with each of these, and
that in the choice of measures intended to promote one
interest, we should carefully examine what bearing
these measures may have upon that of the others.
What I understand to have been asked ofthe Banks
was that they should receive and pay out, as far as
convenient, the notes of the Rail Road Company, so
as to keep them atpar. and thus enable the Company
to finish the road to Cumberland by issuing whatever
amount might be necessary for that purpose, Of the
disposition of the Banks to aid the community there
can be no doubt, for the Cempany could not have is-
sued the large amount of $800,000, which it is said
they now have out, if the Banks had not used every
effort to assist them, as one half of that amount would
have been more than sufficient to supply the place of
coin during the suspension of specie payments, atnd it
will be recollected that during the former suspension
the City had only about $300,000 of small notes out.
But to shew the impracticability of keeping these
notes at par in that way, itis only necessary to refer to
the fact that during the suspension, when all the Banks
received them in moderate sums, they were constant-
ly at a discount of 2 to 3 per cent, even with the
comparatively small sum then issued,so that it is ev-
ident their credit can only be sustained by the Banks
receiving all that may be offered. lIn order then
clearly to understand what the Banks would assume
by undertaking to redeem these notes, for in no other
way can they be kept at par, it becomes necessary to
know wI'at further amount it is proposed to issue.and
the amount baa been estimated at about $1.300.000
making, with that already issued,upwards of two milt
lions ofdollars! Can any one expect that the Banks
will assume this enormous amount of liability, or ev-
en one half of it, in addition to their own, especially
at this time?
To take these notes at all, unless all are received,
would also have the effect to mislead the public a-
broad, as Banks and Mei chants would thereby be indu-
ced to receive them at par and remit them here in
large amounts, and when refused by the Banks here
they would have just cause ot complaint.
But some persons even contend that the Banks ought
to circulate these notes to the entire exclusion of their
own, without considering that the ciriil.iat.i o f a
Bantik is its principle source of profit; .r,r ithat if de-
prived of this privilege, for which it pays a heavy
taxes, it had better wind up its affairs and return the
capital to the stockholders, as it could not make a
dividend. Indeed it appears from the small dividends
which they are able to make with the utmost use of
all the means in their power, that if it was not for
facilities they atford to the community, they might as
well do so at once.
From a review of the subject, and from all the in-
formation I have it appears to me that the Banks have
acted with the utmost liberality toward. the RBail
Road Company, not only by circulating their notes
to an amount fat beyond what the wants of the coinm-
munity, for change during the suspension, but by alo
loaning them $500,000 in Jiune, 1839,whilst they were
paying specie, and the greater part of which is not
yet returned. I have also no doubt but that the banks
would cheerfully continue to circulate the notes of
that Company if the Company would limit their is-
sues to those now out. But I think I have shewn
that the Banks cannot sustain the credit ofthe notes
by receiving them in small sums, and that it would
be utter destruction to the Banks to undertake to re-
deem all that the Company might find it necessary to
I further understand that the circulation of the
Banks has been reduced about six hundred thousand
dollars, and that amount oif railroad notes has taken
its place, whereby the Banks have lost the interest on
that sum and the City has gained it. Now suppose that
the Banks should sacrifice the whole of their circu-
lation in order that the City might make a further
saving of interest on that amount also, would the evil
stop there ? Does not the Railroad Company own
$3,000,000 of State Stock also, and may not the State
be as anxious to save the interest on that amount as
the City now is, and would not the Banks be expect-
ed to aid the State in this new system of economy us
they are now required to do for the City ? Might not
all our internal improvement companies adopt the
same plan and thus absorb the entire Capital of all the
Banks, in City and State Stocks?
I cannot but remark, in conclusion, that it is lhigh-
ly unjust to require the Directors of Banks not only
to manage their own affairs, which I doubt not they
find sufficiently difficult to do at this time, but that
they should be required to financier for the State, the
City, and the Rail Road Company, also; for the ques-
tion is frequently asked how are the State and City lo
pay the interest on their debt, and the Rail Road
Company to make their road, if the Banks do not aid
them? Surely the officers of the Banks ought to be
perinitted to protect the interests confided to their
charge,-and indeed I believe that many of them are
sworn to do so,-without being censured because they
conscientiously endeavor to dto so.
Being anxious that the interests of the Stockhold-
ers in the Banks should be protected as well as those
of the Rail Road Company, I have ventured to sub-
mit my views, and now take leave of thesubject.
Valuable Invention.-We make no great professions
in the science of mechanics; but unless we are greatly
in error, there is an exhibition of mechanism in the
basement room (No. 37) in the Exchange building,
Hanover street side, well worth seeing, and which
will be worth an estate to tho discoverer. It ia called
a graduating operator. Its chief design ia for usie i n
passing trains of cars down inclined planes on rail-
roads; in running cars of coals from thue rivers; letting
down heavy bodies, bales and packages, from the
lofts of ware-houses, &c. The operation is simple
and beautiful. On the steepest inclined plane allow-
ed upon a rail-roait, or in a coal-mine, there are nei-
ther ropes nor chairs to break. The largest load is
safely graduated down by the operation of the wheel
itself, which cannot revolve faster than at a given mo-
tion. The wheel itself holds itself back, and cannot
run, even down hill, if it would. The same principle
is applied to machinery for letting down goods from
store-lofts. Let those interested in such matters go
and examine for themselves.-N. Y. Cour.
lce.-We regret to say that the usual supply of this
important luxury, and indeed great necessary to the
comforts of housekeeping in this city, has nearly fail-
ed in this vicinity. The winter has been so mild,that
the ice has not frozen sufficiently hard and thick for
placing in ice houses,-nearly all of which in this vi-
cinity, are empty, arid now the ice in our ponds has
entirely disappeared. It is hardly ho be expected that
the weather will be sufficiently cold hereafter for the
ice to form thick enough to be cut up and transported.
The prospect of laying in a stock of ice this year is
very unfavorable.--N. Y. Express.

Natural Cunriosity-.-The Boston Society of Natural
rTit.l,.1 II ,ve received,throumgh the politeness of D. S.
M. t'.,p,.-r, Esq. U. S. Consul at Tripoli,two rare va-
rieties of African sheep. Three of these animals, a
ram. ewe and lamb, covered witi clo'e, thick wool,
are fine specimens of the four-horned variety from
Benzari, in the Tripoli regency. They are also dis-
tinguished by the ir.,it br,.ith of the tail, which oc-
casionally attains r.., m, .i,tlt, of 15 pounds, resembling
marrow in its substance, and esteemed a great delica-
cy by epicures. The fourth specimen, a ram of the
Fezzan variety, is clothed with hair, which fbrms
a inane upon the neck and shoulders, and attains a
.'r,,tmi uf several inches on the dewlap. In the hair,
as well as the long and slender legs, this animal near-
ly approaches the goat; while the projecting nose and
recurrved horns, eminently distinguishes this variety.
In its native state the animal inhabits the inaccessible
cliffs of the Atlas range, whence a single specimen
was recently procured, as a great curiosity, for the
Zoolog cal Society of London.
RlnucstsN THita PAY.-The House of Represen-
tatives of ,M.ii,,i,.,ri unexpectedly passed a hill, irt.-
other day, to reduce the pay of the members to $2.50
per day. The act created great alarm at the time, but
consolation came te the members in the hope that the
Senate would indignantly reject the bill.

A bill is before the Senate of Pennsylvania which
appropriates $120,000, for the purpose of erecting a
building as an Asylum for the Insane. It is to be
large enough to accommodate three hundred patients,
and specifies numerous details.
General Scott is in New York.
The quantity of maple sugar produced in New Hamp"
shire, in 1839, was 1,165,070 lbs.
"In this country," says an English editor, it is
considered the height of folly for a man to get drunk
and lie across a railroad with the idea of obtaining re-
pose The same opinion obtains to a considerable
extent in America.
new Musket.-The French papers give an ac-
count of experiments which have been making at
Saint-Etienne with a new musket, the invention of
M. Philippe Mathieii. These muskets, caledfu5tls
a six coups, have, n ,,Ii1itr, b.. u ,t .i i.:.1- barrel ani
a single lock. I'F I i., ih-) jdIf.r lTile from the
common musket; the most perfect of which has, it
is said, no advantage over them either in beauty
or lightness. Their direction is more sure, and
their danger to the bearer less. The six discharges
are independent of each other: so that one, or more,
may be :ib,.i--;,i.r supplied by reloading separately
-or the wtri,,le ,. charges may be fired off, one alter
the other, and with, ,,ipiii g iapidity. Oneofthese
new mukets fireds.t.r, c',a..-., without effecting the
slightest derangement ot any part of the instrument.

J nj-oa ar Ioan ,ltt'i,.--Mr. Hullmandel, who has al-
ready done much to improve iiri,'l.,.rl %. lihas invent-
ed a new mode of producing i.:, :-,l -ell.:rcls on litho-
graphic stone, by tints, washed with a brush, which
yield impressions so perfectly resembling the original
sketch that the difference is not discernible.

It is sometimes best to assume a bold tone, as the
tomans threw loaves of bread, when starving, into
he camp ofthe Gauls, for proof how sumptuously
they fared. _______
The Boston Patriot of Tuesday says,-"A violent
now storm began in this city about 3 o'clock yester-
day, accompanied by a strong easterly wind, and was I
till raging at a late hour of the night. It will prob-
bly prove as severe a storm as any of the present

r.r rnighits rm. im. i darkest glooms,
f I- ,L .t iiii bright, clear ray;
There is a flower that ever blooms,
And, like a rose-tree 'mid the tombs,
With beauty glads our way.
'Tis Woman sheids so fair a tight
Upon this weary pilgrimage:
She is the flower whose beauty bright
Fills youth with visions of delight,
And gladdens sinking age.
In vain each thing may smile around,
No joy can be where she is not ;
But, where her angel form is found,
Tihe wilderness is magic ground,
The desert a most holy spot. t

bbl t. first quality, In prime order, for sale by

Married on Tuesday, 0d inst. at 12 o'clock. M., al St. Pe-
ter's Lhuren, Bdaiclay street, New Vork, by tlihe ighli Bey
FOREdT.Lonsul of France iat Valdivia, (Chili,) to ALBER-
eaaughler or Mr P. Fianain,o( that city. ---
Marn.ed at Philadelphia, on WVednesday morning, 3d uailt.
b% ui Ri%. Mr. JUdiai.enirr, ALEXANDER W'ALKER, or
sBahrlmie. 1o ANNE C. L.HMAN, daugbler uof Wmin. .
Leninan, Eaq.
Died on Wednesday morning, 3d oinst. ELISHA JOYCE,
Sr. aged 70 years.
Died on Saturday. 30uh ul. JAAM ES HENRY, inaant Bon ar
Patrick ana Jane M 31l'ti,, ]agtd ii n-rihlii,, late ol Naw
bern, N. C.

Irs-The following TicKet for Directors of the WES-
TERN BANK OF BALTIMORE is submitted to
the Stockholders for their support at the election to
take place on the 9th inst.
Samuel Jones. Jr. E. P. Barrows,
Robert Taylor, Wm. M. Medcalfe,
William Harden, Samuel Rlgg-,
Francis Burns, Alonzo Liii,.
Comlort Tiffany, John I. l.lo].,
Lot Ensey, Chauncey Brooks,
Jacob Reese, Edward Green,
Robert Garrett, A. G. Cole,
C. A. Schaeffer, Frederick Konig.
fe3 P -d
93- JOHN J. LLOYD declines the nominations for
Director in the Western Bank of Baltimore.

:oing ticket lor Directors ot the Western Bank of
B tiltiire. composed ofgentlemen owning upwards of
oirn hi, 01l the capital stock, is presented lo the Stock-
holders for their support, at It,. a' ppioactrg election.
Samuel Riggs, Dair. r 'ot bitn Amos,
Joseph Wilkiins, Lotll Lnrey,
George B. l.ailli-r. Robert Garrett,
Frederic't Ktti,, Alonzo Lilly,
Comfotbrt iflr ,i, Chauncey Brooks,
George N. Eiaton, Francis W. Alricks,
William 'lilany, John I. Lloyd,
Lewis Kemp, Samuel M. Barry,
C. A. Schliffer, Joseph P. Grant.
To the Stockholders of the Western Bank.
A report being tn circulation that thl er-r.itlalion
of a new ticket of Direction tbr the A, eiriLn Bank has
for its object the removal of the present extcuite ol-
ficers ol that institution, the committee on the part
of the stockholders offering this ticket, deem it pio-
per to give this public assurance to the voters that no
such intention haseverbeen entertained. b, hem, hbut
that theiraim issimply to examine the cuncern LI tHie
Bank, and all other [.i,'ee'lttir are to depend upon
the manner ii which thl-) hirn iis ilaiia lu have been
conducted. Far from any feeling ot hostility towards
its presentofficers, the gentlemen cotupoSiing the eW
ticket will be most happy to be jusi,he-d in ri-elec-
ting them to their places.
This occasion is taken to notice another report
which is in existence anrid which iimares thai tIe
moveimentfor reform has its i Irru.-e n ithe wish of
certain of the new directors to open to Ihremselves a
source ol Bank facilities. To silence this Iha
committee beg to state that they authorized by
each andi every one of the new tjiiecuri-t-o.ahe who
have never been in the direction ol the h rik-to give
pledge to stockholders that not die ul Item will ev-
er aesk for the discount of a single dollar while he re-
mains a director of the institution, n.r will the firm
ot which he :i,. be a member make any such ap-
plication, but il, 11, so lar as the new names are con-
cerned, the means of the Bank shall be only used for
the accommodation of its regular Customers.
The committee in giving this pledge venture to add
that a similar assurance with regard to the ticket to
be offered by the administration side, will, they have
no doubt, be acceptable to stockholders.
Da. AIKEN'S Lecture postponed from last week, will
be delivered THIS L N I N G at 7J o'clock,-Sub-
ject-'-Tbe Philosophy of the ancients as applicable
to modern pursuits." it fe 5
TiON NO. 1, will hold a public meeting oil THIS
EVENING, Feb. 5th ,at 2 past 0 o'clock in the
Wilk street Church. The meeting will be addressed
by JOHN S. TysoN, Esq. of the Baltimore Bar.
te 5 lBy order.
{O- TIPPECANOE CLUB No. l.-Triere will be
a r-el,. of the Whigson this (FRII)A.Y) Even-
ing, ile l.rl inst. at 7 o'clock, at Ire Huue ol Mr.
Daniel Steever, coiner of Hillen ati Porter streets.
By order, JOS. C. BOYD, Rec. Sec'y.
te 5 P Tippecanoe Club No. 4.
at Coath and Sargants' This EVENING, at 7 o'clock,
to make arrangements for the reception of Gen. Her.-
risoo. JNO. HENDERSON, Prest.

EIGHTH WARD TIP. I I UH.-An adjourned
meeting of tilis Club Will be held at GOld Browns
THIS EVENING at 7 o'clock. Arraogemenrs will
be made for the reception of the Pte'i.:ni Eleclt and
to receive the Banner from the L.adties of the Ward.
By order THUS. W. JAV, V. President.
es5 P
TIPPECANOE CLUB No. 9.-Will m-t at the
Atieri. a, Coffee House, Liberty street, un THIS
El V NI NG at 7 o'clock, to make arrdrgUment for the
reception,|&c. ALEX. SMITH, rifesideni.
JOHN WN. WooDS, Sec'y. iS 5
OtI-12TH WARD.-The Tippecaroe Club of the
12th Ward will meet punctually THIS EVENING,
the 5th inst. at 7 o'clock at the Western Hotel, (lIstp.
Clark's) to make arrangements for the reception of
the President elect ofthe United states.
fe 5 WM. P. S1 EUART, Prestl.

..... 1February 3. 1841. 5
The following Gentlemen were yesterday elected
Directors of this Bank for the ensuing year-
Joseph Cushing, William Graham,
Jacob Albert, John tiibon,
Samuel I Donaldson, Robert Garrett,
George Decker, Joseph W. Patterson.
William Heald, Thomas W. Hall,
John llern., James Cbeston,
Basil S. Eider, A. F. Henderson,
George Brown, Win. H. Conkling,
B. C. Howard, John Dushane,
William C. Shaw, Francis Burns,
Samuel Jones, Jr., F. W. Brune,
Joseph Todhunter, ll ihew Smith,
Elisha N. Browne.
And at a meeting of the Board hbeldt this day. Jo.
aeph Cushing was re-elected Pre-ident., and Atcribald
Steli. Treasurer. fe 5

Sales of Stock at Philadelphia, Feb'y 4.
959 shares U. S. Bank,................ 48 af46t
Sales at the New York Stock Exchange, Feb'y 4.
1360 shares U. S. Bank... ........... 7 a 8t
85 Canton Comp.................ada 29,
Wednesday evening, Feb. 3.
Coffite ia firnh naisiss attrjri il]. ,iei~i,..n ',i sipe ula oar
still, a cargo just arrived ha, i.cti. .1,1 m SJ i,' ifi b.,n. ie,.
dOmIe saes liave been maadeofnuenri.. Airl- rind nin O.Hides
at 13ie. Ib. Whale and Li.ur.e (biii. ,,re [,,.ih rian.,sn
Linseed is reponed at 80; D in.', 't. Ii,,. hr.roan. career
in pipes and is held at ISc. City prime Pork has been sold
at 410. All provisions are abundant. Saleaof clean Flax
i.i 1t i'l for exploration. Brandy is stil dtii,.feied. 6U-
,r. rii it, price with moderate aales. abiil.a Nea Orleans
atn6 a7c.
Comonion brands of Geneses Fio,,r a,.. at 94 eg. A
contract was made to-day for 3,- i.usr,rleJ..r.-y j tiltw Corn
to be delivered alongside, oexi w. .a K, .t .4e i. e. T'he ,lis-
tillers price for parcels oi ihe market is still Se. but there are
tIow to lots offering.
(;otton has come in a pause. Many of the recent purchases
have beet on speculation.
Exethanges, Includieg Certificates and Cheeks. BanklNetaei
1,1 .-'a;.i /./,,-, ,ir, ul p.i r ,, t. lrsee dunourj.
S..a i..e ..........'.....p r ,- K ,iint in ...........4 a-
Pira.a ipia ............ .a-- H..I.,'I ........... .. a-
II .II,.'.r.............. . l~ r.ei, .lld ......... C.-a
l I ih.lnchr. [." ..... | .,- New nilo .......... 29 a -
R,.Ih.,li .n,t ... . .. ..| It ., [.on,t,.... .... ..f a _
l ,r. ] 1'11 r]; ... .. . . .. n ,,nit O lo it i i,etIIp.. .. .. . a -
Nonrola.................dodo Cr,.,'bmai, ...........*.a-
Raleigh.................2f a- Nja-l' le.............6 a- do Ilns,,, ............. a-
Charleston..............2 a- M.,. lmns............. -- -

iiterior,n. C.............-a- .M. .,..n ........... a-
Augsata................ 5ja- %%l141i,1r..r...........-a-
Maconi...............-... a- Il,]- on London...... 7hsS.
Columbus............... 4fa- D..
___________ Jour. Com.
Cotton-The inteillige.ncr fir.m, tI.iri|-..l in ithe 4thb Dfee.
caused Uplaind to advi.a ,,.n .M,,n.any tw IN) eta. to, iully fair
anid otherqualities In i.,.,rni. F.en .,i ihis impro.emeni,
however, holders offered Iliti Ir ,irOke ppar.igi yesterdayy the
steamer's advice, to the t.ill iTi.i .re",.. iflru ,'nhl ioma
transactions were subsequently etteirfd oin at higher rasis by
an et. per lb. but limited in exteil *I r, saies are 41ivil bales
at Sal I cts.
Rice-TThe transactions have been to a fair extent at firm
priewes; he sale, amount to upwards of 1900 caska at 1a,5
Flour-The demand continues limited. Sales of Howar
street tr a ',:ji--. C,,ilalIat $6.
'..,n t.. aljo ,.,1. Retails in lots to mu-t prchsrers as
56a60 centt.
Spirits-In Domestic Liquors, small sales of Whiskey at 30
Freights-To Liverpool ud. To New York 75 cents per
Square and $1 per round bale.-Geor.
Cotton-The business of ire.w. ek dl.ns not exceeil 14,000
il-,. a crii,,,'i,rdtl, ,,-irtion of which lla btrn for Prance.
S. i.c.- ..i mi,. n..41- have been steadily mainltaineid, viz
r ,.,rin i r .' iIrgood and fine.
-tr_ ] i- ,1 ii, ,week have l .rn vvry light Prices
range from 4ja6c. and in coasequen..t uf tia re.luced .Lock.
001.11 ,l..1ler.,tIi,, firmness.
"l',....- 1 1,,I,1.v i- ,,1-f Molasses on ihe Levee I1 reduced
to a few smniall lots, which are held liniw ai *2r prr gal.
Flour-There has been a tolerably il, blr iiiafu.alll.ael d
in flour, at prices ranging from 84,12a1.2.i.
Ii ,, ',,r,-' r .h ii. 1 n r, I, .' h cr n i.iitinues very Iiht, but lit-
lie o.-irnI i,t. i.r ,(0poti. t% % q'iie city tmokediatims at
8lahc. t 1- iii se I an j 1 i.rr lb.
I.ardi- I i. ,r .l., ii,'j f., Lard 11 ,i prtvdiled d.luriig the week,
aiii tc,r ,fi.'ei ,iIt lu li- ingbte-n Llieri al7e. foraiuoed
if.'l ,rlii, eh w .ihe .r~l.
1tri.h3_ ,_.i.i.., r]i.. ,ie,|S bhaie been made at i0ai1 eta.
pet L.1 it. ra,e- ru'reiL lt, i ii.k
l.aa-L-.Ai aPt..p if it ir teal 4ia.t1i cui per Ib
Ft. S r,nii ,.ene.,.r,--i lirn, hu ts,,sel. have been
I. .,I i 1 id i l .. I ..D i.r, ir L.i epool. CoasiwIse ileijlit
%%ilr-i.. ,1it an..i.- Fr. Cnr.

,EVER, CA( N NON & CO. 7rk attentionIn
int.r sale ol DR I' GLUL)51o Idake place at
thelr al, 4. rnou, No'. 's Suuti Cnarilea st. 3d floor.
I HI". \l'IIININI;. 1en. jin at hIi r,'cr,',-. f- 5
I) IDEiN I.-- I ie -'nte'.^rlmi ,U.l bi' rag40,^ ,."
S ie York anid adMaiian. Line Turnpike Road
iti- decldi.l a iii .ieimil of one h.Ifofone pr. cnl.
o ihe cailial torki, tie('c.mrpan, p.)able on Ine
Bil in -l at the M.,iniiuef4lark in ,iiahiaoelo ltheStock-
I.l i t-i tiir legri itpri.Cenlaliteip, who residpi in
M.,rylapd. an, lollioie in Preniislvania at the I'borIc
iBd, K in ihe b-ir.IoughOf l York
fe5 2aw it J tj l')WNSF.\FND. S.c'v.
Have just r e ,led per Powhattan, Irom J.iverpool,
,2T- i "ingin, parn o HOES. Tiace CHAINS,
Foster's & "lw..i' '.PADES. "rifiri, & Waldron's
)UYTHES, hordgeti" CUTLERY, &c.; ltogethel
witb anexterntve assortmert ol Shell G.ods, which
hey offer for sale on their usual accommodating terms
le 5, d
6 g) BALES CUi A IlUbACLU-l-5iior. an,
Sfor sale by JACOB HEAD & CO.
fe 5 PR No. 44 Gayit,

X55ZT __jiLfwaaB___
Fiaom lie Excrhaim Readot Room book,.
Brig Gertrude, Morgan, 424la3. i.r.,n Mei-,na, Iruil, &c. to
J. L'roerv. Left. Q3d Dec. brig "T',-ntnn. Pio.nan, New York,
netil da), Cervanles. Tui'is. do. do.; Delia. Fian n.a, I', le
United di.,tej., in 4 or 5 nays; i.esa'ruer, 'r...m Lonidon. i finuar-
onLirat ; barque Pril. -. (.r ,ffm ih o.i, iii l arri,, frin.
ihip Georges. Coillier, bail.'s, *i I. pi-vi.u, for Ne' VYiok.
and the taiqur M .ii. I, IIidlii., h1r LI." d4ii.e'l daot pri I-
oU.. Spike. I ls in illt 3 . rc. ;4. I', i. It
flr Baltimore 3d, "iu mile sou-i ii L'[i. Henir, l...h Si.lhr
A. LawrenEt, ilom R.cnranoilB. b. rid I., J nimvij.
Brig rOei'l. rao..lis, U'i'r.r. lidI)- nI.iri -I J i. .I Cub a
sug'it alid tobac-o, 10 ori.- L. it. IL.-iL Jj. iiL'. liiil.,.,
Keil) .u;r N. % Ioirk. J ,n ; I',rit. ki'lO, i |-ll n, i..r
Bowlon. I iL '. b Nigvi. Jeri ki, i hareiria. Ciiil IKi iH -
guin, lim lhillaii-lphia,'J2,tli, ; ant..;de ti'.Snirg lii ill Lr.
tlain, diicharging, JosPpn '.',,irrl, aji'. di. di.
iheti. Naulmkcae, Cole. II itl 1%s l[1iI Cape Haytien, coffee,
luded, 10Igw.Il hod niihui.3'i ., to Z II. Cooch. Left Oid ult.
F,'nr Liot hi, Lil'kiii. i.o l l-iiiiin. i. days. The Naumkeag
ha-i infil, le rvo)>am il.I btil.k di ,it days.
UEL %\ -.1 11111 bi.PJ ll?.
S i rT.ECtoEhe,
BatIgs T. Street, (new) Cromwell, Charleston, E. P. Cohen;
Shamrock, C..jdrii, Barbadoes, W. Rhoads; Haidee, Flit-
aer, New I iYrk. J. P. Ad. i1.,' lia ilol-. Galt, Havana, L.
C.ilingi, Di-laware, Sr.. kii,). I.B, .-qua, Win. Hnwell &
S on; t'ii.. SnR. art. Eli.rq.r. Na.. -i N P., P. T. Monteil;
Arelhalau Ilardind 'I in,.jlda J iihji.rid :k lliiribut.
SiAfLE|i-Rai.lii, Jol, .%. Robb, Walker, Rio; brigs Mon-
tezumra. Kelly, d,., MFi r,. Smith, Matanzas; Architect,
Gray, NJi Oieanli,. 6ilir, Hope, Gait, Havana; Echo, Fales,
Pori.ce, P. It and Orin.r
Capt. Gould ofthe brig Argo, reported yesterday, states that
on the 12th ulli in lat. 21 N. long. 54 W. he experienced a
lihrov' gil. trorii N. : whiclih tasted 36 hours-carried away
mi.ii' iai.l anrli I- nnlo iii-.peail and bulwarks, and since that
time asn had a qu,'e' ri-n of heavy winds from the N. W.-
Jjin.J1, la. .31 04, I.ig. .7 57, spoke British brig Qneen of
Britain. of BIIIoi, flom S. pe Irto, bound to Liverpool. The
A. came into the Bay on Monday, 1st inst. Died on board
the Argo on thIPe tIh niii. it. on tIl- outward passage, Mi-
OuLExL WHisiu. IIt R.l-lm.,re. g.'.l about 22 years.
The brig Nap.le-i., ainr,4.l rti i..- port on Wednesday, fm
Palerno, spoke Jan. 8, lat. 24 40, long. 32 40, brig Delaware,
21 days from Boston for South America. Jan. 25, tat. 32 40,
long. 68 10, spoke brig Phoinix, 8 days from Provincetown, on
a whaling voyage.
The ship Superb, Gatchell, of and from Baltimore, was dis-
discharging at Amsterdam about 25th Dec.
The brig Midas, Benthall, hence at Bahia, 10th Dec. dim-
charged, and would sail for a Southern port in a rew days
Thi. brig in..., of Baltimore, 44 days from Bor-
de"lmi, aniter l at ('[tiritioin Itt last.
ThP tllg Nepiune, M.,ie, for Baltimore, sailed from Hava-
na 9Ilh OiiL.
The. brig Lancet. Clark, fi-r Baltimore, cleared at Mobile
23.1 'itl.
1i he brig Olet.liorpi.. rSnnrr, of Baltimore, arrived at Ha-
vans fi nu l.r ji .lri treli iil.
Tihe trig Elern ar. Jnna.I.'r Baltimore, and schr. F. A. Tup-
p-r. Molgan, .f Btlulinluiit, Havana, cleared at Savannah
30il1 Oil
The sear. F. P. Cohen, Tew, cleared at Charleston for Bal-
timore lot iast.
The schr. W. A. Caldwell, Ilughes, for Baltimore, went to
sen fromi ldisai .l.l :14 i ill
Tite srir. l..i,i,, li.,ni Baltimore, arrived at
pyir...ulh, Mi.,,. N:lli Oil
The Eni,,ri .... GIiftrli.. i-n.- at Boston,lst inst.
The ,nlir Mr, Fin Me, i l [.i, i.-.,, P at Beltast,2-2> ult.
The slinp Colin, %n m, from Baltimore, arrived at Provi-
dence 3l0l ell.______
BOSTON, FlI,. I-Arr. ships Russell, from New Orleans;
Jimhn leile. do.
Brigs Si Marl., ['i.-m St. Marks; Havre, Savannalh.
sctir. L.areli, f. nor liux Cayes.
Behr. Esquimaix, from Porto Cabello.
Felira Oik Hil, onni -41. lohna, Fa; Enterprise, Baltimore.
NE.\\ lTRRTORrT. Feh I -Cl'd. barque Apoilo,Charleston.
NEW VOlK. r.h 3-lid. slinsCristoval Colon, Havana;
Po'lsmoilh, M..lI. 0-car. l:int.ui ., lbarqne Louisa, Cam-
peacny; brigs Re el'e. 1'.n- diil: T 'r.j,l Tobasco.
Feb. 3. ,'n-rj 'bip Francis Ain. NPw Orleans; flo-
ri.lian. Tiamni H i,, h'Ia M.I-nn, Charleston; Espeleta, Tobas-
co; Ann Eliza. A|.il.i.i,,,Inn.
Arr, brig Cato, from Oporto.
Brig Dlrr.llo i'.'.ii GC- F'getown.
PIIILADLLPIII \ t.b. 4-Arr. barque Delaware, fin Ma-
Ong E. D. \Viile', irrla L.eghorn.
Brig James Drunmina.nd, Irim St. Jago de Cuba.
RIL"HMi IND. pi, 2-Ar- schr. Idea, Washington, D. C.
Sclir. J. W. Cat.iwfil, Irnm Philadelplili
Schiro. Jrii~ppiine, New York; Pamlico, Havana.
Lrhill. E..A. Lumsden, Raltimore; Mary Bright, do.
Pehr. 1.mneio..-, New York.
Bi'd. chrs. Susan Ludwing, Portland; Pontiac, New Bed-
NORFOLK, lFar. '0- Arr Pchr. Perfection, New York.
Rchr. FrIKIees, P'.,rt'm.-ill, (N. l1.)
Feb. I-Arr, brig Randolph, New York.
Schr. Caledonia, Baltimore.
aebr. Amelia, Portsmouth.
CHARBIJESTON, Feb. I-Arr. ship Lucas, Boston.
Ships Sutton, New York; Gen. Jackson, do,
grigAngola, Bordeaux.
Spi. rig CiemenIla, Havana.
Brig Daniel Webster. New Orleans.
Brig Orray Taft, New Orleans.
Brig Packet, Philadelphia.
Bchrs. Sun, St. Thomas; Julia, (Man.)
Br. ship Huron, Belfast.
Br. barque Athol, Greenock.
Barque Daniel Webster, Boston.
Bremen barque Charlotte, New York.
Brig Magnet, Amsterdam. Left ships Superb, (of Balto.)
storing her cargo of Tobacco.
Fr. polacre brig Jeunne Charles, Roehet le,
Danish brig Keilseng, St. Thomas.
CI'd. barque Byron, Bremen.
Feb. 1, noon-Arr, Bremen brig Uranus, Bremen.
Brig George, New York.
Senr. Ger,.g- & WViln.,i.n, Havana. Sailed in company
wlit brig Neplun-, fur B.iimore.
In mte rfilng-Rr ,'.rqija Starling, from Liverpool.
Ci'J. barq. Marlairnst. Linerpool.
Brigs Ch icris..n. MI.-,ides; Buenos Ayres, New York.
Brig V'i-lrr,. Prnvid,-i.. B R. I.
Schr. E P V'oli-n. aliiinore.
SAVANNAh. Jar. -,.'il'd. ship H. Allen, New York;-
brig Eleanor, Baltimore; schr. F. A. Tupper, Havana.
Are r. srship Ayreshire, Greenock; Br. brig Ann,Liverpool.
Behr. Shamrock, Havana.
Below, brig Sea island, from Boston.
CI'd. cielr. North Star, Matanzasa; Cape Fear, Boston.
Are Br. ship Lady Milton. London.
Br. barqae Ayreshire, Sidney.
Brigs Savannah, New York ;Elterprize, Havana.
Brie Woodutock, Kingston.
Schre. Emma, Havana; Eagle, Havana.
Below, three square rigged vessels.
MOBILE, Jan. 2i-Ci'd. ship Plymouth, Liverpool; brig
Lancet, Baltimore.
irr. aip Carroll I of Carrolton, New York,
Bri ulaski, Thomaston.
SBhr. Patapaco, from Havana.
OWLORLE INS, Jan.23-Cld French srip L'Audelle; shlip
John Taylor, Liverpool; Br. ships Princess, Liverpool; Grace,
do.; Bremen barque Maria, Cowes; Br. barque Ann Martin,
Glasgow; brig Maria Estelre, Kingston, Ja.; schrs. Yew Tree,
Tobasco; Blizabeth, St. Thiomas; Lycurgus, Philadelphia; San
Pablo, Havana; Win. Bryan, Columbia.
Air hip Almiia. Hanvie, baqi. Firr.-in 4 Stanton, Bordeaux.
Brlrs Empriecuaro, Hii'.nl,, I.' [i-[rP, Bordeaut.
Senas. Sally MillFr, 'TuTk l.ia.,.l; izi.abeth, Nantucket.
Schr. Adventure, Keys, to master.
Behr. Margaret, from Nassau.

ERRINGS-Fresh No. 1 inspected; for sale by
fe5 4G. R. VICKERS &.CO.
% 5 sale by WYLIE & WILSON,
fil 5 N 278 Baltimore st.
ih HH USd Ne_ Oi,1e,t1is l'(.11 1. p.,r p-II,>
lursaIls by HY.,AIr e -rU'IP,
re 4 58 South at.
CRUSII ED SU(. R- ".'5 -,LI., ,i plin'- uiiiliuy,
for sale by 1 1 IHI NG I'UN & EASTMAN,
fe5B P 85 Bowly's wharf.
i#P 5-20 bales first sort growth of 1841, tar sale
fe 5 P 89 B.Iwly'. v.harf.
|&T1'UEON I LUS r I NGS, JUlo r-,eired1 51
Spivate -ale. by
le5 HEN.\l BEnDEL I& CO.
Pt'l 'al& J AltON ETS. ii.r i-ce,ir \.l a| p)i-
vale sale by I-ENRVfBE E',DEL I. Ci.
fea 5 ________________
/ID1 COF.I.-'-I .*, b ...- Hio Irlire, Ilr stal
Ie 5 Commerce street.
l IO COFI'EEi--60 bags green Rio Coffee, tor
fr5 P 85 Bowly's whiarf.
A PrLIES-A lev. barrels APPLES ot several
kindsfor sale low by
fa 61t No. 9 S. Charles at.
( RAB APP.LE CIDER-In bottles and on
I draught, fur sale by
fe 5 6t No. 9 S. Charles st.
fiOFVI'lEE MILLS--o dozen H, Wilson's COF-
V FEE MILLS-landing and for sale by
fe 5 Ne. 27 &. 29 South Chas. at.

LOUVEK!,SEiD--105 bushels heavy Penn. Clo-
vemseed, for sale by
fe 5 P d4t 10 Bowly's whf.
F AMILI) FLOUR-A small lot of M. Newco-
meU's superior brand, just received for sale by
fe5 028t Baltimore Et.
F LOU1RJ -H.iward Street FLOUR, in good ship-
ping older, lor sale in quantities to suit purcha-
sers by LOWRY & (GILL.
to 5 2t 75 Bowly's whf.
AAM 11.Y F L)O R--everai Brands ot superior
SJ and warranted qualities, lor sale by
fe5 6t No. 9 S.Charles at.
just received and for sale by
fre 5 21 S. Charles st.
OWARD ST. FLOlOU -li.-i LIt-. .u-,ii,,e
FLNU H, ir, piline urlrie an.l all oli rne criice
Sbrand, J. Shirer, for nale by
f5l. 5 ORNDO-'FF & 0O 11
P RUN Es-.-5 ra..i PR' NI-., I1. gia, j,i b'Ta.
lorled sizes, Idridhg .iI lor Sali' by
fe 5 e4f P 45 South Gay Rt.
fWE LiT M A LA tA W I N L-.i.j 4uni 1,1 c,-h3
of good quality, frr sal. liv
feb P 85 Bowly's wharf.
SOUIR FLOUR-A lew barrels Sour FLOUR,
Son band asl tor sale low by
Sfe 6 2t 75 Bowly's whf.
I i1 E ' m i t.A,. .- A I1 j 1l a, n [ i~u _.
Sconstanlly on land or sale hb
fe 5 No. 27 and 29 South Chas. st.
AL.J IER iTUS-lu, ccas olioui S-AL..ERA-
5 TUA, forsle hv
te5 P 85 Rowly's wharf.
S PRI NG H I'- ii lVili.u-l' I'alifl. ?%prlrig
WHEAT.ol 0i11 nrn~r rai-ire, rAeighing60 pound
to the bushel, for sale by
fe 5 ORNDI1RFF & CO.
MYRNA FIGS-10o urumin ol good quality,
for sale by
fe5 P 85 Bowly." wharf.
PLAND COTON -4-" f-purre b,iA l;..n-,,
Sand Soulh Carolina Uplar.l C'OTTON. ic(.r sale
f 5 '7 Bo-.vly's wharf.
V IRGINIA CORN M1 AL-G.ound from se-
lected Corn, in quanrtltel o 0 Sijl rurchasers, for
fre 5 6'
430 100 M EXICAN DOLLARS, for sale by
fe 4 3t 797Smith's whf.
5 1t TONS LOGWVOOD-per Br. schr. Mar-
S* 1 garetville, from Jamaica. Inr sale by
fe S d3t No. 47 9. Gay street.

Wide and Narrow Thread LACES, superb patterns,
6 4 and 8 4 Brussals NETT, plain and figured,
6-4 Black and White Fillet NETT, for veils,
New Style figured Berlin MUSLIN, for party dresses,
Wide and extra wide Figured and Plain Swiss MUS-
LINS.-Just opened by
fe 5 No. 52 Hanover st.
S U UBACON-For sale by
ALAD OIL--50 baskets Fresh Bordeaux SA-
LAD COIL, landing and for sale by
fe 5 d4t P No 45 South Gay street.
J AGUAIRA COFFEE-224 bags Laguayra
COFFEE, landing from brig Beaper, tfor sale by
fe 5 '4t P 45 South Gay at.
FRENCH )]i]A l 1 3 halfpipes& 15 quar-
ter casks, "Marchais & Bros ."of superior qual-
ity, forsaleby WITHINGTON & EASTMAN,
fe 5' P 85 Bowly's wharf.
ANTED.-A Boy to learn the Confectionary
business. Apply to
fe 5 3t 165 Balto. st. 4 doors east of Charles.
Laguayra do. OLD WHITE
JAVA do dto do. For sale by
fe5 HYATT & STUMP, 58 Scuthst.
0 HHDS. sweet Matanzas MNI.A'-SES
5 30 do do Porto Rico do
50 do do New Orleans do
For sale by HYATT & STUMP,
fe 5 58 South at.
20 --suitable ffor shipping-Landing from schr
Adeline & Win. H. Dawson-For sale hv
fe5 PR No..44 Gay Ft.
LOViiS.-2 cases Men's and Women's Paris
GLOVES, embracing a variety of styles and tri-
ces. Just received at private sale by
fe 5 5 North Charles st.
12 bbls. Colgate's STARCH Now landing and
50 boxes do SOAP I for sale by
fe 5 d6t 68 South st., S. of Pratt.
off my stock of BLANKETS and FLANNELS
lit reduced prices. Families and individuals who may
wfnt. will consult their interest by calling early.
fe5 No. 52 Hanover at.
1 50 2 &3 do BUTTER
500 lbs. FEATHERS
200 Country SOAP, For salebv
fe 5 278 Baltimore st.
ARDWARE-Just received cases five Andi-
ions and Shovels and Tongs, assorted patterns.
also 18 pair of Hooks.a transient consignment which
will be sold low to close invoice.
f- 5 d2w P 23 South Charles st.
6000 Ibs. prime Western Bacon, hog round
100 kegs fresh Ohio BUTTER, No. 2 and 3
150 do No. I Leaf LARD
2000 Ibs. Live GEESE FEATHERS,just recei-
ved and for sale by SELLMAN k CROOK,
fe 5 P corner South andi Pratlt st.
SSON.-A few barrels, halt' barrels and kegs
BUCKWHEAT MEAL. Those who want a good
article are requested to call soon as this will be the
last chance this season. For sale by
fe 5 6t No. 9 S. Charles st.
are daily receiving from Freckerick and Wash-
inmton Connlties, WHITE WHEAT FAMILY and
EXTRA FLOUR, of superior quality and of long es-
tablished brands; which Itihey offer by dray load or
single bbls.with privilege of being returned-free of
drayage-if not such as represented.
fe5 ______
500 1500 do LARD
3 tons BROOM CORN, and
fe 5 4t Commerce st. whf.
5 0 30 tons LOGWOOD
37 bales TOBACCO
20 HIDES, and
39 logs MAHOGANY
Cargo of schooner Naumkeag, from Cape Haytien,
just received and for sale by ZEB. H. COOCH,
te 5 eo4t Wood street, Bowly's whf.
CASSARD, SON, ': Al'.LtLcRI _-'.
G o have ready and offer for sale
20.000 Ibs. HAMS
20,000 Ibs. SHOULDERS
20,000 lbs. SIDES
300 kegs No. I LARD
70 bbls do do
10 do Rump fe 5
TitN PLATES, liON, &c.
s,.l I.,,t lir. from ship Powhatan
10 tons H11i1P I; i 'N, assorted
10 Rod and tScroll do do
2000 lbs STOVE PANS.
Also, a large assortment of Maleable CASTINGS,
for stove finr;.t,-.- stamped TIN PLATES; Jelly
Moulds; Ciiillic.iic SPRINGS; horn leaves for Lan-
terns; Stove Rivets. &c. Allof which have been im-
ported by the subscriber direct, ansod will be sold upon
the best terms, by OLIVER PARKER,
fe 5 eod2w corner Calvert and 1Lombard street.
Offers for sale on accommodating terms-
-direct importation
60,000 Havana SEGARS do
22 tierces Cuba HONEY
30 hhds Kentucky Leaf TOBACCO
15 bales black Louisiana MOLASSES
25 casks Dutch Crop and Ombro MADD ER
30 do Pearl BARLEY
9 casks Fresh MACE
50 boxes Goshen CHEESE
Together with a general assortment of German
Hardware. fe 5 solmr
ROBERT HILL, No. 73 Baltimore st. nearly
opposite Holliday st has just received and open-
ed this day a lotof Barklies Soft Finished Ihish JAN-
ENS. warranted all pure Linen, (and not damaged)
from 37 cts to 75, which they can with safety recomn.
mend to their friends and customers-those in want
will do well to call soon.
Also, superior Long CLOTH. and New York Mills
MUSLIN, perfectly utdressed, tor shirting, and ma-
ny other new and desirable GOODS, which will be
sold bargains. Call and see for yourselves.
te 5 R. HIIL, No. 75 Baltimore st.
RED TOBACCO-We are receiving per schrs.
Win. H. Dawson, Mary Catherine, and Adeline, di-
rect from the manufactories,
545 boxes Manufactured TOBACCO, of the follow-
ing well known brands, viz:
101 boxes Lottiet's Plug do
37 do do ]2's Lump, do
30 do Enders' Ladies Twist do
50 do do 16's Lump do
43 do Labby's 8's do do
30 do do 12's do do
5I do do 5's do do
27 dto Selden's]2's do do
48 do Vest & Co's 13's do do
38 do Mayo's 12'sdo do
21" do Cassidy's 'i do do
20 do Adam's do do
49 do Duval's Ib do do. For sale bh

fe 5 d PR _____ No. 44 Gay at.
BI.ISH MENT in one of the most extensive and
flourishing Towns in Virginia, is offered for sale, con-
sisting o1 a well selected stock of BOOKS, in the va-
rious departments of the trade. Fools cap, Letter,
Drawing andl all other kinds of Paper, Blank Books,
extensive Book-bindery attached to the Store. The
location is one of the best in a City, having a popu-
lation of about 22,000 inhabitants, with the advantage
of an extensive custom, which can be increased as
there are improvements in progress, which will bene-
fit lthe city, to an incalculable extent. For further
particulars, apply at this Office.
fe_ 5 eod3t*
TY.-By virtue ofadecree of Baltimore County
Court, sitting as a Court of Equity, the undersigned
as trustee, will on MONDAY stat March next, at one
o'clock P. M., at the Exchange, offer for sale the fol-
lowing described property, that is to say-all that
piece or parcel of ground, lying in the City of Balti-
more, Which is contained within the metes arid bounds
courses and distances following to wit.-Beginning
for the same on the line of the north side of
Baltimore street, at the distance of 24 feet 2 inches
westerly from the corner formed by the intersection of
the north side of Baltimore street with the west side
of Gay street, and running thence westerly bounding
on Baltimore street 20 feet, thence northerly parallel
with Gay street 33 feet, thence eistwaidly parallel
with Baltimore street20 feet, thence by a -ira.i t li e
to the brginniing. The terms of sale are ir i,.ur li
cash on the ratification ofthesale, the remainder at
six, twelve and eighteen months, with interest from
the day sale upon the whole, the three last instulmen's
to be secured by endorsed negotiable notes approved
by the trustee.
This property will be sold subject to the lieu of a
prior mortgage for about one thousand dollars. The
exact amount will be announced on the day of sale.
fe 5 2aw4teo4 P* JOHN GLENN, Trustee.
1IN PURSUANCE of a decree oft Baltimore Coun-
ty County Court, silting in Chancery,the under-
signed will sell by auction atthe Exchange, on MON-
DAY the Istday of March, at 1 o'clock P. M.
All that LOT OF GROUND, lying on the south
side of Lexington street, and beginning at a point dis-
tant east from Charles at. 147 feet, thence running
westerly on Lexington street 25 feet 8 inches, to in-
clude the west gable end wall of the house erected
on said ground, thence south paralled with Charles
st. 39 feet 6 inches, thence east 1 foot 9 inches; thence
south 61 feet 8 inches, thence east I foot 6 inches,
thence south parallel with Charles st. 13 feet ten in-
ches, thence east 22 feet 5 inches, thence 115 feet to
Lexington street the place of beginning.
On this Lot is erected the very fine and comforta-
A&ble DWELLING of Dr. Potter, covering the
1M whole front of the lot. The house three sto- riea and a basement, with a cellar underneath;
the whole is remarkably well built ard in excellent
The terms of sale as prescribed by the decree are,
in cash on the day of sale, and the residue in 6, 12,
and 18 months, with interest: Notes with security to
be approved by the trustee, to be given for the credit
payment. JOHN GLENN, Trustee.
fe 5 2aw2weo4t P*
A 9600 T]EASBURY NOTE for saleg by
J439 P E. MCKLE l CO,

Near Post Office.
W OULD respectly inform the City and West-
ern M rchants that during the suspension of
Canal Navigation, they will receive and forward
goods to Pittsburg and Wheeling. All goods entrust-
ed to their care will be forwarded with promptness,
and at the lowest rates of carriage.
fe 6HJOHN WEST, Agent.
H ENRY WEAVER, Sexton of Christ Church,
respectfully informs his friends and the public,
that he is now prepared to carry on the business of
superintending FUNERALS, including the manufac-
ture of COFFINS, the furnishing of Carriages and
the preparation of all matters connected therewith.
He also begs leave tocall the attention ofthe public
to COFFINS of a new and superior construction,
made by himself, which have met Ihe decided appro-
bation of all whohiave seen them. They are not only
of improved appearance, but are better adapted to the
purpose intended, and can be finished according to
order in a plain or costly manner. The public are
invited to call and examine them at his residence,
adjoining new Christ Church, N. Gay street.
The subscriber is also prepared to contract for the
construction of VAULTS, which he will have built
in any graveyard, in the very best style of neatness
and durability. The satisfaction which he has here-
tofore given to all who have employed him, and a de-
termination to use his utmost endeavors to please,
enable him to promise satisfaction to all who may de-
sire his services. HENRY WEAVER.
fe 5S eo6t
"Y VIRTUE of a writ of Fieri Facias on con-
" demnation, issued out of Baltimore County Court
against the goods and chattels, lands and tenements
ol George Bruce, at suit of James Menzies, to me di-
rected, I will offer for sale on MONDAY the 15th in-
stant, at 10 o'clock. A. M. at the Court House lor
fe 5 R WM.D.BALL, Slh'ff.
HERIFF'S SALE-By virtue ofSa writ offie-
ri facias, issued out of the Court of Chance y of
the State of Maryland to the Sheriff of Baltimore
County directed, against the goods and chattels, lands
and tenements of Susannah Jones, Joseph Jones. aud
Elijah P.Jones, at the suit of John Glenn and Thomas
P Scott, Trustees of John Jones, I have seized and
laken all the right, title, claim,interest and demand,
both at law and in equity,of said Susannah Jones, Jo-
seph Jones, and Elijah P. Jones, in and to part of a
TRACT OF LAND, lying and being in Baltimore
County,:about 5 miles from Baltimore called "Jones'
First Purchase," containing 300 Acres of Land, more
or less,-being lots Nos. 1, 2,and 3,-as by division
under a commission from Baltimore County Court,and
adjoining the Farms of Tego Cooper and John Par-
ker, &c.,-also, to 4 Horses; 8 head of Cattle; 8 head
of Sheep; I Colt; 13 Hogs, Corn; Wheat; Rye; Hay;
Oats; Ploughs; Harrows; and Farming Utensils of ev-
ery description, Broad Wheel Wagon; Narrow Wheel
Wagon, &c. &c. And 1 hereby give notice, that oa
SATURI)AY, the 13th instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
on the premises, I will offer said property sale to the
highest bidder for cash.
te5 R WILLIAM D BALL, Sheriff.
brig ALCENUS, Capt. Scofield; is now load-
ing and can take some small freight and accommo-
date a few passengers. Apply on board Frederick
st. dock, or to W. RHOADS,
fe5 d4t P 61 Smith's wharf.
.... FOR NEW ORLEANS-.New Line-
Am I oi 4..i ,n all this week-The A. I. coppered
andmapper fastened brig RAYMOND, Levensel-
ler, master; is now loading and will take whattfreight
nmay offer and sail as above.. For freight or passage
apply on board at Frederick st. dock, or to
fe 5 Corner Smith's wharf &. Pratt st.
of Baltimsre and New Orleans Packets-To
elear on Saturday, 6th inst.-Ti'he packet barque
MARY, Capt. Myrick; is now loading at Fenby's
wharf, and will be despatched as above. Whatever
freight may offer this week, will be taken at very
low rates. For freight or passage, having excellent
accommodations, apply to
-Regular Line-The copperedschr. PANTA-
LOON, Capt. Webster. For freight or passage ap-
Ie 4 5 Spear's wharf.
FLORIDA--Regular Line--The coppered and
copper fastened schr. JOSEPH HAN KEY, Paddon,
master; is now loading, and having about one-half of
her cargo engag d, will have despatch. For freight
or passage apply to JOS. HANKEY,
fe 5 Corner Spear's wharf &c Pratt st.
fi FOR MOBILE, ALA.-A good Vessel
X is now ready to receive frIeight for the above
port at 50 cts. per bbl. and willhave despatch. Ap-
ply to JOS. HANKEY,
e 5 d __ con,-r Plt -r 5. s-.- n. liQi.
FOR MOIJILE-Hri.uin IR 1. N-11,e
a coppered schr. JANIMES l-111LL, W. .a,.ltli,
master. For freight or passage apply to
fe5 THOMAS HOOPER, 5 Spear's wharf.
l fast sailing schr. MANDARIN, will sail as
above. For freight of articles of small bulk, or pas-
sage apply to E. P. COHEN,
fe5 P 74 Bowly's wharf.
J& ~ FOR SAVANN Ai--OntSaturday--he
line brig JANE, Capt. Fitzgerald; will sail as
above. For height of 100 bbls. or passage, having
superior accommodations, apply to
fe 5 P 104 Smith's whart.
A fast sailing packet schr. TOM WOOD, Cap-
tain Symonds; will have despatch. For freight or
passage apply to
THOS. WHITRIDGE, 12&13 Bowly's wharf.
JNO. K. RANDALL, 104 Smith's wharf.
fe 5 P
SFOR NEW YORK-Old Regular Line
-Theli fine copper fastened brig GALVES-
TOAiN, Burr, master; having the principal part ofher
cargo on board, will have despatch. For freight of
the bulk of 200 bbls. apply to
fe5 P corner Gay & Pratt sis.
FOR. NEW VOR K-Cooley's Regular
Line-The last sailing packet schr. CHIEF,
Capt. Lombard; is now loading and having a part (t
her cargo engaged, will meet with idespAtch. For
freight apply to W. ]iOAiALD,
le5 d5t P 61 Smith's whf.
pFOR NEW YOKK.-I)espatch Line-
A The regular packet schr. VICTORY, Pen-
field, master; will have quick despatch. For freight
or passage apply to THOMAS WHITRIDGE,
fe 5 d P 12 and 13 Bowly's whart.
1A FOR NEW kyORK.--Todd's il.s'li'
Line-The regular lineschr. EDWIN .\. I r-.
VE.Na, Capt. B. Briggs, having the greater part of
her cargo on board, can take the bulk of 100 bbls.
and meet with despatch. For freight of which ap-
ply to J. W. BROWN,
se 5 P 59 Smith's wharf.
The sctor. SARAH AUGUSTA, Capt. Wil-
den; now loading at Spear's wharf, having a large
portion of her cargo engaged, will have despatch.-
For Ireight, on moderate terms, apply to
fe 5 No. 5 Spear's wharf.
nal Line--The regular line schr. ELIZABETH
JANE, Levin Dukes, master; will commence load-
ing in a lew days. For freight apply to
fe 5 P 59 Smith's wharf.
nut--A regular packet is now ready to receive
freight, and will leave in a few days. Apply to
fe 5 Corner Pratt st. & Spear's wharf
--n Saturday-The line schooner JOHN
BARR, Flowers, master; is now loading at the head
of Smith's wharf, and will sail as above. For Ireight
apply on board, or to
fe 5 Corner Smith's wharf and Pratt st.
lar Line-The line schr. ADELINE, Peter
Shorter, master; is now loading at head of Spear's
wharf, and will have despatch. For freight apply on

board, or to JOS. HANKEY,
fe 5 Corner Pratt at. and Spear's whf.
Vessel--HooPER'S OLD LINE.-The regular
packet schr. FOX, Capt. Harrington; (being detain-
ed by the weather) will sail as above. For balance
freight apply to THOMAS HOOPER,
5 Spear's wharf.
Reference-James Hooper & Sons. fe 5
A& PACKET-HooPER's OLD LIsE-The schr.
FARMER, Capt. Edmondson; now loading at Spear's
wharf. For freight apply to
5 Spear's wharf.
Reference-James Hooper & Sons. fe 5
s PACK ET-Regular Line-To sail on Saturday
-The line schr. COL. DE RUSSY, Applegarth,
master; is now loading head of Spear's whiart, and
will sail as above. For terms apply on board, or to
fe 5 Corner Pratt st. and Spear's whf.
S PACKETS-New Line-To go to Peiirsbrg
wharo-To sail on Saturday-The line schr. IILl UI,
BRANCH, Mitchell, master; is now loading at 0'-
Donnell's wharf. For freight apply on board, or to
fe 5 corner Smith's wharf anil Pratt st.
S Thi. ftne new fast sailing copper fastened schr.
.lI..VL 1ALL, M. L. Edmondson, master; carries
about 1100 barrels, in complete order foi any voyage.
Apply to JOS. HANKEY,
fe 5 Corner Pratt st. & Spear's wharf.
a substantial Schooner of 1000 bbls. burthen-
drasing a light draft of water. Apply at 59 Smith's
te 5 wharf, to J.W. BROWN.
Regular Line--The schr. GEN. WASHING-
TON, Capt. Creighton; is now loading for the above
port and landings on the Rappahannock river; having
the greater part of her cargo engaged and on board,
will sail on or before Saturday next, weather permit-
ting. For balance of Ireight apply on board, or to
fe 1 8 Light st. wharf.
V EW MEDICAL BOOKS, just received and
IV for sale by N.HICKMAN,
No. 86 Baltimore street.
Outlines of Human Pathology, by Herbert Mayo,
F. R.S.
On the Radical Cure of Club Foot, by H. Scontet-
On Perforations of the stomach, fiom Poisoning, on
Diseases, by Alfred S. Taylor.
Primary Syphilitic Cases, by Charles A. Key, on
the Physiology of the nervous system,G.W.C.Henry.
Montgomery on Pregnancy. fe 5
BOLTING CLOTHS, for sale to dealerseor
Millers on the most liberal terms. Also-COLOGNE
MILL STONES of the various sizes.
je 22 d Commerce street wharf,

S CITY OF BALTIMORE, Feb. 4th, 1841.
W HEREAS, from the present situation of the
Cellar and lot,where formerly stood two houses,
which were burned, situate on theeastsideofPenn-
sylvania avenue, between Preston and Hoffman sts.,
it is apprehended that a nuisance may be thereby cre-
atef, which may endanger the Health of the City.-
Notice is therefore given you, agreeably to the provi-
sions of the Health Ordinances of this Corporation,and
you are hereby directed to have said cellar and lot fil-
led up with sound earth and so graded as to prevent
the water from collecting thereon and discharging it-
self into the cellars adjoining.
To complete which you have ten days allowed from
this date, under the penalty of Twenty Dollars in case
of neglect or refusal, and the further sum ofFive Dol-
lars for every day the same shall remain thereafter;
and of being moreover liable to pay all expenses in
case the same shall be done by the person employed
tinder the direction of a Commissionor of Health, af-
ter the expiration of the time aforesaid.
Commissioner of Health,
fe5 d5St 3d District.
The subscribers agents for anextensive factory
of Silk and Cotton UMBRELLAS, can execute or-
ders for any kind wantedand have in store50Ocases of
various patterns,and can supply those engaged in the
Country trade by the package.
fe 5 _______74 Bowly's wharf.
THE HOUSE in East Baltimore street,
TIUat present in the occupancy ofSamuel Cam-
ft Ueron, Esq. will be rented and possession given
on or about the llth of May prox. For terms apply
to Dr. Nicholas L. Dashiell, corner of Alice Anna
and Market streets, Fell's Point; or to Dr. Forrest,
Finksburg, Carroll County, Md., by letter, post
paid. M. FORREST.
fe 6 eolm P
~id FOR REN I'-A two story brick HOUSE
in Jackson street, with a good back building.
I The rent will be $10 a month to a good ten-
anlit. Apply to THOMAS MAINLY,
fe 5 4f1' No. 90 Orleans near Eden st.
HE magnificent VIRGINIA LOTTERY, pre-
seating a great quantity of brilliant prizes. Ad-
venturers notice this splendid scheme, and purchase
your tickets of the Great Prize venders EMORY &
$40.000 $15.000
6,000 DOLLARS, 3000 DOLLARS,
2,600 DOLLARS, 2,297 DOLLARS.
IN 60 PRIZES OF $1,000 EACH!!
50 prizes of $301), 50 prizes ef $20, 130 prizes of
$ 150, 65 prizes of 8 100, &c.
Whole Tickets $10,-Halves $5,-Quarters $2,50,
Eighths $1.25.
THIS DAY, (Friday.) draws ai tihe Law Build-
10 .0 0 Lowest Prize $5.-Ticktets
for sale at HEAD QUARTERS,
No. 2 North Calvert street,
fe 5 It Opposite Barnum's Hotel,
IO. OOtO 10 PRIZES OF $1,600.
W10 0 ~Consolidated Lottery of Ma-
ryland, class No. 3 for 1841.-To be drawn at Balti-
more Md., TO-DAY, February 5th, 1841.-(D. S.
Gregory 4- Co., Managers.)
I PRIZE OF $10,000 1 PRIZE OF $2,000
1 $10,000 1 $1,387
1 $2,600 10 $1,500
Tickets $5,-shares in proportion.
tAiul d O0fi 60 PRIZES OF $1,000.
P.I WU U Virginia State Lottery, class
A tor 1841.-To be drawn at Alexandria, Va. on SA-
TURDAY, February 6th, 1841.-(D. S. Gregory 4
(Jo., Managers.)
1 PRIZE OF, $40.000 1 PRIZE OF $3,000
1 $16,000 1 $2,500
1 $6,000 1 $2,297
Tickets $1u,-shares in proportion.
0-For Tickets apply to D. S. GREGORY & CO.
Managers, Corner City Hotel, Baltimore. fe 5
N OTICE.-The subscriber having lost the Books
l and papers belonging to the estate of Thomas
Wheeden by the fire on 26th January last, respectful-
ly asks the favour of those persons to whom he has
paid bills against said Estate to give him a copy of
said bills and receipts, so as to enable him to make a
correct return to the Orphans' Court.
fe 3 4t* No. 75 Smith's wharf.
ARTZOG & ROBINSON have removed
to the store No 244' BALTIMORE STREET,
North side, 2nd door West of Liberty street, formerly
occupied by Baltzell & Payne, where they will keep
a large and general assortment of DRY GOODS;
and respectfully invite their friends and dealers gen-
erally to give them a call. fe_3 4t
HIE CO-PARTNERSHIP existing between
S JOHN & JAMES MAGNESS is this day dis-
solved by mutual consent. Either of the late firm is
authorised to use the name of the firm in settlement of
business belonging to the same.
fe3 4t* JAMES MAGNESg.
I HAVE associated my son JAMES WALLACE
HERON with myself in the Dry Goods busi-
ness-which will te conducted in future under the
firm of ALEX. HERON.& SON.
Feb. 1,1841.-3 4t ALEX.HERON.
11HE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore exist-
ing in the firm of JOSEPH CROOK & GOTT,
is dissolved by mutual consent.
Baltimore, Dec. 23, 1840. fe 3
H AVE just received a large and desirable assort-
ment of BRITISH DRY GOODS, consisting
Rich New Styles Dark and Light London PRINTS
Muslin de Laines; Prince Albert Fancy Mixed
Gamnbroons, Fancy Cotton CASSIMERES, &c.
ALSO-20 cases superiorquality BUNDLE COT-
TON, White and assorted colours, te 3
(During the Canal season,)
ILL find it to their interest, before shipping
their goods, to call at
Corner of Eutaw and German sts.
Goods forwarded without delay to Pittaburg or
Wheeling.g fe 3 1w?
No. 7, South Charles Street, (up stairs)
HAVE just received per ship England via New
York, a supply of embossed Satin, Brocaded,
Horn and Pearl BUTTONS, ot the latest patterns.
fe 4
750 yards Irish LINEN, oh superior finish
l case low priced MI ,L 'l.I '1 DE LAINE
200 peices Thread EDGINGS and LACES
Plaid, Figured and striped Swiss MUSLINS
Superior New York Mill SHEETING-Just re-
ceived and for sale at very reduced prices, by
No. 151 Baltimore street.
OrI-Franklin Bank and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Notes taken it exchiarge for Goods.
fe44 S 3teo
10,000 Palm brand
10,000 Cannenoes brand
5,000 Elmore do
5,000 Saquez do in 10th boxes
5,000 Principes, Perez brand
3,000 do do in 8th boxes
3,000 Regalia's, in 20th boxes
10,000 Havana, low priced. For sale by
fe 3 d4t 189 Baltimore st.
a100 do Cluster do
100 half boxes Bunch do

100 qr. do do do
40 boxes Sicily ORANGES
40 boxes Sicily LEMONS
50 druirs Smyrna FIGS
5 cases PRUNES, in glass jars
25 kegs Malaga GRAPES
100 bushels GROUND NUTS
1000 Ibs Sofalt Shell ALMONDS
300 Ibs Paper Shell do
11o00 lbs FILBERTS
1000 Ibs Palm NUTS
10 cases French CORDIAL
10 do Claret WINE
5 do Hock do
FRENCH CONFECTIONERY, also that of our
own manufacture.
OU-Country Merchants and others will find it to
their advantage to call previous to purchasing else-
(Succegsors to R. Price,)
fe 3 drt 189 Baltimore street.
L OST-A Lady's SILK PURSE containing a
considerable sum of money. The finder will be
suitably rewarded by leaving it at this office.
fe 3 4t* _____
N OTICE-A l1 persons are cautioned againsttrust-
ing any of the crew of the Hanoverian barque
Morgenstern, as no debts ot their contracting will be
paid either by the Captain or Consignees. ja 3 4t
EY FO i N D.-Found yesterday evening near
Pratt street Bridge, a large STORE KEY, which
the owner can have on paying for this advertisement.
P EW FOR SALE-No. 95, in the Second Pres-
Sbyterian Church, eligible situated for hearing.-
The proprietor not requiring a whole pew has made
arrangements to be accommodated in another pew in
the same Church. Enquire at this office. 4t fe 4
EW W VANTED in the Rev. Mr. Duncan's
Chiirch,Fayette st. Persons having an entire Pew
or a half Pew to dispose of, willplease call at 23 South
Charles st. ___ ja 26 tf
'No. 14 Commerce street-
40 baskets best quality CHAMPAIGNE, Anchor
20 do do do Venus
12 casks Rhenish WINE, a superior article
80 bbls. No. I MACKEREL. ja 11l
HE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing
under the firm of JOHN BEVAN & CO., was
dissolved on the 1st instant, by mutual consent-those
indebted to or having claims against the late firm, will
please call on John Bevan, who is authorised to settle
the same. GEO. BEVAN5
JOHN BEVAN, grateful for the liberal patronage
bestowed on the late firm, begs a continuance of the
same, at the old stand NO. 29 PRATT,
ja 29 PC eo4t near Hanover street.
OSHUA ROYSTON, No. 57 Baltimore st. one
door above Tripolett's Alley, has received 50 doz.
Linen Cambric HDKFS, from 18. cts. to 81,00 a,
piece; also Linen Cambric and Long Lawn. Persons
in want of any of the above articles have now an op-
portunity of purchasing them oa very favorable terms.
ja26 P

T O meet the general wish, an arrangement has
been made with THE YOUTHFUL MIN-
FRIDAY, February 4th and 5th,-When in addition
to a Grand Miscellaneous CONCERT,
Will appear in a beautiful MUSICAL ENTER-
THIS EVENING, February 5th, 1841. 1
The Evening's entertainments will commence with
the First part of the MASTERS HUGHES' CON-
CERT.-After which, a beautiful Musical Entertain-
ment called the
Julia, (the Cambrian Girl,).-Miss ROCK.
Sir Oliver Griffiths................Mr. WALTON.
To conclude with the Second Part of the MAS-
Q-Saloon performance to commence at 71 o'clock,
No postponement on account of the Weather.
fOr-.dmittance to the Museum and Saloon FIFTY
CENTS.- Children Half Price. fe 6
Combination 8 22 34-a Prize of $1,000.
Do. 24 30 43-a Prize of $300.
Both sold in the Maryland State Lottery, class 4, drawn
on the 27th.
Combination 13 52 63-a Prize of $ 1,000.
Do. 13 24 63-a Prize of $100.
Sold in the Virginia, extra No. 5, drawn 28th ult.
Combination 35 48 75-a Prize of $2,500.
Do. 48 70 72-a Prize of $1,000.
Do. 24 39 41-a Prize of $250.
Sold in the Virginia Leesburg Lottery, class A drawn
Jan. 30. The following are the drawn Nos.
61 30 39 24 41 70 55 47 48 35 75 72.
All the above prizes with numerous others of less
denomination were sold at this lucky office last week.
Persons wishing to try tneir luck in any of the splen-
did Lotteries which will be drawn this week, will
please bear in mind that Doyle's is the most Lucky
office. The following are the Capital Prizes of the
Lotteries for this week:
FRIDAY. $10,000-fotbr $4--in Baltimore.
On SATURDAY, the Grand Virginia Monongalia
Lottery, will be drawn at Alexandria.
I PRIZE OF $40,000 1 PRIZE OF $2,500
1 do. 16,000 1 do. 2,297
I do. 6,000 50 do. 1,000
I do. 3,000 50 do. 300
Tickets only $10,-shares in proportion.
For sale in the greatest variety of lucky numbers by
the package, single ticket, or share. All orders per
mail or otherwise, dressed to
fei 2 No. 24 Pratt street. Baltimore.
For the week ending Saturday, Jan. 30, being unus-
ually rich-containing the following articles.
From the London Quarterly Review.
STANLEY THORN, continued.
Received by Steamer Columbia.
Lockhart's Spanish Ballads; English Churches, a
Poem, by Mary Howitt; The Press, by Mrs.
Abdy; Extracts from Foreign Journnls,
&c. &c. &c.
fe 3 4,* 12 North street.
P PROFESSOR OF MUSIC (formerly Profes-
k sor of the Courts of their Royal Highnesses of
Stockholm Copenhagen, Hanover, Frankfort on Main
Cassel, etc.) begs leave to inform his friends and
the public generally, that he will instruct on the
following instruments, viz-VIOLIN, FLUTE,
For further information inquire at his dwelling N.
Gay street No. 89. or at Mr. C. H Etienbrant's.
Mr. Metz has for sale several Pianos of very ex-
cellent quality, together with some very superior
Violins. d2w* ja 30
ja30 dl2!?* NEw YORK.
A N N I ITi" FORI S % LE-A -.iib-le e Anriiiy
of $37,50 per annnmfbr sale. To'save trouble,
the price is $550; City Stock or Franklin Bank pa-
per will be received. J. I. GROSS, Auct.
fe 4 and Commission Merchant.
SON & BROTHERS, who have for sale Virginia
Bank Bills, Wheeling also. fe 3*
E suit purchasers, for sale by
fe3 P 11 Bowly's whf-
RAIL ROAD NOTES, bought at the lowest
discount by H. WIGMAN,
le 4 opposite Post Office.
Checks and Bank Notes on Philadelphia wanted
fe 4 by JOHNSTON & LEE.
RAFTS ON BOSTON, for sale by
O U B LOONS-224 Royal Doubloons,tor sale by
at sight, by J. CROSBY,
fe4 Commerce street.
and Bank Notes on Richmond, Petersburg,Fre-
dericksburg, and Norbfolk, wanted by
500 barrels Z White SUGAR, landing from schr.
250 bags S Heroine, from Pernambuco, for sale
Who have in store,
100 bales Louisiana COTTON
Rio and St. Domingo COFFEE
Port, Madeira and Sherry WINE, in wood and
bottles. fe 1 d4t
BALTIMORE STREET, have received a large
lot of MANCHESTER GINGHAMS, mostly new
patterns, and of superior quality to any heretofore on
hand. The above will be sold by the piece or yard at
a very small advance. fe3 4t
THE SUBSCRIBERS have opened a store
No. 34 South Charles street, which they keep
constantly supplied from their extensive manufactory
in the city of New York. with Brass and Wood Eight
day, one day, and Alarm Clocks of every variety for
the city and country trade, at wholesale and retail,
at their lowest factory prices. Their Clocks are all
warranted and are decidedly superior in style and fin.
ish to any others ever produced.
W M. NELSON CLARK has this day be-
V ceme a partner in our house.
Baltimore, Feb. 1st, 1841. fe 2 dlw P
wanted immediately at the ".Anti-Eatam IRON
WORKS," near Harper's Ferry, to whom constant
employment and the highest wages will be given.-
Apply to JNO. McP. BRIEN & BRO.
tel dim No. 4 Spear's wharf.
FOR SALE-A Second hand SEINE, hanging &
hauling rope, corks, &c., complete 500 fathoms
long, to fish in water, 22 feet deep, but can be altered
to fish in any depth of water to suit. If not sold to-
gether, will be sold in such parcels as will suit pur-
chasers. Also 20,000 feet of Oars. Apply at corner
of Baltimore and Frederick at. to
TlHE firm of WILLIAM CARSON & CO., is
this day dissolved. All persons haying claims
against the said firm, are requested to present them
forthwith for settlement, and those indebted to said

firm will please make payment to Carson, Allison &
Co. who are authorized to settle the business of the
late firm. JOHN CARSON,
Surviving Partner of
January 31st, 1841. eo4t* WM. CARSON & CO.,
TfHE undersigned having purchased Ihe entire
-stock of Seasoned Lumber of William Carson
& Co., (Buchanan's wharb) beg leaveto inform their
friends and the public generally that they will at all
times keep a general assortment of Seasoned LUM-
BER which will be disposed of upon the most ac-
commodating terms. CARSON, ALLISON & CO.
February 1st, 1841. eo4t* le 3
February, 18il.-Contents:
I. Procceedings against William Lloyd Garrison, for
a Libel,
2. Molinism, No. II.
3. The Works of W. Chillingworth, A. M. containing
his book entitled, the Religion of Protestants, a
safe way to Salvation, together with his Sermons,
Letters, Discourses, Controversies, &c.-First
American, from the twelfth English edition, com-
plete in one volume. With Life by Birch-Phi-
ladelphia: published by Herman Hooker, for Ro-
bert Davies, MDCCCXL. pp. 764-royal 8vo.
4. The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, by Rev.
Win. Marshall-Abridged-No. VIII.
5. Politics.
6. The present State and Duty of the Church.
7. The late Appeal of the American Tract Society.
8. A Letter addressed to the Mem)ers of the Har-
risburg Presbytery, on the subject of their "Pas-
toral Letter to the Churches under their care;" by
John P. Carter, pastor of the Presbyterian
Churches of Taney Town and Greenwood, Car-
roll county Md.
Notices, Receipts, Accounts, Answers to Letters, &c.
To be had at DAVID OWEN & SON'S
fe 2 d4t Bookstore, No. 4 N. Gay st.
have associated themselves together, and intend
carrying on the Drug business, lately purchased by
them of Messrs. J. B. Fitzgerald & Co., under the
style of KEENER & EMACK; and respectfully so-
licit a continuation of its former patronage.
Baltimore, January 27, 1841.
1 B. FITZGERALD & CO, having dis-
*i posed of their Drug Establishment to Messrs.
KEENER & EMACK, respectfully solicit in behalf
of those gentlemen, a continuation of the patronage
heretofore so liberally extended towards them.
The business ofJ. B. F. & Co. will be settled at the
store of Messrs. Keener & Emack, by the senior part-
ner. ja 29 3aw2w
and NURSE'S ROOM in an agreeable BOARD-
ING HOUSE, No. 247 Baltimore street, at present
occupied by a family about to commence house keep-
ing, will be vacated during the next week, and will be
rented singly or collectively if application is made
soon at the house. References given and requited.
fe3 dlw

By W-m. a. Harrison.
THIS DAY, 5th inst., at 11 o'clock, at the
warehouse, O'Donnell's wharf.
1 3 chests Gunpowder TEA.
O N MONDAY NEXT, 8th inst. at II o'clock
at the Warehouses O'Donnell's wharf, the car-
go of brig Napoleon, just arrived in short passage from
1898 boxes Sicily ORANGES
1000 do do LEMONS
100 bags WALNUTS
62 do Soft Shell ALMONDS
150 boxes Shelled do.
15 casks Pummice STONE
16 bags Hemp SEED
6 do Canary do.
fe 5 6d Cny W. G. HARRISON.
M Sy 1ot mans co.
No. 6 North Charles street.
S stant, at 12 o'clock, we will sell for cash, on ac-
count of whom it may concern,
1 case Fancy CASSIMERES
1 do Fancy GAMBROONS
Damaged on the voyage of importation by the Grace
Brown, from Liverpool.
te4 HOFFMANS & CO. Auct.
BSy RI. Lemmon i Co.
ON FRIDAY, the 12th inst., at 11 o'clock, at
the auction stores on Buchanan's wharf, cargoes
of the barque R. H. Douglass and the brig Ann-
05.46J -Catalogues will be prepared and the
samples may be examined the day before the sale.
lr5-The United States Gazette and Inquirer, Phil-
adelphia, will publish the above to the amount of $2
and charge this office.

My lRichard AI. Hall i& Co.
N APIER PRESS.-Will be offered at public
1 sale on WEDNESDAY the 24th February inst.
at one o'clock, P. M. at the Exchange, in the City of
PRINTING PRESS, large mammoth size. The
Press will be shewn on application to the subscribers.
Terms at sale. R. M. HALL & CO. Auct.
fe 4 3taw
(j-The Richmond Whig and Philadelphia Enquirer
will publish the above to amount of $1, and charge
this office. _______
FURNITURE, &c.-On MONDAY, the 8th
inst., at 10 o'clock, we shall sell at our Sales
Room a variety of new and second hand FURNI-
TURE, as mahogany dining and breakfast Tables;
Sideboards: Bureaus; cane seat and windsor Chairs;
polished steel Shovels and Tongs; 30 hour and eight
day Clocks,brass and wood work;one bronzed French
Clock; one pair very superior ormolu mantel Lamps,
two lights each, with rich cut prismatic Drops and
spangles; 3 fine tone 6 octave Pianos; one superior
Guitar in case, cc. &c.; Patent Asbestos Fire Proof
Sdfes. Together with such other Goods as may be
received in the interim. Terms, cash in Bankable
money. R. M. HALL, Auct.
Will be added to our sale MONDAY the 8th inst.
a variety of CROCKERY, &c. among which are 5
and 6 in Muffins, Lustre Jugs, Pressed Tumblers,
Tea Pots, Sugar and Cream, Sprig Jugs, Nappees,
Twiffiers, Cut Tumblers, Pressed Dishes, &c. &c.
fe 5
My Wever, Cannon if Co.
Feb'y. 8Oh inst. at 10 o'clock, at our warehouse
No. 28 South Charles st. we will sell a general vari-
ety of new and second Mahogany FURNITURE,
among which will be found, bureaus; sideboards; pier
tible.; washstands; dining and breakfast tables; ladies'
dressing cabinets; wardrobes; centre tables;pedestals;
mabog. chairs; cane seat do; windsor do; 6 mahogany
spring seat rocking chairs; bedsteads; Easrern made
rocking chairs, toilet stands, &c. &c. Terms cash in
bankable money. WEVER, CANNON & CO.
fe 5 SP _____A___ uct'rs.
AFTERNOON, Feb. 8th inst., at 4 o'clock, on the
premises, we will sell at public auction, ALL THAT
the corner of Falls street and Liberty alley, fronting
on the former 46 feet 10 inches, and running back on
on the latter 60 feet.
wL The improvement on this Lot consist of two
fM BRICK HOUSES, two stories high, with
LUM basements, each fronting about 12 feet on Falls
street, substantially built, and having rooms on each
floor. Also, a two story FRAME HOUSE, with
back building, fronting 15 feet on Liberty alley, which
is about 10 feet wide-leaving a vacant lot on the cor-
ner, fronting about 23 feet on Falls street, with a depth
of 45 feet on Libertyalley. The whole premises sub-
ject to an annual ground rent of $85.44, payable 1st
January. The property is now under rent to good te-
nants, at $192 per annum. Terms at sale.
fe 4 WEVER, CANNON & CO., Auct'rs.
MORNING, February 5th, at 10 o'clock, on the
second floor of our warehouse, No. 28 South Charles
street, we will sell without reserve, for cash, an as-
sortment of cut and piece Goods, among which wc
name, cloths; cassimeres; cassinets; vesting; British
and American prints; gro de naps; silk shawls; cotton
and woolen hosiery; silk do; linen napkins; table co-
vers; blankets; white single and milled flannels; red
do; Canton flannel; men's beaver gloves; Berlin do;
ladies' kid and silk gloves; check; dimity; bedticking;
men's silk hdks; tapes; spool cotton, &c. The goods
can be examined on Thursday afternoon, previous to
Will be added to our sale, and sold in lots to suit
purchasers-one case women's white, black and fan-
cy cotton Hose, assorted qualities; one case of 500
doz. white linen Tapes, various numbers; 20 fine and
40 coarse Over Coats.
ALSO-One Log Cabin Quilt, a beautiful and tasty
article, and made by a Whig Lady of Baltimore-
TION-The President and Directors have this
day declared a half yearly Dividend of three per cent.
on the Capital Stock and weekly Deposites of this
Institution, which will be paid to the Stockholders
and weekly Depositors on and after WEDNESDAY,
10th inst. F. S. LITTIG,
fe 3 Treasurer F. P. S. I.
OR SALE-I LOT at the S. E. corner of Balti-
more and Cove streets, 68 feet by 170 to German
I Lot on Baltimore st. near the above 40 feet by 170
to German street. Apply to
fe 4 4t S No. 135k Baltimore st.
TpHE SUBSCRIBER has opened a Store at
X "George & Hays' Old Stand, in North Howard
street No. 118, where he intends keeping on hand a
large assortment of GROCERIES, FLOUR, FEED,
BACON & LARD, which he will sell in lots to suit
purchasers on the most moderate terms-be is also
prepared to smoke Meat for families, or in large lots,
and to receive goods on Storage, and sell on Commis-
sion. tofe4 PETER ZELL.
M RS. M. EVATT has removed to the corner
S of Howard and Camden street afew doors above
her former residence, where she will be pleased to
wait on her customers as heretofore.
fe 4 410
THALERS-German and French Crowns
Royal and Patriot DOUBLOONS
Mexican and Spanish DOLLARS
New York City and State and bought on best
EASTERN 5 terms by
fe 4 111' Baltimore st.
TIDD & WHITE, No. 8 East Baltimore st.
I. near the Bridge, have just received and ottffer oar
40 mats Malaga ALMONDS
]5 cases Bordeaux PRUNES, in bottles
5 bales Bordeaux ALMONDS
600 bushels African GROUND NUTS
50 bags PALM NUT'S
40 mats DATES
40 kegs and half kegs of GRAPES
600 boxes RAISINS, in half, quarters and whole
30 bbls CRANBERRIES, prime
40 do APPLES, assorted
20 bbls CITRON, prime article
20 cases LIQUORICE, 40 to the pound
40 boxes ROCK CANDY, all colors
50,000 Havana, Principe and American SEGARS
30 boxes Havana SUGAR, prime
50 do Brazil do do
Cuchineal, Lemon and OIL OF MINT
3000 Havana ORANGES, and 50 boxes of LEM-
ONS, of the very best quality
100 barrels N. 0. MOLASSES, prime
1000 weight of Fresh CURRANTS
100 do French CONFECTIONARY, ass'd
prime articles
Any quantity of TOYS, assorted
CANDIES, assorted, of our own manufacture
Besides many other articles in our line, too numer-
ous for an advertisement.
All of which we will sell at the lowest market prices
for cash. KIDD& WHITE,
fit- Country Merchants would do well to call and
examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere,
50 boxes Shelled ALMONDS
300 weight JUJUBE PASTE.
fe 2 2aw4t
ae* "FOR SALE-A first rate coppered
SLOOP, twenty foer tons burthen, built in
Matthews County, Virginia-in complete order-a
fast sailer, and would suit to attend a fishery.
ALSO-A FARM situate in Middle River Neck,
about 14 miles from Baltimore, and one mile from Gun-
powder River, where the finest fish abound, contains
ing 100 acres of Land, and has probably 3 to 400 cords
wood on it,-the Baltimore and Wilmington Railroad
if.. runs through it. The improvements con-
mm~sist of a Frame DWELLING and Stable.-
IJlU.The cars stops within a i mile of the House.
1 will take $700 for it, if immediate application be
made to the subscriber on the Union Dock.
fe 1 eo4t* JOHN ALLEN.

T HE undersigned has now on hand and offers
for sale a tull assortment of Jackson's Lead Pen-
Icils, and lead points, the latter of 4 sizes. These well
known and superior lead pencils are marked as fol-
S are soft for shading
h harder.
h h for counting house
h h h for engravers
h h h for engineers
Orders directed to me enclosing the money or ap-
proved reference will be duly attended to. The above
are not a new and untriedarticle having sold them for
15 years. WILLIAM JONES,
No. 8 North 5th at.
Agent for the Manufacturer.
Philadelphia, 1841. ja22 eo8t


N yW YORK, )
135 Baltimore st.
FRANKLIN BANK NOTES for sale. ja 25

TEAS-Young Hyson and Gunpowder TEAS, in
chests, half chests and boxes, for sale by
ja25 d B. G. ETTING, 56 S. Gayst.
BIEESWAX, purchased by
ja 8 dtf Commerce st.
UAYAQUIL HATS-2 bales, assorted qual-
G.ities, received per Serene, and entitled to deben-
ture, for sale by GEORGE & YATES,
ja 30 dil0 No. 12 German st.
N OTICE is hereby given to the proper authori-
ties of the several counties of the State of Ma-
ryland, that the above named Institution is now rea-
dy to receive the Lunatics of said Counties,as provid-
ed for by Law. Such patients however, will not be
received unless satisfactory security is given for the
regular payment thereof.
ja 28 d2w R S. STEUART,Pres't.
IATOR, Anthony Grumbler, Legal Outlines,
V Course of Legal Study, and Introductory Lec-
tures-for sale at PLASKItT & CUGLES' and in the
principal book stores in the chief cities.
ja27 d3m? P
ONTINUES to Practice in the County Courts
in the Court of CHANCERY, Maryland.
Chestertown, Md. Nov. 25th, 1840.
Mr. Nathaniel F. Williams-No, 14 Bowly's whf.
Capt. Joel Vickers-No. 71 S. Sharp st.
Messrs. Win. E. and J. Bartlett, S. Calvert, one
door from Pratt st.
Mr. George R. Mosher, of the firm of Reynolds &
Mosher, No. 38 N.Howard st.
Mr, George W. Krebs.No. 52 S. Calvert st.
Mr. Walter Farnandis, corner Ball. & Light sts.
no 30 mw&brly
57 Wood Street, PITTSBURG, Pa.
IBERAL ADVANCES made on all descrip-
tion of GOODS, consigned either for private or
public sales.
Refers to Messrs. Allen & Son,
W. & S.Kellar,
J. Forsythb & Co.
A.BPhillips &Co. P psb
Win. Holmes & Co. Pi" b .
S Jonnston &Stockton,
Mr. J. Anderson,
J.D. Davis, J
D. S. Turner, New York.
David Thurston, Baltimore.
ja 6 eol2t
S is acheap and attractive LITERARY & FA-
MILY NEWSPAPERof the large class. Itcontains
more original matter, written expressly l-r;i, lain
any weekly paper in America. More hir. l-',,"rv
WRITERS, embracing some of the brightest Inam-s in
the country, beside European ct.1nerpor.r-iii., 1.11i s
Single copies, per annum. $2 00
Three do for L5 00
Six do for $10 00
Ten do for $15 00
Fifteen do for $20 00
Oq- Address, JONES, SHERWOOD & Co., No. 21 N.
Gay Street, Baltimore, Maryland. eol2li,? ja 27
2000 yards Manchester CHINTZ PRINTS
2000 do 5-4super sulerJaconet CAMBRICS
The above items have only been slightly wet in salt
water. Together with a large assortment of Douir-
tic and Foreign DRY GOODS, all of which % ill beo
sold without regard to original coat in order to change
business, by JOHN R. WRIGHT,
fe I eo6t White Front, No. 2 Centre Market.
ILK PLUSH.-A rich assortment of SILK
PLUSH imported direct from the well known
manulactory of Messrs. Honinghaus & de Greiff, is
regularly received and offered for sale at the lowest
prices by their agent. E. KAUPE,
ja25 eod2mo P No.57 Beaver st., N. Y.
HE Subscribers have on hand and offer for sale
S the following articles, viz:-ALUM, E-Priil
No. 5 Ellicott street,
fe 3 eod4t P Light street wharf.
No. 142 Bahimore street, (nrt door to Mr. S. Kirk.
Sliver Smuh,.)
R ESPECTFULLY miloimishisfriends arid the
U public that having resumed business he i now
prepared to attend to all orders, especially the com-
pounding of Physicians' Prescr plions, at all hours
nightorday. fe3 eo4L I P,

B9 II. W B. oot.
Damaged on the voyage from N. York, will be
sold at my Auction Room on MONDAY 311R N-
[NG, Feby. 8, 1841 at 10, among which are Webster's
Quarto Dictionary, 2 vol. Parkers celebrated Edition
tof the Waverly Novels, 47 vol. Roman Cath. liec
Works; Family Library 27 vol; Classical do. 12 vol;
Miss Edgeworth's Works 12 vol; Buffins Natural
History, 3 vol; Byron's Work 8 vo, WE.ber'% Ma-
thematics; Hutton's do; Works in Civil arti5l nhnitiiy
Engineering; tondon Editions of Shakspeare; Byron;
Moore; also the American Encyclopedia. Various
Novels of Smollett, Sterne and others. All the various
Poets, Pocket Editions of Burns; Milton; Young;
Akenside &c.; Works on Mechanics from the French;
also Law Books; Natural, Civil and Military.
The whole ot the above formed the entire Library
of a Gentleman of the Army-and now engaged, as an
Engineer-and were originally,very select. Sume of
them now are very scarce and otherwise peculiarly
On same day my usual Miscellaneous collection im-
mediately after the sale of the Books.
le H. W. BOOL, Auct.
1841, at my Auction Room, No. 60, Baltimore st
between Gay and South, at. 10 o'clock, for cash in
Bankable money.
10 00 VENEERING, put up in lots
from 150 to 500 leet each; represented to be the best
collection and the best wood offered by me for many
years. They will be for examination for two days
preceding the sale, provided they arrive in time.
At same time and same place will be sold. a variety
of Cabinet and Mahogany Ware, Beds; 3laii.
Carpets, and Household effects generally; Also, Dry
Goods; Groceries; Hardware, Jewelry;Watches, Cut-
lery and Fancy Articles. Additions are solicited.
H. W. BOOL can, with confidence, say that good
Furniture and Household effects, as well as merehan-
dizegenerally, bring fair prices, and probably less sa-
crifice from an immediate sale, than where hypothe-
cation is made tor time and the goods ultimately for-
ced in the market at a great sacrifice,
fe 4 H. W. BOOL.
ry 8, 1841 at one o'clock, at the Exchange, FORTY
FULL SHARES OF STOCK. The terms, &c.
will be made known at the time of sale.
H. W. BOOL, Auct.
Sale this week, Monday and Thursday-on the
morning of same day at 10, at my store, a large quan-
tity of well made Baltimore manufactured Furniture
of all the kinds in fashionable use-also. Carpets, Fea-
ther Beds, and Kitchen utensils, Grocer ics, Dry C,., -.I,
Fancy Articles, Watches, (gold and silver) P10-l
Ware, &c. Tihe season for sale of Real Estate is now
approaching, the auctioneer tenders his services for
the sale of the same. H. W. BOOi.
fe 2 eo&ds
NITURE-AT AUCTION.-In pursuance of a
general order of Baltimore County Court, in relation
to the estates of Insolvent Debtors, and by viitune of
authority from William Chase, the ii, -i.|r. -i is
Permanent Trustee ol John D. Web'r, ,-ii]..i r
at public auction, at the American ( -il : House,
North Liberty street, on WEDNESDAY, the 10ii of
February, 1841, at ten o'clock, A M5, all tre furni.
lure, fixtures, stand casks and liquors, in thu. sni es-
tablishment,together with the lease, which has tw. lye
months to run. The furniture is mainly new, awid is
of the best quality, and consists ot-
3 dozen Maple Chlairs, I dozen Cane Seat (to. with
sundry Slat Back Chairs-Alahogany Dining labls,
Tea do-Mahogany ii le
and pier Glasses-Ingrain Carpets, 1 ,i-. ,.i--icer,
Shovels and Tongs, Venetian Blinds, &.,, ,. ', &c.
The Chamber Furniture, Beds, Bedding, bedtea,:s,
Chairs, Workstands, Table, lDressing Giasses-che
stairs and passage are Carpeted with ingrain and
striped Carpet with stair rods.
The fixtures of the bar are of the best description,
and the liquois of superior quality. There is the u-
sual assortment of Decanters, Glasses, Icc ; a lure
rotary Cooking Stove, &c. Terms of s.ile c .m, on
-delivery of the articles. NELSON POP,
Permanent Trustee of John D. Webster,
H. W. BOOL, Auct.
fe I No. 60 B.iltiiioie t.
Sy J. 1. Gross.
L4 FOR CASH.-I will sell on FRIDAY :!l..,t
4 o'clock, on the premises, situate in the court I .,l'g
from Saratoga street, opposite Mr. Sam'l. G. H11 .'i
factory, a LOT OF GROUND, footing the court 15
feet, running back about 60 feet, improved by
a three story BRICK BUILDING, subject to
inia ground rent of $10. Terms cash.
te 3 J. I. GROSS, Auct.
O-PARTN RSHIP.-I have this day asso-
ciated myself with Mr. MADISON LEVER-
ING. The business heretofore conducted at the old
stand of Richardson & Lewis, under my own name,
will hereafter be carried on under the firm of LEWIS
Baltimoie, 1st February, 1841. 0t
EWIS & LEVERING continuing to occupy
the old stand, No. 161 Baltimore street, call the
attention of their friends and the public to their large
stock of SEASONABLE DRY GOODS, now on
hand, which they will dispose of at reduced prices.-
As heretofore they will always keep on hand, a full
assortment of the most desirable GOODS, which they
will sell Wholesale and Retail, on the best terms.
fe 1 t 6t
Have received by the latest arrivals Irom Bremen,
and offer for sale,
Cotton Hose and I hose-White, Black and Mixed,
60 bales Burlaps-Nos. 1,2,3 and 4-assorted bales
6 cases Tecklenburgs
7 Sail Duck-1 case superior Scissors
3 PIANOS-Rosewood-by Irmler
10 Pipes superior Gin. d2w fe I


___ ESOLLED BY THE General AssemlblytiffMa- No. 11 ST. PAUL STREET. rlHEu. r
i']ORTGAGE SALlE-By virlueofa power to RIFIUSTEE'S SALE.--By virtue of a Di-ciee Rl. rylsnl. Thai the Treasurer of the Western HEH1D Inttt ORnwiGTR ,oti etzeso ayad ignaan l te OT ESUH
3IV sell the mortgage premises hereafter described, _* of Baltimore County Courtsitting as a Court of tg o stitutiouwil/commence on MONDAY, the States generally, BAY h is now p a to furnish VI-H
qitte usrieasTusewilofe o glShore proceed forth with to call a General Meeting of
,continmed in a deed ol mortgage executed by Peter aqi, hesbciber, on MONAYThe 151lda offe o ae the Stockbolders of the Cqesgpeake and Ohio Canal 15tb February, instant. ,d.rt e vae r varety ofte haboeam ed atileceae than" CHE APEA KE BAYI& PRTSOAD U 8S SS iVSS S
Hvlim, ol the ciy of Baltimore, to the undersigned, a Public Auchon, on MONDAV, Ihe 15lh3 day o Company at Frederick, upon the earliest Convenient The various dpartent re t"benftedaStatee and thatnall wateretransportien will be J
ol o he f ma place, on the 30rh day 01 May, 1837, and February next. t ,, E o'clock k. at the Excha ,ge, day, in pursuance of the resolution unanimously a- os maichn th y er ththeex cepn R A O RAIL RO AD.
recorded among the land records of Baltilore Coun- ALL THAT PaEay all work warate LAND, septed tor order nm f
tv C.,urt, in Liber T. K., No. 271, folio 399. ke. upon siluale and lying in Baltimore county, bring part of Puny by the Stockholders thereof on the 10th day of added to Mr. DiELMAN, for the purpo eoffinishing to s a uh y e t POCtho nda rlL
default ol paym ent of the m money therein m mentioned he land conveyed to John H ie-ry by Solom on B i k- July, eig teen P A and a V OCAa twof thety -en try and tls o of oie sr
u pon w h ich w o tgage d &lau lf as aforesaid h av ing head, by d .ed bearin g d ate J u ne 3 ,. I "O l.a n B ielcr kh- gate th e aff airs a nd p ast m an agem en t o th eC o a L a p o d p c tEW m ade to suit any phaser t a ma y see opr per to or ande cap acity w h h im w ith their p t n g A also atl
ben mede, there b. claimed to be due the sum of five ed at follows: tral is to say, Beginning lor the same and to take such further order in the premises as the best European mode In this department with a ta b eep on on a supeyfor a t1 o 'ok for Norfl and nhad e
hundred anti four dollars and four cents- this sum to on tihe souit ca t Fide ol he Falls Turnpike road. an, interest of the Stockholdersaeto the convenience otopupils as wetIas economy Anhe Bran d BO L I tCL O H ofa t to su to t perior a en ge forml ARai lEST will beo t fo wre perch dIsn By, o G.G BRER, C er t peni
I be Paid out of the sale of the said mortgage prop e b ubitrs fteSoc h lesm yrq ie rty, 10u lh fy -eight degr vi,Ae qtCiabout orrs erech di._ant By order: .G. G. BREW ER, Clerk. to parents, lessons of 30 minutes are given at $ 1J5 Per quaity a im roed 1 11ad atic l ae, warane to be s the pher-lo i g m ri g ont e P rs ot n R o o c w
and in pursuance of !he acl of Jhe General Assembly from a small white oak tree heretofore marked with We hereby certify thatnh t Passeggers fs taS will bourn
f a p e a c es n o 1 6 eo nn b g n s a id ro a d M a h l, p a sn ch c e n t Dla rssr t n t y c n e h d a t s na k e R alu w hay pto W eld o b rassh E all ararne oe F r
IIe,n "n ct relating t mortgages in the city of Bah- undreda s of the Legislature ot Maryland at December ses- fom 30 to 4 MINUTE CH i epenee y of con- 'I. or M passed at hvars prsir of,1836, of six Cars and running an or a enwst ac a res onInoatrl r rd dihhi
t l n d l r l~ n o m ~ i a e i i h i y O a n o r th th irty a n d a h a lt d e g re e s w s t o h u d e an d f r 3,o 4 N ~ S C i n e e d n l t i p h is
alore." he tat a stone, thence north fifty-eight degrees Sion, 1840. servations with the Governessadterglrore.a ei once iha motr h mot i or ro otedpruefteCr o
Th, undesigned, mortgagee, will proceed to fore. east to the outlinebf said Hetty's land, thence bound- Given under our hands at the city of Annapolis, tbis Apleatsh c fm Hr w h or i ts
clo~e said mortgage by a sale at Public Auction, on ing on said line south westerly two hundred and three 26th day of January, 1841. commodation and instruction of an increased num- This Cnoth B bard for Richon d orriet tir
thrP rpemi~ev, or, Al ON DA I, the first day of March, feet, until it intersects a line drawn from the begin- GEORGE G. BREWER, bar of pupils, boardersas l brsand proper oneness, and equal to any Cloth tid
1841, El 4 45"lock. P.M. The mortgage premises are ning north fifty-eight degrees east, and thence by a clerk of the House oh ars, a all w at the f" Poatona" ande arv at ill
descie Cler ofe threds Hous oflow :e s Md.l more pwele beaih receved Afto the Chemie Cofs ininig use. detiato theOLON day afte leavings Bd t h
11 scribed in, it.- ronritigr as follows :"All that piece Straight line to the place of beginning. JOS. H. NICHOLSON, now in progress, and at the proper season, a course Thesubsctribe w i be found a out y Mdll tie Genra hisn Bati ore Sta-.cle CoM^^T~iS adw fu
or parcel of Ground shlunt. and lying in the city of The terms of sale as prescribed by the Decree are, Clerk of the Senate, Maryland. Of LECTUISES Onl BOTANY wilb eiee yD.Ml tn auatri afr
Baltimore aforesaid, which is contained that one-fourth of the purchase money shall be paid T County Aid., on timor ni
Tic ets, w it p u H ap iston .ofc h rg e abnd tor a ie outane o there ae s add rid ed W ator C a o k 6 P
metesand bounds,courses and distances following,that on the day of salean d resiu ein h alR SAck u o n to a al olt Rn. N o t
is to tot for the same at the corner formed stalments at three, six, and nine months. ThecreditA A0, fNrthIr JANUARY 27,1 g841. of the Academy nld h eiu f 0. County Md. will than y r
by tire ieriion o The North side of Little McE payments to bearinterest from the day of sale, and to O D N to a rsto o e r e

dery f-rineaolyS ^E li: K ~ o ~ ha SK ^ SOUTHla stret and the East sideO. ofCO 9.1n-6 the OBEDIENC toarslto fteGnrlluetnCeity n rmty teddt y^TeSem
de Wet olpialley and paraElelwitCanal secured by the bondsor notesof the purchaser X Assembly ot Maryland, oaDecembertsession, 840, 03-Attached W th e tsei is a perr W. BARR. I
Canal, lormerly H-tiord street, ,and running thence with surety or sureties, to be approved by the trustee. of which the foregoing is a copy, and in pursuance of CARRIAGE, in which PuplwhreieaadstneIRFENS.-_ ibakiso
i f tee n I e e s i x i n ch e s o th e e nt r i de o f C a n a r ti t o n d F cRee k T ru t ee t h e r e s o l u t i o n o ft h e S t o c k h o l d e r s t h e r e in r e f e r r e d t o -tra n b ca rf ie d to an d r o m th t
I nn tt i nhs o the N orthse o aido No. 19 Fayette street. m a General Meeting of the Stockholders of the Chesa- their. De poi t. M h r tr t k an
or dividing Oall between the first and second houses, ja 21 21t H. W. BOOL, Auct. peake and Ohio Canal Company is hereby called, to Any further information given a h cdm.B .WovroDnilP.di
North ot Little NMcE derry street-, then Eastery VALUABLE VIRGINIA PROPERTY assemble and be held at the C-pa_' Ifie ladin the thfe1-~no.krl
I .h t e c e r l nl d iv id in g w afcll r c ,ncp ar F O R S A L E c ity o f F re d e ric k in F re d e ric k c o u n ty o f M a iy la n d F R A N K L I NL in o r
lId M street one hundred feet tlac of pND of GETTERS- on MONDAY, the 8 th day of March next, at 12 o'- PAR FOR FURNITURE. r n the p ublic thatthey w be happ to wi o as usual t;ll te s
tb a twen') .I.,"t alley, then Southerly bounding on JIMA tract of Land, 25 miles from the District of Co. clock, M., "to investigate the affairs of the Company SOUsTH EA ST tOaE at the AN D e, the m at an of th d at their to whe a
the West side of mand alley and parallel with Canal lumbia, and within I1 miles from the Potomac river and their past management, and to take such further TWSRE .thyae,
s etilee elsxi c e toLtl Mc der t. and Quantieo creek, containing about 1100 acres, 800 order in the premises as the interest of the stockhold- Entrance on llex*.in a dE tw Sres n(ige tlS in e u h a xrcig iiig A O '
and then Westerly bounding on the North side of said of which is heavily timbered and wooded, a large era may require." GEORGE MACKUBIN, lAMeL IE
latetoled street one hundred feet to the place of Portion of virgin growth hickory, oak and heart pine. telUE FRET, sincure W.S. establsand. wa cleaint Iu in-g the'lvio al- t;,klIt:Iih i v. h ta
Se e tebeginnd frytreadning.''t~ R C LO S R E T L N W I -N i aeR o s s hta h rsnttm ,te r ntr e.A lte b veo r0-n %l b arneili g" Subject to tile annual ground rent of On this tract of land there is a large BRICK It AIRA--U--UaiORIhT%%;I
seventeen dollars a d forty three and three-quarter V W ELLING HOUSE, containing 10 com.equal, it'not superior toany furnishing rooms in to beT Non pefry in the i not su.nlio S T R A J, of mll o ter c.
Centh Payable on the ist January annually brc pasi portable rooms, a large and pleasant saloon, struction in the Newly Invented,Oriental,Miraculous the city, and having enlarged his manufactory,he i arid Chre m I i* N% core"o01 .I, .,. rp --,,i-ry, at S
I ik n t;4 Lot is a comfortcable two. story oi WASsIgG, closetrvativ aMariner of WASHING, a preservative against all prepared to execute all orders with promptness and Hanoverand Lombardstes.A T.Wp0nnil lbt -i.r, ay
I' IUi. ,r111'11DIN,11 wo 0111 0"80oo--the fro The dwelling above cost a few years ago nearly complaints ofthe head, ears and the face, and a reme- despatch. His present stock comprehendsrai l-llfl
o o m.below k the house being on a corner) has $10,000, and is now in good repair. The situationdi oseanghonistrengthsomtgttslgretentitl po ero| the mea bgosvee1oMa .B
beau u, fram i -.l.,- ca'culated tor and used as a stable. midst of a moral and religious community, and r the renovation and embellishment ofthe k, e,.r-,Cer.Per,, do a on on the t
The I,- s far i, n property began in the year 1837, The wood and timber on the land is very valuable- and the removal of wrin dele s and the displeasing pale- fast en oo D and res o l bv the l i, .1 hunered on S1-r of V drsioi
and" '.',r,,v.. L.., will be sold for the unexpired term 50 cents per cord is readily given for all sold standing ness of the face, producing a complexion surprisingly new andi, ,l |. t, n, Bedsteads, Bureaus. Fancy L -l Ra- Roa 1nd Ste amboav ine anto esei
ol 99 years, enewable forever. in the woods, very many acres will yield from 70 to beautiful and fresh. Ladies and Gentlemen wishing and1in.]...iLtir' kc.&C. I', NJ I 1A PP it 1` 11 -Irefuoa tearie to the
Terms of Sale.--Oaes-fourth of th,, Purchase money 80 cords, and a very profital In eesv woo PRA getC diretio an istucio iai gnu
Smto eP aled ont e-fouay of salerhsemne 0 od, and thaac neula ver prftable and extensive wood to get direction and instruction ill this genuine arid He .I1!.1I- -I1 i..t... I public that he has no boys in Far f||rom|| Pogtau to FrBe i adtferickis..-bm.-^ed.2aaf
to be paid on the day of sale, and the balance in equa trade is carried on with the District of Columbia. miraculous manner of Washing, are invited to call his manufactory, and that his workmen are all of the || 2 (]i?
payments, at 3, 6 and nine months, with interest from The above property can be purchased at a great sa- on C. WILLE & DICKEY, No. 7 Hanover street, very best stamp. Their work, te can with perfect
dayofsale, and security to be approved bythemot- crifice, if early application be made to for GoCH.G. SEIPPEL, where they may subscribe and confidence recommend to his customers. Persons mSe G AND PORT DEPOSIT.
gagee. Fo urher particulars apply to SELLMAN CROOK, hear he part iculars dv fet wishing to purchase are requested to call and examine otheacquison eaut orectdIapa A PACKE
As 3 m ITF No.A 17 nrBatimme In T ESSL.B ite- M .A CIk,(rdaeo ieU .N.Aa AULBVNMrgge fe 3 d~t corner South &Patt t "- '"-""- -- ---- ^ tire Ware Rooms. PENMANSHIP. 6tc a-~c Iii ice loadingto-orwoiotl aaoa teta9ocok .
sUE 3o3f dairg, at W dit &coRS.rner South Ut Pratt sta. Mto. AiCerER, (Graduate ot the U.evidence in support.of I,-n, I- its e -- Ai5re'-i.sail on S;
K 1 3aww -. No. 173 Baltimore st._ fW USTeEE' eSALE.--Bo virtue of a decree of dewy, at West Point,) in MRS. ARCHR1ae lNDERTAKI.
A VERY VALUABLE FARM. .1 Baltimore County Court, sitting as a Court ot BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA- and Hearses furnished, and every e .o lrt Jade .. m
Balratimofreo Count CorStig1saCut6e to gied Th1%CLR.Ull .so(4hsvr
_ -F--.OR SA LE, 1%irte. it. Baltimore County, adjoin. Equity, the subscriber will sell at public sale, at the DIES.eral. satifacion (I? ., ,~t.r Mfw ed. srTin ohe IS A Xinlf teor .stod pa tice, sever in no twice a- wekbyp ckie~t int store StabatisrayBlioet3'ccP.
suit Aratl e ro ,. ,.plri, .IF. 1.McHenry. Dr. Waters Exchange, on WEDNESDAY, the 24th day of Feb- exington sreet, 5diors Easbh i n theory an cticning o run. are OWEN, by packets ungil th Ste
an Ji 111,m..ivlie, ciildnt 6 miles from the City, ruary inst. at I o'clock, P. M BALTIM ORE. tlo. run. o,,-.ilphur springss road, compring about one Several well secured Ground rents, charged upon IlHIS INSTITUTION is conducted on a plan genfcyor tile sale of this celebrated glass ." Ma ryl an Instir, of Teachers, ac. hepar
h u ,, .!I l .d w u r i a c r e s o f f e r t i le l a n d o n e t h i r d p a r t d i v e r s p a r t s o f a L O T o f G R O U N D a t t h e n o r t h w e s t M e r iabr aa e t v e o s (reou g hw nn ds s n uensi v e t e y aleioI P rte- T hp ,e dnor dt B atw n.G
iin w ood, the rest in tallow clover and m eadow- w ith corner of South Charles and Pratt sts. instruction in allthe branches of polite and finished from ordinary Cr, G lassis dn gu ishe d und e rinves to rak 1igh up- N I B I. I ,l .1 lor t nai t -C -oint
A .& a thrivhig, choice apple O rchard- iT comm oo The term s of sale as prescribed by the decree are Educationin an. ed trial t a d scerning to rank high g 1\ .tv I I POI t IT he
W" lr :. .i ':o n e D W E L L IN G K itc h en a n d M ea o n e h l c ash o n the d ay o t sa le a n d th e b ala n c e in T h ere is a P re p arato ry D ep artm e n t attack h e d to th e an t ig htn ess o rc color, b y its g great th ic k n ess, a n d th e in fae an d alno ayscin a t 1, .I .. 14 4 -A Soa :weDE L I G K tc eEa d e tOdc a i n .t es nd b atreet ex-c mtei4 soelr b et w eey h a t-,, ilol a
"JIuLMH.,,J., nI spacious Barn, with stone basement two equal payments in six and twelve months, wit e (I which Tile girls alsl be in a n of 11,31 l M iY will a
t o e u l p y e t in i a d t e e m o t s w th school, into w h ich little girls w ill be received at re- ex e l n e o h a e i l h c o p s t t p s V R
di,, .- I, tH.i- stables-a Dairy with a very large interest and security. duced prices. A Prospectus showing the various sesses a remarkable lustre,which the Goit or d s ity to the co n se n of ,it re ul..'ly It I,, al Hod Crsb fr R
and cold spring. The whole property being abun- For further particulars inquire of the Trustee. studies, prices &c. &c. may be had on application to Keker callty. i uGreen the aid C tse puresr speiitqs
dintly watered, having a brook in each field. Pos- JOHNSCOTT, Trustee u the Principals at the sch ad o n or reference may be the purested ofter ateng blssnnot being polished otter beiena ed ote it ast prantca ipt p ronoPete rsburgWln anhareton .
sessMin would be immediately given. H. W. BOOL, Auctioneer. made to Major Gen. GenfWinfield Scott, U. S. Army, mel, brilliancy and hardness, and is nt easily bedim- the e ito ro vement and Treneditoro f the leave Baltlmore f.ailnnro
The price will be moderate and the terms will he fe 2 2awts P ________ Dennis H. Mahan, Prof. Eng. U. S. M. Academy; med by dust. A.11411supply on handfor sale b Clanppergreat improvemendt."on the eit o ubrs of theait 4ocok heH ren ^ ^ the takaec super wI xetdta l~ ~noll~
Ah hacewlf aboe mdrthe Fairvie ersw ile Ion on 2awls P1AKB R' DAEE e nnis W. Mally Prof. e. U. S. M. Academy PRAT by KET, Cipeusnincmedainot. A~ll nupper of hana heHtl n ahntot
Ibera[-.,-i ne-ion may be made to William Turner, -L LA C&BURN'S M ADEIRA W INE- -The J.W. Baily, Prof. Chem.tmndrMade b g t tat e a eaadwlePRAT0.-i il
lo e fille .1l. 2 Nos.27 ad 29 Chales t. m sch ol have adopte thed Guideuals d thehgestimo andianfo gers and their baggage to thebot oae
O)ld Frederick Road, who will hab ow the p subscriber, Agent for the above well known my; Roswell Park, Prof. of Nat. and Expl. Phil. Un .2 _tim7n9o ts.eCfromnvdd ohh ettdgEof' theoadhnstcSlandind
Hos, is at all times prepared to receive orders for varsity of Penn,; Rev. Dr. Wyatt, Rev. Dr. Johns, A EI NCMNTchre
atNo. 307 Baltimore street to MADEIRA WINES OF THIS CELEBRATED Rev. John C. Backus, Rev. J. G. Hamner, Hon. R. OTICE.-The subscribers respectfully inform gongh o cn presented to thc inc Afte priz all the B.e Seatr Secured thoough, F.' .a the pooff e or S
^ja26 eottP JAMES WM McCULLOH. BRAND, so long known and so highly prized by the B. Magruder, Dr. R. A. Hall, Thomas Finley, F. J. m the public that they have succeeded in establish- N. Bi. Rooms open day and evening. Classes meet ,AnPiLadLphi hc UO,,1il..ii,1. jahl Deot of?!\i~i; ..,b oraddt onso i<
REaALb kSTATEAGENCk. best judges in this Country and in Europe. Those Dallam Esq., Win. F. Giles Esq., David Clendenin ingaAN CM Ni at all hours ofthe day-Ladies at 3 o'clock, P. M. RIA CEM, 1,.i. iR..AVI
No. 27 SECOND STREET. Wines are warranted PURE SOUTH SIDE Esq., Win. Reynolds Esq. Joseph Robinson Esq., of atthe corner of Goughand Washington street Fell's Rooms 41 Baltimore street. ia 29 F BENEDIC T, VIA FAIR
VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR GROWTH,free from all acidity,and will be in a con- Baltimore; Rev. E. W. Gilbert, Wilmington, Del.; Point, Baltimore, wttofll or- Ohe sln
SALE-One two story Brick HOUSE fronting edition for Bottling immediately alter landing. The Rev. John Davis, Washington City; and Rev. W. Point, altent, where they Ills IS T eO rpehantt of sub. e roueN T uiesaoo
.o,, SoAh, High St. near Pratt street, 4 feet house of Messrs. GEORGE & ROBERT BLACK- Finney, Hartordco, Md. d6m2aw6m? se 16 be accompanied with dirgations to guide the mechanic it,
flq lr,, wih a ground rent $1.50 per foot.- BURN was established in MADEIRA as far back as 31CHANDELIERS, CANDELABRAS, &c anti engineer in the successful application of hear. B altimore County, letr famnsrtino h USAi
ti 'I itt,n.,,e is in complete order and will be a 1784-they have always been exceedingly particular, cR. A M. As to the uiliy of the American- Cement, t etate of SAMUEL G a te osai d aga in tt 6 A. ottin that (lay and at tf
S,,,.. aton for a small 'amly; itcontains 8 especially of late years, in the selection of the fin- BELL, No. 155 BAL- sufficesto say that itris imwn o btsis to meaters esnBi e
rooms and is very convenient. Also one two story est Wines =d an the island-they keep a B TIMORE STREET, been used to advantage in the construction of Lock, deceased are hereby warned to exhibit tbe same with hind State wharf in the city of Baltimore fod Berc
FRAME HOUSE at the corner of Exeter and Gay large stock constantly on hand, and are determi- Aeent for the sale ol Aqueducts, Piers, Arches, Cisterns, Foundat p( vouchers ther places o en1
stetro ntons Gan y i s treer t 40nv enent. anso foneting E tr .a AgnWir teneso A ue u tio so
street, front on Gay street 40 feet and fronting Exeter neI to maintain the reputation they have acqui- CORNELIUS & CO'S. Buildings, to secure dry cellars in wet grourl, ard in
street 38 leet:-only $20 ground rent. Those that red by shipping none but the beat of Wines, and GOODS, have on hand all instances where properly applied, i has been found bes l p er- eni at 6A.aIeiRE
would wish to carry on thee Grocery business will such as are likely to be improved by keeping in this and are constantly re- to have answered the purpose. Thus from our s i t ha ter sd m goin arid : ,i t P-it H
have an opportunity of purchasing a desirable stand climate. The evident advantage which such an ceiving from them, the knowledge of the article, to those wishing to rse it we i ,Ian PL- 2 dav P assag e I. a I r.A M.
-also, we Ihave on hand a very extensive list OLD ESTABLISHMENT, with an extensive followingarticlesofteir will warrant it to answer any of the above puposes, 1**kL" llil, riand tCLEMENTSd m'r. 11 ar faptoor f F H e
of city property which we will be glad to offer at stock, must possess over one which purchases to fill manufacture. CHAN- ge, it applied according to our directions. J ger-it. atptoloe M.iL.
private sale. Also several very desirable FARMS- up orders as they can find the ai ticle, especially when I DELIERS with 8, 12 B. C j a 23 w i fu b : F- 8L M
one on the Falls Road and one lying between Hartord not brought up regularly in the Wine Trade, is too Mand 18 Li-tlaw. %%iih rich iy 24 l .1 JOHN MeMANUS. Il"^ls* I.-4TO IVE OTIEhatins oreo sub 1VIAiTER .ARRAPGEMJPT ^"Hrra er 5AS
'n e o r T u rnpik e R oad s an d o the rs ating a rio r d orb tainde t u p re gui are a n y c m t inC tue W in e T, RN tA Tn C I Ft A ." d oN T O B L I M R
and York Turnpike Roads, and others at a more re- evident to require any comment, for the evil and in- GLASS DIII -P', CAN- PaTITE .. tF
mote distance. Callon convenience which will result from such shipments, S DELAURAS, BRACK- 1N VENTED BY MR. JUDLIN ofthisCity. Baltimore Cony1 etr etmntr ntr saeo MA I N., I.. Y TO THE S
ja29 BOSLEY & KNIGHTON. must soon be made manifest to, and felt by all who III, ETS lor the Wall, GI- I It is principally intended to be kept in bed chai- feAME MAtoHEW, latean teof sa aut whos ET oTHF hONL LINN G-G THE at is princ
------- TO LET. -- -- tuttote.Frfrhr nomto pl to 11 fi vingeRlaimswth1,2,be aagaocostnsedastobeleedwnsaidth e.tllpeeos THIS IS THE ONLTHS S HEONY YLYLIE. DAIL Y***asP
TOET rust to them. For further information apply toIV RANDOLES with 1, 2, bers. and so constructed as to beledonfmth e.Alprss
HE SUBSCRIBER will let from year to THOMASB. ADAIR, 3and5Lights, ASTRA, AND MANTEL LAMPS, window in the case of fire, It is made ofstronirt XFredeck1
Syear, or tor short term of years, that2BEAU- ja No. 6 Commerce street. kc. &c. The above Goods are of the latest style, and attached to which are steps at a regular law
TIFUL GARDEN situate in Aisquith street, oppo- ---- TO THE LADIES. for cheapness of price, beauty and durability of color one end is a large box, lined with canvass, in which A&~fm~bnn^^^ rf^ T', To'rTIhYLe apeL ery 3 .M
st e U th Re N C a m e ite unn ery recn tl Aisq u pi ed byt r .e~ p o one pn is ex lu e fr m a l b n ftarge s i st t .N 1' -_
ite the Carmeite Nunnery, recently occupied by Mr. PAIG & ., No. 121 Baltimore street, cannotbe excelled persons who are sick or timid can be placed and low- LLt.Tl
Henry Moore. Thegarden is filled with thecHocsT opposite the Museum, respectfully inform the N. B. All Lamps from Cornplius & Co. Manufac- ered from any part ota building without the least dn e 11 inormedt by ing he Cars
ORUITS, such as PEARS, PEACHES, RASPBER-. Ladies of Baltimore that they have just received from ory are warranted to burn well and not to leak, wo to ger or difficulty;,atthe other arediron hooks which lciediate p an I. for d. [- ,I i | ;ry procei
RIES, &c. &e., besides a rare and desirable assort- New York a splendid lot of SILVER MOROCCO be returned, ja 8 eod8t can be fastened to the wall or window sill. When it Given ut x. 14 i I, 1, a
Blent of SHRUBBERY and FLOWERS. There is a SLIPPERS, a very beautiful and highly fashionable WWAkR-AN D--FRENC.H-BURR MILL is thus let down, it becomes a perfect ladder, oniwhich ELIABTH MAIMIWSExecumx. don,Il-1%lil I.. To I HARLd4
I comfortable DWELLING HOUSE upon the article for Fancy Balls. Also, a large assortment of STONES. any one can descend with ease. It is made to fold up _82 _1a4`-_ il l'li. nt..n.NerMoing
Premises, situated near the centre of the gar- white ian Iack Sa t e whit ban blak OE DY COLOGNE,
I. _, den. To horticulturists and others fond of Selett morning Slippers, a new and splendid article; COCALICO, it is placed is fashioned after the form of an ottoman, SI scriber of Baltimore, has obtained from the Or- Ili.-).1r., r Lin n at 6 A
flowers this garden offers advantages seldom to be met Ladies and Misses French BOOTS, Childiens Fancy and ESOPUS do and is a handsome ornament to a room.____ Jy 27 phans'Court of Baltimore County, letters of admin- brooby P ..- %. to
with. For terms apply to Boots; Lasting and Merino Gaiter Boots; together with FRENCH BURR I" EPOT0F TH E CELEBRvrEf GEN-- istiation on the estate of LEVIN KLL" N l^%qick P n b e in m a l
SST. GEO. W. TEACKLE, a complete assortment of Ladies, Misses and Childrens / ~>\r/^ \ BLOCKS, RP U l UNE JO-- .% I 1 N. F.% Ri i N.A *! C, LOGNE late of said .County deceased. All persons having Leavep Plladllia 8 ca. conc Mhth etr rina h e
oc 8 P d Office No. 18St. Paul St. work of every description, which are manufactured of AND CALCIED WATER.-T cril brii II.. agent for claims against said deceased, are hereby warned to reach Bat more, 2 P. M. anu Alilese of 7 C. W. d
FOR SALE. the choicest of French materials and warranted to be I --\. PLASTER OF the celebrated genuine Joseph Ant. Farina's Cologne exhibit the same with the vouchers to the Leave :*,io .w. A 4 0 M ic
that handsome three Story Dwelling House fully requested to call and examine for themselves, be- SubsA-& TH S woT PARIS. WATER, will have cn onst antly on hand a large sup- subscrberoior befire tile stdayofAugu t r IlWaineion 6 P M 40 Rseoi
I Jll = n .Lot, sigteaveeo andwhichbeowilhbesble tooffeatotteetraeron ilerchasingaidestatehAlleersonsindeted tathe state reachI-ichI he wi klg Ie:aM. 7 Mile
'street, between Pine and Cove streets. The House Country Merchants can be supplied with all kinds inform their custom. most reasonable terms. aertetdtomi meitepyn.LavI'r- .I;.I -"M.
stands back from the street, and he lotfrf eet ofLadiesworkb the dozen or case. de ers and the public In reference to th
on Fa-l., with a depth of 150 feet to Vine street, SURVEYING AND TOPOGRAPHICAL \ that they are prepare" bgsto sta that hehas j 1
the %%h1ole it. fee. DRAUGHTING. ed to furnish the a- arrivals a large upyo h' frsi eertdW ,Glk. AErahPtrbr,7P .2 ie
State Scip, or Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road notes Eboe articles,of best Cologne WATEpubdic au th t \ha f or A d wih th lan d. ve P4 M 4 a
will be received in payment, or part of the purchase 1 SURVEYOR, and respectfully requests a share quality, at theshort- qult ni pr at be exeld and -sc TO n 1VF No.I20 t.aut. reaV i-ldi. I A. M. 60 Miles
money mnay remain on ground rent. If not disposed of of their patronage. Having for many years been est Possible notice. They continue to import French fully be~gs theirattetin JOEP BOURY 1- '1 -- --- -- _____ reave V, Iior,,I, I.i A. M.-11MlsmI. or.BH- -.--<* ,t ~ Jtl^Ciyn h
_o e Ia r e ai a t thou n Ie t l fo r e not d ir.s e ofc h G e m a a ndi p at r o n a g e Iai n f o re m aay o b taire fro m theosi l n oti c e .o re acy c o n iUt .. h1t oP 1 6i e ore the first M arch, the House will be for rent.- practically employed in Civil Engineering, Surveying, Burr BLOCKS, selected by one of the firm at the lsporutrofb-L. P-USlrtt e
For terms -.lF.). to ROBERT Y. STARR, and Topographical Draughting, he teels confident ot quarries in France. fe4 _- F." G 16-Bltmre-- Baltimore County, letters of administration on til LeaveH-Al-i ..v., ,.- 1). M lo
fe 2 it, No. 0 Light St. whf. giving satisfaction to those who may employ him.- Orders from any part of the United States accom- OTICE.-Pursuant to an order from the or- personal estate of JOHN PARNELL, late of said rec -- Wl,. and rec dae, 170 Mile!
FOR REN- The twon upper floors of His Office is on FAYETTE STREET, near the panied with satisfactory references will be.promptly iNl phan's Court of Charles County, the subscriber County deceased. AlI persons hax i ,l,.ii,.- 6e tineo
Si~ house on the north side of Baltimore, corner of St. Paul's Lane, (tothe right ofthefronten- attended to- will sell at publicsale for cash, three NEoGRO BOYS the said estate, are hereby warned I-., t (hii Line c an, 680 M AIL ,
el r h rt reet over the storeof M ar under trance otps. What Fallt over the stor of M aare trance a the 0s B ae H ouso;) w hth he T her m ay be be at their s od is Falls A ve- f o 1 t12y a oegbiap rli ir,,th t v uc st r of o iadoptedobyAtiisea i st e GT A
0 cannot bp,l lypvd ,) arid is alm ost anti e y a R l
and arylple. Possession to be given immediately, will be ready to receive and execute with correctness nue, near Pratt street bridge, and corner of Paca and at estate of James D. Mitchell, dee'd. Thesaleto fore the 15!hday otApri nextotherwise the my OAD LIIe
ap ly tosES DL PLE,e and despatch, any orders in his line. Saratoga streets, Baltimore. take place in the city of Baltimore, on Monday the be excluded bylaw, from all benefit ofsaid estate. e, I soIe eraordiat
ap tor to SAM'L. J. K. HANDY, Plats drawn, either simply linear, or showing the ie25 EGENTON & MORRIS. l5th day of February next. All persons indebted to said estate, are requested to is sue of a connection throughout, w
or: 16 dtf i 11 Law Buildings topographical features of the land, at the pleasure of TO THE LADIES. -- .ELIZABE'TH ANN MITCHEL xr o maei edtepy n.
w__'N---T 00, B Iuidings the employer; and sectional profiles of elevation given D .P- ja29 law3w James D. Mitchell. GTiven underAmy handtU 15thaayo January, ten o gsi o u Wea te r an S
4.-k n it Ki-N'- A ,, a R.t, I I l aI` when desired, as well as all other measurements and PORTER. A DMOVA.. ja15 law t* JOHN A R A din'r. o ccasis dy in a rou e, be th
,,.A !,.` I,rir,.,I "'111. r gardening, adjoining the descriptions, in the above lines. PORTER. REMVAL oftumn whic isrdia byef~o th Byte raele
T!1Q`' i dU" L.1 III""' c"', gandeig ly jingbteng the drescitos inteaoelns HIS new Instrument for the radical cure of Pro- ri|3HE subscriber has removed his STEAM CARD '11HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICEi, That the sub- jected to Sea-Sickness, and incurring uncsayb etpeiu o8ocok
fl .J i .,I till i,. and lying between the Fre- ma 8 eo ____ GEO. F. DE LA ROCHE. lapsus Utero, or Falling ofthe Womb, by exter- FACTORY, [ f. %IUI*H IlEand MANU.. 1 t-riber has obtained from the Orphans' Court risk, rom boats being urged to the top
S.. ,,ll,'d-,r,, inerads-near to MERICAN OIL; or Medicine of Nature.- nal application, superseding the use of the objection- FACTURES WA 1IU' i.o Nos.89 and 102 ofBaltimore C.i,. liters testametarv o the estate to Compete wit le more DIRE
this farm, and perhaps t %l.ii-ia in,. it, is a bed of A ThisOil isobtained pure as it flows from a na- able Pessary, is confidently recommended to the at- West Pratt street, to the new yellow building; corner of LYDIAfr 1a.a --. ate of said County deCeaS- l(OUTny ! !\ t
Marl, trom which a large quantity has been already tural Spring in the state of Ohio; and what is still more flicted as the means of a perfect restoration to health, oftEutaw Stand Carpenter Awley, between Pratt ard ed. All persons having claims against the said deceas- The above Line will be found not o
dug,ci L-II ., the farm. Apply to remarkable, it can only be obtained about the full of it never having failed of performing a cure, under the Lombard street. ed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with~the CERTAIN and EXPEDITIOUS, but h ota- ,,-B ^,sit*ms, "
ue, I I-I PS --RIHARD CAT the Moon. It has been used in the West I a num most aggravated circumstances. It has received the Having all things put in complete order, he is now vouchers thereof to the subscriber, on or before the tractive-as it passesI..-e the Seat of hae e d te a! t
S FO- RK FOR T --N-A "-" "iiy Bric- HOl_-s'E, her of yearsaas an efficient and useful remedy in Rheu- decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper, of LON- prepared to furnish Card Clothing of superior quality, l6tnday of July next, they may otherwise by law he inu and in sight 01 .iirl Vernob
I' 1,I .- P.iiul'i' street, ou the east side, between matism, Spraitrs, pain in the Side or Breast, Cough, DON; Sir Benjamin C. Brodie; Sir James Clark, Phy- and all Nos. from 15 to 34 inclusive excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons anti l.-oi, Fr i!icksburg, Ricm an
ZiJ. ll-'ra, Ini, and Mulberry-it has every conven- Shortness of Breath, Cramp Cholic, Asthma, Burns, sician to the Queen; Dr. Ashwell, Lecturer on.Midwi- Also on band a large and general assortment of indebted to said estate are requested to make immedi- burg, igen l;,j.-.I .., [ost flourishing
teiice ior a genteel family, in complete order, neatly Scalds, Old Sores, Wounds, Scald Head, Chilblains, fery to Guy's Hospital; Dr. Rigby, Lecturer to St! Manufacturers articles, such as Picker, Lace and ate payment. gmiua. DlIV 'I..N.t\t~l~ irii iimoriti
papered and painted, the parlours are of handsome Liver Complaint, Corns, Sore Ears; Ear-ache, Deaf- Bartholomews; Dr. Griffith, Lecturer to Westminster Roller Leather Reeds, Shuttles, (all kinds) Pickers, Given under my band this 14th day of January, one IT IS ALSO CHEAPER 'I 0 RICH
ie, and e whole house admirably arranged Patent ness, Pile, and various other diseases. Hospital; Dr. Ramsbotham, Lecturer to London Hos- Roller Cloth, Russ w I e n f-
H y d r'a nt in th e y ard w h ich n e v er |reez es. E n q u ire T h e fo llo w in g a re a m o n g th e m a n y c ertifi c ates g in- p ital; R o b ert F erg u so n L e ctu re r to W estm in sister .L y B o b bin s, ( W arp an d F i ll n ) H r e s C t o n a 5l w l__ J M S V ~ O N E .D N n r v l e s h v o e p n e o r u l i hg e t v t t o s o h o t a d en i i l l n
" --t:tu KtlVN'r'- li.e ,p ii.-.! -\ bRit hK Boston, January 30th 1839. sex Hospital, and senior Accoucheur to Queen Char, Potato StarcCr lesCob laeClang usrirhaotiedfmteOpasCut Thsiaso uhtenaet qcktad y. grsetuly ae owht e
I" .... ,- -ll session can be given if required, bottles of the American Oil, I have recovered my &ic. by Dr. Moreau, President of the Academie Roy- Belt Lea~ter of superior aet r ouy eesd l esn aigcam gis tPtrbrVi-ri,.omne h ot ydcinfrdnse ilb loeuls lie
.\ l-r.. >'o H E N R Y H W I L L IA M S ; h e al th a n d stre n g th M E H 1T A B L E F O S T E R a le d e M e d e c in e P A R IS a n d A c c o u c h e u r to th e D u d e r fro m 1 to 2 0 in c b e s w id e a n d a n y l e g h fi e ai es t ar h r b y w n d to x i it t e a e ,ay o |{ | ~-- --.t t ." -A- -i.- -.' 's b r i K T h is is to c e rtify, th a t I h av e u se d th e A m e ri c a n 'D u b o is, S a o so n a n d o th e rs;-- a n d in N e w Y o rk b y a n d W o o lle n M ills, S a w .' l l ~ c n l o q da e o e I e I i i d y o ul i ~ a t e w s r l .] i; i 1 11 R ad t i l i do t L n l h l ~ t o d C
*..' ,' "R,nor idd,1-et theothrin Leping- year', and I only used half an ounce of the Oil, an~d fessor of Midwifery in University the City of NEW,., USEl oftu~ei George street wes Oaml.e Iha aeeoamodatted wit the Rhudebted for Pro'ido are requested G.o Bedbrd M..,ro tore orris MiAILY LIEt ihod --- -.- -,.,,-~~-H
apytoi >..-^i. *I tUNi.v'ON Stre E R orCKSON, have not felt itsince; I have likewise used it for son, President County Med. Society; Laurens Hull, ja 1 P eo4t__________ ie ne yhn i t a fJny 81 QPsegr ~ h aor atnRi i ,,"'" '/ v^waue.lhsenyasiclacrdadYRPoe.Dlfed rfso rni .Jh.trb ONH meit amnadPtrbr. ._, ,. '
a.... ..... [ al>mHn!i~.t& < pgor e d wipt, bur s, healing wounsandcibies. Jand mes. Medialghtonit,Ste of Abnewy or; Professor Ma cOhISIOE OF H undersigned j16 CSM KWLO. pathugto-.,*.11 \;A^ (EKl?'l '
..' ;,4 t t0 K E T; lt i la ig i a r., ] c ,., ., ie u i~ rtii T H O M A S R A N D J r. P ro fe s so r C y ru s P e rk in s, P ro tH -sso r D o a n e -- D rs ci n i i s o e o t e ^*-I n l p r t n H l h m p h I I l 1 i n c t S O K O F L S & C .' SSS Sm* S S' B
il~ ,- i ) a good tenant for one or m ore years, rhis m ay certify that I have used the A m erican K issam V ache, Pow er, G rayson, V an R enssalaer, or affi rm o s n o t k e oii n n fi a i s ^ d f i t ^ -1 d l_______B li o e ~~v ? "^
a l ",, '! t t e n c s a r e a r t o a 8 e u o u t o f t e re n t O i I a T s u b e c t t o b e a fl fl i c t e d w i~t h P i l e s a n d lh ~a v e a n d mI a n "y o t ^he rl 1 1 ^? ^ d i t n u m P i y s c a n n h U i t o b e u e d i n t h a t t t S t a t e ;i l o o a e s o R ^ ~. ? s if o t e e a e l e OWSjR A OT J ETR 10 R^odad 1 a~a,~a tu ^
(B WIS ONl 11SUt CO., Charles street, nights: I have used itlfor Burns, Cuts, Spralns, Chil- aistor House, New York. fers of i .l,.k.,ii..l*'- lrl- c l ffdvtd-.l,..pit 'hht i'nn ihtevocestee ;**" .j-.-l --*pr:, 1 \'i-i .r a.ihlil *.iiitH
j, i' *n-_,, P ,. ""l'eRdroJd D |,.){ blarns'and Scalds, and can recommend itas the best 00-A constant supply of the above instruments will pstoso cnweget aebfr h on ^ ~ ^ eir oe^^ ^ 1^.7 S^^^^
|:O RENfL t'-" T.--]!,* ?.i,.r.,r..i h (Irlir medicine I ever used. JOHN DUDILEY. bekeptby -G.. L.DHR &C. iso'r r a 'linlwa i reon eri ;lina anodews tae xlde rm ** ,,yS J^^ ^ h aif ir.Li ^~l lietnN C
li-a,,n..\f.pA~ly tl r[. | l-1ovll .-.-4 r, ,".t-^^..--it,,cl,^l . ?..*.lu ,, Balt. &High sts. Baltimore. i_+-- ivll KEISFrtecr o HOI l Yn ST G OI ~Ir .iD. t."^h.^t-'t"' aevle oub? arln alra,16mls,0 od
t.'f'.-.'trlt.n Hoii,*.,. o-l1,.1l~ rc 5n5c8_______c2 OCiTSS __ SAEoatcouoscaatr nrfe na'[" rhsbandfolhml sl'~ the Ophanshlot, to Prc 25sd50ts oc28 TO* DENISRY SEASES *l Oi Ri- ie, eta
i..llM ' '>l.N'O \l.ut\(l{,IN, TIM WAKE, 1c. OOO STtti OCKTON'S PREMI- Scrotulous diathesis, and which come under the class Baltimoreonvl^^^^^ad .,.,llj.'it.bsnteUin.Fm-hSutCalnarlroBdiyln f
i,u ,sN, i .i~ht -!. th,,l. IrlvHE SUBSC3RIBER informs his friends and A o W UM PORCELAIN TEETH, Hypertrophy. These remedies haebefod lr "^^^ lr,.,li, ,,ln..n5husoly tgsoSvnaG.fom eies aio iey
--. 1^. l: ttEN'l-l~i'--I J h.r toli DWI-'L the public that he has now on hand an exten- comprising an assortment of every shape and colour, apatc fsm er ocr loteeycs,"I-{A[ aefsi o t eesdAlpr 11;1t'',11N1.^*-*-ii.iii.a ;iie;adiyln fsae oClmiS .fo
-"-'.r l | \I G on C harles3street, n earl p o it l a si v~e ass ort m en t o f all k inds o f T IN W A R E o f h is P ivo t,P late and M olars. S toc k to n 's T E E T H are used ex cepts p a i those farr vedo m y e rat theta las t s a e a d e e i n t o e on h vcar h e e o' l c f rt e b v c t es ,*^Lo" "o wm a u a t r vi .B o k T n i i e ,J p nd bal t e r s e t b e d nt tsn th s Cy a d c notoa f rdra l e.Teyresit yaatdto,0 1"" "ih^h.pwt h'n, st

".0.z~ i,,t. Apply,. 1, Thef a-v Line silv il]tr vu1
!W .HO ELtSO. and plain TIN WARE, which will be sold onlthe most be surpassed, they are preferred for tbolr, very natu- l;at
.WM HOWELL &, SON.I R whhrbetoehrtLiecth aethereofutaeoaCrcc acrtiberiorttrcirnrbo e1h yo14tv ncoeof"TireHalovaltunesnconneati;[rk
reasonable terms. Also a general assortment of TA- ral appearance and stand the blow pipe better than netic properties arouse and change chronic action, Oliiol-:- or
I t '.. LNT -- i Al. -, ,edritlb hlth..,:.i, BLE CUTLERY; Dixon'siBRITANIA WARE; Sil- those ot any other manufacture For sale Wholesale July nenth e statr Ailaw, be exc led
<" rauionrand Ghamber,) none ofthe most te- ver plated and german silvergoods;ASTRAL LAMPS; and Retail by P. S. CHAPPELL, CHANGE, RELIEVE AND CURE. They may be fmlbefi requcdestate. All p i t lelico
t'"ikJei. -,,ctable Boarding houses in the city. TEEn- TEA TRAY and WAITERS; Brass Fenders; And- Noa re requited to make immediate pay For Seats in Baltimore, applt at the G any cail Road, two r
que ironsShovels andTongswitbia greatvariety of FAN.Refer to D H S geon Dentists of the Ci y The principles upon which they, are prepared witho gthet aried of No. Rense
%J I i L N 1 1 ,H ,a~ q E r o t h q a it o ~ o c .G iv e n u n d e r m y h a n d] th is 12 th d a y o f J a n u a ry 1t 8 4 1. i o n . ..I ., o
S .i. lte.r l- t P are legitimate and scientific, and they have been em. alro qsite ily Uo1r ther quaeity abf Ohio Rail floaa aods
,7 rs,,,tnh Exeter st. Westside, near the Pound Also TIN PLATE, 1C, IX, IXX, SDX, DX, Dr. E. Noyes,) ton's Teeth. played by many eminent PhysiS V O xr.
Q6 .,I-,. Pump so calied-rent 8160. Enquire WIRE from No. 8 to 18. SHEET IRON; Iron tin'd ja 12 dif of'chronic diseases with the most gratifying results. ja 12 l----- T SHRIVER,
at In.H.I.. '. ja 14 d if and black rivets. English BLOCK TIN in pigs and --- SADDLES, SADDLES. They are applicable to the, following diseases. 'I1'U. r H F-1 l I> I JM lit It; Cl.', I I,.,.i- t ALPHEUS BEiALL, ww. An tr-eky ali fomh edltb
-.'.,d11 ,% it' A L, I.A fl! 1-4 ba bars-aall of which is of his own importation and will rIHE SUBSCRIBERS wishing to dispose o BERCULAR CONSUMPTION.ChroniediseS of scriberofthe cityot Baltimore has obtained from WILLIAMH.STEELE,
1AN 1,1ELI. a-I lOT -l-it 1-,v. on lan. a be aold at reduced prices. at his Ware Rooms, No. 10 pr.t their present stockofSADDLES, will orthe the Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys ant Spine, White the Orphans Court of Baltimore County, letters of (0 21 J. A WEA
./ i t =, DF- A N'S PA I lNT M E.- Baltimore street, and No. 6 Harrison sheet. at a VERY REDUCED PRICE-being made of best Swelling, Dyspepsia and those complaints incident administration on the persona estate ot MARTN
tmHANiCAL LAMPS."" To those who have used JAMES CORTLAN, materialS, and by first rate workmen, we are willing to Females atvarious periods of life. A treatise de- BANDEL, late of said city deceased. All personstas
the) no explanation oftheir merits is necessary, asBaltimore, Maryland. to warrant them to give satisfaction. Mg se giving cases in having claims against the said estate are hereby wan- A
theyhavey venunive F. DEYILL1S, Also on hand, a very large stock of COACH, GIG which they have been employed, with explicit direc, to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof to tire GIG which tyabn p e
ly an i atilt lee and possess advantages over all No, 4, South St. 3 doors from Baltimore Street. andSULKEY HARNESS. Persons about purchase, tion for the use of Remedies accompanies each pack- subscriber on or before the 12th (ay of April next- 1 0110% I'll L\ N A d
roosriroos c. "orhlely lor thwy .. Just received, an extensive as- ins.o ll and examine our drawint Jus receivtor an can be give by applica- to call and eO o 10ormee ete Coipanr hfve can be given by a- Mobile via may be alT
rooms, reading rooms, &c., w ic purposes they At"0"r sortment of PERFUMERIES. comprising the largest ever offered in this market, tion to any of the agents. J. C. Nairn, A.eprit lor elit of said estate All persons indebted to said es- tommenced ,r n,,p-,.tion
are ;-, taI ^ uset in all elegant establishments in Pa- SHaving made arrangements with nearly 200 SETS. Baltimore, No. 6 South Frederick street. 1,- also tate are requested to make immediate payment to the Bo
ris, ,6.,e ; e steady, uniform light, that produces no :' several of the most fashionable Also LEATHER TRAVELLING TRUNKS of may be had at the stores of John L. Chapman, N 2 Opposition Line. I- w r. as tI
smoke, isds desirable. Perfumers in Paris, will permit all sizes, and shall be sold as low as can be purchased South street; Roberts & Atkinson, cor. Hanover and Given under my hand tiis 12ih day of January, Passengers in th, above Line will
In proportion to light, they consume but one-third him to offer them at very moder- in this or any other city, at wholesale or retail. Bait. streets, and Slade & Davies, cor. East Bait. and 1541. MARGAt BANDL, of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road
the oil of a common Astral Lamp--theretbre, in point ate prices, viz. ROGERS k BLASDEL, Lloyd streets. al15 eolv ja 13 law4w 8 Admirl at 7' and proc,,ed to Frederick ove
of economy alone, they are particularly desirable. Cologne; Lavenders; Oils; Po- TEDli____190 Baltimore street. ANDO EWS COM UUN ENTRA- m111 IS TO GIVE NOTICE, Thatthesub- otio Rail Road, and from tlie o
For sale at the corner ot Baltimore and Charles street. matums; Soaps; Creams; Pastes; Powders; Puffi; r`1HOMSONIAN MEDICINE Dr gai TED SYRUP OF SARSAPARILLA. T scribers have obtained from the Orphans' Court tional Road, in splendid Troy built Coern;
ja 21 -___________ Hair-Dye; Valentines; Depilatory Powders; Tooth 1 Thomson's Patent Family Riaghts, Dr. Robin. HI^HIS Preparation contains all tle properties ofol Baltimore County, letters teitamenlaiy on the per. in as short a tie as any other Line.flo r
ja --- JOH N, T. DURDING Pastes; Extracts, &c. &c. son's Lectures on the Thomsonian -) ; ne, and the T the Root in a concentrated form; and may be re- sonal estate of ILLIAM HARRISON, late of said For seats and further information
Wil ETURNS his sincere thanks for past favors in Constantly receiving, Dressing Cases; Gloves; Mitts; Thomsonian Recorder, first, second,third andfourth gardcd as the most important Alterative and Antis- County, decesed. All persons having claims against only o for the above Lie, No.
A:& the encouragement of his business, and promises Suspenders; Purses; Razors and Strops; Combs; volumes; also, Dr. A. Curti's Discussions between corbutic Medicine extant. It is invaluable iSro- said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same oppositetheRail Road Depot.
in the future still so to conduct it, as to deserve from Brushes; Hand Mirrors, with a variety of other fancy several members of the regular Medical Faculty an fou Affeclions ., %). Impunity of the Bloodand w I Don't forge it is tho IASTPIONE
aii, .t.h..oliiei r,-lr.n.g-. He continues to articles, the Thomsonian Botanic Physicians, on the comp.. other Diseases of-t. k-; it is considered by re before the 131h day of July, 1841-they may Other- FIC. ja19 d31 W. D. RIF
11,,,I,...iu.. i, 1ins biet Rice', improved FANS, PARIS MILLINERY and FLOWERS up stairs active merits of their respective systems, iost eminent of the Faculty as he very best Medi wise by law be excluded from all benefit ofesaid es. TO epU LI- Faan
so mucuch approved by all who have tried them ; The subscribers having associated themselves with cine for re- etablislhing tb constitution after it has ,,t. All persons indebted to said estate are request.thaom
PILOUGHS f all kinds a!.,] paIFr,nmostly appr"o-' HOURGLASS undrgneaheefeetto Mrcuyorhasbenheinustoeentne
dUGH of armers; ST AW-lO_ Dr. Samuel Thomson, theinventor of the BotanicSys. ame a e o cury, or of be ed to make immediate payment. T mustfbe. oerau
ved by farmers; STRAW-t-ILT rIEl.!-; HARROWS ^rL ~. GIN--The .subsci, tern of Medicine, generally known by the name ofthe- ously injured bvalncotuneofneote Given undei ,.,r I.,110-. llii-i.l. e.r January, 1841. 1 gerce u lice~wh en conducted Tun de nMrp A~T
andPCULTIVATORSCORN SHELLERS and Root her has received per ThomsonianSystem which has been pved to be su- most baneful maladies to which human nature is lia-
CUTTERS; Hill side PeA A the Kroonprince and n erior to any thing yet discovered for the removal of ble, particularly under that slate which is *.:a JOHN HARRISON,- of all in is c on *hp Geru
INGS t, Iv'i, i,s.mi other implements served to r- A other arrivals, a su. ad lseaseswhihthehum ed Necondary SympoI which,iftnotspeediy era- jai3 la"^ t P Zel$ Ofwa.z city
*der bvw1,ol-:, --r itail I braldis. which has been tested by thousands of persons in the subates, prrber b aware of Rai fac
count" given to dealers who buy to selltagain. llt U united States. dation of such .1 1,.t-'rmipI, th cosiuina il1`1Hr, OGV OTC -Ta h ht dge rist
14isie an as be fe EXCELLENT The frm wllbe known by the name ofGodfrevMey. probably last l..r ih coexistence, and ex- a ft subscriber has obtained from the Orphans'fCourt P.-. b>mannoryin which other offices ot the
byvThos. Denney, Seedsman. with all kinds of FieldX FLAVORED GIN, er C hyh~r^^^tn h~vlee oteoffspring of those who have of Baltimore co unrty, letters of ad in irstrat ion with the have beer, heretofore conducted, he ba leeoet-pr10Ia n 4es e ui ol
and Thor.denny Seeds ma, suc h as het ink s can bereield on FLAORE N er k Co.. They have erected a steam mill within an tend the evil even to the ilonlxdo h esnlesaeo A SHR e ra pist odc ti sai
upon favorable terms. The public are invitedto give which he offers for eighthorse power engineer the exclusive purpose s, been thus affected.
.ofvaltr.T plcaentdtg e & a my^ ^ ^ch,he^ s~fo manufacturing Thomsonian Botanic Medicine, ex- In order l,, reler rl,iipra rr, q perfetas po- ON, lale of saiddec d Ali persons a mariner as t eIb
him a call. JOHN T. DURDING. 1F, sale on reasonable cludtng entirely all kinds of minerals, and all that part eoble Grant streett near Pratt. Mode the of the to PEnSONm whiih hp plicatr onag e thas ooisce e pr from t Won ura -arsapart
REOeL 2.W KATHU ous Gran streeriou quality Pratt. term. Thirbgc andni Prepared tire sold dcaearhrbywn iIBttSpnukgplctont
lC e2HAReoDUVA__ respectuynearmshis of the vegetable kingdom, which has the least poison. e rofd u s il toeesubibe sam e ith .th day Aof to
REMOVAL. -Dto^ C. W. Comerce oustC or delaterous quality about it. oTheir object and Prepared and Bold by thes criber, on oa beflaw be excluday o m 181 va 5nts eor bel) othe y wil dve tccesid t t recor
ICH AB Re DUV Ai L respectfully informs his No 9 Commerce hta determination is to prepare the medicines out of tn the thdoe y ia by late. Al l udebd tom aid to t e n e ach, forl whic they purpome, st
friends Brit the public generally, that be has re- no________" 23 ____ best materials that our country can afford and in the Cheltmore stre andearugsbnftO the rde ee sed aid rqestae. All paersn imm ediato Sayientowic they recrds proerlyakept freincs thatncs&c li~ 1c-~ut.u. tAd11f'rrci ta a
moved to No. 210 Baltimore st. five Doors West of FEVER AND AGUE.very best manner, so that all persons wishing to obtain 31 Batidge, de r axe reus, to1make immediyto pan t. of the find the n es, re senes
hisg former stand and nearly> oppos^ie H-anoir sl.<; R. K]RSIAWS TONIC OR AGUE them in their purity may have an opportunity ot doing d 31 Blmr G unde try r, A Lh \ 1 la ON, 1841. the seis the helpr i n wany
where he has ol band and d| oro.nue i., keep a R.TN K EERSA TOICTORE AGUL E T o-and to prevent imposition, which has been freuent y~N S ARETY &FU RE ALEX %NE HRNA 'retuhrned.swearslyh dei.J~ .1 pi receive athe.0 ClbWimreWlimk i~n
Do antpeetmoiinwihabefeuent- V[ Y TINGE'8 VAIIT R Iu NITUL ja 29 law4w*reund Yalyihif-ni ec
large hie' choice selection (.1 C.% RPhn L el NG, a AND FEVER MIXTURE, DOUBLE THE ly practised upon the public by designing speculators. AU STORE, North Charles street, oppose the Union
,-.-lf -aper Velvet, '.v Biu-.-, ipe- SITRENG TH i Oh ANY OTH ER OF k n They have on hand the largest and most valuable col. Bank, where he keeps continually on hand all kinds HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub- e ah
ridl ,h,.. perand fine. Irair, ar,.t V,'-nisnn tofilincurinteworst easevofAG eenFknown lectionlofThomsonian Medicinesin the United States, of new and second hand FURNITURE such as sid 1 scriber has obtained from 'he,;' Court Persosa ceso riv to R .k
S i..,, il. Rues to micn, Fl-,r Oil t'lolth; )gall the veen comrsin dsed aor three yoard, adnta comprising all the various compounds and crude arti. oards;looking ofBatimore County, letters of Ah[.i..riii....[ri with ,plied by adldreing I. ifi pstl
FIte hasd beenn Flooriei Bused: fo three 5nd Poano" an o opii d
FCo iend Pain Ftoor artic arid Pa- no nclesrecormended by Dr. Samuel Thomson. Also, su. glasses; beds; -,, I,, c &c. Iealsooffersfor the will annexed, on the personal estate ofh JAMpES OE enOLLe R Dr. Sa elho
Ctive?.,andhall other articles pextai.inv to ihe trade, sin se t add notmerfeotly andopedgently purietor pearor Wine Bitters, for the dyspeptic and others who sale on moderate terms all kinds of Glass and China A.BUCHANAN, late of said county, deceased- Houses, Farms, Vacant LoGroun ,
most of the goods are ofthis fall imioiion, we it d o rf y p a l r ate afflicted. This valuable article has seen founo ware; clocks and timepieces; plated and silver ware of All persons having claims against Ihe said deceased, are of Property, bought ana sold at foun we c k nd
and choice patterns, selected expressly r the city cince that whoever will try it. will find this highly beneficial in restoring the nature of thi the beat quality; lampof everydescrption and prce arehereby warned to exhibitthe same with the vouch commission. t
trade, afid will be sold asecheap, and on as lwrable sttementtohptr stomach of weak and debilitated patients. As, a splendid assortment ofogold and Silver patent era thereof to subscriber, on or before the 30th day Money loaned on Mortgages, Promissory Note, a splendi
term ; ,: lie .,imp c.,n be pnicsed of any house in whate the Mixture has produced the most astonish. All personsdesirous of purhasingthe aboename lever and other watches; gold chains; breastpins; ear- July 1841-they may otherwise by law be excluded Judgments, Goods, &c.
this c,1> o',,lul|,hla r,r NfA I'ork. ma caes. artelesl will please to call or direct their i.iers to the rings and fingerlings; slver spoons; Silver knives and from all benefit of said estate. All persons indebted Stores, Taverns, Bar Rooms, and al
Pe"-o. ". 10 supplV ibeiselves withany pared and sold by P S CHAPPELL subscribers, in Pratt street, near the bridge. They forks of superior quality; all kinds of fancy articles.e to the said estate are requested to make immediate tress Establishments, disposed of at Psuvate Sl k
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fore rr. k,..L.I. ,r u. PP, au29 hs Medicine is prepared also itmS terms by the pbic's 1 ^ey d Pi Given under my hand, this 22d day of January, one Houses, Stores. Farms, Rooms, Ware[ouses.
SV L. E "m peGODFREY MEYER, cal m umen; muc instruments of tr bet quah thousand eight hundred and forty-one. I r
F CASS ELI, Ju COIMEGYS, DEN- and is compo.t@d of the same ingredients as the mix- no'12SA ULr O SN y Il diOD1te beam satief fGE.W .B W ,Am' crclyrwnu.epeadalk
J~f..C,,^EL~^ .o M^ :,,~ tsh I ^ ~ ^ rd^^^ ^^ B T E watch ANytaD MATTiESSEe.- w, g^^ laze' dra 4 _ja 25 law4w Office in St. Paul's street. ^T ^ d~e o i nce(otpi). d.^ e
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pdbhlc Il., irl.i bavne REMOVEI) thir ,,tfices Irom efficacious as Ihe Mixlure; 'hey are known as Dr. .W' Feather Beds, Curled Hair, Miss and Husk foslip oaid e bi r LYMAN REED & CO. thankfully received sld prompily ali t
the cornerof Liberty and German streets, to the South KLRSHAWNS AGUE AND FEVER PILLS, and Mattresses, made to order, of the best materials, at OGEORGE Ga eryfine
keptCorner of Baltimore andsale by thole who sell the Mixture. short notic WALTER CROOK, Jr. ring n gs D NO, 34 SOUTH CHARLES STREET. 1 I le and Age
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