Ian Parker Collection of East African Wildlife Conservation: The Ivory Trade

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Ian Parker Collection of East African Wildlife Conservation: The Ivory Trade
Parker, Ian.S.C.
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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FCo ;i/iI-.


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Vne J r'j !

7 2
Yntpo Ith Office
Telephone 01 -
f me 14/1
-y ,., fa r a r, c al 4/
your (a
out refererw-a
P F. A-.*I% as
Date 21 bru-,ry 1975

f yo-i. x letter 4/1 of 12 FebruarY. Please
Thahk,,,y ou. or-,, Febr-u?-!'Y
Ia f' I I- 'L'CjCfy, -- er INIF 69/5 of 12
so- Yatthewg" letu
to Em6, P''
part OTL ivory smuggling and a6ree
2-., We Aid" see th -Park-e-r re
.11'is usO Of statListics. leaves
lit tl r06'm' "'for 'Qir culation J-n this coimtry has, te
Y!,P;ry- tight indeed and I would hope that
th-w e :Wili,,-V', e A, 0, 14- qr tiohal leak to the press.

n:e".w-s 6'L'oes brea1z I see lit-'II-le prospect
of a-_ abl.
v a. ang.'Consi "er e m6nt---Lqn of it both innewspapers and,
probably ,, afraid that cons ide rat ions i-r- my
letter ZEK., 3/1 --io 'bf 3'januai-j sti-l-I I-,old.

4. The BBC, WilI 11
Owevej ',I- see 1,, t-hews letter via GIPD and
e r one.
y '-t We shall take the Opportunity of the,:,"
visit of the Dir-ector G ,-neral of Information to press home 'he-
Poj-nts:: 4boii-t ,.thdL n 6c6'6s i,- cor the Kenyans 60 set up a decen6t
-94,1 Ot-visq- ing
journalists and John Emckts visit
th 4
Ovide us
oful opportUnitieZ3 to
a dis cuss,
of dverse media-comm tary on

7" 1 Ax


' 'Cit. 13/1W*. ,,.

4~f.4.' D ate4*' t44,',4'5 .5,',

t -ra 24. 11 rc 1975N
GLS444..:.~ ~ .4'4'~ ~ 4 / 4V54'4,'~44,4 4 ''~
7N 1975'' ~ '4,~54~44'.4'4'44
4,lt ''N "4

124. Fez aker i Lap 4.' 5'-,.' give\. a..4 co o hs eprtt
Sn~eial have aced i on o tri Tres-ent

I/ 4-, s4' they'
T ,isnt4'a v hrKe~-ta-a rtsu idi or,5 if4' 4.'.ne -....
.7ha. if. any'4'' 'Lto eit-nsIotk r'Ce o, e

4.isio e an 20N~ '4.4 Fe r a y t a he ',.a Dn y 1ri e a L- i

re-rort o Soecil 13anc wit al reerne to3 62yt eee

/P444k4' aid t .;)tnderstoo fro Siec a 4'r nc th t 'ti-le

esieia grpogd t dgcu s he 2 eport 'th him afe 1)_ hd read

the~y theu T 4' "J; ,' "

'44.4'I e 74'f'o j ~ 4'4d ai c i n44" ,a c r e c e h e4 tj 444li d

ThuhteHig aoer on4,4e 1ptine hy x
DecalBxnc for$4some news.4
4' "44'4'4''

Com444'.' hta codngt

Pecil 1Branh, ithe : ',ortheAmercan hadf ist tld hem
peil.lIseisece heL

Hi g C o -s i o

4" fo'ny Iea (4"hv.ra on t

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C, .

Ag. WOO::001 C1.
Marcb 1974
Now fd I I I I bt*WOM
ortw raid,
of 14,4, W OWM a larv
st*alcy Elow" v6br;axig wkhio UP
ako. WWW
S*itm owaw Now mad klis
xrocut" Undor V,400-IMA
4fike f 00 sea. Wb4c -
to, five jums Oncoy In
dMi V
2,K A
Vnvift peg
tuboush W _7
bdy lwks, h we'll Y 2L Perm)
don in all raw ;,'Sj,*Jhjng d"*n J:,
twoff -))r mpfv-d, 11-t st)
but thesetusks are polL-J Karitild satnv .he W" UjSL-,ZA
with a Snwe. smaller tusks ,- rninistcr for wibU& ip,19,7 4_ *,)*,,W;4
been POUSN but the, nialruno.6.1 .10i MCV1 vim. a, C*#m6t.,v)A3'znd
two rmftl$ "sold"
Ibc TItOO,
Stp&g.wch blatant is,
awnt't-ban oq 1viWY-1r* n _OY&LO;Sx "low C
K&bya 30*CM
the 6 Zrotipe a*
coif, 'with'tl C'PfOW63 S'Of SUPP" 95 ng :arid p6li
internatioaj t,,ffic. ThroughAhe 1960s, the WCKid,_ aMcks on;.-MMMOU
iYou njarket wa's tsbic at tM t-Aditional price of Parli tw, i woo, a0d "abot,
El per pound- $6 per kilo. At the end of L%9, pxkcs,' the I advi6e of tti6 ,
tripkd to around S 18, and 1972 _t11CY- ipla, K**Iws
mipkd a gajn to around$55 'Min second price risic Tjj3 into
iswidely, thco6gbt'to havebeertengineeric5d by fe,
the ice,' scrvx)e
aj)-d at kast oa!6_*f Kcriyatta:S tWISCA1,
fric-ad of mioc; vta& ia-
gunitwth reomfly- lncarpt an'oftik Of dl Prioin,
V rtyrsent, and ankedfor q9aOqjJO U1W qwtilfd_,
w Afttv'bi )*, colic, my
'Les of sparting d
)K _*x id askd ,why-ffic poxxm for wii.&-
lKe" -ON ies'their-
604L -V

T'ay'fie _4


i, V
. Nvith _,",rc
The- cm*,

Jomo KeAyatta but
ancorrupt anti-Poaching, ,j

PP1iCrS holding armsts is perhaps iT Ied. in
big su
bark their stock-5: a ctass l -:Ap6tth, unit ran out of
instancC of Af6=
cornering the
market- As prices pmk ild fifeSoci&y had. not, madc ao -VWjr,- 4
atSM, the word sprtad back to poachers throngb- :.'11 _.**1111.
f I W the, uqK,-v!ou1d' bave,
Out Africa. During 1973 and 1974 elcpbanvkitlirig
the new 1
an 841 -,Ix high-- Today, tbc g-hzt 11,as
-Tbe anti
the Pfict fo M 35 er. kilo, afthou ft Wse,_ hich ln*i
Vdsks'stiU fetch as muchas
rc* aaod M-
,:balf- aj a'
.4aact on AvOry "ding ha& had ltUk
in KIYa'5 frotbooting, critreprcnauriM
(Jct'3:Ao-ittog ) Spirit trustote It j if e,
b0led in ffie bmdy the, s6n)C;O
)M' ;inot 1970 venit
given. way
V SnWkr but inc,"Upt
ipl arnbl"14 Power and riches 'tionists, .C,,
ino clas, __,ajDd this as te
4, _rly. diS t W'
anC 7W, C" difficultiM ofthe ja,4,q
People. .)v MP
X a who
ksak Frab- d
,rt big men
V viilffi tnmtec&
The Sove==,wr
AM'160,I and kenyatte,
-i-) dilike. -_Mjjjft_ I VCOVW

a well-organised racket, invoins Pv".
other top People, The national parks refuse t0 Join
in, and that's why the game departmieftt ma
merger. This corruption is something we have
herited from nowhere," he added bitterly. -The gap
is widening between rich and poor, but theyatta
d on't ca re. And so far as the law is co ncerned. an
.'about it is just rumour-m okerit a ot

A private investigation
Last year, worried by the hdeleritess attrition cf
Kenya's elephants, a group of local white conserva-
tionists cotfltUssiifd a private invesigatio. A
resetirch worker toured the ivory. haunts pf Kenya,
Europe and Hong. Kong, and two. copieswere made
of the fat dossier which resulted In January 1975
one copywas placed in the safeof a .prominent
Kenya businessman, while those who had commis-
sioed t sugt an interview with President Kn

ls t so ug st, .
yatta. They did not get the interview, but Kenyatta
got thereport, for in the middle of April the Kenyan
Special Branch came and took it away. The other
copy is, secure at th t headquarters,6of thei World
WildlifeFunid'in Switzerland,: giv~here it has, so far,
been read by only a handful of ydingworld con-
servationists. B tif, private pres~are produces, no

res ~~ ~LulS ,,P
reslt the rert and all the, names*Jit'cOVtains wilt
haVe to be I publise.mntr
to Naiob thi onth,4 a ssista nt wildl K inite
Clement- Luebe ,told me repeatedly that. no
licences ttade im or export raw ivor ,had beerf
issued sinc last August, and, that'all license Issued
before then had beenW withdrawn.- I *u it to him that
on cil iro had ben told b
TAhe CfJ dhat between 200) and 400 such licences were
curi~ntly in forc. "We .categorically deny that we
are.'aware of even one licence issjued after last,
August."' Lubernbe insisted. is permranent see-
Mr Y, Kowora, con Iurmed this,- "Nobody is licensed
to deajr n ivory today, not even via unexpired
liecsissued before'AugusL-
Minister Lubenibe and Pernianent secary, Io-
riora j Seem to be Lamnrtably misinformed. Such
.' Itcecesdo exist, and they havc been autborised by
th zhiistri',or, which these two'nenm arm responsible,
-Licenc~e LEl 4V755- issued in -Molilbas *;in I1I May,
1974 "permits the expoirt Of amost eigst and a half
!Ons of ivory, worth at lc si a quaftr of a. million
'~US~dollars, Thes &iSt batch left Kenya on05 Augulst,
974, t~wo daY-$4efo e the goexe~'~p~ban
Was -no aced a second cousga;W~t was
exportedO on AuguSt, the very day of the Minister's
sPemb. .The, third batch left Y6a on 7 SC-Ptember,
1974. over a, fortrIght,1 after tebani'was supposed to,
hav come int, fOrce adtefu- a~~~
On 8 April. ,Under licence LE: 3775$,.0c
thousand more tusks' can, still be iwnyfno
OPCxIY-exprod- -jf'o
Ucet1rce LE 34649 was issued in Nairoi, t h
s-ame company on 16 July, 1974, bi a t1s the
eWort of t47 pieces, of ivo nd autghio. 0 ish

thqUc #5 b, ,, "PSept ded
.eioy7*rm@i of Td
it half ,q tow e L1 uay 8 A dj an
*under LE 37755-w t aow nd ou tl
prized ad This took off' fiom F anhaka a
2200 hours local t.,, ._ o*- a

0 4 V I

.1 % !'


2. c A*A"A Ala,~veta~ee I ~

&td cgrL1/ ?C) ~akd--pseu ~


A~1 A A~ea

SiaA~a r~ 9 &Zfih A /t~ n V&, Ze-h,-mP4,-A, i
.Z9 /4 ic/ta 7v. 4e 7 4. Q- A 49,,4

. I)t pee /0'0 "

A A ~ "UL'-"44 AX ,44 X' e /i Z
n e#e -1-5~ rAmc M7?4 0'- ~ /4~dA ~

iIO4: 6~7~A / IA ~~t~6OSlADJt o* .~A7

"'Best of both worlds"

'Th eSt 2!rNIB



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f (Pf
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wo JAyAs tm Ak /?/.. i a~o &Ak sa ce ^o~ -vnle, 'm''-

i~ Bs f bowL ihLAe~ th wold'" M

~ *f ~J7 / 4~~tI~L ~ e~~ / Ik i' ..
z~ V~V~

%j v

611, AC cA b

/04 4 C &e//Uw

4F~~s/C M dA./~

7L"- tj 4~c4 l S 44 O A0.1gi

"Best of homt worlds"'a 'The Besi 71 Bc 4

/4' Askhi # u t" ^a*A iid e kkM 0

; ;. A A vI j?/n kL. A 14 i~iu
- ., I -* 'p J.,, ,, 'l

/ It RL 4 =:ML

It0kAY t& AT-4 nkc. r-~/ L"Z "/ AtL~

07 c/o" sm ooos/ ndv cgwa //~e. 6 7ct led / 1 "k? ~~ 4,1101Aa-;%
A7 L-tr ;4- s Z "IIJ Czie&~e 7Ch-h i~ 4JeI t, -td f

_ 4i / / I4, I?,-/h :,

A& A: LIZ L'/ iL 4&'J ME *%/A 4, abr.; KeLa&
717w-4wm4 44 w k eA / eShcoe k
zv v '41ecEeo


"Best of bothwrd' '%

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, Fco


2 0 0 IDE ... -Ill


, 2. We d' see the !-eport on ivory and that it was a damn g document. His use of s"a le(;Nv;es little room for argtuuent. Oirculation in this country has, w e understand, been kept very tight ind ed and. I would hope that there will be no unin.tentional. leak to the p'Xess. / If however, the news does break I see little prospect of avoiding considerable menti. on of it both j.nnewspapers and, probably', on the BBe. I am afraid that considerations in my letter JEK 13/1 to you of 3 January still hold. 4 The BOO v1ill howeveT, see iJJatthe1'lsf letter via GIPD and! tone. '''e shall taket}ie opportunity of the OL "he Dlrector General 0 Informata on to press home "lie al:>0ut the. necessity for tne Kenyans to set u.p a de t fforma tlon machine for visi. ting journalist s ana John Etn . o you next month may aJ.sQ provj,de usefuJ. t.. e s. 'V:LsU(t how best to minimise the effects If unltleS1 to dlS cUss Xenyan &:ffairs. ,Ire la commentary on I 1-'1 K Ewans East It.-Pr", T A.L .... can lJepartment


,. British High Commission PO Box 30465 Bn,lce House Standard S reet Telo Na,robi 22219 TelGgtaphic Addro:;$ UNtlP Telephone Nairobi 35'944 :Parker understood from Special BraJ.'lch that ident to discuss the report with him after h e had read it. 'He and 3iock (who accompa.:Q.ied Parker) were w orried because they the report had not i n fact reached the President. the Commissioner counselled patience, they are eontinuin to press Special Branch for some news. j. and 3_ock told the High CommiSSioner that, accorEling to o :Branch either w e or the Americans -ad, f"irst told them, ie Branch, of the report's existenee. High Commiss'oner we were responsible for any leak. ( W e have reason to think vias in fact th US Embassy). Parker sa"d there were nQW 2 copies of tne repo;:-t in Kenya, one of which he had O'j,.ven to ecxal Branch for the President. The other i s with a However, the existence of the reoort is fairly widely known in circles hare. For exam le, Block said that J M Kariuki and Bruce both knew about it. 5 Block aai.d that if he and Parker coUld not get to see the they would feel obliged to consider what other action ,ey cottld alee in the interests of preserving the Kenyan elephant. 1


" i you :must act privately with th.e i t would 15e fatal to your task; le would prefer a to if i must be a Britott would he no connecti.on with IlliG. 18 d lI e keep you informed of any fUTther developments at I Hould be ;:,rateful to 1mow by if any wildlife approaches t : e Fob.


, 4 \ -Ie f lly 'i\.gree ,\1i th the lirie p 7, need u:r!'ise. F>'I K E4st African Department C ON l!l 1 DBNT IAL


" ,.




J' ''The pme tlriOOU{a'8lO'! to them 'w. . '. '. The national: parks \\' .. I .. the r! rTbis.l,corruption is ttave ur ,l from l')owhere, i ho added bitterJY.'''fhe, gap t w idenlng between rjch a .lid Poor: but .theY just don't care. And so far iJ.$ the, law jsconcernea. talking }., ..' :. Y" r' t-"..!... . \ :,'; pX .:: '.' .,.. . I }',::; \:., ;.' ., LaSt year n worried by the attntlon ot . ... .. ,!:: . S eJephllnts, a group of l<><:ai conserv:l-, i;':: tionists ;"eommISsioned a private A .;:..:'i research worker t04,rCa 'the ivory Europe and Hong Kong, and two copies .y.rere made of the. fat dossier which resulted 1 n January t 975 one copy was placed in the safe. of a : prominent Kenya businessman, while those who com mis ,1 7 sioned it sought an interview with President Ken. )latta. They did not get the but J<,enyatta .. got the report, for in the middle of Kenyan . :. Special. Bcanch came a nd took; it away. The other i', copy is secure at the headquarters of; me 'World ,:, Wildlife Fund in i f 'SO far : ',i:: bee,: .Qnl>, ha?dful con, ,pnvate no ;' resulti 'the report and!lll the' names itt't,ontains wi II to?e :,.' ,.,' ;:::: :"/' . .' n i ffarr obt thlS rnontb. assistant minister told me .. that. no trade-in or cxpo Jt raw iVQiy,,))ad i" ..... aod;t1iafall, licenCe$'.i$sued '.. been pUt' iHQpirn ;$hat .in b>' and'400 licenceS Were. catCgof:a,U;" .' <. pe1rH'1.l;mc::nt.,


/. ). 1rfJH+ A. ie ItXW "' eMd , a//te, 0W a MiU;4I?eJeeuc.A &"L?k Cd'kIJhiy Ta. ,1 fiI ()Jc "lite tu) tlf,"t:a4A R. ki f1J.t.J IlIUC. '1tu Il.k. f,; A4freiA.f e Irlg q,u.tI 'I /b. 12e. Ce:ui;e.t .61JM. -rei c/o ,t.o j1>W1i:k1 /k,J !f.e.. Ir"44 M a."rI M01 Pt M.u. f?4{f4 'oJy It-7k 'o/'J'W'1t4 *#w tlivl't I (;1:'e.LAJi;. IF '# d/;)IYYJl;feJi'A RJAju:, IIt. "Ie. !?,,.hiA ." --Best of both worlds


cv "fpu.4J RiorA../n C07!J -lib. 2r-d: -I'rid M It:t.. I.HU IIH.tI /t:;-J;f-!klJlfit, "-ill-t 7 10 If. 11.. te wrncN nV oIt'ttf,U( Itf. T.,.., Jh'J h!tM '+')) I; 'lZi.u d,-J Q...I'\. 4v,w &Jill; II:.-< t.J it /al4I) wi-JtThL &:r: i?hck .Ju sud. CUt if Ju.) till(, JI;.,. hrut "-1. O&A. It:. HElTEb !. Best of both worlds


r 1'5. II-. . w.c&L k 11( iii!) h. d'L f1 gf,"'-I'. 7 lVi/I;-11IhJrc'.,Uj AAMI kfnt., it @Dd hHU {ettA.. fit Axu II 'I ekcJM A{j'eJc; &ey 4/rdl1(' g. c4p4, Y: lYtJP 1til M'fJer(lJ /4.1-IS/DcA Mel JtJ'4x. 1f(>t&fIW:;" i h iA,'h4/ A 1?1oei. k.

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