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Have you ever met someone whose life was so screwed up you would swear they are lying about all the things that have happened to them? I mean come on, there is no way everything that person has said has ever happened. I was going to do an ar ticle on a few homeless people in Putnam County, and had it all clear ed with Mike at the Putnam County Courier Journal. Well, that was until I met this one young man who has such an unbelievable story, that even after I checked it out, I still didnt believe it, until I actually met him. Never in my life have I met someone who has it so bad, yet he still has a good outlook on life, even with rats crawling across him as he sleeps in an old house that has been collapsed to the ground for probably 30 years or more. When I write an ar ticle for the newspaper, Im only allowed so m any words because there is only so much room in the paper. They have agreed to let me write this in a series over the next few weeks. It will give you a look at the life of a homeless man trying to get back to civilization, even when the odds ar e stacked against him so much, Im afraid by the end of this story, he could possibly die from the elements and conditions he is living in. O ver the next few weeks, I am going to take you into his life and try my best to let you see and feel what this young man has to endure each and every day of his life. Some of the things Im going to let everyone see, with pictures and words, will probably make you mad at points, break your heart at others, and, by the end, make you realize no matter how bad you think life is, you should be grateful for what little you think you have. I have come to r eal ize, in the blink of an eye, anyone of us could be just like this young man. So, now I would like to give you his story from the time I got involved with his life. About six months ago, I met a man who was homeless in Palatka. He wasnt the young man I am featuring, but this is how I got involved with S.J. I own a boat salvaging company and since I r etired, I only salvage one or two boats a year. The FWC called me one afternoon stating there was a boat that sank in Palatka, and asked if I was interested in salvaging it. They also told me the man who owned it was homeless and wanted to give it to me. After I found out it was a boat I had wanted to buy years ago, I decided to take on the pr oject, but there was one problem. No one knew where this man was staying. After a few days of hitting the streets in Palatka, I was given a lead to his where abouts and off I went to find him. I was told he was living in the woods behind an auto parts building in East Palatka. Sure enough, I finally found this man, living in a cardboard tent back in a swamp area. After talking to him for an hour or so, he signed over the title. Two days later, this man pedaled his threewheel bicycle across Highway 17 in Palatka, and was killed by a truck. I hope one day to tell his story as well, but This past Sunday morning, Summit Street was lined with people who came out to watch the moving of one of Crescent Citys landmark historic homes. The old Miller house was moved fr om its original loca tion, at the corner of Cypress Avenue and South Summit Street, to its new location next to Triton Realty, just north of the intersec tion of North Summit Str eet and CR 308. The homes owners are Dr. Beth and Herb Gopman. The Gop mans have been resi dents of Crescent City for thr ee years, but have frequented this area for over 20. We believe it is important to help try and pr eserve the heritage of the communitys historic homes, said Beth, and since the Millers ar e such a strong part of the towns heritage, we felt preserving the old Miller home was very important. Moving historic homes is nothing new to the Gopmans. Herb, a structural engineer, has moved several such homes in their previous hometown of Miami Beach. The Gopmans have plans to fully renovate the home into some sort of commercial property, but are still undecided on exactly what the home will be. No matter what we decide to do with the home, we are going to leave a space at the homes entrance to honor the Miller heri tage, said Beth, Any one who has old photos or articles can contact us to help with the dis play. Y ou can contact the Gopmans at 386-6984102 with any questions about or to donate items to the historic display being placed in the home. Opinion.....................A2 Community...............A3 Way Back When.......A4 Church......................A5 Faces & Places.........B1Crossword/Sudoku..B4 Public Notices..........B5In This Issue: Putnam County facebook.com/putnamcountycourierjournal Homeless for the HolidaysSee Homeless on page B3 e Edition @ -Check Out Our All NewChristmas ParadeThe Palatka Christmas Parade is Friday, November 29, at 7 p.m., on St. Johns Avenue in historic downtown Palatka. The lights on the streets will be lit, and so will the oats! The theme this year is Christmas Stories, and is sponsored by Downtown Palatka, Inc. and the City of Palatka. Come downtown early and stop by the Welcome Center for the Microcosm: Affordable Fine Art Show and Sale, that has been extended through the end of the year. Also, stop by the 18th Annual Holiday House at the Tilghman House, which will be open until 5 p.m. For more information on any of these events, visit www.palatkadowntown.com, or call the Welcome Center at 386-328-0909.Travis RobertsStaff Writer (2 sections) Putnam County Crescent City Pierson Mike Jones Staff Writer Thanksgiving DinnerThe Putnam Family Fitness Center will be providing a free Thanksgiving Dinner to an invited list of homeless people Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28. The staff will be serving, but if you would like to donate a dish for eight to 10 people, please call the PFFC at 386-649-8784. Small Business SaturdaySupport small, independently owned businesses this Saturday, November 30. Small Business Satur day is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Visit the eclectic mix of clothing, gift and vintage shops in Historic Downtown Palatka for those one-of-a-kind gifts. For more information or a list of merchants, visit www.palatkadowntown.com, or call the Welcome Center at 386-328-0909. New Meaning to Change of Address Furball Express Garage SaleFurball Express is in need of a new vehicle for transporting animals. To date $9,300 has been raised. A garage sale will be held Satur day, November 30, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 247 South Summit Street in Crescent City, to help raise the remaining $6,700 needed. There will be Christmas gifts and decorations, china, home dcor, tools, electronics, and so much more available for sale. Help them save the animals. Animal food donations will be accepted during the sale as well. If you are interested in volunteering, please call 386-467-8511. Man Arrested for Domestic BatteryInterlachen Monday, November 18, 57 year-old Dean Marcus Smith was arrested and charged with domestic battery. The arrest stems from an altercation that took place at 207 Hayes Drive, in Interlachen. Prior to the incident, deputies responded to the residence regarding Smith being intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Witnesses reported that after law enforcement left the residence, Smith went inside the home and confronted his eight-year-old grandson, who was lying on a couch. Smith reportedly grabbed the child by his ankles and pulled him off of the couch. Once the child was on the oor, Smith got on top of the child and began to strike him. The childs father intervened and in self-defense struck Smith in the face. Smith was transported by rescue personnel to the Putnam Community Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. After he was medically cleared, he was arrested and booked into the Putnam County Jail for domestic battery. He is currently being detained with a bond of $7,500. The details of this incident were forwarded to the Department of Children and Family Services for their review. Photo by Travis Roberts The collapsed house in which S.J. is living. Marcus Smith Wednesday, November 13, Detective Dwayne Foreman of the Putnam County Sheriffs Office was named the Florida Law Enforcement Proper ty Recovery Unit Detective of the year at an awar ds ceremony in Orlando. Among other accolades, Detective Foreman was acknowledged for per sonally recovering more than $200,000 of stolen property this year. Detective Foreman has been a law enfor cement officer since 1992 and has been employed by the Putnam County Sheriffs Office for the past 12 years after previous stints with the Palatka Police Depart ment, Santa Fe College Police Department and the Putnam Correctional Institution. He is cur rently assigned to the Pr operty Crimes Section of the Criminal Investigations Division. Sherif f Jeff Hardy said, For Detective Foreman to be recognized as the Property Crimes Detective of the year for the entire State of Florida is a tre mendous honor. Dwayne has worked diligently to solve crimes and return stolen property to the citizens of Putnam County. This awar d is a direct reflection of his tireless work ethic and outstanding dedication to the per formance of his duty.Special to theCourier Journal Local Detective Receives High Honors Photo Special to the Courier Journal Sheriff Jeff Hardy congratulates Detective Dwayne Foreman. Photo by Mike Jones The historic Miller house as it travels up Summit Street toward its new location. Thursday, November 28 Happy Thanksgiving!


A2 Government Watch A Lake Street Publishing Company Newspaper POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To Putnam County Courier Journal 330 N. Summit Street Crescent City, FL 32112USPS No. 451-140 2013 Lake Street Publishing Co. Published Every Wednesday by Lake Street Publishing Company, Inc. Periodicals Postage Paid at Crescent City, Florida.E-Mail: News Items: news@cjnewsfl.com Legals: news@cjnewsfl.com Classified Ads: classifieds@cjnewsfl.com Display Ads: ads@cjnewsfl.com Juliette Laurie Publisher / Editor Sami Marshall Copy Editor / Production Tera Millard Front Desk / Classified Ads Patrick Freeman Distribution One Year Florida Subscription $24 (incl. tax)One Year Out-Of-State $28 Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm Monday through FridayAdvertising Deadline 5 pm Friday Classified Deadline 10 am Monday Editorial Deadline Noon FridayContact Us:Phone: 386-698-1644 Fax: 386-698-1994 The Putnam County Courier Journal welcomes your letters to the Editor. Letters should be brief and legibly written. To be published, they must include the writers signature, printed name, phone number, and hometown. Address letters to: Editor 330 N. Summit St. Crescent City, FL 32112 or FAX to 386-698-1994, or E-mail to letters@cjnewsfl.com. Putnam CountyOPINION City of Crescent CityCity Commission Meeting, December 12, 7 p.m.City Hall, 3 North Summit Street. 386-698-2525. www.CrescentCity-FL.com Town Council of WelakaCode Enforcement, December 10, 5 p.m. Zoning Board, December 10, 5:30 p.m.Town Council Meeting, December 10, 6:30 p.m.Town Hall, Fourth Ave. 386-467-9800.JJones@Welaka-FL.gov, www.Welaka-FL.govTown Council of Pomona Park Fair Housing Workshop, December 10, 5:30 p.m.Recreation Committee Meeting, December 10, 5:45 p.m.Town Council Meeting, December 10, 6 p.m.Town Hall Council Chambers, 1775 US Hwy 17 S.TownClerk@PomonaPark.com 386-649-4902 www.PomonaPark.comPutnam County Board of County CommissionersNext Meeting December 10, 8:30 a.m. Meets second and fourth Tuesday in the Commission chambers, 2509 Crill Ave, Suite 100, Palatka. 386-329-0205, www.Putnam-FL.com Putnam County School Board Next Meeting, December 3, 3:30 p.m. Meets the first and third Tuesday in the school board meeting room, Campbell Administration Building, 200 S. Seventh St., Palatka. 386-329-0545. www.PutnamSchools.org DISCLAIMER: Views expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of the Putnam County Courier Journal or its advertisers. The Putnam County Courier Journal does not knowingly publish false information and may not be held liable for the views of readers exercising their right to free expression.Local crime hot spots will be listed here weekly. This weeks hot spots are: North Prospect Street South Prospect Street If you witness any criminal activity in this area, you are asked to leave a recorded message with the Crescent City Police Department Hot Tip Line by calling 386-698-3478. As always, in any emergency situation you are asked to call 911.Crescent City Police Department Needs Your HelpGratitude For What We HaveDaris Howard Dear WONDERFUL, Wondering kids from the neighborhood, Thank you so much for asking us to be in your parade! Mrs. Claus and I are delighted to be invited! I know you must be very excited because the Celebration Committee has been working together to bring you a fabulous, fun-filled Christmas Festival. (We hear a lot about such things up here in the North Pole.) Mrs. Claus and I are hoping to be in your parade on Saturday, December 7. As you can probably imagine, we are very, very busy right now, especially helping the elves. Our schedule depends on how much help they need from us. Whats great though is that the Senior Elves are talking among themselves about coming to Crescent City. They told me that if Mrs. Claus and I come down, several of them want to come also! The reindeer are all excited and ready to come. They want to take some time off in the Florida sunshine before leaving the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Give us a little more time to work on our schedules, OK? We will be in touch as soon as we can. Sincerely, Santa and Mrs. Claus Letter From Santa and Mrs. Claus Now AcceptsIt had been a hard year for our family. My father had formed a partner ship with a man he had trusted, but the man ended up taking advantage of my fathers trust as well as his honesty. The man took all of the incoming money, but left my father with the bills. The partnership was broken, leaving my father with no income and hard pressed to pay the money owed. But he was determined to do so in order to preserve his good name. Although there was little money for things like school clothes, we always had enough to eat. We raised a big garden, and it and our farm produced plenty of food. There were times when we children felt the sting of teasing from others because our clothes, though clean and neat, were not the newest style. There were times we felt left out when other kids our age could go to the evening show at the theater and we couldnt. But when a new family, the Tawsons, moved in near us, we soon realized how lucky we were. We saw them unloading the moving van and went to help. The childrens clothes were even more worn than ours, but the main thing that we noticed was how thin they were. The mother was thin as well, but the father was dressed nicely and was the opposite of thin. The contrast was so stark it was hard not to notice. As our family helped them move their belongings into the house, we learned little about them. The mother had a job teaching in a local school, while the husband was unemployed. The children said nothing. When my mother brought over a house warming dinner to finish off our welcome, the Tawson children eyed the food hungrily. When it was set on the table, they ate as if they had fasted for days. When our family returned home, my father spoke what was on everyones mind. Something is not right there. It was only a short time later when we learned more. My father had gone to the hardware store to get some hinges to fix a broken door on our barn. While passing the local bar, he saw Mr. Tawson inside drinking and gambling. My father didnt think too much of it, but, that same day, my mother caught some of the Tawson children stealing food from our pantry. What are you doing? she demanded. The children hung their heads, but said nothing. My mother took them home and visited with their mother. Mrs. Tawson was embarrassed. Im sorry, she said. But we have nothing in the house to eat. Doesnt your job provide enough? my mother asked. Mrs. Tawson could not look my mother in the eye, and seemed reluctant to talk, but the situation had torn the mask from the silence. My husband takes my paychecks, and gives me very little back to buy food with. The children are always hungry. What does he do with the money? my mother asked. He said that was none of my business, Mrs. Tawson answered. Unfor tunately, sometimes he uses what food he allows us to have as incentive to make sure we do as he demands. She looked pleadingly at my mother. Please dont tell him I said anything. You tell your children they dont need to steal, my mother said. They can have food, though I may expect some help weeding the garden or doing other chores in exchange. That evening, as my mother told my father what had happened, they started piecing it all together. From then on, the Tawson children were often helping with chores, and, in return, they would eat with us and take food home. And as we grew to understand their situation, our desires for what we didnt have changed to gratitude for how good our life really was.Letters to the Editor Facebook ChatI am very thankful to live in a community that gives so much of themselves to support our children involved in sports, etc., whether its money or time, we always seem to reach our goals. Cynthia Gould Crescent City We asked our Facebook friends: What are you thankful for?I am thankful that Marisa made it through her surgery and is re covering well.Christina MasciulliPomona Park My father always taught us to be thankful for God, Clan and Country. But to elaborate, I am thankful to live in a country where I can worship as I see fit, for the family I have loved and sadly have lost but made me who I am and the men and women who have sacrificed for all of the things that great about our country! Jennie Ramsey Rutowski Temecula, CA I am thankful for my friends and family. Ruth Noble Crescent City Dear Editor: This Center has been a staple in our community for the last 14 years, providing Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. The Administrator of Rehab Care was informed of this decision on November 1 of this year. The imminent closing of the Center renders the Administrator and her staff unemployed, and a much needed and accessible health service utilized extensively by members of this small community scrambling for jobs and services during the busiest holiday season of the year. We have a few resources in our area and access to these therapies in close proximity to our homes is essential. Ive been informed that this is a done deal. Ive asked the decision makers to reconsider. Our community cannot continue to lose vital health services. Those patients receiving PT/OT and Speech therapy will travel lengthy distances to replace these services. Sandra W. Hebert GeorgetownRehab Care in Crescent City Will Close Effective December 31A Letter to the Editor in the November 13, edition titled Crescent City Makes A Joyful Noise had a typo in the name that wasnt caught. It should have been Patricia Maden, instead of Patricia Madden. We apologize for the error. Correction


Pickle Ball Please tell me Im not the only person who has never heard of Pickle Ball. This game will be played at Morgan Park Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8 to 11 a.m. It is played with whife balls and paddles. Call the Putnam Family Fitness Center for mor e information or come out to watch and maybe even join in. Dr. Bonnie Harri son from the Center says that Pickle Ball is something that can be played outside in the open air. See you there! The phone number for the Center is 386649-8784. There will be a demonstration from 8 to 9 a.m. Paper Bead Class Seven students re turned to nish the paper bead project taught by Nor een Slate at the Crescent City Library Saturday, November 9, in the Culver Room. Cookies with Santa Sunday, December 15, from 2 to 5 p.m., Santa will be having cookies with the chil dren. Bring your cam era if you want a pic ture with Santa. There will be c rafts and games while the kids are hanging out with Santa. Shirley Grifn and Pat Bergquist are in charge of the pro gram. Produce Barn & Grove LLC Ther e is corn out back and citrus in the grove. The two guys, Marc Hall and Wayde Alford, who bought the struggling High Hills Groves from long time owners, Stan and June Ridgeway, who owned it when they rst moved here many years ago. Hall and Alford are working very hard to bring the place back to life. They have added a produce farm out back, with many vegetables. Best corn ever, said Joe and Debbie Mar shall. Soon ther e will be purple hull peas. Right now there are Tennessee tomatoes, cucum bers, onions, sweet po tatoes, and more. Stop by and visit, located at 1836 S. Hwy 17, acr oss from Lake Como Drive. We are so happy to have the fresh vegetables and fruit grown locally. They are open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, fr om 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Good Job Travis I have heard many comments about what a good job Travis Roberts did in writing about the Crescent City football team and the top notch job the coaching staff did as well. Now the Putnam Family Fitness Center tells us that he is going to help with the kids soccer teams and other sports. Thanks Travis for all the good you do. Even the ladies read his column. Christmas is Coming While we are trying to get Thanksgiving over, Christmas is upon us. The nal meeting for the Christmas Festival Committee took place on Thursday, Novem ber 21. If you would like to volunteer to help out, contact City Hall at 386-698-2525. For the Christmas Festival, vendors will be set up in the park Friday, December 6. At dark, a special surprise will take place, it in volves boats. Satur day, December 7, there will be childrens activities tak ing place at the park. The activities will in clude games, a Nativity Scene, a visit fr om San ta, rides, and more. T he Christmas Pa rade will be Saturday at noon, with some prizes for best decorations. Everything will be over at 5 p.m. on Satur day, with a closing service with Christmas music by Johnson Temple and Co. Tour of Homes Sunday, December 8, the GFWC Crescent City Womans Club will present their 24th An nual Holiday Tour of Homes fr om 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The tour will start at the Clubhouse located at 604 N. Sum mit Street. Tickets are $15 each. A trolley will be available to carry passengers to the different locations. Ask any club member for tickets, or call Shayne Williams at 386-698-2305, Car ol Horner at 386-6982552 or you can call the Clubhouse at 386698-4711. Y ou can even call me. I will have more on the homes and estab lishments later. Re freshments will be available at the club house and tickets will also be available at the door The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be the church on the tour this year. Dont Forget The First Presbyterian Church will be holding a Christmas Bazaar Satur day, December 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Children can have cookies with Santa from 9 to 11 a.m. as well. Music Program Country Christmas, a musical program with local and guest musi cians singing Christ mas music will take place Satur day, December 14, at the Pomona Park Community Cen ter. I will have more on this later Bees at the PFFC A bee hive in a large tree at the Putnam Family Fitness Center was recently discov ered. The groundskeeper of the PFFC, Phil Bailey, was called to see if he could save the bees. He came and evalu ated the situation, and discover ed that they were honey bees and wanted to do everything possible to save them. Bailey called a bee keeper, Reuben Josey, to have him check out the hive and the honey bees. Bailey and Josey made a gr eat pair and saved the honeybees. The hive was taken by Josey to be placed in a safe area. PFFC Updates Kitty is back and providing Low Impact Aerobics/Step Combo Mondays and Wednes days from 8:15 to 9 a.m. The class starts with 15 minutes of step war m up followed by 30 minutes of low impact aerobics, cool down, lightweights, oor exer cises and stretching. Fridays at 8:30 a.m. s he instructs a Peak 8 Fitness Class, which includes warm up followed by intervals of in tense workout and low impact movements. The class lasts about 40 to 45 minutes. PFFC Cookbooks are still on a prepaid pre-order basis for $9, until the books arrive mid-December. It is great to see the PFFC t-shirts on peo ple working out in the facility and in the com munity. The members ar e the best form of advertisement and they look great in them. The shirts can be ordered/ purchased at the front desk. Girls softball and boys baseball registration for children ages four thr ough 13, are being taken at the Cen ter. Final registration will happen on Friday, December 20, at 5 p.m. Cost of registration is $25 per child, which in cludes a hat and t-shirt. Please pass the wor d on about the teams. Saturday, November 30, member Troy is starting a boot camp for both beginners and intermediate level participants; call the Center for mor e information. The Center is con stantly looking for people who ar e willing to donate their time. Please let them know if you can be of help. Thanks to all of you who so generously help with each and every event they put together. You are the heart and spirit of PFFC. Handels Messiah Handels Messiah, Christmas Section in cluding Hallelujah Cho rus, modied by James A. Dasher will take place at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday, December 15, at 4 p.m. The entir e community is welcome. Please bring a contri bution of one canned food item per person to be donated to the South Putnam Chris tian Service Center. Refreshments will follow in the Fellowship Hall. Anyone wanting to sing in the pr ogram has to be at the church by 2:30 p.m. for rehearsal. Dress required to per form is a black skirt or pants and a white shirt or blouse. COMMUNITYPickle Ball, Bees Removed, and Christmas Preparations A3 Beth Carter 698-1644community.pccj@gmail.comFinished paper beads made at a class at the Crescent City Library taught by Norene Slate. Produce Barn & Grove owners Marc Hall and Wayde Alford in the corn field out back of their business. Laurie McNutt with a painting she did in art class at the Pomona Park Community Center. I like turkey. I dont eat peas because I dont like them.Eva Gonzalez First gradeMs. Slaughters classMy favorite is tur key.Mikensie Johnson Pre-K Mrs. Ross classI like the turkey. I do not like the stuffing.Madison MunizSecond grade Mrs. Claytons class I love turkey! I do not like tomatoes.Rylie Asbury Kindergarten Mrs. C. Pughs class My favorite food is turkey. My least favor ite food is the corn. Alexis Larson Third gradeMs. Parkers class Through a Childs Eyes What is your favorite and least favorite food at Thanksgiving? Students at Middleton-Burney Elementary School were asked: Quilting instructor Richard Levin and painting instructor Bob Grothaus who have classes at the Pomona Park Community Center. I can help you save time and money. Protecting more of your world with Allstate makes your life easier. And it can put more money in your pocket. Bundle policies for your car, boat, motorcycle, RV and more. Why wait? Call me today.Laura L Turner 386.325.0100Merrill-Hancock & Turner Insurance 1301 St. Johns Ave. Palatka Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Saving vary. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, Illinois 2011 Allstate Insurance Company. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Set your table this year with a Thanksgiving centerpiece from us! 317 N. Summit St., 386-698-1313 Crescent City Flower Shop www.crescentcityowershop.com 386-559-1602 386-559-1602 386-559-1602 Let Us Do The Yard Work! Youve Got Better Things To Do! Call for a FREE Estimate! WE HAVE ALL YOUR GOLF CART NEEDS!Batteries Tires Chargers 611 N. Palm Ave, Palatka 386-328-9024Deliver & Installation Available Serving Putnam County Since 19631813 Reid St. (Hwy 17) Palatka 325.0440325.0460 Honeybee hive found in a tree at the Putnam Family Fit ness Center.


The three branch ofces of the Tax Collector, Crescent City, Interlachen and Palatka, will be closed on Thursday, November 28, through Saturday, November 30. During that time frame, you may still receive the 4% discount on your tax payment by using any of the following options: Pay on-line at www. putnamcountytax collector.com on or befor e Saturday, November 30, at midnight. Mail your tax payment by check or money or der with a post mark on or be fore Saturday, November 30. Put tax payment in 24-hour drop box on 4th St. side of Palatka Ofce before 8 a.m., Monday, De cember 2. Pay tax in person in any branch ofce on Monday, December 2, between 8:30 a.m. 5 p.m. For clarication or other questions concerning a timely No vember Tax Payment, please call 386-3290282, 386-329-0272 or 386-329-0276. A4 OUR TO WN Years Ago...74 years agoNovember 30, 1988 Tropical Storm Keith Wasnt Much It may not have been a real hurricane, but most south Putnam folks dont want to get any closer to one. The area between SR 100 and the south county line was visited by Tropical Storm Keith, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. While the center of the storm zipped by 120 miles south, squalls on Keiths leading edge gave south Putnam County all it could handle early Wednesday. It left Crescent City streets upholstered in a green shag carpet of fallen moss, leaves and branches, and left a spotty map of destruction from San Mateo to the county line.25 years agoNovember 26, 1937 Circus Here Tuesday Next Tuesday, the Mighty Haag Circus will give two performances in Crescent City. Besides the clowns, animals and the performing elephants, Mighty Haag Circus has an extra special feature, the worlds largest elephant and a fourteen month old baby elephant. The baby elephant is the only baby traveling with any show. November 23, 1963 Fire Damages Home on Division Street Fire, believed to have started from defective wiring, broke out at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, in a dwelling on Division Street near Lake Stella. It was out upon the arrival of the fire department, and no estimate was made at the time of the damage. This is the first fire reported in the city since October 28.50 years ago 10 years agoNovember 26, 2003 Tour of Homes Is A Holiday Tradition Sunday, December 14, the Crescent City Womans Club will present its annual Holiday Tour of Homes. Now in its fifteenth year, the tour features homes and public buildings in Crescent City that share historic or unique architectural features. Compiled from the Crescent City News, Crescent City Journal, Crescent City Courier Journal, Putnam County Courier Journal and other local news sources. 5 years agoNovember 26, 2008 Challenger Season Ends The Challenger Division of the Putnam County Little League met for their last game and awards presen tation last Saturday morning at the Johnny Theobold Sports Complex in Palatka. Each child received a trophy for their participation. The Challenger program is open to all Putnam County special needs youth, ages five through 18, who are still in school and have a desire to play. We print wedding, birth and anniversary announcements at no charge.Phone 698-1644 or e-mail at news@cjnewsfl.com Putnam County REITER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.926 N. 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Way Back When...The following article appeared in the October 1, 1959 issue of the Crescent City Journal. Sportsmans Lodge and the Tall Tale House were landmarks in Welaka. Sells Sportsmans Lodge The Sportsmans Lodge, the largest exclusive fresh-water resort in America, has been sold. Ed Rogers, owner of the 53-room hotel in Welaka, for the past four years, turned the keys over to Carl R. Shirk this week. Takes Reins Shirk, a Savannah, Georgia, sportsman and former president of the Chemical Packaging Corporation, took over the reins of the fabulous resort which features a cocktail lounge known as the Tall Tale House, a large swimming pool, and a dock equipped with 25 boats and motors. The hotel will continue to operate under the name of Sportsmans Lodge, but will be one of the endeavors of Shirk Enterprises, Inc. A new addition to the numerous pleasures of sportsmen and women will be duck hunting facilities. Decoys, blinds, and other necessities of the sport are being arranged by the new owner. No Changes The policy of the American and European plans will continue according to Shirk, and there will be no change in personnel. Sportsmans Lodge was rst opened by Forrest Wood of Jacksonville in 1945 and has been the mecca for anglers from all parts of the World. It is located in the heart of the area known as the Bass Capital of the World, which defends such a title each year with large numbers of big bass. Linda MyersPutnam County Tax Collector Friendly Reminder from Your Tax Collector


ipated in many functions of the church. She had the gift of hospitality, displayed through her love of cooking and her excellent baking. She also enjoyed sewing, reading and gardening. She taught sewing for a time at the Hollister Christian Academy, a ministry of the church. Along with her hus band, Joe, she owned and operated Joe Crains Twin Oaks Poultry in Hollister She was also a member of the Palatka Gideon Camp Auxiliary. She was preceded in death by her husband, Joe Crain, one brother, Rus sell Lawton, and one sister, Clara Miles. Survivors include four daughters and sons-in-law, Elaine and John Haymond of Waynesville, Missouri, Carol Ann and George True love of Nan Sentrain, Haiti, Joyce and Richar d Curtis of Ft. Meyers, and Sharon and James Gore of Pica yune, Mississippi, two sons, Joseph B. Jody Crain, Jr and his wife Barbara of De Barry, and David and Pam Crain of Ellenbor o, North Carolina, one sister, Sophie Dalola of Berkshire, New York, one brother-in-law, Aaron H. Crain of Beau mont, Texas, one sister-inlaw, Elly Crain of Jackson ville, 22 grandchildren, 26 gr eat-grandchildren, one great-great grandson on the way, and numerous nieces and nephews. Calling hours were from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 19, at Masters Funeral Home in Palatka. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, November 20, at First Bap tist Church of Hollister with Pastor Larry Litzell ofciat ing. Burial followed in the Hollister Cemetery. T o hon or and celebrate her life a video tribute was shown. Messages of sympathy may be expressed in her on line guestbook at www.themastersfuneralhomes.com. Memorial gifts may be sent to the Palatka Gide on Camp, P.O. Box 446, Palatka, FL 32178. Masters Funeral Home of Palatka was in char ge of arrangements. HOLLISTER Mary Wisham Mary L. Nesbitt Wisham, 88, of Hollister, went to be with the Lord on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at the Haven Hospice Roberts Care Center in Palatka, fol lowing an extended illness. She was bor n in Greenville, South Carolina, and had been a resident of Hollister, for the past 57 years coming from Miami. She grew up in Miami, and was a 1943 graduate of the Central High School in Chattanooga, Tennes see. She was retired from the Putnam County School Boar d as a school bus driv er retiring in 1990, after 22 years of service. She had also worked as a newspa per carrier for 10 years for the Palatka Daily News She had been active with the Arc of Putnam County since its inception. She was drafted from a mens baseball team in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to play womens profes sional baseball, and that she did. She played in the All-American Girls Pr ofes sional Baseball League from 1943-1950. The league was founded by Philip K. W rig ley, owner of the Chicago Cubs, in r esponse to the manpower shortage during World War II. She enjoyed many rsts in her fruitful All-American Girls Profes sional Baseball League ca reer. She is recognized as o ne of the sixty original founding members of the league. An ideal fast pitch, knuckleball left-hander, she was one of the most dom inant pitchers in the early ye ars of the circuit. She posted a 65 record with a 2.44 earned run average in 120 pitching appearanc es. After that she switched to rst base, to become a danger ous and productive hitter through the rest of her career, ranking among the top 10 AAGPBL players for ve out of her six seasons. After moving to Hollister, she played fast pitch softball for the Palatka Azaleas. In the 1970s, she played rst base on a slow pitch softball team, the Florida Truck and Tractor team, which placed 9th in the nation. In No vember of 1988, she along with the other ladies who played in the All-American Girls Pr ofessional Baseball League where honored with a permanent display in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. The movie, A League of Their Own, told a ctionalized story of Mary and the other female pro fessional baseball players in the league. The Mary W ish am Ball Field in Interlachen, was named in her honor Mary was deemed by many to be the most famous fe male athlete of Putnam County. She was pr eceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Vester Wisham, who drove the bus for her professional ball team, a daughter, Luree Wisham, a grandson, Jason Wisham, her father, William G. Nes bitt, her mother, Lucille E. Jor dan and an aunt, Marie D. Harrell. Survivors include two sons and daughter-in-law, David and Debra Wisham, and Todd Wisham, all of Hollister, a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Wisham of Winter Garden, two brothers and sister-in-law, Chuck Grif n of Hudson, and Billy Joe and Ladora Nesbitt of Chattanooga, T ennessee, a grandson, Joshua Wish am, four great grandchil dren, Paisley Wisham, Jason Wisham, Maddox Dyson a nd Makayla Dyson, and numerous nieces and neph ews. The family r eceived friends from 5 until 8 p.m. Wednesday, November 20, at Masters Funeral Home in Palatka. Funeral services were at 11 a.m. Thurs day, November 21, at the Mary W isham Ball Field in Interlachen, with Pas tor Larry Litzell and Pastor Tony Clubb ofciating. Friends wer e encouraged to bring a lawn chair. In case of rain the services would be held at the First Bap tist Church of Interlachen. Burial followed in the Hol lister Sweetwater Cemetery. Friends may sign the online guestbook at www. themastersfuneralhomes. com. Memorial gifts may be sent to the Arc of Putnam County, 1209 Westover Dr., Palatka, FL 32177 or Haven Hospice Roberts Care Cen ter, 6400 St. Johns Ave., Palatka, FL 32177. Masters Funeral Home of Palatka was in char ge of arrangements. DEAT h H NOTICE S S GEOR g G ETO wn WN Nancy S S poon Nancy Spoon of George town, passed away No vember 18, 2013 at home surr ounded by her devoted family. She was under the loving care of Hospice of the Nature Coast. Arrange ments entrusted to Barbara Falowski Funder & Cr ema tion Services, Fort Lauder dale, 386-698-4433. Online condolences can be sent to www.barbarafalowski.com. P ALAT ALAT K A AR R andolph L L ongwill Randolph Lee Hoot Longwill, 63, of Palatka, passed away Thursday, No vember 21, 2013, at the Ha ven Hospice Roberts Care Center in Palatka, following a brief illness. Masters Fu neral Home is in charge of arrangements. PALAT kK A Gordon Brooks Gor don O. Brooks, 76, of Palatka, passed away at his daughters residence in Palatka on Wednesday, Oc tober 30, 2013, following a brief illness. Gor don was native and lifelong resident of Palatka. He was a 1956 graduate of the Palatka Senior High School. He worked for over 30 years as a truck driver. He was a member of the Palatka Moose Lodge # 184 where he served in many positions in the lodge and was a past Governor and past District President. He was a driving force in the building of the new Moose lodge on State Road 100. He was an avid hunter and he enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents, Dude and Lula Mae Brooks, and 12 brothers and sisters. Survivors include a long -time companion, Donna Bass of Palatka, the moth er of his children, Glenda Br ooks of Palatka, his son, Dewey Lee Brooks of Stam ford, Connecticut, three daughters, Donna Br ooks of Palatka, Denise Perry of Or mond Beach, and Lisa Gately of Palatka, ve grandsons and spouses, Benjamin Dal ton Brooks, Nicholas Dewey Br ooks, both of Stamford, Connecticut, Erik and Lind sey Perry of Ormond Beach, Keith Perry of Daytona Beach, and Airman First Class Asa Gately, U.S. Air Force and his wife Danielle, and numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at the Masters Funer al Home on Saturday, No vember 2, at 12 p.m. with Chaplain Jakie Car micle of ciating. The family received friends two hours prior to the service. Burial with mili tary honors bestowed by the United States Ar my followed in Wilkinson Cemetery in Palatka. Memorial gifts may be sent to Hospice of the Na ture Coast, 6721 Crill Ave nue, Palatka, FL 32177. Messages of sympathy may be expressed in his on line guestbook at www.themastersfuneralhomes.com. In honor and celebration of Gor dons life a video tribute was be shown. Masters Funeral Home of Palatka was in charge of the arrangements. MA nn NN VILLE Barbara Prox Barbara Moore Prox, 77, joined the company of an gels in heaven Sunday, November 10, 2013. Barbara was bor n in Astatula, on May 22, 1936, and was a lifelong resident of Mann ville. She attended Beauty School in Jacksonville, at age 15. Her car eer as a beautician spanned almost 60 years. She was a friend and mentor to many in the salon business. Barbara was born into a farming family and continued that tradition by passing along the knowledge of farming to her children. She preferred working in a eld, tending to her vegetables or raising her farm animals to any thing else. She is survived by her daughter Jane Pr ox Alford and husband Gene, two sons, Joe Prox Jr. and Todd Prox and his wife Heather, four grandchildren, Caleb Prox, Seth Prox, Taylor Go ckman, and Tristin Prox, an honorary daughter Aline Bar nowski, and four sis ters, Robbietta Moore, Ginny Tucker, Judy Johns, and Penny Mollison. Graveside services wer e held at 3 p.m., Saturday, November 23, at Pinelawn Cemetery in Mannville, lo cated on N. West Street, with Reverend Diane Reeves ofciating. No visitation was scheduled. In lieu of owers memori al donations may be made to Haven Hospice Roberts Car e Center, 6400 St. Johns Ave., Palatka, FL 32177. Memories and Condo lences may be expressed to the family at www.Johnson Overturffunerals.com. Arrangements wer e un der the direction of John son-Overturf Funeral Home in Palatka. CC RESCE n N T C C ITY AA reta A A bney Areta R. Abney, 74, died at her daughters home Wednesday evening, No vember 13, 2013, after an extended illness. Bor n in Harlan, Iowa, she came to live in Crescent City almost 30 years ago, coming from Bunnell. She worked for many years for the Crescent City Winn-Dix ie in the bakery department. Many will r emember her as the Cookie Lady, because she was the one that hand ed them out. Her fami ly relates the story that if she knew what your favorite cookie was, and she knew you were in the store, she would nd you and give you a fresh baked one. Are ta loved her co-workers at W inn-Dixie and adored her family. She was preceded in death by her husband, James and grandson, Stephen Smith. She is survived by sons William Bill Robert Hires of Crescent City, and Jess (Kristen) Hire of Ormond Beach, daughters Lou Ann (Terry) Smith of Bunnell, Terri (Alan) Gommel of Cres cent City, Millie (George) Carter of Interlachen, and Grace (Steve) Price of Interlachen, 12 grandchil dren and nine great grand children. A memorial service cele brating Aretas life was held at 11 a.m., Satur day, No vember 23, at Biggs Memorial Chapel with Chaplain Richar d Truluck ofciating. In lieu of owers, the fam ily requests donations may be made honoring her mem ory at Hospice of the Na ture Coast, 927 South State Road 19, Palatka, Florida 32177. Arrangements wer e under the careful care of Clay ton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home, Crescent City, Flor ida. PALAT k K A LL .J. L L ord L.J. Lord, 80, of Palatka, passed away Tuesday, Novem ber 19, 2013, at his home, after an extended ill ness. L.J. was bor n in Trenton, on June 13, 1933, to the late William Carlos and Es sie Mae Lord. He graduated fr om Trenton High School in 1949. L.J. then went into the US Navy, where he served his country for four years and extensively trav eled the world. He worked with the De partment of Transportation of Florida for 42 years. He was the assistant r esident engineer before he retired and project engineer when he built the now present Palatka Memorial Bridge. He attended Dunns Creek Baptist Church. After he re tired, he enjoyed traveling and spending time with his family and shing. He was pr eceded in death by his parents and sister, Armetha Lord Cain. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Ceretha Hall Lord, a son, William J. Lord, daughters, Peggy Lord Cone, and Jeanne Lord Howton (Lester), a brother, Elvin Lord, sister, Gwend lyn Gillette, grandchildren David Cone, Leann Sweat, Heather Chambliss (Chris), J essica Lord, Matthew Cone, Katie Howton, Jared Kight, great grandchildren, Kyndal Sweat, Mikah Lord, Caden Chambliss, Hadley Chambliss, Sydney Lord and Trevor Lord, along with multiple nieces and neph ews whom he loved dearly. F uneral services were held at 11 a.m., Saturday, November 23, at Johnson Overturf Funeral Home in Palatka, with Bro. Ron Moore, Bro. Bill Wing and Bro. Terry Wright ofciat ing. Burial followed in Bostwick Cemetery. A visitation was held Friday, fr om 6 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home. Memories and condolenc es may be left for the family at www.JohnsonOvertur f Funerals.com. EE LLE nb NB ORO EE dith C C rain Edith L. Crain, 91, of El lenboro, North Car olina, and for merly of Hollister, went to be with the Lor d Satur day, November 16, at her r esidence follow ing an extended illness. Edith was born in Candor, New York. Before moving to Ellenboro three years ago, she had been a resident of Hollister for 58 years, com ing from Marion County. She met her husband while working during W orld War II in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, at the atomic bomb project. She had been very active in the First Baptist Church of Hollister, where she taught Sunday school and partic CHURcCH A5 Crescent City First Baptist Church of Crescent City (386-698-1578) 101 S. Summit St. Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter (386-698-1983) 223 N. Summit St. Howe Memorial United Methodist Church (386-698-2635) 252 S. Summit St. First Presbyterian Church (386-698-2117) St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (386-698-2055) 2725 S. Hwy. 17 Georgetown Georgetown United Methodist Church (386-740-1821) 1448 CR 309 Pomona Park First Baptist Church of Pomona Park (386-649-4265) Lake Como Word of Faith Bible Church (386-698-4643) 2708 S. Hwy. 17 Peace Lutheran Church (386-325-4878) 343 Old Hwy. 17 Pilgrim Congregational Church (386-649-8467) Welaka Welaka United Methodist Church (386-467-2336) Emmanuel Episcopal Church (386-698-1983) 672 C.R. 309 Ministries for Christ Outreach, Inc Ministries for Christ Outreach, Inc. will provide toiletries, non-perishables and groceries for the Hastings and San Mateo areas the week of November 24, For more information, call 386-8527046 or send an email to mfcoutreach@hotmail. com.Church Happenings Country Church Blue Jeans Church (386-467-2144) 1897 CR 308 Satsuma Hope Lutheran Church (386-649-0631) 273 CR 309 Masters Funeral HomePalatka386-325-4564 Masters Funeral HomePalatka386-325-4564 Masters Funeral HomePalatka386-325-4564 fromGive thanks to the Lord. Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Be Dangerous To Your HealthFREE book by doctor reveals what the Johnson-Overturf Funeral Home386-325-4521 Clayton Frank & Biggs Funeral Home386-698-1621 Make A Joyful Noise CorrectionPhoto Special to the Courier Journal TT he picture above was mislabeled in the November 13 issue of the Putnam County Courier Journal. T T he church featured in the picture is Johnson C C hapel C C hurch of God in CC hrist.


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In League Scramble play at Live Oak Golf Club Friday, November 22, 28 players, 13 men and 15 women, were di vided into eight teams. The winning team, with four players, posted a low score of 30. M embers of the win ning team were Nan cy Shirkey, Margy Fayard, Larry McKenzie and Chuck Cr oneberger. The next two teams posted a 34, the follow ing three teams posted a 35, the next team posted a 36, and the final team posted a 37. Closest to the pin with the 2nd shot on Hole #2, with zero inch es, was Chuck Croneberger, Larry McKenzie and Jerry Peterson.The criminal justice program at St. Johns River State College is accepting applications for the Law Enforcement Officer and Cor rections Officer programs. Day classes for the Law Enforcement Officer program will begin Monday, January 6. Day classes for the Corrections Officer program will begin Monday, March 24. Applicants should apply early due to special admission requirements. The program is located on the St. Augustine Campus. For more information, contact the director of academy programs at 904-808-7490 or email AllenCole@SJRstate. edu. Brysean Corbett was awarded Student of the Month at the most recent Crescent City Commission meeting. He is a third grader at Middleton-Burney Elementary School. His teacher, Kimberly Smith had this to say about Corbett: Brysean exemplifies all of the characteristics of a Mighty Bee at Middleton-Burney Elementary School. Brysean is a hardworking student. He always comes prepared. He always has his homework completed and when an assignment is given he works diligently until the assignment is done. He is a friendly and caring student. There have been times when Brysean has brought an abundance of pencils and other school supplies to class and shared with others who have needed them. He is always willing to help others students and teachers alike. He has been known to help teachers with any technology problem that they have. This earned him the nickname of Techno Wizard. Another outstanding attribute is Bryseans astute nature that allows him to excel in his academics. He has a curious mind and loves to explore problems and ideas. It is for all of these reasons that Brysean was selected as our Student of the Month.What is there to do in Crescent City, now that football is over? Glad you asked. A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from Bonnie, who runs the Putnam Family Fit ness Center in Pomona Park. She asked me if I could do an article on a soccer league they had just started. Well, I met with her at the soc cer field, located by the old YMCA, on Satur day morning. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw hun dreds of kids running ar ound playing soccer. My first thought was, Im at the wrong place, because Bonnie had told me over the phone they had just started this league two weeks ago. Well I was wrong; I was definitely in the right place. I found Bonnie over by the concession stand where she walked me around the park, filling me in on how this whole league came about. Several parents at the PFFC asked if they could start a soccer team because ther e isnt one in South Putnam County. After some research, and a few phone calls, Bonnie had reached the Putnam County Parks and Recreation Department, where she was given the name Ron Servin as someone who might be willing to be the Head Coach and help start a team. After several meetings with Servin, they had a game plan and decid ed to start the South P utnam Soccer team. Heres the interesting thing, within two weeks, over 180 kids had signed up to play soccer. The crazy part here is that it was all done by word of mouth. Yep, thats right. No advertising, no radio shows, and just a few people getting the word out. In just a few short weeks, this team had grown to a league; it went from a dream to reality. The league now has 16 teams, and over 180 kids. The teams are 4-6 years old, 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old and 11-14 years old. On Saturday, December 7, they will play their last games of the sea son in a playoff round against Palatka. The games will be played at the corner of Highway 17 and Highway 19, at the sports park. The first game will start at 9 a.m., and run until all teams have played, somewhere around 7 or 8 p.m. Before I move on, I want to mention the coaches, because they are all volunteers and deserve some recogni tion for their time. Deisy Mezaa, Rubin, Daniel, Fransico Torres, Man uel, Jose, Martha, Mar garito, Geo, Urvano, Lewis, T eto, Fransico Galvan, and Chris and Tasha Newbold. Its people like these that make our commu nity better than any oth er in the state of Florida. Games ar e played every Tuesday and Thursday, at 5 p.m. until dark. I have to say this, if you want to have some fun, go out and watch these kids play soccer, especially the 4 to 6 year olds. I am completely amazed that these little boys and girls really know the sport. I think at that age I was enjoy ing the fine art of eating mud pies. Now one last thing that I would like to men tion before I close is the soccer season may end on Monday, December 9, but sign-ups for the new season will start at the end of January. The Putnam Family Fitness Center is also planning a winter base ball and softball league. If you have a young one that would like to take part in this league, then you will need to r egis ter by Friday, December 20. The softball and baseball teams will begin practicing ar ound Sun day, January 5. You can contact the Center in Pomona Park or Ron Servin at 386-916-7530 for more information. Well that about does it, and I want to say thank you to all the people who volunteer their time to these kids and to you for reading this article. These kids are looking for spon sors to help them with equipment, so if you would like to sponsor one of the kids or a whole team, then please contact Ron. Go Soccer! November 27, 2013 COURIER JOURNAL Section B & FACES PLACES Photo by Travis RobertsSouth Putnam Soccer League players Christian Lopez, Jordan Torres, and Christian Gonzales.A League of Their Own What is there to do in Travis Roberts Sports Writer Special to theCourier Journal Golf at Live Oak Middleton-Burney Elementary School Student of the MonthSpecial to theCourier Journal Photo Special to the Courier Journal November Student of the Month for Middleton-Burney Elementary, Brysean Corbett. SJR State College Accepting Applications for Law Enforcement BOYZ II Men, a faith-based mentoring group for boys 10 to 17-years-old, had the opportunity to experience City Government 101 by conducting a mock City Commission Meeting prior to the regular Palatka City Commission Meeting held on Thursday, November 14. The group, which included boys from Crescent City Junior Senior High School, and Miller Intermediate School, held an election and made several key appointments, in preparation for what Palatka celebrated as Palatka City Government Day. Before a standing room only crowd, Luis Rodriguez, Honorary Mayor, called the meeting to order, did the invocation/pledge, asked for the roll call, issued a proclamation, made a non-binding motion, held discussion, voted, then closed the special meeting and turned the gavel over to Palatka Mayor Ver non Myers. A proclamation was issued by the City of Palatka, signed by the Honorary Mayor, proclaiming Friday, November 15, BOYZ II Men Student Mentor ing Day. As part of the process, the boys received training on how to conduct an actual city commission meeting from Betsy Driggers, Palatka City Clerk. It was truly a lesson in leadership. They also had the opportunity to meet with all of the cities key senior officials and department heads, one by one, to learn how their departments work, and about careers in government. At the conclusion of the special meeting, the Mayor of Palatka per sonally issued a Good Citizenship Award to the participants and commended them on their achievement and leadership skills. Elected officials voted into office by the boys included, Luis Rodriguez Mayor, and four city commissioners, including Bradley Baker, David Cortez, Kevin Dean Finch, and Jesus Escamilla. Appointed city officials included Trevor Green City Attorney, Daniel Jaramillo City Clerk, Zepaniah Banks City Manager, Corey Smith Finance Director, Brian Mendosa Fire Chief, Gabrielle Knox Airport Manag er, Joshua Rios Public Works Director, James Mausby Waste Water Treatment Supt, and Christian Lopez Golf Course Manager.Lessons in LeadershipSpecial to theCourier Journal St. Johns River State College will hold registration from Monday, December 9, through Friday, January 17, for its upcoming Palatka nursing assistant class. Students must meet with a workforce specialist prior to registration. Those planning to attend the class must also complete a background check, drug screening, recent physical with shot records (including influenza), and current TB test prior to the first day of class. A full refund for withdrawal from the course is available through Friday, February 6, only. Classes for the Palatka campus nursing assistant program will begin on Monday, February 3, and will be held Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. through Friday, March 14. Clinicals will be held from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, March 10 through Friday, March 14. This training activity is supported through a Community-Based Jobs Training grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. For more information on this course, contact the SJR State College Nursing Department at 386-312-4176.Nursing Assistant Class RegistrationSpecial to theCourier Journal Veterans Day at LakeWood Nursing Center Photo Special to the Courier Journal Lakewood Nursing Center celebrated their 5th Annual Veterans Day event in a special way this year. Crescent City, represented by Mayor Joe Santa, and the VFW post 1077 commander Larry Coleman presented the Nursing Centers vets with plaques of appreciation for their service to our country.


$500 SCHOLARSHIP GRANT OPPORTUNITYThe Alpha Sigma Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma is pleased to fund a $500 scholarship grant which will be awarded to a deserving Putnam County Florida applicant who intends to become a teacher and is at least a rising junior at any accredited public or private college or university. Students who are still in high school (even if on dual enrollment) are not yet eligible to apply. Applicants should write a letter which mentions his/ her personal goals and reason(s) for wanting to become a teacher, and attach a brief resume. Letters of application should be mailed by November 27, to: DKG AWARDS COMMITTEE (Re: the Estelle McKenzie Grant), P.O Box 1132, Palatka, FL 32178. The winner of the grant will be contacted, and the grant money will available for a presentation on Satur day morning, December 7. The grant is funded and presented annually by the local chapter (Alpha Sigma) of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, a womens society of professional educators. The annual Gifts from the Garden, presented by the Putnam County Master Gardeners, will take place Wednesday, December 4, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Registration forms can be obtained at the Putnam Co. Extension Ofce at 111 Yelvington Rd., East Palatka, or call 386-329-0318 for information. Stress and the Holidays Hospice of Citrus and the Nature Coast Wings Grief Services will present a workshop titled Stress and the Holidays to be presented on Thursday, December 5, at 6 p.m. at the Wings Community Education Center located at 927 S. S.R. 19, Palatka. The workshop will be moderated by Wings Grief Services Manager Mary Rockefeller, LMHC. When we are grieving the loss of a loved one, the holidays are often overwhelming and can be lled with bitter sweet memories. Stress and the Holidays will offer strategies to help grievers cope in order to help create happiness during the holidays. To make a reservation, call 386-530-4600. Chamber Scholarship A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a Putnam County resident pursuing education in business, a business-related or other entrepreneurial eld. Scholarship applications are now available to all Putnam County residents pursuing education at an accredited vocational school, community college, or university located in Florida. Additional consideration may be given to individuals with an afliation to the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce (i.e. the applicant owns or works for a Chamber member business, has served as a Chamber volunteer, and/or is a related family member). The scholarship is available to both traditional students, right out of high school, and to non-traditional students (i.e. someone who has been out of high school a while or works full-time and is enrolled part-time). Scholarship applications will be distributed until Monday, December 2. All applications must be submitted to the Chamber by 3 p.m. on Friday, December 6, to qualify for consideration, and must be returned directly to the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce ofce located at 1100 Reid St., Palatka, Florida 32177. For an application and/or additional information, please visit www.putnamcountychamber.com or call 386-328-1503. Help out the Human Society of Northeast Florida by participating in a Thanksgiving food drive at Crescent City Kennel. Dog or cat food can be dropped off at Crescent City Kennel now through Saturday, December 7. Monetary donations are also appreciated. Make checks payable to HSNEFL. As of today, the Humane Society has 120 dogs and cats at the shelter. For more information, call 386-698-2777. Charity Golf Tournament Saturday, December 7, the 7th Annual Feed The Hungry Charity Golf Tournament fundraiser at Palatka Golf Club, to benet South Putnam Christian Service Center will take place. For the Golf Tournament there is a need for assistance with obtaining hole sponsors, drawing prizes and working the tournament. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Dan McNutt at 386-649-6061 or Bob Kuhn at 386-649-9880. The Women of the First Presbyterian Church of Crescent City will be sponsoring a Christmas Bazaar and Silver Tea Saturday, December 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will take place in the Warner Fellowship Hall. Stop by between 9 11 a.m. to have cookies with Santa. There will be baked goods, Christmas cookies and decoration, handmade crafts, and plants for sell, as well as tickets for drawings. All proceeds go toward the work and mission of the church. Learn to make snow globes out of wine glasses Saturday, December 7, at 1 p.m. at the Crescent City Public Library. This is a program for teens, but adults are welcome too. All supplies are provided for free. This event is offered by the Putnam County Library System, PAL, the Board of County Commissioners, with additional support from Branch Library Friends groups, the Putnam County Library Board, Inc., and all of the fabulous volunteers. Santa Claus to Attend State Park Holiday Event The Florida Department of Environmental Protections Ravine Gardens State Park would like to announce that Santa Claus will be joining them for their annual Christmas event Caroling the Ravines Saturday, December 7, from 6 to 9 p.m. He will be in the Civic Center, ready to see your Christmas wish lists! Bring them with you or mail them early to: Santa c/o Ravine Gardens 1600 Twigg Street Palatka, FL 32177. Photo opportunities with Santa will be available during the evening for $5 per photo and the proceeds will benet the Friends of Ravine Gardens State Park. Entry to the event is free with the donation of one non-perishable food item per person to benet the local food bank. For more information please contact Lauren Watkins at 386-329-3721 or email Lauren.Watkins@dep.state. .us. For more about Ravine Gardens State Park or Florida State Parks visit www.FloridaStateParks.org. A Moosical Holiday Program The Melrose Library Association will be presenting a performance by childrens entertainer, Anna Moo. The event will take place Wednesday, December 11, at 1:30 p.m. at the Melrose Public Library. The event is free of charge, families and children of all ages are encouraged to attend. Anna Moo will play instruments and encourage sing-alongs for children. Her performances are both interactive and educational. Moo has won six Parents Choice Gold Awards, ve NAPPA Gold Awards, ve Grammy considerations and three American Library Association (ALA) Awards. Come and be a part of the fun at the Melrose Public Library. For more information about the event, please contact the Melrose Public Library at 352-475-1237.PALATKA LIONS MEETING P alatkaALA TKA E lks LKS L o O D ge GE PUTNAM COUNTY SHRINE CLUB PUTNAM COUNTY TEA PARTY SCHOOL A D D VISORY COUNCIL S eville EVILLE VIA M eeting EETING SOUTH PUTNAM WOMANS CLUB ST. JOHN CATHOLIC CHURCH CAR D D P ARTY SUN D D AY D D INNER THE HEART OF PUTNAM COALITION US COAST GUAR D D AUXILIARY MEETING US VETERANS POST 104 VFW POST 3349 INTERLACHEN BABE RUTH LEAGUE MEETINGS BEEKEEPERS OF PUTNAM COUNTY CRESCENT CITY YACHT CLUB CELEBRATE RECOVER CRESCENT CITY TOPS LEE CONLEE HOUSE QUIVANNO PROBIOTICS WORKSHOP SENIOR FRIEN D D S CENTER STROKE SURVIVORS OF PALATKA TAI CHI CLASS THE E D D GAR JOHNSON SENIOR CENTER TOPS FLORI DD A #435 W elakaVIOLENCE INTERVENTION & PREVENTION PROGRAM A LA D D IES AROUN D D THE LAKE MEETING AMERICAN LEGION POST 45 AMERICAN LEGION POST 293 AZALEA CITY CRUISERS B ass ASS C apital APITAL VFW P ost OST 10177 BOY SCOUTS TROOP #42 CUB SCOUTS PACK 42COMMUNITY THRIFT SHOP HUMANE SOCIETY OF NORTHEAST FLORI D D A MT. CARMEL COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER INC. PALATKA CHRISTIAN SERVICE CENTER SECON D D TIME AROUN D D SHOP SOUTH PUTNAM CHRISTIAN SERVICE CENTER THRIFT STORE PUTNAM COUNTY HOME COMMUNITY E D D UCATORS (HCE) ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS A NEW LIFE GROUP ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS CELEBRATION GROUP ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS LIBERTY GROUP ASSISTANCE FOR FLORI D D A SERVICES HEALTH AND SUPPORT EDUCATION CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONSVENTURE CREW SCOUTING 42 CREATE! ARTISTS GUIL D D OF NORTH FLORI D D A CRESCENT CITY MOOSE LO D D GE FRATERNAL OR D D ER OF EAGLES INTERLACHEN FRATERNAL OR D D ER OF EAGLES 4355 F ruitlan RUITLAN D P eninsula ENINSULA H istorical ISTORICAL S ociety OCIETY GIRL SCOUTS HISTORIC CENTRAL ACA D D EMY INTERLACHEN LIONS CLUB PALATKA AMATEUR RA D D IO CLUB PALATKA D D UPLICATE BRI D D GE CLUB PALATKA ELKS LO D D GE 1323 PALATKA KIWANIS CLUB PALATKA NEW VISION LIONS CLUB P omonaOMONA P arkARK N eighborhoo EIGHBORHOO D W atchA TCH SOCIAL SPORTSB2 Our community. Our people. All local. MISCELLANEOUS Local Authors at Read (Think) Books Several local authors are among the 19 featured in the 2013 Christmas collection of short stories, SNOWBIRD CHRISTMAS Vol. 2: Holiday Stories to Warm Your Heart, and will be attending the We Love Christmas book signing at Read (Think) Books bookstore located on St. Johns Avenue, Palatka on Friday, December 13, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Sharon Buck, Jack Owen, Jackie Grommes, C.L. Roman, Skye Taylor, Nancy Quatrano, and Mark Reasoner are among those who will be attending. The publisher will donate a dollar from each sale to the Rhodeheaver Boys Ranch. The bookstore will be open for browsing, conversation and refreshments and the shop offers all sorts of gifts for readers including unique bookmarks, gift cards and other items. For more information about Snowbird books please email nancy@ontargetwords.com. For event information contact Kristen at 386-227-7752. Join Lowes of Palatka Saturday, December 14, for another Build and Grow Free Kids Clinic. For this clinic, kids will be building a holiday train. Each child will receive a free project patch and apron for participating. Due to popularity, online registration is required. To register, visit Lowes.com/BuildAndGrow. The Palatka Art Leagues 18th annual Christmas Holiday House is open through Tuesday, December 24, and is lled with unique and original art and craft items for your shopping pleasure. Open every day with hours of operation being Monday Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 to 5 p.m., and closed on Thanksgiving Day. Helping This Holiday Season Its that time of year again. The holiday season is already here, and there are signs of it in every store. Palatka Christian Service Center, Inc. is looking for people to sponsor families for Thanksgiving baskets. The sponsor can either donate food to make up the basket or make the basket themselves. Also, they can purchase pre-made dinners from one of the local grocery stores for the families to pick up. Email suzanne@heartofputnam.com for details on becoming a sponsor.The Hardly Used Boutique A.K.A (The H.U.B.) is in need of donations for the store. Especially winter cloth ing, furniture, household items, blankets, childrens clothing and toys, jackets, sweaters, etc. Also, there is a bargain bin with clearance items for all you can put in a bag for $1. Girl Scout Leaders needed in the South Putnam area. San Mateo and Crescent City areas are in great need. There are lots of girls waiting to start. Do you have what it takes to show a girl a real experience in scouting? Contact Sandy Nelson 386-336-0055. justsandynelson@yahoo.com. Grove Lake Estates Entrance Beautication Project There are plans to entirely remodel/replace the community entrance of Grove Lake Estates, located on the south-east corner of Silver Pond and Jaffa Road. The new entry sign will be on tiles surrounded by a wood fenced background along with a tropical landscaping. Fellow neighbor, Alfred at 137 Jaffa Road, is donating most of the material and workmanship, but they are still in need of monetary donations and volunteer help. For any information or if you have any questions, please contact Alfred at 904-236-2076. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Entrada De La Comunidad Se esta planeando remodelar la entrada de la comunidad. El nuevo letrero sera echo con loceta y lendra que tendra una cerca de manera atras con un jardin qre plantas tropicales. Nuestro Vecino Alfredo con direccion Jaffa 137 Rd El esta donanco casi todo el Materiar y trabajo. Pero todavia se necesitan Voluntarios para mano de Obra y donaciones. O lo que puedos donar todu sers para to comunidad. Para mas Informacion osi tienes preyuntos vama a Aldredo 904-236-2076. Gracias port u colaboracion!


this is how I got involved with a few homeless peo ple in our county. Now lets move on to thr ee weeks ago and how I got involved with a young man, whom I will call S.J. Since Im going to be salvaging this boat in Palatka, I decided to sell an old 1968 Chris Craft sailboat I had restored. I put the boat on Craigs List, and right away a woman who said she might be interested and wanted to come look at the boat contacted me. Sure enough, 45 min utes later, she was at the marina. After talking to her for a few minutes, she told me her cash flow was exhausted and she was going to try and bor row the money, but it seemed a bit out of her price range. I noticed a scar that went from this elderly ladys knee down to her ankle, as she tried to make her way down the steps and into the boat. I said, Are you sure you want to get involved with a sailboat? She replied, Oh no, this is for my son. He is homeless and Im trying to find a boat he can live on, so he doesnt have to live in the woods where he is getting attacked by wild animals! Okay, stop right there! This lady has no idea Im a writer, but you put homeless guy and being attacked by wild animals in the same sentence, and right away you have my attention. At first she was reluc tant to tell me about her son, but as I kept asking questions, she opened up mor e and more. I finally told her I was a writer and do a few stories for the Putnam County Cou rier Journal. I asked her if I could maybe do a story on her son, if all the things she was telling me could be verified. Before I move on lets give this lady a fake name, lets call her Mary. Mary agreed to let me check out S.J.s past, and then I would call and let her know if it was worth my time. This is how I came to know S.J. A few days after meeting Mary, I had checked out S.J., and found he had a history with the law, but it was nothing serious. He had a few mi nor drug charges for pain pills, a couple of arr ests for driving on a suspended drivers license, and one char ge of threating a man with a knife. My first thought was not interested, but Mary told me a few more things about S.J. that sparked my interest and con vinced me to go meet him. I finally agr eed to meet her the following day, out past Palatka, where she would take me to her son. It was Saturday morning when I found myself driving down some back r oads just on the out skirts of Palatka. I had about 10 minutes befor e I was to meet Mary, so I enjoyed the scenery of the cows in the field and a deer crossing the road, thinking to myself, This wouldnt be a bad place to be homeless. After all, it wasnt like S.J. was living in the city and being raised in the country. I could live out in the woods. A few miles down the road I spotted Marys car sitting on the shoulder. I pulled over where we had a talk and Mary showed me five and a half years of S.J.s pa per work, which I will get into in mor e detail as we move on, but now is when S.J.s story really begins with me. About six years ago, S.J. seemed to have a decent life. He was working a 40-hour job, and his mother had pur chased him some lawn equipment because he had decided he wanted to start a lawn maintenance company. Things wer e really looking up for S.J.; he had money com ing in and had closed on a house. For three years S.J. paid the mortgage and was never late on his pay ments. One morning, S.J. left his house for what he thought would be one of the best days of his life. He hadnt been on a date in two years, and tonight was the night. S.J. was about to go on a date with a young woman he had fallen in love with. He pulled up to his parents house to mow their lawn. S.J. hopped on his old Snapper lawn mower and off he went while his stepdad ran the weed eater around their house. S.J. was moving along pretty good when he noticed a large rock in the field and decided to get off the riding mower and move it. Instead of putting the mower in park, he put it into neutral, got off the seat, walked in front of the mower, and as he bent over to pick up the large rock, the mower jumped into drive. He heard the mower change sounds, from idling to cutting, but as he started to turn around, it was too late. The lawn mower had knocked him to the ground and drove right over his left foot and leg, chopping off pieces of flesh with every turn of the blade. Screaming at top of his lungs for help, his tennis shoe got lodged between the frame and the blade housing. S.J. lay there screaming until his step father heard him over the weed eater. S.J. had al ready dialed 911 and was trying to get help when his stepfather reached him. As they pulled his leg from under the mow er, S.J. and his stepfather noticed S.J.s calf muscle had been completely cut out and half of his foot was missing. Quickly, his stepfather wrapped up his foot and leg, got in his car and headed out to meet the ambulance. S.J., at this point, was bleeding to death and every second was precious. Hang on S.J. Dont you dare die on me. I see the ambulance, said his stepfather. S.J. was placed on the gurney as the paramedics unwrapped his mangled leg and foot. Oh my God, replied one of the paramedics. Get a helicopter out here now, he needs to be air lifted to Shands Hospital in Gainesville! It wasnt long after when the helicopter land ed and off they flew. Now, during all this commotion, S.J.s mother had no idea if her baby boy was going to make it or not as she hear d one of the paramedics say to his partner, He lost a lot of blood! To which his partner replied, Yeah, it doesnt look good. About five minutes into the flight, S.J. flat lined. The air flight paramedics were instructed to pump him with fluids and try to keep his heart moving. Upon landing at Shands Hospital, the doctors quickly rushed him into the trauma unit, and began to not only save his life, but to save what little was left of his foot and leg. The average male has between eight and 10 pints of blood, and from the research I have done, if you lose more than four pints, you are dead. S.J. had lost over six pints, yet the doctors were still able to save his life. It was three days after the accident when he finally began to wake up. As his eyes opened, he could see how his leg and foot were. Thats all the space I have for this week. I hope you will continue to read S.J.s story over the next few weeks. If you think this is horrible, just wait until you read the rest of his story. Even with all of this, S.J. has one of the best outlooks on life of anyone I have ever met. Thank you for letting me share this part of S.J.s story with you. November 27, 2013 B3 Homeless from page A1 NOTICE OF CHANGE OF LAND USE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of Putnam County, Florida, is proposing to make changes to its Comprehensive Plan as allowed per Chapter 163 Florida Statutes. The proposed changes include rescind ing of the Public Schools Facility Element, text amendments to Intergovernmental Coordination Element, and Capital Improvements Element, and delete Future Land Use Map Series #15, The Public Schools Facility Location Map, of the Putnam County Comprehensive Plan. [TA-13-003] The Board of County Commissioners for Putnam County will be holding a Public Hearing on the proposed amendments on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 9:30 a.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, in the Coun ty Commissioners Meeting Room located at 2509 Crill Avenue, Suite 100, Palatka, Florida. ALL PARTIES ARE INVITED to appear and submit oral or written objections or comments. The failure of a person to appear during said hearing and comment on or object to the amendments, either in person or in writing, may preclude the ability of such person to contest the amendments at a later date. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate should contact Jackie Garrett at 386-326-7136 at least 24 hours in advance to request such accommodations. able for inspection by the public in the Putnam County Planning & Development Services Department, 2509 Crill Avenue, Suite 300, Palatka, Florida during normal business hours, or you may call (386) Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) when these Comprehensive Plan amendments are transmitted and adopted, and when DEO issues its orders of compliance for said amendments should provide their names and addresses to the Putnam County Planning & Development Services Department. Said list of interested parties will be transmitted to DEO with the aforestated amendment package. PURSUANT TO SECTION 286.0105, FLORIDA STATUTES, IF ANY PERSON DECIDES TO APPEAL ANY DECISION MADE BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED AT THIS PUBLIC MEETING, SUCH PERSON WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND FOR SUCH PURPOSE, SUCH PERSON MAY NEED TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM RECORD OF THE PROCEEDING IS MADE, INCLUDING THE TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. By: Lanny D. Harker, AICP Planning Manager, Putnam County11/27/13 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER PROPOSED TEXT AMENDMENTS TO THE PUT NAM COUNTY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN (Ordinance No. 91-30, as amended). The Putnam County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. This meeting will be held in the Commission Meeting Room, located at 2509 Crill Avenue, Suite 100, Palatka, Florida, to consider proposed changes as follows: Case Number TA-14-001, Application by: Putnam County. The request is to amend the Comprehensive Plan as allowed per Chapter 163 Florida Statutes. The proposed changes include text amendments to Future Land Use Element, and Conservation Element, of the Putnam County Comprehensive Plan. The amendments are to require evated consistent with Land Development Code and Florida Building Code and to delete Policy A.1.1.2 and Policy A.1.4.10.A.to address a change to Sec. 125.022, Florida Statutes [TA-14-001] If the Planning Commission acts on this request at this meeting, then a public hearing will then be held by the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. This hearing will also be held in the County Commissioner Meeting Room, located at 2509 Crill Ave, Suite 100, Palatka, Florida. for review in the Planning & Development Services ka, Florida during normal business hours. Call (386) 326-7136 if you have any questions about this case. All interested persons wishing to speak on behalf of or in opposition to this request will be heard at the above stated place and time. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate should contact Jackie Garrett at 386-326-7136 at least 24 hours in advance to request such accommodations. If a person desires to appeal any decision with respect to any matter considered at the above listed meeting, such person may need to insure that a verbatim record of the proceeding is made and submitted to the Planning & Development Services Department. PUTNAM COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION By/s/ Jackie Garrett Commission Secretary11/27/13 Robert Kelsey, M.D. and Internal Medicine Now Accepting New Patients If You Need To See Better... You Need To See Dr. Kane PALATKA 328-8387Visit Our Website: www.seedrkane.com QUALITY EYECARE / AFFORDABLE PRICES Azalea Eyecare Center Lovarnso WalkerSales Consultant256 Hwy. 17 N., Palatka, FL 32177 (386) 328-8863 Ext. 117 (800) 382-3692 Ext. 117 FAX (386) 328-7222 CELL (386) 559-3512 lovarnsowalker@beckchrysler.com Dr. Walker Curing All Your Automotive Needs 5 1/2 acresO ered in 7 parcels Minutes from the Gulf of Mexico Auc on conducted on site Dec. 4th, 11am For bidders packet: www.BenCampen.com Ben Campen, Lic. Real Estate Broker & Cer ed Auc oneer 352 262 5348 or Ben@BenCampenAuc oneers.com Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Be Dangerous To Your HealthFREE book by doctor reveals what the Black Friday Safety TipsAccording to the National Retail Fed eration, consumers ar e expected to spend 3.9% more money on holiday shopping in 2013 than in 2012. Such consumer opti mism may also mean that holiday shoppers ar e feeling the com petitive spirit, battling busy stor es and hunt ing down aggressive deals and unintention ally putting their per sonal safety at risk, as a r esult. While big holiday shopping outings have become a tradition for many holiday shop pers, we encourage ev eryone to remain vigilantly aware of their surr oundings, said Steve Muntean, owner of Signal 88 Security of Jacksonville. Whether youre hit ting the stores before Thanksgiving, on Black Friday or anytime be tween now and Christmas, Signal 88 Secu rity, a private security company with mor e than 100 franchises throughout the United States and Canada, of fers the following holi day shopping advice to consumers. Before the Holidays: Practice Patience: Often, long lines can lead to short tempers. When store doors open, proceed with caution, and avoid running or pushing. Same goes for standing in long checkout lines, expect to encounter potentially frustrating delays if youre out on one of the major shop ping days. Stand Guard: In side a store, never leave your purse, wal let or shopping cart unattended. Also, be mindful of security threats in parking lots. Always keep your ve hicle locked and your pur chases out of sight. You can enlist the as sistance of store se curity if you feel un comfortable walking to your car at night. After the Holidays: Keep Records: Re cord serial numbers for expensive items, especially electronics. If your home were to be burglarized, good records of these items could help law enforce ment recover them. And, to further pr event post-holiday home in vasions, dont leave boxes for trash pickup that showcase any new, big ticket items you r eceived over the holidays. Return Respectful ly: What can be even mor e frustrating than the long lines and shopping delays before the holidays are the long lines and shop ping delays after the big day. Y ou may also be less inclined to pay attention to your sur roundings, with the pr essure of the holi days behind you. However, remaining aware of the people and events around you at all times is key to your personal security. If you see something or someone suspi cious, be sure to let law enfor cement or store security know, said Muntean. You can do yourself and fellow shoppers a favor by looking out for one an other this holiday season. T o see additional hol iday safety tips from Signal 88, visit www. signal88.com/BlackA ndBlueFriday.aspx.Special to theCourier Journal


B4 2009 Hometown ContentSudoku Puzzle #2813-MMedium1 23 45 21 6478 8 952 7 4 2163 92 36 18 37 48 2 SUDOKUSolution is on page A4 Got fax?Send or receive for only $2 per pageFax: 386.698.1994 Iron Man from page A1 CROSSWORD PUZZLE Solution is on page A4 TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE WEEK Celluwipes was the original name of what common household item during initially marketing efforts in 1924? 11/20 Answer:The polygraphAnnual Silver Tea and Christmas BazaarThe Boutique Ladies of the First Presbyterian Church of Crescent City invite you to their annual Silver Tea and Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, in the churchs War ner Fellowship Hall at Cypress Avenue and South Prospect Street. The ladies are pleased to have Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus there from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. Please bring the little ones to have cookies with the Clauses. The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to begin the season than going to an old fashioned Christmas Silver Tea. The elegant table will be full of all kinds of homemade treats, including finger sandwiches, cakes, cookies, candies, nuts and more, all served on silver and crystal dishes. Your tea, or coffee, will be hand-poured from a beautiful, heirloom Silver Service into gor geous China tea cups. Reminiscent of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace, you will be treated to a very old tradition that goes back to the beginning years of the Church that celebrated its 130th Anniversary on March 24, of this year. For many years the Silver Tea was an Event of the Year. The ladies and their daughters would dress up and wear their prized hats and gloves. It has evolved through the years where now men and children enjoy the tea and bazaar, and all mostly in casual attire. There is no charge for the tea; however, there will be the traditional donation box. In addition to the Tea Table, a yummy Bake Sale takes place with all types of homemade cakes, pies, candies, and lots of cookies, including Christmas Cookies. Of course, these baked goods can be purchased as gifts for the family or friends. On display for sale are handmade craft items the Boutique Ladies have worked on throughout the year. These are not limited to just Christmas crafts. There are all types of items that include something for the very young through the cherished seniors. And for the plant lover in your life, there is a large plant sale with numerous, very unusual plants available. Also several vendors will be there with their lovely crafts. There will be drawings with tickets priced at $1 a piece or 10 for $5. These tickets can be purchased the day of the bazaar, and the drawing is traditionally held at 3 p.m., and you do not have to be present to win. The proceeds from this event will go toward the work and mission of the church, which includes the Emer gency Sharing Center of Crescent City, the South Putnam Christian Service Center, and the Duvall Home, that is for developmentally challenged residents. In addition, if a need occurs in our church or community, the church offers assistance. The Boutique Ladies extend an invitation to any ladies in our area who would enjoy getting out a few hours on Wednesday mornings, to join them in the churchs old fellowship hall from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. It will not cost you anything, and you do not have to know how to do crafts. The ladies will show you what to do and provide all the materials you would need. Several of the ladies did not think they were crafters, and they were pleasantly surprised. So, please stop in to see for your self. You will be treated to coffee and fellow ship, you do not have to be a member of our church. If you would like additional infor mation, please call Fran Mara at 386-6494844 or Joyce Lydick at 386-325-8555. If you need transportation on Wednesdays, to attend the craft group, possibly some arrangements could be made.Special to theCourier Journal Photo Special to the Courier Journal Commissioner Nancy Harris with Santa Claus and Helmut Waters at a past Silver Tea and Christmas Bazaar. Clay Electric Members Report Attempted ScamsSalt Springs Clay Electric has received reports from two of its members in the Salt Springs District concerning attempted scams. A member in the Lynne area said she received a call from someone claiming to be from Clay Electric who was attempting to collect a past due bill related to a recent rate increase. The cooper ative does not collect past due amounts in this manner. In another incident, two men driving a white pickup truck approached a member at home. They came to the door and told the member they were contractors for Clay Electric and they were there to check her windows. She became suspicious and called Clay Electric. The woman was told Clay doesnt have contractors checking windows and that she should call the sheriffs office. The two men left the area. Clay Electric encour ages its members to be very suspicious of anyone who calls and claims he or she represents the co-op and wants to be paid for an overdue bill. If a member has an overdue bill, he or she will likely receive a call from our automated phone messaging system as a reminder to call the cooperative to arrange payment. Theyll also receive a courtesy notice in the mail, said John Bennett, member relations representative in the Salt Springs office. Members should not share confidential per sonal information over the phone. Bennett said Clay field personnel wear uniforms and carry identification, and can be asked for ID if members have any questions about who they represent. Contractors working for Clay are also properly identified and can provide ID if asked. Clay Electric also does not call its members to solicit home visits to check on windows or other items.Special to theCourier Journal Great Edible Holiday Decoration and Gift IdeasSometimes the best presents and the most treasured ornaments arent the ones that last a lifetime, theyre the ones that you can eat! But dont just bake the same old bor ing treats for friends and family. This season, give your holiday treats, eats, gifts and dcor a colorful twist using richly hued sprinkles, frosting and icing. I love working with sprinkles because theyre not only delicious, theyre so visual too. Of course you can scatter them over cakes, but you can also swirl them into waffles, embroider them on cookies or do any number of creative things with them that look great for the holidays, says Jackie Alpers, a photographer and author of the new cookbook Sprinkles! Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicious Desserts. For a beautiful and delicious batch of edible ornaments you can hang on your tree or use to adorn your home, follow this recipe from Alpers for Windowpane Cookies: Ingredients pose flour ing powder butter, softened blespoons sugar perature, beaten nilla extract cup various sanding sugars, sorted by color. (Clear hard candies, like Jolly Ranchers can be used instead. Just sort by color into plastic bags, seal and use a hammer to crush the candies into bits.) Directions baking powder and salt. cream butter and sugar with an electric mixer on medium, until light and fluffy. Beat in egg and vanilla. Mix in flour mixture until dough is smooth and firm. half and shape into disks. Cover them in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours. degrees F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. work surface, roll dough to a thickness shapes using a larger cookie cutter and then use smaller cutters to remove windows from those shapes. Ar range cookies about 1 inch apart on prepared baking sheets. with sanding sugars or crushed candy pieces. minutes, or until edges start to turn golden, rotating sheets halfway through baking time. Place sheets on wire racks to cool for a few minutes before gently removing cookies with a metal spatula. Let cookies cool completely on wire racks. Store between layers of wax paper to prevent sticking in an airtight container for up to one week. To turn the cookies into holiday ornaments, use a bamboo skewer or chopstick to inch from the top of each cookie before baking. Once baked cookies have cooled, thread 10 inches of ribbon or colorful bakers twine through each hole and tie in a bow. More information about baking with sprinkles can be found at www.QuirkBooks. With a bit of color ful fun, you can make your holiday treats and gifts extra festive and delicious this year. Special to theCourier Journal


accepted. Central heat/ air, carpet, blinds, laun dry on site. Call Lucretia 386-698-2513 TDD 1800-955-8771 Equal Housing Opportunity. This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. TFN FOR SALE: Georgetown, Rural 9/10 acre, half fenced with 6 room home in need of TLC with sheds. $32,000, CASH ONLY. 386559-7280. 11/27 RENT TO OWN Refurbished 1/1 in Quiet Adult Mobile Home Park on Lake Crescent, Boating, Fishing, Relaxing Rea sonable Lot Rent. 386698-3648 TFNFOR RENT/SALE: Crescent Lake Estates: 2BD/ 2BA Mobile Home with full addition, Florida room, Carport, Stove, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer. Possible Owner Financ ing. Call for more information. Daytime 570614-4751 After 6pm 386-649-6675 TFN DRIVERS: *Seasonal Drivers Needed* to haul U.S. Mail in Jacksonville. Positions are open for safe, reliable drivers. Excellent Hourly Pay. $18.94p/h + $4.46 H&W. Class A CDL & 2yrs experience required in the past Salmon Companies 800-251-4301 or apply online www.driveforsalmon.com 11/27 DRIVERS: $5,000 Sign-On Bonus! Great Pay! Consistent Freight, Great Miles on this Regional Account. Werner Enterprises: 1-855-515-8447. 11/27 FOR SALE: Broyhill Dining Room Set: Hutch, Buffet, Table w/6 chairs $650, Wrought Iron Porch Set (beautiful design): Couch, 2 Chairs, 2 End Tables, no cushions $400, Antique Dresser w/wheat design $200. Call 386-972-4139 for appointment to see. 11/27 FOREVER HOMES NEEDED: 4 month old, house trained, male Terrier Mix, Sweet, 5 yr old Australian Shepard Mix. Being fostered at Crescent City Kennel. Call 386698-2777 for more information. 12/25 NEW HOPE VILLAS APARTMENTS 2BR $256/month, 3BR $316/month, 4BR $351/month. Rental assistance avail able for those who qualify. Call Patty at 386-749-0075. This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY TDD PHONE 1-800-955-8771 TFN LAKEVIEW GROVE APTS. 62 or older, disabled or handicapped regardless of age, with or without children. 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments. Central heat/air, blinds. Section 8 accepted. Rental assistance may be available for those who qualify. Call Lucretia 386-698-2513. TTD 1-800-955-8771 Equal Housing Opportunity. This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. TFN OAKWOOD GROVE APTS-1, 2 & 3 Bedroom apartments. Section 8 All other creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against deced ents estate must file their claims with this court WITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE. ALL CLAIMS NOT FILED WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH IN SECTION 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA PROBATE CODE WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. NOTWITHST ANDING THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE AFTER THE DECEDENTS DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. The date of first publication of this notice is November 27, 2013. Personal Representative: /s/ Robert W. Parrish 106 Columbine Court Grand Junction, Colorado 81507 Attorney for Personal Representative: /s/ Tance E. RobertsAttorney for Robert W. ParrishFlorida Bar Number: 947636 Clark & Roberts, PLC 200 Malaga Street, Suite 9 St. Augustine, Florida 32084 Telephone: 904-826-1772 Fax: 904-826-0173 E-Mail: efile@clarkandroberts.com Secondary: troberts@clarkandroberts.com11/27-12/4/13 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION File Number 2013-344-CP Division 53 IN RE: ESTATE OF GRACE T. EVANS Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS The administration of the estate of GRACE T. EVANS, deceased, whose date of death was May 2, 2013, is pending in the Circuit Court for PUTNAM County, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is Post Office Box 758, Palatka, FL 32178. The names and addresses of the personal representative and the personal representatives attorney are set forth below. All creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against decedents estate on whom a copy of this notice is required to be served must file their claims with this court WITHIN THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. All other creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against deced ents estate must file their claims with this court WITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE. ALL CLAIMS NOT FILED WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH IN SECTION 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA PROBATE CODE WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. NOTWITHST ANDING THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE AFTER THE DECEDENTS DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. The date of first publication of this notice is November 20, 2013. Personal Representative: /s/ ADRIENNE ATKINS 1604 Beech Street Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034Attorney for Personal Represen tative:/s/ John F. Sproull Attorney for ADRIENNE ATKINS Florida Bar Number: 116239 314 St. Johns Ave. Palatka, FL 32177 Telephone: 386-325-5301 Fax: 386-325-3049E-Mail: SproullJohnFJr@BellSouth.net Secondary E-Mail: n/a11/20-11/27/13 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME LAW PURSUANT TO SECTION 865.09, FLORIDA STATUES Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, pursuant to the Fictitious Name Act, Chapter 865.09 Florida Statutes, desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Palomino Lawn Care & Maintenance, 124 Temple Drive, in the County of Putnam, in the City of Crescent City, Florida 32112 intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, upon receipt of proof of publication of this notice. Dated at Crescent City, Florida this 27th day of November, 2013. Jose Rosario Lira Correa 11/27/13 LEGAL NOTICE ORDINANCE 2013-10 MUNICIPAL ELECTION YEAR 2014 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION IN WELAKA, FLORIDA, TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2014 PRESCRIBING THE METHOD AND MANNER OF HOLDING SAID ELECTION. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF WELAKA, FLORIDA: Section 1. Municipal election for the Town of Welaka, Florida will be held on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at the Town Hall with the polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on said date. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SUSPENSION Case No: 201304504 TO: Christopher A. Coomer A Notice of Suspension to suspend your license and eligibility for licen sure has been filed against you. You have the right to request a hearing pursuant to Sections 120.569 and 120.57, Florida Statutes, by mailing a request for same to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, Post Office Box 3168, Tallahassee, Florida 32315-3168. If a request for hearing is not received by 21 days from date of the last publication, the right to hearing in this matter will be waived and the Department will dispose of this cause in accordance with law. 11/27-12/4-12/11-12/18/12 LEGAL NOTICE ADVERTISEMENT OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned intends to sell and/or dispose of the personal property described below to enforce a lien imposed on said property under The Florida Act Statutes (83-80183-805) The undersigned will sell at public sale on the 5th of December, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. where said property has been stored. Located at Welaka Storage at 1300cr/580Third Ave. Welaka, Florida the following #87 Robert Alverez P.O. Box 618 Welaka, FL 32193 11/27-12/4/13 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR PUTNAM COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION FILE NO. 2013-355 DIVISION 54 IN RE: ESTATE OF JOSEPH F. PARRISH Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS The administration of the estate of Joseph F. Parrish, deceased, whose date of death was September 28, 2013, is pending in the Circuit Court for Putnam County, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is P. O. Box 758, Palatka, FL 32178. The names and addresses of the personal representative and personal representatives attorney are set forth below. All creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against decedents estate on whom a copy of this notice is required to be served must file their claims with this court WITHIN THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM.CLASSIFIEDS Employment Merchandise INDEX AND INFORMATION DEADLINE: 10 A.M. Monday Prior to Wednesdays Publication Day (EXCEPT LEGAL HOLIDAYS) 386/698-1644 Fax 698-1994 email: classifieds@cjnewsfl.com Office Hours: 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. Closed Sat. and Sun. CHECK YOUR AD for errors the first day. Lake Street Publishing Company will be responsible for the first incorrect insertion and to no greater extent than the cost of the space occupied by the error. The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors of omission of copy. Lake Street Publishing Company re-serves the right to correctly classify, delete objectionable words, phrases or refuse any advertisement. PA ID CLASSIFIEDSFIRST 20 WORDS FOR 5 DOLLARS WORDS 25 CENTS EACH Buy 3, Get One FREEfor individuals only (no businesses, realtors, dealers, etc.) In the following categories: Announcements, Garage Sales, Employment, Pe ts, Recreational, Agricultural, Merchandise and Transpor tation. Autos / Tr ucks Motorcycles Auto Parts and Repairs Help Wanted Wo rk Wanted Day Care Tu toring Schools Garage Sales Ya rd/Moving Sales Lost and Found Personal Notices Special Occasions Memories Wa nted to Rent Property Homes / Auctions Resort-Vacation Rentals Apartments Homes / Mobile For Sale For Adoption Boats for Sale Marine Supplies Recreational Ve hicles For Sale/Rent Auctions Wa nted to Buy Business Opp. Employment Inq. Investments Loans Farm Machinery Farm Implements Farm Tools B5 Condos for Sale FLORIDA WATERFRONT CONDO LIQUIDATION SALE! Brand new 2BR/2BA 1,690sf luxury condo only $149,900 Originally under contract for $365,000. Near downtown Orlando & all theme parks/attractions. Must see. Call now 877333-0272, x 173 Help Wanted Experienced OTR Flatbed Drivers earn 50 up to 55 cpm loaded. $1000 sign on most weekends. Call: (843)266-3731 / www.bulldoghiway.com. EOE DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED NOW! Learn to drive for US Xpress! Earn $700 per week! No experience needed! Local CDL Traning. Job ready in 15 days! (888)3681964 Heavy Equipment Operator Training! Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excavators. 3 Weeks Hands On Program. Local Job Placement Assistance. 362-6497 Real Estate/ Land for Sale $84,900. Beautifully wooded rolling mountain top terrain, backs up to national forest. Enjoy stream, abundant wildlife, spectacular views, trails throughout. Paved rd frontage municipal water, utilities all completed. Ex866-952-5303, x 83 Real Estate/ Lots & Acreage WITH FREE BOAT SLIP! 1.70 acres meadows overlooks 140 acre Nature Preserve, streams & ponds. Only $19,900. 6.1 acre hardwoods Only $27,900. FREE ing, little down. Call now 1-877-888-0267, x446 Pets You Have a ChoiceLEGAL ADVERTISING in Putnam County PCOUNTY COURIER JOURNAL (2 sections) Church......................A5 Community...............A3 County Lines............B2 Crossword/Sudoku..B4 Faces & Places.......B1 Opinion....................A2 Our Life.................. ..A4 Public Notices .........B5In This Issue: The Friends of Dunns Creek State Park are inviting the public to an open house, trail ride, camp out and pig roast starting on Friday, November 4 at 2 pm and continuing until Sunday, November 6 at 2 pm. This is a semi-annual event to show what a beautiful park Putnam County has. Everybody is welcome to enjoy the park and camp Friday and Saturday night. Saturday the park will invite the public come and enjoy the trail tours, pontoon boat rides and the great outdoors. The Friends would like to invite you to see and explore the beautiful Dunns Creek State Park. There will be a trail poker ride on Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. Bring your horse and explore wellmarked trails that will guide you through the many natural plant communities located within the 7,000-acre park. Explore the pine atwoods along the edge of the river swamp and then up into the shaded sand hills surrounded by sand pine, then back down to the creek through beautiful oak hammocks. Take a ride through the park on the newly designated bike trails in the Piney Bluff Landing area. This is an opportunity for you to explore a portion of the park through xeric hammock, piney atwood and baygall communities. Kayakers and canoeist are invited to enjoy the beautiful Dunns Creek. The landing is only 1.5 miles from Crescent Lake. The shorelines offer beautiful ora and fauna and many birds and reptiles that inhabit the area. On Saturday, the park will offer hamburgers, hotdogs and bar-b-q pork for lunch. Florida Park Service biologist Jason DePue will provide guided tours. The kids will enjoy the boat ride and archeological dig for real fossils hosted by the Putnam County Land Conservancy. Live entertainment by Lee Kelly and Linda Crider can be enjoyed during the day and around the evening camp re. Bring your own musical instrument and ddle along. Rolando will roast a whole hog on Saturday and campers will bring covered dishes for the evening meal. The pig roast is included in the camping donation or you can enjoy a meal for an $8 donation. You need to reserve a camping space on the website www.friendsofdunnscreek.org. Campsites are a donation of $25 and they will include two pig roast meals. There is a lot to do on Saturday so bring your tent, trailer, camper, kayak, horse, boat, off-road bicycle and enjoy the weekend with the Friends of Dunns Creek State Park!Dunns Creek State Park Open HouseSami Marshall Staff Writer Putnam County The 35th Annual Fall Country Jamboree w ill be held at the Pioneer Settlement in Barb erville on Saturday, November 5 from 9 am 5 pm and Sunday, November 6, from 9 am 4 pm. T he cost is $6 for adults, $4 for children ages 6-12 years old and children under 5 years old are FREE. There will be six stages of music fea turing musicians performing country, blueg rass, folk, Celtic and gospel. The event also include s historic demonstrators, handmade crafts for sale, storytellers, BBQ, corn on the cob, homemade desserts, a quilt raf e and silent auction. The festival is set up at the Historic Barbe rville High School and Historic Underhill House. For more information call 386-749-2959 or vi sit www.pioneersettlement.org or www.folk ddle. com/barbervilleDual Citywide Yard SalesThe Pomona Park Everybodys Having a Yard Sale and Crescent Citys City-wide Yard Sal e will be held on Saturday, November 5. Pomona Park will be from 8 am to 2 pm and Crescent City will be from 8 am to 4 pm. Sellers in Po mona Park will be set up at Morgan Park, The Cow Catcher, and the Flea Market (north of t own), as well as their own yards. For more in formation call Rosemary Combs at 386-649-4424 or Georgia McDonald at 386-649-0053 Cresce nt Citys City-Wide Yard Sale will be at Eva Lyon Park and at homes and businesses all over t he City. For more information call 386-69 8-2525 Extension 229 or visit our website at www.crescentcity-fl.com35th Annual Fall Country JamboreeCrescent City Kennel is hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive on behalf of The Humane Society of Northeast Florida, our local no-kill shelter. The Humane Society will be on hand for a n adopt-a-thon and micro-chipping clinic on Saturday, November 5 from 10am-2pm at 2620A S. US Highway 17 in Crescent City. For m ore information contact 386-698-2777 or 38 6-3251587.Thanksgiving Food DriveThe Putnam County Extension of UF/IFAS is offering a class in basic hydroponics Hydroponics for the Homeowner on November 12 from 10 am 12 pm. This class will show th e homeowner an interesting and unique me thod of gardening without soil. A $5.00 registration fee includes refreshments. A hydropo nics kit including base, Styrofoam and fertiliz er is offered for an additional $30.00. Please have appropriate vehicle for transport. Pre-regis ter by November 9, 2011 as spaces are limited. Contact the Putnam County Extension Offi ce at 111 Yelvington Rd., East Palatka or phone 386-329-0318 for registration information.Hydroponics for the HomeownerDaylight Savings Time EndsOn Sunday, November 6 at 2 am, Daylig ht Savings Time will be ending. Dont for get to turn your clocks back one hour! Start Eating Healthy DayStarting on November 2, The American Heart Association encourages everyone to start m aking healthy eating choices. Start Eating Healthy Day is dedicated to the health and wellness o f all Americans. Its vital to maintain a he althy and well-balanced eating pattern as well as engage in physical activity on Start Eating Healthy Day and every day. St art Eating Healthy Day encourages you to make sma ll changes each day to incorporate healthier fo od choices. For more information, go to www. heart.org/starteatinghealthyday. Swine and Wine a Squealing SuccessThe 18th Annual Swine and Wine held at the Wesnofske Farms on October 22 may have been the biggest success to date. There were over 200 dinners served. The local band Outbreak played their hearts out and dancing fun was had by everyone. The bon fire helped to keep the chill of the night away. The Rotary Club of Crescent City holds this fund raiser along with the Catfish Festival to raise money for scholarships for the South Putnam County seniors. There were lots of door prizes given out that were donated by many of our area businesses.Controlled Burn Conducted by Crescent City Fire Department A controlled burn was conducted by the Crescent City Fire Department on Thursday, October 27. The house donated for the burning was located at 370 Union Avenue in Crescent City on property owned by Sam Church. Before it was used for fire training, the police and SWAT used the house for training as well. Photo by: Spencer WainrightNo Cost Spay/Neuter ProgramThe Putnam County Sheriffs Office is offering a no cost spay/neuter program for d og owners all over Putnam County. To qualify, you must live in Putnam County and you must n ot exceed the household family income limits set up. Once qualifications are met, an application must be filled out and returned to Kaye Tucke r at the Putnam County Sheriffs Office. T o see if you meet the qualifications, you can pick up an application here at the Putnam County Courier Journal, City Hall or print one out at www. pcso.us.Late Monday afternoon traffic heading North on Highway 17 was reduced down to one lane in front of the Crescent City Fire Department due to the discovery of a sink hole. City Manager Patrick Kennedy said the cause of the sink hole was unknown and if it got any worse the entire lane would have to be closed. At the time of release, the Crescent City Police Department was waiting on FDOT to make a decision on what should be done about the hole. Sink Hole Discovered on Hwy. 17Photo by Sam Carr Kayaks on Dunns Creek Come enjoy Dun ns Creek by kayak or canoe. Boats are welcome to dock at the park for the event.Photo by: Ashley Sheppard PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY Putnam County More than just your Community Newspaper.Laminating AdvertisingYour only stop for professional services. 386-698-1644 Reduced Security Deposit Amounts!!!2 Bedroom: $250!! 3 Bedroom: $275!! 4 Bedroom: $300!! Smith Thomas Court Apartments849 Bay Lane Crescent City, FL 321122, 3 and 4 BRs Move-in Special & Rental Assist. May Be Available 386-698-4300 Equal Housing Provider Legal Notices Your River Realty100 Georgetown Landing Rd.386-467-3345 RIVER BASS REALTY Patricia A. Boyd Broker-REALTOR Mouth of Big Lk George. 1,020 sq ft, 1983, 2BR/2Bath Manu factured Home w/enclosed & screened porch overlook the River. #671733..........................$159,900 2002 LIKE NEW 1,860 sq ft Man ufactured Home -River Park. Only used during winter for a month at a time. 3BR/2Bath, 2 car carport & utility/workshop. Much more. #665661............................$89,000 FLY-IN COMMUNITY Eagles Nest w/water view & airplane Home w/2,554 sq ft, 3Br/2Bath, gourmet style kitchen, ga rage & adjoining buildable lot. #606907..........................$579,000 Real Estate For Rent Legal Notices Section 2. The following offices are to be filled at said election: Councilperson Two-year term Councilperson Two-year term Section 3. Candidates desiring to have their names on the ballot for said election must file a petition with the Town Clerk, signed by ten (10) or more qualified electors of the Town of Welaka, Florida between Wednesday, 12:00 noon, December 11, 2013 and Friday, 12:00 noon, December 27, 2013. Section 4. In accordance with the Florida Statute 97.055, voter registration will be accepted until 5:00 p.m., Monday, February 3, 2014 at the office of the Town Clerk, located in the Town Hall, 400 Fourth Avenue, Welaka, Florida. Section 5. The Welaka Town Council will meet in the Town Hall at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 4, 2014, to canvas the returns and declare the results of the election. PASSED by the Town Council of the Town of Welaka, Florida, on the first reading of this 12th day of November, 2013. PASSED by the Town Council of the Town of Welaka, Florida on the second reading this 10th day of December, 2013. ATTEST: Jennifer McDaniel, Town Clerk APPROVAL AS TO FORM: Allen Scott, Town Attorney SIGNED: Gordon Sands, Mayor Gilbert McGauley, Council President 11/27/13 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SUSPENSION Case No: 201204396 TO: Diane E. Thomas A Notice of Suspension to suspend your license and eligibility for licen sure has been filed against you. You have the right to request a hearing pursuant to Sections 120.569 and 120.57, Florida Statutes, by mailing a request for same to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, Post Office Box 3168, Tallahassee, Florida 32315-3168. 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