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USPS 114-170 Keystone Heights, Florida Thursday, April 19,2018 44 th Year 50 th Issue 75 CENTS Lake Region Monitor Lake Region Monitor Deadline Monday 5 p.m. before publication 904-964-6305 904-964-8628 So long, Kelly BY DAN HILDEBRAN Managing Editor While making a goodwill visit to Keystone Heights Elementary School last Friday morning, Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels discovered marijuana in a parents pickup, along with a young child. However, the parent did not go to jail. report, Deputy P.S. Mauricio issued a notice to appear in court to Stevie Lee J. Branch Jr. for possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug equipment. The deputy also wrote the parent child under age six in a motor vehicle with the engine running. Mauricio wrote that he was dispatched to the school and met Daniels, who advised that he was parked in the schools parking lot in his vehicle, when he noticed a child sitting alone in a pickup truck. The sheriff and another deputy walked over to the truck and found the vehicle running and unlocked. A few minutes later, the father returned to the truck after dropping another child off at the school. Mauricio added that when the parent retrieved his drivers license from inside the truck, Daniels saw two pipes and a small bag containing a leafy green substance inside. After Mauricio arrived at the school, Daniels turned the matter over to the deputy. He then continued with his scheduled visit. We had a great time being at Keystone Heights Elementary School. Spending time with the students from all grade levels was exciting for everyone, an agency staff member wrote on page. Sheriff Daniels and other members of our agency showed up at the start of school and stayed until lunchtime. Deputy Mauricio wrote in his had no outstanding warrants. The substance tested positive for marijuana and weighed 0.5 grams. The defendant met the requirements for notice to appear, he wrote. Thousands lose power as storm passes A Bradford deputy warns motorists of a downed power line at Santa Fe Lake near Melrose. BY DAN HILDEBRAN Managing Editor Over 7,000 Clay Electric customers lost power throughout the cooperatives 14-county coverage area as storms passed through northeast Florida Sunday afternoon. Most of the outages occurred in Marion and Putnam Counties. At 4 p.m. the co-op reported 949 customers without power in Alachua County, 204 in Bradford, 1,452 in Clay, 1,595 in Putnam and 108 in Union. Several power lines went down in the Melrose area. There were no reported injuries due to the storm. Clay sheriff catches parent with drugs at school Man does not go to jail Stevie Lee J. Branch Jr. sits on the sidewalk to the right of his pickup while a deputy stands nearby. Photo: Clay Higher taxes discussed as county looks at funding school security BY MARK J. CRAWFORD Telegraph Editor Clay County government is coming together to address the cost of increasing school security, but the solution may rest in the pockets of taxpayers. During an amicable meeting April 10, Sheriff Darryl Daniels a $4.5 million hole in his budget I have to stand up 48 new that dont exist because of this state mandate to have these schools all the schools, Daniels said. To have every campus covered by the next school year, the hiring must begin now, he said. He broke down the $4.5 million cost, including more than $1.5 million in personnel $720,000 in operating expenses and $1.9 million in capital outlay. In addition to the cars and other equipment, this money would provide 36 deputies to six deputies that could serve in training deputy to oversee performance of a minimum of four sergeants and a lieutenant to serve as supervisors. The visit was not about bullying the board, Daniels said, just to present information about what they are facing. But along with that information the sheriff said he had spoken with members of the public, and they in the schools. As far at the sheriff goes, I want to do whats in the best interest of our children, and Im sure that each commissioner wants to do whats in the best interests of our children, he said. They could hire in phases, biting off a chunk at a time, but that would leave schools exposed, and Daniels said he doesnt want to be the person in charge of prioritizing schools or, even worse, being seen as prioritizing some childrens lives over others. I dont want to be that guy, Daniels said. Daniels referred to having an alternative option in the Guardian Program, but School Board Member Betsy Condon told county commissioners that the school board was sticking by a longtime policy that only would be allowed to carry guns on campuses. The sheriff acknowledged the position deciding whether or not to take on this funding responsibility. Youre in a catch-22 position. Youre danged if you do, danged if you dont, so I dont envy where you are tonight, he said. a provider of security services, a middle man, he said. The commissioners hold the purse strings. What Im saying and asking for as the sheriff is lets not politicize this subject. Lets do whats in the best interests of the county, do whats in the best interests of these kids. No one wants to be the one who has raising taxes or millage rates associated with their name, however, none of us expected this to fall in our laps in this budget year. After 31 years, garden expert leaving Keystone Heights BY DAN HILDEBRAN Managing Editor Kelly Thomas is going home. The garden expert at Bryans Ace Hardware has spent the last 31 years answering questions and solving problems for Lake Region gardeners. Thomas will be returning to his hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia and also to take on the challenge of running one of the largest garden centers in the southeast. Thomas came to the Lake Region in 1987. A grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins already lived here. Over time, Grandma passed, and the others started to scatter, he recalled, I had gotten this job and the people here became my family. The only blood relatives that remain with Thomas in the Lake Region is one aunt and uncle. After I leave, they will be moving to be with their son in Alabama, Thomas explained. became interested in gardening, Thomas replied: I was born that way, adding that he was raised by farmers and growers. My grandparents taught me a lot, he added. My greatgrandmother was they were all native Americans and they were really into the herbs and the plants. Thomas was raised in Homerville: between Valdosta and Waycross and later in Milledgeville: 159 miles north. He said that after moving to The image of Kelly Thomas on a delivery truck of Bryans Ace Hardware. See KELLY, 2B See SCHOOLS, 2B


2B Lake Region Monitor Thursday, April 19, 2018 CRIME the Lake Region, he needed a job, heard that Ace Hardware had a nice garden center and that there was an opening. Bill Gibbs hired me, he in, became friends with the people and friends with the whole town. Customers became family He said the job description has been simple: make customers happy. A big part of that is answering their questions, but Thomas said many of the questions he gardening. A lot of our customers are older, and their families are up north, he said. They have no one here, so Im kind of like their grandchild. They can come in and talk a little bit gives them somebody to lean on. When they dont come in, I miss them, he added. They are more than just customers. And when you are here for a long period of time, you become friends with their families. I became a part of their lives. He also said he will miss his fellow members of the Garden Club of the Lakes. Thomas was group. The Garden Club is my anchor, he said. They are the ones that make things happen. He describes leaving those friends and his customers behind as devastating. Then, its great, he added, because Im moving closer to home, where all my family is now. Thomas added that he will working as the garden center manager for the largest Ace Hardware in the southeast: Ace of Gray, a seven-acre complex in Gray, Georgia, about halfway between Milledgeville and Macon. The job came open at a perfect time, he said, adding that decision to make, especially because of the relationships he has with the stores owners. Bill and Debbie and all the employees here, plus their kids: theyre all like family, he said. Reuniting with family However, while leaving the Gibbs family and his Bryans Ace Hardware co-workers, Thomas will be reuniting with his mother, whom he has telephoned every day and twice on Sundays for years. Thomass father passed away four years ago and is well known in the Milledgeville area as the founder of Freedom Church. I have two brothers, a sister, and all their children, he said, plus lots of cousins. Thomas said he particularly wants to spend more time with his mother while she is still in good health. This is the time that you need to go, he said. Dont wait until its too late. Moms healthy. She loves to go out to dinner, she likes to go out and see a movie and do things. There will come a time when she cant. I want to be there for her now, when we can make those memories. Its the same for my nephews, he added. I want to watch them grow up. Surprise message on a cake Thomas said he surprised his mother with the news of his return with a cake that read: Im coming home. I went up there one Monday after work and found out Mom had planned to go to a place called the Tea Room with some friends. Thomas and his brother planned to surprise their mother by Thomas giving her a dozen roses and then the cake with its message. When she saw me she started crying and asking: Why are you here? What is wrong? You are supposed to be in Florida. Thomas gave her the cake and asked her to read the message, understand. Then, of course, we all had happy tears, he said. She has prayed for years that I would come home. He said the family is close, and frequently gathers for cookouts and other events. I miss that, he said. I guess Im getting older. Looking back on his time in Keystone Heights, Thomas said he would not change a thing. Thirty-one years has been spent well, he said. I dont know how I could have spent 31 years any better. USPS 114-170 Published each Thursday and entered as Periodical Postage Paid at Keystone Heights, Florida under Act of March 3, 1879.POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Lake Region MonitorP.O. Drawer A Starke, FL 32091 131 W. Call Street Starke, FL 32091Phone: (904)964-6305 Fax: (904)964-8628 Daniel Hildebran, General Manager Subscription Rate in Trade Area $39.00 per year: $20.00 six months Outside Trade Area: $39.00 per year: $20.00 six monthsEditor: Dan Hildebran Sports Editor: Cliff Smelley Advertising: John R. Tillman Typesetting: Eileen Gilmore Advertising & Newspaper Prod: Beth Tillman Bookkeeping & Classified Adverts: Heather Wheeler Bookkeeping Asst: Linda Lacombe Front office Asst: Jenny Starnes Publisher: John M. Miller Lake Region Monitor Thomas with Debbie Gibbs Thomas broke the news of his return to Georgia with a surprise cake to his mother which read, Im coming home. KELLY Continued from 1B Commissioner Wayne Bolla said at the end of the day this looks like a tax issue. I would hope that the citizens will understand that and possibly when the school board goes out with another ad valorem, they can understand where its coming from, he said. Having said that, its incumbent on us to step up and make sure this happens. Commissioner Diane Hutchings said if special tax funding is sought, it should be designated for this purpose and no other. It maintains its integrity, and the taxpayer knows Thats what Im paying for. So if we could work toward that, I think that would be a positive, said Hutchings. Commissioner Gavin Rollins asked the boards attorney if the legislation on school security obligated county government to fund anything they had discussed, and she said the legislation requires the school district and sheriff to work together but on the county commission. Had the mandate come sooner, Superintendent Addison Davis said the school board could have made some different decisions regarding pay increases for its employees and put that money toward If they had known what was coming, they would have done things differently, he said. I do believe openly that the school district owns this, Addison told Rollins, however, I come to you as superintendent of schools along with the school board to ask for an extension of help and ask for you to be a partner in roundtable discussions about how we can make this expectation become a reality. The state increased the school districts allocation of Safe Schools money from around $500,000 to $1.8 million. Of that amount, $250,000 must be spent on other initiatives such as antibullying. The remaining amount will be spent on resource Even if the county has reserve funding to cover the startup, Davis agreed with Bolla that they will have to think about ways to generate additional revenue. The school district hopes that state revenue to support the Guardian Program can be diverted to school opt out of arming employees. Dates will be chosen for future discussions. In the meantime, Daniels said he needs to begin hiring. Those with experience can be placed in school positions immediately, but rookie hires will receive patrol positions as experienced deputies are moved from patrol into the schools. SCHOOLS Continued from 1B Deputies: Keystone man abducted Clay deputies arrested a Keystone Heights man after he led them on a chase and punched detained. David Cirocco Fox, 26, was arrested for aggravated assault child abuse without great bodily harm, adult false imprisonment, false imprisonment on a child 13 years of age or younger, felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment, driving with a suspended or eluding. According to an arrest report, deputies surrounded Foxs truck while looking for another suspect with Bradford and Clay county warrants. Foxs truck, he backed out of a several deputies pursuing him and driving along parallel streets. When the defendant got stuck in some sand, deputies were able to remove Fox from the truck. Deputy Sheriff Tomlinson and I were able to remove him from the truck, wrote arresting pulling his foot away from the accelerator and stopping the truck. As the driver was removed from the vehicle, he struck me causing a laceration to my lower lip. Freshour added that Fox police dog bit him. and placed his hands behind his back, allowing us to place him into handcuffs, he added. Deputies then interviewed a woman who was in the truck with her children. She told the vehicle. She explained that the children were crying and did not want to go into the truck because they were scared of the suspect, wrote the deputy. Deputies also found cocaine, the vehicle. In other Lake Region arrests: William Wyatt Harvin, 20, was arrested April 13 in Keystone Heights by Clay deputies for possession of not more then 20 grams of marijuana. Coy Lee Franklin, 26, was arrested in Keystone Heights April 11 by Clay deputies for sale and delivery of methamphetamine. Cody Franklin Rowe, 29, was arrested in Keystone Heights April 13 by Clay deputies for sale and delivery of narcotics. Glenn Gary Stanton, 55, was arrested in Keystone Heights April 11 by Clay deputies for possession of methamphetamine, possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug equipment. Police: Man swiped watch from Walmart Starke police arrested a 68-year-old Starke man after a said he attempted to steal a watch and soft drinks. Hiram Short was arrested April 14 for larceny. According to an arrest report, the store employee saw the defendant take a Timex watch from a display case and open its package with a pair of pliers. She then observed Short select various food items and also a 24pack of Pepsi soda. Arresting in a report. (She) also observed Short discard the case that the watch came in without the watch. The defendant then tried to leave the business, but the store arrived. The defendant told police that he forgot to pay for the soda and that he left the watch in the store. It was not located. Bukowski added that Short had one prior retail theft arrest. In other Bradford County arrests: Sarah Ann Benner, 28, of Lawtey was arrested April 14 by Bradford deputies for a probation violation and possession of drug See CRIME, 3B


Thursday, April 19, 2018 Lake Region Monitor 3B THANK YOU residents of the City of Keystone Heights! I am grateful so many of you came out and supported me on April 10. Together, we will: Complete the Palatka-Lake Butler Trailhead Promote and grow the Keystone Heights Airport Maintain our quality of life in Keystone Heights Celebrate and recognize our citizens for their accomplishments Karen Lake Mayor of Keystone Heights equipment. Dale Jeffery Burkett, 49, of Tampa was arrested April 12 by Bradford deputies for withholding support. Otis Downer, 32, of Gainesville was arrested April 13 by Bradford deputies for driving with a suspended or revoked license. Janeka Breanne Green, 29, of Starke was arrested April 16 by Starke police for driving with a revoked or suspended license. Raiford was arrested April 15 by Bradford deputies for three probation violations. Tom Marks, 65, of Starke was arrested April 11 by Starke police for battery. Tyler Ryan Recard, 18, of Keystone Heights was arrested April 13 by Bradford deputies for burglary and larceny. Cody Franklin Rowe, 28, of Starke was arrested April 11 by Bradford deputies for an out-ofcounty warrant. Benjamin Phillip Stevens, 39, of Starke was arrested April 13 by Bradford deputies for battery. Union County arrests: Charles Arthur Futch, 33, of Lake Butler was arrested April 10 by Union deputies on a Union County warrant for vehicle theftthird degree grand theft. Anthony D. Hendrith, 23, of Lake Butler was arrested April 14 by Union deputies for battery. Michael Lloyd James, 43, of Lake Butler was arrested April 11 by Union deputies for an outof-county warrant. Samantha Shyann Polk, 26, of Brooker was arrested April 10 by Union deputies for fraudKendal Brice Seay, 24, of Raiford was arrested April 15 by Union deputies for driving under Kerrie Crawford Shields, 42, of Lake Butler was arrested April 9 by Union deputies for an outof-county warrant. Arielle Suzanne Spangler, 19, of Lake Butler was arrested April 15 by Union deputies for possession of marijuana not more than 20 grams. Vinson OBrian Wintons, 27, was arrested April 10 by Union deputies for an out-of-county warrant. CRIME Continued from 2B Pep rally gets students excited about testing BY ATHIE SANDERS Special to the Monitor Third through sixth grade students about to take the Florida Standards Assessment at Keystone Heights Elementary School attended pep rallies in the gym to have fun and get excited about taking the tests in the coming weeks. We know you are going to do fantastic on your tests, Principal Melanie Sanders told the students. You are ready. You have great teachers and they have taught you what you need to know to do awesome. Sanders introduced special guests: varsity cheerleaders from the high school. The cheerleaders got the students boisterous. Students were told of incentives they could earn by doing their best on the exams. Limo rides, glow dance parties and food were mentioned. Assistant Principal Corinne Lavin passed out coupons for snacks from the schools Snack Shack as students names were called for making educational gains in one or more areas on last years test. Teachers chose a few students and they practiced dance moves for a dance contest, judged by which group received the loudest cheers. Students also volunteered to be part of a panel. They were asked questions about what they should do to prepare for the test now that it was about to happen. The answers: eat a good breakfast, get plenty of rest, read every question carefully, read all the answer choices and choose the best one and dont rush were some responses. The Florida Standards Assessment measures student mastery of the standards taught. Critical thinking is emphasized. The test includes more that multiple choice questions. Students will create graphs, interact with test content and write and respond in different ways. Third-grade students will be required to achieve a certain score on the third grade assessment in order to advance to fourth grade. Students not meeting these criteria may still meet promotion requirements through other options provided. Testing started the week of April 16 and go until the end of vary by grade and students are not tested every day. principal and Melanie ready to get students


4B Lake Region Monitor Thursday, April 19, 2018 Church revives ministry to community BY ATHIE SANDERS Special to the Monitor Primetimers at Keystone United Methodist Church reconvened in February after years of inactivity. Primetimers was a strong community outreach program that ended over 10 years ago, and we want to see it serving our community again, said Fred Getzman. Getzman revived the ministry in February. Im giving it three months then Im out of here. At that time, we need someone willing to continue leading this group. Ill help but I just cant lead, said Getzman. Gilda Kinsey was introduced as the new chairwoman of the group. Kinsey provided an outline of programing through October. The dining room was set up to accommodate those with reservations but easily expanded by moving room dividers to provide tables for others that had become aware of the event and attended. Primetimers is open to everyone. We want to have the community come, take all the said Kinsey. Primetimers were served homemade chicken and rice, green beans, garlic bread or biscuit and chocolate frosted brownies. Entertainment was provided by James and Sylvia, an acoustic guitar duo out of Jacksonville. The pair has released more than 15 CDs including classical and contemporary guitar styles. Sylvia performed with the famous Cleveland Orchestra and James with The Olympics in Barcelona, Spain in 1991 and the 2005 Super Bowl in Jacksonville. Shelia Creigh will be guest speaker May 8 sharing her story of her childhood in England during World War II. We celebrate Memorial Day program for all of us to remember in times of war, said Kinsey. The May meeting will feature a covered dish salad luncheon. Call and to make May reservations at 352-473-3829. performance.


Regional News Regional News B Section Thursday, April 19, 2018 News from Bradford County, Union County and the Lake Region FEATURES CRIME SOCIALS OBITUARIES EDITORIAL 29th rf BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer You are invited to travel cancer, but you only have to travel to Starke to do so. The annual BradfordKeystone-Union Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, is Saturday, April 21, at 2 a.m. event, which takes place at the is Relay Around the World. the event, it is not an actual relay or race, where runners hand off batons. Instead, it is an event that features food, entertainment and fun for the cause. teams are asked to have at all times. Linda Lee, who is a full-time battle, she said. Cancer survivors and their attend. Altrusa International of Starke will provide a free dinner for survivors and After dinner, survivors and anthem and Roman Alvarez Various food options will be available for those the Madison Street Baptist Church Tumornators will with the Around the World theme, Community State barbie. The Bradford County of your dessert options in the form of strawberry shortcake. just come down to the track? too, Lee said. Crowning royalty, racing boxcars and more Relay events As usual, the Relay for Life will have several scheduled will start at 6:30 p.m. We had more spectators for Bradford-Keystone-Union Relay for Life starts Friday at BHS track Linda Lee (left) shares an emotional moment with Sam Patel, who listens to his granddaughter Simran talk about how cancer affected their family at last years Relay for Life. Patel lost his wife, Hema, to squamous cell carcinoma. years boxcar race. The race returned to the local Relay for Life when Lawson served as its chair and has proven to be a popular activity. See RELAY, 2B


2B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Thursday, April 19, 2018 T h e h i r i n g o f a l a w y e r i s a n i m p o r t a n t d e c i s i o n t h a t s h o u l d n o t b e b a s e d s o l e l y u p o n a d v e r t i s e m e n t s B e f o r e y o u d e c i d e a s k u s t o s e n d y o u i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t o u r q u a l i f i c a t i o n s a n d e x p e r i e n c e Florida Twin Theatre All Seats $6 Before 6 p.m. 964-5451 Visit us on-line at SCREEN 1Starts FridayFri 7:00, 9:05 Sat 4:50, 7:00, 9:05 Sun 4:50, 7:00 Wed Thur 7:15 Fri 7:05, 9:10 Sat 5:05, 7:05, 9:10 Sun 5:05, 7:05 Wed Thur 7:30SCREEN 2 Now Showing Lucy Hale Dwayne Johnson Lyn Veliz, who emcees the Relay for Life with her father, Chuck Kramer, is pictured with her daughter, Dani, during last years Im in for the Cure Royalty Pageant. The pageant is open to age divisions 0-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12, with winners (male and female) being selected in each and an overall king and queen crowned. those nine little contestants other kind of entertainment, A prince and princess will division: 0-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Secondand thirdthe division winners. The entry fee is $20 prior to of the event. please send email to contact@ Another popular event better every year, Lee said. RELAY Continued from 1B The reason I relay is for our community. This is my 15th year helping with Relay for Life. On a more personal note, my mom cancer and lost the battle last July. Every single family is affected by this horrible disease. I hope a cure. Every person and every dollar can make a difference I just hope I can a cure. Chrissy Thompson Why I relay year. The frozen T-shirt contest p.m. Contestants race each other to put on T-shirts that have been soaked, wadded up and frozen. p.m. Various themed laps are scheduled as well, so don any necessary items if many Olympic sports can and Pajama Party/Wacky Hair Why Relay exists Relay for Life, of course, is elation as survivors walk the the disease are remembered. At 9:30 p.m., the luminaria candles that have been placed Im very blessed to have survived the disease. While I was going through treatments, I looked into what those drugs were and learned that for two of the three, the research were funded by the American Cancer Society. I decided to give back and help raise more money to fund more research to save other lives. Right now, my husbands best friend is battling pancreatic cancer. Several of my customers (at Walgreens of Starke) as well. They just keep adding up. So I keep going. Melanie Fuhrman Getting others together from the community and raising awareness of all the different things the American Cancer Society does do not just the Relay for Life. It has a place close to my heart. Hannah Honour I relay because as a nurse, Im tired of seeing my patients struggle with cancer. As a friend and family member, Im tired of seeing people I love battle the disease. And as a mother, I never want my children to hear the words, You have cancer. Raising money for the American Cancer Society is something that I can do to make a difference in the Ill be Relaying. Esther Lawson My passion to Relay began in 2009 when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a desire to make a difference for her or someone else battling cancer. I Relayed then because my faith and hope strong. I assured my mom that I would never lose hope. I Relay now for those Birthday. I Relay because I love people. Dodie Sapp I just Relay to kick cancers butt one day. Linda Lee has cancer or who has died because of cancer. Whenever you walk around the track and see those hundreds and hundreds of your heart, Lee said. in memory of someone by email to Hannah Honour at So many are touched by She continues to be involved with Relay for Life because of the loss of one of her parents. form of cancer that my mom passed away from, which is cancer, Lee said. When she 100-percent terminal. You may live nine months, or you may live two years, but you with that form of cancer. liams combine for KHHS 9 individuals, 2 relay teams earn the right to BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer Teammate Haley Phillips was second in the 1600m with a time of with a time of 13:20.43. See KHHS, 3B at the start of the 1600m. She won it and the 3200m.


BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer do you need to describe your an April 12 ceremony in the University. said when asked to describe how she felt. Just blessed and much. Why not? It seemed the perfect prior to her junior year, she that connects student athletes result, she received interest from I took some visits. I just fell in love with Belhaven. appealed to her because the campus is beautiful and it offers the University of Mississippi. people in Mississippi are nice. She especially received a warm coaches and players. They were so sweet, she At the conclusion of her senior at Bradford Middle School, also played for the club teams Vision Black Creek Volleyball. Belinda Phillips, who was year, was unable to attend the volleyball player. I knew when would be an asset, not only to Bradford, but to any team she was a part of. I wish Chelsea the opportunity to further her loves. years at BHS, the last three of which she was the number-one seed. She may try to play at Belhaven. After a year, when I see how maybe try to pursue it if I still Belhaven Blazer. Thursday, April 19, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 3B Dr. Virgil A. BerryCHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIANServing the area for 29 years. Modern methods with old-fashioned concern. Auto Accidents Work Injuries Headaches Neck and Back Pain Back & Neck Pain Clinic Contact me today at 904-364-0123 Dawn Corbett DAWN CORBETT AGENCY INC 116 N Walnut St Starke, FL 32091 904-364-0123 We are an insurance agency, that means we work for you. My job is to protect your family. AUTO CLASSIC CAR BOAT RV MOTORCYCLE RENTERS UMBRELLAD C Contact me today at 904-364-0123 Dawn Corbett DAWN CORBETT AGENCY INC 116 N Walnut St Starke, FL 32091 904-364-0123 dawn@corbettagency.netWe are an insurance agency, that means we work for you. My job is to protect your family.AUTO CLASSIC CAR BOAT RV MOTORCYCLE RENTERS UMBRELLAD C Contact me today at 904-364-0123 Dawn Corbett DAWN CORBETT AGENCY INC 116 N Walnut St Starke, FL 32091 904-364-0123 We are an insurance agency, that means we work for you. My job is to protect your family.AUTO CLASSIC CAR BOAT RV MOTORCYCLE RENTERS UMBRELLAD C Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance AUTO HOMEMOTORCYCLE MOBILE HOME BOAT RENTERS UMBRELLACLASSIC CAR RV Insurance Agency Tree & Field Services, Inc. 24 Hour Emergency Services Complete Tree Services Land Clearing Privacy, Wood & Farm Fences Debris Removal Firewood & Cooking Wood Residential & Commercial BHS Creighton to play volleyball at Belhaven Bradford High School senior Chelsea Creighton, seated between parents Stacey and Dave Creighton, signs her letter of intent to play volleyball at Belhaven University. Academy in Orlando. in the 1600m, Keystone also and Jerry Payne, had a time of Bannon in the 100m hurdles with relay team of Phillips, Yeldell, Schrader with a time of 4:30.49. Bannon and Yeldell each came in other events as well. Bannon the 300m hurdles, while Yeldell beat out Yeldell for the last spot in the triple jump with a distance of 9 meters. Marshall was fourth with a time Anderson, who was third in the discus with a throw of 36.24, while Payne and Tyler Shaw who had a time of 2:11.33. Shaw had a time of 11:14.23. Tyler Colaw, Tyler Cumbus Mason Stitt in the triple jump from Cumbus in the discus Cumbus 9.61, Zachary Parmeter KHHS Continued from 2B Camryn Williams won district championships in the 1600m and 3200m. Haley Phillips earned a regional berth with a 1600m. Alex Guy won district championships in the 800m and 1600m.


4B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Thursday, April 19, 2018 Serving Families in North Florida since 1973 STARKE OFFICE OPEN 8:30 to 5:00 MON-FRIHwy 301 North, Starke 904-964-2010 (Next to Best Western) The areas largest supplier of Colored GraniteWhen Quality Counts, You Can Count On UsPrimary Location in Lake City at 561 NW Hilton Ave.Member of Better Business Bureau Monument Builders of North America Florida Monument BuildersFL Lic. # F037700 340 E. Walker Drive(SR 100)Keystone Heights P. Steven Futch Funeral DirectorJoe Gallagher Owner/Funeral DirectorWere here for youTo help celebrate a lifeto help say goodbye.Whether your loved one wanted a traditional funeral or a more casual way to bring family and friends together, well help your remembrance be something special. Let us ease the burden and help you celebrate a life in a wonderful way.Complete Funeral Arrangements Pre-planning Assistance Cremation Services Monuments Out of Town Arrangements Spacious and Intimate Facilities O Street Parking Kelli Parks Moreland Funeral Director620 East Nona Street(corner of SR 100)Starke 904.964.6200 620 East Nona Street(corner of SR 100)Starke 904.964.6200 340 E. Walker Drive(SR 100)Keystone Heights 352.473.3176 Obituaries Alicia Baker HAMPTON Alicia Dawn Baker passed away at home on Sunday, April 15, 2018 following a lengthy illness. Alicia was born in Gainesville on Oct. 20,1978 to Lynda Clayton Baker and Jeffery Baker. Alicia was raised in and around the Starke Area and attended Bradford County public schools. She loved to cook, do art projects with her children and going to the beach. She had a passion for music and was an avid movie buff. She loved to make people laugh and had a generous heart and a forgiving nature. She is survived by: her daughters, Mia Thomas of Hampton Lake and Anna Strickland of Keystone Heights; her mother, Lynda Baker of Hampton; her father, Jeffery Baker of Hampton; sister, Nicole Baker of Hampton; brother, Jeffery Baker of Hampton; sister, Leigh-Ann Baker of Hampton; grandmothers, Anna Clayton of Hampton Lake and Helen Baker of Hampton and numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. A celebration of life will be held beginning at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 19th at 7664 SW CR 18 on Hampton Lake. A family burial service will be held at a later date at Santa Fe cemetery. PAID OBITUARY Arthur Cote STARKE Arthur Art Roland Cote, age 65, of Starke passed away on Monday, April 9, 2018 at Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville with his loving family by his side. Art was born in Derry, New Hampshire on Aug. 23, 1952 to the late Roland Roe Cote and Evelyn Eve Lambert Cote. Art was raised in New Hampshire and attended Pinkerton Academy. After school, Art relocated to Jacksonville to help his grandfather with beekeeping. Shortly after, Art joined the United States Navy and proudly served during the Vietnam War. Following his honorable discharge from the military, Art worked in many different careers. Art was a jack of all trades and enjoyed many hobbies throughout his life. He was a Carriage Driver for the horse and buggies in St. Augustine, a in Starke for over 25 years. Art met the love of his life, Cynthia Elder Thomas, while working at the mattress factory and happily married her on April 6, 2003. Art was a devoted husband and loved cooking and collecting frogs. He was nicknamed the Frog Prince for his frog fascination and was known for his amazing meals. He was preceded in death by his parents; nephew, Freddie Smith; his brother-in-law, Mr. David Walton. Art is survived by: his loving wife, Cynthia M. Cote of Starke; his step son, Scott Thomas and companion, Sara Bayles, of Hawthorne; his brother, Peter Cote of Manchester, New Hampshire; and his sisters, Donna Smith Walton of Goffstown, New Hampshire and Martha Cote of St. Augustine. A Celebration of Arts Life will be held at a later date. Arrangements are under the care and direction of V. Todd Ferreira Funeral Services and Archie Tanner Memorial Chapel, Starke. 904-964-5757. Visit to sign the familys guest book. PAID OBITUARY Cleo Goss STARKECleo Marie Goss passed away peacefully on Friday, March 30, 2018 at the age of 102. Cleo was born on Nov. 14, 1915 in Dallas, Georgia. For many years, Cleo worked in Jacksonville at Purcells and Nancy Scott as credit manager. She was predeceased by her parents, Georgia and Garrett Ragsdale; sister, Mildred Ragsdale; Strickler; second husband, James Edwin Goss; and step-son, Charles W. Strickler, Jr. Cleo is survived by stepdaughter, Nancy Strickler Arnold; nieces, Brenda Ragsdale Roberts, and Martha Ragsdale Muntean; nephew, Jerry Ragsdale. The family gives special thanks and praise to Jeanette Campbell for the many years of loving care and friendship given to Cleo and to Cleos wonderful caregivers and friends at Windsor Health and First United Methodist Church, Windsor Health and Rehabilitation Center in Starke, Haven Hospice in Orange Park or charity of your choice. A memorial service will be held May 8 at 2:00 pm at First United Methodist Church, 200 N. Walnut Street, Starke, followed by a private burial service at Jacksonville National Cemetery where her ashes will be placed next to those of James E. Goss. Arrangements are under the care and direction of V. Todd Ferreira Funeral Services and Archie Tanner Memorial Chapel, Starke. 904-964-5757. Visit to sign the familys guest book. PAID OBITUARY Mary Jenkins LAKE BUTLERMary Alice Jenkins, 72, a lifelong resident Lake Butler died on Monday, April 9, 2018. She was born to the late Lloyd and Margaret Bradley in Jacksonville. She is preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Walter Wayne Jenkins Sr.; son, Walter Wayne Jenkins Jr.; grandchildren, Daniel T. Jenkins II, Edward Wayne Stratton Sr., Callie Rose Stratton. She is survived by: children, Daniel T. (Lydia) Jenkins, Scott B. Jenkins, Janet Diane (Lydia) Stratton; fourteen brothers and sisters; six grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. A graveside service was held on April 13 at Mt. Zion Cemetery. Arrangements are under the care of Archer Funeral Home, Lake Butler. Betty Lee LAKE BUTLER Betty Jean Feagle Lee, age 89, passed away on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. She was born in St. Petersburg to the late Albert and Bertie Keene Feagle on Jan. 21, 1929. As a young girl she moved to the Lake Butler area and met her husband George W. Lee, Jr. of Lulu. At 21, Betty and George married on April 15, 1950. Betty was a homemaker and devoted mother to their one son, Ronald (Ronnie) D. Lee. She was a longtime member of The Lulu Advent Christian Church in Lulu. She and George enjoyed traveling together and for many years she enjoyed square dancing. Betty was an excellent seamstress and she also crocheted. She loved dogs and she especially loved beagles. She collected many kinds of read and enjoyed being at home. Betty is preceded in death by her parents; her husband, George W. Lee, Jr.; and her son, Ronald D. Lee. Betty will be greatly missed by her family and friends. Services for Betty were held on April 13 at Archer Funeral Home in Lake Cemetery. PAID OBITUARY Cecil Taylor LAKE BUTLERCecil Jessie Taylor, 63, of Lake Butler died on Saturday, March 31, 2018. He was born to the late Howard and Virginia Taylor in Peirce County, Georgia where he was raised. He retired as a maintenance technician. He is preceded in death by: father, Howard Taylor; mother, Virginia Durrance Taylor; brother, Sgt. Larry Durrance; sister, Jenny L. Taylor; sister-inlaw, Annie Dickson; maternal grandparents, Jessie and Hattie Durrance; and paternal grandparents, William and Jennie Taylor. He is survived by: brothers, Bruce E. Dickson, Howard (Cathy) Taylor Jr.; and sisters, Jeanette King, Mildred L. (Jerry) Thompson. A graveside service will be held on April 21 at Ramah Cemetery in Pierce County, Georgia. Arrangements are under the care of Archer Funeral Home, Lake Butler. Joseph Thornton LAKE BUTLER Joseph B. Joe Thornton, 75, of Lake Butler died on Friday, April 13, 2018 at home, surrounded by his family, following a lengthy illness. He was born March 17, 1943 to the late Carl Thornton and Beulah Green Thornton. He was retired from E.I. DuPont and was a farmer. He was a member of Pine Level Baptist Church. He is survived by: his wife of 57 years, Dorothy Dottie Thornton; children, Suzanne Mills, Janice (Joe) Thagard and Blaine Thornton; four grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Services were held on April 16 at Archer Funeral Home, Lake Butler with please call 386-496-2008. A private burial will be at later date at the family cemetery. Louis Wilkins KEYSTONE HEIGHTSLouis E. Mr. Lou Wilkins, age 83, of Keystone Heights passed away Sunday, April 15, 2018 at his home after an extended illness. He was born July 26, 1934 in Newfane, New York to the late Elwood and Marion (Hall) Wilkins. Following his years of service in the United States Army, Mr. Wilkins decided to make Florida his home. He had lived in Lake City for several years then he retired to Keystone Heights in 1991. Mr. Wilkins spent 28 years in law enforcement and 16 of those were in Union County as in death by: his wife, Danette Wilkins; a son, David Wilkins; a daughter, Wendy Wilkins, and a granddaughter, Cynthia Nikki Mann. His survivors are: his son, Douglas Wilkins; three daughters, Linda grandchildren Crystal Browning, John Warfel, Tanisha Adkins, Jessica Hunt, and Jasmine Warfel along with seven great-grandchildren. A memorial service for Mr. Wilkins will be held at 6:00 p.m., Monday, April 23 in the Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home Chapel. Arrangements are under the care of Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home, Keystone Heights. PAID OBITUARY Wayne Wilson MELROSE Wayne Pork Chop Wilson, 61, of Melrose died on Monday, April 9, 2018 at Shands UF in Gainesville after an extended illness. He was born in Augusta, Georgia on July 12, 1956 to Albert Pinkney and Bessie Sue Wilson. Raised in Archer, he moved to Melrose 30 years ago. He was preceded in death by his parents. He is survived by: his wife of 29 years, Darla J. Wilson of Melrose; sons, Kevin Wayne (Heidi) Wilson of Melrose and Kevin Michael (Cassie) Wilson of Melrose; brother, Danny Wilson of Ocala; two grandchildren and many other family members. A memorial service was held April 13 at Eliam Baptist Church, Melrose. Arrangements are under the care of Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home, Keystone Heights. Letters On Their Job Last Friday as I was going south on the road to the east of the Union County School, I received a phone call, so I pulled off to the edge of the highway so I could answer the call. Less than a minute into the phone call two Union County deputies pulled up wanting to know if they could help me. So I got off the phone and answered the deputies, I needed to go get a key from a teacher at the high school to do work at a local church in Lake Butler. I thanked the deputies for being alert to the safety of the students at the school. Deputies keep it up. Henry Hodge Lawtey BHS softball team ends regularseason district play with 10-9 win BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer record. 10-7. Palatka scored two runs with two outs in the top of the seventh McCoy and Markayla Sanford each had one RBI, with Blankenship 11-1 loss to Baker is Indians 3rd straight BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer Baker County handed the loss by a score of 11-1 on April the team went a combined 3-fordouble by Trey Alsabrook. White scored three runs in the top the Indians a 3-2 lead. Osteen went 2-for-3 with a solo home run and two RBI. Alachua. The Raiders scored 11 runs and a hit batter. Keystone had a nine-run third Searle. Alsabrook had three RBI, run on three hits and two walks. Marion this past Tuesday and will host district opponent P.K. p.m. Keystone then travels to April 24, at 4:30 p.m. before See BHS, 5B


Thursday, April 19, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 5B Roof Leaks Re-Roofs Shingles Metal Low Slope Mobile Home Commercial Lifetime Roofs Siding Rotten Wood Replacement FREE ESTIMATES Locally Owned www.LewisWalkerRoofing.comGuaranteed Best Service Guaranteed Best Warranties Guaranteed Best Prices Toll Free 866-959-7663 The annual meeting of the stockholders of for the election of Directors, and the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting, will be held at The Womans Club of Starke, 201 North Walnut Street in Starke on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. UCHS baseball team sweeps doubleheader against Cottondale BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer Croft and Skyler Shatto each which saw one run scored on a wild pitch, one scored on an error, one scored on a hit batter with the bases loaded and two scored on bases-loaded walks. Croft went 2-for-4 with a double. He, Shatto, Matthew walk. He had seven strikeouts. Whip Davis closed it out, and Mullins, as well as an RBI double by Tripp Davis. who went 2-for-3, had three 2-for-2, had two RBI. with the one RBI, earned the four hits and two walks, while Prior to the double-header, drove in the lone run with a twoCharter on April 16 and Bell on April 17. They travel to play District 6-1A opponent Hilliard Union then hosts Lake Weir on Monday, April 23, at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, at 6 p.m. Tripp Davis (left) takes a lead at third, while Coach Boo Mullins looks on. Skyler Shatto slides into home plate to score one of Cottondale double-header. Paden Clyatt takes a low pitch for a ball. Jake Worthington (right) avoids the Cottondale third baseman during a successful steal attempt. Right: Trevor Rogers bats game of the double-header. players to drive in a run in the game. Cottondale double-header. Third baseman Whip Davis awaits a throw thats too late on this Cottondale steal attempt. Shealey pitched a complete April 11 in Starke. The Tornadoes played West on Thursday, April 19, at 4 p.m. See related story for the schedule. BHS Continued from 4B


6B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Thursday, April 19, 2018 Unlike many Bradford County residents, Marty and Lisa Shaw have not lived here their entire lives. However, the new owners of Coldwell Banker Smith and Smith Realty may appreciate Starke and the more than the natives. Jacksonville, Marty has deep roots in Bradford County. well known in the community practiced law here for years and represented the area in the of visits to Starke, he recalled. From boom to bust in real estate development His father: Lamar Shaw School and the University of Marty earned a real estate of Alabama and worked at Services. We developed about $400 million worth of real estate Stores, you name it. The economy went really well for recession hit and wiped out his business. Selling custom homes Lisa made her way to Starke worked as a receptionist for a car dealership while she studied for her real estate license, then sold homes for a custom home builder. She met Marty in 2006 and The custom home business so both Marty and Lisa semiprojects. The worst round of golf In 2016, Tom Smith, one of the owners of Smith and Smith and Country Club, and the pair discussed real estate. By had a deal to buy the real estate It was the worst round of Lisa said that she and Marty career moves. The real estate decide what to do. Marty and Lisa said they had and real estate development to residential rural sales. time we were semi-retired, had collapsed and had been restructured. Loving small-town values Then, the couple had to attention to each individual Your customers are your friends, Lisa said. You may not remain friends for the rest you become the most important care of them. Your job is to nurture them and protect them, supposed to. Lisa added that she soon came to appreciate the smalltown attitude of rural northeast Here, people hold the door open for me, she said. In Jacksonville, I used to that did not have common courtesy. In Starke, common courtesy is standard. People in Jacksonville are so wrapped up in themselves and people community. here, Marty said. Values Bradford County and the to offer, he added. We may lack some of the amenities like the fair, strawberry festival and place to live, and if you really Lisa added that she appreciates the ability to personally know the people she does business with. Here, you know the people who work at city hall, she said. You know the sheriff. You know the principal at the school superintendent. In a opportunities. Coldwell Banker owners love new hometown Coldwell Banker Smith and Smith Realty owners: Lisa and Marty Shaw Local real estate trends Marty and Lisa said the residential real estate market today is a lack of inventory. homes than there are available. Marty added that as both builders to the area. They are develop some spec houses in School. locally is that commercial The commercial activity have a job to live here, Lisa places to spend your money. Lisa and Marty said they not only love their new hometown, they also want to do their part to make it better. We want to see families stay


Thursday, April 19, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 7B QUIT YOUR WAY Quitting tobacco isn't easy. Finding help should be. Tobacco Free Florida GROUP QUITIs the in-person option of Tobacco Free Florida Quit Your Way services. FREE FREE Programs cover all forms of tobacco. Above: Trent Bryant pitches against P.K. Yonge. loss to P.K. Yonge. Brandon Sanford (left) gets tagged out at home against P.K. Yonge. Second baseman Sterling Raab (right) tries to handle a throw that was too late in trying to get P.K. Yonges Devante Mitchum out on a steal attempt. Right: Cayden Martin make a relief appearance against P.K. Yonge. Dakota Mathews makes a Shortstop Jacob Polk prepares to BHS baseball team struggles in district losses to P.K. Yonge, Newberry BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer loss on April 11. district loss for the Tornadoes, who then went on to lose another four errors to score four runs in The Blue Wave scored all of Trent Bryant, but only two of Cayden Martin pitched the hit and one walk. Brandon Anders, Jacob Polk RBI. In the April 13 loss to just two hits. and will travel to play district Thursday, April 19, at 7 p.m. The Tornadoes then travel to play district opponent Interlachen on Monday, April 23, at 6 p.m. BHS Blankenship to play softball at Florida State College Jax Bradford High School senior Gracie Blankenship (second from left) signs her letter of intent to play softball at Florida State College at Jacksonville. She is seated between her parents, Kevin Blankenship (who is also the BHS head coach) and Dana Bell. Her stepfather, Mark Bell, is pictured at the far right. BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer life for more than 10 years. uniform and play for another couple of years. of intent to play softball at would have this opportunity, happy. Bradford Head Coach Kevin father, said the opportunity came about because of joined the team this year as an assistant coach. work in and really prepared herself and pushed herself this last year, Kevin Blankenship she needs. that were interested in her, but The coaches, the atmosphere, the players they were all just real nice. They took me in as one of the players already, she said. Blankenship, a catcher, is varsity as a sophomore, she doubles. Kevin Blankenship said in all of the Bradford players The coach said what of her. listen to her coaches and try to continue to do what her coaches ask her to do, Kevin Blankenship said. opportunity to play catcher does have a preference. school needed a catcher, so I just kind of stepped in. Kevin Blankenship said the is improve her work ethic, which is key for any player her own, he said. I think she around some of the other to. different a lot of emotions,


8B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Thursday, April 19, 2018 BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer Jordan Hill and Jade Hines each won an event for in another at the April 11-12 Cone Park. was second in the 200m with won the 200m with a time of participants. Harris will compete in runner-up in the 300m hurdles placed third in the 400m with advance in two events. He tied for second in the 200m with a time of 22.67, which was 100m with a time of 11.09. Lee will compete in the team of Kamren Thomas, Jalen Lane, Randy Lott and Austin Lovell just missed and seventh in the shot put 24.22. Kayla Daniel was the only Harris and Hines. She competed in the shot put Hill, Hines win district titles for BHS 5 Tornadoes qualify for April 25 regional competition of Eastsides Faith Turner to take second in the 200m. Jeremiah Vaughn competes in the 200m prelims. He MARY POWELL Thank you for your many years of hard work and dedication. You are an invaluable asset to our team. With much appreciation, Your Community State Bank Family


Thursday, April 19, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 9B 40 Notices EQUAL HOUSING OP PORTUNITY. All real estate advertising in this newspaper is sub ject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 in which makes it illegal to advertise any pref erence, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimina tion. Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custo dians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children un der 18. This newspa per will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate in which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwell ings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination, call HUD toll-free at 1-800669-9777, the toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275. For further information call Florida Commission on Human Relations, Lisa Sutherland 850-4887082 ext #1005. 42 Motor Vehicles (Rent, Lease, Sale) $CASH$ FOR JUNK cars, up to $500. Free pick up, running or not. Call 352-771-6191. 45 Land for Sale FOR SALE. Building lot on 17th Ave near Golf Course. For Sale on termsPay $199/mo. No interest.. Until you receive construction or Call 904-364-9022. 47 Commercial Property (Rent, Lease, Sale) OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT. Keystone Heights next to W.D. large conference room, kitchen, 2/BA, parking. $1000/per mo. on con tract. For info call 904364-9022. DOWNTOWN STARKE for rent. 113 E. Call St. Call Freddie American Dream Realty at 904509-9893. OFFICE LOCATION next to Walgreens. Suitable for retail or can be made Call 904-364-9022. 48 Homes for Sale 2 HOUSES FOR SALE/ LEASE TO BUY. Must have credit score of 660+ 3BR/2BA house. ers, Jacuzzi tub, gas Lake access. Post Mas ters Village in Keystone Heights. $1000/mo.$1050/mo. plus 1 month deposit. Call Dave 352-473-3560. 50 For Rent WE HAVE 2 OR 3 bed room MH, clean, close to prison. Call 352-4681323. NEWLY RENOVATED mobile homes. 3 BR/ 2 BA DW and 2 BR/ 2 BA. (One) 16x80 2 BR/2 BA. Lake Butler. 1-678-4386828. 53 A Yard Sales HUGE YARD SALE. 5 families, clothingadult & children. Knickbit of everything. Very Brownlee St. Starke. Saturday. 4/21. 9-till? YARD SALE. Fri. & Sat. 8am-? Tools, clothes, & misc. 100A Edwards Road. Follow signs. YARD SALE. Furniture, ladies clothes, cur tains, small applianc es, & and much more. 405 N Church St. Starke. MOVING SALE. Fri. & Sat. 8:00am-2:00pm. 8991 SE 50th Ave, Hampton, Fl. YARD SALE. 19551 HWY 233 Morgan Rd. Starke. Proceeds go to our church. FLEA MARKET at the Bradford Coun ty Fairgrounds. Saturday 4/21. 8-? Col lectables, woodwork, crafts, vegetable & houseplants, & much more. Booth rental fee goes to the FFA Schol arship Program. LIQUIDATION SALE. Re tiring, years of accumu lation. Furniture, trucks, boats, cars, trailers, Harley Davidson, Jag uar convertible, tools, table, golf cart, front end loader, sauna, saddles, vintage juke box, driving harness, lawn mower. Saturday 4/21. 8am-3pm. Orange Heights Pecan Nurs ery, HWY 301 & 26. Jim352-317-5880. 58 Child/Adult Home Care 24 HOUR HOME DAY CARE. All ages. Excel lent reference. 40 yr tions. CPRFirst aid. Starke, Fl area. Betty 740-534-3282 (Cell) xcellentnanny@yahoo. com (email.) 65 Help Wanted RETAIL SALES/CASHIER position available, apply at Gator II Farm Sup ply. South of Starke on Hwy 301. HS Diploma required. LAKE BUTLER HOSPITAL Facility and Main tenance Technician Pharmacy Tech Please visit our web site www.lakebutler for more out an application. PH. 386.496.2323 Ext 9258, Fax 386.496.2105 Equal Employment Op portunity / Drug & To bacco Free Workplace. LAKE BUTLER HOSPITAL Systems Administrator Please visit our web site www.lakebutler for more out an application. PH. 386.496.2323 Ext 9258, Fax 386.496.2105 Equal Employment Op portunity / Drug & To bacco Free Workplace. HELP WANTED; Laborer, able to lift and stack 50 lbs, stand for long pe riods of time. Follows directions. Experience with operating farm trac tor and spreaders. Lo cated in Maxville, FL on US Highway 301. Con tact 904-289-4322 LOOKING FOR FULLTIME STAFF to work with those w/ intellec tual disabilities in the Starke area. $9.50/hr to start. Must posses 1 yr. experience in pd childcare, healthcare or diploma/GED, reliable transportation & abili ty to pass background screenings. Must have a positive attitude. Call 904-964-7767 or send resume to progression EXECUTIVE AS SISSTANT The City Managerofthe CityofStarke is seeking an Executive Assistant to the City Manager. The successful can didate should have a minimum of 10 (ten) years progres sively responsible experience of adminis employee reports direct ly to the City Manager and will among other du ties: collect information from a variety of sourc es and compiles data for special and periodic re ports, composes reports and statistical data, pro vides job candidates by screening and testing potential employees, maintains personnel re cords, relieves the City Manager of various ad ministrative details in matters not requiring policy decisions. The successful candidate must have excel lent IT skills as well as verbal and writ ten communications. This position requires a drug free and smoke free environment. A complete listing of www.cityofstarke.ore. Pay will be dependent on range of $12-18 per hour. Some of the include retirement and ample personal leave time. The City of Starke pays 100% of employee only health insurance. Send cover letter and resume to ca reers^@cjtyofstarke.grR no later than Friday/ May 4, 2018. The City of Starke is an Equal Op portunity Employer. HAIRY BUSINESS is ac cepting applications for licensed cosmetologist. Daily pay, come in and 964-3338. HANDYMAN SERVICES. 904-796-2136. CNA FOR Home CareElderly. Has stom ach-feeding tube. Refer ence 904-263-7844. (904) 964-6305 (352) 473-2210 (386) 496-2261 Classified Ads Where one call does it all! 904-964-6305 DURRANCE PUMP Q UALITY SERVICE SINCE 1964 Pumps Sales Parts Service ST ATE LICENSE #1305 Handicapped AccessibleThis Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.Now Accepting Applications1 AND 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS 607 Bradford Court Starke, FLCall for more info 904-964-6216Hearing Impaired Only call 800-955-8771 E Q U A L H O U S I N GO P P O R T U N I T Y Newly Renovated Rooms GUEST LAUNDRY & ROOM SERVICE1101 N TEMPLE AVE STARKE, FL904.964.7600 Southern Villas of StarkeAsk about our 1&2 BR Apartments HC & non-HC Units. Central AC/ Heat, on-site laundry, playground, private, quiet atmosphere. 1001 Southern Villas Dr. Starke, FL Equal Housing Opportunity 1 & 2BedroomsNOW AVAILABLE$460 $505 Equal housing opportunity. This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. 1, 2 3 & 4BEDROOM APARTMENTSHC & Non-HC accessible.1005 SW 6th St. Lake Butler, FL386-496-3141TDD/TTY 711. This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer. Equal Housing Opportunity 801 South Water Street Starke, FL 32091 TDD/TTY 711 1, 2, & 3 bedroom HC & NonHC accessible apartments.This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer. Equal Housing Opportunity Yard Sale Friday 8:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. Saturday 8:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 118 Boots Rd, Melrose FL SR 100 to Grandin CR 315 N. 3 miles on right Boots Rd, Look for signs. Cherry 7 piece din. W/China Cabinet $750, smaller fears Coca-Cola fan. & More Crystal, Glassware, housewares, seasonal...etc B EAT THE S UMMER H EAT LAWNS & MOREQuality work for your budget John Wood ~ 904-796-9311Insured Mowing & More!!FREE ESTIMATES Tri-County Classifieds Bradford Union Clay Reach over 27,000 Readers Every Week!INDEX40 Notice 41 Vehicles Accessories 42 Motor Vehicles 43 RVs & Campers 44 Boats 45 Land for Sale 46 Real Estate Out of Area 47 Commercial Property Rent, Lease, Sale 48 Homes for Sale 49 Mobile Homes for Sale 50 For RentWord Ad Classified Tuesday, 12:00 noon Classified Display Tuesday, 12:00 noon 964-6305 473-2210 496-2261 NOTICEClassified Advertising should be paid in advance unless credit has already been established with the newspaper. A $3.00 service charge will be added to all billing to cover postage and handling. All ads placed by phone are read back to the advertiser at the time of placement. However, the classified staff cannot be held responsible for mistakes in classified advertising taken by phone. The newspaper rese rves the right to correctly classify and edit all copy or to reject or cancel any advertisements at any t ime. Only standard abbrevations will be accepted.63 Love Lines 64 Business Opportunity 65 Help Wanted 66 Investment Opportunity 67 Hunting Land for Rent 68 Rent to Own 69 Food Supplements 70 Money to Lend 72 Sporting Goods 73 Farm Equipment 74 Computers & Computer Accessories 51 Lost/Found 52 Animals & Pets 53 Yard Sales 54 Keystone Yard Sales 55 Wanted 56 Trade or Swap 57 For Sale 58 Building Materials 59 Personal Services 60 Secretarial Services 61 Scriptures 62 Vacation/TravelCLASSIFIED DEADLINES TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED USE YOUR PHONE 904-964-6305 TEACHING ASSISTANT II, PART TIME This is a permanent, part time position assisting students with computer programs offered in the Student Success Center. Provide academic and technological support for students, faculty, and staff. Requires High school diploma or equivalent and must have completed a minimum of 12 successful semester hours of college or university course work. Special consideration will be given to applicants with an Associate's degree or certificate in related area. Computer literate nec essary in Microsoft Office and basic computer functions. Teaching/tutoring experience and k nowledge of math from basics to college algebra is desirable SALARY: $ 11.24 per hour APPLICATION DEADLINE: 4/27/18 Position details and applications available online at: o r visit Human Resources Flo rida Gateway College 149 S.E. College Place Lake City F L 32025 2007 Phone (386) 754 4314 Fax (386) 754 4814 Email : FG C is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School s Commission on Colleges VP/ADA/EA/EO College in Education and Employment Meghan Harris was the runner-up in the 300m hurdles. Jordan Hill (pictured at the March 12 BHS Invitational) won the District 5-2A championship in the high jump. Jeremiah Vaughn (left) and Palatkas Jaylan Sessions runners were tied for second. Meghan Harris is pictured at the start of the 400m COORDINATOR, STUDENT ENGAGEMENT SALARY: $ 39,375 annually, plus benefits. APPLICATION DE ADLINE: Open Until Filled Position details and applications available online at: o r visit Human Resources Florida Gateway College 149 S.E. College Place Lake City F L 320252007 Phone (386) 754 4314 Fax (386) 754 481 4 Email : FG C is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges VP/ADA/EA/EO College in Education and Employment DIRECTOR STUDENT LIFE Administrative oversight of student h ousing, judiciary affairs, intercollegiate athletics, intramural sports, summer camps, student activities, campus wellness, orientation and first year experience. Requires a master's degree plu s 2 years of experience or a bachelor's degree and 4 years of experience. Requires knowledge of FGC mission, student life, federal and state laws including title IX and NJCAA, retention and student success. Skill in management and organization. MINIMUM S ALARY: $ 49, 8 75 annually, plus benefits. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open Until Filled Position details and applications available online at: o r visit Human Resources Florida Gateway College 149 S.E. College Plac e Lake City F L 320252007 Phone (386) 754 4314 Fax (386) 754 4814 Email : FG C is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges VP/ADA/EA/EO Col lege in Education and Employment


10B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Thursday, April 19, 2018 BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer Bradford and with the release of Julius, who was a Julius, a junior points, four rebounds and three steals season. second-team selections: senior forward Victoria Snider, who Bradford had two secondteam selections in senior rebounds and two steals, and rebounds and four steals. honorable mention. Union County received no players earn Sun All-Area honors Keystones Haley Julius moves past year. Sun recognizes 5 BHS boys basketball players Bradfords Chris Cummings (center) draws contact on a drive to the basket earlier this year in a game against Bolles. BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer team honors, while four of his were senior forward D.J. junior forward Taz Curry, who rebounds. Crawford and Jordan Lee earned honorable mention. nor Union County received BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer Bakken, who won the discus at Orlando. Jaylon Diston was the runnerJones and Austin Wilson each Jones in the shot put with a Lee also earned points for the Haven Johns 26.32, Lynch 19.76, Jones 17.62. Union earned a seventhRoseke, Madelyn Whitehead, Whitehead 13.70, Roseke Clockwise from top,left: Austin Wilson placed third in the 1600m. Kurston Bakken was the District 5-2A champion in the discus. Jaylon Diston competes in the 200m. Though he didnt qualify for regionals, placing sixth, he did qualify in the high jump with a Solomon Jones placed third in the shot put. Tigers ride 13-run inning to 17-2 BY CLIFF SMELLEY Telegraph Staff Writer victory on April 13. bases-loaded walks as part of also included two runs scored on errors and two runs scored on a Tiffany Clark double. Katie Caren, Kamaya Cohen, Kensley Hamilton and Teala Howard each had an RBI triple and four RBI, while Cohen had three RBI. Clark while Caren, Hamilton and Shelby Spratlin each had one. Union went 1-2 in the three Williston on April 3. Howard 3-for-4 with a double, a triple and an inside-the-park solo home run. Cohen went 3-for-6 with three RBI, while Clark Hamilton and Madelyn Kish each had an RBI, with double, drove in a run as well, while Spratlin went 2-for-4. Androlevich earned the Despite a nine-strikeout performance by Androlevich 4A. seniors Androlevich, Howard, Kish and Waters prior to the bone in her forearm, when she at-bat. Jones each had an RBI, Howard hit a double and went 2-for-4. On April 9, host Hilliard hit a two-run double in the bottom of the seventh in loss. 2016. Cohen, Hamilton and double. Howard went 2-for-4 with a double and a triple, while Spratlin went 2-for-3. Androlevich hit a double. Androlevich earned the loss Keystone outlasts Santa Fe in 1-0 thriller Softball team ends season with 12-0 district record BY BRANDON LUDWIG Monitor correspondent This past Thursday, the School softball team traveled to Alachua to face fellow district powerhouse Santa implications for the Raiders. streak, the home team of an opportunity over the but encountered midseason Channell, Cami Worley, and stole both second and third base while Bailey Story was at bat. Story sealed the deal for the Indians, with a hardacross the plate for the only from there, however, for Burnham sent a hit into left the Raiders a chance to tie the However, in an incredible play that sent the entire crowd up just a moment later still That play, which ended the With this win, the Indians with a perfect 12-0 record, This past Monday, the to face the Hurricanes, and returned home for Senior head to the District Playoffs, which are hosted in Keystone Wednesday, with the District 7 p.m. Roseke 19.26.