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BY MARK J. CRAWFORD Telegraph Editor Clay County Chamber of Commerce new president made stops, delivering plans to boost tourism throughout the county. Mayor Karen Lake invited chamber President Tresa Calfee to share her vision at the councils April 2 meeting. As chamber president, community relations is a large part of what Calfee does, working service organizations and governments like the Keystone Heights Council. They even work well with other chambers of commerce, Calfee said. My plan is to continue to grow and expand programs, she said, discussing her plan for the chamber to become a Visit Florida, the states tourism marketing corporation. center, the chamber can provide more visibility for chamber members, including restaurants, accommodations and destinations. They will have tools available to answer visitor questions and be a tourism and point. They also have multiple locations being considered to distribute maps, brochures and other tourism information and will be considering others. Among the countys tourist attractions is the city of Keystone Heights. Keystone Heights has many great opportunities with quadcounty entry points, and I look forward to working with you on presenting Keystone Heights to the (Tourist Development Council), Calfee said. The chamber president also wants to begin conversations about placing a volunteer substation of the chamber in Keystone Heights. Calfee said she would soon begin looking for business inside the city limits. There a volunteer would be waiting with information on the city, county, chamber and visitor center. Calfee revealed that while she grew up in Duval County, her family spent a lot of time in the Keystone Heights area, and so it is dear to her heart. After serving as interim, Calfee was appointed president in March, and Keystone Heights I along with the Chamber Board of Directors appreciate the Keystone Heights Councils vision, and I look forward to helping propel Keystone Heights onward, she said. The timeline for the Keystonebased center is three to six months. The chamber of commerce has 900 members from Clay and neighboring counties businesses, agencies and share a common goal, and that is to promote business in out county and the general welfare and prosperity of our community. As a chamber, they offer programs that include educational enrichment opportunities. The chamber is consistently working to promote businesses, quality education and economic growth while striving to meet the needs of the community, she said. USPS 114-170 Keystone Heights, Florida Thursday, April 12, 2018 44 th Year 49 th Issue 75 CENTS Lake Region Monitor Lake Region Monitor Deadline Monday 5 p.m. before publication 904-964-6305 904-964-8628 Melrose Historic Committee plans Melrose Historic District Committee is encouraging eligible community members to have their properties listed on the Putnam County Historic Register and increase their chances for grant funding. Originally formed to oppose placement of an unwanted dollar store in Melrose, this subcommittee of Historic Melrose Inc. aims to slow intrusions into the Historic District and to protect the unique charm of the area. The main goal was and is now, historic preservation, said Linda Kemp, Melrose Historic District Committee president. We are trying to have the Putnam County Historic Register match all 22 properties that are already on the state of Florida and the National Historic Register. Only two properties had been listed and that was thanks to the efforts of their owners. By our coordinating with the current owners, eight more have been added: Melrose Womens Club, Mossman Hall, Old Free Church, Rosewood Cottage, Baldwin Store, Baldwin Home, Lee House and Bonnie Mount. According to Kemp, all of the homes on the National Register were added during a survey of the area. Experts were hired to examine the homes and complete the paperwork that was sent to Washington for Alachua County area of Melrose, but a total of 22 properties residing in Putnam County were added to the National Historic Register at that time. The group is planning to do one last outreach to the Historic District property owners who are already on the National Register to encourage them to be added to the Putnam County Historic Register in order to make them more eligible for state historic grant funding when it is available. To be registered a property have some exterior uniqueness that relates to the era when it was built or some historic event. In addition to Kemp, Melrose Historic District Committee members include Rosemary Daurer as vice president, Stasia Rudolph as secretary, and directors Kathi Warren and Dan Ralston. The committee meets on the last Monday of every other month at Mossman Hall at 7 p.m., and the public is welcome. The next meeting will take place County Historical Register in 2017. Mayor re-elected Keystone successes meeting BY MARK J. CRAWFORD Telegraph Editor Principal Aaron McWilliams bragged to the Clay County progress at Keystone Heights Junior/Senior High School. McWilliams, who was new to KHHS last fall, said hes spent the most enjoyable year of his career at the school. The school and community cares about its kids and has embraced him, he said. Rising to New Heights of Excellence has been this years motto, and McWilliams discussed multiple ways in which they have reached that goal. Their strategy for improving teaching and learning has incorporated MTSS, or multitier system of supports, through weekly meetings on student needs to prevent students falling through the cracks and to explore new ways of approaching academic and attendance issues. Professional development for teachers emphasizing best practices for data analysis and differentiated instruction is an ongoing process. They started with a good foundation of leaders and master teachers and support staff and built on that. A lot of this business is also hiring right. Thats something Ive tried to take pride in over the years really searching out candidates that know whats right McWilliams said. When it comes to embracing new concepts and methods, he said staff has been very openminded. Im very proud of their efforts, and weve really made progress, he said. BY MARK J. CRAWFORD Telegraph Editor Only career law enforcement school campuses in Clay County week while preparing to request to provide additional security. In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, which resulted in 17 deaths, the Florida Legislature passed a bill allocating millions of dollars for school safety improvements. It also established a school marshal Aaron Feis Guardian Program, a program for training and arming school personnel but not teachers with guns to deter or counter violence. Gov. Rick Scott opposed arming teachers and legislators pulled them out of the plan. I do not believe the solution is arming teachers. While the state debate was ongoing, Clay Superintendent Addison Davis weighed in. At the March 1 school board meeting, Davis said, I do not believe the solution is arming teachers, receiving a Hallelujah! from School Board Chair Carol Studdard and applause from the audience. We should be arming teachers with more money. We should be arming teachers with the inspiration to teach our students every single day. The concept of arming teachers and turning them into worth considering, according to the superintendent. Teachers have so much to do every single day plan, address classroom management, teach content, small group, analyze data, differentiate instruction there is so much going on in their classrooms and I think this is something we should not put on their plates, he said. Davis was open to the idea of school and district administrators and support staff taking on security. The superintendent said if they were trained and willing to use guns, they could offer additional safety support. Not one member of the school meeting, Chairwoman Studdard had scheduled a vote for the board to express its opposition to arming school personnel. Studdard spelled out the boards position like this: employed by local, state or federal law enforcement agencies shall be the only individuals authorized to possess Board property. The school board believes this position will best protect the interests of our students and employees. School Board Member Mary Bolla pointed out this position was already preserved in board policy, but Studdard felt it important for the board to make a for the policy. Other boards have spoken out, she said. In addition, there were members of the public urging the board to take this position. I cant stand the thought of my children attending a school where the media specialist, Davis Chamber president talks tourism in Keystone County Commissioner warns against internal enemies BY DAN HILDEBRAN Managing Editor A Clay County commissioner said the biggest threat to the United states are the media, liberal college professors and Democrats. Gayward Hendry made the remarks during an event for Operation Barnabas, a Keystone Heights combat veterans deal with post traumatic stress disorder. Hendry is also the Judge


rf rfn rfrnfr tfrrbrr rrfn brfrrrfrnrnfrf rfnrrfrfrfrrfr frrrfrrfrrfnfrffrfrfrrf rrrrfrfrrrrfrfrrr rnfrrnrrfrfn rrftnr tbfnnnb frfrf r USPS 114-170 Published each Thursday and entered as Periodical Postage Paid at Keystone Heights, Florida under Act of March 3, 1879.POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Lake Region MonitorP.O. Drawer A Starke, FL 32091 131 W. Call Street Starke, FL 32091Phone: (904)964-6305 Fax: (904)964-8628 Daniel Hildebran, General Manager Subscription Rate in Trade Area $39.00 per year: $20.00 six months Outside Trade Area: $39.00 per year: $20.00 six monthsEditor: Dan Hildebran Sports Editor: Cliff Smelley Advertising: John R. Tillman Typesetting: Eileen Gilmore Advertising & Newspaper Prod: Beth Tillman Bookkeeping & Classified Adverts: Heather Wheeler Bookkeeping Asst: Linda Lacombe Front office Asst: Jenny Starnes Publisher: John M. Miller Lake Region Monitor Advocate for the Roy S. Geiger Marine Corps League detachment #1047 in Clay County and is retired from the marine reserves. Hendry praised the lifelong commitment service members take to defend the country, saying that all military service members take an oath to protect the country from all enemies foreign and domestic. He then asked when that oath expires, to which the crowd answered never. Hendry said he agreed. Once you raise your hand and swear to defend this country, thats good forever, regardless of whether you are still in the ranks, or whether you get paid or where your duty station is, he said. Its something that is engrained in our hearts and in our minds, and our character and more importantly, in our souls. Hendry also said that the people who claim the armed forces are instruments of subjugation, death and destruction are wrong. I would contend that we are a sentinel that preserves our precious country, our way of life, our Christian beliefs, he said, who stand as a bulwark against dictators throughout the world. As a student of history, he added, I can say without equivocation that our military has never went anywhere in the world subjugate people, to take their land, to destroy their way of life, to destroy their religion or their independence. Thats not what America is about. Hendry also asked the crowd to consider where the United State would be today without the military. We would exist, he answered. We wouldnt be he today enjoying the fruits of so many peoples labor and united in a common cause. He also said that the United States today faces both external and internal enemies, adding that the external enemies: the Islamic Movement, the Russians and the Chinese do not concern him. Its the internal enemies that bother me: he said, the media, the liberal college intelligencia, many of the Democrats, a few of the Republicans and those people who could give a rats behind about what the military has done for them, who is doing and will do. He said that although the United State cannot be defeated in combat, the country is at risk in its own internal struggle. He said that part of that internal struggle is being played out within the armed forces. Over the past decade, we have watched our military as a result of political correctness, morph into a giant social experiment, he said. Ive watched squads of male ROTC high-heeled shoes, so they can feel the pains and sufferings of women. Ive watched soldiers conduct physical training wearing pregnancy simulators and combat units deal with lactating and breastfeeding What the hell does that have to do with killing the enemy? Sensitivity training has become more important than marksmanship training, he added. Thank God we now have a commander in chief who has at least drawn a line in the sand on the transgender issue. He said the socialization of the military has been well underway over the past 10 years and may well destroy it and the greatest nation on earth. We will cease to be a nation once we lose the ability to defend it, he said. HENDRY Continued from 1A event. Trey Fagan gives instructions to Easter Kerry Frysinger sings eggs. Dempsey.


Special to the Monitor Lake Area artists and art enthusiasts participated in the Melrose Art Walk, hosted by art galleries along State Road 26, to showcase the work of featured artists, have light refreshments and beverages and enjoy live music on Friday April 6. Melrose Bay Art Gallery presented art works of 30 local and regional artists invited to participate in this years Annual Open-Air Arts. Melrose Senior Center featured three of their own self-taught artists: Joy Wigg, Marilyn Valentine, and Amber Hoffman Currie. Live music provided by Just Sayin Duo Tom and Linda Wagner highlighted 60s music. Mossman Halls featured artist: Jenna Weston, engages in nature-inspired art. Nature inspires all my work. I am an environmentalist, so it all ties in together. I do Haiku, sculpture using natural materials and my paintings involve plants and animals, said Weston. Westons exhibit pieces feature Sumi-E, Japanese Brush Paintings. Sumi-E is different from other painting. I have been a student for seven years so far. It is an ongoing challenge; it will be my practice for the rest of my life. It is the ability of the painting strokes to capture the ChI, the spirit of nature, said Weston. Art galleries along SR 26 in Melrose stay open late the Melrose Art Walk. The event is from 6 9 p.m. and is free of charge. Thursday, April 12, 2018 Lake Region Monitor 3A guidance counselors and PE coaches might be packing heat, Betsy Reagor said. As a mom, I want my kiddos to be safe at school, but I want there to be some common sense about it. Reagor is also an educator, and she said its been proven time and again educators will lay down their lives to protect their students, as with coach Aaron Feis, for whom the guardian program is named. That doesnt mean they signed up to be police said. Confusing the Second Amendment with school security Public commenter Travis Christensen said the Guardian program was something no one asked for and something few support. Some who do support it are confusing Second Amendment gun rights issues with the issue of who should be responsible for school security. School Board Member Ashley Gilhousen did not want the boards position on school security to be mistaken as a vote against gun rights. The legislation has not made it legal for employees to carry concealed weapons on campus, she said. The program would allow volunteers on staff to train for a role in school security, but the board believes that should be left in the hands of school resource Really, whats before us is do we have personnel trained to protect our schools, and thats an easy choice for me. Our kids deserve the best and our employees deserve the best the most highly trained people to protect them, Gilhousen said. The legislature made tens of millions of dollars available to train school marshals as well as $100 million for sheriffs that refusal to participate in the Guardian program will make any more money available for school Not enough money What is clear is that even when districts like Clay combine their own Safe Schools funding with the money sheriffs receive for there will still be a major commissioners will be expected on every school campus. School Board Member Janice Kerekes wanted to write the board of county commissioners the funding to the sheriffs felt pokey and urged a more diplomatic approach. As the school boards liaison to the county, School Board Member couple of county commissioners upon hearing about the upcoming vote on the letter did feel it was confrontational. Instead, the superintendent intended to go before the commission with the sheriff and any school board member who was able to join them during the commissions meeting on Tuesday and discuss the challenges of funding school security. The latest numbers projected the cost of placing school campus at around $4 million, million estimate. While the district already received around a half-million in Safe Schools funding and the governor and legislature allocated around $1.3 million more, Clay County could be looking at coming up with another $2 million to make the new hires a reality. Kerekes said county government does have a stake in keeping schools safe. Lets remember, people arent coming to Clay County for our roads. They are coming to Clay County for our schools. We have great schools and so we need to keep everybody safe, she said. Struggling kids who have been touched by the MTSS program have shown 19 percent growth in their academic performance since January, the equivalent of two letter grades. Sixty-one students have been or are currently being remediated, and McWilliams said they see the same growth patterns and predict the data to continue to improve. The schools other strengths include programs like agriscience, aeronautics, digital design and a popular dual enrollment program with Santa Fe College. As for sports, the football team reached the playoffs and the boys basketball in 12 years, McWilliams said. The KHHS graduation rate is up and they project another 2 to 3 percent increase this year. Meanwhile, discipline referrals have fallen by nearly half. As they reach for 10 percent increases across the board in academics, they hope to break through their academic ceiling and raise the school grade. Superintendent Addison Davis task to enter Keystone as an outsider, take on a junior/senior high school, and build upon the schools successful reputation. You have continued to stretch, and youve done great things for teachers, great things for kids and great things for the community, said Davis. Continued from 1A Continued from 1A goodbye to longtime garden


Man passes counterfeit 50s Justin Elam Meek, 19, of Hawthorne was arrested April 6 by Clay deputies on a warrant for uttering a forged bill or note. The warrant was the result of when Meek allegedly uttered K on SR-100. When the clerk told Meek that one of the bills was counterfeit, he left the name Justin Week and a phone number. Meek and a warrant was issued for his arrest. In other Lake Region arrests: was arrested in Keystone Heights probation violation. Walmart Bradford County Starke police arrested a Walmart cashier after she was caught on video pocketing cash and gift cards. was arrested April 4 for grand theft. Molina wrote in a report that after arriving at the store, he detained the defendant and read her Miranda rights to her. I then asked Holton if she (had) stolen the gift cards and put money on the cards, to which she replied, I dont remember, Holton if she (had) stolen $20 out of the register she was working at, to which she then stated, I dont remember. arrested deputy Bradford County Bradford deputies arrested a 32-year-old Starke woman after she argued with a witness to her law enforcement. Jennifer Anciletta Bass was According to an arrest report, the defendants ex-boyfriend called law enforcement after Bass showed up at his residence and argued with him. Bass was earlier arrested for cutting the mans tires and shattering the windshield of his vehicle. That misdemeanor case is still open. Hullender wrote in a report that as he approached the exboyfriends house, a dispatcher described the defendants vehicle to him and he saw the defendant approaching him on Northwest 177 th Avenue. As the vehicle proceeded down NW 177 th toward my patrol vehicle, he wrote, I signaled for the driver to pull off on the side of the road. the driver failed to stop, he turned around and pursued Bass, observing her passing vehicles on County Road 229 and reaching zone. Due to the vehicle still maintaining a high rate of speed and coming into a school zone in front of Starke Elementary, he wrote in the report, I terminated the pursuit. After talking to the victim, Hullender found Bass at her Starke home and arrested her tampering with a misdemeanor proceeding. that her sister was driving the vehicle at the time of the pursuit. Hullender wrote that she later admitted to driving the car. Man loses Bradford County David Joseph Bridgeman, 41, of Lake Butler was arrested April 6 by Bradford Deputy Joshua Hill on an active Bradford County Warrant for felony battery. The warrant arises from a February 11 incident where Bridgman became angry with his son for not properly watching his younger half-brother. He started yelling at his son and his girlfriend told him to calm down and stop talking to his son in that way. She claimed that Bridgman aggressive manner and told her to not say a word. Their son took exception to this and told Bridgman to stop talking to his mother that way. Bridgman went after the boy and the girlfriend grabbed his shirt to try and stop him from injuring the boy. Bridgman turned and slapped her, open handed with his left hand, on the right side of her face, knocking her against a wall. A chase ensued, with Bridgman chasing the boy and the mother chasing him, pulling on his shirt to try and stop him. The boy then told his father that he was going to call law enforcement and he did so in sight of his father. Bridgman left the scene. When deputies arrived, the victim stated she did want to pursue charges and signed a sworn statement about the event. She gave permission but he declined to give either a verbal or written statement. Bridgman had previous multiple arrests for battery and his record showed two convictions for battery, including one where his wife was the victim. Charges were forwarded Repo man assailant Bradford County Jeffery Paul Gaudette, 34, of Bradford deputies for driving with a suspended or revoked license and aggravated battery. Bradford Deputy Jeffrey Smith responded to the Kangaroo at in reference to a battery. He made contact on arrival with the victim, who said he had been struck by a white Mazda SUV driven by Gaudette. He said he had been at the store attempting to retrieve the vehicle from Gaudette when he backed up and pulled forward twice, striking him on each occasion with the front of the vehicle. The incident Gaudette had already left the scene. A little while later the vehicle was reported to be abandoned on 100A. When Smith arrived, suspects vehicle and that there were tracks leading away from it. Smith requested K-9 and the animal began tracking the suspect. Upon searching the vehicle, Smith discovered a backpack containing a glass pipe, four hypodermic needles (one with a red liquid and a razor. A purse in the possession of Cady Holland, a passenger in the vehicle, was found to contain a hypodermic needle with a clear substance in it, which tested positive for methamphetamine. Holland agreed to speak with Smith after being read her rights and admitted that the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to her. was the driver of the vehicle but claimed that the victim had stepped in front of the vehicle when he was struck. Meanwhile the K-9 had located a fresh track and continued following it south into a wooded area, then west toward S.R. 100. The K-9 reached a barn, but it was found to be empty. The area was canvassed and the K-9 located another track to the east of the barn. He followed the track as it turned east. The K-9 eventually jumped over a bush and landed on the suspects hiding beneath it. The suspects were arrested and escorted out of the woods. Drugs found on trespasser Bradford County Linda Hankerson, 37, of Lawtey was arrested April 7 by Bradford deputies for trespassing and possession of marijuana. Bradford Deputy Brandon Shoup was conducting an extra patrol at the Kangaroo Express on Brownlee Street when he observed Hankerson walk into the store. According to the arrest report, he knew her from several previous law enforcement encounters. He ran a records check on Hankerson and found she was trespassed from the store. According to the arrest report, he made contact with her and advised her that she had been trespassed and she stated she knew but needed to purchase some items. Shoup noticed Hankerson was trying to hide her right hand behind her back. He asked her to show him her hands, but she refused. He reached for her hand to detain her. After detaining her he located a small bag with a green leafy substance which appeared to be marijuana substance was marijuana. Hankerson was arrested for trespass after a warning and possession of marijuana less than 20 grams. Hankersons bicycle, on which she had arrived at the store, was taken to the sheriffs In other Bradford County arrests: Cady Ellen Holland, 26, of Green Cove Springs was arrested for possession of drugs and possession of drug equipment. police for larceny. Michael Laverne Jenkins, 43, of Lawtey was arrested April 9 by Bradford deputies for driving with a suspended or revoked license. Joshua Bruce Norris, 29, of Lawtey was arrested April 4 by Starke police for driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana. Amanda Stone, 32, of Starke deputies for larceny. Branson Dharmish Vann, 33, of Tampa was arrested April 7 by Bradford deputies for driving with a suspended or revoked license. Alan Sherman Ward, 27, of Bradford deputies for possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment and driving with a suspended or revoked license. Union County Adam Anderson, 47, of Lake Union deputies for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. According to the arrest report, deputies responded to a Lake Butler address in reference to a disturbance complaint. They contacted the victim and was told that he had gone over to his neighbors house to mow his lawn. He said he had begun to mow the lawn when Anderson came outside and began yelling at him to get off his property. The victim said that he was confused as he had never had a problem with Anderson and had mowed the yard several times in the past. He said Anderson went back into the house and then returned outside with a large sword. He said Anderson walked down the steps with the sword and began threatening to kill him. The victim said he was in fear that Anderson was going to cause him serious harm, so he drove his mower back over onto his property and told his wife to call law enforcement. The victim reported that his son had talked with Anderson the previous week and was told it was alright for them to come and mow the property. He said they often helped Anderson with yard work. The victim also stated he did not want to press charges. Contact was made with Anderson, who said he went outside when he heard a lawn mower on his property and found the victim mowing his yard. He said he told the victim to get off his property because he found it to be disrespectful for him to being mowing his year without permission. Anderson said he felt threatened that the victim was on a lawn mower, so he went inside and retrieved his sword. He returned outside and threatened to kill the victim in self-defense. In the report, the deputy states that the residence is a doublewide mobile home with a front porch accessed by walking up stairs. It is stated that any reasonable person should know that a lawn mower cannot be driven up stairs. Anderson was arrested on probable cause that the victim felt threatened with bodily harm by him and he was in violation of Florida statutes. Man arrested for stealing deli meals Union County Dillon Lee Elixson, 24, of by Union Deputy Phillip Sellers for misdemeanor petit theft $1$299. Sellers responded to a call at Spires IGA in reference to a report of shoplifting. Upon his arrival, the suspect had already left the area and Seller made contact with store manager Ken Owens who provided information about the incident. Owens said that the suspect was in the store, pushing a small child in a stroller near the deli counter. The suspect then ordered two meals. According to the arrest report, after getting the two meals, the suspect left the store, passing all points where he could pay for the meals. Once he was out of the store he began to run eastbound and Owens lost sight of him. Owens then told Sellers that the event had been captured on the stores security cameras. He played the footage back for Sellers which allowed him to take still photos of the suspect with his camera. Owens also told Sellers that a patron in the Dillon Elixson. Sellers relocated to Elixsons last known address and was told Elixson was not home by his girlfriend, although she did admit that he lived there. She told Sellers that Elixson was working at another address and Elixson by one of the still photos taken from the video. While at the residence, Sellers noticed a food container on a table inside the residence and asked for permission to take photos of it. The container was clearly marked Spires IGA and with the date and price of the meal. Seller then relocated to the address where Elixson was supposed to be but was not able to locate him. A short time later, Elixson said he had returned to his residence. Seller returned to the residence and contacted Elixson, asking him if he knew why law enforcement wanted to speak with him. At that time Elixson openly admitted to taking the meals. Union County Lake Butler was arrested April 6 by Union deputies for aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability. A deputy was dispatched to Lake Butler Hospital on a report that someone was cut on his side. According to the arrest report, on arrival the deputy made contact with the victim, who stated that while he was at the S & S Food Store located in Lake Butler he and James Dowdy Jr. were engaged in a verbal altercation. He said he left the store and went to his residence and that Dowdy showed up and continued arguing. The argument became physical and several punches were thrown. The victim stated his left side hurt and he felt he had been cut. He said that after he was cut, Dowdy left the area in an unknown direction and he proceeded to Lake Butler Hospital to be treated for what turned out to be He was transported to Shands in Gainesville for treatment. Contact was made with Dowdy at his residence. After being read his rights he was asked what happened with the victim. He stated that he and the victim had gotten into a verbal altercation. He said that the victim left the store, still yelling at him. He said he rode his bike to the victims residence and continued arguing. Dowdy said that after a few minutes he began punching the victim. He said the victim kicked him several times, so he pulled out his pocket knife and cut the victim on his side and one his shorts. He said he then left the scene and went home. Dowdy was placed under arrest and transported to the Union County Jail without incident. The knife was recovered and placed into evidence. In other Union County arrests: Eugene Antwonn Farmer, 20, of Macclenny was arrested Seay Ellis on a Union County warrant for failure to appear on a misdemeanor offense. Farmer was also served with a warrant for felony violation of probation. Mary Liane Fritz, 29, of Alachua County was arrested April 4 by Union deputies on an Alachua County warrant for violation of conditional release. James Ray Harris, 32, of Starke was served with a writ for contempt of court child support on April 2 by Union Deputy Jason Lepanto. arrested April 2 by Union Deputy Erik Krueger for disorderly intoxication and possession of drugs controlled substance without a prescription. Marty Hunt Kuczenska, 26, of by Union Deputy Shelby Seay Ellis on a warrant for failure to appear for a misdemeanor offense. Larry Wayne Langford, Jr., 49, of Lake Butler was arrested April 3 by Union Deputy John M. years-of-age or older. According to the arrest report, Langford was intoxicated and involved in a family argument. He is reported to have grabbed his mothers arm, injuring her and causing her to fall. Alberto Jose Martinez, 36, of Alachua turned himself in April 4 for an active Union County warrant for failure to appear for a misdemeanor offense. Justin Lee Raiford, 31, of Macclenny was arrested April 3 by Union Deputy Scott Richard Word on a Union County warrant for failure to appear for a misdemeanor offense. He was arrested again on April 4 while in the Union County Jail by Union Deputy John M. Riggs for an active Alachua County warrant. Derrick Andrew Richardson, 33, of Lake Butler was arrested of pretrial release and order detention.


Regional News Regional News B Section Thursday, April 12, 2018 News from Bradford County, Union County and the Lake Region FEATURES CRIME SOCIALS OBITUARIES EDITORIAL Womens resource center cuts ribbon at Starke location Special to the TelegraphTimes-Monitor Despite inclement weather and an early hour, supporters gathered at 8 a.m. on April 10 to witness the ribbon being cut on the Starke location of Answers Health and Resource Facility. The beautifully renovated center was converted from a house conveniently located at 512 W. Weldon Street (the intersection of Weldon Street and State Road 16). Answers opened the doors of its Starke facility on February 13, and women have already been walking through them. Weldons philosophy is mirrored in Answers powerful message: We are here for you. We have the Answers to the questions burdening you. The doors are always open to all women, regardless of their circumstances, ensured. Founder and CEO JoAnna


2B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section


Weldon and a staff of six coordinated the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Starke location organization begun in Keystone Heights in 2011. Were it not for the 65,000 volunteer hours coordinated by construction project manager Frank Bondurant and other volunteers, described by Weldon as willing to do anythingeven cleaning toilets if needed, the dream of the Starke facility would have never become a reality. The facility was completed in just one year. Its approximate value is $180,000, $60,000 of which is donated labor costs. Weldon stressed in her opening remarks and then again in comments afterward that the new location, as well as the Keystone location, would always be a welcoming, non-judgmental campus where women of all ages, in need of answers, direction and encouragement are paired with volunteer client advocates and staff who help with a hand up, resources to assist them. The CEO and staff want women to know that at Answers they will always be loved and never judged, regardless of imperfect choices. organization sometimes works with women facing unplanned pregnancy, they also offer postabortion counsel to women who may be struggling with a decision from their past. Both the Starke and Keystone medical facilities since Dr. Joelle M. Innocent-Simon signed on to serve as medical director. The opening of the Starke facility could not come too early as Bradford County has one of the highest teen pregnancy and rebirth rates (teens giving birth for a second time), along with some of the highest STD rates in the state. We can now offer proof of pregnancy, which is a document needed for pregnant women to get other resources; STD testing, which is an added resource for women; and limited obstetrical ultrasound so clients with a positive pregnancy test can have determine gestational age and estimated due date, Weldon said. As pregnancy-related issues are far from all that plague women, Answers is prepared to help them tackle any problem they may encounter whether it be an abusive relationship, management of children, skills in running a household, etc. Answers even provides a Life Skills University in which women can complete curriculum segments on topics like parenting and household budgeting. Upon their completion of each segment, they will gain points that are tallied to help them earn things like gift cards for gas and phone minutes. This program will enable women to progress through the rest of their lives more equipped to juggle issues and to handle problems before they escalate. As we educate women, this will effectively trickle down to their children, Weldon said. Ultimately, we believe this will change generations, and the statistics mentioned above will begin to spiral downward. The grand opening of the Answers Starke Facility is Sunday, April 15. This event is open to the public, and all are encouraged to come tour the facilities anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Coffee and dessert will be provided by Sonnys BBQ, Call Street Caf and Lake Swan Camp. Thursday, April 12, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 3B Dr. Virgil A. BerryCHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIANDr. Virgil A. BerryCHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN Modern methods with old-fashioned concern. Modern methods with old-fashioned concern. Auto Accidents Work Injuries Headaches Neck and Back Pain Auto Accidents Work Injuries Headaches Neck and Back Pain NEED RELIEF FROM:Call Dr. BerryServing the Area for more than29 YearsCall Dr. BerryServing the Area for more than29 Years Shands Starke unveils new digital mammography unit Just like so many people get the best possible picture from their TVs, Shands Starke Regional Medical Center doctors are getting the best possible pictures when it comes to mammograms. The hospital held a ribboncutting ceremony on March 29 to unveil its new digital mammography unit, which had already been in use for approximately a month. Radiologist Joshua Thomas said when he saw the units Wow. When it comes to comparing the new unit and the old unit the hospital used to use, Thomas said, Its just like a high-def TV and an old TV. Mammograms are not 100-percent accurate, Thomas said, explaining that healthy breast tissue can sometimes look like cancer on an image. The digital unit, though, is an improvement in that it presents a clearer image, making it just a little easier to differentiate between healthy tissue and cancer. see things better than before, Thomas said. Radiologist Jolee Lee said that it provides instant images. We can take a picture, look at it immediately and send it directly to the radiologist, Lee said. Its a much faster process and better-quality images as well. Shands Starke CEO John Emery said the unit, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, was something its commitment to the community. I think that for us, anything we can do to expand services for our community is huge, Emery said. Were always looking for opportunities to grow and always looking for opportunities to better serve our patient population. This is just an example of doing that. Prior to the ribbon cutting, Emery read a letter from Rep. Bobby Payne: Please accept my sincere congratulations on obtaining new digital mammogram equipment used to screen for or diagnose breast cancer. I know that the residents of Bradford County and patients of Shands Starke Regional Medical improved digital imaging this technology offers. This new imaging technology is important for early detection and the key to breast cancer survival. With the addition of this new technology, Bradford residents will not have to travel to Gainesville or Jacksonville for these eseential services. Shands Starke Regional Mecical Center continues to provide much needed medical services to the rural community of Bradford County and surrounding counties. After reading the letter, Emery added, That cant be more true. We really want to do everything we can to provide services to our community and surrounding communities and give them the personalized care you dont always get in a big, tertiary medical center. Thats the one thing that we can provide. Our staff here delivers that in spades. Lee said women dont have to travel outside of the area when it comes to breast health. Mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies can all be done at Shands Starke. We can follow you through the whole process, Lee said. You dont have to leave. You can get it all done here. Scott Roberts, the chair of the hospitals board of directors, said the addition of the digital mammography unit is just another example of the quality of care Shands Starke provides We have a lot of nice, good things going on in this community, Roberts said. One of them is this hospital. We are very, very blessed to have this hospital. As the hospital continues to meet the communitys needs, you can expect more equipment upgrades to take place. We have some other things this year were looking at doing, Emery said. More to come. Hopefully, this will not be the only ribbon cutting well have this year.


4B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section


April is National Donate Life Month, an annual campaign by the organ donation community that encourages Americans to learn the facts about donation and to document their own donation decisions by joining the states donor registry. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), 2017 was a record-breaking year for organ donation and transplantation. The number of deceased organ donors exceeded 10,000 for the people received life-saving organ transplants; however, the need for organ donors is still of vast importance, as more than 115,000 people are currently awaiting organ transplants in the United States. About 80 percent of those awaiting transplants are waiting for kidneys. Each person waiting is waiting for a chance to live. I encourage you to learn the facts about donation and make the decision that may one day save the lives of others in need. The limited supply of donated organs is not meeting the need for transplants roughly 20 people die each day while waiting but there is something we all can do about it, Bradford County. We can donate life! One organ donor can save the lives of up to eight people, and a tissue donor can enhance the lives of more than 75. One donor can keep a family together. One donor can make it possible for a man to take his grandchildren connections to Donate Life. Many of us know someone who has received a transplant thanks to an organ donors generosity. Some of us may know someone who has been a donor. Locally, Jennifer Banks Wilson lost her daughter, Holly, in a car accident in Lake Butler. Holly was 8, and she saved four peoples lives. She also donated tissue. Union County School Board member Becky Raulerson donated a kidney to her best friend three years ago. She saved her best friends life. Documenting your decision to Donate Life has fully supports Donate Life, and we are happy to help customers register as organ donors and answer questions. A person can also register as a donor online by visiting Floridas donor registry at Taking a couple of minutes out of your day to declare yourself a donor may someday save another persons life. What greater legacy can we leave behind than to be a hero to a person in need? Lets give the Gift of Life. Teresa Phillips Bradford County Tax Collector Dear Editor, Id like to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone for their support of the 2018 Lawtey Spring Festival. We thank Lawtey Elementary School, the Lawtey Police Dept., all of our sponsors, vendors, volunteers, services, participants, musicians, the auctioneers and visitors for helping us make the Festival a success. Congratulations to Little Miss Lawtey Spring Festival, Saniya Thompson and Little Mr. Lawtey Spring Festival, Jensen Norman for winning their competitions and thank you to the other participants in the Pageant. Congratulations to Mrs. Paulette Strong whose Collard Greens won the Golden Spatula Award and to all participants in the Pie Eating Contest held in memory of Mrs. Judy Becker. Everyone seemed to have had an enjoyable day. We missed Ricky Thompson, who is always a major participant and we wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks to Chrissy and the gang for Bradford County Telegraph for your continued support. We look forward to the 2019 Lawtey Spring Festival where Its All About Fun With Family and Friends. Jimmie L. Scott, President Lawtey Trail Ridge Festival Org. Thursday, April 12, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 5B Letters The annual meeting of the stockholders of for the election of Directors, and the transaction of any other business that may come before the meeting, will be held at The Womans Club of Starke, 201 North Walnut Street in Starke on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. QUIT YOUR WAY Quitting tobacco isn't easy. Finding help should be. Tobacco Free Florida GROUP QUITIs the in-person option of Tobacco Free Florida Quit Your Way services. FREE FREE Programs cover all forms of tobacco. Monitor Correspondent Over this past weekend, the Keystone Heights Indian softball team traveled to Central Florida for the invitation-only Roger Jones Kissimmee Klassic, which is considered one of the countrys top softball tournaments. The Indians would start off by facing Class 8A 6 th -ranked Bartow (the eventual tournament runner-up to Oakleaf), in which Keystones early 5-2 lead eventually collapsed, and Bartow would score a run in the the Indians by the score of 6-5, of the tournament. The Indians would go on to face Class 8A 7 th -ranked Lakewood Ranch in their next game, falling While Keystones offense would have 11 different hits, they could only bring three players across the plate, and Lakewood Ranch would go on to win 8-3, handing the Indians their second loss of the tournament. After a narrow loss by the Number 1 team in Florida (Pembroke Pines Charter), Keystone unexpectedly had to face the 2 nd ranked team in Class 6A, Land O Lakes. A home run would bring in two runs, and the Indians would remain behind for the rest of the game. It remained close until the 6 th inning, with Keystone down by 3 runs, but Land O Lakes turned up the heat, and scored 6 runs to hand the Indians their third straight defeat, by a score of 10-1. While the Indians faced the toughest schedule of any team with at least one loss in the tournament, they were able to get as they took on the South Fork Bulldogs. It was Keystones game to lose from the start, as they began The Indians who, despite their losses, have ranked consistently among the top offenses in the state, took charge in the second inning, scoring six more runs, and effectively putting the game away. With a total of 17 hits, Keystone would go on to defeat South Fork 16-0 in four innings to end their losing streak tournament. This week, the Indians will remain on the road for the fourth straight week. This past Tuesday, they traveled to Gainesville for a rematch with the Hurricanes, and this Thursday night, Keystone will travel to Alachua for a matchup with Santa Fe. Next week, the team returns home for Senior Night on April 17 th with the event beginning at 6 p.m. For this game, theyll face the Clay High Blue Devils, before heading on the road again Thursday night for a matchup versus top ranked Class 1A Trenton.


6B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Obituaries Turner Brooks STARKE-Turner L. Brooks, 75, of Starke passed away on Monday, March 26, 2018. He was born March to the late Clifford and Pauline Brooks. Turner served his country honorably and is a veteran of the United States Army and is a lifetime member of the American Legion Post 56 in Starke. He was an avid forward to NASCAR Sundays. If he was inside and NASCAR wasnt on, you could hear John Wayne in the house as Turner was enjoying his westerns. More than anything, Turner loved his family and cherished time with them. Waiting for him at Heavens Gate was his brothers: A.C. and James Brooks. He leaves behind to cherish his memory, his best friend and wife of 22 years: Sharon Driver Brooks and children: Sherrill Brooks (Hayes), Christopher Brooks, Joshua Brooks, Tiffany Brooks and Nicole Webb. The visitation was held on March 29 in the Jacksonville Memory Gardens Chapel. Graveside services were March 30, 2018 with Dr. Dan were under the care of Jacksonville Memory Gardens Funeral Home 111 Blanding Blvd. Orange Park, FL 32073. PAID OBITUARY 171.00 112.49 217.29 249.50 169.50 99.50 of Starke110 W.Call Street Starke, FL 32091 904.964.5764 $249.50 $171.00 $217.29 $112.49 $103.00 $169.50 Reg. Price $499Reg. Price $295Reg. Price $395Reg. Price $199Reg. Price $215Reg. Price $339Sale Price $31899 Sale Price $18499 Sale Price $25499 Sale Price $12799 Sale Price $13899 Sale Price $21899 Price includes assembly Prices good through Roof Leaks Re-Roofs Shingles Metal Low Slope Mobile Home Commercial Lifetime Roofs Siding Rotten Wood Replacement FREE ESTIMATES Locally Owned www.LewisWalkerRoofing.comGuaranteed Best Service Guaranteed Best Warranties Guaranteed Best Prices Toll Free 866-959-7663 T h e h i r i n g o f a l a w y e r i s a n i m p o r t a n t d e c i s i o n t h a t s h o u l d n o t b e b a s e d s o l e l y u p o n a d v e r t i s e m e n t s B e f o r e y o u d e c i d e a s k u s t o s e n d y o u i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t o u r q u a l i f i c a t i o n s a n d e x p e r i e n c e STARKEMr. Stephen Franklin Starke passed away at his home born December 3, 1933 in Lake Butler to the late Leavy and Dollie (Dowling) Alvarez and had served in the United States Army. Mr. Alvarez was a longtime resident of the Union and Bradford County areas. He was a retired poultry farmer and had also owned and operated Alvarez Trucking Company and was a heavy equipment operator for Olson Underground Electrical Company. Mr. Alvarez was of the Baptist Faith and enjoyed being outdoors farming and taking care of the property. He also enjoyed the simple life, always piddling and never a dull moment, but most of all he loved being a husband, father, and grandfather. Mr. Alvarezs son Stephen Franklin Steve Alvarez, Jr. preceded him in death. Survivors are his wife of 59 years Janice (Blume) Alvarez and their daughter Dana Alvarez both of Starke; four grandchildren Leavy Alvarez, Jr. (Melissa), Ashley Alvarez, Austin Cole Whitehead and Gracie Alvarez. Also left behind Justin, Shyann, Aidan and Morgan. Graveside services for Mr. Alvarez were April 9 with Pastor Roman at Mt. Zion-Swift Creek Cemetery in Lake Butler. Arrangements were by Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home of PAID OBITUARY LAKE BUTLER Constance Connie Ann Klenk Clyatt Cleveland, 73, of Lake Butler passed away on Monday, April 9, 2018, at home in Lake Butler following a brief illness. Mrs. Cleveland was Dr. Leo Francis Klenk and Miriam Joanne Messerly Klenk. She resided in Lake Butler most of her life and was married to Richard Irving Cleveland for 27 years. Mrs. Cleveland was an English teacher for 30 years having taught high school English at Lake Butler, West Palm Beach, and retiring from Columbia County Schools and Fort White High School in 2012. Connie was a member of Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Lake Butler where she loved to sing in the choir. She was a 1962 graduate of Baker County High School, MacClenny. She loved the Florida Gators, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from UF in 1976, and was an avid reader. She loved her children and grandchildren more than anything and was always so proud of each and every one of them! Mrs. Cleveland was preceded in death by her husband Richard Irving Cleveland, father Leo Francis Klenk, M.D., mother Miriam Joanne Messerly Klenk, sister Mary Sharon Klenk and son-in-law Kirk Pate. Mrs. Cleveland is survived by her children Tonya Clyatt Hicks (Don), Kenneth Melaine Clyatt, Jr. (Robin), Prudence Clyatt Pate, and Curtis Leo Clyatt all of Lake Butler; eight grandchildren Ashley Biddix Goodwin of Lake Butler, Kenneth Melaine Clyatt, III Kaleb of Jacksonville, Dillan Cole Clyatt of Lake Butler, Lorrie Ann Sweetapple (Eric) of Fort White, Amy Brooke Hicks of Lake Butler, Danielle Nichole Mouser (Matt) of Lynchburg, Virginia, Taylor Melayne Pate of Lake Butler, and Paden Trent Clyatt of Lake Butler; and two great-grandchildren Landon Harold Biddix and Tucker Cole Clyatt both of Lake Butler. A celebration of her life will be conducted on Thursday, April 12 at Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Lake Butler, beginning with visitation at 1:00 p.m. followed by the service at 2:00 p.m. The service Brown, Pastor of Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Lake Butler. Final resting place will be at Elzey Chapel Cemetery in Lake Butler. Arrangements are under the care of Archer Funeral Home of Lake Butler. For more information, please PAID OBITUARY STARKEBetty Elder passed awa y in Keystone Height, Florida on April 5, 2018 following a brief illness. Betty was 86 years old. Born August 18, 1931 in Sanbornton, New Hampshire one of nine children born to the late Leonard and Alberta Follensbee. She attended school in Lebanon, New Hampshire. On October 19, 1962 she married Stanley Elder. They made their home in Etna, NH for many years before retiring to Keystone Heights. Bettys many passions included traveling to Hawaii, Mexico, Alaska and cruises in the Caribbean, she enjoyed playing cards and bowling with her many friends. One of her greatest passions was camping and spending time with her husband and grandson. She spent many years working for Kleen Laundry in Lebanon, New Hampshire and later she ran her own daycare in her home. Many a child in Etna will remember those days spent with NANA Elder. Betty will be remembered for her smile, her kindness, and her love for children. Betty was predeceased by her husband Stanley Elder on August 28, 2009, her mother, Alberta in November 1960, her father Leonard in 2000, and her eldest sister Rowena Tucker in 2011. Survivors include a son, Robert Kelley of Keystone Heights and his wife Loretta; a grandson Joseph Kelley of Mooresville North Carolina and his wife Kristl; her sisters, Lenora Carey of Grantham New Hampshire, Celina Crippen of Burton Texas, Faye Batcher of Lebanon New Hampshire, Shirley Haslem of Keystone Heights and Carol Bailey of Castle Rock, Colorado and her husband Bill; her brothers, Ronald Follensbee of Keystone Heights and his wife Lucille, and Raymond Follensbee of White River Jct, Vermont and his wife Dianne; and many nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews. A special thanks to the Hospice team in Palatka and Gainesville. may be made to Haven Hospice in memory of Beverly Elder. A graveside service will be announced and held in the spring. Messages of condolence may be expressed with the family through an online guestbook by visiting www.rickerfuneralhome. com PAID OBITUARY LAKE BUTLER-Mary Alice Jenkins, 72, a lifelong resident Lake Butler passed away on April 9, 2018. Mary was born to the late Roy and Margaret Bradley in Jacksonville. She enjoyed rose gardening, reading, especially loved her children and grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her husband of 52 years: Walter Wayne Jenkins Sr.; one son: Walter Wayne Jenkins Jr.; three grandchildren: Daniel T. Jenkins II, Edward Wayne Stratton Sr. and Callie Rose Stratton. Mary leaves her precious memory to be cherished by her family. Mary Alice Jenkins is survived by two sons and one daughter: Daniel T. Jenkins (Lydia), Scott B. Jenkins and Janet Diane Stratton (Michael) and fourteen brothers and sisters. She is also survived by six grandchildren: Emma, Anaston, Randa, Kourtney, and Kyrsten Jenkins and four great grandchildren: Noah Robinson, Daniel T. Jenkins III, Wyatt Stratton, and Edward Wayne Stratton Jr. A Graveside service will be held on Friday, April 13, 11:00 a.m. at Mt. Zion Cemetery. Arrangements are under the care of Archer Funeral Home located at 55 North Lake Ave more information, please call KEYSTONE HEIGHTS-Mrs. Jacquellyn Jackie Sawyer Kiser age 65, of Keystone Heights passed away Tuesday, April 3, 2018 in Jacksonville following a brief illness. She was born July 8, 1952 in Norfolk, VA to the late Wade Sawyer and Shirley McDaries Hinds. Mrs. Kiser was a homemaker who had moved to Keystone Heights from also a licensed cosmetologist working in Jacksonville and later owning Jacquellyns Full Image Salon in Melrose for a few years. She was a former member of Trinity Baptist Church and Lake Hill Baptist Church and enjoyed crafting, making jewelry and sewing, but most of all she loved being a wife, mother, grandmother and spending time with her family. Mrs. Kiser leaves behind her devoted and Kiser, Jr. and their three children Kent Kiser (Becky) of St. Johns, Kimberly Miller (Bill) of Keystone Heights and Joey Kiser (Sean) of Jacksonville; three siblings Teresa Westervelt of Sun City Center, Chris Sawyer of California and Shawn Sawyer of Wesley Chapel. Also left behind loved dearly, Chandler (Trinity), Kellsie (Justin), Dawson, Brayden and Rylan. Viewing and funeral services were Tuesday, April 10 at Trinity Baptist Church in Keystone with Pastor Jim Snell the Keystone Heights Cemetery. Arrangements were under the care of Jones-Gallagher Funeral Home of Keystone Heights. PAID OBITUARY STARKE Jeffrey Scott Starke passed away April 8, 2018 at his home. He was born January 17, 1969 in Johnson City, New York to Albert Nichols and Elizabeth Hulse Nichols. Jeff was raised in Pompano Beach High School prior to moving to Starke in 1998. Jeff was a member of AMVETS Post 86. He also helped open Clydes Cozy Caf in Keystone Heights as the head chef. Jeff enjoyed hanging out with his friends and was into racing. He also loved his Miami Hurricanes and Miami Dolphins. Jeff is survived by his parents, Albert and Elizabeth Nichols; siblings, Albert Nichols, Jr., Dennis C. Nichols, Vera E. Waggoner, Verna M. James; his beloved dog, Hellun; nieces and nephews, Joshua Ritter, Vicky Autenrieb, Michael Landon, Krystal Waggoner, and Jessica Landon. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, April 20 at Archie p.m. Arrangements are under the care and direction of V. Todd Ferreira Funeral Services and Archie Tanner Memorial Chapel, www.ferreirafuneralservices. com to sign the familys guest book. PAID OBITUARY


Thursday, April 12, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 7B Archer Funeral Home Within Your Means Now, Peace of Mind Always 20 Ga. Metal Casket(4 colors)Vault, Graveside or Chapel Service with one hour prior visitation$5,59520 Ga. Metal Casket(4 colors)Vault, Graveside or Chapel Service with one hour prior visitation$5,595 FUNERAL SERVICE WITHMemorial ServiceServices held at Archer Memorial Chapel$1,895WITHMemorial ServiceServices held at Archer Memorial Chapel$1,895CREMATION 386.496.2008pre-payment arrangements available55 NORTH LAKE AVENUE LAKE BUTLER, FL 32054 Serving Families in North Florida since 1973 STARKE OFFICE OPEN 8:30 to 5:00 MON-FRIHwy 301 North, Starke 904-964-2010 (Next to Best Western) The areas largest supplier of Colored GraniteWhen Quality Counts, You Can Count On UsPrimary Location in Lake City at 561 NW Hilton Ave.Member of Better Business Bureau Monument Builders of North America Florida Monument BuildersFL Lic. # F037700 team standings A three-year journey for Bradford High School senior Jakob Alvarez came to an end in the best possible way, with him standing atop the podium at the Florida High School Athletic Association Class 1A Boys Weightlifting Finals as the champion of the unlimited weight class. Alvarez, who was the state runner-up last year, successfully lifted 310 in the clean and jerk a total he failed to lift last year to give himself a 775 overall total. That surpassed Union County High School sophomore Agelu Nunu by 5 pounds. Its been a fun ride, said Alvarez, who is Bradfords champion since D.J. Fergerson in 2002. Alvarez had the top overall total from regional competition heading into the meet. Nunu, though, with his third benchwas 30 pounds better than what With his best lift in the bench Nunu by 15 pounds going into the clean-and-jerk competition. It was discouraging, Alvarez he could catch Nunu in the clean and jerk, especially after talking to Bradford coach Adrian Ping Mosley. Ping, he took me outside and just told me to calm down, Alvarez said. Alvarez also got a bit of a pep talk from teammate Taro Ward. Ward, who placed fourth 169-pound class this year. It wasnt what I was wanting, Ward said, but its better than nothing. It was a little disappointing for Ward because though his 265 clean and jerk was 15 pounds better than what he did at the press was 15 pounds less than what he did at regionals. Still, he made it to state two straight years. The senior realizes thats an accomplishment. A lot of people arent able to go through something like that, Ward said. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance. Like Barber, Ward was happy to see Alvarez win it all. hes been working for, Ward said. He really deserves it. Jordan Luke also competed for Bradford. He scratched on all of his clean-and-jerk attempts, which left him with a 380 bench the unlimited class. The top six lifters in each class earned medals, which left Unions Chase Crawford one spot shy of earning one. He placed seventh jerk). Crawford actually tied with Suwannees Brantley Roberson, but Roberson was awarded sixth place due to the weigh-in tiebreaker. Roberson weighed in at 1.6 pounds less than Crawford. WORTHINGTON SPRINGSHenry James Williams, 87 of Worthington Springs passed away on April 6, 2018. He was born on January 10, 1931 in Union County, being a lifelong resident of the county. He was born to the late Joseph and Katie Roberts Williams. He was a 1950 graduate of Union County High School, where he was an all-conference football player. He was honored in 2011 by being one of the inaugural inductees to the Union County High School Hall of Fame. Mr. Williams proudly served his country in the Unites States Air Force. He retired in 1992 from Florida Gas after 32 years of shift work. Mr. Williams was a member of Sardis Baptist Church. Henrys passion was farming and his cows. He was locally well known for his sweet corn and collard green crops. He enjoyed Union County High Football and Florida Gator Football; where he was a season ticket holder for over 30 years. Mr. Williams was preceded in death by his wife of 59 years Bryant, John R., Robert, Walter, and Roland Williams and one sister Jennie Bell Ahrens. He is survived by his daughters Nedra (James) Horton of Lake Butler, Martha Williams of Jacksonville; one son Bernard Williams of Worthington Springs; nephew, Joseph (Shelli) Williams of Jesup, Georgia; brother, Russell Williams and sister, Angeline Hutson, he is Services were held April 11 at Sardis Baptist Church. All arrangements are under the care of 2008 PAID OBITUAR When I was down 15, Alvarez said, Taro came up to me and said, Youre not going to lose to a sophomore, are you? That got into my head. Yeah. Im not losing to a sophomore. It was a sense of relief when it was all over and he was presented with the gold medal. Alvarez said, It was like that moment where you say, Finally. His three-year journey was over, but it just started for Nunu, whod like to become his state champion since Jeremy Brown in 2005. Its kind of discouraging, Nunu said of not winning this year, but it makes me want to work more and more so I can come back next year and not just win, but break some records. was 20 pounds of the state record for the unlimited class and 30 pounds behind the overall state record regardless of weight class. attempting it. People asked me why I started crying, Nunu said. I said, I had to get that lift. Crying is not unusual for Nunu at meets. He said the tears eventually turn into angry aggression as he grips the bar. That anger turns into elation with a successful lift, as was the case at state. I got so hyped after that, Nunu said. Nunu did 290 on his second clean-and-jerk attempt, which proved to be his best attempt. His third attempt of 300 pounds was deemed unsuccessful by judges. My clean couldve been a little smoother, Nunu said, but my jerk, I stuck it pretty good. They said I rolled it up. Im mad about it, but Ive got two more years. Nunu and Alvarez really didnt have a serious challenge as third735 overall total. The efforts of Alvarez and teammates Ward and Zion a tie with Labelle and Madison County for second in the team standings. Each school had champion Baker County, which up in the 169-pound class. It was a good feeling, especially considering that during his junior at state. Im actually happy I got to go again for the third time and year, Barber said. Of course, I I was. That guy was Dalton Simon with a 675 total. Barber had a That put him 35 pounds ahead Hutchinson of Altha. Barber said he felt good about his chances of winning prior to state. I was actually thinking I was dont know. I guess I was a little tired. I was drained after I got my like, Second it is. Ever since last years state have given each other a hard time, with Alvarez reminding and Barber reminding Alvarez comments, though, were a way of each lifter encouraging the other to do the best he could. Barber was happy to see Alvarez know that he actually got to for our school and for himself, Barber said.


Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section your small business Jeff Oody, president and director of Community State Bank believes small businesses are the key to the economic vitality of Bradford and Union Counties. Thats why Community State Bank is committed to helping small businesses thrive in Starke, Lake Butler and soon in Interlachen. The more we can help small businesses, the more that creates local jobs and local spending, he said. That leads to more housing and more students in our schools. It has a big, big trickledown effect. Bringing the bank to your business Oody said that Community State Bank offers a wide range of services to small businesses, including loans for working capital, equipment and real estate, and merchant banking services that allow retailers to process credit cards. And with its Loanstar program, the bank can install a point-of-sale lending program at a dealers location, allowing a retailers customers to apply for a loan directly from the retailers place of business. Designed for big-ticket items like HVAC systems, boats, motorcycles and storage units, Loanstar allows customers to retailer and receive approval within minutes. your business. Real-world advice However, one of the most valuable services Community State Bank offers is advice. The from every industry in the United States and can drill down to the state and county level. So, when a prospective borrower comes in with a business plan, the banks lenders can offer straight forward advice on the validity of the plan and how a business owner can improve his or her chances of success. We can sit down with an individual and discuss their strategy of growing from a $200,000 company to a $600,000 company, Oody said, and help keep them in line with the proper way to do it. He added that a lot of small business people have not taken the time to fully think through what they want to accomplish. We have people that just come in with an idea or a thought, he said of some prospective borrowers. You have to tell your story, he said. You have to educate the bank on what you are going to sell or produce, and you have to show how the business can The budget has to make sense, he added. If your company plans to sell widgets for $3 apiece and widgets are now selling for $1, the Bank needs to understand what differentiates your widget from everybody elses. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes, an aspiring small business owner may need to add knowledge or skills. Oody said Community State Bank has strong relationships with the Small Business Development Center and Santa Fe Colleges business incubator, both of which offer advice and classes for small business operators and can guide small business owners to these classes. Our bank is part of the colleges incubator, he said. We go in and teach business owners how to write their budgets. Out-of -the-box thinking Flexibility is another strength of Community State Bank. Each small business is unique, and sometimes the standard services offered by the big banks specialized needs of business owners in Bradford and Union counties. Oody said the consolidation that occurred after the 2008 banks. We are able to go out and provide services that some of the larger banks cant provide, he said. We have that local decision-making ability. We are locally-owned. So, if we have to design or create a product, we can make that happen very quickly. Oody recalled one case in which a customer had to have an online wiring process because of the amount of domestic and international wire transfers the customer was making. We didnt have it, Oody said of the product the customer needed. So, we designed the product. We brought in one of our partners that we vendor with that customer. In most cases, it would have taken months or years for a big bank to roll out a new product like that. We did it in just a few weeks, he said. Involved in the community Ever since 1957, when former Florida Governor Charlie E. Johns founded the bank and farmer for $10,000, Community State Bank has been heavily involved in the community. We are involved in the school systems and civic organizations, Oody said. We have someone embedded in every organization in Bradford and Union counties, and in June we will do the same in Putnam County. In 2001, the bank opened its second location in Lake Butler, and soon will open its third, when it completes its acquisition of CenterState Banks Interlachen branch. in Jacksonville or Tampa. Community State Bank is committed to meeting the needs of small business owners in rural settings. Oody said that several years ago, he was talking to a state banking regulator about the need for community banks in small towns. He told me that there are many Starkes throughout Florida: small towns with small businesses and hard-working people. He said that every Starke needs a community bank one with a local board and local decision making and one that is heavily involved in the community, Oody recalled. Thats exactly what we are.


Special to the TelegraphTimes-Monitor Lake Weir High School out of Ocala paid a visit to Keystone Heights on the evening of Tuesday, April 3. After a brief sprinkle and any threat of weather subsided, things got underway, and the Indians started swinging their tomahawks early in their 6-0 victory over the Hurricanes. As a matter of fact, the only scoring play would come on the opening play from scrimmage when Keystones DeDe Taylor went 86 yards to pay dirt after receiving a lateral pass thrown by Kortney Goforth. to the 20 before Hailey Julius would stop them on fourth down marker. Julius was big on both sides of the ball all day, and on the ensuing drive she caught a long pass and put the Tribe in scoring position again. On fourth down, however, the Indians would go for it and despite Doris Taylor catching the ball, the refs declared it was out of the back of the end zone and turn it over on downs. Early in the second, the Hurricanes were again stopped on fourth down and the Indians would take over deep in Canes territory, but a few plays later they would turn it over on an interception. It was of no consequence as Lake Weir would go three and out and have to punt it away. A big rush from Taylor gave the Indians possession, but an interception off of a tip gave it back to the Canes. With Lake they were still unable to do anything with the ball and had to once again punt it back to the home side. The Indians went back to work, but on fourth and goal a pass to Jade Bishop at the goal line fell incomplete and the Hurricanes seconds left in the half but failed to do anything of note. by the Indians, they would go in the locker rooms up just 6-0, but Lake Weirs woes continued at the start of the third quarter when on their opening drive they threw an interception to Alexis Guy. Keystone was unable to capitalize and on fourth down a pass once again fell incomplete in the end zone. Lake Weir went back to business, albeit a poorly run one and again failed to pick once again to the Indians. After a penalty, Taylor pulled off a 20-yard run but failed Juliuss grab on the next play kept the drive alive. It would still fall short after Julius was stopped on fourth down on the Not surprisingly, Lake Weir would have to punt it away, and from that point on, the cycle would remain the same with every drive from each team ending in an interception, including the one by Julius with 7 seconds remaining to seal the victory. Indians head coach Bobby Qualls said after the game, I expect to score a little bit more, but we have to tighten our offense up a little, but the defense steps up and does what they need to do. I think they had two or three picks and they usually hold us in the game. On the victory he wasnt surprised at all, stating, I expect a victory almost every time they good ball players. He also likes what he sees football. This sport is growing and is going to continue to grow with the help of Title IX but the fans like it, the girls like it, and we always have a good turnout with how many players show up so I think sooner or later this will start growing. Thursday, April 12, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 9B Katelyn J. Taylor, Esq. Taylor Law Firm P.A. Family Law Attorney Divorce Child Custody Child Support Property Distribution Spousal Support Modifications of Final Judgment Relocation Paternity Domestic Violence (352) 473-8088420 S. Lawrence Blvd., Keystone Heights, Florida 32656 Indians beat Tornadoes in district showdown Special to the TimesTelegraph-Monitor Someones 0 had to go when the Keystone Heights Boys Tennis Team hosted Bradford on had failed to win a meet on the season, but the Tornadoes came into town off of the short bus ride victory as well. It was Keystone who would ultimately prevail by After the win, Indians head coach Peyton Capper stated, I think I would be lying if I said it wasnt satisfying to beat our local rival, but we will take wins anywhere we can get them these days because they have been few and far between. Due to the fact that Keystone only had four players available, seeded singles match and came into the meet already facing a quickly as the Indians Number 2 doubles-team of Jonathan Mayer and Jay Payne blanked Bradfords Gabriel Wells and Henderson 8-0 to level the meet up at one match apiece. The Tornadoes took the lead right back when their Number 1 doubles-team consisting of Nate Caraway and Dustin Jones pulled off an 8-6 victory over Caleb Cushman and Ben Miller. 2-1 when the singles matches began on the courts. Cushman and Miller both got their revenge from their doubles match loss with topseeded Cushman taking down Caraway 8-3 in the Number 2 singles match. Third-seeded Bradley got the Tornadoes back over Payne, but Mayers 8-2 win match would clinch the meet for The victory was not only the for the Indians, but also their stated, I think overall we played well and we are playing better as the season is progressing. He added, We still have some work to do and the team is relatively inexperienced but overall we won a few matches today and won the meet overall, so we are happy with that. The district tournament will take place on April 17 and 18 at Ponte Vedra High School. KHHS Spivey takes 2nd in state for 2nd straight year Keystone Heights High School senior Brandon Spivey has proven to be one of the best weightlifters in the state with his were held April 6 in Panama City Beach. For Spivey, who placed second in the 139-pound class, its a mixture of emotions. Hes ahead of Baker Countys Marcus Dialo, but he also realizes how special his accomplishments have been the past two years. I feel like I couldve beaten (Dialo) if I had my mind to it, Spivey said, adding, At least I beat every other kid but one. pounds behind Dialo and 10 pounds ahead of third-place Labelle. His best bench press attempt was 260 after failing to lift 265 on his third attempt. At regionals, I hit 265 like it was nothing, Spivey said. The clean-and-jerk portion of the event got off to a disappointing start as he failed The bar was so big. It was so loose. It spun like crazy, Spivey said. I went to clean it. It just spun right out of my hands and hit my shoulders. Spivey successfully did 225 on his second attempt before which wouldve put him in an overall tie with Dialo (although Dialo wouldve still been the state champ due to the weigh-in tiebreaker). Ive got to admit, I missed some days of practice when I shouldnt have, Spivey said, adding, It was probably mostly my fault that (Dialo) won. Still, Spivey is proud of what he accomplished the last two years. It is a great feeling being able just to be there and be with the strongest kids in the state of Florida, he said. Being able to best feelings. Youre one of the strongest kids. Spivey was one of six for KHHS who competed at state, though he was the only one to C.J. Parks placed ninth in the bench press, 195 clean and jerk), while Alex Cruz and Carter Semione each placed 10th. Cruz 183 class, while Semione had a 575 total (300, 275) in the 219 class. Cameron Musselman and Dan Musselman had a 550 total (305, unlimited class. Each class consisted of 20 competitors.


How could you pick just one? Union County High School made girls weightlifting history by having four individuals win state championships, with their efforts resulting in the team championship as well, making to win claim the team trophy. Therefore, when it came to honoring its Weightlifter of the Year, The Gainesville Sun made it a shared award among Kurston Bakken, Josie Godwin, Mia Jackson and Brandy McCoy. All four of them did something thats really special, who was tabbed as the Suns Coach of the Year. McCoy couldve been singled out for the honor as she won her third straight state championship. In fact, shes shared the Suns top honor the last two seasons, including her freshman year when she and teammate Latiyah McDonald were both named Weightlifters of the Year. For one who shines on the biggest stage, though, McCoy is pretty shy and doesnt like to receive all the attention, so shes glad to share the award. Besides, it seemed like a nobrainer to her. I wanted all of us to be the Lifter of the Year, McCoy said. I thought they were going to pick all of us anyway. Im happy they did. Godwin said, I feel like we all deserve it, while Bakken said, They realize we all did great. Theyre giving all of us the glory. Jackson couldnt think of better teammates to be honored with, saying, Its great because its a great group of girls. four lifters accomplished this year came about because they were driven to succeed. They put in hours in the weight room the summer. Then, during the school year, they trained twice a day once during their weightlifting class and once after school. Im so proud of them for what they did and the work they Weightlifter Breyonce Cummings, who competed at state, said she enjoyed watching the journey unfold for the four state champs and how their hard work paid off. Im proud of them, Cummings said. Taylor Gainey, another Union lifter who competed at state, said, Everyone deserved a pat on the back. I think its great theyre all recognized. So, if the Sun had decided to choose just one of the four as its Weightlifter of the Year, who should it have been? I dont know, McCoy said. Dont ask me that. Godwin said, I wouldnt pick one. Jackson saw the opportunity to have a little fun with her teammates. Can I pick myself? I can represent the team well, Jackson said before looking at her teammates, smiling and saying, Sorry, guys. Bakken said if one lifter had to be chosen, she would look at something more than weight totals. The Weightlifter of the Year should be a leader as well, Bakken said. She believed She really just kept us together the whole time, Bakken said. Of course, then Bakken had to add, And shes my bestie. In all seriousness, the girls and their coach would all agree the right thing was done in picking the four state champs to be Weightlifters of the Year. Every one of them did Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section COPY PAPER SALEQuick Copy White, 20LB 5000 Sheets per caseSale Price$3700/caseReg. Price $41.99Now through May 31, 2018The Office Shop 110 W. Call Street StarkeAcross from Call Street Caf (904) 964-5764 team now Andrew Cox hit an RBI to give the Keystone Heights High School baseball team the lead for good in an 8-1 District 5-5A win over visiting Palatka on April 6. Cox, Colten Crane and Conner Osteen each had an RBI single in a six-run sixth inning game away and won their third straight district game. Cox and Crane each went 2-for-3, with Cox driving in two runs and Crane driving in one. Osteen and Gary Searle each went one run. Osteen earned the win, giving three hits and one walk. He struck out three. two innings, giving up no hits and no walks. He had two strikeouts. Keystone entered the game off a 7-6 road win over district opponent Newberry on April 3. Osteen drove in the winning run on a single in the top of the seventh. Osteen and Searle each went in three runs. Crane, who hit a double, had two RBI, while Cox had one. 2.2 innings, gave up no runs, no hits and one walk. He had two strikeouts. The Indians played district opponent Santa Fe this past Tuesday and will host district opponent Fort White on Thursday, April 12, at 7 p.m. On Monday, April 16, Keystone travels to play Baker County at 6:30 p.m. The Indians then travel to play North Marion on Tuesday, April 17, at 6:30 p.m. Sun names UCHS 4 champs Weightlifters of the Year Tigers score 8 feating Torna does 13-2 Kamaya Cohen, Kensley Hamilton and Brooke Waters combined to drive in seven inning as the Union County High School softball team swept its series against Bradford, defeating the visiting Tornadoes 13-2 in


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ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, NURSING 164 DUTY DAYS TENURE TRACK Conduct the learning experience in the classroom, laboratory, and/or clinical areas. Prepare for instruction syllabi, lesson plans, tests, use assessment strategies to assist the continuous devel opment of the learner, use effective communication techniques with students and others. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, use appropriate and current technology in the teaching and learning process. Hours will vary and require some evenings. Faculty who teach in the Associate Degree Nursing Program must have a Masters of Science in Nursing degree and be licensed in Florida or be eligible for licensure in Florida. Three years of experience as staff nurse required (acut e care preferred) D esirable Qualifications: Computer Literate. Teaching experience. EXCELLENT SALARY PAID BENEFITS DESIRABLE SCHEDULE Application Deadline: Open Until Filled Persons interested should provide Colleg e employment application and copies of college transcripts. Position details and applications available online at: Human Resources Florida Gateway College 149 S.E. 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Equal Housing Opportunity B EAT THE S UMMER H EAT LAWNS & MOREQuality work for your budget John Wood ~ 904-796-9311Insured Mowing & More!!FREE ESTIMATES YOUR DECISION REGARDING WHO WILL HELP CARE FOR YOUR LOVED ONE IS IMPORTANTThe care and wellbeing of your elders is very important to the staff atOur room rate is $1,980 per month $3,100 per month for a private single Located in Downtown Starke Next to Wainwright Park(904) 964-2220 Parkside Pre Approved for Insurance* Assessment of each individuals needs and abilities is required before admitting. Monthly rates based on 30 days. Hamilton, who went 3-for3, had four RBI in all, while Cohen went 2-for-3 with two doubles and three RBI. Waters went 2-for-2 with a home run and two RBI. Teala Howard, Reah Jones, Madelyn Kish and Shelby Spratlin each drove in one run for the Tigers, while Tiffany Clark hit a double. Waters earned the win, Krista Hildebran and Harli Phillips each had an RBI for Bradford. Brooklyn Wiggins went 2-for-3, while Savana Seeley hit a double. to Williston Tripp Davis drove in a run on seventh to force extra innings, but visiting Williston scored two runs in the top of the eighth in handing the Union County District 6-1A loss on April 6. The Tigers (9-7, 2-3) were was a double by Caden Cox. Cox earned the loss despite striking out seven in 7.2 innings. Union had evened its district record at 2-2 prior to the game visiting Hilliard on March 31. Davis, Trace Croft and Whip Davis each drove in three runs, with Croft and Whip Davis each while Whip Davis hit a triple. Jake Worthington also drove in a run. innings, giving up three hits and On April 3, Braxton Dukes hit a two-out RBI single in the bottom of the seventh to make it a one-run game, but the Tigers ultimately lost 2-1 to visiting Episcopal. Dukes seventh-inning single was just one of four hits for Union. One of the remaining three was a double by Whip Davis. Starting pitcher Tripp Davis gave up just one hit in six innings, striking out four. The Tigers host Trenton on Thursday, April 12, at 7 p.m. before hosting Cottondale on Monday, April 16, Union travels to play Duval Charter at 6 p.m. before returning home to play Bell on Tuesday, April 17, at 6 p.m. wrestlers Bradford High School seniors Jesse Burch and Logan Montemurro were both second-team selections for The Gainesville Suns All-Area wrestling teams. Burch, who wrestled in the 170-pound class, won district and regional championships en route to qualifying for state. He went 22-10. as well, was a district champ and a regional runner-up. He went 38-6. Two Bradford wrestlers earned honorable mention: junior Dylan Mead (152-pound class) and freshman James Smith (126). Sun Six Keystone Heights High School players received recognition with the release of The Gainesville Suns All-Area boys soccer teams, including Alex Cruz, Jacob Hopkins and Colby Townsend, who were all Cruz, a senior forward, scored 31 goals and had 16 assists, while Hopkins, a senior was selected as a defender. Junior goalie Caleb Cushman was a second-team selection after making 250 saves and recording nine shutouts. Ricketts and freshman forward Dean Hogg were second-team picks as well. Ricketts had six goals and seven assists, while Hogg had four goals and eight assists. No Keystone girls earned recognition as their coach did not respond to Gainesville Sun requests for nominations.


Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section High-scoring game results in Tornadoes defeat Special to the TelegraphTimes-Monitor On Thursday night, April 5, the Bradford High School Baseball Team took the to take on the Santa Fe Raiders. The Tornadoes would ultimately fall 12-11 in this thrilling back-and-forth battle that has already been labeled an instant classic. Santa Fe (8-10) got the scoring underway with a run in the bottom of the second to take a 1-0 lead, but Bradford (87) responded in the top of the third when Brandon Sanford reached base on an error from the short stop and Trent Bryant scored to knot things up at 1-1. Later in the same half of the inning, Jacob Polk, who also of the game, hit a grounder up the middle to score two more runs and put the Tornadoes up 3-1. The lead was short-lived as the Raiders would drop two in heading to the fourth. That is when Sanford struck again, this time with a two-out double ball in the lights. Headed to the bottom of the and the Raiders were quick to jump on the newly inserted pitcher, scoring three more runs to snatch the lead right back, 7-5. Peyton Welch kicked off the run to cut the lead to one, and this time Santa Fe failed to respond so that would be the only scoring in the inning with it headed to sixth as a 7-6 ball game. After going three up and three down, Bradford was unable to put any runs on the board in the top of the sixth and seemed destined for defeat after the Raiders scored three runs in the bottom to take a commanding 10-6 lead heading into the The Tornadoes bats came to life in the top of the inning, Fe thanks to a one-out double from Brandon Anders to score a run, Dakota Matthews getting hit by a pitch to score another, Anders scoring on a passed on a wild pitch. After all was said and done, Bradford had done the impossible and taken an 11-10 lead to be just three outs away from the improbable victory. It was not to be, however, as after one run in the bottom of the seventh, the Raiders win. Afterwards, Bradford manager Stewart Duncan said, We just talked to them and they are all down because of the loss and everything, but they could have quit when the game was 10-6 and they came back, fought, scrapped, and tied it up. He added, Im proud of them and they showed heart tonight and that is what we talked about to encourage them. We did not lose the war, we only lost one game. over Newberry on Friday, April 6, the Tornadoes now sit in a three-way tie atop the district with the Raiders and the Keystone Heights Indians. As of press time all three teams Fe loss Prior to dropping a 12-11 District 5-5A game to Santa Fe (see related story), the Bradford High School baseball team played two other district opponents, going 1-1 with a 3-2 win over visiting Palatka on April 3. Brandon Sanford hit an RBI single with two outs in the provide the winning run. The hit scored Cayden Martin, who reached on a one-out single. Sterling Raab, who hit a double, also had an RBI. innings, giving up no runs on one hit and one walk. He had six strikeouts. Starting pitcher Trent Bryant gave up only two hits in 3.1 innings. On March 29, the Tornadoes got four extra-base hits from but still lost 5-3 to visiting Fort White. Johns went 2-for-3 with two with a double and a triple. Raab, Dakota Mathews and Peyton Welch each had an RBI. Ayden Elixson drove in three runs as the Lake Butler Middle School baseball team snapped a two-game losing streak by defeating host Fort White 6-2 on April 6. double, as did Quinten Rawls, who drove in one run. Ethan Hancock hit a triple and had one RBI. Rawls earned the win on the mound, giving up one run in had three strikeouts. two innings, giving up one run on three hits. The win avenged a 3-2 loss to Fort White on March 29. Kyler Cohen and Ethan Moody each had an RBI in that game. On April 5, the Tigers suffered another one-run loss when visiting Williston Elixson, Moody and Blake Agner each had an RBI. Lake Butler (9-3-1) will host Bradford in a doubleThursday, April 12, at the O.J. Phillips Complex. LBMS baseball team halts 2-game skid with 6-2 win