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Managing Editor Betha Bach arrived in the U.S. from the Philippines in 2014. Two years later she started painting. Now the Lake Region resident paints with material most people drink everyday: coffee. Bach said she got the idea from another artist who uses the material. She now has around 45 paintings made from coffee. took too long. Now she mixes her concoctions and then lets the mixture steep for four to She uses light and dark roasts to get the effect she wants on the canvass. She said the theme of her Bachs work is on display at Gallery 26 and Mossman Hall during January. the Melrose Art Walk on Jan. team of Andrew and Honey Harvey. Andrew sketched all the interests drifted toward music until he completed Julia Camerons 12-week course: The Artists Way. Today I work with ink and watercolor and aspire to write and illustrate my own aside traditional childrens toys to create scenes and USPS 114-170 Keystone Heights, Florida Thursday, January 11, 2018 44 th Year 36 th Issue 75 CENTS Lake Region Monitor Lake Region Monitor Deadline Monday 5 p.m. before publication 904-964-6305 904-964-8628 College of Missionary Aviation graduates pilot Area survives winter storm Managing Editor of rain and freezing temperatures to North trunks and doors. major incidents. Diane Gaskins of the Bradford County for her clients were that they stayed inside. The cold and rainy conditions made people reported no major incidents. of the Keystone Heights Senior Center had people in. Lanier also said some of her clients told her they had to keep their thermostats at 55 in order to hold down power costs. no emergency calls related to the weather. fact that the rain stopped around noon on Jan. plunged. Clay Electric reported that most of the power. Co-op spokesperson Wayne Mattox said the Residents in Providence said they were Several Union County residents reported spokesperson Lyn Williams said deputies only saw sleet around 1 a.m. on Wednesday. Managing Editor The College of Missionary Aviation conferred a pilot last Sunday when Matthew McWhorter received a diploma from the Keystone When addressing the crowd the Idaho native said he did missionary pilot and not a McWhorter encouraged his former classmates to have Managing Editor Mayor Karen Lake led the city in honoring its longestliving resident during the city councils Jan. 4 meeting. Lake said Huntley Redfearn Jr. moved to Keystone Heights with his family in 1945 from Miami and has remained ever since. Lake added that Redfearn is a past-president of the Rotary


Managing Editor the front desk of Keystone Heights Elementary School. selected as the school-related employee of the year at her school. years of her working life in the now-defunct hardware and home improvement chain. She spent a second 12 years in marketing at a private company. That all changed a few years ago when she started work at said it was challenging to experience was rewarding. The student has moved onto has moved to the front desk. students and parents make their way around the school. She takes special joy in She said she has found that campus. Dooley said her co-workers at the school are always ready to jump in when things get Advice for anyone thinking desk of a school? Make sure you are organized and can multi-task. It is important not to feel weighed down. And keep a positive attitude; not everyone who walks in the you dont know what kind of with when you encounter them. USPS 114-170 Published each Thursday and entered as Periodical Postage Paid at Keystone Heights, Florida under Act of March 3, 1879.POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Lake Region MonitorP.O. Drawer A Starke, FL 32091 7382 SR 21 Keystone Heights, FL 32656Phone: (352) 473-2210 (352) 473-6721 John M. Miller, Publisher Subscription Rate in Trade Area $39.00 per year: $20.00 six months Outside Trade Area: $39.00 per year: $20.00 six monthsEditor: Dan Hildebran Sports Editor: Cliff Smelley Advertising: Kevin Miller Typesetting: Eileen Gilmore Advertising & Newspaper Prod: C. Hurston Bookkeeping & Classified Adverts: Heather Wheeler Bookkeeping Asst: Linda Lacombe Front office Asst: Beth Tillman Lake Region Monitor the courage to follow God wherever He leads. A winter storm snowed scheduled to give the keynote address for the ceremony. Standing in for Dodzweit was the schools Dean: Jeffery Mackey who aimed his talk graduate on How to Write a said. Mackey also said that honest resume writers dont puff Dont write a perfect Write a real one. saying the school is accepted into an accreditation organization. department. Redfearn also served two stints on the city council: the from 2001 to 2005. City Attorney Richard Komando read a letter from Sen. Redfearn for his community service and volunteer efforts. Lake read a proclamation to Huntley Redfearn Jr. Day. In other news from the Keystone Heights City Council meeting of Jan. 4: received an update on the municipalitys major capital head: Passed a resolution airport at an earlier date than Approved a resolution asking the Florida Legislature not to pass laws that would impede on home rule; Heard a review of the from Airpark Chairman David Kirkland and election. Kornegay.


Telegraph Editor unexpected costs when the overpass on State Road 100 in 2020. According to City Manager the citys hardship waiver of engineering the relocation of city utility lines. states reluctance to incur the cost of moving all overhead Commissioner Tommy Chastain its support for the overpass. Chastain complained the Florida Department of Transportation sold the project to the city with pretty images city will have to come up with the additional money. tell them we dont want the overpass? Chastain asked. Im kind of thinking the he wanted all future promises what they tell us. They werent so much Milner said the city would to the utility engineering costs associated with the replacement of Alligator Creek That cost is estimated around All of our utilities literally Milner said. The city manager hopes the decision from the state comptroller to local legislators which expires at the end of January. Sikes is currently on military duty. Interim attorney there is no reason to take action Milner is going to verify if rumors that Sikes is not interested in continuing are true. If not the city could interested attorneys. council Managing Editor With the swearing in of new now make up the majority of and Jimmie Scott on the towns Police Chief Shane Bennett and City Clerk Lisa Harley. Wayne Massey thanked the towns citizens for placing their trust in him during his years of service. Massey said he has lived in towns politics for 50. He added that although leaving the the future of Lawtey. Massey recalled that in the 1960s he ran for the council and He also said that a city tax joined the council. Massey said he was pleased that during his time in city and sewer systems were constructed. he would like the municipality for its employees. I think we need something like that. Massey also recalled that during his early years on the consistently outvoting the minority. Massey said that prior to majority would hold a private He also said that with changes future for the town. We are going to see Lawtey growth. In other news from the Lawtey City Council meeting: Police training narcotics dog Bennett gave the council a summary of the police departments year-end report. council on a narcotics dog the department has purchased. The individuals. Its a three-year-old German Bennett said the department cost out of its investigative fund. detection somewhere around the middle of March. Bennett also told council 12 years. the dogs mission to narcotics police dogs undergo is with Thursday, January 11, 2018 Lake Region Monitor 3A Ken Miller performs on characters on paper. Now she or magna art. Her favorite art The Harveys work is on display at the Melrose Senior and Community Center. Also performing at the senior center during art walk was Ken Miller: composer and performer who enjoys performing original and cover songs from the 1960s. He plays acoustic and light electrical guitar. Around the region Managing Editor The chairman of the Keystone Heights airpark went over the organizations Jan. 4 city council meeting. David Kirkland said the airport started the year helping shipping clothing and other military operations at the exercises and other military operations. He added that one the facility sells more aviation fuel. Sales of fuel is one of the airports main sources of revenue. Kirkland said the airport also hosted hunting weekends assisted the city during Hurricane Irma. He also said the hurricane did little damage to the airport. Kirkland added th anniversary of the airport is coming up. He also said that the Florida National Guard is considering at the airport to give paratroopers in training a place to rest in the shade and to pack their gear.


he said. Were going to take her to elementary schools and use her as kind of a catch to get the kids attention for a few minutes and give an anti-drug message to the kids. Times Editor The Lake Butler City Commission held two special meetings last week to interview vacant city manager position. Mecusker retires. The commission had originally planned to interview a committee tasked with sorting through more than 20 applications received for the position. The committee was and local resident David Stegall. Their instruction was to select according to what they upon their meeting of the present the list produced to the commission. The per day. All of the interviews were done using a Skype system (a system where two-way visual and auditory communication is conducted over the internet using cameras and microphones on Commissioner Jack Schenck. position and what the applicant would like the commissioner to were then asked to self-assess and identify one strength they possessed and one weakness which they felt they needed to work on. grants was another topic of including sexual harassment. usefulness in management and the meaning and importance of separation of duties as it pertains to the accounting cycle. Other issues covered included experience or knowledge of waste water plant operations and understanding of and experience with current workers compensations laws. applicant. accounting from Ferris State University and a MBA with Central Michigan University. the county manager for Maconthis position for three years. Previously he has worked as the Board and deputy city manager/ of Cadillac. He has received numerous honors and awards and private sectors. His minimal annually. He is the only one of the four candidates interviewed who has never worked in the state of Florida. care management from Kings sports management from the United States Sports Academy and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. His most recent director of parks and recreation Prior to this current posting he worked in the same position worked as an adjunct college professor at Macon University/ as executive director for the Recreation Commission and as the Director of Community Affairs/Parks & Rec for the Town of Lake Park. He has experience in storm management and event planning. He lists his starting Michael Brillhart holds administration from the University of Cincinnati administration from the University of South Florida. His most recent position was as the county manager for Camden he left in July due to a change also served as an interim county an executive consultant for Professional Planning Services and city administrator for the his starting salary as open for discussion. The last applicant under consideration is C. Michael in ocean technology from the a masters degree in psychology from Naropa University and a from the University of Wyoming. Foote is currently employed as the southwest manager for Wyoming and community He is a past resident and claims experience in grant work and writing and lists his starting Correctional Times Editor was attacked outside his home deputies got to the scene and from the victims wife alerted male whose car was still in the residences driveway. While the deputies were en route to the scene they were and the victim had gotten inside returned outside to hole the gun was in it or not. The victim reported he the property when he saw an unfamiliar vehicle turn into it at the time. A few moments later he saw the headlights of the vehicle shining through his He said he turned around to ask who was there and he saw the drivers side of the car and start walking toward him in the car port. He reported the man was wearing a hoodie and held his hands in front of him at this whether they were inside the Someone in the vehicle called out that they were there to get out of gas and the approaching man agreed. When the victim he continued to walk toward The assailant pushed the victim with his chest and the victim and then retreated into his house to alert his wife and have her call law enforcement. Both the victim and his son retrieved place in the house and the son pointing the gun at the car and calling out a warning that he was armed. When deputies arrived circle around the outside of the then attempted to check and clear a laundry room that was attached to the car port and They reported hearing a mans voice saying that he was in the room. Deputies advised the slowly and to have his hands up The man cooperated and was Explorer. He told deputies he where they had gone. UCSO investigators soon arrived and determined two missing people were a as Betty Smith. She told from the store and pointed searching her for weapons name on it on top of the items in her open purse. She tried repeatedly to snatch the purse she was afraid they would put something in it. She told the road and started to run. Smith refused to settle down when asked and one of the deputies had to restrain used minimal force to place car. An investigator checked which late tested positive for crack cocaine. Investigators continued the search extending are far as Lakeside Park in Lake Butler. Way in Lake Butler and arrested. Edwards was charged victim was a correctional considered particularly serious as they were directed against state property. He remains in the Union County Jail under Edwards when he committed the crime. Smith is charged with a prescription and possession is charged with third-degree Commissioner regrets doubledipping decision Telegraph Editor Mayor Janice Mortimer wants the Starke City Commission to reconsider an ordinance passed I think we need to look at the Mortimer said. When I voted on that I didnt realize the long-term impact this is going to have on us. Police Chief Jeff Johnson agreed that come next year he and a retirement check from the city. for state employees to reenter employment with the state after dipping perception that the highlife at the expense of who are virtually guaranteed a continued the practice. Normally employees retire or enter the DROP program and delay their retirement while accumulating interestearning payments in a DROP account. Upon the effective receive that lump sum and then retirement checks. The ordinance the city commission approved allows the chief to revoke his resignation after entering DROP prior to the effective date of the resignation and remain chief of police. That means when Johnson retires receiving his monthly retirement check while continuing to collect his salary as police chief. Johnson was just re-elected Thompson. The police chief said the attorney who works with the citys three retirement systems had vetted the procedure. Attorney John Cooper who represents the city commission said home rule allows the city to deviate from the states retirement practices. Mortimer said she regrets what steward over the dollars Im said. Mortimer wants the commission to reconsider its decision. Johnson insisted the issue city commissioners it does not allow other employees to past retirement. But the chief retired employee to continue working while another achieves state as well. contracted with James Moore A former employee suing the city security while not on police duty. time sheets show overlaps attorney. The commission committed to investigating the allegation over to a third party not to document any overlapping work periods. Managing editor Typo blows up appropriations request Last week we reported that to improve the City of Palatkas the Florida House this year. Payne said the multi-milliondollar ask was a mistake. There was a typo when Payne Senior District Secretary Tammy Still in an email. The correct appropriations amount corrected when it is heard in committee. Recreational marijuana petitions fall short Two efforts to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Florida are well short of the get the measures on the Nov. 6 The group: Regulate Florida is gathering petitions for a constitutional amendment that would allow Floridians organization had only secured A similar initiative organized signatures. legalized the medical use of marijuana. Seven states now allow the Oregon and Washington. drug for medical use. Local governments resist restrictions Heights City Council passed a resolution that urges all of the Florida Legislature to oppose legislation that limits Floridians constitutional right to govern themselves under municipal home rule powers. said the Florida League of The statewide group is asking resolutions opposing what it calls intrusions on home rule. a law regulating ride-sharing wiping out local ordinances fees. The state law imposed its insurance minimums. governments from regulating transient housing and vacation Miami-Dade counties started collecting tourism taxes from the County is making progress in the apps. who represents Keystone Heights gardens. His measure would also void any such current regulations. would phase out community redevelopment agencies is in one their way through the lower audits of governmental units and would impose restrictions on community redevelopment downtown improvements. Continued from 3A


Regional News Regional News B Section Thursday, January 11, 2018 News from Bradford County, Union County and the Lake Region FEATURES CRIME SOCIALS OBITUARIES EDITORIAL Repeat weightlifting state champ, softball state title highlight UCHS sports in BY CLIFF SMELLEY The Union County Tigers had a lot to roar about in 2017, with weightlifter Brandy McCoy successfully defending her state championship and the softball fastpitch state championship. McCoy won the 199 class as a freshman in 2016 and had no trouble winning it again in 2017. Her 480 total (265 bench press, 215 clean and jerk) was 70 pounds better In fact, she wrapped up the state title after just attempt. It was just another title to add next to her name as McCoy won the District 4 and Region 2 championships as well. Mia Jackson also competed at the state meet, for eighth (12 th 154 class with a 300 total (145, 155). Jackson to state championship and then placing second at the Region 2 in all to the Region 2 finals. Joining McCoy and Jackson were who placed second in the 169 class, Sydney Personnette, who placed fourth in the 110 class, and Paige Kline, who placed fourth in the 154 class. large berth to state. Softball team knocks champ the only runs the softball team would need, while four hits in a effort, leading the Tigers to a championship game. run on a groundout as part of a the third. while Kensley Hamilton, who threat in the fourth as the Tigers record. The Tigers made it to the postseason by winning the District 6 tournament. First, they Cohen, Teala Howard and Brooke Waters each went 3. three runs, while Waters, who hit While the Fort White game championship game against Baldwin until the bottom of the Macey Fulgham reached on second when Kish, who earlier reached on an error, was thrown out attempting to score. With two shutout in the regional Union scored three runs on either errors or passed balls, but they had plenty of big hits, too: Cohen had an RBI double in the the third and Hamilton an RBI double each in the fourth and sixth innings. while striking out three. a home run in the top of the struck out 10, while walking none. The Tigers tied the game Howard scored on a passed Union the lead for good. Cohen run double in the She then added an RBI single in the fourth before pushing the last run across on a bunt in the sixth. Hamilton, Kish and Waters each game against Chipley, and it got them, scoring three runs in the game. Fulgham led off the inning with a bunt single before Howard was hit by a pitch for the third time. Fulgham was thrown out Hamilton reaching safely. A Cohen single scored Howard to Hamilton and Cohen each stole a base who was down count, blasted a line Tigers the win. straight hit batters. An illegal pitch forced in another run. one hit in 6.1 innings. Howard, who was hit by a error and scored on single. of just four hits for the Tigers Union had three hits in the Two boys weightlifters Andre Hampton placing second in the 219 class with a 690 total (400, 290). Hampton actually tied awarded the championship due to the in tiebreaker (he weighed 7 pounds less than Hampton). Dylan Bass placed third in the 139 class with a 460 total (275, 185). regional berths. Also earning regional berths were Shamar Highland, who was second in the 183 class, and Agelu Nunu, who class. Bass and Hampton earned the automatic state berths by winning their classes. Highland while Nunu was Volleyball 2 nd championship match, though it unfortunately came up short against powerhouse Sneads regional playoffs by defeating District 6 tournament, getting Madelyn Kish, six kills and eight assists from Madison Adams. The Tigers then won their third straight district title, defeating eight digs, 14 points and four aces, while Taylor Beatty had with Adams recording 24 assists. and Beatty had 20 and 11 kills, had 10. Adams had 34 assists. Union then won the Region 3 championship for the second straight year, rallying to one point away from winning the match in the fourth set, but a See UCHS, 3B Brandy McCoy J.C. Lovelace Madelyn Kish Keyshawn Young Kamaya Cohen FRESH LEANGROUNDCHUCK FRESH PORKBONELESS CHOPS or COUNTRY RIBS BONELESS BEEFBOTTOM ROUNDROAST D.L. LEESMOKEDPORK CHOPS$249 $249 $299 $299PRICES GOOD JAN 10 JAN 16 PRICES GOOD JAN 10 JAN 16 LOCALLY AMERICAN LOCALLY AMERICAN $299 $299 RED or GREENGRAPESRED or GREENGRAPES9999$399 $399FRESHCHERRIESFRESHCHERRIES$249 $249 FRESHCANTALOUPESFRESHCANTALOUPESFRESHLETTUCEFRESHLETTUCE 9999EA EA LB LB BONELESS BEEFSTEW MEATLB LB LB LB LB$399 $399 Open 7 Days a Week 8am to 8pm1371 South Walnut St. (Hwy 301) Starke (904)368-9188 $199 $199 LEAN & TENDERPORK CUBESTEAK FRESH BONE-INSKINLESSBREAST BEEF STIR FRY or THIN SLICED JERKEYMEAT SMOKEDSAUSAGE$299 $299 $399 $399 $399 $399 BACONLB LB LB $349 $349 $149 $14916 OZ PKG $269USDA INSPECTEDPORKBABY BACK RIBSLB 99USDA INSPECTEDFRESH BONE-INSPLIT BREASTLB $179USDA INSPECTEDFRESH WHOLEBONELESSPORK LOINLB 16 OZ PKG


2B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Dr. Virgil A. BerryCHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIANServing the area for 29 years. Modern methods with old-fashioned concern. Auto Accidents Work Injuries Headaches Neck and Back Pain Back & Neck Pain Clinic Animal Feed ADM (MoorMans) Cargill (Southern States) Mid-South Triple Crown Showtime Coolers Knives Tools Pavers Lawn Mower Blades Hunting & Fishing Supplies rf The Weekly Paw Print: October has been designated as Adopt A This week we salute the unsung heroes of veterinary medicine. Im talking about National Veterinary Technician Week. The individuals you see assisting the veterinarian do more than you can see in the exam room alone. Veterinary technicians deliver medications, administer and monitor anesthesia, assist the veterinarian in surgery, collect and run lab tests, and so much more. They do all that they do while remaining patient and compassionate. They never lose sight of what their mission is and why they are there. The veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and the veterinary receptionists make up the veterinary team. Veterinarians rely on their team to care and provide for their patients beyond just the medicine. This week I would like to personally thank my awesome team. I could not do what I do without their help, their inspiration to be the best, and their compassion. It is my privilege to work with each and every one of them. Next time you see a member of your veterinary health care team, give them two paws up! Youre reading a newspaper when suddenly your cat jumps onto your lap, forcing her way between you and the current events. Shes purring and begins to knead your lap, circling around and finding a perfect position to curl into. She is completely oblivious to your desires as she focuses on the push and pull of her front paws. Shes your cat, and she has a need to knead. Why cats knead The kneading behavior begins early in life, while kittens are nursing. As kittens knead their mothers mammary glands, oxytocin is released, causing milk to flow. Animal experts believe other reasons cats knead might include: To show affection To mark territory: Cats have scent glands between their toes on their front paws Separated from mother too early Normal behavior of a female cat going into heat Because kneading represents a period of comfort and safety for kittens as they snuggle up with their mothers and siblings during nursing, cats continue this behavior to display affection toward others later in life. It also serves as a selfcomforting behavior, bringing a feeling of contentment for adult cats. Similar to a child who sucks his thumb long after his mother has stopped nursing, a cats kneading helps him to feel comfortable and bonded to you. Its his way of relaxing with you. Cats leave a scent from special scent glands between their toes when they knead. No study has been conducted to verify the function of that scent marking. Its possible kneading helps to mark an area as safe. Cats have high-level olfactory senses, and like a feline aromatherapy, the cat is working to make your lap smell familiar and relaxing. Its important to remember that, just like you have certain comforting behaviors, kneading is a normal, comforting behavior for many cats. So sit back, relax, and let your kitty make a comfy spot in that lap of yours. Florida Twin Theatre All Seats $6 Before 6 p.m. 964-5451 Visit us on-line at SCREEN 1Starts FridayFri 7:00, 9:05 Sat 5:10, 8:00 Sun 4:50, 7:05 WedThur 7:30 SCREEN 2Fri 7:05, 9:05 Sat 4:50, 7:00, 9:05 Sun 5:00, 7:05 Wed-Thur 7:15DWAYNE JOHNSONNow Showing HUGH GRANT Have your say! Before Alabama beat Georgia for the National Championship Monday night, we asked some of your neighbors for a prediction. Heres what they said. Amy Mann I am from Georgia originally and have always been a Bulldog fan. I think Georgia will win by two touchdowns because they have pretty good defense. Overall I think the game will be a close one, but Georgia is really a second half team and I think that is how and when they will win the game. Mark Harrison I really have no preference who wins the game because I am a Gator fan and always prefer to watch them, however, I think Georgia will win. I dont think that Alabama can stop Georgias running attack. I predict a score of 24-17 with Georgia winning I will support Georgia because I am a fan of the SEC East and, like the Gators, Georgia is in this conference. got more experience. the experience, plus its hard to bet against Nick Sabin. Doug Wise Sabin all the way! Jason Smyth Alabama. It all boils down to experience. I think Alabama should win. I mean, those players play hard, and you have Jalen Hurts as the quarterback. I really think that he gives it his all, and hes motivated to win. I do think itll be a close game. Georgias pretty good. Score? No. I dont want to jinx it. Southside Elementary kindergarten teacher Stephanie Gunter (pictured with student Wyatt McLendon, whos James McBride Im going with bet against Nick Saban. I just think those guys are really healthy now, I think their defense is really clicking and I think theyll stick to what they do well.


Thursday, January 11, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 3B Man on the street college football the Tigers the win and forced a Fulgham helped Union go up kill. Kish had 14 kills, 14 points, had four blocks, while Adams had 28 assists. It was Fulgham who recorded win situation in the fourth set, but they got the job done, with Two straight points with Beatty Kish and Beatty had 27 and adding 26 digs and 12 points. Beatty also had 10 digs and two blocks. and 11 digs, while Brooke Waters match, Union faced a team in Sneads that had not lost to a match, while Adams had six Fulgham had two blocks as well. Baseball team makes 2 nd Ty Cook contributed on the mound and at the plate as the regional playoffs for the second appearances in 10 years. two hits, while striking out four, a double. four in two innings. Though the top seed, Union championship game. Williston scored all of its multiple errors and a balk. The Tigers wasted an opportunity in the fourth with the bases loaded and no outs. Union played without three injured starters: leadoff hitter second baseman Dylan Thornton and shortstop Phillip Joyner. Madison County. The Tigers were held to two hits. four hits, while striking out nine, in 4.1 innings. placed fourth in the 100m hurdles time of 18.52. placed 15 th with a time of 18.09. Football team makes postseason The football team ended the regular season with three straight losses, but still made the regional and was most likely helped by a stretch in which it won three straight games against Baldwin, Newberry and Hawthorne. Charles Strong rushed for 298 yards and three touchdowns. Quarterback Brian Scott rushed for a score as well. The defense came up with interceptions by Jaylon Diston, Sidney Johnson and Maurice Strong, while T.J. Robinson and Demetrious Weldon each had a Scott threw for 171 yards and Highland and Keyshawn Young each caught a touchdown pass. Young also ran for a touchdown, as did Charles Strong. Tyler Alexander and Maurice Strong each had a fumble Charles Strong scored the Hawthorne. Strong rushed for 182 yards and three touchdowns in all. Scott added two rushing touchdowns. Maurice Strong had four sacks, while Robinson, Young and fumble. state champion Madison County UCHS Continued from 1B KHHS girls place 3 rd in Cedar Key tournament BY CLIFF SMELLEY Victoria Snider each posted a basketball team defeated Dec. 20 to place third in the Cedar Key Christmas Tournament. Channell and Snider had 12 Channell coming up with 12 steals and Snider grabbing 15 rebounds. Keystone got eight points from Haley Julius, while Carissa Gagnon had two. Madison Heskett added one point. double with 11 points and 14 rebounds, while Julius, who team with 26 points. Channell added 10 points, nine rebounds and six steals. Destiny Keystone lost to host team with Julius and Snider each scoring eight points, while Bright and Channell each had six. Snider also had 11 rebounds. Jan. 4. Keystone played District play district opponent Bradford on Friday, Jan. 12, at 7 p.m. Hawthorne on Monday, Jan. 15, district opponent Pierson Taylor on Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 5:30 p.m. play prior to its game against Interlachen. Indians withstand 64-59 win BY CLIFF SMELLEY Eddie Thomas went 4-of-4 seconds as the Keystone Heights High School boys basketball team held on to defeat host Union County 64-59 on Jan. 4. Unions Keyshawn Young, points, made a three-pointer to The Tigers then got a steal by Jaquez Hendrieth, but an off-tar get pass from Young to Corey the ball back to Keystone. Keystones Marco Flores was fouled with nine seconds left. He Thomas rebounding the miss and getting fouled on a follow-up shot attempt. Thomas made both the game. It was the sixth win in the past straight. Two straight three-pointers the basket and was fouled. He missed the ensuing free throw, but Thomas rebounded the miss and scored. Flores later scored on The teams traded three-point shots in the early stages of the second quarter, with Young mak ing two for the Tigers and Josh Hughes and Garrett Stanley each making one for the Indians. A Young basket off a steal by Hill of the quarter to go into halftime free throws, while Ray Kirtley was set up for a layup by Flores fouled, making the ensuing free throw and making the score 25free throw. A Sawyer Maxwell basket put straight on a Young three-point er, two free throws by Agelu Nunu and a Hendrieth basket fol made a three-pointer and then knocked down a pull-up jumper following his own steal. A Young three-pointer kept the Tigers the score with a three-pointer of his own, while Stanley scored Keystone into the fourth quarter leading 44-42. Keystone scored nine straight points to start the fourth quarter. Read all about it... The areas latest crimes, news, obits, and items you cannot get anywhere else in the world!! If you want to know whats happening in the area subscribe See BALL, 5B Lexi Androlevich, Abigail Varnum, Natalie Anders, Madelyn Kish, Summer Fulgham, give chase to a loose ball. looks on.


4B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section Socials Letters Community State Bank to acquire CenterState in Interlachen BY CLIFF SMELLEY The Community State Bank family is going to expand with the acquisition of CenterState Bank in Interlachen. into other markets to expand the Community State Bank franchise, Community State large acquisitions and had some market areas, including Interlachen, Community State Bank was able to explore. By purchasing the Interlachen bank building and its deposits, Community State Bank will add transaction to occur in April or May. spent about an hour just going through what our bank is about, what the change will be about a great bank, just well known throughout the state of Florida. operate. The bank is almost identical to almost identical to the Union Their personnel structure is The bank in Interlachen is the only bank in that city, though there is a VyStar Credit Union ATM. done in Starke and in Union system and especially with all the small businesses that are in town. In fact, the Interlachen employees will get a taste of the Bradford County community as they will be attending the annual North Florida Regional Chamber said. Between now and the transaction, Community State Bank employees representing each department will go to the Interlachen bank to train Interlachen employees will make trips to Starke as part of the training process. work with the staff prior to the transaction is rare. CenterState to allow us to kind acquisitions do not allow that, Within a few weeks of the transaction, the Interlachen phone systems will be updated to match those of Community in equipment, which will also include new ATM systems and signage. Community State Bank to open in are being explored, though nothing in that regard would occur until after the Interlachen bank transaction and once branch are completed. I can tell you that with the support of our board of directors, anticipate being able to really get serious about some of completed this transaction and the building project is completed here. I think toward the end of see some other things happen. project (consisting of technology upgrades) at the Starke branch is progressing as expected and should be completed by July or things also going on at the bank include changing to a new core website design. the bank employees who are soon work in training employees Bank. The 30 employees we Bank I would stack them and personally. ready for the next challenge, he said. CRIME Roof Leaks Re-Roofs Shingles Metal Low Slope Mobile Home Commercial Lifetime Roofs Siding Rotten Wood Replacement FREE ESTIMATES Locally Owned www.LewisWalkerRoofing.comGuaranteed Best Service Guaranteed Best Warranties Guaranteed Best Prices Toll Free 866-959-7663 Gas piping Welcome our new Physician Nalini Sharma, MD904-964-7732 Call for an Appointment person who turned my purse in at Walmart in Starke. It was just a day or two before Christmas, and I made it all the way home the shopping cart after loading my trunk. God Bless You, Kind Person! Vicki Overman Oody Recent arrests in Bradford, Clay or Union were arrested recently by in Bradford, Union or Clay (Keystone Heights area) counties. BRADFORD 31, of Starke was arrested on Jan. 8 by Bradford deputies for possession of cocaine and bond has been set. arrested Jan. 9 by Starke has been set. Jerome Terry Turner, 63, 8 by Bradford deputies for police. No bond has been set. Ricky Robert Tyson, 60, of Starke was arrested Jan. 2 by Bradford deputies for larceny, possession of drug equipment. No bond has been set. 27, of Starke was arrested Jan. 5 by Bradford deputies release and possession of marijuana. No bond has been set. Shawn Aymara Martin, 46, of Starke was arrested Jan. 4 by Bradford deputies for trespassing. Bond has been set at $5,000. Corbett Brandon Rhoden, Jan. 3 by Bradford deputies for DUI unlawful blood alcohol. Bond has been set at $10,000. Ronald Roland Rihm, 27, Jan. 5 by Bradford deputies for possession of drugs, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment. Bond was set at $80,000. Brandy Renee Tyler, 34, of Waldo was arrested Jan. 4 by Bradford deputies for and three counts of drug possession. Bond was set at $20,000. UNION COUNTY Union deputies on Jan. 7 for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, accessory before and possession of narcotic equipment. Smith was two other suspects, Derrick Bond was set at $27,500. Bivens to Wed Jan. 20, 4:30 pm at the Butler Church of Christ is the of Midway and Nancy Powell marriage. Nancy is the daughter of Randel is the son of the being sent. Ray Bivens by Union deputies on Jan. 7 for accessory before the (below). Bond was set at $30,000. 39, of Raiford was arrested Jan. 7 by Union deputies for assault or battery. Deputies responded to a report from a woman that her husband: being attacked by a man housing. By the time deputies the car, unsure whether or not around the exterior of the home and found a man hiding came out of the laundry room as requested and surrendered to the deputies, stating that there had been two people was outside his home when toward him. Someone in they were there to get a gas can since they had run out back and retreated into his house to secure a gun. Also arrested in this incident bond. Brandon Joseph Croft, 34, Jan. 5 by Union deputies for of an injunction of protection was arrested when deputies were called to Spires IGA by she had been trying to help Croft get some medicine when he became loud and and continued to yell and scream at her in the store. He was arrested outside, sitting up against the building. It was petitioner. No bond has been set. Shawn Michael Gibson, 34, of by Union deputies on charges of possession of a controlled while knowing his license or canceled, resisting an and possession of narcotic equipment. No bond has been set. Jan. 7 by Union deputies been in an argument with her mother about a dog and other come and see about the disagreement after noticing was holding the side of her head near her eyebrow, where she had a small laceration which still showed blood on it. No bail has been set. Claude Whitehead, 56, of Union deputies on Jan. 5 for possession of cocaine with intention to sell within 1,000 feet of a house of worship or business, possession of marijuana with intent to sell within 1,000 feet of a house of worship or business and possession of narcotic equipment. Deputies were residence to assist with a probation search and Whitehead cooperated fully drugs he had on hand to deputies or telling them where they were hidden in his residence and admitting that he sold the drugs to other people, although he denied using them himself. He is being held in the Union of felony probation. No bond has been set. KEYSTONE HEIGHTS Macedo, 27, of Keystone Heights was arrested Jan. 7 Terry Sorensen, 62, of Starke was arrested Jan. 3 by Clay deputies for child abuse without great bodily harm. According to an arrest report, the defendant became angry on a kitchen counter. pick up the item, the defendant pushed him to the ground, punched him in the face and slammed his head into the ground. point the defendant grabbed him by the throat and was choking him to the point that he could not breathe, wrote was forcing his thumb into that during the attack, he had because he could not breathe out of his pocket and said, I The deputy added that appeared frightened.


Thursday, January 11, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 5B Obituaries 340 E. Walker Drive(SR 100)Keystone Heights P. Steven Futch Funeral DirectorJoe Gallagher Owner/Funeral DirectorWere here for youTo help celebrate a lifeto help say goodbye.Whether your loved one wanted a traditional funeral or a more casual way to bring family and friends together, well help your remembrance be something special. Let us ease the burden and help you celebrate a life in a wonderful way.Complete Funeral Arrangements Pre-planning Assistance Cremation Services Monuments Out of Town Arrangements Spacious and Intimate Facilities O Street Parking Kelli Parks Moreland Funeral Director620 East Nona Street(corner of SR 100)Starke 904.964.6200 620 East Nona Street(corner of SR 100)Starke 904.964.6200 340 E. Walker Drive(SR 100)Keystone Heights 352.473.3176 Serving Families in North Florida since 1973 STARKE OFFICE OPEN 8:30 to 5:00 MON-FRIHwy 301 North, Starke 904-964-2010 (Next to Best Western) The areas largest supplier of Colored GraniteWhen Quality Counts, You Can Count On UsPrimary Location in Lake City at 561 NW Hilton Ave.Member of Better Business Bureau Monument Builders of North America Florida Monument BuildersFL Lic. # F037700 T h e h i r i n g o f a l a w y e r i s a n i m p o r t a n t d e c i s i o n t h a t s h o u l d n o t b e b a s e d s o l e l y u p o n a d v e r t i s e m e n t s B e f o r e y o u d e c i d e a s k u s t o s e n d y o u i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t o u r q u a l i f i c a t i o n s a n d e x p e r i e n c e Doris DeLance age 92, of Starke passed away on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017 in an extended illness. Doris was 1925 to Park John and Grace Irene (Stoodley) Blanchard. She was a Registered Nurse her entire working life and taught nursing around the world. Doris enjoyed gardening, sewing, and to spend time with her family and grandchildren. Doris will be deeply missed by those who preceded in death by: her parents and her siblings. Donna D. Green (Mark Green, whom she considered a son) of Vermont, and William F. Bill with four grandchildren, and now at peace and has gone home to see her dad. held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11 at DeWitt C. Jones 6200. www.jonesgallagherfh. com Joshua Kelsey NY passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017 at UF Health Shands Hospital due to a Josh was born on March 24, He was born to John Kelsey Jr. graduated from Midlakes High School in Clifton Springs, NY. After graduation, he joined the for 9 years. Josh was also a Florida State Prison system. In July 2017, Josh graduated was to start the Florida State Highway Patrol Academy in Blood Trailing Network. with his son Kobe. He was a he shared with Kobe. Josh and he always liked to help people. He was kind and gentle was predeceased by: both his paternal grandparents, maternal grandparents, Don father, John Kelsey Jr. (Sharon Tammy Gibson and her daughter Dinnah Fugatt of uncles and cousins and his dogs Chief and Jane. A celebration of life will be held at his home in Starke on Jan. 27th beginning at 2 pm. Contributions may be made Humane Society of the United States at www.humanesociety. Frederick Mead Keystone Heights died at his home Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018. He was born in Huntington, WV on Sept. 29, 1950 to the late Herbert B. and Norma J. (Rust) Mead. He Army, would help maintain golf courses and did carpentry work. His two brothers Herbert preceded him in death. of Keystone Heights, Richard Thomas (Trudy) Mead of WV. At the request of Mead, Arrangements are under the Home, Keystone Heights. Arlene Ross A. Ross, 89, of Union, died at the Cushing Homestead in Cushing on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. Arlene was born July 13, 1928 in Union Marion Thurston Burns. She grew up in Union County and graduated from Union County High School of 1947. Arlene many years as a sales clerk in the hardware department. She was also a homemaker. She enjoyed knitting, bowling, tennis, and playing games. She was a member of a local Hook Rug Club in Hope. She was a member in Union, and attended the Sampson City Church of God in Starke. Arlene was well known for being a happy woman, and for her extraordinary homemade biscuits. She was predeceased brothers, Chester A. Burns, Keith Burns, and Reginald Burns. daughters, Brenda (Roger) Raquel (Aaron) Willson of grandchildren. in Union County to be announced. Condolences for the family may be shared at hallfuneralhomes. com Arrangements are entrusted to Hall Funeral Home and Clyde Wagner Shelby Sonny Wagner, 81, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 at the 17, 1936 to the late Clyde G. Class on the USS Missouri, USS Pittsburg and USS Harry employed until his retirement in 1989 as the Head Master Welder his talents and experiences with others. He taught welding through the Union County Adult always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. His sharp wit, great smile and generous heart will be greatly missed by all who Beth (Gary) Blunk and Marsha 12 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, brother Jack Wagner and sister Doris Warren along with many friends. He is predeceased by his parents, Clyde Glessner Wagner and Kenneth Wagner. will be held on Jan. 16 at 2:00 pm at Rosemary Cemetery in the family asks donations to be org Shirley York York, age 68, of Starke passed away at her home, Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. She was born in Hayti, late Robert Bobby and Shirley has been a long time resident of Starke and the proud owner of the Red Dog her world was her grandson, Richard) and her family. She with the patrons of the Red Dog who were thought of not only as friends, but family of 33 years, Doug York had preceded her in death along Melissa Shaffer (Wallace Black) of Hampton, Veronica York sons, Richard Shaffer of Starke brother, Burley James (Doris) of Hampton. Also left behind Richard, Jeffery, Courtney, Danielle, Brianna, Michelle, Ryder and Race along with Arrangements are under the that span, while Flores and Thomas each added a basket to to play after Thomas scored on a dunk and was fouled, making the free throw. Union responded with eight straight points, get ting a free throw from Nunu, a Keystone helped its cause by tunities. line. Kirtley and Flores joined Hughes and Stanley each had six points, while Maxwell had four. Ben Miller added two points. Hill was Unions second-lead BALL Continued from 3B drieth had six points, while Nunu and Nate Norman each had three. Caden Cox and Blane Workman each added two points. Keystone played St. Johns Country Day on Jan. 5 and Dis trict 4-5A opponent Newberry on Jan. 9. The Indians host dis trict opponent Interlachen on prior to playing Newberry. play St. Johns Country Day at opponents Hilliard and Haw thorne on Jan. 5 and Jan. 9. The prior to playing Hilliard. p.m. The Tigers then host Brad big night in KHHS boys soccer teams 3-2 win BY CLIFF SMELLEY For the third time in four at least three goals, scoring all three in the Keystone Yonge on Jan. 5. Peyton Box, Dean Hogg and Jacob Hopkins each had an assist as the Indians in District 5. Goalie Kaleb matches. Keystone entered the Ricketts each scored a goal, Matt White played goalie, The Indians played district opponent Santa Fe this past district opponent Interlachen on Thursday, Jan. 11, at 7 p.m. hosts Suwannee at 7:20 p.m. The Indians then host St. Francis on Tuesday, Jan. 16, at district opponent Newberry on Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m. Jan. 12 Suwannee match. Christopher Anderson scored Jan. 4. BHS boys drop 72-64 game to Hawthorne BY CLIFF SMELLEY year for the Bradford High last team it played in 2017, but this time, the winner was Hawthorne, which Hawthorne. D.J. Mackey posted a


6B Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section BY CLIFF SMELLEY Grace Johns was crowned Jan. 6. Amie Johns, was one of four competing for the title. She was $300 scholarship. Johns was also pageant. ticket sales. The Miss Photogenic for a mini photo shoot with Traci Waters Photography. The contestant who adhered to all deadlines and, in essence, made life a little easier, came with a $25 sales. senior and daughter of Jody and the award for selling the most ads in the pageant program. old sophomore and daughter of Chuck and Julie Morrow, was intermission. fellow participants for Miss Congeniality. As it turned out, I think they planned it, said BHS graduate who won the Strawberry Princess and Miss Bradford Fest titles. Grace Johns is crowned Miss BHS Will You Have Enough? See Derek for your FREE, no obligation, retirement strategies, annuity or investment reveiw. Derek ChipolettiFinancial Advisor 529 Plans and other College Funding Techniques Retirement Analysis 401k rollovers, mutual funds and other investments Employer-sponsored 401k, SEP and IRA plans Family Protection Analysis (Life, Health, Long Term Care, and Disability) Stop by, call or email Derek today! Securities and investment advisory services offered through Securian Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Capital Financial Strategies, 10199 Southside Boulevard, Suite 200, Building One, Jacksonville, Florida 32256 is an independently operated affiliate of Securian Financial Services, Inc. DOFU 1982384 1/2018 P romote S ervice B usiness with a E mail your med-to-hi-resolution digital photo (150dpi+) & ad text to: by 5pm Monday OR bring it to:B radford County Telegraph Union County Times Lake Region Monitor( 904) 964-6305W ell help you design your ad cash/check/credit cards accepted all for only /wk c overing Bradford, Union & Clay Counties a in o ur weekly community g iveaway paper: S tand Outfro m the crowd Ee ctrify Y our Business! Reach New Customersw ith aClassified P hoto Ad Licensed Bonded Insured A ctual Size Ad Sample Grace Johns in her casual wear. Grace Johns in her casual wear. Jayla Eiland in her evening gown. Jayla Eiland in her casual wear. Grace Johns in her evening gown. Camee Morrow in her casual wear.


Thursday, January 11, 2018 Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 7B 40 Notices EQUAL HOUSING OP PORTUNITY. All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 in which makes it illegal to ad vertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an intention to make any such prefer ence, limitation or discrim ination. Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodi ans, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not know ingly accept any advertis ing for real estate in which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this news paper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimi nation, call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777, the toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275. For further information call Florida Commission on Human Relations, Lisa Sutherland 850-488-7082 ext #1005 42 Motor Vehicles & Accessories $CASH$ FOR JUNK cars, up to $500. Free pick up, running or not. Call 352771-6191. 2006 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS GS. 134,000 Miles $3,500.00 By Appointment 352-214-9069. 47 Commercial Property (Rent, Lease, Sale) DOWNTOWN STARKE for rent. 113 E. Call St. Call Freddie American Dream Realty at 904-5099893. 48 Homes for Sale FOR SALE BY OWNER. 3BR/2BA HOUSE. Sepa rate washer/dryer room, large den, carport, fenced yard, storage building. $129,000. 105 Epperson St., Starke. Info 904-3649022. 3BR/2BA HOME. Includ house. With 2 car garage. 1005 Palm St. Starke, Fl. House newly renovated, new windows, roof, car bath, new appliances. City fenced. Nice neighbor hood, near school. Move in ready. $177,000. Call 904-364-9022 for appointment to see home. 50 For Rent 2BR/1BA APT. CH/A. Electric range, refrig. hook-up, close to schools. $650/mo. 1st mo. and sec. deposit. Service animals only, references. Call 904966-1334. 3BR/1BA HOUSE, STARKE. Near schools, range, refrigerator, ch/a, w/d hook-up. Service animals only. $795/mo. 1st & security deposit. References. Must see. Call 904-966-1334. WE HAVE 2 OR 3 bed room MH, clean, close to prison. Call 352-468-1323. NEWLY RENOVATED mobile homes. 3 BR/ 2 BA DW and 2 BR/ 2 BA. (One) 16x80 2 BR/2 BA. Lake Butler. 1-678-4386828. OFFICE SPACE for reception area, kitchen, handicap accessible. Fenced area for vehicle security. $1400/mo. Lease required. Please call 904364-9022. STARKE 3BR/2BA MH, CH/A. New carpet, vinyl and paint. Mini blinds throughout. Three year old eat-in kitchen. Service pets only, non-smoker. $850/deposit $850/mo. 904-662-3735 leave mes sage. 2BR/1BA HOUSE newly painted. CH/A. Ideal lo cation, close to Keystone shopping. Only 10 miles from Starke. Sandy White Beach Spring fed Lake. $775/mo. Lawn care provided. Senior Citizen discount offered. 352-4788321. 2BR UPSTAIRS apt. month and $250/security deposit. 904-364-9022 50 DOUBLE WIDE mobile home & House for rent. 904-769-6260, 904-9645006. RETIRED SINGLE LADY. Looking for female room mate. Furnished bedroom with private bath in large, clean, 2-story home. Quiet, safe neighborhood. $300/mo. plus $50 depos it. Please no children. 386-496-1062 or 904-263-0366. KEYSTONE HEIGHTS 3BR/2BA MH on 1 acre. Close to town. $550/mo. & security. Call 352-478-9104. place. CH/A on acreage in Lawtey. Stainless steel fridge & stove. $900/mo. First, last, & Deposit. Call 386-675-9996. SINGLEWIDE 2BR/1BA. 1 mile south of Starke. Newly remodeled. Front & back porches. Service animals only. $500/mo. plus deposit. 352-468-2674. HOUSE ON LAKE GE NEVA. 1BR/1BA. Fenced in yard. Beautiful view of lake and beach area. Large bedroom with walk in closet. Custom shelving for computer & TV. Ca thedral ceiling with large loft storage area. W/D hookup. Maintenance & lawn care provided. $600/ mo. Discounts available. 352-475-3440. HOUSE ON LAKE GE NEVA. 2BR/1 & 1/2 BA. CH/A.Large living room, dining, room, kitchen combination. Beautiful full fourth room with W/D hookup in one end & pos al small enclosed porch connected to master Bed room. $800/mo. Includes maintenance & lawn care. Discounts available. 352475-3440. 53 A Yard Sales YARD SALEFurniture, dishes, clothes, & misc. At the Community State Bank. Saturday 8 am. If weather permits. 65 Help Wanted DRIVERS: Regional runs, Texas runs! Vacation/Holidays. Late model equip. Home weekly. CDL-A, 1yr exp 866-792-5221 HELP WANTED UNION COUNTY SOLID WASTE/ ROAD DEPARTMENT Clerical position. Must have experience and crosoft Word, Email, etc. Ability to operate comput Ability to multi-task, show ical calculations. Ability to crate and maintain records and complete payroll in a timely fashion. Must show professional ism through oral, written and typed communication. Ability to work under little or no supervision, must be self-motivated to complete tasks and meet deadlines. Minimum of 2 years ex perience in a secretarial position. Apply at Union County Solid Waste. Position closes at 3:00 p.m. on January 24, 2017. Union County Board of County Commissioners is an equal opportunity em ployer and gives Veterans Preference. EARN $500-$600. METAL FRAMING & DRYWALL. Will train, Reliable trans portation is a must. Call Jimmy 904-263-6719. DURRANCE PUMP Q UALITY SERVICE SINCE 1964 Pumps Sales Parts Service ST ATE LICENSE #1305 Handicapped AccessibleThis Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.Now Accepting Applications1 AND 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS 607 Bradford Court Starke, FLCall for more info 904-964-6216Hearing Impaired Only call 800-955-8771 E Q U A L H O U S I N GO P P O R T U N I T Y LOWEST WEEKLY ROOM RATES IN TOWN. GUEST LAUNDRY & ROOM SERVICE1101 N TEMPLE AVE STARKE, FL904.964.7600 Set Right Mobile Homes Specializing In Relocations, Re-Levels, Set-Ups & Disposal Rodney A. Carmichael, OwnerEmail: set_right_homes@yahoo.com904-364-6383 Southern Villas of StarkeAsk about our 1&2 BR Apartments HC & non-HC Units. Central AC/ Heat, on-site laundry, playground, private, quiet atmosphere. 1001 Southern Villas Dr. Starke, FL Equal Housing Opportunity 1 & 2BedroomsNOW AVAILABLE$460 $505 Equal housing opportunity. This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer. 1, 2 3 & 4BEDROOM APARTMENTSHC & Non-HC accessible.1005 SW 6th St. Lake Butler, FL386-496-3141TDD/TTY 711. This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer. Equal Housing Opportunity DIRECTOR eL EARNING S upport faculty with design, development, and evaluation of blended and onli ne courses and programs. Assist in the creation and promotion of quality design and instructional standards and processes that support student success and d evelop strategies to increase and improve eLearning programs and services. Design and lead professional develop ment activities. Ensure that all accreditation and regulatory requirements for eLearning are met Ensure accessibility issues related to on line instruction are addressed and comply with applicable regulations Masters d egree preferred or bachelors degree required in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Educational Technology, or related fi eld and three years of progressively responsible experience related to eLearning, including two years of supervisory experience. SALARY: Depends on Qualifications APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open Until Filled Position details and applications available online at: o r visit Human Resources Florida Gateway College 149 S.E. College Place Lake City F L 32025 2007 Phone (386) 754 4314 Fax (386) 754 4814 Email : human.resour FG C is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges VP/ADA/EA/EO College in Education and Employment HELP WANTEDUNION COUNTY SOLID WASTE/ROAD DEPARTMENTClerical position. Must have experience and prociency in Excel, Microso Word, Email, etc. Ability to operate computer and oce equipment. Ability to multi-task, show prociency in mathematical calculations. Ability to create and maintain records and complete payroll in a timely fashion. Must show professionalism through oral, written and typed communication. Ability to work under little or no supervision, must be self-motivated to complete tasks and meet deadlines. Minimum of 2 years experience in a secretarial position. Apply at Union County Solid Waste. Position closes at 3:00 p.m. on January 24, 2017. Union County Board of County Commissioners is an equal opportunity employer and gives Veterans Preference. Hawthorne, FL Now renting lovely 1, 2, & 3 BR Apts. in a country setting close to town shopping & banking, rental assistance available to qualified applicants. Mon/Wed/Fri 8 a.m. 12 Noon & 12:30 p.m. 4 p.m. Call Ina at for more information.TDD 1-800-955-8771 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer 904-964-6305 Christmas joy for Guardian ad Litem children As has been the case every year, children in the Guardian ad Litem received Christmas gifts, thanks to a toy drive among Florida Department of on Crime and Delinquency, Chapter 5. Gifts, which were also donated by First Sanders, Shere Dorsey, Kim Adams, Michelle Willforth, David LaCob, Jennifer Haas and Stephen Starling Sr. on Dec. 30 and did so again in this meeting with 14 points was the leading scorer with 16 points, Chris Cummings and Jalen Williams each had Chandler added two. Cummings also had eight assists and eight rebounds, rebounds. and will host Baker County on Saturday, Jan. 13, at 7:30 p.m. The Tornadoes then on Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 7:30 p.m. played prior to each game at 6 p.m. Continued from 5B Camee Morrow in her evening gown.


Telegraph, Times and Monitor B Section 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH FINANCINGWe Will Beat All Competitor Pricing SHEET VINYL AS LOW AS $.59 CARPET AS LOW AS $.69 SF VINYL PLANK AS LOW AS $.89 SF WOOD LOOK TILE AS LOW AS $1.29 SF 25% OFF ALL CARPET & VINYL REMENTSFloor & Home Over 40 years of SALES ~ SERVICE ~ INSTALLATION Keep Public Notices in Newspapers Some officials want to move notices from newspapers to government-run websites, where they may not be easily found. This is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. rf BY CLIFF SMELLEY What do you when someone legend home? You gladly accept, then pray you get him there without incident. It was good news all the way around for FSU fan Terry Vaughan, who got the opportunity to safely chauffeur Bowden from a fundraising Tallahassee. Bowden was the featured guest at the Arc of Alachua and Bowties on Jan. 6. Mark Johnson, the director of the Arc of Alachua, is a friend of Absolutely. I would be honored to take coach Bowden back to fan of my age would jump at the opportunity to do such a thing, said Vaughan, who is Bradford County. Vaughan said his assistant asked him if he would be His reply was that Bowden is such an unassuming person that home was cause for caution. I was scared to death about the possibility of an accident or him home to make sure I got him back safely. In fact, Vaughan, who was also accompanied by his wife, could say Bowden was able to sleep like a baby. Vaughan said he and Bowden talked for about After that, though, Bowden, who able to stretch out in the allowed to use, courtesy of Nick and relax. Bowden had a 7 a.m. attend a Fellowship of Christian a.m. He basically fell asleep and mile from his home, Vaughan said. When he did get to talk to Bowden when he was awake as well as prior to Arc Gala IV Vaughan said it was fun to talk about mutual acquaintances, including High School graduate, who played football and baseball for Bowden at South Georgia State College. Bowden, who coached both sports as well as basketball at South Georgia State, told year during a reunion. name, his eyes lit up, Vaughan said. father, who was a building contractor in Tallahassee. Coach Bowden once looked at a home my father had built, and my father showed it to him many years ago, Vaughan said. Vaughan had gotten Gala IV: Bowden and Bowties tickets for legendary Bradford High School said he asked Bowden prior Hurse. Bowden made Vaughan laugh when he seemed surprised to learn that Hurse was still doing well. Bowden replied, Well, it just seemed like he was Vaughan asked Bowden what he thought of new FSU coach Willie Taggart. and that coach Taggart would be Vaughan was indirectly responsible for Bowden originally wanted to try to get actor Burt Reynolds, who played called Vaughan wondering if Vaughan knew how to get in touch with Reynolds. He knew that I had graduated from Florida State and had been a Florida State fan for many years, Vaughan said. He some network back to Burt. Reynolds, but he knows Sue secretary at FSU. Hall and Reynolds were good friends, so make a commitment. When the Arc director called Hall back to thank her anyway for her help, Bobby will do this for you? kind of fellow Bobby is, Mark calls Bobby at home, and Bobby answered the phone, Vaughan said. They worked out the Bowden participated in an and answered questions for an Vaughan said Bowden was about that football program in was complimentary of former who is now an ambassador at UF. game, Vaughan said. The Spurrier came onto the scene was you had to run the football consistently to win. Coach Spurrier changed all that. An audience member asked Bowden what he considered his most exhilarating win against Florida and also his Gators. Bowden said his most run helped the Gators score a touchdown and pull out the win. The most exhilarating win season (1977) when the skid against the Gators with a pair of touchdown passes in the second half as FSU outscored Basically, Florida State was a struggling program trying to make its mark, Vaughan said. That was kind of they day where (Bowden) felt they made a statement. Vaughan enjoyed hearing Bowden also talk about his faith. The coach shared a story about shot to death in 1986. He said distraught players, he took the opportunity to witness to them, asking them if they were sure of Following his meeting with the team, Bowden said Mark head coach who was an assistant on his staff at the time, came to about the situation. He said through that experience, Mark Richt accepted Christ right there at his desk, Vaughan said. He said meet. That was a neat story. Vaughan said what really made an impression on him was when Bowden talked about people getting discouraged about setbacks in life. He said he thinks God allows troubles to come our way as a means for us to grow spiritually and mature as humans, Vaughan said, adding, His faith is the true foundation