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BULLSDOGS TAKE DOWN RIVAL PANTHERS, SPORTS C1 LEESBURG, FLORIDA Saturday, October 18, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com Vol. 138 No. 291 5 sections INDEX CLASSIFIED D2 COMICS E4 CROSSWORDS D4 DIVERSIONS E5 LEGALS C7 BUSINESS B4 NATION A5 OBITUARIES A4 SPORTS C1 VOICES A7 WORLD A6 TODAYS WEATHER Detailed forecast on page A8. 84 / 63 Plenty of sunshine 50 EAST RIDGE ............................... 3 APOPKA WEKIVA .................. 63 EUSTIS ...................................... 9 MOUNT DORA ...................... 28 FIRST ACADEMY ................... 56 ST. FRANCIS CATHOLIC ............. 10 LAKE MINNEOLA ...................... 19 ORLANDO EDGEWATER ......... 26 LEESBURG ............................... 21 SOUTH LAKE ........................ 24 MONTVERDE ........................... 37 JOHN CARROLL CATHOLIC ..... 47 MOUNT DORA BIBLE ............ 49 SEVEN RIVERS CHRISTIAN ....... 26 SOUTH SUMTER ................... 48 NATURE COAST ........................ 15 TAVARES .............................. 58 LAKE HIGHLAND PREP ............... 7 THE VILLAGES ...................... 48 KEYSTONE HEIGHTS ................ 42 UMATILLA ............................ 41 INTERLACHEN ........................... 6 WILDWOOD ............................. 15 PIERSON TAYLOR .................. 44 AUSTIN FULLER | Staff Writer austin.fuller@dailycommercial.com A six-acre corn maze and an acre minicorn maze attrac tion, called Scotts Maze Adventures, has opened for the autumn season at Long & Scott Farms in the Mount Dora area. The attraction start ed in 2003, according to maze manager Rebecca Ryan, whose father Frank Scott Jr. started the farm in 1963. Frank Scott, Jr. and Billy Long grew up on the East ern Shore of Virginia. Billy, who had been a Zellwood muck farmer for years, talked Frank into com ing to Florida in 1963, the farms website states. Ryan said they wanted ways to get people out to the farm and especially its market. All farmers across the country are doing stuff like this, its called agri tourism and theyre bring ing people out to the farm to remember the farmer, Ryan said. The maze, which opened Oct. 4, will be clos ing on Dec. 14. It is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Reservations can be made for groups of more than 20 people for Tuesday through Friday. Admission is $11 for adults and $9 for kids, with chil dren under 3 getting in for free. There is a discount for the group reservations. It is also open the day be fore and after Thanksgiv ing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Ryan said. MARIA CHENG and ADAM GELLER Associated Press LONDON The World Health Or ganization bungled efforts to halt the spread of Ebola in West Africa, an inter nal report revealed Friday, as President Barack Obama named a trusted politi cal adviser to take control of Americas frenzied response to the epidemic. The stepped-up scrutiny of the in ternational response came as U.S. ofcials rushed to cut off potential routes of infection from three cas es in Texas, reaching a cruise ship in the Caribbean and multiple domes tic airline ights. Republican lawmak ers and the Obama administration de bated the value of restricting travelers from entering the U.S. from countries where the outbreak began, without a resolution. But with Secretary of State John Kerry renewing pleas for a collective, global response to a disease that has already killed more than 4,500 people in Afri ca, the WHO draft report pointed to se rious errors by an agency designated as the international communitys leader in MOUNT DORA A maze of maise Long & Scott Farms offers family friendly attractions PHOTOS BY BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL A homeschool eld trip group makes their way through the Long & Scott Farms Corn Maze in Mount Dora on Friday. Victor John, left, and Noah Schexnayder, both 6, pose for a photo in a pumpkin-shaped cut out. Rebecca Ryan hands out ags to a homeschool eld trip group. SEE FARM | A2 Report: WHO failed to halt Ebola spread KELLI KENNEDY Associated Press DAVIE Gov. Rick Scott asked fed eral ofcials Friday to add Florida air ports to the list of the ve around the country that have stepped up security to monitor travelers who may be car rying Ebola. Scott didnt specify whether he wanted all airports or only the states major ones to have increased safety screenings, saying the federal govern ment should look at airports where potential patients are coming from West Africa. Screeners at airports in Atlanta, Chicago and three others use no-touch thermometers to try to nd passengers with fevers. Scott, who ran a chain of hospitals in the 1990s, is also preparing Flori da hospitals, noting something dras tically different happened in the way patients were treated in Atlanta ver sus Dallas. Hes asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct health care worker training Scott asks CDC for more help with preparation SEE CDC | A2 SEE WHO | A2 GARY FINEOUT Associated Press TALLAHASSEE No matter who wins Flori das brawl for governor there may be one clear loser: The truth. In the lead up to the Nov. 4 election, vot ers have been hit with a barrage of television ads that so far have to taled as much as $50 million with still more to come. In those ads, as well as on the campaign trail, Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his Dem ocratic rival Charlie Crist have engaged in a stream of misstate ments, half-truths and distortions. Dan Smith, a political science professor at the University of Florida, said candidates have good reasons to mislead vot ers. In a state where mil lions of people will vote, theres a good chance that many people dont have time to delve into wheth er a candidate is fudging the facts. More people are go ing to see the 30-second ad than read the ne AP PHOTOS Democratic challenger, former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, left, and Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott gesture during Wednesdays debate in Davie. Voters misled with half-truths in brutal campaigns SEE RACE | A2


A2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 print, Smith said. The fact of the matter is those mes sages resonate and they stick with the voters. The toll of the negative ads is likely a key reason that re cent polls have shown that many voters nd Scott and Crist untrustworthy. Yet the ads keeping coming. Some of the misleading in formation includes: An ad from Republi cans said Crist is responsi ble for letting one of Flori das largest power companies charge customers for nuclear power plants that were never built. The nuclear cost recov ery fee was created while Gov. Jeb Bush was in ofce. The ad makes it sound as if Scott stopped the fee and pro tected ratepayers. Thats not quite true either. Scott signed a bill that altered how long the fee can be collected, but it didnt eliminate the fee nor did it require power companies to refund any of the money. During an Orlando campaign appearance and again during their rst de bate, Crist ripped into Scott for invoking his Fifth Amend ment right against self-in crimination and refusing to answer questions 75 times during the federal crimi nal investigation into Scotts former health care company. The probe resulted in a $1.7 billion ne to settle allega tions of Medicare fraud. Scott pleaded the Fifth during a lawsuit deposition unrelated to the criminal investigation. Crist has repeatedly blamed Scott for signing a bill that he says deregulated Floridas insurance industry. The bill Scott signed, howev er, dealt only with health in surance, but Crist has linked the legislation to proper ty insurance hikes he says have happened under Scotts watch. Scotts new hard-hitting ad that calls Crist a corrupt politician by citing his ties to people convicted of crimes, including calling convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein his biggest donor. While Rothstein and his law rm gave large donations to the GOP of Florida when Crist, as a Republican, preceded Scott as governor, there were plenty of other donors. That same ad also links Crist to a failed economic development deal involving Digital Domain, a movie special effects company. The ad quotes a lawsuit led on behalf of the Scott administration that called the deal a de facto Ponzi scheme. But the ad doesnt note that Scotts own inspector general concluded that no laws were broken. One of the most notable ads featured a Rothstein victim saying he had been swindled by both Rothstein and Crist. The Scott campaign initially refused to disclose any information about the ad, including the victims identity. The Miami Herald identi ed the man as a Fort Lauder dale investor, but reported he never made any allegations about Crist in his successful lawsuit to recover millions of dollars in Rothstein-related losses. Dean Kretschmar represented by an attorney whos a major Scott backer recouped most of the $8 mil lion he personally gave Roth stein as part of an investment group. After the Herald noted the ads misleading nature, the Scott campaign maintained that Crist swindled Kretsch mar and other campaign do nors because he switched parties and changed his po litical stances, which was never mentioned in the ad. The candidates themselves arent apologizing or even acknowledging misleading statements. Im going to tell the truth and be straight with the peo ple of Florida because he isnt, Crist said. Asked whether his own statements on Scotts Fifth Amendment actions were misleading, Crist replied not at all. Because the way you answer questions in a civil or criminal deposition can be used either in a civil or crimi nal action. Scotts campaign did not make him available to the AP for this story. Greg Blair, a campaign spokesman, de fended running the ads that mentioned Rothstein, but didnt directly answer ques tions about some of the dis tortions and half-truths. If all you can do is plead ignorance when your friends like Scott Rothstein who bragged about his ability to buy access to Crist and in uence judicial appoint ments end up in prison for crimes committed under your nose, youre either cor rupt or incompetent, Blair said in an email. In Charlies case, it seems to be both. with all Florida hospitals by conference call. Why did the nurses in Dallas get Ebola and the ones in Atlanta didnt? What are they doing dif ferently? asked Scott, who has been meeting with airport ofcials, rst responders and health of cials around the state. Any health care worker knows that you nd best care practices and you share them. The governor previously called on Florida hospitals to hold mandatory training to prepare their employees for Ebola. As of Friday, 46 had reported that their training is complete. Following the news that a second nurse from Dal las now stricken with the virus was previously al lowed to y, Scott asked the airline to contact all passengers who traveled on that plane for the full 24 hours after her ight. Scott said the plane made ve additional stops, in cluding one into and one out of our Fort Lauder dale-Hollywood Interna tional Airport. Frontier Airlines is contacting passengers who were on the plane with Amber Vinson, but Scott wants the compa ny to take additional pre cautions. The Republi can governor, who is in a tight race for re-elec tion against former Gov. Charlie Crist, has been critical of the CDCs re sponse and has repeated ly stressed in recent days the measures hes taking to prevent a possible cri sis in the Sunshine State. The CDC and the fed eral government have already admitted they failed to get ahead of the spread of Ebola in Texas and were not going to let that happen in Florida, he said. Late Friday, the feds ap proved a request from state health ofcials to redirect $7 million from federal grants to buy full body suits for health care workers who may have contact with any poten tial victims of the virus. Scott has previously asked for 30 additional Ebola testing kits, but he said Friday theyve only received three. Each kit can test multiple people. The National Guard has also set up two rapid re sponse teams to handle potential Ebola cases in the state, Scott said. coordinating response to outbreaks of disease. The document a timeline of the outbreak found that WHO, an arm of the United Nations, missed chances to prevent Ebo la from spreading soon after it was rst diagnosed in Liberia, Sier ra Leone and Guinea last spring, blaming factors including incom petent staff and a lack of informa tion. Its own experts failed to grasp that traditional infectious disease containment methods wouldnt work in a region with porous bor ders and broken health systems, the report found. Nearly everyone involved in the outbreak response failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall, WHO said in the report, ob tained by The Associated Press A perfect storm was brewing, ready to burst open in full force. The agencys own bureaucra cy was part of the problem, the re port found. It pointed out that the heads of its country ofces in Af rica are politically motivated ap pointments made by the WHO re gional director for Africa, Dr. Luis Sambo, who does not answer to the agencys chief in Geneva, Dr. Margaret Chan. After WHO declared Ebola an international health emergency in August, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stepped in and had the United Nations take overall responsibility for ghting and eliminating the virus, among other things setting up an emergency response mission based in Ghana. Dr. Peter Piot, the co-discover er of the Ebola virus, agreed that WHO acted far too slowly. Its the regional ofce in Africa thats the front line, said Piot, in terviewed at his ofce in London. And they didnt do anything. That ofce is really not competent. WHO declined to comment on the document, which was not issued publicly, and said that Chan would be unavailable for an interview with the AP. She did tell Bloomberg News that she was not fully informed of the evolution of the outbreak. We responded, but our response may not have matched the scale of the outbreak and the complexity of the outbreak. Meanwhile, Obama moved to step up the U.S. response to the disease, naming Ron Klain, a for mer chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, as the administrations point man on Ebola. The last couple of years the farm has averaged more than 30,000 people per maze season, accord ing to Ryan. She said there are kids in some of the school groups who have never been to a farm. They have no idea where their food comes from, they think it comes from the grocery store, Ryan said. So, I think, over the years, we have made a big im pact on kids and teaching about farms. The maze features a different design every year, and if it gets a sponsor it will put the sponsors logo in the maze, Ryan said. This years theme is Farmers Feed Families. An Orlando area homeschool eld trip group was at the maze Fri day morning. Eustis resident Dina John said it is a Facebook group where each parent coordinates a eld trip and she was in charge of this one. She was with her son Vic tor John, who is 6 years old. This is an opportunity for the kids to get together, play togeth er, learn together and so to kind of like dispel the myth that home schooled kids are just always at home, which is the biggest misno mer, John said. The vegetable farm also features a playground, jumping pillow, mini-zip line, a market and caf. It also has $4 hay rides and $2 catch and release shing for kids on the weekend, according to its website. It is at 26216 County Road 448A in Mount Dora. The farm grows Kirby cucum bers, cabbage, and Zellwood sweet corn, according to Ryan. The farm is about 1,200 acres, Ryan said, with about 900 of those being producing acres. HOW TO REACH US OCT. 17 CASH 3 ............................................... 1-5-1 Afternoon .......................................... 2-6-3 PLAY 4 ............................................. 2-5-7-6 Afternoon ....................................... 2-8-3-1 FLORIDA LOTTERY OCT. 16 FANTASY 5 ............................. 2-8-10-31-32 THE NEWSPAPER OF CHOICE FOR LAKE AND SUMTER COUNTIES SINCE 1875 The Daily Commercial (ISSN 0896-1042) is published daily for $90.74 per year (plus Florida sales tax) by Halifax Media Group at 212 East Main Street, Leesburg, Florida. Periodicals postage is paid at the USPO, Leesburg, FL. 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Submissions also can be emailed to sports@dailycommercial.com. FRANK JOLLEY sports editor 352-365-8268 ................................ frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com GOOD FOR YOU AND CELEBRATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS Email news about your awards and personal or professional mile stones along with a photo, if you desire - to pam.fennimore@ dailycommercial.com. CALENDAR Email upcoming events to pam.fennimore@dailycommercial.com. FARM FROM PAGE A1 JACQUELYN MARTIN / AP Jeff Hulbert, of Annapolis, Md., protests U.S. handling of Ebola cases outside of the White House Friday in Washington. CDC FROM PAGE A1 WHO FROM PAGE A1 RACE FROM PAGE A1 They (children) have no idea where their food comes from, they think it comes from the grocery store. So, I think, over the years, we have made a big impact on kids and teaching about farms. Rebecca Ryan Maze manager The toll of the negative ads is likely a key reason that recent polls have shown that many voters find Scott and Crist untrustworthy. Yet the ads keeping coming.


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A3 Area Briefs www.dailycommercial.com ... and well share it with our readers. Some of our best story ideas and photos come from our readers. So dont hesitate to share your youth activities, awards, accomplishments, festivals, charity events and other things that make our communities special. And dont overlook those family milestones birthdays, engagements, marriages, business promotions and military news. Just email your photos and news to ... pamfennimore@dailycommercial.com IF YOU SEE NEWS HAPPENING, RECORD IT TAVARES Floating Ghost Seance Tour begins today The history of ghosts and downtown Tavares will be revealed in the Floating Ghosts Seance Tour during a 75-min ute guided walk with tours beginning at 7:30 p.m. today, Oct. 25 and 31. The Wooton Park Railroad Station at Main and Ruby Streets is the starting point for the tours that cost $20 adults plus tax, $12 plus tax for kids ages 8-12. Tickets and information are avail able at 352-617-8808 or www.oat ingghosts.com. LEESBURG Paint the market pink for breast cancer awareness Leesburgs Saturday Morning Market is turning pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. today downtown. Activities include a kids game with pink rubber ducks oating in a pinked up downtown fountain and the Leesburg Police Department and the Lake County Fire Rescue will have their pink vehicles on-site. Vendors and downtown mer chants will dress up their booths and storefronts with pink decora tions and free boiled corn will be served up at 10 a.m. Breast cancer survivor and musi cian Jill Towers will perform and the Miss Leesburg pageant winners will also appear. For information, go to www.lees burgsaturdaymorningmarket.com. LAKE COUNTY Road closures expected during railroad work Ongoing scheduled repairs to local railroad tracks will continue until Wednesday at four intersec tions in the areas of Eustis, Tavares, Mount Dora and Umatilla. More than a dozen county, city and private roads will be affect ed and include: Lakeshore Drive, downtown Eustis; N. Mount Homer Road, north of U.S. Highway 441 in Eustis, Monday; Fairview Avenue, near old U.S. Highway 441, Wednesday in Tavares. For information, call Michelle Bilbrey, Lake County Public Works at 352-483-9020 or email to mbilbrey@ lakecounty.gov. TAVARES Traffic pattern changes on Alfred and Caroline streets Beginning Monday, changes to traf c patterns along Alfred and Caroline streets in downtown Tavares will shift as part of the continuing roadwork surrounding the Alfred Street project. The closed portion of Alfred Street from Caroline Street to Disston Avenue will open to eastbound traf c on Monday, and in addition Caroline Street from Alfred Street to Disston Avenue, which is currently open to two-way trafc will shift to one-way, westbound trafc only. Caroline Street will also experi ence periodic lane closures allowing the nal asphalt to be placed. For information, call the Lake County Public Works Department Road Operations Division at 352-483-9007. State & Region NEWS EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN scott.callahan@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 KYLE HIGHTOWER Associated Press ORLANDO In one of his rst public ap pearances since Char lie Crists trusty fan took center stage during a debate, the Florida gu bernatorial candidate made hay of it during a rally with Michelle Obama on Friday. Crist drew big laughs from an estimated crowd of 700 support ers in Orlando when he pointed to the fan and said, Its right here. Its all good. Youre my fan, the former gov ernor said as the fan hidden by drapes and a fern on the podium blew beneath him. Crist has been taking a portable fan to cam paign events for years, and it even has its own Twitter account. Crist mentioned it on page 3 of his biography, as he described the Demo cratic National Conven tion speech he gave af ter switching parties. He wrote: I always like a fan at the podium when I give a big speech. You have no idea how hot those TV lights can be. But the nation got wind of his portable pal when incumbent Gov. Rick Scott waited seven minutes before appear ing onstage for the de bate because Crist insist ed on having his portable pal plugged in below his lectern. Before they had left the stage, #Fangate was a thing. Crist stumps with first lady and his trusted fan PHOTOS BY PHELAN M. EBENHACK / AP First lady Michelle Obama addresses the crowd during a campaign rally for former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in Orlando on Friday. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist pumps his sh during a campaign rally in Orlando. A visit from Michelle SEE RALLY | A4 Staff Report The only thing consis tent about Lake Countys up and down unemploy ment rate so far this year has been its inconsistency. But as the year enters its fourth quarter, the coun tys jobless rate is aligning itself with state and na tional numbers. The countys 6.2 percent unemployment rate in Sep tember nearly matched Floridas 6.1 percent rate and was only .3 points high er than the U.S. rate of 5.9 percent, according to the Florida Department of Eco nomic Opportunity. The states September rate was the lowest since June 2008, when it was 6.0 percent. Lakes jobless rate in September was nearly half that of Hendry Coun ty, a primarily agricultur al area southwest of Lake Okeechobee, which faced an unemployment rate last month of 12 percent the highest in Florida. More importantly for Lake, its 6.2 percent job less rate in September down from 6.8 percent in August was the second lowest rate so far this year. Lake started out the year with an unemployment rate of 6.6 percent in Jan uary and February, fol lowed by an increase to 6.7 percent in March. It then dropped to 5.8 percent in April before climbing up to 6.3 percent in May, 6.4 per cent in June and 6.9 percent in July. August saw a slight decline to 6.8 percent. Lakes jobless rate 2nd lowest of the year SEE JOBLESS | A4 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millardives@dailycommercial.com A 39-year-old convicted kid napper, rapist and murderer of a Sorrento woman has been sen tenced to death again in the case. Circuit Judge Don Briggs this week upheld the recom mendation made by a Lake Coun ty jury in Febru ary to give Eric Lee Simmons the death sentence a jury put togeth er after the Flori da Supreme Court vacated his death sentence initially imposed shortly af ter his 2003 murder conviction in the case due to questions surrounding the defendants mental state and IQ. Rich Buxman, who prosecut ed the case, attributed the sixMan sentenced to death again in Sorrento murder SIMMONS SEE TRIAL | A4 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millardives@dailycommercial.com A man who apparent ly couldnt work up the nerve to rob a Walgreens on Thursday was arrest ed anyway after Leesburg police said they tied him to the robbery of another drug store. After a short police pur suit from the 901 S. 14th St. drug store on Thurs day ended with Lea Phil ip Paynes capture, of cers allegedly discovered a hand-written note in his pocket stating This is not a joke. All the cash in the bag now. Police said the note was simi lar to the Give me the money, this is not a joke note they be lieve Payne handed to a clerk during a robbery at the Walgreens on 27440 S. U.S. Highway 27 in Lees burg on Tuesday. Payne was charged with strong-armed rob bery, attempted strongarmed robbery as well as two counts of obstruction by a disguised person. Payne remained in the Lake County jail Friday in lieu of $22,000 bail. According to police, a man wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses approached the counter Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. 27 Walgreens, gave the clerk the note, grabbed an undisclosed amount of cash from the register that the clerk was forced to open and ed the store in a what was described as a white, 1990s-era, twodoor Honda Civic. According to an arrest afdavit from the Thurs day incident, employees at Walgreens on S.14th Street became suspicious after a man with a blue hoodie and sunglasses paced out side the store before com ing inside and approached a register where a clerk was ringing up a customer. Staff Report The city of Eustis has re ceived a new offer to buy its 198-acre former spray eld property eyed two years ago by BlueChip Energy for a massive solar farm. North Naples Realty Corpo ration of Royal Oak, Ill., has submitted a non-binding let ter of intent to purchase the property for $9,000 per usable acre, or $1.78 million, city doc uments show. Last June, the city turned down a $1.2 mil lion offer to sell the property to Arthur H. Witte of Payson, Ill., who bought 210 acres east of the spray eld for $1.2 million during a BlueChip bankruptcy auction. According to a memoran dum given to city commission ers Thursday by acting City Eustis gets $1.78 million offer for spray field SEE PROPERTY | A4 LEESBURG Man accused of robbing drug store PAYNE SEE ROBBERY | A4


A4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 The clerk told po lice that Payne reached in his pocket for some thing, was dgety and patting his pockets ner vously as he waited for her to nish with the customer. The customer com pleted his purchase only to start a second transaction after forget ting to buy some ciga rettes and Payne left the store. Police were called and spotted him driving away in a white Volvo. Ofcers were able to chase him to a home on West Dixie Avenue. Last year at this time, Lake faced an unem ployment rate of 7.3 percent. Sumter saw a jobless rate decline last month, too, from 5.6 percent in August to 5 percent in September. Sumters rate was the 7th lowest in Florida, according to the DEO. In Lake, out of a labor force of 136,121 people, 127,618 had jobs in Sep tember and 8,503 did not. In Sumter the labor force was 40,385, with 38,353 employed and 2,032 unemployed. Scotts campaign manager Melissa Sell ers insisted after the debate that the gover nor never refused to take the stage. The post-debate spin included this quote from Sellers: Charlie Crist can bring his fan, microwave, and toast er to debates none of that will cover up how sad his record as gov ernor was compared to the success of Rick Scott. On Friday, in the home stretch of the race, Mrs. Obama, one of the partys most sought after campaign ers, didnt mention the fan, but did pump up Crist, who served one term as Florida gover nor as a Republican, but is running this time as a Democrat. Theres a reason Charlie was known as The Peoples Gover nor. Its because Char lie gets it, Mrs. Obama said. In Miami Gardens, Mrs. Obama, whose appearance is a sign of the races importance to national Democrats, urged more than 1,000 supporters who were packed into a recre ational gymnasium to summon the energy and enthusiasm they brought to her hus bands presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. If we want to nish what we started then we need to elect Char lie Crist governor of Florida, Mrs. Obama, imploring the mostly Af rican-American crowd to defy historical prece dent and turn out to vote in the midterm elections. Ma ry Ann Qu ack enbushOc to ber 18, 1940 De ce mber 29, 2012 Th is is the 2ndbir thda y without yo u. We kn ow yo u ar e in a bett er plac e, but it s still har d. Yo u wo uld ador e bab y Fi nnley An n, we see yo u in her We miss yo u so much. Lo ve Ly nda, Jack Am ber Chr is Lindsey Zachar y & Fi nnley Ro n Beck er Dir ector3523948228921 S. US Hwy 27 Minneola, FL Dir ect Cr emation$675Plus Container IN MEMORY DEATH NOTICES Sylvia L. Atkins-Castelli Sylvia L. Atkins-Cas telli, 87, of Leesburg, died Friday, October 17, 2014. Page-Theus Fu neral Home and Crema tion Services, Leesburg. David L. Combs David L. Combs, 88, of Eustis, died Wednes day, October 15, 2014. Banks/Page-Theus Fu neral Home, Wildwood. Dale I. Lance, Sr. Dale I. Lance, Sr., 96, of Odessa, died Wednesday, October 15, 2014. Page-Theus Fu neral Home and Crema tion Services, Leesburg. Grace M. Robinson Grace M. Robin son, 76, of Oxford, died Thursday, October 16, 2014. Banks/PageTheus Funeral Home, Wildwood. RALLY FROM PAGE A3 JOBLESS FROM PAGE A3 TRIAL FROM PAGE A3 month wait to the judge reviewing a number of aggravating and medi ating factors. The new sentence still must go up for au tomatic review by the same High Court, Bux man added. Simmons was con victed and sentenced to death in the mur der of Deborah Tressler, 48, whose body was found beaten, stabbed and raped in a wooded area in Sorrento in De cember of 2001. He also was sentenced to life in the battery and rape of Tressler. The path for a new hearing was paved in 2012 when the High Courts majority ruled Simmons lawyers failed to fully investigate and present mitigating ev idence during the sen tencing phase of his tri al, including his low intelligence, a brain in jury suffered as a child and substance abuse. As an infant, Sim mons apparently was suffocated accidental ly, which caused brain damage and may have played a role in his be havioral problems at school. According to court records, he began using marijuana as a 9-year-old and was con suming up to 12 beers a day as a teenager. The measure of Simmons IQ also was questioned. PROPERTY FROM PAGE A3 Manager Dianne Kram er, Representatives of the buyer have indicat ed that the buyer has purchased the proper ty immediately east of the citys property and the intent is to devel op the entire site as a single-family residen tial (development) with a maximum density of two dwelling units per acre. Lake County proper ty records show Witte as the owner of the prop erty to the east. City commissioners rejected his initial offer on the spray eld last June because they thought the price was too low in light of a new Publix supermarket being built in the area and the Wekiva Parkway coming in. One appraisal lists the value of the land south of State Road 44 and east of Cardinal Lane at $1.57 million. Commissioners also ROBBERY FROM PAGE A3 didnt like the fact that Wittes proposed $50,000 deposit was refundable. The latest offer from North Na ples Realty includes a $250,000 refundable deposit. Kramer, however, told commissioners she wants to counter with a $50,000 non-re fundable deposit, with the other $200,000 re fundable during an ap proved inspection pe riod. And while North Naples Realty wants the city to pay the real estate commission es timated at $142,560, Kramer wants to count er with no commission paid by the city. Further, the acting city manager doesnt want Eustis to hold a $600,000 note on the property for ve years, as North Naples Realty is proposing. According to Eus tis Economic Devel opment Director Tom Carrino, commission ers are interested in selling the property and directed Kramer to work with a real estate professional on the ne gotiations with North Naples Realty. Eustis had previous ly approved a contract with BlueChip to sell the spray eld proper ty for $1.2 million so the company could devel op a more than 400-acre solar farm, documents show. The company, however, did not close on the property and had to surrender its $50,000 non-refundable deposit. Property records show BlueChip bought the 210 acres adjacent to the spray eld property in March 2011 from Eagle Dunes II, LLC, for $1.15 million. It was hoping to build, at the time, one of the biggest solar farms in the state, but ran into nancial difculties. MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millardives@dailycommercial.com Groveland police are offer ing a reward in the case of a 13-month-old child who was found dead from complica tions of blunt force trauma to the stomach earlier this year in his grandparents home. The reward offer in con junction with Crimestoppers comes after a recent report by the Department of Chil dren and Families revealed it had closed its investigation into what has been ruled a homicide of Carter Godwin, without determining which of three family members may have been responsible. According to the DCF re port led in August, the ma ternal grandfather Tony Hill; his wife and the childs step grandmother Amy Hill; and the childs mother Tiffany Hill; were the only people investi gators believed were present when the child was injured. The legal case was volun tarily dismissed by the depart ment due to lack of evidence and no identied perpetrator , the report states. Other children who the DCF removed from the grandpar ents home after Carters Feb. 21 death have been returned to the home. According to the report, Tif fany, of Orlando, would reg ularly drop the toddler off at the grandparents home in Groveland, where he would spend the night. On Feb. 21, Amy said she found him about 4 a.m. with a blanket wrapped around his body and he was cold and stiff. Tony performed CPR on the child but paramed ics pronounced him dead at 4:20 a.m. The report adds that on Feb. 19, after Tiffany dropped the child off, the grandparents noticed Carter had scratches on his face, ngers and hands and a brown mark on his cheek that resembled a mos quito bite. On Feb. 20., after Tony said he left for work, Amy noticed that morning the toddler was very fussy and clingy, and his cheeks were red, but he didnt have a fever. While Amy was getting the other children in the home ready for school, Car ter wedged himself under a couch and later that morning hit his head on a wood oor after falling backwards. Later that day, Amy said Carter wouldnt eat, was fussy and not happy and she no ticed red drool coming out his mouth in the afternoon. That evening, Carter reportedly started smiling and he seemed ne. The grandparents laid him down and the toddler didnt really make any noises throughout the night. An autopsy revealed Carter had a laceration on his small bowel and lower frenulum as well as the contusions, abra sions and supercial lacer ations on his ngers but ruled the cause of death as complications of blunt ab dominal trauma. Groveland police Lt. An thony Biasella said Friday the case remains under an active investigation and details were limited. Kristi Gray, DCF spokes woman, said the family also had a prior abuse report in 1995, but because it was un related to Carter, she couldnt provide any additional infor mation on that report. GROVELAND Police offer reward in toddlers death RUSS BYNUM Associated Press DAYTONA BEACH A stayat-home dad in nasty divorce with his wife shot their three children Friday, killing two of them before fatally shoot ing himself inside the familys home, authorities said. The Mohney familys trou bles were apparently wellknown in their middle-class neighborhood just south of Daytona Beach. In a 911 call, a neighbor told a dispatcher that neither parent should have had children because they were a little bit selsh and self-centered and said you cant believe either one of them. The slayings occurred as Da vid and Cynthia Mohney were entrenched in a bitter divorce after nearly 25 years of mar riage. Court lings showed Da vid Mohney wanted to leave his wife and move with their chil dren to South Dakota. He had recently nished chiropractic school while she supported the family working as a physicians assistant, making $220,000. Nearly a month after he led for divorce, the hus band sought a protective in junction against his wife June 3. He said in court pa pers his wife had been drink ing heavily and slapping him and their children on their chests, backs and arms. Flor idas child welfare agency said Cynthia Mohney had re cently been treated for sub stance abuse. After the couples ght Fri day morning, Cynthia Mohney ed to a neighbors house to get help. In the 911 call, she can be heard crying hysteri cally, saying Oh my god! re peatedly, as her unidentied neighbor talks to a police dis patcher. When the dispatch er asks if she thinks her hus band will harm the children, she said, Yes, he will. The slain children were 11-year-old David Mohney and 14-year-old Savan na Mohney, Volusia Coun ty Sheriff Ben Johnson said. Nine-year-old Lauren Mohney was also was shot and in stable condition at a hospital. Cynthia Mohney wasnt injured. If he wants to commit sui cide, let him commit suicide. To shoot the children, thats cowardly, Johnson said at a news conference outside the familys home. Dad accused of killing kids, self wanted new life If he wants to commit suicide, let him commit suicide. To shoot the children, thats cowardly. Ben Johnson Volusia County Sheriff


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A5 Rob Audette: Former Marine, General Manager/Partner Bill Bryan Automotive Gr oupRob and the Bill Bryan Automotive Gr oup work with local veterans of fering a discount at the dealership and curr ently employ 22 veterans. They also work with the Local Hospice gr oups. We deliver mor e than the news to Lake and Sumter Counties. Being involved at work and outside our business is just another way wer e committed to our community A Halif ax Media Group Compan y Nobody deliverslike theDaily CommercialandSouth Lake Press. Expanding FMI s commitment to FMI is pr oud to welcome orthopaedic surgeon, Mario John, MD to our pr actice. Dr John s ar eas of expertise include total and partial joint re placement surgeries,re vision pr ocedur es and arthr oscopy .Dr John has outstanding experience in r estoring and pr eve nting joint disease in people of all ages. Dr John is excited to meet and serv e FMI s patients and get acquainted with his new hometown and its wonderful re sidents.We invite yo u to stop by and get to knowDr John and the re st of our dedicated team. LEESBURG(352) 728-3000THE VILLA GES (352) 753-4366|www .bonesandmuscles.com | ww rf r nr f n t btrn bf br rbr b Dr Mario JohnINTRODUCING AMY TAXIN Associated Press SANTA ANA, Calif. Immigration of cials say local authori ties across the U.S. re leased thousands of immigrants from jails this year despite efforts to take them into fed eral custody, including more than 3,000 with previous felony charges or convictions. The numbers are the rst time federal im migration authorities have publicly detailed how many times local agencies have refused to comply with their re quests. They highlight the friction between the federal government and police and sheriffs departments, some of which say holding im migrants beyond their release dates harms community policing efforts. In the rst eight months of this year, im migration agents led roughly 105,000 re quests for local agen cies to hold immigrants for up to 48 hours after they were eligible for re lease on the allegations for which they initial ly were arrested, said Virginia Kice, a spokes woman for Immigra tion and Customs En forcement. The agents wanted the immigrants held so they could take them into federal cus tody and start deporta tion proceedings. Local law enforce ment agencies declined 8,800 such requests, also known as detain ers, during the same period. Those released include people arrest ed for investigation of domestic violence and drug charges, as well as others detained on lesser offenses but who had past convictions for crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon, Kice said. Across the country, many local agencies no longer are willing to hold jailed immigrants beyond their sched uled release dates. They say immigrants should not be held longer than U.S citizens for the same crime, and turn ing them over to ICE creates an atmosphere of distrust among com munity members. Colorado stopped honoring detainers ear lier this year, and New York City is considering doing the same. DEREK KINNER Associated Press JACKSONVILLE A Florida man convict ed of rst-degree mur der for fatally shooting a teenager in an argument over loud music out side a Jacksonville con venience store was sen tenced Friday to life in prison without parole. The life sentence im posed by Circuit Judge Russell Healey was man datory for 47-year-old Michael Dunn after prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty. Mr. Dunn, your life is effectively over, Healey said. What is sad ... is that this case exemplies that our society seems to have lost its way. Dunn was convicted of rst-degree murder at a second trial in Sep tember after jurors dead locked on the charge at his initial trial in Feb ruary. Prosecutors say Dunn, who is white, red 10 times into a sport util ity vehicle carrying black teenagers in November 2012 and killed 17-yearold Jordan Davis of Mari etta, Georgia. Evidence showed that Dunn, of Satellite Beach, red the shots during a heated argu ment over the volume of music coming from the SUV carrying Davis and three other teen agers. Dunn was con victed of three counts of second-degree murder in his rst trial because he continued to re into the Dodge Durango as the driver tried to ee. Healey on Friday sen tenced him to a mini mum of 60 years in pris on for those charges, to be served consecutive ly with the life sentence. JACQUES BILLEAUD Associated Press PHOENIX Gay marriage has become legal in Arizona after the states conservative at torney general said Fri day that he wouldnt challenge a federal court decision that cleared the way for same-sex unions in the state. It was a sharp turn. Less than a year ago Ar izona was ground zero in the clash over gay rights after the over whelmingly Republican state Legislature passed a measure that would have allowed business es to deny service to gays and lesbians. The announcement from Attorney Gener al Tom Horne prompt ed gay couples to line up at the courthouse in downtown Phoenix, where they began to marry immediately. David Larance and Kevin Patterson, who were among the cou ples who sued to over turn the states same-sex marriage ban, waited in the growing line for wedding licenses and reected on the effect of the ruling. The best way I can describe it, is that it gives me such peace of mind, Patterson said, choking back tears. Shortly after they were married to cheers on the courthouse lawn. This is a great day, Patterson said. I nev er thought this would happen in Arizona. The decision book ends two weeks of nonstop court rulings across the nation, with judges striking down bans on same-sex unions and conserva tive state ofcials push ing back in a struggle that has increasing ly gone in favor of gay marriage supporters. Man gets life in prison in loud music killing Thousands released after immigration holds denied Judge strikes down gay marriage ban in Arizona RICK SCUTERI / AP Kevin Patterson, left, and David Larance kiss after exchanging vows near Rev. John Dorhaer, right, Friday in Phoenix.


A6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 OMAR ALMOSMARI and MAGGIE MICHAEL Associated Press BENGHAZI, Libya As a third day of ghting raged Friday between Is lamist militias and forc es loyal to Libyas elected government, the mood in this embattled city that once took pride in being the rst to rise up against longtime dictator Moam mar Gadha was one of resigned indifference. Residents ignored the crack of gunre and blasts from artillery and airstrikes that at times nearly drowned out the mosques call to prayers and went about their daily routines. At a mosque in the up scale district of Hadayk, a wedding party gath ered just a few hundred yards from heavy bat tles. Young men smoked water pipes in a cafe only blocks away from other clashes. It has become very normal to pass by a corpse in the street and not stop. Now, as we are going to pray, in the background, we hear ex plosions, said Mohsen Wagdi, a 20-year-old student, as he headed to Friday prayers. TERR YS A/C SER VICE! Call 352-7 02-1686Li c#CA C1817939 Fin an cin g Av ai la bl e 24 HOUR SERV ICE FREE ESTIM AT ESINST ALLEDGOODMAN 16 SEER SYSTEM Starting as low as$2,999Only with coupon. Not valid with any other offer Exp. 10/31/14DC A/C HEA T MAINTENANCE17-Point Check-Up/Cleaning with a Qualied Te chnician$39Only with coupon. Not valid with any other offer Exp. 10/31/14DC r fr352-425-7460 D007558 We dnes da y Oc to be r 22nd ,a t 5PM VIVIAN SALAMA and ZEINA KARAM Associated Press BAGHDAD Syrian ac tivists say the Islamic State militant group has captured some MiG ghter jets and is test-ying the warplanes in Syria with the help of former Iraqi air force pilots. Fridays account by the Britain-based Syrian Ob servatory for Human Rights could not be independent ly conrmed, and U.S. of cials said they had no reports of the militants ying jets in support of their ghters in Iraq and Syria. The Observatory said the planes, seen ying over the Jarrah air base in the eastern countryside of Syrias Alep po province this week, are believed to be of the MiG-21 and MiG-23 variety. Rami Ab durrahman, director of the Observatory, said the planes have been ying at a low al titude, apparently to avoid being detected by Syrian military radar in the area. He described the ights as a moral victory for the Islam ic State, saying the jets could not y much further without being knocked down by the U.S. led-coalition that is con ducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. The group is known to have seized ghter jets from at least one air base it cap tured from the Syrian army in Raqqa province earlier this year. Militant websites had posted photos of IS ght ers with the warplanes, but it was unclear if they were op erational. Abdurrahman said Islam ic State members were being trained by Iraqi ofcers who had joined the group and who were once pilots under Saddam Hussein. The Jarrah air base was cap tured by Islamic groups includ ing al-Qaidas Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, in early 2013. It was taken by Islamic State militants in January 2014. Gen. Lloyd Austin, the top U.S. commander for the Mid dle East, said he has no op erational reports of IS mili tants ying jets in support of their forces. Austin, the head of the U.S. Central Command who is directing the ght in Iraq and Syria, told Pentagon reporters he also has no in formation about Iraqi pilots defecting to IS. An Iraqi intelligence of cial said the government is aware of several ex-Iraqi mil itary ofcers going to Syria to train militants with the Islamic State group. He added the mili tants acquired warplanes from al-Tabaqa air base in Syria but did not get any when they top pled the Iraqi military in Mo sul. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media. If IS ghters learn how to use such aircraft, they would become vulnerable to both Syrian and Iraqi MANPADS man-portable-air-de fense-systems and coalition ghters, said Richard Brennan, an Iraq expert at RAND Corpo ration and former U.S. Defense Department policymaker. The possession of these aircrafts will have a minimal military impact however, they will provide a signicant psychological boost to IS, es pecially if IS can nd a way to periodically employ them against military or civilian targets, Brennan said. The report on the war planes came as the Islamic State battled for two strate gic towns hundreds of miles apart in Iraq and Syria. CHIKA ODUAH and MICHELLE FAUL Associated Press ABUJA, Nigeria Ni gerias government and Islamic extremists from Boko Haram have agreed to an immediate ceasere, ofcials said Friday, in a move that could end ve years of insurgen cy that has killed thou sands and left hundreds of thousands homeless in Africas most populous nation and its biggest oil producer. The fate of more than 200 missing schoolgirls abducted by the insur gents six months ago re mains unclear. Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Chris Oluko lade said their release is still being negotiated. Boko Haram negoti ators assured that the schoolgirls and all other people in their captivi ty are all alive and well, Mike Omeri, the gov ernment spokesman on the insurgency, told a news conference. The chief of defense staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, announced the truce and ordered his troops to immediately comply with the agree ment. Already, the terror ists have announced a cease-re in further ance of their desire for peace. In this regard, the government of Ni geria has, in similar vein, declared a ceasere, Omeri said. There was no imme diate word from Boko Haram, which limits its announcements almost exclusively to videos of its leader Abubakar Shekau. Last year, when a government minis ter charged with nego tiations announced an agreement, the group quickly published a vid eo denying it. Lead er Shekau said at that time that whoever the government negotiated with did not speak for him and that he would never talk to indels. It could take days for word to get to ghters of Boko Haram, which is broken into sever al groups. They include foreigners from neigh boring countries Chad, Cameroon and Niger, where the insurgents also have camps. There have been un conrmed reports that at least some of the girls have been carried across borders, and some forced to marry their captors. A Boko Haram video in May showed two of the girls explaining why they had converted from Christianity to Islam. Omeri conrmed there had been direct negotiations this week about the release of the abducted girls. Anoth er ofcial said the talks took place in neighbor ing Chad. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not autho rized to talk to reporters. Boko Haram had been demanding the release of detained extremists in exchange for the girls. President Goodluck Jon athan originally said he could not countenance a prisoner swap. Boko Haram the groups nickname means education is sinful attracted international condemnation with the April 15 kidnapping of 276 girls and young wom en writing nal examina tions at a boarding school in the remote northeast ern town of Chibok. Nigerias government, extremists agree to immediate cease-fire AP FILE PHOTO Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, Nigerias top military spokesman speaks during an interview in Abuja, Nigeria. Activists: Islamic State group may have warplanes AP FILE PHOTO This undated image posted by the Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group, a Syrian opposition group, shows ghters of the Islamic State group waving the groups ag from a damaged display of a government ghter jet in Raqqa, Syria. SYLVIA HUI and KELVIN CHAN Associated Press HONG KONG Hong Kong riot police battled with thousands of pro-democracy pro testers for control of the citys streets Satur day, using pepper spray and batons to hold back deant activists who returned to a pro test zone that ofcers had partially cleared. Police and activists engaged in running clashes in Mong Koks dense grid of streets, scufing for hours. Sev eral protesters were seen knocked to the ground, and dozens were carried or taken away by police. The government said some 9,000 people gathered at the scene, repeatedly charging police lines in an at tempt to retake roads. Authorities said police arrested 26 people. Protesters are press ing for a greater say in choosing the semi autonomous Chinese citys leader in an in augural direct election, promised for 2017. Students and activists oppose Beijings rul ing that a committee stacked with pro-Bei jing elites should screen candidates in the elec tion. That effectively means that Beijing can vet candidates before they go to a public vote. One protester was seen bleeding from his forehead as he was carried to a police van, moments after he was forced to the ground by ofcers. In scenes re peated throughout the evening, ofcers used batons to beat back um brellas used by the crowd of young protesters to defend themselves from pepper spray. The police have lost control. They are beat ing up protesters like were animals. We are angry. The students are our future, said Tom my Lee, a 45-year-old technology worker who was outraged at see ing police handcuff four protesters who appeared to be high school students. Also detained was Bangkok-based Get ty photojournalist Pau la Bronstein, who was hauled away by po lice for standing on the hood of a Mer cedes-Benz amid the melee. Hong Kongs Foreign Correspon dents Club issued a statement demanding her immediate release, saying that police have threatened and intimi dated other journalists covering the protests. Hong Kong police arrest 26, clash with thousands of protesters VINCENT YU / AP Riot police ofcers use batons against protesters at a main road in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong Friday. Residents adjust to prolonged war in Benghazi Still, signs of battle were everywhere. Many neighborhoods were deserted, while young men sealed off others with makeshift check points. Intense ghting in some business and residential areas has left hundreds of families trapped, prompting the Red Crescent to plead for a cease-re even for one hour to evacuate civilians. The latest cycle of vio lence follows more than two years of dashed hopes and failed at tempts by civilians to stand up to the Islamist militias. Activists, judg es, journalists, police men and army ofcers have been gunned down in a series of assassina tions carried out by as sailants who have not been caught. As the cen tral government oun ders, hard-line Islamists act with impunity. It has become very normal to pass by a corpse in the street and not stop. Now, as we are going to pray, in the background, we hear explosions. Mohsen Wagdi Student


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A7 YOUR EDITORIAL BOARD STEVE SKAGGS ....................................... PUBLISHER TOM MCNIFF .................................. EXECUTIVE EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN ................................. NEWS EDITOR WHITNEY WILLARD .......................... COPY DESK CHIEF GENE PACKWOOD ..................... EDITORIAL CARTOONIST Voices www.dailycommercial.com The newspaper of choice for Lake and Sumter counties since 1875 EDITORIALS Editorials are the consensus opinion of the editorial board, not any individual. They are written by the editorial staff but are not signed. Local editorials are published Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. COLUMNS Columns are the opinion of the writer whose byline and picture appears with them. They do not necessarily reect the opinion of the newspaper, and are chosen to represent a diver sity of views. If you would like to submit a guest column on a local, state or national issue, email your submission to letters@dailycommercial. com, or mail it to Voices, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Guest columns should be limited to 550 words in length. The writer also must submit a recent photo to be published with the column, as well as a brief biographical sketch. HAVE YOUR SAY The Daily Commercial invites you to write letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 350 words. They must be original, signed with the full name of the writer, and include the writers address and telephone number for verication. We reserve the right to edit for length. Letters also will be edited for grammar, clarity, taste and libel. We accept no more than two letters per month from the same writer. No open letters, form letters or copies of letters to third parties will be published. We do not publish unsigned letters. Submissions are not returned. We retain the right to archive and republish any material submitted for publication. You can submit your letters by: Email (preferred) to: letters@dailycommercial.com By regular mail to: Voices P.O. Box 490007 Leesburg, FL 34749-0007 By fax to: 325-365-1951 H eres what Ive learned in 23 years of marriage: Love isnt blind, but it can be hard of hearing. At the beginning of a relation ship, you hang onto each oth ers every word the way you hang onto each others arms: more to display affection than to satis fy a real need. You laugh at every story and gasp in delight at every exaggerated tale. Every conversation begins a new pathway. Your heart beats faster when you hear your name or an en dearment murmured by your be loved. You spend hours wonder ing whether you should repeat how much you care or if that would be overdoing it. Your sweetheart probably heard it the rst time, but it might be worth repeating. Then familiarity sets in and, like the foundation to a house, you settle into each other for better and worse. (In every re lationship, its always for better and worse: dont kid yourself that its a multiple-choice question.) Youve learned every pause for comic effect and quirky inec tion of the well-worn funny sto ry. You know when an exagger ation is close to a b and when a b is close to a lie. Your heart beats faster when you hear your name or an endearment be cause it often precedes a request or a rebuke. If theres no answer when you shout, you wonder whether you should shout again or if that would be overdoing it. You realize how important it is to be heard and how even more important it is to listen. Listen ing cant be overdone. So you each listen and you both learn your cues. In a good relationship, the di alogue always changes slight ly, even when youre more or less rehearsing other conversations. If youre lucky, youre rarely play ing to an empty house. And at the best of times, in the most fortunate of lives, in the most hard-won, ercely protect ed and carefully cultivated re lationships, there can come a time when you go beyond listen ing with your ears and know it in your bones. Its not only about nishing each others sentences, although thats part of it. Its knowing that the ground on which the foun dation is built is unyielding; its understanding that there are pathways to each other that rest beneath both of you like pow er lines, buried under the earth, unseen and silent. Theres an old joke about an aging couple. He wants to prove that his poor wife is losing her hearing. He decides to collect hard data to take to their fami ly doctor. While shes cooking, he starts the test. Approaching her from the doorway without be ing seen, he asks, What are we having for dinner tonight, hon ey? No response. He moves 10 feet closer and speaks louder. What are we having for dinner tonight, honey? Still nothing. She doesnt even turn around. He feels bad, but she needs to admit she has a problem. Finally, now standing no more than two feet behind her, he makes his nal at tempt. WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DINNER TONIGHT, HON EY? he yells. FOR THE THIRD TIME ALREADY, she yells back, WERE HAVING CHICKEN. My husband has tinnitus, which used to be known as having ring ing in your ears but is now de ned as the perception of sound when no external sound is pres ent. If you live with me, according to Michael, there is no such thing as having no external sound pres ent, but were managing. Sure, there are some odd con versations: On a recent holiday, he stopped to ask for driving di rections. A local woman told him to take the roundabout. Only Michael heard what she said as banana boat. She was pointing in the direction of a yellow build ing and he assumed thats what she meant. Is that the banana boat? he asked. She kept point ing to the trafc circle, trying to override his comment. Round about! Go toward the round about! Banana boat? Is that the banana boat? Finally she just smiled and walked away. As he told me the story, when he returned to the car, we laughed so hard we were wiping tears from our eyes. After 23 years, it turns out that conversations can become epic journeys (with some round abouts). And the best parts are worth repeating with bells on. Gina Barreca is an English professor at the University of Connecticut, a feminist schol ar who has written eight books, and a col umnist for the Hartford Courant. She can be reached through her www.ginabarreca.com. OTHER VOICES Gina Barreca MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE Good marriages rest on listening I n the mid-1990s, HBO made a strategic deci sion to invest more in original programming and make it the networks selling point, as opposed to the second-run movies that dom inated its lineup in the early years. That pro gramming from The Sopranos and Six Feet Under to True Detective and Game of Thrones not only won HBO millions of new subscribers, but blazed a trail for the likes of FX (The Shield) and AMC (Mad Men) to follow, ushering in a new golden age of television. Now, HBO says its planning to take another portentous step. Chief Executive Richard Ple pler told investors Wednesday that within a year, the network plans to start selling an online version of HBO to people regardless of wheth er they subscribe to cable, satellite or oth er pay-TV service. Although it hasnt revealed the details, the move is good news for consum ers eager to stop paying for dozens of channels they dont want in order to get the ones they do. Cable networks such as HBO have been re luctant to offer their programming online, ar guing that the audience is minuscule compared with the vast numbers who subscribe to pay TV. Executives also worried that making the net works available online would encourage more cord-cutters consumers who dropped their pay-TV service in favor of such online ser vices as Netix and Hulu Plus hurting the ca ble and satellite providers that have been the source of so much of the networks revenue. But when confronted with the sweeping technological shifts the Internet is causing, companies eventually stop worrying about cannibalizing todays sales and start trying to adapt to tomorrows market. For the major re cord companies, that happened in the midto late-2000s, when they nally embraced 99cent MP3s and streaming services instead of trying to protect their slumping CD sales. HBOs announcement may be a sign that a similar moment has arrived in TV. Rather than locking its latest programs behind on line gates that only pay-TV subscribers can open, as most cable networks (and a number of over-the-air broadcasters) do, HBO plans to sell a streaming service to people who dont want pay TV. That potential audience, Plepler said, could include 10 million viewers. It remains to be seen whether HBO pursues cord-cutters seriously by offering its latest pro gramming for a reasonable fee. And even if it does, theres no guarantee that other major ca ble networks will follow. Nevertheless, with a growing number of viewers either eschewing pay TV or signing up for fewer programming tiers, the pressure is building on networks and pay-TV operators alike to let consumers sign up just for the content they want, delivered through the medium they most want to use. Distributed by MCT Information Services. A VOICE HBO now poised to blaze a trail online, but will others follow? Classic DOONESBURY 1979 And at the best of times, in the most fortunate of lives, in the most hard-won, fiercely protected and carefully cultivated relationships, there can come a time when you go beyond listening with your ears and know it in your bones. Its not only about finishing each others sentences, although thats part of it. Its knowing that the ground on which the foundation is built is unyielding; its understanding that there are pathways to each other that rest beneath both of you like power lines, buried under the earth, unseen and silent.


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J esus told the world his disciples would be known by their love for each other. Something isnt work ing. According to a study by www.peacemaker.net that I found in a Daily Herald ar ticle, there are about 19,000 major church conicts in the U.S. each year or more than 50 a day. Sadly, almost all of the splits were about interper sonal issues. The article quoted the Church Conict Forum that said about 2 per cent of the problems were doctrine-related and the other 98 percent were inter personal issues. Churches split over many silly things, such as the color of the proposed carpet. In one instance, a split about a piano bench was avoided by going to two ser vices. For the rst service the piano bench was taken out side and then dragged back in for the next service. Could you imagine the name of the church if it split because it didnt favor a piano bench? Maybe The Holy Church of the Benchless Piano. Another split was about the spelling of the word hallelujah, and another over whether a certain He brew letter was pronounced waw or vav. It would be funny if it wasnt so sad. Well, it is funny but its even sadder. We all have our preferences. Ive felt like leaving several times over several different issues, but eventually love won out. Dont get me wrong, some times we need to leave. Sometimes our church is in error. But love dictates loving each other enough to seek resolution. Dan, my former preach er, said he knew when new members wouldnt last if they came in complaining about their former church or pastor. Oftentimes its bet ter when they nally leave. Some people build bridges, others re. Let us be obedient to a new command. Jesus said, A new com mandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Do people know you are Jesus disciple by your love for other disciples? Rick Reed is a columnist who lives in Mount Dora. To reach him, call 3831458 or email ricoh007@aol.com. Faith for Life www.dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 features@dailycommercial.com B1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 TODAY Refresh, Renew, Refresh, Refocus, wom ens ministry event at First Baptist Church today at 5 p.m., at the church 402 W. Oxford St., in Wildwood. Two-time breast cancer survivor and speaker Nancy Willis is the guest and worship will be led by Jonathan Willis. Cost is $5 and dinner will be provided. Call the church at 352738-1822 for tickets and information. Annual Blessing of the Animals at Hope Lu theran Church with registration beginning at 9 a.m., 250 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages. Pets should be in carriers or on a leash. Adopt able pets from the Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County will also be on hand for adop tion and donations for the shelter will be ac cepted. Call the church, 352-750-2321 for de tails. St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Mary of the Lakes Catholic Church annual Friends of the Poor Benet Walk, begins at 8 a.m., at the church, 218 Ocklawaha Ave., in Eustis. Regis tration fee is a donation or non-perishable food item. Call 352-357-0230 for information. Breast Cancer Awareness Walk with the Wom en of Worth from the Christian Worship Cen ter begins at 8 a.m. at the Leesburg Recreation Center. Participants are asked to wear pink and the donation for the walk is $5. Details by call ing Erika Jasper at 352-255-2695. A worship and Shabbat service will take place today from 10 to 11:30 a.m. with refresh ments following at the Congregation Shma Yis real, a new Messianic congregation of Jewish and non-Jewish believers, led by Jim and Lisa Cummins, at 16065 S. U.S. Highway 441, in Summereld. For information, call 352-7511954. SUNDAY The Crossre Quartet will perform a con cert today at 6 p.m., at the First Church of God, 1550 N. Highway 19 in Eustis. The free concert is open to the public with a free will offering re ceived for the group. For information, call 352357-0048. MONDAY Grief Share meeting today at Fairway Chris tian Church, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Vil lages, from 2 to 4 p.m. Sign-up appreciated but not required. Call the church at 352-259-9305. Singles Bible study, today at 6 p.m., at Fair way Christian Church, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages. Call 352-259-9305. WEDNESDAY The 42nd annual Faith Promise Missions Conference begins today at Grace Bible Bap tist Church, 1703 Lewis Road in Leesburg. Four missionary families from Kenya, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay will be present at the event that runs through Friday at 7 p.m., and on Sunday at 9:15 and 10:30 a.m. Call the church at 352326-5738 for information. Mens Bible study at 8 a.m. and evening Bible study at 6:30 p.m., Fairway Christian Church, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages. Call 352259-9305. OCT. 25 Free stained glass window tours will be giv en to the public today from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; and on Sunday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., at First United Methodist Church, 439 E. Fifth Ave., in Mount Dora. Members of the church will give the tour of the 27 stained glass windows in the church. For information, call 352-383-2005 or go to www.mtdorafumc.org. Free chili dinner and concert by the October Mountain Band today at Berean Baptist Church, 5640 County Road 48 in Okahumpka. Dinner will be served at 5 p.m. and the concert is at 6 p.m. Call the church at 352-728-0900 for de tails. All About Fairway class to learn more about the church, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Fairway Chris tian Church, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Vil lages. Call 352-259-9305. Sign-up required and lunch is provided. CHURCH CALENDAR RICK REED REFLECTIONS ABOVE: Barbara Mancuso, with the microphone, leads the rosary as worshipers pray. The downtown Clermont trailhead turned into an outdoor church at noon on Saturday with a Public Square Rosary Rally. Worshipers came together to say a rosary for America. The event is held annually under the auspices of America Needs Fatima, www. anf.org, and the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, www.tfp.org. Last years Pubic Square campaign included 12,629 public rallies, according to the Fatima website. Though it is an annual campaign, some groups, including the one in Clermont, hold their rallies monthly. RIGHT: Marie Galing lights candles at a table featuring a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima, believed by many to have been an image of Mary, mother of Jesus, as she appeared in a series of apparitions to three shepherd children at Fatima in Portugal over a period of several months in 1917. PHOTOS BY LINDA CHARLTON SPECIAL TO THE DAILY COMMERCIAL CLERMONT Praying for America Worshipers gather for annual Public Square Rosary Rally NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press VATICAN CITY The Vatican is watering down a ground-breaking overture to gays but only if they speak English. After a draft report by bishops de bating family issues came under criticism from many conservative English-speaking bishops, the Vati can released a new English transla tion on Thursday. A section initially entitled Wel coming homosexuals is now Pro viding for homosexual persons, and the tone of the text is signi cantly colder. The initial English version re leased Monday along with the original accurately reected the Italian ver sion in both letter and spirit, and con tained a remarkable tone of accep tance to gays. The other translations were similarly faithful to the Italian and didnt deviate in tone. Conservatives were outraged, and the English was changed. The rst English version asked if the church was capable of welcom ing these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our com munities. The new version asks if the church is capable of providing for these people, guaranteeing ... them ... a place of fellowship in our communities. The rst version said homosexual unions can often constitute a pre cious support in the life of the part ners. The new one says gay unions often constitute valuable support in the life of these persons. Other changes were made in oth er sections of the text, but without signicantly altering the meaning or tone. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said En glish-speaking bishops had request ed the changes on the grounds that the rst translation was hasty and error-ridden. When Lombardi was shown how signicantly the meaning had changed, he pledged to investigate and didnt rule out a third version. We should love each other enough to seek resolution Jesus said, A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Vatican alters draft translation about gays SEE REPORT | B3 The first English version asked if the church was capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities. The new version asks if the church is capable of providing for these people, guaranteeing ... them ... a place of fellowship in our communities.


B2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 KIAofLEESB URG 35 2365-1228Come vis it our new location!www .Kia ofLe esburg .co m 1127 W. Main St., LeesburgJohn W. Snyder President Dunstan & Son Plumbing Co., Inc .PLUMBINGREP AIR& REMO DE LIN GEs t. 19 22 CF C057100(35 2) 787-47 71 C E F P G L M M D O W W r L T Liberty Baptist Church11043 Tr ue Life Wa y, Cler mont352-394-0708 Senior Pa stor Chris JohnsonSun. Svc 10:40am, Family Pr ay er Svc 6:00pmUnashamed Students Ser vice 6:00pm Sun. Bible Fello wship 9:30am We d. Bible Stud y 6:30pm, Kids 4 Tr uth Clubs 6:30pmGroups for all ages, Nurser y pro vided all ser viceswww .lbcc lermont.orgFirst United Methodist Church of EustisA Place wher e Yo u Matter 600 S. Gro ve Str eet, Eustis352-357-5830 Senior Pa stor Beth Fa rabeeCoffee and Fello wship 9:00am Contempor ar y Wo rship 9:30am Tr aditional Wo rship 11:00amLife Without Limits Ministries150 E. Bar nes Av enue Eustis352-399-2913 Bishop Robert DixonSunday Sc hool 9:00am Sunday Wo rship Ser vice 10:00am We dnesday Family Bible Stud y 7:00pmwww .lifewithout-limits.comSt. Thomas Episcopal Church317 S. Mar y St., Eustis (cor ner S. Mar y & Lemon St.)352-357-4358 Rev John W. Lipscomb III, RectorSunday Holy Euc harist Ser vices 8:00am & 10:30am Adult Sunday Sc hool 9:20am, Childr en s Chapel Thurs. Holy Euc harist & Healing Ser vice 10:00amwww .stthomaseustis.comUnitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake CountyEustis Wo man s Club Building 227 North Center Str eet, Eustis352-728-1631Sunday Adult Discussion Group 9:45am Celebr ation of Life Ser vice 11:00amFa cebook: www .f acebook.com/UUlakecoWe bsite:www .lakecountyuu.org Email: lakecountyuu@gmail.comHoly Tr inity Episcopal Church2201 Spring Lak e Road, Fruitland Park352-787-1500 Fa ther Te d KoellnSunday Ser vice 8:00am, 10:00am & 4:30pm with Ta ize Music We dnesday Healing Ser vice 11:30amwww .holytrinityfp .comLIFE Church Assembly of God04001 Picciola Rd., Fruitland Park352-787-7962 Pa stor Rick We lborneSunday Deaf Impair ed 10:00am Sunday Evening 6:00pm We dnesday Pr ay er and Yo uth Ser vice 7:00pm Sunday Sc hool 9:00am We dnesday Bible Stud y 7:00pmPilgrims United Church of Christ (UCC)509 County Road 468, Fruitland Parkwww .pucc.info 352-365-2662 or ofce@pucc.infoRev Ronal K.F Nicholas, OSL, Pa stor Rev Camille F. 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Joanna Av enue Ta va re s352-343-7131Sunday Contempor ar y Ser vice 8:30am Sunday Tr aditional Ser vice 11:00am & 6:00pm Sunday Bible Stud y (all ages) 10:00am We dnesday Fello wship Meal 5:00pm We dnesday Life University 6:15pm We dnesday Pr ay er Ser vice 6:15pm Pro viding dir ection for all gener ationswww .fbctav ares.comTa vares First United Methodist Church (UMC)Cor ner of Old 441 & SR 19, Ta va re s352-343-2761 Pa stor John BarhamTr aditional Ser vice 9:00am (Sanctuar y) Contempor ar y Cafe-Style 10:30am (Activity Center) Inquir er s Adult Sunday Sc hool 10:15am Tr eehouse Kids Chur ch 10:45amBar gain Box Thrift Stor e, Thurs-Sat 9am to 1pmwww .fumctav ares.comUnion Congregational Church United Church of ChristAt the cor ner of St. Clair Abr ams Av e and Old 441 (Alfr ed Str eet)352-343-6183Deb We st, Adm. 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Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B3 Lombardi stressed that the original Italian remains the ofcial text, and noted that the draft is being revised topto-bottom for a nal report which will go to a vote among bishops on Saturday. If two-thirds approve it, the report will form the ba sis of discussions in dioces es around the world before another meeting of bishops next year, and ultimately a teaching document by Pope Francis. Based on the complaints to the original text and the number of amendments pro posed Thursday, the draft ing committee appointed by the pope has its work cut out for it if it wants to get a twothirds majority. The Vatican released sum maries of the amendments from the 10 working groups that have been negotiating all week. They are near-unani mous in insisting that church doctrine on family life be more fully asserted and ex plained that marriage is between a man and wom an, open to children and that faithful Catholic families should be held up as models and encouraged rather than focus on family problems and irregular unions. The English-speaking working groups were among the most critical. The one headed by Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier of South Africa complained about the trans lation of the draft report and used the new providing for homosexuals language of the revised English translation, suggesting that he or some one in his group might have requested the change. On Thursday, Francis add ed Napier, as well as an Aus tralian bishop, to the drafting committee that will compose the nal document. It was widely noticed that Fran cis initial appointees were largely progressives whom he named after conserva tives were elected to head the working groups proposing the amendments. African bishops, who are among the most conservative on family issues, were not in cluded in his initial picks. ALESSANDRA TARANTINO / AP Pope Francis waves as he arrives at a morning session of a two-week synod on family issues at the Vatican on Thursday. REPORT FROM PAGE B1 KATHRYN VARN MCT MIAMI Mi ami-Dade Countys Jewish population is larger and more diverse than it was 10 years ago, the result of an inux of foreign-born and Or thodox Jews, a demo graphic survey released Monday showed. The Great Mi ami Jewish Federa tion Population Study: A Portrait of the Miami Jewish Community will give the federation guidelines to better ad dress the growing needs of the Jewish commu nity, which ranks as the 11th largest Jewish pop ulation in the country. The real value is not just in the knowl edge. Its in the applica tion, said Amy Berger Chafetz, chairwoman of the survey. I have tre mendous condence that were going to use this info to make im portant decisions for the community. The survey is based on 1,800 respondents to a six-week phone sur vey of Jewish house holds that started in January. Among the key nd ings: Miami-Dades Jewish population in creased by 9 percent after a steady decline from 1975 to 2004. The largest region al population increase was in North Dade, at 19 percent. Miami Beach stayed the same, and South Dade decreased by 9 percent. A new young adult Jewish population of about 7,000 emerged in the downtown Miami area. The largest agegroup growth was for those under age 35, which increased by 17 percent. The number of Hispanic adult Jews in creased by 57 percent, with most coming from Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. The number of people living in an Or thodox Jewish house hold increased by 41 percent. These numbers are compared to data from past surveys, which University of Miami de mographer Ira Sheskin has conducted for the federation every decade since the 1980s. He said the overall size increase from the 2004 study can be at tributed to the inux of Hispanic and Ortho dox Jews, who typical ly have larger families. This is demonstrat ed in the survey, which showed that the num ber of Jewish house holds increased by only about 1 percent, but the total number of Jews grew about 9 percent. Many of those His panic and Orthodox Jews have ocked to the North Dade area be cause of the Jewish in frastructure there. Nu merous synagogues are scattered throughout the area, many of them with Spanish-speaking rabbis. There are also a large number of Jew ish day schools and ko sher-friendly establish ments. Jews attract oth er Jews, Sheskin said. Once you have a rea sonably large popula tion up there, others are going to follow. The larger household sizes account for the in crease in younger Jews as well, because Hispan ic and Orthodox families typically have more chil dren, said Jacob Solo mon, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Jew ish organizations have also been practicing more youth outreach. The federation has a group for Jews young er than 40, and another organization called The Tribe provides an outlet for young Jewish South Floridians to meet and network. The increase in young people is promising for Dades Jewish popula tion, as compared to the rest of the country, Sheskin said. Miami is not like the national data, he said. This a very strong Jew ish community with a good future. This contrast ap pears in other parts of the study as well. Three quarters of respondents said that being Jew ish is very important to them, as compared to 46 percent in the U.S., ac cording to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey. And 16 percent of Mi ami-Dade Jews are in termarried, as com pared to 61 percent in the Pew study. Solomon said these factors indicate that community members feel a sense of loyal ty to the religion and a sense of unity with each other, despite the sep arate geographical re gions and changing age groups. Were a dynamic, growing, highly con nected, diverse Jewish community which is deeply attached to each other, to Israel and to the religion, he said. Even so, theres work to be done for the feder ation moving forward, said Michelle Labgold, chief planning ofcer of the federation. About a third of respondents re ported they were strug gling nancially and are in need of community support. Over the next decade, Labgold said the federation will work to address that need. We recognize that while the Jewish com munity has strong Jew ish connections and relatively high partic ipation in Jewish life, cost can be a factor, she said. We see this as knowing there are op portunities to improve. Study: Miami Jewish population larger, more diverse AP FILE PHOTO Alan Veingrad, a former Dallas Cowboy turned Orthodox Jew, reads at the Chabad synagogue in Coral Springs. Miami is not like the national data. This a very strong Jewish community with a good future. Ira Sheskin University of Miami demographer Associated Press SEATTLE Seattle mega church founder Mark Driscoll, who has been under re amid questions about his leadership style and falling membership in his Mars Hill Church, has stepped down, the church announced on its website Wednesday. Driscoll, whose church grew to attract more than 12,000 at branches across ve states, sub mitted his resignation Tuesday as elder and lead pastor, con cluding it would be best for the health of our family, and for the Mars Hill family, that we step aside from further ministry at the church, according to the Mars Hill website. The church currently has mul tiple branches in Washington, and one location each in Ore gon, California and New Mexico. Last month it closed its Phoenix location as a Mars Hill church. His resignation came after a group of church elders recent ly ended an investigation into a series of formal charges brought against him. The churchs board said on its website Wednesday that Driscoll was not asked to resign, and that they were surprised to receive his resignation letter. Driscoll took a leave of ab sence in August so church lead ers could investigate whether he was t to lead, following ac cusations that he bullied mem bers, threatened opponents, lied and oversaw mismanage ment of church funds, the Seat tle Times has reported. The church said Wednesday that its lengthy investigation found Driscoll has been guilty of arrogance, responding to conict with a quick temper and harsh speech, and leading the staff and elders in a domineering manner. The board said that while it be lieves Driscoll needs to address those areas in his life, we do not believe him to be disqualied from pastoral ministry. The church noted that Driscoll, the only pastor it has known since it was founded 18 years ago, was never charged with immorality, illegali ty or heresy. It said most of the charges involved the domineer ing style of leadership, and that they found some accusations unfair or untrue. Associated Press DAYTON, Ohio The Catholic archdio cese in southwest Ohio is proposing a commit tee made up of teachers who will advise on fu ture contracts that in clude morality clauses. The idea has been in the planning stages since last spring amid controversy over teach ing contracts forbidding behavior the church re gards as wrong in the 19-county Archdiocese of Cincinnati, spokes man Dan Andriacco told the Dayton Daily News The contract which prohibits homosexual lifestyles, abortion, arti cial insemination and public support for any of those causes has di vided some of the regions Catholics. The public ght has included a pro test march, petitions and about a dozen billboards in opposition. Teach ers have formed a union that has approached the archdiocese about col lective bargaining. Andriacco said the 11 members of the adviso ry committee would be elected by fellow teachers from schools in the arch dioceses 19 counties. The committee would get teachers input in a structured way, he said, and have direct access to the archdioceses super intendent of schools. A spokeswoman for the Southwest Ohio Catholic Educators As sociation, Jennifer Tele ha, a former archdi ocese teacher, said teachers at two Day ton-area schools have already rejected the idea of an advisory commit tee. She questioned the impact such a commit tee could have. About 93 Catho lic schools employing some 2,800 teachers in southwest Ohio are covered by the archdi oceses teacher-minis ter contracts. Catholic archdiocese in Ohio proposes advisory committee Embattled founder of Seattles Mars Hill megachurch resigns SCOTT COHEN / AP Mars Hill Church Lead Pastor Mark Driscoll poses outside of his ofce prior to an evening service at the churchs agship black warehouse in Seattle.


B4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 KEN SWEET Associated Press NEW YORK The stock market had an other turbulent ses sion Friday, capping off one of the more event ful weeks on Wall Street in years. The Dow Jones industrial average soared more than 250 points following strong earnings from Morgan Stanley, General Elec tric and Textron as well as some encouraging U.S. economic reports. It was the latest big move for a market which, with a few ex ceptions, has been on a mostly downward track. Stocks have had four weeks of declines, leaving the Standard & Poors 500 index 6 per cent below the record high it set Sept. 18. Investors have been riding wild market swings for much of the week. The Dow Jones industrial average plunged as much as 460 points Wednesday, then had one of its best days of the year on Friday. We had indiscrim inate selling all week, and then today we had indiscriminate buying, said Jack Ablin, chief in vestment ofcer at BMO Private Bank in Chicago. Market watchers have warned investors to expect more vola tility than they have been used to in recent months, reecting the heightened concerns about weaker growth in Europe and what it could mean for corpo rate prots, as well as plunging oil prices. The turmoil has not been limited to the oor of the New York Stock Ex change. Bonds, overseas stock markets and com modities prices have all had big moves this week. Most of the swings this week were relat ed to fears about glob al growth and not about the fundamentals of this market, said James Liu at JPMorgan Funds. CURRENCIES Dollar vs. Exchange Pvs Rate Day Yen 106.68 106.19 Euro $1.2775 $1.2796 Pound $1.6108 $1.6061 Swiss franc 0.9453 0.9435 Canadian dollar 1.1272 1.1255 Mexican peso 13.5293 13.5488 Business austin.fuller@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8263 DOW JONES 16,380.41 + 263.17 NASDAQ 4,258.44 + 41.05 S&P 500 1,886.76 + 24 GOLD 1,239.00 2.20 SILVER 17.33 0.106 CRUDE OIL 82.75 + 0.05 T-NOTE 10-year 2.20 + 0.05 www.dailycommercial.com DAVID MCHUGH Associated Press FRANKFURT, Germa ny Europes econo my needs help fast. Yet the two powers that could take action, the European Central Bank and Germany, dont see eye to eye. That leaves Europes currency union stuck in a dangerous policy lim bo that has investors worried as it risks falling into recession for a third time in six years. Concern that the 18-country currency union, which accounts for 17 percent of the world economy, has no clear path out of its eco nomic trouble is among the key factors in this weeks global market turmoil. The Stoxx 50 index of top eurozone stocks fell as much as 6.3 percent this week before recovering some what Friday. It is down 5.7 percent over the past three months. The eurozone saw no growth at all in the sec ond quarter after only four quarters of slug gish recovery. It also has dangerously low ina tion, which can depress growth over years, if not decades, as happened in Japan. A sudden decline in exports and industri al activity in Germany, long the regions source of growth, heightened those concerns. There are several big ideas about how to boost growth for the long term. A free trade agree ment with the United States, a Europe-wide investment fund to put 300 billion euros into infrastructure, loos er employment rules in France and Italy. An ECB review of bank nanc es due this month could purge hidden losses from the nancial sys tem and get more cred it owing to companies. Yet those ideas will take months or even years to boost econom ic activity. More imme diate help would come from more monetary stimulus from the ECB or increased spending from governments. ECB President Ma rio Draghi has put for ward a three-part strate gy to help the eurozone: more monetary stimu lus from the ECB, more spending from govern ments that can afford it and pro-business re forms from more trou bled governments. Yet governments have not followed Draghis advice to spend more where possible within EU rules. Thats because they have run into resis tance from Germany, the eurozones dominant political and economic force, which wants gov ernments to focus on re ducing decits. In recognition of October being Manufacturing Month, the countys Economic Devel opment & Tourism Depart ment is recognizing some of the companies employing more than 7,600 manufactur ing workers in Lake. With $61.8 billion in man ufactured goods exported in 2012 alone, manufacturers are the life force behind Floridas economy, and Lake County is a great example of this healthy manufacturing base, depart ment Manager Adam Sumner said in a press release. While some of the manufac turers are well known, such as Cutrale in Leesburg, which bottles a number of prod ucts including Simply Orange, Simply Lemonade and Sim ply Cranberry juices, 10 oth ers may not be as recogniz able. According to the press release, they include: Spencer Fabrication, G.W. Schultz Tool Inc., Vac-Tron Equipment, Data Graphics, Progressive Aerodyne, Classic Fishing Products, Maritec Industries, Senninger Irrigation, Electron Machine Corporation and CaptiveAire. MARTIN CRUTSINGER AP Economics Writer WASHINGTON Federal Re serve Chair Janet Yellen sound ed an alarm Friday about wid ening economic inequality in the United States, suggesting that Americas longstanding identity as a land of opportuni ty was at stake. The growing gap between the rich and everyone else narrowed slightly during the Great Reces sion but has since accelerated, Yellen said in a speech at a con ference in Boston on economic opportunity. And robust stock market returns during the re covery helped the wealthy out pace middle-class America in wages, employment and home prices. The extent and continuing increase in inequality in the United States greatly concerns me, Yellen said. By some esti mates, income and wealth in equality are near their high est levels in the past hundred years. Yellens extensive comments on economic inequality marked an unusual public departure for a Fed chair. Her predecessors as head of the U.S. central bank tended to focus exclusively on the core Fed issues of interest rates, ination and unemploy ment. Indeed, the Feds man date doesnt explicitly include issues like income or wealth disparities. Throughout this year, she has stressed the need for the Fed to keep rates low to boost economic expansion and hiring. She has said that the unemployment rate, now at 5.9 percent, doesnt fully reect the health of the job market: Yellen has expressed concern, for example, about stagnant incomes, the number of part-time workers who want full-time jobs and the many people who have given up their job searches and are no longer counted as unemployed. In her rst speech as Fed chair, she highlighted the hur dles faced by three unemployed workers. And in congressional testimony in February, Yellen called income inequality one of the most disturbing trends facing the nation. Her remarks Friday, ac companied by extensive data com piled by her staff, expanded on her concerns. Between 1989 and 2013, Yellen noted, the average income of the top 5 percent of households rose 38 percent. For the remaining 95 percent of households, it grew less than 10 percent. The widening gap in over all wealth is even more pro nounced. The average net worth of the bottom 50 percent of fam ilies a group of about 62 mil lion households was $11,000 in 2013, Yellen said. Adjusted for ination, that gure is 50 per cent lower than in 1989. By contrast, the average real net worth of families in the countrys top 5 percent has jumped from $3.6 million in 1989 to $6.8 million in 2013, ac cording to the Feds data an 89 percent surge. I think it is appropriate to ask whether this trend is compatible with values rooted in our nations history, among them the high value Ameri cans have traditional ly placed on equality of opportunity, said Yellen. Yellen did not discuss the state of the economy, interestrate policy or how her views might affect the Feds actions. Fed chief: Widening inequality is cause for great concern MICHAEL DWYER / AP Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen speaks during a conference on economic opportunity in Boston on Friday. Stocks rise sharply, ending markets dramatic week RICHARD DREW / AP Specialist David Haubner works with traders at his post on the oor of the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. Europes powers deadlocked as economy sinks Lake recognizes manufacturers JOSH BOAK AP Economics Writer WASHINGTON Con struction rms broke ground on more apartment complexes in September, pushing up the pace of U.S. homebuilding. Housing starts rose 6.3 percent to a seasonally ad justed annual rate of 1.017 million homes, the Com merce Department said Fri day. Almost all of the gains came from apartment con struction a volatile cat egory which increased 18.5 percent after plunging in August. The sluggish recovery and meager wage growth has left more Americans renting instead of owning homes. Apartment construction has surged 30.3 percent over the past 12 months. Starts for single-fami ly houses rose just 1.1 per cent in September, contrib uting to an 11 percent gain during the past 12 months. Applications for building permits, a good sign of activ ity, increased 1.5 percent to an annual rate of 1.018 mil lion. That also reected the strength in apartment build ing. Permits for multi-family buildings rose 7 percent in September, compared to a 0.5 percent drop in permits for single-family houses. Apartments pushed up homebuilding AP FILE PHOTO Workers stand atop a new home in Panama City Beach.


The Market In Review A-B-CABB Ltd.78e20.44+.07 ACE Ltd2.56e104.61+1.69 ADT Corp.8032.83+.87 AES Corp.2013.29+.31 AFLAC1.4857.01+1.15 AGCO.4443.53-1.70 AGL Res1.9652.09+.15 AK Steel...6.30+.54 AOL...39.32+.68 ARC Docu...9.78-.17 A10 Nwks n...4.13+.01 AbbottLab.8840.86+.87 AbbVie1.6853.37+.47 AberFitc.8032.55-2.24 Accenture1.95e76.62+.47 AccessMid2.38f59.90-.47 AccoBrds...6.86-.02 Actavis...224.73+2.66 Actuant.0429.56+.31 AMD...2.72+.08 AdvPerHY3.94e48.39+.28 AecomTch...30.04+1.06 Aegon.30e7.68+.20 AerCap...38.21+.83 Aeropostl...2.89-.23 Aetna.9075.39+1.96 Agilent.53b52.27+.56 Agnico g.3228.72-1.74 Agrium g3.0082.79-.70 AirProd3.08129.01+1.30 AlaskaAir s.5044.70+.90 Albemarle1.1054.59+.70 AlcatelLuc.18e2.40+.04 Alcoa.1215.62+1.02 Alcoa pfB2.6949.42+2.52 AlexREE2.88u80.06-.23 Alibaba n...87.91-.94 AllegTch.7232.99+.36 Allegion n.3246.75+.42 Allergan.20177.49-.51 Allete1.9648.44-.08 AlliData...259.72+7.57 AlliBern1.84e24.27+.64 AlldNevG...2.43-.23 AllisonTrn.4828.64+.34 Allstate1.1260.64+.78 AllyFin n...21.61+.56 AlonUSA.40f14.52-.65 AlphaNRs...1.99-.30 AlphaPro...5.55-1.28 AlpAlerMLP1.12e18.40+.05 Altria2.08f45.66+.49 Ambev n.29e6.65+.33 Ameren1.64f39.67+.09 AMovilL.35e24.03+.26 AmApparel....72-.00 AmAxle...17.42+.27 AmCampus1.5238.61-.04 AEagleOut.5013.71-.53 AEP2.0054.61+.67 AEqInvLf.18f23.30+.32 AHm4Rent.2016.63-.13 AmIntlGrp.5050.76+1.36 AmTower1.44f93.17+.71 ATowr pfA5.25107.92+2.92 AmWtrWks1.2449.60+.32 Ameriprise2.32112.30+2.43 AmeriBrgn.9475.84+.82 Ametek.3648.83+1.42 Amphenol s.50f48.03+.83 AmpioPhm...4.16+.16 Anadarko1.0888.52-1.05 AnglogldA...d10.02-.43 ABInBev2.82e106.45+2.60 Ann Inc...38.93+.17 Annaly1.2011.20... AnteroRes...50.21-2.23 Anworth.50e5.11... Aon plc1.0080.97+1.04 Apache1.0072.85-.38 AptInv1.0433.51-.25 ApolloGM2.82e22.02+.79 Aptargrp1.1258.70+1.05 AquaAm.6623.98+.11 ArcelorMit.2012.40+.09 ArchCoal.01m1.97-.26 ArchDan.9644.50+1.33 AristaNet n...76.72+2.15 ArmourRsd.603.96+.02 ArmstrWld...47.08+.93 ArrowEl...49.46+1.14 AsburyA...65.19+1.23 Ashland1.36100.42+1.41 AssuredG.4421.95+.25 AstoriaF.1612.16-.26 AstraZen2.80e67.81+.25 AthlonEn...57.93-.15 AtlPwr g.12m2.40-.06 AtlasEngy1.96f40.04+.16 AtlasPpln2.52f36.64+1.00 AtlasRes2.3616.74+.09 ATMOS1.4850.21+1.06 AtwoodOcn1.0039.89-.64 AuRico g.02m3.56-.30 Autohme n...47.18+.67 Autoliv2.1691.97+1.13 AvalonBay4.64149.37+.84 AveryD1.4043.13+.57 Avista1.2733.41+.08 Avnet.64f38.85+1.20 Avon.2411.25-.07 Axiall.6438.96-.91 B2gold g...2.07-.17 BB&T Cp.9635.20-.29 BCE g2.4741.97+.04 BHP BillLt2.42e59.04+.32 BHPBil plc2.42e54.29+.68 BP PLC2.34f41.44+.72 BP Pru10.60e85.68+1.40 BPZ Res...1.45-.11 BRF SA.19e24.63+.68 BakrHu.68f53.13+1.12 BallCorp.5265.03+1.06 BallyTech...77.73-1.20 BalticTrdg.07e3.43+.02 BanColum1.21e56.00+1.04 BcBilVArg.45e11.13+.23 BcoBrad pf.44e15.43+.76 BcoSantSA.81e8.64+.29 BcoSBrasil.87e6.16+.26 BcSanChile1.02e21.12-.27 BcpSouth.30f20.11... BkofAm.20f16.21+.13 BkAm pfW1.66u25.28+.19 BkMont g3.1270.78+1.13 BkNYMel.6836.36+.20 BkNova g2.64f59.71+1.16 BankUtd.8429.35+.69 Banro g....17+.01 BarcGSOil...20.24+.13 Barclay.43e13.75+.25 BarVixMdT...14.29-.42 B iPVix rs...38.58-1.75 BarnesNob...18.35-.27 Barnes.48f32.64+.33 BarrickG.2013.41-.37 BasicEnSv...14.27+.21 Baxter2.0867.24-.94 BaytexE g2.8831.65+.27 BeazerHm...17.71+.72 BectDck2.18121.73+.95 Bellatrix g...4.92+.07 Belmond...11.08+.17 Bemis1.0838.11+.45 BerkH B...137.09+2.39 BerryPlas...23.95+.20 BestBuy.7631.34+.06 BigLots.6844.33+1.68 BBarrett...15.17-1.01 BioMedR1.0021.00+.10 BitautoH...68.97-.54 BlackRock7.72315.68+4.99 BlkCpHiY.91a11.71+.24 BlkIntlG&I.67a6.95+.10 Blackstone1.92e29.30+.41 BlockHR.8029.91+.52 BdwlkPpl.4016.66-.24 Boeing2.92123.24+2.95 BoiseCasc...29.58+1.13 BonanzaCE...40.83+.40 BorgWrn s.52f54.98+.46 BostProp2.60a119.56+1.12 BostonSci...11.37-.08 BoydGm...9.83-.17 Brandyw.6014.22-.16 BrigStrat.5018.32-.01 Brinker1.12f51.79+.17 BrMySq1.4450.42+1.20 BristowGp1.2867.26-2.96 BritATob4.90e111.54+2.75 Brixmor n.8022.95-.25 BroadrdgF1.08f39.69+.58 Brookdale...31.42-.06 BrkfldAs g.6445.38+.87 BrownFB1.1685.72+1.88 Brunswick.50f41.26+.38 Buckeye4.45f74.65+1.47 Buenavent.02e11.11-.10 BungeLt1.3682.41+1.44 BurgerKng.32f29.50+1.02 BurlStrs...37.82-.58 C&J Engy...20.65+.56 CBL Asc.9817.71+.06 CBRE Grp...28.98+.37 CBS A.60f52.50+.55 CBS B.60f52.35+1.17 CBS Outd n1.4829.64+.66 CF Inds6.00244.96-8.89 CIT Grp.6044.95+.06 CMS Eng1.0830.55-.04 CNH Indl...7.85-.26 CNO Fincl.2416.60+.50 CRH.85e21.22+.63 CSX.6433.86+.88 CVR Engy3.00a42.67+.47 CVR Rfng2.69e23.65+.87 CVS Health1.1079.96+1.15 CYS Invest1.20m8.87+.02 CblvsnNY.6017.43+.14 CabotO&G.0830.95-.23 CalDive....27-.02 CallGolf.047.16... CallonPet...5.95-.07 Calpine...20.70+.23 CAMAC s....47+.01 CamdenPT2.6471.13-.33 Cameco g.4016.49+.56 Cameron...57.35-.22 CampSp1.2542.04+.44 CampusCC.666.38-.13 CdnNR gs1.0065.30+1.44 CdnNRs gs.9034.31+.90 CP Rwy g1.40199.50+5.69 CapOne1.2076.43-2.10 CapsteadM1.3612.64... CarboCer1.3252.55-3.44 CardnlHlth1.3773.62+1.49 CareFusion...56.34+.01 Carlisle1.00f78.37+1.08 CarMax...46.71+.83 Carnival1.0034.92+.23 Carters.7677.28-2.08 CastleBr...u1.58+.20 Caterpillar2.8095.05+1.81 CedarF2.8044.78+.53 Celanese1.0054.09+.52 Cemex.52t11.60+.29 Cemig pf s1.40e6.77+.23 CenovusE1.0623.39-.04 Centene...78.83+.54 CenterPnt.9523.17+.62 CenElBras.18e2.89+.20 CFCda g.0112.54-.06 CentCmts n...16.41+.76 CntryLink2.1638.86+.56 ChambStPr.507.78-.07 ChRvLab...61.33+1.20 Cheetah n...19.02+.68 Chemtura...22.15-.12 CheniereEn...68.40+.20 ChesEng.3520.16-.63 Chevron4.28111.80+.74 ChicB&I.2848.08+1.47 Chicos.3014.77-.08 Chimera.36a3.08+.01 ChiMYWnd...2.60+.14 ChinaMble2.04e60.05+1.11 Chipotle...641.72-4.26 Chubb2.0092.89+1.48 ChurchDwt1.2468.38+.40 CienaCorp...15.13+.03 Cigna.0489.04+1.01 Cimarex.64109.14-.60 CinciBell...3.38... Citigroup.0450.07+.32 CitizFin n...21.92+.12 Civeo n.5212.14-.26 CleanHarb...47.65+1.41 CliffsNRs.608.74-.76 Clorox2.9696.30+.17 CloudPeak...10.92-.18 Coach1.3534.49-.63 CobaltIEn...10.81+.20 CocaCE1.0041.11+1.10 Coeur...4.78-.44 Colfax...54.75-.06 ColgPalm1.4463.73+.62 ColonyFncl1.4421.15-.06 ColumbPT1.2024.85-.02 Comerica.8043.06-1.36 CmclMtls.4815.16+.19 CmtyBkSy1.20f34.09-.71 CmtyHlt...53.42+.34 CompSci.9256.44+1.06 ComstkRs.5012.27-.81 Con-Way.6042.33+.98 ConAgra1.0033.65+.36 ConchoRes...104.84+.18 ConocoPhil2.9268.08+1.15 ConsolEngy.2534.78+.27 ConEd2.5260.70-.22 ConstellA...84.05+1.97 Constellm...20.50+.95 ContlRes s...55.78-.14 Cnvrgys.2818.09+.05 CooperTire.4229.28-.21 CopaHold3.8497.97-1.95 Copel.95e14.36+.47 CoreLabs2.00139.08-.80 CoreLogic...27.74+.94 CornstProg.933.60+.16 Corning.4017.75+.25 CorpOffP1.1025.74-.07 Cosan Ltd.16e10.99+.37 CousPrp.3012.19... CovantaH1.00f20.92+.04 Covidien1.44f82.20-3.30 CSVInvNG...4.56+.09 CSVLgNGs...d12.24-.31 CredSuiss.79e25.60+.42 CrstwdMid1.6420.25-.48 CrwnCstle1.4080.84+1.59 CrownHold...46.22+1.35 CubeSmart.5219.13-.36 CullenFr2.0473.81+.63 Cummins3.12130.53-.04 Cytec s.5044.30+.35 D-E-FDCP Mid3.03f54.17+1.08 DCT Indl.287.91+.10 DDR Corp.6216.86-.22 DHT Hldgs.086.16+.12 DNP Selct.7810.21+.05 DR Horton.25f21.56+1.25 DSW Inc s.7529.97-.39 DTE2.76f76.98+.10 DanaHldg.2017.74+.04 Danaher.4074.79+.60 DarlingIng...17.54+.27 DaVitaHlt...72.75+.72 DeanFoods.2813.53-.12 DeckrsOut...86.62-2.59 Deere2.4083.29-.83 DejourE g....21-.01 Delek.60a30.95+.48 DelphiAuto1.0063.09+.75 DeltaAir.3634.39+1.07 Demandw...56.00+1.40 DenburyR.2512.42-.38 DenisnM g....99+.02 DeutschBk1.02e30.60+.74 DeuHvChiA...25.76+.16 DevonE.9658.17+1.63 Diageo3.46e112.85+2.71 DiaOffs.50a37.03-.90 DiamRk.4113.15+.10 DiceHldg...8.18-.16 DicksSptg.5043.28+.36 Diebold1.1535.53+.58 DigitalRlt3.3264.39+1.37 Dillards.24102.07-1.17 DirSPBear...27.80-1.08 DxGldBull...20.11-2.04 DrxFnBear...18.09-.66 DxEnBear...20.91-.55 DxEMBear...36.54-1.17 DrxSCBear...17.52+.17 DirGMBear...16.87+1.06 DirGMnBull...9.96-.79 DxRssaBull...10.16+.63 Dx30TBear...37.23+.54 DrxEMBull...25.03+.77 DrxFnBull...92.78+2.97 DrxDNGBull...12.66-.75 DirDGldBr...28.73+2.57 DrxSOXBll...80.60+1.92 DrxSCBull1.19e59.72-.62 DrxSPBull...67.59+2.47 DirxEnBull...71.90+1.86 Discover.9662.45+.63 DollarGen...59.95+1.18 DomMid n...27.82-.58 DomRescs2.4068.73+.75 Dominos1.00u84.84+.91 Donaldson.6638.31+.44 DEmmett.8026.49+.06 Dover1.60f74.51+1.07 DowChm1.4846.05+1.29 DrPepSnap1.6463.09+1.24 DresserR...80.75-.06 Dril-Quip...85.67+.29 DuPont1.88f66.98+.75 DuPFabros1.4028.36+.44 DukeEngy3.18f78.43+.26 DukeRlty.6817.83+.01 Dynegy...28.16+.18 E-CDang...11.22-.24 E-House.20e9.68+.23 ETrAlerian1.47e31.37+.02 EMC Cp.4627.11+.22 EOG Res s.67f91.22-.05 EP Engy n...14.13-.77 EQT Corp.1283.42-1.85 EagleMat.4087.77+2.36 EastChem1.4075.14+.80 Eaton1.9661.44+1.52 EatnVan1.00f35.61+.30 EV TxDiver1.0110.87+.27 EVTxMGlo.989.52+.16 EVTxGBW1.1711.42+.15 EclipseR n...13.70-.13 Ecolab1.10107.89+2.50 Ecopetrol2.65e29.21-.22 EdisonInt1.4258.76+.37 EducRlty.4810.80+.09 EdwLfSci...99.00+.97 ElPasoPpl2.6038.89-.01 EldorGld g.06e7.00-.29 Embraer.52e36.38+1.28 EmeraldO...3.50-.46 EmergeES4.68f89.65+3.45 EmergBio...22.48+1.24 EmersonEl1.7261.22+.75 Emulex...5.26+.12 EnLinkLP1.46f30.54+.22 EnbrdgEPt2.22f35.06-.22 Enbridge1.4045.22+.09 EnCana g.2818.63-.24 EndvSilv g...4.08-.26 Energen.6059.11+.18 EngyTEq s1.52f57.65+.91 EngyTsfr3.82f62.10-.39 Enerpls g1.0815.10-.03 Enersis.61e15.10-.15 ENSCO3.0037.78-.34 Entergy3.3279.33-.07 EntPrdPt s1.46f37.47-.54 Entravisn.10a4.59+.05 EnvisnHlth...33.70+.81 Equifax1.0072.88+1.13 EquityCmw...24.62-.11 EqtyOne.8822.43-.14 EqtyRsd2.0065.90-.38 EsteeLdr.8072.18+.40 Evercore1.0046.73+1.20 Evertec.4020.99-.01 ExcoRes.202.68-.41 Exelis.4116.02+.25 Exelon1.2434.38+.29 Express...14.01-.23 ExterranH.6036.84+.67 ExtraSpce1.88u54.82-.40 ExxonMbl2.7691.21+.61 FMC Corp.6056.49+.35 FMC Tech...50.26-.55 FMSA n...12.64+.55 FNBCp PA.4812.01-.11 FS Invest n.89a10.34+.05 FXCM.2416.87+.02 Fabrinet...16.11+1.26 FamilyDlr1.2476.77+.40 FedExCp.80156.12+4.19 FedRlty3.48f122.14-.03 FedInvst1.0028.10+.16 FelCor.089.50-.03 Ferrellgs2.0025.93-.09 FiatChry n...9.10+.36 FibriaCelu...10.25+.22 FidFinan.50e26.38+.30 FidIndls.40e26.41+.45 FidlNatF n.7228.04+.70 FNFV Gp n...13.05+.05 FidNatInfo.9653.41+1.03 58.com n...36.63+.01 FstAFin n.9628.33+.63 FstBcpPR...4.71-.06 FstHorizon.2011.47+.07 FstInRT.4117.85-.11 FMajSilv g...7.17-.43 FstRepBk.5647.19-.18 FTEurSelDv1.15e12.80+.31 FTDJInet...56.55+.44 FT WindEn.13e10.30+.16 FT RNG.09e14.73-.29 FirstEngy1.4434.74+.08 Flotek...21.06+.36 FlowrsFds.4818.23+.41 Flowserve.6464.96+1.47 Fluor.8462.25+1.15 FootLockr.8853.47+.79 FordM.5014.02+.04 ForestCA...19.59+.02 ForestOil....74-.01 Fortress.32a6.36+.31 FBHmSec.4840.17+1.23 ForumEn...24.76+.01 FrancoN g.8053.43-1.26 FrankRes.4851.71+.79 FranksIntl.60f17.46+.53 FrptMcM1.2530.34+.10 Freescale...16.54-.06 Frontline...1.61+.05 FullerHB.4839.20+.35 G-H-IGNC.6437.69+.24 GabelliET.65e6.03+.08 GabelliE rt....03+.01 GameStop1.3239.86+.63 Gannett.8027.69+.36 Gap.8835.74-.75 GasLog.4821.45+1.74 GastarExp...3.91-.37 GenCorp...16.54+.51 Generac...41.62+.20 GnCable.7213.11-.21 GenDynam2.48120.87+3.02 GenGrPrp.64f24.15+.12 GenMotors1.2030.24+.30 Genpact...15.82+.01 GenuPrt2.3088.55+.50 Genworth...12.70+.22 GeoGrp2.2836.90+.50 Gerdau.14e4.60+.09 GlaxoSKln2.46e43.67+.79 GlimchRt.4013.34-.02 GlobPay.0872.35+.52 GbXGreece.03e16.63+1.05 Globalstar...2.34+.17 GolLinhas...5.00+.17 GoldFLtd.04e3.69-.18 Goldcrp g.6022.92-.96 GoldS pfJ1.3824.10+.09 GoldmanS2.40f176.91+4.33 GoodrPet...10.85-.18 GovPrpIT1.7222.78-.12 vjGrace...86.18+1.06 GrafTech...4.35-.01 Graingr4.32231.90+2.18 GramrcyP.145.87-.08 GranTrra g...4.68+.02 GraphPkg...11.64+.05 GrayTelev...8.57+.07 GtPlainEn.9225.24+.23 GreenbCos.6055.67+2.72 GrubHub n...37.06+.04 GpFnSnMx.96e12.56+.16 GpTelevisa.14e33.02-.01 Guess.90d20.31-.78 GugSPEW1.08e72.82+.80 Guidewire...47.90+.42 HCA Hldg...69.44+1.21 HCP Inc2.1842.50-.11 HDFC Bk.35e48.90+.98 HSBC2.45e50.19+.63 HalconRes...2.92-.15 Hallibrtn.6052.60+1.43 Hanesbrds1.20104.46+1.04 HarleyD1.1058.63+1.55 Harman1.32f93.03+1.03 HarmonyG...2.01-.06 HartfdFn.7236.09+.52 HatterasF2.0018.80+.07 HawaiiEl1.2426.93+.17 HltCrREIT3.1867.00-.55 HlthcrRlty1.2025.07-.29 HlthcreTr.58f12.48+.01 HealthNet...45.07+.92 HeclaM.01e2.39-.15 HelixEn...22.51+.11 HelmPayne2.75f84.68-1.91 Hemisphrx....33+.01 Herbalife...45.43-1.45 Hersha.28f6.57-.02 Hershey2.1492.01+.92 Hertz...20.18-.67 Hess1.0078.61+.57 HewlettP.6434.16+.16 Hexcel...38.38+.16 Hi-Crush2.50f49.49+.49 HighwdPrp1.7040.38-.10 Hill Intl...d3.01-.56 Hilton n...22.81+.95 HollyFront1.28a42.74+.96 Honda.82e31.13+.22 HonwllIntl1.8090.06+3.67 Hormel.8050.17+.31 Hornbeck...27.62-.15 Hospira...50.07+.40 HospPT1.9627.53+.21 HostHotls.80f21.48+.33 HovnanE...3.71+.21 Humana1.12128.23+2.50 Huntsmn.5023.30+.72 IAMGld g...2.36-.11 ICICI Bk.77e52.16+1.62 ING...13.45+.59 ION Geoph...2.63-.14 iShGold...11.99-.01 iSAstla.99e24.30+.33 iShBrazil1.55e45.08+1.80 iShCanada.62e29.03+.30 iShEMU.94e35.93+.89 iSFrance.74e24.60+.57 iShGerm.63e26.16+.64 iSh HK.72e21.05+.25 iShItaly.34e14.19+.36 iShJapan.17e10.94+.05 iSh SKor.90e56.80-.08 iSMalasia.52e14.88+.23 iShMexico1.09e65.70+.63 iShSing.45e12.94+.07 iShSoAfr1.54e64.10+1.32 iShSpain1.16e36.09+.86 iShSwitz.79e30.66+.58 iSTaiwn.26e14.86-.13 iShSilver...16.58-.09 iShS&P1001.66e84.24+1.15 iShSelDiv2.34e72.96+.57 iShChinaLC.71e38.24+.44 iShTransp1.14e145.88+2.11 iSCorSP5003.65e189.77+2.34 iShUSAgBd2.40e110.52-.15 iShEMkts.71e40.72+.45 iShiBoxIG4.08e119.98-.05 iShEMBd5.00e113.96+.60 iShIndones.36e27.05+.99 iSSP500Gr1.74e101.90+1.32 iSSP500Val1.92e86.43+1.00 iSh20 yrT3.46e121.07-.68 iSRTop200G.72e46.46+.58 iSh7-10yTB2.44e106.10-.31 iShIntSelDv1.76e34.24+.63 iSh1-3yTB.27e84.83-.05 iS Eafe2.23e60.64+1.11 iSCorSPMid1.48e131.89+.98 iShiBxHYB5.73e91.77+.77 iShMtgRE1.69e12.11... iShC&SRE2.68e88.38+.31 iSR1KVal2.01e95.93+1.11 iSR1KGr1.23e87.61+1.11 iSRus1K1.86e105.19+1.24 iSR2KVal1.90e92.88-.34 iShIntCrBd2.76e110.33+.03 iSh1-3CrBd1.37e105.54-.08 iSR2KGr.97e126.18-.28 iShR2K1.50e107.48-.32 iShCorHiDv2.38e72.62+.77 iShUSPfd2.68e39.40+.06 iSUSAMinV.77e37.04+.39 iShREst2.59e71.40+.36 iShHmCnst.07e22.86+.69 iShUSEngy.88e47.01+.39 iShCrSPSm1.28e102.60-.36 iShCorEafe1.71e55.06+.89 iShEurope1.54e42.22+.91 iSMsciVal2.51e51.62+.93 iSSCVal1.60e105.87-.49 ITC Hold s.65f36.57+.45 ITT Corp.4440.73+1.33 ITT Ed...9.19+3.62 iBio...u3.21+1.32 Idacorp1.8857.02+.09 ITW1.94f83.39+.32 Infoblox...14.06-.09 Infosys1.04e62.03-.87 IngerRd1.0056.48+1.57 IngrmM...23.69+.39 Ingredion1.6872.05+.38 IntegrysE2.7268.72+.21 IntcntlExch2.60196.61-1.07 IntFlav1.88f95.41+.77 IntlGame.4416.00-.13 IntPap1.60f46.66+.53 IntlRectif...39.33-.03 Interpublic.3817.47+.15 IntPotash...13.66-.41 InvenSense...20.59-.90 Invesco1.0036.69+.84 InvMtgCap2.0016.32+.04 InvSrInco.314.57-.05 InvRlEst.527.88+.04 IronMtn1.90f32.37+.24 iSh UK1.26e18.38+.36 iShCorEM.91e48.97+.45 IsoRay...1.38-.02 ItauUnibH.54e15.07+.63 J-K-LJPMCh pfE1.58u25.30+.30 JPMorgCh1.6056.20+1.12 JPMAlerian2.3349.83+.24 Jabil.3218.49... JacobsEng...45.96+.73 JanusCap.3214.27+.17 Jarden...57.76+1.13 JinkoSolar...22.57-.21 JohnJn2.8098.70+1.92 JohnsnCtl.8840.92+.23 JournalCm...8.59-.07 JoyGlbl.8052.17+.63 Jumei n...24.06+.07 JnprNtwk.4019.48+.29 KAR Auct1.0028.24+1.13 KB Home.1015.51+.95 KBR Inc.3218.08+.34 KKR1.81e20.48+.57 KT Corp...14.44-1.12 KC Southn1.12115.79-.62 KapStone s...25.81+.78 KateSpade...25.15-.37 Kellogg1.96f60.92+1.17 Kennamtl.7238.98+.12 KeyEngy...3.86+.03 Keycorp.2612.35+.16 KimbClk3.36106.26+1.22 Kimco.9022.81-.14 KindME5.60f89.91-.27 KindMorg1.76f36.81-.01 KindMM5.60t90.21-.49 KindredHlt.4820.20-.41 KingDEn n.46e11.80+.49 Kinross g...d2.93-.01 KirbyCp...104.39+2.61 KiteRlty rs1.0424.65-.10 KnightTr.2426.91+.01 Knowles n...18.82-.73 KodiakO g...10.34+.04 Kohls1.5656.54+.26 KosmosEn...8.88-.14 KrispKrm...16.96-.81 Kroger.74f51.65+.43 L Brands1.36a67.30... L-3 Com2.40110.63+1.40 LG Display...14.14-.28 LaQuinta n...18.95+.79 Lannett...43.20+1.54 LaredoPet...17.50-.22 LVSands2.0063.74-.31 LaSalleH1.5034.54-.04 LeapFrog...d5.83-.20 LearCorp.8082.60+1.78 LeggMason.6449.03+.62 LeggPlat1.24f34.40+.75 LennarA.1641.46+1.78 Lennox1.2076.35+.13 LeucNatl.2522.33+.45 Level3...41.23+1.35 LexRltyTr.6810.23-.04 Lexmark1.4440.84+1.11 LbtyASE.40e5.52+.11 LibtProp1.9033.33+.07 LifeTFit...48.28-.58 LifeLock...14.95-.38 LillyEli1.9662.58+.68 LincNat.6448.16+1.29 LinkedIn...195.96-2.43 LionsGt g.28f30.17... LiveNatn...22.50+.61 LloydBkg...4.77+.13 LockhdM6.00f176.24+1.52 Loews.2541.15+.55 Lorillard2.4658.59+.59 LaPac...14.29+.73 LumberLiq...58.78+.41 LyonBas A2.8089.63+.30 M-N-0M&T Bk2.80112.86-3.30 MBIA...9.27-.03 MDC1.0025.21+.51 MDU Res.7126.09-.06 MFA Fncl.808.22+.03 MGIC Inv...8.43+.25 MGM Rsts...21.71+.32 MRC Glbl...20.01+.61 MSCI Inc.7243.41+1.16 Macerich2.4865.96+.78 MackCali.6019.39-.18 Macquarie3.80f67.26+1.50 Macys1.2556.21-.36 MagellMid2.56f79.23-.52 MagnaInt g1.5290.18+2.49 MagHRes...4.72-.27 Mallinckdt...86.60+3.41 Manitowoc.0818.29-.05 ManpwrGp.98f60.91+1.91 Manulife g.62f17.77+.47 MarathnO.84f33.93+.43 MarathPet2.00f79.25+.80 MVJrGold...32.50-.78 MktVGold.19e20.69-.67 MV OilSvc.54e43.50+.29 MV Semi.66e46.91+.49 MktVRus.74e21.60+.48 MktV Viet.60e20.85+.22 MarkWest3.52f69.67+1.64 MarshM1.1250.63+.92 MartMM1.60117.71+4.44 Masco.3621.67+.45 Mastec...26.15+1.14 MasterCd s.4471.56+.70 MatadorRs...22.45-1.00 McCorm1.4867.10+.94 McDrmInt...4.01-.13 McDnlds3.40f91.04+1.13 McGrwH1.2079.55+3.13 McKesson.96191.23+5.91 McEwenM...1.80+.01 MeadJohn1.50u100.23+9.02 MeadWvco1.00a39.82+.59 Mechel....83-.16 MedProp.8413.22-.09 Medtrnic1.2261.99+.18 Merck1.7654.02+.59 Meritage...36.70+1.63 Meritor...10.37+.03 MerL pfD1.7525.60+.13 MerL pfE1.7825.70+.07 MerL pfF1.8225.74+.04 MetLife1.4048.86+1.00 MKors...71.51-.56 MidstsPet...2.86+.03 MdwGold g...1.02-.07 MillenMda...1.98+.08 MitsuUFJ...5.25+.02 MobileTele1.37e13.61+.65 Mobileye n...47.62+1.16 Mohawk...128.83+2.83 MolinaHlth...44.38+.53 MolsCoorB1.4869.96+1.94 Molycorp...1.41-.09 Monsanto1.96f111.28+.62 MonstrWw...d3.95-.07 Moodys1.1291.52+1.33 MorgStan.4033.22+.69 MorgSt pfI1.5925.29+.10 Mosaic1.0040.76-.14 MotrlaSolu1.36f60.79+1.61 MuellerWat.078.76+.01 MurphO1.4051.46-.42 NCR Corp...29.87+.70 NGL EnPt2.36f33.74-.44 NQ Mobile...8.40+.39 NRG Egy.5628.21+.13 NRG Yield1.46f45.02+1.45 Nabors.24f17.74+.21 NBGreece...2.47+.08 NatFuGas1.5466.66-.40 NatGrid3.48e70.44+.88 NOilVarco1.8470.44-.77 NatRetPrp1.6836.86-.43 Nationstar...33.56+.17 NatResPtrs1.4012.04+.13 NavideaBio...1.40+.07 NaviosAcq.202.59-.03 Navios.245.14+.14 NaviosMar1.7716.92+.72 Navistar...32.46-.21 NeuStar...25.09-.02 NwGold g...4.44-.10 NewOriEd...20.75-.30 NewResid.70a6.07-.05 NY CmtyB1.0014.99+.01 NY REIT n.4611.14+.13 Newcstl rs1.2012.20-.19 NewellRub.6833.33+1.36 NewfldExp...27.10-.31 NewmtM.1022.40-.32 NewpkRes...10.64-.03 NiSource1.0439.70+.27 NielsenNV1.0042.03+.44 NikeB.9687.18+.14 NimbleSt n...26.00+.58 NobleCorp1.5019.50+.17 NobleEngy.7256.59-.08 NokiaCp.51e7.94+.14 NorandaAl.043.81-.09 NordicAm.61r7.95-.09 Nordstrm1.3268.98+.65 NorflkSo2.28f106.54+1.74 NA Pall g....14-.01 NAtlDrll n.71e5.73+.13 NthStAst n...17.32+.54 NoestUt1.5747.18+.24 NthnO&G...10.73-.94 NorthropG2.80124.44+2.84 NStarRlt2.0017.61+.24 NovaGld g...2.99-.03 Novartis2.72e86.63+1.61 NovoNord s.84e44.32+1.58 NOW Inc n...27.51-.70 NuSkin1.3843.60+.07 Nucor1.4849.91+.36 NustarEn4.3861.70-.01 NvCredStr.528.66-.02 OGE Engy1.00f35.60+1.15 OasisPet...30.44+.01 OcciPet2.8888.36+1.92 Oceaneerg1.0862.64-.33 Och-Ziff1.77e10.79+.27 OcwenFn...25.52+.45 Oi SA C...d.54-.02 Oi SA...d.51-.02 OilStates...56.45-.15 OldRepub.7314.09+.14 OmegaHlt2.08f37.24-.01 Omncre.8062.49+.96 Omnicom2.0067.11+.95 OnAssign...28.73+.33 ONEOK2.30f57.36+.81 OneokPtrs3.04f51.43-.11 OpkoHlth...8.25-.06 Oracle.4837.87+.31 Orbitz...7.59-.01 Organovo...6.21... OshkoshCp.6043.00+.36 OwensMin1.00d31.72-.52 OwensCorn.6429.93+.08 OwensIll...25.14+.53 OxfordRes....97+.34 P-Q-RPBF Engy1.2023.00+.33 PG&E Cp1.8244.70+.02 PHH Corp...22.94+.53 Pim0-5HYCp4.79e103.54+.66 PimShMat.83e101.33-.07 PNC1.9279.77+.90 PPG2.68187.25+5.42 PPL Corp1.4933.35+.30 PVH Corp.15110.75-1.24 PacDrillng...7.79+.49 PackAmer1.6062.35+.12 PaloAltNet...99.33+1.45 Pandora...22.55+.55 ParagOff n...5.37-.27 ParkDrl...4.49+.13 ParkerHan1.92104.42-.68 Parkwy.7519.17-.06 ParsleyE n...18.03+.04 PeabdyE.3411.03-.26 Pengrth g.484.15+.03 PennVa...8.06-.44 PennWst g.564.81-.14 Penney...7.25-.05 PennyMac2.44f21.05+.37 Pentair1.2063.74+1.93 PepcoHold1.0826.66-.04 PerkElm.2840.00-.07 Perrigo.42145.78+.09 PetChina5.25e121.17+.88 PetrbrsA.85e15.65+.44 Petrobras.46e14.93+.43 PtroqstE...4.28-.29 Pfizer1.0427.83+.13 PhilipMor4.00f86.00+.74 PhilipsNV1.10e28.07+.44 Phillips662.0072.21+2.50 PiedmOfc.8018.49-.18 Pier 1.2412.25-.05 Pike Corp...11.85-.01 PinnclEnt...22.98... PinWst2.2757.72+.63 PionEnSvc...10.76-.09 PioNtrl.08178.68+.76 PitnyBw.7524.08+.45 PlainsAAP2.64f55.59+.04 PlainsGP.76f28.10+.99 PlumCrk1.7640.36+.26 Polaris1.92143.50-1.41 PolyOne.40f34.84+.44 PortGE1.1233.70+.01 PortglTel.14ed1.58-.11 Potash1.4031.92+.22 PwshDB...22.27+.08 PS USDBull...22.66+.07 PSMoment.09e37.53+.50 PS SrLoan1.00e24.09+.18 PS SP LwV.83e34.64+.38 PSDvxUS1.54e39.49+.56 PSIndia.18e21.29+.21 Praxair2.60124.11+1.75 PrecCastpt.12226.32+3.55 PrecDrill.248.78+.08 Primero g...4.44-.33 PrinFncl1.36f49.36+1.23 ProLogis1.3239.09+.67 ProShtDow...25.59-.45 ProShtQQQ...16.67-.21 ProShtS&P...23.99-.32 ProUltQQQ.18e111.04+2.89 ProUltSP.26e107.48+2.56 ProUShD30...27.42-1.47 Pro7-10yrT2.14e55.77-.34 ProShtR2K...17.40+.05 ProUltR2K...73.06-.50 ProSht20Tr...26.51+.14 PUltSP500.14e102.10+3.70 PUVixST rs...41.87-4.07 ProVixSTF...25.61-1.25 PrShtVix s...55.51+2.25 PrUltCrude...24.90+.26 PrUShCrde...36.62-.48 ProUShEuro...19.53+.13 ProctGam2.5783.27+1.03 ProgsvCp1.00e24.76+.33 ProUShSP...26.79-.67 PrUShDow...26.31-.90 PUShQQQ rs...49.64-1.38 ProUShL20...51.39+.55 PUSR2K rs...50.46+.28 PShtR2K rs...44.82+.35 PUShSPX rs...51.17-1.99 Protalix...2.65+.04 ProtLife.9669.44+.07 Prudentl2.1281.06+2.24 PSEG1.4837.50+.28 PubStrg5.60171.52+1.62 PulteGrp.2018.23+.84 QEP Res.0823.18-.15 QR Energy1.9515.25+.01 Qihoo360...64.10+1.04 QuantaSvc...31.48+1.11 QntmDSS...1.10... QstDiag1.3258.81+.88 Questar.7622.37-.04 QksilvRes....48+.03 Quiksilvr...1.73-.09 QuintTrn...55.30+1.19 RAIT Fin.727.29+.12 RCS Cap.7218.89+.54 RLJ LodgT1.20f29.70+.11 RPC.4216.36-.34 RPM1.04f42.18+.76 RSP Per n...24.92-.46 Rackspace...35.02+.33 RadianGrp.0115.42+.53 RadioShk....91+.04 RLauren1.80156.25-1.42 RamcoG.80f16.26-.09 RangeRs.1667.32-1.82 RJamesFn.6451.28+1.42 RayAdvM n.2829.24-.46 Rayonier1.20a32.50+.24 Raytheon2.4297.46+2.14 Realogy...36.86+2.44 RltyInco2.2043.54-.43 RedHat...55.69+.76 RedwdTr1.1217.59-.26 RegalEnt.8819.83+.43 RegncyEn1.96f30.96+.73 RegionsFn.209.10+.04 ReinsGrp1.32f76.00+2.81 RelStlAl1.4062.94+.66 ReneSola...2.44+.01 Renren...3.18+.04 RepubSvc1.12f38.20+.52 ResMed1.12f46.77+.52 ResoluteEn...3.75-.63 ResrceCap.805.05... RestorHdw...74.54-1.88 RetailProp.6615.04-.09 RexAmRes...63.33-4.20 Rexnord...26.68+.45 ReynAmer2.6858.48+1.41 RiceEngy n...24.72-.62 RioTinto2.05e49.93+.13 RiteAid...4.68+.07 RobtHalf.7247.07+.56 RockTen s.7047.17+1.16 RockwlAut2.32105.17+2.05 RockColl1.2076.25+2.02 RockwdH1.8071.64-.01 Rowan.4022.46-.19 RoyalBk g3.00f69.93+1.22 RylCarb1.20f57.71+1.35 RoyDShllB3.7672.13+1.94 RoyDShllA3.7668.72+1.51 Rubicon g...1.16-.04 RuckusW...11.68... Ryder1.4883.83+1.91 Ryland.1233.55+1.00 S-T-USAP SE1.38e68.99+2.54 SCANA2.1051.35+.12 SK Tlcm...27.26-1.12 SLGreen2.00108.25+.58 SM Energy.1058.99+.39 SpdrDJIA3.58e163.45+2.47 SpdrGold...118.99-.23 SpdrEuro501.27e36.76+.82 SpdrIntDiv2.59e44.25+.68 SP Mid2.23e240.61+1.75 S&P500ETF3.68e188.47+2.20 SpdrBiot1.55e156.08-.51 Spdr Div2.97e73.61+.62 SpdrHome.16e29.36+.47 SpdrS&PBk.45e30.54+.10 SpdrWilRE2.55e83.07+.19 SpdrBarcCv1.62e47.26+.84 SpdrShTHiY1.54e29.68+.21 SpdrLehHY2.87e40.00+.36 SpdrNuBMu1.05e24.30-.03 SpdrLe1-3bll...45.75... SpdrS&P RB.62e36.70+.05 SpdrRetl.69e82.74-.22 SpdrOGEx.55e57.79-1.54 SpdrMetM.54e33.74-.19 STMicro.406.73+.07 SABESP.31e8.07+.30 SafeBulk.245.50+.06 Safeway.9233.69+.34 StJude1.0858.28+1.54 Salesforce...55.63+1.76 SallyBty...28.43+.24 SanchezEn...19.02-.28 SandRdge...4.23-.34 SandRdgP2.53e8.84-.08 SandstG g...4.13-.33 Sanofi1.91e51.80+1.16 SantCUSA n.15p17.49+.20 Schlmbrg1.6093.97+3.33 SchwUSLgC.86e44.99+.55 SchwIntEq.70e29.36+.44 Schwab.2425.84+.34 ScorpioB n...4.85+.09 ScorpioTk.40f7.72+.03 ScrippsNet.8072.68+1.07 SeadrillLtd4.0023.06+.12 Seadrill2.17f29.82+3.21 SealAir.5232.51+.34 SeaWorld.8417.71-.04 SemGroup1.08f75.97+.89 SempraEn2.64103.36+1.75 SenHous1.5621.64-.19 SensataT...43.71+.51 ServiceCp.36f20.78+.16 ServcNow...60.38+3.13 SevSevE n...14.91-.39 Sherwin2.20217.01+5.42 ShipFin1.6416.57-.35 SibanyeG.47e8.18-.12 SiderurNac.27e3.50-.01 SignetJwlrs.72109.62+1.62 SilvWhtn g.29e19.50-.29 SilvrcpM g.021.55-.02 SimonProp5.20168.42+2.15 SixFlags1.8833.85+.70 Skechers...52.01-1.59 SmithAO.6047.26+.76 Smucker2.56f98.66+.78 SnapOn1.76122.35+.50 SolarWinds...40.72+.21 Solera.78f52.11+.95 SonocoP1.2839.01+.57 SonyCp...17.24+.35 Sothebys.40a36.50-.12 SouFun s1.00e10.26-.01 SouthnCo2.1046.22-.15 SthnCopper.46e28.82+.20 SwstAirl.2431.05+.11 SwstnEngy...31.99+.02 Spansion...16.16-.11 SpectraEn1.3437.84+.72 SpiritAero...36.60+1.13 SpiritRltC.6611.39-.13 Sprint...6.03+.09 SprottGold...10.24-.01 STAG Indl1.3222.35+.01 StageStrs.56f16.15-.40 SP Matls.95e46.62+.61 SP HlthC.87e61.17+.96 SP CnSt1.14e44.63+.54 SP Consum.91e63.94+.70 SP Engy1.77e82.70+.70 SPDR Fncl.37e22.32+.28 SP Inds.98e51.48+1.00 SP Tech.68e37.65+.44 SP Util1.48e43.00+.25 StdPac...7.60+.25 StanBlkDk2.0884.19+1.31 StarwdHtl1.40a75.50+2.37 StarwdPT1.9222.04-.02 StateStr1.2067.38+1.19 Statoil ASA1.66e23.17+.63 Steelcse.4215.65-.08 Steris.92f54.59-.40 StillwtrM...13.94-.03 StoneEngy...25.16-.63 StratHotels...11.60+.02 Stryker1.2280.28+1.08 SumitMitsu...7.35-.05 Suncor g.9233.45+.47 SunEdison...16.62+1.05 SunocoL s1.46f45.62+.57 SunstnHtl.2014.01+.14 SupEnrgy.3224.75+.20 Supvalu...8.07-.08 SwftEng...7.38-.70 SwiftTrans...21.74+.84 SymetraF.4021.72+.35 Synchrny n...24.78+.18 SynergyRs...10.04-.68 Synovus rs.2822.44+.12 SynthBiol...1.56+.06 Sysco1.1636.50+.28 T-MobileUS...26.11+.44 TAL Educ...34.48+.93 TCF Fncl.2014.72+.22 TCW Strat.265.45-.04 TD Ameritr.48a30.03+.28 TE Connect1.1653.44+1.01 TIM Part.39e24.28+1.64 TJX.7060.40+.78 TRWAuto...100.50+.36 TableauA...70.54+2.51 TaiwSemi.50e20.72... TalismE g.276.55-.02 Taminco...25.65+.08 TangerFac.9633.92-.22 TargaRsLP3.12f63.52+1.49 Target2.08f59.07-.37 TataMotors.17e42.50+.74 TeamHlth...57.28+1.04 TeckRes g.9015.65+.12 Teekay1.2757.52+1.46 Teledyne...93.37+.73 TelefBrasil.98e19.99+.56 TelefEsp1.03e14.05+.06 TelData.5423.40... Tenaris.86ed38.09-.91 TenetHlth...56.58+.98 Tenneco...51.85+1.54 Teradata...42.29+1.29 Teradyn.2416.79+.02 Terex.2027.90+.14 Tesoro1.20f60.38+.57 TetraTech...9.15-.42 TevaPhrm1.37e51.14-.42 Textron.0836.65+2.99 TherapMD...3.97-.01 ThermoFis.60112.36+2.67 ThomCrk g...1.92-.05 ThomsonR1.3235.46-.07 3D Sys...41.55+.65 3M Co3.42137.40+2.35 Tidwtr1.0035.92-1.15 Tiffany1.5288.84-1.88 THorton g1.2877.41+.64 Time n...19.41-.06 TW Cable3.00135.35+3.47 TimeWarn1.27b75.85+.44 Timken1.0039.51+.59 Titan Intl.02d9.36-.30 TollBros...31.23+.75 Torchmrk s.5151.31+.99 TorDBk gs1.8847.43+1.16 Total SA3.25e55.92+1.07 TotalSys.4029.29+.46 TrCda g1.9246.76+.19 Transocn3.0028.78-1.37 Travelers2.2093.24+1.43 TriPointe...13.49+.28 TriangPet...8.16-.91 TrinaSolar...10.14-.17 Trinity s.4036.08+1.23 Tronox1.0022.26+.96 Trulia...43.83-.56 Tsakos.206.03+.17 TumiHldgs...19.03+.09 TurqHillRs...3.31+.02 Twitter n...48.77+.54 TwoHrbInv1.049.93+.02 TycoIntl.7240.19+1.26 Tyson.3037.56+.44 Tyson eq un2.3848.14+.44 UBS AG.28e15.84+.45 UDR1.0428.52-.30 UGI Cp s.87f34.84-.02 US Silica.5047.33+1.08 USG...26.68-.08 UltraPt g...22.97-1.36 Ultrapar.61e21.13+1.08 UndArmr s...65.13+.50 UnilevNV1.51e37.86+.72 Unilever1.51e40.27+.88 UnionPac s2.00f106.40+2.37 Unisys...19.07+.08 UtdContl...44.68+.91 UPS B2.6897.26+1.63 UtdRentals...103.27+3.63 US Bancrp.9839.40+.30 US NGas...20.22-.19 US OilFd...31.25+.15 USSteel.2033.63+.75 UtdTech2.36101.53+2.30 UtdhlthGp1.5088.18+2.79 UnivHlthS.40f103.31+.07 UnumGrp.6632.74+.58 V-W-X-Y-ZVF Corp s1.0563.76-.22 VaalcoE...7.81-.44 Vale SA.84e10.94+.21 Vale SA pf.72ed9.49+.23 ValeantPh...120.21+1.67 ValeroE1.10f45.15+.40 Validus1.20a39.20+.41 VlyNBcp.449.35-.02 VangSTBd1.13e80.58-.08 VangTotBd2.17e82.91-.06 VanHiDvY1.87e63.82+.73 VangGrth1.20e95.36+1.19 VangSmCp1.43e107.35+.35 VangTSM1.92e97.12+1.05 VangValu1.85e77.73+1.02 VanSP500 rs3.40e172.83+2.11 VangREIT2.78e74.67+.09 VangDivAp1.52e74.67+.83 VangAllW1.67e46.97+.64 VangEmg1.21e41.15+.52 VangEur2.37e51.84+1.15 VangFTSE1.38e37.57+.60 VangEngy2.19e119.26+.88 VantageDrl....99-.01 Vantiv...30.77+.87 VarianMed...79.34+.37 VectorGp1.60b21.50+.74 Vectren1.4441.55+.17 VeevaSys...28.10+.28 Ventas2.9066.41+.26 VeriFone...31.76+.53 VerizonCm2.20f48.07+.40 Versar...4.50-1.17 Vipshop...191.90+2.57 VirnetX...4.68-.14 Visa1.60206.00+3.00 VishayInt.2413.19+.06 Visteon...88.76+1.78 VivintSol n...12.61+.73 VMware...89.35+.75 Vonage...3.27-.02 Vornado2.92104.67+.90 VoyaFincl.0435.91+.68 VoyaPrRTr.345.33+.01 VulcanM.2459.09+2.32 W&T Off.40a9.39-.66 WGL Hold1.7644.17-.38 WP Carey3.76f64.77+.60 WPX Engy...17.68-.31 Wabash...11.84-.08 WABCO...92.50+1.81 Wabtec.2474.66-.02 WaddellR1.3646.00+.51 Walgrn1.3560.27-.12 WalterEn.041.91-.13 WalterInv...21.68+.48 WashPrm n1.0016.58-.09 WsteMInc1.5046.72+.43 Waters...96.98+1.86 Wayfair n...26.87+2.98 WeathfIntl...16.39+.08 WeinRlt1.3033.08-.30 WellPoint1.75114.99+3.07 WellsF pfT1.50u25.10+.18 WellsFargo1.4048.69+.56 Wesco Intl...73.72+1.73 WestPhrm.44f44.43+.15 WestarEn1.4035.93+.26 WstnAlliB...23.30+.66 WstAstMtg4.39e14.16+.06 WstnRefin1.20f41.16+.06 WstnUnion.5015.91+.07 WestlkCh s.66f73.04+2.31 Weyerhsr1.1632.99+.60 Whrlpl3.00150.04+4.28 WhiteWave...34.22+.99 WhitingPet...59.20+.20 WmsCos2.24f52.10+1.05 WmsPtrs3.67f50.29-1.54 WmsSon1.3263.23+.21 WillisGp1.2040.29+.78 Wipro.13e11.95-.11 WiscEngy1.5647.19+.07 WT EurHdg.96e53.65+1.20 WTEurSC1.40e49.46+1.30 WTJpHedg1.54e47.33+.49 WT LCD1.67e68.47+.82 WT EmEq2.14e47.10+.63 WT India.16e21.72+.19 WolvWW s.2425.40-.22 Workday...82.97+2.43 Wyndham1.4076.24+2.24 XL Grp.6432.24+.13 XPO Logis...36.27+.22 XcelEngy1.2031.89... Xylem.5134.21+.17 YPF Soc.15e31.32+1.06 Yamana g.155.54-.22 Yelp...67.09+.09 YingliGrn...2.86-.01 YoukuTud...17.51+.01 YumBrnds1.64f68.37+.75 ZayoGrp n...22.00... Zimmer.8897.52+1.57 Zoetis.2935.37+.30 Stocks in bold changed 5% or more in price from the previous day. Stock Footnotes:g Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf Late filing with SEC. n Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf Preferred stock issue. rs Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year. s Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. vj Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the n ame.Dividend Footnotes:a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferre d. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent d ividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus st ock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes:q Stock is a closed-end fund no P/E ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd Loss in last 12 months.Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial.NameDivLastChg New York Stock Exchange Economic bellwetherAmazon.com reports third-quarter financial results on Thursday. Wall Street expects that the e-commerce retailers quarterly loss widened versus a year earlier. Amazon has been heavily investing into its business, including launching its own smartphone, the Fire, this summer. Its also put money into services for its loyalty program. The increased spending has taken a bite out of earnings.Unhappy mealsMcDonalds has been struggling to boost sales amid intensifying competition and changing eating habits. The sales woes are particularly pronounced in the U.S., where sales at established locations have been declining. Management has taken steps to improve basics such as operational speed and service. Is the strategy working? Find out Tuesday, when McDonalds reports financial results for the third quarter.Aloft and risingFinancial analysts predict that Boeings earnings and revenue improved in the third quarter from a year earlier. The manufacturer, due to report financial results on Wednesday, has stepped up production and deliveries of commercial aircraft. That helped lift Boeings earnings 52 percent in the second quarter. Boeings third-quarter results should provide insight on its defenserelated business, which has turned in weaker revenue this year.Source: FactSetPrice-earnings ratio: 17based on trailing 12 month resultsDividend: $3.40 Div. yield: 3.7% Operating EPS $1.52 est. $1.383Q 3Q 88 97 $106 MCD $91.04 $95.22Source: FactSetPrice-earnings ratio: 799based on trailing 12 month resultsDividend: none Operating EPS -$0.09 est. -$0.753Q 3Q 260 340 $420 AMZN $303.64 $310.49 Today 1,840 1,880 1,920 1,960 2,000 2,040 AO MJJAS 1,800 1,900 2,000 S&P 500Close: 1,886.76 Change: 24.00 (1.3%) 10 DAYS 16,000 16,400 16,800 17,200 17,600 AO MJJAS 15,840 16,480 17,120 Dow Jones industrialsClose: 16,380.41 Change: 263.17 (1.6%) 10 DAYS Advanced2074 Declined1111 New Highs49 New Lows23 Vol. (in mil.)4,387 Pvs. Volume4,974 2,158 2,475 1343 1363 32 38NYSE NASDDOW16427.3816118.3916380.41+263.17+1.63%-1.18% DOW Trans.8169.818048.238147.84+121.64+1.52%+10.10% DOW Util.563.99554.45562.56+3.62+0.65%+14.67% NYSE Comp.10305.0310201.7510250.54+126.81+1.25%-1.44% NASDAQ4296.114241.674258.44+41.05+0.97%+1.96% S&P 5001898.161864.911886.76+24.00+1.29%+2.08% S&P 4001329.821315.831322.12+11.06+0.84%-1.52% Wilshire 500020028.7419682.8319900.42+217.59+1.11%+0.99% Russell 20001099.441079.231082.33-3.52-0.32%-6.99%HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD StocksRecap AT&T Inc T31.74537.48 34.08+.44 +1.3ttt-3.1+3.7101.84 Advance Auto Parts AAP82.000139.58 135.79+3.36 +2.5sss+22.7+38.0200.24 Amer Express AXP75.10496.24 82.58+2.34 +2.9ttt-9.0+6.4151.04 AutoNation Inc AN46.16361.29 49.30+1.08 +2.2ttt-0.8-3.416... Brown & Brown BRO27.76833.69 32.06+.51 +1.6stt+2.1-2.0220.40 CocaCola Co KO36.89844.87 42.88+.32 +0.8tss+3.8+15.1231.22 Comcast Corp A CMCSA45.82557.49 50.68+1.09 +2.2ttt-2.5+7.4180.90 Darden Rest DRI43.56554.89 48.68+.32 +0.7stt-10.5-0.2332.20 Disney DIS65.78891.20 83.83+2.09 +2.6ttt+9.7+24.5200.86f Gen Electric GE23.69328.09 24.82+.57 +2.4stt-11.5+3.2180.88 General Mills GIS46.70355.64 49.29+.43 +0.9ttt-1.2+3.5161.64 Harris Corp HRS58.04379.32 64.23+1.24 +2.0stt-8.0+10.1131.88f Home Depot HD73.74894.79 90.24+1.36 +1.5ttt+9.6+21.0211.88 IBM IBM172.194199.21 182.05+2.21 +1.2ttt-2.9-1.5114.40 Lowes Cos LOW44.13854.81 52.51+1.10 +2.1ttt+6.0+7.7220.92 NY Times NYT11.22217.37 12.25-.24 -1.9sss-22.8-2.0330.16 NextEra Energy NEE80.057102.51 94.25+.88 +0.9sts+10.1+18.0212.90 PepsiCo PEP77.01896.22 91.51+.72 +0.8ttt+10.3+13.3212.62 Suntrust Bks STI33.09441.26 35.84+.90 +2.6ttt-2.6+5.0120.80 TECO Energy TE16.12918.65 18.29+.08 +0.4sss+6.1+13.5180.88 WalMart Strs WMT71.69381.37 74.10+.28 +0.4ttt-5.8+0.2151.92 Xerox Corp XRX9.55714.15 12.68+.25 +2.0stt+4.2+18.9130.2552-WK RANGE CLOSEYTD 1YR NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIVStocks of Local Interest Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B5


B6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 StIncInvA m 10.22+.01+3.8 StrIncIns 10.22+.01+4.1Brown AdvisoryGrEqInv d 18.29+.27+1.9Brown Cap MgmtSmCo Is b 67.71-.31-2.7BuffaloFlexibInc d 14.38+.13+5.1 SmallCap d 31.69-.10-10.3CG Capital MarketsLgCapGro 20.78+.24+7.7 LgCapVal 12.48+.13+6.6CRMMdCpVlIns 33.29+.40+4.3CalamosGrowA m 46.22+.52+6.2 MktNeuI 12.75+.04+1.8CalvertEquityA m 48.31+.51+9.9CausewayIntlVlIns d 15.00+.19-3.7Center Coast CapitalMLPFcsI 11.66+.04+12.7Cohen & SteersCSPSI 13.58+.02+11.9 Realty 72.23+.07+10.9 RealtyIns 47.09+.05+11.1ColumbiaAMTFrImMuBdZ 10.90-.02+7.9 AcornA m 32.69+.19-1.5 AcornIntZ 43.53+.42-2.3 AcornZ 34.21+.20-1.2 CAModA m 11.59+.08+4.0 CAModAgrA m 12.60+.11+3.6 CntrnCoreA m 21.02+.25+10.3 CntrnCoreZ 21.17+.25+10.6 ComInfoA m 53.92+.37+15.3 DivIncA m 18.60+.25+9.2 DivIncZ 18.61+.25+9.5 DivOppA m 10.25+.13+7.4 DivrEqInA m 13.81+.17+8.4 IncOppA m 10.02+.12+5.2 LgCpGrowA m 33.84+.58+8.5 LgCrQuantA m 8.81+.12+11.7 MdCapIdxZ 14.71+.12+4.6 MdCpValZ 17.09+.18+11.3 SIIncZ 9.98...+1.2 ShrTrmMuniBdZ 10.48...+1.1 SmCapIdxZ 21.60-.06+0.9 StLgCpGrZ 17.63+.20+8.1 TaxExmptA m 14.14-.02+11.3 ValRestrZ 50.07+.60+10.3ConstellationSndsSelGrI 17.77+.15+7.1 SndsSelGrII 17.33+.14+6.9Credit SuisseComStrInstl 6.74-.01-8.5CullenHiDivEqI d 16.74+.22+8.9DFA1YrFixInI 10.33...+0.4 2YrGlbFII 10.02-.01+0.5 5YearGovI 10.72-.01+1.2 5YrGlbFII 11.12-.02+2.8 EmMkCrEqI 19.45+.17-1.8 EmMktValI 27.18+.24-3.9 EmMtSmCpI 20.92+.17+2.5 EmgMktI 25.74+.23-2.8 GlAl6040I 15.35+.08+2.9 GlEqInst 17.42+.19+3.2 GlblRlEstSecsI 10.07+.02+7.7 InfPrtScI 11.87...+2.8 IntCorEqI 11.60+.16-4.7 IntGovFII 12.70-.02+4.2 IntRlEstI 5.36+.01+2.6 IntSmCapI 18.70+.28-3.9 IntlSCoI 17.53+.23-4.4 IntlValu3 15.47+.23-6.0 IntlValuI 17.57+.25-6.2 ItmTExtQI 10.88-.03+7.3 LgCapIntI 20.57+.28-3.9 RelEstScI 30.42+.05+11.2 STEtdQltI 10.90-.01+2.1 STMuniBdI 10.25-.01+1.3 TAUSCrE2I 13.22+.12+6.9 TAWexUSCE 9.53+.12-4.3 TMIntlVal 14.42+.21-6.6 TMMkWVal 23.60+.30+8.0 TMMkWVal2 22.75+.29+8.2 TMUSEq 20.43+.25+9.5 TMUSTarVal 30.89+.09+3.5 TMUSmCp 34.12-.04+0.6 USCorEq1I 16.52+.17+8.0 USCorEq2I 16.15+.15+6.9 USLgCo 14.90+.19+11.0 USLgVal3 23.66+.31+9.0 USLgValI 31.56+.42+8.9 USMicroI 18.52-.10-0.1 USSmValI 33.17-.06+1.8 USSmallI 28.87-.02+0.4 USTgtValInst 21.46+.06+2.1 USVecEqI 15.82+.09+4.6DWS-ScudderSP500IRew 26.62...+10.2DavisNYVentA m 37.55+.36+6.0 NYVentC m 35.67+.34+5.1 NYVentY 38.07+.37+6.2Delaware InvestDiverIncA m 9.11+.01+6.0 OpFixIncI 9.73...+4.3 USGrowIs 25.19+.26+9.4 ValueI 16.80+.21+10.7DeutscheCoreEqS 23.55+.31+10.1 GNMAS 14.58...+5.0ManagedMnplBdA m 9.48-.02+11.8ManagedMnplBdS 9.49-.02+12.0Diamond HillLngShortI 22.47...+3.5 LrgCapI 21.26...+4.6Dodge & CoxBal 98.74+.73+8.3 GlbStock 11.72+.13+8.4 Income 13.92-.01+6.0 IntlStk 42.60+.62+3.0 Stock 168.20+1.89+9.2DoubleLineCrFxdIncI 11.04...+6.8 TotRetBdN b 11.05...+5.8DreyfusAppreciaInv 52.81+.77+7.8 BasSP500 38.85+.50+10.9 FdInc 11.72+.16+7.1 IntlStkI 14.77+.20-5.0 MidCapIdx 36.46+.31+4.4 MuniBd 11.92-.03+11.0 SP500Idx 50.48+.65+10.6 SmCapIdx 27.98-.08+0.8DriehausActiveInc 10.50+.02+0.3 EmMktGr d 31.44+.38-3.7Eaton VanceACSmCpI 23.52+.22+2.0 FloatRateA m 9.26+.02+1.4 FltRtAdvA m 10.86+.03+1.9 FltgRtI 8.96+.02+1.7 GlbMacroI 9.29+.03+2.6 IncBosA m 5.96+.06+5.0 IncBosI 5.97+.07+5.4 LrgCpValA m 24.49+.30+9.3 LrgCpValI 24.56+.30+9.6 NatlMuniA m 10.00-.03+15.3FMILgCap 21.26+.26+8.0FPACres d 33.15+.30+6.2 NewInc d 10.20...+1.6Fairholme FundsFairhome d 35.50+.57-6.4FederatedEqIncB m 23.16+.23+5.0 InstHiYIn d 10.08+.11+5.5 KaufmanA m 6.11+.05+6.8 KaufmanR m 6.12+.05+6.8 MuniUShIS 10.05...+1.0 StrValA f 5.97+.08+10.9 StrValI 5.99+.08+10.9 ToRetIs 11.11...+5.3 UltraIs 9.17+.01+1.4FidelityAstMgr20 13.53+.04+3.8 AstMgr50 17.68+.11+4.7 AstMgr85 17.12+.18+4.9 Bal 21.92+.18+8.7 Bal K 21.91+.17+8.7 BlChGrow 62.32+.69+12.1 BlChGrowK 62.39+.69+12.2 CAMuInc d 13.15-.03+11.0 Canada d 59.26+.63+4.4 CapApr 36.51+.58+9.3 CapInc d 9.88+.10+8.6 Contra 96.18+1.08+8.7 ContraK 96.19+1.08+8.8 ConvSec 30.98+.29+6.3 CpApprctK 36.58+.58+9.4 DivGrow 31.69+.36+9.7 DivGrowK 31.67+.36+9.8 DivrIntl d 34.33+.52-1.7 DivrIntlK d 34.30+.52-1.6 EmgMkt d 24.15+.36-0.9 EqInc 58.73+.67+6.7 EqInc II 24.70+.30+8.5 EqIncK 58.71+.67+6.8 ExpMulNat d 19.88+.26+7.9 FF2015 12.46+.08+4.0 FF2035 12.84+.14+3.7 FF2040 9.05+.10+3.8 Fidelity 40.39+.60+9.2 FltRtHiIn d 9.76+.03+1.9 FocStk 19.10+.27+3.1 FourInOne 35.75+.37+5.2 Fr2045 10.18+.11+3.8 Fr2050 10.22+.11+3.8 FrdmK2010 13.22+.08+4.0 FrdmK2015 13.47+.09+4.1 FrdmK2020 14.05+.10+4.2 FrdmK2025 14.54+.13+4.3 FrdmK2030 14.74+.16+4.1 FrdmK2035 15.10+.17+3.8 FrdmK2040 15.15+.17+3.9 FrdmK2045 15.53+.17+3.9 FrdmK2050 15.63+.18+3.9 FrdmKInc 11.82+.03+3.5 Free2010 15.29+.09+3.9 Free2020 15.13+.11+4.0 Free2025 12.87+.11+4.2 Free2030 15.68+.16+4.0 FreeInc 11.56+.03+3.4 GNMA 11.64...+4.7 GexUSIdx 11.64+.16-3.4 GovtInc 10.52-.02+4.2 GrStr d 28.91+.40+9.1 GrowCo 122.41+1.31+8.8 GrowInc 28.10+.34+8.4 GrthCmpK 122.35+1.31+8.9 HiInc d 9.18+.10+4.5 Indepndnc 37.59+.49+12.5 InfProtBd 12.43...+2.9 IntBond 11.01-.02+3.4 IntMuniInc d 10.61-.02+7.1 IntlDisc d 36.75+.60-4.6 IntlSmCpF 14.54+.17-3.3 InvGrdBd 7.95...+5.2 LargeCap 26.94+.35+10.5 LevCoSt d 42.29+.52+2.8 LowPrStkK d 47.27+.36+5.4 LowPriStk d 47.31+.37+5.4 MAMuInc d 12.58-.04+10.4 Magellan 89.79+.87+11.1 MagellanK 89.72+.87+11.2 MdCpVal d 23.06+.24+11.2 MeCpSto 15.47+.20+10.1 MidCap d 36.62+.43+5.5 MidCapK d 36.64+.42+5.6 MuniInc d 13.59-.04+11.1 NYMuInc d 13.69-.03+10.4 NewMille 39.20+.56+7.4 NewMktIn d 16.24+.09+6.7 OTC 74.65+.34+13.3 OTCK 75.35+.35+13.5 Overseas d 37.13+.60-2.1 Puritan 20.46+.18+8.7 PuritanK 20.45+.18+8.8 RealInv d 37.63+.14+11.2 RelEstInc d 11.64+.02+8.8 SASEqF 14.25+.16+10.1 SCOppF 11.91...-2.3 SEMF 17.33+.18-0.9 SInvGrBdF 11.51-.01+5.4 STMIdxF d 55.34+.62+9.5 Series100Idx 12.51+.16+11.6 SersEmgMkts 17.27+.18-1.0 SesAl-SctrEqt 14.24+.16+9.9 SesInmGrdBd 11.50-.01+5.3 ShTmBond 8.62...+1.4 SmCapDisc d 28.21+.11-1.1 SmCapStk d 18.32+.07+2.3 SmCpOpp 11.84...-2.5 SmCpVal d 16.94...-0.9 StkSelec 36.46+.39+8.9 StrDivInc 14.53+.11+9.0 StratInc 11.02+.05+5.1 TaxFrB d 11.75-.03+11.1 TotalBd 10.76...+5.4 Trend 86.70+1.01+11.0 USBdIdx 11.76-.01+4.9 USBdIdx 11.76-.01+4.9 USBdIdxF 11.76-.01+4.9 USBdIdxInv 11.76-.01+4.7 ValK 105.65+1.00+7.7 Value 105.49+1.00+7.6 Worldwid d 23.22+.35-0.1Fidelity AdvisorAstMgr70 20.68+.19+4.7 CapDevO 15.79+.20+8.7 DivStk 23.70+.28+10.8 EmMktIncI d 13.90+.07+6.5 FltRateI d 9.75+.03+1.8 Fr2020A m 13.25+.10+3.8 Fr2025A m 12.99+.11+3.9 Fr2030A m 13.77+.15+3.7 GrowOppT m 56.78+.66+5.1 HlthCrC m 29.40+.22+26.9 LeverA m 52.40+.60+3.0 NewInsA m 26.55+.36+7.2 NewInsC m 24.51+.33+6.4 NewInsI 27.05+.37+7.4 NewInsT m 26.02+.35+6.9 StratIncA m 12.29+.05+4.8 StratIncC m 12.26+.05+4.1 StratIncI 12.46+.06+5.1Fidelity SelectBiotech d 209.66+1.83+20.5 Chemical d 143.16+1.33+7.7 ConsStpl d 93.31+1.39+10.7 Electron d 71.38+.46+21.0 Energy d 50.15+.44-7.0 HealtCar d 208.22+1.53+28.3 MedEqSys d 36.58+.02+14.8 Pharm d 20.44+.29+23.4 SoftwCom d 110.90+.55+9.5 Tech d 114.88+.68+9.9Fidelity Spartan500IdxAdvtg 66.98+.86+11.1 500IdxAdvtgInst 66.98+.85+11.1 500IdxInstl 66.98+.85+11.1 500IdxInv 66.98+.86+11.0 ExtMktIdAg d 51.43+.25+3.3 ExtMktIdI d 51.42+.25+3.3 IntlIdxAdg d 37.65+.58-4.1 IntlIdxAdvtgIns d 37.66+.58-4.0 IntlIdxIn d 37.63+.57-4.1 IntlIdxInst d 37.66+.58-4.0 TotMktIdAg d 55.33+.62+9.5 TotMktIdI d 55.32+.62+9.4FidelityLtdTermMuniInc d 10.77-.01+2.9 SerBlueChipGr 10.93+.12NA SerBlueChipGrF 10.93+.12NA Series100IdxF 12.52+.17NA SeriesGrowthCo 10.84+.11NA SeriesGrowthCoF 10.86+.12NAFirst EagleGlbA m 53.01+.23+1.6 OverseasA m 22.45+.03-1.7First InvestorsGrowIncA m 21.63+.31+6.6ForumAbStratI 11.38-.06+2.8FrankTemp-FrankFed TF A m 12.57-.02+11.6 FedIntA m 12.52-.03+7.5 FedTxFrIA 12.58-.02+11.7FrankTemp-FranklinBalA m 11.47+.10+6.4 CA TF A m 7.55-.02+14.3 CAInTF A m 13.11-.03+13.2 DynaTechA m 43.91+.48+5.8 EqInA m 22.66+.34+6.5 FLRtDAAdv 9.01+.02+2.0 FlRtDAccA m 9.00+.02+1.8 FlxCpGr A m 54.06+.57+5.4 GrowthA m 67.98+.87+12.2 HY TF A m 10.65-.02+13.8 HighIncA m 2.06+.02+4.7 HighIncAd 2.06+.02+4.8 Income C m 2.43+.03+6.2 IncomeA m 2.40+.03+6.4 IncomeAdv 2.38+.02+6.6 IncomeR6 2.38+.02+6.7 InsTF A m 12.51-.02+11.6 LoDurTReA m 10.10...+1.3 NY TF A m 11.78-.02+10.0 RisDivAdv 47.98+.67+4.9 RisDv C m 47.24+.65+3.8 RisDvA m 48.01+.67+4.6 SmMdCpGrA m 40.15+.45+5.0 StrIncA m 10.44+.06+3.8 Strinc C m 10.44+.06+3.5 TotalRetA m 10.16+.01+5.1 USGovA m 6.53+.01+3.1 Utils A m 16.78+.12+15.8FrankTemp-MutualDiscov C m 32.16+.42+1.7 Discov Z 33.20+.44+2.8 DiscovA m 32.64+.43+2.4 QuestZ 17.77+.20+2.5 Shares Z 28.43+.35+5.4 SharesA m 28.14+.35+5.1 SharesR6 28.44+.34+5.6FrankTemp-TempletonFgn A m 7.62+.11-6.3 Frgn Adv 7.54+.10-6.2 GlBond C m 13.17+.06+2.3 GlBondA m 13.14+.06+2.7 GlBondAdv 13.10+.07+3.1 GlBondR6 13.10+.07+3.2 GrowthA m 23.56+.38-2.0 GrowthR6 23.60+.38-1.7 WorldA m 18.22+.27-2.9Franklin TempletonFdrInm-TT/FIcAd 12.54-.04+7.6 FndAllA m 13.18+.16+3.0 FndAllC m 12.96+.15+2.2 HYldTFInA 10.69-.02+13.9 ModAllcA m 15.52+.13+3.3Franklin Templeton IGlTlRtA m 13.26+.09+2.4 GlTlRtAdv 13.28+.09+2.8 GEElfunTr 57.66+.65+10.6 ElfunTxE 12.06-.04+10.4 IsIntlEq d 11.99+.15-6.2 S&SInc 11.69+.01+5.2 S&SUSEq 56.27+.75+9.1GMOAABdIV 25.41...+3.8 EmgDbtIV d 10.09...+9.1 EmgMktsVI d 10.44+.10-7.4 IntItVlIV 23.24+.41-5.7 QuIII 23.15+.22+10.6 QuIV 23.18+.22+10.6 QuVI 23.16+.22+10.7 USEqAllcVI 17.03+.16+8.2 USTrsy 25.00...+0.1GabelliAssetAAA m 63.13+.64+3.1 EqIncomeAAA m 27.30+.28+4.9 SmCpGrAAA m 45.91+.22+1.4GatewayGatewayA m 28.86+.19+3.0Goldman SachsGrOppIs 31.24+.38+8.7 HiYdMunIs d 9.38-.01+15.8 HiYieldIs d 7.02+.08+5.5 MidCapVaA m 44.65+.48+6.0 MidCpVaIs 45.15+.49+6.4 ShDuTFIs 10.61-.01+2.6 SmCpValIs 54.90+.12+4.0HarborBond 12.28-.01+3.6 CapApInst 57.51+.82+10.9 CapAprInv b 56.39+.80+10.5 HiYBdInst d 10.74+.14+5.1 IntlInstl 64.45...-6.2 IntlInv b 63.65...-6.5Harding LoevnerEmgMkts d 48.28...-1.2 IntlEq d 17.15...-1.8HartfordBalHLSIA 25.75+.21+7.6 BalIncA m 13.34+.08+7.1 BalIncC m 13.19+.08+6.3 CapApr C m 40.28+.55+5.1 CapAprA m 46.16+.63+5.8 CapAprI 46.29+.63+6.2 CpApHLSIA 51.06+.69+5.6 DivGrowA m 25.38+.36+9.8 DivGrowI 25.28+.36+10.0 DvGrHLSIA 24.77+.36+10.3 EqIncA m 17.83+.22+6.1 FloatRtA m 8.81+.05+2.0 FloatRtC m 8.79+.04+1.1 FloatRtI 8.82+.05+2.2 GrOppA m 40.46+.56+9.0 GrOppI 41.44+.57+9.2 MdCpHLSIA 34.31+.38+8.6 MidCapA m 25.42+.28+8.0 StkHLSIA 59.07+.88+8.6 TRBdHLSIA 11.60-.01+5.8 WrldBdI 10.81-.01+3.6HeartlandValuePlus m 32.50-.22-2.7HendersonIntlOppA m 25.01+.30-2.4HennessyGsUtlIdxInv 29.51+.17+17.7Hotchkis & WileyMidCpValI 40.99+.49+5.3INVESCOBalAlocA m 12.17...+3.0 BalAlocC m 11.73...+2.3 BalAlocY 12.31...+3.3 CharterA m 22.18+.23+5.9 ComstockA m 23.66+.35+7.7 DivDivA m 17.17+.20+8.2 DivDivInv b 17.16+.19+8.3 EqIncomeA m 10.77+.10+6.5 EqIncomeC m 10.60+.09+5.6 EqWSP500A m 45.44+.50+9.8 GrowIncA m 27.02+.35+6.5 HiYldMuA m 9.98-.02+16.1 IntlGrA m 32.64+.40-0.7 IntlGrI 33.17+.41-0.3 MidCapGrA m 36.53+.49+3.8 MuniIncA m 13.79-.03+11.5 SmCapValA m 20.61+.04+3.2 Summit b 17.27+.30+8.5IVAIntlI d 17.19+.04+1.3 WorldwideA m 17.96+.09+2.8 WorldwideC m 17.74+.08+2.0 WorldwideI d 17.99+.08+3.0IvyAssetStrA m 29.61+.41-1.7 AssetStrC m 28.63+.39-2.4 AsstStrgI 29.90+.41-1.5 HiIncA m 8.47+.06+5.3 HiIncC m 8.47+.06+4.6 HighIncI 8.47+.06+5.6 LtdTmBdA m 10.91...+1.4 MdCpGrthI 23.78+.23+3.6 ScTechA m 49.59+.36+3.8 SciTechI 53.59+.38+4.2JPMorganCoreBdUlt 11.83-.02+4.7 CoreBondA m 11.82-.02+4.2 CoreBondSelect 11.82-.01+4.5 DiscEqUlt 22.93+.32+12.5 EqIncA m 13.06+.15+8.7 EqIncSelect 13.24+.15+9.0 FIntlVaIs 13.55+.24-9.7 HighYldSel 7.93+.08+5.3 HighYldUl 7.93+.08+5.5 IntmdTFIs 11.24-.02+6.4 IntrAmerR 36.13+.54+11.5 IntrAmerS 36.18+.54+11.3 InvBalA m 14.80+.11+4.8 InvConGrA m 12.75+.06+4.1 InvConGrC m 12.69+.06+3.6 InvGrInA m 16.45+.17+5.2 InvGrowA m 18.68+.23+6.3 LgCapGrA m 32.01+.48+8.5 LgCapGrSelect 32.06+.48+8.8 MdCpGrSel 35.66+.35+8.5 MidCapVal m 35.30+.35+8.3 MidCpValI 36.04+.35+8.8 SelMidCap 42.40+.44+8.7 ShDurBndSel 10.93-.01+1.0 ShtDurBdU 10.93-.01+1.3 SmRt2020I 18.06+.13+4.8 SmRt2030I 18.54+.18+4.7 SmRt2040I 18.92+.21+4.5 TxAwRRetI 10.12...+3.9 USEquit 14.39+.22+10.8 USEquityI 14.41+.22+11.0 USLCpCrPS 28.64+.46+11.4 ValAdvA m 27.80+.30+9.1 ValAdvI 28.00+.30+9.6 ValAdvSel 27.94+.30+9.4James AdvantageGoldRainA b 24.67+.09+7.1JanusBalT 30.50+.21+7.3 Gr&IncT 44.87+.52+8.1 Janus T 41.60+.45+9.0 PerkinsMCVT 23.74+.19+5.8 ResearchT 44.62+.52+11.7 ShTmBdT 3.06...+1.0 TwentyT 61.81+.74+5.5JensenQualtyGrI 37.70+.45+8.3 QualtyGrJ b 37.69+.45+8.0John HancockBondA m 16.22...+6.6 ClasValI 24.22+.31+7.1 DisValMdCpA m 17.68+.21+8.0 DisValMdCpI 18.27+.21+8.3 DiscValA m 18.47+.21+7.1 DiscValI 18.02+.21+7.3 EmMkVlNAV 10.28+.08-2.8 GAbRSI 11.26+.11+4.5 IICpApNAV 17.16+.24+10.7 IIInVaNAV 15.99+.24-7.5 IIToRtNAV 13.82...+3.5 LgCpEqA m 37.01+.50+8.6 LifAg1 b 15.70+.18+3.5 LifBa1 b 15.26+.12+4.0 LifBaA m 15.34+.13+3.6 LifCo1 b 13.81+.06+4.1 LifGr1 b 16.01+.16+3.9 LifGrA m 16.02+.16+3.5 LifMo1 b 14.32+.08+4.1 StcIncI 10.78+.04+4.0KeeleySmCapVal m 35.05-.01-4.1LaudusInMktMstS d 21.84+.31-5.8 USLCGr d 18.19+.22+7.6LazardEmgMkEqInst d 18.83+.25-2.6EmgMktEqOpen m 19.27+.25-2.9IntlStEqInst d 13.78+.22-1.0 IntlStEqOpen m 13.86+.22-1.2Legg MasonCBAggressGrthA m 190.89+1.88+10.6CBAggressGrthI 206.49+2.03+11.0 CBAllCapValueA m 16.30+.20+4.4CBAppreciatA m 19.55+.27+8.2 CBEquityInc1 18.70+.27+9.9 CBEquityIncA m 18.69+.27+9.6 CBSmallCapGrI 27.23-.08-2.2 ValueC m 59.53+.72+9.7WACorePlusBdA m 11.65+.01+6.4WACorePlusBdFI b 11.65...+6.3 WACorePlusBdI 11.65...+6.7 WACorePlusBdIS 11.65...+6.8WAManagedMuniA m 16.96-.03+11.6Longleaf PartnersIntl 15.70+.25-8.9 LongPart 33.19+.40+3.7 SmCap 34.47+.35+12.1Loomis SaylesBdInstl 15.43+.08+5.6 BdR b 15.36+.08+5.3 GlbBdInstl 16.29-.03+1.7Lord AbbettAffiliatA m 15.65+.17+8.5 BndDbtrF b 8.06+.06+5.5 BondDebA m 8.07+.06+5.3 BondDebC m 8.10+.07+4.7 CalibrdDivA m 15.47+.16+7.1 DevGrowI 26.49+.08-2.2 FdmtlEqtyA m 15.00+.18+4.5 FltRateF b 9.24+.03+2.4 FltgRateA m 9.25+.03+2.3 FltgRateC m 9.26+.04+1.6 HiYldI 7.78+.06+6.8 MABalOppA m 12.29+.10+4.1 NatlTaxFA m 11.44-.02+13.4 ShDurIncA m 4.51...+2.5 ShDurIncC m 4.54...+2.1 ShDurIncF b 4.51...+2.8 ShDurIncI 4.51...+2.9 TaxFreeA m 10.94-.03+8.8MFSBondA m 14.09+.03+6.1 GrAllocA m 17.77+.17+2.8 GrowA m 64.53+.75+7.2 GrowI 67.52+.79+7.5 IntDivA m 15.50+.21-4.2 IntlNDisA m 26.68+.35-3.5 IntlNDisI 27.46+.36-3.2 IntlValA m 32.57+.350.0 IsIntlEq 21.03+.32-2.9 MAInvA m 27.47+.31+6.9 MAInvGrA m 22.74+.24+6.8 MAInvI 26.92+.31+7.2 ModAllocA m 16.31+.11+3.4 MuHiIncA f 8.13-.01+14.7 ResIntlI 17.13+.28-5.7 ResearchA m 36.94+.40+7.7 TotRetA m 17.77+.12+6.8 UtilA m 22.18+.28+9.5 ValueA m 32.68+.45+7.6 ValueI 32.84+.45+7.9MainStayHiYldCorA m 5.91+.04+4.3 IntlI 33.13+.43-3.9 MAPI 44.67+.56+5.4 Mktfield 16.33...-10.0 MktfldA m 16.26...-10.2 S&PIdxI 44.26+.57+10.7 SelEqI 48.12+.61+4.2Mairs & PowerGrthInv 108.66+1.41+5.1Manning & NapierWrldOppA 7.95+.11-9.2Matthews AsianDivInv d 15.31+.07-1.9 GrInc d 18.94+.04-0.8 PacTiger d 27.71+.21+10.4MergerInvCl b 15.78+.03-0.5MeridianMeridnGr d 36.50+.04+4.5Metropolitan WestLowDurBd b 8.82...+1.7 LowDurBdI 8.82-.01+1.8 TotRetBdI 10.92-.01+5.5 TotRtBd b 10.92-.02+5.2Morgan StanleyGrA m 37.80+.54+11.0 IntlEqA m 15.57+.26-2.2 IntlEqI d 15.80+.26-1.9 MdCpGrA m 41.65+.50+3.1 MdCpGrI 43.62+.51+3.4Munder FundsMdCpCrGrY 42.75+.49+5.5Mutual SeriesBeacon Z 16.68+.21+4.1NationsLgCpIxZ 36.84+.47+10.9NationwideIntlIdxI 7.78+.11-4.5 S&P500Is 14.54+.19+10.9NatixisLSInvBdA m 12.09+.02+4.9 LSInvBdC m 11.98+.01+4.0 LSInvBdY 12.09+.01+5.0 LSStratIncA m 16.55+.13+5.6 LSStratIncC m 16.65+.13+4.9Neuberger BermanGenesisInstl 57.24+.09-1.2 GenesisInv 38.53+.06-1.4 GenesisR6 57.27+.09-1.2 GenesisTr 59.56+.09-1.5 HIncBdInst 9.21+.11+4.5 LgShrtIn 12.61+.09+2.3 NBIncI 12.39+.12+6.8NicholasNichol 63.18+.63+9.8NorthernBdIndx 10.77-.01+4.8 EmMktsEq d 11.20+.10-3.6 FixedIn 10.43...+6.2 GlbREIdx d 9.56+.05+1.9 HYFixInc d 7.40+.07+5.8 IntTaxE 10.76-.03+7.3 IntlIndex d 11.47+.18-4.4 MMIntlEq d 10.21+.16-4.4Mlt-Mngr Emrg M d 18.81+.13-3.5SmCapVal 19.96-.04+2.1 StkIdx 23.38+.30+11.0NuveenHiYldMunA m 17.18-.04+18.9 HiYldMunI 17.19-.03+19.1 IntMunBdI 9.35-.02+8.4 LtdTmMunI 11.15-.01+4.2 RlEstSecI 23.09+.06+12.0Oak AssociatesPinOakEq 46.02+.33+8.1 RedOakTec 14.93+.19+10.8 WhiteOak 55.64+.33+5.5OakmarkEqIncI 32.85+.28+5.8 GlSelI 15.91+.12+0.9 Global I 28.75+.27-1.2 Intl I 23.68+.27-7.8 IntlSmCpI d 15.53+.14-8.4 Oakmark I 65.16+.67+10.4 Select I 42.45+.33+13.4Old WestburyGlbOppo 7.84...+2.1 GlbSmMdCp 16.17+.17+0.6 LgCpStr 12.37+.14+3.5OppenheimerActAllocA m 11.73+.12+3.0 CapApA m 61.95+.83+12.3 CapIncA m 9.72+.04+6.2 DevMktA m 37.96+.46-0.3 DevMktY 37.58+.45-0.1 DevMktsC m 35.96+.43-1.1 EqIncA m 31.61+.35+7.8 EquityA m 12.58+.16+8.9 GlobA m 76.03+1.31+1.1 GlobOpprA m 36.67+.20-4.4 GlobY 76.22+1.31+1.4 IntlBondA m 6.02+.01+0.5 IntlBondY 6.02+.01+0.8 IntlDivA m 13.67+.19-4.2 IntlGrY 34.20+.54-5.7 IntlGrowA m 34.30+.54-5.9 MainStrA m 49.41+.57+9.7 MnStrMdCpA m 31.54+.25+7.8 RisDivA m 19.49+.26+5.9 RisDivY 19.99+.27+6.1 SrFltRatA m 8.22+.02+2.5 SrFltRatC m 8.23+.02+1.8 StrIncA m 4.12+.02+3.6Oppenheimer RochesteFdMuniA m 15.31-.03+12.2 LmtTmMunA m 14.34-.01+6.7 LtdTmNY m 3.15-.01+6.0 RochHYMA m 7.13-.01+15.1OsterweisOsterStrInc 11.69+.05+3.5PIMCOAAstAAutP 9.89...+0.1 AllAssetA m 12.17...+2.1 AllAssetC m 12.12...+1.3 AllAssetI 12.16...+2.6 AllAuthA m 9.89...-0.3 AllAuthC m 9.89...-0.9 AllAuthIn 9.89...+0.2 CmPlsStrI 9.62...-10.0 CmPlsStrP 9.57...-10.1 ComRlRStI 5.18...-8.2 DivIncInst 11.44...+4.3 EMFdIdPLARSTIns 9.79...-1.3 EMktCurI 9.90...-2.4 EmMktsIns 10.85...+4.5 EmgLclBdI 9.10...-3.3 FdmtlAdvAbsRtI 3.74...-0.4 ForBdInstl 11.10...+9.2 ForBondI 10.26...+4.3 GlbAdvInst 11.09...+1.9 HgYdSpIns 10.70+.11+5.0 HiYldIs 9.50+.10+5.2 IFdIdPlARStI 10.85...-5.3 Income P 12.66...+8.9 IncomeA m 12.66...+8.5 IncomeC m 12.66...+7.9 IncomeD b 12.66...+8.7 IncomeInl 12.66...+8.9 InvGrdIns 10.76...+8.3 LgDrTRtnI 11.90...+16.2 LgTmCrdIn 12.93...+16.2 LgTmGovIs 10.77-.06+15.2 LowDrA m 10.30+.01+0.8 LowDrIs 10.30+.01+1.1 LowDurD b 10.30+.01+0.8 LowDurP 10.30+.01+1.0 ModDurIs 10.70+.01+2.8 RealRet 11.47...+3.9 RealRtnA m 11.47...+3.5 RlEstStRetI 4.70...+17.3 ShTermAdm b 9.90...+1.2 ShtTermIs 9.90...+1.5 SnrFltRtInstl d 10.05+.03+2.2 StkPlARShStrIn 2.66...-8.3 ToRtIIIIs 9.64...+3.8 ToRtIIIs 10.48...+4.0 TotRetA m 10.95...+3.1 TotRetAdm b 10.95...+3.3 TotRetC m 10.95...+2.4 TotRetIs 10.95...+3.6 TotRetR b 10.95...+2.9 TotRetrnD b 10.95...+3.3 TotlRetnP 10.95...+3.4 TtlRtIVInst 10.74...+3.6 UnconstrBdIns 11.23...+1.6 UnconstrBdP 11.23...+1.5 WwdFdAdvARStrIn 9.78...-1.0PRIMECAP OdysseyAggGr 30.27+.15+8.1 Growth 23.94+.21+6.7 Stock 21.96+.21+9.7ParametricEmgMktInstl 15.09+.14-0.6 TxMgEMInstl d 49.66+.47-0.1ParnassusCoreEqInv 37.73+.38+11.1Pax WorldBal b 24.51+.19+5.7PermanentPortfolio 43.26+.12-0.6PioneerCoreEqA m 15.71+.22+7.4 PioneerA m 39.29+.60+7.7 StratIncA m 11.00+.02+5.5 StratIncY 10.99+.01+5.8PrincipalBdMtgInst 10.99...+5.4 DivIntI 11.13...-2.2 HiYldII 10.28...+4.1 L/T2020I 14.25...+4.0 L/T2030I 14.39...+4.0 L/T2040I 14.74...+3.7 L/T2050I 14.23...+3.7 LCGrIInst 12.44...+6.0 LCIIIInst 14.54...+7.7 LgCGrInst 10.88...+6.6 LgCSP500I 13.25...+10.2 LgCValI 12.76...+5.2 MidCapA m 20.21...+5.8 PrSecInst 10.40...+11.6 SAMBalA m 15.59...+4.4 SAMConGrA m 17.65...+4.2 SCGrIInst 12.87...-2.8 SCValIII 13.02...+2.2PrudentialGblRealEstZ 23.39+.09+3.0 JenMCGrA m 38.18+.53+3.1Prudential InvestmenGovtIncA m 9.70-.01+3.9 HiYieldA m 5.64+.07+5.2 JenMidCapGrZ 39.89+.55+3.4 JennGrZ 29.36+.42+10.8 MuniHIncA m 10.27-.01+14.4 NaturResA m 45.25+.12-12.8 ShTmCoBdA m 11.30-.01+2.1 SmallCoZ 28.50+.13+4.2 TotRetBdZ 14.47...+6.4 UtilityA m 16.24+.19+20.3PutnamCpSpctrmA m 35.71+.30+8.8 CpSpctrmC m 34.96+.30+8.0 CpSpctrmY 35.90+.30+9.1 DivrInA m 7.63+.07+2.9 EqIncomeA m 20.79+.23+9.0 EqIncomeY 20.79+.23+9.2 EqSpctrmA m 40.63+.25+6.1 EqSpctrmY 40.96+.25+6.4 GrowIncA m 20.07+.23+8.2 InvestorA m 20.11+.25+11.2 MultiCapGrA m 77.63+.96+11.1 VoyagerA m 31.24+.47+8.4RidgeWorthLgCpVaEqI 16.86+.20+7.2 MdCpVlEqI 13.63+.14+4.7 USGovBndI 10.14...+1.1RoycePAMutInv d 13.54...-1.4 PremierInv d 20.88+.07+1.1 SpecEqInv d 22.80-.01-4.5 TotRetInv d 15.43+.02-0.2RussellEmgMktsS 17.85...-3.3 GlRelEstS 38.19...+3.3 GlbEqtyS 10.87...+1.8 ItlDvMktS 33.72...-3.6 StratBdS 11.37...+5.9RydexBiotechIv 75.15+.67+23.1 InvOTC2xH b 25.99-.72-31.5SEIIdxSP500E d 50.81+.65+10.9 IntlEq A d 9.35+.16-4.8 IsCrFxIA d 11.59-.02+5.6 IsHiYdBdA d 7.67+.08+5.2 IsItlEmMA d 10.50+.11-4.4 IsLrgGrA d 32.41+.44+6.6 IsLrgValA d 24.33+.31+8.5 IsMgTxMgA d 18.65+.25+8.3SSGAS&P500Idx b 30.29+.39+10.9Schwab1000Inv d 50.12+.62+10.1 CoreEq d 23.63+.33+10.1 DivEqSel d 17.87+.22+7.3 FUSLgCInl d 14.62+.18+10.1 IntlIndex d 18.47+.26-4.5 S&P500Sel d 29.90+.38+11.0 SmCapIdx d 25.94-.08-0.5 TotStkMSl d 34.51+.38+9.5ScoutInterntl 34.00+.42-5.7 MidCap 17.25+.15+2.3 UnconBd 11.41+.03-2.2SelectedAmerShS b 45.42+.43+4.8 American D 45.44+.44+5.2SentinelCmnStkA m 42.94+.59+7.1SequoiaSequoia 212.93+1.38+2.4Sound ShoreInv 49.12+.61+9.2SpectraSpectra A m 17.78+.28+10.2State FarmBalanced 64.90+.44+10.1 Growth 71.23+.86+12.7SteelPathMLPAlpA m 13.07+.10+15.9 MLPAlpY 13.25+.10+16.3 MLPIncA m 11.17...+10.6 MLPIncC m 10.90...+9.8 MLPSel40Y 13.03+.08+14.8SunAmericaFocDvStrC m 16.93+.18+5.0T Rowe PriceBalanced 23.12+.21+5.2 BlChpGAdv b 64.18+.76+9.4 BlChpGr 64.62+.76+9.7 CapApprec 26.94+.24+9.4 DivGrow 33.82+.44+8.0 EmMktBd d 12.63+.10+4.2 EmMktStk d 33.12+.41-0.5 EqIndex d 50.87+.65+10.8 EqtyInc 32.24+.32+5.3 EqtyIncAd b 32.17+.32+5.0 EurStock d 19.15+.39-5.8 GNMA 9.68+.01+4.3 GlbTech 14.56+.10+26.6 GrStkAdv b 51.81+.58+8.9 GrowInc 29.88+.35+8.9 GrowStk 52.58+.60+9.2 HealthSci 66.71+.75+23.1 HiYield d 7.03+.07+5.4 InLgCpCoG 23.10+.26+9.6 InSmCpStk 19.47...+1.8 InsLgCpGr 27.16+.32+8.7 InstlFlRt d 10.08+.04+2.7 InstlHiYl d 9.54+.09+5.6 InstlLgCV 19.30+.26+9.3 IntlBnd d 9.44-.02-0.5 IntlDisc d 53.71+.72+0.3 IntlGrInc d 14.65+.20-2.4 IntlStk d 15.82+.23-0.9 MDTaxFBd 11.00-.02+9.8 MediaTele 69.01+.78+7.0 MidCapE 41.29+.49+7.6 MidCapVa 30.84+.30+8.5 MidCpGr 73.80+.84+7.3 NewAmGro 44.29+.55+8.8 NewAsia d 16.99+.09+5.0 NewEra 43.09+.35-1.5 NewHoriz 44.49+.14+3.1 NewIncome 9.61...+5.3 OrseaStk d 9.47+.15-3.7 PerStrBal 22.96+.19+4.8 PerStrGr 30.52+.32+4.9 R2015 14.59+.10+5.0 R2025 15.55+.15+5.2 R2035 16.34+.17+5.1 Real d 24.51+.11+11.9 Ret2020R b 20.34+.17+4.5 Ret2050 13.08+.14+5.1 RetInc 14.92+.08+3.8 Rtmt2010 18.24+.12+4.8 Rtmt2020 20.69+.17+5.0 Rtmt2030 22.77+.22+5.2 Rtmt2040 23.45+.26+5.1 Rtmt2045 15.63+.17+5.1 SciTech 40.74+.29+17.0 ShTmBond 4.79...+1.5 SmCpStk 42.72-.01+1.3 SmCpVal d 46.47-.08-1.8 SpecGrow 23.80+.28+4.8 SpecInc 12.90+.05+4.5 SumMuInt 12.06-.03+7.7 TRPRet2025Ad b 15.45+.14+4.9 TaxFHiYld d 11.96-.02+14.7 TaxFInc 10.51-.02+11.3 TaxFShInt 5.69...+2.6 TrRt2020Ad b 20.53+.17+4.8 TrRt2030Ad b 22.57+.22+4.9 TrRt2030R b 22.39+.23+4.7 TrRt2040Ad b 23.24+.26+4.8 TrRt2040R b 23.08+.26+4.5 Value 34.50+.47+8.7T.RoweReaAsset d 11.07+.06+0.4TCWEmgIncI 8.49+.05+4.9 SelEqI 24.73+.32+4.6 TotRetBdI 10.35-.02+5.3 TotRetBdN b 10.67-.03+4.9TIAA-CREFBdIdxInst 10.94-.01+4.8 BdPIns 10.77+.01+5.6 BondIn 10.61...+5.4 ELCGrIxI 11.32+.15+8.7 ELCVlIxI 10.42+.13+7.3 EqIx 14.49+.17+9.6 Gr&IncIn 12.00+.17+8.2 HYlIns d 10.13+.12+5.5 InfL 11.58-.01+3.1 IntlE d 17.90+.26-4.2 IntlEqIn d 10.36+.22-8.1 LCVal 17.41+.21+5.1 LgCGIdx 19.60+.25+11.0 LgCVIdx 16.85+.20+9.8 LgGrIns 15.30+.22+10.7 Life2040I 10.59+.13+3.2 MidValIn 23.26+.26+7.0 SCEq d 18.08...0.0 SPIndxIn 21.42+.27+11.0TargetSmCapVal 25.83+.05+1.4TempletonInFEqSeS 20.81+.37-5.3Third AvenueFCrtInst d 10.62+.08+5.0 RealEsVal d 30.84+.24+7.3 Value d 57.04+.37+1.3ThompsonBond 11.72+.01+3.5ThornburgIncBldA m 20.54+.24+3.8 IncBldC m 20.53+.23+3.0 IntlA m 28.20+.37-6.5 IntlI 28.76+.37-6.2 LtdTMuA m 14.65-.02+3.8 LtdTMul 14.65-.02+4.1 LtdTmIncI 13.58-.01+4.4ThriventLgCapStkA m 26.07+.33+5.8 MuniBdA m 11.77-.02+10.2TocquevilleDlfld m 34.02+.13-4.3TouchstoneSdCapInGr 22.26+.20+7.4TransamericaAstAlMdGrC m 14.50+.11+3.4Tweedy, BrowneGlobVal d 26.14+.43+1.7U.S. Global InvestorGld&Prec m 6.09-.14-10.3 GlobRes m 8.21+.06-14.1 WrldPrcMnr m 5.59-.06-12.1USAACorstnModAgrsv 25.32+.16+3.9 GrowInc 21.90+.26+9.5 HYOpp d 8.76+.05+7.1 Income 13.38...+6.0 IncomeStk 17.18+.18+8.3 IntermBd 10.96-.01+6.6 Intl 28.33+.36-3.8 S&P500M 26.62...+10.2 ShTmBond 9.23...+2.1 TaxEInt 13.69-.02+8.0 TaxELgTm 13.87-.02+11.1 TaxEShTm 10.72-.01+1.9 Value 19.29+.20+5.6VALIC Co IMdCpIdx 26.24+.22+4.5 StockIdx 34.19+.44+10.7Vanguard500Adml 174.24+2.22+11.1 500Inv 174.23+2.22+10.9 500Sgnl 143.93+1.83+11.1 A-WexUSIdxAdm 29.16+.39-3.3 BalIdx 28.18+.17+7.6 BalIdxAdm 28.18+.17+7.8 BalIdxIns 28.19+.17+7.8 BdMktInstPls 10.92-.01+5.0 CAITAdml 11.90-.02+8.9 CALTAdml 12.18-.04+12.5 CapOp 48.46+.55+10.8 CapOpAdml 111.94+1.27+10.9 CapVal 14.10+.18+4.4 Convrt 13.34+.08+0.8 DevMktIdxAdm 12.08+.17-4.6 DevMktIdxInstl 12.09+.17-4.6 DivAppIdxInv 29.87+.34+6.4 DivEqInv 30.84+.38+8.1 DivGr 21.68+.31+9.3 EmMkInsId 26.02+.29-0.4 EmMktIAdm 34.21+.38-0.5 EmMktStkIdxIP 86.55+.97-0.4 EmerMktIdInv 26.05+.29-0.7 EnergyAdm 117.94+1.15-4.4 EnergyInv 62.82+.62-4.4 EqInc 29.86+.38+8.6 EqIncAdml 62.59+.79+8.7 EurIdxAdm 64.96+1.38-3.6 ExplAdml 90.25+.31+0.3 Explr 96.93+.33+0.1 ExtdIdAdm 61.36+.29+3.3 ExtdIdIst 61.36+.28+3.4 ExtdMktIdxIP 151.45+.70+3.4 ExtndIdx 61.31+.29+3.2 FAWeUSIns 92.44+1.25-3.3 GNMA 10.82+.01+4.9 GNMAAdml 10.82+.01+5.0 GlbEq 23.03+.25+3.7 GrIncAdml 66.52+.90+11.4 GroInc 40.74+.56+11.3 GrowthIdx 49.08+.60+11.1 GrthIdAdm 49.08+.60+11.3 GrthIstId 49.08+.61+11.3 GrthIstSg 45.45+.56+11.3 HYCor 6.01+.05+6.0 HYCorAdml 6.01+.05+6.1 HYT/E 11.32-.02+11.9 HltCrAdml 87.00+1.09+23.5 HlthCare 206.18+2.59+23.5 ITBond 11.60-.03+5.7 ITBondAdm 11.60-.03+5.8 ITGradeAd 9.98-.02+6.0 ITIGrade 9.98-.02+5.8 ITrsyAdml 11.45-.02+3.2 InfPrtAdm 26.64-.01+3.2 InfPrtI 10.85-.01+3.2 InflaPro 13.57...+3.1 InstIdxI 173.10+2.20+11.1 InstPlus 173.11+2.20+11.1 InstTStId 42.88+.48+9.6 InstTStPl 42.89+.48+9.6 IntlExpIn 17.41+.26-1.4 IntlGr 21.56+.35-3.5 IntlGrAdm 68.63+1.10-3.4 IntlStkIdxAdm 26.06+.35-3.3 IntlStkIdxI 104.21+1.39-3.2 IntlStkIdxIPls 104.22+1.38-3.2 IntlStkIdxISgn 31.26+.41-3.3 IntlVal 34.95+.47-3.7 ItBdIdxIn 11.60-.03+5.9 L/TBdIdxInstlPl 14.06-.04+15.4 LTBond 14.06-.04+15.2 LTGradeAd 10.74-.02+15.5 LTInvGr 10.74-.02+15.4 LTsryAdml 12.79-.07+15.5 LgBdIdxIs 14.06-.04+15.3 LgCpIdxAdm 43.72+.55+10.6 LifeCon 18.43+.08+5.5 LifeGro 27.73+.26+5.5 LifeInc 14.78+.03+5.4 LifeMod 23.46+.16+5.5 MdCpGrIdxAdm 39.69+.44+6.9 MdCpValIdxAdm 42.46+.45+9.6 MdPDisGr 18.40+.13+4.8 MidCapGr 24.52+.29+5.5 MidCapIdxIP 152.17+1.67+8.3 MidCp 30.74+.33+8.2 MidCpAdml 139.64+1.52+8.3 MidCpIst 30.85+.34+8.3 MidCpSgl 44.07+.49+8.3 Morg 25.74+.34+8.6 MorgAdml 79.84+1.06+8.8 MuHYAdml 11.32-.02+12.0 MuInt 14.37-.03+8.1 MuIntAdml 14.37-.03+8.2 MuLTAdml 11.83-.03+11.8 MuLtd 11.11...+2.6 MuLtdAdml 11.11...+2.6 MuSht 15.87...+0.9 MuShtAdml 15.87...+1.0 NJLTAdml 12.36-.04+10.6 NYLTAdml 11.89-.03+11.5 PALTAdml 11.79-.03+11.5 PacIdxAdm 70.21+.27-6.2 PrecMtls 9.75-.16-8.1 Prmcp 98.43+1.20+15.0 PrmcpAdml 102.13+1.24+15.1 PrmcpCorI 20.65+.23+13.0 R1000GrIdxI 172.86+2.25+11.0 REITIdx 24.81+.04+11.0 REITIdxAd 105.87+.18+11.2 REITIdxInst 16.39+.03+11.2 REITIdxSg 28.26+.04+11.2 S/TBdIdxInstl 10.56-.01+1.7 S/TBdIdxInstlPl 10.56-.01+1.7 STBond 10.56-.01+1.5 STBondAdm 10.56-.01+1.6 STBondSgl 10.56-.01+1.6 STCor 10.76-.01+2.4 STFedAdml 10.79-.01+1.3 STGradeAd 10.76-.01+2.5 STIGradeI 10.76-.01+2.6 STsryAdml 10.74-.01+1.0 SelValu 27.72+.27+5.7 ShTmInfPtScIxAd 24.83+.01+0.1 ShTmInfPtScIxIn 24.84+.01+0.1 ShTmInfPtScIxIv 24.79+.01-0.1 SmCapIdx 51.34+.18+3.2 SmCapIdxIP 148.45+.50+3.4 SmCpGrIdxAdm 40.78+.08-0.3 SmCpIdAdm 51.42+.17+3.4 SmCpIdIst 51.42+.17+3.4 SmCpIndxSgnl 46.33+.16+3.4 SmCpValIdxAdm 41.74+.19+6.5 SmGthIdx 32.58+.07-0.4 SmGthIst 32.66+.07-0.3 SmValIdx 23.26+.10+6.4 SmVlIdIst 23.33+.11+6.6 Star 24.27+.19+6.1 StratgcEq 30.62+.28+9.3 TgtRe2010 26.40+.10+4.9 TgtRe2015 15.18+.09+5.3 TgtRe2020 27.80+.20+5.6 TgtRe2030 28.11+.25+5.6 TgtRe2035 17.20+.17+5.6 TgtRe2040 28.56+.30+5.5 TgtRe2045 17.91+.19+5.5 TgtRe2050 28.43+.30+5.5 TgtRe2055 30.62+.32+5.5 TgtRetInc 12.76+.04+4.6 Tgtet2025 16.08+.12+5.6 TlIntlBdIdxAdm 20.88...+6.9 TlIntlBdIdxInst 31.33...+7.0 TlIntlBdIdxInv 10.44...+6.8 TotBdAdml 10.92-.01+4.9 TotBdInst 10.92-.01+5.0 TotBdMkInv 10.92-.01+4.8 TotBdMkSig 10.92-.01+4.9 TotIntl 15.58+.21-3.3 TotStIAdm 47.29+.53+9.6 TotStIIns 47.29+.53+9.6 TotStISig 45.64+.52+9.6 TotStIdx 47.27+.53+9.4 TxMBalAdm 25.81+.13+9.1 TxMCapAdm 96.35+1.21+10.2 TxMSCAdm 41.35-.09+1.3 USGro 29.32+.39+11.0 USGroAdml 75.96+1.01+11.2 ValIdxAdm 30.32+.39+10.0 ValIdxIns 30.32+.39+10.0 ValIdxSig 31.55+.41+10.0 ValueIdx 30.32+.39+9.9 VdHiDivIx 25.28+.30+10.8 WellsI 25.44+.09+7.3 WellsIAdm 61.63+.23+7.4 Welltn 38.73+.35+8.2 WelltnAdm 66.89+.61+8.3 WndsIIAdm 65.94+.89+8.2 Wndsr 20.49+.28+7.6 WndsrAdml 69.13+.93+7.7 WndsrII 37.15+.50+8.1 ex-USIdxIP 97.88+1.31-3.2VictorySmCmpOpI 39.28+.09+4.1VirtusEmgMktsIs 10.11+.17+3.4 MulSStA m 4.83+.01+2.4 MulSStC b 4.89+.01+2.1Waddell & Reed AdvAssetStrA m 10.83+.15-2.0 CoreInv A m 7.29+.12+8.0 HiIncA m 7.50+.06+6.3 NewCncptA m 11.34+.11+3.1 SciTechA m 14.96+.10+2.7WasatchIntlGr d 25.90+.30-9.0 L/SInv d 15.52+.02-2.5 SmCapGr d 49.02+.13-2.1Wells FargoAstAlllcA f 13.74...-0.3 AstAlllcC m 13.21...-1.0 EmgMktEqA f 20.74+.22-5.6 GrI 52.83+.50-0.5 GrowInv 48.20+.46-1.0 GrowthAdm 51.12+.49-0.7 PrmLrgCoGrA f 14.14+.18+4.7 STMuBdInv 10.03...+1.9 ShTmBdInv 8.83...+1.6 UlSTMInA f 4.82-.01+0.3 UlSTMInI 4.82...+0.6WestwoodIncOppI 14.44+.08+8.3William BlairInslIntlG 16.36+.17-2.3 IntlGrI 25.26+.27-2.5World FundsEpGloEqShYI 19.34+.24+5.3AMGMgrsBondSvc 28.24+.02+6.0 TmSqMCGrI 18.11+.19+6.4 YacktmanSvc d 24.10+.20+6.8 YkmFcsInst d 25.78+.20+6.9 YkmFcsSvc d 25.74+.20+6.7AQRDivArbtI 10.42-.03-4.4 MaFtStrI 10.43-.03+4.4AcadianEmgMkts d 18.51+.12-3.6Advisors Inner CrclEGrthIns 19.59+.28+15.8AkreAkrFocRet m 20.98+.23+7.9Alger GroupCapApInsI 27.25+.41+11.2Alliance BernsteinGlblBdAdv 8.54-.01+6.2 HighIncA m 9.34+.06+5.8 HighIncAdv 9.35+.05+6.1 HighIncC m 9.45+.06+5.0 IntDivA m 14.66-.03+4.5AllianzGINFJAllCpVaA m 16.00+.21+7.7 NFJAllCpValIns 16.08+.22+8.1 NFJSmCVIs 34.30-.01+2.7 NFJSmCVlA m 32.23-.01+2.3AmanaGrowth b 32.80+.43+10.1 Income b 43.31+.53+5.8American BeaconLgCpVlInv 27.70+.37+8.0 LgCpVlIs 29.30+.40+8.4 SmCapInst 25.80+.04+1.4American CenturyDivBdInstl 10.88-.01+5.0 DivBdInv 10.88-.01+4.8 EqGrowInv 31.31+.44+10.5 EqIncA m 8.80+.06+7.6 EqIncInstl 8.81+.07+8.2 EqIncInv 8.80+.06+7.8 HeritInv 24.86+.36+1.4 InTTxFBIns 11.54-.02+6.5 InTTxFBInv 11.53-.02+6.2 IncGrInv 36.85+.46+10.6 InfAdjI 11.92...+2.3 IntlGrInv d 12.48+.24-3.9 InvGrInstl 33.12+.51+6.8 InvGrInv 32.72+.51+6.5 MdCpValInv 16.49+.14+10.5 NTDvsfBdInstl 10.93-.01+4.8 OneChMod 14.56+.13+4.6 SelectInv 57.09+.84+11.0 UltraInv 34.59+.49+9.2 ValueInv 8.48+.09+10.1American FundsAMCAPA m 27.38+.26+10.9 AmBalA m 24.76+.20+8.0 BondA m 12.85-.01+4.7 CapIncBuA m 58.21+.63+5.1 CapWldBdA m 20.68+.01+3.0 CpWldGrIA m 44.44+.62+4.0 EurPacGrA m 46.34+.57-1.9 FnInvA m 51.34+.58+7.6 GlbBalA m 30.41+.27+5.0 GrthAmA m 43.45+.50+7.9 HiIncA m 11.01+.12+2.9 HiIncMuA m 15.56-.02+14.0 IncAmerA m 20.81+.20+6.8 IntBdAmA m 13.62-.01+2.1 IntlGrInA m 32.78+.41-1.3 InvCoAmA m 37.95+.51+12.2 LtdTmTxEA m 16.20-.02+4.3 MutualA m 35.24+.43+8.6 NewEconA m 37.23+.37+5.0 NewPerspA m 36.26+.48+2.3 NwWrldA m 56.72+.65-2.8 STBdFdA m 10.03-.01+0.8 SmCpWldA m 46.79+.33-1.4 TaxEBdAmA m 13.16-.02+10.2 USGovSecA m 14.08-.02+3.8 WAMutInvA m 39.96+.53+9.7ArbitrageArbitragI d 12.71-.04-0.6ArielApprecInv b 54.43+.46+5.8 ArielInv b 73.29+.45+8.7Artio GlobalGlobHiYldI 9.82+.08+4.9 TotRtBdI 13.49-.02+4.8ArtisanIntl d 28.76+.26-0.5 IntlI d 28.98+.26-0.3 IntlVal d 34.62+.37-1.5 IntlValI d 34.76+.37-1.3 MdCpVal 25.67+.19-0.7 MidCap 46.35+.57+2.2 MidCapI 48.61+.61+2.5Aston FundsMidCapI 44.56+.19+5.7 MidCapN b 43.77+.18+5.4 MtgClGrI 28.04+.37+6.7 MtgClGrN b 27.84+.36+6.4BBHBrdMktFxI 10.31...+1.3 CoreSelN d 21.35+.20+4.3BNY MellonEmgMkts 9.91+.08-3.0 MidCpMuStrM 14.35+.14+5.2 NtlIntM 13.85-.03+6.8BairdAggrInst 10.84-.02+6.0 CrPlBInst 11.19-.02+5.9 ShTmBdIns 9.75...+2.1BaronAsset b 61.59+.68+7.1 GrInstl 69.88+.47+1.2 Growth b 69.02+.46+0.9 SmCap b 32.70+.22+1.2 SmCpInstl 33.18+.23+1.5BernsteinDiversMui 14.66-.03+4.9 IntDur 13.87-.02+5.6 IntlPort 15.07+.22-6.0 NYMuni 14.29-.04+4.9 TxMIntl 15.14+.22-6.0BerwynIncome d 13.87...+3.6BlackRockBasicValA m 30.74+.33+7.1 BasicValI 31.03+.33+7.4 CapAppInA m 26.69+.32+7.3 EqDivA m 24.02+.36+7.1 EqDivI 24.07+.36+7.3 EquitDivC m 23.47+.35+6.3 FltRtlIncI 10.26+.04+2.3 GlLSCrI 10.83+.02+2.4 GlobAlcA m 20.89+.12+1.7 GlobAlcC m 19.31+.12+0.9 GlobAlcI 21.01+.13+1.9 HiYldBdIs 8.13+.09+5.9 HiYldInvA m 8.13+.09+5.6 HthScOpA m 46.66+.58+19.9 LowDurIvA m 9.75+.01+2.2 NatMuniA m 11.07-.01+10.8 NatMuniI 11.06-.02+10.9 A-B-CACI Ww s...17.78-.21 AMC Net...56.27+.95 ASML Hld.83e92.51+1.77 AcadiaPh...26.06+.77 AcelRx...6.74-.61 Achillion...10.97+.08 AcordaTh...31.77-.20 ActivsBliz.20f18.85-.14 AdobeSy...64.52+1.66 Adtran.3620.12+.76 Aegerion...31.01-1.70 AgiosPhm...64.27-.66 AirMethod...54.29-.79 AirMedia...2.32+.26 AkamaiT...53.84+.46 Akorn...37.24+1.44 AlbnyMlc...21.55-.01 Alexion...164.75+1.50 AlignTech...45.38+.22 Alkermes...43.08+1.13 AldHlPd...2.73-.17 AllscriptH...12.87-.01 AlnylamP...86.18+1.24 AlteraCp lf.72f32.52+.85 AmTrstFin.8044.67+1.45 Amarin...1.05... Amazon...303.64+.78 AmbacFin...21.10+.08 Ambarella...38.44-.32 Amdocs.6244.97+.54 AmAirl n.4033.38+.41 ACapAgy2.64f22.45+.17 AmCapLtd...14.00-.05 ACapMtg2.6019.60-.13 ARCapH n.6811.03+.01 ARltCapPr1.0011.92-.16 Amgen2.44133.69+3.24 AmicusTh...5.61-.05 AmkorTch...6.84-.12 AnacorPh...u25.65+.84 AnalogDev1.4844.94+.34 AngiesList...8.36-.13 AngioDyn...15.29-.37 Ansys...72.99+.57 ApolloEdu...25.62+.75 ApolloInv.807.95+.04 Apple Inc s1.8897.67+1.41 ApldMatl.4019.88+.01 AMCC...6.67-.21 Approach...11.19-1.01 ArenaPhm...4.01-.03 AresCap1.52a15.91+.22 AriadP...5.44+.08 ArmHld.31e41.98+.51 ArrayBio...3.32-.13 Arris...25.15+.34 ArrowRsh...6.45-.57 ArubaNet...19.49+.05 AscenaRtl...11.93+.08 AspenTech...35.48+.76 AsscdBanc.3616.94+.02 athenahlth...111.76-8.73 Atmel...6.72-.07 Autodesk...50.79+.90 AutoData1.92b72.68+1.05 Auxilium...30.63+.28 AvagoTch1.28f77.15+1.55 AvanirPhm...10.92-.24 AvisBudg...49.83-1.49 BBCN Bcp.40f14.78-.07 B/E Aero...76.83+3.04 BGC Ptrs.487.37-.15 Baidu...211.73+.51 BallardPw...2.78-.07 BncFstOK1.36f63.72-.55 BkOzarks s.50f32.50+.07 BaxanoS h....12-.02 BeacnRfg...25.67+.20 BedBath...63.10+.70 Biocryst...11.58-.60 BiogenIdc...306.71+3.97 BioMarin...70.45-.14 BioScrip...5.89-.16 BlackBerry...9.49+.19 BloominBr...18.36+.13 Blucora...15.13+.05 BobEvans1.2448.12-.60 BostPrv.3211.69+.11 BoulderBr...12.29-.13 BreitBurn2.0115.77-.47 Broadcom.4835.77+.46 BrcdeCm.149.50+.34 BrooksAuto.40f10.56-.02 BrukerCp...18.87-.03 BuffaloWW...130.32-.66 BldrFstSrc...5.37+.17 CA Inc1.0026.35+.53 CBOE.84f54.34-1.22 CDK Glbl n...26.67+1.45 CDW Corp.1729.05+.80 CH Robins1.4067.98+1.12 CHS pfB3...d25.05-.31 CIM CTr rs.8818.00+.16 CME Grp1.8878.26-.87 CTC Media.705.31+.30 Cadence...16.50+.20 Caesars...11.71+1.32 CalaStrTR.9910.95+.24 CalAmp...17.76-.14 CdnSolar...27.72-.83 CapProd.938.97+.63 CapFedFn.30a12.05-.14 CpstnTurb....81-.03 Cardtronic...34.80-.63 CareerEd...5.30+.29 Carrizo...45.41+.39 Catamaran...39.97-.04 CathayGen.2824.80+.31 Cavium...42.93-.16 Celgene s...88.12+1.74 CelldexTh...14.87-.43 Cempra...12.25-.41 CentAl...24.30+.92 Cepheid...46.45+1.78 Cerner...57.19+.54 CerusCp...4.05-.20 ChartInds...46.28-1.26 CharterCm...143.80+3.55 ChkPoint...68.02+1.02 Cheesecake.66f46.23-.54 Chimerix...u34.15-1.25 ChiFnOnl...5.25+.09 ChiMobGm...22.21+.32 CinnFin1.7646.81+.73 Cintas.77f69.29+.86 Cirrus...20.12+.09 Cisco.7623.25+.43 CitrixSys...64.54+.53 CleanEngy...6.35-.80 ClovisOnc...48.51+1.75 CogentC1.20f32.27+.85 CognizTc s...44.20+.08 Comc spcl.9050.65+1.13 CommScp n...22.07+1.07 CmcBMO.90b41.74+.09 CommVlt...47.06+.08 Compuwre.509.86-.14 Comverse...d20.24+.20 ConcurTch...127.53-.24 Conns...29.90-.33 ConsolCom1.55u26.46+.27 Conversant...34.20+.10 Copart...31.15+.06 CorinC hlf....13+.04 CorOnDem...33.66+.53 Costco1.42124.65+1.70 Covisint h...2.76+.08 CowenGp...3.71-.06 Cree Inc...33.13+.06 Crocs...12.10-.19 Ctrip.com...54.47+.73 CubistPh...65.89+1.92 CumMed...3.70+.13 CyberArk n...30.29+.84 CypSemi.448.83-.16 Cytori....51-.00 D-E-FdELIAs h....14+.01 Dndreon...1.14+.04 Dentsply.2745.30+.51 Depomed...14.49-.13 DiambkEn...63.35+.23 DirecTV...85.02+1.14 DiscCmA s...34.65+.46 DiscCmC s...34.38+.41 DishNetw h...58.53+.57 DollarTree...56.58+1.53 DonlleyRR1.0415.71+.10 DotHillSys...3.90-.25 DragonW g...1.05-.09 DrmWksA...21.36+1.08 DryShips...1.69-.07 Dunkin.9245.24+.51 DyaxCp...10.07-.02 E-Trade...20.12+.24 eBay...47.95+.07 EV Engy3.09f33.03-.09 EaglRkEn...3.40+.24 EarthLink.203.26+.02 EstWstBcp.7232.20+.07 8x8 Inc...7.01... ElPLoco n...34.00+.55 ElectArts...34.28+1.66 ElizArden...16.95-.31 Endo Intl...61.62+1.03 Endocyte...5.52-.33 EnerNOC...13.47+.07 EngyXXI.487.63-.69 Enphase...12.02-.79 Entegris...11.38-.32 Equinix7.57e206.38+14.14 Ericsson.46e11.52... Esperion...21.53+.84 ExOne...23.97+.08 Exelixis...1.58-.05 Expedia.72f74.57-.51 ExpdIntl.64f39.60+.39 ExpScripts...70.74+.77 ExtrmNet...3.07+.01 F5 Netwks...113.70+3.96 FLIR Sys.4029.05-.15 Facebook...75.95+3.32 FairchldS...13.26-.20 Fastenal1.0041.09+.31 FifthStFin1.108.65+.14 FifthThird.5218.13+.39 Finisar...15.62-.27 FinLine.3225.11+.28 FireEye...29.05+.09 FMidBc.3215.86-.02 FstNiagara.328.20+.07 FstSolar...53.23-.99 FT DWF5...19.65+.24 FstMerit.6416.82-.13 Fiserv s...62.77+1.06 FiveBelow...39.16-1.74 Flextrn...8.89+.03 Fortinet...24.62+.85 Fossil Grp...96.99-1.11 FndtnMed...22.93+2.33 Francesca...d11.85-.82 FreshMkt...33.23-.04 FrontierCm.406.08-.01 FuelCellE...1.80-.05 FultonFncl.3210.77+.03 G-H-IG-III...72.10-6.26 GW Pharm...63.46+.37 Gam&Lsr n2.0831.58+.13 Garmin1.9252.24-.37 Gentex.6427.69+.41 Gentherm...38.98-.52 GeronCp.15t2.11-.09 GileadSci...100.75+3.87 GluMobile...4.35... Gogo...15.92-.53 GolLNGLtd1.8051.54+2.73 Goodyear.2420.21+.24 Google A...522.97-13.95 Google C n...511.17-13.34 GoPro n...74.63+1.94 GreenPlns.32f29.98-.27 GrifolsSA.29e32.96+1.86 Groupon...6.13-.13 GulfportE...47.19-.53 H&E Eqp1.0035.49+.55 HD Supply...25.40+.89 HMS Hldgs...20.26+.45 HainCel...100.23+1.54 Halozyme...8.93-.27 Harmonic...6.00-.05 Hasbro1.7253.85-.36 HawHold...13.33-.03 HlthCSvc.70f27.16-.97 HrtlndEx.0824.16+.29 HSchein...113.26+2.30 HercOffsh...1.67-.18 HimaxTch.27e8.57-.26 Hologic...23.86+.71 HomeAway...31.71+1.64 HorizPhm...11.67+.59 HoughMH n...19.18+.30 HudsCity.168.88-.17 HuntJB.8074.91+.19 HuntBncsh.24f9.13-.06 IAC Inter1.36f58.97+.49 IdexxLabs...119.35+1.16 iRobot...31.85-.35 iShAsiaexJ1.04e60.38+.28 iShACWX1.47e43.32+.68 iSh ACWI1.29e56.31+.78 iShs SOX.97e78.17+.57 iShNsdqBio.39e265.37+4.39 Icon PLC...54.91+.80 IconixBr...36.38-.13 Illumina...164.91+4.68 ImunoGn...d8.30-.08 Imunmd...3.64-.08 ImpaxLabs...26.71-.29 Incyte...50.08-1.42 Infinera...10.35-.06 InfinityPh...12.78-.46 Informat...32.94+.65 InovioPh rs...12.31+.47 Insmed...13.29-.51 Nasdaq National Market Mutual FundsInsulet...37.19+.02 InsysTh s...37.56-.82 IntgDv...13.51+.21 Intel.9031.38+.53 InterceptP...224.45+7.81 Intersil.4812.32+.17 Intuit1.00f81.03+2.39 InvBncp s.169.86-.18 IridiumCm...8.93-.05 IronwdPh...12.55-.33 Isis ...39.87-.69 J-K-LJA Solar...7.95+.24 JD.com n...25.07+.05 JDS Uniph...11.83-.01 JackInBox.8068.01+1.64 JkksPac...7.90-.05 JazzPhrm...152.36+2.10 JetBlue...10.86-.36 KLA Tnc2.00f68.44+.21 KandiTech...12.94-.28 KeurigGM1.00137.71-.27 KnightShp.806.96-.29 KraftFGp2.20f54.99+.60 LDR Hldg...33.30+1.69 LKQ Corp...26.25-.04 LPL Fincl.9642.49+.58 LakeInd...16.98-3.71 LamResrch.7269.19-.50 LamarAdv3.3248.60+.21 Lattice...6.42+.02 LegacyRes2.44f22.52+.22 LexiPhrm...1.31-.02 LibGlobA s...42.15+.40 LibGlobC s...41.28+.37 LibMda A s...43.85+1.26 LibtyIntA...24.10+.31 LibVentA s...30.11+.30 LibTripA n...28.48+.69 LifePtH...67.40+.43 LigandPh...50.07+1.21 LinearTch1.0839.09-.40 LinnEngy2.9024.77+.67 LinnCo2.9023.41+.42 Lionbrdg...4.30-.04 Logitech lf...12.07+.56 lululemn gs...38.84-1.16 M-N-0ManhAsc s...33.46+.11 MannKd...5.69+.14 MarIntA.8065.01+2.22 MarvellT.2412.15... Mattel1.5228.78-.84 MaximIntg1.12f26.26+.27 MaxwellT...9.52-.11 MedAssets...21.57-.08 MediCo...21.90-.07 Medidata s...40.13-.70 Medivation...94.27+1.73 MelcoCrwn.55e25.49+.38 Mellanox...42.28-.14 MemorialP2.2020.88+.48 MemRsD n...23.64-.11 MercadoL.66104.27-1.67 MerrimkP...8.44-.25 Methanx1.0056.15+.70 Micrel.2011.30+.17 Microchp1.42f38.39-.80 MicronT...28.77+.47 MicroSemi...22.34-.10 Microsoft1.24f43.63+.89 MillerHer.5629.70+.27 Momenta...11.35+.04 Mondelez.60f32.62+.52 MonPwSys.6038.03+.01 MonstrBev...92.11+1.28 Move Inc...20.86-.02 Mylan...49.46+.69 MyriadG...35.03-2.73 NMI Hld n...8.87+.55 NPS Phm...26.16-.26 NXP Semi...60.42-.64 Nanosphr h....73-.03 NasdOMX.6040.16+.43 NatPenn.409.48-.10 Navient n.60u18.61+.97 NektarTh...12.40-.88 NetApp.6638.82+.42 Netflix...357.09-4.61 NtScout...33.84+1.94 Neurcrine...16.32-1.03 NewLink...29.35-2.52 NYMtgTr1.087.50-.02 Newport...17.15-.05 NewsCpA...14.71+.11 NewsCpB...14.26+.02 Noodles...22.06+.40 Nordson.88f70.12+.51 NorTrst1.3263.30+.54 NthnTr pfC...24.73+.03 NorwCruis...32.02+.72 Novadaq g...d10.65+.05 Novavax...4.88-.29 NuanceCm...14.60+.50 Nvidia.3417.42-.03 OReillyAu...152.09+2.63 OceanRig.7613.44+.25 OfficeDpt...4.82-.10 OldDomFrt...67.92+1.61 OldNBcp.4412.49-.01 OmniVisn...26.01+.26 OnSmcnd...7.44+.25 OnTrack...2.10-.10 Oncothyr...1.71-.06 OraSure...8.34-.26 Orexigen...4.08-.11 P-Q-RPDC Engy...41.65-1.40 PDL Bio.608.26+.13 PGT Inc...9.42+.16 PMC Sra...6.88-.06 PTC Inc...35.03+.71 PTC Thera...37.03-.52 PacWstBc1.0039.65+.41 Paccar.8858.40+.35 PacBiosci...5.43-.08 PaciraPhm...101.65-2.78 PanASlv.5010.55-.43 PaneraBrd...167.46+1.45 Parexel...59.24-.15 PatternEn1.31f28.57+1.36 Patterson.8040.42+.61 PattUTI.4024.17+.05 Paychex1.5243.50+.41 PnnNGm...11.57+.01 PennantPk1.1210.64+.17 PeopUtdF.66d13.82-.31 Performnt...8.02+.02 PernixTh h...u9.24-.35 PetSmart.7866.77+1.16 PetMed.6813.11-.22 Pharmacyc...112.21+3.07 PilgrimsP...27.92+2.01 Pixelwrks...5.72+.10 Polycom...11.17+.17 Popular...28.47+.42 PortfRecov...59.10+.17 PwShs QQQ1.34e93.00+1.21 PriceTR1.7676.39+.96 Priceline...1077.27+4.08 PrivateB.0429.00+.68 PrUPQQQ s.01e71.71+2.70 PrognicsPh...4.68-.17 Proofpoint...35.94-1.10 ProUShBio...12.66-.41 PShtQQQ rs...42.47-1.72 ProspctCap1.339.64+.30 QIAGEN...21.92+.60 QlikTech...23.86+.13 Qlogic...10.71+1.17 Qualcom1.6872.43+1.29 Qunar n...25.31+.66 RF MicD...10.23+.34 RadNet...u8.48+.21 Rambus...11.06+.19 Randgold.5066.93-2.28 Receptos...64.31+3.20 Regenrn...u369.64+28.93 RentACt.9231.57-.29 Replgn...22.50+.22 RepubAir...10.51-.42 RetailOpp.6415.07-.16 RetailMNot...17.26-.83 RexEnergy...8.86-.36 RigelPh...d1.71-.07 RiverbedT...17.18+.13 RockCrPh....32+.01 RockwllM...9.82-.14 RosettaR...37.66+.47 RossStrs.8077.19+.47 RoyGld.8466.39-2.48 RubiconTc...4.22-.26 S-T-USBA Com...108.30+1.70 SEI Inv.4434.08+.04 SLM Cp...8.80+.10 SVB FnGp...100.54+1.80 SabraHltc1.5225.46-.17 SabreCp n.3616.07+.38 SalixPhm...140.00+2.62 SanderFm.88f78.59+.70 SanDisk1.2082.80-2.51 SangBio...10.52-.43 Sanmina...18.08+.29 Sanofi 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VangNatR2.5224.87-.26 VanSTCpB1.62e80.40+.11 VeecoInst...32.23-.25 VBradley...20.35-.59 VerintSys...52.79+.62 Verisign...54.24+.49 Verisk...59.46+.22 VertxPh...102.35+1.09 ViacomA1.3269.41+1.11 ViacomB1.3269.31+1.08 Vical...1.22... Vimicro h...9.48+.37 VimpelCm.45e5.83+.09 VistaPrt...55.36-.83 Vivus...3.36-.24 Vodafone1.82e30.48+.81 WarrenRs...3.27-.44 WashFed.59f20.36+.03 Web.com...18.68-.08 WebMD...37.25-.24 Weibo n...18.03-.22 Wendys Co.208.31+.03 WDigital1.6086.84+1.26 Westmrld...36.97+6.32 WstptInn g...5.91-.53 WetSeal h....42-.01 WholeFood.4836.94+.07 Windstrm1.0010.08+.05 WisdomTr...10.31-.19 Wynn5.00182.45+.38 XOMA...4.03-.05 Xcerra...8.07+.05 XenoPort...6.29-.12 Xilinx1.1641.05+2.56 YRC Wwde...15.93+.41 YY Inc...75.49-.88 Yahoo...38.45+.34 Yandex...26.31+.52 ZebraT...66.00+2.03 Zillow...105.15-.42 ZionsBcp.1626.33+.13 Zogenix...1.33+.03 Zulily n...37.30-.15 Zynga...2.29... 12-mo Name NAV Chg%RtnNameDivLastChg Mutual Fund Footnotes: b Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f front load (sales charges). m Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA not available. p previous days net asset value. s fund split shares during the week. x fund paid a distribution during the week.Source:Morningstar and the Associated Press.


2004 SUZUKI KA TA NAOnly$3,4 00 2005 YA MAHA VS TA R6 50Only$3,9 95 2012 HOND AS HADOW 750Only$6,2 00 352-330-0047 rff nt bft nnf Cycles Cycles BUY HERE PAY HERE r f n tb r br r f f tb n b b b b rrr rr rrbr r b 1997HARLEY -DA VIDSON 883 H$3, 90 0 2003TRIUMPH SPEEDM ASTE R$3,7 00 2003HARLE YDA VIDSO NU LT RA CLASSI C$9, 50 0 2011SCREAMING EAGLE ROAD GLIDE$19,99 5 2013HARLEY DA VIDSON ROAD KING$16,99 5 2007HARLEY DA VIDSON TRIKE$19 ,90 0 SPORTS EDITOR FRANK JOLLEY 352-365-8268 Sports sports@dailycommercial.com C1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com NCAA: Gators start 4-game stretch to dene season / C4 PAUL BARNEY | Staff Writer paul.barney@dailycommercial.com Theres something about playing on the road that gets Ben Bullocks team excited. Whatever it is, its working for Mount Dora. After a sluggish rst half, the Hurricanes offense came alive in the second half, get ting a pair of receiving touch downs from Von Davis to de feat Eustis 28-9 on Friday night. The win was the third straight for Mount Dora (62), which improved to 4-0 on the road. Some people talked about, Its a close trip, lets change the schedule a little bit, Bullock said. Im like, No, no, no. Everything we did the last three away trips we did the same. The kids were excited to come here. It was a challenge and the kids responded. Especially in the second half, where the Hurricanes outscored the Panthers (3-4) 21-7. Mount Dora quarterback Zach Dickinson threw for 171 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions on 13 of 24 passing. Willie Brown rushed for 60 yards and a touchdown on 20 hard-fought carries. Brown also threw for a 36yard touchdown in the sec ond quarter to a wide-open Andrew Davis that gave the Hurricanes a 7-0 lead with 2:36 remaining in the half. We worked on that all week, Bullock said of the halfback pass. We knew in a rivalry game like this, in a tight game, one of those kind of plays can jumpstart us and maybe get a touchdown Hurricanes take down Panthers BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL Mount Dora sophomore Benny McCray (6) jumps up to celebrate after intercepting a pass during Fridays game between Eustis High School and Mount Dora High School in Eustis. MOUNT DORA 28, EUSTIS 9 SOUTH LAKE 24, LEESBURG 21 PHOTOS BY ROBYN NELSON / SPECIAL TO THE DAILY COMMERCIAL South Lake senior Branden Walker (3) reaches to make a catch during Fridays game against Leesburg High School at South Lake High School in Groveland. FRANK JOLLEY | Staff Writer frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com District football games are supposed to be hard-fought battles. Playoff berths and bragging rights often ride on the outcome and Fridays matchup between Leesburg and South Lake certainly t the bill. South Lake needed a win to control its own destiny for the schools rst postseason bid in more than a decade and Leesburg was look ing to keep its playoff hopes alive and spoil the Eagles bid for a per fect season. South Lake managed to achieve its goals at the Yellow Jack ets expense. Trace McEwen grabbed a 54-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Nick Gui detti midway through the fourth quarter and the Eagles defense made a pair of criti cal stops in the closing minutes to secure a 2421 win at Eagles Stadi um. With the win, South Lake improved to 7-0 for the rst time since 1996 and remained unbeaten in district play at 2-0. Coupled with Orlando Edgewa ters 26-19 win in dou ble overtime against Lake Minneola, the Ea gles locked up a playoff berth. South Lake and Or lando Edgewater will meet on Oct. 30 in Or lando to determine the district champion and runnerup. Leesburg (3-5) dropped its fthstraight game and was eliminated from post season competition with its second district loss. That was a tough dis trict game, South Lake coach Mark Woolum South Lake now 7-0 with close win over Yellow Jackets FRANK FRANKLIN II / AP Florida State running back Dalvin Cook (4) is tackled by Syracuses Josh Kirkland (10) on Oct. 11 in Syracuse, N.Y. KAREEM COPELAND Associated Press TALLAHASSEE No one around the Flori da State football team wants to call Saturdays game against No. 5 No tre Dame a must-win. Reality could tell a dif ferent story. The No. 2 Seminoles last week dropped from the top of the rankings for the rst time since Dec. 1, 2013 despite a 6-0 record. Florida State simply hasnt been as dominant as during its 2013 title run. Missis sippi State passed the Seminoles in the poll with a victory over thenNo. 2 Auburn. An undefeated FSU team should be a lock for the College Football Playoffs. Things, howev er, could change drasti cally with a loss to No tre Dame. The Fighting Irish are the last ranked team on Florida States schedule and the last chance to make a signif icant impression on the selection committee. Im sure if Flori da State lost this game the immediate reaction after would be, well, theyre done, said Dan ny Kannell, former FSU quarterback and ESPN college football analyst. Because they play in the ACC, which is one of the weaker conferences in college football, be cause the remaining schedule, there arent too many tests where they can make a state ment down the road as it looks now. Notre Dame has those opportunities upcom ing against No. 17 Ari zona State and No. 22 Southern California. The other undefeated teams in the top ve No. 1 Mississippi State, No. 3 Ole Miss and No. 4 Baylor all have at least two more ranked teams to play. The Reb els and Bears have three. Anytime you play a high-ranked opponent you want to be success ful because it gives you tons of credibility, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said. Theres no doubt about Eagles keep streak South Lake senior Charles Hutchinson (24) avoids Leesburgs Bryce Gamble (90). FSU running out of chances to impress SEE FSU | C2 SEE EAGLES | C2 SEE MDHS | C2


C2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 BASEBALL MLB Postseason x-if necessary WILD CARD Tuesday, Sept. 30: Kansas City 9, Oakland 8, 12 innings Wednesday, Oct. 1: San Francisco 8, Pittsburgh 0 DIVISION SERIES (Best-of-5) American League Baltimore 3, Detroit 0 Thursday, Oct. 2: Baltimore 12, Detroit 3 Friday, Oct. 3: Baltimore 7, Detroit 6 Sunday, Oct. 5: Baltimore 2, Detroit 1 Kansas City 3, Los Angeles 0 Thursday, Oct. 2: Kansas City 3, Los Angeles 2, 11 innings Friday, Oct. 3: Kansas City 4, Los Angeles 1, 11 innings Sunday, Oct. 5: Kansas City 8, Los Angeles 3 National League San Francisco 3, Washington 1 Friday, Oct. 3: San Francisco 3, Washington 2 Saturday, Oct. 4: San Francisco 2, Washington 1, 18 innings Monday, Oct. 6: Washington 4, San Francisco 1 Tuesday, Oct. 7: San Francisco 3, Washington 2 St. Louis 3, Los Angeles 1 Friday, Oct. 3: St. Louis 10, Los Angeles 9 Saturday, Oct. 4: Los Angeles 3, St. Louis 2 Monday, Oct. 6: St. Louis 3, Los Angeles 1 Tuesday, Oct. 7: St. Louis 3, Los Angeles 2 LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (Best-of-7) American League Kansas City 4, Baltimore 0 Friday, Oct. 10: Kansas City 8, Baltimore 6, 10 in nings Saturday, Oct. 11: Kansas City 6, Baltimore 4 Monday, Oct. 13: Baltimore at Kansas City, ppd., rain Tuesday, Oct. 14: Kansas City 2, Baltimore 1 Wednesday, Oct. 15: Kansas City 2, Baltimore 1 National League San Francisco 4, St. Louis 1 Saturday, Oct. 11: San Francisco 3, St. Louis 0 Sunday, Oct. 12: St. Louis 5, San Francisco 4 Tuesday, Oct. 14: San Francisco 5, St. Louis 4, 10 innings Wednesday, Oct. 15: San Francisco 6, St. Louis 4 Thursday, Oct. 16: San Francisco 6, St. Louis 3 WORLD SERIES (Best-of-7) All games televised by Fox Tuesday, Oct. 21: San Francisco (Bumgarner 20-11) at Kansas City (Shields 15-8), 8:07 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22: San Francisco at Kansas City, 8:07 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24: Kansas City at San Francisco, 8:07 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25: Kansas City at San Francisco, 8:07 p.m. x-Sunday, Oct. 26: Kansas City at San Francisco, 8:07 p.m. x-Tuesday, Oct. 28: San Francisco at Kansas City, 8:07 p.m. x-Wednesday, Oct. 29: San Francisco at Kansas City, 8:07 p.m. Late Thursday Giants 6, Cardinals 3 St. Louis San Francisco ab r h bi ab r h bi MCrpnt 3b 3 0 0 0 GBlanc cf 4 1 2 0 Jay cf-lf-cf 4 0 2 1 Panik 2b 4 1 1 2 Hollidy lf 4 0 1 0 Posey c 4 0 0 0 Neshek p 0 0 0 0 Sandovl 3b 4 0 2 0 Wacha p 0 0 0 0 Arias pr 0 1 0 0 JhPerlt ss 4 0 0 0 Pence rf 3 0 0 0 MAdms 1b 3 1 1 1 Belt 1b 3 1 0 0 Descals pr-1b 0 0 0 0 Ishikaw lf 3 1 1 3 Grichk rf-lf 4 0 1 0 BCrwfr ss 3 0 0 0 Wong 2b 4 0 0 0 Bmgrn p 2 0 0 0 T.Cruz c 2 2 1 1 Morse ph 1 1 1 1 Wnwrg p 2 0 0 0 SCasill p 0 0 0 0 Bourjos cf 0 0 0 0 Affeldt p 0 0 0 0 Tavers ph-rf 1 0 0 0 Totals 31 3 6 3 Totals 31 6 7 6 St. Louis 001 200 000 3 San Francisco 002 000 013 6 One out when winning run scored. DPSt. Louis 1, San Francisco 1. LOBSt. Louis 6, San Francisco 3. 2BJay (1), Sandoval (3). HR Ma.Adams (2), T.Cruz (1), Panik (1), Ishikawa (1), Morse (1). SBWong (1). SWainwright. IP H R ER BB SO St. Louis Wainwright 7 4 2 2 2 7 Neshek BS,1-1 1 1 1 1 0 0 Wacha L,0-1 1 / 3 2 3 3 1 0 San Francisco Bumgarner 8 5 3 3 2 5 S.Casilla 2 / 3 1 0 0 2 0 Affeldt W,1-0 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 UmpiresHome, Greg Gibson; First, Bill Miller; Sec ond, Paul Emmel; Third, Bill Welke; Right, Mark Carl son; Left, Gerry Davis. T:03. A,217 (41,915). BASKETBALL NBA Preseason EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic W L Pct GB Brooklyn 2 0 1.000 Toronto 4 1 .800 Boston 3 3 .500 1 New York 2 2 .500 1 Philadelphia 1 4 .200 3 Southeast W L Pct GB Washington 3 1 .750 Orlando 2 1 .667 Atlanta 2 2 .500 1 Charlotte 2 2 .500 1 Miami 0 4 .000 3 Central W L Pct GB Cleveland 3 0 1.000 Detroit 3 1 .750 Chicago 3 2 .600 1 Indiana 1 3 .250 2 Milwaukee 1 3 .250 2 WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest W L Pct GB Houston 3 1 .750 New Orleans 3 2 .600 Dallas 1 2 .333 1 Memphis 1 3 .250 2 San Antonio 0 1 .000 1 Northwest W L Pct GB Utah 4 0 1.000 Oklahoma City 2 2 .500 2 Minnesota 1 1 .500 2 Portland 1 2 .333 2 Denver 1 4 .200 3 Pacic W L Pct GB Golden State 4 0 1.000 Phoenix 2 1 .667 1 L.A. Lakers 1 3 .250 3 Sacramento 1 3 .250 3 L.A. Clippers 0 3 .000 3 Thursdays Games Boston 111, Philadelphia 91 Chicago 85, Atlanta 84 New Orleans 120, Oklahoma City 86 Golden State 104, Denver 101 Phoenix 121, San Antonio 90 Utah 119, L.A. Lakers 86 Fridays Games Charlotte at Washington, late Detroit at Orlando, late Dallas at Cleveland, late Toronto vs. Oklahoma City at Wichita, KS, late Milwaukee vs. Minnesota at Cedar Rapids, IA, late Golden State vs. Miami at Kansas City, MO, late Utah at L.A. Clippers, late. Todays Games Dallas at Indiana, 7 p.m. Detroit at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. Orlando vs. Philadelphia at Allentown, PA, 7:30 p.m. Miami at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. Denver vs. L.A. Clippers at Las Vegas, NV, 10:30 p.m. Sundays Games Boston at Brooklyn, 3 p.m. Minnesota vs. Oklahoma City at Tulsa, OK, 7 p.m. Charlotte at Chicago, 8 p.m. Golden State vs. Houston at Hidalgo, TX, 8 p.m. Utah at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m. FOOTBALL NFL AMERICAN CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA New England 5 2 0 .714 187 154 Buffalo 3 3 0 .500 118 126 Miami 2 3 0 .400 120 124 N.Y. Jets 1 6 0 .143 121 185 South W L T Pct PF PA Indianapolis 4 2 0 .667 189 136 Houston 3 3 0 .500 132 120 Tennessee 2 4 0 .333 104 153 Jacksonville 0 6 0 .000 81 185 North W L T Pct PF PA Cincinnati 3 1 1 .700 134 113 Baltimore 4 2 0 .667 164 97 Cleveland 3 2 0 .600 134 115 Pittsburgh 3 3 0 .500 124 139 West W L T Pct PF PA San Diego 5 1 0 .833 164 91 Denver 4 1 0 .800 147 104 Kansas City 2 3 0 .400 119 101 Oakland 0 5 0 .000 79 134 NATIONAL CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA Philadelphia 5 1 0 .833 183 132 Dallas 5 1 0 .833 165 126 N.Y. Giants 3 3 0 .500 133 138 Washington 1 5 0 .167 132 166 South W L T Pct PF PA Carolina 3 2 1 .583 141 157 New Orleans 2 3 0 .400 132 141 Atlanta 2 4 0 .333 164 170 Tampa Bay 1 5 0 .167 120 204 North W L T Pct PF PA Detroit 4 2 0 .667 116 82 Green Bay 4 2 0 .667 161 130 Chicago 3 3 0 .500 143 144 Minnesota 2 4 0 .333 104 143 West W L T Pct PF PA Arizona 4 1 0 .800 116 106 San Francisco 4 2 0 .667 141 123 Seattle 3 2 0 .600 133 113 St. Louis 1 4 0 .200 101 150 Thursdays Game New England 27, N.Y. Jets 25 Sundays Games Seattle at St. Louis, 1 p.m. Miami at Chicago, 1 p.m. Carolina at Green Bay, 1 p.m. Atlanta at Baltimore, 1 p.m. Tennessee at Washington, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Jacksonville, 1 p.m. Cincinnati at Indianapolis, 1 p.m. Minnesota at Buffalo, 1 p.m. New Orleans at Detroit, 1 p.m. Kansas City at San Diego, 4:05 p.m. Arizona at Oakland, 4:25 p.m. N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 4:25 p.m. San Francisco at Denver, 8:30 p.m. Open: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay Mondays Game Houston at Pittsburgh, 8:30 p.m. Patriots 27, N.Y. Jets 25 N.Y. Jets 6 6 7 6 25 New England 7 10 3 7 27 First Quarter NEVereen 49 pass from Brady (Gostkowski kick), 13:31. NYJFG Folk 22, 6:29. NYJFG Folk 47, :19. Second Quarter NYJFG Folk 46, 7:52. NEVereen 3 pass from Brady (Gostkowski kick), 4:22. NYJFG Folk 27, 1:01. NEFG Gostkowski 39, :00. Third Quarter NYJIvory 1 run (Folk kick), 8:58. NEFG Gostkowski 36, 4:10. Fourth Quarter NEAmendola 19 pass from Brady (Gostkowski kick), 7:49. NYJCumberland 10 pass from Smith (pass failed), 2:31. A,756. NYJ NE First downs 28 16 Total Net Yards 423 323 Rushes-yards 43-218 15-63 Passing 205 260 Punt Returns 2-8 1-3 Kickoff Returns 2-80 4-105 Interceptions Ret. 0-0 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 20-34-0 20-37-0 Sacked-Yards Lost 3-21 1-1 Punts 3-42.7 5-46.4 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 0-0 Penalties-Yards 7-70 9-64 Time of Possession 40:54 19:06 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGN.Y. Jets, Ivory 21-107, C.Johnson 13-61, Smith 7-37, B.Powell 1-7, Vick 1-6. New England, Ver een 11-43, Gray 3-12, Edelman 1-8. PASSINGN.Y. Jets, Smith 20-34-0-226. New En gland, Brady 20-37-0-261. RECEIVINGN.Y. Jets, Decker 4-65, Ivory 4-18, Cum berland 3-50, Amaro 3-22, Kerley 2-29, C.Johnson 2-19, B.Powell 1-12, Nelson 1-11. New England, Vereen 5-71, Gronkowski 5-68, LaFell 4-55, Edelman 4-44, Amendola 1-19, Bolden 1-4. MISSED FIELD GOALSN.Y. Jets, Folk 58 (BK). HOCKEY NHL EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic GP W L OT Pts GF GA Montreal 5 4 1 0 8 17 18 Ottawa 4 3 1 0 6 11 8 Tampa Bay 4 2 1 1 5 13 8 Toronto 4 2 2 0 4 14 14 Boston 6 2 4 0 4 11 17 Detroit 3 1 1 1 3 6 7 Buffalo 4 1 3 0 2 8 17 Florida 3 0 2 1 1 3 9 Metropolitan GP W L OT Pts GF GA N.Y. Islanders 4 4 0 0 8 19 12 New Jersey 4 3 1 0 6 15 12 Washington 4 2 0 2 6 16 10 Pittsburgh 3 2 1 0 4 13 9 Columbus 3 2 1 0 4 10 7 N.Y. Rangers 5 2 3 0 4 13 20 Carolina 4 0 2 2 2 10 15 Philadelphia 4 0 2 2 2 11 16 WESTERN CONFERENCE Central GP W L OT Pts GF GA Nashville 3 2 0 1 5 9 6 Chicago 3 2 0 1 5 10 6 Dallas 4 2 1 1 5 10 11 Minnesota 2 2 0 0 4 8 0 St. Louis 3 1 1 1 3 6 5 Colorado 5 1 3 1 3 7 17 Winnipeg 3 1 2 0 2 7 9 Pacic GP W L OT Pts GF GA San Jose 4 3 0 1 7 16 9 Los Angeles 5 3 1 1 7 13 9 Anaheim 4 3 1 0 6 16 12 Calgary 5 3 2 0 6 13 13 Vancouver 2 2 0 0 4 9 6 Arizona 3 2 1 0 4 12 12 Edmonton 4 0 3 1 1 11 23 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for over time loss. Thursdays Games N.Y. Islanders 4, San Jose 3, SO N.Y. Rangers 2, Carolina 1, SO Los Angeles 1, St. Louis 0, SO Dallas 3, Pittsburgh 2 Washington 6, New Jersey 2 Montreal 6, Boston 4 Ottawa 5, Colorado 3 Fridays Games Florida at Buffalo, late Calgary at Columbus, late Detroit at Toronto, late Nashville at Winnipeg, late Vancouver at Edmonton, late Minnesota at Anaheim, late Todays Games Boston at Buffalo, 7 p.m. Colorado at Montreal, 7 p.m. Columbus at Ottawa, 7 p.m. Toronto at Detroit, 7 p.m. San Jose at New Jersey, 7 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m. Florida at Washington, 7 p.m. Philadelphia at Dallas, 8 p.m. Nashville at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. St. Louis at Arizona, 9 p.m. Tampa Bay at Vancouver, 10 p.m. Sundays Games Minnesota at Los Angeles, 3 p.m. San Jose at N.Y. Rangers, 5 p.m. Calgary at Winnipeg, 7 p.m. St. Louis at Anaheim, 8 p.m. GOLF LPGA Tour KEB-HanaBank Friday At Sky 72 Golf Club, Ocean Course Incheon, South Korea Purse: $2 million Yardage: 6,364; Par: 72 Second Round Karine Icher 71-68 139 Brittany Lincicome 70-70 140 Beatriz Recari 70-70 140 Mi Jung Hur 72-69 141 Azahara Munoz 72-69 141 Jung-Min Lee 71-70 141 Sandra Gal 70-71 141 Suzann Pettersen 70-71 141 Ilhee Lee 69-72 141 Lydia Ko 73-69 142 Seul A Yoon 73-69 142 Yoon Kyung Heo 72-70 142 Haeji Kang 67-75 142 In Gee Chun 76-67 143 Kyu Jung Baek 74-69 143 Pornanong Phatlum 73-70 143 Gerina Piller 73-70 143 Morgan Pressel 73-70 143 Julieta Granada 71-72 143 Hee-Kyung Bae 70-73 143 Eun-Hee Ji 70-73 143 Mirim Lee 69-74 143 Catriona Matthew 69-74 143 Meena Lee 73-71 144 Su-Yeon Jang 72-72 144 Cristie Kerr 72-72 144 Hyo Joo Kim 72-72 144 Inbee Park 71-73 144 Kim Kaufman 70-74 144 So Yeon Ryu 76-69 145 Sei Young Kim 74-71 145 Lizette Salas 74-71 145 Angela Stanford 74-71 145 Moriya Jutanugarn 71-74 145 Chella Choi 70-75 145 Michelle Wie 76-70 146 I.K. Kim 75-71 146 Min-Young Lee 75-71 146 Ha-Neul Kim 74-72 146 Katherine Kirk 74-72 146 Se Ri Pak 74-72 146 Brittany Lang 73-73 146 Mo Martin 78-69 147 Austin Ernst 76-71 147 Min-Sun Kim 75-72 147 Haru Nomura 75-72 147 TV 2 DAY AUTO RACING 1 p.m. FOX NASCAR, Truck Series, Freds 250, at Talladega, Ala. BOXING 9 p.m. NBCSN Super featherweights, Edner Cherry (32-6-2) vs. Jerry Belmontes (19-5-0); heavyweights, Steve Cunningham (27-6-0) vs. Natu Visinia (10-0-0), at Philadelphia 10 p.m. HBO Champion Nonito Donaire (33-2-0) vs. Nicholas Walters (24-0-0), for WBA Super featherweight title; champion Gennady Golovkin (30-0-0) vs. Marco Antonio Rubio (59-6-1) for WBA Super, IBO, and interim WBC middleweight titles, at Carson, Calif. COLLEGE FOOTBALL Noon ESPN Kansas St. at Oklahoma ESPN2 Iowa at Maryland ESPNEWS South Florida at Tulsa ESPNU Tulane at UCF SEC Furman at South Carolina FS-Florida Texas-San Antonio at Louisiana Tech FS1 Baylor at West Virginia SUN Syracuse at Wake Forest 12:30 p.m. WRBW Virginia at Duke 3:30 p.m. ABC Rutgers at Ohio St. CBS Texas A&M at Alabama ESPN Michigan St. at Indiana ESPN2 UCLA at California ESPNU Clemson at Boston College FS-Florida Kansas at Texas Tech SUN N.C. State at Louisville CBSSN Cincinnati at SMU 4 p.m. FS1 Oklahoma St. at TCU SEC Georgia at Arkansas 7 p.m. ESPN Tennessee at Mississippi ESPN2 Missouri at Florida ESPNU Georgia Tech at North Carolina CBSSN Utah State at Colorado State 7:30 p.m. SEC Kentucky at LSU Big Ten Nebraska at Northwestern 8 p.m. FS1 Washington at Oregon ABC Notre Dame at Florida St. 10 p.m. ESPNU Norfolk St. at Hampton 10:15 p.m. ESPN2 Nevada at BYU 10:30 p.m. ESPN Stanford at Arizona St. GOLF 6:30 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Volvo World Match Play Championship, quarternal matches, at Kent, England 11:30 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Hong Kong Open, third round 2:30 p.m. TGC Champions Tour, Greater Hickory Classic, second round, at Conover, N.C. 5 p.m. TGC PGA Tour, Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, third round, at Las Vegas 11:30 p.m. TGC LPGA, KEB HanaBank Championship, nal round, at Incheon, South Korea 3 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Volvo World Match Play Championship, seminal matches, at Kent, England MENS COLLEGE HOCKEY 6 p.m. NBCSN Lake Superior St. at Notre Dame MOTORSPORTS Midnight FS1 MotoGP World Championship, Grand Prix of Australia, at Phillip Island SOCCER 7:40 a.m. NBCSN Premier League, Tottenham at Manchester City 9:55 a.m. NBCSN Premier League, Chelsea at Crystal Palace 3 p.m. NBCSN MLS, Dallas at Colorado SCOREBOARD HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP VOLLEYBALL South Lake 3, Tavares 1 South Lake said goodbye to its senior class on Thursday with a stirring win on Senior Night against the Bulldogs. Game scores were 25-18, 25-23, 24-26, and 25-15. Colby Napier responded with 13 digs, four kills and one service, and Gabby Howard chipped in with 25 digs. it. We dont look at it as an end-all game. Its a very important game. We cant concern ourselves with those thoughts. ... It does car ry weight because Notre Dame has had an excel lent year and they have an excellent team. The Florida State linebacking corps has been a weak spot af ter 2013 starters Tel vin Smith and Chris tian Jones headed to the NFL. Fisher said sophomore Matthew Thomas has nished an indenite suspen sion because of an un disclosed NCAA issue. Thomas was a ve-star recruit out of Miami as a freshman and played in four games before shoulder surgery end ed his season. Saturday night will be a quarterback showcase. FSUs Ja meis Winston is the reigning Heisman Tro phy winner and has a national champi onship ring. Notre Dames Everett Gol son led the Irish to the national champion ship game at the end of the 2012 season. Winston ranks No. 10 in the country averag ing 321.0 passing yards per game and Golson is No. 21 with 280.5. Both are mobile and Golson is responsible for 122 points this sea son to rank No. 6 in the nation. Golsons 209 rushing yards ranks second on the team in rushing. Florida State receiv er Rashad Greene set the school career re ceptions record at 215 last week. Hes on pace to break Ron Sellers record of 3,598 receiv ing yards and could reach Peter Warricks record 31 receiving touchdowns. FSU FROM PAGE C1 said. Leesburg did a good job at stopping our running game, but I think we wore them down a lit tle late in the game. Our defense played well all night. They really on gave up one big play and that kept Leesburg in the game and gave them a chance to win. But thats what you expect from games like this. South Lake led throughout, with the exception of the open ing minutes of the sec ond quarter by Yellow Jackets quarterback Wy att Rector scored on a 16-yard run. After fall ing behind 17-7 in the third quarter when Tyr rell Richmond picked off a pass from Rec tor and raced in for the touchdown, the Yellow Jackets answered with a scoring pass from Rec tor to Quentin Peeples to close the gap to 17-14 with 10 minutes, 13 sec onds to play. South Lake respond ed with its biggest drive of the season. The Ea gles found enough of a running game to use up some clock. When it seemed like they had settled in to a comfortable, time-con suming ground attack, the Eagles rolled the dice and hit the jackpot. Quarterback Nick Guidetti, who had been intercepted three times in the game, dropped back and lofted a pass toward McEwen, who outleaped Leesburgs defenders and raced in for the game-winning score with 6:14 to play. (McEwen) made a great catch and kept his feet and got into the end zone, Woolum said. We needed some one to step up at that point and we got it. Leesburg, as it had throughout the game, responded. On a sec ond-and-long, Rector weaved his way through the line and through South Lakes secondary for a 52-yard scoring run and cut the lead to 24-21 with 4:59 to play. The Yellow Jackets had two more posses sions to tie the game, but each time the Ea gles defense stepped up with stops, the last coming with less than a minute to play. South Lake nished with 270 yards of offense. The Eagles ground game was limited to 84 yards, led by Kevin Evans with 47 yards on 17 carries. Guidetti completed 11of-28 passes for 186 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions. For Leesburg, which played without either of its Division-I receivers, Bryan Jefferson and Adri an Falconer, Rector com pleted 6-of-18 passes for 66 yards with one touch down and one intercep tion. The Yellow Jackets had 133 yards rushing, led by Rector with 92 yards on 12 carries with two touchdowns. South Lake hosts Mount Dora on Fri day for Homecoming, while Leesburg has a bye week. EAGLES FROM PAGE C1 LHS 0 7 0 14 21 SLHS 3 7 7 7 24 FIRST QUARTER SL Puente 29-yard eld goal SECOND QUARTER Lees Rector 1-yard run (PAT) SL Hutchinson 5-yard run (PAT) THIRD QUARTER SL Richmond 9-yard intercep tion return (PAT) FOURTH QUARTER Lees Peeples 11-yard pass from Rector (PAT) SL McEwen 54-yard pass from Guidetti (PAT) Lees Rector 52-yard run (PAT) MDHS 0 7 14 7 28 EHS 0 2 0 7 9 SECOND QUARTER MD Andrew Davis 36 pass from Willie Brown (Jared Brown PAT) THIRD QUARTER MD Von Davis 27 pass from Zach Dickinson (Brown PAT) MD Brown 52 run (Brown PAT) FOURTH QUARTER MD Davis 5 pass from Dickin son (Brown PAT) E Andrew Holland 44 pass from Donta Perdue (Logan Minniear PAT) we werent supposed to have. On the ensuing drive, Benny McCray IV inter cepted Eustis quarter back Donta Perdue at the Mount Dora 4-yard line. On the Hurricanes rst play of the drive, however, Brown was met in the end zone by a herd of Panther de fenders that resulted in a safety. Mount Dora led 7-2 at the half and had just 99 yards of offense. The second half was a different story. After forcing Eustis to turn the ball over on downs, Davis capped off a six-play, 74-play drive with a leaping 27-yard catch in the end zone. The Hurricanes needed just one play to nd the end zone on their next drive when Brown raced 52 yards untouched to extend Mount Doras lead to 21-2. The second half we made some adjust ments and felt we could out-gap them in certain areas and we did a good job, Bullock said. Davis caught his sec ond touchdown of the night a 5-yarder with 2:22 left in the game that upped Mount Do ras lead to 28-2. Davis nished with six catch es for 101 yards. The Hurricanes de fense much like it has all season in road games was stiing again. Mount Dora held the Panthers offense to 257 yards, including 120 yards in the second half. Perdue completed 21 of 39 passes for 216 yards and two intercep tions. His only touch down of the night came with 1:16 remaining, a 44-yard pass to Andrew Holland. Eustis was 0-for-6 on fourth downs. MDHS FROM PAGE C1


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C3 Week 8 THE VILLAGES 48, KEYSTONE HEIGHTS 42 TAVARES 58, ORLANDO LAKE HIGHLAND PREP 7 PHOTOS BY PAUL RYAN / DAILY COMMERCIAL Tavares senior Ezekiel Thomas (20) avoids being tackled during a game between Tavares High School and Orlando Lake Highland Prep in Tavares on Friday. MARK FISHER Special to the Daily Commercial The Tavares Bulldogs (5-2, 1-1) notched their rst Class 5A District 11 win Friday night at Dr. Argin A. Boggus Stadium beating Lake Highland hand ily 58-7 Friday night. The win marked the beginning of a crit ical stretch run to post-season playoffs for Coach Chris Gaunt letts team with three consecu tive district games in succession beginning with Lake Highland (0-7, 0-3). Despite the distraction of looming games against their historic rivals Eustis and Mount Dora, the Bulldogs couldnt overlook the winless Highland ers and didnt. Tavares scored early and of ten, jumping out to a 30-0 1st quarter lead that ballooned to 58-0 at halftime as the hosts scored from virtually every pos sible angle beginning with Eze kiel Thomas 12-yard run for the early lead. Joey Meany connect ed for the point after just 1:24 minutes into the game. Thomas racked up 133-yards on 16-car ries in the rst half, scoring 3 rushing touchdowns and added a 50-yard TD reception as Tava res scored at will. After Thomas added another 43-yard touchdown on the next possession Joey Meany demon strated that he was also an of fensive threat driving a 35-yard eld goal through the uprights for a 17-0 lead. In addition to the 50-yard connection with Thomas, Bull dog quarterback Austin Tomson showed fortitude as he muscled a 10-yard scoring strike to Rich ard Mays even as a Lake High lander player was dragging Tom son down and Tavares expanded their 1st quarter lead to 24-0. But it wasnt all offensive as defensively the Bulldogs were rabid forcing 8 turnovers by the Highlanders including 3 inter ceptions by Tadarrius Patrick. Patrick took a tipped ball at the 17-yard line and fought through trafc to push the Bulldog lead to 37-0 just moments into the 2nd quarter. In addition to his ball thefts, Patrick returned a Highlander punt 79-yards for a touchdown and then execut ed an kicker option on a punt to score a 59-yard touchdown run to put Tavares up 44-0. The Tomson to Thomas 50yard pass and catch pushed the lead to 51-0 and Thomas n ished the scoring with his 9-yard romp at the end of the 1st half for the 58-0 spread when Ben Calderon connected for the point after. Playing under a running clock in the 2nd half the Bull dogs toned down their no hud dle offense, but only so that they could substitute more freely to get reserves important game ex perience. The Highlanders secured their sole touchdown in the 4th quar ter Desmond King reeled in a short 5-yard toss from Brandon Sweet for the touchdown. Eli Zieglers point after closed out the scoring as Tavares cruised to the 58-7 win. Dogs have their day Tavares junior Richard Mays (10) makes a touchdown catch. STEVE FUSSELL Special to the Daily Commercial Never guess the cellar team was the underdog. The Villages scored rst when Jabari Jiles broke loose for a 30-yard romp to set the Buffalo up on the 20-yard line. Quarterback Kole Har ris handed Jiles the ball a couple of times for short gains but the In dians had Jiles number, so Harris kept the ball and scampered off right tackle to score from the 16. Gunnar Pettus point after miscued. Harris scored again on the quarterback keeper with a minute remaining in the half and this time Pettus split the uprights to make the score 13-0. Justin Raysin broke off left tackle, spun into the short ats and then bullied his way through the backeld on a 40yard touchdown romp. Jiles had plenty of en ergy to share, and when sophomore wide receiv er John Liner brought his team within scoring distance with a 30-yard pass reception at the 15 yard line, it took three more plays and a quick pitchout to Jiles from the 10 to put the ball in the end zone. Pettus kick put the score at 20-7. Then it was Nobles turn. A brilliant 53-yard bolt around the wide end looked like a sure score until Kole Harris pushed the eet run ning back out of bounds at the 8-yard line. Harvin handed off to Noble for the score and Schoeld added the PAT. A 20-14 score with less than two minutes in the half kept Indi ans fans in high hopes, an uncommon condi tion so far this season. But two plays after the kickoff, Harris rocketed the ball to Dylan Lieva at the 20-yard line, then handed the ball to bull dozer Jiles for another score, and Pettus added the point after. Keystone roared out of the locker room for a second half down 2714. Jiles tried to remedy that with a 15-yard run for a score less than a minute into the quarter, extra point good. Anton Noble had a 55-yard breakaway run from scrimmage to the goal line, and Schoeld kicked the PAT to make the score 34-21. As if to do Noble one better, Jiles let loose with a 60-yard romp to the 9yard line, then carried the ball over on the next play. Jiles added another score with a 4-yard run on the Buffalos next possession. Raysin shoved his way through the Buffalo of fense just before the quarter ended to sack quarterback Harris for a 15-yard loss. The quar ter ended at 48-21 Vil lages. The Villages began platooning with a 25yard touchdown pass from Harvin to Noble. They responnded with an onside kick, three rumble plays off tackle and then a fab ulous broken-eld bolt by Noble for a 35-yard score with 45 seconds remaining. Then they did it again, almost, recovering their second onside kick at the Villages 40-yard line, passing to Rian Pri eto at the 20 and out of bounds to stop the clock at 26 seconds, then an other scrambling, ram bling pass to Prieto for yet another score. EAST RIDGE 3, APOPKA WEKIVA 63 The theme of this season for East Ridge is progress. The Knights took on the Weki va Mustangs last night; a force to be reckoned with when it comes to football. The Mustangs are a powerful team. They are bigger, faster, and stronger than any one East Ridge has faced this season. That being said, the Knights had great offensive moments throughout the game. They were able to try out younger kids at running back and get their feet wet this season. As for feet, Zach Block played a great game by forcing Wekiva to go the length of the eld after every punt. Block had a 72-yard punt and the only score of the game for the Knights on a 48-yard eld goal. Head Coach Ashour Peera said that they have a long way to go in the weight room and they have to work on their athleticism. The nal scores and overall re cord this season may not show it, but (the program) is get ting better and I think we have a bright future ahead of us. The Knights (0-8) will take on Winter Springs next Friday at home. LAKE MINNEOLA 19, ORLANDO EDGEWATER 26 It was a nail bitter last night at Orlando Edgewater. The Hawks and the Fightin Eagles made it interesting with two overtimes. The game was a tight race from the beginning. What it came down to was a game of PATs. Two missed PATs from Edgewa ter and an early miss on a twopoint conversion for Lake Minneo la made this game overtime bait. Inside the four minute mark, Lake Minneola went to work down seven and put the points on the board to send it into OT. The battles of the defenses con tinued into the overtime and led to a second overtime. The Fightin Eagles were able to edge out a victory with a touchdown to seal the deal and ground the Hawks with defense for the remainder of the game. The Hawks (2-5) will be on the road next Friday to face Ocala Trinity Catholic. MONTVERDE ACADEMY 37, FORT PIERCE JOHN CAR ROLL CATHOLIC 47 Last nights matchup between the Montverde Academy Eagles and the John Carroll Catholic Rams was a game of back and forth. The two teams battled it out and kept it close throughout the entire game. The Eagles offense had two touchdowns from Jordan Pounc ey. One touchdown was a huge 85-yard kickoff return and the other was a 25-yard reception from the arm of Austin Hunt. Tir rek Hooten had two rushing touchdowns from 33-yards and 80 yards. The Eagles showed that they could blow through this defense with big plays. The defense also forced a turnover that resulted in a 35yard defensive touchdown. The Eagles went into halftime with a ten point lead, but the Rams battled back and made the game tight. Montverde had the ball with inside a minute with a chance to score; however, a safety deated the offense and sealed the deal for John Carroll Catholic. The Eagles (1-4) will be at home next Friday against Tampa Berkley Prep. MOUNT DORA BIBLE 49, LECANTO SEVEN RIVERS CHRISTIAN 26 I felt like everybody scored. That was the statement from Head Coach Dennis Cardo so when asked for the names of offensive standouts from last nights matchup. Between Lamar Smiths 200 all-purpose yards and Giancar lo Vellas 100-yards rushing they only made up half of MDBs to tal offense. The Bulldogs had over 600 yards of offense and it showed. Defensively, Chad Simmons and Hunter Uvalle combined for 20 tackles. Coach Cardo so said those two were all over the eld. Seven Rivers is a tough team but the Bulldogs were able to wear them down in the second half. Last nights win clinches the title for rst place in the SSAC conference. The victory also means that the Bulldogs will head into the playoffs as the number one seed in the Orange division of the SSAC. They will face the number two seed in the Beach division, Cen tral Florida Christian, on Oct. 31. The Bulldogs nish 7-0 on the season. SOUTH SUMTER 48, BROOKSVILLE NATURE COAST TECH 15 South Sumter continues to roll as they take their latest victory from the Nature Coast Sharks. Last nights win means that South Sumter has won the dis trict championship. For being the biggest game of the year, the Raiders made in look easy. With all of this hype and a tar get on their backs continuing this momentum will make them a tough contender in the playoffs. Not getting ahead of our selves, the Raiders still have two games remaining in their regular season that surely could deate a team with everything to lose. The Raiders (8-0) will take to the road next Friday against Wee ki Wachee. UMATILLA 41, INTERLACHEN 6 Its a pretty good day when the only scoring for the other points came off of a pick six, especially when your offense put up enough points to make the score a moot point. That is what made this victory an overall team effort. Justin Lewis, Umatilla quarter back, had a stellar game from in side the pocket. He was on re last night and displayed that by throwing strikes to hit receiv ers. Caleb Robinson and Dako da Hammock had a phenome nal showing. Tyler Bell lead Umatilla on the defensive side of the ball. Head Coach Steve Seward stated, So many kids contribut ed and I am very proud. The Bulldogs (5-2) will have the home eld advantage next week against Starke Bradford. WILDWOOD 15, PIERSON TAYLOR 44 Dont let this score fool you. This game was closer and harder fought than the numbers reveal. What the numbers will show you is that this game came down to little mistakes by the Wildcats. Head Coach Beau Austin commented, We need to be able to play a complete game. Although, the Wildcats couldnt put it all together, they stepped up and got better. That is all that was expect ed of them by Coach Austin this season. Torre Parker Jr. had a 70-yard touchdown run and was a le thal weapon on kickoff returns; he also had an interception on defense. Jacquese Owens, on defensive line, had big tackles for loss at big moments in the game. Two safeties rattled the Wild cats and they just couldnt seem to get the game heading in their direction. Last night, Wildwood played as a team. The Wildcats (0-6) will face off with The Villages at home next Friday. East Ridge loses hard to Apopka Wekiva Buffalo hold on against Indians High School Football Round-Up: Week 7 BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL Eustis senior Quentin Reid (1) drops a pass while being tackled during Fridays game.


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C5 TUESDA Y, OCT OBER 21stat3:00PM r f fn ftbt n f r ff r fntb rtbr rf To m Leimberger PGA Class A, (352)753-7711 Joe Redoutey Master Club Fitter (352)205-0217352-753-7711Te e Ti me s ma y be ma de 3 da ys in ad va nc e. pro pe r gol f at ti re re qu ir ed r f r ntb4 GOLF COURSEHOME OF THESWING THOUGHTS GOLF TOUR 2015REGULAR RA TE$3999JOIN OUR EMAIL CLUB SPECIAL$2999THR OUGH OC TOB ER 31STPLEASE CALL PRO-SHOP Week 8 AP PHOTO Baylor wide receiver KD Cannon, left, scores past TCU cornerback Corry Omeally in the rst half last week in Waco, Texas. JOHN RABY Associated Press MORGANTOWN, W.Va. Records do in deed get tossed into the scrap heap whenever Baylor and West Virgin ia get together. They just keep adding new ones. The winner has reached 70 points and 800 yards of offense each time in their only two meetings, and an other big offensive show could be in store today when No. 4 Baylor meets the Mountaineers. The teams are averaging a combined 1,175 yards of offense. West Virginia quarter back Clint Trickett just hopes to have a chance to make a difference this time. A year ago, Baylor had bolted to a 35-point lead in Waco, Texas, before fans had gotten soda re lls. The Bears ended up setting a Big 12 record with 864 total yards, breaking the mark of 807 that West Virgin ia had set against the Bears the year before. And all Trickett could do was desperately try to keep up with Bryce Petty and the potent Baylor offense. Imagine scoring 42 points and losing by 31. Not a fun one, Trick ett said. This time, Baylor and West Virginia are coming off last-sec ond wins decided by field goals. Both had to come from far back Baylor was down 21 against TCU with 11 minutes to go, and West Virginia trailed Texas Tech by 14 with seven minutes left. It left both teams con dent that any dou ble-digit decit can be erased and no lead is safe. Especially with all the high-power offens es in the Big 12 confer ence, said West Virgin ia wide receiver Jordan Thompson. People will generally quit when you get behind a certain amount of points, but this team didnt quit. We believed that we were going to win the game. And West Virgin ia (4-2, 2-1 Big 12) be lieves it is has a chance this time against Baylor. The Mountaineers have produced a school-re cord ve straight games with at least 500 yards of offense. Problem is, the defense has given up 500 yards in three of those games. Baylor (6-0, 3-0) is try ing to keep its perch atop the Big 12 standings its tied with Oklahoma State and maintain a track toward the College Football Playoff. After winning their rst four games by an average of 43 points, the Bears havent been as convincing of late. They didnt score on offense until the third quarter in an Oct. 4 win over Texas. Last week, TCU reeled off the rst 10 points. I dont really know what to expect, but I just know we have to come out and start faster than what we have these past two weeks, said Baylor wide receiver Jay Lee. 70 points have been benchmark for No. 4 Baylor-WVU in past WATCH ON TV Baylor at West Virginia, Today, Noon, FS1 RUSTY MILLER Associated Press COLUMBUS First, Ohio State provided the opposi tion in Marylands rst Big Ten home game two weeks ago. Now the 13thranked Buckeyes host Rut gers in its rst con ference road trip. Thats another monumen tal game right there, said Scar let Knights offensive tackle Keith Lumpkin. Its a dream to play in that stadium. Some people might nd it nerve-wracking or kind of scary. Its just 100,000 watching me about to kick their teams butt, so thats how I see it. Another week, another mile stone and another bit of extra incentive for an Ohio State op ponent. But the Buckeyes have their own incentives. Theyre seeking their 18th consecutive Big Ten win, which would put them just two behind the conference re cord set by Ohio State 2005-07. THREE-GAME STREAKS: Both the Scarlet Knights (5-1, 1-1 Big Ten) and the Buckeyes (4-1, 1-0) have won their last three. Ohio State easily beat three overmatched teams, while Rut gers is coming off a victory over another of the conferences tra ditional bullies, Michigan. Funny, but that loss by their archrivals got the Buckeyes at tention. What caught (our players) eye is what they did last week, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said. To watch people storm the eld, it caught my eye. I was watching the end of that thing. Our guys will really prepare for this game, I can tell you that. DUELING QBS: The Buckeyes may have the hottest offense in America these days, aver aging 56 points, 35 rst downs and 623 yards in its recent win streak. J.T. Barrett, a redshirt fresh man who took over when twotime Big Ten player of the year Braxton Miller was lost for the year with a shoulder injury, has thrown 14 TD passes and one interception over that span. Its difcult because he can do so many different things, Rutgers LB Kevin Snyder said. Hes a great runner, he can throw the football, he makes great reads it looks like on lm and hes tough to tackle. The Scarlet Knights have Gary Nova, who was a turnover machine at times earlier in his career but is now more depend able. Hes rst nationally in yards per completion (17.2) and is fth in passing efciency (170.9). The Buckeyes havent forgotten his past, however. Sometimes he does get a lit tle bit rattled and feels like he has to just throw it up there, Ohio State CB Eli Apple said of Novas propensity for throwing interceptions. Thats some thing were going to try to cap italize on. SACKMASTERS: Rutgers is giv ing up almost 400 yards a game, but led by freshman DE Kemoko Turay the Scarlet Knights are third in the nation in sacks. On rst and second down, theyre getting their sacks be cause their front four is very ac tive, with very quick hands and quick feet, Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman said. And then on third down, just a lot of confusion. No. 13 Ohio State hopes to remain in title talk as they host Rutgers WATCH ON TV Rutgers at Ohio State, Today, 3:30 p.m., ABC JAY LAPRETE / AP Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett throws against Cincinnati earlier this season in Columbus. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL JANIE MCCAULEY AP Baseball Writer SAN FRANCISCO It was the Shot That Shook the Bay. Travis Ishikawa hit the rst homer to end an NL Championship Se ries, a three-run drive that sent San Francis co to a 6-3 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 on Thursday night. These every-oth er-year Giants will face the Royals in an all wildcard World Series that begins Tuesday night in Kansas City. A journeyman who began the season with Pittsburgh, Ishikawa connected for the rst game-ending home run that sent the Giants into the World Series since perhaps the most fa mous drive in base ball history Bobby Thomsons Shot Heard Round the World in a 1951 playoff. Its gratifying, Ishi kawa said. If theres an organization Id want to do it for, it would be this one. A role player during the Giants World Series win in 2010, Ishikawa was with Milwaukee in 2012 when San Francis co won another cham pionship. Pablo Sandoval sin gled to start the ninth inning against Michael Wacha, making his rst appearance of the post season for the Cardi nals. After an out, Bran don Belt walked to bring up Ishikawa, who drove a 2-0 pitch into the ele vated seats in right eld to set off an orange tow el-waving frenzied cele bration. These guys have been through it, Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. They have been battle-tested and they know how to handle themselves on this type of stage, and then add to that the kids that we brought up, and then Ishikawa. I mean, what a great story, Bochy said. Ishikawa knew right away on his rst career postseason homer, rais ing his right arm into the air as he watched his ball sail into the seats. Ishikawas 3-run HR sends Giants to WS AP PHOTO Cardinals rst baseman Daniel Descalso, left, and the Giants Travis Ishikawa watch Ishikawas gamewinning home run in the ninth inning of Game 5 of NL Championship Series on Thursday in San Francisco.


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Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C7 DAY, MONTH XX, YEAR DAILY COMMERCIAL XX From ever yone atThe Wescott Gr oupto all American Soldiers from past to present who helped preser ve America's Freedom...SALUTE!And God Bless From ever yone at Ma jo r Jerr y Campb el l, USA FA sa lu te to my fa vo rit e Ve te ra n...M y Fa th er .Du e to your cour ag e an d de di ca ti on we enjo y a fr ee do m th at is so me times take n fo r gr an te d. an k Yo u. Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Addr ess _________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________ State _____________ Zip _____________ Daytime Phone ____________________________ Home Phone ___________________________ Message ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________Attach your Ve teran Salute (and photo if needed) FOR FUR THER DET AILS CONT ACT YO UR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE OR CA LL 352-365-8245, OR VISIT OUR OFFICE. Publishes: Tu esday No vember 11th Deadline: Thursday No vember 6thMail to: Daily Commercial Classied Ve terans Salute 212 E. Main St., Leesburg, FL 34748 Make Check Pa ya ble to: The Daily CommercialThe Daily Commercial is publishing a page for individuals or businesses to show their thanks and gratitude to brave Ve terans this Ve terans Day Send your heartfelt message along with a photo, and we'll feature your submission as part of our Salute to Ve terans page on Tu esday No vember 11th. r f From ever yone at The W escott Gr oup to all American Soldiers From ever yone at Ma jo r J er ry C ampb el l, U SA F is so me times t ake n fo r g ra nt ed an k Y ou Send your heartfelt 2x2" Only$25


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Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL D1 1101 E. Hwy 50 Clermont, FL Highway 50, Just East of 27 r fn t b All prices ar e plus tax tag title and $599 dealer fee. Photos ar e actual. H owever all vehicles ar e subject to prior sale due to advertising deadlines. 0.0% up to 72 is of fer ed thru For d Motor Cr edit. Must qualify See dealer for details.TOLL FREE 800-313-9 787 CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED VEHICLESAS LOW AS 1.9% APR FINANCING 100,000 MILE WA RRANTY 2002 FORD F-150 HARLEY -DA VIDSONWA S$18,300 NOW$16 860 2010 FORD EDGE LIMITEDWA S$20,500 NOW$18,930 2010 FORD F-150 LARIA TWA S$34,860 NOW$30 860 2014 FORDMUST ANG COUPE GTWA S $39,900 NOW$30,820 2012 NISSAN ROUGUEWA S$21,600 NOW$19 460 2012 CHEVROLET SIL VERADO LT ZWA S $36,000 NOW$31,740 2009 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GLSWA S$12,300 NOW$10 860 2007 GMC CANYONWA S$13,600 NOW$9,720 2010 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEEWA S$17,800 NOW$14 790 2012 NISSAN SENTRA SLWA S$17,000 NOW$14 370 2012 FORD EXPLORERWA S$26,980 NOW$24 980 2013 DODGE RAM QUAD CABWA S$29,240 NOW$24 810 2007 FORDMUST ANG COUPE GTWA S$18,000 NOW$14,820 Se Hable Espanol 7-YEAR/100,000 MILE LIMITED WARRANTY* 172-POINT INSPECTION ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE NEW WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADES AT DELIVERY FULL FUEL TANK AT DELIVERY OIL/FILTER CHANGE AT DELIVERYQUALITYCHECKED Certified Pre-Owned2011 FORD F-150 XL T CREW CABWA S$33,900 NOW$24,810 2004 CHEVROLET SIL VERADOWA S$16,900 NOW$14 810 2011 TOYOT A SIENNA XLEWA S$23,900 NOW$22 000 2012 NISSAN AL TIMA COUPEWA S$22,300 NOW$18 230 2014 FORD FLEX SELWA S $33,300 NOW$30,860 2012 FORD F-150 SUPERCREWWA S $28,700 NOW$24,910 2007 FORD EDGE SEL PLUSWA S$16,200 NOW$13,720 2009 TOYOT A COROLLAWA S$12,500 NOW$10,460 2010 MAZDAMAZDASPEED3 SPOR TWA S$17,000 NOW$15,940 2009 CHEVROLET TRA VERSE LTWA S$20,300 NOW$17,210 2011 LINCOLN MKTWA S$27,000 NOW$23,740 2014 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED FREEDOM EDITIONWA S$36,900 NOW$33 210 2012 HYUNDAI SANTE FEWA S$23,900 NOW$20 710 2011 KIA SORENTO LXWA S$17,900 NOW$13,870 2010 HYUNDAI SANT A FEWA S$19,100 NOW$14 960 2012 FORD ESCAPE XL TWA S$19,900 NOW$17 240 2014 FORD ESCAPE SEWA S$23,000 NOW$21 000 2014 FORD FUSIONWA S$23,500 NOW$21 180 2007 HONDA RIDGELINEWA S$17,800 NOW$16 400 2012 FORD EXPEDITIONWA S$37,800 NOW$35,557 2014 FORD FOCUS SEWA S$18,900 NOW$16,760 2013 CHEVROLET SIL VERADO 2500HDWA S$49,000 NOW$47,000 2013 FORD F-150 FX4WA S$43,500 NOW$41,730 FINANCING AV AILABLE 0% FOR 72 Months ON ALL REMAINING 2014 CARS, CROSSOVERS AND SUVS HELD OVER!2014 FORD MUST ANGWA S$25,900 NOW$22 560 2013 FORD F-150WA S$27,900 NOW$25 620 2008 FORD ESCAPE XL TWA S $14,900 NOW$13,600 2014 FORD F-150 XL TWA S $32,500 NOW$29,480


D2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAY, MONTH XX, YEAR DAILY COMMERCIAL XX 2255GENERAL EMPLOYMENTPUBLISHER'S NOTICEFederal and State laws prohibit advertising expressing a discriminatory preference on the basis of race, age, sex, color, national origin, religion, handicap or marital status. The Daily Commercial will not knowingly accept advertisement for employment which is in violation of the law. Employment Advertising Standards of Acceptance Employment Classifications are intended to announce bona de employment offers only. Employment advertising must disclose the specic nature of the work being offered. Some employment categories may charge fees. If any advertiser does not comply with these standards, please notify a Classied Sales Representative at 365-8245 or 365-8200. GREATER HILLS COMMUNITY GARAGE SALESSaturday, October 18th8 A.M. TO ?East of Clermont Off Hwy. 50


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL D3 DAY, MONTH XX, YEAR DAILY COMMERCIAL XX 6865PETS rrfntttbn fb r nfffbtttb frf rnffb rtttrfr tr


D4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 D008122 D008122 2007 TO YO TA COROLLA CESTK#S15200A$8,992 2008 CADILLA C SRX V6STK#S15171A$15,291 BREWSTERS SPECIALS D0081232006 HYUND AI SONA TA GLSSTK#150124A .................................................................................$6,888 2001 FORD RANGERSTK#150325B ...................................................................................................$6,992 2006 FORD TA UR USSTK#150461A ....................................................................................................$7,882 2009 CHEVROLET HHR LSSTK#150236A ......................................................................................$8,882 2010 KIA RIO LXSTK#150236A ............................................................................................................$8,992 2007 KIA RONDO EXSTK#150295A ...................................................................................................$8,992 2008 KIA OPTIMASTK#150349A 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Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL D5


D6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 CEN TR AL FL ORID A S HEA DQU AR TERS CEN TR AL FL ORID A S HEA DQU AR TERS CEN TR AL FL ORID A S HEA DQU AR TERS r fr f r nt b b b S e Ha bl a Es pao l MT DOR A MT DOR A OC AL A APOP KA OC AL ALEESB URG MT DOR A LEESB URGTHE VILL AG ES THE VILL AG ESMT DOR AAPOP KA MT DOR A MT DO RA THE AL L NE WSALES HOURS: Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm, Sat: 9am-7pm Sun: Noon-5:00pm SERVICE HOURS: Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pmPR ES TI GE-FO RD.c om352-35 7-55 22 r f n t b r f n t b f f r f t n f t f b b n HUGE SELECTIONOFQUALITY US ED CARS! MT DORA MT DORA THE ALL NEW r n t b r f b n b f r f n r f r nr t b r r fr fr fr fr fr fr b t fr fr b t CEN TR AL FL ORID A S HEA DQU AR TERS MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A ~ bb n t ~ ~ + ~ ~ ~ ~ BO TT OM LI NEPRICIN G YO UR H OME OF n n t n n b BO TT OM L INE n n rf MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A MT D OR A r f r rf r r n tb r n n r f r r r r r r r r r n r r f r r b r f r n n r r f r f n r r r r r r r r rn r nr r f r r r r nr r f r r b bb n b r f r r n t b r r f r b n b r n f f b r f f r n r f n f n r f ff r r r fr n f f f f b r f f n f f r n r f n f r f nt bb f r f r f t f f ff r r t t r r f r tt t fPRESTIGE-FORD.COM


Ask About Our Free In-Home Design Consultation! Ask About Our Free In-Home Design Consultation! SA VE ON THE BRAND NAMES YOU KNOW AND TR UST8626 U. S. Hwy 441 Leesbu rg, FL 34788352.43 5.6131 8522 U. S. Hwy 441 Leesbu rg, FL 34788352.31 9.6768 Monda y-Fr iday 9-6 Sat urday 10-6 r f ntb Air por tSHOPF AMIL YFURNITURE.C OM Monda y-Fr iday 96, Sa turd ay 1 0-6 r f nt b Homes & Garden Send your food news to features @dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 E1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 GENERATORS: Built-in or portable? / E6 www.dailycommercial.com DON MAGRUDER AROUND THE HOUSE I n late September, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners approved a 13.8-percent increase in the property tax millage rate. It appears many taxpayers, especially seniors, are confused about the protection they believe they have from the Save Our Homes amendment under the Florida Constitution. In 1992, the citizens of Florida passed the Save Our Homes amendment, which came into effect in 1995. This amendment limits annual increases in assessed values of properties with homestead exemption to 3 percent, or the change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lower. It also mandates that no assessment be more than the market value of the property. Its worth noting that this amendment protects only properties with homestead exemption (the owners pri mary residence), and not commercial or multi-fami ly apartment properties. In 2013, the Consumer Price In dex was 1.7 percent, and that was the limit properties with homestead exemption could have their assessed values in creased, even if the real es tate markets were rising in price. So why cant the same Save Our Homes amendment pro tect Lake County taxpay ers from this new 13.8-per cent property tax increase? First, taxpayers must under stand how property taxes are calculated. The Property Ap praisers Ofce is tasked with determining the fair market value for every property in Lake County. Once this val ue is calculated, a homeown er who makes that property Amendment wont save Lake County taxpayers PHOTOS BY ANDREW SENG / MCT ABOVE: This home located in East Sacramento, Calif., and owned by cardiac surgery physician assistant Amy Kelsey will be featured on a tour called Urban Renaissance. BELOW: The seven-month renovation project included a total reworking of the kitchen, now anchored by an 8 1/2-foot-long white-veined Carrera marble island. DEBBIE ARRINGTON MCT When they were search ing for what could be their dream home, Rodd and Amy Kelsey spotted a little two-bedroom cottage with potential near Sacramentos McKinley Park. It wasnt the house itself that drew their attention, it was the garage. It had already been re modeled with this great bo nus room (upstairs), Amy Kelsey recalled. Its one rea son we bought the house. It allowed us to save the mon ey we would be spending on renting a place (while re modeling). We could live there while we worked on the house. And work they did. While cozy upstairs in the 200-square-foot garage space turned studio apart ment, the couple and their contractors crews spent more than seven months transforming the former little house into a perfect space for cooking, enter taining and comfortable liv ing in East Sacramento. For the Kelseys, it may have been easier to start from scratch, but they loved their East Sacramento neighbor hood. Its close to her work; shes a cardiac surgery physicians assistant at nearby Mercy General Hospital. And its on the Pacic Flyway. An expert on bird and wildlife habitat, hes a lead scientist and con servation biologist with The Nature Conservancy. The thing we like most is what we couldnt build (elsewhere) the neigh borhood, Amy Kelsey said. And the house now is exact ly what we need. For the remodel, the cou ple assembled a team of professionals: designer Ted Smith, contractor Su san Prang, cabinet maker Dan Buttner and landscaper Gary Kernick. Originally built in 1923, the house started as one sto ry with only one bath to go with its two small bedrooms. In the remodel, it grew from 1,217 square feet to 2,075 with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. To gain all that space, the Kelseys added a second story that blended with the homes craftsman architecture. Obviously, we wanted it to t into the neighborhood, Amy Kelsey said. We didnt want a McMansion. Most brand-new homes start at 3,000 square feet. The kitchen had been a rabbit warren of small spaces, she said. There were cupboards, a pantry, a laun dry room and a breakfast nook, but no real room for serious cooking and enter taining. During the remod el, the expanded kitchen be came the heart of the new design. Were both profession al winemakers, too, Kelsey Urban renaissance Rodd and Amy Kelsey help vintage cottage grow up into a handsome home MAUREEN GILMER MCT In the wreckage of the conquest of Mexico, the Nahuatl religion of Mex ico blended with Jesu it inculturation to cre ate a unique memorial. The complex beliefs of life, death and the af terworld shared by the Aztecs was celebrated at many points during the year. In the Catho lic world a similar date of remembrance was held over two feast days at the end of October. Both All Saints and All Souls Days shared many fea tures that came togeth er in Mexico to create the most beautiful way to re member the dead: El Dia De Los Muertos. With so much death on our southern bor der, Day of the Dead, with its beautiful sug ar skulls, seems so ter ribly poignant this year. It is a three-day celebra tion when the veil be tween life and death is temporarily drawn aside. What distinguishes the altars erected in homes and graveyards are ow ers, the Aztec symbol of sacrice and the ephem eral nature of life. Three owers appear time and again in this celebration, decorating altars in home and workplace, or laid The botany of El Dia De Los Muertos MCT PHOTO During the week before Muertos, vendors in the marketplace sell copal incense, marigolds, red cockscomb and sugarcane. Three flowers appear time and again in this celebration, decorating altars in home and workplace, or laid upon family grave sites. SEE MAGRUDER | E2 SEE COTTAGE | E3 SEE BOTANY | E2


E2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, October 18, 2014 352.357.9 964D00 3690 r f n t b t t t b b n r r b r b n b b b n t 4200 Hwy 19-A Mount Dor a 327 57 r fn Q: My tomato has curled yel low leaves, but it does not respond to fertilizer. What is wrong? A: It sounds like your tomato has the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl virus. Whitey insects spread this disease as they pierce and suck the sap and then move on to another plant, much as mosquitos spread malaria between peo ple. The names of plant viruses describe the symptoms. This virus causes the leaves to be small and yellow and curl upward to look crumpled. There is no cure. The infected plants should be disposed of so they do not spread the dis ease to others. Good in sect control is needed to keep it from spread ing. It can take up to three weeks for symp toms to develop, so if you are purchasing transplants, make sure you get your plants from a reputable dealer. Several weeds, beans and other plants may also carry the disease and may not show symptoms. There are resistant cultivars, but they may not be avail able. Q: I want to kill the little seedlings coming up under my oak tree. What is the best way to do this? A: Seedlings that come up under oak trees may not actually be seedlings, but root suckers. It is always best to assume that the small trees grow ing under the larg er tree are attached to the root system of the mother plant when choosing a herbicide. Glyphosate is a wide ly used translocat ed herbicide that can move into the moth er plant from applica tions to the small root suckers underneath. Glyphosate will grad ually kill the mother plant when used in this way. If you must use an herbicide, use a con tact-active ingredient like diquat, glufosinate, pelargonic acid or even boiling water rather than a systemic, trans located herbicide. A contact herbicide will burn the tissue to which it is applied but will not be moved throughout the plant. There may be sever al suitable herbicides available, so read the label carefully. Q: Little insects are clustering all over the new growth on my beans. What can I do to control them? A: It sounds like you have aphids. They are small, pear-shaped insects that may be green, black, orange or other colors, and may or may not have wings. They are attracted to new growth and often attack the undersides of leaves and stems where you may not notice them at rst. They suck the sap and can transmit dis eases. An insecticidal soap will help to clear them away, and lady beetles and other in sects provide natu ral control. Lady bee tle larvae look a little scary, but they are the main life stage of the lady beetle that eats the aphids. Visit the Discovery Gardens and our plant clinic with your plant problems and ques tions weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ag Center, 1951 Wood lea Road, Tavares. The Discovery Gardens are also open the rst Sat urday of every month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and are always free. Juanita Popenoe is the di rector of the UF/IFAS Lake County Extension ofce and Environmental Horti culture Production Agent III. Email: jpopenoe@u.edu. How to repel assaults on your plants JUANITA POPENOE LAKE COUNTY EXTENSION Aphids are small, pear-shaped insects that may be green, black, orange or other colors, and may or may not have wings. They are attracted to new growth and often attack the undersides of leaves and stems where you may not notice them at first. his or her primary res idence can receive a $50,000 homestead ex emption. For example, a home that is valued at $150,000, but qualies for homestead exemp tion, will be taxed at a net valuation of only $100,000 after their ex emption is applied. Once the propertys valuation has been de termined and all ex emptions are sub tracted, that total is multiplied by a taxable millage rate approved by the Lake County Board of County Com missioners. A millage rate is the amount of tax charged per $1,000 of property value. For example, Lake Coun tys millage rate in 2014 was $5.94 per $1,000 in property value. A prop erty owners tax bill is calculated by multiply ing his nal net valu ation by the approved county millage rate. Save Our Homes pro tects homeowners against excessively in creasing valuations in a hot real estate market. This amendment does not protect the taxpay er from an overzealous local government rais ing millage rates, which is what just happened in Lake County. Three out of ve Lake Coun ty commissioners Jimmy Conner, Welton Cadwell and Sean Parks want more mon ey from taxpayers for county-paid employee raises and parks. So, they decided to raise taxes 13.8 per cent through millage rate increases to skirt the protection provided by Save Our Homes. In fact, as property values increase, Lake County taxpayers will face larg er bills. In addition, prop erty owners who do not have homestead exemption, such as multi-family apart ments, commercial businesses and manu facturing facilities, will get a double whammy. This is why renters will be hardest hit. The Save Our Homes amendment was de signed to protect homeowners from ex cessive tax increases on their primary resi dence, due to Floridas long history of real es tate booms and busts. However, it is appar ent the authors of the amendment never an ticipated a local gov ernment would be so aggressive and insen sitive toward its own constituents as to raise millage rates on prop erty taxes by such a sudden and excessive amount. Maybe its time for another amendment to protect property own ers against local gov ernment ofcials. Don Magruder is the CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply, Inc., and he is also the host of the Around the House Radio Show heard every Monday at noon on My790AM WLBE in Leesburg. MAGRUDER FROM PAGE E1 upon family grave sites. The most potent of these is the African marigold, the big orange pompoms sold in Latino com munities as cempasuchil (cempah-soo-chi) for this somber esta. This is not an Old World ower, but a native of south ern Mexico sent to Europe cen turies ago, where the large-ow ered hybrid was developed, then returned to its homeland. In digenous people believe the po tent scent of this plant is recog nized by the dead lured home over these consecrated nights to the family altar to partake in their favorite vices. Altars may include offerings of tequila, cigarettes, mole and fruit to please the an cestors just as Aztecs did for their own remembrance centuries ago. The great cockscomb amaranth is the second most common ow er. It is the source of a grain that predates corn in Mexico, feeding the Nahuatl long before the Az tecs settled Tenochtitlan. These tiny grains were made into cakes and offered to Huitzilopochtli and other deities of the dead. To day only the owers remain, with blood red leaves and stalk to sug gest the human sacrices so vital to this ancient culture. The third ower is gladio lus, which are beloved for the large wands of owers that con tinue to bloom long after cut ting. These are sold everywhere during the lead-up to Muertos so the altars and graves may be intensely colorful for as long as possible. Each of the three days of Muer tos celebration is devoted to a different theme. The rst night remembers all children who died in youth. The second night is devoted to all who died in the previous year. The third and nal night is for all beloved dead and gone. In Mexico entire families come together in this blending of an cient ancestor worship and Catholic feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Markets ll with co pal, the tree resin incense of Az tec temples still burned on altars and graves. Growers bring great baskets of owers in from the countryside. In Oaxaca, they sell both the native marigold pro genitor and its hybrid descen dent bringing these owers full circle again in this multicultural celebration. The week before Muertos the families come together to create their altar and devise their offer enda (gifts) to the visiting spirits. This is quite similar to American families decorating a Christmas tree. The altar features pictures of those to whom it is dedicated. Everything is set by the rst night when relatives gather to dine on special breads called huesos de los santos (bones of the holy). Whenever possible, they venture out into graveyards to be there to greet the spirits when they return. There is no doubt that the griz zly remains of massive immigra tion across the hostile dry lands of Mexico and the border states will evoke many altars both here and in Latin America. BOTANY FROM PAGE E1 MCT PHOTO These native tagets of southern Mexico are the progenitor for both our French and African hybrid marigolds. 25327 US Hwy 27 Ste. 202, Leesbur g, Fl. 34748(352 ) 326 -3626 ~ (800 ) 234-7 65 4inf o@palrea lty .net www .P ALREAL TY .netD008568 THE LIFE YO UVE W AITED YO UR WHOLE LIFE FOR! ST AR T LIVING THE LIFE!Something fo r Ev er yone!! Let Us Fi nd Yo ur Dream Home! SEASONAL & LO NGTERM RENT ALS rY APPT ELEGANCE ABOUNDS! New ooring 3/2.5, den, for mal rm s & fo ye r, FR open to KT ex tended 2CG & GOLF CAR T DOOR!Low 200 s G4804114 TA RA VIEW BEAUTY! 2/2 & den, gr eat room, eat-in kitc hen, double gar age NICE YA RD!Mid 100 G4802565 OT TER CREEK GOLF COURSE FRONT AGE!Custom 3/2, gr ea t ro om & nook, ex tended lanai & gara ge CUL-DE-SAC LOCA TION!190 s G4706253 WOODED 5+ ACRES!3 bedroom, 2 bath, tile & wo od oors, BBQ patio double gar age HORSE ST ABLE! 290 s G4803961 HIGHVIEW POINTE! Split 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and gar age LARGE FENCED YA RD! 80 s G4804302 CROOKED LAKE RIDGE!Split 3/2, gr anite KT 42 cabinetr y, new roof double gar age FENCED YA RD! Mid 100 s G4804012 EAGLE POINTE! Split 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den, double gar age GRO VELAND! Low 180 s G4804078 FOUR ACRES! Pool home split 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, gar age GRO VELAND! 180 s G4803964


Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL E3 said. We love to do nice tastings and enter tain, but we never had enough space. With walls removed, those small spac es joined together in a handsome new layout, anchored by an 8 1/2foot white-veined Car rera marble island. Its great for baking, Kelsey said of the marble. You see marble in old kitchens in Europe, and its lasted for 100 years. It took a really long time to nd the right slab. Honed black gran ite covers surrounding counters, creating lots of workspace. Stainless steel appliances includ ing a Sub-Zero refriger ator and 36-inch Wolf range equip this pro fessional-grade kitchen with room for a crowd. Black walnut shelving contrasts with bright white cabinets and gray subway tile. Among the extras: A built-in pot-ller faucet above the stove. I actually thought this would be one of those things that would be more for show but I now use it all the time, Kelsey said. Its great for pasta. A Dutch-style back door opens up onto a remodeled patio and pocket garden, lled with hops, tomatoes and herbs. Its perfect size for us, Kelsey said of her backyard. Its easy to maintain theres no lawn and its a great place to hang out. Throughout the house, dark acacia wood ooring picks up the black walnut ac cents added during the remodel. We wanted wide plank ooring and we were going to use white oak, but it was three times more expensive, Kelsey said. The (aca cia) decision was made by budget, but were very happy with it. While remodeling, the Kelseys found ex tra space for their wine passion. Since we make wine, we needed a place to put it, Amy Kelsey said. While the builder was framing (the new kitch SUBMITTED PHOTO Fish from your own backyard in this deep-water canal-front home leading to Little Lake Harris. It features three bedrooms, two baths and two-car garage. Walk in the front door and see the water and wildlife and enjoy the fantastic view. Has a great room with dining area, a huge back patio area with jacuzzi and a separate patio area screened for your family barbecues. The home is a boat ride away from the Chain of Lakes. Yearly dues of $500 include your water for the whole year. There is a community clubhouse with private sandy beach and a private boat ramp. Downtown Tavares, Waterfront Seaplane Park and restaurants are only 10 minutes away. Mount Dora is 15 minutes. Home is close to Florida Turnpike for easy access to Orlando. New on the market at $179,900. Call Jo Leen Cooper Howe with Morris Realty at 352-267-0770 for details. CANAL FRONT ON THE CHAIN OF LAKES SUBMITTED PHOTO This large home has all the space and comfort you could ever want for family and entertaining. Huge windows allow the light and beauty of the lanai to ood into the living and great room, accommodating TV viewing and a cozy space for enjoying the ambiance of the replace. Newer stainless appliances and a beautiful gas stove are the nishing touches for the newly remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and window seat. Master suite has two walk-in closets and newly remodeled bath. Offered at $189,900 by Four Star Homes. Call 352-505-8740 or stop by our ofce in Fruitland Park, 1/8 mile north of the Leesburg Walmart on U.S. Highway 27. GORGEOUS HOME IN HIGHLAND LAKES SUBMITTED PHOTO This spacious home offers three suites. It is a 2004 Begonia cement block, three-bedroom home with a den and 3.5 baths, a living room and a family room. The large entrance features a tiled foyer and leaded glass door. The home opens up to a gourmet kitchen with 42-inch blonde oak cabinetry, a breakfast bar with Corian countertop, Maytag appliances, a glass-top stove, B/I microwave, recessed ceiling lights and tile oor. A large master suite offers custom Hollywood closet and lanai access, as well as a luxurious master bath with a garden tub, cultured marble in his-and-hers vanities and a large step-in shower. The guest suites have private baths, also with marble vanities. There is a den or ofce with a powder room and an inviting and tranquil screened lanai. The two-car garage is air conditioned. Washer and dryer are included. Plantation shutters throughout. Low monthly HOA fees and irrigation system with timer and rain gauge make this a very nice package. Priced at $289,900. Stop in or call the sales ofce: PAL Realty, 25327 US Hwy 27, Suite 202, Leesburg, 34748, 352-326-3626. See more pictures of MLS#G4802366 on our website at www.PALREALTY.net. EXECUTIVE-STYLE HOME COTTAGE FROM PAGE E1 en and stairwell), we could see this space and we thought, Could we use this for wine? Near the center of the house, that oddsized cubbyhole be came a tempera ture-controlled cellar with room for more than 1,000 bottles. I like to come in here when its really hot, Kelsey said. Its always nice and cool. ANDREW SENG / MCT The house, which nearly doubled in size with the addition of a second story, now has three bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. 352-505-8740 rfntb t bfbbtn n fn t r t b rbf r fb t $25,900fb r t fb t fb b tbtn $15,900r rfn fn f t tt tnn rr $149,900 b rnt tbtf b fb t rbf $36,900 tfbbtb nf b tfb t b nt $39,900 fnnt t t t r tn fb n $89,900 Im a numbers person. Four Star Homes gives me the opportunity to have statistics at my fingertips, for the Buyers & Sellers! QUEEN SETSStarting at$19 9 MATTRESS & FURNITURE MARKET 16129 State Rd. 50 West Ste 101-102 Clermont, FL 34711 407-877-6677 9900 Hwy 441 Leesburg, FL 34788 352-460-4816 PROUDLY FEATURING...Gel Memory FoamHigh end mattresses without the high end price! r fntn b fnn n r r rr Twin$9900, Full$16900set, Queen$19900set, Firm King$29900setwww .mat tress marke tout let.com FULL SETSStarting at$f b




Saturday, October 18, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL E5 Shark ys Va c n Sew700 N. Main St. Wildwood, Fl 34785352-330-2483sharkyssewnvac1@gmail.com www .sh arkyssew nvac. comAsk Al A Bobbin is a Bobbin!I re pair ed a sewing mac hine last week and just this week the lad y broug ht it bac k to me and said I just pic ke d this up last week and yo u SUPPOSEDL Y re pair ed it but it just ke eps jamming up and wo nt se w at all !!! !. I ass ur ed her it wa s pr obabl y just som eth ing simpl e so I to ok a look at it only to disco ver she had the wrong bobbin in it. The bobbi n wa s pur ch ased at a big box local cr aft and fabric pla ce As we inspected the bobbin we found it to ha ve a popular br and embossed on th e top of it and without ex act comp arison, side by side it appe ared to be the same as hers I pro cee ded to get the corr ect bo bbin and placed it into her mac hine and to her amazement it sewed perfect ly Yo u see not all bobbins ar e cr eated equal! Although her bobbin wa s clear plasti c, the re ar e many diffe re nt ki nds of bob bin s and man y diffe re nt shapes, heights and styles of bobbi ns An d YE S. .. it will affect yo ur mac hine good or bad. Yo u wo uldnt put a Vo lksw agen wheel on a For d 4X4 pic kup truc k, even though they ar e both round and called wheel s! Yo u wa nt to either tak e the mak e and model of your sewin g ma ch ine wit h you to pu rch ase bob bins or tak e a spar e bob bin with you or better ye t buy your bobbins from a re pu tabl e and kno wled geable sewing mac hine sto re because they wil l be able to hel p you muc h bet ter Also put ting the inco rr ect bobbin in your sew ing ma ch ine coul d ca us e da ma g e to it or at th e le a st en o ug h fr u st ra tion to caus e you to qu it se w in g or kic k the dog! (O .K., not kic k the poor dog!) And you should inspect your bobbins periodically to mak e sur e the ed ge s ar e no t ch ipped or cr ac ke d. If that be the case it will cause the top thr ead to hang on the ch ip or cr ac k and it will jam up Al so a lo t of time s people wil l drop a bob bin on the flo or (or the gr andkids or ch ildr en will) and it gets stepped on and it will not wo rk properly Most of us e xperienced, if you will, sewers ar e used to those good ole metal bobbins that used to last for ever and we kinda put those plastic bobbi ns in the same categor y and ar e shoc ke d when they dont even come close to holding up Hell o! O. K., We ll I do an yw ay So be sur e to inspect those bobbins so you can ha ve a GREA T time making those kids and gr andkids all those nice things. An d la st ly be sure to stop and tak e time to sho w the gr andkids and kids something about sewing Yo u may think they ar e not listeni ng or ar e not inter ested but re member ... Thats ho w we all lear ned ourselves. Thank God for mommas and gr an d-mommas! Until ne xt week, its my st or y an d I can tell it anyw ay I wa nt to! Sew what, ha v e fun. And Happ y Sewing! I repaired a sewing machine last week and just this week the lady brought it back to me and said I just picked this up last week and you SUPPOSEDL Y repaired it but it just keeps jamming up and wont sew at all!!!!. I assured her it was probably just something simple so I took a look at it only to discover she had the wrong bobbin in it. The bobbin was pur chased at a big box local craft and fabric place. As we inspected the bobbin we found it to have a popular brand embossed on the top of it and without exact comparison, side by side, it appeared to be the same as hers. I proceeded to get the correct bobbin and placed it into her machine and to her amazement it sewed per fectly Yo u see, not all bobbins are created equal! Although her bobbin was clear plastic, there are many different kinds of bobbins and many different shapes, heights and styles of bobbins. And YES it will affect your machine good or bad. Yo u wouldnt put a Vo lkswagen wheel on a Ford 4X4 pickup truck, even though they are both round and called wheels! Yo u want to either take the make and model of your sewing machine with you to pur chase bobbins or take a spare bobbin with you or better yet buy your bobbins from a reputable and knowledgeable sewing machine store because they will be able to help you much better Also, putting the incorrect bobbin in your sewing machine could cause damage to it or at the least enough frustration to cause you to quit sewing or kick the dog! (O.K., not kick the poor dog!) And you should inspect your bobbins periodically to make sure the edges are not chipped or cracked. If that be the case it will cause the top thread to hang on the chip or crack and it will jam up. Also a lot of times people will drop a bobbin on the floor (or the grandkids or children will) and it gets stepped on and it will not work properly Most of us experienced, if you will, sewers are used to those good ole metal bobbins that used to last forever and we kinda put those plastic bobbins in the same categor y and are shocked when they dont even come close to holding up. Hello! O.K., We ll I do anyway! So be sure to inspect those bobbins so you can have a GREA T time making those kids and grandkids all those nice things. And lastly be sure to stop and take time to show the grandkids and kids something about sewing. Yo u may think they are not listening or are not interested but remember. That s how we all learned ourselves. Thank God for mommas and grand-mommas! Until next week, it s my stor y and I can tell it anyway I want to! Sew what, have fun. And Happy Sewing! www.dailycommercial.com Diversions 352-365-8208 features@dailycommercial.com BRIDGE How to play: Fill in the blank squares with the numbers 1 through 9 so that each horizontal row, vertical column and nine-square sub-grid contains no repeated numbers. Puzzles range in difculty from one to six stars. The solution to todays puz zle will be in tomorrows paper. YESTERDAYS SOLUTION Today is Saturday, Oct. 18 the 291st day of 2014. There are 74 days left in the year. Todays Highlight in His tory : On Oct. 18, 1767, the Mason-Dixon line, the boundary between Pennsyl vania and Maryland, was set as astronomer Charles Mason and surveyor Jere miah Dixon completed their survey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 : This year you will be able to better understand the peo ple in your immediate envi ronment. You also can see situations with greater per spective and knowledge. You become even more val ued as a friend, business associate and loved one because of this newfound depth. If you are single, you will meet several poten tial suitors just in your local travels. Be open to different personalities. If you are at tached, you might want to try to create a more strin gent budget for the two of you. See how you and your sweetie feel about saving more. Aim to fulll more of your mutual lifetime goals. VIRGO can be fussy. ARIES (March 21-April 19) You are likely to tell it as it is, but be careful a child easily could claim to have his or her feelings hurt. You might note a dis tance or coolness from friends you dont see often. Give into impulsiveness, and it probably will bene t you. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Make it OK to take it slow today. When the right invitation heads your way, you wont want to say no. You recognize the impor tance of the people in your day-to-day life. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You often dont know when or how to censor your self. Whether it is regarding someones reaction or sim ply your awareness, youll opt to be in a less dominant position in a conversation. You know others will ask you what you think. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Be aware of an ac tive need to splurge. Today youll want to take a gander at the budget and the bills before you bounce out the door. Your creativity emerg es when trying to maximize your funds and tame your spending. You can do it! LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Youll smile from ear to ear at the thought of having even a lazy few hours. You could be surprised by what someone at a distance shares with you. Without pushing for it, you are likely to get the conrmation you were hoping to receive. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Youll want to rethink a decision that surrounds a personal matter. You wont want to discuss it, as you might not feel comfortable with everything you hear. Honor what you want, and you will see everything fall into place. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Make the most of the day light hours, when everyone seems more friendly and outgoing. Pressure could build at home until you deal with a family issue; be will ing to state how you feel about someone elses atti tude. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Zero in on what is im portant to you. Your nerves could be making you feel much more irritated by someones intrusive call than you usually would be. Take some time to think through your reactions; you might choose to respond differently. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22Dec. 21) You might want to rethink a personal matter that could affect you in the long run. Everyone has opin ions, and you are likely to hear them whether you want to or not. Make good choic es, and dont feel like you have to explain anything. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) You could spend a good part of the day dealing with someone who has very strong opinions. You will never see eye to eye, but you might want to respect each others positions. An older friend could dominate the scene. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You could be a lot tens er than you realize. The an swers might not appear as easily as you would like them to. Let others express their thoughts. You have ex plained yours already, but it seems as though they were not heard. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Youll want to defer to someone else, but you still might need to take the lead in handling some details of another facet of your life. You could lose your sense of timing if you dont pace yourself. A loved one will make it clear how he or she feels. HOROSCOPES TODAY IN HISTORY DEAR ABBY: I have been seeing Tony for a few weeks. He is kind, caring and will make a great boyfriend, husband and father someday. My problem with him is he thinks Im a sta tus digger. (Its similar to a gold digger, but he means I care only about someones standing in the community.) His ra tionale is based on my friendships. I come from a priv ileged background. While some acquain tances in my circle are spoiled and supercial, my close friends and I are not. Because I grew up here, it was only nat ural Id date guys from a similar background. While I was not opposed to dating outside my so cial circle, the opportu nity never presented it self. Abby, I have never measured a guy because of his position in soci ety. The thought nev er occurred to me. I ad mit I would probably be more inclined to date someone from a simi lar background because thats what Im familiar with, but I dont think this makes me a social climber, status digger or elitist. How should I ad dress this with Tony? Im afraid our relationship will end if he cant see me for who I really am. JUST ME IN HOUSTON DEAR JUST ME: Tony may come from a blue-collar background. Because he perceives you and your friends as having had so much giv en to you, he may feel inadequate, so hes put ting you on the defen sive by accusing you of being solely interest ed in social status. Of course, thats stereo typing, and it isnt fair to you. Because some one comes from inher ited status/wealth there is no guarantee that it wont disappear. Thats the reason some women prefer self-made men to those from a privileged background. You and Tony should have a frank talk. When you do, suggest that be fore he assumes any more preconceptions about you are true, he should get to know you because if he doesnt, he will miss out on someone who is not only very nice, but who thinks HE has a lot to of fer. DEAR ABBY: When I was in my 20s, I was in volved in a long-term relationship with a mar ried man. I became pregnant, we ended the relationship and I gave birth to an amazing, in telligent and well-ad justed son, Kyle. There has been no contact with my former lover, and we have no mutual acquaintances. Now that Kyle is an adult, he has expressed an interest in contact ing his father. He is cu rious, but doesnt want to disrupt his fathers life. Kyle doesnt feel he missed out by not meet ing his father; he simply wonders what he is like. The man is easy to lo cate on social media be cause he has an unusual last name. I dont want to see my son hurt by rejection or lack of interest from this man. Should I make the initial contact? If so, what would be the best way to do it? PROTEC TIVE MOM IN TENNESSEE DEAR PROTECTIVE MOM: Your impulse may be to protect your son, but Kyle should make the contact. When he does, he should tell the man that you are his mother, and that he would like to meet him for no other reason than to ask him some questions and get his medical history. The response Kyle gets will tell him a lot about the man who fathered him. But there is no guaran tee that a man who nev er provided nancial support for his son will be receptive, compas sionate or polite, and your son should be pre pared. Dear Abby is written by Abi gail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was found ed by her mother, Pauline Phil lips. Write Dear Abby at www. DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Woman objects to accusation that shes a status digger JEANNE PHILLIPS DEAR ABBY JACQUELINE BIGAR BIGARS STARS


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