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EAST RIDGE OUTLASTS LAKE MINNEOLA, SPORTS B1 EBOLA: CDC admits more could have been done to stop disease in Texas A6 SENTENCED: Caregiver gets 6 months for scalding incident A3 LEESBURG, FLORIDA Wednesday, October 15, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com Vol. 138 No. 287 4 sections INDEX CLASSIFIED D2 COMICS C10 CROSSWORDS D5 DIVERSIONS C9 LEGALS D2 BUSINESS C6 NATION A6 OBITUARIES A4 SPORTS B1 VOICES A9 WORLD A7 TODAYS WEATHER Detailed forecast on page A10. 82 / 61 Passing showers 50 r f Je nkins Hy undai of Le esburg Y r H mw De l r ... MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millardives@dailycommercial.com Three of the ve suspects charged in a deadly 2012 home invasion in the Four Corners area will testify against the other two the alleged triggermen, according to a Lake County prosecutor. Scott Allison Damasiewicz, 28, and Da vid Joseph Bridgeman, 22, both will stand trial slated in January for the murder of Co rey Wiggins. Both men are accused of fatal ly shooting the victim through a door. Both are charged with principal to rst-degree murder. Keith Osborn Dugan, 25, and Arthur Walter Spencer, 22, face the same charges. The four along with Andrew Michael GARY FINEOUT Associated Press TALLAHASSEE Florida Attorney Gen eral Pam Bondi, who has repeatedly called it her duty to defend the states ban on gay marriage, now wants the states highest court to decide whether the constitution al amendment is legal. Bondis ofce led a request late Monday with the 3rd Dis trict Court of Appeal in Miami that asks the court to imme diately send two consolidated cases to the Florida Supreme Court for a decision. In both cases, judges declared the states gay marriage ban unconstitutional. This marks a turnabout for Bondi, who this summer opposed a similar suggestion. The move also could speed up the timing CARLOS E. MEDINA Halifax Media Group A mere nickel was the only thing preventing the price of a gallon of gasoline in Lake Coun ty from dropping below the $3 mark on Tuesday. The Marathon sta tion at 2465 Burnsed Blvd. and the Shell sta tion at 260 Colony Blvd., both in The Villages, were selling gasoline for $3.04 a gallon Tues day morning, according to the website GasBud dy.com. In south Lake, the Sunoco station at 477 E. State Road 50 was selling gas for a penny more per gallon. Gas prices have slipped for several weeks and soon more people could have gas near $3, Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA The Auto Club Group, said in his weekly news release. Demand is low and domestic oil supplies are high, putting down ward pressure on the price of both oil and gasoline. State averages in Florida and Georgia could be irting with the $3-mark by Thanks giving, he said. The national average price for a gallon of gas oline is $3.21 9 cents cheaper than last week. LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer livi.stanford@dailycommercial.com L ake County Sheriff Gary Bor ders acknowledged Tues day that mistakes were made during Jacquelyn Johnstons ten ure as the new countys Ani mal Services director, leading to adoptable pets being euthanized. I made a commitment to the citizens of this county that when we took over Animal Services we would work with rescues, pro mote adoptions and euthaniza tions would be a last resort for the adoptable animals, he said. We did not do that in this case. We did the exact opposite of what I told this community we would do and it is not acceptable. On Oct. 1, Borders took over the operations of Animal Services at the request of the Lake Coun ty Commission, which had been plagued by missteps and high eu thanization rates at the shelter. In the nine days Johnston over saw the Animal Services, the cen ter euthanized 147 animals, ac cording to Lt. John Herrell, spokesman for the sheriff. On Oct. 9, sheriffs ofcials learned she eu thanized 18 dogs and two cats. Borders said the majority of the animals euthanized last week were sick or vicious. Unfortunately some of them were euthanized for lack of space, he said. In total, 49 dogs, 94 cats and four raccoons were euthanized, according to Herrell. Of those 49 dogs, 11 of them were brought in by their own ers who requested to have them put down due to illnesses, Her rell said. Overall, eight animals during Area gas prices creeping close to $3 mark HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO Lorenzo McCants pumps gas at the MVP Convenience Store in Winter Haven. Summer Maxwell, right, and Jessica Iozzia play with dogs to give them exercise at Lake County Animal Services in Tavares on Tuesday. BONDI Bondi wants high court ruling on gay marriage Suspects turn against each other in homicide case Sheriff Borders addresses issues after sacking Animal Services director Shelter back in spotlight PHOTOS BY BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL A cat waiting to be adopted reaches out to touch the hand of dispatcher Kate Reardon at Lake County Animal Services. SEE SHELTER | A2 SEE PLEA | A2 SEE GAS | A2 SEE MARRIAGE | A2


A2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 HOW TO REACH US OCT. 14 CASH 3 ............................................... 3-4-1 Afternoon .......................................... 2-5-2 PLAY 4 ............................................. 9-9-7-6 Afternoon ....................................... 3-9-2-3 FLORIDA LOTTERY OCT. 13 FANTASY 5 ........................... 6-12-16-20-32 THE NEWSPAPER OF CHOICE FOR LAKE AND SUMTER COUNTIES SINCE 1875 The Daily Commercial (ISSN 0896-1042) is published daily for $90.74 per year (plus Florida sales tax) by Halifax Media Group at 212 East Main Street, Leesburg, Florida. Periodicals postage is paid at the USPO, Leesburg, FL. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to The Daily Commercial, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 34749-0007. All material contained in this edition is property of The Daily Commercial and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Reproduction is forbidden without written consent from the publisher. Call 352-787-0600 in Lake County or 877-702-0600 in Sumter County 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. Call 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturday and 7 to 10 a.m. on Sunday. Call the Circulation Department 48 hours ahead to stop service. 365-8200 In Sumter County: 877-702-0600 ADVERTISING Retail ................... 365-8200 Classied ............. 314-3278 CIRCULATION Lake Co. ....... 352-787-0600 Sumter Co. ... 877-702-0600 Circulation Billing 787-0600 ACCOUNTING ...... 365-8216 MISSED YOUR NEWSPAPER? REDELIVERY NOT AVAILABLE IN ALTOONA OR SUMTER GOING ON VACATION SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: Call 352-787-0600 (Lake Co.) or 877-702-0600 (Sumter Co.) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Prepayments for 3 months or more, mail to: Circulation Dept., The Daily Commercial, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Billed monthly at the rates shown. The Daily Commercial promptly corrects errors of fact appearing in its pages. If you believe we have made an error, call the news department at 352-365-8250. Home Delivery 3 Mos. Tax Total 6 Mos. Tax Total 1 Yr. Tax Total Daily/Sunday 28.43 1.99 30.42 50.05 3.50 53.56 90.74 6.35 97.09 SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUR COMMITMENT TO ACCURACY STAFF INFORMATION STEVE SKAGGS publisher 352-365-8213 ........................... steve.skaggs@dailycommercial.com MARY MANNING-JACOBS advertising director 352-365-8287 ............... mary.manning-jacobs@dailycommercial.com NEWSROOM CONTACTS TOM MCNIFF executive editor 352-365-8250 ............................... tom.mcniff@dailycommercial.com WHITNEY WILLARD copy desk chief 352-365-8258 .......................... whitney.willard@dailycommercial.com PAUL RYAN digital editor 352-365-8270 .................................. paul.ryan@dailycommercial.com TO REPORT LOCAL NEWS SCOTT CALLAHAN, news editor 352-365-8203 ........................... scott.callahan@dailycommercial.com REPORTERS LIVI STANFORD county government, schools 352-365-8257 .............................. livi.stanford@dailycommercial.com ROXANNE BROWN South Lake County 352-394-2183 ......................... roxanne.brown@dailycommercial.com MILLARD IVES police and courts 352-365-8262 ................... millard.ives@dailycommercial.com THERESA CAMPBELL Leesburg and The Villages 352-365-8209 ................. theresa.campbell@dailycommercial.com AUSTIN FULLER business news, Mount Dora, Eustis, Tavares 352-365-8263 ......................... austin.fuller@dailycommercial.com LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Email submissions to letters@dailycommercial.com SPORTS RESULTS Schools or coaches can report game results after 6 p.m. by call ing 352-365-8268, or 352-365-8279. Submissions also can be emailed to sports@dailycommercial.com. FRANK JOLLEY sports editor 352-365-8268 ................................ frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com GOOD FOR YOU AND CELEBRATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS Email news about your awards and personal or professional mile stones along with a photo, if you desire - to pam.fennimore@ dailycommercial.com. CALENDAR Email upcoming events to pam.fennimore@dailycommercial.com. Johnstons tenure that were euthanized were adoptable, Herrell said. After learning of the numerous animals euth anized on Oct. 9, Borders terminated Johnston the following day, Herrell said. Before joining Lake County this month, Johnston served as clin ic supervisor for Mi ami-Dade Animal Ser vices for three years. Her last day there was Feb. 13, but it was not immediately clear why she lost her job. Miami-Dade County documents show John ston led a complaint with the countys Com mission on Ethics & Pub lic Trust in May alleging she was a whistleblow er and was retaliated against by having her po sition eliminated, ac cording to those county documents. Johnston did not le her complaint until May 1, which was 17 days past the deadline to le, according to the document. The commission found the complaint was not legally sufcient and dis missed it, the document further stated. After leaving Mi ami Dade, 2,940 people signed a petition asking the county to reinstate Johnston, according to a website that provides platforms for organizing campaigns and petitions, www.causes.com. Several comments on the website point to Johnstons efforts to uphold strict ethical treatment of animals, referring to her com passionate treatment of pets. A July 25, 2013 arti cle in the Miami Herald states Johnston sent an urgent email to rescue groups seeking refuge for dozens of dogs des tined to die because of shelter overcrowding. Herrell said Johnstons qualications led every one to believe she was the right person for the job. While a background check was done, Her rell said he did not know whether the Sheriffs Of ce knew Johnston was terminated from her pre vious employment. Johnston is the third director to leave the fa cility in a short amount of time. Previously, the head of the Animal Services division an nounced her resigna tion in March, citing a tight budget and pub lic pressure over the de partments euthanization rate. Cyndi Nason was the second director of Animal Services to resign within the past year. Nason and Marjorie Boyd both resigned amid pressure from animal ac tivists who claimed the shelter was putting down too many animals. Before Nason took the position last May, two in ternal audits one fo cused on the shelters re cord keeping and the other on pet licensing laws cited at least 45 areas for improvements. But the public criti cism is only a partial rea son for the resignations, county ofcials said, pointing to funding is sues that kept the county from hiring a eld super visor and rescue coor dinator to help take the pressure off the director. In August, two followup audits on Lake County Animal Services found the shelter still has problems with cash management, record keeping, proper recording of liens and facility needs. By no means are the is sues at the shelter over. We have a lot of work to do at Animal Services, Borders said. The shelter itself needs attention. The building as a whole needs to be ex amined to make sure it is adequate to pro vide shelter needs in this county, Borders said. In one of several audits conducted through the Inspector Generals of ce of the county clerks ofce, it was noted prop er systems for air condi tioning and lighting con tinued to be a problem at the shelter. And space continues to be a concern, Borders said. We are always full, he said. Borders said it was crit ical for the shelter to work closely with rescue groups. The Sheriffs Ofce is in the process of hiring a rescue coordinator who will be solely responsible for building relationships with rescue groups and promoting adoptions, Borders said. This position is critical, according to the Sheriffs Ofce. Linda Coletta, pres ident of Houndhaven, a rescue organization working with the shelter, said the rescue coordina tor position is key to ad dressing the problem. They are all busy and they dont have the time to get in touch with the rescues, she said. The rescue community is a huge resource the county should be able to tap. Coletta commended Borders for his handling of the situation. It was a tragedy all those animals were put to sleep, she said. But I think Sheriff Borders is a pretty no-nonsense guy and I commend him for dealing with it properly. I dont want people to be too down on the sheriff yet. There is always go ing to be a learning curve when you take over a new responsibility. Borders said the Sher iffs Ofce would review Animal Services pro tocols and procedures and will examine wheth er veterinarians need to have more of a role in determining if animals meet the criteria for be ing put down. In evaluating the incident, Borders said: It would be nave to think that we arent going to make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from our mistakes. This will be a successful operation. SHELTER FROM PAGE A1 Floridas average price of $3.24 is 7 cents less than last week. Georgias aver age of $3.19 is 10 cents cheaper than last week. In Leesburg, the average price on Tues day was about $3.15, according to Gas Buddy.com. Seven stations were selling at $3.14, two were at $3.15, two were at $3.16 and four were at $3.17 On Friday, AAA announced the launch of its own gas price guide at AAA.com/ Gas, which allows for price searches in all 50 states using city and state names or ZIP codes. The page also allows users to view average gas prices by state or se lected markets. Stevenson, 22, are also charged with principal to home invasion stemming from the same incident. Hugh Bass, the assis tant state attorney pros ecuting the case, said Tuesday that while Du gan, Spencer and Steven son have agreed to pro vide truthful testimony against Damasiewicz and Bridgeman, no deals or promises of lenien cy have been provided to any of the three. Bass did say a decision on what to do with Du gan, Spencer and Ste venson will be made af ter their testimonies. No trial date has been set for them. The home inva sion took place on May 22, 2012, when some one knocked on Wig gins door on Gold Creek Court in the Four Corners area of Clermont. According to the Lake County Sheriffs Ofce, Wiggins slightly opened the door when someone poked a rie and a hand gun through the crack and red. Wiggins tried to run out the back along with his roommates, but he collapsed and died on the scene. According to arrest af davits, the ve sus pects met up at Spen cers home earlier in the day when Bridgeman suggested they commit a robbery. After gather ing supplies at a Cler mont store and dressing in black, Dugan alleged ly scouted Wiggins resi dence and backed his ve hicle near the home and they all got out. The af davit states Bridgeman and Damasiewicz started ring after Wiggins tried to close his door. About 20 rounds were red through the door, hitting Wiggins multiple times, including in the chest and neck. PLEA FROM PAGE A1 GAS FROM PAGE A1 of nal decision. Although this Court routinely handles important constitution al questions and is equipped to do so, this particular issue now re quires a prompt Florida Supreme Court decision, the ling says. It also notes a need to act now in light of changed circumstances. This month, the U.S. Supreme Court turned away appeals from ve states seeking to prohibit gay and lesbian unions. The terse de cision paved the way for gay mar riage in those states. Bondi had repeatedly vowed to keep ghting to maintain the states ban until the U.S. Supreme Court acted. Voters approved Flor idas ban on same-sex marriage in 2008. Gov. Rick Scott, whose agen cies are being sued in one federal case, has defended Bondis actions so far. Nadine Smith with Equality Florida said that while her group looks forward to having the case resolved by the state Supreme Court she said that both Bondi and Scott continue to waste tax payer money while same-sex cou ples throughout the state continue to endure the indignities of being treated like second-class citizens. How much longer must loving couples in Florida wait to protect their families? Smith asked in a statement. If the state Supreme Court takes up the two cases, its unclear how soon it would rule. The high court would likely require both sides to submit legal briefs and could schedule a hearing before making a decision. A separate federal case also could be decided before then. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle this summer ruled Floridas ban on gay marriage unconstitution al, but stayed the ruling until oth er cases around the country were resolved. He said at the time he would not allow any change until 90 days after the resolution of oth er cases that were pending with the Supreme Court. But lawyers representing the couples in that case have asked Hinkle to dissolve the stay after the U.S. Supreme Court turned down the appeals from other states. MARRIAGE FROM PAGE A1 BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL A horse peeks through the bars of a pen at Lake County Animal Services in Tavares on Tuesday. AP FILE PHOTO Don Johnston and Jorge Diaz wait to speak to the media and supporters after a court hearing on gay marriage in Miami.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A3 Area Briefs www.dailycommercial.com ... and well share it with our readers. Some of our best story ideas and photos come from our readers. So dont hesitate to share your youth activities, awards, accomplishments, festivals, charity events and other things that make our communities special. And dont overlook those family milestones birthdays, engagements, marriages, business promotions and military news. Just email your photos and news to ... pamfennimore@dailycommercial.com IF YOU SEE NEWS HAPPENING, RECORD IT LEESBURG Man accused of pushing officer out of his house A 51-year-old Leesburg man, who allegedly tried to push a Lake County sheriffs dep uty out the back of his home after insisting he come back through the front, now faces multi ple charges. Paul Bernard Hyde was charged with sim ple battery, aggravat ed assault with a rearm and bat tery on a law enforcement ofcer. He remained in the Lake County jail Tuesday afternoon in lieu of $11,000 bail. According to an arrest afda vit, deputies initially responded to Country Life Mobile Home Park in Leesburg on Monday after a man re ported that he was driving a golf cart when Hyde tried to pull him off of it. The man said he was able to ride off to his home, only for Hyde to fol low him there on his own golf cart and point a semi-automatic hand gun at him. A responding deputy knocked on Hydes back door and was invited inside. Upon questioning, though, the suspect told the deputy to get out and come back through the front, and allegedly started pushing him before being arrested. MOUNT DORA High school participates in Celebrate My Drive Mount Dora High School is par ticipating in National Teen Driver Safety Week running today through Oct. 24, a nationwide event sup ported by the State Farm insur ance company. The effort hopes to inspire teens in making positive choices as they begin driving and observing 2N2 2 eyes on the road, 2 hands on the wheel. The community and teens can get involved by going to wwww.cele bratemydrive.com during the Driver Safety Week, and clicking on Mount Dora High School to show your sup port for teenage drivers in the com munity. Students who register are el igible to win prizes for their school. MOUNT DORA Registration deadline nears for Hospice Golf Scramble In honor of Veterans Day, AMVETS Post 1992, the Lake Veterans Club, VFW Post 8087 and Cornerstone Hospice will host the inaugural Golden Triangle Veterans Memorial Golf Benet on Nov. 8 at the Mount Dora Golf Club. Registration for the four-per son scramble beneting the Cornerstone SALUTES! program for veterans is Saturday and is $50. After that date, registration is $60. Registration includes golf, contests and prizes. For information and to register, call Susan Bennett at Cornerstone Hospice, 888-728-6234. State & Region NEWS EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN scott.callahan@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 ROXANNE BROWN | Staff Writer roxanne.brown@dailycommercial.com Sometimes its hard to know exactly what to say to someone go ing through cancer. For the person going through it, its hard to know what to think. Thats exactly how Carlos Solis and his wife, Sandy, felt af ter she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. When you hear those words, You have cancer, everything ashes through your eyes, she said. Youre like a deer in head lights. Its hard to gure out what course to take for yourself. Sandy said after her diagnosis, the choice to undergo chemother apy and surgery was an easy one, because it was the greatest hope for survival and for keeping her family in tact. Still, the things she endured over the next several years were not easy, she said. I decided to bite the bullet for my family, but its a tiring, gruesome ordeal to go through, Sandy said. It was a long haul. I lost my hair but looking back, I guess it has its bene ts. I didnt have to get my hair done or worry about xing it. I guess it never really bothered me too much. I never wore a wig, but I usu ally wrapped my head with a scarf. Carlos decided he wanted to be by his wifes side 24/7, so he sold their business, bought an RV and to gether, they did a little traveling to keep San dys spirits up as she was going through sur gery and chemo and radiation treatments. While on the road, Carlos started tinker ing with his guitar and met up with some mu sician friends, includ ing Emmy and Gram my winners. Carlos said words be gan lling his head and before he knew it, he started writing songs he never expected to write, including one song titled Youre Not Alone, which he wrote for Sandy. It was every thing he wanted to tell her but couldnt quite put into spoken words, he said. The words just start ed pouring out of my head, Carlos said. I wrote a very emotion al song for Sandy and the rest are a combo of various types of good music I was inspired to write. On Carlos new CD, Youre Not Alone, is a ballad that features Charlie de Chant from Hall and Oates on sax ophone. The rest of the music is a fusion of Benefit concert for breast cancer attracting big names LINDA CHARLTON / SPECIAL TO THE DAILY COMMERCIAL Joseph Winemberg, left, stops to talk to Carlos Solis after he addressed an assembly at Montverde Academy. Inspired by love When you hear those words, You have cancer, everything flashes through your eyes. Youre like a deer in headlights. Its hard to figure out what course to take for yourself. Sandy Solis Breast cancer survivor SEE CONCERT | A5 LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer livi.stanford@dailycommercial.com When Judy Proli got into a car accident in February and almost lost her life, she fought hard to live. She said she believed God left her on earth for one important purpose: to continue advocating for a trafc signal at N. Han cock Road and Diamond Club Drive. It has been ve years and Proli nally got her wish Tuesday. Lake County commis sioners unanimously ap proved an agreement with the city of Clermont to fund a trafc signal at the intersection, which is in front of Summit Greens, a retirement community. Commissioners also ap proved a trafc signal at Oakley Seaver Drive and N. Hancock Road. Several residents at Summit Greens had argued for the trafc signal for years, citing safety concerns in exiting left out of the subdivision onto N. Hancock Road, where trafc is traveling at least 45 mph. We have an extreme blind curve to the right of us, Proli said. We cant see the oncoming cars until it is too late. That road was never made like a major Summit Greens traffic signal gets OK SEE APPROVAL | A5 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millard.ives@dailycommercial.com An autopsy performed early Tuesday morning on a 3-monthold Eustis boy, who was found unresponsive in his parents bed Monday, revealed no suspicious bruises or injuries, according to a police spokesman. Lt. Shane McSheehy said in vestigators are still waiting on toxicology results from the au topsy and the case remains un der investigation. The Medical Examiners Ofce identied the child as Dominic Galizia and an ofcial said she expects the toxicology tests to be completed within 6 to 8 weeks. McSheehy added they are treating the incident as a death investigation at this time. The Department of Children and Families has been notied. According to McSheehy, of cers responded to the Mayfair St. home just before 6 p.m., where EUSTIS 3-month-olds death under investigation SEE BABY | A5 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millard.ives@dailycommercial.com A 36-year-old caregiver, ac cused of throwing scalding wa ter on a resident at a special needs center in Mount Dora, was sentenced Monday to six months in jail and ordered to en roll in anger man agement classes. With credit for time served, Ken yatta Devon Hill of Orlando, will likely spend four months in jail, her defense lawyer, Chmari An derson, said shortly after Mon days hearing at the Lake Coun ty Courthouse. The sentence was reached last week during a plea deal on the charges of abuse of a disabled adult, stemming from a Jan. 8 MOUNT DORA Caregiver sentenced for scalding incident HILL SEE WATER | A5 Staff Report Yachtzoo, a world leader in superyachts for charter and sale, is listing the H. Gary Morse-owned Cracker Bay motor yacht for sale at $21 million, the website boatin ternational.com is reporting. The yacht was in the news a little more than two years ago when it reportedly hosted a reception in St. Petersburg for then-presidential candi date Mitt Romney during the Republican National Con vention in Tampa. The yacht ies the ag of the Cayman Islands and Romney had faced criticism for reported ly having investments there. According to a story at the time in The Washington Post The oating soiree featured a speech by Virginia Gov. Rob ert F. McDonnell (R) and was attended by shopping cen ter magnate Mel Sembler, en ergy billionaire Wilbur Ross and several dozen others who have raised more than $1 mil lion each for Romneys presi dential effort... The Post also noted the THE VILLAGES Morse yacht listed for sale at $21 million CHRIS OMEARA / AP Cracker Bay is shown at dock. The yacht ies the ag of the Cayman Islands. SEE YACHT | A4 Several residents at Summit Greens had argued for the traffic signal for years, citing safety concerns in exiting left out of the subdivision onto N. Hancock Road, where traffic is traveling at least 45 mph. HYDE


A4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 OCTOBER BARGA INS of the MONTHPro viding Except ional Customer Ser vice Spring into Fall with Savings!BEHIND EVER Y PROJECT IS ASale Ends 10/31/14 by Tr ue Va lue Company All rights re ser ved. TRUE VA LUE/JUST ASK RENT ALLEESBURG rf n tb tbb352-728-1888SERVING LEESBURG SINCE 1978 Electric Razor Repair ClinicWe d., Oct. 22n d We d., No v. 12 CANADIAN DISCOUN T SER VIC ES Sa ve Up To ... 80% OFFPharmacy Prices!Gen eric Me di ci ne sCialis20mg .2 4 count.....$89.95 Vi agra10 0mg .2 0 co unt.....$65.95 Actonel35 mg .1 2 count.....$69 RX REQUIRED rf n nt b ft t r r f tb tf n t n f f f r CANADIAN DISCOUNT SERVICES1011 1 S .E H WY 441 Bell evie w, FL 34 420 (1/ 4 mi. Nort h of KMart on Hwy 44 1)(352 ) 34 7-0403 /f x (3 52) 34 7-2034CDRX441@ gmail.com rD007546 80% LEAD IN G EDGE DE NT ALALL YO UR DENT AL NEEDS IN ONE FRIENDL Y PLA CE.Financing Av ailablewww .leadingdental.comLicense# DN14389MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTEDLEESBURG 365-6442 Sh opp es of La ke Vi ll ag e(Next to Lake Square Mall)Conventional Implants r f nt b r r f f En han ce yo ur lif e with Mini De nt al Impl ants in 1 hr NEW PA TIENT SPECIALExam & X-Rays$90 rf nrrft tt t n t IN MEMORY OBITUARIES J. Howard Collins J. Howard Collins, 88, of Leesburg, FL and for merly, a longtime resi dent of Coconut Creek, FL was born Decem ber 3, 1925 and passed away October 12, 2014. He was a WWII veteran who proudly served his country in the US Air Force. He was very ac tive in the Civil Air Pa trol where he served as Florida Director of Aero space Education and re cently received his pro motion to Lieutenant Colonel. Professional ly, Mr. Collins worked for and retired from the Broward County School System. He moved to Leesburg from Coconut Creek in 2009 and was a member of the South pointe Baptist Fellow ship in Leesburg. Survi vors include: wife of 44 years Bonnie of Lees burg; daughter Char lotte (David) Dougherty of Ames, IA; son Edward Buchanan of Torrington WY; daughter Tammy (Albert) Vanderbilt of Cincinnati, OH; special niece, Cynthia Brewster; grandchildren: Holland, Mariah, Erin, Liam, Em ily, Lily, Campbell, Aid en and Ava. Funeral Ser vices for Mr. Collins will be held on Friday Oc tober 17, 2014 at 11 AM in the Chapel of Beyers Funeral Home in Lees burg. A visitation will be held one hour prior to the funeral service and a Committal Service in cluding Military Hon ors will be held at Flor ida National Cemetery in Bushnell. Flowers will be received at Bey ers Funeral Home and donations may be made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at jdrf.org. Condolenc es may be left at www. beyersfuneralhome. com, Beyers Funeral Home and Crematory, Leesburg, FL in charge of arrangements. Harry F. Engel Harry F. Engel, 85, of Leesburg, Florida, passed away Sunday, October 12, 2014 after complications from his illness. Harry was the son of the late Harry D. and Emma E. Engel, loving husband of Euna B. Engel. Visitation will be Friday, October 17, 2014 at 11:00 am with the memorial service at 11:30 am at Bethany Lu theran Church, Lees burg, FL. Online con dolences may be left at www.beyersfuner alhome.com. Arrange ments entrusted to Bey ers Funeral Home and Crematory, Leesburg, FL. James E. Fretwell James E. Fretwell, 82, of Leesburg, Flori da passed away Octo ber 13, 2014. James was born in Leesburg, FL, on March 13, 1932, to the late James E. and Virdilee Fretwell. He was born on Piccio la Island and was a life long resident of Lees burg. He attended Lees burg High School and graduated from Gor don Military Acade my in Mars Hill, GA. He served in the U.S. Navy for 4 years during the Korean War and was a member of the Lees burg National Guard. James was a small busi ness owner and after his retirement from Allied Chemical, he worked at WalMart. James was married to the late Ha zel Ray Fretwell. He is survived by his broth er, Philip Fretwell (Na dine), Leesburg; his children, Mary Louise Hester (Judson), Talla hassee; Nancy Mitch ell (David) Green Cove Springs; Elizabeth Ann Anderson (Dale), Lees burg; step-children Ben Ray (Lorraine), Lees burg; Debbie Carter (Wendell), Hinesville, GA; grandchildren, Paul Hester, Miami; Pierce Hester, Tallahassee; Da vid Mitchell, Fleming Island; Erin Schmidt, Fleming Island; Brittany Anderson, Jacksonville; Scott Anderson, Lees burg; Kenny Ray, (Erin), Leesburg; Benji Ray, (Sarah), Jacksonville; Erin Carter, Alpharet ta, GA; Wendell Carter, Hinesville, GA. The fam ily will receive friends at Hillcrest Memori al Gardens, Leesburg, FL on Sunday, Octo ber 19, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. Graveside Services, to include Masonic Ser vices, will follow at 2:00 pm. In lieu of owers, please send donations to The Villages, Corner stone Hospice C/O the Villages Hospice House, 601 Casa Bella, The Vil lages, FL 32162. On line condolences may be left at www.beyers funeralhome.com. Ar rangements entrusted to Beyers Funeral Home and Crematory, Lees burg, FL. Dorothy Anne Rumburg Dorothy Anne (Dot) Rumburg, 86, of 8007 Saint Andrews Way, Mount Dora, Florida, formerly of Princeton, West Virginia, passed away Saturday, Septem ber 27, 2014 at Avante of Mount Dora. She was born July 25, 1928, in Welch, West Virgin ia. A Memorial Service will be held on October 18, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at First Presbyteri an Church of Mount Dora, 222 West 6th Ave nue, Mount Dora, Flori da. Dr. Thomas J. Biery, Pastor and Cynthia de Vos, Assistant Pastor, of ciating. In lieu of ow ers, the family suggests donations be made in Dorothys name to the First Presbyteri an Church of Mount Dora, 222 West 6th Ave nue, Mount Dora, Flori da 32757. The Rumburg family was serviced by Memorial Funeral Di rectory and Cremation Center, Athens Road, Princeton, WV, and by Harden-Pauli Funeral Home and Crematory, Eustis, Florida. Stanley H. Upchurch, Jr. Stanley H. Upchurch, Jr., 88, Leesburg, Flor ida, formerly of Hous ton, TX passed away on October 12, 2014 in Eustis, Florida. A Cele bration of Life Memo rial Service will be held on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 11:00 A.M. at Page-Theus Funer al Home Chapel, Lees burg, Florida with In urnment to follow at a later date at Hous ton National Ceme tery, Houston, Texas. Services have been en trusted to Page-Theus Funeral Home, Lees burg, FL. On line con dolences and memories may be shared by visit ing www.pagetheusfu neralhome.com. DEATH NOTICES Fred Lee Coleman Fred Lee Coleman, 75, of Leesburg, died Sun day, October 12, 2014. Rocker-Cusack Mortu ary, Leesburg. Billy France Billy France, 82, of Paisley, died Monday, October 13, 2014. Bey ers Funeral Home, Umatilla. Evelyn Harris Evelyn Harris, 73, of Umatilla, died Sunday, October 12, 2014. Mar vin C. Zanders Funeral Home, Inc. Apopka. Robert Alan Roy Robert Alan Roy, 84, of Leesburg, died Sunday, October 12, 2014. PageTheus Funeral Home, Leesburg. YACHT FROM PAGE A3 connection to the de veloper of The Villages, saying Morses compa nies and relatives have funneled more than $1.5 million to Romney and his allies. Yachtzoos listing states the 146 foot-long yacht, built in 2002 by the Hakvoort Shipyard in the Netherlands and retted last year, has a range of 5,000 miles. It can sleep 12 guests in six staterooms, not in cluding 12 crew mem bers in ve crew cabins. Some features of the steel and teak yacht in clude a Jacuzzi up front and a dumbwaiter to access the below deck walk-in freezer and walk-in refrigerator. The owners suite comes complete with an ofce and a replace, accord ing to the listing. The tri-deck yacht also comes with two tenders, a pair of 18foot Nautical boats with 115-hp outboard mo tors, the listing states. The Cracker Bay has been spotted through out the Caribbean over the years. Last year it was spotted in Seattle, where the Puget Sound Busi ness Journal reported its crew spent $30,000 top ping off its fuel tanks be fore heading to Alaska. The yacht is current ly docked in Ft. Lauder dale, where Yachtzoo has its U.S. ofce. Its other ofce is in Monaco.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A5 Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, R&B and Beach Shag. On Oct. 25, Carlos, along with many other notable musicians, will play the song for San dy at a benet concert at the Arts and Recreation Center, 3700 S. Highway 27 in Clermont. The public is invited and tickets are $30 per person, and proceeds will go directly to South Lake Hospitals mam mography fund to help other women in the area get proactive treatment. Bassist Jerry Bravo, a 14-time Grammy Award Achievement Certi cate winner; drummer Richard Bravo, a 26-time Grammy Award Achieve ment Certicate winner who played with Barry Gibb; and saxophonist Camilo Valencia, who has played with Barbra Streisand and Shakira will also play at the con cert. Carlos Oliva, an Emmy Award-winning record ing artist, composer and producer, is also be ing touted as the nights special guest. Oliva pro duced and directed Mi ami Sound Machine with Gloria Estefan. Carlos has been pro moting the concert all around town because he said if more peo ple attend, more mon ey will be raised for the mammography fund. The Clermont City Council has waived any rental fees for the facil ity where hes holding the concert on Oct. 25. Last week, Carlos vis ited Montverde Acade my and told his story to the upper school stu dent body of 700. Af ter he spoke, many stu dents stopped to talk to him and shared how he had inspired them. Tickets for the concert can be purchased at lo cal businesses, includ ing the Livewell Fitness Center, NTC, Graphics Direct, Napolis Pizza, Troys Cuban Deli, Min ute-man Press, Tony Hubbard Realty, Cor nerstone Music, Fifth Third Bank, Bacchus Vino, Clermont Mas sage, Beef OBradys, Minneola City Hall and The Urban Spot. For information, go to www.solisbravo.com. the mother reported she found the child unre sponsive. The Eustis Fire Department and Emer gency Medical Services responded and the child was transported to Florida Hospital Waterman, where he was pronounced dead. The parents also have an 8-year-old child and McSheehy said the father and the mans sister were the only other people in the home at the time. McSheehy said it is unclear when was the last time the parents had checked on the child before he was found unresponsive. He added police have had no previous calls to the home. thoroughfare should be built so you have a ghting chance to see what is coming at you. The most dangerous time is at dusk. Proli said she knew of seven crash victims in her subdivision. Taylor Morrison Homes, the developer of Black West, a 2,000home development north of Summit Greens, agreed to fund the traf c signal at an estimat ed cost of $150,000 after speaking with Clermont city ofcials. The conditional use permit for the Black West Property requires Taylor Morrison to pay for the trafc signal at the time it is warranted. Clermont City Manag er Darren Gray said when State Road 50 was wid ened years ago it resulted in Summit Greens turn lane being taken out. When they took out the turn lane a lot of them did not feel safe, he said. For many years the city of Clermont has supported the turn sig nal, Gray said. Anytime there is a public safety concern, it needs to be addressed, he said. Sal Salvatore, who lives in College Park across from Summit Greens, certainly ex pressed his concerns. Making a left on North Hancock, Salva tore said, You dont see those people until they are on top of you. You have to step on the gas to get there quickly. In March 2013, county commissioners rejected the signal, which would have been funded by the county. Commissioner Sean Parks said after the meet ing he voted against the signal in 2013 because he rst wanted to see if other safety improve ments along N. Hancock Road would help. There were some other intersections that were of higher priority, he added. A signal warrant study done on Diamond Club in 2012 stated the trafc signal should not be in stalled. Existing volume con ditions and crash expe rience at the intersec tion do not meet the criteria for these war rants, the study stated. According to the countys department of Public Works, there were two crashes at North Hancock Road and Diamond Club Drive between January 2012 and Oct. 6, 2014. Parks said he com mended the city of Cl ermont and Proli for coming together to nd a solution. I appreciate the efforts of City Councilman Rick Van Wagner and Ms. Pro li, he said at Tuesdays meeting. Quite honest ly, you extended the ef fort and did much more to nd a more reasonable solution than I did. incident involving a 21-year-old autistic man at the Carlton Palms Ed ucation Center, where Hill had worked. On Monday, Circuit Judge William Law for mally adjudicated Hill guilty and also ordered her to be placed on pro bation after following her jail sentence. According to the Lake County Sheriffs Ofce, center ofcials discov ered the man with sec ond-degree burns and Hill had been caught on surveillance tape the same day throwing the cup of water at the man which detectives de termined had been at least 147 degrees. Anderson contended Hill had been holding the water for a period of time before throw ing it at the victim and it wasnt scalding and it wasnt clear how the vic tim was burned. All New Pa ckage Prices New State of the Art Computer s. All New Computerized Bonus Pa cks Monday Madness$40 Super Pa ck Only$25! Computer and Wa rm-Ups Included! 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ON BRAND NEW UNITS Removal of Existing Home and Complete Tu rnkey Home Replacement Av ailable OP EN 7 DA YS A WE EK Adopt or Rescue 800.335.4395 352.343.2241Proud Sponsor of the Lake Coubty ASPCA352-389-7 40045 Ye ars of Doin g Busine ss in Fl orida 575 N. Dunca n Drive, Ta vares, FL Rate s ar e at hist orical lows Cal l us Near Cuba s Restaur ant. Buy your nearly new Furnitur e, Art and Curios at a fr action of re tail.Laya way an other fabu lous re ason to sh op with us!35 2-3 4344 47www .F abFindsFurnitur e. com Inside The Lake Squar e Mall Expires 10/31/14Fo r Ma nu fa ct ur ed Ho me s BABY FROM PAGE A3 WATER FROM PAGE A3 CONCERT FROM PAGE A3 APPROVAL FROM PAGE A3 AUSTIN L. MILLER Halifax Media Group Two inmates at a womens prison north of Ocala, including one from Leesburg, have died in the past week. Since the beginning of the month, three women have died at Lowell Correctional Institution. Jessica Cary, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections, identi ed the inmates as Jane C. Taylor and Michelle Tierney. Taylor, 80, died at 2:22 a.m. Mon day. Tierney, 48, died 9:20 a.m. Thursday. Taylor was serving time for DUI with serious bodily in jury out of St. Luc ie County, and Tierney for child abuse and grand theft out of Lake County, according to state records. Tier ney was a Grand Island resident sentenced to 15 years in 2003. Cary said the Medi cal Examiners Ofce would determine the causes of death. Citing medical privacy laws, the spokeswoman said she couldnt release any details. Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said her agency is inves tigating Tier neys death. Its an active death investigation, she said, and she could not provide details. The FDLE investigates deaths at DOCs re quest, she said. On Oct. 1, Latandra Ellington, was found dead at the prison, ac cording to an Associ ated Press report. At torneys Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump, speaking on behalf of Ellingtons relatives, said an ofcial had told a relative not long be fore her death that the 36-year-old mother of four would be taken care of. The lawyers had an independent autopsy done, which showed hemorrhaging caused by blunt force trauma from punches or kicks to the lower abdomen, the Associated Press reported. DOC statistics indi cate that, from 2000 through September 2014, 3,767 inmates have died in state cus tody. Those deaths in cluded suicides, homi cides, medical-related deaths and accidents. Of that total, 3,572 in volved men and 195 women. Twenty-six were at LCI. Leesburg woman dies at LCI TIERNEY The public is invited and tickets are $30 per person, and proceeds will go directly to South Lake Hospitals mammography fund to help other women in the area get proactive treatment.


A6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 October is Breast Cancer Aw areness Month212 E. Main St., Leesburg, FL 34748 www.dailycommercial.com rfntfb tfn www.southlakepress.com We Challenge Lake & Sumter County Businesses to Decorate their Doorway in Pink for the Month of October E Q U I T Y L I F E S T Y L E P R O P E R T I E S Sa tu rda y, Oc to be r 18th, 2014 8:00a m 4:00pm Sa tu rda y, Oc to be r 18th, 2014 8:00a m 4:00pmOP EN HO USE OP EN HO USE r f fn t b rfnn t rbbff r rf n t b r tb tb br br r -Ne w constr uction -R emodels -A dditions -Summer kitchens -Lanai enclosur es -C abinets & count er to ps -C abinet re fa cing -Golf car t ga ra ges -Kitches baths and mor e. ..All phases of constructionLicense and insur ed, CRC#0581 98 EMILY SCHMALL and NOMAAN MERCHANT Associated Press FORT WORTH, Tex as The nations top disease-ghting agen cy acknowledged Tues day that federal health experts failed to do all they should have done to prevent Ebola from spreading from a Libe rian man who died last week in Texas to the nurse who treated him. The stark admis sion from the director of the Centers for Dis ease Control and Pre vention came as the World Health Organiza tion projected the pace of infections accelerat ing in West Africa to as many as 10,000 new cases a week within two months. Agency Director Tom Frieden outlined a se ries of steps designed to stop the spread of the disease in the U.S., in cluding increased train ing for health care work ers and changes at the Texas hospital where the virus was diagnosed to minimize the risk of more infections. A total of 76 people at the hospital might have had exposure to Thom as Eric Duncan, and all of them are being mon itored for fever and oth er symptoms daily, Frie den said. That gure conrmed an Associated Press re port on Monday that Pham was among about 70 hospital staffers who were involved in Dun cans care after he was hospitalized, based on medical records provid ed by Duncans family. The announcement of the governments stepped-up effort came after top health ofcials repeatedly assured the public over the last two weeks that they were doing everything possi ble to control the out break by deploying infectious-disease spe cialists to the hospital where Duncan was di agnosed with Ebola and later died. I wish we had put a team like this on the ground the day the pa tient the rst patient was diagnosed. That might have prevented this infection. But we will do that from today onward with any case anywhere in the U.S., Frieden said. Frieden described the new response team as having some of the worlds leading experts in how to care for Ebola and protect health care workers. They planned to review everything from how the isolation room is physically laid out, to what protective equip ment health workers use, to waste management and decontamination. CDC acknowledges it could have done more on Ebola


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A7 FOUNDA TION s FOUNDA TION s FOUNDA TION s FOUNDA TION s r f n tb n rr rf n t b f t b t t tt t rfn tbn n n f n f bt n t r f n f tb b JULIE PACE and SUZAN FRASER AP White House Correspondents WASHINGTON In a fresh test for U.S. co alition-building efforts, Turkey is launching air strikes against Kurdish rebels inside its borders this week despite pleas from the Obama ad ministration to instead focus on an interna tional campaign to de stroy Islamic State mili tants wreaking havoc in the region. Media reports about the Turkish strikes sur faced Tuesday as Pres ident Barack Obama and military chiefs from more than 20 nations gathered in Washing ton in a show of unity against the Islamic State group. This is an operation that involves the world against ISIL, Obama declared, referring to the militant group by one of its many names. The Turkish air strikes occurred Mon day and marked the countrys rst major strikes against Kurdish rebels on its own soil since peace talks be gan two years ago. The strikes came amid an ger among the Kurds in Turkey, who accuse the government there of standing by while Syrian Kurds are be ing killed by Islam ic State militants in the besieged Syrian border town of Kobani. The Islamic State militants also have targeted Kurds in Iraq, who have to some extent been able to hold off their advances. The U.S. has been pressing Turkey a NATO ally to take a more active role in the campaign to destroy the Islamic State group, but the Turks have said they wont join the ght unless the U.S.-led coa lition also targets Syri an President Bashar As sads government. The Obama administration sees those as separate ghts and has no appe tite to go to war against Assad. Ofcials from Anka ra participated in Tues days meeting at An drews Air Force Base, Maryland. A U.S. mil itary ofcial familiar with the talks said the chiefs of defense agreed to recommend to their governments that they continue to move for ward together against the extremists, to con tribute capabilities best suited to each nation, and to take action to build on the success es already achieved by coalition efforts on the ground and in the air. The ofcial requested anonymity for provid ing the information. Earlier Tuesday, the U.S.-led coalition stepped up attacks on Islamic State targets in Kobani, launching 21 airstrikes in and around the town. BRADLEY KLAPPER Associated Press PARIS The United States and Russia vowed Tuesday to renew co operation on a broad array of glob al security matters, including in telligence sharing on Islamic State militants, even as the two powers re mained deeply at odds over the cri sis in Ukraine. Although Secretary of State John Kerry didnt use the term reset a relationship-mending term Pres ident Barack Obama coined in his rst term to tighten US-Russian ties he employed familiar language about managing differences and forging a better partnership on mat ters where they agree. After meeting for more than three hours in Paris with Russian For eign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Ker ry said both sides need to recognize they have major responsibilities as world powers, from combating Isla mist extremism in the Middle East to dealing with Iran and North Ko reas nuclear programs. As a con crete example of their work togeth er, he said the U.S. and Russia would start sharing intelligence on the Is lamic State militants, which the U.S. and allies are ghting in Iraq and Syria. Lavrov, speaking separately, con rmed intelligence-sharing would begin and also spoke positively about improving U.S.-Russian ties. Mr. Kerry and I dont represent warring sides, he said. The nations play a special role in the world, he said. We can co operate better together to increase the effectiveness of settling prob lems for larger society. That espe cially concerns the ght against ter rorism, which has now become the main threat to the whole Mideast. Turkish strikes on Kurds complicate anti-IS fight US, Russia vow to share intel


A8 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Adver tisement Business DigestDoes your business qualify? Call 1888-90 0-5960By Ru ss Se bring Br own s Auto Has Thousands Of Loyal CustomersOver the past 16 years, Brown s Auto Sales has ear ned the respect of area residents and continues to grow and grow In the beginning they star ted off as a used car wholesaler who sold only to other dealers, and then later they opened their lot to the general public. The combination of superior used cars and trucks and unbeatable lower wholesale level prices was a huge hit. To day Brown s Auto Sales is one of the largest and most recognized used car dealers in Lake County Their sales center is located at 9942 County Road 44 in Leesburg, phone 352-3651990. They also have a second location at 11231 Hwy 441 in Ta vares (352-508-5500). 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The Shiite militiamen number in the tens of thousands and wear military uniforms but operate outside any le gal framework and with out any ofcial over sight, the London-based watchdog said, adding that they are not prose cuted for the crimes. The accusations were based on interviews with relatives of vic tims and survivors who claimed that members of four prominent Iraqi Shiite militias Asaib Ahl al-Haq, the Badr Brigades, the Mahdi Army, and Ketaeb Hiz bollah were behind many abductions and killings of Sunnis in the country, the rights group said in a 28-page report, entitled Abso lute Impunity: Militia Rule in Iraq. Sunni grievanc es have metastasized since the U.S.-led inva sion that toppled Sadd am Hussein in 2003 and handed power to the long-oppressed Shiite majority. Sunni anger helped fuel the rampage across north ern and western Iraq by the Islamic State group and the onslaught has aggravated sectari an tensions elsewhere, again driving Iraq to the brink of civil war. Asaib Ahl al-Haq and the Hezbollah Brigades were among a group of Shiite militias backed by Iran that carried out lethal attacks against U.S. bases in June 2012. A spokesman for the Iraqi military, Brig. Gen. Saad Maan Ibrahim, dismissed the Amnesty report, saying that the government would in no way be an accom plice for killing its own citizens. He added that the Iraqi government and its military do not support any group, in cluding militias, which work to kill innocent people. Amnesty says the fate of many of the Sunni abductees remains un known and that some captives have been killed even after their families paid ransoms of $80,000 and more. FOSTER KLUG Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea After vanishing from the public eye for nearly six weeks, North Kore an leader Kim Jong Un is back, ending rumors that he was gravely ill, deposed or worse. Now, a new, albe it smaller, mystery has emerged: Why the cane? Kim, who was last seen publicly at a Sept. 3 concert, appeared in images released by state media Tuesday smiling broadly and supporting himself with a walking stick while touring the newly built Wisong Sci entists Residential Dis trict and another new institute in Pyongyang, part of his regular eld guidance tours. The North didnt say when the visit happened, nor did it address the lead ers health. Kims appearance al lowed the countrys massive propaganda apparatus to contin ue doing what it does best glorify the third generation of Kim fam ily rule. And it will tamp down, at least for the moment, rampant ru mors of a coup and se rious health problems. Before Tuesday, Kim missed several high-prole events that he normally attends and was described in an ofcial documenta ry last month as experi encing discomfort. Archive footage from August showed him overweight and limping, prompting the South Korean media to spec ulate he had undergone surgery on his ankles. Some experts thought he was suffering from gout or diabetes. In Washington, State Department spokes woman Jen Psaki said the U.S. didnt have any reason to doubt the au thenticity of the latest images. Rights group: Iraqi Shiite militias killing Sunnis with impunity AP FILE PHOTO A Shiite militiaman stands guard in Amirli, north of Baghdad. North Korean leader reappears with cane LEE JIN-MAN / AP A man watches a TV news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, on Tuesday showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un using a cane.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A9 YOUR EDITORIAL BOARD STEVE SKAGGS ....................................... PUBLISHER TOM MCNIFF .................................. EXECUTIVE EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN ................................. NEWS EDITOR WHITNEY WILLARD .......................... COPY DESK CHIEF GENE PACKWOOD ..................... EDITORIAL CARTOONIST Voices www.dailycommercial.com The newspaper of choice for Lake and Sumter counties since 1875 EDITORIALS Editorials are the consensus opinion of the editorial board, not any individual. They are written by the editorial staff but are not signed. Local editorials are published Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. COLUMNS Columns are the opinion of the writer whose byline and picture appears with them. They do not necessarily reect the opinion of the newspaper, and are chosen to represent a diver sity of views. If you would like to submit a guest column on a local, state or national issue, email your submission to letters@dailycommercial. com, or mail it to Voices, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Guest columns should be limited to 550 words in length. The writer also must submit a recent photo to be published with the column, as well as a brief biographical sketch. HAVE YOUR SAY The Daily Commercial invites you to write letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 350 words. They must be original, signed with the full name of the writer, and include the writers address and telephone number for verication. We reserve the right to edit for length. Letters also will be edited for grammar, clarity, taste and libel. We accept no more than two letters per month from the same writer. No open letters, form letters or copies of letters to third parties will be published. We do not publish unsigned letters. Submissions are not returned. We retain the right to archive and republish any material submitted for publication. You can submit your letters by: Email (preferred) to: letters@dailycommercial.com By regular mail to: Voices P.O. Box 490007 Leesburg, FL 34749-0007 By fax to: 325-365-1951 A fter World War II, the Mar shall Plan helped rebuild a devastated Europe. The key word in that sentence is after. Last weekend at a conference of donor nations held in Cai ro, Egypt, to discuss rebuild ing Gaza, following the latest exchange of rockets between Hamas and Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry pledged an ad ditional $212 million in U.S. aid for the project, nearly doubling the total U.S. commitment (so far). The Palestinian Authority claims rebuilding could cost $4 billion. The aid is promised before the terrorist war against Isra el is over and without a prom ise by Hamas or the Palestinian Authority that there wont be fu ture attacks against the Jewish state. In fact, if history is a guide and it is, though the State De partment pays little attention to history after the rebuilding of Gaza, there is likely to be more war made against Israel. Previ ous aid, which was supposed to go for infrastructure and oth er nonmilitary purposes, was re portedly used instead to build tunnels stretching into Israel that Hamas planned to use for sui cide bombers and other attacks. Only Israels cross-border assault and targeting of the tunnels pre vented the potential of mass Is raeli casualties. In announcing the U.S. aid, Kerry said with deep conviction that the United States remains fully and totally committed to re turning to negotiations not just for the sake of it, but because the goal of this conference and the future of the region demand it. Hamas, which controls Gaza, isnt demanding negotiations, except perhaps for tactical rea sons. Hamas has a charter that is worth reading if anyone remains in doubt about its ultimate goal. Kerry should read it and believe it before making such meaning less and ridiculous statements as he made in Cairo. Article 13 of the Hamas Charter says: (Peace) initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. ... Those conferences are no more than a means to appoint the indels as arbitrators in the lands of Islam. ... There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility. Article 11 reads: The Islam ic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf through out the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or aban don it or part of it. Does anyone see any daylight for negotiations in these statements, or in the rest of the charter? To underscore their objectives, Hamas leader Khalil al-Haya in sisted that Hamas ...would not abandon its weapons. We say to those who brought the Jews (to Israel) from all over the world, we are now condent and believe more than ever in the implemen tation of the promise of Allah that we will not keep you (Jews) in our country. Al-Haya said the option available to you is to leave the country for its native residents (Palestinian Arabs). Al-Haya also said the Cairo talks, hosted by Egypt and Nor way, gives political legitimacy to Hamas and proves that war works. Add these statements to a long list about eradicating Jews from the entire region as a direct mandate from Allah and anyone not in complete denial can read ily see that negotiations produce nothing, except a weakened Is rael and an emboldened Hamas and its terrorist brothers in ISIS, al-Qaida and other groups with different names but the same objective. Meanwhile, American tax dollars are going to underwrite the demise of Israel and ultimately America. This is suicide by diplomacy. Cal Thomas latest book is What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stron ger America is available in bookstores now. Readers may email Cal Thom as at tcaeditors@tribune.com. OTHER VOICES Cal Thomas TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES Rebuilding Gaza for the next attack M ascotte continues to stagger under a pile of lawsuits and complaints that could cost the city a bundle of money, to say nothing of the condence of the towns citizens. On Oct. 2, the U.S. Equal Employment Op portunity Commission (EEOC) determined that City Manager Jim Gleason likely discrim inated against an employee in the citys utility department on the basis of race. Alana Wilson, who is black and a Pacic Islander, claimed Gleason told her she should change her com puter log-in name to token black person and used the terms pickaninny and nappy headed in statements made in her presence. Gleason claims the remarks were taken out of context, but Wilsons attorney is now armed with plenty of ammunition to sue and says hell do so if the city doesnt reach a fair settle ment with his client. Sadly, this isnt the only claim of harassment leveled against Mascotte by former or current employees. A pair of former police ofcers both white led a suit claiming Police Chief Ronaldo Banasco, who is Hispanic, discriminated against them. And another ofcer, Toni Hart, claims she was discriminated against by Banasco and red by Gleason because she was female and black. Hart said she was forced to do secretarial work that no other ofcer had to, that she was referred to as a black (expletive) and that she had to ask permission to use the bathroom. The EEOCs nding in the Alana Wilson case is troubling for several reasons. First, it suggests that a crude, unprofessional and demeaning culture exists in City Hall, where ofcials ap parently harbor some racially and cultural ly backward views and lack the good sense to keep their sophomoric musings to themselves. Second, the EEOC ruling suggests that there is indeed re beneath this smoke and lends credence to the other employees complaints. And nally, it strongly points to a coverup in City Hall. Remember, Banasco and Gleason investigated the complaints against each other and cleared each other of wrongdoing. Foxes watching the hen house. And yet, the Mascotte City Council has so far sat this one out. That may be changing, though. Last Friday, Mayor Tony Rosado, after catch ing wind of the EEOCs determination against Gleason, said the matter should be addressed by the City Council. Whether they (Gleasons comments) were made in fun or in vain, or whether it was just a stupid thing he said, its not tolerable. Nev er has been, never will be, Rosado told Daily Commercial reporter Roxanne Brown. We agree. The question is, what is the Mas cotte City Council prepared to do about it? The answer, so far, is nothing. Make no mis take, the councils silence in the face of mount ing evidence of employee harassment makes them complicit. Certainly, lawyers will argue that the council should do nothing while the suits are pending, but theyd be wrong. It is time for the council to bring in outside help to evaluate the culture at City Hall. It is time for the council to take Mascotte back from the frat boys. OUR VOICE Problems mount for Mascotte Hamas, which controls Gaza, isnt demanding negotiations, except perhaps for tactical reasons. Hamas has a charter that is worth reading if anyone remains in doubt about its ultimate goal. Kerry should read it and believe it before making such meaningless and ridiculous statements as he made in Cairo. Article 13 of the Hamas Charter says: (Peace) initiatives, and socalled peaceful solutions and international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. ... Those conferences are no more than a means to appoint the infidels as arbitrators in the lands of Islam. ... There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility. Classic DOONESBURY 1979


A10 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014


$28.95 before 1pm,$23.95 between 1-3pm,$16.95 after 3pmEffective as of October 6th, 2014 SPORTS EDITOR FRANK JOLLEY 352-365-8268 Sports sports@dailycommercial.com B1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com MIKE SLIVE: SEC Commissioner to retire / B4 KAREEM COPELAND Associated Press TALLAHASSEE The adviser for the family of Jameis Winston has asked Florida State why it has chosen now to en gage in the Title IX pro cess and accuses the school of trying to pro tect its own interests and responding to me dia pressure, accord ing to a letter obtained Tuesday by The Associ ated Press Florida State an nounced last week it will use an indepen dent ofcial in a stu dent code of conduct hearing. A female stu dent said Winston sexu ally assaulted her in De cember 2012. Attorney David Corn well notes in a letter that university and fed eral policy requires a timely investigation. He asks university ofcials why Florida State has ig nored those guidelines and writes that Winston deserves a prompt ex planation. Winston was nev er arrested and Flori da State Attorney Willie Meggs declined to press charges against Win ston last December due to a lack of evidence. The AP does not iden tify people who say they are victims of sexual abuse. No date has been set for the university CLERMONT GERRY BROOME / AP Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston warms up prior to a game against North Carolina State on Sept. 27 in Raleigh, N.C. Adviser to Winston family wants explanation for late hearing JEFF CHIU / AP San Franciscos Brandon Crawford scores the game winning run on a sacrice bunt by Gregor Blanco past St. Louis pitcher Randy Choate during the 10th inning on Tuesday in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series, in San Francisco. NLCS, GAME 3 SAN FRANCISCO 5, ST. LOUIS 4 10 INNINGS PHOTOS BY BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL ABOVE: Lake Minneola High School junior Brianna Lemon (9) spikes the ball during Tuesdays match against East Ridge in Clermont. BELOW: East Ridge senior Aliha Damani-Iadha (5) sets the ball. Holding court East Ridge volleyball team knocks off rival Lake Minneola in 4 games Giants beat Cardinals in 10th on wild throw SEE FSU | B2 JANIE MCCAULEY Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO Once the Giants nal ly got a bunt down, the rest was easy. A wild throw by reliev er Randy Choate on a bunt allowed Brandon Cr awford to score the winning run in the bot tom of the 10th inning, lifting the San Francisco Giants over the St. Louis Cardinals 5-4 on Tues day for a 2-1 lead in the NL Championship Se ries. Crawford drew an eight-pitch walk from Choate to begin the in ning, ending a stretch of 16 straight Giants re tired since Tim Hud sons two-out single in the fourth. After fail ing on two sacrice at tempts, Juan Perez sin gled to bring up Gregor Blanco. Blanco fouled off a bunt try, too, but then pushed one to the left side of the mound and the left-handed Cho ates sidearmed throw sailed past lunging sec ond baseman Kolten Wong, who was cover ing rst base. We dont do anything easy, Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. We might have got a little lucky there with Perez when he couldnt get a bunt down and he gets a base hit. But Blanco laid down a beauty. ... I SEE NLCS | B2 PAUL BARNEY | Staff Writer paul.barney@dailycommercial.com CLERMONT Down a set and trailing 21-12 in the sec ond set, East Ridge coach Mayra Cuebas called a much-needed timeout. I told them, Look, lets get back in the game. If we win we start over, Cuebas said. Thats exactly what hap pened. The Knights rallied back to win the set and take back the momentum, nishing off the Hawks in four, 25-20, 28-26, 25-18 and 25-17 on Tuesday night. Stephanie Samedy had 24 kills while Amanda Trice added 13 for East Ridge (176), which avenged a 3-1 loss to the Hawks earlier in the season. After dropping the rst set, the Knights led 12-11 in the second before Lake Minne ola rattled off 10 straight points to take a 21-12 lead that silenced the raucous East Ridge student section. The Knights, however, scored the next eight points to make it 21-20. The Hawks led 24-22 before East Ridge tied it at 24 behind a point from Samedy and an ace from Kiara Yzaguirre. Tied at 26, the Knights scored the SEE VBALL | B2


B2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 BASEBALL MLB Postseason x-if necessary LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (Best-of-7) American League Kansas City 2, Baltimore 0 Friday, Oct. 10: Kansas City 8, Baltimore 6, 10 in nings Saturday, Oct. 11: Kansas City 6, Baltimore 4 Monday, Oct. 13: Baltimore at Kansas City, ppd., rain Tuesday, Oct. 14: Baltimore (Chen 16-6) at Kansas City (Guthrie 13-11), late Wednesday, Oct. 15: Baltimore (Gonzalez 10-9 or Till man 13-6) at Kansas City (Vargas 11-10), 4:07 p.m. x-Thursday, Oct. 16: Baltimore at Kansas City, 4:07 p.m. x-Friday, Oct. 17: Kansas City at Baltimore, 8:07 p.m. x-Saturday, Oct. 18: Kansas City at Baltimore, 8:07 p.m. National League San Francisco 2, St. Louis 1 Saturday, Oct. 11: San Francisco 3, St. Louis 0 Sunday, Oct. 12: St. Louis 5, San Francisco 4 Tuesday, Oct. 14: San Francisco 5, St. Louis 4, 10 innings Wednesday, Oct. 15: St. Louis (Miller 10-9) at San Francisco (Vogelsong 8-13), 8:07 p.m. (FS1) Thursday, Oct. 16: St. Louis at San Francisco, 8:07 p.m. (FS1) x-Saturday, Oct. 18: San Francisco at St. Louis, 4:07 p.m. (Fox) x-Sunday, Oct. 19: San Francisco at St. Louis, 7:37 p.m. (FS1) WORLD SERIES (Best-of-7) Tuesday, Oct. 21: at American League Wednesday, Oct. 22: at AL Friday, Oct. 24: at National League Saturday, Oct. 25: at NL x-Sunday, Oct. 26: at NL x-Tuesday, Oct. 28: at AL x-Wednesday, Oct. 29: at AL FOOTBALL The Associated Press Top 10 Florida high school football poll, with rst-place votes in parentheses, records, rating points and previous rankings: Class 8A Record Pts Prv 1. Dr. Phillips (12) 6-0 151 1 2. First Coast (1) 6-0 143 2 3. Charles Flanagan (2) 7-0 128 3 4. West Orange 7-0 110 4 5. Plant 6-1 86 5 6. Lake Mary 6-0 71 6 7. Miramar (1) 5-2 61 7 8. Christopher Columbus Catholic 6-1 42 8 9. Monarch 6-0 30 10 (tie) Manatee 6-1 30 9 Others receiving votes: Miami Killian 13, Vero Beach 10, Apopka 4, Wellington 1. Class 7A Record Pts Prv 1. East Lake (11) 6-0 150 1 2. St. Thomas Aquinas (5) 5-1 145 2 3. Niceville 6-1 121 3 4. Lakeland 7-0 113 4 5. Kissimmee Osceola 6-1 89 5 6. Dwyer 6-1 84 6 7. Fort Myers 6-0 54 8 8. Oakleaf 7-0 41 10(tie) 9. Countryside 6-0 23 NR 10. Viera 6-0 18 10(tie) Others receiving votes: Lincoln 12, Royal Palm Beach 11, Oak Ridge 8, Braden River 6, Fletcher 4, American 1. Class 6A Record Pts Prv 1. Mainland (11) 7-0 154 1 2. Miami Central (5) 6-1 145 2 3. Armwood 6-0 132 3 4. Boynton Beach 7-0 103 4 5. Venice 7-0 88 5 6. Hallandale 6-0 70 7 7. Naples 5-1 67 6 8. Ed White 5-1 41 NR 9. South Lake 6-0 36 NR 10. Winter Haven 6-1 22 NR Others receiving votes: Escambia 9, Miami North western 4, Navarre 4, St. Augustine 3, South Fort My ers 1, Hillsborough 1. Class 5A Record Pts Prv 1. South Sumter (13) 7-0 155 1 2. Cardinal Gibbons 6-0 137 2 3. Suwannee 6-0 115 3 4. Plantation American Heritage (3) 4-2 112 4 5. Bishop Moore 6-0 99 5 6. Clay 6-1 88 6 7. Palm Bay 4-1 50 9 8. Island Coast 6-1 35 NR 9. Titusville 4-1 24 NR 10. Cape Coral 6-1 21 NR Others receiving votes: Godby 17, West Florida 11, Wakulla 5, DeSoto County 5, Lake Wales 3, Merritt Island 2, Tarpon Springs 1. Class 4A Record Pts Prv 1. Miami Washington (16) 7-0 160 1 2. Clewiston 6-0 141 2 3. Cocoa 5-1 128 3 4. Glades Central 5-2 102 5 5. Florida 5-1 51 NR Others receiving votes: Raines 34, Bolles School 18, Fort White 6. Class 3A Record Pts Prv 1. Clearwater Central Catholic (12) 6-0 155 1 2. Trinity Christian-Jacksonville (2) 4-1 142 2 3. Delray American Heritage (2) 5-1 115 5 4. Westminster Christian 6-1 106 3 5. Berkeley Prep 6-0 98 4 Others receiving votes: Ocala Trinity Catholic 18, First Academy-Orlando 6. Class 2A Record Pts Prv 1. Indian Rocks (14) 7-0 158 1 2. Glades Day (2) 7-0 146 2 3. Victory Christian 5-1 134 3 4. Warner Christian 5-1 97 5 5. Champagnat Catholic 3-2 69 4 Others receiving votes: First Baptist 18, Cambridge Christian 18. Class 1A Record Pts Prv 1. Dixie County (16) 6-0 160 1 2. Trenton 6-1 138 3 3. Baker School 6-0 116 4 4. Hamilton County 5-2 110 2 5. Northview 4-1 77 5 Others receiving votes: South Walton 25, Union County 7, Port St. Joe 7. NFL AMERICAN CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA New England 4 2 0 .667 160 129 Buffalo 3 3 0 .500 118 126 Miami 2 3 0 .400 120 124 N.Y. Jets 1 5 0 .167 96 158 South W L T Pct PF PA Indianapolis 4 2 0 .667 189 136 Houston 3 3 0 .500 132 120 Tennessee 2 4 0 .333 104 153 Jacksonville 0 6 0 .000 81 185 North W L T Pct PF PA Cincinnati 3 1 1 .700 134 113 Baltimore 4 2 0 .667 164 97 Cleveland 3 2 0 .600 134 115 Pittsburgh 3 3 0 .500 124 139 West W L T Pct PF PA San Diego 5 1 0 .833 164 91 Denver 4 1 0 .800 147 104 Kansas City 2 3 0 .400 119 101 Oakland 0 5 0 .000 79 134 NATIONAL CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA Philadelphia 5 1 0 .833 183 132 Dallas 5 1 0 .833 165 126 N.Y. Giants 3 3 0 .500 133 138 Washington 1 5 0 .167 132 166 South W L T Pct PF PA Carolina 3 2 1 .583 141 157 New Orleans 2 3 0 .400 132 141 Atlanta 2 4 0 .333 164 170 Tampa Bay 1 5 0 .167 120 204 North W L T Pct PF PA Detroit 4 2 0 .667 116 82 Green Bay 4 2 0 .667 161 130 Chicago 3 3 0 .500 143 144 Minnesota 2 4 0 .333 104 143 West W L T Pct PF PA Arizona 4 1 0 .800 116 106 San Francisco 4 2 0 .667 141 123 Seattle 3 2 0 .600 133 113 St. Louis 1 4 0 .200 101 150 Thursdays Game Indianapolis 33, Houston 28 Sundays Games Tennessee 16, Jacksonville 14 Detroit 17, Minnesota 3 Baltimore 48, Tampa Bay 17 Denver 31, N.Y. Jets 17 New England 37, Buffalo 22 Carolina 37, Cincinnati 37, OT Cleveland 31, Pittsburgh 10 Green Bay 27, Miami 24 San Diego 31, Oakland 28 Dallas 30, Seattle 23 Arizona 30, Washington 20 Chicago 27, Atlanta 13 Philadelphia 27, N.Y. Giants 0 Open: Kansas City, New Orleans Mondays Game San Francisco 31, St. Louis 17 Thursdays Game N.Y. Jets at New England, 8:25 p.m. Sundays Games Seattle at St. Louis, 1 p.m. Miami at Chicago, 1 p.m. Carolina at Green Bay, 1 p.m. Atlanta at Baltimore, 1 p.m. Tennessee at Washington, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Jacksonville, 1 p.m. Cincinnati at Indianapolis, 1 p.m. Minnesota at Buffalo, 1 p.m. New Orleans at Detroit, 1 p.m. Kansas City at San Diego, 4:05 p.m. Arizona at Oakland, 4:25 p.m. N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 4:25 p.m. San Francisco at Denver, 8:30 p.m. Open: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay Mondays Game Houston at Pittsburgh, 8:30 p.m. Late Monday 49ers 31, Rams 17 San Francisco 0 10 14 7 31 St. Louis 14 0 0 3 17 First Quarter StLCunningham 1 run (Zuerlein kick), 7:55. StLKendricks 22 pass from A.Davis (Zuerlein kick), :53. Second Quarter SFFG Dawson 54, 7:07. SFLloyd 80 pass from Kaepernick (Dawson kick), :14. Third Quarter SFBoldin 11 pass from Kaepernick (Dawson kick), 9:58. SFCrabtree 32 pass from Kaepernick (Dawson kick), :13. Fourth Quarter StLFG Zuerlein 38, 2:24. SFD.Johnson 20 interception return (Dawson kick), :53. A,851. SF StL First downs 17 19 Total Net Yards 432 309 Rushes-yards 30-89 24-93 Passing 343 216 Punt Returns 5-29 2-12 Kickoff Returns 0-0 2-54 Interceptions Ret. 1-20 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 22-36-0 21-42-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 0-0 5-20 Punts 5-43.0 8-43.9 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 1-0 Penalties-Yards 5-23 8-38 Time of Possession 28:38 31:22 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHINGSan Francisco, Gore 16-38, Kaepernick 3-37, Hyde 11-14. St. Louis, Mason 5-40, Cun ningham 7-21, Stacy 8-17, Austin 3-16, A.Davis 1-(minus 1). PASSINGSan Francisco, Kaepernick 22-36-0-343. St. Louis, A.Davis 21-42-1-236. RECEIVINGSan Francisco, Boldin 7-94, S.Johnson 5-53, Crabtree 3-49, V.Davis 3-30, Lloyd 1-80, V.Mc Donald 1-21, Miller 1-15, Hyde 1-1. St. Louis, Cook 4-74, Austin 4-35, Britt 3-39, Pettis 3-15, Stacy 2-17, Cunningham 2-12, Kendricks 1-22, Mason 1-12, Quick 1-10. MISSED FIELD GOALSNone. BASKETBALL NBA Preseason EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic W L Pct GB Brooklyn 1 0 1.000 Toronto 3 1 .750 Boston 2 2 .500 1 New York 1 2 .333 1 Philadelphia 1 2 .333 1 Southeast W L Pct GB Washington 3 1 .750 Charlotte 2 1 .667 Orlando 2 1 .667 Atlanta 1 1 .500 1 Miami 0 3 .000 2 Central W L Pct GB Cleveland 1 0 1.000 Detroit 2 1 .667 Chicago 2 2 .500 Indiana 1 2 .333 1 Milwaukee 1 2 .333 1 WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest W L Pct GB Houston 3 0 1.000 Dallas 1 2 .333 2 Memphis 1 2 .333 2 New Orleans 1 2 .333 2 San Antonio 0 0 .000 1 Northwest W L Pct GB Utah 3 0 1.000 Minnesota 1 1 .500 1 Oklahoma City 1 1 .500 1 Portland 1 2 .333 2 Denver 1 3 .250 2 Pacic W L Pct GB Golden State 3 0 1.000 Phoenix 1 1 .500 1 L.A. Lakers 1 2 .333 2 Sacramento 1 2 .333 2 L.A. Clippers 0 3 .000 3 Mondays Games Charlotte 99, Orlando 97 Toronto 81, New York 76 Chicago 110, Denver 90 Houston 95, Phoenix 92 Utah 102, L.A. Clippers 89 Tuesdays Games New York vs. Philadelphia at Syracuse, NY, late Milwaukee at Cleveland, late Atlanta at Miami, late Houston at New Orleans, late Memphis at Oklahoma City, late Todays Games Sacramento vs. Brooklyn at Beijing, China, 7:30 a.m. Detroit at Charlotte, 11 a.m. Indiana vs. Cleveland at Cincinnati, OH, 7 p.m. Toronto vs. Boston at Portland, ME, 7:30 p.m. Thursdays Games Boston at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. Atlanta at Chicago, 8 p.m. Oklahoma City at New Orleans, 8 p.m. Denver vs. Golden State at Des Moines, IA, 8 p.m. San Antonio at Phoenix, 10 p.m. Utah vs. L.A. Lakers at Anaheim, CA, 10 p.m. HOCKEY NHL EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic GP W L OT Pts GF GA Montreal 4 3 1 0 6 11 14 Tampa Bay 3 2 0 1 5 12 6 Ottawa 3 2 1 0 4 6 5 Detroit 2 1 1 0 2 4 4 Toronto 3 1 2 0 2 11 12 Boston 4 1 3 0 2 4 9 Florida 3 0 2 1 1 3 9 Buffalo 3 0 3 0 0 4 14 Metropolitan GP W L OT Pts GF GA New Jersey 2 2 0 0 4 11 5 Columbus 2 2 0 0 4 8 3 Pittsburgh 2 2 0 0 4 11 6 N.Y. Islanders 2 2 0 0 4 9 6 Washington 2 1 0 1 3 5 2 N.Y. Rangers 3 1 2 0 2 8 13 Philadelphia 3 0 2 1 1 8 12 Carolina 2 0 2 0 0 6 9 WESTERN CONFERENCE Central GP W L OT Pts GF GA Minnesota 2 2 0 0 4 8 0 Nashville 2 2 0 0 4 7 3 Chicago 2 2 0 0 4 9 4 St. Louis 2 1 1 0 2 6 4 Winnipeg 3 1 2 0 2 7 9 Colorado 3 1 2 0 2 2 9 Dallas 2 0 1 1 1 3 7 Pacic GP W L OT Pts GF GA San Jose 2 2 0 0 4 7 0 Vancouver 2 2 0 0 4 9 6 Anaheim 3 2 1 0 4 12 9 Los Angeles 3 1 1 1 3 6 8 Arizona 2 1 1 0 2 5 8 Calgary 3 1 2 0 2 8 10 Edmonton 2 0 1 1 1 6 10 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for over time loss. Mondays Games Colorado 2, Boston 1 Anaheim 5, Buffalo 1 Ottawa 1, Florida 0 Tampa Bay 7, Montreal 1 Tuesdays Games N.Y. Islanders at N.Y. Rangers, late Anaheim at Philadelphia, late San Jose at Washington, late Dallas at Columbus, late Buffalo at Carolina, late Colorado at Toronto, late New Jersey at Tampa Bay, late Calgary at Nashville, late Edmonton at Los Angeles, late Todays Games Boston at Detroit, 8 p.m. Calgary at Chicago, 8 p.m. Edmonton at Arizona, 10:30 p.m. Thursdays Games San Jose at N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m. Dallas at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m. New Jersey at Washington, 7 p.m. Carolina at N.Y. Rangers, 7 p.m. Boston at Montreal, 7:30 p.m. Colorado at Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. TV 2 DAY GOLF 9 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Volvo World Match Play Championship, rst day group matches, at Kent, England 4 p.m. TNT PGA of America, PGA Grand Slam of Golf, nal day, at Southampton, Bermuda 11 p.m. TGC LPGA, KEB HanaBank Championship, rst round, at Incheon, South Korea MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 4 p.m. TBS Playoffs, American League Championship Series, Game 4, Baltimore at Kansas City 8 p.m. FS1 Playoffs, National League Championship Series, Game 4, St. Louis at S.F NHL 8 p.m. NBCSN Boston at Detroit SOCCER 3 a.m. FS1 Womens national teams, CONCACAF Championship/qualier for World Cup, group stage, United States vs. Trinidad & Tobago, at Kansas City, Kan. SCOREBOARD hearing. Florida State has notied Winston that the hearing will be held to be determined if four sections of the code of conduct have been violated, two for sexual misconduct, two for endangerment. The quarterback has ve class days from last Fri day to respond to the university. Florida State spokes woman Browning Brooks Tuesday de clined comment be yond what the uni versity released in its timeline la st week. However, she referred to two passages in the release that she said explains the delay in which Cornwell is in quiring about. In the release, Flori da State said the athlet ic department did not le a report with the Ti tle IX administrator or Ofce of Student Rights and Responsibilities af ter Winston and two other student-athletes that were present said the sex was consensual. The decision was based on that and the Talla hassee Police Depart ments decision not to press charges in Janu ary 2013. The university also said because the Vic tims Advocate Program continued to have con dential interactions with the woman for months, they were du ty-bound not to share any of the information with FSU Title IX of cials. The university stat ed that the woman was not made available for an interview with the school until Aug. 6, 2014. The womans law yers have maintained that she was willing to talk throughout the process. Baine P. Kerr, one of the womans attorneys, released a statement on behalf of his client Fri day in response to Flor ida States timeline. He said the university was trying to do a little pre ventative damage con trol and said the uni versitys timeline was full of errors. In its release, Florida State said that the only people aware of the inci dent before January 2013 were Tallahassee police, campus police and the Victims Advocate Pro gram. The program is not required to share in formation with school ofcials as a way to help victims. Florida State said its Title IX ofcials didnt become aware of the incident until No vember 2013, when con tacted by the Tallahassee Police Department. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher has said recent media reports about the investigation havent revealed any new facts. He doesnt expect the reigning Heisman winner to miss any games this season due to this case. This country is based off being innocent until proven guilty, not guilty till youre proven inno cent, Fisher said. There is no victim because there was no crime. FSU FROM PAGE B1 dont know if thats luck as much as great bunt, great speed to put pres sure on them. Randal Grichuk tied it with a solo homer in the seventh that chased Hudson. Game 4 in the bestof-seven series is to day, with Ryan Vogel song pitching for the Giants against fellow righty Shelby Miller. This walkoff win came 12 years to the day after Kenny Lof tons single in the ninth innin g ended the 2002 NLCS against the Car dinals and sent the Gi ants to the World Se ries. Playing without in jured catcher Yadier Molina, the Cardinals had their chances. They squandered Wongs double in the second before he delivered a wind-aided, two-run triple in the fourth. Javier Lopez got the rst two outs of the 10th before Jon Jays single, just the third hit by a left-handed batter against Lopez since he joined San Francisco in 2010. Two of those are by Jay this series. Sergio Romo entered and retired Matt Hol liday on a full-count grounder to third that Pablo Sandoval snared and red to rst. Molina, nursing a strained left oblique sustained in Game 2 Sunday, began warm ing up Trevor Rosen thal in the bullpen in the ninth but never played. A.J. Pierzynski went hitless in four at-bats starting in Molinas place for St. Louis rst postseason games back at AT&T Park since los ing Games 6 and 7 of the 2012 NLCS, which it had led 3-1. San Fran cisco went on to cap ture its second World Series title in three years. NLCS FROM PAGE B1 HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP VOLLEYBALL EUSTIS 3, SOUTH LAKE 0 Torrey Smith had a double-double Tuesday to lead the Panthers past the Eagles. Game scores were 25-23, 28-26 and 25-18. Smith had 38 assists, 10 digs, one service ace and one block. Erin Kennedy added 12 kills, seven service aces and two blocks and Katie Pettaway had 14 kills. FA-Leesburg 3, Brooksville Hernando Christian 0 Alyssa Rojas had 18 assists and seven service aces in the win. Game scores were 25-9, 25-17 and 25-12. Liza Thomas had 10 service aces and Ashley Dexter added four digs. TODAY VOLLEYBALL: Montverde Academy at Ocoee Leg acy Charter, 5 p.m.; The Villages at Ocala Lake Weir, 6:30 p.m.; Apopka Wekiva at Mount Dora, 7:30 p.m. THURSDAY BOWLING: East Ridge vs. Lake Minneola, 3:30 p.m.; Eusti s vs. The Villages, 3:30 p.m.; Mount Dora Bi ble vs. Leesburg, 3:30 p.m.; Mount Dora vs. South Lake, 3:30 p.m. FOOTBALL: First Academy of Leesburg at Gainesville St. Francis Catholic, 7 p.m. SWIMMING: Ocala Trinity Catholic vs. The Villages, 4 p.m. VOLLEYBALL: O rlando Jones, 5 p.m.; Mount Dora at East Ridge, 6:30 p.m.; Mount Dora Bible at Eustis, 6:30 p.m.; Tavares at South Lake, 6:30 p.m.; Win ter Garden Foun dation at Lake Minneola, 7 p.m. FRIDAY FOOTBALL: Mount Dora at Eustis, 7 p.m.; Leesburg at South Lake, 7 p.m.; Fort Pierce John Carroll Cath olic at Montverde Academy, 7 p.m.; Mount Dora Bi ble at Lecanto Seven Rivers Christian, 7 p.m.; Wild wood at Pierson Taylor, 7 p.m.; Brooksville Nature Coast at South Sumter, 7:30 p.m.; East Ridge at Apopka Wekiva, 7:30 p.m.; Lake Minneola at Or lando Edgewater, 7:30 p.m.; The Villages vs. Key stone Heights, 7:30 p.m.; Umatilla at Interlachen, 7:30 p.m.; Orlando Lake Highland Prep at Tavares, 7:30 p.m. SATURDAY CROSS COUNTRY: Winter Garden West Orange Invita tional, 8 a.m.; Bulldog Invitational, 8 a.m. BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL East Ridge junior Nicole Gonzalez (3) passes the ball during Tuesdays match between East Ridge and Lake Minneola at East Ridge High School in Clermont. HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULE next two points to win the set and even the match. East Ridge outscored Lake Minneola 16-5 af ter trailing 21-12. The Hawks defend ed Samedy a Divi sion I recruit well in the rst two sets, but couldnt stop her the rest of the match. The sophomore had eight kills in the third set, including two during a pivotal 5-0 run that gave the Knights 15-12 lead a lead they never gave up once the set was tied at 10. I think the rst set she was only hitting 50 percent and I said, Keep setting, keep set ting. Eventually shes going to get the ball back on the court. And thats what she did, Cuebas said. Samedy added an other eight kills in the fourth set, includ ing three straight that pulled the Knights to within two points af ter trailing 14-9. Tied at 15, a service error from Lake Minneola gave East Ridge a lead it would never relinquish, as Trice ended the set and the match with an ace. I was happy for them, Cuebas said. This week I didnt men tion the (Lake Minneo la) game. It was just an other game. We had an amazing crowd tonight, so that helped us a lot. They were really happy and were preparing for districts next week. VBALL FROM PAGE B1


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B3 NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE R.B. FALLSTROM Associated Press ST. LOUIS The 49ers had Austin Davis on the run. San Fran cisco counterpart Colin Kaepernick had all day. San Franciscos de fense took charge after spotting the St. Louis Rams 14 points, sacking Davis ve times in the 49ers 31-17 victory on Monday night. Kaepernick wasnt sacked, and he threw for 343 yards and three touchdowns, putting the 49ers comeback into high gear on an 80yard strike to Brandon Lloyd. On 3rd-and-six with 27 seconds left in the half, the 49ers (4-2) thought the time was right to take a shot. Lloyd put a double move on Janoris Jen kins and had clear sail ing down the sideline for a touchdown with 14 seconds left that cut the Rams lead to 14-10. It landed right in my lap, Lloyd said. It did a lot for our morale in the locker room. Ahmad Brooks and Dan Skuta had two sacks apiece for the 49ers, who have beat en the Rams (1-4) three straight times by double gures. They made the adjustment after being beaten early by unfa miliar plays and a quar terback some of them didnt know by name. The 49ers have won three straight, hitting their stride after a 1-2 start. The Rams be lieved they were good enough to overcome another season-ending injury to quarterback Sam Bradford but have been a big disappoint ment in coach Jeff Fish ers third season. Here are a few take aways from the 49ers victory: BIG STOPS The 49ers permitted one rst down on St. Louis rst six posses sions of the second half, taking a 24-14 lead. The Rams lone decent pos session led to Greg Zue rleins 38-yard eld goal that narrowed the gap to a touchdown with 2:24 to go, but San Fran cisco foiled an onside kick and then sealed the victory on Dontae John sons 20-yard intercep tion return for a touch down with less than a minute to go. Talk about an oppor tunity, I had the chance to make a play, John son said. NO SACKS The pass rush was supposed to be a Rams strength, but they are still stuck on one sack for the season. Robert Quinn led the NFC with 19 sacks last year, and again was frustrated. Kaepernick threw for 343 yards, the sec ond-highest total of his career, topped only by a 412-yard effort in the opener last year against Green Bay. Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree also had touchdown catch es for the 49ers. Boldin led the way with seven receptions for 94 yards, including an 11-yard score in the third quar ter. COST OF VICTORY The 49ers lost two starters and a backup to injuries in the third quarter Monday night. Pro Bowl lineback er Patrick Willis (toe), guard Mike Iupati (con cussion) and back up safety Jimmie Ward (quad) all were side lined. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh didnt provide any up dates. LEARNING CURVE Davis showed enough promise while Shaun Hill was out with a quadriceps injury to keep the starting job, and he threw for 300 yards each of the previ ous two games with six touchdown passes. The offense bogged down after gaining 151 yards in the rst quarter. He was 21 for 42 for 236 yards. Three of his four interceptions have been returned for touchdowns, all in the fourth quarter at home. Weve had the ball in every game with a chance to either win or tie, Davis said. Thats where hopefully my ex perience will help, the more opportunities I get. Youve got to be able to go win games at the end. GREATEST SHOW? The Rams wore throw back uniforms roy al blue and bright yel low to honor its 1999 Super Bowl title team, and they emulated that team but just for a short time. Guard Adam Tim merman joined wide re ceivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt for an im promptu bob n weave TD dance in the end zone at halftime, and there wasnt much to cheer about after that. The Rams blew a 21-0 lead against Dallas in their last home game and havent had a win ning season since the Greatest Show on Turf petered out in 2003. NICE LEG The 49ers comeback began on Phil Dawsons 54-yard eld goal, his 10th in a row with four beyond mideld. San Francisco throttles St. Louis for third straight win BILLY HURST / AP San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) passes against St. Louis in the rst quarter of Mondays game in St Louis. DENNIS WASZAK JR. Associated Press FLORHAM PARK, N.J. Rex Ryan had never been in this spot before as a head coach. His New York Jets are 1-5 with ve straight losses, a stretch of in creasing frustration for the team and fear from fans that this sea son is already over just six games in. Ryan knows it doesnt look good. Its the lon gest losing streak in his six years with the Jets, but that doesnt mean the coach is writing off the season. My message is pretty simple: Hey, we might be counted out, (but) were not dead, Ryan said Monday. We are going to ght our tails off. Ryan tried his best to sound positive, but he appeared weary and ac knowledged he got very little sleep after the Jets 31-17 loss to the Den ver Broncos on Sunday. His job status has also been a hot topic of dis cussion. He is 47-45 with the Jets, including 4-2 in the postseason with his last trip coming four years ago, which like ly seems a lifetime ago for Ryan. For a guy who made headlines with his brash approach and headline-making bra vado, his current co nundrum has become the low point of his coaching career. Yeah, I would say so, Ryan said. Its not by a lack of effort. Were try ing everything we can. It just hasnt happened for us yet. Next up is a game Thursday night at New England against the AFC East-rival Patriots. Its another chance to try to get things moving in the right direction, but even Ryan acknowl edged its not ideal. Not when youre go ing against Bill Beli chick and Tom Brady. Not when there are questions as to whether the Jets morale might be dipping dangerous ly low. Well, look, this is the biggest rival you have, Ryan said he will tell his players. You dont have to worry about the mo tivation. Its going to be there. Both teams dont like each other. Theres respect for each other, but I dont think you re ally like each other. We know we have to be at our very best. We cant make mis takes. There have been plen ty of those this season, and quarterback Geno Smith has been in the middle of a lot of them. He has seven intercep tions, including a way ward toss in the closing moments Sunday that Aqib Talib returned for a sealing touchdown. Despite his strug gles, Smith remains the starter over Michael Vick despite calls by some to give the veter an a chance to spark the offense. I think Geno is the best way to go right now, Ryan said. Thats why Im comfortable saying he will be our starter. Smith mostly re bounded from a brutal week in which he was ned $12,000 for curs ing at a fan while walk ing off the eld after a game; bristling a bit at a reporter; and missing a team meeting the night before he was benched at halftime of the Jets 31-0 loss at San Diego. During a conference call with Patriots writers, Smith was asked what the year has been like for him because it appears its been a little top sy-turvy. For me, it hasnt been, Smith said. Ob viously, with everything that goes on with the media, a lot of things are, I would say, miscommu nicated, and then it just gets misprinted and then misunderstood. I dont have any quarrels with anything. The main thing is that we just have to nd a way to get a win. The hardest part about it all is losing. With the ef fort, the time that we put in, the preparation that we put in through out the week, coming up with game plans we always have a real ly good game plan going in and then obvious ly we havent executed as well as wed like. Those things are tougher than I guess what can be said and what is portrayed out there in the media. Winning often helps temper criticisms, but its something the Jets havent done since the season opener against Oakland. Theres no way I would have thought, Ryan said, that wed have the record that we have right now at the be ginning of the year. During training camp, Ryan insisted his team was good enough to be a playoff contender. The Jets current record, combined with injuries and shaky play, indicate that Ryan overestimated his team. But his players know that with 10 games left, there is time although its quickly dwindling to turn their season around. There is a shot, Smith said in the locker room. Its denitely one thats a stretch, but as long as weve got a shot, weve got an opportuni ty. We can look forward to having another tough game, but I believe that were going to be red up this Thursday night. Coach Rex Ryan on 1-5 Jets: Were not dead KATHY WILLENS / AP New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) gets up off the turf after a sack by Denver during the third quarter of Sundays game in East Rutherford, N.J. Associated Press DALLAS Cowboys running back Joseph Randle has been ar rested on a shoplifting charge, accused of tak ing $123 worth of co logne and underwear from a suburban Dallas department store and telling a police ofcer he thought to himself, all right, yall got me, after a security guard stopped him. Randle, who is charged with a Class B misde meanor theft between $50 and $500, was de tained Monday evening by store security and lat er taken to the Frisco city jail before posting bond early Tuesday, police Sgt. Brad Merritt said. The arrest came a day after one of Randles best games since joining Dal las as a fth-round draft pick out of Oklahoma State last season. He had a 38-yard run and a key tackle on a kickoff in a 30-23 victory at Super Bowl champion Seattle. According to an ar rest report, Randle was caught on video placing items later identied as a tester bottle of Guc ci Guilty Black cologne and a two-pack of Polo underwear into a Dil lards bag after making a purchase at the store at Stonebriar Centre, about 30 miles north of Dallas. The 22-year-old Randle was stopped by a secu rity guard in the parking lot and later told a police ofcer that when he saw the old guy, referring to the security guard, he thought to himself, All right, yall got me. After getting stopped by security, Randle re turned to the store and the items were recov ered. The cost of the items was $123.50 be fore sales tax. Randle is in the second year of a four-year, $2.3 million rookie contract with a base salary of $495,000 this season. DAVE MARTIN / FILE Dallas running back Joseph Randle (21) warms up before game in 2013 against New Orleans. Police say Randle was arrested after taking underwear and cologne from a mall department store without paying. Dallas Randle arrested on theft charge


B4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 COLLEGE FOOTBALL RALPH D. RUSSO Associated Press Southeastern Confer ence Commis sioner Mike Slive will retire next summer after 13 years leading the league and plans to begin treat ment for a recur rence of prostate cancer. The 74-year-old Slive said his retirement will take effect July 31. I have been blessed in more ways than I can count and I will have as much passion for this job on my last day as I did on my rst, Slive said Tuesday in a state ment released by the conference. I consid er my health situation a temporary de tour in a remark able road that has allowed me to meet amaz ing people, ex perience incred ible events and celebrate historic victo ries. I will relish my nal year in this position and look forward to be ing the biggest fan of the SEC for many years to come. The statement said Slives recurrence was diagnosed after back surgery in August. He will continue to carry out his responsi bilities from the SEC of ce and his home of ce in Birmingham, Alabama. His travel and appearances may be limited, the conference said. Slive has become one of the most powerful men in college sports during his time leading the SEC. He took over the SEC in 2002 and it has be come the nations top football conference. The SEC had a string of seven consecutive BCS titles. Under his leader ship the SEC has landed huge television rights deals with CBS and ESPN and launched the SEC Network in August. League revenues have grown from about $96 million when he took over to $310 million last year. Vanderbilt chancellor Nick Zeppos says the SEC will begin a search for a successor. The conference says Slive will become a consul tant to the SEC. When Slive left Con ference USA to take over the SEC in 2002, the conference was in disarray with nine of its 12 members either on probation or being in vestigated by the NCAA. Now only three of the SECs 14 schools are on NCAA probation. He guided the con ference through expan sion, bringing on Tex as A&M and Missouri to expand the leagues footprint into new mar kets. And he pushed for a four-team playoff in major college football years before it was nal ly adopted. In 2011, Slive was among the rst com missioners to call for massive NCAA reform that has led to the ve most powerful Division I conferences the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, At lantic Coast Conference and Pac-12 being al lowed to pass legislation without the approval of the other conferences. Slive called for in creasing the value of athletic scholarships to include cost of atten dance, guaranteeing a four-year scholarship and for more long-term health care and educa tional opportunities for athletes. Now with au tonomy for the Big Five in place, those changes are close to becoming a reality. Mike Slive to retire as SEC commissioner next year SLIVE STEVE MEGARGEE Associated Press KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Mississippi wasnt com pletely happy with how its win over Texas A&M last week ended. Even as the thirdranked Rebels contin ued their fastest start in over half a century with the 35-20 win, allowing two touchdowns in the last nine minutes of the game left a sour taste in their mouths. The frustration is an indication of just how far the Rebels defense has come. That was aggravating for us, Ole Miss safety Cody Prewitt said. We really want to be the No. 1 defense in the nation. Theyre not far from that goal. Ole Miss al lows only 11.8 points per game. Stanford is the lone Football Bowl Subdivision team yield ing fewer points per game this season. Ole Miss (6-0. 3-0 SEC) will try to main tain that pace Saturday when it hosts Tennes see (3-3, 0-2), which has its own vastly improved defense. The Volunteers have allowed fewer than 100 yards passing in their last two games the rst time theyve done that since 2002 and is 16th nationally in total defense and tied for 19th in scoring de fense. At a time when South eastern Conference teams are scoring at a record rate, these two programs rely primari ly on defense. Its denitely a big opportunity, Ten nessee linebacker Ja len Reeves-Maybin said. Everyones been talking about their de fense, but were going to let everybody know that Tennessees defense is here and were going to make a statement. Its unusual for either of these defenses to be considered among the SECs best. Ole Miss nished last in the SEC in both to tal defense and scor ing defense as recently as 2011. Tennessee n ished at the bottom of the conference in both categories in 2012 with a defense that statisti cally ranked among the worst in school history. Both defenses im proved by using sim ilar formulas. Theyve boosted their speed, feasted on turnovers and havent hesitated to play freshmen. Ole Miss showed its commitment to youth last year when defensive tackle Robert Nkemdi che and defensive back Tony Conner cracked the starting lineup as freshmen. Both now are key performers as sophomores, with Con ner leading the team in tackles. The Rebels have picked off 12 pass es, which ties them for second place among all FBS programs. Be fore giving up those two late scores against Texas A&M, Ole Miss defense had scored as many touchdowns (four) as it had given up all season. Ole Miss is 6-0 for the rst time since nish ing unbeaten in 1962 because its defense has produced more big plays than its allowed. Ive always been a believer from being an offensive coach, if you make an offense have to drive a consistent drive, over and over again for 60-70 yards, we make mistakes on offense, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said. Youre going to block a look wrong or something. Its very difcult if you dont get explosive plays. When you get explosive plays, those drives get easier. If you really have to grind out rst down after rst down and then convert in the red zone, its difcult. Our team has given up very few explosive plays and then weve been stingy when it does get in the red zone and made people settle for eld goals. Youth is even more apparent on Tennessees defense, which starts one freshman (defen sive end Derek Barnett) and four sophomores (Reeves-Maybin, nose tackle Danny OBrien, cornerback Cam Sut ton and end Corey Ver een). Six more fresh men have second-team roles. The Vols lack Ole Miss depth up front and experience across the board, but theyre similarly opportunistic. Tennessee has av eraged 6.3 points off turnovers per game since Butch Jones took over the program last year. LSUs the only SEC program that has scored more points off turnovers during that stretch. Tennessee has allowed opponents to convert only 26.4 per cent of their third-down situations, which ranks the Vols fth among all FBS teams. I think our entire de fense is playing as one unit, Jones said. They have great condence right now, but we all know they will be ex ceptionally challenged Saturday evening. No. 3 Ole Miss, Tennessee rely on defenses BOB LEVEY / AP Mississippi defensive back Cody Prewitt (25) returns an interception for a 75-yard touchdown against Texas A&M during Saturdays game in College Station, Texas. STEPHEN HAWKINS Associated Press WACO, Texas Bay lor coach Art Briles started talking Monday about the signicance of the fourth-ranked Bears wild comeback victory over TCU. Never once did he mention the playoff hopes for the Big 12s only undefeated team. First of all, we got bowl-eligible and sec ondly, it keeps us in the competition for a Big 12 championship, Briles said. From that stand point, its a momentum win. The way that we are looking at this week is to ride the momen tum six more days. ... So we will take advantage of riding the high for ve or six days. You can do that, but you cant stay that way for an ex tended period of time. Thats what our plan is going to be this week going into West Virgin ia. The defending Big 12 champion Bears (60, 3-0 Big 12) are going from wining the high est-scoring game ever between two Top 10 teams to their rst trip to West Virginia since a 70-63 loss there two years ago thats the highest-scoring game in league history. Then, theyll get a break with an open date. Baylor overcame a 21-point decit in the nal 11 minutes Satur day to beat TCU 61-58 when Chris Callahan hit a 28-yard eld goal on the nal play of the game. One thing Briles had no interest in discuss ing Monday was TCU coach Gary Pattersons claim during the post game news conference that an unnamed Baylor player kind of threaten me on the eld after the ball game. During his weekly news conference on the Waco campus, Briles quickly responded to a question about the inci dent while the reporter was still asking. Ive dealt with it, I wont comment on that, Briles said. No comment. Lets beat West Virginia. Thats kind of whats import ant in our world right now. On the Big 12 tele conference earlier Monday, Briles said he hadnt spoken to Pat terson about the allega tion because the case has already been looked at and closed. When asked then if had spo ken to his player, Briles responded, Thats a team issue. Patterson said during his segment on the Big 12 call that he wasnt talking about that any longer. I stated my case, theres video on it, and Ill go about my busi ness, Patterson said. West Virginia (4-2, 2-1) also is coming off a big fourth-quarter comeback at Texas Tech that ended with a eld goal as time expired Sat urday. The Mountain eers trailed 14 points in the fourth quarter, and with the win, have already matched their 2013 victory total. The Bears were down 58-37 after Bryce Petty threw an interception that was returned by TCU for a touchdown with 11:38 left. Devin Chan scored on a 7-yard run before Petty threw the last two of his career-high six TD passes. Petty n ished 28-of-55 pass ing for a career-best 510 yards and the Bears had 782 total yards, sec ond only to their record 872 against West Virgin ia last season in a 73-42 win at home. The thing that is a little ironic, I talked to Bryce a little while ago, is that he isnt happy or satised, Briles said. He knows that we as a football team left a lot of plays on the table. We can play a whole lot bet ter on both sides of the ball and special teams. Hes a guy who has a lot of experience, seen a lot of things and won us games. The expectation lev els for him are up there pretty high, but at the end of the day it is all about winning. Briles, No. 4 Baylor not yet talking playoffs ROD AYDELOTTE / AP Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty throws against TCU during Saturdays game in Waco, Texas.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B5 D007558 We dnes da y Oc to be r 22nd ,a t 5PM Exp. 11/10/14 r f fn ftbt n f r ff r fntb rtbr rf rrr f n t b r r f NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION CLIFF BRUNT Associated Press OKLAHOMA CITY For the rst time, the Oklahoma City Thun der will be forced to play without Kevin Du rant for more than a handful of games. The team announced Sunday that the leagues reigning MVP would be out for an undeter mined length of time with a fracture in his right foot, at the base of the small toe. Typical ly, the injury requires surgery and six to eight weeks of healing. The Thunder havent ofcially determined whats next, although general manager Sam Presti said surgery would be likely. The Thunder played without Durant on Tuesday night in a pre season game against Memphis. No ones feeling sor ry for us, Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said. I can honestly say I did not receive any text messages from coaches around the league look ing to postpone the sea son. Opponents have seen more than enough of Durant. Since he en tered the league in 2007, he leads the league in points and minutes played. He has missed just 16 regular season games in his seven-year career and has never missed more than eight games in a season. His longest absence was a seven-game stretch during the 200809 season because of a sprained right ankle. He missed one game last season, one game the season before, played in all 82 games during the 2009-10 season and all 66 games during the lockout-shortened 2011-12 season. When you look at Kevin, you see all the great offense of abilities and leadership quali ties, but you never really think about the tough ness, for him to be able to play all those years and play just about ev ery game at a high level, and he continues to get back up, Brooks said. Point guard Russell Westbrook, who has missed signicant time the past two years with a knee injury, admires how durable Durant has been over the years. Very, very impres sive, Westbrook said. Hes probably one of the hardest work ing guys Ive seen. He comes in every day and does what hes sup posed to do. He doesnt take days off in practice. He tries to compete ev ery day. Its denitely unfortunate, but hes a strong guy mentally and physically, and hell get back to his better form. Brooks said Durant is struggling with the idea of missing games, even though its the presea son. Hes about as good as anybody can pos sibly be, Brooks said. One of the things I love about Kevin is he loves to play. He loves the game of basketball. Hes very passionate about it. Its not a hobby for him. Durant felt discom fort in the foot on Satur day and told the Thun der staff, leading to the diagnosis. Brooks said the injury could have been much worse if Du rant had waited to get help. This is a minor, mi nor setback in the big scope of things, Brooks said. Hes going to come back in no time, and like I said, our goal is to be a better team when he gets back from where we are today without him. The injury puts more of the focus on West brook, an explosive scoring point guard who averaged 26.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 8.1 assists during last years playoffs. This season on media day, Brooks called Westbrook the best point guard in the NBA. Westbrook said his role wont change. Its not about me, its about our team, he said. I cant win games by myself. I cant do anything by myself, so I kind of want to take the attention off of me and put it on more of the team. Everybody keeps asking what Im going to do and how Im go ing to change. I think its more about our team, and what we can do to get better. Westbrook said while he fought through in juries, he learned a lot from the way Durant stepped his game up. With Westbrook side lined after Christmas until the All-Star break last season, Durant took control of the MVP race by averaging 35 points, 7.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists while leading the Thunder to a 19-7 re cord. He did what he needed to do to help us win games, Westbrook said. He continued to have condence in his teammates. Thunder prepare to play without Durant DAVID ZALUBOWSKI / AP Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant sits before an exhibition game against Denver. Durant, the NBAs reigning MVP, will likely miss the rst six to eight weeks of the season after fracturing a bone in his right foot. The Oklahoma City star forward complained of an ache in his foot after practice Saturday the team said. BRIAN MAHONEY Associated Press NEW YORK The Brooklyn Nets and Bos ton Celtics will play a 44-minute preseason game on Sunday as the NBA experiments with a shorter game. The contest will be four minutes shorter than the NBAs standard 48minute game. The league said Monday that the teams will play four 11-minute quar ters, one minute short er than normal. At o ur recent coach es meeting, we had a discussion about the length of our games, and it was suggested that we consider exper imenting with a short er format, Rod Thorn, the NBAs president of basketball operations, said in a statement. Af ter consulting with our Competition Commit tee, we agreed to allow the Nets and Celtics to play a 44-minute pre season game in order to give us some prelim inary data that will help us to further analyze game-time lengths. There also will be only two mandatory time outs per quarter. One will come at the rst dead ball under 6:59 of the period if neither team has taken a time out prior, and the sec ond will be triggered by the rst dead ball under 2:59 if neither team has taken a timeout since the rst mandatory tim eout. There are three man datory timeouts in the second and fourth quarters of the 48-min ute game. A 44-minute game would bring the NBA closer to college and in ternational play, where the games are 40 min utes. A 44-minute game also would be 328 less minutes over the course of an 82-game season, which would translate to about seven fewer games. But it would create some challenges for coaches. Im looking forward to gauging its impact on the ow of the game. Since there is a shorter clock, it a ffects playing time, so itll be interest ing to see how it plays into substitution pat terns, Nets coach Lio nel Hollins said. Hollins called it a unique experiment that was worth partic ipating in, and Bos ton coach Brad Stevens agreed. I appreciate the NBAs long history of forward thinking and willingness to try new ideas, Stevens said. We told the NBA that wed be happy to partic ipate in this trial during a preseason game. I look forward to experi encing it and continu ing the dialogue after Oct. 19. The game will be tele vised live on NBA TV. League to play test shorter game JESSICA HILL / AP New York guard Iman Shumpert (21) dribbles the ball by Boston Celtics center Jared Sullinger (7) during Saturdays preseason game in Uncasville, Conn. The NBA will play a 44-minute game on Sunday against Boston and Brooklyn. BILL KISER Associated Press CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker suffered a con tusion on his left knee during Monday nights NBA preseason game against the Orlando Magic. Walker, playing in the nal year of his rookie contract with the Hor nets, was injured ear ly in the third quarter. With 10 minutes re maining in the third quarter, Walker had come up with his own rebound on a missed 3-pointer, and was driving to the basket for a layup when he sud denly pulled up. Hornets PG Walker injured vs. Magic


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I have always found it iron ic that the Boston Tea Par ty, designed to express displeasure over taxes im posed by the English, was planned in one of Bostons coffee houses. According to tradition, the coffee drink ers disguised themselves as Indians, went aboard a newly-arrived ship laden with tea, and threw the car go into the waters of Boston Harbor. And coffee has been our unofcial national drink ever since. I know many who in sist they simply cant face a new day without at least one cup of coffee, and prefera bly two, and the symptoms of missed morning coffee are not pleasant. Coffee breaks are an honored tradition at most businesses, and an invitation to meet for coffee is a pleasant mechanism for a casual (and relatively inexpensive) rst date, especially among students. And it is not so long ago that the housewives of a neighborhood would gather together for a morning cof fee klatch, frequently with one or more freshly-baked coffee cakes to add to the enjoyment. Of course, you dont hear much about cof fee klatches any more, partly because few neighborhoods these days can scrape up enough housewives to make up a klatch. Coffee is not the only caf feine beverage on the block. In recent years, tea has shown a growing popularity, and with the increased popu larity, weve had a veritable ex plosion of varieties available on supermarket shelves. Many of the newly-available variet ies are either decaffeinated, or naturally contain no caffeine. I know people whose pre ferred source of caffeine is a cold bottle of soda. Although a serving of soda normal ly contains considerably less caffeine than coffee, the caf feine intake can add up rap idly if the soda is consumed throughout the day, as a substitute for water, a hab it which seems to be rather common among teenagers. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, adolescents should consume no more than 100 milligrams of caffeine a day, From the Kitchen Send your food news to features @dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 C1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DIP: Try chocolate hummus with apple slices / C5 www.dailycommercial.com MARY RYDER PRACTICAL POTWATCHER That caffeine pick-me-up comes in a variety of guises SEE RYDER | C2 rf r nr t b r r r r b b r tr b t r t t Again we have NFL Ti cket! Four additional TV s have been added for your viewing pleasure. Selected pitchers of beer are$700. Check out our facebook for other drink and food specials. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, adolescents should consume no more than 100 milligrams of caffeine a day, and younger children should not drink caffeinated beverages on a regular basis. MELISSA DARABIAN Associated Press Picture this: after a long day at the ofce (or at the kids soccer eld or wherever) you turn the key to open your front door and you are greeted by the heady aroma of a steamy meaty stew. You have been richly rewarded for spending mere min utes in the morning as sembling dinner in your slow cooker. Fall ofcially kicks off the season of soups, roasts and stews. And that means its time to dig out your slow cook er. My favorite dish is an oldie but goodie beef stew. But how to make a batch that sat ises without being too heavy? Enter todays star ingredient the chickpea! This delightful lit tle legume is my secret for adding lots of lean protein and ber to many dishes. Its hearty enough to hold its own alongside other pro teins (so add it to soups, chilies and sautes). Or toss some chickpeas into salads or stir them into pasta dishes to boost the nutrition. You even can puree them and add a few creamy spoonsful to brownie or mufn batters (not to mention make hum mus). And, did I mention how darned cheap these little guys are? This beef stew with chickpeas is an earthy ode to fall beef cubes briey sauteed golden brown with turmeric, then simmered in red wine, beef stock, lemon zest and prunes (which add richness and just enough sweetness) in ALISON LADMAN Associated Press N ot so long ago there really was only one way to eat Brussels sprouts. It involved boiling the sprouts into oblivi on. Once they were re duced to near mush, youd mound them on your plate, maybe add some butter and salt. Youd then gag down a few bites on the prem ise that they were healthy, but mostly spend the rest of the meal pushing them around your plate un til enough time had passed that it was ac ceptable to throw them away. Then along came kale. Kale changed the vegetable world. Kale, in all its wrinkled goodness, suddenly made vegetables cool, hip even. More impor tantly, kale introduced Americans to the idea that there actually are many ways includ ing many delicious ways to prepare most vegetables. Waiting in the wings for their own hipster moment? Brussels sprouts. Soon they were popping up on chic menus at restaurants around the country. And they most certainly were not boiled to oblivion. So to help you em brace the hipper, more delicious side of Brus sels sprouts, weve as sembled 10 fresh ideas for getting your greens. 10 FRESH WAYS WITH BRUSSELS SPROUTS OVEN-ROASTED: Cut sprouts in half, then toss with just a touch of ol ive oil. Sprinkle with ko sher salt and black pepper. Spread on a rimmed baking sheet and roast at 425 F for 15 minutes. Add cubes of golden delicious ap ples and roast for another 10 minutes. Sprinkle with toasted sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds. PAN-ROASTED: Cut sprouts in half and place in a deep skillet with 1/2 cup water. Cover and cook over medium heat for 10 min utes. Add 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon red pepper akes and 3 cloves minced garlic. Cook, uncovered and stirring now and again, for 10 to 15 minutes, or until tender and browned. SLAW: Shave or shred 1/2 pound of sprouts. The slicing disc of a food processor is ideal. Add 1/2 cup sliced scallions, 1/2 thinly sliced bell pepper and 1/2 cup corn kernels. Whisk together 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup buttermilk, 2 tablespoons Beans in your beef stew make it deliciously leaner MATTHEW MEAD / AP Slow cooker beef stew is served with chickpeas. SEE STEW | C2 More veggies, please Think beyond boiled to oblivion with Brussels sprouts PHOTOS BY MATTHEW MEAD / AP Chic menus at restaurants around the country have begun serving Brussels sprouts after kale introduced Americans to the idea that there actually are many ways to prepare most vegetables. Brussels sprouts are served on a pizza. SEE SPROUTS | C4


C2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 a relationship that can only be described as symbiotic. To reduce saturated fat, I use a leaner cut of meat and less of it. The lling chickpeas and plenty of veggies means you wont miss the extra meat. I leave you with two nal slow-cooker tips. For busy weekdays, consider prepping the ingredients and adding them to your slow-cooker in sert the night before, then sticking it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you just set the insert into the base, turn it on and walk away. Also, misting the insert with cooking spray before lling it makes cleanup way easier (and faster). SLOW COOKER BEEF STEW WITH CHICKPEAS Start to nish: 4 or 8 hours (depending on slow cooker set ting), plus 15 minutes prep Servings: 4 INGREDIENTS: 1 tablespoon all-purpose our 1 teaspoon ground turmeric Kosher salt and ground black pepper 1 pound lean stew beef (such as top round), cut into 1-inch cubes 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium yellow onion, rough ly chopped 1/2 cup chopped pitted prunes 2 medium carrots, roughly chopped 1 medium zucchini, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced Zest and juice of 1 lemon 2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger 2 teaspoons minced fresh oregano (or 1 teaspoon dried) 1/3 cup red wine 1 cup beef stock 15-ounce can chickpeas, drained and rinsed DIRECTIONS: 1) In a medium bowl, mix togeth er the our, turmeric and a hefty pinch each of salt and pepper. Add the beef cubes and toss to coat evenly. 2) In a large saute pan over medium-high, heat the oil. Add the beef and brown on all sides, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Set aside. 3) Coat a 6-quart slow cooker with cooking spray, then arrange the onion on the bottom and the beef over it. Add the remaining ingre dients, then cover and cook un til meat is tender, about 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high. Taste, then season with salt and pepper. NUTRITION INFORMATION PER SERVING: 450 calories; 110 calories from fat (24 percent of total calo ries); 12 g fat (3.5 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 50 mg cholesterol; 51 g carbohydrate; 9 g ber; 14 g sugar; 33 g protein; 800 mg sodium. rf er e wi ll be pu mp ki ns an d fu n a-p len ty wh en yo u ri de th e Gr ea t Pum pk in Li mi te d, pu ll ed by ou r 1907 ste am lo co mo ti ve to Fa rm er Br ow n s Pum pk in Pa tch er e yo u ca n pi ck an d ke ep yo ur ve ry ow n pu mp ki n an d en jo y face pa in ti ng ju ice an d co ok ies, an d me et a fr ien dl y su pe r ta ll sc ar ec ro w. Fa re : Ad ul ts $25. 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Sunday Brunch 10am-3pm NEW CONSTRUCTION OR REMODEL rf fr nr t b r b b r f rf rtr rrf r r 1118 S. 14th St. (U.S. 27), Leesburg, FLTo Se e Ou r Wo rk Visit Us At www .l ak es qu are .in fo r rtr D0 0260 0 RYDER FROM PAGE C1 and younger children should not drink caffeinated beverages on a regular basis. So how much caf feine are we consuming in our more common place beverages? Among soft drinks, a 12-ounce serving of Mountain Dew, wheth er regular or diet, con tains 42 to 55 milli grams of caffeine; Dr. Pepper, regular and diet, 36-42 milligrams; Pepsi, 32-39, and Diet Pepsi 27-37. For Co ca-Cola, the amount drops to 23-35 milli grams, and for Diet Coke, 23-47. Sprite, Sierra Mist, and 7-Up, as well as root beer, contain no caffeine. So, what about coffee and tea? For both bever ages, caffeine levels are inuenced by where the coffee or tea is grown, how it is processed, how it is brewed, and how it is served. Obviously, if your 8-ounce serving of coffee consists of 4 ounces of coffee and the rest is milk, youre get ting less caffeine than if you had straight coffee. Generally speaking, an 8-ounce serving of brewed coffee contains 90-200 milligrams of caffeine. That same 8 ounces, made with in stant coffee, brings you 27 to 173 milligrams of caffeine. And you know the little single-serve varieties that have be come so popular over the last few years? Well, theyre different, too, with 75 to 150 milli grams of caffeine to an 8-ounce serving. Many discussions of caffeine levels in tea zero in on the two ma jor varieties: black tea and green tea, and both, in turn, have nu merous variations. Theres also a third type, which is the less er-known white tea. Most people are aware that tea contains less caffeine than cof fee, and green tea less than black. More spe cically, the ballpark gures are 14 to 70 mil ligrams of caffeine to an 8-ounce serving of black tea, and 24 to 45 milligrams for green. White tea is made with leaves that are not roasted, but are per mitted to wither for a few days, and accord ing to the Good Earth tea company, the typi cal caffeine content of an 8-ounce cup of its white tea is 18 milli grams, compared to 47 milligrams for both its black and green teas. But if all this is too complicated, you can forget about the bever ages for your caffeine lift, and snack instead. One cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips con tains 104 milligrams of caffeine. Mary Ryder of Mascotte can be reached at PlainCook@aol. com, or by regular mail at P.O. Box 460, Mascotte, FL 34753. MATTHEW MEAD / AP Fall ofcially kicks off the season of soups, roasts and stews. And that means its time to dig out your slow cooker. STEW FROM PAGE C1


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C3 Associated Press HALF MOON BAY, Calif. A gourd weigh ing 2,058 pounds took rst prize and set a new tournament re cord Monday at an an nual pumpkin-weigh ing contest in Northern California. John Hawkley, 56, won this years Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-off in Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco. Hawkley squashed his competition, beating the runner-up by more than 300 pounds, Tim Beeman, a spokesman for the weigh-off said. Hawkley a produc tion manager for a local newspaper credited his success at least in part to warm weather. He ended up with a to tal of six pumpkins on a 4,500-square-foot patch of land in his front yard in Californias Napa Val ley, which is famous for its wine grapes. One of the other pumpkins also weighed more than 2,000 pounds. My wife said this is as much pumpkin patch area as Im going to get, he said. Hawkley said he will use the more-than $13,000 in prize money to make repairs on his home, which was dam aged during a strong earthquake in the Napa area in August. All 30 pumpkins weighed at this years tournament were from California, according to Beeman. The contest normally gets growers from Oregon and Wash ington as well. Last years winner was also from the Napa Valley and came in at 1,985 pounds. Hawkleys gourd will be on display this week end at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. (Free Consultation) FA LL DEN TA L SPECIALSNEW PA TIENT CASH OFFER.Expires 10/31/14CLEANING/EXAMS/X-RA YS ONL Y $59Exam D014 0+Xray D0220/Prophy D1 110(in absence of periodontal disease)SINGLE CROWN ONL Y $499Offer inclu des: Crown (D2751 ) + Exam (D0140) + Xray (D0220 )Core build-up extra (not included)CUSTOM DENTURES (D5211 OR D5212) $650 ea ch $8 50 each $950 each rf fn$1,500 eachImmediate Dentu res are $200 ex tr a (each)TOO TH EXTRA CTION ONL Y $17 5Offer includes: Extraction (D7140 or D7210) + Exam (0140) + Xray (0220)Excludes wisdom teethWISDOM TEETH EXTRA CTIONStbb r r Offer includes: Extraction (D7210 or D7230) + Exam (D0140) + Pax (D0220)FULL SIZE DENT AL IMPLANT NOBEL BIOCAREImplant+Abutm ent+ Crown+Exa m+ all Xrays NOW ONL Y $2,3 00 (Reg. $3,500)MINI DENT AL IMPLANTS4 Mini Implants + 4 Denture Attachments + All Xrays Added to your existing lower denture to lock it down SAME DA YNow Only $3,000 The Villages Dental CareThe Villages North (Hwy 441)352.753.6365 Mount Dora Dental Group2390 W. 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Soleve is a registered trademark rfnnftb H ave you ever watched a cooking show and said to yourself, How did this person get there and what was their inspiration? I know I have. With todays reality shows and technol ogy, we are no longer left to our imagination on how these culinary dreams are made a reality. I recently caught up with an Ocala grandmother, Kan dy Rochow, who pursued her dreams and auditioned for Fox Networks MasterChef, a reality cooking show where contestants compete in tasks each week and are then judged by a panel of restau rateurs, food critics and pro fessional chefs including the infamous Gordon Ramsay, who can make onions cry. Rochow must have a passion for cooking if she was willing to subject herself to a chef who is known for his Hells Kitchen, which includes in-your-face screaming and cursing while tearing apart what some would believe to be a great dish. She is much braver than I am. It was something that I have always wanted to do, she said. I have always en joyed cooking. So what is it really like to audition for a cooking show? Rochow assured me that it is nothing like Foxs American Idol, where contestants line up around the building with friends and family to wait for their 15 seconds of fame. The process, I was told, is much calmer and more quiet. A small staff greeted the hopefuls and then escorted them to a large room where they were given a few min utes to plate the food they prepared with their own re sources. The food was then sam pled by a two-person pan el. I thought her menu choice was great. She used a fall theme and brought old Thanksgiving classics back to life with a twist. She made a sweet potato bread with cranberry, walnut and orange chutney topped with goat cheese to give the sleepy Thanksgiving palette a wake up call. The audition was in Miami and the journey was paved with one set back after an other. At one point, Rochow set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for gas because she became unemployed during the process. Unfortunately, she did not make the cut but she said that this was an experience unlike any other and she could now check it off of her bucket list. When I asked Rochow if she had any regrets, she replied, Only one. When they asked me what was my favorite type of cooking style I said Southern and comfort food. It is not trendy and I should have said something really edgy like Asian-Mexican fusion. Rochow said that if she would have answered differ ently, she knew they would have wanted to know more about her egg roll stuffed burrito. I think she may be on to something. Rochow said she would denitely do it again and that she considered this au dition to be practice. She plans to rene her cook ing skills in her free time and can go back next year to compete again. Cheers to you Rochow. Good luck. Share your favorite recipe and sto ry and you could win a prize. Send your recipe and story to ze carter@aol.com, or Ze Carter c/o The Roaming Gourmet, 408 NTremain St., Mount Dora 32757. Ocala grandmother auditions for MasterChef ZE CARTER ROAMING GOURMET Plumpest pumpkin: 2,058-pound gourd sets record in California ALEX WASHBURN / AP John Hawkley poses on stage with his pumpkin at the 41st Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, Calif., on Monday.


C4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 lemon juice and 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar. Season with kosher salt, black pepper and a splash of hot sauce. Toss with the vegetables until thoroughly coated. HOME FRIES: Quarter 1/2 pound sprouts and 1/2 pound new potatoes. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes, or until al dente. Drain and pat dry with paper towels. In a large deep skillet, melt 3 tablespoons butter with 1 tablespoon vegeta ble oil. Add the sprouts and potatoes and cook over medium-high until browned on all sides and tender. Season with salt and black pepper. HASH: Blanch quartered sprouts in boil ing water for 3 to 5 minutes, or until al den te. Combine in a skillet with diced corned beef and a diced onion. Add a splash of oil if the corned beef doesnt have much fat on it. Cook until everything is browned, turning occasional ly. Serve topped with fried or poached eggs. GRILLED CHEESE: Toss halved sprouts with a bit of oil, salt and black pepper. Roast on a rimmed baking sheet for 20 minutes at 425 F. Arrange the following between 2 slices of sour dough bread: sprouts, Emmenthaler or Swiss cheese, and sliced pickles that have been pat ted dry with paper towels. Melt a little butter in a skillet and griddle the sandwich until the cheese is melted and the bread is browned and crispy, ipping halfway through. SAUTE: Saute chopped salami, chopped pancetta and quartered sprouts with a chopped onion until the vegetables are tender and everything is golden brown. Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon, leaving any fat in the pan. Sear pork chops in the pan until they reach 145 F at the center, approximately 4 to 5 minutes per side for a 1-inch-thick chop. Top the chops with the sprout mixture. FRIED: Heat a large saucepan with 1/2 inch of oil until very hot, about 300 F. Working in batch es, fry quartered sprouts until browned and crispy, about 4 to 6 minutes. Drain on paper towels and toss with salt and grated Parmesan cheese. PIZZA: Blanch quartered sprouts in boil ing water for 3 to 5 minutes, or until al dente. Drain and pat dry with paper towels. On a pre pared pizza crust, arrange sprouts, thinly sliced red onions, sliced mushrooms and mozzarella. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Top with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. WARM GRAIN SALAD: Boil barley until ten der, according to package instructions. Blanch quartered sprouts and small diced butternut squash in boiling salted water for 7 to 8 min utes, or until tender. Drain and combine with the barley. Add a handful of dried cranberries and the zest and juice of an orange and a lem on. Drizzle with olive oil, then season with salt, black pepper and chopped fresh tarragon. Rob Audette: Former Marine, General Manager/Partner Bill Bryan Automotive Gr oupRob and the Bill Bryan Automotive Gr oup work with local veterans of fering a discount at the dealership and curr ently employ 22 veterans. They also work with the Local Hospice gr oups. We deliver mor e than the news to Lake and Sumter Counties. Being involved at work and outside our business is just another way wer e committed to our community A Halif ax Media Group Compan y Nobody deliverslike theDaily CommercialandSouth Lake Press. From ever yone atThe Wescott Gr oupto all American Soldiers from past to present who helped preser ve America's Freedom...SALUTE!And God Bless From ever yone at Ma jo r Jerr y Campb el l, USA FA sa lu te to my fa vo rit e Ve te ra n...M y Fa th er .Du e to your cour ag e an d de di ca ti on we enjo y a fr ee do m th at is so me times take n fo r gr an te d. an k Yo u. Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Addr ess _________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________ State _____________ Zip _____________ Daytime Phone ____________________________ Home Phone ___________________________ Message ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________Attach your Ve teran Salute (and photo if needed) FOR FUR THER DET AILS CONT ACT YO UR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE OR CA LL 352-365-8245, OR VISIT OUR OFFICE. Publishes: Tu esday No vember 11th Deadline: Thursday No vember 6thMail to: Daily Commercial Classied Ve terans Salute 212 E. Main St., Leesburg, FL 34748 Make Check Pa ya ble to: The Daily CommercialThe Daily Commercial is publishing a page for individuals or businesses to show their thanks and gratitude to brave Ve terans this Ve terans Day Send your heartfelt message along with a photo, and we'll feature your submission as part of our Salute to Ve terans page on Tu esday No vember 11th. r f From ever yone at The W escott Gr oup to all American Soldiers From ever yone at Ma jo r J er ry C ampb el l, U SA F is so me times t ake n fo r g ra nt ed an k Y ou Send your heartfelt 2x2" Only$25 www .Fl oridafoot.c om Call To day for an appointment! rf n t b nnn D007552 ONL Y$599!* 1323 S. 14th Str eet (US Hwy 27) Leesbur g r fnt bnt ttt tt Re la x & Recline!LIFT CHAIRS r r r rCALL TODA Y & SA VE! #1in cus tom er se rvic e an d sati sfac tionLOWEST PRICE S GUARA NTEED! D008722 SPROUTS FROM PAGE C1 MATTHEW MEAD / AP Fried Brussels sprouts are served in a bowl.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C5 J.M. HIRSCH AP Food Editor Admittedly, it sounds like a Halloween trick. Chocolate hummus. Its either disgusting or just a cruel joke, right? Neither, actually. But when I rst saw it sold alongside real hum mus at the grocer, I decid ed it had to be one of those. There was no way a tradi tional hummus base with all sorts of savory things like chickpeas could possibly play nice with chocolate. I was pleasantly mistaken. I bought it only because my son as most 10-year-old boys are is smitten with anything chocolate. Frankly, I was just curious what hed make of it. Simply put, he loved it. So I tasted it. I loved it, too. Rich, creamy and chocolatey, and thick enough to spread easily. Think of it as a slightly more textured Nutella, and every bit as sweet and delicious. But nutritionally, theres a big difference. While tradi tional Nutella packs 200 cal ories per 2-tablespoon serv ing, the chocolate hummus Id purchased had just 50 cal ories. Nutella has 12 grams of fat, while the hummus has just 2 grams. Even the carbs are cut way down 21 grams for Nutella, 10 grams for the hummus. I needed to make this. The ingredients on the label were all good (nothing hard to pro nounce), but some were a bit esoteric for the home cook. So I made a few tweaks and substitutions. The result was just as chocolatey and deli cious as what Id purchased. And I was really pleased with the nutrition numbers, too 75 calories, 3 grams of fat and just 11 grams of carbs. What do you do with it? Your kids will be happy to eat it by the spoon. You also could spread it on bread with peanut butter or a banana or both. Its great on graham crackers, and my son loves dunking pretzels and apple wedges in it. Come to think of it, thats also how he enjoys regular hummus. CHOCOLATE HUMMUS Start to nish: 10 minutes Makes 2 cups INGREDIENTS: 15-ounce can chickpeas, drained 6 tablespoons cocoa powder 1/4 cup honey or agave syrup 3 tablespoons coconut oil 2 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon instant coffee granules 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch salt DIRECTIONS: In a food processor, com bine all ingredients. Process until smooth, stopping the processor to scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed. Use immediately or re frigerate. Tightly wrapped and re frigerated, the hummus will keep for up to a week. NUTRITION INFORMATION PER 2-TABLESPOON SERVING: 75 calo ries; 25 calories from fat (33 per cent of total calories); 3 g fat (3 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 0 mg cholesterol; 11 g carbohydrate; 2 g ber; 5 g sugar; 2 g protein; 90 mg sodium. Don tR eplace...REF AC E FREE ESTIMA TES Kitchens ,B aths &M ore Serving all Leesburg and Orlando locations! For all yo ur cus tom cab inets ,v anities ,w all units ,counter tops& more.Ser vin ga ll of the Orlando area407 -399-6 0 02kit ch ens ba ths andmore.w ebs .co m 20 Ye ars Expe rience Li cen sed &I ns ur ed 844 -4 RE FA CE D0 02 876 NEW SHOW ROOM -4 420 Highway 27 -V ist aS hopping Center -C lermont, FL 34711 NEW SHOW ROOM 4420 Highway 27 South Vista Shopping Center Clermont, FL 34711 SPEC IALComp le te Ki tc hen Ref ace 15 door s, 5d raw fr onts$17 99*Raised Pa nel Ther mof oil Do or s$21 99**incl udes ins tall ati on exp ir es 8/21 /14 SPECIALRa ise dP anel Thermofoil Doors$2,199Includes installation!expires 8/21/14 15 5 dr$1 $2,299 Expir es 10/31/14 rf n tb Tomorrow!10 /25 JAMES GREGOR Y r 2 SH OWS! SU PE R JAM f PM n tbnn bn nnbn bnbbn nbn b tb 11 /1 11 /8 11 /15 11 /2 1 11 /22 11 /29 10 /3 1 LO OK WH O S CO MI NG TO TH E OPR Y! Ev ery ThursdayJAM NI GH T! t Ev ery Thursday NI GH T! NI GH T! Ev ery Thursday NI GH T! Ev ery Thursday NI GH T! Ev ery Thursday NI GH T! f f 1 SHO W ON LY D006392 Midway Baptist Chur ch327 07 Blo sso m Lan e, Leesbur gSu nda ys 10 :3 0 a. m. & 6: 00 p. m. We still Do!Remember When . CR OW NS$399Eac h(3 or mor e per visit) D2751/ Re g $59 9 ea. Po rcel ain on non Pr ecious me ta l DENTURES$74 9Eac hD0 51 10 or D0 51 20DENT AL SA VIN GSTh e patie nt an d any oth er per son re spons ible for paym ent has the right to re fuse to pay cancel payme nt or be re imburs ed for paym ent for any other ser vices, ex aminat ion whic h is per for med as a re sult of and with in 72 hours of re spon ding to the ad ve rt is em en t fo r th e discounted fee or re duced fee ser vice or tr eatment. Fees may va ry due to comple xity of case This disc ount do es no t appl y to th ose patie nt s wi th den tal pla ns. Fee s ar e mi ni mal. PR IC ES ARE SU BJ ECT TO CHA NGE. LEESBUR GM T. DORASu nr is e De nt al Tr i-D ent al r ff nt bb f Consul tat ion and Seco nd Op in ion No Ch ar ge!n t t NEW PA TIENT SPEC IAL COMPLETE SET OF X-RA YS (D0210) CLEANING BY HYGIENIST (D110) EX AMINA TION BY DO CTOR (D0150) SECOND OPINION$49Reg. $155(IN ABS ENCE OF GUM DISEA SE ) D00 2409 Hummus and chocolate together? Deliciously so! MATTHEW MEAD / AP Chocolate hummus is served on a plate. The hummus is rich, creamy and chocolatey, and thick enough to spread easily. KRISTEN WYATT Associated Press DENVER Burrito giant Chipotle on Tues day endorsed ballot measures in Colorado and Oregon that would require labeling of ge netically modied food, providing a morale boost for campaigns being heavily outspent by agriculture interests. The Denver-based chain said in a statement that consumers want to know whether the food theyre eating has been genetically modied. But well-funded op position groups contin ue to ght labeling ef forts, with opponents putting their own prof its ahead of consumer preferences, Chipotle CEO Steve Ells said. The company has not donated to the Colora do or Oregon labeling campaigns. The two states propos als would require man ufacturers, retailers and suppliers to label raw and packaged foods pro duced entirely or partial ly by genetic engineering. The measures wouldnt apply to food served in restaurants, though Ells said Chipotle voluntarily labels GMO foods online. The federal govern ment does not require labeling of genetically engineered foods. Three states Ver mont, Maine and Con necticut have passed labeling laws, although they dont take effect immediately. Similar la beling measures in Cal ifornia and in Wash ington state failed narrowly in recent years after millions of dollars were spent, mostly by labeling opponents. Opponents of the la beling requirements say mandatory labels would mislead consumers into thinking engineered in gredients are unsafe, which scientists have not proven. They include food corporations and biotech companies that grow engineered crops. Chipotle backs Colorado, Oregon labeling proposals


C6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 HOSPITAL PRIVILEGES ATLeesburg Regional Medical Center, The Villages Regional Hospital, and Florida Hospital Waterman401 North Blvd. West, Leesburg352.728.424217809 S.E. 109th Ave., Summer eld352.307.42008525 U.S. Hwy 441 Leesburg, FL 34788centersleepmed@yahoo.comAlways tired & fatigued? Do you have strange dreams or morning headaches? Type 2 Diabetes? CHF/Heart Failure? TIA (Mini Stroke)? Arrhythmias? Body Mass Index >30, (Neck Circumference Male >17, Female >16)?Management of . .Call Today 352.460.0922 ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS AT BOTH LOCATIONS rf n tbn t n nnb nProcedures:Neurological r GI fn t rb t Female Wellness trt Male Wellness nb t n Weight Loss Clinic FLU SHOTS AVAILABLEwww.mid-floridaprimarycare.comSleep is the Golden Chain that ties...Health & Our Bodies Together!Ravi P. Gupta, M.D.b b tbnCardiovascular tr Endocrine Disorder b Breathing Problems r t Musculoskeletal Non-Invasive Cardiology n b rrr n f Dermatology b n n rn n Pulmonary t t Musculoskeletal n t nD006409 D.O.T. & WORK PHYSICALS MOST LABS DONE ON PREMISES PNEUMONIA SHOTS AVAILABLE CURRENCIES Dollar vs. Exchange Pvs Rate Day Yen 106.99 107.33 Euro $1.2645 $1.2679 Pound $1.5906 $1.6061 Swiss franc 0.9546 0.9535 Canadian dollar 1.1293 1.1204 Mexican peso 13.4281 13.4184 Business austin.fuller@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8263 DOW JONES 16,315.19 5.88 NASDAQ 4,227.17 + 13.51 S&P 500 1,877.70 + 2.96 GOLD 1,234.30 + 4.30 SILVER 17.40 + 0.058 CRUDE OIL 81.84 3.90 T-NOTE 10-year 2.21 0.08 www.dailycommercial.com CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER AP Economics Writer WASHINGTON Just as the U.S. job mar ket has nally strength ened, the Federal Reserve now confronts a new worry: A sput tering global economy thats spooked inves tors across the world. The economic slump could spill into the United States, poten tially weakening job growth and keeping in ation well below the Feds target rate. Such fear has led some an alysts to suggest that the Fed might wait un til deep into next year to start raising interest rates and then raise them more gradually than expected. Im beginning to think that the Fed might delay (a rate in crease), said Bob Baur, chief economist at Principal Global Advi sors, an asset manage ment rm. If we dont see a better situation in Europe and better things out of Japan and stability in China, they might hang on just a lit tle bit longer. Yet so far, the pros pect of continued low er rates which make loans cheaper and can fuel stock gains is being outweighed by investors mounting fears of weakness from Asia to Europe to Lat in America. After shed ding 223 points Mon day, the Dow Jones industrial average is now 5.5 percent below its September peak. Americans with stocks in their retirement ac counts have taken a beating at least for now. On Tuesday, solid earnings from sever al large U.S. banks gave stocks a boost. Since the Great Recession ended ve years ago, Fed ofcials have often stressed that their policies were devised to nurture the U.S. economy and job market alone. But Fed ofcials are now assuring international nancial leaders that they will closely monitor the effects of the Feds policies on overseas economies. And the Feds vice chair has publicly ac knowledged that the turmoil abroad could lead the Fed to act more cautiously. If foreign growth is weaker than anticipat ed, the consequences for the U.S. economy could lead the Fed to (raise rates) more slow ly than otherwise, Vice Chair Stanley Fisch er said in a speech last weekend. Fischers remarks fol lowed a rash of data last week that pointed to slower growth world wide. Germany report ed sharp declines in factory output and ex ports, which raised fears that Europes big gest and strongest eco nomic power could fall into recession. Chinas efforts to rein in gov ernment and private debt have slowed its ex pansion. And consum ers in Japan are still spending listlessly after a big sales tax increase took effect in April. The world econo mys engines have been sputtering, said Doug las Porter, chief econo mist at BMO Financial Group. Against the back drop of a limping glob al economy, the United States looks like a com parative standout, even though the U.S. econo my hasnt yet regained full health. That widening gap has boosted the val ue of the dollar. Com pared with a basket of other currencies, the dollar has risen 7.5 per cent in the past three months, TD Economics estimates. Global economy could delay Fed move AP FILE PHOTO Containers are piled up at the Duisburg harbour, Germany. ALEX VEIGA Associated Press A slump in ener gy stocks stymied a re bound in U.S. indexes Tuesday as the price of oil plunged the most in two years. The decline in oil prices followed fore casts for weaker glob al demand this year and next, a sign of slow ing economic growth. Chevron fell 2 percent, helping to drag down the Dow Jones industri al average in the waning moments of trading. Even so, corporate earnings provided some encouragement to in vestors, and most in dexes posted modest gains following a threeday slump. Dominos Pizza, Citi group and Johnson & Johnson reported re sults that were better than analysts expect ed. The market also got a boost from airline stocks, which rebound ed after sliding the day before. The modest rally pro vided a breather for in vestors, who have had a bumpy ride lately. The Standard & Poors 500 index has four losses and one gain of more than 1 percent in the last week, a surge in vol atility following a most ly quiet summer. Even before the recent turbulence, stocks have been declining for near ly a month. The S&P 500 index has fallen 6.7 per cent since hitting a re cord high on Sept. 18 as investors worry that economies in Europe and Asia are slowing. The bank earnings this morning certainly made people feel a little bit better, said Joe Peta, managing director at Novus Partners. For the time being, at least, the panic selling is over. Johnson & Johnson raised its 2014 earnings outlook, partly due to revenue gains from its new blockbuster hepa titis C drug. Drop in energy stocks stymies market rebound


The Market In Review A-B-CABB Ltd.78e20.54+.13 ACE Ltd2.56e104.24+1.03 ADT Corp.8032.21+.33 AES Corp.2013.21+.07 AFLAC1.4856.84+.84 AGCO.4443.62+1.28 AGL Res1.9652.36+.84 AK Steel...5.64-.14 AOL...39.70-.20 ARC Docu...u9.74+.79 A10 Nwks n...d4.06-.12 AbbottLab.8841.06+.14 AbbVie1.6854.13+.51 AberFitc.8034.48+.99 AbdAsPac.425.75-.06 Accenture1.95e76.17-.12 AccessMid2.38f55.30-.74 AccoBrds...6.68+.09 Actavis...222.07-.73 Actuant.0429.16+.62 AMD...d2.62-.12 AdvSemi.22e5.93+.13 AdvOil&Gs...4.35-.03 AecomTch...28.12-.16 Aegon.30e7.80+.03 AerCap...36.74-.08 Aerohive n...d4.26-.23 Aeropostl...2.89+.08 Aetna.9073.98-2.22 Agilent.53b51.79-1.00 Agnico g.3230.05+.07 Agrium g3.0083.88+.44 AirLease.1231.45+.39 AirProd3.08121.01+1.98 AlaskaAir s.5042.69+1.11 Albemarle1.10d53.51+.35 AlcatelLuc.18e2.49+.09 Alcoa.1214.29-.20 AlexREE2.8879.95+1.64 Alibaba n...d84.95-.17 AllegTch.7232.00+.55 Allegion n.3245.06-.26 Allergan.20181.99+3.71 Allete1.9648.50+.82 AlliData...239.27+4.65 AlliantEgy2.0458.29+1.14 AlliGlCvInc1.08d9.04-.13 AlliGblCv21.028.57-.09 AlldNevG...2.60-.06 AllisonTrn.4827.08+.53 Allstate1.1261.62+.56 AllyFin n...d20.21+.09 AlonUSA.40f14.14+.42 AlphaNRs...d1.82+.18 AlphaPro...u7.36-2.69 AlpAlerMLP1.12ed17.33+.02 Altria2.08f46.18+.13 Ambev n.29e6.73+.05 Ameren1.64f40.72+.69 AMovilL.35e24.36+.25 AmApparel....66-.03 AmAxle...17.34+.94 AmCampus1.5238.73+.57 AEagleOut.5014.33+.41 AEP2.0054.72+.49 AEqInvLf.18f22.83+.52 AHm4Rent.2016.61-.09 AmIntlGrp.5050.07+.26 AmTower1.44f93.35+.31 AmWtrWks1.2450.30+.76 Amerigas3.5242.99-.12 Ameriprise2.32111.80+.02 AmeriBrgn.9476.63+.79 Ametek.3646.12-.18 Amphenol s.50f46.44+.88 Anadarko1.0884.66-.59 AnglogldA...10.89-.16 ABInBev2.82e105.83-.20 Ann Inc...36.79+.74 Annaly1.2011.33+.06 Annies...45.94+.01 AnteroRes...d46.14+.06 Anworth.50e5.16... Aon plc1.0080.05+.50 Apache1.00d74.40-1.53 AptInv1.0434.31+.87 ApolloGM2.82ed20.89-.20 AquaAm.6624.29+.39 ArcelorMit.2012.56+.22 ArchCoal.01m1.68+.12 ArchDan.9643.08-1.68 AristaNet n...73.52-.17 ArmourRsd.604.01+.01 ArmstrWld...d46.05-2.68 ArrowEl...47.14+.72 AsburyA...63.87+1.83 AshfordHT.489.77-.16 Ashland1.3697.44+1.06 AssuredG.4420.97+.22 AstoriaF.1612.41+.17 AstraZen2.80e69.81+.37 AthlonEn...57.98+.03 AtlPwr g.12m2.02+.08 AtlasEngy1.96f35.30-1.95 AtlasPpln2.52f33.77-.28 AtlasRes2.3615.31-.51 ATMOS1.4848.74+.82 AtwoodOcn1.00d38.33-.53 AuRico g.02m3.73+.31 Autohme n...42.49+1.46 Autoliv2.1690.44+2.44 AvalonBay4.64150.06+2.80 AveryD1.4041.84+.56 Avista1.27u34.03+1.93 Avnet.64f36.71+.17 Avon.2411.40-.01 Axiall.6435.76+.95 AXIS Cap1.0846.25+.52 B2gold g...2.22... BB&T Cp.9637.28+.23 BCE g2.4742.24-.21 BHP BillLt2.42e58.36+1.28 BHPBil plc2.42e53.90+.94 BP PLC2.34fd40.61-.61 BP Pru10.60e77.33-1.54 BRF SA.19e25.65-.05 BakrHu.68f52.47-.95 BallCorp.5263.07+1.26 BalticTrdg.07ed3.35+.38 BcBilVArg.45e11.38+.03 BcoBrad pf.44e16.54+.16 BcoSantSA.81e9.02+.09 BcoSBrasil.87e6.24+.04 BcpSouth.30f20.28+.46 BkofAm.20f16.52+.12 BkNYMel.6836.55+.20 BkNova g2.64f59.45-.85 Bankrate...9.89+.23 BankUtd.84d29.00-.27 Banro g....15-.00 BarcGSOil...d19.93-.82 Barclay.43e14.20-.07 BarVixMdT...14.48-.14 B iPVix rs...38.93-.63 Bard.88150.72+.96 Barnes.4431.51+1.11 BarrickG.2013.67+.22 BasicEnSv...d12.22-1.07 Baxter2.0868.86-.80 BaytexE g2.88d30.71-1.50 BectDck2.18125.07-.76 Bellatrix g...d4.91-.23 Bemis1.0837.43+.26 BerkH B...137.39+1.01 BerryPlas...23.20+.06 BestBuy.7630.04+.32 BigLots.6844.26+.78 BBarrett...d14.89-.02 BioMedR1.0020.99+.56 BitautoH...66.03+2.94 BlackRock7.72306.74+2.83 BlkDebtStr.29ad3.69-.06 BlkEEqDv.56a7.70+.09 BlkIntlG&I.67a6.71+.06 Blackstone1.71e29.45+.13 BlockHR.8028.23+.59 BdwlkPpl.4015.20-.96 Boeing2.92122.29+1.84 BonanzaCE...d35.56-2.18 BorgWrn s.52f52.44+2.20 BostProp2.60a120.67+1.37 BostonSci...11.56-.18 BoydGm...9.14+.24 Brandyw.6014.70+.35 BrigStrat.50f18.02+.63 Brinker1.12f52.95+.66 BrMySq1.4448.92-.17 Brixmor n.8023.54+.68 BroadrdgF1.08f39.37+.19 Brookdale...30.95+.13 BrkfldAs g.6443.88+.22 BrkfldPrp1.0021.49+.31 Brunswick.50f39.30+.01 Buckeye4.45fd66.87-2.01 Buenavent.02e11.70-.09 BungeLt1.3682.23+.58 BurgerKng.32f29.39+.26 BurlStrs...39.03+.85 C&J Engy...d18.96-1.18 CBL Asc.9817.63+.26 CBRE Grp...28.73+.99 CBS A.60f50.25+.50 CBS B.60f49.93+1.02 CBS Outd n1.4829.15+.62 CF Inds6.00f252.64-.18 CIT Grp.60f44.88+.30 CLECO1.6048.05-.29 CMS Eng1.08u31.07+.45 CNH Indl...7.94+.41 CNO Fincl.2416.46+.19 CRH.85e20.89+.42 CST Brnds.2535.10-.17 CSX.6432.61+.91 CVS Health1.1080.68+.56 CYS Invest1.20m8.93+.04 Cabelas...58.16+1.80 CblvsnNY.6017.44+.20 CabotO&G.08d28.48-.05 CalDive...d.42-.04 CallonPet...d5.18-.43 Calpine...20.67-.13 CAMAC s....46... Cameco g.4015.79-.09 Cameron...55.48-.28 CampSp1.2542.29+.35 CampusCC.666.63+.06 CdnNR gs1.0062.69-.30 CdnNRs gs.9032.36-.96 CP Rwy g1.40188.69+3.72 CapOne1.2080.03+.55 CapsteadM1.3612.67+.04 CarboCer1.32d50.32+.53 CardnlHlth1.3774.58+.67 CareFusion...56.95... CarMax...44.58+.68 Carnival1.0034.64+.76 Carters.7679.78-.87 Caterpillar2.8092.80+1.12 CedarF2.8044.87+.83 Celanese1.0051.25+.34 Cemex.52t11.37+.16 Cemig pf s1.40e7.09-.01 CenovusE1.06d23.65-.31 Centene...77.26-.45 CenterPnt.9522.81-.35 CenElBras.18e2.97-.03 CFCda g.0112.53-.01 CntryLink2.1638.83+.42 ChambStPr.507.81+.19 Chemtura...21.88+.17 CheniereEn...61.90-1.80 ChenEnLP1.70d27.12-1.63 ChesEng.35d17.49-.34 Chevron4.28d109.78-2.25 ChicB&I.28d46.63-1.25 Chicos.3015.06+.42 Chimera.36a3.09... ChiMYWnd...2.31+.16 Chiquita...13.16-.44 Chubb2.0092.89+.32 CienaCorp...d14.16-.09 Cigna.0487.71-1.97 Cimarex.64103.88-2.37 CinciBell...3.36+.10 Cinemark1.0030.83+.04 Citigroup.0451.47+1.57 CitizFin n...22.45... Civeo n.5212.17-.29 CleanHarb...48.80+.64 ClearEnFd1.62d24.15-.13 CliffsNRs.609.07+.82 Cliffs pfA1.759.09+.52 Clorox2.9697.03+1.11 CloudPeak...d10.27-.17 Coach1.3535.62+1.51 CobaltIEn...d9.78-.30 CocaCE1.0040.49+.05 Coeur...4.80+.19 Colfax...52.37+1.49 ColgPalm1.4464.41+.22 ColonyFncl1.4421.13-.04 Comerica.8045.90-.12 CmclMtls.48d14.58-.11 CmtyBkSy1.20f34.68+.71 CmtyHlt...51.77-1.09 CompSci.9256.26-.13 ComstkRs.50d12.25+.03 Con-Way.6042.04+1.72 ConAgra1.0033.58+.43 ConchoRes...97.18-.74 ConocoPhil2.9266.20-1.87 ConsolEngy.25d32.44+.31 ConEd2.52u61.57+1.75 ConstellA...84.36+.12 Constellm...17.26+.10 ContainSt n...17.30+1.64 ContlRes s...52.74-1.15 Cnvrgys.2818.06+.33 CooperCo.06148.67+1.02 CooperTire.4229.21+.78 CopaHold3.84101.67+1.82 CoreLabs2.00d134.21-.29 CoreLogic...26.00-.05 CornstProg.93d3.51-.15 CornstTR1.05d4.32-.19 CornerstStr1.15d4.71-.25 Corning.4017.57-.07 CorpOffP1.1026.27+.29 CorrectnCp2.0433.84+.15 Cosan Ltd.16e11.70+.25 Cott Cp.24d6.48-.21 Coty.2016.41+.20 CousPrp.3012.24+.45 CovantaH1.00f20.97+.14 Covidien1.44f92.36+.50 CSVInvNG...4.42+.25 CSVLgNGs...12.66-.86 CredSuiss.79ed26.33+.08 CrestwdEq.55d8.26-.57 CrstwdMid1.64d17.93-.16 CrwnCstle1.40u80.80+2.33 CrownHold...43.19+.21 CubeSmart.52u19.63+.60 Cummins3.12127.49+2.54 Cytec s.50f43.43+.51 D-E-FDCP Mid3.03f50.48-.03 DCT Indl.287.80+.19 DDR Corp.6217.30+.17 DHT Hldgs.085.55+.25 DNP Selct.7810.06+.02 DR Horton.25f20.03+.54 DSW Inc s.7530.34+.60 DTE2.76f79.51+.61 DanaHldg.2017.32+.11 Danaher.4072.00+.30 DarlingIng...d16.75-.02 DaVitaHlt...73.59+.03 DeanFoods.2813.28+.58 DeckrsOut...86.85+1.48 Deere2.4084.36+2.71 DejourE g....18-.02 Delek.60a29.52-1.07 DelphiAuto1.0061.47+3.17 DeltaAir.3632.79+1.89 Demandw...49.05-.08 DenburyR.25d12.04-.24 DenisnM g...d.97+.01 DeutschBk1.02ed31.50-.01 DeuHvChiA...25.64+.01 DevonE.96d55.25-1.31 DiaOffs.50a37.99+1.66 DiamRk.4112.75+.10 DianaShip...d8.15+.11 DicksSptg.5043.01+.70 Diebold1.1533.37+.55 DigitalRlt3.3264.40+1.08 DirSPBear...28.14-.21 DxGldBull...22.15+.74 DrxFnBear...17.95-.26 DxEnBear...23.28+.86 DxEMBear...35.51-.51 DrxSCBear...18.59-.64 DirGMBear...16.12+.41 DirGMnBull...10.56-.09 DxRssaBull...9.93-.03 Dx30TBear...d36.93-.71 DrxEMBull...25.89+.45 DrxFnBull...93.99+1.34 DirDGldBr...26.27-.68 DrxSCBull1.19e56.50+1.87 DrxSPBull...66.91+.46 DirxEnBull...d65.12-2.38 Discover.9662.67+.75 DollarGen...58.51+.04 DomRescs2.4068.18-1.81 Dominos1.00u84.30+8.58 Domtar g s1.5033.32+.26 DEmmett.8026.45+.33 Dover1.60f72.02-.41 DowChm1.4843.93-.96 DrPepSnap1.6464.08+.29 DresserR...81.00-.25 DuPont1.88f65.88+.17 DuPFabros1.4027.99+.21 DukeEngy3.18fu78.87+1.46 DukeRlty.6817.97+.58 Dynegy...27.46-.65 E-CDang...10.39+.34 E-House.20e8.64+.31 ETrAlerian1.47e28.76-.43 EMC Cp.4627.61+.07 EOG Res s.67f83.84+.08 EP Engy n...d13.17-.22 EQT Corp.12d78.36+.55 EQT Mid2.08f77.50+2.26 EagleMat.4079.97+.69 EastChem1.4072.82+1.33 Eaton1.9659.05+.78 EatnVan.8834.89+.60 EV TxDiver1.0110.49-.07 EVTxMGlo.98d9.15-.05 EVTxGBW1.17d11.21... EclipseR n...d12.71-.24 Ecolab1.10106.98-.56 Ecopetrol2.65e28.92+.16 EdisonInt1.42u59.80+1.66 EducRlty.48f10.83+.15 EdwLfSci...102.47-.86 ElPasoPpl2.6036.61-1.08 EldorGld g.06e7.44-.06 Embraer.52e36.29+1.10 EmeraldO...d3.44-.49 EmergeES4.68f74.86-1.53 EmersonEl1.7259.17+.50 Emulex...4.48... EnLinkLP1.46f27.97-.17 EnableM n1.18d21.21-1.33 EnbrdgEPt2.22f32.72-1.20 Enbridge1.4043.02-.52 EnCana g.2818.42-.39 EndvSilv g...4.30+.03 Energen.60d55.72-.05 Energizer2.00113.62+2.08 EngyTEq s1.52f47.81+.84 EngyTsfr3.82f57.54+.98 Enerpls g1.08d14.65-.42 ENSCO3.0037.60+.60 Entergy3.3281.04+2.36 EntPrdPt s1.46f34.51+.46 EnvisnHlth...32.90-.64 EquityCmw...24.37-.16 EqtyOne.8822.71+.44 EqtyRsd2.0066.72+1.16 EsteeLdr.8071.89+.87 Evercore1.0047.77+1.27 ExamWks...37.24+.39 ExTYorkHi1.58ed15.09-.72 ExcoRes.20d2.52+.35 Exelis.4116.09-.02 Exelon1.2434.64+.53 Express...14.03+.02 ExterranH.6036.01-.34 ExtraSpce1.88u55.12+1.52 ExxonMbl2.7690.55-.29 FMC Corp.60d52.82+1.22 FMC Tech...49.05-.63 FMSA n...d10.47-.70 FNBCp PA.4811.97+.14 FS Invest n.89a10.19+.07 FXCM.2416.12+.03 FamilyDlr1.2476.97+.21 FedExCp.80153.72+2.46 FedInvst1.0028.33+.36 FelCor.089.25+.14 Ferrellgs2.0025.50-.38 Ferro...12.18+.22 FiatChry n...8.95+.03 FibriaCelu...10.24+.07 FidlNatF n.72d26.25+.04 FNFV Gp n...d13.25-.15 FidNatInfo.9653.31+.08 FstAFin n.9626.83+.43 FstBcpPR...4.87+.12 FstHorizon.2011.71+.09 FMajSilv g...7.25-.15 FstRepBk.5647.08-.06 FT EmMkt.54e23.26+.07 FT ConDis.15e30.80+.28 FT Matls.39ed29.14+.14 FT RNG.09ed13.90-.04 FirstEngy1.4435.56+.46 Fleetcor...124.89+1.45 FlexSolu...1.08+.05 Flotek...19.56-.34 FlowrsFds.4817.96+.17 Flowserve.64d62.29+.92 Fluor.84d61.54-.19 FootLockr.8853.89+.04 FordM.5013.78+.24 ForestCA...19.44+.24 ForestOil...d.70+.00 Fortress.32ad5.96-.21 FBHmSec.4837.76+.02 ForumEn...d23.58-1.76 FrancoN g.8053.47+1.71 FrankRes.4850.75+.45 FranksIntl.60fd16.43-.26 FrptMcM1.2530.79+.07 Freescale...15.89+.34 G-H-IGNC.6437.11+.79 GabelliET.65ed5.95-.05 GabelliE rt...d.02-.01 Gallaghr1.4444.30+.13 GamGldNR1.088.79-.09 GameStop1.3237.20... Gannett.8026.47+.13 Gap.8836.45+.40 GasLog.4817.04+.01 GastarExp...d3.68+.04 Generac...39.86+.93 GnCable.7212.81+.30 GenDynam2.48118.61+.34 GenGrPrp.64f24.25+.61 GenMotors1.2030.11+.32 GenesisEn2.32fd44.21-1.67 GenuPrt2.3086.89+.91 Genworth...12.54+.06 Gerdau.14e4.80+.08 GlaxoSKln2.46ed43.68-.15 GlimchRt.4013.36+.09 GlobalCash...6.64-.07 GlobPay.0872.00+.32 Globalstar...1.76+.05 GolLinhas...5.27-.01 GoldFLtd.04e4.11+.10 Goldcrp g.6023.71+.25 GoldmanS2.20178.70-.07 GS MLP n...d19.15-.75 GoodrPet...8.10+.45 GovPrpIT1.7222.81+.37 vjGrace...d81.58+.16 GrafTech...4.11+.45 Graingr4.32238.69+4.49 GramrcyP.145.88+.02 GranTrra g...d4.50-.31 GraphPkg...11.01-.19 GtPlainEn.9225.40+.49 GreenDot...21.81+.60 GreenbCos.6047.62-.90 GrubHub n...36.61+1.27 GpoAval n.05pd13.00-.08 GpFnSnMx.96e12.73... GpTelevisa.14e33.25+.15 Guess.9021.50+.29 GugSPEW1.08e72.07+.39 HCA Hldg...66.98-.07 HCP Inc2.1842.91+.67 HDFC Bk.35e48.56+1.08 HSBC2.45e50.34-.10 HalconRes...d2.57+.06 Hallibrtn.6049.63-.63 Hanesbrds1.20104.19+.40 HarleyD1.1056.40-.09 Harman1.32f89.01+3.65 HarmonyG...2.12+.12 Harsco.8218.96+.41 HartfdFn.72f35.81+.34 HatterasF2.0018.82-.05 HawaiiEl1.24u27.29-.18 Headwatrs...11.25+.59 HltCrREIT3.1867.42+.84 HlthcreTr.58f12.43+.27 HealthNet...44.04-1.03 HeclaM.01e2.46+.10 HelixEn...21.87-.12 HelmPayne2.75f78.37-.56 Hemisphrx....33-.05 Herbalife...47.95+4.14 Hersha.28f6.52+.08 Hershey2.1492.63+.39 Hertz...d19.40+.02 Hess1.0075.91-1.87 HewlettP.6432.24-.45 Hi-Crush2.30f44.82+1.83 HighwdPrp1.7041.07+1.31 Hilton n...22.03-.01 HollyFront1.28ad42.05+.03 Honda.82e31.55+.16 HonwllIntl1.8086.19+.53 Hormel.8051.98+.55 Hornbeck...d25.64+.16 Hospira...48.31-.04 HospPT1.9627.17+.55 HostHotls.80f20.72+.49 HovnanE...d3.28+.18 HubbelB2.00d102.19-.31 Humana1.12124.20-.43 Huntsmn.5021.26-.28 IAMGld g...2.44+.06 ICICI Bk.77e50.87+.96 ING...13.63-.13 ION Geoph...2.43+.05 iShGold...11.94+.01 iSAstla.99e23.51+.16 iShBrazil1.55e47.32+.05 iShCanada.62e28.55-.29 iShEMU.94e35.93+.12 iSFrance.74e24.68+.11 iShGerm.63e25.87+.14 iSh HK.72e20.88+.03 iShItaly.34ed14.36+.03 iShJapan.17e10.99+.07 iSh SKor.90e57.16+.18 iSMalasia.52e15.00... iShMexico1.09e66.07+.07 iShSing.45e13.02... iShSoAfr1.54e64.31+.85 iShSpain1.16e36.77+.17 iShSwitz.79ed30.60... iSTaiwn.26e15.09+.21 iShSilver...16.68-.05 iShS&P1001.66e84.15-.08 iShSelDiv2.34e72.70+.52 iShChinaLC.71e38.11+.06 iShTransp1.14e141.87+3.80 iSCorSP5003.65e189.00+.44 iShUSAgBd2.40eu110.56+.25 iShEMkts.71e41.16+.24 iShiBoxIG4.08e120.21+.27 iShEMBd5.00e113.34+.28 iShIndones.36e26.01+.32 iSSP500Gr1.74e101.21+.15 iSSPGlbEn1.14ed39.31-.50 iShNANatR.66ed39.34-.45 iShLatAm.99e38.42+.01 iSSP500Val1.92e86.28+.15 iSh20 yrT3.46eu121.57+.79 iSh7-10yTB2.44eu106.10+.21 iShIntSelDv1.76e33.87+.10 iSh1-3yTB.27e84.82+.05 iS Eafe2.23e60.45+.15 iSRusMCV1.28e67.16+.51 iSCorSPMid1.48e129.73+1.21 iShiBxHYB5.73e90.47+.30 iShMtgRE1.69e12.10+.04 iShC&SRE2.68e88.48+1.52 iSR1KVal2.01e95.54+.24 iSR1KGr1.23e86.82+.20 iSRus1K1.86e104.49+.27 iSR2KVal1.90e91.65+1.10 iSR2KGr.97e123.04+1.25 iShFltRtB.19e50.76-.04 iShR2K1.50e105.54+1.22 iSh3-7yTrB1.25eu123.04+.08 iShShtTrB...110.28... iShUSPfd2.68e39.27+.13 iSUSAMinV.77e37.03+.17 iShTech1.09e94.45+.19 iShREst2.59e71.35+1.06 iShHmCnst.07e21.68+.42 iShUSEngy.88ed45.51-.54 iShCrSPSm1.28e101.32+1.21 iShCorEafe1.71e54.91+.19 iShEurope1.54ed42.19+.03 ITC Hold s.65f34.97-.13 ITT Corp.4438.43-.20 ITT Ed...d3.82-.48 iBio...1.40-1.05 Idacorp1.88f57.42+1.53 IDEX1.1268.05+1.90 ITW1.94f80.53+1.34 Imax Corp...27.46+.79 Infoblox...14.10+.46 Infosys1.04eu64.48+.63 IngerRd1.0054.08+.51 IngrmM...22.84-.15 Ingredion1.6872.02+.73 InlandRE.5710.35+.12 IntegrysE2.7268.75+1.13 IntcntlExch2.60201.07+2.41 IntFlav1.88f93.39+1.36 IntlGame.4416.74+.12 IntPap1.60f45.25-.21 IntlRectif...39.43+.20 Interpublic.3816.72+.21 IntPotash...13.85+.44 Intrexon...18.15+1.54 InvenSense...19.78+.63 Invesco1.0035.73-.33 InvMtgCap2.0016.12+.05 InvSrInco.31d4.63-.02 InvRlEst.527.66+.05 IronMtn1.90f32.15+.67 iSh UK1.26ed18.36-.01 iShCorEM.91e49.42+.16 IsoRay...1.33-.02 IsraelCh n...6.77... ItauUnibH.54e16.00+.20 J-K-LJP Engy n...d16.70+.55 JPMorgCh1.6057.99-.17 JPMAlerian2.3345.72-.56 Jabil.3218.78+.53 JacobsEng...46.70+.45 JanusCap.3213.40-.06 Jarden...56.35-.06 JinkoSolar...20.29-1.03 JohnJn2.8097.01-2.11 JohnsnCtl.88d40.34+.10 JournalCm...7.98+.10 JoyGlbl.8050.57+1.63 JnprNtwk.4018.77+.20 KAR Auct1.0026.68+.24 KB Home.1014.07+.29 KBR Inc.32d17.57+.02 KKR1.81ed19.95-.03 KC Southn1.12115.14+3.59 KapStone s...24.46-.88 KateSpade...d25.44+.80 KA MLP2.60f36.07-.47 Kellogg1.96f60.19+.49 Kennamtl.7238.83+.52 KeyEngy...d3.80-.45 Keycorp.2612.89+.12 KimbClk3.36106.41-.19 Kimco.9023.03+.36 KindME5.56f84.35-2.93 KindMorg1.72f34.50-1.00 KindrM wt...2.60-.16 KindMM5.56t84.15-3.36 KindredHlt.4820.27-.21 KingDEn n.46ed11.25-.82 Kinross g...2.95-.02 KirbyCp...99.63-.20 KiteRlty rs1.0424.95+.37 KnightTr.2426.28+.48 Knowles n...20.26+.41 KodiakO g...d9.86-.21 Kohls1.5656.70+.68 KosmosEn...d8.54-.18 Kroger.74f53.40+.49 L Brands1.36a66.76+1.28 L-3 Com2.40108.27-.98 LaQuinta n...18.38+.27 LaredoPet...d16.72-.81 LVSands2.00d59.61+.65 LaSalleH1.5033.97+.35 Latam Air...11.48+.32 Lazard1.2046.52-.14 LearCorp.8079.67-1.22 LeggMason.6447.61-.10 LeggPlat1.24f33.61+.43 LennarA.1638.37+.75 Lennox1.2074.58+.92 LeucNatl.2521.68+.25 Level3...39.39+1.34 LexRltyTr.6810.07+.25 Lexmark1.4439.02+1.03 LbtyASE.40ed5.39-.02 LibtProp1.9033.26+.44 LifeTFit...48.74+.05 LifeLock...14.46+.30 LillyEli1.9663.14-.14 LincNat.6448.24-.21 LinkedIn...196.02+2.89 LionsGt g.28f29.46+.23 LithiaMot.6466.03+2.02 LiveNatn...21.80+.08 LloydBkg...4.78+.04 LockhdM6.00f176.11+3.23 Loews.2540.69+.33 Lorillard2.4659.54-.39 LaPac...13.09+.48 LumberLiq...55.62+1.18 LyonBas A2.8085.39-1.20 M-N-0M&T Bk2.80119.90+.96 MBIA...d8.76+.14 MDC1.0024.27+.56 MDU Res.71d25.92-.43 MFA Fncl.808.24+.02 MIN.47ad4.96... MGIC Inv...7.72+.04 MGM Rsts...20.62+.35 MRC Glbl...d19.88-1.10 Macerich2.4866.37+.76 MackCali.6019.75+.41 Macquarie3.80f64.31+.30 Macys1.2556.58+1.59 MagellMid2.56f71.04-2.21 MagnaInt g1.5284.60-1.02 MagHRes...3.98-.03 Mallinckdt...85.99-.11 Manitowoc.08d17.34-.08 ManpwrGp.98fd59.90-1.07 Manulife g.62f17.95-.21 MarathnO.84f32.55-.37 MarathPet2.00f78.43-1.39 MVJrGold...33.05-.05 MktVGold.19e21.37+.25 MV OilSvc.54ed42.05-.45 MV Semi.66e45.88+.96 MktVRus.74e21.42-.03 MktV Viet.60e21.43... MarkWest3.52f65.91-1.13 MarshM1.1249.91+.37 MartMM1.60107.36+.09 Masco.3620.95-.02 MastThera....54-.00 Mastec...d22.56-.71 MasterCd s.4471.00+1.22 MatadorRs...19.60+.03 McClatchy...3.00-.06 McCorm1.4867.48+.33 McDrmInt...d3.87-.21 McDnlds3.40f91.10+.37 McGrwH1.2077.52-.26 McKesson.96188.62-1.05 McEwenM...1.78+.01 MeadJohn1.5092.80+.37 MeadWvco1.00a38.27-.07 Mechel....80+.02 MedProp.8413.43+.36 Medtrnic1.2263.51+.45 MensW.7244.23+.57 Merck1.7656.33+.19 Meritor...10.00+.27 MerL pfD1.7525.51+.08 MerL pfE1.7825.58+.05 MerL pfF1.8225.64+.02 Methode.3632.94-.30 MetLife1.4048.89-.08 MKors...72.15-.10 MidstsPet...d2.35-.87 MillenMda...1.66-.07 MillerEnR...d3.12-.46 MitsuUFJ...5.34+.02 MobileTele1.37e13.10+.09 Mobileye n...44.63-1.35 Mohawk...125.12+.30 MolinaHlth...42.22-.07 MolsCoorB1.4871.44-.42 Molycorp...1.41+.08 Monsanto1.96f107.87+1.96 Moodys1.1292.16+.80 MorgStan.4033.01+.16 Mosaic1.0041.47+.41 MotrlaSolu1.36f58.73+.23 MuellerWat.078.43+.40 MurphO1.40d50.53-.26 NCR Corp...d28.88+.07 NGL EnPt2.36fd30.50-1.14 NQ Mobile...7.56+.07 NRG Egy.5628.12-1.01 NRG Yield1.46f42.08-1.06 Nabors.24f16.82-.75 NBGreece...d2.56-.10 NatFuGas1.5467.25+.39 NOilVarco1.84d68.50+.45 NatRetPrp1.68f36.74+.67 Nationstar...31.68+1.88 NatResPtrs1.40d10.97-.19 NavigH n...21.04-.41 Navios.24d4.63+.11 NaviosMar1.77d14.50-.50 Navistar...31.25+1.34 Neuralstem...2.81-.08 NeuStar...26.53+.93 NwGold g...4.59-.01 NewOriEd...22.01+.10 NewResid.70a6.06+.04 NY CmtyB1.0015.13+.09 NY REIT n.4611.00+.04 Newcstl rs1.20d12.00-.03 NewellRub.6832.87... NewfldExp...26.27-1.58 NewmtM.1022.79+.27 NewpkRes...d10.43-.05 NiSource1.0439.11-.75 NielsenNV1.0042.12+.27 NikeB.9685.09-.30 NobleCorp1.50d18.57-.05 NobleEngy.72d54.79-.78 NokiaCp.51e7.96+.06 NorandaAl.043.70-.22 NordicAm.61r7.29+.10 Nordstrm1.3269.81+.77 NorflkSo2.28f104.45+1.24 NA Pall g...d.16-.01 NAtlDrll n.71e5.85+.04 NthStAst n...d16.70+.24 NoestUt1.57u47.56+.79 NthnO&G...d9.98-.72 NthnTEn2.02e21.46-.45 NorthropG2.80124.19+2.72 NStarRlt2.0017.15+.37 NovaGld g...2.88+.07 Novartis2.72e86.87-.48 NovoNord s.84e43.70+.32 NOW Inc n...27.36-.05 NuSkin1.3848.97+.67 Nucor1.4849.01+.79 NustarEn4.3855.10-1.71 Nuverra rs...d9.47-1.67 OGE Engy1.00f34.78-.42 OasisPet...d30.02-1.26 OcciPet2.8886.55-1.35 Oceaneerg1.08d59.71-.54 Och-Ziff1.77e10.50+.09 OcwenFn...23.46+.58 Oi SA C.14e.61+.03 Oi SA.14e.64+.09 OilStates...58.32+1.13 OldRepub.7313.81+.07 Olin.8024.07+.37 OmegaHlt2.04f36.92+.50 Omncre.8061.39+.97 Omnicom2.0065.77+.84 OnAssign...27.16+.31 ONEOK2.30f53.71-1.44 OneokPtrs3.04fd48.35-.90 OpkoHlth...8.43+.25 Oracle.4838.46+.23 Orange.96e14.01+.16 Orbitz...7.60+.18 Organovo...5.84+.29 OshkoshCp.6041.86+1.19 OwensCorn.6429.10+.10 OwensIll...d24.47+.41 P-Q-RPBF Engy1.20d22.13-.43 PG&E Cp1.8245.88+.51 PimcoTR2.17e109.67+.06 Pim0-5HYCp4.79ed102.92-.04 PNC pfP1.6527.01+.16 PNC1.9281.59+.54 PPG2.68177.58+.99 PPL Corp1.4933.59-.05 PVH Corp.15112.49-1.23 PacDrillng...d7.16-.08 PackAmer1.6058.61-.21 PallCorp1.22f81.91+.43 PaloAltNet...94.25+4.84 Pandora...20.79+.39 ParagOff n...5.62-.01 ParkDrl...d3.86-.33 ParkerHan1.92104.19+1.10 Parkwy.7519.05+.27 ParsleyE n...d16.40-.48 PeabdyE.3410.80+.50 Pembina g1.7437.27-.61 Pengrth g.48d3.92-.17 PennVa...d7.30-.56 PennWst g.56d4.77-.11 Penney...7.16+.07 PennaRE.8019.24+.10 PennyMac2.44f20.46-.05 Pentair1.2061.81+.50 PepcoHold1.0826.97+.18 PerkElm.2840.40+.57 Perrigo.42147.18+1.46 PetChina5.25e121.75-.63 PetrbrsA.85e18.09-.35 Petrobras.46e17.10-.17 PtroqstE...4.19+.01 Pfizer1.0428.46-.01 PhilipMor4.00f83.69-.38 PhilipsNV1.10ed28.50-.15 Phillips662.0070.59-2.46 PhxNMda...8.30-.19 PiedmOfc.8018.29+.31 Pier 1.2412.12+.07 PimDyCrd1.8822.19+.21 PimcoHiI1.4611.26-.20 PinnclEnt...22.31+.32 PinnaclFds.94f32.68-.10 PinWst2.27u57.92+.82 PionEnSvc...9.95-.77 PioNtrl.08d164.78-3.25 PitnyBw.7522.90+.27 PlainsAAP2.64fd50.89-1.39 PlainsGP n.76f25.00-.25 PlumCrk1.7639.92+.39 PolyOne.40f33.29+.93 PortGE1.12u34.54+.67 PostHldg...d31.97+.03 Potash1.4032.50+.99 PwshDB...d22.25-.34 PS USDBull...22.83+.10 PSBuybk.42e42.54+.20 PS SrLoan.99ed24.19-.05 PS SP LwV.85e34.66+.24 PwShPfd.90e14.49+.04 PShEMSov1.28e28.86+.09 PSIndia.18e21.60+.01 Praxair2.60120.19+1.38 PrecCastpt.12223.76+5.54 PrecDrill.248.30+.09 PrinFncl1.36f48.79+.30 ProLogis1.3238.28+1.11 ProShtDow...25.70... ProShtQQQ...16.69+.01 ProShtS&P...24.09-.06 ProUltQQQ.18e110.94-.05 ProUltSP.26e106.76+.47 ProUShD30...27.72-.06 ProShtEM...25.71-.14 ProUltO&G.35ed56.51-1.42 ProShtR2K...17.75-.19 ProSht20Tr...d26.43-.16 PUltSP500.14e100.92+.52 PUVixST rs...43.63-1.64 ProVixSTF...25.96-.38 PrShtVix s...56.71+.36 PrUltCrude...d24.21-1.97 PrUShCrde...u37.81+2.55 ProUShEuro...19.85+.09 ProctGam2.5783.55+.18 ProgsvCp1.00e24.85+.04 ProUShSP...27.03-.09 PrUShDow...26.52-.01 PUShQQQ rs...49.75... ProUShL20...d51.11-.67 PUSR2K rs...52.49-1.20 PShtR2K rs...47.63-1.54 PUShSPX rs...51.81-.36 PUltShOG...55.45+1.31 Protalix...d2.22-.23 ProtLife.9669.43+.05 Prudentl2.1280.25+.04 PSEG1.4838.69+.64 PubStrg5.60170.80+2.49 PulteGrp.2016.99+.33 QEP Res.08d21.96-1.08 QR Energy1.95d13.21-1.00 Qihoo360...62.77-.23 QuantaSvc...30.63-.62 QntmDSS...1.04+.02 QstDiag1.3257.85-.77 Questar.7622.60+.52 QksilvRes...d.39-.01 Quiksilvr...1.80+.23 RAIT Fin.726.97-.02 RCS Cap.7218.35-.72 RLJ LodgT1.20f29.78+.39 RPC.42d15.19-.91 RPM1.04f40.78+.56 RSP Per n...22.99+.13 Rackspace...34.76+1.96 RadianGrp.0114.45+.22 RadioShk....84-.05 RLauren1.80157.73+.20 RamcoG.80f16.35+.18 RangeRs.1662.96+1.09 RJamesFn.6450.06-.06 RayAdvM n.2829.93+.10 Rayonier1.20a32.32+.15 Raytheon2.4296.56+2.71 Realogy...d33.86-.05 RltyInco2.2043.25+.66 RedHat...54.31+.09 RedwdTr1.1217.31+.68 RegalEnt.8818.85+.06 RegncyEn1.96f27.55-.49 RegionsFn.209.52+.09 Regis Cp...15.03+.29 RelStlAl1.4061.67+.32 ReneSola...d2.27+.06 Renren...3.19... RepubSvc1.12f38.32+.25 ResMed1.12f47.81-.65 ResoluteEn...d3.73-.36 ResrceCap.805.13+.11 RestorHdw...72.63-.68 RetailProp.6615.12+.17 RexAmRes...59.44-1.38 RexahnPh....70-.02 Rexnord...25.60+.18 ReynAmer2.6858.40-.41 RiceEngy n...21.53-.21 RioTinto2.05e50.79+1.17 RiteAid...4.76+.25 RobtHalf.7246.94+.29 RockTen s.70d44.02-.46 RockwlAut2.32100.97+2.37 RockColl1.2074.30+.82 RockwdH1.8072.36-.50 Rowan.40d21.70-.54 RoyalBk g3.00f69.71-.85 RylCarb1.20f56.61+1.26 RoyDShllB3.7671.67-.84 RoyDShllA3.7668.50-1.14 Rubicon g...1.21-.03 RubyTues...7.34+.35 RuckusW...11.31-.30 Ryder1.4880.19+2.88 Ryland.1231.17+.81 RymanHP2.2043.47+.31 S-T-USAP SE1.38e68.61+.36 SCANA2.1051.22+1.33 SK Tlcm...27.72-.94 SLGreen2.00108.20+2.43 SM Energy.10d54.44-1.39 SpdrDJIA3.58e163.03+.10 SpdrGold...118.59+.07 SpdrEuro501.27e37.01+.15 SpdMS xUS1.08e33.39+.06 SP Mid2.23e236.56+2.18 S&P500ETF3.68e187.70+.29 SpdrBiot1.55e147.07+1.63 Spdr Div2.97e73.22+.52 SpdrHome.16e28.29+.27 SpdrS&PBk.45e30.82+.16 SpdrBarcCv1.62e46.42-.14 SpdrShTHiY1.54ed29.48-.05 SpdrLehHY2.87e39.45+.09 SpdrNuBST.22e24.41-.04 SPLeIntTB.83e58.11+.12 SpdrLe1-3bll...45.74-.01 SpdrS&P RB.62e37.05+.31 SpdrRetl.69e82.92+.99 SpdrOGEx.55ed54.39-.92 SpdrMetM.54e32.44+.55 STMicro.406.81+.13 SABESP.31e8.50-.03 SafeBulk.24d5.08-.04 Safeway.9233.97+.20 StJude1.0859.91-.71 Salesforce...52.72-.51 SallyBty...27.76+.40 SanchezEn...d16.88-.51 SanchezPP...2.47-.12 SandRdge...3.77+.21 SandstG g...4.31+.14 Sanofi1.91e52.25-.05 SantCUSA n.15pd17.47+.12 Schlmbrg1.6088.96-1.97 SchwUSMkt.86e45.25+.14 SchwUSLgC.86e44.74+.12 SchwUSDiv1.01e36.95+.03 SchwIntEq.70ed29.25+.02 Schwab.2425.28+.11 ScorpioB n...d4.46-.03 ScorpioTk.40fd6.74-.28 ScrippsNet.8074.88+2.09 SeadrillLtd4.0022.86-.02 SealAir.5231.11+.12 Seaspan1.38d17.70-.33 SeaWorld.8418.15+.23 SemGroup1.08f67.51+.79 SempraEn2.64102.00-.67 SenHous1.5622.14+.25 SensataT...42.87+1.20 ServiceCp.36f20.32+.01 ServcNow...56.03+1.83 SevSevE n...d15.26-1.32 Sherwin2.20205.77+1.69 ShipFin1.6415.49+.31 SibanyeG.47e8.60-.03 SiderurNac.27e3.68+.13 SignetJwlrs.72104.32-3.57 SilvWhtn g.29e19.83+.53 SilvrcpM g.021.57-.06 SimonProp5.20169.68+2.21 SixFlags1.8834.79-.11 Skechers...50.08+.54 SmithAO.6045.60+.41 Smucker2.56f97.98+.57 SolarWinds...40.20... SonyCp...17.05+.07 Sothebys.40a36.49+.59 SouFun s1.00e9.80-.28 SouthnCo2.10u46.90+1.05 SthnCopper.46e28.62+.51 SwstAirl.2430.00+1.12 SwstnEngy...d33.10+.26 Spansion...15.70-.31 SpectraEn1.3435.52-.63 SpiritAero...35.07-.57 SpiritRltC.6611.47+.23 Sprint...6.04+.14 SP Matls.95e45.25+.14 SP HlthC.87e61.02-.46 SP CnSt1.14e44.96-.02 SP Consum.91e63.70+.46 SP Engy1.77ed79.95-1.02 SPDR Fncl.37e22.47+.09 SP Inds.98e50.23+.69 SP Tech.68e37.69+.06 SP Util1.48e43.28+.39 StdPac...7.09+.13 StanBlkDk2.08f82.57+1.22 StarwdHtl1.40a73.21+1.42 StarwdPT1.9221.99-.08 StarWay n.56d24.82+.70 StateStr1.2067.23+.33 Statoil ASA1.66e24.00-.37 Steris.92f54.99-1.57 SterlingBc.2813.06+.18 StillwtrM...13.96+.33 StoneEngy...d22.53-.21 StratHotels...11.35+.12 Stryker1.2280.64-.58 SumitMitsu...d7.50+.02 SummitHtl.47f10.71+.06 Suncor g.9231.95-.34 SunEdison...14.80+.50 SunocoL s1.46f37.73-3.00 SunstnHtl.2013.55+.13 SupEnrgy.3223.51-1.14 Supvalu...8.61+.16 SwERCmTR...7.36-.09 SwftEng...d7.09... SwiftTrans...20.65+.57 Synchrny n...24.85+.39 SynergyRs...8.74-.63 Synovus rs.2822.92+.02 Sysco1.1636.68+.24 T-MobileUS...26.41-.51 TAL Educ...32.48+.31 TCF Fncl.20d14.68+.03 TCW Strat.265.48-.04 TD Ameritr.48a29.99-.35 TE Connect1.1652.06+.59 TIM Part.39e23.96+.45 TJX.7061.41+.78 TRWAuto...101.14-.06 TableauA...65.99+1.25 TaiwSemi.50e20.14+.47 TalismE g.27d6.61-.44 Taminco...25.70-.06 TangerFac.9634.38+.19 TargaRes2.76f111.48+2.47 TargaRsLP3.12f59.82+.59 Target2.08f61.69+1.25 TataMotors.17e43.37+.43 TeckRes g.9016.16-.10 Teekay1.2751.53-2.17 TeekLNG2.77d35.42-.70 Teledyne...94.15+.83 TelefBrasil.98e20.34+.17 TelefEsp1.03e14.70+.02 TempurSly...49.95-.07 Tenaris.86ed39.58-.73 TenetHlth...54.65... Tenneco...d48.19+.26 Teradata...41.32+1.42 Teradyn.2416.42+.26 Terex.2027.40+.41 Tesoro1.20f59.22-1.17 TevaPhrm1.37e49.90+.04 Textron.0833.83+1.55 TherapMD...3.94+.04 ThermoFis.60111.78-.71 ThomCrk g...1.96+.01 ThomsonR1.3235.67-.55 3D Sys...41.02+1.06 3M Co3.42134.18+1.28 Tidwtr1.0036.70+.80 Tiffany1.5288.86-.35 THorton g1.2878.03-.39 Time n...20.30-.25 TW Cable3.00137.54-.67 TimeWarn1.27b70.64... Timken1.0038.74+.51 TimknStl n.5638.70+3.23 Titan Intl.029.79+.11 TollBros...29.98+.80 TorDBk gs1.8846.53-.62 Total SA3.25ed56.05-.81 TotalSys.4029.17+.02 TowersWat.60f103.04+1.61 Toyota...111.62-1.05 TrCda g1.9244.70-1.37 Transocn3.00d28.97+.05 TransocP n...d22.21+.92 Travelers2.2093.68+.16 Travelpt n...d12.94-.60 TriPointe...12.92+.19 TrianglCap2.16ad23.52-.29 TriangPet...7.27-.57 TrinaSolar...d9.15+.08 TriNet n...26.72+.60 Trinity s.4033.68+.58 Tronox1.0020.73-.15 Tsakos.204.99-.06 TurqHillRs...3.47... Twitter n...48.58+.09 TwoHrbInv1.049.78-.05 TycoIntl.7239.69-1.85 Tyson.3039.52+.18 UBS AG.28e15.96+.06 UDR1.0428.84+.79 UGI Cp s.87f34.31+.50 URS.8853.34-.11 US Silica.5040.33-.63 USD Ptrs n...16.20-.38 USG...25.32+.77 UltraPt g...22.49+1.01 UndArmr s...61.71+.07 UnilevNV1.51e38.13+.02 Unilever1.51e40.17+.02 UnionPac s2.00f100.16+2.08 Unisys...19.17+.15 Unit...d45.39-1.87 UtdContl...43.17+2.62 UtdMicro.08e1.99+.04 UPS B2.6895.80+1.13 UtdRentals...92.45+2.15 US Bancrp.9839.97+.11 US NGas...20.50-.47 US OilFd...d30.85-1.14 USSteel.2032.80+.62 UtdTech2.36100.12+.81 UtdhlthGp1.5082.82-1.13 UnivHlthS.40f102.93+.79 UnumGrp.6632.83+.04 V-W-X-Y-ZVF Corp s1.0563.95+.19 VaalcoE...7.01-.04 Vale SA.84e11.80+.33 Vale SA pf.72e10.31+.27 ValeantPh...114.94+1.38 ValeroE1.10f44.92+.37 Validus1.20a39.51+.42 VlyNBcp.449.42+.14 VangSTBd1.13e80.52... VangTotBd2.17eu82.92+.11 VanHiDvY1.87e63.71-.02 VangGrth1.20e94.35+.25 VangSmCp1.43e105.33+1.04 VangTSM1.92e96.40+.30 VangValu1.85e77.58+.10 VanSP500 rs3.40e172.11+.28 VangREIT2.78e74.75+1.19 VangDivAp1.52e74.18+.25 VangAllW1.67e46.94+.07 VangEmg1.21e41.62+.19 VangPacif1.68e56.57+.29 VangEur2.37ed51.79+.08 VangFTSE1.38ed37.48+.06 VangCnD.91e103.60+.80 VangEngy2.19ed115.27-1.48 VanHC Etf1.14e111.81-.62 VangIndl1.06e95.49+1.39 VangInfT.94e93.87+.33 VantageDrl...d.98-.02 Vantiv...30.27-.07 VarianMed...80.00+.92 VectorGp1.60b20.77+.18 VeevaSys n...25.77+.32 Ventas2.9066.04+.24 VeriFone...29.16-.84 VerizonCm2.20f48.22-.15 Versar...u4.20+.60 Vipshop...176.70+6.07 Visa1.60202.72-1.56 VishayInt.2412.73+.05 Visteon...86.83+.23 VivintSol n...d10.78-.31 VMware...89.43-1.05 Vonage...3.15+.04 Vornado2.92104.08+2.03 VoyaFincl.0436.20-.03 VoyaPrRTr.34d5.32-.07 VulcanM.2455.73+.45 W&T Off.40ad8.69-.04 WP Carey3.76f64.39+.38 WPX Engy...d16.55-.85 WABCO...87.26+1.65 Wabtec.24f72.79+.63 WaddellR1.36d44.72+.20 Walgrn1.3560.69... WalterEn.041.61+.07 WalterInv...d20.50+.15 WashPrm n1.00d16.28+.08 WasteConn.4646.19+.19 WsteMInc1.5046.49-.15 Wayfair n...26.18-.23 WeathfIntl...15.89-.18 WeinRlt1.3033.70+.83 WellPoint1.75113.20-1.21 WellsFargo1.4048.83-1.37 WestarEn1.4036.19+.86 WstAstMtg4.39e14.43+.10 WstnGasPt2.60f66.41+.57 WstnRefin1.0440.00+.30 WstnUnion.5015.71+.22 WestlkCh s.66f69.93-.91 Weyerhsr1.16f32.50+.38 Whrlpl3.00145.33+4.91 WhiteWave...33.61+.67 WhitingPet...56.17-1.49 WhitingII3.04ed11.06-.76 WmsCos2.24f47.92+.03 WmsPtrs3.67fd47.46-.20 WillisGp1.2040.01+.10 WiscEngy1.5647.27+1.04 WT EurHdg.96e54.18+.35 WTJpHedg1.54e47.55+.12 WT EmEq2.14e47.34+.30 WT India.16e21.98+.05 WolvWW s.2425.44+.79 Workday...78.61+.19 WldW Ent.4813.84+.23 Wyndham1.4074.03+1.26 XL Grp.6432.20+.20 XPO Logis...33.18+1.33 XcelEngy1.20u32.70+.94 Xylem.5132.70+.79 YPF Soc.15e30.80+.13 Yamana g.155.80-.03 Yelp...65.19+3.07 YingliGrn...d2.61+.14 YoukuTud...16.20-.16 YumBrnds1.64f67.82+.20 Zimmer.8897.54-1.19 ZoesKitch n...33.08+1.58 Zoetis.2935.87+.30 Stocks in bold changed 5% or more in price from the previous day. Stock Footnotes:g Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf Late filing with SEC. n Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf Preferred stock issue. rs Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year. s Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. vj Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the n ame.Dividend Footnotes:a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferre d. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent d ividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus st ock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes:q Stock is a closed-end fund no P/E ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd Loss in last 12 months.Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial.NameDivLastChg New York Stock Exchange Consumer spending up?Financial analysts anticipate that American Express third-quarter earnings and revenue improved from a year ago. The credit card issuer, due to report its latest quarterly results today, has benefited this year from increased spending by its cardholders in the U.S. and abroad. Thats helped lift American Express revenue. Wall Street will monitor what the company has to say about how cardholder spending trends are shaping up ahead of the December holiday shopping season.Subscriber surge?A string of hit series such as Orange Is The New Black have helped woo more subscribers to Netflix this year. The online video streaming company surpassed 50 million worldwide subscribers for the first time in the spring, thanks in large part to the popular drama, which is set in a womens prison. Netflixs third-quarter earnings, due out today, should provide a new tally of how many subscribers the company added in the July-September quarter.Eye on pricesThe Labor Department reports its latest producer price index today. The index, which measures the prices that producers receive for their goods and services, has barely budged recently. While higher food and gas costs pushed producer prices up earlier this year, their prices have since moderated. Thats eased concerns that inflation might accelerate.Source: FactSetProducer price indexseasonally adjusted percent change0.0 0.2 0.4% S A J J M A 2014 est. 0.1 flat Source: FactSetPrice-earnings ratio: 16based on trailing 12 month resultsDividend: $1.04 Div yield: 1.3% Operating EPS $1.25 est. $1.37 70 85 $100 AXP $82.74 $75.40 3Q 3Q Today 1,800 1,850 1,900 1,950 2,000 2,050 AO MJJAS 1,840 1,920 2,000 S&P 500Close: 1,877.70 Change: 2.96 (0.2%) 10 DAYS 16,200 16,500 16,800 17,100 17,400 AO MJJAS 16,240 16,680 17,120 Dow Jones industrialsClose: 16,315.19 Change: -5.88 (flat) 10 DAYS Advanced1922 Declined1228 New Highs38 New Lows379 Vol. (in mil.)4,702 Pvs. Volume4,288 2,431 2,408 1686 1024 24 206NYSE NASDDOW16463.6716273.6416315.19-5.88-0.04%-1.58% DOW Trans.7988.147750.867919.00+201.31+2.61%+7.01% DOW Util.572.83561.10566.21+5.34+0.95%+15.42% NYSE Comp.10295.6110153.2110185.91+19.17+0.19%-2.06% NASDAQ4281.344212.824227.17+13.51+0.32%+1.21% S&P 5001898.711871.791877.70+2.96+0.16%+1.59% S&P 4001313.881291.451300.27+12.17+0.94%-3.15% Wilshire 500019934.8819639.4719707.63+55.61+0.28%+0.01% Russell 20001075.271056.291061.60+12.30+1.17%-8.77%HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD StocksRecap AT&T Inc T31.74437.48 33.84+.02 +0.1ttt-3.8+4.3101.84 Advance Auto Parts AAP82.000139.58 133.98+3.10 +2.4sts+21.1+59.3200.24 Amer Express AXP75.10496.24 82.74-.04 ...ttt-8.8+11.1161.04 AutoNation Inc AN46.38161.29 47.72+.51 +1.1ttt-4.0-5.615... Brown & Brown BRO27.76733.69 31.58+.17 +0.5stt+0.6-3.6210.40 CocaCola Co KO36.89944.87 43.64-.43 -1.0tss+5.6+19.8241.22 Comcast Corp A CMCSA45.82557.49 51.47-.17 -0.3ttt-1.0+14.0180.90 Darden Rest DRI43.56554.89 48.13+1.05 +2.2ttt-11.5-2.4332.20 Disney DIS65.78891.20 84.14+.23 +0.3ttt+10.1+28.0200.86f Gen Electric GE23.90128.09 24.10+.15 +0.6ttt-14.0+1.8180.88 General Mills GIS46.70455.64 49.52+.24 +0.5ttt-0.8+5.3161.64 Harris Corp HRS58.04279.32 61.82+.30 +0.5ttt-11.4+6.7131.88f Home Depot HD73.74894.79 90.10-.50 -0.6ttt+9.4+21.1211.88 IBM IBM172.195199.21 183.80+.28 +0.2ttt-2.0+0.8114.40 Lowes Cos LOW44.13854.81 52.01-.46 -0.9ttt+5.0+9.1210.92 NY Times NYT11.22217.37 12.09+.24 +2.0sss-23.8-3.9330.16 NextEra Energy NEE80.056102.51 93.34+.55 +0.6ttt+9.0+17.0202.90 PepsiCo PEP77.01996.22 93.01-.93 -1.0tst+12.1+19.2212.62 Suntrust Bks STI33.09441.26 35.77+.15 +0.4ttt-2.8+8.1120.80 TECO Energy TE16.12018.53 18.53+.37 +2.0sss+7.5+12.1190.88 WalMart Strs WMT71.69781.37 77.98+.42 +0.5tss-0.9+6.2161.92 Xerox Corp XRX9.55814.15 12.78+.39 +3.1stt+5.0+18.8130.2552-WK RANGE CLOSEYTD 1YR NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIVStocks of Local Interest Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C7


C8 DAILY COMMERCIAL Wednesday, October 15, 2014 StIncInvA m 10.22-.01+4.2 StrIncIns 10.21-.02+4.4Brown AdvisoryGrEqInv d 18.03-.02+2.1Brown Cap MgmtSmCo Is b 67.28+.43-2.8BuffaloFlexibInc d 14.29-.01+5.3 SmallCap d 31.13+.32-10.7CG Capital MarketsLgCapGro 20.52+.12+7.9 LgCapVal 12.45+.03+7.5CRMMdCpVlIns 32.80+.10+2.9CalamosGrowA m 45.57+.20+6.3 MktNeuI 12.71-.01+1.9CalvertEquityA m 48.16-.01+10.6CausewayIntlVlIns d 15.04+.06-2.1Center Coast CapitalMLPFcsI 10.99-.12+6.3Cohen & SteersCSPSI 13.60...+12.6 Realty 72.32+1.23+14.4 RealtyIns 47.14+.79+14.5ColumbiaAMTFrImMuBdZ 10.89+.03+7.7 AcornA m 31.96+.30-2.8 AcornIntZ 43.16+.06-1.8 AcornZ 33.44+.31-2.5 CAModA m 11.55+.02+4.7 CAModAgrA m 12.53+.02+4.3 CntrnCoreA m 21.01+.02+11.6 CntrnCoreZ 21.16+.03+11.9 ComInfoA m 53.03+.42+13.3 DivIncA m 18.57+.01+10.8 DivIncZ 18.58+.01+11.0 DivOppA m 10.23-.02+9.0 DivrEqInA m 13.81+.02+9.7 IncOppA m 9.93-.03+4.8 LgCpGrowA m 33.37+.02+8.5 LgCrQuantA m 8.78+.03+13.3 MdCapIdxZ 14.47+.14+4.0 MdCpValZ 16.83+.09+10.9 SIIncZ 9.98...+1.3 ShrTrmMuniBdZ 10.48+.01+1.1 SmCapIdxZ 21.32+.26+0.6 StLgCpGrZ 17.21...+7.4 TaxExmptA m 14.13+.04+11.1 ValRestrZ 50.08+.05+11.7ConstellationSndsSelGrI 17.38+.04+6.4 SndsSelGrII 16.95+.03+6.1Credit SuisseComStrInstl 6.80-.04-7.9CullenHiDivEqI d 16.73+.03+10.2DFA1YrFixInI 10.33...+0.5 2YrGlbFII 10.03+.01+0.7 5YearGovI 10.73+.01+1.6 5YrGlbFII 11.12+.01+3.1 EmMkCrEqI 19.68+.09+0.3 EmMktValI 27.63+.13-1.3 EmMtSmCpI 21.15+.05+4.5 EmgMktI 26.03+.11-0.6 GlAl6040I 15.29+.03+3.6 GlEqInst 17.29+.06+3.8 GlblRlEstSecsI 10.05+.10+10.3 InfPrtScI 11.87-.03+3.2 IntCorEqI 11.57+.01-3.3 IntGovFII 12.70+.02+4.7 IntRlEstI 5.33...+4.0 IntSmCapI 18.55+.05-2.7 IntlSCoI 17.40+.01-3.4 IntlValu3 15.50+.01-4.0 IntlValuI 17.61+.01-4.2 ItmTExtQI 10.91+.02+8.6 LgCapIntI 20.52...-2.5 RelEstScI 30.45+.51+14.8 STEtdQltI 10.90...+2.3 STMuniBdI 10.25+.01+1.3 TAUSCrE2I 13.06+.05+6.8 TAWexUSCE 9.53+.02-2.8 TMIntlVal 14.45+.01-4.7 TMMkWVal 23.31+.02+8.2 TMMkWVal2 22.47+.02+8.4 TMUSEq 20.27+.05+10.1 TMUSTarVal 30.24+.27+2.5 TMUSmCp 33.54+.36-0.2 USCorEq1I 16.34+.07+8.3 USCorEq2I 15.95+.06+6.8 USLgCo 14.82+.02+11.9 USLgVal3 23.43-.01+9.6 USLgValI 31.24-.02+9.5 USMicroI 18.21+.20-0.9 USSmValI 32.50+.32+0.7 USSmallI 28.36+.30-0.4 USTgtValInst 21.02+.17+1.3 USVecEqI 15.59+.09+4.4DWS-ScudderSP500IRew 26.79...+12.2DavisNYVentA m 37.35+.06+6.4 NYVentC m 35.48+.06+5.6 NYVentY 37.87+.07+6.7Delaware InvestDiverIncA m 9.11+.01+6.7 OpFixIncI 9.73...+5.0 USGrowIs 24.88+.17+9.1 ValueI 16.77+.01+12.3DeutscheCoreEqS 23.38+.08+11.3 GNMAS 14.57-.01+5.4ManagedMnplBdA m 9.47+.03+11.6ManagedMnplBdS 9.48+.03+11.8Diamond HillLngShortI 22.59-.01+4.9 LrgCapI 21.41+.02+6.4Dodge & CoxBal 98.78...+10.1 GlbStock 11.76+.01+10.4 Income 13.93...+6.6 IntlStk 42.72+.09+5.1 Stock 167.99-.22+10.7DoubleLineCrFxdIncI 11.02...+6.8 TotRetBdN b 11.01...+5.6DreyfusAppreciaInv 52.52-.10+8.9 BasSP500 38.66+.06+11.8 FdInc 11.60...+7.8 IntlStkI 14.67+.02-4.0 MidCapIdx 35.85+.33+3.8 MuniBd 11.91+.04+10.9 SP500Idx 50.23+.08+11.5 SmCapIdx 27.62+.33+0.5DriehausActiveInc 10.50-.01+0.4 EmMktGr d 31.64+.07-2.5Eaton VanceACSmCpI 23.20+.16+1.0 FloatRateA m 9.30-.01+1.8 FltRtAdvA m 10.92-.02+2.5 FltgRtI 9.00-.01+2.1 GlbMacroI 9.30-.02+2.9 IncBosA m 5.92-.02+4.8 IncBosI 5.92-.03+5.1 LrgCpValA m 24.51+.05+11.2 LrgCpValI 24.57+.05+11.5 NatlMuniA m 9.99+.03+15.1FMILgCap 21.12+.06+8.5FPACres d 33.06...+6.9 NewInc d 10.20...+1.7Fairholme FundsFairhome d 35.46+.35-4.3FederatedEqIncB m 23.04+.05+6.0 InstHiYIn d 10.00-.04+5.3 KaufmanA m 5.92+.03+5.3 KaufmanR m 5.92+.02+5.3 MuniUShIS 10.05...+1.0 StrValA f 5.95-.01+12.3 StrValI 5.97-.01+12.5 ToRetIs 11.12...+5.9 UltraIs 9.17...+1.4FidelityAstMgr20 13.50+.01+4.2 AstMgr50 17.61+.04+5.3 AstMgr85 16.99+.04+5.4 Bal 21.77+.02+9.2 Bal K 21.77+.03+9.3 BlChGrow 61.63+.24+12.5 BlChGrowK 61.70+.25+12.6 CAMuInc d 13.15+.03+10.9 Canada d 58.18-.47+3.6 CapApr 35.96-.05+9.4 CapInc d 9.78...+8.3 Contra 95.52+.16+9.7 ContraK 95.52+.15+9.9 ConvSec 30.35+.24+4.7 CpApprctK 36.04-.04+9.5 DivGrow 31.59+.01+10.7 DivGrowK 31.57+.01+10.9 DivrIntl d 34.15+.11-0.4 DivrIntlK d 34.12+.11-0.3 EmgMkt d 24.17+.04-0.2 EqInc 58.46+.02+7.3 EqInc II 24.59+.02+9.5 EqIncK 58.44+.02+7.4 ExpMulNat d 19.74+.04+8.6 FF2015 12.41+.02+4.5 FF2035 12.76+.04+4.3 FF2040 8.99+.02+4.3 Fidelity 39.84+.06+9.2 FltRtHiIn d 9.80-.01+2.3 FocStk 18.76+.03+3.4 FourInOne 35.58+.10+6.1 Fr2045 10.11+.02+4.4 Fr2050 10.16+.03+4.4 FrdmK2010 13.17+.02+4.5 FrdmK2015 13.42+.02+4.7 FrdmK2020 13.99+.03+4.7 FrdmK2025 14.47+.03+5.0 FrdmK2030 14.65+.04+4.6 FrdmK2035 15.00+.03+4.4 FrdmK2040 15.05+.04+4.4 FrdmK2045 15.43+.04+4.5 FrdmK2050 15.52+.03+4.5 FrdmKInc 11.80+.01+3.9 Free2010 15.24+.03+4.4 Free2020 15.07+.03+4.6 Free2025 12.81+.03+4.8 Free2030 15.58+.04+4.5 FreeInc 11.54+.01+3.8 GNMA 11.63...+5.2 GexUSIdx 11.65+.03-2.0 GovtInc 10.52+.01+4.7 GrStr d 28.35+.25+8.2 GrowCo 120.02+.43+8.5 GrowInc 27.96+.06+9.4 GrthCmpK 119.96+.43+8.6 HiInc d 9.11-.02+4.3 Indepndnc 36.51+.20+11.7 InfProtBd 12.43-.01+3.4 IntBond 11.02+.01+4.0 IntMuniInc d 10.61+.02+7.1 IntlDisc d 36.48+.10-3.8 IntlSmCpF 14.50+.04-2.3 InvGrdBd 7.95+.01+5.9 LargeCap 26.70+.04+11.0 LevCoSt d 41.37+.20+2.0 LowPrStkK d 46.93+.16+5.6 LowPriStk d 46.96+.16+5.5 MAMuInc d 12.59+.04+10.4 Magellan 89.17+.33+12.2 MagellanK 89.11+.34+12.3 MdCpVal d 22.85+.15+11.7 MeCpSto 15.41...+11.3 MidCap d 35.86+.28+4.8 MidCapK d 35.89+.29+4.9 MuniInc d 13.59+.04+11.1 NYMuInc d 13.69+.05+10.3 NewMille 38.63+.04+7.4 NewMktIn d 16.24-.01+7.5 OTC 74.04+.55+13.1 OTCK 74.73+.56+13.3 Overseas d 36.87+.19-1.2 Puritan 20.33+.01+9.3 PuritanK 20.32+.01+9.4 RealInv d 37.70+.63+14.8 RelEstInc d 11.64+.03+10.0 SASEqF 14.12+.02+10.6 SCOppF 11.68+.11-3.4 SEMF 17.47+.05+1.4 SInvGrBdF 11.51+.01+6.1 STMIdxF d 54.90+.17+10.1 Series100Idx 12.50...+12.9 SersEmgMkts 17.41+.05+1.2 SesAl-SctrEqt 14.12+.03+10.4 SesInmGrdBd 11.51+.01+6.0 ShTmBond 8.62...+1.5 SmCapDisc d 27.81+.23-1.3 SmCapStk d 18.10+.13+1.8 SmCpOpp 11.62+.11-3.5 SmCpVal d 16.75+.16-0.6 StkSelec 36.03+.10+9.2 StrDivInc 14.46+.02+9.9 StratInc 10.98-.01+5.3 TaxFrB d 11.75+.03+11.0 TotalBd 10.76+.01+6.0 Trend 85.91+.18+11.7 USBdIdx 11.77+.01+5.6 USBdIdx 11.77+.01+5.6 USBdIdxF 11.77+.01+5.6 USBdIdxInv 11.77+.01+5.5 ValK 104.10+.57+7.6 Value 103.94+.56+7.4 Worldwid d 22.89+.05+0.3Fidelity AdvisorAstMgr70 20.55+.05+5.2 CapDevO 15.65+.02+9.5 DivStk 23.53+.07+11.1 EmMktIncI d 13.91-.01+7.4 FltRateI d 9.79-.01+2.3 Fr2020A m 13.20+.03+4.3 Fr2025A m 12.93+.02+4.5 Fr2030A m 13.68+.02+4.2 GrowOppT m 55.73+.22+4.6 HlthCrC m 29.43-.10+29.9 LeverA m 51.35+.25+2.3 NewInsA m 26.16+.05+7.6 NewInsC m 24.15+.04+6.7 NewInsI 26.65+.05+7.8 NewInsT m 25.64+.05+7.3 StratIncA m 12.25-.01+5.2 StratIncC m 12.22-.01+4.3 StratIncI 12.42...+5.4Fidelity SelectBiotech d 200.39-1.30+19.4 Chemical d 138.92+.23+6.5 ConsStpl d 93.51+.09+12.9 Electron d 69.75+.83+18.7 Energy d 47.79-.65-10.0 HealtCar d 208.33-.64+31.2 MedEqSys d 37.23-.11+18.8 Pharm d 20.50+.01+25.8 SoftwCom d 110.58+.54+8.8 Tech d 113.84+.59+9.6Fidelity Spartan500IdxAdvtg 66.65+.11+12.0 500IdxAdvtgInst 66.65+.11+12.0 500IdxInstl 66.65+.11+12.0 500IdxInv 66.65+.11+12.0 ExtMktIdAg d 50.38+.46+2.7 ExtMktIdI d 50.37+.46+2.7 IntlIdxAdg d 37.64+.12-2.5 IntlIdxAdvtgIns d 37.65+.12-2.4 IntlIdxIn d 37.63+.13-2.6 IntlIdxInst d 37.65+.12-2.4 TotMktIdAg d 54.89+.17+10.1 TotMktIdI d 54.88+.17+10.1FidelityLtdTermMuniInc d 10.77+.01+3.0SerBlueChipGr 10.80+.05NA SerBlueChipGrF 10.80+.04NA Series100IdxF 12.50-.01NA SeriesGrowthCo 10.63+.04NA SeriesGrowthCoF 10.65+.04NAFirst EagleGlbA m 53.05+.16+3.0 OverseasA m 22.56+.02+0.1First InvestorsGrowIncA m 21.35+.04+6.5ForumAbStratI 11.39-.03+2.9FrankTemp-FrankFed TF A m 12.56+.03+11.6 FedIntA m 12.51+.03+7.5 FedTxFrIA 12.57+.03+11.7FrankTemp-FranklinBalA m 11.43+.02+6.9 CA TF A m 7.56+.03+14.5 CAInTF A m 13.10+.04+13.1 DynaTechA m 43.11+.16+5.7 EqInA m 22.53+.06+7.4 FLRtDAAdv 9.05-.01+2.6 FlRtDAccA m 9.04-.01+2.2 FlxCpGr A m 52.85+.29+4.7 GrowthA m 67.27+.31+12.1 HY TF A m 10.65+.03+13.9 HighIncA m 2.05-.01+5.2 HighIncAd 2.05-.01+5.3 Income C m 2.42...+7.1 IncomeA m 2.39...+7.3 IncomeAdv 2.37...+7.5 IncomeR6 2.37-.01+7.6 InsTF A m 12.51+.03+11.5 LoDurTReA m 10.11...+1.5 NY TF A m 11.79+.03+10.4 RisDivAdv 47.54+.08+5.0 RisDv C m 46.81+.07+4.0 RisDvA m 47.57+.08+4.7 SmMdCpGrA m 39.14+.32+3.5 StrIncA m 10.43-.02+4.3 Strinc C m 10.42-.02+3.9 TotalRetA m 10.17...+5.8 USGovA m 6.52...+3.4 Utils A m 16.76+.12+17.1FrankTemp-MutualDiscov C m 32.35-.02+3.6 Discov Z 33.38-.03+4.6 DiscovA m 32.82-.03+4.3 QuestZ 17.75+.01+3.3 Shares Z 28.52+.01+7.0 SharesA m 28.23+.01+6.7 SharesR6 28.54+.01+7.1FrankTemp-TempletonFgn A m 7.65-.03-3.7 Frgn Adv 7.57-.03-3.4 GlBond C m 13.23-.03+3.4 GlBondA m 13.20-.03+3.8 GlBondAdv 13.16-.03+4.1 GlBondR6 13.16-.03+4.2 GrowthA m 23.61-.01+0.2 GrowthR6 23.66...+0.6 WorldA m 18.28-.02-0.5Franklin TempletonFdrInm-TT/FIcAd 12.54+.04+7.7 FndAllA m 13.20...+4.9 FndAllC m 12.99...+4.2 HYldTFInA 10.69+.03+14.1 ModAllcA m 15.45...+4.0Franklin Templeton IGlTlRtA m 13.35-.04+3.4 GlTlRtAdv 13.37-.04+3.8 GEElfunTr 57.43-.11+11.3 ElfunTxE 12.07+.04+10.6 IsIntlEq d 12.02+.10-4.9 S&SInc 11.68+.01+5.6 S&SUSEq 55.99-.07+9.9GMOAABdIV 25.53...+4.3 EmgDbtIV d 10.22...+10.8 EmgMktsVI d 10.56+.04-5.1 IntItVlIV 23.30+.05-3.6 QuIII 23.22+.01+12.0 QuIV 23.24...+12.0 QuVI 23.23+.01+12.0 USEqAllcVI 17.04-.01+9.4 USTrsy 25.00...+0.1GabelliAssetAAA m 62.35+.30+3.0 EqIncomeAAA m 27.11+.04+5.5 SmCpGrAAA m 45.02+.42+0.3GatewayGatewayA m 28.77-.03+3.0Goldman SachsGrOppIs 30.57+.27+8.1 HiYdMunIs d 9.39...+15.9 HiYieldIs d 6.97-.04+5.3 MidCapVaA m 44.32+.21+6.5 MidCpVaIs 44.81+.21+6.9 ShDuTFIs 10.61...+2.5 SmCpValIs 54.08+.40+3.8HarborBond 12.29...+4.3 CapApInst 56.72+.10+11.3 CapAprInv b 55.62+.10+10.9 HiYBdInst d 10.66-.04+4.9 IntlInstl 65.13...-4.8 IntlInv b 64.31...-5.2Harding LoevnerEmgMkts d 48.99...+1.1 IntlEq d 17.20...-1.5HartfordBalHLSIA 25.71+.01+8.3 BalIncA m 13.34...+8.2 BalIncC m 13.19...+7.5 CapApr C m 39.92+.13+5.9 CapAprA m 45.74+.14+6.6 CapAprI 45.87+.14+7.0 CpApHLSIA 50.53+.18+6.0 DivGrowA m 25.29+.03+10.8 DivGrowI 25.20+.04+11.1 DvGrHLSIA 24.69+.04+11.4 EqIncA m 17.78...+7.0 FloatRtA m 8.83-.02+2.2 FloatRtC m 8.82-.02+1.5 FloatRtI 8.84-.02+2.5 GrOppA m 39.90+.18+8.0 GrOppI 40.87+.19+8.3 MdCpHLSIA 33.66+.24+7.9 MidCapA m 24.94+.18+7.2 StkHLSIA 58.70+.03+9.3 TRBdHLSIA 11.62+.01+6.7 WrldBdI 10.82+.01+4.1HeartlandValuePlus m 31.86+.39-3.3HendersonIntlOppA m 25.00+.17-1.5HennessyGsUtlIdxInv 28.70-.04+16.0Hotchkis & WileyMidCpValI 40.52+.18+4.4INVESCOBalAlocA m 12.20+.02+4.0 BalAlocC m 11.76+.02+3.2 BalAlocY 12.34+.02+4.2 CharterA m 21.90+.04+5.8 ComstockA m 23.58+.04+8.6 DivDivA m 17.17+.06+9.7 DivDivInv b 17.16+.06+9.8 EqIncomeA m 10.77+.01+7.7 EqIncomeC m 10.61+.02+6.9 EqWSP500A m 45.00+.25+10.2 GrowIncA m 27.09+.06+8.2 HiYldMuA m 9.98+.04+15.9 IntlGrA m 32.60+.01+0.8 IntlGrI 33.12+.01+1.2 MidCapGrA m 35.37+.38+2.0 MuniIncA m 13.78+.04+11.3 SmCapValA m 20.40+.16+2.7 Summit b 16.96+.09+8.3IVAIntlI d 17.33+.04+3.3 WorldwideA m 17.96+.03+3.8 WorldwideC m 17.75+.03+3.1 WorldwideI d 18.00+.04+4.1IvyAssetStrA m 29.10+.06-2.3 AssetStrC m 28.15+.06-3.0 AsstStrgI 29.39+.06-2.0 HiIncA m 8.45-.03+5.3 HiIncC m 8.45-.03+4.6 HighIncI 8.45-.03+5.6 LtdTmBdA m 10.92...+1.7 MdCpGrthI 23.41+.12+2.4 ScTechA m 48.59+.40+2.6 SciTechI 52.51+.43+2.9JPMorganCoreBdUlt 11.83+.01+5.2 CoreBondA m 11.83+.02+4.9 CoreBondSelect 11.82+.01+5.0 DiscEqUlt 22.66+.01+12.5 EqIncA m 12.97...+9.7 EqIncSelect 13.16+.01+10.0 FIntlVaIs 13.59+.03-8.0 HighYldSel 7.88-.02+5.3 HighYldUl 7.87-.03+5.2 IntmdTFIs 11.23+.03+6.2 IntrAmerR 35.82+.04+12.5 IntrAmerS 35.87+.04+12.2 InvBalA m 14.73+.01+5.3 InvConGrA m 12.71...+4.6 InvConGrC m 12.65...+4.0 InvGrInA m 16.34+.02+5.7 InvGrowA m 18.51+.04+6.7 LgCapGrA m 31.43+.08+8.3 LgCapGrSelect 31.47+.08+8.5 MdCpGrSel 35.28+.23+8.6 MidCapVal m 34.93+.23+8.4 MidCpValI 35.66+.23+8.9 SelMidCap 41.67+.28+8.0 ShDurBndSel 10.93...+1.1 ShtDurBdU 10.93...+1.4 SmRt2020I 17.97+.02+5.4 SmRt2030I 18.42+.02+5.3 SmRt2040I 18.79+.03+5.2 TxAwRRetI 10.11-.01+3.6 USEquit 14.20+.01+10.8 USEquityI 14.22+.01+11.0 USLCpCrPS 28.18-.02+10.9 ValAdvA m 27.61+.07+9.8 ValAdvI 27.81+.07+10.4 ValAdvSel 27.74+.07+10.1James AdvantageGoldRainA b 24.54+.07+7.7JanusBalT 30.25+.07+7.5 Gr&IncT 44.42+.11+8.4 Janus T 41.01+.21+8.5 PerkinsMCVT 23.58+.11+6.4 ResearchT 44.08+.12+11.6 ShTmBdT 3.06...+1.4 TwentyT 60.98+.22+5.8JensenQualtyGrI 37.56+.17+9.5 QualtyGrJ b 37.55+.17+9.2John HancockBondA m 16.25...+7.5 ClasValI 24.21+.03+8.7 DisValMdCpA m 17.49+.09+8.1 DisValMdCpI 18.07+.09+8.3 DiscValA m 18.48+.03+8.3 DiscValI 18.02+.03+8.6 EmMkVlNAV 10.40+.04-0.7 GAbRSI 11.28+.01+5.1 IICpApNAV 16.92+.03+11.1 IIInVaNAV 15.99-.02-5.4 IIToRtNAV 13.83+.01+4.2 LgCpEqA m 36.98+.14+10.0 LifAg1 b 15.58+.05+4.1 LifBa1 b 15.19+.02+4.6 LifBaA m 15.27+.02+4.2 LifCo1 b 13.80...+4.8 LifGr1 b 15.91+.04+4.6 LifGrA m 15.92+.03+4.2 LifMo1 b 14.29+.01+4.8 StcIncI 10.80...+4.7KeeleySmCapVal m 34.49+.30-5.0LaudusInMktMstS d 21.71+.05-5.0 USLCGr d 17.92+.06+7.4LazardEmgMkEqInst d 18.91+.04-0.9EmgMktEqOpen m 19.36+.04-1.2IntlStEqInst d 13.72+.02+0.7 IntlStEqOpen m 13.80+.02+0.4Legg MasonCBAggressGrthA m 188.23-.28+11.0CBAggressGrthI 203.61-.30+11.3 CBAllCapValueA m 16.26+.07+5.6CBAppreciatA m 19.52...+9.3 CBEquityInc1 18.53+.03+10.3CBEquityIncA m 18.53+.04+10.0CBSmallCapGrI 26.77+.37-3.1 ValueC m 59.13+.17+9.9WACorePlusBdA m 11.67...+7.2WACorePlusBdFI b 11.68...+7.3 WACorePlusBdI 11.68+.01+7.6 WACorePlusBdIS 11.67...+7.6WAManagedMuniA m 16.94+.03+11.4Longleaf PartnersIntl 15.73+.05-8.0 LongPart 32.67+.26+3.9 SmCap 34.13+.26+11.9Loomis SaylesBdInstl 15.39...+6.5 BdR b 15.32...+6.2 GlbBdInstl 16.26-.01+2.3Lord AbbettAffiliatA m 15.66+.06+10.3 BndDbtrF b 8.01-.01+5.5 BondDebA m 8.02-.01+5.3 BondDebC m 8.04-.01+4.6 CalibrdDivA m 15.42+.08+8.2 DevGrowI 25.60+.27-3.9 FdmtlEqtyA m 14.95...+5.8 FltRateF b 9.27-.02+2.8 FltgRateA m 9.28-.02+2.7 FltgRateC m 9.28-.02+1.9 HiYldI 7.74-.02+6.7 MABalOppA m 12.21+.01+4.7 NatlTaxFA m 11.43+.04+13.3 ShDurIncA m 4.52...+3.0 ShDurIncC m 4.55...+2.3 ShDurIncF b 4.51...+2.8 ShDurIncI 4.51...+2.9 TaxFreeA m 10.94+.03+8.8MFSBondA m 14.08...+6.6 GrAllocA m 17.61...+3.2 GrowA m 63.71+.13+7.2 GrowI 66.66+.14+7.5 IntDivA m 15.45+.03-3.5 IntlNDisA m 26.46+.05-3.2 IntlNDisI 27.23+.06-3.0 IntlValA m 32.43+.04+1.2 IsIntlEq 20.93+.05-2.1 MAInvA m 27.28+.04+7.7 MAInvGrA m 22.56+.09+6.9 MAInvI 26.72+.03+7.9 ModAllocA m 16.19...+3.7 MuHiIncA f 8.12+.02+14.4 ResIntlI 17.09+.05-5.0 ResearchA m 36.60+.08+8.1 TotRetA m 17.75+.03+8.0 UtilA m 21.97-.03+10.2 ValueA m 32.56+.02+8.6 ValueI 32.72+.02+8.9MainStayHiYldCorA m 5.88-.02+4.1 IntlI 33.25+.06-2.5 MAPI 44.46+.12+6.1 Mktfield 16.31+.10-10.0 MktfldA m 16.23+.09-10.3 S&PIdxI 44.05+.08+11.7 SelEqI 47.82+.28+4.6Mairs & PowerGrthInv 107.40+.50+5.1Manning & NapierWrldOppA 7.94-.01-8.2Matthews AsianDivInv d 15.33+.02-1.2 GrInc d 18.98+.04+0.2 PacTiger d 27.53+.08+10.3MergerInvCl b 15.92...+0.5MeridianMeridnGr d 36.00+.30+3.6Metropolitan WestLowDurBd b 8.82...+1.8 LowDurBdI 8.83...+2.0 TotRetBdI 10.92+.02+6.1 TotRtBd b 10.93+.02+5.9Morgan StanleyGrA m 37.27+.11+11.2 IntlEqA m 15.55+.06-0.5 IntlEqI d 15.78+.05-0.2 MdCpGrA m 40.66+.22+1.5 MdCpGrI 42.59+.23+1.8Munder FundsMdCpCrGrY 41.92+.33+4.3Mutual SeriesBeacon Z 16.76+.01+5.8NationsLgCpIxZ 36.66+.05+11.8NationwideIntlIdxI 7.78+.01-2.9 S&P500Is 14.47+.03+11.9NatixisLSInvBdA m 12.08-.01+5.7 LSInvBdC m 11.97-.01+4.9 LSInvBdY 12.08-.02+5.9 LSStratIncA m 16.48-.01+6.6 LSStratIncC m 16.58-.01+5.8Neuberger BermanGenesisInstl 56.39+.44-2.1 GenesisInv 37.97+.30-2.2 GenesisR6 56.42+.44-2.0 GenesisTr 58.69+.47-2.3 HIncBdInst 9.11-.04+4.0 LgShrtIn 12.48+.02+1.9 NBIncI 12.31...+7.7NicholasNichol 62.43+.25+10.2NorthernBdIndx 10.77+.04+5.3 EmMktsEq d 11.33+.05-1.5 FixedIn 10.43+.03+6.3 GlbREIdx d 9.54+.07+3.5 HYFixInc d 7.37-.02+5.8 IntTaxE 10.76+.04+7.1 IntlIndex d 11.46+.02-2.9 MMIntlEq d 10.22+.02-3.0Mlt-Mngr Emrg M d 18.99...-1.4SmCapVal 19.72+.22+2.1 StkIdx 23.27+.04+12.0NuveenHiYldMunA m 17.15+.07+18.3 HiYldMunI 17.15+.07+18.6 IntMunBdI 9.34+.03+8.0 LtdTmMunI 11.14+.01+4.0 RlEstSecI 23.09+.35+15.2Oak AssociatesPinOakEq 45.92+.19+9.1 RedOakTec 14.76+.10+9.8 WhiteOak 55.94+.19+7.3OakmarkEqIncI 32.60+.10+5.8 GlSelI 16.00+.15+2.5 Global I 28.74+.33-0.2 Intl I 23.73+.20-7.2 IntlSmCpI d 15.55+.09-7.6 Oakmark I 65.02+.34+11.9 Select I 42.68+.33+16.2Old WestburyGlbOppo 7.90-.05NA GlbSmMdCp 15.94...+1.0 LgCpStr 12.34+.04+4.9OppenheimerActAllocA m 11.65+.03+3.4 CapApA m 61.10-.04+12.1 CapIncA m 9.70...+6.7 DevMktA m 38.17+.03+0.7 DevMktY 37.79+.03+1.0 DevMktsC m 36.16+.03-0.1 EqIncA m 31.33+.09+8.7 EquityA m 12.47+.03+9.4 GlobA m 75.85-.10+2.0 GlobOpprA m 36.14+.13-3.7 GlobY 76.04-.11+2.2 IntlBondA m 6.03...+1.3 IntlBondY 6.03+.01+1.8 IntlDivA m 13.59+.03-3.6 IntlGrY 33.83+.11-5.6 IntlGrowA m 33.93+.11-5.9 MainStrA m 49.29+.08+10.5 MnStrMdCpA m 30.89+.34+7.0 RisDivA m 19.34...+6.2 RisDivY 19.84...+6.4 SrFltRatA m 8.25-.01+2.9 SrFltRatC m 8.26-.01+2.2 StrIncA m 4.12-.01+4.1Oppenheimer RochesteFdMuniA m 15.38+.02+13.4 LmtTmMunA m 14.37+.01+7.1 LtdTmNY m 3.16...+6.4 RochHYMA m 7.16...+15.8OsterweisOsterStrInc 11.69-.01+3.7PIMCOAAstAAutP 10.01...+1.6 AllAssetA m 12.29...+3.5 AllAssetC m 12.24...+2.8 AllAssetI 12.28...+4.1 AllAuthA m 10.01...+1.2 AllAuthC m 10.00...+0.4 AllAuthIn 10.00...+1.6 CmPlsStrI 9.88...-7.0 CmPlsStrP 9.83...-7.2 ComRlRStI 5.27...-6.3 DivIncInst 11.52...+5.2EMFdIdPLARSTIns 10.07-.01+2.6EMktCurI 9.94...-1.9 EmMktsIns 10.91...+5.4 EmgLclBdI 9.18...-2.1 FdmtlAdvAbsRtI 3.74...-0.4 ForBdInstl 11.18+.01+9.7 ForBondI 10.29...+4.2 GlbAdvInst 11.13-.03+2.2 HgYdSpIns 10.64-.03+4.8 HiYldIs 9.42-.03+4.8 IFdIdPlARStI 11.24...-0.9 Income P 12.69-.02+9.5 IncomeA m 12.69-.02+9.2 IncomeC m 12.69-.02+8.5 IncomeD b 12.69-.02+9.3 IncomeInl 12.69-.02+9.6 InvGrdIns 10.77...+8.7 LgDrTRtnI 11.90...+16.8 LgTmCrdIn 12.97...+17.2 LgTmGovIs 10.81+.04+17.5 LowDrA m 10.31-.01+1.2 LowDrIs 10.31-.01+1.5 LowDurD b 10.31-.01+1.2 LowDurP 10.31-.01+1.4 ModDurIs 10.72-.01+3.4 RealRet 11.53...+4.4 RealRtnA m 11.53...+4.0 RlEstStRetI 4.67...+18.2 ShTermAdm b 9.90...+1.3 ShtTermIs 9.90...+1.6 SnrFltRtInstl d 10.08-.01+2.6 StkPlARShStrIn 2.65...-9.6 ToRtIIIIs 9.67...+4.3 ToRtIIIs 10.47...+4.0 TotRetA m 10.97-.01+3.9 TotRetAdm b 10.97-.01+4.1 TotRetC m 10.97-.01+3.1 TotRetIs 10.97-.01+4.3 TotRetR b 10.97-.01+3.7 TotRetrnD b 10.97-.01+4.0 TotlRetnP 10.97-.01+4.2 TtlRtIVInst 10.74...+3.7 UnconstrBdIns 11.27-.02+2.2 UnconstrBdP 11.28-.01+2.2 WwdFdAdvARStrIn 9.85...+0.2PRIMECAP OdysseyAggGr 29.45+.41+6.9 Growth 23.54+.16+6.9 Stock 21.80+.09+10.8ParametricEmgMktInstl 15.22...+1.2 TxMgEMInstl d 50.07+.03+1.7ParnassusCoreEqInv 37.45+.16+11.7Pax WorldBal b 24.41+.05+6.1PermanentPortfolio 43.00+.14+0.6PioneerCoreEqA m 15.63+.02+7.9 PioneerA m 38.97+.06+8.2 StratIncA m 11.01...+6.0 StratIncY 11.00-.01+6.3PrincipalBdMtgInst 11.00+.01+5.6 DivIntI 11.25-.02-0.5 HiYldII 10.31-.04+4.7 L/T2020I 14.30+.02+4.9 L/T2030I 14.44+.03+5.0 L/T2040I 14.80+.03+4.8 L/T2050I 14.31+.04+4.9 LCGrIInst 12.41+.03+6.7 LCIIIInst 14.68+.05+9.5 LgCGrInst 10.78+.04+6.9 LgCSP500I 13.35+.02+11.8 LgCValI 12.90+.01+7.4 MidCapA m 20.09+.10+5.8 PrSecInst 10.42+.01+11.9 SAMBalA m 15.62+.03+5.2 SAMConGrA m 17.69+.03+5.1 SCGrIInst 12.55+.10-4.9 SCValIII 12.84+.11+0.9PrudentialGblRealEstZ 23.31+.18+4.4 JenMCGrA m 37.33+.18+2.2Prudential InvestmenGovtIncA m 9.71+.02+4.5 HiYieldA m 5.60-.02+5.0 JenMidCapGrZ 39.00+.18+2.5 JennGrZ 28.95+.05+11.1 MuniHIncA m 10.26+.02+14.2 NaturResA m 43.50-.51-14.3 ShTmCoBdA m 11.31...+2.5 SmallCoZ 27.83+.18+2.8 TotRetBdZ 14.49+.01+7.2 UtilityA m 15.79-.03+18.8PutnamCpSpctrmA m 35.14+.14+7.5 CpSpctrmC m 34.40+.13+6.7 CpSpctrmY 35.33+.14+7.8 DivrInA x 7.68-.07+3.5 EqIncomeA m 20.64+.04+9.7 EqIncomeY 20.64+.04+9.9 EqSpctrmA m 39.79+.27+4.3 EqSpctrmY 40.12+.28+4.6 GrowIncA m 19.91...+9.3 InvestorA m 19.99+.01+12.1 MultiCapGrA m 76.23+.17+10.5 VoyagerA m 30.51+.11+7.8RidgeWorthLgCpVaEqI 16.81+.03+8.1 MdCpVlEqI 13.44+.02+4.5 USGovBndI 10.14...+1.1RoycePAMutInv d 13.35+.13-2.2 PremierInv d 20.66+.18+0.2 SpecEqInv d 22.53+.28-5.1 TotRetInv d 15.30+.140.0RussellEmgMktsS 18.19+.05-1.1 GlRelEstS 38.30+.33+4.4 GlbEqtyS 10.97+.05+3.0 ItlDvMktS 34.24+.10-1.7 StratBdS 11.36+.02+6.0RydexBiotechIv 71.66-.08+21.0 InvOTC2xH b 26.03-.03-33.4SEIIdxSP500E d 50.56+.08+11.8 IntlEq A d 9.36+.05-3.5 IsCrFxIA d 11.61+.02+6.4 IsHiYdBdA d 7.63-.02+5.2 IsItlEmMA d 10.58+.04-2.8 IsLrgGrA d 31.92+.12+6.5 IsLrgValA d 24.18+.07+9.4 IsMgTxMgA d 18.49+.05+9.0SSGAS&P500Idx b 30.13+.04+11.8Schwab1000Inv d 49.77+.12+10.8 CoreEq d 23.50+.01+11.4 DivEqSel d 17.77+.04+8.6 FUSLgCInl d 14.53+.01+10.8 IntlIndex d 18.46+.03-3.0 S&P500Sel d 29.76+.05+12.0 SmCapIdx d 25.44+.29-1.3 TotStkMSl d 34.24+.11+10.1ScoutInterntl 33.78+.12-5.0 MidCap 17.04+.10+2.1 UnconBd 11.41-.02-1.9SelectedAmerShS b 45.13+.07+5.2 American D 45.14+.07+5.5SentinelCmnStkA m 42.70-.08+7.7SequoiaSequoia 211.84+1.41+3.3Sound ShoreInv 48.78+.06+9.9SpectraSpectra A m 17.54+.01+10.5State FarmBalanced 64.64...+10.6 Growth 70.65-.15+13.2SteelPathMLPAlpA m 12.23-.11+8.3 MLPAlpY 12.40-.11+8.6 MLPIncA m 10.58-.11+5.0 MLPIncC m 10.33-.10+4.2 MLPSel40Y 12.20-.12+7.6SunAmericaFocDvStrC m 16.97+.10+6.9T Rowe PriceBalanced 23.01+.04+6.1 BlChpGAdv b 63.33+.23+9.8 BlChpGr 63.76+.23+10.1 CapApprec 26.78+.05+10.0 DivGrow 33.57+.03+8.8 EmMktBd d 12.66-.02+5.2 EmMktStk d 33.35+.12+1.0 EqIndex d 50.62+.08+11.8 EqtyInc 32.05+.07+6.0 EqtyIncAd b 31.98+.08+5.8 EurStock d 19.07+.12-4.3 GNMA 9.66-.01+4.7 GlbTech 14.31+.09+25.3 GrStkAdv b 50.96+.27+8.9 GrowInc 29.68+.04+10.0 GrowStk 51.71+.28+9.2 HealthSci 65.30-.20+23.3 HiYield d 7.00-.03+5.4 InLgCpCoG 22.80+.08+10.1 InSmCpStk 19.10+.20+1.0 InsLgCpGr 26.64+.15+8.8 InstlFlRt d 10.11-.02+3.0 InstlHiYl d 9.50-.04+5.7 InstlLgCV 19.17+.04+10.1 IntlBnd d 9.43-.01+0.4 IntlDisc d 53.28+.10+0.7 IntlGrInc d 14.69+.04-0.8 IntlStk d 15.72+.07-0.5 MDTaxFBd 10.99+.03+9.5 MediaTele 68.54+.52+8.8 MidCapE 40.45+.30+6.7 MidCapVa 30.43+.15+8.5 MidCpGr 72.35+.52+6.5 NewAmGro 43.65+.17+9.2 NewAsia d 16.97+.02+5.5 NewEra 41.77-.13-2.8 NewHoriz 43.68+.37+2.2 NewIncome 9.62+.01+5.9 OrseaStk d 9.45+.01-2.3 PerStrBal 22.85+.04+5.6 PerStrGr 30.32+.08+5.7 R2015 14.54+.03+5.7 R2025 15.46+.05+5.9 R2035 16.22+.05+5.7 Real d 24.51+.40+15.3 Ret2020R b 20.24+.05+5.3 Ret2050 12.98+.05+5.8 RetInc 14.89+.01+4.4 Rtmt2010 18.20+.03+5.6 Rtmt2020 20.60+.05+5.8 Rtmt2030 22.62+.07+5.9 Rtmt2040 23.27+.09+5.8 Rtmt2045 15.51+.06+5.7 SciTech 40.13+.19+15.7 ShTmBond 4.79...+1.5 SmCpStk 41.92+.43+0.5 SmCpVal d 45.67+.47-2.1 SpecGrow 23.59+.09+5.4 SpecInc 12.89...+5.2 SumMuInt 12.06+.04+7.6 TRPRet2025Ad b 15.37+.05+5.7 TaxFHiYld d 11.93+.04+14.3 TaxFInc 10.50+.03+11.1 TaxFShInt 5.68...+2.4 TrRt2020Ad b 20.43+.05+5.5 TrRt2030Ad b 22.42+.07+5.6 TrRt2030R b 22.24+.07+5.4 TrRt2040Ad b 23.06+.09+5.5 TrRt2040R b 22.89+.08+5.2 Value 34.18+.12+9.6T.RoweReaAsset d 10.97+.09+1.8TCWEmgIncI 8.49...+5.8 SelEqI 24.31+.09+4.7 TotRetBdI 10.35...+5.9 TotRetBdN b 10.67...+5.5TIAA-CREFBdIdxInst 10.94+.02+5.4 BdPIns 10.77+.01+6.2 BondIn 10.61...+6.0 ELCGrIxI 11.21+.02+9.2 ELCVlIxI 10.32+.02+8.1 EqIx 14.37+.04+10.1 Gr&IncIn 11.88+.02+8.7 HYlIns d 10.06-.03+5.4 InfL 11.57-.01+3.3 IntlE d 17.88+.03-2.7 IntlEqIn d 10.29+.01-7.0 LCVal 17.21+.03+5.5 LgCGIdx 19.41+.04+11.3 LgCVIdx 16.78+.04+11.0 LgGrIns 15.11+.05+10.7 Life2040I 10.51+.02+3.9 MidValIn 22.95+.16+7.1 SCEq d 17.74+.19-0.3 SPIndxIn 21.32+.04+12.0TargetSmCapVal 25.52+.20+1.3TempletonInFEqSeS 20.85-.08-3.5Third AvenueFCrtInst d 10.66-.10+5.8 RealEsVal d 30.63+.08+7.8 Value d 57.03+.31+1.9ThompsonBond 11.73+.02+3.9ThornburgIncBldA m 20.61+.01+5.7 IncBldC m 20.61+.02+5.0 IntlValA m 28.23+.12-5.6 IntlValI 28.79+.12-5.3 LtdTMuA m 14.64+.02+3.7 LtdTMul 14.64+.02+4.0 LtdTmIncI 13.58+.01+4.7ThriventLgCapStkA m 25.94...+6.9 MuniBdA m 11.73...+9.5TocquevilleDlfld m 33.21+.17-6.8TouchstoneSdCapInGr 21.77+.05+6.7TransamericaAstAlMdGrC m 14.46+.04+4.3Tweedy, BrowneGlobVal d 26.19-.06+2.8U.S. Global InvestorGld&Prec m 6.19+.09-5.8 GlobRes m 7.88-.06-16.5 WrldPrcMnr m 5.59+.01-9.3USAACorstnModAgrsv 25.26+.06+4.8 GrowInc 21.68+.09+9.8 HYOpp d 8.72-.02+7.3 Income 13.38+.01+6.5 IncomeStk 17.12+.04+9.5 IntermBd 10.98+.01+7.3 Intl 28.31+.12-2.6 S&P500M 26.79...+12.1 ShTmBond 9.24...+2.3 TaxEInt 13.68+.04+7.9 TaxELgTm 13.86+.04+10.9 TaxEShTm 10.72...+1.9 Value 19.19+.10+6.0VALIC Co IMdCpIdx 25.81+.25+3.9 StockIdx 34.02+.05+11.6Vanguard500Adml 173.38+.27+12.0 500Inv 173.38+.28+11.9 500Sgnl 143.22+.23+12.0 A-WexUSIdxAdm 29.16+.04-1.9 BalIdx 28.06+.07+8.3 BalIdxAdm 28.06+.07+8.4 BalIdxIns 28.06+.06+8.4 BdMktInstPls 10.93+.02+5.7 CAITAdml 11.89+.04+8.6 CALTAdml 12.18+.05+12.3 CapOp 47.63+.34+10.6 CapOpAdml 110.03+.78+10.7 CapVal 13.81+.07+3.5 Convrt 13.18+.01+0.3 DevMktIdxAdm 12.06+.02-3.1 DevMktIdxInstl 12.08+.03-3.1 DivAppIdxInv 29.69+.11+7.1 DivEqInv 30.54+.10+8.4 DivGr 21.55+.02+10.0 EmMkInsId 26.29+.09+1.3 EmMktIAdm 34.57+.12+1.3 EmMktStkIdxIP 87.45+.30+1.3 EmerMktIdInv 26.32+.09+1.1 EnergyAdm 114.72-1.17-5.8 EnergyInv 61.10-.62-5.9 EqInc 29.76+.01+9.7 EqIncAdml 62.38+.02+9.8 EurIdxAdm 64.85+.04-2.0 ExplAdml 88.45+.66-0.6 Explr 95.00+.71-0.8 ExtdIdAdm 60.12+.56+2.7 ExtdIdIst 60.13+.57+2.7 ExtdMktIdxIP 148.40+1.39+2.8 ExtndIdx 60.07+.56+2.6 FAWeUSIns 92.44+.13-1.9 GNMA 10.80+.01+5.4 GNMAAdml 10.80+.01+5.5 GlbEq 22.93+.08+4.5 GrIncAdml 66.19+.07+12.4 GroInc 40.53+.04+12.3 GrowthIdx 48.55+.12+11.3 GrthIdAdm 48.55+.13+11.4 GrthIstId 48.55+.13+11.4 GrthIstSg 44.96+.12+11.4 HYCor 5.98-.02+5.9 HYCorAdml 5.98-.02+6.0 HYT/E 11.31+.04+11.6 HltCrAdml 86.40-.28+24.7 HlthCare 204.77-.65+24.7 ITBond 11.61+.02+6.8 ITBondAdm 11.61+.02+6.9 ITGradeAd 10.00+.01+6.9 ITIGrade 10.00+.01+6.8 ITrsyAdml 11.44+.02+3.8 InfPrtAdm 26.65+.03+3.7 InfPrtI 10.85+.01+3.6 InflaPro 13.57+.01+3.6 InstIdxI 172.25+.27+12.0 InstPlus 172.26+.27+12.0 InstTStId 42.54+.13+10.2 InstTStPl 42.55+.13+10.3 IntlExpIn 17.30+.01-0.4 IntlGr 21.44+.05-2.9 IntlGrAdm 68.24+.15-2.8 IntlStkIdxAdm 26.05+.03-1.9 IntlStkIdxI 104.16+.12-1.9 IntlStkIdxIPls 104.17+.12-1.9 IntlStkIdxISgn 31.25+.04-1.9 IntlVal 35.04+.07-1.9 ItBdIdxIn 11.61+.02+6.9 L/TBdIdxInstlPl 14.12+.05+17.7 LTBond 14.12+.05+17.5 LTGradeAd 10.81+.04+18.2 LTInvGr 10.81+.04+18.0 LTsryAdml 12.83+.07+17.9 LgBdIdxIs 14.12+.05+17.7 LgCpIdxAdm 43.45+.08+11.5 LifeCon 18.39+.04+6.2 LifeGro 27.60+.06+6.4 LifeInc 14.77+.03+6.1 LifeMod 23.39+.05+6.3 MdCpGrIdxAdm 38.81+.32+5.7MdCpValIdxAdm 42.04+.28+10.4MdPDisGr 18.43+.03+5.9 MidCapGr 24.05+.14+4.5 MidCapIdxIP 149.71+1.10+8.1 MidCp 30.25+.22+8.0 MidCpAdml 137.39+1.00+8.1 MidCpIst 30.35+.22+8.1 MidCpSgl 43.35+.31+8.1 Morg 25.47+.05+8.8 MorgAdml 79.00+.16+8.9 MuHYAdml 11.31+.04+11.7 MuInt 14.36+.04+7.8 MuIntAdml 14.36+.04+7.9 MuLTAdml 11.82+.04+11.6 MuLtd 11.10+.01+2.5 MuLtdAdml 11.10+.01+2.5 MuSht 15.87...+0.9 MuShtAdml 15.87...+1.0 NJLTAdml 12.37+.06+10.5 NYLTAdml 11.88+.04+11.2 PALTAdml 11.78+.04+11.2 PacIdxAdm 70.15+.28-5.1 PrecMtls 9.86+.13-5.4 Prmcp 97.29+.44+15.6 PrmcpAdml 100.95+.45+15.8 PrmcpCorI 20.45+.11+13.8 R1000GrIdxI 171.19+.39+11.3 REITIdx 24.82+.40+14.5 REITIdxAd 105.91+1.71+14.6 REITIdxInst 16.39+.26+14.7 REITIdxSg 28.28+.46+14.7 S/TBdIdxInstl 10.56+.01+1.8 S/TBdIdxInstlPl 10.56+.01+1.9 STBond 10.56+.01+1.7 STBondAdm 10.56+.01+1.8 STBondSgl 10.56+.01+1.8 STCor 10.77+.01+2.8 STFedAdml 10.79+.01+1.5 STGradeAd 10.77+.01+2.9 STIGradeI 10.77+.01+2.9 STsryAdml 10.74+.01+1.2 SelValu 27.41+.17+5.6 ShTmInfPtScIxAd 24.83-.02+0.2 ShTmInfPtScIxIn 24.84-.02+0.2 ShTmInfPtScIxIv 24.80-.01+0.1 SmCapIdx 50.38+.50+2.6 SmCapIdxIP 145.68+1.45+2.7 SmCpGrIdxAdm 39.86+.43-1.4 SmCpIdAdm 50.46+.50+2.7 SmCpIdIst 50.46+.50+2.7 SmCpIndxSgnl 45.46+.45+2.7 SmCpValIdxAdm 41.10+.38+6.2 SmGthIdx 31.84+.34-1.5 SmGthIst 31.92+.34-1.4 SmValIdx 22.91+.22+6.1 SmVlIdIst 22.97+.21+6.2 Star 24.19+.07+7.0 StratgcEq 30.15+.28+9.4 TgtRe2010 26.36+.04+5.7 TgtRe2015 15.14+.03+6.1 TgtRe2020 27.71+.06+6.4 TgtRe2030 27.99+.06+6.4 TgtRe2035 17.12+.04+6.5 TgtRe2040 28.41+.06+6.3 TgtRe2045 17.82+.04+6.3 TgtRe2050 28.29+.07+6.4 TgtRe2055 30.46+.07+6.3 TgtRetInc 12.74+.02+5.2 Tgtet2025 16.03+.04+6.5 TlIntlBdIdxAdm 20.93+.05+7.2 TlIntlBdIdxInst 31.41+.07+7.3 TlIntlBdIdxInv 10.47+.03+7.2 TotBdAdml 10.93+.02+5.6 TotBdInst 10.93+.02+5.6 TotBdMkInv 10.93+.02+5.5 TotBdMkSig 10.93+.02+5.6 TotIntl 15.57+.01-2.0 TotStIAdm 46.91+.14+10.2 TotStIIns 46.92+.14+10.2 TotStISig 45.27+.13+10.2 TotStIdx 46.89+.14+10.1 TxMBalAdm 25.70+.07+9.3 TxMCapAdm 95.62+.21+10.9 TxMSCAdm 40.83+.48+1.0 USGro 28.95+.12+10.8 USGroAdml 74.99+.29+10.9 ValIdxAdm 30.25+.04+11.5 ValIdxIns 30.25+.04+11.5 ValIdxSig 31.48+.04+11.5 ValueIdx 30.26+.04+11.4 VdHiDivIx 25.23...+12.2 WellsI 25.45+.02+8.4 WellsIAdm 61.66+.06+8.5 Welltn 38.65+.03+9.2 WelltnAdm 66.76+.06+9.3 WndsIIAdm 65.94+.13+9.8 Wndsr 20.29+.08+7.8 WndsrAdml 68.48+.28+7.9 WndsrII 37.16+.08+9.8 ex-USIdxIP 97.88+.13-1.8VictorySmCmpOpI 38.76+.35+3.6VirtusEmgMktsIs 10.11...+4.4 MulSStA m 4.83-.01+2.6 MulSStC b 4.89-.01+2.5Waddell & Reed AdvAssetStrA m 10.65+.02-2.5 CoreInv A m 7.22+.03+7.9 HiIncA m 7.47-.02+6.1 NewCncptA m 11.16+.06+1.8 SciTechA m 14.64+.12+1.5WasatchIntlGr d 25.65+.07-8.8 L/SInv d 15.49+.04-1.6 SmCapGr d 48.13+.53-3.2Wells FargoAstAlllcA f 13.90...+1.7 AstAlllcC m 13.37...+1.0 EmgMktEqA f 20.94+.05-3.4 GrI 51.65+.23-1.2 GrowInv 47.13+.21-1.7 GrowthAdm 49.98+.23-1.4 PrmLrgCoGrA f 13.89+.07+4.3 STMuBdInv 10.03+.01+1.9 ShTmBdInv 8.83...+1.7 UlSTMInA f 4.82...+0.3 UlSTMInI 4.82...+0.6WestwoodIncOppI 14.27+.01+8.1William BlairInslIntlG 16.32+.05-1.3 IntlGrI 25.20+.09-1.5World FundsEpGloEqShYI 19.27-.01+6.6AMGMgrsBondSvc 28.25+.01+6.9 TmSqMCGrI 17.78+.10+5.9 YacktmanSvc d 24.16+.01+8.0 YkmFcsInst d 25.85+.03+8.2 YkmFcsSvc d 25.81+.03+8.0AQRDivArbtI 10.59-.01-2.8 MaFtStrI 10.47+.06+5.9AcadianEmgMkts d 18.80+.12-1.2Advisors Inner CrclEGrthIns 19.24+.03+15.5AkreAkrFocRet m 20.74+.17+7.8Alger GroupCapApInsI 26.90+.03+11.4Alliance BernsteinGlblBdAdv 8.57+.01+7.0 HighIncA m 9.35-.02+6.4 HighIncAdv 9.36-.03+6.7 HighIncC m 9.45-.03+5.6 IntDivA m 14.66+.03+4.5AllianzGINFJAllCpVaA m 15.99+.01+9.3 NFJAllCpValIns 16.07+.02+9.7 NFJSmCVIs 33.90+.26+2.8 NFJSmCVlA m 31.86+.24+2.4AmanaGrowth b 32.53+.12+9.8 Income b 42.83+.12+6.0American BeaconLgCpVlInv 27.63+.03+9.1 LgCpVlIs 29.21+.03+9.5 SmCapInst 25.42+.26+0.9American CenturyDivBdInstl 10.89...+5.7 DivBdInv 10.89...+5.5 EqGrowInv 31.07+.09+11.3 EqIncA m 8.83+.02+9.2 EqIncInstl 8.84+.02+9.6 EqIncInv 8.84+.03+9.6 HeritInv 24.23+.18-0.1 InTTxFBIns 11.54+.03+6.4 InTTxFBInv 11.54+.03+6.3 IncGrInv 36.56+.12+11.4 InfAdjI 11.92-.04+2.7 IntlGrInv d 12.38+.09-3.1 InvGrInstl 32.81+.06+7.3 InvGrInv 32.41+.06+7.0 MdCpValInv 16.45+.10+11.9 NTDvsfBdInstl 10.94...+5.4 OneChMod 14.48+.04+5.2 SelectInv 56.55+.07+11.1 UltraInv 34.08+.01+9.0 ValueInv 8.48+.02+11.7American FundsAMCAPA m 27.18+.04+11.1 AmBalA m 24.71+.04+9.0 BondA m 12.85+.02+5.3 CapIncBuA m 58.02+.09+6.1 CapWldBdA m 20.67...+3.9 CpWldGrIA m 44.26+.04+5.1 EurPacGrA m 46.36+.25-0.3 FnInvA m 51.01+.11+8.4 GlbBalA m 30.31+.02+6.0 GrthAmA m 42.86+.05+7.9 HiIncA m 10.94-.03+3.0 HiIncMuA m 15.56+.04+13.9 IncAmerA m 20.73+.03+7.8 IntBdAmA m 13.61+.01+2.4 IntlGrInA m 32.86+.04+0.4 InvCoAmA m 37.54-.05+12.2 LtdTmTxEA m 16.19+.02+4.2 MutualA m 35.03+.06+9.3 NewEconA m 36.88+.05+5.4 NewPerspA m 36.04+.23+3.2 NwWrldA m 56.67+.17-1.8 STBdFdA m 10.03...+1.0 SmCpWldA m 46.31+.19-1.4 TaxEBdAmA m 13.15+.03+9.9 USGovSecA m 14.07+.02+4.2 WAMutInvA m 39.79+.02+10.9ArbitrageArbitragI d 12.92+.01+1.0ArielApprecInv b 53.58+.42+5.2 ArielInv b 71.40+.59+7.9Artio GlobalGlobHiYldI 9.77-.04+4.9 TotRtBdI 13.52+.02+5.6ArtisanIntl d 28.69+.12+0.7 IntlI d 28.91+.12+0.9 IntlVal d 34.68+.08+0.2 IntlValI d 34.83+.08+0.4 MdCpVal 25.48+.18-1.0 MidCap 45.09+.28+0.3 MidCapI 47.28+.29+0.6Aston FundsMidCapI 44.03+.46+5.4 MidCapN b 43.25+.46+5.1 MtgClGrI 27.88-.01+7.7 MtgClGrN b 27.68-.02+7.3BBHBrdMktFxI 10.32...+1.4 CoreSelN d 21.42+.02+5.9BNY MellonEmgMkts 10.06+.03-0.1 MidCpMuStrM 14.14+.08+4.8 NtlIntM 13.84+.03+6.6BairdAggrInst 10.85+.01+6.9 CrPlBInst 11.20+.01+6.8 ShTmBdIns 9.75...+2.3BaronAsset b 60.27+.39+6.7 GrInstl 68.30+.65-0.1 Growth b 67.47+.64-0.3 SmCap b 31.80+.30-0.4 SmCpInstl 32.26+.30-0.1BernsteinDiversMui 14.65+.03+4.9 IntDur 13.88+.02+6.3 IntlPort 15.07+.01-4.6 NYMuni 14.29+.03+4.8 TxMIntl 15.14+.01-4.6BerwynIncome d 13.83+.05+4.1BlackRockBasicValA m 30.70+.08+8.5 BasicValI 30.99+.08+8.8 CapAppInA m 26.31+.09+6.8 EqDivA m 24.07+.01+8.5 EqDivI 24.14+.01+8.8 EquitDivC m 23.48+.01+7.7 FltRtlIncI 10.30-.03+2.8 GlLSCrI 10.84-.02+2.6 GlobAlcA m 20.91...+2.9 GlobAlcC m 19.33...+2.2 GlobAlcI 21.03...+3.2 HiYldBdIs 8.06-.04+5.4 HiYldInvA m 8.06-.04+5.0 HthScOpA m 46.37-.17+21.9 LowDurIvA m 9.75...+2.3 NatMuniA m 11.06+.03+10.5 NatMuniI 11.05+.02+10.6 A-B-CACI Ww s...18.11+.29 AMAG Ph...30.72+.11 AMC Net...54.94+2.19 ASML Hld.83e92.71+2.30 AcadiaPh...22.88-.10 AcelRx...6.48+.39 Achillion...10.01+.14 AcordaTh...31.19+.29 ActivsBliz.20f18.21-.21 AdobeSy...60.88-.80 Adtran.3618.88+.40 AdvEnId...16.89-.16 Aegerion...28.69-.32 AgiosPhm...62.07-.46 AkamaiT...55.65+.10 Akorn...35.26+1.55 Alexion...159.46-3.31 AlignTech...44.37-.59 Alkermes...42.50+2.25 AllnceRs s2.50f38.60-2.24 AldHlPd...2.20-.74 AllscriptH...d12.95-.25 AlnylamP...82.95-3.73 AlteraCp lf.72f30.86+.03 AmTrstFin.8044.08+.61 Amarin...1.01+.02 Amazon...308.31+1.86 Ambarella...35.66+.42 Amdocs.6245.26+.34 AFMulti.50d5.32-.21 AmAirl n.4031.51+2.93 ACapAgy2.6022.94... AmCapLtd...13.84+.20 ACapMtg2.6019.61-.01 AmRailcar1.6060.88+2.66 ARCapH n.68u10.98+.01 ARltCapPr1.0011.61-.01 AmSupr...d1.23+.01 Amgen2.44132.20-1.36 AmicusTh...5.39-.28 AmkorTch...6.58-.18 AnacorPh...23.79+.32 AnalogDev1.4843.46+.36 AngiesList...8.24+.43 Ansys...72.68-.70 ApolloEdu...24.06-.14 ApolloInv.807.97+.03 Apple Inc s1.8898.75-1.06 ApldMatl.4019.33+.42 AMCC...6.17-.14 ApldOptoel...13.40+1.27 Approach...d10.47-.39 ArkBest.1231.38+.84 ArenaPhm...3.62+.09 AresCap1.52a15.39+.10 AriadP...5.16+.14 ArmHld.31e40.49+.99 ArrayBio...3.14+.11 Arris...24.49+.22 ArrowRsh...5.88-.15 ArubaNet...19.19-.01 AscenaRtl...12.00+.07 AspenTech...34.41+.16 AsscdBanc.3617.09+.28 athenahlth...121.73-.31 Atmel...6.50-.12 Autodesk...50.13-1.81 AutoData1.92b72.64+.69 Auxilium...30.87+.27 AvagoTch1.28f72.02+2.98 AvanirPhm...11.76-.02 AvisBudg...48.00+1.38 BBCN Bcp.40f14.70+.15 B/E Aero...d73.75+.89 BGC Ptrs.487.22+.06 Baidu...199.07-.61 BallardPw...2.74+.24 BncFstOK1.36f64.71+.56 BaxanoS h....11... BeacnRfg...24.49+.32 BedBath...63.52+.04 Biocryst...10.43+.42 BiogenIdc...301.58-.16 BioMarin...67.27-.82 BioScrip...6.15-.06 BlkRKelso.848.36-.08 BlackBerry...8.90-.16 BlkhwkNet...34.37+.13 BloominBr...18.19+.26 BobEvans1.2447.41+.62 BostPrv.3211.97+.05 BreitBurn2.01d14.00-.99 Brightcove...d5.19-.10 Broadcom.4835.41-.01 BrcdeCm.149.30+.10 BrukerCp...18.93+.35 BuffaloWW...126.34+3.38 CA Inc1.0025.73+.21 CBOE.84f55.57+.80 CDK Glbl n...25.98-.20 CDW Corp.1728.42+.07 CH Robins1.4065.58+2.14 CIM CTr rs.8818.41-1.14 CME Grp1.8879.85+.84 CTC Media.70d5.00-.21 CVB Fncl.4014.14+.21 Cadence...15.93-.10 Caesars...d9.39+.80 CalaStrTR.9910.48-.13 CalAmp...16.39+.04 CdnSolar...26.13-.10 CapProd.93d7.70-.02 CapFedFn.30a12.34+.16 CpstnTurb....81-.01 Carrizo...41.12-1.82 Caseys.80u79.67+2.45 Catamaran...40.68-.37 Cavium...39.87+.53 Celgene s...86.48-1.00 CelldexTh...13.82+.95 CentAl...22.13+.42 Cepheid...44.25+1.29 Cerner...56.98+.10 CerusCp...4.10+.24 ChartInds...d43.23+1.17 CharterCm...142.97-1.68 ChkPoint...66.49+.09 Cheesecake.66f46.53+1.55 Chimerix...29.05-1.73 ChiFnOnl...4.60... CinnFin1.7646.59+.18 Cintas.77f67.74+.30 Cirrus...19.61+.62 Cisco.7623.06+.13 CitrixSys...64.94+.22 CleanEngy...d5.99+.24 ClovisOnc...42.85+.10 Cognex.2236.56+1.36 CognizTc s...44.65+.72 Comc spcl.9051.26-.21 CommScp n...21.25-.04 CmcBMO.90b43.35-.01 CommVlt...46.58+1.14 Compuwre.5010.31+.04 ConcurTch...127.69-.20 Conns...29.28+.74 Conversant...33.96+.28 Copart...d30.72+.47 CorinC hlf....07+.01 CorOnDem...31.32+1.05 Costco1.42126.25-.72 Cree Inc...32.31+1.11 Crocs...11.78+.10 Ctrip.com...52.44+1.07 CubistPh...60.05-.80 CumMed...d3.17+.13 CyberArk n...29.60-1.65 CypSemi.448.33+.04 Cytori....48-.00 D-E-FDelFriscos...20.31+.63 dELIAs h....12-.01 Dndreon....97+.05 Dentsply.2744.89+.37 Depomed...14.22+.17 DiambkEn...58.44-.77 DirecTV...84.86-.19 DiscCmA s...34.31+.41 DiscCmC s...33.84+.38 DishNetw h...58.86-.75 DollarTree...55.88+.40 DonlleyRR1.0415.02-.54 Dorman...42.71+1.08 DragonW g...d.00+.02 DrmWksA...21.08+.63 DryShips...d1.48+.01 Dunkin.9245.11+.60 DyaxCp...9.80+.26 E-Trade...19.21+.12 eBay...50.59+.13 EV Engy3.09fd29.60-1.83 EaglRkEn...d2.86-.13 EarthLink.203.05+.05 EstWstBcp.7232.28+.20 8x8 Inc...6.06+.22 ElPLoco n...34.28+.05 ElectArts...32.74-.50 EFII ...40.68+.61 Endo Intl...61.10-.10 Endocyte...5.68+.12 Endologix...11.05-.10 EnerNOC...d13.17-1.83 EngyXXI.48d6.63-.41 Enphase...10.46+.32 Entegris...10.97+.24 EntropCom...2.32+.02 Equinix...196.26+3.36 Ericsson.46e11.51+.08 Exelixis...1.52+.06 Expedia.72f74.75-1.59 ExpdIntl.64f39.22+1.01 ExpScripts...70.40-.16 ExtrmNet...3.61-.20 Ezcorp...8.95+.23 F5 Netwks...109.82+.72 FLIR Sys.4028.78+.42 Facebook...73.59+.60 FairchldS...12.44+.08 Fastenal1.00d41.10-.15 FifthStFin1.108.58-.12 FifthThird.5219.25... FinclEngin.2433.95+.71 Finisar...14.81+.42 FinLine.3225.04+.55 FireEye...26.48+.26 FstNiagara.328.19+.06 FstSolar...52.00+1.49 FT DWF5...19.43+.01 FstMerit.6417.11+.16 Fiserv s...62.97+.61 FiveBelow...41.47+1.06 Flextrn...8.80+.05 Fortinet...24.03+.60 Fossil Grp...99.12+3.14 FosterWhl.40e30.04+.13 Francesca...12.99+.29 FreshMkt...32.88+.19 FrontierCm.405.88+.12 FuelCellE...1.72+.14 FultonFncl.3210.88+.06 G-H-IvjGT AdvT....42+.03 GTx Inc h...d.45+.03 GW Pharm...65.20-6.24 Gam&Lsr n2.0830.83+.77 Garmin1.9250.78+1.43 Gentex.6427.26+.15 Gentherm...37.49+1.47 GeospcT hs...27.88+.29 GeronCp.15t1.87+.02 GileadSci...97.18-4.26 GluMobile...4.10-.08 Gogo...15.25+.47 GolLNGLtd1.8045.81-.36 Goodyear.2420.04+.41 Google A...548.69+3.94 Google C n...537.94+4.73 GoPro n...75.03-1.64 GrCanyEd...d37.31-.16 GreenPlns.32f27.29-1.27 GrifolsSA.29e29.95+.18 Groupon...5.93+.16 GulfportE...d41.99-.39 HD Supply...23.99+.08 HMS Hldgs...19.32+.44 Halozyme...8.50+.21 Harmonic...5.76+.04 Hasbro1.7254.83+.17 HawHold...13.02+.40 HSchein...112.72+.89 HercOffsh...d1.47-.27 HimaxTch.27e8.55+.21 Hollysys...21.41+.51 Hologic...23.92+.47 HmeLnSvc2.16f21.25+.40 HomeAway...31.77-1.90 HorizPhm...10.61-.35 HoughMH n...19.10+.06 HudsCity.169.42+.08 HuntJB.8073.47+2.17 HuntBncsh.209.51+.10 IAC Inter1.36f58.58+.09 IdexxLabs...117.81-.65 II-VI ...12.08+.19 IPG Photon...61.92... iShAsiaexJ1.04e60.44+.17 iShACWX1.47e43.27+.11 iSh ACWI1.29e56.09+.08 iShIntlRE3.61e29.14+.05 iShs SOX.97e76.06+1.35 iShNsdqBio.39e255.27-1.85 Icon PLC...54.72+.14 IconixBr...36.41+.64 Illumina...149.12-.90 ImunoGn...8.67-.20 Imunmd...3.34... ImpaxLabs...27.72+.61 Incyte...46.54+.94 Infinera...9.86+.12 Informat...32.28+.03 InovioPh rs...10.94+.42 Insmed...13.75+.42 Insulet...36.75-.52 InsysTh s...34.99-.58 IntgDv...12.51+.29 Nasdaq National Market Mutual FundsIntel.9032.14+.67 Interface.16f14.54+.34 Intersil.4811.49-.16 Intuit1.00f79.39-.29 InvBncp s.1610.09+.06 IridiumCm...8.46+.29 IronwdPh...12.51+.02 Isis ...36.84+.26 Ixia ...8.78+.21 J-K-Lj2Global1.11f50.11+.87 JA Solar...d7.02-.50 JD.com n...23.90-.16 JDS Uniph...11.68+.17 JackInBox.8067.00+.95 JkksPac...7.81+.01 JazzPhrm...143.73+1.01 JetBlue...10.23+.82 KCAP Fin1.00d7.46-.15 KLA Tnc2.00f66.42+.81 KandiTech...11.83-.17 KeurigGM1.00138.65+.23 KnightShp.80d6.33-.17 KraftFGp2.20f56.04+.64 LKQ Corp...25.97+.84 LPL Fincl.9641.12-.66 LakeInd...u21.43-7.57 LamResrch.7267.73+1.69 LamarAdv3.32d45.71-.44 Lattice...6.05-.09 LegacyRes2.44fd20.12-.77 LexiPhrm...d1.08-.07 LibGlobA s...41.50+.11 LibGlobC s...40.68-.04 LibMda A s...42.99+.28 LibtyIntA...27.74+.51 LibVentA s...29.99-.41 LibTripA n...d27.87-.40 LifePtH...66.73-.63 LincElec.92d62.74+1.13 LinearTch1.0839.03+.22 LinnEngy2.90d22.90-.27 LinnCo2.90d21.34-.40 Logitech lf...11.76-.11 lululemn gs...39.44+.36 M-N-0MSG...60.26-.33 ManhAsc s...32.52+.19 MannKd...4.97+.36 MarchxB.083.97+.10 Markit n...22.96+.31 MarIntA.8062.55+.84 MarvellT.2411.90+.23 Mattel1.5230.66+.46 MaximIntg1.12f25.98+.04 MaxwellT...8.11+.53 MedAssets...21.52+.32 MediCo...d21.24+.88 Medidata s...40.44+.39 Medivation...91.31+.56 MelcoCrwn.55ed24.01+.25 Mellanox...40.44+.36 MemorialP2.2018.68-.02 MemRsD n...d20.96-.03 MentorGr.2018.66+.13 MerrimkP...7.85+.35 Methanx1.00d54.72-.16 Microchp1.42fd38.21-.48 MicronT...27.39+.36 MicroSemi...21.40-.26 Microsoft1.24f43.73+.08 ModusLink...3.00-.39 Momenta...10.48+.58 Mondelez.60f32.80-.18 MonPwSys.6034.47-.22 MonstrBev...94.48+1.56 Move Inc...20.94+.06 Mylan...46.82-.82 MyriadG...37.90+.04 NPS Phm...23.10-.16 NXP Semi...56.58+2.68 Nanosphr h....72-.51 NasdOMX.6039.78-.20 NatInstrm.6027.18+.06 NatPenn.409.56+.02 Navient n.6017.47+.17 NektarTh...12.53... Net1UEPS...10.88+.04 NetApp.6638.53+.31 NetEase2.12e85.86+2.85 Netflix...449.12+10.54 Netlist h....94+.24 NtScout...33.52-5.64 Neurcrine...16.02+.67 NewLink...21.83-.59 NYMtgTr1.087.58+.12 Newport...16.59+.05 NewsCpA...14.79+.15 NewsCpB...14.58+.05 NexstarB.6038.15+1.18 Noodles...20.93+.29 NorTrst1.3263.79-.01 NwstBcsh.52a12.26+.14 NorwCruis...32.05+.08 Novadaq g...d11.60-.94 Novavax...4.49+.26 NuVasive...34.40-.38 NuanceCm...14.00-.03 NutriSyst.7015.24+.08 Nvidia.3417.18+.39 OReillyAu...149.00+.47 OceanRig.76d12.63-.31 OfficeDpt...4.46+.02 OldDomFrt...64.02+1.46 OldNBcp.4412.61+.12 OmniVisn...23.56-.27 OnSmcnd...6.97+.03 OraSure...8.02-.16 Orexigen...3.46+.19 Outerwall...53.62+.34 P-Q-RPDC Engy...d38.32-1.18 PDL Bio.607.62+.04 PMC Sra...6.69+.12 PTC Inc...34.31-.23 PTC Thera...36.90+1.31 PacWstBc1.0039.04+.08 Paccar.8857.07+1.48 PacBiosci...5.10+.14 PaciraPhm...99.37+5.19 PanASlv.5010.63+.10 PaneraBrd...164.41+4.52 Parexel...58.02-.14 PatternEn1.31f26.68-1.29 Patterson.8040.42+.21 PattUTI.4021.72-1.21 Paychex1.52f43.54+.26 PnnNGm...11.03+.35 PennantPk1.1210.41-.06 PeopUtdF.6614.40+.11 PernixTh h...8.99+.58 PetSmart.7865.86+1.13 Pharmacyc...103.79-1.33 PilgrimsP...31.05+.07 Pixelwrks...4.91-.04 Polycom...10.50-.12 Popular...27.85+.02 PortfRecov...58.03+1.87 Potbelly...13.03+.67 PwShs QQQ1.34e92.97+.01 PremExhib....73+.08 PriceTR1.7674.23+.29 Priceline...1050.45+9.75 PrivateB.0428.16+.18 PrUPQQQ s.01e71.63+.13 ProceraN...5.92-.07 PrognicsPh...4.64+.20 ProgrsSoft...24.95+.26 Proofpoint...33.63+.19 ProUShBio...13.67+.17 PShtQQQ rs...42.56+.04 ProspctCap1.339.35-.03 QIAGEN...21.38-.11 QIWI plc1.39e28.24+1.46 QlikTech...23.00-.20 Qlogic...9.53+.33 Qualcom1.6871.86+1.15 Qunar n...25.15+.19 RF MicD...9.50+.34 RadNet...7.61-.10 Rambus...10.38-.07 Randgold.5069.10+.38 Regenrn...328.07-4.03 RentACt.9232.06+.76 RepubAir...10.67+.18 RetailOpp.6415.12+.16 RetailMNot...15.89+.64 RexEnergy...d8.09-.46 RiverbedT...17.71-.17 RockCrPh....32+.01 RosettaR...d35.42-.93 RossStrs.8077.84+.97 Rovi Corp...18.11+.50 RoyGld.8467.56+.24 RubiconTc...4.19+.10 S-T-USBA Com...106.39+.12 SEI Inv.4433.87-.17 SFX Ent...4.54+.30 SLM Cp...8.87+.07 SVB FnGp...100.35+.18 SabraHltc1.5224.92+.59 SabreCp n.36d15.60-.09 SalixPhm...133.58-1.69 SanDisk1.20f83.67+.86 SangBio...10.16+.28 Sanmina...17.08+.04 Sapient...14.12+.01 SareptaTh...18.91+.30 SciClone lf...u7.64+.37 SciGames...8.81+.22 SeagateT1.7252.56-.42 SearsHldgs...28.49+2.77 SeattGen...31.96+.45 SelCmfrt...20.42+.33 Semtech...22.52-.05 Sequenom...3.03+.12 SvcSource...2.98+.15 ShandaGm...6.45-.05 Shire.62e244.57-1.41 Shutterfly...41.44+.02 SierraWr...23.71+.90 SigmaAld.92135.76+.50 SilicnImg1.00e4.45-.07 SilicnMotn.6023.18-.40 Slcnware.30e6.55+.07 SilvStd g...5.65+.17 Sina...37.88+.40 Sinclair.66f25.17+.99 SiriusXM...3.25+.06 Sky-mobi...6.14-.60 SkywksSol.4448.91+3.59 SmithWes...9.44+.26 SodaStrm...20.95+.61 Sohu.cm...d43.09-.92 SolarCity...49.71+1.36 Solazyme...d5.67+.04 SonicCorp.3623.24+.46 Sonus...2.94+.04 SpectPh...7.25+.02 SpiritAir...55.37+2.06 Splunk...51.74+.48 Sprouts...28.29+.89 Staples.4812.25+.14 Starbucks1.0472.74+.55 Starz A...31.61+.50 StealthGas...d7.23-.18 StlDynam.4620.01+.42 Stratasys...110.70+3.51 SunPower...27.50+.52 SusqBnc.36f10.16+.16 Symantec.6022.47+.22 Synaptics...70.18+2.90 SynrgyPh...2.67+.07 Synopsys...37.31-.13 SyntaPhm...2.79+.12 tw telecom...37.28+.96 TakeTwo...20.83+.11 TASER...14.20+.59 TerraFm n...d24.16-.35 TeslaMot...227.06+2.47 TesseraTch.40a25.91+.37 TetraTc.2824.43-.24 Tetraphase...24.71+.35 TxCapBsh...55.06-.13 TexInst1.36f42.31+.38 TexRdhse.6027.89+.56 Theravnce1.0016.13+.18 Thoratec...26.03-.02 TibcoSft...23.39+.18 TileShop...8.66+.39 TiVo Inc...12.06+.13 TowerSemi...8.99+.15 TractSupp.6457.70+.53 TrimbleN...28.37+.62 TripAdvis...78.97-.67 TriQuint...15.73+.53 TrueCar n...18.64+.13 21stCFoxA.2531.90+.08 21stCFoxB.2530.96+.25 21Vianet...17.41+.40 UTiWrldwd...10.38+.33 Ubiquiti.1731.69-.08 UltaSalon...111.96-1.21 Umpqua.6016.16+.08 Unilife...3.37+.05 UtdNtrlF...62.77+2.17 UtdTherap...122.11-.14 UnivDisp...28.24+.75 UnwiredP...1.64-.04 UrbanOut...34.66+.04 V-W-X-Y-ZVCA Inc...38.35+.10 VOXX Intl...6.86-.22 VandaPhm...9.20+.39 VangNatR2.5222.04-.34 VanSTCpB1.62e80.34-.05 VeecoInst...31.44+.83 VerintSys...52.82+1.25 Verisign...53.63-.05 Verisk...59.63+.52 VertxPh...104.26-1.65 ViacomA1.3269.08+.66 ViacomB1.3268.98+.76 Vical...1.17-.04 Vimicro h...8.72-.60 VimpelCm.45e5.87+.07 VistaPrt...53.00+.37 Vivus...3.38+.12 Vodafone1.82ed30.70-.09 Volcano...10.94-.40 WarrenRs...3.37-.27 WashFed.59f20.26+.32 Web.com...d18.58-.08 WebMD...35.76+.82 Weibo n...17.16+.01 Wendys Co.207.88+.26 WernerEnt.2024.25+.56 WDigital1.6085.87-.60 Westmrld...29.37-1.17 WstptInn g...d5.55-.42 WetSeal h....48+.02 WholeFood.4837.07+.35 WilshBcp.209.18+.02 Windstrm1.0010.05+.10 WisdomTr...10.09+.17 Wynn5.00173.84+.40 XOMA...3.81+.03 Xcerra...7.60+.05 XenoPort...6.21+.29 Xilinx1.1636.90+.63 YRC Wwde...15.23-.54 YY Inc...69.47+.06 Yahoo...37.97-.41 Yandex...25.32+.24 ZebraT...60.80-1.67 ZeltiqAes...22.20+.91 Zillow...103.01+2.70 ZionsBcp.16d26.67-.31 Zogenix...1.13-.04 Zulily n...36.99+1.11 Zynga...2.27-.01 12-mo Name NAV Chg%RtnNameDivLastChg Mutual Fund Footnotes: b Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f front load (sales charges). m Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA not available. p previous days net asset value. s fund split shares during the week. x fund paid a distribution during the week.Source:Morningstar and the Associated Press.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C9 Viagra 100 MG GEN$4 EACH SINGULAR 10MG GEN 100 for$145 CIALIS 20MG GEN$5 EACH Cost: $28/pp RSVP by Friday, October 17thIncludes bus transportation, tip to bus driver, snacks, lunch, refreshments, door prizes & so much more!Visit my web site for the latest in trips & travel specialsPick up at 1stBaptist Church of The VillagesHwy 42, Summereld at 9amCONSIGNMENTSHOPPING INOCALATuesday, October 21, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com Diversions 352-365-8208 features@dailycommercial.com BRIDGE How to play: Fill in the blank squares with the numbers 1 through 9 so that each horizontal row, vertical column and nine-square sub-grid contains no repeated numbers. Puzzles range in difculty from one to six stars. The solution to todays puz zle will be in tomorrows paper. YESTERDAYS SOLUTION Today is Wednesday, Oct. 15 the 288th day of 2014. There are 77 days left in the year. Todays Highlight in His tory : On Oct. 15, 1914, the Clayton Antitrust Act, which expanded on the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 : This year you become more concerned with your public and/or profession al reputation. If you remain focused, you will achieve a long-term desire. Be care ful of a tendency to go over board or overindulge in some way. You might want to employ self-discipline more often. If you are single and want to nd Mr. or Ms. Right, it can happen this year. If you are attached, the two of you are often out and about together enjoying yourselves. You could make a mutual long-term goal a reality this year. CANCER knows how to grab your at tention. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Others seek you out, but they might not appreci ate the reception you give them. You might feel as if you dont want to be dis tracted. Be clear with a key person in your life; he or she has much to share and would like to pitch in. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Dont push away a part ner with your need to rein in a situation. If you do, you will evoke a negative re sponse. Your vision could be very different from how someone else sees the same issue. Talk less and listen more. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You might want to change what is happening around you. Tap into your creativity to nd a way that will help you get what you desire without upsetting those close to you. Under standing will evolve as a re sult. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Youll be able to mo bilize your energy, express compassion and avoid a dif cult situation. Neverthe less, an argument suddenly could ensue from a misun derstanding. See what hap pens if you choose to go with the ow. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Listen to others, yet also tap into your own knowl edge. You could be driven to express your ideas, but others might not be in the mood to receive them. You tend to be more creative than many people, so dont give up just yet. Wait. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Friends will make a point of sharing what is on their mind. You might have difculty accepting what you are hearing. Let their words resonate, even for a day or so, before responding. You could be juggling different concerns. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You might want to ask some questions if a loved one becomes overasser tive. Getting to the root of the problem might be more important than you real ize. Consider your options. A discussion might be nec essary, but it also will be freeing. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Seek out more informa tion. Honor a change in your life, but expect to bypass the issue at hand. Other parties might not know how to handle your choices, so make it a point to be more open and fun-loving. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22Dec. 21) You might come off as being feistier than you realize. A friendship will allow you to express some of your resistance and feel accepted at the same time. Cut back a tendency to go overboard when indulging a loved one. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Allow more giveand-take with a very strong associate. This person might need to feel recog nized. Your immediate circle of friends will support your choices. Find someone who will play devils advocate for you, as you will need some feedback. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You could be question ing what would be the best way to handle a volatile sit uation. If you dont want to engage in a long disagree ment, you might consider letting it go. Emphasize your friendships. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You could be at your wits end and feel unsure about what needs to hap pen or what you should do. Understand what is going on with different parties, and tap into your resource fulness. Stay on top of a sit uation involving an authori ty gure. HOROSCOPES TODAY IN HISTORY DEAR ABBY: I think I have an abuse prob lem. I have been with my boyfriend for a year, and already I feel like he is fed up with me. I dont want to lose him. When I was younger, my father used to abuse me. It was years ago, but I feel like I might have gotten that trait from him. In addition, I have a tendency to smack my boyfriend on the arm when hes verbally abus ing me. I just want it to stop. I love this man and I feel terrible after I do it. I keep telling him Im sorry and that I have the worst tendency to act on impulse. Please tell me how to stop because I CANNOT lose him. Any suggestions? SOR RY IN KANSAS CITY, MO. DEAR SORRY: If you want your relationship to improve, you must realize it will take ef fort not only on your part but also your boy friends. Neither of you handles anger or frus tration appropriate ly. He shouldnt verbally abuse you if something bothers him. And you need to nd other ways than hitting him to make him stop. Couples counseling could help you commu nicate more effective ly with each other. Many licensed mental health professionals offer it. Please dont wait. DEAR ABBY: Our 5-yearold daughter, Maya, was diagnosed with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy before she was 2. My parents have completely overhauled their house and have gone nut-free. My hus bands parents, on the other hand, refuse to co operate with Mayas diet restrictions when she visits. I have tried talking to them, which in turn up sets my husband. He keeps making excuses for them, even though he demanded the school become nut-free to accommodate her. We were scheduled to go to their house for an early Thanksgiving when they revealed that the house still wasnt safe for Maya to come to. My husbands solu tion was to go there for the weekend and leave us behind. How can I get my inlaws to understand, and my husband to stand up for his daughter and me? LOOKING OUT FOR MAYA DEAR LOOKING OUT FOR MAYA: You cant. Your husband is still un der his parents thumb. While he may love his parents, his rst respon sibility is to you and his children. Until he nds his backbone and re alizes that, he will re main at his parents beck and call. Im glad youre looking out for your daughter because her father doesnt ap pear to be emotionally equipped to do it. DEAR ABBY: I can no longer go to funeral vis itations. I have buried my parents, two sisters, four brothers and nine nieces and nephews. The number of loved ones I have lost, and the visitations and funerals I have had to attend, have been overwhelming. I cant face it anymore. How do you suggest I avoid them? I am run ning out of excuses, and Im tired of being a noshow. HATES FUNERALS IN ILLINOIS DEAR HATES FUNERALS: People deal with loss in different ways, and you dont have to apologize for feeling the way you do. Stop making excus es and start telling the truth. When you are noti ed about a death, of fer your condolenc es, a donation, owers, and explain that after 17 deaths in your family, you no longer attend fu nerals because it has be come too much for you. That way, no one will think you dont care or wonder why you didnt show up. Dear Abby is written by Abi gail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was found ed by her mother, Pauline Phil lips. Write Dear Abby at www. DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Woman who abuses boyfriend cant figure out how to stop JEANNE PHILLIPS DEAR ABBY JACQUELINE BIGAR BIGARS STARS




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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL 1 212 E. Main St., Leesburg, FL 34748 www.dailycommercial.com rfntfb tfn www.southlakepress.com October is Breast Cancer Aw areness MonthWe Challenge Lake & Sumter County Businesses to Decorate their Doorway in Pink for the Month of October D008212


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