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Ass is te d Li vi ng & Me mo ry Ca re r rfnf t bf f r f f nt r f f b nn r f n t b O L T 352-253-5100 INMAN SHERMAN TURNS RAIDERS INTO TOP PROGRAM, SPORTS B1 BUDGET: Lake County Commission sets tax rate increase at 13.8 percent A3 WILDWOOD: Man on house arrest accused of having sex with teen A3 LEESBURG, FLORIDA Thursday, September 11, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com Vol. 138 No. 254 3 sections INDEX CLASSIFIED B6 COMICS C4 CROSSWORDS B7 DIVERSIONS C5 LEGALS B8 BUSINESS A6 NATION A5 OBITUARIES A4 SPORTS B1 VOICES A9 WORLD A5 TODAYS WEATHER Detailed forecast on page A10. 90 / 74 Some clouds and a t-storm 50 ROXANNE BROWN | Staff Writer roxanne.brown@dailycommercial.com W hen terrorists attacked the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, people all over the world were shocked. That included Andrew Feldman, a lieutenant colonel with the United States Marine Corps. But Feldman had to set his feelings aside and do his job, which involved ying over the devastation as part of a three-man Civil Air Patrol crew and Man describes birds eye view of Sept. 11 devastation LOCAL SEPT. 11 CEREMONIES Several remembrance ceremonies are planned for to day to mark the 13-year anniversary of the terrorist at tacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. James Brown, a retired New York reghter/para medic who was trapped for more than two hours when the north tower collapsed, will be the keynote speak er for a ceremony beginning at 9 a.m. at Clermont Fire Station #1, 439 State Road 50. The ceremony will be gin with the presentation of colors by Clermont Police and Fire Honor Guards from the Knights of Columbus. Lake Technical College will hold a 9 a.m. ceremo ny featuring the schools reghter and law enforce ment recruits reading the names of each of the fallen heroes. The ceremony will be held at Lake Techs Insti tute of Public Safety campus, 1565 Lane Park Cutoff, Tavares in Room 302. Eustis Heights Elementary School, 310 W. Taylor Ave., will have a 9/11 remembrance ceremony from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the South Tower. Guest speakers will include a survivor from the south tower. For the second year in a row, Bay Street Players will present a stage reading of The Guys, a play focusing on New York City reghters after 9/11 at 8 p.m. in Eustis. Tickets are $15, with some of the proceeds go ing to Camp Boggy Creek. Go to baystreetplayers.org for details. Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services is hosting a Field of Flags Memorial Display through Sunday at The Villag es Public Safety Department, 3035 Morse Blvd. in The Villages. The display will feature a eld of American ags 2,996 to be precise representing every vic tim, emergency responder and military member who lost their life on 9/11. LINDA CHARLTON / SPECIAL TO THE DAILY COMMERCIAL ABOVE: Andrew Feldman, a lieutenant colonel with the United States Marine Corps, was ordered to take photographs to document the scene at Ground Zero after terrorists attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11. BELOW: A photo shot by Feldman shows the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center. Witness to HISTORY JULIE PACE AP White House Correspondent WASHINGTON Open ing a new military front in the Middle East, President Barack Obama authorized U.S. airstrikes inside Syr ia for the rst time Wednes day night, along with ex panded strikes in Iraq as part of a steady, relentless effort to root out Islamic State extremists and their spreading reign of terror. We will hunt down terror ists who threaten our country, wherever they are, Obama declared in a prime-time ad dress to the nation from the White House. This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will nd no safe haven. Obama announced that he was dispatching near ly 500 more U.S. troops to Iraq to assist that coun trys besieged security forc es, bringing the total num ber of American forces sent there this summer to more than 1,500. He also urged Congress anew to authorize a program to train and arm Syrian rebels who are ght ing both the Islamic State militants and Syrian Presi dent Bashar Assad. Obamas plans amount ed to a striking shift for a president who rose to polit ical prominence in part be cause of his early opposi tion to the Iraq war. While in ofce, he has stead fastly sought to wind down American mili tary campaigns in the Middle East and avoid new wars particularly in Syria, a country where the chaos of an intractable civil war has given the Islamic State space to thrive and move freely Obama orders airstrikes in Syria ROXANNE BROWN | Staff Writer roxanne.brown@dailycommercial.com For the controversy to stop, red-light cameras must go, Clermont City Council members say. Councilman Rick Van Wagner told fel low board members this week that install ing the cameras in Cler mont was a mistake and American Trafc Solu tions (ATS) should be advised by letter to re move them in two years when its contract with the city expires. I gotta say the promis es ATS made to us about this program have failed to materialize, he said. Red-light cameras need to go away and never come back. We need to make sure of that. Soon after six cam eras were installed in January at several in tersections along State Road 50 to cut down on red-light running, motorists immediate ly began complaining they had been ticketed unfairly. City council members were irked when they found out 90 percent of the tick ets were for turning right on red, and a po lice department review ended up dismissing When contract ends, so may traffic cameras LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer livi.stanford@dailycommercial.com City, county and com munity leaders were elated after county com missioners returned $1.29 million in funding for a park in south Lake back in the scal year 2014-15 budget. I am happy to see the park is back on the list for future funding, Com missioner Sean Parks said. I see it as much of an economic devel opment opportunity as well as an opportunity to serve the growing num ber of children and ac tive adults in the south Lake area. The funding for the project, which has been budgeted out of the penny sales tax for s cal year 2014-15, is re ferred to as seed mon ey to build the park in the future. As the county com mission looked for ways to plug a $15 million shortfall in its budget, the park was one option South Lake parks funding survives AP FILE PHOTO SEE ATTACKS | A2 CLERMONT SEE CAMERAS | A2 SEE PARK | A2 SEE AIRSTRIKES | A2


A2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 across the border with Iraq. Speaking on the eve of the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Obamas plans were also an admis sion that years of Ameri can-led war in the Middle East have not quelled the terror threat emanating from the region. Obama insisted he was not returning U.S. com bat troops to the Middle East. Even so, he acknowl edged that any time we take military action, there are risks involved, espe cially to the servicemen and women who carry out these missions. But I want the Ameri can people to understand how this effort will be dif ferent from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not involve American combat troops ghting on foreign soil, he added. The presidents an nouncements follow a summer of deliberation at the White House over how to respond to the vi olent Islamic State mili tants. While administra tion ofcials have said they are not aware of a credible threat of a potential attack by the militants in the U.S., they say the group poses risks to Americans and in terests across the Middle East. Ofcials are also con cerned about the prospect that Westerners, includ ing Americans, who have joined the militant group could return to their home countries to launch attacks. In recent weeks, the militants have released videos depicting the be heading of two American journalists in Syria. The violent images appear to have had an impact on a formerly war-weary pub lic, with multiple polls in recent days showing that the majority of Ameri cans support airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria. The U.S. began launch ing limited airstrikes against Islamic State tar gets in Iraq earlier this summer at the request of that countrys for mer prime minister. But Obama vowed that he would not commit the U.S. to a deeper military cam paign until Iraq formed a new government that al lowed greater participa tion from all sects, a step Iraqi leaders took Tuesday. Ofcials said Obama plans to proceed with both the broader airstrikes in Iraq and the strikes in Syr ia without seeking new au thorization from Congress. Instead, he is to act under a use-of-force authoriza tion Congress passed in the days after 9/11 to give Pres ident George W. Bush the ability to go after those who perpetrated the terror at tacks. Obama has previous ly called for that authoriza tion to be repealed, but he has also used it as support for strikes against terror tar gets in Yemen and Somalia. that was exercised on Aug. 26 to help reduce that gap. But the cut did not sit well for several county commis sioners, and city and com munity leaders. The county has already ac quired the property at Max Hooks Road and Cathedral Lane for the proposed South Lake Regional Park. Total costs have been es timated between $8-10 mil lion, according to county of cials. We are pleased the coun ty commission put the seed money back in the budget, Clermont City Manager Dar ren Gray said. It has been a long process to get a region al park in the south part of the county. We have been working on this project for 15 years. After realizing there were not enough elds for organized sports in south Lake, particularly in the cities of Groveland and Mascotte, the county in 2002 adopted a Master Park Plan that included plans for a regional park in the south part of the county, according to Gray. But the plan for the park was put on hold because of a downturn in the economy, he said. Currently, more than 70 percent of users in orga nized youth sports leagues use facilities in Clermont but do not live there, Gray said. We have more users than space and time, he said of the need for a regional park. In Clermont, residents use Hancock Park, Bishop Field, West Park and Palatlakaha Park. Groveland Mayor Tim Loucks said the park is going to solve a big problem. This is going to alleviate the need for the residents of the cities to have to utilize the Clermont parks as often, especially for tournaments, he said. The park is going to make huge improvements in south Lake. Mascotte City Manager Jim Gleason said the facility is needed. Folks have to travel quite a distance, he said of city resi dents who utilize elds in Cl ermont. It is an added hard ship to families with young kids. Gleason said the No. 1 sport in Mascotte is soccer and there are not enough ample elds in the city for the sport. Further, Gleason applaud ed the commissions deci sion. This county needs to start focusing and investing in quality of life issues, he said. Parks and Recreation is one of those components. South Lake Chamber of Commerce President Ray San Fratello said the cham ber board had a close vote on the park because the cham ber was concerned about the potential 18 percent proper ty tax increase originally pro posed by county commis sioners in July. (The county commission on Sept. 9 low ered that increase to 13.8 percent.) Normally we might of said, The tax increase is too high, lower it, San Fratello said. But when you listen to cit ies and county governments sitting at our board meetings you see it from a different perspective, in terms of qual ity of life issues. The park, San Fratello said, serves an important purpose. It is not only for the citizens, businesses and families, he said. It is going to have an economic development and tourism aspect. Indeed, growth in the south region has explod ed over the years, resulting in the need for a park in the south region. From 2000 to 2010, Cler mont had the second highest population growth of any city in metro Orlando, according to Lake Countys Department of Economic Development and Tourism. When we have tourna ments come in, they are looking for additional elds, Gray said. A lot of times we dont have the elds that can accommodate the tourna ments that come in. Some times they have to go to west Orange County. The more eld space, we can keep the tournaments here in Lake County. more than 2,000 of the $158 citations. In June, City Manag er Darren Gray negotiat ed a deal with ATS to not install an additional 18 cameras as planned at in tersections along SR 50 and U.S. Highway 27. The only way I can de scribe this, is that this has been a nightmare and we have had victims in Cler mont that were not neces sary, Van Wagner said of locals who were ticketed. He wanted to make the decision to remove the cameras irrevocable, but City Attorney Dan Mantzaris said the current council cant bind a future council to that action. ATS can be given advance notice of the citys intent, he said. Since the matter was not on the agenda, Man tzaris asked Mayor Hal Turville to call for public comments and those who spoke reminded council members how adamant ly opposed many of them were to the cameras. Longtime resident Jim Purvis, who at one time was against the cameras but later changed his mind because of trafc safety concerns, apologized to Turville and council mem ber Keith Mullins, who were against the cameras from the beginning. One thing I want to say publicly is that, Mr. May or, I personally apologize and should have listened to you, council member Tim Bates echoed. I was sold on the safety aspect. I just want to publicly say, you were right. photographing the scene as it was happening. No other aircraft were allowed in the skies over Manhat tan after the initial attacks. Today, Feldman is still moved by what he saw from a perspec tive that only his crew and those in the F-15s ying alongside them as military escorts witnessed. It was chilling. Its kind of hard to describe, said Feldman of the things he saw and took pictures of from the inside of a Cessna 182. (The scene) looked like a kids game of pick-up sticks. I could see emergency workers crawling over all the rubble. They looked like ants crawling over a fallen forest. I come up with all sorts of eu phemisms, but really, what we were seeing was just all kinds of devastation. In 2001, Feldman, now 69, was based in eastern Long Island. After the 9/11 attacks, he was notied that he was to document what had happened to lower Manhattan. It took Feldman and two oth er crew members about one hour to get to the scene by plane. They took pictures for about 90 minutes before ying back to their base. Feldman said the Cessna 182 was built to y low and slow and was outtted for photo reconnaissance. We got as low as 900 feet above the ground, so we had a very good view of everything. I couldnt be lieve some of what we were seeing. But rst of all, we were ying un der order, so any type of emotions had to wait, Feldman said. De nitely, the emotions happened af terwards and are still lingering. In May (of 2014), Feldman and his wife Ilene, attended the grand opening of the National 9/11 Me morial Museum at Ground Zero, along with emergency service per sonnel and rst responders. Some of Feldmans pictures are perma nently displayed in the museum. Feldman, a consulting engineer, is still involved in the military af ter more than 25 years, as a reserv ist. Feldman lives with his wife at Kings Ridge in Clermont. HOW TO REACH US SEPT. 10 CASH 3 ............................................... 9-7-9 Afternoon .......................................... 6-1-8 PLAY 4 ............................................. 0-1-8-7 Afternoon ....................................... 4-1-2-8 FLORIDA LOTTERY SEPT. 9 FANTASY 5 ............................. 4-6-10-25-28 LUCKY MONEY ..................... 12-26-45-469 MEGA MILLIONS .............. 25-34-55-70-711 THE NEWSPAPER OF CHOICE FOR LAKE AND SUMTER COUNTIES SINCE 1875 The Daily Commercial (ISSN 0896-1042) is published daily for $90.74 per year (plus Florida sales tax) by Halifax Media Group at 212 East Main Street, Leesburg, Florida. Periodicals postage is paid at the USPO, Leesburg, FL. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to The Daily Commercial, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 34749-0007. All material contained in this edition is property of The Daily Commercial and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. 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Submissions also can be emailed to sports@dailycommercial.com. FRANK JOLLEY sports editor 352-365-8268 ................................ frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com GOOD FOR YOU AND CELEBRATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS Email news about your awards and personal or professional mile stones along with a photo, if you desire - to pam.fennimore@ dailycommercial.com. LINDA CHARLTON / SPECIAL TO THE DAILY COMMERCIAL Andrew Feldman holds a photo he took on Sept. 11, 2001. ATTACKS FROM PAGE A1 DAILY COMMERCIAL FILE PHOTO A red-light camera watches the intersection of U.S. Highway 27 and State Road 50 in Clermont on Dec. 3, 2013. CAMERAS FROM PAGE A1 PARK FROM PAGE A1 We are pleased the county commission put the seed money back in the budget. It has been a long process to get a regional park in the south part of the county. We have been working on this project for 15 years. Darren Gray, Clermont City Manager AIRSTRIKES FROM PAGE A1


Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A3 Area Briefs www.dailycommercial.com WEBSTER Suspect in Sumter County shootings arrested Another suspect has been cap tured in a Sumter County shooting case that expanded over three days in July. Lyndon Antwan Ford, 25, was taken into custody at an apart ment complex in Vero Beach on Wednesday morning through a joint law enforcement effort and charged with attempted rst-degree mur der and conspiracy to commit mur der, according to the Sumter County Sheriffs ofcials. Sheriffs ofcials are still look ing for another suspect in the case, Patrick Rashawn Mobley. Several suspects have been arrest ed in the shootings that started on July 23 when Tony Warthen, 34, of Webster, was shot in the face at a pop ular Fourth Street hangout in Webster after an argument. The next day, July 24, a shooting at the same spot left Kevin Smith, 34, of Brooksville, wounded in the stomach. The morning of July 25, more than 40 bullets were red at a Webster home and sheriffs of cials believe all three shootings were related. FRUITLAND PARK Sheriffs office looking for runaway teen The Lake County Sheriffs Ofce de tectives reported Wednesday they are looking for a 15-year-old who possibly ran away last week. Karleigh Abigale Mullins, of Fruitland Park, was reported miss ing by her parents on Friday after leaving her family home without saying where she was going. Since then, her family has been unable to nd her. According to an investigative re port, Mullins left home wearing a light gray hoodie and pink shorts, and was last spotted at the Wal-Mart in Fruitland Park. Detectives think she may have been trying to get a ride to Orange County. Mullins reportedly suffers from ADHD and depression, and has been having behavioral issues re cently, according to detectives. TAVARES Lake lands $4 million grant for schools Lake County Schools is one of two school districts in the nation to land a major, $4 million grant for profes sional learning. The Innovative Professional Development (iPD) grant will pay for personalized learning for teach ers and leaders over a three-year pe riod, according to a press release from the district. I am excited at the prospect of Lake County Schools being a leader in the development of personalized learning for teachers and leaders, Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley said in the release. Our goal is to have every child graduate and be ready to join the workforce or con tinue their studies in post-second ary education. Lake County Schools will use the grant to create more time for teach ers to collaborate, and establish systems and processes that focus on effectively embedding the new Florida Standards into daily class room work. The iPD grant is the third grant award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Lake County Schools. This past year the school district was awarded $500,000 in grants for the Next Generations System Initiative to design full-scale imple mentation plans for personalized learning for students, the press re lease said. State & Region NEWS EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN scott.callahan@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 THERESA CAMPBELL | Staff Writer theresacampbell@dailycommercial.com Leesburg Interna tional Airport Manag er Leo Treggi said he was put in a very, very awkward position af ter two airport tenants made a public presen tation to city commis sioners this week, ask ing for him to be given a higher salary of around $90,000 a year to be more in line with other top city ofcials. The request did not sit well with City Man ager Al Minner or the board, who voted against a pay raise or in changing the pay grade of the airport manager position. Treggis cur rent pay is $54,500. I didnt ask for them to speak and I had noth ing to do with it, Treg gi said of aviation exec utives Lee Webbs and Paul Harriss request for higher pay for the airport manager position on be half of 80 percent of the airport lease holders. We believe that our current airport man ager is a very good rep resentative of the city and airport matters, and we are concerned in the budget cycle that maybe he is not be ing appropriately com pensated, Webb said, pointing to a display board that showed the airport manager sala ry at the bottom of the chart. The other 13 posi tions on the board listed higher salaries, includ ing the citys director of gas at $92,144, the citys director of human re sources at $105,384 and the city managers sala ry at $145,000. Webb said in com paring the airport man ager salaries in oth er cities, Winter Haven has budgeted to pay $88,000 for an open po sition, while its airport does not have a con trol tower, customs or a re department like the Leesburg airport. He also noted the lo cal airport has 509 jobs, economic develop ment activity just un der $64 million and a payroll of $17.6 million. Webb asked the city commission to con sider a salary range of from $85,000 to $90,000 for Treggi to be consis tent with other airport managers. We are asking the commissioners to ap preciate where we are going and what we are trying to do at the air port, and support a sal ary that is commensu rate with the activities and budget that is going on at the airport. We be lieve it can be support ed, Webb said. Harris said at Treggis current salary, it would be hard to replace him if he leaves. The aviators salary request, which Minner LEESBURG Airport tenants seek pay raise for manager, city declines THERESA CAMPBELL / DAILY COMMERCIAL Aviation executive Lee Webb points to the salaries of different top city ofcials during Monday nights commission meeting. Webb and other airport lease holders believe the salary of Airport Manager Leo Treggi is too low. No more money We believe that our current airport manager is a very good representative of the city and airport matters, and we are concerned in the budget cycle that maybe he is not being appropriately compensated. Lee Webb, Leesburg International Airport tenant SEE RAISE | A4 TAMARA LUSH Associated Press DADE CITY A Florida judge set a tentative trial date on Wednesday in the case of a 72-year-old man accused of fatally shooting another man during an ar gument in a movie theater. Judge Pat Siracusa set a March 2 trial date and said he wants to move the case along as quickly as possible for the sake of the families involved. Another hearing to conrm the date is set for Oct. 15. Siracusa said he expects the trial to last three weeks and garner sig nicant national media at tention. Retired Tampa police Capt. Curtis Reeves is ac cused of shooting Chad Oulson, 43, on Jan. 13, during previews for Lone Survivor. They were ap parently arguing over tex ting. Oulsons wife, Nicole, was grazed in the hand by the bullet that killed her husband, police said. Reeves was charged with second-degree murder and with aggravated battery. He was released on $150,000 Judge sets trial date in theater shooting ANDY JONES / AP Nicole Oulson, left, widow of Chad Oulson, looks toward retired Tampa police Capt. Curtis Reeves (not pictured) in a Dade City courtroom after a pre-trial hearing for Reeves Wednesday. SEE TRIAL | A5 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millard.ives@dailycommercial.com An 18-year-old Wildwood man, put on house arrest in August af ter being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl, is back in the Sumter County jail after allegedly hav ing sex with anoth er 14-year-old. Donte Johnson has been charged with seven counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child under 16 years of age. Last year, Johnson was jailed on the same battery charges, as well as transmission of material harmful to minors, after he also WILDWOOD Man accused of having sex with another teen JOHNSON SEE JOHNSON | A4 THERESA CAMPBELL | Staff Writer theresacampbell@dailycommercial.com Leesburg property owners will not see a tax rate increase in the citys proposed $162 million budget for scal year 2014-15. A short budget hearing will take place at 5:05 p.m. today when the city commission is expected to vote to keep the same 4.3179 millage rate. A nal budget hearing will follow on Sept. 22, during the citys regular commission meeting, when the city leaders are ex pected to formally adopt the citys $162,282,904 budget. Its a pretty large budget, but you have to consider we have ve utilities, emergency services and all the other services, city spokesman Robert Sargent said Wednesday. I think residents will be happy that we are hold ing the millage the same, and we are not signicantly reducing LEESBURG Commission to hold the line on property taxes SEE BUDGET | A4 MULLINS LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer livi.stanford@dailycommercial.com Lake County commis sioners were divided this week on whether to raise taxes, with one vote be coming the deciding fac tor to tentatively set the property tax rate increase at 13.8 percent. If the budget passes without any further chang es on Sept. 23, the increase would mean a tax hike of $84 for a home with a tax able value of $100,000. Grappling with a $15 mil lion budget shortfall, com missioners set the tax rate at 18 percent in July. On Aug. 26, they reduced that percentage to 11.4 percent. But budget cuts made at that meeting, which in cluded funding for a park in south Lake and a storm water project, did not sit well with some commis sioners, and city and com munity leaders in south Lake. Commissioners Jimmy Conner, Sean Parks and Welton Cadwell voted to raise the property tax rate to 13.8 percent, putting those projects back in the budget, while commission ers Leslie Campione and Tim Sullivan dissented. Conner, Parks and Cadwell emphasized the TAVARES County officials divided on rate increase SEE TAX RATE | A5


A4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 and the commission rst got wind of more than a month ago during meetings with individuals and the airport advisory board, turned into an hourlong debate. I am a little bit disap pointed that this debate continues to go on, said Minner, who noted that many of the high er-paying city ofcials have been in their jobs for up to 20 years. Mayor John Christian said he felt uncomfort able discussing Treggi in a public forum. It sends a bad message to the rest of the people in the organization of Hey, go get a group together to come rally and say Im great Give me $31,000 more because my people that I serve like me. It causes a problem for me, it causes a big problem for me, and I think you put Leo in a bad spot. To me, this was a bad approach, Christian said. Commissioner Jay Hurley said he realizes there is a chance Treg gi could leave Leesburg. If Leo can go get a job somewhere else making $120,000 and he only makes $50,000 now, then he would be dumb not to. You never fault a man for bettering him self and his family, and I applaud that, said Hur ley, who also chided the public forum as being inappropriate. If Leo leaves, we will manage that according ly, Minner said. And until that time hap pens, we will move for ward and if that does happen, I think we have qualied staff, between myself and the new eco nomic development di rector (Mike Rankin) to keep us moving for ward. Treggi on Tuesday re ected on the debate. It was very, very awkward, he said. I have nothing to do with this. I havent asked them (airport lease holders to make request). They thought that I deserved it and it made it very awkward for me, especially being in public. Treggi declined to dis cuss what is next for him. As far as if I am look ing or being recruited at the moment, I would rather keep that pri vate, he said. allegedly sent inappro priate pictures of himself from his cell phone to the rst 14-year-old girl. In a plea deal made Aug. 25 in the Sum ter County courthouse, in which the lewd and battery charges were dropped, Johnson was sentenced to ve years of probation that in cluded two years of house arrest, according to the State Attorneys Ofce. But according to an arrest afdavit, on Aug. 26, the mother of an other 14-year-old girl reported to Wildwood police that her daugh ter had been having sex with Johnson. The mother told detec tives she had told John son about her daugh ters age and warned him to stay away. The girl told detec tives she and Johnson started having sex when he came to her house in December 2013 and the two had sex several times afterward. The arrest afdavit adds the girl told detec tives she went to school with Johnson, he was aware of her age and they were friends at the time of his arrest on the lewd and lascivious bat tery charges of the rst 14-year-old. Johnson remained in the Sumter County jail Wednesday on no bond for violating his status as a sex offender. NO TICE OF BUDGET MEETING OF THE BO ARD OF TR USTEES OF THE NOR TH LAKE COUNTY HOSPIT AL DISTRICTPursuant to Cha pter 2012-258, La ws of Florida, the Chair of the Tr ustees of the North Lake County Hospital District calls a Budget Meeting of the Board of Tr ustees to transpire on Thursday September 18, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Lake County Board of County Commissioners Room, 315 W. Ma in Street, Ta vares, Florida. The purpose of the Budget meeting is to adopt the tenta tive milla ge ra te and tenta tive budget and such other ma tters tha t may come before the Board to implement the procedures necessar y for compliance with Cha pter 2012-258, La ws of Florida. D006180 September 11, 2014 Tu esday September 16th at 3PM IN MEMORY OBITUARIES Marilyn LaVerne Jansen Marilyn LaVerne Jan sen, 82, of Leesburg, FL, died Tuesday, Sep tember 9, 2014 after a four year battle with colon cancer. Born in Melvin, IL, she and her husband moved to Leesburg in 1963. Mar ilyn helped Ted as a bookkeeper in the fam ily-owned Jansen Truck and Equipment for 32 years and upon retire ment, worked part-time as a bookkeeper at Lake County Paper and Prod ucts. She was a mem ber of Morrison United Methodist Church since 1963 and served on the Church Council, Fi nance Committee, Staff Parish, as a youth coun selor and many other church activities. She was a member of The Order of The Beauce ant; former Chairman of The Leesburg Neigh borhood Girl Scouts; Co-Leader of Girl Scout Troop No. 15; Eustis No.8087 V.F.W. Auxilia ry and Past President of the Orlando Scottish Rite Ladies. She enjoyed playing the piano, keep ing in touch with friends and spending time with her family. She is sur vived by her loving husband of 63 years, Theodore S. Ted Jan sen, Leesburg; daugh ter, Rita Clymer (Woody), Ocala; son, Kurt T Jansen, Sanford; grandchil dren, Shay Guynn (Ja son), Lee Clymer (Erin), Beau Clymer, Kate Jan sen, Kirby Harr, Jake Jansen and Tucker Jan sen; Great grandchil dren, Troy Guynn, Ellie Clymer, Austin Clymer and Lana Harr. She is preceded in death by daughter-in-law Bren da Jansen of Sanford. We were very bless ed to have her in our lives as a loving wife, mom, friend and exam ple. We will deeply miss her smile, kindness and strength. A Memorial Service will be held Sat urday, September 13, 2014 at 4:00 PM at Mor rison United Method ist Church, Leesburg. In lieu of owers, me morial contributions may be made to Bahia Shrine Hospital; Morri son Endowment Fund or Salvation Army. On line condolences may be left at www.beyers funeralhome.com. Ar rangements entrusted to Beyers Funeral Home and Crematory, Lees burg, FL. Ronald James Williams Ronald James Wil liams visitation will be Friday, September 12, 2014, 6pm until 8pm. House of God, 1010 Mc Namee Street, Lees burg, FL. Elder Bessie Brinson, Pastor. Ser vices will be held Sat urday, September 13, 2014 @ 11am. St. James Baptist Church, 421 South Lincoln St., Bush nell, FL. Burial will fol low @ South Sumter Evergreen Cemetery, Bevilles Corner, FL. All arrangements entrust ed to Eastside Funeral Home, Leesburg, FL. Mildred Sue Palmer Witt Mildred Sue Palmer Witt, 86, passed away August 27, 2014, Lees burg, FL. She was born May 16, 1928 in Whit well, TN to Bert and Edith Palmer. She grad uated from Central High School in Chattanooga, TN and worked over 40 years for General Elec tric, Coors and 3M, re tiring in 1992. She mar ried Joel Witt on January 29, 2011 and they re sided in Leesburg, FL. Mildred was preced ed in death by her par ents, her sister, Doris and her son, Danny. She is survived by her hus band, Joel, her son and daughter-in-law, Ran dall and Sandy Doyle of Chattanooga, TN, a grandson, Dr. Joshua Doyle of Nashville, TN, two grand daugh ters, Sar ah Doyle of Chatta nooga, TN and Ni cole Doyle of Nashville, TN and four great grandchil dren. A memorial ser vice will be held at Mor rison United Methodist Church in Leesburg, FL on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM. In lieu of owers, the fam ily suggests donations be made to the Mor rison United Method ist Church Endowment Fund, 1005 W. Main St, Leesburg, FL 34748. DEATH NOTICES Charles E. Breedlove Charles E. Charlie Breedlove, 83, of Eustis, died Tuesday, Septem ber 9, 2014. Steverson, Hamlin & Hilbish Fu nerals and Cremations, Tavares. Leslie Kenneth Guest Leslie Kenneth Guest, 88, of Leesburg, died Monday, September 8, 2014. Page-Theus Fu neral Home and Crema tion Services, Leesburg. Carolyn Elizabeth Reider Carolyn Elizabeth Reider, 48, of Leesburg, died Thursday, Septem ber 4, 2014. Beyers Fu neral Home, Leesburg. JANSEN WITT RAISE FROM PAGE A3 JOHNSON FROM PAGE A3 BUDGET FROM PAGE A3 public services. We are keeping those level of services that our con stituents expect from us, and we are actually improving the way we doing things within the city and making things more efcient. The budget was Leesburg City Man ager Al Minners rst since arriving last De cember after Jay Evans resigned. I cant say this enough. This is a big credit to Al, Sargent said, noting Min ner worked closely with the city staff in crunching the num bers. Al is very fru gal. I have never met a more frugal city man ager in trying to save costs wherever you can, but within that, he has reduced the budget and also has opened up great op portunities for us to do new things. These new things include hiring Mike Rankin, who started Monday, as the citys new assistant city manager/econom ic development direc tor, and plans to hire a Parks and Recreation director. Sargent said within the citys budget, there is the general fund budget of $22,201,446, which comes from property taxes and the transfers the city makes from the utilities to supplement services that are paid for from the general fund. The $22 million dol lars is actually a reduc tion this year, and that is the rst remarkable thing that Al Minner and the city staff were able to put togeth er. In this budget we are reducing the gen eral fund by over $1 million, Sargent said, adding for the past six years, the city has been focused on reducing operating costs. And to be able to do that to the tune of $1 million this year, was really, re ally remarkable. Among the cuts, sav ings and projects for 2014-15: $531,000 in sav ings from attrition through re depart ment in retirement and in reducing main tenance costs. Implementing about $800,000 in im provements to waste water systems, which the city will save mon ey with sludge being compacted in cakelike form and handed over to a third-party vendor. By adding natural gas services into The Villages of Fruitland Park, the city will gain more business in gas utility. Spending $1.22 million in Phase 1 of improving Venetian Gardens by buying out apartments and mak ing improvements around Kids Korner playground. It was very, very awkward I have nothing to do with this. I havent asked them (airport lease holders to make request). They thought that I deserved it and it made it very awkward for me, especially being in public. Leo Treggi, Leesburg International Airport manager


Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A5 county had cut its budget drastically over the last few years, reducing 159 positions, and was now at the point it could no longer borrow from reserves to balance the budget. Reserves have dropped from $33 million in 2008 to $10.5 million in 2014, accord ing to county ofcials. Passing a budget without a tax increase came at a cost of making serious cuts to service levels and programs, those commissioners stated. To have no tax increase, we are talking about serious cuts, Parks said. It is not a matter of moving money around and be ing creative, and doing some thing to make this thing work out. It is a $12.9 million decit that is not new spending. Echoing similar sentiments, Conner said the county found itself in this position because we have not balanced the bud get without reserves since I have been on the commission in 2007. One thing that disappoints me is we did not do a good job in communicating how we drasti cally downsized government, he said. We have cut 159 posi tions. That is a lot of positions. Conner noted the county has the second lowest proper ty tax rate in the region. Also speaking of the need for the tax increase, Cadwell questioned those who crit icized the county by stat ing that more fat could be trimmed from the budget. There is nowhere else (to cut), he said. Positions are gone. We are down to just being able to keep up with the folks who walk in the door every day. Our employees have been com mitted to do two and three jobs. We owe it to them as we owe it to our public safety people. There is a portion of the public that depends on us and we have to be there for those folks. Reinstating the stormwater project was also critical, Cad well said. It will help protect a hole in Lake County that runs directly to the aquifer, he said. Campione, however, re mained steadfast in her posi tion to not cut taxes. Raising taxes is not busi ness friendly, she said. We are at a point if we keep spending at the same levels and taxable values are growing, we will not have to rely on reserves. While citing the number of positions cut since 2007, Cam pione said she found that 110 of those positions, the majori ty, were from the Growth Man agement Department. But, county ofcials con rmed Wednesday only 49 positions were cut from that specic department. In a phone interview Wednes day, Parks said, There has been no feasible proposal that can balance the budget with out a tax increase and without not having serious cuts. Also speaking to the Daily Commercial Wednesday, Sul livan explained his reason ing for voting against the tax increase, stating he thought the property tax rate increase should be around 4 percent instead of 13.8 percent. He stated he would accom plish this by reducing the con stitutional ofcers budgets by 2 percent and reducing the coun tys policy requiring reserves to remain at 7 percent to 5 percent. As a result, he said, those mon ies would be made up later. There were 41 residents who spoke at Tuesdays meeting, with 20 speaking out against the tax increase, according to the county managers ofce. Many residents spoke be fore the commission about their concern that a project known as Miracle Field, which is expected to open later this year at Lake Idamere Park to serve children with special needs, would be deferred. According to a county press release, the Miracle Field would be a unique play area specif ically designed to assure that children of all abilities are able to play in a safe area created to meet their special needs. On Aug. 26 commissioners voted 3-2, with commission ers Campione and Sullivan dissenting, to support Miracle Field and other park projects. While Campione voted against the park previously, at the same time, she questioned why people showing up at this weeks meeting were worried the project would be cut. I dont think there was ever any discussion about cutting Miracle Field, she said. Why did people come in with the impression that we were go ing to cut Miracle Field? CR OW NS$399Eac h(3 or mor e per visit) D2751/ Re g $59 9 ea. Po rcel ain on non Pr ecious me ta l DENTURES$74 9Eac hD0 51 10 or D0 51 20DENT AL SA VIN GSTh e patie nt an d any oth er per son re spons ible for paym ent has the right to re fuse to pay cancel payme nt or be re imburs ed for paym ent for any other ser vices, ex aminat ion whic h is per for med as a re sult of and with in 72 hours of re spon ding to the ad ve rt is em en t fo r th e discounted fee or re duced fee ser vice or tr eatment. Fees may va ry due to comple xity of case This disc ount do es no t appl y to th ose patie nt s wi th den tal pla ns. Fee s ar e mi ni mal. PR IC ES ARE SU BJ ECT TO CHA NGE. LEESBUR GM T. DORASu nr is e De nt al Tr i-D ent al r ff nt bb f Consul tat ion and Seco nd Op in ion No Ch ar ge!n t t NEW PA TIENT SPEC IAL COMPLETE SET OF X-RA YS (D0210) CLEANING BY HYGIENIST (D110) EX AMINA TION BY DO CTOR (D0150) SECOND OPINION$49Reg. $155(IN ABS ENCE OF GUM DISEA SE ) D00 2409 TRIAL FROM PAGE A3 bail in July. The former Tampa ofcer must stay at home except to attend church or go to the doc tors ofce or the grocery store. He also had to sur render any rearms. Oulson worked at a motorsports store and left behind a young daughter. Defense attorneys and prosecutors both told the court they werent close to any sort of plea deal; an assis tant state attorney told the judge that he was seeking life in prison for Reeves, and Reeves at torney said he was look ing for the charges to be dropped. Reeves, who wore a suit and tie to court on Wednesday, walked out the front door of the courtroom after the hearing while hold ing his wifes hand. His attorney, Richard Es cobar, said he and the legal team are still months away from de ciding whether to le a motion under Floridas so-called stand your ground law. Escobar has said in the past that Reeves felt his life was in danger af ter Chad Oulson threw an object at him during the confrontation in the theater. These charges and hearings take a toll on him, said Escobar. Hes interested that a thorough investigation is done by both sides. Nicole Oulson also was in court to watch the procedings. She didnt speak to the media, but her attorney did. We want answers, said TJ Grimaldi. We want to make sure hes put away for the rest of his life. TAX RATE FROM PAGE A3 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millard.ives@dailycommercial.com A search for a supposed suicid al 15-year-old girl led to at least two men being jailed Tuesday. Lake County sheriffs deputies responded to a Fruitland Park home on Tuesday where a wom an said her 15-year-old daugh ter had taken off with a man in a Jeep Cherokee, later identied as Thomas Riggio. The girl had left a suicide note behind that included a statement she was using methamphetamine. Deputies eventually spotted the Jeep on State Road 19 in Uma tilla and found the girl inside with Riggio. She allegedly admitted to using meth with the driver over the past few days but added she wasnt serious about the suicide. According to an arrest af davit, deputies could smell chemicals coming from the ve hicle that Riggio reportedly admit ted were used to cook meth. Rig gio, 23, of Uma tilla, was charged with contributing to the delinquen cy of a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia. He remained in the Lake County jail Wednesday in lieu of $3,000 bail. Travis Michael Defosse, 24, of Eustis, a back seat passenger in the Jeep, al legedly had a marijuana pipe and alprazolam pills in his pos session. He was charged with possession of a schedule nar cotic and drug equipment, and remained jailed Wednesday in lieu of $6,000 bail. TAVARES Suicide note leads to drug charges RIGGIO DEFOSSE SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer WASHINGTON Earths protective ozone layer is beginning to recover, large ly because of the phase-out since the 1980s of certain chemicals used in refrig erants and aerosol cans, a U.N. scientic panel re ported Wednesday in a rare piece of good news about the health of the planet. Scientists said the devel opment demonstrates that when the world comes to gether, it can counteract a brewing ecological crisis. For the rst time in 35 years, scientists were able to conrm a statistically signicant and sustained increase in stratospheric ozone, which shields the planet from solar radiation that causes skin cancer, crop damage and other problems. From 2000 to 2013, ozone levels climbed 4 percent in the key mid-northern lati tudes at about 30 miles up, said NASA scientist Paul A. Newman. He co-chaired the every-four-years ozone assessment by 300 scien tists, released at the United Nations. Its a victory for diploma cy and for science and for the fact that we were able to work together, said chem ist Mario Molina. In 1974, Molina and F. Sherwood Rowland wrote a scientic study forecasting the ozone depletion problem. They won the 1995 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work. The ozone layer had been thinning since the late 1970s. Man-made chloro uorocarbons, called CFCs, released chlorine and bro mine, which destroyed ozone molecules high in the air. After scientists raised the alarm, countries around the world agreed to a treaty in 1987 that phased out CFCs. Levels of those chemicals between 30 and 50 miles up are decreasing. The United Nations cal culated in an earlier re port that without the pact, by 2030 there would have been an extra 2 million skin cancer cases a year around the world. Scientists say the Earths ozone layer is recovering


A6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 Business austin.fuller@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8263 DOW JONES 17,068.71 + 54.84 NASDAQ 4,586.52 + 34.23 S&P 500 1,995.69 + 7.25 GOLD 1,245.30 3.20 SILVER 18.93 + 0.006 CRUDE OIL 91.67 1.08 T-NOTE 10-year 2.53 + 0.03 www.dailycommercial.com STEVE FUSSELL Special to The Daily Commercial A Coral Gables developers year-long effort to build apart ments in a residential area on Spring Lake Road is back before city commissioners again to night for nal approval. Developer Jonathan Penner will ask for zoning changes to permit development of 110 rental apart ments on the 14.27-acre tract, which fronts on Lake Geneva near Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Last September, Penner pro posed building 156 apartments in three-story buildings. After ap proval by the citys Planning and Zoning Board and an initial yes vote from commissioners, more than 80 local residents most of them opposed to the project showed up for a nal vote in Jan uary. Commissioners reversed themselves at that meeting and denied Penners application. Penner returned to Fruitland Park in April with a revised plan that showed only 110 units and additional buffers to protect nearby home owners. Commis sioners approved the plan but ta bled the nal vote until tonight. Myron Waye, whose family has lived adjacent to the apartment site for nearly a century and who served as spokesman for neigh bors opposing the development, said Penner has convinced most area home owners that his cur rent plan is feasible. Waye said about 18 homeown ers met with Penner at city hall last week and, while some still plan to oppose the project, most local residents agree the current plan is acceptable. Mr. Penner showed us three options, Waye explained. He could build two-story rental apartments with the landscaping, setbacks, buffers, height restric tions and privacy fencing we want. Option two is town homes without the landscaping and buffers, basi cally an asphalt parking lot with buildings. The third option is sin gle-family houses, Waye said. Residents agreed apartments with all the restrictions make the most sense. Its a question of the lesser evil, Waye said. Associated Press NEW YORK Stocks are closing slightly high er as the market breaks a two-day slump. Apple was in fo cus again. The compa ny gained 3 percent a day after announcing a mobile payment sys tem, new iPhones and a smartwatch. Krispy Kreme Dough nuts sank 3 percent af ter reporting earnings that fell short of ana lysts forecasts. The Dow Jones in dustrial average rose 54 points, or 0.3 per cent, to close at 17,068 Wednesday. The Standard & Poors 500 index rose seven points, or 0.4 percent, to 1,995. The Nasdaq com posite rose 34 points, or 0.8 percent, to 4,586. Ap ple is the biggest compo nent of both the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq. Spring Lake Road project back again STEVE FUSSELL Special to The Daily Commercial Owners of 7.13 acres on the corner of County Road 466A and Micro Racetrack Road in Fruitland Park are planning to build an 86,000-squarefoot mixed-use commercial project with retail and med ical ofce space. The site is diagonal ly across from the main en trance to The Villages of Fruitland Park, where the development of more than 2,000 new homes is under way. Community Development Director Charlie Rector said he has held preliminary dis cussions with project engi neers and leasing agents on the design phase of the com mercial project. Records at the Lake Coun ty Property Appraisers of ce show that DPHFL LLC of Ponte Vedra Beach owns an .89-acre corner parcel. GMA Industrial Corp., based in Los Angeles, owns 6.24 acres surrounding the DPH FL parcel. Rector said no start date for the project has been set. Their timing will depend on The Villages, he said. The Villages plans to build a $500,000 sewer line along the north side of CR 466A, across from the new Villages of Fruitland Park, as part of the Developers Agreement Rector negotiated on behalf of the city last year. That infrastructure, along with a road widening proj ect expected to start before the end of the year, will open more than 160 acres along CR 466A, east of Timbertop Lane, to potential commer cial development. For comparison, one of those properties the 86acre Bouis tract is con siderably larger than the 56acre Lake Square Mall. Leesburg city commis sioners this week agreed to extend a natural gas line to The Villages of Fruitland Park. Well be anticipating picking up any commer cial businesses along (CR) 466A, Leesburg Utility Di rector Jack Rogers said. FRUITLAND PARK Large development eyed in Fruitland Park CURRENCIES Dollar vs. Exchange Pvs Rate Day Yen 106.82 106.34 Euro $1.2905 $1.2920 Pound $1.6199 $1.6091 Swiss franc 0.9376 0.9340 Canadian dollar 1.0947 1.1004 Mexican peso 13.1982 13.2247 Stocks break 2-day losing streak as Apple gains


The Market In Review A-B-CABB Ltd.78e23.00-.08 ACE Ltd2.56e105.72+.21 ADT Corp.8036.71+.45 AES Corp.2014.48-.26 AFLAC1.4859.84-.68 AGCO.44d47.34-.38 AK Steel...9.08-.26 AOL...42.03-.26 AVG Tech...16.64-.47 Aarons.0825.72+.13 AbbottLab.8842.90+.07 AbbVie1.6857.19+.24 AberFitc.8040.94+.34 AbdAsPac.426.03-.04 Accenture1.86e81.21+.26 AccoBrds...7.81+.02 Actavis...231.25-1.36 Actuant.0433.11+.01 AdvDrain n...u20.20+1.24 AMD...4.08... AdvSemi.22e6.24+.08 AdvPerHY4.00e51.78-.01 AecomTch...37.38+.08 Aegon.30e8.30+.08 AerCap...45.93-.01 Aeropostl...4.07-.02 Aetna.9084.41-.53 AffilMgrs...206.73-.98 Agilent.5357.69+.24 Agnico g.3234.05-.33 Agrium g3.0091.27-.52 AirLease.1237.37-.20 AirProd3.08131.61+1.50 AlaskaAir s.5047.49+.89 Albemarle1.1064.70+1.28 AlcatelLuc.18e3.37+.02 Alcoa.1217.20+.09 Alere...36.15+.13 AlexREE2.88f78.22-.81 AllegTch.7241.97+.36 Allegion n.3251.95+.21 Allergan.20166.73+.61 Allete1.9647.61-.29 AlliData...259.21+13.57 AlliBInco.41a7.49+.03 AlliantEgy2.0457.82-.25 AlliantTch1.28133.82+3.74 AlldNevG...3.31-.05 AllisonTrn.4829.99-.08 Allstate1.1260.89+.05 AllyFin n...24.42-.29 AlonUSA.40f16.61... AlphaNRs...3.41+.04 AlpIntDvDg1.20e29.65-.05 AlpAlerMLP1.12e19.24-.02 AltisResid1.73e24.35-.52 Altria2.08fu43.86+.21 Ambev n.29e6.90+.07 Ameren1.6038.81-.02 AMovilL.35e25.72-.25 AmApparel....92+.01 AmAxle...18.40+.18 AmCampus1.5239.17-.67 AEagleOut.5013.71-.03 AEP2.0052.99... AHm4Rent.2017.98-.02 AmIntlGrp.5055.35+.27 AResidPrp...u19.39+.09 AmTower1.36f97.47-1.09 AmWtrWks1.2449.40-.19 Ameriprise2.32125.60+.88 AmeriBrgn.9477.96-.04 Ametek.3652.78+.36 Amphenol1.00f103.40-.04 AmpioPhm...d3.52-.05 Anadarko1.08106.70+.35 AnglogldA...13.07-2.42 ABInBev2.82e111.71+.23 Ann Inc...41.19-.53 Annaly1.25e11.71-.07 Annies...46.13+.03 AnteroRs n...56.45+.61 Anworth.48e5.07-.05 Aon plc1.0086.71+.24 Apache1.0097.28+.17 AptInv1.0433.90-.63 ApolloGM3.08e23.66+.12 Aramark n.3026.99+.13 ArcelorMit.2014.59-.08 ArchCoal.01m2.97+.02 ArchDan.96u50.67+.21 ArcosDor.24d6.45-.20 ArmadaHof.649.23-.42 ArmourRsd.604.25... ArmstrWld...58.10-1.23 Ashland1.36106.92+1.08 Assurant1.0865.42-.24 AssuredG.4423.70+.22 AstoriaF.1613.09+.22 AstraZen2.80e74.70+1.12 AthlonEn...44.66+.65 AtlPwr g.403.96+.10 AtlasPpln2.52f37.53+.73 AtwoodOcn...45.98-.31 AuRico g.02m3.84-.22 Autohme n...43.17-3.63 Autoliv2.16100.76-.29 AvalonBay4.64148.98-6.85 AveryD1.4048.31-.18 Avnet.64f43.76+.02 Avon.2413.39+.22 Axiall.6439.93+.51 B&G Foods1.3629.12+.48 B2gold g...2.18-.05 BB&T Cp.9637.83+.56 BCE g2.4745.11+.20 BHP BillLt2.42e65.91-.11 BP PLC2.34f46.52+1.37 BP Pru10.74e94.08-.33 BPZ Res...2.39-.01 BRF SA.19e25.35+.17 BabckWil.4028.54-.16 BakrHu.68f67.27+.43 BallCorp.5265.90+.23 BallyTech...80.33+.13 BalticTrdg.07e5.99+.15 BcBilVArg.61e12.46+.13 BcoBrad pf.44e16.59-.55 BcoSantSA.83e9.90-.05 BcoSBrasil.90e6.86-.07 BcSanChile1.02e23.90+.21 BkofAm.20f16.36+.22 BkAm pfW...24.91... BkIreland...16.12-.11 BkNYMel.6839.13+.34 Bankrate...13.70+.10 BankUtd.8431.93+.54 Banro g....26-.00 Barclay.41e14.95+.32 BarVixMdT...12.17-.03 B iPVix rs...28.07-.16 BarnesNob...23.56-.53 Barnes.4434.03-.19 BarrickG.2016.74-.14 BasicEnSv...22.12+.23 Baxter2.0875.28+1.01 BeazerHm...18.81+.38 BectDck2.18115.03-.52 Bemis1.0839.56-.26 Berkley.4448.21+.26 Berkley pfB1.4123.21-.17 BerkH B...137.72+.83 BerryPlas...24.46+.05 BestBuy.7632.31+.51 BigLots.6846.14-.06 BBarrett...21.98+.15 BioMedR1.0021.93-.20 BioTime...3.59-.02 BitautoH...83.88+1.44 BlackRock7.72329.86+1.42 BlkCpHiY.91a11.94-.03 BlkDebtStr.30a3.93-.01 BlkEEqDv.568.33+.03 Blackstone1.71e32.51+.01 BlkstnMtg1.68e29.00-.01 BlockHR.8032.35... Blyth.10m9.87-.01 BdwlkPpl.4019.25+.36 Boeing2.92128.22+.01 BonanzaCE...58.16+1.51 BoozAllnH.44a22.64+.34 BorgWrn s.52f61.34-.48 BostProp2.60a119.05-2.35 BostonSci...12.51+.13 BoydGm...11.46+.06 Brandyw.6015.73-.35 Brinker1.12f51.17+.64 BrMySq1.4451.08+.60 BristowGp1.2870.91-.20 Brixmor n.8023.55-.23 BroadrdgF1.08f42.98+.08 Brookdale...33.84-.05 BrkfldAs g.6447.16-.18 Brunswick.50f44.71+.63 Buenavent.02e12.91-.15 BungeLt1.3685.36-.20 BurgerKng.32f31.39-.46 BurlStrs n...37.89+.71 C&J Engy...27.83+.02 CBL Asc.9818.57-.23 CBRE Grp...30.53-.29 CBS A.60f58.27-.15 CBS B.60f57.64-.22 CBS Outd n1.4831.49-1.59 CF Inds6.00f251.50+.53 CIT Grp.60f48.27+.13 CMS Eng1.0830.05-.18 CNO Fincl.2417.25+.10 CPFL Eng.91e17.44-.13 CSX.6431.00-.10 CVR Rfng2.69e23.49-.28 CVS Health1.1080.91+.05 CYS Invest1.20m9.12-.16 Cabelas...58.73-.21 CblvsnNY.6018.92-.18 CabotO&G.0833.84+.09 CalDive....80+.00 CallGolf.047.57+.07 CallonPet...9.21+.07 Calpine...23.44-.01 CAMAC s....54-.06 CamdenPT2.6473.07-1.99 Cameco g.4018.88+.19 Cameron...71.35+.59 CampSp1.2543.42+.20 CdnNR gs1.0073.13-.50 CdnNRs gs.9040.85+.19 CP Rwy g1.40204.62-1.63 CapOne1.2081.23-.29 CapsteadM1.30e13.15-.08 CarboCer1.32f104.04+1.96 CardnlHlth1.37u75.48+.19 CareFusion...46.36+.48 CarMax...52.10-.14 Carnival1.0038.87+.19 CastleBr...1.12+.04 Castlight n...14.10+.30 Catalent n...u22.99+.51 Caterpillar2.80f105.93-1.47 CedarF2.8047.89+.36 Celanese1.0061.31-.17 Cemex.52t13.33+.06 Cemig pf s1.40e7.77-.06 CenovusE1.0630.63+.11 Centene...79.49+.14 CenterPnt.9524.61-.08 CenElBras.18e3.21-.01 CFCda g.0113.27-.05 CntryLink2.1639.69-.30 Cenveo...2.87-.08 ChambStPr.507.71-.07 ChannAdv...18.36+1.15 Cheetah n...26.81-.47 Chemtura...24.94+.11 CheniereEn...83.83+.74 ChesEng.3525.53-.06 ChespkLdg1.2030.10-.49 Chevron4.28124.28-.90 ChicB&I.2862.41+.81 Chicos.3015.58+.14 Chimera.36a3.28-.02 ChiMYWnd...3.30+.28 ChinaMble2.04e63.88-.93 ChinaUni.23e17.36-.33 Chiquita...13.96+.15 Chubb2.0091.38+.09 ChurchDwt1.2469.82+.78 CienaCorp...19.40-.02 Cigna.0494.33-1.65 Cimarex.64135.94+1.66 CinciBell...3.70+.02 Citigroup.0451.83+.57 Civeo n.5225.11+.27 CleanHarb...56.17+.55 CliffsNRs.6013.82-.04 Clorox2.96f89.94+.44 CloudPeak...d13.60-.11 ClghGlbOp1.1412.65+.08 ClubCorp n.4817.58-.06 Coach1.3536.91+.25 CobaltIEn...14.99... CocaCE1.0045.79-.29 Coeur...6.93-.07 Colfax...63.31-.08 ColgPalm1.4464.00+.57 ColonyFncl1.4422.86-.03 ColumPT n1.2025.34-.62 Comerica.8050.70+.74 CmclMtls.4817.42-.31 CmtyBkSy1.20f35.82+.40 CmtyHlt...55.21+.43 CBD-Pao.44e48.26+.06 CompSci.9259.75+.39 ComstkRs.5021.22+.17 Con-Way.60f53.05-.04 ConAgra1.0032.46-.03 ConchoRes...131.96+2.61 ConocoPhil2.92f78.99+.03 ConsolEngy.2538.86+.17 ConEd2.5256.83-.10 ConstellA...86.19+1.03 Constellm...26.83-.01 ContlRes...149.25-.86 Cnvrgys.2818.59+.31 CooperCo.06162.62+.07 CooperTire.4230.27+.07 CopaHold3.84127.16+1.40 Copel.95e16.21-.19 CornstProg.934.63-.01 Corning.4021.02+.03 CorrectnCp2.0435.56-.06 Cosan Ltd.30e13.14-.25 Cott Cp.247.59-.01 Coty.2017.32+.17 Coupons n...15.05+.16 CousPrp.3012.88-.17 CovantaH1.00f21.28+.02 Covidien1.2891.07+.43 Crane1.32f68.01-.50 CSVInvNG...4.07+.05 CSVLgNGs...15.05-.18 CredSuiss.79e27.22-.04 CrestwdEq.5511.70+.02 CrwnCstle1.4079.92+.22 CrownHold...49.47-.31 CubeSmart.5218.54-.33 Cummins3.12f140.40-1.04 D-E-FDCT Indl.287.89-.11 DDR Corp.6217.82-.27 DHT Hldgs.086.97+.58 DNP Selct.7810.22+.03 DR Horton.25f21.96+.27 DSW Inc s.7530.14-.13 DTE2.76f77.32-.55 DanaHldg.2022.19-.24 Danaher.4076.93+.36 DaVitaHlt...74.21-.08 DeVryEd.3443.68+.29 DeanFoods.2815.68-.13 DeckrsOut...u97.13+2.40 Deere2.4081.98-.27 DejourE g....26+.00 Delek.60a34.07-.46 DelphiAuto1.0070.86-.38 DeltaAir.3639.55+.73 DenburyR.2516.19-.01 DeutschBk1.02e35.29+.58 DeuEurHgd.53e27.66+.12 DevonE.9670.67+.16 Diageo3.46e120.32+.51 DiaOffs.50a41.30+.03 DiamdRsts...23.83-.06 DiamRk.4113.33-.15 DianaShip...10.33+.10 DicksSptg.5046.14+.77 Diebold1.1538.44-.21 DigitalRlt3.3266.54-.83 DirSPBear...24.00-.27 DxGldBull...33.35-1.94 DrxFnBear...16.22-.18 DxEMBear...28.58+.30 DrxSCBear...14.47-.27 DirGMBear...13.46+.84 DirGMnBull...17.13-1.21 Dx30TBear...44.49+.78 DrxEMBull...33.38-.38 DrxFnBull...106.46+1.15 DirDGldBr...20.08+1.08 DrxSCBull1.19e75.29+1.32 DrxSPBull...80.53+.93 DirxEnBull...109.13-.91 Discover.9662.99+.05 DollarGen...63.70+.28 DomRescs2.4069.53-.34 Domtar g s1.5037.03-.14 DoralFin...6.76+.54 DEmmett.8028.34-.27 Dover1.60f86.66-.10 DowChm1.4853.36-.10 DrPepSnap1.6462.71+.46 DresserR...67.59+.12 DuPont1.88f65.21-.06 DuPFabros1.4028.41-.73 DukeEngy3.18f73.39-.40 DukeRlty.6818.19-.21 Dynegy...30.48-.01 E-CDang...13.09-.30 E-House.20e11.18+.01 EMC Cp.4629.50+.28 EOG Res s.67f102.01+.70 EP Engy n...d17.35+.33 EQT Corp.1295.58-.32 EastChem1.4083.57+.61 Eaton1.9668.10-.13 EatnVan.8838.97+.33 EV LtdDur1.2214.88-.03 EVTxMGlo.9810.33+.02 EclipseR n...18.00+.12 Ecolab1.10114.75+.09 Ecopetrol2.65e34.22-.06 EdisonInt1.4257.66-.30 EducRlty.48f10.79-.20 EdwLfSci...u100.51+1.45 ElPasoPpl2.6040.06+.21 EldorGld g.06e7.43-.08 ElephTalk...1.12+.13 EllingtnF3.0823.05-.16 Embraer.51e39.53+1.17 EmeraldO...7.88+.17 EmergeES4.68f129.32+5.03 EmersonEl1.7265.01-.10 Emulex...5.40+.09 EnLinkLP1.46f31.10-.21 EnbrdgEPt2.22f36.72-.20 Enbridge1.40u50.99-.14 EnCana g.2822.83-.42 EndvrIntl....56+.03 EndvSilv g...4.92-.09 Energen.6074.16+1.41 EngyTEq s1.52f62.66+.27 EngyTsfr3.82f57.56+.25 Enerpls g1.0819.92-.31 Enersis.61e17.43+.14 ENSCO3.0047.14+.21 Entergy3.3276.16+.03 EntPrdPt s1.44fu40.92-.19 Entravisn.10a4.67+.26 EnvisnHlth...35.46-.29 EquityCmw...27.00-.20 EqtyOne.8823.00-.53 EqtyRsd2.0064.60-2.55 Essent n...23.07+.25 EssexPT5.20f189.95-4.46 EsteeLdr.8074.90+.49 ExcoRes.204.47-.04 Exelis.4118.19+.24 Exelon1.2433.04-.08 Express...16.38-.12 ExtraSpce1.8853.17-.79 ExxonMbl2.7696.81-.58 FMC Corp.60d63.51-.50 FMC Tech...57.40+.43 FNBCp PA.4812.60+.15 FS Invest n.89a10.42-.04 FXCM.2415.30+.55 FamilyDlr1.2478.86+.16 FedExCp.80150.76-.24 FedInvst1.0030.80+.35 FelCor.089.78-.06 Ferrellgs2.0028.04+.10 Ferro...13.60+.52 FibriaCelu...10.94+.23 FidCnsStpl.45e27.51+.12 FidFinan.35e27.61+.10 FidHlthCre.22e30.81+.24 FidIndls.31e28.05+.05 FidInfoTch.20e30.63+.24 FidelMatls.32e28.52+.01 FidlNatF n.7228.26+.45 FNFV Gp n...15.40+.29 FidNatInfo.9658.05+.39 58.com n...38.70-2.44 FstAFin n.9627.89+.45 FstBcpPR...5.18+.11 FstHorizon.2012.49+.18 FstInRT.4118.08-.15 FMajSilv g...9.28-.01 FstRepBk.5648.85-.06 FT RNG.12e19.85-.02 FirstEngy1.4433.96-.20 500.com n...33.05-2.89 Fleetcor...143.42+3.74 Flotek...25.95-.02 FlowrsFds.4818.81-.17 Flowserve.6474.88-.14 Fluor.8470.22-1.83 FootLockr.8856.79+.30 FordM.5016.63... ForestCA...20.75-.08 ForestOil...1.49+.02 Fortress.32a7.39+.11 FBHmSec.4843.63+.03 ForumEn...32.19-.12 FrancoN g.8053.50-1.02 FrankRes.4855.60-.22 FrptMcM1.2534.56+.12 Freescale...21.39-.30 Frontline...1.60+.02 G-H-IGFI Grp.205.64-.05 GNC.6438.77-.12 GabelliET.65e7.41-.01 Gafisa SA.07e2.68-.03 Gain Cap.207.35+.54 Gallaghr1.4446.22+.16 GamGldNR1.0810.35-.09 GameStop1.3243.14-.02 Gannett.8032.11-.27 Gap.8844.24-.10 GasLog.4824.70-.05 GastarExp...7.32+.12 GenCorp...17.64-.24 Generac...45.14+.44 GnCable.72d20.60-.24 GenDynam2.48u127.42+1.16 GenGrPrp.64f24.54-.32 GenMotors1.2033.29+.22 GenuPrt2.3087.54+.55 Genworth...13.28+.17 GeoGrp2.2837.53... Gerdau.15ed5.44-.19 GlaxoSKln2.46e47.28+.63 GlimchRt.4011.05-.15 GlobalCash...7.91+.06 GlobPay.0871.66+.71 Globalstar...3.75-.01 GlobusMed...19.00+.23 GolLinhas...6.41+.06 GoldFLtd.04e4.29-.19 Goldcrp g.6025.22-.28 GoldStr g....46+.01 GoldS pfJ1.3823.76-.10 GoldmanS2.20179.87+2.47 GoodrPet...19.53+.25 GovPrpIT1.7223.63-.15 vjGrace...96.05+.30 GrafTech...8.35-.09 GramrcyP.146.21-.06 GranTrra g...d6.12-.10 GraphPkg...12.78+.08 GtPlainEn.9225.22-.06 GreenHntr...1.77-.03 GreenbCos.6069.97-.21 GrubHub n...38.88-.38 GpFnSnMx.96e14.28+.23 GpTelevisa.14e36.14+.22 Guess.90d22.81+.03 GugSPEW1.03e77.69+.16 HCA Hldg...70.83+.13 HCP Inc2.1842.40-.77 HDFC Bk.35e50.19-.05 HSBC2.45e53.55+.40 HalconRes...4.91-.01 Hallibrtn.6066.71+.88 Hanesbrds1.20106.38-.58 HanoverIns1.4861.14+.49 HarleyD1.1064.27-.54 Harman1.32f112.45-.49 HarmonyG...2.69-.06 HartfdFn.72f37.14+.48 HatterasF2.05e19.54-.15 HawaiiEl1.2425.16-.22 HltCrREIT3.1866.22-1.00 HlthcreTr.58f12.28-.19 HealthNet...46.55-.65 HeclaM.01e2.94+.03 HelixEn...25.88+.12 HelmPayne2.75f101.00+.36 Hemisphrx....33... Herbalife...d45.76-.73 Hersha.246.61-.13 Hershey2.14f91.80+1.05 Hertz...27.70-.27 Hess1.0099.14-.35 HewlettP.6437.03+.24 Hexcel...39.84-.17 Hi-Crush2.30f65.23+2.46 HigherOne...d3.48-.13 HighwdPrp1.7042.09-.46 Hill-Rom.6143.06-.05 Hilton n...25.28-.23 HollyFront1.28a47.44-1.09 Honda.82e34.23+.54 HonwllIntl1.8094.36-.10 Hornbeck...39.14-.11 Hospira...53.15+.14 HospPT1.9629.02-.33 HostHotls.80f22.26-.33 HovnanE...4.23-.01 HudsPacP.5026.30-.19 Humana1.12128.96-1.49 Huntsmn.50u28.71+1.75 IAMGld g...3.53-.05 ICICI Bk.77e53.84+.28 IGI Labs...7.34+.04 ING...14.33+.26 ION Geoph...3.22-.07 iShGold...12.10-.07 iSAstla.99e26.62-.03 iShBrazil1.55e49.80-.49 iShCanada.62e32.44-.05 iShEMU.94e40.08+.04 iShGerm.63e29.13+.02 iSh HK.72e21.95-.08 iShItaly.34e16.24... iShJapan.17e11.86+.13 iSh SKor.90e63.86+.26 iSMalasia.52e16.02+.06 iShMexico1.09e71.30-.18 iShSing.45e13.82+.06 iShSpain1.16e40.60+.02 iShSwitz.79e33.40-.03 iSTaiwn.26e16.33-.07 iSh UK1.26e20.15+.21 iShSilver...18.24-.07 iShSelDiv2.29e75.99+.06 iShTIPS1.85e113.06-.43 iShChinaLC.71e41.25-.74 iSCorSP5003.55e201.43+.76 iShUSAgBd2.40e108.96-.15 iShEMkts.71e44.56-.19 iShiBoxIG4.11e118.29-.19 iShEMBd5.04e114.30-.03 iShIndones.36e28.27-.32 iSSP500Gr1.73e108.25+.63 iShLatAm.99e40.78-.28 iSSP500Val1.87e91.61+.14 iSh20 yrT3.45e114.96-.73 iSh7-10yTB2.40e103.25-.26 iShIntSelDv1.86e38.09-.03 iS Eafe2.23e66.48+.38 iSCorSPMid1.48e142.93+.18 iShiBxHYB5.78e92.78+.04 iShMtgRE1.80e12.70-.10 iSR1KVal1.95e102.22+.21 iSR1KGr1.22e93.19+.51 iSRus1K1.83e111.96+.43 iSR2KVal1.89e99.72+.29 iSR2KGr1.00e136.41+1.18 iShFltRtB.19e50.79+.02 iShR2K1.48e115.86+.68 iSh3-7yTrB1.21e121.11-.11 iShChina.95e51.06-.66 iShUSPfd2.64e39.30... iSUSAMinV.87e38.06+.01 iShREst2.56e73.26-1.03 iShHmCnst.06e23.83+.18 iShHltcare1.39eu135.65+.98 iShUSEngy.81e54.01-.09 iShEurope1.54e46.60+.19 iSMsciVal2.51e56.76+.36 iStar...14.22-.36 ITC Hold s.65f37.05-.42 ITT Corp.4448.64-.04 ITT Ed...7.79-.25 iBio ....58+.01 Idacorp1.7256.05-.05 ITW1.94f88.13+.34 Imax Corp...27.94+.09 Imperva...33.56+2.52 Infoblox...14.47+.30 Infosys1.04e60.45+.16 IngerRd1.0059.89+.41 IngrmM...27.84+.13 InovioPh rs...10.17-.17 IntegrysE2.7267.31+.02 IntcntlExch2.60190.25+3.09 IntFlav1.88f99.02+.07 IntlGame.4416.84+.03 IntPap1.60f48.34-.04 IntlRectif...u39.65+.14 Interpublic.3819.27+.01 IntraLinks...8.75+.26 IntPotash...15.09+.37 InvenSense...23.69-.32 Invesco1.0040.47+.14 InvMtgCap2.00e17.19-.09 InvSrInco.314.80... InvRlEst.528.39-.06 IronMtn1.0835.79+.17 iShCorEM.91e53.56-.11 ItauUnibH.54e16.75-.13 J-K-LJPMCh pfE1.5824.59-.09 JPMorgCh1.60f59.22+.16 JPMAlerian2.3353.62-.11 Jabil.3221.53+.32 JacobsEng...53.42-.12 JanusCap.3211.98+.13 Jarden...61.20+.74 JinkoSolar...33.50+1.69 JohnJn2.80104.99+1.19 JohnsnCtl.8846.97-.08 JournalCm...10.24+.01 JoyGlbl.8059.05-.29 Jumei n...25.82-.73 JnprNtwk.4023.74+.39 JustEngy g.50m5.90+.26 KAR Auct1.0030.85+.24 KB Home.1017.16+.13 KBR Inc.3221.28-.10 KKR1.81e22.56+.02 KC Southn1.12115.19-.34 KapStone s...30.67-.49 KateSpade...31.16+.22 Kellogg1.96f64.44+.12 KeyEngy...5.71+.05 Keycorp.2613.89+.29 KilroyR1.4062.89-.67 KimbClk3.36106.89+.04 Kimco.9022.93-.34 KindME5.56f93.18+.32 KindMorg1.72f38.39+.09 KindrM wt...3.77+.02 KindMM5.56t93.85+.15 KindredHlt.4820.48+.44 KingDEn n.47e13.14-.16 Kinross g...3.69-.06 KiteRlty rs...25.93-.01 KnightTr.2426.10+.52 Knowles n...30.11-.64 KodiakO g...14.75+.15 Kohls1.5658.89-.39 KornFer...29.87-.54 KosmosEn...9.81... KrispKrm...17.07-.54 Kroger.6651.87+.13 L Brands1.36a64.76+1.09 L-3 Com2.40113.58+1.31 LaQuinta n...20.37+.06 Lannett...39.13+1.34 LaredoPet...24.41+.32 LVSands2.0062.92+.07 LaSalleH1.50f36.11-.40 Latam Air...12.59-.17 LeapFrog...6.35+.07 LearCorp.80102.81+.27 LeggMason.6449.45+.83 LeggPlat1.24f35.48+.48 LeidosHld1.2835.25+2.04 LejuHldg n...16.17+.16 LennarA.1639.40+.29 Lennox1.20f82.03+.12 LeucNatl.2525.78+.02 Level3...45.18-.19 LexRltyTr.68f10.90-.12 Lexmark1.4449.82+.40 LbtyASE.40e5.97... LibtProp1.9036.17-.40 LifeTFit...49.57+.43 LifeLock...15.12+.14 LillyEli1.9664.78+.34 LincNat.6454.23+.46 LinkedIn...231.00+2.26 LionsGt g.28f33.34+.44 LithiaMot.6486.52-2.65 LiveNatn...23.62+.77 LloydBkg...4.83+.06 LockhdM5.32174.59-.35 Loews.2542.82... Lorillard2.4659.18+.04 LaPac...13.96+.02 LumberLiq...56.42-.89 LyonBas A2.80113.45+.42 M-N-0M&T Bk2.80125.03+1.23 MBIA...9.78+.09 MDC1.0028.18-.11 MDU Res.7130.50-.34 MFA Fncl.808.31-.08 MIN.47a5.09-.02 MGIC Inv...8.37... MGM Rsts...24.18-.11 MRC Glbl...d24.32+.25 Macerich2.4865.82-.30 MackCali.60m20.65-.35 Macys1.2559.91-.52 MagellMid2.56f82.18+.14 MagnaInt g1.52112.22+.20 MagHRes...6.23+.14 Mallinckdt...85.93+1.99 Manitowoc.0827.68-.20 ManpwrGp.98f76.21+.23 Manulife g.62f20.10+.05 MarathnO.84f40.02-.04 MarathPet2.00f90.43-1.29 MVJrGold...37.60-.85 MktVGold.19e24.10-.46 MV OilSvc.54e52.82+.31 MV Semi.66e51.82-.01 MktVRus.74e25.07+.31 MkVEMBd1.30e23.60+.03 MktV Viet.60e22.93+.06 MarkWest3.52f79.80-.06 MarshM1.12f52.71+.32 MartMM1.60130.77-.15 Masco.36f23.68-.10 MastThera....61-.01 Mastec...30.85+.27 MasterCd s.4476.65+.58 MatadorRs...24.62+.05 MaxLinear...d6.92-.34 McCorm1.4868.96+.30 McDrmInt...d6.66-.18 McDnlds3.24d93.00+1.91 McGrwH1.20u85.25+1.06 McKesson.96195.53-.96 McEwenM...2.40-.09 MeadJohn1.5096.44-.43 MeadWvco1.00a42.06-.23 MediaGen...15.09-.37 MedProp.8413.49-.22 MedleyCap1.4812.70-.09 Mednax s...56.29-.27 Medtrnic1.22u65.97+.43 MensW.7253.87-.19 Merck1.7660.76+.20 Meritor...13.54-.30 MerL pfD1.7525.56-.03 MerL pfE1.7825.70+.02 MerL pfF1.8225.76+.01 Methode.3639.97+.61 MetLife1.4054.70+.41 MKors...75.62-.17 MillenMda...d2.03-.09 MillerEnR...d4.36-.14 MitsuUFJ...5.73+.09 MobileTele1.11e18.91+.13 Mobileye n...55.48-1.12 Mohawk...145.42-.40 MolinaHlth...46.88-.11 MolsCoorB1.4870.70+.51 Molycorp...1.53+.03 Monsanto1.96f113.01-1.43 MonstrWw...5.44... Moodys1.12u95.69+.83 MorgStan.4034.33+.42 Mosaic1.0046.19-.04 MotrlaSolu1.36f61.22+.14 MuellerWat.079.05+.13 MurphO1.4058.33-.27 NCI BldSy...20.14-1.00 NCR Corp...33.28+.01 NQ Mobile...6.30+.02 NRG Egy.5630.71+.20 Nabors.24f24.78+.33 NBGreece...3.31+.02 NatFuGas1.54f75.21-.45 NOilVarco1.8481.49+.20 NatRetPrp1.68f36.47-.52 NavideaBio...1.33+.02 Navios.249.10+.12 Navistar...39.08-.07 Neuralstem...3.68+.01 NeuStar...27.26-.37 Nevsun g.143.95-.01 NwGold g...5.99-.04 NewOriEd.35e22.46-.05 NewResid.70a6.27... NY CmtyB1.0015.95+.14 NY REIT n.4610.53+.03 Newcstl rs...13.25-.07 NewellRub.6834.29+.04 NewfldExp...39.13-.34 NewmtM.1025.37-.17 NewpkRes...12.20+.17 NiSource1.0439.96-.21 NielsenNV1.0045.77-.30 NikeB.9682.47+.63 NimbleSt n...27.48-.21 NobleCorp1.5026.92+.22 NobleEngy.7269.94-.65 NokiaCp.51e8.36+.09 NorandaAl.044.37-.11 NordicAm.928.93+.12 Nordstrm1.3268.77-.58 NorflkSo2.28f107.99-.79 NA Pall g....25-.01 NthStAst n...19.41-.25 NoestUt1.5745.47-.36 NthnO&G...15.89+.16 NthnTEn2.02e25.19-.13 NorthropG2.80u129.99+1.51 NStarRlt2.0017.91-.17 NovaGld g...3.64-.01 Novartis2.72e94.01+.18 NovoNord s.84e45.95+.13 NOW Inc n...31.94-.13 NuSkin1.38d41.19-.25 Nucor1.4854.85-.35 NustarEn4.3867.08-.03 OGE Engy.9036.74-.19 OasisPet...46.32+.79 OcciPet2.8898.54+.19 Oceaneerg1.0866.25+.16 Och-Ziff1.77e12.29+.02 OcwenFn...27.83+.05 OfficeDpt...5.57-.01 Oi SA C.14e.71+.02 Oi SA.14e.68+.01 OilStates...62.81+.13 OldRepub.7314.76+.02 OmegaHlt2.04f36.44-.46 Omncre.8062.49-.08 Omnicom2.0071.70-.26 OnAssign...29.63+.17 ONEOK2.30f69.47-.63 OpkoHlth...8.59+.04 Oracle.4840.71... Orange.96e15.02+.26 OrbitalSci...28.17+.14 Orbitz...8.30+.12 Organovo...7.61+.62 OshkoshCp.6048.04-.19 OwensMin1.0034.71+.11 OwensCorn.6434.30-.20 OwensIll...31.45... P-Q-RPBF Engy1.2025.82-.73 PG&E Cp1.8246.81-.19 PHH Corp...24.11+.23 Pim0-5HYCp4.84e105.01-.16 PNC1.9285.75+.94 PNM Res.7426.52-.04 PPG2.68202.46+1.00 PPL Corp1.4932.97-.35 PVH Corp.15126.55-.32 PackAmer1.6068.71-.51 PallCorp1.1084.14+.45 PaloAltNet...u98.75+9.47 Pandora...26.10+.29 ParagOff n...d7.20-.15 ParkDrl...6.20+.15 ParkerHan1.92118.44+.05 Parkwy.7520.19+.07 ParsleyE n...20.63-.15 PeabdyE.34d14.50-.29 Pengrth g.485.87-.03 PennVa...13.60+.18 PennWst g.567.17... Penney...10.77-.06 PennaRE.8020.05-.13 Penske.80f44.79-1.27 Pentair1.20f67.19-.13 PepBoy...10.51+.20 PepcoHold1.0827.06+.07 PerkElm.2845.08+.10 Perrigo.42145.89+2.71 PetChina5.25e140.94-3.13 PetrbrsA.85e18.26-.45 Petrobras.46e17.38-.45 PtroqstE...5.97... Pfizer1.0429.44+.21 PhrmAth...u2.35+.10 PhilipMor4.00f84.19+.36 PhilipsNV1.10e30.63+.16 Phillips662.0085.14-1.33 PhxNMda...9.54-.12 PhysRltTr.9014.25-.03 PiedmOfc.8019.33-.34 Pier 1.2415.32+.12 PimcoHiI1.4612.87-.02 PinnclEnt...26.70-.15 PinnaclFds.94f32.14+.15 PinWst2.2756.24+.01 PionEnSvc...14.11+.07 PioNtrl.08200.12+.74 PitnyBw.7527.23+.23 PlainsAAP2.58f60.26-.48 PlainsGP n.73f31.15-.13 PlumCrk1.7640.58-.28 PlyGem...12.37-.53 Polaris1.92146.40+1.60 PolyOne.3237.79+.16 PortglTel.14e2.13-.04 PostHldg...36.77+.04 Potash1.4034.01+.15 PwshDB...d24.14-.17 PS Agri...25.78-.36 PS USDBull...22.43+.04 PS SrLoan.99e24.59-.05 PwShPfd.90e14.41-.01 PShEMSov1.28e29.10-.01 PSIndia.13e22.75+.08 Praxair2.60132.80+.69 PrecDrill.2411.56+.10 PrinFncl1.36f53.86+.35 ProLogis1.3240.65-.70 ProShtQQQ...15.60-.12 ProShtS&P...22.79-.09 ProUltQQQ.18e128.43+1.96 ProUltSP.29e120.52+.87 ProUShD30...24.69-.22 ProShtEM...23.86+.09 ProShtR2K...16.28-.10 ProSht20Tr...28.09+.16 PUltSP500.11e121.70+1.36 PUVixST rs...24.47-.29 ProVixSTF...18.67-.16 PrUltShYen...u71.86+.94 PrShtVix s...85.05+.59 PrUltCrude...30.13-.60 PrUShCrde...31.16+.63 ProUShEuro...19.12+.11 ProctGam2.5783.64+.65 ProgsvCp1.00e24.92-.02 ProUShSP...24.20-.18 PrUShDow...24.45-.18 PUShQQQ rs...43.62-.74 ProUShL20...57.76+.66 PUSR2K rs...44.25-.59 PShtR2K rs...37.03-.68 PUShSPX rs...44.07-.53 Provectus...1.12+.06 Prudentl2.1289.37+1.12 PSEG1.4836.51-.11 PubStrg5.60172.60-2.63 PulseElect...2.42-.68 PulteGrp.2019.06+.36 QEP Res.0832.21-.37 QR Energy1.9521.15-.56 Qihoo360...80.59-2.12 QuantaSvc...36.91+.02 QstDiag1.3262.78-1.05 Questar.7622.95-.11 QksilvRes...1.07-.04 Quiksilvr...2.08+.01 QuintTrn...56.50+.96 RAIT Fin.72f7.95-.12 RBS pfG...23.66-.05 RCS Cap.7223.10+.31 RLJ LodgT1.20f29.62-.37 RPC.4221.20+.19 RPM.9646.55+.46 RSP Per n...24.93+.33 Rackspace...38.55-1.07 RadianGrp.0114.80+.06 RadioShk....93-.01 RallySoft...11.62+.38 RLauren1.80174.70+1.18 RangeRs.1674.65-.38 RJamesFn.6454.63+.15 RayAdvM n.2832.47-.67 Rayonier1.20a33.96-.24 Raytheon2.42100.90+1.56 Realogy...40.75-.25 RltyInco2.1944.05-.58 RedHat...61.29+.48 RegalEnt.8820.60+.32 RgcyCtrs1.8856.36-1.04 RegncyEn1.96f32.66+.05 RegionsFn.2010.20+.25 Regns pfB1.5925.15-.03 Regis Cp...u17.31+.12 ReinsGrp1.32f83.56-.30 ReneSola...3.36+.08 Renren...3.42-.01 RepubSvc1.12f39.27+.05 ResMed1.12f52.61+.11 ResoluteEn...7.32+.07 ResrceCap.805.39-.02 RestorHdw...82.05+.04 RetailProp.6615.71-.27 RexAmRes...103.48+1.59 RexahnPh....75-.02 RexfordIR.4814.57-.08 Rexnord...29.39+.38 ReynAmer2.6857.31+.11 RiceEngy n...29.13-.07 Richmnt g...2.29-.22 RioTinto2.05e52.41+.28 RiteAid...6.46+.16 RobtHalf.7250.66+.24 RockTen s.7050.38-.55 RockwlAut2.32115.82-.11 RockColl1.2076.75-.02 RockwdH1.8081.17+1.01 Roundys...d3.49... Rowan.40d28.60+.03 RBScotlnd...11.27+.20 RylCarb1.20f66.37+.30 RoyDShllB3.7682.30+1.26 RoyDShllA3.7678.50+.86 Rubicon g...1.28-.01 RuckusW...15.17+.20 RyersonH n...u11.42+.49 Ryland.1237.27+1.03 RymanHP2.2048.22-.35 S-T-USAP SE1.38e77.76+.15 SCANA2.1050.42-.17 SK Tlcm...30.66+.18 SLGreen2.00107.80-1.43 SM Energy.1087.19+.34 SpdrDJIA3.47e170.67+.55 SpdrGold...120.26-.61 SpdrStxx502.01e38.07+.14 SpdrEuro501.28e41.16+.09 SpdrIntRE1.94e43.95+.02 SpdrWldxUS.83e29.45+.05 SP Mid2.33e260.35+.37 S&P500ETF3.58e200.07+.75 Spdr Div2.92e76.75+.02 SpdrHome.13e31.34+.10 SpdrS&PBk.44e32.97+.36 SpdrLTBd1.73e40.54-.18 SpdrShTHiY1.53e30.25-.01 SpdrLehHY2.88e40.68-.02 SpdrNuBST.22e24.39+.03 SpdrNuBMu1.05e23.82-.04 SpdrSTCpBd.34e30.69-.02 SP IntTip1.79e60.02-.61 SPLeIntTB.89e58.44-.20 SpdrBarcTip.96e56.22-.27 SpdrS&P RB.60e39.51+.51 SpdrRetl.63e88.38+.32 SpdrOGEx.50e74.33+.22 SpdrMetM.51e41.39-.15 SPX Cp1.50102.25-1.53 STMicro.408.11-.06 SABESP.31e8.97+.06 Safeway.9234.57+.03 StJoe...21.81-.12 StJude1.0864.81-.02 Salesforce...60.70+1.04 SallyBty...26.96-.49 SanchezEn...30.55+.35 SandRdge...4.98-.04 SandstG g...5.12-.08 Sanofi1.91eu55.84+.04 SantCUSA n.15p19.25-.10 SntF pfEcld2.6325.64... Schlmbrg1.60104.27+.30 Schwab.24u29.31+.63 SciApplic n1.12u47.11+1.02 ScorpioB n...8.17+.15 ScorpioTk.40f9.33+.03 ScrippsNet.8078.63+.22 ScrippsEW...20.20+.07 SeabGld g...9.15-.19 SeadrillLtd4.0033.46-.24 SealAir.5236.78-.21 SeaWorld.84f20.69+.25 SelMedHld.4013.38-.09 SempraEn2.64104.88-.83 SenHous1.5622.20-.40 SensataT...47.67+.16 ServiceCp.36f21.67+.13 ServiceM n...24.64+.23 ServcNow...62.48+.25 SevSevE n...22.86+.11 Sherwin2.20216.80+.28 ShipFin1.6418.92-.35 SibanyeG.47e9.10-.06 SiderurNac.36e4.13... SignetJwlrs.72117.50+.49 SilvrSpNet...11.77+1.24 SilvWhtn g.33e23.64-.18 SilvrcpM g.021.63-.05 SimonProp5.20170.43-2.01 SixFlags1.8835.18+.43 Skechers...u63.76+.98 Smucker2.56f101.08-.18 SolarWinds...44.24+.35 SonocoP1.2840.92-.61 SonyCp.24e19.50+.30 Sothebys.40a39.34+.02 SouFun s1.00e11.22-.62 SouthnCo2.1043.76-.21 SthnCopper.46e31.62-.33 SwstAirl.24u33.62+.71 SwstnEngy...38.88-.17 Spansion...22.53+.04 SpectraEn1.3440.90-.53 SpiritAero...39.67+.27 SpiritRltC.6611.55-.23 Sprint...6.15+.38 SprottGold...10.33-.06 SP Matls.93e50.05... SP HlthC.85eu64.46+.45 SP CnSt1.11e45.35+.22 SP Consum.86e68.52+.24 SP Engy1.68e94.92-.23 SPDR Fncl.35e23.35+.12 SP Inds.94e54.15+.04 SP Tech.66e40.30+.24 SP Util1.47e42.67-.19 StdPac...8.18+.08 StanBlkDk2.08f92.04+.33 StarwdHtl1.40a84.22+.43 StarwdPT1.9223.62-.21 StateStr1.2072.19+.64 Statoil ASA1.43e27.97+.12 StillwtrM...16.95-.31 StoneEngy...32.84+.39 StratHotels...11.72-.13 Stryker1.2283.91+.16 SturmRug2.06e50.91+.95 SumitMitsu...8.23+.12 SummitHtl.47f10.51-.06 SummitMP2.08f53.15+.49 SunCokeE...23.19-.12 Suncor g.9239.48-.29 SunEdison...21.00+.16 SunstnHtl.2014.43-.18 SupEnrgy.3233.30-.22 Supvalu...9.68+.19 SwftEng...10.45+.17 SwiftTrans...20.93-.10 Symmetry...9.13+.04 Synchrny n...24.70-.34 SynergyRs...12.51+.14 Synovus rs.2824.68+.31 SynthBiol...2.20-.11 Sysco1.1638.26-.02 T-MobileUS...30.52+.24 TAL Educ...34.01+.08 TAL Intl2.8844.79+.73 TCF Fncl.2016.31+.28 TCW Strat.29u5.63-.01 TD Ameritr.48a32.93+.39 TE Connect1.1662.45+.44 TIM Part.39e29.64+.05 TJX.7059.70-.02 TRWAuto...100.92+.32 TableauA...72.85+3.12 TaiwSemi.50e21.03-.02 TalismE g.279.83-.14 TangerFac.9634.52-.48 Target2.08f61.95+1.07 TataMotors.17e46.91-.26 Taubmn2.1675.83-.57 TeamHlth...u59.94+.57 TeckRes g.9021.40-.43 Teledyne...98.76+.34 TelefBrasil.88e21.64-.02 TelefEsp1.03e15.64-.14 TmpGlb.30a8.18... TempurSly...60.49-.45 Tenaris.86e44.63+.03 TenetHlth...60.87-.10 Tenneco...62.15-.52 Teradata...44.64-.82 Teradyn.2420.01-.11 Terex.2034.72-.46 Tesoro1.20f62.97-1.86 TevaPhrm1.37e51.10+.08 Textron.0837.80+.40 TherapMD...5.81+.02 ThermoFis.60123.61-.39 ThomCrk g...2.75-.01 3D Sys...52.85+.92 3M Co3.42144.64+.18 Tidwtr1.0047.12+.29 Tiffany1.52101.09-.51 THorton g1.2880.85-.02 TimberlnR...d.07-.01 Time n...23.80+.17 TW Cable3.00153.51+.89 TimeWarn1.27b75.93-.46 Timken1.0044.60-.01 TimknStl n.56u49.94+1.59 TollBros...33.84+.22 Torchmrk s.5153.60+.10 TorDBk gs1.8852.70+.32 Total SA3.25e65.20-.06 TotalSys.4031.63+.62 TrCda g1.9254.84-.75 Transocn3.00d37.25+.10 Travelers2.2093.17+.32 TriPointe...13.93+.04 TriangPet...11.30+.43 TrinaSolar...14.13+.27 Trinity s.40f47.23-.67 Trulia...56.10+1.07 TumiHldgs...21.08-.12 TurqHillRs...3.53+.20 Twitter n...52.91+2.30 TwoHrbInv1.06e10.52-.06 TycoIntl.7244.29+.31 Tyson.3038.82+.59 Tyson eq un2.38u50.09+.51 UBS AG.28e17.61+.08 UDR1.0429.31-.85 UGI Cp s.87f35.70-.29 UIL Hold1.7337.24+.02 US Silica.5069.41+4.90 USEC Inc...3.18-.18 USG...29.70-.25 UltraPt g...25.60-.29 Ultrapar.61e24.28-.14 UndArmr s...70.12-.48 UnilevNV1.51e41.38-.01 Unilever1.51e43.72+.12 UnionPac s2.00f107.38-.09 Unisys...23.33+.20 UtdContl...51.74+.90 UtdMicro.08e2.13-.06 UPS B2.6897.62-.09 UtdRentals...115.20-.36 US Bancrp.98f41.84+.24 US Brent...d39.43-.47 US NGas...21.54-.11 US OilFd...34.26-.36 USSteel.2038.38-.10 UtdTech2.36108.50-.17 UtdhlthGp1.5087.25-.93 UnivHlthS.40f111.16-.46 UnumGrp.66f35.82+.19 Ur-Energy...1.13+.03 V-W-X-Y-ZVF Corp s1.0564.83+.10 VaalcoE...8.85+.18 Vale SA.84ed12.38-.14 Vale SA pf.72ed10.89-.09 ValeantPh...119.88-.15 ValeroE1.10f50.96-1.73 Validus1.20a38.61+.07 VlyNBcp.4410.11+.09 VangSTBd1.12e79.94-.08 VangTotBd2.18e81.74-.15 VangGrth1.17e101.55+.56 VangTSM1.88e103.56+.39 VangValu1.79e82.50+.19 VanSP500 rs3.31e183.50+.72 VangREIT2.73e76.14-1.22 VangDivAp1.49e78.17+.19 VangAllW1.62e51.79+.17 VangEmg1.11e45.19-.20 VangPacif1.57e62.23+.46 VangEur2.31e57.45+.24 VangFTSE1.33e41.47+.24 VantageDrl...1.79-.02 Vantiv...31.55+.73 VectorGp1.60b23.84+.13 VeevaSys n...30.71+1.21 Ventas2.9063.89-.13 VeriFone...37.40+2.39 VerizonCm2.20f48.75-.15 Vicon.55e3.33-.07 ViolinM n...4.85+.09 Vipshop...206.60-3.45 VirnetX...15.11+.95 Visa1.60216.88+2.60 VishayInt.2415.88+.18 Visteon...u107.49+4.43 VitaminSh...40.95-.15 VMware...97.38+1.89 VoceraCm...d8.10+.04 Vonage...3.50+.03 Vornado2.92105.39-1.48 Voxeljet n...17.42+.46 VoyaFincl.0439.29+.31 VoyaPrRTr.345.49-.01 VulcanM.24f62.07+.37 W&T Off.40a13.36+.12 WP Carey3.60f68.93-.74 WPX Engy...25.51-.34 WABCO...96.57-2.27 Wabtec.24f83.00-.18 WaddellR1.3654.33-.98 Walgrn1.35f63.32+.71 WalterEn.044.33-.25 WalterInv...24.71+.06 WashPrm n1.0019.06-.02 WREIT1.2027.50-.70 WsteMInc1.50u47.30+.29 Waters...103.17+.60 WeathfIntl...22.82+.29 WebsterFn.8030.51+.61 WtWatch...23.26-.69 WeinRlt1.3033.38-.41 Wellcare...66.24-.08 WellPoint1.75119.80-1.09 WellsF pfT1.5024.50-.05 WellsFargo1.4051.52+.45 WestarEn1.4035.65-.33 WstAstMtg4.59e15.09-.04 WstnRefin1.0444.42-1.81 WstnUnion.5017.22+.15 WestlkCh s.66f95.23+.56 Weyerhsr1.16f33.73-.11 Whrlpl3.00153.52+2.26 WhiteWave...37.06+.45 WhitingPet...84.09+.72 WmsCos2.24f56.82-.08 WmsPtrs3.67f55.12+.32 WmsSon1.3266.03+1.12 WillisGp1.2042.35+.09 WiscEngy1.5644.75+.10 WT EurHdg1.06e58.89+.20 WTJpHedg1.54eu51.59+.99 WT EmEq1.66e52.77+.02 WT India.15e23.21+.05 WolvWW s.2427.00+.24 Workday...91.81+.46 WldW Ent.4814.74+.12 Worthgtn.72f39.76-.04 Wyndham1.4080.90-.48 XL Grp.6433.78+.07 XPO Logis...u34.45+1.02 XcelEngy1.2031.57-.15 YPF Soc.15e34.84+.60 Yamana g.157.33-.01 Yelp...82.64+1.76 YingliGrn...3.77+.07 YoukuTud...20.14-.21 YumBrnds1.4872.59+.52 ZBB En rs...1.03-.04 Zimmer.88104.75+2.31 Zoetis.2936.24+.06 Stocks in bold changed 5% or more in price from the previous day. Stock Footnotes:g Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf Late filing with SEC. n Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf Preferred stock issue. rs Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year. s Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. vj Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the n ame.Dividend Footnotes:a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferre d. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent d ividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus st ock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes:q Stock is a closed-end fund no P/E ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd Loss in last 12 months.Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial.NameDivLastChg New York Stock Exchange On a roll?Strong sales growth has helped lift earnings for Kroger this year. That prompted the supermarket operator in June to raise its full-year profit forecast. Kroger, which also operates Ralphs, Frys and other grocery chains, is due to report fiscal second-quarter financial results today. Financial analysts anticipate the companys earnings and revenue grew versus a year ago.Sales playIts been a rough year for Lululemon Athletica. The yoga apparel retailers sales have been hurt amid growing competition from brands like Under Armour and Nike. And last month its former chairman agreed to sell half his stake in the company to avert a potential boardroom battle. Investors will be looking for some good news today, when Lululemon reports fiscal second-quarter results. Attractive results?Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrances reports its latest financial results today. The beauty products retailer has benefited from robust sales growth this year. The company has also added more store locations. Its stores include full-service salons that sell beauty and hair products. Wall Street predicts Ultas fiscal second-quarter financial results improved from a year ago.Source: FactSetPrice-earnings ratio: 18based on trailing 12 month resultsDividend: $0.66 Div. yield: 1.3% 2Q Operating EPS2Q $0.60 est. $0.69 30 40 50 $60 KR $51.87 $37.69 Source: FactSetPrice-earnings ratio: 22based on trailing 12 month resultsDividend: none 2Q Operating EPS2Q $0.39 est. $0.29 35 55 $75 LULU $38.39 $71.28 Today 1,800 1,850 1,900 1,950 2,000 2,050 MS AMJJA 1,960 2,000 2,040 S&P 500Close: 1,995.69 Change: 7.25 (0.4%) 10 DAYS 16,000 16,400 16,800 17,200 MS AMJJA 16,960 17,080 17,200 Dow Jones industrialsClose: 17,068.71 Change: 54.84 (0.3%) 10 DAYS Advanced1655 Declined1463 New Highs55 New Lows51 Vol. (in mil.)2,847 Pvs. Volume2,803 1,765 1,913 1644 1048 54 63NYSE NASDDOW17080.2716974.5717068.71+54.84+0.32%+2.97% DOW Trans.8531.338469.158521.21+6.54+0.08%+15.14% DOW Util.557.83553.44554.96-2.41-0.43%+13.13% NYSE Comp.10974.9810909.6510972.21+26.60+0.24%+5.50% NASDAQ4587.104544.844586.52+34.23+0.75%+9.81% S&P 5001996.661982.991995.69+7.25+0.36%+7.97% S&P 4001431.001421.221429.67+2.23+0.16%+6.49% Wilshire 500021158.5821017.2821151.84+76.52+0.36%+7.34% Russell 20001165.111155.111164.99+6.49+0.56%+0.12%HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD StocksRecap AT&T Inc T31.74637.48 34.70+.04 +0.1trt-1.3+8.5101.84 Advance Auto Parts AAP79.090139.58 135.90+.02 ...tss+22.8+70.9200.24 Amer Express AXP72.08796.24 88.41+.51 +0.6tst-2.6+20.6171.04 AutoNation Inc AN46.38561.29 52.97-.34 -0.6ttt+6.6+3.617... Brown & Brown BRO27.76933.69 32.65+.01 ...tss+4.0+3.2220.40 CocaCola Co KO36.83042.57 42.17+.23 +0.5sst+2.1+11.9231.22 Comcast Corp A CMCSA42.09056.77 56.91+.30 +0.5sss+9.5+35.8200.90 Darden Rest DRI43.56454.89 47.77-.01 ...tss-12.1+4.9222.20 Disney DIS61.27091.20 89.52-.08 -0.1tss+17.2+46.9220.86f Gen Electric GE23.18628.09 25.95+.05 +0.2tst-7.4+14.4190.88 General Mills GIS46.70855.64 53.23+.06 +0.1tss+6.7+11.6191.64 Harris Corp HRS56.50679.32 69.84+.10 +0.1tst...+23.8141.88f Home Depot HD72.90893.52 89.25+.32 +0.4tss+8.4+23.3211.88 IBM IBM172.198199.21 191.54+1.55 +0.8sss+2.1+4.9124.40 Lowes Cos LOW44.13054.14 53.39+.36 +0.7tss+7.7+15.4220.92 NY Times NYT11.06217.37 12.20-.04 -0.3ttt-23.1+9.4330.16 NextEra Energy NEE78.818102.51 95.62-.08 -0.1ttt+11.7+22.8212.90 PepsiCo PEP77.01993.51 91.79+.37 +0.4rss+10.7+18.2212.62 Suntrust Bks STI31.97841.26 38.96+.50 +1.3sst+5.8+18.4130.80 TECO Energy TE16.12718.53 17.70-.02 -0.1tst+2.7+12.2180.88 WalMart Strs WMT71.51681.37 76.51-.23 -0.3tss-2.8+7.0161.92 Xerox Corp XRX9.55914.15 13.63+.16 +1.2sss+12.0+36.0140.2552-WK RANGE CLOSEYTD 1YR NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIVStocks of Local Interest Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A7 HWY 27/4 41 2 miles fr om Hwy 27 rf nnftb 787-4440 tnfrfn n nntr nrf bfnffn bt r rn n $300OFFRE MA NU FA CTURED CAR TSCas h or ch ec k. 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A8 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 StrIncIns 10.33...+6.3Brown AdvisoryGrEqInv d 19.52+.13+12.8Brown Cap MgmtSmCo Is b 72.26+.30+8.9BuffaloFlexibInc d 15.04+.03+11.4 SmallCap d 34.64+.39+1.0CG Capital MarketsLgCapGro 22.13+.11+19.1 LgCapVal 13.43+.02+17.5CRMMdCpVlIns 36.20+.17+15.2CalamosGrowA m 49.70+.40+19.4 MktNeuI 13.04+.01+5.1CalvertEquityA m 50.69+.31+18.3CausewayIntlVlIns d 16.27-.02+9.2Center Coast CapitalMLPFcsI 12.31...+18.9Cohen & SteersCSPSI 13.63-.02+13.6 Realty 73.44-1.07+19.7 RealtyIns 47.88-.69+19.8ColumbiaAMTFrImMuBdZ 10.77-.01+8.1 AcornA m 35.26+.17+9.2 AcornIntZ 47.29-.06+11.7 AcornZ 36.88+.18+9.5 CAModA m 12.03+.01+10.8 CAModAgrA m 13.21+.02+11.9 CntrnCoreA m 22.36+.12+20.0 CntrnCoreZ 22.51+.12+20.3 ComInfoA m 59.98+.32+28.4 DivIncA m 19.63+.07+18.7 DivIncZ 19.65+.07+19.0 DivOppA m 10.91+.03+17.6 DivrEqInA m 14.82+.05+18.7 IncOppA m 10.11-.04+8.3 LgCpGrowA m 36.24+.25+19.3 LgCrQuantA m 9.34+.04+22.9 MdCapIdxZ 15.89+.03+17.8 MdCpValZ 18.56+.02+24.2 ShrTrmMuniBdZ 10.47-.01+1.3 SmCapIdxZ 23.04+.07+13.0 StLgCpGrZ 18.93+.20+19.8 TaxExmptA m 13.92-.02+11.3 ValRestrZ 53.43+.28+20.1ConstellationSndsSelGrI 18.92+.13+20.6 SndsSelGrII 18.46+.13+20.3Credit SuisseComStrInstl 7.05-.05-4.9CullenHiDivEqI d 17.68+.05+17.6DFA1YrFixInI 10.32...+0.5 2YrGlbFII 10.00...+0.5 5YearGovI 10.64...+1.4 5YrGlbFII 10.98-.01+3.1 EmMkCrEqI 21.29-.09+13.0 EmMktValI 30.06-.15+9.9 EmMtSmCpI 22.75-.03+18.1 EmgMktI 28.15-.16+11.7 GlAl6040I 16.06+.01+11.3 GlEqInst 18.87+.04+16.4 GlblRlEstSecsI 10.33-.11+18.5 InfPrtScI 11.77-.04+5.6 IntCorEqI 12.84+.03+10.6 IntGovFII 12.46-.02+4.4 IntRlEstI 5.66-.01+17.4 IntSmCapI 20.93+.03+14.2 IntlSCoI 19.43...+11.4 IntlValu3 17.21+.08+9.9 IntlValuI 19.56+.09+9.7 ItmTExtQI 10.72-.03+8.8 LgCapIntI 22.59+.07+10.3 RelEstScI 30.67-.50+19.6 STEtdQltI 10.82-.01+2.4 STMuniBdI 10.23...+1.3 TAUSCrE2I 14.22+.06+19.1 TAWexUSCE 10.51+.01+10.7 TMIntlVal 16.05+.07+9.1 TMMkWVal 25.49+.05+21.2 TMMkWVal2 24.57+.05+21.4 TMUSEq 21.69+.09+20.1 TMUSTarVal 33.69+.09+18.4 TMUSmCp 36.62+.17+13.1 USCorEq1I 17.67+.07+19.7 USCorEq2I 17.37+.06+19.2 USLgCo 15.73+.06+20.9 USLgVal3 25.60+.05+21.9 USLgValI 34.14+.06+21.7 USMicroI 19.88+.10+13.3 USSmValI 36.35+.14+16.3 USSmallI 31.10+.14+13.4 USTgtValInst 23.63+.08+18.1 USVecEqI 17.17+.06+18.3DWS-ScudderSP500IRew 28.50...+21.3DavisNYVentA m 40.34+.05+16.7 NYVentC m 38.35+.05+15.8 NYVentY 40.89+.05+17.0Delaware InvestDiverIncA m 9.09-.03+8.2 OpFixIncI 9.66-.01+6.2 USGrowIs 26.49+.11+19.8 ValueI 18.01+.07+21.9DeutscheCoreEqS 25.18+.19+21.8 GNMAS 14.51-.03+6.5ManagedMnplBdA m 9.32-.01+12.0ManagedMnplBdS 9.33-.01+12.2Diamond HillLngShortI 23.80+.08+11.6 LrgCapI 23.08+.12+16.8Dodge & CoxBal 104.39+.22+17.6 GlbStock 12.78-.02+24.0 Income 13.89-.02+7.2 IntlStk 46.70-.12+19.0 Stock 182.86+.67+22.7DoubleLineCrFxdIncI 11.02...+8.2 TotRetBdN b 10.96...+6.1DreyfusAppreciaInv 55.71+.22+17.2 BasSP500 41.03+.15+20.8 FdInc 12.54+.07+19.5 IntlStkI 15.81-.04+4.0 MidCapIdx 39.38+.06+17.5 MuniBd 11.73-.02+11.1 SP500Idx 53.32+.20+20.4 SmCapIdx 29.85+.10+13.0DriehausActiveInc 10.66-.01+1.4 EmMktGr d 34.29-.25+10.1Eaton VanceACSmCpI 24.94+.04+10.8 FloatRateA m 9.39...+2.7 FltRtAdvA m 11.05-.01+3.6 FltgRtI 9.08-.01+2.9 GlbMacroI 9.37...+3.0 IncBosA m 6.05-.01+8.4 IncBosI 6.05-.02+8.5 LrgCpValA m 25.94+.03+19.9 LrgCpValI 26.00+.03+20.2 NatlMuniA m 9.82...+17.1FMICommStk 30.16+.09+15.5 LgCap 22.56+.02+17.5FPACres d 34.55+.03+12.7 NewInc d 10.23-.01+1.8Fairholme FundsFairhome d 41.90+.11+13.4FederatedEqIncB m 25.10+.06+16.9 InstHiYIn d 10.22-.03+9.0 KaufmanA m 6.66+.07+20.1 KaufmanR m 6.66+.06+19.9 MuniUShIS 10.05...+1.1 StrValA f 6.17+.02+18.5 StrValI 6.19+.02+18.7 ToRetIs 11.07-.02+6.6 UltraIs 9.17...+1.5FidelityAstMgr20 13.65-.01+6.6 AstMgr50 18.29+.01+11.1 AstMgr85 18.17+.04+15.1 Bal 24.29+.05+16.2 Bal K 24.29+.05+16.3 BlChGrow 66.74+.51+23.7 BlChGrowK 66.80+.51+23.9 CAMuInc d 12.92-.02+11.3 Canada d 65.00-.03+18.4 CapApr 39.35+.28+21.6 CapInc d 10.15-.02+13.7 Contra 102.46+.51+20.5 ContraK 102.46+.51+20.7 ConvSec 33.28+.05+15.2 CpApprctK 39.42+.28+21.7 DivGrow 38.65+.15+20.3 DivGrowK 38.65+.15+20.5 DivrIntl d 37.06+.09+10.9 DivrIntlK d 37.02+.08+11.1 EmgMkt d 25.98-.17+12.6 EqInc 62.56+.12+15.9 EqInc II 26.11+.07+17.5 EqIncK 62.55+.12+16.1 ExpMulNat d 25.67+.08+15.3 FF2015 12.89+.01+10.5 FF2035 13.65+.04+13.8 FF2040 9.62+.02+13.8 Fidelity 43.08+.23+19.7 FltRtHiIn d 9.91-.01+3.4 FocStk 20.81+.08+17.5 FourInOne 37.78+.09+15.2 Fr2045 10.83+.04+13.9 Fr2050 10.87+.03+13.9 FrdmK2010 13.59+.01+9.7 FrdmK2015 13.93+.01+10.6 FrdmK2020 14.60+.02+11.2 FrdmK2025 15.22+.03+12.5 FrdmK2030 15.59+.03+13.5 FrdmK2035 16.06+.05+13.9 FrdmK2040 16.11+.05+14.1 FrdmK2045 16.52+.05+14.1 FrdmK2050 16.61+.04+14.0 FrdmKInc 11.95-.01+6.3 Free2010 15.72+.01+9.6 Free2020 15.73+.02+11.2 Free2025 13.48+.02+12.4 Free2030 16.59+.04+13.4 FreeInc 11.69-.01+6.3 GNMA 11.51-.03+6.1 GexUSIdx 12.75...+10.7 GovtInc 10.38-.02+4.4 GrStr d 30.88+.11+20.0 GrowCo 130.52+1.43+19.4 GrowInc 29.78+.15+17.6 GrthCmpK 130.44+1.43+19.6 HiInc d 9.34-.02+8.1 Indepndnc 41.07+.35+27.8 InfProtBd 12.33-.04+5.1 IntBond 10.92-.01+4.2 IntMuniInc d 10.50-.01+7.4 IntlDisc d 39.68+.02+7.7 IntlSmCp 15.95...+11.5 IntlSmCpF 16.00...+11.8 InvGrdBd 7.86-.02+6.3 LargeCap 28.56+.17+20.4 LevCoSt d 47.33+.09+19.7 LowPrStkK d 50.03+.13+16.0 LowPriStk d 50.07+.13+15.9 MAMuInc d 12.36-.02+10.4 Magellan 95.33+.51+22.2 MagellanK 95.25+.51+22.3 MdCpVal d 24.47+.03+23.7 MeCpSto 16.31+.09+19.4 MidCap d 39.11+.02+16.8 MidCapK d 39.13+.02+16.9 MuniInc d 13.37-.02+11.3 NYMuInc d 13.47-.02+10.5 NewMille 41.89+.11+18.3 NewMktIn d 16.49-.06+12.0 OTC 80.65+.87+22.2 OTCK 81.39+.88+22.4 Overseas d 39.97+.07+9.9 Puritan 22.84+.05+17.0 PuritanK 22.84+.06+17.1 RealInv d 37.94-.62+19.2 RelEstInc d 11.67-.06+12.0 SASEqF 15.04+.06+20.6 SCOppF 13.54+.05+10.0 SEMF 18.94-.12+15.1 SInvGrBdF 11.37-.02+6.4 STMIdxF d 58.71+.22+20.1 Series100Idx 13.17+.07+20.7 SersEmgMkts 18.88-.12+14.8 SesAl-SctrEqt 15.04+.06+20.4 SesInmGrdBd 11.36-.03+6.3 ShTmBond 8.59...+1.5 SmCapDisc d 30.54+.14+12.4 SmCapStk d 19.81+.10+13.9 SmCpOpp 13.45+.05+9.7 SmCpVal d 20.31+.07+12.2 StkSelec 38.86+.16+20.2 StrDivInc 15.17-.01+16.5 StratInc 11.09-.03+8.1 TaxFrB d 11.57-.02+11.4 TotalBd 10.68-.02+6.8 Trend 92.28+.50+22.5 USBdIdx 11.61-.02+5.7 USBdIdx 11.61-.02+5.6 USBdIdxF 11.61-.02+5.7 USBdIdxInv 11.61-.02+5.5 ValK 113.85+.25+21.4 Value 113.69+.25+21.2 Worldwid d 25.17+.06+13.1Fidelity AdvisorAstMgr70 21.69+.04+13.3 CapDevO 16.76+.10+19.9 DivStk 25.12+.11+20.5 EmMktIncI d 14.12-.05+11.8 FltRateI d 9.90-.01+3.3 Fr2020A m 13.76+.01+10.8 Fr2025A m 13.60+.02+12.1 Fr2030A m 14.56+.03+13.0 GrowOppT m 60.43+.62+14.6 HlthCrC m 31.10+.26+39.5 LeverA m 58.40+.11+19.3 NewInsA m 28.32+.11+18.4 NewInsC m 26.17+.10+17.5 NewInsI 28.85+.11+18.7 NewInsT m 27.76+.11+18.1 StSlctSmCp d 26.31+.11+11.1 StratIncA m 12.38-.03+8.0 StratIncC m 12.35-.03+7.2 StratIncI 12.55-.03+8.3Fidelity SelectBiotech d 219.74+6.17+27.9 Chemical d 154.47+.55+21.8 ConsStpl d 94.89+.41+16.0 Electron d 80.51-.01+37.6 Energy d 58.22+.02+13.2 HealtCar d 220.02+1.92+41.3 MedEqSys d 38.96+.32+27.8 Pharm d 21.40+.15+33.9 SoftwCom d 119.84+.80+22.5 Tech d 124.93+1.14+21.5Fidelity Spartan500IdxAdvtg 71.05+.26+20.9 500IdxAdvtgInst 71.06+.27+21.0 500IdxInstl 71.06+.27+21.0 500IdxInv 71.04+.26+20.9 ExtMktIdAg d 55.64+.22+16.7 ExtMktIdI d 55.63+.21+16.7 IntlIdxAdg d 41.15+.08+9.9IntlIdxAdvtgIns d 41.16+.08+10.0IntlIdxIn d 41.14+.08+9.9 IntlIdxInst d 41.16+.08+10.0 TotMktIdAg d 58.70+.22+20.1 TotMktIdI d 58.69+.22+20.0FidelityLtdTermMuniInc d 10.73-.01+3.1 SerBlueChipGr 11.69+.09NA SerBlueChipGrF 11.69+.09NA Series100IdxF 13.17+.07NA SeriesGrowthCo 11.57+.13NA SeriesGrowthCoF 11.58+.12NAFirst EagleGlbA m 56.26-.03+10.5 OverseasA m 24.07-.05+8.3First InvestorsGrowIncA m 23.42+.06+18.3ForumAbStratI 11.18...+0.4FrankTemp-FrankFed TF A m 12.39-.01+12.0 FedIntA m 12.34-.02+8.0 FedTxFrIA 12.40-.01+12.1FrankTemp-FranklinBalA m 12.01+.01+13.7 CA TF A m 7.42-.01+14.4 CAInTF A m 12.86-.02+13.3 DynaTechA m 46.97+.30+18.3 EqInA m 23.95+.04+16.3 FLRtDAAdv 9.13-.01+3.3 FlRtDAccA m 9.13...+3.2 FlxCpGr A m 58.24+.34+17.9 GrowthA m 71.42+.34+21.3 HY TF A m 10.51-.01+14.6 HighIncA m 2.11-.01+9.9 HighIncAd 2.11-.01+9.5 Income C m 2.55...+13.9 IncomeA m 2.52-.01+14.2 IncomeAdv 2.51...+14.9 IncomeR6 2.51...+15.0 InsTF A m 12.35...+12.0 NY TF A m 11.66-.01+10.6 RisDivAdv 50.59+.16+13.6 RisDv C m 49.86+.15+12.5 RisDvA m 50.63+.15+13.3 SmMdCpGrA m 43.73+.23+17.5 StrIncA m 10.58-.01+7.4 Strinc C m 10.57-.02+6.8 TotalRetA m 10.15-.01+7.6 USGovA m 6.49-.01+4.4 Utils A m 16.83-.06+20.4FrankTemp-MutualDiscov C m 34.72+.04+12.7 Discov Z 35.80+.05+13.8 DiscovA m 35.20+.04+13.5 QuestA m 18.84-.02+12.8 QuestZ 19.08-.01+13.2 Shares Z 30.53+.06+16.5 SharesA m 30.23+.06+16.2 SharesR6 30.55+.07+16.7FrankTemp-TempletonDvMk A m 23.24-.25+7.8 Fgn A m 8.53-.01+10.3 Frgn Adv 8.44-.01+10.5 GlBond C m 13.44+.03+6.9 GlBondA m 13.41+.03+7.3 GlBondAdv 13.36+.02+7.5 GlBondR6 13.37+.03+7.8 GrowthA m 26.02+.02+13.8 GrowthR6 26.06+.03+14.2 WorldA m 20.09+.04+12.3Franklin TempletonFdrInm-TT/FIcAd 12.37-.02+8.2 FndAllA m 14.17+.01+14.7 FndAllC m 13.95+.01+13.9 HYldTFInA 10.55-.01+14.6 ModAllcA m 16.22+.02+11.0Franklin Templeton I GlTlRtA m 13.57+.03+7.3 GlTlRtAdv 13.58+.02+7.6GEElfunTr 60.90+.27+19.5 ElfunTxE 11.87-.02+10.3 IsIntlEq d 12.99+.01+5.7 S&SInc 11.57-.03+6.3 S&SUSEq 60.52+.26+20.5GMOAABdIV 25.51+.01+7.6 EmgDbtIV d 10.37...+16.9 EmgMktsVI d 11.58-.04+7.6 IntItVlIV 25.85+.07+12.4 QuIII 24.30+.11+18.4 QuIV 24.33+.11+18.4 QuVI 24.31+.11+18.5 USEqAllcVI 17.97+.06+16.5 USTrsy 25.00...0.0GabelliAssetAAA m 68.08+.12+14.8EqIncomeAAA m 29.59+.07+15.3SmCpGrAAA m 48.86+.08+12.3GatewayGatewayA m 29.75+.07+6.6Goldman SachsGrOppIs 32.93+.17+17.8 HiYdMunIs d 9.39+.01+17.6 HiYieldIs d 7.15-.02+9.2 MidCapVaA m 48.66...+19.3 MidCpVaIs 49.18-.01+19.8 ShDuTFIs 10.59...+2.4 SmCpValIs 58.39+.11+16.0HarborBond 12.23-.02+5.8 CapApInst 61.43+.50+23.2 CapAprInv b 60.26+.49+22.7 HiYBdInst d 10.98-.03+8.7 IntlInstl 71.58+.09+7.5 IntlInv b 70.71+.09+7.1Harding LoevnerEmgMkts d 52.98...+16.1 IntlEq d 18.78...+12.6HartfordBalHLSIA 26.80+.04+14.2 BalIncA m 13.72-.01+12.8 BalIncC m 13.55-.01+11.9 CapApr C m 43.72+.15+18.0 CapAprA m 50.07+.18+18.9 CapAprI 50.20+.18+19.3 CpApHLSIA 55.46+.19+18.3 DivGrowA m 27.02+.08+19.6 DivGrowI 26.93+.08+19.8 DvGrHLSIA 26.31+.09+20.4 EqIncA m 19.05+.04+15.6 FloatRtA m 8.96-.01+3.6 FloatRtC m 8.95-.01+2.9 FloatRtI 8.98-.01+4.0 GrOppA m 43.16+.26+18.5 GrOppI 44.20+.27+18.8 MdCpHLSIA 36.95+.16+20.1 MidCapA m 27.39+.12+19.4 StkHLSIA 61.64+.14+17.1 TRBdHLSIA 11.47-.02+7.4 WrldBdI 10.76...+4.5HeartlandValuePlus m 36.15+.19+14.7HendersonIntlOppA m 26.99-.05+10.2HennessyGsUtlIdxInv 31.31-.11+29.9Hotchkis & WileyMidCpValI 44.80+.18+17.5INVESCOBalAlocA m 12.43-.04+7.4 BalAlocC m 11.99-.04+6.6 BalAlocY 12.57-.04+7.7 CharterA m 23.68+.05+16.6 ComstockA m 25.69+.10+18.8 DivDivA m 18.06+.07+16.4 DivDivInv b 18.05+.07+16.4 EqIncomeA m 11.39+.03+14.9 EqIncomeC m 11.20+.02+14.0 EqWSP500A m 48.29+.10+20.4 GrowIncA m 29.26+.12+18.0 HiYldMuA m 9.82...+16.4 IntlGrA m 35.39-.01+12.5 IntlGrI 35.95-.01+12.9 MidCapGrA m 39.86+.24+16.6 MuniIncA m 13.58-.01+11.7 SmCapValA m 22.93+.07+15.7 Summit b 18.68+.16+21.7IVAIntlI d 18.09-.02+10.2 WorldwideA m 18.78+.01+10.5 WorldwideC m 18.57...+9.7 WorldwideI d 18.81+.01+10.8IvyAssetStrA m 31.40-.03+7.8 AssetStrC m 30.39-.03+7.0 AssetStrY b 31.46-.02+7.8 AsstStrgI 31.70-.03+8.0 HiIncA m 8.63-.02+8.8 HiIncC m 8.63-.02+8.0 HighIncI 8.63-.02+9.1 LtdTmBdA m 10.90-.01+2.4 MdCpGrthI 25.53+.11+12.9 ScTechA m 54.49+.49+19.3 SciTechI 58.85+.53+19.6JPMorganCoreBdUlt 11.69-.02+5.2 CoreBondA m 11.68-.02+4.8 CoreBondSelect 11.67-.02+5.0 DiscEqUlt 24.55+.10+23.2 EqIncA m 13.73+.04+17.7 EqIncSelect 13.92+.04+18.0 FIntlVaIs 14.94+.06+4.5 HighYldSel 8.04-.02+8.6 HighYldUl 8.03-.02+8.6 IntmdTFIs 11.11-.01+6.8 IntrAmerR 38.81+.16+24.9 IntrAmerS 38.87+.16+24.7 InvBalA m 15.35...+12.1 InvConGrA m 13.03...+9.0 InvConGrC m 12.97...+8.4 InvGrInA m 17.25...+14.4 InvGrowA m 19.84...+18.0 LgCapGrA m 34.12+.23+20.7 LgCapGrSelect 34.17+.23+20.9 MdCpGrSel 37.89+.01+19.0 MidCapVal m 37.52+.01+18.7 MidCpValI 38.29+.01+19.3 SelMidCap 45.44+.13+20.4 ShDurBndSel 10.89...+1.1 ShtDurBdU 10.89...+1.4 SmRt2020I 18.80...+12.9 SmRt2030I 19.60...+15.4 SmRt2040I 20.18...+16.6 TxAwRRetI 10.14-.02+5.8 USEquit 15.33+.07+21.8 USEquityI 15.35+.07+21.9 USLCpCrPS 30.47+.14+22.5 ValAdvA m 29.41+.05+19.3 ValAdvI 29.61+.06+19.9 ValAdvSel 29.54+.05+19.6James AdvantageGoldRainA b 25.38...+13.3JanusBalT 31.48+.03+13.9 Gr&IncT 47.69+.13+19.3 Janus T 44.40+.26+19.4 OverseasT 38.31-.22+12.8 PerkinsMCVT 25.00-.01+15.0 ResearchT 47.90+.35+23.2 ShTmBdT 3.06-.01+1.7 TwentyT 66.50+.30+18.1JensenQualtyGrI 39.02+.09+16.5 QualtyGrJ b 39.00+.09+16.2John HancockClasValI 26.21+.11+19.0DisValMdCpA m 19.08+.02+21.0DisValMdCpI 19.72+.02+21.3 DiscValA m 19.73+.06+17.1 DiscValI 19.24+.06+17.5 EmMkVlNAV 11.25-.05+11.7 GAbRSI 11.45+.02+7.2 IICpApNAV 18.34+.15+22.9 IIInVaNAV 18.01+.04+9.7 IIToRtNAV 13.87-.02+5.4 LgCpEqA m 39.47+.25+17.7 LifAg1 b 16.89+.05+15.3 LifBa1 b 16.04+.02+12.1 LifBaA m 16.12+.03+11.7 LifCo1 b 14.13-.01+8.2 LifGr1 b 17.01+.04+14.0 LifGrA m 17.04+.04+13.6 LifMo1 b 14.84...+10.0 StcIncI 10.95-.01+6.9KeeleySmCapVal m 38.09+.04+9.4LaudusInMktMstS d 23.87-.01+7.3 USLCGr d 19.46+.18+18.9LazardEmgMkEqInst d 20.54-.12+14.0EmgMktEqOpen m 21.03-.12+13.6IntlStEqInst d 14.64...+9.8 IntlStEqOpen m 14.73...+9.5Legg MasonCBAggressGrthA m 207.90+.83+26.7CBAggressGrthI 224.81+.90+27.1CBAllCapValueA m 17.53+.05+15.9CBAppreciatA m 20.71+.07+17.6CBEquityInc1 19.57+.02+17.4CBEquityIncA m 19.55+.02+17.2CBSmallCapGrI 29.19+.20+7.2 ValueC m 64.71+.34+21.0WACorePlusBdA m 11.60-.03+8.4 WACorePlusBdFI b 11.61-.02+8.5WACorePlusBdI 11.61-.02+8.8 WACorePlusBdIS 11.60-.03+8.9WAManagedMuniA m 16.78-.01+12.5Longleaf PartnersIntl 17.21-.17+4.2 LongPart 35.31...+15.5 SmCap 35.39-.07+17.0Loomis SaylesBdInstl 15.77...+10.9 BdR b 15.69-.01+10.6 GlbBdInstl 16.33-.04+5.3Lord AbbettAffiliatA m 16.58+.03+17.9 BndDbtrF b 8.24-.01+9.6 BondDebA m 8.25-.01+9.4 BondDebC m 8.27-.01+8.7 CalibrdDivA m 16.22+.02+15.9 DevGrowI 28.52+.37+8.7 FdmtlEqtyA m 16.03+.05+14.9 FltRateF b 9.38-.01+3.9 FltgRateA m 9.39-.01+3.8 FltgRateC m 9.40...+3.1 HiYldI 7.97-.02+11.1 MABalOppA m 12.93-.01+12.8 ShDurIncA m 4.52...+3.4 ShDurIncC m 4.55...+2.7 ShDurIncF b 4.52...+3.7 ShDurIncI 4.52...+3.8 TaxFreeA m 10.81-.02+9.1MFSBondA m 14.01-.04+7.9 GrAllocA m 18.71+.01+11.8 GrowA m 68.51+.31+18.0 GrowI 71.66+.32+18.3 IntDivA m 16.72...+7.2 IntlNDisA m 28.68-.03+8.0 IntlNDisI 29.51-.03+8.2 IntlValA m 34.63+.09+10.5 IsIntlEq 22.63-.02+8.5 MAInvA m 29.24+.09+17.6 MAInvGrA m 24.11+.06+16.4 MAInvI 28.64+.09+17.9 ModAllocA m 16.95...+10.3 MuHiIncA f 8.02...+14.8 ResIntlI 18.57+.02+6.3 ResearchA m 39.30+.15+17.6 TotRetA m 18.36+.01+13.5 UtilA m 23.53-.04+22.2 ValueA m 34.64+.11+16.9 ValueI 34.83+.11+17.1MainStayHiYldCorA m 6.02-.02+7.6 IntlI 36.34-.03+9.6 MAPI 47.77+.12+16.3 Mktfield 17.44...-3.3 MktfldA m 17.37+.01-3.4 S&PIdxI 46.75+.17+20.6 SelEqI 51.47+.17+13.7Mairs & PowerGrthInv 114.90+.30+15.4Manning & NapierWrldOppA 9.06-.01+6.1Matthews AsianDivInv d 16.56-.01+7.5 GrInc d 20.14-.02+9.0 PacTiger d 29.07-.18+21.6MergerInvCl b 16.53+.02+5.0MeridianMeridnGr d 38.17+.25+11.7Metropolitan WestLowDurBd b 8.82...+2.1 LowDurBdI 8.82...+2.3 TotRetBdI 10.81-.02+6.7 TotRtBd b 10.81-.02+6.5Morgan StanleyGrA m 40.54+.35+25.6 IntlEqA m 16.90+.04+8.7 IntlEqI d 17.15+.04+9.0 MdCpGrA m 44.96+.47+14.6 MdCpGrI 47.08+.49+14.9Munder FundsMdCpCrGrY 46.29+.09+17.7Mutual SeriesBeacon Z 17.93+.01+15.5NationsLgCpIxZ 38.91+.14+20.7NationwideIntlIdxI 8.58+.03+9.7 S&P500Is 15.40+.05+20.8NatixisLSInvBdA m 12.29-.01+9.5 LSInvBdC m 12.18-.01+8.7 LSInvBdY 12.29-.01+9.7 LSStratIncA m 17.08-.01+12.8 LSStratIncC m 17.19...+12.1Neuberger BermanGenesisInstl 60.53+.24+9.2 GenesisInv 40.76+.16+9.0 GenesisR6 60.56+.24+9.3 GenesisTr 63.00+.24+8.9 HIncBdInst 9.37-.04+8.4 LgShrtIn 13.08-.01+8.3 NBIncI 13.11-.03+16.7NicholasNichol 66.68+.14+21.7NorthernBdIndx 10.63-.02+5.6 EmMktsEq d 12.27-.09+10.8 FixedIn 10.35-.02+7.3 GlbREIdx d 10.04-.09+12.8 HYFixInc d 7.56-.02+9.6 IntTaxE 10.62-.02+8.1 IntlIndex d 12.56+.05+9.8 MMIntlEq d 11.17+.02+8.8Mlt-Mngr Emrg M d 20.67-.13+11.6SmCapVal 21.22+.07+14.8 StkIdx 24.80+.09+20.9NuveenHiYldMunA m 16.92-.01+20.3 HiYldMunI 16.92-.01+20.5 IntMunBdI 9.23-.01+8.6 LtdTmMunI 11.10...+4.6 RlEstSecI 23.44-.36+20.2Oak AssociatesPinOakEq 50.04+.27+20.7 RedOakTec 16.40+.11+24.1 WhiteOak 59.76+.32+15.8OakmarkEqIncI 34.40+.05+13.5 GlSelI 17.03...+11.1 Global I 31.25-.03+11.8 Intl I 25.92-.06+4.5 IntlSmCpI d 17.33-.08+6.2 Oakmark I 69.56+.21+21.4 Select I 45.61+.14+27.1Old WestburyGlbOppo 8.31+.02+10.1 GlbSmMdCp 17.29...+11.4 LgCpStr 13.08+.01+14.4OppenheimerActAllocA m 12.46+.03+12.8 CapApA m 66.36+.47+23.3 CapIncA m 9.99...+10.5 DevMktA m 41.02-.23+13.4 DevMktY 40.60-.23+13.7 DevMktsC m 38.89-.22+12.5 EqIncA m 34.20+.14+18.6 EquityA m 13.54+.07+20.7 GlobA m 82.29+.36+13.5 GlobOpprA m 40.52+.25+6.0 GlobY 82.48+.36+13.8 IntlBondA m 6.09-.02+5.1 IntlBondY 6.09-.01+5.4 IntlDivA m 14.84+.01+8.3 IntlGrY 37.42+.06+5.5 IntlGrowA m 37.54+.06+5.3 MainStrA m 52.55+.16+20.4 MnStrMdCpA m 33.73...+19.7 RisDivA m 20.95+.06+16.6 RisDivY 21.49+.06+16.8 SrFltRatA m 8.34-.01+4.1 SrFltRatC m 8.35...+3.3 StrIncA m 4.18...+7.1Oppenheimer RochesteFdMuniA m 15.37-.01+14.1 LmtTmMunA m 14.34...+7.6 LtdTmNY m 3.15...+7.1 RochHYMA m 7.17-.01+18.4OsterweisOsterStrInc 11.97-.01+5.6PIMCOAAstAAutP 10.31...+7.1 AllAssetA m 12.73...+9.9 AllAssetC m 12.67...+9.1 AllAssetI 12.73...+10.4 AllAuthA m 10.30...+6.7 AllAuthC m 10.28...+5.9 AllAuthIn 10.30...+7.1 CmPlsStrI 10.68...-1.4 CmPlsStrP 10.62...-1.6 ComRlRStI 5.51...-2.1 CrdtAbsRtInstl 10.80...+5.4 DivIncInst 11.75-.03+9.5EMFdIdPLARSTIns 11.00-.12+17.8EMktCurI 10.16...+3.0 EmMktsIns 11.07-.04+10.2 EmgLclBdI 9.43-.02+5.1 FdIdxPlARInst 7.44...+24.1 FdmtlAdvAbsRtI 3.87...+4.0 ForBdInstl 11.09-.02+10.1 ForBondI 10.44...+8.6 GlbAdvInst 11.29...+6.9 HgYdSpIns 10.93...+9.0 HiYldIs 9.61-.03+8.1 IFdIdPlARStI 12.48-.01+16.4 Income P 12.73-.01+11.5 IncomeA m 12.73-.01+11.2 IncomeC m 12.73-.01+10.5 IncomeD b 12.73-.01+11.3 IncomeInl 12.73-.01+11.6 InvGrdIns 10.70-.02+10.3 LgDrTRtnI 11.55-.06+17.1 LgTmCrdIn 12.79-.07+19.6 LgTmGovIs 10.34...+14.8 LowDrA m 10.32...+2.5 LowDrIs 10.32...+2.8 LowDurD b 10.32...+2.5 LowDurP 10.32...+2.7 ModDurIs 10.67-.01+4.7 RealRet 11.48...+7.0 RealRtnA m 11.48...+6.6 RlEstStRetI 4.94...+31.1 ShTermAdm b 9.92...+2.1 ShtTermIs 9.92...+2.3 SnrFltRtInstl d 10.18...+3.5 StkPlARShStrIn 2.51...-15.0 ToRtIIIIs 9.58-.01+5.6 ToRtIIIs 10.36-.02+5.1 TotRetA m 10.90-.02+5.4 TotRetAdm b 10.90-.02+5.6 TotRetC m 10.90-.02+4.7 TotRetIs 10.90-.02+5.8 TotRetR b 10.90-.02+5.2 TotRetrnD b 10.90-.02+5.5 TotlRetnP 10.90-.02+5.7 TtlRtIVInst 10.63-.01+4.8 UnconstrBdIns 11.31-.01+3.2 UnconstrBdP 11.31-.01+3.1 WwdFdAdvARStrIn 9.99...+3.5PRIMECAP OdysseyAggGr 33.55+.37+22.1 Growth 26.12+.22+16.9 Stock 23.49+.10+20.8ParametricEmgMktInstl 16.41-.06+13.7 TxMgEMInstl d 53.90-.21+14.2ParnassusCoreEqInv 39.73+.11+20.9Pax WorldBal b 25.37+.02+12.0PermanentPortfolio 44.42-.09+3.5PioneerCoreEqA m 16.87+.09+18.6 PioneerA m 41.79+.10+18.2 StratIncA m 11.06-.02+7.9 StratIncY 11.06-.02+8.2PrincipalBdMtgInst 10.96...+6.7 DivIntI 12.28...+13.4 HiYldII 10.59...+9.0 L/T2020I 14.96...+13.0 L/T2030I 15.25...+14.3 L/T2040I 15.77...+15.3 L/T2050I 15.31...+16.1 LCGrIInst 13.32...+18.4 LCIIIInst 15.58...+19.1 LgCGrInst 11.75...+19.9 LgCSP500I 14.12...+21.2 LgCValI 13.87...+19.4 MidCapA m 21.77...+18.8 PrSecInst 10.44...+12.6 SAMBalA m 16.40...+13.0 SAMConGrA m 18.84...+15.2 SCGrIInst 13.90...+8.8 SCValIII 14.08...+15.9PrudentialGblRealEstZ 24.60-.21+13.2 JenMCGrA m 41.00+.13+14.5Prudential InvestmenGovtIncA m 9.58-.02+4.5 HiYieldA m 5.75-.01+9.2 JenMidCapGrZ 42.83+.14+14.8 JennGrZ 31.36+.25+23.0 MuniHIncA m 10.14-.01+15.6 NaturResA m 54.22+.10+11.6 ShTmCoBdA m 11.27-.01+3.0 SmallCoZ 30.72+.10+17.5 TotRetBdZ 14.38...+8.5 UtilityA m 17.21-.03+32.7PutnamCpSpctrmA m 38.54+.22+20.2 CpSpctrmC m 37.75+.21+19.3 CpSpctrmY 38.73+.22+20.5 DivrInA m 7.94+.01+6.1 EqIncomeA m 22.15+.06+18.3 EqSpctrmA m 44.39+.32+19.7 EqSpctrmY 44.74+.32+20.0 GrowIncA m 21.45...+19.6 InvestorA m 21.50+.10+22.6 MultiCapGrA m 83.32+.56+22.7 VoyagerA m 33.99+.30+22.9RidgeWorthLgCpVaEqI 18.08+.04+18.8 MdCpVlEqI 14.98+.04+19.6 USGovBndI 10.13...+1.1RoycePAMutInv d 14.64+.04+11.0 PremierInv d 22.88+.07+12.2 SpecEqInv d 24.55+.03+6.8 TotRetInv d 16.52+.03+11.7RussellEmgMktsS 19.80-.13+12.9 GlRelEstS 40.21-.46+13.7 GlbEqtyS 11.86+.02+13.2 ItlDvMktS 37.32-.08+10.6 StratBdS 11.21-.02+6.1 USSmCpEqS 30.81...+11.7RydexBiotechIv 78.74+2.04+27.4 InvOTC2xH b 22.82-.38-44.4SEIIdxSP500E d 53.89+.20+20.7 IntlEq A d 10.21...+8.5 IsCrFxIA d 11.48-.02+6.8 IsHiYdBdA d 7.82-.03+8.7 IsItlEmMA d 11.49-.10+9.7 IsLrgGrA d 34.37+.16+17.7 IsLrgValA d 26.24+.08+20.2 IsMgTxMgA d 19.98+.08+20.0SSGAS&P500Idx b 31.98+.12+20.8Schwab1000Inv d 53.12+.20+20.5 CoreEq d 25.31+.12+21.8 DivEqSel d 19.19+.05+18.3 FUSLgCInl d 15.47+.02+20.3 IntlIndex d 20.23+.07+9.7 S&P500Sel d 31.57+.12+20.9 SmCapIdx d 27.87+.15+11.8 TotStkMSl d 36.60+.13+20.0ScoutInterntl 37.12-.02+6.3 MidCap 18.99+.12+16.9 UnconBd 11.59+.02-0.1SelectedAmerShS b 48.85+.04+15.9 American D 48.85+.04+16.3SentinelCmnStkA m 45.90+.17+17.4SequoiaSequoia 221.44+.38+11.2Sound ShoreInv 53.24+.12+23.0SpectraSpectra A m 19.34+.13+24.8State FarmBalanced 66.11+.06+14.8 Growth 73.55+.19+19.3SteelPathMLPAlpA m 13.82...+23.2 MLPAlpY 14.00-.01+23.5 MLPIncA m 11.69+.02+16.3 MLPIncC m 11.42+.02+15.5 MLPSel40Y 13.83+.01+22.7SunAmericaFocDvStrC m 17.68+.04+12.9T Rowe PriceBalanced 24.23+.03+13.6 BlChpGAdv b 68.33+.35+21.9 BlChpGr 68.78+.36+22.3 CapApprec 27.73+.01+15.3 DivGrow 35.59+.06+16.8 EmMktBd d 12.93-.04+10.6 EmMktStk d 35.58-.24+12.2 EqIndex d 53.98+.20+20.7 EqtyInc 34.38+.07+14.8 EqtyIncAd b 34.29+.07+14.5 EurStock d 20.89-.04+10.1 GNMA 9.58-.02+5.5 GrStkAdv b 54.98+.28+20.6 GrowInc 31.59+.08+18.9 GrowStk 55.77+.28+20.9 HealthSci 69.36+.84+31.7 HiYield d 7.20-.02+9.8 InSmCpStk 20.61+.11+12.4 InsLgCpGr 28.74+.14+20.4 InstlFlRt d 10.21-.01+4.0 InstlHiYl d 9.78-.02+10.3 InstlLgCV 20.56+.06+20.0 IntlBnd d 9.54-.03+4.5 IntlDisc d 57.63-.12+13.5 IntlGrInc d 16.01+.02+11.4 IntlStk d 16.98-.02+10.6 MDTaxFBd 10.86-.01+10.5 MediaTele 73.50+.08+19.6 MidCapE 44.02+.19+17.8 MidCapVa 33.19+.07+20.8 MidCpGr 78.51+.32+17.1 NewAmGro 47.03+.29+20.9 NewAsia d 18.06-.16+17.2 NewEra 48.80+.04+16.1 NewHoriz 47.70+.31+13.4 NewIncome 9.53-.02+6.5 OrseaStk d 10.29+.02+9.6 PerStrBal 24.05+.01+13.3 PerStrGr 32.34+.05+15.6 R2015 15.13...+12.8 R2025 16.32...+15.2 R2035 17.32...+16.6 Real d 24.87-.40+19.8 Ret2020R b 21.24...+13.5 Ret2050 13.90...+17.1 RetInc 15.33...+9.5 Rtmt2010 18.78...+11.5 Rtmt2020 21.60...+14.1 Rtmt2030 24.03...+16.0 Rtmt2040 24.92...+17.0 Rtmt2045 16.61...+17.1 SciTech 43.96+.17+27.6 ShTmBond 4.78...+1.7 SmCpStk 45.26+.24+11.7 SmCpVal d 49.68+.10+10.4 SpecGrow 25.47...+17.7 SpecInc 13.07...+8.3 SumMuInt 11.91-.01+8.1 TRPRet2025Ad b 16.23...+14.9 TaxFHiYld d 11.78...+15.4 TaxFInc 10.34-.01+11.5 TaxFShInt 5.67...+2.8 TrRt2020Ad b 21.43...+13.7 TrRt2030Ad b 23.82...+15.8 TrRt2030R b 23.63...+15.4 TrRt2040Ad b 24.71...+16.8 TrRt2040R b 24.54...+16.5 Value 37.21+.08+21.4T.RoweReaAsset d 12.03-.08+12.9TCWEmgIncI 8.65-.03+10.8 SelEqI 26.48+.15+15.1 TotRetBdI 10.27-.01+7.5 TotRetBdN b 10.59-.01+7.1TIAA-CREFBdIdxInst 10.79-.02+5.5 BdPIns 10.70-.02+7.2 BondIn 10.52-.02+7.1 ELCGrIxI 12.04+.06+19.8 ELCVlIxI 11.19+.03+19.0 EqIx 15.37+.06+20.2 Gr&IncIn 12.98+.08+20.9 HYlIns d 10.30-.03+9.6 InfL 11.54-.04+5.3 IntlE d 19.60+.08+10.1 IntlEqIn d 11.44+.02+7.3 LCVal 18.80+.06+16.7 LgCGIdx 20.76+.11+21.8 LgCVIdx 17.86+.03+20.0 LgGrIns 16.30+.14+22.4 Life2040I 11.35+.03+14.9 MidValIn 24.95...+19.7 SCEq d 19.34+.11+12.8 SPIndxIn 22.61+.08+20.9TargetSmCapVal 27.76+.08+14.3TempletonInFEqSeS 22.85-.02+8.4Third AvenueFCrtInst d 11.54-.19NA RealEsVal d 32.19-.15+17.5 Value d 62.34+.07+12.8ThompsonBond 11.89-.02+5.1ThornburgIncBldA m 21.97-.06+15.8 IncBldC m 21.96-.07+15.0 IntlValA m 30.45-.05+2.8 IntlValI 31.08-.05+3.2 LtdTMuA m 14.57-.01+4.2 LtdTMul 14.57-.01+4.5 LtdTmIncI 13.51-.01+5.5ThriventLgCapStkA m 27.99...+16.4TocquevilleDlfld m 38.81...+11.2 Gold m 40.23-.42+1.1TouchstoneSdCapInGr 23.70+.17+21.1TransamericaAstAlMdGrC m 15.16...+11.9Tweedy, BrowneGlobVal d 27.92-.03+10.4U.S. Global InvestorGld&Prec m 6.87-.03-8.3 GlobRes m 9.67-.01+3.9 WrldPrcMnr m 6.49-.01-6.9USAACorstnModAgrsv 26.53+.02+11.9 GrowInc 23.58+.10+21.4 HYOpp d 8.91-.01+10.5 Income 13.28-.02+7.0 IncomeStk 18.29+.04+18.2 IntermBd 10.94-.02+7.9 Intl 30.57-.01+7.9 S&P500M 28.49...+21.1 ShTmBond 9.22...+2.7 TaxEInt 13.54-.01+8.4 TaxELgTm 13.66-.01+11.8 TaxEShTm 10.72...+2.1 Value 20.63+.05+16.3VALIC Co IMdCpIdx 28.35+.05+17.6 StockIdx 36.12+.14+20.6Vanguard500Adml 184.85+.69+20.9 500Inv 184.81+.69+20.8 500Sgnl 152.70+.57+20.9A-WexUSIdxAdm 32.11+.04+11.0BalIdx 29.14+.04+14.0 BalIdxAdm 29.15+.04+14.2 BalIdxIns 29.16+.05+14.2 BdMktInstPls 10.78-.02+5.6 CAITAdml 11.73-.01+9.4 CALTAdml 11.97-.01+13.4 CapOp 52.49+.30+22.9 CapOpAdml 121.25+.68+23.0 CapVal 15.86+.02+20.5 Convrt 14.31+.01+10.6 DevMktIdxAdm 13.31+.05+9.7 DevMktIdxInstl 13.32+.05+9.7 DivAppIdxInv 31.26+.07+14.7 DivEqInv 33.03+.15+19.3 DivGr 22.58+.05+17.5 EmMkInsId 28.54-.22+13.4 EmMktIAdm 37.53-.29+13.3 EmMktStkIdxIP 94.95-.73+13.4 EmerMktIdInv 28.57-.22+13.1 EnergyAdm 135.01-.03+13.4 EnergyInv 71.91-.02+13.3 EqInc 31.75+.09+18.2 EqIncAdml 66.55+.18+18.2 EurIdxAdm 71.82+.20+11.6 ExMktIdSig 57.05+.22+16.8 ExplAdml 97.58+.49+12.5 Explr 104.83+.53+12.3 ExtdIdAdm 66.39+.26+16.8 ExtdIdIst 66.39+.25+16.8 ExtdMktIdxIP 163.86+.63+16.8 ExtndIdx 66.34+.25+16.6 FAWeUSIns 101.77+.13+11.0 GNMA 10.69-.02+6.3 GNMAAdml 10.69-.02+6.4 GlbEq 24.98+.07+16.8 GrIncAdml 70.51+.28+21.7 GroInc 43.18+.17+21.5 GrowthIdx 52.25+.28+22.0 GrthIdAdm 52.25+.27+22.2 GrthIstId 52.25+.27+22.2 GrthIstSg 48.39+.26+22.2 HYCor 6.07-.02+9.0 HYCorAdml 6.07-.02+9.1 HltCrAdml 90.36+.41+33.2 HlthCare 214.16+.98+33.1 ITBond 11.41-.03+7.0 ITBondAdm 11.41-.03+7.1 ITGradeAd 9.88-.02+7.4 ITIGrade 9.88-.02+7.3 ITrsyAdml 11.24-.02+3.7 InfPrtAdm 26.42-.09+5.4 InfPrtI 10.76-.04+5.5 InflaPro 13.45-.05+5.3 InstIdxI 183.66+.68+20.9 InstPlus 183.68+.69+21.0 InstTStId 45.71+.18+20.3 InstTStPl 45.71+.17+20.3 IntlExpIn 19.14-.03+14.2 IntlGr 23.65+.03+10.5 IntlGrAdm 75.26+.10+10.7 IntlStkIdxAdm 28.73+.03+11.1 IntlStkIdxI 114.88+.11+11.2 IntlStkIdxIPls 114.91+.12+11.2 IntlStkIdxISgn 34.46+.03+11.1 IntlVal 38.29+.13+11.3 L/TBdIdxInstlPl 13.67-.07+16.6 LTBond 13.67-.07+16.4 LTGradeAd 10.47-.06+17.1 LTInvGr 10.47-.06+17.0 LTsryAdml 12.19-.07+14.6 LgBdIdxIs 13.67-.07+16.6 LgCpIdxAdm 46.47+.17+20.8 LifeCon 18.87...+10.4 LifeGro 29.21+.06+15.0 LifeInc 14.89-.01+8.2 LifeMod 24.30+.02+12.7 MdCpGrIdxAdm 42.65+.11+18.0MdCpValIdxAdm 45.26+.09+21.3MdPDisGr 19.28...+12.8 MidCapGr 26.24+.13+15.7 MidCapIdxIP 162.83+.36+19.8 MidCp 32.91+.08+19.6 MidCpAdml 149.44+.34+19.7 MidCpIst 33.01+.07+19.7 MidCpSgl 47.16+.11+19.8 Morg 27.55+.18+19.6 MorgAdml 85.43+.54+19.8 MuHYAdml 11.15-.01+12.6 MuInt 14.19-.01+8.4 MuIntAdml 14.19-.01+8.5 MuLTAdml 11.63-.02+12.2 MuLtd 11.08...+2.9 MuLtdAdml 11.08...+2.9 MuSht 15.87...+1.1 MuShtAdml 15.87...+1.1 NJLTAdml 12.18-.02+11.4 NYLTAdml 11.70-.01+11.9 PALTAdml 11.59-.01+11.9 PacIdxAdm 76.89+.38+6.6 PrecMtls 11.07-.01-3.0 Prmcp 104.85+.49+26.7 PrmcpAdml 108.78+.51+26.8 PrmcpCorI 22.14+.11+24.6 R1000GrIdxI 183.78+.99+21.8 REITIdx 25.29-.40+19.7 REITIdxAd 107.94-1.68+19.9 REITIdxInst 16.71-.26+19.9 REITIdxSg 28.82-.44+19.9 S/TBdIdxInstl 10.49-.01+1.8 S/TBdIdxInstlPl 10.49-.01+1.9 STBond 10.49-.01+1.7 STBondAdm 10.49-.01+1.8 STBondSgl 10.49-.01+1.8 STCor 10.72-.01+3.0 STFedAdml 10.72-.01+1.3 STGradeAd 10.72-.01+3.1 STIGradeI 10.72-.01+3.2 STsryAdml 10.68...+1.0 SelValu 30.10+.02+18.4 ShTmInfPtScIxIn 24.88-.03+1.4 ShTmInfPtScIxIv 24.83-.03+1.2 SmCapIdx 55.52+.19+16.2 SmCapIdxIP 160.53+.57+16.4 SmCpGrIdxAdm 44.15+.20+11.9 SmCpIdAdm 55.61+.20+16.4 SmCpIdIst 55.61+.20+16.4 SmCpIndxSgnl 50.10+.18+16.4SmCpValIdxAdm 45.08+.11+20.3SmGthIdx 35.28+.17+11.7 SmGthIst 35.36+.17+11.9 SmValIdx 25.13+.07+20.2 SmVlIdIst 25.20+.07+20.3 Star 25.24+.04+14.0 StratgcEq 33.19+.13+24.9 TgtRe2010 26.91...+9.8 TgtRe2015 15.63+.01+11.6 TgtRe2020 28.82+.04+12.9 TgtRe2030 29.50+.05+14.6 TgtRe2035 18.17+.04+15.5 TgtRe2040 30.34+.07+16.1 TgtRe2045 19.03+.04+16.1 TgtRe2050 30.21+.07+16.2 TgtRe2055 32.53+.08+16.2 TgtRetInc 12.98...+8.6 Tgtet2025 16.78+.03+13.8 TlIntlBdIdxAdm 20.73-.03+7.5 TlIntlBdIdxInst 31.11-.04+7.6 TlIntlBdIdxInv 10.37-.01+7.5 TotBdAdml 10.78-.02+5.6 TotBdInst 10.78-.02+5.6 TotBdMkInv 10.78-.02+5.5 TotBdMkSig 10.78-.02+5.6 TotIntl 17.17+.01+11.0 TotStIAdm 50.40+.19+20.2 TotStIIns 50.41+.19+20.2 TotStISig 48.64+.18+20.2 TotStIdx 50.37+.19+20.1 TxMBalAdm 26.48+.03+14.3 TxMCapAdm 102.36+.36+21.1 TxMSCAdm 44.03+.14+13.3 USGro 30.95+.18+21.3 USGroAdml 80.16+.46+21.5 ValIdxAdm 32.18+.08+19.7 ValIdxIns 32.18+.08+19.7 ValIdxSig 33.49+.08+19.7 ValueIdx 32.18+.08+19.5 VdHiDivIx 26.66+.10+19.8 WellsI 25.94-.02+11.4 WellsIAdm 62.86-.03+11.5 Welltn 40.24+.05+14.9 WelltnAdm 69.51+.08+15.0 WndsIIAdm 70.30+.27+18.8 Wndsr 22.20+.08+19.8 WndsrAdml 74.90+.26+19.9 WndsrII 39.61+.15+18.7 ex-USIdxIP 107.77+.13+11.0VictorySmCmpOpI 41.73+.10+15.6VirtusEmgMktsIs 10.68-.08+13.6 MulSStA m 4.87...+4.3 MulSStC b 4.92-.01+4.0Waddell & Reed AdvAssetStrA m 11.50-.01+7.7 CoreInv A m 7.85+.01+20.2 HiIncA m 7.64-.02+9.8 NewCncptA m 12.19+.05+12.4 SciTechA m 16.56+.15+19.3WasatchIntlGr d 27.79-.15+0.5 L/SInv d 16.63+.04+8.2 SmCapGr d 52.11+.32+6.1Wells FargoAstAlllcA f 14.56...+9.3 AstAlllcC m 14.01...+8.5 EmgMktEqA f 22.65-.16+8.0 GrI 56.68+.48+11.0 GrowInv 51.74+.44+10.5 GrowthAdm 54.85+.47+10.8 PrmLrgCoGrA f 15.06+.08+15.8 STMuBdInv 10.01-.01+1.9 ShTmBdInv 8.80-.01+1.7 UlSTMInA f 4.82...+0.3 UlSTMInI 4.82...+0.6WestwoodIncOppI 14.81...+12.8William BlairInslIntlG 17.67-.07+10.6 IntlGrI 27.29-.11+10.4World FundsEpGloEqShYI 20.47+.01+15.9AMGMgrsBondSvc 28.30-.04+9.0 TmSqMCGrI 19.37+.07+17.3 YacktmanSvc d 25.00+.05+13.2 YkmFcsInst d 26.69+.05+12.9 YkmFcsSvc d 26.65+.05+12.8AQRDivArbtI 10.98...+0.7 MaFtStrI 10.35...+2.9 MlStrAltI 9.97...+6.2AcadianEmgMkts d 20.32-.12+11.1Advisors Inner CrclEGrthIns 20.84+.21+27.8AkreAkrFocRet m 22.18+.06+18.2Alger GroupCapApInsI 29.50+.19+25.2Alliance BernsteinHighIncA m 9.53-.02+10.0 HighIncAdv 9.54-.02+10.3 HighIncC m 9.64-.02+9.1 IntDivA m 14.52-.02+4.6AllianzGINFJAllCpVaA m 17.14+.05+18.2 NFJAllCpValIns 17.23+.05+18.7 NFJSmCVIs 37.12+.01+15.5 NFJSmCVlA m 34.90+.01+15.1AmanaGrowth b 34.51...+19.1 Income b 45.81...+16.9American BeaconLgCpVlInv 29.68+.11+18.8 LgCpVlIs 31.37+.12+19.2 SmCapInst 27.89+.09+14.8American CenturyDivBdInstl 10.80-.02+6.2 DivBdInv 10.80-.02+5.9 EqGrowInv 33.39+.13+21.5 EqIncA m 9.18+.02+14.7 EqIncInstl 9.18+.01+15.2 EqIncInv 9.18+.02+15.0 HeritInv 26.91+.12+12.8 InTTxFBIns 11.45...+7.0 InTTxFBInv 11.44-.01+6.8 IncGrInv 38.98+.10+21.3 InfAdjI 11.85-.04+4.7 IntlGrInv d 13.44-.03+7.9 InvGrInstl 35.52+.18+19.0 InvGrInv 35.10+.18+18.8 MdCpValInv 17.46+.03+21.0 NTDvsfBdInstl 10.83-.02+5.8 OneChMod 15.26+.01+12.8 SelectInv 59.95+.31+20.0 UltraInv 36.58+.19+19.6 ValueInv 8.97+.02+19.5American FundsAMCAPA m 29.25+.13+22.1 AmBalA m 25.73+.03+15.3 BondA m 12.71-.03+5.9 CapIncBuA m 60.89+.04+13.1 CapWldBdA m 20.72-.06+6.8 CpWldGrIA m 47.57+.14+15.8 EurPacGrA m 50.09+.07+11.6 FnInvA m 54.97+.15+19.4 GlbBalA m 31.75+.07+13.6 GrthAmA m 46.64+.26+20.0 HiIncA m 11.28-.05+7.2 HiIncMuA m 15.37...+14.7 IncAmerA m 21.85...+15.3 IntBdAmA m 13.50-.01+2.4 IntlGrInA m 35.88+.08+12.9 InvCoAmA m 40.21+.17+22.2 LtdTmTxEA m 16.12-.01+4.7 MutualA m 37.09+.08+17.2 NewEconA m 40.31+.23+19.4 NewPerspA m 38.93+.12+14.1 NwWrldA m 61.07-.10+9.8 STBdFdA m 9.99...+1.0 SmCpWldA m 50.44+.18+10.3 TaxEBdAmA m 12.99-.01+10.5 USGovSecA m 13.89-.02+4.3 WAMutInvA m 42.33+.09+19.7ArbitrageArbitragI d 13.00+.01+1.7ArielApprecInv b 58.04+.10+17.8 ArielInv b 78.26+.32+21.2Artio GlobalGlobHiYldI 10.11-.02+9.3ArtisanIntl d 30.77-.12+11.4 IntlI d 31.00-.13+11.6 IntlVal d 37.62+.02+10.8 IntlValI d 37.77+.02+11.0 MdCpVal 27.97-.02+12.3 MidCap 49.37+.22+12.2 MidCapI 51.76+.23+12.5 SmCapVal 18.08+.04+5.0Aston FundsMidCapI 49.61+.04+21.0 MidCapN b 48.74+.04+20.7 MtgClGrI 29.37+.11+15.6 MtgClGrN b 29.17+.10+15.3BBHBrdMktFxI 10.34...+1.8 CoreSelN d 22.70+.07+14.4BNY MellonEmgMkts 10.90-.09+12.9 MidCpMuStrM 15.52+.04+17.6 NtlIntM 13.70-.02+7.0BairdAggrInst 10.71-.02+6.9 CrPlBInst 11.08-.02+7.3 ShTmBdIns 9.72...+2.5BaronAsset b 65.78+.23+18.6 GrInstl 73.29+.12+10.3 Growth b 72.41+.11+10.0 SmCap b 35.03+.12+12.1 SmCpInstl 35.53+.12+12.4BernsteinDiversMui 14.52-.02+4.9 IntDur 13.72-.02+6.7 IntlPort 16.42+.01+7.0 TxMIntl 16.50+.02+6.9BerwynIncome d 14.42-.02+9.0BlackRockBasicValA m 33.31+.08+20.2 BasicValI 33.62+.08+20.5 CapAppInA m 28.41+.25+18.7 EqDivA m 25.41+.08+16.1 EqDivI 25.48+.08+16.4 EquitDivC m 24.80+.07+15.2 FltRtlIncI 10.43-.01+4.1 GlLSCrI 10.95...+4.3 GlobAlcA m 22.05+.05+10.1 GlobAlcC m 20.39+.04+9.2 GlobAlcI 22.16+.04+10.4 HiYldBdIs 8.34-.02+10.3 HiYldInvA m 8.34-.02+9.9 HthScOpA m 48.58+.43+29.2 LowDurIvA m 9.76-.01+2.7 NatMuniA m 10.95...+11.6 NatMuniI 10.94-.01+11.8 StIncInvA m 10.33...+6.0 A-B-CAMAG Ph...24.19+.67 AMC Net...62.69-.71 ASML Hld.83e97.50+.29 AcaciaTc.5017.27... AcadiaPh...27.31+.33 Accuray...8.32+.38 AcelRx...7.89+.05 Achillion...12.61+.23 AcordaTh...30.99+.22 ActivsBliz.20fu23.81+.08 AdobeSy...72.33-.09 Aegerion...33.09+2.02 AkamaiT...62.05+.88 Akorn...36.62+.30 Alexion...165.65+4.28 AlignTech...55.32+.42 Alkermes...44.15+1.48 AllscriptH...14.55-.03 AlnylamP...69.50+3.65 Alphatec...1.70+.07 AlteraCp lf.72f35.88-.32 AmTrstFin.8042.20-.01 Amarin...2.00+.02 Amazon...331.33+1.58 Ambarella...37.43-.26 AmAirl n.4038.58+.62 ACapAgy2.75e23.18-.20 AmCapLtd...15.25-.01 ARCapH n.6810.83-.01 ARltCapPr1.0013.06-.09 AmSupr...1.51-.01 Amgen2.44139.19+1.80 AmicusTh...7.24+.03 AmkorTch...9.51-.29 AnacorPh...24.15+.82 AnalogDev1.4849.64-.16 AngiesList...7.66+.04 ApolloEdu...27.13+.06 ApolloInv.808.79+.03 Apple Inc s1.88101.00+3.01 ApldMatl.4022.37-.09 AMCC...d7.24-.21 Approach...d16.50+.26 ArkBest.1234.68-1.18 ArchCap...54.49-.40 ArenaPhm...d3.98+.08 AresCap1.52a17.04-.06 AriadP...5.90+.15 ArmHld.31e46.45-.57 Arotech...3.87+.06 ArrayBio...3.64+.11 Arris...30.49+1.05 ArrowRsh...16.90+.77 ArubaNet...22.93+1.06 AscenaRtl...17.01+.07 AspenTech...41.09+.22 AsscdBanc.3618.32+.20 Atmel...8.75-.03 Autodesk...53.37-.27 AutoData1.9283.61+.48 Auxilium...21.11+.73 AvagoTch1.28f89.00+.60 AvanirPhm...u6.79+.86 AviatNetw...1.67+.06 AvisBudg...63.37-.51 Aware s1.75e4.34+.05 Axcelis...2.00+.01 BBCN Bcp.40f14.78+.13 B/E Aero...86.60+.47 BGC Ptrs.487.58-.13 Baidu...220.68-.55 BallardPw...3.41-.01 BncFstOK1.36f64.24+.29 BaxanoS h....31-.01 Bazaarvce...8.01+.06 BeacnRfg...26.86-.16 BedBath...65.69+.76 Biocryst...12.42+.65 BiogenIdc...332.08+5.25 BioMarin...69.48+1.25 BioScrip...8.06-.16 BlackDiam...8.05-.28 BlkRKelso.849.31-.01 BlackBerry...10.27-.01 BloominBr...16.99+.11 Blucora...15.67+.02 BonTon.209.08-.14 BoulderBr...14.85+.53 BreitBurn2.0122.36-.50 Brightcove...6.02+.05 Broadcom.4840.62+.42 BrcdeCm.1410.43+.18 BrukerCp...20.50+.06 BldrFstSrc...6.56-.11 CA Inc1.0028.83-.05 CBOE.84f54.35+.58 CDW Corp.1731.36-.06 CH Robins1.4066.73-.18 CIM CTr rs.8820.79-.98 CME Grp1.8876.01+.33 CTC Media.709.33-.21 Cadence...18.02+.13 CaesarAc n...d10.16-.25 Caesars...12.43+.17 Camtek h...4.15+.22 CdnSolar...39.07+.98 CapProd.9310.28-.16 CapFedFn.30a12.24+.13 CpstnTurb...1.23+.03 CareerEd...5.21+.03 Carrizo...56.63+1.09 Caseys.8070.49+1.27 Catamaran...48.17-.33 Cavium...52.65-.85 Celgene s...94.09+1.16 CelldexTh...15.60+.52 CentAl...27.26-1.45 Cepheid...44.05+1.28 CeragonN...2.52+.12 Cerner...59.61+.09 CerusCp...4.11-.03 ChartInds...d64.50-.01 CharterCm...157.63+1.11 ChkPoint...71.26+.02 Cheesecake.66f45.63+.60 Chimerix...u30.03+1.49 ChiFnOnl...8.13-.62 ChiMobGm...22.99+1.23 ChiRecyEn...1.42... ChinaSun h...3.59+.12 Cintas.77f66.42+.07 Cirrus...23.13... Cisco.7624.93+.07 CitrixSys...71.64+.54 CleanEngy...8.97-.14 ClovisOnc...45.55+1.65 CognizTc s...45.39+.10 Comc spcl.90u56.62+.31 CommScp n...25.70+.34 Compuwre.5010.65+.02 Comverse...22.06+.04 ConatusPh...7.18+.32 Conns...30.24-.36 Conversant...26.67... Copart...33.85+.30 CorinthC h....15... CorOnDem...40.66+.70 Costco1.42126.17+.06 CowenGp...4.11+.02 Cray Inc...27.04+.02 Cree Inc...d42.79-.61 Criteo SA n...33.98-2.01 Crocs...15.04-.01 Ctrip.com...65.64-.61 CubistPh...68.98+1.62 CumMed...d4.12-.07 Curis...1.61... Cyberonics...54.08-.12 CypSemi.4410.55-.35 Cytori...d1.11-.04 D-E-FDaktronics.40f13.63+.24 Dealertrk...44.24+.86 dELIAs h....46+.01 Dndreon...1.37+.01 Dentsply.2747.30+.12 Depomed...14.19+.07 DexCom...43.30+.80 DiambkEn...76.80+.34 Diodes...24.92-.82 DirecTV...86.65+.03 DiscCmA s...40.97+.06 DiscCmC s...40.32+.07 DishNetw h...65.76-.12 DollarTree...55.82-.09 DonlleyRR1.0417.18-.01 DrmWksA...22.20+.06 DryShips...3.10... Dunkin.9246.52-.30 DurectCp...1.64+.11 DyaxCp...10.68+.31 E-Trade...22.73+.56 eBay...51.10-1.63 EDAP TMS...d1.38-.06 EarthLink.204.12+.08 EstWstBcp.7235.40+.41 8x8 Inc...7.96+.13 ElPLoco n...36.25+.46 ElectArts...37.81+.36 EFII ...43.85-.21 ElizArden...17.04+.12 EnantaPh...41.01-.14 Endo Intl...64.74+.88 Endocyte...9.09+1.05 Endologix...13.89+.20 EngyXXI.48d14.51-.38 Enphase...u16.29+.83 Entegris...11.94... EntropCom...2.57-.04 Epizyme...27.97+1.24 Equinix...217.77+1.06 Ericsson.46e12.68+.13 EveryWr h...2.79-.05 ExOne...28.81+1.38 Exelixis...1.89+.03 Expedia.72f87.04+1.11 ExpdIntl.64f41.99+.03 ExpScripts...75.05+.40 ExtrmNet...5.17-.01 F5 Netwks...125.19+2.16 FLIR Sys.4033.63+.31 Facebook...77.43+.76 FairchldS...16.58-.49 FairwayGp...4.21-.15 Fastenal1.0046.47+.18 FifthStFin1.109.87+.02 FifthStSen1.20f12.21-.02 FifthThird.52f20.45+.24 Finisar...17.30+.11 FinLine.3229.95+.04 FireEye n...34.85+1.34 FstNiagara.328.63+.09 FstSolar...70.97+.08 FstMerit.6417.86+.31 Fiserv s...65.29+.30 FiveBelow...42.35+.65 Flextrn...11.05-.08 Fortinet...26.31+.30 Fossil Grp...102.51-.41 FosterWhl.40e31.63+.07 Francesca...14.09+.75 FreshMkt...35.01-.24 FrontierCm.406.35-.29 FuelCellE...2.38-.04 FultonFncl.3211.71+.12 G-H-IGT AdvTc...12.78-2.16 GW Pharm...89.68+.64 Gam&Lsr n2.0833.20-1.08 Garmin1.9253.77+2.06 Gentex.6429.20+.01 GeronCp.15t2.44-.02 Gevo h....46-.02 GileadSci...108.22+2.33 GluMobile...5.38+.05 Gogo...16.98-.02 GolLNGLtd1.8064.96+2.25 Goodyear.24f24.99+.16 Google A...593.42+1.45 Google C n...583.10+2.09 GoPro n...u68.47+4.28 GreenPlns.32f44.79+.34 GrifolsSA.29e39.10+.60 Groupon...7.10+.41 GulfportE...57.29+1.16 HD Supply...27.83-.32 HMS Hldgs...21.00+.39 HainCel...u102.18+1.18 Halozyme...9.31+.26 HancHld.9633.16+.68 HanwhaSol...2.60-.02 Harmonic...6.93+.03 Hasbro1.7253.72+.05 HawHold...15.60+.33 HeartWare...78.25-.76 HSchein...118.33-.30 HercOffsh...3.17-.01 Hibbett...d42.41-.35 HimaxTch.27e8.67-.04 Hologic...25.32+.04 HmeLnSvc2.16f22.50+.17 HomeAway...33.55-.13 HorizPhm...11.27+.43 HorsehdH...19.59+.02 HoughMH n...19.46+.16 HubGroup...40.30-3.01 HudsCity.1610.04+.07 HuntJB.8075.02-1.03 HuntBncsh.209.93+.09 IAC Inter1.36f71.65-.29 IdexxLabs...124.65-.24 iGateCorp...38.17+.02 iPass...1.42+.03 iShEurFn.70e24.27+.21 iShAsiaexJ1.04e65.28-.17 iSh ACWI1.29e60.59+.19 iShNsdqBio.39e274.41+4.93 Icon PLC...u55.39+.93 iDreamS n...22.70-.30 iKangHlt n...18.91+.92 Illumina...178.14+2.99 Immersn h...d9.93+.08 ImunoGn...11.72+.42 Imunmd...3.22+.04 Incyte...51.05+.34 Nasdaq National Market Mutual FundsInfinera...11.25+.38 InfinityPh...15.46+.13 Informat...33.12+.10 Insmed...13.93+.14 InsysTh s...34.58+2.02 IntgDv...16.13+.01 Intel.9035.02+.11 InterDig.80f43.13+.72 InterMune...u73.74+.24 Intersil.4815.64+.03 IntervestB.209.59-.01 Intuit1.00f84.58+1.13 InvBncp s.1610.56+.06 IridiumCm...9.00+.02 IronwdPh...13.77+.37 Isis...39.74+2.10 J-K-LJA Solar...10.13+.22 JD.com n...28.35-.71 JDS Uniph...12.11+.40 JackInBox.80u62.88+1.11 JkksPac...7.18+.02 JazzPhrm...174.37+3.87 JetBlue...12.29+.25 KLA Tnc2.00f78.67+.10 KandiTech...16.28+.63 KeurigGM1.00131.19+3.92 KiOR....16+.05 KnightT.8013.10-.09 Kofax n...7.71-.27 KraftFGp2.1058.16+.07 KratosDef...7.21+.15 Kulicke...14.71+.07 LKQ Corp...27.97-.28 LPL Fincl.9647.72+.06 LamResrch.72u71.98+.17 LamarAdv3.3251.60-1.01 Lattice...7.54-.14 LexiPhrm...1.53+.06 LibGlobA s...42.11+.48 LibGlobC s...40.42+.21 LibMda A s...49.21+.31 LibMdaC n...49.07+.63 LibtyIntA...29.41-.16 LibVentA s...39.34+.57 LibTripA n...d35.14+.81 LifePtH...73.13+.23 LigandPh...52.84+3.23 LimelghtN...2.41+.20 LincElec.9272.32+1.11 LinearTch1.0845.51-.02 LinnEngy2.9031.27+.12 LinnCo2.9030.41+.02 LiquidHldg...1.55-.04 Liquidity...14.88+.14 LogMeIn...44.92+2.31 lululemn gs...38.39-.29 M-N-0MSG h...65.72+.31 MalibuBt n...20.93-.04 ManhAsc s...29.35+.69 MannKd...6.85-.19 MarchxB.088.50+.11 Marketo...33.51-.01 Markit n...24.49+.09 MarIntA.8070.79+.01 MarroneB...3.04+.04 MarvellT.2413.89... Masimo...22.00+.07 MatrixSv...24.01+.42 Mattel1.52d34.41+.09 MaximIntg1.12f30.84-.30 MediCo...26.11+.69 MediciNova...2.92+.44 Medidata s...48.71+.46 Medivation...u96.89+2.55 MelcoCrwn.55e27.79-.24 Mellanox...42.15+.08 MemorialP2.2022.89+.33 MemRsD n...28.47+.17 MentorGr.2022.10+.12 MercadoL.66117.05-.57 MeridBcp s...10.92+.16 MerrimkP...7.09+.11 Methanx1.0068.06-.58 Michaels n...17.50-.14 Microchp1.42f48.29-.32 MicronT...32.09+.11 MicroSemi...26.47+.18 Microsoft1.1246.84+.08 Mondelez.60f35.60+.07 MonstrBev...91.61+1.92 MultimGm...36.40+.35 Mylan...47.44-.03 MyriadG...36.56-.02 NII Hldg h....15-.00 NPS Phm...32.24+6.47 NXP Semi...70.63+.61 Nanosphere....59-.02 NasdOMX.6043.35+.55 Navient n.6017.35+.02 NektarTh...13.98+.42 Net1UEPS...13.55-.38 NetApp.6642.15+.11 Netflix...484.39+5.38 Netlist h...1.08-.02 Neurcrine...16.32+.50 NYMtgTr1.087.91+.02 Newport...17.78+.10 NewsCpA...17.47+.18 NewsCpB...17.12+.15 Noodles...18.26+.52 NorTrst1.3268.85+.58 NthnTr pfC...d24.12-.05 NorwCruis...36.31+.25 Novadaq g...13.47+.17 Novavax...4.84+.10 NuanceCm...16.22-.14 Nvidia.3419.61+.07 OReillyAu...156.18-.27 OldNBcp.4413.34+.30 OmniVisn...27.60+.07 OnSmcnd...9.69-.13 OnTrack...u3.55+.23 Orexigen...5.90+.05 Outerwall...62.00+.02 P-Q-RPDC Engy...56.52+.84 PDL Bio.609.73+.24 PGT Inc...10.18-.31 PMC Sra...7.57... 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TiVo Inc...13.10-.09 TowerGp lf...2.10+.10 TowerSemi...11.39-.30 TractSup s.6461.62-1.91 TrimbleN...33.07+.06 TripAdvis...98.03+1.66 TriQuint...20.43+.45 TrueCar n...21.20-1.59 TuesMrn...18.72+.19 Tuniu n...18.56-.89 21stCFoxA.2535.56-.12 21stCFoxB.2534.50-.16 21Vianet...d20.12-1.76 USA Tech h...2.14+.09 UTiWrldwd...11.30+.12 Ubiquiti...47.28+1.01 UltaSalon...96.78-.21 Umpqua.6017.58+.19 Unilife...2.72+.33 UtdCmBks.1218.02+.29 UtdTherap...u121.88+4.54 UnivDisp...35.96+1.25 UnwiredP...2.09+.08 UrbanOut...38.66-.24 V-W-X-Y-ZVCA Inc...u41.81+.78 VangNatR2.5229.04-.27 VanSTCpB1.62e79.92-.06 VeecoInst...33.22-.16 VBradley...22.74-.34 VerintSys...53.97-.22 Verisign...56.46+.52 Verisk...64.68+.44 VertxPh...94.74+1.62 ViacomA1.3280.24+.91 ViacomB1.3280.24+1.04 Vimicro h...5.23+.03 VimpelCm.45e8.76-.09 Vivus...d4.06+.04 Vodafone1.82e33.36+.10 Volcano...12.08+.38 WarrenRs...6.03-.05 WashFed.44f21.60+.26 Web.com...19.14+.46 WebMD...49.21+1.78 Weibo n...21.49... Wendys Co.208.02-.09 WernerEnt.2024.75+.03 WDigital1.6099.89+.04 WstptInn g...13.01-.16 WetSeal h....68-.00 WholeFood.4838.63+.28 Windstrm1.0011.14-.15 WisdomTr...12.42+.52 WrightM...31.15+1.06 Wynn5.00182.28-1.98 XOMA...4.53+.12 Xcerra...10.42... Xilinx1.1642.69+.05 YY Inc...91.03-1.97 Yahoo...41.14+.36 Yandex...30.80-.21 ZeltiqAes...24.49+1.98 Zillow...132.59+2.48 ZionsBcp.1629.15+.44 Zix Corp...3.85... Zogenix...1.28+.05 Zulily n...34.92+.43 Zynga...2.99+.04 12-mo Name NAV Chg%RtnNameDivLastChg Mutual Fund Footnotes: b Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f front load (sales charges). m Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA not available. p previous days net asset value. s fund split shares during the week. x fund paid a distribution during the week.Source:Morningstar and the Associated Press.


Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A9 YOUR EDITORIAL BOARD STEVE SKAGGS ....................................... PUBLISHER TOM MCNIFF .................................. EXECUTIVE EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN ................................. NEWS EDITOR WHITNEY WILLARD .......................... COPY DESK CHIEF GENE PACKWOOD ..................... EDITORIAL CARTOONIST Voices www.dailycommercial.com The newspaper of choice for Lake and Sumter counties since 1875 EDITORIALS Editorials are the consensus opinion of the editorial board, not any individual. They are written by the editorial staff but are not signed. Local editorials are published Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. COLUMNS Columns are the opinion of the writer whose byline and picture appears with them. They do not necessarily reect the opinion of the newspaper, and are chosen to represent a diver sity of views. If you would like to submit a guest column on a local, state or national issue, email your submission to letters@dailycommercial. com, or mail it to Voices, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Guest columns should be limited to 550 words in length. The writer also must submit a recent photo to be published with the column, as well as a brief biographical sketch. HAVE YOUR SAY The Daily Commercial invites you to write letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 350 words. They must be original, signed with the full name of the writer, and include the writers address and telephone number for verication. We reserve the right to edit for length. Letters also will be edited for grammar, clarity, taste and libel. We accept no more than two letters per month from the same writer. No open letters, form letters or copies of letters to third parties will be published. We do not publish unsigned letters. Submissions are not returned. We retain the right to archive and republish any material submitted for publication. You can submit your letters by: Email (preferred) to: letters@dailycommercial.com By regular mail to: Voices P.O. Box 490007 Leesburg, FL 34749-0007 By fax to: 325-365-1951 F ive years ago, a federal im migration judge refused to grant political asylum to a Guatemalan woman who had ed to America after years of se vere battery by her husband. The judge didnt doubt her story, but said she couldnt claim member ship in a particular social group that had a well-founded fear of persecution in her homeland, as asylum claims require. The judge deemed the ongoing abuse of Aminta Cifuentes to be arbitrary criminal acts by her husband. Her lawyers appealed, saying Cifuentes, who now lives in Mis souri, was vulnerable to perse cution in Guatemala simply by virtue of being a married wom an who could not escape her spouse. And late last month, in a ground-breaking ruling with par ticular importance to women eeing domestic violence abroad, the U.S. Justice Departments Board of Immigration Appeals agreed. The board is the nations highest immigration court. Acknowledging Cifuentes had no recourse since Guatemalan police and government wouldnt protect her, the board said she qualies for political asylum and remanded the case back to the immigration judge. Political asylum is different from other claims for immigra tion or refugee status. A person has to demonstrate that his or her race, nationality, religion, politi cal opinion or membership in a particular social group provide a well-founded fear of persecution in a home country and that the home government is unable or unwilling to provide protection. Even after Cifuentes husband broke her nose, threw burning paint thinner on her and raped her, police refused to intervene in what they called a domestic dis pute. She ed to another city, but her husband tracked her down. So in 2005, she brought her two kids to the United States without documentation. The ruling applies, strict ly speaking, only to Guatemalan married women who cannot es cape their spouses. But judges will now have to apply the same principle to other cases, accord ing to attorney Blaine Bookey, the associate director of the Cen ter for Gender and Refugee Stud ies at the University of Californias Hastings College of Law. The cen ter helped attorneys on the case and led a friend of the court brief. It provides legal and techni cal help to lawyers, and litigates gender-based asylum cases. Bookey says attorneys dealing with gender-based asylum claims have been awaiting a ruling like this for 15 years. Though indi vidual immigration judges have granted domestic violence-based asylums, there hasnt been a prec edent setting ruling upholding them by the Board of Appeals. The matter has gone back and forth between different attorneys general under different presiden tial administrations. Last week, in the wake of the Cifuentes rul ing, Bookey was in Artesia, N. M., serving as co-counsel in two oth er successful asylum cases. She said at least half of the 300 wom en interviewed at that detention facility said they were victims of domestic violence. This ruling comes amid calls for accelerated deportations along the Southwestern border, where thousands of women and children have entered illegally and been detained this summer. Judges will now need to consider this new standard when deciding on asylum applications. The anti-immigration organiza tion FAIR Federation for Ameri can Immigration Reform slams the ruling as part of what spokes man Bob Dane called the system atic whittling away of the original intent and denition of asylum. The group fears a ood of new asylum cases. Bookey calls the fear unjustied. Other countries like Canada already accept domestic violence-based asylum claims and havent had a glut of them, she pointed out. She also called FAIRs stance totally unprincipled, not ing, Our refugee system is not set up to count numbers. If domestic violence victims have suffered assaults, trauma and fear for their lives just like people facing ethnic genocide, then what difference should it make to our granting them sanctuary that their tormenters were their husbands? The U.S. has its own prob lems with domestic abuse and at times a lack of enforcement. But the weight of public pres sure can now get someone like Ray Rice, who is lmed drag ging his unconscious wife-to-be out of an elevator, booted from the Baltimore Ravens and sus pended from the NFL. Guatema lan women dont have the same expectation of protection. Of course, as Bookey points out, the long-term answer is to try and use our global inuence and for eign aid to try and attack the root causes of gender-based violence wherever it occurs. In the mean time, our doors should be open to those victims. Rekha Basu is a columnist for the Des Moines Register. Readers may send her email at rbasu@dmreg.com. OTHER VOICES Rekha Basu MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE US grants Guatemalan woman sanctuary from abusive husband N orth Carolina House Speaker Thom Til lis, in a debate last week with U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, joined a growing number of election-year Republicans in support of overthe-counter birth control pills without a pre scription. Thats quite a turnaround for Til lis, who is challenging incumbent Hagan for her North Carolina U.S. Senate seat. In the past, Tillis has been less than friendly toward womens reproductive rights. He led ef forts in the North Carolina legislature to block funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides contraceptives as well as other health services. And he pushed through an unwise bill mandat ing that doctors show ultrasound images and describe the fetus in detail to women seeking abortions; a federal judge struck down the pro vision this year. Hes also said company health plans shouldnt be required to cover birth control methods and that states should have the right to ban contraceptives. He also supports so-called personhood amendments that grant legal pro tections to fertilized human eggs, which the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecolo gists says could ban some forms of birth control. Other Republican candidates now publicly favoring over-the-counter birth control pills without a prescription have expressed similar views. So, this change of heart has the pun gent odor of politicking. Indeed, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, in a 2012 newspaper column, gave fellow Republicans a blueprint on dealing with womens reproductive issues. In his The End of Birth-Control Politics, he urged Republicans to stop getting in the mid dle of the personal issue of birth control, and said contraceptives should be available over the counter without a prescription. Its good that more Republicans are now favoring better access to birth control pills. They should extend that support to the many other contraceptive options. Some, like the IUD, are more effective than the pill. For over-the-counter birth control to be tru ly accessible, insurance coverage should be re quired. Last year, the no-copay birth control benet in the Affordable Care Act saved wom en $480 million, according to Planned Parent hood. If birth control goes over the counter without (insurance) covering it, said Dr. Nan cy Stanwood, board chair of Physicians for Re productive Health, that actually hurts access. And she said doing away with the insurance guarantee for birth control pills could make oth er options like the IUD more expensive upfront. In May, a national survey found that 71 per cent of Americans believe insurers should be re quired to fully cover birth control pills and other contraceptives. More than a third of female re spondents said they had struggled to afford birth control, and as a result, had used it inconsistent ly. Fifty-ve percent of women 18-34 said they had struggled with the cost of birth control. The need and desire for more accessible con traceptives is clear. Public policies should make them so. Politicians shouldnt reduce the matter to political rhetoric on the campaign trail. Distributed by MCT Information Services. A VOICE The GOP and birth control Classic DOONESBURY 1977 If domestic violence victims have suffered assaults, trauma and fear for their lives just like people facing ethnic genocide, then what difference should it make to our granting them sanctuary that their tormenters were their husbands?


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SPORTS EDITOR FRANK JOLLEY 352-365-8268 Sports sports@dailycommercial.com B1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com NFL: Steelers face off against Ravens / B3 ROBBIE ANDREU Halifax Media Group GAINESVILLE The Gators want to go fast. Fast is important. Fast is the wave of the fu ture. But being fast is not as important as be ing right. Thats the word this week from Flor ida coach Will Mus champ and offensive coordinator Kurt Rop er coming off the 65-0 opening-day win over Eastern Michigan in which the offense was not really all that fast getting lined up and r ing off plays. Execution takes prior ity over speed in the Ga tors new spread, upt empo offense. My ideal is to no-huddle, were quick tempo, were at the ball, we can play fast when ever we need to play fast, Roper said Tues day. Ive never been one to really harp on tempo. Its all about ex ecution, staying on the eld and those things. The relatively slow er approach certain ly worked last Saturday. The Gators had time to read the defense, get in the right play, then ex ecute the offense to the tune of 65 points and 655 yards. Its hard to argue with those results or make demands for the Gators to play faster than they did. I think we can change tempo based on the game situation and how we want to go about things. That nev er really presented it self, Muschamp said. We felt pretty comfort able in the rhythm we were in. There was a little un certainty of what they were going to be in de fensively on what we do, so thats why Kurt Speed name of game for Gators ROB C. WITZEL / HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP Florida running back Mack Brown breaks free on a long run during the Gators 65-0 win against Eastern Michigan on Saturday at Ben Hill Grifn Stadium in Gainesville. ROB MAADDI Associated Press ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. A law enforce ment ofcial says he sent a video of Ray Rice punching his then-an cee to an NFL executive ve months ago, while league executives have insisted they didnt see the violent images until this week. The person played The Associated Press a 12-second voice mail from an NFL of ce number on April 9 conrming the video arrived. A female voice expresses thanks and says: Youre right. Its terrible. The law enforcement ofcial, speaking to the AP on condition of an onymity because of the ongoing investigation, says he had no further communication with any NFL employee and cant conrm anyone watched the video. The person said he was un authorized to release the video but shared it unsolicited, because he wanted the NFL to have it before deciding on Rices punishment. The NFL has repeat edly said it asked for but could not obtain the video of Rice hitting Janay Palmer who is now his wife at an Atlantic City casino in February. The league says it has no record of the vid eo, and no one in the PHOTOS BY BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL ABOVE: South Sumter junior Isial Flowers (28) tries to break a tackle against Wildwood on Aug. 29 at Raider Field in Bushnell. BELOW: South Sumter head coach Inman Sherman shouts instructions. Raider power DAVID ZALUBOWSKI / AP Rory McIlroy tees off on the rst hole during Sundays nal round of the BMW Championship in Cherry Hills Village, Colo. DOUG FERGUSON Associated Press ATLANTA Rory McIlroy always thought his big year deserved a big nish. The Tour Championship is his last chance. McIlroy already has won a pair of majors the British Open and PGA Championship sandwiched around a World Golf Champion ship. He is back to No. 1 in the world and is as sured of being there for at least the next two months. He already has wrapped up another PGA Tour money title. About the only item McIlroy doesnt have is the FedEx Cup. After I nished the PGA, all my focus was on the FedEx Cup and trying to win this, McIl roy said Wednesday. The trophy not to mention the $10 mil lion bonus is up for grabs this week at East Lake. McIlroy didnt come close to winning the previous three Fe dEx Cup playoff events, though that never mat tered. He is the No. 4 seed going into the Tour Championship, and the top ve seeds only have to win the tournament to claim the FedEx Cup. Anything other than a win there would be a disappointment, he said. McIlroy could win the FedEx Cup with out winning the tour nament, though recent history would not be on his side. Five of the sev en FedEx Cup champi ons including the last four have all won the Tour Championship. The good news for McIlroy? It might be the easiest tournament for him to win all year. I only have to beat 28 other guys, he said. The 29-man eld at East Lake is the small est for the Tour Cham pionship since the Fe dEx Cup began in 2007. Dustin Johnson is at No. 30, even though he has taken a voluntary leave to seek help for personal challenges McIlroys last shot at a big finish in Atlanta for FedEx finale South Sumter becomes dominant football program under Inman Sherman PAUL BARNEY | Staff Writer paul.barney@dailycommercial.com EDITORS NOTE: This is the rst of a 10-part series previewing the top teams and athletes to watch out for during the 2014-15 school year. When it comes to football at South Sum ter High School, expec tations are high. Theyve always been that way, and anything short of a postseason appearance is a disap pointment. Led by longtime coach Inman Sher man, the Raiders are the areas winningest team since 2001. Some were saying prior to this season that this is the best team Sherman has had in his 31-year career. Thats saying a lot, considering he entered this season with a 241106 record. Thats an average of nearly eight wins per season. Last year the Raiders went 12-1, with their only loss coming to St. Petersburg Lakewood in the Class 5A-Region 2 nals. They nished 11-1 the year before, with their only loss coming to Jacksonville FILE PHOTO / AP NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answers questions during a news conference in March in Orlando. The Associated Press said a law enforcement ofcial said he sent a video of Ray Rice punching his then-ancee to an NFL employee three months ago. Source: NFL had elevator video 5 months ago SEE RAIDERS | B2 SEE GATORS | B2 SEE VIDEO | B2 SEE GOLF | B2


Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B3 VOTED #1 BY PEOPLES CHOICE STYLE MAGAZINE To m Leimberger PGA Class A, (352)753-7711 Joe Redoutey Master Club Fitter (352)205-0217Ca ll fo r Te e Ti me s352-753-7711Te e Ti me s ma y be ma de 3 da ys in ad va nc e. pr op er go lf at ti re re qu ir ed r f r ntbWEEKEND SPECIAL4-SOME SPECIALTHURS. 9/11, FRI. 9/12, SA T. 9/13 & SUN. 9/14$10000+ TA XCOURSE IN SHAPEGREA T GREENS!BRING A 4-SOME & SA VE! rf nt b fnf rfntbr rfntbffr r fn tbbGreat greens, lush fair ways, friendly staff.Come enjoy the updated Continental for the 1st time again!SEPTEMBER 4-SOME SPECIAL(golf & car t)$48plus tax.Or Enjoy Golf, Hot Dog & Draft Beer or Soda For$17plus tax per personHome of Step he n Wres h Go lf Acad em y rrf rfr nf tb rf r rfbn rn r b Stephen Wres h Golf Academypr ese nts SUMME R TUNE UP & PLA Y SPECIALCall(352) 267-4707to registerLocated at Continental Countr y Club, 15 minutes from The Vi llagesTa ught by PGA Pr ofessionalStephen Wre sh(r eg $180)$15 0orSeries of (4) 40-Minute Priv ate Lessons (3) 40-Minute Priv ate LessonsPLUS (1) 90-Minute Playing Lesson(r eg $250)$19 9 Mid Florida Ey e Center s Retina Institute has been selected for high-prole clinical trials. Dr Shawn C. Wilk er has joined Lak e County s rst re tina specialist, Dr Ray D. Maizel, to bring additional br eakthroughs in re tinal ey e car e to Centr al Florida. rf Mid Florida Ey e Center s Sur ger y Center of The Villages offers adv anced vitr eor etinal sur ger y, a re volutionar y procedur e that allo ws patients a faster re co ver y and impro ved comfort. r The tw o Doctors ar e also av ailable to pro vide leading-edge tr eatments to patients with re tinal diseasessuc h as macular degener ation, re tinal detac hments, and diabetic re tinopath y.rnt fbnt n nn n nn t nnn rnt fbnt n n b t bt bn & & & & Leading Edge Tr eatments rnt fbnt n nn n rnt fbnt n nn n & & & & Of Macular Degeneration Diabetic Retinopathy rf nf t bn t b n t b nt tt 888.820.7878 352.735.2020 to schedule your appointm ent! Find out more information online at r f n r f rn t fb n rntn NEW LOC AT ION:Mid Florida Eye Center The Vi llages/Santa Fe Crossing 8630 E. CR 466, Suite A Santa Fe Cr ossing Pr ofessional Center CR 466 441 27 MORSE BL VD. BUENA VIST A BL VD. ROLLINGACRESRD. Ray D. Maiz el ,M. D.Sh awn C. Wil ke r,M.D. NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE DAVID GINSBURG Associated Press BALTIMORE Four days after opening the season by losing to a di vision foe at home, the Baltimore Ravens face their most-hated rival in a pivotal game today. The matchup against the Pittsburgh Steel ers couldnt come soon enough for the Ra vens, who nally get to play a football game in the wake of the media restorm involving Ray Rice. Following Sundays 23-16 defeat against Cincinnati, Baltimore had not yet launched its short work-week when a video surfaced showing Rice hitting his then-ancee in an elevator last February. The incident previous ly led the NFL to sus pend the running back for two games, but the graphic video prompt ed the Ravens to re lease Rice and the NFL to suspend him inde nitely. From that point, coach John Harbaugh and his players were bombarded with more questions about Rice than the importance of avoiding an 0-2 start with two home losses against AFC North op ponents. Under different cir cumstances, the Ra vens (0-1) and Steelers (1-0) would be asked about the intensity of a rivalry in which 10 of the last 12 games have been decided by three points or fewer. May be everyone would be talking about Pitts burghs second-half collapse against Cleve land last week. Instead, the top ic of conversation was a running back who wasnt supposed to play in this game any way. Here are tw o things to know a bout the Ra vens-Steelers game: TOMLIN SIDESTEP When these teams last met in November, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was looking at the scoreboard when he strayed onto the eld while Baltimores Jacoby Jones was re turning a kick. Jones altered his path and was tackled before reaching the end zone. Tomlin, who was subsequently ned $100,000 by the NFL, said this week: Tell Jacoby hes safe. NEXT MEN UP With Rice gone, the Rav ens running backs are Bernard Pierce, Jus tin Forsett and rook ie Lorenzo Taliaferro. Pierce has two career starts, Forsett hasnt started a game since 2010, and Taliaferro has never run the ball in the NFL. Advantage Steelers? If you saw our run defense last week, you know that we would have respect for any bodys ability to run the football, Tomlin said. Cleveland rushed for 183 yards, including 100 by Terrance West in his rst NFL game. Ravens eager to play a game, even against Steelers GENE J. PUSKAR / AP Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin yells to his team in the second quarter of Sundays game against Cleveland in Pittsburgh.


B4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 Box scores and results for games ending after 9:30 p.m. will appear in our next edition. AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Baltimore 86 59 .593 7-3 W-4 43-28 43-31 Toronto 75 69 .521 10 4 8-2 W-3 39-31 36-38 New York 73 69 .514 11 5 4-6 L-2 36-35 37-34 Tampa Bay 70 75 .483 16 10 5-5 W-1 33-42 37-33 Boston 63 83 .432 23 17 3-7 L-4 31-44 32-39 CENTRAL W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Kansas City 79 64 .552 5-5 L-2 38-32 41-32 Detroit 80 65 .552 6-4 W-3 38-32 42-33 Cleveland 74 69 .517 5 5 5-5 L-2 43-30 31-39 Chicago 64 80 .444 15 15 4-6 L-1 35-37 29-43 Minnesota 62 82 .431 17 17 3-7 W-1 30-42 32-40 WEST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Los Angeles 89 55 .618 8-2 W-6 47-24 42-31 Oakland 81 63 .563 8 3-7 W-1 45-27 36-36 Seattle 79 65 .549 10 7-3 L-1 37-37 42-28 Houston 64 81 .441 25 16 7-3 W-1 35-39 29-42 Texas 54 90 .375 35 25 1-9 L-1 25-44 29-46 NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Los Angeles 89 55 .618 8-2 W-6 47-24 42-31 Oakland 81 63 .563 8 3-7 W-1 45-27 36-36 Seattle 79 65 .549 10 7-3 L-1 37-37 42-28 Houston 64 81 .441 25 16 7-3 W-1 35-39 29-42 Texas 54 90 .375 35 25 1-9 L-1 25-44 29-46 CENTRAL W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY St. Louis 80 65 .552 8-2 L-1 44-28 36-37 Pittsburgh 75 69 .521 4 5-5 L-1 44-28 31-41 Milwaukee 74 71 .510 6 1 1-9 L-4 37-36 37-35 Cincinnati 68 77 .469 12 7 3-7 W-1 38-35 30-42 Chicago 64 81 .441 16 11 3-7 L-5 35-36 29-45 WEST W L PCT GB WCGB L10 STR HOME AWAY Los Angeles 82 63 .566 6-4 L-1 39-35 43-28 San Francisco 79 65 .549 2 7-3 W-1 39-33 40-32 San Diego 67 77 .465 14 8 3-7 W-1 40-31 27-46 Arizona 59 85 .410 22 16 3-7 L-4 29-43 30-42 Colorado 59 86 .407 23 16 6-4 L-2 39-35 20-51 TUESDAYS GAMES Minnesota 4, Cleveland 3 Tampa Bay 4, N.Y. Yankees 3 Toronto 9, Chicago Cubs 2 Detroit 4, Kansas City 2 Baltimore 4, Boston 1 L.A. Angels 9, Texas 3 Oakland 11, Chicago White Sox 2 Houston 2, Seattle 1 TUESDAYS GAMES Washington 6, Atlanta 4 Philadelphia 4, Pittsburgh 3 Toronto 9, Chicago Cubs 2 N.Y. Mets 2, Colorado 0 Cincinnati 9, St. Louis 5 Miami 6, Milwaukee 3 San Diego 6, L.A. Dodgers 3 San Francisco 5, Arizona 1 WEDNESDAYS GAMES Baltimore 10, Boston 6 Minnesota at Cleveland, ppd., rain Tampa Bay at N.Y. Yankees, late Chicago Cubs at Toronto, late Kansas City at Detroit, late L.A. Angels at Texas, late Oakland at Chicago White Sox, late Houston at Seattle, late WEDNESDAYS GAMES Atlanta 6, Washington 2 Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, late Chicago Cubs at Toronto, late Colorado at N.Y. Mets, late St. Louis at Cincinnati, late Miami at Milwaukee, late San Diego at L.A. Dodgers, late Arizona at San Francisco, late CHARLES KRUPA / AP Boston starting pitcher Brandon Workman delivers to Baltimore during the rst inning of Wednesdays game at Fenway Park in Boston. TODAYS GAMES Minnesota (Nolasco 5-10) at Cleveland (Kluber 14-9), 12:05 p.m. Oakland (Kazmir 14-7) at Chicago White Sox (Sale 11-3), 2:10 p.m. Tampa Bay (Cobb 9-7) at N.Y. Yankees (Pineda 3-4), 7:05 p.m. L.A. Angels (Cor.Rasmus 3-1) at Texas (N.Martinez 3-10), 8:05 p.m. Boston (Buchholz 7-8) at Kansas City (Hendriks 1-1), 8:10 p.m. TODAYS GAMES St. Louis (Lynn 15-8) at Cincinnati (Cueto 17-8), 12:35 p.m. Arizona (Delgado 3-3) at San Francisco (Peavy 4-4), 3:45 p.m. Pittsburgh (F.Liriano 4-10) at Philadelphia (A.Burnett 8-15), 7:05 p.m. Washington (Roark 12-10) at N.Y. Mets (B.Colon 13-11), 7:10 p.m. Miami (Eovaldi 6-10) at Milwaukee (Fiers 5-2), 8:10 p.m. AMERICAN LEAGUE LEADERS BATTING: Altuve, Houston, .336; VMartinez, Detroit, .335; Beltre, Texas, .327; Cano, Seattle, .320; JAbreu, Chicago, .317; Brantley, Cleveland, .314. RUNS: Dozier, Minnesota, 99; Trout, Los Angeles, 99; MiCabrera, Detroit, 91; Kinsler, Detroit, 91; Bautista, Toronto, 85; Brantley, Cleveland, 85; Donaldson, Oak land, 85. RBI: Trout, Los Angeles, 103; MiCabrera, Detroit, 101; NCruz, Baltimore, 101; JAbreu, Chicago, 99; Ortiz, Bos ton, 98; Bautista, Toronto, 96; VMartinez, Detroit, 96. HITS: Altuve, Houston, 198; Brantley, Cleveland, 171; MeCabrera, Toronto, 171; MiCabrera, Detroit, 170; Cano, Seattle, 170; Kinsler, Detroit, 170; VMartinez, De troit, 169. DOUBLES: MiCabrera, Detroit, 45; Altuve, Houston, 40; Plouffe, Minnesota, 40; Brantley, Cleveland, 39; Kinsler, Detroit, 37; Trout, Los Angeles, 37; MeCabrera, Toronto, 35. HOME RUNS: NCruz, Baltimore, 39; Carter, Houston, 36; JAbreu, Chicago, 33; Bautista, Toronto, 32; Ortiz, Boston, 32; Trout, Los Angeles, 32; Encarnacion, To ronto, 30; VMartinez, Detroit, 30. STOLEN BASES: Altuve, Houston, 51; Ellsbury, New York, 37; JDyson, Kansas City, 33; RDavis, Detroit, 32; AEscobar, Kansas City, 28; LMartin, Texas, 26; Reyes, Toronto, 26. PITCHING: Scherzer, Detroit, 16-5; Weaver, Los Angeles, 16-8; PHughes, Minnesota, 15-9; Porcello, Detroit, 1510; 7 tied at 14. ERA: Sale, Chicago, 2.09; FHernandez, Seattle, 2.12; Kluber, Cleveland, 2.47; Lester, Oakland, 2.52; Lester, Oakland, 2.52; Richards, Los Angeles, 2.61; Iwakuma, Seattle, 2.97. STRIKEOUTS: DPrice, Detroit, 243; Scherzer, Detroit, 232; Kluber, Cleveland, 223; FHernandez, Seattle, 217; Lester, Oakland, 199; Sale, Chicago, 183; Darvish, Texas, 182. SAVES: Rodney, Seattle, 44; GHolland, Kansas City, 42; DavRobertson, New York, 35; ZBritton, Baltimore, 34; Perkins, Minnesota, 33; Nathan, Detroit, 30; Uehara, Boston, 26. NATIONAL LEAGUE LEADERS BATTING: JHarrison, Pittsburgh, .316; Morneau, Colo rado, .316; Revere, Philadelphia, .310; AMcCutchen, Pittsburgh, .309; Posey, San Francisco, .306; DanMur phy, New York, .301. RUNS: Rendon, Washington, 103; Pence, San Francisco, 101; MCarpenter, St. Louis, 91; FFreeman, Atlanta, 89; Stanton, Miami, 89; Span, Washington, 88. RBI: Stanton, Miami, 105; AdGonzalez, Los Angeles, 102; JUpton, Atlanta, 93; Howard, Philadelphia, 92; Desmond, Washington, 83. HITS: Pence, San Francisco, 172; Span, Washington, 167; Revere, Philadelphia, 163; McGehee, Miami, 162; FFreeman, Atlanta, 161; DanMurphy, New York, 160. DOUBLES: Lucroy, Milwaukee, 49; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 39; FFreeman, Atlanta, 38; Span, Washington, 37; KDa vis, Milwaukee, 36; AdGonzalez, Los Angeles, 36; JhPer alta, St. Louis, 36; Rendon, Washington, 36. HOME RUNS: Stanton, Miami, 37; Rizzo, Chicago, 30; Duda, New York, 27; JUpton, Atlanta, 27; Byrd, Phila delphia, 25; Frazier, Cincinnati, 25; AdGonzalez, Los Angeles, 23; LaRoche, Washington, 23; Mesoraco, Cin cinnati, 23. STOLEN BASES: DGordon, Los Angeles, 59; BHamilton, Cincinnati, 55; Revere, Philadelphia, 43; CGomez, Mil waukee, 29; Span, Washington, 29; EYoung, New York, 29; Rollins, Philadelphia, 28. PITCHING: Kershaw, Los Angeles, 18-3; Cueto, Cincin nati, 17-8; Bumgarner, San Francisco, 17-9; Wainwright, St. Louis, 17-9; Lynn, St. Louis, 15-8; WPeralta, Milwau kee, 15-10; Ryu, Los Angeles, 14-6. ERA: Kershaw, Los Angeles, 1.67; Cueto, Cincinnati, 2.23; Hamels, Philadelphia, 2.56; Wainwright, St. Louis, 2.62; TRoss, San Diego, 2.66. STRIKEOUTS: Strasburg, Washington, 215; Cueto, Cin cinnati, 213; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 210; Bumgarner, San Francisco, 199; TRoss, San Diego, 191. SAVES: Rosenthal, St. Louis, 43; Kimbrel, Atlanta, 43; Jansen, Los Angeles, 41; FrRodriguez, Milwaukee, 39; Papelbon, Philadelphia, 36; Cishek, Miami, 34; AChap man, Cincinnati, 31; AReed, Arizona, 31; RSoriano, Washington, 31. Orioles 10, Red Sox 6 Baltimore Boston ab r h bi ab r h bi Markks rf 4 1 0 0 Betts cf 4 0 0 0 QBerry cf 0 0 0 0 Bogarts ss 5 2 2 1 De Aza lf 4 1 1 1 D.Ortiz dh 3 0 1 0 A.Jones cf 5 1 3 2 BrdlyJr ph 1 0 0 0 Lough pr-rf 0 1 0 0 Cespds lf 3 1 0 0 N.Cruz dh 5 1 1 0 Craig 1b 3 1 0 0 C.Davis 3b-1b 5 1 1 0 Nava rf 4 1 1 2 Pearce 1b 3 1 1 1 Rivero 3b 4 1 1 3 KJhnsn 3b 1 1 1 1 DButlr c 4 0 3 0 CJosph c 5 1 3 3 JWeeks 2b 4 0 0 0 Flahrty ss 5 1 4 2 Schoop 2b 5 0 0 0 Totals 42 10 15 10 Totals 35 6 8 6 Baltimore 006 020 002 10 Boston 000 000 105 6 ERivero (1). LOBBaltimore 8, Boston 5. 2BA. Jones 2 (28), N.Cruz (27), Pearce (23), Ke.Johnson (12), Flaherty (11), Bogaerts (27), D.Ortiz (27), Nava (18), D.Butler 2 (2). HRC.Joseph (9), Bogaerts (11), Rivero (1). SBDe Aza (17). IP H R ER BB SO Baltimore W.Chen W,15-4 7 3 1 1 0 4 R.Webb 1 1 0 0 0 0 J.Saunders 1 / 3 3 5 5 2 0 Tom.Hunter 1 / 3 1 0 0 1 0 ODay S,3-7 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 Boston Workman L,1-9 3 6 6 5 3 3 Breslow 2 3 2 2 0 3 Layne 1 2 0 0 0 1 A.Wilson 1 0 0 0 0 1 Tazawa 1 0 0 0 0 1 Mujica 1 4 2 2 0 1 UmpiresHome, Adrian Johnson; First, Mike Everitt; Second, Bill Miller; Third, Bill Welke. T:23. A,374 (37,499). Braves 6, Nationals 2 Atlanta Washington ab r h bi ab r h bi Heywrd rf 5 1 3 0 Span cf 4 1 1 0 Gosseln ss-2b 3 1 0 0 Frndsn 3b 4 0 3 0 FFrmn 1b 4 1 1 1 Werth rf 3 0 0 0 J.Upton lf 5 0 2 3 LaRoch 1b 4 0 0 0 CJhnsn 3b 5 0 0 0 ACarer 2b 4 0 1 0 LaStell 2b 3 1 1 0 Harper lf 4 1 1 1 ASmns pr-ss 1 0 1 0 Espinos ss 4 0 1 0 Bthncrt c 4 0 2 1 Loaton c 4 0 0 0 BUpton cf 4 1 1 1 Strasrg p 2 0 0 0 Harang p 3 1 1 0 Blevins p 0 0 0 0 Doumit ph 1 0 1 0 Matths p 0 0 0 0 Constnz pr 0 0 0 0 MchlA ph 1 0 0 0 DCrpnt p 0 0 0 0 RSorin p 0 0 0 0 Kimrel p 0 0 0 0 Treinen p 0 0 0 0 Totals 38 6 13 6 Totals 34 2 7 1 Atlanta 000 012 300 6 Washington 000 010 001 2 EA.Cabrera (1). LOBAtlanta 9, Washington 6. 2BF. Freeman (39), J.Upton (32), La Stella (16), Doumit (4). HRB.Upton (11), Harper (12). SBHeyward (18). CSJ.Upton (3). SFF.Freeman. IP H R ER BB SO Atlanta Harang W,11-10 7 6 1 0 0 9 D.Carpenter 1 0 0 0 1 0 Kimbrel 1 1 1 1 0 2 Washington Strasburg L,11-11 6 7 3 3 0 8 Blevins 1 / 3 2 3 3 1 0 Mattheus 2 / 3 1 0 0 1 1 R.Soriano 1 2 0 0 0 1 Treinen 1 1 0 0 0 1 HBPby Strasburg (Gosselin). WPStrasburg. PB Bethancourt. UmpiresHome, Marty Foster; First, Rob Drake; Sec ond, Joe West; Third, Alan Porter. T:01. A,086 (41,408). Late Monday Marlins 6, Brewers 3 Miami Milwaukee ab r h bi ab r h bi Yelich lf 5 1 2 0 CGomz cf 5 0 1 0 Solano 2b 5 0 2 1 Gennett 2b 4 2 2 0 Stanton rf 4 1 0 0 Lucroy c 5 1 1 0 McGeh 3b 4 2 2 2 ArRmr 3b 4 0 3 2 Ozuna cf 3 2 3 2 GParra rf 3 0 1 1 GJones 1b 3 0 1 1 Braun ph-rf 1 0 0 0 JeBakr ph-1b 2 0 0 0 KDavis lf 5 0 1 0 Sltlmch c 4 0 0 0 Overay 1b 3 0 0 0 Hchvrr ss 3 0 1 0 HGomz pr 0 0 0 0 Koehler p 2 0 0 0 JRogrs 1b 1 0 0 0 Bour ph 1 0 0 0 Segura ss 2 0 2 0 Hatchr p 0 0 0 0 Garza p 1 0 0 0 MDunn p 0 0 0 0 MrRynl ph 0 0 0 0 Vldspn ph 1 0 0 0 Jeffrss p 0 0 0 0 Morris p 0 0 0 0 Clark ph 1 0 0 0 Cishek p 0 0 0 0 WSmith p 0 0 0 0 Kintzlr p 0 0 0 0 Duke p 0 0 0 0 Broxtn p 0 0 0 0 RWeks ph 1 0 0 0 FrRdrg p 0 0 0 0 Totals 37 6 11 6 Totals 36 3 11 3 Miami 002 001 003 6 Milwaukee 002 000 100 3 EMorris (1), Garza (3). DPMilwaukee 1. LOBMiami 9, Milwaukee 13. 2BG.Jones (28), Gennett (30), Ar.Ramirez (20). HRMcGehee (4), Ozuna (21). SB Yelich (19), Stanton (12), Segura (17). CSG.Parra (7). SGennett, Segura. IP H R ER BB SO Miami Koehler 5 6 2 2 3 3 Hatcher BS,2-2 1 2 / 3 3 1 1 0 1 M.Dunn 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 Morris W,8-1 1 1 0 0 1 0 Cishek S,34-38 1 1 0 0 1 1 Milwaukee Garza 4 6 2 1 1 7 Jeffress 2 1 1 1 2 4 W.Smith 1 / 3 1 0 0 0 1 Kintzler 1 / 3 1 0 0 1 1 Duke 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 Broxton 1 0 0 0 0 0 Fr.Rodriguez L,4-5 1 2 3 3 1 1 WPCishek. UmpiresHome, Will Little; First, Dan Bellino; Sec ond, Jeff Kellogg; Third, D.J. Reyburn. T:50. A,590 (41,900). Rays 4, Yankees 3 Tampa Bay New York ab r h bi ab r h bi Zobrist 2b 5 1 2 1 Ellsury cf 4 1 2 1 DeJess dh 4 0 0 0 Jeter ss 4 0 0 0 Longori 3b 5 0 1 1 BMcCn c 4 0 1 0 Loney 1b 4 1 3 2 Beltran dh 4 0 0 0 Myers rf 4 0 0 0 Teixeir 1b 4 0 0 0 Joyce lf 3 0 1 0 Headly 3b 2 1 0 0 YEscor ss 3 0 0 0 ISuzuki rf 3 1 2 0 Kiermr cf 4 1 2 0 Drew 2b 3 0 1 0 Hanign c 4 1 2 0 CYoung lf 3 0 1 2 Totals 36 4 11 4 Totals 31 3 7 3 Tampa Bay 012 100 000 4 New York 000 120 000 3 DPTampa Bay 2. LOBTampa Bay 8, New York 2. 2BKiermaier (16). HRLoney (9), Ellsbury (15). SBJoyce (2), I.Suzuki (12). CSKiermaier (4). SY. Escobar. IP H R ER BB SO Tampa Bay Archer W,9-8 6 1 / 3 7 3 3 0 3 Balfour H,9 2 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 Boxberger H,18 1 0 0 0 0 2 McGee S,17-19 1 0 0 0 0 0 New York Kuroda L,10-9 3 1 / 3 9 4 4 0 5 Huff 1 2 / 3 2 0 0 0 1 Whitley 1 1 / 3 0 0 0 1 2 R.Hill 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 E.Rogers 2 / 3 0 0 0 1 0 Outman 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 Kelley 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 Dav.Robertson 1 0 0 0 0 2 Huff pitched to 1 batter in the 6th. HBPby Archer (Headley). UmpiresHome, Vic Carapazza; First, Larry Vanover; Second, Marcus Pattillo; Third, Angel Hernandez. T:18. A,188 (49,642). Orioles 4, Red Sox 1 Baltimore Boston ab r h bi ab r h bi Markks rf 4 1 1 0 Betts cf 3 0 1 0 De Aza lf 4 2 3 3 Nava rf 2 0 2 0 A.Jones cf 5 1 1 1 Craig ph-rf 1 0 0 0 N.Cruz dh 5 0 1 0 D.Ortiz dh 4 0 0 0 C.Davis 3b-1b 4 0 1 0 Cespds lf 4 0 0 0 Pearce 1b 3 0 1 0 Napoli 1b 4 0 0 0 KJhnsn 3b 0 0 0 0 Bogarts ss 3 1 2 1 Hundly c 4 0 0 0 Mdlrks 3b 2 0 0 0 Flahrty ss 4 0 1 0 Rivero 3b 2 0 2 0 Schoop 2b 4 0 1 0 JWeeks 2b 4 0 1 0 Vazquz c 3 0 0 0 Totals 37 4 10 4 Totals 32 1 8 1 Baltimore 202 000 000 4 Boston 000 100 000 1 DPBaltimore 1. LOBBaltimore 9, Boston 8. 2BDe Aza (20), N.Cruz (26), Pearce (22), Nava (17), Rivero (1). HRDe Aza 2 (7), A.Jones (25), Bogaerts (10). SBSchoop (2). IP H R ER BB SO Baltimore Tillman W,12-5 5 6 1 1 2 5 Meek H,3 1 2 / 3 1 0 0 1 1 A.Miller H,20 2 / 3 0 0 0 0 2 Brach H,5 2 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 Z.Britton S,34-38 1 1 0 0 1 0 Boston Ranaudo L,3-2 3 1 / 3 6 4 4 2 2 D.Britton 1 2 / 3 0 0 0 1 2 Badenhop 1 1 0 0 0 1 M.Barnes 3 3 0 0 0 2 PBVazquez. UmpiresHome, Bill Welke; First, Adrian Johnson; Second, Mike Everitt; Third, Bill Miller. T:32. A,008 (37,499). Tigers 4, Royals 2 Kansas City Detroit ab r h bi ab r h bi Aoki rf 4 0 2 0 Kinsler 2b 4 0 0 0 JDyson pr 0 0 0 0 TrHntr rf 4 1 2 0 Infante 2b 5 0 3 1 MiCarr dh 3 0 1 0 Gore pr 0 0 0 0 VMrtnz 1b 3 0 0 0 AGordn lf 3 0 0 0 JMrtnz lf 3 1 1 2 S.Perez c 5 0 0 0 D.Kelly 3b 0 0 0 0 Hosmer 1b 3 0 1 0 Cstllns 3b 4 0 1 0 Wlngh dh 3 1 1 0 Carrer pr-cf 0 0 0 0 Mostks 3b 4 0 2 0 Avila c 3 0 1 0 L.Cain cf 4 0 0 1 AnRmn ss 4 1 1 0 AEscor ss 4 1 1 0 RDavis cf-lf 4 1 1 2 Totals 35 2 10 2 Totals 32 4 8 4 Kansas City 000 010 010 2 Detroit 120 010 00x 4 EInfante (9), Moustakas (13). LOBKansas City 11, Detroit 8. 2BMoustakas (19), Mi.Cabrera (45). HRJ.Martinez (20), R.Davis (8). SBInfante (9), Car rera (6). CSAoki (7), J.Dyson (7). SFJ.Martinez. IP H R ER BB SO Kansas City J.Vargas L,11-8 5 1 / 3 6 4 4 3 6 Crow 1 2 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 K.Herrera 1 2 0 0 0 1 Detroit Scherzer W,16-5 6 2 / 3 7 1 1 4 6 Alburquerque H,17 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 0 B.Hardy 0 0 1 1 1 0 Chamberlain H,25 1 1 0 0 0 0 Nathan S,30-36 1 2 0 0 0 2 B.Hardy pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. UmpiresHome, Eric Cooper; First, James Hoye; Sec ond, John Tumpane; Third, Paul Emmel. T:26. A,603 (41,681). Nationals 6, Braves 4 Atlanta Washington ab r h bi ab r h bi Bonifac cf 4 0 1 0 Span cf 5 1 1 0 Gosseln 2b 4 2 1 0 Rendon 3b 2 1 0 0 FFrmn 1b 4 0 2 0 Werth rf 2 2 1 1 J.Upton lf 4 1 1 2 LaRoch 1b 3 1 2 2 Heywrd rf 4 1 1 1 Dsmnd ss 3 1 1 1 CJhnsn 3b 4 0 1 1 Espinos ss 1 0 1 0 Bthncrt c 4 0 0 0 Harper lf 4 0 1 0 ASmns ss 3 0 0 0 WRams c 4 0 2 1 ESantn p 2 0 0 0 ACarer 2b 3 0 0 1 Varvar p 0 0 0 0 Zmrmn p 3 0 0 0 LaStell ph 1 0 0 0 Barrett p 0 0 0 0 Avilan p 0 0 0 0 Detwilr p 0 0 0 0 Stmmn p 0 0 0 0 Hairstn ph 1 0 0 0 Storen p 0 0 0 0 Totals 34 4 7 4 Totals 31 6 9 6 Atlanta 000 202 000 4 Washington 410 100 00x 6 EBethancourt (1), Desmond (22), Espinosa (5). LOBAtlanta 3, Washington 7. 2BBonifacio (16), Gosselin (3), Heyward (25), Span (37), Werth (33), Espinosa (14). HRJ.Upton (27). CSF.Freeman (3). SRendon. SFA.Cab rera. IP H R ER BB SO Atlanta E.Santana L,14-8 5 8 6 5 4 5 Varvaro 1 0 0 0 0 0 Avilan 2 1 0 0 0 0 Washington Zimmermann W,11-5 6 6 4 2 0 7 Barrett H,7 1 1 / 3 1 0 0 0 1 Detwiler H,2 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 Stammen H,5 1 / 3 0 0 0 0 1 Storen S,4-7 1 0 0 0 0 1 WPE.Santana. UmpiresHome, Alan Porter; First, Marty Foster; Sec ond, Rob Drake; Third, Joe West. T:02. A,233 (41,408). Twins 4, Indians 3 Minnesota Cleveland ab r h bi ab r h bi JSchafr lf 3 0 0 0 Bourn cf 4 0 1 0 Dozier 2b 4 0 0 0 JRmrz ss 5 0 3 0 Mauer 1b 3 1 1 0 Brantly lf 3 0 0 0 KVargs dh 4 1 1 1 CSantn 1b 3 2 2 0 Plouffe 3b 4 1 1 1 Kipnis 2b 3 1 1 0 Arcia rf 4 1 2 2 Chsnhll 3b 4 0 0 1 KSuzuk c 3 0 0 0 YGoms c 3 0 1 2 EdEscr ss 3 0 0 0 DvMrp rf 2 0 1 0 A.Hicks cf 3 0 0 0 T.Holt ph-rf 1 0 0 0 Giambi ph 1 0 0 0 Shuck rf 0 0 0 0 Walters dh 4 0 0 0 Totals 31 4 5 4 Totals 33 3 9 3 Minnesota 000 400 000 4 Cleveland 020 000 010 3 DPMinnesota 2. LOBMinnesota 3, Cleveland 8. 2BMauer (24), K.Vargas (9), J.Ramirez (7), C.San tana (23), Kipnis (24), Dav.Murphy (22). HRArcia (16). SFY.Gomes. IP H R ER BB SO Minnesota May W,2-4 5 5 2 2 4 3 A.Thompson H,1 1 2 / 3 2 0 0 0 2 Duensing H,6 1 1 1 1 0 0 Fien H,25 1 / 3 1 0 0 0 0 Burton S,2-2 1 0 0 0 0 0 Cleveland Bauer L,5-8 8 4 4 4 1 8 Rzepczynski 1 / 3 0 0 0 1 1 Atchison 2 / 3 1 0 0 0 0 HBPby Bauer (K.Suzuki). WPMay. UmpiresHome, Alfonso Marquez; First, Mark Rip perger; Second, Ted Barrett; Third, Paul Schrieber. T:04. A,489 (42,487). This Date In Baseball Sept. 11 1912 Eddie Collins set a major league record with six stolen bases for the Philadelphia Athletics in a 9-7 win over the Detroit Tigers. Collins stole six more in a game on Sept. 22. 1918 The Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago Cubs 2-1 behind the three-hit pitching of Carl Mays to win the World Series in six games. This was Boston 1956 Frank Robinson of the Cincinnati Reds tied a rookie record for home runs in a season with his 38th homer of the year. The blow came off Steve Ridzik of the New York Giants and the Reds went on to an 11-5 victory. 1959 The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Pitts burgh Pirates 5-4, putting and end to reliever Roy Faces 22-game winning streak. It was his only loss of the season as he nished with an 18-1 record. 1974 It took the St. Louis Cardinals 25 innings seven hours, four minutes to beat the New York Mets. A record 202 batters went to the plate, Felix Millan and John Milner had 12 appearances apiece. 1985 Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds became the all-time hit leader with his 4,192nd hit to break Ty Cobbs record. Rose lined a 2-1 pitch off San Di ego pitcher Eric Show to left-center eld for a single in the rst inning. It was the 57th anniversary of Ty Cobbs last game in the majors. 1987 New York Mets third baseman Howard Johnson, with 34 homers, became the rst National League inelder to reach 30 home runs and 30 sto len bases in the same season. His 30th stolen base came in the fourth inning of a 6-4, 10-inning loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. 1996 San Diegos Ken Caminiti broke his own major league record by homering from both sides of the plate in a game for the fourth time this season. In a 6-5 win over Pittsburgh, Caminiti homered lefthanded in the fth inning, hitting a two-run shot. Bat ting right-handed in the seventh, he hit a solo shot to break his record set last year.


Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B5 rf ntbf tn f rfnt rfnnt r rn b f f frnrtbn tt f f rnt n f tftr rbn t fr f bnr t trn t tn n rr n t f t t n nt nn n t tt tn rr nt t rr btrn r rn n tt b tttrf r t tf ftt tbt tff rfntf tbf f ttf t trf f t tfb t tbf tnf t tt tf f t nnf f tt b fb tt fftf n ntn b b t nt tf t nn t n nbf tt ttftt tnn t t t tf t t tt tnt t bn bn nb tt tb ttb ft t tt ttt b t f t f t rfnntnt ttf t ttn t tt t ttr tttnnb f ttf ntnn nnt ntnt b t t t t rr rr b tnntt r r r trrf r rr b r rt rr b r tr r t tt trt t t f rf tf ff ff rttf rn nn nnnttn t rn t tt bf t ttr tb f t n f rrttttn tt t t tt t n b b br nr n nr nb b tt b r rrrbrr


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Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B7 FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT YOUR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE OR CALL 352.365.8245 OR VISIT OUR OFFICE ADS SHOWN ACTUAL SI ZE(2x4 & 2x 2) The Daily Commer cial is publishing a page for individuals or businesses to include photos and sentiments for friends and family whose lives have been touched by this common cancer Send your heartfelt message along with a photo, and well feature your submission as part of our Breast Cancer Sentiments page on Sunday October 12th. Br ea st Ca nc er Name ____ _______ _________ ________________ _______ ________________ _____________ _________ _____ Address __ ________ _________ ________________ _______ ________________ _____________ _________ _____ City _____________ _________ _________ State _________ ____________ Zip ___________ _________ ________ Daytime Pho ne _________ ________________ _______ _________ _H ome Phone _________ _________ __________ Message _______ _________ ________________ _______ ________________ _____________ _________ _______ ____________ _______ _________ _________________ _________ ________________ _______ _________ _____ Ad Size 2 x 2 $25 2 x 4$50 Attach Yo ur Brea st Cancer Sentime nt (and PH OTO if neede d) e Jo ne s Fa mi ly is Ce le br at in g!Co ng ra tu la ti on s on yo ur re co ve ry So ph ie an d Ly nn We lo ve yo u an d we r e so pro ud of yo u.Actual Size Shown 502 x 4 Sunday October 12 Thank yo u for eve rything Mom, We lo ve & miss you! Nancy Ja net, Ja son, & JimWe lo ve yo u momm y with ev er ything we hav e to off er and gi ve Maybe one day the y can nd a cur e, and help other people to still smile and li ve .In Memory ...Actual Size Shown Make Check Payable to: The Daily Commercial Mail to: Daily Commercial Classified Breast Cancer Sentiments r f ntnbDeadline: Monday, Octob er 8 Publishes: Sunday, October 12 2 x 2 $25 Y our Firs t Ch oic e In -Pr int & On -Lin ewww .dailycommer cial.com CROSSWORD PUZZLE TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD IN PRINT & ONLINE CALL352-314-FASTFind It, Buy It, Sell It, FAST! Classified IndexLegal Notices . . . . . .0001 Notices . . . . . . . . .1000 At Your Service . . . . .9000 Employment . . . . . .2000 Pets/Animals . . . . . .6865 Merchandise . . . . . .6000 Real Estate/For RENT . .3000 Real Estate/For SALE . . .4000 Recreation . . . . . . .7000 Transportation . . . . . .8000 DEADLINES For Insertion COPY DATE Friday Thursday, 5pm Saturday Friday, 3pm Sunday Friday, 5:00pm Monday Friday, 5:00pm Tues. Thurs. One day prior, 5:00pmCancellation for ads running Saturday must be made by 3pm Friday. Cancelations for Sunday & Monday must be made by 5:00pm Friday.ADJUSTMENTS department immediately at 314-3278 or 748-1955. CHECK OUT OUR SPECIALS! PROFESSIONALSERVICE DIRECTORY$65FOR FIRST ADAND 2ND ADHALF OFF SPECIAL Ad must be non-commercial only with single item priced at $100 or less. Price must appear in ad. Two line maximum. Pets, animals, guns and ammo excluded. Some restrictions. Limit 1 per household per month. ONE FREE AD PER MONTH! 2 LINES/7 DAYS:




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B10 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAY, MONTH XX, YEAR DAILY COMMERCIAL XX Thank you for reading the local newspaper, The Daily Commercial


www .Leesb urgdermato logy andmo hssur gery .co mEast Main Str eetPine Str eetEast Dixie Av enueLe esbu rg DE RMA TOL OGY & MOHS Surg ery Lee sb urg Regional Medical Center S. Lake Str eetJohnny Gur gen, DO FA OCDBoar d Certified Dermatologist & Mohs SurgeonAw ard Wi nning Author & Lecturer of multiple Wo rld Renowned Dermatologic Publications. SPE CIALIZING IN: rf n tbn n f nn n NOW ACCEP TING NEW PA TIENTSMost Insurance Plans Accepted Medicare Accepted n n bnf f nb f n b n f n b fnn f n n b fnn f n nn n f fnn n C1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 Enjoy Life 352-365-8203 features@dailycommercial.com www.dailycommercial.com RANDY LEWIS Los Angeles Times ROSEMONT, Ill. Four songs into Garth Brooks opening-night show of his rst world tour in 17 years, the country superstar screamed at about 17,500 fans packed into the sold-out Allstate Arena outside Chica go. You came back! he shouted, then repeated: You came back! Ive waited a long, long, long time for this, he added as fans roared back at him with the force and volume of jet engines at full throttle. Having laid relative ly low since 2001, when he announced that he would devote himself full time to raising his three daughters until all were college-ready, Brooks is reengaging the music world with the enthusiastic energy and maverick sensibili ty that made him one of the biggest pop music stars of the 1990s. On Thursday he de livered a physically de manding, emotionally explosive performance just a few hours after he introduced a new busi ness venture, Ghost Tunes, a digital mu sic service he hopes will give iTunes a run for its money in the ev er-evolving realm of download sales and streaming. And while ambitious plans to stage an Elvis-inspired come back in Ireland were thwarted, the Oklaho ma native is being met with arms wide open by fans. Brooks largely sold out 11 shows over seven days at the Allstate Are na in suburban Rose mont, Ill. I cried when he re tired, said 33-year-old Chicago lawyer Skip Harsch, who brought his 70-year-old mother, Les lie, to Thursdays show. I was just getting old enough where I would be able to go see him in JAKE COYLE AP Film Writer U nable to nd her second directing project, Ange lina Jolie took to sifting through generals. Looking for a diamond in the rough, the actress-turned-di rector searched the movies that studios owned but werent making. So I scanned through these generals and landed on Un broken, a story of resilience and strength and the hu man spirit, of faith and sur vival at sea, says Jolie. It was about three sentences and I came home and I said to Brad, What about this one? And he said, Oh, honey, that ones been around forever. It had a reputation for being one that never gets done. But Unbroken the true tale of Louis Zamperini, a track star who was lost in the Pacic for 47 days af ter his plane was shot down during World War II stuck with Jolie, even though it had been kick ing around Hollywood for de cades. It was like a fever, an obsession, she says. So I fouwght for it and I fought for it and I fought for it, says Jolie. It took me months of ghting to get the job. Even for the worlds most famous stars, determination is a necessary ingredient for the fall movie season. Few of the falls lms havent had to claw their way to theaters. Its a season for the movies most unconventional thinkers, the ones dedicated to making a tragic Olympic wrestler drama (Foxcatcher) or nding hu mor in North Korea (The In terview). Led by Unbroken (Dec. 25), this years fall is a battle eld of war stories, includ ing Jolies (new) husband Brad Pitt on the Western Front in Fury (Oct. 17), a WWII dra ma about a tank of American soldiers. Clint Eastwood also returns for his second lm this year with American Snip er (Dec. 25), starring Bradley Cooper as an elite Navy SEAL marksman. American tales, both tri umphant and warped, will be numerous. In the basedon-a-true-story Foxcatcher (Nov. 14) from Bennett Mill er (Capote, Moneyball), an Olympic wrestler (Chan ning Tatum) is taken in by a rich but demented benefactor (Steve Carell). A year after Da vid Oyelowo and Oprah Win frey co-starred in The Butler, they reteam for Selma (Dec. 25), in which Oyelowo plays Martin Luther King. (Winfrey is a producer.) In The Interview (also Dec. 25) from Seth Rogen and his directing partner Generating buzz Drumbeat of fall movies kicks up with Gone Girl, Unbroken Rose Byrne, left, and Quvenzhan Wallis are shown in a scene from Annie. BARRY WETCHER / AP Garth Brooks roars back on the music scene ARMANDO L. SANCHEZ / MCT Garth Brooks performs at the Allstate Arena on Sept. 4 in Rosemont, Ill. SEE GARTH | C2 SEE PREVIEW | C3 ADAM ROSE / MCT The pioneers, from left: Nikki Noce, Red Vanwinkle, Mike Quinn, Hex Vanisles, Dedeker Winston, Jonathan Lovelace, Dave Green, Amanda Scott, Josh Johnston, Rob Hospidor, Bella Chartrand, Bri Nyugen, Aaron Thomas and Chris Tuorto enter UTOPIA and begin the birth of a brave new world. ROBERT LLOYD MCT In Utopia, which is not an adaptation of Thomas Mores 1516 work of philo sophical speculative ction but a reality show from the creator of Big Brother, 15 people volunteer to live to gether for a year without in door plumbing. As is the custom, the pro ducers call it a social experi ment, and the fact that they are more remote than usual from the participants, who have to gure out their own rules for living within the imposed rules of the show makes the term more than usually applicable. But the real social experiment is the one the series performs on the audience: How much time will people want to in vest in this crowd, and how many Fox fall season pro mos can a person stand be fore paying for the upgraded mobile app? Though the show pre miered Sunday on Fox, the cameras (there are 129 of them reportedly) have been streaming round the clock via the Internet and onto mobile devices since Aug. 29, capturing material that will be cut and compressed into two episodes of reality television a week. I have been checking in off and on, more off than on, when I remember to. But once Im there, its easy a little too easy to keep watching, even when noth ing much is happening. Or, for me at least, On Foxs new reality show Utopia, they argue, make rules, argue some more SEE UTOPIA | C2 In Utopia, which is not an adaptation of Thomas Mores 1516 work of philosophical speculative fiction but a reality show from the creator of Big Brother, 15 people volunteer to live together for a year without indoor plumbing.


C2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Thursday, September 11, 2014 rf ntb rbf r nr Au th en ti c Me xi ca n Fo odGr ea t Fo r Pa rt ie s r f n t b b nn f nOp en 7 Da ys A We ek b f b n n 35 235 746 0010 % OF F EN TI RE BI LL r f D006527 Se pte mb er 17th at 5 PM The City of Mascotte has tentatively adopted a measur e to incr ease its pr operty tax levy Last year s pr operty tax levy: A. Initially pr oposed tax levy ...................... $ 897,881 B. Less tax re ductions due to Va lue Adjustment Boar d and other assessment changes ...... $ (2,401) C. Actual pr operty tax levy ......................... $ 900,282 This year s pr oposed tax levy ............................. $ 933,999 All concer ned citizens ar e invited to attend a public hearing on the tax incr ease to be held on Monday September 15, 2014 6:30 P. M. Te dder -Thomas Memorial Civic Center 121 North Sunset Av e., Mascotte, FL A FINAL DECISION on the pr oposed tax incr ease and the budget will be made at this hearingNOTICE OF PROPOSED TA X INCREASED007019 September 11, 2014 concert. Seeing him to night was incredible. Brooks on Friday morning was munching an apple while curled up in one corner of a gray leather sofa in the back stage dressing room he shares with his wife, sing er Trisha Yearwood, who joins him on the tour. From the neck down, I feel great, he said. I didnt know how much I missed this. I had no clue how much I missed it. Brooks is the top-sell ing artist in Nielsen SoundScan history, hav ing sold just shy of 70 million albums since SoundScan began track ing retail sales in 1991. Bringing elements of rock into the more tra ditionally staid realm of country, Brooks signi cantly broadened the popularity of the genre in the 1990s. He scored several No. 1 albums on the pop chart, and six albums were award ed diamond status by the Recording Industry Assn. of America, indi cating U.S. sales of 10 million copies or more. Brooks cross-gen erational appeal was evident in suburban Chicago. Many par ents brought their chil dren and, in some cas es, grandchildren to see him. Kailyn Mann-Calo way, 15, traveled more than 300 miles from Des Moines with her moth er, Anessa Mann, and 11-year-old sister, Ki ley. Asked how she had been exposed to Brooks music, given that she was 2 when he semi-re tired, Kailyn said, From my grandpa. He used to play his CDs. The singer hasnt ex actly been out of sight. Las Vegas hotel mag nate Steve Wynn per suaded Brooks to do a series of solo, acoustic performances on week ends at his 1,500-seat Encore Theatre in Las Vegas starting in 2009, a stripped-down show that ran for four years. Brooks is also one of the highest-prole musi cians who has remained vocal on the digital mu sic landscape. When it came to his Las Vegas shows, Brooks tried to stay one step ahead of YouTube en thusiasts, preferring to maintain an element of surprise in his shows rather than let there be unfettered access to unauthorized vid eos. Well keep playing Whac-a-Mole, Brooks said at a Thursday news conference of his ap proach to YouTube. He has also refused to allow his music to be sold on iTunes, citing a reluctance to see his al bums diced into bits and pieces by a mod el that Brooks believes emphasizes individual tracks over albums. Enter his digital ven ture GhostTunes. Brooks says the ser vice allows artists to sell music any way they want to, and the new company, of which Brooks is a part own er, launched with more than 7 million albums and singles from a di verse crop of popular artists that includes Iggy Azalea, Coldplay, Kim bra, Ariana Grande, Mi randa Lambert, Sia, Em inem, Brad Paisley, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. Brooks himself is leading the GhostTunes assault with a pack age titled The Bundle, which includes all eight of his studio albums and other music for $29.99. Other artists, he said, can choose from among a variety of op tions, such as selling in dividual tracks, albums only, streaming only or downloading only. A lifelong sports en thusiast and former ath lete, Brooks acknowl edged that GhostTunes appeals to the compet itor in him. You dont get into any thing without wanting to be the best, he said Thursday. There should be more than one major music service. If some body else decides to do exactly the same thing and we go out of busi ness, then music wins. GARTH FROM PAGE C1 ARMANDO L. SANCHEZ / MCT Garth Brooks performance in Rosemont, Ill., marked the end of his 13-year tour hiatus. especially when noth ing much is happening. Or even nothing at all: I like it when everyone disappears from the frame and the camera lingers for a while on a tree or a shelf. But such shots are not liable to make the broadcast cut. When the campers are just sitting around talking, about sex or God or about each other behind their various ra dio-miked backs they provide the gentle stim ulation of coffee-shop eavesdropping. Its what we do in the modern world: snoop. When they argue, mostly over food and money or someones self-professed expertise not being respected, it becomes tiring, like lis tening to the neighbors ght. Unlike Big Broth er, the point is not to conquer but cooperate, though not everyone understands that equal ly well; there has already been a separatist move ment, built around the weirdly sweet, bum bling alliance of tooth less hillbilly Red and questing ex-con Dave. And unlike Survi vor, the setting is not a harsh environment but a pleasant plot of land in the Santa Clar ita Valley, with a shstocked pond, some cows and chickens and bits of rural bric-a-brac; it looks like a place you would pay good money to send your kids for the summer, notwithstand ing everyone sleeps on the oor in the barn. It is easy to feel supe rior to these things; it wasnt so long ago that what we now call reality television was the stuff merely of science ction and usually stood for some kind of deformity, some bad wrinkle, in the social fabric. Now its just TV. But anyone who has ever lived in a dorm, or a tour bus or as a cast member of The Real World will recognize the dynamic. Afnities and antipathies and at tractions are already be ing proclaimed. (They are there a year; there will be sex.) UTOPIA FROM PAGE C1


Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C3 The Dai ly Comm erci al an d South Lake Press have te ame d up to bri ng awareness and info rmation to our readers with our T hi nk Pi nk a spe cial publ icati on abou t breast cance r. Whethe r your busi ness is focu sed on can cer prev ention, medica l tre atmen t, suppo rt services or you simpl y want to show your support for a cure, our special section is where it all comes to gether.212 E. Main St., Leesburg, FL 34748 www.dailycommercial.com rfntfb tfn www.southlakepress.com 5% of the proceeds from this special publication will be donated to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.352-365-8287For advertising information contact your Daily Commercial or South Lake Press Media Sales Representative atReser ve your advertising space now! r f ntb r r October is Breast Cancer Aw areness MonthWe Challenge Lake & Sumter County Businesses to Decorate their Doorway in Pink for the Month of October r fnt rb r t r f n t r r fnt rb r fnt rb r fnt r fnt rb r fnt rb r t t r r t r f n t b b b b b b b b b b b b r Evan Goldberg, Rogen and James Franco play journalists asked by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Its distinguished as the only autumn lm a country (North Korea) has asked President Obama to block. Many of the upcoming lms like Alejandro Inarritus Birdman, or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (Oct. 17) with Michael Keaton, and the Reese Witherspoon drama Wild (Dec. 5) will drum up an ticipation on the festival circuit and hope to be drafted into the awards season industrial complex, an in creasingly all-consuming annual rite of hype-soaked frenzy. This year, one lm will set the seasons beat unlike any other: Whiplash (Oct. 23). In the Sundance hit, Miles Tell er plays an obsessively focused jazz drummer at an elite New York con servatory under the strict tutelage of a drill-sergeant teacher (J.K. Simmons). Absolutely where I connected to Andrew was his drive and his am bition, says Teller, the 27-year-old actor whose 2013 breakout with The Spectacular Now will contin ue with Whiplash. You can look at this movie and say, Its destroying him. Its killing him. Hes giving away his humanity for his art. But a lot of people go through life not caring about anything remotely as much as Andrew cares about drumming. Whereas Teller is a fresh face to the gauntlet of awards season, Da vid Fincher, a seasoned veteran, di rects one of the falls most anticipat ed movies, Gone Girl (Oct. 3), an adaptation of the best-selling Gillian Flynn novel, starring Ben Afeck. Though the storys twists are fa mous, Fincher says he was drawn by the murder mysterys portrait of nar cissism, the 24-hour news cycle and the notion of tragedy vampirism. Other heavyweight lmmakers will be debuting lms this fall, includ ing Paul Thomas Andersons Thomas Pynchon adaptation, Inherent Vice (Dec. 12), starring Joaquin Phoenix. But no lm is more eagerly awaited than Christopher Nolans Interstel lar (Nov. 7), a philosophical science ction thriller starring Matthew Mc Conaughey. Also on tap are biopics on Jimi Hen drix (Jimi: All Is by my Side, Sept. 26), Stephen Hawking (The Theory of Ev erything, Nov. 7) and British painter J.M.W. Turner (Mr. Turner, Oct. 31) After a weak overall summer box ofce (down 14.7 percent from 2013), movies like Mockingjay, the Will Smith-produced musical An nie (Dec. 19), Ridley Scotts Mo ses epic, Exodus: Gods and Kings (Dec. 12), and Peter Jacksons nal Tolkien lm, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Dec. 17) will try to bring the crowds back. PREVIEW FROM PAGE C1 MERRICK MORTON / AP From left, Ben Afeck, Lisa Barnes and David Clennon are shown in a scene from Gone Girl.




Thursday, September 11, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C5 CA NA DIAN MEDSSa ve up t o 80%on Yo ur Meds Pr ices CO UPON R X744 S. US Hwy 441, La dy Lake(Near Oakw ood Grill Restaur ant)CA LL FOR A FREE QUO TEWe shi p an ywh er e in th e US ALocally ow ned & operatedInitial Pur ch ase of $100.00 or Mor e$10 .0 0 OFFAdv air Benicar C elebre x Ci al is Crestor Cymbalta Flomax Levitra Le xapro Li pi to r Ne xi um Spiriv a Vi agra ZetiaORDER BY PHONENo store visit required See how affordable a Remington Kitchen can be! Remington Kitchen can be! CALL FOR FREE ESTIMA TES SER VICES:Ne w Cu st om Ca bi ne tr y Cab in et Re fa ci ng G ra ni te Cou nt er to ps Wi lso na rt HD Lami na te Cou nt er to ps wi th Be ve le d, Ed ge & In te gr at ed Si nks R K FA MIL Y OW NED & OP ERA TED SI NCE 199 7(352)728-4441Monday Friday 9am-5pm www.dailycommercial.com Diversions 352-365-8208 features@dailycommercial.com BRIDGE How to play: Fill in the blank squares with the numbers 1 through 9 so that each horizontal row, vertical column and nine-square sub-grid contains no repeated numbers. Puzzles range in difculty from one to six stars. The solution to todays puz zle will be in tomorrows paper. YESTERDAYS SOLUTION Today is Thursday, Sep tember 11 the 254th day of 2014. There are 111 days left in the year. Todays Highlight in His tory : On September 11, 2001, on Americas single-worst day of terrorism, nearly 3,000 people were killed as 19 al-Qaida members hijacked four passenger jetliners, send ing two of the planes smash ing into New Yorks World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon and the fourth into a eld in western Pennsylva nia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014 : This year you have a lot of excitement packed into your life. This vitality comes through others who are close to you. You will learn to relax and go with the ow more. You will have a great deal of energy and drive in the next 12 months. Make sure you have a hob by or a means of relaxing, like yoga. If you are single, check out potential suit ors with care, as they might project a very different per sona from their true identity. If you are attached, the two of you enjoy each other the most when it is just the two of you. Make sure you take frequent trips together. TAU RUS understands you. ARIES (March 21-April 19) You might feel re strained by a lack of con nection with someone. Make an effort to have a one-on-one conversation with this person, and get to know him or her better. You might discover that he or she has quite a dynamic thought process. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You could feel off, and as a result, you might want to head in a new direction. Play it low-key, and you will feel your way through a problem. An associate or partner could be very dif cult to deal with. Try to transform this persons an ger into useful energy. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Zero in on your priori ties. Dont forget to touch base with a dear friend who really cares about you. You are likely to discover how hard it is to mix friends at times. Try not to expose yourself to that type of ex perience too often. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Take charge of a sit uation, and try to imple ment a new way of thinking. You might be tired of hear ing the same old story, and youll want to approach it differently. The reaction you get could be unexpected, which will please you. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Your ability to see many sides of an issue will help you develop ways of keep ing the peace between op posing parties. You could be tired and drained from a demanding personal or do mestic situation. Listen to a friends suggestions. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) A partner might de mand more attention than you had anticipated. You wont want to irritate this person, so consider going with the ow. Communica tion still could be difcult or challenging. Weigh your op tions. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Others seem to domi nate the scene. Make this OK, as you could be preoc cupied with a nancial is sue. You might not like what comes down the path, but honor the change of pace. Establish some private time for studying your options. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Cross off as much as you can from your to-do list. You easily could be over whelmed. The only way to get through this list is to start immediately. Schedule a get-together for later in the day, when you are likely to feel more relaxed. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22Dec. 21) You might want to detach from someone elses opinions, especial ly if they are negative. Youll need to establish a more creative and dynamic tie be tween you and this person. Remain open to his or her various viewpoints. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Stay centered, and understand what your lim its are. Family and your do mestic life will be the focus today. You might wonder what would be best, under the present circumstances. Your innate ingenuity will emerge. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Be more direct, and say what is on your mind. Con sider your options careful ly. You could be a lot more tired than you realize, and you might need to ask someone else to pitch in. You could be surprised by this persons response. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You might be juggling your nances more than you would like. Detach and see if there is a better way to handle your money. Get dif ferent opinions before mak ing a decision. Allow your self to tackle this issue and resolve it. HOROSCOPES TODAY IN HISTORY DEAR ABBY: I have been married for 13 years, and Im beginning to wonder if my husband still wants to be with me. He gets home be fore I do and stays in his room watching TV and piddling around on the computer. He never comes out to say hello when I get home; I go in there and greet him. He comes out when I have dinner xed and then returns to his room. I understand the man cave thing. Everyone needs their time and space, but this has be come an everyday rou tine. I have tried to tell him I feel ignored. The next night hell come into the living room and watch TV with me, but I feel hes doing it only because he feels he should, not because he wants to. Is this my clue that he doesnt care about shar ing time with me any more? I dont want to beg for his attention. LONELY IN NORTH CAROLINA DEAR LONELY: It ap pears that way. You re fer to the room in which your husband watch es TV and uses his com puter as his room and not a den. Does he also sleep in there? If thats the case, and the only time you spend togeth er is at the dinner table, your marriage is in sus pended animation. If what hes watch ing on television or his computer has become a substitute for hav ing a relationship with you and thats what it appears you need to nd out what hap pened to the intimacy you once shared. What you have described is a platonic roommate re lationship and not a healthy marriage. If you want to change the dynamics, you are going to have to have some serious conversa tions with your husband about what your needs are, and also his. Start now. DEAR ABBY: My par ents immigrated here from a foreign country 20 years ago. Although they speak some basic English, they have yet to become even remotely uent in the language. As a result, they are al ways asking me to do everything for them pay their bills, le their taxes, go with them to doctors appoint ments, translate for de livery people and take my mom on errands be cause she doesnt drive. I am irritated. When will they learn English? I am the CHILD, not the parent. I feel like I have been a mini-adult for many years as their person al chauffeur, secretary, interpreter, etc. I dont mind doing occasion al favors for them, but enough is enough. What should I do? BEYOND FRUSTRATED IN CHICAGO DEAR BEYOND FRUSTRAT ED: I think you should take into consideration that learning a new lan guage is much easi er for children than it is for adults. You were im mersed in English when you went to school and were exposed to it not only in the classroom but also on the play ground. Your parents werent so lucky. They should have enrolled in an ESL class right away, but instead apparent ly interacted only with people who spoke their language. However, its never too late to make an effort, so encourage them to start NOW. A way to persuade them would be to ask them what they would do if, heaven forbid, something happened to you. Some people who have picked up English did so by watching En glish language television instead of whats aired in their own. You are not alone in having this prob lem. The children of ev ery ethnic group that has come to the United States has experienced what you are. Dear Abby is written by Abi gail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her moth er, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at www.DearAb by.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Husband holed up in man cave leaves his wife out in the cold JEANNE PHILLIPS DEAR ABBY JACQUELINE BIGAR BIGARS STARS


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