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FOOD WITH LARGE POR TIONS! Best Breakfast In To wn! Open Ever y Day 6:30am to 10:30pm Best Home Cooking & Prices on 441352-508-5494www .HWY441DINER.com381 E. Burleigh Blvd., Ta va re s (ne xt to JoAnn Fabrics) OR $595 rrf $595 rn rn t tnn b r nt n b n b RAIDERS BLAST WILDCATS 63-0, SPORTS B1 LEESBURG, FLORIDA Saturday, August 30, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com Vol. 138 No. 242 5 sections INDEX CLASSIFIED C7 COMICS E4 CROSSWORDS D1 DIVERSIONS E5 LEGALS C7 BUSINESS XX NATION A5 OBITUARIES A4 SPORTS B1 VOICES A7 WORLD A6 TODAYS WEATHER Detailed forecast on page A8. 93 / 76 Afternoon thunderstorms 50 OCALA LAKE WEIR...... ......................... 13 LAKE MINNEOLA ............................. 42 EUSTIS ................................... CANCELED PALM BAY HERITAGE ............... CANCELED FA-LEESBURG ................................. 38 CORNERSTONE CHARTER ...................... 6 LEESBURG ...................................... 41 TAVARES ............................................. 21 MONTVERDE .......................... CANCELED OCALA TRINITY CATHOLIC ........ CANCELED MOUNT DORA ................................. 41 TITUSVILLE ASTRONAUT ........................ 6 MOUNT DORA BIBLE ............... CANCELED WINDERMERE ........................ CANCELED SOUTH SUMTER .............................. 63 WILDWOOD .......................................... 0 THE VILLAGES ................................... LATE BELLEVIEW ....................................... LATE UMATILLA ....................................... 49 LECANTO ............................................ 42 JENNIFER KAY Associated Press M IAMI As they do whenever they visit Flor ida, Greg Groff and his young daughter stopped by the manatee pool at Miami Sea quarium, where the speed bump-shaped marine mam mals placidly swim in circles. They noted the pink scars and disgured tail on one man atee, damage from a boat pro peller that left it unable to sur vive in the wild. Floridas manatees need even more stringent protections than their listing on the fed eral endangered species list, Groff said, adding that boat ers should go elsewhere if they dont like speed limits in waters where manatees swim. Theres plenty of places they can go faster, the Chicago man said. They can go out in the middle of the ocean if they want to go much, much, much quicker, and you wont have to worry about them running the manatees over. Groffs comments are repre sentative of the environmen talist and general public side of an ongoing ght with a group of boaters, businesses and con servatives over whether the manatee should retain its 1967 federal listing as an endangered species, the most protective classication. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is reviewing whether the manatee should be reclas sied as a threatened species, which would allow some exi bility for federal ofcials as the species recovers while main taining most of the protections afforded to animals listed as endangered. As part of the lengthy review process, the agency is seeking public comment on its nding that a petition to reclassify the manatee has merits. The dead line is Tuesday. A decision on whether a change is warranted wont be made until the agen cy completes its review, which could take a year. Manatees, also known as sea cows, are vegetarian giants that average nearly 10 feet long and 2,200 pounds and live near the shore and in coastal water ways around much of Florida. The ani mals biggest threats are boats, cold water, toxic algae blooms and shing debris like dis carded lines and ropes. Sea cow comeback? Manatees may soon lose endangered species status LIVI STANFORD | Staff Writer livi.stanford@dailycommercial.com A new transportation pre sentation on Lake Countys deteriorating roads shows 45 percent are in critical need of repairs and without suf cient funding to address those problems, ofcials say. Lake County Public Works Director Jim Stivender said $25 million is needed to re surface the roads most in need and the county has just $2 million this scal year to begin tackling the problem. County ofcials said they now have to choose between conducting maintenance on a road or completing a road project already underway. If something does not change over the next couple of years, we are going to be in much more dire straits, said T.J. Fish, executive director of the Lake-Sumter Metropoli tan Planning Organization. The roads in the coun ty are rated on a numbering system, with the lower the number the more severe the roads condition. Currently 37 miles of roads are rated a 4 with 289 miles of roads rated a 5. Rating 4 roads are cur rently considered for resur facing with 1-inch asphalt overlay. Dependent on conditions, it takes only six months for a road to drop to a 4 rating, ac cording to Stivender. The challenge is the cash ow is not as healthy as it used to be and road infra structure is there and still ag ing, he said of the funding sources for roads. The problem is, as the County roads deteriorate with no funding to fix them LIVI STANFORD / DAILY COMMERCIAL The county is working on a two-phase project on Old U.S. Highway 441 from Tavares to Mount Dora. The road has not been resurfaced since 1978. ALAN YOUNGBLOOD / HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP If we come to the end of this and decide reclassification is warranted, its good news because it means the manatee is recovering and no longer on the brink of extinction. Chuck Underwood SEE ROADS | A2 SEE MANATEES | A2 PETER LEONARD and JUERGEN BAETZ Associated Press NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine Their tanks bearing the ag of their would-be state, Rus sian-backed separatists held control Friday over this coastal town on the new front in the Ukraine conict and announced their intention to keep pushing west toward a major port city. None of the half-doz en tanks seen by As sociated Press report ers in the town of about 12,000 people bore Rus sian markings, but the packaging on their eld rations said they were issued by the Russian army. The Ukrainian gov ernment the day before accused Russia of send ing tanks, artillery and troops across the bor der, and NATO estimat ed at least 1,000 Russian troops were in Ukraine. As tensions rose, Euro pean Union foreign min isters called for heavier Russian-backed rebels aim to push west along coast SERGEI GRITS / AP A local resident passes by camouaged pro-Russian tank in the town of Novoazovsk, in eastern Ukraine on Friday. SCOTT CALLAHAN | News Editor scott.callahan@dailycommercial.com Families being forced to leave the Stay & Save Inn in Leesburg because of the owners unpaid utility bills got a ve-day reprieve Friday when a partial payment was promised to the city. The owner of Sun Management is overnight ing us a check for $28,000, city spokesman Robert Sargent said Friday afternoon. What this means, specically, is there will be no utility cutoff at 3 oclock today. Sun Management owner Joseph Carhoun owes LEESBURG Stay & Save families get to stay for awhile SEE INN | A2 SEE UKRAINE | A2


A2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 the city $38,632 for six months worth of pastdue utility bills. Sargent said Carhoun reached out to the city Friday to keep the utilities on so as many as 40 families would not be forced to leave. The city checked with Carhouns bank and de termined he has the $28,000 available, Sar gent said. Since City Hall is closed Saturday, Sun day and Monday for La bor Day, city ofcials ex pect to have the money in hand Tuesday. If we get the check processed and every things okay, then we will continue utility service for an undetermined amount of time while we work with Sun Manage ment to pay the balance of what is due on the ac count, Sargent said. If the check does not pro cess properly and theres a problem, then we will be shutting off utilities at 11 a.m. Tuesday. The $38,632 that Car houn already owes will grow to about $50,000 on Thursday when an other $12,000 utility bill comes due for the Stay & Save, Sargent said. If the $28,000 check clears, though, the total amount owed Thursday will be about $22,000. We will gure out with Sun Management how they are going to pay the balance of what is due to continue to have utility service at the site, Sargent said. The citys manager, nance director, customer service manager, Stay & Save Manager Don Smith and another hotel rep resentative all were on a speaker phone call Friday with Carhoun, who lives in Canada. There was no discussion about how he got so far behind on his bills or the hotel residents facing displacement, Sar gent said. The 130-room hotel opened its doors in 1992 as a Holiday Inn but has since been attracting individu als and families who dont have the necessary deposit money to secure tradition al housing. Rates range from about $40 a night to about $255 a week and about $777 a month. Sun Manage ment bought the 31,266-square-foot hotel three years ago from Vir go Investments, which at the time had led for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Virgo not only owed util ity money to the city, but payroll taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, proper ty taxes and tourist taxes to the Lake County Tax Collec tors Ofce, unemployment taxes to the Florida Depart ment of Revenue, cable television service charges to Comcast, and long-dis tance telephone charges to Century Link, accord ing to papers led with U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Middle District of Florida. If we come to the end of this and decide reclassication is war ranted, its good news because it means the manatee is recover ing and no longer on the brink of extinction, agency spokesman Chuck Underwood said. Critics of the manatees current endangered listing say manatees are important to the states tourism in dustry and environment, so every one wants them to thrive, but the species has recovered sufciently over the last 47 years to be reclassi ed. Floridas manatee population has grown from several hundred in 1967 to over 4,800 in this year. Un der current regulations, boaters must avoid manatee areas or obey tight speed limits and shermen cant use some equipment. Save Crystal River Inc. and the conservative Pacic Legal Founda tion petitioned the government in 2012 to reclassify the manatee, cit ing a 2007 federal review that rec ommended listing the species as threatened since the population is recovering. They say if the fed eral government followed its own rules, the reclassication should be automatic. The truth is the manatee is pro tected the same as threatened as endangered, but they no longer can use the species to take over sovereign lands and sovereign wa ters with arbitrary rules, said Steve Lamb, vice president of Save Crystal River, a group that rep resents about 100 members that include recreational boaters, tour operators, dive shops and hotels. The river, about 80 miles north of Tampa on Floridas Gulf Coast, is warmed by natural springs and is a favorite winter congregating spot for manatees. According to the wildlife service, ofcials began working on the re classication proposal in 2013, but those efforts were suspended amid funding constraints, the U.S. government shutdown and con cerns over recent spikes in mana tee deaths, particularly during cold snaps. A record 829 manatees died last year, breaking the 2010 record of 766, according to state records. The most worrisome deaths last year were not collisions with boats. A record 276 manatee deaths were caused by a toxic red tide bloom in the Gulf of Mexico. There were also the unexplained deaths of more than 100 mana tees on Floridas east coast, where pollution and algae blooms have plagued a vital lagoon ecosystem. Save the Manatees Club Exec utive Director Pat Rose said that while the species has certainly re bounded, the jump in deaths, par ticularly during cold snaps, means more work is needed before they lose endangered status. The most compelling reason not to down-list them is the status of their ecosystems, Rose said. If you maintain good quality habitat, you can overcome catastrophic mortality events. If you are dealing with both catastrophic mortality events and unrelenting compromises to their aquatic ecosystems at the same time, thats when you need to be acting very conservatively. But Lamb says the government is bowing to political pressure and emotion, highlighting conserva tion efforts at the expense of the law and business. Does anyone ever want to talk about how last year 1,000 mana tees were born? Heck, no. All they want to talk about is how many died, Lamb said. The vast majority of comments submitted to the wildlife service plead with ofcials to continue list ing the manatee as endangered. Florida residents cite the manatees theyve seen with scars from run-ins with boats or shing debris, while out-of-state commenters describe the thrill of spotting the unique ma rine mammals in the water. population grows in the county, the roads age faster and need repairs more quickly, Stivender said. But the costs to x those roads are also rising, Stivender noted. The costs of construction have gone up in the last 20 years and reve nue has not, he said. The more traf c, the faster you age the system. There are currently only two sources of funding for roads a lo cal gas tax of 6 cents, where the reve nue is split between the county and its 14 municipalities, and a 1-cent sales tax, where the revenue is divid ed equally between the county, the school board and the cities. There is a total of 326 miles of road in Lake County that are in need of resurfacing now, Stivender said. We are bringing in one tenth of the money we need per year to deal with the issue, he said. Normally in good economic times, Fish said the county could consider looking at the general fund to boost maintenance of the roads, but that is not a feasible op tion now. The county is grappling with a $15 million budget shortfall next scal year. They are using gas taxes and sales tax to address resurfacing, Fish said. Sales tax was (also) used to build new capacity and now it is be ing used for resurfacing projects. The hope is voters renew the penny sales tax in 2015 that is di vided equally between the city, county and schools to fund capital needs, Fish said. What do you do if voters do not renew it? he said. That is a sce nario no one wants to face. Some county commissioners said it is time to look at another funding source for roads, as they are aging faster than the revenues accumulated to treat them. In November 2011, the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee, a group tasked with nding alterna tive sources for road funding, rec ommended six key provisions to the county commission. One of the provisions included an additional ve-cent local gas tax option. The committees top recommendation was to allocate money from the general fund for roads, but that is not feasible, county ofcials said. According to the CFAC recommendations, the estimated revenue from 2014-2035 (for the ve-cent local option gas tax) would be $73 million for Lake County. Commissioner Sean Parks agreed that the local ve-cent gas tax op tion, which would bring in about $3.7 million a year for the resurfac ing of roads, should be examined more closely, particularly in aid ing the countys sidewalk improve ment projects. Businesses are not going to want to relocate to Lake County when roads are 3s and 4s, Parks said. There should be a compre hensive sidewalk plan. And others said they worried if nothing is done, the costs of repair ing the roads will only skyrocket as the deterioration continues. If we dont do anything else, wait ing on roads that are a 6 can become a 4 overnight in government life, Commissioner Welton Cadwell said. Once it becomes a 6, it does not take any time at all. You see the cost of delaying it, which we have had to do over the last several years. While timing may not be the best now to talk about an addition al ve-cent gas tax option, Conner said he would rather have a gas tax than a property tax. The gas tax spreads the respon sibility over a large number of peo ple, including tourists, he said. I would much rather have a gas tax than a property tax. We are not tak ing money out of the general fund for roads. ROADS FROM PAGE A1 HOW TO REACH US AUG. 29 CASH 3 ............................................... 9-8-5 Afternoon .......................................... 9-7-1 PLAY 4 ............................................. 5-9-1-4 Afternoon ....................................... 3-0-4-2 FLORIDA LOTTERY AUG. 28 FANTASY 5 ........................... 9-11-17-18-28 THE NEWSPAPER OF CHOICE FOR LAKE AND SUMTER COUNTIES SINCE 1875 The Daily Commercial (ISSN 0896-1042) is published daily for $90.74 per year (plus Florida sales tax) by Halifax Media Group at 212 East Main Street, Leesburg, Florida. Periodicals postage is paid at the USPO, Leesburg, FL. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to The Daily Commercial, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 34749-0007. All material contained in this edition is property of The Daily Commercial and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Reproduction is forbidden without written consent from the publisher. Call 352-787-0600 in Lake County or 877-702-0600 in Sumter County 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. Call 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturday and 7 to 10 a.m. on Sunday. Call the Circulation Department 48 hours ahead to stop service. 365-8200 In Sumter County: 877-702-0600 ADVERTISING Retail ................... 365-8200 Classied ............. 314-3278 CIRCULATION Lake Co. ....... 352-787-0600 Sumter Co. ... 877-702-0600 Circulation Billing 787-0600 ACCOUNTING ...... 365-8216 MISSED YOUR NEWSPAPER? REDELIVERY NOT AVAILABLE IN ALTOONA OR SUMTER GOING ON VACATION SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: Call 352-787-0600 (Lake Co.) or 877-702-0600 (Sumter Co.) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Prepayments for 3 months or more, mail to: Circulation Dept., The Daily Commercial, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Billed monthly at the rates shown. The Daily Commercial promptly corrects errors of fact appearing in its pages. 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Submissions also can be emailed to sports@dailycommercial.com. FRANK JOLLEY sports editor 352-365-8268 ................................ frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com GOOD FOR YOU AND CELEBRATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS Email news about your awards and personal or professional mile stones along with a photo, if you desire - to pam.fennimore@ dailycommercial.com. CALENDAR Email upcoming events to pam.fennimore@dailycommercial.com. MANATEES FROM PAGE A1 INN FROM PAGE A1 UKRAINE FROM PAGE A1 sanctions against Moscow ahead of Sat urdays summit of EU leaders in Brussels. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was invited to address the summit. The rebels denied they are getting Rus sian military vehicles. We are ghting with the machinery the (Ukrainian forces) abandon. They just dump it and ee, said a rebel command er who identied himself by the nom de guerre Frantsuz, or the Frenchman. Although such claims of using only con scated Ukrainian equipment are com mon, top rebel leader Alexander Zakharch enko himself has said Russia was supplying equipment and ghters something Mos cow has steadfastly denied doing. Despite Moscows hollow denials, it is now clear that Russian troops and equip ment have illegally crossed the border, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Friday. This is a blatant violation of Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity. It dees all diplomat ic efforts for a peaceful solution. A spokesman for the rebels in No voazovsk, who identied himself only as Alexander, said their plan was to push westward to the major port city of Mar iupol, about 35 kilometers away. If we dont do anything else, waiting on roads that are a 6 can become a 4 overnight in government life. Once it becomes a 6, it does not take any time at all. You see the cost of delaying it, which we have had to do over the last several years. Commissioner Welton Cadwell HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO Manatees surface for air at Three Sister Spring as visitors ock to see them in Crystal River on March 5.


Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A3 Area Briefs www.dailycommercial.com COLEMAN Man arrested for asking girl for nude photo A 37-year-old man was released from the Sumter County jail Friday on allegations that he asked an un der-aged girl via computer to send him a nude picture of her but he could be facing more trouble. Chauncey Michale Williams, of Brooksville, was charged with ob scene communication and released after post ing a $4,000 bail. According to an arrest afdavit, the investigation into Williams start ed when police learned he might have been having sex with the 15-year-old girl, who told investiga tors that his mother lived down the street from her in Coleman. The 15-year-old told investigators she and Williams started communi cating through Facebook and that she eventually met up with him and they had sexual intercourse. Detectives also discovered text messages and photos between the two that were sexual in nature, which Williams admitted to, as well as asking her to send nude photos of herself and he was arrested. However, Williams denied having sex with the girl and it is not clear if de tectives plan on ling more charges. LAKE COUNTY Students tardy getting home after storm delay In a ripple effect, storms caused several Lake County students Friday afternoon to be tardy getting home for the Labor Day weekend. Chris Patton, school district spokesman, said bad weather and lightning ripped through Leesburg, Groveland and Clermont just as high schools were preparing to let out about 2:35 p.m. Friday prompting ofcials to hold up students so they wouldnt have to walk through open areas to get to their buses. About 40 minutes later, the high school students were sent to their buses. However, many of the buses then had to pick up elementary and middle school students, which Patton said resulted in other stu dents getting home late. LEESBURG CareerSource to host construction-related job fair CareerSource Central Florida has partnered with Middlesex Corp. to host a recruiting event in the Lake County ofce from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Wednesday at the CareerSource Central Florida Lake County Ofce, 1415 S. 14th St., Suite 101. For information, go to www. CareerSourceCentralFlorida.com. State & Region NEWS EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN scott.callahan@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millardives@dailycommercial.com Coming out of a Lake County courtroom last week, minutes after a jury acquitted him of sexually assaulting a woman in his custody, former Leesburg police officer Henri Bart LaRue said he hoped to get back into law enforcement. Im ready to move on and rebuild my life, said the 27-yearold LaRue, who had joined the police department a few months before the alleged 2012 assault. But a return to law en forcement is something his alleged victim is trying to block. The now 24-yearold woman launched an online petition drive this week in an attempt to block LaRue from get ting a law enforcement job in Florida. By Friday, she had gathered 1,464 signatures. There was DNA evidence on the inside zipper of his uniform and there was a recording of him bragging about making a pit stop and irting with me, the wom an said through Facebook. Now that hes been acquit ted of his charges, he wants MILLARD K. IVES | Staff Writer millardives@dailycommercial.com A rookie Leesburg police of cer sustained multiple fractures to his right leg and a second of cer received minor injuries in a trafc crash Thursday, according to a department spokesman on Friday. Ofcers Brad Peacock and David Foster were treated at Leesburg Re gional Medical Center, where the accident occurred outside. According to Maj. Steve Rocke feller, Foster was training Pea cock and riding with him about 2:30 p.m. as their vehicle was trav eling west on State Road 44, ap proaching a green light at the South Lake Street intersection. A Toyota Prius on SR 44 was trav eling the opposite direction. LEESBURG 2 police officers injured in crash on State Road 44 SEE CRASH | A4 AREK SARKISSIAN Halifax Media Group Motorists who re cently received a ticket from Waldo Police Cpl. Kenneth Smith may be in luck. Smith, the interim chief of Waldos small municipal police de partment, was sus pended on Thursday morning due to a new state investigation, and he subsequently failed to show up for trafc court. Early Thursday morning, Waldo City Manager Kim Worley issued a release: Corporal Smith has been placed on admin istrative leave until fur ther notice. I have re quested a commander from the Alachua County Sheriffs Of ce to manage the Wal do Police Department while these issues are being resolved. As of Thursday night, Alachua Sheriff Sadie Darnell and Waldo city ofcials were putting nishing touches on a memorandum of un derstanding that is ex pected to be complet ed by this morning. In the meantime, Waldos police ofcers spent the day without a leader. Smiths suspen sion came down less than 24 hours after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement launched a prelimi nary review of sever al allegations made by ve of Waldos seven police ofcers. On Tuesday night, the quintet of ofcers in cluding one who was reinstated earlier that night told the Wal do City Council about an illegal ticket quota implemented by Waldo Chief Mike Szabo. The ofcers also al leged that Szabo reg ularly abandoned his post and then disabled equipment so he could not be traced. He also ordered questionable trafc stops, the of cers said. Interim Waldo chief also suspended over ticket quota HALIFAX MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTOS A Waldo police ofcer pulls over a speeding truck along State Road 24 for traveling 70 mph in a 55-mph zone. A Waldo police ofcer stares down the barrel of his laser speed gun in Waldo. Illegal procedure SEE QUOTAS | A4 MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press WASHINGTON The gi ant African snail damages buildings, destroys crops and can cause meningitis in hu mans. But some people still want to collect, and even eat, the slimy invaders. The Agriculture Depart ment is trying to stop them. Since June, department au thorities have seized more than 1,200 live specimens of the large snails, also known as giant African land snails, all of them traced back to one person in Georgia, who was selling them illegally. The USDA discovered the snails through a tip from so cial media at the end of June. From that tip, the depart ment seized more than 200 snails from a person on Long Island, New York, who iden tied the seller in Georgia. The department then inter viewed the seller and seized almost 1,000 more snails in Georgia, plus one each in Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York. Agriculture ofcials said the investigation was ongo ing and they would not iden tify any of the individuals. Its important to capture the snails without delay, USDA seizes more than 1,200 illegal snails AP PHOTO This undated handout photo provided by the Agriculture Department shows a seized giant African snail. The giant African snail eats buildings, destroys crops and can cause meningitis in humans. SEE INVADERS | A4 LEESBURG Alleged victim petitioning to keep cop off force LARUE SEE LARUE | A4 WILLIAMS T he Daily Commercial is looking for writers, photographers and part-time copy editors who want to contribute to this award-winning publication. Writers and photographers will cover sports, news or lifestyle events on an as-needed basis. Those interested in writing must be able to drive to assign ments, write smoothly and quickly and le their articles on deadline. Photographers must be equipped with digital cameras and have the ability to transmit their photos by computer. Copy editors must have strong word skills, be technically procient and have the ability to work under deadlines. Famil iarity with InDesign is a must. We strongly prefer applicants who have experience in the publishing eld. If youre interested in being part of our team, please send a brief cover letter, resume and samples of your work to Executive Editor Tom McNiff at tom.mcniff@dailycommercial.com Want to work for us? Associated Press LAKELAND Two of the loud est voices in the campaign over Amendment 2 went head-to-head during a debate in Lakeland on Thursday night. The debate, organized by the Ledger of Lakeland pitted Orlando attorney John Morgan, who bank rolled the effort to get the mea sure on the ballot, against Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the spokesman for the Dont Let Flor ida Go to Pot coalition. The amendment, which re quires 60 percent approval by vot ers, will be on the ballot in No vembers general election. This is the moment of our life time in Florida to do something, Morgan told the crowd of about 700 at the Harrison School of the Arts auditorium. We dont have to rely on our politicians. We can just Lakeland hosts debate over medical marijuana SEE DEBATE | A4


A4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 Rockefeller said there was no green arrow on the trafc signal when the Prius turned left in front of the squad car leaving the front end of the cruiser crushed near a light pole. The driver and a passenger in the Pri us were taken to Leesburg Regional. A report from the Flor ida Highway Patrol, which worked the ac cident, was unavail able Friday and no in formation was given for the occupants of the Prius. The presentation also alleged that Smith used city-owned vid eo equipment to monitor the parking lot of his own apart ment. He also had an alleged penchant for stealing hotel tow els, which ofcers said proved his stays in hotels while the city was on a tight budget. Also, Smith stored drug para phernalia and other evidence in a cooler under his desk, which was easily accessible to non-po lice employees and contractors of the department, the ofcers said. Szabo already was on suspen sion pending the results of a full-edged FDLE investigation into what Worley would only describe as an alleged violation of police procedure. State Attorney Bill Cervone will receive the FDLE case and said it is too early to offer a de tailed opinion on recent events. I have been following whats been reported and Im concerned on multiple levels, but it would be inappropriate of me to com ment without being informed by an ofcial source, Cervone said. Where that may lead is some thing Im unsure of and Im not ready to talk about it yet. Waldo ofcers alleged Szabo, Worley and Smith forced them to write 12 tickets per 12-hour shift, which would be a violation of the states prohibition on traf c citation quotas. That law car ries no penalties, but that could change during next years legis lative session in Tallahassee. If the allegations are true, the quotas are unacceptable, said Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Is land, who serves on the Com mittee on Criminal Justice. Its part of a lore that has gone on way too long. Bradley, whose district also in cludes alleged speed traps in Law tey and Starke, also said he was not convinced a city of Waldos size required a department with seven police ofcers on patrol. Im pretty sure theres no crime wave sweeping the mean streets of Waldo, Bradley said. What has happened in Waldo has brought this issue to my at tention and its something I plan to address in next years session. For its size, Waldo and its of cers have kept the Alachua County courts busy. Data provid ed by the Alachua County Clerk of Courts ofce through a public records request showed that in 2013, Waldo ofcers including Szabo issued 11,603 trafc ci tations. March, with 1,245 cita tions, and June, with 1,216, were the busiest months. In comparison, the Gaines ville Police Department, with its 300 ofcers serving roughly 128,000 residents, issued 25,461 citations in 2013, according to data provided by spokesman Ben Tobias. As of this week, Waldo of cers led 6,933 citations this year, about 1,300 fewer than the same time period in 2013. The amount of revenue the city will collect from police nes this year is about $54,000 less than predicted. Though a judge likely would not throw out a case due to Waldos al leged use of trafc ticket quotas, a case would be dismissed if an of cer failed to appear. The legal question is if an of cer showed up, is a judge going to see a ticket quota as an afr mative defense, Gainesville at torney William Falik said. I dont think our judges would see that as an afrmative defense, but if the ofcer doesnt show up, the case gets thrown out. Falik said Thursday that cases involving Smith were dismissed. Cpl. Smith did not show up to court, he said. Falik added that he had no bones to pick about the profes sionalism of Waldos ofcers. I understand they take a lot of heat, but the speed limits are set by the state of Florida, Falik said. People dont like the lev el of enforcement, but as far as them doing anything wrong, I have not seen anything. authorities say, because they multiply quickly, producing 1,200 or more offspring a year. And the snails, which can grow larger than the size of a st, have no natural predators in the United States. People are their only threat. Florida authorities know this all too well. Agriculture ofcials there are in their third year of trying to erad icate the snails. They were discovered in Mi ami in September 2011, and theyve been found on houses, where they eat plaster and stuc co to gain calcium for their shells, and in res idential gardens, where they tear through plants. Mark Fagan, a spokes man for the Florida De partment of Agriculture, said the agency so far has found 141,000 snails in 26 areas of Miami-Dade County. Luckily, he said, they have not yet pro gressed into any of the states rich agricultural areas. The snails eat 500 types of plants, includ ing most row crops and citrus, so keeping them away is an important in vestment for the states $100 billion-a-year farm industry. Tu esday September 2nd, 2014 3 PM IN MEMORY OBITUARIES Jay Dee Friend Jay Dee Friend, 54, of Lady Lake passed away on August 4, 2014. Jay was born to Judy Friend Keedy and Bob Friend on July 12 in Marion, In diana, moved to Flori da as a child and made Lake County his home in 1983. He was an auto body repair man and loved shing. He is sur vived by his daughter, Angela Friend of Tex as, Son, Jason Friend of Lady Lake, 4 grandchil dren, Sister, Chris Kao of Weirsdale, Father, Bob Friend of Fruitland Park, Grandmother, Do ris Copeland of Indiana. A Celebration of Life will be held at North Lake Presbyterian Church on September 5. Visitation is at 12:30PM, Service at 1:00PM. Inurnment will follow at Lone Oak Cemetery, Leesburg. In lieu of owers, contri butions may be made to -Jay Dees children to assist with the expens es. Online condolenc es may be left at www. beyersfuneralhome. com. Arrangements en trusted to Beyers Funer al Home and Cremato ry, Leesburg, FL. Sandra Allee Ilardi Sandra Allee Ilardi passed away on August 24, 2014 after compli cations from a subdu ral hematoma. She was born on July 24, 1938 in Greencastle, Indiana to the late Toby and Vir ginia Allee. She lived in several places in Indi ana as well as Dayton, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, Ke arney, MO, and nal ly in Leesburg, FL. San dra was known for her love of family, her quiet nature and was deeply loved and respected by her many friends. She had a kind heart, a great love for her cats and Na tive American culture, and an engaging sense of humor. During her professional career, she was part of the Tran sWorld Airlines fami ly, enjoying worldwide travel and making life long friends in Italy. In Florida, Sandra became involved in a Society of Friends meetinghouse, Quakers of Orlando and built many lasting friendships. She passed at Leesburg Regional Medical Center, com forted by the presence of dear friends of her son, Greg, during her nal days. Because of her love for manatees, her family requests that, instead of owers any memorial gifts be given through savethemana tee.org. On the website follow the donate now link and choose either a onetime donation or an annual adoption. San dra Allee Ilardi is sur vived by her three chil dren: Pamela Hubble of Overland Park, Kansas, Gregory (Tina) Bartram of Dublin, OH, Wendy Bartram of Westerville, Ohio, stepdaughter, Leslie Head and step son, Jammie Ilardi of Kansas City, MO, broth er Mike (Sheran) Allee and grandchildren Kee nian Bartram, Quentin and Ethan Bartram, and Talia Hubble, as well as many cousins, niec es and nephews. On line condolences may be left at www.beyers funeralhome.com. Ar rangements entrusted to Beyers Funeral Home and Crematory, Lees burg, FL. DEATH NOTICES Estelle Christiansen Estelle Christiansen, 80, of Leesburg, died Tuesday, August 26, 2014.Maryott-Bowen Funeral Home, Towan da, PA. Ruthie Mae Howell Ruthie Mae Howell, 76, of Groveland, born July 15, 1938. Funer al will be Saturday, Au gust 30, 2014; 11 AM at Praise Temple Christian Academy. Walter F. Norris Jr. Walter F. Norris Jr., 67, of Wildwood, died Thursday, August 28, 2014. Banks/PageTheus Funeral Home, Wildwood. CRASH FROM PAGE A3 QUOTAS FROM PAGE A3 INVADERS FROM PAGE A3 LARUE FROM PAGE A3 to get reinstated as a local law enforcement ofcer. The woman said she plans to present the pe tition to a state senator after gathering at least 2,000 signatures. LaRue was red from the department amid the allegations and eventually charged by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with armed sexual bat tery by a law enforce ment ofcer. He could have faced life in prison if convicted. According to testimo ny during last weeks tri al, LaRue had stopped the woman on Oct. 2, 2012, for having a dim tag light and arrested her after he discovered she was driving with a suspended license. The victim testied during the trip from the Leesburg police depart ment to the Lake Coun ty jail in Tavares, the of cer stopped behind a strip mall near Lake Square Mall on U.S. Highway 441, dragged her out of his squad car and forced her to per form a sexual act on him before resuming the trip to the jail. During investigations, the police department and FDLE discovered the 14-minute drive to the jail took LaRue 22 minutes and he never recorded his mileage both things prosecutors argued were evidence he made a stop along the way. It was also discovered that LaRue had told a dispatcher before the sexual allegations were reported that during the trip to the jail he was irting and had made a pit stop, but the dispatcher and defense lawyers said he was just joking. According to the testi mony, however, the only DNA evidence found that tied the woman with LaRue were skin cells of at least three people found in the crotch area of his cloth ing and only a possible match to the victim. Prosecutors argued they were made by the womans face but the defense contended they could have come from LaRue cufng her hands behind her back. After four hours of de liberations, a jury found him not guilty. We just dont want police to keep get ting away with things, said the victims father standing outside the courthouse. LaRue didnt take the stand in his defense. Assistant State Attor ney Rich Buxman said the victim also passed a lie detector test when asked about the alle gations but the re sults were inadmissible during the trial. Maj. Steve Rocke feller, Leesburg police spokesman, said LaRue was red because of his joke and for not record ing his mileage. Questioned about the online petition Fri day, Rockefeller said he would ght any attempt to bring LaRue back to the Leesburg Police De partment. We wont hire him back, Rockefeller said. Rockefeller said the internal investigation into the allegations wasnt complete Friday. According to Gretl Plessinger, a FDLE spokesman, a law en forcement ofcer could lose his state certica tion if it is determined by his departments in ternal investigation that he violated a mor al character, which in cludes battery and exposure of sexual or gans, regardless if he is charged or found guilty. The woman has hired a civil lawyer and told the Daily Commercial she is contemplating on ling a civil law suit against LaRue. MILLARD K. IVES / DAILY COMMERCIAL Ofcers Brad Peacock and David Foster were injured in a crash on Thursday involving the police car shown above and a Toyota Prius. rely on ourselves to go out and, for Gods sake, vote, and vote for compassion, and when you do it, do it for the people. Judd questioned the language used in the amendment, which species debilitating medical conditions for which marijua na could be recommended such as cancer and AIDS and adds the phrase or other con ditions for which a doctor sees potential benets. He said the amendment will allow Floridi ans to acquire marijuana for a headache or back pain. The sheriff lamented the amendments multiple loop holes thats going to create a de facto legalization of recre ational marijuana. Morgan says he saw how mar ijuana helped his father as he was dying of cancer and his brother, who has faced chronic pain since an accident left him paralyzed. Judd lamented what he called multiple loopholes thats going to create a de facto legalization of recreational marijuana. Many in the audience wore T-shirts or carried signs that labeled them as supporters or opponents of Amendment 2. The audience included fami lies with children who have ail ments that medical marijuana may benet. Ledger Editor Lenore Devore served as moderator for the 90-minute discussion. The panel also included Reddout; Dr. Sergio Seoane, a Lakeland physician; Jessica Spencer, statewide coalition di rector for the Vote No on 2 cam paign; and Irvin Rosenfeld, a Fort Lauderdale stockbroker with a rare bone disorder who receives marijuana from the federal government through a discontinued medical program. DEBATE FROM PAGE A3


Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A5 rrr f n t b r r f PAUL J. WEBER Associated Press AUSTIN, Texas A federal judge Fri day threw out new Tex as abortion restrictions that would have effec tively closed more than a dozen clinics statewide in a victory for oppo nents of tough new an ti-abortion laws sweep ing across the U.S. U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel sided with clin ics that sued over one of the most disputed mea sures of a sweeping an ti-abortion bill signed by Republican Gov. Rick Perry in 2013. The ruling stops new clinic require ments that would have left seven abortion facil ities in Texas come Mon day, when the law was set to take effect. Texas currently has 19 abortion providers al ready down from more than 40 just two years ago, according to groups that sued the state for the second time over the law known as HB2. The overall effect of the provisions is to create an impermissible obstacle as applied to all women seeking a previability abortion, Yeakel wrote in his 21-page ruling. The ruling blocks a portion of the that law would have required abortion facilities in Tex as to meet hospital-lev el operating standards, which supporters say will protect womens health. But Yeakel con cluded the intent was only to close existing li censed abortion clinics. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican who is the favorite to become governor next year, vowed to seek an immediate appeal to try to preserve the new clinic rules. Clinics called the measures a backdoor effort to outlaw abor tions, which has been a constitutional right since the Roe v. Wade ruling by the U.S. Su preme Court in 1973. Under the new restric tions, the only remain ing abortion facilities in Texas would have been in major cities, and there would have been none in the entire western half of the nations second-larg est state. For women in El Paso, the closest abor tion provider would be in New Mexico an op tion the state wanted Yeakel to take into con sideration, even though New Mexicos rules for abortion clinics are far less rigorous. MITCH WEISS Associated Press ASHEVILLE, N.C. Broke and down on his luck, Billy Joe Hurley turned to the only way he knew how to make a living: poaching ginseng. But after his latest in a long string of arrests, federal prosecutors had enough. They told a U.S. mag istrate Thursday that poaching by Hurley and others in the national forests in western North Carolina has dramati cally reduced the num bers of wild ginseng a humble looking plant whose roots can fetch more than $900 a pound. Prosecutor David Thorne said they need ed to send a message: Illegal ginseng harvest ing wont be tolerated. Hurley, 46, of Bryson City, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 months in jail the fth time that Hurley has been sentenced for illegal possession or har vesting of ginseng. Wild American gin seng is the most desired variety and fetches the most money because of its potency. And it only grows in selected cool climates, such as the Ap palachian Mountains. Thats one rea son Hurley has been poaching ginseng for years, said his attorney, Corey Atkins. He said Hurley was destitute, living with his parents. He had no money, no job prospects. He is sorry, At kins said, adding, It is something that he has developed a skill for identifying the plants. KEN DILANIAN and BRADLEY KLAPPER Associated Press WASHINGTON The case of Mehdi Nemmouche haunts U.S. intelligence ofcials. Nemmouche is a Frenchman who authorities say spent 11 months ghting with the Islam ic State group in Syria before re turning to Europe to act out his rage. On May 24, prosecutors say, he methodically shot four people at the Jewish Museum in central Brussels. Three died instantly, one afterward. Nemmouche was ar rested later, apparently by chance. For U.S. and European coun terterrorism ofcials, that 90-sec ond spasm of violence is the kind of attack they fear from thousands of Europeans and up to 100 Amer icans who have gone to ght for ex tremists in Syria and now Iraq. The Obama administration has offered a wide range of assess ments of the threat to U.S. nation al security posed by the extrem ists who say theyve established a caliphate, or Islamic state, in an area straddling eastern Syrian and northern and western Iraq, and whose actions include last weeks beheading of American journal ist James Foley. Some ofcials say the group is more dangerous than al-Qaida. Yet intelligence assess ments say it currently couldnt pull off a complex, 9-11-style at tack on the U.S. or Europe. However, there is broad agree ment across intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the im mediate threat from radicalized Europeans and Americans who could come home to conduct lone-wolf operations. Such plots are difcult to detect because they dont require large conspiracies of people whose emails or phone calls can be intercepted. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombings were like that, car ried out by radicalized American brothers Dzhokhar and Tamer lan Tsarnaev acting on their own. So was the 2010 attempt to bomb New Yorks Times Square by Fais al Shahzad, who received training and direction in Pakistan but op erated alone in the United States. On Friday, Britain raised its ter ror threat from substantial to severe, its second highest lev el, citing a foreign ghter danger that made a terrorist attack high ly likely. The U.S. didnt elevate its national terrorist threat level, though White House press secre tary Josh Earnest said the adminis tration was closely monitoring the situation. Homeland Security Sec retary Jeh Johnson said Friday that U.S. authorities arent aware of any specic, credible threats to the U.S. homeland from the group. So far, Nemmouche is the only foreign ghter afliated with the Islamic State group who author ities say returned from the bat tleeld to carry out violence, and some scholars argue the danger is overstated. While we have worked hard over the last year and a half to de tect Westerners who have gone to Syria, no one knows for sure wheth er there are those who have gone there undetected, said John Co hen, a Rutgers University professor who stepped down in July as the Homeland Security Departments counterterrorism coordinator. And thats why those of us who look at this every day are so con cerned that somebody is going to slip through the cracks, Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., the House Intelli gence Committee chairman, said Thursday on CNN. Theyre either going to get into Europe or theyre going to get into the United States. Unlike al-Qaida militants in Pa kistan and Yemen, American and European passport holders who have secretly gone to ght in Syr ia can travel freely if they have not been identied as terrorists. U.S. authorities are sifting through travel records and trying to iden tify the foreign ghters, but they wont see all of them. An American from San Diego, Douglas McAuthur McCain, was killed this week in Syria, where, of cials say, he was ghting with the Islamic State. The U.S. is investi gating whether a second Ameri can also was killed. McCain is one of several West ern Muslims over the last two years who proved themselves willing to kill or die for extremist groups or help them win new re cruits. The names of many more remain secret in the les of U.S. intelligence agencies, but here are others that are public: Moner Mohammad Abusal ha, an American who grew up a basketball fan in Vero Beach, Florida, killed 16 people and himself in a suicide bombing at tack against Syrian government forces in May. U.S. ofcials say he was on their radar screen but ac knowledge he traveled from Syr ia to the United States before the attack without detection. Had he attacked in the U.S. instead of Syria, its unclear whether he would have been stopped. Two brothers from East Lon don, Hamza Nawaz, 23, and Mo hommod Nawaz, 30, pleaded guilty in May to attending a ter rorist training camp in Syria. They were caught on the return trip home with ammunition. In an unrelated case, Mashudur Choudhury, 31, was also convict ed in London of traveling to a ter rorist camp in Syria. Three Norwegian residents were arrested in May and ac cused of having fought with the Islamic State group. Eight men, including a for mer Guantanamo Bay detainee, were arrested in June by Spanish authorities and charged with re cruiting for the Islamic State group. At heart of Syria fears, US extremists returning home AP PHOTO This photo provided by the Hennepin County, Minn. Sheriffs Ofce shows Douglas McAuthur McCain. AP PHOTO This photo shows a ghter of the Islamic State group waving its ag from inside a captured government ghter jet following the battle for the Tabqa air base, in Raqqa, Syria on Sunday. Feds jail ginseng poacher as wild plants face risk Federal judge halts key part of Texas abortion law AP FILE PHOTO Anti-abortion rights supporter Katherine Aguilar holds a crucix and prays while opponents and supporters of abortion rights gather in the State Capitol in Austin, Texas.


Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL A7 YOUR EDITORIAL BOARD STEVE SKAGGS ....................................... PUBLISHER TOM MCNIFF .................................. EXECUTIVE EDITOR SCOTT CALLAHAN ................................. NEWS EDITOR WHITNEY WILLARD .......................... COPY DESK CHIEF GENE PACKWOOD ..................... EDITORIAL CARTOONIST Voices www.dailycommercial.com The newspaper of choice for Lake and Sumter counties since 1875 EDITORIALS Editorials are the consensus opinion of the editorial board, not any individual. They are written by the editorial staff but are not signed. Local editorials are published Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. COLUMNS Columns are the opinion of the writer whose byline and picture appears with them. They do not necessarily reect the opinion of the newspaper, and are chosen to represent a diver sity of views. If you would like to submit a guest column on a local, state or national issue, email your submission to letters@dailycommercial. com, or mail it to Voices, P.O. Box 490007, Leesburg, FL 347490007. Guest columns should be limited to 550 words in length. The writer also must submit a recent photo to be published with the column, as well as a brief biographical sketch. HAVE YOUR SAY The Daily Commercial invites you to write letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 350 words. They must be original, signed with the full name of the writer, and include the writers address and telephone number for verication. We reserve the right to edit for length. Letters also will be edited for grammar, clarity, taste and libel. We accept no more than two letters per month from the same writer. No open letters, form letters or copies of letters to third parties will be published. We do not publish unsigned letters. Submissions are not returned. We retain the right to archive and republish any material submitted for publication. You can submit your letters by: Email (preferred) to: letters@dailycommercial.com By regular mail to: Voices P.O. Box 490007 Leesburg, FL 34749-0007 By fax to: 325-365-1951 A s an active, albeit mea sured, user of social media, Ive been skeptical of argu ments that online forums like Facebook and Twitter are the great equalizer. Some social media proponents believe that such tools unshack le public opinion and promote the exchange of ideas in forums that allow all participants to free ly voice their thoughts and feel ings, exposing users to a diversi ty of ideas. Weve even seen dramatic ex amples during Irans Green Revolution and more recently in Ferguson, Mo. of social media being used to coordinate rallies and share information. And that arguably enlarges our freedom. During a lecture I attended last year, a panel of political consul tants and media experts pos tulated that social media, and Twitter in particular, markedly enhance democracy and encour age political participation. One of the panelists even pre dicted that political and public policy polling would eventually be conducted over social media, because it provides a far more accurate, authentic, wide-rang ing and real-time depiction of public sentiment regarding hot-button topics than other po litical tools and traditional media used in the past. But does it? A new and somewhat surpris ing study from the Pew Research Center and Rutgers Universi ty seems to suggest that just the opposite is true that social media tools may actually depress debate about public affairs and limit the diversity of opinion that is often thought to thrive on In ternet forums. It has been well-documented since before the Internet that a spiral of silence descends when people think their opinions are in the minority when com pared to those around them, noted Keith N. Hampton, one of the study authors. This kind of self-censoring can mean that important information is never shared. Conventional wisdom has long been that the Internet was the antidote to this kind of self-cen sorship. Given its relative an onymity, people should be come emboldened to speak their minds within the relative safety of online platforms in a way they would refrain from doing in per son at a public meeting or even over the phone. Apparently, though, the spiral of silence has penetrated even the digital world, deterring many people from discussing topics that could lead to controversy or disagreement. Further, the Pew/Rutgers study found that social media didnt make it easier for people to share opinions they wouldnt other wise share. The researchers postulate that some more active social me dia users may have a heightened awareness of controversial sub jects, which could account for their cautious approach to issues that are likely to spark debate in their circle of contacts. But its not solely cultur al sensitivity that is perpetuat ing the reticence to speak ones mind. In some ways, the Internet has also served to isolate individuals by enabling people to self-select the news and opinions they read, often limiting their exposure to only those they agree with. And social media providers that sug gest friends, recommend fol lowers and promote stories to read based on a persons previ ous preferences only perpetuate this phenomenon. People who use social media are nding new ways to engage politically, but theres a big dif ference between political par ticipation and deliberation, Hampton added in The New York Times People are less like ly to express opinions and to be exposed to the other side, and thats exposure wed like to see in a democracy. To be fair, the Pew research is built on the comprehensive re view of the publics response to a single issue and a highly con troversial one at that. The researchers assessed and drew their conclusion based on the study participants willing ness to discuss issues surround ing the National Security Agen cys surveillance program and the leaks by former NSA con tractor Edward Snowden a topic that may not be represen tative of the host of issues upon which Americans are more will ing to engage. But even given the studys lim itations, and acknowledging the problems of Internet bullying and trolling, its worth wonder ing if social media is isolating us ers more than connecting them and exposing them to new and divergent ideas. Cynthia M. Allen is a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Readers may send her email at cmallen@star-telegram.com. OTHER VOICES Cynthia Allen MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE Is social media stifling democracy? T here is even more bad nancial news for the U.S. Postal Service, according to a report released last week by the agen cys Ofce of Inspector General. In addition to sharply declining mail volume and signif icant required payments for retiree health care, the USPS is struggling with high work ers compensation costs. The OIGs report noted that, while the Postal Service since 2008 has cut its workforce by about 172,000 employees a 19 percent reduction its workers compensation costs have increased 35 percent. The Postal Services average work ers compensation cost per employee work hour in scal year 2013 was $1.16 nearly 60 percent higher than the private-sector rate, 73 cents. The cost increases have been driven by an ag ing workforce, which is more prone to injury, a reduction in light-duty or limited-duty positions and cost-of-living increases. The report also re marked that, while the number of new workers compensation claims has dropped over the past few years, the number of fraudulent cases has in creased. It cited several examples of fraud cases. One employee claimed she could not han dle 10 pounds of weight and needed assistance with such activities as bathing, driving, laundry and going to the store, the OIG related. Howev er, the employee was observed at the gym partic ipating in an exercise class, which involved the use of weight training exercises with a barbell, exercising on a treadmill and a stair machine. The OIG estimated that the Postal Service could save $477 million per year by emulating practices utilized by private-sector businesses and state agencies, including capping the dura tion and amount of benets, allowing the agen cy to settle or buy out cases, requiring injured employees to use a preferred network of physi cians and use generic drugs, when available. While the postal unions claim that the Post al Services nancial problems are chiey due to a 2006 law that requires it to prepay its re tiree health care obligations to the tune of about $5.5 billion a year (despite the fact that the USPS has defaulted on these payments repeatedly in recent years and is still losing billions of dollars), the OIGs latest report un derscores that labor costs, along with the shift to digital communication, are driving the Postal Services nancial problems. Based on the most recent annual nan cial reports, the Postal Service spends 78 per cent of its total operating expenses on labor costs, such as wages and benets (76 percent if you ignore the retiree health care payment). Compare that with the 59 percent rate at UPS, which is unionized, or the 39 percent rate of FedEx, which is nonunion. Moreover, various studies have shown that Postal Service employees earn 20 percent to 30 percent more than their private-sector counterparts. This is on top of benets that exceed not only those in the private sector, but even those for other federal workers. To be sure, relieving the Postal Service of rules that tie its hands and drive up its costs would be a step in the right direction. An even better re form would be to relieve it of its monopoly over rst-class mail and allow competition to deter mine the best ways of delivering the mail. Distributed by MCT Information Services. A VOICE Labor costs weighing down Postal Service Classic DOONESBURY 1977 Conventional wisdom has long been that the Internet was the antidote to this kind of self-censorship. Given its relative anonymity, people should become emboldened to speak their minds within the relative safety of online platforms in a way they would refrain from doing in person at a public meeting or even over the phone.


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H ave you ever been in a funk? You know, the type of funk where you dont want to get out of bed or leave the house. I was feeling that way last week and just wanted to stay home and be by myself Sunday morning. I was sit ting at my desk having my quiet time with little inten tion of heading to church. But the day before I began a word study of morning, with a verse from Lamentations going through my mind, The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mer cies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Thats what I needed to know, that Gods love was new to me that morning, and every morning, not dependent on how I was feeling or what I was doing, but solely on God and his love for me. Many good things happen early in the morning and I needed to focus on them as I began looking at the 200plus verses with morning in them. I came to Psalm 139:8-10 on Sunday. It was what I needed to see, hear and be reminded of at that time. If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there! If I take the wings of the morn ing and dwell in the utter most parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me. I felt like my bed was in Sheol, which isnt identi cal with the New Testament concept of hell. Its more the shadowy netherworld where the spirits of the dead reside, according to my ESV Study Bible. And its not a pleasant place to reside. I considered a few other Psalms. I felt like the writer of Psalm 116:3: The snares of death encompassed me; the pangs of Sheol laid hold on Faith for Life www.dailycommercial.com 352-365-8203 features@dailycommercial.com B1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 TODAY FAMILY FUN DAY AT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE: From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will include a barbecue contest with free pulled pork sandwiches, a bounce house, volleyball, relay races and more. Call the church at 2100 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., in Lees burg at 352-326-8878 for details. SUNDAY FAIRWAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH REGIS TRATION FOR ALL FALL WOMENS BIBLE STUDIES ONGOING THROUGH TODAY: Sign up at the HUB at the church, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages, or call 352-259-9305. NEW SENIOR PASTOR, THE REV. KIM UCHIMURA, AT FIRST UNITED METH ODIST CHURCH BEGINS THE THREE SIMPLE RULES TODAY: Traditional worship at 8:15 and 11 a.m., contem porary at 9:30 a.m., 439 E. Fifth Ave., Mount Dora. Call 352-383-2005 or go to www.mtdorafumc.org. TICKET DEADLINE TODAY FOR BETH MOORE LIVING PROOF SIMULCAST: Doors open at 8 a.m. for this oneday conference, with the simulcast from 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. on Sept. 13, New Covenant United Methodist Church, 3470 Woodridge Drive, in The Villages. Tickets are $25 and are available online at www.newcove nantumc-.org. Call the church at 352-750-4529 for information. SIMPLE FAITH SOUTHERN GOSPEL GROUP IN CONCERT AT UNITED FAITH ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH: At 10 a.m., 11009 Moore St., in Leesburg. Call the church at 352-742-1838 for information. TUESDAY ST. PHILIP LUTHERAN CHURCH BE GINS SERVICE WEEK EVENTS TODAY: The community is welcome to par ticipate in this week-long event with members volunteering at four com munity organizations. A celebration cookout and worship events are also scheduled. Call the church at 352-3835402 to volunteer or for information. WEDNESDAY FAIRWAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH MENS BIBLE STUDY ON HEBREWS BEGINS TODAY: At 8 a.m., at the church, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages. No sign up required. Call 352-2599305 for information. EVENING BIBLE STUDY AT FAIRWAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH: From 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., with The Church that Jesus Built, 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages. No sign up required. Call 352-259-9305 for information. THURSDAY LAKE COUNTY LADIES CHORUS OPEN HOUSE AND MEETING: At 9:15 a.m., First United Methodist Church in Eustis to begin rehearsals for the holiday sea son and give prospective members a chance to sit in a rehearsal to learn about the group. Call Helen Ribbe at 352-394-7029 for information. SEPT. 6 ST. MARK GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH FOURTH ANNUAL INDOOR TRI-COUNTY CRAFT AND ART BAZAAR: From 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at the church, 9926 S.E. 36th Ave. in Belleview. Free park ing and admission. Call the church at 352-245-0499 for details. CHURCH CALENDAR RICK REED REFLECTIONS Use Gods steadfast love to get through rough mornings SEE EVENTS | B3 RICK REED Special to the Daily Commercial I tll be a night of live music from the 60s and 70s Wednesday at First Presbyterian Church Lone Oaks 1st Wednesday @ 1st program. The program Sufcient Grace Rocks the Ages, will be performed by the church praise band, Sufcient Grace. Wednesday will be all secular music from the s and s, rock n roll, Jimmy Buffet, Karen Car penter, the Beach Boys, the Su premes and more, said Marcie Samuelson, the director of wor ship and music. Well be rocking around the clock. The fellowship dinner and enter tainment began last year with the help of Pastor J. Roy Sharpe. We werent doing any fellowship dinners and our pastor decided we should offer a fellowship dinner and program, said Samuelson. Its been a variety of different things, not nec essarily religious-based but some thing to get people together and have something to look forward to. Programs have included a variety of entertainment including a mag ic, storytelling and comedy. I wouldnt say its strictly secular, said Sharpe. The magician was a lot of fun, but he had a Christian message. Hed say things like he does tricks but Jesus does miracles. You didnt feel like you were being preached to. Entertainment is limited to church members. Theres so much talent in our community that we dont know anything about, Sharpe said. Were trying to reach out and bring whoever has a good program. Rick Miller, a member of Suf cient Grace, attended most of the fellowship dinners last year. He said it was great to see church members sitting and visiting with each other. Its a good time of fellowship, he added, and was much needed. When I came here the church had settled into not doing monthly or weekly fellowship, said Sharp, who has been leading the church for two years. There was some LEESBURG First Presbyterian hosts fellowship dinner and concert for the public PHOTO COURTESY OF FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH LONE OAK Members of First Presbyterian Church Lone Oaks praise band, Sufcient Grace, pose next to the churchs sign. Come together We werent doing any fellowship dinners and our pastor decided we should offer a fellowship dinner and program. Its been a variety of different things, not necessarily religious-based but something to get people together and have something to look forward to. Maurice Samuelson, Director of worship and music Thats what I needed to know, that Gods love was new to me that morning, and every morning, not dependent on how I was feeling or what I was doing, but solely on God and his love for me. Associated Press BEULAH, N.D. The congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Beu lah is crediting its dramat ic growth in membership to the states oil boom. The church had an average attendance of 34 people in 2011, but the congregation these days has 247 members, with an average attendance of 130 people every Sunday, the Bismarck Tribune reported Sunday. Most of the new members have moved to North Dakota from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and California. I think North Dako ta was a hidden secret, and once it started get ting popularity through the oil, people said, Hey, Im going to look at North Dakota, said Elder Nick Thueson, the president of the Beulah branch, which serves members from Stanton, Hazen, Under wood, Beulah, Halliday, Hebron and Glen Ullin. Thueson is a native of Rupert, Idaho, and the co-owner of Billings-based North Range Resources, an oil exploration and de velopment company. He moved with his family to Halliday in 2011 and be came branch president in 2012. Thueson noted that the coal mining industry and Dakota Gasication Co. also draw people to Beulah. The congregations growth led to the con struction of a new 6,100-square-foot meet inghouse, which saw its rst service in April. The original was built in 1979 and had a maximum ca pacity of 86 people. It was kind of drafty, and it didnt always heat that well, said Sandy Weaver, who moved to North Dakota from Mon tana in 2002. Once peo ple started coming, we were packed in there like sardines. Thueson said the Mor mon church has no paid employees, and therefore, all positions including his are lled by volunteers. Despite its growth, the Beulah branch still has a few skills that are lacking among its members. If anybody wants to come and play the pia no for us, wed love it, he said. Were always short a piano player. Beulah Mormon church grows thanks to oil country SEE FIRST | B3 SEE REED | B3


B2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 KIAofLEESB URG 35 2365-1228Come vis it our new location!www .Kia ofLe esburg .co m 1127 W. Main St., LeesburgJohn W. Snyder President Dunstan & Son Plumbing Co., Inc .PLUMBINGREP AIR& REMO DE LIN GEs t. 19 22 CF C057100(35 2) 787-47 71 C E F P G L M M D O W W r L T Liberty Baptist Church11043 Tr ue Life Wa y, Cler mont352-394-0708 Senior Pa stor Chris JohnsonSun. Svc 10:40am, Family Pr ay er Svc 6:00pmUnashamed Students Ser vice 6:00pm Sun. Bible Fello wship 9:30am We d. Bible Stud y 6:30pm, Kids 4 Tr uth Clubs 6:30pmGroups for all ages, Nurser y pro vided all ser viceswww .lbcc lermont.orgFirst United Methodist Church of EustisA Place wher e Yo u Matter 600 S. Gro ve Str eet, Eustis352-357-5830 Senior Pa stor Beth Fa rabeeCoffee and Fello wship 9:00am Contempor ar y Wo rship 9:30am Tr aditional Wo rship 11:00amLife Without Limits Ministries150 E. Bar nes Av enue Eustis352-399-2913 Bishop Robert DixonSunday Sc hool 9:00am Sunday Wo rship Ser vice 10:00am We dnesday Family Bible Stud y 7:00pmwww .lifewithout-limits.comSt. Thomas Episcopal Church317 S. Mar y St., Eustis (cor ner S. Mar y & Lemon St.)352-357-4358 Rev John W. Lipscomb III, RectorSunday Holy Euc harist Ser vices 8:00am & 10:30am Adult Sunday Sc hool 9:20am, Childr en s Chapel Thurs. Holy Euc harist & Healing Ser vice 10:00amwww .stthomaseustis.comUnitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake CountyEustis Wo man s Club Building 227 North Center Str eet, Eustis352-728-1631For July and August Sunday 10:30am-11:30am Discussion gr oup with brief ser viceFa cebook: www .f acebook.com/UUlakecoWe bsite:www .lakecountyuu.org Email: lakecountyuu@gmail.comHoly Tr inity Episcopal Church2201 Spring Lak e Road, Fruitland Park352-787-1500 Fa ther Te d KoellnSunday Ser vice 8:00am, 10:00am We dnesday Healing Ser vice 11:30amwww .holytrinityfp .comLIFE Church Assembly of God04001 Picciola Rd., Fruitland Park352-787-7962 Pa stor Rick We lborneSunday Deaf Impair ed 10:00am Sunday Evening 6:00pm We dnesday Pr ay er and Yo uth Ser vice 7:00pm Sunday Sc hool 9:00am We dnesday Bible Stud y 7:00pmPilgrims United Church of Christ (UCC)509 County Road 468, Fruitland Parkwww .pucc.info 352-365-2662 or ofce@pucc.infoRev Ronal K.F Nicholas, OSL, Pa stor Rev Camille F. Gianaris, Pa storal Assistant Sunday Wo rship 10:00am Contact us or visit our website for more infoMt. Olive Missionar y Baptist Church15641 Stuc ky Loop Stuc ky (W est of Mascotte)352-429-3888 Rev Clarence L. Southall-P astorSunday Wo rship Ser vice 11:00am Sunday Sc hool 9:30am Bible Stud y-W ednesday 7:00pm Yo uth Bible Stud y-W ednesday 7:00pmZion Lutheran Church (ELCA)547 S. Main Av e. Gro veland352-429-2960 Pa stor Ken StoyerSunday Wo rship Ser vice 11:00am Adult Sunday Sc hool 9:30amBethany Lutheran Church1334 Grifn Road, Leesbur g352-787-7275Sunday Ser vice 9:30am We dnesday Bible Stud y 10:00am Sunday Bible Stud y 8:30amEmmanuel Baptist Church of Leesburg1710 U. S. Hwy 441 E., Leesbur g352-323-1588 Pa stor Jeff CarneySunday Celebr ation Ser vice 10:30am We dnesday Men s Pr ay er Br eakfast 8:00am We dnesday Pr aise & Pr ay er 6:30pm Sunday Bible Stud y 9:15am We dnesday Epic Yo uth Ministr y 6:30pmwww .EmmanuelFL.comFaith Wo rldA United Pentecostal, Apostolic Chur ch 2205 W. Main Str eet, Leesbur g352-787-0510 Pa stor Tr ueman HurleySer vices Interpr eted for the Deaf Sunday Sc hool All Ages 10:00am Contempor ar y Pr aise & Wo rship 10:45am We dnesday Pr aise & Childr en Prog ra m 7:30pmwww .f aithworldupc.org Fa cebook: Fa ith Wo rld LeesburgFirst Baptist Leesburg220 N. 13th St., Leesbur g352-787-1005Sunday Ser vice 8:15am, 9:30am & 10:45am Sunday Bible Stud y 8:15am, 9:30am & 10:45am We dnesday Night Activities 6:00pmwww .fbc leesburg.orgFirst Church of Christ, Scientist, Leesburg13th & Line St., Leesbur g352-787-1921Sunday Ser vice 10:30am Sunday Sc hool 10:30am We dnesday Sc hool 3:30pmFirst Presbyterian Curch of Leesburg200 S. Lone Oak Dr ., Leesbur g352-787-5687Sunday Ser vice 10:00am Sunday Sc hool 8:45amwww .rstpresleesburg.orgDisciples Making DisciplesGloria Dei Lutheran Church130 S. Lone Oak Drive Leesbur g352-787-3223Sunday Wo rship October -April 8:00am & 10:30am Sunday Wo rship May-September 9:15am Christian Education October -April 9:15amwww .gloriadeielca.netLakes and Hills Covenant ChurchRev Ken Folmsbee, PhD Pa storWo rship Ser vice 10:15am Bible Stud y 9:00am @ Wo men s Club of Leesbur g 700 S. 9th Str eet, Leesbur g Chur ch Ofce 106 S. Palm Av e. Ho wie-in-the-Hills352-552-0052 www .lakeshillsco venantchurch.orgSt. James Episcopal Church204 Lee Str eet, Leesbur g352-787-1981 Rev Thomas H. Tr ees, RectorSunday Holy Euc harist Ser vices 8:00am & 10:00am Thursday Holy Euc harist and Healing Ser vice 10:00amwww .stjames-leesburg.orgSt. Paul Roman Catholic Church(In union with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando & The Va tican)1330 Sunshine Av enue Leesbur gWe ekday Masses M-F 8:30am Sacr ament of Penance Satur day 2:30-3:30pm (or by appointment) Satur day Masses 4:00 & 7:00pm (Spanish) Sunday Masses 7:00, 9:00, 11:00am, 12:30pm Ofce Hours M-F 8:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00Seventh Day Adventist508 S. Lone Oak Dr ., Leesbur g352-326-4109Wo rship Ser vice 9:30am Sabbath Sc hool Ser vice 11:00am We dnesday Pr ay er Meeting 7:00pmSolid Rock Evangelical Fellowship Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchLeesbur g Community Building 109 E. Dixie Av enue Leesbur g352-431-3944 Rev Dr John LodgeSunday Ser vice 9:30am Sunday Sc hool 10:45amwww .solidrockef.comThe Healing Place1012 W Main Str eet, Leesbur g352-617-0569 Fa cilitator: Phyllis GilbertSunday Ser vice and Kids Club 11:00am We dnesday Bible Stud y and Kids Club 6:00pm (Nursey open for all ser vices) Come as you ar e and lea ve differ ent!New Life Presbyterian Church, PCA18237 E. Apshaw a Road, MinneolaMusic Ministries352-241-8181 Rev John BoppSunday Sc hool 9:30am Sunday Wo rship 10:45amCongregational Church650 N. Donnelly St., Mount Dor a352-383-2285 Rev Dr Richard DonSunday 11:00am (Communion 1st Sunday of the month) Monday Bible Stud y 9:00am & 6:00pm130 yrs. of ser viceFirst Presbyterian Church of Mount Dora222 W. 6th Av enue at Ale xander Mt. Dor a352-383-9132Combined Summer Wo rship 10:00am Ever y Sunday June 8th-August 31stwww .fpcmtdora.orgSt. Philip Lutheran Church1050 Bo yd Drive Mt. Dor a352-383-5402 Pa stor Rev Dr Johan BerghSunday Ser vice 9:30am (Childcar e Pro vided) Fello wship 10:45amwww .stphiliplc.comCorpus Christi Episcopal Church3430 County Road 470, Okahumpka352-787-8430Sunday Rite II Euc harist Ser vice 9:00am Rite I Euc harist Ser vice 11:30am Fello wship follo wing 9:00am ser vice and befor e 11:30am ser vice Thursday Mor ning Pr ay er 9:30amwww .corpuschristiepiscopal.orgAll Saint s Roman Catholic Chapel11433 U. S. 441, River Plaza #11, Ta va re s407-391-8678 352-385-3880Sunday Latin Mass 8:00am & 10:00amLighthouse Foundation Ministries International INC.11282 SR 471, We bster352-793-2631 Pa stor Pa tricia T. BurnhamSunday Ser vices 9:00am & 6:00pm Thursday Night 7:00pm 3r d Satur day Food Bask et Give-A-W aywww .lighthousefoundationministries.orgLinden Church of God4309 CR 772, We bsterPa stor Doyle D. GlassSunday Mor ning Wo rship 10:30am Sunday Evening Wo rship 6:00pm Sunday Sc hool 9:45am We dnesday Night (Family Tr aining Hour) 7:00pmGreater Piney Grove Baptist Church, Inc .112 Huey Str eet, Wildw ood352-748-1695 Rev Dann y L. McKenzie, Pa storSunday Sc hool 9:15am Mor ning Wo rship 10:30am We dnesday Night 6:30pm Join us this Sunday for a re lev ant message gr eat music and friendly people who ar e just lik e you. greaterpineygro vebaptist@centur ylink.net T First Baptist Church of Ta vares124 N. Joanna Av enue Ta va re s352-343-7131Sunday Contempor ar y Ser vice 8:30am Sunday Tr aditional Ser vice 11:00am & 6:00pm Sunday Bible Stud y (all ages) 10:00am We dnesday Fello wship Meal 5:00pm We dnesday Life University 6:15pm We dnesday Pr ay er Ser vice 6:15pm Pro viding dir ection for all gener ationswww .fbctav ares.comTa vares First United Methodist Church (UMC)Cor ner of Old 441 & SR 19, Ta va re s352-343-2761 Pa stor John BarhamTr aditional Ser vice 9:00am (Sanctuar y) Contempor ar y Cafe-Style 10:30am (Activity Center) Inquir er s Adult Sunday Sc hool 10:15am Tr eehouse Kids Chur ch 10:45amBar gain Box Thrift Stor e, Thurs-Sat 9am to 1pmwww .fumctav ares.comUnion Congregational Church United Church of ChristAt the cor ner of St. Clair Abr ams Av e and Old 441 (Alfr ed Str eet)352-343-6183Deb We st, Adm. AssistantRev Dr Robert Roberts, Pa storTr aditional Ser vices 10:00am Communion 1stSunday Monthly Adult Sunday Bible Stud y 8:15amThrift Stor e: Friday Satur day 10:00am 3:00pm352-343-7557 Senior Cong re gate Meal Prog ra m Monday We dnesdays 10:00am 12:00 NoonWEB: unioncctav ares.comFB: Union Congregational Church Ta va res, FL We We lcome Ever yone to Our Chur ch Never a Str anger Alw ays a Friend! Fo r in fo rm at io n on li st in g yo ur ch ur ch on th is pa ge ca ll th e Cl as si e d De part me nt at352-314-3278


Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B3 SEPT. 7 LEARN ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING AT FBC CL ERMONT: At 6:30 p.m., 498 W. Montrose St. Pre sented by Pasco Manzo. Call the church at 352394-4221 for details. HILLSIDE COMMUNITY CHURCH (FORMERLY MINNEOLA ALLIANCE CHURCH) GRAND OPEN ING CELEBRATION: Wor ship from 10 to 11 a.m., with an eight-week study on, Intentional Family Living, 405 S. Main Ave., in Minneola. Call the church at 352-394-2028 for details. SEPT. 8 GRIEF SHARE SUP PORT GROUP AT FAIR WAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH: From 2 to 4 p.m., 251 Avenida Los Angelos, The Villages. Sign up at the HUB or call the church at 352-259-9305. SEPT. 9 INTERDENOMINATIONAL COED COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY AT ROUND LAKE CHRISTIAN CHURCH BE GINS TODAY: Every Tues day at the church, 31205 Round Lake Road, Mount Dora, from 9:15 to 11:15 a.m. Call Jo Ayres at 352-383-6590 or go to www.enlightenbi blestudy.com for details. SEPT. 10 U.S. ARMY JAZZ AMBAS SADORS PERFORM LIVE: At 7 p.m., Wesley Center at First United Method ist Church, 715 Juanita St., in Clermont. Tickets are available at www. jazz910.eventbrite.com and admission is free, but the ticket is needed for admission. For infor mation, call the church at 352-394-2412. EVENTS FROM PAGE B1 RISHI LEKHI Associated Press MUMBAI, India Rab bis from across Asia on Tues day celebrated the reopening of a Jewish center targeted by rampaging Pakistani gun men who stormed through Mumbai on a 60-hour killing spree in 2008. The attacks on the Chabad center and other iconic lo cations in Indias nancial capital left 166 people dead. Among them were six peo ple from the orthodox Jew ish center, including Rab bi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife. Their infant son es caped in the arms of his In dian nanny, and the two now live in Israel. Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, who now runs the Mumbai center, said the rebuilt six-story Na riman House would house a $2.5 million Jewish Museum as well as Mumbais rst me morial to those killed in the attacks, which also targeted a train station, a popular tour ist cafe and the luxury Taj Mahal hotel. The buildings memorial includes a recreation of the slain rabbis home and vid eos about Jewish culture, ac cording to the lead designer, Nick Appelbaum. This is the day we can celebrate their lives and the message of light that they spread, the slain rabbis father, Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg, said through a translator to a roomful of rabbis who had traveled from centers across Asia set up by the orthodox Jewish group Chabad-Lubavitch. The group has a presence in more than 80 countries and has grown rapidly in the last two decades in Asia. Since the terrorist attacks, the Mumbai Chabad center conducted spiritual services and social outreach from temporary locations in the western Indian port city. Reconstruction had been delayed while Holtzbergs parents briey fought the New York-based Jewish group in a Mumbai court over who would control and redesign the property. The proper ty title lies with the Chabad of India Trust, which Gavri el Holtzberg had helped set up in 2005. But the two sides dropped the case in 2011, with the organization assum ing stewardship. Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky from the Jewish groups edu cational arm said the reopen ing should be seen as a mes sage to the world. You can overcome chal lenges, even the most horrif ic of challenges, he said in a statement, adding that this project serves as a beacon of light and hope that evil will not prevail. Jewish center reopens 6 years after Mumbai attacks RAJANISH KAKADE / AP Rabbi Moshe Gourarie from New Jersey looks at a wall riddled with bullet marks from the 2008 terror attack at the Chabad Center, during the reopening of the Jewish center in Mumbai, India on Tuesday. You can overcome challenges, even the most horrific of challenges. This project serves as a beacon of light and hope that evil will not prevail. Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press VATICAN CITY Pope Francis will hon or the dead from both sides of World War I during a visit next month to northern Italy that witnessed some of the decisive nal battles of the conict and where his own grandfa ther battled. On Sept. 13, Francis will lay a wreath at the Austro-Hungarian cemetery in Fogliano di Redipuglia, near Gorizia on Italys border with Slovenia. He will then celebrate Mass at the nearby Fascist-era memorial to 100,000 Italian dead. The Vatican said Thursday that Francis would pray for the vic tims of all wars during the visit, his main commemoration of the 100th anniversa ry of the start of World War I. While Italy was technically part of the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany at the start of the war, it remained neutral until declaring war on AustriaHungary in May, 1915 after a series of secret negotiations with Britain and France. More than 600,000 Italians were killed over the next three years, with the Battle of Caporetto in October, 1917 one of the deadliest of the entire war. Francis has previous ly said he recalls hear ing many painful sto ries from the lips of my grandfather, who fought in the war. The popes paternal grandfather, Giovan ni Carlo Bergoglio, was drafted into the war at the age of 30 with a reg iment along Italys bor der with Slovenia, ac cording to documents unearthed by the news paper and TV station of the Italian bishops con ference. The elder Bergoglio fought in several battles during the subsequent years and at the wars end obtained a certif icate of good conduct and 200 lire. He returned to civil ian life in Piedmont, but immigrated to Ar gentina a decade lat er, as Italys post-war economy struggled to recover. Pope to honor dead from both sides of WWI next month AMANDA LEE MYERS Associated Press CINCINNATI A Roman Catholic dio cese in Ohio is discour aging its 113 schools from participating in the ice bucket chal lenge to benet the ALS Association, say ing the groups fund ing of embryonic stem cell research is in di rect conict with Cath olic teaching. Jim Rigg, superin tendent of Catholic schools for the Arch diocese of Cincinna ti, told the schools in a letter Tuesday to im mediately cease any plans to raise funds for the association and to instead direct dona tions to another or ganization that com bats ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrigs disease that causes paraly sis and almost certain death. The Catholic Church relates the use of em bryonic stem cells in research to abortion and says it violates the sanctity of human life. The use of adult stem cells in research is not forbidden by Catholic teaching. We certainly appre ciate the compassion that has caused people all over the country, cer tainly including many Catholics, to be inter acting and engaging in a fun way to support ALS research, diocese spokesman Dan Andri acco said Thursday. But its a well-established moral principle that not only the ends be good, but the means must be good, too. Carrie Munk, a spokeswoman for the ALS Association, said her group largely funds adult stem cell research but does fund one study involving embry onic stem cells using money from one spe cic donor. She said all donors to the ALS Association can stipulate where their money goes and can ask that it not pay for embryonic stem cell research. Munk said she hasnt heard of other Catholic dioceses recommending against donating to the group. The diocese said schools could partic ipate in the ice buck et challenge, but any money raised should be directed to groups like the John Paul II Medi cal Research Institute in Iowa City, Iowa, which conducts pro-life driv en research, according to its website. Don Clemmer, a spokesman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said that the group views the Cin cinnati dioceses ac tions as a local matter and that his organiza tion has not issued any directives to its bish ops discouraging do nations to the ALS As sociation. John Di Camillo, staff ethicist at the Phila delphia-based Nation al Catholics Bioethics Center, said his orga nization is working on a statement about the ice bucket challenge and the moral con troversy that has aris en in the church as a result. We have no author ity to direct the deci sions of any person or entity that seeks our input, he said. We only provide our mor al opinion, which the person or entity is free to accept or reject, en tirely or in part. Ohio diocese discourages ALS ice bucket challenge donations AP PHOTO Jim Rigg, right, superintendent of the dioceses 113 schools, and Elder High School Principal Tom Otten take the ice-bucket challenge at Elder High School on Aug. 21 in Cincinnati. interest, but nobody wanted to do it every week so we do it on the rst Wednesday. We put on a top notch program, not just somebody talking about projects or programs. I guess the word is entertaining. Samuelson, who be came the music and worship leader in May, said its been pretty ex citing. Each one has been very different from the one before, she said. Its been a really ex citing journey so far. Its taken on a life of its own. It should be a fun show. Were going to open up a little area so people can dance and get their groove on. The dinner will begin Wednesday at 5:45 p.m., followed by the pro gram. The meal will be pre pared by Allan and Dee Pharmer, own ers of Petes Diner. The menu is beef stew over rice, salad, dessert and a drink. The price is $8 per person. Children eat free. And the event is open to the pub lic. Space is limited, so call the church ofce at 787-5687 to make a res ervation or for more in formation. The church is at 200 S. Lone Oak Drive in Leesburg. Sufcient Grace is a really good singing group, said Sharpe. Well be enjoying each other and the enter tainment. FIRST FROM PAGE B1 me; I suffered distress and an guish. I really was in a deep funk. And I felt like David when he wrote Psalm 18:4-5: The cords of death encompassed me; the torrents of destruction assailed me; the cords of Sheol entan gled me; the snares of death confronted me. Did I say I was in a deep funk? Have you ever awaken all tan gled and trapped in your sheets or blankets? Thats how I was feeling so ensnared I couldnt move. But, despite my dark disposi tion, one thing encouraged me. It didnt matter whether I was on the bottom of the ocean or the highest of heights, God was with me. Even if Im in Sheol or that netherworld of my mind, God is with me. Whats more, his love is new every morning. And more, much more. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet is the likely author of Lamentations. Im sure he felt like I did last Sunday, and probably much worse. But he could still write, The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morn ing; great is your faithfulness. It doesnt matter how bad ly I feel or how badly I do, Gods steadfast love never ceases. His abundant mercies never end. Its all new every morning because great is Gods faithfulness. To me and you. Rick Reed is a columnist who lives in Mount Dora. To reach him, call 3831458 or email ricoh007@aol.com. REED FROM PAGE B1


B4 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 ALEX VEIGA Associated Press The Standard & Poors 500 index delivered its fourth record high in ve days Friday, ending with the biggest month ly gain since February. The milestone-crush ing run capped a week when the S&P eclipsed the 2,000-point mark for the rst time. And the index ended August with a gain of 3.7 per cent. Six months of solid job gains, strong compa ny earnings and a bevy of corporate deal news contributed to the ral ly, part of a bull market thats been rumbling on for more than ve years. The market appeared ready for a correction at the end of July, but the downturn didnt last long. For most of Au gust, stocks have man aged to shake off geo political conicts from Ukraine to Gaza and Iraq. The market has a good underlying tone, said Mike Levine, port folio manager of Op penheimer Equity In come Fund. People feel like the economy is gaining some strength and the job market is getting better and cor porate earnings should be pretty good. Even in a quiet day of trading ahead of the La bor Day holiday, stocks eked out a gain. The indexes opened higher, but eased soon after, as investors di gested news that con sumer spending fell and income growth slowed in July. Traders also had their eye on the conict in Ukraine, as a group of European Union for eign ministers accused Russia of invading the eastern region of the country and said Mos cow should be punished with more economic sanctions. CURRENCIES Dollar vs. Exchange Pvs Rate Day Yen 104.10 103.67 Euro $1.3134 $1.3183 Pound $1.6563 $1.6587 Swiss franc 0.9184 0.9150 Canadian dollar 1.0872 1.0852 Mexican peso 13.0745 13.0871 Business austin.fuller@dailycommercial.com 352-365-8263 DOW JONES 17,098.45 + 18.88 NASDAQ 4,580.27 + 22.57 S&P 500 2,003.37 + 6.63 GOLD 1,287.40 3.00 SILVER 19.40 0.136 CRUDE OIL 95.96 + 1.41 T-NOTE 10-year 2.34 + 0.01 www.dailycommercial.com BERNARD CONDON Associated Press NEW YORK Is it time to cash out of stocks? The market has nearly tripled in a little over ve years, and the Standard & Poors 500 index closed above 2,000 for the rst time on Tuesday. With each record, the temptation grows to take your winnings and ee. Plenty of experts think stocks are about to drop. But many others of fer compelling arguments for the rally to continue for years. The bulls point to a strengthen ing U.S. economy. They also like that companies have plenty of money to keep buying back their own stock. The bears argue that stocks al ready reect years of future prof it gains. They also note that many economies around the world are stumbling and that U.S. interest rates could rise soon. Remember, though, that even the best investors nd it nearly impossible to time the market to catch the lows and highs. BULL CASE A STRONGER ECONOMY: Four of the past ve bull markets have ended with investors selling in a recession, or bailing out because they anticipated one. The odds of a downturn anytime soon? Not very high, at least based on the latest economic reports and forecasts. The U.S. economy is expected to grow 1.5 percent this year, then 3.4 percent in 2015, according to Con gressional Budget Ofce estimates released Wednesday. One reason is companies are hiring at the fast est pace in eight years. Analysts expect earnings from companies in the S&P 500 to rise 8 percent this year, then 12 percent in 2015, according to S&P Capital IQ. LOW INTEREST RATES: Interest rates are low, and thats been great for stocks. They help lower bor rowing costs for consumers and businesses. They also hold down interest payments on bonds, mak ing stocks look more attractive by comparison. Many investors expect the Fed eral Reserve to start raising shortterm rates in the middle of next year. If the Fed keeps the hikes small, the stock market might shrug it off. Thats what happened in the last round of Fed hikes, in 2004. The S&P 500 gained 9 percent that year. BUYBACK BOOM: One of the biggest forces in the stock rally so far is companies buying back their own shares. Companies in the S&P 500 have spent $1.9 trillion on buybacks since the bull market began in March 2009, according to Howard Silverblatt, a senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices. By creating more demand for stocks, buybacks have kept pric es rising even as others sell. Mutu al funds, investment brokers, for eigners and pension funds have been net sellers of stocks over most of the last ve years, accord ing to the Fed. Companies have pulled back sharply from their near-record buying in the rst quarter, but their buybacks are still pushing up prices. And companies in the S&P 500 still have more than $1.1 tril lion in cash, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices. BEAR CASE STOCKS NOT CHEAP: Its ne to forecast big prot gains well into the future, but what if prices fully reect expected gains? Thats what many bears think. They cite the price-earnings ratio, or the price of a stock divided by its earnings per share. If a share costs $100 and the company is expected to earn $5 per share in the coming year, the P/E ratio is 20. The S&P 500 now trades at 15 times what companies are ex pected to earn over the next 12 months, according to FactSet. That is slightly above the 10-year average of 14.1. The problem is, P/Es are often not reliable gauges of stock value. They are based on just one years earnings, which can rise and fall along with the economy. THOSE COMING RATE HIKES: The Fed may be able to raise rates slow ly without damaging the economy and stock markets. But its record isnt entirely reassuring. Three of the past ve bull mar kets ended after the Fed increased rates. Ination doesnt appear to be a problem right now. But that could change if the economy heats up. STRUGGLING ECONOMIES ABROAD: U.S. companies rely more than ever on foreign economies remaining healthy. Unfortunate ly, many of those economies are stumbling. The 18 countries that share the euro didnt grow at all last quarter. China is slowing rapidly and Japan shrank 7 percent compared with a year earlier. Most economists expect the U.S. to shrug off the troubles abroad and for growth to pick up. But not everyone. Slowing economies overseas are important since companies in the S&P 500 generate nearly half their sales abroad. ANDY FILLMORE Halifax Media Group How popular are golf carts, err cars, in The Villages? Enough to make The Villages Golf Cars the nations largest retail golf car dealership, ac cording to Club Car, the nations largest manu facturer of small-wheel electric vehicles, which are now being sold through that dealer ship. The Villages Golf Cars operates four locations with more than 30,000 square feet of retail showroom space with in The Villages and Club Car announced the ex tension of its dealer network last week. The retirement com munity which spans three counties, includ ing south Marion is known for its high con centration of golf cars, and a Villages land mark is a golf cars-on ly bridge over busy U.S. Highway 441, north of Lady Lake. A representative with The Villages develop ment put the current population of the re tirement community at about 108,000 peo ple and about 55,000 homes in a phone in quiry this week. Bill Gottschalk, pres ident of The Villages Homeowners Associa tion, said each home here has at least one golf car. I have two carts, and everywhere I need to go I can travel to with my cart, thats the idea, Gottschalk said. We have multi-modal paths (separate lanes) for golf carts and bicy cles. Lori Resmondo, the dealerships retail op erations manager, said it reached out to Club Cars because custom ers were asking for them. Now, our custom ers can purchase those products and bring their Club Car vehicles in for service without leaving The Villages, she said. Cart World Golf Cars at 133 Hermosa St. in Lady Lake is the areas longest-serving autho rized Club Car dealer and has serviced The Villages and the central Florida area for almost 30 years. Town & Country Golf Cars, an E-Z-Go brand dealer in Ocala, has a second location in The Villages. Salesman Mike Clark agreed that many people in The Villages consider a golf car their second car. He said ac cessories are available for dressing up the cars as Model Ts and a host of other vehicles. Clark explained roughly 90 percent of the cars his dealership sells are electric but gas models are available. The standard models will travel up to about 23 mph. A 12-hour charge will provide power for the cart for about 45 miles, he said. The dealership posts prices starting around $1,695 for a used stan dard cart, or about $6,595 for a new one. All-terrain vehicles start in the range of $7,000. According to the 2014 Florida Drivers Hand book, golf carts may be operated on roads posted for their use and on public roads by op erators over age 14, be tween sunrise and sun set only. The cities of Tavares and Leesburg by or dinance allow golf cars on certain streets. Golf carts may cross a state road at an in tersection with a traf c-control device if the limit is 45 mph or un der and may be operat ed on state roads only where the speed limit is 30 mph or less, accord ing to the handbook. The handbook states golf carts must follow all local and state driv ing laws, and pedes trians and those with adaptive devices have the right of way in an intersection. Golf carts may be driven on sidewalks adjacent to state and county roads as long as the driver yields to pe destrians and the side walk is at least ve feet wide. The handbook details that efcient brakes, a rear view mirror, reli able steering and front and rear red reectors and safe tires are re quired equipment to operate on designat ed roads. If nighttime operation is allowed, a headlight, turn signals, brake lights and wind shield will be needed, the handbook states. Is it time to get out? AP FILE PHOTO The New York Stock Exchange is shown in New York. Among investors, rising stocks are also bringing rising anxiety Golf cars wildly popular in The Villages DAILY COMMERCIAL FILE PHOTO Golf cars are parked alongside cars in The Villages in this le photo taken last December. Stocks close August with record


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Alcoa.1216.61+.04 AlexREE2.88f79.06+.24 AllegTch.7242.17+.14 Allegion n.3251.43-.12 Allergan.20163.68+1.57 Allete1.9648.67+.06 AlliData...264.64-.06 AlliBInco.41a7.58+.01 AlliantEgy2.0458.49+.22 AlldNevG...3.82+.11 AlldWldA s.90f36.99+.06 AllisonTrn.4830.68+.36 Allstate1.1261.49+.34 AllyFin n...24.60-.25 AlonUSA.40f16.63+.03 AlphaNRs...3.95+.08 AlpAlerMLP1.12eu19.31+.11 AltisResid1.20e24.54+.22 Altria2.08f43.08+.17 Ambev n.29e7.29+.03 Ameren1.6039.99+.29 AMovilL.35eu24.51+.22 AmApparel....95+.01 AmAxle...18.10-.02 AmCampus1.5239.51-.01 AmEagE rs...5.24-.02 AEagleOut.5014.08+.05 AEP2.0053.70+.38 AHm4Rent.2017.88-.10 AmIntlGrp.5056.06+.33 AResidPrp...18.98+.09 AmTower1.36f98.60-.18 AmWtrWks1.24u50.61+.41 Ameriprise2.32125.76+.55 AmeriBrgn.9477.39+.67 Ametek.3652.94-.03 AmiraNatF...17.22+.99 Amphenol1.00f103.01-.38 AmpioPhm...4.69+.06 Anadarko1.08112.69+1.61 AnglogldA...17.18+.19 ABInBev2.82e111.78+.50 Annaly1.25e11.90+.05 Anworth.48e5.19+.03 Aon plc1.0087.16+.25 Apache1.00101.83+.46 AptInv1.0434.27+.18 ApolloGM3.08e24.40+.10 AquaAm s.66f25.01+.29 Aramark n.3025.90-.20 ArcelorMit.2014.56+.19 ArchCoal.01m3.05... ArchDan.9649.86+.11 ArcosDor.247.19+.09 AristaNet n...u83.85+.40 ArmourRsd.604.23+.03 ArrowEl...62.25+.39 Ashland1.36107.22+.28 AspenIns.8042.52-.01 Assurant1.0866.75+.17 AssuredG.4424.15+.24 AstraZen2.80e76.01+1.77 AthlonEn...46.54+1.69 AtlPwr g.403.96+.08 AtlasPpln2.52f36.93+.63 AtlasRes2.3620.12+.05 AtwoodOcn...49.41+.53 AuRico g.02m4.54+.06 Autohme n...47.59+.73 AvalonBay4.64154.10+1.45 AveryD1.4048.13+.37 AvivREIT1.44u29.26+.27 Avnet.64f44.51+.24 Avon.2414.04+.06 Axiall.6441.58+.47 AXIS Cap1.0848.22+.38 B2gold g...2.57... BB&T Cp.9637.33+.15 BCE g2.4745.02-.04 BHP BillLt2.42e68.63+.40 BHPBil plc2.42e63.48+.44 BP PLC2.34f47.84-.08 BP Pru10.74e96.93+.50 BPZ Res...2.45+.10 BRF SA.19eu26.66+.20 BakrHu.68f69.14-.07 BallCorp.5264.10+.43 Ballanty...4.58+.09 BallyTech...79.29+1.19 BcBilVArg.61e12.13+.02 BcoBrad pf.44eu18.24+.44 BcoSantSA.83e9.92-.03 BcoSBrasil.90e6.87-.03 BcSanChile1.02e23.86+.43 BcpSouth.30f21.17+.15 BkofAm.20f16.09+.08 BkIreland...16.14+.22 BkMont g3.12u76.96+.35 BkNYMel.6839.18+.18 Bankrate...14.04... Banro g....26+.01 BarcUBS36...36.88+.08 Barclay.41e15.00+.02 BarVixMdT...12.31-.14 B iPVix rs...28.11-.16 Bard.88f148.44+.84 BarnesNob...u23.86+.19 Barnes.4434.24-.08 BarrickG.2018.39+.17 BasicEnSv...24.21+.39 Baxter2.0874.98+.07 BaytexE g2.8844.59+.60 BectDck2.18117.17+.69 Bemis1.0840.74+.40 Berkley.4448.35+.17 BerkH B...u137.25+1.14 BerryPlas...24.11+.03 BestBuy.7631.89-.35 BigLots.6846.35-.85 BBarrett...22.77+.31 BioMedR1.0022.45+.16 BitautoH...87.83+.47 BlackRock7.72330.53+1.69 BlkDebtStr.30a4.01+.01 BlkEEqDv.568.43+.04 BlkIntlG&I.677.99-.06 Blackstone1.71e33.53+.19 BlockHR.8033.53-.03 BdwlkPpl.4019.95+.10 Boeing2.92126.80-.31 BonanzaCE...61.41+2.28 BoozAllnH.44a22.18+.11 BorgWrn s.52f62.19+.24 BostProp2.60a121.42+.35 BostonSci...12.68+.33 BoydGm...10.65+.06 Brandyw.6016.02+.12 Braskem.55e13.65-.03 BrigStrat.50f20.14+.04 Brinker1.12f48.90-.14 BrMySq1.4450.65+.11 Brixmor n.8023.67... BroadrdgF1.08f42.54+.18 Brookdale...34.95+.02 BrkfldAs g.6447.75+.14 BrkfMtgOp1.5317.02+.03 BrownFB1.1692.66+1.14 Brunswick.50f43.00+.88 Buenavent.02e14.56+.12 BungeLt1.36u84.65+.37 BurgerKng.32f32.04+.73 C&J Engy...28.69+.12 CBL Asc.9819.00+.09 CBRE Grp...31.78+.37 CBS A.60f59.60-.65 CBS B.60f59.29-.26 CBS Outd n1.4834.37+.25 CF Inds6.00f257.67-2.58 CIT Grp.60f47.96+.28 CMS Eng1.0830.54+.15 CNH Indl...8.74-.08 CNO Fincl.2417.85+.08 CPFL Eng.37e20.14+.13 CRH.85e23.24-.53 CST Brnds.2534.84-.04 CSX.6430.91+.14 CVR Engy3.00a49.63-.09 CVR Rfng2.69e24.01-.24 CVS Care1.1079.45+.02 CYS Invest1.28u9.43+.09 Cabelas...61.02-.47 CblvsnNY.6018.51+.22 CabotO&G.0833.54+.17 CalDive....79+.02 CallGolf.047.61+.07 CallonPet...10.73+.34 Calpine...23.77+.24 CamdenPT2.6474.84+.77 Cameco g.4019.57+.22 Cameron...74.33-.03 CampSp1.2544.82+.05 CampusCC.668.22+.06 CdnNR gs1.00u71.86+.25 CdnNRs gs.9043.55+.47 CP Rwy g1.40200.60+.24 CapOne1.2082.06+.47 CapsteadM1.30e13.22+.07 CarboCer1.32f107.59-1.00 CardnlHlth1.3773.70+.43 CareFusion...u45.91+.50 CarMax...52.40+.44 Carnival1.0037.88+.61 Castlight n...11.91+.14 Catalent n...u21.50... Caterpillar2.80f109.07+.42 CedarF2.8049.49+.07 Celanese1.0062.54+.60 Cemex.52t13.23+.04 Cemig pf s1.40e8.59+.04 CenovusE1.0631.89+.50 Centene...78.13+.31 CenterPnt.9524.84... CenElBras.18eu3.67+.16 CFCda g.0113.81... CntryLink2.1640.99+.13 ChambStPr.507.79+.05 ChRvLab...59.10-.81 Cheetah n...26.37-1.63 Chegg n...6.91+.11 Chemtura...24.69+.27 CheniereEn...u80.26+1.46 ChesEng.3527.20+.22 ChesGranW2.56e10.71-.23 Chevron4.28129.45+.70 ChicB&I.2863.42-.33 Chicos.3015.80-.20 Chimera.36a3.31+.02 ChiMYWnd...3.09+.14 ChinaMble2.04eu62.28+.34 ChinaUni.23eu17.73+.55 Chiquita...13.90... ChrisBnk...9.57-.11 Chubb2.0091.95+.49 ChurchDwt1.2468.24+.26 CienaCorp...20.69+.22 Cigna.0494.60+.07 Cimarex.64145.16+2.19 CinciBell...3.67+.01 Cinemark1.0035.29+.08 Citigroup.0451.65+.26 Citigp wtA...u.86+.03 Civeo n.5225.41+.19 CliffsNRs.6015.07+.01 Clorox2.96f88.60-.05 CloudPeak...15.71+.29 Coach1.3536.83+.05 CobaltIEn...15.35-.04 CocaCE1.0047.78+.18 Coeur...7.92+.09 Colfax...63.61-.15 ColgPalm1.4464.73+.22 ColonyFncl1.4422.42+.13 ColumPT n1.2025.67+.01 Comerica.8050.34+.29 CmclMtls.4817.28+.08 CmtyBkSy1.20f35.34+.17 CmtyHlt...u54.28+.84 CompSci.9259.79+.04 ComstkRs.5024.38+.30 Con-Way.60f51.25+.34 ConAgra1.0032.20+.07 ConchoRes...142.04+3.04 ConocoPhil2.92f81.22+.56 ConsolEngy.2540.28+.75 ConEd2.5257.89+.16 ConstellA...87.09+.01 ConsEP...u3.87+.43 Constellm...28.48-.93 ContlRes...u161.29+3.54 Cnvrgys.2819.20+.27 CooperCo.06u163.03+.05 CooperTire.4230.83+.46 CopaHold3.84122.98-.42 Copel.95e17.80+.24 CoreLabs2.00157.99+1.61 CoreLogic...28.27+.50 CornstProg.934.62+.02 Corning.4020.86+.29 CorpOffP1.1028.38+.30 CorrectnCp2.0435.64+.05 Cosan Ltd.30e14.50+.62 Cott Cp.247.50+.01 Coty.2017.19-.20 Coupons n...15.28+1.32 CousPrp.3012.69-.01 CovantaH1.00f20.99+.11 Covidien1.2886.83+.13 CSVInvNG...3.78-.08 CSVLgNGs...16.69+.31 CredSuiss.79e28.24+.11 CrstwdMid1.6423.36+.24 CrwnCstle1.4079.51-.24 CrownHold...48.27+.12 CubeSmart.5218.60+.05 Cummins3.12f145.11+.36 D-E-FDCT Indl.287.95+.02 DDR Corp.6218.22+.24 DHT Hldgs.087.00-.13 DNP Selct.7810.35+.02 DR Horton.25f21.68+.02 DST Sys1.2092.81+.68 DSW Inc s.7530.94-.07 DTE2.76f78.25+.34 DanaHldg.2023.23+.28 Danaher.4076.61+.28 DarlingIng...19.28+.04 DaVitaH s...u74.68+.26 DeanFds rs.2816.18+.09 Deere2.4084.09+.12 DejourE g....27-.01 Delek.60a34.98+.58 DelphiAuto1.0069.58+.25 DeltaAir.3639.58-.31 Demandw...53.15+.04 DenburyR.2517.22+.19 DenisnM g...1.36+.03 DeutschBk1.02e34.31-.09 DevonE.9675.42+.79 Diageo3.46e119.87+.48 DiaOffs.50a43.94+.16 DiamRk.4113.32+.14 DiceHldg...8.49-.01 DicksSptg.5045.07-.15 Diebold1.1537.97+.07 DigitalRlt3.3265.25-.22 DigitalGlb...30.37+.16 Dillards.24114.32-.52 DirSPBear...23.78-.22 DxGldBull...45.74+1.04 DrxFnBear...16.21-.21 DxEMBear...27.79+.16 DrxSCBear...14.25-.27 DirGMBear...10.23-.29 DirGMnBull...24.91+.79 DxRssaBull...14.33-.84 Dx30TBear...d40.51-.14 DrxEMBull...34.54-.22 DrxFnBull...106.73+1.25 Dir 500Vol.85e60.46+.21 DirDGldBr...15.21-.37 DrxRsaBear...12.96+.70 DrxSCBull1.19e76.69+1.22 DrxSPBull...81.33+.64 Discover.9662.37-.04 DolbyLab...46.58+.05 DollarGen...63.99-.21 DomRescs2.4070.22+.37 Domtar g s1.5037.29+.03 Donaldson.6641.86-.31 DoralFin...6.71-.13 DoubIncSol1.8021.74+.01 DEmmett.8028.57+.31 Dover1.60f87.87-.23 DowChm1.4853.55-.09 DrPepSnap1.64u62.92+.43 DresserR...69.30+.48 DuPont1.88f66.11-.04 DuPFabros1.4028.16+.11 DukeEngy3.18f73.99+.68 DukeRlty.6818.60+.25 DunBrad1.76117.38-.34 Dynegy...32.68+.06 E-CDang...13.84-.06 E-House.20e11.09+.03 EMC Cp.4629.53+.12 EOG Res s.67f109.88+1.49 EP Engy n...19.33+.91 EPAM Sys...37.65-.23 EQT Corp.1299.06+1.07 EastChem1.4082.47+.02 Eaton1.9669.81+.24 EatnVan.8839.16+.28 EV TxDiver1.0111.90+.05 EVTxMGlo.9810.39+.01 EclipseR n...18.29+.24 Ecolab1.10114.82+.43 EdisonInt1.4259.14+.67 EducRlty.48f10.89+.04 EdwLfSci...99.26+1.00 ElPasoPpl2.6041.56+.51 EldorGld g.06e8.28+.10 Embraer.51e38.75+.34 EmeraldO...8.55+.14 EmergeES4.68fu144.17+3.71 EmersonEl1.7264.02-.24 Emulex...5.48+.01 EnLinkLP1.46f30.99+.08 EnbrdgEPt2.22f36.32+.20 Enbridge1.4049.85-.41 EnCana g.2823.03+.15 EndvrIntl....89-.03 EndvSilv g...5.57-.04 Energen.6080.48+1.76 Energizer2.00121.52+.07 EngyTEq s1.52fu60.65-.52 EngyTsfr3.82f57.45-.02 Enerpls g1.0822.92+.38 ENSCO3.0050.48+.73 Entergy3.3277.41+1.08 EntPrdPt s1.44fu40.63+.25 Entravisn.10a4.58-.12 EnvisnHlth...36.56+.38 EquityCmw...26.88-.08 EqtyOne.8823.60+.16 EqtyRsd2.0066.47+.28 EssexPT5.20f193.45+1.18 EsteeLdr.8076.83+.17 EverestRe3.00163.84+.61 ExcoRes.204.83+.11 Exelis.4117.19+.02 Exelon1.2433.42+.42 Express...17.34+.35 ExterranH.60u46.63+1.74 ExtraSpce1.88f52.70-.02 ExxonMbl2.7699.46-.11 FMC Corp.6066.14... FMC Tech...61.84+.25 FNBCp PA.4812.36+.15 FS Invest n.89a10.50+.04 FXCM.2414.49+.22 FamilyDlr1.2479.83... FedExCp.80147.88+.01 FelCor.0810.34+.14 Ferrellgs2.0028.50+.09 Ferro...13.48+.01 FibriaCelu...10.36-.06 FidlNatF n.7228.31+.04 FNFV Gp n...d14.98-.21 FidNatInfo.9656.75+.04 58.com n...41.65-1.43 FstAFin n.9628.35+.27 FstHorizon.2012.16+.05 FMajSilv g...10.24+.08 FstRepBk.5648.90+.46 FT NAEngy.82eu28.23+.10 FT RNG.12e21.19+.29 FirstEngy1.4434.24+.25 FleetMatic...32.82+.27 Fleetcor...143.69+.92 FlexSolu...1.69+.07 FlowrsFds.4819.58+.26 Flowserve.6475.89-.10 Fluor.8473.89-.38 FootLockr.8856.11+.12 FordM.5017.41-.01 ForestCA...20.80+.18 ForestOil...1.63+.04 Fortress.32a7.46-.03 FBHmSec.4843.21+.17 FrancoN g.8056.29+.40 FrankRes.4856.52+.32 FrkStPrp.7612.15+.07 FranksIntl.60fd20.15+.17 FrptMcM1.2536.37+.21 Freescale...21.05+.17 Frontline...d2.05-.20 G-H-IGFI Grp.204.52-.01 GNC.6437.95+.36 GabelliET.65e7.52+.02 Gafisa SA.07e2.98+.08 Gallaghr1.4447.23+.14 GamGldNR1.0810.92+.03 GameStop1.3242.20-.64 Gannett.8033.76+.01 Gap.8846.15-.18 GasLog.4825.31+.22 GastarExp...7.86+.28 Generac...46.52-.28 GnCable.7221.47-.10 GenDynam2.48123.25-.14 GenGrPrp.64f24.57+.30 GenMotors1.2034.80+.12 Gensco...79.30-2.64 Genpact...17.40+.04 GenuPrt2.3087.74+.29 Genworth...14.19+.13 GeoGrp2.2837.42... Gerdau.15e5.79+.02 GlaxoSKln2.46e49.10+.23 GlimchRt.4011.23+.08 GlobPay.0872.72+.53 Globalstar...3.98+.02 GlobusMed...18.14-.13 GolLinhas...6.15+.13 GoldFLtd.04e4.84+.21 GoldResrc.126.20+.01 Goldcrp g.6028.07+.30 GoldStr g....48-.01 GoldmanS2.20179.11+1.46 GoodrPet...22.10+.81 GovPrpIT1.7224.02+.15 vjGrace...99.03+.21 GrafTech...8.73-.12 GramrcyP.146.19+.09 GranTrra g...6.71+.04 GraphPkg...u12.79+.13 GrayTelev...9.93+.04 GtPlainEn.9225.67+.12 GreenHntr...2.01+.22 GreenbCos.6071.52+.18 GpFnSnMx.96e15.06+.15 GpTelevisa.14e37.07+.62 Guess.90d23.44+.06 GugSPEW1.03eu78.07+.28 Guidewire...45.55+.70 HCA Hldg...u69.82+.84 HCP Inc2.1843.33+.23 HDFC Bk.35e49.69+.74 HFF Inc1.83e30.00-.65 HSBC2.45e54.06+.16 HalconRes...5.50-.04 Hallibrtn.6067.61+.38 Harbinger...12.95+.02 HarleyD1.1063.56+.10 Harman1.32f115.08-.02 HarmonyG...3.04... Harsco.8224.20-.13 HartfdFn.72f37.05+.19 HatterasF2.05e19.90+.11 HawaiiEl1.2425.39+.02 HltCrREIT3.18u67.58+.51 HlthcrRlty1.2024.96+.14 HlthcreTr.58f12.45+.04 HealthNet...u47.20+.40 HlthSouth.84f39.39+.07 HeclaM.01e3.27+.03 HelixEn...27.32+.35 HelmPayne2.75f105.05+1.98 Hemisphrx....27+.00 Herbalife...50.98-.14 HercTGC1.2415.29+.15 Hersha.246.79... Hershey2.14f91.42-.52 Hertz...29.55-.66 Hess1.00101.10+.91 HewlettP.6438.00+.01 Hexcel...41.19+.09 Hi-Crush2.30fu69.15+3.21 HigherOne...3.88+.15 HighwdPrp1.7042.55+.45 Hill Intl...4.40-.09 Hilton n...25.32-.34 HollyFront1.28a50.03-.25 Honda.82e34.05-.02 HonwllIntl1.8095.23-.07 Hormel.80u50.68+.03 Hornbeck...43.66+.24 Hospira...53.74-.48 HospPT1.9629.43+.24 HostHotls.80f22.82+.20 HovnanE...4.20+.02 Humana1.12128.74+1.10 Huntsmn.5026.89-.03 IAMGld g...4.01+.12 ICICI Bk.77e53.50+.45 IGI Labs...u6.89+.10 ING...13.77+.03 ION Geoph...3.45+.06 iShGold...12.46-.03 iShGSCI...31.50+.27 iSAstla.99e27.16+.02 iShBrazil1.55eu53.70+.94 iShCanada.62eu32.86+.03 iShEMU.94e39.87-.06 iSFrance.74e27.57... iShGerm.63e28.92-.09 iSh HK.72e21.84-.17 iShItaly.34e15.97+.01 iShJapan.17e11.80-.02 iSh SKor.90e66.40-.26 iSMalasia.52e16.05-.17 iShMexico1.09eu71.78+.17 iShSing.45e13.96-.07 iSPacxJpn1.74e51.12-.18 iShSpain1.16e40.52-.04 iSTaiwn.26e16.51-.02 iSh UK1.26e20.54+.06 iShChile.68e43.36+.54 iShSilver...18.71-.03 iShSelDiv2.29e76.64+.33 iShTIPS1.76e115.25-.11 iShChinaLC.71e40.47-.05 iSCorSP5003.55e201.96+.54 iShUSAgBd2.40e109.98-.04 iShEMkts.71e45.06-.07 iShiBoxIG4.14eu120.58+.09 iSEafeSC1.6451.27-.05 iShEMBd5.21e115.63-.08 iShIndones.36e28.75-.19 iShGblHcre1.38eu97.17+.35 iShLatAm.99eu42.61+.74 iSSP500Val1.87eu92.15+.29 iSh20 yrT3.46eu119.05+.08 iSh7-10yTB2.37e104.90+.01 iShIntSelDv1.86e38.72-.06 iSh1-3yTB.25e84.60+.04 iS Eafe2.23e66.71-.03 iSCorSPMid1.48e143.66+.66 iShiBxHYB5.83e94.24+.07 iShMtgRE1.80e12.89+.04 iSR1KVal1.95e102.64+.32 iSR1KGr1.22e93.25+.21 iSR2KVal1.89e100.55+.46 iSR2KGr1.00e136.95+.88 iShR2K1.48e116.56+.65 iShCorHiDv2.31e76.23+.27 iShChina.95e50.13+.05 iShUSPfd2.61eu40.04... iSUSAMinV.87eu38.15+.09 iShRussia.13e18.30-.42 iShREst2.56e74.20+.37 iShHmCnst.06e24.07+.10 iShCrSPSm1.21e110.36+.58 iShBasM1.20eu88.72+.19 iShEurope1.54e46.80-.01 iStar...14.88-.02 ITC Hold s.65f37.35-.03 ITT Corp.4447.86-.25 Idacorp1.7256.72+.24 ITW1.94f88.21+.18 ImmunoCll....99+.01 Infoblox...13.45+.76 Infosys1.04e59.50+.24 IngerRd1.0060.20-.33 IngrmM...28.83+.14 Ingredion1.68u79.76+1.27 InovioPh rs...10.59-.04 IntegrysE2.7267.89+.42 IntcntlExch2.60189.00+.31 IntlGame.4416.86+.16 IntPap1.4048.45+.20 IntlRectif...39.40+.08 InterOil g...60.65-.09 Interpublic.3819.53-.24 IntPotash...15.33-.21 Inuvo...1.44+.12 InvenSense...25.85+.70 Invesco1.0040.84+.26 InvMtgCap2.00e17.62+.11 InvSrInco.314.82-.02 InvRlEst.528.53-.03 IronMtn1.08u35.98+.54 iShCorEM.91e53.96-.01 IsoRay...2.40-.02 ItauUnibH.54eu18.00+.49 J-K-LJPMorgCh1.60f59.45+.29 JPMAlerian2.33u53.93+.37 Jabil.3221.58+.14 JacobsEng...53.91-.40 JanusCap.3212.15+.04 Jarden...59.79+.16 JinkoSolar...29.22+.21 JohnJn2.80103.73+.78 JohnsnCtl.8848.81+.31 JournalCm...9.92+.09 JoyGlbl.8063.15+.06 Jumei n...30.57-1.95 JnprNtwk.4023.19+.01 KAR Auct1.0030.16+.24 KB Home.1017.75+.16 KBR Inc.3222.02-.22 KCG Hldg...11.70-.01 KKR1.81e23.49+.10 KT Corp...17.10+.12 KC Southn1.12115.36+.97 KapStone s...30.74+.32 KateSpade...32.34-.06 Kellogg1.96f64.97+.22 Kennamtl.7244.81+.14 KeyEngy...6.30+.18 Keycorp.2613.61+.10 KimbClk3.36108.00-.14 Kimco.9023.49+.25 KindME5.56f96.38+1.29 KindMorg1.72f40.26+.49 KindrM wt...3.91+.07 KindMM5.56t97.72+1.17 KindredHlt.4820.65+.17 KingDEn n.47e13.79+.09 Kinross g...3.94+.04 KiteRlty rs...25.72-.12 KnightTr.2425.35+.24 Knowles n...32.92+.15 KodiakO g...u16.27+.45 Kohls1.5658.79-.61 KosmosEn...10.02+.05 Kroger.6650.98-.02 L Brands1.36a63.85+.10 L-3 Com2.40109.95+.43 LabCp...107.23+1.84 Lannett...39.38+.57 LaredoPet...23.64+.39 LVSands2.0066.51-1.14 LaSalleH1.50f36.55+.33 Latam Air...12.40+.15 Lazard1.20u54.66+.58 LeapFrog...6.48+.23 LearCorp.80u101.13-.44 LeggMason.6449.32+.40 LeggPlat1.24f35.09+.27 LeidosHld1.2837.65-.10 LejuHldg n...16.35-.07 LennarA.1639.18+.23 Lentuo...3.12-.05 LeucNatl.2524.93+.18 Level3...44.96+.44 LexRltyTr.68f10.88+.06 Lexmark1.4450.56+.46 LbtyASE.40e5.99-.02 LibtProp1.9035.42+.34 LifeTFit...46.10-.16 LifeLock...14.82+.14 LillyEli1.9663.56+.45 LincNat.64u55.04+.38 LinkedIn...225.75+2.49 LionsGt g.2032.41+.10 LiveNatn...21.96+.02 LloydBkg...5.13+.04 LockhdM5.32174.00-.10 Loews.2543.74+.19 Lorillard2.4659.70+.38 LaPac...14.27+.07 LumberLiq...57.22-.25 LyonBas A2.80u114.35+.87 M-N-0M&T Bk2.80123.63+.97 MBIA...10.43+.08 MDC1.0029.01+.16 MDU Res.7131.31+.14 MFA Fncl.808.44+.05 MMT.386.53+.03 MGIC Inv...8.43+.11 MGM Rsts...24.47-.39 MGT Cap...1.37+.26 MRC Glbl...24.82+.17 Macerich2.4865.29+.33 MackCali.60m21.14+.14 Macys1.2562.29-.07 MagnaInt g1.52113.47+.11 MagHRes...6.91+.11 Mallinckdt...81.49+1.38 Manitowoc.0829.42+.91 ManpwrGp.98f77.58+.25 Manulife g.62f20.18-.03 MarathnO.84fu41.69+.78 MarathPet2.00f91.01+.23 MVJrGold...42.10+.46 MktVGold.19e26.69+.23 MV OilSvc.54e55.16+.37 MV Semi.66eu51.68+.40 MktVRus.74e23.88-.46 MarkWest3.52fu79.73+.95 MarshM1.12f53.10+.19 MartMM1.60130.96+.40 Masco.36f23.47-.04 MastThera....63+.01 Mastec...30.50-.12 MasterCd s.4475.81-.35 MatadorRs...27.36+.73 McClatchy...4.51+.11 McCorm1.4869.69+.21 McDrmInt...7.20-.15 McDnlds3.2493.72-.42 McGrwH1.2081.13+.26 McKesson.96195.03+1.98 McEwenM...2.77-.02 MeadJohn1.5095.60+.55 MeadWvco1.00a43.00+.12 Mechel...1.71-.02 MediaGen...15.41-.54 MedProp.84u14.09+.11 Medifast...33.60+1.21 MedleyCap1.4812.82+.10 Medtrnic1.2263.85+.73 Merck1.7660.11+.11 Meritage...41.27+.47 Meritor...13.63+.07 MerL pfD1.7525.81... MerL pfE1.7825.83+.01 MerL pfF1.8226.00-.01 MetLife1.4054.74+.35 MKors...80.12-.88 MidAApt2.9272.32+.45 MdwGold g....94-.01 MillenMda...2.38+.02 MitsuUFJ...5.77+.06 MobileTele1.11e18.45-.97 Mobileye n...43.22-1.13 MolinaHlth...u47.84+1.23 MolsCoorB1.4873.95+.33 Molycorp...1.79+.05 Monsanto1.96f115.65-.11 MonstrWw...5.77+.11 Moodys1.1293.57+.84 MorgStan.4034.31+.25 Mosaic1.0047.76-.21 MotrlaSolu1.36f59.40+.03 MuellerWat.079.23-.01 MurphO1.4062.47+1.36 NCR Corp...34.16+.41 NQ Mobile...6.54-.03 NRG Egy.5630.78+.30 NRG Yield1.46f54.39+.36 Nabors.24f27.21+.95 NBGreece...3.43-.07 NatFuGas1.54f76.44+.26 NatGrid3.48e74.74+.10 NOilVarco1.84u86.43+1.01 NatRetPrp1.68f37.14-.04 NavideaBio...1.43+.15 Navios.249.46-.02 Navistar...37.71-.12 Neuralstem...4.07+.06 NeuStar...29.49-.31 NwGold g...6.49+.03 NwMtnFin1.36au15.39+.18 NewOriEd.35e22.81-.11 NewResid.70a6.27+.02 NY CmtyB1.0015.95+.06 NY REIT n.4610.31+.10 Newcstl rs...13.55+.14 NewellRub.6833.52+.09 NewfldExp...44.82+1.07 NewmtM.1027.09+.23 NewpkRes...12.33-.06 NiSource1.04u39.67+.16 NielsenNV1.0046.99+.27 NikeB.9678.55-.27 NimbleSt n...27.04-.55 NoahHldgs...15.27+.07 NobleCorp1.5028.46+.52 NobleEngy.7272.14+1.22 NokiaCp.51eu8.37+.24 NorandaAl.044.07+.01 NordicAm.929.06+.05 Nordstrm1.3269.25-.39 NorflkSo2.28f107.00+.42 NA Pall g....28+.01 NAtlDrll n.47e10.96-.03 NthStAst n...18.49-.06 NoestUt1.5745.89+.31 NthnO&G...16.85+.14 NthnTEn2.02e26.18+.09 NorthropG2.80127.22+.34 NStarRlt2.0018.51-.09 NovaGld g...3.95+.14 Novartis2.72e89.84+.11 NovoNord s.84e45.96+.29 NOW Inc n...33.03+.21 NuSkin1.3844.72-.57 Nucor1.4854.32+.36 NustarEn4.3866.09+.44 NvCredStr.529.06-.01 OGE Engy.9037.52+.31 OasisPet...49.19+.59 OcciPet2.88103.73-.28 Oceaneerg1.0869.56+.48 Och-Ziff1.77e12.38-.04 OcwenFn...27.94+.45 OfficeDpt...5.12-.04 Oi SA C.14e.69-.00 Oi SA.14e.67+.03 OilStates...64.55+.57 OldRepub.7315.35+.09 Olin.8027.29+.10 OmegaHlt2.04f37.67-.05 OmegaP...15.07-.36 Omncre.8063.77-.02 Omnicom2.0072.01-.21 OnAssign...29.56+.19 ONEOK2.30fu70.20+.58 OpkoHlth...8.90+.04 Oracle.4841.53+.26 Orbitz...8.20+.27 Organovo...7.78+.12 OshkoshCp.6049.68+.34 OwensCorn.6436.00+.13 OwensIll...30.79-.25 P-Q-RPBF Engy1.2028.41+.16 PG&E Cp1.8246.48+.35 Pim0-5HYCp4.87e105.64-.36 PNC1.9284.75+.21 PPG2.68205.86+.42 PPL Corp1.4934.63+.18 PVH Corp.15116.74-.72 PacifCstOil1.59e11.78+.24 PackAmer1.6067.99+.79 PallCorp1.1084.37+.94 PaloAltNet...84.99+2.73 Pandora...27.04+.36 ParagOff n...9.32+.13 ParaG&S...1.04+.01 ParkDrl...6.28+.06 ParkerHan1.92115.50+.75 ParsleyE n...21.92+.37 PeabdyE.3415.88+.22 Pengrth g.486.39+.10 PennVa...15.02+.20 PennWst g.567.77+.02 Penney...10.80-.05 PennyMac2.3622.26+.13 Pentair1.20f68.07-.44 PepcoHold1.0827.56+.13 Perrigo.42148.74-1.29 PetChina5.16e141.80-.39 PetrbrsA.85eu20.81+.49 Petrobras.46eu19.57+.45 PtroqstE...6.66+.25 Pfizer1.0429.39+.01 PhrmAth...2.29+.10 PhilipMor3.7685.58+.32 PhilipsNV1.10e30.53-.17 Phillips662.00u87.02+.41 PiedmOfc.8019.49+.05 Pier 1.2415.76... Pike Corp...11.92+.02 PimDyCrd1.8823.27+.01 PimcoHiI1.4612.94+.04 PinnclEnt...24.99+.79 PinWst2.2756.95+.37 PionEnSvc...15.38+.04 PioNtrl.08208.65+3.51 PitnyBw.7527.06+.05 PlainsAAP2.58f59.93+.43 PlainsGP n.73f30.86+.23 PlumCrk1.7640.63-.07 PlyGem...11.79+.17 Polaris1.92145.38-.30 PortglTel.14e2.19+.06 PostHldg...36.97-.42 Potash1.4035.16-.14 PwshDB...25.03+.05 PS USDBull...22.02+.05 PS SrLoan.99e24.73... PS SP LwV.85e35.34+.11 PwShPfd.90e14.65+.01 PShEMSov1.28e29.47+.03 PSIndia.13e22.24+.12 PowerSec...11.06-.28 Praxair2.60131.55+.11 PrecCastpt.12244.06+.95 PrecDrill.2412.71+.16 Pretium g...7.42+.26 PrinFncl1.36fu54.29+.36 ProLogis1.3240.94+.20 ProShtDow...24.64-.02 ProShtS&P...22.72-.07 ProUltQQQ.18eu127.86+1.02 ProUltSP.29e121.30+.68 ProUShD30...24.60-.07 ProShtR2K...16.19-.11 ProSht20Tr...d27.20-.04 PUltSP500.11e122.88+.99 PUVixST rs...24.61-.38 ProVixSTF...18.74-.13 PrShtVix s...85.03+.56 PrUltCrude...32.89+.72 PrUShCrde...28.81-.65 ProUShEuro...18.50+.14 ProctGam2.5783.11+.08 ProgsvCp1.00e25.02+.11 ProUShSP...24.05-.14 PrUShDow...24.42-.04 PUShQQQ rs...d43.89-.37 ProUShL20...d54.25-.05 PUSR2K rs...43.82-.50 PShtR2K rs...36.40-.70 PUShSPX rs...43.71-.37 Protalix...2.60-.01 ProtoLabs...75.24-2.10 Provectus....99+.01 Prudentl2.1289.70+.64 PSEG1.4837.39+.37 PubStrg5.60175.18+1.33 PulteGrp.2019.22+.13 PPrIT.315.45... QEP Res.08u35.57+.30 QR Energy1.95u21.63+.37 Qihoo360...87.83-.51 QuantaSvc...36.34+.11 QntmDSS...1.25+.01 QstDiag1.3263.21+1.26 Questar.7623.51+.20 QksilvRes...1.33+.05 Quiksilvr...2.91-.02 QuintTrn...56.12-.24 RAIT Fin.72f8.09+.07 RCS Cap.7222.17-.04 RLJ LodgT1.20f29.81+.30 RPC.4222.77+.45 RPM.9647.13+.04 RSP Per n...28.60+.74 Rackspace...34.60+.60 RadianGrp.0114.56+.18 RadioShk...1.60+.17 RallySoft...11.54+1.54 RLauren1.80169.20+.15 RamcoG.7516.96+.01 RangeRs.1678.59+.34 RJamesFn.6454.64+.29 RayAdvM n.2833.21+.24 Rayonier1.20a34.27+.17 Raytheon2.4296.34+.30 Realogy...40.77-.09 RltyInco2.1944.72+.14 RedHat...60.92+.27 RedwdTr1.1219.37-.04 RegalEnt.8821.05-.03 RgcyCtrs1.8857.14+.66 RegncyEn1.96fu32.98+.25 RegionsFn.2010.15+.04 Regis Cp...15.11+.15 ReneSola...2.73+.16 Renren...3.34-.02 RepubSvc1.12f39.33+.08 ResMed1.12f53.05+.12 ResoluteEn...8.03+.12 ResrceCap.805.39+.02 RestorHdw...83.87-.68 RetailProp.66u15.82+.01 RexAmRes...u106.83-1.33 RexahnPh....70... RexfordIR.4814.74... Rexnord...29.21+.08 ReynAmer2.6858.47+.47 RiceEngy n...29.28+.40 Richmnt g...u2.78+.18 RingCent n...13.43+.32 RioAltoM g...u2.86-.04 RioTinto2.05e53.74+.05 RiteAid...6.22-.10 RobtHalf.7250.21+.56 RockTen s.7049.16+.90 RockwlAut2.32116.61+.24 RockColl1.2076.98+.07 RockwdH1.8080.98+.22 Roundys...3.74+.11 Rowan.4030.32+.45 RoyalBk g3.00f74.27-.03 RBScotlnd...12.04+.09 RylCarb1.0063.76+.44 RoyDShllB3.7684.85-.10 RoyDShllA3.7680.97-.22 Rubicon g...1.41+.02 RubiconP n...9.74-.27 RuckusW...13.91-.07 Ryder1.48f90.34-.24 Ryland.1237.10+.20 RymanHP2.2049.75+.40 S-T-USAP SE1.38e77.93+.05 SCANA2.1051.94+.35 SK Tlcm...29.92-.39 SLGreen2.00109.35+.13 SM Energy.1089.04+1.28 SpdrDJIA3.47e170.88+.11 SpdrGold...123.86-.14 SpdrEuro501.28e40.86-.02 SP Mid2.33e261.74+1.16 S&P500ETF3.58e200.71+.57 Spdr Div2.92e76.95+.21 SpdrHome.13e31.55+.05 SpdrShTHiY1.55e30.55-.01 SpdrLehHY2.90e41.37... SpdrNuBST.22e24.46+.02 SpdrSTCpBd.34e30.78+.05 SpdrS&P RB.60e38.95+.21 SpdrRetl.63e88.83-.20 SpdrOGEx.50e79.05+.99 SpdrMetM.51e43.76+.44 STMicro.408.40+.18 SABESP.31e9.44+.05 Safeway.9234.78+.01 StJoe...21.66+.24 StJude1.0865.59+.72 Salesforce...59.09+.80 SallyBty...27.88-.28 SanchezEn...33.19+.35 SandRdge...5.24... SandRMs22.03e6.41-.12 SandRdgP2.53e11.59+.26 SandstG g...5.94+.02 Sanofi1.91e54.70... SantCUSA n.15p18.62-.17 Schlmbrg1.60109.64-.52 Schwab.2428.51+.16 SciApplic n1.12u46.12+1.73 ScorpioTk.40f9.56+.12 Scotts1.80a57.73-1.31 ScrippsNet.8079.71-.40 ScrippsEW...18.96+.12 SeabGld g...11.59+.45 SeadrillLtd4.00f37.25+.35 SealAir.5236.10+.29 SeaWorld.84f20.79+.23 SelMedHld.4014.02... SemGroup1.08fu87.73+1.07 SempraEn2.64u105.97+1.09 SenHous1.5623.33+.09 SensataT...49.17+.03 ServiceCp.36fu22.17+.05 ServiceM n...24.55+.04 ServcNow...61.13+1.60 SevSevE n...23.47+.12 ShipFin1.6419.79-.03 SibanyeG.47e9.39+.15 SiderurNac.36e4.37-.04 SignetJwlrs.72u117.87+1.50 SilvWhtn g.33e25.01+.16 SilvrcpM g.021.84-.01 SilvrCrst g...1.99-.01 SimonProp5.20170.03+1.05 SixFlags1.8836.48-.05 Skechers...58.37-.33 Smucker2.56f102.60+.24 SocQ&M.89e27.38+.18 Solera.78f60.96+.76 SonyCp.24e19.11+.21 Sothebys.40a40.81-.15 SouFun s1.00e11.54+.32 SouthnCo2.1044.40+.17 SthnCopper.46e32.81+.38 SwstAirl.2432.01-.04 SwstnEngy...41.18+.73 Spansion...22.30+.70 SpectraEn1.3441.66+.18 SpiritAero...u38.35+.70 SpiritRltC.6611.81+.03 Sprint...5.61-.05 STAG Indl1.3223.43+.03 SP Matls.93eu50.53+.08 SP HlthC.85eu63.86+.23 SP CnSt1.11e45.13+.03 SP Consum.86e68.82-.01 SP Engy1.68e98.74+.55 SPDR Fncl.35e23.36+.11 SP Inds.94e54.02-.05 SP Tech.66e40.28+.18 SP Util1.47e43.28+.28 StdPac...8.37+.08 StanBlkDk2.08f91.50+.72 StarwdHtl1.40a84.54+.56 StarwdPT1.9223.85+.04 StarWay n.5627.68+.20 StateStr1.2072.03+.36 Statoil ASA1.43e28.39-.07 StillwtrM...18.56+.20 StoneEngy...35.19+.86 StratHotels...11.88+.09 Stryker1.2283.31+.64 SturmRug2.06e50.41+1.17 SumitMitsu...8.15+.11 Suncor g.9241.09+.30 SunEdison...22.03-.06 SunstnHtl.2014.57+.05 SunTr pfE1.4723.90+.05 SupEnrgy.3235.84+.20 Supvalu...9.55-.09 SwERCmTR...8.06+.01 SwftEng...11.35+.10 SwiftTrans...21.18+.09 Symmetry...9.22... Synchrny n...u25.79+.10 SynergyRs...13.46-.05 Synovus rs.2824.15+.13 SynthBiol...2.62+.32 Sysco1.1637.83+.04 T-MobileUS...30.08+.24 TAL Educ...34.20+.19 TAL Intl2.8844.20-.64 TCF Fncl.2015.80+.05 TCW Strat.295.54+.02 TD Ameritr.48a33.11+.11 TE Connect1.1662.68+.67 TIM Part.39e27.98+.68 TJX.7059.61-.16 TRWAuto...96.29-.86 TableauA...65.49+5.04 TaiwSemi.50e20.94+.03 TalismE g.2710.07+.02 TangerFac.9634.91+.26 TargaRsLP3.12f74.40+1.00 Target2.08f60.07-.28 TataMotors.17eu48.19+.62 TeamHlth...u58.52+1.59 TeckRes g.9022.74+.01 Teledyne...97.07+.22 TelefBrasil.88e21.40+1.88 TelefEsp1.03e15.85+.01 TelData.5426.34+.62 TempurSly...58.52+.81 Tenaris.86e44.30+.40 TenetHlth...u61.18+1.19 Teradata...45.67+.35 Teradyn.2420.59+.29 Terex.2037.41+.17 Tesoro1.20f64.74+.26 TevaPhrm1.37e52.52+.42 Textron.0838.00-.01 TherapMD...5.55-.01 ThermoFis.60120.21+.14 ThomCrk g...2.87-.06 ThomsonR1.3237.90-.01 3D Sys...53.51+.32 3M Co3.42144.00+.02 Tiffany1.52100.94-.70 Tillys...8.15... THorton g1.2880.44+.11 Time n...23.48-.09 TW Cable3.00147.93+.79 TimeWarn1.27b77.03+.08 Timken1.0045.29-.08 Titan Intl.0214.50+.06 TollBros...35.59+.13 Torchmrk s.5154.55-.38 TorDBk gs1.8852.63-.31 Total SA3.25e65.96+.70 TotalSys.4031.46+.20 TrCda g1.92u53.78-.08 Transocn3.0038.65+.24 TransocP n...u28.51+.47 TravelCtrs...11.39-.12 Travelers2.2094.71+.37 TriPointe...14.80+.01 TriangPet...11.99+.03 TrinaSolar...12.53-.05 Trinity s.40f48.38+.37 Tronox1.0030.36+.25 Trulia...61.63+.16 Tuppwre2.7273.26-.45 TurqHillRs...3.38-.05 22ndCentry...3.05+.02 Twitter n...49.75+.32 TwoHrbInv1.06e10.72+.08 TycoIntl.7244.62-.07 Tyson.3038.06+.02 UBS AG.28e17.94+.01 UDR1.0429.92+.16 UGI Corp1.31fu52.98+.25 US Geoth....60-.03 US Silica.50u71.81+1.09 USEC Inc...5.01-.11 USG...28.97-.03 UltraPt g...26.53+.31 Ultrapar.61e25.61+.73 UndArmr s...68.36-1.32 UnilevNV1.51e41.64+.15 Unilever1.51e44.06+.18 UnionPac s2.00f105.27+.23 Unisys...23.41+.27 UtdContl...47.61-.71 UtdMicro.08e2.22+.01 UPS B2.6897.33-.11 UtdRentals...117.65+.55 US Bancrp.98f42.28+.22 US NGas...22.26+.16 US OilFd...35.76+.44 USSteel.2038.65+1.10 UtdTech2.36107.98-1.13 UtdhlthGp1.5086.68+.34 UnivHlthS.40fu114.44+.87 Univ Insur.53e13.86+.32 UnumGrp.66f36.27+.11 Ur-Energy...1.07+.01 UraniumEn...1.30-.05 V-W-X-Y-ZVF Corp s1.0564.12+.30 VaalcoE...9.15-.04 Vale SA.84e13.06-.05 Vale SA pf.72e11.65-.02 ValeantPh...117.30+.44 ValeroE1.10f54.14-.02 Validus1.20a39.11+.21 VlyNBcp.4410.00+.07 VangLTBd4.09eu92.82+.19 VangSTBd1.11e80.27+.05 VangTotBd2.19e82.58... VangGrth1.17e101.84+.25 VangSmCp1.43e116.87+.65 VangTSM1.88e103.88+.31 VangValu1.79eu82.73+.28 VanSP500 rs3.31e183.99+.45 VangREIT2.73e77.18+.41 VangDivAp1.49e78.12+.15 VangAllW1.62e52.04+.03 VangEmg1.11e45.40-.03 VangEur2.31e57.78+.03 VangFTSE1.33e41.69-.03 VantageDrl...1.78-.01 Vantiv...31.28-.13 VarianMed...85.02+.21 VectorGp1.60u23.89+.20 VeevaSys n...29.97+5.01 Ventas2.9065.78-.05 VeriFone...34.92+.04 VerizonCm2.1249.82+.41 Vicon.55e3.68-.37 ViolinM n...4.22+.46 Vipshop...196.63-12.33 Visa1.60212.52-2.08 VishayInt.2416.00+.04 Visteon...101.19+.64 VMware...98.58+.66 Vonage...3.45+.07 Vornado2.92105.87+.45 Voxeljet n...17.58-.14 VoyaFincl.0439.09+.21 VoyaPrRTr.345.50... VulcanM.24f63.38+.16 W&T Off.40a14.92+.33 WPX Engy...u26.62+.03 Wabash...14.14-.04 WaddellR1.3654.50-.19 Walgrn1.35f60.52+.05 WalterEn.045.59-.01 WalterInv...26.35+.36 WashPrm n1.0019.52+.04 WREIT1.20u27.78+.23 WasteConn.4649.06+.19 WsteMInc1.5046.97+.15 Waters...103.43+.07 WattsWtr.60u63.29+2.17 WeathfIntl...23.69+.35 WtWatch...24.69-.07 WeinRlt1.3034.22+.27 WellPoint1.75u116.51+.26 WellsFargo1.4051.44+.29 WestarEn1.4036.93+.17 WstAstMtg4.59e15.20+.06 WstnRefin1.0446.53+.42 WstnUnion.5017.47-.02 Weyerhsr1.16f33.95... Whrlpl3.00153.02+.51 WhiteWave...u35.02-.04 WhitingPet...u92.66+2.40 WidePoint...1.62+.05 WmsCos2.24f59.44+.67 WmsPtrs3.67f53.01+.44 WmsSon1.3265.77-.16 Wipro.13e11.96-.04 WiscEngy1.5645.33+.19 WTEurSC1.28e56.59-.16 WTJpHedg1.54e49.88+.03 WT EmEq1.66e52.73-.19 WT India.15e22.77+.05 WolvWW s.2426.56+.22 Workday...91.07+5.18 Wyndham1.4080.94+.58 XL Grp.6434.18+.11 XPO Logis...30.97+.16 XcelEngy1.2032.05+.21 Xylem.5137.26... YPF Soc.15e33.04... Yamana g.158.50+.15 Yelp...82.42+.10 YingliGrn...3.36+.03 YoukuTud...19.80-.21 YumBrnds1.4872.43+.12 ZBB En rs...1.12-.04 Zimmer.8899.31-.14 ZoesKitch n...29.17-1.42 Zoetis.2935.44+.11 Stocks in bold changed 5% or more in price from the previous day. Stock Footnotes:g Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf Late filing with SEC. n Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf Preferred stock issue. rs Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year. s Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. vj Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the n ame.Dividend Footnotes:a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferre d. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent d ividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus st ock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes:q Stock is a closed-end fund no P/E ratio shown. cc P/E exceeds 99. dd Loss in last 12 months.Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial.NameDivLastChg New York Stock Exchange Bigger trade gap?The government reports its latest data on the nation's trade deficit on Thursday. The trade gap fell in June to its lowest level since January as imports dropped sharply, led by lower shipments of cellphones, petroleum, and cars. A lower trade deficit can boost economic growth. When it grows, however, it can weigh down growth. Economists predict that the trade gap grew in July after declining sharply a month earlier.Eye on jobsEmployers have added an average of 244,000 jobs a month since February. Thats the best six-month string in eight years and a key factor in the decline in the national unemployment rate to 6.2 percent. An improving job market means rising household incomes, greater consumer confidence and more consumer spending. The government reports jobs data for August on Friday.Auto salesBig discounts helped U.S. auto sales sizzle in July. But a J.D. Power and LMC Automotive forecast calls for August sales to eclipse that months pace. The firms anticipate that auto sales rose in August to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 16.5 million units. That would be up from a year earlier, when auto sales were running at a pace of 15.9 million. August auto sales figures are due out Wednesday.Source: FactSetNonfarm payrolls, seasonally adjusted monthly change in thousands 0 100 200 300 A J J M A M est. 213 209 203 229 298 304Source: FactSetTrade (goods and services), seasonally adjusted by month in billions -50 -25 $0 J J M A M F est. -42.3 -41.5 -42.6-47-44.7 -44.2 2014 2014 Today 1,800 1,850 1,900 1,950 2,000 2,050 MA AMJJ 1,920 1,980 2,040 S&P 500Close: 2,003.37 Change: 6.63 (0.3%) 10 DAYS 16,000 16,400 16,800 17,200 MA AMJJ 16,640 16,900 17,160 Dow Jones industrialsClose: 17,098.45 Change: 18.88 (0.1%) 10 DAYS Advanced2177 Declined907 New Highs192 New Lows11 Vol. (in mil.)2,192 Pvs. Volume2,230 1,287 1,272 1876 789 87 27NYSE NASDDOW17110.4217035.3817098.45+18.88+0.11%+3.15% DOW Trans.8426.888383.598408.02+2.64+0.03%+13.61% DOW Util.564.40559.71564.37+4.26+0.76%+15.04% NYSE Comp.11046.7910997.4111046.35+36.65+0.33%+6.21% NASDAQ4580.274553.784580.27+22.57+0.50%+9.67% S&P 5002003.381994.652003.37+6.63+0.33%+8.39% S&P 4001438.621429.291438.18+7.97+0.56%+7.12% Wilshire 500021234.3721132.0221233.89+83.34+0.39%+7.75% Russell 20001174.821164.781174.35+8.40+0.72%+0.92%HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD StocksRecap AT&T Inc T31.74637.48 34.96+.22 +0.6stt-0.6+8.9101.84 Advance Auto Parts AAP78.910138.06 136.42-.99 -0.7sss+23.3+69.8200.24 Amer Express AXP71.47896.24 89.55+.53 +0.6sst-1.3+24.9171.04 AutoNation Inc AN44.92661.29 54.25+.40 +0.7sst+9.2+18.717... Brown & Brown BRO27.76933.69 32.62+.11 +0.3sss+3.9+3.8220.40 CocaCola Co KO36.83942.57 41.72+.09 +0.2sst+1.0+11.6231.22 Comcast Corp A CMCSA41.06956.49 54.72+.20 +0.4sss+5.3+32.1190.90 Darden Rest DRI43.56454.89 47.32+.17 +0.4tss-13.0+6.4222.20 Disney DIS60.41091.14 89.88-.35 -0.4tss+17.6+49.8220.86f Gen Electric GE22.92628.09 25.98-.03 -0.1tst-7.3+15.8190.88 General Mills GIS46.70855.64 53.38+.19 +0.4sss+7.0+12.4191.64 Harris Corp HRS55.46779.32 71.39+.47 +0.7sst+2.3+29.1151.88f Home Depot HD72.21092.73 93.50+.99 +1.1sss+13.6+25.6221.88 IBM IBM172.198199.21 192.30+.30 +0.2sss+2.5+7.7124.40 Lowes Cos LOW44.13053.04 52.51-.03 -0.1rss+6.0+14.9220.92 NY Times NYT10.91317.37 12.38+.03 +0.2rtt-22.0+10.1330.16 NextEra Energy NEE78.819102.51 98.45+.92 +0.9sst+15.0+23.8212.90 PepsiCo PEP77.01093.51 92.49-.09 -0.1sss+11.5+19.6212.62 Suntrust Bks STI31.59741.26 38.08+.17 +0.4tst+3.5+19.2130.80 TECO Energy TE16.12918.53 18.10+.13 +0.7sst+5.0+13.6180.88 WalMart Strs WMT71.51581.37 75.50-.40 -0.5tss-4.1+7.5161.92 Xerox Corp XRX9.55013.77 13.81+.05 +0.4sss+13.5+41.1150.2552-WK RANGE CLOSEYTD 1YR NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIVStocks of Local Interest Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL B5


B6 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 StIncInvA m 10.34...+6.3 StrIncIns 10.34...+6.6Brown AdvisoryGrEqInv d 19.58+.05+17.2Brown Cap MgmtSmCo Is b 72.05+.41+13.2BuffaloFlexibInc d 15.12+.03+13.1 SmallCap d 34.26+.13+4.0CG Capital MarketsLgCapGro 22.19+.05+23.8 LgCapVal 13.54+.06+21.9CRMMdCpVlIns 36.39+.11+19.3CalamosGrowA m 49.71+.23+24.2 MktNeuI 13.06+.01+6.2 MktNuInA m 13.19+.01+5.9CalvertEquityA m 50.65+.06+22.0CausewayIntlVlIns d 16.31...+13.5Cohen & SteersCSPSI x 13.74-.07+14.1 Realty 74.25+.38+23.2 RealtyIns 48.40+.25+23.3ColumbiaAMTFrImMuBdZ 10.81...+8.3 AcornA m 35.64+.16+14.3 AcornIntZ 48.23-.12+18.3 AcornZ 37.27+.16+14.5 CAModA m 12.09+.01+13.1 CAModAgrA m 13.27+.02+15.1 CntrnCoreA m 22.37+.07+23.4 CntrnCoreZ 22.52+.07+23.7 ComInfoA m 59.69+.53+32.2 DivIncA m 19.68+.06+21.2 DivIncZ 19.70+.06+21.4 DivOppA m 10.96+.04+20.8 DivrEqInA m 14.88+.06+22.9 IncOppA m 10.22...+9.5 IntmBdA m 9.26...+5.8 LgCpGrowA m 36.09+.18+23.2 LgCrQuantA m 9.35+.04+26.3 MdCapIdxZ 15.98+.09+21.2 MdCpValZ 18.64+.08+28.8 SIIncZ 9.97...+1.4 ShrTrmMuniBdZ 10.48...+1.4 SmCapIdxZ 23.20+.14+16.6 StLgCpGrA m 18.67+.14+25.3 StLgCpGrZ 18.96+.13+25.6 TaxExmptA m 13.97+.01+11.3 ValRestrZ 53.46+.17+23.7ConstellationSndsSelGrI 19.00+.12+28.2 SndsSelGrII 18.54+.12+27.9Credit SuisseComStrInstl 7.27+.01-3.6CullenHiDivEqI d 17.76+.08+20.8DFA1YrFixInI 10.32...+0.4 2YrGlbFII 10.00...+0.5 5YearGovI 10.68...+1.4 5YrGlbFII 11.03...+3.1 EmMkCrEqI 21.64+.03+22.5 EmMktValI 30.64+.02+21.2 EmMtSmCpI 22.89+.03+25.1 EmgMktI 28.72+.01+22.0 GlAl6040I 16.24+.03+14.6 GlEqInst 19.09+.05+21.8 GlblRlEstSecsI 10.52+.04+23.7 InfPrtScI 12.07-.02+5.6 IntCorEqI 13.03...+17.2 IntGovFII 12.63...+4.5 IntRlEstI 5.80...+24.7 IntSmCapI 21.30-.02+22.8 IntlSCoI 19.90-.02+19.2 IntlValu3 17.39-.01+16.2 IntlValuI 19.75-.01+15.9 ItmTExtQI 10.88...+8.8 LgCapIntI 22.86+.01+15.9 RelEstScI 31.14+.17+23.2 STEtdQltI 10.86...+2.4 STMuniBdI 10.25...+1.4 TAUSCrE2I 14.36+.07+23.5 TAWexUSCE 10.67...+17.8 TMIntlVal 16.20-.01+15.5 TMMkWVal 25.65+.11+25.3 TMMkWVal2 24.73+.10+25.5 TMUSEq 21.85+.08+24.0 TMUSTarVal 34.10+.18+22.5 TMUSmCp 36.90+.22+16.6 USCorEq1I 17.83+.07+24.0 USCorEq2I 17.55+.08+23.6 USLgCo 15.86+.06+24.8 USLgVal3 25.87+.11+26.9 USLgValI 34.50+.14+26.7 USMicroI 20.04+.13+16.9 USSmValI 36.87+.22+20.4 USSmallI 31.37+.19+17.0 USTgtValInst 23.94+.14+22.6 USVecEqI 17.37+.09+22.9DWS-ScudderSP500IRew 28.60...+24.5DavisNYVentA m 40.49+.12+20.4 NYVentC m 38.50+.11+19.5 NYVentY 41.04+.12+20.7Delaware InvestDiverIncA m 9.18...+8.3 OpFixIncI 9.73...+6.1 USGrowIs 26.62+.07+24.2 ValueI 18.06+.08+25.1DeutscheCoreEqS 25.16+.11+26.1 GNMAS 14.55+.01+6.2ManagedMnplBdA m 9.36...+12.1ManagedMnplBdS 9.38+.01+12.4Diamond HillLngShortI 23.90+.06+14.8 LrgCapI 23.17+.09+21.3Dodge & CoxBal 104.44+.26+20.3 GlbStock 12.84+.03+30.1 Income 13.98+.01+7.3 IntlStk 46.99+.02+26.2 Stock 182.53+.66+26.9DoubleLineCrFxdIncI 11.10...+8.2 TotRetBdN b 11.04...+6.3DreyfusAppreciaInv 56.01+.11+20.5 BasSP500 41.17+.14+24.6 FdInc 12.58+.04+24.3 IntlStkI 15.85-.04+8.2 MidCapIdx 39.61+.22+21.0 MuniBd 11.79+.01+11.1 SP500Idx 53.50+.18+24.2 SmCapIdx 30.06+.19+16.6DriehausActiveInc 10.69+.01+1.7 EmMktGr d 34.65+.09+18.7Eaton VanceACSmCpI 25.04+.09+14.3 AtCpSmCpA m 23.25+.09+14.0 FloatRateA m 9.41...+3.0 FltRtAdvA m 11.09...+4.0 FltgRtI 9.10...+3.2 GlbMacroI 9.32+.02+2.8 IncBosA m 6.11...+9.5 IncBosI 6.11...+9.7 LrgCpValA m 26.15+.10+23.9 LrgCpValI 26.23+.11+24.2 NatlMuniA m 9.85+.01+17.4FMICommStk 30.31+.09+20.4 LgCap 22.72+.06+21.8FPACres d 34.50+.02+14.3 NewInc d 10.24+.01+1.9Fairholme FundsFairhome d 42.61+.08+24.1FederatedEqIncB m 25.33+.10+21.2 InstHiYIn d 10.33...+10.1 KaufmanA m 6.67+.05+25.9 KaufmanR m 6.68+.05+25.8 MuniUShIS 10.05...+1.1 StrValA f 6.26+.03+21.5 StrValI 6.28+.03+21.7 ToRetIs 11.15...+6.7 UltraIs 9.18...+1.6FidelityAstMgr20 13.74+.01+7.6 AstMgr50 18.41+.03+13.7 Bal 24.40+.08+19.1 Bal K 24.40+.08+19.3 BlChGrow 70.22+.23+28.3 BlChGrowK 70.32+.22+28.4 CAMuInc d 12.98...+11.5 Canada d 65.56+.12+22.1 CapApr 39.30+.11+25.7 CapInc d 10.23...+15.3 Contra 102.26+.41+24.4 ContraK 102.25+.40+24.5 ConvSec 33.49+.01+20.0 CpApprctK 39.38+.12+25.9 DivGrow 38.59+.10+23.9 DivGrowK 38.59+.10+24.1 DivrIntl d 37.35-.01+16.4 DivrIntlK d 37.31-.01+16.5 EmgMkt d 26.33-.02+23.3 EqInc 63.06+.23+19.6 EqInc II 26.23+.11+20.6 EqIncK 63.04+.22+19.7 Europe d 38.55+.01+12.6 ExpMulNat d 25.81+.09+19.4 FF2015 12.96+.02+12.4 FF2035 13.72+.04+17.2 FF2040 9.67+.03+17.3 Fidelity 43.17+.18+24.1 FltRtHiIn d 9.94...+3.7 FocStk 20.83+.09+21.7 FourInOne 37.98+.09+18.8 Fr2045 10.88+.03+17.4 Fr2050 10.93+.04+17.5 FrdmK2010 13.67+.03+11.7 FrdmK2015 14.01+.03+12.6 FrdmK2020 14.68+.03+13.5 FrdmK2025 15.31+.04+15.3 FrdmK2030 15.67+.04+16.4 FrdmK2035 16.14+.05+17.3 FrdmK2040 16.19+.05+17.5 FrdmK2045 16.60+.05+17.6 FrdmK2050 16.70+.05+17.7 FrdmKInc 12.03+.01+7.3 Free2010 15.81+.03+11.5 Free2020 15.81+.03+13.3 Free2025 13.55+.03+15.0 Free2030 16.68+.05+16.3 FreeInc 11.77+.01+7.3 GNMA 11.56...+5.7 GexUSIdx 12.85...+16.9 GovtInc 10.45...+4.3 GrStr d 30.71+.16+23.1 GrowCo 130.45+.63+24.8 GrowInc 29.83+.09+21.2 GrthCmpK 130.37+.64+25.0 HiInc d 9.43...+9.2 Indepndnc 41.49+.23+34.2 InfProtBd 12.53-.02+5.0 IntBond 10.98...+4.1 IntMuniInc d 10.54+.01+7.6 IntlDisc d 40.03+.01+13.3 IntlSmCp 16.22-.07+18.1 IntlSmCpF 16.27-.07+18.4 InvGrdBd 7.94...+6.5 LargeCap 28.62+.11+24.7 LevCoSt d 47.89+.22+24.7 LowPrStkK d 52.76+.06+19.8 LowPriStk d 52.77+.07+19.6 MAMuInc d 12.43...+10.8 Magellan 95.51+.33+26.5 MagellanK 95.43+.34+26.6 MdCpVal d 24.66+.17+27.8 MeCpSto 16.32+.05+23.1 MidCap d 39.47+.14+21.5 MidCapK d 39.49+.14+21.6 MuniInc d 13.43...+11.5 NYMuInc d 13.53...+10.8 NewMille 42.09+.15+22.7 NewMktIn d 16.81+.01+14.1 OTC 86.63+.68+25.5 OTCK 87.42+.68+25.6 Overseas d 40.46-.02+15.1 Puritan 22.90+.12+19.8 PuritanK 22.89+.12+19.9 RealInv d 38.57+.21+23.2 RelEstInc d 12.08+.02+13.2 SASEqF 15.08+.06+24.8 SCOppF 13.65+.08+13.5 SEMF 19.12+.03+24.6 SInvGrBdF 11.47...+6.4 STMIdxF d 58.94+.23+24.0 Series100Idx 13.20+.04+24.1 SersEmgMkts 19.05+.02+24.4 SesAl-SctrEqt 15.08+.06+24.6 SesInmGrdBd 11.46...+6.2 ShTmBond 8.60...+1.5 SmCapDisc d 30.71+.15+14.8 SmCapStk d 19.82+.16+17.5 SmCpOpp 13.56+.07+13.3 SmCpVal d 20.48+.08+14.5 StkSelec 39.02+.17+24.7 StrDivInc 15.30+.04+19.2 StratInc 11.23...+9.1 TaxFrB d 11.62...+11.7 TotalBd 10.77...+6.9 USBdIdx 11.71...+5.6 USBdIdx 11.71...+5.6 USBdIdxF 11.71...+5.6 USBdIdxInv 11.71...+5.5 ValK 114.89+.59+25.9 Value 114.74+.60+25.8 Worldwid d 25.28+.07+18.0Fidelity AdvisorAstMgr70 21.82+.05+16.9 CapDevO 16.79+.06+24.5 DivStk 25.24+.11+24.8 EmMktIncI d 14.39...+13.8 FltRateI d 9.93...+3.7 Fr2020A m 13.84+.03+12.9 Fr2025A m 13.68+.03+14.7 Fr2030A m 14.64+.04+15.9 HlthCrC m 33.88+.16+43.5 LeverA m 58.97+.25+24.3 NewInsA m 28.35+.11+23.2 NewInsC m 26.20+.10+22.2 NewInsI 28.88+.12+23.5 NewInsT m 27.79+.11+22.8 StratIncA m 12.53-.01+8.9 StratIncC m 12.50...+8.1 StratIncI 12.69-.01+9.1Fidelity SelectBiotech d 218.90+2.26+34.5 Chemical d 155.48+.32+26.8 Electron d 80.47+.57+44.1 Energy d 60.75+.45+22.1 HealtCar d 218.70+1.06+45.1 MedEqSys d 38.29+.23+30.1 Pharm d 21.20+.11+34.9 SoftwCom d 118.00+.84+24.3 Tech d 124.37+.77+26.7Fidelity Spartan500IdxAdvtg 71.29+.24+24.8 500IdxAdvtgInst 71.29+.24+24.8 500IdxInstl 71.29+.24+24.8 500IdxInv 71.28+.24+24.7 ExtMktIdAg d 55.98+.32+21.0 ExtMktIdI d 55.98+.33+20.9 IntlIdxAdg d 41.42-.01+15.2 IntlIdxAdvtgIns d 41.43-.01+15.3 IntlIdxIn d 41.41-.01+15.2 IntlIdxInst d 41.43-.01+15.3 TotMktIdAg d 58.93+.23+24.0 TotMktIdI d 58.92+.23+24.0FidelityLtdTermMuniInc d 10.75...+3.2 SerBlueChipGr 11.77+.04NA SerBlueChipGrF 11.78+.04NA SeriesGrowthCo 11.57+.06NA SeriesGrowthCoF 11.58+.06NAFirst EagleGlbA m 56.81+.03+14.0 OverseasA m 24.38-.03+12.5First InvestorsGrowIncA m 23.51+.08+21.9ForumAbStratI 11.15-.01-0.4FrankTemp-FrankFed TF A m 12.47+.01+12.1 FedIntA x 12.41+.01+8.4FrankTemp-FranklinBalA m 12.12+.01+16.4 CA TF A m 7.45...+14.3 CAInTF A m 12.94+.01+14.3 DynaTechA m 46.95+.20+24.1 EqInA m 24.06+.05+20.5 FLRtDAAdv 9.15+.01+4.0 FlRtDAccA m 9.14...+3.6 FlxCpGr A m 58.40+.25+22.9 GrowthA m 71.36+.17+24.9 HY TF A m 10.53+.01+14.4 HighIncA m 2.14...+11.0 HighIncAd 2.14...+11.2 Income C m 2.60+.01+17.2 IncomeA m 2.57+.01+17.5 IncomeAdv 2.55+.01+17.8 IncomeR6 2.55+.01+17.9 InsTF A m 12.37...+12.0 NY TF A m 11.72...+10.1 RisDivAdv 50.83+.07+17.1 RisDv C m 50.00+.07+15.9 RisDvA m 50.85+.07+16.8 SmMdCpGrA m 43.91+.26+22.6 StrIncA x 10.63-.03+8.4 Strinc C x 10.63-.03+7.9 TotalRetA m 10.19...+7.7 USGovA x 6.50-.02+4.1 Utils A m 17.21+.11+22.0FrankTemp-MutualDiscov C m 34.87+.07+16.1 Discov Z 35.94+.07+17.2 DiscovA m 35.35+.07+16.9 Euro Z 24.34-.02+9.6 QuestA m 19.00+.05+15.9 QuestZ 19.24+.06+16.2 Shares Z 30.78+.08+19.8 SharesA m 30.48+.07+19.4 SharesR6 30.79+.07+19.9FrankTemp-TempletonDvMk A m 23.88+.01+14.8 Fgn A m 8.58...+16.4 Frgn Adv 8.49...+16.8 GlBond C m 13.44+.03+9.3 GlBondA m 13.41+.03+9.7 GlBondAdv 13.36+.02+9.9 GlBondR6 13.36+.02+10.1 GrowthA m 26.05...+18.1 GrowthR6 26.08-.01+18.5 WorldA m 20.18+.02+17.0Franklin TempletonFdrInm-TT/FIcAd x 12.44+.01+8.6FndAllA m 14.24+.03+18.2 FndAllC m 14.02+.02+17.3 HYldTFInA x 10.57+.01+14.6 ModAllcA m 16.26+.03+13.6Franklin Templeton IGlTlRtA m 13.59+.02+9.6 GlTlRtAdv 13.61+.03+9.9GEElfunTr 61.08+.03+23.9 ElfunTxE 11.94+.01+10.5 IsIntlEq d 12.98...+9.8 S&SInc 11.67...+6.5 S&SUSEq 60.87+.16+24.9GMOAABdIV 25.36+.02+5.1 EmgDbtIV d 10.46...+18.7 EmgMktsVI d 11.63+.03+16.3 IntItVlIV 25.99-.02+18.2 QuIII 24.28+.09+20.3 QuIV 24.31+.09+20.4 QuVI 24.29+.09+20.4 USEqAllcVI 18.03+.05+19.8 USTrsy 25.00...+0.1GabelliAssetAAA m 68.61+.16+18.7EqIncomeAAA m 29.81+.08+19.3SmCpGrAAA m 49.23+.12+16.0GatewayGatewayA m 29.75+.04+7.8Goldman SachsGrOppIs 33.02+.15+22.4 HiYdMunIs d 9.34+.01+16.5 HiYieldIs d 7.22...+10.3 MidCapVaA m 49.03+.20+23.9 MidCpVaIs 49.55+.20+24.4 ShDuTFIs 10.59+.01+2.2 SmCpValIs 58.80+.37+19.5HarborBond 12.32...+5.8 CapApInst 61.37+.24+28.4 CapAprInv b 60.21+.24+27.9 HiYBdInst d 11.08...+9.9 IntlInstl 71.90-.02+12.1 IntlInv b 71.03-.02+11.7Harding LoevnerEmgMkts d 53.22...+23.6 IntlEq d 18.93...+17.3HartfordBalHLSIA 26.96+.06+16.6 BalIncA m 13.84+.02+14.4 BalIncC m 13.68+.03+13.6 CapApr C m 43.85+.20+23.2 CapAprA m 50.21+.23+24.1 CapAprI 50.33+.23+24.5 CpApHLSIA 55.61+.25+23.0 DivGrowA m 27.12+.11+23.0 DivGrowI 27.02+.10+23.2 DvGrHLSIA 26.40+.10+23.8 EqIncA m 19.17+.06+19.0 FloatRtA m 9.00...+4.2 FloatRtC m 8.99...+3.4 FloatRtI 9.01...+4.5 GrOppA m 43.18+.23+22.3 GrOppI 44.21+.23+22.5 MdCpHLSIA 37.29+.22+25.0 MidCapA m 27.64+.16+24.3 StkHLSIA 61.42+.09+19.0 TRBdHLSIA 11.57...+7.5HeartlandValuePlus m 36.50+.22+19.4HendersonIntlOppA m 26.90-.05+14.8HennessyGsUtlIdxInv 31.48+.16+31.1Hotchkis & WileyMidCpValI 44.91+.15+21.3INVESCOBalAlocA m 12.68+.01+9.2 BalAlocC m 12.24+.02+8.5 BalAlocY 12.83+.02+9.6 CharterA m 23.83+.07+20.3 ComstockA m 25.75+.10+22.6 DivDivA m 18.04+.07+18.5 DivDivInv b 18.03+.06+18.6 EqIncomeA m 11.42+.03+17.5 EqIncomeC m 11.24+.03+16.7 EqWSP500A m 48.54+.18+25.1 GrowIncA m 29.31+.13+21.4 HiYldMuA m 9.84...+16.1 IntlGrA m 35.67+.07+17.8 IntlGrI 36.23+.07+18.2 MidCapGrA m 39.97+.19+21.2 MuniIncA m 13.63...+11.7 SmCapValA m 23.24+.11+22.7 Summit b 18.58+.08+25.3IVAIntlI d 18.18-.04+13.3 WorldwideA m 18.90...+13.5 WorldwideC m 18.69...+12.6 WorldwideI d 18.92-.01+13.7IvyAssetStrA m 31.81+.01+12.5 AssetStrC m 30.79...+11.7 AssetStrY b 31.86...+12.5 AsstStrgI 32.11...+12.7 HiIncA m 8.69+.01+9.6 HiIncC m 8.69+.01+8.8 HighIncI 8.69+.01+9.9 LtdTmBdA m 10.93...+2.3 MdCpGrthI 25.59+.14+16.7 ScTechA m 54.79+.35+26.3 SciTechI 59.18+.38+26.6JPMorganCoreBdUlt x 11.77-.03+5.1 CoreBondA x 11.77-.02+4.8 CoreBondSelect x 11.76-.02+5.0 DiscEqUlt 24.64+.09+27.5 EqIncA x 13.78+.02+21.1 EqIncSelect x 13.97+.01+21.3 FIntlVaIs 14.98...+10.3 HighYldSel x 8.11-.03+9.8 HighYldUl x 8.10-.04+9.9 IntmdTFIs x 11.15-.02+7.2 IntrAmerS 38.92+.23+28.3 InvBalA m 15.41...+14.2 InvConGrA m 13.09...+10.4 InvConGrC m 13.03...+9.7 InvGrInA m 17.31...+17.0 InvGrowA m 19.91...+21.4 LgCapGrA m 34.14+.14+25.1 LgCapGrSelect 34.18+.13+25.3 MdCpGrSel 38.07+.12+22.0 MidCapVal m 37.69+.11+21.7 MidCpValI 38.47+.12+22.3 SelMidCap 45.49+.19+23.7 ShDurBndSel x 10.90-.01+1.1 ShtDurBdU x 10.90-.01+1.4 SmRt2020I 18.89...+15.3 SmRt2030I 19.69...+18.7 SmRt2040I 20.26...+20.4 TxAwRRetI x 10.21-.02+6.3 USEquit 15.36+.06+25.9 USEquityI 15.38+.06+26.0 USLCpCrPS 30.56+.13+27.0 ValAdvA m 29.53+.08+22.3 ValAdvI 29.73+.09+22.9 ValAdvSel 29.67+.09+22.6James AdvantageGoldRainA b 25.65+.03+15.3JanusBalT 31.61+.03+16.0 Gr&IncT 47.85+.14+22.5 Janus T 44.34+.13+23.3 OverseasT 38.39...+21.4 PerkinsMCVT 25.19+.10+18.4 ResearchT 47.77+.14+27.1 ShTmBdT 3.07...+2.1 TwentyT 66.66+.07+22.3JensenQualtyGrI 38.87+.05+19.3 QualtyGrJ b 38.85+.05+19.0John HancockClasValI 26.32+.09+23.3DisValMdCpA m 19.16+.09+25.3DisValMdCpI 19.79+.09+25.6 DiscValA m 19.83+.07+20.9 DiscValI 19.33+.07+21.2 EmMkVlNAV 11.34+.01+21.2 GAbRSI 11.37+.01+6.9 IICpApNAV 18.32+.07+28.1 IIInVaNAV 18.07+.01+15.8 IIToRtNAV 13.96...+5.4 LgCpEqA m 39.59+.15+22.7 LifAg1 b 16.98+.06+20.3 LifBa1 b 16.13+.04+15.1 LifBaA m 16.20+.03+14.7 LifCo1 b 14.21+.01+9.3 LifGr1 b 17.09+.04+18.1 LifGrA m 17.12+.05+17.7 LifMo1 b 14.93+.02+12.1 StcIncI 10.98+.01+7.3KeeleySmCapVal m 38.60+.18+13.7LaudusInMktMstS d 24.16-.02+13.7 USLCGr d 19.34+.13+22.3LazardEmgMkEqInst d 20.87-.02+23.9EmgMktEqOpen m 21.38-.01+23.7IntlStEqInst d 14.83-.03+16.6 IntlStEqOpen m 14.92-.04+16.3Legg MasonCBAggressGrthA m 209.22+1.02+32.1CBAggressGrthI 226.22+1.10+32.6CBAllCapValueA m 17.67+.07+20.6CBAppreciatA m 20.77+.06+20.8 CBEquityIncA m 19.65+.06+20.0CBSmallCapGrI 28.98+.15+10.7 ValueC m 64.78+.29+25.4WACorePlusBdA m 11.69...+8.4WACorePlusBdFI b 11.70...+8.5 WACorePlusBdI 11.70...+8.8 WACorePlusBdIS 11.70+.01+9.0WAManagedMuniA m 16.80...+12.2Longleaf PartnersIntl 17.61-.13+10.8 LongPart 35.72+.05+21.4 SmCap 35.44+.09+19.5Loomis SaylesBdInstl 15.90...+13.0 BdR b 15.83...+12.7 GlbBdInstl 16.60-.03+6.7Lord AbbettAffiliatA m 16.70+.06+21.3 BndDbtrF b 8.31...+10.8 BondDebA m 8.32...+10.6 BondDebC m 8.35+.01+10.0 CalibrdDivA m 16.26+.03+19.6 DevGrowI 28.31+.23+15.1 FdmtlEqtyA m 16.10+.07+18.9 FltRateF b 9.41...+4.2 FltgRateA m 9.42...+4.1 FltgRateC m 9.43...+3.5 HiYldI 8.03...+12.1 MABalOppA x 13.02+.02+16.3 NatlTaxFA m 11.28+.01+13.4 ShDurIncA m 4.53...+3.4 ShDurIncC m 4.56...+2.7 ShDurIncF b 4.53...+3.7 ShDurIncI 4.53...+3.8 TaxFreeA m 10.84+.01+8.9MFSBondA m 14.18-.01+8.4 GrAllocA m 18.84+.03+15.2 GrowA m 68.58+.15+22.7 GrowI 71.73+.15+22.9 IntDivA m 16.84...+12.4 IntlNDisA m 29.21-.06+14.4 IntlNDisI 30.06-.05+14.8 IntlValA m 34.87+.01+14.2 IsIntlEq 22.67+.01+12.4 MAInvA m 29.23+.06+21.3 MAInvGrA m 24.12+.02+20.5 MAInvI 28.63+.06+21.5 ModAllocA m 17.08+.02+13.0 MuHiIncA f 8.02...+14.2 ResIntlI 18.66...+11.6 ResearchA m 39.41+.11+21.5 TotRetA x 18.46...+15.7 UtilA x 23.80+.04+26.1 ValueA m 34.70+.09+20.5 ValueI 34.88+.09+20.8MainStayHiYldCorA x 6.06-.03+8.4 IntlI 36.22-.03+12.3 LgCapGrA m 10.66+.03+24.7 MAPI 47.90+.14+19.9 Mktfield 17.66+.07+0.9 MktfldA m 17.58+.06+0.6 S&PIdxI 46.90+.15+24.4 SelEqI 51.53+.15+17.0Mairs & PowerGrthInv 115.36+.24+19.6Manning & NapierWrldOppA 9.19...+12.5Matthews AsianDivInv d 16.58-.05+12.8 GrInc d 20.24-.13+13.8 PacTiger d 29.07-.12+29.3MergerInvCl b 16.53+.03+5.5MeridianMeridnGr d 38.32+.18+15.4Metropolitan WestLowDurBd b 8.83...+2.2 LowDurBdI 8.83...+2.4 TotRetBdI 10.89...+6.7 TotRtBd b 10.89...+6.5Morgan StanleyGrA m 40.31+.24+30.6 IntlEqA m 16.97+.01+13.2 IntlEqI d 17.22+.02+13.7 MdCpGrA m 44.49+.51+17.1 MdCpGrI 46.59+.54+17.4Munder FundsMdCpCrGrY 46.64+.28+21.9Mutual SeriesBeacon Z 18.09+.04+18.3NationsLgCpIxZ 39.04+.13+24.6NationwideIntlIdxI 8.63...+15.1 S&P500Is 15.45+.05+24.6NatixisLSInvBdA m 12.44+.01+10.8 LSInvBdC m 12.32...+9.9 LSInvBdY 12.44...+11.0 LSStratIncA m 17.22+.02+15.5 LSStratIncC m 17.33+.02+14.6Neuberger BermanGenesisInstl 60.72+.16+12.5 GenesisInv 40.89+.11+12.3 GenesisR6 60.75+.16+12.6 GenesisTr 63.21+.17+12.2 HIncBdInst 9.49...+10.0 LgShrtIn 13.12+.01+10.2 NBIncI 13.19+.05+20.0NicholasNichol 66.83+.22+25.6NorthernBdIndx 10.73...+5.7 EmMktsEq d 12.40...+21.1 FixedIn 10.45...+7.5 GlbREIdx d 10.18+.02+18.7 HYFixInc d 7.63...+10.7 IntTaxE 10.68+.01+8.6 IntlIndex d 12.63...+15.1 MMIntlEq d 11.24...+14.7Mlt-Mngr Emrg M d 20.90+.06+21.4SmCapVal 21.43+.14+18.1 StkIdx 24.88+.08+24.7NuveenHiYldMunA m 16.95+.01+20.1 HiYldMunI 16.95+.01+20.3 IntMunBdI 9.27...+8.8 LtdTmMunI 11.12...+4.7 RlEstSecI 23.73+.12+24.1Oak AssociatesPinOakEq 49.86+.24+23.7 RedOakTec 16.38+.08+27.6 WhiteOak 59.65+.25+19.7OakmarkEqIncI 34.55+.07+17.0 GlSelI 17.06+.01+16.1 Global I 31.45+.05+17.3 Intl I 26.05-.05+9.5 IntlSmCpI d 17.70-.03+12.7 Oakmark I 69.74+.24+26.2 Select I 45.66+.16+32.3Old WestburyGlbOppo 8.28...+11.7 GlbSmMdCp 17.40+.02+16.2 LgCpStr 13.20+.02+20.6OppenheimerActAllocA m 12.53+.02+17.0 CapApA m 66.40+.22+27.5 CapIncA m 10.03...+11.3 DevMktA m 41.30+.10+22.3 DevMktY 40.88+.10+22.7 DevMktsC m 39.17+.10+21.5 EqIncA m 34.49+.11+22.8 EquityA m 13.58+.05+25.1 GlobA m 82.03+.19+18.8 GlobOpprA m 40.83+.04+14.6 GlobY 82.21+.19+19.1 IntlBondA m 6.15-.01+6.4 IntlBondY 6.15...+6.6 IntlDivA m 14.96-.01+14.0 IntlGrY 37.81-.04+11.2 IntlGrowA m 37.94-.03+10.9 MainStrA m 52.73+.18+24.6 MnStrMdCpA m 34.08+.21+24.4 RisDivA m 21.01+.06+20.4 RisDivY 21.55+.05+20.6 SrFltRatA m 8.36...+4.3 SrFltRatC m 8.37...+3.6 StrIncA m 4.21...+7.6Oppenheimer RochesteFdMuniA m 15.35...+12.7 LmtTmMunA m 14.32+.01+6.2 LtdTmNY m 3.13...+4.3 RochHYMA m 7.17...+17.6OsterweisOsterStrInc 12.01...+6.1PIMCOAAstAAutP 10.39...+7.9 AllAssetA m 12.83...+11.7 AllAssetC m 12.77...+10.9 AllAssetI 12.83...+12.3 AllAuthA m 10.38...+7.6 AllAuthC m 10.37...+6.8 AllAuthIn 10.39...+8.1 CmPlsStrI 10.95...-0.6 CmPlsStrP 10.89...-0.8 ComRlRStI 5.65...-2.1 CrdtAbsRtInstl 10.80...+5.3 DivIncInst 11.89...+10.6 EMFdIdPLARSTIns 11.04...+27.6 EMktCurI 10.27...+5.4 EmMktsIns 11.25...+12.2 EmgLclBdI 9.59...+8.6 FdIdxPlARInst 7.49...+27.0 FdmtlAdvAbsRtI 3.88...+3.6 ForBdInstl 11.12...+9.7 ForBondI 10.66...+9.2 GlbAdvInst 11.43-.02+8.2 HgYdSpIns 11.04...+10.3 HiYldIs 9.72...+9.3 IFdIdPlARStI 12.61...+22.1 Income P 12.76...+11.2 IncomeA m 12.76...+10.9 IncomeC m 12.76...+10.2 IncomeD b 12.76...+11.0 IncomeInl 12.76...+11.3 InvGrdIns 10.81...+10.4 LgDrTRtnI 11.85...+17.6 LgTmCrdIn 13.11...+20.5 LgTmGovIs 10.59...+15.6 LowDrA m 10.35...+2.4 LowDrIs 10.35...+2.7 LowDurD b 10.35...+2.4 LowDurP 10.35...+2.6 ModDurIs 10.72...+4.7 RealRet 11.64...+6.7 RealRtnA m 11.64...+6.2 RlEstStRetI 4.98...+31.5 ShTermAdm b 9.91...+1.9 ShtTermIs 9.91...+2.1 SnrFltRtInstl d 10.20...+3.7 StkPlARShStrIn 2.50...-17.5 ToRtIIIIs 9.65...+5.5 ToRtIIIs 10.46...+5.3 TotRetA m 10.99...+5.5 TotRetAdm b 10.99...+5.7 TotRetC m 10.99...+4.7 TotRetIs 10.99...+5.9 TotRetR b 10.99...+5.3 TotRetrnD b 10.99...+5.6 TotlRetnP 10.99...+5.8 TtlRtIVInst 10.71...+4.9 UnconstrBdIns 11.32...+2.7 UnconstrBdP 11.32...+2.6 WwdFdAdvARStrIn 10.00...+3.8PRIMECAP OdysseyAggGr 33.50+.12+27.7 Growth 26.07+.10+21.3 Stock 23.36+.08+23.5ParametricEmgMktInstl 16.41...+20.8 TxMgEMInstl d 53.91+.01+21.4ParnassusCoreEqInv 39.85+.13+24.3Pax WorldBal b 25.48+.06+15.3PermanentPortfolio 45.17...+5.4PioneerCoreEqA m 16.94+.06+22.2 PioneerA m 42.01+.12+22.2 StratIncA m 11.12...+8.2 StratIncY 11.11-.01+8.4PrincipalBdMtgInst 11.03...+6.9 DivIntI 12.40...+19.0 HiYldA m 7.86...+9.6 HiYldII 10.68...+10.1 L/T2020I 15.04...+15.5 L/T2030I 15.32...+17.4 L/T2040I 15.84...+18.9 L/T2050I 15.38...+19.9 LCGrIInst 13.40...+23.3 LCIIIInst 15.60...+21.6 LgCGrInst 11.76...+24.9 LgCSP500I 14.17...+24.4 LgCValI 13.90...+22.5 MidCapA m 21.86...+22.4 PrSecInst 10.55...+12.9 SAMBalA m 16.47...+15.4 SAMConGrA m 18.92...+18.4 SCGrIInst 13.93...+13.0 SCValIII 14.17...+19.2PrudentialGblRealEstZ 24.97+.04+19.1 JenMCGrA m 40.94+.19+17.7Prudential InvestmenGovtIncA m 9.65...+4.5 HiYieldA m 5.80...+10.2 JenMidCapGrZ 42.76+.20+18.0 JennGrZ 31.33+.12+28.2 MuniHIncA m 10.15...+14.9 NaturResA m 56.83+.55+21.6 ShTmCoBdA m 11.32...+3.1 SmallCoZ 30.85+.19+20.6 TotRetBdZ 14.51...+9.0 UtilityA m 17.34+.10+35.6PutnamCpSpctrmA m 38.21+.03+23.0 CpSpctrmC m 37.44+.03+22.0 CpSpctrmY 38.40+.03+23.3 DivrInA m 7.83...+5.7 EqIncomeA m 22.27+.09+22.1 EqSpctrmA m 44.01+.15+23.3 EqSpctrmY 44.35+.15+23.6 GrowIncA m 21.67+.08+23.7 InvestorA m 21.59+.08+26.9 MultiCapGrA m 83.21+.27+27.1 VoyagerA m 33.84+.07+27.5RidgeWorthLgCpVaEqI 18.15+.04+22.9 MdCpVlEqI 15.00+.05+23.6 USGovBndI 10.14...+1.0RoycePAMutInv d 14.80+.06+15.8 PremierInv d 23.29+.09+18.3 SpecEqInv d 24.73+.12+12.1 TotRetInv d 16.68+.06+15.6RussellEmgMktsS 20.00+.03+22.0 GlRelEstS 40.81+.03+19.2 GlbEqtyS 11.88+.02+17.2 ItlDvMktS 37.62-.03+15.5 StratBdS 11.30...+6.1 USSmCpEqS 31.12+.16+15.3RydexBiotechIv 79.17+.83+35.8 InvOTC2xH b 22.99-.20-47.3SEIIdxSP500E d 54.07+.18+24.5 IntlEq A d 10.29+.01+13.5 IsCrFxIA d 11.58...+6.9 IsHiYdBdA d 7.89...+9.7 IsItlEmMA d 11.60+.03+18.7 IsLrgGrA d 34.45+.09+21.6 IsLrgValA d 26.38+.13+24.4 IsMgTxMgA d 20.02+.08+24.0SSGAS&P500Idx b 32.23+.11+24.6Schwab1000Inv d 53.31+.20+24.4 CoreEq d 25.43+.11+25.7 DivEqSel d 19.35+.09+22.8 FUSLgCInl d 15.55+.05+24.0 IntlIndex d 20.35+.01+15.1 S&P500Sel d 31.67+.10+24.7 SmCapIdx d 28.09+.20+15.9 TotStkMSl d 36.75+.14+24.0ScoutInterntl 37.24-.09+10.9 MidCap 19.11+.11+21.5 UnconBd 11.50+.01-0.9SelectedAmerShS b 49.07+.14+19.7 American D 49.07+.15+20.1SentinelCmnStkA m 45.90+.13+20.9SequoiaSequoia 220.81+.25+13.6Sound ShoreInv 53.26+.15+27.0SpectraSpectra A m 19.26+.09+28.0State FarmBalanced 66.50+.08+16.8 Growth 73.95+.16+22.7SteelPathMLPAlpA m 13.83+.07+23.6 MLPAlpY 14.01+.06+23.9 MLPIncA m 11.74+.04+15.5 MLPIncC m 11.47+.04+14.6 MLPSel40Y 13.82+.07+22.7SunAmericaFocDvStrC m 17.65+.05+14.3T Rowe PriceBalanced 24.37+.03+16.8 BlChpGAdv b 68.52+.11+27.4 BlChpGr 68.97+.11+27.7 CapApprec 27.82+.04+17.6 DivGrow 35.67+.09+20.5 EmMktBd d 13.11-.01+12.6 EmMktStk d 36.02-.05+23.2 EqIndex d 54.16+.18+24.5 EqtyInc 34.64+.12+19.2 EqtyIncAd b 34.55+.12+18.8 EurStock d 21.16-.08+15.3 GNMA 9.63...+5.3 GrStkAdv b 55.06+.09+26.0 GrowInc 31.66+.05+23.1 GrowStk 55.85+.09+26.4 HealthSci 69.05+.45+36.1 HiYield d 7.26...+11.7 InSmCpStk 20.76+.13+16.5 InsLgCpGr 28.82+.05+26.4 InstlFlRt d 10.24...+4.8 InstlHiYl d 9.86...+12.0 InstlLgCV 20.58+.07+23.7 IntlBnd d 9.75-.02+6.5 IntlDisc d 58.24-.14+18.8 IntlGrInc d 16.19-.03+17.1 IntlStk d 17.10-.03+16.8 MDTaxFBd x 10.90...+10.9 MediaTele 73.54+.11+23.8 MidCapE 44.04+.20+22.3 MidCapVa 33.41+.16+26.0 MidCpGr 78.56+.37+21.5 NewAmGro 47.04+.11+25.6 NewAsia d 18.10+.01+24.9 NewEra 50.26+.35+22.8 NewHoriz 47.74+.27+18.0 NewIncome 9.61+.01+6.8 OrseaStk d 10.34-.01+14.6 PerStrBal 24.20+.02+16.8 PerStrGr 32.52+.04+20.1 R2015 15.24+.02+15.5 R2025 16.44+.03+18.5 R2035 17.44+.02+20.5 Real d 25.16+.15+23.9 Ret2020R b 21.39+.03+16.5 Ret2050 14.00+.02+21.1 RetInc 15.43+.01+11.3 Rtmt2010 18.91+.03+13.7 Rtmt2020 21.76+.03+17.1 Rtmt2030 24.20+.03+19.7 Rtmt2040 25.11+.04+21.1 Rtmt2045 16.73+.02+21.1 SciTech 43.60+.33+31.3 ShTmBond 4.79...+1.8 SmCpStk 45.59+.29+15.7 SmCpVal d 50.03+.27+13.6 SpecGrow 25.68+.04+22.3 SpecInc 13.17+.01+9.5 SumMuInt x 11.96...+8.6TRPRet2025Ad b 16.34+.02+18.2TaxFHiYld x 11.81+.01+15.6 TaxFInc x 10.38...+11.9 TaxFShInt x 5.68...+3.1 TrRt2020Ad b 21.59+.03+16.8 TrRt2030Ad b 24.00+.04+19.4 TrRt2030R b 23.81+.04+19.2 TrRt2040Ad b 24.89+.04+20.8 TrRt2040R b 24.72+.04+20.5 Value 37.33+.12+25.8T.RoweReaAsset d 12.36+.05+19.5TCWEmgIncI x 8.72-.04+11.6 SelEqI 26.53+.20+21.6 TotRetBdI 10.32...+7.3 TotRetBdN b 10.64...+7.1TIAA-CREFBdIdxInst 10.88...+5.5 BdPIns 10.78...+7.3 BondIn 10.60...+7.2 ELCGrIxI 12.08+.04+23.7 ELCVlIxI 11.25+.04+23.1 EqIx 15.42+.06+24.1 Gr&IncIn 12.97+.06+24.9 HYlIns d 10.41...+10.7 InfL 11.73-.02+5.2 IntlE d 19.71...+15.4 IntlEqIn d 11.51-.01+13.0 LCVal 18.89+.10+21.5 LgCGIdx 20.79+.06+25.6 LgCVIdx 17.95+.07+23.9 LgGrIns 16.29+.06+27.6 Life2040I 11.40+.03+19.4 MidValIn 25.15+.13+24.5 SCEq d 19.31+.13+16.2 SPIndxIn 22.69+.08+24.8TargetSmCapVal 27.98+.15+17.9TempletonInFEqSeS 23.05-.02+13.3Third AvenueFCrtInst d 11.83-.03+16.5 RealEsVal d 32.37...+21.4 Value d 62.42+.05+17.4ThompsonBond 11.92...+5.1ThornburgIncBldA m 22.15+.04+19.2 IncBldC m 22.14+.04+18.3 IntlValA m 30.29+.03+6.7 IntlValI 30.91+.03+7.1 LtdTMuA m 14.61...+4.3 LtdTMul 14.62+.01+4.7 LtdTmIncI 13.56...+5.3ThriventLgCapStkA m 28.22...+20.4TocquevilleDlfld m 39.30+.15+16.8 Gold m 44.17+.54+4.3TouchstoneSdCapInGr 23.79+.15+28.6TransamericaAstAlMdGrC m 15.25+.04+14.5Tweedy, BrowneGlobVal d 27.87+.06+12.9U.S. Global InvestorGld&Prec m 7.57+.06-4.1 GlobRes m 10.06+.09+10.5 WrldPrcMnr m 6.99+.04-4.9USAACorstnModAgrsv 26.64+.03+14.0 GrowInc 23.60+.09+25.6 HYOpp d 8.96...+11.2 Income 13.37...+7.1 IncomeStk 18.37+.06+21.8 IntermBd 11.01-.01+7.8 Intl 30.65+.01+11.6 S&P500M 28.59...+24.3 ShTmBond 9.24...+2.7 TaxEInt 13.58...+8.3 TaxELgTm 13.71+.01+11.8 TaxEShTm 10.72...+1.9 Value 20.70+.09+20.2VALIC Co IMdCpIdx 28.51+.16+21.0 StockIdx 36.24+.12+24.4Vanguard500Adml 185.46+.63+24.8 500Inv 185.43+.63+24.7 500Sgnl 153.20+.52+24.8A-WexUSIdxAdm 32.33+.01+17.3BalIdx 29.31+.08+16.2 BalIdxAdm 29.31+.07+16.4 BalIdxIns 29.32+.08+16.4 BdMktInstPls 10.88...+5.6 CAITAdml 11.78...+9.7 CALTAdml 12.02...+13.5 CapOp 52.31+.21+27.8 CapOpAdml 120.82+.47+27.9 CapVal 16.00+.08+27.2 Convrt 14.37+.04+13.1 DevMktIdxAdm 13.40...+15.5 DevMktIdxInstl 13.41...+15.4 DivAppIdxInv 31.24+.05+18.0 DivEqInv 33.13+.14+23.5 DivGr 22.50+.03+19.7 EmMkInsId 28.70+.02+23.3 EmMktIAdm 37.74+.02+23.3 EmMktStkIdxIP 95.48+.05+23.4 EmerMktIdInv 28.73+.01+23.1 EnergyAdm 139.52+.78+20.3 EnergyInv 74.32+.42+20.2 EqInc 31.91+.11+21.2 EqIncAdml 66.90+.23+21.4 EurIdxAdm 72.34+.07+16.6 ExMktIdSig 57.41+.34+21.0 ExplAdml 97.99+.56+16.8 Explr 105.26+.59+16.6 ExtdIdAdm 66.81+.39+21.0 ExtdIdIst 66.81+.39+21.0 ExtdMktIdxIP 164.90+.96+21.1 ExtndIdx 66.76+.38+20.9 FAWeUSIns 102.49+.04+17.3 GNMA 10.74...+6.0 GNMAAdml 10.74...+6.1 GlbEq 25.17+.09+22.3 GrIncAdml 70.75+.25+25.4 GroInc 43.33+.15+25.3 GrowthIdx 52.45+.18+26.6 GrthIdAdm 52.45+.17+26.8 GrthIstId 52.45+.17+26.8 GrthIstSg 48.57+.16+26.8 HYCor 6.13...+9.8 HYCorAdml 6.13...+9.9 HYT/E 11.19+.01+12.5 HltCrAdml 90.06+.36+36.5 HlthCare 213.46+.87+36.4 ITBond 11.54-.01+6.9 ITBondAdm 11.54-.01+7.0 ITGradeAd 9.98...+7.4 ITIGrade 9.98...+7.3 ITrsyAdml 11.34...+3.6 InfPrtAdm 26.86-.03+5.5 InfPrtI 10.94-.01+5.5 InflaPro 13.68-.02+5.4 InstIdxI 184.26+.62+24.8 InstPlus 184.28+.62+24.8 InstTStId 45.88+.18+24.2 InstTStPl 45.88+.18+24.2 IntlExpIn 19.40-.06+20.7 IntlGr 23.79+.02+17.2 IntlGrAdm 75.71+.07+17.4 IntlStkIdxAdm 28.96+.01+17.6 IntlStkIdxI 115.82+.04+17.7 IntlStkIdxIPls 115.84+.03+17.7 IntlStkIdxISgn 34.74+.01+17.6 IntlVal 38.40+.01+17.0 L/TBdIdxInstlPl 14.05...+16.9 LTBond 14.05...+16.7 LTGradeAd 10.76-.01+17.2 LTInvGr 10.76-.01+17.1 LTsryAdml 12.57...+14.6 LgBdIdxIs 14.05...+16.9 LgCpIdxAdm 46.62+.16+24.7 LifeCon 18.99+.02+12.2 LifeGro 29.37+.07+18.7 LifeInc 15.00+.01+9.0 LifeMod 24.45+.04+15.4 MdCpGrIdxAdm 42.71+.23+22.4MdCpValIdxAdm 45.56+.18+26.2MdPDisGr 19.38+.03+15.8 MidCapGr 26.26+.11+19.2 MidCapIdxIP 163.51+.78+24.4 MidCp 33.04+.15+24.2 MidCpAdml 150.06+.71+24.4 MidCpIst 33.15+.16+24.4 MidCpSgl 47.35+.22+24.4 Morg 27.58+.12+24.0 MorgAdml 85.53+.37+24.1 MuHYAdml 11.19+.01+12.6 MuInt 14.25+.01+8.7 MuIntAdml 14.25+.01+8.7 MuLTAdml 11.69...+12.3 MuLtd 11.09...+2.9 MuLtdAdml 11.09...+2.9 MuSht 15.87...+1.1 MuShtAdml 15.87...+1.1 NJLTAdml 12.24...+11.6 NYLTAdml 11.76+.01+12.2 PALTAdml 11.64...+12.0 PacIdxAdm 77.39-.09+13.4 PrecMtls 11.67+.07+5.5 Prmcp 104.52+.36+30.9 PrmcpAdml 108.44+.37+31.0 PrmcpCorI 22.05+.06+28.3 REITIdx 25.62+.14+23.3 REITIdxAd 109.31+.58+23.4 REITIdxInst 16.92+.09+23.5 REITIdxSg 29.18+.15+23.4 S/TBdIdxInstl 10.52...+1.8 S/TBdIdxInstlPl 10.52...+1.9 STBond 10.52...+1.7 STBondAdm 10.52...+1.8 STBondSgl 10.52...+1.8 STCor 10.75...+3.0 STFedAdml 10.75...+1.4 STGradeAd 10.75...+3.1 STIGradeI 10.75...+3.2 STsryAdml 10.70...+1.0 SelValu 30.41+.13+23.8 ShTmInfPtScIxIn 25.01-.01+1.3 ShTmInfPtScIxIv 24.97-.01+1.2 SmCapIdx 55.93+.34+20.4 SmCapIdxIP 161.71+1.00+20.7 SmCpGrIdxAdm 44.49+.32+16.7 SmCpIdAdm 56.02+.35+20.7 SmCpIdIst 56.02+.35+20.7 SmCpIndxSgnl 50.46+.31+20.6SmCpValIdxAdm 45.40+.24+24.0SmGthIdx 35.55+.25+16.6 SmGthIst 35.63+.25+16.8 SmValIdx 25.31+.14+23.8 SmVlIdIst 25.38+.14+24.0 Star 25.38+.04+16.8 StratgcEq 33.33+.17+29.1 TgtRe2010 27.09+.03+11.6 TgtRe2015 15.73+.03+14.0 TgtRe2020 28.99+.05+15.8 TgtRe2030 29.67+.06+18.2 TgtRe2035 18.27+.04+19.5 TgtRe2040 30.51+.08+20.4 TgtRe2045 19.14+.05+20.4 TgtRe2050 30.37+.08+20.4 TgtRe2055 32.70+.08+20.4 TgtRetInc 13.06+.01+9.8 Tgtet2025 16.88+.03+17.0 TlIntlBdIdxAdm x 20.83-.04+7.3 TlIntlBdIdxInst x 31.26-.05+7.4 TlIntlBdIdxInv x 10.42-.01+7.4 TotBdAdml 10.88...+5.6 TotBdInst 10.88...+5.6 TotBdMkInv 10.88...+5.4 TotBdMkSig 10.88...+5.6 TotIntl 17.31...+17.6 TotStIAdm 50.58+.19+24.1 TotStIIns 50.59+.20+24.1 TotStISig 48.82+.19+24.1 TotStIdx 50.56+.20+24.0 TxMBalAdm 26.58+.06+16.3 TxMCapAdm 102.74+.35+25.1 TxMSCAdm 44.34+.27+17.0 USGro 31.03+.09+25.7 USGroAdml 80.37+.24+25.8 ValIdxAdm 32.27+.12+23.0 ValIdxIns 32.27+.12+23.1 ValIdxSig 33.58+.13+23.0 ValueIdx 32.27+.12+22.9 VdHiDivIx 26.80+.10+22.8 WellsI 26.16+.04+12.6 WellsIAdm 63.38+.09+12.7 Welltn 40.46+.10+17.0 WelltnAdm 69.89+.18+17.1 WndsIIAdm 70.41+.26+22.1 Wndsr 22.28+.11+24.2 WndsrAdml 75.18+.39+24.4 WndsrII 39.68+.15+22.0 ex-USIdxIP 108.53+.04+17.4VirtusEmgMktsIs 10.85+.01+23.9 MulSStA m 4.89...+5.0 MulSStC b 4.95...+4.7VoyaGlobalRealEstA m 20.48+.05+19.9Waddell & Reed AdvAssetStrA m 11.65...+12.5 CoreInv A m 7.86+.03+24.6 HiIncA m 7.69...+10.4 NewCncptA m 12.22+.07+16.4 SciTechA m 16.66+.10+26.9WasatchIntlGr d 28.61-.04+9.4 L/SInv d 16.84+.07+11.8 SmCapGr d 51.91+.29+10.4Wells FargoAstAlllcA f 14.59...+11.4 AstAlllcC m 14.04...+10.6 EmgMktEqA f 22.92+.08+16.5 GrI 56.69+.40+16.0 GrowInv 51.76+.36+15.5 GrowthAdm 54.86+.38+15.8 PrmLrgCoGrA f 15.11+.06+21.4 STMuBdInv 10.02...+1.9 ShTmBdInv 8.82...+1.8 UlSTMInA f 4.83+.01+0.5 UlSTMInI 4.82...+0.6WestwoodIncOppI 14.87+.03+13.9William BlairInslIntlG 17.85-.01+16.6 IntlGrI 27.57-.01+16.5World FundsEpGloEqShYI 20.70+.04+19.5AMGMgrsBondSvc 28.51+.01+9.4 TmSqMCGrI 19.53+.13+21.3 YacktmanSvc d 25.02+.07+15.1 YkmFcsInst d 26.76+.07+14.9 YkmFcsSvc d 26.72+.07+14.8AQRDivArbtI 10.98...+0.8 MaFtStrI 10.18...+1.0 MlStrAltI 9.86...+4.6AcadianEmgMkts d 20.51+.03+20.5Advisors Inner CrclEGrthIns 20.94+.07+32.4AkreAkrFocRet m 22.19+.05+22.5Alger GroupCapApInsI 29.39+.14+28.6Alliance BernsteinHighIncA m 9.62+.01+10.8 HighIncAdv 9.63...+11.2 HighIncC m 9.72...+9.9 IntDivA m 14.58+.01+4.8AllianzGINFJAllCpVaA m 17.32+.08+22.0 NFJAllCpValIns 17.41+.08+22.5 NFJSmCVIs 37.54+.17+19.1 NFJSmCVlA m 35.29+.16+18.6AmanaGrowth b 34.49+.10+22.0 Income b 45.88+.12+19.4American BeaconLgCpVlInv 29.79+.12+22.6 LgCpVlIs 31.48+.12+23.0 SmCapInst 28.12+.16+18.4American CenturyDivBdInstl 10.88...+6.1 DivBdInv 10.88...+5.9 EqGrowInv 33.64+.13+25.0 EqIncA m 9.27+.03+17.3 EqIncInstl 9.28+.02+17.8 EqIncInv 9.28+.03+17.6 HeritInv 26.95+.19+16.7 InTTxFBIns 11.48+.01+7.0 InTTxFBInv 11.48+.01+6.8 IncGrInv 39.29+.14+24.4 InfAdjI 12.04-.02+4.7 IntlGrInv d 13.54-.03+13.4 InvGrInstl 35.65+.13+23.5 InvGrInv 35.22+.12+23.2 MdCpValInv 17.59+.08+24.8 NTDvsfBdInstl 10.91...+5.7 OneChMod 15.35+.03+15.6 SelectInv 60.14+.11+24.2 UltraInv 36.70+.09+24.7 ValueInv 9.05+.03+22.8American FundsAMCAPA m 29.38+.12+26.5 AmBalA m 25.81+.07+17.9 BondA m 12.82...+6.0 CapIncBuA m 61.50+.13+16.5 CapWldBdA m 21.00-.02+7.9 CpWldGrIA m 47.71+.08+20.3 EurPacGrA m 50.08-.01+16.6 FnInvA m 55.04+.22+23.3 GlbBalA m 31.95+.04+16.6 GrthAmA m 46.70+.20+24.4 HiIncA m 11.40-.01+8.5 HiIncMuA m 15.39...+14.4 IncAmerA m 21.98+.05+18.0 IntBdAmA m 13.56...+2.4 IntlGrInA m 35.91+.01+17.8 InvCoAmA m 40.39+.14+25.9 LtdTmTxEA m 16.16...+4.8 MutualA m 37.19+.11+20.2 NewEconA m 40.22+.12+24.1 NewPerspA m 39.03+.04+19.0 NwWrldA m 61.11...+15.5 STBdFdA m 10.00...+0.9 SmCpWldA m 50.83+.22+16.1 TaxEBdAmA m 13.04+.01+10.6 USGovSecA m 13.99...+4.2 WAMutInvA m 42.40+.14+22.6ArbitrageArbitragI d 13.00+.03+2.1ArielApprecInv b 58.57+.13+23.1 ArielInv b 78.96+.27+26.3Artio GlobalGlobHiYldI 10.17...+10.4ArtisanIntl d 30.92-.08+15.1 IntlI d 31.15-.08+15.3 IntlVal d 38.12-.09+15.7 IntlValI d 38.27-.09+15.9 MdCpVal 28.36+.09+16.6 MidCap 49.56+.29+18.6 MidCapI 51.95+.30+18.9 SmCapVal 18.43+.09+9.8Aston FundsMidCapI 50.04+.21+28.0 MidCapN b 49.17+.20+27.7 MtgClGrI 29.44+.03+19.3 MtgClGrN b 29.24+.03+19.0BBHBrdMktFxI 10.34...+1.9 CoreSelN d 22.69+.09+16.7BNY MellonEmgMkts 10.98-.01+22.8 MidCpMuStrM 15.58+.06+22.1 NtlIntM 13.76...+7.2BairdAggrInst 10.80...+7.3 CrPlBInst 11.17...+7.5 ShTmBdIns 9.73...+2.5BaronAsset b 66.13+.22+23.2 GrInstl 73.50+.29+14.5 Growth b 72.63+.29+14.2 SmCap b 35.10+.17+15.6 SmCpInstl 35.60+.17+15.9BernsteinDiversMui 14.58+.02+5.1 IntDur 13.83...+6.7 IntlPort 16.66-.02+13.2 TxMIntl 16.74-.02+13.3BerwynIncome d 14.55+.04+12.1BlackRockBasicValA m 33.50+.18+24.4 BasicValI 33.80+.17+24.7 CapAppInA m 28.28+.16+23.4 EqDivA m 25.48+.08+18.8 EqDivI 25.55+.09+19.1 EquitDivC m 24.88+.08+18.0 FltRtlIncI 10.46...+4.4 GlLSCrI 10.96...+4.6 GlLSCrIvA m 10.94...+4.1 GlobAlcA m 22.12+.04+12.5 GlobAlcC m 20.46+.04+11.7 GlobAlcI 22.23+.04+12.8 HiYldBdIs 8.42+.01+11.9 HiYldInvA m 8.42+.01+11.6 HthScOpA m 48.28+.22+33.1 LowDurIvA m 9.78...+2.8 NatMuniA m 10.97+.01+11.6 NatMuniI 10.96+.01+11.7 A-B-CACI Ww s...19.47+.23 ASML Hld.83e96.12+.18 AcadiaHlt...51.21-.33 AcadiaPh...23.98+.37 Accuray...8.14+.21 AcelRx...7.15+.03 Achillion...11.57+.12 ActivsBliz.20f23.54+.19 AdobeSy...71.90+.53 Aegerion...30.55-.09 Affymetrix...8.67+.19 AkamaiT...60.42+.40 Akorn...39.02+.24 Alexion...169.29+.98 AlignTech...54.46-.33 Alkermes...44.73+.25 AllscriptH...14.78+.14 AlnylamP...69.67+1.21 AlteraCp lf.72f35.34+.20 Altisrce n...99.93+4.29 AmTrstFin.8044.03-.01 Amarin...1.93+.01 Amazon...339.04-.98 Ambarella...34.25+1.43 Amdocs.6247.10+.37 AmAirl n.4038.88-.29 ACapAgy2.75e23.65+.14 AmCapLtd...15.49+.03 ARCapH n.6810.97+.01 ARltCapPr1.0013.16+.03 Amgen2.44u139.38+.69 AmicusTh...u7.19-.08 AmkorTch...10.40+.15 Amsurg...u53.79+.84 AnacorPh...u23.29+.63 AnalogDev1.4851.12-.17 Andrsons s.44u68.77+1.60 AngiesList...7.67+.06 ApolloEdu...27.77+.27 ApolloInv.808.77+.02 Apple Inc s1.88u102.50+.25 ApldMatl.4023.11+.31 AMCC...8.47+.15 Approach...17.88+.09 ArkBest.1235.90+.03 ArchCap...55.58+.15 ArenaPhm...4.12... AresCap1.52a17.15+.05 AriadP...6.22+.06 ArmHld.31e48.53+.37 ArrayBio...3.95+.08 Arris...30.61+.21 ArrowRsh...14.57+.43 ArubaNet...21.35+.17 AscenaRtl...17.39+.01 AspenTech...41.09-.87 AsscdBanc.3618.18+.21 athenahlth...144.44+.30 Atmel...8.86+.28 Audience...8.58+.24 Autodesk...53.64-.36 AutoData1.9283.48-.02 Auxilium...18.60+.28 AvagoTch1.16fu82.09+5.73 AvanirPhm...6.22+.21 AVEO Ph...1.32+.03 AviatNetw...1.57+.10 AvisBudg...67.51-.43 BBCN Bcp.40f14.60+.22 B/E Aero...84.74+.15 BGC Ptrs.487.57+.08 Baidu...214.52+.71 BallardPw...3.79+.01 BncFstOK1.36f63.64+.21 BebeStrs.06m3.30+.33 BedBath...64.26-.05 BioRefLab...29.05-.55 Biocryst...13.50+.29 BiogenIdc...343.04+1.80 BioMarin...71.22+1.60 BioScrip...8.46+.01 BlkRKelso.849.35+.10 BlackBerry...10.18-.08 BloominBr...16.64... Blucora...15.58+.04 BluebBio...40.01+3.03 BobEvans1.24d43.42-.36 BonaFilm...7.10-.11 BoulderBr...13.46... BreitBurn2.0122.88+.36 Brightcove...6.08+.05 Broadcom.4839.38+.18 BrcdeCm.1410.55+.11 BrukerCp...20.06+.03 CA Inc1.0028.24+.12 CBOE.84f53.03+.01 CH Robins1.4068.26+.20 CIM CTr rs.8819.37+.34 CME Grp1.8876.55-.03 CTC Media.709.08-.02 Cache...d.94+.01 Cadence...17.63+.16 Cadiz h...13.22+.21 Caesars...13.44... CalaStrTR.9912.02-.10 CalAmp...19.28+.13 Camtek h...4.06-.09 CdnSolar...35.44+.19 CpstnTurb...1.25-.01 Cardtronic...35.50-.34 CareerEd...5.49+.25 Carrizo...62.72+1.92 Catamaran...47.12+.09 CathayGen.2826.04+.09 Cavium...u56.18+.85 Celgene s...95.02+.32 CelldexTh...15.91+.17 CEurMed...2.48+.02 CentAl...u24.98+.38 Cepheid...40.03+.25 CeragonN...2.45+.04 Cerner...57.66+.66 ChartInds...66.89+.55 CharterCm...156.87+.86 ChkPoint...u71.02+.87 Cheesecake.66f44.95-.12 ChiFnOnl...9.30-.55 ChiRecyEn...1.45-.06 CinnFin1.7648.09-.14 Cintas.77fu66.14+.26 Cirrus...24.18+.38 Cisco.7624.99+.14 CitrixSys...70.26+.53 CleanEngy...9.97+.07 ClovisOnc...47.56-.19 Cognex s.2241.98+.08 CognizTc s...45.73+.26 Comc spcl.9054.60+.22 CommScp n...25.76+.07 CmtyHlt rt....04-.00 CommVlt...55.14+.57 Compuwre.509.35+.13 Conns...44.83+.10 ConsolCom1.55u24.38+.26 ConstantC...31.17+.93 Conversant...27.54+.38 Copart...34.43+.01 CorinthC h....17+.01 CorOnDem...37.45+.70 Costco1.42121.08+.11 CowenGp...4.09+.06 Cray Inc...28.21+.17 Cree Inc...45.56+.11 Criteo SA n...37.55+6.90 Crocs...15.45-.02 Ctrip.com...64.17+.14 CubistPh...69.03+.12 CumMed...4.59-.09 Curis...1.75+.06 CypSemi.4411.05+.18 CyrusOne.8426.04+.51 D-E-FDealertrk...44.76+.58 Dndreon...1.36... Dentsply.2747.71+.12 Depomed...15.35+.08 DexCom...44.20-.08 DiambkEn...86.35+3.15 DirecTV...86.45+.36 DiscCmA s...43.72-.04 DiscCmC s...42.97+.06 DishNetw h...64.81+.08 DollarTree...53.63-.33 DonlleyRR1.0417.67+.29 DragonW g...1.50-.01 DrmWksA...21.84-.32 DryShips...3.29+.04 Dunkin.9243.54-.03 DyaxCp...10.21+.19 E-Trade...22.26+.10 eBay...55.50+.07 EDAP TMS...1.56-.05 EaglRkEn...4.34+.24 EarthLink.204.13-.01 Ebix Inc.3015.44+.22 8x8 Inc...7.77... ElPLoco n...32.31+.66 ElectArts...37.84+.74 ElizArden...17.10-.01 Endo Intl...63.71-.31 Endocyte...7.36+.38 EngyXXI.4816.50+.19 Enphase...14.08+.10 Entegris...12.14+.14 EntropCom...2.63+.06 Equinix...218.26+2.07 Ericsson.46e12.49+.01 Euronet...u53.30+1.19 EveryWr h...2.39+.08 ExOne...29.27-.61 Exelixis...4.14+.10 Expedia.72f85.90-.50 ExpdIntl.64f41.30+.11 ExpScripts...73.93+.11 ExtrmNet...5.33+.09 EZchip...27.94-.02 Ezcorp...10.63+.12 F5 Netwks...124.19+.53 FLIR Sys.4033.79+.13 Facebook...74.82+.97 FairchldS...u17.55+.28 Fastenal1.0045.28+.06 FedNatHld.1224.70+1.64 FifthStFin1.109.83+.04 FifthStSen1.20f12.34-.04 FifthThird.52f20.41+.14 Finisar...20.31+.36 FinLine.3229.63+.15 FireEye n...31.14+1.14 FstNiagara.328.70+.03 FstSolar...69.68+.53 FstMerit.6417.24+.09 Fiserv s...64.47+.12 FiveBelow...40.56+.54 Flextrn...11.04+.07 Fortinet...25.81+.52 Fossil Grp...101.29+.60 FosterWhl.40e32.64+.10 Francesca...14.00-.19 FredsInc.24d14.23-.80 FreshMkt...33.35-.38 FrontierCm.406.79+.04 FuelCellE...2.54+.06 FultonFncl.3211.54+.10 G-H-IGT AdvTc...17.81+.13 GW Pharm...91.52+.33 Gam&Lsr n2.0833.30-.04 Garmin1.9254.33+.21 Gentherm...48.85+.50 GeronCp.15t2.38+.05 Gevo h....52+.05 GileadSci...107.56+.05 GlbSpcMet.3020.54+.18 GluMobile...5.16+.01 Gogo...16.93+.10 GolLNGLtd1.8063.00+1.68 Goodyear.24f25.97+.20 Google A...582.36+2.04 Google C n...571.60+2.40 GoPro n...u51.80+2.90 GreenPlns.32f44.69-.02 GrifolsSA.29e40.15+.41 Groupon...6.80+.16 GulfportE...58.50+.50 HD Supply...27.77+.01 HMS Hldgs...22.86-.05 HainCel...u98.36-.02 Halozyme...9.50+.04 HanwhaSol...2.19... Harmonic...6.57+.07 Hasbro1.7252.66+.54 HawHold...15.60+.11 HSchein...119.69+.24 HercOffsh...3.37+.04 HighpwrInt...6.32-.08 HimaxTch.27e8.32+.13 Hollysys...22.07+.28 Hologic...24.87+.16 HmeLnSvc2.16f21.90+.03 HomeAway...33.20-.01 HorizPhm...10.30+.14 HubGroup...43.49+.33 HudsCity.169.87+.04 HuntJB.8075.55-.12 HuntBncsh.209.84+.03 HutchT...u4.49-.21 IAC Inter1.36f69.59+.32 IdexxLabs...123.97+.26 iPass...1.16-.03 iRobot...32.43-.51 iShAsiaexJ1.04e65.72+.02 iSh ACWI1.29e60.92+.11 iShNsdqBio.39e276.55+2.43 Icon PLC...49.54-1.63 iDreamS n...20.59-1.50 iKangHlt n...21.19-.20 Illumina...179.36+.28 ImunoGn...11.82+.16 Imunmd...3.33+.13 Imris g....82-.10 Incyte...54.20+.26 Infinera...10.58+.15 Informat...34.06+.50 Insmed...13.93+.11 Nasdaq National Market Mutual FundsIntgDv...u16.45+.07 Intel.9034.92+.27 Inteliquent.60f12.20+.20 InterceptP...289.72+.62 InterMune...u73.45+.24 Intersil.4815.05+.45 Intuit1.00f83.18-.18 InvBncp s.1610.61+.05 IridiumCm...9.40+.28 IronwdPh...12.94+.29 Isis ...40.76+.86 Ixia lf...9.62-.02 J-K-LJA Solar...9.25+.11 JD.com n...31.92+.48 JDS Uniph...11.55+.05 JazzPhrm...162.92+.21 JetBlue...12.23-.18 JiveSoftw...6.98+.29 KLA Tnc2.00fu76.42+.09 KandiTech...17.86-1.26 KeurigGM1.00133.32-1.13 KiOR....10-.01 KitePhm n...28.27+.96 KnightT.8012.26+.02 KraftFGp2.1058.90+.42 LKQ Corp...28.40+.63 LamResrch.7271.91+.04 LamarAdv3.3252.48+.28 Lattice...7.51+.11 LexiPhrm...1.52+.02 LibGlobA s...43.67-.43 LibGlobC s...41.93-.63 LibMda A s...49.23+.17 LibMdaC n...48.47-.02 LibtyIntA...29.52+.23 LibVentA s...38.09-.09 LibTripA n...35.77-.23 LifePtH...74.80+.65 LimelghtN...2.37+.02 LinearTch1.0845.11+.08 LinnEngy2.9031.72+.27 LinnCo2.9031.45+.16 Lionbrdg...4.64+.06 LiquidHldg...1.67+.18 Liquidity...15.24+.58 lululemn gs...39.93-.66 M-N-0MCG Cap.20m3.96-.03 MSG h...66.86+.64 ManhAsc s...28.88-.11 MannKd...7.37+.05 Markit n...25.01... MarIntA.80u69.40+.41 MarvellT.2413.91-.01 Masimo...22.44+.28 Mattel1.52d34.49-.21 MattrssFm...u57.29+.77 MaximIntg1.12f30.89-.25 MaxwellT...10.27-.10 MedAssets...23.00+.10 MediciNova...2.35+.09 Medidata s...46.54+.66 Medivation...u91.26+1.78 MelcoCrwn.55e28.36-.32 MemorialP2.2023.40-.10 MemRsD n...u29.47+.74 MentorGr.2021.81+.11 MercadoL.66114.95+.27 MeridBcp s...10.58+.03 MerrimkP...6.98-.05 Methanx1.0066.82+.12 Michaels n...16.98+.08 Micrel.20u12.53+.14 Microchp1.42f48.83+.81 MicronT...32.60-.21 MicrosSys...67.97+.05 MicroSemi...26.64+.49 Microsoft1.1245.43+.55 Microvisn...2.05-.03 MobileIrn n...11.59-.28 Mondelez.60f36.19-.10 MonstrBev...88.41+.25 MontageT lf...21.48-.02 Mylan...48.60+.47 MyriadG...36.19+.18 NII Hldg h....14... NPS Phm...30.18+.78 NXP Semi...u68.52+1.56 Nanosphere....84+.01 NasdOMX.60u43.47-.33 NatPenn.4010.00+.04 Navient n.6017.94+.22 NektarTh...14.26-.05 Net1UEPS...u12.26+.56 NetApp.6642.16+.17 Netflix...477.64+2.43 Netlist h...1.15+.04 Neurcrine...16.31+.32 NYMtgTr1.087.98+.02 Newport...18.87+.15 NewsCpA...17.63-.05 NewsCpB...17.26-.03 NorTrst1.32u69.35+.55 NorwCruis...33.31+.12 Novavax...4.69+.07 NuanceCm...17.01+.14 Nvidia.3419.45+.06 OReillyAu...u155.98-.48 OceanPw h...1.32+.07 OldNBcp.4413.09-.02 Omeros...14.91+.72 OmniVisn...27.11-.07 OnSmcnd...9.76+.10 OnTrack...2.71-.14 OraSure...8.33+.07 Orexigen...5.70-.03 P-Q-RPDC Engy...60.09+2.07 PDL Bio.6010.09+.07 PGT Inc...10.45+.34 PMC Sra...7.38+.06 PTC Inc...38.69-.05 Paccar.8862.81+.12 PacBiosci...5.86+.32 PacSunwr...2.08-.22 PanASlv.5014.36+.14 Parexel...56.44-.51 Patterson.8040.27-.05 PattUTI.4034.54+1.00 Paychex1.52f41.65-.13 PnnNGm...11.29+.03 PennantPk1.1211.90+.09 PeopUtdF.6614.95+.01 PerfectWld.48e21.02+.22 PetSmart.7871.57+.02 Pharmacyc...124.39+.44 PilgrimsP...29.87... Pixelwrks...6.63-.01 PlanarSy...4.99+.11 Polycom...13.25+.26 Popular...30.96+.19 PortfRecov...56.83+.51 Potbelly n...12.10+.20 PwShs QQQ1.34eu99.78+.37 PriceTR1.7681.00+.20 Priceline...1244.31-6.40 PrUPQQQ s.01eu88.98+1.03 PrognicsPh...5.51+.21 Proofpoint...39.88+1.21 ProUShBio...11.97-.21 PShtQQQ rs...d35.41-.43 ProspctCap1.3210.31+.05 QIAGEN...24.17+.14 QIWI plc1.39e37.29-.89 QlikTech...28.23+.48 Qlogic...9.05+.13 Qualcom1.6876.10+.18 QualitySys.7015.66+.43 Qunar n...30.02+.03 RF MicD...u12.47+.71 RadNet...6.68+.06 Rambus...12.41+.24 Randgold.5084.15+1.12 RaptorPhm...11.02+.27 Receptos...51.15-.05 Regenrn...350.46+3.54 RenewEn...12.16+.35 RentACt.9227.86-.15 RepubAir...10.15+.15 RetailMNot...18.65+.04 RexEnergy...15.28+.16 RigelPh...2.60+.04 RiverbedT...18.84+.10 RocketF n...16.29+.58 RockwllM...9.54+.29 RosettaR...50.00+.96 RossStrs.8075.42+.19 Rovi Corp...23.13+.10 RoyGld.8477.75+1.30 RubiconTc...6.24-.02 RuthsHosp.2011.15+.12 Ryanair...54.90+.12 S-T-USBA Com...110.29-.38 SEI Inv.44u37.90+.45 SLM Cp...8.86-.02 SabreCp n.3618.23+.22 SalixPhm...159.11+.45 SanderFm.8093.32-.52 SanDisk1.20f97.96-.34 SangBio...14.30+.25 Sanmina...23.48+.21 Sapient...14.51+.20 SareptaTh...22.93+.80 SciClone lf...6.86+.23 SciGames...10.15+.17 SeagateT1.72u62.58+.49 SearsHldgs...34.80-.66 SeattGen...44.01+.44 SelCmfrt...22.37+.23 Semtech...26.06+.40 Sequenom...3.71-.10 SvcSource...3.80-.04 Shire.62e244.35-.51 Shutterfly...51.01+.44 SierraWr...28.01+.74 SigaTech h...1.35... SigmaDsg...4.84-.14 SilicnImg1.00e5.06+.08 SilcnLab...45.33+1.49 SilicnMotn.6026.96+.29 Slcnware.30e7.35+.05 SilvStd g...9.37+.04 Sina...46.18+.50 Sinclair.66f29.05+.17 SiriusXM...3.63+.03 Sky-mobi...7.93-.27 SkyWest.168.97-.12 SkywksSol.44u56.66+1.12 SmithWes...11.07-.05 SodaStrm...33.34+.09 SolarCity...68.68+.05 Solazyme...9.38+.34 SonicCorp.3621.11-.09 Sonus...3.77+.06 Spectranet...28.38-.09 SpectPh...8.11+.14 SpiritAir...70.39-.87 Splunk...53.93+8.64 Sprouts...30.94-.07 Staples.4811.68+.02 Starbucks1.0477.81... Starz A...31.29-.18 StlDynam.4623.24+.10 Stratasys...119.96+2.17 SungyMo n...8.31-.13 SunOpta...13.29+.34 SunPower...38.22+.17 SuperMicro...24.49-.24 Supernus...9.06+.25 SusqBnc.36f10.32+.04 Symantec.6024.28+.12 Synacor...2.02+.01 Synaptics...82.10+2.23 Synchron...u44.17+1.08 SynrgyPh...3.90+.12 Synopsys...40.90+.15 SyntaPhm...4.00-.03 TICC Cap1.169.78+.02 tw telecom...41.04+.31 TakeTwo...23.51+1.05 Tarena n...14.23+.52 TASER...15.67... TeslaMot...u269.70+5.84 TetraTc.2825.50+.02 TexInst1.2048.18+.16 TexRdhse.6026.59-.04 The9Ltd...u3.22+.65 Theravnce1.0023.56+.60 Thoratec...25.00+.26 TibcoSft...20.84+.08 TiVo Inc...14.09+.24 TowerGp lf...2.01... TowerSemi...u11.70+.34 TownSprts...5.59+.27 TractSup s.6466.95-.20 TrimbleN...33.26+.26 TripAdvis...99.09-.28 TriQuint...u20.67+1.27 TrueCar n...20.67+1.27 Trustmk.9223.74+.06 TubeMgl n...u13.89+1.02 TuesMrn...17.58-.16 Tuniu n...18.50-.05 21stCFoxA.2535.42-.18 21stCFoxB.2534.44-.16 21Vianet...27.31-1.37 USA Tech h...1.80+.02 UTiWrldwd...9.18... Ubiquiti...45.36-.12 UltaSalon...97.31-.60 Ultragnx n...53.36-.51 Umpqua.6017.47+.11 Unilife...2.55+.08 UtdNtrlF...64.29-.29 UtdTherap...u117.83+26.14 UnivDisp...34.74+.01 UrbanOut...39.79+.02 V-W-X-Y-ZVCA Inc...u40.75+.09 VangNatR2.5229.42+.35 VanSTCpB1.62e80.24-.01 VanLTCpB3.96e92.59+.11 VanTIntBd.79e52.24-.01 VeecoInst...35.37-.02 VBradley...20.52+.18 Verisign...57.08+.61 Verisk...64.19+.31 VertxPh...93.57+.77 ViacomA1.3281.03+.22 ViacomB1.3281.15+.38 VimpelCm.45e8.52-.21 VitesseS...3.34+.17 Vivus...4.29+.15 Vodafone1.82e34.34-.07 Volcano...12.44+.06 WarrenRs...6.45+.11 Web.com...d18.95-.19 WebMD...48.35+.32 Weibo n...19.92+.42 Wendys Co.208.15+.01 WDigital1.60103.01+.94 WstptInn g...14.41-.07 WetSeal h...1.01-.02 WholeFood.4839.14-.05 WilshBcp.209.76+.19 Windstrm1.0011.31-.02 WisdomTr...11.83+.48 Wynn5.00192.88-3.91 XOMA...4.38+.02 Xilinx1.1642.25+.49 YRC Wwde...23.22+.13 YY Inc...84.89+.09 Yahoo...38.51+.20 Yandex...28.43+.09 ZeltiqAes...21.01+.04 Zillow...143.46+.24 ZionsBcp.1629.14... Zogenix...1.35+.07 Zulily n...32.80-.16 Zynga...2.90+.01 12-mo Name NAV Chg%RtnNameDivLastChg Mutual Fund Footnotes: b Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f front load (sales charges). m Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA not available. p previous days net asset value. s fund split shares during the week. x fund paid a distribution during the week.Source:Morningstar and the Associated Press.


FRANK JOLLEY | Staff Writer frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com T he South Sumter High School football team was the de nition of domination in Fridays season opener against Wildwood. The Raiders scored on their second offensive play of the game and reached the end zone on all but two posses sions en route to a 63-0 win against the Wildcats at Raider Field. South Sumter, the states No. 2-ranked team in Class 5A, sim ply overpowered their Sumter County rivals. The Raiders battered the Wildcats into com plete submission with a 28-point outburst in the rst quarter and tak ing a 49-0 lead into the locker room at halftime. Running back Isial Flowers got South Sumter on the scoreboard with a six-yard run to open the scoring and JT Taylor scored a second touch down less than three minutes into the game. South Sumter began rotating its secondand third-string into the game in the rst half, as the Raiders built a 35-0 lead on the rst play of the second quarter following a 36-yard run by Flowers. Flowers had 148 yards rushing in the rst half and scored three touch downs. He nished with 177 yards and four touchdowns. Taylor had 24 yards on ve carries and three scores. Matt Todd added 53 yards on ve carries. For the game, South Sumter had 302 yards rushing and 43 yards passing. Defensively, the Raid ers completely shut down the Wildcats. Wildwood was held to minus-15 yards of total offense. Quarterback Torre Parker was harassed the entire game by South Sumters defensive front. He spent more time run ning for self-preserva tion than trying to direct the Wildcats offense. Parker was credited with 14 carries for mi nus-14 yards. He also attempted nine passes and failed to complete any of them. As a team, Wildwood was 0-of-11 passing with one interception on the nal play of the game. Wildwood did not re cord its initial rst down until midway through the third quarter and picked up its second in the nal minutes of the game. The entire second half was played using a run ning clock and South Sumter added two rush ing touchdowns in the second half. A steady drizzle that began be fore the game started and continued through out kept the eld wet, but was not a factor in the nal outcome. 2004 SUZUKI KA TA NAOnly$3,4 00 2005 YA MAHA VS TA R6 50Only$3,9 95 2012 HOND AS HADOW 750Only$6,2 00 352-330-0047 rff nt bft nnf Cycles Cycles BUY HERE PAY HERE r f n tb r br r f f tb n b b b b rrr rr rrbr r b 1997HARLEY -DA VIDSON 883 H$3, 90 0 2003TRIUMPH SP EEDMA STER$3,7 00 2003HARLE YDA VIDSO NU LT RA CLASSI C$9, 50 0 2013KA WA SAKI NINJA 300$4,900 2014INDIAN CHIEFT AIN$22,90 0 2008VICTOR Y VISION$10 ,50 0 SPORTS EDITOR FRANK JOLLEY 352-365-8268 Sports sports@dailycommercial.com C1 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 www.dailycommercial.com SCHUYLER DIXON Associated Press ARLINGTON, Texas Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher is lead ing quarterback Jameis Winston into a new sea son in another NFL sta dium, under very differ ent circumstances. Winston is the reign ing Heisman Trophy winner, not a fresh man playing his rst college game. And the Seminoles are the topranked defending na tional champions play ing on the same eld where the 2014 title winner will be crowned in the rst year of the new playoff format. Its all good, Fish er says of the open er against unranked Oklahoma State on Saturday night in the $1.2 billion home of the Dallas Cowboys with the giant video board hanging over the turf. Its good for camp. Its good for the offsea son, said Fish er, whose team is trying to match a school record with its 17th straight victory. I think its good for col lege football. You cant do it all the time be cause schedules dont allow you to do it, but Im very excited about this and very pleased and looking forward to the opportunity. Winston offered quite a preview in his college debut a year ago, completing 25 of 27 passes for 356 yards in a 41-13 victory over Pitt at the home of the Pittsburgh Steel ers. That set the stage for the highest-scoring season in FBS histo ry, capped by a touch down pass in the nal seconds of a 34-31 win over Auburn at the Rose Bowl in the nal championship game under the BCS format. Now Florida State is playing for a coveted spot in the fourteam Col lege Football Playoff, with PAUL NEWBERRY AP Sports Writer HAMPTON, Ga. Tony Stewart took his seat on the podium unshaven, his eyes glassy and unfold ed a sheet of paper. His voice quivered as he read, pausing to main tain his composure as he described the death of a driver he hit as one of the toughest trag edies Ive ever had to deal with. This was a far cry from the brash driver known around the track as Smoke. Ninety minutes lat er, he climbed into his No. 14 car and sped to ward the high-banked oval at Atlanta Motor Speedway, drawing a cheer from the crowd gathered around his ga rage. He quickly got up to speed, turning laps of nearly 190 mph, a racer back in his element. Ready or not, Stewart is back on the track. Heartbroken but ea ger to heal, Stewart re joined the race for the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship sur rounded by those he considers a second family his team, his crew, his rivals. He missed the last three races, going into seclu sion after the sprint car he was driving struck and killed 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr., who had stepped on the track to confront him during a race. Hell get back to work as an investigation con tinues in upstate New York. Authorities said Friday that the probe into the cause of the crash will last at least another two weeks. No decision has been made about whether Stewart will face charges. This is something HOWARD FENDRICH AP Tennis Writer NEW YORK A day before facing Venus Wil liams and a parti san crowd at the U.S. Open, Italys Sara Erra ni came across a video posted on Twitter that gave her a little extra motivation. It showed a pair of for mer players and coach es, Brad Gilbert and Darren Cahill, forecast ing Friday at Flushing Meadows. Both picked Williams to win. The 13th-seeded Erra nis ears perked up par ticularly when Gilbert referred to her cottage cheese serve and pre dicted shed win only four games. So much for that. In a riveting third-round match of wild mo mentum swings, the 19th-seeded Williams, a two-time U.S. Open champion, came with in two points of victo ry four times before suc cumbing to Errani 6-0, 0-6, 7-6 (5). As if needing a remind er of what shed seen on line, Errani was inter viewed for TV by Cahill before the match, and by Gilbert afterward. Lets just say that during the match I thought about that (vid eo) more than once, said Errani, who pound ed her chest with a st and put a nger to her lips on court as if to hush doubters or the loud folks in Arthur Ashe Sta dium pulling for her American opponent. Williams is 34, deal ing with an autoimmune disease, and hasnt been BRETT LE BLANC / DAILY COMMERCIAL South Sumter junior Isial Flowers (28) celebrates a touchdown during Fridays game between South Sumter High School and Wildwood High School at Raider Field in Bushnell. South Sumter junior Isial Flowers (28) scores a touchdown during Fridays game. MATT ROURKE / AP Sara Errani, of Italy, returns a shot against Venus Williams during the third round of the 2014 U.S. Open in New York. Winston, champ FSU open at site of next title game Tony Stewart back at the track, looking to heal AP FILE PHOTO Florida States Jameis Winston. SEE STEWART | C2 SEE FSU | C2 Erranis cottage cheese serve tops Venus SEE TENNIS | C2 Raiders dominate Wildcats FOOTBALL: First Academy wins big / C3


C2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 TENNIS U.S. Open Men Second Round Gael Monls (20), France, def. Alejandro Gonzalez, Colombia, 7-5, 6-3, 6-2. Kevin Anderson (18), South Africa, def. Jerzy Jano wicz, Poland, 6-7 (6), 6-2, 6-1, 6-3. Marin Cilic (14), Croatia, def. Illya Marchenko, Ukraine, 7-6 (2), 6-2, 6-4. David Ferrer (4), Spain, def. Bernard Tomic, Austra lia, walkover. Grigor Dimitrov (7), Bulgaria, def. Dudi Sela, Israel, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2. Feliciano Lopez (19), Spain, def. Tatsuma Ito, Japan, 6-4, 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (4). David Gofn, Belgium, def. Joao Sousa (32), Portu gal, 6-4, 6-2, 6-0. Richard Gasquet (12), France, def. Paolo Lorenzi, It aly, 7-6 (4), 6-3, 6-3. Gilles Simon (26), France, def. Federico Delbonis, Ar gentina, 6-4, 3-6, 7-5, 6-1. Women Third Round Jelena Jankovic (9), Serbia, def. Johanna Larsson, Sweden, 6-1, 6-0. Peng Shuai, China, def. Roberta Vinci (28), Italy, 6-4, 6-3. Sara Errani (13), Italy, def. Venus Williams (19), United States, 6-0, 0-6, 7-6 (5). Mirjana Lucic-Baroni, Croatia, def. Simona Halep (2), Romania, 7-6 (6), 6-2. Belinda Bencic, Switzerland, def. Angelique Kerber (6), Germany, 6-1, 7-5. Doubles Men Second Round Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski, Poland, def. Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah (16), Colombia, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. Eric Butorac, United States, and Raven Klaasen (12), South Africa, def. Robert Lindstedt, Sweden, and Jur gen Melzer, Austria, 6-7 (5), 6-2, 1-0, retired. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, Spain, and Philipp Oswald, Austria, def. Martin Emmrich, Germany, and Lukas Rosol, Czech Republic, 6-2, 6-4. David Marrero and Fernando Verdasco (7), Spain, def. Mate Pavic, Croatia, and Andre Sa, Brazil, 7-6 (4), 7-5. Daniel Nestor, Canada, and Nenad Zimonjic (3), Ser bia, def. Nicolas Barrientos and Santiago Giraldo, Colombia, 6-2, 6-2. Women Second Round Garbine Muguruza and Carla Suarez Navarro (12), Spain, def. Marina Erakovic, New Zealand, and Arantxa Parra Santonja, Spain, 6-7 (5), 6-3, 6-3. Andrea Hlavackova, Czech Republic, and Zheng Jie (8), China, def. Alison Riske and CoCo Vandeweghe, United States, 6-7 (2), 6-3, 6-3. Kimiko Date-Krumm, Japan, and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova, Czech Republic, def. Chan Hao-ching and Chan Yung-jan, Taiwan (14), 6-3, 6-2. Kveta Peschke, Czech Republic, and Katarina Sre botnik (5), Slovenia, def. Varvara Lepchenko, United States, and Zheng Saisai, China, 6-4, 6-4. Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina (4), Russia, def. Petra Cetkovska, Czech Republic, and Katarzyna Piter, Poland, 6-4, 6-1. NASCAR Sprint Cup-Oral-B USA 500 Lineup After Friday qualifying; race Sunday At Atlanta Motor Speedway Hampton, Ga. 1. (4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 190.398 mph. 2. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 190.058. 3. (42) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 189.883. 4. (31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 189.396. 5. (20) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 188.996. 6. (78) Martin Truex Jr., Chevrolet, 188.918. 7. (43) Aric Almirola, Ford, 188.629. 8. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 188.514. 9. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 188.45. 10. (5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 188.315. 11. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 188.06. 12. (14) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 187.907. 13. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 189.163. 14. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 189.099. 15. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 188.841. 16. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 188.809. 17. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 188.642. 18. (16) Greg Bife, Ford, 188.507. 19. (55) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 188.43. 20. (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 187.875. 21. (15) Clint Bowyer, Toyota, 187.703. 22. (41) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 187.361. 23. (47) AJ Allmendinger, Chevrolet, 187.272. 24. (13) Casey Mears, Chevrolet, 186.95. 25. (7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, 188.002. 26. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 187.9. 27. (10) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 187.748. 28. (37) Mike Bliss, Chevrolet, 187.481. 29. (33) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 187.329. 30. (23) Alex Bowman, Toyota, 187.316. 31. (51) Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet, 186.887. 32. (9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 186.642. 33. (27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 185.99. 34. (77) Joe Nemechek, Ford, 185.94. 35. (66) Brett Moftt, Toyota, 185.834. 36. (98) Josh Wise, Chevrolet, 185.766. 37. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, Owner Points. 38. (34) David Ragan, Ford, Owner Points. 39. (83) Ryan Truex, Toyota, Owner Points. 40. (26) Cole Whitt, Toyota, Owner Points. 41. (32) J.J. Yeley, Ford, Owner Points. 42. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 43. (36) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, Owner Points. Failed to Qualify 44. (95) Michael McDowell, Ford, 184.646. GOLF Deutsche Bank Championship Scores Friday At TPC Boston Norton, Mass. Purse: $8 million Yardage: 7,216; Par 71 (36-35) First Round Ryan Palmer 33-30 63 Keegan Bradley 32-33 65 Jason Day 32-34 66 Webb Simpson 35-31 66 Chesson Hadley 34-32 66 Jordan Spieth 35-32 67 Ian Poulter 34-33 67 Carl Pettersson 35-32 67 Russell Knox 33-34 67 Bill Haas 36-31 67 Patrick Reed 33-35 68 Jason Kokrak 34-34 68 Kevin Chappell 35-33 68 Charles Howell III 35-33 68 Matt Every 33-35 68 Billy Hurley III 36-32 68 Shawn Stefani 36-33 69 Matt Jones 33-36 69 Seung-Yul Noh 36-33 69 John Senden 35-34 69 Ben Crane 35-34 69 Luke Donald 36-33 69 Chris Stroud 35-34 69 Matt Kuchar 34-35 69 Billy Horschel 36-33 69 Henrik Stenson 35-35 70 David Hearn 37-33 70 Russell Henley 34-36 70 J.B. Holmes 35-35 70 Erik Compton 34-36 70 Rory McIlroy 37-33 70 Jimmy Walker 37-33 70 Scott Stallings 35-35 70 Geoff Ogilvy 35-35 70 Bo Van Pelt 36-34 70 Will MacKenzie 37-33 70 Rickie Fowler 34-36 70 John Huh 38-32 70 Scott Langley 35-36 71 Stewart Cink 34-37 71 Kevin Stadler 37-34 71 William McGirt 36-35 71 Gary Woodland 35-36 71 Martin Kaymer 35-36 71 Michael Putnam 34-37 71 Jerry Kelly 36-35 71 Graham DeLaet 37-34 71 Zach Johnson 34-37 71 Gonzalo Fdez-Castano 35-36 71 Andrew Svoboda 37-34 71 Brian Stuard 36-36 72 Charl Schwartzel 35-37 72 Camilo Villegas 37-35 72 Freddie Jacobson 34-38 72 Brandt Snedeker 36-36 72 Morgan Hoffmann 37-35 72 K.J. Choi 37-35 72 Ernie Els 36-36 72 Cameron Tringale 37-35 72 Bubba Watson 38-34 72 Jim Furyk 38-34 72 Ryan Moore 35-37 72 Brian Harman 35-37 72 Vijay Singh 37-35 72 George McNeill 37-36 73 Marc Leishman 35-38 73 Kevin Na 38-35 73 Adam Scott 35-38 73 Chris Kirk 35-38 73 Hideki Matsuyama 39-34 73 Hunter Mahan 36-37 73 Robert Garrigus 39-34 73 Angel Cabrera 39-34 73 Kevin Streelman 37-36 73 Jeff Overton 35-38 73 Robert Streb 38-35 73 Brendan Steele 36-38 74 Daniel Summerhays 39-35 74 Jason Bohn 36-38 74 Phil Mickelson 41-33 74 Brendon Todd 39-35 74 Charley Hoffman 38-36 74 Danny Lee 37-37 74 Ben Martin 38-37 75 Scott Brown 38-37 75 Stuart Appleby 40-35 75 Harris English 39-36 75 Andres Romero 38-38 76 Brendon de Jonge 36-41 77 Justin Hicks 39-38 77 Steven Bowditch 40-37 77 Pat Perez 40-37 77 Ryo Ishikawa 38-40 78 Fridays Sports Transactions BASEBALL American League BOSTON RED SOX Recalled RHP Anthony Ranaudo from Pawtucket (IL). Optioned LHP Edwin Escobar to Pawtucket. CLEVELAND INDIANS Signed 3B Russell Branyan to a minor league contract and assigned him to Co lumbus (IL). TEXAS RANGERS Placed 1B-OF Jim Adduci has been placed on the 7-day concussion DL. Purchased the contract of INF-OF Ryan Rua from Round Rock (PCL). Placed RHP Phil Irwin on unconditional waiv ers. Extended its player development agreement with Hickory (SAL) for four years through the 2018 season. National League WASHINGTON NATIONALS Extended its player de velopment agreement with Hagerstown (SAL) for two years through the 2016 season. American Association AMARILLO SOX Exercised the 2015 contract options on RHPs Derek Blacksher, David Casillas, Jake Feckley, Anthony Figliolia, Jeremy Gooding, Tyler Hale, Randy Hamrick, Matt Larkins, Kellen Moen; LHPs Kristhiam Linares, Clayton Tanner; Cs Jeff Farnham, Jody Roberston; INFs Kyle Bellows, Ran som LaLonde, Kyle Nichols, Andres Rodriguez, Travis Weaver, Joe Weik; and OFs Johnny Bladel, Jason Mar tin, Derek Perren and Geraldo Valentin. Can-Am League NEW JERSEY JACKALS Exercised the 2015 con tract options on LHPs Michael Antonini, Anthony Ferrara, Isaac Pavlik; RHPs Keith Bilodeau, Shaun Ellis, Ryan Fennell, Ty Kelley, Salvador Sanchez, Jeff Shields, Eric Smith, Zack Staniewicz; Cs Tony Caldwell, Dwight Childs; INFs Richard Arias, Jeremy Barnes, Jose Cuevas, Steve Nikorak, Jon Talley, Rob Zinmeister; OFs Jorge Cortes, Joe Dunigan, Alonzo Harris and Felix Sanchez. Frontier League WINDY CITY THUNDERBOLTS Sold the contract of RHP Danny Carela to Atlanta (NL). TV 2 DAY AUTO RACING 7:30 p.m. ESPN2 NASCAR, Nationwide Series, Great Clips 300, at Hampton, Ga. 9 p.m. NBCSN IndyCar, MAVTV 500, at Fontana, Calif. BASKETBALL 3:30 p.m. ESPN FIBA, World Cup, preliminary round, Finland vs. United States, at Bilbao, Spain BOXING 9:30 p.m. SHO Super middleweights, Ronald Gavril (9-0-0) vs. Thomas Falowo (12-2-0); super middleweights, Badou Jack (16-1-1) vs. Jason Escalera (15-2-1); super middleweights, JLeon Love (18-0-0) vs. Rogelio Medina (32-6-0), at Las Vegas COLLEGE FOOTBALL 8:30 a.m. ESPN2 Penn St. vs. UCF, at Dublin Noon ESPN UCLA at Virginia ESPN2 Appalachian St. at Michigan ESPNEWS Indiana St. at Indiana ESPNU W. Michigan at Purdue FS1 North Dakota St. at Iowa St. CBSSN Ohio State at Navy SEC UT-Martin at Kentucky 12:30 p.m. SUN Wofford at Georgia Tech 3:30 p.m. ABC West Virginia vs. Alabama at Atlanta ESPN2 California at Northwestern ESPNU South Dakota St. at Missouri NBC Rice at Notre Dame 4 p.m. ESPNEWS William & Mary at Virginia Tech SEC Arkansas at Auburn 5:30 p.m. ESPN Clemson at Georgia 7 p.m. ESPNU Idaho at Florida FSN Cent. Arkansas at Texas Tech CBSSN Northern Arizona at San Diego State 7:30 p.m. FOX Fresno St. at Southern California SEC Southern Mississippi at Mississippi State 8 p.m. ESPNEWS NC Central at East Carolina ABC Florida St. vs. Oklahoma St., at Arlington, Texas 9 p.m. ESPN Wisconsin vs. LSU, at Houston GOLF 7 a.m. TGC European PGA Tour, Italian Open, third round, at Turin, Italy 12:30 p.m. TGC Web.com Tour, Hotel Fitness Championship, third round, at Fort Wayne, Ind. 3 p.m. TGC PGA Tour, Deutsche Bank Championship, second round, at Norton, Mass. 7 p.m. TGC LPGA, Portland Classic, third round, at Portland, Ore. 9:30 p.m. TGC Champions Tour, Shaw Charity Classic, second round, at Calgary, Alberta HORSE RACING 6 p.m. NBCSN Thoroughbreds, Woodward Handicap and Forego Stakes, at Saratoga Springs, N.Y. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 1 p.m. MLB N.Y. Yankees at Toronto 4 p.m. FS1 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 4 p.m. MLB Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. SUN Boston at Tampa Bay FS-Florida Miami at Atlanta WGN Detroit at Chicago White Sox 9 p.m. MLB Milwaukee at S.F SOCCER 7:40 a.m. NBCSN Premier League, Manchester United at Burnley 9:55 a.m. NBCSN Premier League, Stoke City at Manchester City 12:30 p.m. NBC Premier League, Chelsea at Everton TENNIS 11 a.m. CBS U.S. Open, third round, at N.Y. SCOREBOARD VOLLEYBALL FA-Leesburg 3, The Villages 2 Alyssa Rojas had 47 assists on Thursday to lead the First Academy of Leesburg volleyball team to a 3-2 win against The Villages. Game scores were 25-17, 23-25, 21-25, 25-19 and 15-4. Rojas added 12 digs and four service aces. Emma Gray had 19 kills and eight digs, while Victoria Gause chipped in with 16 kills and 15 digs. Apopka 3, Lake Minneola 0 Apopka defeated Lake Minneola in three sets Thursday, 25-22, 25-9 and 25-19. The Hawks were led by Brianna Lemon, who had eight kills and nine digs, and Bianca Diaz, who had nine digs. BOYS BOWLING Mount Dora Bible 3, Mount Dora 2 Mount Dora Bible was led by Blake Eldridge with a 201. Spencer Cain led Mount Dora with a 197. GIRLS BOWLING Mount Dora 1, Mount Dora Bible 1 Jamie Janego paced Mount Dora with a 178 and Brook Fisher led Mount Dora Bible with a 221. HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP that will denitely affect my life forever, Stew art said. This is a sad ness and a pain I hope no one has to experience in their life. That be ing said, I know that the pain and mourning that Kevin Wards family and friends are experiencing is something that I cant possibly imagine. He mentioned Wards parents and three sis ters by name, saying he wanted them to know that every day Im think ing about them and praying for them. Stewart took no ques tions about Wards death because of the ongoing investigation, but said he wasnt sure if he had the emotional strength to answer them anyway. But his timid, halting de livery presented a much different side to a rac er whose infamous tem per has sparked clashes with the media and fel low drivers. It was business as usu al when Stewart switched to his racing suit. He signed autographs. He talked with his crew about the cars setup. He chatted up Kurt Busch. During a 90-minute practice, Stewart posted a top lap of 189.642 mph 10th-fastest among the 44 drivers attempting to qualify, quickly stamp ing himself as a contend er in Sunday nights race. If Stewart should win this event, or next weeks race at Rich mond, he would quali fy for the Chase for the Sprint Cup champion ship. While NASCAR re quires its drivers to com pete in every event to make the playoff, Stew art was granted a waiver that is normally applied to a driver who misses a race for medical reasons. Mike Helton, president of the governing body, said NASCAR made the decision after consulting with third-party experts who were relevant un der these circumstanc es. He would not elab orate. We want to join ev erybody in racing in wel coming Tony back, Hel ton said. Hes a great asset to NASCAR. Hes a great champion, a great participant in our sport. DAVID TULIS / AP Sprint Cup Series driver Tony Stewart, center, meets with his crew during practice for Sundays NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Friday. STEWART FROM PAGE C1 the winners of those two New Years Day seminals coming to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones massive showplace on Jan. 12. Dont forget that Oklahoma State is playing for one of those spots too, and these Cowboys have just two fewer wins than the Seminoles over the past six seasons. They just missed out on the title game three years ago and were angling for a spot in the conversation last year before two losses to nish the season. This is the most difcult year weve had in terms of returning players, said coach Mike Gun dy, whose team returns 10 start ers compared to 15 for the de fending champs. Well nd out where were at. Weve got good, young players in the program. Theyre just not very experi enced. What to watch in Florida States rst visit to the Dallas area since a 10-2 win over Texas A&M in the 1992 Cotton Bowl: MORE THAN WINSTON The FSU offense returns one of the most prolic receivers in school history in Rashad Greene, big things are expected from Kar los Williams in a running game that lost a lot of production and the offensive line features four senior starters. Im excited to play against them, Oklaho ma State defensive tackle James Castleman said. Im excited to play against the Heisman win ner. Im excited about all of it. COWBOYS CLASSIC The season-opening neu tral site game is named for the NFL team, not the visitors from Oklahoma. But it gures to feel like a home game for Oklahoma State, which has twice played in the Cotton Bowl in the ve years since it moved to Arlington from the historic Fair Park stadium of the same name near downtown Dallas. Its close to their home and Im sure theyll have a great home crowd there, Fisher said. STANDOUT SECONDARY Florida State defensive backs are calling themselves The No Fly Zone after leading the coun try in pass defense last year and setting a school record with 26 interceptions. P.J. Williams and Ronald Darby are potential rstround draft picks at cornerback. Sophomore safety Jalen Ram sey started all 14 games in 2013 and was the rst FSU freshman to start at cornerback since De ion Sanders in 1985. OSU PASSING GAME J.W. Walsh will start at quarter back for the Cowboys, but Daxx Garman and Mason Rudolph could play. Oklahoma State lost its top two receivers from last year but always seems to nd new ones. That legacy will be on display among the specta tors, with Dez Bryant expected to watch from his suite. He was a rst-round pick by Dallas four years ago out of Oklahoma State. Sophomore Jhajuan Seales is the leading returning receiver. LONG TIME NO SEE The Seminoles and Cow boys last played nearly 30 years ago, when Florida State won the 1985 Gator Bowl 34-23. Oklaho ma States only win was 15-6 in 1958 in Louisville, Kentucky the rst of ve different cities for the ve meetings. Florida State hasnt played a regular-season game in Texas since defeating North Texas State 21-20 in 1976 on snow-covered Fouts Field in Denton, about 30 miles north of Arlington. FSU FROM PAGE C1 to the fourth round at a major since 2011. She also played a doubles match Thursday with her sister Serena that lasted about 2 1/2 hours and nished shortly be fore 8 p.m. I guess the sched ule denitely wasnt ide al, Williams said. It was just such a late match. After losing to Errani, Williams went on court again for doubles and won that one, although she was treated by a trainer. Williams did not blame injury or fatigue for the way she failed to close out Errani, in cluding getting broken while serving at 5-3 in the third. I went for too much, explained Williams, 3-0 against Errani until Fri day. She just played one of the best matches of her life, Williams added. I know (people) say my serve is terrible, but it helped me get to where Ive been, Errani said. TENNIS FROM PAGE C1


Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL C3 PAUL BARNEY | Staff Writer paul.barney@dailycommercial.com TAVARES The Bulldogs went to the ground. The Yellow Jackets went to the air and their two Divi sion I wide receivers. Advantage: Leesburg. The result was a 41-21 win for the Yellow Jackets on Friday night, giving them their fourth win over Tavares in as many tries by a com bined score of 140-42. Leesburgs 41 points were as many as it had against the Bulldogs in last years season opener, which the Yellow Jackets won 41-14. The offense was just as ex plosive this time around, de spite having to wait out a 1 hour, 14-minute delay due to inclem ent weather. Bryan Jefferson, who is com mitted to Boise State, and Adri an Falconer, who is committed to Iowa, both had over 100 yards re ceiving. Jefferson had seven catches for 134 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 68 yards and a touchdown. Falconer caught six passes for 111 yards, including a 39-yard reception on Leesburgs rst play from scrimmage. Freshman quarterback Wyatt Rector completed 16 of 26 passes for 275 yards and two touchdowns, adding a rushing touchdown late in the third quarter that put the Yel low Jackets (1-0) up 21-6. Leesburg had just as much suc cess running the ball, getting 113 yards and two touchdowns from Arkee Brown. The senior had touchdown runs of 15 and 59 yards. His 59-yard score came on Leesburgs rst play after a Tava res punt, extending the lead to 3514 with 2:55 left in the third. Ezekiel Thomas, however, brought the Bulldogs to with in two touchdowns after he took the ensuing kickoff 75 yards to the end zone. Thomas also rushed for 83 yards on 16 carries. FRANK JOLLEY | Staff Writer frank.jolley@dailycommercial.com Nick Guidetti and Amanda Hulsey are groundbreakers. The South Lake High School seniors were recognized this week as the rst recipients of the South Lake AllSports Boosters ath letes of the week. Hulsey, the captain of the cheerleading team, and Guidetti, quar terback of the football team, were present ed with certicates by South Lake Principal Rob McCue in a brief ceremony on Wednes day. Afterwards, McCue spoke about the signi cance of the awards. Nick and Aman da are shining exam ples of South Lake High School, McCue said. Im honored to recog nize them as the rst winners of this award. They are student-ath letes in every sense and are respected members of our student body. Hulsey said she was humbled to receive the award and Guidetti called it an honor to be the rst to get the week ly honor. Im so glad that cheerleading is being recognized as a sport, Hulsey said. Its a phys ical activity and re quires as much training and skill as any other sport. We practice hard and for many hours to make sure we are ready to represent South Lake every Friday night. Even when we hurt, we have to put on a smile for the fans. I bleed blue and silver and I love this school. Guidetti, who com pleted 14-of-16 pass es for 249 yards and two touchdowns in last weeks Kickoff Clas sic preseason game against Tavares, carries a 3.75 grade point aver age and hopes to study sports business in col lege and possibly be come a sports agent. He said the academ ic demands on him has been lessened because he loaded up on cred its during his rst three years in high school. Thats given me more time to get my home work done, Guidet ti said. I can focus complete ly on foot ball when Im on the eld and my classwork when Im off the eld. I think it helps me in both areas. Guidetti said he hopes to play college football, but wants to make sure his college of choice is conducive to helping him suc ceed with his academ ic goals. He has toured Spring eld College in Mas sachusetts because he feels it has one of the top sports business programs in the coun try. In addition, Gui detti has looked Be loit (Wisc.) College and Southeastern Universi ty in Lakeland. Hulsey, who carries a 3.8 GPA, hopes to at tend the University of South Florida and be come a Pediatric On cology Nurse. She is a dual-enrollment stu dent and is working to wards getting her Cer tied Nursing Assistant (CNA) license. I want to attend USF because they have a childrens hospital on campus, Hulsey said. Its the perfect situa tion for me. Guidetti and Hulsey admit to having mixed emotions about their se nior year at South Lake. Both say they are look ing forward to the next level, but also are sad dened at the prospect of leaving South Lake. They hope the ex amples they have es tablished will motivate others to reach for their dreams. Our motto at South Lake is Raise the Stan dard of Excellence, Guidetti said. Thats what I try to do every day. I never stop work ing towards my goals. Said Hulsey, I want others to love South Lake as much as I do. r f fn ftbt n f r ff r fntb rtbr r Week 1 SAM LEHNECKER Special to the Daily Commercial In an offensive showdown, the Umatilla Bulldogs man aged to come out on top 4942 and grabbed the season opening win against the Le canto Panthers. While the Bulldogs defense played well at times, there were too many turnovers for Coach Steve Seward. Caleb Robinson was a solid standout for the Uma tilla offense, and Justin Lew is delivered a great perfor mance at quarterback. The Bulldogs take on Mount Dora at home next week. LAKE MINNEOLA 42 OCALA LAKE WEIR 13 Tough defense combined with an equally great perfor mance on offense gave Lake Minneola the big win tonight against Lake Weir. The con nection between quarter back Jesse Fisk and receiver Brendan McCoy account ed for two touchdown pass es in last nights game. With a statistic like four forced turnovers by the Hawks de fense, the Hurricanes of fense was deescalated to a tropical storm. Coach Corey Brinson said that this win was a big momentum boost for his team. This win was important, especially since they face a 1-0 South Lake Eagles. The Hawks take on South Lake on the road next week. STEVE FUSSELL Special to the Daily Commercial If First Academy Lees burg isnt careful, its daz zling prowess on the foot ball eld will overshadow its enviable reputation as an academic magnet. Running back Ojay Cummings, quarterback Tyler Cummings, Ojays cousin, fullback San dy Edwards and defen sive linesmen B.J. Ham brick and Anthony Dario set out to do just that in last nights season open er against a solid Corner stone Charter Academy team from Belle Isle, the ritzy Orlando suburb. Tyler Cummings took the opening kickoff on the rain-soaked Sleepy Hollow eld, jogged left, cut back at the midstripe and then sprinted down the sideline in a daz zling 70-yard display that brought fans on both sides to their feet to start the show. A yellow ag brought the ball back to the 20yard line, and that seemed to stun the Eagles for their rst series of plays, which ended with three consec utive wet-ball fumbles and a 25-yard punt. Then it was P.J. Ham ricks turn. The massive lineman muscled his way through the Cornerstone offense to sack quarter back Jack Johnson for a four yard loss and then single-handedly shut off the left side of the eld for the Ducks for most of the rest of the game. On the Eagles next se ries, Ojay Cummings, Ed wards and Tyler Cum mings advanced to the 35 yard line with short, crunching carries. Then Edwards lit off on an open eld run, breaking ve tackles and jumping over the last defender to score the rst TD of the night. To its credit, Corner stone never gave up. But First Academys defen sive line was consistent ly dominant, shutting off almost every play Jack son called. Hamrick and Dario spent almost as much time in the Ducks backeld as the Ducks backeld. On the Eagles next se ries, Ojay Cummings one-upped teammate Edwards with his own 65 yard burst that showed the kind of talent, skill and power that makes college recruiters lay awake at night a 75 yard rum ble-and-sprint that broke six tackles, spun past an other and left four more Ducks behind. Tyler Cummings added another TD on a quarter back keeper ve minutes later, and Jacob Heins added a 20-yard eld goal that put the Eagles ahead 29-0 at the half. The Eagles nished the night with 38-6 victory. MARK FISHER Special to the Daily Commercial The Mount Dora Hurricanes (10) opened the 2014 regular sea son with a convincing 41-6 win at home Friday night over Titusville Astronaut in a Class 5A contest. The Hurricanes converted all four War Eagles turnovers into touch downs in the rst half as Mount Do ras defense refused to allow Titus ville Astronaut to get anything close to a drive going until late in the game. Johnny Worthy set the defensive tone early when he stepped in front of Trevor Susies pass at the Mount Dora 7-yard line and returned it to the Titusville 27-yard line. Mount Dora converted the opportuni ty 6 plays later when Willie Brown bowled in from the 2-yard line. The Jared Brown point after gave the Hurricanes the early 7-0 lead. On their next possession Mount Dora constructed an 86 yard drive that culminated with a Javon Spradley touchdown from the 4 yard line and a 14-0 lead. Two possessions later, Zach Var nadore picked off a Devell Tay lor toss and put the Hurricanes of fense in business at their own 33 yard line. Zach Dickinson turned that into points when he connect ed with Von Davis on a simple route in the left at. Davis turned his path into the center of the eld and shed tackles left and right as he fought for open space nally being brought down as he crossed the end zone for the score and the 21-0 lead. Javon Spradley provided the next opportunity when he burst up the middle and crushed War Ea gles quarterback for a fumble that Spradley was able to control for the Canes in Astronaut territory. Two plays later, Willie Brown rattled off a 25-yard run for a 27-0 lead with a minute remaining in the half. Varnadore took advantage of a busted handoff exchange and re covered the loose ball for Mount Dora setting up the nal score of the rst half for Von Davis at end of the period and giving the Hurri canes a 34-0 halftime lead. They nished their scoring as time expired to end the 3rd quar ter and start a running clock with a 41-0 lead when Willie Smith got in from 22 yards out. Only a late score by the War Eagles prevented the shut out as Mount Dora cruised to the win in their season opener. PAUL RYAN / DAILY COMMERCIAL Ojay Cummings (4) breaks through a hole during Fridays game between First Academy of Leesburg and Cornerstone Charter Academy at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park in Leesburg. DETSY REED / SPECIAL TO THE DAILY COMMERCIAL Leesburg running back Anfernee Scott (8) runs a few yards. Two SLHS students named first athletes of the week HULSEY GUIDETTI First Academy routs Cornerstone Charter Hurricanes brush past Titusville Astronaut Umatilla tops Lecanto as storms wash out area games Leesburg Yellow Jackets top Bulldogs


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She and her husband, Brent, have lived on the citys North Side since 1998, in three neighborhoods, and have no desire to make their home anywhere else. North is awesome! You couldnt pay me to move, said Pier, of ADL Pier Design Inc. Theres a sense of community here. So the tornado that struck north Minne apolis in May 2011 hit close to home. Her house was spared, but when she saw all the houses that had been devastated, she sprang into action, re cruiting other design professionals to do nate their services to storm-stricken home owners. She also helped launch an ini tiative, Rebuilding It Right, to ensure that homes didnt lose their architectural character as a result of storm re pairs. Someone told her, in the days following the tornado, that North Siders didnt need ar chitecture, they need ed food and necessi ties, she recalled. But she knew that even struggling neighbors were also hungry for beauty. They have pride, too. Design is not just for the rich; its for ev erybody, she said. Little did Pier know that she would soon be restoring a torna do-damaged house of her own. The vin tage-architecture a cionado kept a mental Top 10 list of favorite dwellings in the Twin Cities. No. 1 on her list was a French Coun try-style house shed spotted years ago in Norths Homewood neighborhood. It has this pres ence. Its stately but not pompous, she said of the white stucco house set on more than an acre that backs on Theodore Wirth Park. When she rst spotted the house, you could barely see it, because of the trees, she said. It was this big hidden thing in its own quiet corner of the world. Piers dream house was hit hard by the 2011 tornado, which took its roof and about three dozen of its ma ture trees but not its charm. Months after the tornado struck, she was driving around the neighborhood, trying to keep tabs on houses with tornado damage, she said, when she drove past her favor ite house. There was an estate sale being held, so Pier stopped, eager to get a look in side. I got to see the basement and rst oor, she said, which included the airy liv ing and dining rooms, MAUREEN GILMER MCT I love my horses and the distinctive odor they bring to my home site. For others though, the smell is not appeal ing at all. To them its just animal urine that attracts hoards of stable ies. If youre an urban agriculture fan, chanc es are something sim ilar may be happen ing in your backyard, too. The chickens and pygmy goats and rab bits you love also create odors and ies. If your neighbors outdoor liv ing space is on the oth er side of a good neigh bor fence, they may not be good neighbors for long. Horse owners know the depths of summer nds ies at their peak populations. They are drawn to odors that tell them something is decomposing, which makes a good home for their babies. When ies come to a chicken coop, goat yard or corral, their job is to lay eggs in the fertile environment. Over the course of the summer, many genera tions of ies can hatch, causing a growing prob lem in high density housing areas. Truth is, its almost impossible to control accumulated odors from livestock of any kind. Even if pens and corrals are scrupulously cleaned every day, there is residual urine that has percolated down into the soil. Often rain can dilute these con centrations, but only in porous, well drained soils. Summer rain can compound the problem where drainage is poor creating soupy ground conditions unhealthy for animals and hu mans, but ideal for ies and mosquitoes. Equestrians have been battling the y problem for centuries using all sorts of toxic chemicals, and in more recent years, botanical ly based pesticides such as pyrethrums. Despite the array of y sprays out there, most are ef fective for just a short time, and they dont ad dress the rapid repro duction rate over the summer months. In fact, there is no pana cea, but using a multipronged approach that kills both adult ies and juveniles by interrupt in their life cycle, you can reduce the num bers without resorting to chemicals. I recently tested the Rescue bag y traps purchased at the gro cery store for about $5 PHOTOS BY MONICA HERNDON / MCT ABOVE: Alissa and Brent Pier, and their children, Lucian, 4, and Maeryn, 6, sat for a portrait in the living room of their French Country-style home. BELOW: Architect/homeowner Alissa Pier used original 1920s blueprints to restore this home in north Minneapolis, after a tornado tore off its roof. MCT PHOTO Smaller y traps are best suited for hanging inside coops or within all animal enclosures. Living the dream Architect rebuilds, preserves character of tornado-stricken homes Strategies for controlling flies in urban agriculture VICKI PAYNE MCT How would you use your home if you didnt know what the rooms were de signed to be? Some would be easy to gure out, but what about all those other boxes? When I tour historic homes, Im always amazed at how little we have strayed from the labels our ancestors attached to spac es within our houses. Just think about what your house is missing. Do you need a home ofce, crafting room, guest bed room or perhaps a larg er gathering space? Your house might already have the space but isnt utilizing it properly. If you have a kitchen is land, chances are thats where most of your dai ly meals are consumed, especially if you have a small family or youre emp ty nesters. I love repurpos ing breakfast rooms into a task and communication center in simpler terms, a home ofce. A place you can handle nances, plan grocery lists, read cook books, do emails and orga nize your life. The key is to have fun with the space. Be creative. You may already have the desk your kitchen table. If not, consider an old farm table or recycled wood door on sawhorses. Add a splash of color. De ne the space with a small area rug. Select a comfort able chair; it doesnt need to be a formal black leath er desk chair. A slipcovered armchair or funky stool works. Add a decorative lamp to Consider using a room in an unexpected way VICKI PAYNE / MCT A breakfast room in this house was converted to a home ofce. Think about the type of work or play area that is missing in your home. You might already have space that could be reorganized and redecorated to use for a different purpose. SEE ROOM | E3 SEE FLIES | E2 SEE ARCHITECT | E2


E2 DAILY COMMERCIAL Saturday, August 30, 2014 Jo in us on September 12th& 13thto celebrate San Gennaro Fe ast!Open Tuesda y-Saturda y 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm and Sunda y 2:00 pm to 9:30 pm THE LIFE YOUVE WA ITED YOUR WHOLE LIFE FOR! Something for Everyone!! Let Us Find Yo ur Dr eam Home!SEASONAL & LONGTERM RENT ALS AVA ILABLE rY APPT 25327 US Hwy 27 Ste. 202, Leesbur g, Fl. 34748(352) 326-3626 ~ (800) 234-7654www .P ALREAL TY .net ST AR T LIVING THE LIFE!TA RA VIEW BEAUTY!2/2 & den, great room, eat-in kitchen, double garage. NICE YA RD!Mid 100 G4802565 ELEGANT FLOOR PLAN!3/3, jacknjill guest suite, den, formal rms & more! GOLFCOURSE FRONT AGE!280 s G4802225 T he best eight months of garden ing are just begin ning for us as north erners are losing their gardens to the cold. Collards, cucumbers, snap beans and squash will need at least 60 days to harvest, so plant those now. Toma toes, kale, lettuce, cel ery and cabbage can be set out now. Many herbs and spinach will need an other month closer to cooler weather be fore planting. Azaleas, camellias and garde nias are forming ow er buds, so dont prune these now or you will be removing future owers. Bougainvillea, hydrangeas, chrysan themums and poinset tias should be pruned by the end of August. Many people are worried about cit rus greening. We as sume that all citrus in Central Florida is now infected with citrus greening and the only experimental treat ment that appears to cure it is solarization. You may have seen small greenhouse-like enclosures over trees in groves along the turn pike. These clear plastic enclosures capture the heat of the sun to kill the bacteria in the trees. Temperature and expo sure time needed to kill the bacteria is still be ing calculated, so stand by for more details in the near future. Even after the heat treatment, citrus plants need special care to keep them from be coming reinfected. Keep your trees as vig orous as possible with a citrus fertilizer now for their third feeding of the year, but use a con trolled-release fertilizer so it doesnt leach with the afternoon rains. Each new ush of growth attracts the psyllid insects that spread the disease, so you will need to apply an insecticide at that time and a minor nu trient spray is recom mended as well. Our First Saturday in the Gardens program this month is Sept. 6. The Buzz about Bees at 10 a.m. will cover the basics for potential backyard beekeepers. Come enjoy our wonderful gardens as well that day. They are open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are always free. Livestock programs this month include Central Florida Pasture Management Confer ence at the Equine Sci ence Center in Ocala on Sept. 11-12, and the Florida Equine Institute & Allied Trade Show in Ocala on Sept. 18. Juanita Popenoe is the di rector of the UF/IFAS Lake County Extension ofce and Environmental Horti culture Production Agent III. Email: jpopenoe@u.edu. Floridas fall garden season is upon us SUBMITTED PHOTO Shading new transplants will help them establish more quickly in our heat. Put the shade on the west side or over the top of the plant. each. Simply open the top, add water and hang where ies are concen trated. This is a hanging bag trap with an odor attractant that lures ies to come inside, but they cant get out. I hang them in trees near my horse corrals to lure these pests away from the animals. This strategy isnt the best idea for urban con ditions, where the goal is to keep ies close so they dont bug the neighbors. In this case the best way to use traps is to place them inside your coop or hutch to capture ies where they live and breed. Hang traps high up and away from perches so your animals wont be able to reach the bags. This year we tried a new Rescue trap with twice the capacity. Again, it was hung in the trees away from the horses. Within days we discovered the bigger bag lled up much more quickly than small er bags in this same lo cation. Perhaps this is due to proportionately more attractant. Another strategy born in the equine world is the use of tiny gnatlike insects to interrupt the ys reproductive life cycle. These preda tors naturally attack y eggs and larvae. This is a valuable long-term program that prevents the slow increase in y numbers over time when used in consecu tive years. Our predators arrive in the mail from Spald ing-labs.com (866-4384407). For about $200 youll get a whole sea sons worth, with new batches of bugs au tomatically sent each month in quantities that increase with the y populations. Once we see the bugs moving around in side the clear package, we scatter them in the horse corrals. There is no better way to con trol the harm done to livestock by biting ies that carry disease and bedevil the animals all summer long. The best solution is to use both predators and y traps together over the y season. The cost is minimal, no chem icals are involved and outdoor living becomes possible again. FLIES FROM PAGE E1 MCT PHOTO This package of y predators arrives in the mail and is scattered in animal enclosures to naturally interrupt the y life cycle. the music room, library and the breakfast room, still with its original blue-and-white tile oor. The house needed work, but Pier was smitten. She could envision her family living there. It had such good bones, such a good feel, she said. At more than 6,000 square feet, it was big, but not overpowering. Its beautiful, elegant and classic a really comfortable style. NOT FOR SALE The house wasnt on the mar ket, but Pier wondered if the es tate sale might be a clue that it soon would be. Intrigued, she started researching the houses history. It was built in 1921 for Max and Hattie Kaplan. He was a food supplier, who shipped eggs and chicken from lo cal farms to grocers across the country, via railroad cars. But his business faltered during the Depression, and he moved his family to their summer house on Lake Minnetonka. The city house was rented out for several years, then sold in the late 1930s to Max and Jea nette Kunin, who owned a hair salon and raised their six chil dren in the house; it remained in the Kunin family, owned by the widow of one of the sons, who had recently died. So Pier wrote her a letter, expressing her interest in the house, should she ever want to sell. Not long afterward, she got a call from a real estate agent inviting her to make an offer. The Piers jumped at the chance. We werent looking to move, she said. Theyd renovat ed their 1910-built house in the Hawthorne neighborhood, and were happy living there. But Ive loved this house for years. Her dream house had gotten a new roof, but the third oor, heavily damaged by the torna do and resulting water leakage, had been gutted to the studs, al though the millwork had been saved. We bought it as is,? Pier said. The rest of the house, how ever, was in good shape. Under the carpet, the hardwood oors were pretty pristine, she said. There hadnt been children here since the 1950s. (She and her husband have two, Maeryn, 6, and Lucian, 4.) And many of the homes origi nal features, including a walk-in closet with built-ins in the mas ter bedroom, needed little im provement. The layout is so ahead of its time, Pier marveled. PLANS AND SURPRISES Pier was eager to nd the orig inal plans for the house to help guide its restoration. There had to be blueprints. Its too awe some not to have them, she said. She scoured Northwest Ar chitectural Archives, a collection owned by the University of Min nesota, her alma mater, without success until she discovered that the plans had been misled, under the right address but with an S for south Minneapolis, in stead of an N for north. Armed with 90 pages of plans and specs, Pier was able to geek out over sketches of the origi nal plaster work, windows and doors, detailing for the ve replaces and even an exterior ornamental crest that was ob scured by a later solarium ad dition. Im dying to know if the crest is under there, she said. Pier also found plans, rolled up in a tube in the coal room, for a lower-level remodel in the 1940s, when the Kunin fami ly transformed their rec room into a Cuban-style cantina. The room still boasts two unusual relief murals added during that project one shows the family in festive Cuban-inspired nery, and another shows two Kunin brothers, who fought in World War II, in uniform. The house remains a work in progress. We havent even gotten to the yard, Pier said. Things take time. But they love living in the house, with its proximity to downtown and wildlife in Wirth Park. We can see skyscrap ers and reworks from the third oor, and awesome sunsets in the solarium, Pier said. Theyre in their home for the long haul. Im a steward for the house. I want to build on its legacy, she said. I think our grandchildren will ght over it after we die. And I hope that 100 years from now, someone looks back and thinks we were good for the house. ARCHITECT FROM PAGE E1 MONICA HERNDON / MCT The music room in Alissa Piers home in Minneapolis overlooks the expansive yard. JUANITA POPENOE LAKE COUNTY EXTENSION


Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL E3 352.357.9964D00 2749Larges t inven to ry ofLandscape trees and plants in Lake County rr f n r tb rt f tr rr rr brf r tbr r n b r br r r rr r n n rr r b br t b 4200 Hwy 19A Mount Dor a 32757 r fn r WILD WOOD CYCLER Y rfrnf rt Bikes for Ever y Te rain & Budget tie it all together and provide good working light. Control the clut ter with baskets, dec orative le boxes and bookracks. Make it a rule that nothing ever gets stacked on the oor! Hide it in big decorative baskets in stead. You will be amazed at how this little space can change your fam ilys life. It makes the perfect spot for a child to do homework while dinner is being pre pared. It keeps mail and other household clutter off the kitchen counter and provides a handy spot for elec tronic chargers. When entertaining, clear off the desk and stash everything in big baskets or in a clos et. Use the desk top to set up the beverage bar or set out hors doeu vres. That will keep the crowds out of the work area of the kitchen and let you use the entire space for entertaining. Try dressing up the desk top with candles, crystal lamps and owers. Has your family out grown your family room? An easy x may be as close as your liv ing room. If its larger than the family room, do a little rearranging and start using that space as your TV room. It frees your family room for other relaxing activities like conver sation, reading or play ing video games. If youre willing to do a little structural im provement and your living room backs up to your family room, tear down the wall or connect the two spac es with an expanded arch or double door way. Check with your contractor before you start knocking out walls, but in most cas es it can be done. Dont let ooring stop you from merging two spaces. If you cant afford a new oor, con sider removing carpets and painting the oor in one or both spac es. Pinterest has some painted ooring ideas that I cant wait to try. The idea is give your self permission to use the spaces within your home the way you want and need to use them. Dont let labels on a blueprint dictate to you. The world wont come crashing down if you convert your din ing room into a guest room or eliminate your living room. ROOM FROM PAGE E1 KIM COOK Associated Press Fans of crisp, modern architecture and cleanlined shapes will love one of this falls stron gest style trends: facet ed dcor. For those who feel that the whole bold, geomet ric-pattern thing is near ing overexposure, facet ed furniture and prints make sense, according to New York designer Elaine Grifn. Purer and stream lined, the faceted sil houette is the stylistic descendent of geomet rics think geomet rics deconstructed, she says. The style, says Grif n, can be modern (the faceted Hearst Tower in New York City oozes ar chitectural chic), prim itive (think Grand Can yon) and vintage (Art Deco and the Cubists). Faceted shapes are intrinsically more visu ally appealing because, whether theyre mir rored or not, they reect more light, she says. A faceted element in a piece adds a stylish, decorative layer of di mension and surface interest without cross ing over into the fussy, frilly or overdone. The gemstone shape is especially attractive in reective materials mirror, glass, shiny metallics where light plays off the planes. The look is clean, contem porary and luxe. Yet in ceramic, wood or fabric, the polyhe dron shape looks ap pealingly organic, as in honeycombs and cellu lar structures. Wayfairs got facet ed dcor from sever al sources. Stacked, smoky, etched-glass fac ets make a smart-look ing Borghese table. Imaxs lemon-yellow ceramic Chantal vase has a chic modern look. Three simple, faceted crystal blocks anchor Safaviehs Cube xture, creating a simple yet el egant table lamp. Ar teriors antiqued-brass faceted table lamp on an iron base has pres ence and personality. (www.wayfair.com) At Z Gallerie, cow hide is crafted into a faceted Odyssey rug in tones of gray and black. Here, too, a glamorous faceted mirrored table and the Portico mirror. (www.zgallerie.com) Faceted candlesticks from Godinger stack like crystal jewelry and would dress up a dining table. (www.lampsplus. com) At Target, a facet ed cotton lampshade is available in sea blue, black and white. A sil very, faceted-glass col umn anchors a table lamp in the Xhilaration collection. (www.target. com) Designer Jason Phil lips takes the motif into a different materi al, carving acacia wood into 3D faceted wall art at Crate & Barrel. (www. crateandbarrel.com) Lacquered alumi num provides the me dium for a cool light xture from Nether lands-based studio Sander Mulder. Their Carat lamp, available in graphite, jade, chrome or gold, features 36 fac ets sculpted into a pen dant. (www.sander mulder.com) Capiz shells are handcut into facets and t ted into a wire frame to create a drum pen dant lampshade avail able from West Elm. An angular side table is lay ered with antiqued mir ror, making a useful lit tle piece that could suit a formal or rustic space. (www.westelm.com) Israeli designer Mika Barrs Ori table lamp is a cloud of faceted cot ton lighting perched on a paper clip style metal base. Theres a uidity to the xtures shape, and you can machine-wash the cotton shade. (www. touchofmodern.com) Dutch designer Mar cel Wanders has cre ated a line of unusual faceted tiles for Bisaz za. Named Frozen Gar den, the glossy black or white ceramics are available with a whim sical daisy motif, if de sired. (www.bisazza.it) Wanders Stone stool for Kartell has a facet ed hourglass shape, and comes in red, black, smoke, blue, amber or clear polycarbonate. Spanish designer Pa tricia Urquiola has de signed a chunky, facet ed acrylic vase, also for Kartell. Available in sev eral soft hues, the Jelly vase could also hold a ameless candle. (www. allmodern.com) And German design er Elisa Strozyk crafts wood facets onto fab rics to create wooden textiles, with a unique texture. The fabrics can be used as throws, drap ery, coverlets or up holstery. (www.elisas trozyk.de) Facets reflect fall decor trend AP PHOTO Patricia Urquiolas faceted Jelly vase for Kartell comes in rose, yellow, blue, minted green and smoke as well as clear. An intriguing sculptural piece on its own, it could hold either owers or a ameless candle. VICKI PAYNE / MCT Use the desktop to set up the beverage bar or set out hors doeuvres. Purer and streamlined, the faceted silhouette is the stylistic descendent of geometrics think geometrics deconstructed. Faceted shapes are intrinsically more visually appealing because, whether theyre mirrored or not, they reflect more light. A faceted element in a piece adds a stylish, decorative layer of dimension and surface interest without crossing over into the fussy, frilly or overdone.




Saturday, August 30, 2014 DAILY COMMERCIAL E5 Shark ys Va c n Sew700 N. Main St. Wildwood, Fl 34785352-330-2483sharkyssewnvac1@gmail.com www .sh arkyssew nvac. comAsk Al CH EAPE R ON TH E INTERNETThings ha ve certainly ch anged since I began this sewing mac hine and va cu um cleaner jour ney I re member when I wa s MUCH younger and wa s approache d by a close friend, whose father wa s in the sto ck mar ke t, and wa s to ld of a Jap an es e com pany coming to America to se ll cars named after a dog! Dac hshund, or so I th ou gh t it wa s sp el le d. O. K. le t me ge t th is str aight; some for eigners that we went to wa r against ar e coming her e to sell us a car ... Ye ah, he said and buy ALL the sto ck you can SURE THIN G! What an id i ot ri gh t? Ye ah, me idi ot you sma rt! Bo y did I mis s that one And no w we ha ve China and ever y other countr y ow ning America but us! In so saying I ha ve people come in my bus iness and sa y things lik e, Wh y has the quilt fabric lad y gone out of business or wher e did so and so mo ve to, only to find out that they ha ve gone out of business because people buy online And I ha ve those that buy a sewing ma ch ine online and ha ve problem s wit h it and come in and wa nt me to sho w them ho w to use it! Or those that get caught up wa tc hing someone suc k up a bo wl ing ball or push it around on a ball and cant get it to wo rk and co me in needing help only to re alize that they ar e made in Canada or wherever and they dont mak e parts for them....Con tinued Ne xt We ekD00 0820 www.dailycommercial.com Diversions 352-365-8208 features@dailycommercial.com BRIDGE How to play: Fill in the blank squares with the numbers 1 through 9 so that each horizontal row, vertical column and nine-square sub-grid contains no repeated numbers. Puzzles range in difculty from one to six stars. The solution to todays puz zle will be in tomorrows paper. YESTERDAYS SOLUTION Today is Saturday, August 30 the 242nd day of 2014. There are 123 days left in the year. Todays Highlight in His tory: On August 30, 1954, Pres ident Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, which was intended to promote private develop ment of nuclear energy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014 : This year you will be more prone to excess. Your self-discipline seems to be off, and it could become a problem. Friends surround you often, and your popu larity grows. Your communi cation skills also become even better. If you are sin gle, you are likely to meet someone who seems excit ing. Only time will tell if this person is truly emotionally available. Remember, there are other sh in the sea. If you are attached, keep communication owing, and dont get involved in little spats. SCORPIO knows how to trick you into sharing a secret! ARIES (March 21-April 19) Whatever your plans might be, use your instincts. Make sure you also relax. You tend to worry or get ner vous. This is not the time or day for such stress. Kick up your heels, and head off to a baseball game or go join your friends at a local spot. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You will be out of ideas until someone starts shar ing his or her weekend plans. This person even might invite you along. Be more spontaneous; you will enjoy the change of pace. Do not bring your person al life into your work life, or vice versa. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) A friend might question your judgment as you spend time with someone this per son simply cant relate to. Honor an opportunity to clear the air; otherwise, you could be backed into a cor ner. Keep discussions light and easy. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Your sense of direction will be tested. A question could trigger more thoughts and possibilities than you might have expected. Youll realize the provocative na ture of what was said so in nocently. Avoid a conict at all costs. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Ex citement marks your inter actions with others. A loved one seems to be full of sur prises. Your imagination is strong enough to bafe many people, but one per son could shock you with his or her creativity. Make plans more often together. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You have a tendency to tell it like it is. Your ability to get past someones re sistance could surprise you. This person is likely to let his or her guard down, and it might force you to rethink how you relate to him or her. Be kinder than you usu ally are. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You tend to get very in volved in festivities only to regret it later. Try not to overindulge, and you will be happier. Stay focused, and spend some special time with a family member. A par ty or casual get-together will be hard to resist. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Youll lead others to ward the appropriate festiv ities for this long weekend. With any luck, an offbeat idea will pay off. A parent or older friend might not want you to forget him or her. Make it your pleasure. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22Dec. 21) You could be in the midst of a conicted sit uation. Consider how much of the problem might be coming from your percep tions. Ask for feedback from someone you respect and who can tell you the truth as he or she sees it. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22Jan. 19) Make a point of touching base with your friends right now. You wont want to leave someone out when planning a party. How you see a difcult situation could change with the hos pitable mood you are in. Let bygones be bygones. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Listen to what some one older chooses to share with you. As a result, youll get a better sense of this person and where he or she is coming from. Be aware of what is happening with a loved one. Listen well, and you will be rewarded. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) Make it OK to invite someone to a get-together at the last minute. Even if you live several hours away from each other, this invita tion will mean more to this person than you might re alize. Friends could play an instrumental role in the events of the next few days. HOROSCOPES TODAY IN HISTORY DEAR ABBY: Im a 22-year-old college stu dent. My boyfriend of seven years and I are engaged. Because we were high school sweet hearts, we have watched each other grow into the people we are today. For the most part, Im very proud of the person he has become. When I quit my full-time job to continue my education, he stepped up to sup port me. I never asked for it, nor did I expect it from him. Liam is very fru gal. (Cheap might be a better word.) I never understood it because he makes enough mon ey to support us both and put plenty into sav ings. However, I re cently learned that ev ery payday, his mother calls, and he goes to her house and gives her money. It wouldnt both er me if she was ill, un employed, etc., but shes well-off and earns a good living. Abby, what concerns me is that while Liam is 24 years old, he has a shared bank account with his mother. She seems to call him only on payday, EVERY pay day, without fail. She also seems to have more control of his spending than he does. He wont pay his bills without rst consulting her. She was very clear when she told him he had spent too much on my engage ment ring. I dont want to come between Liam and his mother, but Im not sure I can marry them both. Its not that I want his money, but after were married, I feel the hus band and wife should share bank accounts and bills, not my hus band and his mother. Do I have a right to be concerned with this matter? FRUGAL FIAN CEE IN FLORIDA DEAR FIANCEE: You and Liam need to have a frank talk about money. There may be a reason able explanation why he gives his mother money every payday. (She may invest it for him.) But youll never know if you dont ask. While Mama may not have been overjoyed at the amount her son spent on your engagement ring, it ap pears she did approve his chipping in for your education, so shes not what Id call a miser. That said, I cannot stress enough how im portant it is for you and Liam to be on the same page when it comes to nances and how deci sions will be made after your marriage. Premar ital counseling covers subjects like this be cause marriages have been known to fail when couples disagree about money. DEAR ABBY: I am a con tractor. My job requires me to stay at a job site from three days to six months. I am happily married with one child who is grown, gone and has a child of his own. My son and I are es tranged, and have had no contact in 10 years. When making small talk on the job site, inevita bly the question comes up, Do you have chil dren? I dont want to get into that part of my life, but I also dont want to alienate people who are trying to be friendly. If I say no, I am ly ing. If I say yes, it opens up a can of worms, like Where does he live? Do you see him often? etc. If I reveal that I am a grand parent, it can get espe cially uncomfortable. Do you have any advice on how to handle this situation gracefully? NO EASY ANSWERS IN THE MIDWEST DEAR NO EASY ANSWERS: Yes, I do. Be honest and say, I have a son and we are estranged. You dont have to give more details than that, and you may be sur prised when the person youre talking to says, Me, too! The situation is not as uncommon as you may think as I discovered not long ago when I attended a lun cheon and realized the common denominator among the guests was they were all estranged from their children or stepchildren. Dear Abby is written by Abi gail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was found ed by her mother, Pauline Phil lips. Write Dear Abby at www. DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Shared finances are the ties that bind man and his mom JEANNE PHILLIPS DEAR ABBY JACQUELINE BIGAR BIGARS STARS


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