The Apex: Silver City Occupational High School Yearbook


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The Apex: Silver City Occupational High School Yearbook
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The Apex
The Apex: Rainbow City High School Yearbook
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Silver City Occupational High School
Silver City Occupational High School
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Silver City, Panama Canal Zone
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Schools--Panama--Canal Zone   ( lcsh )
Rainbow City High School
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;~:... I

S i

ex libris


- ...~- I.


6 4


I ~1
~~I ---
- :l 1| I



0A 4

n I

Because of your deep concern and regard for the welfare of
our class; the keen interest you have displayed in the produc-
tion of our yearbook;the indispensable contribution you have
made towards its accomplishment; and the devotion and con-
fidence you have placed in its staff,we,the Class of '55, grate-
fully dedicate to you our APEX.




. pristine.
7Ofte economicss

S I / ... Dorothy Peat
L .,,B.Clerk

ho ps
V~obet shops



Senior High


Cleveland En*s


Terry Butler Edgar Hawkins

vsinora Lynch
-,....^-. *j. *; Iome Economics
Horace Parlr


O80 Greaves

V'.a. ** -. *. '
-,*. -*," "" ''". ,,:,'^ '. ,--^ ^;,.
Spencer Josepha

----' ----
.__....... .-.

a 1.


Frederick Roland
Wood Shop

George Sandiford
Auto Shop

Maurice Mc Lean
Auto Shop



Arcelio Hudson

Harold Scott
Physical Education


Clinton Parris
Physical Education


.4 *'


-.- 4,

Romeo Miller
WoOd shop

Mrs. Eunice Johnson
Social Studies

Mrs. Mildred Bolt
Mrs. Violet Chilcott
Home EconomiCs

syivia b

Rainbow City Occupational High School


Alma Ialete

Oh! Alma Mater, who would dare
Believe I'd leave thy loving care
Some day? Or tentacles of time
Would snatch me from thy world
Thy world which is my paradise;
Where- oft unselfish sacrifice
Of thy diciples, true and kind,
Deth ope mine eyes so blind.
Ohl.Why couldn't I remain with
Just clinging indefinitely,
And every day procrastinate
My share of wrath from fate?

How shall it hurt when I recall
Thy busy,buzzing study hall;
And in thy rooms where know-
ledge flows
To equal every tree that grows.
Uponmypassagethrough thy walls
I often thought, "So what's it all?"
" 'Tis years bef ore I'll graduate!'
I underestimated fate!
For as you-see, the time is nigh
That I must leave. I shall not cry,
For thou hast taught me that I can
Stand up and face the world a

--Carlos Malcolm
Class of '55



Senior Cl/aSS OAfficer,


IkGeOtr Itlnics
AUto bxec~ t 1not
Geore ' te tudioUS ut hs,
al, is .a basketball

s ohT8011
SYf I onrae .c

Pf<' soo U (

Jere aome
e i S. quite Ce
g fied*, tLPOpul,5
t t s t i l l -le g r
guar ecrear

1Ear]J en I
"'','. ,la? ett
Is thl tailor,
'I t h *e, 0 Joke,
q uite ,, oo lo1i


Bricefio Manuel
Auto Mechanics

Bricnfo is so quiet; it seems
fie doesn't want you to invade his

Oswald Walker
Don't ever tempt Oswald, no one can;
He's the perfect example of a gentleman.

Bernice Ashley
Home Economics
Bernice is always provoking laughter,
And then apologizing to her victims after.

Gloria Muir
Home Economics
A chat now and then doesn't hurt her
a bit,
For she loves conversation, but knows
when to stop it.

Ernesto Montes
Although Montes might be just in the
next seat,
Whenever he speaks, you must say,
"Please repeat."

Nellita Bent
Dome Economics
Quaint "Nellie," thle girl with the fasci-
nating bang,
lResmuibles a maid from the Isle of .Japan.

Sylvia Manuel
Sylvia doesn't walk, she glides;
Her hands don't ever touch her sides.

Cecil Quinlan
Cecil will be successful if he'll try
To stop giving every girl he sees the "EYE"


Nicholas Cameron
"Nico" is often so undisturbed
There's hardly a thing that can make him

Myrna Davis ft
Our Myrna., who is sweet and plump,
(':In pull you outt of the deepest slump.

--,,Gwendolyn Forde
Home Economics
YoIIu can ilwnvy.pot "Gwvenni'p" with her
high-heeled shoes.
Her peppish clothes, and those stylish

Henry Gamrnes *
ht'hre's not a student assistant that's n8e
As that ehlierful lad we know as" PIa'iichy."

w Selwyn Lawrence
"Coco" is a fine tailor indeed;
If he keeps up his trade, he'll never he in

Pauline Laing
Home Economics
Pauline has a sense of responsibility.
Arnd doesn't care much for frivolity.


gLloyd Ashby
Auto Mechanics
Lloydie" is the riding boy;
The cycle is surely his favorite toy. J

Noel Baptist ,
Tailoring M ''/,
"No-No" is the scliol's COBRA MAN, '.,
Who thinks lIe sings better than anyone ,
elsv ( 1 ,-.n ,

C=2 Ruth Redman
Home Economics
Anita's as calm as anyone can be,
But when angered an explosive as T.N.T.

Gloria Thomas
Home Economics
Her greatest delight is to sit and chat "t
On any topic from a pin to a hat.

g ~Oliver Clarke
To hear "Cowly" speak you'd certainly
He'd be abhle to lick just any old bear.

Charles White
Tall and lanky "Charlie" White
Likes anything that's large and bright.
S" ..


*, /. *'<..

SClement Coward
Clemient is serious ill the while;
Ilo'd look so imuci hotter if he'd only
Sm ii,..

HHerbert GrahamrS

Injecting humor requires wit;
And "Horby"---Oh, he's full of it.!

cW Alethia Dudley
S"Alethin fills the air with the swetest of
Which nakeyou tingle deep down in your

SIcilda Williams
Home Economics
Icilda is often so quiet and reserved,
Her strong inclinations can seldom be

^ : :"~ Cuthbert Jones
:" I Ion't Iet 3'' Bill" fool you because e''s a Boy
ift'y vo gt in hiis way, he'll toss you about.

mRudolph Ranger
Ringer is the so-called "he-man"' of the
1 ie likes to be a hit with every Imas.

=Lpj Carlos Burke
la- Tailoring
Tall and lanky is Carlos Burke,
Who's always willing to help you work.

Sylvia Gyles
Home Economics
"Freckles" is our athletic star;
She's one of our friendliest girls by far.

=zai Ethlyn Haynes
4 Home Economics
With "Mischief" as a rndile name,
Slie's certainly sprightly .r a little (dame.

Edward Mannings ,
Woodshop w
"P'apito" will join uip with any ensemble
As long as lie gets a chance to blow his

cza Earl Russell
V-- Tailoring
"Roscoe" is a serious guy;
Very studious, but much too shy.

Teotista Perea -
Commerce W
"Betty" or "Tootsie" is cute and petite;
Always smiling and oh-so neat!

Herbert Brathwaite
Studious one moment, clownish the next;
Analyzing his elharacter leaves one quite

Selwyn Brown V t
Misc'ivs Selvwyn with that gleam in
hIis eyes
Will keep everyone 'round hiln just heav-
i ig dehep sigls.

'gm Claudette Perch

Claudia is small, pert, unaffected, and airy;
keminds one of "Mary, Mary, quite con-

Muriel Tugwell V'
Home Economics
Muriel is a very conscientious worker,
Quiet, unassuming; there is no one else
like her.

K Reuben Ellis
W( uben is that jovial'guy with the bopss."
Ile's the only one who thinks that lie's

Ralph Roper t
Ralph, the joker of the woodshop,
Will''jive"a guy and never stop.

. -
.; :-.4 ,

SRobert Allen
Handsome Bob is tall and sturdy,
Very friendly, but oh, so wordy.

Lansen Brown
Auto Mechanics
Lainnie" is a whiz at body and fender;
Not a car comes in that he cannot mend

l Alicia Forde
Home Economics
\Wihen "Lec c y" cuts out in the latest in
She'll undoubtedly trap you with her
brilliant smile.

Cynthia Savage
Home Economics
Cynthia Savage, so shy and demure,
Can prepare tasty dishes for the best

cVictor Cafiate
"Gallo",seems to like basketball;
Has saved his team from many a

Arthur Wade
Tailoring V
Arthur loves to pose with that ClarkG able
stunle' C,
With thie hliope that some girl will give
him a glance.





1W Albert Barton
Albert is delrinitely crazy,
But it can ne'er be said that he's lazy.

Edwin Kelly g '
"Chise" isn't interested in anything
lIe's somewhat naive,but still quite jovial.

cgg" Cynthia Innis
0*A Home Economics
"Little Bit" is the classroom "Tot";
In any sentence she'd be the dot.

Yvonne Spence
Home Economics W'
Yvonne appears to be very pensive,
But when spoken to, is quite responsive.

=a, Emanuel Landers
SAuto Mechanics
If you have anything to be razzed about,
Landers will prey upon you without any

Earl Whittaker *g-
Earl will be a fine printer someday,
For he likes to work and doesn't have time
to play.



1 Wilton Rennie
Wilton the "bug" with his easy-like walk
Captures the girls with his witty hep-talk.

Sl - Julian Layne
A Woodshop
SThere's not a boy who is friendlier than
fSThis half-pint lad name Ju-li-an.

=%o Catherine Jones
j"In spite of the teasings and that awful
: "Puss" will still smile for she's certainly
,. game.

Janet Thomas
'"-B We've called her Janet throughout her
school years,
l But Jean is the name that she says she

VA Ramon Alston
Ramion is one who'll never yield
To the other teams on that baseball field.

Charles Blackman
'* Chat lea is a wizard with such slenderhands;
It jlie certainly needs no magic wands.

I Lennon Ashley
Lennon will razz you with all you can take;
I is pride is in keeping his victims awake.

Malthos Dutton w
Auto Mechanics
When Malthos sits behind you, there's
never a sound;
To be certain that he is there, you must
turn around.

j Marion Duncan
Home Economics
"Mira" is quite demure and proper;
[f she's set on a thing, nothing can stop

Alice Thompson S c*
Home Economics
Alice, whlio seems so unpredictable
is nevertheless quite amiable.

'-9 McVin Gibbs
When McVin gives you that piercing glance,
He's only wishingyou'd give himachance.

Joseph Innis
Wood Shop
Innis will benefit by the course he'staking,
For he's developed fine skill in cabinet-

cqa Alphonso Barnett
Fonsito" is a very suave lad.
Who is often seen showing ofi the latest
niOen's fad.

Arthur Dawkins
A uto Mechanics
You always have to make way for"Herby,"
Who's often going no place in a hurry.

g Lorraine Gittens
SHome Economics
"Tiny" is certainly a fitting name;
Ever since sixth grade her size is the same.

Lorna Williams
In spite of her sensitivity and delicatepride,
Lorna can fit in on any good side.

Oscar Harrison
-s Commerce
It (';m never be said of "Fraction" that
hie's yellow,
Cause lie's always picking on a bigger fel-

Edward McDonald g
Auto Mechanics
To deal the last blow is a pleasure to "Mac,'"
This slick young chap who likes to talk



Carlos Malcolm
Malcolmh is tihe classroom critic.
'Youi usmutally have to) get his verdict.

Gloria Mayers z
Home Economics
She's always at home in any crowd
To help give jokes and laugh aloud.

Daisy Miller
Home Economics
\Wimo can give jokes like Daisy Miller
In any crowd she's a real thriller! !


Jean Welch l
Home Economics
To dress with precision, have everything
Is graceful Jean Welch's major de-light.

Phill Archibold
arlito" our handsome preach(er to be;
ere's no one so dignified as lie.

: .-


s. "'" 14

OurJd ba re

Herbert and Catherine

Most Studious Catherine, a girl so full of dig-
Most Studious nity,
Her pleasantness is such a
To her I wish a life of success,
And may God shower her with

Herbert R. Brathwaite.
Class of'55

Muir, Gloria---------------.... --.------I don't care.
McDonald, Edward --.------.----.. I'm neutral.
Perch, Claudette--.--------...-------- Little things mean a lot to me.
Perea, Teotista -------- -----------Is what happen to you, huh?
Quinlan, Cecil ------------------- -I, other words...
Ranger, Rudolph.------.--------... Huyu yuey.
Redman, Ruth--------------------. I don't know.
Raymond, Jeremiah ------------.. You're joking.
Rennie. Wilton ----------------...- Studying high for a buck.
Raper, Ralph-------------- .-------- Qae pa,6, mein?
Russell, Earl---------------.----.--. Well, you know how it is.
Savage, Cynthia---..-..------.... Believe it or not.
Sewell, George-----..-------- -------iNo se vaya!
Sparks, Daisy----. --.--....---.But is how...
Spence, Yvonne-----------------.--You're telling me.
Thomas, Janet ..------- -------- -Hiya, kid, what's up?
Thomas, Gloria --------------------- Mind you get hurt.
Thompson, Alice----------------- --.-It dce.n't move me.
Tugwell, Muriel -.----- --------- Well, I tell you...
Walker, Oswald--------------------- Como va eso?
Wade, Arthur----------.----------.- ITremendo, muchachal
Welch, Jean ---------------- If you say so.
Whittaker, Earl---------------------Con calma.
William, Icilda-------------------- That's alll
William, Lorna ----------..---.------Take a child's place.
White, Charles-------------------What happen?

NNW -.,

The Student Association, which is the nucleus of all extra curricular activities at
Rainbow High, was organized in August, 1949. From then until September, 1954, it was
guided by Mrs. Lucille Williams. After Mrs. Williams left for the United States, Mr.
Terry Butler assumed the responsibility of continuing the work of the organization.
For the first time since its inception, the students of the junior high school were
admitted as members of the S. A. with Mr. DuBois Andrews as co-sponsor.
The governing board of the S. A. included Rudolph Ranger, president; William
Frederick. vice-president; Catherine Jones, secretary; 'Patrick Quinlan, assistant secretary;
and Jerry Raymond, treasurer-

Our Biology Club which has been functioning since August, 1950, attracts many
of the students at Rainbow High. For those persons interested in science, the club offers
the opportunity to increase their knowledge of scientific facts and to exercise their skill
in dealing with scientific problems.
The sponsor is Mr. Alfonso Greaves, who guides the group with the help of Herbert
Brathwaite, president; Albert Roach, vice-president; June King, secretary; Ashton Wilson,
treasurer; Guy Scarlett, reporter; and Lucille Alphonse, librarian.

In 1952 a Dramatic Club was initiated for the first time in the Rainbow City
School. Under the guidance of the sponsor, Mr. Horace Parker, the club has
p)resented four short plays-SIXTEEN, THE THIRD PLATE, MAN TRAP
for MOTHER, and THE RIGHT ANSWER. All of them were enthusiastical-
ly received by the audience.
In addition, the club has promoted other activities such as elocution and
story-writing contests, a radio play, and excursions.
Mr. Parker is assisted by Herbert Graham, president; Herbert Brathwaite,
vice-president; Rudolph Ranger, secretary; Annetta Josephs, assistant secre-
tary; and Norma Spence, treasurer.

The High School Chorus and the High School Band contribute a great deal to
the school spirit at Rainbow High.
SMr. Prescott, the director of both departments, works tirelessly to have them
produce the best. There are eighteen members in the band and seventy-two in the
On December 18, 1954, both groups presented a grand Christmas Pageant which
evoked many favorable comments.


A ."

,T. i "l

Ut k ..

The Square Dance Club is still one of the most popular clubs in our school. The wholesome
recreation which it provides for our students cannot be underestimated.
Mrs. Violet Chilcott has the earnest corporation of Euclid Jordan, president; Sylvia
Johnson, secretary; Patrick Quinlan, business manager; and Alice Thompson, chairlady.

0 C C U PAT I 0 N A L


This club was organized primarily tu encourage our students to speak the Spanish lan-
guage with greater facility.
Every year the members of Club Cervantes present colorful programs during the patriot-
ic holidays. The club also sponsors excursions to interior towns and places of interest in Pa-
nama City to acqutaint the students with the culture of their country.
The patriotic program which was held last November 2 in observance of the fifty-first
anniversary of Panama's independence drew resounding applause from both junior and se-
nior high assemblies.
Club Cervantes is now directed by Mrs. Maria A. Reid who replaced Mrs. Lucille Wil-
liams on September 1, 1954.
The officers for this year were Herbert Brathwaite, president; Carlos Malcolm. vice-pre-
sident; Annetta Josephs, secretary; Herbert Graham, corresponding secretary; and Janet
McLean, treasurer.



Since its organization in 1948 the Photography Club of Rainbow High has
produced many amateur photographers who have continued to pursue their
hobby even after graduation.
Each year the members of the club contribute muchof the photographic work
which appears in the high school yearbook. Some of the work in our 1955 Apex
Was done by Rudolph Ranger.
The officers for the 1954- 1955 school year were Basil Thomas, president;
Lloyd Williams, secretary; Reuben Ellis, assistant secretary; and Rudolph
Ranger, technical adviser.
Mr. Cleveland Ennis has been the sponsor since 1948.

- Office Practice
:'i.:LIN. ..

Home Economics


Our printers are busy setting type.

Body and fender boys give a car the finishing touches.

Mr. McLean looks on as bis "men"pull a car apart.

The Parrot comes off the press.


The September, 1954, issue of our organ -THE PARROT marked an extraordinary turn in
the progress of our paper. For the first time since its advent in 1949, it appeared as a printed
paper instead of the usual mimeographed edition. Muoh of the credit for the new look of our
PARROT is due Mr. Arcelio Hudson, our printing instructor.
The editor is Carlos Malcolm, who tries to get out our paper on time with the help of the re-
porting staff Euclid Jordan, Wilma Blackmail, Sylvia Evering, Carol Herbert, Sylvia Manuel,
GeorgeRedman, Linda Newland, Ashton Wilson, and June King.
In view of the number of ads which our paper now carries, Robert Allen was appointed busi-
ness manager.
Printing is done by students George Hall, Wilton Rennie, Cecil Quinlan, Jos6 Bravo, Henry
Wedderb urn, Earl Whittaker, Alphonso, C. Barnett.Felix Modestin, Selwyn Brown, Hilton
Brathwaite, Reuben N. Ellis, Jr., and MyrnaM. Davis.
Miss Sylvia McDonald serves as adviser.

Alethia Dudley Catherine Jones
Robert Allen Herbert Brathwalte
Lorna Williams Teotisra Perea
Cecil Quinlan Jerry Raymond
Herbert Graham Carlos Burke
George Sewell Henry Gamrnes
Sylvia Johnson Sylvia Manuel
Rudolph Ranger, Pliologrisphar
Editor: Carlos Malcolm
Sponsor: Sylvia V. Mc Donald

^afc 4K4idt Sc/l^


l<9c1oAws %-d <4 I

IF. --7-7 -.A.iii..S..
)'Wrs^/e C'ey/'"PrSJ

S6ocAa5 o" 5t^dbOS

_/ 7, 47 7; 7 P,

71T tfH AkyCt PAW..".


i i

Vilma takes a last pose
,with Daisy before flying
to the States- B
L r --- -

~r4~i~y~b W~eo

/7y/e L4LJ~7d

ium *i

ric~y o?< ry^-//l
<'t/ r y/9 B / 5S6;W?_



1A.e,-,- rJ#e s are &P, ,,iI'

41 j


~. ~.4L:;"

.... frome ec
* __ _ .. ....... ..

"WooO' ChoP

)j- -1-M

i' A
i :..1

vk 00ol

I? [if U.

*wgBBaim^^- -i.-*'. *.*.<. .,** .-...-. .. ...-*"---
^^<^y/).^^//s ^ ^/.r^

^'''''' jUi' j^

''tife^ft- vfx-^wR

* : :-*11-- KI

* '

0/j o ),7,k,,d.7.e BK EL A,




i4'r~ be/~e;~9Z~d

A A 6w So",

/yY SwafC177C/ 1 f1"e



asetc, ttl


x t

CA5 ;~%5o?7, ~456fl ~

;8nnr 7 ..//



Best Looking

( C!~'



Best Dressed




Most Athletic

' '. V -.:an





L "

4t J-.^

Most Popular


4. -~

- ..



Honor Students

a):*'-- A'"N;'-:'- -

Herbert R. Brathwaite
Valec ictorltan

Rudolph Ranger
Saluatforian 7

_^ -r' '* **;
.rCarios Malcolm
&t1vclent Seecken


I 1

Alphonse, Lucille
Andrews, Ulysses
Arthur, Josephine
Anderson, George
Ashley, Sterry
Baptist, Arn mold
Blackman, Harold
Bloomfield, Alma
Bravo, Jos6
Brown, Beatrice
Cameron, Carlos
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Barbara
Clarke, Caroline
Craig, Marva
Crosdale, Gene
Dale, Arthur
Davis, Daisy
Davis, Clifford
Davis, Edwith
Davis, Tracy
Dawkins, Leamaa
Dogue, Brunilda
Dun Moodie, Robert
Este, Norman
Ellis, Florence
Farquhar, Samnuel
Frederick, William
Forde, Gloria
Forte, Robert
Foster, Agnes
Foster, Antonio
Grant, Rupert
Grant, Wilfred
Green, Arthur
Greni6n, Victor
Guerrero, Glenda
Hall, Morris
Heron, Alexander
Hudson, Bernice
Johnson, Sylvia
Jones, Morris
Jordan, Euclid
Josephs, Annetta
Kellmah, Roselin

Knight, Carnetta
Knight, Edna
Laing, Norma
Landers, Clifford
Legister, Linda
Leonard, Al vin
Lopez, Rodolfo
Lowe, Eugene
Mannings, Walter
Melbourne, Allan
Mignot, Irwin
Miller, Ann
Modestin, Felix
McCourty, Thelma
McDonald, Norma
McDonald, Eric
McFarlane Calvin
McLeod, Inez
McLean, Janet
Nevers, Llewelyn
Palmer, Wilbert
Perch, Algon
Peart, Patricia
Phillips, William
Quinlan, Patrick
Robinson Chris
Rodney, Joyce
Roach, Albert
Scarlett, Guy
Shirley, Norman
Smith, Joscelyn
Smythe, James
Spalding, Joseplh
Spence, Norma
Springer, Hurbert
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Vilnima
Thomas, Basil
Trotman, Robert
VAsquez, Thomas
Walker, Leroy
Walkin, Elizabeth
Warner, Constance
Weir, Myrtle
Weir, Irene
White, Patricia

Williams, Lloyd

Brown, Beatrice

Arthur, Josephine

Gayle, Joyce (

Durant, Norma

Laing, Norm=


Never, Llewelvun

Jones, MUrris

Craig,Marva "Josephs, Annetta


Alphonse, Lucille

Weir, Irene

Johnson, Sylvia

,., Smith, Joscelyn
Kellman. Roselin


Ml Dav'i s. Ta
,Miller.. Ann Davis, Tracy
. i'" *A .,

McLeod, Inez

Walkin, Elizabeth

Forte, RobertH
Forte, Robert

Weir, Myrtle Clarke, Edward

White, Patricia

Rodney, Joyce

Thomas, Vilnia

Learister, Linda

Guerrero, Glenda

Modestin, Felix

Spence, Norma


Last ll and jesameni "

Phil Archibold willingly leaves his dignity to James Smythe.
Herbert Graham generously wills his diligence to William Frederick.
Herbert Brathwaite graciously leaves his scholarship to Sylvia Johnson.
Robert Allen wills his physical science notebook to Basil Thomas.
Carlos Malcolm bequeaths his pronunciation of the English language to Norma
Clemenet Coward leaves his pensive attitude to Alvin Leonard.
Rudolph Ranger willingly leaves his tennis ability to Euclid Jordan.
Charles White bequeaths his swimming ability to Robert Trottman.
Oscar Harrison wills his loud-colored lumberjack to Morris Hall.
Jerrv Raymond generously leaves his neatness in dressing to Irwin Mignott.
Victor Canate wills his basketball ability to Oliver Grenlon.
Earl Bennett willingly leaves his way with the girls to anybody in the eleventh
Carlos Burke bequeaths his height to Felix Modestin,
Oswald Walker wills his gold teeth to Eric McDonald.
Nicholas Cameron leaves his musical touch to Algon Perch.
Arthur Wade wills his "Alan Ladd",, smile to Eddie Clarke.
Noel Baptist bequeaths his cap-making ability to Llewelyn Novers.
Albert Barton leaves his Track & Field ability to Eugene Low#.
Julian Layne willingly leaves his soccer ability to Joe Spalding.
Edwin Kelly wills his gold teeth to Tracy Davis.
Ralph Morrison passes over his working ability to Antonio Foster.
Edward Manning wills his pitching ability to Christopher Robinson.
Cuthbert Jones generously leaves his fatness to Aleck Heron.
Joseph Innis passes over his good workmanship in the woodshop to Robert Dun
Ernesto Montez leaves his quietness to Lerov Walker.
Oliver Clarke wills his ability to match color in clothing to Lloyd Williams.
George Sewell willingly leaves his athletic ability to Patric Quinlai.
Edward McDonald generously leaves his dancing ability to Sterry Ashley.
Briseflo Manuel wills his mechanical ability to Edwith Davis.
Lansen Brown bequeaths his bankbook to Wilbur Palmer.
Arthur Dawkins wills his mechanical ability to Allan Melbourne.
Emanuel Landers generously leaves his table tennis ability to Clifford Landers.
Lloyd Ashby leaves his dungarees to Arthur Green.
Ranion Alston wills his ability to play golf to Gene Crrssdale.
Henry Games sadly leaves his mechanical ability to Calvin McFarlane.
Selwyn Lawrence graciously wills his tailoring ability to Arnold Baptist.
Leroy Gibbs leaves his rhythm making to George Anderson.
Charles Blackman wills his physique to Samuel Farquhar.
Selwvn Brown bequeaths his wisecracking to Robert Dun Moodie.
Maltos Duttofl leaves his bathing trunks to Leon William.
Earl Whittaker passes over his printing ability to Hilton Brathwaite.
Cecil Quinlan wills his ability to be a good librarian to Norma Durant.
Reuben Ellis willingly leaves his clean white shoes to Thomas Vasquez,
Alphonso Bamett passes over his friendliness to Carloo Cameron.

CLta Witt

Wilton Rennie generously wills his saxophone ability to Albert Lowe.
Lennon Ashley wills his driving ability to Arthur Dale.
Gloria Mayers wills her quiet attitude to Roselyn Kellman.
Sylvia Johnson hopefully wills her writing ability to Caroline Clarke.
Sylvia Manuel bequeaths her cooperative attitude to Annetta Josephs.
Lorna Williams leaves her typing skill to Patricia White.
TeOtista Perea heartily leaves her winsome smile to Linda Legister.
Claudette Perch wills with all regrets her golden earrings to Lucille Alphonse.
Alicia Ford graciously bequeaths her neatness to Florence Ellis
Alethia Dudley willingly leaves her melodious voice to Joyce Gale.
Cynthia Innis bequeaths her pint size body to Norma Laing.
Alice Thompson wills the rhythm in her shoulders to Lola Bryan.
Vilma Watson leaves her attendance record to Janet Mc Lean.
Catherine Jones wills her knowledge to all coming seniors.
Ruth Redman wills her dreamy looks to Iniez Mc Lead.
Pauline Laifg just leaves.
Janet Thomas leaves her ladylike attitude to'all coming seniors.
Icilda Williams sadly leaves her ability to sing to Brunilda Dogu6.
Myrna Davis wills her friendliness to Gloria Forde.
Lorraine Gittens willingly leaves her "chencha" walk to Joyce Rodney
Jean Welch wills her graceful walk to Beatrice Brown.
Daisy Sparks bequeaths her finger nails to Glenda Guerrero.
Gloria Muir leaves her typewriter to Carnetta Knight.
Nellita Bent wills all her laughs to Bernice Hudson.
Ethlyn Haynes unwillingly leaves her troublesome attitude to Norma McDonald.
Yvonne Spence leaves with pride her sewing ability to Florence Fa ,nas.
Gloria Holder willingly leaves her Spanish book to Marva Craig.
Sylvia Gyles bequeaths her athletic ability to Constance Warner.
Marion Duncan hopefully leaves her seriousness to Irene Weir.
Bernice Burnham wills her personality to Thelma McCourty.
Muriel Tugwell wils her civics notebook to anyone in the eleventh graie.
Gwendolyn Forde generously wills her glamorous hairdos to Edna Knight.
Cynthia Savage wills her punctuality to Barbara Clarke.

u boys mix cement to get started.


Mr. Roland supervises cement
for gym storehouse. -

The storehouse goes up!

^^^.^l~~f,^*~t^-*t^**^**^'ll~'<*^'.(,1.( 19-1,14s





Our Favorite Sayings

Allen, Robert-------------------IPela el ojo!
Alston, Ramon--..---------------- I am slow, but sure.
Archibold, Phil---------...... --------God bless you.
Ashby, Lloyd ------------------ You know how it is.
Ashley, Bernice------------------ Play it cool.
Ashley, Lennon----------------- Steady, Eddy.
Bapti4e, Noel------.------------. Never happens.
Barnett, Alphonso-----..---------- C6gelo suave.
Barton, Albert-----.---..---.------- Aqnfi voy montando 'mein.'
Bennett, Earl--..-----.---------. You serious, or you joking?
Bent, Nellita-.- ------------------.What happen, Busky!
Blackman, Charles --------...------- Ay! chi-wa-wa.
Brathwaite, Herbert --------..-------- It doesn't impress me.
Brown, Lansen-----------.------- It happened like this...
Brown, Selwyn------------------- Anything for a honest buck.
Burke, Carlos -------------------- Bueno pues, y c6mo fu6?
Cameron, Nicholas._ ---------Ehl Bevol
Cafiate, Victor----------- --..------ Eh! Andre, me dijiste.
Clarke Oliver, -----..-------------- Don't mess it up!
Coward, Clement------------------ Y qu6 paso, loco?
Davis, Myrna-----------------------Little axe cuts big trees.
Dawkins, Arthur------ ------.----- Look outl
Dudley. Alethia.----.--- .--------- INo me digasl
Duncan, Marion------------------- But you know how it is.
Dutton, Malthos------------------ .Y c6mo fu6, pues?
Ellis, Reuben--.--. -.------ Play it up big.
Ferde, Alicia---------------------Listen, Frenitol
Forde, Gwendolyn ---.---------- -Easy there.
Games, Henry -------------------- Siempre alerto,
Gibbs, McVinn ------------------. That's what you believe.
Gittens, Lorraine ------------------ Ti sabes c6mo.
Graham, Herbert----------------- Live and learn.
Gyles, Sylvia--------------------- Hil baby.
Harrison, Oscar--------.----------- Cool, hermano, cool.
Haynes, Ethlyn--------..--------- Cave men and cave women!
Innis, Cynthia-------------------- It doesn't matter.
Johnson, Sylvia---------.--.-- ----. But I'm telling you, man.
Jones, Catherine ----------------- Shaddup, will you!
InMis, Josephs .- - -----. ---- Let's hurry, it's getting late.
Kelly, Edwin ---.-- ------- .C6mo va eso?
Jones, Cuthbert------ ------- ----Hold your dog.
Laing, Pauline-------- ------------But look at you.
Landers, Emanuel.-------------- Don't be a fool, play it cool.
Lawrance, Selwyn------------- Buena, 6sa.
Layne, Julian---------------- ----Don't be a joker.
Malcolm, Carlos------------------ Yes, but on the other hand.
Manning, Edward------------- There it is!
Manuel, Bricefio-..-.-------------- No play, no play.
Manuel, Sylvia.------------------ I understand.
Montes, Ernest --.------------- -Carry on.
Mayors, Gloria------------------ Listen, no.

Box 1955
Colon, Republic of Panama
April 15, 1970

Miss Sylvia McDonald
1640 Forest Avenue
Detroit, Michigan

Dear Miss McDonald:

Through one of our prominent newspapers El Panamefo, of which Jerry
Raymond is editor, we read that your sixth book in a series of Spanish
grammar has been highly acclaimed. We wish to extend our sinceyest con-
gratulations to you, one of our former teachers.

Professor Herbert Graham, language professor at the National Univer-
sity has recommended your texts to his students. Working at the same
university are Yvonne Spence, Catherine Jones, and Cecil Quinlan in the
language and science departments.

Speaking of the university, there is a new one under construction
close to the Panama Highway. This beautiful building is the inspiration
of the well-known architect Edward McDonald. %e got a glimpse of it while
returning from a major league basketball game in Panama City where we saw
Victor Caffate, Carlos Burke, McVinn Gibbs,and Edward Manning in action
lhich reminds us, George Sewell is on the Panamanian Olympic Basketball
Team now in Switzerland and Ailbert Barton and Julian Layne on the soccer

After leaving the site of the university, we stopped at a new town
called Monte Real to have a cup of coffee and a sandwich at Daisy Millerxs
Cafeteria. Before leaving the cafeteria that evening we learned from
Daisy that Gloria Holder, Noel Baptiste, Ernesto :'ontez and Cynthia Innis
(now married to Nicholas Cameron) are residing in their own homes in the
new townsite. Cynthia's brother, Joseph Innis, is now employed as a cabi-
net maker at Charles Blackman's Furniture Store, 7-dth Oliver Clarke,
furniture designer, and Claudette Perch, secretary.

As night descended, we began to drive rapidly towards Colon. After
fifteen minutes we noticed that a motorcycle was trailing us, Surely we
had unknowingly violated some traffic regulation. The tension was cased
only when Sergeant Earl Bennet appeared in police uniform. Anyhow, he
told us that our tail li'rht was out and at the same time took the oppor-
tunity to invite us to a birthday party he was holding for his wife,
Sylvia Gyles, that very evening. The invitation was accepted.

About ton miles from Colon we stopped for gas at Becky's Service
Station and were attended by the proprietor Emanuol Landers. We were
discussing old times when the conversation was cut short by the tooting
of a horn. It was a cab from Lennon Ashley's Taxi Company.

We entered Colon at about fifteen minutes of seven. The town was
gayly decorated with many bright-colored lights, the sign of the CRBN
Television Studio being one of the most conspicuous. ie assume yo:. have
heard of this television studio owned by Clement COward and Wilton FTe:--i,.
This month the studio will be presenting a new one-hour show, a I '.3 o2
dramatic plays written by Lorna Williams, now a successful playwrirt
This show will run for approximately sixteen weeks. Some of the uR&.b'rT
of the cast are Sylvia Johnson, Bernice Burnham, Lorraine Gittens ar-
Arthur 7Tade, The dramatic director of these plays will be Cuthber': "I3.!T.
Jones and the musical director, Carlos %alcolm, also director of, tLe
Orquesta Filarmonico de Panama.

Oh, yes, wie were on our way to our respective homes to get prepared
for Sylvia's party. As we were nearing Eleventh Street, we heard a
familiar whistle. As we expected, it was Lloyd Ashbyb Lloyd is foreman
at Arthur Dawkin's mechanic shop. He told us to tune in on the radio to
listen to the fi-ht between Ralph "The Terrible" Roper and Argentina's
middleweight champion. When we tuned in iri hoard, "...6s..7...8....9
...,you're out." Ralph had won. The radio station switched to its regu-
lar schedule. Disk jockey Earl Russell was now on the air with his pro-

While a new recording of Selwyn Brown and his orchestra was playing
(Selwyn's brother,Lansen Brown,is a captain in the U.S. Air Force), we
saw Jean Welch, Alicia Forde, and Nelita Bent returning from their woik
as models at the Crossdale Fashion Store where Henry Garnmes is business
manager, and Oswald -alker, Marion Duncan, and vwendolyn Forde, dress

We finally separated to get ready for the party.

At about quarter of ten the party was prc:ressing nicely. It was
about this very same time that Charlcs `ihite, Brisefio Manuel and Oscar
Garrison (coach of a local baseball team) entered. "Hollo folks,s
they greeted. Charles, whose hobby is collecting records, announced tbat
he had brought some of Alethia Dudley's latest hits,. Reuben Ellis was
particularly pleased to hear this as he was her agent, anc he requested
that they be played immediiet.-ly. After those records, we found Selwyn
Lawrence and Ruth Redman dancing to the beat of a latin number. They are
now a successful team at Alphonsc. Barnett's Club Nocturne. Earl "Ihittakw
and I-uriel Tugwoll, band leader and hostess at the club, were talking to
Edwin Kelly, reporter of The Ton,-ue.
"Say' They are wonderful," was Earl's comment.
"No wonder the show is so lucrative," came from Yuriel's pleasant voice.
"It must be," said Edwin, "especially since I gave the show a write-up
in my column."
"Of course, much of the credit goes to Mfalthos Dutton who manages the
show," came from blues singer Alice Thompsnn.

Over in one corner of the hall, Ramon Alston was attentively M3ftes-
ing to a major league baseball game between the New York Giants and the

Philadelphia Phillies. He played major league ball for five years and
now has settled dcmn as a baseball sccut for the Now York Giants. Stocky
Myrna Davis, now taking post graduate work, went over to ask him to join
the party.

We were conversing with Icilda ;iilliams, choir leader at the Adveto-
ist Church, when Sylvia Gyles, the hostess, interrupted with, "Having a
fine evening?"
"Couldn't be finer," replied Icilda.
"Rudy, how is your photo studio coming along, and how are the girls?"
"Fine, fine, business is good and the girls are doing swell. Teotista
Perea is the best secretary I ever had and Janet Thomas is doing excel-
lent work as my assistant."
"And you, Berty, I understand Sylvia l.anuel is working as head nurse at
your clinic,"
"A doctor couldn't ask for a more efficient head nurse than Sylvia."
"Is Robert Allen still doing business with you?"
"Yes, I still send my patients to him to have prescriptions filled. go
certainly is an excellent pharmacist."
"Well, it surely is good to know that you two and many of my friends
here tonight are doing well."

4s it was getting late, several guests began to say good-night.
Gloria 1'ayers and Ethlyn Haynes, both housewives, were bidding their
hosts goodbye when Gloria 'ruir, home economics teacher, gestured to them
to wait for her. In practically no time, everyone had departed.

Well, Miss IfcDonalcl, since this letter is getting quite lengthy, and
we have told you so much, we are bidding .adieu for now. But before we do
so, let us remind you that we consider you one of our most beloved
teachers. Good Luck!
Respectfully yours,

EMK Iphr Ranger

Herbert R. Brathwaite

iPhil Archibold, now'a minister
and traveling evangelist, asked
us to convey his regards to you*







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When You Think of Printing Compliments of -
Think of Mr. & Mrs. Audley M. Webster
HUD5061 Bolivar & 6th SHOPtreet Rainbow City, C. Z.
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Mr.& Mrs. Horace V. Parker
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Mr. Cleveland Ennis
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Best Withe. from
\Mr. Fiiz 11. Evening
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Mr \Villam B. Brathwaite
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Co,:iplimentt- oJ
Mlr & Mrs. Dubois W. Andrews
CUilon, R. P.

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Mr. & Mrs.G. Sandiford
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Mrs. Mildred Bolt
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Mr. & Mrs. Spencer S. Josephs
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Mr. & Mrs. R.Stoute
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Congratulations to the Class of '55 from
Miss Delia Connor
Colon. R- P.

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Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth V. Griffith
Rainbow City, C. Z.

Compliments to the Class of '55 from
Miss Fladell M. Josephs
Colon, R. P.

Compliments of
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chllcott
Colon, R. P.

Best Wishes to the Class of '55from
Miss Blanche Savage
Colon, R. P.
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Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Brown
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Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Dale
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Mr. & Mrs. P. E. Ford
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Mr. & Mrs. Stanley
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Mrs. Gladys Morgan
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Mr. Charles Gerald
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Mr. & Mrs. S. G. Maug6
Mr. & Mrs, Wilfred Adams
Mr. Phillip Henry
Mr. & Mrs. P. Daniels
Miss Dorothy R. Powell

Miss Miriam Notyce Mr. Lucilo H. Hoyte
Miss Dorothy Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Lionel J. Duncan
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Miss Daisy M. Stone Lic. Basilio H. Cragwell
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Mr. Dennis N. Josiah Mr. Edward Griffith
Miss Agnes G. Osborne Mr. Fred erick 0. Roland
Mr. & Mrs. Holden Cockburn Mr. L. Morgan

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Jackson Steam Laundry
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Mofatt's Shoe Service
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