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The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 2007, Snook Publications P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 34139 Volume I Issue #36 More Money for Firemen The Mayor said at the City Council meeting that our firefighters, who have double the area of any other force in the County, were being paid about $10,000 less per year than their colleagues. He brought the matter up with County Manager Jim Mudd and the situation has been rectified. Our team will now be on a par in salary and benefits with the rest of the County. Councilor Johnny Potter commented emotionally that he owes his life to them for taking care of him when he had a heart attack. The Mayor said that the Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office do so many things for the community that he wants to set aside a day when we can treat them to a cook-out and will set the date at the next meeting. Finally, on the subject, he thanked the County Manager and Commissioners for their support. CITY COUNCIL REPORT by Marya Repko Everglades City Council met on Tuesday, September 4. There was a formal Public Hearing on the first readings of ordinances to fix the m illage and to adopt the budget and a second reading of the ordinance opting out of early voti ng. Councilors at the reconvened meeting moved to adopt all three ordinances. The Mayor said that he will not sign off the audit wit h FEMA because he is hoping for another $400,000 and understands that our Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart has put in a good word for the City. As for the budget (see page 7), the Mayor said that the County will have about $35 million less next year so we have to be more self-reliant. He said that he had kept the millage down over the years to help local people but that turned out to be a wise decision in light of the new State legislation. (see Rapper 8/3/07). The Mayor said that a few days after he came into of fice 12 years ago, he was called up to the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection). He did not kn ow anyone there in Tallahassee and found that they were unwilling to laugh with him in a friendly way. Instead, they said they could “close down the City” or l evy large fines ($10,000 per day) because reports were missing and the City was in violat ion of regulations. Fortunately, he had the help of Dr Ahmadi at the DEP and things have bee n sorted out over the years. Concluding, the Mayor said he was happy to see everyone in the community working together. He praised Parker Oglesby for the refurbishment of the Skating Rink. Two proclamations were read and accepted: one making the Everglades Community Church a preserved building (see page 11) and the other declari ng September 9-15 “Water Re-use Week”. Clarence Tears from the South Flo rida Water Management District praised us for “showing the rest of the State what a small City can do”. He said the proclamation is a great conservation statement an d that an extra $200,000 is available in support of the City’s efforts. A motion to write off bad debts and equipment for 2006-2007 was made and passed. There was some bantering about the 1968 tractor tha t had rusted out. The Mayor said debts (mostly water bills owed to the City) were down to around $1,000 which is less than in previous years. Before the Public Comment was heard the Mayor gave a warm welcome to John M. Wilson and Vicky Nagle who have been on vacation. Mr W ilson suggested the City use the FEMA money to hang historic pictures on the blank w alls in City Hall and then asked about the status of the airport. The Mayor replied that the City Attorney had delayed the proceedings but he was looking for a new attorney and was still determined that the airport should revert to the City. Vicky Nagle commented about the recycled water requiring a sprinkler which will not help her to spray the orchids in her trees. Under Reports from Councilors Johnny Potter said that it was good to hear children around the town. Councilor Parker Oglesby said that he ha d installed a volleyball net and a teeter ball near the Community Center. He also sai d that he was worried about alligators in the City. The Mayor said he would get in touch with F ish & Wildlife. Verbal reports mentioned gators in the storm drain behind WinCar, near the public docks, at the Estuary condo complex, and near Wells Real Estate. The Mayor sa id alligators are “more tame, but less friendly” and they have good peripheral vision but can not see straight ahead. The good-humored and productive meeting was adjourned within a n hour of opening. If you have news, photos, announcements, or articles ... email or phone 695-2397. CONTENTS Calendar p. 2 Fishing p. 8 Tides p. 3 Muck-About p. 8 Fire Dept p. 3 Gardening p. 9 Sheriff p. 3 Recipe p. 9 Budget p. 7 Memories p. 9 People p. 11 Local History p. 11 Advertiser Spot-Light, Classified p. 12 FEATURE: “ SCHOOL NEWS” page 5/6


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 2 new moon SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2007 full moon THRIFT SHOP: CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE SKATI NG RINK: Friday/Saturday, 7:00 10:00 pm FOOD PANTRY: Sat, 8:30 to 10:30 am, Community Chur ch ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Wed, 5 pm, Community Chur ch MUSEUM: Tues-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm; Sat, 9 am to 4 pm SMALLWOOD STORE: daily 11 am to 5 pm NATIONAL PARK GULF COAST VISITORS’ CENTER: daily 9 am to 4 pm (boats 8:30 am to 4:00 pm) CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INFORMATION CENTER (Carnestown) : daily, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm SHERIFF AT CITY HALL: 9/14 (9-11am) 9/18 (9-11am) 9/20 (4-5pm) 9/21 (noon-2pm) 9/25 (9-11am) 9/27 (1-3pm) TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Sheriff: 695-2007 Fire Dept: 695-2902 City Hall: 695-3781 Library: 695-2511 SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT SEPT 9 10 Hour of Prayer Everglades Community Church, 7 pm 11 Fly the Flag Day 12 Ladies Coffee Roadkill Cafe 8 am 13 Budget Hearing City Hall, 5:30 pm Open House School, 6:30 am Big Cypress ORVs mtg 5-7:30 pm 14 MPO meeting 10 am Naples 15 Coastal Cleanup see p.8 16 17 Hour of Prayer Copeland Baptist Mission, 7 pm 18 Reach Out meeting cancelled 19 Ladies Coffee Triad Seafood 8 am 20 School Early Release Lions Club Seafood Depot 7 pm Copeland Civic 7 pm 21 22 Mobile Pet Vet McLeod Park 9 am to 1 pm Copeland 2 to 4 pm 23 Mobile Pet Vet Surgery, see p.3 Bible Study at the Rockpit 6pm, see p.3 24 Hour of Prayer Chokoloskee Church of God 7 pm 25 SAC meeting School, 3 pm see p.5 26 Ladies Coffee Seafood Depot 8 am Wine Tasting 7-9 pm, see p.9 27 Storter Exhibit at HMSF see p. 11 28 29 Museum Reception 1-3 pm Walking Tour 1:30 pm 30 OCT 1 ESHP mtg City Hall, 10 am Hour of Prayer Holy Family Catholic Church 7 pm 2 FME mtg Comm. Church, 9 am Jim Coletta City Hall 1-4pm George Barton City Hall 3-5pm City Council City Hall 7 pm 3 Ladies Coffee Roadkill Cafe 8 am 4 Great Gators School, 9:30 Lions Club Board, 5:30pm 5 RedSnook Tournament all weekend see p.3 6 Fall Festival Copeland Baptist Mission, 1 pm 7 Fall Festival Copeland Baptist Mission, 1 pm 8 Hour of Prayer Everglades First Baptist Church 7 pm 9 10 Ladies Coffee Triad Seafood 8 am 11 12 13


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 3 SHERIFF’S REPORT Lt Mark Milligan reported at the City Council meeting that a number of thefts had taken place in the area. Among the incidents since August 7 were the theft of copper wire and pipe, stolen boats and a motor, and the removal of 100 lb of fish from a boat. He said that his substation was responsible for 898 square miles The Lieutenant reminded everyone to secure valuables and lock up. We are in the most active part of hurricane season and encouraged people to take a copy of the County’s “All-Hazards Guide” and as well as the Crime Prevention brochure, both of which are available at City Hall or see OUTDOOR BIBLE STUDY Copeland Baptist Mission will remind us of the wonders of our beautiful landscape by holding Bible Study on Sunday, September 23 at 6:00 p.m. at the Rockpit off Janes Scenic Drive. For more information, phone Bill at 287-0457. Everyone welcome! REDFISH/SNOOK TOURNAMENT The Conservancy of Southwest Florida are sponsoring a high-profile fishing gala starring Roland Martin on October 5-7. Places are limited in the “RedSnook Catch & Release” contest so register now at or phone for info and offers of help to 403-4218. In keeping with the patriotism shown in the photo above, taken by the river at sunset on September 11, we had this email from Lisa Marteeny: This past year our church, Everglades Community Church, has been participating in the “Adopt a Chaplain” program whereby we’ve been sending care packages each week filled with all sorts of goodies to a Chaplain Erik Spicer in Iraq. Well, September 20 th will be our last package as his unit is coming home in October. For our last package, we’re enclosing Thank You notes from folks within the community; the Mayor’s been asked to sign a letter, the Lions Club is enclosing a letter. If you have the room, would you enclose a notice in your next publication asking folks who’d like to be a part of the “Thank You Package” to drop their notes off at City Hall? We’ve sent over 125 boxes, and it’s been a wonderful experience for all of us at the church. Pastor Bob is trying to get the chaplain to visit our church when he gets back to the States, so that ought to be great too. OCHOPEE FIRE CONTROL DISTRICT 08/31/07: Vehicle Fire, 52m I-75 08/31/07: Vehicle Fire, 61m I-75 08/31/07: Vehicle Accident, 62m I-75 08/31/07: Vehicle Accident, 58m I-75 09/01/07: Fuel Spill From Vehicle, 63m I-75 09/01/07: Vehicle Accident, 63m I-75 09/02/07: Abdominal Pain, Chokoloskee Island 09/04/07: Emer. Med., Ochopee Fire Station 09/04/07: Vehicle Accident, 69m I-75 09/04/07: Suicidal Person, Chokoloskee Island 09/05/07: Possible Over Dose, Everglades City 09/06/07: Trouble Breathing, Chokoloskee 09/06/07: Vehicle Fire, 63m I-75 09/06/07: Emer. Med., Port of the Islands 09/07/07: Vehicle Accident, 80m I-75 09/07/07: Public Assist, 1m North of Everglades Bridge 09/07/07: Vehicle Accident, 76m I-75 09/08/07: Vehicle Accident, 61m I-75 09/08/07: Vehicle Accident, 65m I-75 09/09/07: Vehicle Accident, 70m I-75 09/09/07: Vehicle Accident, Ochopee 09/10/07: Fire Alarm, Port of the Islands 09/10/07: Emer. Med., Everglades City 09/10/07: Difficulty Breathing, Copeland 09/10/07: Chest Pains, Everglades City MOBILE PET VET Dr Baker will be here on Saturday September 22 She will also be doing surgery on Sunday September 23 by previous appointment only. Phone 777-PETS to arrange a time. Look at the new Rapper website and let us know what you think. TIDES FOR BARRON RIVER INFORMATION FROM http://TIDESANDCURRENTS.NOAA.GOV 09/14/2007 Fri 04:10AM 2.9 H 11:59AM 0.2 L 05:0 2PM 2.8 H 09/15/2007 Sat 12:05AM 0.6 L 04:31AM 2.9 H 12:3 7PM 0.2 L 05:47PM 2.6 H 09/16/2007 Sun 12:24AM 0.8 L 04:52AM 2.9 H 01:1 8PM 0.3 L 06:43PM 2.5 H 09/17/2007 Mon 12:32AM 0.9 L 05:15AM 2.8 H 02:1 0PM 0.3 L 07:52PM 2.3 H 09/18/2007 Tue 12:38AM 1.0 L 05:45AM 2.7 H 03:1 8PM 0.4 L 09:18PM 2.2 H 09/19/2007 Wed 12:51AM 1.0 L 06:31AM 2.6 H 04:3 9PM 0.4 L 09/20/2007 Thu 08:27AM 2.6 H 05:51PM 0.3 L 09/21/2007 Fri 12:59AM 2.3 H 05:51AM 1.1 L 10:3 9AM 2.7 H 06:49PM 0.2 L 09/22/2007 Sat 01:04AM 2.4 H 06:53AM 1.0 L 11:4 8AM 2.9 H 07:38PM 0.2 L 09/23/2007 Sun 01:27AM 2.5 H 07:41AM 0.8 L 12:4 2PM 3.1 H 08:21PM 0.1 L 09/24/2007 Mon 01:52AM 2.7 H 08:24AM 0.6 L 01:2 9PM 3.3 H 09:02PM 0.1 L 09/25/2007 Tue 02:16AM 2.8 H 09:08AM 0.4 L 02:1 5PM 3.4 H 09:41PM 0.2 L 09/26/2007 Wed 02:39AM 3.0 H 09:52AM 0.2 L 03:0 0PM 3.4 H 10:19PM 0.3 L 09/27/2007 Thu 03:03AM 3.2 H 10:36AM 0.0 L 03:4 8PM 3.3 H 10:57PM 0.4 L 09/28/2007 Fri 03:27AM 3.3 H 11:22AM 0.2 L 04:40P M 3.1 H 11:34PM 0.6 L


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 4 n n n n Yarns and Hand Knits Lessons 3804 E. Tamiami Trail Naples, FL 34112 239-793-8141 Breakfast / Lunch – 695-2214 Open Wed – Sun. 10 am 3 pm (closed Mon/Tues) 10% off with this coupon


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 5 nnr phone: 377-9800 or 695-2561 website: www.collier.k1 IMPORTANT DATES Thurs, Sept 13: Open House, 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tues, Sept 18: Newsletter Meeting, 3:00 p.m. Thurs, Sept 20: Early Release Day Tues, Sept 25: SAC, Media Center, 3:00 p.m. Thurs, Sept 27: Report Cards (grades 9-12) Thurs, Oct 4: Great Gators, 9:30 a.m. STUDENT REPORTERS NEEDED Trina Mitchell is starting a monthly newsletter with students reporting on activities happening in each of the classrooms. Tuesday September 18 will be the first meeting with the students from 3 to 3:30 p.m. in the Media Center. Anyone who is interested in participating in this program is welcome. She needs student reporters representing each class. For more information, contac t Mrs. Mitchell in the Media Center. For the past six years, the Kids’ Activity Club has met once a week after school. This year a new chairpers on will be needed to keep the program going. It is one of the topics to be discussed at the SAC meeting. The group of third to sixth graders are seen in the photo above after they painted windsocks last year. The kids explore a variety of arts & crafts and are giv en a snack to keep them going. They also have outside treats such as an afternoon at a swimming pool. SAC WELCOMES YOU! The first SAC meeting for this year will be on Tuesday September 25 The agenda includes discussion of: school uniforms perfect attendance kids’ after-school program 2007 FCAT scores extracurricular activities for all grades needs for this year. We encourage all students, teachers, parents, and community members to attend and participate in the meetings, held the 4 th Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Media Center (photo above). Elections for new off icers will be held at the October meeting. The purpose of the School Advisory Council (SAC) is to assist in the evaluation of the School Improvement Pl an and to identify problems, develop improvement strategies, a nd open communication among the various groups represented. Karen Cabral has been Chairperson of Everglades City School SAC since the beginning of the 2003-04 school year and has dedicated many hours of service since then. Patty Huff serves as Vice-Chair and Haava Tankersley as Secretary. Please contact Dana Snider if you are int erested in becoming a member of SAC and supporting our local school with your ideas. Each school in the State of Florida must have a SAC. By law, each SAC must be composed of the principal and an “appropriately balanced” number of “stakeholders.” These individuals must be representative of the ethnic, racial a nd economic makeup of the community served by the school. High schools and vocational technical centers must have students on the SACs. Middle and junior high schools may include students on their SAC. The majority of SAC members (over 50 percent) must not be employed by the school on whose SAC they serve.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 6 nnr phone: 377-9800 or 695-2561 website: www.collier.k1 WELCOME TO NEW TEACHERS !!! Julio de la Rosa (Social Studies and Spanish) has been married to his “wonderful wife” Blanca for 34 years. They have a son and a daughter and a beautiful two-year-old granddaughter. Mr. de la Rosa was born and raised in South Texas. As one of 77 graduates from Lyford High School, he attended the University of Texas Pan American as a history major until 1968 when Hurricane Beul ah put college education on hold. In 1969 he enlisted in the Unit ed States Air Force and spent the next four years in Madrid, Spain, where he became interested in Spanish history, litera ture, and culture. When he returned from Europe in 1974, he used his G. I Bill benefits to continue his studies at the Universit y of Texas El Paso. While in graduate school he interviewed for the j ob that brought him to Immokalee in 1978. Julio thought that he would retire at Immokalee High School, where he had taught and coached for 29 years, but the "restructuring" of IHS due to "No Child Left Behind" legislation changed his plans, not unli ke Hurricane Beulah did some forty years ago. Julio comments on the move, As my Spanish-speaking mother used to say, “ No hay mal que por bien no venga ”, roughly translated as “Every cloud has a silver lining” or “When one door closes, another one always opens.” I could have chosen to stay in Immokalee and saved myself the long commute but after looking at Everglades City School, I became fascinated with it and now I am now looking forward to finishing my education career at Everglades City School. As coaches tend to do toward the end of practice when they wait for the perfectly executed play, I want EVG to be “the one to quit on” Paul D'Agostino (Middle School) was born in San Diego, California, and lived in Detroit, MI, Pittsburgh, PA, and Cincinnati, OH, before moving to Florida. He and his family live in North Naples and have a son, also named Paul, who is the fifth-generation “Paul.” Mr. D’Agostino graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys sc uba diving, baseball, football, swimming, and reading. Paul feels very fortunate to have the students that he teaches each and everyday. Elizabeth Ihle (Language Arts) recently moved to Naples with her husband. They both have lived in Florida beginning in the Panhandle, then moving to St. Augustine. They have always been curious and interested in South Florida. This is Elizabeth's second year teaching. She was a graphic artist and reporter at a small weekly newspaper wh ile living in the Panhandle. She missed working with young peopl e, so she pursued teaching. Her favorite part about teaching i s, "I believe knowledge leads to passion and choices two things that I hope every child experiences, and I hope I can help them discover the power of learning." She is excited to be teaching English in seventh, eight h, ninth and tenth grades in Everglades City School. "The kids are great," she said. "They are all bright and I am looking forward t o the rest of the school year." During free time, Elizabeth enjoys fishing with her h usband on their new boat. "I caught and ate my first snook thi s past weekend; it was delicious!" She also enjoys taking pictures and reading. Mark Cevallos (math) grew up in Orlando where he lived until 1999. He then moved with his family down to the Golden Gate Estate area and stayed there for three years until he met his wife. The couple are now in Bonita Springs with their two children: son Cameron, age 5, and daughter Leah, 6 months old. Mark and his wife enjoy spending time together around their home and with their extended family. Mark’s original degree was towards electrical engineerin g. He chose this path because of his love of math and problem solving. However, he realized during his college years that he li ked teaching fellow students how to do their homework and, fr om then on, Mark knew that he wanted to be a teacher. The opportunity finally arose this past August. This is Mark’s first year as a teacher, but he is having fun so far. Thanks to all the new teachers who helped us compil e their verbal portraits in this and the previous issue of the Rapper.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 7 City Of Everglades City BUDGET SUMMARY, 2007-2008


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 8 The One that Got Away by Patricia Huff Summertime squalls and late afternoon fishing. That’s ho w some of us as year-round residents experience our hot summer days in the Everglades. About a month ago in mid-August I had the opportunity to go out for a few hours with my husband and our friend Bill Lindsay. After working around the house most o f the day, the plan was to go out late in the afternoon. We l eft the dock around 5:30 pm to clear skies, but we could see the threat of a storm far off in the northeast. Hence, we all decided to take a rain jacket, hoping that being prepared would keep the storm away. On the first cast, Bill hooked a nice snook, then another Steve caught a redfish and I was the only one without a catch. I did have a bite (a really nice snook that spit the hook out) and then a small Jewfish (officially, goliath grouper). We moved around a b it, had a light shower pass by, and Steve and Bill continued to o ut-fish me. In just a few hours, we had caught 5 snook, 2 redfish, 2 Jewfish, and a trout (almost all by the boys) As the sun was setting, and the clouds getting darker and clo ser every minute, we cast one last time. Then, he hit, a nd with such force and strength that I thought I finally had my chanc e at a nice big snook. He took off like a freight train and then a bi g jump; it was a tarpon, not a snook, and he weighed over 100 pounds. Although it was only minutes, it seemed like an hour befo re I brought him to the boat. Both Bill and Steve said he wa s too green and full of life to try and capture. Then the thunder roar ed, the sun set lower, and the storm was close to our backs. I wor ked as hard as I could, but the tarpon was determined not to be caught (I was fishing with a 14-pound test line). Finally, Steve said I had a choice, and that the choice was mine. I could continue to fight the tarpon and we would be caught in the middle of the storm as night fell, or I could break him off. He was 60 yards from the boat and I hate lightning which was now all around us. What I didn’t realize was how far we were from the dock. The late afternoon was so beautiful, and I was concentrating too much on the fishi ng to notice that every time Steve moved the boat we were going farther out. It took 25 minutes to get back to the dock (after Bill helpe d to release the fighting fish), but it seemed like the longes t 25 minutes of my life. It was dark, the rain was pelting down so ha rd that I couldn’t see; I sat in the bottom of the boat coverin g my face and head with my soaking rain jacket. I couldn’t understand how Steve could ever find his way back in those conditions. Also, the lightning was striking everywhere, along with the roarin g thunder. All I could think of was “when you walk through a storm, ke ep your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark…” And, I thought of my father, such an avid fisherman, who loved being out on the water more than anything (just like my husban d). I felt that he, being up in heaven and having more “pull” with th e Almighty, wouldn’t let the lightning strike his oldest, an d most beloved, daughter!! Of course, we made it back safely with the guidance of my experienced fisherman, but it was exciting. I’ll always r emember that late afternoon and the one that got away. Clyde & Niki Butcher’s Labor Day weekend “Muck About” attracted over 900 swamp walkers of all ages. Providing music were Valerie Wisecracker and Cindy Hackney while Terri Ramenteria, who couldn’t stay out of the kitchen wh ile the Camellia Street Grill is closed for the month of Se ptember, fed the hungry with her delicious creations. KEEPING OUR SHORES BEAUTIFUL An international coastal cleanup takes place this Satur day with over 1000 people from Collier County expected to participate. Volunteers either on foot or in boats are welcome. The event takes place from 8:00 a.m. until noon For more information, phone Cher Compton on 580-8319. HISTORIC TOMB IN DANGER We had this notice from the National Trust for Historic Preservation at a time when appreciation for our troops is at a high. Officials at Arlington National Cemetery plan to repl ace the original Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a new repl ica solely because of repairable cosmetic imperfections. This 1932 monument is nationally significant The 48-ton marble bl ock has two non-structural cracks which pose no threat to visitors. Surprisingly, federal bureaucrats want the replica carved from new stone that experts agree will likely again crack along its grain just as marble does naturally when exposed to the elements. R epair and proper care of the Tomb (re-grouting the cracks and using only gentle cleaning methods) is possible, as other marble monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial were repaired. We are asked to contact our senators before September 30 when a decision will be made. See www.nationaltrust.o rg


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 9 A Taste for History A gala Wine Tasting with hors d’oeuvres will be held at Fresh Market in Naples on Wednesday September 26 to benefit Collier County Museums. Tickets at $25 in advance are required. Phone 774-8476. GARDENING NOTE We published an email from Captain Franklin Adams about cypress mulch in the 6/8/07 issue of the Rapper He has followed up with some good (and bad) news. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has informed its suppliers that, effective January 1, 2008, the company will no longer buy and sell cypress mulch that is harvested, bagged, or manufactured in the state of Louisiana. The Save Our Cypress Coalition, a group of environmental organizations, has been publicly pressuring the major retailers Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s to stop selling cypress mulch since November 2006. “We’re happy to hear that some cypress forests will be saved from the mulch machine, but how can Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s ignore Florida’s wetlands?” asked Joe Murphy, Florida Programs Coordinator for the Gulf Restoration Network. According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension, cypress trees in Florida are being cut out of the wetlands at a rate faster than they can regenerate, and almost half of the cypress cut is used for mulch. Cypress forests are heralded by scientists to be some of the Gulf’s best natural storm and flooding protection. The swamps also support a wide array of wildlife including fish and crustaceans, migratory birds, and threatened and endangered species like the bald eagle and Florida panther. The swamps are of national importance to protect the economy, the unique environment of the Gulf Coast, and people. The Save Our Cypress Coalition is comprised of organizations and businesses that are dedicated to preserving cypress ecosystems and the ecological benefits, flood protection, and economic opportunities they provide. For more information, see To contact Joe Murphy, the Florida Coordinator of the Gulf Restoration Network, phone (352) 583-0870 or see nn nn nn nn Grouper Chowder Southern Style by Barbara Hoffman Daniels 4 large cans crushed tomatoes 1 tsp sugar (unseasoned) 1 large clove garlic, sliced 4 or 5 white potatoes, cubed 1 stick butter 2 large Vidalia onions, cubed juice of 1 lemon Salt and pepper to taste 1 lbs grouper, cut in 1” chun ks 1 dash Italian seasoning (optional) Using a large pot with a tight-fitting lid, put tomato es on to simmer. In a separate pan, brown potatoes and onions only slightly, then add to simmering tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste (careful with the salt – fi sh is salty). I like a dash of Italian seasoning myself. Add sugar, and simmer 10 min utes. Add garlic and butter, and simmer 5 more minutes. Add lemon juice and t hen drop fish cubes into simmering mixture. Cook only about 5 more minutes, o r so that fish is still firm and in chunks. Turn off stove. Remove from burner. Wait 10 more minutes with a good tight lid on pot. Serve. This recipe is from “What’s Cookin’ in the Everglad es” by Reach Out Everglades & COPS, Inc., our neighborhood charity. The cookbook is available at Right Choice Supermarket, City Hall, Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center, Cocoplum, Big House Coffee and Everglades Island Properties. “The Uninvited Guest” by Barbara Hoffman Daniels The Glades used to flood in the month of October and the saturation from heavy rains was so that even my driveway and front yard w as one flowing river carrying tree limbs and debris like the mighty Missis sippi. During that time within a small high area of woods beside me there ha d shown up a stray cat; halfstarved and wet and very elusive. My heart said, “Fe ed him.” As I could not get near him, I started putting food on a paper plate on a h igh mound off one end of my porch around the corner from an opening under the ho use, believing him to be holed up under there as I no longer caught sight of h im at the woods. Every morning the plate and food would be gone. Then one nig ht around 11:00 p.m. during this time I heard a loud splash right under my be droom window. I looked out and could see by the glow of the security light tha t a large ‘gator had jumped at some poor unsuspecting animal from under the house whe re he had been holed up for no telling how long; therefore, solving the my stery of what was happening to the paper plates. My companion was very ill at that time but I ran into his bedroom and woke him saying excitedly, “There’s a ‘gator under the hous e!” He just said, “And, exactly what would you like me to do about it?”, rolled over, and went back to sleep. The next day we had the “gator catcher” come and re move him. He was 7’1” long. And, no he didn’t catch the cat I had been fee ding but something else did. I found him later at the edge of the woods. Bob cats wi ll kill domestic cats and I imagine that’s what happened. But, I had attempted to s leep the night before knowing there was a very large alligator directly un der my bedroom floor. Sweet dreams, Babs! Barbara Hoffman Daniels grew up in Everglades City. She lived for over thirty years in the Big Cypress where she had the experience of seeing what our animals are really like. We will be featuring more of her stori es in future issues.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 10 n rr phone 695-2397 or email Daily – Weekly – Monthly Rentals nn Waterfront Villas – Screen Porches – Canoes Swimming Pool – Boat Launch – Dock 210 Collier Ave. Ph 239-695-4499 Everglades City, FL 34139 nr 105 West Broadway. Everglades City, FL Open: Tuesday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays, 9 am – 4 pm Admission is Free VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Contact Martha at 695 0008


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 11 old photo courtesy of Alvin Lederer rn rn rn rn The Community Church was proclaimed to be an historic building during the City Council meeting on Tuesday (see front page) but its foundation date back to the Collier days when a Presbyterian congregation met in various buildin gs around the town, including Club Everglades (the community center, also known as the “movie theater”) In 1939 the Collier Corporation donated the plot of land on the circle on condition that the church building be complete d by October 1940 and that it be non-denominational. The Church is currently applying for listing on the Nat ional Register of Historic Places. Old photos and documents to support this effort are welcome, as is the City’s reco gnition of the establishment’s historic importance. It is thought that the annex was built in the late 1950s wh ich would make it the requisite 50 years old to be considere d historic. If you can remember when it was completed, please let us know. n n n n Rob Storter’s sketches and stories about growing up in Everglades City and Naples are traveling to Miami to be seen in the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Items from the collection will be on display at HMSF headquarters in the Miami-Dade Cultural Center on West Flagler Avenue from September 27 until January 28, 2008. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 27 from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. and kicks off their prestigious season. What an honor for him! The Storter Collection of more than 300 pieces was acquired by the Friends of the Museum of the Everglades and recently donated to the Collier County Museum (see Rapper 6/22/07) who are loaning it to HMSF. See or phone 695-2397 for info. FIFTY LOVING YEARS by Helen Bryan Rev. & Mrs. Bill Howell celebrated their 50th weddi ng anniversary Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007, with family an d friends at a Luncheon buffet in the ORA Diningroom, Chokoloske e Island, hosted by Karen Birdwell, Hazel Mitchell, A ngela Smith, and Melody McBride. Geneva Brown, a native o f Chokoloskee, and Bill from Bradley, FL, were marrie d in 1957 at the Church of God, Chokoloskee Island. They have four children, sons Dudley Howell (deceased), Phillip Ho well, Angela Smith and Melody McBride, and 12 living grandchildren with PFC James Price killed in action while serving in Iraq. Bill and Geneva have served with the Church of God as missionaries in Mongolia, Honduras, and Turkey. Now back in the States, they are calling Irvington/Bayou La Bat re, Alabama, their home. The formal plaque on the Boat Lift was put in place recently to commemorate its restoration last winter into a piece of outdoor sculpture.


The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 PAGE 12 n n n n --------------------------------------------------MUSEUM DISPLAY CASES. Beautifully designed with wood frames and Plexiglas windows, $500 each, from Friends of the Museum of the Everglades, Phone 695-2397. --------------------------------------------------GOODLAND FOR SALE : Water Front Deep Canal, Quick Access to Gulf and 10,000 Islands. 2-bed furnished manufactured home on 50’ x 99’ lot; New Dock ready for boat lift; Walk to Restaurants & Shops. 613 Sunset Dr, Goodland. $519,000 (reduced!) Call Ed at 239-728-8440. --------------------------------------------------Send your Classified Ads to phone 695-2397 Sunset after the Rain, September 2007 nr The Ivey House started life as a recreation center for Tamiami Trail workers and was then used as a boarding house operated by Earl & Agnes Ivey who eventually acquired the business from the Collier Corporation in 1960. The present owners, Dave & Sandee Harridan, bought the building in 1989 and converted it into a bed & breakfast. They added the extension with its peaceful courtyard swimming pool and dinning room in 2001. Through their NACT operation they offer guided canoe tours. A glimpse of the lobby puts the visitor immediately in tune with nature through the many pictures by our top photographers and artists. The small gift shop offers books about this area and other goodies. n --------------------------------------------------Camellia Street Grill needs help this season beginning November. Phone Naiara at 289-8392 or email --------------------------------------------------PUT YOUR JOB ADS IN THE RAPPER ... no charge! phone us at 695-2397 The MULLET RAPPER nrnnrnn PUBLISHER Patricia A. Huff, Snook Publications P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 34139 telephone (239) 695-2397 email: EDITORS Marya Repko & Patty Huff CONTRIBUTORS Helen Bryan, Barbara Daniels, Bill Lindsay, Savannah Oglesby, Bob N. Wallace, Avery Sumner PRODUCTION layout by Marya Repko printing by Snook Publications PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT We aim to provide local news that is of interest to the extended community of Everglades City, Chokoloskee, Plantation Island, Lee Cypress, Copeland, Jerome, and Ochopee. We strive to present the facts accurately without political bias or personal opinion. nr nnnr n nnnr SUBSCRIPTION RATES 25¢ per issue $38 per year by US Post ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS date _______________________ Please make check payable to “Patricia Huff” and send to P O Box 617, Everglades City, FL, 34139 ___ Mullet Rapper (incl. WHAT) by email ($10) ___ Mullet Rapper (incl. WHAT) by post ($38) NAME ___________________________________________ E MAIL ______________________________________________ STREET / P.O.BOX: ALTERNATE ADDRESS ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ______ CITY ____________________________________________ CITY ______________________________________________ ___ STATE ________ ZIP ____________________________ S TATE _________ ZIP ________________________________ MONTHS AT ALTERNATE ADDRESS __JAN __FEB __MAR __APR __MAY __JUN __JUL __AUG __SEP __OCT __NOV __DEC 09/14/07 COMMUNITY NOTICES -------------------------------------------------------VOLUNTEERS NEEDED in Museum to greet visitors. Phone 695-0008.