Amendment 3 to B.A.I. order 276, regulations governing the preparation, sale, barter, exchange, shipment, and importatio...


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Amendment 3 to B.A.I. order 276, regulations governing the preparation, sale, barter, exchange, shipment, and importation of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous products intended for use in the treatment of domestic animals
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United States -- Bureau of Animal Industry
Government Printing Office ( Washington )
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.IN .. (Amendment 3 to B. A. I. Order 276)

U pited States Department of Agriculture
r:^.W ^ ..... "*-,: ..: >' ', :. , ... '' *' '* M -


': "AMENDMENT 3 to B. A. I. ORDER 276

i'etulations Governing the Preparation, Sale, Barter, Erchange, Shipment,
.:i . .. .,.. .. .. .. .. .
*y. anti Importation of Viruses, Serums, Toxins, and Analogous Product.

'ly?' linlqndeqt for Use in the Treatment of Domestic Animals.
7 ...
,. ,,., (Er.ECTtV. ON AND AnnB JANUARY 1, 1925)

,X.,: ..,"
g,'o :i :uti- .ons* Washington, De. (., Vavember 29, 192.1
A' t.n.. a ui -nqority conferred by law upon the Secretary of Agri-
.: lltflrQ B. A. IT. Order 276, dated August 18, 1922. and effective
.7 oember L, 1921, as amended, is hereby further amended in the
following particul1 "rs:
"'h' sec tion 1, and paragraph 2, section 3, Regulation 18.
ar;ph 2, section 5, Regulation 19, are modified so as to
7 provide that whenever the third day for observation of test pigs
and of simultaneous virus pigs falls on Sunday or on a holiday such
.. observation shall be made on the fourth day instead of the third day.
Paragraph 1, section 3, Regulation 18, is modified so as to provide
a .axinun:iweight for pigs of 110 pounds.
rPE a ragr.phs 7 and 8, section 3, Regulation 18, are revoked.
S.^...... Paragraphs 4 and 10, section 4, Regulation 18, are revoked and in
...... . I thereof the following paragraphs are prescribed:
'''" n4.u no-Sim taneous virus which- has been mixed and
1l, 4 iiied, as: provided in, this section, together with the virus-
I.. :U.t siampl.e ad the unused residue of the virus-test sample,
||rICil b pleed Iinder bureau lock and held as provided' under
su..,....... ubdivisio9 (6), section 1, of Regulation 7 until such time as
Srqu est has hown the batch of virus to be free rom
;:|, ;.. .ntal nk.iation. .:i ,

......... .Paragraph 10.-If the animals which are treated with hog-
v 'M I. cholera virus as prescribed in the preceding paragraph of this
S..o ::i ation do not manifest symptoms of any infectious, contagious.
M^^r rcinUMial ies except as hereinafter provided, the test
d. atisfactory for purity," and the product re-
W1 b, de-I ed"'.4' a.. f pou
-..... l:.. e o::nr }.thl .hfo wing Shpould any of the animals in the test
.u.....b oroud more than one develop hog cholera, another
t should. maode ds in the first instance except that not less
44 ii.4":.cb$"et6rp..'plea of the virus should be used for the
A.*ig ,t. .o.featIyuim.idal if the virus contains' preservative.
.. :. .4 4.4:, 5.
..'- .th.

w;. ar 14'L... .p
. -eh )lera v~~~ru I aspecbd*7h rcdngprgaho



I 11111111HlliiI11111ll111111ilI
3 1262 08859 2968

Paragraph 1, section 3, Regulatfdn! 19"is modified
to 200,000 the maximum number of, cubic ce""timeters i 4.. hW
batches of anti-hog-cholera serum prior to testing shall. be collectetly.M
Paragraph 2, section 4, Regulation 19, is modified so as toincnese
to 200,000 cubic centimeters the amount of eachbath of anti-og.
cholera serum for which the establishment shall furbish ld
specified in said paragraph. ;
Paragraph 4, section 10, Regulation 19, is revoked An61r".fw9
thereof the following paragraph is prescribed: .
Paragraph 4.-Should the tests required by hjlis regulati""
be found "Satisfactory. for potency" and "SSatisfactory
purity," as defined in Rules B and E hereof, and the, test pig
~ ~ ~~.. :: '

receive doses of the serum as prescribed in subdivision ((eg
paragraph 2, of this section, the product may be. marketed t1
it is recommended for use in doses not less than those' pp i...
ing in the following table, except that the product '1M..i4
diluted within the provisions of subdivision. (ab) t grl
2 of this section and marketed as provided for" rIJ'ncfcrtryiq f
clear serum" under subdivision (d) of the above-nasmed piiro
graph. This table shall be a part of trade la bels. rappers e n.
the like, affixed to or used in connection with each im ppediAte bt
true container of the product: t ii"
lreiqht d 1.fininiqun dose
Sucking pigs...___. ................._..its --1'd.:..:
Pigs 20 to 40 pounds-----o----b-d.----..... -244& e,:c.a
Pigs 40 to 90 poundsm-.k--.-----. 8 ...... ; c,r,
Pigs 90 to 120 pounds---------------------------------- 36 c. C.
Hogs 120 to 150 pounds- cc
Hogs 150 to 180 pounds- 52- c. c..i
Hogs 180 pounds and over-.d)---- --t C e ..............., 6 :

This amendment, for the purpose of idbntifistin, ^''
is designated Amendment 3 to B. A. ''Ordfl wro'll
aid shall become and be effective on' nandiattJan- ,
a, r L
HowsAnwp. (oio
Secretary cotof Agr t ,
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