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East African Professional Hunters Association, Records
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* .lat at N 3. ,1

Jftuja 20t, ,,3 hd
.,"va^Itt mat,, vw, Uttlew e Pa1 tic

go. V 1 fta Am.abt 14304

i~ffeytleaw om* aria make ftr z v~~ep* t^ 1 Otw V"7 little V"
'4 Le mve Silvr'* ftrr va hillsO clote $oltt. saw
faemMat ve bfti Cli oag Coa""0 Bsowok A wivod =d cemped, on-
m 0t 1 on Or*#= hifl &bt t2 41,4 4tt@ Out of hill

%tIotbd ela1 l4+,De
kP5 V*Vt V about U)012i10 0 Pew- arCad > e "As4d kVftaf
; .. fi"L. + .. ./ : ..,
-p.2Zft- cHill ccrovwiae r th i a4to11
bn otrine off to ITteb rILt* {,gin *lonW the buk of T:nay r0P.btac* A
at Pentitona ,ta 12 olooks md mfttet a ft-l 4 of t mble t r mtle. an
brms over the At Vat ibeir drfl t ow above tehci1w. O U ooldes
Ite -poart ersit below t'aoir UtII utn lay3* imonztble ft rS
Camed ou *M>IWj 'Pold o41 about I 4il up -*o river* --!'vcava md t
yosgp wift mpplloes -tuaed up In. tM v '. ^(yV. hot .rws f&017

.*.. *U- ftw.a bel'... f.a.*... C"o y

sittea t4w l V iottb d. btea bo li "+ # i3

Mte i Vsy Isoci tlt cswcm bramfortcn 64e

^aitniat ua a. bo~rn aros, 13oyc after o or get4 c'^v-Dept
offih~ly |! (m don oroa oasylitoi a't itcot t^ot ovet aa-ftly
t~cco3p@j fy iwp~~ts~N;f~'twozkcatc ofhill, doo n<

zlm z +%v7 I and out- u m *1 treaso sm+t w m

w ft no now.. Va ,% d awlP% e a +
ysefil peehyt he qw3?y hot aw?., oia tsa eeesitECpocnd
lill, Co on raboextzt3 ,cue ~it .% Fttvsftone tab 1'^ .*eesofl

ft look a*t clagpte operstioss baut as be powor borne,- be i0 loft
alnead- psa, *IlY h-0 quIL4.e3 ear Off*

Ow l'WWSAW% W "bttorbor-ass,
be -IQ o".fatr 150 Of ts tbllo t St * abitt ut
he m~oeoff at a @"od vaot ft~lowed by Dr*, D* who m If rao abxi m-o t. t

bot n able to mm tst utthe #tt bton i x tt
cffalesod e 4V bnihu in pha long Ma)M

a*W ktng mr.19- octflni wth us oad
ealIathc 1totof tr littl- utwllwe ad
a4-ta 1pAgW a ~m aft ntcblls.01Thea
bme acme about an hmyrt Ahm I 'PotWod6 lm cfl al lQ~
wbatsdl, an dltaough v alked c4aftly he atm either
wart ltaor hed -us for ^hhadiac etA we hai eshsd th places.
Vt he had, Mseno lW*s for him fos' am-* tim. but hx! to
gAve bfn up* tie disUybAod a Alminot cor *Ull- %ftch elm cw aww ~c
Wl a et leiag ri3ved ft his. A iAtIl fttl* oru ce oczso oJ
ftive 00s. sizaa m-dff w&& Me-* w..m-et W?-e-,o for Us, coneXlciAm,% h. a 'bci-010d
am0410 on .I vmero ed~$oh~~olctotht

th we t!ar ftor k we cnd whmi4 n abt onu ho o ur tos 2ia^ aa 2u toe or fbrti
yI*= in. ftm* tf ot# dttact eW44 40C dsZto I Uldf r b e rt oflUs
=I*.aneod OIae-OarU= _W co
In his cOUU ho *we ros a =all hdmt of slat rnd W oaei^ a moa dul
Atte$hs10t hin a Atie U el terl atftihe etrl. The
Ur me wmO. the bull aftiblitg Ovvy the riae Cote ut of
tn~t. )e* oalto1 tie o 0s'tt -o t he pozW' ?d folwO the eland so tha
be mld neet toste ZIpt ot o i e-tt ter ao-7, ktzt av 35C In oa
i9 aea l a hartd a faIns.Be sht azid tcted off, Z cfity ft.Md ibo
(sib *%atv OUP ie fpl It b^a nd a ofl r itAmtae eM i nOt

tudled at tottdtb cll iATObci I in 4*off n ^ p o at a seWm1 w& W t
bull ows cheratiag almge alb at.&4but 1.5 ywaeO din-tant I pulled cadt $
OpM.f lif1i stf O b" hewente sona ded, $he biulot wW.antori Us
fhct 00 Ae : "do Olad 113 ha It- amd basa
AC^,btuiebtht i N am. wa* boibtbb pma x4abl in fieht# at l V"
*t wk atble to p aney2 dofted f *W combinedS4t wi old ae,$ ha bh w
(nflro oNkshord, to live aad codat~s sot @e',ai l~itt tt~ch
fiilty not 4sprnn th3ow e old rolosw or.a? The teat' hcwi

we stiiet tou|tsi tldve thiscr^aail ,e (~ h tthda^ens @^ic~

aa^ ^map. 'bust of 14s horns which views wornaaooth0 and had cits~s
SaNe~~~~ boosi nato ~a y-3@ eB~ 162. tucate Widich iffi~Si1
.-mAac l~rgo l~aa ^ lie~l roood Uard's,

met alh Io hora e mm. r-noi)nn> i&aWs & 0c...ftcoat phy,
PAftey lblc bito f wa0StQ itv geanie wat on tbo lamt for thoo lem ts
stean aW it my, zeo ast a tnac oft it eomd ba eto ho upgo w d
mnfade ftr cmrbsnch

A mt 12 ocl-ck, as*e of Dr. nT*p po t** in uith moat1 told him
+thait tby. h aeo see CnoI butle M Into a otra if 1csntacnmp fwiu ahs *4=1 wA I & U m, o 3be came aio n.g nd asked ine If I iiad tv wit


to so we 60tvsotot#, idd tW o of *ho boyv iw o had sw t*
tmfwalit end in at Xtea thm = howr we. caI n dfts t of th ho Ii
med vih -The aid of our uscr ouassn, tn eozld Mk out 4 or 5 dwk Z
noo-t 116 The fvad fc*iM- In Ow J&-- x-m I i oo Df wi up too^ii 0
yar3a ad thyobaweig o a layee m~ok rm. a 10- ft-# bi.if; we cliabsdt
yrd Ociustbea~relf. *037
up =a could rtot a O vJw of tu ticgh Ito occante. I took
lose Um foram -to din vi v" AM *bullWt bu tal37ZM
hMi .p*$W. sad t ried tpoiat Ust out 4-DAs 1 bsh W dsrka cd ft*.
bu ffco be caall Itmove or lose ine a s a %*a erv 41
ie C at wttte to t .41r glehoba fom tbeothwer
At Z~sr* be sad be ihc1x if the ttb il, ee 2 toIld bin to cfoot,
w-bioh -h. beid an d- iTect.'.l~ sort- 016 gr mw IaWO he W -d 0o iod
Otlk tPf- theaaa opmaow fttu bno iN ioT & o t, bull, ea dboUevtng
It io be lbe e *no tat 1 -* W bi, ,t apuledIit it, wbth all xto tI e sa ,

DO DO va so Oorwo lhat a ,e hoadal ho had wt3, .ha fotoonrse
up closet to bamb# toizad:& bellU ofvfo meaft& us do a rrmiP4Ut*t amd.
isafttoit ateftw A.C.p"Ahl a ve aiocoerad thfat a. bxft-M ma ina-eW- dombal V4t t "WttOR it SW
lo I* a am# Ut had good hews m SBd. aXliiOb Do 13* wonI of murso vWa
disamotnt 4tt he be hadtt a t fte bulI hl he wctil l a(m vpleowed with
big head,
%4o reiamed to carsp1tixtttne ^u r o atwoA m anmto1 'bt idt v' orsy
ktovsmg WO let thtm 4l'on
1."44 L, 04at 4*30- 1 3 biero tdtlc, 2t* S tw 4n of
am.o W wth v1wy molnl horn ,p loaVot& '4=*bo*,#
arA 1"0, is vltt bes Xc,1 podzxtttact,
ThA %A<+ tmrm. AI tN I f 0lontke? V3r btack br e tn oe mft ame Mism

p tosly r'o ng. wa fctlog Oct t to 6 tef Ir omelock, ti

'loft at 6 aza,

,ag ai: M'y *' (ifrp). Fi~ne ner'sinC. rent ^etirt5 %at 3tiH

bk to Pentsa E4esot t boysback fti ".md &tzltea. today wii oupzit
it1a04 em 1104 awiyd ffUo y Pe d. li tolaout U o040tk.
14%' 9* Oi!* Cimo -'t h* Cbe irt nrnw

IU Atfl o'at at C a*n. for Tlhka f rvro To: anc, flws, S
phMet a2t in. $tsno enruteOet at, ttlift t aa sase B. see
VatWe Xc, StO o IV all a nn it ,arclyiw t g to lf Wu t A left
of the spllcyd11 fl. ha ta, itI V1 hot $aw bol Ompt fa
SW. f*.Ot Uo3s fromA v P44a1S fi8Mdf Croclzsi pleMtlt4 aoa
aimsB Of Os<3B M..*

SSSBmaaS^ 86tv b7o~aytt 6t30r Hippo Pool at to0
O Of ^i aRe ero is J h *f Plen1* gu
eanto oIlar l t r0ek.t =nd W flsebig t.
*=a d under it Coole r ud3? vS low. ton round
sot niitit, lCO" to c ,

aa Mol cw e ds Me, *e,1 ,R Nc. ad I go ftr rolad -1
rzgh mo, 4 b 0180 tO Witc cla6 op2% tto -af Qt baek
a't tfl tl fl MhwbotM hippo. a ro, aboui t bl r
below tho tTih *. _h ka aa T a M 1.14 ft"m out tko U a
acwow sd v"7y mall %1taU

o pU21 Out 4t74ad ftofIUo Vie Tam U ftr3 hour o .
Pt0 *ap on ie *f to avor pvtty, lint nr my bat. naks ftar

2 l cut at 6*30, ftlkvthbe river up for the bect prw
of an bonra? anda a?. ext^ t~1 path bo a"tm to=nws Wlaz Aftwaya
Wi daY 40 looln tr; r3 MAy tocwes M
cl -doelse in .te bile k 'wator In poolv, et, nlam41 zocn am
a, rightat Gamut ft*sIc aba10neis )et.. ar D booT t re arl yood
thi-no, 17 *d l 2int* borsa Ve ohot* Gre0r lone andg d4atoer oeos tut
^ffieic~c.'l O Caeap *.s~ Wo3?ft

lDjMM 'IRt o*6ff at o,30
10-ttt r o-2--i.a W-uo Ik 4 ho. vws
ciftwooa Div*n ul-h th lbo old

Goover bllM an arrive at 0-vif$ t a4?
A ho-m =d on buckir boar'm ,arrive in
ewt; to "be^oald y,

SD Sif 6Yn oaod erwtn $M Poet Thika in ebont 4
I. aPip a Oeabout U4 taoi flame $ePotonla atd.Jiatm L

"%,I. t Antived at Jtiza about 4 ilest. o

f.teQl*f -.o* t,

trie *a;1nb 14u4i,
b bwu ourn- sick

M LE*ti C. 4 SAY* IsA $rsiM t643ab $ pvt,
L teft 4Jabi 'd tre!-zeod to lawt wator 6 mila8 fe lo:to ..
mi ist *I mw. -e $o mad spruit kL tlopto

41 $QXO b, had bnebd

CUa on top at itt Niter et 2
loa r on t c1 ,d# CWOO atGMoanb4
t enlcyesp elpt and U. kXf t fla

S.... ...... . ........ .r--O

2bSto, S R ea d Ahlinwte abcutllaf a lunch, brtb L
^a Utrk7ked on a esother 6 ailes a ad on C.*I3.

% 2 f I Left Col*h% at & a4d arrived W* Ig Ztrok 9,45, distance
10 mi log* dno.a

Mlrjt ilB4&* *445 aMd at'&ri. OWWO vyino 9 aom
ILI,& pagal Let At-^tn 86, antd arrived E alt Srash 11,30, Plet4
<'t' ^aitgwast scarce,* T e S12 mlee, VhMot 3 IVpala,

ZI~th 31"Z- 3t Lt 4*4c and arrived Caangieeo 2 'ms 'istsca alot- 22
miles Car La iin bed with alitt fever
2i C~t drives, Vrughs ora scrub with no It.lto

2614--tLoftiCma 6,30 avd a edto a tr on c efth aeand 3 of rtgoo
et prit andlots of gm. Vis i 23 miles,

9-01=01-m. UJIM'. MA Reef Med The Jtkm ala 7i4wa after aIout 4 honr0 trackW
Gnras so wy "dt veamn amd atar yWH low, fat, rihit 0wpoorw
8co C'oot0 3 `Tsny and 2 ?opi rm route Pasebi' plentiful and tame*
IVA .3 Out QtVwc Towsy s 2 4 2alions,# t by. th, tie woet w-
wf-j him hwjr aa" out of aitt* Tc,* shootout good 'buhbruclc, Ee3 vftc
ho't but o~edy ai afteon. In* I go act 'ahd oot a. Ilk ToBza 1 Topi and
26 U ~aU* In th efterwou I drop for tsait a 6fldebeoete, 2 'Topi as
Impala for. 4 fRc. Hope to ftti lions or oparas an ore O the othe,*
teaa 3estow hbye w w a tkwieb returns to Afrnto i Wift this aflt a.

J&=Q 3= 4Lft camp '2 b t to 6 and Vial ills, The wrildebeeast.
ho" been eaten by liesam the the tvo ivenua obsistod and the i pala bm
divas, pG all 210ter The fnpala we Wwteally found daredd bodily
hta at oe=p of bietnhby 11os o5zd half eate,* Rc, y raned to flahnsd
%a~a asfttiai& -e to tot ioet a Mtl lte t headaleodropedibet
prwiou6s ugs~ Onthfe I^ gti alw fine iinp-ala 27wi^ al17 inh,
*r3^^ find tha't the congni also mxa.>2e& Ratra to enB"d
.11A Kc*f ed ftryho on3^cea~tone HS eflaely<^fioht. Ti tf

*^tS. f- Out early 5 a~in, flatted kXfl& no luick. Sh5tot~e
iplar ho" bis* ^,

about fan *bmr, sd about 6 good om p got wAVw caylag -wy the
fith4 *V beoatbe hot nd flies lift their million p eat
V ..,no havwe af t Utle reot in the arft on*

.a We nt, abut t ile sd ite river,* Mota 2C" isla.
Pla4eiX etnw '4Th Yiasai ead. al&o ounnin w-ith flie, Ca rargetting
MOM tat ve y short and rouad mmimiaz dry M dusty, Iuc. t
plen1 y ttd fish in M- yet crdayto hole',t e U14.rot of which went
IC lb m We m gtback to owip at 31 o'clock. Dd not go out In the
aftlxpaon but hMt a feiddAy tvt ah; fluohp boxas- Mu cooler ini b*s
atterm oo andi 1o09 like vain but ?o cano* Plenty #arlbou all aloeg.

A sal5 the th for ttett an Th06y ei ad, abou$ IMO r and
we Oarfl twit to let oz QOeomb within shot~r.
C ut Cwb at 6,Cy V. ine porninso I ttOet a 141 -in* bushtbuek,
2 male Ciw, imala. I Tomh aa I lesser aer tar* IUft=o *to Oais abwt
U 1.*. lxi aSM021 tiows can up and we bad a delusy. ize ppiteh4d
$s a flrt (the only place wtere thoe r. a alittie een ad where the
UzV wfe put in ofdler to enope e$b duat) owveytita u'as soon flooded and
0ewral 4laoeo the ttor wa, ovP 2 ft. deep r 'a'ts wero flooded out aM
Wventy Sni soaked, sana the water 3r? throh emqt-w iatt 3 the river is a

'Ibis latd fer abrnd tw hou and a then it elatedd qip scoannidoraebly and
little V little the water subided untifil oTnly a tfw of th0 doorpor
ritnbt IflW'O Still rn nXe.i ,* 'Kcs toust was o rred up ozn to an adjacent
slope btx Xt decided tot t cve BLte utsill tie. oraalnr.* iyrotud sheet
wca's a *r0of =11 nnd eata d vroir'u wscy. uncomfortable, PFotunatoly t ihe
beds end boddzie ere cr& so we turned im am?4 soen ftormt fout d dslcetort#
in 01' , ta~d a little in tho nttti, bt acthlnc' to zspe&0 ef.
- M^^,1jt* Up a-t 41 break sad rqy. tioxir E1 *ade for* drying ouYt
tlvtag Poyt aAtely the sun e out tsitron and by t12 a'cloak C
vae drEy ssmg onco SttAmp 7 3 c'cl *e01 dO0- ' ausw the afin qCat te1
by this timea we tmt preparepr for it aad suffered 'noo 4iscomfort eaneot
toiti2e, Isatbl o te geo out ftor our uual ertto on rhoot,
1he aits fvc is i p so th at eeat omflze is osrxtble, The onuly dams,
we receive ftm yeate s' ov stowm was fb~d to be a. few paktckt of Opew
ralts, -ttciih wou at the bottle of the :s-oaieine chesti, ettin& weti and
d lqo-VS eavijn only thoir paper pacle*t *ia a few badage gsttiag
sooaccd. ?I* c. t a. 9 l barb el ich we had for lwawh* W inwbl $e
^apI. da < a ria fob 14va: i- d rtktb eflohe fa tm*.

MS te^ff* ettan w ,,^ 4t 1t but sawt no-thing ezstiAt as

^^ff^^iis Out at E,3C, Zti.T ame old lvct. PSaw rvth~nc, btm ^a
alWS pooro? of I.C 0?' r lions In a lwg,? Ts4cd ttohtnc buti ;^~atea? too
imuddya didn't' get w~ anibble, Cu

bunImeft of aflboOubsy e satoh flyig ntzm#. wtieh ainco tto rains,
have boon powt b out ot tseiy bwOy oni hill* Th e =ts Mav7e 4 long
9saow Vfo ch f is jue r ut longe e jwut t cfl utfltebi*themwsfll ove;"
the ,poa~a VW the tMe fthey Ivs the t MU nrtill they cat ther
"lopt1o u all3y only a waiter o nmiate- or i00 and ace the
1is l covaee iadt these caet iv ,m hundreds of ha^ws4 an
wefl as te tt*uw s seom to be having:.h a ht o, Old tieaountiugtho ats9
sko thcffi an w ae? eat ^stheyhavc tine to st to^ '.iu, Tcvaayd-
-sova*d a good. SM4ala, .biLch howtar r;ot av;z4y,
T)Omiy ty aed it go tP loot so ltibn. roe hal rrobably mad4 for ?a*
I ive in to te isawnlvt there'J oust as dawtse< "tt In, t a

pv ogot bow aen6 po a Im went back k lsa
for hor, tram -chat Z shots should oe find if she tured up thene
o waot near 4 3 al. s aad tarthoard the s* ohols, so tnrnod 4

he" she would han had vo tti.ble sneae of M44tag Ifte t h t
aa3903t if ztte had t olt .aom td 0b4WeP
ia i afte swoon, but aot so he pniou a, sw g
LNgi=4iA Sto lock nice al nd We a n. a 4if-tcsq to the thia4usty go
tihich \ws a 7whoro vitaan weeot UEonr, 8ial bo (sd to got out of tbl
oaW nocwnoie mahch to A.tt PpVieosbO 4AIaC torkwkA-voll, altioa
as yeot tte .are very wild9 but itoy arAdeitty Im mvary r ood nouei o ed
Pa ias3?vfive a lot in looka s =snd con1ittn.

s (tA agala 4ith usual Inc4 Saal 521, t ACif Aic 1 J70 Waogiua
tu~mm z yet with cupnplia, es o r a tta partit jow lo inte grub Uno.
%woit Sthc wm ilmakesB heavy tnal:tt4,rio

M t A uetitioa of yosto af, nothing Cei .W Thot rneat fto
c(ap W-O pan^ s.x~ abal ^oicw on tt a. day auay#
lux ljortCSU.-.a.ad up aad re- taoz.a*Uy
on t bworbackito ras.z ito listen t a bit tw t theya wer gr y5e
ferVJ co we= will 3probablsy as hoh itn tbe nA i& rst. e get(ac

jv .. t kaL(zo2 tr4i p zwut 1up&b, 13o earts eohi: csinte I sn. cudtticrn ;ftlt Wo t o'eloak, uast 04- tltV o so* O-rt 000
reibncyk Wdeh ic I Mt Stors Cai n 1p t^1tk1ct, VWC7 b @ flainA n
t43?3tai.River up, tttr tixa am in in wr sine-0.*
1 T AI t Xaectt s Pull out a=.I aaMW t*hen. the Ornw. Goine heavy
f;od we= Oo ao nfor tuilesc .M4 1ri near tannieOrq ont ststttofnibe

old of 4.040, R1 Sivero iaata tm 1filosJ Cotmtw ai. arth ,aa
Plan raicn Ia bela Went outa l&a ~&

readfntek ad at ek, 4 ,od St Att,0 topi1 also fa w10y
sSa r nit lla *rnoon* c. w od Ila
aa a wtlda1?ttte, T lios a w to abe plarty arourA,

t PlaOnt; of -lions all rvund vwxlame Tti. flt&wt have
ben A dozen indtataeotxo I t out at b hopIng ?for3 kftalo1
or one of Our la1it al~ht~e v1etora, t o lnek. I vtbot a W-nhbuck tUlth
pasraptly S Ad In- The Attla vith nfl do.e in pxmdtAs, un zro nsd@&n t
it ^i ntd~~treen AnA 14WA it4 Veiny f2?i4tii t *o *rs' wkul dneuld
ax uti rra$owe e. cong or t*K, ft tely tey ket an' After

it. Ito ntwi 13 ins Went dowu the ri oreevomt"il
CxaU4to ni old t C9em tta I !S of the Mtala td Oh I T ptcIid out a
BItS fftr Th uttzre f.C. )ton,* At tis IA tri^ ftrhtf ai4 .nI-
awm boem fts ontt -was tmablto t hemb h mn r Ofetr
itwt hae o1 3 lb Loot2 2 wks a 3 4llt fish.w fltu
sw~~t$|!in itit^t~se tept, Iupla1j tiI4Wb *te -wxterbuok
*3. 1tnk a-ad oflbit *Qot bak to e a A ?4C' tking exactly I hcnw
izi sa 4-.31 IA line the. 3*2)4*.t "t0, the mother had n t
go out Ct ug i ohoati a tod vaa 28% 17a op'raA U. "-.w
M major, oevs !istdBMt enarthe d D of the ).l.C and the f xer owoh
a conaw&e e4$lfing C G I M* whiIs a etrd o tho Ma~la !vor and *s
C-olonsl. 1oe one of r lwa1t 1i. Rain, in ta r.lar

.. i n: C t A b abe flvnsavi r.otf. a Uio-n, *wt it disappear
t9.10 e bzabiad ttfl tI'OWtgh vt 3d1020 tOU4 1) iA otly 57 t tt to
V4a that it zhtrz cCoI0 aut on "thto -a ziAe am4a rkiA ot e r x ntol l f
tI^k Enr~,Te it Cl 'Ai follow wae ellot-, 1mtt k' tt t^i^ Th. ^i ^tt
-ia mile1 tIvh Wnarri !,tnod thu btii edizCirppoatrr a iv XT O
afif tor:at1 Uo go *o- to th+ tbic pool 4w c t Zto 22i UC1 4t.:m m
CadS of2^ a^1 I Cind itt" a idrxd ^txy for h etozbo, oo c.q]ycse !~co bcaUiii
Yczypretty %e0&- 4tiad fht.nIg pool's all aemaw li3cowV'd a cix

t Aftez' evaral or witC fpurtltor, 3nfo 4t.rri c4t
flr~or'^a dOnQya. *?0 evo^itafly ^pt evy^i& to Te LC#C.. vita4* it.
A IS. jbo flimf maB rvn as hA dxu_.m I^ lm d a 9 andi 5 :Its 00m aft%$*
?Vo. ^ot, 'ti"t but4. lbrodo, Cerant, Xczsg b tiftd. & sr ean
inLm. r* ce 4. Lion "Ilang all xati t" *s* CrooMiover the
AraU in-the aCiwo^n ScM no*th4ncBe o t oet or ti 'o&pi, a loUe
sisterok.cad an tnla Txfth a v0s "- rpp wieh 1 ba 4dbar ol teht at t Vhi
o atAbovit YW; end *th ?vflet vet ttr4Itr str wich, *
a e4 tnito thio bi I no wdan boe a~ at about 30C ywt
t2ootce$se wf the Sala !boo ci n, a '* no To*fll~^i
the W^? fEs to, $ ^'toIniy pie in the bllet that EMa cone t!&)t
iwt. It wns ozLy ai stalhell,^ the^ 3 deitl*y had trae^l..ed

1In the 'lsE ;oe erie on, plet *of blooda rfo whic so lost SonaX *

aeissvdr, v tilood gTh *a W ru ad.bo *a of th trlo iY
Iorsol.f to h4 eoadi neii of, hrw fow r o=0 twenty tinutaotor 0o0aMd'lb.
4a~wnt too, get w'Acrwi i a tt, woa 04i#g o *e oe t cl *
y-4 f:z>t ithtct vap f 41tr "al.^-turte2 hot: so' co, z^tC Tha Ce~ei^,o^t a*e
for hoe s it tzr^ ditr!: z"n I^ eo tk a z~t~f rtto'ne at ti ttofl 50Cl2*0a tboStc
S410oM1 catp, tzxotiec TA tho dot hi 'ina 'bocU' to t'rn a t ct'& to r.
m nasd ho gon p-"trhrC h^l a mil;'sm I hc2 a ftaint ,bmtV'i In
far distance, I rut ithe ;my:.?e to to th rallorp ae.ci a-bout zotig a I ilo
If 1i4thezd lapa"I 4II$"
alrtc^mW I l ip itL : o asty 2 t& tird Snz3 'w ad
.atztth shot saa T~inhifie~ 4z^ oftt, :4e~u iwy '^^ ttire an& t'Aa^Nl

~pitch Gw>- szd f"0 the. rifl out so a t U wockote vold
; to .In 1 .or, !I *adw lno t knther h. tbare inddw to a=1 found hiw
buoRo 'MTe 3?kost ha'sovar vwe h.i tLhe direatio an iho o'nntuafly
v'a,4o rpv'716 obX a 16 iComa nd I I a Wbot at a epards lzbut 1*
to ctoctO 3V day, n ttoo bat an( oM rain in at-tr

4* d aing.Air fin w4Q SA tnIMlg I. e vd 'io Ito0
Ia7t zitt tM'* Wsrt paio for s Uo&to the cp we havve Utt 3c e Itt
l~Oat Thr ort'i e Orift to tah wr lot *jpr haw not- *CsflWor, :
in the =Icb ?toaSo?4 Wt"h 4 h ne 4 s, CzrnegtO ptate in U
X43 # 3y( t s ihr, ata .e 8 ot.olr Flt.iy Won. ve

aI.* x.u tou $.6, re Salt. h.oat* .ac.62 .1Saht.itn
Mao .4*4tsop IVWy AW sia i t te. yaso
wsapmkb res Smdo at tbe (,ldt, t ad the ooa O r Mxag tictA Ih&^ I
pd at C oes* did double xtt 2m-a^ av7t ing afl
teorm At Ato ont o vho" 1 Mttisa

v^ Y*9t AlA tco OfltadO tM is901 W 3,3C, f w po t 0? o

nfhd ed io neatL40CVA, 10Qrr Baitarirttm
Ila&~s 9ax 8*MVsnIfd was1 Oat CI" aap<^%4'5
g'j^g'^_gg* Left Lc'iks cat V a~r,, ta1 eet2p aboiat 5 p.:b

yeeszibV ebivve& tos iont out eSW1o ezods river aM? looked fi
ki1 batI '. tt< n n ltt-uchr etno otto ztra, f t: tnzorothay bAe
c3vidlcnt23vr bcm erhasoed b% lien, an I ^;et ct tor a iel ef
hcew~un *t rtr slfad' cvlmenaltr s (efter CIThcIn 21:4i ne@rnvhi~hai^ tt&a v ettea^ &r wterkck&ol r2 .2e eve^
ed to have a jyc4 'hoad, I ntartad to atakidn.Ic atW ae
t4rnetto lp %3txa wia@ rnc en I wa Jisat on& the pointot ? irin^, itc~w
z isf ai heiwo* gn11oeitE? and10ti6 h te'R mid awwI ot7 ns oyce^ii rid3.
tio~sraryr oo@ le to54 me ^Tht Ie f hd n-onm 1i oan^ we "I *vTA?".

oa v twtth TwtotaoOlM*e tvh~t ^letftfiloy'A istt w n ~ c~iato
000*s ..okecnbtwotf Xoulih fitW^ t flatE aIPw 0*V^ fht1 gwla

andt14 %= mod off out of tho Aeh* As he tba oC2r Us h 3Eb a Xe'd4l
t4tha 5 so*tho vw t laay 43 .ad <^@ paottw tt sad tn for'r*,
up 4* w with ma.- w eeoi v3-lie .ati I ia dibwttiot ihe WW
E^is6 c la ante 4tza Us ore fal OVer Te p&of we cula n a PQ
og 1iOL M iyo alhouia 'w e (s aOZ'oa'S wh oX -&p oo0* Wiachh owever wo
1o4 igM3At ove co raeroetr #rva4* *4-ci aw-te aa to &owrzi iu t Cre
liczB 1u4 bale tr; mv Z had, a looto 17cr te a a - as only t bottz 3, coan to Zlcavew U& uo& V6a wta*z twea i other bad. l
sa b$ the size o' ef Nur pgga ae iwoa& IsiA.l U es.*

. ic 0

Thw mwase zrhit to do ex 1e p tooa a cost ia nt direction of
bww- spoor +q thebo-P- of catching a _lieipee of ber* had 4bmw song
abovit -Ian feV vm 10 *o BB riding smn 54M yaRdto t rif lit of T#
*Mat^ slht of to e tthtag lte and out ofr The t =a2 tt st oil*
dietiat, T njdg theS lasseos Iaw it wai he head of our frind the
iomas so givine* a viw hslniow I put tht po^ to the amlop id In a
tws cuamtos W.t got withis a .0-M.16 of inmdr t -srof -the ram- cat
Oh W.- howw aei ^ eraeComizvjad wa agoiaz ftNl pelt for a bit of ihlek
acyub* into wilch as-c disrae-apre vftt so I. ma Om-4~ Uc aisimmit and
tafi a pot 4. ho ro kaowd tethethi-sote of tb iauhIcasite wund
it ad found Itit t be only fm MyVp" sV=z tbxmzex,
Cesiag to on .op M4t 1Icke in plan ViW of Mrs. UIca 6,rea ing acres
oult of th* first pvato across the cliarint, iato a =*b thicker piace.
IlaUtly dirwonfa^ 2 juoa had timeo to ft" a abet el bar as she
dA ra fperd vioer1w hsit serc4a it ie, This, was not vexy zSrpfl-Stne-,
21 l only cnhe rtila Uto ptho' th y oi ttr belze altathdy r owms
the-t ah uinto, thith aio wds' ioihsh* is ebaltthe bush aowell ac we
*able_,' bt could tact ro bia of hew so re t'rn dtaccwteod to conp
abvt 23,30 Sies Ormi, 4ood s litUle rain in nipbt and rivi
low c. m-d abales.C lBtag backf 'to canii, 1 27o aS in-4 Ims"la

m ?, cad I got awt;y a tbci 615, went across the river awd
to. itoU l ra Is3 at, mie had bee* eine 3 hous when I spmot
yellow soi4 nt the wit tevb, whioh on putitnr tho
glroeom cc io tbam tarnwd ouk -to be a mob ofU ,ie. S>oa pr ngins aito
theds Ie awd calling TW some &*uo few ay f yavs'l as ay to man
Obws* As v* we" in tifck thn ocreb, it lk tmpozrible to n-tart
2lop0tg at once bat goatt out iito tf*he open eventually, I had loot
etit of ihe liews bv caotuinru a bit I om oncmhtt eitAt of thrn
asn fad fowd they b4 split u, S three 14g Eiw rgo o one we*y, avim c the
r.oid aa In ngin eiy tionlof tbhells. ldeoicAiodtoyt orte?
ebig M natfisom ia lbo hoeatc 'tots bos-t pace aweywewen@ ^t ia ftll
cry 'e itoh bsaswh cota. s~ @tertiistwswere@dcd~4ng;
aboutk in theth *a^P~a( aad twer b^ ti tlime nearly a nile aay sasd t*Na
air$4~ for bwwha cowerli Theboe ucdtoing its tfc, bat
a4t&m 1 4i a ^^tc be 'tN it~ andi^he otty-ae w ereb ia
for,? 1Ia tn con-fess uiselt bo!Eeentn Acmn X

-hadot wii am 400 7 .d althmab I to beat olstaebh
wit the .h p-rtw 1th atI along., I c could not cot mother rlte
of ow? Ithr" fria t althoau~i w e tthesir spoora traced thau into a*
emtchew piPece of scrutbead her all t e wa lolowi to the
vs *0 ingu. us "a to loss otefotriants. 1 Shey trOw big
e and slt of tb#tculd h-ave Made aP ,OCellnit tropy, T"Air aMM
we low 31 whichobe to be the p0"ag colo of th lions in this
V= o of the country. Cvomng back to ec o erbatJIvtwd, I ra=
podavs waswk andafter a inttr ftirtr half hour'so ta'k btec lt

a i -

Ma tI Hop tohan ov2 29 t*a*od d ia
was notble, thhe hnd -was a good p otb'ac to sOM t-l2U30-0
Hoav7 ntzia $i ati U1. 8 b so vortei Qout %torn t all btnqa left foti* v
now Niroo

dotaaw-wrnobwt1 6, C it & tohat h*8 em about 10 ooloek.

gitLso J^1 C *8&td ni vs% 6c4*
ftg~f .. 4l Caipod at XV11ima wtm ho Is go -.1.90.60< a giowd elarmd#
altbm1 boy try It* smm it up on horros, X Ioot an impalao wivt

'je fI IT^ 1 -1 ,1 ,sa~f Ii d~-e~l 'aa Us% sm e p ^>
: A lose*vteet amt w 1t *l !

toitesocbard*4.0. p

s.?Shrtnwt, h.leeAsiot*

*In 2811 o ftmino. t out atios,
I Re^^jh ,^j|O S2 4asi 4 nPg(*Vft' FidP o i ovaw

ov"**A -he is"Wo tow o 100!dv -faotr-atPVO
*ol 2tLwoBae bit f tnd abe crp *n oT old for tat ead,? ot

^^1 i^tazttrif 5ta a*. foi ilcaaapr oi 3m i yn teOekjthea

pinlara mwppwt in oa I rwoach be*n.

co. trip to Sergi wit 3 Rajastod 1$10.

LU -
'*.M.. .. .., .. .* ".-----' *.*

a4rL~a flflM Left Nairobi with r. Rainsfrd and Kr. White,
p- 80 po.rtr, 2. cooks, 4 askaris, 1 heada-n, 4 syces, 4 ubnrers,
S2 ponies, 3 mules Train left at 10 a m. am d we arrived at lakur 7 p.m.
'R Bat difner at the hotel. Saw Tw, Bery and Brant* Pine day. Train
*Spulled out at 10.30 and we arrived at Londiani at 4,30 a.W.

j dh. Very cold last night, left station and pitched camp at
Maji oto about 4 hours on,* Roads heavy in places-, but weather fine.

S _:i -fTreked on to Ravine and arrived thereafter about 4 hour -
Hovie, Goldfinch, Ross came to dinner Fine day*

2m 2 t Left Ravine 7*30. Fine day, swamps bad, Passed Tarton's
old camp ina woods and camped on first water after about 14 hor further on.
ol at .oz. u
Boy cleared out with Dr. B's hazdhbag containing all hie phots and fims,
p .a letters kan books and some R70 in notes V* cold night.

i-jia- Pine morning. Hoey left on horseback early to go backto
Raine -to report the theft of Dr. R's bag. It was also discovered that
h thief had a box of cartridges at the time he cleared. These he has
probably thIrown away in the bash together with the Dr.*s papers We left
camp 4 about 7 ao.. and trekked 5 hours, we then pitched camp on the
river $at past the waterfall. Saw two roan antelope, but they were very
wild and did not offer a shot*. Very hot midday and afte'non. Grass
long and ree. Holey returned at 4 Pvm. having found verything except the
monbey, abut 4 miles from Ravine.*
g. -jy 20 Up at 5,. i In cold. Left camp at am.e, crossed he

two bg swamps about 3I hours apart and arrived at Buffalo eamp at aboti

: " .& . :. '.- '. :/ ' *
;.~~~~ a Pin s^t ~ morning Left camp at 7, passed Dreda's Big- Tree
S.... ~pc.- w ent on an hour and camped on the other Breda's stream. Blephants j
*: h.ere 3 days ago, but goe towards Sere i.
. * . . . .. *'.
.* n morning. Left cap at 6.15, after going about 4.hour .
we saw a hep of elephants about a mile off, We watched them for sometime,

as they camwe loser- we saw thy were all cows and yovzte.a,' We
followed them down into a wooded kloof and came up to them about 60 yards
away, Took photographs Wen-t on again, the Dr. leading. After he had
Sgone on some miles he and Howie thought they would go off the road and
*.." 0. "
smakee a.ast around near Sergoe. in the hopes of putting up a lion. They
had not been gone -- hour when I, leading saw a fine lion get up on the
opposite- side of the donga., the top of which we had Just come up to* We
got oIff our mles and V. had two shots at about 150 yards, he missed and I
let fly at 250 and did ditto I I then sent the ponr and Somali to hold up
the lion, which he did well and W, and I followed as fast as we could on
our mules- We goe t %up to 50 yards of the lion which ms growling and
S watching the pony- and then X. discovered his boy 4i th the gun had not
arrived i handed himt mine and gave him my shoulder to fire -from. He
.- .. .'.* '* -

i <

- c -

fired but without doing much apparent damage and then I ha-d 2 shots, one
taking him on the chest but did not down him eeing the pony he sprang
out after him but I managed to put a bullet in his shoulder which turned
him and he made otraigit for me* I took careful aim and.put another in
his ohest. Even this did not stop him, so I aimed agatinp (he was only
about 15 yards off), this time I placed a bullet sidowise hrougth his
head* Be sprang up in the air, a truly magnificent sig4t, standing for
a second as it were$ on hie hind legs and then with a last roar he fell
over backward and slowly struggled into some long grasta, I, who had
run. back eXter firing my rifle, to get his. om then canme up and shot a
solid or two into the lion and this finished him, Then we went
cautiously up to look at our prize, We found him a malmficent black mane.
The mane cae down his back more than half way and was immensely thick,
it was the best lion I had ever shot, or even seen, measuring 99 6" as i
fell and the skin without stretching wais 11' I10 from the tip of nose to
ditto of tail, Everybody in the o a3. delighted* Had the Dr. not left
the trail when he did9 the lion would have been otten by him as he and.
Howie were leading Went out in the afternoon and shot a congoni and a
pig for the boys. The first congoni I shot fell as if deaA and. when
the boys rushed tip to cut his throat he got up and cleared and, although he
stopped and stagered once, he apparently regained his strength and went
away stronger than ever joined another herd of congtni, disappeared over
a rise and I never saw him again t Got ba.ck to a.p just at dark.

i. Up early. Pine morning. Left camp at 6,*30 and pitched
camp on a swamp in about 2 hours, Oood looking place for. lion, Rowri e
amd 3Dr# e out after theman we, water" our good luck yesterday, taking it.
a bit easy in camp. I o'clockt news just came in saying Dr has shot a
lioness,. The lioness proved a young cub about month old*

g g _2y^.5 i Left camp at 6.30 to visit Elephant Sk-ull Swamp and Iiller's
s'aaznp, taking boys to carry food and blanlets enoU4 for 2 days. Struck
& 8. Swamp in about 4 hours but drew blank. After leaving for Good
Wok camp we struck rather fresh elephant spoor and followed it for about
3 hours but seeing that they were not feeding and that they were making;
direct for Elgon, we turned off aMd made down to Zillervs Samp, which
was' also empty. So wo "turned b ack and wont to Sood keck cap and pitched

for the night, which insisted of cutting a little grass and making a bed
in the old skin house that we bIt. when we were last there I nnt out
and shot meat for camp.

V~~t2. Slept rather badly owing to mules and horse being tethered
nearby. Fine morning, Bad a cup of tea and bully beef and pulled out
for Howie's camp, taking e S, Swam p en route No luck there, so pulled
for home and arrived there about 12 o'clock, putting up 3 cheetahs just
before we got there and which we tried to round up, but they got away in
the long grass. Arrived at camp and found Dr, bad shot 2 lions, fairly

good size Yestoerday W # and I had a very good chance to get a couple
more skins, but W, saycq ho does not want anry more, so we let a very easy
and sure chance go by. Towards evening in, camp news wan brought that 2
lions were eating a kongoni a few hundred yards from camp, W, Howie and
I and the Dr went out after th.em, it being- agreed that V4 and I should
have first chance, I spied the lions a few hurnired yards off the kill
and our Somali gave chase on the pozqy, He rounded them tup after about a
mile, As we were on foot and the 2r, and Howie were both mounted they
got close up to the lions first and instead of waiting for us as agreed,
the Dr# got off and shot her, This was very unsportsmanlike, but the Dr.
is a hog on lions, He apologised afterwards although it nearly led to a
split between the .Dr and. 1. 'but this have riLighted themselves and. t-he Dr.
goes off with Howie tomorrow after elephant and we go off the day after,
The lion hot by the ar. was a good large, black mane, buit not nearly as
gIol as ours,

r2T's 2V.2q:..h Fine morning. W, and I stopping in camp. W4, not
feeling well. HoRie and Dr. off after elephantU I went off in afternoon.
and shot 6 congoni for meat*, Grass greeu, and pret-ty loinj.

N^^ze^ "0 : Left eamp at 7, Passed E So. Suamp in a-bout I r hours.
Passed Good Luck camp in another 2 hour and arrived at far end of Iiller's
Swamp in about 1? hours, No siga of elephants. oundj ?#illor campead on
swamp, has had no luck. Grass very high. Saw 3 big lion,. one
especially was a monster, big black mane1 near 'E, S Swanp, but W, did
not care to risk going after them as the grass was. long, They did not
seem frightened but kept getting on ant hills and looking back at us. I
should have liked to have had a. try for the big chap by .myself, but W,
didn't want me to.

ZhffJi..o 2ZI Fine morning. Miller came to dizmear last
evening, 3eft camp for elephant ford at 6,30, arrived at Big Tree crossing
at 9, Shot a 15i in, buehbuck and &there and then trekked on arriving at
the ford at i o'clock, The place is covered with elephant tracks, many
hundreds;. must have been here within. the lacst few weeks, so we hope to have
luck, Went oat and shot 3 eo .ni<1- for boys, made one good shot at 500
yards killing a congonti standing on an anthill at that distance. River
fairly low, fish plentiful and lions roaring round camp (9 p~m.,). Grass

very long.

aF tine morning. Sent 8 boys out in 4 directions to look for
elephant, Stayed in camp waiting for news, Sun very hot, Went fishing
in the afternoon,

,S xulxa1.: Fine morning, Lions round camp all right. More boys
gone ont to hunt for elephant. Host of tee boys come in and report no
signs, (4 pom.) Getting tired of saying in camp. Went out and shot a

good cobus cob 19'

Sent boys out again to look for elephant.

Su_ r4th a Fine morning.


T* returned about 8 o'clock saying they had structck fresh spoor W.bWad
just finished breakfast and were soon on our mules, We struck their trail
a few miles from camp and found it leading us a nice dance backwards and
forwards and always a-bout one hour ahead., After about 3 hours had gone
by the elephant crossed the Nzoia River and I. was- there able to see their
spoor plainly. lsaw they were only cows and totos and told 4, so, I
don't% think he gave me credit for knowing for certain what they were and
wanted to push on after them This we did for another hour and a half and
then managed to get up to them within about 30 yards while they were having,
,a mud bath* They turned out as I expected 5 cows and 5 totos, We
watched them for some time and eventually left them and hsaded for camp
which we reached at 5 o'clock* All. ired out and very thirsty* A whisicy
and soda soon pat me to rights. Had dinner about 6,30 and txuned right in
hoping for better luck tomorrow, 14 W, feeling very munwell.

M^^ tmS11 .Fine morniAng. Sent boys out again to look for elephant,
Have just heard that the 2r, .and Ilo de have not as yet ot an elephant,
although they have seen several lots of cows, Boys came in at 3,30 with.
news of 2 big bulls aad 25 cow- about 10i miles off. f.ut as a storm came
on I decided to go off oarly tomorrow morning, o ffr. N, has had a bad
attack of sun and been. unwell .for some days,

u F.6 : ine morning U11p Dat 5 and left cWamp 5,45* Soon after
crossing the ilzoa River which was deep owing to yesterday's rain saw a
cheetah on an antill which I shot, We then went on to ore the ..
elephants had been seen yesterday bau found they had cleared. Followed
them up for some hours and found they had turned and gone down to the
Kfoia which ihey had crossed* The river here being very deep, we were
not able to follow* hot a 30" waterbuck and returned. to camp at 1.30.
mud ,N. no batter,

W as 2 Fine morning. Elephant were calling round camp in the
night, The boys. woke me up to go and hear them, 1,4 cern; worse so I
have sent off 3 lots of boys to try and find the Br., 11eiphants quite
close but I can,' leave i,

Thta c. t Fine mormnng. W,, seems much better this morning ,
Elephants around again last night. A great pity we canxt go after them.
Boys cane in without having found the Dr, and report having come across

elephant a hour way .This seemed too good to let slip, so I asked W,
if I should go., He was agreeable so I mounted the vhite ponv, took
U14a 450 and my *5T77 4 or 5 boys including one of those who had seen the
(? Bullifante) and started out after them, We struck their trail about
an hour from camp at about 3,30 We followed on till about 5 without
apparently getting much closer, As I knew that it would be getting dark
before lone, I halted the boys and cantered on ahead to see any sies of
tbhem down a slight dip to which we were coming* The trail led me all
over the places but I was able to canter c quickly as, although the grasc

was very long, a high 'road had been cleared by the elephants' passage,
where the ground was beaten down flat. Cantering along I was suddenly
taken aback by seeing a huge elephant some sixty or seventy yards off the
trail, standing under a tree breaking off the branches and having a quiet
snaek, I, of course, immediately got off the horse (the elephant had
taken no notice of me although I and the pony rauvt have been well within
sight)o i waited a short time watching him and then 3 of my boys came up,
I sent one back out of the way with the pony and began to investigate. I
eoumld see that thil one was a gigantic cow with, I should judge about 35 Ib6
tuske Beyond her with the glas-ses I oould soe-oen brown backs and flapping
ears, l ackily there was not a breath of air stirring, so I did not have
to worry about that, cautiously made a detour round my -first acuaintance
an. got within view of the others, %ey were all a.s far as I could mnie
out, cows and youngster, Just as I was beginning to think there was
nothing for me1 I heard a branch break in the distance and cautiouely
leaving my friends I crept towards the sound1 closely followed by the 2
boys crying my gCans The boys were not, I could see, completely at
their ease, thus going into the midst of the he 'i, but all toe sane they
stuck pretty close, When we had. slo-ly dodge to -&ere we could see down
the.e slopet what a sijht m.et the eyes., elephants1. elevihants, everywhere
elephants-, tlah must have \ee- at a moderate county 2C,. 1 of course.
eagerly scanned the herd for a bull N Sot one to be seenj big cows, little
cowa., medium cows and youngsters all busy employed in stripping the young
branches fer their evening meal, Again I crept round to get a view at
another angleo another lot of elephant turned up unexpectedly on my right,
and Vtmus I found myself in the midst of the whole herd, y good luck
there was still not a breath of air stirring so that the big brutes were
quite unoonscious of the strangers in their midst, ty time was fully,
occupied in staring clear of the meandering elephants.# now dodging
behind a bush, now crawlin. away in the long grsas By this time,
darkness taso tpidly falling and I. had well nigh given up all hopes when I
espied a huge animal come out in a little clearing byD birnwelf about 300
yards awsy from me, and walltrdng steadily in m direction. By the aid of
my glasses I saw he was the long wished for bull* HTc came on and on very
slowly, bat before he was within shot I had to change my position to let a
small band of f ales and youngstere pass across1 which they .did within a

few feet of where I had been standing, aud than turned slightly and stood
between me and the on coming bull* This necessitated my again changing my
position, but eventually I got a clear sight of the bull at about 40 yards,
XIt was too dark to see my front sight but I thought it wtas good enoug to
chance so accordingly let fly both barrels of my ,577 as neir as 1 could
judge in front of the ear, The scene and noise that followed beggar'
description, cows yelled and rushed panic stricken here and there, backlwarlds
and foiarcls mashing down trees in their mad rushes, but luckily none came
directly my way, Both bullets had hit the bull, but failed to drop him

-#5 -

and. he swerved round as if on a pivot and charged straight dozn on me,
dwi.th trunk curled ears out9 adn simply shrieking with rage, I had
snmtched the second gun from my Wboy (who, by the by immediately disappeared
in a marvellous anmer) and waited for the bull to come as close as I dare
let 3Ni (owing to the dar3nows), When about 25 yards distant I aimed. at
the top of his trunk. and pulled$, a little click 'was all thle response I got,
so I iediately tried the second barrel, which fortunately for me went off
striking the monster at the base of the tunk knooking him domn. In a
second or two he was again on his leg s, but I had another couple of
ceaartridges-in and let him have both in the side of his head, This time he
went Over to rise no more1 and with a few spasmodic Tckls, he lay still,
I then had. time to look for the cause of -the rifle's misfire and found that
a faulty cartridges was the cause of the mischief, One gets a faulty
cartridge vey rarely amongst modern am-unition, tbu this one might ea%41ily
*have been the. cause of my not requiring. anyy more, good or fmllty Hotever
ails well that end well, The cows had, by this time mostly disperesed, but
there was one band. of ten or so who stood some 200 yards off apparently
wondering hat was the matter with tdhe bull, %They were evidently very
excited and one or two started trumpeting loudly, apparently having half a
mind to come charging down to investigate athe matter* I then, in my turn,
let out some horrible yells .and screeches which had the desired effect and
I was.- very pleased -hean I saw The. el.. round and. make oftf at a run after-
the others. I then approached, very cautiouslyr, my prize, b.ut although
by this time it wv.s nearly dark I could see he was dead and that he had# as
near as I could judge, ivory that must weigh aboutT 70 lbs. per tusk, # e.
was aX large elephant and looked truly monstrous in the darq., Vy two
boys returned ,. $Xii swellingg with pride,. in their Oim imagination,

having done cite as much as I had to bring the bll %11 to bag, and to show
their bravery proceeded to kick the fallen animal and to prod him witlh.
their sticks, I anticipate one wc ld have seen sone ftn if the brute
,ha us% stood up agin. I sent off one of the boys to bring up the pony
and other boy's who preseCntly turned n.p,, having nearly been run over by a
4and of oows which had passed them quite close, Wood was gathered, a fire
made, a3nd in a very few minutes, all was wnutg for the night and snacks of
elephant meat frizzling on sundry sticks stuck in the ground, before the
fire, after the perusal of which we lay down for .a well earned sleep,

*EX S.U 4: Up early, had a good look at the elephant, cut off its tail
which had some good hairs and rode back to camp, about 6 miles, to get
some food, drink and a camera, Retaied., Took sundry pictures and left
boys and tent beside the dead animal to wait 6 days, after which. the tusks
can be pulled and. not have to be cut out, Found Eiller in csmp and W,

_-ft I0l*: Pine morning, In camp cleaning feet and ear of elephant,
went out and shliot congoni for men also good Kob for myself (not certain
what kind), miller staying here till the boruing Shot meat for camp.
1i seems much better,


.r .-_.lIh Wine moving. W, much better. Miller left for down
river. Stayed in camp loafing, WN thinks he is well enough. to start
for our base camp tomorrow,, taking the dead elephant en route.,

-a0' 1: Up at 5, Left caMp 6,30 and arrived at defunct pachedorm
about 9 o'olock, Decided to stfVay here for the ni.it. W, esemns no worse
for the journey* Expect the tusks will draw tomorrow. l Have finished
cutting out. the tusks so that we can move tomorrow. They are heavier
tanw I expected., although I have not weighed them yet., The core is
extremely small for bull ivory, consequently they arc t rMuch heavier and also
more valuable, I estimate them at S0 Ibo, each' and worti .100, Schofield
-ad majorr ? called, They are c.a.ped about 2 miles away amd engaged in a
preliminay survey to farms a far as the tNzoia river StIormI in

.3^^B __$t Left elephant cenp at 6,30 malcin for good Iuck camp, After
we had been going for about an hour, I spotted a very fine waterbuck1 I
should say at least 33 to 34 inches, I got off and had. a long shot and
hit it pretty badly. I got a running shot eaterwardn but a nafraild I
missed, We spent about 3 hours looking for it but althou-gh 1we came
across blood we never saw the buck again. Going orn to Uiller'n S&:.wmp,
the mule and I parted oompay and he i made off in theo direction of Good Luck
Camp which he made abou-t l:-hours before me. After the mule had emitted,
I saw. a waterbuck in filler's swamp, which seemed fairly good, so I bowled
it over at about 350 yardC after hitting it five shots. It proved about
27 inches long, Arrived at Good Luck camp at 3,30, Fine weather with
shower in afternoon Grass very long,

I iii Fine mornia, Left camp at 630 aV nd arrived at Bane
Camp 5.1$5 Doctor not arrived. Received letters from home, Allan,
Kolillan, 's4A. Store re CyT* Have weiihed cltusks and tiey go 80 and 83
lbs. The Dootor and flowie turned up at about midday. Raving got 3
elephants, bvt none a good as ours, (toe pai4 weighed 54 nd 52, other
paid 45 and 46 and the other pait wen.t about 20 eahc Ho, l e .and I went
out in the afternoon and shot 4 oongoni each.

^Irfit^1% ;'h Loft cwap at 6,30 ana ot to camp on .river near Coroina
alout 1 o'clock. Saw 3 cheetahs but did not got a shot,

P l.. fl: Fine morning. Sent letters to Nell, t,1illan and Allan9
also wire to Allen & Newland Tarlton, All of us with about 20 porters
leave for the tIgeyo to see if grass is burnt, If it is, the Dr. and
Howie are going after buffalo, but W, says he is not going to shoot any
more, so we shall return to camp tonight,
5 pm. Just retuned, 'Went to the. Elgeyo Escarpmaent 3 hours a wty and had
a splendid view of the I.,geyo Valley, the other side of the forest.
Bouight some spears for 115 and a shield for R7, The ohief a very decent
fellow, Styed tiere sometime, saw one of their daces had luncheon on
edge of forest a=d got back to camp at 5 pnm GGrass long but partly

- e up

bumrt up near the forest* Buffaloes reported plentiful down in the
valley and ten grass is short should be fairly easy to get. There is a
good sized lake with hippo and plenty of fish. The river is name&
and flow into Lake Rudolph. end is the same river that we pav
bOeforZ we get to Breda's camp coming. out and over which there is a fallen
tree, From edge of forest to the top of the ravine is about l -miles,
good pa'frt

1&2tLU s I 11th Left camp and pulled for Rock, Iowlse and I had lonC. shots-
at congeoni and killed two. Arrived, at p1ock in about 24. hours. oss

Sl :i. The Dr and HoUwie left this morning to have a last day or
two's huntt for lions, They trill join up again in a day or tweo with us at
Bredaaf River, Me are Off looking for eland, and hope to get them zore-
&ere near the Rock* Fine morning,

,1,gt Left Sergoi 7 o'clock and reached Bredaa's river at 1 o'clocko
Fine morning, Windy, Saw 20 or 301 Boer agns ad cmard t making towa.rds-
Ser, oi.,

20tw Stopped at Bredae river. Dr* and Howie arrived about noon,
having only shot a cheetah., o Rain and wind in evening.*

i e X, 2 Fl : ine morning, Wint, 14arh.ed 3N? hours to btffalo
oamp,. Had a row with Pr, o --

l Here the diary ends. abruptly --


Ow i "weo war ft arsd sor rni tmr 0s
It loaded, ifalit, elve =d, s port wis th thifroad 1Wol tmt dons ilto
the gft- arall to the ftirt water, a dietauce of vop e l| milea,
?" caW twe plftodj ouru m tok pnt to tte A1 (and a firwy eood
he. swe forour- fiawl) tnd thib ^ d,. to be called at 5 otcloek

_64th Am G y about 6,3c, L T 6vowma 6 hcvand mmdo am.wa teAw,*
Not en oB& *a, n teo*=apt doskille a Cy* W )m. btck,$t vbo
ws Otdtautly. %lek, *lo oesfeh 4woe Mas r s a -Oft a.aMod of &eum a mile
h it tW fll cloe sn pulled him -dofto
Ooin^ fon a bit zw~u~ a ibis to.. rw& pa-i-i a^ bvoda i&!r
G~ aatt *er~a mup *Ice awy. mch-atzod a satei
btith a p TOt at. _it-wy ent. awWo-w t a couple of milos and only
of"a rj&V"1* r la m.o S, as rA w vavw tbqr OtWo gtta liokiiae for
tewp1-dava cow i tSai *ad? I. 11 that ote alcOetino ctia toy
ul fowlo ,i<< aed~ air. * Sinr e~ W the r 4 their^ litt-le
pofl i,.e -0 M for3tten. iove 4' dit ntt upatno ats at
1, m .8 aa t -0t Ita O%&^bt-I di nol- -Mr Ita up w a xc ac w--,

. .a.ti ...a. r-im th 1Etlyt got shot t .
up at. 11 0i*i ok aE &t ni ol theaohe in ceh^ tt e Uwe
by a#t. Ho hes hwu thiy .1ook esro
nic h aa seoolo hth oableu tttnaintho 3nmw all cnae

tb looked lo ttlelw ,e pftt OM+Y*
iti! we owe elvw.c i co tt $oU fc wo hada strok of good lack,# IVo -e jttffu
finiahed owlp' wef one Oeft&e asaS-t* cew, go=. a wtta^ WI fsla w LO n ftm *m ^/(m io d p. t* sn t
*tum *p.w .,a soI i nthim V a n57 v tot W.ttto out tVe4e W heA aen
ca-o $na4i^ of ah *t~o nbc *perd toebopemaieyi 'tabeut timpi
The vid.d^a ewscollarntf, ec we v mt down *~e to et-e a looked at Mehis

f^ade% wenit noyww aad ,S h~is ^ *o
fly At Ate blig W9 flat told "tflo* bt te rhinMo tdtt't gpopo
T~~~~ Ia t ^t@&tdtnds mlo'we h

on hie le;, Ak;Ih T? .4= e hi do zca
4 So vwa.aale* h W in l
codi wt .io do$tkted, It tw foda 4stotl aot
.0t rb le ft inthe p3tOU4- J wete
tat dthe bullet so fW, s1t to tUc60to theo Mllo Ma ob
l t~outin-to the e opef, opt at niCtA T't od
in ea~r1 hd had a good reatl
AM4 a t failing to wae!* vue did not rgt atny mtill nearly 6Go

tl u iaelto t2x fibbi-M Ou Sttl2at aOr To O* *t tsuii andl a1a,
Vow. lack to le qtf e ahtx 12p i add dcra *t ol *rdtt pups*
Vwy gladi to find ^ *hW 1h pups# had not provided a hvaca or- lwopad 4K&.h

a- op or. Du hot, bt niceb reeza bImoingf, Out a in to*
AfwteOn walkt3g along o1JtOn Wot .tep1 o of the btoye saw a good
-teainbiok andsewve wted another one. or two he* of tieImci, wIe
riod up the ilap,. to vte e 'boy said. Ubucith dlap e^ m'-
probablw y ^i Z a.,dwn in- te long pse is hoehod thio spot, an dawo
poki amAt looking for Uthe anial lt one ofe 1o.the boys tniI ^s ba-0W
mK fl(avin o mllA iektly.? we aw a 3lionecs 3ixst odiun rnrzrof thoe *
of a ridgetr twe he boy said shad tetc impj ntich w itnhiog us A o
ehebtEd, Shoe sw out of toigt in a inent, notWiv cc -0n the
of a w iw r t* U e Pp a Inshw c*9z^ aftwblin d al^ippg
t the ?we 10m0 S 060sc Ytilmy hio 1y 1mg ca.gM) Posts.0* We
O pt se hafii os a dialpo b*torwe of herwu v isible,
atd oi apm Sin tio t I rio b neaft her did we wee het
Ut eV *tod4 to carip, atnii bback about 6,
sVp wt 4.3 and fty a25ma fr owehilo w tof
Sd td i tit it 7 mile in thes of tM, eltne
TheM n tiA 4 eyoo4and it =,a a. ri toe -a M, f.$
ge* aft *av s=d1rW 3t wl p to get tue.b Wd itoso nweth Wmee
q tuok crmwatlon. o passed m i gvast harc of *sebanad xtdt, m
idwo orfrtall world like a emmlzy charge," eryftin
acaomn about Id join Ina toe 0 d-tiiiCOMniT=
cob m.#&I vll outtiaat aft &u mce# *c vhole man0 avniu~aI4
diemuKoarig .ow the tte fleB in a elmd Of cst. I m 1 sN .^oame
lst ,p o0 or C in nmbao btut tn t fedin out in thoopm
p366i.@ od I slaw it a nearly Imt&AIO to tgio a abot a them.A t
the hd a tine old tIthe o one Wxftvs 4r.tcoat ofdarks- p Xrple
bea it".Z4y ttvitth- 1e o&*ed'Itt oolou1r of -the cow* *. *1twmaxi h
1md a ad try a etnorn for a Ione shoti #so off he
btoa a tkeepelf a- *w out of icM.* .
w.Xdav&Tecwrtbioshoafl Mxt 2h ltn*otli^h frrtheso'twaa,

eLi~ an azm at 7. who' cnaataefrThr gtti fom buhto bush,
^ad 4 lgte e to~io~ the sct te ima away all 'Ci t poll mell.,i I shving^ ~
urn *gsi iktctze y tp heir Moels fur^ 41 the world 2
alttlshyv el~w $w lot out fury a satretch,

ftq miade off int b direetio *ofP a lne oft onbat tr. A-2ile
away ad after Mtii iatill ihy bad oatsr isi, 1 x00nt to OW nea
vftel I vakwdo fbr the otnar ead to otar a stop for bita It tookus
.marn peathe sortb anb s a moIn av w t t wl. ita outofs ,ag.it
I eat down wad ated 4dto".10POrus I wated and- waited uid Woo SUst
thiTdm that?1, haed either miaesed s oalg tho eland. or theyi ?hi$ s0. his
e a o i wcle. hch far t offt nthed40 i s, i telhetd onhrPot. Au
a &4mag" 4-th 7, that I wId *we 1ne the $ 1t omeof ed to So
in the di o thich I had heard itI. l uott on and on now


end ~ai s~pri^ ba^sure that I oa~ht to be. sOWaw no ^w e
T Wag Atlat, in the 41f d3600=4 I head a houtt, (pine On ovaw
aw.Qibo I'La O"WmteallY CaMa UP Vdil T#V* W"a *jftiMiAt. "s he had.
W.1 hard. w4k 0i10k0 rdi14 *topttbs g ie Mi old bul
dolwo lI WsI a s a .rid saaaive hehd, Ma 25 in. and overlP. in* in
a *~4 The Iaron t frvntlet'WS %aseioa lone o aito^^h-or
he was & priszae well wproWu baU& iwcd of,
It aptxvara tha 7.? e To Pt to thotbwhe zd on to the apoorof *h elavf
be thW -had pena rittt .teim|-h and w a ped Way further off the
be, betcpid aovri^fc a obsbecutio~to h
cld bull oae 350 ya (theX tci biolx hekd t. 7 le 3wstw-o The bullet
old but =Wa warw t thee with thhe re4tof therh rowevor, he
waso 1aM,.* bohtrA- soroufti and ?o wbh t't1 awrM o2 hi9 hos erasand
f!&3iaKh the sA after UO shot,nitnard t lI "to omt hin wff y
himself, 'Meha eh w a. ia well o aer a, e Ile uhC, 'T I to draw
fairly close w tt +A* bull vtoh w 'thi ben4e(4cau r, to e&o w alow of his
w our ome~ttsa tip f-n off hits zorve aw t puttne 3 jo4mro ehota
into the naive body, at 4ad tW eatieafaotien of s to noble
old bowat :fall over do"-*A
lie 1baics wih tmro di of lemin tf9-iabi hatwo tpltdid howl* I n caino
the rhino ad *bis seAo It tins peet lut*, thus osmizam aaoft and
boa$_xei th-ene *imW fla rtcian e verien a Of~e trip,u tohh s z we not bourut to bag T Us e M. *3 Spo
* coed trip* VQ veent out again the afle aoon iL the hope of aiming
acme>s a lion ow ppav ,o n the pm. rooks c. etwwse of 1* old
volelwo# bat ,b iti i us we-i d clie9 n o ,is#a sinc tWfhine,

!"An U at53 5* and oat WOW abouva 6,30, # V'ched to of Mau
^itiowe r~cadinsab~uazl23Q,3 It T f ay tp frihteb l~y} the
oaca oaft ndellas(ofexs 14c l hds ~vy, but o 4o'olock the lat
tna$Z1%( in ss Lt 4 40 wcon pitchedt Elws Sapbe? @coci, '405t1
fine asndP brweze blobuins,

V .l (et -0nv at 640- iC at firt wIttera -t
tm,30, Porth ta i in c.ote U m30 ltee b&6

j^^l$ 'ft ces 6,30. Aboiet 3 BAShoe to C.X,?,m Jtga-d !Ptro *1$~aa
10,$0 dFs4t oe about XI rnflee, Ie inas.g sI-tit nt~is in afteyoa

*feg^H dt *0Go w 6 -a0 arrivd gNtD l10l30*, Kla@ t go^3 @
Swnt 1*ro -t to Kt<|* Qh1 d 4*q^ oto tJyate d4o I* gito per Veil, aa nd p
to S.?, few io ^i iycs frm Ma
*i-1. t4 6.30 nd 'wtIa at Sot Spriang 11 o'lovk 8 aw
plenr inbut non asa go od as one *e alrodIs the bego. Clmwdy,
6lttt. t fair, Sid flies ad#

T Rot Left Rot Sja and haepod ftbr bTufla ewoepe OWN so

C, ho,

goo BtwtfU4eemwtebctvyeaiots onctios with esafwi, m
tO ytto mr
badta t ,wt bcy %W& *o box. ott lyia of
ew. .1043 voIw, 4 60 sa vat o ft

tt ~dy ain f<, a ~ aq at43 dpttfl tinei tol ofc eda
we, 1nt k lls%40 0t.4 l tat Um M

t at 54C totted kifle. ol tint tin a o tP v

^Ji~i* wideo o eaa Iwlonso, tino or t oel of *h 3c04w
ft-$ I 6a Md TL f. 4 note

st"Aka in at 30 1d gst lytte 3 ?. t'1
Uflo *noi a230* 3AnW l.g, vap teIs asl lho 162r eeonie ofd

JIM,^y 00, aavr 0- (S30 nd. P-Iftbood esam. elo-so $0tho Ihaye ^a". S6Kth<
its IWOa* Names a pleata of llamapoin a vory A14ftt a"d viery loom
ca-tlo f~ti&si^ lamk par*y po 2.0 its"d b~ leial*I
ttftwnosy 600"ti "ao p klj, does ro-fc sof In 10 well atf.% dark.#
Sao Ift I pou*t< yall Then ft.e ft ". wnotbo
fffff.^|^t M^ 530 aWd vieltftd U110o Iafiifieadn 1
*touche 4b .1ti ath -as a.e 2W, -htbdbndreg into a. bmuab is

*1*4 bnaoOn^Iai- 164m M ft.no$he t id la: wor'W,, s*t no. o*Th -0 bti
^Hi^^d fttriiJ

teJ < ^ti^ 53^Vilw.d M iohad -ttco ive ob ngof

15 amoiw~y ft ovwg it a aod afwilon ne ~coeo

*4u W*Wuon# Ry~iAaft 12tl &""w Mi,1# -cIN~f ftdo wbo A6 Wih<

lle^&a~dift* sdat 5#0# uot N hi,10 ftmih# Wo $MtO fts. &f, of^ a

aa* ol owa bse f506

t W-: U"..Oad owtfsl 400 ft S t ndobr
violwly ife, o Wftc am-o .50 or 6-0. Maeaw.a ftvf tho bob.,$ tu
w t htdistamco ft-o fstoo uwa -av. ft- I ow. to Bmov h-w natownit.
^tiwIIN L Jait-lg afto romrwAL4 Wo( fiNN1d .si* 00 tbft sh, I bt the"s<
r -am ew d a~~ o ^yIn fth obvea of a* aN OVy I*l
'EtO Ihost 1 OX thel da va IOU o of 40x~< beft"ti ithey vo~ld tw Thyllsodaa&
oni OSmd. amd bvfta~en at -a oafft distm.oce fpam ibw Umhtwt Inttt~l
00-03 bee. by a? aft (sew.
-w-aArr) VW.y edtdnir v, mqoe Vp mewag Mad

h .tch %o.....nd .t .P m.mn,,, tou ae * coi ho.imma e obaro.t -e.n

.4 mtbot hw4b&t ..c. ta s.
ant 0 )7 :.y tfttnt emu tr i u o he I h

itwr(l, t ofl1 ,I en, t .o .ad ttto to

.Q&- d o+ h a di sot -.ow.. to .o.. y eatsd ea.ll.r, I-to..he .,s

. Iel ,,iri Tb leew M Aft is, m fwiaa^ wl .+i, vme smi- t6f h
af l pt .B .e ti 1 hm ,m .' oy ....
'bat wM$tso I $teltp W tr Amw
of bw si fo~t^ T#uvt* ft-ALUd 0m2aaa awietlyf*ihl as ft- Uw-& vas.

........ .,, -,- .-.....-... As- he 41d to raM oe$d o ur g.-.. an. t.ao "

d *-*1 d 3,1 ,fto ", t if_"." t o-,- Im vand 1, , .

*ap at sad he- If M"r31*no.p ew hat the
404 Is .a. p tott ofa *aad, m
ftmi Vmav wfcti. yh tv was tvI it o If *01- -o Iftti -Ot. m~old. p0a
111-011 ol ,3A ofi fyafibNlls vw--ei I*~ vw*&* Tpt-y id ftt oo tilso,.

usa& all. Ai Wsod *a*Al T7e womu fth Eaytpoliaa vUow tr b luol lot,
o~ah cld .0 Upe ttart, 0-=. IS. fmeitaod oac b*hM 10y iUok U* d

Waiv *too; Ma vow. a %t. I* 201t5hus*^Kea oy i

*Md. PM~fo vwsy I"*,* sais ft. aftwenOft* lkiver lem Pat Mid rtw!tyhn

naaBtatnreuaighooI bpi-a .3 sios montthl tbmt 12

0i shift hW an th+y w-9 't tuo stc, to
*w 40soa )?-Oftad04 to center* ft-r la,1g 10 tibo- bfa lys cOmilid mot vM- f
*w. iwiIVJiL e aaht aut sho eame tu t
I 0-hmon- aw-o shai bow b forg: wflyttoi hb soa to
aoOfitaad.ybte t". I 4u gol a Jbiptul Orr Zr .w at ltbv ws. li
tAMStOM lmm -o^^afl& ft-y M -&-e a"$ Ias* iSho iot .140o -hfiW-1t

fcyvw am fap bad 30,ho1$ itl toluft
4U,-o biefe. v, *-nwtbeki oOal ac of -^lawt

7 a

.f* hsd *1een It ,. o I pala in. eeoa j3 a -Uftn -e fln $ad
teM, lyla sr* Sfa .if n.ylUo as Ulm or he ai bar f
*ca*Ured bohm$ etWnead she Ilaa~daeut2 t 30 1bs# Of
fael.y es+-im..m ..n... *Wo mch pw.t out. al wot Settt" bf ta to a

lixt um. Ut -f..next we. h .O.a 6"-d t ik AV

-A A.. . .. .I&IL

ddM A b e -ow at w-. hla bmo gh e .. W a. be +46-a v-wt*+.,
Pywt. .f 6 4Ue m yow ~ oa*. ,* ,". < tsoio plc of scy ob a M

Xie a ^9 boay. 1aM eef. o ^^ .te cooee ".f 6 + mentoi U
m |mama howd a mA in ft-* s. w. ,ew. yon o -

x'a^ (m cmtnv yadsfrM.s WONa ad aaoft Into Uh appoolto bai
Of, l INl. Ik .ai p to oAmw fk- upoa
. a .b.. .ad. had .... ........
I",clIilttrtn tb$^ak# aaA fthm Al~i 0,0 tvp -of *10i VIA, oilr A.

1".ol 410 Os baVib(4ly din01 off A%* W #oi 1** *e olA mmnbt

(^tol1-2siy On- h~ plek. -**^f bows its* "vasb bad it vka T~roy

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sflif$x t. notin" of mt, ftie beiarall the. m M en a 'e, sbeW"
particularly fond of m-a mnd aslim *twa.0 .ean nomt fues over ne. mob
more th ; Eot her Of the dovs,
I caf*< im-abli Vat ailM -i20.d tm4uniams be cyt bitAten a a snakea I
oeat*$find the zdigteot tihtn aaioa with him, bu.1 t t7 bthe oooks of Mia#
flesam adbft'Uo a, Ia him ot>afi of ttalott yhthl $wa
Ida up for~ a few tnwnat'wv. but jnrt nows N he' c wor se a ~ y
d~own zdtoe otil aand tiw; It& lly, I cona dono inc8ba mor ftar hnt,

bth^ ny ftvourttte dosst (Eld be ia btain tie bustines, it to
)Svhte& o et tttahodtOe dogw , ingtsfl^&boa to topp ^
s^a ooner or later,.

^a(^^ ^^^^'l~ Staae to ta; 246^ ^^a~t~ is atif&ll a ioane not

y alive but distictly 'bette, IWa vp i1A the night to look alt .9
Seet 3wt fl..t doU. et whe the boy 'io~t early eoooa I
asked if the dog was dead hW le 0,aid o, tw#and that heas u^looki-ng bet*W.
I On" o hilk b he ate oc moatk )ae it of course ttll v*V
b4ad, ethtI e re in jed bctpmt Jry Mhis rotWry*
wO wmit out to try rand find yesteaie o roon,# but asitbo we pike dups
UA I>~ I via ~tual1 looIt it, mB w oftaid rowt avo u
hop-W. of r it, a 40s the 3.eftbusth t. eatin nely donae and poei4 It
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o. -t on o, far Id, T h lota o blod ea'p p t4y ae wa
hbrd hit. 'tm Qip)y, te br-tc, caae to Our 04d aiad teflon-d 'ia uth
blood =car* we ftllowius aebor at. a vvectful diast ice. Preoon-tlv -de
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to t. wti? *&. (MQ?^. tOc 10E4't (^2wt bcA1n i~'IbriotuGy. 1 fty~
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III"# tax ftan mad Ti nsm Uto sUi 4 easy shot% tt o i Nood roan bulls
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happen to seo them .6 ^et aa y" sot, aJ S. tnteem toe 1 riaode,
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The eoanptis a Use^ *te before we sav *bmr ^mdvt winded* Avi^,e-
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WAAA.Ia, made ofo at a pae and ewzo lost cicit of onw the
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CoyonatiC~ Uio't, NQ *t bacit to' InW li ^t.~ 4 sa'k after "~a
the ^ig* italtt and. hovli 4tN retlyro to cur? ^epot~v0 eC!< *M
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ft orL,. it(? we sh~all be in touach of ouar fr'^gionds the btt'wAo.

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Ast It p&%%p had note newl thoih thI-t I colid
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was 9000 oat of Si4t in Its Ohelitr@ing tmdcprgo wyas nealy
owm# as -1he--a .bush wco 1-O nal and Vht he ho d aveonn uta itae )m4
naot ot In it but i flIithyot f a~d reach orze z taeier oon
mrt far off* t, Howw itbugbt ue ai&atac swel lpu thte hq boy.
A c o the oIt vbszte of his bo4 in e heir. so acoc 4disgl7 seat
ginttoAyr $i.I. Dtistvzte Mle'td
DoamiS ad Kanaomi to tftat ilircmip i~t* Byti j to5ueSB o
ot ?te dc4t 1a( d0Oa=* up os and MatIaLiZ. I Mfltold thew *
Sot to lt ttho docP0O Oraztbov$*g :D! dr*1 fate#, I aw that. h;tth had
done so, I had place t, eld a ma3bl %ut, *ore be could. et aeo
thot# if the lwpwv a homwe$ to *b at oeenmd me u"ivm t out I took
upai &r position a little wsy f blw hm nto eo hi t' Th e lnyhad IV
lifti 'beating. (ar a tim teor two iten idtb *em anray whoo.f, c# ut a u lrt-d
to1 leop, upan d drnwler and mrad b A tii i acawroo! 4V front sand at a a34tmea
t)Nmhim of about 20 yar3n3, 1 elt fly bosh 0w10e of his 4C Tbut P OOptOQV Mapp I to 'the: IspIM $0 1 I mull tae e?, J andac

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hard telll, ao the leciwdve4 *tont ohiM weaWy appPa z fly r ete nty3vt and
mm;w I um. vw.. mesc.h mm..."ud mdd asg-eff *o me$b aloulm on his Ia fe ted ty the *Woe the Uo-ardh adafoly roahed a mlal
o~m. of bush,, i te4ogs ii;re clone on itt heels Thl4 bay all atarW
baM-k-- '6 t in -a few coAs- t hm-e> woe yelps et pain mik. n owew A&I
thj badh got ino el. tou-csh uwitt ia l<& l eat md tzt ow gttim
hat. I nuyae4 up o o aW p Iayed In d ae Id ton macc out i6
loopaxd 3sia dokn uth the dov aft 0 avou14 it* 4imbab Gipsy emee
&waw Am l called# but tiarmflt 1aead 3emty we". et@- m tz;sd up wih
the lcpratI* ti uas tmpoaniblo to a2hoot without hitt one one the
other of *the ttz do^a, '. is opi-te of (sy a qi-^; either? coi'tda ogr
Wfi~i~came~ %wa. 4'reeeQatilr, M^wovor Aiarlat got clfear' and the I
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Ibut net^B 'aid Thoos their hcold, Pt s~tl aa ar at~ao&Qle
onpovtuni'^ raet$ put a 350s intio te leopa3?d ito .*deilatoe@ly loc%%asnd Its
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to othwe zd ftoiun tbat 4tlwW ,it "bit ri, rlt thae the i tom
h5. had other Lol oa in bi A-e, flwthor f+rc too-Mt or o I. coulmn'Ot
tell Wwas the -t h oat of ,W iut :;a qvitot hrfWOTdI a.d lively,
rtir hfb4 oflt ecot fr, .e ,,a z 1 gotte lookar out cna o fcein e biro^ he pro
tmet o-t fut, but wfas in excellent Condition nd. tnoema 7 rt. 3 IV,.

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o wm imoruflet bowt in himo n had eai e aq a t
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awto r had cut a bit bole along Itt obeulder, !tt iw to *oeebutIlot
hbA ddonethe mIsohiet it sma IzpossibAle to sea," asm t he bXloin hw all
. i rt tb xnd 0L4t On M4. MpVcjito aide. P ynyl A. me b Tg #. a e
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o h dme Ifd e chiot to the pci ; I W4l fe xtboy a'o mero
leftoco & tat hd I wt ?Viro d0ie. hewoId be. ,t Ownatmo.r mm
if b hop byoedm *ao., Mmld done tr -sb Po"".
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was po y to .r ,i ^, credit of sheb*01tii it,
wm $tz t *a Aroft t*cigt pietvu. nid I brad aa
of n the dogn I an't Htink oith of tE*awill
S r O the0octoof fthe f%*t '2O$tWirfl001 cm. ly m,
cymtte rcAy for 'thir ~nbv I w s:-inden< tmIvtban! Ito f 1&?! ht
hads al t off t Av.s 2It i*I fwe- t rm t Bay *I
loopdh 4rw1onto. emvIVlit w allow to the
being ao hawd hit1: 4s eatya life. The. bj who
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Ic tOte h*w itt they sa the loopeyDvw Via 'r oinc ort
:t-r twibht 1rc tatwtthoerwo u did t ze: wp the anaot aad tfollav*
vmy be wofl $ri aogld, r:v lra.ogto thc vas*wor f toroofrit pollt
ar t t^k1c wil 'sake the sauo.dr^ a xni tie.* it
ictato mrcit hrvo0=t3y led tAcmo -or tW of the to1 boi Akilllike
rieor old I- tm y. ThSze Cog 1 otidl a4 carin,# It is
v; dcl^-e to z'i0l .fce Zoorct' ns ch Ioz clove v' 4tit*
wv sIS wtl t that crdr evh1%amv Ibaoin 'w'l) th.r wlll ooc hav
c ehnce of totvnr thrSir r.nC *g.int a Itfi'rl 'c'rt ^ 'at. to
thea tiet mnfei&cWy oIr- o'f Thetr memyt 2 hall tool irery li title ^s ety
on 'thetr ae'^stiinnt

for the t42y b^fa~to c*odncu toiay w^e ya o1& t cam aad. Zcn
to^atiars WIlh bcii're the tirnt streaL o$ daw apr&aeare nt thxwii
very ikeVS lookiAae coaats'tr Zt c-Wo z-ro'm to rta2,4' frech c0or, (Jett
'Ire>: to co ly ICo 'ceXoc^:. At t&.oe in cite~6 nxhad rc^n. i^asbtdf i

dire or.1tho wU0a03 of aXll the pati0tus 4$ all s a lively en.AEp tut
Tha b ite t e- as amto baovw atstwoted tye of te, a*r d Atar t**
T 4 1ttaw 200tcV, Ukeil a 41,4C out orf "Co4c aCuts1 rv mffeorisr frrr r z)^

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"bt be".t abot5 I rvod tb > a littlo e f aSaw feh -isa
ohd ot@ p rowls: a basr of ur t h c be e in theA1on the nin4,V
fltelh Olookt y slug# a', o iQrarronoal frou abooftin nte i Very

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oni asawvry wobeadol u 0e irw4alan ?bis 1ce ey be wlk
a viit lwhen Z &.Utayiug at Stor-, ".4 having a eltzbt touch oi f
ion aft nwoi (3CAI2) I o rout alon, to hoot crotMne for -the pot.
Cnly eeo a couple of pariAdrswh ih "I down, and gpii't townarais ho.#
&et a *topi ftr the boys* Cloudy anc? raiin mon billos

TO $ WO9itill feverish so W t ti for a roumThy mamelf,
i .w1S ltet ofn Iticnw hnrAXord in the early mriornize,, t althou I head i

their direotikvn zoea nothing 0*f tbem. ot a TOI in, impala with a
orpxead, COt bac)z to ooiap about 10 oolo dtot tBoy Ted f
ACge't, NO letionfre e131 Wbut one tN*"atay daitd he let.i of tis
wnlhsa !, J. VeVy ill. &L very upset, "he Ienertainty of
bother ehoe boteter^ or worco in airu^y a4ffI. I m 60 l ril00
frm ralbIay and bctoptey pcwrl to tav, tAmdoing tbe tbeot I
can t'Vinkof. &?du *.01tg rvaors ^ to My !e he w ill (1 D in at oce,
I catZll feltau a s soaw,= but I casnol 7 atareT alia
et~ce like t #ih, eqoiaolly heo ij down, wath a go of fever himself.

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is itrly e^ftl. !4t b ead 0Os2$D pretty box.,* ?oesh r anct thunder in
Jtna o iows toUdWg to cbacl and Ptay st %vtore wit doret
~till -:tebb?) ttnw "t, ta.p tonparateur up re ccnot wov (iC-3C) (,34X
l~tortritoly ye hcave to ts here al)l Oayo, Tht honed of gettingawa
il rafterecw'- mht T| r* o to to ct iortre a*u.temperatre higher, MW
itetild thtir b -r v!oho ona inc* terribly wa=zIov to ke L" .!o0thiln
*to do buit TihiCtfe "&.nf
Thi nrt'4 eo I ; A cannot ott, nor ,vler n thlinskIzi of my
p03er erld g'3.rl, I Ic out t2r g'toxeon, t heoWe t tnic rtztW .t oat int
caIp *Thect oribi bl ro01, nle Othrt no rt) 13 t O mo hyad,
^trrdng bad-ly ^w neet Veryp p~ h 1. P'tterw rctur* If32Adoubt
vw ^tc,0 lf ~ie tttd~l bte abcle to moveo e^rp trorroi^~ !.viX 't, beara weXll
no+!rp' vmcnl4l hroT~ 3rt re fr'w tri xtr'^ dnirti atnt ty irto f"iinc4fo

aeck^ vary batt ctriw ^ttiitf Vry little ale ,
"Byia^o.ain a ^ihirl. th bottle tiszi rrin,&. r^Asperw&.se n
nore4f ntej poea^bly^ do' va^41 tre^r Atie af'tsonoen or get cwu~ eoi'ly

orrow ic* S morning* hoed Iwoobe losing. S' eanmot e QOVvO
Ibut hsopas too be val to a*.o e a ywjve torxrc 4,uc 1 pray tat
he f i. fit. A Cow aorre 4a c;?p t m4. rt ibee nrweL w.v ultlzy me u;
to-, $tith sontim'al rzbbi, of 'tI n,,A: tbA Y.1ion 0y neck is easier9
Cthou-i atrrtce2Iy pcizti h^ 1cv. o it svkddc3y, bI- nit t 0B
Woa woeI d1l it -never co-e to. a nw n.l?
I .Aw.*,.akee...lM ttieW sIon.ug. for the .r.wing to be
able to w o t Wall d t h etdt4ed toieo - gnd at 4. 0 e.m, when
T.o calls ut that bhe m.'t a ble to m.ve as he ie bad in (1C4), Wht.

iofl bae This avil a, is It to1d coa to san
i1. 1 abWftIcat*t l as sick tokntoa in teilds ty hf fo s3t e
poVqwc oft to Aits to meett AM&A. I e"st ta to K14oi4 on aths 2td
setohwy ta etus on * Yoad ad a Vyo there ma blflU
a gpod m "i ftw 2101oav 1 lC4wh^ lyook

.1 P-9 m. TfIM &ay 3111M l 4% 0 lath to "m*t1w&M 104.1. bad look.
ft* for. ftBf* 0o mali c 4mthaw l d ik 2 fti,149 don' '=*w
r fwel iiki #Dive out of rV nind# How mwW mor* dftme oftues,1 is I I Staaa

o. 1. I t csptortibk l a iT tt to no.p du abo l
noyaaX Xfwe *as pe"si-bls kwe I* thoe" today, we sehll prftap bo able
*to got -oilt he BVwO ji&mm~f =afid 4 a ab "-rt lUhIh I uself had a vvetced
anm~t. God thrmeb =Ai U*nuable to *at# so fttelt3W blmriw y veak*
fti* lw* "dsW OfAfs oaft 1UB>oi Nft-to w iad 06,41two
6Pon* fthmi %od# fth d3es nwly over msIT*' s till keinos i wrovin
btwt, ba A< var, ws ao ho* has talm aNtlftately notbiza r r ftow tin anowt
eotifk on tial$d *11k Nd Zi stoa< tw tbeat tw o'ww d
ftt&t wa. SWii "I away ft= here, it only ftw0a1 Ishort a Shafllto l
-0Smo n0-0 tents abopl bttaui o. -a
w oy co au T'aer p.. rernc tw<. S^^day^ul^ ITO:, 1*ma iprAm*~ Iar-ly, aoral, so wef deeided I* puall out
sod N. do aboutt4 mfsl'6 *ad dp&t itett Thiswill iake
ift h me h $0 8hr< simp1a bit oiwn t, foals noe toe wio tow the
BiachI dm#n ** hif I vat ow 0a, played ft leave a ceaM- anml go*i ota
aesaoa t .>o ho*sler. de, &XI it w.. only such a wtdist it
MIN -Ilbi Ro *ft$". a bit of 1ewWastp nottcally th efi te$. fto

I&I ok To V hfatt foh m ftit 4i tU So ft & r t hwawoupis of

3 p.m,*- @ ~yat 3,20 n do nhtt1p tle trefe io5,2O-96ai
Hop* tos x to h t, hie s Ow.W r.t "Swt i le. &all 4 shf

-ft- to a flyto, aettoot 4W

*i ayat Noaor

S i to No. I o, stopped thwr tuntl 13, then p ib ptd iad
(I). P doi9 l4-0 a a44) t 3 f
3,l5. . laXws ews had UyttZ.l Late, As,a la&t
3# % chiuatois. Thos te last vow inAem r tweed tof
0OMobin tIwisas"Ait. so ,Un scW v-m to goI ttb=1 ,o
r ,fhoi t b.,t. p-Abv tbioving Mrbc kw t we ofo ac.ow
U1o1o 0111 t~ 1%4Mft ift 4 8lxikj& ftj$ C40P 0 0410S, 4- JOer VbV Iho Ihe tiS
ftso IN* wl, ft, ^an.atoal ovoad# W.ftt i Sx afterwas. but yw3
^c~i~~cffai p gook hG t~i~t w no"d %macf mBa chmmgWA* * o feeltnm no mill ateem sts me ow llU ss e a, tae
o ho atm doawy d bAtb oo* $yb tw 1ills sMat1.eom be?

* 2 4*

isa. fltsktflI ,I k
Had Owftl 2ait' lamt 240t*0 =artlnghat-d ay train In. a
t*llis setatolsb w ldWb a

E4 tta1n < It "to el t 3tte l
-i3ll INSo e Imp.. %In~a ihan I b -s for a. IMS.- tjil muc rio
4. 4ot 4 4my at 6*15 ad atntntw iI 'IIO Watld We
van M4c~ttoallh .IrvOPlP.- cm$ w" Ou r fls*N ow"* *pbzt about ftve aile
^aipt*~ t Thic safrio" diskect, Ila* to Uake for he$ fS>1ISK PIenOy
aa s hot a Md Shor% T. kei fit. Latht a

liU-10M4 b-4~ V-M vwy hfalthyV doUrlW.- US- 3r seo" s04U&pt vh wo is and d .rt ey 3 Isoticeapid pI of, aw holef
)all alon the rth Zyo- 'tho pft!6ly ven ftor au the
pSfit c st* S$< 0nfttelobd, topi,l soin hxct okAoL, a v we
mad 114debwee *a vm~ today* C I, .y eft NWent at at 4 to
sboos s*MWC to te poU I hd Ie. V sXel. andW only at ll

lof ti~1 ~tt 41~bP Id ^ *^y ^It esorS rMifle. Fblttt Nu
one, MdIN- th~ e mt rrv G7sbl attkto qtat
fiot$46 -UiSoM of tbe ,oheda eont bIIIIetaV too =d VVW SrO ato
---- --ve or st~lgbt ---r old# ThAV y t~p vev dr- ox 0'#iic 0"o IU so.
half.3 we al ft"~ ahatw bwyi: ih.t 0 i.lr the hot wuld hv ot0<3.
hlo* Th1 Uoel oek I hro -iot 3Va p ut A.wavig thre, pod woft

U ft.e 3M_ yard Ute fig a XyIng- ot I piped the TNI t higot
beUhind- ohou. dfaodrt so w-, did ms^ Av to fi 000Ik, 40 eatp q.n4te, 00ir
t-4 vs ppeit hea iefrawsd 00 hbe ason the hbnh road io ycovery* Cloudy
Asfnar 4cd optn Araf-tb r

el %1 4 %0 i Cx md po ew rtbled, hot
012 ofe440 .s tho port o.od. aI, bot two flOtent0

f offe, &A*p 4ut. X4 e t*atA t A ih. abot

20 loa 19#o aig oftto afrl eat into Kijabll3 a ap

0 outS, to i I* ftr th be btoa3 oy
suocf p 4 i Lotig. owe ftnal- OtnmtI* ti bgbd at 400 y.rds* fto Ms hwo vwy wildiad 4
oia "to te. red,vfaly i~s f UliE 1tzp ocawnl l~y wdlevy
toll46 o t iO tbat cf tot ris, Atow iatl@as txe, the 00.0 $*aM" aaW
let o aa s 50 4 60 yaZd*aVt.tshovt 1i ofo
*Ole Vowd pmem within 1CC yoodt. a of

il^M^r ^r,^<

L Aswy c2o to c Ir to i to at of an* a*U* w te "

now ol on Ie mad to uwtw to i oei tp 0t 0I .l lee

kel a o BR*syattIhoretn
w tftott t is &! do. wif I
tvZWL 4 wb have m inod 1tto ot*W flom,# bt ts

saS j Pt attmAu nctie
*OW ... t V ot to ... I. a.t......
Sqbomm.-OA 2"t. US.t Ard 10 a*."- -a .d,41403* thon got Iotndo 0 01.0tV
And vtf tiib e adws bcc bttar. ftXiNe- .6 10~l .1c W o Ito ftire
f~otoy tiws-4 110.d. adsing- fM atri ftit en A

*g||g|Hf t~ t^l o, ftc ma vatr aft.''W *Mw.t 10oi tph felo
TI%". -M~d& not oh-

41, M_ la "I*ure Pit* al" p 4: f'"bnrd adblo ~in
^afhj~ay 3^8 tive. 0% to 141you lo ftirloo 9"1tranlyVaa X
aft**ra OK %hWredWW*V' c.lSe fnia *ay 11"U"fl ttt$*w

.2 lfGpaid-o

41 TBloo


2 Uloio cute

R*dlk Bobole


basMU e

A lo@ flt wnt y aprsw- ta ea apied. tv Ike open "Or a
A oft t I t Coy,(y msa I D l.C )o

11M oto DJfAt Di$*toli (tORa 150*1 tCiIR so D

AAMALI SeawAl tb-o "'W tU
fln o e titpaw b py ThosIe *he am

the ~t '2Oetxedone1. flat *hi i~cofl v, hKi comr

caa~~DD 9410 f"Mecx ft* a U41 ew fe dy

te a C9 Idiee or all o esbigplt fvitme
iO* f Of al atd &d 4 1-*t"*s'1* *e. 1*4t &toe
eea *$CAM'rs *a townle ofd *i0g ecslnteo

it; too so*dbt* *U A totter ble c~o m
tot ot be 1B t A gtvs "1 t f
towng %44& bano Ift aas kWuantiti *oBai~l ppa trol atp~ian& hvm FMowsiv t*uoata^o
MeW vwwa mdptly allohw*ratoci om~ffvi mburp^ies ecpp o

bv*Mo psaoft ipv two.g oetabowhe Md.a ftheo.. prese ftieo a ftffIt
owtapleofhM -soyia ^ta sttmi^adi zoh inh wTP
in1ontb< oy d nolo S.e Smu~y hlfte tiM 144"Ine Of
eua s ta rt-ftv

alvy i oo~ltetiow.~ lisahl h mdo SMtbeialyit s w
will bpo. co te road.*. (fd woeoa ft^:i~ tther$vw m efV tmaf thkm taar
tcKoto. ox mmote, to -1b te soll aotloe at at bwry fl ofic ea tL*

ByIl ea;t~ ~f adfia 75/**
Hatd oil A/'*- 91h Aa~ i ajm3
-W '^&,4t^9lGS V(X

aata* .'j-galo ta-ce bc^utW^ /
Had n Ac, banOt



RI. f or,. tmloby a t tm n h..ouo fb tL t
21 bclsa~ct fW or *a~ e^ st hard*

Rob"*" M4wCC-

00 Chh "..
Wwkiamd (IteDap~d) 3C
60; 1* U nW s ali (+o0)
Paroef-fts oil tor Waggon lC
4aKT o, do. 5,5C
15 Uo CvushUd mm i 2/50 tow mle Um 37--50

1 saric~4river.

Meisipp for van", 7 4#5C
fte te$ (nILo SM) 2 ,oc

I boi%. Sto-clboln -a ar (waaft) 240t.
I Clocked scat, n 15r00
6 KI-kvu. PUPc Alt AJ,*IDOB 1C<
CopyChad,." acpl doo do*) .-
d(at oa) 5.
13b^jU2lasnalto 6.00^,
1-1At 3 ea Ktkaszyttfele3iO@ 3.00e
1 0.l,5

A t -t; eumann' s ?4re _1204 1906

Augst 5th. Sunday*
Thought to have a dav.s rest but instead I was hard at work
all say, Wirst cut 14 dont l.ys. %ut out new T4.UI(O ( trial
pattern,) Then went out to hunt for meat. Took a long round
in consequence o' ,1ind being adverse and got no shot until
nearly becic. Then shot a -,A which forestalled a rhino we
had spotted. T wert -ut to try for a buck for my own larder
but only (eot a youn,,i taterbuok. One cut doci:ey died in the
S eveningg. Simbe. nd T'TAFT the lshenzi went back,
6th Mionday*
'lenudin my chair end mnakin.g a new seat of hide, Am also
rersirinr tenat fly, TARTTTAOYM TI and TJUtY'AK'OS left early for
home4 I may start tomorrow if ready leaving camp here till
Sray return. Goats and sheep all loo0!ing well, Went out in
: the evoninf, and shot a ITU for my private pot, 7 days posha
7t1, Tuesday, S6".T 4
Had never seriously expected to treck today and did not
really If want to but ,nm really gotag toamsorrow so got a11
ready Tent fly finnlshed and put un agsin,, tsking new
VT-1,T"OS, nut donkeys seem alrisht. HOT,
Pth. ;nesday.
S 'nil not attempt to sf*rt very early today Only made 3t
hours march to camp at sand spruit beyond S1,tiicAT''S camp,
Rather soey. Sdoir of Coolie' men iust aheed of me.
Arra,.e,,a' to send on 'eesa eer ahead to warn Irlorobos not
to sell them svy ivory, Campod near tl-e u atlet of Naro Idara
"o not lce the ountr., Nf4j. t4MLE
.th PhursA.;y.
Sent "lamsi aP Br,1 him .o tell 3IT'A n"'ot to sit still With
,..,~ ~ ~ ~~.., ...' o ostsilw~

June's gonts snno let other tjupers buy ivory around.
4 ho rs overlandl to n rsth,'r nice campin- sto nd beyond
the oIA t' t(7 e omp ( a *"Ood. b't be)"on4 ) on river with tall
,Fs,(4? __ thor trees. All this district very peroherd n d no grass at


Tt nlwnvs is a hunrr- sort of country, nothirr 'out travel
sn. stony hills.. TrA-0TI ha. ti ..u. back to Iast c0aun after
91hot e,, ,. p ramt c am nr
water bottles, Soe-Ay, Shot Pna r ieP%. at ca
10th. Friday,
Started lIte nit hnvinr, far to to as ndto rtive raji a
cahnce of catching u-, l'Io however did not turn up until
afternoon at next camr, 2" hours, This took us to the last
s-1"-d rsruit > hour be-:onI T'ATT-21., A, TIt is really only
two dtawS back from ,my camp here. The Swahilis always a ki*t
little ahead of us but here I srott' smoke from their camp
a little further up stream nnl went ani interviewed them.
Taroji came with one bottle. Shot a zebra,
11-th* Saturday.
An early start and a long ins-pan of 5> hours to beyond my
.frthes* ?iP river erm. Rather slack today.. Went out and
li~sod a W7. There are see cows here* Heard themi splash-
in': in the rivwr R, ni~hto
12th. Sunday,
3ly pon luc'r met some ",dorobos living towards S.-YA socm
after stsrtina Tt was a most haprv stroke as T.Tt:iU
wen not sure f the way. One of these shbwerl ie thorougw!ly,
.ood rout up the hills which brought us to our water hole
in 4S- hours., The lower hole where the animals drink very
low and mu ly. Country dry but lea, so than by the river.
Shot .n impalrA,
13th.i 0lon..y.
On to my 1.2:-",,t,,L about 4t hours, We came round by TI.kaa.ng.la
which is a semicircular course. Country dry but plenty of
water in esruit. li,i w1ell here except for donkeys of which
two have "terf'ul. the rest are not loo'in:, at all well...
Several vetry s ictk at"-le T.okxin. well and the ,."oats iiddliy.
?,hey vew look rather starved and most of the CoY'$w have
cone .ry, Cnirni- ..w.. on by stream rays i''t now with little
or no wtn'i even here. 'oar teore eleohnt in the 21
Tha rtm,

14 tVi. Tuesday.
Inspected cattle and goats. All right. Had sundrey shauris.
ly particular people seem antibus to go to the river. LAITWA
and h&s old father want to follow we down toot but I objected
and they gave in. 4PAARUA here. He as a middling set of ttKa
teeth for NUR AD, LORGrE'TP has I am told has a pair of thick
bull broken short and one an x of cow* They will not Part t
to any Swahili' traders. lights cold.
15th. Wednesday.
Went out and shot an impalA and 3 zebra. All Males. I zebra
to LIRESHTAU'S kraal and one to LAMALUL1aLSt sand sundries
of the impala to me and mine. Rather worried in the after-
noon and a bit tired and out of so rts-. Old man from
LOTOOqT'S latter sick. I shant go to the EL GERTITI now. I
don't want to and I think the elephants are chiefly cows,,
and have been harried out of the l3istrict by this time.
1Tot thinrwa from shed and cartridge boxes from cave and
3O0Y'S prepared for trecking.
16th. Thursday.
7e t pretty quiet Sogis ready for trecking, everything
having been IrougMt down from shed and the boxes of
cartridges grot out -from cave. SAITVNA has gone after other
fellows they thought were running asway with donkeys, But
it seems tley have really gone to mry camp*
17th. rriday,
SA TW T not baak, LUVPTlTLA,.AW siala "ert fairly quiet. Old
X LAt Z' entme to be, of course. Says many bulls in
the tT, B 0.OT bush4 I shant Po .though.*, have T Ju OS,
'^AI and Tf:ly.ttJ, each a goat with kid (female) The
latter is as usual not satisfied. Panniers are being made
to carry the kids on donkeys.
12th. Saturday.
TC.TY% not back. Hadl a shauri to inquir into Kibilele's
intrigues w.;ith TLereshwvas absconders. lie cmno out badly and
it swears as if he had advised them to .Q0 Inspected
,orad's .,ats and counted they. They appear to be about

twenty short of the rumbberz he left here, TFixed up the
panniers ready for tracking ( two donkeys are to carry kids
tSmuraysni ill# Cannot start till Saltwa returns. All right
19th. Sunday.*
?To news of Saitwa* I T told the old man I will wait only
tomorrow nvA trck the day aftor* ent out for rmeat. lade
a bad shot at an Impala which Uot awa4. 'ouded, When after
.t* faillinp to eirvumvent somrae Zebra had the bed luck to
comes aseross a Pau which I shot, Saw a waterbuok that had
just been kIilled by wild cog ( oat least what was left of
it ). There is a paek of them always about here, #Lst
night was close To.Iy there was clou4 then thunder, and a b
shower in the evening,, 6 ay.) s posho*
20th. Monday.
Had intended trecking tomorrow but consented to wait
another day on account of tenrmyne being ill,* o news
of Saitwa yet. Went out and shot a gravvy. Rather off
colour. Cloudy most days. monkey die0,
21st. Tueasay,
Satwsa returned in afternoon.* Caugnht up the deserters and
seems to have killed Rona* ihelelu said to be at the
bottom of the whole affair. He aproars to be a mischief
maklcer. Rea.y to treck tomorrow.

final shauris. at dawn.. ibilelu is cast in damages and pays
a goat, Saitta is to follow t may c.mp before long. Tot off
ptettv well considering but it proved to be one of those
deys when every thtn goes wrong, The pundas were badly
loaded from.the start rnm6l the sogia not in. ordler resulting
in consotent trouble nil the way mad I hurt my back with
lifting the loads s Then my oharmin.g porter who through
T.a.uteie's remiss had ,ot sheod, lost their 'aov and led us
far off our course. In saite of all managed to fetch up at
the water hole at riooa snt hour late r than xve ought.
Only a little iater left in the rock hole and none below

for t-e beasts. The lTaorobo however found enough for them
lives lower down. Worried vnd worn out. A little thunder
but no rain,
23 Thursday.
About five hours going without a belt brought us to the
river between the two formner0ump o3f" craps, A good
straight road snd a good camping place at the apex of the
bend-* ,y great good luckc shot a Tankra just before camping
for hioh thank God, Plenty of rssas in the river for the
24 rirdsy.
Another good march sple.id. going all the way- of about
4t hours pretty quick pace cleat travelling, to the first
dry s-pnit. went out ain n rather over, y stif and
saw n.ot'ing. In the evening I got a nasty stab in the vein
on the inside of ankle. Teg vervr painfll at night.
25 Saturday.
Short maarob $ hours to my new camp here there is good
grass in the river. Very lame sad had to ride a donkey.
Got on alright, A Go*send again Just before omp shot
water buck* I killed a goat.
26 Sunday.
Longer day than it ought to have been in consequence of
Zibelelu who a.s lerdin ",.ollowing thle rive ruuoh oo far,
After san early etrt it took us nearly 5 hours to reach the
dry spruit West of Sulemnne's camp Plen)yw of grasE, for
the cattle in islands and flet banks of t?e river.
Alltogether n nice camp,. Road part of the way but my foot
is much better.
27 Monday,
Three hours took us to my ccmr easy. Just before getting
there T shot waterbuck. Tound that some epidemic had got
amwfongst my animals here and 5 donkeys and 3 goats have died
other goats being ill. c*ntrv drier than ever now.
Tn atternon 'ent out and shot a gravvy.

28 August. 1904. Tuesday.
Took Iamutalele and Iteketthera and went across river and
down bank to function of Jeulo. Beautiful stock country
'*i t~o L-G
between here and there and fixe( on a nice place to pitch
my permanent oamp;a' Fine open country with some big thorn
trees. Tont like the spruit at a place to build. On the
way saw a rhinocerouo and then a herd of buffalo and much
other amgge and came on a giraffe feeding quite close. Let
everything alone. Then crossed back to Indians oampi They
are still there, bad luck to them and have got a couple of
teeth of sorts. Missed long shot at Tsaka on way baokq wind
being unfavourable. Shauri with Tdorobos in evening. I want
to have no more truck with Kibelelu. Serveo out two days
posho to my men and 5 to others. All now have five days
29. Wednesday.
Moved to my new site a rather troublesome business. Had
first to get everything across the river and then get a lot
of mad goats along. It is curious that the mysterious sick-
ness has already seized on goats brought down from Soeya
and several of my tdorobos have died and mapy others are
bad* What can be the cause I am at a loss to explain. The
lungs, liver and heart are affected. The stricken beasts
seem blind and rush about and fall down suddenly, as in a
fit. Am pleased with the spot I have chosen. Saw the kwfl
buffalo again* this morning. In spite of difficulties got
to camp br eleven.
30 Thursday.
Went out and shot a zebra and a Teanka close by after care-
ful stalks* Latter for 'Morobo and latter for wapagazi.
Strengthening boma and cutting ;ood for shed. Repairing
Sogis. Goats still sick. Reckoned up pay sheets for safari.
l Friday.
Getting materials together for shed. Mending Sogis. Rather
seedy. iegan letter to C.W.. Cut and branded Tolls.

S September 1904. Saturday.
Cut out more Sogis, Work as yesterday, Determined to send
men to Muyithu tomorrow*. INi4111 A L

*- t*,t ,').' too buy food the
o day after tomorrow. Still somewhat unwell*.
Weather hot. Thunder in afternoon*,
2 Sunday.
Sli.b.tly better, ot things ready for the food safari to
start for lyithu tomorrow. ibelelu .nd Salaute went on a
mission for me to B1 kogodo Thunrder and .short shower,
Three, day,,s posho, One Cut T2oli badly awollen,
3 Monday,
?agoi and "o.. le9et for >'thara an-d N'uyithutit taAi-r on a
load of heas a-d tw"o Joravs (nsAry of clathb and are to
pick up a load of chain at Mthar. Sent let-tero to Dr.
H tnde in case it should be true that there are Govomernment
o->ioials sat Wyittu., Went out and shot a aien nd in
spite of fl.ln it was hflf eaten by vultures whon they went
to fetch it, Am very seedy.
^ Tuesday.
Still unwell. ShOe& b' wn Shot two gravvtes quite close to
coanp lucky as my larder quite empty-, Tiautml s.ys now
they are afraid to stop here without Swahilis, Ht w ind
anaj more variable, Zibelelu and Co came back rith -atunge
the old hea 'of the :ukwuodo san. the boy ltetit, the old
woman and the little :tirl being left owing to tVe forners
injuries from the beating she -ot from Soitwva. They think
more tha n one was killed
5 Wednesrlay,
Still ve ry seedy, Had trIk'l with old lattvunre and Tot words
of 3l Mukrugodo language, Shed being. gradually built* Shot
%two0r,%mvies quite close to Oaap. letter in evening.
6 Thursday.
ldorobo from Crwroess cime on embassy to fno bout the

Sambur having made war on tem. T Letainyere is the mess-
angertrs name and their Tjaigwanae's name is Lakutai.
They brought a baby tooth but I declined to accept it*
Gave them some tobacco and told them that I would like
them to Ikeep any bull teeth. they may get for mew and
sell snall rubbish to Tjoshamr, Saw buffalo bull by the
river whild tal2ng afternoon stroll* Better.
7 *'ridAoy.
?Patunhe wiet home to bring Laruma's son here* Other
Gwargess Tlorobos also went, Y went out to shoot meat but
was not in form. Got an impala which ran inspite of being
shot apparently through the heart, azi. then had an itdiff-
erent shot at a watorbick which I did not get. Then being
annoyed by having too many followers went away alone and
shot 1iut lost unacoantably a giraffe which disappeared
mysteriously and completely. Early had seen but let alone
a fau, Came back at noon rather tired and ruffled, Very
hot when wind drops*
B- Saturday,
Got up very early ann went to look for my giraffe of
ye aterday*. ound it at once close to where I had lost*
it and in charge of a liond( surrounded by jackals ) who
hoa eaten only the insides and was keeping off the vultures
and marebouts.considerably. On way back lost an impala
but went out in the afternoon and got a gravvry close by.
made borne for donkeys where I am going to make my new oamp.
Saitwa with others came. Mad to take the thatch off the
she&; as it was not fixe& on tight*
9 Sunday.
Shauris with SAitwa about the boy ltetlte, Gave him a goat.
Made bora at Aasce fro new camp lose by.
10 ioonday.
loved fy own camp to new place, Made bora around the
i lorobos kraal. A sensation caused by two gun shots said
to have been heard. Sent to see isho it was but Could not
find any spoor. 5 days posho. Hear some blasted Tdorobo

& inlg X frowr El ukogodo have already followed mc and are
casmpod quite near. Must have them put off that,
11 Tuesday,
Went early to tell the intruders to clear out, They appeal
to ones compassion but too late after taking possession,
TIamutulel who T took with me interceded for his "brothers"
but T say they mis0t rWo back first, otherwise it will
establish a precedOnt for all and sundry who may fanoy
foIlIowing their exramiile, On the way back I hunted and
'killed a small giraffe Ihalf grown) a kanke and a rigp,
having lost an oryx I had hit, Canoe across a bi bull
rhinoeerous but left him alone or rather only shouted "for
him to get out of the wayl, %. .to In ain s from the
mysterious mad sickness. It really ust be caused by
eating the leaves of the green tree,the 4Jdorobos blnmhe,
that rrows by the river, Two died today and. others sick and
te add to my ioy T found my donkeys browsing on the sm e
fatal foliage, Altogether a good deal worried today, .
Shed finishede. Saltwse ianA his crew went away trsking, the
little girl, but leaving the boy latetto He, says he has
henrd from the V ikwlz0, but T aont tbink that likely to be
r. Wetdnshy,.
Tust after' T -finnihhed a leisurely breakfast this morningg
two shots fimrw* were fire& just beyond the foroabos kraal.
SMen ran with their gunS to tI'e scene and following quietly
founV that lions had5 attackeaI the donkeys and .7arijane had
very pluckily shot the female which was followed up by tka
my Tdorobo anA my men an id dispatched by the latter not far
away, But Parijane's shot was quite enough for her being
through the shoulder a shade high. A btg lioness, It was
not known at first if a donkey had been caught by them but
we found out that one was missing and later on it turned up
a rood Toal maul&f but not fatally, I sewed up its wounds
sntisfaOtorily endig the i,.iaent oa ,..

1en went to out wood for a raised platform in the shed
but spent the day quietly in the shade by the riler by
all appearanCes. Began stuffing new tandikos, making more.
Aagol and Co. have now been gone tea days. Another goat
cie .i. a.nd another seen dying,.
13 Thursday.
Magoi and Co, arrived this moraingi with twenty loads beans
aw one of meal. They are followed by a lot of Mthara
people chiefly women come to trale on their own amongst
them one of TsPmunye s wives. The interloping l.borobos are
sti1. ll. h gnin about. Cut a very long poplar for the flag
staff and carried it up to the kraal. tagoi has managed
his train s..o.viri most oa.rnrably atum-to ca.mce apain
brin.ig tarima' s son.
14 ?ridayv
SeOnt to soee if the intruders have ,-onQe. They have only
shifted across the river.* They c me with a goat tio maake
sasuri but t would not take their goat or listen to them.
They say t'-ey will really -o this time. 'ent out a-J shot
a Tat zebra mare ( Durchells) anad a buck grPwavvy. meat for
self and own people On
self and own ncople end some for the t..,hsra oen, but none
toasy for the 'dorobos other than particular oependants,
Erected the flagstaff with perfect suc.ess.s Two v .Ithaf a ena
want to g.o with the Lahinris safari to the Ltrien. I say
GOOT, tell tho Sambur T am on the way.
15 Saturday,
The Tnliras oaravan cleareR out today from. their caamp
across the river rather to my rolioef but the brutes have
.one to forestall me rith the Sambur However they have got
no cattle and T don't think they will grt any ivory svv2 any

how I .lont much care about the ..oats exeet that they ,ill
likely spoil the trade, &thara caravan still here. The
intruding 'Idorobo party really went todp, and I am assured
they bav trecked for the district they came from, Old
Ma'tunge tried herd to noeuaao ms to lot him come and uflfl
settle here but. I h&ld ir"""l "r to my d.ecis6n to keep t them xl

all sway anav tolV hbi to stw in his owrn country if he
wanted to remain friends. Thorn fence made around the sheot
.innishei fixing the flagstaff and maeI flaag of a red
an.d fellow koikoi and ran it up. Sogis and tandikos nea tly
Tinnishe&_ and all very nearly ready for safari* Wish it
would comet. 5 clays posho*
16 Sunoy*
Went out to .et meat for mY blorohoso illed an old bull
fau across, the Joeuloo* Yet another relative oe lamtulel's
turned upc(The man whom T allowed to come to my kral at
17sima before T went on the Turk? 'l safari, ann who cleared
out during my absence But T would have nothing to 5o0 with
him, T hear he an-O others are came& somewhere near nmy old
drift camp anrl. have been ever since T came here.
17 Uon~ay,
T sent men to Mthara to ret s weet potatoe cuttings and
other things for pl sntinC. The two mein left by :'. itwa went
home and took mesmg e from me that if he likes to come
again t i anywwvnyy find hi., a couple of corS even if the
s afar does not turn up. Inspected carbines. *Aded to
bomrn around $Tlorobo kraal, Chose .lace for garden, Burnt
rrss, Windl begins to shift from S.E. to T'JE.
1 Tuesday.
?eont ukt to hunt for honey but we found none the guide
(bird) mr:rktng blank many times. I think the drought has
kilTed moat of the bees,
19 Wedaesday,
THve poisoned mycolf again with otlomile an-r0fnwell, Went
out to get a buck, Got an imn.la and a nolie, the latter
after a good chase as it was not oad, e&n lost a wn.terbucW
A lot of people from Tthnora came with the message from
&munye to say those two. ---- from tluyithu have kidnapped
three girls fvom hias kraal ant. sone with them to the Lorian
T am r'...stod at his iurfle -.--- suffering such treat
ment without resisting. T adviae that he should L go a 0.
complain to the officer at lyeri. I write a letter for

him to take.

20 Thursday4-
Very unwell with persisteftt bad gutsaohe, Sent letter to
Taimunye. 14 Pays posho..
21 Friday,
Slightly better, '"ent out and shot a kanka but bungl:d a
giraffe Sekeloi arrived with his small household, The
t wo men of Saitwa'so (who had gone on a message to him)
( vs well as on their own affairs came back, They say
there is a large safari with several white men on the
.fgare lTyarok and Saitwa is waiting to see where they will
go so as to bring me news before coming I dare say too
he wants to get all the meat he can while they are there*
I gather they are %ejrmans and apparently pompmers-4
Tt is said that there is talk of coming to me and also
going to Bl Bugoi to shoot elephant,
Still suffering from poisoning myself with calomile, lever
touch it again, Hear the old humbug Aatunge has come down
and oamped by my drift in spit of my repeated refusal to
allow him to come near me,.
22 Saturday*
Still so.sewhat off colour though better. Giving finni;3hing
touches to punda gear,. Work abo.t all ione here now,
Tn afternoon took short stroll and found bull giraffe alone
so took the gift tho h0ds had sent for my people and it
proved fat,
23 Sunday.
This morning there was a gunshot about ten o'clock and my
safa.Tri arrived under !"Tru who was sitting a. pretty littIle
mule (mare) they have. bought for me. Alas no cattle, A
great disappointment this. Some 13 men but uru says halt
are "goi gois"., They had a lot of trouble eng.aging the
porters at Hairobi owing to Smith Mackenzie and Co,.
having 9eruvted an hotel keeper there to write them. on
and he seems to have been most obstructive,

Country said to be overrun with "pom pomers", (ew
Commissioner. No end of changes. My ?Tdorobos have had a
row which came to a head through quarrelling over the
division of the giraffe meat. Thero is jeal ousy and
recrimination, Tt is a bore and I cant have patience to
listen to any more of it* 4 days nosho to new safari.
((( I find I have lost nearly a week in my reckoning by
calculating from the date gurm left Naivasha it appears
to be)))) ---
0 30 Saturday
Writing letters for returning safari to tatee down
Tnspected the now lot, N.ot so bad as luru had tande out.
Only three rotters to go back. He has brought 19 altogether,
More shauris but I have no more patience with the quarrels
of my 5dorobos.
Sunday tst. October 1704.
Writing and getting things sorted and packed for starting.
Seedy. Told men what amount each was to get at the coast.
Saitwa's man want to go home now.
2 Monday,.
Finished letters and sent men off about noon for Naivasha
and Aombasaw (19 f-or lombasa, 1 boy for -i'avtbha, 3 for
Jairobi) taking back 2 bbxes 1000 MannlUcker cartridges
to be exchanged as they are the wrong pattern, and a
parcel brought he re by mistake to Boron Rothschild and
2 papers for Burnlane? They take 4 carbines to be left at
Ifa ivasha. 'Put things in shed that I am leaving here and all
the other r loads made ready for trecking.,
3 Tuesday.
I went out to sh oct meat so that my Ndorobos might at all
events no begin with hunger on my leaving. Shot 2 fau( old
cow and bt:; colf)t The cow with no ears and only one eye
probably having been mauled by lions when a calf, and an
orux for the safari. Everything carried across river and
cap pitched on far side. I followed in afternoon after
finishing shauris. T taki Tegenoi and Letite with me.


4 Wednesday.
Not an early start, X overslept and then thero was bother
with the new men etc. However we had not far to co so it tx
did not matter. Camped close to snall thorn trees camp
but a few yards beyond under single thorn tree in a better
place* Shot a ravvy. Tired and not all well. ?ear I have
got a riff raff lot of wa wapagau i*
5 Thursday.
Off in fair time* Only 3f hou re to camp under TIhaish.amunye.
Old camp had been burht out* (Some one, either the coolies
or the kidnappers have been sticking matches into every
thing that would burn all over the pale) so c:np under
thorn tree on ban&- of river a few nmrds further on*
T shot a kanksa for t1e men.
6 1?riday.
Off early, pretty full march, about 44 to the dry spruit
before t'-e hill.* There is froah boot spoo-r on the path,
probably or the dAy b..forc yesterday, so they ,ait be too
far ahead, T am better, umich, today.
7 Saturdey.
Over:t the rin e first thing and then out across as usuinl,
took us about five hours to camp at nezt bend before
ettiking in behind big hill. Camp as usual burnt by the
railway coolie but found as good a one or better,
Found fresh spoor and went back to look for our kidnappers
but fund they had moved their oamnp today.
a Sunday*
On over the dtony ride behind hill and ,down aain and
On. over the dtonv ridxv in 81,11
on to oamp close by grassy koppie with slender little
tree., Another pret-y full march, 1 ha a spill off my
mule dust before camp, She bolted and the god.'le turned
half round. I fell in a stony spruit and was dragged a
yard or txnw so, nevertheZes in spite of broken head and
bruised end grased side and back I am little the worse.
But alas my rifle sight is broken, though I did not let
go of it.

Spent the.afternoon making a new ivory front sight but
not finnished of course yet. No spoor now so the kidnappers
may be behind us. The cooliles seemra to have misssed this
camp as it hasenot been burnt. .
9' M0191'
Today we had to wait a lot for the donkeys and once they
lost us and we had to fire shots nnd it caused delay.
More bush now onni n ood m.n.y ulli e Some little way
before our eamr -for hc I vis molkli=T Juria shot & se
co 1w vhich was g iit on the river bn-nk so I o4-mvAnd n
little beyond for the sake o"f hoviro the leot handy,
10 Tuesday.
lot quite so onrly of? today end h4.d a good deal of Waiting
for p.uunae. When ptnq t'3rough the "choppy sea" I saw
that owiAg to *rot& short maroh yesterday and delays for
.onrkey-s today, it would, be too far -to o on +r the "lions"
omp#, So: I oT ped in a little hollow just short of ou;r old
cams where we first eot the Sambir. "ot a bad one. ? oritng
ogtn at the sight na fear I have .ne harm todAy to it.
It Weane sday.
Tust e..fter getti-+ pn.s where e. fel. in with. the- elephant
on oir lst return journey w, out fresh spoor ad a@ s there
was a good bull I eoiAted to com. 0 a .d follow. On 3ettinrg
necr the river went to ThoU- at the drIft to which a
ame trxck led and there in the water was an elephte.nt,
and another a cow on the island. The *one in tlce river
then went up on to the island too anr I samI that it wes
a young bull. %me back and bc o ped in silcenoz; zn@4 then
went with rathilt snd Tiy two I(dorobo boys. The boasts were
now. on the fr bank, rubbing .-,inst the bole.os the palm
trees4 We crossed an, I went straight to the bull, pvaating
near the cow and to within 20 yardse. He seemed to see us
anf bean to walk slowly towarto us, Fattilli retired
with my second sun and I gave him (the elephant) as shot
in the breast, and as ho retreated another In te side.
I reviled ratbili but it turned out the beost had got

enough 9s? we soon heard first grunts 9nd then a roar such
.as is only made by a dying one on the ground. We soon came
to hm deed,. Teeth T reckon a little over 20 Ibs a piece
or possible nearly a frasila and a half the pair. We then
crossed back and took uip the spoor of the night and fatim
followed it far, My little 'dorobo IT.tite proving a good
spoorer.. Eventually we lost through my own fault as the
wind being deaed ft I made a fruitless detouE znid we
could not pich, it up agsin* But we '3t9.rted late :in@ the
wind was as bad as could be, an3 I don't know if we would
have ever ,one any good. Anyhow we went back at a great
pace getting back at about three, .Sigenoi behind kinockod up;
n bit tired bein.g out of practice, Teeth chopped out,
12 Thursday.
Having broken our maroh yesterday we only made a sh ort
one today as to ciut across the big bena would, be too fsar
so we did three hours to my crocodile oamp.* Soge of
yesterdays spoor here -Cloudy early and very hot after
wardss. I fear a change of weather but pray not. 1o signs
of Sambur yet* Buried teeth 7 paces back from tree.
13 Friday.
Cut across the big bend end got a bit too tar towards the
river this time mn.inag our time rather longer thnn it
ought to be4 It took us not far short of five hours, I
have to make another new foresight ma I spoilt the other
and cannot do anything with it now. Some recent spoor
about* I cant ?amit to hunt now but hope to on mry way bacltk.
14 Saturday,
Got off well, Cut along under hills, An(!7 when we reched
nearly tie point where we begin to strike across again
to the river lower down, net the first of the Sambur
(after marching 4 hours). After short shauri went on but
we were misdirected by Sasnbur 210 rot entangled in bush,
so that it took us hour longer than it ought to namely
5* for the v"hole march, Oanpe& in m.y old "plIm clump oAmp"
My coolie friend and his pals are close by and have sent

for two of the teeth I was promised, IHad rather strong
shauri with the Coolies and a serious talk with the
Sambur about it decided to wait here over tomorrow to go
into this matter, Weather threatens moisture I fear.
15 Sunday
Moro hauris. T2hic time had the two principAl Swahilis
in the Collies caravan. This rogue lied astonishingly,
the other is not so bad think. I put them to flight all
along the line, I decicled to wait and see if the amen sent
for the tvory would turn up (they are saird to be due) and
settle the question on their arrival However they did not
come tohy. Working at my rifle sight, Sambur brought meo
a present of sheep:- and goats, Lakwari (Jula's father)
came, Jula a t Tiorisn*. Says 5 bulls,- 3 big ani 2 snaIll
furht r on and, eblphan at swamp now but no one has dist-'
urbed them,. The teeth sent for tre some of those of last
year hley were to keep f".or me. Very hot .and steamy weather
an' a .w drops of rain from a passing thiok oloudt
Petermined, to stay over tomorrow only.
1V loninay,
As the Swhahilis who hIa gone about the tooth did not
return yesterday I determined to wait over today but go
any how tomorrow*. In ths afternoon the rnesssngers turned
up but without any ivory, It seems the Ndorobos were only
playing the fool with the Swahilis to get presents out of
them so all the fuss has been about nothing tall.
The Coolies partsry now s-y they will start back the day
after tomorrow a.a they say they are short of food. Gave
themann asses load of beans. We rarted on affectionate termw,
I. a wnd the Coolie,
Thls ant his father here. Thy will meet me in the morning
aned Tla will go on with me. They say there are five bulls,
thres larte ond two snvell head, I think I hvwo got my rilfl..
to shoot alright again at last, Save the Samba waze who
had given me goat some cloth, and said I would deal on my
way bacck. The ivory shauri has now righted itself.

Ulive Jula's father a sheep. 7 rays posho.
17 Tuaeny,
Trecked asrly, T,-,t oLekwai and Jula on the way iaid want
on, with ti"em, After about 4 hour or al. lit-tio more JuIla
said better Camnn s otct driPt too far, Fouinds ooo.of
btlls in rivr.r, Fresh, Jul went to prospect. Cust before
ceqrIng shot s n or but Aid. not se- it s1,'. After
pitching o'np went to see and found it long dolnd and
vultures starting on it. Then went out a;d shot a very
fTt gravy, On getting back e... t Jula iho had o n the
elep'h79nts close by across river, ooou ready, and ent with
him sind F*und them at once,, First nritt.ckc not 1.el! carried
out but f'ollowinw noon got at theor again and dropped one
a 0 little further on three vll tomsether, Woi ot not
shoot the other too small It would not go airay until we
han shouted for a long tt~ie and v.t last oven throwi sticks
at it then went and as it turned out .-passed close to
I let it be known in cUm.p that T ha to. nd and shot at
nany times one bull., Long sheurithewri qith, 4kr in the
evening, of the bulls moderate, the fo.. rth small.
eTokw.r is to bury the teeth in situ for me. Treck again
1t Wednesday,
Tree-V&1 in excellent time but the men c .'no along
de'emtel slowly n3 it took us sbot seven hours to
make 23y mimoss forest comp- the Ferry.. Somne of my old
{doroboa eneme with sheen, as presents and ;ant t.o .go baok}
with me-. Weather, cooler and seems more settled*
19 Thursday.,
Waited as agreed with Jul., Had shouri with the -ldorobos
who eame here with me yesterday and agre I to take
Lendtra and leketirirnvr and. their belott&rs5 back with
?we on my return, Went out o got meat for men arnd r-hot
theor a rrvwry buctk. T find trom iy Idorobos thet ti-ere
ar e two pairs of bull teeth in the district snd that

another, the largest pair, were sold to the Somalis for a
20 rriAlay,
Teoced to .my or at the hnnel now ry., n-t Sambur
here. Fa. great shauri, The.. amit having osol two large
teeth to the So''alie.. froffnt lota of mk.r1 and nado .nay
pro but gainsat awy delay now I htvoe loot my ftaoe, They aMmit
havita4 ivory but aolee it is '.tnly oow a". szmallv Said
Le it a gebrothie-
V Wou.tl<. tLadbe on return. Soa sIia.sra- Twta lel, broTuihr-
&nd e'v0uired tor Ttitas brother,
Jilia has brouAv't another .dorobo whot ',to to PC with us
an3 asks to obe mrorntsd sore n bras wire, I sry T will give

21 UsTtaturday,
Ma!rohee to the last patch by the aimosaa .: .il the bush
there is fn this si1de o4 the river sd ot. a le aw-r
ral m~oM drinking place en Ith near W ont side Of 5t
'Th new orobos sQared a herd of kanxkca from the very
wm?%~rtn place ~'rn^ tl'lt unlepual t3 fl 'Ot tro attor-"
wards so get no caerat, A fees d3rop of rstn, almost a
lltttle ahower aot.in
22 Smitshy,
Jf.la insisted on keepitrt too 1O0ae to t.'.e swa11p0 today
iwtd k!Ept oni tinM4l we got pest. *t.-h Thtlttude m< our ocvoap
an4 thm ot know where tt a foolishly.
;tvon in to him and now struck out t .rrds, the little
natobs of scrub, so 7 ~t in-viat fle, buitro toro 1^ hours
behind thoe ntm. when we ougAht'to hrvo or. ived w.en we

atlafst rosohed ec.p,, T wort out tvA looked at the
former bhi roads but they are prsotioaflv irumue1 this

year, There is however n little spoor ond at1. we hove
seem i.s buo S
Shot a ravvy for niar pot eaBr the efge of the swa0p
after long tond and got bactk r.thor seoro ed bout 4P,*'W

ToV the *Porobos to go bacle to tVeir kraXl toaosarrow.

23 Mondovu
Off before sunrise, but not early enoughI. rond twa bus
moving long eAfge of ESl Toran but they went into the
bul llriushes end when T got up to the place I could not
'.et P view fr the one still visible. He was hoea- on and
after waiting q-.nd trying around. for a better chance I
tried for the forehead shot through the bullrushes and
ot in-t a snap when he turned. He tell twice but went off.
We then went up river an9 found one finic bull with lovely
lons, teeth digging roots in t'Ie open all alone. After
crossing river T got close up cnd after w:tit for his
to turn mot him tVrough the heart s .d ho tell after quite
a ehIrt sprint. After we had zonae close in and were
staadng talin. ho suddenly got up. This looked rather
Sapaling but I sat down and foiled him with a shot in the
brain, Teeth Sfeet Sino>9s outside lip1 but not very
thick only 197 inches,
We then want into the e1 3Toran, aft.r reorosinz river
anA crossing Norther foEkk, and after ,wading through some
distance of swamp (it took imo aA searchiwg to find the
right track) came out into the open dry plain between
the two branched of the torian* Furiirbr there .!s a good
deal of scrub and some small ti-orn trees, A little but
not. much spoor and as it was afternoon we went back*
11 lays posho.
24 TuesAayv
Start at 5 oclock this m. .ing. 2ound a herd of ten
tuSc d6I%4ing on edge of i Toran, Saw one long; pair
among them and the next beot ( the bigtbrst in bull:
apparently) being outside by himself, Then I 'ot near
tle tusks were hic]loen by bushes and I could not tell
which was the one with the lonx white ones of several
standing together, They seemed to be moving towards
the cover close by end T aicksd the big rest standing
suitably for my first shot. Than I gave the outsider
as he ran straight away a stern shot which disabled him

breaking his hip. Then with my second gun had at the others

again,. One (the first hit) fall just inside the rusheA,
anothe..r a little further on, Another stood just tsnaide
and I uaedd a good many cartridrges finishing, him oft.aa
he on. gave me his stern to fire at, Atilast after
several short moves9 he turned a little an I Iot him
down. Then went back and finished oPf t.he disabled one
wtth n shot through the heart. n looking at then all I
founrl the long toothed one not among them, I had taken
the wrong one in the first instance Still C have nao
eause to *grumbleo. T have nov' killed ton bulls already on
t is little,4, tr4. o big'b teeth today -- god, 2 fair,
T sm.llish. Cme back earlier today; satisfied.
P-lelphe-ats very ffnt, Sever.l full means loads brazght
4.from" yesterdays,
ThUte in afternoon after sund1an a single bullv was seen
a long way off to the iaorthvnrd ointrg inland. To.> late
to follow. Tter when nearly asrkr a single elephant
nppeered from the Norh c- oming towards camp h doubt
entered my head, nor ,Tuhbs, that this 1 was tme sme bull
an I Toent to intercept it, Though th3 light WI s gone
an,( the newly rIsen oo in my fAc na it worse
r. other t'-an-' better, T uooeoAed so well in jutging my
0i. that one bullet laid. it how at onco. To my extreme
nnroyanco, though, $n go in., to examine it, it proved
to be a cow, and a sm.scall one at tht Confound night
.hootI.n- e y noWo,
25 V'-:ednes^^ y,,
Started as yesterday and went earl.:, Saw a large bull
in the 1l oran but tce bull.-rush were very thiok and
t:-l and wje could only se- the top of hti:s heat and ears
auna bit of the edge of his back even from a distance.
Then we rot near we oouldt see nothing or& though 'e made
thre- atteonrts re failed utterly to get at him. Further
sari nothir.7 and c;,e backh Had a false alarm on getting
close to cam-, Siy -,an..a: verc. seen coming along n single
file this way from the Tt'toh and the mirage made them"

tA Uo lroha. ,rts until they -,fot near.

26 Thitrsdny. October 1904
Otf soon afterr 4 A.'M. tor.y, Crosses river .nd .;ent f!ong
far shore of Southern swamp a lon way ,but w notbng
no tpor,. Sent for tus.A of o irC t bull., now loooe. t.iver
rising a ,*ooA deal, OnWl one tusk browt, the oter not
loose yet, ien. sow another bull".
27 rrvi,,
.. .... ",.. 0, 0,
Jula h,.d su rmested our xot stnrting, so earV torfhy, ao I
sleapt A.w.i. 'ter the: usual tiemo for e.oettin, up and toen
overseeaprt aitttle so that 'e '314 not .m.t o.- until broad
1a7t11ht. I struck S.T,- f..or jw arm- -d ien. we "dd only grme
a short rewa I made out 0u ith the glasses a single bull in
t.h-a-t rIro.ction. o ran i.l t .. way then until te ,ot to the
e.le ow- the swamp to some nhat nearer our way than hie was0
lie r ,A (Iil o' n the Ornen cors0 grs.-. in a place where
the ground is wet9 ontome aw, back from '"ho SI Thoran,but w hen
we .ot w ithin .. few henred y rrd it seem.oY as though. some
thing startlo3 hoim, for he lifted his head. suddety, put up
his trunk to feel for scent, and bega.n .wallinr, toworfcs the
cov^er, Wo marched! on tr--n' to cut him .off. The oing bein
per-ectliv awe.ful the ,round just like a sieve vwith
elephant foot prints covered with thick long gr.ss and
. tertwvInoe( with ireT IWJke running rIras uiokldy somo grase
attr.cte,- him a.nd.h he stoper e1 to feed again. I then loft the
others, rqot -p to. about 40 wyrs from hhim and waited for
him to turn, which Iho id almost at o0.ce. One shot was
r ly eaoujgh, but as tbore w .as no other I -,vo hi'. the
second barrel to ma.:c as:2urcicz "ou bly sure a.-nd b.e toopled
over rfter running only a Pfew yoars,
An enormous, bull (Ttteet) with a beck like an old tree,
but not big teeth,, rather short atn not very tuck..,, but
srlevidid ivrory, He hnf.l gras.-t roots on hi.s back and head,
Afterwards a butffalo beyond meve us a false ho-me. Then
returners atn' had a look or the bull I ha3. lost the first
day (or rather his scent) but without success. Then backe to
csmpx. Tre poor today, :luru went to got out teeth but s

only suoeeeel in extracting two,. The second of the first
bull not loose ye .t eithnM. River fallen again.,
28 Saturday,
Off before 5 toda yanda! ho a long hard tiring trap, irsat
stnok across lain looking for spoorn Saw a good deal but
all g.oin. towards the swamp,. Then into bush end cut through
it a long way. Saw but lit-te spaor and that only of a few
oows and one small bull (but not worth flowingn) that was
fresh, Then ?cross, flats to swamp fr to Thstwards r nd so
along its edr:e and so back to c mp. ritgwz hours solid
tra r t a brisk pace ETarly it was cloudy, but later
ring hot,. Ifslt ha.d enough by t!e time I ;ot to
my tent nn@ determined to tke. a days rest tomorrow, the
first I shell have had.* Saw a hetl' of bufltlo toty
Auim ha. .ot one tooth only out o? each o? thie elephants.
A rrrnsVe for Turu to t.,:9e ,ula tomorrow cnsQ prosrcect for a
new rlahe to erump at on Ahead, the branch of the river we
camepe_ on before being now dry.
29 Sundry,
Tof.r it" esy4 d.e 4o,,?m to the ege of the sm sht
a .rrwy for our pot. turu strte. soon enter 4 t-. with
lTute or1. went to our old omap (furthest) ond then on right
handed across open flats for a lon.- wvay, but oAnd no watea;
1o 8amap, nor any wood so oame b.ck in s:ftetnoonr botMw he
t3 -kil, pretty tired, Very hot and mr ro li.e ostoble rain
a-! n.,
30 1ondv ay*
Off erly levi Yula in oIap to ret, e.qn :oun the prt
I U'_.!. S "4 ounR tI o part

of the ewmn r T shot the0 Itwt elephant where ittfr
0f 1 1e 1 v, J.n .... ....
formed a sort oif a bay an then .found that it turns South.

T cut across to sco :vhaO direction T takes next, but as far
as T could tell it see0ed to be boyd (Taztwvnrds of this
braon& rnj the oren flats oeeim to join those that r was o.
In the fork of te delta, thou.rh I owamot be suro there is
not s ntreain between as, I dL,. not ,o0 far enough though I
saw tres aheari of me with no l rorsn between, Swamp has

'nrc up very nuch a.iu,; the )st Vyear, Saw no olahtnts
Sawtt0uoh nrn' nth
but somn spoMr pnssittO to an from the swamp, &ar9 day
through ior tonrle rrno.T I rc- terrible from coon on.
V r oll,% ,t l "" "
nru mt omut t but one tooth of the first five elephants,
Rerrts much more water in river inmch a o tn n0mfr.
Tj <'* t nir i i. r cvemnu n: t;oi IMbo
31 ?uesdvr,,
Out a9in ,e .it Tul--, Stracc through open flat to look for
aspoor. Wr but otn .. on'to the sWUmp .!. none the otther
wny<. ?~"or early Weiptet- teeth, (I) tV e other htviang een
.ct, out an c-overe< en3.s o2, tho two big ones (fecct 51nches
end 9-fet .xneh long> lot c .nx (very &t5 ) u,
shoi.; ,other n',oli (h-od co onec yentcrd1y)- )eoth 1 T1ooke
vero th reutontug. river utr
I Trovenbor4 ;;odao cQ'!tr
T r ..o h.-,oTre :.fve M-ny STpoors .goi. (ovmn to the water.,.
7.s iust .vit.v u. scorDch for n"v oo1nin- up whe-i o oame
run one or.n, un.. ,olnwea aM^ fot.n. th0 owner (;3inglo
Tl .) i.n1 lel. i (t h (tverI.r neotely) cs it took 0t*03 more
s '.ot, to finsaT settle him)l Short but ni^,,ce ttaetKi, On wy
bacl foid sa)oor" of another ,we had somehow or other missed
inj or.ng, but it wbs now 0oaer noon, the -0owox of t1:o sun
tx 'al ie-rible l I flt rnelly to .rris'k lack the
3tro.th toI follow it ur, .uru founM last bulls teeth not
loose t. trncn terrific hurricvne with. rr'.in squall
,t o-.r cnn.. tane woo tbhe only tent t..t stoo end its
l g s P-lt end rou t.vory thin; ;n a bo.,stlyeSo with
he .t wet combined Uapily it nid not lwst long and
s 0oon 0not things oLer;en: and comforteblo mr.igm
2 Thursryh.
Tt bo-nn to rxein ar~itn little before tP'e ti Te T should
have got up this morning (somewhere aboub three A,&I,,)
rid fourer1 till davlihtt, I w:s not sorry as felt unequal
tb huating. The wholo f'nt a qu,:-m!ire. TAriad durt'. tbie da,

5 'riday.
Poure again for some hours 1i the s mnll hours. $reverthe
less I strrtcd out at 7. Took men to chop out tusks of
last bullD ndd uru went to 'et out tloso of! the last one
at the swa .to T hound spoor of arnotber going 1 -ort-.
Fellowed it for hours but at last forced to givo in and
return to cmnp by 4, Tt was trec tf, Elephants. have left
asr now t think snd it se-rtu, vs though 0 btT-.;y ho ve costly
r;onr Sotth Tired. All t oath bromgt in now. lud perfectly
awe.ful. T Must treok aw00y now as soon as weather ,will allow
us to move. 6 ..ys posho.
4 Smtwhday.
T1ed all teeth in soris feady for trecakia*g. .}o rain today.
I n. rat1+er soedy to-0uch of fover- no-h;-, m .or o 0. to be
A.one here now,
5 *~rt SUnD 2'7.a
Tre-eke to t':.e last mi'rng~e canp from river. J[ot well..,
Tuokkily no more rain yet,
6 "oA.ndeasy.
On nsst our mud hole camp sand pitched today in a new plaoe
aon, t titorn trees in tbhe swrp troudrOSit the
the olump- of rtopt.rs cnnspicuoius across the Lorian flat.
Sambur ner., One or two come to camp# I told then .my m.nd
about the Somalis etc.e
7 Tuosiay.
To my ferry (ant, Avouriteo) camp. ouglut lots of oats and
heepro Shot an nr*oli after losing :..m.oN I love this
forest cmr witI its sweet voicedo birds aCl its oiade and
,.pleasnt soothing surr'ndingo It still nioer now
since the rain has freshened the. loaves c,nd made the grass
betiu to sprout, I can sloop here without a mosquito not
too^. I am' sorry almost to bo leaving again so soon. ,
Gave Tosekoteri a ;.ho&.e coil of brass wIre nd the other
wae. nearly another and ten rings iron wire, They gave me
not-inr this time. I bought e sjrmll tusk (231bsI) fur 5
goats and 2 goats worth of wire and one roll tobacco,

Bought many goats, finally for three hands of cloth apiece
Tjeketeny crme to rmke a shauri. Hed wishes to remove to my
place but it atns dtedic.eo he hrd better wit until T oone
again. The Sambur say t ev1 will not disturb the elephants
fi any t1UtCs nick.-ed uen shall certainly be left for me,*
T forgive t-"eo this time for xartitn; with the big teeth to
ne~ ~ ~ ~ 7. s told that Ue :16J.
tho a s I rah told that the sambur have now been driven
out o the yjbrsit district by A,-bysitniansr, no doubt irs
revenge o ?.,he ;Somalis snd SiObure raid on the Do'.rana*
I Tm tol.3 by dlei (c-e of three kw-lis) that th are
'7 al,., 's, ) that +here are
bul-., up the river now, Wase leapt avd were given goat
eaJ3l shop to eat.
S f ediresnyf
Pera.ioed he-re today, Bought more goats and turned down
many :zore, Pl ,;ant cl. th,.,
9 'lhursdey,.
Treckod 3 hours to one iof ,yr lTst trips camps, here I
w.c: 0. aetained. I byI the S3abur en'J bou;it goats,. Shot a bull
woaterbucck close to canp on srtvnal, Very lucky as I want
te si.:ln to fix teeth ahe1d, Country lootin.g lovely now
anti the weather vary leassant, 6 days posho,.
TO F>rii"ay
On in about 2. hours to 4 bull cmpir. Sent for .ula's
.ather. YIarsa- hb and others Camei Had ws flar shauri with
him to the one vi.th Thosektetti n. gave hiim the same present
+ 6 han.s cloth.
he o nimosas ,are eoxqusite now, t heir doep greek canopies
pow.erud with white blossom, and the air is sweet with
te scent of flowers, T revel in these felicities of
nature, The ganie has now left the river, Lukwali cane and
sleapt in cnap W.Veethcr unsettled.
rt Setur-?ay,
Vient and fetched the to-th and fixed them in sogis ready
for tomorrow.. ?oustt more goats Slight shower in night.

12 Sunday.,
Trocaed on to tice palmn Cnmp in four hours and was bes-
elged un-til night by Sambur, tny oats 3 hoads zloth each
as fa t as you like and pick rtnd choose and much shaurio
Gave Jul a heifer vn' a Coila of brass wiret some cloth
and some special beads sM some iron wire for his mother,
Seems pleased. He is to goo on', W-th me to the Eandile drift,
shovwer in ni.ht
13 Monday.
On to the ocemnr in the gully" ^n a little short of elbow
cim.p buf titoheod backb in Lhe open today Slir:ht shower
Test ntin, oa leopar. Willed a sheszi rovt by our Irraal and
bit one of ours just before I rot up, at a second visit,
tan >eenL mch rain here* tiny SOmbar m-" mwuch 1acts.
Heard all about Somalis 4 oIngs on. tiave killed m,.any bulls
with_ heavy ivory chiefly in Sunya country-,, Abryssiniars
aro destroying the lenhents at l'arsabit, Weather very
unsettled, Two Tdorobos and ft.,ilie8 and took vith us now.
It Tuesday.
Whilt we were 7ckur', ur, or rather just as we had finnisheA
but ounAizs not oIl yt i ci-ed it onme on to rain and we
nti e end, Sit in
had to t1ack the toads, luckily just in tie sit in
the touring rain without -teo-ts or shelter for two or three
hours while the whole cc'mo become n horrible .uagTaire,
T had a fital shauri with, the red msan of the owesi clan:,
He se. ms very decent.* othing to be done under taese
circuistoancoS but to wait for Th7rod t sun to come out and
help us. "Tot possible to move toAny now, low calved*
15 Wednesa(s,
Walte, tl dawn7 to see what the weather would do4 As it
soe... .lrt&Jt, though cloudy, w.e ot off asout 7.50 or so
and m oved to elbow camrs about one hour at. most but not
without trouble, On the wiy it rained but not enough to
do t.ch ha;. but a. lot of Th.noyls :ot bo.ged at one small
^ully acni made a doleful display in the mud with their
loads and the rain too. However we ,ot through though the

whole plceo is little bettor T ahn mor3q-ls round a
conparitively irm bit of prownd,. just above ray elbow oanmp
anrv. njtnche1 4yzpr&?ufy.. Thh wcmt on but lou'aO no c^poor.
I ont out ,nn shot a ..-nka n.faro is-h a youn;,a :Coal Gaame
bac to cT'mr Vn? fetched -n ?rld so o dOnlCoQ lraring
Le t te to watch from a 4litance, On ritarn ioal staading
nlona. I rot close to it on the m.le but couo.ld not get rein
ever it- 't then o.-sed it u an. down and round -nd round
for .nbout two hours -Tul r-n' ;Lenro doinru wonderful good
work but m y ul nr rovl.t ci2.- it ot U a lCSu
knc~ccerl up wo c. ri't it ^uA it was s3vt&lv brouy~ht tnto
o -ip after '.ark4 A notable tri:'rhi. k fi.ne colt, 6 days poa
1 6 1 hr4r s io 10
IHard 10 attention o:Z 'uovtn.. totlohv on aouourtt of iy captw.e 7
but :ltthow could noy; thn.v; troe-,, s3 it poured a .ira this
mont'vil from 'Thoutk 'usunl c~rtridao Case ttfdo ^umsl about
.sovz... o. l 'orio r+ a 4mm0e lt 'zrOd tiC O"o iorO-.

KI,,t milt into my new pot this m.oravuin ;I vh it seemed to
likto. ur r. 1ay it stood n1bout i': i r, t-ot most, of the
oftiOroi .nl s.ems3 getting nutto >.ne already. eather
v:r7 S+t3ajf :3how-' ......6 thre.te"rd r.rl on 1oo look for
sT oOr bu..;t none.. here noW
17 ?rity
A rl-.ht shover. early orevnte! our packict at the usual
hour ann then decided d not to move as it would bo a late
stert :"r another rry.s 1.w wilT. nrt be a b ed th nI for my
cv.hiie, Td IriSe niccl:, toI Another Ttcorobo )i.ly hay:

thlvst t"hemsel-ves on me,

A ter'itic shower this -min, c.bout ? A..., the favourlte
t4i-me .l,. tu ..r1 *,h, ,o etor to anyuat the na as

brv7 en over 2 :ain and everything. in a slop. Aoiever as it
too-. 'i,. A).' aftt .- qum i.. k..o"t downpour I ,etermilied
to st;rt Forhinate17 we ot thro ;th atrtftt to a;
crocodile x^.-, A.thor tt2ci- I 3ZiUlI str-- :Zin'gh-tl^
.l14 from :Vd for a place on hour further on.

Cam'ed today above the bank instead of in the river bed.
The new member bf the caravan came along alright (rather
slowly) and gave no trouble. He now drinks milk out of a
dish greedlily. Got the teeth.
19 Sunday.
On to "tion- Csmp", where we had carped the day I shot the
bull on the way up last safari. About 4 hrsa A few drops of
rain but not enough to hurt. I shot two kankas close to
oamp by Mista:e, not knowing the first was down and think-
ing to finnish it. No spoor in the country now. One of my
passenger's wives (the TCdorobos returning with me) is in
an interesting condition and on the point of a crisist
Under the otiroumstances nothing for in in charity but to
halt tomorrow.
20 Monday .
Remained here all day hut nothing happened So we are to
trek again quietly tomorrow. Rather showery morning.
Tn the afternoon I went to look for a buck and found a
c"Imp of Swahili traders with some cattle and a lot of
Wa-rikuyp. One Hamisi somebody y or other is the leader
and Simbs is in his service. Going to trade with the
21 Tuesday.
rid a short march of about four hours and came down to the
river again (after cutting inland) at a very nice spot to
campt where there is a flat bank and fair grass. Trees
chiefly palms but two or three others by my tent. The
event actually happened today so no treoking tomorrow.
Showers in night. 5 days posho.
22 Wednesday.
Remained for the sake of tie Ndorobo mother. Rather showery
morning. No game here now. Plerhants gone too but not long
23 Thurs'hay.
Another shortf march of barely three hours across a good
straight cut through bush coming down again near an old

hunting camp of mine at a nice place where river is rapid
anA makes some islands by small cbhnnels and there is good
grass. Rocky ground behind. ?To game but spoor of sea cow.
Curiots rapids just above where river goes through trough
in rooks not more than ten feet wide, with holes in each
side for tying roles for bridge. Goats lost but found again
24 Friday.
Today we ought to have made the camp by the grassy knoll
with the slender trees in 35 hras. but got wrong and too
far to the right and mitook another knoll which also
had the same slender trees, but was far back from the. river
from the right one. This blunder threw us a full hour out
of our course and T had to strike down almost at right
angles to get back to the river it reasonable time. We
camped about half an hour beyond our kopjie and between
our down camp and the "eland" one. Lorian my little kanka
nearly knoeoked up today and in consequence our progress
was very slow and we were altogether about five hmrs from
camp to emp., The young Ndorobe mother alright
I went out and shot a kanka and an impala, both poor.
Two goats missing. lo rain. Camped on a little green knoll.
25 Saturday.
Only moved ecmp about hr. so as to shorten the next
march a little and give Lorian a rest as he is weak after
some medeoine I gave him and fear him knocking up again.
A sea cow had becn seen near camp so I went up the river
to look for it and on the way back tetite spotted its
head lying in. the water behind a bank of watergrass out
in the middle of the rivor. As it was getting on, in the
afternoon thought it would move so crept opposite and
waite ,d and before long it began to yawn and I got my,
chance and killed it with a shot below the ear as its
head was aloft. Went for ken but Fathili had to swim the
channel alone as no one else would venture. Ue tied a
cord to ito forefoot and we got it over and rolled it
out successfully.. Meat we brought to camp but it had

hardly any fat. It was covered with wounds, some very
severvb and it tsat have had a terrible beating from a
rival. A small bullT I think tle sea cows of the Uaso -
'lyiro are a small race, T'ecide to rest here tomorrow for
the saTe of my zebra* We are camped where we camped with
Lamutulel's party on my first trip down to the Loriana,
nearer the hill than my other camps. Rather a nice place
with good ras now.
26 Sunday.
Halted here again today. I want to rest Lorian and the sea
cow gives an excuse. Pleasant weath,.er and rain has hauled
of again. 6 days posho.
27 Monday.
On again over the ridge behind the big hill and down to the
river again. I had crossed the dry spruit near which we
generally camp and was going on a little further when there
was a great fuss and shouting at our rear about "waung
Net having lost any wazungu I was going on all the same;
but Iuru oaae on and said it was the two filibusters he
had seen j so I camped*tsxkY h .1 water I sent Turu to
look for these whitemen and he brought them back with him.
They are now quite by themselves, all their native attends
ants having either been killed or deserted them. They seem
rather s orry for thems&&ves but afraid to go back now.
It may be put on. T don't know. They sleapt in camp, and
want me to try and get word for them whether they can go
down without incurring too heavy a sentence. I went out
for a buck but am shooting badly. Whether it is my ftult or
the riVles I 4ont know. Shot two walleri but &ost one and
had to give the other three shots. Heavy storm of rain in
the night.
28 Tuesday.
The sebra came along so slowly today that I found we could
not possibly get along through the whole normal march so
we camped at the dry spruit near the rocky kopjie about hat
half way, getting rain wate r in pools.

I went out ana shot an oryx after a most careful and
successful stalks but T shot wrong again somehow and after
two bullets it still went a long way and eventually had
to be finished off where it was lying after being
followed up.
29 Wednesday,
TVid the other half of the march today over the ridge and
to the dry sand snruit where the path touches the river
again. Went out once more and LM ..I made a bad shot at
an ngoli this time; and broke its shoulder with only a
front shot. Eventually lost it after sending for the dog.
Am not very wel1.. Headache and eyes sore. Mosquitos bad
30 Thursday.
3ust managed to get past Zsishamunyi today but the pace
was cruelly slow, and I ocmped half an hour short of our
usual place, Grasm not so forward as near Loriano Looked
for the filibuster' s crossing lace where they say the
river can be crossed dry shod. Found where it may be
crossable when the river is low*
lst. Friday. December 1904.
Today Fathili could not get Lorian along atall, so after
some time T sent for a pole to be out intending to have
him carried in a sheet, but before one was brought I
started driving him myself and we made quite good progress
until rain threatening compelled me to camp after some
three hours or so at a new spot where there is another
Somali camp, about an horr short of my usual camp at the
angle of the river whne we strike behind the ridge. Went
out and shot a grawvy. Showery weather aid very threatening.
2 Saturday,
Cme aloa)g again slowly and should have reached our dttft
before the rain which came on and forced us to eamp in a
hurry while we were in a not very good place. Got wet but
nothing is damaged. Ierumyane and others cae to ca~p,
Very heavy clouds and storms around, 5 days posho,

3 Sunday.
I made the ridiculous mistake of passing our drift and g
getting nearly half way to* the old one, and had to turn
back. t was as well though as I should anyway have gone on
to look for ienmp site not wishing to sit down along side *k
the Coolies show which* is in t1e old spot, Camped a little
way back up the slope where it is drier ground and I got
across with my gaxt own gear, through much water in the
river and pitched my tent in the old site. No bad news here
except one cow has died and a couple of goats. Have been
seedy these three or four days.
4 Monday.
SMany shaurias. Inkukoi talked of leaving my IraXl. I tell ha
he is at liberty tO please himself. Wrote to THaywood and
Tate, letters to go by two of my Adorobos to Teto alias
Nyeri, alial Tdoro. Other messengers to go to Gwargesae''
li.d sha.urie with luru end iw decided who is to .4- o to
Mshivasha. He 'teoes not want to ;o to KisAt. to see Adulla
& CGo. -pf, prefers to keep with me. Good.
R3I Gumat the old lady okotad on, the Turkwell had been WrA*
getting into miehhief, it seems with some members of the
former safari with the results that so' often overtakes
ladies who allow such tricks tmhv to be played
with their*
5 Tuesday.
Larumany and r aai started for Nyeori. Buried 5 bull teeth
td 2 small kalashaa in pit here. I went to shoot mear and
had a rather interesting morning. Fiat shot a gravy and a
little further on x S*SSXk put up a cheetah and three cabs.
The oaha were big (half grown or nearly)! the mother
followed them stanAing now and then to look back and i made
a good shot and tilled her.. Just beyond when we were looking
for the oubs I found, a dead rhinooerous just dead. On
examining it I found both it* foreloge frightfully lacerated
low down and the wounds had apparently now mortified.
I could see no toher wounds on it. It must have been caught

by a orooodUS in the rigrf. I wonder if it killed the oroo?

Later I shot two waterbuck cows but one did not fall; and
on following f the blood spoor we oame on two rhinos. I
shot the big one. Plenty for all hands. The cheetah swayed
with lion flies,
6 Wednesday.
Wrote to bagge giving an account of the Somali safari.
Began new fly for my tent. A few drops of rain here only.
Sent Kibilelu and Letite to Gwargess,
7 Thursday*
Writing xt amid many interu#fions, letters sent to Naivasba
Tandikos and sogis being put in order, An embassy of four
El Morana from Iaivasha came to make shauri with me.
Hearing that the Masai are to be moved, their kraal of
seven males want in the event to come to me. 5 days posho.
8 Friday,
Finished letters to Mrs. Lindsay, MaoOleod, Millais, my
tailors, Gitbet the Crow, Jim, S.M.& Coo Collyer and
S*Pry to whom I send this time. Gave the Naivasha men a
goat to eat*. Kibelelu returned from Gwargess, says no
elephant close about, but the Ndorobos are afraid to leave
the hills. There have been two white men with a safari at
Sain, who asked for ivory, and being given the teeth of 4
cow0 0 and two pots of honey put the whole lot in
the fire' They were then brought five more pots of honey
ahd these they accepted and gave the lidorobos ten goats.
Fathili says they must be Judi's killionaires (Rothschild
9 Saturday.
Sent off Bilali and John to Naivasha for nails, Ftraji
going with them to be discharged. Finnished sahauri with
Naivasha men, Gave assent to their request for permission
to come here when they are shifted but cay we oan finnish
our shauri when I omoe down in about three utnths. Nanes of
these Masai are Rampe, Nomen, Gimpai, Juwe; their fathers
name Lobojogi. Counted goats and sheep here all correct.
ICfi f~di~ lf- -1---

10 December 1904 Sunday.
This is Saken Kuri so went across the river to easlamiya
the gentlemen there and took trifling presents of eatables.
I ear marked all the goats there except eithteen which I
brought over and gave away to various inmates of my kraal
here, Got a headache with walking in the hot sun and
stooping too much. Sukwakos and Legenoi started early for
UI Monday.
Went across the river again and divided goats and sheep
among many of my Ndorobo who were anxious to have some to
take care of (and milk). Headache bad again. Storms flying
12 Tuesday,
Went out North of river to hunt for meat for the afarix
and Ndorobos. Headache bad. Cant see to shoot well. Get a
Kanka after much bungling and aoet an oryx. Wee-my followed
some of the porters with loads across the river thinking
no doubt we were moving, and then went to see the Swahili's
dog (whioh had previously comoe across after her). Noticeing
her absence at once I sent people to look for her. They
chased her from the Coolies camp, she jumped ijto the river
below the drift, was carried right over the lurking crocodile
that has been there lately and was at once siezed. Her end
has come.I had been dreading something of the kind for long
for she had become too dear to me and I felt it must come to
this eoojer or later in soe form or other. One more assed
to the list and I think of all, the most deserrvedly prized.
I am quite out of sorts. Made preper^tione for moving across
river tomorrow. Hand Lorian over to 'vamas care. The Coolies
left for Teto. 6 days pooho. I am very hot. Rain in the
neighbourhood, though less than before, and none here for
some days.
13 Wednesday.
Moved across to Nort babk of river. Still seedy. No signs

of &ukwaaos by evening, so I decide to wait another day*.
I think I really felt diaincl ined to move being out of sorts.
14 Thursday.
Went out and shot a kankaall right, and then went on and
fired several long but apparently futile shots at another
which went away apparently untouched*. I wish I knew whether
it is myself or the gun that is responsible for this now so
common, unaccountable waste of ammunition and accompanying
anAoyance. It was a mistake not to trek as arranged today.
The time hangs terribly heavy and the delay has been produ-
ctive of nothing but irritating incidents. I shall go tomorrow
whether messengers back or not, Rain seems to be disappearing
now. Lorian seems quite reconciled to his new surroundings
and has taken kindly to his narse In evening Larunanye
and Mama i oame back from Te-o alias Nyeri with a note for
me from Captain Law to say Haywo&d absent in the Meru district
looking for the "Settlers twain"' I told them to take this
reply on 4o show to the settlers the day after tomorrow.
No signs of Lukwakoe.
15 Friday.
Off by 5.30. 4ihrm. to Kalami. I shot an oryx close by.
16 SaturdAy.
Got a first rate start about the same time as yesterday
to the big kurunga by the pillar kopjies. I took a walk to
look at the line of route for tomorrow as I want to go tf
through to where we left Lamutulels party two years agxo,
a way I have not been before. Saw giraffe in all directions
today from the kopj&e behind oamp. I did not wmolest any.
Spoor of a bull or two only about a day old. Passed a herd
of bull elands on the way.
17 Sunday.
Get away before 5.30. Soon came upon spoor of two bulls
of yesterday y evening, It followed the path in Vhe direction
we are going. After two hours still with the spoor we came
to a good sized pool and I decided to camp so that 1
might be free to follow the spoor. There was a lot of

game close about the pan which seemed ux very tamet
giraffe, kanka, zebra (burchelli) granti. I shot u. zebra
before emaping as they coame close and it would be handy ai
meat for the mens After a cup of tea and without waiting
for the tent to be pitched, I went off on the spoor. We
followed at a good round pace for about three hours on end.
It kept straight on, mostly along an elephant path, without
stopping and was still apparently yesterday evening's; so
we had to 6ive in. Those bulls must have been close to camp
yesterday and we may have passed within smell of them
ourselves, It is most disappointing: they have clearly been
alarmed and have treoked. Shows how careles;a we are not to
follow the spoor even a little way to see more about it.
Tired one of my heels having been blistered by a kIot in my
soot. A long hard tramp. Saw several rhinocerous and many
herds of giraffe.
18 Ybnday*
On to the rook hump near the kopjie where I parted with the
Ndorobo company two years ago. About another 4*hrs. The aill
rook holes bayve sufficient water. M Xydorobos went out to
look for spoor but saw none, I went alone to look at another
rook bulge. I shot a walleri on the way. Saw three rhino
there. Not feeling well. Karogi who was lamad yesterday has
to be packed on a donkey. Rain in night. 6 days posho.
19 Tuseday.
Mueh rain during last night. Did not oa u!til past 5 and
when half packed up it looked so threatening that we pitched
again. Wise decision. Soon came on to rain and continued
off and on (mostly on) all day, some of it very heavy and in
the afternoon a severe thunderstorm. Nevertheless I went out
for meat and shot a giraffe near the kopjie I went to
yesterday. /y Ndorobos were o.t all day towards hills but
report nothing but very old spoor. Nothing for it but to
keep on (weather permitting) for SI Gereh or elsewhere.

20 Wednesday.
Rained most of last night U.nd well on into this morniLng so
I did not even get up until what is, for mae, an extravagantly
late hour nowdays. Did not think of tracking today. This rain
is most favourable now it v4ill give us plenty of water every
where, Cleared up in afternnon to a fine night.
21 Thursday.
Made a good march today leaving my former elephant camp where
Mbididini lost himself to our right. We kept parallel withJ
the hills and camped after five hours Going at the edge uof
whLa vaf.lley where are shallow pools of rain water., I went out o
prospect. Came upon spoor inspire of Kihelelu'a certainty
tytt there could be no elephants here now in oonsequenoe of
rain; and on turning bazk we saw several balls standing.
I had only my Mannlioher but went to have a look at them,
I found their position unfavorable for risking a trail of
risking my tiny bullet against their maasive b.alk, so came
away. -
22 Friday.
Off at- 6.30. Struck straight for the place where we saw the
bulls yesterday. They had come upon our spoor and started
oftf at a run, but only for a short way. Then they kept
slowly on, sometimes feeding or standing. We followed all
morning and soon after noon came to a pool where they had
drunk and bathed. After that they changed their direction
and we were just taking up the soor when one was seen
standing alone behind us. Went round to get wind right
(luckily he hAd not scented us) and killed him without difficu
-ity. A yoang bull with tusks about 401be. apiece I say.
But& while after this straggler six others had been seon
ahead, and moving on after we ihad cua off his tail we took
up tthe spoor dAguin, but made slow progress owing to aome of
yesterdays oonfasing aiatters.

Later a herd of giraffe took fligrtt and gallopeed off ahead
and just after w e saw some of our elephants making back at
a good pace away on op o0.r left and almost to leeward, We
had a good run bok to cut them ouf and Succeeded in getting A
in front of two and I got a go.d passing shot at the last,
a big bull going slowly, and dropped him only some fifty yards
on. I cut off his tail before he was dead and hurried on,
not stopping to examine his teeth (I only saw one and that
was trick but short), to look for the others. But they
seemed on t eC go again and we never sighted them, As the sun
was getting low and the camp a long way off, and the lephants
still keeping out in the opposite direct ion, while we were
all tired and the boy Kiriba was lost, having run away from tk
the last elephant, we gave it up# and made for camp, getting
there some -jhr. before sundown (earlier thar-n I had expected).
Perhaps I ought ot have followed further: but I am ive tired,
anyhow, after llhrs, hard work, The excitement of tVie actual
encounters take it outa of one. Happy at las t this evening
once more.
There is a great extent of bush, not dense, bat fairly close,
in this neighbourhood., It seems altogether an elephant
23 Saturday.
Sent men to get fat and great. They bro'.ght nothing but fat.
My Ndorobos went on to look for water o camp at and found
a good p&o4 a little beyond the ridge on which I shot the
elephants. I wont out for .. ride in the morning and m anaged
to iaiss a gravvy; but it w:.a all part of a stroke of good, luck
for I saw two Ndorobos beyond Mand wont and met t and
brotight them back into camp and had a shauri. They know of
no elephants in the neighbourhtod they say,. They went home
to o.ll others to come and sleop at my c,,itp and go and eat
the elephants. I had a rest today which I needed.

24 Sunday.
Troked about 2ahrs. to Kibelelua's pools. They haIve but a
li title water in tfhem. I amxm Iwant out and shot a looser
-k lcoodoo, anid on to a rocky kodjie whore I found a little.
water and a 3ost beautiful tree adorned with a profusion
of frilled seed of a lovely orimsoo colour, The Ndorobc
family followed us* They are a poor miserable crew. 6 days
25 Monday. :, :
Off before 8 un. One of the local ifdorobos with us. First
struck for a kopjie to our N. and climbed it but could ses.
nothing. Then cut through bush towards rngo. Struck the
spoor of three bulls and followed for some three hours.
Latterly it wound about in S. fasht&on backwards anMd fozwards.
Eventually we came to where they had been staadig azid pot
our wind and gone off with a great rush dovra wind a-gain,
No 6ood following now so tried again towards mountain.
Bush ,ot very thick and goirag bad: no spoor'. Yade foz' oa2p
and 6:ot in by 4, very tired, Water nearly gone.
26 Tuesday.
Moved caap t i t4he stream?; 2hr4,'o Double headed icpjie
wih bluoack stones (lav1e)T? n Easterly summit to our right.
,-o ;wtter in bed# Found aome nm rain water a little higher
up in hollow of rocky part. Also many pools not far off
and other rain w.ter in the neighbourhood. Some spoor rjetn
not far off up stream. Buh seems ideal for elephants.
Camp similar to my ancient i1 ]3ooi one.
27 Wednesday .
Off by aunrise. Soon eare on fresh spoor I orht of spruit
Aifter following a quitse a LLor'G timie orna up with tli
bulls (there proved to be five, evidently the remains of
my former covey of 7). One showed itself and I shov it

;nad as tae others fled I got in two more saots The
8eoond tge best I could see, and I believed of the lot now-
soon feL,,

After seeing that the others had kept on I sent back to camp
for men to cut the meat. Then we followed some little way
but found that they had kept on down wind, so gave it up
after seeing a blob of blood at one spot. I think I was very
lucky to get another brace today out of this covey. Went
back and had a rest this afternoon. I 'ut the best at 501bs.
a piece, the small one less than half that. Plenty of fat.
28 Thursday.
Nuru went to get out the first brace's teeth. They quite
came up to my expectations when weighed. I went on with
yesterdays spoor, but we had trouble to carry it on and left
it. Keeping on up towards hills we came on spoor of cows,
apparently one bull with them. ,Vind being with us wewent
off t. left until near hill beyond and eame round and back
up wind. Soon came on spoor of one or two and then heard them.
Found cows standing in thI-ick bush and went back and on again.
Heard more and went in again with t'-e same result. Then gave
it up and came back across spruit. Nuru says that the Ndorobo
say there are still bulls behind us.
29. Friday.
I role taking Fathili and Letite (Kibelelu, as ueual when
much fat about, sick) and went to explore the country ahead.
After about 2jhrs. through bush country heard donkeys bray

and came out into open and saw stock and natives. Got one of
the latter to take us to the kraal and it proved to be tiha
of my dear old fried Lamuri. We had quite affectionate
embrace on meeting. After a friendly chat with them, he and
others came with me. Heard details aboit the Somali doings.
They killed a great number of elephants at Marsabit. They
accompanied the Sambur to raid the Borana and they (the Somr
alis) took all the captured stocko They commandeered 50
donkeys from the Sambur and a large number of camels from the
Rendili together with ten horses they had captured from the

Borana. They gave some goats for the Sambut to scramble for
out of the captured Borana stock. The Abysinians have since
driven the Sambur out of Marsabit. Laigwese says he find me
a guide to take me to the lower Seya (which goes on N.)
where are bulls in extensive bush. I said I would move to
near theit kraals in a few days.
30 Saturday6
Off by sunrise striking S.W. Soon found spoor of 3 bulls
(the same old 3 survivors) and followed back across spruit
and through bush where we had come up with the cows, and on
skirting round foot of hills till at lenght the. struck up
the kloof out of which comes the stream, and up which a
sxax2x path leads through a port to the otier side of the
range. We then gave it up as they are clearly trecking for
pastures new. Pound a lovely little pearling stream up there
under the hills, but a little lower down the bed it had
disappeared. A hard day of ten solid hours through much
dense bush. Tired and backaches with constant stooping.
I don't believe there are any iore bulls in this neighbourhood.
6 days posho.
31 Sunday.
Name of Randili who came to wee me today and to bring me a
kalasha:- Hobotsha, His kraals name Elegun, his brother who
came with him: Woril4e
They say they have come from the headman to salute me and
to make friends etc. etc. I gave them some half dozen yards
of maraduf. Hobotsha refused to take his kalasha away but.
he says he will give me a small bori. Tthey say the old men
will cote to meet me at Laigwesi's the day after tomorrow.
I rested today. Nuru cut out teuth of two last bulls (the
bigger weighs less than I reckoned). Fixing the teeth for


1. Jawryo Monday.
As the teeth had to be put in sor&s after the stumps
dried, I went out and took a round back through bush; but,
as I had already concluded, I found no spoor since the
remnant of the covey treckedo All ready now for moving
tomorrow and glad I shall be to leave this stale camp now,
as it has become foul and the flies are a perfect plague.
2 Tuesday.
Trecked to the Sambur kra.;a.1 and thence on, a long way beyond,
to a gully where there are pools and watur also in the sand
of the spruit bed. Over 5 hours altogether. Country here
much drier. It is hilly and wve have to camp in a rather
disagreeable place Lamuri met us opposite the kraal and
guided us on As it seems he has no guide ready for us and
the information about water in the ElGere valley is uncertain,
I decided to go on at once and prospect ahead. I took
Fathili and by tow Ndorohos and struck across through the
bush (thick and very bad going) for the valley opposite the
Doto mountains. We got down late in the afternoon, having
only started from camp at 2P.M. and in struggling through
dense cover at bottom stumbled into the midst of a herd of
buffalo, which gave us a scare. Then followed valley down
until close on sundown., but found no water: turned back and
made in opposite direction till quite dark, when we managed
to penetrate the thiicket and strike the bed of the main river!
Pathili had discreetly only brought one water bot-tle, and no
satchel (containing snake kit). We were all thirsty from very
fast pace through very bad ground in hot afternoon sun. I
decided to sleep where we were and we lay around our fire.
I passed the night comfortably enough. It was cool and
comfortable laying on the sand. As the night went on one
got nearer the fire.
3 Wednlesdiay,

3 Wednesday.
As soon as light enough we started back tocamp, by better
route than yesterday and got in about 9. Nuru had foolishly
(but in the goodness of his heart) started early to look
for me ahd did not come back uutil about noon. I feel none
the worse for the night out, after having plenty of liquid
and something to eat and a nice bath. Some El Moran came to
guide us, but as they daid they did not know the water I sent
for the old man himself and he eame with another ahd sleapt
in camp prepared to go with us in the morning. He says he
will show us water a march ahead and then tie will prospect on
w together.
4 Thursday.
Early off as usual. Kept further to the right than I had
gone and got down to the valley by not a bad path. Then
turned up and struck up a side valley leading to Ndoto
mountain and were taken to a well (about 20ft. deep) some
distance up it. Camped there in a rather nice camp after
about 4thrs. Nuruu cleaned out well and we got plenty of
good water, very slighty brackish. A Sambur brought a I
Ndorobo and says he will show me a bull. One is said to
live by itself and always keeps to the same part. There is
also a covey of 6 (4 big and 2 siall) in the neighbourhood.
Kibelelu and Nigwesai went out to look at water ahead, but
returned to say the well is quite dried up. The Sambur and
T.dorobo here all say there is now no water up the river
between here and Ngare Narok which is much too far for us
to possibly reach.
5 Friday
Ngwesai went home. I shall probably have to go back the
way we came. I went out with my new Ndubaboguide and the
Sambut who had brought him. We went to a koppjie and found
some more Ndoroboe already on it watching a single bull
feeding in an open narrow valley right below. He had quite
poor teeth. I wnet down and shot him, though the novelty

of having a lot of strangers watching made me very nervous.
Afterwords we wandered about to look for more: but we only
saw two days old spoor and out Sambur had a great many too
many words and it got late and at last it was decided to
gdve up for today and go back tocamp. Got other about noon.
Must hunt out this district and then go back by our outward
path to somewhere whence we ean get through to the Ngare
Narok or the Ngare Sobia or both. Sambur brought a few sheep
but are nto as .easy to deal with as those of Lorian and I
am not trading now. Ndorobo says he has seen the real
solitary bull this afternoon. 7 days posho0
6 Saturday.
Off by sunrise as usual when hnunting taking the Ndorobo
only today (the Sambur having gone home); hope high to find
the genuine "rogue" this time0 We found indeed some of
yesterdays spoor and the Mdorobos cutting up the one I
killed yesterday say elephants came close to tneir camp
las night; but our guide failed again to srow us anything
but spoor, mostly of yesterday. The spoor of a small bull
we followed buat after a while the Ndorobo said it was
useless keeping on as it was going towards a kraal and it
would not stand, moreover the wind was bad. Eventually we
came baeko I told NUru I would like him to geo tomorrow and
prospect for water up the valley0o .
7 Sunday.
Off again betiles. Another fruitless days labour in the
bush. We almost met the elephants qMite early, but unluckily
the wind was with us and they made off, and after going
towards the dead elephant got the wind of the Ndorobo camp
and ran harder, turning and twisting about. Seeing this and
as it appeared to be hopeless to keep on after them under
the eircumstanees, we left the spoor and struck away for
beyond where we had been yesterday, but only to find their
Isat ita spoor. Thete seem to be no others in the


neighbourhood. I an rather tired of thls run of bad luck
and tell the Adorobo that he had better go and seek the
bulls himself tomorrow, and bring me word when he has
found them. Nuru started early with .ibilelu and 2 or 3
men to look for water up the river (f).
8 tlonday.
I rested in camp, a good deal bored. gturu returned at
TO A,1. Hed found a little water yesterday at 2P,. he
says and then returned to loeep at the water having found
no signs of any more*. My dorobo local came again and said
he cannot find spoor of the elephants* Hie went out again
with Tietite to look in another direction. feoth of my one
bull got out and brought in. They seem a poor reward for
so much work.
9 Tuesday.
As the teeth have to be fixed in sofi, I went out again.
Took a long weary round, but the bulls havo left the
country no spoor newer than two days old. Gave the
Sambur and the 'Tdorobo each five r ngs brass wire.
TO Wednesday.
Trecked back to the camp in the glly where the Samburs
cattle drink. Sent for ,Igeserrsi.
11 Thursday.
On mat Sambur kraal. Old men came and met me and we had
a shauri. They say t-ey went to be my children. They gave
me a sheep and nat 5 goats and much milk. &$geserai came on
to camp. "Tator still sufficient for us in spruit. ilad to
searchn for some for donkeys. HaId long talk with 7igesorai.
12 rrid y. e
iuru went taking r Vibilelu to wen whether still plenty of
water in pools ahead, ?ound there is enough. I went up the
valley to look for spoor. Tound only that of some little
herd of cows and calves- no bulls- I am rather unwell. Old
ifesersi went home. 6 Thys poshoM

13 Saturday. ..
Treeked on to second pool, stopped half an hour short of
the first camp whence I got the bulls. 4j hours going.
Found very little water and that very muddy. uru and
,ibilelu went to seek '2orobos but ,id not find any.
They ho.-.erver fund good pool of water quite near. I
looked for meant bu found nothing. Tracks of a herd of
elephant pas.Bing towards taragus. since we passed here
before. .
14 Sunday.
I moved early to 'Iuru'as pool, Ihour ot lit tcle more, and
caaped. 'Turu went on at once with "ibilel" and Ffthili
to look fro idorobos, prepared to sleep out. I took a
round and looked for game but found none. Followed spoor
of a single 'Tdorobo but it led nowhere. One however came
to camp having heard Turu's guns yesterday. Says elephants
at rtvre isae.A
15 iondaoy.
Had to wait for iuru to come rck. lie did about ten am
with 2 mor ldorobos but no fresh news. The old man who
carn yesterday says he can show us a good wMP pool to camp
at near Paragusa.s
16 Tuesday.
Trecked again about 41 hours to a place under the h119 ,
having kept close to th-em, where the old :dorobo showed us
a small nkurunga. We camped though not well pleased. He
later showed us another one a long way on along a bad track,
We water our cattle. I then resolved (another hole proving
dry) to go on tomorr-ow to our old camp where there is a
sort of in the rook. The sick porter died this morning.
17 Wednesday.
On through part of the Paraw usa valley, the old man taking
us a bound about road and trying to induce me to oamp at
a, mudrly puddle, arm< then 7o and looi at another, but" I was
not taking any more of his big pools. Then on thro. sch the
hills @'W by a bad path to our old camp opposite Thargess.

round water there dried up. Tiuckily we had passed a
kurun#a not far back with water, so sent back there for
-water. Beasts had drunk at pools on road and they Vere
taken and watered again in afternoon. o' id not see even
Oan old spoor. "lot any sign of elephant having beun about
tall. Cant beloivo there are any near.
18 Thursday, *
To '\arfoess Had daa unable job getting through bush to

the foot of the mountain, rribilelu taking us the wrong
r-iy, T was n.zarly gona back again when we could get no
further and co' Id find neither path nor wator, but we put
down our things and offloadod the donkeys, an- fired a shot
and sent Vibilelu an. the old man to look for Idorobos.*
They soon came back with one. He says he will show us
water anrl we went on a little wy and camped in a small
open space. tater I ane iuru took the beasts to water up
th: mountain, "cutting a path as wwe wnt, a daamhable road
and I was thankful the cow got back without breaking a log.
The water just trickles over the rock up the kloof. A long
way. The head man and others came down. They seem near
starvation point, living on a creeper which they roast an4
chew, CV ildretn look half started. Sote of these people
look hardly ashove monkey aid no wonder. They say no
elephants in the country. In fact there is not enough
water for thorn now, but the Vtapkmba have spoilt all the
country for the be n-?.ts, Had shouri and they are to take me
to Lololokwi tomorrow where they say Ioti o ter
I told them the Sambur will not attack them again and.
that they are not to kill female elephant, but they point
out that they trap them. A trying day. This water famine
is a beastly bore. 7 days posho.
19 Wridoy.
To Lololokwi in good open wtr, The big water proved to
be a small hole or two with a few buckets full only in
a narrow waste roourse through rock. CQo went on to the
cave T remebered from my first safsri in the country and

found plenty for us, tofay anyway, though faros have used
a lot and have a well worn path up to the oave. It took
not much under five hours. T went out for meat and got a
fau and a big calf not far off, wanting icat both for our
sIeves md for our stervin, friends. The big one had' rather
a 7ood horn and was fat.
20 Saturday.
On to i^lama in 3*hours. plenty water still heroe I am a
bit seedo.y "o more work .alas for me this trip,
21 Sunday.
To Away in 4!;hours. Shot a kanka quite near the end of tho
march whicck was lucky for my 'dorobos and nice for me to
bring plenty with 'ie on my return. Found alt. safe.
Swahilis still sitting on the river. & urs a-d eo. have
gone to Suli. In the evening two mesoeners arrived from
tithots together with 'idarainuki's son and other young
fellows his copantions. They have come from iHaywood at
'Tyeri with a summons for ma to go to attend as a witness
at rort hIll in the case against the two filibusters, who
have givon themselves up, signed by Tate. These messengers
have been sitting $own at thata for a fortnight. This
upsoets my plans and cornels me to go down at once.
22 Monday.
Sent ofV- 3 oth the !fthara to tell Bilali John to come here
at onete. Gave immy s son a goat to eat. *rote Tate and
Haywood ready for the messengers tomorrow. Sent Su'kuti
and Tira to Tiereshau with enessages to Saietwa dad ,obeli-,hu.
23 Tuesday,.
le sengers left. toru came over wIth the loads. ilade
preperations fot the Journey sorting things out a"d re
arranging store. Warned my orobos against being misled
by Swahilis, Gage petite and fribilelu each a sheep and a
goat between them, Told iamai I should take him with me.
24 Wednesday.
TPray completed various matters ready for starting. Cut
5 Aoeykev*. ^ent over the fiver to cnll on the Swahilis.

Bilsli John arrived late in the evening with Nail
25 Thursday.
Went out early to shoot for my people before leaving.
TilleA two rather small giraffe and an impsla. Afterwards
rea1 letters but hli no tnme to reed T;hen all, A 'Idorobo
tells me there is a load of food, sweets i supToseo, left
for me at T,ereshaus for me by ura .: Gve final orders
ond Il. ready to trek tomorrow, 7 days posho.

Got a .'ood st&rt. A hours to branch of spruit, not runuint
hero now, coming from the sVUamI?. Ghot a --anny. oft my
cow safari with torm, T.ook seven goats for milk. 4ukuteaot
returned, no news from Saietotwa Gave tom leave to use the
remaining beans,
27 Saturday,
Another easy four hours march to another cVm on our own
spruit: TsAoToo,. Shot a -,any for T1.ru to make biltong of
to tsake to his father at "ombha and also close by a
omellish fCau for the menu.

anotherr four hours march again today, rather heavy .-oir,
to a nice camp acr-oss the sw-n r, srt.t tr und the corner.
This corner might T feol be cut by tsktr through n
opening in the hills. Getting col'1 every d+y
29` .1o. y .de Y
id4 5 hours today, ett irr into path, o0' wet .orn,
from -eru and camping over last spruit at. foot of 'AIbugo
r-nge., I saw some Masai a d iku l-yu natives taking cattle
to lTyeri, later met s-me of 'ammys m.n ,oi. .. to hurry
u.p the rirls the filibusters kidnapped, as vitnessos against
the lat'ter.
32 tuesday.
long march passing u7 bMg woterhole carm and on to the
Serimon streams 5- hours, Very cold, tounvl swane of nmy
'.li^vwithu's men here with hon kevs a.in. back to iuvithu
for some foodl loads for mny In.ian aprarontly.

31 ene
"1"el e ~ y : .
Short trek of barely 3 hours to 1"7,re %Tanyuki. Itx is
here that I take the aath to T.yeri, alias Teto, alias
idTorode, So T have now to separate from .uru ann4 the
donkey safari an n T accordingly decide to halt tomorrow
to arrange our shauris. Rather seey owing to the bitter
cold, Tn the afternoon, late, shortly before sundown,
three shots were fired close by, A donkey had be'n killed
by lions, the intelligent Swahili herd having tnktn his
charge into a dell surrounded by bush where a lion
happened to be lying., As it seemed unlikely that the lion
having now being scared would return before dark I hastily
set a gun making a bors around the dead donkey. Having
only *1-H carbines it was not so easy to make a satisfactory
trap as with a hammer gun: however I pleased myself fairly
well and left at dark devoutly hoping for success and.
revenge. At 7.30 while I was dressing after my bathuthe
run went off. 'Turu says he heard a growl after the shot.
February 1st. 1905 Thursday.
As soon as light T went to see what had happened at the
trp, Found a big isones- lying under the gun, not quite
dead, though unable to move. Gave her a finishing shot.
The other .lion or lions had had a good r al of the donkey
after this one had shot herself. The one I had got had am
some bad wound under her chest and on the inside of her
thigh. These must have been made by a buffalo apparently
only a few days ago. She is in good condition. Set the gun
again in the afternoon* Just after sundown it was set off
- apparently by a jackcl sot it again.
2 Friday.
At midnight gun went off again. In moraig after packing up
went to see but found nothing except ppoor of fisi. wrecked.
Turu continued on our road ans1 is to wait for porters at
the 'wA spruit at the foot of Settima. I took the road to
eTyori nnd after 5 hours camped at spruit. Very cold.
3 Saturday

54 hours over high open country- the watershed between

the lyiro tributaries and thosets of the Tana. Camped in
kiloof with no running water. Thunder shower in evening.
Makes Vtirnfl 'x t clammy and colder than ever; bad
for animals#
4 Sthay
On to the Government station off !yeri Found Haywood
there, Says the trial is expected to be taklcen to lairobi.
HFe sens a messenger to Tateat Fort Hall, 0to ask whether
I can go there via Gilgil. I wait here tomorrow for a reply.
Beastly cold, bare of wood,spot, with long coarse grass
Haywood hospitable and obligIng Gilkison came with his
safari from Gwaso 'arok, whore he is stationed in charge
of ne w *assi location. Mule looks bad, tuobed up with
oold *lot very well. Camped near spruit.
( I find that I have got wrong again in the date so I
have to start again on the correct date from here)
4 Saturday.
Chatted with lashikeonde who is with GilklAon's safari.
He sutested I should bring some of t e Sambur and Randili
herdsmen to the new station to make a league of friedshp..
with the Masai,
5 Sunday.
Had to wait over today as the message from Fort Hal did
not return till today. T have to go on tIere first, it
seems, to give preliminary evidence. Bought two cows
governmentt$ for Rs 65 apiece. Gilkiaon left for ilaivasha.
Some of my men sick: result of cold here.
6 Monday.
Sent Thinni back to join safari, taking the cows and
acomnoaani&^ by two natives from li re, Told T7uru I would
meet him at 3ilgil. (ave him letter to Crow. Trecked to
the half way house where tiere are some sheds. Sent on a
letter to Tate by a Mkuyu skinn, for porters to meet me
as my men are cloying out one after another. In the middle
of the Utii~t ant askari arrive with 90oe ..ikuyus over
5 hours march


7 Tuesday.
Got on to Fort Hall being met on the road by the chain
g nr to relieve my porters. About 5 hours or more. Tate
most kind and thoughtful. He does every thing he possibly
oan to .make tY ings smooth for me. Bishop of -1ambasa and
another missionary here Camp on a little terrace over
looking river valley. Sheltered and secluded. Case tomorrow.
Alimunyithu and Hamise Simba here. Some cattle for sale
tomorrow. "ot cold here.
8 'Wednesday.
My evidence in ease against the twvo 14acs taken. Then
Iumtphreys, the acting Collector, tried Alimuzyithiu and
sentenced the old brute to 2yrs, In afternoon cattle sale.
T bought I cows and heifers and one oalf Kt r- but-txxn
(very dear) and 5 bulls (mostly small) pretty oheap,
These T marked by downward out on the dowlap, Tato will
send these to be kept for me at elyeri T go on tomorrow
for Glgill Tetter from Crow offering g acecomodation at
lairobi, -ined with ,Hlumrahroys. ,'anirmuki camo
9 Thursday..
Got oft about 7,Tate gave me extra porters ('ikuyu)to
help me along. About five hours andrl campod in a beastly
place just beyond Wangu' s
TO Friday.
Early in the march today the gentleman w ho poses as our
guide, munampara an3 friend suggesterld our a ling a short
cut. After getting us involved in a series of the most
villainous kloofs (very deem and very steep) he mildly
informed me that he did not know the wa., I wasn't
exactly pleaser my temper always gets a bit short
towards noon when travelling and! as he seemedc inclined
to bolt i slippse my finger through his ocring. H-e pulled
annd left the hearing in my finger, bursting the lobe of hi,'
ear. This tws efter having a terrible job trying to gpt my
mule through many docp a$d muddy stroams,crosse4 by
wodestriats on a stick or tw anr1 nearly breaking her legs

and damaging my sadle, I afterwardIs got an old man to
guide us and eventually we got back into the road.
Camped about 2V.' ., near Tararnja'a, This petty chief gave
me a sheep and summoned fresh men for mo for tomorrow.
The old lot go back, about used up. The going today was
truly awful, some of the gra(ients mus t be about 2 in 3
and the kloofs about a thousand feet deep. Ilave ascended
a lot and are now hear the edgo of the forest covering the
mountain slopes. Camped on a very sideline place.Fathili
lost one of my myater bottles
II Saturday.
Got off about sunrise and soon got into bamboo forest.
boiled Up and up with sometimes a stoop reverse gradieat
for variety ane some nasty snruits to cros2 until about
noon. Then camped on shoulder where I managed to find
room for tent and where there is a little rTasz by the
pith* All bamboo today, taller and taller as we climbed
higher. %ot a bird seen*. Heard a new species of francolin.
Saw one or two elephant spoors. Jot so cold here as at
Teto (va.'vay, at night). a~rogi ill and nearly ,unocTed up
He has actually made awsy with my blanket (the second he
has thrown swal ) before coming up into tho cold country?
12 3a-aw~sy.
Came over the divide about ? hour tvr starting. Easier
on this sideo. Soon got down on to plateau and out into
onoen. A wearisome tramnp acres bare flats before we
dropped dowmin a deep and steep step to lower level and got
place where we could camp with wood anid water. 3ay little
goats are knocking up one is lasmea. tsaai kracl1s he re.
Saw "Taivasha below from edtg of table land. Got in about I.
13 Monday.
"'own by easy path to i'aivasha valley. Passed within mile
of station within two hours. 'iVent on till past noon (some
six hours or more) to where the waon road croes s Gilgil,
and then very glad to get rather good niaco to camp.
Bitterly colA early. Country tory dry+

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