Dataset Support in SobekCM Overview


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Dataset Support in SobekCM Overview
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Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Software Developers for the SobekCM Open Source Software have begun adding data support for specific data archiving (with versioning) needs, and with support for queries, searches, sorts, report generation, and other actions with archived data. This documentation includes links to working prototypes and mockups, as well as detailing immediate and next phase steps in fully implementing this support in SobekCM, and for possible integration with UF Research Computing ( host of the High-Performance Computing Center ) and others.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 6 Overview Software Developers for the SobekCM Open Source Software 1 have begun adding data support for specific data archiving (with versioning) needs, and with support for queries, searches, sorts, report generation, and oth er actions with archived data. About SobekCM The SobekCM software is a full suite of application s that power digital libraries, digital content/asset management, digital preservation, discoverability, online patron user tools, and workflow tools for integration with library and other web scale systems, digital production, and digital curation. Sobek CM is the software engine which powers many digital libraries, exhibits, digital production workflows, and more at institutions around the world including the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Florida Digital Newspaper Library, the University of Flo rida Digital Collections (UFDC) and many others SobekCM allows users to discover online resources via semantic and full text searches, as well as a variety of different browse mechanisms. For each digital resource in the repository there are a plethora of display options, which may be selected by an appropriately authenticated use. This repository includes online metadata editing and online submissions in support of institutional repositories. Dataset Support in SobekCM : Prototype Development & Work to D ate In October 2013, the Development Team for SobekCM at UF, led by Mark Sullivan, began adding prototype dataset support to t he Institutional Repository @ UF ( IR@UF ) Prototype for final display of datasets (dataset with a single datatable) : Prototype for dataset with multiple tables: Prototyp e for dataset codebook: 1 SobekCM is released as open source software under the GNU GPL license and is downloadable from the SobekCM Software Download Site, which also has complete information and technical and code documentation:


Page 2 of 6 Prototype for final display of datasets (dataset with a single datatable) Prototype fo r dataset with multiple tables


Page 3 of 6 Prototype fo r dataset with multiple tables : reports


Page 4 of 6 Prototype fo r dataset with multiple tables : downloads Prototype fo r dataset with multiple tables ; dataset codebook


Page 5 of 6 In these examples everything ( e.g., the code book, uniqueness and foreign key constraints, required fie lds, etc. ) are derived from the XML schema in cluded at the top of the XML. The The schema currently uses Microso ft as the extension schema, which is the first support with more to be added. P aging through t he data in particular is powered by a back end data provider which serves JSON to the jQuery datatable plug in. This is becoming more of an interface norm for data services on user focused enterprise service sites, and provides a familiar framework for us ers here for the data services. This interface will likely continue to be written in J ava S cript/j Q uery that reads JSON to draw the tables for example. Currently, the prototype HTML is written directly in C# code. Considerations for the IR@UF Presentation Clearly, a major part of the problem is normalizing Excel and CSV files into XML and retrieving information from the user about each row, how it should be searched, etc. C licking on a single row doesn't retrieve the correct r ow, nor does it yet travel through the table relations to show information in related tables. For the interface as currently envision ed, this screen will include a button for and a button on the main view data screens to The input/edit forms are expected to be created directly fr om the XSD's information. The prototype is currently working with a XML NoSQL solution, but using the XSD solution with a SQL back end should work well. The system could parse the XSD to discover the structure/codebook and everything else would be relatively similar Instead of retrieving the data from the dataset derived from XML, it would be read into a dataset from SQL. The o n e difference is that only the data needed immediately for display would be retrieved from SQL (probably with paging through the data for handling big data). Considerations for System Integration with the Libraries, Research Computing, and/or Others In addition to considerations for the IR@UF presentation and functionality as powered by SobekCM, this SQL could reside on servers supported by the UF Libraries, Research Computing and/or other s. With additional collaborative development, the back end w ould be able to use Hadoop or iRODS and the additional development would ena ble it for presentation.


Page 6 of 6 Dataset Support in SobekCM : Next Phase Digital Development & Web Services Team with many SobekCM Developers) is planning to pursu e an E merging T echnology Grant from within the Libraries, seeking $10,000 for developer salary. At this time, one of the developers on the Digital Development & Web Services Team is on grant funding, with a time gap between when the current grant project funding ends and the next begins. This presents the opportunity to immediately hire a skilled full time developer for a specific project and defined timeframe, and Dataset support in SobekCM has been selected as the appropriate project for this period. The proposed project for the E merging T echnology Grant will focus on adding support for simple visualizations including simple graphs and mapping, possibly similar to CKAN. 2 Data set Support in SobekCM : Immediate Next Steps For the immediate future, Mark Sullivan is working towards the grant proposal and continuing to refine the dataset support in SobekCM as time allows. He will share updates on progress and any considerations for wide Data Management/Curation Task Force 3 and the other SobekCM Developers. 4 Document Information Dataset Support in SobekCM (Oct. 2013). Technical information written by Mark V. Sullivan, initial text revised and expanded f or use as documentation and news by Laurie N. Taylor. 2 ld prices/resource/b9aae52b b082 4159 b46f 7bb9c158d013 3 4 com/forum/#!categories/sobekcm discuss/general