Migratory Bird Treaty Act regulations relating to scientific collecting permits


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Migratory Bird Treaty Act regulations relating to scientific collecting permits
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United States -- Bureau of Biological Survey
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey ( Washington, D.C. )
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United States Department of Agriculture

Bureau of Biological Survey


Regulation 1.-Definitions of Migratory Birds

Migratory birds, included in the terms of the convention between the United
Sta;ites and Gre;ait Britaiin for tle protection of iiiiratory birds, concluded
August 16, 1916, are as follows: I
1. Migratory game birds:
(i) Ai.atidmae, or w;iterfowl. imnlu(liig brant, wild ducks, gee,.e, and swans.
(b) Gruidlae. or cranes, including little Ibrown, -.:imdhill. and whooping craies.
(c) Ralliidae. or raiis, including coots, galliiules, and sora and other rails.
(d) Limictilae, or shore birds including avocets. curlews, dowitcliers. god-
wits. knots, oyster watcherss 1 h'alaropes, plovers, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, surf
liirds, turnstones, willet, woodcock, and yellowlegs.
(e) Coluinlidato. or piuens, iii,.luding dov(- and wild pigeons.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Cuckoos; flickers and other woodpeckers;
iiiglitlih;iwks or bullbats and whip-poor-wills; swifts; humming birds; flycatch-
ers.; l, holinks. ioadvlwiarks, a id orioles; grosleanks; tnaIgers; martins and '
either swallws; waxwings; shrikes; vireos; warblers; pipits; catbirds and
brown thi]ashiers; wren,.; br',iwn creepers; nuthatilies; chickade.les and titmice;
kinglets anmid gnat catchers; robins and(r otler thrishtes; and all other perching
birds whith fed entirely 6r chiefly on inse-ts.
3. Other migratory nongame birds: Auks, auklets, bitterns, fulmars, gannets,
grebes. guillemots, gulls, herons, jaegers, lociis, murres, petrels, puffins. shear-
waters, and terns.
Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds
for Scientific Purposes
Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds for Scientific Purposes
A person may take at any time mii-rAtory birds and their iests and eggs
for scientific purposes when auth,'rized by a permit issued by the Se'reta ry,
which permit shall be carried on his per:,i n when he is collecting spuc'imcns
thliereumnder and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see the same;
except that nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of any migra-
tory game bird on any day from sunset to sunrise or the taking of migratory
game birds with a gun larger than 10 gage or from an automob ile, airplane.
power boat, sailboat, or any boat under sail.
Application for a permit must lbe addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture,
Washing.ton. D.C., and must contaiinl the folloviiit: information: N;iline and ad-
dress of the applicant, his age. and mini.e of State, Territory, or District in
which szpecimeni are prIposed to be taken, and the purpl,.-e for which they are
intended; and the iinames and d(ldresses of at least two well-k-iown orniitlhol,-
gists. principals or siiperintendelnts of educational or z,,lo,-ic:il institutions.
officials or lnembers of zoologi(.al or naitural-history or-haizati,,s, or in'4tructors
in zoology iin high schools, 'colleges, or universili.s from wx oiii u :ty lI acer-
tained the qualifications of the applicant for a permit.
The permit m:ly limit the mmielicr and( sp4cipis of bird-, birds' ic-ts. or eggs
that may be collected thereunder and the places where they nmay lie collected
and may authorize the holder thereof to posss-. buy, .*11, exi.a.ng,, md1 trans-

port in any manner and at any time migratory birds, parts thereof, aid their
nests and eggs for scientific purposes; or it may limit the holder to one or more
of these l)rivileges. Public niu.-euins, zoolgical parks, and societies and public,
,iriitific, and edluc:itio];;tl jist tutviins may i.osses. buy, sell, exchange, .nd
trans;'.irt in any manier and at any time inigraitory birds and parls theree'f
and their !nests and e,.'s for scientific purpose, wvitlicut a pIiii mit. but no i.l)speci-
mnens shall be taken without a permit. The plumi-re and skins of migratory
game birds legally t:iken may lw p1-e-ed and traI:l rt-id by a p.ls in \\i hout
a permit.
A taxifiJln.i-t, wlien authorized by a prmliit is-utid by the Secretary, may
1. *se'-. buy, sl]1, e\ XL; ;:..re. and tiriisplort 11 any manner a!nil at :ily timet mfi-
gratory birds and po rts thereof lthgally t;i1o.i. or he may be limited to ,one or
more of ilnse ip'ivilv,-cs. A taxidermist r;iite l a prmiut under this regula-
tion ,-ail1 keep books and rfcnrl-. corre('tly :.tti iiL forth tim, n:iv, ;iind adilress
of ea'h jev's<;n delivering- each Sj(.,,i!,, n cf a u;.ir, lory bird 0o him, t,,gether
with the nanm (e of each sl.i,.. thle date of delivery, the disp,'?.it4il of such
specimen, an, the date teivreof, which .-aid books anld rn-rrds shall be available
for inspection at all rti.isoiable hours on r equt by any duly autlih;rizd relnre-
:-itative of Ihe Delpi'tniient of A-riculture.
E;,,i< permit shall be invalid alter June 30 succeeding the date of issuance.
shall not be transferal le, and shall be revoctalile at any time at the discretion
of the Secretary. A permit revoked by the Scret;iry shall be surrendered to
hiiiim by the person to wv'hom it was issued, on deia- lid of :1any e1lployee of the
VUiticd States Depart ienit of Agriculture authorized to enforce the provisions
of thlie Mi':itory Bird Treia;ty Act. A pt-r-ii holdini. a petriinit under this regu-
lation shall report annually to the Secretary on or before the 10th day of
July the number of skins, nests, or eggs of each species collected, bought, sold,
received, po:e:sed, mounted, -exchanged, or tnraisported during tihe preceding
12 months, and failure to ii;ike such report will be cause for refusal to renew
the permit.
Every package in which nigrajitory birds or their ne-ts or eggs are trans-
lported shall live clearly and consepicuo,.-ly marked on the outside thereof the
name and addre-s of the etider; the nuwi,,er of the Ipermit in every ease when
ai peinrmit is required; the ii.in-.e and add ll'-*- of the ci,,.-.iginee; a .taotenment that
it contains speci.iuelis of birds, tleir ni.st-, or gs for scievitific purposes; and,
whenever -u.ii a package is transported or tft''red for trai'sportalion from the
Dominion of (C'a1nlda into tlhe Uniiled States or from the United States into the
I)ominiion of Canada, anl accurate statmentrit of the coiltents.
[As amended October 27,. 1918; March 3, 1921; June 11, 1923: April 23, 1929;
March 17, 19:1 ; July 20, I:; ; Septiembeir 11, 1ni8 ; and Aug st 20, 19:4.]


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