Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds


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Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds
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& R. A.-B. S. 76.

United States Department of Agriculture




I 'a e
Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations------------------------------------------ 1
Convention between the Unitrd States and Great Britain for the protection ,i i-
grratory birds in the United States and Canada8----------------------------- 8
Mig'ratory bird treaty act-------------------------------------------------- 10
Lacey Act. rezulatirign interstate commerce in wild ainials 12--------------------- 2
Law protecting wild animals and birds and their .: and Government property on
Federal refu' ---------- --------------------------------------- 13
Hunting on national] fnr-.t---._- -- ------------------------ 14
Fires ,n public dinai i------------------------------------------------- 14
Provisions of tariff act rezulating importation of phliiin.c-. .L:li.'. etc.------------- 14
Canadian tariff act prolhibitin i4importation of pliiiau=r,, nmuiI.,,-vS. and certain
birds ------------------------------------------------------------------ 17
Officials from whom copies of gamnre laws may be obtained-----..---------------- 18

[As approved and promulratod by the Pr.=id,-nt July 31, 191S. ,nqnd amended October 25.
191l,: July 28. 1919; July 9,. f1921': March 3 and Mayi 17. 1921 M.rch 8. :1 A-.:-i
10 and June 11, 1923-; April 11 and July 2. 1!-24; June -12'. 1-25:; March 8. \iril
and June 18, 1921;; April 4 and 21. and September 6, 1927; March 2, July I.'. and
August 16, 192S; April 23 and December ::1. 1!129; May 23 and Aug-u-t 25, 19i:'. ; and
March 17, August 25, and September 12, 1931.]

Regulation 1.-Definitions of Migratory Birds

Migratory birds, inclu(ldedl in the terms of the convention bhtwecen the United
States and Great BIrirain for the prote'-:tion of migratory birds, concluilel
August 16, 1916, are as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidae, or waterov.wl, including bra'nt, wild ducks, geese, and swnw.
(b) Gruidae. or cranes, including little brown, aidliill. and whol iiiin:Z r:ines.
(c) Rallidae, or rails. includin'_ c,,its. gallinmiles. and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae, or shore birds, includin,- a\vi)Cets, curl.w\, dlwit.ljt'r-. ,'d-
wits, knots, oyster catclier-4. phi:i rpes, plovers, sandpipers, sniiie, stilts, surf
birds, turnstones, willet, wootlcock, and yllowli-.
(e) Coluimbidae, or pie(oins. includif d(love-Z aid wild pi!t'on<.
2. .Jfigrator!/ inscctirorou. bir',1: Cui'koos; flicker' and other wooil;r,,.kers;
night hawks or Ibull bats and whip-Ionr-wil : Nwit'l-: himniii n; birds: fly,.;iti.li-
ers; bobolinks, meadow larks, and oriole-,o; rro-dini :nl; tan:",',rr; martin< and
other swallows; waxwi"isL : slirikc .; vire,-: warbltrs pipits c:itbirds :in il
thrown thrahers-; wrNn-:<; bro')\ n croi'peor< : nutli;itchies; c1iik.th,,< and tiijicfl :
kimn.lets and gnat cat-liers; robinvs and oflher thruslies; a!ii all otilcr liT,'rhiii 1
birds wlhich feed entinrly or chiefly on in'.''t-.
O.h. OthCr migfrator f nijnmj e J rC 7,J.' : .Auks, auklet,:. bitterns. fiuliwiirs ,:nrtilm .
grebes. guillemots, gulls, lu'rons. jae'-ers, lo,-ii,, mnrrfs. petr-l pullii,. .,hoo:r-
waters, and terns.
[As amended July 9, 101n.]
1 Su'mma rized iliforl ;it in (ci"iel,.l'li[, ipi Ti season's iii .r:i1:;' licenses, haz limit. pos-
session, sale. Interstate tran-- irta1tiIn. :!iI p ir->visiin,7 rol:iin,- to iiimp)rt(ed ] '.i.ii an'l
gamn raiseinn caItvi uubt.ne1 in- tli annual F arii'rs' Bulletin of Hti. Unitil Strates
DPpj rtment a(ncatV, o,--l M ganriTr I vs, which may be had from the department
upoi4 req t.- 44'1-' --
74 660-31 1
US EP 0S --T' -0

I______ L.^.__ F- ,
U.S OEPOSTOP '. r- /


Issl.us,, .-pt. mbrr, 1U3l.


Regulation 2.-Definitions of Terms
For the purposes of these regulations the following terms shall be construed,
respectively, to mean-
*ecrr tary.-The Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.
Prrson.-The plural or the singular, as the case demands, including indi-
viduals, associations, partnerships, and corporations, unless the context other-
wise requires.
Takc.-The pursuit, hunting. capture, or killing of migratory birds in the
manner and by the means specifically permitted.
Opr'in .,.son.r-The time during which migratory birds may be taken.
Tran.sport.-Shipping, transporting, carrying, exporting, receiving or deliver-
ing for shipmient, transportation, carriage, or export.
Regulation 3.-Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May be Taken
The migratory game birds specified in regulation 4 hereof may be taken
during the open season with a gun only, not larger than No. 10 gauge, fired
from the shoulder, except as specifically permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and 10
hereof; they may be taken during the open se;tson from the land and water,
with the aid of a dog. the use of decoys, and from a blind or floating device,
except that in the hunting of wild geese not more than ten (10) live goose
decoys may be used or shot over at any one gunning stand, blind, or floating
device; but nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the use of an automobile.
airplane, powerboat, sailboat, any boat under sail, any floating device towed
by powerboat or sailboat, or any sinkbox (battery), except that sinkboxes (bat-
teries) may be used in the taking of migratory waterfowl in coastal sounds and
bays (including Back Bay, Princess Anne County, State of Virginia) and other
coastal waters; and nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the use of an air-
plane, or a powerboat, sailboat, or other floating device for the purpos-e of con-
centrating, driving, rallying, or stirring up n'gratory waterfowl, provided,
however, that the hunting, killing, or taking of mourning doves is not permitted
on or over, at or near, any area which has been baited with salt, corn, wheat, or
other graiii or other foods placed or scattered thereon.
[As amended July 28, 1919; March 3 and May 17, 1921; April 4, 1927; March 2, 1928;
April 23, 1929 ; and March 17, 1931.]
Regulation 4.-Open Seasons on and Possession of Certain Migratory Game
For the purpose of this regulation, each period of time herein prescribed
as an open season shall be construed to include the first and last days thereof.
Waterfowl (except snow geese in Florida and all States north thereof border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross's gose. cackl:ng goose., wood duck, eider ducks,
and swans), rails, coot, gallinules, woodcock, Wilson snipe or jackaiiipe, and
mourning doves may be taken each day from half an hour before sunrise to
sunset during the open seasons prescribed therefore in this regulation, except
tliat the hour for the commencement of hunting on the opening day of the sea-
son shall be 12 o'clock noon, by the means and in the numbers permitted by
regulations 3 and 5 hereof, respectively, and when so taken may be possessed
any day in any State, Territory, or District dringin the period constituting the
open sea+',i where killed and for an additional period of 10 days next suc-
ceeding -aidl open season, but no such bird shall be p..sessed in a State, Terri-
tory, or Di-trict at a time when such State, Territory, or District prohibits the
posi'.-ion thereof. Nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the huntitig or
killing of miiLraitory birds on any refuge established under the migratory bird
con.servation act of February 18, 1!021. nor on any area of the United States
set aside by any other law, pro-laiiinition. or executive order for use as a wild-
life refuge except in so far as may be permitted by the Secretary of Agriculture1
under existing law, nor on any area adjacent to any such refuge when such
are.: is dlei-Inated( as a clost.d area under the igra ory bird treaty act.
Wlatcrfoirl ( c.rf. It slow c'.s-, in Florida and aill States north thrcof border-
if! on the Atlantic Occwan, Rolxs's goose. cacklin afil st(irant) (111(1 coot.-The open seasons for \at:rfowl (except snow geese in
Florida and all Stan.. north thereof bordering on the Atlantic (Ocean, Ross's
a'. .ackling goll-e. wood ducck, eider (lucks, and swans), and coot, shall be
as follow-: In Maine, New IHami shire, Veron t, New York (except ing
Tl:iii(d), I'ennsylvania, W,,-i Virginiia. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North
j)akota, south Dakota, (olo)Irado, Wyomiii,. Montana, Idaho, and Utah, the
oIcn sea..;son shall be from October 1 to Octolber 31;


In Ohio and Iiidiaiia the oe1W seaso. .shall be I'rom October 16 to
Nop'venimer 15;
In Mas.(.achusetts, Cinnecticut, Rhode Islanli, amil llini-, the' pien seasoill
shall be froiti Nocembnier 1 to Niozunber 3U;
In Mis-souri, Iowal, Kanii-as, Nebira.,ka, and Oklahoma, tlt' o[ i sea.tAn .'-sall
be from Octolber 20 to Noveim, ber 19;
In tliat po-rtioni of New York known as Liig IslLndI1. anil in New J.ersey, Dela-
ware, the Di.strict of Columbia. Maryland, Virginia, North C(;iniliniu. South
Carolin Ge.o(( ia, Alalhmia, Tvnn,-.essee, Kentutcky, Mis.-i..sil i,.Arka as, lii-
sian a. Tex;s, New Mcxico, Arizona, Nrvada. (C';lifornia, Oregon, and Wa-hing-
ton. the open season slialI lie from Novemiiher 16 to Dee''Iihler 15;
In Floridla the lpeln season slialil be from Novemiler '-41 to De,,.biner 19; anmil
In Alaska the o0i'9l s.-a,;ison i..all be from Sep)telnber 1 to Sep)tember 30.
lWilson's .nipic( or ja(icknipir.-The open se:.!,iii, for Wilson's snili. or jack-
snipe, sliall be ;is follows: In Maine, New Hlamniliiire, Vermont, M:;i-;:ihn-ttt.
Rho',de I.lanil. ('Conni e'ticut, New York exceptt Loiiz Island), Peniinsylvania,
West Virginia. Ohio, Miciigaii. Iiildi:ana, Illinois, \Wiscos.in. Miteiiiiita, Iowa,
M is )souri, Kainsas, Nebraska, South D)akota, North Dakota, Montaila, Wyominiii?-Z.
Coloradilo, Utah, Idaho, N*.-\lad, California, (O)ieg-in, and Washington, ti- 4)1 open
season shliall 1be from October 1 to I)Decenuiler 31; in that Ipirtion of New York
known as .Lu1g Is laid, and in New Jersey, Delaware, (O)klahoma, Ne\\ Mexico,
Arizona. and in that portion of Texas lying west and north of a line bv-Jiijiii-
oni tilhe Rio Graiide River directly west of tlhe town of Del Rio, Tex. ; thence east
to the town of ID)el Rio; thence easterly following, the center of the main track
of the Southern Pacific Railnro:d throuili the towns of SIpoffo'd, Uvalde, and
Hondo; then.ce to the point where the Southern Pacific Railroad e(r,,--'-.4 the
Internatiiinal & Great Northern Railr,,oad at or near Sail Antonio; thence f,,l-
lowing the tenler of the track of said International & ('reat Nortitriii lRa ilro'adl
in an easterly direction, to the point in the city of Ausiln,. whern it .iJns Cin-
gress Avenue, near the Interiinati aial & Great Northern Railr,,:ad depot; then'.e
across C(II', ress Avenue to the center of the mainw track of the Houston & Texas
Central Railroad where said track joins s.:iid Coiingr.es Avenue, at or w.:ar the
Houston & Texas Ce(ntral Railrtoad depot; tlhei 'e following thle centeItc line of
the track of said Houston & Texas Central Railrioad in an e.isterly direction
through the towns of Elgin, Giddtlin-s. and Brenham, to the point where sii(d
railroad crosses the Brazos River; thence with the center of s;idiI Bra/'., River
in a general northerly direction, to the point on -aid river where the Beaumont
branch of the Gulf, Colorado & Sanita Fe Railway cr,'.ses- the -:ime: thence with
thie center of the track of the s:aLd Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway in a:i
easterly direction through the towns of Navasi ita, Montgomery, and C0onroe,
to the point at or near Cleveland, where said Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe ,ail-
way cao,.ses the Houston East & West Texas Rai lway; tli,.,ce with the center
of said Houston East & West Texas Railway track to the po,"int in sa id line.
where it strikes the Louisiana line the opcn ci ,s,,i .siall b' from Octolo r 16 to
Janiary 15; in that portion of Texas lying south and east of the line, above dIt-
scribedl the open season shliall be from November 1 to January 15 in MIaryland,
the District of Columbia, Virginina. Kentucky, Tenne-s:e, North Caroli;i:. South
(Caroldin. (Ge 'rLia. Alalama Mississippi, Ark;n-a.s, and Loii.-ii;iia tlhe open
m-ason sliall be from Novei iiler 1 to January 15; in Floridat the op"-ii sea-t'n
shall he from November 20 to Janiuary 15; and in Ala-ka the open .-ea.son sli;ll
lie from Septenhier 1 to Decenimber 15.
Ra. i.,t ti gallinucile exceptt coot).-The open .-easo.in for sora and otlier rails
iand gallinules (except coot) shall be from Sleptembelr 1 to Novenmber 30, except
as fodlows:
In Mas .ac.lu.1,tts t olie oIl'n e-asiin sli:ill be fr,,m October 1 to ID, nlwr 15;
In New York and Wa.hiiigton the plien ,sea so,,n shliall be from Octobe.r 1 to
Novvmfier :80 ; and
In Loui-i;iia thle openii se:lso ihall be from November 1 to January 31.
WoodcO,,*k.-The open .-e.a .s fo, wood1(',ic.k hall be as follows-:
In that pgrotion of New Yolrk lyinv- north of twhe tz- rk-s of the mnain line of the
New York Central Railrnail extenliii, from Bhiffaiio to Alblaiiy an:1 north of
tlie tracks of the main line of the B-'t n' & Allin y Railroad extendiii, from
Albany to the MI.-a'lisetts State line. :al in Maine, New HIa fli-liire, Veriniit,
and North Dakota ihie ope'.n ste: i', ,liill lit. from Octl'.r 1 to October :'1 :
In that )portiin of New York lyiir south of the line above -licribi.,l iiiil.tlii-
Long Islaud and in New Jer-I,. Ies-ylvani,]. Ohio, hIndianla:. Mi'hiizi-a. Wi-;-
coisinJi. anid Iowa the i lpen stas. slha ll ibe fri-min Oct,,bvie 15 to Novembetr 14;

B. S. 76]


In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut the open season shall be
from October 20 to November 19;
In Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Missouri the open season shall
be from November 10 to December 10;
In Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
the open season shall be from November 15 to December 15; and
In North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisi-
ana the open season shall be from December 1 to December 31.
Dor 's.-The open seasons for mourning doves shall be as follows:
In Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota,
Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona,
California, Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon the open season shall be from September
1 to December 15.
In that portion of Toxas lying west and north of a line more particularly de-
scribed in the p:iragraph establishing the open seasons on Wilson's snipe, or
jacksnipe, the open season shall be from September 1 to October 31;
In that portion of Texas lying south and east of the aforesaid line the open
season shall be from October 1 to November 30;
In North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Alabama (except in Mobile and
Baldwin Counties), Mississippi, and Louisiana the open sea,:,n shall be from
September 1 to September 30 and from Nowvember 20 to January 31:
In tl,;it portion of Alaiwnna comprising Mobile and Baldwin Counties the open
season shall be from November 1 to January 31;
In Florida (except in Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties) the open season
shall be from November 20 to January 31.
In that portion of Florida comprising Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties
the open se-asin shall be from September 16 to November 15.
[As amended October 2--, 1918; July 28, 1919; July 9, 1920; May 17, 1921; March 8,
1922; June 11, 1923; April 11 and July 2, 1924; June 22, 1925; March 8, April 22, and
June 18, 192G,; April 4 aind 21 and September 6. 1927; March 2, July 13. and August 16,
19'2s; April 23 and December 31, 1929; May 23 and August 25, 1930; March 17, August
25, and September 12, 1931.]
Regulation 5.-Daily Bag and Possession Limits on Certain Migratory Game
A person may take in any one day during the open seasons prescribed therefore
in regulation 4 not to exceed the following numbers of migratory game birds,
which numbers shall include all birds taken by any other person who for hire
accompanies or assists him in taking migratory birds; and in the case of ducks,
gees.,, and brant when so taken these may be possessed in the numbers specified
as follows:
Ducks (cx-.cpt wood ducks and eider ducks).-Fifteen in the aggregate of all
kinds, and any person at any one time may possess not more than 30 ducks in
the aggregate of all kinds.
Geese (c.-cp( .aiow grc-.'e in Florida and all States north thereof bordering on
the Atlantic Ocean, Ross gcf. w, and7 cackling gccesc) anld brant.-Four in the
aggregate of all kinds, and any person at any one time may possess not more
than eight geoeso and brant in the aggre"gate of all kinds.
Rails and gallinul's (c. r cpt sora and coot).-Twenty-five in the aggregate of
all kinds, but not more than 15 of any one species.
Sora.-T v o n ty-five.
Wilson snipe or jacksnipe.-Twenty.
Do res ( mourning ).-Twenty-five.
[As :tm,*rjidl October 25, 1918; July 28, 1919; March 3, 1921; March 8, 1926; April 4,
1927; December 31, 1929; and March 17, 1931.]
Regulation 6.-Shipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory
Game Birds
Wnterfiwl (except snow goese in Florida and all States north thereof border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross goese. cackling geese, wood duck, eider ducks,
and. swans), rails, coot, gallinulfs, woodcock, Wilson snipe or jne ksnipe, and
mourniirj d(loves an(d parts thereof legally taken may be transported in or out
of the State where taken during the rw.pective open seasons in that State, and
may be imported from Canaida during the open s-eison in the Province where
tiken. in any manner, but not more than the number thereof that may be taken
In two days by oi persoi, under these regulations shall be transported by one

[S. R. A.


person In one c.alnidar week ,ut of tlir Stare were taken ; any game birds or parts tlierevt' in transit during tnl ioein Si.:lI.h IiLVy conltinille in
transit such additional tim, iiiiiiwli;itily .i''eeli," su(cih oI101 .- ,iii, not to
exceed 5 (l:diy, i i''e-sary to deliver the samI( to ti,-ir de-tinatioi, and i,;,y be
posses.-ed in any State, Territory, or Distric't during the period const i it iig the
open season wliere killed, mid for an additional period of 10 d;i' s 1ii,\t sue-
ceedinf .said open seiasonl; and any packak:i' in which iii ,igr:itory g:Jire birds or
parts thereoif are trniinsported shall have thle i:nmie :i;d adllr'-s of :11q shiper
and] of I lie o'ii, igi tee and an ;accii'rate stat,,,in.rt of the iln1un ers and kinil,'l of
birds mnit:ijiedl thterein clearly and coij,picuou-ly i mar!;ed on the ,,,W-iN. thereof;
but no such birds sliall be transp;irtd from any State, Tirriltory, or Di-trict to
or throiu!l1 another State, Territory, or Di:-trict or to or thiri'li a Provinve of
the Doiniiin, o()f (anad:i contrary to the la\ws of the State, Territory, ,,"* Di--
trict, or Province of the Doniiiion of (C;mi:da in which they were taken or from
which they are tranlsporte(l ; nor shall any such birds b)e transiportedt into any
State. Territory, or District frmn another State, Territory, or District, or frin,
any St:ite, Territory, or Ditrict into ;ny Province of the D,,niiinion of Canada
at a time wNi"u sui li State, Territory, or District, or Province of the Dominion
of Ca.nada11l prohibits the poss,.-ion or transporting then',if.
[As oimrnd..l October 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; March 8, 1926; April 4, 1927; and
March 17, 1>1.]
Regulation 7.-Taking of Certain Migratory Nongame Birds by Eskimos and
Indians in Alaska
In Alaska E-kimns and Indians may take for the use of tl,''iii-,lves and their
imnimeiliate families, in any ]:manner and at any time, and possi.- :amd tra:np-lrt
auks, auklets., guilleminots, murres, and puffins and their eggs for fo.il and their
skins for clothing.
Regulation 8.-Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Waterfowl
1. A person may take in any manvier and at any time migratory waterfowl
and their e.rs for propagating purIposes when authoriz'...i by a permit issued
by the Secretary. Waterfowl and their e,'"s so taken may be p-s-d by
the permitted and may be sold and transported by him for prlpI,,a'.iting purpli,,,s
to any perst n holdiil a permit issued by the StcretIry in accorldance with the
provisioiqn of this regulation.
2. A persn author' .d by a permit issued by the S',.,rt.tary may pose<-,
buy, sell, and transport migratory waterfowl and their increase and czs in
any manner and at any time for propagating purp(oses; and inriur:itory water-
fowl, except the birds taken under pirai r;iphld 1 of this regulation, so ioss.s-ed
may be killed by him at any time, in any manner, excel it that they may be
killed by shooting only dullng the open s.:-,ion for waterfowl in the Si :te
where killed, and the carca.-e.s, with heads and feet alta.hl'd thereto, of the
birds so killed inny be sold and transported by him in any manner and at
any time to any person for actual consumption, or to the keep4,r of a li,,tel.
restan;iint, or 11 ardiiig houe., retail dealer in meat or .';ite, or a club, for
sil(, or -,rvice to their patrons, whio .;.;y pos-4,s such carea--es for atual
c'o i.insption without a permit, but no mni:.r'itory waterfowl killed by shoot
ing sliall be b,'tight or sild unl,.- each bird before attaining the a" .'f 4
wee(,ks shall have had removed from the webl) of one foot a portion thlier.,,f in
the form of a V l.irge en' ugh to make a periii;iit, w-deid ii!riL. wlich
sliall be snffi<.i.ilt to identify it as a bird r;iisl1 in (dom'-ti',.ition under a iwrrmit.
3. Any ':i'k:a",e in which such waterfowl or parts thereof or lfir eggs are
transii-,irted shliall have plainly and conspicuously L:a ,'k i'l on the outsi, llhereof
the I.i1me .i.,! addrl-. of thle perniii,. tlite number of his permit, the name :iiid
addre-s of the coi"-iee, and an t, 'rra.te statemllInt '.f the nimilier and kinds
of birds or ,Z'-r : e''il iiAed herein.
4. ApI1'i';itioi-s fir Ipermits must be a(1dh--.-l t( to thie Sirtarv of Airiculture,
Washliniton, D. C., and must contain thle fo)llowi! infrforiialion: NaIIIK', and
address ',f applicant; lla,' wlhere tlhe 1 ii-i,-, is to be carried ow : wiiil',- of
Iacres of land u-vid iii the buisines and whether lin r I,.,1 ,r lea-i,,1 I'y the appli-
Cant ; 111111ii ,1r of r:ie '1 .-e ies of waterfowl illn I s-'-.ioll of a:pplicant ; nallt 4
species and niiumb'e1r of 1,ird1N or e'- of each 'i'pviei if lpi-missiioni is a-k''1 to
take w\vaterfow[ or their mil:S ; avnd ie particila:r 1 o.ality where it is desired to
take such w:it'rfowl or g-.
5. A pirs.,n granted a ple1rnit under this r'uizlatiton shall keep b and.s :ial,
records which, shall ,-wri.ctly -,et fort the t,,titl number of .i .h 'c. ,,;, of witt-r-


fowl and their eggs possessed on the date of application for the permit and on
the 1st day of each January next following; also for each calendar year during
the life of the permit the total number of each species reared and killed,
number of each species and their eggs sold and transported, manner in which
su.ch wttl'rfowl and eggs were transported, name and address of each person
from or to whom waterfowl and eggs were purchased or sold, together with the
number and species and whether sold alive or dead; and the date of each trans-
action. A report s-etting forth this information shall be annually furnished the
Secretary during the month of January for the preceding calendar year.
6. A permitted shall at all reasonable hours allow any authorized employee
of the United States Department of Agriculture to enter and inspect the prem-
ises where operations are being carried on under this regulation and to inspect
the books and records of such permitted relating thereto.
7. A permit issued under this regulation shall be valid until revoked by the
Secretary unless otherwise specified therein, shall not be transferable, and may
be revoked by the Secretary, if the permitted violates any of the provisions of
the migratory bird treaty act or of the regulations thereunder. A permit duly
revoked by the Secretary shaill be surrendered to him by the person to whom it
was issued, on demand of any employee of the United States Department of
Agriculture duly authorized to enforce the provisions of the migratory bird
treaty act.
8. A personii may possess and transport for his own use, without a permit,
live migratory waterfowl now lawfully possessed or hereafter lawfully acquired
by him, but he may not purchase or sell such waterfowl without a permit. A
State or municipal game farm or city park may possess, purchase, sell, and
transport live migratory waterfowl without a permit, but no such waterfowl
shliall be purchased from or sold to a person (other than such State or municipal
game farm or city park) unless he has a permit. The feathers of wild ducks
and wild geese lawfully killed, and feathers of such birds seized and condemned
by Federal or State game authorities may be possessed, bought, sold, and
transported, for use in making fishing flies, bed pillows, and mattresses, and
for similar commercial purposes, but not for millinery or ornamental purposes.
[As amended October 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; and April 10 and June 11, 1923.]

Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds for Scientific Purposes

A person may take in any manner and at any time migratory birds and their
nests and eggs for scientific purposes when authorized by a permit issued by the
Secretary, which permit shall be carried on his person when he is collecting
specimens thereunder and .shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see
the same, except that nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of
any migratory game bird on any day from sunset to one-half hour before
Application for a permit must be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C., and must contain the following information: Name and
address of the applicant, his age, and name of State, Territory, or District in
which sliecimiens are proposed to be taken, and the purpose for which they
are intended. Eanch application shall be accompanied by two certificates certi-
fying to the fitness. of such person to hold a Federal permit. These (certificates
will be accepted from well-known ornithologists, principals or superintendents
of educational or zoological institutions, oflicials or mnmlbers of zoological or
natural-history or.-aiinizatioiis, or instructors in zoology in high schools, colleges,
or universities, or by any one of the above togtlher with a certificate by the
chief glame official of the State in which the applicant is a resident or of the
State in which he desires to conduct his operations.
The permit may limit the number and species of birds, birds' nests, or eggs
that may be collected thereunder, and may authorize the holder thereof to
iesb, buy, sell. ex'clig,, and transport in any iiiinner and at any time
migratory birds, parts thereof, and their iests and eggs for scientific plli)oses;
or it may limit the holder to owe or more of these privilh.t's. Public museums,
zoological parks and socieie's, and public, sciciitific, and educational institu-
tion;s may posses,'-. buy, sell, exchange, and transl)sport in any maninner and at
anyi time migr:itory birds and parts thereof and their nests and eggs for
s.ieiitific purpoises Without a permit, but no spec(imeIns shall be takl ii without
a permit. Tlio plunmge and skins of migratory g;am birds legally taken may
be poesse.d and transported by a person witliout a permit.

[S. R. A.


A taxidermist, when authorized by a p'rlliit is-'ii'd by Ohe Siriiary, IIIay
Ipssess, bWuY, sell. exc.hiane-,. and trali-lport illn iy iainliler ad. li at any time
migratory birds and pirts tlihiT.rf h,-.L:illy taken, or lie maiii.y be limited to n'.-
or iii(irtn of thec.-,e lrivihc'.. A taxidermist "-r;uled a iprmiit under this reu-
latimin sli;ill k1I0 ) books ;1ii r o.,rds, ('0orr'iecly -ttinig forth the, l a:tie and
a1ddr'e-. of .nelh pers i L deliveriir.. e;ich spi'-inl-,, of a ini l:iatory bird to hill,
t1r,,tl,'r with the name of ead0, sI-,i i,'s, the date (of delivery, the disposition of
such Sfeien, and the dalte tlherof, which said blooIs al1 i 'd records -lii1ll be
available for in"-l action at all reasonablle hours onil request by any duly author-
ized4! repret-1.1tative of the Deparinii't )f Agriculture.
Ea.ich permit b.hll )e :ialid until rev(I(ke(d by the Se(retary unless .ol,\th-vi-,,
specificel tl-reiln, shall not Ibe tranf-,.r;le, and slihall be revocable at thie di-
cretion of the S.cretary. A priilit duly revoked by the S, cr.'tary -:,;ill be
siirrendliered to him by the pri.o-n to whom it \,;s issued, oil d'-.iii:ind(l of any
oulilph.vyve of the United Stati., ID)ej':irttiit of Agriculture duily auithorizedl
to efl ,1ce tl 1ie pro\'ii()ii., of the 1iiii;: itory bird treaty act. A pe'N-,,i i)l(ing
a pe1.init under this regulation -li;ill report annually to thlie Seeretiry oin or
before the 10th day of January during the life of the permit the number of
skil n sis, or *gc-, of each ;,wits colle(cted. bolughit, sold, lrece.ived( 'ed ss,--,,.
iniiMiited, e\clian..'d. or transported during the preceding. calendar year.
Every 1,a 'ka"e in which migratory I)irds ()r their nests or .'s are tr:-i -
ported sli:tll have (c1ea.rly and con-,ipc(uously a1r;rlUed on the outtsi(le thereof the
name aind address of thle -*iider, the number of the permit in every .case
when a p'erilit is required, the i:nae and addriv- of thle coilimnoee, a -l'ate-
inent tliat it contains 'peciicna n of birds, their nests, or e,.., for -'ientitic
purpl),ses, andt, whenever such a package is transported or offered for tir;%-tior-
tation from the D)ominion of Can;tda into the United Slate- or fr,,it the United
States into the Dioinion of C(ainada, an accurate statetii,,t of tlie contents.
[As aniiindil October -'5. 1918; March 3, 1921; June 11, 1'::; April 2:, 1,' ; and
March 17, 19:'.1.]

Regulation 10.-Permits to Kill Migratory Birds Injurious to Property

WIhien information is furnished the S.cret lry that any spceii-, o()f migratory
bird has become, under exl tii rdina ry con1(litions, se riou'ly injurious to agricul-
ture or other interests in any particular community, an iinv-.i-igation will be
male to determine the nature and extent of the injury, whether the bird'
alleged to be doing t4ie daliae should be killed, and, if so, during what tin ei;
and by what means. Upon his determination an appropriate order will be

Regulation 11.-State Laws for the Protection of Migratory Birds

Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to p[rinit the taking, poss,.s-
sion. s:ile, purlt'as'. or transportation of migratory bird,4. their nests, and s
contrary to the laws and regulations of any State, or Territory, or District
made for the purpose of givini further )protection to migratory 1iirds. their
nests, and .,. when such laws and regulations are not inc,4iri-ite tt with the
,o.nveition between the United States and Great Britain for thle protection of
mnig',ratory birds conelude(d AuI"s.t 16, 1916, or the ntiir;litory bird treaty art
:and( do not extend the Olpen seasons for such birds beyond the datt.e l4'rets by the-' regulations.
[Added by proclamation of October 25. 1918. as amended July 9, 1'2''.]

B. S. 76]


[39 Stat. 1702]
Whereas a convention between the United States of America and the United
Kingdum of Great Britain and Ireland for the protection of migratory birds
in the United States and Canada was concluded and signed by their respective
plenipotentiaries at Washington on the 16th day of August, 1916, the original
of which convention is word for word as follows:
Whereas many species of birds in the course of their annual migrations
traverse certain parts of the United States and the Dominion of Canada; and
Whereas many of these species are of great value as a source of food or
in destroying insects which are injurious to forests and forage plants on the
public domain, as well as to agricultural crops, in both the United States
and Canada, but are nevertheless in danger of extermination through lack of
adequate protection during the nesting season or while on their way to and
from their breeding grounds;
The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond
the Se:is, Emperor of India, being desirous of saving from indiscriminate
slaughter and of insuring the preservation of such migratory birds as are
either useful to man or harmless, have resolved to adopt some uniform system
of protection which shall effectively accomplish such objects and to the end
of concluding a convention for this purpose have appointed as their respective
The President of the United States of America, Robert Lansing, Secretary
of State of the United States; and
His Britannic Majesty, the Right Hon. Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice, G. 0.
V. 0., K. C. M. G., etc., His Majesty's ambassador extraordinary and pleni-
potentiary at Washington;
Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers,
which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and adopted
the following articles:
Article I
The high contracting powers declare that the migratory birds included in the
terms of this convention shall be as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidae or waterfowl, including brant, wild ducks, geese, and swans.
(b) Gruidae or cranes, including little brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes.
(c) Rallidae or rails, including coots, gallinules, and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae or shorebirds, including avocets, curlew, dowitchers. godwits,
knots, oyster catchers, phalaropes, plovers, sandpipers, snipe, stilts, surf birds,
turnstones, willet, woodcock, and yellowlegs.
(e) Columbidae or pigeons, including doves and wild pigeons.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Bob)olinks, catbirds, chickadees, cuckoos,
flickers, fly3c;tchers, grosbeaks, humming birds, kinglets, na rtins, meadowlarks,
nighthawhks or bull-l:ints, nut-li,'uites, orioles, robins, shrikes, swallows, swifts,
tanag,.rs, titmice, thrushes, vireos, warblers, wax-wings, whippoorwills, wood-
pI. 1.,rs, and wrxvns, and all other perching birds which feed entirely or chiefly
on i .ie't".
3. Other migratory nonz:lnie birds: Auks. auklets, bitterns, fulmiars, g;innets,
gr,-lc.s. guillemots, gulls, heron-, j:t,,er<, loons, niurres, petrels, puffins, shear-
waturr, andl terns.
Article II
The high contracting powers nir,,v that, as an effective means of preserving
min ratory )ird-, there shall be ostialblished the following close si-*asfns during
whlich no huvtingi shall 1)e don- except for scientific or prop:L-ating purposes
unid(r permits issued by proper auithoritii,4;.

SIL',,'i d at W:niliin,-ton, Au-. 1G, 1916; gratification advised by the Senate Aug. 29, rati-
fied by thie P1re.-lt .'*'lt. 1, and by Great Britain Oct. 2V ; ratifications exchanged Dec. 7;
pro'l.iiiii'(] I)ec. 8, 1910.


1. The close season on migratory game birds shall bIr between M'ir.li 10 :indl
September 1, except that the close season on thn, Limnicolae or shirebirdls in tho
Maritime Provinces of Canada and in hlo.ie State,, of tlh' Unit<1d States border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean which are situated wholly or in part north of ('lhs.a-
peake Bay shall be between February 1 and August 15, and that Indians may
take at any time scoters for food but not for sale. The season for hunting
slall be further restricted to such period not exceeding three and on4li:alf
months as the high contracting powers may severlly deemn approuliriate and
(deitfine by law or regulation.
2. The close season on migratory insectivorous birds shall continue thru'..-
out tlie year.
3. Thlie close season on other migratory nonzame birds shall continue th h-
out the year, except that Eskimnos and In(lians may take at any season auk%,
auklets, guillemots, murres. and puImfin, and their eggs. for food and their
skins for clothing, but the birds and eggs so taken shall not be sold or offered.
for sale.
Article III

The high contracting powers agree that during the period of 10 years next
following the going into effect of this convention there shall be a continuous
close season on the following migratory game birds, to wit:
Band-tailed pi:geons, little brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes, swans, cur-
lew, and all shorebirds (except the black-breasted and golden plover, Wilson or
jack snipe, woodcock, and the greater and lesser yellowlegs) ; provided that
during such 10 years the close seasons on cranes, swanm, and curlew in the
Province of British Columbia shall be made by the proper authorities of that
Province within the general dates and limitations elsewhere prescribed in this-
convention for the respective groups to which these birds belong.

Article IV

The high contracting powers agree that special protection shall be given the
wood duck and the eider duck either (1) by a close season extending over a
period of at least 5 years, or (2) by the establishment of refuges, or (3) by
such other regulations as may be deemed appropriate.

Article V

The taking of nests or eggs of migratory game or insectivorous or nongame
birds shall be prohibited, except for scientific or proipagating lpurp)ses under
such laws or regulations as the high contracting powers may severally deem
Article VI

The high contracting powers agree that the shipment or export of migratory
birds or their eggs from any State or Province, during the cntimmuanmce of the
close season in such Staite or Province, shall be prohibited except for scientific
or propagating purposes, and the international traffic in any birds or eggs
at such time captured, killed, taken, or !h4ipped at any time contrary to the
laws of the State or Province in which the same were captured, killed, taken,
or shipped shall btie likewise prohibited. Every la(ckage colltitainig migratory
birds or any parts thereof or any eggs of migratory birds tra.q-lported, or
offered for transportation from the United States into the Dominion of Canada
or from the D(:minion of Canada into the United States, shall have the ,.ialie
and address of the shilpiper and an accurate statement of the contents clearly.
marked on the outside of such packa e.

Article VII

Permits to kill any of the above-named birds, which under extr;iraordlinary
conditions may become seriously injurious to the agricultural or otlit.r intecrest.4
in any particular community, m.iy be issued by the lroper auth,(riti,.s of thie
high contracting powers under suitable re-ul:ations lpre-,'rihved therefor by tln.nn,
respectively, but such permits slihall hilise or may be (ca;nceled( at any tilimer when,
in tlhe opinion of said autloriti.s, the particular exigency hals 'a,--e'l. ;id 1o
birds killed under this article shall be shipped. sold, or offered for -.;ile.
7446ic- 31---2

B. S. 76]


Article VIII

The high contracting powers agree themselves to take, or propose to their
respective appropriate law-making bodies, the necessary measures for insuring
the execution of the present convention.

Article IX

The present convention shall be ratified by the President of the United States
of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by
His Britannic Majesty. The ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington as
so in as possible, and the convention shall take effect on the date of the ex-
chiange of the ratifications. It shall remain in force for 15 years, and in the
event of neither of the high contracting powers having given notification 12
months before the expiration of said period of 15 years of its intention of
termiitating its operation, the convention shall continue to remain in force for
1 year and so on from year to year.
In faith whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the present con-
vention in duplicate and have hereunto affixed their seals.
Done at Washington this 16th day of August, 1916.
And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and
the ratifications of the two Governments were exchanged in the city of Wash-
ington on the 7th day of December, 1916:
Now, therefore, be it known that I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the United
States of America, have cau-ed the said convention to be made public, to the
end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and
fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of
the United States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this 8th day of December in the year of our
Lord 1916, and of the independence of the United States of America the 141st.
By the President:
Secretary of State.

[Act of July 3, 1918. 40 Stat. 755-U.,S. Code, Title 16, Sees. 703-711.]
An Act To give effect to the convention between the United States and Great Britain for
the protection of migratory birds concluded at Washington, August 16, 1916, and for
other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Hounse of Representatives of the United
States of Amerioa in Congress assembled, That this act shall be known by the
short title of the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act."
SEC. 2. That unless and except as permitted by regulations made as herein-
after provided, it shall be unlawful to hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take,
capture or kill, possess, offer for sale, sell, offer to purchase, purchase, deliver
for shipment, ship, cause to be shipped, deliver for transportation, transport,
cause to be transported, carry or cause to be carried by any means whatever,
receive for shipment, transportation or carriage, or export, at any time or in
any tanaemicr, any migratory bird, included in the termins of the convention between
tlhe United States and Great Britain for the protection of migratory birds con-
cluded August 16, 1916, or any part, nest, or egg of any such bird.
Sp:c. 3. That, subject to the provisions and in order to carry out the purpose-
of the convention, the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized and directed, froin

3 Constiunitionality of the treaty and act of July 3, 1918, si.tainem'd by the Unileod States
Suipr.uin Court in a decision ri'ndered Apr. 19, 1920. in the case of the State of Missouri
r 1 i' '. Iildland (2-2 U. S. 416) ; see also U. S. v. T.uinupkin (27(1 Fed. 580). 'Canada
by an act of parliament approved Au;g. 29, 1917. gave full efl'fct to Ihe treaty and pro
mi, in it- regulations tlieru'inudr 'May 11. 1918. Tih validity of the act of the Dominion
PI'arli:i1.rt was uiuphold by the Siipi-nrc' Court of l'rince Edward Island in a decision
Mcimelmas termn, 19-'20) rendcri,.I in tlie case of the Kinsr v. IRussell C. Clnrk. For full
text of the ( 'ainaildaiin migratory-bi rd treaty act and, rii.ilaolujs, communicate with the
(.',.,'iJ ion r, National Parks of Ce na hii !Ol :i\v.i. Ontario.


-time to timfe, having tidue regard to ti, zones tof tenmpterature ilIl to tlie distri-
bu:ion, abulldalIl.ce, econl t mL) ic value, blhedinl habits, iald tiell,.- :diI( lieii,. of
.migratory flight of such Iirds, to dette.iniike when. to what extent, if a11 ill,
and by what meatus, it is compatible with I1le terms of thle convention to allow
hunting, taking, capture, kill p-. I,, t-s.sioii. sale, purlia-'. -Ililpin,,'nlt. tranl:-
portal ion, carriage, or export of any sNich bird, or any ,;irt, i,- ,r tg- thereotf,
.amil to adopt suitable regulations permilit; ilg ai, :ov', iiin the siiJU, inl
acC'orda nce with such detei-iiiiiiations, which regulations .hlall Ii.',iiie .tf.'ive
whleii approved by the P're-.ident.
SEc. 4. That it shall be unlawful to :.hip, transport, or carry, by any neau-
whatever, from one State. Territory, or Di...rict to or throu-nli anl ii', Sitate,
Territory, or Di-trict, or to or throu.1hI a ftorei.n count-ry an1y bi i, or anLy paIt,
nIest, or egg thereof, captured, killed, taken. ,.iipp,,d. transported, (r cai ri, ait
ally time cot irali'y to the laws of thle Stale. Territory, or Distrit in which it
was 'calptued, killed, or takcti, or from wlich it \it,- ,hippied, tranl-,ported, or
carried. It shall be unIlawful to ini,,port anly bird, or any part, nest, or e'-
thereof, captured. .killed, taken, shipped, trail-plorted, mr carried contrary to
the laws of anly Provinie of thle Do,1,,liioll of Canada in Mhich tle -alle \ X\ai.,
capiture.d, killed, or taken, or from which it was shippi '. tra sported, or c:rartied.
SEC. 5. 'Thlat atlny e IIIl'-_yee of the D1)epartniment of Aii',ulture authorized by
.the Secretary of Agx'icullture to eii force thlie provisions of this act shall have
1pow'L', witholUt warrant, to arrIT-t ;iny lpersn 'ommniitti ,-u a violation of this act
.in his presence or view atiid to take sut.h lerMison immediately for examLinatioL
-or trial blelore an officer or court of Omnlpetent jtli-diction(: shall have power
.to execute any warralit or other proc's-, i!s-l'd by an o(fitzer or court of conm-
petent jurisdiction for the eifurcemnient of the provi-,ions of this act, and .-hall
hay, authority, with a search warrant, to .-stearch any place. The -evernil jud'_e.-
of thle courts established under the laws of tlie United States, and UIjited
State, cn Uhmi::ioners may, within their re-poctive jurisldition-., upon plr' pl-er
oath or aflirn'ati(on showluig probable cau.e, i--ue warrants in all such ,a.es.
.All bird:, or parts, nests, or esg- thereof, captured, killed. t'4i,. s-hipl'ed.
tran.-ported. carried, or p)is-e'-sed contrary to the provisions of this act or of
any regulations made pur:uant thereto shall, when found, be s ized by any
such employee, or by any marshal, or deputy marshal, and, upon convicti,,i i of
the offender or upion judgmeunt of a court of thie United States that the same
were captured, killed, taken, shipped, tranispiirted(, carried, or pl,,-ses-ed con-
trary to the provisions of this act or of any regulation nimide pursuant thereto,
shall be forfeited to the United States- and disjpo-ed of as directed by the
court having jurisdiction.
SEe. 6. That any person, association, partner-hiip, or cifrporatiin who shall
violate any of the provisions of said convention or of this act, or who halll
violate or fail to comply with any regulation made pursuauit to this act, shall
be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be filled
not more than $500 or be imnipri.-oned not more than six miiths, or both.
A"c. 7. That nothing in this act shall be cimstruel to prevent the s-overal
States and Territories frozi making or enforcing laws or regulations n,,t incon-
sistent with the provisions of said convention or of this act, or f'ri, inmakling or
enforcing laws or regulatioiis which shall give further pritection to migratory
birds, their inest-.s, and eggs, if such laws or regulatioii- do not extend the
open seasons for such bird- bey.,nd the dates approved by the President in
accordance with section three of thliis act.
SEC. 8. That until the adoption and approval. piursUatit to section 3 of this
act, of regulations l dealing with migratory birds and their nests al(nd egs. -uch
migratory birds and their nests aned eggs as are intended and u-rd exclusively
for scientific or prop.agatinlg p'ulrpose- may 1t taken, ca;pturedi, killedd_, pis.-.sd.
sold(l, purchased, shipped. and tranisportedl for -u.i scienttitlic r pr pi.,a:ting
purposes if and to the extent not in conflict with the laws of the State, 'T'erri-
tory, or District in which they are taken, 'aptuired. killed. pi'o,--'d. sold. or
pureha.-ed. or in or fron whichh they are shipped ,,r trMaI'n-prl,.,I if the p;ik:1 es
containing, the lead dies (oi*r thle ne-,ts or (,gs of sl1-1l bild'- whIet, shipliedil and
transpiortetd -hall lie marked on the outside thvi'erof -o as ac'.-urately amid cl'arl\
to show the nanie andl address .if the shippI'r aind tihe colqlents of lthe lpak:ge'.
SEC. 9. That the lIUneXIXVldeIdl 1'aI lhin.e- of 4 any sting, appropriated by hl1e airi-
cultural appropriation acts for tlhe 11s tile provisions of the act approved March 4, 1913. rela ti .ig to the pr,'te, tiion of
migrattory gam4, nnd inseC.ti\vorols birds, ar' liereby rtea,; ii', ,r ilatol NMId ma1lh.
available until expended for the expenses of carr.\in ill ilnto efl,.t the lpro\ isioql-,



[S. R. A.

of this act and regulations made pursuant thereto, including the payment of
such rent, and the employment of such persons and means, as the Secretary of
Agriculture may deem necessary, in the District of Columbia and elsewhere,
cooperation with local authorities in the protection of migratory birds, and
necessary investigations connected therewith: Provided, That no person who
is subject to the draft for service in the Army or Navy shall be exempted or
excused from such service by reason of his employment under this act.
SEC. 10. That if any clause, sentence, paragraph, or part of this act shall, for
any reason, be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid,
such judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder thereof, but
shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph, or part
thereof directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment shall have
been rendered.
SEC. 11. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this
act are hereby repealed.
SEC. 12. Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent the breeding of
migratory game birds on farms and preserves and the sale of birds so bred
under proper regulations for the purpose of increasing the food supply.
SEC. 13. That this act shall become effective immediately upon its passage
and approval.


Federal laws affecting the shipment of wild animals comprise statutes regu-
lating interstate commerce by common carrier in the dead bodies or parts
thereof, and the importation of live birds and mammals from foreign countries,
as follows:
[U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEc. 391. The importation into the United States, or any Territory or District
thereof, of the mongoose, the so-called flying foxes," or fruit bats, the English
sparrow, the starling, and such other birds and animals as the Secretary of
Agriculture may from time to time declare to be injurious to the interests of
agriculture or horticulture, is hereby prohibited; and all such birds and ani-
mals, shall, upon arrival at any port of the United States, be destroyed or
returned at the expense of the owner. No person shall import into the United
States or into any Territory or District thereof any foreign wild animal or bird,
except under special permit from the Secretary of Agriculture: Provided, That
nothing in this section shall restrict the importation of natural-history speci-
mens for museums or scientific collections, or of certain cage birds, such as
domesticated canaries, parrots, or such other birds as the Secretary of Agri-
culture may designate. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorizeL to
make regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this section. (Act
of March 4, 1909, sec. 241-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEC. 392. It shall be unlawful for any person to deliver to any common
carrier for transportation, or for any common carrier to transport from any
State, Territory, or District of the United States to any other State, Territory,
or District thereof, any foreign animals or birds the importation of which
is prohibited, or the dead bodies or parts thereof of any wild animals or birds,*
where such ziininals or birds have been killed or shipped in violation of the laws
of the State, Territory, or District in which the same were killed, or from
which they were shipped: Provided, That nothing herein shall prevent the
transportation of any dead birds or aninimals killed during the season when the
same may be lawfully captured, and the export of which is not prohibited
by law in the State, Territory, or District in which the same are captured or
killed. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 242-35 Stat. 1137.)
4 For sees. 2, 3, and 4 of the act of May 25, 1900- 31 Stat. 187-1 98-which wns super-
s.oiehd by secs. 241-244 of the act of March 4. 1909-35 Stat. 1137-see secs. 391-394 of
I'. S. Code, title 18, for sec. 5 of the act of May 25. 1900, see sec. 305 of title 18; aind
for sec. 1. see sec. 701 of title 16.
6 See joint r4,gulations (S. RIt. A.--B. S. GO), effective Novembr 21, 1927, governing the
importation of bobwhite quail from Mexico, e'ipii s of which inn'y b, obtained free of charge
from the U. S. I)ri'artment of Agriculture. Washinzton. D. C.
6 See sec. 4 of the migratory bird treaty act, p. 11, which supersedes this part of the
Lacey Act relative to the interstate transportation of wild birds.


SEo. 393. All packages containing the dead bodies, or the plumage, or part
thereof, of game animals, or game or other wild birds, when shipped in inter-
state or foreign commerce, shall be plainly and clearly mark(,ed, so that the
name and address of the shipper and the nature of the contents may be readily
ascertained on an inspection of the outside of such package. (Act of March
4, 1909, sec. 243-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEC. 394. For each evasion or violation of any provision of thle three sections
last preceding the shipper shall be failed not more than $204; the consignee
knowingly receiving such articles so shipped and transported in violation of
said sections shall be fined not more than $200; and the carrier knowingly
carrying or transporting the same in violation of said sections hall be fined
not more than $200. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 244-35 Stat. 1138.)
SEC. 395. That all dead bodies, or parts thereof, of any foreign game animn;ils,
or game or song birds, the importation of which is prohibited, or the dead
bodies, or parts thereof, of any wild game animals, or game or soTng birds
transported into any State or Territory, or remaining therein for u-e. consump-
tion. sale, or storage therein, sliall upon arrival in such State or Territory be
subject to the operation and effect of the laws of such State or Territory
enacted in the exercise of its police powers, to the same extent and in the same
manner as though such animals or birds had been produced in such State or
Territory, and shall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced
therein in original packages or otherwise. This act shall not prevent the im-
portation, transportation, or sale of birds or bird plum:ige manufactured from
the feathers of barnyard fowl. (Act of M:iy 25, 1900, sec. 5-31 Stat. 188.)

[U. S. Code, Title 16, Conservation]

SEO. 701. That the duties and powers of the Department of Agriculture are
hereby enlarged so as to include the preservation, distribution, introduction, and
restoration of game birds and other wild birds. The Secretary of Agriculture
is hereby authorized to adopt such measures as may be necessary to carry out
the purposes of this act and to purchase such game birds and other wild birds
as may be required therefore, subject, however, to the laws of the various States
and Territories. The object and purpose of this act is to aid in the restora-
tion of such birds in those parts of the United States adapted thereto where
the same live become scarce or extinct, and also to regulate the introduction
-of American or foreign birds or animals in localities where they have not here-
tofore existed.
The Secretary of Agriculture shall from time to time collect and publish
useful information as to the propagation, uses, and preservation of such birds.
And the Secretary of Agriculture shall make and publish all needful rules
and regulations for carrying out the purposes of this act, and shall expend for
said purposes such sums as Congress may appropriate therefore. (Act of May
25, 1900. sec. 1-31 Stat. 187.)

[U. S. Code, Title 18, Crinminal Code and Criminal Prnci.duirc]

SEC. 145. Whoever shall hunt, trap, capture, willfully disturb, or kill any bird
or wild animal of any kind whatever, or take or destroy the eJ.- of any such
bird on any lands of the United States which have been st ap:irt or reserved
as refuges or breeding grounds for such birds or aniimal by any law, procla-
mation, or Excutive order, except under such rules and regulations as tlhe
Secretary of Agriculture may, from time to time, prescribe, or who .shall will-
fully injure, nmolest, or destroy any property of thle United States on any :such
lands shall be fined not more than $50", or impri-,znedl not more than six
months, or both. (Act of March 4. 191>9, sec. 84. as amended April 15, 1924,
43 Stat. 98.)
[U. S. Code, Supplement IV, Title 16, Conservation]

SEO. 715i. No person shall knowingly disturb, injure, or destroy any notice,
signhboard, fence, building, ditch, dam, dike embankment, fluni, .spillway, ,,r
other improvement or property of tli United States on any area acquired
under this chapter, or cut, burn, or d,-stroy any timber, grass, or other natural

B. S. 76]



[.R. .A.

growth, on said area or on any area of the United States which heretofore
has been or which hereafter may be set apart or reserved fur the use of the
Department of Agriculture as a game refuge or as a preserve or reservation and
breeding ground for native birds, under any law, proclamation, or Executive
order, or occupy or use any part thereof, or enter thereon for any purpose, ex-
cept in accordance with regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture; nor shall
any person take any bird, or nest or egi thereof on any area acquired under this
chapter, except for scientific or propa eatingg purposes under permit of the Sec-
retary of Agriculture; but nothing in this chapter or in any regulation there-
under shall be construed to prevent a person from entering upon any area ac-
quired under this chapter for the purpose of fishing in accordance with the law
of the State in which such area is located: Provided, That such person complies
with the regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture covering such area. (Act
of February 18, 1929, sec. 10-45 Stat. 1222.)


Regulation T-7, effective October 1, 1919, of the Regulations of the Forest
Service relative to National Forests, provides as follows:
The following acts are prohibited on lands of the United States within
national forests:
The going or being upon any such land, or in or on the waters thereof, with
intent to hunt, catch, trap, willfully disturb, or kill any kind of game animal,
game or nongame bird, or fish, or to take the eggs of any such bird, in violation
of the laws of the State in which such land or waters are situated.
Regulation G-30 authorizes all forest officers to enforce the above regula-
tion and also to cooperate with State or Territorial officials in the enforcement
of local laws for the protection of birds, fish, and game.

[Act of March 4, 1909-U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEC. 106. Whoever shall willfully set on fire, or cause to be set on fire, any
timber, underbrush, or grass upon the public domain, or shall leave or suffer
fire to burn unattended near any timber or other inflammable material, shall
be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
SEC. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or other
inflammable material upon the public domain shall, before leaving said fire,
totally extinguish the same; and whoever shall fail to do so shall be fined
not more than $1,000, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

[Act of June 17, 1930-U. S. Code, Supplement IV, Title 19, Customs Duties]
Title I.-Dutiable List
PAR. 704. Reindeer meat, venison and other game (except birds), fresh.
chilled, or frozen, not specially provided for, 6 cents per pound.
PAR. 711. Birds, live: Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guineas, 8 cents
per pound; baby chicks of poultry, 4 cents each; all other live birds not
specially provided for, valued at $5 or less each, 50 cents each; valued at more
than $5 each, 20 per c.ntum ad valorem.
PAR. 712. Birds, dead, dressed or undressed, fresh, chilled, or frozen;
Chickens. ducks, geese, and guineas, 10 cents per pound; turkeys, 10 cents per
pound; all other, 10 cents per pound; all the foregoing, prepared or preserved
in any manner and not specially provided for, 10 cents per pound.
PAR. 715. Live animals, vertebrate and invertebrate, not specially provided for,
16 per centum ad valorem.



PAR. 1518. Feathers and downs, on the -kin or otherwise, crude or not dressed,
colored, or otherwise advanced or manufactured in any manner, niit specially
provided for, 20 per centum ad valor'inm ; dressed, colored, or otherwise adlvatncetd
or manufactured in any mailiner, including quilts of (hown and other iii;manufac-
tures of down,. 60 per centumn ad valoretiii ; feather dusters, 45 per centumn ad
valorem; artificial or ornamental fe:aithers suitable for use as mnillinetry orna-
ments, 60 per centum adl val 'rem; and all articles not >1,i cially [rin-
vided for. composed wholly or in chief value of any of the fcalthr.s. *
above mentioned, shall be subject to the rate of duty provided in this parazr:iph
for such materials, but not less than 110 per centum ad viblrem: Pr,,ridd,
That the importation of birds of paradise, aiLrrettes, egret plum'-'s or so-'allcI
osprey plumes., and the feathelrs, quills, heads, wings, tails, -ki ins. or part. of
skins, of wild birds. either raw or manufactured, and not for scientific or educa-
tional purposes, is hereby prohibited; but this provision ,-hall not apply to the
feathers or plumes of ostrichels or to the feathers or plumes of dom,-tic fowls
of any kind: Provrided furtlier, That birds of paradise, and the featheri-, quills,
heads, wings, tails. .kins, or parts thereof, and all ai,_'rrttes, egret plunio's. or
so-called osprey plumes, and tlhe feathers, quills, heads, wing-;s, tails, skin., or
parts of skins, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, of like kind to those
the importation of which is prohibited by the fregoing provisions of this para-
graph, which may be found in the United States, on and after the passag,,r of this
Act, except as to such plumage or parts of birds in actual use for p-rsonal
adornment, and except such plumiage, birds or parts thereof imported therein for
scientific or educational purposes, shall be presumed for the p'ripo,-e of seizure
to have been imported unlawfully after O'tolber 3, 1913, and the collector of
customs shall seize the same unless the possessor thereof slioll establish, to the
satisfaction of the collector that the same were imported into the United States
prior to October 3, 1913, or as to such plumage or parts of birds that they were,
plucked or derived in the United States from birds lawfully therein; and in case
of seizure by the collector, he shall proceed as in case of forfeiture for violation
of the customs laws, and the samte shall be forfeited, unless the claimant shall,
in any legal proceeding to enforce .-uch forfeiture, other than a criminal prosecu-
tion, overcome the presumption of illegal inimportation and establish that the
birds or articles seized, of like kind to those mentioned the importation of which
is prohibited as above, were imported into the United States prior to October 3,
1913, or were plucked in the United States from birds lawfully therein.
That whenever birds or plumage, the importation of which is prohibited by
the foregoing provisions of this paragraph, are forfeited to the Government,
the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to place the same with the
departments or bure:-ius of the Federal or State Governmnents or societies or
museums for exhibition or scientific or educational purposes, but not for sale
or personal use; and in the event of such birds or plumage not being required
or desired by either Federal or State Government or for educational purposes,
they shall be destroyed.
That nothing in this Act shall be construed to repeal the provisions of the
Act of March 4. 1913, chapter 145 (Thirty-seventh Statutes at Large, page 847),
or the Act of July 3, 1918 (Fortieth Statutes at Large, page 755), or any other
law of the United States, now of force, intended for the protection or preserva-
tion of birds within the United States. That if on investigation by the col-
lector before seizure, or before trial for forfeiture, or if at -uch trial if such
seizure has been made. it shall be made to appear to the collector, or the prose-
cuting officer of the Government, as the case may be. that no illegal importation
of such feathers has been made, but that the possession, acquisition or purchase
of such feathers is or has been m;ade in violation of the provisions of the Act of
March 4, 1913, chapter 145 (Thirty-seventh Statutes at Large. paL:e 847), o)r the
Act of July 3. I19S (Fortieth Statutes at Large. page 755), or any other law of
the United States, now of force, intended for the protection or pr .-ervation of
birds within the United States. it shall be the duty of the collector, or such
prosecuting officer, as the case may be, to report the facts to the proper officials
of the United States, or State or Territory charged with the duty of enforcing
such laws.
PAR. 1519. (a) Dressed furs and dressed fur skins (except silver or black
fox), and plates, mats. linings, strips, and crosses of dressed dPg, -oat. or kid
skins, 25 per centum ad valorem; all the foregoing, if dyed, 30 per centum ad



[S.. .A.

(b) Manufactures of fur (except silver or black fox) further advanced than
dressing, prepared for use as material if not dyed, 35 per centum ad
valorem; if dyed, 40 per centum ad valorem.
(o) Silver or black fox furs or skins, dressed or undressed, not specially pro-
vided for, 50 per centum ad valorem.
(e) Articles wholly or partly manufactured (including fur collars, fur cuffs,
and fur trimmings), wholly or in chief value of fur, not specially provided for,
50 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1520. Hatters' furs, or furs not on the skin, prepared for hatters' use,
including fur skins carroted, 35 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1530. (C) Leather made from the hides or skins of *
reptiles and birds, 25 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1535. any prohibition of the importation of feathers in this
Act shall not be construed as applying to artificial flies used for fishing, or to
feathers used for the manufacture of such flies.

Title II.-Free List

PAR. 1606. (a) Any animal imported by a citizen of the United States spe-
cially for breeding purposes, shall be admitted free, whether intended to be
used by the importer himself or for sale for such purposes, except black or
silver foxes: Provided, That no such animal shall be admitted free unless pure
bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a book of record recognized
by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed: Provided further, That the cer-
tificate of such record and pedigree of such animal shall be produced and sub-
mitted to the Department of Agriculture, duly authenticated by the proper
custodian of such book of record, together with an affidavit of the owner, agent,
or importer that the animal imported is the identical animal described in said
certificate of record and pedigree. The Secretary of Agriculture may prescribe
such regulations as may be required for determining the purity of breeding and
the identity of such animal: And provided further, That the collectors of cus-
toms shall require a certificate from the Department of Agriculture stating
that such animal is pure bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a
book of record recognized by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed.
(b) The Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe such additional regulations
as may be required for the strict enforcement of this provision.
(c) the provisions of this Act shall apply to all such animals as
have been imported and are in quarantine or otherwise in the custody of
customs or other officers of the United States at the date of the taking effect
of this Act.
PAR. 1607. Animals and poultry, brought into the United States temporarily
for a period not exceeding six months, for the purpose of breeding, exhibition,
or competition for prizes offered by any agricultural, polo, or racing association;
but a bond shall be given in accordance with regulations prescribed by the
Secretary of the Treasury; also teams of animals, including their harness and
tackle, and the wagons or other vehicles actually owned by persons emigrating
from foreign countries to the United States with their families, and in actual
use for the purpose of such emigration, under such regulations as the Secretary
of the Treasury may prescribe; and wild animals and birds intended for ex-
hibition in zoological collections for scientific or educational purposes, and not
for sale or profit.
PAR. 1671. Eggs of birds, fish, and insects (except fish roe for food purposes) :
Provided, That the importation of eggs of wild birds is prohibited, except eggs
of g:ime birds imported for propagating purposes under regulations pre-
scribed by the Secretary of Agriculture, and specimens imported for scientific
PAR. 1681. Furs and fur skinls, not specially provided for, undressed.
PAR. 1682. Live game animals and birds, imported for stocking purposes, and
g;iine animals and birds killed in foreign countries by residents of the United
States and imported by them for noncommercial purposes; under such regula-
ti,,ns as the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Treasury shall
PAR. 174i. Pigeons, fancy or racing.
PAR. 176;5. Skins of all kinds, raw, and hides not specially provided for.
PAR. 1767. Specimens of natural history, botany, and mineralogy, when tinm-
ported for scientific public collections, and not for sale.


Title IV.-Administrative Provisions
SEC. 527. (a) Importation prohibited.-If the laws or regulations, of any
country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of goveri ienlt re-trict the
taking, killing, pos-ession, or exportation to the United Siates of any wild
mamnimal or bird, alive or d(lead, or restrict the exportation to the United St:,ts
of any part or pro(dluct of any wild inamimal or bird, whether raw or manufac-
turetd. no such maminn:il or bird, or part or product Iln'reof, shall, after the
expiration of ninety days after the enai tmUnLt of tlIjis Act, be imported into the
United States from such country, dependency, province, or other -iildivlsi, ,of
government, directly or indirectly, unless: accompanied by a cernti.cition of tle
United States consul, for the ciinsulalr district in which is located flit. l,,rt or
place from which such ii miialiI or bird, or pa trt or product I he.reof. wIs exported
from such country, dehliejldency, province, or other subdivision of government.
that such n:,ninial or bird, or 1:part or product thier1.'f. l1;Is not be'e 1 acq1::red1
or exported in violation of the laws or regulliations of such coulitry, d.pernidency,
province, or other subdivision of government.
(b) Forfeiture.-Any maniminal or bird, alive or dead. or any part or product
thereof, whether raw or manufactured, imported into the United Statt_- in viola-
tion of the provisions of the preceding subdivision shall be subject to seizure
and forfeiture under the u-,ntois law-. Any such article so forfeited may, in
the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury and under such rL'gulatimons as he
may prescribe, be placed with the de:Ipartments or bureaus of the Federal or
State Goveriments, or with societies or nt.museums, for exlhildition or scientific or
educational purposes, or destroyed, or (except in the ca>e of heads or horns of
wild mammals) sold in the manner provided by law.
(c) Section not to appl!t in certain (cases.-The provisions of this section
shall not apply in the case of-
(1) Prohibited importatimon.-Articles the importation of which is prohibited
under the provisions of this Act, or of section 241 of the Criminal Code, or of
any other law;
(2) Scientifeic or educational p rj'o.xe.s.-Wild mammals or birds, alive or
dead, or parts or products thereof, whether raw or manufactured, imported
for scientific or educational purposes;
(3) Certain miyrafory game birds.-Mirratory game birds (for which an
open season is provided by the laws of the United States and any foreign
country which is a party to a treaty with the United State-, in effect on the
date of importation, relating to the protection of such migratory game birds)
brought into the United States by bona fide sportsmen returning. from hunting
trips. in such country, if at the time of importation the possession of such
birds is not prohibited by the laws of such country or of the United States.

The importation of bird plumage into Canada for millinery purposes is
prohibited by tariff item 1212 under Schedule C (prohibited good-), as added
by section 5 of the Canadian customs tariff act of 1914. Item 1212 prohibits
the entry of the following:
1212. Aigrettes, egret plumes, or so-called osprey ldunme-,. and the feathers,
quills, heads. wings. tail.-s, skins, or parts of skins of wild birds either raw or
manufactured; but this provision shall not come into effect until January 1,
1915, and sliall not apply to-
(a) The feathers or plumes of ostriches;
(b) The plumage of the English pIheasant and the Indian peacock;
(c) The plumage of wild birds ordinarily used as articles of diet;
(d) The pluma;ge of birds imported alive; nor to
(e) Specimens imported under regnilations, of the minister of cu-tomns for any
natural-history or other museum or for (edu(cation:il purpo',,'s.
Item 1214 under Schedule C (prihibited ,.oods), as adiled by the customns
tariff act. effective May 24. 1922, lirhlibits the entry of the fiilloviu':
1214. (a) C0111omo mi',goose (Hcrpestcs griseus) or mongonose of any kind,;
(b) Common myn1:th. Chinese mynah, crested mynah. or any other species of
the starling family (Sturnidae) ;
(o) Java sparrows, rice bird, nutmeg finch, or other spec-ies of the weaver
bird family (Ploceidae) ;
(d) European chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) ;
(e) Great titmouse (Parus major).


Federal Laws: Secretary of Agriculture,
Washington. D. C.
Alabama: Department of Game and Fish-
eries, Montgomery.
Alaska: Executive Officer, Alaska Game
Commission. Juneau; or Secretary of
Agriculture, Washington, D. C.
Arizona: State Game Warden, Phoenix.
Arkansas: Secretary Game and Fish Com-
mission, Little Rock.
California: Executive Officer, Fish and
Game Commission, Russ Building, San
Colorado: State Game and Fish Commis-
sioner, Denver.
Connecticut: Superintendent of Fisheries
and Game, Hartford.
Delaware: Chief Gane and Fish Warden,
District of Columbia: Superintendent
Metropolitan Police, Washington.
Florida: State Game Commissioner, Tal-
Georgia: Game and Fish Commissioner,
Hawaii: Fish and Game Division, Board
of Agriculture and Forestry, Honolulu.
Idaho: Fiqh and Game Warden, Boise.
Illinois: Director Department of Conser-
vation, Spririfield.
Indiana: Superintendent of Fisheries and
Gain,,. State House, Indianapolis.
Iowa: State Game Warden, Des Moines.
Kansas: State Fish and Game Warden,
Kentucky: Exoiutive Agent Game and
Fish Commission, Frankfort.
Louisiana: Commissioner of Conservation,
Court Building, New Orleans.
Maine: Conrmissioner of Inland Fisheries
and Gaime. State House. Augusta.
Maryland: State Game Warden, 512 Mun-
sey Building. Baltimore.
Mn-siaehlusetts: Director Division of Fish-
eries and Game, 20 Somerset Street,
Mie.hi g n: Director Department of Con-
servation, LTi sing.
Minnesota: Game and Fish Commissioner,
Department of Conservation, St. Paul.
Mississippi: Secretary of State, Jackson;
or Sheriff or County Clerk.
Missouri: Game and Fish Commissioner,
.J1fferson City.
Montana: State Fish and Game Warden,
Nebraska: State Game Warden, Lincoln.
Nevad : Secretary of State Fish and
Game Ci,mnTri--inii, Reno.
Newl Hamps.hire: Fish and Game Com-
missioner, ( 'neorId.
New Jersey: Secretary of Board of Fish
anid (ame C(iiiiiisioiners, Trenton.
New ledxieo: State Game aindl Fish
Warden, Santa Fe.
New York: Secretary Conservation De-
)artment; or Chief Game Protector, Al-
),I I Iy.

North Carolina: State Game Warden,
North Dakota: Game and Fish Commis-
sioner. Bismarck.
Ohio: Commissioner of Conservation, Co-
Oklahoma: State Fish and Game Warden,
Oklahoma City.
Oregon: State Game Commission, 616
Oregon Building, Portland.
Pennsylvania: Executive Secretary Board
of Game Commissioners, Harrisburg.
Rhode Island: Chairman Commissioners
of Birds, Providence.
South Carolina: Chief Game Warden,
South Dakota: Director Division of Game
and Fish, Departniment of Agriculture,
Tennessee: State Ganre and Fish Warden,
Texas: Executive Officer. Game, Fish, and
Oyster Commission, Austin.
Utah: Fish and Game Commissioner, Salt
Lake City.
Vermont: Fish and Game Commissioner,
Virginia: Executive Secretary, Commis-
sion of Game and Inland Fisheries, Rich-
Washington: Supervisor of Game and
Game Fish, 404 Bell Street Terminal
(P. 0. Box 384), Seattle.
West Virginia: Game and Fish Conmmis-
sion, Charleston.
WVisconsin: Conservation Commissioner,
Wyonming: State Game and Fish Com-
mission, Cheyenne.
Canada: Commissioner, National Parks
of Canada. Ottawa.
Alberta: Game Commissioner, Edmonton.
British Columbia: Game Commissioner,
411 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver.
Manitoba: Director of Game and Fish-
eries, Winnipeg.
New Brunswick: Chief Game Warden,
Northwest Territories: Director, North-
west Territories and Yukon Branch, De-
partment of Interior, Ottawa, Ontario.
Nova Scotia: Minister of Lands and For-
ests, Halifax.
Ontario: Department of Game and Fish-
(ries, Toronto.
Prince Edward Island: Game Inspec-
tor Provincial Treasury Dtepartment,
Quebec: General Superintendent of Fish-
eries and Game. Quebec.
Saskatchewan: Game Commissioner, Re-
gin a.
Yukon: Territorial Secretary, Daw son.
Newfoundland: Secretary, Game and In-
land Fisheries Board, St. Johns.
IMe ico: Secretaria de Agrictiiltira y Fo-
mento, San Jacinto, D. I,'., Mexico.


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