Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds


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Migratory-bird treaty-act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and birds
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F. R. A.-B. S. 75. l :str- April. 1911.

United States Department of Agriculture



Migratory-bird treaty-act rozultiii-s ----------------------------------------- I
Convention between the United Stares and <;r,:Lt Britain for the protection of mi-
gratory birds in the U'nited States and (':in:i,11------------------------------- 8
Migratory bird treaty act--------------------------------------------------- 10
Lacey Art, regulating interstate commerce in wild animals---------------------- 12
Law protecting wild animals and birds and their eggs and Governiinrent property on
Federal refues------------------------------------------------------------- 13
Regulations governing hunting on national forests---------------------------- 14
Fires on public dornmain----------------------------------------------------- 14
Provisions of tariff act rreulnating importation of plun.iio. ;giv. etc ------------- 14
Canadian tariff act prohibiting importation of plihi-ae, iiioni.i'u,-e,, and birds----------------------------------------------- ---------- 17
Officials from whom copies of game laws maiy be obtained----------------------- 18

[As approved and promulgated by the Pri'-ident July 31, 1918, and amended October 25,
191P; Jilv 28, 1919; July 9, 19'20; March 3 and May 17, 1921 ; March 8, 1922: April
10 and Juine 11. 1q23; April 11 aind July 2, 1924; Juine 22, 1925; March 8, Arii 2-2.
and June 18, 10926; April 4 and 21 and September 6, 1927; March 2, July l:3, and
August 16. 192.S; April 23: and December 31, 1929; May 2:3 and August 25, 1910;- aid
Mirch 17, 1931.]

Regulation 1.-D-finitions of Migratory Birds

Migratory birds, included in the terms of the ci invention between the Unitedl
States and Great Britain for the prit(tection of migratory birds, c(.cluiledO
August 16, 1916, are as follovs:
1. Migratory ganir birds:
(a) Anatidae, or waterfowl, including brant, wild ducks, geese, and sw:!ns.
(bt) Griidne, or cranes, including little brown, saiidhill, and whoolpii- cranes.
(o) Rallidae, or rails, including coots, gallinules. and sora and other rails.
(d) Lirnicolae, or sli(,re birds, including av-,cets, curlews. (dowitlirs '. d-
wits, knots, oyster catchers, phlla:ro ies, plovers, sandiii'pers, snipI. stilts. ,iirf
birds, turnstones, willht, woodcock, and yellowl''s.
(e) Columnl(idae, or pigeonis, including d(loves and wild pigCe4 Ns.
2. Migratoriy ins.cethiroro(us bi-rds: Ci'-koos; flickers and other "i wdp''I,-krr-;
nighthawks or bull bats awid \hii)p-plor-wills; swifls; hiiiiiiiiiiniirk ;: flyc:i1.-li-
ers; bobolinks, ieadow larks, anfld orioles; g,,.-,iiek, ; t ai:iL ers ; imarill- Illid
other swallows; waxwiigs; shrike.-; vireos \\;ir'llHrs; pipits; ("ithiril< aind
br<,wn thirashlrs; wrelns ; browi' i cr e 'rs ; nutliitlit -z; chicklide*'s miid titilice ;
kiniglets and glint catchliers; rol'in< aild father thir-lies; ;nil all (Itlicr pir<-Iiiiig
birds wliich feed enlitirely (or cliilhly on insects.
3. Oth-cr migra(ltOry' fin'.IC h'ird.%: Auks, auklet., bitteinis. fiilriii: s. Lr;ini<'t,
grebes, gliilleiijots. guIlls, her ins, jilgt,'r,. looii<, niurres, pttri-ls, piifliiis. -.li';:ir-
waters, and(l terns.
lAs anmunded July (. 1921i 1

Suummnt izeH in ror li Fi I rtipiag,1. i SvJI iIII- on g"iii,,. li., lis,. bag liiibas, pos-
uesslon, sBle, lnterp 'i ndl pro ision. relating to Ilnported game and
game ra.. s. d in .....Q p .... h ...... I. l'airiners' lBulletin of the [lnitel SiiStes
Departme t of Agriculture on the game ]a%., lc leb may be lind from the depar iiiint
upon request. --%-
507110-3,1 -- -1
_I l ____i i
._________________ .LIBR ARY


Regulation 2.-Definitions of Terms

For the purposes of these regulations the following terms shall be construed.
respectively, to mean-
Secretary.-The Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.
Pcrson.-The plural or the singular, as the case demands, including indi-
viduals, associations, partnerships, and corporations, unless the context other-
wise requires.
Take.-The pursuit, hunting, capture, or killing of migratory birds in the
manner and by the means specifically permitted.
Open sea.son.-The time during which migratory birds may be taken.
Transport.-Shipping, transporting, carrying, exporting, receiving or deliver-
ing for shipment, transportation, carriage, or export.

Regulation 3.-Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May be Taken

The migratory game birds specified in regulation 4 hereof may be taken
during the open season with a gun only, not larger than No. 10 gauge, fired
from the shoulder, except as specifically permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and 10
hereof; they may be taken during the open season from the land and water.
with the aid of a dog, the use of decoys, and from a blind or floating device.
except that in the hunting of wild geese not more than ten (10) live goose
decoys may be used or shot over at any one gunning stand, blind, or floating
device; but nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the use of an automobile,
airplane, powerboat, sailboat, any boat under sail, any floating device towed
by powerboat or sailboat, or any sinkbox (battery), except that sinkbl)oxes (bat-
teries) may be used in the taking of migratory waterfowl in coastal sounds and
bays (including Back Bay, Princess Anne County, State of Virginia) and other
coastal waters; and nothing herein shall he deemed to permit the use of an air-
plane, or a powerboat, sailboat, or other floating device for the purpose of con-
centrating, driving, rallying, or stirring up migratory waterfowl, provided.
however, that the hunting, killing, or taking of mourning doves is not permitted
on or over, at or near, any area which has been baited with salt, corn, wheat, or
other grain or other foods placed or scattered thereon.
[As amended July 28, 1919; March 3 and May 17, 1921; April 4. 1927; March 2, 1.2.s;
April 23, 1929; and March 17, 1931.]

Regulation 4.-Open Seasons on and Possession of Certain Migratory Game

For the purpose of this regulation, each period of time herein prescribed
as an open season shall be construed to include the first and last (lays thereof.
Waterfowl (except snow geese in Floridii and all States north thereof border-
ing on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross geese, cackling geese, wood duck, eider ducks,
and svans), rails, coot, gallinules, woodcock, Wilson snipe or 1j;lcksnipe, ainl
mournin, doves may be taken each day from half an hour before sunrise to
,suniset during the open seasons prescrilbed therefore in this regul;iation, exceptt
tljatiL the hour for the (oinic(,l(eme.nt of lhiiting on the opening day of the sea-
son sh;ill be 12 o'clock noon, by the means and in the numbers permitted by
regulations 3 and 5 hereof, re'qpect ively, and when so taken may be pos-es-- 'd
any day in any State, Territory, or District during the period coinstituitilgl the
open seCason where killed and for an add(litional period of 10 d(lays next su'-
ceeding said open season, but no such bird .'hall be possessed in a State, Terri-
tory, or District at a time when such State, Territory, or District prohibits the
poss.si(oii thereof. Nothing herein shall he deemed to permit thlie hunting or
killing of migratory birds on any refuge established under the migratory hiri!
coi,-ervatiin act of February 18, 19)20, nor on any area of the United St;t s
s,! sidee by any other law, iroclainnition, or executive order for use as a wild-
life refuse except in so far as ma;y be permitted by the Secretary of AgriHuIlture
,, ihr existing law, a nir (in any area adjacent to any such refuge wheln such
area is d lWaterfowl (c'.rce pt .snow qe'.sc in JFlo'rida aind all States orith flherof bord'r-
inq ,,i Ih h Atlantic Octa'n. Ri'o.ss ycm, carc'linf leseT, 1'm)l1 d'ck'. 'ider du'ek,
uud .sicn.), coot, aind Wilson xnipe or jack:xnip'.-The 4il),n seasons for water-
fowl exceptt snow geese in Florida and all States north thereof bonlrdering on
the Atlantic Ocean, Ross vee'se, vacklin.v geese, wood duck. eider ducks, ,inmd
s\wa V), coot, a inl Wil,' m snipe or jack snipe shall he as follows: In Maine, N',w

[S. R. A.


Hampshire, Vermont. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York
(except Long Island), Pennsylvania, WVest Virginia. Ohio, Michigan. Indiana,
Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska. South
Dakota, North Dakota.. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado. Utah, Idaio, Nevada.
California, Oregon, and Washington, the open s-.aSon shall be from October 1
to December 31;
In that portion of New York known as Lon., I.land, and in New Jersey,
Delaware, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and in that portion of Texas lyini:
west and north of a line beginning on the Rio Grande River directly west of
the town of Del Rio, Tex.; thence east to the town of Del Rio; thence easterly
following the center of the main track of the Southern Pacific Miilrond through
the towns of Spofford, Uvalde, and Hondo; Ilthiince to the point where the
Southern Pacific Railroamd crosses the International & Great Northern Railramd.
at or near San Antonio; thence following the venter of tlie trark of said
International & Great Northern Railr,,ad in an eaiterly direction, to the p1'int
in the city of Austin, where it joins Congress Aveiue, ne:lr the Internailiiinal
& Great Northern Railroad (lepoit; thence across (Congre-s Aveinue to the citer
of the main track of the Houston & Texas Centr;il Railroad where .-ail track
joins said Congress Avenue, at or nel r the Houstun & Ttx;ts Central Railroad
depot; thence following the center line of the track of said Huition & Texas
Central Railroad in an easterly direction throumhl the towns of El.in. GiddiiiS-.
nidl Brenham, to the point where said railroad (ro)ss,-t thle Braz-,,' River; thence
with the center of said Brazos River in a general northerly direction, to the
point of said river where tlhe Beaumont branch of the Gulf, Colorado & Saita
Fe Railway crosses the same; thence with the center of the tr.',ck of the -aid
Gulf. Colorado & Santa Fe Railway in an easterly direction thironr-i the tiown-
of Navasota, Montgomery, and Conroe, to the point at or nveir Clevel:and, where
said Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway 'ro-.< the Hi,-.t-in E;ist & West
Texas Railway; thence with the center of said Hiustf)on East & West Texas
Railway track to the point in said line. where it strikes the Louisiana line the
open season shall be from October 16 to Janinry 15;
In that portion of Texas lyiit_ south and east of the line above de-crihed the
open season shall be from November 1 to Jamary 15;
In Maryland, the District of Coluimbia, Virginia. Kentiiuky. Tenie-,see, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Geor-ia. Al:ibmain. MIissi.sippi. Ark.ii-..a, and Louisi-
ana the open season shall he from November 1 to Januairy 15.
In Florida the open season shall be from November 20 to January 15; and
In Alaska the ol)pen sea-ion shall be from Septemniber I to D.,minlber 15.
Rvils and gallinides (cxi'cpt coot).-The open si 'o., for sora and other rails
and gallinules (except ncit) shall be fromu September 1 to Nvemb',er :ii, except
as follows:
In Massachusetts the open season -.hall be from October I to D',-e:,iber 15;
In New York and Washinzton the open season shall lIe, from Oct,'b'er 1 to
November .20; and
In Louisiana the open season shall be from Novemijii.r 1 to January 31.
WVoodcock.-The open seasons for woodcock .s.hll be as follows:
In that portion of New York lying north of the I r.cks of the i;diii line of
the New Yirk Central Railroad extendinli froti Buffalo to Allbaniy a1 nl iniftli
of the tracks of the main line of the Bos.ton & Allmany Railr Iad Exteiiil-i
fr,,i Albany to tie M:assachu.-etts State linte. and in MIiii.. New IImp-lhiire,
Vermont, and North Dakota the openi .suea,-on shall he froml (O,'to1er 1 to
O, tober 31;
In that portion of New York lyvin south11 of thle line al','', d',,'rib,'d inclldin
Lon.L Island and in New Jersey, Penns.lv;'i:i. ()iio. lndliana. MIiliai'i. Wis-
(cosin. and Iowa the open season shall be fr,,o (O)ct,,er .15 to Nvembcr 14;
Il Massachlusetts, Rhode Island, and (Cominecticult tlhe opevl season sli :ill lie
from October 20 to November 19;
In Maryland. the District of Columbia, anl Mis.-, ari Ihi, oi,,ii .-.,.:1 sliall
be from November 10 to Deceinler 10;
In Delaware, Virginia, West Vir-ini a. Keiwia-ky. Ark.mas. :ind Oklahotma
the open season shliall be from Noveimlbeir 15 to Iembir 15: .,iiil
In North Carolina, South Caro lina:. Georgia. A.aivi:a. Mi .i-.i p pi. and Loiii-
ana the open season shall be fri',n D. ci inhor 1 to Io,-iber 31.
Dores.-Tlie open seasons for mourniia"- doves shall lie as follows:
In Delaware, Maryland, Virginia;. TIIeIItslse,, Kentucky. IlliII(ois.. MiiIne.Ita.
Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansa-. Oklaolma. New Mexico, It.:i. .Ariz,,n,
California, .Nevada, Idaho. atnd Ore-o0n1 tih, o0ie s ':1 n -11;1l 1 11 frolmt Sipte,,be4-r
1 to IDecilnheer 15.

B. S. 751


In that portion of Texas lying west and north of a line beginning on tlhe Rio
Grande River directly west of the town of Del Rio, Tex.; thence east to the
town of Del Rio; thence easterly following the center of the main track of the
Southern Pacific Railroad through the towns of Spofford, Uvalde, and Hondo;
thence to the point where the Southern Pacific Railroad crosses the Interna-
tional & Great Norhern Railroad, at or near San Antonio: thence following
the center of the track of said International & Great Northern Railroad in an
easterly direction, to the point in the city of Austin where it joins Congress
Avenue, near the International & Great Northern Railroad depot; thence aeross
said Cougress Avenue to the center of the main track of the Houston & Texa.4
Central Railroad where said track joins said Congress Avenue, at or near the
Houston & Texas Central Railroad depot; thlience following the center line of
the track of said Houston & Texas Central Railroad in an easterly direction
through the towns of Elgin, Giddings, and Brenham, to the point where said
railroad crosses the Brazzos River; tlhence with the center of said Brazos River
in a general northerly direction, to the point on said river where the Beau-
mont branch of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway crosses the same;
thence with the center of the track of the said Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe
Railroad, in an easterly direction through the towns of Navasota, Montgomery,
and Conroe, to the point at or near Cleveland, where said Gulf, Colorado &
Santa Fe Railroad crosses the Houston East & West Texas Railway; thence
with the center of said Houston East & West Texas Railway track to the
point in s-aid line, where it strikes the Louisiana line the open season shall be
from September 1 to October 31;
In that portion of Texas lying south and east of the line above described
the open season shall be from October 1 to November 30;
In South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama (except in Mobile and Baldwin Coun-
ties), Mississippi, and Louisiana the open season shall be from September 1
to September 30 and from Noveniber 20 to January 31;
In that portion of Alabama comprising Mobile and Baldwin Counties the open
season shill be from November 1 to January 31;
In North Carolina the open season shall be from November 20 to January
31; and
In Florida (except in Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties) the open season
shall be from November 20 to January 31.
In that portion of Florida comprising Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties
the open season shall be from September 16 to November 15.
[As amended October 25, 1918; July 28, 1919; July 9 1920; May 17, 1921; March 8
1922; June 11, 1923; April 11 and July 2, 1924; June 22, 192J); March 8, April 22, and
June 18, 19';; April 4 and 21 and September 6, 1927; March 2, July 13, and August 16,
1928; April 23 and December 31, 1929; May 23 and August 25, 1930; and March 17, 1931.]

Regulation 5.-Daily Bag and Possession Limits on Certain Migratory Game

A person may take in any one day during the open seasons prescribed therefore
in regulation 4 not to exceed the following numbers of migratory game birds,
which numbers shall include all birds taken by any other person who for hire
cc'oiniainies or assists him in taking migratory birds; and in the case of ducks,
gei( and brant when so taken thlii.-c may be possessed in the numbers sl)pteciti d
as follows:
Ducks (cx'i,'pt wood ((/-7',s and cider duck.q.)-Fifteen in the aggregate of all
kinds, and any person at any one time may possess not more than 30 ducks in
the ag'reg'ate of all kinds.
GUc.c (cxfcpt now gcc'sc in Florida and all States north thereof bordering on
the Atlantic Ocrin, :iggregate of all kinds, and any person at any one time may possess not more
than eighlit geese and brant in the aggregate of all kinds.
Rails and gallinul.R (c.rcipt sora an.d coot).-Twenty-five in the aggregate of
all kind.s, but not inire tlian 15 of any one species.
Coot.-Twe, i (y-five.
W1ilson .'n ipc' or jack.Ja ipeC.-Twenty.
Wodcrock.-Fou 1r.
Doves (mourning) .-Twenty five.
[As nmended October 25, 1918; July 28, 1919; March 3, 1921 ; March 8, 1926; April 4.
1927; December 31, Il'"!i ; and March 17, 1931.]

[S. R. A.


Regulation 6.-Shipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory
Game Birds

Waterfowl (except snow geo.se in l'l,,ridla and all States, ijorth there'.f 1,ir lIr-
ing (on the Atlantic Oceani I, LRoss ge-e. 'ae'klin gerese. wNooid iilurk, eider illiks.
and111(1 swans), rails, coot, gali11nul1e. wi''dcock. WilI'in s.iipe or j:ecks.ri ip, aInd
mIourning doves and parts thereof lig:;lly taken may lbe tramn-pr,,rted in or rwit
of the State where taken durimn.z tii' rt,-peetive o'pen seasi'on- in ili:it State, a;nld
may be imported froim Canada dtlrihl tlie opeI' ,as.on in tiM. Pr,' viliet. X we4.re
tiken, in any miJnne1r, but n,,t m''re lli;ill the nInil'er tlier(of that 11n:iy be fhki-ni
in two days by one person under thll-a regulatins shlall be t ran-pIorted by Wne
peirson in one calendar week cut of tlti Sta:ite where t:aken; any s-iirh mi-.ratnry
gI n1( birds or parts theri-if in trant-it during g the 1 on 'o1 a-,n ;ly 41 siliiinUe in
trani it such additional time inliiidi;itely sd. .i ,lil' -1l'1ih ,,l'' sea:l-o not to
e-x1ed 5 days, neV-S:Lry to deliver tlin same to their destination, anld imay be
p(,s.stssed in any State, Territory, or D)i-trict during: the period (c'ni-tit tii] the
,lt'ii season wlihere killed, and for an additional period of 10 ldaY nixt suc-
cee'lina said penll seasii ; and any 1',:k:;'.e in whi'-li mi,,r;atiry oani birds or
parts thereof are tran-portod sli;l1l have the n:;inrI and addre-.s of the shipper
and of the Consizn'e and an ceiilra;te -tat-ineut of l1f, numb'-rs antad kinds of
bird- contained therein clearly ;d ini'li,, -uoU-sly nmarkt-d on the out-Ide li,.reof;
but no such birds shall be trailported I'rm any State, Ti-rritory, or D;-tri'-t to
or tlirough another State. Territory. or D'strict or to or through a Pr,,vin.-o of
the Dominion of Can ida contrary to ti-. laws of the State. Territory, or District,
or Province of the I),,minion of (';in'i l;i in wvli,']h they were taken or from which
they are transported; nor shall any -tch birid be tran-ported into any St.tte,
Territory, or District from an14thei State, Territory, or Di.strict, or frcin :iny
State, Territory, or Di-trict into any Provinir. of the Duminion of Canaila at a
time wlhen W such State. Territory. or District, or Province of the Dominion Of
Canada lpr'ihibits thie 1p",-,-o-ion or transporting th'-r,-of.
[As nmi-n.led October 25, 1918; July 9, 1-2O ; M.irch 8. 19-26 April 4, 1927; anI March
17, 1931.1

Regulation 7.-Taking of Certain Migratory Nongame Birds by Eskimos and
Indians in Alaska

In Alaska Eskimos and Indianr- may t:ike for the use of themselves and their
immediate f;Tmiliec-, in any nmanuir and at any time. and iposs,-ss and transport
auks, auklets, guillemots, murre-. and ptfiins and their ogzs for food and their
skins for clothing.

Regulation 8.-Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Waterfowl

1. A person may take in any manner and at any timie mnigrat,,ry waterfowl
and their eggs for propagating purpo-os wlien authorized by a ,periiit i-I-ued
by tlhe Secretary. Waterfow\l and their e.gs so taken may be pos--'-.'il by
the permitted and may be sold and trans-ported by hiin f,,r propagating pln pst's
to any p -rson holding a permit issiicd by the Secretary in accordlin,''- with the
provisions of this regulation.
2. A person authlioriz,,d by a permit i,-,',d by tihe Sr'etary mn.iy lyoesa,
buy, sell, an1d transport migratory waterfowl and Ili-ir incre.io and o-.-.-s in
any manner and :it any tinie for lr-',ii )natiti 1 p'rli,-'; and ni-.,'ratory water-
fowl, except the birds taken under pv:iura.ra'li 1 of this re.uln;l ion, s-1 p" l-csed
may be killed by him at any tinie. in any manner, texcipt that they may lie
killed by shooting only during the ipen w.,;i-lln for wit''rfwl in the State
whore killed, and tile Carcasses, witli lleads1 and I'l-., atltarlied 'li.r',-to, 41f the
lirds so killed may be sold and tr-anspiwrtid by him in any mlla lanlneUr :i11 at
;iany time to any person fr actual consumption, wr to the keep-ie'r of a Intel.
restaurant, or boairding house, retal ilealer in naet or -mi. or a chlub. for
sale or service to their patrons. wiho may p1is-ess suriih 'al't-a for actual
consumption without ait permit, lbut ino migratory waterfo l kzillil by l)shoo,)t-
ing shall be bought or sold unless each bird before attt.aiinin. thigie aige of 4
weeks shall have lhad removed from tlie web of one f,-o t a plrtin thllirc',if in
the form of a V larLne enorwih to mnike a p-rliITiit. t ll-dl1'tTi.1d mark, whi-'lr
shall be suffi'-ieont to identify it as a bir-l rii-,,I in d-ai-ii'.li ,iii tunher 1a

B. S. 75]


3. Any package in which such waterfowl or parts thereof or their eggs are
transported shall have plainly and conspicuously marked on the outside thereof
the name and address of the permitted, the number of his permit, the name
and address of the consignee, and an accurate statement of the number and
kinds of birds or eggs contained therein.
4. Applications for permits must be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C., and must contain the following information: Name and
address of applicant; place where the business is to be carried on; number of
acres of land used in the business and whether owned or leased by the appli
cant; number of each species of waterfowl in possession of applicant; names of
species and number of birds or eggs of each species if permission is asked to
take waterfowl or their eggs; and the particular locality where it is desired to
take such waterfowl or eggs.
5. A person granted a permit under this regulation shall keep books andi
records which shall correctly set forth the total number of each species of water-
fowl and their eggs possessed on the date of application for the permit and on
the 1st day of each January next following; also for each calendar year during
the life of the permit the total number of each species reared and killed.
number of each species and their eggs sold and transported, manner in which
such waterfowl and eggs were transported, name and address of each person
from or to whom waterfowl and eggs were purchased or sold, together with the
number and species and whether sold alive or dead; and the date of each trans-
action. A report setting forth this information shall be annually furnished the
Secretary during the month of January for the preceding calendar year.
6. A permitted shall at all reasonable hours allow any authorized employee
of the United States Department of Agriculture to enter and inspect the prem-
ises where operations are being carried on under this regulation and to inspect
the books and records of such permitted relating thereto.
7. A permit issued under this regulation shall be valid until revoked by the
Secretary unless otherwise specified therein, shall not be transferable, and may
be revoked by the Secretary, if the permitted violates any of the provisions of
the migratory bird treaty act or of the regulations thereunder. A permit duly
revoked by the Secretary shall be surrendered to him by the person to whom it
was issued, on demand of any employee of the United States Department of
Agriculture duly authorized to enforce the provisions of the migratory bird
treaty act.
8. A person may possess and transport for his own use, without a permit,
live migratory waterfowl now lawfully possessed or hereafter lawfully acquired
by him, but he may not purchase or sell such waterfowl without a permit. A
State or municipal game farm or city park may possess, purchase, sell, and
transport live migratory wv;terfowl without a permit, but no such waterfowl
shall be purchased fromi or sold to a person (other than such State or municipal
game farm or city park) unless he has a permit. The feathers of wild (lucks
and wild geese lawfully killed and feathers of such birds seized and condemned
by Federal or State game authorities may be possessed, bought, sold, and
trinsportd. for use in making fishing flies, bed pillows, and mattresses, and
for siimilar commercial purposes, but not for millinery or ornamental purposes.
[As aiinended October 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; and April 10 and June 11, 1923.]

Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds for Scientific Purposes

A plrsni may take in any imaiiner and at any time migratory birds and their
nests and egLs for scientific purposes when authorized by a permit issued by the
Secretary, which permit shall be carried on his person when he is collecting
specimens thereunder and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see the
same, except that nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of any
migratory gamnr bird )on any day frm sunsel to one-half hour before sunrlisi'.
Application for a Ix-rinit must lie addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture,
Waslhiingtn, D. C., and musf coniitain the following information: Name and
address of applicant, his age. and name of State, Territory, or District in
which speimnviis are ii)rnpisld to be laken, and the purpose for which they
arI, inti ndld. lE:ich application sh:ll lhe acc, nmpaniied by two cerli licates certi-
fyiig to the filti's of suilclh r.-Io to hold a Federal pernit. Thlese certificates
will be accepted frimin well-known ornithol,,ists. principali-s or superintendents
of ('dmicatiol ai or zool' i gical ii.tlitiii us, ofiliciails or inmembners of zoolgical or
iiat ural-history organizations, or instrin-tr.s in zoology in high schools, colleges.

[s. R. A.


or universities, or by any one of the above together with a certificate by tie
chief game official of thle State in which the applicant is a resident or of the
State in which he desires to conduct his operatet ions.
The permit may limit the number and slpecies of birds, bird.-,' iiets. or eggs
that may be collected thereunder, and may authorize tlhe holder thereotf to
possess, buy, sell, exchange, and transi.ort in tniy imainier and at any 1luie
migratory birds, parts thereof, and their nests amid eg-g for scientific purpoe-,;
or it may limit the holder to one or mire of these privileges. Public int-etmui-,
zoological parks and societies, and pulilic, scientific arid edui'ational institu-
ionas may possess, buy, sell, exchange, and tra nsport in any nianner andl at
;,ny time nligrtitory birds and parts t lihereof ilnil their nests, andl egg., forl
-(.cielitifie purposes withlimilt a perinimit, lut no specinions shall be tiken without
a permit. 'T'he plum;age and skins of migratory ganime birds legally taken may
be posesesd allnd tranmisported by a pers in without a permit.
A taxidermist, when autlhorlzed by a permiit issued by the Secretary, may
pIossess, buy, sell, exchange, and transport in any manner and at any time
minigratory birds and parts thereof legally taken, or he, may be limited to one
or more of these privileges. A taxidermist gria'.ited a permit under this regu-
lation shall keep books and rel' rd- correctly setting forth the Lnalme and
address of each person delivering each specimen of a migratory bird to him
together with the name of each spocie',, the date of delivery, the disposition of
such specimen, and the date thereof, which sa il books and recordd, sli.ill be
available for inspection at all reasmiable hours on request by any duly
authorized representative of the Dep; rtment of Agricultiure.
Each permit shall be valid until revoked by the Secretatry unless otherwise
specified therein, shall not be trinm-.4erable, and shall be revoca.blde at the dis-
(cretion of the Secretairy. A permit duly revked by the Secretary shall be
surrendered to him bly the persoul to whom it was iss-ued, on demand of any
employee of the United States Department of Agriculture duly authorized
to enforce the provisions of the migratory bird treaty act. A person hold;nug
:, permit under this regulation shalll report annual lly to the Secretary on or
before the 10th day of January during the life of the permit the nniuier of
skins, nests, or eggs of each species collected, bought, sld, received, lposse-sed,
mounted, exchanged, or transported (luring the preceding calendar year.
Every package iii which mi-ratory birds or their nest. or eggs ;ire tr;iiz-
ported sliall have clearly and conslpicuously na:rked on tlihe ot. side thereof the
riame and(l address of the sender, the number of the permit in every ca-e
whenl a permit is required, the naitni' and addret,-s of the co.s-iglel', at state-
ment that it contaiin-s slp.eimeniis of birds, their nest-, or eggs for s-cioi ific
purposes, and, whenever such a 1,;clk~ige is transported or offered for trnpslir-
tation from the Dominion of Caonada into the United Stat-es (or from the United
States into the Di'minion of Can;ida. an aeeurate st;Itenment of the conteiwts.
[As amended October 25, 1918; March 3, 1921; June 11, 1923; April 23. 1929; and
March 17, 1931.]

Regulation 10.-Permits to Kill Migratory Birds Injurious to Property
When information is furnished the Secretary that any species of m1igratory
bird has become, under extraordinary conditions, seriously injurious to aLi: i-ul-
lure or (other interests in any particular community, ;a investig:liiou will lbe
made to (letelnimine the nature and cxielit of the injury, wiltether the birts
alleged to lite doing the (lamage should be killed, and, if so, during wliat aties
and by what means. Ulpin his dete'rmifhition ;in appi 4,priate order will be
Regulation 11.-State Laws for the Protection of Migratory Birds
Nothing in these regul;attoii, shall 1ie. .il-t ,dl to p'erlnlit the ttak i.. p --,-
1son, sale, purcha se. or iraiislirt.ition of mni-ratt ry bird-, their iie-ts, iaind (r '
contrary to the laws and rtegulations o(f Iny St;-ie, or Territt'iy, or D)i-lrict
made for tlie puirp',e, f 1ivin,, furllier protection to migri;tory birds. their
nests, and eggs wilenI such la-ws alnd i e-ulatim.ns are not iinct,-i-istent with tile
convention between tlhe United Stati. ;iad G'reat Britain fir thlite protection of
mig:ratory birds conicluded AIgu-.tl 16, 1916, or the inil:ritory bird treaty act
nd do not extend thlie open seiuisliis fir such birds lheyond tlit dates pre-Cribcd
l.y theZi.e regulatio1n4.
[Addtd byv proclamniatiti of October :.',, 191S. as il nfili1 July f9, l"-'(.]

B. S. 75J


[39 Stat. 1702]
Whereas a convention between the United St:ates of America and the United
Kiniidom of Great Britain and Ireland for the protection of migratory birds
in the United States and Canada was concluded and signed by their respective
plenipotentiaries at Washington on the 16th day of August, 1916, the original
of which convenCtion is word for word as follows:
Whereas many species of birds in the course of their annual migrations
traverse certain parts of the United States and the Dominion of Canada; and
Whereas many of these species are of great value as a source of food or
in destroying in.,ects which are injurious to forests and forage plants on tlhe
public domain, as well as to agricultural crops. in both the Un;ted States
and Canada, but are nevertheless in danger of extermination through lack of
adequate protection during the nesting season or while on their way to and
from their breeding grounds;
The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the United
King-d,:in of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond
the Seas, Emperor of India, being desirous of saving from indiscriminiate
^-aiighter and of insuring the preservation of such migratory birds as are
either useful to man or harmless, have resolved to adopt some uniform system
of protection which shall effectively accomplish such objects and to tlhe end
of concluding a convention for this purpose have appointed as their respective
The President of the United States of Aimria, Robert Lazisin, Secretiry
of Stite of the United States; and
Hlis Britannic Majesty, the Right Hon. Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice, G. C.
V. 0., K. C. M. G., etc.. His Majesty's ambassador extraordinary and plenl-
potentiary at Washingtin;
Who, after having communicated to eich other their respective full powers,
which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed to and adopted
the following articles:
Article I

'Thie high contracting powers declare that the migratory birds included in the
terms of this convention shall be as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidao or waterfowl, including brant, wild ducks, geese, and swan.i.
(b) Gruidae or cranes, including little brown, s.aidhill, and whooping cranes.
(c) Rallidae or rails, including coots, galliinules, and sor:. and other rails.
(d) Li]nicolae or shorebirds, including avoct-ts, curlew, dowit,'hers, godwits,
knit-,, oyster catelhiers, phalaropes, plovers, ,;indpipers, snipe, stilts, surf birds.
turl'stont'S, willet, woodcock, and yellowlegs.
(e) Columlbidie or pigeons, including doves and wild pigeons.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Bobolinks, catbirds, chiki:tdes, cu''1koos,
flickers,. flycatchers, grosbeaks, humming birds, kinglets, martin, mineadowlarks,
niglith:awks or bull-bats, nut-Iiatchies, orioles, robins, shrikes, swallows, swifts,
tti i:ters, titmi'-e, thruslhes, vireos, warblers, wax-winugs, whippoorwills, wood-
p,.1:trs, and wrens, and all other p)erctling birds which feed entirely or chiefly
on i.isects.
3. Other migratory iongiiii. birds: Auks, ankilets, bittern-;, fulmars, gannets,
grebes,, gtillh-nitts, gulls, herons, jaev.ers, loons, murres, petrels, puffins, slhear-
wNatrs, and ti-rns.
Article 11
The lii'-'h co ilracltin'g powers agreie that, as an effective means of preserving
mi.roitory thirds, there sliall le established the following close seasons during
which 110 huntlig sifall be done except for scientific or propagating purpIsesI
undlr p1'rmit; i.sshel by propiir authorities.

Si2 .,jd at W -ihiiiigton, AIg. 10, 1916; r:;ii iclic mi inn ilvised by the Senate Akug. 2), rati-
fied by the P1I'r,. cil1I Sept. 1, amil by G(reat Britain Oct. 2'); ratificatiutis exchanged Dec. 7;
procnlaim, d IDe)c. 8, 19160.

[S. R. A.


1. The close season oin mlr;iattory _'ame bird-; .luill be li'twei .in A.7Lir,.i 10 alnd
September 1, except that thi ell-'e sesi.'ii ,ii in. Limie.lie or .-t.rehirls in tie
Maritime Provinces of Canada andl in lhos-e Skite, of tOr Uniited Slat.s border-
ing on the Atlantic Oce.an \lhich are siti:ated wltlly or in part nolrt of C'li'sa-
peake Bay sl:iall be between Febriary 1 ;iindl A.;ui t 15, anld that Itniiants may
take at any time scitoters- for fooil 1iut not for -;ile. "'le' ;-'a-on for huirtini:
shall be further re-tri'ted to such period nit exceeding. three and (m,1.-hilf
months as thi' high contr:,iiting powris may severally d,'eit appriiipriate andl
(leinoe by law or regulation.
2. The cls se season on mli igratory in-.,-'tivorous birds sliall cii'ntinue thr,,ui i-
ow t tle yfi :lr.
3. The clf se stasotl ,n thoer min--ratory non-aiae birds -l:mll continip through-
out the year, except that Eskitios and Indians may take at any seaspin aliks,
aiklets, guillenmiots, imurres, and puffins, and their ezs, for food and their
skins for clothing, but the birds and eg-s so tal.'n shall not be sold or offered
for sale.
Article III

The high contracting powers awzroe that during the period of 10 years next
following the going into effect of this convention there shall be a continuous
close season on the following migratory game birds, to wit:
Band-tailed pigeons, little brown, sandhill, and whoopi:ln cranes, swans, cur-
lew, and all -shorebirds (except the black-breasted and golden plover, Wilson or
jack snipe, woodcock, and the greater and lesser yellowlegs) ; provided that
during such 10 years the close seasons on cranes, swans, and curlew in the
Province of British Columbia shall be made by the proper authorities of that
Province within the general dates and limitations elsewhere prescribed in this
convention for the respective groups to which these birds belong.

Article IV

The high contracting powers agree that special protection .hall be given the
wood duck and the eider duck either (1) by a close season extending over a
period of at least 5 years, or (2) by the establishment of refuges, or (3) by
such other regulations as may be deemed appropriate.

Article V

The taking of nests or eggs of migratory game or insectivorous or nongaime
birds shall be prohibited, except for scientific or propagating purposes under
such laws or regulations as the high contracting powers may severally deem
Article VI

The high contracting powers agree that the shipment or export of migratory
birds or their eggs from any State or lProvince, during the continuance of the
close season in such State or Province, shall be prohibited except for scientific
or proplagating puirposes, and the international traffic in any birds or eggs
at such time captured, killed, taken, or shipped at any time contrary to the
laws of the State or Province in wvlhiih the same were caplttiriod, killed, taken,
or shiiliped shall be likewise prohibited. Every p)ackag.e ci ,titainiii- nmi oratoryy
birds or any parts thereof or any eggs of mi-i'ratory birds transported, or
offered for tran:,portation from the United Stati- into the Dominion of (C;amida
or from the Dominion of Can;ada into the United Stares, shall have the iname
and address of the shipper and an ;i,'uirate statement of thle contents clear rly
marked on the outside of sich paka .1e.

Article VII

Permits to kill any of the abovo-naled(l birds, which under extraordinary
conditions may become seriously injuries to flie atnric(iltiiral or other interests
in any Iparticular community, imay ie issued 1by th lie iroplecr authorities of thie
high contracting powers under sitialle regulations prescribed therefore by tliiill.
respectively, but such permits sih all 1:11-o or i.ay la be cal lliceled at any tille w'hell,
in the opinion of said authorities. 1lie particular exi1et.cy ais I'a.-..1. and no
birds killed under this article s.hliall lit :-hipplid, :-old, or utteredd for sAOle.
507110-:1. -- 2


Article VIII

The high contracting powers agree themselves to take, or propose to their
respective appropriate law-making bodies, the necessary measures for insuring
the execution of the present convention.

Article IX

The present convention shall be ratified by the President of the United States
of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by
His Britannic Majesty. The ratifications shall be exchanged at Washington as
soon as possible, and the convention shall take effect on the date of the ex-
change of the ratifications. It shall remain in force for 15 years, and in the
event of neither of the high contracting powers having given notification 12
months before the expiration of said period of 15 ears of its intention of
terminating its operation, the convention shall continue to remain in force for
1 year and so on from year to year.
In faith whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the present con-
vention in duplicate and have hereunto affixed their seals.
Done at Washington this 16th day of August, 1916.
And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and
the ratifications of the two Governments were exchanged in the city of Wash-
ington on the 7th day of December, 1916:
Now, therefore, be it known that I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the United
States of America, have cau-ed the said convention to be made public, to the
end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and
fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of
the United States to be affixed.
D:,ne at the city of Washington this 8th day of D. cember in the year of our
Lord 1916, and of the independence of the United States of America the 141st.
By the President:
Secretary of State.

[Act of July 3, 1918. 40 Stat. 755-U. S. Code, Title 16, Sees. 703-711.]
An Act To give effect to the convention between the United States and Great Britain for
the protection of migratory birds concluded at Washington, August 16, 1916, and for
other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represeintatircves of the United
States of America in Congress asscinbled, That this act shall be known by the
short title of the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act."
SEC. 2. That unless and except as pIermitted by regulations made as herein-
after provided, it shall be unlawful to hunt, take, capture, kill, attempt to take,
capture or kill, posses. offer for sale, sell. o(ter to purchase, purchase, deliver
for shipment, ship, cause to be shipped, deliver for transportation, transport,
cause to be transported, carry or cause to be carried by any means whatever,
receive for shilinient, transportation or carriage, or export, at any time or in
any iiniiinner, any migratory bird, included in the ternis of the convention between
the United Stales and Great Britain for the proteCtion of mini-ratory birds con-
cluded August 16, 1916, or any 1t rt, nest, or egg of any such bird.
SEC. 3. That, subject to the provisimns and in order to carry out the purpo-ze-
of the co nivejition, the Secretary of A\ri( culture is au'hliorized mand directed, from

3 Constitlut Il',iali iy of the treaty and act uf July 3, 1918, wststi.iinrd by the United States
Supreme Court in a decision riiiiri -,1 Apr. 19, 1120, in the case of the State of Missouri
v. Hay I'. Holland (252 U. S. 416) ; see also U. S. v. Lumpkin (27(; Fed. 5S(O). ('aiiiaidi
by an act of I'arliin. ,ii t kapruvi, Ang. -9. 1917. '-nave full effect to the treaty aid pro
min ligatid regtilabtioIst tlierti'iilr MMay 11, 1918. 'T'liw validity of the act of the Dominion
'Irrlibinr-it was iphell li.y tlie S ipreme C'ourt of P'rince Il,\'ird Island in a decision
(Michaelnas I.riii, 1:r20) rendered in the case of the King v. Russell C. Clark. For full
text of the (C';in:ili:rr, ni r:i tuiy-bird treaty act and rigula(tiouns, communicate with the
Coinnimml.-sioner, National P'arks of ('iiid:i O:il.aw:a, Ontario.


time to timlie, having due regard to tlli zones of t 'iv,,r II..nr' a,,td to t0h0 1i-tl'ri-
bution, abuitndance, econ,,minc valuc. breeding lhallits, atid timie- :.i1d litnes. of
migratory Ili-'ht of such birds. to ttiett 1rinit,1 wiV tn,. to wvia;t extent, if at :1ll.
and by what nmeants, it is coipli ,tiIleI with 11Ite t e.'ms Oif Ihe conventltiolin to allow
huntii-,g. taking. capture, killiniL:. pl-'.-.-'.iolli. .-..ie. lurcla-e. shlilli l litl, tralis-
portation. carriage, or export of any -,ulh bird, or any part, nest, ir eg. l,,re f.
and to adopt suitable regulations lpermnitting aiil :'overlniin:, the ..:l, in
accordalice with such det erminations, wliich regzulati,,'s shall iec lic l't.ecltive
whelti approved by the President.
SEC. 4. That it shall be unlawful to ship, transport, or carry, by any means-
whatever, from one State, Territory, or District to or through anotl,-i State,
Territory, or District, or to or through a foreign country, any bird, or any ,art,
nest, or egg thereof, captured, killed, taken, shipped, trati.-spirted, or carri-d at
any time contrary to the laws of the State, Territory, or Di-trict in which it
was captured, killed, or taken, or fn-oin which it was shipped. tran:lportled, or
carried. It shlall be unlawful to imliort any bird, or any part, nest, or eggr
thereof, captured, killed, taken, shliplled, transported, or cairrird co itr;iry to
the laws of any Province of the Doniniion of C;anada in which the -alie \\as-
captured. killed, or taken, or from which it was slhipled., transported, or ca:l'lie'l.
SEC. 5. That any employee of the Department of Agrit(ulture auihtirizcd by
the Secretary of Agriculture to enforce the proi-iuins of this act shall have
power, without warrant, to arrest any person committing a violation tL this act
in his presence or view and to take such per-on immediately for ,exadilnation
or trial before an officer or court of competent jurisdiction; .lilall have power
to execute any warrant or other process issued by an ofic er or court of com-
petent jurisdiction for the enforcement of the provisions of this; act; anil -hall
have authority, with a search warrant, to search :liy place. The -everail judl.'
of the courts established under thliet laws of tlie United St:ates, anid Ulrited
States commissioners may, within lleir re-Ilective jiiri-dicti 1-, upon lprpeiir
oath or aflirnilation showing probable cause, issue warrants in all such -a.-es.
All birds, tr parts, nests, or egs thereof, calturiid. kilWei taketi, shipped.
transported, carried, or possessed contrary to tli p)rovisi.in.- of this ;i.t or of
any regulations. made pursuant thereto shall, when found, 1'e seized by any
such emnployee, or by any marshal, or deputy marshal, aind. upon conviction 'f
the offender or upon judgment of a court of the United States that the -aiiie
were captured, killed, taken, sihiplped. transported, carried, or p'.,-'c:-eil co,-
trary to the lrovis-ions of this act or of any regulation made pursu:alt therti.
sliall be forfeited to the United States and di,-lp.-ed of as directed by the
court having jurisdiction.
SEC. 6. That any person, a.sociation,. partntiership, or corporation who sliall
violate any of tihe provisions of said convention or of this act, or who lilall
violate or fail to comply with any regulation iMade 1u l't-u:Int to thi., act, shall
be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and upon conviction tliereof :h.ill lbe fined
not more than I5)X or be iminri,,oned not more than six mniiths, or btll.
S.cx. 7. That nothing in this act shall be cii-trued to plrevc\Ut the .-everal
States andl Territoriets from making or enforcing laws or regulation,, to,,t iwc,,in-
sistent with the provisions of said convention or of this act, or frolmt making or
enforcing laws or regulations wliich shall give further protection to iig ratoir%
birds, their nests, and eggs, if such laws or retgulatiiolin do not exte ,l the
oip'un sea.-.'ns for such birds beyond the dates approved by the Pre.ident in
accordance with section three of this a;rt.
SEC. 8. That until the adoption and approval, pursuant to section 3 of this
act, of regulations dealing with migratory bir' is an;d their nes.ts tand i stith
migratory birds and lltheir netsts and etggs as are iten'i'Ild and iiuset d cx' Isivevly
for scientific or prolpagating purposes 's iiay bi- taken. clapturted. killed po.-.'.-ed.
sol(, purchased, shipl)ped, atn(d transpiorted for suIc .-cienttific or pIropag:alilh
purposes if and to the extent not in -iinflict with the laws of the State, Terri-
tory, or D)istrict in which they are taken, aptltured, I. killed. iis-,e:.-ed, siphli, or
purchased, or in or froi wvhlich they are shiplqed or tran,-port.'l if llt pack:igt-
containing the dead bodies or the nests or tgg,- of sIn]l birds wiven shilipied aial
transported shall be marked on the out-idle thereof .-) as aic'urately alitl clarly
to show the name and address of the ,shipper :anil the conlciits of tlit' pi kjigt'.
SEC. 9. That the unexplnded l;alanll'es of anlly sirills apjlr,,priated by tlit agri-
cultural appropriation acts for the liscal years 1917 ;il, 194 ,1 for vIInfortinI
the provisions of the act approved Mairch 4, 1913. rela;iti to tlihte 1proteti, in of
migratory game and insectivorous lidls. are herel'y reaupnr,,riateed ar'I tin ile
available until expended for the xp('X)'en,'es of carrying into effect tlie pr\N i-i,,onl



[S. R. A.

of this act and regulations made pursuant thereto, including the payment of
suilh rent, and the employment of such persons and means, as the Secretary of
Agriculture may deem necessary, in the District of Columbia and elsewhere,
co)1)eration with local authorities in the protection of migratory birds, and
nevressary investigations connected therewith: Provided, Thliat no person who
is subject to the draft for service in the Army or Navy shall be exempted or
ex, used fromn such service by reason of his employment under this act.
SEc. 10. That if any clause, sentence, paragraph, or part of this act shall, for
any reason, be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid.
such judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder thereof. 1)but
shall be confined in its operation to tlhe clause, sentence, paragraph, or part
tliereof directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment shall have
been rendertld.
SEC. 11. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this
act are hereby repealed.
SEC. 12. Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent the breeding of
migratory game birds on farms and preserves and the sale of birds so bred
under proper regulations for the purpose of increasing the food supply.
SEC. 13. That this act shall become effective immediately upon its passage
.and approval.


Federal laws affecting the shipment of wild animals comprise statutes regu-
lating interstate commerce by common carrier in the dead bodies or parts
thereof, and the importation of live birds and mammals from foreign countries,
as follows:
[U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEC. 391. The importation into the United States, or any Territory or District
thereof, of the mongoose, the so-called "flying foxes," or fruit bats, the English
sparrow, the starling, and such other birds and animals as the Secretary of
Agriculture may from time to time declare to be injurious to the interests of
agriculture or horticulture, is hereby prohibited; and all such birds and ani-
mals. shall, upon arrival at any port of the United States, be destroyed or
returned at the expense of the owner. No person shall import into the United
States or into any Territory or District thereof any foreign wild animal or bird,
except under special permit from the Secretary of Agriculture: Prorided, That
nothing in this section shall restrict the importation of natural-history speci-
mens for museums or scientific collections, or of certain cage birds, such as
domesticated canaries, parrots, or such other birds as the Secretary of Agri-
culture may designate. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to
make regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this section.5 (Act
of MMarch 4, 190). sec. 241-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEC. 392. It shall be unlawful for any person to deliver to any coimmion
carrier for tran-iportation, or for any common carrier to transport from any
State, Territory, or District of the United States to any other State, Territory,
or Di-triet thereof, any foreign annimals or birds the importation of which
is prohibited, or the dead bodies or p:irts thereof of any wild animals or birds,*
where stuli( animals or birds have been killed or shipped in violation of the laws
of the State, Territory, or District in which the same were killed, or from
whiir' they were shipped: Proridcd, That nothing herein shall prevent tlhe
trii- iportation of any dead birds or :iniiin;ils killed during the season vhen the
-*;.e mI;ay be lawfully calilured, and the export of which is not prohibited
by l;iw in the State, Te'rritory, or District in which the same are captured or
killed. (Act of March 4, 1909, sec. 242-3-5 Stat. 1137.)

4 Folr ses.; 2, 3, and 4 of the act o' M.:iy 2_-. 1f00 --1 Stat. 187-188-which was siiper-
I oil, bv sees. 211-244 of the act of M;irrlh 4. !bo.)-:-.:. Stat. 1137-see sees.39 .1-9.4 of
I .('"I, litle 1i ; for sec. 5 of the act of Maiy 25. 1, 1iuo see sec. .305 of title 18; and
for sec. 1 .-,., sec. 761 if title 16.
6 See joint if 1ii:1tions (S. RIt. A.-B. S. ), effective November 21, 1927, governiniig the
nip,,'i-:l ion of 1,,liwlhite quail from M ,xi.,,. lopi.- (if which niay be obtained free of charge
from the 17. S. D1).ul rtment of A\ ri'iillitr,. WAishiiingloii, D. C.
SSee sec. 4 ol thi. niiigrito Lacey Act relative to the inlersthti trinii-.pirtation of wild birds.


Stc. 393. All packages 'ontaining the dead bodlies,, or thie 1Iluia;L:e. or parts
theieof. of game animals, or game Jr otlier wild birds, when -lijp4ed in initer-
state or foreign commerce, shiall be plainly and elharly 1a):rkd, sI tiIIt tlhe
name and address of the shipper and the nature of the colonloents may I,- readily
as'eertained oil an inspection of the outM-ide of such p:tek:;ige. (At of Ma'rcli
4. 19W(9. sec. 243-35 Stat. 1137.)
SEc. 394. For each eva-ion or violation of any provi-iiin of thie three section. ,
la-t lpre'edinu tillo silplieir shall be lined no't it41e t1ianiii $21); tihe con-ignee
knowingly re.eiv ing such articles .o shipped and tralIiortetvd in violation, 1f
:,lid sectitio,. shall tbe fined lnot more tli:i, :<210:; ;anl tlie carrier knmxviiily
':;! 1'rr'lng or train4porting the sa.ime in violation of '-aid ,'.etions '-li;ill fie fied
hit m6re tlan $20.). (Act of March 4, 1909, '-e. 244-635 SItat. 11:0.)
SEC. 395i. Thliat all dead lbli iods. or parts therrof, of any for.ci-"n -nine animals,
or game or !-ow, birds, the imlp)irt:ation of which i, prohibited. or the dlcid1
I,'dies. or ipa rts Iliereof, of any wild (naim animals, or i.tme or soni,_ bird-
trainsported into any State or Territory, or rvmia iinin: thereiii for -:. consumllp-
ti1n. sale. or storage. therein, shliall upon arrival in -1i0h State or T.rritory be
subject to tii. opl, ration :ind effect of the laws of sii,.h State or Territory
ciiacted In ti., exercis, of its police powers, to the .anie extent and in the fan,,
manner as though such aiiinals or birds hliil ) ben proldii.',.d in .u<'li State or
Territory, Ai]d -lhall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced
therein in original pl; k:ines or otherwise. This act 1, ill in'it prevent the im-
iortation. tran,-il,,rtation, or sale of birds.. or bird pliinia ,, manuto:ctii.red frtom
I-:) feathers of barnyard fowl. (Act of May 2., 19('o0. -.,,. 5---:8 Stat. 188.)
[U. S. Code. Title 16. Conservation]

S-:c. 701. That the duties and powers of the D,'pa.r, ,'lit of Ariculture are
lerefby enlar.-(cd so as to include t lie preservation, distribution, hit product ion, and
restoration of ;Itllte birds and oilier wild birds. The Se,'rt.t:-y (of Agriculture
i'- hereby authorized to adopt such lmtasures as may be ncm:,-.-ary to carry out
1h' ,iurp-),-e- of this ac(t and to purchase suchl same bil-rd, and oilier wild birds
as may be required tl irefor. subject, however, to the laws of the various St-ates
;11:d Territories. The (ulijtc.t nind purpose of this act is to aid in tlhe re-t4jra-
tioL of sM-h birds in llioe 1,a rts of the United .States allapl)ted Iherett, whl'ire
rtha same have liecome scarcee oir extinct, and also to ri-rulate the introduction
(of Ameri-an or foreignii bird- or :nim:ls in localities w. re they lihave not here-
toffire existed.
The Secretary of Agriculture shall from time to time collect and plulilish
u.f~hl infoirmiationii as to the propigaition. u-es. and pre An( the Secretary of Agriculture shliall make and publish all in'cedftul riuls
ail(d regulations for carrying out tih purplo-e- of this a;t. mtid :1aall cxl'end for
said purl *,.'.es such sums as Co(ngre-ss may approplrialte !liorefor. (Act of May
2W. 190(. see. 1-31 Stat. 1,ST.)


I[U. S. Citd Title 18. Criirinal c"oil and 'rinii:al l'roct(dure]

St:'. 147.. W'lniv'ri shall hunt, trap, capture, willfully disturb, or kill any bird
or wild(l aiiiiimil of any kind whatever, or take <'r dl-t roy' thle e.S of aWNy -1iili
bird ,ii any landls of the United States which have 1,,. n -t apart or resevr.l
as rcfuges or bi',edling groitid(s for such birds or aiiiimals by any law, pri,.cla-
mation', ,r Exc,.tive trder, except under -:ucli rule-, amld regulation-; as the
Se, retary of AXricullturv may, from timn to time. pre-,'rilb, or who shall will-
fully injure., mniol-st. or destroy any property of tlie Ulitedl Stat,'s on any -such
lands s.ill be finetd not milre tihan $5 il. or Impri'-oned u,,t more tlban six
moiT,,tl.-. ar b,,th. (Act of March 191)9, -e'. 84. -; :1is m n ,d,, April 15, t1121.
42 ST:it. !0,.)
[U. S. Cod'. SupplOeni i'it IV, Title 1. C,'ii. i vitionrl

SEC'. T715i. No person shall kino,,iuigly di.iurb, injure, or destroy any notice.
sig,-','ardi. fence, building d(itcli, dil;m, dik,. 0me;hatLiii'11'nt1 flume, spill 'ay, or
oth(.r imil)rpi'venment or property 4 tlit, Unl'l'd Siat:,.s on :i11v ar,,:1 a:'pl1iir',.l
ui.dhr this cliaplter, or cut. burn, ,,r d-r,,y aiy tinihor, z:a--.. ,Ir otli.r natural


growth, on said area or on any area of the United States which heretofore
has been or which hereafter may be set apart or reserved for the use of the
Department of Agriculture as a game refuge or as a preserve or reservation and
breeding ground for native birds, under any law, proclamation, or Executive
order, or occupy or use any part thereof, or enter thereon for any purpose, ex-
cept in accordance with regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture; nor shall
any person take any bird, or nest or egg thereof on any area acquired under this
chapter, except for scientific or propagating purposes under permit of the Sec-
retary of Agriculture; but nothing in this chapter or in any regulation there-
under shall be construed to prevent a person from entering upon any area ac-
quired under this chapter for the purpose of fishing in accordance with the law
of the State in which such area is located: Provided, That such per-4on complies
with the regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture covering such area. (Act
of February 18, 1929, sec. 10-45 Stat. 1222.)


Regulation T-7, effective October 1, 1919, of the Regulations of the Forest
Service relative to National Forests, provides as follows:
The following acts are prohibited on lands of the United States within
national forests:
The going or being upon any such land, or in or on the waters thereof, with
Intent to hunt, catch, trap, willfully disturb, or kill any kind of g;am animal,
game or nongame bird, or fish, or to take the eggs of any such bird, in violation
of the laws of the State in which such land or waters are situated.
Regulation G-30 authorizes all forest officers to enforce the above regula-
tion and also to cooperate with State or Territorial officials in the enforeonient
of local laws for the protection of birds, fishli, and game.

[Act of March 4, 1909-U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEC. 106. Whoever shall willfully set on fire, or caiiue to be set on tire, any
timber, underbrush, or grass upon the public domain, or shall leave or suffer
fire to burn unattended near any timber or other inflammable material, hall
be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
SEC. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or other
inflammable material upon the public domain shall, before leaving said -ire.
totally extinguish the samte; and whoever sliall fail to do so shall be fined
not more than $1,000, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

[Act of June 17, 19'(- -U. S. Code, Supplement IV, Title 10, Customs Duties]
Title I.-Dutiable List
PAn. 704. Reindeer meat, venison and itlier game (except blrd.), fresh,
chilled, or frozen, not specially provided for, 6 cents per pounlld.
PAR. 711. Birds, live: Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guie.iis, 8 rents
per pound; baby chicks of poultry, 4 centss each; all other live biris mnot
especially provided for, value, at $5 or less each, 50 'icent-s eneli ; va leii at more
than $5 ei-li. 20 per centum ad valoreni.
PAR. 712. Birds, dead, dressed or undressd, fni.-lt, chilled, or frozen;
CldickiiQ. du(ks. geese, and guineas, 10 cents plr pound; l irkeys, 10 cents- per
pound; all other. 10 cents per pound: all the forepoii, prepared or pre.,rved(
in any mnnioer and not sIleeilly provided for. 10 (cets pir pound.
PAR. 715. Live aninjals. vertebrate and invertebrate, not zpo 'ally provided for,
15 lW-r centum ad valorem.

B. S. 75]




PAR. 1518. Feathers and downs, onil the Wkin or otieiwi-we,. crude or not dre.-ed,
colored, or otherwise advanced or aiiiinfactuired in ainy miianner, nIot s]eci;llly
provided for, 20 pier centunim ad valore'in ; dre.ssd, colored, or otherwise ;d'(va1eed
or 1manufactured in any manner. including quilt< of down and ollher iii:i;nufac-
tures of doviti. ()0 per c'ntium ad valo're i ; f.ithr dlii, fi.st]er". 451 per c'eitutil ;id(
valoremni; arnilbifil or ornmnv t;lil featlhers suitable for use a', millinery orna-
nients, U60 per centuiiiii ad valorem; ;id all articles,, not slitci;ally lro-
vided for, conimpo-el wholly or in chief value of any of the fe:,liir.., *
above imentiont1ed. ,hioll be subject to the rate of duty Iprovided in this par;inr;iph
for such inaterials, but not less than 60 per centum ad valoreim: Proridf' d,
That the iiipirtntlion of Iiirds of p.iradi-e, aigrettes, egret plinmis or so-r;illed
osprey lilumies, and the feathers, quills, headl. wings. tiils. skins, or parts of
skins, of wild bird]-, either raw or manifactired, and not for scieitifir or edica--
tional purlpo'es. is hereby prohibited;: but this provision shall nor apply to the
feathers or pilinies of ostrilches or to the feathers or plihies of domi.--tif fowls
of any kind: Pri rifled furthwr, That birds of pi radise. and the feathers., quills,
heads, wings. tails, skins, or parts thereof, and all aigrettes, gre-t plumes,. or
so-called osplrey pluiies, and the feathliers, quills, heads, wing-., tails, skin-, or
parts of skills, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, of like kind to tl|',,e
the importation of which is prohibited by the f,,regoing provisions of tl i- 1,'',.a-
graph, which may be found in the United States, on and after the passage of this
Act, except Ias to such plumage or parts of birds in actual use for rlivi-onal
adornmient, and except such plumnage, birds or parts thereof imported therein for
scientific or educational purposes, shall be presutied for the purpi!-e of seizure
to have been imported unlawfully after October 3, 1913, and the collector of
customs shall seize the same unless the poses4ir thereof sh;ll e-.taldish. to the
satisfaction of the collector that the .same wero imported into the United States
prior to October 3, 1913, or as to such plumhiiagi- or parts of birds that they were
plucked or derived in the United States from birds lawfully therein; and in 'aRse
of seizure by the collector, he shall proceed as in case of forfeiture for violation
of the customs laws, and the same sli;ill be forfeited, unless' the claimant Ahall,
in any legal proceeding" to enforce :-ilih forfeiture, other than a crimiiiial prose.cu-
tion, overcoiome the presusiiption of illegal impolrtation and establish that the
birds or articles seized, of like kind to those mentioned the importation of which
is prohibited Ias above, were imported into the United States prior to October 3,
1913. or w"ere plucked in the United States from birds lawfully therein.
That wli.oever birds or pluhiniage, the implortation of which is prohibited by
thie fore(oing provisions of this paragraph, are forfeited to the Government,
the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to place the samei, with the
departments or bureaus of the Federal or State Governlitents or soitie.ie, or
museums for exhibition or scientific or educational purposes, but not for sale
or personal use; and in the event of such birds or pluiage not being required
or (desired by either Federal or State Government or for educational liurpoes.
they shliall be dest royed.
That nothing in this Act shall be constriied to repeal tlhe provisii ins of thl.
Act of March 4, 1913, chapter 145 (Thirty-seventh Statutes at Large, pa -% .47),
or the Act of July 3, 1918 (Fortieth Statutes at Large, pige 755), or any other
law of thle United States, now of force, intended for tihe protection or pro',vwii-
tion of birds within the United States. That if on inves!tig:ition .by the col-
lector before seizure, or before trial for forfeiture, or if at :ili h trial if -licwh
seizure h1:a 1.,eeIl malde., it sliall be m;fdi, to appear to the collector, or the pri'se-
cuting officer of tlie Governmntiet, as tlie ease may 1i. th;it n4 illegal import nation
of such feathers liw beetn made, ibut that tlhe lsss...in. acquisitions or lpurl-h a.e
of siili fealthirs is or lhas been m1:tde in violation of ti,, provisions of tho Act of
March 4, 1913. chalipter 145 (Thirty-seventh St;ituiles at La;rge. p)iue S.17), or tlhe
Act of July 3. 1918 (Fortieth Statutes at Lairv'e. pige t'755.)), or any .llher law of
the Unitedi States, n1,w of force, intended for the prot, eel ion or preI-erva tion of
hirds within tlit United States, it -lill e li the dluty tof the colleclor, or -n'h
prosecuting Etticer, as thle case imay li1, to re'lor't the facts to tlie pni"l'r officials
of the United States, or State or Territory (lhar,_'e(d withi tie duty ,f enlforein:
such laws.
PAR. 1519. (a) Dre-'.ed furs amlnd dr,'s.ed furi sl idn (ex 'elit silver or bla'k
fox), anld plates. nmats. linings, stril-, and ero-:,s of (dres-.ed liqg. 0:)t, or kid
skins. 25 1per century ad valoremi ; all the ftrg,,ing, if dyvcd, 3:, p1er ce' nin ad
val Torie*mn.



[S. R. A.

(b) Manufactures of fur (except silver or black fox) further advanced than
dre-sing, prepared for use as material if not dyed, 35 per centum ad
valorem; if dyed, 40 per centum ad valorem.
(c) Silver or black fox furs or skins, dressed or undressed, not specially pro-
vided for, 50 per centum ad valorem.
(e) Articles wholly or partly manufactured (including fur collars, fur cuffs.
and fur trimmings), wholly or in chief value of fur, not specially provided for,
50 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1520. Hatters' furs, or furs not on the skin, prepared for hatters' use,
including fur skins carroted, 35 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 1530. (c) Leather made from the hides or skins of *
reptiles and birds, 25 per centum ad valorem.
PAR. 15:15. any prohibition of the importation of feathers in this
Act shall not be construed as applying to artificial flies used for fishing, or to
fe.ithers used for the manufacture of such flies.

Title II.-Free List

PAR. 1606. (a) Any animal imported by a citizen of the United States spe-
cially for b'reoding purp.,ses, shall be admitted free, whether intended to be
u-cd by the importer himself or for sale for such purposes, except black or
silver foxes: Providcd, That no such aniniil shliall be admitted free unless pure
bred of a reco-iiiz,.l breed and duly registered in a book of record recognized
by the Secretary of A-,ricullure for that breed: Provided further, That the cer-
tificate of such record and pedigree of such animal shall be produced and sub-
mitted to the De.partment of Agriculture, duly authenticated by the proper
custodian of such book of record, together with an affidavit of the owner, agent,
or importer that the animal imported is the identical animal described in said
certificate of record and pedigree. The Secretary of Agriculture maiy prescribe
such regulations as may be required for dleterminiii',: the purity of breeding and
the identity of such animal: And proridcd further, Thit the collectors of cus-
Iiiis shall require a certificate from the Departiniit of Agriculture stating
that such animal is pure bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a
book of record recognized by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed.
(b) The Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe such additional regulations
as may be required for the strict enforcement of this provision.
(c) the provisions of this Act shall apply to all such animals as
have been imported and are in quarantine or otherwise in the custody of
customs or other officers of the United States at the date of the taking effect
of this Act.
PAR. 1607. Aim,.iis and poultry, brought into the United States temporarily
for a period not exceeding six months, for the purpose of breeding, exhibition,
or competition for prizs offered by any agricultural, polo, or racing association;
but a bond shall be given in accordance with regulations prescril)bed by the
Secretary of the Tre;sury ; also teams of animals, including their harness and
tackle, and the wagons or other vehicles actually owned by persons emnigratinlu
frimi foreign ,..)oitries to the United States with their families, and in actual,1
u-,. for the purpoe, of such emigration, under such regulations as the Secretar.
of the Tr''tas.ur:. ay pr.scriibe; and wild animals and birds intended for ex-
hibition in z-iolo-ical cdlections for scientific or educational purposes, and not
for ,ale or profit.
PAR. 1671. EIgs, of birds, fish, and insects (except fishl roe for food purl)oses) :
Pioridrd, Tlh;it the importation of eggs of wild birds, is prohibited, except egg-
of ,-;ime bird-, imported for pruinigalting u)rposes under regulations pre-
S. .rild by thio S.,c.rtary of Agriculture, an(d specimens imported for scientific'
,> elections.
PAR. 1;Il F'ii:'s and fur skins, not specially provided for, undressed.
PAR. i;.',2. Live game :minimals and birds, imported for stocking purposes, and
goi,,m aiiiiji.il; and birds killed in foreign 'ouintri.es by residents of the United
Stales. and imported by them for noncommercial purposes,; under such regula-
tions as the Siire tary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Treasury shall
PAR. 1741. P;',on-i, fancy or racing.
PAR. 175.. Ski-his of all kinds, raw, and hides not specially provided for.
PAR. 1767. Slecim-r.rs of natural history, l)otany, and mineralogy, when im-
j-jrit-d for c;ii',,tilc p0illic collectionsI. n"id not for sale.


Title IV.-Administrative Provisions
SEe. 527. (a) Imp,,tufii ptl /i jhibil',l.-If tilhe laws or u .;lL itul.- of any
country, dependency, province, or other sulJdivisio(, of goverliniviit re-trict the
taking, killing, possession. or exportationl to tlie Inited Slat,.- of any wild
mammal or bird, alive or dead, or re-strict the cxportati'n to the United State-
of any part or product of any wild niamimal or bird. wlhetllher raw or lmaLilf;.i'-
lured, no such mnaminial or bird, or I'art or pr,,duct ti ,re'If, -,;ill. aft'r the
expiration of niinety days after the elat-tmuint of this Act, bet imI',rt.111 into the
United States from Sulch (con'1try, delwlidency, provint'e, or other subdivision of
government, directly or indirectly, unless, ae'iipaiiiedl by a 4ecrtilii.ation lof f lie
United States consul, for the consular district in which is I,,'atted the prl or
place from which such ninaminal or bird, or :part ,,r lirduct tlwreof, was exported
from such country, dependency, prnvilce, Or othet'r .su.duivi-iqoii ,f g(ivernia-n.
that such mianmal or bird, or part or product thereof, lIs ne t been aeqtiihi,!
or exported in violation of thle laws or regulattioins .-of di c country, d-plendt.ncv,
province, or other subdivision of government.
(b) Forfeiture.-Any miniimmial or bird, alive or de;il. or any part or pIrodiii
thereof, whether raw ,ir manufactured, imported into the United State- In viola-
tion of the provisions of the precelini subdivision shall be subject to seizi're
and forfeiture under the customs law-. Any suit-h article so forfeited may, in
the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury and under such reI.ulations as h(
may prescribe, be placeil witlit the departments or bureaus of the Federal or
State Governments, or with societies or museums, for exhibition or scientific or
educational purposes, or destroyed, or (ex elpt in the case of hea;d- or horns iof
wild mammals) sold in the manner provided by law.
(c) Section not to apply in certain ca.( s.-The provision, of this s,',tioii
shall not apply in the case of-
(1) Prohibited iiportatiiit.-Articles the importation of wlickh is r1robhilited
under the provisions of this Act, or of section 241 of the Criminal Cole. or of
any other law;
(2) Scicntific or educiltir,,inl jiurios.r(..-Wild mamnimals or birds, alive or
dead, or parts or products thereof, whether raw or miaiiufii-tired, imported
for scientific or educational purposes;
(3) Certain miniratory game birds.-Migratory game birds (for which an
open season is provided by the laws of the United Statet and any froigni
country which is a party to a treaty with the United State%. in effect on the
date of importation, relating to the protection of such migratory game birds i
brought into the United States by bona fide sportsmen returning from huntiinm_
trips in such country, if at the time of importation thi' ps,-,session of su,-.i
birds is not prohibited )by the laws of such country or of the United States.

The importation of bird plumat.re into Canada for nmillincry purp,:eo- i-
prohibited by tariff item 1212 under Schedule C (prihlilbited g, od)l-), as adl,'d
by section 5 of the Caii ;lian customs tariff act of 1914. It'in 1212 prohibits
the entry of the fulluwing:
1212. Aigrettes, egret plumes, or so-called o-sprey pliUim.e-. ind the fc':Ift irs,
quills, heads, wings. lails. skiiis, or parts of skins of wild birds either raw or
manufactured; but this provision -hiall not CulIme into effect until January 1.
1915, and shall not apply to-
(a) The feathers or lunnit's of ostriche-;
(b) The plumage of the EIniish 1phea-.int and the Indian peacock;
(c) The plumnage of wild birds ordinarily used as artie.-Ie of diet
(d) The plumage of birds imnporlted alive; nor to
(e) SpeCimeCis imported under r, L*.'tiattis of the minister of customs for any
natural-history or other museum or for t.educattiollal pUrlH-'-'-.
Item 1214 under Schedulet C (1pr,,hibited goods), as ad'll.1 1, y the custm'-
tariff act. effective May 24, 1922. prohibits the entry of tIe, f,,1Iv, iI::
1214. (a) Coummon mongoose (H,. rpc' t .y iricu s) or niiigi,'sr of any kind;
(b) Common mynah. Chii(ie-( mynahli, crested mynah. or any oth.r species of
the starling family (StuIrnlidae) ;
(o) Java sparrows, rice bird, nutmeg finch, or thlier -l', ie- (of thie weaver
bird family (Ploceida.)
(d) European chattinth (Priingilla cotn irb.) ;
(e) Great titmouse (Painus m'ijor).

B s. 75]


Federal Laws:t Secretary of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C.
Alabama: Department of Game and Fish-
eries, Montgomery.
Alaska: Executive Officer, Alaska Game
Commission, Juneau; or Secretary of
Agriculture, Washington, D. C.
Arizonat State Game Warden, Phoenix.
Arkansas: Secretary Game and Fish Com-
iiii-isiin, Little Rock.
California: Executive Officer, Fish and
Gane Commission, Russ Building, San
Colorado: State Game and Fish Commis-
sioner, Denver.
Connecticut: Superintendent of Fisheries
and Game, Hartford.
Delaware: Chief Game and Fish Warden,
District of Columbia: Superintendent
Metropolitan Police, Washington.
Florida: State Game Commissioner, Tal-
Hlawaii: Fish and Game Division, Board
of Agriculture and Forestry, Honolulu.
Idaho: Fish and Game Warden, Boise.
Illinois: Director Department of Conser-
vation, Spriiifitld.
Indiana: Sii eriitrenident of Fislrrirs and
Game, State hlou.se. Indianapolis.
Iowa: State Game Warden. Des Moines.
Kansas: State Fish and Ganre Warden,
Kentucky: Execcutive Agent Game and
Fish Commission, Frankfort.
ILouisiana: Commissioner of Consrvation,
Court Building, New Orleans.
Maine: Commissioner of Inland Fisheries
and Game, State House. Auwuista.
hiaryland: State Game Warden, 512 Mun-
**v Buildi ig, Baltimore.
Massachusetts: D)irector Division of Fish-
eries and Game, 20 Soior,,-.t Street,
Miehigan: D)ireclor Department of Con-
servation. Lan ing.
Mlinnesota: Gamue aid0j Fish Commissioner,
Department of Conservation, St. Paul.
MissriisNiimi: S ,.ortary of State, Jackson;
orl Sheriff or County Clerk.
NlmiNourl: G:inrjr. and Fish Cummin-iolnier,
.It vI'- ,-IL City.
lMon tauna: State Fish and Game Warden.
I olena.
.XNebraska: State Game Wartden. Lincoln.
Sevada: Secretary of State PIsh and
G;anie C'ommission, Reno.
New lIlanishire: Fishi andl Game Com-
missioner, Concord.
Neiw Jersey: Secretary of Board of Fish
a md Game Commissioners, Trenton.
Nevw Mexleo: State Ga:me I nl, !"i.lh
W\tr(len, Santa Fe.
New York: Svecretary (',i-i.rvatifiri De-
partniment; or Chief Game Protector, Al-

North Carolina: State Game Warden.
North Dakota: Ganle and Fish Commis-
sioner. Bismarck.
Ohio: Commissioner of Conservation, Co-
Oklahoma: State Fish and Game Warden.
Oklahoma City.
Oregon: State Game Warden, Portland.
Peumn ns ylvn n ia: Execu t ive Secretary Board
of Game Commissioners, Harrisburg.
Rhode Island: Chairman Commissioners
of Birds, Providence.
South Carolina: Chief Game Warden,
South Dakota: Director Division of Game
and Fish, Departurent of Agriculture,
Tennessee: State Game and Fish Warden,
Na ;hville.
Texas: Executive Officer, Game, Fish, and
Oyster Commission, Austin.
Utah: Fish and Game Commissioner, Salt
Lake City.
Vermont: Fish and Game Commissioner,
Virginia: Executive Secretary. Commis-
sion of Game and Inland Fisheries. Ri-h-
Washbington: Supervisor of Game and
G;;nme Vish. 404 Bell Street Ternrinal
(P. 0. Box 384), Seattle.
West Virginia: Game and Fish Commis-
sioln, Ch:lrleston.
Wisconsin: Conservation Comrnissioner,
Wyoming: State Game and Fish Com-
mission, Cheyenne.
Canada: Commissioner, National Parka
of Canada. Ottawa.
Alberta: (;amne Commissioner, Edmonton.
British Columbia: Provincial G a m e
Warden, Vancouver.
3Manitoba: Chief GanTe Comnmissioner,
New Brunswick: Chief Game Wardin.
P'ro i ricton.
Northwest Territories: Director, North-
west T',iritorios and Yukon Briiich. De-
p)artment of Interior, Ottawa, Ontario.
Nova Scotia: Minister of Lands and F'or-
ests, iialifiax.
Ontario: Department of Game and Fish-
eries, Toronto.
Prince Edwuard Island: Game Inspec-
tor, Provincial Treasury Depart meit,
C ia rlottetown.
(qnebec: General Superintendent of Fish-
eries and Gaine. (uii)bec.
Saskatchewvan: Game '0)imnis.ioner, Re-
I.i n~i.
YI kn : Territorial Sectrelairy, Dawson.
Newfoundland: Secrelf'y, Gamine and In-
land Fisheries Board, St. Johns.
Mexleot Secretaria (ice Agriciltura y Flo-
mento, San Jaclnto, D. FI., Mexico.


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