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Migratory Bird Treaty Act regulations
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United States Depar ...t of A iculure




[As approved and prrin.u1l'.ited by the President Ju'y 31, 1918, :il amend, d ()ct. 25,
191:5 .July 2. 1.il 9; .lulv ti l''l''; Mar. 3 and May 17. 1921" Mar. 1 ,22 Apr. 10
oud Junei 11, 1 ...; Apr. 11 and Juy 2, 1';-4 Tlune 22, 1!.,; Mir. Apr. 22. an
June 1, 1.2i;: Apr. 4 nd 21. and Dr4. 6. 1a'7 M r. 2. .u'y 1; a;tI, Am. N. 1:;. 1'"2, ;
Apr. 23: and Dec. 31, l829; M.ay 2' and Aug. 25, 1.';;,; Mar. 17, Aug. 25, and ;,t.
12, 1uJ,1 ; July 20, 1.':; Sept. 11, 19'2 ; .;A -. 2-1, 1. ;4 ; a1d id-. 2 a.d .July ., l'...j

Regulation 1.-Definition.s of Migratory Birds

Migratory birds, included in the teiis of the convc'ition botwin.i the United
States and Great Britain for the protection of "ig'ra'.ry birds, concluded
August 16, 1916, are as follows:
1. Migratory game birds:
(a) Anatidae, or waterfowl, iii("lui-iii brant, wild du-1.:.-. gI'us'. and swan:.
(b) Gruidae, or cran's, including little brown, ,%.i nhill, and wvh:i'piinw crr:i;--.
(c) Ilallidae, or rails, inc'ludi r.g coots, gallinule.4 !!id -',r. and otlir rajil .
(d) Limniciilae, or shore birds, including aviicets, curl,'ws. 1, pitcherss I d-
wits, knots, oyster catclicr-. iihalar(:,'c,. plov,,!'. sandpipers, i ile, stilts, irf
birds, turustoiies, willet. VOI',dcck. and yeIlov.hi.-
(e) Co'Lui1lidao. or pige( :. incli:diing di.v,.; and wild pLi-oins.
2. Migratory insectivorous birds: Cuckoos; flickers and other woodp1cl.rs
nightlIawks, or bullbats, and whip-lror-wvills ; sw\if[s; hummiiinngbirds ; lly.i"ttch-
er ; bobolilnks, meadow larks, and oriole<; gr'.1.;.k- tan.a.-rs, imartina and
other swallows; waxwings; shri:,s, vire,'s; v atrbl.'r.,. pipits; catbirin- and
brown thraslhers; wrens; brown u'ripcr. ; nufliatche; (lchickait- and ti'ir'ic;
kinglets and gnatcatCl!'ers; robins aid otiiri thrvn1'.L-v; and all tlher perc',liiig
birds which feed entirely or chiefly on insects.
3. Other migratory nongamne birds: Auks, auklets, bitterns, fulmir's, g,,nm'ts,
grebes, guillmniiits, gulls, I1cron:, ja ;.tr's, loolns, LIiurrL5. :.'1,:rl, lpu0ii:, shear-
waters, and tern-.
[As amended July 9, 1'20.]

Regulation 2.-Definitions of Terms

For the purposes of these rgu!; .t 11'- the follow '.1( terms .'.ill 1 1, con .trutld,
respectively, to mean and to ij.,lude-
Secretary.-Thlie Seretary of Agriculture of the I'Uited Stat<.
Per.son.-The plural or the .lio .ul;r, :!i] t1;- < ,:.e deimanids, indivilin;!-., cll,-,
associations, partner.-lijs, ;itI Irip,'iatioi!. u. le-- the context othirwi-e
Taik,.-IIuit, kill, or C.;iture, or att mpt to huint, kill. or o::pt:rc.
Oien s vason.-The time diuri,-z which nti'vatory hiril- i::,i\v b, t:i kt-ii.
Traitsi.,ort.- Shippin., tri-n-poril i-. (.:arr.yi cLx, ,xirI i,. receiving, or ili!i' er-
ing for shipment, tran sportation, ecarriiage, or cx\,,,rt.
[As anmnfled Aug. 20, 11:;4 ; andl July :;,. 1- 5._ --._-----

Full text of the Miratory 1d Tro! t_ Act and other
Federal law-s concerning wildlilA c., t 1 T i *.ii Srvice
and Regulalory Announcements, '2 : ir, -:: furtri r
restrictions on SealSOns, bag filil S- iu.I', a"dr tlbu .S
communicate with aipilxulpriat l a' l ,s, 'd'e || I.ea-C 8.-t.

Lsstwd A i 1'- .I

S. R. A.-B. S. 'I


Regulation 3.-M-eans by Which Migratory Game Birds May Be Taken
The migratory game birds splcified in regulation 4 hereof may be taken
during thie oujic sea,,on with a Iiotguaii only, not larger than no. 10 gage,
fired from the shoulder, except as spe(:itically permitted by regulations 7, 8,
9, and 10 hereof, but they shall not be taluwn with or by means of any auto-
imatic-loading or hali d-operatvd repeating shotguiin ialpible of holding more than
3 .-lwil-. the magazine of which la1, not bei'tl cut off, or plu-tued with a one-
pieir. metal or wooden filler incapable of reiio.val through the loading end
thereof, so as to reiluce the capiacity of - one 1(.id, in ; they miay be taken during the open season from the land or water,
with the aid of a dog, and from a blind, boat, or floating craft of any kind,
except as hereinafter provided(, not more tlian 100 feet from the shore line
as determinined by ordinary high tide or, where there is continuous natural growth
or vegetation extending beyond such shore line, not more than 100 feet from such
growth or vgetation protruding above the surface of the water at the time of
t;iking such birds, except that scotrs (sea coots) may be taken in coastal
waters w-ithout reference to such (litance limitation; but migratory game birds
are not permitted to be taken from or by aid of an automobile, airplane, sinkbox
(battery), power bi'at, sailboat, any b, at under sail, any floating craft or
device of any kind towed by power boat or za:lboat.
Waterfowl (except those taken under permit for propagation pursuant to
regulation 8 of tlhees regulations) and inournin-i doves are not permitted
to be taken with or by aid of corn, wheat, oats, or other grain or products
thereof, salt, or any kind of feed by whom',oever, or for whatsoever purpose,
placed, deposited, distributed, sc battered, or otherwise put out in any environ-
ment whatsoever, whereby such waterfowl or doves are lured, attracted, or
enticed to the hunter; and in the taking of waterfowl, the use directly or
indirectly, of live waterfowl decoys is not pernmittcd ; nor shall anything in
these regulations be deemed to permit the use of an airlplane, power boat,
s:iilboat, or other floating craft or device for the puirpoe of concentrating,
driving, rallying, or stirring up mi:-zratory waterfowl.
[As amended July 28, 1919; Mar. 3 and May 17, 1921; Apr. 4, 1927; Mar. 2, 1928;
Apr. 23, 1929; Mar. 17, 1931; July 20, l1132; Sept. 11, 193.T; Aug. 20, 1934; and Feb.
2 and July 30, 1935.]

Regulation 4.-Open Seasons on and Possession of Certain Migratory Game

Waterfowl (except snow gese in Florida and all States north thereof border-
ing on the Atlanitic Ocean, Ross's goose, wood duck, ruddy duck, bliifllfehead
duck, and swans), rails, woodcock, Wilson's snipe or jacksnipe, mourning doves,
and band-tailed pigeons may be taken (eali day from 7 a. min. to 4 p. in., stand-
ard time, during the (peli seasonss prescriced therefore in this regulation, and
they may be taken by the means and in the number' -i p)ermnitted by regulations
3 and 5 litreof, respectively, and when so taken may be po-sesscee in the num-
bers ,'cinmitted by regulation 5 any d.iy in any State, Territtry, or District dur-
ing the l"Iriod constituliiL the open ceaion where killed and for an additional
period of 10 days next suceet-ding said open season, but no such bird shall be
1o,--w...id in a State, Territory, or Distri',t at a time when such State, T. rritry,,
or District prohibits the possis..ion thereof. Nothing hereiin shall be deemed to
1],ritilt the taking of migratory birds on any rs.r nation or sanc11ury (,tfll)-
lishi ,. under the Migrantry Bird CGoist.rviition Act of Februnary 18, l1i29 (45
Stat. 1222), nor (in any area of tl-, United Statc, law, l)roclamat ion, or Executive order for u-(e as a bird, game, or oitler wildlife
re-pr\vation, b2re.'.i i .-runds, or refuge except iiisifair ais mniy be pri-mitted by
'h1 S.i (.;:ry of Agriculture under existing 1.tw, nor on any area adj:iceut to
any ~iich e.!'ue when such ar:e;i is de(-ig,:ted as a chsed area under the
MAfi.rattory BIird Treaty Act.
Waterfowl (, ,iip .n t ir !, Y. in FloridI anid all Sta ,. niirth thfi'r'o0fbrd''r-
infl on the1 -1l f tla ic Or','-i, Ross's goo','. ifido l din-k. r dldy dul'ck, flblch'tcad (lu 'k,
,iil .,+,'.,,s), Wi'son's snipe or jacksiiipe, and coot.-The open seaso, ns for
.;tltrfowl (exIcXl snow w,, ;. in Florida and all State., nrlh thereof border-
ill on lie Atl:antic 01.,,a. R1,-'s 1' ,,-... wood duck. ruifily duck. buflhielhoad
duck, an:d .xvims), WI'-lii's snz-ipe or ja .cksipe, and coot, in the several States
iiand .asl: shall be as folldw'-, both dates iniiclusiive :


B.S.81] MIGRAFItY BL';Li TI:KATY ACT ll., I.1..\T1INS 3

111 C ,,ra ,, Connecticut, Iahl Illincis. Indianas, Io\wa. K:ansa s. M:il,
M:a-:aclnu-flts, Iic'hi .*:.:. Minne(s ,ta, Miss;:tri. Mcii:tana, Ncb~rask i. N 'v:dat,
N Iw 1H1amplshire, New York, ii lludi:, ILull. Ishla d, N< rt, )ak,:ta, OLio, I'-i'. I:,;,
Pennsylvania, lIhhdth Island, Souh Ii )ak, .i. It ah, IVeimii( W' st 1 1i "'" ,
WVi, I.>-;ii. W a' shil tli(1, ; iid \Wy\ i ingl OetUc I r 21 t( NovtI il r 19;
Iln A\;l~abama. Arizon;;., Ar-.kanls.... Califor i. l 'l nwt, ] ,: ivrc,. Fl, rida., GeorgH'ia,
rit' ;,'k Loui-ia,;;, M1aryt d, iissi-:sipi, New J,;(' *Iy, N(Nw v M xico, Nirth
C',Crolina. )kl:il,,;.t, Soth CaIolina, Tnm ssee, Toxas. andl Vii ..ila, Nuv\ lo r
"'i to D 'I -eiiler 19: and
In ALIia Wfil of the 141.sr ii1q (L;;. t.jHl tr 1 to S;1jtr..laer :0. aind 4 ;ist
tlitr .,f, St pteiiler 20 to Octol; (Tr 19.
Pails (. mpt coot)I.-'Thle Oi j'nI s4 f o. 'lr rails (except c(o) t ) shal-l I'I froill
Sep)t<'i ilier 1 to No30.,;lL'r ,_, b)ntlh dates iicilusive, except as fi,'llws
W:e-1iingt-'i and M;: -,Il--:,l.Itts, O(ctober 1 to Novetm'1 er ,0,
N<.\v Yoirk. inicludi i:g Lon,; Island, a0i: W i..' ,siii, Octt! .r 21 to No.'vemilber 19
Lii ,-,:tii:,. November 1 to January 31; and
I)istrict of C.l1111:1iia, no oi01 -.:]-aoni.
W Ioodcock.-The ,'lii' s.i.-, for woodcock sliall I.." ;,- follo.-. both dat'-i;
Wi-,',!Jsi!. Setpleniber 2:' to Offol-tir 23;
MA;ii,.'. New_ IIaj:,.-l ir e, Vermont, Mic liiga n, and North Dakota, t ,..Wtob..r
1 to October 31;
New York, includihi.; Long I-i.nd, I)Delaw:re, N\w Jer-y, I'eliinsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa, October 15 to Nov.cinl-er 14;
Maissachusetts, Ihide I1l:ind, ndl Connecticut, October 21 to Nove i l'.r 20;
Missouri, November 10 to DIice, mber 10;
MaI rylaid, Virginia, West Vir;ii:ia, Kentu-'1*.y, Arlha;,its, and (klahor:a,
Nutvenmer 15 to D.,'C inbler 15; and
North Carolina, South Carol'iia, Georgia, .Al:zlia i, 5Mi-.ii, and Louisi-
ana, Deo emlber 1 to December 31.
Doves.-The open .-o, s, for mourning d .v.s shall be ;Is follows, both dat. s-
Illinlis., Missimri, Mininesota, South Dakota, Nebra:-ka. Kaw.a-, Colorado,
Utt ih, Nevada, Idaho, and Onr.,on, '.fiteimber 1 to De.,'i 1i.r- 15; and
Dt-laware, Mairyland, Virginiaii:, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Cardolina, S uth
Carolina, Gceirgia, Florida, A.;,bamTL;. Missi--.ippji. Louisiana, Arl:I:..is, Ol:la-
ho,ma. Tex.is, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, O(cto'",r 1 to JanIuary 1.5.
Band-tailed pigeons.-The open seasons for ,.iid-t;iled pigeons all be as
follows\-., 1,,,th date-' in,.lusive:
California, December 1 to DI. eo ib(r 15;
Arizona and Or4.'on, October 16 to Octol :ir 30;
Ni,,w Mexicip, October 1 to O(ct)ober 15; andi
,Wasi, gton, t emner 16 to Septeml er .
[As anm. ri..-il Oct. 25, 191S: Jily -" 1919 : Julv 9. 19.20: "May 17T. 1021 Mar. 11,2'2
June 11, I1_. ; Apr. 11 and July 2, 1)24 ; June 22, 1;'2.,; Mar. 8. Apr. 22. and June 1S,
., : Apr. 4 and 21 an(I S-it. 6. 1927 : M ir. 2, .July 1:;, ;i( Ai. 1'. t.2_' Aprr *_.,
and Dec. 31, 1..i ; May :1 ;ai:d Ani-' 25, 1910 ; Mar. 17, Ai-z. 25, and Sept. 12, 191 ;
July 11, 1.;,2 ; S'ept. 11, 1:.;'; ; Aui-:. _, 1984 ; and July 8;;, 1935.]

Regulation 5.-Daily Lag and Possession Limits oa Certain Mit.-atory Game

A personi imay take in an;iy ( ':r d:.y dulri;n- tlhe [p, H ,aso!:, pi-ri'' tpie-
for in regulation 4 not to exr.i-I the foll',w-i,'.' numbers of mii..i2try '-.!i
liirds. which numlbr.' s iall include all birds taken by any other pt :;--,n who
for hire acinimpanies or --it- him in laki; Sluli birds; and wliii so tak '.L
tliir may be p(.-s-d inll the n1m1,1'1 s1 .'ifi(- as follows:
Ducks (..retit woo'1 dui'-,. ruddy dueL:, and bu!1<. ';hod" duck).-T. n in t 1,
i" .,te of all kinds, and any pT.r-,nl at anlly lone tillme may I ... "s I't m1' oe
tli; n 10 duc'k- in the a Lriaztte of all kiid- .
Geese and brant (s.r, ('It fn'," t<','.' in Florida a.l (Ill ( tat1 'S north theIr of
bordctrinq on the Atlanti. 0Ori:n. anl Ros' goo.. ).-Four in the :i te of
all kind-., and any per,-'in at any iie, time may I s ,s no(t Ilo", 0li,11 ftuu'
gei.o and brant in the na'-t,'-'e:te of all kitds.
Rails (i'xccpt sora a ind r,,,t).-Fifteen in the aLL u.:.te of all 1l:nI, In any
el)rsiii at any one time may pO-cs.s Ilnot mi're than 15 in the a ::-:,.-ate of all


Sora.-Twenty-five, and any person at any one time may possess not more
than 25.
Coot.-Fifteen and any person at any one time may possess not more than 15.
Wilson's snipe or jacksniipe.-F'ifteen, and any person at any one time may
p,, s,.. not more tliai 15.
Woodceock.-.'>nr, and any person at any one time may possess not more
than four.
Mourning doves.-Twenty, and any person at any one time may possess not
more tli:, 20.
Band-tailed pigeons.-Ten, and any person at any one time may possess not
more than 10.
The p*.o-,.sion limits hereinbcfore prF'.'rilbed shall apply as well to ducks,
ges-'. brant, rails, Wilo(ii's snipe or jack-nipe, woodcock, mourning doves, and
band-tailed pigeons taken in C:inada or other fiortign country and brought into
the United States, as to those t.iken- in the United States..
[As amended Oct. 25, 1918 ; July 28. 1919: Mar. 3, 1921 ; Mar. 8, 1926; Apr. 4, 1927;
Dec. 31, 19, 9 ; Mar. 17, 1931; July 20, 1932; Sept. 11, 1933; Aug. 20, 1934 ; and July
31), 19:23.]

Regulation 6.-Shipment, Transportation, and Possession of Certain Migratory
Game Birds

Waterfowl (except snow geesoe in Florida and all States north thereof border-
i'p, on the Atlantic Ocean, Ross's goose, wood duck, ruddy duck, buflehead
duck, and swans), rails, woodcock, Wilson's snipe or jaksnipe, mourning doves,
and band-tailed pig;,:)ns and paIrts thereof legally taken may be transported in
any manner in or out of the State where taken during the respective open
4i';isons in that State, and when legally taken in and exported from Canada
may be imported into the United States during the open season in the Province
where taken, but not more than the number thereof that may be taken in 1 day
by one p-ers'. ,, under these regulations .hall be transported by one person in
1 calendar week out of the State where taken or from Canada into the United
States; any such birds or parts thereof in transit during the open season may
continue in transit such additional time immediately succeeding such open
s-,a',-on, not to exceed 5 days, necessary to deliver the same to their destination,
and w.iay be posse,.-se-d in any State, Territory, or District during the period con-
stituting the open season where killed,, and for an additional period of 10 days
next succecdlin4g said open teinson; and any package in which such birds or
parts thereof are transported shall have the name and address of the shipper
and of thle consignee a(nd an accurate statement of the numbers and kinds of
birds or parts thereof contained therein clearly and conspicuously marked on
th:' outside thereof; but no such birds or parts thereof shall be transported from
any State, Territory, or District to or through another State, Territory, or
District or to or through a Province of the Dominion of Canada contrary to the
l;'.\s of the State, Territory, or District in which they were taken or from
which they are transported; nor shall any such birds or pnrts thereof be trans-
ported into any State, Territory, or District from another State, Territory, or
District, or Province of the Dominion of Cawnadn, or from any State, Territory,
or District into any Province of the Dominion of Canada, at a time when any
such State, Territory, or District, or Province of the Dominion of Canada, into
which they are transported prohibits the )posseiin or transportation thereof.
Migratory game birds imported from countries other than Canada.-JMi.ra-
tory game birds of a species for which an open season is prescrile.l by rI'Ou-
lalion 4, lawfully taken in and exported from a foreign country (other than
C:,:;i(la, for which provision is hereinbefore mnide), may be transported to nnd
pr, : ,.- .d in any State of the United Stats during the open s,,wn prescribed
by ,..:iilalion 4 in $uch Slite for that species and for a period of 10 <:1iys immc-
ditelty suicceding such open season, and in the Ditrict of Columbia during
th, open :.,iso in nmy 1 cnlendar wrk not exceeding those permitted to b)t taken in 1 (lay
by regulation 5. if trnsl)portation and p',:- -(.--ion of such birds is not prohibited
T y the law, of sqliI Sfate or District and if imported and trfni q)orted in pack-
a: marked nas be reibofore provided.
[As amniided Oct. 25, 1918; July 9. 1920: Mar. 8, 1926 ; Apr. 4, 1927; Mar. 17, 1931;
July 20, 1932 ; Sept. 11, l a::' ; and July ::0, 1 I .5.]



Regulation 7.-Taking of Certain Migratory Nonarne Birds by E.ikimnos and
Indians in Alaka

In Alaska E-kii mos and Indians may take for the 1'1e of their-,lv..e- ,ill] liir
inlimredi:ite tai Iilit-.:. ill tiny Ill:! I 11i- and at any ll,, i i1( p..a-l and 1 % -r. -p, 'rt
a k,.4, auklefs. guilzlciots, itiir(c.-, and piinlflii- :aiid their e -.s for fo,,], andii li.ir
sk-ins for clothing.

Regulation 8.-Permits to Propagate and Sell Migratory Wnter.rfowl

1. A persotii may take at lany rinm, ,igrator;. v.:iterfowl and(l their (:. for
prpJa:.gating Ipurl,,pi.s when authoriz.,1 by a p1-rinit i'-.i,'d by th -eScretary.
Waterfwl :ind( their eg so taken mnay be possessed by the periitte(' anid 1:1iy
be sold and trarnspj.lrted by him for propiiLating purpoI-'- to any per-on holding.
a lipermit iss.uedl by the Sci r'-,ary in a'ccordalice with the provisions of tlis.
2. A person authorized by a permit issued by the Ser'r-tary llmay pi,.-1-,'-.
buy, s'Ill, and( trinmsport miigiratory iv:iterfowl iid tli..ir in iWlisie and lli '' in
any mnianner and at any time for propIag:ting purps<: ; and iiiigratory water-
fo vl, t x,-.it the birds taken under lp:1raaraph 1 of this regi1l..tion, s,) pt,-r-.. 1
may be killed by him at any 1i;.", in any manner, except that they huWay be
killed by shOnt if oly during the -n ,l -,.i;n for waterfowl in 11 State
where killed, and the ('a rca..- .:. with lea:ils and feet attac(-hed tl, rtto, of the
birds s., killed may be sold and trimnsported by himi inll ally r1;i:11er ::d at
nny time to ;',ny person for actual c.ii-,nirptio, or to the k .lper of a hotel,
restaurant, or bonlrdiizr homse', retail dealer in meat or i:iile, or a club, for
sale or service to their p.itroiis, vlhi may pi- '- such car' ;L.-. for ;ietltil
conuzmiiption within, ut a p-rinit, but no migratory waterfowl killed by shoot-
ing -1hall be bought or sold u:.li..s each bird before attaiizi the a1-'- of 4
weeks shall have had remov.-d, froin the wil of one f,.,ot a portion thereof in
the form of a V large enough to make a p shall be sulli.ient to identify it as a bird raised in dorit-.-ti,.ition under a p1,rinit.
3. Any package in which such ;waterfowl or .:;rts tlie;reof or their g, s are
transported shall have plainly and conspic.uously marked onil the outside thereof
the name and addlr,-'s of the I'rnmittee, Iho number of his p1,r-!it, the name ,nd
address of the (ons.igiee, and alln acur;tate statement of the number anl kinds of
birds or -gs, contained therein.
4. Applications for permits must be addr-'::s,.d to the Si etary of Agriculture,
Washingiton, D. C., and must contain thle following information: Nalme :nii 1
address of applicant; place where the bi.-in( ..s is to be carried on; : number of
acres of Iild usle in the busil,.-s and wheth-,r "w ,ied or least.. by the appli-
ca ki ; number of teach species of waterfowl in IJ(,. ts.ion of applicant ; .IinI' of
species and number of birds or ug.s of c'i:li sp.-ltcies if peri i:>,i,,' is aik-!.%l to
take waterfowl or their e.. ; and the p: rticular locality where it is d.-ilv, to
take such waterfowl or egs.
5. A person granted a permit under thi., regulation shall keep boi.ks and
records which shall correctly set forth the total number of :ach Sl(,i,'- of
waterfowl and their e.gs pr-se.-:,i'd on the date of application for the l)piiermiit
andl on the 1st day of each Janu:iry next follow ing; also for :ich clalen(dar y v:ir
(during thle life of the permit the total numibvir (if o-'chli spei- rr..red( and
killed. number of each .-r,.i.s and their ('2::s ,lId and tranIsported, manner in
which siicli waterfowl and t ivvL- ere t i' i sported, name and addr-r of ea,'-
person from or to whomn waterfowl and gg wore pun Iur(l..l,. or sold, t*-..llther
with the iiler and s.-lio- and wli(,tlii-r sold alive or l-.-id; anI the dat,
of each trans.:ction. A report .-tling forth Ibis inforiiiintin -L.il1 be annu:Illy
furniivshed the Se:cretary durin- the month of Janmi:',ry for the i)r' k' t I' ii
calendar yei r.
(. A permittee shall at all rhoaurz:lde hour-. allow .ny :Iuthori/ T1 employee
of llie United States Department of Agriculturte to enter and i1'', ct the jpr. ill-
iscs where op'teratiozs are beihiga arrivedd .'i under this i,-.'ulaion and to insiet
the lboks and rec',irds of sI.-,l permitted reIlatiig tIIheroeto.
7. A permit issued under this regulation shall be valid until revoked 1by the
Secretary unless otberwi-e spe.'ified therein, shiall not 1)ie trinnsi'.i :le, and may
be revoked by the Seretary, if the permittee violaie- any of the p'fovisi-., of
the Migratory Bird Treaty Act or of the rehulatins thereunder. A pn'i i it duily


revo.k:.d by the Secretary shall be s-urrelndered to him by the person to whom it
was is-ued, on diia;:id of any employee of the United States Department of
Agriculture duly authorized to enforce the provi.-,i.ins of the Migratory Bird
Treaty Act.
8. A person may po-ss---s and transport for his own use, without a permit,
live ni-r.'tory waterfowl now lawfully i ,,-ss-ed or hereafter lawfully acquired
by him, but lie may not purchase or sell sumh waterfowl without a permit. A
State or municipal game farm or city p.!rl: may possess, Iiirch:i.e, sell, and
transport live iiigratory waterfowl without a permit, but no such waterfowl
shall be purchased from or s-old to a person (other than such State or municipal
game farm or city Ipajrk) unl:s he has a permit. The feathlers of wild dutks
and wild geese lawfully killed, and feathers of :u birds seiz'.,d and condei.m:ed
by Fedo'r:il or State game authorities may be pos'-e:sed, bought, sold, and
transported, for ui, in making fishing flies, bed pillows, and mattresses, and
for siiiila r commercial purpose, but not for millinery or orn:imental purposes.
[As amended Oct. 25, 1918; July 9, 1920; Apr. 10 and June 11, 1923; and Sept.
11, 1983.]

Regulation 9.-Permits to Collect Migratory Birds for Scientific Purposes

A ptrsfn ijiimay take at any time migratory birds and their nests and eggs for
scientific purposes when authorized by a permit issued by the Secretary, which
permit shall be carried on his person when he is collecting specimens there-
under and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see the same; except
that nothing herein shall be deemed to permit the taking of any migratory
game bird during the open season therefore between 4 p. in. and 7 a. m. of the
next succeeding day, standard time, or in any manner or by any means not
permitted by regulation 3 of these regulations.
Application for a permit must be addressedil to the Secretary of Agriculture,
WVashington, D. C., and must contain the following information: Name and ad-
dress of the applicant, his age, and name of State, Territory, or District in
which specimens are proposed to be taken, and the purpose for which they are
intended, and the !awie,4 and addresses of at least two well-known ornitholoio.sts,
principals or superintendents of educational or zoological institutions, officials
or members of zoological or natural-history organ iziations, or instructors in
zoology in high schools, colleges, or universities from whom may be ascertained
the qualifications of the applicant for a permit.
The permit may limit the number and species of birds, birds' nests, or eggs
that may be collected thereunder and the places where they may be collected
and may authorize the holder thereof to possess, buy, sell, exchange, and trans-
port in any manner and at any time migratory birds, parts thereof, and their
nests and e-:s for scientific purposes; or it may limit the holder to one or more
of tles, privileges. Public museums, zoological parks, and societies and public
si.ientitic and educational institutions may possess, buy, sell, exchange, and
transport in any manner and at any time migratory birds and parts thereof and
their nests and e''s for ..cientific purposes without a permit, but no specimens
shall be taken without a permit The plumage and s:-kins of migratory gaile
birds legally taken may be possessed and transported by a person without a
A taxidermist, when authori:('.ed by a permit issued by the Secretary, may
ps,-.-s, 1buy, sell, exchange, and transport in any Imanner and at any time
]!;i,,ritory birds and parts thereof lehaYlly taken, or he niay be limited to one or
more of tlir-c privil'-vs. A taxidermist granted a permit under this regulation
shall ke'i-p books and records correctly setting forth the name and address of
each per:s ,n delivering each specimen of a mnigratory bird to him, t gether with
the n'line of each sl-!-ies, the date of delivery, the disposition of such specimen,
ad ihe date thereof, which s::id 1oo'ks rand re'-ords shall be available for inspec-
tion at all r.;isrilile hours on request by any duly authl riz.d representative
of the Department of Agricullire.
Each permit shall be invalid after June 30 succeeding the date of issuia:uce,
shall not be trasferablle, and shall be rvocable at any time at the di .cretion of
the Sw'rTit;ry. A 1h'r-iit revikil by the Secretary .Aiall be surrendered to him
by the person to whom it was issiidl, on din:ind of any employee of the United
Stale, 1)i partiient of Agriculture authoriz:;,d to enforce the provisions of the



M igratory BirdI Treatty Act. A l'er'-,l hIldiii :;i .' m 1,,'l t t, r tis ru.'1111ai ihi
JliiII report ;tialu;lly to the S,,.vtrlary on1 or bforeW the l io i day of lyuib tik'
num et. of s i., nests, or -- of is.::ch s(I "!' c lrlete'l, bouflt, -4,ld rIcciiv* 1.
l1'- -'sstd. IloIunted. e.\< tlia iiL or trasii pl)orted duriiel. tIlwe ,',rling 12 ;ii)irli,
and failure to imake -Il Ih report will IN- call-, for rtfusal to renew tile I'iiiit.
Every ipackl;ge iii which i'-'.ratory I1irds or their l'eis or t --s ;tr i rsjHi)tetl
slai;ll have clh.nly alnd conlspiciuously marked on tille oltsiiie thereof the alilet
and iladdress ). I!... .-e. ler, I1li- n ::!n!-'' of ll: I-" :t,!t iin e\ ".y ca-. \ihen a
permit is re(Iuired, the 1,ii', and addlis of the conllsi-','e, a stat-',.eIt Ih it it
contains sl"'f'iLcii' of biri-:, their n'. or "- for --*ientiic r puirposs, :nil,
wli never sutli'l a isckage is 1 r.1iil)orted or 6Iirered (ro ti aI-i iortation froin lihe
Domidniiiil of Cana al:l into tlie United StareS oV ftri tlhe Ulited States into the
DI'milli(l of Canada. an accura'lte stat1,ii1'-nt of the c nlentts.
[As amended Oct. 25, 1918 ; Mar. .. 1921 ; June 11, 1923 ; Apr. 2'", 1029 ; Mar. 17, 1:'.:1;
July 21), 1.i:2 ; Sept. 11, lIl.;: ; A.-::. 2:', 193-1 ; and July 30, 1'i5.]

Regulation 10.-Permits to Kill Migratory Eirds Injurioius to Property

Community injury.-When information is furi.ill.d the St'ici'-fary tliat any
slc'ie., of ni;gratory bird has *,e;.ire, unItr extraordinary conditions, -,.riously
injurious to agriculture or oilier intere.-ts in any iparticulir community, an
investi-a;ition will be iiide to determine tlihe nature and extent of the injury,
whether the birds alleged to be doing the damage should be killed, and(, if sio,
during what tiines and by wiat inai.-.. Ui on his determiniiationii an appropriate
order will be miadle.
Specific injury.-Upon receipt by the Setcretary of inforiii:tion from the
owner, teimnat, or share cropper that i-totry birds are injuring his crops
or other prop'ierty on the land on which lie residles. ti- _other with a statement
of the location oif the land, the nature of the crops or pri.pli'y bt ing injuit,,1,
the extent of such injury, and tlhe particular species. of birds ,-,onimitting t!ie
injury, an inveti'-iation will be made by the Bureau i'f Biol]iJ-i-;il Survey of
the Dep):irtlment of Agri,.lture. and if it is determined fr.)m -uli invest ii'ation
that tlhe injury comiplaited of is suist.atitial and can be abatOd only by killing
the birds, or so itiniiy, thelt'of as may b)e in' e.--.'y, a pei init to kill the birds
will lie issued by the Chief of s:ii Bureau, in which p'i'mit will be spe il!;l
the time during which, the eI,'ans and methods by which, and the peri's-n or
persons by whimin the birds may be killed, and the (li!.pisition to be mLi'!e of
the birds so killed,. and such other rn-tLrictions as a1:1y be d'rinied netvs-a;iry
and approp-liate in the circuIt.-t;i',-e. of the :iartir'ular ,at: Provide hoic-
cv('r, That in every permit is-,ii,-d as Afor's;iid it shall b)e -pe.ilii,1 tliit no such
birds shall be sh,,It at or killed at any time or in any :nitLi,'r not authoriL'd
by thie laws of the State in which such permit is effective; and as to migratory
waterfoNwl, that they sl1hll Lnot Lte shot at or killed (1) from any blind. si;Ek,
pit, or any other ietvice or ine,;iis of concealment, wlihther natural or artili,'iAi,
m,,valde or stationary, or on land or \water; (2) by means of any gun lu )'cr
than no. 10 gn. e. or of any gun to wli.lt a silencer has 1been atta, hli,-l r other-
vwise affixed: and (3) by the use of d''oNys of ally deh'ript i, in, or of traps or
nets of any kind.
[As amended A)ig. 2u, 1934.]

Regulation 11.-State Lavs for the Protection of Migratory Birds

N,-ttliii- in thee, ret..mlations shall ble coi.,,t n']t to permit tio' takiuL: p,-. ',--
sion. s;-al. pnr'i .-(%,. or tra; .-lirtation of iihrnitory birds, their i -t, and ,'u
.contrary to the laws and r. -ulatious of any State, or Territory, or I)istrict
made for tli-. pul!'-'se of giving further pr.1ecttion to miiL-ratory birds, thriir
nests, and egzs whe(,n such l:iw' and regulations are m ', in>.,-o;.trit with ithIl
Convention lt'iel%\i n thel(, United Statet. :atid Great I)ril:.in for tJ o pio:',, iton of
niiiratory 1,ir.ds coi'1i'Lde'd i Auiiti 16, 1916, or the .,'.tory Bird Tr'-,:ty .Act
and dlo Lot extend tl'.' peil ne s'.'s for uiichl bir,'s beyond( tl, d1tes pr, ..-,rii d
by bhe-e :e'rola:ati iom.
[Added by proclamation of Oct. 25i, 191S, as amended July 9, l;'2''.]

U.S. 81]

U N1 V c 0'll .,,|i in lll l/ll ll ll |||11||l/l/

3 1262 09218 5296


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