Laws and regulations for the administration of Federal wild-life refuges


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Laws and regulations for the administration of Federal wild-life refuges
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-" LIr'A:Y


BR.A.-B.S.73 Is-,TI h, tu1er. 1930

United States Department of Agriculture



Regulations for the ndmini-trntiin of refumt, areas__------------------------ 1-----
Law protecting wild liif, on Fedli-.ial refuges----------------------------------- 3
Extracts from the luigriait ry ii'i r 'id.-frvi' iti,- ii ;. ._ .._ .. ._ 3
R eg u la tio ns o v rrtiitl; h lm n i ( in 11, i i: iu1 -l ,4:' 4 -s_ _.. I...... .. . 5
Act regulating fires 4u1 public dulmin.i-----------------. ------------------------


Pursuant to section 10 of the migratory bird conservation act of February 18.
1929 (45 Stat. 1222), the act of Juine 28, 1906. as amended April 15, 1924, to pro-
tect wild life and property on Federal re-ervationis (43 Stat. 98; U. S. Code.
title 18, sec. 145), and otherwise, the following regulations are herebly )prescribed.
effective May 15, 1930, for the administration of the areas, preserves. rteservia-
tions, and refuges specified in the caption hereof and hereinafter referred to as
"reservations ":
Regulation 1.-Entry upon Reservations

Entry upon the reservatiiis iniltss otherwise provided suhall be only under
appropriate ierminit issued fo(r the liurlpiose. Permits, however, will not be
required of any person :
For admission to the headldquarilers of tle ofL-er in charge of any reservation
when mniade by the usual line of travel to alid fro il ,-uch headqtiuartrs;
For access to anlly ljortii'n iof a reservation by a per',ili who is acoit.pii:inie-d by
the officer in charge of tlhe reservation or iis deputy;
For entry and temporary use for recre.atiijal or othlier apple ipriate pturposes
of any camp site or other area specifically d( for tlii usi, of th i piiili
by the Chii"f of the Bureau of Bio(lo('ical Survey and uIlderl s.uh appropriate
conditions aI he shall prescribe so lI. 1'is slit.ull 1Ve a rid oe'u lc;iiCl'1y doi 1ot
Interfere within the piurl)oses for which liht reser'atliio is established; nior
For fishing or the taking of wild life whlii by ali'pnipriii te or'ilr the
Secretary of Agriculture shall sliecificilly autliorize such Ii-iil r tlie taking
of such wild life without permit.

Regulation 2.-Fishing

Fishing will lie allowed on lreservations i.aequ,.tdlr ip1y, ME i'ttir' bird
conservation act. alid oln such areas in it hier- ITT-i .a o'as iaNy lie hlesi na:tel
for the purpose from lintme to time b.y order of tihe S'c'retLuy.V.1f Agrici lure,
101290--10 1 ^^



but such fishing shall be conducted on such reservations and designated areas
in ccfrdanlce with the laws of the State in which they are situated, and
in a manner that will not interfere with the objects of the reservation. Per-
mits, valid during the period stated therein, for fishing on any such reserva-
tions or areas shlll be issued by the local or resident officer in charge thereof
unless the Secretary by order shall authorize such fishing without permit.

Regulation 3.-Specimens for Scientific, Exhibition, or Propagating Purposes

Specimens of plant and animal life or other natural objects on any reserva-
tion, including the nests and cg.-s of birds, for scientific, exhibition, or l)ropa-
vatiing purposes, may be taken under special permit issued by the Secretary of
Agriculture ind countersigned by the Chief of the Burpau of Biological Survey,
but no such pITlrmit shall be deemed to authorize the taking, possession, trans-
portation, or sale of any wild life, or the nests or eggs of birds, contrary to
State or Fedral law.
Regulation 4.-Scientific Studies

Entry upon any reservation for scientific study, the taking of photographs
therteoii, or for other like purposes, when not inconsistent with the objects for
which the reservation was created, may be allowed under permit issued by the
Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey or by such officer as he may designate.

Regulation 5.-Removal of Surplus and Injurious Objects

The removal of surplus or injurious animal life or other products of any
reservation and the disposition thereof in accordance with law and regulations,
and the orders of the Secretary of Agriculture, shall be made by or under
direction of the Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey.

Regulation 6.-Domestic Animals

The ranging of cattle or other domestic stock or the running at large of dogs
or cats upon any reservation, or allowing the entry of any such animals upon
any reservation for any purpose except as specifically authorized under these
regulations is not permitted.

Regulation 7.-Economic Utilization of Resources
Permits to graze livestock, harvest hay or stock feed, remove timber or fire-
wood, occupy or cultivate areas, use any material of commercial value, or make
other use of the reservation not inconsistent with its objects may be issued by
the Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey upon such terms and at such rates
of charge, if any, as may be ascertained and determined by him to be com-
mensurate with the value of the privilege granted by such permits.

Regulation 8.-Hunting and Trapping
Except on reservations acquired under the migratory bird conservation act,
the hunting or trapping of wild life in accordance with the provisions of
Federal and State laws applicable thereto will be allowed on reservations only
within areas designated for the purpose by order of the Secretary of Agricul-
ture, and unless otherwise provided in the order, under permit issued by the
local or resident officer in charge of the reservation.

Regulation 9.-Official Operations Excepted
Tho-,e regulations shall not be construed to forbid or interfere with official
operations within reservations by employees or agents of other departments or
Iire;nis of the Government for the use of which the reservations or parts
thelreof hl;ive :tl<," been appropriated.

Regulation 10.-Application for Permits
Applicatiins for permits s1:I lie o m:iile in writ ing and should be addressed to
(,he loIal or resident ,iflicer in ch.lrge of the reservation concerned, when the
permits are authorizoid to he issued by such officer, otherwise to the Chief,
Biological Survey, W:isliiiigton, D. C.

[S. R. A.

B. 8.73J BL'II-.A'" OF BI( U fiiICAL l'I;VI:Y

Regulation 11.-Exi hibition and Revocation of Permits

Perm it, shall h. exhibiti'ed fur ilislip 'l ion at ;liv 1.-;,i i;ible 1im npe 111"- 1 i,-1! ,"-t
of ainv officer r o elljill.y' 'e of the e)'l ,;lIilll ilt of A.uiri liilture i..i"; 'l in the
alm ijii,,trjtio4Z or 01 fitii 'eiii'< int ,f laws al;pli':nillA o to -i-1i i r,. .rv.lti,,l-. Any
perm it 11:ivy lit I rniiiitat 'ild :it ailly tilll' byl i l wl' ilt between tlhe i.--'i ,: alln,'''
and the lperinitt, i ; it ,.-iy ibo *,vilked I y the issiiiin'- ,,li, r for 1) ii. I llii ce
with tIhe terl tlr.,f or of ;1 i,-e r'- Oihfti i-. fror 1:--, 1' fior U vio!. iti l <(d
any law (,r rt-ulaliin ;lliiiiale to the ri.',vrv;ition o1 any Si.:tte or lF.itdral
lavw lroLe'tiil. \%ild life, or' the ni-ts or ,'igg of lirils a d i it -uh1j',, it .1ll
tilIeS to discrtutIti liiry r'vi' ;itl'iil l.\ lhe Secretary of Auriii'illlture.

Regulation 12.-Revocation of Prior Re,.ulations

All regulatioii- with re- e-i'tt to thet rc-.'lrvatiol-s .,,ii-er.d by tli,-1 r'. ul;iti',n-
heretofuore in:1di- aald iillli-i 'l- by tli' Se r-'t(;%ry of Agricult nrc ti ;itt are iii.-i,-
sistent with tlihe iruvi:ioii- lir.'.,f ire hereby revked.

tasfIN TEST1IMO.NY W\iIEiREI" I la:Ive h(ireunito set my 1i iLIn Ind
u ., <.-aii- d the ,,Ihcia.i ;l if the niiit(ed S!;r,', Tl 1,tI', l-, it of
.\Sricullilrt to 1t atfixI.d in the city of \\1;i-1iiit(n, thiis 7th
day of Maiy, 1li:;o.

c '(*!' of Af/ric/i, tfO'<.

[U. S. C',I'-. Title 18, r-i ,aiiiiiil ('ode anId 'i iiiinal 'iro('i ('lure]
SEC. 14.5. Whlt ovr -liIll hunmit, trap, capture, willfully disturb, or kill ;ny bird
or wild an imail Elf any kind wh;itever, or take or Ele-tl'y the .L- of ;mi.\ ,mE-h
bird oni anly lanids of the IUnited Stat,-' wi i( liave lii-ii -.,t apar*t or re,-I'rved
as refu-e, or r'-u-nlds for su.h birds or aiiiii;il-. by ;iy law, lr4,i-: :i ii-
tion, or ExecIutive irder, except under su.i1 ri il.s ai(Id reulati,'iis ;is the S re-
tary of Agriculture may, from time to time, pre-crile. tll" who sl:ill willfully
injure, molest., ,Ir de.-troy ally P)rleirty of the I'ited Slate- mni any -i,-li liid-
sliall lie fiied not more Ilil; $500, or inmprisineil iit more tlaii six nioitli-. or
both. (Sec. S4. act of March 4, 1'J09. :as :;i-iidvd April 15, 1924, 4:; Stat. 9.%,.)

[U. S. C'odp. Suilil i'iimot III, Title 16, Conservation

SEC. 715a. Tlhat a conmii--ion to hie, known as the M-lirrtory Bird Con-,rv:..
tion C4,,lli.-isiinll, colsi.-tin.1 of tle S,)f'r ary of A-riculture, :'- vll:irinl;li. thU
Secretary of Coinercu', tlie ScrEtary of the Interior, and two M iiil,'r- of the
Senate., to ble selelt'd lby the Presidelit of the So, late, adl twvo MInlhmers of thlie
House of Ileplrc.eInlI;ati'-cs to i't, s(lei-*,d 1by ti,' Speaker, is lier nly crealt'.,i :.1d
:authorized to (:',inhier ilnd 1a:'- lupIt any arup (.f l: lid,, writer, --1- anil
water tlhiat may be rIcEJ.miiichided by tli' S..:lry of .\ALritli fl' fil'r puri'tl-.
or ri'ital li(_ler ihis Act, anld to fix thl pric-ice or lpri'e- at wlhichi -11'11 ;iVr,:i may11
be orii.ll:i'-i' 1 or -inted ; n11141 nia lil'.,;i.-- r rental )w:il!l )e, of an ly slch
ar(.ei until it ha;. be-in (lily alpjlni 'd f',r pliru ia'--' or ren!t;il by colni.i--iflii.
Any Memllieur of tIh. Hi ,ui-e of R lipr,,.-cittal ivv,, \]im is ;i iii ltl'a. ,f lt tllllii..-
siou. if reelecti-d to tIh1 "-l .c'IIilnZ Izl're,--. Ia;iy ,,rv' on tlie hiiiiilli-.-itl it,-
withistdIiding tihe exliird hlini Ef a C(i'l'res,. Any V ;l.:i1lty (in tli' (iiiilii--.iiin
shall be killed ill the s.ille Iilln i 'l r ;i- tlte (iriLui :lI al ,iitiiitlent. '1"n r.*iuikini-
officer of tlhe branch Or dcli:irtiett of a St;ite ito wliC'h is 1,i.,,iitted tile tliiiii
istration f 41 .'ait law.i (o his anlz' -liori7 'E r' r' "-tiit' tliv'. ;n il Ii St( "te
having no uli ,lirll or deliar nnterlt. Il 'i,''lrliiir t er,,uf' ,,r lhis it Plrt,,riz.,iO
representatives. -l ll bI a .ll iN.ol r ,x e i oiri o of .-:ii ',, i.i i ,l iii i f tilr thl. lpi p111, rl,
of considering ;i nd vilini o1i all qi 11E -tio't ii. reI l til;. to til a-uisU i ,iiI, ll. iiiilt r tlii-
Act, of areas iii hi'. S;;ate.


.IS. R.A.

SEC. 715c. That the Secretary of Aaricuiilture shall rec(ininiend no area for
jIur'h;i. or rental under the terms of this Act except such as hlie shall determine
is nece.sary for tlhe conservation of miniirat,,ry game birds.
SEC. 715d. Tlfit the Secretary of A.'riculture is aiutlorized to purchase or
rent -uch areas as have beetn apljrroved for purchase or rental by the commission.
at the price or prices fixt'd by said c(imiilission, and to acquire by gift or devise.
for uet. as inviolate sianctuaries for imigratory birds, areas which he shall deter-
mine to be -niiit;ible for such purp ,oses, and to pay the purchase or rental price
and expil.--,.- incident to tie 1, cation, examiiiination, and survey of such areas
and the acquisition of title thereto, including options when deemed necessary
by tlhe Secretary of Agriculture, from moneys to be appropriated hereunder by
Cot'-s from time to tine: Prorid di. That no lands acquired, held. or used by
the United States for military purposes shall be subject to any of the provisions
of this Act.
SEC. 715e. That the Secretary of Agriculture may do all things and make all
expenditures neces.siry to .-ccure the safe title in the United States to the areas
which may be acqulired under this Act, but no payment shall be made for any
-uc.l areas until the title thereto shall be satisfactory to the Attorney General,
but the acquisition of such areas by the United States shall in no case be de-
fe;tted because of rights of way, easements, and reservations which from their
nature will in the opinion of the Secretary of A-riculture in no manner inter-
fere with the use of the areas so encumbered for the purposes of this Act;
but such rights of way, easements, and reservations retained by the grantor or
lessor, from whom the United States receives title, shall be subject to rules and
regulations prescribed from time to time by the Secretary of Agriculture for
the occupation, use, operation, protection, and administration of such areas as
inviolate sanctuaries for migratory birds; and it shall be expressed in the deed
or lease that the use, occupation, and operation of such rights of way, ease-
ments, and reservations shall be subordinate to and subject to such rules and
SE'. 715f. That no deed or instrument of conveyance shall be accepted by the
Secretary of Agriculture under this Act unless the State in which the area lies
-hall have consented by law to the acquisition by the United States of lands
in that State.
SEC. 715g. That the jurisdiction of the State, both civil and criminal, over
lirsons upon areas acquired under this Act shall not be affected or changed
by reason of their acquisition and administration by the United States as
nmiratory bird reservations, except so far as the punishment of offenses against
the United States is concerned.
SEC. 715h. That nothing in this Act is intended to interfere with the opera-
tion of the ga :e laws of the several States applying to migratory game birds
in so far as they do not permit what is forbidden by Federal law.
SE'. 715i. That no person shall knowingly disturb, injure, or destroy any
notice, signboa rd, fence, building, ditch, dam(,. dike embankment, flume,
spillway, or other improvenie.t or property of the United States on any area
acquired under this Act, or cut, lburn. or destroy any timber, grass, or other
natural growth, on -zaid area or on any area of the United State, which here-
tofore lhas been or which hereafter may be set apart or reserved for the use (of
tlMe DelI-artminent of Agriculture as a game refuge or as a preserve or reservation
and bree(dii grnlid for native birds. under any law, proclamation, or Execu-
tive order, or occupy or use any part thereof, or enter thereon foir any purpose,
exepo't in ac-.r.rdance with regulations of the Secretary of A" riculture; nor
sli:11 any pcr- in take, any bird, or nest or '.g,.r thereof on any area acquired
under this Act, except for sciiititific or ropagattitg puIrposes under perminit of
the Secret ary of Agriculture: but nothin- in this Act or in any regulation
thlereutjder shliall be colistrued to prevent a person frot enteriiL ul)pon any ar:ea:
h',liuirnid under this Act for thlie I,1r),-1''1 of tfi,41Li in accordance with tihe law
)of t lie State in which such arif is lca.led: Prorid'd Thint such person co' ni lies
with tlie 1'4ulltiolls of thlie Sirtary of Agriculture covering such areii.
SEie. 715j. That for thlie l)purpol,*'s of this Act, iig1ratory birds ar e tfiist declined
as such by thie trlty bet Vicii f the United States and Great Britlain for the
prolo., t i; o)f miigratory bitird-, concluded August 16, 19116.
|Mir;iI- tory birds. incldlede in flthe terms of the convention between the Unitd State;
ind ;-t llritain for the protection of iiii'rnitory biirds. .nelnd,., A 16, 1:16. as
in1orlp)oritedf iiin 1h lie reIIhiti ns u i her lie iii'-ratr'y bird treaty act )f J 3uly :. 1918
(U. S (,o(d(. title 16, !',,f-.r : ati,,ll. sees. 7 'I 711), zarc d.iiinr.i! as follows:
1. lfi i,afi r! ,111 in 1i l.t"
(a) Alln Iid;le, or waterfowl, i, iidin- lbr;ant, wild dli,'k'.. gics,. mdii swans.
(b) (ruldi,, or ('cranes, inclii -in- litiltl brown, samlill,. and wliouoIin- cranes


(c) Rallidae, or rails, including iuots,. gallinuLles, and sora and other rails.
(d) Limicolae, or shore birds. in'ludin'; avucots,. clirl..w duwit'clh.r-. L'-.vit-. kn,,t-;.
oyster cart hers, Iphilartilvs. luvtJv.,rs, sandpipers, snipe. still -urf ,ird- turrilstji,,.s,
willet, wiodhock, and wvllowl,'g.
( (' 2. Mirator! insectivrorous birds: ('uckoos ; tfick'.rs anid ,tlih-r wiilpoi kirs : nizlit-
bawk, or Ihlil bait- anil whip-poor-wills ; swifis; huluiLg birdls ; tly; bobolinks,
ntuadow lairk.,. anjf! orioles ; : tsb..,k ; taniiag.r. ; martins and 1t'lii,, ,i ll,,ws ; wax-
winigs; slirik- vi'reos ; warblers; pipits ; catlirils and brown thrashers ; wrens; brown
creep'rs; nuthaiiliitchies ciick.dt. imd1 titmice k TIglirt, and gii.atc:itilher ; robins and
other tIlriislh-?; ainil all other pien liing birds wliich fe',-d fiitir-ly or cliielly nii insects.
:I Other mni.r'it,,ri n)on;i' mr birds: A'lks. atikleis. bittern-. fuliii:r-. .gariiii'ts. "r,,b'.-.
guill.nit.ts, gull-. ht-riis, j,.ger-,., Iiurr.-, ,itr'lN, pltifins. shearwaters, and t'.rIIs I
SEc. 71.5k. Thti rt'-irv;itioni iprotet'rtrs apiiitiltv under tlh, IirIvi-
sionis .'f lit., Act bill li s.-elected wl1,in la)i'Ct 'tirilIi, froin quali fied of the
Stat, in wliicli liij,.v are to be einjipl)yed.
SEc. 7151. TIiit for tlie ,fliCitnTt execution of this Act, the jiii,,- of the -ev-
erail c'iurts t.tiI.l wished under ili, laws of the UiiLiited State.s. United Stat.-. ci,,n-
nflisioIniers, :1iid Il'Irsiis aliiii liitt'd by the Sc'-rettry ,'f ALzriculture to enf,,rce
this Act. liall have, with re-pect thereti,, like p)uwers and duties a-. are con-
ferred by .section 5 of the Mii-ratory Bird Treaty Act (title 16, srtioln 706J of the
United States Code) tupln ju'lges, c, iiiin n1) ;dl 'iie)loyet', of the
Department it'of Agricultnre, appointed to enforce the Act last aforesaid. Any
bird, or part, iiest or e thereof, taken or p,-e-. (isd c.n'trary to this Act. whlen
seized shall lie dispw.ed of as provided by .-ection 5 of siid Miiratory Bird
Treaty Act.
['ipwers and duties of enforcement tin'-ers are d,.finiel by section 5 of th.- niL:ratory
bird tri.aty act as follows:
SEC. 5. Tlimt any employy1 of the D'-partment of Agriculture authorized by the
Secretary of Arii'ulturi, to enforce the provisions of this act shall have power, without
warrant, to arrest any pvrein committing a violation of this act in his presence or view
and to take such person imnin.diatrly for examination or trial ifiiie an offmitr or court
of competent jurisdiction; shall have power to execute any warrant or other proves"
ii-sued by an officer or court -of comnipet-.tiir jurisdiction for the enforcement of the pro-
visions of this act; and shall have authority, with a search warrant, to search any place.
The several jiidges of the courts established under the laws of the United States.', and
United States commissioners may, within their rt.-p'ctive jurisdic-tions, upon propIr
oath or affirmation showing probable cause, issue warrants in all suh cases. All birdB.
or parts, mnsts. or eggs thereof. c.ipturid. killed, taken, hipprid. tran posessessed contrary to the pr'ivis.i'iiis of this act or of any regulations made pursuant
therptn, shall, when found, be qizd by any such enmply.-e, or by any marshal or deputy
marshal, and upon conviction of the offrtnilor or upon judL.'m.iit of a court of the Unit,'.
States that thi. same were capture, killed, taken, .-hippel,. transported. carried, or p[Is.
sIssed contrary to the provisions of this art or of any r,.-ul:itirin made pursuant thereto,
shall be forfeited to the Unitrd States and disposed of a;is directed by the court having
SEC. 715m. That any person, association, partnership, or corporation who
shall violate or fail to c np)ly with any of the provi-ioins of this Act .-hall be
deemed guilty of a nilisdemle:; mnor arid up, i conviction thereof shall 1,e fined not
less than $S10 nor more tha;n $500, or be illmprionied not nmoire than six mnilths.
or both.
SEC. 715n. That for tlhe pi, Urls-es of tli< Act the woril "take" -,hall be eon-
strued to mean liur-u'. hunt, sh,,ot, capture, collect, kill, or attoipt to 1iur-ue.
hunt. shoot, capture, coll,-t. or kill. unlt-es the context otlierwi.'- requires. (Act
apjirov)e.l February 1R. 1929. 45 Stat. 12'-2.)


Retzulation T-7, effective O.tob1er 1, 1919. of the ret-_ulation-; of the Fr-'-t
Service relative to national for'-t -s. plrovide as follows:
The followi._- acts are prohibited oiln i;tntls ,of tli., United St:Ites wvithlin
national fore-Its:
Tilt goingZ or lein'. upiion any sucli land, or in ,,r oiln t1, wat'rT tlhtrif, with
intent to hunt, catch, willfully di-i url. or kill any kinil of ,.i'ome a.1inial.
game "or lit, niilame bird, or fish. or to take thle :'.'-, of .lly sii,'i b1ird. illn vi)lationi
of tlhe laws of the State in whlch swuili l:indt or w.iters ar. situated.
Rou"eiltion G;-:-l aulthwrizes all for,-t tlii'r. to eiif'l'rre thio lovee re,-ularil
and also to copitrate with S;tate or Tl''rritiri;l officials in thle enforct'eileut of
local laws for the prote,'tion otf birds, fisli, antid gaime.

B. S. 73]



[U. S. Code, Title 18, Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure]

SEC. 106. Whoever shall willfully set on fire. or cause to be set on fire, any
timber, underbrush, or grass upon the public domain, or shall leave or suffer
fire to burn unattended near any timber or other inflammable material, shall be
fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
(Act of March 4, 1909. sec. 52----35 Stat. 1098.)
SEC. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or other
infl:inmable material upon the public donmin shnll, before leaving said fire,
totally extinguish the same; and whoever sh;;U fail to do so shlill be fined not
more than $1.000 or imprisoned not more than OLIe year, or both. (Act of
March 4, 1909, sec. 53-35 Stat. 1098.)



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