Supplementary regulations for the administration of the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, Georgia


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Supplementary regulations for the administration of the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, Georgia
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S. R. A.-B. s. 89 1Isued '), f oler. 14:'7

United States Department of Agriculture



[Issued August 17, 19'37-2 F. R. 1684]

1. Waters open to fishing.-The following waters of the refuge are deosignated
as areas open to fishing, and fishifig will not be permitted in any other waters
unless and until further ordered: Suwanee (Okefenokee) Canal. Billys Lake,
Minnie Lake, Big Water Lake, Chesser Prairie, Chase Prairie, Grand Prairie, and
connecting boat runs.
2. State fishing laws.-Every person who fishes in any of the aforesaid waters
must comply with the applicable fishing laws of the State of Georgia. and in the
absence of any State law or regulation in respect to fishing seasons and n iinber
of fish that may be taken, the Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey of the
United States Department of Agriculture, hereinaft(er referred to as the Chief
of the Bureau, may fix such seasons and limits; and in event he shall find that
fishing in any of the aforesaid waters is unduly depleting any s-pecies of the
fishes therein, he may suspend the privilege of fishing in such water'. pending
final determination by the Secretary of Agriculture.
3. Fishing permits.-No person is permitted to fish in the aforvsaid waters
until he has obtained a permit from the officer in charge, which permit shall be
limited to the period specified therein, and such officer will not issue a permit
until the applicant therefore exhibits to him a State fishing license, if such
license is required by State law or regulation. The permit must be carried on
the person of the permitted when exercising the privileges thereunder and must be
exhibited upon request to any Federal or State officer authorized to enforce
Federal and State fishing laws and regulations.
4. Special fishing restrictions.-Live bait shall not be used in fishing, and no
seine shall be employed in taking minnows for bait in any of the waters of the
5. Fishing guides.-No person or group of persons to whom a permit has been
issued for fishing in the aforesaid waters of the refuge shall engage in such
fishing unless accompanied by a guide previously designated in writing b'y the
officer in charge, except that such officer may waive this requirement as to any
person or group of persons who he has reason to believe may safely be allowed
on the refuge without a guide; and with respect to fishing in such of the afore-
said waters as he may specify from time to time, the Chief of the Bureau
may waive the requirement that fishermen must be accompanied by a guide.

6. Designating guides.-An applicant for the privilege of guiding on the
refuge shall submit to the officer in charge application in writing on a form to
be provided. If the applicant is found to have the necessary qualifications the
officer in charge may issue to him a written designation as guide. as he also
will to any person who similarly applies to be designated as assistant guide.
Any designation as a guide or assistant guide may be revoked at any time by the
officer in charge for failure of the guide or the assistant guide to cooperate with
the officer in charge or his subordinates in the administration of the refuge, for

General regulations for the l dminis V Fidlife rfuges under the
jurisdiction of the Bureau of Bi1loi Il'' oth r number of this
series, S. R. A.-B. S. 73, which connins nlso the tPxt of certain apc.iP laws and
regulations. including those relating o wildlife protection, Ji.ntin nin national forests,
and fires on the public domain. t o- -
18048-37 I ONO o

[S. R. A.


willful violation of the regulations governing the administration of the refuge,
for intoxication while on the refuge, or for discourteous or inefficient treatment
of patrons. Every guide or assistant guide shall carry his designation on his
person while rendering guide service on the refuge and shall exhibit it to any
Federal or State officer authorized to enforce Federal and State fishing laws and
7. Qualifications of guides.-No person shall be designated as a guide ufinless
he is a citizen of the United States; is of known good character and reputation;
is familiar with the territory comprised within the refuge and with Federal
and State laws and regulations governing fishing and entries for other purposes
on the refuge; is in possession of such guide license as may be required by the
laws or regulations of Georgi;t ; and is equipped with necessary boats and other
paraphernalia for service as a guide.
8. Guiding fees.-No guide shall charge for his services a fee or other comn-
pensation in excess of the aniounts previously ascertained, determined, and de-
clared by the Chief of the Bureau to be reasonable and fair for such services.
9. Duties and responsibilities of guides.-Every person designated as a guide
shall comply with the following provisions, conditions, and requirements:
a. He shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of persons guided and shall
immediately report to the officer in charge dny disorderly conduct or violation
of Federal or State laws or regulations applicable to the refuge.
b. Guides shall not undertake guide services for any person who does not
exhibit a permit issued to him by the officer in charge authorizing entry on the
c. Every guide shall keep a record of the names and addresses of the persons
guided by him and of the kinds and numbers of fishes taken by each one of
them and of the waters from which taken, and as soon as practicable after each
fishing trip shall submit a report of the aforesaid facts to the officer in charge
on a form furnished therefore.
d. Every guide must exercise strict caution in the building of fires on the
refuge and must totally extinguish every fire built by him and must extinguish,
if possible, any fire discovered by him on the refuge or immediately report to the
officer in charge any fire not promptly extinguishable. Every guide shall main-
tain vigilant care to protect property, wildlife, and vegetation on the refuge.
e. Every guide must render courteous, dependable, and efficient service to his
patrons and so far as possible must protect them from hardship and danger.
f. Every guide must at all times maintain his boats in safe condition and in
good working order and shall conspicuously display thereon the number assigned
by the officer in charge.
g. In order to accommodate unusually large parties holding permits to enter
the refuge on any one day, the guide engaged may employ assistant guides.
previously designated as hereinbefore provided, and such guide shall be respon-
sible and accountable for- the conduct of such assistani:ts as may be employed by

10. Permits for sightseeing and study.-No person is permitted to enter the
refiume for sightseeing or to observe the fauna and flora unless authorized by
permit i-.ield to him by the officer in charge, which permit shall be limited to
the l vriod specified therein: such permit shall be carried on the personn of the
permitted while on the refuge and must be exhibited to any Federal or State
officer authorized to enforce game and fish laws and regulations.
11. Sightseeing guides.-Every person or group of persons the refuge
for the purpose of sightseeing or observing the fauna land flora shall be accom-
panied by a guide, designated an hereinbefore provided. and every such guide, in
performnincrne of services to such persons, shall be subject to the provisions, condi-
tions, ndl requirements hereinbefore pre-.rilied.! ad sl;ill keep a rec ord of the
namen and addresses of such persons guided by him and of the purposes for
which they entered the refuge, and shall make a report thereon to the officer
in charge at the conclusion of each employment as guide.

12. Firearms.-The carrying of firearms on the refuge is not permitted except
on the part of the officer in charge and other employees of the Department of


Agriculture and officers or employees of the State Department of Natural Re-
sources of Georgia while engaged in the enforceneiit of tishli and game laws.
13. Fires and camping.-Except as authorized by permit issued( by tll, officer
in charge, no person other than a guide shall build a tire on the refuge for ay
purpose, and special care must be taken to prevent liglhted ilatclies. cigar's, or
cigarettes or pipile aslhes from being dropped in grass or otllhr iiifl;l:iiiiiil'llll mate-
rial. Camping on any part of the refuge except under permit issued by tli.
officer in charge is not permitted.
14. Disorderly conduct.-Disordlerly conduct of any nature, including intoxica-
tion, will not be tolerated on, the refuge; any offender will be requested to leave
immediately, and failing to do so he will be removed by the oflict'r- in cli.irge or
by his assistants. Presence on the refuge in an intoxicated condition shall ips,,
facto annul and forfeit any permit such intoxicated person may hold for aIliy
privilege on the refuge, and the permit will be taken up forthwith by the officer
in charge or by his assistants.
15. Introducing extralimital wildlife.-Live fishes, frogs, snakes, or turtles
taken elsewhere shall not be placed in any waters of the refuge unless authorized
by a permit issued by the Chief of the Bureau.


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