Laws and regulations for the administration of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma


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Laws and regulations for the administration of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma
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Issued Febru;iryv 1937

United States Department of Agriculture





Regulatiiins for the .idininstiratnin of Wichita
Mountiins Wildlife Refuge. Oklahoma.-..- 1
Law protecting ilt animals and birds and
their eggs and government properly on
Federal refuges-------.............------------------- 4
Extract from the Migr.itiry Bird Conserva-
tion Act,---------------------------------- 5
Act reguLiting fires on public- domain..---...------ 5
Proclaiuation es.tablL.hinri game preserve on
Wichita N.ati.nal Furer-....------------------ 5
Boundary description of the I\ .ihata Moun-
tains \Wildlife lRefuge-...-.--.- --. ---------- 8

iOrdeJr repvt ine ,idministration of the Wichita
N-.,tIiiil F run-,.i and Gamine Preserve--------. 9
Executive order 'Iame Preserve------.----------------------....... 9
Act traneferring jurisdiction and ii-:iii itirin,
are,, as the VWchita Mountain.. \\iliJltL1
kRefuge .--------------..----------...----------.... 10
Rev,,c.itin f f,,ri-r pr.l.itit-ations-----------. 10
Law prn,'.i'li'M punishment for killing or as-
..lultin -Fe,.le-r. lii r-.-r.... .1....- ........-- 11


By virtue of aulithrity coitfrrt.,l upon the St-cretary of Agrivuiturt. by :' -tiu
(ll of the act of February 18, 1929 (45 1222), ,clion S4 of the act of
Mar' h 4, NI'9 (35 StStt. 11104), ;s .im-tA,,ld by artt. of April 15, 111.24 (43 Stat. t,),
to priitt wildlife and 1,r,,perty ,,n I Ledclal rtrvali,.t s. tlhe ;i't of January 24,
19oH5 (33 Stat. ;14), and otlirh.\i:-c. the foll,'wing r .'-ultri',t' are litreby pre-
Scribed. effective De.iiiLber 2, 1.;9G. for the adtiiiiii-trittion f the Wichita
Mountains Wildlife Ietfue, OkLah1iiti.

Regulation 1.-Entry Upon the Refuge

Entry vupoii the refutre unlh'.s ,thtberwi provideihd s1wal be only under alpprop)ri-
ate pierti it i-.iied fir the Ilurliuo,_. exc].It that fI.rlniits will nout b,. requiirt,. of
any ljer.t-i-
For admissiii to the licailquarters of the sup,,rinteii ,lit whevin ,iitry and
departure are by the u:-;il line of triivel;
FI'r thru:li tr;tffi'- aml tr.tvel on the nmain highways under the iditiius
and re-trictiom1s liereitafter sot forth;
Fr access to aty part of tlilt, refuiv when ;,ioiilittcua;id lby ih,. :iijtrinitendent
or his authliorizedl rJ'rpicstintative;
For entry and tepil,'' rary i u-# for reclrcitionllt) or other apl;,ropriatIe Iu 11IO-CIs
of aiy camp site or othler area spe(ifially dt-i-'L-imted for the ,.' of thie pilit'
SO long :1. sii1c_ 1 se 111110 '('uj llc'y is in ;vi'iTco l iti e \\itli tt,-t, regil:tti'l,-. and
does mit interfere with the ttriipse for wltiili the ref!iv was 'i.-tbli-iJ,'1.

Regulation 2.-Recreational Areas

tl ItS C^'^+iu++imttiii,..
i'iiT~rirg ^ iliili~p 'guatin
thi;tt lart of the reftlu.. T iihll
-liii.. T i0nic r .l^4 ', W

-0 4 1ry.-0Iiof


-i tatcl ;i- 't,-reatti,.al un r,,A for tlVi c s
,kii... ,nthiing, aldl 1i-.liin_ are 1,.crititted

I',_ rtist,'vilirs agnd l ;ke. l ilhi:. ontll of ;ind
lh rins in a g, ii. raI ll lIrt lmt\#-,ti.'rlv and

I U flp i. fq i t m f9 i o

if th
n al


IH k I -

S. R. A.-B. S. S5

mr I 47-I

V- I

+" *


southeasterly direction through the southern half of the refuge and enters- and
1,;aves the refuge in section 9, T. 3 N., R. 15 W., on the northwest and in sectiL,
24, T. 3 N., I. 14 W., on the so'utlieast; Lake Jed Jolhnoiul, part of Lake Rush,
and the Easter pageant areas, located in parts of sections 17, 18, 7, and 8,
T. 3 N., It. 13 W., the Mount Sclitt scenic drive, the Mount Scott camp ground.
and Lake Thomn-as areas in parts of sectioni, 11, 12, 13, and 14, T. 3 N., R. 13 W.,
as designated and marked by the superi-itenden t of the refuge; and all main-
trniveled roads leading thiereto: Proridvd, That bathing will not be permitted in
French Lake or in the so-called fish-cultural lakes extending from the Scenic
Highway near headquarters to the upper end of Lost Lake on Lower West Cahlre
Creek, and fish may be taken only from such waters within such areas as may
be desi-gliated for lishing as hereinafter provided: Provid'd further, That the
superintendent will desigiiate and mark the limits of all camp grounds within
the recreational areas to which camlpidn m shall be confined, and no camps shalll
be established or fires built at places other than such designriated sites.
Camping.-(a) No camping will be permitted outside specially designated
camp areas, and overnight camping is specifically forbidden for more than 7
consecutive (lays without special permit of the superintendent. (b) Campers
shall at all times ainatitair the camp site occupied by them in a clean and
sanitary condition, and must burn combustible rubbish on camp fires and place
all other garibae and refuse in receptacles provided for tliat purpose; and
dumping or placing Larbage or other refuse or debris by any person on any caiip
site or other part of the refuge or the abani(lonment of l)per-oial property thereon
is not permitted. (e) Campers shall not wash clothing or cooking utensils in
any waters of the refuge, or pollute these waters in any other manner, and
shall dispose of all waste water in such way as not to contaminate refua.e
waters. (d) Campers shall completely extinguish camp fires wlien no longer
needed and shall smother with earth or extinguish with water all embers
so that there shall be no danger of reignition; special care must be tl,-i'rved
to prevent lighted ma;tc.les, cigars, cigarettes, or pipe ashes, from being dropped
in grass or other iinflamitnable material.
Bathing.-(a) Bathing will be permitted only in the reservoirs or lakes
hereinbefore designated. (b) Where bath houses are furnished for the use
of the public the u-un's thereof will assume full responsibility for lost or stoleii
articles. (c) Bathing will be permitted in designated waters each day from
Ma;y 1 to Septemiiber 15, of each year, during the hours from daylight to dark,
except at Quanah Parker, Burford, and Sunset Lakes, where batthiin will be
permitted each day until midnight: Proridcd. That the superintendent may
suspend batlinLz privileges for such period as he deems nece-.sary in any
re-ervoir or lake when, in his opinion, an emergency exists, or when such
1,;atlig is not compatible with the administration of the refiue.
Fi./li,,!.-Fish may be taken for noncoiiimeriial purposes from designated
reservoirs or lakes of the refuge under l)ermit issued by the superintenidoit in
acco 'dance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma during such times, in such
numbers, in such manner, and at such rate of charge, if any, as the (Chlief.
Bureau of Biological Survey, niay from time to time determine to be appropri-
ate Proirid'd, That the use of live bait in taking or attempting to take fish or
siiiii- of minnows for bait in any of the waters of the refuse is prohibited:
And ipro idcd furthlier, That no live fish. frn) s. or turtles taken elsewhere shall
be liberated in the waters of the refuge without a permit from the Chief, Bureau
of Biological Survey, except that permit is not required for planting ,i 2111,
or food fish or game or food fish fry by or under the direction of the State Fish
and Game Warden of Okl:ihliwia or the United States Bureau of Fi-herie-.

Regulation 3.'-Disorderly Conduct

Diturban;wrce of the peace or disorderly conduct of any character or nature
is prohibited at all tines on the refuge, and no person who is visibly intoxicatod
\\will be permitted to enter or be upon the refuge. Any violation of this regula-
tion shall invalidate tie original perinis-ion accorded the offender to enter and
l)e upon the refiui,,. and hlie shall leave the re(fu''e :as directed by the sUlpe'rin-
tendent or his autho(iriz/vd l rereeitative, and failing, to do so his pre(s c('e on thre
lare;a after such notice or direction sliall constitute a continuous tre-liass. for
the purpi,:oe of tlie enforcement of tlese reullations and will subject him to
eviction from the reue. or to arrest and prosecution, or both.

AI ,I'.I by order of tiMhe Secretary of .Agriculture, dated Jan. 19, 19:37.

[S. R. A.

W.ICIHITA )[UMNTAIN.-, \\1l.ILI l I', .I TGI, ()K LA.

Regulation 1.-M.otor Vehicles

.kltu,,t obil Is and ,,l r modor- I l]ed \eh, I.. l e, tearing twe refjl 'e s1l w b,
IInIe'lli ;tinh ll.y -aIre and1 in ,,,'d opitratin-: condition a d hl,1all ]w 'pera(td in
itc''1,iiil' *n x ith ilitn foll\ 'vint: conditions anlld ric-irictilon-:
SUik'h vehli, s-1all be w contilledl to hi-_I rlays, rt'l'-, c;a pl o1'O d s11; il* d ( 1 1`king
a-r'as r.'g-ii;ttd for travel and public Use :and 'shall Iw s- ;o opera(teliIs l he
I rilblr ;I fe control at all tiles: tlie spetA(md slill Ie)v keplti i hiif such l iiiils :is
IIaly N, I.i,'-'I.--.I i'y to av(oid ac('idlntss, or injury to wild :alliInaIls (or hi' d-s oI *1I,.
fill-'; tilte sp:,, of alnto(,l'dbil.- a;dil other'l vehic !,-. ex' ,t
'iar- iis-t'd b): (t x GOVeliit jotlii.ils i caise of eli'egeii(y oI iM law "i\ or )Iii'.ilit
Wu'rk ion tilil r.f'lZe, is limiitied to 3;5 miles an hour onl all roads, iiglxhways., it 1
les..inated r,~1lites wvitliin tle 'ref ige ex'ept at specific polldnts so dhi-n.itld,
\lierT a differtiit limit iia:y Iw, deten'liii-1., by the supei'intenIdent to bet if, ie
iilterlt.-t of sill'-iy. T'ile op-ri:tioill of lloto'r-pililelled v'eliivlu's \viiliii lie eB'!12e
shl;il ri'!l(l'Ill to tlie ]av\\ of tie State 1f ()Oklaholma governing tlh'e *'i'ia'ltio1 u,
sIl II velI ilie- exce it where furtlier r,.- rioted )by or under This rila i; i.
)Dril''.s of all vehi, I-- shall ('onIi)ly witli directions of all oflicial i;:lic sis
and1l fliw p,-r'-,nal direq-tion of tlihe -luperintenl.tiit or hii, authoid:,,,d rer,.-,.iita1ive
\\lt'ii dii' tillng r;illi" within thle refIu-'., on any sil,,ial o',.':.iuion 01,r Ull r Mi.l-
gested trallic (olnlitions. No person Nvihi is indlltr thlie initluenle of i(ntoxi\ating
liiqutir sliaill oeIraite or drive a m1oto1r-lpropelled vehicle of any kind i on; aiy rf ;idl
40r highw;Iy (or inll any other )part of tlie refuge. Any violation of tr:ilic re ,1ul-
limon. wvitliini the reu.fu shall inv';ilidI:te the oriu'irial l,'inission acdd l, tilhe
,ti,.(ler to1) enter tlhe rel'u.e and lie shall remove his vehicle fromi and p'iersnalIy
leave the ref'ti u as directed by tlie superintendent or his authorized r'pres n t-
ative, land Ilk pre'.-sele oin the area shall be deeli-,1i a contiullous tre'spa) ss for
tie JI1ur1pI,-.' of enforcement of tl-l.- reuIlations and x'ill subject Ilimi to ej' 'Iion
fr,,omi thle relfue or to aliT-Il anld lpn secutlion, or both, and each violation sliall
(coi-stitute a -i'iapwate offeii''.

Regulation 5.-Preservation of Public Property and Natural Features

Tie destruction, injury, defacement, reo:llval, (Or disturbance ill :Ily 11ma1e111tl'
of anlly building. notict. sign, si,4nilioard, <4iiipiii-ilt. fence, post, road, trail, dike,
dlike li.l,,iin drl, damli. bridne, fireplace, '-ra;te, tal)le, bench, camllp elquil,1'1int.
mr of ally ptuiir public )ro{)erty of any kind ; m' (If any tree. llm'ver veei at ion.
rY- k. or -oil; or of any annimal, bird, or otlier form of wildlife is prohibited,
a:nd any offender of tlie art- he'.in forblid(len shliall be subject to tlie pei:ilties
pi)\ illihd by law.
Regulation 6.-Scientific Studies

lii tryv upon the reftt',-, for scientific idy. fo)r taking !)hotom ';!his thereon,
4r for other like purpo--,-. when not i the reftl', was e.t it)lislted. may be allowed Tulnder p,'Irit and under such
c'orildition- as lma;y l e pit.rilled by the -,jperintenident.

Regulation 7.-Removal of Surplus and Injurious Objects

Till. tTII,\o:al of surpi'lu. or injuri,,ii- mIiiml, life or other lprodllcts of the
reI'le and tihe di-,-p,-1d thl-.reof inll accolrdall'e \\with law, rI'ail;Iiols, ;ild or',,r
of 11ie Seirn-tary of A.'riulture, shall b)e made by tll- s:ljerinten,1,.-it under tlhe
dirct'tioln' of tlie 'liii't Bureau of 1iol0'ical Survey.

Regulation S.-Domestic Animals

The r:nlm.Lri- r o 'raz.ina of .'Ittle or other d(1, nestict sl'ti Iu|)o11 the re1f'e,
the runnin2"- at lar'e r r'lt';se )of (.1'i-s or cats ti'li ',',l, or allow ii!- tlh eatry
of anlly suchl an1iai:'ls poll the r'fti. e for ally purp),,-e exC'lpt :is speelicaally
authorized undle.r tli .su rtegula;tiol-, is not '' llmitteld.

Regulation 9.-Economic Utilization of Resources

Permits to -i:atz.e livesto-k. i:irvt- est hi ,y or stock f,,,.1, r.eove timli,'r or
tfirvewod, occupy or cu(Ilti\ate a:is. il:' any 1 iat!ri.a!. of ('i'innieerci'al valuel. 'Iw
imike other iset of the refii-',, not in,.,n, istevt with it: obije(ts may be i--iLed

B.. S ,,.,]


by the superintendent under such conditions as may be deemed appropriate, and
at such rates of charge, if any, as may be ascertained and determini1ed to be
cominiensuirate with the value of the privilege granted, by the Chief. Bureau of
IBilo ia ,.',lSurvey. Any dnm.-stic animal grazed on or using the refuge under
permit that may (lie on thle refuge sliall be buried imiiediately by the wIner or
person having cli'1, ,i" of s-in'li iii nmhil, at least 2 feet under ground anid not
Il.-- tian one-fourth mile from any r,,ad, trail, highway, camp site, or oecultied
icta as directed by the superintendent or his authorized representative.

Regulation 10.-Application for Permits

Applications for permits sljaill be made in writing, addre-sed to the suile(rin-
t inoiint of the refuge, when the permits are authorized to be issued by himi;
otherwise to the Chief, Bureau of Biological Survey, Washini--toi D. C.

Regulation 11.-Private Operations and Advertising

No person, firm, or corporation shall (en'ag:e in or solicit any business or erect
)uildfling-; within the refuge without a permit issued by thle superintendent upon
smU1 c(d'n(litions and at such rates of charge, if any, as may be ascertained and
determined by the Chief, Bureau of Biological Survey. Private notices or
adverti-t-meiits may not be posted, distributed, or displayed within the bounmd-
aries of the refuge, except that this prohibition shall not apply to names.
addi'n-t- >. and business desiafiations of a permanent nature regularly carried
onil trucks, busiw. automobiles, or other vehicles.

Regulation 12.-Firearms

rryinng., possessing, or discharging firearms on the refuge is not permitted:
Provided, That tlie superintendent and oilier employees of the ID)epalrtment of
Agriciulture enL:a--ed in law enforceeiiint or prd;iator or rodent control may
carry and use firearms on the refuge in thle Iperformance of oflicial1 duties:
Provide d furt'lcr, Thait persons authorized by permit of the Servet iry of Agri-
culture, counter-i.i ed by It lie Chief, Bureau of Biological Survey, to take se'ci-
mllens of wildlife for -.ri'itific purpoes-( onil the refu-e may usi- firearmsi when
necessary in collectingg such specimens. Persons cr( s-itig the refuge ma;ny carry
or transIp)rt unloaded, di(lsmantled, or casedl firearms over regularly established
routes of travel.

Regulation 13.-Exhibition and Revocation of Permits

The holder of a permit shall exhibit it for inspection at any reasonable time
uipon request of(i any officer or employee of thie DeI)lrtmient of Agriculture
elngag-ed, in the a',1liis-t ration or enforcement ()f any law or regulation appli-
cable to the refuge. A permit may be terminated at any time by a'ureemient
lie \veen the sulperintendeent and the permiittee; it may bie revoked(l by the Chief,
Bureau o(f Biological Survey, for noncompliiance with the terms tL.ereof or of
tfiese regulations, or nonuise, or fo'r violation of any law, regulation, or order
appIlicable to the refuge, or for viol:iolin of any State or Federal law prtertin,-
wildlife or the nests or 0,g, of birds.; and it is subject at all times to
di ',ruetionary revocation by tlie Secretary of Agriculture.
In ti-liomivy whereof I have hereunto set my hand( and caused the oflicial
.i of tlie United States IDepartmient of Agriculture to be alfixed in tl:e City
of Washington, this 2d day of December 1936.
[SEAL] II. A. WALLACE. Secretary of Agriculture.

[U. S. ('1,,h. title 18, <'iiiniiil C(,ile and Criminal Procedure]

Sicc. 145. Whn'Iever shall hunt, tr;ip, capture, willfully disturb, or kill any bird
or wild animiiiil of any kind vwh i.iteve'r, or 1:lake or dislrny the hL,:S of any such
bird o()I an'v lands of the linited( Staui.s which have been set apart or reserved

[S. R. A.


as rt, bii-.s or breediii:i. irould- for .ii'li lir s., or aliili.ils by any law, 11' 1:i1it:la-
tiim,, or .excri,. ive rilder, except i der sulci rul'- ;ld i,. llations as t i1 S crle-
tary of A.ricultlur. may, fromI time to time, l pie--li ilU, o1r vli( shall willfully
inijUt, I-. mol.-t, or et.-roy anlly property of thlie I'niteI Stat.- on aily sch' laal SU'
slall be fined nI)i more than $5-7)0. or inpri-,,oned not ioti*r, than six mhoiith I, or
both. (Se'. s-,4. act of Mar. 4. lI!9.) as anittilded Apr. 15, 19)24. 4: Stat. ,' )


[U. S. ('.l.. Title 16, Conservation]

SEt. 715i. Tlhat no person shtall klnowingly disturb, injure, or destroy :miy
notice. signbolzard, fence, bui!diiiiL-. ditch, dam,l dike enmb ankknient, iluit.e, spill-
way, or otlit.r improv'lnient or pr,,pjerty of the United States onl any area atuired
undler this act. or cut. burn, or destroy lny tilmbter, gi:a-.-. lor oilier nllatural
-r,\\tli on .-:aid area or on any area of the Unitedl Stat,-. which i-roi 4fre
lias bee''i or which hereafter mi,1ay be set apItrt or r-eerved for tlie use of the
Departinlcit of Agriculture as a Lamte refuge or as a preserve of i.-,rvation alnd
breeling gru[rId for native birds, under any law, proclaiii;ition, or Exu,.utive
t'order, or otc'lipy or li--e any part thereof, or enter t1wre.on for anly purT,-',
except in accordance with regulations of the Se.,retary of Agricul-
tlure (Sec 10, act of Feb. 18. 19, 45 Stat. 1222.)


[U. S. Code. title 18, Criminal Code and (riniiiuil Procedure)

SEC. 106. Whoever slhiall willfully -et.t on fire, or cause to be -,,t on fire, any
timber, iunderbrush, or grass upon the public domain, or shall leave or suffer
fire to burn unattended near any timber or other iitfltnnamalle material, shall be
tied not more thattn $5,000 or imprisitniul not more than two ytars, or both.
(Act of Mar. 4, 11109, sec. 52-35 Stat. 1098.)
SEC. 107. Whoever shall build a fire in or near any forest, timber, or other
intlainmailde material upon the public domain shall, before leaviii. said fire,
totally extinguish the same; and whoever shall fail to do -o shall be fined not
more thaii $1,000 or not more tlhat ortie year, or both. (Act of
Mar. 4, 11N'19, sec. 53-35 Stat. 1098.)


By the President of the United States of America


[34 Stat. 2062]

WVI:IEII:AS. it i- provided by the act of (oi --. aplirved Januatry twently-
fourth, ninieteen hundred a1nd five, entitled "An iet for tihe protection of wild
animals and birds inll thle Wiciit;ia Forest RI1-.rve". That the PrI'd'ihlit ol tlie
United States- is liei-,rtyv auth,'riz.,1 to dsu-i lrn:te such areas in the Wirhita
Fore-t IRe-erve as li:1ould. in his opinion. lie set aside ifor thle protection of
game aiiiliu0,-; and birds aitil be recognized as a brin.. place tluirefor.
"Si'. 2. Tlhat \livi such areas have b,.,n dl-i.nated as providl.d for ill
>.eetiii one of this act, huntiii'. trapping, killing, or c;ipturing of game ninIinals
and birds upon the lands of the United State, within the limits of s.!id are.,-
shalll be unlawful, except under :ii.i -r.u'ul:ttioi- as ;may e'll pri-Scril.,ld fImi
time to time. by the Stecri.ta.ry of .\Ariiulture; and any III r-,i viol:itiil, -Itch
regulations or the provisions of this Act shall bie deemed guilty of a ii:,le-

I"..S. N 71,]

A. is _______lW.

I .." "
I 6O r. i.V

,..,., -'
~ &~

i .~%



~ LI !~
S~ -
Ill,.,, -
,,,~fr"'e /
K, ~



* rI


\ 4; 4

,,s^ ;3 /^

\{~, -


I ~ d.C
/ '. ~


I 33 .. .. ,

I.i .."I' LL ;., /' \ \

O ,f, Z ." 1 J

S ........ ".- 't ~ ^ ^ *I" .

,." ;"'W : .
R.,S :. 1, W. ,. A".,.
T.[^^ B 25 '* :: -.. ,
1,-- -f. _iij..
"^tf~fW .......'

...t' ~A -
~.$** ,~

I i;~]

- S

.~0 0

ii R.14W

/ I

7-~** i/i



'i -" '"" \r, "/ ,' l .. : .M
ou At

,,1 -^ iB > -

4I A
APAC-ir. i.Af<
^ ktf'f->< ,^ i'.'/

I.1 a

-S.. Cl
20 *l "O VT*'


(V4 '^'si0

R. 14W










0 1/2 I 2 3 4 MILES

-.- ~. I

R 0 w "- -./ W
,ANK ro01,VsJ







meanor, and shall, upon conviction in any United States court of competent
jurisdiction be fined in a sum not exceeding one thoutand dollars or be impris-
oned for a period not exceedilig one year, or shall suffer both fine and imprison-
ment, in the discretion of the court.
"Si.c. 3. Tih;it it is the purpose of this act to protect from trespass the public
lands of the United States and the ga me animals and birds which may be
thereon, and not to interf re with the operation of the local game laws as affect-
ing private, State, or Territnrial lands." (Act of Jan. 24, 1905. 33 Stat. 614.)
And whereas, for the purpi,'l of giving this act effect, it appears desirable
that thlie entire Wichita Forest Reserve be declared a .-fmine presi.:'ve:
NOW, THEREFORE, I, THEODOI(RE ROOSE.V EL.T, President of the United by virtue of the power in me vested by the afores;aid Act of Congress,
do hereby make known and proclaim that thie Wichita Forest Reserve, in the
Territory of Oklahimma, is design imttd and s*t aside for the protection of game
animals and birds, and shall be recogiiized as a breeding place therefore, and
that the hliunting, trapping, killing or capturing of game animals and birds upon
the lands of the United States within the limits of said area is unlawful, except
under such rv.-ulations as may be prescribed from time to time by the Secre-
tary of Agriculture.
IN WITNESS WIIEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the
seal of the United States to be affixed.
DONE at the City of Washington this 2nd day of June, in the year
[SEAL] of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five, and of the Independ-
ence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-ninth.
By the President: T. ROOSEVELT.
Aclting Secretary of State.

The following is a description of the lands embraced in the Wichita Forest
Reserve as established by Prochlatmation of July 4, 1901 (32 Stat. 1973), which
was designated as a game preserve by the proclamation of June 2, 1905:
Beginning at the south-east corner of township three (3) north, range
fourteen (14) west, Indian Meridian, Territory of Oklahoma; thence north
along the township line to the north-east corner of section twenty-four (24),
township three (3) north, ra.inge fourteen (14) west; thence east on the section
line to the south-east corner of section thirteen (13), township three (3) north,
range thirteen (13) west; thence north along the line between ranges
twelve (12), and thirteen (13) wet(, to the north-east corner of the south-evst
(iquariter of section twelve (12), township) three (3) north, raNiige thirteen (13)
west; thence west to the south-w,-t corner of the north-west quarter of section
twelve (12), township three (3) north, range thirteen (13) w%.-t; thence north
to the south-west corner of actionn one (1), township) three (3) north, range
thirteen (13) wAi,:t ; thence west along the section line between sections two
(2) and eleven (11), to thlie south-west corner of .-cclion two (2),. township three
(3) north, ran ic thirteen (13) west, ; thence north along the section line between
sections two (2) and three (3) to the ,,>uth-east corner of the north-east ,qua-r-
ter of section three (3), tiwiishii )ip three (3) nortli, r;i-",u thirteen (13) west;
thence west along the center line of sections three (3), four (4). five (5),
and six (6), to thlie ,outh-west corner of the northlwest quarter of c-i-tion six (6),
township three (3), north, r;itc thirteen (13) west; thence north along the
r,';m,,g line between raniLIs thirteen (13) and fourteen (14) w.-t to the nortl-
east corner of ,(wtion one (1), townsltip three (3) north, rai"i, fourteen (14)
\\.-t; thence west along the towinslhiIp line between tow vships tliree (3) and four
(4) north to ihe northli-wi-t (corner of section two (2), towii-.hlip three (3) north,
rmi,''*- fourteen (14) w-1i ; thelnce north to tle northleast corner of -.',tion thirty-
four (34), township four (4) north, range', fourteen (14) west; thence west to
ihe north\\ ,-t corner of -sition thiiirty-four (34), township four (4) north, range
fourteen (14) w i.- ; thenice iolrtlh Ito tille ilorthitc.t- t corner of the southeast quar-
ter of ,.,.tion twenty-one (21), towiiship four (4) north. rniLte fourteen (14)
\\II : tleince wi-I to the southw,.l corner )of thie iohrtliw,-I q(iiirter of section
tweoity (20), towiisliip four (4) north, range fourteen (14) wNc-l ; thence north
to the northeast corner of section eighteen (IS), towNishlip) four (4) north,
r;iuu,- fourte(eni (14) \\'

[S. R. A.

B S. ,-,]I

teen (17). toviwnship four (4) inj rthI, ln.'e fifteen ( 15 \\ st" t hence south It t eo 1l1
siillwe?,.( l (4orl'r of .'tion twelity-lilin (291), t ,n ilshilp fmoir ( 4) liolith. rii.,-,
fifteen (15) west ; tl i cme east to the soutl''.-t corner iof -, tio I tw\ e(-ty-niiit
(-9), township) four (4) north, raiie lifted l 1.) wvest ;teic-5 soiltit t siltItliw,'-f corner of -*,'tili thirty-tlhiree (',',, township four 1) no,!rt, range
liftuel (15) W..-i ; tlii. east to th southwest contller of said -l't, io thirtiy- lIhree
(33), tow,-hip four (4) northli, rani'1e lilfti'ei (15) west thelice sot)ho to tihe
i'lt I 4-:i l corner of the ilort lhwi'l (Illarter otf ,',tioll tell (1i)), townlisihip three
(3 ) ,north, fraiiL'"e ift.eii (15) w .-r : thence east to the soutlhi.-:ist c(rier of
thle iortl e.-l quarter ol said -rtioi teI: tleice south 1to the stouth\\-i ort'l.PI
of Section \\.iitty-six (2(), towr i-hlip three (3) iior'tli, range fifteen (15) west;
tl0i 4e e'-r to the s(mltlici.-t coriler of tsai(d sect lioll twelity-six ( 2;t 1icce
South to the sotlthwest corner of the nolmrthwest quarter of sectioml thirty-six
(:;";), township three ( 3) nortth, rane liftee(i (115) west; thience east to tlhe
center of section ti thirty-t Iree 3"3) t ()wnIship I Ihree (3) noi'th1, mrai ou rteeni
(14) we..t : then, suth to the -.utlhwest corner ofw ( the southeast quarter of
s:id section thirty-three (33) ; thelnice east along the tt,\ii "hil) I tinwe letwteei tIown-
slhip, two (2) and three (3) north to the southeast corner of to winslhip three (3)
north, r;ii'_c fourteen (14) west. the plac.- of beginimilig.


In order to accom(iodlIte thlie glame mianatgeielti prI(o-',i;. I of the I lureau of
Biol',,ical Survey onil the \\Wichita (Gamne Refuge, on the Wichitla National For-
est. established plursualnt to atilhirity (coltainedl in tlhe act of Januarv 24. 4905
(3: Stat., (14), to the administration of tihe area comprisin;i said national
for.'st and game p[re-frive and under authority of section il;1, Revised Statutes"
and ,tl ie.,\i. it is ordered that, effective April 1, 1P.35, the administration of
said national forest and game prt-'twve will be under the suIp)ervision of the
Chief of the Bureau of IBiological Survey, and the Foli.-ler is hereby autho-rizt',!
and (directed to cooperate with the (C'hief of said Iliological Survey in all ways
piracticaile in c.nrryii-" (out the p)urpo-e- a(nd objects of this older.
U. A. WALLACE, S0 ''< v {"
M.\i;n 5, 1:-15.


By virtue (of fnd Ipursuant to the alutIhority vested in me as President of
the lUlited Stal(.-. and in order to efflectuate further the lpurpllose o(l' tlie act of
January 24, 19i<5 (33 Stat. (14), for the protection of wild animals and birds
in the Wichita National Forest, in Oklahoma, it is ordered that. sutil ie.t to
valid, rights, the follhmwinm-di'-..ribed lands within the Wichita Nati,,a:l
F,,rest be, and they are hereby, designatted and -set aside foir tle tuse of' the
Delpalrtnient of A.\ri tlture a- an addition t) tihe Wichita National Game
Pre--.rve as established by proclaimation of June 2, 1905 (3;4 Stat. :0(1)2)


T. 3 N., RI. 13 W., s c. S', S'.NXVi ;
sec. 4, ',12NE1 I
sec. 5, lot 2, and SW\ NEI/,
sec. 12, NW1, ;
see. 29. lots I to 4, inclusive, and NI.S, ;
sec. 30. lots 3 *ill 4, EI /SWi, and E ;
sec. 81, all ;
secl... ill.
T. 4 N., R. 14 W., s 3c. :i5. S',.
T. 3 N., R. 15 W., see. 9, N .NE ;
sec. 10, N'.M\\ I',. SE. S\W and SEIl ;
sec. 15. lot 4. NJ.,4. E..\V ... and SE' ;
.-*.. 21, NE.4,, NI2S.E' and SEI/4S.',
sec. 22. all.
T. 4 N., R. 15 WV., sec. 32, E1 ISEI.

It is unlawful within this area (a) to hunt, trap, capture, willfully li-tIiirb,
or kill any wild animal or bird, to) occupy or use any l,;Irt of the re-ervati,,,
or to enter thereon for any purpo,, except tll'Icr such r'll,.. sand rit'-:-ulatiosns



as may be prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture; (b) to cut, burn, or
destroy any timber, utinderbirush, grass, or other natural growth; (c) willfully
to leave tire or to suffer it to burn unattended near any forest, timber, or
other ilflanunable material; (d) after building a fire in or lne:r any Iforest.
timber, or other ihllaiiiiiiablle material, to leave it without totally exiiniuisling
it; and (c) willfully to injure, molest, or dt.-triy any property of the United
All persons are hereby informed that sections 52, 53 (as amended), and S4
(as amended) of thlie Criininal (.'ode of the United States (sees. 106, 107, 145.
title IS U. 0C. ., and section 14 of the Ai-r;iat:)ry Bird Cnsirvation Act of
February 18, 1929 (sec. 715m, title 16, U. S. C.), prescribe penalties for the
commlission of the oftell-'s emuml'ralted in the pre'eling paragraph.
July 2';, 193j.
[No. 7116]

[Act of June 4, 1936, 49 Stat. 1446]

Maintenance of ma m auil and bird res(rvations: For the maintenalnce of the
Montana National Bison Range, thle Wi(chita National Forest and Game
Preserve, to constitute and be designated and administered as the Wichita
Mountains Wildlife Refuge, and other reservations and for the i;initenance
of game introduced into suitable localities on 1)pub)lic laiindIs under supervision of
the Biological Survey, including constructionn of feiicing, wardens' quarters,
shelters for animals, landiing-, roads, trails, bridge-, ditches, telephone lines,
rockwork, b)ulkhead(s, and other improvements m.,.,s-ary for the economical
administration and protection of tie reservations, and for the enforcement of
section 84 of the act approved Ma-irch 4, 1909 (U. S. C., title 18, si,'c. 145). entit lcd
"An act to codify, revise, and amend the penal laws of the ltnited States", and
acts amendatory thereto, and sectionn 10, of the Migratory Bird Co.iservation Act
of Feliruary 18, 1929 (U. S. C., title 16, sec. 715i). PIrovidcd, That .
$1,000 may be u-,ed for the maintenance of thlie herd of longhorned cattle onl the
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.



By the Presi(dent of the United States of America

WIIEllEAS it appears that it wohl lie in tle public ib interest to revoke the
proclamations of July 4, 1901 (.32 Stat. 197:), May 29, 1906 (34 Stat. 207),
and Oc)(tob(r 13, 1910 (3 6 Sta t. 2754), establishing, enlarging, and (modifying the
Wichita National Foriot, Oklahoinm :
N(O)W, T'IVl:KEF(O)IE, I, FRANKLIN D. ROOS :V, ELT, Iresoiident of the
UnlitledI Stales of Amierica, under and by virtue of tihe authority vvest(ed in me
by tIhe act of June 4, 1 97, 3:0 Slat. 1, 11, 36 (16 IT. S. C., sec. 473), and upon
the rec(omnieidation of the Secretairy of Agriculture, (do hereby revoke the
afors;u i, pro'li:im I ions.
This procla ,,tion is nlot intended to release any ;lands t'ripni thlie ga'1 pre-
serve known as the VWicbita Mount aits Wildlife Reful,. as esilablished, en'-
largvd1, anld dv.i.-i iit1ed )y h lie p)rocla:mation of June 2, 1905 (34 Stat. (:1:62), )by


the exe-.ltive ordl4.r of July 2-16. 3" (N. V, 711-. :andl ty tIle ,ro ,lvisioiuI inl the
D)eipirtliteit of Agricultiuret A)ppropriationt1 ActI. 1!:';7. approed .! 4, I!'",;.
IN 'TE:STIMONY WiIIII':{E()F, 1 hav heireitito set my Ii iind :aiind c:amusdt lite
se:al of the Uniited Sidtes (f Aieri, ;I to be afftlixed.
DONI at thlie ('ity of Washington this 27 day of Novemtiler in tie, y ear of woir
Lord owe thousa;mil ninie hundred :aid thirty-six, alld 4f Ille iiidepenhd-
[si:.\L elnce of li. I'nilted Stiates of A.llrica thle one hndhtld a;ld Ksixly-iirs.
FRAN I 1.1N 1I). HI oi By the Prt,-ient :
R. \\'ALTOXN 11o0 .
IActio rc(''t iir!/ of Statc.

[No. 22111]


[Act of Feb. 8, 1!9*;. 49 Stat. 1105]

That whoever shall kill, as defined in -(.i tions 27:' or 274 of the ('
Code, any United States nmarsl;:11 or deputy Unit d Siatles mallrshal. special a gent
of the F.',de:i B11ureau of Ihivest i;-tionll of the D)epartlmeti of Julstice, post-office
illslpetor, Stcr.I S.rrice operative, aiiy officer or enlisted malti of thlie ('.-t
Guard, any employee of aiy United States or correctional institutions, ally
oLffi.,r of the Customins Seirvice or of the Intt-r:il Revenue Service, any immi-
grant inspector or any immiir:ition pi;trol iii-pl)ectr'. any officer or employee of
the Department of Agriculture fle'(ii mted by thlie Si'ri.ctary of A-riculture to
enforce a; y act of Coi -i'rt'-s for thlie protection. pres1 r'at1ioI1, or restoral io of
game and other wild birds and animals, any ollicer or employee of the National
Park Service, any officer or employee of, or assigned to duty in, the field serv-
ice of the Division of Grazing of the Department of thie Interior, or any ofi(er
or employee of the Indian field service of the United States, while en.a.ged in
the perfotirma1ice of his Ifichial duties, or on ac.lount of tlt, perforim;ce of his
official duties, shliall be punished as provided under -,wttion 275 of the Criminal
Si:c. 2. Whoever shall forcibly resist, oppose, impede, intimidate. ,r interfere
witli any person de(i,-ioltId in section 1 hereof while ,,i:i -.d in thie perform-
ance of his offii.ial (dulis. or sliall a- ;ult him oni account of the lperformaI;1,11
of his duties, sliall be fined not more than .S7,W(O0, or imlpri--oned not
miore tlua1 3 years, or both ; alnd whoever, in the commiis describedl in this -ectionl, .-li;all use a deadly or d;iii-_rous weapon slhall be
fitted not more than $10,000, or ilmprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.


3 111 111 1111 1 11 111 iI 11111111 111111 i IIII i 111
3 1262 09218 5338

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