Schedule contents of ... crop and livestock reports


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Schedule contents of ... crop and livestock reports
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January.,22, 1952

Schedule and Contents of 1952 Crop and Livestock Reports

For Filing and Reference Use

The following schedule of release dates for the various crone and livestock re-
oorts to be issued by, the Crop Reporting Board during 1952 is announced by the De-
partment of Atriculture: (Unless otherwise specified, t'e reports are issued from
!ashington, D. C.). The time of release, wh-en specified, is that in effect for
government offices in "ashington (Eastern Standard Time excent when Daylight Saving
Time is in effect),


(Released at 11:00 A. Me, E.S.T.)

May 8:

July 8:

August 8:

September 8:

October 8;

November 10:

December 8:

January 10:

February 11:

March 10:

Acreage, yield -ner acre, production of cotton lint and seed, value
of production of lint, disposition and value of cottonseed, monthly
marketing by farmers, reduction front full yield per acre due to
boll weevil and ot."er causes (1951 crop).

Acrea.%.e of cotton in cultivation on July 1.

Condition as of August 1, indicated yield -er acre, indicated nro-
duction, commercial fertilizer used on cotton, sales of fertilizer
for all puroses in cotton States.

Condition as of Seotember 1, indicated yield ner acre, indicated
production, percentage of acreage abandoned since July 1, acreage
for harvest.

Condition as of October 1, indicated yield n-r acre; indicated, pro-

Yield ner acre as of November 1, norobable production,

Yield -ner acre as of December 1, probable -oroduction, acreai:e for
harvest, acreage in cultivation July 1, production of cottonseed.


(Released at 3:00 P.M. E.S.T.)

Stocks of corn for grain, wheat, oats, barley, rye, soybeans, and
hay on farms as of January 1; milk production; noultry and egg pro-
duction; indicated production of citrus fruits (1951-52 crop).

Milk production; grain fed per milk cow; poultry and egg production;
indicated production of citrus fruits (1951-52 crop),

Milk production; poultry and egg production; indicated production of
citrus fruits (1951-52 crop).

- 2 -.. .

March 198

April 10:

Ma;. 9:

June. 10;.

July 10:

Prospective Plantings for 1952 .as indicated by reported intentions
for corn, durum wheat, other spring wheat, oats, barley, flaxseed,
rice, all sorghums, potatoes, sweetpotatoes, tobacco, dry edible
beans, dry field -peas, soybeans, cowpeas, peanuts, and sugar beets;
acreage of ha-. for harvest,.

Indicp.ted production of winter wheat; indicated percentage abandon-.
ment of winter wheat seedings, U.S,; condition of rye and pasture;
:: for certain States, condition of reaches and potatoes; stocks of
corn for grain, wheat, oats, barley, rye, .and soybeans on farms as
.-of April 1; milk .production; grain fed per milk cow; poultry and egg
S production; indicated production of citrus fruits (1951-52 crop),
. -.-florida limes (1952. crop)

Acreage remaining for harvest as of May 1, yield per acre and indi- '
cated production of winter wheat and rye; percentage of abandonment
of winter wheat seedings for U. S.; condition of hay, pasture, and.
miscellaneous fruits and nuts; stocks of hay on farms; for certain
States, condition of oats, potatoes, peaches, pears, grapes, and.
cherries; indicated production of citrus fruits (1951-52 crop);,
: peaches in 10 early Southern States, apricots, cherries, and lums'
Sin California.and. of Florida limes (1952 crop); preliminary produac-
tion of maple products (1952 crop); milk nrodrction; poultry and egg
production. Also for 1951 crop, acreage, yield per acre, production
and value of production of.tobacco (by toes and classes),

-Indicated yield per acre as of June 1 of winter wheat and rye; in-
dicated production of winter wheat, spring wheat, oats, barley, rye,
peaches, pears, cherries, apricots, California plums, nrunes, and
walnuts, Florida limes (1952 crop), and citrus fruits (1951-52 cropl-
condition of, hay, pasture, citrus fruits (1952-53 crop), California
grapes, and. miscellaneous fruits and nuts; condition of potatoes for
certain States; milk production; grain fed per milk cow; poultry and
egg production; Also for 1951 crops, acreage, yield per acre, pro-
duction, and value of production of sugar beets, and sugarcane; and
production of beet and cane sugar, sugar beet -oulp, and products of
cane ground for sugar.

Stocks of corn for grain, wheat, oats, barley, rye, and soybeans on
farms as of July 1; -lanted acreage of corn, winter wheat, spring
wheat, oats, barley, flaxseed, rice, potatoes, sweetnotatoes, dry
edible beans, dry field neas, all sorghums, sugar beets, mung beans,
ans popcorn; acreage for harvest, indicated yield per acre as of
July 1, anid indicated noroduction of corn, winter wheat, scoring wheat,
oats, barley, rye, flaxseed, rice, hay, potatoes, sweet-ootatoes, to-
bacco, sugar beets, sugarcane for sugar and seed, dry edible beans,
dry field feas and hops; acreage grown alone for all purposes of
soybeans, and cowneas; acreage for harvest of soybeans for beans,
sugarcane for sirup, sorgo sirup, Dopcorn, mung beans and all sor-
ghums; indicated r-roduction of ap-nles (commercial), peaches, pears,
graves, cherries, apricots, nlums, prunes, almonds, filberts, and
walnuts, Florida. limes (1952 crop), and citrus fruits (1951-52 crop);
condition of pasture; citrus fruits (1952-53 crop), and miscellaneous
fruits; milk production; poultry and egg production. Revised esti-
mates of the 1951 neanut crop.

August 11


2 Indicated, yield *nir acre as of Atgust. 1 and indicated production of
corn, winter wheat, spring wheat, oats, barley, rye, buckirheat,
S flaxseed,. ri'p, all sorghums for grain,. hay' dry- edible beans, dry...
... field peas, soybeans for beans, peanuts iicked, and threshed, *pota.._
toes, sweetpotatoes, tobacco, sugar -beets, sugarcane fort'sigir a.nd ,
seed, broomcorn, and hons; acreage of buckwheat, all sorghms for
g' grain, peanuts picked and threshed, and broomcorn, stocks. .of rice, on.
farms as of August 1; indicated production of ap-Dles (commercial),
peaches, pears, grapes, cherries, apricots, nlums, prunes, almonds,
!... waln-4.ts., filberts,. and.pecans; condition.opf pasture, cI.t.s fruits'
(1953-53 crop) and miscellaneous fruits; milk production, grain'fed
per milk cow; poultry and egg production.


Indicated yield per acre as of.September 1 and indicated production
of corn, spring wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat, flaxseed, rice, all
sorghluns for grain, hay, dry edible beans, dry field,'peas, soybeans
for beans, peanuts nicked and threshed, potatoes, sweetpotatoes,
tobacco, sugar beets, sugarcane for sugair and seed,- broomcornh,.-and'
hops; indicated production of apples (commercial), peaches, pears1
grapes, plums, prunes, apricots, cranberries, ilmonaswalnuts, fil-
berts, and pecans; condition of pasture, citrus fruits (19532-53
crop) and miscellaneous fruits: milk production;-noultity and-egg .

October 10: Stocks of corn for. grain, wheat, oats, barle., rYe, .and.soybeans -on
farms as of October 1; indicated yield oer acre and indicated pro-
-,: : "-ductionf-of corn, all wheat, spring vheat,'#oats, barlbey, buckwheat,
S* 0. .'flaxseed, rice, all -sorghums for grain;..'ayt dry- edible'beans; soy-
Sbeans for beans, peanuts picked and treshed, -notatoes, IsweeT)ota.,
toes, tobacco, sugar bets, sugarcane for sugar and see'i, broomcorn,
S. ..and-hops- 'indicated production of a'vies,(commercial),o.eachlies, .
Spears, grapes, clums., prunes, cranberries, -citrus fruits (1952 -53
cro.), almonds, walnuts, filberts, and -necans conditionn *of pasture,
citrus fruits (1952-53 croo), and miscellaneous fruits, indicated
yield per acre of cowneas; milk production; grain fed per milk cow;
poultry and eg- production. .

November 12:

December 10:

December 17:

December 17:

December 19:

Indicated yield "er acre as o.f 'ovember ;1 and indicated production
of corn, buckwheat, rice, all sorghums. for. grain, dry edible beans,
soybeans for beans, peanuts picked and threshed, potatoes, sweet-
potatoes, .tobacco,. broomcorn, sugar beets,1 sugarcane 'f'or sugar and.
seed, sugarcane sirup, and sorgo sirup; indicated yield of cowpve.s;
Spro.duction. of apples (commercial), pears, cirapes,crahberrie,- cit-.
rue fruits (1953-53 crop), almonds, walnuts, filberts, arid pecans;
condition of pasture, citrus fruits (1953-53 crop), and olives;
milk production; ooultry and egg production,. -

Indicated nrocLuction of citrus fruits; milkn-roduction; grain fed
per milk cow; poultry and egg-nroductioni a; '

Annual summary, of acreage, -yield&p-rr. acre, nrbduc'tion of all crops.

Season average prices and value of -oroduction of principal crops,

Seeded acreage and indicated production of winter wheat, and acreage
and condition of rye for harvest in 1953,

-3 .



Wheat Stocks in Interior Mills, Elevators, and Warehouses, in Merchant Mills, and
total Stocks in all positions on farms and off farms; ye stocks in all position
3:00 P.M., Janu-iy 25, Akoril 25, July 25, and October 248

Corn, Oats. Barley and Sorghum Grain JJ Stocks in all positions" 3:00 P.M., Janmar.,
25, April 25, July 25, and October 24,

Soybean and Flaxseed Ij Stocks in all positions: 3,00 P.M., Janur-ry 29, April 29,
July 29, and October 29,
Peanut Stocks and Processinaz Jan. 24, Feb. 25, Mar, 24, Apr. 24, imay 23, June 24,
July 24, Aug. 25, Sept. 24, Oct. 24, Nov. 24, Dec. 23&

Potato StocksS 3s00 PM., January 18 and March 14, lJ

Onion Stocks (Jan. I)1 3:00 P.M., January 17.

Cabbage Stocks (Jan. 1): Janu-ry 17.

Hop Stocks:, March 24, I_/ and September 23, /o

Commercial Truck Cron-s for Fresh ilarket and Processings

Fresh iIarket Crops. Acreage and indicated production of crops in areas of cur-
rent importance, January 10- February 11; March 10; Anril 10; May 91 June 10;
July 10; August 11; September 10; October 10; iRovember 12; December 10 and 17l

Processing Crons: Acreage, production, and condition of crops in areas of curw-
rent importance. January 10; Niarch 10; A-Dril 10 and 22; May 9 and 21; June 10
and 20; July 10 and 22; Au.:ust 11; September 10; October 10; November 12; Dec.
ember 17e

Truck Cr-on News: Progress of commercial truck crops in areas of current impor-
tance, Janu.-r 7 and 21; February 5 and 21; March 5 and 21; April 7 and 21; May
6 and 21; June 5 and 20; July 7 and 21; August 5 and 21; September 5 and 19;
October 7 and 21; November 6 and 21; December 5 and 19.

kplest Production by varieties. August 14 and December 18.

Sour Cherries4 Sid.-June Production forecast (New York, Ohio, Pa., Hiich., and Wis,)
3000 P.M., June 20.

Fruits i~on Citrus Production and Utilization: July 2.
Citrus Production and Utilization; October 13,.

Nut Crops ,* Production and Utilization August 22

Cranberries: Indicated production, 1:00 P.,M., ALust 19.

Seed Crons:

Jan. 16

Apra 18

Acreage and Production of ,50
kinds of vegetable seeds Ij/,
Intended acreage and prospec-
tive production of 50 kinds
of vegetable-seeds i/. ,
Crimson Clover
Thite Clover (La.& Miss.)
Winter Cover Crops ..
Kentucky Bluegrass
kistard Seed
Redtop (Illinois)
Stocks of 34 kinds of fiEld .
seeds held by dealers on June
Stocks of 50 kinds of vegetable
soeds hold by dealers on June

Additional seed reports will be issued at appropriate intervals on prices,,
movement, quality, stocks arnd disposition of important field seeds

Farm Disposition and Sales of Crops:

Fruit and ITut Crops; January 14.

Principal Field and Seed Crons (except cotton, tobacco, and sugar) Ia' 5,

Cotton and Cottonseed; Cotton re-ort ::ay 8.

Tobacco: "ith General Crop report iay 9.

Sugar Jeets and Sugar Cane" "^ith General Crop report June 10*

Percentage of Corn Acreage Planted with hybrid Seed;: On or about July 11,


(Release at 'ashington, D C., at 12:00 o'clock Noon E.S.T.)

January 10:

January 17:

January 17:

*February 14:

February 27:

February 28S

Sh:ep and Lambs on Feed for Market on January 1.

Cattle on Feed for Market on Janua.ry 1,

Cattle on Feed- Illinois, Iowa, iebraska -- January 1

Number and Value of Livestock, including poultry, on farms on
January 1, 1952,

Wool' Production and Income, 1951,

M-ohair Production and Income, 1951.

- 5 -

Aug, 19 Bentgr&se and Fescue 1(Meadow,
Tall, Chewings, and RFed.
Aug. 25 Alsike Clover
Aug. 25 Timothy
Aug. 28 Ladino Clover
Aug. 28 White Clover (Wis., Idaho, Ky,
*and Teann., )
Septi.2 Winter Cover Crops (Vetchee,
. etc ) .) . .
Septo5 Mustard Seed
Sept.15. Sweetclover
S ept.16" Bermudagrass
Sept,16 Bromegrass & Wheatgrasses
Oct. 3 Red. Clover
Oct. 14 Alfalfa
Oct. 17 Sudangrass.T
Oct. 31 Sunflower
Nov. 21 Lespedeza -
Dec. 19 Mi.&cellaneous Seed Crops
Dec. 31 Certified Seed Potatoes

,.'*1^ ,-



Aug. 18

6 -1

March 10: Early Lamb Crop as of March 1 (10 States)

April 10: Developyent of Early Lamb Crop, as of April 1.

April 17: Cattle-on- Feed for Market, Corn Belt States, as of April 1.

April 17: Cattle on Feed Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska -- April 1 I/

April 29: Farm Production and Income from Meat Animals, 1951.

May 12: Development of Tarly Lamb Crop, as of May 1

*June 19: Spring Pig Crop, and Fail Farrowings indicated by Breeding
Intentions as of June 1.

July 17, Cattle 6n Feed for iMarket, Corn Belt States, as of July 1*

July 17s Cattle on Feed- Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska July 1 i/

July 30: Uo S. Lamb Crop, 1952. Number and Percentage of Breeding Ewes.

August 7: Production 'of Shorn 'fool, 1952

October 8: Cattle Feeding Situation as of October 1.

October 9: Lamb Feeding Situation as of October Io

October 17: Cattle on Feed Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska October 1 i/

November 10: Cattle Feeding Situation as of November 1

November 12: Lamb Feeding Situation as of NTovember 1

December 10: Cattle Feeding Situation as of December 1

December ll: Lamb Feeding Situation as of December 1o

*December 22: Fall Pig Crop of 1952, and Spring Farrowings in 1953 indicated by
Breeding Intentions.

Livestock Slaughterl Number of head, average live weight and total live weight of
cattle, calves, hogs, sheep and lambs slaughtered in commercial -olants by States,
Meat Production by species and lard Production for the United States: January 31,
February 29, Iarch 31,-April 30, 'iLay 29, June 30, July 31, Augujst 29, September 30,
October 31, I'Tovember ?8, December 31.

(Released at Denver, Colorado)

April 11: Condition of Flint Hills and Osage Pastures as of April 1.

June 12: Shipments of Cattle into Flint Hills and Osage Pastures as of June

Condition of Western Ranges, Cattle, and Sheep: January 10, February 11, March 11,
April 10, IKay 12, J.ine 11, July 10, August 11, September 10, October 9, November 10,
December 10,


Egg Production: Number of layers on hqnd during month, eggs ner 100 layers, total
eggs produced, issued with monthly Crop Production Report, also the number of layers
on first of month by Geographic areas and U. S., also rate of egg production oer 100
layers as of first of month.

Number of Chicks and Youn Chickens of Current Year's Hatchings on hand as of first
of month, issued with Crop Production Renorts Anril 10, May 9, June 10 and July 10.

Potential Layers on farms as of first of month, issued with Cron Production Reports
January 10, February 11, August 11, Sentember 10, October 10, November 12, and Decem-
ber 10.

Composition of Farm Flocks October 1, issued with Crop Producti.on Re.nort October 10.

Number and Value of Qdickens on Farms Jan, 1 issued with Livestock on Farms Jan. lI:
February 14.

Number and Value of Turkeys on Farms Jan, 1 issued with Livestock on Farms Jan. 1:
Fobruazy 14.

Monthly E,. Production,. 1950 and 1951. March 7. .

Youw Chickcns and Potential Layers on Farms in 1950 and 1951: March 27*

Chickens Raised on Farms, preliminary estimates. 19529 July 30.

Hatchery Production Salable chicks hatched and eggs in incubators and chicks booked
as of 1st of month: Jan. 15, Feb. 15, March 14, April 15, May 15, June 16, July 15,
Aug. 15, Sept. 15, Oct. 15, YTov. 17, Dec. 15o

Hatchery Production; Revisions of monthly hatchery production in 1951, issued with
Hatchery Production February 15.

Liquid and Dried E.rg Production: Production, by classes, and utilization during Pre-
ceding month,. 25th of each month, 2

.Cawnee, Poultry; 25th of each month 2J

Farm Production and Income from Chickens and Eggs, 1951: April 17,

Turkey Production indicated by re-ported intention-s as of January Is Janu,-ry 24.

F'arm Production and Income from Turkeys, 1951.: Aprl. 9,.

Turkey Production: Numbers raised indicated by number on hand as of August 1:
August 22.


Dairy Production: 1ilk production -er cow 1st of month by States, milk production
on farms for preceding month, U, S. and selected States, issued with monthly Crop
Production Report. Separate release of Dairy Production about l2th of month,

Rations Fed to Milk Cows 1951, June 16.

8 -

Amount of Grain Fed -per Milk Cow, as of first of month:

Avor.ges for crop reporters' herds issued with Crop Production Renorts:

February 11, April 10, June 10, August 11, October 10, and December 10.

Milk Production on Farms and Statistics of Dairy Plant Proiucts, 1951. February 14.

Farm Production. Disposition and Income from Milk. 1951: April 15.

Interstate Movement of Dairy Cattle in Northeastern States, Iay 15.

Number of Milk Cows on Farms Junem August 6.

Seasonal Averag'e Condition of Dairy Pastures! With iTovember Dairy Production..

Dairy Marketings

W:eekl; Creamery Butter Production: Tuesday of each week. (Released at Chicago,
Ill., 805 New- Post Office Bldg.)

Weekly American Cheese Productions Wednesday of each week. (Released at Ohicago
Ill., 805 New Post Office Bldg.)

Weekly `7isconsin Warehouse Cheese Renort; Thursday of each week. (Released at
Chic-go, Ill,, 805 New Post Office Bldg..)

Monthly Creamery Butter and American Cheese Production: Detail, by Regions, 25th
of each month. 2J (Released at Chicago, Ill., 805 New Post Office Bldg.)

Monthly Ice Cream Production Renort: Estimated production by States, 20th of
each month,, 2.' (Released at Chicagzo, Ill., 805 New Post Office Bldg.)

Milk Prices Paid at Creameries and Cheese Plants, by States about 29th of each
month. (Released at Chicago, Ill., 805 New Post Office Bldg.) Simultaneously
with Agricultural Price Reports.

Fluid Milk and Cream Reort: Jan. 16, Feb. 18, Mar. 17, April 16, I'lay 16,
June 17, July 16, Aug. 18, Sept. 16, Oct.16, Nov. 17, Dec. 15.,

Evaporated. Condensed, and Dried Milk Report; 30th of each month. /

Dried Casein Report: 30th of each month. -9/

_vanporated and Condensed Milk. Wholesale Grocers' Stocks: January 22, April 22,
July 22, October 21,

Production of ICanufactured Dairy Products for 1951: ITovember 1952,


January 25: Production and value of comb, extracted, and chunk honey and of bees-
wax in 1951, stocks of honey pnd beeswax on hand for sale, season av-
erage prices received for honey and beeswax, condition of colonies and.
average pounds of winter stores in hives.


March 3:

July 31:

October 14:

Shipments of package bees and. ef queens monthly in 1951 and expected
shi-oments in 1952 from six leading package bee States,

Winter losses and spring increases of colonies of bees, number of col-
onies on hand July 1, 1952, stocl's of honey on hand for sale and con-
dition of colonies and of nectar plants on July 1.

Preliminary estimate of 1952 honey production, stocks of honey on
hand for sale.


(Released at 3:00 P.M., E.S.T.)

Prices received by farmers for principal crops and livestock products, Index Thzmb-
ers of Prices Received by Farmers, Indexes of Prices Paid by Farmers for Articles
Bought and Parity Prices; January 30, February 29, March 28, Anril 29, May 29,
June 30, July 09, August 29, September 30, October 29, November 28, and December 301


Family labor and hired labor on farms, wage rates (quarterly): January 14, February
11, March 10, April 10, May 9, June 10, July 10, August 11, September 10, October
10, November 12, and December 10.


Production and stocks of Turpentine and Rosin (Wood and Gun) and Miscellaneous
Naval Stores: 18th of erch month. i/ 2

Production and distribution, i/, consumption, _/, and stocks of Turnentine and Rosin
and production and stocks of Miscellaneous Yaval Stores for the United Statesn
February 14-r; May 15; August 15; November 14.


Production of Meat Scraps and Tankage: February 4, May 2, August 4, ITovember 3.

I/ Reports resulting from special work undertaken under Research and Marketing
Act Funds.

a] Unless Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays conflict, in which case release is on
!-the next business day.


3 1262 08928 1728



I-.,- ~ -



**' h~


* ~..