The frozen food industry


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The frozen food industry
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Bureau of Agritultural Ecpnpmics

Economic Library List No. 2

Washington, D.C., April 1939. .

JANUARY 1937 to MARCH 1939

Compiled by Helen E. Hennefrund
Library, Bureau of Agricultural Economics

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,".,am..p.rge. Frozen freshness. Oornell Countryman 35(7): 92. April 1938.

.. P : .....,.
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package to be moisture-vapor proof, air tight, and free from odor or taste-
.larting properties. Food Indus. 9: 130-131. March 1937. 389.8 F737
e" ;":.. ..." --
."', C.T. What is ahead for the frozen food industry in the Southeast.
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b ,,:',to, ,"W.
5 '1i: 318-320.

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July 1, 1937. 6 M34

This list supersedes a typewritten list, compiled on
Dec. 20, 1938 by Catharine L. Whitehorn, entitled The
Frozen Food Industry, 1937-1938i A Short List of Refer-
ences. The references listed, most of which have not
been examined, were taken from the following publications:
Agricultural Economics Literature, January 1937 to March
1939; Agricultural Index, 1937 to March 1939; Current
SLiterature in Agri6ultural Engineering, January 1937 to
February 1939; Public Affairs Information Service Bulle-
tin 1937 to March 25, 1939; Readers' Guide to Periodical
literature, 1937 to March 29, 1939; and from the card
catalogues of the Libraries of the Bureau of Agricultural
economics and the Department of Agriculture. The Bibli-
ography on Freezing Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables,
by J.A. Berry and H.C. Diehl, should be consulted for
references to material published prior to 1937.

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The Library has also an 11-page supplement, dated Feb. 25, 1939, which
was received too late for examination'by the compiler.

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"Aside from its development into a substantial new industry, the quick-
freezing process has helped to curtail several fruit and vegetable surpluses."

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Contains abstracts of addresses delivered at the first Food Technology
Conference, held in Cambridge, Mass., in September 1937, under the auspices
of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The objectives of the Conference
are given as outlined by Dr. Samuel C. Prescott.

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- 3 -

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Reports the results of a survey just completed by a representative of
the Food Field Reporter.

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H "
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l moiuts rapidly... Will double 1937. Food Field Reporter 6(5): 8-9,11.
Mar. 7. 1938. 286.83 F73
Accompanied by a list of the 219 firms that quick-freeze, and by ab-
stracts of important stories on quick frozen foods which have appeared in
tood Field Reporter in the period June 28, 1937 to Feb. 7, 1938.

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r A list of the warehouses by states is given on pp.9-13.

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the ice cream industry. Ice Cream Trade Jour. 34(9): 22. September 1938.
389.8 Ic2.
This is the first of three articles by Mr. Corbett published in the
Ice Cream Trade Journal. The second (34(10): 43-44,46. October 1938) is
entitled: Frosted Foods Profitable for Ice Cream Men: What They Are, How
Processed, Cabinets. The third (34(11): 33-34, 37-38. November 1938) is
entitled: Merchandising Possibilities, What You Should Buy, Revenue
Possibilities of Frosted Foods.

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frozen foods has passed beyond experimental stage and is now about to enter
a phase of more widespread acceptance. The importance of good merchan-
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"From an address before the Michigan Canners Association of East Lansing,
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1,9 Rx8924Mi

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-5 .*--

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Libr. Cong.

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"A process for continuous quick-freezing in cans of fruits, juices,
vegetables, milk, eggs, and other products, and for making available to the
frozen food industry the production-line methods of modern canneries, is
to be announced soon in San Francisco...
"Operations will begin within the next few weeks under the name of
Food Freezers, Inc., a concern with which Food Machinery and Worthington
Pump are affiliated."

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the Washington Packers, Inc., and transportation of the products. The
Washington Packers, Inc. is a cooperative resulting from the consolidation
of the Puyallup & Sumner Fruit Growers Association, and the Washington
Berry Growers Association.


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dozen packages of frozen foods may be of such importance to western agri-
culture as to change our entire production program."
Discusses further the freezing of agricultural products.

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Title of Part II is The Present Position of the Ice Cream Manufacturer
in Frozen Food Distribution and His Probable Importance in This Field as
the Frozen Food Industry Expands and Develops.

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The second article in the series is in the March 1938 issue of Food
Industries, pp.i53,156, and is entitled: Statistics Show Shifts in Channels
of Distribution.

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-. 0. : L *., .I

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Translated by Maurice Mandeville.

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presentr.:d in ,,2'F nm,-n4 *2licti:;comparisons with that' of 1935. Aner.
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Also p 1olished in U.S. E,7- & Poultry Mag. 44: 666-671. November 1938.
(286.85 Eg3)

- 11 -

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No. 1. State trade barriers: selected references. March 1939.

No. 2. The frozen food industry: selected references, January 1937 to
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