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Delta County, Colorado
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Economic Library List No. 21 Washington, D, C., April 1941


A Selected. Litt of References

Compiled by Howard 2. Turner
Library, Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Blanchard, C. J. Short stories of successful settlers. U. S. Dept. Into
Beclasm. Service. Reclam. Rec. 14(2): 54-56. Feb. 1923. 156.84 P24
These are stories of settlers on various projects including the
Uncompahgre project in Colorado.

Brooks, L. R., and others. Land classification of western Colofado.
53pp., processed. Washington, D. C., U. S. Dept. of the interior,
Geological survey, 1933. 52.66 UnS33C
This is the text for two maps for the northwesterA and"south-
western parts of Colorado. The text contains chapters on General
features, Physical geography, Biogeography, and Land utilization.
A "Diagram of Western Colorado" on p. 7 shows the location of
counties and individual land classification work.
Campbell, Marius R. Contributions to economic geology (short papers and
preliminary reports) 1913. Part 2.-Mineral fuels. U. S. Dept. Int.
Geol. Survey. Bul. 471, 663pp. Washington, D. 0., 1912. 407 G29B no.471
Includes a paper by E. A. Woodruff on "The coal resources of Gun-
nison Valley, Mesa and Delta Counties, Colorado," on pp, 565-573.

Campbell, Marius R. Ouidebook of the western United States. Part I.
The Denver & Rio Grande Western route. U. S. Dent. Int. Geol. Survey.
Bul. 707, 266pp. Washington, D. C., 1922. 407 G29B no. 707
A physical descriptionn of the country adjacent to the "standard-
gdge line from Montrose to Grand Junction," which includes much of
Delta Countvy is given dn pp. 179-181.


Bureau of Agricultural Economics


Chapman, Arthur. Watering the Uncompahgre valley. Review of Reviews
40: 177-182. Aug. 1909. 110 Am32
Illustrated account of a nearly completed irrigation project.

Colorado. Bureau of labor statistics. Biennial report 1915/16 to date.
Denver, 1916 to date. Libr. Cong. HC107.C7A2
"These re-orts contain wages of farm labor in Colorado. Bates
are usually given by counties. Some information as to number of
workers in the beet fields of- the state and the extent of child labor
in this industry occasionally appear." U. S. Dept. Agr. Bur. Agr.
Econ. Agr. Econ. Bibliog. 72, p. 11.

Colorado. Cooperative crop and livestock reporting service. Colorado
agricultural statistics 1939. 165pp. Denver, Colo., 1940.
252.11 Im6A 1939
"Issued cooperatively by United States Department of Agriculture,
Agricultural Marketing Service, Division of Agricultural Statistics
and Colorado State Planning Commission, Division of Statistics.
This volume is issued as a supplement to the Colorado Year Book."
Library of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture has also volumes for
1883, 1886-1887, 1892-93, 1922-1924, 1935-1938.
Farm value of principal crops, 1939, by counties, pp. 16-20;
Grain and hay crops, by counties, pp. 26-74; Truck crop acreages,
by counties, pp. 100-106.
Livestock data, by counties, are given on pp. 146-147, 150-156.
Monthly and annual precipitation data for Crop Reporting District
No. 7 (which includes Delta County), annually 1904-1940, are given
on p. 157.
Length of growing season for the different counties is given
on p. 162.

Colorado. State board of immigration. Story -of Colorado: farming, mining,
manufacturing. Various paging. cDenver, 19171 252.11 Im6S
Contains seven separate sectiQns as follows: Northwestern Colorado,
15pp.; The Western Slope, 23pp.; The Sari Luis Valley, 15pp.; The
Arkansas Valley; 31pp.; Eastern Colorado, 31pp.; The South Platte
Valley, 31pp.; Southwestern Colorado, 15pp.
Delta County is included in the section, "The Western Slope,"
pp-. 8-10, which fives information on the classification of land,
surface and climate, agriculture, fruit raising, other industries,
-cities and towns, railroads and highways, and climatological data.

Colorado. Sthte planning commission. Water resources of Colorado. -
Appendix. Processed. Denver, 1939. 280.7 C7lAppen.
Library of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture has-no. 1, v. 1; no. 2,
v. 1;- no. 3, v. 1-2; no. 4, v. "1-3; no. 5, v. 1-5.
Contents: no. 1, Climatological data of.Colorado; no. 2, Data on
stream gagiiig stations of Colorado; no. 3, Stream flow data of
Colorado; no. 4, Canal diversion data of Col6rado; no. 5, Statistics
of irrigated crops.

- 3-

Colorado. State planning commission. Yearbook of the state of Colorado,
1939-1940... Compiled and editedcby. Tclbert R. Ingram. 503p,-.
Denver, Bradford-Robinson print, co.. c1940C 252.11 0714
The Library "f the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture has also Yearbooks
f-r 1918-1938/39.
Partial contents: Table showing land classification by percentages,
by c-inties frr 1938 (classified as to total, patented, non-patented,
state and federal land, and national forests) pp. 15-19; Rank of
counties in the state, p-?. 23-24; Population of Colorado counties,
1940Q compared with 193C, p. 25; Outstanding county, school district
and municipal bonds, by counties, Jan. 1, 1940, p. 26; MIanufactures:
summaries for counties for 1929, 1933, 1935 and 1937, pp. 122-126;
Taxation: -ercentage of taxes actually: collected to Mar. 1, 1940,
fcr the --ears, 1936, 1937, 1938, and 1939, and anticipated revenues
for these years based on the preceding year s levies for all purposes,
by counties, 1. 147; Tables showing the following as returned by
county assessors for assessment for each county: all real estate and
improvements, livestock, p-ersonal propertyr other than livestock, for
1939, pp. 148-153, and grazing land, dry fanming land, irrigated
land, for specified years, pp. 173-175; Colorado banks, by counties
(as of January 1, 194'.) pp. 389-391; Commercial organizations, by
counties, pp. 391-394.

Colorado. Tax e-mmission. Twenty-eighth annual the governor,
treasurer and legislature, 1939. 178pp. Denver, Bradford-Robinsnn
nrint, cn., 1S39. 252.11 T19
Library cf the U. S. Dept. cf Agriculture has also re-orts 1-27,
S-e -p. 38-63 of the re-port for 1939 for an abstract of assessment
of various kinds of land by counties for the years 1938 and 1939, as
returned by- county assessors. In addition to valuations, statistics
*are given of acreages of different kinds of land (irrigated, semi-
irrigated, dry farm, meadow hay, irrigated pasture, suburban fruit
and vegetable tracts, grazing, restoration, arid, waste, seep,
timber, producing coal, non-producing coal, developed coal, undeveloped
c'al, coal reserves, oil, oil.shale, oil reserves), and of the number
of -ure bred bulls, calves, stock cattle, steers, pure bred dairy cows,
comm-on dairy cows, pure bred stallions and mares, saddle and cow
ponies, work mules, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, etc.

Colorado. Worlds fair board of managers. The resources, wealth, and
industrial development of Colorado. 191pp. cn.p.] Press of G. M.
Collier, 1893. 252.11 C71
A description of Delta County is given on pp. 104-105.

Dane, Carle Hamilton. Uncompaigre Plateau and related structural features
(abstract). Wash. Acad. Sci. Jour. 21(2): 2. Jan. 19, 1931.
500 T,276J


Emmons, S. F., and Eckel, E. C. Contributions to economic geology, 1905.
U. S. Dept. Int. Geol. Survey. Bul. 285 (Ser. A, Econ. Geol. 73),
:*5'06p. Washington, D. C., 1906. 407 G29B no. 285
A description of the Uncompahgre region, Colorado, by C. E.
Siebenthal,is given on pp. 401-403.
"The gypsum measures herein described are located on the west side
of the Grand Canyon of Gunnison River, partly in Delta County and
partly in Montrose County, Colorado."

Fellows, A. L. Water resources of the state of Colorado. U. S. Dept.
Int. Geol. Survey. Water-Supply and Irrig. Paper 74(Ser. I, Irrig. 14),
151pp. Washington, D. C., 1902. 407 C-29W no. 74
Tables on pp. 132-139 show discharge measurements made on Gunnison
and Uncompahgre Rivers at various places for portions of the years
from 1895 to 1900.

Follansbee, Robert. Upper Colorado River and its utilization. U. S. Dept.
Int. Geol. Survey. Water-Sup-ply Paper 617, 394pp., map. Washington,
D. C., 1929. 407 G29W no. 617
Irrigation: Gunnison River Basin, pp. 129-136, including irrigation
from Surface Creek, pp. 133-134 and from Uncompahgre River, pp. 134-
136; Gunnison Valley irrigation project, p. 143; Escalante irriga-
tion project, p. 144.
Tables show records of stream flow of rivers and creeks which
flow through Delta County, Colorado, taken at different locations
for portions of the years from 1903 to 1927: Gunnison River, pp. 322-
335; North Fork of Gunnison River, pp. 350-351; Leroux Creek, pp. 351-
353; Surface Creek, pp. 353-356; Uncompahgre River, pp. 356-369;
Escalante Creek, pp. 372-373.

George, Russell D. Geology and natural resources of Colorado. 228pp.
Boulder, Colo., University of Colorado, 1927. 406 C712
County maps illustrate many of the chapters in this book, such
as the chapters on Metals rand Metal Mining, Fuel, Water Resources,
'nd Climate and Scenery.

George, Russell D., and others. Mineral waters of Colorado. Colorado.
Geol. Survey. Bul. 11, 474pp. Denver, Colo., Eames Bros., state
printers, 1920. 406 C71 no. 11
Ch. IX, pp. 202-248,, is entitled: "General Descriptions if the
Mineral Springs."
Includes a description of the mineral springs of Austin and vicinity,
Dclta County,on p. 202, and a description of Doughty Springs, Hotch-
kiss, Delta County, on p. 213.

HEyden, F. V. Annual report of the United States geological and geo-
graphical survey of the territories, embracing Colorado, being a report
cf progress of the exploration for the year 1873. 718pp. Washington,
D. C., 1874. 407 G292R 1873
A report -n Gunnison River and Elk Mountains is given on pp. 247-260.


Haynes, Ben P., and Smith, Guerry, R. Consumer market data handbook
1939 edition. U. S. Dept. Corn. Bur. Foreign and Dom. Corn. Dom. Corn.
Ser. 1C2, 464pp. Washington, D. C., 1939. 157.54 D71 no. 102
"The Bureau's- first assemblage of basic statistics by counties,
specifically designed for the use of businessmen in measuring in-
dustrial and consumer markets, was published in 1929 under the title,
'Market Data Handbook of the United States.' Considered as a pioneer
in its field, it was followed in 1932 by 'General Consumer Market
Statistics,? and in 1936 by 'Consuimer Market Data Handbook,' each of
which brought up to date the information applicable to consumer markets.
The supply of all previous editions is practiLally exhausted...
"The procedure in sales analysis and market research involves
studying pertinent facts on small geographic units., putting these
facts together to measure market potentials,, anud then estimating the
current value of these markets to a particular company for any one or
more of its products. In the 1936 edition of this volume, 25 items
of marketing information were broken down by States, counties, and,
where possible, by all cities and towns which in 1930 had a population
of 2,500 or more. This 1939 handbook gives that same break-down and
includes a total of 82 statistical series. For purposes of simplicity
in presentation, the data are placed in five groups: namely, Popula-
tion and Dwellings; Volume -and Tye of Business and Industry; Employ-
ment tnd Pnyrolls; Petail Distribution by Kinds of Business; and
Related Indicators of Consumer Purchasing Power." Foreword, p. V.
For data on Delta County, Colorado, see p. 44.

Holmes, Willim Henry-. Report on the geology of the northwestern portion
of the Elk RLnnge. U. S. Geol. and Geogr. Survey of the Territories
(Hayden). Ann. RP.nt. c8i: 59-71. 1876. 407 G292Re

Hunter, Byron, uand others. Type of farming areas in Colorado. Colo.
Agr. Expt. Sta. Bul. 418, 135pp. EFort Collins, 1935] 100 C71B no. 418
Issued in cooperation with the Bureau of Agricultural Economics,
U. S. 1e-,t. cf Agric'1ture.
Delta County is i:-cluded in Area 3, "Western Slope Irrigated Dis-
tricts," pp. 71-77, which gives a description of the area, crops
raised, livestock, and types of farming.

Hunter, J. Fred. Pre-C",-mbrian rocks of Gunnison River, Colorado. U. S.
De't. int. Geol. Survey. Bul. 777, 94pp., map. Washington, D. C.,
1925. 407 G29B no. 777
"The purpose of this study is to present a more detailed descrip-
tion than is r.w extant of the distribution, nature, origin, and
structure of the Pre-Cambrian complex of metanorphic and igneous
rocks that are exposed in a long, narrow area in Colorado, which
extends from Saguache County west and north through Gunnison and
Montrose Counties into Delta County." p. 1.

- 6-

La Rue, E. C. Colorado River and its utilization. U. S. Dept. Int.
Geol. Survey. Water-aSupply Paper 395, 231pp. Washington, D. C.,
1916. 407 G29W no. 395
The index should be consulted for references to the Uncompahgre
Valley project, Gunnison River, etc.
Water-Supply Paper no. 396 entitled "Profile Surveys in the Colo-
rado River Basin in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico,1" contains
plates which should be studied in connection with the above report.

Lee, Willis T. Coal fields of Grand Mesa and the 7est Elk Mountains
cDelta Countyi, Colorado. U. S. Dept. Int. Geol. Survey. Bul. 510,
237pp., map. Washington, D. C., 1912. 407 G29B no. 510

McCann, Roud, and Sur-.ers, Thos. H. Colorado' s agriculture. 59pp.
Fort Collins, Colorado agricultural college, Extension service c1925]
275.2 C713Co
Maps cf the state with county delineations are included. They
shrw for the year 1919, unless otherwise stated: number of head of
beef cattle cn farms on Jan. 1, 1920; distribution of dairy cattle,
all classes; cream shipping stations; creameries, cheese factories,
and condenseries; swine production; distribution of swine on farms
in 1920; sheep; chickens raised; eggs produced; corn acreage; wheat
acreage; barley acreage; cats acreage; dry bean acreage; hay and
forage production; alfalfa acreage; range pasture acreage; potato
acreage; apple trees; peach trees; pear trees; cherry trees; acres
in cantaloupes; lettuce acreage, 1923; acreage in truck crops, 1923;
sugar beets.

Marsh, Barton W. The Uncompahgre Valley and the Gunnison tunnel; a
description rf scenery, natural resources, products, industries, ex-
ploration, adventure, etc. 151pp. Montrose, Colo., Marsh and
Torrence, 1905. Libr. Cong. F782.U5M3
"ThcI Uncompahigre Valley is situated in Montrose and Delta Counties,
about two-thirds of the valley lying in Montrose County."

Melcher, William. Economics of crop production cn the Uncompahgre valley
reclamation project. 132pp. Madison, Wis., 1931.
Libr. Cong. HD1740.U6,14
Hot exanined.

Melcher, William. The economics of federal reclamation. Jour. Land &
Pub. Utility Econ. 9(4): 382-394. Nov. 1933. 282.8 J82
Contains a short history of the Reclamation Act, a discussion of
financial arrangements, and a somewhat detailed discussion of the
Unconpahgre project, and presents the rental plan for water dis-

Nelson, J. W., anz. Kolbe, Lawrence A. Soil survey of the Uncompahgre Val-
leyr area, Colorado. 51pp. Washington, D. C., t. S. Dept. of agricul-
ture, Bur. of soils, 1912. (Advance sheets Field operations of the
Bureau cf soils, 1910.) 1 So32
This area croprises parts of Delta, Montrose and Ouray Counties.


Pepper, Henry C. County government in Colorado. Colo. Agr. Expt. Sta.
Bul. 413, 183pp. Fort Collins, 1934. 100 C71B no. 413
Table 16, pp. 97-98, contains data on assessed valuation, popula-
tion, average per. capital valuation, and total tax rate for county
purposes for 1931, arranged by counties, including Delta County.
Table 18, pp. 104-105, shows percentage of taxes collected in
Colorado for years 1928 to 1932, by counties.
Table 22, pp. 112-113, gives data on county indebtedness in Colo-
rado, Jan. 1, 1934, by counties.

Pyle, F. D. Uncompahgre valley project. Irrigation Age 33(3): 89. May
1'18. 55.8 Ir7
A re-ort on the project just prior to its completion.

Roskelley, R. W. Population trends in Colorado. Colo. Agr. Expt. Sta.
Bul. 462, Blpii. Fort Collins, 1940. lC.O 0713 no. 462
"Cooperative Plan of Rural Research, Colorado Agricultural Ex-
periment Station, Colorado State College, Fort Collins, and Rural
Section, Division of Research, Federal Work Projects Administration."
Small-state maps with counties delineated are included, showing
density of population by counties, 1870 and 1890, 1910 and 1930;
increases and decreases in population of counties, 1920 and 1930;
males per 100 females by counties, 1930; percentage distribution of
rural-urban population by counties, 1930; nmuber of rural farm persons
per square mile, by counties, 1930; percentage foreign born of total
white population, by counties, 1890 and 1930; median size of rural
frm and rural non-farm families by counties, 1930.

Stratton, G. F. Busted by reclamation. The bleak ending of the dream of
miracles thiat water was to work. Country Gent. 89(11): 3-4, 38-39.
Mar. 15, 1924. 6 0833
"A descrip-tion of the difficulties the settlers on the Uncompahgre
irrigation Droject in Colorado faced because of high water charges,
insufficient credit, etc." U. S. Dept. Agr. Misc. Pub. 172, item 803.

Uncompahgre project wins concessions. Irrigation Age 32(8): 117-118.
June 1917. 5-.8 Ir7
Contains copy of a letter from Hon. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of
the Interior, to Dr. Albert C. McClanahan, President of the Uncompahgre
Water Users* Association, Delta, Colorado, .setting forth the govern-
ment's provisions for assisting those in charge of the project.
U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Agricultural adjustment administration. Western
division. Colorado handbook. 1939 agricultural and range conserva-
tion programs (for use by state committeemen, county committeemen,
community committeemen, extension workers, and farm leaders) 43pp.
Washington, D. C., 1939. 1.42 W5H 1939-Colo.-l
Sect. 4, pp. 9-11, is on county acreage allotments and goals.
Sect. 7, p. 13-27, is on soil-building practices, according to
regions. Lists of counties cornrised in each region are given.
Handbooks have also been issued for 1938, 1940, and 1941. 1940
and 1941 Handbook have slightly different titles,


U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Agricultural adjustment administration. Western
division. Programs in Colorado. 1939 annual report. 85pp., processed.
Fort Collins, Colo., 1940. 1.42 W52An Colo. 1939
Library of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture has also report for 1938.
Pt. I. Farm program; Pt. II. Price adjustment program; Pt. III.
lRange program; Pt. IV. Commodity loan program; Pt. V. Crop insurance
program; Pt. VI. Sugar beet program; Pt. VII. Farm and range program
sunma-ry, 1936-1940.
I.-icludes 35 tables giving figures by counties and districts for
different features of the AAA programs.

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Bur. of agricultural economics. Div. of land
economics. Water utilization section. Water facilities area plan
for Korth Fork of Gunniscn River and tributaries together with Surface
and Tongue Creeks and tributaries, Colorado. 189pp., processed, Maps.
Washington, D. C., 1940. 1,9 Ec76Wf cnmr. 22s
Contents: I. Description of the area; II. Present use of the area;
III. Proposed adjustments and recommended area utilization; IV. Cost
of installations under the water facilities program; and three appendices

U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Forest service. Uncompahgre national forest,
Colorado. 19-page folder. Washington, D. C., 1935.

*U. S. Dept. of commerce. Bur. of the census. Fifteenth census of the
United States: 1930. Irrigation of agricultural lands. General reports
and- analytical tables, reports byr states with statistics for counties,
and a sunnaryj for the United States. 483pp. Washington, D. C., 1932.
157.4 C156
Statistics for Colorado are given on pp. 99-111.
A county table gives data for each county on farms, area, invest-
ment in irrigation enterprises, and irrigation works, 1930 and 1920;
areas irrigated, 1929 and 1919; tenure of farm operators and value of
farns, 193); and cost of maintenance and operation.
Statistics for each state have also been published separately.

*U. S. Dept. of cornerce. Bur. of the census. Sixteenth census of the
United States: 194C. Agriculture. Colorado. First series. Uses of
land, principal crops and classes of livestock with statistics for
counties. 46pp. Washington, D. C., 1941. 157.4 C163
Contents of county tables:
County table I: Farms, farm acreage, and value, by color of operator,
1940, 1935, and 1930C; farm land according to use, 1939, 1934, and 1929;
and value of buildings and implements and machinery, 1940 and 1930.

*"Census reports for earlier years and for manufactures, population, etc.,
have not been included in this list. They should be consulted for
Additional statistical material on Delta Couhty.


County table II: Farms, 1940, 1935, and 193C; farm acreage, and
value of land and buildings, 1940 and 1935; value of buildings and
implements and machinery, 1940; and cropland harvested, 1939; by
tenure of operator.
County- table III: NMrber cf farms, 1940 and 1935; farm acreage and
specified values, 1940; and cropland harvested, 1939; by size of farm.
County table IV: Specified classes of livestock on farms and ranches,
Apr. 1, 1940 and 1930, and Jan. 1, 1935; and specified livestock
products, 1939 and 1934.
County: table V: Specified poultry cn hand, Apr. 1, 1940 and 1930,
and Jan. 1, 1935; Chicken eggs produced and specified poultry raised,
1939 and 1934; chickens sold, 1939; and bees'on hand, Apr. 1, 1940,
and honey produced, 1939.
County table VI: Acreage and quantity of corn, sorghmns, and small
grains, harvested in 1939 and 1934; v;ith specified items for 1929.
County- table VII: Acreage and production of hay- crops and miscel-
laneous crops harvested, 1939 and 1934.

U. S. Dept. of the interior. Bur. of reclamatio;. Federal reclamation
projects. 96pp. Washington, D. C., 1935. 156.85 F316
The Uncomnpahgre project in Delta and Montrose Counties, including
its soil, principal crops, industries, etc., is described on pp. 42-44.
Library of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture has also editions for
1907, 191C, 1913, 1914, 1919, 1920, 1925, 1926, and 193D.

U. S. Dept. of the interior. Bur. of reclamation. Reclamation projects
visited by the appropriations committee, House of representatives,
second trip, 1931. 24pp., illus. Washington, D. C., 1931. 156.85 124
"This pamphlet was prepared to aid the members of the Appropria-
tions committee and their associates in their studies of Federal recla-
mation. Brief information is given about various projects, including
the Unco-ipahgre project, Colorado." U. S. Dept; Agr. Misc. Pub. 172,
itemr 3119.

U. S. Wer.ther Dureau, Climatic summary of the United States. Section 22,
Western Colorado. U. S. Dept. Agr. Weather Bur. Bul. T, sect. 22,
33pp. Washingtrn, D. C. c19331 1 W37Bu "W"I Ed. 3
This is a preprint of Sectimn 22 of the third edition of Bulletin W.
Contains climatllo.-ical data for numerous stations from the date of
establishment of the stations through the year 1930, including those
in Delta County.

U. S. Weather bureau. Climatological data. Colorado section, v. 1-v. 14,
no. 6; Ma- 1896-June 1909; v. 19-v. 45, no. 7, July 1914-date.
Denver, 1396-date. 1.2 C71
V. 14, n?. 7-v. 18, Julyr 1909-Dec. 1913, contained in IMnthly
Weather Rcviuw (1 V3711) and also reprinted in Report rf Districts 6-9
of the Climatclogical Service (1.22 D-6 tn D-9).
ia-r 1896-June 1909 have title: Report.

- 10 -

V. 1, Ma:r 1896-v. 45, no. 6, June 1940- issued by U. S. Dept. of
Agriculture, Weather Bureau; v. 45, n2. 7, July 1940-date by U. S.
Dept. -f Comnerce, Weather Bureau.
Issued monthly. Contains climatological data for Colorado for
numerous stations including those in Delta County.

Weeks, Herbert J. Oil and water possibilities -f parts of Delta and
Mesa c-unties, Colorado. Colo. Geol. Survey. Bul. 28, 46pp. 19.?5.
4r6 C71 no. 28
Geolcticmap of portions of Delta and Mesa Counties in pocket in-
side back cover.

Wilhelm, Albert. The great Gunnison irrigation project. Sci. Amer. Sup.
68(1759): 184. Sent. 18, 1909. 470 Sci25.
A brief description of the Uncompahgre Valley irrigation system.

Woodruff, Elmer Grant. The coal resources of Gunnison Valley, Mesa and
Delta cos., Colo. U. S. Dept. Int. Geol. Survey. Bul. 471, pp. 565-
573. 1912. 407 G293B no. 471
Contains a map showing the coal resources of the Gunnison Valley,
Mesa and Delta Counties, Colorado.

Writerst program. Colorado. Colorado; a guide to the highest state.
Compiled b-y Workers of the Writers program of the Work projects ad-
ministration in the state of Colorado. Sponsored by the Colorado
state planning commission. 511pp., illus. New York, Hastings house,
1941. (American guide series)
STour 5E, pp. 260-263, covering Junction US 24 Grand Mesa Skyway -
Cedaredt-e Delta, contains a description cf the country along the
Tour 9, pn. 301-315, covers (Garden City, Kans.) -. Holly Lamar -
La Junta Pueblo Canon City Salida Monarch Pass Gunnison -
Montrose Delta Grand Junction Fruita (Thompsons, Utah).
A description is given of the country along this route, including
Delta, county seat of Delta County, on p. 314, and the Uncompahgre
plateau on p. 424.


The following names of natural regions, areas, etc., which are all located
in Delta County, Colorado, were used in searching for material:
Delta (town); Elk mountains; Escalante River; Grand Mesa.(town and
region); Gunr-ison River;. Leroux Greek; North Fork of Gunnison riverr ;
Potter Creek; Surface Creek; Tongue Creek; Uncompahgre irrigation
project; Uncompahgre project; Uncompahgre River; Uncompahgre Valley;
West Elk mountains.

Card catalogues of the following libraries:
U. S. Dept. cf Agriculture.
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
U. S. Library cf Congress. Local history collection.

- 11 -

Bercar, Louise 0., Hannamr, Annie M., .and Colvin, Esther M. Bibliography
on lpnd settlement with particular reference to small holdlings and
subsistence homesteads. U. S. Dent. Agr. Misc. Pub. 172, 492pp.
Washington, D. C., 1934.

Bewcaw, Louise 0., and Hannay, Annie M. Bibliogranhy on land utiliza-
tion, 1913-36. U. S. Dept. Agr. Misc. Pub. 284, 1508pp. Washinjton,
D. C., 1938.

Bercaw, Louise C. Farm tenancy in the United States, 1918-1936; a selected
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Colvin, Esther IM., and Folsom, Josiah C. Agricultural labor in the United
States, 1936-1937; a selected list of references. U. S. Dept. Agr.
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ington, D. C., Mar. 1938.
Supplements Agricultural Economics BibliograplKhr No. 64 of the
same title covering the years 1915-1935.

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12 -


No. 1. State trade barriers; selected references. March 1939; Revised
June 1940.

No. 2. The frozen food industry; selected references, January 1937 to
March 1939. April 1939.

No. 3. High drafting in cotton spinning; selected references. April 1939

No. 4. Egg auctions; selected references. July 1939.

No. 5. Acts administered by Agricultural Marketing Service. October 1939.

No. 6. Periodicals relating to shipping. October 1939.

No. 7. Electrical properties of cotton; some references to the literature,
1931-date. November 1939.

No. 8. Sea island cotton; selected references. November 1939.

No. 9. Cotton picking machinery; a short list of references. March 1940.

No. 10. The tomato industry in Puerto Rico and Cuba; a short list of
references. June 1940.

No. 11. The dairy industry in the United States; selected references on
the economic aspects of the industry. July 1940.
No. 12. Planning for the farmer; a short reading list of free and inex-
pensive material. July 1940.

No. 13. Indirect flood damages; a list of references. August 1940.

No, 14, Relocation of farm families; selected references on settler re-
location. September 1940.

No. 15. Homestead tax exemption in the United States; a selected list of
references. October 1940.

No. 16. Mate'; a list of references. October 1940.

No. 17. Exhibits; a selected list of references. November 1940.

No, 18. Food and cotton stamp plans; a selected list of references.
November 1940.

No. 19. The banana industry in tropical America with special reference to
the Caribbean area, 1930-1940; a selected list of references.
January 1941.


No. 20. The sunflower, its cultivation and uses; a selected list of
references. April 1941.

No. 21. Delta County, Colorado; a selected list of references* April 1941.


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