E. C. F. Sánchez- Newspaper Clippings- Gainesville history

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E. C. F. Sánchez- Newspaper Clippings- Gainesville history
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Sanchez Family Papers (1812-1925)
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Mixed Material
Sanchez, Edward Carrington Francis, 1849-1927
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Box: Box 1


Subjects / Keywords:
Shipment of goods -- Cuba   ( lcsh )
History -- United States -- Civil War, 1861-1865   ( lcsh )
History -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Alachua -- 12001   ( ceeus )
Territorial Florida, 1821-1845   ( fhp )
Ante-Bellum Florida, 1845-1861   ( fhp )
Civil War in Florida, 1861-1865   ( fhp )
Economics and Society: Post-Civil War Florida, 1865-1913   ( fhp )
Florida During World War I, 1914-1918   ( fhp )
The Florida Boom and Bust, 1919-1929   ( fhp )
Depression and the New Deal Years in Florida, 1930-1941
Florida in World War II, 1941-1945   ( fhp )
The Post-War Florida, 1945-1960   ( fhp )
Contemporary Florida, 1960-   ( fhp )


Family papers, correspondence and newspaper clippings. This collection covers the life of the Sanchez family in St. Augustine from 1812, the family's ordeals during the Civil War, the family business, and E. C. Sanchez's political career. Included are E. C. Sanchez's collected notes and writings for a history of Gainesville, Florida, as well as correspondence between his father, James, and his uncle, Venancio, regarding the family shipping business and its transactions with Cuba circa 1840-60. The collection also contains a scrapbook, Municipal Club of Gainesville, circa 1907, and newspaper clippings regarding E. C. Sanchez's political activity.
Merchant, lawyer, writer. Sanchez was born in 1849, in St. Augustine, Florida. He was educated in the common schools and the East Florida Seminary, and began his career as a merchant in Gainesville, Florida, until 1874, when he decided to study law. He was admitted to the practice in 1875, and became an influential member of the constitutional convention of 1885. He was also a presidential elector on the Democratic ticket in 1884. He died in 1927.
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Originally derived from archival-level ALEPH record 027947578 ( OCLC: 48886392 )
Funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) as part of the Pioneer Days in Florida Project

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University of Florida
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P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Special Collections
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. ........ .

-A All


,CTOBER 25, 1925.



Stone Found Near Tuscaloosa, Ala.,
Believed Placed by Explorer
to Mark Route.

V.fi 'l I i.-h, :, ].i. I..U .. Ii. ILI, Il ,
b.i1 l it, Si't- nii31 ia | their '.it li hr i bli -hl ,Iii norv,'
tile r .'-t it -- ,.fi xi I,-,i'i,~i ; r ,r ,ij .a -
tI l l i Kl l i',L It l 4 1 ii 'I i l; IJU :. l -
t i e l.ititil ,t '. Ii l4a1 i i i 1 5 4 '.
tlIe., I,: i'CL *it ti i. i 'l I* i i'tLI 3
c v'li eni 1- E ri th i l ( ii r ii'iA
j uLthe Erit.E, iciii f iT.1m hai .:-, t 1ii 0 Il
tile intrl cl. dl'V2i lzE --'.t' 1.:., .,1, tol
In the- Itu-As uri u t,, i.II. Aii' rca-
Anlti, i a iii. ,,* l.?t, e j Iv.ur,-.: te .
Ua ..-i, 1S- reiEe i'lh no.i onin l 1 ii the r.: S,:Itlj
txIjdition. o.n l '.. ai.., '.i' .jt ii to
indih ate De p.i'O _.,' l p OAiL- T... ri-I'-.
ipetual t III ne I'Oiie [ i,- tI 'Li u li'3
Unia ccssiul si .ii i I .. iia l jiiua
It iS L Io r, ,:,i 1 .L A.,-
'inI h S tLone d 'i I tiL. '"D.. Soto
tone it is a tougii l:,rC. it .iand-

ches in heig ht. IS irnt ha it
*readt., cnid fr'or. iii ito. ] 2 incheies
tiLi'l ci iin_ "i'll-n \' ,'- i', i. i.'4
u nnds. I 1'."- I-1jfrnn:' tlh i E.1L
-Ir C ti -. ti l c hu dI' d c.- i d it is
aniaf iip i. |it ir.- r. i
Found In 1817.
.! h Al -abanma stonier '-'i i, n Lo
po*sess.on of the.: Amercanr Anti-
Quarian socirt,'. t, which is er,.tpLed in
assembling a.ii'ti 1-ntl,? reiol'd itiC-it-
ing to tile origin ot Anieri.a, ces .a
gift, one hiuidied y.%-'ar. a f-.. fromn
'one Silas Diriiriori.. of Albiile. la.,
a councilor i:, thie sof ii t.-. At thitl
time tile hi ot':.,:: ,f tile .stci- -. as
.not known
Later r _s-ai li aas deit,',[ iI.i that
the stone ". za f I'jiI r.'y a :. o:uth
naniad Tionii..t Sc'.'IlEj in IQ117. at
w ltat s13 no-. '-u'i., :,r. A i lilt':
miles sout h't.,est I. BIErr I n g h -A1i.
S Sca' e s father hd 1 i ',.. -( f riII
,T.c.rthert 'n .laba.rni. t, .) h'?l!. e\tInd
At le bcuri.i-ari _s ..i I a C,:ti[ltl, ,iit at
tt'ISC.is Joc'sa FaI ll5 Ir,::,." ll-_ ,:..;
Th- s ttrsl. "-.rt at *v ci l: -iar-
ing a pii:'. ,1f irc'und ju'is.t ielow
th(- mioutl'h t tilhe E .ii,- V,.i ri-i 1r
river \. i:, in ril\ tinp tiifilhi l. ,'
fou-nd .in rntemankrnern, th io-itd like
a fli.'tifiratiin. runil ing r I's'-i "
peninsula bet'eern thl.- ri\ .r a.Id
what v.as i:n'.'n as. Big CB -il.
The en'ilrinl-.niert vas ab:.Lurt l iir ..
feet high. arI; .it ithe torl ,lt it. ill
there '.i.'v ao'r)Ss fiomrn tt-, i V''r v .,
tii. i:i'rte '. vi. ri'_r;'.'in tie t. list
tree-s of the fti ees.. At th.-: foot or
one of tlieEe a gian. t tui.. ii', 'e,
wl.iclb h:tog at thie \,r.:, l.de 01 the
'river.. th ..' tudii a a-t i, r i itl tlie
jo 'er el'd half l.uri'-"d in t',"- Sit
6n (he stCoic, tii-: ,hzf'. ,*cnd -a
.uLiius u'i -crirptiun. His i Lyri''Sitv
oe :.coinz i-.- indti,.ci his
%-^ t .?gl.', haul tlh_'ston.e U. th.- set-
lle'ment at the fall-. v.ht[,h e ii trtr.-,,i
for a long timnei- tie :. Iuuirc's
office. an *i ':jI. f ro i n it-li h z l.lIIt..-
tion'. Laite-r it rne in t iO .Oses---
sion of Din-amoiit f'icn-i if th,-
squire. i.
The inscciption on thi," A.t lj.it.a
stone reads. "Hisiran. Et hid. Rix." \
and h:elsv atr tile Aiab;c LigUtes
."1232 The ins.:rirtion i- ttl s.irii,
a. tha t iournd 'lup'rn i.l. Sptianish
coins in th,' il.0' Ori De 'Pt:l:. It ilhe
tim e ,, li'n thle linp. *.f Si' in 'ils ,
assumed ti- litle oif tli. king 'f
I tllt i "- l
Figures Never ExplIined.
H i ,il.t i tns i.z..- *li.iput -lrlI t. to
w hat lie t__ ei ..'l32' Ti,'-.!i, bitlt
it has been' agreed th At th.'" co(-uld
not i nnif'y tlihr d;',? ',if ithE I'.iacinir
Of: tih E i, I.e, sini tlh i I ". 3-3
was' tluee centu it- l beflole Ui } oex-
-pedition r. N De -'-.to ] Tb<' .iLur-es.
rtherefo.e, are. supposed t i have
sonr other aigniii-a'.rC'e A,.,!i.h hits
not 3ec beeti mad%, clear.
The Alahama stone, it. I; sup-
posed.' .as used A. a intiul .eI by
De Sotl. '.'.,J. I'.' g,,r it a secure
lestino I]r.'-<". l.t-iii it at tit' lfoOt
of. 'tle t 'rti!'t .itttit,. '.'. here. it "vw as
found treee i"-'lur/t- later.
Presumtabl,' ti. ft'rti [i :. i. tion r '.as
built hy De o,,Sot i.i his irien as -a
S ," nit" a is. ri.st Indians, I. l.i bi't-
terl:,' fod iht tii flortun '-scetf ine '
exfnt ltiun lt. .- ; IiZ it ti r i t'\ y,
tlliin i ,'
T ic AlLiE ati.h t l.st e i.' .iitIjposed tO
have bitt-n itl iced ,It Tusialoosa
Fails aiutriip *,ilitt.en in nlhs |isfole
De SiOto. naj+liti.; \c.i-i. il;' y.?n. hpe-
j'Ui V ahead rc.ahoi ith" Mli;_-.i sppl
ri et, the ii. it nhite niin to, sea
that inglht.' .tream. _r
It wa's in Jiii.'-, 1.>4"2. ti,'-t De
Sntc., diScL.',IJIr" 'e'] "'Pr EIns tailure %
[ti 'iilll iiLh i'i> ih u., p ha'd a-te his
SaUl upon,. .and attut to', )il-an'don
his enterprise, aickeard and died, -
his comrlaes placing lila- body in
the weighted hollow trunk.ot a liee
so that' it ank'whien placed in te ,
," "i i,, Oil a 'tt tdat the. Indian .
a':'Lif] iE ,ii iri... the exrnfnlftionlth BS
l'i.irli I.,,-! L~l lr i ,.l. i|'- .li [

1il- .r,1'ii] ,,i r_- j-i lvienfllu still W l
iur'ui,,i. '.1' lorn p[f goldl. reached T 'S
f -, rlsri'-, t In Mexico late *
SluT" ~e '








: ,, -, ,., ,:4

A W|j A"~
IS '* -;?>" ;". :% ..



----------PART FOUR.

0. ... .... .. ... ...


would probably hale drifted Into a ceeded to do so, but It was found
ctor.b and 'her earning capacity that so many of the children on the
a.ld .never have been greater than stage were working under contract
5. ..to. $6'a week, which would have that the enforced breaking of these
bOen earned at the expense of her contracts would mean a very great
health.' financial loss. A compromise was ef-
..'-Wh1.erc it is impossible to give a fected by which the children working
cliolarshlp, and the child must work, under contract were to be allowed tO
j.^ermjt is given and of these there work until June 1 of this year by
have ,.been 16S issued this year. A which time it was considered moat
,ermift' 'is sometimes also given where of the old contracts would have ran
ahAflld I? incorrigible and cannot be out and the bureau could then pro-
'iade ip gO to school, or who when ceed to the enforcement of the
.At there, Ls a detriment to the statute. The date. Is now passed and
oT1e steps are being taken by the officers
X w.$h ,Jbas one of the largest. of the bureau to remove children
ctorleanon the continent, andi from the stage. It is the -parents
9 .000'000 matches 'a day are themselves, especially.in this phase of
',Tlie-fadtory is. however, run child labor, who cause mudh of the..
.ter.prover. supervision and in a trouble, for. they seem anxious to selB
i;l:ekeaninalIon of match factor-, their-little childreno on the stage ih
ihe.,Uniited-States, recently con- the dime theaters doing theirr .itt.*
Pu'Iuth t ranked high from a singing acts. .'. ,
1s 'tandpolnt. It employs a There are a number 'of telegraph
no. of .men and women and, messenger boys employed in'the city
A Peuiutlon possible is 'taken to and with the co-operation of the man-
1,t.hat-;their.healtti. Js safeguarded.'; agers of the telegraph companiese,
1au i2r1e' th'o6iuh nbt ract6rles, are the very young ones are not no.
.'lof bUstines .whlch employ. a allowed to, work at all and for the ..'
oa'munt. of e.male labor 0apd night gangs,.the companies are,'em-
56ofea-ln.nrieatifl'actoryi'premises. ploying boys ;bvei 16 yeatrs,'whereas
't ."an ilss Poistier. says the before' there were a ]arge number
lifta *takes fl.'st rank In of boys 10 and 11.'yeard employed a-t
.I .* it't. well equipped' .this class of work .
ggod' workit g' condl-': .. ... "" "
aA ', a fi' goo -thrktn n tni-V' Ms lPoirler has recently, been.e- en. ,.',
~i'Z~ans..c~~.hemin th~e 'city' s'
Vvt~"~,~iea del f attn-'gaged in a specialty exa'mI3ationt',of
f- o ... he a te1npi,. j .the factdrips and, workshops 'W_ .- i n- Jh "
,-gthem wi : 'irest ,iurlsdlction, and genera&i, pspeank13E,':.
.gm-..thdttn ~erodw rooms, found, conditions .,to .b satisfactory
io4saradin somee ".11 V*ited ca ndy andi cotnfectlonbt ,
,i* s a women are riaking place, though, where -dirt .
tS'h itc"d off'e mllk; thliedge of .mixing boards was thtic ,
iii -'Thi floors, aiso, were,, dirty. Th '.
."4i4.dtba,qflu'sinss- .oWta ].worIrnsisted thatl theplace *ap .,
3!. ear-':tihliis abs b ve' tdy, though it'twas
Fuy.-,.by"the Pi -'that it could'not' .have,,'be p "
so etljoe -it is 1...., .
'iaovetie-itIe s ip ned, for. sometime. 'Igave .him
,r S-W-i'ne;the 24- hours' In.Icho hae tha e ;
51 ms oiqhX dpa'tnet tbroughl cleared. Mot of:.th .
11-1;t4W.hen-A7 it'i i na-
A 4 o i'&# OuT& ces,. hoiaever,'-s;ow ea, clene aund;' '
t ei4itary. Wereve.' w;e findadsposi-' ',.U:
it i6on, to,:evade the "laws we"inak.e,,-,
trb i w ~lose,:inspection and follow 1 .t.. '.
bins; ec'nUona t frequent, dates, untilsh ,;
.......' u -,ba' -,been .operly ..cornpe

.j. ... wit~" t ~ .


.*tp,'m.- Zwprlci .e," h ,., d aone...>iB'
. Mary StarklWtec-tpCo of ilnn
>.-4 _|^ mgl__ __<-fir .M~ii ii r

B lno guard .arai us;-.pur on; I.tne.-iiuusizaa'.i'ar',,u.t "iULU, .
4? '6 the a~lt'saW on sl i* io. dJ

.... *Lth e th tae.
e I'~ "'&, L o fz;.-" ''-ite& ', ... mah.'- ,d he,-,grsat-li
a ^*cuhsoi^;a C ':The olf- cientetcs.-6? Eluro'pje an~s thatj"
'WsehV'reoq^ed .Inst~ruc cde-o 'I^ta~syftar. bhbomib
*rhsV th id*'a^Md'-ro,. ,jder.4onsieaatllon ..y'A
[ ff .1"'-... ,'t'.,. :'-', *', :'t,: .Lr'.. *t, .. .. .:... ,I' *

. ..._ .i ;,,Y- .*. ... ;.i. >.._-. *" : ?^ :;". -*':' \"' ./ '-. P"' '. :.-1... ... .... -.-. .

" S ce.e f L see. ', t

"'XyiAAIV tb.o. ,No .pild. wti'he "rck'and
t .i'can j--t e r is o ;patrlptic,'sbclety-,
.fleidsvT-.wicb.ut emotion. n which has as t.sal...the j
rst' n;k p',',&*in I o. f the McLean -hous sits d
ge. in hi ^-1iatrlotlsmt .to'-.toratiiQl O'ith d ouse.'B .
e- ^try spot- where' Lee .'. From 'th~e gaI~ins 'o t<^.hld^ dl
r~ticiea-s :of' aurrender.: and;hus s10e8p'ing -dew may
Ld, w'betp 'i4 8 -.Le te' tih. til "'p osition' otc $ I
,gg .,mare ,d. i.y.u;.hur-. # d.fl a",nd'WI^hJ spa Pt g
o,,:..,-'*^ ,.-.'^-rt.E-..:- ., =,, *.:.hJ h;'X smea-coin.0 t eas.t;--

N.'. ma e.g..
. ,.,.. -'..

tnew .when';-w-.co.untg
xuzbte is' Ie,:k l etmr .thea center of
r"ls';sbuild lng.mny "be put:
,'t' : ''.d b'of a y.-'oe tibythe side
:i6l...r"-p i--ht.a' rot ;the .junco
'of'two r 'moreo qads.' This ais
lip' es -.I.: hen : S.' tatores
fp"s-"jq rnlfceai'prlnge-.:. up
Ath.tlnrt4,'ufljiln'g1;- The, 'v1I<
ei falso ;called t::he; "coiirt-
tpace&, with-the .nste ofU
,,;i..." The court-iu'ld ig
a rrets ..want the ..county seat
t!AMdia. anfieer'.part of$ the coun-
o oth ; W irdai'uses, brng dt, about and
ort bulldiut"Th s 0tnit elseO
'new- ri.iage springsB-upb"".i.d,
iv .-c, '1 .., ... ....-
ii&~~fd$e dcayvs.
.ears ago 'the curt bulld-
g pointto, county was -.de-
Ie ftie Esand a Aew,. building.
,saalfqffaeid'4thre6;r'i -.-".s'ouittr1*st-
- &Mfl2#lrfdik4~le:f& "Westerx rail:..
AN What.."...a, ', Lhi"i-6v-l -'war -

*Lttoa'%.'zaInIt'to .ird-laii Only
SWo 2'o-th 6o: i~ee:.o f thehoses s ii-"
S. .,- ri Pis
-bti-ers Bstareat 'newith
i~tej1'.daors .ansi wndows raortion
m -eSeacqUops1E-' Qifi-4roboS -ar0,fa.inS
iKe;. fallen; *VWhere_.,the-.cotrt,
itng:Soo.,.there- .are mounds .of,
~~.q .fbVltcl r aShor~.a-id. What.
]i th u. -'dpurthoiis. ."'.q.Uf. 5t t:'",te-
Uinqi '^of the;. greaturrpiidietnittrownz
uip.In scrub p ie.,".-L ,'.'.,' .;,.\.i. "
-'The. 'home .of WInier ',McLein ,in'
'the parlor of which -the article of
surrender were agreed on and signed,'
and where Grant and Lee had their
ohly Tisetlng at Appomattox, is a
ruinous heap. It was torn down In
1892 for removal to and reconstruc-
tion;' at the Chicago Columbian Ex-
.-Mlion, biut that Is as far as tha

GAat'njii-Lee ett.now lies'$tf "' "
-niew- 'po ttox .eAuptport.iatt.o.o..os' '.'
,imeaory 'ls..'!(S,..aid his rep""talpf "....
eventss ^o^t' tese' -reMar~kab~e 'Uby '^I.' ;
very close ltoeA tealen;t o.. ) -fb t ; *,.
S 'The spot.',wiere t .et!, -beareb.... "
0General ''Irantl :foundG-e.neral '.L' '
enllinirigo'n, a''blank'.tIontUe *groi$ d ..
'by th-roads .uid ,ndemr. A ,." .-te
,jsma e3d.y-a .,woo den-'if., .boa, id. .,.
apple o.rard. 'haa .'.isappeared.-A ... .
was'th8e o.'n'ly-"ouhdagon Tfor.the :
r 1e tr:ee.bleend. of., .poi..atto ":ti i
spdt covered-, by .Fe&'eral-I-ee' ,''te -
wh',. :he rw rote his farewell to -.
army is gB'?l~bo marked y a ?nde: sr4
ar Th ',"'r daroi im"i.ei. n'.b"".. %
InscrIption 'o" wtlclz.caiupid; fl4 .- i
ac'Imi onions aIscuisFln,' -'ik"0:`r '
imposing marker on fieields o
poinadttox. Jt..e4dA
'and darKtVlneIabd2?:.,lie 0 t ei^d
the'znppumdnt iEfinmtbeaw kth4 a m

Carolina plannefi 'rthe.lasts aut lle^ua" '^^
the 'Artny."di' Yortbnt'.Virgyia.id'^ Sp
mendepd tlhe itnfdiy .kgkge'.dtS^B~i~S''''
^g~efter -.petan.oT- whoi.iE;,Hera" Xyofltt HSS^** .''f

linWs rr* latj]it a-4.

"I t' ..N. tzrea. 'CBnt .'." .F..e..'':.
lsin ,n .'' cane...'.. .; .
'althfUIL o'Athm : b '. "
Erected 'April 9.:190, "":' t' i
North CaroJJlina .Appomattox commlIij'
H. A. London, E. J.. Holt, W. T"'JTelcl '
Cyrus 6. Waetsq, A. D A McOr) L .,' .
,41 ,.', ,.... .
"Do your eyes bother you, ChsrUa e '',
aced. .

'' .-vt-,7v
~- A'-


~-. .&.v~iA
.4' -,~j 4'

-St j~
i'~'~' s-I
I~~' 4

4" 5 '4



HEN the average sight
seer gazes down to the
bay from the terraced
streets of Duluth, or
wanders down the bar-
bor front, he Is struck ..-r rl I.%-'
with the number of
saucy little vessels
rushing hither and
thither on the surface of p
the bay or. lake. They are
the sturdy tugs of the towing and "
dredging fleets, or are controlled by in- ..
dividuals. They never heem to tire ,
of their seemingly ceaselnss activity, ''' ."
aftd they seldom seem to be doing '
anything in particular. But they are
not Idle. They constitute an import- '.I',
ant auxiliary of lake navigation. In .
fact, in days of stress, these little '
vessels and their crews are the really ,
Important things and personages.
They rescue stranded boats, succor
storni driven 'derelicts, save endan-
gered lives, and do a hundred other
things that only such vessels and *
such men could do. ,
The life of the tug.zen Is an ardu- '
01os one., but there is,. however, a
fascination 'about the tu-, boat llfe
which seems'to be sufficient, when ,
once It has been entered into, to.exert .
a:.steady Influence over those who
have embarked upon it, sufficiently
strong to keep them wedded to 1At
aind to put up with all its hardships..
ht is certainly not all beer and skit-
ties, for -from .the captain down to
Sthe osk the prew,- of the tg are -
Snever certain hdw long they will .be
Stlowd to jest; 'they may have to
kbep '.on the go .from one place to
", otherr asid from one bdat, to .
p,'4, .r danothqjr.' sometimes for 36 hoiq at a -
i.'. ,-. time During that {l'Me' .t-be.r.e will be' ,
no ':rest for, the captain or,;engineer., "' A
and very little for -the firemen, or ..
60" .. 6l,- ,.- YW.etifher 'rihake/ little differ- -
S,' .'. ence'except' that teien It 'ls bad, the' .
Whi: ;.. .' wi oilng a howlUp gale I an"thb '
pw''".'".e.' is beatt ng;pna the. sbor.e. the tug gh,, ,
""e' b, usier 'thagn! ver, mprbtlered it ''
," o a anid buffeted bY .the waves, ap- :, '
pa. '. n'i. fly- the rndb'st' Inligniflbant of '. ,,,-.-,. '
T' things, they are yet 'far or ..ma.n ,.,. ";'. ,- >..,
-. .. ,.'.: ,,,- ^ r at e''h .rt g ea .n r t af. ar ," .' v,, ''. .. .- ..' ., c.* ''r.
er ie) In, roijh weather. thon' are ,, '. -
'.MM the big |lake.bit. and.we; .the Jat- 7. A, q; 4
S.', ': .. -tr by season of' tbb rough weather. > -,, t '' 1
',r. ', '" unable. bo', enter port. dntavi their .. .
'.'r ".' -'-own'- st"ea'm' it's' to the little'tug'poats .- .
S'"' thatthiey haev. toappqat for 'aspglst- '*.
1 ""- they matter how helpless the ,
.- ~ ~ ~ L ... 0'0 ,
i ; Vi'ln&or n 'waves 'have caused the',600'.
S :'.fo6fd 't6. t appear, tibe l1tfle tug chee.- ..." 0. .
.. ..- gl'yg s alongside, ,attaches a rope, to .r. ..
-,her .nose Jnd.with tllid's, 'o '."blP.tik .
...",:.,'/-:.;herl9*.'g'6. ule *t~^D.is sli~ .f n '*,.:.. *fs,. .^.C'^ .^ ^ ^ .

M b' p Iag'from its stdimpy Ste'.
n- d :,'- .. "neo r eeis to" tow" '.I t.. into, harbor" ': '-
.ie; 'power ex rted ld n tJese I l ..'. ;. Ak, .'.
-Y, au -s'^,."gofil;a most- .. + i,,
.5 ien''th h' le.'b aL ,tfeyl puUll :and rittFburg. aen4. adii 6 .a
id't'J'ri run a i ba th"ousad. 'ti ng: .ard,'eo e
W =tit4 ;.,r" ."., ; ..'- T, wi+' g, .+- a. dW e'l ~ '
h. t .,,fortly.s..4itpee thei-rze.., lo ',Q:,o ng'irq
il' ~ .r tJ' Et~''f 41$4 ih bhc%'hbs~S'
Th.C oh '., ix,.'.. Is p,-.',.
-' i r. '. eUVpIthyt -890'6M14 imaliercwe arid ov^ratrI 4it h'
nreaidr own.e.... a>pE.
.h estu.c pae'consisli'ng";6f one 'or eof7 brahdhe*flW l
I two boats, the LUnion Towing and regral p irts of this concern iare'4:
W'A .k., AW,g company has a well equip', .reat. Lake- TowingI n ,g'WWre
-d'' t n_.d''.flra.et, -atnd.' ap ''wp, n orTA%'+Ane i'i- z-,, Q ^idhi ^ '
t^ d !An qats' Verqiane'. 'r,"to "iS049 'Cd*
^^ ^~ g-pots% SnftVta^
c.. + *..: ... '?;|t: ,t.'- r ,+,% .'. ,.;-. -k.Pn g y arifor v..c g e'.

"-' ,'6:, i .:;. : ,-,+.h',.a~'C8~ .2f-.122Y. ,a1 e
M. i V-W p~pn)
t .k ,<'._' _' 4 ... ..r.

4,-^';.' 'O l Th^hnuht ex'-ter-.-dlalc'pt'tt ono- 1 dAylbw.1'6+t amp-nd.*iv. .afq I~ea.a:?;i |
-, ~~j -pi d aqjsoi itA.w
In.. ;,, 4 3

U*.1'^ s Si. S '*'-ls o 'th'e'.'ari.' 'bfty 'lei~ trVtW5O 9y: a i~ug .''l ht0 aia. 'i).ni
:,-*v: (:^ i[, ,. .* .,.., ..,/. *,, w "i -.-. ,w-riter ,: th .t t .wa'i. d~ :'' ,:,::il ,'i W v fd?" or
..',e-, ':,,['. l ', Cr' .l'hg' e 1 -r. .,. '*.c.l4.y ,, .t h' Aa ,, "'. ,.,'1 m e
4..-' 'r-~ IOVL ~ "it.-.-.i
1. 17.. h.;,.A t,,. ',K= .0 ,-,KlZ ~ l.l l .:

.-'.' ..' A .a ra. tV' "' .

.: .". ) b-_' .t'-.' of t --t. .-ture desetg sa. ;- st ^,
.. .'.,','i .-. .outh 'a-, c t 'aakV tWZ
ri '. tor v r&o' t e ;t &e
+. ;* -i th in a d aquiet- d a ape pe ,ctc!'4
to~j esa~a yaod' Tt '~

IP ., Ihg j.'e -the depertme xn~trop(or h J da* .wel ,tram -kover 'a' hj,',
us oni -oth, ith& lega S b reqir tnt- t--' rsoult, xx? h'fltelnd-V^1?.

.~, ordeacthgt'eS purpes) c~oulpo an 51l a,, ^ en.peshtn' fr'~qofn^ 1L
o r- ...-.. _- ".,. -.'.r.

'od ;"os hr 'i.,i .i f t1e:so;Ju4PaY'% Sr
,, ome i be L od r t he g *. ', j.-
:. ",' "." o.. o a wt o t e us a n p
Vi_.' i, f 'I '-. .

a,:. ., :y rst.di'lf:|.m, oqed exile '1 on ,Ihe eh) ft-- Dl~hwa tteped-wi 'th"ft o*~ c~w
n, .' and c~eouhn sn so e a 'iner'stionrl i]a'sten t dapedel.
... s .dawriT. nt i d d 4 i e. I Iad '. sbbr
r'.:.', ht' .,.h .ahd~s of" othlers.d to.snatch a 'fbr- ih.itifdirirln ,. V'4plerla&. ne l itr

tt. e t frhet e te'rn w th o ne nge faoe ofsdp -'ar. \ n befo re.- 'e,'
.oo I relal n t -tihe tulfe a to-do"watprs" o Arrie he "w nd m e o te'
.frnn,_the ast
".....Th.u r'o..e sang a 'i song o j.elome" ~" "tn's ?. 'rt Vb e
cheer tp ersfterldehadsiting' for- -.
:V tten the tmel-dles of rippling rills, dp t t... 1A d
an" a.-akend. desire for rooms e sIabg. -eI
'rear the -wjtery ribbon which forhs strong bo I ripiid to t
the.,-- g ., .. d, L l t.o prose 'Ir fg i tio `,b
.....~ ~~e b".a tom' hh .

l. e ,sps.in.'a uijiityv, and Py'raml.d lake, "," '-. .
wgtrxY'Ie: Iis"'laugh is sllencede D0 .+et-n os iii.hhomelie ...""- I ,~,. "'"".4.
'461h, 'f that.mliature desert ha"
i:.. ii .apea 4:1n11a snd a crmed .with esert:'-.'. I- .- .. .

ferend e": .p'rbceeded to learn .w-at ap aranc a with"n'y-'r. .',' 4 '
S..''.a~rrangement could1:be miade; to my =Mlb%) :the 'din and-.clah'1ort ts
s"' "' urprise'-.-. was' in~f.qrm'ed that',hy pay- I-A-I is going, on .ove '.wo l
lag ....Igthe price. hi 'advance, ,and .agree- |~ a ufirage, perhaps it isIg,.usL a
t.nig. to ke~ep the apartment "fir the LJ welll .to .know someth~bg'nfrth'l'
''Isix months," 'thd" legal r~quirement' ==" results of women '. \nt~ng asi
fo"ldce ol r- ", actually ."results "In, .thia cott
purpices, Mapyque-stions confront te'i
,, '. mediait ely be at hohme by the gu 'gling quaiiloiF: '- -.. : ";
.. .... .,.. ....
,. ,. waters, '.. .' "" Has, woman stiff ragA ee la ,.I Ucb' i
Puitli'd at tb'e apparent welcome in thot'e 'a&eS 'wbere 'the Vul'lsr"ax.--
:'.'".'of' voman without the usual demand cise is permitted"- Do the women-
fo"n~cutngs rmi n exercise their right i~ndepee~detfl of:d_
emph. fr'atical nly g mad byrhemitress ofd husband or family9- Do 'the poor
ho;enhalaIymae where the mspareso[ women go to the polls In .as p~ropor-
S the .eastern hoeweetesaetionately large numbers as t'he'well
.. room is rerited--someihing like a to-do' Are the women of thfe udhd er

. privilege to one who can prove her world desirous of voting, ard 1db.Lh6
ability to be agreeable in the family- police 'dictate the candidates '..fo
SI sought another and more humble whom they shall vote? Is the ..I
-. home to observe a very realistic re- 1ltlcal atmosphere any purer ,a's.ti
p ti' .' petlytn of rhy first experience. MIak- result of adoption of woman ", i-
Ing' the third application 'I hastene frag.e ? ..
ing' the .thi-ri application *I hastened rThe New York Sun thus summarizes
''-.'td explain that I would rent only the answers to these questionss. tu,
from month to month, when a seem- reports furnished by 'its correspond-
S .Injy intelligent smile spread over the enLs. In variousul states war.ee .'Tmrnman"
S lagy's. face as 'she explained that her suffrage Is exercised comp'lAte'ly" t v,'".'
S. eq ._eple never- moved 'duk|ng the six part: .. .. ...-:-
:' or,efght months, which I really hoped There arep fOur, stat'is '.'-whi'h
' .. 'would be.-true, and 'she was unable Xwdomenbhav'oet.,uftn'suff e-:-LLdLhb.;
S to see profi -n month to mohP Oooraduo .#taV: -;jmit .l",--:
..........?"' -cI '=".'

5,, '*
,+ ,,. ten-tncy[.. ? "+ I.. t... *,~ :,,,. ..s ':, _' .o..e5j0..e-.-;

;.,,,.,,'' : : ,,:- -st ''" ";:"" + '~ "'v-.. .-, : a. u.n e.

'i,,'.".: ".' .,

... aginIN" .- S.

.,*Mr. Charles. 'Winner made a speech
"' ., to a handful of people from' the band
stand last night against the:'handful
of Catholics in this State.
'He says thab4 they are a menace,
and the State and the nation are
threatened with invasion.
Let's see. '-
S St. Augustine is the oldest city in
the United States...It was settled by
Catholics. Their presence'. has not
been hurtful to the State..
It is consensus of opinion that
they have. made'fine citizdns-gentle
women and' courtly men-and the
State would be better off if we had
more of them.
The Irish generally are Catholics,
and almost to a man, when they land
on Our shores, vote the Democratic
We would like to have an invasion
of them. '1
In fact, if the Frenchb,..Englj.h and
German Catholics ar6 as good as the.
ones we have 'happened to becdhe
acquainted with, we would not object
to being invaded by them.
The world is now witnessing thi
greatest war of history between
Christian nations that is filling Eu-
rope with mourning and.'lamentationbs'
For pity's sake, i&t'orbear having
Sa war among' the. Christlan demoni-
'.'. nations in our Ow"n land.
:: All our lives w: have -preached
against intolerance alonggall lines.
Ip .the language of Horace Greeley
we ,.hhbe tried to bridge the chasm
between the:. North qnd South.
We hav'e tried. to demmqnt hbe Union
In bonds of patridim, .
We have fought against religtbu.
bigotry and prejudice and have tid,
to show "how good and bow pleasant
It is for brethren to dwell together
In unity."
We hope that our preaching and
prayers have had some effect, and).
we have faith to. believe, "like seed
sown in good ground," they have
borne fruit, as only a few were out
to hear Mr.'Winner, and most .oZ;,
those who heatd' him did' so buf
mere idle curiosity.-Ocala 'Banner.

lone Connections.

U,-A a AS 'a S L S l S A S k S'SS



School of Florida ..

pt1:20,19116. 43rd Year

This is a prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will break any case, and,
f taken then as a tonic the Fever will not!
:eturn. It acts on the liver better than;
Calomel'an..dqeu not gripe or sicken. :25e

ment to quits a number of laborers,
the contract calling for an expendi-
ture of approximately $12,500. The
contract is to be completed by the
first of December.
.... ..'-. -$A. .;t".:1.-, .
Ir Circuit, Court of Florida, Eighth
Judicial Circuit, in and for Alach
ua County-Horace F. Gobert vs
Gobert-Alison Company, A Corpor
ation-Petition for Dissolution-No-
tice of Filing Petition for Dissolu- '.
tion, To Show Cause, Etc. -''
Notice is hereby given that the. .
bore named petitioner and stock- "
,older of Gobert-Alison Company, a
corporation under the laws of the
tate of Florida, has filed a petition
This Court alleging that he is the
ole owner of all of the capital stock
issued by said corporation, and that
he scid corporation is not indebted
o- any.. person,'firm or corporation,
nd- praying tor a dissolution of said.
corporatiotr, therefore,
A'Jl per-on' interested are hereby
hdvited and cited to appear before
his Court on or before the 21i'th day
bf September, A. D. 1916, at 10
'clock of said day. at Chambers in
'inesville,' Florida, to show cause,
any they can, why a decree should
Qt.:be entered granting the' prayer of
e petitioner dissolving Gobert-Alison
company, a corporation.
Witness the hand and seal of said
ourt on this the 14th day of August,
D. 1916.
lerk of the Circuit Court for Ala-. ,
ua County, Florida.
True Co,

*K> V.





neri|c ;: ner 'iinwaii OtBlen~ laui.B';uLij- ip
T .. 'i' .uc ,, h6 so, eh" ,' l'e.': hd
voi 'Te 'young chief plied, a .papen
etdef'enae. ofi. natie hhnd wor~.1 r i rh.,,
.ce~to'rs; an'd' tis, ~ (ioiyp m'ior''n~hg-
'^f'eUlowe 'y- lbs, day't'ed- frIenidgjiW ~ioi^
fceala rniadebln tilr, oi'ri,' .thierighti;^g
tba't eftasl lon long a tieyi.wto
be'r,.,but I'. soon proved; when 'alon..
alhc. b'd ,stsuti.1ne!s &ji,-a~a .
.t1ao :.* ,an:-actj '... ..rro ,
.'"oLe'do, of 'h :I people.- Itbe ls'd
Bhlai~tA,^f '.:A*tctlaqh"nop. F~orIlda' .so*lBO^
oacoochre wo:-abon im;'.i.^ *';;* */*P^
.VBcQhewh&.hor ( aisoS'f

uI-.fuB .nula 'log
Qod[idnt the-'.1p'i
i3t'r't ajWa.,s,- 6j
ois' fittb'er',. in'.'pi.
icbnast's" -nW," ,I A
bris Irnm'eiiftfl (',

sazr'~e ~~Lnpii r- ~be-jb

o ho:j 4 a e U o! ns thf-t 0
for'iewfelds wFor'the de, elopm'ent
f or]B da agrlcu'ltiure-'. ^ .*1, ,*[ *
'ce ,.a, traw sho'lng the diretron
Citwn apeard in Our 'Dade'Co'jn
Sth statementi .belng .'adet' tt'
~o^ondJ HotAro-~ we't iL*of New TYprk lva.i
iniH? l^tarl: ndd''.a t Ui~l,-l**.c'lnlty./"Ynf*a
o's~ic'fjiepeditlon,' In' behalf o... a sy-

1 'e"d" un'ftB -" lrih'"'a:'id'W ',or',purcdae ln^
., s -i ,I .. T'-'., .oon

i f.ibz"t ;'4-.,cu 'l 1nd ^s ,
al~a":i. '" Y.r ,'
,.'e .,p re ,sa. t i -,

[adc frion
liEsB "'Ilif


.'WIth his band ,nce .mi6ore, ,Coacoochee
rerewed the ivar with still greater deter-
mitatloh. Pe had noy,.only..a ',handful of
warriors -and i..it, ..plai' th tht e part
h' had .akes in. the bj,-rayahl of Ow-e"ol,
FbLd ols nedu isinrluet .e. -arid.d a.Uthoi, .y
amn g R h Iporethr t' ..i oub les ., e"t
grlef 'roads tbhm~inihiitst; ~bn..the ofircumi'

au Ser' n1 416-0.S:,.'.c
~st~perh]bv ;.v on.e WAr)
Ti.bt ^'bfinc s ^n
'da n ie p -e i r. ~e^^bl'-.J~a ncl. %'
cr cl on Rier 'fther. 'Op V..t ar.ch 5S4iV
te'j on.' jrth etw'masat. ,ortocmhlts.
,~andi*sent,.WoAd~lot&4?e 'C\'at' ;.tbe'nJ'on^
iatiptd' ip $1iksdc' 'sh-e karig' I asking: for
Paooneri'r. e. ie d came. i, end
fo119awfr'A *clictbe'^dln ),1t ;rL~ol :taken frOtiS
SC'a~pt~ain Spraguc iro ys: ,:His speech wsS
WA jd a-rer ;ng'u.'jtn oApn it he, yjtgr.Y a e bade
ci~si eA, the tal~i' iiadwm te fl~ag: Ecnt riB!'
S.o.a.nd. lteobl o' p'rf.-nise, t.as
*I;r",* .ij'g aoi e in tegrit y of, *ttIII f
dveo ,entlhetn _HiVioyouth. hlis v naol;
,6*'riu^.'*.b'i'r'S~ int~1l~genJt fa'ct, tlie .-a~ini,
1tiptac' haiigi7iieful'geelur~s wong
th and cam-
rhe-; w anw ^.iatt ern Uon 0og'a 1.i*
i fi4 ltte' bib t d'ifan, cli. *' ,*;
~wi'a-.ha 'hsolctwas; heard h6ls

2 .9e.,, j'H t' h c--Ther- :w tM.,
',thn'; Lame jo them;.
hey fi~ iT~ie~i' ad. I va~a.M upo
h~rnan&^W~n~eW'rnriRof ilt,,aandsa

'edents are wvlap':
.aslk only fait pil
..' ,etvij.t th, n,
~htjus -well
, ila.n h 2'nty' UeTour .t'ronhgee poin
'.Qlthout that no eloqfencb-'ecAsa'e,,u
and' wtth It- e need1 w llgrae ,
Mftternl..lh ...QO1r-'io- i le '.,w.ould .pii

igrht to. do thP .' 1 e .'i Ueve1m..
.or- Mr.. 'MKnley- wouldd vinndicate ti
Monre. do tee,, s b, ot. t .against

"x. i "ae ;. e a,.'re 0 aspt, iatu1

,''E I .. .. .. -" wI .
; 'T]9 I[,N -^" :.,rH"iE..-Ol:iV^IH, ; ..'SE tl C
I'p )JL 511- f.rs

rotspjrovIns, TV's I afeM
mova g' except, 'roy cause ':'Are t
"I~n l[o +-'e /exi e'O :'
1*u'e4^.- barrier^I, 1
f'n~Ih~, nr -1 AA~


II ccodrt%0I wil A plcdgu to G.iIr.il
W'r.ith, on th, t? n ,. r-'di-iL a C0" ah. liS.
Coajoch.-, with his -b hrotlicr, nn uncle
and t ,elvp warrior. caime, iuto Fort
lereo,, wlhe-re Coloriel C-Lilds commanded.
Tial.. of.:6er, in'Ibc-ilklucC Lb lthe ordc.rs of
.C nerai. 4.... lte'd; .mi iat-..y seiz.-''J.
,the,:'cbl,. anld'.lil( pompaliops Aitd, %-nt
t.h.m .i.i..oh. to .Tanil t .hi-re, tpi.v: wr
ipla~ced m.tl.r~afspor.t.-t'd. ordered to.'9N9w
rhae .-Westerie r -ieeein u-lo ';-"" .-', ..*-.... "
-fl'Btr's-eootiss-OGenertik. Worth tieaiied
ot. '4t:b' -meantier :l.in:.",,ltc]l".CCoaqoochee...h-ad
been gelzd, *oetbeiit.-.:'oIEfC-t .tp bring thebv
wlioe".partqf prldoner' back to Florida
a.,"oon a.st. posible...'I.p' .oound Uiem aof
'New Orleaus," andl. Immedtat,'lv lirqught
*them back-t .t'Tma,.. p .-
Megtilme -the-.aged( 2LmathIa' or king
-P-hillp. ..caqbo'hbe's. farther, had been
;t i'to 'Charletbn with Osceol.' nn]' trpm
tli'enoe .staK.ed 'oh. th'o long journey to-the
est,' Iut 'h dhed *on the nc.n, H e.-was
urled m'inAkugust,. J3t,' on tio. .weAt 'bank-
tfr t]Lae. ei s-'wippl River. a.,short dlrtance
t.lqaw. -tbrfRouge'.. '- .
'i.jerli-ral." Wortfi re4-Led ..Tirnpd to mnict
&'oacoochee'o a Juiy. and had an inter-I
1.'er.wit)l h 'i, .he'i n .f.di, "e .w nit
oK~Lib~is5*t '^llie '1taiftenort* aliqi~ rouni]' :ritc-
ph"';q and:! flfte f6l tower's *beanillrioDd
Plrai "o're oh,.Bdck,;.thei.r.irdoon 'hat.idl3"
a 't t ,il'-step .' to-.ur 'cies, -,sn
t ngeit th~rsel\ es'-accerditig t'ostmik lle;'be-
tdxlre n-rnnllqe'l~d.i.ntods' .on .thlebkcnees 'tlie'$"
hS^142fTh4)r hl~eads;.-.;General'PIWorfli tok'
fiwaiihlB&.bhyt&bk'ad -enid said -- "Gab
b.abi e ake-.voi-'by..thef !h~l -'as.i.
a ...... .. ..AG:


rota wa.v.'ere ceieurALIg o.i-e.annxvar&sw
of or freedoM,',. iH -owed .|
va o.4pko y
*sWJ ted quietbyUaj).stBe-Arfzg cg.a~rl
The-ube of-D?.;Si eg&rt's 14a goeas
terms excites the -apetite: 'd' Ak.sMt
dlgestive orgai''in order ; '
When a ai l'Isuff'eringw uh'eIn a, e
ing head, a sluggish body: hen' h .l'.
cl(s are laxs and lazy;' his brain .d.ul..ai.
-his stomach "disdaining fo'd,. lie, wiU
ivise, heed. theIse. warnings,;- and. eso01 't
the right remedy I before it Is; to'.lda
'the appetite keen and.,ht.rky, .tinvigore.'
thie liver purifies, the 'blood."'anr'-flls."
with ,li_1e-giving elements of-:the.,foo4,.a
-is, a';a'odderful' blood-maker naiod''ifl-si
builder. "*. -. .,
- For;,sale'.by Messrs..-A.-P. P lries,;.-Drj
Co.. 'No: .129 'East Bay -St.';Swruitli-,1&'"Oi.
corner LaUra pnd.Duval;D.oLuurrai-&';a.
.Bay. ando Bridge St.e. Wijlain%.airA
.Bay. and Brough :sts, .-' ,*'-;. ...*'.] -iMI
,.4.[= : .... ,. W : r,
, 'rti o .;. .'', _/ '' .* : -..'* : ,^ ".'.
*; '.i"ile '. "'" n .* ":'i"'leal
,, .........

I. the *
War, p f -.
... -. 'Si,,

r id out. "I V IN .LM a' ;tr'Uv%
last time liiitht unle Lhe band acqIuois.e
promptly v in your wi.heo. 1o 0-your last
wish, th!e gun. as. it goes down on "the'
last lay appolntedf'ori- their appeaaiwee,
will shine upon- the boakc-s of eeih.',-f:!
you hanging. in.theaWind." t. "e.-. .in
Did'l General Wort'h intrenh. to.1;0,-e
out this threat? Say- :. Ci'aptaJoi
Sprngu,,, rli wao present: ."h'e'
injunction was given in such a man-
ner as to impres.-. the prIzoner- w'it'.,Ith'
lrmr '.elii. th,,t it would Lie literally- fiu :.
*filel&. It was nifnlt-et In thd coovuiel,ye
e.Jirr-sIlon of theirlr stern and rugged'faces-
TO escape 'wis beyond all hope. The i,'es-
se;] lay ,moored il dc-ip wa.er,- two miles..
I.:im .shore Flimly lioned, an.' su trl
rounded night and day .by ,- senlinels, tili
fate wana inevitable; and as' the& ttflre
'roSa upon them they .ere.a ,,.i ,
pressed. Here was -a ,chiel?','aJnan' 'p.g
only 1fense.-was .dc-edihg '-b.lBli.i ;
flresidedthe graves .G)6 1la'9krudj1
rating, on'the' Fourtb:Jjil
an.o.*.^*,^fA -' MnlS'~S tai~K ra

W iewouin-tc on: handi vl,.n t watntpc.,i
-V' I ..' :- .. ... :. 1 ";.... .
*' ie'(orpiai ion Hard To: dq. i't:e
r' .Th ^rtau*, ;y... .--, .': .,.a M^*^a _,iu .e~i
-.hoIt I f^-^1-.%m-wbato'1'-^ h^vvk

IHH IsiW ^ 'i'ws .i .... '"^1 ,...1 jr,ol':'* li'
*EIStcfor& l'.'i'a~ Isriver 'wbb'tit ss j.^aia?
thier' n' 6f-th>? shootirg, 'nrt- who -w.s
.shen 'at thL ,tation Iale in the evening,
tald, when ,iuueiU'n._.l b\" :I reporter, thtL
he,'reckoned ice two bpreaiier had.. s:,riTe
it 6ible"nbout a ,ood h illulr viter," ar,,
e grinned in "t knowing manner. ai 'if
',thbad. a gqoul st 'i to l'.I it' he only
"i Jwd.-I-Miyor i.iigiht arnl Chlet of PC-
i .t&'jeris drove Out to Adamsi' houl-. anit
edto .tbe L:atiun abut ,t130 in tme
n'lng.-,, .ImmEdntiely' on, theur airr'al,
KPdilmC.Mn-ScoUt 'wnis Telaied and drove
1 -s"wlri'sOme friends in a hack.

,.4j "tojtik of' ittense interest
1 ii."y'i. "be '.Ore'-atedl, bly the
-,_il .,y.t U jkniil-Z- eomtnilei'; .n'
4 ,.. 6r'.- ... .
.... .... .. ... .... '. .

XF' -Efilfll 'JD SAXLE z.
'pite H eld' in lieL" Giairdner.BnilUding
Tipltw Afternoon and Eveniing..
'Che 'art exhibition and saE&l announced
:bh the EnJda'ivorrs of The First. Presby-
terian Church for t'-ia:' piorniut' to r.,
an unusual uceci:s. All arr.ingements
.arte now Lr, .ileite. and the En.lavt.jrerc
feel coaiItJent that they throrw orieri to
,their tileids in tie city ar' exhibition of
marked artistic i'alie Tney Ih e h'1,l
trinLe'd' a f.t'-talogiir of theFer pictures,
arid the arti'sit, ari these can be h-ad at
the elevator in thr Girdiner 1uildlng. at
the various liromlninrit -tores, an.J from
allI person' selling il.-_'ke The collection
of Mrs. Sullivan's work alitclh will be
shown, is w-ll ',oirti the seeing.
, The. ..inmirteI-- hs arranged for fo
lunch to be Ee-red duringg the hours of
the exhibit at nominal price-. so that the
affair will nor bLe tire-some. The .rooms.
will bi. opei In the. afternoon trom '-'
.oi'cloc until 4'3, and aganli at 7 In the-

"Thant'Is What Constable Frank LandI
*.." *, oCalled It.: ". a:,..
:,Copstaibla',4.Banki "Land :Is'hitin'g,,for a
Wertf(. abby trick. .'TPe,. Contsta.ld.'w.as,
'walking alorlg4State Street,.-'when bie 4aw'
two' hoys ranacking an unocci;i pied'h'uise
that co.'ta.lrik some stored articles, He
called a negro to his assistance-and toldl
-him to watch tbo rear 'dooi- of the house
while .ho went irn the front to capture th,
5'u'ig tliicive-.
The officer went in the front door and
followedd the culprits to the rear When
'he a'rri'ed, there, he .saw the two boys and
ith, mnan that he had called to his as-
Sfstanect rri making v.ery quick time In op-
posJlte .directionS. HE afterward learned
hat ,:the negro was in league with the
bQys 'ahd wa" watching for them. He re.-
*deqmed himself, however, a little later, by
5captlring Wolter .Lee, who stole a suit
ovftuniderwear from Tork. Green. Lee was
',i id'. o" $1,00 bond. by Justice i'Villard.
":. -.. _---,- .---

One Col61ored Man Robs.-Another, and
S''.' .Locked Up. ,
.-noh'Roblnson. a colored ciltizern, of
versid d -.reported. to the police, yester-.
U.t'ht hs .touse. In West Brooklyn,
e'l",d netered, and that a watch,- val-
$.. at"'-sole clothes, had been
:.,g a'6;, a...desrition :. 'of the
-w e' to. the ?night squa.
r[l j i 0 dp'ty,:iastvtig.s L",; *'*.",."*,.
J:,q i -. 1 "-2- -,
eihKIai0nFmri XrdiLddtHe&

iher ,two lilte' S, r
respe-rively... The'" Jnierm'entl.4 l4e
,Hickoi y Cemetdry'yin tihxi'itt'it'o'cibc
lil% dfi.erioone '' "' '
Sheriff 'J: S. Weeks' OL (bC l 'Count
who is a cousin of. .Mrs. FO' a ox" % teL
graphed- to come yesterday ar'o8- .'h
reachEc here last eyering. 'Beffe"at'c
tooK charge of the funeral arrangementE
IMr.. Fox wias 33 .years I-'.age, a.did'
a member of 'a fine. familoy.-o(.N6i'thCa.i
olina. He "carie to Green' Co0vep'.rlnl
so'ime years ago: front Mtalrose: ".wvhere'
had previously resided foc..Abi ,..yer
H-e owned considerableblc' ol'ange' 'Y. a
property in Gtrien -Co,'s which w iw l T ulne
by.-b..a ..freeze .:of, three ,ye.'r_ yg*'s';.' >,
AMn-& I ji'r"~n6 %h,-. hg~di beatsba
.JC&O "l t.at" "'":. .... ... ae. .e

.man 'o. 'i-6res'thisan or6ara, ab'llt.11
t h e. c .. ..
the .rcurmstances of,- js eat itaak&.-ta
'age one' of'-xtraordiha'y sadness',". "-".

F. L. [.'s 'vs. Onvnl High Sehoo
-Friday Afternooi. ""'.
The Floritil Light Iifantry foo.tba
terram has been engagr-d for- the pia.
month or so in hard practice for tihe g'am
which it 'AJl 'play with the Duvali-Ig
School teari. The. boys of the Hig
School teem are somewhat heavier Lhai
those otj the J. L. I team, but thie latte
hver the silence and know the. gamni
Captain Barney Shields of the F:' L. :1
team i'- confident -that lhie eJevr-n wil
win, andJ Lhe same with Captaint Seatni
Maxweil of the DUval High Schbol team
This aill, no doubt, be one of the .Ijes
ganmeis played in thei cilty for a long time,.
STihe Florida. Light InfantLry will plain
their strongest men', as the Duvatl..Hr l
School team will play Seaton Maxw.ell
one of the Rifles. He will probably pla
fall-ba,:k. T'ie line-up of both teams w-.1
be given In Friday'.s paper-. A .small 'fdi
will blie chagedl' for qdmittauce t0.;h"
ground'e-, grandstand' iree. -It is hoped j
both teams that a large crowd wi.l'4V
present to, witness the gantej and to'1e
them to obtain 'their. new- football].
f S.
....,.. .. *. -:: L... ^... ... ..... ,- ^ .-^ _. ;, =
" E" R 'IFLES' : Mf ,S'RE -"'
.-'; _' 'r.- .- J .-:-*.,.", ---.
.Great Plains 'tor Their intertlaita
S' mient Next Monday- '. ,
Mr. Fred R. Lett, -r'egular winter 'vi
itor. wlio is a very clever amateur or Nes
York city. hias kindly offered his service!
-for the Rifles Glee Clubl minstrel enter.
tairnment next Monday evening. Mr. Left
aifthough an amnatetir, is well known ir
theatrical circles by Irs clever work as E
comedian'in New York and Brooklyo, :anc
will,be a' great help to the boys. ,
SJoe Dart will be one of the end men
and will sing. Lew Dockslailer's' famnoti-
song, entitled "Arabella Jones." Mr. Da.l
will be assisted in this ,song by little
Frank Simpson, an.] this will undaubtedhij
be;'-ne of the most pleasing features ol
the entertainment. .. .:.
Fred De Berry. In addition to writing
'the "Bootblack's Appdal," which wtll .IW
sung by Frank Simpson, will sing an.
song of his own -composition, ehPII
"The Sockless Man from Kansas. :,

Why allow yourself to be li1o' ("
Lired at the.stake of' disease? ChlJs a-
(ever will" undermine and .*e a
break ddwn:. the-:' st'roneEt ,oh it
"IFEBRT,- CURA"' (sweetchill t
lron) is-'mord. eettve-td tal
'being' eda bltned "'W rhI lsUa re

Wa as rasiing

'in Gainesville in 1876

(Gainesville Times, July 6, 1876-E. M. Hampton, Editor.)

'B. M. Smith has'nearly completed
3ia residence, a larg two-istory build-
Sjug and a very creditable addition to
... the city.
A 'large fine. dwelling house, the
property of our mayor. S. J. Buruett,
Sis just being completed, and in a short
while will be ready for use.
S The marshal has commenced having
'- '-.the'-plentiUful drop of weeds around the.
square cut down; would it not be a
;good:idea to have them'removed from
,Jthe corporate limits?
The large new store being erected
-by Matheson & Co. will be the larg-
..-est 'and most creditable building of
the kind in Atown.
Mr."J. B. Brown, our delegate to the
S-"St.- Louis convention, returned, on
Mrs. B. C; Drake, '-editress of The
.,Citizen, arrived on 'Tuesday, direct
-Tram the the Centennial Exposition
'Mr. R. E. Snowden has painted his
d -rug store, which adds considerably
l to the looks of the :place.
The :printers sa,, many 'thanks to

j "., .

Mr. F. X. Miller for that fine water-
Mr. R. R. Snowden has purchased
the drug store of J. F. McKinstry.
Our colored population turned out
in force on Tuesday to show their ap-
preciation of the "glorious fourth" and
its centennial privileges; a grand pa-
rade through the streets headed by
the brass band. and tbefce on toa'
picnic grounds, where the day wa
spent, were the principal demonstra-
tions. At night the same. party gath-
ered at the colored academy, and af-
ter exercises by the pupils, the rival
politicians, Walls and Dennis,tad7
dressed the meeting. r
New buildings are.being erected in
almost .every portion of towu; this
fact alo6e speaks volumes for the en-
terprise and future of the place.
We are pleased to welcome in our
midst once more Mr. J. M. Endel, son
of our enterprising merchant, M.
Endel. Mr. E. has been -to the Centen-
nial, and gives a very interesting ac-
count of the exhibition.

-. *

I, '-

,- ... ; -. ;
-OI 0. ..-.. ........ .. ... ....~...
....~ ~ ~ b ol Eit"id ben"" '' .r.
Fire, Life and Acidert ti o io m.
... a 1. M il| .::o ~.a e .i '- .. "- .' i

"The Fire Company Arrived

To Lte to Save the HoLose-
,- a fn, iW iiar itemi in .
A the newspapers. -This .i;
sli6uld -be a. warnng7"to. -
thoseI whao hve,. pqr.o-
crastinated not to take
out a policy w-hen it .i's
too late, so that ..t
itern may read in .your '
case: "'The loss 'was-i
fully covered by insur-:
ance in one of .th best
7111- ----- companies." -

A. M USHMAN,A t, ge.t Ai l dlrida

~ .. ..

-'. ,.. .," ? ': *.!,' 4 r-',
Perre. ." ,:,''
,_ _" .. ,
", '' "

F r "A''.

A4e"'# 4 -t r.aevefl y ea ,age:' .. -"

;ytuwsviAe "this &htern!c9n-lt' and
t od ', tarkew;h'h-,,`. f ra i. ._ N,
w., t ike ,lace tn';irrow : 6 ,. :.at.r....o.
.t'2,.o,,cloc .'. .Se 'a .A ...bers. f ".':
.e 1Ga`iesv. ise Bai 'L.-i' :e a"compai it '. : l.i' ,
"...e .remains.- ; .',-,
GieaI.. qr S or 'r o: w, Here. ..'".
The annocementqf'tbedeaioh o ''.
wud e Wlls abused general sorro. ".."
in.'alatka where he i" so .ell,,I own." ": '* '"i:'
an' -o 'much I belovedd' -.' he s -beenr' 5* *'.- 'it
la9. k, f jp years'
ii..B t *^." : '. S *T '" '. t- 'tn i .. '*i~ 'i, *', .. *:. *
^p.,G^^;,!e'3le .T^r ~ ,copn ^ -y1'. ," "' .....* "

n ,.e i .;- ," co rt e ,. ., ":':
cor.venea. ''.
As _,a'Ti;rk. ,o-:. respect to the lata e
&ucieeltt*wfblty commissioners hsk-
r ma n "'"ll& "nty offices be" closed r '..' ,
tomorrow from 10 a. rn. to 2 p. m '
This will b done. ..
Atfh.aoeyseJ. V. Waltofi and a E. ...
rty left shortly afternoon for, .
Gaines ile where they go to'be of -
any service there, and wel then pro-, ,
ceed' on to S''rke this afternoon To- .
rmcrrow niornin' the.'remainiing mem-
bers of the' "Palat ti-i''twill proceed
to Starke to attend.the funeral, which, ',
as *e i. announced for 2 o'clock.
Ste'- -'auAttorney Long'. is in New
York,-ib tut has beeonE bmmulnica~ted
*'ith by wire.' It"v'iU'b6 impossible- I
fnr him to arrive at Starke in time
for the funeral. Mr. Long studied
law under Judge Wills, and is a life-
long friend'.


P I Published Every FrMil e t PSaltk
By Vickers.&' Guerry.,
N- X. VICKERS ---------------- -I
GOODE M. GUnRRY ---------------
SSulibsdription Price, $1.50 per Year,- i
Entered as Mail of the Second Class a'
Palatka, under the act of March
Advertising -rates, made known c.on,
.'Management' Reserves the Right t.lReje
hie Advertisements..' "

't .*. ," ,' ,, .f ,.- .
It. is interesting to note how ,sonie
nals are trying' to straddle .the presi
Weekly Review, rock ribbedand hide
Swe find -an editorial which leaves ihe
that.-'jpurnal .i'm"coneitried' up;in the air
-' 'Either _Mr. Jardng ;does 'or he d
understood a' having absolutely' reec
S Treaty; and in, either.Case we., are gluil
*uteadilv suffer in 'his candidacy if be
position ..learer than it "has.bIi.n mad
ac..- paepptance.. '. l- l I
: Ths does not. mean that he is un
t. ,o bind himself to a definite course .in
it.' y. But he is under obligation to ma
he has so bound himself or not. .
S tieople, on the one, hand, and the "mi
*Vublicans" of whom the Philadelphia
the other, 'have a right to know.whet
ted'himself to an outright tejection of
a.e' se I *- '.- "- '. "
."If' in 'fact he has cast aside the Le
." essary for him -to .indicate, ar -im'ore'c
,' Idohei n his speech -of acceptance, what
S expect to pursue rin.,order to bring "a
'' tion. of nations, co-operating, in sublii
-and presve' peace through justice.ra
,' .' w which he declares 'the Republican'Par
..? "Exact definition is of course'not
.'". something more than this vaguB indi
'.,' 4 And apart from. all this, let .us ,hope t
,ar eal joining, of issues. One of .thi
,ors of Mr. Wilson's cruaade 4in, favor.
"" : he had framed it was'his' failure to coni
-',-objectionis made against it; and if M
*. ejectedd the League he will commit an e
'and his case will suffer an injury nole
-'. to explain why hp -discards the Letgue '
.*';. 'he offers in its place. '

.".'Many things are too delicate to
m:- .ore, to be spoken. Some men 'wii
"' which they are ashamed to speak. .
"' The .grave is a sacred. workshop of
.'.- graves with flowers and redolent,plant
.t,... he life of men, which has been com
.'. Sgriptures to those .fading beauties'..
:, ., ... buried in dishoor, rise again, in'.glorT
'. ... Always the idea of unbroken quie'
..:- grave; it is a port there therstorms-
',:"".... and the forms thatt-have'".e.toswed o
-..; ,.l. ie quiet' forever; 'there the child:.ned
',, .; ... ever it lay mi its moit'her's arms, and'th
'.'- ie still by his side, and,-the thinker's,
t-.'.. ", "i ': silent mystery, and the poor gir'W bro
... l 1. tea in a lbalm that extract' its secret'
.. keeping of charity that covers 9ll blan
So, with the clay still fresh as me
Swe might spend a few days in Nv
.of the good deeds of the departed.
( gest that ghouls prey upon the inert
'who fight over possessions left for b


R 11,9122 _


By J. W. Chamberlin
SThl ---
aib When the old F. C. and P. Railway was being built the
University City 6f Gainesville was founded; her name was
made by a trade between Major Bailey and fighting Bill R.
Ite) Lewis.
S)- When L it was first agitated to move the county site from
him- Newnansville Ito Gainesville, Major Bailey promised if the
eys, q site was kept at Newnansville he would see that the new
WoLIJ town was named Lewvisville and fighting Bill Lewis agreed if
the nev$ site won the name should be Gainesville. The flag
Con -
e.*r.*t bearers for the new site won and thus it became Gainesville.
0hn cc and ever since has Gainesville won.
pf tle The three first pcimoro'ers for Gainesville were Til Ingram,
Prof. Roper aid Bill Clrk. The first physician was Dr.
"hJ, i Thomas (father of Major ;n-..l Dr. T. F.). Dr. James McKin-
andl stry is an old land mail and has by his integrity helped to
make Gainesville what shie is. Gainesville today has as fine a
s by corps of physicians and surgeons as in the South.
rer. te As bankers, we must mention James M. Graham, deceased;
ter: tile M rhm eesd
a/'roIl H. F. Dutton, deceased; Joe J. Hayman, deceased; Major W.
frui%. R. Thomas, retired. These men placed Gainesville's finances
Y ,it a on such a firm footing her banks have never had any uneasi-
dei ni iess, in 'iimes when other institutions were failing. And with
ure... in such "capable 'bankers as Morgan Fennell, C. S. Niblo, H. E.
Id; t', Taylor, Lee Grahinrn, H. L. Phifer and Gus Phifer, who have
wrl I been brought up in the banking business by such able in-
suall, structors Gainesville':- financial progress is assured .
iv ty'. In the newspaper wild, one editor and proprietor did more
a e=n for the making of Gainesville through his newspaper, and ef-
es of 1 foris in thle State Senate, than any other person in Gaines-
clNT at ville. To every Alachua county citizen, you already know
,.'u n ci's. '
ta,-1 that man, Hon. H. H. MeCreary, deceased.
en h.I Today Gainesv ille has two daily newspapers which keep up
g. Ft minutiely with the news of the world for their subscribers.
ble-a Gainesville is not a "'rigic" city, but a city built solidly
Sand she is daily extending her buiildings into beau.tliful resi-
e is j dential parts of the city. The country surroundingg Gaines-
ie ci'- ville is the richest in the State and in short will add new in-
ion i; dustries to Gainesville. While the old East Florida Seminary
'eter, Iwas situated in Gainesviile ,i.e turned out from her halls sev-
St eral of the leading imen of the State today, who realize her
.nl worthli as an educational cEnter. Today Gainesville stands for
ti thie best schools in the State. Her high school is as good as
the best: Miss Tebeau's school f-,r girls has not a peer; the
g. hlis University of Florida is equal to any in buildings and educa-
I"ime tional advantages and siupri'r to many on account of its
hCahIthful ioLiCLti)Il. i -al :limnite an:] large experimental
ainesville dhaus so-ome of the finest paved streets in the
State and some rnlaunificent ihmt-. She can boast of some
bnrk- of the most up-to-date dry .,- 13, gror-cery. hardware, shoe.
1 1) t .Ie j ->velry stores, meat inark-t-: an.i-l automobile display rooms.
I~~~ ~ .i ? 7 t a n n i2 2io nl ol d erll $ l a;-
t-"1 1 As a city of "beautiful voury, ladies and natonly older La-
') ,!'. Iien she is kno.vn the Unite.- State- ,ver as being unsurpass-
1. ed. It is also a fact that her son-'.. as a rule. make men of
P '' wv.orth and integrity.
W., give the pure 'vw:iteA us-'ed by the city due credi',l for the
pleasing' disposition of her citizen--.
Of hotel. she has many. The W\hit, House has an envi-
able reputation for ,inrr the mos-t up-to-date small hotel in
the Stae.
AST Gainesville need miorl-e eiJerpri.ing citizens. She needs a
Lreamery; a hospital; a canm:ing and pickling plant; mills to
manufacture her long cotton into ,clth, and numerous other
YEAR industries, for which s.he invites c,.al)ptial to invest.
% I, ',,,. ... .. -- .- _.. .. ..-- .. .

..r ... .. .. .... -' .- "* ':. .-Sj.

I piie aurohim :!'

in char,. ; ,i l-IIIi !
Office nhone: '

60l ri ;' 'I
-oue P, one:
184 --' IS Ii^ ^S ~ l

hlie Society Editor Call-3 on Eliza-
Leth Skinner, Pre.-idlent. Florida
I ederalion of WVonen-n' Clubs-
I called oii Mi-- Elizaoeth SlI:;-
ucr- Elizabeth as. i r eli'.., v1.,...i-
(-i's l,:, to call her. Fri.i.i'
luorning at tile White- House .-, o-.'
to ask iher tile plari- of the Florid'.
Federatin of Wonr-i' 'Clu.i., 11ii-
fI.',r thile coming year nd v.1.'t v.'. --
to foot lnow.
Miss Skinnir was c:nthuiss ti]c I'
lIer tall; to ie find ''.at ulii t.:- u-'il
tli uic-El th,. pie tlie teihintp: belii ;
nceoiplish'-d by' tl-L cluii wiNiie'i,
'Ve tle stat., hi v .1 what the '.v,. .
is standing for at presniit.
M i-, Sl.iiln-r told ri.- tI: clu
are woikili hati' at prE :-rt loti
thie 10 mill school tax in plnfl' iiO
tle 3 nill tax at pri iit levi-.: J.
If t ie lenivilatore i.eomnini''nd! t'-
levvir g of the to':. th-e Sc ,,- ol d :1 -.
-tlictz will vot- separately Oii ih-
1ropoiition and the sclnols,1 S il
ha% r- miore funds, for thle addition ot
rnore adequate s;Lhooi supplies,
'-oi-e'" teaeiheis; as the s-cliouis r.ii
present are terribly crowded arind
one teacher is doing the v.':rk .-i
t'-.'o and in ioi;il instances tlhret
The Clubs aie urgin-r tegii.t'i-
tioe. they want the wo'-nii r.f tne
state to take an interest ill their
Litizenahipr anid register in ti'I- for
i,- presentation.
The raising of the si-hool stanlJ-
ord is a rital matter on hand at
present; healthli work. the weigh-
inlg nnd examining of the school
children, thile better milk oue-stion,
te' among th. niany phases of
the health vwoik.
The state clubs arc- co-operatii,4
with thi- hoitle der,-ionstration ,-*4
ents ,and standing behind thtnt
inl their important work. C
Miss Skinrner continued i']lit tl;c
club wonln ari'c ,-ndea.'orini- to
laie the club dueti to 510 entl it
.aar, by doing so tlhe 5 cents dues
orn the club bulletin will be auto- ,
yiiatically raised to 10 cents. The S
bulletin is gettirin bettrv- niaterit.. -
eve'ly issue and the necessity for h
a lor'er -editior is i mnore appariiit
as the work pri-gtieses.
Mr,. Ida B. Cole of tlin C' "i
iinua~l Iii tttiti'in wil i t-e in ti.
slate fiom thlie miiddle I f Nof e .
Ier to the n1iddlie of Dlecemli'.er A-.i
the clubs that dire toli be \,-,itc-l
y 1 lh;s prom[ ient sonilan whio i -
speaking on. '"The- Chlioice of Rea;i-
ing Matter," aie inistruicted to ap-
p1y to irh'1. J.ihn F. Fuil!-r cf O'-
A word about Mis Skinnere ii.
.ntiIlusion. or lather it would t:ik.: i
S-er'.'ral piagrnpili, t-.: sutimn uLi., L t
".o'ran who has a chai mine in-
iiividuality that is ,iatin' :tly :'- r
fr.tshiring. She is a Wtoman," idi I
her absolute unaffectivenes; ha..
I. I I



v.ll eIitcr: i olIge. to-gether v ith rt-nIeIill
t.o.u or the gadltAte; of tle I! McEachi
.-f 1W'21. S the Tailahluis-C ',.L- ton Univ
ta iui iat the University .vill ium- '- '
ber .ixteei, and tlih. boys wl'c. \ill Mr. a
I,.i'- *a, el.'y next week for Gainesi- nd An
vilhe are James Ball, Max B1i3n. Julia iR
Pay.ii nil Burr, Eail Bli--., Clifford spending
Bit.Ii, iS. E. C.obb. Jr., Richard Er- and Mr'
-.1ii, Cliarles Clay, Wiliiar'd Hicks, lomie on
Le.iiioif Maari.iall, Henry Pab-lmar. Mrs.
Ori.,:ri Park-r. Wilson Tranmmeil Mrs. 0.
.Aini BuLitn Williams, all 1ii the Bartow
tias_ of 1922. Arid among them House.
w;il al -o ie Retce Wilbharjit. and
Raliph H,,rtsfildM of the class of Mis
1I21. ligton, D
Eliven ,-If ti,_ gir-]- ,.:f the class the Ext
of 1922 .vill ente- college, and the Home E
fl-lu, nviri -, i l\ att'-nd the Florida i'itolr i
C lie fil
:'_tate C'ole e f'r \':iniern: Mliss
Ehab-tih B.iTd, Miss Myra Burr, Charle-
IMisi' Mlairy Pr;nglet:, Miss Eiuise nesday fo
Re-gste_', lMiis Eimerald, Swain, where hei
Mlt. Ruth Williams, Mi.s. Evelyn College od
Graily. Mi-s Honur GlIjver, Miss astuden
Marln' Crnoss, and Mi- MnAr, -j
Croino Whitfield. Miss Bessie Lawreq
BrE it 'ill i:nt Ir college at. Me- in Greet'
Phii .-iur. Kaits. acconmpan,
Pro'f. R. M. Sealey, plincipdl of and little
the hi',lh sLhool, lann unced t-his .it ) hrae
rornuiii that out of twenty-nine tlree w%
graduates ilt tlih clss of 1922, olt. si
tlr re will be tv.enty-five to enter Bib R
'..liege. This is considered a great c- r
,ediLt L. the students. Thle desire ity front
fit a oliegc ed -elu t:ti:.n is instilled vest
init' evei-, high schol .student, but M
it it not often that so-.maniy at. have ,retu
able to .rarryv o,,t their hopes and where th
plains. Mr. S-aley is .justly proud past two
.f thi- reniarktaible rec'oril and h-e r.
r'es ort.
id Ils facu ity entertain tihe hope
l.at eavh of thc-se studilents may MISS iI
b&e abl t6 fim-li tihe full college purt. 'Mis'
i,-,ur-:.--J'ik-.nailie; Times-Union. of Miss
on Virgi'
LeGrande-Chnpnman- will rema
Mi-s VI'ilni LeGranid,, a foinier and Mliss
popular mneriber of the Gaint'svilie their stu
-cunaer bet, win:l be mnair led on 'GainL,.vil
ettc.iri.ber Lhe ser..nd to J. V. Miss Bolt
liapr-man )f Avori Palk, at her from a ni
firn Iin Wauchuia. ka, Color
Thle vis.lJirnu ,vill be an ilimport- the forme
rt eve.iit iii th-e iLaoll life of W\Vau- I
.ili mnd \',ill b-.2 -itti-ided by ela- Mrs-. J.
,'..s ,-rid flierids of the cont-act- Robert ha
ri- p i t .itl-s M oiles. I
Il:s. LeCr;i'.il- i-. lvi'gi man;y the summ
':cial 'ffair_ plaiiei-d in hur l hoto.r
rd, ha_ hlteii mu.-i fet,-il irnL._- the Mr. an
ii .,uin.,.ieiiint her engagenient. have tretu
\.IIouncncnt-- with MrI
Tllhie v ill be an important meet- and Mrs.
nyg of thie Executi. e Commnittee of home Oc
ihe Wrini ii'a Au:.:-iiaiy of the Pies-
yitetin c.ircih Tuesday afit'- Mrs. ,
to..n at 1 o'clock. Plans will be fro.m Geo
mide firi tlihe ritertainm.-ntt of tiw ,.d sever'
yvro,.lical. .of thie i

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