Background on the Sánchez Family

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Background on the Sánchez Family
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Sánchez Family Papers (1812-1925)
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Mixed Material
Sánchez, Edward Carrington Francis, 1849-1927
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Box: Box 1


Subjects / Keywords:
Shipment of goods -- Cuba   ( lcsh )
History -- United States -- Civil War, 1861-1865   ( lcsh )
History -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Alachua -- 12001   ( ceeus )
Territorial Florida, 1821-1845   ( fhp )
Ante-Bellum Florida, 1845-1861   ( fhp )
Civil War in Florida, 1861-1865   ( fhp )
Economics and Society: Post-Civil War Florida, 1865-1913   ( fhp )
Florida During World War I, 1914-1918   ( fhp )
The Florida Boom and Bust, 1919-1929   ( fhp )
Depression and the New Deal Years in Florida, 1930-1941
Florida in World War II, 1941-1945   ( fhp )
The Post-War Florida, 1945-1960   ( fhp )
Contemporary Florida, 1960-   ( fhp )


Family papers, correspondence and newspaper clippings. This collection covers the life of the Sanchez family in St. Augustine from 1812, the family's ordeals during the Civil War, the family business, and E. C. Sanchez's political career. Included are E. C. Sanchez's collected notes and writings for a history of Gainesville, Florida, as well as correspondence between his father, James, and his uncle, Venancio, regarding the family shipping business and its transactions with Cuba circa 1840-60. The collection also contains a scrapbook, Municipal Club of Gainesville, circa 1907, and newspaper clippings regarding E. C. Sanchez's political activity.
Merchant, lawyer, writer. Sanchez was born in 1849, in St. Augustine, Florida. He was educated in the common schools and the East Florida Seminary, and began his career as a merchant in Gainesville, Florida, until 1874, when he decided to study law. He was admitted to the practice in 1875, and became an influential member of the constitutional convention of 1885. He was also a presidential elector on the Democratic ticket in 1884. He died in 1927.
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Originally derived from archival-level ALEPH record 027947578 ( OCLC: 48886392 )
Funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) as part of the Pioneer Days in Florida Project

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University of Florida
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P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Special Collections
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.. 4.a es Joseph Granados
L. )c. 'Jo'eales de Vill
Note see Census 1793 item 214 Francisco Sanchez, son of Jos eh Garcia.
and Jana Peres age 56-so b,1737- This is Francisco Xavier'Sanchez who
came back to Fla. in Eng. period, became Eng. cltizen-afterl783Spanish
citizen again. His legal wife was Maria del Carmen Hillby whom had chil
In Eng. periodhad chil, by free mulatto Maria Beatris Stone to whom F.X.
Sanchez left property. J.Simeon Sanchez son of legal wife best known of
his descendants. Juana Peres died and Joseph married an espinosa and from
that marriage descend nearly all Sanchez residents of St.



Being a Relation of some of the actual Disbursements of a GQ
Gentleman a Militia Officer and a Civil Offioial xatzaaxrhzx necessary
to the proper Maintenance of his Appearance on all Occasions more than a
Century Ago.
Not every man was saluted as Don in that time Out Don L. R.
was rightfully entitled to its use since he was one of those whose olaM
reached back to very early days of St. Augustine's settlement
What did it cost men of the 1830s to appear suitably garbed1
Don L, R was no fop or leader of fashion. So it may be assumed he was
a reasonable spender in apparel matters. Possibly some of his items for
sigars seem rather frequent but if he drank proportionately to his oiga
oigar consumption it does not appear in his carefully filed accounts and
for a man of his oorneotions either he was abstemious or else had some
private source of liquor supply.
Items on a June bill of his tailor included one pair pants
at $6.621 cents. One wonders what the half cent was for Another pair of
pants followed at the same figure but a jacket was twelve' a4 half cents
more ,$6.75 Followed more pants at the $6.6j8 figure but apair super
Sass. pantswoost $15 Another cloth jacket was $5., blk, .oilk oravat $8
but 1 pr satiney pants was only $4.50 and he had several pwirs soon.
SMaking uniform coat made a $5. item while "1 superfine ll ooat* stood hh
him $30.. The Don evidently had his mind on quality fdr hp, ~as charged
.-**n for .1 fine black silk hat$S."Another coat item Ios 11 a 6 YVan

irpsr oeat". Anyway it cost the Don $18,Three years Iatefjhe paid $30 for
.". .oth for a black coat and $10 for making it Making pa4alo ns was
V mnsath $2,50. A pair of Jackson ties $1,75. He evidently ked od hand
Vh f::? to: he paid 3.75for two and4 best bandnnatert t bak
a- ;'.F A* A *} t
aI. 03;.75 for to k.t-m*s

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": "./, u: -. ." ,',.. ," .:" .h.,L.;,;' '- .'. ,>. ,+, ..i. .,k
...... .. .. ... .........- ,o.- .. ........ ..... ....... : .. ..
... ...; ........ ...... -. ,,, .... .. ... .. ,+++ .. .. ,
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Sthe rate of $1,75 each .Thie was in 1833 when he also was charged PG ,.i
i for one beaver hat and the same shopkeeper included one of the rate
liquor items 1" gal Monongbhela whiskey at $1.50, some miaoellmss'et
such as
items seem quite cheap 1 silk umbrella st $5. white kid gloves at 8i 1,2
and white stockings at B6o. lHe had one pair of pants that ran up to $13
Often the Don had to travel to Tallahassee and onoe apparently he fuo :.I

he was not dressed for whatever entertainment he was invited for and a
Bill from a Tallahassee tailor appears for one pair blue pantaleooPa1s1 i
1 stock and Ipr suspenders $3,7*5"
The cost of a toothbrush in 1834 was eSoents and the same store soeN
.him volse of the Scottish Chieftains, 3 vols. Children of the Abbey he ..i
veolumesoosting only 37j cents each and a volume of Conversations on
S. emi story was $1. but he paid $2.85 for a Prayer Book. :
'... There are numerous charges for expenses while travelling as he 4 .
did very often When he went to Jacksonville or passed through on his W.i
Sway to Tallahassee he was I entertained" by Jno. L. Doggett Fifteen daP ,
entertainment in 1833 cost him a dollar a day and his horse feed was
three quarters as much. while'ferriage for self and horse"was 50o.Thef,;
are some queer little scraps of paper receipts while he was on his jofi |
.,neys oddly spelled One place lists "glass liquor" several times. .'"i
Always entertainment for his horse is listed so we can see the Don wo AI:
horse back making his way through the Indian country in a troublesomea
i,;: me, ,..
'Sometimes there are small items for clothes for a son and dax hi
lkjlj; of'1. twiwethere are 'Sundries, for your wife" and several tUears O
l.keeper gave. the son and daughter eash and include it I

E 4: A *liois, charged not one mention i mAde
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', :.. P ., : .,' +.. .- ..+
:: @., ., .......,. .. ... -. ,.,. .,... : .. .. ;, .

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-I .

PROGRAM Nov. 1938 ,
SUBJECT Col. Joseph 8. Sanohezs

When the Second Spanish regime in Florida was still youg
there was born in St. Augustine in the house of Francisoo Xavi
Sanchez and his wife Maria del Carmen Hill a son to whoa they '
gave the name of Jose Simeon Sanohez.
The mother was American" of English descent her anoeso.
tors having settled in the famous "Ninety Six" of Eegefield
District South Carolina, late in thel7th century *
Not only did Jose Simeon Sanchez inherit English blood from I;
his mother but his own father's mother had been English. The gr
father for whom the new baby was kazn named had married Christiatml
Hill and Maria del Carmen Hill mother of the little Jose Simeon
was a young sister of Christina .
Relationships among the Hills and Sanchez became yet more
complicated for three daughters of this Hill family from South
Carolina proved irresistible to Sanohez men, while a fourth aist
married General Jose Mario Hernandes for her second husband and
one of her sons by her first marriage chose Maria Meroed sister i
of Venanoio Sanohez for his wife. So Spanish and English lood
joined in the veins of following Sanohez generations .
Jose Simeon Sanchez is best known to his descendants of the
present day as Colonel Joseph Sanohez. '
At time of his birth and during his youth the family life and 1
public stage were both set to equip him with knowledge and
experience to result in a career that ranks him as one of the most
prominent native sons of the early Florida territorial and State-
hood days.
.Responsibilities were early thrown on his shoulders after his
father's death about 1808 when Francisco Xavier Sanchez left a a1
estate to his numerous offspring.
During the father's lifetime a number of members of the fam-
ily had been connected with important matters of Spanish government P
When the Spanish return to Florida occurred in 1783 one of the
Sanohez men was particularly mentioned for his generosity to such
of his countrymen who needed assistance A Sanohez had been one of
three Spaniards listed as having come back to St. Augustine during
the British rule and tried to safeguard interests of old Spaniards
when their property rights were in great confusion. There could have
been little that the youthful Jose son of Francisco Xavier would
not have known about land matters and right of property. He must
have been quite young when he is mentioned as alcalde of St. Augus-
tine in the Spanish time of 1814 What part he took in defence of
the city in the American invasion of 1813 when United States forces
camped within a couple of miles of the City Gates to which they
came isn't lear. But as every man able to bears arms was needed
it isn't likely that Jose Simeon Sanchez held back while the
bealeagured city was hungering and all the cattle beyond the walls
were being driven away to feed the invaders.
We know that four years later he was at the front for he was
a "militia man at Fernandina" in the Spanish force at Amelia IslaMd
He seems to have done his duty in defence of East Florida at all
times for after: the United States bought the State he was made a
Captain in the Second Regiment on July 7 1823 by Governor Duval,
In 1826 Duval commissioned him First Lieutenant in the Volunm
teer Company called the Florida Rangers and in 1829 Duval again
signed a commission promoting him to rank of LieutB Colonel in the
Second Militia of Territorial Florida.
*i!!~t ^.* .' i

,.."'V- ,. ,."
i .. i .'

If'.!.-_ ^ ."

,.,;, *,, 1 ..' .
.,I ".. .
"['.. ".
I. ..

,,, "
4j -t


2- .

I.' '
ii- i- *

! it

= ,o


.' -'


$/Program Sanohez
Nov. 15 1938
St. Augustine Historical Society
and Institute of Soienoe,
He continued service during much of the Seminole War and there are
frequent records of his movements in the section East of the St,
Johns River where his men were most effective.
Meantime he had married and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 8. Sanchez
had six chil ren by date of his Lieutenant commission Mary V.
the first born came in 1817 during the exciting time when the Uni-
ted States McGregor and Aury and various scheming influences
were trying : to capture East Florida and particularly St. Augustine,
Possibly r'hen the little daughter arrived the father may have been
a "militia man in Fernandina ".Of the other nine children born to
the Joseph S. Sanohez house the oldest son was Francis who was born
August 2nd 1820 This was after the Spanish sale of East Florida
to the United States had taken place but East Florida had not been
officially delivered. So the little Francis nationality might be
c:.lled Spanish although within a few months his father was a United
States citizen .
Of course it is well understood that the only living descen-
dants of Colonel Joseph S. Sanchez spring from the line of this
Francis referred to as "Frank".
But he had been born in a time of great excitement with many
of the old Spanish families departing for Havana,among them some of
the large Sanohez connection. Jose Simeon Sanchez was one of those
who deoied to throw in their fortunes with the new American control
His large family knew only the United States government under
which they grew up,
By 1827 so completely had he adapted himself to the new ways
that he had become sheriff of St. Johns County which comprised such
a large part of the Eastern section of the State that the Sheriff
was obliged to do much travelling. At one time he was marshall of
East Florida and with Court at Newnansville and his presence frequent
ly required at Tallahassee he became well acquainted with the dan-
gers of the wilds of Territorial Florida. neoords show him serving
some years later than 1827 in the sheriff's office.
He did not negleot his growing family and was much concerned
with suitable education for his sons, Francis being sent to the best
teachers to be had in St. Augustine among them being that John Lott
Phillips who was later to become uncle of his pupil Francis through
marriage ith Ellen Sanchez. Madame Sanohez was mindful of the suit-
a ble education of her young dc.ughters sisters of Frank, who also
were sent to private t-aohers :nd were also boarding pupils in the
fashionable boarding school run for several years by Madame Hery in
the Liouse of Father O'Reilly.
The Seminole War period provided plenty of excitement for the
family and much activity for Joseph S. Sanchez who name had been
gradually assuming this more American form from his baptismal name.
In 1841 he was called on to mourn the death of his wife of
whom there are very few memories and little information is to be had.
In December of this year, next month there will be held in
St. Joseph a centennial observation of the holding of the St. Joseph
Convention that adopted the project for a constitution for the
proposed new State of Florida. Col. Joseph S. Sanohez was a member
of that historic body representing St. Augustine with other members
and presiding over the Convention deliberations was Robert Raymond
Reid also of St. AugustineThere was great diversion of sentiment
over the proposed draft for the constitution which was finally
adopted with some amendments. The name of Joseph S. Sanchez appears
among the signatures to the document,

4* .. I


Nov. 15 1938 :
St. Augustine Historical Society
and Institute of Science.

Yet much of St. Augustine bitterly opposed Statehood -eVthat
time and in accounts of the opposition meetings that were held .
Col. Sanchez name is sometimes seen.
It is impossible in the space of a short amount to touch
more than very briefly on a few of the most notable activities of
such a busy personahe as Joseph Simeon Sanohez. There were a number
of other Joseph Sanohez so it becomes necessary to refer to him
as Joseph S.
During all the time he was pursuing his military and public
careers a third feature of his life was the unceasing attention it
was necessary for him to give to his own personal business affairs
and to a mass of detail concerned with various relatives, During
the second Spanish occupation various lands were conceded to Fran-
cisco Xavier Sanohez and from the time of his death the son Joseph
S. Sanohez was an executor. After 1821 there are allusions to his
representing himself and his father's other heirs in long drawn out
proceedings before land claim Commissions set up by the United State
to determine ownership of contested lands. Also some claims reached
back into the First Spanish Occupation. An endless amount of work
attended prosecution of claims to hundreds and thousands of acres
of land much of which had changed hands repeatedly. One claim found
in the American State Papers, Land Claims is put forward by Joseph
S. Sanohez in his own behalf on score of his services as a" militia
man in Fernandina in 1818".
Some prominent names are also connected with his in land deals
Antonio Alvarez being mentioned with him in a 2000 acre land deal.
Such men as these were continually transferring concession lands
with mortgages attached so that some record of the transactions
follows end is found in County Court House files,
In 1848 the Colonel's Washington representative was still
urging Sanchez claim for loss of some slaves in the 1818 affair when
the slaves had run away and became joined to the Suannee colony.
In 1849 his name was suggested for Secretary to the Mexican
Board of Commissioners. But he did not arrive in Washington as his
supporters had hoped and the appointment went elsewhere.
It was in September 1853 that Colonel Joseph S. Sanohez died9
closing the career of probably the mostnotable native son in that
group of leaders of St. Augustine of his day. Others born elsewhere
came to East Florida to make reputations but no St. Augustine
natural of his day surpassed the original of this portrait,
It is no wonder that Mackay writing to him from Washington
in 1849 said "Cheer up old fellow we will never let you down.
Your personality is more than anything "



L1 .




Washington D. C. Jan 27 1848

Dear Sanchez

Enclosed are papers going to show the situation-'
of your $16oo claim of 1818 under ninth article of the treaty
with Spain You see the grounds taken by Secretary Rush. I
wish you to write me and state if you have ever made an effort
to get this decision reversed and if so what was done in the
matter- State when the negros went away and how long they were
gone- whether you knew where they were and whether you had prev-
iously given up all hopes of recovering them- and every other
circumstance not included in Solano's testimony within your rec-
ollection- Send on an ordinary power of attorney and attend to
this business without delay- I have some hope of getting the
case opened and new arguments received to counteract Mr. Rush'sa
decision. There are a great many such things here from Florida
that only require attention and industry to get them allowed-
The interest claims are progressing some though slowly I shall
p ush along and keep moving
I. haste Your friend
Direct E. C. Cabell- question on this-note
opy of .te depcison of the S tretar f shlTrasur on awards mad
ythe jud ge o, te Super or ourt f Tor a on ceran
claims ( including the claims of Joseph S. Sanchez ) under the arti
9th article of the treaty with Spain of the 22nd Feb 1819 for
losses in East Florida caused by the invasion of the Province
bethe American troops in 1818.
Se eci sons in tne ooregong eight cases are disapproved .It is
not believed that the words or the intention of the 9th article of
the treaty will warrant them. The slaves had all left their mas
ters prior to the invasion of 1818 and were a part of the commun-
ityof Savanna Indians for the time being at least when that
invasion took place. Those who were killed inthe attack on that
Indian settlement or who were blown up at the negro for must
necessarily be lost to their owners and as to those who were taken
prisoners, the owners must be left to such remedies for recovering
possession of them as the common course of law would afford,
On these grounds if on no other the cases are one and all
excluded from confirmation Treas. dpmt Junell 1828 R. R sh
Suwannee instead of Savanna

Washington D.C. March 31 1849
Dear Simeon : Your last letter is received and you write in
so despondent a tone you make me fear for your energy. Cheer
up old fellow we will not let you drop. I will din Cabell and
Morton ears until you are provided for. They are anxious for
you to do something and disposed to join me in anything I can
suggest for you. If you had been here you would have been the
Secty of the Mexican Board of Commission. We looked-for you
daily until the appointment was made. There is an appropriation of
$5000 for the Sea Wall. You can have the disbursing of that but it
is too small for you If a change takes placein Wellers
note name uncertain- appointment I will provide you there or
any time you will take command of a California Co. you have only
to name it We have great difficulties in not having you here
Your personality is more than anything.
James is all right- There is no doubt
I write in the dark and in haste as the boat is
SYour friend


2""'''""~ :""~- `~l'~c"

County Court records

Sanchez Francis Pascaal w. Maria de los Delores
Berta de sanchez.
Antonia Sanchez daughter of.
keter Benet, adm. eat .



H 3 Cont. Frances Hunter 1858
- ars. Hunter sister J.S. Sasehex -
Widow of Hunter m. to Douglas Dummitt-
Since became wife of Andrew Jones ,lives
in Va. Fairbanks named Guardian Hunter
"infant" daughter.

P 4 / 1 '
7 vivifs~~Yq,
10 ~i~c~


...................................,............ ,.-. ... .... .. .... !. .. '/.
': ,=- ... ... ... .*. ......J ,,t,;.i'.'. .'.'. .. W. ':,.;.." "I .
.."", ', -'j -. I

SMrs. E.W. Lawson
1:' "".

.,: Native. son of St. Augustine Jose Simeon Sanohez was b

:son of Francisco Xavier Sanohez and lived an eventful '

during the second Spanish period during the Territorial

and did not paxax close his activities until his death in 1851i
Sa --
i inel Sanchez as the.title by which he is best recalled

Se-: become aware of Colonel Sanchez as he is'.best recalled duriI
2il2. affair when the United Statel President permitted Unite!
,4 -, ..'^
ei a'-,' "'-s df`,
r-oops to attempt to reduce St. Augustine and take possession j"

RI!lorida as they already had taken Fernandina and Amelia Islandi

Atthat time troops encamped* as near the city gates as Fort Moszt"

Wiere they controlled the entire country west and north to the-. 8

bixer and the country people who were not willing to join the 4;

l4mjhy. of the Patriots flocked for refuge into the city of St.i
Il'-cattle north and west of the city 'were absorbed by the arm

.ion residents of -the city who had farms and xa raised
while the Spaniards within the gates went
rd::f their being driven away to feed the invaders. Slaves'ei

-.went to eorgia in many cases The men of St. Augliptine.
t,'defend the city while the Spanish Governor wrote to t'e;.

United"'States force .and .expressed hit views 6f.;t.he 13.i

a-upposedly friendly nation...,
S.of .:1812,
4 oe ":pe rati.. s I -7 geW. .
,: .. ., -- ..- r .
A-. ,


f.w*i; :









: 1(



;' .




.1 .


-r .b:
:'L-~' L
? ,..!2.. .

*. When the namrntxquarter of th
a son
n-'the second Spanis.. regime was still young there was born in the-'
del i
(f Francisco Xavier Sanchez and Maria Carmen Hill to whom they
_the naxe'of.Jose Simeon Sanchez.
-' The mother was American of English descent om kxgxit m
:ti'Yhose ancestors had settled late in the in Ninety Six in Edgefift-.
I'o:bt South Carolina late in the 17th century. Not only did Jose
b.Sanchez inherit English blood from his mother but hiw father's
Sa.:a.~ had been English and his father had married a sister
Imother.. Three daughters of this Hill family of South Carolina
eiride's of Sanchez men and a fourth sister married Jos'e Mario
tfor her second husband and a son of her first marriage
.ia Merced sister of Venancio Sanchez .KXKstzl So the Spanish
L.0 blood united in the veins of the following generations.
Ss : Jose Simeon Banchez is best known to his
asAitb: of the present day as Colonel Joseph Sanchez .
A;t the time date time of his bbrth and during his boy: :
..amily and public stage were both set for his development ..
ather- x and grandfather 'and other members of the family
elected with. important affairs of the Spanish government.:
th pani yards to Florida. one of the'Sanohez men: ...Wi
m br int nes fo hisi o oo
-.. 2 A us '-,... ,t...
V ...
: : z .; .. : : .. ., ,. : : ..,- .: .. ', ,'.'. ." ,. .. .', .- : ,: : ,' ... '. : ., .;_: ,.

-"., -^ ....; .'" .
. K -,. '"' ; ,- '' l -

4 ", .., ..4-. ., ,
M* r!
-'L "i -

' .' '
iS^-"'. : ; ".1, -, ,-^ ^

. .. ..,
" "'. "P.
A ,, -

.I ,,. *. ,' i
S --* .. ; ,* .,.
,if -. J'-

.. -,

,i:-O 4

i ':':i i ',' .4 4 "..;' .;" ,.'d
C i ". ,,

... .. .. ..f a M% 2
--: .'- .

.P ,;. --t/-i ii "t' .. -:'"'-' -P ',P"

.i,.i -' .y," ", ] .$ :j ,

""4 % "C '" ";' "
; :p$,*trf1-.
!,~~~~~~~~~~~; ,.:... .... ... :, ,
',,' .:. 7.,; ; ., ', ,' 1.:.-: ,-' ; ,:: ,.' ;.. ,-... ',
., ,,, ,, ,, 4~, ,o.-; ,, .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i : ''; ,,,. ,- ., ,' -
.,a i .. ., .

9 -, 'a .A -'.-'-. ,... .. .- ?
iat-e froit fbr1 he 'was a militia. man -at Fernandina I
-.hii'sat would have been in the BSpanish forces .
I b .,n Amexlla Island He seems to have done hip dit%,
i: '-" at all -times t: . and East.-Florida for after the United States.~
tte h lie was ,made a Oaptain' in the second Regimentl

P:lovernor Duva.
1BB al missioned him a it. first Lieutenmnt in t;
L7.,oaledi the Florida Rangers and in. 1839 luval again;.
so advancing him this time to rank of Lieut- Oolornel
degu ar..Mlltia.. of Territorial Florida. He continued -
hiof e:SeminQle Var and there are frequent", re oorzd
eion- '
'' ** *e .V ,- ....... .. : ...
i i';;o'''the' St. Johns River where his qopani L'

.ad married and Mnr/ .and Mrs.. .jeph .Sanaom.
hdate f;his commissionn asp i eut meant _olon
.., la. '..i- 181,ia".
.- .. "14 4 ....,... '. .' ..

'-' '' -- 2* '* -,."
&:,.r ', "r *, ,"
,' \ .' .
F *. t .., -'

:j '..
t ^ .. ;..-,:.*. : *. .- '- / ... .
1 A'

', '.c* ",... .

-. ,,:..

r;d, '' -- .-
'a .''. ,
: i .,,+, ,. .. .'d -, :.,

,, ." ..

If. .- I


', .." .

A ; Jr
IaI', 'T .

,' .'* ".* ', .,

Aj, ._t.:.y
'k,,' ",' ~~*1. ,. .., +

i--ti zren and Francis as he grew up knew only the United State'.
p gQvernrment. But it was a time of excitement many of the old '"
fa ; ies;i were departing for Havana among them some of the old'
S .- of the family
iies l but a, majority decided to throw in their fortunes'with :
.aiw: Mrican control., Jose Simeon Sanchez was one of those who
i& andgave his loyalty to the new flag.under which his large ;i
-Re?2:V u. U -P
jjdseph Sanchez associates included the leading men of Florida
eWi;n 'had more extensive acquaintance 'in the then new territory~
:9 nei w .State- of Florida. "
x xta t,.. In -1827 he had become sheriff of St. Johns

Ba, huge: section and with court at Newnansville
t :gi. d:he. -was '.ma shall for East Florida and with court at-Newnanh
:Vlshe. was a frequent traveller through wilds of terrltori'i
-Qoords show him serving later than 1827 as sheriff.
il aSzMz xSakm3tzx lmzatauix.. He was. much concerned .fo a
n o his .sons arid daughters- and iranos was se
and .d g htersd b -vhW 4
a',a- lbnrtcnesA- Au".& .
",' ,., < .' ';-":"-";: = : ", ," .; -' : ,:!: "?'
i-;: : % .., ,. :.; ...."'". "; .. .- : ..".' -.. .. .:.T i .... .. ...'.j.;I

,, ,,-. E -. i -," '
. ." '

A t.I
"^ ,S:.i .R ... '," _.. l .. .. i ,'

.. ... :.. .... .- -,1o.*^. -

,'' -. ; .if

: ,4 q4 .' ,

, ,., I, -,,.- .. '..-.... .' ,.' .
,', j ,

,,. :. 4..',, .. .Xr

.," ,, ,

. '.. -. .. -. -,-. -
. ::The conventionn president was Robert Raymond Reid also 6Ya
gusti Ae. I
.p. ". ... ,-- o... -
u:h o-'St. Augustine was. bitterly opposed to the Statehod
..,:- -,:r. .. A g.-- ,' .';..i,% .
ni meetings. of opposition held Sanchez name sometimes ap'pea
ios'ot possible.ln the scope of a brief resume at to more thai
1 letb fly on seme,-of the outstanding activities of such, a :

P oege A. Joseph S -iahez,
Ips'onageas Sachez. '
.,Beside s his military and public careers he was attend
..C -. .- .. .. ..-..,_.
.a,,' affairs of various members .of the Sanchez family. Before
.iScOndl panish.ocoupation various lands were conceded to '.P
t. h:e time opf his. -death about 18'08 -
4xvier Siancohez and on his death Joseph S. Sanohez represented
S.tito'- -anid a'-fter 1831 .
I i.ha efaher-s heirs inthe .long drawn out. prooeedinssabet

*s.o. .p' i .
+:' ." "" + '+ ": .- :" : i ,' + : ,. ', ). : : ,,' '.' ". '. + .. ;p +'',A f '

' : .... .. .' ,,: *r:t'"' ": ,";i' "

.:..,'_ ,, .' .-" ,, :. -, ,

*l. ." *" -. i'.'& .;"ll '*
,i '- '. ', .- : ,:,.T' t

, '5. "i,: '*.' i *l .,.
iQ. .

:1 a

..-- j.
.. .. ,. ),,

.. -

.,-,.," ", : ,' ..!:4

.. ,' ,. = .

*J 4k U A %WJ. &AtJ 4L4.AVa L* 4 U&& L JCA 44 L VJ & U LJS 4 B&IL A *J.
6 ;:Vbadmitteed that .O&lbnel. Joseph Sanchez must have been'. a
S.":: .s sought.
1w.ol ith. personal appeal such as todayiz seeks in its leaders' j.
". 't "- .
is:'If. .you -"descendants of Colonel Jose Simeon Sanchez have

i programa' Is over: If some of.-you descendants of Jos6 Simeon'''
t '.:l ,. 1. -' '. **
.tou vould have been better pleased if more attention.,had.bei

Ie descendantS whom some of 'you recall with tender memor e 4 'I

A :l It';zhe that- it i .the man-of the portrait we are ooncerneder

lJ6nde6n aa-.lly -ith his background and his forbears of. 'hoifh
W -L .;.':' {-:'.; ;: "'I. ;
'I u. t o.

Sit the restored portrait that has brought us. tg6-t

idLcaa Society hEs- spared no. effort to6obtain the besat- talent,3
and frame .
'"- .-i'.et -rt f the shabby paint ing to Its original.


,, :. ':: 4 ,,,,

,, ., -, '.

'. .. "
S ." ,' "' ". .- -'. : ":',.. ^ ^" ^
,. .. .. ;

S;.:" .::

/... .:. ... .

'...... .. .. -. ...- .. ::.

...:: ', ....... .... '.

i ~ i~ :'[ -. -.. -

.,4N',.}.. : .,,".'

1""Q ;

'.--:'.. '-Manuel Murio a -las oehoyxmedia de la noche, del dia de Marzo 183
:": "Eng Jos. S. Sqnchez died at-four ocfclock on the 17th of Sept. 1853

William Albert Loring born on 19th of Oct 18
Charles M. Loring born on the llth of Sept. 1855 .. -

.. Marriages
'. Cornelia July 14'th 187(p,)6
Dolores April 13 1864
S Ellen Oct.31 1867 Or 1 -

Ruben Loring Aug 23 1847
Mary Ellen Jan 25 1853
S Major Charles Loring Aug2 1854
W.W. Oates Aug 25 1859
Mary V. Oates Oct 23 1879
SFancis M. Sanchez April 14 1897 Recipt Rev J. Nunan
.' .D. Loring at Palatka Nov. 10 1898 April 16 1902 to
S Antonia E. Sanchez M rch 27 1902 Mrs. Ellen E.S. Philips* '
Mary Doloroes S. Foster July 1st 1913 $10 for two grave lots in the
Eugenia J. Sanchez Oct. 25 1916 Aged 82 cemetery
.' .. ".-

Mary Grant or- Addison was born on the 28th Oct 1834 .
SOCristina 1st December 1838

Chals Loring born in Wilmington N. C- Oct 4 1013 "
-- Charles Mackay Loring Sept. llth 1852

Clipping in Bible Death pr Captain Ridgeley We have confirmation '
l;, ofi the report of Captain R s death'by.a fall from his horse.'He was
always noted *for a desperate and fearless rider and it appears that.:
-': herwas going from his quarters of his regiment which were picketed oq
.. 'the..outside of the city to dine in MOnterey and was mounted on a vie!i1
S';.i ous Mexican horse who in going over a spot of loose stones s"tumbledsA
.. Ih .full speed and threw his. rider with great violence aVd whose head.
s'.....tru'dk.. a s tome wall. We learn there "was ho concussion of he skull :;:
':t;"ture of .the skull but the concuss ion was so severe that the
l bloods.arted from his eyes and mouth and soon proved fatal. '

14flP, .1,. .5. .).,i` .-1 0,.
+ ... ; .., o

~1~ ~
.4 ~..
-.7 -
.7~4 .

* '

:i .'.:
i: ."

,,. "

:'1 .; ,
r "', ,:,*

r -


4";:..v : : :"
i;: ".'.': '. : "

" S.O
'Sf .. ;...... !-.. :
? ;,;, .,, ., ,,.
,"." ,' 7," .&"," .I
r'',- .- :%, '
:D %"" '' = "
., & ", .% .. t "
..,,, ,...:,.. ., ..,. .. ..

.;!?: *, ,.;,...

m .. ".
.... '

.. .* .,, ... .,. '",*.
* -. *
*- *'':
..7 S
- .- .. .. ... .",' .. *- *
.:..a.. .: ;..r..,. ..,:, ,; .., ... .,. ,..:; .. 4,
': : '. .:: (: : : ,:",,a ," '": : :" o', ., ,: t.:,, ;, .'r':'i%
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~~~ ..., ..,o. .... : ... ; .:a '.';" ; 4,."[ 7 ,.,e:' .

4: '
A : t
* .. a

.,.- '.
-T --- ------ --- ----------

"Cheer up old fellow we will never let you down That

was written nearly a century ago to the man in whose recognition we kx

have arranged this Sanchez Night program .

And when the writer of that letter added "Your personality

is more than anything it be surmised that Colonel Joseph Sanchez

of St. Augustine, Florida must have been an individual with k*s personal

appeal 1& is sought kaEay by the people of today in their leaders.

When -his program is ended if some of you descendants of

Jose Simeon Sanchez feel that it would have been more interesting to you

if more attention had been paid to 1~om or his descendants whom many of

you delight to recall you must realize that it is the man of the portrait

we are concerned with, with his background and hisforbears of whom less

has been a

This Historical Society has spared no effort to obtain the

best ava il e t tien t for restoration of the shabby painting and frame
xkea if came into their possession Pictures will be passed in the audience,

showing it simply caught to the frame co keep it from cracking worse after

it had fallen out several times. As it is the restored portrait that has

brought us xmag together it has been decided to unveil it now so that

Ztkxganxtxkxnt you may have the entire evening in which to enjoy them a .'L;

handsome great and great great grandfather. Descendants of two of the

lines of Frank Sanchez oldest son of Colonel Sanchez have kindly consented

to assist at this time. Miss Florence Genovar of the line of KateSanchez

who married Henry Phillipson and Miss Mayhomer St. John Jones

of the line of Mary Sanchez wh-o married Oscar St. John.

Miss 'enovar Miss Jones

**!;.; *. I-~
31' 4"


:: *,
" i :," ; .
,. : .-

1^ ; ,, *


(Note on back) This paper has been in my hand for a long time
for the purpose of drawing a lease conformality to the con-
ditions expressed in it: and now is returned at last: Sanchez
requests. E.B.Gould.

It is this day agreed between J.S.Sanchez on the one part
and John A. Roddy, Arthur Meyer & Geo. Center on the other
part that the said Sanchez hires or rents to the party of the sa
second part all that house and lot and other out buildings
now situated thereon for the Term of five years at the rate of
Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars per year. Said house and lot
situated on rarlne Street bounded on the North by Bridge
Streetonnthe East by the ay. South by a house and lot
belonging to J.S.Sanchez. Also the house and lot situated on
Marine Street bounded on the Ilorth by the house and lot first
above described- East by the bay South by a house and lot
belonging to the estate of Francis Marion also a vacant lot
with whatever sheds or other improvements there may now be
thereon situated on Maribe Street bounded INorth by house and
lot belonging to estate of Francis Marion East by the Bay
South by the house and lot at this time occupied by Emanuel
Crespo as a retail grocery, all the above named named property
not including the first house and lot for a term of ten years
at an annula rent of one hundred and fifty dollars- All the
above property to be put in good and sufficient repair the
cost of which to be paid by the parties of the second part
such expense incurred by them to be reimbursedto them with
interest out of the rents of the property above described.
All the above property situated ih the City of St. Augustine,
Florida The lease of the above property to commence so soon
as the papers can be made out without unnecessary delay.

Jos. S. Sanchez
Aug 28,1841.

.. .. ..
".. : : .,:
-...... .........'... .. : ; ....

-a' rho -
S.: i '
S ...^', ,, ..

S Page 2 work

Henry Wharton signs Dec.12 1845 account four years starting i U
with the $790 contract
I certify the foregoing or within account to be a true and
correct copy of my bill f rnished Center Magee & Co for work
done under contract upon Jos. S. Sanchez Buildings situate on Marin
Street and for extra work, from which amount there was a deduction
made exact sum not now recollected probably about fifty dollars.

This copy of Wharton's bill contains items for Counters for store
shelvi&g, for store $loo- Building warehouse $100.

Building ice house as per contract 600. repairing wharf a refrigerator
for ice $50. Building gates $7 and large hinges for gates 15.81

Total on copy $1755.635

Sanchez in acct with Center Roddq & Co. starts Oct. 1st 1841


.4 ,


i :
-. ?




At',:: ^;: .

Specifications and a reement for the repairs of the house of
Col. J.S. Sanchez at the head of Mr. George Centers wharf
4 new doubled battoned doors to be nailed with wrought nails not
exceeding two inches apart throughout
3 new door frames for ditto
4 new window frames
4 new window shutters double battoned and completed in same manner
as doors
*The stone and wooden partitions down stairs to be taken down. The
terrace floor to be dug up and new beams laid, all the old floor
of the house down stairs to be taken up and new floor laid of 1l
inch yellow pine, Tongued and grooved plank, Any sleepers that may
beunsound to be taken out and new ones substituted of timber 3X7
and3X8 not over two feet apart ,all sashes to be repaired and glaz
complete ready for painting. The flooring under stair case not to
be touched the Pantry under staircase to be closed up. The roof
to be shingled (best quality of shingles ) with two dorment windows
and single battoned shutters, Plaza upstairs five feet wide and
length of new stone wall that h-s to be put up with neat handrail
three fett high, new stone wall to be put up on east side of house
where it is now weatherboarde d lathed and plastered,
The ceiling of the large room upstairs to be all replaistered with
two co.t work, all other pl.-stering work of the building inside to
be complete7 repaired, new base upstairs in all rooms-
line left out--- and one door above a-nd one below in same partition"
insert above" The ceiling of the Irge"

UPSTAIRS One single battoned door, two panneled doors, one.
new door frame four pair venetian Elinds six window framesare
to be glazed complete for painting, two panneled shutters ,one pan-
nel and sah hloor to .o out to the piazza with shutters for sash.
The house to be plastered outside all over and whitewashed inside
throughout, all the windows& shutters to be fastened in a strong and.
substantial manner, the locks Bolts and Hinges to be oi the best
quality and such as Mr. IMagee may deem proper except the fastening
of the four windows shutter s down stairs,All the -ther materiall toi
be of the -est quality for the above work and to be furnished by m
Small of which to be completed on or before the first day of Ilovemi
next, for the sum of seven hundred and ninety dollars including-
inclu.ding all the old sashes doors floors shingles and etc. Pay
ments to be made as follows ,Two hundred Dollars on the 1st of Oct
ober, two hundred on the 20th of October. The balance when the work i
Given und-er our hand and seal Sept 161841
Arthur Magee rubric
H. Wharton seal
Witness Antonio Alvarez.

Contract with Capt Mgaa Magee.


S -.'" ** )- ^ i i~ i ir .. A t

... w-. 4 W

Street news forty years ago when the Record office was 5 to 7 Hospital

street refers to the deplorable condl.yion of our finest 'show drives'

After a careful inspection of Water street's new pavement the linof invest

nation was prolonged inti San L1arco Avenue and thence down Bay street to

the Barracks. If a prospecting purchaser for St. Augustine residence property.

had talen the same route at the same time he would have tightened his hold

onlis purse strings and decided to watt a more opportune time for parting

with his weatha in. exchange <'or wqter privileges. Beyond the City Gates

to the Water Works San I'arco avenue was a series of ponds ditches without

any outlet and depressions in the boasted shell road to make anyone hustle

for stilts. The city budget committee is also urged "Do not forget that

King Street between Cent ral Avenue and the San Sebatlan are on the city

map and have long been crying out for a coating of shell".

Also A few cartloads of shell are badly needed on Cuna Street between

St. George and Spanish Streets. "

A fascinating ad is the P.F. Carcaba & Co. showing a "Little Nobles

5cent cigar exact size -



S- c



L...?,. .

9 -



D' d Book B Sanchez p.8-10 Mort house F.P. Sanchez and
John M. Sanchez sell to Sam'1 Fairlanks b.w. by J. M? Hernandez.

Deed Book E p.288 lBrs. Christina(Ssnchez) Hill mother Francisco P.

Deed Book E. p326 Francisco P Sanchez to Andrew McDowell and Black
of Charleston. F.P. Sanchez 'of Matanzas ,Cuba, has judgement
against J.M. nernandez Mort. refers to house occupied by Christina Hill
mother of Sanchez.

Deed Book F. p.153 Sanches to McDowell- Joseph Sanchez and wife Maria
Ascension Sanchez Sanchez his wife" part of real estate of late
Don Francisco Xavier Sanchez father of said Maria and fell to her on
division of her father's estate June 1821 ----- Feb 1826


Book 0. County Records Sanchez Division of Estate June 1821

Book 0 ?
E? 364-365 House of Fr. O'Reilly rented to Madame Hery
for three years dilapidated condition.

4. J


. WHITE MARRIAGES 1808-1832 11 Rectory of the Cathedral in steel Cab t
in Father McGill's office .-
Loaned to copy Certificate No.pl76
No. 295 In Index No 295 is Jose SSme.p i

Viernes dia veinte y seis.., de Abril de .m iClobolenhto
despues de practicadas las- diligenoia de: solteria antr .
firmado,y leidas las tres amostacmel oax ones disposed :uet1e
.,lYglesia entire trees dias festaves a la Misa mayor la prim~
de Resurreccion e Muestro Sefor Jesu Christo la segunda latH ti
6de 'I octava de Resurreccion; y la tnassaiax teroeno la feriasi:V
..-.doe la octave deResurrec&Ann; y evaquadas las demas formaildade
M py necesario, no resultando impe kmento alguno: Yo Don Miguel Cros4bt
B.' eneficiado, Vicario Jues ecod de este Yglesia parroqqial y P1o
de San la Florida reoibi el mustus consentimento a D
i Sanchez de estado s.eoltero,natural de esta Parroquia, hijo legit
,.' D. Francisco natural de esta ciudady de D a Maria de Carmen Hill,"nhai'
del Sur en los Estados Unidos de Amerca, y a Da Maria Lopez, sql't
natural ~BtxRayz xXlaxxgat H de esta Feligresia, hija natural de D,:'-
del Reyno de Galicia, Teniente del tercero Batallon de Cuba y d
Maria de 'los Dolores Solana Natural de esta rrovincia: cuyo consent'
dieron mutuamente por palabras de present que hacen verdadero y le,
matremonio, recibiendo solemnemente D. Simeon Sanchez per su legitima:&l4iuge4'
';U y esposa a D. a Maria Lopez y esta referido D. Simeon Sanchez por su'msa
y legitim legitimo esposo, A mi presencia y los testigos que fueroi:h
D Justo Lopez, y D Maria Sanchez: recibieron las bendiciones nup oiales
S en la misa que oyeron el mismo dia saben la word divided la on start of "
lineiDoctrina Christiana confesaron y corn 0 ormunionT uly garon
en dicha dis y pars que conste lo firme

Signed Miguel Crosby


a. I

.. ...
',. .

.4 JL. ...
1-j 'V .
"' "i" ( -.

Sii i


;r! t


Ts .:




. '. **

. .. I .

.,.",1 .-

. .j,..I. ...
, '.,^.
'",;b., .

"~. '; .



UX' A .'. 3 '.,

i* 1

V *- ::

'it ''' 1

:7 -~r'~


4', ,. ,,'.,
': ,


: ,...;
VA 4

, "',W. ,

* ,

,, ,' .i -$

,~ L

; .

p ~ li


.1- vr;
-b~ *j






Alexander Iwanowski

Frank Alexander Iwanowski
m. Anna Smith

Fred Oscar Iwanowski
m. Agnes Baya

Alice Ada Iwanowski
m-Marion Smith

Blanche Iwanowski
m Eugene Segui

Bessie Iwanowski
m.Claude Allen
Lester Lindsey Allen.

May Eva Iwanowski
m. Harry K. Jackson.

Julia Althea
m A.H. Usina

m .Maria Thomas

William I. Sanchez

Rosa Sanohez
m. Wm, J. Richards

Joseph 0. Sanchez
m. Minnie


i~tU'?i~ .:
~*: (;
::S;ir:d!'~.~;.: i.; :
: ::
I~ i.:


~" ""' ~ :'
'' ~ir
::iL" ..
i .: ~r
I .

"' '

i~l~il ;



'" :;1 ..~?. ; ; i, ;I r

;.;: :%:1.,. ~.:;,I;~. ;'- ;- .:,i
:, :':.. "ni~l!?~.


Sb I~~.

; i a very condensed account.of
.:. 'anehez who will present axanxxKuzmm

,the man of the Portrait. Don't blame him if it isn't an1t

it should be set forth but the program chairman is respoai

and Is willing to state that enough interesting material

be emitted enough to develop a small volume.

.-- Mr. Andrew Jackson Coffman xitxgxnx~xanxx nmxBmxa x zfaxx
. ,

*irN". Now that you have enjoyed the restored portrait you will ,:ii

to hear of the art that makes such magical work of down and eat wt
S of the
of painters. And Manuel B.A. of South American Argentine

:.who has made the transformation will tell how such wonders are we

h. Photographs are to be made of the restored portrait is ton-1

:-and will be available

C .' -" ., :,

.;-"-: .
+.:' ,T/'-'

A, '4.. 4 -

,,-* .

.,.;_ Zr.;.... ,. ....
+!.,. ::.. ;,:.i .--.: .: : ,: ,- .,... .. ,
: & '.". .... ':';- .'.' ~.' ," ,. '
f. ;.:i: '. .,i',.: : .':.' .'. :" ..' ; -
:Y;. T.I:-
r-. .,,.=','.r .: .J,. .,.", '.. ".1
I,, .,, %-, ::;,:-'=:, ', ,:; ;,.T "--k ," :".' ,;+"' +.. :

'* .'rI11

'' '
.' '" _.,;ff
.,** ^.*.<3':.,'



f ,.', .-.


,,p '.

S. ;


* ', Is

F. .;


,. .. ..
." ,'.. .':. .
*"'+'., ;" ~ .I .' ". "fl

4. AZ' ..* ... .
a 's J ", "4. l'Zr i4 ',.5 1 ,," *. ,t'r +.,,' "

S .. ... -A .
Ip ,. .. ..1 ., i I, ., ,
.. .; + : : ,. .;
~3:;! : ,'+, .' .',. : -.. ... '. .' r ,.. .:?',,t,
~ ~ d ,, ,'-,.," ,'. ,, ,..' "., "

-. ,.. .. ,

'* $4 ; ^ ;
ii *^

.,, ; ,J,

+. -*.*.;

'*' Jj
*- .
"+. -'.:
,* ,,*,? .

J' 14..* ^B

Camps of the 5th La Regt o eDerp Creek Va.
Dear- t- You will think I am insane or tipsey but I will
assure you that neither of those prevail but I want to tlet you'
know I have not quite forgotten my friends at, nome and there
fore hope w.-en you receive thise sci1'.t-ched lines you will l
1c-uu7h of them and let me know how all my friends are getting
along in the dear old town. I have not received a line from any *.
one in that place but my dear Mother and of course her letters are'
so much taken up with good advice and prayers for my safety V
that she forgets any little trifling news that might afford me
pleasure in reading therefore I hope you will condescend to
answer and I will be Aappny to reply and give you the details of
a camp life. we have drawn today for our Furloughs and of course
I was one who draw blank lankhis my luck, how pleasant it would
have been to have taken all at home by surprise on some fine ,'
morning when they would be thinking poor B-- was walking his
lonely post or cooking his breakfast which amounts to coffee and'E
hard bread sometimes slap jacks or for a more refined name I
will call them pancakes. Coffee has got so scarce that we use .i!
sweet potatoes and rice as a substitute for it we have not been,
in any battle since we have been in this service or perhaps it
might have been my luck to have been absent when the roll of the'
company was called after a fight and of course they would have -
marked me down as absent on a furlough to the Tother world from
whence we are not required to return but thank God I am all right
so far I have just moved in my winter quarters a nice dwelling i
about 13 feet long and twelve wide with one door and one window i
made of pine logs and the cracks stopped with mud all of mine
and he other young mens work. I think by the time the war is over
I will be accomplished in use of the spade waywayx and axe for we
have thrown up miles of breast works and cut the woods down for
miles so as to have a fair chance in a fight the other night
while slumbering on my blankets on the ground I was awakened by
the music of a cannon and found that the Yankees had stolen down
this river and commenced giving us broad side after broad side
of shell but they missed their aim aixalyx and we laid down and
laughed to see the missiles of death flying over our heads as
harmful as a shooting star they crushed and tore the branches
from the trees when the cowards got tired of their sports they left
us to laugh at their mistake for they had not come within a mile of
us a soldiers life is a mighty tiresome one and when anything
like the above happens it afford food for the mind and created
a pleasant subject to talk about and therefore after all it is
some pleasure to be shot at I hope you all do not feal the affects
of the war as mutch as the people who live in this country you
will see beautiful farms destroyed and large corn fields also wh
wheat thrown open to the mercy of animals- poor Mary Hunter and fam.
ily suffered from the hands of the Yankees they lost 8 negros and
their house and its contents I am sure Mary and her mother and sis
ter She begs to be remembered to you and your sisters and Miss Dom
ingo Lopez her sister Casey is quite pretty would you not like
to see the account of some large battle and see that I had rather
distinguished myself or extinguished my light from the face of
the worlds of sin and iniquity- Now---t--- as this is my first
you must excuse it for I have quite a job to find anything to
write about and will try and improve in my next if this meets
with a reply I have seen Jenckes and the two Dunham boys and
tell you what, they look little the worse for ware like all
poor soldiers must look who are posted about from place to place
I suppose you think it fine fun to look at boys drill at home wel
it will doo fo' a while but it soon gets to be tiresome to ha a
soldier when he gets in the field we used to be stationed at a pla
place on the James and the ( ladies) used to come to see us and
I would have rather sean the old Nick than them for then we might
look for four or five hours drill I must close my scrawl with
mutch love to your sister and remembrance to Miss D. and her
family and believe me I remain your affectionate cousin
B.W. P. S. If you should condescend to write me direct to Private
E.W. Orleans Southrons 5th La Regt of Vol. Yorktown ,Va.


* ~ CA.
*' ~' -

rom Marriage Record 17
FrOm Marriage Records 172



4 Oldest Reoords e

The first Sanohes ancestor of the present generation of Senches-
is thus recorded. -------

loth of January 1714 Father Lorenso Routiner with license
Betrothal and Joseph Sanches de vrtigosa native of the city of Ronda in
Marriage the Kingdom of Valencia son legitimate of Salvador Sanohes
Joseph Sanchez de Ortigosa and of Francisca Paula de Giles natives of
de Ortigosa that city ,to Juan Theodora Peres native of this city
and daughter legitimate of Juan Lorenzo Peres deceased native
Juana Thodora that was of th6x city of San Lucar and of Josepha Luoia de
Perez San ( Sarote?) native that was of this city.
Witnesses present Joseph Granados
Joseph Gonzales de Villa Garola
Pedro Lorenzo
de Azevedo

BURIALS Out of the Oldest Records ( accession number 3508)
JPH Shez Martee oinco de Mayo de mill sent g sing an. Yo
Ortigosa Fran Xavier Arturro Cura Benef ues y Vic elesco
desta Parroq del S Augn de la Flor y sue Prove di z
sepultura en elloa juerpo de Jph Shes Urtigosa quien
murio subitamte nat de la clu" de Ronda Obpdo de Malaga
hijo Lex0 de Salvador y Fran a aula msriao quo fue
de Juana Theodore ggregflp oR o e p l tfBstDnaS1i8Ra
Varquez esno Publ
su esposa ,a Jsh Franco Xavier Shez sue hizos, yo por
brederos a Ana Maria Jpha Narissa, France de Paula
Jph Lucas Juana y Franco Xavier sus lieos LexOa
y lo firme
Francisco Xavier Arturo.



Tuesday 5 of May 1751 I Francisco Xavier Arturro
Curate beneficiary Judge and Vicar of this Parish
of St. Augustine Florida and its province gave
sepulture to the body deceased of Joseph Sanches
Ortigosa, who died suddenly, native of the city of
Ronda ,Bishopric of Malaga, son legitimate of
Salvador and Franoisoa Paula, husband that was of Juana
Theodora Peres made a will before Don Simon Varques
.Escrivano public named as executors his said wife
and Joseph and Francisco Xavier Sanchez his sons and
as heirs Aha Maria, Josepha Narissa Francleca dePaula
Joseph Liuone Juana and Francisco Xavier his children
legitimate and I sign it
Francisco Xavier Arturro.

The oldest records also show that next year one heir Ann
and the following year another daughter Francisos died.



'" ;.-~


: `r;';
~. ..:


; ~~ ..*r.l ;
i i'


' 6


-B;..w -.ittu :,,. ",l, m. oc prmucr .LODO 'uai, .l*UO. ~qy

4ledafter a brilliant career It is hoped that.''soiS;I

,he and those that group of men probably the most no

b of St. Augustine of his time. Others itmnaxma=zxn bor-'l6

c:oame to East Florida to make reputations but no native eoD

:Augustine of his day surpassed the original of this' portrailt
.'F : -a.. -'

It is no wonder that Mackay writing to him from asl

aid "Your personality is more than anything Cher up old fel

w:ill never let you down. :
.' :I -" .,i.

i '(4 *- -


.&4.;- ?r



* 1W

-: .;1'^

*. : ..

* ._ ..** ':.*^ ^ :! :;

a ,', 4 ,
- ~ '-" .. / ... ': ,. ,. _:,)" t

:i2 i.- ,g % \ .. ; : ;: i. .
- ; <". : '" "


.. *. -. .: .,
_, ..,* :

'* ,. ^ A
.. < :.. "i ,"

,*, .. ...

,. rE^
*, .* ... o.
+** ,- ',^ ^
.. ... ,., .. :.

S ,' .. + ,, .* ?,

... *-.+

S'. ,,n.
'., -'; *^,+

',. "'
.. +
., Y*. .


. ?l .. f :-.

-* *
j, '. ;

.* : *:
**' -,. *j I **
.'' .I .

"' 3; : ... i %.. 1%
i-, T ,_.,,-
,.. ,, .. *.J : I

. 1,/,{1.i : '^ .. .... A9:. i ,,.,.,-a-
,. .. ,,. ., .:: '.-. .,,+.. ., : .:' _, .' .... ... ..
.. ; ,. .'.., .. ; ,, 1:', .,,: ;.. ... ,, ." ,
,. ,..-+ ,. : .., .. '. 1 -. ., ,., ., .
,;'"..,+-? .- ; ,., I,-. ;:.-+,,,;, -l,,,, r ;, ,.,, ... .-. .. .;, .-. :' ~ ~ ..
I;,L '?;% + .: .,.,,+ + ,+ +.++".,:. ,. ..-.o.<-+
,.+, +: ++ ., .,."..+,-:, ..++ .'++++'. .. -+ + .. + +",, -m ,;,+ ... .- '. ,. .'. t+*+.
N ++m+ ++ ++1 + +++ ++'+ 1'+ ;l. +' 1 +++++++J +++++


*1 I.

aw .
,,'%ii :" ":

, :: ':

" t' '

, ..r -

^ :

-, '* .,.* ". + .
^ ^.'.. '.:
^ ,*.- .

-> ,! ^ .
... ..



S El Antigua Y el Nuevo Testame-

Traducidos de la
Vulgata Latina"
En Espanol
Por El RMO. P. Felipe Scio De. S. Miguel -
Obispo Electo De Segovia ".4
*ueva Edicion
A Costbla grade la Socedad Americana de la Bel
Jesus respondio: Escudrianal les Escrituras S. JUan,
( A Saber)Ver 59
SE Antuevgua Y el Nuevo Testamento


Mary V. Sanchez born Nov 1817 m. W.W. Oates she diedl8714oyr
Francis Aug2 20 Anonia Jan17 1822, Cornelia Dec.141824,la
SEmanuel Nov. 1827 AguedaFeb 8 18 William Dec 1829

Dolores Spe t 5 1832 Eugenia Spet. 18 1834, Christina Dec.1 1838
Ellenspo Electo De Segov1840

Mary A. Sanchez died Sept 2 1841 forty yrs 7mos.

Jos. S. SanchezDec.17 S8P died Sept 1853 Colonel
Emanuel died 18 Edcion
A Cost de la Socedad Americana de la Bsela

Dolores Canchez Foster 81 widow of Major Davis Foster of Boston
Jesus respondena Chrstna and Ellen Mrs F. died in 191S prUan,i

vate funeral buried in National cemetery son Gen'l J. Clifford
cap V Ve 59oster
Nueva YorkI
Edition Estereotipica por A. Chandler

Mary V. Sanchez born Nov 1817 m. W.W. 0ates she dledl87l4oyr
.Francis Aug2 ry820 Antonia Jan.17 1822, Cornela Dec.14182418
Emanuel Nov. 3 1827 AguedaFeb 8 1826, William Dec.3 1829,
Dolores Spet 5 1832 Eugenia Spet. 18 1834, Christina Dec.l 1838
~ ,' ,Ellen Dec. 28 1840

Mary A. Sanchez died Sept 2 1841 forty yrs 7mos. i
Jos. S. SanchezDec.17 ,8 5 died Sept 1853 Colonel r'

Emanuel died 1830

Eugenla died0ct. 25 1916 82 yrs
Dolores Canchez Foster 81 widow of Major Davis Foster of Boston q
survived by Eu enia Christina and Ellen Mrs. F. died in 1913 pri
vate funeral buried in National cemetery son Gen'l J. Clifford
R. Foster.

', Francis M, Sanchez died 1897

;~M ary Grant Addison born 28 Oct. 1834

-'....~.... ..




l^ 'i.r ,

,S. .
|^ '/ .


k- 4..~ ..:.... .
S- '.

4 rrn L'-X %~



F-. i
4r (

r -an


j ;"~'(;-~V

On back torn three inch bit of paper 1834 Jno L. Philips
Master Francis Sanchez
Received from Mr. Simion Sanchez the sum of Five Dollars being payment
in full fora Quarter Tuition of h-is son commenting this day and paid in .
advance St. Augustine 1st May 1834
$5 Jno. Lott Phillips
embyo rubric and dashes
Philips Preoaratory School and toe S is swathed in a cloud of rings i
and curves i
Received from Mr. Jos. S. Sanchez tne sum of two dollars being half
payment of a quarter Tuitiom of his Son commencing this day and paid
half quarterly in advance according to the Rules of the School
2 August 1833 Jno Lott Phillips.
torn off scrap of paper.

Received from Mr. Simeon Sancnez tLie sum of Five Dollars being Payment &
in fullor a Quarters Tution of his son commencing this day and paid in
advance 10 February 1834 Jno Lott Phillips

Preparatory School Received from Joseph S. Sancnez Esqr the Sum
of Five Dollars being payment in full of a uae.rter Tuition of his son
commen-ing the 1 of Iovember 1833 and paid to me in advance
Jops Lott PIilips.
( Ornate head and signature)

Scrap of paper) Master William Sanchez to Aev.P.R. Hackett Dr.
To three months tuition ending the 4th of March $4.00
To stationary 50
Frab-is Dr. to one month 2.00

Total 6.50
Rec'd Payment St. Augtsttne, Feb. 23 P.R. Hac:ett

on back "Paid to Chs. Rowan 2nd :;arch 1839

J.S. Sanchez Esq. to I Ashmun Dr.
to 1 month schooling of Francis up to Jany 20 $1.oo
Rec'd Payt I.Ashmun
S. Sanchez Esq. to D. Lewis Dr.
Tuition to Mr. Francis three quarters ending 22 April 1832 -$15.
Recd Payment St. Augustine Aprill8 1832

N r!* ....
.. .. .
* *: *" '. i

t. .







r i j .

r I

1/ The HILLS c-sie to this country latter pert of the 17th century
from England and settled at "Ninety Six, Edgefield District ", South
Carolina, as did :ilso the fainily of Thomas, with w-hom th-y intermarried.

Theophilus Hill son of Ludovic Hill r.i-1ried Theresa Thomas, d.
of John Thomas and Christina Roberts.
They had the following children
Christina w.ho mnried Jose Sanchez,
I.raria Antonia who married Bernsndino Ssnchez,
Ann who nmoried W'illiami Williams of lorth Carolina and to whom
were bornWilliam ,
Samuel John and Eliza.- -,, ..A.-.- '.-. -
kot/ l 7?7 Isabel who ??ried JosepRh~urnell of Lynn, Ensland '9
M;' aria del Carmen who ms-.ried Franc isco Xavier Sanchez.

After the death of -.Ir. William Williams the w (ie Hill)
married Joseph 7iariano Hernsndez.
.By i'vlliam illiams "he hd thr-e children Eurton,
Fanny and Victoria.
Satmuel Williems mn. 1.isria I[erced Sanchez, sistter of Ve'nancio
to them ".as 'born one d. Christina who married a J.'Ir Relf
of St. Augustine.
John died single( E't there is 9 famnil:, at Tam'pa claiming to
b ':.Ife ,-J childrene)
Fanny d. of William WilliEame I. 5 m.ncr-chant sc.i-entist and
q physic ian(I;o nine Jivn ).
Eliza Williams ma;rriied Abrsl-am Belltmy of Georgia.

,. *. '-. i~' Ci., t W. .- .4;. .
.*. .. I't ":'- "i ": : '. ',,A ,*. r ; ;.; '
!. k .. o....
j W; ~,,I

" ," : "-" : 1 i ,, .* '

; .. .. F ..
,I'. ," .
,; j .o ... ,, :' 1 ,,., ,. :..;, :.,,: : L" .:
t !, -, :.. ; : ,: :,..'. ,'r ` ,'..,'-' "' ,,,



* 9


it .

1F 4.


,' -
Si ,.r" '


-4' .

* ",.': "

. ,;

d: .,


Don Jose R. Sanchez Espinosa was born in Vallodolid, Old Castile,
about the year 1720and married a Miss Ortigosa of Seville, Andalusia
both being landed proprietors. From Spain they proceeded to Havanna',
Cuba where there were born to them several children -Roman, Nicholas,
Francis and Josef The last married a Miss Antonia Petronila Espinosa a
native of Porto Principe, then the second city of the -sland of Cuba.
Their children were Jose, Bernandino, Nicholas, Francis Xavier, Maria
Luisa, Maria de la 0, Maria AKdrea, Maria del Carmen Florencia; the first
four were born in Havana.
Don Jose Sanchez~Pand Dona Petronila his wife and their children !
removed to Florida about the year 1758 and bee-mie lnrge property holders.
Of the children Jose> S.anchez married Christina Hill in 1794
S-- Francisco Xavier married Maria del Carmen Hill in 1787
Bernardino married Iaria Antonis Hill in 1799'
S \ X Ilichola6msarr.ed a Haria Magdalena Jouneda i7'7<"

To Jose Sanche and his wife Chr-istina Hill were born the following
children:- {,i.4.4t r t u
Francisco del Raula, m. iaria D Bera of St. Augustine /-iL'.-L.W,*
SRamon Leon, who married Ann Smith D 'rrell of Charleston So. C.
Jose Sandlago, who married Margaret As) of St. Augustine
Venancio who married Carlotta Perpsll of St. Augustine
SFermina who married John Gary of Ilorth Carolina
I .VwtAvMerced married Samuel Williams q:_ ." L ..
Lucas Enrique and .
Maria who died wit out issue .

To Bernandino Sanchez and wife 1Maria Antonio Hill were born t~ I-!
Bernandino who married a 1',iid D. Fitzpatrick of Ga. to them was
born one son who married a d. of Mr. William Jackson of Augusta,Ga.
This son was killed during the civill War.
Maria Mauricia who married ],r. Augustus Charles trice de Poujaud'
.,. de Juvisy of Paris, France.
.Rafee Lucas ,who married Miss Isabel Sanchez d. of Francisco de P.
Sanchez of iatanzas Cuba.
..;.. Gullermox -Lorenzo,- Pedro,- Pablo and Juan all. of whom died
without Issue
NJicholas Sanchez and his wife Maria Magdalena Joaneda had one child
S.'' ~ Dorninga de Silva Carme who married Don Felix Cuenca of Havana.
Their childrenn were Nicolas Margarita, Josefa de la Omarnaum,
FraEncisco Estanislao Maria Antonia Rufina and Andrea Lauroano
All of whom are believed to have died young.
QFraneisco Xavier Sanchez and his wife Maria del Carmen Hill were married
SJune 28 ,1787 He died about the year 1808.
They had the following children:- -.'
Alejandro Julio b. 1804 died young. ., -r ,
,: *Josefa Micaela b.1805 m. F. Miles -
SFrancisco Xavier Roman Manuel b.1792.
g,;." Manuel Domingo ,b1790 and Jose Simeon who was married and had 4
several children.

w :;. I g.,r W r r..,.. r
U;r J~ i i-Wt
*'^^^ '^"^^*'/''ii... V .*'* V ( ,.-
k` ti.

- I,

A 9

~. .

4. *

. : "+. .1'. .
.. .:; ... ,- : ,, .' "' ',

.- r r' *' S I

A ., ", '. r A.. N .. A 4 1, .. A
-,.. .. : ? ,. :,.. + .i.
; ..-. ; .. .. .
i, .. .+. ,,.. ,, ...,..
"., ,.o r ,, :," G" ,. ,i.. ,- .., ,.
,, ." ; .- .- k :'". ".
,P +,. '' .;: .,, t .,3 .;.


- ~ ~ ~ I 'I .-



L .

S,. .

J ". I.,,..-



*1 A

a. o

Theodbr daughter legitimate of Juan Lorenzo Peres deceaes'
that was of th&. city of San Lucar and of Joseph-
San(Sarote') native that was of this city .
Witnesses present Josepn Granados
Joseph Gonzales de Villa Garcia .
Padro Lorenzo
de Azevedo

~I'From Burials

':Shez Martes sinco' de Mayo de millsent y singtaan. Jo FranOb
tigosa er Arturro,Cura BenefoJues y Vic.ezlesco desta Parroqa
SB..SnAugn ae la Flora y sus Prov. di sepultura en ella a-r;l
:, cuerpo dijunto de Jpn Shez Ortigosa,quien murio subitam
Satl' de la ciu de Ronda Obpdo de Malaga nijp Lex0 de
i.S.. alvador,y Franca Paula, marido que fue de Juana Theodor'
Peres.ortorgo testamto ante Dn Simon Vagrques esno PU ;b
"' nombra en el por Albaras,aladha su esposa,a Jsh,FranC0 ,:
,.. *Xavier Shez sus hijos,y por erederos ,a Ana Maria,Jpha, : d
SariesaFranca de Paula,Jph,Lucas,Juana,y Franco Xavier-,d.i:
-.- hijos Lexs y lo firme
Francisco Xavier Arturro.
I. aacessio 3508

ph-Sanches Tuesday 5 of May 1751 I Francisco Xavier Arturro ,quE
sa ate Benificary, Judge and Vicar of tnis Parish of St.AUgi
tine Florida,and its Province .gave sepalture to the b!
deceased of Joseph Sanches Ortigosa ,wno died suddenly,..
native of the city of Ronda Bisuopric of Malaga.son leg
mate of Salvador and Francisca Paulahusband that was:o'
Juana Theodora Peres, made a will before Don Simon Varqu
Escrivaner Public,named as executors sis said wife and .o
eph and Francisco Xavier Sanches his sons,and as he i.
i:;:.. Ana Maria,Josepha Narissa,Francisca de Paula,Joseph,Lu'C
Juana and Francisco Xavier nis children,an .'~:'
I sign r affirm it )
F.rancisco Xavier Arturro

Mbi.donday .26 Jan.I752 buried Ana branches daughter of Jp'i
:.': Ortigosa '..etc.wife of Manuel Delgado,no will.: .:"i
26-6f: t-'August ~753. Franic Ortigosa'.dau"ter "of';,-p
'os-t Ietcs ife 'o i eiSerg eanrt",Pbdk'Ao-leIgad& *
; .- %,; ',':...:,:; ," ,. '..;"." ""' ,:''. ~ o:a ,c-: z oW.h :e e nt: d e g d ,, ,,
-,.. ., .r.; .. :4,, .',.,.,.:-=.". ,. .e -: ;-;. ./. ., .::-.k ;, ,


' '1 ; '- .

I "L *"

., d '.

~ ~ ~ ~ ;L -.. ,::.',,
i~i ...i.. ': .
l :.i, .
..,-... .. ..,,. .. ., ,

*i. *-^a



*~~ ~ ~~ ... 'alA;* ^m

;, *
"W -ri

.. ; ..

:j :. ...
** ,1 : ''


'. o.. t
.. .: .;

-';' v, -. : t:-..
'-~ ~ ~ ,_ .".. "-..

;' : ":.. .. ,

,. -. .... ; y~-.7:; :
i"4 ",:' '"

:.. .i;?

, ,. 7

: '
': 'i


:i '
:i r



.; :41j4

.. *


Deed'Book G. P66 Jos. E. Samchez.admns. estate Nicholas Sanohdz
s. ells house in St. A.
P. 173 Sale by Nicholas Sanchez widow 4 part piece land
at San Diego
Book I-J P.44 Mary A. Sanohez and John Lee )illiams executors
Joseph M; Sanchez sells slave Nov.15 1830
P.62 Christina'Hill mother Francisco ,P. Sanchez
P 2olJohn Drysdale adm. est Francisco P. Sanohez deoeas
22 No:. 1831.
P.352 Joseph S. Sanchez and wife 26 Oct 1833tract bought
from Papy ( wife Sanchez is Mary)
P.454 Joseph Simeon Sanchez to -ougherty and Sanchez sell
slave 1833
Book K P122 Constantine Dougherty and Sanchez
P 125 Same.
P198 Rafael Lucas Sanchez of Matanzas Island ot Cuba.
P314 numbers of Sanchez including Venancio hamed.

Deed Book B and L (?)
Book L P5 Samuel Hill Williams Venancio Sanchez 23 Aug 1834
P7-8 Marriage contract between S.H.Williams' and Meroed .
Sanchez and Venancio Sanchez trustee.
P133 Mary Fontane (? was a Sanchez )
Book M. P.96 to Venancio Sanchez
P 317 Neligans to Venancio Sanchez Feb 25 1837. house, of
Toledo -
P 353-5 will of Thomas Crosby
P347 Rev. Michael Orosby
338 Maria Rodriguez to Elias Gould tract No end Anastask
359- mortgage on same to Rodriguez Grant was 1793
P W450-52 Waters Smith to Venancio Sanchez

Deed Book 0 P
P. 163 T. Clarke and D. Clarke Mar 10 1840 to Venancio Sanche
city of Matanzas Cuba.
Deed Book M and P. P 548 Maria Delores Berta widow Francis P. San-

Mistake in copying'book letter -try G and try K.
P. 443 describes location same as Lorillard
P 441-2 Rodriguez grant boundaries noted.
Oleland --------
Deed Book M P371 John E. Olelland to Orlando S. Bees mort. slave
Deed Book 0 P-P 106 Cleland to Carr lot in No, oity ,name Joyner
changed to Cleland ?
P.157 Wm. G. Davis and w. to Henry Whartonl8BApril 1840 lot, b
on So. by Joyner 66 ft- W by lot No'.ll No. by Lot 15 E. by Olelad

SP249-250 agreement between Cleland Simmons, Peter Sken mith ad .
and W. G. Davis and wife about Joiner Street
/" ": 7. """ '; :.7

I ,. ,,; ':
SI iflhM"~'t -. -


", '
*' *y
; ", y .

..i .,.

l ... ... -

4 ., 4A .- .

| !: ':

I "' '.'. ,
^;.. ..
It '. ". .

: .-',' .. .
^ '. .. :

,* **1 .. *

': ".

*' ~'*'^^
* .
. : *,, ,'-? -. '*

.. .. -^

: ;. ,
1 ^ f i '

'.;: ."'.


A *


.~,: "iV

' ,; .


I 4
1 ." *: : 'i .' z*

v4 I
... ,," ',
; !
,. 'i, ,. ..

* ,- ** ." .. .f

', -:

". .-.,,, .* :.".",



-f l.,.:.

I -F :S ,'" '

Y / t^ -i -^ (

k. :r' ;':c j2 *. .'-
/.,I -/..a ,

)*. .w ,*^ ? 1, -t '
7:~~r ch 2 -

6~~~1 i ~d:T/d~
pg-~crzii~ cb-4-

3 ;r


Ss -/ PI 2 c t L.---'- .-. i. "

o '94

**,.. :,. .

,f 1.


[F~t~ Y C~ ,r(~ 7 ;31~-

yw- /,


- ~J-

/\_ I.E h -' I

rie O cft
9, Ir' A,


I iI

I, -r ; -, ^ ,l .
,' '~ ,i.,,-,4 -

Il -f
*^^*'^. (

, / )" K.


S ,. v, .,
.9^^ i. ^-- 02
LI s. ji^


, t ., / i
'fo t' /1q .

L-c t ,,' s 9 O -.--. .,6
" C ( -

3 4A-. '

~- ~ .- LiLn3Y~CS- iL~a-l ~j~tc I



S/ t


SY --^ r?/ta-sw y e. 0.& At ^ W hl,
row.- y ^1'1v <.".. eA -/. /c r()4 a' dty
1 "- c M '
9 I

S- ,. ,, ^.. -

3~ ~ ~- *i 19' i Y

3 tt r & t iL
~ha~ A Q-,p .I' "

I/ -

7, 7

, / (.c. h',',
:i/ / r^^-v^jb

'- 6 CA

N eoi~~0
v -~ bY/I Zto

1;.1:~3 Wytc/l

Yy31 -A-;t~b~ iSzG-

/f/~j?~ L,?'k A"1/

/ ~~~A4-L.

r:N~ /-~
r ;Q $;~~Y'L;;rAU~
( /.*r


puryncesTors ,I]vea m .1; AU-
a late in .the. EngliSh occu-
hat, do you hsipose. they
in' DecT 3,'4 and 5 in1 the

eha.'i-ever been found aiy
tion ;ofiea'ly- Spariish, fes
es .arch ir s. ae..
If-.a, vaSinly for anything
t. he. ose dance, .e *'nia
-a iaoue n allusioris ,to :spn'
Jrl."'ebasn."' -. Aul'r ave
w'.co'pymg.:. these .'bver anFl

/T~. 2:. I*-

i:.~~ -~ -; -



.. .

ee-- lkfitl oie oi

ne M d v l

8. I

Iet 5t-P

OgO E" Ja

ph2L~ A out1

4 AW,

~- .4* a.
e V,

^"- *,'" 'iv

I' ... ,-, .,,. : '" '' ''... ,'

SListings o
ri rtmpartm s
an .d. an
S :\. ; .." .
ft ". *" -,*1. ..W .: :.'




........ ....

(O G~ r

~e mean a -e

: *' .' ^ ; ****- :l-2 :

[, cross.and chain .cry
.|. Finder. please -Trt'urn
SIAtiwte r,.51. bi

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