Original newspaper clippings about General Clinch. 1836-1837

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Original newspaper clippings about General Clinch. 1836-1837
Series Title:
Duncan Lamont Clinch Family Papers (1804-1904)
Physical Description:
Mixed Material
Clinch, Duncan Lamont, 1787-1849
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Box: 1


Subjects / Keywords:
Seminole War, 2nd, 1835-1842   ( lcsh )
Plantations -- Georgia   ( lcsh )
History -- Personal narratives -- United States -- Civil War, 1861-1865   ( lcsh )
European Discovery and Settlement in Florida, 1492-1821 -- The Second Spanish Period, 1783-1821   ( fhp )
Territorial Florida, 1821-1845 -- Wars of Indian Removal, 1817-1858   ( fhp )
Ante-Bellum Florida, 1845-1861   ( fhp )
Civil War in Florida, 1861-1865   ( fhp )
Economics and Society: Post-Civil War Florida, 1865-1913   ( fhp )


This collection contains mostly correspondence and newspaper clippings about General Clinch. Topics range from family matters to his military campaign in the Second Seminole War and include letters from the Secretary of War at the time, Lewis W. Cass. The newspaper clippings pertain to General Clinch’s defense of his actions during the Second Seminole War and at the Battle of the Withlacoochee. Also included in this collection are a number of land transaction documents and bills of sale. There are also newspaper clippings and letters about Clinch’s first daughter, Eliza Bayard Clinch, who was married to the hero of Fort Sumter, General Robert Anderson. There are also copies of several wills from General Clinch’s children, several letters of correspondence from within the family, and Clinch’s autobiography written in the form of a letter to his sons. Portions of this latter document are missing.
It is important to note that while there are multiple letters and correspondence regarding the Battle of the Withlacoochee and the prosecution of the Second Seminole War in Florida, there is nothing specific with regard to the destruction of the "Negro Fort." The collection is arranged by topic and then chronologically within each folder.
United States Military General.
Source of Description:
Originally derived from archival-level ALEPH record 028036225 ( OCLC: 48886522 )
Funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) as part of the Pioneer Days in Florida Project

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University of Florida
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P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Special Collections
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Ilils ioccinn Wa- to cclcicisicuusa r0 d,.innil
dcsig.iatiun.at Lhis limne; or in Ihis place-1
shicll i|ILtLI'`oJe. wtll your permission, dispecnse
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ply eore clu.',ri, cuitljrcinl ory il'al Iliat stall.
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icc prop-,uY h(lie rv' ulo.ving qiiu-t cc. a :,d lih IL
Wd'lf, llri elia.ii1 'd 11 in V cy pirticnviln itspii .
Qucc st!i Ulicr,.| whial. in Your hininion,
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.uidcr ilia oin'ic f Major G'o. Winfild
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Aicuci'r. -Tice wantifl' cniorgy and pnllic.il
fricalL411i .,Lh3Ja c liehad o4 he 'Var LLt rlc-,'
nianL.. 'I'lio r crfeac.l' t ', pTiviliiig ag.iinm ,. Ir-d
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.aLtoictlin lo lJltudinc acii-siljifring Florilta. It
ii;a Llon iniprt'.-i-il.c t dl o io oro I'li'n aipo-o I
,handl'tl ofl'tegirlari b 16 iasd,,ciU ; uitr ihy pro.
,vllcid and k-uliicI vuluntecrs' Ih, cdi,,ic aid.
,tarvnion; Ll'i' ic bil lty of r.ur gOYecrnrcIrh. Ii-
,uppioe.n o ,Fiivaie ihnurrci'il,,, and LIu clihcr-
Lr'ul i'dur 'alhan uticeri Lu ccurlichut raniciizid-
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aIt icglI(-M-'tle4re dili. and ac iifh.Lth-ni-na:, r;,
IhulL --ithhl i.ti ualii,' and suilible' lo'htiii'g,'
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~i.iciaiqd.witic thietam Waeg'
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"ru",p.. g, cirali, bed? '
A.rswer. Jt' saonietti.'s so thick. tlit'
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'alR thb crater ufjt ir;iact' ,uli, ol a ind larlio-.
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'Question. Did M ,jur Geordl S -it litik in
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,I vircr. Nu.
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li-jrlriiitcire ol thEo [i ii rofll.'t cxjiniiia iu,i. I
had de-icrd 'A6kicg n6tes, btil ai1 intim tin
rrcm h.n (t'Curl tic;t gencr.il c.ciiccn'sd 'o uiiul
be preluri.l'.lo to dtailed mlfficirI minulia, diii
Icc, tliLj watild uicliih .-iinttn;ly veto LIUt iubi
oatlon in l c repi j riI the InLic .- lhcriclPcr. --I!
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l,,.iiil,.,t iii,' prj.e. I haVu udi ,iilJ.wuye ,nV ii-
1' d [i nitIitjdiU tLl n'rin t'lrco t eri i I II, ici lo t'li.-!
cid'Jllict- .-I t'. qu .Ltrniieic .cici Li CiijIi ,ci-
LC'- tIe -.f:i' llli i.- i[i C iuIinTb lJCIac iri' .ili.ic.' Lbe-
luc-i LiL iL;,u L ulI iiL ,ciijh .ici il raiii.j.crt iiic ,
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b -Ig *t-.i ic d CLiiiW. "'VS bu.1t, liiracia drov iicc ,
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iCu cilc-d lid tllcs L, !UVU.Iini lit il 1.", Can ILPNi
oi 1 llip iLUiicC 'i' y care ofi ature r-.trlli 1 in
lite c.tjblaihiicii.l it -IvB aa lltc chL'l id- tli.n
ij Ill Cu lte bil l t. ijre Oti.-ucl)' out I plico
in .a rA.p ni.r-- iieuliiin olrdirroct iiid. ni|pr.--
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t.iuj jiil., i.d, vthe ll[ C-Url un ill '-3 w'hO In-v'c
wai[,cr.i e ilts ii-.Laodings, mil, I ainiuc, ricadti-
ly. "-illeal. .
L,&ilul Gknchp li.ipdod tI io Co (:urtl cpie. cf
-li.- l 1,n1i1al elL tiE i ei''lin W .r D1prL'ini l, [n.
l~ice scnjtc'liufihafciib.1 pn~ vefc~i.
'pieS. ut hi, i t ialciaiclctied in Adjuint, (Gcnoridl
"-,t'il'e Arici l '.ii,'hIlie lita war Wi i lthat 1p.u.
1-Ie clid ac, Filo;elinffli,.,rluniliB- ,'.r I'.mu.a
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a.-aiccnoinb [-cc g a ciic-nicail. cjr.1i in dircc.icncc t]ic
,JudgIeA .tii uial4lp. read Lholi, l. c" t licliC .rlii..
,t JI. -IIt li Ka Qi d tlec2n, .c,, liOV is Luia hinr
Li6i-uiuciifiacir a Ciali"
Got,. b-...it. iliavc enclui.Lin pf trie exiam.
Ina 1,ll -.t G e iLicrh. ruse a'r.d ,.baervrd, tllint
ihe uhii.ivLjii'J o right to .qucI t i si 1 a.d.
j.' u, caiinicr,.ai'l j'.It a ho wiullI b'3 gFaiLnil- by ice.
Ciciil 411 cl ig.Jtit ciar eeL..aal Jlir-j .utel days.
l-r rCasmica cIrutrou-ly gcvciti.--W'Ii had a heavy
"citi i7 I u tu-Aji I- nit1 a teudiLuoand condensc
"ackd.i.Lcd, thlut iii, tinli should bo lJoL by Iho
Sri iigiicnptL prpl.ed. .
'l ii; ho ,. IU. nL i. .-rvrd ihlt tliia C'ouJrt, wo ,l-l
oCiicidii u cviy..,dijy is clcuail. aid y, hti' IcidV'
rur adj .irih ,, i,, .UdhId igia cly iu witc l it. llc.L
effect ;" 'atTlicl r toe I1ia11nl. ti-.u L'our sl Cood
acij,..Jrncd ulI t1i IIclroow JL 10 o'clock. 'The
Court huid djoii'riiod.accordingiy. '
*1 PS.-Piba.y. D 4c.23J, II u' lelack, A. M-'-
Tli"sa oiott 'itt006 ict l 'ftd 1O nle .t o6 e '4L
r' saiSi,"y, 183tM'c "tlotik,. ^.l t. ,. ....
. ,. ... .. 1 rt .' '. ,', .' ".

Feb. kZ') \4uA sa Courtier

fI; ,- ,w,:.%..... ...... f .-.r ., I.


,1the .f II leU- l, Wd.# I
tling was In nii-gnitent profu.iinn, and-is-
playtdin AMi. Bally's bealstyle Indeed. gl.mi-
nc, i' .a! the decormfion., with the tif-ioto'pi of
a e ergreutle, L etokening the perpetual green'eiii
nfie hifilrels which wete beneath them. no one.
ntould doubt hal the fingers orpeimiiy had been
bury ih the arrangements. The flags of' the
Mi tt;s and Husyars, und the WVniac'ucheB Ban-
ner were in grncel'il v,,e:lp o.rr the heads of
] thu'or.'Who had borne fl,,on jilult mn 16. Mil. and
lhinii licklq Il'FlolaOn. A chfee"Fill harmony per- .
%i ded the compan,. r,,nd )oulh. inanhood, ani
i old :igp,, nlihune t nneii,, joined in honniiiltt tlh
f'ricrid of their braihibr.rq alid .,io ill sceuE-9 of
datiger and ofder-th.
The MIL',jr, S.,nniael Hale. -s,1. pieLidede us-
siried by Gen: WVVl,er, Jiidge Holt. Judge
Wilde, nd Andrew Kerr. E-q, On tha delive-
ry of thA 3d inea, Geii. Clinuh, whe]n the prc-
longed cheaiiug had cnwed, r[I,', tn address [l,:
Caonpi[.':i; bill h;i IM'lecl.' rmiidered him" yery
shorl. bti(-,g evideily deeply afttcted by:1h' ex-,
haith-,n ot kiind rgard uunil'etpd toward him..
In cnricludiiig. hl- to;,-ted the Bluts and tissars,"
atnidit thunde iing apollu-e. "r ..... *.
S. REGULAR TOAS* S 1>.-q. .
The Rrst fi.c are 'he rpegil*`j'Sslrc irOitgt nlv
by the Coinuiieeeol Arrangt eir'it'.d k .i.:. '.
iL. Owsr Cimitry Queeni nf.inhe. western
world-ito be served-not t, b eP ruled t
''d. Thn tale nor Geiirgi.-. Site actinowl-
edf it requals,. ro neo'erins no. o.n..
3d. Our honored t nehit. W;e atdt&b b.he
y oldier-wen o tor t he cigien-but T e -tisfthe
friend ol nnr ing, %u.lunieci3. .

6ih The Army and Navy. uh-B.. t
*"Eii of their rmJry rempi.uo
9Tro-lgh u8 1,) vIetury-vt."
'rWe inVericahle t.ol lle a r th fe ad
S uiteers t'l0la.d nome olt lhich wetl' 'i a
S v the Pr(-sdnin. The iSenate noIdan
sir le- -nr[, *t l It i e r v 'i bill a i they' A t
By Jtirgp Holt.' Mern'iofthe gait o
dr ndhis brife codtpunmnii.-Drank q
ii silence. -Tun.-;, "- Oft in diL till="
oe MiLpVnIiid Oi,3a Hplei sqid. nel.dni .
W,,,ndrihff'', hY M r. iver1i,m, %% ilh
By Gen. W 'llher. ThJe Holthtin i
coilUe1t itd- vi-er re ri r a[L Onilin det'i. s
H t s GJil'l Il'de. ('liir 11h he1 te p r
lung Volunleerai : \hoi..so finll ret
Gnfet a he who \was.lheir .1usi oil I f
battle ? .
Bc John Ken'. E-q. Oiiidnred`him ler
spirit ol'L linrfli. C eltnl eh'. t Ri r"dhi. n
By '-n'ai. Rolb intt. E idei rice uor usr
befurc the Court i'E lrringir). A ar in,
I. sl te plaC1i, .i rd well clim hled. t
I B3 Capt. Boeles. O; !,k milh ,.hi, [ t where Fiahtig .' ikti
wo aldjy- to be urd'on t llie i 'lghl e
3 TIh r Johiu oforei-..b'lbe Presi thel
Uned d Sl'aiis Tlhe i"anwboi kno .
e Crv ie :1. % t6,ll te r.ilr .. .. ..t. .
.By Dr. Wjlke,. ThP 'heroes o ny
and N.'y-gr'LIItnde lct the-ir s we rv lt h
Yt'iirg i ,vln etrs

Lhir h or wi t il ih the bi lefs s ng s i
By TW.W. M ann. ONrhvnor.ed t
fTnd hii'wa t, thie heart o'.all-r TL 'r
i.es-with ,s:htnm he cnnoes in onchm('
*I Trie"Presidi-nt of.iLthe Dy hvina "ih
Ci, ttptrny.' diTik. with irea r e It.il
.roI1 ltpitienllill Vo him as u P einle bmei
ic ,orif f. b lir.
By Joie.ph Colliti. PaI 't'if G'ti.ii'
r-onttiv -ulorrei hc-aCwirt nrtuijiiu 1
ern li'foiluer;.n do i very ll piet'
Byid John vrr. Faq. Oiiraliot ,W1.0
asli ritir, o ltringh bi on- u'd lu'lgjiti in
l'ef t.Ron E id F

ul l ,-r' "iC o ^ "", A" ... "* 1- :-

-"G,JULY 12 1837.- N "4T T

%Rb yA2183172.t !' faG~eazIhe .Thi e oum eenough, as acomt sedle
A7'* N.S?^^ Y. comr.ERc.AL & vERTAS K1. 1plshd ts affIid .,
sr.n--,alumonew se ries:TheworkIs undaee trie editorial direc- N.V. COMMERCIAL ADVERTJtSE. to a mut saarranoepOi bjec-.thpbic c~d

ooiou IbOraet aid aS Clialrsuera of Note; Summer REFUOE, CAMDEN COUNTY, GEO. Ment wished to Notoeriou Charg- -
'.tat ConTs; Sh.-spser-QanalltheBb Et Dil t E- scis from a poem d- t? V wt th-olemn t t a-
.,OR[e ,,.,,rO.FTif a tJLY N[.inte 19ialivsa d t rI /8 Tv .. n~tad eriaop1-, `olt on eathi u b'geot.ith
-'Feather of Dine1 S kotcjmsof P11- auheg-Saoimr t-erjboloul
"On th^e Mena of Natur;" T'S'a~luwa ~ iai ni. along ar.Clone Aatton-eIoadtbhat which fad beer;agreed
At -N-l -, n r S e a k-6 one Wteh. rihnewit-iis wie prportin& toatovjnk a dbailtee i the.
h0V1-- ~'g TttSoteni; FriOaglm&ents rotelb a d erenceor mtryelf a se, pro oy n, Iwill adi, t a -ae t th O 'lft 'irin l
ClerkoTbeS^ ^ ^^H68^^""^"1 1r1g1i 'febmt lolnbee.I -fthatgentlemanagainstderlao tam-a andexertonshon the lar of ist I oosetWho tedu
Journal OfEa e i S oILa p Ma ke;VA fersn hdd ho diaadlfl- Eoh "4,t : mtg relateWohm t d -
Cut tirns.e...aed.ora peprationaps in Flori da while ta- o ngt a tbar rangeientbe d bea en t signed,
ReTr -/cretary of lanwtbdtii this very plausible that a number -f the Isemiole Itdians did to
Priotron '.Cliaridctrcrszes a1 Warlnd; A-Olaf an apea] Io~the feelings or she peeplq el = VpIy wishtheir treaty-ait"-a periodsan
r' at y o, -,, i.s e ,.o a .-La ..... &_, o or Neliv art LB f-ro&

Yorki jockeyy in A.eoca; Dt 'sstemrt.atioonrl lal ecrt ifoLhe a utedeutae ,wcat t 1 feat impelled ro tah e odequ ne atn areed-on.o rrt a- 'h ; o
S Aounaieof ula@ion-a.; D lraihEvidences .a. nd yofjnu ice-oinyihelfa paion wella to my eOWad h eothene ooiment. in spending a force io Florida
led b "I c-'. le Pro (i, 005nd dooL ind to th pe a Ftlore 'fee i cgs oern- pef 3thee tr i k Iran
ah ing T r fiarne~rgst -no, Wmean Aunitoey f Ne
id k S cilym me ra di m e kar aduas| ntb &nbl if elos t- he5Un heAt the time, A0,el induee M e Ifro z
--an ---es_ 'el" Na-iaas. ,c.] D teen~ann Ihe lenc srTaelofm y G e C601. u -ofinq rt ibuweom"0eo
qthri -bes.6 l r te n ml; T ho m J .ife ca io t -, l e te t .(: u t 3 e n .I T s "b a fl ~ e m y ,se lf to su c h p iu tU o f A n t o p y W t .1 "r t e t t l a ; b e
Lt.' Pronytus aos-Wores;Ga"eran and Au-" mandedtn tha operations enable the shown, by aid experience, that it wU totally in-
*. ,aatrnals n S B -ly Greece; madedinthat.section ofe ritly. o nibe the adequate to effect that poe. What effect
Thr mol Ehbition.. .... ...... ..e ... ..
Therd Anuanl Eibitin no118AsArsr'. FundSoeiety;The pulalisgrintorm afair and lsopea i fioA tu sub- igrgeractee-would have had'at thlompontant crisis
107 Ca n ,anjlenzk SwO-EI.P& vtiS, to NaY.au sl. jpldc u myainUin- irndia I will leave I's tho
Lye*-_.Jr! -Mbw lsen\ch 10`0c; lNectnt Awer~ldail-TPubli vanishudb=tatemn't.bffcts coifainedoili letters ad- the public.
tn P bltll. rdo Public Stotdsl;l erf, ior a. over dretised t s, antire&1ived fro6ij be different bureaus of Tfe following extracts from loters addressed to
Ist; tImproved Pavementm; Wood Efigreitiijs;, ocuis
ai ndenr lprvhdiahs entiooa. C IlD. .n W Carre,- thWbcar department, with aefw-brierremarks on the the Adjutant General dated or n the t and 20th t
capiBse ber a ley GEO.d I OFLrN & CO. ma ostimportaentevents that occurred,fiom the date April,1835, previous to, and after the arrangerrnrs
e sod hr ,GT Gld stee. 'f rthe, orde-r assigtlin, a ttze' ommad of the above alluded to had been entered into witlh the In-
lo iubcription 5 peannumr cents fir single tir- "rdps in orid up-to the time Iwas rl ieved i din, will showthe disposition made of h- sal
ee d e. S OL JY8 that~co3f.ianodij.phlajor Genral Scott. The first force uadrr'oy command tr the quiet and proi-c-
e ."--l3 TR K DE i.DP J- I'Ob'cto' G. Os Al pears to0l be to .'lifbhe ym.n n of the country d the latter paragraph of
i L TORT-Firar History,," the United States1 'P- 'a ""the p-ub byin maleia sr that each letter Fon clearly .hatwern view-
o-p- BaJ %.mproavcdedtiConfEr, T.cIb Wbu'p0 ,ylpg ldiniacPti;urn' latldtrnd'' rhon'M'tos 'arnilat we'B.,y erhen
AR lory of" Enlad; Piifliatory.oi Greece; Pi-nIc 's us ad .b ien. enabd l mak n-o-asInrthenecesity of nor timakeniogl he'F-irc then
hbto, isiorrnl rome; i ttit7M4!T/cmnrcdauftionte1hei, zpitci-iare -io uiwillingness to reajo-under the in Florida. Two -very urgent requisitto is for
Psad, 0leaoflaohIu in P lzlosopbaa litR PcYietQ] Cssi B .k nlf ri iopedr ,- to o lati-Florida, he 1 onlyheipr-
In th afm~inlintartorrelncunno In fie p1ro i e jpe-~f PI'lysrcal Sri- pan I'i engfIir fromhho f~to ~u ilcomplied with. 'W ldbl it not, health wb 'ar-v-
Itilte n,~2 3yu'_;5, C.NNBBMH 6 7aigtD menl7, &rr.Imuet herebeg tustthatntl wias. ni ryMay have tIhoughit on the subject, avesbeen
iednl iTLese pybobki OrSreestenivel PIeahNyE'lrndind.ot an o mffciousorvolunter- ine eore ..ly to have made anther req.tisitin for mere
pu thiemsate, andneedo..ly o;llehsan, to'-,: adopledbyiii Cosl oan q .he mThe umo fri d nhr amta o urr ed
rn. tpachert, published farlsale by -ta ou r
not an offic aiosrvolnafteer- wznaed -beyormy h

.^ p~^^ ^;^^^" ,^ ," 'ur of Inq iry. he uzni"^,.o 'm tat court^c troepe"/^^ "B
1y.6 "COFIEtI a VOORtIt, 1lk Nasaust. -feiuod me on nypla ionsrrnded h my lti- Extract from a letter, detd]e
U R G IIII AL OBSERIV A1IO, 8 ONTUMORS lyp.dfriends, and far fomi.the noise r an d bustle ofb F tCGo, April 1, 1835.
as at ,.With cases andiobsera-rictuts. B ythrinC. Warren, MD,:. ipubiolife or e polilicealexir'ment.?G rndaifl know ,'Should the chiefs conic In the conclaiio alpc-
ProfjaapratAnaomy and Surgery tf, 1a1vari iin.vchrt, myself|inhoumalei oe6T It1any s one. An m a ove quietyo id wilt be ne.tce tok the on lu ,prs-
-a,.diurgcnor, of e Alassacnuiartu General Eo6p,irt .lJu ifl'beheled-I h3d Veen wrongedbjythowirioauthori- eri"-frce inlori..ida until they rean-, as the only
pubtialiio-iian frida(r :-ale~la"I
p h d GOLD & NE "AN, tyheswrotigs had not beepn.lobtruded on the pub'mea fcodpeling them to comply al their en-
ro '-- lcor1 PLDt en NEan vustW lic S not" were they exhbit led betoret- h county No- .agens."
a'oh :.jr Ilin tT I "" r Snn a^ua-
tihe t TRAVL. 'S GUIDE- thro.- the thing transpired while 1-ans befo'tlbe count that ExtractofaleLter, dated
*fr.esnt1, An-.p.. -e, twvw., j ariios,- ,".l u--" o i -_, Q ai-h I -. "-ro e Ri ers -
h'LR A 1e tIh e, GUIDEtu- thr .o -gh 'he InII
.^-, l GOUiLD& NE'WMAN, ,rl-r. -ceru, er summu n up his deltiicave b ria- dv-...--hi. ava the hororrf farther ". ,-' ft.'_ .-- a
ter mV, cr rl.--r, ard N, u i burial, on which Gondernor Gasi seized with such a- a fthlle .wIngdi spoltnaR ofihe tLrur- L:a -
Pt'Lr It ,S I.B OBKAW ,. -TI.Wrk, .r II ..t.-" vidity, and which enabled hiot tuo make several sar- amy cn.,mmard. Lieut Gol. Fa ninrig il or ,n-
,I& C. A Jesi- Apptllrmn. D D sai Pcarniri otr r low,-k-nC, I b' ,ie fl.-ainlihes; but, unlrtunatnicly a r him. thcy fpanics will reaosin at this posl, ar. cloe ,nh .i.
-?. M c ohi r.c hi urii s -ir. ,.iii-,ulin-. al,,: i ti.ure. I',,A- ler L as tinotenta nl i tril I e sl be l4 [ r i os tther s in'a dass n that I nayhie absen 1from a I.
Acl ,in ,bt A- Id,,. .ant i. K i elini, fr. V. 1i,,i .A.,. is that li.e. N y acquaillancue iitlh Giv Co r, sl is e d Ic- t in c mai Ben t ar Za.i" .ril Il.l

%, it r M c i n o i f n i11 ALf n iL lid ? ra i -c r ,' T i 1" *^ [ Lr a lE L l* l 1 n n ) *1 ^ ^ y c u ~ y r ^ r, 11 ,id sn i Bafi e r A lere oa lo r t h e n di anl g .11
u ll` na M tuo r -l i l -r lifeanrnbryacir, a -,. rar i trely official. The opinitin I expressidbeiore th e -ri inui awith his ve t ahree cinilm ie, t presri.t ,r l
mY S VAN'NOSTRAlhe. 146INr sr, leubr
lus, at D AmlN NmuTRAN I. 146 Nis.,t. burs in rirretleic to his wantofenerg3y arid nailitary Fort Brm-l ein Tl, command rfn(l:Ible, ald ,oresemt -
C.-si 'ALLAHULU eORKS 9, sC1EN-. IFIC.&c.ireciit ln lhe managemeittoa'the-w'arideparlmeht. 'avith io "prmnu-on f that c ,tlo01 cthwrynary,,d
-i. i I-,r-tiO by; E.L iL.C/EV & A-. HaRl PL..- 'as-clhcid bya alts, t'eow them court, arid had with keepiniIthetlndtar e.ihion the ir Oulery a
plao- bhei-n tried, after a close ,oiaser : atin ol'fdr, o ficial bound ry at. l hruetiineio h hie company.

,,,* "''' ''I ro^ y n -Tie A. Treatisenm lmnfa. rr.-g rr,,yIrmnpurntl gnrat acto g generally and partieIularly on the oecurrcnce orderedd thi take lns t aLut tw-ly e tlles mortlhweet
,e s ABrftlo, iby Petr [tartm-,, L,1 F R, &,: ., ,wel, Ce ipre. that ial :,kten place in "Florida. This opinion I f.rochl ts, arid rear ei boinnd-t5-y line, Where Lherv
dimi' n Inirou..tcr re V i lit. I ,'n: r f M i, m. ei'i : l e ac.c d ith that ofnine-tenths orftbe ffi- are ci m .m rtabi e quarlteras tr hms,-l t and eommanti,
I btty nmS C Faulalt. Rti F A It VIA A aarg in oi le ir 1 jrac ev aIs' vo
-ciii; Ib y "r aC',mi.. li trc rin. l,1i lir; : ro'the army ; and is strongly aoItatned by lhe rnd is charged hvth keepit l the Indians within
Al Tih e ii.,.nigtewrrla d i.i-n (ILa iic rm in,,:pr-a -rii -iopinoU Onfri te c.urti ir the 'lecase ofeG neral SoI ai'. th,.ir norttwestern boundary, and Littl- giine- -rc.-
p-m -mimler-Jhig pma I ii al,.r.Irmt,, ,'I hii. hlil ni:rmchmm n aimS 'Vell as; by Governou Cas's oowi slh.,wing I[ I have ,ricton ta t hat h eclti. "of COuntry. g rev-r.
Pr.-crci-m, i.. i'iy"n v-.r: .l, ..crr.ii. c .rI. i:,r ibefl ortisiaken asto t ahe pohtical dreams and srra- Major Dade will retain atrKey Weil, and i-s
near.' trl r u, Lu-e l et-, Cvl L Oti- Coa sele, n Go. .et,e raid should have said an0th 1qg dJirtcir-d I0 o ve prolectlou to thep settlementL
fre lh, ory ar,,j Pmmr,.r i .'.f" Sicam r,--,niT, rhalinjuredlipt f-citn'., I rerct it, arind f reey ear Cr e Cape Fl,rida, atnd to order vi ihin these limit%
niractwali n m uattemr, a &rumct anre arid pheatal ,.L- F E his t'orgieness,; and fihtbis ii'not eatltstmctor, iiill all the Indians ihat ma tie f..und i that quarter.-
Gmi ow-ay,Cilv Eniir.. -r.%.Lit.amApre crirtaiun4.r- walkeany oih,:r reparation that an honorable nian Captain Drane is ordenrd to return with bis ctLe--

sc ipivH c a'E l lT tite ai ...u A MI E T K ilcL tr nrch~i ir. hut ulk y sa-A ie of ano her a iting Prefi 0d in ihti Jed ies r c ,a r (n o T~ p a id h
Us, I-irne nofanl ti-re a iu. miprii= ..Ir. ti-riis.iiacirir.v shoulk ak of another. Having previously ai-d panyto Frt Marion., s anrd i, directed toproceed, aI
land Jr 'llear t i--..r n.:..alm- i':r r anin.. .arr,-I-, 1that 1 had no rierronal a'cquaintAnce t ith iouv.Cass-,non alter his arrival atrhal 11011 as pracitatlu, as

fcaddn RlllI EYof C lo,9"rl.II.-rl',', > APll -Tn ,t 10t,.l I ", tir'r~fly loli a cni e tteo -a D -oortKn p al ler i hunde r, d pon i a nur atIc ak, th wa.
r,.w ri, srbimLuk at c-1r-1 0i-ii tc ,.ii ,i i c iiri i am ti t conscious olfentertani[ir toi ward hie, nart ir south as Itdian o' r i teqaoetod l uerri, a bh. Ieit
1 IIa ol;I eghline-snor would I willingly, If I cool isiepredtere sic1a.Isi- e numbr of'Indians,
mtJ_ i i.,r tle? t ,y C1" mi[.[) n ..ri ltM,:'-'-ani,:u, ar id ,-lil.,w iii -'
3 hi, m ,i r ,,linetaar,,,cl c'uu. ...i ,i ,, ., tram t ,.r tie may herealler acquire in his pu ic c ee th i erel- e w may find be.
II on r m arti., iim. ni-.nt.li- ram i-nir luiiiin A iK .aJr -- riuJ mum nt, i i 9n -e i
nIa rm C-ie.mrptet cii l-m.,runtt -_rc-ii- firmidn [tishi. shigh literary -mitninerals in much respect. an and iecharged wilh' She' protection' of" the country
kp ENrn f etl renscious ol the many ditacu-ites waider which I east of'the X'i Johns Risgir. The ifour companies
labor in bim t I.-recd hbe-i-re the public, by a rentle-- Lt tills put wLvll act as citcumstances may require,
Nlp, flG tiBRYA I-N]ew---:-t-P ,I- Rr'il'mCUL man, ufsucbacquirenienti, and ,urroundedas lih' i4 and can ieolade "comfortable as very little or rma
tore, et,:, Aii,-.' -v rSEi-- re F-. worI. "re t. .S by the lttier ol high offi clItal.tion, anti shthldtd aseevp'ns' e to athe- Government. I coamrir.close- this
au AN : JI.I Ir nln,,i-j e I irr, l .:- t%>t. P- .:"h, l illappears to l himself by the mont/c of the hasty commumicntior, without jivtng it as my da'
Snr,,rl,).),, bVaFtNr,,Z-.1,;;':,,-11,,,t N S ei. ersien. t Lavefull confd e rince, howe or, i n cided opinion, that nit a o]N-ie shouilld be ordered
Iv, b' iiieWCeir.-u,1. cnl BIt--:, it'fi '- n ; A,;ti:a111 -tiT the sound ag.amid sense and jueece-oftmy countrym-en, irrdnu Fiortda unliafter the removal of the Inlt-ans,
miian.:, ,, i,-mtb C P I J.atni,. Attisri_, it. n rC I rt- ].t- EL a~dw ]l~d n e~ :n they'maylhiniprope
bi GPua LEZ A Ital e "orJ. ariA I Landan- will a a ry decision layhik proper as the least mrove Toward tmnton ingthe prisenti
p *',] j r A i,]. tf.1A iiriBrRTI -ifa fei. in mike-on the acts whiich I shall endeavor to lay iorc', would ruin every thing. f *ould ai sqrespeet-
.ci. I betirethem fully upueest the necessityI ot filing up the co-mpa-
|"' .J ORTH AMlEInCAN IREiExt, t'iiv nilr,- F or the better information of the re der, I ll 1 Tniesin Floridaby the let LNovember. The recruits
.I NWer tu.pl r Htbs r,r P,,. ni-r a vtI-tv commence nai Ir back As October, 1134. On tihe attended tot thia fveconiptniesahere aq4..hecowpa-
irA I- i, Br. A My firtt of tha t mointh there were three iumin, al coma- ny at Fort Marion, should liHe ,sent d rectt the St.
nAtij NEAII.'i r Ci ETY INi ..IlnetCA i., of" re- ilar tromi,,m in southeastern Florid, ant Johns, and landed at Picolata, wh vere they could he
l I r- ii.i Ai,.rn L r. I ar.ni 1rr.:., autLr ,tatione ,as follows :-one at Key WAedL, one at rt e n arched III their respetive posts
nltratis of" Poulitic.B'I.n,.:r -i -a, 1 t'hai Aie, anyone at FPort K FIn the course Of Giovernor Cass ays, in anot, hr part ot bi i--
51s. .l-eis. C FiANCi ,.rBraay tht1 nnh, Captains Ruseell aid Graham, then at p al, that there it a iii higher audihonty, il pohiaidle,
Fll Kmin, iler witncsing A lsrge uieeting of the for hai cjutgfi.camnion. f' I te S the authority eofG en.
rI 5VINGl";.IF',VA'I.! -'-t, roi,..l, -.,,ma,-i n.' 1 o-,an the rl rmg os-e td o a CmrPlihene Clh hini ii sef: --,ehakedia s, as the maximumorthe
J.cts, rl t5,a alimat.lriti irn m0&- Fit 'e.t Sem tinio. eantithe stl r o o i"h e wante o e
WB 3 mo.nimimml in l...Iori a *2 i. i ,rs 60 A ir.jt I -:ock- ci th the rtplati o" t horme noltien rat no de at Payne'. forc lo e liu h ci uld be wanted, eleven comfl panliei, Ir
-toe han' Iit.:f-irn Vaii-er ].tna 2i. r..i -,,ii, i-re Landing, wt rote ,ij the alutant general, front. which Lie hundred and fifty men. He iecetvmd nine con-
t crmit i sriavv,m bv an eOnrn,,ner .u:IrICrIt ad..-j -ti,-r the fol.iwirg extrct t- taken :paures, or four hundred and fiff" men, an] autherti-
Appmlni ,v .C (<VL. &O CA,-iP KiN,., tNFa. O cttuer -27, 1134. tyton order the companlry tToeti Ke Weyt, r,,aking

Hik, ry,:. niuop T i l"c, "ro |i,, Ger,.' ,rv, ,,le huarp fw ihdrce m otk o m n l ,n nd e precd in Fen. r uow wa t a ra ..th i Ct,ih iat
S&i' e A h J. Sir-So. 1r t roum iv, any t hit g like e I dre cthui e r mhundre.d men .' Now what a the a d, as
j i5'TOtaF TIe.ARTPOIIC) tON- treasonable, or eVel e pe-etfl' ana7i- r to the |qui.- previously s lown, by me '? Ihas beep shown ihat
Gomeneam V -rrt- a.lth a Rev],,t .r. ,hi mm C .f i-im t'nin, tions thus submiaed by Ihe agent, a niajority of in- on the requisitior lhor len coimpanbus, air five hon-
erry dr,-T- rrm'Itr, .rai ,- fluential chief h'ive openly d,'splaved a temper and d1rd men, that three reduced comp rne, an-ounltng
Nyle, if t8ISA HEli P 'sT,._ I Briwery. dieposriton o nrelerence to their CintrtcnJed cmiil, in ll to ,not more than one huddr d' men fit f,-r am-
.e 0i L I'- .1(ON A ND ETEi-iNALLIrlE,n inr,. that Ifully satifiies l us Ihat they are fixed in theirie- tive sexictn ac re srent to Tamupa Baiy;, a.d un the
Iivn-iri .pnie.Ina eun;t iel r..r.a alielv -rterlitrao to disrigard the obligatione s impose ad till nqunist ti-n liii sx companies, qr th ee h iritlrmd
Maion-r I rvI Pike F r--al-i I h on them by the said treaty. Believing them to ec men, t.s" compatiles, not ctmcedtng one hun-
j t.tAE.OT ,w willhull faithlc.es, nweileel itas,,mlemnr dutytosug;'ee-t dreit and iaxty men dIl for duly, were seat to

ARETY1li.%a~6'rlGol.11. ^lB;lu~,, TON&^ Li"^ 0. reiNE- *!"loic an ,d fFlnafullCini cn
.,RLE O'. olI.t-t ,1PPL.TNAv tO. rencio I Vy to the war department the obvraus tli- Fort Kitg; fe hundred prw] f ly Iess than was
2u, riihrodr.a. -l, r:moll t-c hmt, l| .ii ,,n. -m'-iVtlu-t.i.i ceesut, of marshaling a f--rce in arid near [he Indian asked fohr in Octoaber, 1834, and Jarmujiry, 13. atmd
Staraila',., ny ,,liyC ,rtimi M.uar~at i At -, :. i..wPi,,i. border imN ediaLe', suffici ently impiI-irm to awe e hundred and fortyless talon I alnid for on the
ta.,emilrine "10 fI" .. L ,t,.-.t Ge er" an.d m.mr.t. in, er n 1"2d -Jnnni i, 1835, ag-reeta bhly t1o 0 ov'tlraf i ---
--- .- -=:.2.-"_ra- .-"_ato_.-.'-w-cswsaponueumi o of efbmivic 'e si otemn trym,'in1-thvw-- es- own eLic of the atretpniifcorn-acilee. tLbLrnk
a5t eti Vi.ta- .A prv ndiiras i.ro 1conlu -.i'm. w" m.c coh
l ,i r.-, s ,n r i.- tV .IRAECI P -,I, t ll uav- 1r .y v .. r e n din.hetraous" eos smv oeu nce which may Pah.r: ,rement here isn at-o Junn -, e eia3iic e '5 thati
w^i'e result 'rm thef.dlusion. AVse thereltore re- Gin. Clinch's estibmjh7e was e ,. ltnit
ll]OH E FO:iu.- dI rl iF i.E .-Trs ,a ..i.i i.:ir Fue a pec tui[ r s ubm ift t r thecconisiirati cn oftha ho rnour. the fact u but ri estimatinrg" for companell, n'" ot
a Gre-.s,v nilePr.lr-mar c.o rCi n e- ,iiei-, ,'it -I il.-: iimcri- ic.le, thSecreltan- ofI ar, that ibis post bestrength- a right toexpect ihathe viivlant and uFlian.n bea
a n d e.d 'is u tw -)Oyd tii- ma u s ttTrI- -e S-
ti 1'Leai on ci 'Geylla. inc. -a a ,-am-, e u. ri- inn 'Fr; c,[I-cnd by tile addition I lou it 'cior live companiess. a d of the War Deparirnento au d have caurt then o
iiAN 'f;.LTRNNfi, that as man r, 1 ore be stationed at Cant.nmelnt comtaklep to have belein llCd to their maximnum
;- Na- 'va'^ stN et ., Brooke, Tampa Bay, ais early as possible. This regth ? Thatdthe y ere notsofilled, no pLersn
D APPLETON & CO..-.0 Brl.,,'ay. a-,. ai'- mana.entent will afford protection tu this postthc bad a betterpaorturlty of know m h than htmsel.
Ia r,:,mJ a larn,,- ad-0--ii ,. iin t. r --m i- cvhtiesettlers round the Indian border, and awe As Go, ernor CLs seems to thik thle company at
er, mlifal OEfnlthnsB.l icnrrii.ir, io.u. ,i. i.-- a ti ht-.se deluded people into a proper respect for their Key We t olt such importance, anled telo r In io It6 a
trally andftr.sia,:i r am iAU-. lat ir, :.miea a .r.isicu, treaty o ith bthe cUnlted States of lten, I hepe Iwill be.- pardoned for alainn roiirng
caly .,r,,, G, rLn a.:ru." orm FrererclJ. B. F. RUSSELL, this part of hLs appeal. Be sas that '. General
tic r~imatin I vm1 'o APManualmifr Ant cici B m iaor a.par -CatU.SAry
iUl.tluniyr ,, I Mrea ,:,rrdeil, C i t ao u ti-me lha C l w s. p-CapL U. S. Army. Cilracch himself considered a Ia force than ihat he
of A f.W 1i..._ ly.bby -A. it L Hteren I am-i jr;-.. Fhmioral WM. M. GRAHAIM, named, ur even a less force than that priced at hbi
Trantir-es e- Tie P.ain ai Cani 4i ,r.. ice tleri imi.n n Capt. Fourth lInflantry. dwspojl d by the government, a dequateio time objc.Its
-T- R.,iii-. e .Pni-ir',r i,&c- P.iiiP a uit a tiorn.-eB- i .i_- To Gen R. JorN' w he ad i t attain. He did not ci in his aid the
so d. r-.;I h oattL,,- 1 .. 1 i i ritn -mre ots Di Grret tr- ilem.. .it -en. IT S. Ar.my, _,-ashingrn. "1 company frhom Key dest ; and it is v-cry imp rtant
innrn1 tilt Georsiah l 31 A.H I. [li,'r.n I v.,mi tiny tIem-r -
en's:,,Mi-im t'te [mtbim),r] ft hit Poititcal -m-mm-., ,.i Eu- In the cauree of amonth--or ivw- after the date ol" in, tinsr iquiryila remark, that a h~te Gen (."lr, ch
aurope in, us C--innome-a '2 v-r.i, i-re An Eritmau,,. of N---. this letter, three nominalJ companies were Serit to row ace uses the government of" neslecting his; ap-
b-,hr' ,,tI,i.r '-f II.!tne,-.mnt itrii.h tmjal Tokz ,tY, aridJ mi F,mtrt Brooks, Tavipa Bay and notone to Fort King. plicatton for aplre-per toreedunine the w'hil'e .Se-a =m
Appendix, Os "raver.a Tam-.i. 5 t' L. A P-larus at tile In Novemb~er, 1834. order No. 72 was isaurd, or~e the e-omparfy fd Key Went pla&' d uodrr h is c.---
Fenoemn.ry the" lieno~p. Athur. dhri,'vro. -i.: erA ,:, paragraph of" which directed metei take eommand-oi mand the preceding Febhruary, aloe-at iin u=-rhi i..I
~nnea, hyOL he I.tev Arhu J,,nTIGON. m.A C' 74 Per 'l the troops in Florida, as will he oeen by the itl-l Fl:,rida, and: nat mote than one- day's endI f,,-.iu ii-
13 etmest, mave toIIJ paibil -,,- It emareh,: n, a i rn-nh.m lewirla'exiract: s hoices, was leit by him on thatI island and tmet-i.-r
calGeu.-gy" r i.ti i~tume etia pet-: am~iur QtrtsE -- AnnuLITArNr crmetNiRt's Or-in-c. re-,ched the erhcreoC his command timid it.- 7 ti.
Clragi.attm u tt bi rohi rei~b awrme I.i. Io'-i ki,-., A-i, ~ Brevet Br'igadizer G-,oeral Clinch, Celot-I omfihe c~iLit Itot his-aid, nius-t hbie' reacedc hitr tbe t,.imI-it
Th~os vuhe sr-e at all isunihian awith mh.t p:ree-'ni i ame c-i 4th infautr~y,'is f-ar the prestit, assigned to the cat,- ning of M~arch. During' nine m'or,ih' ti.. ri "Un-
Genihigisi al-sti.-ne in Eurn-p,;, nih rem-..ia.nib- Smiiij ul mu rd 0f all the troops s~tatimaned in 'Florida and wil duemilic the fe.v- days necessary to cib-ninuinieatr hi s
or'hl thireaut1n ann. aliti atm-i-n i imitigim r._-o a atiITcS in ti-.r take poet, &Cc. ortaders to Major Dade, and for that 0tli. ci i.u Cremi
Orfl.irt in ml eate l,iat'-,r5 in' Great Britain, arm-, arm brueniime-
i- ig b ,it acr, [ t runnrt nsi-: ka rania fi -JarS abuJt', aim 'lSigned) i. JONES, tiger tO thc main land of FloridaylGena. Clinnih con-i-
tiahrcublyJ p"retteaiueo't tn ncleu ul-Adjmstuart Geninrol. de-red his force suffircent, or he was gutity mjf" i:,t
t[hey v,ll mri.ilm- le, ni a ,- time ai tmimm ,', itt Grm-'eth.,.al Afler having assumed the c,'wma:n-, pursuant tO neg,=lect which be fntw charges to the g,.-, ~lmoacnt --
i Mnat,'"-enus~t~smandtV'--we iiht'srahiteofi l'mliic'icalPrint- order No. 72?, I rmte on the'?-5tb Deee~her,.-183-, to But sti~ll'artherc ineo- Clinch, tr me hIhuter i-f'the
min.an-Nihiniat", arml', baak hmmtni b t'ip,iy rcma~r ~a,,l..] bPo.he nojutanlt Geeral, antI remonstrated ar'atnat the l-.t April, 1835, alter etatitig his belief that arm st-
tti-],.hcciek, "Ot ,soar-it r-ein am,: rsapur mytdh-at re-ra.m..im vvasirmf'ormed that my sensmrcale-P t -emit [ :r.awovrc ot.- tolan', and vveold be satisfactcory to Iie a'nisern-
thati the Dastirus"Ia tnb.'r--.umt ti-i, r fi' a-um. ,l~ ci1 -in-i hmma simlc~re-m at importance, atitd ihat it was unicerlein Ii niit, sayn thatuh'ould the chiefs conic to inlie cn-
thingE-i :nmm,-h and art tramely aa i ,i.. 'c ev, Am-miia ,,,:ro, mm what amount the fusee might Ite inictcaaed, vvhilt r lustoni to r'empue quieily,'it would be slut nireossa-
b.- ,e,' a:- a in hi-la. roa -oim-nla ins ia..-' eui[sle-i ri, die -tint,-r|. cle~anly inpuhel that vuhatev'ec thai nurmlmer aight be ry i-a keep the presenti force in Fk,-rua. Thi- chiefs
vaz"Geornoucel Per-ne-noena tilb iouma ftimrt in) an,; i autrinented to, I aomld still retain the citmma nd.-- d el onsent f-a remove; pondt theIen pr-rn-itt force
AC CAl."CLL Onithe c"2,Iianusry. 15,1 s re a- etr oh was kept in Florida; ntig mor the di G ,n
11T.;I LLIAMSS'- REflSE'TEHR-G _"C AR Adjutant General, from which the following is ea- Clinch alc-mnd."
ore a &e I ,,r 0 r No. al tieaday.ter- t'im-h ad 1 I,. p byltrcri-:-. '- I have5made this long quotation to -hovv to vwhat
Edai.n Wmiiliainb Ha-,ng time em.lth 3Cai o'l pmeuI,[em1or FORT KarNG, 22dt] Jan., I1835. nuiacrable subtertupee a gentleman, ot Governor
Couansinmc :imhX=ns, ihrirnnal..e,' -P,ma ice iii~c itic.' ,tl ,e "SIR:-I[ wrote to you a re-t days rince, eta St Case's ten3uiption, and one fililrmg the h'igh emt-LI.n
rr.srnsr ic,,nal di'tntde~l a:nmmnrims, o-inn..ri. ythilcm.m rim,-.ti Aucustine, but as the lentd" may not i-each you a~s he no fihes, has been compelled to re-.eirtin his at-
nities and pscstmassins: ma-ale: ntag eirmoia sri-i mimi-ian,. soon ash y the inglo mail route, I hat.e tih it eru etat utin himself against the op ta f a.
or pre~ct, tapr, na setand' nbe ak,: i[.,insr"er-mimic.ir property write' you again ont a subject which 'orei- pativste individual, given in evidmimee he 'mi a ciort
fleS.,ebileget atniniatcs:itntera ry mrii..' rmnm ,Jmium.uv- edipart ofimy lastcomtnunimation. In that comimuO- ot'inqdury. I think Ihaveclearly shownbh, the cx-
0.,pvt.-:Leend mratmspnuaemtn linac. Ner" i ,rlk cy riau ,ums: caitoion I stated, ihat tf" it ywas the intention of ih.- tract Ceonrt Gone-ral Order No:. ;2, ihat thr, eimm;,any
er naimces tnanuivi..tmrre" he.iuatmlr.:-a hit snay : tii.,:- .' Govetnrirent in' remove the Senai',ole Indiasis West at Key' West'was placed under my comittaid by
anhal-int ci-:unti', sirr,,m.siee : cauur,,s-.'aas,r. oii..rn..,~sariui in the' arnrin. with or without theirconsent, in would that or'der ; and~by the extract f-em~lmy; hitter of the

CLa roeeItImna -. noeitry eiaanicmmaI i revmy, ;A- A-,- iio wa tuseItsad
and nht-:h rsa-id-mis Nsl~tiri itepier,| tlcirt, tm. 'c "[m b'necefssary,' in my opinion, ti, send Ibur additionm l 20th April, whatdispostion was thus eails made
so d ,aaric3n'thir Nanrnoiro.tmieru.ainair, mnembin .,i.. companies tothis puol, two to Fort Brooke, ant two of that company sod the arduous and resltmnsuble
s.eECongr, a. sat) rar .avy. .iraitera..d, ,c-n-Ull psiSot fsi' pounders to each pot. The more I see ofit .hdsjuteS assigned eit ;"and it us alie well known that
R E- ftnnner-: de.roit bank. -tim o"f -,cths &C A1"O tribe ol Indians, the mnre full am I convinced, that only part ofltheclhietis consented to remove. With
Ili an appendix g ing he act ft-r simapen.i-i ol osthiei pa,- they have not the least intention of ftullli-n- their thece facts on file in the adjutant general's omfmie,
rumeris, and ti.e present conniulon acnd ,r,:ulano i iri5 realty ipulalions, unless compelled to do st by and, no doubt at the lime when h, wri..-t, at ihe
saetsv fuoa ndn.ir banks .B sronger force than increr ,rd. Their minds haecontrol of Governor Case, how could he wrlteand
COLMIAN, t114 FULTON TItEETt. ta been ;o completely perverted bV a est of interested publish to the. world orZr his owln signature, auar-
Icn o. -r _-ae Iormard wor1t/% P'l.icilrnzi ne-i' w cn eadm.ori and designing men, that no argument or rea-oine twlri, in much at variance with facts, and showing
Eabncy --hmi,,.me amu'ericana, 15 e@ia : unti-tl: Cnrya-t.-,5- ar
i Ie ld TentIf neot;; Clari's nu,,Tmr, ary c.n tehle li t ill hav the leasl influence with them, except the such a want f" tnfmirmhtion as to the relahtion in
me Waddtngton' i-trch lint-.ry; Plikint- S aimiin -,L thei at.gument ol tforee : and if a-suficient inilitary fioLrce which Key West elrd to Flortda, annd the op-
t nitt Staias; Trhimeasm'nme -,f iiie Amirie .n AmqliitLunim io overcome them, is not sent inte the nation, they erations carried on' In that territory in 1016.
r d ocietv Pri's tle. a t.I GoitriiI .. N-ron n ; r'..i.nrco will not ]hlftved, rnnd iho whole-frontier may bt Governor Cas says, in October, Genieral Clinch
m e G.Epl. \Va)laor'.r Pl.ical t-rrnoy; i., ulaid wasiyl a, combination of the Indian, lianlli twas authorized to call for two more companies, one
ferl Ui..: CyclcopeisatI iamsVmor. Dana' lMtersaoV ncgroes, atid the'negroes on the plantatio.ns. It i. from Peisacola aind one from Mobile, i he thought
J1y l uAelesstomince thisquestion: it should be met. and them neersssary. The'departtacnt would hase- sen
0- ,Cr ON COmErFTOU-SNESS-An etsay on the met firmly, iftheirtreaty is to be carried into effect; by my letters, &c. that this force would be deemed
s in aind evil 'if Cuv-t0v arIonc. anii hbe epn y tesl and I do not hesitate to state,.and 1 do so from some necessary by me, and why not at onc bave i,ven
whcb wa.c Idflsw frout a -iiruoi" Cnatan-b t.ccrficer.:e- small knowledge ofthe Indian character,that a large the necessary ordeal On the lLt SSptentber, 1835,
iliu-irateIlbya vara y oyf P80acts ceielto Irom eacrid arin. majority ofthis nation have not the mostdistant idea I reported the murder ol private Dalton. O.n the
civildhistory, aprioilierdoeumaiet, by Tionmies Dick, L L. ofom west, and that they. will not di so, unlea qthOcto'er, 1835, [wrotealetterlotheapattmci
D, aathnr ol Chriiuan Puilajtopenr, nc. ic.-for ayle compelled by strong military force. I have there- from which the following isextracted :
-r6wrbotesae and retail byfo'rl"
je .6 -U. VAN NOSTRAND. 146l Naiu'-L tore Celti my duty to make known o thet General- Extractfro& dtell dated.
N % -EBOOKs-.-ThcClenkGuide. rn- iui rr imn-Chiefofmv views on this subject, and to call for ST. Aoisrtriri, OcL 9, 1835.@
N tera n-f buOine Cnri'aof hltse. irncer, acoanti'a s ufficient military force completely equippeil tor Sm. The time will sonot arrive when a large num-
ales iaEthr with epinoi renor, 0 iaianc sactie field service, ind noi with thirteen rounds otl her o fhe Sertnole lndnans have agreed to remove
hillseo e-xchan9e,aLr.,d hints I1. yune trad,.mon. Ac by F, cartridge per man,1 soaste enable me to assume any totheWesLt.
B FrBtiiir ,asci.:i)flreNew\oiK Coui.nernl lcii0iooland attitude that the Governiment m-y think proper in Tfiere aresatill, however, a largenumber that are
nathor o's Cuoncise Treattsnosie. Brool; KEt-epiar,&c t.m. order me totake, in relation to this wilfully deluded unwilling to remove, and from recent indicaitons I
p lJnst pmib I, _it d e nd Ia r n a .- .v ,a
fl ai'ENI'OttT &\\OD iV ,i lBr .:sert,ta. tribe."
D N & iW6i'-l.'sji ilnoavian dLi tuimt." tm induced to believe that force will have to be used
r "CLO'E to.ich it wipllelb seen, that with a cpy o to cmpel them to comply wth th, ir treaty stipula-
taI IS r, 1has untat sit nad, a ta.ii a.,rluent of the letter ofCaprts Ruseell aid Graham, calling for tons. When the peculiar n.lure, exielnt and ex-
nbeautnl -iolr.id a Enrmavi si 0, uf Ati-ran .:ca.nrr. tencompanie, y urged the n,.ceseaty ot sending six posed stale ol thd Indian frontier is taken int, consi-
*oe tn-tm einare. l Wyiu^n 1~ Ne,.r," h' I adtlitionaltcompaniesinto thecountry, only four of duration, it wll, think, bereadily amitedthatthe
d do-f Albnys,-t 1j. r Nieraa [,li,. ,- l t, .i t Poj-nm, i which were sent, amountingin all, io notmore than ;',rceplacedundermvcomnmandis inadrqualeto en-
Ed.oo[uzranIn this IntDethto lL and It.i)d.giv1" srur,
t Ft a d ,InDea dlttofI-lisaP-hm aulRit--n. I n en- one litun(red and sixty men fit for active field ser- force a compliance withthistreatyand to give such
'aetamo'2Pfl ituri u,-1 do .t Philmdini v i -ct ice- ninecompanies leis than bad been actually ptote.tion no tlhe frontierseitlement. n r their appre-
Wash'lo.-I'I City, t do of[ I~l'1?nw.Jr d td:,, 1" F-Jll. ,L fIn[n n r m a~ hr a eii
Niaar aFhls, IdoofNatural Bridge,2 d f t Gre rein called between Ocroter, 13, snd Januar"y, 135 hensiitnfrom the Indan and from antiher secies
New York, I'd.o fnBuffalo, &c. 1 do no l mention these facts with the intention of population, induce them toexpect from the Gov-
e All Le above ate uravd in tle beit Ltyle of aualni inducing the reader to believe, that if the first re- errnment. Under this view of the subject, I am in-
bv the besltr iiz geIlI quinition hiad been fully complied with, that I diced respectfully to suhmil a few remarks for the
(L 11iB t 1, l. NTERPtlE 1ZCiIICLLAT- should have required the full number ofcompanies consideration of the General-in-chief, and if ap-
F4 LIIIRARV -.Nil rn e rkatof ,in erent rra) l,. called for in mv letter of the 22d January, but to ored by him. far that of the Proper denerlment.
fr.utAl i t Ihe Bowery Enitrptlze Ctrc.iltiti, L.btnry,ls prove the unwiltinEnesv there was, on the parl of l Ionaidertbe force alreadly inFlotilia uflictent to
ldn ima piibitti.-id tugculher itc'h a ,.hoi.:.r eleclnon 'i ib,: the head nfthe 'Var Department, to comply with meel and control the whule oftbe ref-a-tr.ry Semi-
most ioular old wrkaI the requisition mode from Florida. But Governor notes if they could be concentrated. But when scat-
TE itMt
All/subcrIpu,.'ns payable in advance. One. year 93, as Cass tells the public in the face of these lacis, and teret tur al rene extent of.quunlry, composed of
m ,, n i h S1 .. r rttl, t utore i .t t moit m n n irr,n t ri7 5 c se n sa. b u i l d s m u c h h i s ed e f ea c e o n h i s o w n a s s e r t i o n t h a t m a r s h e s a n d s wa m p s t h a t e nbar e a l m o stinap e ne hr a blg
N |-N.iNt5rBSiItEl amfour companies were sent into Florida o in my requi- tote white man, it is entirely inadelutte ogive
^H -a- re-c ivaukm1 .... ,itt u 1a' E@OU. Tne .v 83;nd that I vweo-n ha-t rileciFiioiad sad-quue.thc.fc crnoinabI
.lajtmr- 415,Ta qi-r~o' l cnin e
tuts rq'm-mois iera nrtd tI.,m a eaalst ie rrailsh,w chm- olm r thritned to call to my aid the company at ey I'V est, which they expte t.
t me r ie- an..e ulatimm tic t may which I haveshown had been previ nus placed tn. mFrequent applications have already been made
I< i30 A K. IstEtTON .9 B,,cry eir my nvcontrand, by virtue of Onler o. 72, lea rom different sections of the .-oun''ry Ior proection
IERIC r- TOCI Tim ni- e nm,.n L.rary ving, as he states, one company less than I called in case we should have any difficulty iii rtmatn"
At BlEc Id iC A ni, TOu I i hnt .y- l, tf c nc .r,,L p m-, for, a rI nine islthan had been actually c elled the Seminoil s ; and Eomre of the mo et respectolme
h eo nA pr-eaenitim. C-..led l, b. ,n,uiI. I R -Ionitp l.-l i 'rin October, 134, andanJnuarv, 1235. 1 Ielievei planters fearibthat there is alr-a lyaicret and im-
tolusirai a-it n%' mr i '-ons -n e"nagr ii- il-i" inli;n ouLI I-, is priy generally known by the peoplee of the proper cnmunation carried on betwei the re-
R.,poles,--e, 1--y every AmeriTaS, ii L-icra etieLti a i.umpIla. nted Sia-tes, that Key WVest forms part of Florida. fractory Indinis Inilian neeraea, and morn- of the
iion ol all bhat is snat.ibe, toIctima time sr,istry o tnr coon rbathe hct tlnetig conceded, and the fact of my hay- plantation neglose. For the better pttm cti to ofti,
n tr, ireachIlelt ieleacdi'"i'i trim.-a an. e ollry i b enplace] in command of all the Irnops in frontier settleinei, nnd to stoalat lec museto-.
and ti~ks~s'i l t ]0til inauldut cii fartn. sat cilrreistnc r
ne retied myamisighehmei ,m~~C ,_ ny t'mn r ne Fiorida, by virtoce oftOrder PNo. 72, husng" admitted, tweren the ]indians ai~d planiatldns, in case any ditfi-
'r now publaed4 price 1,21 centsneaLthu'1,1iel. "the frst en I thine faTiher comment on this part of -ov. Cases rUltyshouald rane inremovinpn the Indiant I Irong-
Itt e rso narwiet nsapafoirtsupereluous.Y.l-.andrespecfullyu rgeind recommend the ceiling
umAebou .N E AL&,' U Ann st. Gp overnor C aso lelh us that the fo rce in Florida, .
M l~cir~ ns tireiwanoed toocaLasssteor tusethatvthetforce oi da, ino-he service of the U nited State s-, for the term
ot Pchrworks. nr cnvBBorlebo td In the spring of I1835, was loupd by experience to oftvwoorthreemonths, otaise nunodrd andfi1lttYau1
^B' othe work~a, -

ri~e ~L~-W~o~h

nI.1 PC I


May 13, 1837.
I haveseenin the Glbeo'f[ hr 15th ul.i. a-og,
article over the signature of Le;iui. Ca;.-7nporiii~
toube a defence of that getilem ,in n again'i cerIritn
imputations in regard to the operations in Florida
while .-,':, of War. In noticing this very
rhylusible aIand diplomatic appeal to the feelings of
lhe people of the Ufnited States, which I feel im-
pei'led to do, from a sense of justice to myself as
well as to tny fellow countrymen, I shall confine
f to such parts of itas relate to my evidence
t -,, the Courtiof Inquiry, and to the operations
in Florida, while I commanded in that section of
country. To enable the public to form a fair and
ho,- st opinion on the subjects ur)der consideration,.
I shall exhibit a plain, unvarnished statement of
Cactus ",*a ,.i-i in letters addressed to, and received
from, the different bur-a u of the War Department,
with a few brief remarks on the most important
events that occurred, from the J: I e of the order as-
signing me to the command of the troops in Flori-
da, up to the time I was relieved in that command
by Major General Scott. The first object of
Governor Cass appears to be to enlist the stipn-
Ihies of the public, by trying to make it appear that
ha had been attacked and injured by myself and
others, expresses his unwillingness to remain under
the in-putations that I so cavalierly cast on him-
complains of his being far from home, of want of
documents, &c. &c. I must here beg to state that
Iwas hot an officious ,r v,,luntirr % ilnets before
the Court of Inquiry. The 'urrmrn- ir-,tu that
court found me on rny plantartirn, .'urrourndled by
my family and friend-, and tar froin tlhe nro-e and
bustle of public life or political exctemenrijt A rild.
if I know myself, without inalite o.r hate aainam,
a,,v one. And if I believed I had b-en w-ronged
ry hose in authority, these %wr._,ngs had not bfen
objruded bn the public,nor were they exhibiledi be-
,jr,-- i ,,. C.:I ur. N-c.tihng irarsp;red whtl I was
I.L.i r,- the court thal auihcr,2e, Mllajor General
S,,i:t to make the gratuitous remarks he did, in re-
!aiar ti,- part ol my evidence, when summing up
his defence before that tribunal, on which Gover-
nor Cass seized with such avidity, and which
enabled him to make several sarcastic flourishes;
but, unfortunately for him, they were as impotent
and pointless as his other efforts in that line. My
acquaintance with Governor Cass is entirely offi-
cial. The opinion I expressed before tl e court in
reference to his want of energy and military fore-
cast in the management of the War Department,
was elicited by'a question from the Court, and had
been formed, after a close observation of his official
acts generally, and particularly on the occurrences
that had taken place in Florida. This opinion, I
believe, accords with that of nine-tenths of the offi-
cers of the army; and is strongly sustained by the
opinion of the Court in the case of General Scott,
as well as by Governor Cass's own showing. If
I have been mistaken as to the political dreams
and aspirations of Governor Cass, and should have
said any thing that injured his feelings, I regret it,
and freely ask his forgiveness; and if this is
ni salisfaciory, will -make any other repa-
ratrn that an honorable man should ask of
another. Having previously stated that I had no
personal acquaintance with Governor Cass, I am
not conscious of entertaining towards him any un-
kind feelings, nor would I willingly, if I could,
take from him the smallest honor he has already or
he may hereafter acquire in his public career, nor
throw a straw in his political path. I have long
held his high literary attainments in much respect,
and feel conscious of the many difficulties under
which I labor in being forced before the public, by
a gentleman of such acquirements, and surrounded
as he is by the glitter of high official station, and
shielded as he still appears to feel himself by the
mantle of the late President. I have full confi-
dence, however, in the sound good sense and jus-
tice of my countrymen, and will abide any deci-
sion they may think proper to make on the facts
which I shall endeavor to lay before them.
For the better information of the reader, I will
commence as far back as October, 1834. On the
first of that month there were three nominal com-
pande:. ,-f regular ,tric,.ps in Southeastern Florida,
and -,--.n-i as follows. one at Key West, one at
St. Augustine, and one at Fort King. In the
course of that month, Captains Russell and Gra-
ham, then at Fort King, after witnessing a large
meeting of the Seminoles, and their strong dislike
to a compliance with the stipulations of the treativ
made at Pa.vine's Landing, wrote to the Adjutant
General, from whlch the following extract is
Laker ,

C.-miKXwo, (Florida,) Ocnier 27, 1834.
I'.- So f.LI finrri giving any ihint 1-. Ike a direct,
r.a.-..,u'e. t ?even repsp'ctful an-swer to thie qLe'C-
tin-1 ii 1-> tiit'llf.d l'b 'he agemt, abtmjr-it-r, "t in-
'', ,,tdl cli-cf hliat Ve of.-ly ihiplayed a temper and
di'p. iii-. j in Iri r.*:T',.:'thi ,? t h' e .:'ir iwlendcEd removal,
11-i! !iiiim- ._ r.: i,- h r-tjh :jy are fii.d in their dc-
termination to disregard the obligations imposed
nor ,' .-n h o. i'.he 'aid tria. Believing them to:
be l, ,- I ',. l,:i..- w" I-'1 it a solemn duty to
sug-, : r:-p-i t:iitIly I'. thi. W ar Departimernt ithe
obvious necessity of -iarhralirg a ihiree in arid
near the Indian border immediaielv, sutleficienrill
jir-r'--ir.1c i% awe these deluded chills into a proper
"- ;. i., I.-.or and submission to iletir oleinn Ireatiy,
and thus r-: rl p, r- t disaitr. _u con.'riequtence;
which maty ,ilhr.; r. 1 r- .ult r-rui Iheir delusion.
WVe therefore respectfully sibtrii tr th.- con-id-era- i
tion of the honorable the S-]t.[ry t :alf War, that
this post be -ri, nr:llirni by the addition of four or
five companies, and that as many more be ita-
tioned at Cantonment Brooke, Tampa Bay, a.
or'v as possible. This management will afford
protection to this post, the white settlers around the
Indian border, and awe those deluded people into,
a proper respect for their treaty with the United
States. J. B. F. RUSSELL,
SCapt. U. S. nrmny.
Capt. Fourth Infantry.
To Gen. R. JONES,
.&dj't. G.n. U. S. .4rny, Washington..
In the coarse of a mouth or two after the date of
th-s letter, thre.- r a.tr.nil c-inrpanies were sent to
Port Brcole, T: ,tip Bay. nidi not. one to Fort,
,Kine. In No-t-mher, 1834, order No. 12 wnas is-
s IJ,ne -, airagr.aph -f which directed me to take
command of all the troops in Florida, as will be
seen by the following extract:
o',DBH, ? A ,i-,^;., ni'-T,.,,,_'- t:,r LL,-, :
No. 72. t -i ',t ',-'", .V .. .., l ir 4
Brevet Brigadier General Clinch, Colonel of
the 4th infantry, is for the present, assigned tio ihr
command of all the troops stationed in Florida,
and will take post, &c.
(Signed) R. JONES,
Jd.;utant Girfral.
After having assumed the command, pursuant to
order No. 72,1 wrote on the -5th December, I134,
Sto the Adjutant General, ard r.-ion.tratld against
the small force placed under my cr.-mnarcd, and
in reply, was informed that my services in Florida
were considered of importance, and that it was uwa
certain to what amount the force might be increas-
Sed, which clearly implied that whatever the umber
might be augmented to, I would still retain the com-
mand. On the 22d January, 1835, I addressed a
letter to the Adjutant General, from which the fol-
Slow ing is extracted: .. ..
SFORT KINGO, 22d January, 1835.
Sin: I wrote to you a few days since, via St.
Augustine, but as the letter may nii reach sou a,
soon as by thJereguIar:uital. i-i:,- I ii- noignu it
proper to write you again on a subject whiucli fc.rm-
ed part of my last communicatic,. Ir, that corn-
munication, I stated, that if it was the intention of
-the Government to remove the Seminole Indians
west in the spring, with or without their consent, it
would be necessary, in my opinion, to send four ad-
ditional companies to this post, two to Fort Brooke1
and two six pounders to each post. The more I see
of this tribe of Indians, the more fully am I con-
vi:ccd, that they have not the least intention of fulfil-
ling their treaty stipulations, unless compelled to
c. -,: l iy a Ihi t I, -,r .e ilian irirt words. Their
i,.1,.I. hare L,.:er so co.mpl.t:llv perverted by a set
c.Of irt-ire: : l and .,-i,-'7irni._ ta'nr, that noi arg-jmitnent
cr r'.-:- :'h iI ll ha.re ihi. leat irntiencc ilth ihem ,
except the argument of force; and if a sufficient
military force to overcome them, is iot sent into
the nation, they will not be removed, and the
whole frontier may be laid waste by a combination
of the Indians, Indian negroes, and the negroes on
the plantations. It is useless to mince thisques-
,ti.,r,- It -h-,ul. be met, andmet firmly, if their treaty
is to be carried into effect; and I -I... n,-.i heitatie i.:
state, and I do so from some -rniall knoi ledge o.r
hie Indian character, that a lamoe inajrity of ihis
nation have not the most dijtart iLde -i," gOifiig
west, and that. they will not do so, unless compel-
led by a strong military force. I have therefore
felt it my duty to make ln.:.Arwn to the General-ri
Chief my views on this .subject, and to call ft'.i a
sufficient military force completely equipped for
active field service, (and not with thirteen rounds
of cartridge per man,) so as to enable me to assume
any attitude that the Government maythink proper
to order me to take, in relation to this wilfully de-
luded tribe."
From which it will be seen, that with a copy of
The letter of Capt's Russell and Graham, callhin

forten companies, I urged the necessity of sending
six additional companies into the country, ,only
four of which were sent, amounting it all, to noi
more than une hundred and sixty men fit for ac-
lie field errivre-nrine .-',itupanii |i: ian had
been actually called 1'.r b.rtu ern Octlnber.I'34, arid
January, lt35. I do n-it ti -riln.r ihe-ie facts % ,ili
tlie inteniti-,n of inducing the reader to believe,
that if the first requisition had have been fully
complied with, that I should have required the full
number of compatnes calle.l fr-r in v Jele.itr o.
the 22d January, tit ,.- prove the UiiiIllitn1Ttie-.
there was, on the part ot" ilie head Of iihe Wart De-
partment, tocomply wilh ihe reniiisltoiu made Ifronmi
Florida. But GC.e-in,,r Ca-- tell- ihe public in
the face i these facti., andl build, muclt f his de,-
fence on his own a:rt,-,ri, iliat four ci-.mpani:.' were
sent into Floridaon iny requisition o,,hhe 2;-'l[ Jarti-
ary, 1835, andthat I was authoiz, ti.- cail ti.:, oy
aid the company at Key West, V 'hith I hai e show n
had been pre',ittiiv placed unJcr 1iy c,:,u1mail,
by virtue- ofOrder No. 7, leaving, as lie.;iaie-, one
company less than I called (or, and niie les: than
had been actually called fcr in October, 1M34, atnd
January, lF.35 I believe it i pi-tii general
I-nown by the people ol" he Untied State-. that K-?'
W:lt Io.rms part of Floiia. That fIact beinr con-
ceded, and the fact of my ha-]n, beer, pi.iced icricru-
marnd ofall the truop in Florida,, by 6iriur ..,F Or-
der No. 7'-, being airniiied, I think further ccrin-
ment on this part ofGov. Cass appeal is superfluous.
Governior Cass tells us that the force in, Flh.ria.,
in -he prince if 1F35, was found by experience to
tbe en,-tiph, ab iRt accoitipihhcd its ,tbjec i, and led
I:, a mitial arriri tirieri. Ecfr,- the pu-tic can
pa-; artn hunist and clear opintin i-n Ithis _ubj,:cl, ii
vill be n.eCstar.r ,,, know rhL ob)ctCI thi, Govern-
ment wished to -flect by sending ir-,-:,p; i1o Flol-
da. If' it was nierelv to make an arrangement
with the Indians Io( comply wili their s.l-krri treaty
stipulatons at a time beyrtid ihat which had been
agreed on, I will admit, that alter the moit unur-
in: Zeal and eyeruorns on the. pari ofLthose 1 hium
the duty of mak-ing that arrangement had been a?-
signed, that a number i tilhe Sfeminole Indiann did
agree to cc.mplv wilth iheir treaty at a p.?:i-,d mt.re
dtstant than rthe one tirst agreed on. But i' Ihe ob-
jfect lof the Gut.-rinneni, in endriJnr a 'forc' troe
Florida, was, as understood at ihe ltinme, t induce
the Indians to :. omply with iheir treaty, ti has been
shown, by sad experience, 'hat it waa totally in-
adequate to effect that purpo-e. What elect a
larger force would ha. e had at ibis important rnlnss
in our Indian affairs, I w-ll leave to the Tfe-,Sii-n cl
the public.
Thefollowing rx-siti acts frorrr letiers addres.el to1 the
Adjutant Gene:al dated,] on the lIet arnid 20th April,
1835, previous it and atier the arran-entents abol e
alluded to had been eniteicd into % ith the Indian',
will show the dispoi.imn inaldo c:f the !mall Ioice
under my command :or the qieti anr-I pr,-:.tectit: of
thecountry, and the later paragraph of each leiir-r
shows most clearly what were my views as to the
neces.-ivty of not weakening the force then in F17-
rida. Tn-o vert urgent requitiion. for tro1-p, ;o
be sent into Florlida, had or-lk boe.n partiallv co'n-
plied with. Would it not, then, v.hatiever I 'ay
bare thought on the subject, have beenlbll i1 hak-
made another re(lili1on fo-r iTmorre lrio'p.-,
Ejtr act frin a ttlle', dalth ,
Fcar KIN,-, April 1, 1t,35
"Should the chiefs come ito the concltsiori itC- e-
move quietly, it will be necessary lo keep the pr e-
sent ft-rce in Florida until they remove, as ihe ,.r I1
-mean; of cr-.mpelling them It, comply with lh.-il t n-
gagtmenis." .
Extract f/omi a hlte ', d altd
ForT KING, April 20, 1835.
I have the honor further to -taie, for the rifo.r-
mation of the General-in-chief, that I have rnm.ije
the following diip.siliton of the tr .'-,-p- placeil utiJer
my coinniacd- Lieuti. Col. Far rii1, with lour c m-
parite-:, ,ill remain at this post, anid firinz Tihe
few days [may be absent from Fl-rida, will te
left in command. Bryevet i"Majti Zantzinger will
continue wih his, three companies, at prc-ent, at
Fori Brooke, in conimand of the po-t, andr ihat:id
with the prut etion t' that section ci' c.:,nir\ ..nrI
with keeping the Iadians within rh ir s,:.uih,.rr n
boundary. Cart. Thruston,with ,, ci.,inparn,, i-
i ordered to take post about twelve miles r onrh -i
in'rm [hi,;. and u:a.i" the boundary line, iTher ml i,-r
are cunfcrlab-l' quarters fl- h;fnelfard o:.ruuit;,n-,
and is charged wilth kleping the Indrian, ,i.hi
their northwestern boundary, and 1i illt ip n, iqt,.-
tt'c Uoin to thal -ecti,-n of count [i.'l ti
NMalor Dade will remain at Kev -Vest, i.] .-i
directed to give proieciton Io ihe selerlnj,:ri.l
near Cape Florida, and to ord,. r auttrin their lro,
all the Indians that mat- be ford in That liua!1rir

Jtkel I% )?>3r7


Captain Dracie is ordirid to return with his cim-
pan) to ForDlMlrin, and S directed '0 proee., a.s
spon after his arrival at thlat Fohat as practiiAbl%, .-
Sfar ,'_ith as Indian or Mtsquiio rivets, % here i
s reported there ale a lac.e nu ,riber .'f lorlin:,.
arid to compel ihern, anrd all orher hi ma finr,' t,-
i teri .aid riirsn and a rn:,t,-. t nadiog pla.p rc, St
Johns called Voluia, t-, i~ttirn v. iihir, lleir hlii",
and is -haiped winh she protfecOrri of the cri-,tlr%
ait of c.l' Ilr. r. Johns, rit,.r. Thle Four companie-
at this poti rill act as, circinimanico.' may requi,
and can be iate co..'mtFrtable al very little, or no
t:.xpenrte ic the Go:,-ernvi ti t. I cann.:.' cl'-- ilit :
hasty conaniiurnicatlion, 11 ithr0[ui gt'ivtn it a-. iin M i0 -j
ded opinion, that not a -i.id.-r thoutJ ti .r.lere.J
from FloiJda 'u ntdil after ihe reti'.al o-'fe InChers
as the East nmoit e ionwars dtminirilu,-2 the pre-:-rti
l'orce woutlJ ruin ei rry thing. l iv :uld also resl,:.-
ill0i1 ._'t2 esi ih, nec'-.ii-tV 0: FIli lr, up lhe e,-nipa-
nre- in Fl-rida by the ir-i Nr-.rinL-jr Thi r.-
cr,.iit inierhiled f'-.r the tivi c-inipaut-- btcie, and i ih.'-
ce-mpaniy at Fort Mlarit, ltuli be 'nrt ,direct s,
ith, S'. Johnt aid lantJed at Pic.,,laa, w-here I.et
o:ull be uniarched t: iher .cipective posts."
Govern,-rC 'a -'ay-, in an,:otihe-r part :f hiM app-al,
I har there I; lill higher authtittiy, if p.i;I-ile, F'., hi-
lu.ticriieiL.n. It is ihe a.uihort' .:.t Gen:rtl
C'lnch himself: he ar.l-:.d, a. llte maxirrini C,' ih-.
'.-,ree v.'htch could te rnantd, elevin conipar.e-,.
,>.r live hundJre.l and fitiy mcr. liH recii-redi r.in
c-npariti, or -four hujih1de and- fifty men, and
-ittihor'y :I, ordrr tile cu.paity li'tIm Key West,
makiring fie l iuinlrcdl rien." r',-,r what are lhe
facts, as previously shown by me? It h-I l.N,,
shown that on the requisitiontor ten companies, or
five hundred men, that three reduced co-nri.-a
amounting in all to not more than onr- hntr.-l
men fit for active service, were sent to Tarmpa B.i.;
and on the requisition for six compare ]e, or irir'-
hundred men, fur ,'niparit '. n.-i cxi'.:t.il'o one
hundred and sixt'y mji:n fit I..*r diiv, --er., ,.-nr to
Fort King; five hurndrcd an. ti.ri', i,:- thar, was
asked for in Oet.t.ber, 1;31. an.- J.hjiavy, 1N35,
and one hundred arnd f-rty le; than I .!l.'ed fur on
the 22d Jbanuary, 1R35, aereeably to Governor
Cass's own esilmaie -f( the strength or companies. I
think comrimerit here i. also unrcessart. He says
that General Clinh's estimnate was for ct M iiipafii.
I admit the fact; but int ertnmatnn" for :icepiiieis,
had I not a ringhi to expect that the % pglaiii and in-
tiring head ,.r tlie War Deparlmert ntrIul, have
caused the-e companies to hase bic. lilted ,., their
maximum strength? That they were not so fli'l
no persc-n had a betteiir opportiuriity ot'linn,:-or, iltan
hinmseltf. A- G-,v-rrior C'a- ., neems to think ihe
ccitnprny at Key Wet iof such nip.-riarce.r at,,. i.:-
ters to it ;P o'fieit, I hIrpe I ill Ibe parditic'J I"r'd
again nottcinrg Ih, part --.f lii appeal. He saiz
that G general C inch h, ,.m-?l a tii. ,r-d a le"
force ihanr th::t he named, r.r even a les- f.:.rc. dian
than placed at its dipco.al b*y the Gei'ctintert,
adequate to the objects he had to attain. He iJ'l
noi call It:, hi- aid lhe c.-,nl-ar; frum Key West;
and ir is '-r inipclirrarni iu tmt inquiry to remark,
that while General Clinch nc-.v accti,.-.s [he G.-v erri-
ment of neglecting his aprhplicar.-n f.--r a pr,,per
force during the whole season, the company at
lCr' West, placed under his command the prece-
irI, February, almost in sight of Florida, and not
ticrre than one day's sail from its shores, was left:
b'y h1Im on that island, and never reached the sphere
of his command until .:he Q li D.cemniber. Theorder-
authorizing General Clinch to -call it to his aid,
must have reached him the beginning of March.
During nine months, then, deducting the few days
necessary to communicate his orders to Major
Dade, and for that officer to cross;o'- er i,: the rirat
land of Florida, General Clinch cor,-s.,.r,:d Its
force sufficient, or he was guilty of that neglect
which he now charges ito' I., 'Government. Bet
still further: Genreral Clinch., in I: lelle-r of the- fi'sl
April, 1835, after srahup h, bebef that an arrani- I
mentwonuldbe-made -rhich would quiet the In-
dians, and would be -ait.scl.iory, t:, iie Goverri-
ment, says that sh-r.Lld ih. chlietfs C.-me I:. [he C-tn-
clusion torembve quietly it would be stil rn:.-saryv
,: ke=p the pre-..ii F:.-rc-: in Fl,.ri.Jn a. Tihe chte.f
dld cont-ent io rciju' anid ih- ihen rpresenii i'rc.
twai kept in PFlorida; ni-thing nri:-re their did G rne-ral
Clinch detanid."
I have made th.i long qu.'lation ti-. low to whai
trmicrabl.- subiErfuge, a etenileman ,-,f Gov. Cass's
ir.ipuaiinon, and one filling the high seiiton he now
fills, ha. been ic,-rnip lli.l 1. rt- rt i-i i his attempt to
sutlalii hittieltfagn-itt the opir, ton a pri. i-e r,-
divit ua!, .piv-rt in evid-nri:e t.rl.:.re a C..-1rt It-
L tIrIV. I ihjil- I have cl-arly hli-wnu y ltli exO ,rt'
from General Order No. 73, slat the C.inpar't .,tI
Key West was placed under my cornitarn-d bi mi,
order; and -by i'. .vxracrt rom .-,y letter r.f th.,
20th April, what di.-po;ttion was thus eaily unade
of that comparir and the arduous and respuonistble

dues as'iried to it; and it L. a. J w\ll Ituown ihat'l
rnily pat it tnhe chi-fa coni -nlei 0to i. mo-rv. IV ith
the-e I'dcts on file in ine Adjutant General'. Offitce,
and, ti., doubt at !he time when lie wrote, iat the
-niri-ol of Got. Cis3, o-tv could he write and
publish ,1 the world, ,:vr hiL own 'inaruie, an
,arnti,: so- uuch at varidran wish factr, ariJ shuiw-
ing -tlch a want ol Inforniation as to ihe relation
Sin which Key \V-t -tanrid to Fl.ria, and. c.f th Ie
op.-ratijni carneil rn in that Territory in 183 6
Go-. Ca.-i authorized to call for two more companies, one
irotn P-n:ac-lla, and one from Mobile, if lie thouhthi
i them nece.'sary. The Department would have
-.'on by m3 letter.:, & -. that thio Force would he
dienered nece.-;arv by me, and why not at once
hae-n v ie-r, the necessary orders? On the 1st Sep-
iermb-r, ],35, I reported the'murder of private
Dahi.:n. )On the 9th October, 1835, I-wrote a letter
Io the Department F'rm % which ihe following is ex-
Erlractfrnom a literi-dated
ST. AounstrTINE, Oct. 9, 1835. I
SIR: The- time will soon arrive lihen a large
nurnber o-f the Semiino:le IndIans have agreedil I
remtir e- t, the \VeTr.
There are still, hor,.-ver, a large rinmber that are
unwilhng 10 rloeii,-, anid Irn:m recent inridc.,n:- I
am induced i. h.:lvete that force ivili have to be
ted ,-, c-.mpr-l them i., comply wivh their treaty!
i, tr.llati,:ii-. \Vhin rI,1 p-culiar nriattr.-, extentand
e p,-,-il eaie rif the Itis ani froniiter i: taken into!
c':.nsi]era[[on, wit ill, I think, be readily, admittedI
thasi the "-reF- placed ornder rno. e':limrarid is inade-'
quate it, erif.rct ai coniplianrce- ihb ihs treaty, and
t.o. give such proiCtci-nri to lie friniie r etilemenlr s as
their apprehen'i.n from tht. Indian. anr. from
anolhfr -e',,i of populaintot, irndJuce them v, expect
Iruin the Goterrnuent. Iinder Ihbis vi-ew o'ithe sub.j
ject, I am induced res-peci ully to subijilt a fewre-1
marks for the con ileralion of the General-irn-:hiif,
-and it rpprvved bt him, fror tha' of the proper dc-
partiment. I coni. ter the Force already tin Fk'rida
sufficie-ni lo meet and control the whole o0f the re-
fracit -ry Srmaia-Iles il'lhej- c,;u-ld be concentrateJ.
But when scattered over a large -extent of country, i
composed of marshes and -swampi that are almost
impenetrable to the white man, it is entirely inade- i
quate to give that protection and quiet to the fron-
tier inha biant is which they expect.
"Frequrint applicaii:nii hat e already been made
(rom diderent :ect,.inm, cf the country for protection
in case we should have an) diiculhy in removing
the Seminoles; and some of the mc;i rspi-ctable
planters fear that there is already a secret and im-
proper communication carried on between, the re-
fracicry Indians, Indian negroes, and some of the
plantaii:ni negroes. For-the. better protection of
thie frontier settlements, and to stop all intercourse
I-etwcen the Indians and, plantations, in case any
dilicultiy _hi-ould arise in removing the Indians, I
;irrnrli- and respectfully urge and recommend the
alliuc int,. the service of the United States, for the
Stern of' wo o:,r three months, one hundred and
ifiy mountnied volunteers to, be stationed at such
Points as the commanding officers m ay think best
to effec the objecit In view, and n61 1o be ordered I
I within the Indiarn boundary, unless.in case ofabso-
iiiiee nece.,iiy. Thiis force tobe held ready,butnotto
I te called init: actual service untilrequired, and tobe
I dubarnidd as 4."on a- their sArvices could be djs-
pen:ed with. Thii species of force would, in my
opinion, owing to the nature of the country, be the
Most efficieil, and lrast exTen-i-ve. urider all the cir-
cumstancei of Ihe ca-c, liar o.euild be employed.
Being irell mor.united, an-. all of them .ru nc-dl woods-
men and good ri.Jern-, and well a,:qtaimnied with
every partof the country, and many of them deep-
ly interested in its prr-iecntion, n-would ge them a
decided advantage c ver any oiher sper-cies nFitrv"'p,,
for the kind of ser',ice they woullI he require .,1
perform; and I have.nno di-bt ihe, could be raised
without any djrticul. I hare the h-nor further
to request, that one .-.f the revenue cutter- Ciaiin-
ed on the Gulf ot MNl-xco, iiay be ordered to
cruise along the coait from Chfiarlotte's Harb-or to
Tampa Bay, between the 1sit of December and 1st
cf January iexi, anil 1t co-op.erate with Brevet
Mar'-,r D.0-e'- coir and, in ,idering in, and se-
ecLurini, I nc:;-ar\,, all iht- Inrl-ans theymay firid
-n ihai cIa-i, arid.J On thir :ir arrival atTampa Bay
ti- rtiniin iiChj.,ct It. the ire.itr of the officercom-
Minaitug ,he -tr,,p_ ;n Florida. A small armed
ie.s l rIf thsat c lha- w-oulJ, in my op;r-rin, aid .-ur
operations iery much, and could be placed on that
kind of duty for a .honr time, without the least in-
Sjur' to the revenue "

On the -i- Oct.itber, Genseal Jon. s u r;il in.-
that the oae hunmdo anri, fifty mn',unied mI n, cIalled
forhin my ItIei r.f thn- ih O-tober, could nlt L..
complied wIith, i-,.r icasons that aie already before
Ihr public bi, I v a.., in lit: ihereof, tilhortzed to
I order rit', .,nian:,''. vI_' Li',-e at Forts Pike
and V-.od, I, La I t j.-irn n,; u-liich, tlddiitcdnr
Ike li..- r iouslv ..,ierrc.i froni P. a.;., a
11iobil., would rnm itc f, ,r. It, the alwrnce I. .r"e
m, 3al report; ,.I" thr.,e ,curnpl.an :, I ilaitk. may
,tlI'lr ay i ey ,l ,. i .I' amo- uin ic,. one h jiitil,| d efLi-
tienm men forduty at lhai tinie. Sitl Goiernc'i
Cas itllIO the public lihat ir, steaJ I urnc hundred
andl tafy ruounted men, I had fi.ur ceminpanies ri
regulars, amounting tI. it,: huridr.,Jd mren, placed
i under my order.-. So much for the accuracy of
h's part of tihe Go'errnor's appea:, but as hehas
ltlbrEd very hard to convince the public, that he
blieied itU the correctness of ithimself, 't may b.-
ac iteill ti explain to the reader, the very cicuiiou-
direction given to these orders. They were first
sent to me at Fort King, (interior of Florida,) be-
tween which place and New Orleans the mail was
carried once in two weeks. On the receipt of the
order by me, it was sent by the first mail to Forts
Pike and Wood; but it appears from a report
na'e by Lieutenant Grayson, who stands deserved-
ty lhigh ibr promptness, integrity, and talents that
i did not reach Fort Wood, before the 4th De-
e.rmiber, atid I presume the copy sent to Fort Pike
u.ai rec, ived there about the same time, and that
the two companies did not arrive at Tampa Bay,
until towards the last of the month. Here it will
be seen that an order issued at the War Depart-
ment on the 22d of Oc:,:,bir, did not, owing to the
crcuirous ilidrrctiion given to it, reach its proper
drsinaIort untinil ithe 4th of December; whereas, if
tao or 5L\ c:iripanies, had have been promptly
,rc re.ierd i'cr.m ih p,-.-i on the Atlantic, they could
ha ve joined me in tih,: course of eight or ten days.
On ihe 1t7ih .-.l 0, ,i..er, 1835, I wrote a letter to
h e Adj I u i ant IG e u ra I, which was received in Wash-
ne..-o, Jantiarir JlIt, (and the application not
ilanted) frnm n-hich the following extract is taken.
x1act from a letter, dated
3rt w OCTOBER 17, 1835.
'"SIR- My first wish is to carry out the humane
xrd hern',rient i.ews of the Government, in rela-
!tlt in t he Stinirole Indians, in the way most con-
due, ve to their r happpiness and comfort, and least
Sx-pcr:. ve to the nation. With these objects constant-
in n vi.t:, I may have rather under estimated the
i meanis ripceser i t. carry into effect the views and
I |ani of tlie Government. By referring, however,
to imy letter of ibthe 18th January last, 3t.u will p.-r-
ceive liat I requested that six companies might
b_ addeI to. tihe curnomaiil in Florida, four of
vhich niy wure ordered to Fort" King. In thy
,romunitaiirn of the 8th instant I state, I con-
.ider the lrce already in Florida sifficirent i,,
ain'er ar.nd c,.t.:l the n hkl ..f the r-traci,ry Seni]-
rinolc, it" they- could be conricentrated B,,ri nh-n
,caillered over a laiee ex'lerit of country ,_r!';l,
of maishel anrd -warnp: that ar- allL.it inippn.ttla-
ble lo the whit, inari, it JS e trir.-l 'y ind quate i
give that pr,: action anirl qLiept ItL' he I'r-'iier I,-
habitants -which they expect. Since writing the
f;r..r.r:eir I ha, r been informed byAsssistant Sur-
reinr, Arch.-r that nearly a hundred of the com-
rinaid row at F.:.rt King have been more or less
Sick Within the last two or three months, and
aithoi,gh many if them are fit for garrison duty,
arid ino.;i (of ih others are convalescent, ih.-y
I cann: be relied on for active and efficient service;
SIlia te, ilirer'rtre, the honor respectfully to request
ilia threc aiohitonal companies be ordered to
Fort King rith as little delay as practicable,
with ai ample supply of ball and buck shot car-

Oi, ihe 9ih December, I rec..toiici fur additional'
cimirpantei, -rit 10 mine wih Ih. l:,it p[rsible dela\'y.
ta ri, in oI.c.i rf te c-. ann iie. ..rdered flt',.. the (;u i
a s a-'-tt:r-d 'by Gi.vernor ('a.-, tbut f, ui adt1iinal i
coiripariies curijpletely prepared to take the field, .
&c. as rill- appear by the foRik.. ing extract:

Extract'fraom a letter, dated
FoRT DEFIANCE, (MicAtropy,) Dec. 9,1835.-
"The loss of the vessel with our supplies has
caused much inconvenience, as it .takes a conside-
rable part of our small force to protect the boats
and wagons engaged in transporting provisions.
-The urncerraminty is i,' the time when the com-
panie- ortlei.d f.rom Lonisiania will reach Tampa,
and Ihe ilrianre they will have to march ihiopgh
a h....tl, country before they can join my corn-'
manrd. 1inducE- ae ii. re-jqu.-, that our additional
..-ornipaii'i s ', odilered ti. Join Me i ith the least
I possible delay, cunpl-i'-,tvly prepared *ti':. take the
Field, Lvih a good iLpply of tall ;rd'l buck shot
"All the ini'-rmnaitc.n I receive in relation to the
I m,.-ent,,-,iiIof I.-11- Iudianr, reprc-etil them as being
irn ic'nti.icderb't tIr ,, and .iriarn ill-in, adetermina-
itcn to eneasv- in murder 3,-il plurnider. It appears
also that ,ey are jcined by the nrjegrc, an1 if'



they ar n-.,t promrrpti )wn the spirit may
extend LU the plantatoli.
+ ) L. CLINCH,
( B ti. BriZ ('.,'elcral.
"To P%'1. Brig. Gen. R ., .7a/'l Goi."
SIt will be seen by v- g hack to ite r:iacrt
from my l.'ier ,4 the April, [he ,`4pc-:[hon
made of lithe sitnall f.r- ider my comm-,rand, it-,
give quiet and prtecii e .*. -unitry; and T n:,u
take great pleasure i that no par, of the
American army ever I a-Iur.!tun aid trying
duties signed ihetin ire astgrt.d I-. I..-
gallant mitle cemniaii j part ',1 l itvr a,-
quitted then-rslvi's more honor of their c'.un-
try than Ihey did durir, 'hole of that -,erviee
The company at Ke' irtead c-f remaining
ij'le, 's ?ale.i b,' Gn- or Ca'-, i a_, r-ntireli
.mpl;e',r i, watching 'er ilit iohre- i ,)I a very
epw.. f, aind imp,,rlitfrpart of "Floria. It has"
been -iwin that uhein i assumed the command of.
all Lhe 'r:rop, in Florida, pursuant t,' Order No.
'., that there were Six companies in that Tern-
tor; arid that previn'us lo Ibat time tea companies
hal been required, and onir ihi-te s'eni. Thai im-
meri-diateiJy ai'r a.,l-ming the cormand, that iz,
.n the .iJ January, 1M35, I strongly reo.minmenderld
the ;ending in tc Flo-nda six comparue-;, only four
of l hich l-:ee cent. tn m% letters ro' the Ist arind
lNih nif April, I qhcw the disp,.siiin mali.- of' the
S .roopar, andJ mge that not a mar, be v ill.rawr,
o-rn FlonriJa. Thai cr, the 9ih O.'tobel, IJ35,
I -;iron'ri, re :,nmmende,1 tie rasiii- I',fne h ndil, -,
and 'fri' njouijtred volunh'?rs, i h,' placiif a rie"-
rite ,u-iier at my disprta', and called l,,r three
comparJniei of regular t "_p. Tit, tlc. fir.t r,-
c.r,'ini'r.danonsn cere not ,]nplied u-iih, but 1 11-13,
altilhorizel in thatl month Lo ordur liur c:oiparues
from the posing on dhe Q. and that -u ut' thec ,
dId n,' arr ivc at Tampa. p;v Liil towarJ thhe Inlt.
ol December, 1835; and when there the t',ur c.m- -
panets did 'or exci.ed, one hundred efficient men
for July. That un tIhe 9th December I reucsl,.'
toir addlitnal companies shonl.1 be promptly ernt l
i. me, which was refused. If the Pre-,detil had
not the authority to r3l,.e one hundred and filt-
mounted rolunrteer, -vh were nrot three hundred
rrgiilnr; pr-,ronpily sel, 'rrm tilhe p,-is on the
Alarnlic, in complhtrie ,' th ihe call_ made in
Ociot.er, as al'-, ihu fur &-nipariie;, or twn hur.-
dred itien, called i'-nmr m ihe ryih rc Deceniber? I"
prompt arni erier." i neasur.L had bern l-.-.n Orn
ihe part of' he zcereirt ol' War, the it hole num-
ber required (,,n iy i lty'n r quisitions) could have
reached me bt the Lsi ,t1 December, and would
have given ine a dirio-able force of seven hun-
dred and forti' repuilrt, instead of two hundred,
on the 31st Drci-iil-e, ]135. Still, in the6facr ,.f
these facts, Goe-ru'i Caz comes forward and
states, "as a rnaticr f fitr, ihit Gr.--ral Clinch
had afargreaiei kf'r under h, intomuiand, than
he ever required." Eit here the dipi.:.-nM:iAit again
shows his true charter. Finrlin7 that he had
gone too far, fti li-e Trr-,-t credtulou- reader, he
Qualifies what '..: hiad jui a-s'eritd as a matter of
iact, by saying, "1 -1. rnt nican that he called
them together-wtiih ;,ai I had no concern; I have
only to show li ,t p0,per mea are._ fbr that pur-
pose were taken bihe WVar Deparin-er.i, and I
i have shown that il,-. mea-ures orughi i., have
I given General Cin.rh -i'he lull conipiei rLrel "- regu-
lar troops asked foi.' But has the Head of the
War Departme-nt irihn t':, do but to issue his
mandates at W'a .,,lirlon, u whether practicable or
not, and fold h:; arnn, let the consequences to .his
c.i-iiiry be ever -o dir.troui;, itihoiut holding
himseli' at all rre'pLi, -lei I har-i ly think lhi-
American piiph ar,i': .-it prepared 1.:r this irre-
sponsible do.trine. I lwul here request the atten-
tion of the reader ic the f,.llou int-rg extract from a
letter I addressed to tie Adjutant General on 26th
December, 1835:
Extract ftom a letter, dated
FoRtT IeANE, December 26,1835.
-' Bria..ier General Oall, commanding the Flori-
rida rulrareer-, forced a junction with me. on
the .l2.1 islariiant.
"Every miltlry tran who knows any thing
about this section of, country, will agree in ih-
opinion that ilh,-e is no part of the United .Siale
so hard to probct or defend as the one we shall
have to operie iri, and my means of every kind
are on the in-tr coirtait-d and limited scale.
"The troo.- -rr.l-r. I'rt-.ni the West, not heard
from yet; nrur nii a :id f'rum Commodore Dallas
in relation to the armed vessel. The wagons,
hospital, and other tents required last fall, not yet
"I also regret to-say that many of the officers are
still absent from their companies, nor have I heard
arny Izhii, rn-n, Ihe A"-I'ianr Quartermaster I re-
qut-e.i 'u bi- ordler.',i to jcirt, it-- il.op- in- Florf:l
'Hr ,ling 111]
u*t3,1 it.i

..,,l-lied hec.-
h, .rnI. nal-ion, I am now fulby
ot the upini-n that there .hr-.,ilI be at Ie-tti i-ehe
hundred remilar [rr.op, inil 'r' e huinre..li nri-un e,
n.'i, in Fl-.i ,la, so :t -. ..-'tble the commanding
oltier to hair- iine [h,.iin.ial revilar'- and five hun-
Ired ILouniedl v-luI.r.tt. i1 h-e -tI, a.-; we cannot
relv,'for anv great lengrlt .t lime, on thle services of
tie Volunleerq, cornpf'r-''1 a- they ,rc, in many in-
stances, of the mo", wealihy and r,,prclahi-e gen-
tlemen in the country."

Ab-ult the '1[ Decetmber, I found it necei.ary i.
appeal t., the palrtoiim n f the people if Eait Flo-
rida, to rally in defr-rce :,f' the wive., the ,hdltren,
and firesides of tlb'-' -_t il.:ir il,.-oi'-c ,le-inz, vhr-I
were most exposed to the scalping knife of the in-j
cendiary Indians, which met -.ioh a pr.rnip and'
generous response. In the course of a I: w ,.1a; -i l
was considered necessary to extend the arp-';:.ti 1.
other sections of Florida, which was al-o pr..pi'piii
and generously met; and in the course of a short
time five hundred volunters iteite raire] and plac-
ed under the immediate 'i-i-auid ofl' Enig. Gen.
Call, by order of Mr. Wall;er, i.. lhe rt- efficient
Secretary and acting Governor of Florida. It will
be seen, from the extract of my letter of the 26th of
SDecember, 1835, that this force joined me on the
21st of that month. These volunteers hall I- mr,
called out on ilthi spur of the moment, and fi .te
month only. It wiill also be brne iii mind,
that at this time I had received na athii,-.ray from
the War Department to raise or to receive volunteers
into the service of ihe Urnid Sa,'i ', G.'v.. C i 3s's
statement to the contrary noirtiixh.andridn; and
their n,.-i ha iii- b er mu.n.i;-,-et- init, -ihe ':!-. .i,: of
the General Government, I -conld liav-e ,1 le- 7- or
lawful aULthbrli- over ihern. The.ir jiihh,.,n u th,
and placing th,-el-I under 'y orders, were vo-
luntary acts on their part, and my right to exercise
authority over them ceased with their willing obe-
dience to that authority.
It will be seen that I had no reason to expect a
reinforcement of regulars before the expiration of
Sthe term for which the v.,lurt.i.r- hi- agreed to
serve. Thus situated, I ,t.rierirjn-j tr, 1 eek Lhe
enemy, and meit thim on ih,: 31_i D[cember. On
'arriving at the Ouithlacoc,:hle rivr, about da'-
light, on the morning oftte 31c' Dcember. jntead
of finding it fordable, as had b.- r, ie pre:nteni, hy
the guideor the small in ;Tii;Fiijrit stream repre. I
sented by Gov. Cass, it was found to be bold and
deep. Orders were, however, immediately given
to cross it, when two brave soldiers of the then gal-
I i. i.ut ri-na Iair,ri-d, Capt. M'ellon's company
-.ah-,'e aine's I rn-crrt { dio nor now recr,'ll,:it
.war.m the r'r.,i, ar.ir hrouri tt or" r an old canoe,
in which the regulars commenced crossing, and
after some ineffectual attempts to construct a bridge,
a few of the volunteers commenced '!itn'I,;ins
their horses, preparing rafts, &e. Lt. C-l.,. Fan-
ning was ordered, on crossing, to select the most
i eligible position, and to form his command as fast
as they crossed. I sometime after crossed myself,
and while superintending those who were engaged
I in swimming horses, building rafts, &c. the rifle
of the enemy was heard, which was the first signal
of the commencement of the hard fought, but vic-
torious, battle of the 31st December, 1835, a brief
and plain account of which, based r.i the n:,;t ac-
curate information then in my p-','-i-iri,, tt',
given to the public through the cl-annel ithe Wai
Department. During the hottest pa n -f ih': -tr-"-
ment, discovering that the voluntcr did no,:t c,-r:"'
up as I expected, I despatched Col. Reid with or-
ders to Gen. Call to .bring up his volunteers as soon
a. p-.--itle Soar, after the last charge had been
Made bt the gala rI re, iula r:, and the small band of
brave volunteer.; siho rtI.i aided them, and the
enemy routed and sil'ricel. Co]. Reid returned to
the field accompanied by Gen. Call;' and on their
approaching neart- to where I was, I put my horses
in motion, and on rn'eciri-. ihc.m, and not seeing
any of the volunteers 'ith GEnr. Call, I asked him
where were his volunteers, to which he replied "at
their posts." After a few other :-narl:- nit now
recollected, Gen. Call observed, hiat in tiiring from
the river, he had passed near to where the killed
and wounded had been taken; that the number was
very great, and that it would be impossible to fol-
low up the success already obtained, without sacri-,
ficing those noble fellows; that it was g,.-:- ii-t
and that a good many of the volunteer: *-' :? illi
on the opposite side of the river. After a moment's
reflection, and a short consultation, I determined at,
every hazard to protect the wounded, and have the'
dead buried, and gave orders to remove them'
aciros. ilo i-vr-nr. ila.,n, kept p c-,.e-irr i'. the
ilield f[i- mote tharn tt. hours aflte the flii, the

troops were ordered to recross, which they did in
ilie most pert'-.i older. It is iuprn-sible Ifcr a com-
mandtrig cneral r I ob:erv'e every thing that occur.
...-ri a fill ot baitle. Hio reporti are made out frlrm
hit own ob.ertation-n arid ihe best inl(trtnali:', he
can obtain from other-. Many cirtcuminiance
nmust nucesiaril, happ-:iiv,, which he can know i ii-
thing ol'at the timen. The official repoil or'the bat-
ll of the 31.t was madl lut in much ha-.te, in the
midsi of the woundeded in the hurry and t-u'tle -f'
.he departure of the volunteer;, (aht'e term of
service had expired) and no doubti coriiain-: :omne
unintertutinail ri.nacciiite-e. I will here bnriey an-
swer the queuion S o .ie-n a-.l,'-l, arid Vi hi:h i re-
peated by Gv.i,. .(.3-;, 'Why %%a- n-i the a hole vol-
unteer force in the ,nr-aetrient Whete I mriad,
my i.lTiCal r-epor, I ;-a7 under the impre:]i)or, from
a (oriniari,-on held v tih Gen. Call a -.-irt limte
previ-'iju t, In cr: -,;r,- the riker, Lti r which he slaled
that a mcall number ,ofihe i.lunieers from Middle
Florida had expreE- ;d an ur, unrilttireiS I.V C10C,:
on account of the 'h.,rtrne'. i" the un-e they had to
serve; that many oi-her;, aCtlis under the same
views and feelings, had refused to cross. I have]
-,ince been informed by many of the volunteer offi-
cers and men, that Gen. Call gave positive order
to the volunteers thatno man should cross, and actu-r
ally formed those on the north -;,de, ti recei e the at--
tack of the enemy, should un" be made. Noi if
this statement be true, and I presume there can be
but little doubt on the subject, what does it prove'
Nothing more or less than that Gi.neral C(all conm-
mitted an error of judgment, in beigt overcaut,-,u.
in proiteetlni the-rear, where ifl- ir,,il ar advance
of the "art v were rcnga-ed ir, a deailfWrtug..le lfor
victory, v'ilh a _;a.aE and fr,,irus enemy cl'ihliee
unless thcir number, proitecited, i100, by a derinse'
c-,pre-s -eamp, and that th,- i-olneers riere hot
to blame lr -t-obeying the order. Sin meol'hec-e
v-,Iunieer. did, however, cross the nier altec the
tight commenced, ('although rnot in iine to join in
the conflict,) and renrldered important service by
Siornming on the flMnks, i.hich gave strength and se-
1curity to the frofit-, whde the killed and wounded
Were being revonveyed over the river. When
General Call told we on th1 6iel. that Ihe v-olun-
lI-er. srere at their post, I had a r.ehi I10 expect,
I'i-rn hi, previous Sl ind;ri a. an --rdicer, that hK
had d'c:,-,,.'-d (.o 'hem :, the ,e-_t l .' ji ] jdd menrt. I
cer ajriln .-w,-.J Gr'rnral ('all itlh-ng, and coi-ilt
have had no motive or ,bileei in wi'hi, t:., i:.-,iceai
either his acts or my own, on that daY, from pub-
lic scrutiny. In the course ot a It.ngi milniary iht-,
I defy any one to say that I ev-r a nu-mpieid to rai's
-my:elf, by ditracting from the merits of others, nor
have I ever cast unnecessary censure on any one.
I have thought it necessary to say thus much, in
explanation of my official report of the 31st De-
cember, not to gratify G,-orvrn:rior Cass, but in jus-
tice to 'he -eneroirI and abused volunteers and
people ol FIil.i.. But whence this new-born zeal
on the part of the late Secretary for the character
and honor of our gallant little army, a few years
since the just pride of a grateful country? What
was done for those brave and gallant spirits who so'
nobly sustained the honor of the army and glory of
their county on the 31st December, 1835? Were
any of them promptly i-re. e -ed 'ifor their gallant
bearing on that occasion? And how many of til-.-.
were promnlotc.i into. the new rY,-;m.-r,t that wa-.
raised last winer? Those- t:i'.w.,.d and, flaiti:rin' en-
cori- ums on iail callapt i,' rb elecel little tandi
c--iue i0 late 1o 0 '-,'t the ob':cr 'he v'rnitr had in
iew. But it' Go'.-eriior Cass believed that my
official report was not sufficienily full and clear on
all the .,ibje'f !I touched on, and that I had not done
justice t- ihe tbrave men who' carried ihen._-',li 1
with glory, and who so ,ctbly cijrained mv t-n ih t
trying occasion, was it naoi hit dutv, a- ilie pr-iper
organ of the army, to have 'eri, the report back to
me, with instructions for further explanriation. Dod
he do so? Was not that report puihlihed Lby order
of Governor Cass, then Secretary ot War, an.- my
conduct approved by the President and hini. ,-ifilf
so, why does he now, some eighteen ia-,nii _iiife
those occurrences took place, cone forw ar. .aild
say that I owe to the army, the cou,1ry. &'c. a mn4e
clear and full explanation cf the affair of Ihtc 31ct
December? Again: if the conduct;ci tih... -h iteers
was so reprehensible as he now Sei- t lh.h ith 1
was, in failing to cross .he l il-e .'ieani, &a. he ,les -
dates the Ouitllacoochie, on logs and rafts, why
was the officer in the immediate command of those
troopsmade Governor of Florida, ard ,,.,'.-n after
placed in command of'all the troop: irn thai Terri-
tory, over the heads of the officers of our gallant
little army? Has Governor Cass received any new
light on h-:.c matters since he has been r. Fiano,
'hat he should at ltns Ile period cr-'iier it neces.
sary that I should trouble the pubic woih any fur-
ther explanriion; repectiiig the conduct of ih-
volunteers or the 31t' DEecernmber, 1I35'


-Withl due reference ii. G6iernor Cass, I thinly L
bave.aun'wered and refulted all his ingenious state-
LueT1' and gratuitous as.,er,'ins, by a plain sltatPr-
menat -.i' las up to ihe year 1835. I telietiE I
hare also sIiorij by the .-ame fact: that, ai ilthe
,1o'e tf hat yeair, ii .- ;liht hundred aniJ rr',.-r t
men short ofthe requiiti,:'ns mad-e ,or ihe War De-
partment frqm the I;t .' Ociber to the 31st of
December, lF:5; ar' hii A hurnilre,-1 anc firni :n m\
o''n r qiI.ttii.n-iri on ihe- [i-piierinrn of War a' hir
that trie- and tn, leier ,1f the 26th of December
will -h,-,% lhi:e-hcr 1 ri..t the re.uisitions for sup-
plies, &c. had been complied with. The same let-
ter will also show that, on that Jai' I pare t i as my
decided opinion that twelve huti.lred r utlar- and
ficehurndr,-d iiuried men sh,'-,il be in Fl.i-ila, so
I: u eri:it'l the ,,cotirandinz officer to have one
rh,,itar,.l regulars and fivi liinJr,-i mounted men
iI ithe fi,. i I have also hwrii lthai the five hun-
.ired volir.it. ,r who were with me on the 31st of
Drcenmlb'er, v -re not there under any authority
irout ih- War Department, and of course should
nlL ti alienr, into the estimated force furnished by
authority from that department; and if that force
had been so fortunate as to have closed the war,
that Governor Cass could have claimed no credit
for energy or military forecast in ordering them
inl' the field. Now, if the'deficit of five hundred
and forty men on my own estimates had been with
me on the close of 1835, they certainly would
have been of much service early in 1836. Gov.
Cass has to resort to the same mystifying system to
sustain himself in 1836 as he used in 1835, and,
'commences his new year by supposing that the
8th of January will be considered "early" in the
year 1836. I must be permitted here to express
my surprise-that the Governor should have per-
mitted so fine an opportunity to have escaped him,
without, paying a high eulogy on the hero of that
that day; but perhaps he was afraid of administer-
ing an over-dose to the old General.
H- here i:or',mnce; with a li.,' l;;t of orders
A.rid,, ]n auth,.rii,.: given, on the $ih, 17th, and
.2" January, and asks if this is not early in
R183. It will be seen that before the first two
,:, itli.se orders could be carried into execution,
Ge;,r.:ial Scott Was assigned to the command in
Flornda,. Of course my I..--,r_,iL.i[Lez. as far as
they -eie 'orin .%:Ie..l wIth their accomplishment,
ceased. Bi.r whr .i, not Governor Cass come
out plain, ail i ilite public that Major General
Scot., 'wih thli--e ordii, &c. in his pocket, and
with his zeal and energy, also -aided by his (Gov.
Cass',) sage counsel and advice in the furtherance
of these grand military plans-which broke i upon
ii-o't of a night's rest-,did not commence his earn-i
pnair iiiiitil.le i3iih ,1i March? "Will Go" C..' rai
pr-irndl 11 : l1 iit-, public thai the I16ili oil'
Miarchi, in 'latiide '290 28', is early to commence a
:ainpamain in irurh a c'ourilrv as ils. southeastern
iariT :i' Florida 'wa; known to te, and against
.i,-li artn eni-v' Intead of sending the order,
I,.,. nr.-nl'.i-ed ahm_ v to me, "isolated" in the ILI-
i-r,.r .-,i Florida, az he says I was,hehal rFr.,mpili
p,-h,.l ithe reqirI-- military force, -up.Ie>-, &c.
i.1,. _P-i ,a. they might have arrived "c.rl" i
I 3Ji., Iwn, in tll probability, the results would
h.at, brcrn vi;rv Jir4,6em, and the Governor nlieli
Ilid WV,',: .-a,.lr-1 ,me claim to energy and miit tiii
fr..-0,1, all ':ornr- millions of dollars mihi li.i'.ce
Ltri r.avd to the nation. Governor (C.'__7s, irli,
pa) i' ni- Grneral Scott a few'compliments, com-
rpl.or, thai he was not sufficiently explicit in eilirine
ith put-l' that their rests were broken on a c.,italiiin
ncli, tFhiie discussing the-plans that were to be
,::rr-1 ,.i in Florida. Gf,.ri. S?.,ii va- ,:r.a]iil
1.'1 1' r.-rc id not -,lo nurii .n.,....n, I-11 impl riui.. r.
Wi, .. h.: world; but I presume he T il t". 3Li- W.-
,l'et-ii limr clfaca,-ir;,i tt, *cjon'i, (iii",t, 'i < i IIa.i
2.:is-.i otiler it'.injai;on r coiirain-j in ihe camei
*4 .!,i',, 1 ."
Govtrriol Cass tells the public that It n,..,
Gi'in:rii Clinch no explanation, spea li of a: rnr.r'&l
..tiil-,iihy, &c. I have never asked Goi .rr'" Ca--..
for an explanation of his motives in .uup..reding
me in the command in Florida. I believed at the
time, and still believe, that I understood them', al-
rhiiu.-- hirfrin- a little from those assigned b,
him. It the reasons assigned by Governor Pass
',r :op'r- d;r.. me in the-command were such as
le ai:,a ilien t ,o be, did they not exist to the same,
or even to a much greater extent, when, after his
grandl experiment in Florida 1 di ra' ,.i----d.l to
his expectations, he, in a complimentary manner,
*by the direction -of the President, again tendered
me the command in Florida? I have already tres-
passed too long on the patience of the reader, and
;viil o e 'vith a fewi remarks on li,- lai'i p3rirr -pli
.'Got-ein.r Cas;- appeal, in ithich he spealrs .I'
,hr i i o 4,,;t *r ,nisforltuie,, o1 dism inii-ins, .it' the
uiniiarry ciriianderb, I here ilake plea:ute in as-

s-uring Governor Cass that I take no part of these.
complimeiitary epithlets Ip myself", having too much
cwfidencean his sntrcermv to believe that, after the
couip'lin;Jrnls previou--iy paid me. in hi5 official let-
:er;, and mole c-specially in iterering:me ihe corn-
mand of the troops in Florida, (by which he shows
that both the President and himself had full confi-
idence in inc capacity, experience, &c.) he could
r, oi ha-ve intended to apply ainy pdHt cf thai para-
?raplj I .: my'sll". In closing this long appeal,
Governor Ca.-. tells the public that he has reeivel,
during ihe last thirty years of' his life man;', fa-
* ,rs he neliher expct.:.d nor merited. He certainly
.4houli hle considered a p:iodJ uitnie.s as respect
h- own me'i i; ut i the feci of h,- having hEli. ii n-
portani arnd lucram 'r offrces- diiring tile la:i four or
five adiintiiratins, andl ihai he 4o managed as Io
be alivan in the a-.serin.lauil, teriii, part t"f lile
hislor t id the ihru-?ec, and nJiUSi have Lbeer, linoin'r,
IO eizery perio'n u ho 'Tiuld take- ihe ir.-oublie to in-
-lorm liitieli'ori su-h triaiti-r'. Alihouwh I catintri
blEa;.i cof hav-ig receiveJ ma ny'r:'Vrs I'ront th,,eo
fillini high pitn, I can iay that ''tie ln-en eitht
years of i,' [life Tere 'pent in ihe 'ervi-o,; of nii
ounliri-r-iot in spileodd parli.rs, t,-r .on bied.- of
down, but on tie hoi and .,ultrv banks .f' ihe
llih.-nippi; o-n the cold an. frozen shore of ih-
Niagara; oin ihe froniiers o1f Georz-ia, Alabainiia,
and, iI.,laitd" it ihe :aan'ip- and rV, ll- of urif'or-
lunaie Florida, and r norw a-k fruom my f.:lI.n'-
CILentt e -. thtling but .ifistirt.
.-.. ~D. L. CLINCH.
yrn 30B& a&&hi~ih'irk-d<^ ft

ort this paper, alihr.ugh m.'i-,ut an-ampli-
carton of thliat already so compl-:etd' rfutrd by
Governor Ca-.s' statement, published in Apri latl.
General Clinch beings with a .seer at what he
terms an airmpt ecnia the partn oft Gorernct Ca:s. t
enlist public 5-ympaihy, &c. and immediately pr-1
ceed- Io lament ihe disaiarjitag'-" undIer which i
himself lat.,r--furcEtd bel'O,- ihe p,.ibt,- ac hU '1i
by one oIl'Slich rrnk arnd acqiu-ineril. He has
,JihIculhy i, coriind with still greaij- i, a cunlro-
v'er. efuie the American peple-justice, right,.
ahtruih are on the id;,Je oi hi. Orpp!,leni He fto-
geti, too, that he it ihe- aier-csor, and itiererore aoi
iorred before the public. H-e sa', that. he "' was
not an offeii'us or t,,lunleer witAess before the
Court cf rnqutryv';" and )et, if we compare his
"opiniu on'" with the que-iion y which- it wai
"eliciaed," we are compelled to believe that his
testimony was given for the sake of the publicalitn-
nflihat atackorn th latIe Serreijry oflWVnr. Either
the couimmandirig geiicral or ih.- Goviermc-in iR'
answerable for the conduct 'of alrairs ati the coni-
pencement of hosiiliite in- Fl-rida; and it was
safest, in slitting the burler, mrom his on ehoul-
ders, ic. thron it on one wh,? a- not in a .iluati-n
to resist it.
Ii is --carcely necezz.a i to allitrd-, iu .,: much of
i.' article t I a "S, .. t" -l- ,..

The first requisition I'or irop. to he criOsid-rrrd,
then, was dated 9lh October, and in i, th word.-
I strongly and re'-pecifull) urge and recommend
the calling into thle 'eri ice of ihe UnitedI States 150
mounted volunteers." "Thin spreies f force would,
in my opinion, owing to the'nature of the country,
be the most efficient and least expensive, under all
I the circumstances of the case, that could be em-
Sployed." This letter was received on the 21st
October; and on the 22d (see Adjutant General'., e-
port) General Clinch was informed that there was
no appropriation authoriz-ng the measure; and that
the President did not think that the case came
inder the co.nsiiuiional power in call into service
an a'lii-ional fir-ce for the def-nce of the country;
but he was au2liilzed to order two more compa-
ni,, thoie at Forl Wood arnd Pil-e, to join him;
whlkh, wih two placed at hit; disposal on the'
i5th October, made four companies of regu-
lar troops, in lieu of the mounted volunteers.
On the 30th of the same month, orders were
given by the Navy Department to Commo-
dore Dallas to direct one of the vessels of his
squadron to co-operate with Gen. Clinch." This
was instead of a cutter asked for by him, and
which he complains was refused, without ca. ing a
vessel of sup 'rior force' had 'been granted in its
stead. The report continues: "In a letter received'
on -he 31st October, General Clinch requested that
three companies might be added to his command.
He was apprised, however,"' p rE v'i, u rdr rs, th a I
four had already been placed at his disposal." It
appears that on "the 30th November, the force in
Florida consisted of one field officer and eleven
companies; making in the agire2ate. 536 men.
It seems, then, from the official returns, that the
1-irerith of these companies was scarcely more
than a man each below the estimate which Genetal
Clinch represents as so exaggerated. Gecn. CI n ch
censures the Secretary of War, for the diic-
tion given to the orders to the troops in Louisiana.
Certainly one who boasts of i eni r-e-;h' years of
nilitar i:-rv, ice must be aware that :he transmis-
sion of orders belongs to the Adjutant General, not
to the head of the War Department. It is shown
by the Adjutant General's report that every com-
munication from General Clinch iv.- acted upon
without delay.
In a letter dated 29th November, received 9th
December, (see same report,) General Clinch re-
portdi, ilthati should lh fitil, it necessary for the pro-
iticron of lie fIronner clvtleiieii, he iwoull asiirn.-
t he responsibility oV calling uL at le-ast one hut.
dred mountedi me'tbeltaiting that the Pr--ident an-I
1,ecretatry-'Br WSr^'ohld'- snceuon ihe ,mosari,
t'"If StieialrBq '^&'^n^i B ,9s ..W~e

dressed to the GoveitlofdJwait(id ttqultnli hi

to -fl.t1il liel agi'e-mnt
rpierre, In.'
To disprove every material assertion of General
Clinch, it is only necessary to refer to the report of
the Adjutant General, published by order of itie
Senate, 10th February, 1836. The object of'that
report was to show what had been the measures of
the Gn'errmeint for the pr.-,.ern lion or vuppreosion
of Indian hostilities in Florida. Its accuracy cam-,
not be called in queilitri. [i Fc mide a..I ihe oacn-ei
to whom all military communications to the War
Department are addressed, and through whom all
orders are issued.

accompactied tI. iiI
was not etrrbodi -d Il.y th tilioriti f if-,e Gerrral
G',ernmeni, L,,i bei'o- ttai a liiltu. ,r u.a ruie-
ceive(. Thai is rno ic-uirid of err zni- agajnMi LhaW
War Deparirnr.ti. Thi, neee-'-an- ,iuihr..ltv iY -
iLran:m filed ir' ihe pror-.:ni ofi.r; a -..cur. a' prari.-
cable and a large -.ore., of Ilic k-;dJ h- c.:onr il:i.l,-
mt.:l eincirl, i'-ee letter (l Or L.,er 9i,,I Was trrti -
died, and undi-r hiu clilruuanio, hn rhe 3: ;Ir D-.
ceniber. The General er: It" pr,,mrpi arnd er,-
ergeic ni ac-ur,.; had :,,n takeri. in i !i.- pai l .l.r th
S.cre ar of ",Va.r. ole w riobe ri.iieil t n. b .
rtty$eLttiiionif)yeh Ime bV tiheiu.si
-o- ,cmbc-r, at wn Mltai pe.,given mr, .a lipnca-.
hI.l f-..r. ofl 7. inr-,, 'il f .OU- regul.iri., rn ,ia
31ts of Dcit'-iler, lI35." It i_< h:,un ali 21 -, ,. tai
the General had under his immediate command at
least 700 men. r i b hi -- ci: .n ia t ii -hla Ficu ..h-. C
500 of wth',ni w 'i:n,- ," "ihe -pe'.Irc Of li, ..p Ie
thought ii'' i LtFiticni." H .ir,., i \ii ihbreFr.re
equal to thai I' tch I, ,la. i ,uah i hi are b,' :rr
furnislied for this aciic-i Ivs the Secretary nf WVar.r
The General boasts ofa if i:c.r. and ri..le-+[l a.i. .
why the officers present t.-re r-oi br- ,---.r
course, the .-rin.iman.li-r i.i '. It is rather unusual,
for a vietctrious army tc be in full retreat, and
hourly fear of the vanqui led. We venture to as-
sert that the General ha not witnessed such an
event in the twenty-eigh preceding years of his
I rI li n3ry ItlE. In reiplyirr.. -ii. i ,. ]ii.- ti-.n, i !,h ;T .
not Iliu hoe.Bl. afie hole. t.ijit j.. le : ,i I i I a ,

'eight years with-
ont ber (,i' t edea. omand.
Gtcrcnail CIt m [ -ye I ih,ueri
Iha I ,.". 54f0 men Ahrri of1 ]uijsiti,'r .:n ihe
War Depasuimc.ri.,r On 1 ., cl7ar
that four cr.mparcE were; miteald ,i iliree e
asked i..,r; and iristieaJ of ,ed ,oluntieer,,
he had in his only action 5
He trormmendEd, he saj n the 94th o| D--
cember, that the reriiar force i,,nda -hould be
lrncreased io ,,rjU ,nemni" Ace ,,n-, nto the report-
relpe redly referred to, oA e tr., ,., Janlary the
orece in FIlonda, or on i1t ,ray, in-uL.,-,lied it, itiati
iumnben, ana"bn the 1stinfJaai-niv Getueral Sc.in
-- on his a', with power, ii call out anay l,,rce
11 milif )dgc rece-p.ary, a prompter ml-i li .,t-'
t', lt -'nu. Cl I. l
.er,,t.l~i,,. 1 hrge force than (ir, r,,:, re,:ou ,fn.id,: ,
bI, tn. h" tamnely, seridnr the n,ce,. ir, atnilh,,-
ily rlhim, ihat he ligbr ,ft,1 back rrqtl itn,
l l .3Giverruorqof lhe i

r-.. .bt'c-

k01 IV -
c0iwa I. It &
'i clion b to isO b53r

It hav'iiig been geierailly kn.'n i, through
ilie ciLy .and] 1i iIlihbn r)rlioiJ,-rhat Gell.
(CIhnIIl' I wouldd pr-.iiti his npir.l-oiat ii Ic.iui-
moriilt this morning ian 1iiii-iii:,lly ldi-r- ,--
-eli ,igagC' Of I l. ii -. find teileiitc ] hoiti'I 'Id
.this day's sill.iirg, orf itlt- Couiii lhi hllir
presence With CiJpail W.iie r"f he
Qularter Ma'ieji's Depariru nt1i of thi: army
of Floi ii, andr Lioi. Locke, formerly i
comrini-.ar" (f 1'-ii-ii-iiiiPe, the tOitri h.ad
buit lile biiiineN;. 'lit-ir e-tiitiii' being
m o l. ex xpi.tll;lr'''y, and of [lit- cli,jiiciL r
of much ithat liaI- pri,-i ied it, I sh'ill _pa-.- ii
over arnd proe-i:,-l tl say what I know ol
The Genera] i4 I the %iciiiiiyof fift" i,
hair, irichiid to Lre). ,t,.utu -arid C6(c_, \\'i-I.
Slerialn, six ieet in huilhthili, and tor.1 ti-'Ci.e.-
ie, thinat ofone atciiciionied itu ihe exerci--
or titllinority. Fl' ni ihe .occ-,- char.ri-er i1f
his incideiiintal o-ib-w'iatnin, % hiiiist e-iined'
in aittemi-g, ec -hoinlil imagine tlii hi-
health and spirit iit rimtV tlie effeeii of1 hi"
andiv ar'iiori sc-ri itt. in the fi,-l1J,; ni.l
hII.-iugh % ildidr.in from the service of lis
country, he remi'ns tihe pii .csi ft r a sol-
diter'S atnribuic;. There i [.,i-i h.p,, ti,- ri-ne
i theu arn)my or out f" it, whio-e opinioll irl
matters cJniiiiet-id i tih the Sou]iiin l[i-
'.ianlls, could be, so tilvai :.ivi-ci.i-sly ciiti-
lted as hii i % ill the Creelr-; anrid Se-niinrile-
lie i pF 'rniicularly l' iuili:ir. Si.rrriitdi-d i.)
ceiicmslaiicez %%hoL.h ienrje-rrei lire rel,.r.-
lion of hil co1 -i1rtic,4oi ai l oCi-iin,311i-. i.i
thiliose licwho rili nil II, andlJ ,pri:.eiiiii_' i
Frank and flariLsl r-. pirii, he uliig :jao i1 [liP
l'roitgf-t I itgii:gn e L'.itie' iie riilriiiitii'
of ilhe \%3or Dep:iriin:io1 ti- priibalt.liy
,f.i p tr.i-lra hi-d js l -tgiii ''uiar eC)iile'il iil
lhvi-e piliple ind ur-'-'d .1itnily ret -ei.uile
th e r1 q i it il rt'i' i' 0.-iLi i0 1
"-I shall not, Mr. Pr -i;.ll-nll ati.J G-.ii-
ral i'ii prop. UnidJ it) % iltliez;- the i-I'1il
IlH l rod lit'iorv ,tll, i.lt I -i7.11 ii:'[ ino[ ;:A
G(r-iieril (C'litch i ii h-l! Iecoirt or ithe peo-
pile th- h-irh:ictEr ..r dier- rlaiton hi- held io
lire in Ihe Finrid 1 ii 'i. A. .oit-id iii coin-
m lin d hn U i' i o l w t i-" i .rn i _p iet iin i[ Ii.
demnuid dielilnaiiiin at lii] tilne; ui i l lii-1
plie -I ,ill, ih.:rt:l;re, i iii vy.iir per-
ni-.-.ion, ii-pe -ie ti i i ih li-diiiv qi i-
The Generl'% reply p al cl'-'.irly C. unirtna-
[tory .f all ihe .-i eiltrIiti-. aidddiiiicJ li [i r.-
i iiii; t nniiflr 'es, anit' tliol;% i-xnir.'r:iue'j
,c I II -. I flr- r1 inlI It i Itr' hl \ ai- l l'hle i ll
'4c linir ,r n'i ilie- ;rnitlli l l- -1tire ,.i-'f lmjnte i
[lie liori -.d ali i.,,ti+- l. T i, 1 inh-r -
tit': .crtn ifl ''ll niril-i ri''. i t_ il,,: liirii
e\.iir liiioni if It' it urie- by G-ut. M.I-
comnb. He %-- a i..-I'i-li t till i l d ;ii rr'i u-t'
ile prolTer rif 1 irigli rink Iriom ilie Pr-i.Jlirt
liinself; oin I %ho had Ilhii 'llt- illt- r1 ; i,
f'ie in ithe ril-airie aoid [he haminniil; u.ri-
ilicilnnecieJ with the ri'tnlri'e of ri.ilu.iir',
aispirallt oir 'poliiii. l liitpeli;-r', and pre.;eil
ilil l Irom a s.ene-. of" duly t hiS cOiurnitri -
mITIE n. Hie it i- t whom thi- PresidJciit i.1
ihe coirl dir-i.ied [lithe Judg, Ad,.,ii'- lu
propound thei fiilloWiria luesii'n-ir. anil l it I
Was tbho anniexed tiio tely peilineiiit ie-
pine. -

i'il, Ic-d io ihe fuilire of oir cjnipaitnr- in
Florilda, under the command of 'MaJr Gen.
W1iriel.J Sieil .'?
.,iic/:r.--'he \cartli ofl eneraoy nud pilir-
ih'3l foreci"lt in ihe late head of lie- \Vrt-
Dep.irinleill.-The iee;-nly of pro\ imj1,,_
againstl Iii-.-in outra-ge, anlld eniabling troo_,p,.
Io nct proinpfitilid itl-ic-ieiul, giiinrit ilPiei,
was iong- a..i ;].eiie-1 le iliti[ hiih 'ufont-
1II0 1iir' It %lb., old iln i il 100 1. late' 1h1: he
a\vwoke fl'ti hi- dreanl+ iII p.,ilic'il prele'--
inent, and iurneil his altieniiou io blI-edria
and] SuLfit-rini Florila. I 'I:ta- then irnpozi-
sible to do. n -ore it.in expoi-re ia r-imidf 'il :, "
regulars to ini--".ire ; carl ii iproiudjed irid
gal lititi uohiiliur ,rlO ir o i t:'lr aud r -i.ra-
Li.in ; ilie iii.ibili3y tl" tilil goutv-riiini iiii I)
rppfre-s a -j.j',iap iandLirreLitit., no] ih'-
cliar.icter lf our gallant oteficts, 10 -eilri i-
eUu ; ii imi id 1 c'r i'iri. ,
Qturtitiii.-Are the Semininoie; good sol-
diers ?
Ar -rcer.-Yc-s, %nh-n they have the ad-
vaniane ofr arumnd and numbers.

Qbesliijn.lt'-Werc your troops never bea-
ten bL, them ?
.1.:rccu -.- N. %l
Q ir ,_ji-u..--.Are dlieSenirfolt-e il e1 uip-

an tisttlicicicv of ihjt- Lii if iler,
bit 7Jtn~l1 u~l'Of"flt -V%, )ill (iof water,
.;ind saitable cltUiin', an.]d the genera! ,Ji-
[inlt 1, 11 1' c nt lli[i a i ~ a o '. -_i':i ,. K i- li lhL.-e
Q,. .,'-...i--V-.ii- wh water for the. u,-t of
ii1c troops generally bad?
Answer.-It was sometimes so thick that
'i- hutd .ercat drifn yliv ii '\itdli,, rng it.
It was the water of stagnant pools and
marshes, and loaded of course with anima-
SQuestion-Did Major General Scott lack
in 7eal and solicitude ir l' iiiihgin, ithe' i ai I,.
;a i -i]i, i-iit'it i l .ui'iii -
-1 iw.-t N o. *''
T havr liitrw-i touei:her it a roodt'-tn-ed
Sformlir_-airl till Iiht" pri-ncipaij il u erri-,jio-
iie- in. ind pi -,tin.J hel .s;1red ihat i1" iiy
latePrl- ni dot-" iii a-ccord i iili Ihe Journial
of the court in ideliiit-, of' lanicuage, ii at
lea-.t doc; in I f'>iillliil poriilal iire or lile
;pl_ iif ofitip ex'iiinhloiit. I lhiad dd-sigi_ -d
-ikiig lii.ics. bilt an h iih iiiion froni [the
ctiuii [ ilit p' ic--ril ccunrti-o i i-iild bhe
pre',- railhe i- dei.illciJ ofl-ir-i 11 il liLIli i. aiiij
thai rhv- uoi r til] nli--iiaiimliy lelu t-i he
ptiblicl.ilii'-i tif all rc-plFor rf lIt i:. illier cli r-
.acicl', -i-t. 1 ht' I u it ili c dc-ire lii. tiill iiapf .
-i-ly to0 ihe V.'i li Ol'ls dit-li-hiihed andl
lion,.,raibi,_ r,:wilenrien co i-rii4i I-i I it(- court,
I ti> \ '; ltiur illv ab-,_ildiiiIcd lIe prli'pcL I
i.3t e, alo, aliay_; Onired] the intrin-:'diiron
lI maii,-i rel itlili7 i Ihep bit;ii _-;- (if ilihe

,dc-partriietiit--ilhi- tili'hr rl,:-.; InIh]tiri-e fil-
fore ihe o'llr i ti h ilt-dituc ot Ir'l-piii-tlri-
Iton,, &c.: periutd ati1 Fhich -.[ilitis %l't p
Il'i ',-d. i-ridg.e; mid ca:itli a. hlitli, hirrces
lirn-o\ti n.-d, -it nrlh t't. ut'itriiild, tiid ihe
lhiiuzi.nd liiltrilu? i hiu.il lI i-r.uill, ihe
f-irll; minleditl-lIV conct-rni-d. and Ihe
iovternrneilt alone, can deein -if"iniporiantci-.
They are f r('oiir-e e-.;i:iiiitl t1 [he e-tab-
lilihtinent offa'l.-;t [lid Ii u eluc.A:iiii cof the
cie blt thie ire ob iou-iv ly O'I of plc-te
in a i'-t5|.aper--i nidliuni of direct anid
aprl-rtCablh inltllilencte, lOro i i(h' ral im'-
c ,1111 of a ticid adji.ilanil. To lie ac't'ti1acy
of all thrit I h-ae pui, Lli4ed, ih:- cluirr. -ind
[hit-e who hatie v iirie;',e-d its pruc-eding;,
vill, I anti store, readily r it,-il.
Setir :i1 iliithIi liand']-d to ihe Colrt co-
:pie;cfliii otlicirl ietricis i- [lie Wnr De-
plir tii-lil on the .AtiliatI of rhe Srniitile;.
,lit- ti errp' iopi I(i llirn.se Ilitiu-iiiied i,
the A'JiLliinl Gc-ni-rai of" ithe afrin', l.-ific:
the I it P vflu- r tiii tihlai pi- rle nl'i ic'- ri;l .,,l
il li ii'i i-i ..11 Wii ll I or, f- i"i- Joni Ille
Generpil Govei'iiiii:,i. t.ir-iril MalJdiiotlj-
being ,l' ,,t- h- l i .iril" iI ,J-rectillt lit-
Judge Advocaif. i.-u re.iJ ulirin, Geni. C-hil,1
observed, I" ].i lit ii te-d [i-ir.ni, ~ir, Ihenri
is nothing tre'-iinable ii lit Lh.uL"
G en. qe-i, t, oil lii '- c'iiliciii.-.id l'ti_- et \-
imjilu'ih oi' t-i-t,. C(inc-li, rose nihd (ulucctl-
ed, t hat he belilt ed he had no rightto re-
quest an adjournmentt, but that lit- ittiil]
be gratified ity ilr? C.iur iii i-l.C1t1 1 h- at-
set aside a fc i d,., fi.r I :-,.-.i; ih-t i uup i ylI
given. He it-iJ a lit-at' N i'it-ilfiotnt-lilielitu
to revise re-- Lntl au iii ( oiIol-ip, fiid -aitttd,
lthai lit) tit'? n 'illd Ice lol-i i-v tie arr.oi'rt -
mhent proposed. ..
The Prt-idrjiiL onte'r'].J, li il the ('iiri
ivotilI] cOln ti- i ei ele'rv dav ;ft listeii, %uid
'lien ready foradjourinut, i.f ,iili r -t.ii-
Fy its'vill to.-that effect. ThtI, fcr lit i -
efit, the Court stood adloitrc-iied olitl I in-
mrnorrowv 10 o'c.loclc. The. Court stood ad-
journed accordingly.
P. S.-Friday, Dee. 23d, 1 o'clonck- A.
%1.-The Co('i ha-ve adjourned lIo mnl(-[ rn
the 4th of January, 1837, 14 o'lt lock, P.M.


7-L~rKc~ 'V

I /

-- 7. ..... .-........ .. ..^.. ""- "_ ___ _'__ ___ _______
'i __ Z ~~ ST~- __-
I.."_CLifC_1371'. r-, y,,C G. .2CR.

Sii l eir~jint in mi'Inry 1,ir.'r to o r ~ ltlfU. n, srot
.__a ~-_., -_ _-.__: ____.. --^-^..:-=-.r ~- -- a': t-a --- r' r..- --- --- ~ ~ -- --- v -- T- -y .'.-^ -* .--^-' :;: i'z:i -.. ^ -, .. .. .*.^ a--.^i, ^-- ...... ..
.. %-.- -- ,-/.~- __ --- ., E,-"- -- ..- .--...i- 'vri --E? -. L. C.L....... Q rii Le. i_ in to L1 i.l I .e r .o__

',/ : ; = ^ .,nud |,:,p( i. ,_,r ,_-Ili,.I ''.; i[ ;>.'I!" t,,kL f -l...:? a!d 1nrvtGr, C-.'..MDr':, _'Gf,;i l, C;A. ll.he lhole r,.o.,l,, r ,., ,v ,,e hl:,d asle I,,, r eor.b~nn-
I ',- i;tP, .P,:-rsVC. iIv K ,i,f.,-.- F ,-,.,- | i ,.:- .:,r,. H, ,.4..l(,,. -[ e w ./ Ir, l.,, 1 7ol I' l Id r.>, ;,l,ael nela ro 6, enn ',r,- ncr-,
S-'"U]Md.K ill'. "itI ,,.,, "i";.,on ,he i 'tnt ,ns.
,Ull iiip. _',u., ;jut ,. r ', ,.1. lc.--'iii.,j- i'i.j iilh l,,,..',:.t lir -. .:li ,:;.-f ar.l c-i,.--p I'liije fb. ;,- 1 i li h', -n .rer n in tile G obe -,i the l:,, i lg .,ri t,it- 'lf'e pl ,itii,.ri .
,t L,, I '. h lit_,[A. lLI"'
I" I ''I -, \hild ,', i ; it d jL i,,-d ii1 -.ill I' l r-r h ,"; l-r l t' ,.. igii i iir I:.t' L .:ew i ',. e -, ],u rlu rr i g 1o l,e a i n r. 1 l- [ i. t ,to 1 e sh o l d
la, i d II ;I ,:r ,- 1"11-L.-n,- :lg [lh'll rt rilt,:' l',i l,.gtl h lo i l$ l~, i /iX lA"`-I ll l,\ 1- Ihlr-" t io' :i. t shouv Ild- be
t; ,,-, .'lli,'lilfclm l~ur. ,':cPVl(.rI T lii' ilI -'iUt f,0',A
I r i, a d tI lie ol.- ric ie in- ii1 i7 l ra.1, % tile ,' relAi j lh-., rVIT- I .'11,, I 1 I r"l rsl i ,i', t E little*', id I so .so
ari 11. ilibr.-i' I; \ 1 i -- Ktalll i:aI, 11I,,- l.,..,l ( -. abi a Ltra_. e.ttle belo e u ng it for cook- .1 ,r. hi -o r nn ti i, r. i,l,u .ll .n ,p,,l ,., hu. Irul soince0,1%,l l)ri ,u l .ele o; ltr. i,;i.>iz c!hrLne.r,
Ili- xi lie tic-e1;tn Itli4e I 1!i:l I,.ler. tl.)I, I I tli
parlor. ing, with salt and vinegar. .T' 1 Ii.o eh, ln.fue..- el Hi L'nler.-e .. utit wih h- hi I ii '4e i!:iri" I*, ,'i1' l..',n ili. e 1nol the nf,ost
i'm coom to Kitty; Kitty is notice, I I. ..ve The oltener carpets are sli:l.,c.- thc longer 1-c i -peiled 10to do, fr.>mra w ti., 01 i.tii,<'t iI:, 1:-.11 U l es "'** til, h.eieri. 0. that ilhe will nriot do
Kitty." they wear the dirt collects under them and grinds '- ti l 1ti ruc leI].:, un-.tilitr i ,ia. l shil cuitL!in- 'o, l0.1f eI roi- l-' d I ;.-I ti si r.rfv ni ,lIr nown .rn o t Ie
lilll-e iiiertO r( ,..]t ii rhIL rrcl.,lehii-6 "- tuol,-ueco e-
W ell, that's plain and honest: you never told the thread. i.'-,..l to sucLh p.,rt o',I i :a rcl.it'.. ).1 intI,- n rlicei be- elieral-ni. 'h ,l -i ;, '. '.**i h, U ci nn l to
me t is b fore ,\r^ IIP i-T nlr> prlf, hp rit ___ t" l le (if tnlir ri i. d .,, I 1., 11n.1 L-IJIrations in l li i tf 1 ".1 %, ",, It I, l1n.. U[JeL 1, and to
me this before, ihir ;iI'm pleased to hear it, ',.do .bil. I 'i) .irr.irule d i ..i ,ci, p,-fuontirji-,iir ,4 aeL, i tici-lilt iil An l,.r: t..ii,, -lih equipped
w b"l id h l h .' I 4: 1 U l I -1 h d e d i l I l : l.[ S ? h tL h e lf e iI u l i a l r y .
walk in my dear si-, (offering his arm.) Certain cure for the Dropsy.- T.lle cinder To-. n i..I- i,, ,it,,i.r 1 iu,-i, a ar :Lnd hiunr, ,.pinr !.ri A,.Li fe lec enrvicr, i.iiJ hoII iii l.; round of
TThank'ce, I'll do vara well without your as- fromrn the Blacksmith shop and P'.elt it liri.. sift i ll" c-r eh: siaj. i'j i idJ r cri-i.j r iihO,, I -i'l e.xi, bit attitude rtJr nt ii, i6ora, i.,i, fi. t a-surler- anv
Un"Ir~ll~il-I ( t-r'J-rattitudethir it, tiiitL propetr toeor'-
sistance; lead forward ; how notice the pig's pud- it to take out the coarse particles ii ili.- fine a l'r"" tin-. 'rr,-,,,d -I it iiu..t el i'ttc C.,i't...l-d ,i der m eI1e It tl o i c reh...tcn Io tion,- ,ilIul d-rlndfd
dings smelt, M ynheer." cinder in a pint of honey until i- :-h oA ,,)o g1 l ,_t" ,tl,- rrv iJ [.a,,lJ r. w, l lr, ltit tribeu."n
tn.',.l. of'te honey untill n l:,-ith hW I i-I t r-ibe~ he iw1 ,,.Ii-lrhac:p o
6Yaw, they were made by Kitty; here she is, to lay on the point ofacase Lait,.,.nt r,l like .M. -1,rlm ii,.-. l,,l,,1 ,,th,. n t,', rit :,, ,- r i erredrre, Fth lxh 1%. II n ,[,i n.,l ,amt c a c-,p f or
Kitty, the Burgomaster !-Burgomnaster Schlip- pills. Give the patient as much as u ill lay on loii! tl ie ol ,nlt ,.irJd:r ... itn_ 1 iii!~ hu oii. c r 'P u ll ani Gr;iiu. caliig r
penback, Kitty. You will excuse me for five the point ofa case knifb thr.-,- .t;ii,,- a iiav ;i ii ii ,,i *. :I "' iic tr,.p in kIlt.ri., ii,, i flh p 1, lic..e ten p I eir,<,d Lii- nt C-e-;ity or siding .x
minutes ; I see a customer in thile shop. ing noon and ni-ht. This i lui-'. r ii;- 'Jh i' ,i "l "r lai t .I ri% i _., Ir- ir"t ,ru iIcuti i,,h L ( rm:d i.i-epe.ii.., .ide iii-- u ;r ., c. nly 'eclir ir-"
.1 C 11 f rilbb ii c- t ;-.e I ;.n 1,I .-criot III,. c-'- fhc-.f
SLa, MA i rihe,- BB urgomaster Sihlp,'na.Il, .,,i\,_. and will cause the iai:i-lt i- ..h, I .e 1I,-t u ., '1 lh ee 1 hv 'h' I., ,, to c,', -- ,nne h ieior- .,,, 1,.. i;, d be a;to I a ll r
c.oimi an unusual pleasure great quantities of water, both purg ative and i,, i I ,ti : L J I,. .. II a ,.'lic. Id IIt.' -,,,d b, "it,, 'ie- i it..-s l. had been a-tr,, .c a" ,,di-
betwet.n y lrI"-:)4 nd Januar?, 5. 1,o o
I'm coom a courting, Kitty., by urine. The portion may be given according selln arid Iil.,-, -,,.e.,, u ih- unwilliiguiess to re- yii..n t.,,i1 thes-e et wc-h tJa ry, 1ton el i -.iig i.l
Courting and to whom, pray ?' to the operation, if it appears too severe, give main uInd.r rI,: i,-,pt-a.t.,i. ltat 1 so cavalierly cast retcder t.I La t i th retcn -e c d r .i
"9 -') g i v-e-, : ly, ,ri ~ ~ l i o a f r h l e, o f l e n ,o *, .-, h t h a t il t h e -fi r s t !, I, I (-ito : :A d i ,: Av e
'To you, sweet Miss Kitty Kroger." less, if it does not operate give more; continue wontIofd-o-n n I ll ,te' etii so ltfar from home, of b een .
want oUdocntLents &c. &, Imust here beg to state fully C plt rLt with, that I luve- hi r-mr,:d
'Oh, sir; you do me m uch pride?' and she it until the swelling is gone. that I was not o 1olu i : r witness be oreo ,i ie... ier- ofc r,ri',ii-ih i n y t
htIwlntinuti.o rxouft ~n~ coe ofte c- -. .. li or in c-y letter
drew herself up at least a foot higher. The patient may eat any diet but milk, of [ll-*1 offr.II,',Qi' :I.... I rothat ourt he 22d J ii.3 o, ieIotlle unwillingness
it 'there w as, (-,n tlic at, ofI I-I I.I lie'i%% ;I, ye
Yow, you are vara prood, you mustn't be which he should not taste a drop, neither take hound.I ,,1 on i piet! 1 uii. I.rir...iblyi by my fam- re wa, Ct "c-n _E1"" Ci 1. -ni d .eid.'lhe th f11 EDhc-
Sprood when you marry tme, Miss Kitty.' any other kind of medicine while using the above. flY aind frenuds, and far fron thiie noise and buatte of pti.... ., to cej'.ie a ;th the i e] K.iif.on iade iraoni
'wh n ya y t e r k i dh i e si g t- p u b lic ,tlif e ,i -o. l .in cii n tn cAn d ,cf l k n o w bu t ,r l.r C ai ,, 1 th, ee-W p u blhic in ti e
f 7o be-,, nvy-thing you wish'me, dear I have known several persons who have been pulic lfe or i.; i.,i of these A.nI.dQ and buAd,- ,Ie L eh'l e'ij "f re. c._n
nmJI y s e lf; Aw ith o u t Im alic e ,. Fr 11, it- :,W A r,..ta lly o ue A n d h s o w a s e t ,. ,t f e i n s r -, n t t
yheer Scilippenbaek.' cured of that terrible disease by using the above fhbelieveith d e en wiie y oe an ri own se-r -, ,- .I:t .cc'i., .':l ; r1;; :1i.
~~~~nieei ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O' iff believed that Ilhad been wrongdb iOe f u lrd nry e icie i.lj ~ -J:5
T hat's a goot girl; goot by-I'll come again mixture, some of whom were so bad that the thorty, these wrongs hlave not been obtruded on the a ta i a irzd .i i.,'i,. I-
jto morrow.' water oozed out of their iAet and legs and left public; nor were they exhibited before the Court.- tat i rizd 'a*d [ie, iv
'Are ou going so soon, Sweetheart ?'V their tracks as they walked upon the floor. .iiiic, tr:arn[rr.,J while I was before the Court that pany at ey est, which 1 have shown t ai been
Yaw, I mostt go, now I have finished court-- ____ '.,tc.rz, ,J .-.i.jor generall Scott to make the gratu.t- r iolr V, pleaac ide sy .he stmmand, I i, v-irmue p of
lag you; goot day.' R -ar oou. remarks he did, in relation to part ofny evidence tha i ler r72, lea oin, es estatr,, ,_,nt- cI,,p. riidence than
inY (rothaan r 1-f .- ^e ia Schoolroom' calledoranEn nmeleesa .t.,h,',,l,'
g Geni ses.-Scen.e in School when,-nier iig kill his detbnce beforethattribunal, on Calted dorin October, 1 b i4, and .,r t.-_. i,.-,5. I e-
'Wei stay my dear sir; here are some of Ithe Master. 'Fuss class in jografee I' Scholars, which G. %rnc.r .Cass seized with such avidity, and hce it is l retty gcnenrer y kloxi id Ii, I1.. IEu,.i the
hog's puddings I heard you praising; you'll like 'Yeth'mi.' Master, e Tummtas, what's the biggest which enabled him to make several sarcastic flourish- United el- .t t i, ..-,. Weost fornrs part of l'iorida.
them, I know you will, there, yut them in your river in Ameriky?' 'The Tombigbeo, zar; Ike es; but unfortunately for him, they were as impotent ii t i l' i a t at of i-y a
S O ICM a h Ie ,al i, J n d th e llbe t o f In y h a lv in g
pocket; and here are some sausages from Bolog- keeps a pinchin on me,' 'l He pincht me first zar, cnd por'tl-ss as hS other efbrta ,n that line. My ae- en placed i conm'and of al tia t .coi ['-itde,
na ther-e, they just fit the other pocket.' and I pinch't him back again.' Take yer seats ;' i qo n1in w oeprneore tse o is eno c by tu order No. 72, beng .d.,ui.d. i t.nk fur-
Th pni xpesd eoeth orti efrnetiler coalelt olt -prto -eeur ~s:apa
Shank'ee-goot by; but I say, Kitty, give me fuss class in parsin !' Yeth'mn. Moses, parse to his winit ofen-ere snd briari" forecat in thefrn tch c-Lent oi tias par ofti v',orir Cass appeal
a kiss-(buss)-thank'ee-ngoot evening; and Arkansas'-sixth line from top. Ark ark, a ageto enhio!of !- 1"r ,irinii :, war elicited by a i c- s
Arkansas'--ixthhnefi'o top.,Ar. ark,,a age-ment of h- i ilpic-t'n:, was elected by a (,'~..,eei't- I.,-u tells us tchat the force in Florida, in
away went the swain, who had begun a love af- n s ans, arkans, a s s ass, Arkansas.' 'Pronounce question from the Court, and had been formed, after the V.r iLX of' ii35, was iound by -.'pLr:n'ee to be
fair as lie would have begun a bargain for a car- it Arkausaw ; but ,l..,e., you aint spellin,-yer a I observation ofhis o'ficire acts energy, ad enouic-, asr it accouplc iir s obje-cts, andrr led t'ae
particularly on tile occurrences which had taken m uutual arrangemecnt. Lh_- ,. re h ,:t a b er" (,.,, I,:.sa
go of Dutch nimackerel.-Dyke's Tour in Belgi- parsin, child.' O0, yeth'er Harkhandsaw is a place in Florida. This opinion, I believe, accord honest and clear opnon on his t i,,il ae ne-
jurn, -c. noun, objective case. indicativ mode, comparative with that of nine tenths of the officers of the :,rui :c n cle ob t c-e o rn ihe
iesary to kneow te object the Government wished
--degree, third person and nomitiv case to scizzars.' and is strongly sustained by the opinion of the Court to i efct by sending troops into "Fler:da. fit was
A Buckeye Cane.-While in the lobby of the 'You haven't said what gender, Moses.' 'Fern- in the case of General Scott, as well as by Governor erely to nirkean .ire i 1% ite fle: Indians to
Cas'o-y sown erey t havea been. m, ,i.,i a.,hti- In iantt
Senate, yesterday, we observed that A,. Wim-i- nine gender.' 'Why?' Corzitz- Next,' Dnn- Cas' own showing. If I have been nistakena to coiply with their solemn i', pu;at,u,, s at t
11th e p o iific a d rea mrs a n d -_;."t o. ,f ,, ,r r!,,r ', .
bTE,- Icxt'.,r 6 that which had be, .;..rdoh ,1aJi~
s n, who never wears a stick, or any such ap- no.' Next,'Corzitz a shemnate', Next.'d, For- l shouldttave said any thdig that. injured his el-. lt that h ua e nd b, ii, t
5-r~~~~~~~ti, ~~~~~and hudhv adayeii htijie i -l that after tit+, most unt~ring zeal and cXenI'ois-oei the
pendage, held in his hand a cane of no inconsid- gotton,zur.' Come David, you know.' Yeth'm. ings, Iregretit, and ask freely his lbrgiverLes, and if part of cthet osie to wno'the duty of t ,.l a ii, t te
Serable dimensions. It reminded us of thle piece Well, why is Arlansas of the feminine-gender, this is not satisfactory, will make ,any other repara- ra -ln rchad be-n the n a miu i"iberofe
Sof timber with which Dr. Johnsun travelled David ?' Corzitz-wwhy corzitz got Miss Souri tCon that an honorable man should ask of another.- Sem inoleians did agreo-to copy with their tree-
through Scotland. We fonnd upon inquiry that on the norf, Louisa Anna on the souf; Mrs. Sip- Having peviosly stad tht I id no personal ac- ty at a period ore ditat than ltie one i;rst agreed
quaintance with Governor Cass, I am not ,Conscious on. Butcifthe- object of the 6overranent, ii ii,,,e-
in his late tour to the West, Mr. WEBSTER fell py on the east, and ever so many more shemrales ofenertaining towards him any unkind fiel:ngs,nor force into Flornda, was, as understood at Ite tI,",
in with a dozen or twenty citizens of Ohio, who, on the west.' Very well, David, you may go would I .a ,; iif Icould, take from bim the smal- toinduceeIndians to 1 %i thc-eir tod -at-,,
alter an hour passed together, desired to present to the head ; you're a rising genus, and'll make lest honor he has already or he mayi r.',r c :,, qu- ce rr has he s sa p it- te 'al
him a memorial of their regard, which of course, a man before ver mother.'--' Ycth'm.' n his public career, nor cow a straw i his poal inadequaten stow .i[lapi, ht eit as ire
pheath. I have long held his highhterary attainments force would have had at this important crisis in our
he gratefully consented to accept. They chose 'psectt, ali n d lng eeld h t~iios lig h e irvdf
I irmuch t c oI wndianourid Arv, I will leave to tmeidecision of the
a sprig of the Buckeye, which, nevertheless, they Newsp.apers.--There are now about one thous- cultces under-which I labor in being forced before the
did not wish to present until it should be made and newspapers established in the U.t,i. i States, public, by a gentleman of such acquirment and sbr- pdu bc.h f o
pubc-c Iy agenleairof uc acoiruentsani ~r- The following extcracts from letters addressed to
Sto bear a, suitable inscription. It was retained from which are issued at a moderate calculation rounded as he is i.. eli li:r. r Iof'hiliii ., ,t'il-tton- i, A,.- t ,. .Ltrat-o.etrsa r,-t
'br that purpose, and has now been forwarded one hundred million p ii ,., sheets annuallv-, and shielded as lI- ..,I'"'-I l,-r. Ir,:- i1I li- h-i --A it..' '.--. ,- ....4I- '-" t. rktt
l d. e"i, '-ic-i byM- b lt RiDrEwe -A onei ofttieRep which in e t us t d c* h i 7 1i -t mantle of'che II.til e --.T an.n- mll r lc- -o li ie-l (t ee -. iill i'' e'c'. n-i al ti tlee indians,
tt by Mr. RIDGEWAYoee ofthet -which if in one continuous sheet would reach Itr however, in the -....ri tl .e- nse and justice of my will show the disposition madeoth- i-,ll furt.- -
resentatives fiomwthe state. On its mountings times from pole to pole; and if embodied in a countrymen, and will abide any decision they may der my commantid for tihe quiet and ,oic ,r-in c'-the
j is inscribed the following: r. ,.. to DAN- book form would be equal to issuing six volumes think proper to make on thle fliacts which I shall en- country, and the latter rarli f.-l iiir hs
c' d av tolaybefreuhemtry, 'and th wee myter tsar a 4 .r..ho tuh l netl, -ity.ho
j EL WEBSTER by the BucKwEs, July 12, 1B37." as large as the Bible every minute in the year. deavor to lay before them. most clearly what were my views a- li ne y
Frth btcril _,'h.(o'lfetbe reader, I will comn- nn ieireLli
SIt looked, to us, like a formidable instrutment For the better iii-ii.icn of e reader, Will on ofnot wakening the force then i- rt 'i'o
ptloedi to us ike aormidtae frh ,thrt "n T I mence as far back as October, 1834. On thi- first of very urgent "requisitioe fon r troops, to be sent into
and if one might be permitted to putorth the Gratitude.-an Extract.-I remember once that month there were three nominal companies of Florida, ha-loniy been partially coiipii-dwtth. WouId
,,,.' ,f h.h.- ,...:,i.-i-. -,: |.h,... ..,- i,. it e .; that a Philadeliphia merchant many years ago, regular troops in Southeastern Florida, and stationed it not, t ten, whatever 1 may have thought on the sub-
i ',.,i ,.-.,,v. 'i..i... c ,; .. ilhe ,iT,.-i, ,l whose wealth and importance were only equall- as fellows: one at Key West, one at St. Augstin, ethave been folly to have made another requisition
ed by the goodness of his heart and the purity and one at Fort King. In the course of that month h hebpfoltoavridenR dGrqn, fr troops'
n eof hns principles, rescued a mechanic iFom the CtortKinig, f Extract from a letter, dated
clutches of poverty, and what waswi- ..i-. -, the r e ,i -i I-r5-.oting ofthe oSeminoles, amnd "FORTKic, April 1, 1835.
ct.r rlutches,,,ofpovertyandwhata ,, a compliance with the stipula- ",Should tne chiefs come to Etie conclusion to re-
days, the hands of the sheriff. Thile son otf thile tions of the treaty made at PaynesL -"' e move quiety, it will be necessary to keep Ihe pr-irint
mechanliec weal ste orw-d toisrli c-lie from opely a te a sosion movf quiet, Gitwntlibeh iremessa tokeep (l t [ iire--i
mechanic was N,,us,,but old enough to know the Adjutant General, ob ic 't o rising -c- iniis, ntil pr ic-t reovr, as the oi
his father's benefactor.--ii. years after this tract mistaken: .s oh' tc .I,, lln c-themn to comply w.th their .g:. ge-
the merchant fell into difficulties, and at the most CxiepKis,., (ie .i October 27, I88-. nenes.
t-rving moment, when all his former friends had Sire:i-So far frontr. ii iir inny thing lke a direct, Extract ofa letter, dated
-m nr reasonable, or even r:-.I -,t, answerto the questions FORT Kirm, April 20, I.15.
l;.r-tk.on bih,, the mechanic's son now compara- thus submitted by the agent, a majority of influential "I have the honor further to state, fur the intornma-
tivelv wealthy, stepped forwardto his relief. "I cbhefs have openly displayed a tempereand disposition tcion ofilieCGeneral-in-Chief; that I hani Imiade- t-he -
am much indebted to you," said the merchant, in reference totheir inc-ended removal, that folly sat- low;rig dsipositcon of tihe troops piaec ila r Ii". tee.,
"By no means," said the other." "I have only isfies us -hat they are fixed in their determination to naisd; Lieut. Cl. iCol.J`g! -' -iwit four ei-inf 'ti v.ill
,ail the debt which my father contracted at the disregard the ,:,l.',tonn i:,li-,:-cd upon them by thce re-ain at th's post, and during the ifew d ays I ic-v
of Che sutw h treetfthirty tearahensaid treaty. B. h3lit%,,h,i r,. I:, he wilfully faithless, 1e. absent k'oniora, willibetlett mcomnmand. Bre-
corner of Chesnutvstreet,cthirty years ago, when we feel it a soiniciiiuf to i-) -1 rr, p--t-.ill3 to the vet Major antzingnr, will continue with his three
I was just old enough to know the cause of Iir, War Department the obvious inecessity ofimarshaling companies, at present, at ,Fort Brook-, in command of
poor another's tears." The mechant grasped a force in and near the Indian border immediately, suf- the post, and e -I...rg. w til -le protection of cthat see-
his hnd ar d burst aarThino erflodof gras.-pedr f i. r. -imposing to awe these deluded chiefs into iaien0of co-ntry, and wtlh ke-mp .ig the Ind.ians witc-lt
bfs h~nd rid brst nto afloosofmissionor-to their solemn Cp.1rnn wt i
proper respect for and submission their southern boundmry Capt. T[ursion, with his
folk Gaz. "-ar a N treaty, and thus perhaps prevent disastrous conse- company, is ordered to take post about 12 rudilesIet-
E.,~ho:'me.-lMarried at.r Va. Ollen- quences which may otherwise result from theirdelus- weat from -this, and near the boundary iime, where
l~od, cu,1,,n,-,ir Fengraphensteiner, Dutch Consul ion. We therefore respectfully submit for the con- ch-rn are comfortable quarters for himself and cora-
I., thei l, I.iiiii.d States, to Miss At'ary Slansleutte. sideratiorf of the honorable tcle Secretar. ii' -ccm-. that rond, and is charged w.th ee,, i thi indians ehin
This gentleman inc-ends applying fr permission this post be stir-'filth hile tn-,db, ieadditionoffouror five the north-western boundary, and with giving protec-
tocompanics, and -that as many more be stationed at tion to that section of country. Brevet Major ]bade
to add to his name, that of his late lamented and CantonmentcBrooke, Tarmpa Bay, as early as possible. will remain at Key-West, end is directed to give pro-
illustrious z.ni, hr'-1distinguished uncle, the.Tle s irmnagement %,ill lalhrd protection to this post, tectioto the settlements near Cape Florida, and to
renowed-Count Brackgndig I-inferrisstepkpipg- t n,. white settlers around the Indian Border, arin awe. order within their Ilic-ts all the- Inc-ians that riay be
t~glph;,. Von Zih'e-cl.,iibilj, me,.l il.j,,l'-hl~lt.:d-i,- c-hose deluded people intio :r proper respect for c-heir found in that ,~iai L-. r. Crapc-in Drane is ordere-d to
hsky phozzendoed. treaty with the United Staett rn-turn with los company to Fort Matr~on, anid ik di-
J1. B. F. RUSSELL, rected to proceeds, as soon after lire arrrival as prac-tT-
beuiu arl acphgs nene oW.Capt. U. S. Am-my. cabin', as tiar so tih ,i. ."i :U'ciih ,,r Mc-squito rivers, where
A catfulmabl srcphgu, ntndd o M.M. GIRAHAM, ic-is reported c-lure-.e"- ii ig-r iiothber c--i limJ,'ti, and
receive the rec-ains of the Father of his country Ca2:i. Fourth Thii.. to compel them, aiid all cc-hers tic- maly fin-.. I., t ,:. encc-
is now finished by Mr. John Sc-iut hers, marble To Gen. II. Jores, "said river and a noted trading place- on St-.I.Jtit,' -'.
cm-cPiaepiadiabutobprsn- ntreAr/ft. Genu'l. U. S. Armay, WSashiungion ted Volusia, to return within their limits, and is char-
ed by him to c-he surviving executor of the illus-nth course ofra ti,,-'te or two rifter c-he date ofthmis ged with' c-he protection. of the country e-ast of c-lie St.
trious ead. -letter, ctic-ce nominal companies were Sent to Fort John's river. The focnr compaieuis at this poe-c will
trios'dad.The sarcophagus is of the form of f~ro-:k, T'urpa Bay, and not one to Fort King. In ac~t as circumstances may require, anti cani be made
a ,elfbin, and has been chiselled out of a solid N,:,,,iiiin r, 1834, order No. 72 was issued, one para- comfortable at ve-my I itth, or no ( p, cie, to c-h:e Goy-
block Pennsylvania marble, soc'a-~cl .,.=1. as to graph ofwhiich dire-cc-ed meto take command of aih che ermnaent. I cannot chose thi. h.:, tee, ,omnrtcn:i[oti.
adluit ofa leaden coffin. The lid is also marble troops in Florida, as will be seen by c-le foltowningex- xvittboit g" ti, git as my h,eiided Ocflim,,l. thint ti,.I u
ol tl~ pu es hi en s a d th f n st te t re tract: (i DIJLR N I). 72. soldier shouht be ordered Ir a.. I' Ic_,r.d until d':, c- chit
el te puestwhitnessandthe ines teturc-- ADJUTANT GENsLrR,'S Onrc-icr. ) remioval of tfme Itndiains, as [lit- c,-Mt ti --..c-.' t-' r :- .,
On, thli is most delicately sculptor-ed the Amnor- It o. ..c...,,,. 'i-ic. 24, 1l:.f4. miniishlng c-le present forte...:,0.ch.t u-e iv, r) I. icg.
ica t, eu-,elc suitn-hili upon a shield, beneath, which ,"Brevet Br;,nitl,,.- Cc-tie rac-l C'ic-li, Colonel, of c-le I would also r--j,,', ,1.,l r.t~ggc.t th bl- .est t.f5ui llt.
s se ne, dh aper-v r,.epr-esenting the flag of the U n- 4th Imfn c-ur:.. is Icl thie [cc-c -i-t. :e,,iined to c-he coin- jng up c-le cotm ptciiies in F h.r dc-a liy ih 1c I e Ni eo\-e~ l,,
i-.n su-jc-.ilcl,[-,er', the top of the shield by an irand of all c-le tr.uiie Statt eenid in Hl-ride, arid will The recruits intended for c-le five companies here, and
ar-how. Thme fleecy folds of the banner, with the take post, &ac. th-ei a- t -t aron soudbeset. rett
bi-ight and polished stais upon it, are beautifully i i ii'"' '. A, '.',...-.., (.iere ai:. I,,. crt.' ,, t,_, tic,-en r,- I-i" e" o- ,-
done, and are highly creditable to the sicill of the After ",-., :nr assured the comnriund, pursuant to Governior Case- says, inl another part of his appeal,
artist. Underneath the shield, tei e\,,l "YiV-_:t- order No 2, I wrote on the 25th December, 1834, that there is still htghe-r rauthiority. if 1-i.,-.sl-hi, fec-r his
INTON is cut in sunken letters, s,, ji-rhe,_ tlvy ,.,a to c-he Adjutant Genera:l, and remonstrated against justification.hsef heasdIc- is theth maiuauthmority bie theGneral Clcnehb hch
and neat as to give a feeling of entire chasteness c-le small forcec placed under my c-onic-cc-i.l, and in htecf eakda Ienauroi fch oc ,,rh
to te whle.The hildelpia Iquier, romr,-.il'v, was informned lh it Lli services en Ik-c-r.d were could be wanted, eleven eoniprinmes, or flee hundred
wt-ithe whoe. deieThes paricla rsl adshtatInq i ner fr -iome.--,,l.r, o. importance. and c-lit et a::,s uncertain and fifty men. He ru-ceived nine (t-e.1r-t-i[.i, r- f,. c-
whih w driv tesepaticlar, ddstht i1h -,u, htt ailnlauc-t ilee- force might be increased, which hundreds and fifty i, ni, e.,ndceetleec-ty to onal,- c th.'- ccc.-.
the course of a few days it will be sent to rulcctt clearly imeptied that whatever c-he number nilgirbe an< fr'om Key -, c-f ti,,kimi_ ie- hiundre- -.l n.n '.

Vernn.-A er.ugmeemte-tto, ,o~u,,ldH eac inji leuu 01miril----------- 11 -- .. .
V ernon.-hAm er. "e nt22d n ry, w 5, Iaddre sd. a I, tt r ten thl Ad- bee-i shown that ,,it thu .--r e.l ,S t,,l hefor n ,it ,,pnni, S
A N,.c-th,",n correspondent observcs,--I"have jutant General from.which the following is ex- or five hundred i,. t,,,ce thre-t r l eurl, -,
often"not iedadv rtisem entsof W a -r e s th i t- Ct ei.am ounting in ric to not m ore than one hlciin drcd m i-te
rag Machines," and reccommends that some FoRT Krrc, 22d hn., 1835. fit for act-ye service werttoeic ..ti pa Bay ; and on
should be sent to Florida for the use of the troops ,,Sir:-l-wrote you a few days since, via. St. An- the rfqeu-'tui" hix COwl'anios. or three hundred
a in st th e In d ia n s. W e c a n a ssu re o u rI-'-it, l as th e letter m ay n o t rea ch y o u as S oo n m en i-h _.r ,iii p e h 're rat le-el ig .ne h ein d red an d .
aar- 1 t [Ih.' ,-gular m ail route, have thought it proper sixty m en fit tbr duty, v. cr,4.r i, atl o F.,rt K i "';- fi,; e
pond entcth at W A RR E N 'S T /ira i n r imachi nes ti Cv i form ed part hun dred and forty hess t h -,ne i e .I l,.d Io c-r in Oc tob er,
pone ha WARRI 'S 1-/t" ..tt1 l] ahiesto write you again on a Z". JJl-l- : "V"J.ied a'd frty esstn d'dt hrtls
or indians have been in active use in Florida, ofiny last ccnii.il- .t;vin-f. In that communication.......r l miind id c-rtioss
ev r" 2-d J in,rN l n rN (Il
e v e r s i n c e th e w a r T h e y a r e s i m p l e i n t h e i r I s t a t e d t h a tr i f i t .i t h e ,i t e i io t o f t h e G o v e r n m e n t O m it h i iG ,kr d rfao rso n ti n I l '2 d itu r., l" e s g r- m h [ 1 1 1 f
structure, much like rifles, and v ery destructive to remove e the Seminole Indians west in the spring, fto ocrileir Cass's o x-n 4-r e-t ut h cI
% Ic-en let off by Crackers. Besides w which w e withi or w without their consent, it would be necessary of com panics. I think c -. ,i, th.r ii 1-c ,!so umine-
have MILLs, superior to any northern invention Il lu1 o1J),;om, to send four additional companies to cessary. He says that en. Clinch's estimate was
this post, two to Fort Brooke, and two six pounders four com eaies. 1 admit cle f -K. i ii I t e..-li nitifi htr
for thrashing-indians Withlacoo chee- -San Fe- to each post. The more Isee of this tribeof t lndans, co rpa nies, had Inot arighet to e m';; ,t the:.l te vigilar tl.
lasco &c. to wit.-Jacksonville Cou r. cthe more fully a m n! convinced, that they have not the r end uit;ring head of the Waur [Dep ,atrtm ient %oil.Ih hc-%'o
least intention of fulfilling their treaty 't,[,ul ,t oe ne enu- ,,e th. eli companies to have been filled to their
ru p 1 o d o by a strong ,er force thanI m ax l 1u im .
Cotton wool, wet with sweet oil and I-a ,.agoriii nules.s ,.um, ltp,-,o do s- by a son o rcech max mu strength" Tha. U th,- y i%% ere noteso filled. no
r e l ie v e s t h e e a r a c h e v e r y s o o n m e r me r t e h- t t m i n d s h a v e b e e n. s o c o m p l e t e lyn m p e r s o n h a ea a b e t t e r o p p o nUti li t iN olh I l an'i e t 'i i g i t o .
f l n v a n d m i l k s v r o d o o m ; p er-V e r tc d il !, e-t s i o f m i nc r u ~ t -d c-rrc d e e -ig n i n g m e n s e ll*. A s G o v C la s s .-q 'in s- t-, t h in k th e 'c o t nI P : in y a t
kones a er y f....;u'nthat no itr--trtmA c,:n c-, r c -comng %illl have le ast in- -V Wis--Iof "such 1 leirc I, or -eel-I...... rIef e "to it so o f-
st ro nev a nd nailk is vcry g ood for vv~r m s ; so !fluence w ith dt em ex cept the argum ent of force ; and ten, I h i- ,. I w ill b( itin II noti t e

Dc_-r2 /-*

The G(lobe,

- kLOcs hk innf



J, 13,1837.
I have seen in the Globe of the 15th ult. a long
article over the signature oflewi: Cas, purporiir? I
tv be a defence of that gentleman against certain
iip.uiL'ti..n- in regard to the operations in Florida
lt.i.- citi-.-." of War. In noticing this very
plausible and diploniatic appeal to the feelings of
i.i' people of the United States, which I feel im-
,.- I to do, from a sense of justice to myself as
well as to my fellow countrymen, I shall confine
myself to such parts of it as relate to my evidence
'-, '. ,.: thie Court of Inquiry, and to the operation?
in Flirida, while I commanded in that secIon ci[
country. To enable the public to form a fair and
hoo st opinion on the subjects under consideTation,
I sball .\hiliht a pi-,in, unvarnished statement of
facts ,.i[.i.,,,J in Itti[.r-. addressed to, and received
from, the different bureaus of the War Depriiment,.
with a few brief remarks on the most important
evwnis that occurred, from the date of the o'rder as-,
signing me to thp command of the iroop; in Flon-i
*da, up to the time I wasrelieved i-i that command
by, 'r-*,.r General Scott. The first- object of r
Governor Cass appears to be to enli.i the ?tripa- ,
,-i .-f the public, by trying I.- mrmike it apepar ihat.I
., k; I been attacked ail injured hI. rr.v- If arid
S'il.a I expresses his unwillhi;,Iie.- to remain under
the imputation, il.at I o c-%r letl.) cast on hlb*-
complains of ht' hen,. far from home, o:' wan, ot
d'.7 n. r-ii &c. &c. I must here beg to sKaic thai
%. s ioti an officious or volunteer witness before
'be C.uri of Inquiry. The summons from that
couri I.;rnd me on my plantation, surrounded by
ni\ rai.ilt an,1 frigid, and ltar frmin bthe noise and
hbitIlf ,i public hInl or polmcal eclienement. And,
if I Ln.,i, rr.t-elt, wihoui m3lce or hat- againmi
.i ..Lc r i i.t...A I hid beer. wrongedI
1. ',i.. in aulhi-rity, the: ,' wrnrgs- hI nit be;i
ot> tiIc.l ion the pulilic,r, r wre lih-y exhibited be-
Ilp il' C.'urt. Nollting ianr-piril ulile I Inx
bcl,.'r the coart that auihorized Major Gencral
Scoi itc make IhN gratuiious renriaiks he did, in re-
lalion it. part of my evidence, when summine up
1' d(,. ,Pcee be-lore ithat tri L.tinal, *on .hitch Gc.-v:r-
nor C'ass c-o,zed wilh .'uch a\v.ly, and whieh
enaLiled hilm to make several arcasnce floorisht-,
~bl,. inlf:riunniely (or him, ilh ,texe as impi-eni
and poini-., a.. his other etffioris. in that Ine-. MNi',
acuairttari-ve -;,i Governor Cass ii eniLr'el, offi-
cial. The opinion I eypresse't t.'.rue it e cnurt in
reference in hi5 wart of e nerv and military fore-
casti in the management lo the Wau- Department.
sns elicited by a question fri-ct. ihe Courl, and haid
beern irformed, after a close obervaunn of his offcial
acts generally, and particularly or, the ocritrrencvs
thai had taken place in Florionda. This opiau,.n, I
Lbelihe,- accords with that of nine-tenh.hs of the L-rh-
cers of the armyn; and s15 strongly sustained bv ti
opinion of he Court In ihe case of General Sc,.t,
as well as by Governor Catl's own shotins. It
I have been misiakern as to the plitical drearri
and a;piralions if Governor Cas. andl ?hould have
said arny. ihing that injured his feelings, I regret i.
and freely ask his forgiveness; and if this is
not satisfactory, will| make any other repa-
ration that an honorable man should ask of
another FHa;ng previouslv stated thai I had no
personal acquainiancc with Governor Ca", I am
not conr-cioii. of enleitaining towards him any un-
kind ieclng;, nror would I willingly, if I could,
take r,.,n him ihe smallest honor he has already or
he may hereafter acquire in his public care-er, nor
Ii:hro.' a straw in his polmical path. I have long
li.1, its high literary attajrimeni-. in much respect,
arnd ftl conscious of the mar.v ditfficultlies under
which I labor in being forced beforc- the public, by
a gentleman of such acqiluirements, and surround,.d
ashe is by the ghtier of high official station, ar.j
shielded as he -sill appears to feel himself It the
mantle of the laite President. I have full confi-
dence, however, in the sound goodi sense and jus-
tice :oi mIn countrmen, and will abideany deci-
sio lur lie may ihink proper to make on ihe factis
wih.ch I shall endeavor to lay before ihem.
For the better nlrn&mati,,n rof the reader, Iwill
crinm'rnie as far back at October, l134. On the
tir l o1 chat monLh there \nere thiee nominal cc-ni-
p. rit e. of rtfular troops in Souihealemrn FI.oidna.
hind ;atiiried is follow: one at Key M ,et, W rie at
St. Augusltine, and one at Fort King. In hir
c.,ure of that month, Capains; Rui.sell aril Gra-
ham, Lrhen at Fort King, after wiines-irig a larse
meito a l, the Semmolei, an.d their ltr,-nr diliLe
IL a cor,,pliaiw.- with %he $iipiauc.ns O0" the treaty
made at Pavte's Landig, iOte iI thlie AdjtIant
General, irom which Ihe foinOmng extract is

CAttP Ki., (Florida,q October 27, 1834.
9iR. .o !',, from _nving any thming like a deiect,
rli-tta' te ..r ?eni rcspectNui answer to the ques-
*jit shL., ',,tymiti'led by thc- aenri, a majority of in-
.;l'.i-;.a ..l.l I.ast; openly li-played a lemper and
i,.r"c 11on rin i-ri. iri',e to their intended removal,
List tri] ''1 13 ii- h3t tiey are flxed in their de-
'arriinialn.,n 10 ilidrg'ardl ie oblilions inimrp-.oed
up, r. :ir-.n t th,: .i.il treaty. Believorn ihrrn to
I-,. I.ull, 1 tl.-h1 ; Li_ Ifrel it a ollem n duty 10to
U:',.nt r-r,-pi lIr'l ti lie War Deparuntmeni the
't;.cuT r,, c,--, .i[ r. nartshalrin a force irt ard
r.-ar ih, Irl..,n tli:..-i uitnedialely, sufficiently
"(u,-.','"r- 10 1w1P tire-L dJcluLt.d chief's tito a. proper
'b: ..,. r ra .I -lucnl. ii.i to their olErnn irei3ty,
njr-i fii ,Ih-.., ,ir v, i di1 3-_ii..us (onseqitences
S 1.1.. i1 ..'i1i..; -.. r-,_.iti l'romi their delusion.
'V,. dirrii,',! r v!r,.iiii .w i'i .niat for tlie con-idera-
ri.',i" ,'[ l-'. li... r. l. le ,' iitijr of W ar, that
i ': :l. ho? :irer, 'lit-n.,ii c.3 the addition of four or
,- A r.,ru-pr.:, PJ, thaliti a, many more be ,ta-
Si.t,.-,,i (.' Car.,ti.iiI, 'il Br 'hke, Tampa Bar, a~
c ,-,i .. i ,le. Th,- n-aria,-euiEnt will aforil
[.r. :. :..ri h, il.' p,.I,, i- it ti, -teeiir' around the
irt '-n brd, r, ,ril a, dthoze ,i-.ludeo people mini
a I,-'',: rt -r,-P t for tl-.eir ire 1v Wiih the United
Slr-.s J B. F. RUtLSELL,
C'alL U. S. .'lniy.
'x Ir. M. GRAHAM,
Coarl I t'i.i, lt h fi tiii.
T,. Gen. R. JONES, .
G*.;* enl. V. S. Jlnini, liliigi.
T i'., .:.it.: ..: cf a month i tivo alt-r the date of
this iutter, three nominal (tmr.,'anie_ were sent to
Port Brooke, Tampa Ba3, r, ind rit orie it Fort
Ieig. In November, 1834, order No. 72 was is-
sued, one paragraph of which l;i'r ,t.d me to take
4omtnrand of all the troops in Florida, as will be
seen by the following extract: ....
opD. ER, %[..r' ,A,.- T .. '. t ,' r ..r'..,
N o. 12 S. IT".fil-' 1 .. V,.:... .]
: Brevet Pr. ri. er GeiiEr;-l Clinch, C,.lonel of
IhL 411. infantry, i; for i.ic prre:i.t, a ie:t.;l t c I ihe
.narn.,] of all the ir,.p0i. tat,,aed in Florida,
ai.d till ltake pt, c.
(Signed) R.- JONES,
.8dijutant General.
SAftir liv-ivin asitnied dic- e-n'irn.anl, purnuarjt to
orcer- N 7-2, I \i r.te on tlie :-5ih Decennt.,r, 1834,
o the Adjutant G'm.fral, and r.-ni.:,.t.iraied a-air1.
ie small force placed under itr', c.-mriand, and
reply, was informed that ui-y .i:i 'w.e in Florida
,re considered ofimportance, and Lhat it vwa- un-
rtlain to what amount the force might be increas-
which i': early implied that. lat.%er the number
litbe anigm.cnr ,.d tI, '-ild *iiii retain the corri-
t On the 22d January, 1l35, I addr.-.. e.l a
,o ihi AiljUiriL General, frc-nu r bich the i't-
g ...tracid-
Frr'T KiNo. 02d lanuary, 135
SIr- I ivL .' it;,: I> \ U a t-. fv dla% s sirce, i-a St.
a.gustine, hut as the letter may not each you as
-s by iii- rieular maJl rule, I ha.- Ithoighl it
v i 'o "otu aiain .'.rc a subject E-hich f'orm-
y h' ct'-.,inur.,raiion. In that com-
3r, I staled, Lha it i vt as ihi: ilji.-Jlion ol
"crE e lit 1to rctn.ove the Seminole Indian.
.-die spring, iiih or ithoiur iheir ccrnent, It
br iic :tsari in it ,.pioni.n, to10 cerid four ad-
I c.i,.pali!eI i, [I p t,[, Iwvto 1 F:,rtBrookd,
1i.'. p",l-iin-r i-) eacli p.:,'i. The more I see
,s i i l:.. of Indians, the more fullyam I con-
d, thatthey have riil theliast inteirin ol'l'fulfil-
ihlir ir,-ai) 'i piilt.-ns. unl-,s compelled it.
'I0 L.I a Stioliiler 'lilCe thau uuitrr ieord/. Their
ls have been so coinpleiet, perterted b- a :L-i
ineresfed and ?e-is'nina men, that no argument
r rea-r:,rn.- nwIl hase ihe led., LrIrluencewith them,
xcs,.pt'the arrumlrrit of Iorce, andl if a sufficient
military force to overcome them, is not se i in tom-
the nation, [hey wil 'not. be removed, and the
"wihrl- fruitier n-1a, be laid waste by a combination
of the Indians, Indian negroes, and the negroes on
the larilaiii..i.. It is useless to mince this ques-
tion ir -hbi-u I be met, and met firmly, if their treaty
is to'be carried into effect; and I do not hesitate to
state, and 1 do so from some -.mrall kr...wiedge i.f
he hlu,,r, ch.iraicier, that a larc. rmajorily of tl-s
nali..n i', lit I,. h,- most d',iait- idea of" goilie
i e.i, and that they will not ,i .:., url-ss cointr i -
ld1 -.v iio.:,n, tnili ri f,.,io.;. I have therclf...,-
fr-i it n y L.Iy t., tal -, ]:t,..-iwn o ihe G enkial-.n'
Ch ,-f n- 1 ir :,- or, o l i. .uilt,I,.(t ar.i in call flOI a
,ill ri itil irt t.-lr ,- i-.l', ,-, -p.4,-it:lf Cequirpe,: |.-ij
r,. ite i,'Mll 'ci vce, ,i .nd not with iliirteln rouli.-j
,i c.'tirdin'-c per mar,, i Io a' to. enable me to asutii.
S, allliuhl, lhat n.- Gi.i..-rnr eriit n'av ihinL propel
hi ,,hiil' ]0C 1.1 r3l;.:, Ih lelaihOrlIo Ihj' w llfnlly ,e-
luI.' :it ir ." r t this wilfully -
]'rni.m i,.h it will bc aicn, thai witib a copy o1
the letter ol Capt'sr Rusiell and Graham, calling

for ten companies, I urged the necessity of sending
Sit additional companies into the country, only
four of which were sent, amounting in all, to not
more than one hundred and sixty men fit for ac-
tive field service-nine companies less than had
been actually called for between October, 1834, and
January, 1835. I do not mention these facts with
the intention of inducing the reader to believe, !
that if the first Tequ;sition hadi hate been fullyt
complied with, that I should have required the fuil
number of companies called for in my letter of
the 22d January, but to prove the unwillingness
there was, on the pant oif ihe head t:f the War De-
partment, Lu c .niply. with the requitiuiion miad'e from
Florida. Burt Governor Cass tells ihe publi' in
the face of these fein-, and builds much of his de-
f'etice on hi-own a-ceri,,un, hai four cci.iparlie- w-ere
sent inio Fklridaou my requisitiorn fi'he Q2d Ja,-ii-
ary, l,35, and that I was; authorized 1, call I' my
aid the company at Key WVet, whicl I late -sh.,wni-
had been previii-liy placed under mny couniuaid, i
ty ViirtiLle Of Order N.-:.. 7-2, leaCie. as he .talt-sI onen
comnpatyless than I called for, and nine le-'ihata
had been actually called for in Ociober, 1F34, an]
January, L135. I believe it tL preiti generally
known by the people of ithe Unrutd St3ali., that Key
Wr.i fib.-m- part of FIcnida. Tha ft bfact eing con-
ceded,arid the lfact ofln having been 'lacel in co.'in-
mand ofall lie troops iin Florida, bt t rlie iof Or-
der No. 712, betrig adnitned. I ihink fuciher (orn-
mentcin its,= par, tf'G.o Ca;.& appeal i ur-, rilti.,u-.
Gveroit. Ca'. tells uL that the fIore inr. Flhn. ,
in ih. spring rf I135, swa- found L. e pernrne t,
be erntigh, as it accoipli:hed ii- i'bjct'., ari led
tit a mutual arrnarenJ.-rt. Belfore the pullie can
pa..s an honriest anrd clear opiruon orn tlis iuJbt.Ccl, it
will be nects-ary to krn,-.w the obL.ict the Goserrn-
merit wil-,ed to elTect t,% cenrnst Iuops ihtO Flori-
da. It it \wat mereivy t' make an arran.neirint
wilh the Indians i-, comply witvh their soleni traty
upitlauions at a time beyond that ihich had t.,en
agreed on, I will admit, thai after the mo;t Un'iLr-
Irng zeal and exertioni ori th- part of ilih-,sc to sbm
the diuy of makcin- that arrangement had been:--
s-gned, that a number of the Seminole In.lians'j.l
agree to comply with their treaty at a period more
distant than the one fir.t agreed on. But if the ob-
fect of the G.overnmen, in mending a Iorce iilo,
Florrida, was, as inderidriic(.,d a ihe tunle, t indu.'e
ihc Indiarns uto comply with their treaty, it has.tirrn ,
shown, by sad experience, that I1 was t,,tallv in-'
adequate to effect ihat purp.ose. Wlihat effect a
larger force would have had at this itporiant cri;,.
in our Indian affair:, I Evill leave to the deicsicii I:'
Ihe public.
The following extiracts from lettersadrlrei.ed to il,0
Adjutant General dated on, the 1st anI 2(ith Apriil,
1835, previous to and atler the arrarseneri', ahove
alluded Io had boen erniteied tfiro E'vil1 ihe Indian,,
will show the disposilion made of the 'mall f:r-'e ,.
under my command for the quiet andl pruteclt'n o'f
thecoutilry, and the later parasrapli of each I. cr I
shots mo.t tleai l'v w hat were my \ii--i as to ihe
necs.iiy of riLt v eahlenin' the force then in Fl.I:.-
irda. Tiwo ery urgent rtquisiiori I. or troops, .:,.
be serit into Florida, had onl) been pantialJly cr.m-
phlied IM-h. 'Would it nci, then. w-hale-er I na:,
have LhcuEht on the subject, hace beefriloly I-, lhav.
made acLriher reqiihiitioi [or inm-ore ti',,p-?
Ertrt(l frnin a ell'.r, ddlrd
"ForT KING, Apr, 1. 1635.
"Should the chiefs c.'n-,re 10 ihi. conclusion Ici i-
move quietly, It wdill be necessary ic..Eep the3 pre-
sent i force in Florida uniil ihe\ remo',ee.as the onli
means of co-mpelling them l compl-Y. vi th their -n-
gage nieni ."
ElracJi 'nti a Itlhr, dalcd
SFor-c KIrio, Apnil -20, 1I35.
I have the honor further to 'tale, f',r h itnit.:.r-
mattun of the General-in-chief, lhai I hate made
the following di'position o'f the troop piacerd under
my comtandl: Lieut. Col. Fannmitg, with bifour com-
panic;. still remn irn at ihi- pr,.;,, aril `uring th.-
I'ew days I may be ab.eil lr>..m Flirnda, t\ill L,
lell in command. Brevet Majl Zarizinger -v ill
,ontinue %&ith his three co:,nipatii:., at pre4-fui, at
FOrt Sotoke, in cItritnand of ithe it, ariI cha.c.:it
with ihe pitieint n ot that I !Lt-ectirt. f o ..uiirf aill .
With kcepinr,2 the Indians niihin iheir zo'ihcrii
l:h.,,:uri dar\. Capt. Thru-ton, v1,ilj h,.. cI,,nmpairv, I,
ordered to lake p..sit about iwelOe iule- nrh--i.:
Ilin ithis. arid near the boutuidar line., were ih,-l. -
are comcfortiable quarter for hinmscll'aniid ccinnainl,
and is charged with keeping the Indians Wsitbiir


V-)r H ) <"-~


their northwestern boundary, and witnh giving pro-
ltection to that section of country'. Brevet
Major Dade will remain at Key West, and r:.
direcLed to give protecrtrn to lie 'etlL.'m-.nflu
near Cape Flotida, anid it' dril:r 1.llii iheir hiouL-
all tle Irliarin ithat n-.9: be-o l-ourid ir. that ,'U3r;r
-7 piano Drarie is ordered to return W.it hi- cum- ]
pany to Fort Uarijon, an-t .- drzeld to prrceed, 2.
',.:.r:.n aftc'Ff7i arrival at ihat post a.; piacucable, a
lar -tLutni t Indian .-,r lIus.qtio rc'Et-i., nhre it
is reported There. are a large rnJnibc, .i" Inrlinan.
anJ to coinpel ihefm, and all oih-'Ii t rhay inJ kdh-
* ,:-,.'n .ai.l ril. r and a noLd tra.hdin p.ice orn St
.tsari. called VL.iluia, to reiurrn v.,iliir n ileir L it',.
aid tis chal:ei witih ihe prei.hon of F ili[ ,:1',un'r,
..act of the St. J.'ohn.. ri -er. The i-f.ur couIpanie-
il ith, post will act a' Circtiinristiir tnay rquiir,
and can be imadle c,,ni'urtablie ai cryi little, :r r,,:
e,:pene to the Gov.rrnn'ent. I canrt cl..-',: d,
liaily comrunnitcation, without gi'.'irn g. Ei rrn'V .l-i-
t-d opinion. 'hat L not a '.Idier -Iucilt be ordlerrId
Iroin Flonla nlii altier l'e remot ,n l :'l tle irilhan.,
as the lea: nitore towards din'tiinihtne I'- pre-, zi
Fl'orce would ruin e tvry thing. I voul.l a lu re.ptct-
lilly iiu ce.eti he rec,-w.;,v ol liin, tip the .'.nipa-a.
ides in Fir-rila by the inrt N,-'.iiitr [r. Tlie r e-.
crum; iteniled l...r the fi-.r ct,.ipanies here, and the
rot-rtarny at Fort Mari'nit, .houJid be ',nt direct to
hi. St. John., and landed at PcoLiaF, where they
co'ild be marched To Their i.:,pc.tive posts."
GoverntorCa.-.saic, mi anc:th.,r part ol' ]it appeil,
thai their it -w ill higher auithc'ri, F p'OiLt.le, I.r h,-.
inmicniention. I" i is lie auih'rat of General
Clnchl hjmsEfl' he ashc-l, as the maximum of the
loite which eoinl. be wanted, eleven companies,
or five huride.d arid ti',' men. He receivt'd nine
rornpn;riies, or four hil..!ied and tifi) men, an.-i
rnuihority ,10 ordJ r tll-e con.par., frr:'m Key Vei;t,
irnidl'ng ft e hundreds men." N.'',i what arc. i1,
facts, a', pretil.1sV -shown I-Y me? It has been
shown thai oin the reqi]ti.:n ior ten companies, or
u. nW hundred mnen, lhat three reduced companies,
.anw'- uniin. in all Ti.: not more lti-ii t, ii n h nri-'l
:,icn tit fr active ertieice, were seti i.:' T'. ipsa B.3.,
r ,ni ilr i1e requtsiir:'r for six c.uLri-ri, ilhr,:,:
:,undredl men, IoIur c.Jmpanrie, r,'it e.'.c-:,''J i ,'nr
-iindrert antid ixt3 nun fit far J,.y, ieri c':nii it.
Fort King; five hundred and frit,' les-. than was
asked for in October, 1834, -,n.i Jin uary, 1835,
and one hundred and Corts iles- han I asked, for on
the 22d January, 1I35, agrFEablI to'Governor
Cas-'s own eilmat'- "I the stre-ngihofcomrpante. I
ihink comment here is alic' urinrece'ary. He sas,
that General Clinch's e siinaie ass f.:,r r'iiparni,;
I alinit the fact; but in F illattria- l'F-r ritil.tiir',
had I not a righl lu expect that the t itilant aid un-
irnng head Of the War Depaittiinit witil.1 havt
caused these conpanihe- io have be. i fiied i ib..ir
UmaXimrnm strength' Thai they ,ere nort it filii
'..to person had a better *pportuiivy o> l'n-,winii: than
lint-'ellf. As Gc'verrn:r ('as.s 'eeuts io think ihe
ce:,iparny at Kery Vest of 'uch irnpo.rtancr, and i,-
imere tic 1 -o oftein, I hope I %%ill t- par-dr,'ned for
again notncing thi- part of hi, appeal. He a,, s
hal "'General Cluich himsiell' considered a le;-
ltrce than that he named, or even a I1.- r'ice than
rain placed at lIis disp_-rai fig the Gu .eniieran,
adequate lo the ,,bjeci. he had to aiair.. He- dil
ri-l.call i1 his aW! the orinpany from Kev West,
arnd it I, vcrl iniprtrtant ITr thi:i tqu iry t.', It jiaLIrk,
that u hle General Clinch now accti:.s the Gvern-
tue ,it' ro icgleciins, hi; applica'io:n 'or a r..-,per
i'.ree duriinnr ihe ulole ea.oii, the ceipany ai
['-.e. \Vfi, plaice-I under his cominandi the pr-c.'-
ding Fehruat alntot in sht -oi cf Florlia3, and n'ot
inoie thari one day's sail Fr,:m it: sh'.ri-., wxa. lelt
Lby, him on that ilan.ld, arid never reachtei eli-e ,phei-
ofhis command until ile 2lr Decemtber. Theorder
authorizing General Clinch to call it ro his aid,
nuit. Late iaeLed liii The begirinin, ofMarch.
lDurirng nine mrtih', then, deducting tie few days
nece, saaiy to ccn-,niunc'aie his ordt its to :j>.r
iPade, arid lfor that officer to cross ',.ei- to the ni'ti.
land (c" Florida, General Clinch ccortitercI bis
force sufficient, or he was guilty o thiliat neglect
1 ahicti he now charges to lih' Goterinnient. But
Iill furlihet: General Cltrich, in his leltte' cfthe tirsl
April, 1b35, after slating ins bel-t that an arrange-
nient woul'l be made u which would quiet the in-"
dians, and. would be satiafactor'v Ito Ihe Go'vrrin-
nient, savs that ch'iJld the chief' ,re to the con-
clusi''n to rrnmo, cqul;etl, it would be .t;ll neessar',
-o kep thlie present F'cict: Florida. "The chieF'
'lid cons.-ni to ren.'v.', andI the th,'r t pleter, tore'. -
was kept in Flortd.; rnoihin, tu,.rc iheni id G.:neral
Clinch demand."
I have made ilhl; 'ii.qt:i3iiaui- t0. 10i-w to W, hat
-ni.erabie -ubirfue- a cLitl,.-,an .,I ,'oe. C'as';
reputation, and ine filliri thle hiwh rt.t.,i h- r%..v
fills, has been c.'npeil'ed t r,+,. i, in hi' atienpF i:.
sustain himself azatimt the ,pinion -.I a priratir In-
*i d nirilual, given in evidrne,' before a Cour.rt ol' In-
quiry. I thilk I havt, cl-arl, 'izwn by the extract
from General Order No. t'2, 'hat 'h e r.nianyv at
Key West was r'a-ed, under iT;- commatjd b\ that
older'; and by ti,-' exlraet fro-mn mv letter r.f' the
20th April, what Jit:pO:iion was thus eat i;,, made
of that company and the arduous, ard iesorsjbie

diies assined to it; and ;I is also vell know n that
only part ,'F the chtefs consened tc teo'e. With
these facts on file ir. ine Adjutant General's OCitce,
and, no doubt at tte i tne when lie wrute, a' the
c,'nitril of Gov. Cass, how could he write and
pul' lili to the world, oier his orn signature, an
article so much at variance with fact, and show-
ag such a want of information as to the relation
in which Key West stands to Florida, andi of the
operations carried on in that Territory in 1836?
Gov. Cass says, in October, General Clinch was
attuihorized tto call for two more companies, one
from Pensacola, andone from Mobile, if he thought
them nece4airy.. The Department would have
4een by my letters, &c. that this force would be
Jeuieed itice:a;art by me, and why not at once
have given the necessary orders? On the IsE Scp-
tember, 1835, I reported the murder of prtvate
Dalton. On the 9th October, 1835, 1 wrote a letter
to the Department from which the flAlowing is ex-
tracted :
Extract from a letter.dated
ST : S. AuGSTINEa, Oct. 9, 1835.
Sit: The lime will soon arrive when- a large
number of the Semiinole Indians have agreed to
remove to the West.
There are still, however, large number that are
unwilling ti' rei-..'e, and from recent indications I
at3 induced i.- believe that force will have to, be
used to c. iipel them to comply with their treaty
Itiprilaii'.i,;. WVhen thepcitliarnaiure, extentand
ipo.'' ed liiae -.I the Indian frt-',iter i; taken into
con_,deratic'n, it. 'eil, I lhilk, be readily admitted
.that the Fo.re placed tinier iuv command is inade-
quate in enforce a co:'mpliance % ith ihit i'reat and
h? gve such protecti',n 10 the ircnsier -e[lentni as
their apprehnsutn froim the Indians and from
anolh/r ipeiirs of population, induce ihem to expect
from Lhe G-,vernment. Undrr thiuS viesw A the ;uh-
ject, I ant induced respecifuil,,' to ;ubmit a few re-
marks Fior the consideration of the Geperal-in-chief,
'and i, approved by hiut, fur that of thie proper de-
partuitt. I consider the force already in Florida I
-tufficient to mcet arid control the whole oF the re-
!ract:.r\, S miLnotleC F they c;.-ld be c.'nccentrarei..
But when scattered over a large e:ient of country,
'composed or marche. aid swamp; that are alm,:u
impenetrable to the whale man, it t_ cniirelr inade-
quiatt: i give that protectiiun and quiet to the fron-
Tier inhabitants -ahich the' expert.
"Frequent appiea'itous have already beeu made
I'rom difreant sectieni of ihe country for protecnr-n
in case we. should have any difficulty in remot-Lue
thie Senimole.; arid some .:C' ihe mo-.t respectable
planters fear thai there t-: already a secret and i11-
proper cc.-niiunicalion carried on betireen the re-
traclory Indians, Indian negrues;, and -ome of the
platiaton negroei.. For the bitri-r proitecti.n if
the frontier settlem-nins, an]d to iop all intercourse
between, the Indians and plantatio.n-!, in case any
ditfhicully shouldd arie in removing ihe Indian', I
-ruriogl) and renpectfullN urge and recommend the.
cal7ug into Ihe aerri.oe of the United Siaies, for the
i-trm of two rr three months, orne hundred and
fijty mc'unied rc.iunteers to, be stationed at such
point am lie commanding officers may think best
to erflci the objet in view, and not to be ordered
tnithtm the Indiian boundary, unless in case of abso-
iile necessity. This firce to Te held really, bu'.t n, .
be called into actual service rill required, and to be
disbanded as soon as their _ervic'- rou iiul tie ds-
pen s.ed with. This species of force would,'in my
opiniori, owing i. the nature o'f iti count ry, be it-he
inost eficitii, andi least ?per, -ent e, under all ilie cir-
cunm-itancc:s of the case, that could be employed.
BPing well mounmel, and all of them good woods-
wuen and gc.rid riders, and well' acquainted if-h
etery part of the cciuTry, and man itf tlient de'p-
Iv inicrerled in its proiectiton, would gie them a
decided advantage over any netr species uf troop'.
For the lind :if Fervice thcy would be required ti,
perform; and I hate no dUbtt thev coul'l i,'- raised
w'tiholmt any iliffliculty. I have the h,,nor FLiur thcr
to request. lhai one of" ithe revenue ,Ltiier- itaiihn-
ed .-n ilthe Gulf ol Mexi.co, ma I.e ordered to
'-ruire along the coa-'t Fr..,ni Charl,:'t-'s Harbir to.
Tantpa Eay, bet-eeiu the I':t o" December arid 1
.:." January itexti, anri o c-.-operate with Bfreet
Nlair Dade' coiutiand, in ord,:nn2 in, and :h.-
Curiti, if n'.cnsary, all ihe Ilihan- ihey may finI
ot that coa-', an- on Their" armial at T.impa Bay
tIj ret nriLn subject 10to the ,rde'i of tlie rclicercom-
mandrifg lie t ro,-.ps in FPlnda. A fmall armed
tre.'::l .f that class would, in my opinmv:,n, aid our
operations very much, and could be placed on thai
klid of duty l'or a shct time5 without the least in-
jury to the resente."

On the '22l Octo'et, General Jones wnties nre
that the one hundred and fdJty ionuutle.d men, called
I'.r in my lnr-r i-,the 9th Otloht, couil'. m.it brc
coiompl.'i"n iinh, fur seasons tihat are ailre.dy before
t he putlie. bit I v"'"-., in lii.u lh r-'rof, -iu'irized in
order inv Co.'inairii-, .c ih:.. ;.. Forl, Pite
and V Tain,, iL.I. t t o i me; r.; i.ch. in ai.t ira. t.
lhe 1",0 ]ire,,oliIrV itl -r,'i1 fr,.ri i n.L,.ol- ;0-0.'l
', ol.ile, V'."uirl rn-le lt..IAtl. In tit:- ab h.ll.- o" tile
,iti,:-il rcp:.,tt. ,'.f th,,e et.tripaniien, thrinL I rrIi:
-aF'el -ay they .led not arni.IIt to ,iue hunhli-.l ,ih-
cient ni-tin flr duty at ilh.at tine. Still G,..',ernfor
Cass tells the public that instead of one hundred
and fifty .'adute.d men, I had four conipani's of
regulars, amourting to two hundred men, placed
utinder my orders. So much for the accuracy of
this part of the Governor's appeal; but As he has
labored very hard to convince the public, that he
believed in th', ccrrcirnets of ithimself, it may be
as well to explain to the reader, the very circuitous
directi.:n given to thcse orders. They were first
sen: to nie at Fori King, (interior of Florida,) be-
twe-ii which place and NewC Orleans the mail was
carried once in iwu weeks. On the receipt of the
order by me, it was sent by the first mail to Forts
Pike and W'ocd; but it appears from a report
made by Lieutenant Grayson, who stands deserved-
W h;I-h fir pruoripliness, inlet;iy, .And talents, that
it did nrct reach Foirt Wood, betbre the 4th ef De-
cemnber, anrid I pre nne the cop) sent to Fort Pike
',.a. recite'eid there about the -ame time, andthat
the iwi. companies did not arrive at Tampa Bay,
Until iv, wars the last of the month. Here it will
be seen that an order issued at the War Depart-
utini or, ihe Jd. of Oct:.'ber, did not, owing to the
,ircuittois direction given to it, reach its proper
d-.uinau'on tiril th.- 4t1 of December; whereas, if
two or sit_ cop.ntnies, had have been promptly
ordered from the posts on the Atlantic, they could
ha-ie j,.ned me in the course of eight or ten days.
Ori the 17th of C,'irber, 1835, I wrote a letter to
Ihe Adjutant General, wbhichwasreceived inWash-
inEii., Januiary 31st, (and the application not
urante.l) fr':,rnwhich the I'following extract is taken:
Elhartl friom a fittr, dnlcd
OcTuBEacR 17, 1935.
Suir.: Mv first wish is to carry out the humane
arn'i benevolent views of the G,.verrniient, in rela-
ion ti:. the SEminole Indians, in the way m.:'-i con-
ductve to their happiness and comfort, and least
-xpenci ret' he i'aii .n. "W'lh ihee ,ijel' er.ltat-
ly in visw, I may ha e rather under estimated the
means necessary to carry into effect the views and
plari. of the Government. By referring, however.
to my letter of the 18th January last, you will per-
cetive that I requested that six companiesmight
t.i added to the command in Florida, four of
a which only wre ,'dre i-d to Fort King. ITn nyv
coriniunicaiion tl the ,th intian' I siate, I con-
si'er the force ali'yadl in Flrnda sufittcitnt to
i niet and eornrol the a hole of ihe refracior' Sent-
n'lcE, I they could he c,.,rneninil:d. But ir n
-caticredl ov'r a large extrnl of cittinror, compcosd
,.I'f mat -Ilii aid st.ampnr lhat are alit'. .-t in-per cira-
bl,:- to the 'v hi itan, it is eiinr.lc niadequ:iie t,
.iii' that pro:lecuc n aind qiirl to the frotii-r ii--
habioant-- which tht' expect. Since writing the.
F't.iicm'iiig I have bier, informed by Asssistant Sur-
geon Archefr that nearly a hundredof the com-i
mand now at Fort King have been more or less
sick within the last two or three months, and
athliiugh many of them are fit for garrison duty,
and moit of the others are convalescent, they i
cannot be relied on for active and efficient service;
I have, hlitiel'crf, ihe honor respectfully to request
that three additio'na.il companies be ordered to
Fort King with as little delay as practicable,
with an ample supply of ball and buck shot car-
On the 9th December, T iequ'-:tLd tour additional
compariiei :etni io me waih the leaiit p:.sible delay,
not in liieui it the companies ,rderedil from t[he Gulf,
as aseiiled by Governor C.ass, but four Iddlitw.nal
cornpanii *comupletelv prepared to take the field,
&c. a' will appear by the f"cl,..i ing extract:
Extract front a letter, dated
SFoRT Dcri. l-cE, (MicANoer,) Dec. 9, 1835.
"The loss of the vessel with o.ur .supplies has
caused ituch inconit enience, as it takes a coiside-
rable ,pa rt f outr ;mll Force to protect the boatI
and w-V.oiE-oiie3pe.J in irarin-poiting provisions.
'"The uceitainivi, ai t the lime when the com-
i panri:'. order:'i frr.ii Lotii-iana will reach Tampa,
and the liia4nee they will have to march through
a h.--ii e cc nirnr before they can join pmy com-
niand, induces rle n,. i haq,- lhai fuir ai.hlitl'rnl
cotripanire- b I,: ord It ii,-' i'Jin inn ish the leat
poastible delay, comniple-teiy pripatEd to itake lhe
field, with a go.odl .upply of ball and] buck shot
"All the inF-'rrniail, I i eceive in relai.n ito tihe
movements of the Indians, represent them as be,,g
in consider.,-bic- toice, and manrideling a deternana-
lion to engage in murder and plunder. It appears
also thai t hey are joIMed by the negroes, and it:

ihey are ri- promptly pat down the ipirit ma'v
-:xiend olu the pLnamions.
BL-1. brig. Gc.itra!.
"T,-, 3 Bi. BI ug. Gen. R. Jot:rs, At.Nj' G i."
It 'ill be iceen b) referring lack- lo t[je :xrart
from my letter uf the 2-2t1 April,tihe iFtspo-ilon
made ol the small force" under my conmmarnad, I.:,
give quiet andI prolectioD to the couil r3 adl I ii d r,.'
lake great pleasure in wavinrg that no part of ihe
Am.r,,ri-arn army ecer had more arctduru aund inr ti2
ldutl,? a sigone-d them than were a is.rel in hi,-
gallant lhile command, and no part of it rt-vr ac-
quitied ibth,: nIlIve more to ihe h.rn,-,r ot heir c.--in-
try than ihey did during thc whole i1' hat :eri-u:e.
The company at Key VWei, initea.jd oI reraiir.-r,
Jl-., a.- sta-.-id byv Go-wernor Ca.i, 'ia-: 'rroirelv
e-mpl.,i r in waiching noer the mteret-nit ,- a ,er
e .cp-..c-l -nriJ important ,art .." Florida. Ii lha-
been h.-u n lhai when I assumed ihe coniiirn1 ,l 'c
all [lie irops iii Florida, por-iiant to Or, ler irio.
7, that ihLre aere six crmpi.iiiies in lhai Te.rr-
l-I'; and lhat previous to that tine ti'n o -Itin-iriif
hadl been required, and only thlee eent. That im-
med.ialeiv after a-suming the ,cunimand, that i,
on the i2d Janitar, 1835, I sirunglvN reco-Irindii.idi
the .ending irntlo FiL-nda six c-ompanLes; oith fitr
of which wapre .enr. In my letler,,- of ihe- !-t ari1
l'21h ri April, I show the d;spnsih,-n made %A the
Ir-op4. and urge that not a man be niithdrawrUn
l'rom Florida. That on the 9th Oct-,he.r, iH.'5,
I siro-nly recoi-nmnended Ihe risr,,zn if -ri.e hindrtl
arid fity minotiitr-I volnnteer.n, Ith.. placing a r. e-
ru.- .:it.r a, rniy disposal, and called I '.ti three
ci,-npantes of regular Iro-op.. The w-. firit re-'
counitnendlations iv-re Biot coirnplii,-I with, 1-it I swa
auiliarized in Himi mainlh to order f.)ur cmpanirLes
fi'rrm the posi- -it the Ciiallf, and lhal iv- ciof thece l
did not arrive at Tampa Ba,, until ihiuarat, ih- lalt
fi December, Ni35; and when I-Cere ih- foi- rc,- in-
panies did not exceed one hundred ut.F tent men
for duly. That on tMe 9LI December I reque led
tour additional companies -.hould be prorripit sent
to m-., which was refusedl. I" the Pretideiii had
not the authrniy to ra.-e one hundred an. nlfi-
nounjed volujleeTs, why were nc-i three hinlJcid -
re-ulars pcirmpLly sent f''nrr ihi pi..,i uiri [he
Atlantic, in comiplianee wih ilhe call minade in
Oeohbtr, as aloo the fotur con-mpan,;-, oir two hu.-
dired men, called I-it ut the 9th -.' Deceni-ir! It'
prompt an-d energ'lic measuicz had been itl.-n ,-,n n
the part ,i-- the Secnc-tir ri War teuh- %bie ri.Jim-
ber required (or, mu- oii reftiit-,;l c-ill,., halte
reached me by the lait .i' D,:ceml'er, and 'w-ouid
have given me a dlisp.-abie -l:.rcc of Sii.rr, h.liii-
died iand Iorly r<-'tiiEr ,n.tead 'f it'v- ln i.,,
on the :islt December, IsJ5. Sii. ith, i ac, ,i-
these rfact., Governor Ca,- eii'- l inrward arnd
Etaies, "a- a maimer ot fact, lh.t Gi;neral CIhn-h
had a far greater iorce under II,. uc-nitrt.l than
he ever required." Bui h-re ithe drul.iiiit aaLnr,
bhows his true rharaciii. FnnFj-l,. lhat he hI-I
oane ion far, l'Ic, ihe in. -t cr.:i-ilt-u rijd& ," he
qualfiei what he hLd i-ia.t azinrtenl a. a inail, -.,1
I1ac, by saying, 'I Iru nt mn-iran ihat I-e -,ll,J
thlcm tgeiher-tiih their I had nco c-ocin; I lhave
only to show Ih.t pr-,ipcr nie-aures for that pur-
pose were taken t-, the ,VaI Department, and I
have shown thai ili-,se nm.-asurei. ought to have
given General Cltni.ni he ifull complemenit of regu-
lar troops asked fii.t' Eut has the Head of the
War Depai inherit mhi t,', ido bur ito i;suehis
rrni-laLc., at \V.-,L'il.t in, uhetti,-r piacricable or
inoti, and l h ain., h le ii he, ,irneuien.-rs to his
co( iim'y be ever 4., .liJ-i-ruu., itidh,.-ul holding
lnin.elf at all rc-sl..iiitl.lre I hardly ihink the
Amneri.an people ar? vit prepai-.l or this irre-
slpoihle dloctrine. I will here request mhe alten-
't-ion of the reader to the follnrig ctiiracti from a
:enier I addire.edl '.o hi- Adji.tan Genot al -in 26th
DMember, 1835-

Erhraci .-',"n a Iftlt u, dAiuI
Fu-ir Dit ;r, Dei.r-itei
"Brigaiaie r Gerietal ( ., cirunmandir
Ida 'ilunieer,r for-Io a juUcliu1i r1
.he 21ht inrlant.

*P,. 1835.
g -he- Fiori-
'iih me on

Everr mitlitary who knows any thing
about i-hii sEction u inin nill asra in the
opinion 'hat ii-.re Is i Ta r fihe Ur. nIt led States
s.- hard Lc pr-tcct -:ir -.nd .: ihste i-ne we shall
have to r.perare in, anti myv inea.r LIl" t-Ir.y kind
are -in ih; iro 'i ,-,niracted and hI-tie-d !cale.
"The Iri-dis urdr-red Ifrom tl,: IWV i, riot heard
fIrom yel; ti-or ri-i a wold ruin C.-inmodnre Dallas
in r-'lation lo id. ml. ;, 'i pi l The stap .h -.,
h..-ptitnl, aid ir-l:r ,-nt.. i'quii..l la;ii fall, not yet
arrit ted.

I also reict LiO say I many t-1 iI -l ot e-nrT ar-
sill ab-.ent from their refnieitEte,'. zB arny thing Frmn tlh, ",-',iani CLuaflerma-ter I j.:-
qude:ed lo-b or.let n the ti:iop> in Fliril.'-:
and it is of'the very fi,'s importance in opera[re It,
a ,'ouriiruy like ih,", to hive ire s--1It ,.'Ce -:. an eX-
rr.enc.-n.I, a t; .c, ,rd e. cient ,iinit,-rniir le' r.
F ,oii: t, -enera! C'e'-'ron anid i :it liriied h-..-
IIe a tili e tii," t- Si ir'?)-;m nai'n, [ arr, pr..1 lull.i,
o'' he --pinion il t there hirtiId ti, at 1,.a e]'.e
Shun.rel retpular troops, jnd five hiirJdret -,,irinred
men, in F! 'riJa, so as tO enable iie.'.,nti.nilh,
off.'eFr io havi' :,ie th.,uLIsnad regulai iri 1 fi bhn-
dred noulried '-t'- 'lDiieer.- ii 'he hieli. a; i-e i'anri.-i
ieli for arn ;great ie gil .,I tLirne, i.ri he i -, t,:ct -
le vi-t.lirileer -, cnmpo'ed -i, they r,,. i r, i anyir il-
Y.1trice c, .,." the niii we, y rnd re-pe'ciablT t rn-
il':Tini in the counir'." I
\Abiut the Ud Di-ce.iu", [ lI.un-i t r ci.:ai ,,i
arpe-al I'. ilie parlnotisin I [lie people tic Eati F'-i-
i ra, I-, raIlly in defence i:, [h, w i' lh- e i hilJr,.-i,
:aridjl lire ,jilr. il..'-ic ul li-" r I-th,'llr-Cltz,nr ., 1 1,.)
iC U-r inc; .:xpo'eIJ i,-, he ,aulpirr Inriite i.'f ih." in-
etznitjar' Indrins, alteh ,ti ti fih a prompt arid
Sesine-rii. rc "p c-nse. In tIle c,-[urs- ri-f a few -,aVs it
Lia5 ciin ierJ.rd ne, ..sary to xieri,. thK app.e'i' i.,
oib'r ;e tiionr of FI,-ridi, hich iat~ l--: r.-n, ptil
: arid ._er-'ua, A', mt; and iln the cui .-, r,.l a ihoit
tlinte f.te hun.ired vo.ilunrters f-re. ra,-ed rind pla'-
.'J uirJi the immedialteronirnlnd .-.I Er,. Ger,
Ca'il, tbV or-ler ci Mr. Walier, h tIetien I-fficr.,ri
S-cretiari arid actrig Governor it FPlio.ia II 'ill
b e:r,. trm ih-e extraci [f hi IleV .iA the -26th f'-I
D, lrit.r, F 135, that this. force -itiieI ir e C-1n the
Q 2.t '-,f thai nionith. Thez.- voluni,.-._' li-.- be-en
eailrdl i-ur iOn 'hi spur of' the. ni,-,ni-ii', aild frotie
Suin'lhi c-til. IL 'Vill al-o le bulliie in- mind,
that iat h, ltime I had recr.ed n- aIl,.ri f c-rnm
1 the WVar Pl-pa irnrniti ra eo iori .- -,,e t .',tilrcel ;
into Ihe -rin L-' v -t the UIited .tart:, -, Ca_-'.
- -taisme ii to ihe iconlia'y nom i.ih-iandJing: ar.-I
their not he.iitig been nmu.iere1 ini.. i-the -eri ice of
the G-rtetial Goverurnieri, I culi hav i.:, l.ei -:.r
lawful ailhorilty over them. Th-iIr linet,.n ,i iih,
and placing themselves under miy order, were c,--
luritary ac ; .'-n i he-ir part, a ti.J m % rohi I-:. ict nri,.i-
auiLh,'ill' cier them ceased v ith ih-eir v 'ling io-t.-
,ijPrice tO that aulhoirty.
It will be -:.een that I had n-, rea_,:,n I.-:, -.pcr
I leinircernitI e ,1" reiulais before 1h.2 e-.rfai ,-,rj p ,:.a
the lerm lior whidh the vlunie.:]' h-iJ agreed i.1
serve. Tlihus .ii3i t], I dtliermnun.-d t-- .-el; ihe
'eric)'y. rind riet him on the 31-i D[l-,it er. Onr
arnlvinr at Ille 0ii ltilace oo hie river, ab,.,t t la.'-'
lighi, .-n the nm,.rriiTr, ofthe 215t Di:,em.-,.r, ]in:,i:il
'f rif .lii,] it fc.:rdatLle, as hal h-bcnri rpr .-rire.] hi
ih'- e i,.t., rr ihe -'iinall inDih4ifi,:aant ir..-it r rpr-.-
trilcd i.) G.',.v. Ca i, ir was f')'iri n -:. tie I., antd
drep. Orj-r- tw.ere, however, fiilnif'.'it. il, -iLel-
to cr.- ii, Wl''i," M lir av ,ilr l uo'thi: li,'-n -7il-
larn, L-il nun, ltnanr jd. C.'rt. n[itlkn'- i:..'m)npr,
S- ',i., nainz- I rec -itt I .io r,.,t no-w r:..-ollLi i
i' 'an- thi? re'l n.i bf,-'uehi hr -ver atn ,i art.?,
iI Whi. h the -r,..iiar_ c'nrnmr-,,-,:d- .- r .-.:-r__, ,'iJ'i
.aifer '-ome iri.fl- aI atiemprFs. l f: ri:;riUt[ a b1,s,..-
a fe'i i," the vOiuriOe-.-. co tiernt',_1 :, Inriiro ri I
their Ih.:,rc;. reparn) r cit. &.,' L C,.,I. I a,-
iing a a3s .:r -'J rt l, irr't -inri- ii'. i ,-ci i hi n -.i i
ellh hle p i.iii -n o.l i,' r'itn- hi-i L'oriiuiri l a' tli'i
lb-h' : i' .:,'';i. I 'rti'eimne at't:r in, zr'.- ij ,r
antil %.liile ;ularirei-i.liin io-.- Wv .lo i. ere t irni'.:,
in s irrnnirinz h,'ri-- hliildna i. til'. i. lhe I file
Of!" Ill'- i,. 'lIL. v Via3. h,::id, which n'"_ ith: tirzi ."n li
h Crut ..' Ar enll, ll :] 1 6 iD-e bl-,r.u i'.. 1 *.- -

antd plaia n acc,.-unL ol" ]i'nh h _h, t ,\'',d .r, ii,; !,:,. ;L -
iIr .-o 1il l c i rn r ra-i' ilio n th e n in m t p '; ,r ii .3 _
L :a i .: the pitL-tc ihroin eh ih,- -iaii-nil : iLte 3 I
D.-pit rnIt ii. Durirs' th c-i'li: .1 part,:.l it-t enir a._e-,
rii' nt, dJi:c-:-v-ertrii, ihat il.e %oli irer. i Jid ri:,i cirine,
up as I expected, I ,I--patiched C. -I. RE i wiih rr- I
ders to Gen. Call to bring up his volunteers as soon
as possible. Soon after the last charge had been I
iali- b1y he gallant regular.. an. the .,tiall band of
brare vulriieer. uha, n,.-bly aide.I iti-ie. and tile
,rni-mn i rcui e .i an'] learneded, Col. Reid returned to
the trli1 ac.,'-mparned Lbv Gen Call; aridnJ on their
ar.r-rlta-hine rn-ear i,, here I uas, I put mny horse
in ni,.i,'.r. and- .n in.eill' Iheir andri i-It seeing
iit ni-*' ili- Clifiii :.era fith Gen. CIIl, l a-mled him
iit tI rn I -ci' hi t v.lunri.--rs. ti %hich Ihr replied "at
i-,eii i:i..." AI'c-r a fRt.v other remirarl;., not now
r,-..,'lIht ':,i. G.;I. C-all A-,. r-ce ., that in i.-ingfr..nii.
ih.- ,.%-r, li-e .J ri- ,ed- i n..ir I.. w i, ri: lie ktiJ],!
;in1 '.. ,ek I u l hair 1 beei- u I',i-n; I'.hai il-i' o iii]..-r 'i -
i-e "y ?r,-"il, a3n1 tiat a i'-il li I,- rt,, ,.--it,- i f.,. i-
-l. v uLip lit" 'ii-'i.''? alre-rIly oblai ed, t iln i.n ; cr- ,-
rCitcl h-. n.i- .l,_' ]t- --".-.- i tl 1t ,.oi .? l3Il,-
nril Ihat a ..,.d ri.3 ,- -.1 Ihe ilAuiilte-:. itre -r i ll'
-,r, Ih f .'-. .. ii.e :,Je .ol th ic r, er Aiwt i ni'inleri 4i
!r ll achtii, atri a nor i ''t n iilitln, I .t-,rtiiirn ,i
e,'erv ha:irId i ,r .rt ,'li. i itl' ,'ir-.Ji.l. rnei h., ? .- i-
detad buried, and p.',i ,dfrs ic. i- ni-'Ve them
acro ,, the h ii .L, Ha. l ri kepi pr. .- -.n '- th:
;"ild fo rau lharnI two hoi' ,diiiei ihe Jihli, Lhe

It i-i'ops ere ordered Lto recross, which th-y did in
liA mi.-.t perl'e.t older. It is impossible icor a corm-
manding general to olherve every thing that occurs
i .n a field of battle. Hiz r.:ptri- are made onutfrm
lis ow'n ob-ervati.trn. ai-i the best inC'orination he
can obtam' from oth'.rS. Many circumstances
tnu' nIe-_.arnly hapreIt which lie car know no-
thing of at the time. The official report of the bat-
tle of the 31st was made out in much haste, iin the
midst of the wounded, in the hurry and bustle of
the departure of the volunteers, (whose term' of
service had expired) and no doubt contains some
unintentional inaccuracies. I will here briefly an-
swer the question so often asked, and whicli is re-
peated by GoV. Cass, Why was not the whole vol-
unteer force in the engagement? When I inma.i
n' oi _i',al r.po. i, 1 was under the impression, fr.:'ni
a conversation held with Gen. Call a shirt titTni .
previous to my crossing the river, inhwhich he stated
that a small number of the volunteers from liJd' lt
Florida had expressed an unwillingness V,:. c ti.:.-,
on account of the shoiitrni e; c-i'the tin-: ihtevi had to
serve; that many oth:r:, acIttr2 undti the Mli. e
views and feelings; hat let'ued -to cr,:--';. I have
since been informed byv manri oif hh': 'ulitrit:r ,ti-
eers and men, that Gen. Call a te- a po:itiv.,: ori.-
to the volunteers that C' mar, .hc',u IIl cri--,ar,-I a ciu-
ally formed those on the norih iide, t.rr.cnve i[lhera-I
tack of the entemv, shouldd -one -be made. Now if-
Ihui aietn rn be irie, and I preunie there carn t,,
but little doubt on the subjci, w-hat does ic pro.ve P
Nothing more or less tIhan thai General Call co:,m-
mitted an erir orii-IuYiment, in bt-dit v-.vreautout
in protecting the ri-at, whea nhe i frori and adi at,.:,-
of the army were nga.e'l in a .deatil struggle I' or
vici'ory itri a .'avsse and l'oroci.usi enemy cl'tlhrI'e
Lime- their number, pr,>ci:cied, ic-, by a der.;,
cypress swamp; and! that ihe v,-,liineer- aiere ni
to blame for ibe',ng the ,reJr. Sime ot'the.-"
vdlunteers did, however, cr,:,.'-.; ih nver after the
fight commenced, t'ltho'jh nori in tinme [>i jin in
the conflict,) and rernder.d ]utp:-riant .er.it-ice ly
f-,)iuin2 on the flnki, ,thich gave sfrengih and ;- ,
euriivty I, the froiint, V -iJe iJi k'ill-" and Ivtuuied
were bcin: rccon.veln d oier ile liver. When
GCcneial Oall tL-HI me o-n ih- f-Ied, lhal. the volutn-
ti-ns w-ere at their mp'it, i had a rshit tL, eyptci,
from his previous tan-in.ln a, ar- ,if-,er, th.il he
had disposed of them Lu the be.t of hi. ju-glgmer,'. I
certainly owed General Call nothing, and could
have had no motive or object in wishing to conceal
ith-r his acts or my own, on that day, f-icit pub-
Slie scrutiny. In the course of a long milnat v life.
I defy any one to say that I evcr attemptce-i to rai;E
myself, by detracting from the merits of cir.- r., n.r-
have I ever cast unnecessary censure on ant otne.
I have thought it necessary to say thus rich In
explanation of my official report of the 31M-i De-
cember, not to gratify Governor'Cass, b'iit ir ju- 1
Lice to the generous andi aLbu_'J vo.lirir'ers an.' -
people of Florida. But' h.-nce hi,_ nw-b-h:,rn _eal
on the part of ith,. late Secretary for the character
and honor of bur gallant little army, a fe"- -:]-
since the just pride of a grateful country ? WV iat
was done for those brave and gallant spill. whit -,. -
nobly sustained the honor of the army and Ci-ry c-'
their country on the 31st December, 1835' Wi:r,:
any of them promptly breveted for their callarn
bearing on that occasion? And how marn y' -,-C iliti,
were promoted into the new regiment ihoit iva'-
raised last winter? Those honeyed and flat rir, en-
comiums on that gallant but neglected titil- b-ar",
coirce too late to effect the object the writer had in
view. But if Governor Cass believed tha.-i in',
official report was not sufficiently full.ar- dlear ,-r.
all the subjects touched on, and.that I hal nCi, din:
justice to the brave men who carried .hemi.Ive-
with glory, and who so nobly sustained ine on ihai
trying occasion, was it not his duty, as the prop-i
organ of the army, to have sent the report ba,;k t',
me, with instructions for further explanant,. i Did
he do so? Was not that report published -t, order
of Governor Cass, then Secretary of Wa r, and tir
conduct approved by the Presidentand h.l int-1 11
so, why does he now, some eighteen m-nth:- rine,
those occurrences took place, come forward atit
say that I owe to the army, the country, &c. a more
clear and full explanation of the affair of the 31st
December? Again: if the conduct of the % slirilt, i
was so reprehensible as 'he now seems :uo ilirl. i
nwa.-, in failing to cross the little stream, as he desig-
dates the Ouithlacoochie, on logs and rafts, why
was the officer in the imnrin.-;.ia.-? I-oim.tnrid of lh-.-
tro,,p- made Gc-iernor o- Florida, and .i,-tn ai'Tt i
placed in comtmnand of all the troops in that Tern-
ioi ,, over the heads -)t the officers, -of l'our gallanir

little armi? Hai Governir Cats received any nea.
light 'in ihe.e maler- since he has been in France.
that he .houldt1 thih lite period consider it neces-
I.arY that i .-hould trouble t1e public with any fitr-
iher explartionn respectnil the conduct of tht
',uit:er: rn the 31sr Dceinber, 1835? '
it'h due dw.:'rrenct it G,-,ernor Ca.s, I think I
have an_,'Wi.riJ and relTiei all hi, in.r eroirus .lait.
ments ari -r3t[iii,'.ihc assertions, by a plain siat-
ment i lair upr ic. the year I135. I helievi I
have also shown by the same facts'that, at tlihe
close of that year, I was eight hundred and ninety
men short of the requisitions made on the War De-
partment from the 1st of October to the 31st of
December, 1835; and five hundred and forty on my
nwn reqnisitionn on 'he Department of War within
lhai t in,;: and riv letter of the 26th of December
till -ho uh.iitIher :r not the requisitions for sup-
phlir, &:,. had b:en complied with. The same let-
ier ll a%-o t h'.'w that, on that day, I gave it as my
,kc,,-.'l priorr hat twelve hundred regulars and
Ir lihun-ired ru,-rted men should be in Florida, so
S.:. enable ihe commanding officer to have one
i-hii.arJ reii'ir. and five hundred mounted men
il he hi I.. I lhae also shown that the five hun-
,ihd ,-i.lnieer: ho were with me on the 31st of
Dr.'nt,er, i-r.-re n..r there under any authority
fiii ih- WVar D:partment, and of course should
|,I b,.- iak-n m, r., he estimated force furnished by
iiiTho.irtv ir-ni rh at di'parim,:-nri; and if that force
ha.l b,.i:i -- I:i tijniate as to have '1.-e-d thi.'ir,
iliai G m:--rn.-r C'a;. could have dlaniu., rn.'. ce-,d,
I.:-f -r'.sri ;"r military forecast in rr-,r,jr iThemn
ini. tlihe iellJ. N.:-w, ifthe deficit of five hundred
anhd foii3 men r(I- oin iy own estimates had been with
me on the close of 1835, t-?-v ;erraini' would
have been of much service ea-irl inr IJt3. Gov.
Cass has to resort to the same i.j ;ri3 ng i3 iem to
sustain himself in 1836 as he used in 1835, and
commences his new year by supposing that the
8th of January will be considered "early" in the
year 1836. I must be permitted here to express
my surprise that the Governor should have per-
mitted so fine an opportunity to have escaped him,
without paying a high eulogy on the hero of that
that day; but perhaps M- n a. af'raAd of administer-
i,., an over-dose to the oid Geiir:. r :
He.- here commences with a long list of orders'
i u--I, and auilioi : -i.'.n, on the 8th, 17th, and
21t Januitary, arnd a-:k 1 this is not early in
I 3:. It will be seen that before the. first two
*-i" ihe.e orders could be carried into execution,
G-nrwal Soo, L was assigned to the command in
Fl.:ri-Ja, O0" course my responsibilities, as far as
they were connected with their accomplishment,
ca:3e..l But why did not Governor Cass come
.-ii plainly, and tell the public that Major General
S.-oir, with these orders, &c. in his pocket, and
ui l i his zeal and energy,, also aided by his (Gov.
"a ";'.i sage counsel and advice in the furtherance
.'.' ivhee grand military plans-which broke in upon
if'l ..:f a night' r't-,.-1,l i.ii o:.-.rin, .:_-ce hii cam-
-,go intil the t1,ih Al M.,irAh AVIl G,.'. ('a.-
pir:.i-en. to tell the public that the 26th of
hi i I.. h, in latitude 290 28', is early to commence a
campaign in sach a country as the southeastern
,rai- of Florida was known to be, and against
.-i anenemy? Instead of srn.lin? the orders,
S.V, r.'ntl.:ii- at." ae, to me, "' il,-d" in the in,
i.:r,..r ,4i Fl.rida, a- he says I was,heia:d piompti.
pu-h- it-he rth qiu,.: military force, -upphlie, d..
ir,.i Florida, they might have arrived. -,rl)" in
S-.3R. when, in all probability, it,, r'.,aiis %ioul I
h i t.pen very different, and the Governor might
ha .: e-tablished some claim to energy and militarym
r- ,et, and some millions of -.t iar- r.uii ha,':.
te.r., -ived to the nation. Governor Cass, after
I paying General Scott a few compliments, corM-
Splains that he was not sufficiently explicit in telling
the public -liat their rests were broken on a certain
night, while discussing the plans that were to be
earrid out in Florida. Gen. Scott was certainly
-r %-rong in not communicating this important.
fact to the world; but I presume he will be able to
defend himself aa'ninst this serious charge, as well as
n-3rinT ojih.-r iliinuations contained in the same

G.1-.i,:rn -r ('- tells the public that he owes
Geo.n-rl Clinch rn- -planaiio.n, -p.ak' r a in.rt.i.d i
-er..i.till'v,& I. I have never asked Goi ernir Cna-
t'r an 'r, ::-plrariit.-.rn of his motives in superseding
rie n ir he i. inil'lid in Florida. I believed at the
*.e, "ril "r i ill t.rlieve, that I uii.l]r.i.od them, al-
rl.oij:h iilEi-,ii a little from those assigned by
hIiu. Ih" ih- rea-ons assigned by Governor Cass
Ior zpr.,ir, :'ir. in the command were such as
he plates them to be, did they not exist to the same,
o.r e% en to' a much greater extent, when, after his!
:i., experiment in Florida had not succeeded to
his expectations, he, in a .:,oiiril 'nIenriT. rri'nn. r,'
t., ihe direction of the President, aga;i ti,-rl.-re,.1
i., il,: command in Florida? I have alren.l. irc.-
[r,a..-.:- o long on the patience of the reader, and
.il cl:.:.:. with a few remarks on the last paragraph
of Governor Cass's appeal, in which he speaks of
iii, 'itpaifilti, or mins orinoes, or dissenions, O0f the
iiiiuhaly v.,inmmanders, I here take pleasure in a.-

during Governor Cass that I take no part of these
complimentary epihets to myself, having too much
confidence in his sincerity to believe that, after the
compliments previously paid me in his official let-
ters, and more especially in tendering me the com-
mand of the troops in Plorida, (by which he shows
thai L,.iih the Pie4ident aril himself had full confi-
.Jence in my capaciiy, experi,-rir, &e.) he could
noi have amended to apply any part .:*, that para-
eraph ii., my-isl'. In closg ih, long appeal,
Goverror Ca-s ells thi- public that he has received,
durinns rhe lat Ihirty year ofl his life marny I'a-
i:,r I- neither e .p ct.1 nor meriied. HFe certainly
4.il,,-,M be cliniidergd a good uiirei;, as r.pccT'ls
his own uoviils; but T he Iact ,', hi..- ha, [n h ldJ mi-
pi iant ard lijucraiIve ,ii ic: during the Lei four or
tire admmr-tiraton;, and that he so managed as to
,be always nm the ascendant, :.-,rn part '.-" Tihe
history of the times, and must have been known
lo e*-'ry peri:.n iwho would take the trouble to in-
l,:.rri h;riell'oin such n-matters. Alihh-ugh I ceanrrt
boa.:i l" havme i'cciVedi many :favors froin iho'o
.ti/ling high pL'., I cart iay that some twenty-eight
'ears of my ife vere spent in the service of my
country-not in splendid parlors, nor-on beds of
down, but on the hot and sultry banks of the
.Mlj,.,i-ippi; on the cold and frozen shores of the
IN-Lig-a; ',no the frontiers of Georgia, Alabama,
and isolaitdl" in the swamps and wilds of unfor-
:uriaie. Florida, and now ask from my fellow-
citizens nothing but justice.
The ediitosr that ha,:- published Governoi Cass's'
appeal, are reque'ied To gir.v: the above an tinrer-

Z4 b)

....". ... ... .. "Vol. lff... NO. :.1

equeqtcd ruti to couduct it to a design.-
oiut. The new line was formed in tlito
I ald %%oods. You assisted I1 i its Lurma-
and som,.titme alier%% arda rode round it
iconrage file s ,ldieis, exposing rour owna'
on. t,%hdle the m.'ni being ordered to low.
smsehcm, were concealed. Alterwards
Ilie %wounded aiid ddead %%ere ci ,%eyed
and the horses re.crus-pd, I begged you
o% ," yourself; as you looked much' 1b',
d aid could be or' io lehrler setc, veeon
at side, eiery thing bei:!g ready for the ,
rade inoiei cii. But tou seemed units
g t0 go. hI ten asked your brother.u"'
Col. Mclntosh to insist t.nr,,i,.,. L'
near.din'. rvct-iu him, Gen. Call. that
it ipticl to do so lie mighi remain and su-
eiid the cri,9,4gig of' troops, while you
cross over and gnc the ne'.c-sM'ar at.
i to Ill-Ise oi llie oitie de-i. 1-, t" which lie
ed.-It was ihen i..-ar sundown and
t[% two hours ailer lhe figit-'-youcross-
on the bridge, I aceompauied 3ou at.d
teachingg the iordh or east sh,-re I han-
-u back your pistols wluich I had c irrd .
1"0 you.. aud returned I ltlie oIppIile side
river, wheoi Gen. Call directed.-me ,.o
ud tlei ]im h aus l. L-ru,,i{ li; = ol.4,.. -a,,.
stoOd lle order uib rc-ci,-ising, wlicli I
lie theCrin ga%, lthe ,arr and recrtosted
1 1 I\ll$h :e 'ngft of th,. r,.,kilirs.
ile Gun. C'.ll, was a cru-3i ,g I called to
ud requested thtli he would d direct the
hicli lay tit the .-ho-re, fil'sy r a lhu-.
ardq, aboe, to be etni d,.%I. Her not
ng vhut I wanted iviil i[. replih-d, it is
-ar),' cnd i..,n. -ir, nd c i: b"i ab', no .q1 r-
0 y'ou. Shioil' afieie iatrd3 Col. Ici...
rossdw. hlien 1 made the sdae r,:,iue,>t
1. It a ininin s til aiute canie
g d.wn, \hi ie.i I dir,.cit-. ..jfr "-.I' ilh,:
-r- to, place J it along tlle cc ..IL. ,..- Iihe
whture the (oxiremn: s Ofit' h lt- t .I Li I-
ked o as to add Io) iis -ir,'rigi:i, b l) re-
g and reisin.t'g tllil, force ol'it: ciirreit.
ulued orn the bridge nl.-',.,li" h .:l:ig 1hv,
r.10ct0es fill the ie.g'ler h- I,-I :+c:wy k all
I. It then occurred lefil- n s ile sun
t, itlia[ the life t lr.-,ur ehiC.Wiipn-, e it I1 .l
:l- seflcefe.J. I we,-,t(l on lr ,, h .rthl
tern i and perccliing the bridge e:equired of him 1. llie conp
ieen selected and marlied of!! lie said
d ordered ne Io ,d.) it. I looked round
sco..ored .\ou a .hor; ,Jdiitin(c_ eldo" the
', .gll", diie? ti.! Is I)l tho,-,_: h,: ".were
0:, tlhec baT k to ci,+er hl, : i-,noup ',';inle
,g. I repeat,.-d ii vou G,::i. ['all's or-
hen you iequ,.-,ted mite to g,., back be.
he hammock ai.d select a suitable place.
e-dta.tLc motliud a hlors-, rude lact; ,i.
r of a mile 1rom lIhe rier. had mrirke--d
bur cor;,era. about two hundred vards
heten Gen. Call rode up. I poi'+red them
hilm and requested his sanctions or dis.
,al 1of' tle. prunnd; he approved of i.
at intoiewt C r,. Fall~i g i marched uip at
dd of' nits bull.al'tn a*ind I had just cou-
1 [lie ('ol. to hIs }lace in thet line. when
hmtiiriteers npproaichcd \hi,.'n I also con.
d to ihi-ir p,,iliion. Yoi must have re.
d in Ihe rcir, as sll dif t1is was complex.
1ire 7 ,fj.'li'c up.
I was not at the river %\ hon tlie rear un.
CL. Mills crossed, I cannot say wlint oc.
t at iliat inie.h,it I ne! er lieard that an
sIF ew IIK_,Qt proLaIbly h-ive Fircd or. the tro.:op..
hif.- inut fa%,,- exposed his p(:rson to the
,:,iir mn %% ho %tere adinir.-|bl% posted, to
aid protect the- bridge.
the nl,:,r.iig whilee [te ra-g.iidis, ',i'hd
O]n 1lji,,I, \'Pee cj"rsissngin i the canoe B.
II an tl-_ntiL.le marl of' lcliun cou,,C:,',
Il-, l.-1.i ?e over fix river. For a timei'i o
,.Ik,%i :d Ii;ii, A le1gIt Iwo o" %ou r -a IF
Ig it I crli:. l'l, prac -,ahJe- l or" tip ri ie
r.d hioh.1T,:j %,.,A,l' rs !'o j .r;v it( iirefi-n
itri'T;w. *-' trie" sodi<']'l,, "wl- -I n",,-a
lirutghtli he w,'eier in salC:fv. 'I'he im-
Oil t- S iltIh Jud 1" e'jolt, flati 'Git erir
;Id hI e li % \%,, oCr.r ilic -.iearn that his
o..ininarid H oiuld hia, I',Aoil ed hfi, mof"
uited to .:h', Com~lo,-:d 01r line matcLIr.t]s.
,rni. :i,.d ;inu;ilion co:,u!d hici i-.'e ha~e
carri.-d r, lie c:u:cc.
_.,,"J l"or'.; hli-f of ;'ic rn,;ii!.cr had been
:d <:'\.i % a id and C ,p d i.! (lie cj:ie-t %l nill
mie t %rj:r v. \> Iic-h chlr.,c-,ijzed the 6 I..'.,
,nit pr (t uporl the I,.ft ol'lhe (? r ulirs, iho
iji .-'t lhat.> b,>:uii ier dilTerun I. I %ae
: i i f NV LI %u I-IC :iPked %%u l, Vx u g.-%e
nr,.:,rary, cnrannaihd to GI n. Call. on re.
, -r, i:- [hier..re..c<. tii ir, c her5 w ho hlad
,Iill you in the Fight--you replied, out
aIr.,. io, "Canil's ri,:.. Ini.^
r rel of' ?ir let'er I %%ll answer bripl\'
i C:.ll, was in..fi tn the banle. All tile
tL'rs ".%hIto vc ie erganged 1n1 llie action,
niot h,-,ie e:,ceed.:.d 2.3 or 3U I'icludlng
i. Tlh,:. t crr; np.:n dl.e Ieli 01" die rcg-
and %,l nc,,ciiniarj'ed by Col. \M'arlea,
t tGui. C.,I!': .,tala: There was ptoba-
_mljle the nuiiibrr il iiie nli..lt and lf-ll
upr..),, i i. t ~it' .11"l .ii l ll l' i u ,L yl't 'li'ii 11111', -
it- iliglti ,g t ii< over. Y,-II lim ale way's
1 i." in;, lia~ri!' of the Flion la \olu'.lcers
ul',~ei.I a utt l~i.,d, .-i inaihiel'.
,it .our conduct onq iliriit day sli~oald Lbo
ued I a rnalLier ol' a-itorishiencnt o ame,
nnslt be to nll ttho verc ,%ilt \oui,, the
enicnl ar~d %' inesfctd your t.xcl lions, anid
arles~s xpos.lie <',1 vuur petrsonl.
u muy howv,.vr be \.iliricd ah~d iilnnder'cd,
,u |i-fjs_>.s3 Iht2 9a'ilSrtOI"n coii~t( i'jusncsS
l'irg at lIias perl;ornmd 3our duty, aud
wrhit [ lia\ae Et;i and heard, tltere a,'e but
'err Ifc" whno liac evir served vl h yel,
roulil not :lgatll witlh elacrlty eil.'nlta uiidcr
ilre hope o1" seeing you on my way lii
la early in Oct,.ber. retain \i ithi great
Ct, Your Ob't .e'ipvii't
:,. D. L. CLti-u.

J.lcr~ioxVrLLr, Oct. 36, 1L'7,87.

Gcneral:-I have seen a statement made
aj. Lyilc, giving the details of l" i, battle
o Ouitltlarorclie and the evetil of thliat
M1an) or the particulars therein laltcd,
g come under my own obser\ alion I can
borate. As relates to you recroasing tio'
lie is minutely correct. Yours Respect.


'lr o r a is e thie H 'l UP n n ,i,.r q. I I I I ,. ,I
A nd then you'd be all over c' '," '
Th-en it" We, b:aniies ,.vishi 0to finJ,
WVe nerd not alwaN_?, IJoo bthini, "'

Sr. MARY-, G-.o., lIq Oc. P-O37.
I ant induced, front a vcr high re;?pect for
Ihe opinion of the people of" Florid,, lo submit
to their calm cornide ratio ), tlhe t>., Ilowing let.
tera, extracts of' Icieri and cer!ificates, in re-
fulitaiu ol"' a malicti.i arid vrndt i,'lit,< tirade,
whicli appeared ocr the -.iunanire of R. K.
Call, in the Floridian of"-2niid of. ulv last.
Bv the testiimony here adduced. it will he
seen how far Gov. Call isiustained in lhis
statements, &c. Thal I ciposed the regulars
vnccessaril!y by.figttinu with thei in d-mbir
rantf'-that I n,:g!rcio th, tcounded-iras
much alarmed mystilf-that tlhe roluhntters
could not cross thM. rlrer-and that HE; canc
like a protecting anL.iel to the ;-escfr of or lil-
tl( band-that it t,'as Hi* s .6cneralisip and
bravery, that covered the troops rhilc crosing
the river, and that Hr, Achilles fi'l/e, shicldcd
and saved thiem from destruction.

No. I.
Et'rart ot'a letter f.rom Gen. Call lo Gen.
Jackson, daicd
T.1LL.At/ASSVt', J. .2,N. 9, 183,136.
Document No. 6, Pagre '200, of the procee-
ding.3 of the C'ourt of Iniquiry in the case of
Gen. Scot.
,- I slihll retUru to the frontier in some capa-
city or other, so soon as I can raise a force of
anny description. I should be highly gratified
to command the arm%, and believe I could
soon bring the uar to a Ilose. I fiar, howev.
er, this I cannot do without injustice io Gen.
Clinch. He is a brae and g,:od man, lutI 1
tear lie 1i too slow in his mr-vcrenis to cou-
d,.ct v war ngn.in-- the lndian-."

Dc 1 ) ?:9

Ti 1 I'j'',iitlaid every SiardA.iY, ;, ti t i roow fu
'.l iri llw inirlv o:.-,/p I aMtIle I lnt llh ,erieor O ff-i.
Kin i.it d"*. 'aItll W\ n, not coh r ofl \\'.dhin;to
S 1-^.ir.;-- Vt UFdiilQl"'.LrlC, 01 FL70 at ti
c i .1 o f tl t h y a i r .
Anv r.i L!,4',riE iT psertrl it One DU llar pirrq-jar
of tweli. line)i or 'jLf6l'i%,Id I'lIr-t lu.n rtion, .n
"Tlitty c uti., forreichi aJAirqae ,nrtlon. .-diie
hl ,.'mtinl t notl w Ark"^': ah il'i.- nrj-nb- i .)"f in r -qu;rod, will b- eo.iltma.,d 'l tll l'.,,-'i jl and c!igrj.d,
t Mr.


t No. "s '. cisc,,cere I [],.u 0 IildilItg,ri u a.i made .ydpseen, 1'1 the L rtr.yfrant, atimmiaug your I by an) one there. ihe Indians had beiea corn- hill r,
It a letter A-.l R. K. (-'.ia!, 1.e. their appc arace on lo right, in a S pletely flogged and driven off by like force on td i
"' D. L. C. dcd, when [1'"re dare ar charged by .pf. 10l4nd. nde, as the vad hids received he south -sido ofthe riier and'al tin'g" had cu
T% .LLiL .' l" I \ohn phe-, c r, an... .he out irng really. MlA- by',oiir horse, and the cap rnd clclnug ithai ceased. n e,
Ile us;. thei !.llw..,v, I,'gui.d.o, in r,:ler- Iii. Yua 'n did noi Bmonn Wiron yu.lir h'Frs'"6 ,o. woreoa th.tt arame ruble dt i: could amn)ly You were I'rqueily iuill" n immediate Qi- lo r,
r.- e:jcy,:it) c. .: '. being _-," ? f-. ,Jcd il l i,-, t.or.. ntnillt he v..is so bTdl wounded ,IS to be uilu.;I, 'y--w, cprc proof nccessrj. cinitv, and duri:jg he hottest part of' the fiht perso
d, nd olf' Ih,H troops in .-lwoda; I,ou l hc 1,1,' io cariv aou. all while hou %%ere dis.. Th-tlthee ndiaun wert d,'ited o A.hat well Ihad a good oliportuntv of observing h.olthe or e
ben sh.ful H ud ",m u te "u tti o c Iurp te[I,,: fn
la.rdunled \ou euh~nul Io eflcourg,.- ili ii'oop ^r,".litd.1y34 I nev'r heard do,.ibled mill i red cool acd earls' manner, Ihe gnllaril beali1g, % when
J ^--, t,, b irnr I hlr^',.,iu teprweae y caill out Goit-all'< pubhcc fon. r ill iliu s O c.uvin'i. and l ie encourigiig langu,igo 0 y uaddi'essed uter,
', ,0;-*o .holhernenio bw h trn'[hl you weredltrrmln- Cl,,iprool ol" their lfhe i g Ihen well whipN, to Ih0 3h ':, produced Aib ninsi inspinwug to go
'.%LL.An.is;itE..II.UNE 21, 1l0:3. e. J to m i. thri bulk,r diei in dld ; that You was Oieir never renering h0e Ianle. e et.
:, ....r ,-n..urha letter ul tht e Iof hie st. b1 x" wou ld snodd ot down :v man you sw iAN En bd ..... w, iss WE a h01 7f WU vohiers lhnt sup. I had hkewise an opportutV 0of observing ontat
Spr't. has b ,.u receeed, and I regret xe.^e. Yu were frum Mhelme you firt rcchledith iori thereguhu lh" at hattiu, as luruhed the most benevolent attelttions v hihyou paid reL r
-, digl),t, learn that you have fi-ially resolved troops cunsiaudi, ewvsed and neTr the h ,e, by L 'ut. (C-A.. .111. t)the wounded afer their returnto Forta willing
w tome t,,rn t o ar'my orthA ld nindSi',te.. ps-_, n ,Efp.t It omeli e odlor. I r.iIin sq, Drane. Bolh offWeeks aand private received law% ,
I It uuhuld haoc allord.;d me gr-at pleasur to, ASe,.),-,i, a. a lras h h,,i aso r b.ughlt, you Yuu,.:r espectfully, I 'from )out personal ateatto.s eve, v comfo.nt fi Vi ,ren
s hane served u.d,?r, and cu.u,--rated wtill v,.u nhm,-dael,,' ,n.,uid, and 1 did M ,l s \ou J.6E G. CDOPER. yourpowerlo beslov --"
.JNE G. conductn. yhourxtpwerpato bagi,=t'the
d incon uciing lIL L n c M ca nipa lg a blag at th is di sm oun t ag ain hli il ut Ilic b.-uth b an k of l le J. 4tll R eg t. F*'. p e., at tllit b:rnil,. of the .. g-t-.w "l ...-. ..I. .' .1 .. il h e v
.'Ir'dla's" r dr.--Ali r tie ndians erle complLtcly O.acooche! .
e I l,anve in obe, im nce lo lh.? ord -rs o.f Mle. r",,.l ,,J L ,te.,,, h,d tl,, firi,,t4 ti.J e,,t;,,:lv I -, D .in-- -.----- .. -.. C A M PB E L L G R A H A M t.onld
d aar D ,:.pa tim ,.ii. ;i.o sum ed [I,. l.,:,r, a .J ,:i|" c..ea.:ed, .,:,u orJ.:r,. ilhe the killed ani, d a:.u ld eI ] E or ihe V olunteirr!, O tfia rs and men G B rv t. L apt. 11. A rlenioi
1 forle- lit Flordj. and *a soon ns n l. w ,c ;,_I.,l,-ciT,.,J al.d;,.:.1 1 lo ii-e river a ,l it ker, %'Ih upp,-,reed the Regular T roops at the bdl- Gte D L. CcNCH. asserta
i-;alil N l = 6 6:, -,;i | m e I .Oh ill p ro e ,me.J tn lh : ,,,i n [,W-L :p p, l. t b L.i o: :,u eni,: i d3rn.,dttd 1 Ufa ne t Oi. i in h l,ico lc ee o in th e 3 1sl D ecem ber, ce rtai
to.- t in o rd ,:r tr, p re [p a rr, f _r I -, l ,be u,- nJt e : i d hI .,:? tu -e lo rIm e .J, n 0l-i ".l1 nw a s Q"en t e rit -I.:,? ,,o- i \ nil th h p ia c e l o f iia tlA1v N o 9 e d u po r
deFL'e:i- i r' n,,-. ur,:.. agaiilns i h,. e w ln ., ec tcd i g,:,,.td old jirJild p lraiiptly i s ;r.,-i- 1 1 j,,hn1 P a.rre \ irglihia.Lt. C ol. W C'i I r'rf, O A ug. Ia e .m upon r
,, 1 I hl ll be very .t,-p\, t, :'o:eli e h.u. t-,1" In th, lii. w ainn le centre of the lI'e J.I F ._ i. rada, .M nj. J. G Coper. G eorgia; the ine G rWc r l :- your ettiner of the 6thl inS 1 de d y.0 :
r. ,. '<.-,',s and a-'t coe as your exp orienccE uia ,' ..t" rre,,l~ ar ,, "er tlhp nc I ., R os,. dl,; Li-.ut' V.1'a-dock,, was received som e da, si1.ie but i, conse- >n fcr t>
c:.:.! y %ou-toggiv3 n- atte la t lnu? CTI 1:1 l.b o i' iJ, too:J I. ndIo me n IJ m and Ieta.,It.i- J G M,, i r d ""li' '
Ide t, thi...,.,,.irl_. do .lW:,hnr. ii ,d. YOU an .ofn llte ahh-nu I did! Elb tow n ice aort o fgothe
S All ,r me, sir, to lend,,r x,- tll,- :-..,ir.tnc< ,:-d in,. that the le ,, ,ps would croi. the iin er .ia li d ; Jil. Ye.,.lln;ii, ".,ulli'C]'rohua ; an onrlier p,-rlu,.l. 1 Fliil uow endeavorr to go rou
riny h[,_,l ch,...- J raie l'tin a d e iei:n,. t ill i, onii),iaLies-, al kliialcly froin iig l t,. li AJii I. I Plt:;lipi, G ;'o., Ser'gt. 3hs,,r M rply in tucli a m auner as to m eI.- H .ur liter, uinders
In [, [_,c tl i~ ti-h [lh atl lo'i nI' % lo g hi ,? 1o t.. l I a i d tl i. Ii rn C o jiniali\I \I,, lJ {.,? ll.:. I t nlo ( 'n'iV K 'i)ntia ijo r g.n ,, l e .'r d id .
J'-'v Aine, onors ,_iuuI h n\o "Wi. U IMh>." -Erl.iy '.dI' r,5-. a1nI that v.,,ld 1.>r' k the r,:-Lr gujr, f, nt.:--J. 1. Mast.n. dhde t-land ; [ wii- in Ih battle or l}i Onihlaeooehee, hiut.nel
lv u .-u ir- i, ,i,- p ..ie.? ilhc li.:,-pi i \t ill, r. J cr I h,;n. ih.'l'r*,_*].i'. h i.J pr; I, .[*i : Johiin Jut.,it Fl.,i.ndj: *or, the 31-st Decenlb,.r, 1M35, aid a %,our 1-1.p _iilTu icnruA n o j,'., a n -kh-J-nF1j-a
1 anI. tr, rr.,ec:!Lll.,. Yuu reiln ii, ,1 %, i, htn huri ,..- b cL.. k onme i I[t-b, J. if. P nthl.clrd, dc... \nid -.e.amnip. \V.hen the attack curnmenecd him ati
Y .JJr 'r v.-n d a nd u bd t r rrva n lt. iin a ,. IW :,- r, I c.ILlu h .-d Ih e ri ve r w i th li i ,rp ,,." c-%Id p h R a m" N L t -i ru p -liure I A ra -i o n h r" ^ h ua-b a rk e a r IIic r l pe r, h ac in g c a bioc
R. K. CALL. ,runpan:, "h.h 1 !.!eli. e wa; the last to rss pi*at,7 '..- .1,-.e Aiwdr,.w, Florda. W W. B. jst I'tl twe b,ittalih.> of Regular-i and wao dr..:d 3
T].., 11g'l r.n. D. L. Cl '.t. il. andt ariiA, a, Hy lr hrid QA, I .u:id L,.-t. Col. H1 d,.; ; .ho ;.. I lligg in ,thai .o; J,,.,: T at .**e-l i,._g 3 :.U mp.\ ,o "n t rtll M has u ll cH 'nd. k ,,'l i
I Mills and l,6 ni, &, & ",,_rl', ,,, r 1 ( 1ol. Mill qW | r hJ ; T. 1T ,,Js, G OrJi'la ; hJohm Sil'- th1 a rafe m ae beard in ,i r,,r, ad 1,'-* in a le:
NO,. 4. 4.. t. idwnl g on a rock on Ihe S,-uth i,. W of i,;.,'rddo, J. \V|LI.,. N.-%VI Y.,.ik : J?,lhua. I in. Lr:, uf -,tie Ihdida.is are couii-ig"- I ,loh.-id l ice to
l i:.A.,Qr. Q inirRA. -trI RrK O'S. r A. 10. the 0 r 1.-r, I b h.1012 li.,:.il,-,.Jn" t,, *l" W cIAnM ,,W anr i,ve. do ; .hO. R Robrrn. 1ou1th (I Nroh. d wn tHie stream % here m.:n % eCre coroit ruct, i,.,-h ci
F .-t M :Flt. Jn'l..:u..l:,.. F b. l lS=W t o twj%, it.in t.mnmed a !. i' ,.o t l,e bryi",:, aMi Jnaj ki,: I T -on. ,:, -.-a t Jim ,,s Br .111, ins a Lbddge or ile s s ,ay. when I discovered of him.
iD D Sin :-- -. Q :r\ utr c.-c r ;ad -ldw.:.r i, lie ;i" a-- th le Li nt .;r In n- 0, 1"N o .:r. he" I q,,','.\li'rd 3!n,.,t,., ,1. [i~d jn Bill,, S ::r|II- .*- n .,iiiuig it niucl ha .?, and a le, sec- ,.,iii:i,
Ili,, [t,_fg r a, %%i i l l 'lh ,:'-hil thl.i it h y w er re re a.-'h : ,l i t Ior, i. ].nI ; e1 lh c iiarnr, I It.rind I r,.,|, li,,r,, rr d id '.r.. v ,. -_- : ,.r iil ru..[n l .,!ii ,lull I_,r,.idgh nl lo .:.. d \%V houi stop. su lie r
n o t p, :-1 n ,d t ,,l r r o e i t'... :r l h : m it i l. b -u.i n ,. o a, 0 Ih -uo,, 1 al, ,r e Ii... Y u hr i J r r ,? .' a r l s e g -i i 'un. h !, ,1 p i n g lo p ,k y o u t o o k t h e t l a n d .o s o o n d p
l h'.tl I-, ;hV-i:;,-' %%h i fc:l .-cd on t,,i dio Ev l m.L-, r,:l ,.,i 1t lh,: brigi. U1 1! i Ci,- 1 I ,-..- ul' I ,LI- 03 Ow o- h, e WrsW- could carry L" w e w ere_ on ihe erlold ,
t, dc 0 t h i he ri~er.") uo.:,i,- hi.d I;1:"J ,ut il i-f c H n r.,,l. i:. lo i. ] No.,. fic d. tun ing pas-.c. tlhrouO h li a 9,, oft defile ce i IF
I .;m dear sir, nl ih ,e.it r,-P..F ,i. |U p fl1,,- iia r, and -:,,:-it,.tma .:, ri,.-,, ie l,:-I' t..- .'LLroi, \ t \ ii .% ., Pm h,I w e w e re .i\p,-,xe to a i' QAmi l''e lrrn [ c,-i,
JJ O H N W A R IR E N laindJ. '%I i.-r. [I r aich, .no t .,l-ti h ..i nar,,,,f,, !,, -" 1 '3 -li n l Il E illy ardc- cam e l1. L.r
CV l. .h- R r imn-._ ,r, flur ia Wm,;'- a. 1 llieie l., id \ u) i. ]-iTur that har ,l | i. ,',, j, d," ( ;,, ,u.h.-- i,a--e ]i re ,-,-,-i.cJ' r;", a lhr leat ,,l llie hne n,.ar wo which h lutc en- p s .ed
(Gion. IL. L C Li,. IL .,ri Dra;w,--. b.a il,: Iou w ,E i,? lS '.q,:. l..l, n,ea r ro '.J a nI, |ell|.i. ,E,1" it, ...ll, ,iji fi,' ni F.1. M 'Ir,"r ,Jr wo.r,:d I. -, Ralgley, blr.ih ig profusely had s,
haJ a f~ur oppuriui vo%,ny iie.-i,,, ..,., ,: ;V, ;,,t |d l ill V | & I i eat[, l suIv. i.n h ,_r t,:, ) ;,t, ,, ; q,,ircl 1 il" e %,;s hurt balyan d di- not bee
u. .. ,J.,tt d.,rl;gh,- > l,;un d ,,tle.r\ ar,.l-. ,,.:,d1 i ,- ,r,,., ,,3r~a lrt. I. t f ..c ', ,.al ,n,l,:er I"1',, ISL 1" hn t t e care ,.,I e'"*"*-'*: : T he ',it- Or ea
S r. A -i ,;t- "r F;r. r :. T,[. A ug i1 1537. r:s1. pl..a..ure i:, 1, -1ir t, ,ndu,t a n,, r ,t, ,rr, o:l,. ap ., t :1l 10 t11,, en ma ? l n w agl" i dou ble rInks .v u i imt _diaid,, a hol c
T i t 6. it 1 ) L C h a hrk,- b. ..r u cd ,..ra ny ,;,, n"ne ,, b r a % ia ,, d u d t h e m e n x t -, ?r 'e i( o o c lo s e. t og e t h e r t h a t t h e h ,a d b e .
r", t_;.,<. II. L. t'/,,,./, :. k,-d b, ,;r,.-it c,:.,,],,..s3 at~d ,, i,^'i_1r;^ ^,;, |ti}, ? ~guivs ,,nnhdai '" ti r- d lbrate.-'el-. h i n h d b
Lt IR H ranr Q Qr e w th iin ; nd y r irh r i a du. n iid ,.o.t 4b '.2 r du ,- "d ant]d ihe low .,tended. Inn, n n
[_i IR Sii! ;--Y,:,,ir !;it~ r ,:- th,; y~h i ",->;. r',--andj .,-,jr ,.-.rn dict llhat da\ inn; ,1', c,-,t,, i|-;,.S-.niiu,.,i,: [,it'.;31--, on th,. ;.l1 .- t -c .a ..~, rI ,l.di:< ,-.ib ro d, j o n d til ou et hu.- c_.liudd o,, a nl
Ih:.- j..41 i.-.arhed I,,:, m,nI l hat, n i., :., m lp Y nr bu tted to ,.i.r linal -iccc.. I d,, not i:3. 1111 \ rIl -1 (: tl l o u ror-t C IA. F ut .,",, and d -
.il% .,ur r _,-,t.l tlHat I w ,uld :, v.y u a lei.'t i,, G ,_n,..r;a Ca ll ur, i,,? I lJ ot'b.- l "la -,i3 alta;r, I com naid,.d a crn a W Eei l r:, exertion %l as rin d. eo i l.nd thr h e bridge
I 1nten:iit -hi t,'ing Iho- nII ni. n r ,>ti t' ,..,_%'n it? unhil h.: filing hiad .".v isd-- at lIe thine ac- 1 C i II IhII e %lere abolut ) l') mni, [I' h 1a.tl d a er can o ecnovr tlle dii lt 1,1 eth tlio g pros ed
a'd nur:,t e.r .:,Fl r,.ti,-,n t ,.:t-uh U llU i c d0 c m,",:, ,-, r -. c.+l],:cing the dr:a at >didwoul ,;. ; hW ,Ai-r mhe halumitlii h,-id cr._,-ed Hllm Vi-N hla- s"lch a tit"r' out lkoWN \ IR n lia ? Iliad it Cm a c i'los
inalid l.o ih.: 0) inhl,fr,:,ocl,...e. hILE laier pa l ui r i_-ti' i.i d 0, :1 tEli,: l;e-ld a l;.- in" llii ,-[,d tl,,..u i ',,: il'-,. L a. Iroruid.i,: ,1 i'th r dn ,f" ba.le b., itth o-f lli' a' a,, death, w here the i.':n fre Wo d r. %I
December. 1.'. rn,J u h,-;her ,Jr rnot G ,,. rin .ril. b ,u '00 ) ,,.i>rds. ,Qu.in me i',:r, at ri.htl n .gles ,. irg and ifrem V7 a ct nllntmuo su and ihem y vo:.d ,'
(-';ll, and th,-. '%,luniiersr- hi ,d not ih, -If. II ,",- i "Ft. : T c,'id t o e r-hler lr,:H.,ps aid ta ,:,|. ui ih a a, ,, t Abv;, 1.5_0fi yardss fmo~n hW e l,-n- tire, re, ld 'Iwhere Ih.re w as scarce iy m nre than I itM ni
porhiun rol'lhc tr lrjn p,ni ttion a, d pr.:,';.i,%,n- I '* iu l;-,t 14. ,u.bo Ifou htI lhi," l,.ililol 'l :,-he O iu]i]h.-,, i i. i r-i ;r i -n" e r h ut r, o w :I IM lie o a c rp n n h e l q .rf
wulk o fI rM ei ,IIno pir I? ram nr e th p ns fav r'td ',1 o n e 1H 1 l o o u o f i c e'r to a c o np a n ) ri n d th riv e o r q u rle i
I have 10, stale th-aa llhe bag ifi.trai', t., n co,-,che,-. dAI 1,| yed gre a firm c.is anrd brave, r i- tpon their gr,,ij d: prervou.llv h,,w,-.ler, th,:,e badly w,,"d(d in th,- coninci. You my t.
with liht command on the --bt_:,e oc".WIlO r,.. uid dI l",,-he e if Weh. h,:,le ol the oOuii- r ri.r l -! were|,.-:;ed la .im,_,Sii f." n diroei,)n, *.,rdcr,:.d a cl.a.rgle orhly allier 3ou got on Ihe apart
conifis dof ,7, -,,fnp or,,:-.-,,:,rie ,-" af;s a-rnd 01 I V ItLf- u drder <;cG r. C.iL, cul.hl In e r achod IQ r.: aii,.,_. hLc t-oM1..ln, u itnr a we ground, and it *a. de tr ma d repeated, but out lo
o..'.,rs-,_ \I-,n- h, f.- II Id ..' batnlc, li.e S,..nin i,,h!,. ,% ur i oih.t r|,l,,,i.u il;|b, e p ol,t! r.,Icr. ,u d-I ",.i ,j the line h lited when hit reacd ed near Hlit ham [,ppr',:,
*The unumi,'r f r.u;.,ne l,d n n aas i. .A:, !lio .- 1 c b,,.:,, a., .l.be, ro n lh.; lath TI -_ In f ,,ing bii'ie.., poiha-& L,_, ow i o g) do.wut'n Ihe i,'rier in,:,- and wa-3 h i s out coriot ion, in conge- At Tha
;"nd eight blnidi,.d. or iww A or 700(i men wj\vI.- 1 .,[,-7,0i 111,,. ],-",ini !|| c.:. it'i e u. iCt,,CL Y i t e h i n, .e i. :,.6 i, in mo .re n lQl; iih,. quence eidtile word rennr havinglhrougi mi5. ;ile IhW -
.r Ilbur da s: ll,:ee da,,s r'ut s hm- g lc ;-eOWn lhc el. 1 ,,lth,. della,:,: |= ,,,:,.n..,:r arr,%.d L.., lle I.,tif h rl., gnog o b.yso e ",m Iml"-.,n u ml iv"< eet L' S du tcied
i t-sded Io tile III o b'? tn I k,:r,-2 n t-h[.:i ha ,.. i .m ji., !t ll l.'ir 1,iend. /,. hrmin ill n i' t]. ... li of he- I.,..- D *irhig the action an alt,-_m pt w s n m ade to lIe v,_
"-s r- '--",.'-'4+.'c ''^ vik,,,o,... 1 ;." \ ,, L .,2;] r-,'l, snpci'- turi ur rght andl to pas w there m r" (_"ap t. di ed
cartn. we i;,,,i,:Jd \,, -, P,:,k a ,,,l f,-,tur, and I i'.,2 D. L. ('- ,'-. *nme l'. mn Ni r'm Tial ,--l- .rc n tl l l.-e: .L i e],nl a o ted
Ihree (..tlns i-iJ lle iii.horse \ig,)u MIll. :.', ',h,.'i [ lv.r,:l -_.-.nli ,nd di11.1 iih:loi e m:-..; bul do hi_-'d. \i hen W h e (;er:my was chlr~gkd, be.on- As
corn t.i_, li_ dlal't hur.-.e-, and tho-se >.t" f ll... '-..,. 7. I .,\ |i,,i-;Ji.,i .", :- A.:i.. 11 :1 i I >:,.:j11,] ,,or h,,.-| e'i and pursued by bothTi oC ihose ,ilmrurm I.& dr ,Je Lr ,<
m .-.u~itL- ^o,:,llu[t :..i*. .V,; .' ;: -'.... ,.. F'., .' '/_. :':>,. I "-7?. ;i ,',t ih, ,n ..-,. i%,_re n ,- u :,. r n,:,r ,.n.an n I is,,n disdistance h,,:,;igh the sc:rub. T hiihs cick c iurr,.d
T he command .i" as.W ent ',,ni Fort D .:a-n--e rtil.tit /l "-H- .ivitl, i n i.1 Ih,. Jdf_!.-,. 1;,1 1l,,7 ,-, -,,. ^ [,_, ;' ir,[ i,- ,n tit,_, -aT.'I ..S ii OhiV sa,,Td our b:',,r, Iul i,,dhjn
liveda\y., whiich con.eqtie.I], IAl't i" d ia-" 1 ,- llc (.',.,,nnW W lr oflhe l th i.--_r., a ,.i,:,l Ai,t :. H ,,ih lh," i;,, ; ,b :,i. I I ., .,,,,'j : h,.1 h j.n ,-,n, i | d r Er nled damliu froi sr_.ling tIke al id.tin and w'd.)iid
tim s o' Pork wdi'i Fl our AI llon h and Il-s-r til i my rpi. ion inallied ,'mr k.i,' a 'in ,:.tii,'" ik.u'. .iiili-ri,',- fi 1 on s o hIiid,;ri-'. l lii ,..ji- ;ojni tlv rihundred liorses lLlongin t,:o ilie ",hel- I
m en on our return to t.-_,rt rf. n r e. Cdll, hh:h % .'%n a i- -t-.% jlihA -1,1|,ni: ?ri[-1.1 ,i r n-lV& Li n I nivir t. .:T .,,, : -i .ip' .Il- tl,. "n- uriti. .r? \hihi.li ad b,."en s fn over. I di._, firetof
D uring Iilc- -c,,ihd daf,': ii ~ ,-1]L ii 3-% _; l .:,und rd ation ir ii- l-,( t._'i Ic ., I ii[ jilIIhcr,:,,:.|. p|] ic," ',.-til,,f" i.,D (ti|h,,,iq, ,ij ;,_,. n-lil i ; 'j i '.]j i S nI. l.'i,-ti L. li:- ard y...u. duri ng the action, a/ve or- cover
that tcali-i wlilich earned lhm corn w.:e o rvrvowu.b l,,, a.d dmin r i Om. I.iiil,? <..l'tl,- Owi.ih. \iu n,.. I,1'-. in .:.rnf-r m ,ti. Ait Uiiri p, hW Avily [;ientii aind I th li ; l pan-d .,m g thrgu h ;_l 1 ?e. I !'.re .l i i !i.le du e n ull, :i I lln' ,. .',- ii., ,,,,i ; it" A, |i, : vrrn..f[| 1it1-al \ il iirt, 1 h n "",: .\our midi l-ia 'e t lhn ''n' p .- t iu Ihe 0
the woods "here ih, pioh e:,,.rs w ere coinyp,-- pl,: oflIrnJ.i and io ywu '-cl, i., c. u n n pl. a '. ,,rd, ,., J t,.. L,. ,i ir, n i t,., b,.?\ nc l.;d h',inl r'L-or l' ,b o r ,?j- lr and lurn the lM i :,'llt.ic M D IN
led to- open a load coni.--ir'ibly dvl d a (sed ihe .r;.ie'i ,t of i p ro g re s s o f l i ec c o m i kao ud A. h a h w a s m a d e o w n o b s f r r a ti ,:,n F i si Q 1 I-i h .. r p e .-A l i ,;.td ui. ai,?c... r ,J aI ,,',-, a t ir 1 .;" iA hT h- [el i ,.O. i',u t in h a l e b ,Jc :-" d i 1'1 i th e r ii T 'r 6 ,1
tor som e ten or 15 m inute and lh ie prncIpal by dcu 3 the pain wire chi mns of E no F bin ta,;r-d n. ci- r. A .1 -- ino .- a n o nd not dm n :,i unt froA n )o ur hor ,, un. b ,.h i
] part of th e corn di n.- ribute d to t ob m ounted d. A ,o ,!I the 1 A ud o fl" D o. ,er. 1 %f' .j, v,,u n it l i i4 atit. kI. 1 %, a .: Ih i id o n p o n;-e,1, f I ll lie h 'id been s u. g" corl, uind er A,)tn mor s,-i nie-
^ l-' ^',-,lU~le .i'.. ma.d, an :,ppt al ihruni-h h,1.. I,- ld o lrf -., I' h; bja, :,1 l.i,.lr.n7 L ,-1 c.,I,.- 'rc "
T h 1 Ic pio n' hni ih %% evre ,.,,]rd ijU lr'l p t omhe th l pth i,- in 'ri,.nt :,r d i M illed. ,,-,:min ia r, ,-d t, r l tr.iM lo,,|,. ii;,, I.1. d..iach ,_,i ,l ,_l irg ! m a rcl' be ln ; m, o d a v s,r, lyp w.i,.r p k a n d IH o u r m b y I ,-,l J o i n \ta" n e t o, U K, uinl ;,h, : Ci <: i mi s 6 5o L_ -ui, t, 1 ,m u hl ",h wr, i l, in h an ,!',,ri c a ld V we a r a a [, l*ro *'i- d o u t*J .l d eton ,.-Pe ..l
wcr bayd uimnl ym, ar-i be own. .' Dw-r> nid Xusa co M 10 1 iu-^ ai Th com 11d ims a irr ni insiti upon y'uin re 1111n" t'O HI1rI--"rI> t .
-rere l~Iiu v di.iti.iiln.ii,;-d h', in'.,un~i....ig lli tcorn- .*1 [hi'.;al nod. ." i_'sati cotii 111- ; 1.1 \ liui.'li an- .-rie. TIh,- e~ior-ri\ I]- ui-n itriic'J tu l\ ali,-i' Iu in is u o .~l- re iii t; h- r ,-_: |n o .IL' I'
parnie ot'b i,ih Ihe ,reg,|a l's and %oluin.,..ern. p.,al ih %-re %.-s I" pr rlpt re sp,-i,,.de, rmind n,. r,,c h \ ,: \c,-r: r-,, ".,: r tr,,ulh:.J lronh al ,-,dt.r ',;'ti b t e p ao- up :w Nolte ,w I rs Call L1,
Th ,olu teer re ,.t i\,-,J m.:.r'e Ihi lh-_ir ip.r.:l, Cu n u". :re qni.,kly rrv-e.d i. Cn. C 'ptmi,,s -ori.-.r. Thie l".1a ,: .l I "|, i,:ioi ,rd i t- I 3he -I "'l',_ril t i-, "?.r--e..ic-3 (.1 it ., ,_
er pru,.o-rion -,f 1"t i le or ',_ to, o r r.i ?r an dh L.r..'j.tr'O, R"n's, l ui .l- d, .a G l i r ; l n l ,:3 rl i A ] W o .rI n c wT r i"
coin. there b,:wg no havy r ldder. ,,c-i,'l and look l hhc hoe ." m a.,:- lor V,,tO r ,l rnM in I. .t ,f dl. o ,- r, m You "L u "cre th1 ', i I 1.- he 0.,b1. Their
TINh ab:, : 1 behoe i em brace all do e qlr cn ?- l. .d pd nnsi;rlc i n- arid .-,n [ih -. ,..ndl da,'s m airchl clnm ,uni-d t' ,., v ir hul ,_' ,hi h t -ii d tlh.n Ills tefi cl ,:,our ,r..-. ic e h d Iupt n theI" n e ,,. l -,, c
I,;lons Contained ] vou H Tp ng an.,, a 'i orJ ,w a.. r e ed bv ( LI. "V arren, I!en inrd, A m, i a a', ,',,.'-, and vw all mWJ i lbr,:,rt .ri o N ,. hl" aid, can i ra get. yo lu r lara ,, u i:. i
p ro v, ,e sM tSAH.t 1c Q... in c o ln ra in d orftre l i ,u r r ,- ,n ,lv .i ? r tiir..c tinp a t0 t b aE oale,,n .ild ,l. I b.:h ,: ,ri, lv r, ," f o f A t, e r. t '., it ,ld le l ; at Ihe d .rk -' t lit rac l ll .- to ,J,
l rein3i, er, rspecetl llv", hir, him l to pr.ccc.J t,:, N ,- a ,.,lh. at %, hic : ciu f ,d Ih,"r n iner t chi r,, ldiel inin ,. Yonu g w e"hi, in l> e \ hoh- lhue hft, ,hi eu ,c :iv a nd ro Ys ,
"*Y uur Ol( i .erant, pblcc he v.:,sjohled byv obur z.,ldllnal Coml ia- Sid, I' i,r%.,- _[. i d'nl I',ds t,,,i,. l l m erehlahed ; ; you dec lr-dtlo en(' n o ,, ,' tor 't
J. L -.N C Y rnle 'I ,z. '. ,plai,,n Siu,, n,?rhl i'-, G ibbu ,'s. Li. ande ilh at at h :,ul,I el,,:r h,? .',h or \Mo. byl tlat beforo u w ould t.r1 t r n r r.s.h
I ate L i,..li a n d A s Q r. ( i., A n..n A \ ,ih rni n n d t'c L rin o r '. ., w h o l,.,d )[ ,, ',_- i \I ,,r v, ,:,iJ I l h i i t e .:!- I A i 'tr t h is a d atk. vJP ,-in l eI .e u l.ld p o u r o u < u r -
C. uof tieIl.anw [. U. S. A. .pondcd t, [lit e <. -ciA r ade 11 \)..u on Hie- p,-. dj:- I ,'=.jhJ Iplau s see in, tl',e c,:,,i;,,.i an,. l he \loiwc to u i'th sp1111. is '1"ll. ti-,c, n. l- I, ."
-- r h_,tic .l l,. n. o .thof iA.h a, C ,:,i, L, i .rd Il', n ltlh o ,ao n' l m a .in .,r d ,.t,"-rni lu h,.d r o u. 'D ie ill Ior r ked olh rt p ch ae-, w I l kn w n.- .ro- -
No. 6.Y ilt,,n c,-,un.i,-. T het ,oi,.nlh, i.- l,,:,ll E, -. [n. h ,,.encr.d anor h ,rg ru mlde l- s r
Forr P.on2, 2dJ Aug. "137. Florida minfrehd at a %r cr lion itve, Ie. '- Th, uI,-.nrl w.,i r i .n tn hr)l, ,^,nad ,rL I1g' he somy "" ; t her gn 7 us W! o leq
'/ d/,, d .;,,r a l :.- I h a v e ,,:c e e d )d o u r rth ilei-.-z Ih e te r 0l n o 'o r N O r M 7-. :.. ro t l ,| -d g[nd 5 ,l.u i c h n r -, e l, n h ". : te r a rd ., n o r d o I h ?. li e a n l ud ia n w a s s e e n ,-, f
-Icttcr o't],e 5th m--t. som e d a.in since, bu.it o, e lim ..d to any ihd iiie pie ri-,tl ; nor d i NO, h ,r, C:,d,:.- -hi ll,; faill p i, p l iof I.' a' l;... a. the ir oa own ,,t.' l g th evI no doubt -T-h .
I g t o n o i olS a ,b st:.n c e o n d ly S ,u ,t l S t. A u g u k-o k < i o f G eiOen C a l l l ,': i n g i n l l ? fi e l d U i ll ['y i d o u b t 1 \
Ilh e I h tieL iiiW beln abiL lO an,:, cr it : a nd a n lew dn,\si p wi t.. hi- i, .,,inmg us at l":.rl -ruin. L, :"I<. \ ih .I in n. er ',in to,[ l ,?t m .tI [ pp,, h o ...nd A.. could
unable at tlu, time- to reply- to .vo r iniqui'e- a', hen ,e to,.,lk couiii nd of-hc %in nlolc \oluhn ct lo h,. -,:. Irr % ntuad> J nrt d i l,,i; I hadr -etI- ; .z '" 1" ,, .Ic'r
Ilu l h 'a s I c o ulid u ls ii>'.' h a v in g ril I,.,u rn a l le e r fo ,r ep t it g't, lo ll f r .:. r G .,- .:.r,: l .- t h *lust r w a,-, l. a'c ll .. w o u n d e d re lto v 'e d Io na p la c e, o l a-.-, ^
w ith, m ,?. A~i o w hil oceurmeJ duri,i,- Ih: [,tittle, 1 tad-,- il .,',lt, lh. n u I hiad r.:ceipJ'-nothl,,r t~v, I lu ther wa a dlilTizuh' l ii.hn u ,g -;i.ch ul:i'
IInc c le *r m .: in 81 and cer j:_ m u.-.tsa di,\ Ih e ( oll.ir G u-- r is tlnd,.r a \\ioj~g s -,i I,-r, d I lhjn hi t lii.:".l-, 1.1 iin ':'-.np ] un' : "'' p'. "p -"'|tl "' 1,., ,.i,
ia various c:tp:icities in the Late war, wXlti E g np c~ ,h-th' ;~l. lt:ll'lEng- .rnpicdn-..li vi1 t Ir -[.iI I'll" .- nnny cI inol- p witli nr, i1.Iii r-- i]l.... a'l'an...... ...i]I --- -- -- rnI-t~ T .r larid, andJ w,,s in cse~cral eilgag,3rf.;nis w -ichi cc.'d ,ith tlel \'oliuhni:,.:r-.i on,: n ii :e f ]. T i'iw-'si >\ iin th norl".r-: -i!"ie Oon. b'.111i\-i ili'li i IIorle+_ Li'jtI- Iin .--n, ;r,. i
lo'ok pace,. betiwten l c te Iroups5 under 3our the rite,'. I lhid strum aeroo<.s llie "*ivr.r itid tl r,|n ,,_, ,,1-ih fi.2!l, I ,',w .,:,',-i~ ;uundoJ i l'l:e "*L, oh- have I.ls \uu do ri iot lull. -*-''**
commands andl th; Semlnole indiatns O h c "] as standing or, Iihe [~ian,, (not Ihi\'v \ards ni..n a .-hurl, it ric ,;,.n di..'q i ..u~ ,t..rniine.J to '1n1 e re"ph11.-t,_ er,, lt.v ', ou* ant' gr ih':t."
Ouitllilacooch(-;, otn lih 31st D eec tuber, 183}5. Ifrom llhe s|pot i vhci:.," h hiic c n su!,s.quentlv juan '/,:n!i. O ,, inr, niiinal th]:,-"?, Ill,,u:idGov th er lo be timahiaw k,... Th?
l b e l i e v e ih c I h 's i I n d i a u r i fl e w a s i r e d o i l h e n ~r c d a c r e s .; .) v th en t h el c s f i l ll ,n ra h ea l 'AI.n J C a l l T [ '1 i -3 tll i 1 1 ,, t; i n ,' I a, l I h e G o \ A b r n l t h e c l ,o s o l t h e a e ii o .o u tl r n c d tO
Soutli b,'uks o" llhe river, and fired M the: rag-p and that I dj rs.s-eri xtas fired in fr,,nt of ilhe- (tfnfroni thc -..ouih. -.l.,;",,f Ih,. r;v~i. [ aI~ i? n -v e aiid directed lh;it I -'hould gu iin c.lm i.dah'ly intpu
nk ir tro o p s I t hiin k C a p t. G ;ra h a n 's c o m p ,a n \, r eg u la r si. A s. 61-oo n a _- i hi l li inn p b e g a n C -o l. i m n lu l ,_ | ,,;i tc l n d .: r i h e l ill i- h ,: e lthe S u r Ifo r llhe s u rg :.-o n s a n d r e q u e s t ih c n i lo re p a ir .' s t
a n d [ thiin k e h hli r a n ta n w a s I -ill ,e d ,o r ,ip u i. \ V a r ,e n in s t ain tly fl r ni ,.: d In _- le w trn cn ( thia t j .7, n is a n d M t ,,-- u id e .J n ,,i.n xl -. r i nd hl i di m in st- iiitly to 11 ,,? ni l:l a n d ta k e c h a r g e o l th e IL
ded--tie- fre wa-; returned bv\ C]apl. C. Me'l. wiere aero.--.?,) fo:r action. And shior!-, after 'oun~ds alenI..-d in. After I ].aI lieen llere; o.uidr'd. I rode o(1 as lhst as niy wou'lded th
Io n w ~ l o fi r e di th e fr s t, m uJ i k e'l t h a t d .- v c p .r c ei v ,d l e u a o r L 't ,: l \,:. / id ia n r u n n i ,i g aI .. r s lo- andr ar J j i e r th e. e- i c n r ', h .., b e e n c o in a" d \ a r \ l i o r s e \ ,o u l d Ip e r m i t p i ,t l h e f u n e 1 e t
Lie:]t. Cojl. Fanning" did order a charge 1,:, dovtn to th~i rive-r whore theyv trjoicnccli 1 pletclv, toug-ed nnd ruted'u \oui ciln:e down to path bv vwhith you an~d I hand entered thlici,.Id, yet y,.
ile made, before you rcadi~ed the troops, but firing r,' tthe \'olunl,.-ers on Ill,." northi'-3de, luc hlii~!lok ',:'l l:r tlhc ;.ound,-'d I 'pnurc-i,,., lor you l hiad "prrccdedl a short di.-,[:ace through the ol lit,
w as pr e-ven ted from carrving llir charge e: thll y as tlarinl\ re ti n ,':J. O u r g alla nt '(.olonel in ade enq n iiie.s after th erm an d. gau thio se \' h eo sc ,'ub w hen [ nlet G en. C ;.ll. 1 triq uircd %l b eth- lirnn \
hi re lo e ec t, o w ing to tlhc fou r c en tre eo m pa nn niedia tel o rd(.r,:.d a c hiarg e o u the ene nm y, trerc d bilhta te.d from l ,:,ss of bl .:,od som ethiing e r a line w .a- lo rm ed fro m the br,.dg e a t rn g ht le ..\ ,v
hie o r'the lhne~havin gb cen unfortunatelv forn \lInclh ,w as prom ptl y ex ec uteid, and that w as from )our fidl -hi suppo ,-- i remained abou t angle's lo thc river. H is answer ,aj, no. w hou v
9d in double ra uks Itowever, when th e'troops what caused tller ti flo y, e,'a in sev eral de ad an hour on (lhe -:outhi side of the river, after all I told him you had ordered it, and added '.bil your]I
advanceed mn the charge it w\as found thiat the o:n tlhe: gro u ad. ]-)urinp llthni le regu- lulin Ihad C e-as e-d : I then cre-s'cd the riv.er on vou had better ride onl an ,d sec Ihe i"en. h eo IP, [
.Sre o f the Ii nd ia n s w %a .s s ,: u n a eeo u r tab lv d e la i s w e hll y cm l n g ag e-d r md ing n o m o r e: die b r nd g ec c a i ry n g w ith n',e ni\ ,,_u n, sw .o rd (clo s ,.: by ." lI eI, ,-pd oeri u to th e fie ld a n d 1, F lo rid
stru,-tive that it caused solme confusiion in the enploynncnt ai the^ liver. ,,; j.jine. the- l.e|t and pist,.l.---h crr',-!i~ig had soinr.; sststance to deliver m\ or'dcrs to llhe burgeoni,, ulhe rcspc.<
ran k s. It w ag a t tisii s tag e o f l -,he aeto n thai fl an k o 1" t hl i 'e r u lar9. T h e tlo~od v, co tl~i ,:t iu .,n .' m nan W ile w,,as %,lth m e. A fter c r ,oss- w.,e re but a sho rt d is ta nce beyo n ,d eng ag ed in
you reached the troops and inm tniediaiteiy or- that ensu cd, and tlhc desperate cliaig ,.. th-t :ing llhe ruler 1 walkedd s om e? di.5-ata c e w ithoIt alue ,-d:inc e upon som e %,oun~ded. OU n m y re- G c
der ed thic a lo extend fro nt the cen tr c to the w ere m aid e ca n be rni vc a |,', cver\ ev e? x [,- is-sttance. I l; u, w uf no altcrntlo u \iluch t nrn !1 w ag de t-.,ined a ninlu te by som e ro bu.in

' right and left in1 single file and charge the en- ness of the field. \We were not remiflorced by could hav- been irendrr'd nme or an., other teerN having in charge Maj. Looper who ap-
einy. The order was promptly obeyed.-- a single nman ro,:m hlie commencement of lh.' wounded pcr-'.n unde-r such circum;tarces pcared to be mortally wounded. They ask,.d
Whtle Ihe troops wore advancing', a large bo- battle up lo the last charge that was made i.] which ite did not re,',iv,-. Neither Mai. Gra- tor m\n blanket %% which I drew Firom under my Dear
f dv of Indians were s,-cn advancing from the th l left ofthe swamp, evidently with the intention lung further observation by a rifle ball tlhrouai clse on thm north -side of the river, was expns. I mention these things to shew how long I of thl
of turning our ugli rflank and gaining our the breast) nor did I see Gen. Call on th.- edtothe fvire oftheenemywhcnI waionthat was ahsent. for whea l rlurned the battle day.
Srear. Cat. C.'. Mellon and Capt. L. Gates, field up to that time. side of ihe rvcr. fpr I belvin cnemv was wag over: a new line was being formed and Iavin
with their c,-,mpnime, were ordered to charge The conduct of the troops during the battle within half a Ulc of u<. certainly not a shot you were on horseback activil. engaged in corob
them, which %%as promptly done, and drothe was that of disciplined veterans. Your-elf 1 that I have known or heard of., was fired at it. aad directing the removal or the dead and river,
the Indians back iin the swamp. As a large saw on hor-eback in the thickst ofttlle figlH, any one on that side %%while I was there, and it wounded. The right uider Capt. Gates had fully,
prti-,,, ct" th: itr,.T.r, c 't,irer e il .-. n.mp. it \\ ,:re tfl) battk-,: rjae :,rcer-t, thr-.o vr.:- a r.qlmlly cr::In that no pun A% IFP dl charg'd counter-marched to the left and Col. P1drk.

C 'MI"A ll .-1i-1n1 l in ,.; 'l..'- I r'. .;a.-. ). l h r pabl, Jl *:)n
nilili b e .i J d :.-; ii J to J I L 1_, ir C i ita r i
t r--' N J ij.lbncripfio'n rec .% .. fo l',r las tha 6i:
ramonths. KNOW\VLE. & HUTCHI[ s.

A friend, whether male or fetpale, it "Imte.r
not, handed us the fi-llowing Lines, Ilor pi'l..
tion, and ns Ihev are not- vhiout moe t mawf p
ha~vc'conipli"ir~w~thr -t request ,dt tran"-?rred
thear to our columns. As we arte no coilrioi
spur in Inatters of ibis kIind, %we [eI;ie our remlj
f.r;, tu deildr nccor.lin. ,, their I'ance Our li
nilied obs.,rit-ion, howeve-r, liha led us to be.
lieve, tiatn"ii-il-,tt,.'rp,:rl ir.ing to dress, ladie--i
like gentlelumle, fllnL.1d be pprrmilted lo ha~ve
heir own way. A ladi t. .s i'tul'esaq. as tiiib
right to wear tight sleeves,, nnd "- umpss," a,..
gentleman has, to sqiui-eeze himFehlf into t.gli
pants, or hid.: his hire, h-hlind n:m e.\ubeT.:n.
growth nnd we tiink it qua!- u:r nrirotus tihat
v\,illi t one is suffi.rdi to enjo-,y [its tare ;ta.ri,-
c.'.-.y., the uthw-r ",itlhout Ltu pr i~lege of ratort
isi -abjecled to ridicule.-ED. V.MCu'I\.,. *
L B1 NE-i 2
l'irdt.ti u n s. ,tir.r c L.'.i;, ,.'i : .i;0:1 ,11'iu4 ,..',
P r'.,'-Ld r -'i ". i
[5.1..:L,[:d llror.h.n e ll ,ii, or, d E .V ,,irrm r. -.y LadJ
Wloldiou Sister !gralois Nlie'. [
O'er m e tiNy in -pir:,ion t1ll. i
S..riCe" I'jr loo ble.-..t a fat,- it.' i ci:--
Thu bc-'utips of CilA HLt.1ip t, sing. j
T he %hvil, i't i r-,'.\ ling ihonu hr-. arisee
W\'hat forirni of l-i-;ii grr.-.i ain ,: ;>-e.s;
NVhII; bag ut' bran ,i- ,ri" l h, ris, 1ull, j
And stnl: pirchlian-'e1 loo, tufllld v..ii i %oll,
Jlti.lorc mi. d-izzh'ld Viriin 1 a ii. !
At llfI in. ip lu ] I No11-1U LIC!;
In crinl i-nt I,-ijri-- t i'in no mii ritiii i
Ol'r l 1 nio t be ind'i il in entin,
A. ld betnce ewiiclurit, I.;.tI Ilonilt r tels
O f H el rn a nd t tli, ( i- f cin berih. -,
Is ;a mier, fib; l;.,r W ho I 1 |r' 3y,
In ilii gallant, nli lii-eri,.d d. i ',
\Wu, ild ige a I,.h.ii.i] ,r-n f ai's war.
.'or ny bfe liet.r tV: E r -.% ,
11r the ,'air ,J me should hrl,-h :P lt> l k,
A Hump of DB,-c.l.\ ou b.r buck I
Poor V'nw elaigm ? our.lUast ronmpa~sion,
[Fur Ihough v.i'lh hir. none d:are.d to v,',,
Yo!, in henr d.:y, "lvtas not the lailnon,
A /lump upon hill? baik to t.e.
T ilt (.vin c-, too, ,vtrc pri.' ,_'l'ertllr4;,
W aV lli dl s k in a n d rU iM ly 1' tjr ,-, -"
%%"1v % i [ ci..... I.Il- -. ^ rInI ,i 1 nil B ,'.'.il n>t n .-'l, ntn r~iiM '

"V'r what. ,7 "< Th -'/ "". .
MV elin N.?4m n', i ntr.; p,1.Judi lth Fair,
'M cng ,l,,.r thin it vr \\. lre
I LO! t Che I'iir luri'm iI1 tI l, -ill ". ,'Nv '
T o t'.n p[ l, e b, e ,k l h-.01 '1 i :[ nd li' t e '
)Ixrept indeed, v.\li1'n in a whlim, .
some uncuulti 'd%% *,1'r Ieon -,t.r gt9 n,
She Iav-r- whli a -s walled :.
Perched high in honir r, llthe LT'k : i
nut in tllcf: i!'.'ip of vondroi, Iglit, t
Taste ris,:s i) her powver ;li l.Ui.'l-t,
ALu-d disiippro% ing ;.it p- l "
She I.,rinm a b ei; of ,iool or li',U.
And where sh.r flwikc the Hump ",iuld bei
Stra'Flit in that?. plaic.o. a Hu-mp .'Ill**e,
T hIe naltte- wilh \.%% i1h lh0 Hunmps raboilnd,"-
Are full eof't i']I '- 1,:;I 9v ,:und-
Notlnmn more wihnh rdl' b un,
Thnn Bislhop, Biustle, Tourn,:ur!
A nd if soiiie F ullr, ,'rd I hla sh lonied ril .
Should tnrtly ask, w l.:it's in a nr;'nit '
Vle'd annwer-that [ cannot.l se:,rl.
But Ma.l'anm, tIle hling i. lul ,of bra:n
No%% l;st.:ni lo mp,, L.Id d. -ir.
A ,,ord, I'd wh5-p-.r i yoor i.,,r;
%Vhy bbso partir,lI to ,,n: pul-
'W hy itp o'r pr a,/ arn6 ,.,t .:r not
If in a hump, such be-auly I vz~.
As a truce friend, I'd \u ad\ s,

,W wpm*.dW


ln, 31)s 137

Naional irseisQercecr Qskin3+6n

Tile second dit'sioi and cncluis ion of ihe Dejenc
of Major General WINFIELD Scorr, <4
/Me Cuort of Inqgir, at F edrick C'ily, F,
DAV, JAN A' N 0. "

Air. PV'EinrENr: Thr-,u.h much lahornnd scierl weeliq:'
of indispostiun, I have at Icingilh reaih.td in this suinmarvj
the second general head ufoir'qu,y directdJ against m
aid hr-. a-,in tIhe tttidencezn ru1 laor is ample anid oer.
whrlining. The whole oa this lan.,iou.iy di-ire to com-
pre..s and embo lyv ; but feat that ni, dJminished strength
ill prow- unequal tIl the ti.k. The r -corls, however, are
before the Court ; and, on is rcsearches, as well as its in-
tellig. ice an-d jzstlic., I confiJieutlv rely.
On the 15th o, April, Mr St'retry Cass weo.t to me
!o t.1,. [hat, as soon as i. he .ilc ofalTa,.r in Flurida wuld I
: uguen, permit, h.- i% i-ed ni. to direct mv attenrt'
ton to the C reek I/llanX and to adopt -'uch ,uceasures as I
-.lil find neces-ary. to p[res-tie or ie-,lue- lranilulilty l'o4
tht part of the country.' By accidJent ti letter nasnot
rcc.J',d b fure the 20th of May. hown Ma'or"5
Kirby'E end.jrsement. J jr
In lihcSeirct.rys ic at letter, dated May 16th, my st-ri
lentian was sganin struwigly called to the Cie,-k corliitry,.
w.ith .lowes to reaqsf a4ron,.44.- ,am.'" -
troin Ihe sunie.:ource I recivedri n third litler, dated Il"
19tl.h .i Ma. .ranrmilltinh for [un) I irtf:,rma li,i a copy.-
.I a leii rr [ihaiL day .,,Jddc;.-,d ,1 hi,, 'vet M,,jor General
Jc.u.ll, iln v. jiclh .o.p It id ,i- |i.:,ild Mat.orGenerF
.., n" under lihe in'trueti.r,. L h:.- i,-, tu.tre rcr.-ited,-
ii.r, .I t,. t ,:- Ihenr, ..l ou ,.riir. I., ill ou C1 course bh
tiiiilled to tih: ci01in1aid, itii % u v, ill SErt under him."
On til l'ie]i ,.i M" ,, it % ac 'known at Waslinnton that
I wad, nlio.ut th.,- Liinr ii,1- iI the montli, iick t St. Au-
gulnep, .nd htr,-' h,- ,Juult n'h. Ih'(r I liiad proce.ded tn
tlhr 'rck .u -?:-uir.. Thie 1.ih v.i.. n i-.o day- [.-rn r to the
feC,. pi..t my letter uof the I Ili, aniniadt.i,'in.g on Major
lt.-d1, at,nJ tire- ile'ette the di.oc of Mir Whbite itti-i tb
ti'e Prieideilt of tile Uriiid Slat-._
U. tie 12ih of1 June. a i;.rtrntiht after I hia.J reachb.,d the:
C'hattahr,-oclte, rIer'cied annll-er ,il i fr,.;mi the acting'
rir, tirv i Mr. Hat-is,) dat.:Jd ile Ii, ,nd dir,.,_-e to me
al Fort Mii-,;l.I, in whi:h lit E. cI..cItdl a ,iop f ,-r Mr'!
\\hni. wih,,ut ih. Pret ;dcni ,.n,.,,r5, ni-t, and without I
the lj,. ii,t atlu .it i lil It A later a-'JIt'in" it a pre-t.,iili
lItn-'r L.I" Ala I y "5th, r.-n-li.osin nil a c- p: ao the l'tl in-
ttrilhtiunr lo Is oi'erntut Cxll, to 1r-furni,, i. errl:,in -ert I
thecuoiiimnrid ri. gair-1r [he Lil ili,:.h',l Ai. r -I, rli. cc.n-:.lulte :
I sl irit iu.,'litil I. In i-rin oll u that, tzd r Li1--'c cirCum -
slrtces, the l"r .idi-nt drftsirs ii uiinecc s.ivy h..r you to re-
turn to the ci.inin.iri in lior J..'"
Noiv, hi-: "ntlti n M.ay, inindJiiel, on tie receipt of
the tli-ter of tlle 15th ,;.. April', I hci.l chir..d Brigadier
G(iernfl Eit,; ith the full ,'oirMi,,d n Fli..Jda, Il,.] had
pi t.-.rall\ s6i t ..Ut fli.r the (C-.'r--th li'T,
B.Jl~.J me, then, Mr. Presrd, rl, fr.-.-i tine 3l.t 01' May
to the 6lh uof July. (I[..- ,V ,n i t,li i he Itl'r fit recall
r-a'hidle 1. ,, itt i t ill rlr._. : Ir.,i... l Ilt ih ,.: IIt.: li-,, ore im -
pietani cminara:d.ij 'irit ihL C-leek-, wili..-.lI hfiiini hi ard
1li ITir corndLict iIn Fl.-r,la ., (>,.n i\ lIit..-r t-ip rctirlig Mr-
j...r R ad, o i MAir. hl s:'s., i,:, i, Ptcr,',,lnt, lihi, led to the
v.pri mion 'it one syllable ofr ttlic .il .lt,.|-n-e,- ur- at W.,.h-
mgton. Oi IhecuriiUaL ii, i- i. i-r l r...ui it.e Altiutant
General, (of' M .I ," 5l) wvIr, tc I, coiiii-ran.d of the Presi-'
dent, on the receipt of my rep..-ti fihnm T- ini.a Bay, con-
tained expressions of decided .apprf.habion, anJ the -SEcr -
tary's letters of the 16th arid 1ith, i;lt,.n alft. r the reit, "i
of mine of Apiil 30el,, repiorting i,.it ,aIt e oi-r:,t.-ri.rli
Florida had termiilAcii lijr lite se.i-non, e:ritlin olhin,. h2t1
the language of ci.-ni,,eration ant rcpLi, t. The el. nII-I e4
of ilqcotl, lit, it-ci-inm, began 'o l,.,-r r and irullti -.etwefn I
the21st -in-] "2=h, alh,'.,ih I li,-ar.) ihi-em not; but whvea
a celebraleJd leticir rc,i-.la-i M r Bl.,i, tt-e ct.:.-,i tltiieLtni ,
ile lo-iuis were rent, and I w. sil ucek i-y Ibhe n.inod Folt I
on th, distalnnt haike of th 'he ,,lh' cb.ri I m 3, 4 n-tul
iowLiov t.. sir, anti'ip.tiPe. ,-.i
Berre ie;,.na.St Aiuustlini, as I ieupf.-d from Pav'sn-
iiah May '22-, [ ",-rdiJed th, ihe", inui,.et a rcontreluiciihs
[.i I,,u ? riC'i,] iihe .1 1. arm.,, [S 5 ,." H-ill'S p tlertI rte i it, Z
ncd the new tents from" Pitola:&ani t Auu-tini, to Au-'
gusla, and also some ,p...,ru tix timimurnition from th,i I'O .
met place The ioute uf these arlih.' wia- immcdiaielY
change .], after ,Tiiii, thiis letter, from S aiiitahmh i a Au-
gusts, &c. to from- S aiinah, l,, lie: an of Darien.lhe
Altamaha -r cclirui].'i-. to- .inknn.i;"i or- Maron, -its-.
taut from Cu'luil-usu, l"lawkinsville about li imi-i -, and!
MNI.,.,i about ,8 This'n change uf, rW-'i: via. nmado upont
the information or the I-to. Mr .Iu-Tl: Vayrie, and tli6a
assurance of the riage-nt of lthe nasi-tiln ermpany then li1
Savannah, that iIIL Aiar imaha and Oclhnmiggee would re-4
uwain na]itgable for comrlmon, if not for slteani boalt, many
weeks longer, and which assurance, aiolid by a long suo-
cs.ti,,i -.jf TtEnvy shoIWsi, 'o, innure tlien v; rii;hd The
Cuurt has SeiLn lthal the riule. .,-counlrecient-, &c.. took this
better route iiiscadJ oi asinndld ighe \aintaiih m rti -r to
Augusita, and ihrrcc by lniiid '22I mil. t ,'Coluriilus.
HIa'in_- iran-octild otie husicn.-s iln Savannalh, ihe
Courl haI 'i-en thut I was al Augu.l-.n-lthe -25i, ofl'May:
H er: I learned lhi.l, b. cid,:rs f'r',iu V alhiiinghon, a larga'
quanlily of subisienee hadl Ieen Fpurchj'aed in Charleton
to be transported thence by land carriage, ,u Au,,u-ta, to
Columbus, and immediately I directed Lieutciianit Din-
mock, the quartermaster at Augusta, to write to C(harles-
fon i.) rause that -ub-,.iciri t-:. go i.y the way oi" D,.rien,
(or ih., rea-.cons alita.ly n-mcrti.-.ned Thlis letter, however,
did not arrive in Chatlfs-tri in tiie, v which pr-oduced at
Au instlan-a part oftille (imbarrai-mrent expe-ricrced therc il
onlItning w.LgOnIS (Sr, Lieutenant Dinimock to niMe, May
29th. Subsequent instructions were given by me in respect
to all theother heavy articles, which, by orders fIrom Wash-
ilgron, were to take the route tfrom Charleston via A,u-

According to the testimony of Major Kirby, I callel,
when it. Augusta, for a return of property at the Unite
States arsenal near that city; marked upon the return th1
,.rYiB (including the only six pounder fitled for the fieJ]
nnil ais'nan-e stoe.-a trvz ich I tlituglit might be wanlc 4
and ordcr. I that til: artel, s 5n mark'td should tef tfirv.ardr
cJ ta, Colunbu-. a be :,t'cnal containedcil rnu ac:.ulrenlrntl
and 6I'., or no crlrhiigas for a-ruklt--. It CuiiLdined, hoJw
-ve-r, irveral Il'ousirniJ of" tiiu ,se,.tl
BJIm !hi, dr, v.'-is n po-ition iii re' picl to arls. I
hadl lreaJv o'li:redJ, f'rum Floiia, '7',0 rillt, coniplete,an]i
1,P00 mnu.lL'l ac-iuAhlieit tr1t, l-eCaai I ha3J ieariied, ly ie
c:ril. i-':pr.lenci, as i5 in Evitdei'-e, lhat the- Unit-d SliatC
B h.:. iii ,.i-reratli, eont.i.im ,J l.t f-u o'r no-ne or thoe sli-
-2 Id,+
cl,:-, allJ I iam.trd ih.-m i.. .' u- .ri,, -n -. "2 I drid'
nor know-., ,i-,.r eould I i-ll, until I eCiild see CiGu1v:nor
SL|IilE, at i'.i N h?.Llg.:?iili., a tht rn-,uk,..i he night ivnant t
n1a the truuj, he had ,rdercd ti ith,- C'r,:.k :,.,iin r-,;. 3.,
cut-dd.:n|,h reliedJ, ia a LrLi..er r,.,:oree, -Ahould it -,' n-seali2
sary, on t'ie iUnied Sti.tn ar-Enal ut MNuit V.-rr.:,n, feift
ih;.:h, by s c3in, armil' &c-. night hb nblhained m,-a:, prompti'
1\ lh-,n by nvag.--,is fom Augusta, ai.d I h,-i.d then -'in it
ii ,- -.Aini', irrin i.lit-. -. t ey i. A. ljut ..1 G.c.c.i l, Ve e
fr ,i I'pti,'i;r, H ,Jiii: I" G.etinuir (Cli;,, dtJIId Ftbruui g
S, 183 ,i h.-h I h.-.v-.d that thire wer., il tat date, I '" .
Mount Vitrnin ar-,;nal, t,,lt".s' riILii.,r nu i iilaupk.I,
wnil. buck -hrti inI hall c-rrilrl:eI ail, d ,1 it .oi If
ariil.--ry, :.irtplttely"V F1.uip[ il '1 4 1 .,r .icd at M illeJt -
vill, tht. .--l .., M afy, Imi,, I I -.-rie.l that tliet ttc areiwl ,
Iiein d,, i -,. 1ri i n i iiias, lihe -.iir,.ir h:,J rite day be"Af
l.;. ir,t J |-,-,,ii t ht ar-en.il .-ia A i .igU.a I :,ii:l niuii.-is, c, .-
v.,hici izi- l :,ller .--, Ii.miJ i, t,,uld bi. ,:cr,,:.u.I' i- nii 1 ) e riA '
de -i....r. ie .-t, ,-i ri b t,-l'-.rc: hr knt-. tli-at I hlidJ ord. r d tl ([6
lu ,nilt he i "b _i riti," iit senllon;.J rIi.1 ,, t'. I ,r a like purli-.-.. '
See M ai.,-r B.,-Jen's letlir tc i.., datil.:tl a- 21, erncloM. ng
h -.: r,:qui:iti.-.n .,I' hi.& .-xccllenc .;', ,J d thlie -'tlhI. 'm1zj,or 1r
Ba-J.:n aidJ t, ii n itht tIcter, I h i llat .i Yy iurnei$
oter 1.) tiel ai siit tit qutiri-terrnm.-.ir here If. lran-p'llrlalll:
t, C'uliii.ih-Ja 'I orn thou riJnd mu.-:t.-," but ,-t.. the ace
c .)ut.it e- n -- r.ni ( r,-.ircil) Lii.ea-ic thi.:rr ix, rin...ne in the
a rE ei;,I
A, II, E;r, I iea-lit,-IJ C'uluimbu- un thie 30ilh -' May.
Mar,, conjpanic of thIe Ge:.r_,t' lire, ordered ut Lvby the
G.Vtiernor, had preo-ciled me, -an.i others .-r:- coinirng up
d il-, It inas ,i-on isc-riaincd bt MN.uor Knhby, the ruus-'
tU.rin.! ofi.-er, that thoisE troops h"i- br:,ughi tit ith ierni a,
,rmanar nurnber of :.tns, 11dJ thi'e of a Iui-re inle-ritl quaIl-,
IV, than Gnvernor Schlcv and nias.i:l' had f xpc,.i:d. ,Se
ieatlrion'v ot' the Major under mTy 15th quei.tion, and .th_
deposition of the honorable Colonel Dawson, MN. C., ilah
answer to mV thtrd interroatory ) The heavy rains whic
had b.'-'n falling Ior a week, anrd v.hich, by carrying ot
aSa and rendering bad road, worse, alto soon slaritd
.'e O n th-c subject at l se thousand unu-Lk .tq p ing trum
iugu t, dnJ Ib rilHes and accoutrem.ents from Evt kirns.
ille. Ac-ordInaIl, on ihe 3J cf.luinc, i a.drr-Ced the u-
gent letter of this tatr to Captain Harding, conmaiidin,2
the U. Sltate-i hr-enl at Mounti V:. i non, in l-iel, I aid -
On the rEcePipt -flthis, yeou vrill loic- no tonme in Inring a
t' oeitierof lighi dr.u;hi ol' nat:er,and pur I:.r-, b,:ald of other
r l t his -lare, it-ur pie-ts .,furdrntmiei iv-.c lii'.itz -f. arid
tniV en-pouna er., ,, itlh ha.rnfes ani inriphfich -ni, u ,iphle
Sand at les t oine hun ,lr-.l and ily% r-..und,. .I a.:. unI ill iiI
(fi ed) for each ,iee li'Nou iia no ho,.'.--itzr, ,ou V. li
send ltour Esx-pounders. Let tle-greater r.uirber cl rcfinti.n
onf fised aiimun'litLon be. grape and cin-.lier, v ith so ie
ahells for the hoistzer, aidJ a ti- e rouiil si'hil fir Iihe i1-
pounder-. Put on board thle s:ait bc.-at 3,01i.I .fti'ii orI
Smuskets, criipleti ; but I lei. ,;J lya' -b io accoiret-rricri
Nevertheless, sernd the armi-, itlh pic.- prick nmei, a::
SSLInd, further, It eliO,) rtO untJ o "f I .itl niutI.-. i i, uc,. a-d
Sb.ll, and rome buck eartlridge and 50t,0iu ilmni I 1 I:.
upon your usina the ,itioti de.spalchli"' &e.
In his ref.ly, ditd .iui.e the 14th, C .ptain Hardling i.lId
I-, inme, that "the Governoim of Alahai. arid 'loric'i.I., lIa'.c
c.'ntplt.-itlv exhausled iny .tO'-k ,-,f'riTE a lld aonuiuin-tuhti,
aid that hence lihi ent rn r..quisiutin to the B.,iun Rtou e
ar.vnal; that i"i.)terrnor Ciav had 'Ir-,in Iroan this de-
pOl the flo lo,.in ,' ordnance amtJ ordn, _n,-.e slO s', i.) iv :
S4 six-pounder', compli.t; t, t'0 muskti., eionipleli l7.,-
00i) b.jck-.ltol and baill ceriridge' ; 30-, -\-ei...uieder l-
Si,.ter, I0.5 t,%"-.-pun.Jcr i rap -hi.:.t ; 4,7IL? ilint ;; I ,-1)2 ,-I'
o'f inrl'antry accoulremnenitsa; 3 yaii ulf --lu'io natch ; 1,011ii i
printing tubes, nsid lo3.3oM'lires. Of' tie a'Le, 6,i001i.
imuske, 4 piece of ofdrtanre, and, a diJ-? propoition o:f
'other s.ort,., were shi.pe.d Lo MtAnlg-oruery, and lthe l.a L- .
ance viat ordered ii, C'laiboini-lur thlie ti-.p. called out 1-y
lite (Gor'anor, arid Io I.. rendterouza',d at If' itn-mn, Bar
okuur county, in this Slalte I am at Limi roniselnit en.L'Ie- I
in preparing aniounitiUn, and] liippiiig it to Mutitaonrrii ,'
which I shrill continue to do 'itih l ilhtl. L e-.' it tI,- c:,T ,i
Now, re!oallet led that tM-lnig.mnitr IY i s tlIliaan
61Wy m osk'~lBtu- eege, the head quarltrs olfthe Ala-
bama Iilil coudt wi b-,.in in tc C b. tliat superii in-
ergy and de-p.,tch MaNijtr G lici.i Je.sup .t. ilalcdI, Miti-
out giving uiwe the Ie-t intiniauttn, unti a tiuni nmy riders,
to commence Operilio. on tn he li2,ih of June, and to invert
mV plani'oframpfign At Tukie'gce lie l'ound tlle troops.
in'great number., already asacinhltd, and arn-i.l ftron the
United Slates arreiial, cpneti.icila .isuated in his rear.
But to return to my aitmaltin on t'he ,c-,a, site of the
I have said that I arriv. d at Coluil us the3uithl of May,
accompanied by his Exccilincy Got. rnor Schlcy, iMajiir
General Jesup- Major Kirby, "anid CLapiain Parrott ; tie
three later ol'lfhe army. I bJd n.,,, -i0th me, on.' .laia of-
ficer, nol eoen an aid de-caaup, ue.rpt Paymastcr Kirby ;
but he was, as I have elaewhecre said, .ilaoatl a lio..l wilhin
himself, perl':,rniing in rapid Eucc cein thl duties of'adju-
lant general, inspector genera,I quatirlrmasier gen'cial, &c ;
but even ti- zea[laiid abilities had their limits, and 1 I'tuiuud,
at Columbus, nosa lff officer, and nu depots or slores c-.t'any
kind. On 16o laitor point, eo tho tcatiirmonv of Majnr Kir-
by. EvIiry Ihing was still to be collectedt or created and
ogaaiied. NosuLsistlence, and no stores of any kind'. had
et arrived, or werP near at hand, by any order issued at


The'nsrrucdora for General Jesup I hastily dr!w up,
when already much idisposed hod left st: Augusine
Uea convale b-iet state ; but travelling night and day Frau!
A u g u sta no to sf 0n 0 9 .u rai I h a d n o ta re ia p s t d G, n e rtl
Jea up se, uit b the ht a rh Alaania 'r
at Tuskeegee. on thr e -l[La, and took Vrr1 him1 Capt Parru1.
The Georgia troop, continued to arrieo at ColuiiibUa ar
late as the ,23d f June. Of the regarl.i, o ria company
(Captiti MIonro'sh i reached ttrr cc oan the 14th a injor
Liomax's sinall battalion, thiat orMalir Pilrce,andC al.fnel
Eenderaon's first dmyachrnent of la,-ited States marfinc',
fUllowed at interdai. of two, three, an, tthe days. Th, re-
mainder of the U nired Stales troops caine even a lihirlater.
And here it is proper to sav that nrot a ntan wav in the
field by my ordci. The regular. mccc tll sent from the
North bn dtrectrons from the Var and Navy Dae n
rd the l tnediately, at heat, b. the Goaerni oe
ofiheir respective Stale .. ad
Hearing, from C ,aeis,.n- ore ,rttin g atr Columbaus ini the
public coaches from he East, that the wg ian I loaded wi'h
muskets, &e. ernt by aJor Baden lf,ti the Auln tum ar-
senal, were much d'elaL'ved by the his sv rains, and conse-
quentinjury to the ronds and bridges, I dreslatched the 13th ,
olfJune, an intelligent volunteer, John Cr'oteIl, Juln Esq.,
reiiartkable for hia zal and rntr e, to priced rt-idly until
bie should reel the train, andl then "io hir"e 'i ra c ag
istribuite the loaded, slid Iir.Ce the whole to [mve, Ja' lnarid
night, toiwarir Ctauinhu a. See hlis rci port to ire, idaid the
101h. and the deposition of ian eriarnt Sp-:hlev (atcihcr to
y -23d inr trrogatory ) This tiain, which MIr. C' rotreli
tiouahlt, would reach Columbus the 19th did t' or-ni
unt.ithe night oat the 20th.
The 18th, hatinh hea id nothilung cf ihie aprouch Ojr the
rifles, musket accoiutrement, &C. tdlitch hnd L,,-n Ex-
ected at Columbus about rite '2tlh, front 'lat' lointiftle,
I instructed an aid-de-camp, Licutcinut Betie, ti, proceed
day and night to mclt, and to ha-iton on by similar
means, thoe arnticlesa. After he wae in the saddle ifr this
purpose, Major Beard, vtho had been fo.r ome time rm-
ployed in tlihe oi teraliter's department on the Ochmul-
gee, arrived, and assuring' Mr. Betrs and myv.elf ihat he
(the Major' had place d the Halwkrrlolle train under a
most energetic conucdtor, I permiied Mr Betsr to dis-
mount. Two stieinloat aciile'nts had delayed these Mims,
&c. coming up fri-n Darien to Hawtinatle ; and, on the
road thence, a Rou et iaotdirlari paiic seizod the conduc-
tor and his wagoaners, by 15 lk-h i-Verail days mitre tet'
I o~ t. (See M r. B e le's tes tnnon y' ) T he title ., accoutre-
ments, &e. did not reach Columbus fill the -24th or
after I had moved vcith the VAahlc ilisposable arm,.d torce of
Georgia, and the regulars, who had ctoleup. Major AI-
fo;rd's mounted battalion was hL-ft to art itltif With a part
ol' the rifles1 and Ito illow and direction Fa iven Imr frnd-
ing down thie river the remainder of the rti-de;, the niisket
accoutre, cents, &c. fur hi e use of tle troops; ini adaince.
Major Alfi.rd, in a te dcaus, o,.crtok the ool, and pF ,an-
cipated in he operations t which nsue-d.
That evsry exe, ion and mnch fo insight hal bteri exhi-
ailed hj tue t,-, oblaiii the arms, 1ic. rineded to (-quip [ihe
Georgi4a.'.lunteer. ai eatl, as p,'aible, e.'ay t the 7l2h,
or, at the latest, the lth Ju-, is lu iher aind conclu-
sively shutan lbV the depozttiun.i of Got ernor Schle.,, Maior
General Santfrd, and Colonel Dat% sin, in answer Ito mn
23d, 15th, andi 3d interrogat-oric, proip oundd -io ,hoie dis-
tinguished india iduil-s re-spictitelv i-, ah::iat deposilotnis I
particularly in aite tRie atteir tlon rit hish n C0 1.-n
It the qaiesnon vc e .lr wh,, I dd not aike the ia.ld,
thy as earl, aE the 15th olf oune, with the armed portion oI
the Georgia line and the only, company of regulars (.Al-n-
ro's) tha had then arri ecd-thcaJct(e a rc numiierouis,
but I shall here onl alit' lav,: I. i-he want or sibuist-
noe for four or Friore dal none h vme it ci arrit.d, prin.-
cpallv frornm Ihe sane cause t hicih had-delayed the armn,
and this rr-lon at.l be hmote fully dea eloped ,in the sequrl.
2d. There %%ere not airmed men in sulliFlcint numbers I I.c
'fqre the 21s of June, S.e day when the iniulikets v.ren Ji-
iTlbuted, and a movement In force actib-llv commeneind,) on
the eastern side ofillth enctiiiny. e'l to guard the tiuportant
poits on the Cht aho.ochee, l to p,,: cit parie of Indians
frow esaspina Ofacks towtarils Florida. I See, on ihis r.t,
4 deciaite replies ofGuoternor Schl to the ei qu, 't.n
oMajor General Sanford to ihe 5th r,ind '22d ud 'if Ca,-
nel Dawson to tht' 31, adilressed to them respecrively I
And so important wa, this object conaiderldt. Gi-.:rn-
enI that the unusual euuts' .x a do adat ufafir _t Mla-
SboGeneral Mand, rb pto rit: e to me. with hi; oati, l ]aid
JYne 25th, as Iollows
"The Seiretarv dieut. it acr, imprt.cnt that a -siron
Force shnIld b-e rtaione-d so as' to p,rear nt hle creae oaf
the Creeks in that dit'ctien Etowardsi Florida ;] i is tiihle-
fore, the ofiler of the Secretary ouf War, that oo sta.tiotn
Ssuficielltir force sii a Lu preitit tLhiel ma kig, Lhir E6-
eaper'and taking that direction."
I apprehend, Mr. FPrrsident, that it avould Ie Jrfl.iult ta
employ lan-uagec at onea moire urgent cad spe t wien. n

r a c e~ n e ,, r J i i | b l l l e ^ i ti d c c 'ni e. ciii r W hd e np e
Sreceived that letter, I flarterad ms of that I had in hand
the emphatic approbation of to'er'nment ; 'or the nieasurc
hbaremn enjoined, ara,gioall edpied hi' hu. veeil en. -,' -,a.,;r
S-'hley, bh fire Ihai Car r.:,,', ha'. L,-.t misreu',ui ant., t,-
ervlice of the g iniB ed 1wF-, un a oelira ted aft ae t I lad lit,,-
ed the command, it, F a me.:,Flna a ir e-I- a lrr al; ,if t r Ir ha a i o .
0, most simple ant cholnL-cughted warill G Oriln three lily.
therealier, another either fr-om N I-nr C;ental Maeoht,, doled
Jdne 2"lth, foll.aue,, :
"SIR : I h-are re-',a--,, ibligh thlr 0,:.erelarv of 'ar, the
order of the President to riacll 501, to tIe Seatrift a, amsnie t.
You aWill' i refOret, ti thlle receipt Of I"thi s tler, rurna a or I,-
Breast Maja:r C.'lat,al Jet-up uk.. carmmenr oF ike a-1ar-
Ifn againar the lalilo.l ('reeke, an,d r=. Ftar to thC.. tLar,-' af rah -
ing ion."
Thiis at-decair, s- bri.-i and cimphaurll, and I felt It as It was
aLn.nded--a hb-atn punishment. No cause woe asigned-nor
the sli~htaslrapienatr, 'a`f the. groundsa rf diasatuaei, inti-
mated. I atil,.y nrud coLrleouly ,,ered ; ey t uru f'r us-h-
Jltlled -- re, n','.i-irhultile -otirh ,l. ie,'tlre, an,r- xpres.-
ed not oie. &At Nortollk, as I afterwards found to be the fact,
the true cause was aery futly mentioned tome. I repelled the
rumor, hichi however gained strength at Dalrrimors, but, on


arrivng no WaVibinglon, I saw the Le`ticheioue iriaponii hul hiad
irL iJ I aI Ir he Ji ll- ie original lef i i-i ,,. !,Mjur 1.enernl
Jeaiinp in ir. Blair, marked "pnraict." andi iIl o beljliotio
ithI I'r. i .nt- l of ih. t ited Stales!
r... ih,, ,.-.l-ret dU griiJ.La.'.n., .in i I I i.'- ha.' irrler Iih, -.ii
'i" EiK.'ul| di |lltc ,'aljre. I 1h i ... r,, ,-lc l ll hi.-. h -. i ,.ll
luuilrcr., dAiioib ilt [Irrciie ioranii ri-al pr-c I ,.1 iiJu'uinIa I di' jii
ill'. .r- lr ut L-'. i ra ,,+implcs.:.r ihi- .c i '-a- ia.hai uiL.ii ina:--
i, ii.. l, lfii i n at, ei lder ct, aii.l L,.. I ,, ;il: L, bran/i itl 11-
I i-cr,..r- l Jriup,.1 ci l. h:-,ii-i [ 1 n' ifit 1ti r" Cre cniitfryl
'( f i.,, I.. u- i. i ri-,. i .nd lI:i. t I.., M ,. Bl.-r, dal .I J r1. in-
toiu.t i :'j, /I i, 5 .-icd l-,uLlicfh diJ in dhe C;l,.ib,: ,f Hii. .. i, li. lil,,
li.t.:r i.h,- nii: irir riiriirJ by tu.if .al]i--i,.,l l..it'i r. |,..m me to
f-i,.'.i'r.jl J,: tliu| ',,uiJ In; reiiJld i,:+ in, l i ii ii',.( ,., r ,,',|t;.. T o-the
iri..i i lh.: p it-l, lih. .,., ai ,I ili i l"- -.l: l *' N ,-ra',,-h .1 W' i-+v eas
a holllt I are, p.:i l,.ai. d, recur I'.. I. lI J! t.- i.lr n' t
i. A'lt n i,1 : 'i.'1 lilt! Fitia iipie iip iLii i,, meii tCeoK
Ah,; icl i, +: ,1" G,: i. l JI .,p .11. 11..',: ',I" MITI. in 1h -.+ l,-
[i., .', ,,.,] ,lick 0,n,-ri, *i; i ", i ii' t, ,,-: ri, .- lt '. *,, f'.l, O~i1'-ii f f leu
"fltli la.: p,,nrc .-I.. ti-,,rirg flit, bitr, 'hi: idr,'-ital'r" orJilr,
a r i 'y iiiy n.. ,aur,. ,ij f,|'r. r. i ifn: cr iK iii l'i','n r r .- a ~i].ig a. f.--cc
tli,; C ii.a i i,.l,,, b. i t,,,ard,: F ],:.,- ,[,, art ', l ,,' .ji ,.,,J .,j d.-i .
"[ +Jl i r, l l .'i,-.,Ju,. i ,',ri ,,i ih i. 'n,: rl ,ij ,,;; lii ,:,; ,h+r l-ul b J! .,h c-*:'jm p
;r, hr'iv, f, ..rii, i ,-rd, h .-' I h riiF i,'- c i-a i'li- ar lijil
i l +'+] iJy ), ,.:tll l l,.,..; ,:, ,:J',] a ,. | i.n. ,.,..ji ,n + [, i,.oti li~ t r djrj d
tuV b I ihl rJili' f JolI.,- Iz.
n.\ii'k.i~- -iui na Jiib, 111 filep i ai- ,- 'ii-a'- C---iiti iti~aifu at-ail' iii.
PDIIl-k I.e C'il Itic 2] tl|l ai...J th e 1 |B,: : ,ind u, ^*'*,, 11 : li l a1 LI i-t hl mll.e
2'.ill ril Jalurn.
,hf .:.r kirb,- .ad. i thi- C uri, fbai li riil.l.rierl iiiia leh.:
T hei- r ,i:' ,1 l'e l i rd.d Sia ic lorry c. i:,ii -nii il I ibe ,i
;' i' t,-.u t -i tiio au., early i. .linui,.. ffii,-, it F .'nea Ill.
in r.-l)l' J- n ii.iL i 0 h ul arm, .rid -i. dL.ntir -i-el'. Pfh, li.'- i l it i-
'c,' ha.I 'are ,.c rallyy uril li M rr' in 1he field."
S,'i.o'n afl' r thi I-p ri.J, ii i(.Fii t C o i .. :l ,,-ie,i in ;l. tice 1 G oI.-
:rinpr t,:fif.'., ihat Tura e -v. ,, I. l .1 ... .t-ire arms, which lie
ld iri. nined to m[i eI Milii,a ifl: a' ac,'.iag already on tho
r i- a I .:luniti, iit- r l ii, jl.hli ,-rul.,h. if- a.i aii d c-J
.I :,- :',i,,ji titii'-y rcirlr-ic.-,n,,ri+ i f lf.. ~-i.rJ l ,ti puait r: l hA' h
ri l,.: I, i i L ,hi it .. i;,:n ,, Ilr -;,iil.I. ih 61 ,1 no Iric f -a i .i -
1 1l, .,i ,...i r,,,i a I I Z D, r Er]] Z.:i,. arr,,, r a I r .:.ir, INi\ .*.J1 C:.t urE t Jbi,
il rII,, LJ tiu' f h.,+ ?n I'r I ', i-.1i.: i l t*, '-Ov a ;:,I, .' 'ii .,- u, iui a,'ilh
f.i ir ii ..c.:iif d i...: -,[?. But C'i%. r i i.:t ari,." .,r- di. rii,.iii i ,
ait ii .iy r iii i .ia Lra lt..', c.r put ion b,.-rd irnri..iJ ai.: i-
*rz, I-:, 'li.;e *i aii' d-,o in lihe ri.r r, lor i r, impinriarnI paurpF,.-.s
j' Tli i 6t tWl ir I:1,, 1 D- -n ,,I M l nc i r i .r r', ihe. r3 [ ,' iiiIri-'Tu flnr y,
(.,nlj r, o ., 1,.. duit.,- he .i;_ hlii,.h Il ,i f ,.J a d i .1 id al,) NI,i.ur
ie ntr il i'i i.r..[, ii hfi1 r'-, ,I UI .lt I:c i 'i iii' -r i.La l.I,-iy .uL.-
tintled r! hinia sjai :
Of ilti IrO.-p;, I E :nc ail.. unid r io, i-fi. ,-.lija- :i:.ai-i r.t iJi .
tihan, on. 'adl.i ,cr.. ararad, *i-. ili-a c l-ii;riutli iau- iiirolillc -
StIn ily. 0 0i ni..i lI- -i.- ,i. rj.: H ii i- i .: :]'l.,'t j ,:; it ik Ir,-
'I i .i-I.I13" d 1.)i i .+ i-i aii i,, a|-.,- h: .,.,-.. n Iafn aildii ,
*i "a- : .;i r[, r.i J h tl : -the ,.- rlf a- .,: .. 1, 1 ,.-j in lull I.:[ r.',r
I haj. t e ,a r ir ':ritlrri.i of" ,: hli.l.li i. Ilth ro hrii 11 ru-; 1 ) .:,rn
S1,600 mt-i t.if no br-op,-fd-irri'.t a.- -mad th-: ii a iriii-
cilabi, awl club-iita."'
General Sailrdj'c lct'i-rip a. 1 ih;. Iiii.: lur niUli.:;3 in ad-
van, !. of oL'lumtL.u, :n ih .:[ :i, IJ ,:id A i: i i.,ti, l-wards the
Bua,M |. Pr.-.;,j .,, ih re Wa. *nOt-t,..:r, nrd a .:i:.i.:lusive rea-
ir.O a-h, a it i i A. .: h.- -:.,l- f.. aIi df j- ;I b ii a.)i. l the 17th of
June, l,.r aiii, I i,.. i i -l h i t-,b l,., auhi [i.f ith.:l rlf llit
G ,o- gi lii t .-. r :,.,Lt-r, iLr,- u tI.11,-: Opt -rii..., li ol the- :alrl
3side ,-'tI ,.f it:L u : I ', F i, -i lalc ai tb, il t; .i I iril 1 tjitld to ea-
Lertam aer.-,u- d-,aubi. lirii h lh .. I- i. n i.j,,,i iro'.-,i ie-ald con-
s.: t [ .1 r. ,iii tl- :,.nr, L,- ul',iha LihcJd tl.-c.
(i_ neraif J -,-p airt. a] I '-.' 1[' k,. .,:, il: hea.,J-qiirters of
IlhI AlabiriT] ln.'., voi ihe 4ili .iiJun.:. 1 hit titj lie lr.i- to me,
in alfan-' a il the return it. C ialull ui ; 1 hi 1.i5 .-iI. ,F .ui'tisic
Ilr1c C-, iiinlug th-c seanl c.-.r: I heia r t.:. .t-i uL.iiirijd lhe
I command of the troops, but Tfb.!,iin il a: .'i, I ei.-hll r.bably
enter on duty to-morrow;" -,nd n-ii i-.-' olI e 'ihliinai.lin pre-
c.lcd or fijllned.
S durpi.rf i il ic : irca tl 'il 1- ii' tanir ii.,n rAf. li,."-il or ,dJi
ajnd *'irti fi.Jiii..liul dcii-:r:.[ i .in i.,? i ,.rt .i f th[l Al.iil-riina ir,...p, I
':i 1"rl)i lliq'lJ;li.J 1 an-i Flu--',:: .I .:i l, i ii. ,i'.. i.tiiiirg lit *] i.
inilll. n irn iffd-i il tHl: -:.:,,r, rnd 4i, r l t eri ll^]i..-n tirj a c-
cnmpanied'itas inJ'li.lual: ; ,d ai'r t pr.:lici-,,rc xcutfl b"
iIIh' triter 1t ira-i ]n, I : !. .a r .-- ... tilil p,:ini, .t;,r r[ui.:r
Ictilii"': ..;ii :a r t. my t'abh uncrr-.i'-,t-ai 1 N;-v, t aripearJ I
t 1 m.1 rand to arniaVy'arii' -, u-'h..i hi-', lhit .:-r:,h.:'iihri- C5, acrir-
li i, It i iahrte Ir tahila. i ..t ia Ird.] F L.: Irhi 10 [ i.- I lh uldJan.?,
i e'-lu.:J 1o coirer. under the authorities of t"ic ULitdf SiBaL., 'r,
a' lea't, under the ce.mnair.and .-f Gerieial J-eupr, ',d iliat th.:y
ia I!l.J car.tliali .. :0 f.j ref,..e at itte rl-iuile ilhaau pI.:a bLI...
In I[,- dltl r. l'apprelieri..-n, I r-'r- iltEd [he tirLumi Liancc i,[
Ithe A11.allrai Gehe-al Ju [ne lthe '2li, ai.: ritc d I- [lie cUIJrcci in
lny rtputt to him ofike I lili, and igain in my r.,-,r I[r.3 nusLanS
I:.l Ilt pip.l t ncli.ed') ofl'ihi I :tli.
JiI rF'lcir anc Ik ei dlio.jLia ':- rc-o[ialrfd, ih. ,:clilary ofWat'\V r
IN Is h etltr :f ilb. -'-[h ,..I Jdire, iifrlir ti.td me, iti ihe rina ie of
ti r Presict-.n ihil irf, cor.-iirary i.-.lte ci-nfr icit tc iip. 1.r i Ill-:-
L-iuo.-rniur arid LILIZeIi A.,[' Alfarim-m," ih' r'ili- ofti.i Ih( l ut.t
tili-i'd 'n-1- li ae tbeEiLI mujiert. i -aiiit.) r.ri ,r& le. i" h LUniidil
Slates agiaecalik 10 ilia requi3 ihifi-i nEl it- Dep.iitrerir,"' I ula
ifiineldl Pl.,' t) "oioa pll es n ,i.iiiaif L tan pliipt i.'f ,'t rj kind
ilh Ile ,l ,n --aiha l i -. i.rt : It Uittld tfi c, 1'r tch i.riihnia."
rih- n.-.ai, l.LL ii I'- ut ii i.'iir- il Ji:uac p lt-rt ci..ii t.d J%' 'i-
I lI-, I I i June, i nind .Illed IIhI- I .i 1 d: I- Lh. 'Thie c I u -
rkn ,.i i-di c d in ra I,:l ,r I .- bitou .:.- nr i i li, i itii'.l Ii.I J .-
i I ,u bi riri inr:.rmad riie-yod d. i:,l c.' -ii rni-v iiell me, il.il
a.u rli in i CIIl. Liaarid A'lhe I lib, a nia-aar.' It i Irue thot Ihiti
F-ct ni[ihl. r.n lhr f.'ti, hIa,.' ht.in infttrrd ; Laul i l.,3 tiuol Pe -
plicirl) iicdl b lit hitr! rippnrl iO'lin dat-d Irie .tifil.
Hen ?,I Mi'. PIl.-1Jri, ihe 'ii[rI].S u .l lin -eti f -i Gof ir trnr-r
[ S,-:l,':.i's aisi,,re lio my 2ld irOlcrr.-i .iti, in vhtli.ch he el3 :--
-" V' iNr [a rcai uncriareinit wull rI-?,ird ro the Alabmnitroopv,
I'ard ihe -iiuaiin .:,f G.:n- riral Jeup, I croni;;de-rrd it all-im-
pr'rtu nt tat iht tira o)/ It, Gorgi- ttrao'pu aihoChd be p:re-
F, p Id 1I rake ihe fipl.j." And, c,r, ii.as hai ,c -An i:, an ibulle
iuitiLkeL. airried on ihe twiii rr I.1--e l21.tl were di-tribuied on
hi-' -21;1 ci" Jun.' and a g nrneral m.:ei mentc iainmediately coi-
mno nele.
I have thins inciderniilty f.a'-n i lliar I Va-r aiihi,.ui any letter
froii Gen. Jestp after Ili'al t f fibe .ili, until the I 'lh 'f June,
ithcn hl ii tio lellers of the I',tII and 17?ih iere reccivtfd.
.% h ri,.-. ifi; long silence, Mr. Preidl rt I Iii big re prr of he
"irk-ili.. Ili ;[ paper cenli bt him io me deir .I-ing ouf Iliat nani-
It] ;,riU :
I w.as noi ai .'re, Uifll te.'cirday, Ihato a Ilter whii'h I wvrote
to you on the 9rb instLanL hd noi been seni to yuu. If was Ce-
rideulally pul up WILh a bundle ol papers, arid I found ir only
yesterda-y morning, and from no notice hatnig been taken ulf
'my lelter of the Jilrh I fear it has, noi beeti reeoned. It etia
Sesnt by a runner. I enclaose a copy of it."


Sir, I an, sot-) to say that thia LIcc0unt of lie letter *if the 9th
is strange, if not allogetliher impi obable I anld I thik, fia rea-
-ona which will appear, that it 1 doubtful whether the letter of
the 12Ith was erer confided in an Indian runner. Perhaps, onr
ti'trlitr search, it has been found, like its petleceasors, retained
a,-inng iher papers. And rs tilhe pinlt ils far otherwise then
Irial, I will here quote, in Cuppltl.rt :I' iiiy conCci.'ire,, what the
same writer found hiuteif compelled tuoea', in 0i1.jlan casi-, lto
a lighei fincli-nary.
From Tuskeegee, Alabam,, Augu-lt Vi, 1936, General Jet1np
aid ILu ( oErnor Scl&l- : a" hnoui-; thjt I hIld orutle tl3 you
in reply to yvour c'omariunicationu,. "ai sur'tiit'd when I re-
Ce a .d'i copy of' a icl. r lou wViote.' i., th. Prcl rlnul, itn iilch
2'Oul d ctlarE l1 l t ti'L id l J tiih ald oran n mf pt the rearl-na-
t ie request of' (he Governor ,',f Gt:-.rgj.' I ex.win,'-d my 11t-
far-l,,okA, and found my letter. lo vi.u rr.c'-ried in ibiir proupr
pla-'es,'' &c. I fl. It indignant ihiat a charge so entirely un-
t!-unded, aB I then ihrought, Ehruld hatl I-cen niAJde ; bu air,
mn", induced to belit- l thait j, by :.-iie oversight or omission,
I my letters, orat least one of them, had n.t been sent to ayou."
1-, add.la that an officer, late of his staff, leli Fort M.c-hell fr
\',LhtingLon city n the IaL of July. In loo'kini ,tr a file c1f
papers put Up by hibl the morning hu; l. .fi, and iuti opfnfed
ince, uritil lia.i night, I Ifund tlc enclosed letter. The en-
'J.d',eiciLit i i--- hahiJ, an li T think it probalb, tith', it
i.,a pul up-n lile ir. pl.:., of tb- ig 1- it 1.t O
Auguit 28.lli Ile -am tI: tl ,-' 13aie. I r i-,c y.-ujr l.t-
StP o;f the 1ilth inciatlt at the in ,ritcni *,-.1. tiiih utl fur,"i &c.
I wa.; detainod longer than I e.p1:-;tsd, aiJ only rc-it, id ili,
moi ning. I our letter c.I illt ., t'h or Jaitu. i wia, rit a)1- .'rrad
'tut tih' i ,-in'tr. n asis ihi'md ertenl, nit nlene i-'iuaLl. I IlIad for-
g ttlle'n that lellier nlll I iteited irur .1' it b,. 15lh.'
Not., iir, I till aok, vhi-it credit A It t.ejtira.hid 10to Lhedecla-
rallionom on e, upon a taiject like- the p.e-0:rl, i,ha las shown
him iI" .sa fotget'ul, antd I' hrtils c'o i-r.igul,.r 1
Bui, baid a, .ji hai mcnci'yr, and dricipacil'ual e; to.rE hi,
placiiceus, in Iiliiiert o fu.r i -rl.,i'ii IJuit; l, f.iu j ea i L LLr l'magi.-
irair ia-irL'i un iy.-elt', .ia i. r- itt:..', a,ir, liat, h.n
iheu otier-ci I- eil- er I.. t i- e e .t- hL I. ,l'iginit E' ir t- a ...n
iAN oat. i'id'ji-ni an-dI i|ct z;, i( n. ral .-I- i ti r fr; o-l, olI
aliiays Lad iih jeiasiii o eic Adle.- lhe Pt't-uiden ..4 ilt tltn.i.j
tiles, lhr.iu'li t lr. Blair, or tih- lI lTT.'iae ch-ina,:l- Ili.: v
Secrel.ir,' o" %t'ar. S e hi tIa. lel'es i. I'ran i P. Blair,
E&,ur..," tdi. 1, reqp. *.,-]y, J.mne h.,: -"ii t-ii.] :i.-pmber 3,
1836, and his three official communications addressed to the Se-
cretary of War, dated, respectively, ithe 10th, llth, and 25th, of
Jdir.'-, 1836 .
These five extraordinary productions, for they may be respec-
.el deiiloTiiii .dJ-lihe fiit -I ,o inentioned, /.-i'ra/c-cL.iria1,
indl the lIat ihree o '.,,l-.i-j'rir-l 1, call f6r a i'-', speci, i: rI -
1. The whole are highly laudatory of the writer, Maijor Gen-
eral Jesup himsali', I-: a ileer,:..- wtl'-i Ii ,ig:lit have palled upon
the p al-i:. il itr corr, ,-,n-rjrni.t, L o 1.t lir I equal and happy
adin ,'lir re C r i ili r.- 'f m e.
2. The two private-official letters have both bbern priritidd ini
fitt G!obi net,'ijper t ii.-e first, with the President's enidorse-
i-eti, bhut till-.iii [lit iniuol and most sinister word (Private)
.ni Ihe t'.-.: l- .. 1,l il t,:.r Put.-Li.: runor, it-nh..A ithe Ih r ,iJ agen-
cy .:-I' min,, s-.I fhich, iriln edi i fsu I|' I \\ i l hliatI..ii, Balti-
ntire, and Ncriorllk, aInil t I a it %al for Ia Iht- -.Ulht. without
; ri-[i-iinn, .'nd iAhout iknk liedLr e oat lih m'ati, r, uliim iatllv ierr-
cEd out hisi pro-i.ri:lion, tbut nlat III A l d,-a.ermiv,', fr i l .ii Ia j-l
Iilaled in /A,tr. al',ibe .t' llI Ior-I li,;:h ;- ,c- i.ljia ,-:i,-fi t. all the
3. The letter of the 3d ofr S-pit.-nhbr ea- ciprt' 'iy writn
in support of that of the -'tih cof Jus-, and accouipioied l.% il-
cial documents with notes--il pr-l.c-i?.il liirii.'he,:! bo- GEnFral
Jesup for pniii-l-...:tn.'wA, ile- b..-t lirddee, iMr. Blur wi,'
au iFiar-ne',l P3 0 -i rl';6 tIl r- L ul-lir ; it'i, I''1. AIt fi'-, li in-
flirited the Jidpe Adi& -Cllte illLt lit i iiild iin-.l ..n -- ,- n' .iv,
but afterwards wtrute to that oeice"r thai he would prefer ihat his
teastris',py sn.,ul'i ba tnL.en 1:- le pclqFit'r. a: "'ar.iingtlan. I tir-
mnediat lv 'jre'.t up inler a' aliarletI, bihi 'li ,a ci duly irancitlitied
Ih ih. Judge Ad',..ti-e. Ampie liinE had rl.,p-.'J I i.:n 1I was I
last IhI Cuini uarid iihO ai3 c rt ha' o berig iei:f ti' l -U, ti. [h i 'nied
i-nim i tni: l.hin aid M r. Bl ,' lelil in ih: jiidg : A li.a tle
were od'ered. ti' ,u;, ,an i -c.'- *,'d, in e'. tttu:,. O rne im portent
object had in vis a iew rnir -n itI.l.etcr tilhc -lit. ip i ,. 7 ic
G b/..?' ,., .riti e i .,b .. ..li i- l I. ,'J, :*. -p p l i. r' F.T,, ti r p.':rla
....i. i ti h l lieh ll.li ta.'i A gu l t .,I "i l h' -..il..-i- -a't; r l
l"l pnl. ', llLh S, a3 i'.. Uinltl. -l i : ll li it t,, T. \ rotl -I 'i ] jl -ii
alatt 'I N1 ',a I I kr.1 Ih-t'b.'i ii a : i. ,ii 2 tinl lis.daii'itLr'l,
; i.:nrd tlel i:h~rt:; -- .i'i l l u..l'f+G.- ], ll'lr'l" :', ..lll Iri lld.i. -
.J i e' ju til;) ,-L -n ,' iu'- .. i .,r .'- n u ,: ,,1 i l .i i ... 1, kin ja l li- ri "
?i1 u.' ii 1 -i t:[1 Iu' il U5 Ilie P I 1r110i1i.:.I il.,: L n i..i t .1 iol,: -- .n. Il
Ir y Iiit r i. l' l .t- ii.. i :'l t .-l ri M I. l _i,,;r L'- riq. LIir.. i l iith f .e( t ilir.
01I Illilt nn ,'. :lihte t l, ..' iir.'l 1,, [,.j r ilii^ i tili In. .i c ,[ i I ."
-1. h I thIP s "1 C h ie ", vl" h. .A.'r :it r i-' ', e :ri in 5 -
id.l.c ..; I.vih,: .liJt ,\1..,,l.. lh.-. hd n, A.: L,,:'.n ..1,I.-i.-
6d, nor had I hear d of them until they .xt i:...,J i ,u.
Whether the writer was ever rebuked by il fu.-,t :ii--'.ia, may
m. -ire tihan do.ri,hl.1. They were certainly not sent back, as
.ht-:, ,.,ii aiiVe bi I: ., eu ni i. ilI n,-- r.-'. li, t ,: b. Eii hlr-.
.I tit'e dt ic-r miiae-l ithr. -in q. '. i',l-f, iroi. i" I, i t,1, ., T.- p t
I.. ior lhiat, '.lil.n ,:all) written, ., i'.', Ik.:t the ccle-
l i-,..1i ,..il-r i M .Ni. Br -i .fthe20th of ,.i..-l ,.i.i -i'.J.t, by Gen.
J3tii|., '-ty for particular eyes. Thanks to the Cl..,-f %MIa;.-5-
trate, he made one publicly. li, r'd-r. ir tntril, at1li thanks e the
ju-tice end rpoanline? of rt. ZL:r.:i.i, B tlt.i, i, the o : r ilir.;(-
'der ,r r i rnu. ino, in ith' -a? i r'itzri-i -toi 'r t f the Var jlTice.
A, hlia i. iwit ci, h tru:i. ,r ..l ii.r .: a-i. i-, l..I d ,...'. .ial.i-.ri' t
d o iu. i n i.. ; 1 l a i i i l .: r i r p ii ':' n'-, i \ [ .
I L hb s been te n Ui t i.-nI. Jr iip :in,;ii i .: li l:.l i' rr-t: on
the *il. i-l' Jur,., p.t if~- I.iar in a bttlli r..J .i i-il., a. No
aiond. h i ,iii nitty 'i... i.. m ,.,h tli.ntl. ,J -1i- I Lhi "i ...ub fI'i
writing to Mr. Secretary Cass, for ithe eye.of tt.e Pr i.:E-i'.liIIt,
liitlk ...fn.e who i, 't. chari.'Jt, at thi tir,,,nri,, \'n.il. It.' c "r: n.
,dircit-..n ,trthe.wair. Or. il- libh, h,! ai.1." r.-p-."r 1 ilh 5e-
crinia.', ,.tc l-.titi, aslie di1 nar, the A,,i.' t G. nr:t l anr.]
it' (Gcnh ral-h-':h:liiri. Tlhe u' y ,Ih-i- rutd- rTn..-lc r....' i.:
III1 i~li Q Ii :' rurni:l'i r In e Ihi' h il l,:, i:. 'j','' Ihilin i1'e h ,, It siho I i
0it0 t..:.ltaitl, .i n*i..1 ttri;; ," t .r]. l.,atjl D i Iri.'i.idl; In,-itn
ai -.''i 11 .. I oltl amoiji i.t.nt,-.rr-.-,, '- t'lr i l i: '.:ti. .,.it',l aI t h- ar-
Ih,- .6I, ui.l.i- ii- t''liti. indiani;" itAt i.; 1 : i .fCi-.C d In be
j.:.in.d j ',' C .yi11 iTi ..uh, ...l iiied lr ," un.j Li *"lii If..m .i eurriorio ,
nid [lie] lIr.pr-,j to -iik. i,: t in-et ',- ir I, la' y'." But til nn
allusion to me, nor to the instructions I had git c bi.n.
Th.e Ilth, from the same place, Tr. k.. ig hI- ruI.'a Ihie se-
cond report to Mr. Secretary Cis; ll'. :-aY i t'it he has been
dti1yJd. I Elal mo.- .1r1.r : l It-uim.-.rrr' .1, i. i.: ei-, aii oc -
'cupy in po liuon oran IL :['.,- .t I 'l .lb eli I-'....1, t---..it tL.eiy-ejht
Smiles in dance, ansid there "'ihiitle arrnrtl of the Iriahti
warrnors under." &e. ; or, I I an find ilth an',iny within
SIndi n guidrs, natlnck him immeriiatily.'"

S Now, uot a word iEuihlt, in either of these reportsa, ohi hs; a-
;ng comm-nced defi.n,-e tpc rations lot the purpose fI tls3 -
ine the tomahawk and tcalping.knife, rind ofpr veninir, th'dc tde-
tu tr3iion of ertire st.Li o .'I C Iti I i .L. lla-,i .:. o .J un ih. fI'- rin i-;"
I.,',iling of hi-" hi' ing ''inl- -f,-'I ..It'hal i -"ui-ia li I ,.., r ni, e '.ile
[him] lo remain inactive when women all, ,:iiilJni. daily r
faillinti L jr a- l, ite '.I-,. oS f ile na.,ec." Tilr i-. r I..ir.r -'
t uitb rni-..:.. cr It i ra U b;O r-'ia. e. hn f, ,l't,: r I l.a i ,,li.kitd lh it
for i n g1i- ta 'rdr.o; ;:.r ni._..,' : i're -ai'.ureI,., .r.-I without
rn'ol.. i i--.n, and operating on a line uhil b irirrt-ld irh. plu ofI
tper.,li.lr i' n3 ]e.- l tiulai betlteutll ui. Frfoui l.i i :. i-,p riE t.)
h-_ '-.:retiary, it is plain tlalt one -,i ili-th -I i- r.i,.ii tuad hor-
l.,-' ''rir the'. o:llit.n. Trh,- fi'-.li.ef i lo-n-l ,Fil f 01" Ahb..nai
had Lb:en i ri.],.ii '.h 'l aii. rneridel'ed -l'ure b-t- -r., Ihs arrivl at
Tuskeegee, arnd c.-rt i.hi-;. inh, 'tii11 ta. i. itli t Ir",: iui 'Lj 'I
'-,''ant'i iho 1, ._ all ea -,_,' l,- h d. L,.,:ri ,..: r iil. i,., urd, rcd
u-i l --. r iauptd. (See Ci:n .. aia-il".ii' er l1t Lt I'" ,xi io t ir-
rogatory. lIt'is 'i-i.:iu:.i i-i ht 1-.i. i, n ii u.-.b..-l uo.:- r n-.. %w
the Creek count-y j N.. at.', t-n. J,:i'up .... ,:,i opera-
L io,. h." t '+ lh, -,'ih -.i iI.e .:i t ir: ri .-.:-c.-.ilyi" ul(-i x.irl n ,i nt-
edl; tilirul ''the i.ll.:lu.i "iIiu. ll r'.at.. L: iii uhotrr I.mn
the date nr- in'-riu....'n-, i l:.t olf.lin.-, whit-ih hi, ,il,-'ta, in
hisltitr t.l ti- otfibh 17th. He ,-t-J n i[ a -ri'... l ofili Ind in
his I., f...i inil s- t.,r. ', the ?S ,:,:r.ii, .i ihi irili .ani I l ih ;
but, nn Llic c-,nirry, aitllifp ,ai ji ll [ ,i [ri I.) nv i--i.i.irio ,
shows himselfin haste to takl- the war i-i.; 1-. ,:.I hb J- ; fnnd
th.. -'ouri 'ill rc.oil,:.t l i hi p er j, n- ili..pnkt i,.. I-; I..re-
-i,-ti ..rriiCtiiiy, that lie 'OLi'i.. iht AlakLauii n- rf..fl la prr.;di.d
i t rin 1 Id]. aid [Lin jJniii'a n.l.
[tnt '-"i u! l ii.- co S ,en, Ih i]i- -.-,ii... :.,I' -. c'l.:y,
'Jai.Jetl ui1 '-, id, itli, u.h, il'i n liti ii, i riO lo r..S, d ina l 'A
f'..:r .r-l' ij'ir K r t. : tni, ?m .2 -ir nd oi ilt -inc ;,on-t that
r ltri. J. i;.Jp hi...I,.,.iil) I'.illi in:.-,n'iiri r.) iri 111i.]ari ol'coaip,.jin
ai. atrusl blo C '..-ci';, tlatih ul U-.;:-.':lint] i..t]il'ie.-t..-.nbu[.;l~irni-
t ., hat lih .:l .e :t ..ii plirn r.i I. ,,i a c.)r-.. pi n.:.r 0'hi ,n, t ;
,ai.l thit I ti.r.1hly [-n .lli- 11 ia a l -Il lio Ciilia.-ne i-i} detlils,
uoir l it t ii tn iii-.l o r tLrrul-i, in up nr bh i.,-: iLajiAiL nd-i ui -
i: -L':l.:Ed u Ci,, 1eiu l L I-i l t .o e.,: ral.' 'I .e pla and i-- .:ltail-,
sE- ,:it r-eflill- ii. unnoticed (.lrih ry Flr.itdi, ,- c t-ar'in ) in hit
I-ni,.- r" I,, M r. B l' ,ir, and'i piiim l-ih t, I..11 +j | ,.:,-i in thit :.,To,..
In a.r i n i :tr lr it n [i.-. GC.n. J..:up, datI J i,-la :lI, li- ,a .,J on
llh c ls.;_ :u .i'uli and I i'-,.iilti' '.:'-lp..,i in a-.it :rat-.o ni
i. il. inm. I di Le .: I[ii1 Ith -i-.,I.J rif i -.r i ite. l .J-Liuait -ra
uo the -Oi.-i r rt- ..t Altiaiai, jnd,.i-r-lot.c-d I L. -oih.;r atl :.Ilnt;,-
n.-rny ,i. rlu-k,-.:-er, 'n ,urdr tlhat ih I.-ru.er, bh an itterviw
.i t ihi lulhiri s iil-hul chsi,. hr'r.rif viil,h it, -.mmand of the.
Al .1. 0 1i~ri, aro:l tli .i;r eciir iii t iJ.- .. --..n ih [ : d,' l'.tf i,: sn.-
itnv HI.z first -Lip. af3ner the E in f ,- a, ; i1-. ,.:: 1.i ihe '.tlui-
t,'er, alrrudIv c atiLid -.:...i in itl-.:-nl rni OI.rn, i., be? mu-'lt i.d
itt,-. i'-c -'*r' ie -at1 lit tirl.:.i Sta t.< il iti- .:'r.iro, ,ill.i.-. d tim ,
:, Lh 11 i. r- ,l| rr,: lrjo It.
"' li- r cell.i-r. lthe i t...er oi (f .\la -ii.rai [I ia.-l, it. coan-
'inuail....n] ha' proi.0.-d, in a lcLil-r il.., ii a., hu '-u., fi l the
.'.:m ii.-ndtn ,-.tfi, r ..f 'he G ,oi',.0 unil;iia4h, % .) ,:iChi l P E I ,.
i se'Albi. ] t.0 ,outlti. tre ti-aious '-p, mrlii,nst a.a-ilat th, taniro- ,
't. z. ,rl I, a; the .'-E in iai.]l. '.--A Ii-- 0 -rn i rt pi t o Ihaii
lstie r,i a rt t-il re.ll* QUainrl-,. t-li all lt., con]it.Jiratiuoli
n- tiu hai.;- idu,:.:J m.. I pr-f...,: a i'.f -'.n.[r.ril i-U ] s 15'ih.
ii- I i I na|, ltime, lice,.. rr, rid n-r. -c: lit. re aijljr- ant ifll Lh-
'I'..r,: of _i-,-rgia lito l rae,i- I iL irik .'aiiElilong v'r' advan-
"* -.:o,.i ~tn I.,: i. i. ly uliimpltd s f- ffi a B ,inli at -r tL.l.j'. Ir-
ti-anl.n, nd --p-i a.,e, c i 'ip *h?-r ,'i I Tht. ''''ittr li .,: -nl
thI t I llhen hlad. fp: .1'lc, i.:.ri: uflr' :: in 1.1i ne ',A urn i.-.iI ti, '-rni cr-
dti.I ,Lt,Y lih.n id -i i 4 Lih. i. i.L' r o G :ii.J, : ,riihU '
I hbill ai.ili yOt, ihtrit.orr, a. :oo )c' u t r a ,. irind, u it-
-nijd a.- m nat 'ift" X hr Alait.ri .i.n; r.; 0 .n be h ila ly al -i-,r. d fc.,m
It-a- a-erat tt. b, Af.]dil i '' .. Ainbamna lirn-
inr -c trt m .r-im r ,t.l c- l-,r -,c-ra e ,.,i i atl t ar rpla [i'.:i..T- .,'f
SI-- '.s--,r-ia lhat ti, Ia'n, bJ, f,- -r ilj- l field, fton'le ic.rdIir.g i : in-
p.Irl.-ii pol.r -n i. ti it, rr [rllt hat aiti.:,.'.:hl.: .] \'iaba lthat
urpl .l i i -'y i -, t I ihe nad 'at I- .l e. dit i:,r I.it .li,,., I cran-
c".'- p .a.k woh cori .'.ri,"., ; boit lr:-m ihe e ,p ciUL .a-na ul' hlt eas-
.:-ll,:r-cy (.-;arn.jr SchI-', I bhir. % .': iliill by hial tiao r.,
'hl..] I- [ ,' i l' that i ''-'t il Ir..iT 1 Ilil'i 1. 6 I T-10niie, iorl.Ading
hi:.r:.- -' r.i i-n. "rob lii, I..--c,', nd a little aJddiir' l... tintl '
I ''i..' (katerns,r ('l3y, a Vuii lait :- s, n, prop.).:e l...- -fid Iu
I twiorii and a :.:-i-, I''r.r or nv- i-'..nil.arie_ af r'+ ullar.., iheh ih
i m ', L-. h.Tir:- in iLuir, I ihnI.k .e' itat clear ine lI.)wr pirL -f
Slhi3 i'I 'r : lta i -a I 1.) ,', i'n. hue il-l .-, 'a B irt,.-.ur -:.. in ,\' -..I lt e
L riit-n b iv lh I ih inilar.nt, In. le .,-:' ith- jrri l .)1' th lu:ii
'1it thi r is lji i a f .:- d I6uai ih: Ni.i h. B tIhri, i-n..e sit
'.ur fo.r..:. .o-.n .hi ,. .a11 bh. il' 0., *nd i:.f rcn d lo' i t tluro-wn
-'ar... ib.- -ir.: r I--r i' et. iu.:.'.i. ic ..p. '.-n, and, Ij a- ', datanr:e
tup tho Cuuntry, a puortin of lhe volunteers guaitullng the river
'may be crossed over and united n ih tihe 'pirziiinng army."
Many of the regulars, however, were unavoidably behind this
cAl.:,ali,-n, f'r-Ci I.,ur to SEi-n da -. I he Ilti, r cri.c.:ludc :
Y ,u r'l t ,/. : 'a ft i '. :f titair : ',r/ to/ me / I rl,, /f-min time
tto ti-i, i.tr Intan. I., ..ihi tadt c'ho'.'tnte itrf t ici n /tnar, ind
you i.-ll hear ft-,h itI fi cL L-.nrtly'.''
Yi he I- "..iirl i h5 een Ihil, ifmer th-i rcLir[,t i bh- etnimjrj-
Iticl n-nd aliarmiig Ic'lr-i .-f iha _ih -l Jaune, I dJiJ in alt u ej'an ar
ifr-ul G':-r. J-aup fill the Iith, within tie r.:p-ri-dd i-h-rifll' i. b'
.dlihi tI',uriten atica l" o Fin M,:l-Nit
Sir, he; n,- oh did i-i .at re ',i It- inr. hiinlat ',un'r-i h--,o0 sltr-
wards) sny '-f ih.- inportin, i't.:ii ahjlh. li1- a.i fuaI y di?,-:|&i-d to
the Secretary oaf I r, ar l',c aie.'esn; L, i] r-,! pi'6'-n,:- atl
Tj-ke,'-, i in all probt.atrh.iy, pre.-ni.'-l liit c\a--Ist.:v Gov .
Cl.,t, iL.n 'hire;,'rom f- .i-k.o'l.u.jtl i y lv t o i -t ier.,-f le al 1 A I
of NI-.-, Ci, I i,:.,v .iijnly knn.-, .1 p, vented any reply to a
lecr n:- ihuir-a hat:, aurid ,ii-r:,r n',oat G.v. Schley. This fact
is I-t. lr.h.l,.,.I b, itl, n- -e u r: f Il:i luiti 1- nit, I 15th a-id 1i h
tilt.:rrogt ],r,,:' it ht.--h ir rn-.i ti., G'o'. -Cloty r-pi anr th,'i i;llter in hi$llt b [t lie d-:rp-s;t"a:t r.'.nt' taIc- :tul.',.-
,,.h-'l!, '' "hlull iI,': i lnura rii, l o" l'f ib .'tn r hA 'hl tl.t%.r s ,n
t..ii.ralk 5'..s*it and Je.jp, LA bii .;.'-ra-,.j ici rendier anu fr-
ther correspondence b-i .C:s u- [ri, io.. G.: rn.is] ipr,.i i that
'subject unnecessary." i t; r. Fpl,- to .,-ihr I he leitr of
Governor Schley, or the two from me, woulI, -dn-r it.., ruwtic- -
rious silence of General JesupF, have much Jlin,,r-ih':'d erj- m-
burtani:natin al tlh 'u .
In General Jesop's second report, dated thr 1 ll If June, to
the Secretary of War, he says: I ti 3. n,-, ,: an n: -of eamiTu-
:ni.:.:,i;ig directly with General Scott. Tli., e:iriuiUi n'ce in-
'cli, ,. me to strike a blow at once, ir,,ioi it-rc- :-- ..Tnir a-
zard in it. General Scott, I.,:n I I, i.Ht i.m, sp.- .ied to I."
rr .; %> L.y lih: I 1lh "
\Vl ., :ir, hrJ] li,- no -i-.:.i- me-:in: L i o c 'icihri, a ih.sri,: Wilh i-a 1
i1. I1 -l i ..-" ti- "li aut.'. I u F-.ci N. h.i-:i L., un Indii, run- i
i':r. ,My ) t1 t-i tl b I -. ,.f A ih l.iiO., bih, '.:. rc .ir ri b :in-
p1c lr,,ihn. d, Ind h, ad a Ihrg.: Lb-- .-.if fi'r aij Ir'dili- war-
:;Ci:r' .,ith hiti'. I :jrli .' ,-, C31-i.irin Pa;:-, s b h a;, at ihe I
!iil.e l, irriLoe -i .idh the loIrl, i-i It, i-,A ,i.., r.' nr.i lit eir .' irnii. ,
by litiin rlrinee-i, ol ii; l-l,'r I I' 'e. .-nrral Ji.zi-i, on e UITi-
tinltd h-re;' bul 'he .i'idic Ad-'.rnle iiifo)rn- fT,' thail Ltfe cap-
:ui I. detaine.d on the .utilh by illnics. Gelt'-ral Jr'esup, ho -
ever, has nowhere remarked Ihtn rion-t-Ceep:pili of rjny one of
:my letters. |

My second letter to him waa dated the 10th, alluded 10 in the
tlhird[16h of Jtunc .by mitarke, as if" dated the atlh. In this
Tetl r [..-f1 i1e u, h] I raid
W e shall L, nuldi : id i,, r t i ,. n lh tld|in i i. I Id n t ide, by
ile iorn-Jrrit il of iur n.:.,l a:ssnui;l r'u |.lui.: '- rild.: mniak-le,
n i': kEli aic.:.o:u lrtirineniti, rjiiinriijnuriir:.rn, r.. I liud e pt heib 'l e,
'vifh suhi-iirinc.- ,: rE i., l, r- lin iI. Ii ce lire from the Och-
'ri,iLe,'.: t Ev i l' i in. t l hbl h- re ii a letter l'r.:om the ao'enr,
Mr. R tr..f, idaied a, Haekrsiihe, i 5i3h, in w'iehl he r-
p.,rts ihatl nr.ihing hod re-,,:he.-d thit -.laer. He inmediarely
'de-,paitch.d a bcl in [ta n,' Ti- o nai.lie'iniu;ries, lo hu:iren, &c.
V,. i -, e nl:.i i:t n Iihs (-'bhaia i.,c he.' aLi,..ut 3 ti60l Gpor-iLlt
Sro.o.1o iofrm r nm.irknbIly fine ni..ea. 01f the wh.sl, number,
br e ',,ror, n-it a third loi E i.:itnr! i iNi.I, 3rdl a1 till .Malleti
n-jmite.Er eiod 6'ci.-ilr-meni Ii will, ilthrr-lf.e, be impueasil-
'bLI l. To armi and eqnuip fie r-ri.niriig t.i-ithird_ ivailluut the

SThe ep-,.;iii-N 0rr.i prEiari,:d ty ihc Ju-Jlee .11i ucale a1
llie opeoiJag of ibt luuri; bul ilitre wa i;iul hLre ie retad iL Gen.
S. vaS understood tosi that itnacquitned him ,-'the ehwevtb.:e'e
spa'r fia] --Rapcrfre.
'muskets, the Stll's rifle, and mausket accoulraesmtal expscled
'by he OLhinulgie. Fron lile tirep-wiug, it will be eeni thaE it
i.oposi bla I ir IhcGeorgian. to c-ommence upcratioins Iran
'the neighbor, hood ht h1 u-imnin, say in eighi or len dao., ,,ir
e'i El tieon, iinles,6 he ernivand ueccOmLremenis athll has. a,-rir-
I lhri.! n,- i nh d ri Iin om Gov. C.las, "\, INi%,t
.-.-.rc lh.u ,l,,,.ld the Iorces placa ed In it.: I-, ,-r -i- anir ,i
*' .'a,' 5 n, pc,- a ni [ l reeks from ecapf, l Lie.-,. ,nruiOalt.."
to lV ilirU Il, it,. Gen. Jesup, dalid JJ Ir JIt ,lir TIelling
im Ian 'a my 'i -,.,d tiLler- ;n order ihl, I,. .. '. GI o, .i, n b.
n r.ln i'l 1 hrI i'I,).: pi tidL1, ) O1f Iho aimN1, .;r. lini,', I ,:.' hi- a n
Ir.,ao, and Iha l., I.C ngh, tl ic.pectti d il .i ,. :Ii ''
I prf.-ni .Cli ,: if N '- 'u. tIe I Maj Gen.Sunr,.,Jd i I ,5 ,i ',- ,r. I ., ,
Slbh C-lh.r tide OF the iiher,) i,,l ibs .ai .l,, .ruit. L"', J
'lI t, bat iuiIT,, rt,.uile ;] all the | other.- ati,,,n i,,- i ,a, bleI
-. 1 s.) i.: .. t., '' gu.a rd Ihe rnver, an.J w -l,,:- ,, r 1 f'r..,'
lh.b .',ar :I i ,, .I,ed ,nen is bm b r>- ir '. fet'll ,,,.l.- i I
Ili,. hiual -, II,, u,,, ;lri.r and omri:i-,,n OF hl117 Iet r i," ibi-
8B.. Atenr '-i,,iad rerLing 3l. aeeie m1 y loll. r prMI, d :
S'ou furluh. ill '] o Me That 'IeS .,v-me.ii -t.. dnlrLu .r....J .nr
I till cn.- ,t'u ,il,.-rmaltion of it by a ruling -r.' .A Uil,.i L. ri
Is .o ds, el ........- I -.n By whnom la ,,. sl-b, ,'.-i,,noa d.
Si,, or ili,.._e ,i '')ijuncitun u iu % b v ]]i l'. a E.ilur '.,j .L-
I p ,.:(.. ii ,., ,u or ',,U h]are noi ,ie. in. II iL nri ,Jlc
) ," Iould .iia.,r,l. der( .cuu,,n, 'so n-asi,:i. r,ue ,i-m ,i ,-,, :
tailn1.i11 r- ',..1-
Srajlloi ,,ih,:. re a ,,e. u eonc iur,enee aiinj r. L., i,,, ,' 'o, .
-pr-zit, ; .i, ItlLt':,i L receiving an'y iua n. r lr.:,~ )0,, .-r ce- l.-
raiiunin aii.sn t, i ay kind, since the btit i- i, a. ra" in
She i.- i,e upper ru ie, I. ri r l -, rEpi. ....i. lli
I Ai".., nil liE d ead r abou( 3,11101. Alaodaui,rir: and l, f,..r irin, ll.,
SInian as, wa. al..aot It, marih upon Ne-o-u-,. .i, bind. u,-J i;'
t C, rnin ce ,,r, ertia-ira on a grand ae:aleo I I '." I.,bl thenr.
in a graus nini.ke n thibs rcporl. Y),u rayt'. p-,,laps, ha|,.
Sbeoen ab,-,ui o make some dnefsiite ni.,.'.rn, .i i--.-ra,,in,
Sl, ci .-ar" a ro,'iter rcitleimeni ohr a ponrtin 1' ib,: e&.-r no : b,Li
I wl.' ,t.I ,; l'thtii eu he ede car,:d 3 -.r in.,l-pnlen'e
illf f.5" abiier;th ."
Ilse (C.uii %'il be pleaded to remark iLul I w ,, ur,;l ierv
r.,. nil i_7An ,,f tie I'act.lut. Geno ral .l.htup, h.:lu h e,.rlt
lIduIus, 1 ne '.6,J b.en quire communicatire, aganu't iall regular.
laun. and d~vea usaia of the Army, in The S ,:'S. ,irn ..I' 'ar.
RI ] le, i ,) lIiin, ln the 16lh, conLinoe. : I1 i, ct,la;n That
BH.-a,.lEr Ci,,,-ral Moore, of Alabama, hi comm-need a
ca,u,-e ,',.-,.nr;-nve, -O.perations, from'Icy inTon lip il-e -'unolnrv.
F,,m LLs. fai ..ll)re, I have rather iifu-,Ed tha,, ,,u hav- n.,.,
even yet been esitlted wilh the t couiniandJ of i. Autlat,-unian.,
or juumcerta.lyl would have suapped his pi--m-iaure rn-I[ i3,la-ied
niuver,(c Fi. lbeu doubts and conje:iurte., in ie, h.ab.r. i. o
all direct iniT ligot net from you, are iuficslcrtily, harae inn.
i .-:an I0 ue evlsphcr and precii.,.- ,-n mu a, I I dnire
)'y-u ,i ny Lu still opU relfiren E mutE-u enl., (.iC Po ar in
cumin.aiid, un ihe paiLrci .le.Alidanianri, ubui1l ,L1, I .;,1'gane
are ready Io act; say on ife 21sat ;ntari, alit-n ,la, -'aei
,,uniber ofl them will adrined and reads, for ,ie breid. By
la time, tr., ihiere w,ll be on ihe rinui,tr lh.- Q.,,-21r parn orf
ihe reinlrli aid marines urd-rc fr.-m iahe N.-.'rtih. On that
d,&y, if he fic.ien.ea tfat Generil Maor,,ve iiiall n.- r'uider a
modti,.ilin r,- my IIan aecavary, I ahall b ,' i o 1`Paeinhle
lthe Iroops On this side.olhthe nation, S-aIieWber.- n ihe ne.qb-
borhioorl of Ir.inricn, oanil operile ,p tihe crun-,,Jr It iii)
desire. ih t yP.u meelme e e baut Ilm .li, e an,l i.|,I.m- a hit taI
,you bring iilb you ansy disposable i-'rce ,uu c,.,r, ien-i,.ral- con1
u:.r 11hat oii hold ihe whole oif ihe Al-,bjnm;sr. ,u d.itr'niive
I ri..;-i J.a i i, ithe frontier selleuitrin et 1.11 I hall t.rLnn lit war
fito Iheir n'-:ihb.:,rhaoJ.uhen you .:an co.l rilt, lIe g.:ncral
int ol upo rini.rs, \tilh Lie."
Ji...n I .ith, I addris-.eri a rofi lb lel6 ,r to1 Ge,-,,rrl JeZup of
ivlh.h lihe lo]lol:iin,g are eXtran:or :
I"'ln. I lo"vih' anLi_ vnoi nerons;ed* ym i.r, Ictrer.n rf If.i
l l`ii r..l I lh iuiilint."
."I arl i,-,nlin ,:y utInkihed -ndl diitr.: 3eid i.-. hiar ra l if -Lur
Sneajr aipr,',.hi, -nd in a i nariL ,ig .ndiI. in, ItI F,:. Ni11. hell.
S ".a'i kne ,r It ,. ila r iorc.:s. were n,:,l ii-l. l ihb -: t \,:LI.u kn.
i[i n.) ,.plh-.i-' ; ,,oId rea-h Irvinmt.:-in i.:rr. New Or'liear,. ar-
l.er thlat, i ,Li s i ,,-,tant, s- iu ,,n; llid ,,u Inr b1I na ) li-i.
tea 1 the luih ,nult. that nothing hal "i r,.d -i. l h;h u; H,,.,-.
Snaville upon i,.e O,'mulu.et, and, c-,.n -qu.,nii., i..,ing c.ald
Sba.r%,e i,hve I his place by l[e iprci.ni d' i, ilri.U, lh i rir r.r
-' IL, i, al -., i. add, thaitiyoi kriew h t .i 'u i'i t,.ni', ihn3l
'i. li trC .,, d lay ;ncreaving, .t.rc lIving fI'om hand I.. rlii'l.
us.. ihe -..' n- u pplies i -f he rn:ighbL,:,rbrc.d. .[n.Er Il,. -
uni;. n.ria' him. I inle c y aiirinms neri [I.. le,,rn ilia,, ini a]id
ul airc-hing tile dli.ip ,-ile force of Alibsima up,..n Ih.tIi.ni.
Swith ubs..-,.e r'.r ati lesal TELL o:r .ie da, n a,, d.arnc..,
you have con,e: ihrcugh ihoe heri of ihe Indi;an conitr,
S.eek;rn l-.p ae adteiiir.e%, ,ihub, ifi vu,:c.dvl'ul, could hardly
t th.e aiaai,:Jed h, ivar, andua'anl D.t kln,:,-n plan Cf ,:.,Pra'-
lIon i. Fori M ichell, l.rty.aiy 1 Niia oui t ov I p.,1n1uf l IT i-
ie.,s,:ly G, reral Gaineta's inoipnrrinl ipi.n FonrL King, littr.
lh,.re was nri, ?ubiueru.ns, and th.:r- is rn.-, a- %,,.u e-.,, t i,.
have known, al Fi'ortl Mihll II! NIMy rce"f ar,- d'itr' as I at a
.'U- iuuniu.'l .'bi*:, t. Ti' iLrange m irii-,,reir 'vru haoe made
y wil[,:,l ;,i r, [ I he -Ibi iglie.L n c.,tce. L u, I, .i ,:-, l-:,i'm .
tie, -r'om djnoi even nOw,'ivll me, iiliaurt ), arm :in irmand
Sofrht AlbanmiaUais; andy oiur l I ist lteriat.; thati i i, u..Slitl-
fi whetilher iou eter ,iould ihe nieaiied I.,li ihoat comimaiud.
All dis iis utinitelt strange, and was the l,.it lting In the
World that was to bee expec:ied 'roam you."
The letter concluded with ihcar words.a Though iu grief, I
stIll remain yours with great regariI"

General Jesup bee given thi letter, with irleS of his .iiii,
upon it. as part f his coiaimunication to Mr. Bli., prinitd 11
'The Glob, September 6I, 136. rIn ione. uf throc rn.iles hie eao sI,
,to discredit Fma describing him to be approaching Fort MitchIll
in a atarring condition, itha, at the time, "he had ubsiastslnca
i' for Ihe troops under his c,nmmand to the 'S-1 of June."
Now, in his letter .f the I'5lh, wiiiiten f'ronm tihe ineriorof tlile
Fn'.iry'c tuudntry, he hod oiad i1 ni "I fii ii i npmposible to
U' d ibln eiiier .:orn or su i til lnce heir. T .he lioe'ie Indiana
have desitr:.vod all thai ithly hbve net lke n arway." San-
letter: "June lAth. lam now 0aih.11 Big Sprini, wihiln ,:urt-en
SmileE ofFori NMitcliell." I I have i, request that pr..iionBe und
Scorn be soeil L5 Furt iclt.h..ll. I hnveonil) fite drya' rnrion,
I' and n:t a grnir, of corn." 'l hall, prob.aI.ly, be compelled
a10 fall back -or Fort Mnilcheli, or Lo p iiiC-_ t ir near L,11. I hop,
t o recee o rd.re frain )cu at thai plac.-, ha ahI.-h, il' I d.) itL
go myself, I shall rend iaiguni for ,,b.iic-nie.' And in his
note to meal ithe ith, received wilh the Ieltr. i'll.t I'lth-16ih,
:he says: I iLd that w have lease than Tuwo daa' rati.ns in ad-
Sdltirn To Tiwo das' ratione in ihe hands HIP" i nr in. Whether
*' Euce'.elul .r nont affainai Ne-o-a-nmaiihla, I shrill be c'imrelled
S1. g.' I0 Fon Mtilebell. Cnn you give Ps pr,,..iiina and c-rn
there'? By all means do so."
Here, then. Mi'. President, is a great General, who lakes
ih, field agaun'it the orders arid iili.in th.? knobIAledlc of
his c.inommiJer; puis hinimeir on a wro,:ng line i optruLiono,
wilihouL plan or object; without tihe asaurWi means crf subsit-
nnee, arid, when oul bul fraom ihre to five di,., tbraks I-
lentce .:.ly to call for Ihelp, and in pileOeS a.:cEni -; declares it.a,
vli.lher surc-,fl'ul or u11, he vill be .ilihed lto fiall back We
manyV now le' a hylleci.e leLtEra %eri: nil 'it-n t I' Th/. Globt
tihe'v would haIe rupporld evrry cfisri.:.rn .if rnmr: u nCiCritl.
ly cintrad;-eted i the printed -.Ire. Take this a, a second ea-
arrmple: Gerieral JeGi.p 5aBs ltli0, wtien hi arrii(dol Fi, Rl i,..li-
Ell "hE fauni in the ueighborh.iod 5r.-oeiIl ih.-,It nd ]-.bels if
corn, which hie bad directed -'aploin Pig' i. i,:ecurt -arly in
Jne." It vo, w-y ihe urgin ,:nircaity thti would'send pro-
tvi-i,n artJd corn there ? 1 again r-gret the Eb.en(ce, by Ei.ck-
n:.f, or Capiuin Page. My occuser addi, in the inamc plice,
Ir General Scolt ai. nul acqLuainted with ihe r-:,sur:Es at his
CuiTiiLa,:ii, I[ was nw t is I'e fo'i oli General Jesup." Thisenter
i. lo.r.pp lodnu h;i bull, ,cillicbilv l.r ies i utih r, I ir, y-elr g,n.r
,h.m, in myv I-iiter of Ihe, 1bh If June, thl. first inlfIroalilun he
bad prc.lj,.lyv .itaer received fI'thma cora! In iht Eame priiied
urile., General JRiup &&y), when lie arrivedd at Fort Nhiilehll,
ton lhe ngielil 1 ir, lilh of June, he frunij i, within i
'i1,00 rajiroui, which ihe had ordered frim N w Oricaniia be-
'fore h ho ad lefi Wtliinii,:in CiRy." lI.:w e11 .:lu;' in hia
Ifresighi Aain, "he 'xpe.:itcd ih, rlt,'Ol or ihe sleainb-sat
wilh 9uppjplieaL CUliunb.s by ihe 15ith ol'June."
Thi. Couri ill here pleaee- rEfl'er i- mv nI leter, wlunten at Au-
guata, May' Qi.[h, oad rtpi:iLed I', im Mi illcige .ll. tire '28th, ad-
dics id Jonil,- to the quailternaiier aidJ coinmt' siy ai New
Or lean-, and tih-n uin to the ,': ;lni.)ry i, .IMaior Kirby. FrruLI
the litter i will be ceen thati, upon a clculation mnad by G.:n.
oral Jezup and myel'f, we bhti ior lg t l ni ,_l nii li:ilir lfrom
Wtsliintrcior. adJ winn- 'rom Augu.ii, on ihc l .rrb a ibeb:et, v..uld,
very taba.il,lv, reach Naew Orlarns toigeiher. ArJd, accaidind
to10 Major Kirbi': letilr i.- GnenFil Irin, daiu d June --lJd, it %'i
tlioai-l. iLhe lirit -'..ppli aibi;a arri'e I'fin lhail t.Il by the I' il
or l:th. G4 ni.rol Je-nl, ieefare, c..,jil in hat' : .pi.:lid '
thb,'' supplee at (C'oluinl.ije L' tile lilih ot' Junin i und io
kn.lwiin fici, aI I several uiiTra told lirni in my li.tn.ir,ihai we
bothll hougbi it i-uuld be fIorimnie if ihey arrire-d by i,' fi ld.
BY al. gea lIck, hciwev..r, Th.! urEL -itambaul did cclu.illy ar.
itIe, ate F or Miihcll un ihe iith or IMhP, 'Anlere-i) Iibs -'.holr
Arm,* :.S so i'd Fr mni the miti'rlune? ahiLb G-cneral Joiup'i
ail:r'I in- t'en..rrl ouuld oithEriv- e.' lait u:.ra .,:,.ned, i.u. ol'bi ing
ru .J ,:Ed ,l l,, ull" i ibiiilt rati.i)r; fir m any day. I .., f on IIlln
p..;ri I, i ,: -' ni, t r" 1laijii K ;I by L ,i. iit, ri- ini \l a .dn
Lieine, .iiLi B.:l ; al.l th i,.Jiq- lii'ir, el Mal,.ir Ho,--n )
In i]1 This time Mr. Pr,.:edtri,*Ic'ln ul lif ih of June, wh,:in
hir r ihe'd T ,.k egee, i, rii I ?.ih, it hiil t .- e.r ,: n .rurrerl
ti. '.,inerb' l J.:-iip that B m.-'iiL rent /roii thlic iaruntl-r selili.-
minI, ul" Alaii.-,mra, upon Fit M it.:l..ill, 1'.31 1i1 n'rpiiiL- SiJ, if
lh. Cr-ek C a..u.irVy 1 a tiht ir ai, lo Ff,0'.. it. ..,ii.. n and ill-
dri n iti.nm he" elet fIr ti:.lund) agaiirt ihe up.lifi'd .i -.J-
haw k and .calpi pg knife. ;ir lia, l h .- h, none *-I ithIt .:*ura no
thu t i.aul ,d -in lar h ini l O ,'li '.n i b ,ii -rue-w. N i, : I' d a ila .-
liuan ul'etilllr ii a lil. ments," a v-.Ell .,: woare.na clnildr- l, the i" -
n nlia',k mand ealpinng-bril' are enilrnli oii;[eid i n aal lii I.i-
i.- ih LiW,, i I,. tih Secrntai y .: W a,, dj ,id ihe LOish rinJ I liIh
Of Jiin ; i h tlei I-) lrc Il the kll ; ithe C,,ipy l ol lhil dJ. :i. J lie
12ilt, lit haii -d .l lu mIe by hi' a.d-dh camp on tl.s 2u1li, ond hi'
iw .- til.h r lete'ir. .i m e dai-d the i h-kI l ib, oi. ,,r, i- the -,rn-
inf., the I 'lh B'it, cl'Lier bl? hain itk-w n li" % d li nil re'iy
handja., and tund lilm eIll' ":IjnipeIIe o ri ll t I.o-:k ,n FP.'ll M,i-
ch,]"' fr c.nrn ri nd aiiibe cenca; whii., in rshuni, li- lad, lot on
ilhe I ilh, ito.'e'.td rni letter ol'fthi ncoy belf-'e, ,nl.I,: in arc.it
part above, th.- i, arid not ill tlien, di n'.v n .o. n 'n.p g r.c nriir
to him-i- n Ih ,, iae f wi which he has e lean as liappy, F l PI Tli e in-
vention. San his icrond Iierr lo i ar, d-ited Lhu ;'Ih I:I'" June,
oin whch lh-.e, wvtaperin are pwar'aully handlno bLifh rar d':-
fence .and uff :r.eE, and ahl: h l'oer clot t his .:,.nir.l]nli'aiin in
7tce Glob, rl'uhn 'i6ih Septembrr. But, porvwerful ai that leti-r
may ifevm,.he did not dae- to snojudle my reply I,, IL da'ed ihe
Laith, and lwhicli, in all rairn.;re, nuhlt I.) hrie been puhliiahed at
ihe saint time. 'This the-.Courl will p:rceivc, from ihe fill'...i-
inlg etiraciL:
i On my return to Culurnbue, late laSt evening, I iecriveil
y our second orthe Ithinest. Thins i fully s rFirvasge Fi any of
S.:,ur pie .-U aoin iiinicauorin In ii, 'on ilpPal nroibunig of
i:"ur firi-, inIenle .ln of rimairching uran Fci, Miitchell, bul
i"':, k t hk i 6. .1'eor in'-to itw-a er ihree tipieas which "ould I'irT.
n i h a ,od rail li a Fp ,.iil r ap |-e l g t, aii bill. n- h lir .h p in -
p oa g e d u p'lI n ) ii ,ln i clr ti nirih n .i -leio i t l" ,:i t nl,1 i. .-. u-i ,a -
SlionE iinli-ui I..,' [r. .li,: :.,r.i:i r.:n ,: riid P r...lin. I acl T in
'conecilt *vih .',u. Ii .iil, f.: : in im:. LIE l'.r IIi 'l, 'l ''--, I C10n
'iio giini : no i 'il'h r, lin1 ii i, ]l it liai .,iur ue:.u ii.la -iii' hbria
t b,?,:n 'cornri,:r.. ,J, lnd Iha>, Ler t'nni;iu,',l I- r hhe pir|,-', ,Il
'istaying il. i -rhnli's.Ak ,ni Iht: 6 lpiil, -klnil'ft, snij pre. rililng
I l'e d -u,'.,i-l ''i. i I"I l hll i -h .il '- rin ei l ri r Uoinilb rl ,i ill lih e
Sli--lit1 r. li.t .tiinnt :r1, i-1. nl y. c'-utij rave l- .:iIi ii'n'r ni' A nl.-I
*,,,:,u:l. Ir, Wru' [,r...l.,,' of lda- at\hsirsi .:-nl,:ai~ rnLi *"..:
tu% illIn y.,jjr m. m Pei ii- -i,', and it, ridce I, n ni- n y-L'I r pirsiiv 'ani
id ,i ,: B u l v 'i i I c ,'m r ai n ,:" : a 'ra n d a :'iv i l fI i-if5 -i 'C p e -
r l i io n iv hl l Li -a t ,r..ju ,h. i -"u tl n ih iS s. li' 'I" lh. ,! Ci k
11,)l, at6 a [--:-ni wlire I diil nrl i'.inlt vtc a.ilhss l i' roin [ie
t li Elr hlite-lw iiiinm li-.:I hii t tl you were raLo Ul t i:t'Ic lmm- "n-=
and, Of ,'-:.uii wv Lc.ut i tailir for in,; a|-pr-,'aiion and cr.c-
9,, r'-li.-.n 1. eo hove v-aile, Iear UCh eo opr raltionr, anid t nline
,giveO tiL rnelic. 1. 'iL( inllenled nri'veni:rilts, wielE, all:-:.' i.
'io SityI nlto, an'ioi,,g yuar piaiia,.iinr dJiri'.
I Olar n.1s popul.id dour-.h is I hese wiril,, I hiv- ri n.ne
ol hla. t ,rcourig Ih atn'ul ,' aJ b en. ',b I me to le al n 0i -li 3 ic 1 lit E
Swumen and rhlidren Baic Jjily lallhnru be.rhi Th thl-jIwv- C.f the
6ea'V( !' I 'ertainly hei-litve that you bfies niL, and t[er.e woa
Vat hl e IIl, li'i' cbjEtCion, in any ,uarl-r, ll. opur [p-i- iing;
I'the twomen'ann chlldrtn Of ihe fronrier, wiillh it..: dilene. ol1
which yeai were drn.-:ilj cliarged. Agunn, notihroi e ,-uld ltii
'been mire pTaiaeuorihy ; bui how doen ihia ei.Lu. y,"r
leaving ithonse women and children, and, initead of marcihing
'upon Irwintinn where you were required, marching, in hostile
armym, aching bartle,. upon Fort MIitchell, where you were
'neither expected nor wanted I



"On Lhe bubjecf ul' tile Alabama ii-aonlier setllemenas, I anm
happy 10 lealin by your letitr, Lciat uU made uclh arrunilge-
'menlus '.,r ibeir afrC I y as LO lei e you assured or, ihil point.
"The lista dead poinl .on make, ae t ii were ti future cit,
againsti rue, is this 'I woulil havie trucl hrl enscam io.liilil lijl
'f-r )our leller ; it ll i, n.,L Itruick iito Liorr-.,:-w rD-i'in,' li? %ill '
'escape for clii preseni, but the ;Mrc. I liJa c i,n ih i- field is sf-.
'if ient lm p trsue rind lorediice I-im.' H ero I iam m i d Id .:J ,
iprnive y,' and il '? r'unuiry nl'a ffreat iriuatintiry l *'t--ry. I -,i.
'imnagionary, for I "rm in,: Iin-d io Ilunk vyou ire a liiil. ioirnnruin- '
ton thif. occasion in yt-iur er ,jultjnii it. ii ithe in ,n ,n i..-r I I
this: VIiho gas.-' ,oic suilh.ri) to roasm at le:, irc- ith rv.ugti lh
'Creelk naicn, mi ih: bti ai of' itl, Alabamians and a body of)
'friendly Ind;jn, I. wiihoui gi ino ni ica ,, and i.iihu ,- ., rn ceri
with, it,. Georgians und eiu.iii a br,.,-ucli ,) Ii n l froniir If..
'the apr ,an r, and ,iit in e0it r i -n *,u xlirn o t ilte I.u i ,- tme ti ? I
SBecid e, i'r-o thi pI-.,;'i;a ii n ,:,':ClII.-.I i -, ,,u, -t ) c, -r i.,e
1i t l t icu ie datlrn in : ii .-,Jn r iri-;ce ,-i ofJ liLt,, L.:l-',ir je pne-
imn and t.a.ii,,.t up. This precisely in r it ui s-,.'" kneLw
Sto be my plan of campaign-a plan fully d -: I-,.id ir ,.fonve7r-
'sation with you, and to which you did not in the least object,
'although you were invited ri ,lij-: Il iv. !"
Her. Eii, ii 'ill Ibe sc-ni ihai i ]iir, ,:pli- prthaJr-i.Jd 0 ii (;, ,-
eral J- ,aifn' -'s -.',nd Icti-er, uf ii l:it, .i.,'i i[ r w ii., 1.1c-
founded reasons for his fals: nond u n, thulized iornirt nt ,;,,0
int.:nddd in-i-.h ilor r f hnr lie Puth-lie itiil his itUJU-Ej.ili:u l 'r n
mf ndie r. Hen.r-? il--u,' l''p'ei ol Ji-1 1-4. l, rd li-s.-ri: ii.1 -'pp-, ir-
ance in his ,:,'ui anuatic-aii, u il 7"P / G c-i,:, citl,'il -i ti y'a |.', [
riT.. C-',rt ld,- alan-seen in iliUi ,.pl ', il tl ,Ji:t i.'.d-J iIi-
ille 1U|' [lini Iie ni-,lJ lit: -i[raik Ih- -'enemy a fatal blow on
the 17th or 18th, but for my letter of the 16th. Now, sir, it is
ii.,inctl % ,n ef der nce, ni.t lih .J;r ,, that hl.
i,)t o irlt,.'o. sl-evepd insY orlJeri, tIl in ii- inp.i ., iik,: ilh.i
iIlni rgr-gionuoly 'iJ:d ; ,---' tI, third t,:it-'cir : I.lv .r,
--dir- nc-1i to Mr. Sein-par,? Cute tdi- a, i, andil hi,:h
so unexpectedly h,- hbtin broiii ci wnhin inV ko-,tslndJe. Ii
e1u1 oi l li;', -and the eircilun'itrire a ,*..:i.r i ld isili ,j iil, fi3rll .i b l
I i'.int.l ithe isatimony of General Woodward. My 14thinter-:
ois'- r.s iu Go-',ci--r Schley i-l-it,: to the same matters.,
I ia. : !irtsi sbte -in e siricii fnyrr,3 letter to General Jesupjl
.fI'i,: 19th f 'Junl Tii- iliss no, acontinuation ofthe same
Ptlnnii' it 'r Si crai
il |, ti rilir, lg l: c ai- ,O I i.:-.':-i.cd .i,.r hin,:r..l"f l,: ,Ja,..
written at FP-..ri 1.ile ll. uuo cri,, :-' it insl in iir'l i-,h I-
'have certairll. iu previn,'i; I.-itlei ..7--niplineii l li -. it f -it, ,
'as in the I:-i: airin ..-, il,, randI liv,- in ei' _rr in. jrii -, I ilcin k,
'given the gr.Jn .'J i ulfil-bie iirmillainkt. T .- i,.. f i j.:J t,- in-',
I ih ik, ti- er ithr rofnu ria..tion I hna. pla -ii up.jri ifi':,u sa dj I
lics- inrincirl regruiid Jh c existence ofthose filet .
You are in't.k: ri an opposing that I upbraided +youl
for asking for ti3 all upi-.lii, s of rations and forage for your
'l,+ini.a I rtgri/ttsd ihf s- carciti *-four r '-,jric,.-: iii -u h ii i,-
plit.-, aidn apr'rcica:-iL d a Acci-r.:, ticlirderincl -in liuic iliorn. ih:,
a 'd J,-Jy.;. FPirt-uricllV 80,'bins rairtJ n hatt i'rri.,J a[ Fart
'Mirlci-Il, (and ab,:.! i0,|iti, here,) hi-th ,ecrrj.s ir-rie it,
'c. (--ti-d caili;er than the 2'2d., pcrha-s. hi-i'.'ii in.laie aurnj I
am crn ld-ri nc ilitL, hen h-?r-:, ;.,: 6,4lihi, t. il-ltii"i. d- j
not -expc ei any ti;ne rr-.m N ei Orl,.an- -r, '%.. lh- !,,r '-2d.
'I an:rc rel-.iccd s rniu.:h on irn r c-i:-.iil c-i, .5n, thi. cie
'both tii s anii'tnduni flupply c-f uni-.n; fr-cr line pi-': rn l : .jnd
wei kin-- thai t '),yi.i ) mi.re w i l ..,-cn i;,lli. ." P o
_-;eacral, in lia:h-c, I ii-,6 not. itendc-- d ,i-j an t ihnorg In
iniuri yu,. I hI... s -owon Ar strongt-rin- h., i :t ii .-tii-n I
ihsd a rhLi ,i pl,-: upo u yo-ar acts and letters. This, I know,
ilm a pp,:ar huralt. Bui, on the other hand, allow me:to say,
I ih. I ll-- thb. greiecsl, and ain undiminished confidence in
t'ar hi,-or, y%.ur iiiilciqc nerf, gullantryi tiad .n i .,,-;ty rI-r war.
,.. u.s. ilte word r'-icreds ,ip. I haee ch -rih..,I i'r 4 .i i '.-:.r
Sri-er', ieln cin.:npl,-iws-. p-fLr- a w-irm nJ un-I a -r.c r: ,r it- il-, n.
wlti-li I oia-ld n" .l p.1 [ nth ci a r1 S .r,,n.I tii,,n Ii 11- b- i,
a littlaphalken since I sawyou, -it one E a rr ,n'ion of ,.,r let.-
ier'.g-)ea irlo r-,ral II. I [hilk yo ii htr*p n-'-i oi-e n uirniiiier .r
0Jy pjluancs en ind itru it-LrJa. In lmis I rc-,aiily h-:Ii-:rs Lhat
you have erred, and also cin yout flailure r ri-pri Itlly, Ic' -,e.
'Throuing r r a mi.Titnit ,ni-riiy ac1itiI, I r-:k it .l -itJr on-,
cient :onri-.ioiln with nie in ,.- nIri-re cur -ld iil rI. ic p riheu- '
lars ;i fiL r... Ii will gt' r,- c-c ,neer.: d& ligb io pu-i ,i:.s n
this war wteh ys.i, rind I..i ;,-i e -iou all the fame which- I know
you or-e 6tn diii, itle oit winnnitc."
Tit, Ic-lir-, Ietween General Jesup and myself were duly,
['run,: Iin iit i;i.ni (r -:l,---d Ila rt w ia h: A-ijuia i G( ,: i.-ril r-, .r
the. tnini -*., I' G"-, ernmEnt. In wrtnii : ii h-e l .iplt i fin Fili
IsiL .A' Jinne, I rncl-. d-i Cs0- .r-l Jr ui',- lc:.r i- En, -r i4the
Oli., and ithe abis riply, .df ir.: erame iilp, ainij z.iJ to the Ad-
julanii Ge ne al :s
SWilli I ip:.ci i-) th;a -Jiin,.-ui.hJ -ririt er [i [eneral.JesupJ I
b aia L E;l"rr malive in ili- airld, ntnii,: ind private, to act in
perrect h-rnr.iny. All or an-t:i.1t fT.f-l.,.on I-,r htint ,- fast re-
luoing. I h-pt- IW ,ill be enlir-ly r.mei.-,r.d in i daJy or twio,
t ihi ii, u-i ,u-tn &J I ih-JIl larn ihlai he c.-,nformshimself to my
Spldans ti-1 in c rucil.,n."
Hatiing -:iih:.liqucnrl' i,-;i- :j GI.rcil Jesup's report dated
:he '20ithi, .i ring Ii, .,p-r.,iioii- and mi-li 3 from the ]2th lo that
-late, with a-: i trril oi-r r ofifi-laI Iali- ri (inc evidence ;) having, as
I paused d.-in iti,. ciunirc ithi t 5 rninolp- ll.: si-l, laei sod con-
-'-r-id vidli hint on i-i. l.-:et, :oi-idic g in tIh. f--.,LS ind mo-
ire Hllfr-ii b- him r,-n lhe' i: E. : ril r..cn.ions, and being abso-
'iwtly ;an-,rit hin-i, acd Iviiy a'terriardi, of his letters to Mr.
.-,-r-tnry c."our, natr.t.. all, .:-f ihe ,Jsatardly attack through
Mr.' Pditor Blair, in the since notorious letter of the 20th, the
Court may imagine how, with my reviving feelings of kind-
nes., I s". l d lu ,rile th .? -luariu y apology for General Je-
aup' a cond-Ci, dail-.J ill. i"d -:." Jiunei', and addressed to the Ad-
jiatni Giea .rl. I, tids leptir I requecsied that such of my re-
lirLas a h- I .ma.n..di-rri-d un G.C-n raI Jesup might be returned
'o nie, on i : i, lgJouni that, a: i.c 1e rc ia'gin f'tri-da,s no '-.,r-.'
mnigt rein ann -i -r-ord to ;Ie-w that 'cad i..'-r.rccii '04,icr-
P'se. He ha-d Li.JA ie- rude 6 me oiles ei'iti me lthal tiL ni-r,.
As he enctero: I my i.inm I inil.cd the. leti-r, lhaidted it to him I.:.
r.a-dl, (feiic, r I h.- r.-. il my .- If,| an.o-i ;F w-3. ;ri;iiill r,:-:-.rd-d
by an anild-d'-,:an.p in ins I.:tier-bhu k. I dil tnot cdl hiici F ,n
.fie in ,rna tit thii- 'lihi, it lie e'rrilt- tloMr. Blair, September
3.I, liIa I -oJuld ask to withdraw" the letters, &c. The re-
quest, and my reasons for it, he had .ct.r, the night befre.
With the letter in his hands, he initnni-il an objection to thel
word explaonations, offered by him; but, o n admonition, on
my part, of firipncei anid kindness lie rit d the Itll..r Llil-,ugh,
and exprni.ed liijsell gruatilitied. I%'ty, ar, did hfi noi then
ell me oi, or insiaiily vLake measires io counoercil, hi, as-
asasin-likc letter ec, recenLly srnitlen in Mr Blair, and which,
bi-yond Aill doubt, lie dcpntched alerihbe rtcceipt or mine of Ih.i
19th ?

A misera-'ae apology- is attiiempledJ, by Gen. J.-cule, tbr ad-
dresin" ish Pcesideni of Lhe United Scates on official matiertS
through tile secret channel nf Mr. Blair, in the printed sheel or
rmrihlet, lbesfre uotiiced,j signed by Gen. Jesup% aid-de .-c.imp.
In ilIs joint pro-ductionri, I ;a said '" The? ois--l channel of
roinrnun"ealinri was ihroigh >'n-. Sec.l. '. marike ihl- "|1pli.'a-
iEt0 thr- auh til would hua,- bIeen indeli.r tie," B' aBut ah.-:
[1 tlie aiwln *nienil channel, th rough Mr. Se-,-etlry Ca"_-, I.h-'t h
Gfi P. Je It-p ii ,l. iti;ice o-id (on thIr I ih fn.J 1th I-'Juret I c-i
'bre ith.:i-. Iri.:r -.:.l'the -:iith I,: Mr. Bisir, Jn-j Ltnri oi'tris'ird:-
ith -,lI ,Il' Jtin--on oth-r military utte.,:l.--alLsattli I wa-
in crmanilndr l Ha-ie tli.p i- 16 ,li dir-:-ti a 1ni i.nnrJiion I..-
iwards ire iir r b.:-no rbuLiJd ? II iu tbe prein-i d noui, ir, or
thuo-.r l te rsir ould n-.tL htii hill, f:,und in th. '.im,' ri-par[-
inci in lh .: II.t e of Mr. S.e-r-icrv Built cr.
Tht. iruil i., --'. Pri Jeni., G( .n. Jci up 1-il %Vahrtlo i, ,iii
ihe '2Ud o-' Mai h-ihi: diy al'li.r c hEi- recripl -.r'mv I-i-cr riep. el-
ing Ma31ir Read; and, aearr .pt'h,: i-cplfa.-u:, Vhl-:b tihat letter
hi-d brought upti-n in he tiN.h-ed hitin: lfaP h1 teiL p ,.--1.ly ni $
a ui hority, iv '. b-ut hLiu b -:t -ic, ,eF a- T 'o .: n I. F If i ,arn v miglit
d-iClle. Firtl:e hi- li pepnsil-d I.,iO--Lt (in h- lill- r;i tiiuL he hoA
i--:r, sent ,'-: iF. rield. by Lht Presid:rti h:lu :clli aiihro1 gh, in
the e ri,_Tru,:i.rn l. Iu P nln, j- is,'3 expri:-- l' ol IhAd iLi il'h_ founl
n,. liher.-, hi it ,. i -r.c-- i nilJ IL, anid O.fii r.,y -)rri.-rs--i
hie rulie, and irc'.le: ,fo ,' or ,--.-l- hic i i o ,.] tren, i ,i-jd, ecidenrir
if -i'th -- ir u:Lrl.:li.'ir- 1-1,a hen- -.;., i j ihe Ji'u.. c ic c- -e .r 1:au1 i -?,
all tho i,:ltii L: C,7,u1t -iIr-;,i ale aid- prii'u, -. .; fc, a i iIth the
psmpnnhlr- n-J i-',ornsu.n-cuL fint', :G!,!,. Iii ..0/ t- i c I h hI'o lhr-ue t
und ,Fr ilie ri '-,-i, *, iiip Cour. Th,- Ll'-i-:,I -fall pha S-inici.les+
niri c r- m dr I Cr l it :,-n ihi na-c l 'f Fl- da, L cut n1:Jlcih.r ii
i,-r baith c-,n wria-h awai ihiu.lain sshtici hi- i..r..jui: I.-, an uncieri
ii erid has bri obth upi-cn haim. Sir, a momricni r,-ce, utid I shll
be do- n ii, i hi- nri, i-s I'ore er.
Miact hurnd lime'n jtje-.-eled lo mt plan c.flc-j.-r-in iat-in -
liic c-r-lek i: iap u iin if It it n FI-.ii, J, adi l--- i h,re -n.:1 -Al
-i n d n.- r h t n, iy plait ,'I. f i -i iui i Iriu-a lh *nI '.-4- -
W-d ..m ...'a r: i n ipi:,is ri, b ,n I' ui r i: ,-n :.,i r:di.? r11- ur, oirhy
il'liln nuir-tr Lc.nius. o1 Ai niri-:an l-',mm ndj i -, I i-f i'l? .1:, Mr.
Pre sird .ri, I.. i,-I.tl'y m v liit hu, tl.h1. c-.:..: ptii..r in i his ay, tt%
th -,' .F-iniu ot ihr' c hi,_'tlc ,d litnguished Frniletnme-n is hi- hs e
is re-.i m,? n wLih Iheir lIp-iilitn The olla,,wiciginierrogalo-
ia.s, [Iul -4ill ly and accides-illy vc-ried, war- propoundedl by
mrl In acll ofi" the dEpon-nta
I L What, in he opiniora ,fLhe liciera, wi'ere the relalisead-
vantages .:.r diaadaaliages hoiweeo the pinn of operauine c'
Sgiinin onii a line at or a little abore Irwinton and bc low fthe
ahostil- i-'ecks, ard-acirig up the country, and beginning
ltay) -n a li.ie from askeegee oin Part Mitchell, ab .-s th..
grl ir nisbhr on f t crhe e sr-m t in th n'ec operating down the
country"''t I
2. "If the o.h.-l. ,li.positl. f-'-r-:e -t Georgians, Alabamians,
an]d -.-ullF-, v ;d, the Fri-eJiy'l i.ndi-,n. ,:-iti :ni auxiliaries,
'hai'1 t nSr plei-ed in in, : e, ihi ,.--isp, cd ha -d -p.-ralitd
it.' t i'--cud,, .., eeihll- Lh.: irc-c:tn-er ?i-i i)Lc,:ctLr, C-ft G-''rgi-a uid
I-.' iw a se _- ,a jirdi.d tby i.:. cl;r i Jt-actiircnlI i cii r.
i'-rc- L-I-t! hipl r',;wrr -fr the- enrrusy v-uld bat, :-: ic-;,l c,:s
i th- Chtihii -,-i-cc,nbl ii -h -o i--l" P ini o lhian -i.:ually
('did h:. : : -.: : a d alo,. Ilp It stac i..:ij Itii ?e bt-c-n tai i-rr
CI -ii :l iad Ihc it a.:luilly %.as 'I"
3. I i i n r prat.aE.-I, or rit-na, IhIs 3t I : nr-h-, cn ni n,,F GEn.
1.-tp i nr, ihIe I-:ri:. re u-fi-r Ini: -I-i'1i,l'i-A e ,. r1Je:r ri-mn Tus-
k ':ci, -e upiion 'rl ilhi-:hi:ll. and f-ra ho i nri lip,: li:is, belorei
11 ,- .:-ihc.r r r .-' p up.-r. il, ClJlha lnh-.-:hie Il i.,: rc, aily in
l'k Ih r pI,- -f on tm-u, ri'ir -and Hie bac- line bel-w thbe
en -M m put it- cine y)" ilpw..n the d:i' ." [ c a. p-: in tI. di-
r ,.-.. .:.t Fj7...ri.Ju, anrd | d I., 'ihe n yin.' .,: .'ere Ciri-li ._" nihnh
ti,..-k pl-t-,; in thc ..ll G-,r Ia 'r
4. 1i h;h of icl- i v.o plu.In of ,-p,:or;iir.,n:-n li-th i ,l'np rating
s ,lall t: p ,i iihIiv di.;p-:-. 'sL, rt.jrt: un-e-r ihb- kg:-i]rc l coirtric nd c-f
Sthe sa |-i t- its'u r : I'r'_. f liiin : a ,./:"'i il,.: *-.r? nt ', ajild hI:-
-r ,,,n'i,- :.-', I abi ,al he '35t h oluJbi-if : uind the pliii pui -:d by
:.;ii.. ]'- :Eup, ci-. t-.:- "iieiir3 an i-,l-i-d i,--- ni-n 'aty)
i tl-rul th I h of the rrm-? m,:n tlli, i'rr,'m Tmj.k.,:e nci- vouards
F.:., iMi-i,. II,c P n ihe-nc., oap-iiliir rJ.juwc h I, rrot. n -lry-- Mould,
ir, il-i- -pinion :'lh" l .i n vF: h3- i-h .-urt .i i mip.m-p-d the
star bj titih- i:a[ --[rIr t.ile 9rai t ,.r.l ; P I he rnem\ s "
Th,:e u,. ,.-o,,n un he e tn lrli'rtl.nl I-inumb.-r-d i --in b,-: num-
Oer ilh.i tirt I in in F ;th i-ii p ap:- ri .dia-,n up b.V r e I 0 I .i s iub-
tri linJ lo uhe sviincue',i.
I recrit, Mr Pr-n -pit ni, liilt I hite nC-i the lite ,r ire-ngth
Io 'miL.,'d% iht an,.,.-ra o it- the -'sveral ]i.tr,,r.-':lia ,iea ziien by
hi.; x:eclltrn-y i i;, ,rnr ,.li-i, a n eiar, an Si.ii,5, and close
hi-b-,i :r C.I all Ehi ,E'1 j ; -- t" MN ,j,:r G-nc .rcIl 'anfurdl, who
eommanc 'lnid lth- Gcor',a hiiire from iSn i-arl peri--d In, ih.- end c-f
the war; anr.i olf ihet 11-n. Mr. D a..in, a c-.Ion .:I htiuec, hul a
cuapiaI n iI lle crairila'n. Each i:- cletr anid tmnphaiie In laror
c.f my pi nn il" .,persrai;n_ usca-iic in prerf:- rnt.: tl ihe rei eroe
plan : in ai-ror &f a delay I.o ibout b t he 'J5Ih l.f Jiune, s.ih i % ;ew
I.- a ..nlt 1 moin menst-m 'irjruc. .iih alnil ike dray-.abl- Inores
on.I .o tha opoino-n th.-i Ihie .,r wr.nuid i -.,.-n r hav brain term'
aictd by Ilhac ,Jla, in Ih' l t-rin-icinic., an-iJ ,ilh bU -ler re aullp.
know rn--l n s nielli :nl oiii r r, %b- e si -it. h nIe it rie ca
ria 7,n, ,hi. i,.ould r.tl harie gi-en a Ili.i ,-,in,'on if c-ill-d or'
Iht' pnlti'a.ic.
T-:- th.s, oir it -iir ilar ,ue in .i n pr:,op...un.'- J, -i:- I- Ihi
r.- uwm.i'i- iiii ih i- a-d Si.-.I, in :,iy piuriieiii1r, s l-rn .i,
bid, Iaul.ia -t .l i ',i'| ]i...1 ,n p.,in llr, I -,: I, a,:l I iy. or jdili'.
in ih,: d.Irciion i)f i-.c i- r ar .iin il n:., hil,. Cit,:k Ind'
Li'a-tbi m nll,',rn d 1"
The rn-i,-r-o 01i' Go.r;roo.r 5,:hi,-, Mar-r General !?anl
i:olho el, Da, .:i-.-n and K -r an, ano J M j,1 r K I -')y, in I,,' u ,i-i.r .
re i-ill f .', i r,' o i. .- n [il.m .o:n]i I.) l I.e n. in, *pro.:ii,:t.tl dn
no -:-ihnr siie .;. urtl in f in til Creek caespsign 550, ini- crroti
teI o I h-'" [ uh jui:i.
M.r. P,'.iiJin' undJ G nt'i:urtii :lt',ie 'Curi':
lam e-ihauin i-J ; ,-Jti ,,-ul- do ..-.a.al d ris ng i-, j bi:a1: it-d to'
n,,, i n I'.lin .'- n.i t, :- .i, v rach aind : -s. nc ,ni of \-,u sin
h r-ii hihizi tf "r Ih'i p i. U-'ri: and irimpurti-.u,, ii i,-i -i- i all
i-t.i.n, ii...]udn, li -e .TJeE. Ad.o.:alrt -n li,;i long ia i6-nr aiir.n.
Every niurj'al I'Je that ht s I.E.,-i yi,,n in :'id.r,,: sht,-h
m .r? ihnwi hy m-r'? poissbiti,' i :' : f'l- al'ecn -.,ur judiLmenui lo
mv r :'l"ilih'ii. and I rf:i-rlilrt bu h l f" of tha ha t t racter, sill b,-
r.,Fi,.. jr:'ji l !' : mi -, ied, '..r ipe-,ifi:ally rc.lered lo, in thi's
surnmarv. M I.b 1 kno,', l"-he iif lly ,,tnoted oin ih i olh.:r ;lJe i
There ',Jeca';tii n a I as t cotid.. nit no i-,i,.ri ieC'a oni utll be ablet,
ti:...nlrc..-ri And t-:re I -iio adid s ihni thmr, n t o as n 'nrt0 i
ji c-;]runi-lirnce iii ..II ny ri:-,nt conduct in Ihe fbeld mir'ch
- ).; ,'i 1 i ii.: Tnr- dule I..i- ir-:d i and 'ntih int own hand, I'or -
ithe unflrc rLii.-.h Of Go.tern' i rnL. %Vi th, it rh, iicl ..i,-.r helrin-
in i-ri- ., .r lulin-enO in mi rni-.ir, pernoii in. again to ask, by
s.htii -iraing, 'iaiillty do I Find oicy;.:f hrt -.' I is ficr ih;i Cuurl ,
wnh the ar pr,-ibaii-n .-f the Pri--idi-nti i thi- lir, ni d SElm:i to
Lbid me depurt in honor ; and that that d-ciui.n may lie i+tull:-lt
the I'rcher alloy of i-,pnr.nE-in- whi.-h I havc now' but PI-.o long
beefi held, under ctci-umstinces perhaps uncn-alrolluble-f'wilU
ask that it be speedily awarded-

JTanary 2S 1Kr7

N.-._onM ,,-e ocrce,

- Lashi nFk, n

PlesejiLAMaior Gen. A. MACOMB, President.
Brig. Gen. ATKINSON, Associales
Brig. Gen. BRApY, A
Capt. S. CooPER, Judge Advocate.
The PRES-IDENT having'announced the Court
in readuiess for business, General SCOTT rose,
and requested the reading of three letters direct-
ed by hin to the Secretary of War, upon the
subject of a Court of Inquiry. After which-
Gen. SCOTT addressed the Court as follows:
When a Doge of Genoa, for dome imaginary offence,
imputed by Louis XIV. was torn from hisgovernment, and
compelled to visit France to debase himself before that in-
lated monarch, he was asked, in the palace, What struck
him with the greatest wonder amid the blaze of magnifi-
cence in his view To find myself here !" was the re-
ply of the indignant Lescaro. And so, Mr. President, un
able, as I am, to remember one blunder in my recent ope-
-rainons, or a single duty neglected, I may say, that to find
myself in the presence ol this honorable Court, whilst the
army, I but recently commanded, is still in pursuit of 'the
enemy, fills ine with equal griel'f and asitonis.hment!
And whence this great and humiliating transition 'I It
is, sir, by thejfiat ffonewho, front his exalted station, and,
y et' more, from his unrequalled popularity, has never, with
his high displeasure, struck a functionary of this Govern-
ment-no matter what the office of the individual-humnble
or elevated, who was not, from the moment, withered in
the general cnfience of the American People. Yes, sir,
it is my misfolbrtune to lie under thedispleasure ofthat most
distinguished personarre. The President of the United
States has said" L-t Gneiral S.-otlt be recalled from the
cunimand nf tme army in itc.fihld,andsabinit his conduct in
the Seminole and Creek campaign to o court for inr.-s!I'-
g.ltion-and, lo! I stand here to vindicate that conduct,
which must again be judged, in the last resort, by him
who first condensed it without trial or inquiry. Be it so.
I shall not supplicate this Court, nor the authority that has
to review the "opinion" here to be given. On the con-
trary, I shall pro,-eed at once to challenge your justice to
render me that honorable discharge from all blame or cen-
sure which theirs.corded. evidence imperiously demands.
With such discharge before him, and enlightened by the
same mas ot'testimony-every word of which -peaks loud-
ly in my favor-the justice of the -" Commander-in-Chiefr
of the Army and Navy" cannot hesitate. It must acqui-
esce; and then, although nothing may ever corjmpensate
rOe lbr tho deep mo.litication I have been recently made to
experience, I may hope to regain that portion of the public
esteem which it was my happiness to enjoy on pait occa-
sions of deep moment to the power and glory of these Uni-
ted States of America.
Permit me here Mr. President, to offer a preliminary
remark: If byfailusre the common idea of disaster, df.fea,
or repuls be understood, then that term does great injus-
tice to me and Ihe brave regulars and volunteers whom I
had the honor to command.
Sir, we suffered no defeat, check, or repulse. The en-
emy encountered by the several columns and detachments,
were, in every instance beaten, driven, and scattered be-
yond the reach of possible pursuit; and if we had chosen
to imitate, in our reports, the example of many others en-
gaged in similar operations, we might, no doubt, have fi6-
ured much more largely ;n the public journals. But, in
every instance, as far as I know or believe, though our af-
fairs were numerous, and not deficient in danger and bril-
liancy, we always declined substituting imagination and
conjecture for ascertained facts. Perhaps, by the discove-
ries of history, the high reputations gained, before and
since, by the arts alluded to, may, in lime, be brought
down to the humble level of myself and companions.
Itis true, sir, that we did not succeedin sending off the
great body of the Seminoles to the west of the NlMisissippi
In this object, ardently desired by all, there was certrinlv
a failure, and the same thing may be said of the summer
and autuoni campaign which followed, although the com-
mander or commanders-f'or it seems. there were two, Go-
vernor Call and General Je'up-had the benefit of the
knowledge of the country and the enemy, acquired by pre-
vious ope-rations; the benefit of the roads recently opened;
the plans which had been essayed and suggested; lonrrer
time for preparation and operation; an auxiliary Indian
force, which was denied me, and, above all, the power of
inviting the enemy to surrender, and of holding -negoti-
With thi- 'reat po-er, Mr. President, I was not armed.
My irnetru-.tions vere io reduce the enemnyto UNCONDITIONAL
submission ; to hold no parley, no negotiation-not even to
say, as the price of surrender, that kind treatment might

Sbe erperted, much less that the beneficial stipulations in the
i last treaty in favor of those Indians should te carried into
execution by the United States; because, sir, any such as-
I surance, on my part, would have been aconditin
Have my successors in Florida the "diplomatic" faculty
that was withheld from me If the letter-writers in the
newspaper; are to be believed, that faculty has been either
expresi-,l confer-ned, or usurped with impunity. It would
seem that wheedling messages have been sent to the en-
emy by every body, from the two commanJers down to a
captain. Still, no great result has been obtained, and now
another or winter campaign has been tor some lime on
-foot; the sole director of which, besides all the advanta-
ges over me which have just been enumerated, has bad,
from the beginning, the further prospect of ending the war
by the failure of itie enemy's ammunition, anil the known
want of long perseverance on the part of ell Indians.
.But, notwithstanding all those advantag,-s, it wouldseem
that, up [.:i the la-t dates, not a Seminole had been sent out
Of Florida since I caused four hundred to be shipped fr.-m
Tampa Bay. These, it is true, were called -friendly In-
dians ; )el, it it had not been bfor the awe inspired by the
presence of the Army, and some little decision on my
parl, thib dvtachmrnt would long ere this bavc been mierg-
ed in the great body of the nation. .
But to take up my personal movements, my arrange-
I ments, and operations in the chronological order.
Being in Washnhmgton in January, L836, on otherdutics,
1 was on the 20th sent for by the Secretary of War. 1
ibund him in his office at 4 o'clock P. M. I was asked
when t could eel out Cur Florida,and answeredthat night.
I aas told that mY instructiionsii could not begot ready lfor
me so early. All the letters, (tlur in number,) front Go%-
ernor Eaton and Generr.l Call. dated the thb and 9th of
the came monh, and now in evidence, had, I think, been
just reeived I foresaw at once all the difficulties and
hazards of the scr'ice which was thus assigned to me, and
an immense pecuniary locs that I should inevitably sustain
it" nt in New York in a week from that time. I had,
m oreover, the highest confidence in the judgment andahbil-
i'ies of Generalmilrnh, independent of his- better know-
?edg.e ,f FloriJa and] of the enemy to be combatted. I
mention these circmir.tances, Mr. President, to show that
I did not :(i,:;i to be sent to.supersede that excellent offi-
cer. I was not, however, as a soldier, at liberty tL decline
any appropriate duty that might be required of me, and, of
course, did not d'.in, this. Accordingly, I let WVash-
ington.in the night of the ",lit, and, notwithstanding an
accidenton a railroad, b.y which I lost twenty-four hours,
this Court will find in.? addres-tig a requisition to the Gov-
ernor of South Carolina on the 29th from Columbia, anil
at Augusta the 30Lt.
Atthlis place tay occupations were numerous and impor-
tant, as my letter-book, the contents of which are m'otly
in evidence, will show. requisitions for troops addressed to
the Governors df South Carolina, Georgia and Alaibama ;
letters tothe Governor of Florida, to Generals Eustis and
Bull, Colonel Lindsay, &c. &c besides horses and wagons
purchased t'r the United States cavalry and the general
baggage train
On the 2hcd of Febinary, it hia.i l, en seen Ibat I sat
out fur MNlille.dgeville, in irder to confer with the Governor
ot Georgia, according to my insruction', on the subject of
the Creek Indians Having adopted lPrecautionaty mea-
sures in relation to the latter, I returned to AugustLa, and
reached Savannah tbh 9th.
Here, again, I was incessantly occupied in regulating,
by correspondence, the movements of Ihe troops, and mak-
ing other arrangements for the campaign, till the 20th, and
might have been useful, there so engaged for a week long-
er; but wishing to be nearer to Generals Clinch and Eustis,
with a view to mrre rapid communications, I reached Pi.o- ,
lata in the -22d of February.
At this time Gen. Clinch was at Fort Drane, with about '
500 regulars and volunteers, unmolested by the enemy, but
not in strength to take the field with any prospect o.'faJ-
vaniage. I hadil written to him from Satannah, and he
knew ot'the heavy roinfolbreements which were approach.
in.z. Two companies of Augusta volunteers, under Cap-
Stains Rob;risoan and Banes, had already reached Fort
Drane, and are included in the above tree. These two
compnnie-s dd not, strictly, make part of the Georgia quota. I
Gen Eu,tis, Col. Brisbane's regiment of SouthCarolina
fool, and a company of Columbila volunteers, underCap-
tain Elmore ril arr,'ed, by water, at St. Augustine about
the 15th. Thisindependent coTr.pany (Elmore'a) was over
and above the quota called for from South Carolina; but,
like Robinson's and Bones's, it went through the campaign
with zeal and distinction.


With the volunteers under his command, and a few
companies of regulars, Gen. Eustais soon gave tranquillity
and confidence to all the inhabitants between the Atlantic
and the St John's, whose dwellings and other fixtures
had not been previously destroyed. No devastation was
committed afner his arrival.
The fist battalion of Georgia foot, under Major Cooper,
hid also preceded me a few days I found it at Picolata,
with a company of regulars/,and Col. Bankhead in the
command of both.
It was my intention, Mr. President, to have remained
but a few days at Picolata, merely long enough to organize
the service, to give a fixed plan of campaign, and, on the
arrival of some additional troops,wagons, horses, and arms,
Sto have commenced operations. The Court has seen, in
part, what embarrassments kept me there no less than fif-
teen days.
The 22d of February I received, through Gen. Clinch,
the letter to him from Gen. Gaines, dated at New Orleans
the 2d of the same month, propiosing a plan-of co-operation
between the two Generals; which letter confirmed the pre-
vious rumor, that a large I'orce was to bi. expected at Tam-
pa Bay from New Orleans; and to this lettei-r iherc is a
postscript, by Gov. Eaton, saving that a battalion of )50)
Floridians would sail in two days from St Mark's, for the
same destination. To prevent too gceat a concentration of
troops at Tampa, I instantly, by express, desired Gor.
Schley to keep at home the second battalion of Georgia
foot that was about to proceed by the Chattahoochee, Ap-
palach;cola, and the Gull', to that point. Fortunately, my
letter reached his excellency just in time to prevent the
movement That battalion was discharged; anl, but that
it was too late, I should have taken a similarstep in respect
to the Alabama regimerit, which Col. Lindsay had received
my in'tructions to raise and conduct to Tampa.
To shtrow the apprehensions which Gen. Gaines's letter
excited in me at the time, and the temniper in which I .poke
of his movement, I beg leave, Mr. President, to embody an
extract of my letter to Gen. Clinch, dated the '27th of
February :
"The movement from New Orlean', although highly
worthy ofpraii,' under the circumstances, [the massacre
of Dade's detachment, and Gen Gainto's neces.arv ig-
norance of the nmeasuresof Govr rnment ] nea., fit should
lead to a preinaiure advance frim Tampa, be productive
ofa result the most un'aiorable. Ifthe advance, Ifor ex-
ample, should fail to crush the enemy, an'] terminate the
war-and, xithnul mounted men, I suppose such result
can scarcely ho'pled foir-the enemy may be scattered and
put upon his retreat to the Southeast. To flow him, in
such retreat, migEht be almost impracticable, and to pre-
vent the escape in that direction, Col. Lindsay has my in-
structions in detail."
The Court has seen, Mr. President, how soon thosepro-
phetic apprehensions were accoriiplished Of course, I
Shad not the time- to communicate with Gen. Gaines and
Col. Lindsay, to whom my instructions had been address-
ed, arrived at Tampa after the advance of that General.
The very, next day, after the abuve wa& written, and
whilst I was in the act of reporting to the AdjutantGene-
ral, for the information of Government, among other difli-
culties, the means I was devising for sending further sup-
plies to Fort Drane, I received from Gen. Clinch a letter
enclosing one from Gen. Gaines, showing that the latter
was actually at Fort King on the 22d, where he arrived
without subsistence, and in-lantly, as Clinch reported in
his letter, called for "nearly all' the provisions at Fort
Drane, inten.lin, nWith 1hat supply, to return to Tampa,
across the WVthlricouchee, near the battle-ground of the
31st December !- I shall, in the sequel, notice the evidence
which shbwsAi- it Gen Gaines knew at Pensacola that I
had been orderol to Florida, and that helJearned of Gen.
Clinch, before l.:avins Fort Kin:1, that I was soon expect-
ed, and vith large reinforcem-nti.
Before the receipt of those despatches,.l knew that there
were, at Fort Drane, about 20,000 rations for men, and
expecting to send tlt'her and to Fort King, in a few days,
1v wa-o i -Inl t'oat.-, (tlr.,ughh ilp Ochlhv-li.'r i T-' .o.r
thr c tin,. a.- inny ritioin I lia.l, on belith, pui M ,I-,.r
Coper'. battalion ol Georgia foot in march to join GIn.
Clinch, intending to follow with the first company ofmount-
ed men that might arrive, and one was then daily expe-ced.

Those means of land and water transportation, bowoem, 1
not being as yEt at hand, all hope of early operations was
no.a' Irustraled, and l'war-oblicgd to recall Maj. ('Coper's
hatitalon, ther-'di'ant .o Ian,,' march over a wreil.:hed
roid, as it v,a, eas.y to suhb -t the battalion on their St.
John's, and tnfinitel'y difficult to do so at Fortil Drane.
The- ame enhbarras3nment (the arrival ot' the troups al
Fort Kin. frmro Tampa) caused me t, issue tihe order N. i
4, and I.: wrtre the kiterol February 26i, and mar-Ih tirit to!
General Clinch He, however, had no nmian- of endingl
eithr ul those pipers to Genera-l Gaines, w'ho, I think, In'l
in mrclhed from Fort Kin7 (twenty ntile from Fort Dr,Inre
.'n ihe05th of' Fbruary NMarch "2d, I learned vii h rcat
distr"-3 that the Ochla'waha could not be used iar tran.?-
i, prting supplies. From a few months' disuse, this- nirrow,v
crooked, an.] slio,,allv river had become obstructed by filler i
timber, and lh.: Inlian- had, at Pay.ne's landing, ner-or Fort I
King. destroyed Ihe I peculiar boars e'pre-'sly con-trucied
*tor thlin navit.ion. We were now reduced to the necc.- 1
*.ity of uiino*u o0-l) Inld tran-porlation for about seventy l
tI Mons of supplies, ari] over bad road;, anrid I had not ordered I
all the wagons arind horsei which I should have r.'quircdj, I
but tbr a reliance, to some exteni,'on that river.
A summary of my embarrassments in respect to the
means oftransportrtion, the (C'ourt will find in the i1ih pa-.
Sragraph ofmy ieti-r to the A'ilutant General, dated March
9th. Of the ten or ffieen wagons therein nientioned, and
which I learned, officially,at Savannah, were nrilered lo he
shipped from Balnnore, by the 'Qa.uartermasie'r Oenrfl,'in
January, it seems by the deposition of Capt. Dinnumoelkthat
two of theat hadl reached FloridJa in Februarv, yiv about
the 114h OAI'Ml.rch, and tlvo Eot to Savannah about the 4th I
of May. r
As early as the 26ith of February, I haild however, re-
queoted General C-linch to send down all the means of land
tranip,'rtation he could command. The train E-,t arrived
at the point oppo.il;te to Picolatz the 2id of MAarclh, was
loaded with about 16000 raiona and oiher e-_enlial sup-
plies, and de-patched IUr Fort Drane the 6th. The delay
in this operation w caused by the width of the river, and
the vriolernce of a Ion" sl':'rm, which rendereil it hazardous,
and, a part- of the tni, 'mpracticable, to pass o'er the sup-
plie_ t.] the wagons The train was slightly duginented
bywaTons and h.:.r.es which had arrived principally from
Chartlelon, ,ia St. A u,_utine.
A. aprofol'triheeKrme tc mprstiaouineEasofthe weather,
M1[or Glei it witthi a battalion of three companies or r-.,i-
lar., waa, at th]i time, more than eight das in coming
from Savannah 'o Picolata, in a cood ileam,-r, which or-
dinarily made the trip in \l-cs than three days
A company 'Kenan's) ol Georgia naounted men arrived
opposite to Picolata the 26t', of February. With this
co'lip.anry I hal intended to march imiic-diately to Fort
Drane ; but, with the exception of its gallant captain, 2d
Lieutenant Huson, and (I think) nineteen men, it refused
to be Iuilreted into the service of the United Slate3-, an] i
returned home. Four other companies of the firat battal-
ion of l'Gergia hor.'e airivEd about a week later. One of:
them, (Allrc'.,') with the exception of two or three priaies,
followed the eXqiple of Kenan's company. Dou-tlai.,'s,
Malone's, and i-' eny'tr Inrom tie first, showed better di;-
positions. There only I wvas enabled to see, havine, at.
the hazard of lihfe, crossed the river in the storm for ihat
purpose; when, alter a shert harangue, every oian came
under the ru',- and article, of war with loud cheer;.
The well dispoed men, both ol Kenanri's and Allen's,
generally j.)ined those companies which entered the ser-.
vrice, and it is due ln the disaffectrcld of Kenan's to say that, I
having s6e:n their error, eiery man, I heliee, nobly -cerved[
in the sub'fquent campaign 0asainst the Creeks'i under'
Captain Gailh.?r It is probable that many ol Allen'EinLeinl
did the same.
I The 2d of March I receiveil, thrnu.'h General Clinch,
' General Gain' i's letter t'i him,dated Ihe '2t1h or Februar.
and not another word did I hear ol the troops nith the lat.
ter General nil the 9th of March. During this int.,ral-,
nay, from his arrival at Fort King, the statLe of my mindJ,
or generally my eribarrassmenits, may he inlerred ti'om the!
efforts to hatr-n the train loaded with subii-rtence, and.
t'r.,onm imv or.lers aniJ correspnindence, which are in evidence,
on the c'ulject of General Gaines s movement. '
The 'jt h of February, I wrote to General Clinch -" I
hae heard.i vith c]ual astonishmeuit and] regret that Ma.
jor General Gaines, without reference to my movement,.
prhFp' IuI ignorance, po.esiilly in defiance oi Ihem, should
have made a premature movement from Tampa B1v, and,
haviri, *,rri.%e. within twenty milesof l'Fort Drane, ;hould
have called tor nearly three-lburth ofl'the subsitiien. --t i '
depo.ile at thit place, and oan which I had relieil ft,.r th.
movement of the right wing, in concert with the oithr
pmrts ol the Army." *
To remcy, this unexpected embarrassment, I send you
two copi',s ofordcrs No. 1, one of which you willdespilchi
Sto the commander of th" detachment r'rom Fort Br;.,,,ke,;
*rTampa Ba.y,) whoever hm wnay be. with all speed, nndl
Limit the vubristenrecalled for from Fort Drane according
'to the intention of those orders "
Major General Gaines, I presume, will have hearI ol
the order which o-Jght to take him to the Mexican Ifron-
tier; if he shoulJ prefer to remain, he must obey my
* orders."


Order No. 4 (of the same date) directs that General
Gaines's detachment should remain at Fort King until fur-
ther orders; that current, subsistence only should be issued
to the dertchment; directs that thle peculiar boats, believed
to be at Pa. ne'-' Landing, should be sent to Picolata, lor
to meet a steamer at the mouth of the Ochlawaha,) to re-
c-t.e subsistence; tftheboats could not be sent, the lruop_
were to march, without delay, to V'olusia, on the St. John's,
whither 210,000 rations were about to go up in a steamer;
and the detachment was enjoined not to attempt any ciTlfen-
aire T,.,'ement except so Car an might be necessary to car-
ry into exe.u"tion those my orders.
March lst. I again wrote ai General Clineh I regret
Sin every point of view, the premature and uniuthiorized
motem-aent from Tampa Bay, by that General, [Gaines,]J
' and the very awkward and responsible posiio.i he has
' plaieu himself, in by hii subsequent march rroili F-ort
SKing." L any event, the responsibility of his
' movement, or.a aul portion, is his own; for he must
' hate known ns eirly as the 10th ultimo, it n.-t betbre, I
That I had been charged with the general direction oftlhe
* war in Florida, and that, by interfering., be con-titiuted
hin, elf an interloper. Even if'oti had suTfficient stores
and means of transportation, I should command you to
Send no subiialence to him, unless to prevent siarv'talida;
bhut' ou haie neither. Let him, therefore, in time, exfri-
catc himself from the embarrassment hlie has placed him-
Sself in by inarchinz upin Volusia, where I ha'e no rea
Sson to doubt that -20,t)11 rations, sent hence, on the 07th
ultimo, have safely arried. As he appears to hae his
' retreat open to him, .,r, in no p'ril, to prevent his tlaki,
' that step, you, of'course, will ntake no detrac.hmernt lojoin
* him." .
This letter is an answer to one received by expres-, and
which en.:l, ed Gen'-r I Gsines's communication to Gi-ner-
al Clinch, dated the -2th of February.
In a third I.: rr, thit I caused to be addressed to Gener-
al Clinch, MNlarch 2.1, hIe was told : "If Nlajor GCenerfl
GCine, should Itll back upon Fort King, or Drane, it is
presumed that he will proceed to exeute the orders ofthe
G,)ernment, which will carry him to another quarter In
that event, you will Lie the senior officer, and I am it-
structed by Major General S.,ort to sanv that you are at
liberty t, detain the troop, from Fort Brooke [Tampi] at
eitherr -f the Foiits mentioned-Drone and Kinz. Sub-
ei-tence will reach you in five or six days."
A fourth letter on this subject, in part, i-.as addressed bv
me to Gr:itr:il Clinch, dated March 4th, in which It is
said ... .
I ctill presume that Maji:r General Gaines will bet obli-
ged to fi dll ba-k upon Fort Drane, which increa i: my
anxiety to send the wagons, with same aildilions, loaded,
I would pref'er, much, that the force brought with him
..:r e hiek at Tampa B,.v, or, r,,'her, that it had not imarch-
ed from th.it place, provid;led that the movement f'als to
crush the ti.-my, or to terminate the war. The worst re-
suit, next to the loss of that fine body ofmen, or a third
of it, would be the mere success. of driving the enemy in-
to the Io. er country, where, I suppose it would be alhiost
inipo-s 'Ible fur us to follow ; [ mean, below the waters of
Charlotte Haibir. Hence my indignation that an is:,-
kited attack should have been made, 'rom your vicinitv
well calculated to produce that result, andi at a time where,
you knew, and NIMaor General Gaines must have known,
through you, (atid before,) that my plan, with ample
means, was to move simultaneouily upon the Wtithla.
c,,.icht :e, n tlir,'- column ni-from Tamnpi Bay, th.- ipper
' crossing on the Ochlawaha, and Fort Drane ; u30 3 to
make if impossible for the enemy to escape into the lower
c country."

"Auvtvenhot yet supposed that Major General Gaines has
not hias retreat, upon Fort Drane or King, peril'ectly in his
pier. On account ofsubsistence, if he can cut hisway
through the enemy to Tampa Bay, I much prefer that his
torce were there; and when I wisheil him to march, or
send:ihat force to. Voluaia, it was because it could be in-
finitely more easily subsisted there than at Fort Diane.
Soriitld he,ih.,sweer, be in any diffl -ulty in opiratiny a rc-
'ireutal.fromi the l' yilacocheie, Ic.rtainly wit;.A toit qf.bord
himairyA-r.-',,cCoiiI that tAc sletndr means within y,iir ic'trli
rmacy o/lcI ; nrid this, doubtless, you ircutd render without
any Vci-ial permipision to that elTeect. If the furce return
to Pprt Drane or King, it must be subsisted for at least
',e or six days upon means derived from this place, {Pt-
colata,] whence I n-jiv preicr thar it should become part
'of1he1ight wing, [your coiiniand.] rather than take that
quanty of subsistence, [from you,] and march back to
TaimTa Bay."
And, finally, I caused a fifth letter to be written to Gen.
Clinch, Miutch 6, in which will be found this paragraph:
Major General Scott is ex:eedingly anxious to hear
' the result ofthe operationsbon the Wythlacoochee. : The
'last intelligence from that quarter (throughyou).was only
ito the p~OI2 ultimo."
Mly reports on the same subject, addresed to the.Adju-
tatMt ljeneral fkr the information of Government, dated at
Picolata, t,,e 26th and 28th ofFebruary, MIarch t'e2-J and
6th, are tty o same effect, all sBhowiig the emhbarxalesnents
anrid dila'" kiebh the isolatel4, movement from Tampa upon
Fort Kin. ..a the Wythalakflie caused in my plan of
cinbired tj Ierations.
Iii the .tes af the 28ih ol'February, allter recapitulating
many iftl-t f.rti already brug.l. ipn.'.llitwong them
tir'- anaival ol'Generat-,ain'e'sat Fi-tfi-rif"gwitb 1,140 men,
without brLnning mordfations than sufficed fot his umarct,
althoIuh he came f%.-Tampi, where the amount of sub-
Fistenre was great, a-amnoticing hi. having drawn from
Furt Diane nearly.a e food lrll men collected there, to-
g-hfer with the hbgr train necvnary 'o transp.tt that
subsistence to him t-~r ,t King, rnd which train, in the
wl.ole, had been requfi'd at Picolala to take further sup.
plies to Fort Dranie, S int the mo~t difictielt to supply
in or about the whola paire of operations, I add :
SIt will be- seen fr1iqtforegoii,g, that, to re-etalblish
my plan of c.itnpatgn,siz., to move bimultaneouSvly from
Furt Drane i'.r Fuort Ki,;,') from Voludia and Tampa,
Say about theith tof March, rhe ErEat dilfficulty will Lbe to
send supplies for the right wing [(i'lineih's cuiornaind,] an-J
the Lad road from Picolata to Fort Diane, 65 uIile-', iha-,
by a lieavy ra;n, which has now been falling 46 hours,
been rendered infinitely worse.'
In the report of the 2ad of March to the Ailulaut Gene-
ral, I said:
-" By reference t. the map, it will be seen that, even if
Major General DGaines could succeed in drivioT the cue-
my From-tiie Wythlacoochee, there is no force to prevent
the threat Lbelov Charlotte harbor, or to any. point Itn the
low'e [pirt ot the] Peninsula. A sniall guarLd only r' as
lert i-by im]J at Tampa; Colonel Lindsday will not be in
position in time, and General Eustis cannot cross the
SOchlawha earlirher than the 13th or 15th instant. The
reirea', it will L'e seen, is therefore open to the Indians.
In this point of view then, it would be better Ifur the pub-
Slit. interests that the [ndians. should drive Gener.ilGaines,
Than that he should drive them. The war, in fULIt, would
bhe forwarded by his being fource'l back upon Forts Drane
Sand Kin,. In truth, according to his own showing, ihe
ought tj have falleu back on the evening of the *_qir, or
the morning ofthe 29tb [of February.l The lives which
She has last have promoted no end. He music, I think,
smll fall 4ek, and I wish to Htia'en that it may be with-
'-ut f, r l iut'osea. Brigadier General Clinch, fi-om his pro-
srent wat~dt' wagons, can send him no efficient nid, aind
'the wagonas cannot be back [from Piculata] in four or I'e
days. Iftihe force with Major General Gaines were now
back al Tanmpa Bay, it would be in its true position; but
he cann,- retreat thither, for, it will be seen I,'y his lettrr
[encblosedJlhtal he bis not the mean-' of passing tho ri.cr
[Wythlno,,cltee.] He found the enemy where all m% or-
rangementl presumed the enemy would be found, and in
the position the moit I'faorable to us '
And on tIlle CGih of March, I again write to ithe Adjutirnt
General, on the .ante subject, thus
No intelligence has been received ofthe movements of
SMajor Ge-neral Gaines, of a later date thair his Iltter rf
the 9rth ultimo, a copy of which has been iobrwardied. He
cannot, theutfore, have marched upon either Fort Drane
or Kin., or have fallen back upon Volusii. In either
c acse, I should, doubltless, have received a further report -f
him from Brigadier General Clinch. It may then be
hoped that h:. has be-,ten thie enemy, or at leCst have suc-
ceeded in effecting his return to Tampa Bay In this
state of doubt and anxiety, I kno-w not how long I may
I ha'e to remain. Yet a is important that I should speedily
learn what has become of his column, and oarticularly
whether the position and number of the enemy hae been
materially changed by its operations.

SIL send no more troops for IhL present to Fori Drane, on i
Account of the difficulty of subsisting them there. It'
Major General Gaines shall not rall hack oh that point,
it will he indispensihic in wait for Captain Wharton,
S[with his company of United Slates drngo.ns ] lit the
mean time it is Cas" to subsist the terces her-ie and at Cta.
ry': rrry.'"
The Ith of March I reported to Waslipgton as tbllona:
I hat i jut set out for Fort Drane via Gary's ferry, on
SBlack creek, [just established as an army depot] with
two companies or regulars, [foot,] 'and intending to take
Switch me front the latterplacethe small battalion ofmount-
el Gcorgians (hrc infore mentioned) under the command
of' Major Dougliass. Lieutenant Colonel Bankhead is at
Sthe h iid ort he ti rt detachment, andthe two together may
make total of about '240. But even this small forcemay
he impnrtari, to rEs.-'ue Major General Gaines. I had not
Sreepived the lightest information of the opernlions on the
SW'thlac.aocnche'.- official or otherwise) of a later date than
ihe'tilh ulti'no, up to this morning,, and had concluJed I
t hat ihe had etlEcted his march with more or less 6uiCC i
against the enemy upon 'rampa Bay, when, at dlaviehL, I
the steamer thit I am now in arrived, andJ bruu.'lht the
rumor, which is confirmeil by the two aecmnpan. ingp notes
frorm paymister Lvtle, reci 'el about six hours atierwards.
On the reception of the rumor I immediaLly coimenced
preparalion. tort [his movement but being, delayed by the
Sne,:ceseasity ol'unlading and reading the boar, I am nu v at
'anchor at the rrouth of Black creek. I hope to put the
troops in march from Gary'c ferry early in the day of to-
t morrow, and to reach Fort Drane with a small eiscrt the
'da; Nllowing. It is possible that even thliese little detach-
menets of hrse and foot may reach the Wythlacuochce in
Stimne to render a valuable set vice."
TIr- parts of Major Lyile's notes.relative to th;. iulijert
are- On the 5th of MNlarh he writes to me, I have tl,cn
dirt. ed by Genecral Clinch lo inform you tha' vourcom-
inui.:ation of yesterday's date reached him at this place
I Fun Drane] after he had mounted his horse and was on
t' nove with the toiccs under his command, to escort
supplies to General Gaines." "Colonel
Gaidlen arrived here from Tallahassee on the 4th, (yes-
't.r,.,. ,') and accompanied'-General Clinch this morning
to :I.,' W lVhIncaochee." And MTI;orLvtlp, s-i, '"on the
8t1 iy direction. of General Clinch, I opened your -,om-
inuLii.-ations of the tth instant, which arrived late last
Sni;ht in advance of the wagons, [from Picolata, loaded
with Eubsistence, &c.] You will perceive by my letter
of tihe 5th. that General Clinch, with all the forces at
tis post, and one hundred mounted men from the vicin-
Sits, had left forthe Wythlacoocheeto escort small supply
a orairle, ammunition, &c. t6 General Gaines, having re-
c. it.] the night before a third express from that officer.
N) word has been received from either of those Generals
'since the 5th," "N. B. The amount of
General Gaines's last express to General Clinch, dated
the 3d instant, was 'nerel copies of his previous letters,
With a note at itine that the Indians vwee still around him
but litile or no fighting [bad] taken pla.-re. since his last
communication;" that, it is presumed, of the 29th of
ITheg the Court to observe that those two notesof Major
Ly il.e, as has been shown in evidence, reached me "at the
sam, nioneii" at Picolata, about meridian, on the 9th of
M ar,-h. It
I a-ill proceed to give further extracts from my report
to the Adjutant General of the same date, (March" 9th.)
"I am aware that the movements I am making may be
condemned, if re.:ardcd in any other light th: n a r:,
as premature. In war, one Ial'se step drags after it-many
'others. General G. made an isolated and unprovided
Movement. He arrived at the Wvthlacoochee without
boarts, and without Itools to comstrui them; without rhe

Means of transporting wounded' men, and with limited
Ssubsisaence. Gerieral C. wa.s oon obliged to inar-h to
succor him, and I followed; under the impression that I
might have to rescue both. Colonel Guodowin's mounted
reg nient [of" South Carolinians] only arrivcJd ht St. Au-
guuino last night, (or this morning.) and corm,:qutitIl
tllie .r't win [General Eustis's command] cani.i be in
torce on the"'chlan-aha, in the direction ..t" Pilallckaia,
Earlier than the 11th, or up nith the eneu Lb,:l'.I-e the
'20th instant. C.)lonel LinJsay, who may alrea.ly hate
arrived at Tampa Bay, cannot .operate mole thin Itoa
Says' march front that place, from the want of the iitean r
Sof' traniport-tion-Major General Gaines hi'ba;nig tAk.-n
;,wat.y tlhe horses which were there; and tle basis it ith'
right wing [Clinch's comminjd] is merged in tli force!
biuught by ihut General [Gaines] into tIe fiel, anil iustr
parli.:gatei in his success or failure If i fails back trith
him on Fort Drane, it must suffer great Ioss, anid it it I1l
low him to Tamf.a Bay, it [the basis of" the right Ting1]j
will l'e wh.lly out of position.
In this, and even in a greater stale of uncerLa'nly I
have been held since the 26th ultimo. The day .nr, I
ordered bark Major Cooper's battalion of Georgia l.,,ot,-to
prevent'starvalion at Foit Drane, and though daily, frion
That time, in the expectation of receiving ftromiii Savannah
horses and serviceahile waons, not one Ita- arrived The
quantity of subsistence that will be at Fort Drano, s.ay
to-morrow, will only be that sent front Pi-olata ,iu the
6lh instant, v;z. l' ,97.r9tions or'bread and flour; 1 1,000
rations W-pork, (with bieef-ealtle in the neigEbnriwud,
',oo000 rations of beans, somstgiTcc, ,',nttt.
t he iroop. now-about to proeed, [tvillh i ".
as the WyVthlarooehe will not have ti''le .O t l ie'
wiih thcm rations tr more than .ix days, [extra I
I beg leave to recupitulate iha caieas 0f my great ilcfi-
ciency in means of' transportation I. The wamons and
hors.es which I knew Brigadier Genriral Clinch'ot i pos-
-':ss early in Feliruary hive been more broken down by
hard seri;ee arid had rads thbn I had exiveted tolfind
them. 2. I had, upon ,.hat r. v-s contidied in Geo.-ia,
and even pt Picolrta, the biet 'i i.tnrim:ion confidetni re-
lied upon the uie ofthe Ohlil vwiiha as late as the .2-1 in-
Sta'i 3. N.) b:.w'n has arnriv:d, and the difiersnc,- be-
tnwrin it and pork, including woo'd end brine, is fi'it' ;irr
ic, i.n, against the lattecr. 4. T o [itv.o] horse n.a ,.,ris
purehasi.d Jt 'Charl.iton -nd A uuta, thy aE .istanl ijr-
teraia.tiers L'Engle and PeIon, are generally poor. anil
man'; ct tle0i, unservticc.le. 5 The six or ten ma-i...ns
Sexually repotd to: h:e.? bten shippeidl at Baltimore, ii., I
think,the Ai:tie, with MNijorGtirz, .-ere all left behi,,d.
SG. Of the 19,000 rations, knr.,vn to be at Fort Dr. ne
about lthe -25th aui.,,, tieatly the wvh.le have becit drawn
by a fcl're' not C xpctld hv Gotecrnmerit or myoelfto ait-
pear in thwt qu:irit I; arid 7. Not a horse for tl.ke'bagga,'re
irain, lefTt tyfie- .-it Savanrnah, or vhich I ha.vc ince or-
d&red t. be pureda-id bi asistinrt quartermniaster Di- I.
mock, h"s arrTvd in Florida." r
Instructions liave been left behind inme to se-nd foxw.rJ
-..lion., should thu means of transp'rtaticn arrii'i 1' -eJ
and lhe troop- already in the neighborhood oodfa i'
SMajor t-'opcLir's and tlh, remaiiiurir company o,, %'ki'.1
G-(t. battJihn. I hae also desired Brigadier Gent'
Eiatii Ito.) lEr t, Fort Drane too comp.",ies ." S 'i
GoodJiin t re2im.rii, and a further order will go l', uc;li
this toat to Lieutenant Dimni.,k,ori the iliaject ,i hoW.
an ri-, wagr.ns. ",
Sorn- rif ts and the tents arrived this morning at Pp-
lita; but (Cul. Goodwin's regiment had a:aiclieh-lhron.h
sLX oreight stornis, nithoul cover, and nowi all coujpanwa
in march aII'- to bc TcEluced to three tern.- C-,h.."
The following is the r.>;'-.ript to the Iforgoing retpotiL-
SPlase remark that, in his letteLr to Brigadier Gcr-ql,
Ciinch dated at New Orleans, the'3d ultiio, Major w'.
neral Gainee. speaks of an efficient cc.-opeio/ion ;' pro-
maij.o to be in rcrd;nvrs,' at Tampa Bay, b by the St&oR,
Sthe pr- seni month, [Fcbru.iry,] to f rm a i'ir.c:;'un atrir
n.ir tharpla:ce, vitb your [Clinchli'] tomori nd, v henev ri'
Sand aisoaon as, in yourjudgment, hour force shall be ef'-
ticient ta-jusilt bif ui., ieueil,' ,'nd c' ncludr.i 'ir ..J
A .ruilictnri quianiity ot'nmaituntiion aid pitoiiaiis Iai r'-
L'cen transpurted to Fort Biooke [Tampa] to diviJ wtbhih
you, antil fuiiher supplies aire ece:iitl. N't lie did oti
wait till the Brigadier gal e noti.e that lie as 'in I'-cc ;-'.
Same to Fort Kin,., and si, pt ritailv thie i boile a:' the,
avb:itiltrc'.:cl:.:t:il at Faot Diane. A eopy of thal let-
ter is riyour [illic AdJi tani Giiteral's] office, r-nd I now
enclose one IruoU GtI. Eatoni i-rom nhich it vill appear
that Major Gener.al Gaines knew, at T anipa Bay, about:
Lhb.' -11h uilltiir, that I "ad been charg-.d with the direc-
tlion of' tlhis var. He fit liheai d this at Pcnsacolalan4.
received Go% EaLou's desp.itch at Tampa, as I casne'r, ,
lish. Hence his haste and neglE t of the sur"sncejarit'
to Brigadier GLnrieral Clinch, his .e/oted attack," &f. .


Mr. President, 1 am not, nor desire to be, the ptoaseS
or accuser of Major General Gaines, either Wbefor4J, .
any other court ; nor before bthe Public. In reape..t
later tribunal, I have nnt published, nor caused to Mj- .'
lihed, a word ag:_inrt ,mn human being whatever, oia':
a irord in si-deleri-, ;itC'e, at the Itict, I was ordered-to
Florida, unl'ees, indeed, '.eo simple noit.-i or explanation.
minay be regarded as exceptions; the first, in May last,.bi
ihe subject ot'a terin lhastilv, and, I may say, accridentaily,
applied bN me in aa official repit to the volunteerss I tiell
had the honor to eomm.rinJ and the second, wrilten for y -
licationa few days past, repudiating cerainlanguagewhich
I isaw myself reported a. ha'i;ng applied,- bloire this CoiirL,
to a high politic.i funcli.:.nar', I"' many of my official re-
ports, written in the field, and iran'rsmittd fur tie informs.a-
tion .i'Gott'rninent, have. at `Vasihiriton, b.e ii printedicin
ex hole,or ;n pirt, the act wa0 dunli, ineeriv intarnr'e,wiith-
out ny knot lcdee, or the exprev-:ton of hie- slightest wash
to that erTect. The -:.tEcer- f in'y slatr, sir, *.o tIar ait 1
know or have seen, hate Liven cquailly zilnt. ;
And what outrages hate I nuot siutTfercd from the piiblia-7
lions of'others durinnr thi p'ridil of ilenrc '1 I shall speak
in this place inl:,y f Mlajor Gin-.ral Gaiii.s I coipl.ir.
not th.it ho' and his .qartshouldJ occasionally fill up a ol*-
umn or two oftlte new'.papersin praise ofl the hero ot'C'arip
hh rd But what right or jistice was tlere ;n t(1- ,it.
breaks against rme on bthe pail Lf t hat chirT, bn the Vs Ytn-f,-
coouchee-, at Tallahavize, iMlibile. an.d I know n,.t at heow
many other place. All lhe,-e cTuiurions ofplct n, whether
in th-e furm uforders, Spec.ches-, or leti-rz, ht'- bren cart-
fullh, obtrude.d ,,n the Public I ha'e heard of n,,nn of
iho.e melancholv exhib;iions, but hat oonly re.id one-ithe
ordcr of the 9th of Marbch, turning o'erthe immediacy. .ot.-
mar d of' the troops on the Wrthlaeooihhee to Brigadier
General Clinch. It is, without any immediate ,igeney of
mine, in eciJence bleuri this Court In that paper I anim
'cry iacliously denominLtcd the oifficercharged wiii the
iiplcmatic arrange-mrinti 01of the War Department," ap-
proaching, as it is obliquely in0imated, nnly to rF'eeie the
fbrmal surrender ofihat enemy iliomni he linad, tA alliout a
sortlie, meet sirangel%, but happily, conquercdil or sutJued!
It hai been seen, Mr. Prsiderit, in etery f,.im, that this
tas a slight mt.uippre-hension, to which the enemy were lit.
no mean a party ; and that no military ir diplomatic Hlun-
der ofl mine was npci-casrv to resuscitate a war thi lisa.i Lio
then, nor has vyet becn lermin.iated It would be super-
duoui to qu.tse the evidi:nce. It abounds on the records
of ihi.'Court, and, whit is worse, it yet abu ndsirt unhappy
rFli ida.
The Judge Advocate has read in evidence, furnished for
this purpoe bvy the War Dep.irtment, the otincial reports
written by me at the time, fior the information of Govern-
ient, in seveiea of which Mlaioi General Gaines's move-
ments are mentioned. Those particular report', in coem-
meon with thle other;, it was my rilight and iduly to make,
being- charged, at the time, by seniority ofcomri--if, and
speieial asiiginment, with the chief dire-tie-n of the war
against lthe Seminriole Iindian Several pi-a-ges of that
pit of the elstimiony have already been embodied in this
summary, to shiw how far I wjs, in inN plans and op-ra-
tion, hindered, crippled or del-ated b' the m,,cmer.t. of
that G.ieral. Wit lout d.-rarinn I'rori rhle strt line .:.f
dct nce tihM I ihaie prescribed to rm.,-_zf, atnd %,i.bh, no
doubLt, thi. Co'nurt tiuld otheriec hat' iniposeil, ii rtrains
fIr mnie to show tha MAI.jor Generil Gaine., in his operi.
tions in Florida, so fir is they ermbrras-sed mine, ,..n t,.
ruled himself" an inirudr; that is, tht lie caaue in,,., the
fie Id *,i his c-ir wronii .
It has been seen, Mr. President, in wihart teriis oflpraie
'in my letter to Genral Clifich oflthr 25th of Febru irv,)
I bore' ty humble testimrony to General Gaine'-i miveinetl I
frri:, New Orleans provided that in Glation of'hi e-xl.ress
a.'-urance pre'iiuu',i giien to (in,'h, that hfr wouhi waiiit
tor a iuncti.jn t. i h tni at .:.r near T.ntpa, ii ddiI n.-.l l.ad i.
a pri:n.ature 1id .ar 0,i ito the interior. But I then ili. ri.-.i
kriiw the fact so cleverly discloard in Captain MIeCall' let-
ter, republished in the Army and Nary Chronucle (Z whole
No. 84") which has been verified, and is now in e;idence.-

Captain MaCall was at thetime with General Gainesa,
and his acting assistant Adjutant Geaerid: He sayshin him
letter, that,- "on thc route, and within two days' march
(by steaoi) or the Indian borders, he [General Gaines] re-
ceneid a niitication that General Scott had been o'rddered
to repair I'rua the city of Washington to Florida, and to
take enininisd of the troops operating against the Indiana
in that quarter At thLe samine time tie [General Gainesj
was informed that the state of affairs -, cet oftbe Missis-
sippi might soon require his aucittion, it not his presence,
in tl,,: quarter;' ano he was directed to await further or-
dern in itrety of New Orleans."
The point at '" two days' march by steam" from Tampa
Bay, ns evidertli, Prnsanola, where, we lkinov, by Go-
%ernor Eaio?'s letter aboe noticed, (rincidentally,) that
G-.ner.d Gmine tIoLche.lt, on his way Irona New Orleans to
'amipa Bay. But tie captain argues, in the i-amec letter,
anI, no double, atler General Gaines, that, bad the latter
obeied the ordcT, [reeeiv&el at Pensacola,] and, by so do-
in:, lell General Clinch in expectation of a itromiaed co-
up.:ration, to extricate hia)self a., he could from any diffi-
culty into which the failure' on the part o'f General Gaines
in precoicertied movemenis might peradventurehavethrown
hir, [Cltifich,J is dirti.ull to say whether the historian
would have approved or condeinn,'i" Geiaeral Gaiies: But
we ba\e aen-M'(anid I have probably already assigned the
trueatchi,'ae) thb dite promised c-operation" and: pre-
eoncerWrmovumenis"' commencing with a iuanctional or
ncar', Tampa, was-not observed byv General G6ines.
The cdtaii'a letter coninmuea-" sa]J, without General
Gaines. ihe ,poluiitruij.jde Louisiana regiment,J his prin-
,tQ lSS S .re ,EnwdT to proceed lar, before they left
_art hb had pledged hitumsettf to accompany them
whi'ihdrsee.er they went, andil to staiid by them," dee. &e.
These again are- et.ieontly General Gadintcs's wn pxetexts
fur lins intrutmi,,.
Fiu-'il, Iie utid/l;,: i'e; s q" tif'e Loaisioi a g i,' nriet topro-
cid iii.iouLu G'IiL'i t ir atneske EJrij ii7.inm ii' i.
Finding at thii place Captaij Tlitle-, tho commanded
a company in llthat carps in Floerid., from some day in Fe-
bruary to the end if`its term ul'tf r;ce. I caused hin, to be
tnLerro.aied on thls puinlt. T, my lthlbirdI) question hean-
swerci.Jd-' For m3 pirt, viihen I tw.,. raising the men for
iy' toinpiny, I d;d tot know there was such a man as
G-neral Gilies in the country. C-liiel Smith and (Lieu-
tenint] Colonil Laws.,n I understood were to command.
I spiak only in r.l'erene: to nroy own cominpanv, mt3 own
officers andl men. Wr-ei :at Prni,.ll I n.ite- heard any
thing eof the k rd] enilioin,:d, nor did I ii er hear there that
General Gaine. vdas ahout to lea; us. When we got ac-
quainted with General G. the officers aind en were well
pl.a;edJ with him."
Que.'tihn 4 Did yoir rgimernt, as far as yon know,
obey with equal che, rfaln si esiry officer ofs uperior rank,
whether of the regulars or volunteers 'i"
S.-a.iticr. They did so I never heard the least mur-
n aur. neitlber among the officers or nu-n, north first word
oftjispute. They were-alway- ready to obey orders, both-
l.ayAT.the.rigulars and voluutecis, frorn nil ofricers placed
i.' aw'e diapo'tfion on the panrt of the regiment may be
3nferred'fiom the letter o"f its Cumnaiiindei, Colonel Smith,
tI Captain.Shannon, dated at Fort King, Feb. 0tNh. In
tbia the writer say.r .
'-' I find Jt ib General Gaines'c intnti.:-ni to go down to
Tampaa Bay.by the scene' of Gcneral Clinch's fight, and
'theh to quit Florida I would n i- l you to eay to Gen-
eral.Scott that, if he thinks my telirnmi.t can be of use to
'his operations, 1 would rather remain i ith it in Florida
than go-back without having seen a flig ; though, io tell
the truth, I would rather hate the fight before i'he grand
'amiy comeas up. I should like, tlhreforr, bef.,re we can
be shipped back rFiou Tampa Bay, to he ordered on some
actie duty by General Scott."
"(Colonel Smith has teen umnnioned as a wxitness, at my
ii'tanec, but has not arrit ed. I
'.-Who, Mr. Pre5,denl. would inflcr, i'r-:m the spirit ofthis
excellent letter, that Ihe patiodli: Loui.iana regienil was a
body ofrvasa1s, who 'onh owed Lllegk;nce or 5er-ice to a
raL. t .n'rt-ief'F-or, ratfiecr, who :.uld t1101 affirm that i-L
continued in the Geld to tlie last mrm.,in, ant., in the Ian-
guaga of CapL. Thistle, alvias icadi to obey orders, with
regtulara and volunteer, frroin atlofivrsrr pl-A.t overthem V
(The deposition of Mr DyE:r, lthe eCiutros;iry and quar-
lernmaseler of lhe LouLiana regiment, strongly supports what
..-nS or this and the next head )
T. *. r.pretext, as we learn from Captain McCall's
i ,nlerKal Gaitcs hod rtedged hrme'lf to acrom-
i-ji/ljts~liiana revinient. &c.


7;fialiemis, from Captain Tbisile's testitmony, that the
'.b6rp was rained, in part, andi that arringementa were in
,r0gri to complete t (nu doubt by his Exeellency Go-
ver or While) as soon as the news or the ma.'sacre ofl'Ma-
jor Dade had reached New Orleans, and before it was
known that General G tines ias it that paort of the coun-
try. Colonel Smith's ]itter equally excludes the idea.ofa
pledge. He speak o:" General Gtainc'e Interniion of re-
turning to Tampa, ani thencr rmbarkinrg lor New Or-
leans, and the wibhof hiri-e.ifrand r :inent to rtrumain. The
pledge, iherelbre, dscals to liaic lb'en a mere gratuitous
flourish, inade witIjouL ansy m., ing ,,n.iderration, without no-
cepLaIt -., aid waii,.-it bemnp" knp c, n i i.' ,eprrh: ro in the regi-
menit. [he tr p,,-u.', ,oil, re ril 1,r aid .-I.li, ter-, might, very
well have pro.-tede t I',o, Pei, ...."-a ti.'ini" Blr under Colo-
nel Smith, who un&s filly 1-hirili t. i.r,.:t aiid ...mminird [hem.
In ibis way, air, I ilito Ihrit Ginerat Cl*iT,-.e cri.e Upoii the
iheaire ofoperjtion ,,- ai in'ruj j, and i1 hti ,i1 n ,,it, ng.
In my report of M-,ch i th, I 4 .li,..i the infrrmnirion ofGo-
vernm i-?t, ihIL t IIIi%( v re3c'.:n I. i r-.re ihii ih enemyre-
main nearly a ibic aLne p'. -in ai I,,:l : i the i-'lated andj,
Iher-frore., false rio emeri if Mljor .ria cal ie:." An adroit
aud faithlul utcro epy, the -.i whC, luid "-becti :ent over the
ri-er" by General Gdiet i.:,r a liia4-.,ru-,:,., wIa again.des-
patched to a-certa ii tle Cor ?:iriet ot I,.: iirii r: -ion so report-
ed; bilt tins spy nev'it ri]r]rir.J. %% ii'..i va.rij, learned that
he foll under u',jcu'n, rii-i ias crcili,-.,l. The impression,
however, %&- unii ,.aiil in the it-li 1 -it I ,.t, lt,,ch I march-
ed) up to its pa;aagi: ot th Wo hlfia,-,: ,1., i, ,a -t at.,I: by Cap-
lan, Thru lc.n, tlite iry ninel;lhn t i: h lii"i --f L rncra Cllich''s
staff" This rineE' --; "I d I.J nUtL ,ni;rlm a doubt myaeif
Sha.i the enemn usae stlilJ .,:nceniraied abtrieCht %VIhlacoicheE,
%,hfre I bel.e.ed, inl ntth b it .as the inpr.: .-.,. C, ,.-th:b r v;ho
had the best opporiiorti.l-: irf il.,,niatai-n, thatl th tnmemn and
ch;idien v...i: hci- jildct.:i by the enemy for security; that
tbt would del'fnd lie pa.eage of lite river with all their force,
rw liey lii-J donor, w-hen ihrealened lI, C i..:ral Gain,.," [aind iL
mibth hji I'tet added, wl,:n previi..ily uaii'rorc,.h-.d by Gene-
r"il hlinhli-Dec. ?i] I hue'd no .,Ilirr efirip-,im-.i than tlhat
it'r,: i(. ,]I,.,i]ld h., reozsieJ, [Fi.J that t/'ivt' ie Prini':pal Llttle
wo-iuil be friiiglii. rhai rPpres.,--nn c.-iiiret-il Milh 10 Qrdeuthers,
and I believe ge,,iirally thr.:-iiihih..rii tIh 'im util u,,r sdiaanco
hb d laide, out the epp...'-;c lank I i% ] mrnli-:-,i, ;n r'u[,prrt of
ili- ..,pin ,,n the fcit, iliat oni. of .-..jr ma n Iri Ila:k %vagonc-r)
%I-S CLI -ilr by a inrjill pnr,' i. IF i-hisn t .l) to i five, rl, in
eihl inli's r." F.)rt Dr-ane, nn our first day's march;".
According to my report,, dated the 12th of April, and the tea-
t;imu)ny i Capta;n Thu j-sti.n, G(e-,,. Clinch's column, v tnh v bich
I mar,.lit, i, f.,irFr, I..edl:.J the \Vythlacoochiee (that stopped
General Chines) % vh b-ut tilte ii,- tt .r.n ; lhat we entered
and sE,-ured tie Core, tie enetn',"t .tiionr ib- h.ill, I ;is theed,
a ti iF-li'td ati the ir-il-nic io, aid iithii .-r,.-...-.c. ring a f.-'r-'e
oi, min-r,c th in 130 Ind .:J, in the ioki. t --i i..d tr" ri -?ptra-
tion, a' i iuy tibe sFen L)' il,: wriien r p,:.ri; ru[L iie I) nte by
Clinch, E,'i-r| .hd Lid-u), an ri r, 1 r.in.: '.i-irvr..-n, nQ:i-
ther or h| ,ri? pictnelOp,, coeCrimanjin e, tio nLrr iI,., at any tiri,-, metl
ti,h a luiepr l..-Jy of riit ieneay .,t jny .,,n plithc- hat :'ilch
iitackti-d C'olon.l Lti.ltas i column, on its last return to Tampa
Bay,excepted,arndl vhich %as erti air-i:i at about three hundred.
By tl,, i rm. rnm tnctpal remnanidfrs, iust uselI, I, of course, do
not itnara to include the officers who respectively commanded
Ihe t*o small r-,:ts established in the iinteri...r, dc:rn-.r;naited
Frti Alabamaio and Cc.-.-,pr. Thee., from l-. trenr,,', perfect
kn"-',l-ddi .:f his r,\nn oiet difficult co'nr,, andl hiscoiaequent
;r,:lieiii. ,I c ncnriLrIio n, -pre itp-,,it.d i: ,' ,- been repeated-
.ly an ,'kiJ, and by f- :ir i1 hiur.-rh id lI hi-i .
It hae- Lt-n I'ribhr ita-nI. to [di ', ihral ii.h many eo-
luinne and J.: .ihirimenile undc r iri iii. 1. viae.,-d ari immense
space in a short period, and visited manyjr of the enemy's favo-
rite haunts end strongest holds, and I now read this passage
from my report to Washington of the 30th of April :
"I am more than ever persuaded that the whole force of the
enemy, inr.uiirng n"r:r.,i, d, -.,i m". .i.il 1,200fightingmen
-It i, prcully th:inr la. Ol iliai force, I am equally
confident' thai nit. ji-lij bi-e., at n' it, eai imc,- *i:. 0- nmen. :c-
a ai, t ,,r liI.,-,liii e bL n br,:ii bi. uilir l't ili- e u i Ert.l miles
6gv-. In all our ,,pyri:.ii, a tilihn ihe last thirty days,
[kimin io n?, i t, hrae nn ot'-id r-ir,'v of probablymore
t hen I 1, i; biii paitq ol' rrfriu I-t 1:- 31.1 hite been encountered
,lin.-.t F ti'rywiere. Nn Indian woman, child, or negro, north
;hie race -f n.I, lia been seen in that time. Those nnn-com-
Sbatants, it has been evident to us all, have been removed be-
-.yond the theatre of our operations. They were, no double.
Seven while the parley was going on with Gen. Gaines, on ti-,
' 0ri a'. or March, mattin, ,i, 1., thI- ,iuilieuit, Ini'ond Pea.r cre el
Sund lakL TopLelikij, aid in that tdl.,t-i inacce6tlIL5 regio
the.'y are now probably concealed. That nfficarE, 'l saa:d, caumic.'
(Continuted on the fouaI/ page.)

( Continv--d from the first p*ge ) .-: '-
I Putell and his chiel's to be informed, by way of inducing tibem ,
Sr accept ils Wyll'thcvochee as a teinporary boundai.y tlots
i-- araei3 .er: al-.prona.:hin hilb wiuld fill op tll- Indian
.:untry, and cr-jh eti, thing t1 lie iay. Th. il, -:hiprs
pi.-filed by the Ilr.trcTbiionl, enirl t theii f-ictilies, anri dapvts-
Sed their tart ire iv a in,,all pa, ie-. In l ,,v, Poi tell e-
pecl to mak- fg-iod hlie thuesl-, I.,. that /ti would pricoLrtI lie
ntrarfir fIhrt,. year- ..
Except on ihe uappi-.:li1,n ,f hio exrracti, .-jt was I, Mi.Pr:-
ELIeni, im 'CCoi'Ol f ,r uit ctot hondig, tlit -;4.n.s, ainy caj,d.?rbhle bidy V 1f bhe encimy ? He- supposed
hitmaclif to ha.- been currountded, in hirs Lrntv.,oi k, iiih his
I.Ol ur I.'1 lien, by ll ai cr 1,00ti waiitr. \Vhiat had Lbo-
corne te i e f ten 7 H c:rll kil cI uIJi I'ew, -and ca -tLured rnot
OUE. Whenre, thcn,b1 teubit:qumtitdvtm,-rion ? y -lupprio-i-
t,.:.n is r rnd rc-l miore tban [,..i.tble b C p.tain H;lt.:li:c-cks
IttLr itoHe Hou,. MIr. L,..rn, M. C dItel "..rt rrane, Mtrci
It, l"36, einc purI;hir .:.J, an-. ni.v in e. ideicc. In Lh.-v Ilit r,
tH. Ciiptain ie, "a ]iatf offie c'" I(ht,. if) a;, ri F rl larl,o
r' -iEt U=ti) G eC u e ral tl re I li.:.l.l a parlct c.-c ,t -,li jt ,n V ILt
the hostriulechi- ',,andJ "inj thi [lhtiii i lanrt l-e iV- L-11 tniuithebt
S.Xac. tru ai'n ihe th ,,:-e ord-red itt,u iter -,ueltr., ihJ I.,l.-Jue
ih:a, ; that addilio wal tor. ,c v.J er'cpe ed es erNy ti.y ; i1.i- the
.ine was near wlhen r:,'mc 'y Indian f--oinj tiilih ril,- 111 itI,
band v.ould be slu do-lon. TlI, w.' r.iiiarnunjr.ill tJ wlth eIltl
eXi-.lannlrt la .,1 weit! ilr1, c'id ieTcr 'dr\ Ic.- pie if ror :e,[ i :.'
Ari Ai ha[, E ira wt ere iLbi: ibj .it. of that pjrley, 0'r "diilhTti -.
.:,:" ,.r uni on i It teemri tcc,trd,,iig o a L a p1 hlit- d t leul .etm if
i'upit;ns HttcLh ....- c rd Mc lteill, that lhb Iniii dl-J r...i witb
lI I li 2ti 3ny more, hut th-y -jnlt.l laim [Gfii te rbl Gar: -] I:, re- I
use I'ritn he VW ylhlac.---..ch e ;" and, it ili. L'u tial rE iri i i m'. l .
Capitain Thiati, a ucndlr a ir 1 ti-)n i-' t.y ibh, C oni i, tli; ,i,in.: .
r aid : C.plamn Hit-li:,:- : k and vtlaer i:n-Ft. Ir Adjulani B ri-u,)
Swe ti out and held a c-on .-erato. iiih, them'i [ihm li.tiri :] ih.-:y
Inqutred partt-.-,ilarly a.' t.o ur -,ttlai,n ; vii hl ith t. 1 %% pro--
Vi :-ran', arid ,] aleier -'r nril bliandy ,cJ -iLJac ov ; lit: r"aid
tr h eciuld aUpply u' v.ilh protr i--,a"s in at-itndan ;ce ; Iliat we
c1uld fish un tlI writer bank, il" ie clii.re, and thallr th-y.-rli
right no m)rE if ei- t ri w Er per-iiited i- k:.'ep the ijfrC,;'i .tile
of the 'ylthbla-ooechi rnakirg that rii-i i.. b-..-u .ir
16'a iahis ihe language of a suidttud fi..t., hinitbL, .mDi -
for peace? Th.:y ha-. cri.-,iner eced thr- t.ir .-hii .ut ,3 ,riirn, 6n
-,:rc ,.lf ground in Flori.lr: tL i it'd d. ed.i -c ,i Fu lIhe
liaJc ltd illtvcd fini Il,:,r .ni;irlsion lo ill, r. h e,. S3,o:.iotI llrn
qu-I heir naral -oil, ibey tad .|fp,--al:id io asin ; itiL- hb-ad r. -
ti--red a d.eLIlictri o.f a, hund..,d rae.- : ivT e h.d hr.I llir.r
,ouait-y, notiithtt-, Ladii [he *.allau ir) r ."f Clinh li andl I- hl ,,d-
lul of iroope ,n th-e ,lit of Iteci.tnbv r; Ihe; haI'l I on held G.-n.
Gamines himself, with Ita atroing anI exc,: llNrr o.:lrin, p:nrn.Jl
up under ihlr fine I''om the -.lit -,f FI:-riuniy ; ti':y hlid, iv
eli--:.rt, Il-tllted tlieir r-3 -:nge, .:nquereid ih-t Ciriii 3 p 1 Ih.. i
Ifeli bink '.f ti.? Wythlrhe-.-,--b, g-atne., all ihey wanted iod
filt ihLh seit3 la in tireneth to d lnot- li.e it-un ..c -'-a.: HerCe
rite o ilure I.) make th, WytUlahi:o:,ilhe ih, faituii? .-qtUnd ry--
I.t treat oii the c- -is o' the uo piosidilti---:. i ]iah it" I,., h- ]
-bslt it prc.--t.sed ; anid, ,occordt,1ly, w.. rind Cili,. Hilicuck i
insltru-t,-d to reply, n lthe part ofl" Gc.i. Gained, 'il aif Ltiy
Vu,,uld engrage ti ceae frvmi all ii.'Lu hlic-stili'y, retir; aouth of
lie \VyIthtiei:.i:liee, und pr-nu.e it, .*ii-rnd a -:-unl vihen called
Itaojn by theta Utned Sute'p rc'.,-int-ru i--ri,-theyshould notfor
ibe preEnLit be molented.'" JuAi at iiii crii:cr] rniiorrt.ni, G(i .
4h Incb arrived Wi.ih the needelJ 6i-:cor, and i.. lhar of 01'o far-
ther negotiations I
Well, sir, General Gaines now leftthe theatre of operations.
N-rM;alUcaripy b., i-'t C-A.-,nnl Bankhead's column comrningup,
a-id, aZs he litLer hti? T :iri;iJd al, "' You rai l, ,-i, Colonel,
lhP : r r > i,,nthing to be d.:.ne na),, ia is all ,ic i.li-: ." HI :-rd:r
cf the ithof Mn,-I c L .o-a ling?, armin.] t' ib? ,n i[ anrel C iii-L i.t"
he h-id jcc-:impliaihed," tht "i th principal force oet ilte ertr,-
In) had becn tibeaten and forced to sue for peace," preceded ,r
accompanied him. His progress towards Tmlal,,eia;-e ind M-.~
bil was one continued-i tir;umph., But, it may be aOked, what
hid all ihii. a-l-felii.,i i-in and those public grairulnii.-,n I, do
i',lm uaperua'-. -a' I Tib, Mr. President, isprecisely what'I
am about to show.
It will be remembered that tvwo of the columns, those ofGen-'
erale Clinch and Eustis, rf ih.-: r-rmy under my comnmandi res-
e- el from Port Drane and Volusia, arrived at or near Tamn- I
pa Bay on the 5th and 6th of April, and the third, or Colonel I
Lindsay's column, returned from the interior about 'the sam-
time. All much harassed anid worn by long and fatiguing op-
eraitcns, Iokc.tI t.) thi -rii -.iu!t..-rn depot Ibr the supplies and
refl'reslMenoaao greatly ne-:-led t.u enable med and horses to te-'i
urr Ton hei field. T.) L.i-e .:.ito i,,:a of what va.- t,ci. here-
,J.u,,d i,:. expericnice, I wIl r. .-all parts of my o.tl:i] r.:.:.-i,
vcitren at Taimp, i-h< r'ii) o- April, fbr the inform mni-" ',-am-
ernmcnt, and vileih ep-:ri hua been given in eiideni-:- bh rie
J.odJge Adt.'.,cei..
SMydii-sppin.rmeniq '-n the Gulf have beer. ,; crest av
hose exp5 it iced "i the Si Joliint. The lattca vie-r [.tLit
SI'-dlv report. d ..t the tine, &c. ,
Please nar to reler to my joint letter to the CQua-ieranaitr
and the Commisary at N.: v Orlietlt, dated at S -ann.,h, Feb- I
Uary 1 1, and ickni -'jed-,.-ed ,n it the '2thli"'Iit b c u -. m :nlth. I
A r wpv was tranmtiicld to you fir the ihidLrcuai-.,n of the prop-
tc, Depririm-nie at \adhinri.'-n. The letter, it will he seen, I
Sis b-.rh speciric: and uc. enrt. YIe, insteail pif mv fiEnd;ij hertz.
About 50,i000r rat -o,. of bht rd Li eia ind atrJ l' i'' Irj ,.n of t-- f
ba' tccin, I Fiurnd biit I 2,;.lu of the former, and 21,600 ol Ihe lIt-
Sler t Not sn a.ldtic-nal raieuo of either Ia- arrived since I
came." I Both the Quartermaster and the Cummnsarry-, here
alluded to, I have caused to ie ausummoned Ba msilne6,aat, aud
nctthor baa appeared )


Colonel Lindsay (the report continues) had retrnired ftrq
the use of his crlninn, of iThe Q.uartermaaister at New Orleana,
'a number rof Wagons and hores, and not one has beela sent.
'jAami, iTb'e Suilr (the person e.,t in iuiporiaaci tou lie Quar-
,if. roialt r A-nd Corinmis'ary VIi Clt ry A.Aim) ) I-fli thia place
ora rh iana mi-tlh agi fur New Oi lean, To bring back wilthhinm
Sa large supply of ga.ds for tl: irnops which were evpe-:tedi
S[here.] Thee. siapplius are -IcedniccdnIs wantedby berert t.ffi.:cr
andman. But Ithe Q.ia,'uternmaitr nritas tha h. neSItian about
Sseidling the wadon. and ,l-t0irw, and the Suller That he d.clineia
i.ndtjiig his as,:res, P:e,:duse each lid li.ardt ol'Gererral Gamne-:a
U it. iiiiphsal eniry into Talahdsaise-inI cUripqut-nce of his it, -
mg finished the 'tar! I I Is pr.rumned hat IThe (. -.mmin'aary at
N [ew Orleins stopped Ihe shipment -ti hard birep-l jiid b-a oi
fir the same reason."' I'tis pre :umilion iz r fi,- ( ar, ,s iEl-n
-it, The lesitiiiinoi of C'paifn hitil-. Lieutenant Morris, who,
at Taripa, hbad ile letter,' '-frit his ruither, the Sutler, confirnms
it' h tt ia Stated by me, in tihe rtp-art of April 12th, in respect
To the Smiler's eiores. See C.i iht p-An in lls- ['tui.,nr. of Colo-
oel Lindsdy and Bankhead ; and f.r ili- sEulfring -i:.i both offi-
c-.f aud mctn m-i, 'orn iIh- -. arIt I sho-?e, shirts, light-garments,
andl grocerine, -'ene Vl ti f i n on f l Colonel Lindsay, Mr. De
Pe.:istr, and Capiirti Tih,,ile. In r-,pect to the want and non-
arrival of wtagons and h-re_ at[ Tarmapa, -s.:- ii ln-,jri' c-f
Colon l Lind ay', the? letti r .:. t'apiin l Stnnoil, h'i'lief' Qii-jr-
termi;tcr,i the d'-pe l.-,r, .:.f Mr. Nei1:,-.1m i, A late of ilt- Armi-
and Quaiterr? ua..rier at Timpa, Aihi he i, ,ti, ,li" iii. Qu.ire-r-
mruasttr iat Nc-ti OrI.earn.6 Iui rint k :-:l.i AirM re l,:r ol ha le
12th -.1f April .--onlG;n,' :
"Captiin Gr.:en, 0f itn. il-'iiEr Dllis, was at Tallahasseee
Swher, Mrjo,. G-nral -;jin" jrrirc, at that place. He had
'beer, t., 3a -1-.lic;i;rig perniai",o toi g., and make a survey
4of tlb mmti. th 'he o" ,trha--.,.:chi-.. On renewing his appli-
'catioti, I. 1i'. li- n .:.In Il.? rotfie Er io 1 ,al Ch.& rnt.-i, lie i .:,il,
'ithe War W.as :.orn. We. 15te nitir I.) in-., tlIn .-ri- itIe
IS pLltirdon thait hisii.'..J iht iitrti n-:ii [iiht:h tild -i : r Nlia--tr
Re.i th I- lh rir Il. -,A Air.I.] 'litie: ..-a i he -n.-. diiap-
painimneoLt and ieialt--s I hits bneim r-,.:.md ii.tap-tj-rri.-c.'"
rti;. sialement, ten I,, the rep,-,l fmrn, ni-rn'iorrt, lias been
fully ,u.itoned by the iciiitni-nv r .fi',,pu.n (ireGt-" I-,ore this
Cnurt, With ihs imporuLnt addiction : the ('al jin w.,iuld probably
hb.3, E i.cended the river, having pravide-l th- nit,:ee-.'ac'v inr n i
But. Mr. Peetident, I.- a qmic-eiiin put by the C,:utlGener-il
Chn-.:h replied, I am o[ opio.i-n Lihu tin iry.--.e,-Tieni ..f' Mai-.i
'-nro-rl Gain?.''s c.-nmn.i.n., ihr.-ugh Flir.la -li.j n.: -i ali. 'jll
alrert ihe upertii niian .i" o dj-.r i-r.eradl S ..t."
Silr, no one -ne erliain a in-), i an.:re re pi me t a d r-.-:a rd 'a-Ir
this itn-itl ixcellont curnnander and cil,z:.n thjn I do, anr I am
lintre Ib- wh,]'e Armnv rereu. h ts retirmeit ti.-cie I hif,-. Hi-i
opinion ;as ali.,,a eriliiled o grE-81t weightl, .ind llence, mainly,
the u'7erwheviomng .ii'.tn 4hiclh I lu.te iijti embodied, and ibh.-eh
otherwisan I light have Ili't stuatiered 6ter tuer voluininaiit do-
*.imn-f:nta an, miiiiules, i1- be remembered or thuotet up by ihe
C.J uri.
It iL, mni eovar, emidenrt to me, NIMr. Presiden., from the repIl
tO another qisjeiCiin, Si.) prropliundd bi tihe C.:urt, Ih.a, orn the
poii1 if inierl'erence niLih lia r.p.'rati-:,n., the E-lound miind of
Gener Il Clinc:ih Wia too much inftluen,'ed, at thei moiiniem, y thEf
narrailt, lie had so re-eimil, iten oif the n. -l.'lem ahorn hin
b) llie War Depnartmeri pim.] -t Ih.: itnie mien I liad the inu-
frrtu r Io be ordered iTo Pl.i ida It im trite, if hi.: c,'epea .ic "
for iruops and supplee, and li:i wiie adm.)nnii.in3 .,n ille teripr
early mantfesi-d by the ,i-rminolen, hid re:.,-iid hut halTI tIe
llentiion due to bh.s pa--^n, Thi ills 5tL.1 ring .ar mi.-ti nei-r
have bursted upon ih0 counnrv. indirr thi nrulinu im'lea, lit
nlnne.,, could see nathipg -Iutl th- Iniputed errors ,,f the War
DepartnieriL. WVhil;t thai w on rhe throne orf his mind, all the
Bvb qijent anrid .miiaor eaures offailure in grinding the Indi].n:=
.nit ol Flonda slnk int;, ,.,mrrnJrdlie iriiigirmiicance. Be this au
it Lay, I pit iln eoncurinL-l wiith lhthe i-'.l]ld op;n;urin G n.
Clinch, on the euL.j.:ct i:.f G-ore Ila( Gaione-'s intorir renr: wii)
m)' O3relrationi;, ll,e gre i ,-i, ,.1.- I|rm,t alr-,ady deta le.,i, and tte
Cipiniour .'a iin .t 3 ,,"r n':. i :.' irni.llih enr.:e u nd resp.-.-tal.ili.
S- e ibe d.-p3psition ofC('..-I el -1,d.den, the ,-hir 'f rav saif,
who had marched ailih General C'in.:li ti.,T suc,-or of Genreral
C.Gane., and irho kncot more of Plar;da and the Serm;nul ithan
perhaps any Ilir.? ihid,.dJual i ilh the Armi' ; and apce ,h ies-
tim-ny ,1Calo,rnl Banktl,el, who mrirelerd with ime frr,-m Pier,
lola F.iirt Drane, whlie. he time urndr ih.e- Ioimarind and
continued wa'h fnerail it'ilm,. The .stron rfAiniini, :pr,-ted
nr thit point by ilibe two Colonels, like the-3 opposing ono, ri-et
by General C'linch, at re all ei,-lied a.,lltoi, a question pim
by in.C. ,
Th- point w.l:i-li has ill-js bc.en rather molt fully d;sc,-Ised
thin I had, unil lately' intended. ht o -er, briml he U a-:ond
cnu.:a of the falu e of miny .'.peraimon i I vend out of Florida Tihe
eat body of 'hic Seminole Indianas, and there were many other
caues, beside, tle firat in tmp-ortance, sinme of which ha.i al.-
reacdy t.e.n partally, ihauga b,, in,-ideonllyj, developed. It It
r,,io, mI piJrlc:e i., brin.r, rapi-lir tme il. ol, ,n iThe iam-. con-
neo on, under the Tei, w. o fih.a Cotim..
Ol'tlieee caui.:., rri'.int, a4i wili be ,een, are rl.ir.ly united,
"ud, ;n the descending ecale, consequent upon each other. Por
thnse reason, the analys3is and The enumeration will, in Boam
Innincar, bea rather difficult.

j/'1, withA noi ie i'c day g'lmne tohold mysfef in read-
w 'e d thfe short term qf sert'ce of t'-ic gi eat bady of' the
t irnspf.'-
1Ln ri., mia 10 y, M.-. Pue-,l.i1,.t.(ai sny umne %.ais lO't
by ihe mr T)t-_arin'i i in p.Liili o [he ir. um iLi i '.0 /-i ,Jtr li newe
Sol'flincI a asitir of Lre.-'riaL'er 31, iihti prem.:J.luid at WL-hiruf,-
I, tl e CIuoLint oft' Dud&'% Lnelanrcholv fite on ihe *"Aih. N-.-i
E11ll'1-'inj1 I, diu..cu;: mh. qu-:i-n, %hyIt mad not sorontlr' rln-a-
aurealbea ,'- tki .:.n ithe rc>eilpt ,1" C liach'a wairuing: aiind c.il
otr retnfr.,ent nit, ie r i tnIlt i, i Juitar', i183., nril -- i,,ermied
"Oc h8tob r 8, C, r tt De,--r-.iibc r 9, tit' DLc-.ibcr IF., f. tIhe
siame year.
BiJaI, sir, lie C-.urt h .i E.on t-.it I w pr.-pr ripll atI Auguata,.
whcrI cooinplied my calll fur %.Ilurltea-r .:..rd.-rarteii mn; ta.i
Tegimnenia tro-n 9.ioih Carolhna rone ,: ,- h-,re had one cf foot;
Ihe slame froot Georg.i, an oid Gat tf', li-.-ji .1labama, ai 740
nen'pci [et- ImirerI, ut. kaj a I. ii LIf 3,.00. -A ihne spirit was
abrnadj5, tli-;, State., anmJ gicat .,,ri,-,rn rmdtc in eaci to-up-
iy l j ytala. Ye t, fi, om mLna s i in awiJbl. .:'aaJ, t-iliv min-
Ltenr- tJa.'ea LO be itrtrvt d, dii.J .-ilter, wliilci I ttill not t ip
I.- eruni r:.i--., [utl n-it on: ri' i n'h-l -'' ." ', n-iar-ed I t--. iln -in-
steadu ,.1 Fa, r" ,.elt n to. rce, .t l',i- p t.Li itn- ii Tamnipa B.- ,
(u; Cad, d lii tt 91ti of Pebr,.ai I ia.J or-gn-lly fluticreil
Lr -Elf that I ili! ', I i .- i FlI- I.-Ia oin the :2 t, n-mucli in
l. n,:.f jI .I .ir.t--.tli. O.6 '.t li0 -1,'- 0,ult llie ft-t, oI' South
Ctr,.lii,,a and -n mi: cmn-aineiisa f l-;e.-r,:i i-I precedd men.
Th- 'i.o .:t lie';.: C, rii.i Vi-a able bmil iTi- end .1' lihe ni--..n h,
[lie Ihi-" .-.,- pi.epnites b -rc i hr-cn-re rd, anid nt olher on the i ilth
.l" ,March, under C uIn-to NE;I:.n, wli-, bid min-iJ. ati inp.rallel-
ed march I'mit tin, n0.J0lt.-t cttrner r'f Ue-rn"'r]3 I otligh, in
irV prewt'-- ntrrrtit., Lu ha'-? il-tt--i ibat bhi lirie cuinpany
'oin'd at Gart ': Iiry, .ind 0d&.d mbA.iut i, me an ou Ci.l. Banik-
"i.ead'b hItII coliumin,.whith n-i -,Iui -'ith mne I.- UPort Lrane..
The Batt. dlw Cahnlr G.o:, .in', n ine I,.,r ,nt l .1 1- 'iolb Ct,--
lie n,-,'rtlJn. -ii mu-is '-'.:h d l- t ,Aul J t JLn- O l-i a lerp r m d,
ibrongli rain and mud, aiil .hke N -l-.-,'i'j c:...mp .an,', wuih,:
itr-'r uns d n iti11--JIJ a nii1a ur 't Ab- li.[b tria. i-i'LiLmnt, under
C .lm-nel Clnli..-In, snrI MU .1-- Re-d''o tjttali-. -['f I'l--ridian., cr-
r- ed at T,)rnpi Bv, vii CAIi-I L;ndsar, b.-tie-en Tlie Ist and
IIIth lof MNbir.:h. lIt liua bfC-,i :-; hitil rhlkn 1-3aii,,n had ui-t
been call.'d Inr b) ni.e, aind iblat it a.tt to Tiaapa Bay elhr-iih
utsy knowlrJde aHt the itie, and ag ainrt miny i he. ; and lhat itl -
necand hattliaon .I'fG'.--.gia I,,-, ,a', in ,,:coidan-:e with ty re- '
lu'm.t, nervtr fu'niul.'he]. Finmali, sirx c-.-mp-aiitF, inalrad oit
four, io in-,ke ijp I'fr it,. Jr.f,:c.-.n ol" iLi lir;t lIwo, O'ior i l
li.-r-e 'LrT;--:-J at I(',Ar '- I .. i,'- M11d tle Flo rid i aid Fut
Drant, aL.utl tthe Iil ,-f," A r-t, imilUi I mte 'r at T t, pp-. Tn-,.'
6li cx ?[iiplni?'I e rt, I-uitne lrr e-Iai t ii.?a t.-it[ d inlu E .:r ice. in c-
e.-rdmnre -nvih iao ru-ti.tl,: I h.-,d lIl'L b.-h;,d, and irnrrneditni. Iv
ai'terwritd' d tic i rctg.i-, L-. ie it.'% ,,e of Major Gen.ral MN -
,:onb. w .1 h) -r, h .p|-: -- I, e 3L P',.:ol!M ii )
All the i:.l-.-in'..rm iltEiJ rI- I', i "i-"' r, uu l t.,rid into oer-
icr e for -.-al, ti-r-.? oi.,n l,, a-'.,:,rithiam i,-: I.? l iolui-t:ni I hadJ
r..,'.aived fr--:.n. ihi h ,'r D -,arl.,n..- it; arid I thJ,.,J-ilmat H .e Pre-.
side lnt ofl'lic Liri.d li it 1,ul i- ti i i iitl lireitl: r i-C jitre he Ei-sel-
ice. of militia by, drausu,--,itnT for langer 1--: l Td.
II his been reen il1at I tia nu, ; n toic- 1- n.-ininctr cnmtirri-
ed and efficient operations earlier than th,: i.uih aol March, and
yv ihit; dae. di- mtoan i --f volunteers, owing t-, tut dAi|r;r nt f p -
rijd- of tritil a: itie -everail places ofrendezvoue, and conse-
queni .,,-ep-LanCr:s by muier, had only about 60 days to serve.
Tliz i tloss rE mia,-' hthr.g in.: rl. in :5-1. t i'f mlnbm;ned uiera-
In., requinrinLt tih- im.:i e :I Ti ,: .h.I a' if ncr.- h drl iad a
lunnier Ltie ii rts ; anri-i all liu-j b,:-ern 'ion itrio iilh sliehl
differ'.ence:. ti-llt' ir.
Bat let 1n1'.t 'im, ,iu ,i- Ti- n ,z -,r lit- abilntoi-'re t. mitme a still
I,- their prejudic-'. Th.? d-.i- i-a ill :'c ai-ril ar. the St. Jr-hba's,
a I h1 i i !;A, v.,z 1in ;,,:.,ii l,le, ni,1 i hej" ais cven a greater
delay in the approach of Ihre.: inTp-ne..s ot" regular %i-' itlch
we-re ordered] n:. ,inbali at Bjlhinore in ile mIran u nt inaer, .id
U Ith die irrimary in Time thermometer several ,.eeresa b.i-.
T.e't:.. T[,, bntalalion ti%- delayed Lby ioe in the Clue.peaee, I.
knots not h-1a minai r-k-a, and finally reached Plcnlita i.n the
'.1llt f Marlch. Whit all it liel-t uo f the r|.jartie.ni eiirg.;ne Jtl,
t-n 'rIngpjni m.-; urie c I-o L.e lrclh.lj.ed and Shipp-ed frfu-i
Baltltii,re about [he aLn: timme. S t ca ii I ., Flor-da a.; late i as
He I II. .C MN-eh, t,. i .tairle.,and tr-oin May! Now, iflIwere
Sc|-.ei-:te-J tl ik, i-r,,' mr.ah-e IhruLh a 1 s c-a'-.e r,,l-e try, i';li-
r'.' di o'r brid- .., Wa l :uuld n 1l the.:. ilirte .,u-f.pini.s habven
hV-,. amrhohil to tNorlolk, o.r *i,:n Io Wilrn'ongion, end thenic,
cntarked ? Tiue -,ulJ Iaw.a beeti E-c tI Litilerreve. And
w\l', tvi e iol Lna : hr pman? darpr-ppd Ir-,rn -am- po.' not obstructed
h,' ice I ..AlgaUjn, a d-.ei,-hriel t ii U-.i',d SiLt.au- ,ibag.-uons,under
C'up' an W.lb-ri-.u, that I --:e]. id --rder' fc-r Flrmda at New York
at,1 ihc Tlt 24h cf Jan.ary, weas d&iN. d s.s-eral r-, ks in that
1i_, h.:., .aiilmTi f.'. llte .rni' s anrd h-oeL furri iure, un.l joined ine
at Fort Drantf, ,nifter a irt p-fsaL-e to Sa'.annah,) ily dIs8
i--rn 'the receplionai :f ili i.- : :rder 'r he a '. '- n- -ael:5 firi.nn
[h.- ranl -I' h.:.ra'.r. Ti,:y had li:en pu.lrhae-dJ t b y --y .jtrs,
and Fpliced at 'e.tiaritrjh -B ..mrk-a in he i'thi 'f Februan'.
L.it t .e- r ,-ni. c-itered, Mr. Prtridt-i,, iahrmi th,. rEhiprcmtrlii
u.nd Iaw-meiu Preer t nolat ide und,' r a ny doire-lt,,on ; yt' I was
iii,; -d ol tlieni, and r. i Terfd .:n -,iria'=E ineiit i'roni nT-i earlier
re' i-ne tihe troop. and wa'Bori.
I linve ejid th.tl I ,a, by h-' tOnlh ol' Mnareh, m ,iuficieni or.,ce
io criTtonenre operations, aid Lha' llie inias L.I th|e oluniteers
Iliid then Sb-hul r0 d5r6a to c>'r.e -n partl m-re and a part leas.
'Til;i periodJ as ratlier eori- thun ,'an nsc -.dary lohr i marhlies
and optrati'ns altull) r:f.de uwider iny nvd.-', baUl wbmlly in-
'i..ckrient to enable uI; i-) tco-ul" [lie com-ilry uthi snd fel onf
Pe,.s i rek, (tie everglnde-.,l r en i'lhe: L nterei;. o'ithe B.'-,,n,
ili.asicklhnt'. at the climate in thlm-ie regimne, aa earti) r. iI.
:nrd of April, and othi,:r ca'tel, which wi bet notic:ed, had not
iatcrp,-Aet inEuriTm.iunitable ob:acltes. I ruJghlt, iter-forr, to
have.ten Tee any prc.tpect of suceesE, i btsie been orderedto
Flridai severall nioneh ca3rl.-, antd writh a f.nrce ofa much long-
e.r term alt'vl "ce. Hle meht now directs the war in that i]uar-
ler, besides oaher ad'dat.ages, hbs liad more lite for prepara
io-n, a better season rfr operalnoin, more regular [roopE, and vol-
unte.-rs ofa Jluner prinr-d of rsrice.
In respect to rolunLeers for uilnely days., thi leslimony afGen-
ral EitdLia and Culonel Lindsay is esuroongly in auppot of what 1
urge on this point.

2.- The unerperted intrusion Qf General Gaine.
Thii was dhe second causc uf my failure, L.uth in point oftim,
and importance.
NI',akhnugh I considered myself in strength on the Si.
John's and at Si. Augu-lne, is c',,mnir:ce "or ward m[.ijuerie3
as early as the 10th of Ms-rel, Ithle C'uurt il please r.rnermit.r;
ihal my general plan *i" .-pE rairnris %ta.s to nart eat it.: am'- ire,
aso early ias prcirioLl. i'romin Forl Drairie, 'uluta, ond Tampn ,
up,,n the great b.l, LI E1l the? eiarb) supposed to be about the cove
Ot l[h W Lhla-'o-:..l,.he ; to march, i) person, with Clir.':h, and
t', jive inAtririi.-.s tr, F.u mir and Lindsay so far to deviate from
that approximation of the three columns as to pursue any con-
iilerablc: bod) .,I'th,- ene,.y, or any c-itiherA.bl,. fresh trail that
might be di,:i.uvered. He.ar;ing l Gner.ral Gamnes's intrusion,
anrl being hai c--esni quent del.-, eas inet table, I called back e
ia taelachmrintl alie'. in our.: h it. Ji)n Clin:ch, and through thlie
Slatiter i anued liiidzat to- he ad litd .I otLbat delay, lei ht h should
make an isolat.J tr:i.e,oernt. And G(neril Clinch hIas testified
that a forward ro er-irnt c:.uld n.:t lute been nmade, from Port
Drone, earlier than, the 2'(h ol March, (the day on which heac-
tuilly moevrd,) If.r ,to rea+,asi : 1st. To give time forthe troops.
oililih had I',e.-r, -hut up in Camp Izard, with General Gaines,
to recruit irhemrI.,-, and 2,l. T-] ribn e lthle listi Iran ol a-
f'gon senl I, return f'roin Gar'', f'eiry' ,lh he ,ubi-ten,'- The
.irn6 r uto t1I, se-:. nd q-rc i...o) p.lt C'ptain rhatrii.n ttiTc.
m .*: in dtiLil, ihe re.J.j.:td .ondi:iimn rE" inse troos. H tie,
illen, was tll' eaus. i.f a cunsidte trable d' lov-I'ro.t the I Oil to
ih, 26Lh .' M1arch-I t the imert nccsrai-y to mar-:lij f.-:rni te
Si. Johlin's i.) Fort Drine ; and] Eutil, io the r menn Fine, in-ri,,ud
"l lieing lit -edj to 'olu i, ahi ch .i e t,% a I.:.) me h.i lbrm e fope -
rationsa was em I,'sed li scout ;ni ttile c...untry between iLe St.
J,-.,hi' and the Atlanrl-c, ar fir as Tomt:-k aFrid Volu:i'. Linilst
was advised filh.a furlher delay. The Court, int, has teen that
it wa.i my intieniti-n, on the 9tih of NlIIclI, to trengihi-n IhI right
wir. i y irot pidrawin fIi,.m tihe I- rif, itf Genral Gmaincs's detach-
me.,, ho'J not fallen I .-.:k on FPoi Dripe.
'1.-Ins'ujhcient roean; ^',r'tro't 'roreoftlolt.
Tbi, coute of filur.- ri ny *-..-peration- has, like the one just
nmiced, t-,:.n prLlly Iully de;e cle.J oin ihe I'orn, fr iar. of thin
s-,,ummary. I shall, ihertf,,re, only r-inark, to Hiii plu,-e, that
Ihe mieanr of land iranyporb-ti.-n iboulit ha.e b--n no?ar'r saJ-a-
'itrt, nritaiihsisrndin, la t.e irirusionr u" G-iieilal Gin-na, if we
r.nild hiri'e 'ed the Ochltauha tar ..-LI re,- I.:ny eons of sup-
phliea Ias I hand expected .. ,i..) up t) thill. 'J1 dof March ; and ihal
thone inc.in, e*.a[ irahoul the use of the Ochlatvaha, would
have boean sutflicienl by 'ihe lhll, bil f,:r thaL Intrusi.n. The
necess.ily -.ij" replacing the eubtsiatence drawn I'tom Fort Drone
by General Gaminest ofprovJing fo a lar,.er I;jre thin waseax-
peclei iher, ; o tlrcni.orfin;g articles el"ubsiaIttenre fifty per
centuma heasier than th.-ie I had earls,' aind ap-cifially called
I ur, tenth 'roriun Ite St. J1hn's rind rampl, cnu;e.l our waous I)
ae onverl:.adel, the borse-ia i be ,,e r c-irked,s and many or bolt to
be broke-n dwn. Tle Court illl further rr, ember icho o.k I
roain Tampa the niesn of t'inuspcrlo-it tthict, were iheitc, arl)y
in February, and what rievt ut-rN the- arriral or new means rr.:,iu
New Orleans. .
4.- InnaujT.itol supply o'if'hard .read .and boconfor morcitrs.
On the 'lta ol'junaiir, in his aoln-:e, the Coijatary G.uneral
ofSubsiuli[nre and Istial'ftlfful coi'un-rrJ as to the advaritac-,
ofliard bread a",.l bac n ,)ter flour and pork, "t marches. Ten
las s after. in a letter 1to the AdjiiAnt General, I recurred to this
suitiect, ari. ri quired on th %-t. J-ihn' (tat Pic .litlti) large quan-
tities of b-'il hard bread an.I bac-'--n, whirli pas age of my '.trler,
naccrding I.:. requeati, ihll.: Adjutinit Generit daly comrauniocaled
in thie f-'.,'.,m ,iiry (G..i.|ral b IL. the luith i:.f February, a.. the
Io-rnjir r'rleprted in me .-.n tlh ) doa.
Now, itt I shown by ith ttirnponv cfl" Mr. Ltke, who nas the
A s;alant (- .:immewsiary al P.:.,latn, iat ithe q.antilv of hard bread
,tht,'h had arrived prior t Ilthe march of C'lincli': c.-lumn front,
Port Dran', and of Etiflt's rrnm rnhitlt1, a.s much lI-s than
was wanted fr.r ibaae cohlumis, alithr:u;h I ha]J prohblitEd the is.
sue ofhaird bread to the traosi when atl teat on ih St. J.ohn',.
The dtielciEnv was mde.- up, o1 *:,uree, in Itr,ir f" ruhichl, ind
r[pork, our vupplv aas abiindJant ; and the telim.n',n is expre-es,
thlla not a pound nl'bacon r:achFd thle St. John's froim tIe CroT|-
mieieriat, il;er than the 1I li uF April, 'hen all ,the c-lumna
were near the. Gulf of Mei.co.
Th-jugh much emwlarransed on ie Sit. John'6, and the march
to the SnIth, by the wanl t fth:.,.e particular items "r t',.id, as
the Court h-as een, I have abat-a been un' ,illing tI'. suppose
Ihla [he chitf orf Ihe C.,rrini.-.i nut tii' in I'.lt; enrd am now,
Ainec heavi-,ig read, beltre ihia Co-in, his insiricLirins to ihe
agents of It,. daparLmant on the .IubjeclE. yet m1'-.- unwilling t
impute blame to him. His menlt ara acknowle4g 4 by hae
whola anrm,, and I am fr"e t. declare thalt I hac. nower kioown

a beit6l*n, or a more faithful public ser oit. TIhe failure, in-
the partlicurlMISlateIed, wtae, lic-,iver, not the telss emhtcmnaisng.
W ell, sir, th.- irii.y/, early in Apnf, wa: cnriilp:llei i:. f;tup,
frr the mtant:l, lit tecr,'h t1` thip norfty, and cm o -iin- ch prn
'Turipi, B,,y to -cek f.,r Eilpi li'-s. 'Thi CurLt ha seen .,rhot or-
d er6 l d y a I tp lo ilj,- ,tAL't;|aUI torriiiti. 06 I at Nei?, Orlton. |
in C'esp t Cl ut h. il p ,-ii ; _ld i rge .] iiur n ii ec ctiJ ari 'hc 'moll
JiJpI, i' oI t iar 1 brread tin i .'ion uit r tlt I r-, j e r. ,Id tII Ne it 1,J ftll e
t'' ild at- 1 h tie le .? Eq.i I| tl iL, .,r ,',u t ar ,ur : the
airiy, if C o-,...i Lti.-.J.- t .d ni.l tarittcht t atu too ,il-lI ,jin-
im y r.:,-ir M.-,lih. i -l r i.
On lhis pF-,.;t, lie tr-ziiijunv of LI;:-.,:rnrt M..rr..., ,-!' ijirn
,',iiTriri?5' mry at Tarmpi t- in- In'-.r.: t.p^.i lhin .in hlj iLi, G,-n-m
oral E.i-iL, ani' Colunel Lorind y. And the rri:.- ,n tihF in ire
f" ]h,.- Ite.mI -f ijr ,;itrit.:rj:e hall nor, Lt n .,:nt I'r.-ni N.'v Or-
Ithun i- lh, pi' ty lIsl"- t"-,, ri it e itJio,1. II E the i n C'C-m-
missary, l itt-ch WJE r placc, tir iJull -suo-r,,-d It.. arpf-.r Itre,
ra.1 ILLa: nu, a r. I .1 M r. L..:k, .-'a..-.J, in hi It itl t..., ,, L.at
the Jitdffer-..re in weight, owing't.-, Ih br;,- ,raJ E'.... i.i.' 'rsiury
to the preservation in warm Waeilitr i.' |IJ'l, .I 'rr, -uime per
centuirn- against th.- l-att.r in f.-.i :1' L-.J'.un. rin rtliircrcnce
i'-.rn,:.,i- to rn martlihna ii lip. r, ur d l I.ti, b L.e..:] Ille ru-
Itirt .l'l'' 1 t lL n .oanir;s .,fli'li r old i i tt.:. I ,' 1 r1 a, r e a e i-
'.:nt o all ii- ,.,rl,. T U:iih t bn en -Lhi--d then, la ,C w.?r.-,
[- tike I,.,th all the r-.tlu-,n In ith i-rT :t-eral mar h-',, nearly
tic-It].c. 'zjfc..u- whil.-lI.: llii:'i ,II i ll :.- .:' .t :t r it.I-'lu .i, W-ls
th- o.wni e ihoi, i'a it's l-ic.'? pa'tr .on 'a .:-'ur utlli.rwas" d i:c-:ifa:
m eans of tran p.rirtii.:.t i i ad i t.rr:.n rit:iijrl i'r d,.lni-5j ).-i; and
even this was nnt the only evil c-jiu..j- t punt [hat ntecesalty,
as il, l Ith prt.?r.l'y .-een.
'.-He.a, rCti climate--biadrie ic of acor-.iiIricsa.
Fr-.n Ih- lte u0n1 l_, ; O if l r:,-'r,' F iii iL i '1 e th iv-e were ituronii
I'r-ti Ihe? I aI.: ar s lI. i,; e a'ti it,,i I '- n ilt e h i- i, trt n before
the ',inh Ol At pril, m pfu ,i,-,iE ihit Iha tr,-.-F c.-ild out -ME -
cute even ordinary mrch,:l., 'ito ,, ih.c jura tl:-i,. (Tetlimtny
of Clinch, Eustis, Lindsay, and 1 ii-h,,i-ri ; a l',I--, ('iorel Sutiih's
reportoof his expedition.up Pea-- cr.:ek.i F 1I hb ei:up' had still
.to weartheir winter clothi, I t,-.- i ,d i t- ii .-j -ival al' ,itlaei'
good at l'E mip f',o n N,;c Ot-.-ri ; ill:: :ink iul,: ; :r pundls.oo
which buth int and hs-,r- i bc .J -s u rill t ,-, v I c',,t at':r, -ere
ri.-', M'l in5 ir 1 11b u, dr,.d Uil, i'-j in fil,- ,.hL i'? Flite l1r-r %va,
tepid, ehe., .' L. tin,*1 fillt. .ih tig l,- let n. ,''t r ind anurusleulaie.
'tet 1-1,n) i ,f Clortn, Futr', flri-u init o':.t Add to ili,-e
c I:t j li dnitreia on Uind t i '- Iht aWim3Ifpi .. i'd hirnimtrm 'lts
whtl'lh I -rr Iruarr,:.-i ; ilh- il' ,li'-t ri" in bacon, to hicla sice
vriul iteer: hb.t V |- I E:--eir t ult le.rn ai.:Cu t;omed at hoine; and
lth nrel.c:-.t all .:rre .i-.Jr ite iyr.io 'er pa'l ol Lhc time ahen
in march, I.. unl'aa -ned di.;h, pirtially fried waih pork, or
htllt baked Ll'::re c'mp fire a..d It il- l a.tOcIatb no one Lolearnj
/rao thI:e Lte'-tinuno y ihat ,-. bd -r.;t niry individutis., offilqrs.
Hrn. mn n, wh-,cIu)l-d rniLher r.d- ni o, ,:1t. Tlhe "P y ,'e ,ouce
was Lo crs-wd [h-'itU inin lu .,ii ii: ; -)i, in Ia :aa'lF L [luntoTi, ve
could lea I- c i i',o-0 b-hbind.
6 F o ro *. : '..z : rd -, i t .
At St. Augustine, and en thI. !-t. J usln' ri high pp as the
depot at 'olu: J. thellre 'p ,l n th. i -'qu -,tona of' Generil F, &-
tji and miy ,an, ,ip,.n Li.'r:,,n oat L'tEnli-: at Chal-atlnron, d
Leulrtenni rinimum :k at '-a- tnn.,,li, it. Curid oit -,ppt,- of brhb
coer and hay,[and there h .10 iij p-u,. ..i |J ,., ., ir. t-age.
round F-..-I' U[rao,. \la ra'o np, ..: a, in f-,und n anburidance of
'orn and hi, h ivih a mraail quanvy ,it oit_., ill supplied in con'ai
I plianer wmi, mvY iezi' u.t'.uitn l;' I 'a i-I I uporn ith? qin-irter-
Imasier at Ncr. Or]O an:. Tim c rra, h ..iirtr, wati .o -,ii.lly
'bad, hatiri.:, pr., iL,b-brri .. : .J Ld n b L 1ri .a AI c ieiat. The
g.;-.d sai mitre-tIcrnalianed at l'nia.-i, duiinia retr tn r ruiC
hle horsi, 4I right or ten da,; I t tihati fla,-. The- F. 'li-rin is-
o-.ed for renewed operati-r iuai a[cinelly thb" reirue, -,]teh
killed ,ome horses and injiu,. n-i ., -. i i r.:-'-.;t. n it Mr. New-
coniiUie, and ostimony u:v" C-aptain Thruston.)
Tb ,:razicrr i I e ite tit-it or. as all tihe wviiriee e ,ij-iC' i..oid Clon
that siujpct have e:-tiied, furnishe-d l-it in oc.:as,--enl and a
-iiti re ,,ir.-. lien-.- Lh,- Court tiill oiti br i-urpri-:,, that
('ne-eral Eu.iie cauied e,. -ii **5tair-, h.:.rE- tlh him to ,e led
Lby li3 .,jirn.r -,n rf.t Ilt Ia:' ,l-en m l.e': (f t',i iarc'li from
\'olu,-;a upon aForpni Bay. Thb. giteiuig 1' a but ;inle l.is bad
on Ili; relu i nit.t r I
But, it mran b: a ked, w-ti n-'L tit tlit-r. moreorn wih th e i
colujm nr l'r...n', the il,. cpr, .hi:h f'uriiih d itbilt h,-h 1 aa -r-od ?
f our trains had been doubled. I, :ouTi-:tir-enr nrpl, could ntit haa
been transported evenifther' lhd tL-.i I-.d roba.-. Let -tay
aIen al ni E ti. '. h t !h -l'- lal'tin lor hi,-e i f:" lo -.' e h.)w nls--;
k,i,,-,,, Is U.aUld be require -, I'-r ew.an ".r' ,.i vke,.orn enaoguth or
a ilium nn l li.:r -i ri '. t- a l 'ity djay-, iri-,lu.lir 9- 6 u. ,. i.nou ilpn ti.n
,I' Ihe drau htt lijri ;,-:, emi hfiii ej, .n..l II.. i %ill :,t tl d it
t.,.- r:citl. A:.,-r : thy n.a i n ake : "'- rd.:,- put ti-ee bui--
.-lis l ......I. in hI i r li l i- l i ,. J ;-I 1 1a: h- ,r..: l',r ii i h i r C thli
.JH *,i.:ulil t.ai.lry IIs, bI rul ,rpp i dJ t, do ilhi;; but I
k,-ot'i, ti-" -" ri -ur pe,-.iia-i-ri -that[ r:r. ,'uJ i'ee any bodj p1
,.ilu lm crie r whatever, unle- It b- und:i t ilr IF-hl' A -tr lls r pa-
ii-Olic inlereithus, in hefir .a ,14 a ,.t.loai :i-, l.u der laJi ihein-
-ei, e; I made the proposal, oan. aih.ilugli I ce.immanded at rhe
tin.a.- corps of horse composed mostly of gentlemen of the
Iigh,, it ctlrit and de. Ioeoi-): rlty, I e'i: e d not tio i ue
an ald-er to thai -Tee,, t- it couldJ n.a-i L : .n c.ICed, alIhl- h I
ple.lged myv.ell' iho' I .ul.l do ilt ., I iviehpld to re-qluire ol'f, h-
era. I the'n r,.du.:-d lht ,iui, iti c-f" Ci.. n 1a b, a,- taken, ;r, my
.-r ler N .-,. '2n, and it I le e ill': n ,c Eiot d .. A.l.,id,. I(F; e- abo tan
,t r.r -:. .f" Ijhrr p.-rck. onl., v ,'n a..tu liy j.ut -on .-i-:h horse.
Ai] this3 C.u-it will r.: ,Ja lty.,.i.,e.'-,: I 'l i h: tranproreation of
aJ v ir lr, ih ,: in Li r .- ir li b i h: ,'-n 1:ij.i r ,IT'n .a ei -a n t .i. d a y r 'I n g
wtiull Vii ,, : ti.e ,uI.-'iiott aILII marchlni_ tr.-o ,Bi- as well on ac-
co-ltt of Its bulk aj iL weight.
Prom the fIregoning circutrtances il r.ul',d that alIl [aralv-
inpg horsee arived aLt T-ni pa in a bad condition, and returned to
lthe not ih of Plorida in n worse. as la shown b) Libe lev-.dece.

S (e

7.- Roads and Bridges.
The only rola within ihe tliarre of tiur oWrailuDs was that
sadle bIjy Government, connecting Fort Kiug with Tampa Bay.
This load ias a ery partially followed by all the columns under
my command. IlS three bride-s e,,re detirouyed by the enemy
at tlIe cunmencument of tot-tIlite,. All the .-:.thr rout e were
openeded by the clunrano ab. ]i-, ]tr.r:hoe-, and ihe streams rough.
Ih hrndpcJ at tie -'a,.e ton.-. Theae labors nvre difteuhlt and
incesemnt, as muay be ouppe.d, and nI has ,.,:n shO-w in the teiti-
minny "f E,.', LindaJ.y, and Thruijlon.
A.- I' ant of an au riliarj Indiao n.'orce.
The C.-,urt has -e, n by my .rder No. 13, I.March 14.') that
I called i't `50A fra.diy'CLiek Indt.hrE, 1i- be ci-tnmanded by
Ge-n. Wc-.,liard, MsLj.ii Wdleon, arn.d Major FI',urnoy. The
firtl tlrcu have beer zummn...on:d here, o Ithi' and another tinm-
p-:iian potit, but htaven.-.l r-iarr'l. Tb'e lirild .rrly Ml 11 Mte
Creek war. Cl. Gad,,dn'e d p.:..-i..n t.:.we the importance
ni'auchi f.rc- ; anr- m'y -ici.i-r. i, FI.-).-ida hnlivt had the bene-
fii ol'filie iugg liton. I it a. klni.ced me ty Iei agent of Go-
a rnmrn,', auid thni dinial not rt ':n r-l!uk.:-d t [the Secrelary
War. See Muol.r Hogain's lell. r t- tatI lionit.: nary, and hbi
reply, lated, respetinly, Moct', ai end April 12. For rhe
eta,.dinn' and quahiljfiBatI-n of ith,: ii', maulore, iiamed by ine to
bring Coi the Indian-, --ee G,, nr.- r Eiiti,'i letior to rue, datled
March 7, and General Clinch' n-i..- IOf Itr.-dtilor,. General
\VWcjdnard is i-o hiielil ditnc..-o.h.:.l, b..:.h a a cronimarnder of,
as0- against, Indioas, I., r.:firn a .:,rd f ', .-piiri-. i h;a place ;
anId it will b.- ieen, in LhF arg nt': lM,,.ir R.:,-an'ei lelt,:rio me,
dald the l-, of F- bruirv, iht hlii ilth.uhi l:.c-nild, "in ten
'!a,,,ta u;ej ue] ItiJtl0 narri.'., ,nndJ arm ih mar. :h lu jin. [me.J
+~O o. m,,jo 4 ...n .
9.- Want qf guides.
Eustis and Lindsay, as shown -y the ii teat tari, nhad no oearn-
-patent guides, and could obtain nine. C'linch'a c:iluIin wias ra-
ther lens badly pi o.,led ;n thi;.: r. ,--'u, y, he hid nr..i t guide
who knit an>y lhao ,1fIe t rhe r] t-.: fi. ." if M'. Core-a Cretan
K';i, rne[i, held fi ...In ih kvrt-.lede ,:.f" hi a hit, eMan, a.s the
srerelJ aD,-...., ,ifthe ,'u nil ic. ;r nt d.Jic-i,j d i-, all hut the ini-
liied. In eh-irt, all ilthe dirT-,lt prts of. Florida were, to the
whole nrmy, (-ne i rra ,iiiroo tul. Government gave me no
teop -i.ipli.-al information, nor had any to give antd the book-
seller.' maps only afforded outlines, filled up with unlucky
guesses. .
10.-The l;n,:h.d lin' r-.fr achi',.: op, ri/lo.. .
FProm preceding causes, and d.-Ju-n:;ne hilj it..-- nano.dably
loast at Tarimpa, Lie r.C.luMnI ,i" Clin.-:h ei.J Euati. n- re actually
in the fildol, bE yind F..-ri Di-ane nd V'.lu ;:a, .rily abut ti.evni-
two dy. ''ly
'he teEtinionn or L..bih Cliii, h and Thrust..n.et'wa that I ,:o.;d
nh banl- pI l tih ri,, ntig in rpeiaoi.in .,,in P.-.r., Drane, earlier
than I did (Lt-c b_ h if' Marrh,) rnd'E -4t-;, i|th the 1.lf, Loing,
ca.aedhe d li Jho's, at V',,'jia, shoUl Ihe same time, I.. ap-
proach Tie Core, L.y i7l.e I .w o-f Plahlekuha. Clinch, a.tth
his wing, ai cumprap.'ed.J to re'ta,n ti.:- F.rt Drane on tb. -s5ih c.f
April, ihe term ., service rf a part of hs nlnineers having al-
realy ezpir..d, an-, as he reports to ue, the 2,7th-" l. n and
hors. tr.dch e.lieuEted by ickrnees and the hea, ., ihe w.sathe r.
Another dam '6 mitch would hav ,i'c-:Bioned th-- abanJdr,nig ol'a
parl f the train. Fil'fieen borhacand muleedied :n lhe -io.d, and
eight mr,- tuiatned out Ih.t c,,tld n. i be gt aIrng by leading."
Eu'ti, with the I,.ft trnI I jibich I ac.:nr,mpan]-d er[r,: T.iampa)
was in like mainn: r, and v-ry majcl] I,-, ihl, caine rindition, cm-
pelled iu return to Vl.'ii on the i-ame da,-April rh.
Colonel Sritlh w], lhu,Ja, with I,;' retm .-nt, the Louiti;i.a vu-
Ilnteert, b..en detached by the a,- o-f C-barl,:,te Harbor up
Peas CrtclI, about ihe l2t0h of Aprl, rriurned to Tamlr-a thv
26th, aud embarked for Ne-w Orl.-nen ,-,:,_'rdng tor-rd. r., nhlr.
the leg-iniert a. riii.dlit I hn-ik, a l ile after iti ta. t, f 'ei'i, e
hBad nape. d.
The hatihlion -l.f FIirid.nn, ialed i'r.-,m Tampr, aboui Ihe I il
of April, for the W/ithlu,:.:-,-he, ..-n I-i j, ItoSt. Manrk', nhpi.'
it uir4 discharg.-d. I do not kno-.i. ihen hi, ai- b tlion V6-. m.'-
tered into service.
The ce nre column, under Colonel Lindsay; which at firstin-
eluded 31ot..r R.-ad' batl -.:.n, arr;i.n Lv euim fr.-.m MNtilt at
Tampa, i;as ihe fi>ta of ih,_- thre. ci'Imru-, uril.r m'-v .trder6-, in
the field. On the 16th r,f Mr.-h hlie puit himruelf' in .ne.mtenit,
eltibli hed Ih. p-:..t .:,n t he Hillsb.,ri.-.h, "3 n,;Ir-. from rirnpa,
called F.it Alabami, as a place f" dep.-:;lte, and adwninced to-
nard T'/rh Cote as far a-s C liichlu.hatty, ethii-l he j reached
sbot Lhe 24th-lhe lIttr, lndi nrg in of the delay in ihe
iot mnEaLe of thei Lwo olher ,olumns, tal.ing rtich.d h;m -utb-
seci ,inti ly.
This clanuin, ,-coE, -iLI principally c-f the Alabpma regiment
oa volunieers under Col. Chi'hr,,in, and several times changed
in Ltz other parts, was abl.i, the latest in the field, by a fewdays.
By oiw ordeie, No. 3., c' the (,-;t, of April, Colonel Lindsay
.a i eitncuc.-, on his return to Tampa, al, ,r my departure, to -
r rni A -o in further Lit,0 .n-n irn, ait-'hin lile tr.rn.pa,-' .|f hi-.; irr,-e'
in ih- riroe,-utiio-n -:fllhe caorpaiUn, iLhrit nThTi be deemed use-
ful, r-..d ihen i, ,su-i- ml..- I ,.,l,,-i-:-rE w.ie h hin (ilie Ailbania re-
gituno ni d a.n imdeipendrent ci-Mipny of Loiiijianiane, under Cap-
Lain Marks) In be embinuked frtheir respcriae homes. Thai t
embrkstalon was cnimma.cld by him, arctprdsing to his report,


May the *2d- ti reany season h'evqg 't ite/f.lpd it being |
deemed "impossible to keepihe field tlt badjiAfltopp, wizth- I
out jtreSL, and for any objecL thet could be aocomropTEch a Wien-
LOU wa1t1 or lire."
Thus lermina-ted, Mr. Preaidenti, active operations ondcr my
command ; and il from the c ]oame aisgned, woilout 'Jecisit'e re-
EUli, at least r% Ithlint defeat or rejc k, ts Witlhuit di. Ih-inor.
In my -qf-ort of die J2th or April, ir'io Tampa, I spoke tIn
teros of high cr.nmme-ndaunn 9f the three principal cowiniand.ra
under me-Clrnch, E-uatis, atil Lindsay. Efiah continued i. Lthe
laot to deserve greater praise than it ib in the power of rine, un-
d: r ry peiesent cireutilsances, to be.tiow. I also had the bene-
it oft Clorijel t;a.tsden'a astoeimnc, the cltel 'fmy siutf, vul-
uriaeer in life war, a soldier and a patriot, who, in'Jeprendfut of
hli pariular knowledge of the enemy ind tie Peni oula, of
his :ereicro with me and on pdior occasions, L cru,.ed I i IL[
lalenai dand virtues ahtich give him high cldimn. upon tia GCv-
ernnti.tit arJ country. The handsfull oftegulore v hol w. re vith
mrie in theli field never fultercd in JifficulLjar drngr; anil if,
now rind Lbrtn, they yielded the puit ut'honor, It %A& pui.ely ;n
coiiiplh-'ritl lo iter c-ontry'i T-rtn f're-ah ri i )it %iI li'e, who teei'
cheri'Ehed and fisniied i:-n cverv occ.ition. Thl'L-E |tLrriui taloln-
tecroff?.tt)h Carolina, Goorgi.i,Alabama, Louiemiria,.Id FtL-iJia,
v ec on ,Joubl (many uL thinr) simetunesIe incft- iL rr-'Inm the
mere an kardnes3bf inexperitence ; bil they i:-ry generally
brought aiih them to Lt nit hilgh chivalry, liwhchli alta: in-
,pireE tlie auh of pe-r .,ial dititnriion, and lith; ia rri.qucnily
rnd nohlV obtijined by indit:idualo arid dtitmLmr: nii.
On thie principal c ibmaun3err anid the I rrp h.h ..: re unlde,"
r ue, I ha-.. then orily to Invoke ile appwcbt'iitn 'fifleir country.
Let its censure, through ihi- Cut'a, fill on tn-, :irrd it' aloite,
If that army, it all were done vni;'u it was ,..p ,h ukto acc,.m-
pl;sh oadnr the circumltancei.
Some ,ue ti.,ns, Mr. President, wert pal 1t- as utmin) i[a -
neasseo 'fithe higfier ranks uho haveappeaired b,:ttro ibiaCrbuio,
Io asceruLina ,heiher I lhad failed in ainy pail-.:ul-ir a' a cot,-
mander in Florida, in p- nt of judgement, zeal,.-r prronal ion-
duct. ] he answers were direct in crry inUstajLc, L-'i tlo"aorn-
plimentiry to be here reproduced. Let tIhem I'lI1[.- ii % riur re-
cords. 1"h) may, htrejaftir, perhaps be repd LUy thb.--E .i-h will
not bi, rtradt I., blush fI r [heir parent.
A woid, sir, a' to my plan of campaign. I bhl-,- li-e th this
has I'eein soflicritly developed in the evidence, aind -mbodied
in fhi. summary. Ih bai been c rturEd OI a ri-IIt, hii.,,eir
an old oficer, and who delighltst. see himrsellin [ rini, ae being
&ome-hiat Euro[peaa, Bo if it wnre criminal t.:, import profea-
si-onalknouledGe, and whlo Seemed IlI think Lhult rneralt ought
SIfi- ake ..r U1tt1ih,1ut plans or eily ,:rt. Thi. iloar errn h.ja
ben incidenftll;. but too signally rebuked by at ,minite.t mili-
lary erij.;l .nd pnItficJI func tionary-, to be further aatice,- in ihi
place. I shall, therefore, lihere simnply qlu.te tIe ri inniu nff
Lito your ger, but better soldiers, un the particular pir, ot utrie-
r3alions t.y me laid down and pursued.
Alter -xpl-.,rirj2 Lhe cunLry too a grlat etenlni, aaoI learning
uI.I-bh that .a? r?.. o'f iu, and the enri-y, Ge,:tral JlrinchI caye
tlo ne in lis rei rit LApril I ;b) of1 hi opErauors i-touiirnrg irur
TdiiJpai Bay, "', til t1ic true plan .)' o.perationrs a-riant themin
[ftiT InduatJ %ill be that fir.tI desigiediJ by yorin, tilti i, lv 6
tI.rce from Pelahlekaha, a force ascerding L.y my [lie] route,
and a corre-spuondinp one on the norit-h ia..e,'-hi: jtI routr.
This, the Court ,ill perceive, was the precise plan laid down
by min lor r o hrat opre rations.
Captirin Thrusmitri, vaho, I knew, in March, t F.-rt Drane,did
n.. alli,'g lthler ap.'pr.--.e of the plan *:' c iD[laign I %.i abiiut lt
10ollt., naJ tilt hlnom I did not agd;ri-i conseree a)n ihbe -te ecci
*,ija, hiern before this Court, at a .enliure, aik.-d tby mni Ihit
quJ, stion :
17. The vtirns hbec-tine acquinied wrlhi ih- g.-nrial plhou
.,,ftperhiioni prjecitv.d hy Geo. S'ott. \VWih di-: hrneti ,)I tlie
urnn-' s' ubieqient knuoitJ:el- nf the enemy, und the country y
-:.'iJpicd by hir., %what m the tiL t ni'e,'i opinion *.f'lhat e. ncral
p o-I, rifoperatiton ?tl
"Ans wer. When I first heard Gen. S. di'ttl lih; plan of
.:,'pet-a'un, I thought that hr. bdI taken more tihe neceea ry
I'. *u thLI3, 3Iby advaricing Into the cotinlry iiiLh iihrce c:uluranr,
I'rain dTirtr -nt poirti, otihe peninsula nutilotLiang Ilti roir %nli
[C'(luni']ofhf ortheaN would be- met by the enc;,iy to Ih ree on
* the Wythl.co,.'-he. Nor dJid I bol-a,, that ia atta, rof ,C't000
Fi-,pl.': iculd 'onceal iISelf ,j nffe,:tljally in the prrinmula, south
and east ol'fthe W3 ill'ac,.,ihee, ltiL they could it hbe liJuuid by
on' or.oy [cajlumn :-r wing.] MI, 'b.-q't--i Cp- ii-lie t,: ht
.ile tomy rror, ..nd t1 conaidt r Gn. .:i' pln oil -iprtii, us
tile true one."
But, Mr. Presideult, it haog ben *Lbjnctcd lo ae ihuli, in i.
tIret oiferaions, (toward- Tampa Bay,) I held titi irrq-p: to
i.L: i t unneceetarily lau ig-oflo,8', Iji.t, sand 1,-0mte an, rA.
-pecitve' .O:'Lh;s I mselfearlv became p.rsuoa.jed. Bt in
cc.inehjion' witnhthitr--"dl- CoUtL Wtllplc-:, look at that1 [-'at
-A1' Colonel Lirdeay'rs teEilmony, d:itailitg ith rmc mtsr..'="'*f1-1
le pave me -it Augusta, at Lhe end ,I Jandaiy, li36. I regret
iht. I am obliged to abridge it i th,. place. Col. Lindsoy had
se rved with Matr'r Gene ral Jai ke-oit aiaint a pair- ol diie. a-nte
Indian? in the campaign 1f I Il, hle principal object whichih
ao. [ncco-rding o Ithe: witness ] to dnrve the S-n'inales fr.m th,
Gecg a rroriea -r," ocro-tilie uvtunet: ; hat" Genral Je e clon
carried ir.t,. th-? field i force amoinniriac to, p-rlhap, 6,000 nien."
Thi asa osiid i aont ewer to )my ith I ultinn. T.j ilit,:- t.th lie
C'l,-,ael had pre iooly said, th-. country r:,-t of dUe Suwanee
i inrlpiitely mor iiiprai'ineahle thll*a the coriLry Wess." [i-
ndria miin trikang difference", all ag'iins i our irrc.p;, and it I.
kn.An IMhilt _ieteril Jarc keOi's opef-at.ln lertintuted on Lit.
nst bank -f that river. In riepect to thle advice gumen .i the-
IuL.t:tci o'Cdeftci/lng, Ihe asinoeo sad, I heli I mentioned
to G0en. Scott" tha. derived that advice from .na. Jackoou,
who, t.n come ocaf,-sion, uben I wanted to go on detached aer-
iice, mnade ue cor ihis emphatic expres'ton : 'Sir, I never d-
,:h ag ant Indaidn.' And, again, in th i:ame campaign, Gen.
Jackson '"eiir'ed to the witness, that heneverdeta.bhed orEuf-
fered snst,Il pariie in. march thilirouglh the Indian couritry." The
(Ourt will .-am te ole-or in mtnd tbh oiticial] tcla.,n that aulo sijt.yd
I" January, 1o6, betw-en Gen. Jackaon,C'ol. Lii'sJay, and mv-
; ult'; that I had never been in the interior of Plortila ; that G.v.
Ea'-n, in h'e letter Io me of Febiu3ry 3, 183r;, ;peakiiig of ilthe
houtlp Sentinoleg, Eaiid : Their ni,,meitcal force cannot be le-s
than 3,000, protbbly more ;" that Col. Lindsay has testified, tn
answer to my 271th question, what masL be evident from the sur-
fracs olithe country, that, from depersiot, Ihe enemy had great
facilities ofconcenltriadou ; fithat I led seen, before the column
advanced from.Fort Derane and Volusia, by Gen. Gainea's let-
tLer to Gen. Clinch, dated the 29lth of Pebruarv. that the writLer

10 (e)

supposed hiuseif to hove been s rrnounded, in Camp Izard, by
I not less than 1,600" warriors, and that, although he had fiomn
a thousand toeleven hundred good troops vilth btim, I sacv that
be could neither pasns the Wythlacoo-hee, nor venture to make
a Eorire. All these conidcraiuona induced me, Mr. Priiilerit,
(to hold the troops under my command in tit ee cialurine. until I.
could feel my way little, and judge for .iyaelf. Wh-.n I haid
satisfied mymind that there were rinut, to all Florida, mor, ibthain
1,20 Indian warriors, probatbl, less; aind tiba, of that torLe,
perhaps not G5O had heen co-1'i-ntraited at aity timE: in the war,
the Court will find that I lien becaime a little hol.,lr, a d de-
tached, freely, and for, i an ailireccoun; and .l gti'iiifug lt
recall that, nowithsLanding all che bugbear, by hchi'h I had
been for a moment frighted fio.m ryn iti, not a ditat-r-n-at
one defeat ensued. I speak, sil, ofdeltachments bcpatd sup-
porting distance ; ior all die" columns tvere Jliatitual, iubdi-
vided twil'ii that lin: in searching for and in a.ticlKi-i the
The firit ofihese distantdre-ltaehntinis wae thatoi340imen, I'-i
under Mator Cooper, only iwelce mil-a tuih of the W;thln>.,.-
chee, and chich gallantly maintained itell from i'he 2d of April '
till the I ih, when it tis abEs-jrbrd not the raturu of Cjhn.:h's
column. Major Cooper commerned a achk Itardefericc, but ithe
enemy gaic him no Ii-tare to complete it. Gen. Eueiil, .jp-
prroaching rampa, broullit his mountedI men lu tIhat dJelr t, hat
left hit fool, front the. 5th of April to the I hih, at Cmp S.hte-
ton, itndar Brigadier Genaeral Bull, tixeeln Lntle in ih, rear,
without even a breasit, rk for uis fence. Wit Itldh' iUei
body ulo ino-, I myself marched to Fort Alabeina, whlst irhe
Southb Car.lina home, tinder Cnl. Goodwin, was on the disani
service of searcbip.g for the enemy, a.hout the head olf Peas
creek. At .,e same time, Col. St.irn, and his Ljriacna valun-
le-rt 'ri for duty, (about 0to,') with small pairle.; from lthlie UI. ,
Sihp Vaodlta, un-ler Lieui. Powell, end frari the ruceiue cot-
tar Dallau, under Captain Green, scouur-d the I-er part of that
creek lo the exitent of about 66 miles fr-i, li-harlotte Har-
bor. C'-lonels Smith and Gordwin wthu .,i.i-.d what we
had oup-posed t,> be staing the favorite h iranLc and Ltrong-
holds of the enernmy. I, myaelle, i' 3l'nh of Ar.nl, with ai in-
gleo company o' Soath Carolina horEe, mar-hlcd from the Big
acres Ebh Litlae Wyphlacoorhee; again, the 2 lili, ivth hut two
compani'a, I WE ni to Vol-iaia, a dJy in ad 'anc oI' Eulos's ,ul-
timr n sent a small deiachierntl the ''ith ii ecour the country Oial
orSprin Garrden Lake, and persunally proceeded, with Cit.
Gadsdei, Captain Canfilld, ani Lieut. J. E. J..linnon, ard 17
men, in a miserablP little E teamer, ta e vplore the it. John's rit -
er to the head of Lotte M.nrn,e. Gen. Clinch rnd Cal. LindJiay
also mudrie detachmertae about ihe eame peticd, srad I bhd detach-
-id Maitror Read, ilth the bltialion L.I Ploiidiai ., by witer, to
Esarch lie lower WvythIaeCoochee, as eatly avi the l';tib.
As ithbi la -i e xpeditii-n uas the ol.' rne made uir'dr nmy rom-
itannid that failed to rea-,li the destination given, acd to accom-
I lish it, objectai and, for that reason alone, h.i' brought uprnr,
i.e infinitii oaliquy, I beg the Court will pardon mie ir dwell-
in;r pijon it a t-lnoeri.
It has been seen by the dlepoantion orMr.N-.seouin,e,the qiacr-
lertoasitr at Tampa in April last, that, by ir i:rditiary eaxesi-
lions r.r hii part, aind int a little energy on ritae, ample, and
even axtira, means wkre provided for Mlnjc.r Rea-'a oriall battal-
i'n of, perhaps, about ?t*1 men. First, there .%;-re two laige
and orne oaille r scho:rer; lico [inmtesa-i ofl'one] cLit is, under
Midshipmen Rril and Drake, maninedil aud furnished, at my r,.-
quest, from the U. S. Ehip Vandalia, Caontiin %% -bt; a large
aw, in T.itec:ci Aith meebaniila, nruil kui, niu.J pit.'Ihs.-
that it might be put t igehei, and lanc-lied in twu, lu-urs; many
Eh;p boats, or yawls, nd pilotle. Theldep-.nenr, an expenenr-
wl and eicelldni olti-erdc-itires, tt respect t-. thi,' .iciency
iit those mea.s, both for trnsaeporttng the iroop in ttl. mouth of
thi- river, anod fi-jr amending i-'" I did not doilbt, ri ir do [ know
that nny body else did-I donocthink Major Read hitniai:lfdoubt-
ed, slth'augh lie attempted to find fuull with the merin-.' (Si'.
alao Col. Gadsdeen's second dep,,stiin.m.)
B-ti let is nawasee whsat use wsea mad-.?, by the miajnor, o1' the
olutti thui furnished. I hall quote hia report lo me, uwhich is
daI-t,.d April the -7th ; bcing bimselfnear the mouth -ct'he We'ih-
lach,,-ichee, he says:
"I Idleapatched all bthe Aiuoall craft tol the tranrportL, -7,[h order
i' tn he oftireri; i command abofhrd of Uthem t) roinraence de-
biking tife omen s fast as puisible." ; 4
On the ralturn rf the boats,i transporting, as I had ordered, as
Many men au thesy could teceive, the Mbrning rep"'ts of ths

officers in commaondl wore handed Lozne, by which the firigLlful
picture uJan ierseae of0'forty (40) to the sick lihast in leas tha'nI
,two days was presented. Special commutiiratirans from the
aurgeonam wer.b ilsoc handed me,in w'ticl the mott hc.rriblc Eon-
t1 utni:.o ':crer predicted, unlc-aa hLi natrn ",-,u-l ,be taker.
Sforca. ih to EOrm place eth-ri. r 'tdi-.it:. rnd gard ,.utci'c:.uld
'Lbi prt. jred. Thie water on .t-,.i-d it.- cehoner ir-'lrne, it
.. _, ;.J, bad aI. id d L.eca-, : -c ,. F.,e id. -i% Iv ii arJ,t
1 .I..:p 'i ,.:dJ r, o,'df-i Ir [the ir.nipori,:.i- iici-i.l all t ail, andl
-.: pr.-V'e.t ;.it li Ih,' -AuL .: i-t p-i.-ible IJ,. ,iBi:i It USt. M .tik'-, ithe
Sne,.e,. i rti. I r-n-Irnded ab-..-id tihe dit-, chrnrt I.t ordttercd
L, aill t- d itr ,i.td 3 erlcct numb-L:r /.-: %,n I:, 1.3, Wit, '-
b ot I ih iL u ll ,cral'r I'oi the- purp.aae uf ioaksi. th ill : if.r-a -
har it- .at..-h I find, tpn pert. n ,t 'rdcli rti-- :
'~t~.J lly ib n a t F tl I dl-J, sire the. p,'-irRit ,ijEcIt .---( t,:
s e pe-Jiii'r,." I ...Wh-n in-oru.r-,l b h pilot I. it
aWi rliei i ii. rt h ,iti.i I cc-. or it-ih,--ll'lI th,; -C-ul
c ci. r i..I l \', -n iai.a ; it .1'eI- I, lc t t r tbh-ri nlie 1,i-?cr, tErk-
'ing with ll. Mli w.. it -.- iy ,i la.-z tic rii.' 1VliT : '
Ita.- .',r -:r .v: r Iht- h- r I pr--ecde.- o,.im :- ic1%) ,I1-?a a ilrr Up-
iaird-. Wj icrtib, t, -I l iiiiit.i- -t a leut-ai -nai-ak eh-ti.- f liii
'aif..r.lr l i %' I. l t .c | pet hap, ith ee muIrd ,jiz t ,li:t I ; ..i i '
it n-t pru.-J ri to O, iarihe r, and caied h' Ib.ot l.i return."
h'on [he ir, ',,r pr c,:, rled to !t. Miark aft-i lii. inhtl,:n.
H ere, I ,ill Jric[ .i', i\H Pt ,:..I iil, iwl)i,' ll llli e r &n '
Butt I may a- ik, .'r, l:u.- : ill tt,11 r n-,-:. ar.-I prce-.:r.i. iuii
S.:-ri, 1- pa'.' ,,'tbh r-f-it arc, d.-'ubllt s. .s .-.a-eut--e M C.-th-r' e.i i,
stirat-if. F' e uioplic : VlWjen h-'.? inal,-r liL-ird .--" tha new eieie.
of ;ickne h.:.%% rt'iny %e-ll nir- t eie left I He- ,lua aiot tell a -.
SThT w:,raer, 'oo-,.r L-r.rd i :-'oionr.-:.I' the io-nap.:.m-t had -Jrdd:,il) -
L,?..mc ptrid, and the liedicine, diii ,i,'rn. IH..; .j ? Wi' 0-,i
het vf-c o'n bi.uiJ, -a ord-er tlu inquire- uir.o lh,:t-e t.aLfJ,--mrt-
r nitilief,- in p-er,-:- ? .n i tna, ihter- I1i. ,-.. i- after i o lr
I'itlt-r %cca'al-, or in lhe W5yi ldtuclatcief, al tI,:- I'tji-til I WIIhlil
p oni-. or -lie itilea, itl ihi- flill ? %% e l e -oi n ,tth-r,: n:i. ,
ic-n) oe'l i-ten ri-inrjilnria t ,. f -r.heoin .. it ,Li.i d ci, h htwi,
anrid o-u ..- ir.:k etheti an itl,: lt,,ui l t--i.h ]ij '...--ghl ih.in 1'.-. -i
It e Irair i e i,,S. r-hv nr. .: c t'.-r nietd ail lh -: ;-., arid licr e zrfit
I'tr rnr- Io rna, l hii i-n a -:.:..n- ihe rii-r in lit, q-irill-r cr.-- I
3aI., c.-i-i, & 1. ? In taot ,ac bie m;-0hl br, rie p.j'eJ dri:.u-.;li
the large ant.ike," on-l ,ar- re .-Iedlh,' the '. B.il thie inait-r
appeals to iti "order,'" an.-I I hall exhlbiO t L.i:itlhi ,t i';,'trd,-
ti.-.;aiid o-']jcr:.
I By my directions, C',,I (iLdjln, i.r ih." Itch c-17 prI, cLr.-
to Major Read, in a Itit-. of ii -iru-:[-ioa, artiiur q oilier malltnrj
to be attended to, the;r : Vou %t.11 eal,, ik 1- 'i t -\'..r i.L.ei
haltail-ii, ir,.iiIu.Jld inc.lid, and ickt, -r the i'.,--th of the
Wi luilrcoohie i that v-j-i .-i,.ne ,.anchor io the rii-ar-a and
srafel ac.resifl-, hirbur i.:. h-r uth i :.t he sire ti'-, and that
V' y pij proce-I, iIli V'iJr erf-t.clt.? tiree, (Ic j'-n y lrier i;ck und
SiislidV .i.ri l,.aud,j withll the. bo-ot at cuiiman lu Eto .'tiril. .1
Senrance, and -, penerrai aa..jr a. practicabh,, an.d Lone.e-
Hilrnl il,.h tOr sec irily of y,.,,r c:...o ,rnii &c. &e:. ." You will
Sprreirr v r,-,[,- .:?f %'yijlr b i._ri im-.-u ind -rl ,'1 tc.- "dJ -
t atlrtnc.I iioutly, it~ helr5,:-tr of li- ni.:tih,:-ric ot 'he niiil,i
Sor the W tt-: na i ,li'y ,af h ri-t r rbr b-te ;
Sihe jrubaale d,'toan,:, Io hiih li-l ima. I,.: pwi.trct.id ; dhe -eho-
Sracier of it.; u.,rin.r, oud the lctil.i s, tnrirullj, aff-id-id laor
the fuorjinla -flolrI-p-, it-ih a 3i. w i- auplly-Inrof orim-y f-IerA-
r'to bairiafter .-a or neae,' Li 's. i.:re. 'l.t- dulet peri:..'rrmi.J, oit
cc' ill f.-roieed I,: t. 1. M-irk'-, Fl--ri-I3, in the tr yin epoet:, wst.,-e
vu, .-am.ri-ir. wilt be L.'&.eraiblt diclr_.red," di:.
SIr. psiFt telei a n entmroim of Florida, and iben a i..lnteer
ti Ger.ituI Ea:-ql'ii -i-lt, h tae..l,-iclre ihi C-trt, thti- ..iti
a' my ilu,0lrirt ibi' day brl._,re llic 1ll61i *,f April) Mlr:i,-r Read
tmbirked, ioe.n ihait li.ic'-r v tAled -: ite ii.lt-i i hf ii- I f p,:li.
tion. The pury-:ir if i-,' tnio,- 'd n i t fi:, a-e, ii.: -.',i, i \.ill
pfr-yle ei that i ., dj aft-r it, tr,, rden inlr. ttull,,rt MI,t j,
Rkt-d, I ende--.or--d, in lth iiit:-t i- l ar ivt-fe e i.-rn, nJd r.-iriir-,er,
lo puiit cut t-o him ili he impi'Tunuce 'f it,'.- e.;',ed. i,- ti -. ii ul-ric,r
iilirat.our, ; cuir-d hI I ali it) 11 in, I fpe.:i1iical I. : the r. ce! ll t
e sa un'ric the r,. r, end itialrit a k iet.lh or daitiirtl *i" it-; ,-- n.-I-
inge ind -i c.j,- ', tip t0 it;e.. -t r" c hi. oitrctu-ctc i ,- a, fa li,. ti -
lie td .'. i-Ie iil,.:,, ant- trh t I d :,tred Mla l r Rr:',J i ri -
]ect a point, for a future post, with reference to wood, as.near
Ihose falls as practicable.
In respect to ever) ei--i, etc, pi the rrt-r- eirin.c ;rii,, the
Wytlil:,-.-..:..h,, we Late e.e:n liot the c.\pe-dc-,,,n -,a- a signal
failure. c
The first knowledge that I had of this most unexpectedly re-
sult was received May the lst, at St. Augustine, through a'leui- r
from Governor Call, dated April 26th, and which gave me tie.
irn-:.r-: -i .-Jn.io;e intelligence, viz. "A fewdayse since, I receiv-
-:d a cd' i o nitication from Major Mciemore, stationed on the
Suawanee frontier, informing me that, under orders from Geo.
Scott, he had ascended the St5lila..i'cht-e river, and erected
a block-house on the '-:-ii tab.ink, .-:.te i-n or twelve miles
itl.-. ;i mI ,tilh, on.tl ih-it e h t ,I ail i.ta g,ir; .'.- I men in
tlh. tc-I-k-lti-. -.'-, i-iJ a Irrge Qjuanmlit,, uf, jr, li-j pi-kiled beef.
SThi,, m i"'rng, o;i _dilv:-ri;, S.ljcr It-aI, uf 'he Florida bulli-
tot oar,.e St 1 Tail-iuno---,i t~ineintt e. it-tgrtt-h : eli-it It
discovered at the i .tc.- tf ithe riitr i,..n .-hal of a large flat-
'boat, which had iii ncut in t1-, apl[a.itly .nih a dull axe,
and by an ,ineap-,,nre-I htitd. rhl dec,:,iptian ,:.rireapr-nila
with char cr-irn e"C el. boeat ecl' ot i- h i- l,-.k-t-,,ui.," uie.
Aa ihiia totltr "'ai adidrci:-d i-, Mf, nr fif uc'tnmnditnr'i.'j-
cerat Fyra Draoe, like tlIe repaii, dcloti April 11, ivfthIe esta-
blihiment .,ifthb block-!touse, and signed by Moaj-:r Mc LeItore'a
adjutdoat, iMcCant,) both papers scare rea.] by General Clinch,
and togeter tausrou itted to me, thicn at Sc. Aug-iitine. I hL'a.
caidtil I iece, ed them .-.n the l[it of Mliv.


The Court has seen, Mr. Presidenli, Ihe c--Pc.apood.rice ue-
tween General Clinch, ibhcn at Fort Dracne, and riyselfi on th;s
mosa painful subject. The tine or his vshluiniecrs having ex-
pired, or being aboui to expire, he had alreadi- sent most f them
borne, and, in hbi ltempi l. raises a party of mounetd men in
the Aldchua &erPietinltls i gn) a) the r-lief i-f ihe blil,.ehiue,
he u ,:rly foiled. I early hctcate aili,?ed ijat- Geni-ral Clinch,
under Lbe ,ijriumsuniet'7, did ill in his pinw,:r in adopling the
second eu.aeiii.,n ol G;ocernor Call, I iz. Bui ,h.uld ii ;' ;inm-
,pracicable lfor sou iu ilnd r uffici.-ni r.rce.?. b, lnd, a an'cer-
1In0 [ihe ii e fl1 ifile porty in ihe: l-.ck-h,:luce,] 1 hace urdc r-d a
foirtfiil b:---a in be in readin-na at. Su'w'ariet Old Twn, Il.a pro-
'red h% il a pail of thie enti b a itbal pli:c a, ihf reliel'of ih.:
garrison, and iranp-irt it bIac' I,. Old Town, unl. te i', i an-
i iand;ng Gen-i'al bl-,uld ,thcrwi...' dirci. You will, ther---
I:-r', be pleased i.) s.nd in e-xn're3 U3 Muiair MNCi.'icI,, c..m-
manding at Old 'ocwn, and inlform him wht-?ih:r a'.p, h1,e
be'n cP ni Iy Inc nd I. 'he relief of l'ie block-ihu;e, '. r i theiher
ithe bo'i which will be in raJireo; s-hall :t. eeri, on tiuat cer-
tic:." G':en-ral C'linch sent ih' r-id-,r r Itri boat iao proceed,
and bhe deih.:hmerii in ih: t.lo:e k- house was ultimately taken off
byI Maji,,r Read, and wiihoul firne a gun.
"h is in iJe'dnce dt'-i- Miir Read'E report to me, (of his first
eap:dii-..:.n, i ib.,ugli dated the 2;th ,f April, care i., hand at C.-
lumitus (Ge-.1 as l a ita- the .Lh :,fJune, when I had l..i Ieiui:.
1t gie ao'(ni--n in i.en if i, In. been I- I, illIg-,l, ajnd ihus
it happ-einjid Itihit I n.it r kn ic% i. *:-'-riienL until, uii orir-,. a,:-
cijdenil ai iar:i-e, ihe JuidJe .-Ad-o.:-aie made )il f [, de-:iphle r ii.
L-eloie ih- CLu',Aii. Th, laet piragraupb --i ihi I- re-iri api r.- ii1)
bt. a I.-I lt ra:
"I dI a, ferd a' il- rm.-.ijh oriithei [rVWy)ilhl.ic,-Cheej iThe hal
'ofa lotl-bi-ti-'m b-:,i, a eC.--aimon ferry flat boai it appear,.J i.
'hav,. li.in. Ii had ber, ,'ult aurjnd,&.',. Whena I rriied
'ai t '. Ml-irk',, I learnt. I, m, ainiorm-,hinienr, niori].:aif.iin, and
leae', tiiil your ': c:,ll.?nc [Gen,:ral SC-:l] had orde red Mal..
SMi: Lemore ta i tiblieh a "'-potct 1( i place,' &c. All uh-:h
% w ;,- hjd,,ii:-il. *:mn>:-?aled EI'i:,,n ime. I did, nul learn, r.iiher "i',i,
Syouir .irder, ,or from ithe n.jam-r-:u? inierm iews I hid ithe hour
I t,) h.ld with b our -x, :elleniu.y, ai Maj,1 r Me L:-ui..rer w f. nri
in ih.' fdld, n-ibuh lr-- ihrii I v\sa goin. io relicr .-e d:i; ,'hincria
of hos ei.mmand corder.l i/ui bm -r <.tlh:r,:y."
Tthe 4-'-unr ha; 3eerin II Tiy report upon lhb' eIbj,.s ii-, h: Ad-
i-t.ant G',neal, .Jalcd ait i. A,'J[ uiirile, Meay w-bl.:bh %a'
-I'.undcd :n G :.-'ernor Cal'l llie-r noiciled a,:.. -, 3,.d an artelo,
in a new paper, handed i.) me u. ih-e pro,.u.-iion :.l-f Mijnr Read,
i raid thai he (Major R.) "bat, at T.l'a-aa...ae, caus-d d i,-
menl Lr, ,, oo-i-, is-clarin' ilki I had rrfa.'dhdbim prrnmisir'n
troar-cend ite ll'Ihl u,/-u .'/ite,. And aeain, prer 3_.rine lie etas e-
ientr I., lIve been furnished ', \i.., he deni-- hating 'er
heard thiliiat, poseib',, he mirniht ;lndl a tl,'-k-hnbi.. and .-irniso.a
Eet.bli-hed re r the Full.; of ihe river. N-:-c, I af iri thaI it we;-
geaer-rally kn..wn ihi-,uehoui i he rigliht ,uig :'i" 'li. Arni ihc', it
tai I, li;f p,'ie.ble thai Maijor McLem,-rc, a ihgily m i-n .i..ri ,ious
Fl-indian, hid rind-- such e.abliiiintn. The [ j'iii y t'
mcn'ion-n'J I1 M.-,r Read, and aihlih-'uh Colunel Gad-don bi%
a,':ideni otrmeiiiid the Zi.' j,--:i in lhe letter of in.iru,:tii:n, ,i
\,he-n the Matt.r rmaw hlialf i'a lut, rudeiy Cui in i,. ['o, [,-, (liternrr
Call had wrtlin,] that cehich wca e.xire-itlT d.,j-ifi'ul beiir,
be-'ame a atie. r -fih.-r: m i p:t rfn-.:t cerlaini ran, f ihe I,|al,-r
had een bound h-me wiih.-,ut ,the-r ord-ra, ii iinrudiltcii be-
-'ame hi- inipsrioice dJly lto t. inanlyal toihe relief ," hi-'coun-
irymen. The lait c-.uld ne er hile tlelongd i.:-, InJnin, and
itn n'oli. ni h.At' ben detLroved i the garrison had returned
by wa.i-'r in the Su'vanriee, end Maj:-r Re:id krn:.- w thai it could
nnlor) lIae relinrl d lby .ier." I
Nc.,w, sir, I did nroi ta in ii; i or ann .'*ither -ti -r ilIt I had"
t-ill Major Read acv Ihbin --a ,ld-tciia,:ient b',.rnbeen permit-'
ted 1to i3ii tIh: W \ihl.aco:,.:hee ahliou ih end ...f Mar-:h. The
CI'oir will prei.: ai ily I-arn how il happened to be omitted in
Colonel Gi-d:den's letter io Mi.:,-.r Readandbymein c'..nvc-r-
il--n wlh ihe rlo'e'. N-. verticl-ce, the 6ut.eci i; n.,i fo.r-
c a-unat head Juirierl, n' r hi J b -fd od i,) be Oc'i-il-'iaull) men-
tioned among the officers .who ha-1 r,.,m dIf.n li T.ampir, Bay'
from Fort Drane. One of these, Captain Drane, h.as 'eEi-fied ,
b.iire iii: Colrt dihal he, at Tampa, ,iai-ed his jrmpr:-,,n to
MIajr RRa-J lhat L tb-re wds a deta.:l,,iaeni 'if Ftl..r-.J]n: on the'
r ihltioochc-c wivth provisions." the iitnezu h,,', ii heard I
Fort Eirroa, [find ihinlce] Geunrna 'linc:h had -ia--d i' ii [him]
that M.ij..r M,:Lemore bad ,--lunteered.his services to 'o i. lIhe I
mouth o-t-'he \V.,'ihliaco.':he..i
I do hot here, Mr. President, embody this testimony to con-
inJdicit Majnr Read, but simply i-) Suage applied to him in the l.kilter Irmci quoted. Two of the
harbr ehpi-ri ,':r, i-n irelnr c.,ntained are Lhre intliicrnall
nuppree-ned. I hd, not, in May, a' h-as been seen, re-r:ti.-,d li.
report. I, a ih iP,a h itnl' il, -ille-eJ, on tbh r itini.n rf others,
Sas werll as fIr-non nrirnal c, 'den,:-, ihatl Ills fral: a..,.rni"ri i
I ibe arti-le in thei rrdallliahiaee paper were tl'i.i lf-i p-:n, -r hi;
Slip: find Gouvern-,r Call's. leiir Id .J-sid noti aie wc.rd a-; In
tlie boier whi-h led i,: the failuri ,I' th-e xpa:p Jiltin- tlhe -pre-i
of ai.?kne-e aLw-:.ni ithe men, ih-, jnit o" rem--d itnetl, and Ilhe
v. int o'f g,,,d wat-r. N.--v i, sir, alih--i, l I hinli iht il a' lca-L
two of" iho.e i.au.'n mighi hate been guarded e'anLt tiy- diie
foresight an.]d n-: it .i n the r-a l f,'h c,.'o -in,,,ni-r, -,id ihcli'n
re p o rte d Io h Lb u n ,-,i ll 10 h I. ?e b c et ,:lo s el v ,:ru LI n IZ -: d in p r .--r. i,
bil.br;i atiandonin'e (he r ,t ,-,bj ,i.:f.:i --[iti.l -,J h,:. ,', int,-ll,'I -.n,:,"
pnd conduct-I am ne-i ,-lnh i|i.i.g i-a r--phiodi-'-. 'ho-'-
hareher iniputations, but re grt: that they were evci. made. Sir,
Supto thiaday, I have received no note or message of any kind
f0iom Major Read. My recantation is flboitidad oan ba te rfciti as-

auzance of a friend, (Gen. Chnola,) thet Major Reu i had no
agency in ihe published article alluded to, and to his previous
and subsequent gallantry and gbnd conduct in the enlbic war
Against the Seminole Indiana.
In the first deposilion of C-llanel Goadd-n, t(aItch is, in evi-
dence, he pvea l h: history of the tblnck-liouae on the WVyhla-
c..acheo, dihu:
Major McLemore eou0l Lht the se.rv,', by a priv-ti h-ii tier to
ih t unijeliEgntd, Lstating thal he had, on the Sacan,-e, a btuat
:-iLablet fur the etap'.di tion, dud u[piLie-, ethich ich cauld1
Ltrirn, wili hm t.-:- thai p.ini, if' wiih ihe coniint anrd approba-
Stiu.n of Gen. Si'uI'. The i.ile-ing'ir ihe repIly pinned tby Lne,
a'id by direi',,n of llthe Gn-errel, io bhin s it wac read before
Lr irh'ji 'Ld."
I be, Mi. Prridadnt, that the Court will again read every
-i,,rd i11- felleriT. I rcer:l that I bm Ini' much f'atigued to
,:ujcbody i tnthr- in this piininary. TIh, pFeru-al or it cil 6bhow
n,'w uilCc.:itury If waes deemed, at Tamipa, r'itall ibe aitentoIr
of Major Read ;peciiCaIla ii the- very e iemntic Lhnce ot" his
findingaeny de[rchimen on athe \'VyVbladc--,:vic,. Nereriliil,.;, -
th.-uglh ;i .a i,,r.r itorhan a hiindc'-d I.- orne that ihe detlachment
wa_ not there', ac lale as the -l.lth of April, or even the tlh, if
the Majopr could bate a;c.:rdEd ,nirjl eien iilh:-,i higher up
tb'11 iire&Iral, laid nu.l-,:-d.s d,'u-Lled ihat Iie c.uild and wirutd,)
he -,-:.ilJ hav' Il..uod ih- ,olanl Lb-a nd, sill firm ii i; pi0:.aiion.
Thl- Itter Io Maj--r Mr.Letorce is dji'd at Foirl [Dfine, March
t;. ?' dl.. C.i,:.nel ';ad'den, .)i wac y o-fgi.ri [..I, die Mrjor h.-
--.iiIne i l'iny flan L'uoperaaiir.nri.-, ye : "The ithol armti will,
Sprol.i-ably, i'.rnm a jun.-n.,iin ai -.r n..-r [(t/ihe Coe] by ihe QOih or
i jllh irin lainl. II i m ;mpE'itble, Lat ilh time, to antici-jie tho
Sa tIrior per'li.-nc ofi'lbhei armIy afliler IL hat nricouniert iad ad de-
'fe.ted ihe nemy in t her probably stronghold in the Cove,"
&.:. It i4 m,-re il on priobablt, -oeer, that eti maiy be d--
amin1-J in that %ccinill- Main- dale recontllielng the haiumoi.okh
land se-ar. hgn for Idibuni in the Juni.' aanJ thickr-lie (f that
-eciic.n of the country. 1i ,:.ur ..': .-up-craLun and the sup-
itplier cich .%il- r3-OirL nn u cu n bring, .i)~ pf-vi"c of >: 6-:---nliaL
.tr.et I dro tBr.i-J, itheref:re, ih general cl- air.and-
SIrg, I ovay th'at, after seurigr, LhE p-,zL 'rin the Siworicte %iiih rJn
Sdt'llualt. gerr,'-5n, y'ou may proceed wilh ihe rerjatlnd-r of
iur c.nmmanJ in ihbe b-:-nl you hae pireparvJ Ior ihr? e-rvice :
prEtid,'d in1 rjddiiion lo .vur own -tnpplir? you can transpcrt
ir-oin ;", I.) 1.O) huL-lrI- of ecorn at lIe,-t 'ifr the uec oifihe ar-
Tmy. Sti.u)lAd yourboal t-c prup erly 5.,-lti d, as yu, report,"iih
ellicwarl, y.-u -in eti-:-r the riter and cend to the ratid,'"
&.c. 'oou inuil be at e-.6i point b)y the uiAth instant, or you
v.ill, po ;c.bly, be Ivio /,l/e lo a 'tf rd any a;d tn ibis ..ng of" the
ayin, the- ole iii.itite ihuich saneitoni irce erti ice to which ,yo
ht le been called. soa r in,- Emrent it in-
lundtcd I.) a&atii and not I) embiJ-roac-, ihit c.-log of the arEmy,
c' iUailist n.-t move wihoul )a ndeqiru'le SUpply of balmunitionI
and. from thirtly i, lo rv da ys' rCtiiun For your whole command
ft the lea-at, in addiLtin to the earn you mnicc transport for oc
r,-lidl." i :- t hen reqnesired 1t) bring, ir pontile, ext.
"pork or bLccn."') "On reaching the point on the Wyithlacou-
clhe deignatedJ, you will ute all due precantiorns to strula
your t--:'-taiid command, and, hs bedding a olu:l,'-housa, or by
ithe -onir-,Ictiran ofa-ante oilther delftnic, until you hear from or
of thb' armiy. If afJi':r, howe cer, the cond or third of April,
'you re.:!inYt Tic t'id,g.r if or r rotl thi3 ,ing, under the com-
manind or Glefferal Clinch, .>,u ,cay itbe urC. that it has proceed-
cd s-ullz Lo uni,: wcti E..i-s and Lind-ay, and having left the
W \Vyihlcao,:,cLlee your JLiii-n. on io i.;rice will be no longer
tin.e.sary. You cidl, liccrcfore, rEturnr wtbhout delay to your
pc:t on Ihe Sttcrane,, and there. wa;tl the future orJders of the
cointmandiir ;e-neral, or those' which may be iransinlLtrd i o you
I., I|tl E ,e,,'' tire o Floinla."
cl.-.nol Gad.-Ji:in's lir.tl c,6.oei'ion adds, in ronilnualion of
tlh;- hi-ior., : It aprie-,r, bowe vr, Irumo inrrnalion received
from one ,r'tdi-'e.nrn aimo was in lhe t-lc-ck-houe, lital the de-
tachment did riot rcach the mouth -f the Wyhilaeoohee until
tha ll fourth or f'ft'h of April, two days after it had been order-
I ed .) iquttii it aIand when Gencial Scii'" had r-B.: bed the icin-
i,'y oaf rampa Bay. Noiwiihiiandno, liowtevir, ils fearless
'camniainde r and on his own r.:sipc-ncibLilii V, penetrated ihe river,
eil-ab-.iebhd a block-h.-.uoe,and lill-ft aarri-..ned, 'ith a pfrotmse
Io reiun,. and reliecve it in eight or ten days. linfurturnaiely,
ih.-ire, r, a, hle center d the uivanee, be wna assailed witlh a
't lier, and fell a c iltim ito U- ellert- "
Thui perished, Mr. Precide-t, a valuable ciinzen, whc.ie pairi-
oi.: zamal, pu-bhed a lille ., lfar, has brunght upon me, uninlen-
tlnn lly, I knovT; riot wat amount of gen-ral od.um. This I
ha'se Ione borne in lienle- ; t, m .ir, the star ,1"TFruth approach-
the ze iil, aund as it ahede i s liiht over ihib Court and land,
the drrp shade: f. lo.:lnin) are nimade to disappear.
It relii-;on io the Florida camropateo,.Mr. President, I hare one
point mort hu noting e, and I haIll hao e dune.
,\Arona tieI piotld;g6ous mai of1 documents turned iier by ihe
ditferoni -,ffcee olihe War Deparim-nt to be read by the Judge
Ad;..i-cate in vi-I.enee aein3t i ne, a i1f io ercelt by their phj)i-
c ia ,; ;-h, if' ihey could not other'wie effect their purponee,
lrlirf. i tlrn" the H-n. J. M White, the Plorida delegate in
C an,-r's, a Iciter dated it Washingtlon, May 2-8, ma the Presi-
dentE of the Uri:.-t4-SL0wIs, with an endsrenent in the hand of
lth- laiher, which directs A cspy of ri-i Iltcr to be am. to
Genra! Scullt, wilith an order to withdraw ftrom the cona-
moad in Flodda. A J."
Of" this endorsiemuant I had no lmnoeledge until lhe original
waS read in this Cocurti. Whoal we r tIhe felings which il etcit-
ed I mnay nol, I will nol say; bur In aBsociationa recalled to my
mind may be inferred from the Ilolowine faents:

12 (e)

ato my elaborate rapoii of vhbi I had done, and of the ope-
ratina projected, the Adjutant Qknjal, May the Mh, replied :
Your communications, ofthe 12th of April, reporting the ope-
ratton, of the Army in FlPrida under yor command, since
ycuijr dFparture from Fort Drane and your ae't;ril at Tampa
a Ba hais be.n suliiiled to dli Presideni, arnd iLt di to the
SSecretary of War. I am bai, pp n infirm '-.u that it, PrFsi-
dent apfrirnes ofyour intended plan -:If ''paratinio," &ic. I dm
SJktired bt the S. cretary i.,f War to oue that, I'r-.m 1bhe tenc.r of
;'yor repo-i, at wll ai by the roimmtnitircanr,n h. Iu, jPil re-
'ir,-rd ruom the Gorernor of Florida, it is prolaole that,
w otug tot-e- appi':aching serLson of the Tea-i-, ihe rinpaigrn ia
tihie field cinn,,t be rnoeh linger vigoro.bly ,,sthed. In Ihis
e-eiLt you will make a judiciou selecli'n of the p-.-." necea-
ijry' to b:- La ,'-upi-t'd bty the Lrnof.s daring the int-rval of active
.-pp-ratotnr which mty hbr bcst calculated ton pr-eict the frontier
Sinhbii-inarp, and prtcn. Indian drredaiiin o ar" ni- kind.
For thi pFi rp-:.e all the- regular ircj. t rl'a.Jinig ibe -lii in-
f'antry, mosi tbe kept on duty -r, Plonda."
As I had intimated in my letter of April I ? world be dbne, all
this tad been atltnded io berite the r.,:e.ipi O l'the Adju.tant Ge-
neral's communication, and which i. here cited principally to
Elshir that, c.Aldirinly H Iate as ihe .5th of May, i, d.-pl'o sure
had betsn ofi.-:ially esprc:.-ed against meat Wailinir.n.
But in my rep.:.rt of the I th of May, aniamadverimng upon
Mejr Ri-IJ, annd wIh, h, .-CoTrdifig to a note on thie originall,
(iw n % t: ,ri: r, w|ew a rt-ce,.Id at \%a ii'; .r. i:p ihe l-'Ii; -even
Sday b,, l-,rei Whlite's letter to the Prtident Frf the .Lnutd Staleg
There is this lmrtag.aph -
I feel and know the risk I ;ncur by the u'- of ithis language.
Major Read is the favorite of Governor Call, aend his Excel-
lnrry', aupp-irt mErv well turn the tables against me at Wash-
t a~tor.
.' "ni r. ,. *-
-,r, I had ce among thepapers which accompanied the in-
structions given me for the Seminole war, a leii.r, (in e viJence
wi;th that d,, 'im,:ntl fr'rm General Call toihe Pre;jerit of the
nilited SULte t, dated Jaduiiiiy 9, 1836, in wh-ch the writer soya :
'"I h..tuld be highly3 g'raiii.-d to command the army, and be-
t i;vey that I --:,,ld c,:,in bring the war to a close. I fear, bow-
V F:.'er;-thi c rnn.tI dr. without injuzticr to General Cl;in-:h. He
ie a braaiu J d p-,nI man; bui' I fe-rb hi- ;(I. -l.:n-w ;ri his move-
Smenit to -nontucE a war aniirit the Indian' "
With anr, oticial ,:-py c-fibii letter in toy p, ai:n, it mraay -
supposed that I knew my'danger. But. ir, I do n.:., complain
that, soon after my animadversions on Maj.., Rrea.d, he wara ,p-
poirite-I. a brigadier aeenrl ;in the mlu'a .:.f Florida; that a
liculenant elonel or the aimy, %hom I reported in my letter .)f
NMach 2..th as having lefl for douy elteahere, but went off to
Wtb[-hingion, wa, in N little tm-, reware.led by a colrinelt:y not
s, eeni)nly; nor tll the- Pre:i-lent' eindin.'emint on Mr.
bVhite'_ leH-r wna caon allowed d bhy (-.-etrn.:,r Call't ,<;ng
gralifiall"' ",th lih' dire--in of ihb %ar in Florida. But, ;sir,
I ra--., ;,in drj'ence, a right t. adv'- rt to i:, e e.l'ata i-rdunar, fact
I. uhouv. that it', in mrn c-perjiton; to the Snith, I hbad the qfneiV.
t) co.n l.i:u r tin ny fir.,L I %as, at the amen t;nie, n,.t a Llt in. r-
,,-tire- a rn-v rear. ThI. effectof such posi';i.-r, eery euldier
will r a idly coniprehend; rnd [ respectfully suL.nit the fpcoint t,
ih. ,:',-.otderautn-I' thbs Court. A yet mor.-: estra-,:.rdinary lae,
fl the came cener-al character, will he de-loped in the sequel.
But, at pre-zer-, I vll return to Mr. Whilee_ letter -16 the Prec,-
dent of the UnitedStates.
I think, sir, that I have shown that this Ictier did nitlo r.- all
'.he iijry that wa intended at :he time. Bu-t .h%, sir, ie it .
jr-.ught h-irr-, with iwt end.:-rremenl, in ao:elj.nli-:-n agl ntii me ?
Mr. White, in a ltlter 1- Lhe Preedreat of ih;;- C.urt, datedi De-
cember 13th, 186, say. : "Thtia ,plIe- rn. i an alitiile tlha-1t I
'donotchoose to occupy." "Since the publi.n-ton of trae i
letter [to the Presidentof the United'States] Ihave, in the Na-
tional Intelligencer, over my own name, as an act of justice to
SGeneral Scott, corrected, upon better inform-ati:.n, the torn-
Splaints which I deemedit my duty, as therepreirirati:,,e tithe
People of Florida, to make against him. I am on ,uillinr that
the first letter shall be laid before the Court ithiutm tiep -e-
'cond; and, as I have no copy of it with me at prcetni, I take
this occasion t. ,i ihatial I am -at6i-6td, upon a full and tapr-
tial review of I-,r. ',ts and circium'tan'e rc'-,nn,-. ted ;. iti he i
Florida campaign, and up[-n eden.:e so-a then .ef:.-rep inme, that
thie flare is not -'i be attributed to Major General Scott, nor to
t cause wh,,:li it wva in his power to critil. or i.- rem,-e'."
TIris voli-utar an-.i unsolipited retract,,n -a mainly and noble.
In n.y ijle-meni and f.linog, it shiv the 1..rres(-.ndt rit ,fl the
Cc'rii to be worihv orf"-_;.- killeded 1h,: Honorable Mr. White,
bh a haher eli-i than thit o itmrer courtesy. It is true, sir,
that, in his recantation, he excepts what he had originally said
of my order No. 48, on the subject of panics. I know not that
iht" i".e-t- .ii[ euglit to break squares between that gentleman
and fi iT "lhe .-.rder, although there were many apologies I
for the inhaL.i.-nt1-, ia-; loi.id-d ..n nirrmati;,.n Eat once full and I
precise, )rind, a I said ,r it in my il tte-r to the Se-erciear of
V',cr,, date,- Joe'r lit 'BaJ"ee, I1 %as adelned, by respec ,r alc
'citizens ci Fltrida, 1to C-mn c-ut wilh an ordcr in that Epirit, as
likely to rally tlta irhabriantu, and I hare reason to know that
'the order -id ,o.I' Ifgoo., repidled, I aer cc-nienr with the
enmities I .r-.', ht au pnn ar,\.-ell iy tll. at 1 ; for, 6ir, eince the
war began to rage in that quarter, there has not been a moment,
up to this time, when I would not have made any sacrifice of]
crur t-" "iV- a .ippeil ita rava 'es. I d-eply r, -,.ircn '-,er the
many' aillufitri thle good people o1 that desolated territory have
etperieicadt andl I freely Iorgive, as I pray that God nay forgive,
:he tlojmitaice of laying the evil, in Iart, to my atlbunt.

Army and Navy Chronicle..

and Miscellaneous clippings:
S.. ".. 1837 & 1838....-".

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Published by A. B. Claxton & Co., at .5 a year, payable in advance.


C-l 1) Ql-, ,nar.-R ,, 4ith Reqlh F. N"
--Furl M ill, JaL .,riitile, Feli. 14, 1836.5
D L CLINCH TO THE PEOPLE OF FLORIDA.[ Dr: I in M: .Etavs ifer arid older in my re-
Sr. NI A v'a,<. 'ro 4i l (l. i. I :'- 7. D cii e.t u ill ini n l ouiE mi r I .- th, em', noli peri llted
I am in'llieel, from a ,. i-i V hi 1-)i fo.p l t or ih' l' ifl rime ill bI .ni i lrh I, nhote who ime-
opinion of" t'e people uof" F l .ld.it, 1O ubnimit i0 Lhe 'r II l '' ,in 1 h1 t 1,1 .l oi lily r ir.el'.
cdlin ion-i.liS i aiunO the followinir l l' e 'i, l. C .I-I atir, t ai i i, %It ,ih 21 i.1 ie-i- ':i,
leIle a I l ce, i caiale-, in l ei.Iiliun of a zn tIm.,i.I JiH HN %% A I- H EN, Col..
-an"irrdrH-ti-..-Ae. whiLh :ppieaied oam hi- I" t/i Bg't Fl,,rida .'ihttia.
nature of R. K Call, in Lhe Flutdl.inii.ui of th- 22-J l Gn. D. L. CLINCH, Fi-t Dramme.
July l.As.
\ ihie tesIliniony here ailliceii, it %iill be c'( n No. 5.
hoiv f-r ot C Ii 1- A~4Ioiicrii- fii lii't ailliiitlil-. ,i. -E N .5
ithal I rEpo strisim I" t 1ea ir, i,i.ii-i r.eltm ) /i. q S r % 7G 'srI N Florida, Aug. 12, 1837.
fi itih iih r mriin. & ite tqi .lr rarii4 t i a, m ,i*. To G n D. L Clo,' h,
teted the ti,,'t.ii,] it'-u itla h Uai.I it'), i mi;i; Di. n SIR: Yo r lavor ,f the 9,h inls. his jst
thm.t the i,..-itimtttr c.i,.l iit rr s t/. m )s l m'tt ai d lt r ii i i hIJl.. e 101i i rinrnpl wilh),ouri',quest
thit 1-Ec c l.,'t, hh 'opr.i.ctl'n;ii an 4I t Ihi e.iu. "-ihjr I ild ig tle ou t s lemimeul, showing the
of our ,ttle ba,,- ti, l l it 1 1.',7 I H l m i, il iip / im ill,]i h nol f tdmll iii"in iber of iliio s.i-m kel t with
ard brummerm that cramrt, d ith I r.,ntps miiiiii, i F-"rz- the I'Li ,1 in i-.i tI-)t 0-,iiti lia. tOLI eC 't ll tatter part of
ia, the ri. r, nat.J lit it HE.. .t,:hillt S hAi, 5, h lot De,e ,l,t. 1.3:i ;w.I ihe ,ihei ..r not Gov. Call and
arid oetd i. nj it o Jo d..siru.:ti-.. L/ Cl I Nt lit, -, il/t l0t/t hrd rot 1len lull pilpotilOin of ihe
P~D. .L.I mm m,,,.lOii iir pJioi i ,.." .

N,' 1
Exnclrct of a letterfiorm Gieu. Call to Gen. Jacckon,
TTALLIH ,s'rr. .Ilnu-r% 9. IS3.
Do. ni elt No. 6. p,,me 21, o11.j'h p. ic,', il ,..m of
tlthe Cminrl of Inqiiimy.v I the :i-,e ,fI Geu SLoI.
'"1 ,hall ieliiinl to lime lmo.lm-i iii .ii" tm. L;ip.i ity or
other; -o a-3Ol 'I.r 1 call rl e m ra- a race f A l'' i-,'cm
lio.. I ih.mildi be highly ,i mitti-l 10i fim ir irl] li-
arimi awl beli-v'e 11 .-nm lj 'roin b ii., illi' t l.i I .,
close. I ie ir. ho ',ever, Illr I m .iriul .Im itll i-, il i -i
jlitri.-e to G'n.1 ClinlI HIe i. a III i-e ai- l Ln-."ol in it.
..rst-4-.. .. ,.miw :m t -
'" ** "No. 2.
Ia n letter from Gen. K. C11, to Gan D. I.
"' dile',l TALLI, I'-s I:F.. March 8. 113fQ.
S ie nisS the foli lht iii 111m11 t*, iII i-ll _r i ni in
"'Gei. C. h i-jZ siper-i.ei-d i1f Ihe COiII il-I, uf Ie
.Iroopa in FlorlJi : "3ou hrve bten eliineloli.

No 3.
TALLAHt&,-rr, 21-t June. I1q'6
SIR: Your letter if ithe 13th iil-i.iiii, by epiIr--u,
has been reteitedl, aind. I iFiuil e\i- eiliigiv Iu Icd- ri
that you hbe ti.ially resolved io r-tille Iroai lit-
arm\ 01 the ni iled Si iest. It would hi\e aifom.lIl
.me real pleasure In have servedi uiiiler, and co-ope-
rated wilh you, ill coiidlui. Ling ihe next cai.iIargii
againsti the ["idiili,.
I liave, finnbeilience to the orders of Ihe War IDe
p.irlinent. asummed the command of the iorers in
Floril.', anol, a-i soai. a- rmy health will enable ni-e,
I halll flrb eed io llIe coa-t, in Older lu i]iel|ire
fur olfenoiie amid delenlii ve fleisijnit ag-iiii t lild

I 1ii -i to -.tie, ti.Ir time rgae1m1a* iiiln iaPfl wIfn
the c i'imn)'iiJ on ilIe oab-ve oL ,.ciioii, consisted of
O -ci-'.lc imo-lir.e' camil, jiltJ ore I o-loise nagon.
I h ,i" iiiiil'. i6l I i.li10 i 13kell .in- tlao lthousand
aimli.. rl-(h n.h '. :I.mr ] l" ii i Ifu 71i) i (t n lor f'uir dAys;
ihrce .l.iv-' l'iliiimI-' itin mi b. ii i] iued lo.llie inen to
lie likrmi. I liir l ra-avl-i> k'.
I j ihe b--i iil ii-N re. ollei-liin, four of the carlts
t rie hii, ied u ilmi It i it, ii% li oul, min- ihree rarii and
ie lIt%) iuol-c 'iauhi m ilh iLour Inoi ihe mlafL horaes,
,1..ll,i l :,-i- al il-' iliomiilil v'mimir. lm a.
"Tb- L'hciimirlmaml ',t 'ti-,ell' liiumi Fort Drarne flee
,1 i h I|II iiOiiu -rq' i lillvy liefit Iwo ila)s' raltion of
3 iL iJL |1 111 -1n1 Ui l Ii.ind lotr Ihe lilen on our
I -tIm l 1 l I t 0 i'1 LIT lf. -
Dii I1.2 1 lie -,., oil 'tlim iii.v irch it wasi fonnil that
tihe Lc;.mim j itiii. h LI lllld tie ,'orn ere an hitavily
l.iidl1, i1d llti Irl ii l rjirz turoui.h ihe wood where
ile mI.i-. werse Liiii.Iled 10 oplen a* roid. con.
"'ilerlii .Irl.i-ie-i ilic |}i oag rss oi lie command. A
h1ill w i 1 iil m if- V i F tii lei. or hl'ef-teim irii leia, and
1li | min ou iiei i m imiitvii '.
Tl ih,' h 'o -.).. ih it were ijmmed luring Ihe march,
Lie ins itAn ir,' 4.1iiply "or poi k and flouur. were fairly
]lllillliej by lie, .mimuimF lime LOFirnilani-3 of both the
,i cInlmiA jimi t.Jlimmti-t-,. 'The v.rileera received
li'ie ll.im their Il inIp-r irpircpoarlioi of he l'borage, or
amihltr ol lii LI01ii, Iliere Ieing 1-o hay or fodder.
The -bove, I li li'..e, eimibracp all the questions
coiil.iimned it1 yours. Hipion i[ nia. m t e aailifactory,
I rt-imain, vetiy r eapecitilll sir.
I our ohehmeii ,Servant,
F. L. DA NCY, Lule .ieut..and
3. Q."L. and J. C. S.. U. 'JI.

No. 6.
r onT PEVTOl', 23dl Aif.. 1837.

* erpeny.. My PEAR GErEniAL : I have received yourig ;
ereIy :shallaI ri" i
S-iall be very hippy, to recee;e such sareelint iflhe 5th imt as.Ile daiy since, but onirg ltony
ad' tai-'e as .'our ei-peiiencea iniy eniable you o al-Aence. on mill;v Soilh of Sr Arinulatine. I have not
give relative to this ieri ice. ... ben eb'e 10 aotvwer i; ar.r ar m nable-at thi lime to
give rr-piv In answo r Iiqurli ful an- I couhld- thi-ihtim jo
Allow me, sir, to lender vyou the asiinrnce or myI r-ply to yI-ur iiquirie as fully a- I could wish, uot
.blgh corisidera ion and e-.teiil, with ill. bes-l t i-hei's r 'lia l-ir m) journal lihi me. '
th'at' y.u ni. y lI'mm1 I % e lto .i joy ihe foinor" 3 ou hae I etiic rnl the sern it e in 1912, and served in va-
.wa it!n their sir icc of Yo-lmi i, y. ri.i iat iciiii 5 if tihe liale wiar wvtih England. and"
a. i ani, eir. lra I i.tillll, 1 s in- Fiernal Oi 2ene- r and many picket aflfairs.
'1-1I ,2 i e i an. .. .
Your 1'.iend AiI objcdierr! servalif, I Icoriiinriarled irny cornpalry lduling the engagement
SR. K. LCALI.. whii.h i-:...k police iet I.rin Ihe troops inder your
:To Bri-'ien. D. L. CL il Ch'-. c'dritinarhitart the Seminole lndIans on the OuitLhIa-


coochie, or the 3lsl-Decemher, 1535 1 bel eve the Tie _oultoIerci.ll,,r hoops and vuhnineers,
brt oulan ri'le t as Iied o,1 the south bat;lils f Ile "I ho l Or Ih le b.,i leof Ih.et)uilil.LouLh bee, display-
river, aii w as ii ed at lie reiilar tioop, I ili ik 'e, g, eat1 il'li.ne_, nitd ], ..ery, uid I believe that if
Capt'. Willi a I G i' s b i.OtaLpanL arid ecilier a lhao he rolil itei ,i' ler Gei. Cl' could ha'e reached
was killed or womirid ; lte file %%as reliri nd by Ite field ouf brile, ile Scrniinole war would d have
Ca t. C. Mellon, 'ho fired the nr;l trisket ihat da." bieeni cloel on th.lat dJy. ile lirli;g %.% coraliilnuon
?np I. Col. Finlnin did oder a cl ,re to be male t10iti Ilie L.ninieii.ceiieia to nhe lobe 1 tihe action.
belort- you r.acli l tire hoops, but vwas piev.:rried I am, vety truly, your hiend,
from ctari)ing Ihe cihaige lull into fhecl oni, lo G. %. DRANE,
the four cenire companies ol the line ha', in; been Cpt. 2d .1eiinety.
"uriloilunately formed in double iaiocs; however, Gen. D. L. CLINCH .
w-hen tiPe lhoops ad'anired lolhe ch.;,i e, it was ioundii
that lhe fire ot the Indiarns was so iinac.corinlabli -ir. No. 7.
stiuclive that it c-,used --someconiliislor in the lank;. N,%sz.%c Co. E. F., Aug. 95. 1S"7.
'It was at this slage ol thieac lioii lhat you reached lhe DEAR Sinr. : Haiirg reen, in the Jacksonville
hloop;, arid timtneJiately oileredl ibem in to extend Iorr. Conier or lie Huh iir't., a violent and uncalled for
the cernltie lo the tight and leli, in single file andi altaclu on you bv Gov. Call, %% hIch contains several
cha ge le e-nemy. 'he order a.s piompllvy obc-l nai-tatemenia in relation to Ihe occurrences lhat
ed. WVhile ihe troops were adianrcing, a Rli e bolvy look place p;.voi a lI. and during, the ballle of the
ol'idlian_ %tere seen advatacing lonm Ihe lI.- l I the Ouiiihlacoechr.e, I lei ia due to liuh, to tie people
swamp, evidie-nlly %'lh the intention of li.ininr our ofl' Florda, aiid in yolsraell, to pgio a plain stalement
right flanl; aid ;aiiiin, ouiir i.,r. Capt. C. Mellon of uch lici, an caine \.liham my ow n obierialion.
and Capt. L Gales, %uilh ihe;r companirA. were or- F;ri,, a- to ihe appeal made by rou Io the palriolic
dered to charge Ibtem. which i.as paoiqalty done. cii,;eens ni a-i 1I loruda A b-ut the 2d ol December,
and dove the Indlians back il hlie starrmp. As a %o.il, ron aie an appeal. Ihroigh lhe field otfic-rs
large poilion ol the lioc.ps ernlei,.i the -4%amp, il aa8 ol lI 4111h iiimne pn Flo.ta milro iha, cominat l ied by
di.co% ldtilaltheln(liai o agair. made Iheir:rppear. Col. Joli, Waii r... to the pariolic cil i-ern, ol Drval
anres Ir tIhere i;ht, i a ,,all _cr,,ib. ',hen lIie wt lre and N-asaan criilit,; to w lnch appal there tas a
a2ain charged by Caplairn Mlllomn's cumnpaniy, and prompt f-rFpor.se. and ilojr companies weie quickly
driven oiit in great corilision. Yo, did iot >ii;mourai 'a,.ed. i I C.,p;:.ins Larrncailei', Roas's, H.lchirn-
f[om your hose rinlil he tta- so b.drly founded as to sor', and Tiirn'i'a.) ar.I look their line ot march
be unable to cary yoi0 and 1 whilee ,ou iwi'ie di-. jl.r \oir Firril quarlti, ; and. on lie *qcond day's
mounled yon corinued to enrcoura.ge he tioop lo march, an orrlir "ai recersed Ibv Col. Warren, Ihen
bti nirmn. I heard a ou eppaledIAl3 cIll out to the mir in commirar.d o the Iour comrpahies., directing him to
to be him, Ilthat vo vere dreleoIru.ineil to 'arin the bat- raioceed to Neii.ar,-iille at which place he was
ile or die onil the licld a thai you would shoot down oimed by I.rni additional companies, (viz. Captains
any mnan you aw. fill bLack. You weie, liomn lhe 'Srrnimeirn', G;bbon', W illIanms', and MLemore's,)
fist limre yo leached Ire troops, con,lanlly Vxpo-e,1 who hied alan ispondrd to the call made by 3cu on
andl near Ihe htie, pa-sing lhaom one part ol the line ihe patrioic ci;;zens o, Alachua, Columbia, arid Ham-
to the other. As soon as a flesh horse was bola2hl, ilion counties. The tolintlre,is from East Florida
you immnidia'ely moirnted and I dir1 not see yoni dis. maiclied ,t a ver) bhort nolicr ; nevertheless, the
mount again while on lhe southlb hank of lthe river. lerir i fin 'r y enr. ie ,tas riot limited to any definite
Alr c," tl iiunians were coilpietrfi lu U-tuarin oparer-n. peluI.. oa nfid e krnow'r C, ".. -" --- .
and lthe firing had enliiely ceased, youi ordeird the field. until a few oarvs prior lto %s joining us at Fort
.killed and wounded to be collected and sent to the Cfuin, when he took command ofl the whole volunteer
river and taken on the opposite bank; you tlhen al- force.
reeLedl a new line Io be faimed, which movement As to what occurred during the battle, I must say
was exe'utedrl in good order and promptly. My pn- thai the Goternor is under a wrong impression when
sitlion in the line was in the centre of the line ol reg. he slate thle firing cormmnienced wilh the volunteer&
ulr troops. Somre time after the new line was lorm- on the rnorlh side oel Ihe river. I had swamacross
ed, 'you came to me and informed me that the troops the riser, and was standing on Ihe batk, (not fifty
would cross the river by companies, alternately liou-i yjaids from the -pot wheie the Indians subsequently
right to left, and that my company would be tle last filled across) wheni the frt rifle was heard; and that,
to cross, and that it would loim' the rearguard, to I do assert, was fired in f'ronl of the regulars. As
protect the troops while crossing the liver. You re- soon as the firing began, Col. Warren instantly formed
mailed with me, on horseback, some time. When I his few men lhat were across for action. And short-
reached thw river with my company, which, I believe, ly afler we perceived ten or twelve Indians running
,was the last to cross, a'id arrived at the bridge. I down the river, where they commenced firing at the
found Lieut. t. Mills handsome volunteers crossing; volunteers on the noilh side, which was warmly re-
' Col. Mills walslanding on a rock, on the south side turned. Our gallant Colonel immediately ordered a
of the river, I believe, holding on to the cainoe to charge on the enemy, which was promptly ezeeulei,
steady-it, it formed a part of the bridge, and he was and that was what caused them to fly, leaving saeve-
the last man to cross over. When I reached the norlh ral dead on the ground. During this time the regu.
bank of the river,l found yoi then on horseback. You lars were holly engaged. Finding no more employ-
directed me to remain at the bridge unlil the whole of mftit at the river, we joined lthe left flank of the re-
the troops had filed out of the hammock, to bring up gulars. The bloody conflict then ensued, and the
J. ,ear and see that no men were left behind. When des-perale charges that were made can be proven by
W11iarched out of the hammock, 1 there found you. every living eye witness ol the field. We were not
During that hard fought battle you were frequently re.inlorced by a single man from.the. commencemeqt
nenar me, and I hinI faire uppotunilyof witnessing ol the battle up to the last charge that was made in
your conduct during the action and afterwards, and I the swamp, (when I was disabled from making fur-
take pleasure in saying that your conduct was mark- other observation by a rifle ball through the breast.U)
ed by great coolness and distinguished bravery, and nor did I see General Call on the field up to that
your conduct that day mainrlv contributed to our final time.
sanccess. I do riot recollect seeing Gen. Call ona Ihe The conduct ofthetroops during the battle was thbt
field of battle until the firing had ceased-at the ot disciplined veterans. Yourself I saw on horse-
time we were collecting the dead and wotinded- back in the thickest of the fight; where the battle
'he remained on the field a few minutes, and then raged fiercest, there were you seen, in the veiry front,
itiried. manimating your men by your presence; a conhpil.-


urim mark for every Indian rifle, as the wounds re-
tceived by your horse, and the cap and clothii, that
you wore on that mernmoiable day, Lould amply testi-
ly, wer.' piaoo ,ccr '.i,.
That the Indians were deremled on that well.-lou1iht
day, I never heard doubted, util I read Gyov. Call's
publication. The most convinciai prnot of their
hasing been well whlipt, was thl-ir never renewing
the battle.
Enclosed i a list ofthe voliiiteer thit 4.ppn ifed
the regulars in that battle, as luwinihed by Lieut. Col.
I remain, sir,
-. ... Your respectfiltlv.
4*I/ R.-ul F. M. al mie baide of Oti.1nci.,,.i.he
Gen. D. L. CLIsicA.
List ot Ihe volunteers, officer_ and men. who i-).
ported the regular troops at tin.- bilite ol" Oiithla'ro.-
chee, on the ;]lst De.:embiner, _.., with their places
of nativity.
SCol. John Warren, V'irgin;a ; Lt. Col. W. J. Millk,
Florida ; Maj. J. G. Cooper. Geor'-;r Cipi. I'. B.
Roms, do. ; Lieil, WI. H.i.ldock;. Flo,'ia, Tho.. S.,j-
rez, do, Jno S. Smintlh, M.'ll-,Iu John til 'oina.i.
South Carolina ; Atji. H. H-. Piillip-, Geo.; Seri'l.
A 1ai. M. Cuirryv, Ki-ituck,.
Se,'geai',--J. B. RMason, Rhode [,land ; John Poo-
plee, G'o,';iad; John Jqnes, Fl1i ila; Rouert J. IH.
Pltcbard, do.
Curp ,ruul- Ralph Eames, New Hampdlir-.
Privnic s-Jose Anrlrews.. Florida ; W. B. Hart, do.;
John Hii!ainbotham, do.; John Ta3 to,, do. : T. T.
Woods, Georgia ; John Sla.;-ord, do.; J. \Vhite, Newv
'ork ; Joshua Fennimore, do. ; Jolhn R. R.beris.
South Carolina ; Jai. Tyson, Gcoriia ; JaF. Bryant,
do. ; Alfred Mooney, do. ; Indian Billy, Setninole
Nation.; and there were several men from Cul. Pa-
rish's Regt. names not known.
No. S.
i-, AL LEGaL< A.vKt-MAnJ'a.
Aua;: "'*Id, Ti<--.,.}
.Mr DMaR UrNERAL: 1 nave ];4i received your
letter or the 5lh inst., from St. Mt*ly's and %ill,
with great pleasure, in answer to your queries, narrate
such lacts a- came under my observat ion, appertain-
ing to tha engagement between the troops under nor
command and tIhe Seminole lindiaus, on the 30th De-
cember,' 1835.
In this affair I commanded a company, or which
there were about thirty men in ihe arlion.
After the battalion had crossed the Ouithlacoochee.
it was formed in order of battle, about d3lO yards from
the river at right angles with it ,and ahomlt i0 yard..
tram the hammock in front ; the men were then sul'-
fered to test upon their ground ; previously, however,
sentinels had. been'carefIully posted in almost every
We remained here some time, waiting, as we all
thought,for the volunteers fo cross and join us. I ob-
tained permission to eo down to the river, and see the
h6obes swim over. While there, a messenger arrived
from the battalion, giving information of the approach
of the Indiansi. At this time I saw you busily en-
gaged, seperintending the construction of Ihe bridge.
I immediately ran, wilh all speed, to join the battal-
ion, when I heard some Indian rifles ; but my poast.-
lieo:.was such that I could not know against whom
they 'Were directed, nor could. 1, for the same reason,
ay;whio first returned the fire: before I reached the
battalion, 'it had commenced firing on the Indians.
Irimmhliately gained my company, occupying the
centre ofthe baitalion,and soon afterwanrds I sawyoii
near.me in command. At this period the battalion
'was inlline, formed asiheavy infantry. You ordered
the battalion to he extended from thIe left flank, and
.tothatse the enemy. It was accordingly, after some
-ittliedelay, pat.ia extxeuded irde,. About this time

a mo-t aninoving attack "as i made upon the right
darnk, by a lU,re body of Indians. Voii ordered the
l %o ie,1it coin.rliesl to be detached and charge those
I lIi.i-, % lIch was done in haindomnc stylt The
rnemn %l.,,d inined;alely ; after which we were no
lowi-r irnoilblel io1in lliat tiuiter. The twocoinm-
pamir? Ir-1uied thie battlalion, and tie order was
|rh. ii to clii.g the minain body v oflhe enemy inii fiont.
Ynli disinointed 1'Ioi 1 our' lioisP, nhich hail then
rece 'ved Iwo 1 nlltii;, aind sallid in Iroil ol the
b.-tldlion, and ileliber.ilel and litinly eiicoriaged
ihb irnit to collar. the eiei.ny. Ioit said, my brave
lllo -.. I a'a r-adt to die >iili you. and that it
bliould e;iher lib-' dealh or %.cloryv,or woids to that ef-
l-ect. A 'ler ili;; ad.1,:,. I could llaiinly see, in the
ro'jtnninrl'acee of thoie nr-ar me, a moje deleimined
Ie ol il I on.
tlie woid was *_iv-rin to charge, aid a inore spirited
.ianil jll.int ch.i ,1'r could not ha'e, beer made. In Ihe
en.iv part oi th& aclioin I r-ceivrild a wolnid. %%hich
lii .-lied mv giw boii- ; o'i being ilear me, told me
Ilirl I .ippilei -, to ue severe-l' wotoindeil, and that I
h.1.l I.lelt-r 0o lo thi- icir. Bolore Ine ILst charge was
wi d il, hoi lth- <-iren'm I had ieier. ed anollier severe
woidl'iti the h;p, andl could not keep up ilth my
in-n. is they adairpled t,"i liapidly. Tlis Aas a few
mirii'ite bel-ie Ihe conecli-ion ot the fi ;ht. I saw
--oeral a tto inrle. mtni a 4hort dHimtance oil" aid deter-
innied t1 join them. On my aiiital there, [ found
G.'. C.Ill. Ti. i tie o.rly time 1 saw thle Gover-
inr oni the ;oilli ;i.le ol the iiier. Fi a few minutes
I weirl inder tie hill. \%here the Sireons arnd wound-
ed mi-n %%ere, anil ha.i niy wouns iittended to. A'-
ier I hid been lh.ie a short time. and alter the ene-
n0y had been coinplelelIv dogged -'nd roited,you came
duvrn to look allte tli.e a oiinded, I presmline, for you
made eriqiii is-.i nl'ltr lhr-mn. anil gat e those who were
dbilihaled lihmorn los of blood Something from your
l]asi. t ?.lrpc.;e I reina.linl about ar. hour on the
south Aide o' the rivnr, after all firing had ceased ; I
theii crossed 'he river on the bridge, carrying with
me to, iun, woril, auid pistols, hit erossing I had
Som~e a!l~liai .iu,, =i uidll hklilu vidl ll'ilbi nr. Afl-
ter crosi'ng the river, I walked some distance wilbout
a.sistance. I know of noallention which could have
been rendered me, or any oth.r wounded person, ion-
df-r such circumsta'nces, which we diu not receive.
Neither Mlaiom Graham, Lieut. Ridjely, nor myself,
nor any body else. on the north side of the river, was
exposed to the fireol iheenemy while I wason that side
ot the ritei ; lor I belipte no enemy was within half a
irile of irs ; certainly not a shot. that I have known or
head of. was tiied at any one on that side while I was
there; andi it is eq'ially certain that no gun Vas dis-
chargid by any one there. The Indians had been
completely flogged and driven off by the force on
the south Aide ol the river, and all firing had ceased.
You were frequently in my imrmediale vicinity,
and, luring the hottest "part of the N&'t, I had a good
opportunity ol'observing that the c"ol arnd fearless
manner, the gallant bearing, and the encouraging lan.
guage you addressed to the men, produced the most
inspiring effect.
I had, likewise, ah opportunity of observing the
most benevolent attentions which you paid to the
wounded after their return to Fort Drane. Both offi-
cers and privates received from your personal attend .
tions every comfort in yottr power to bestow.
I am, with great respect,
Your obedient surrvyfant,
Bvl. Capt.U1.S...
No 9.
CINCINNATI, 0., Aug. 1837.
DEan GENERAL: Yoiir lelttei of the, 61h inst. wan
received some days since, but, in. conseq ,'nce oF ill
health, I wias unable to notice it at aa earlier p-eio.




I shall now endieator 1) reply in su-:h a manner as to -ent to tfe Inina. i-e replied no, they would on-
meet your irilerrr, anroes. 1% 126, tiltle to he.loin i'Iha hell.
I was o'etie battle of' the- O-ililac,'o-chEe, on *ie AL.oul Itwe .lue of ihe action, you turned to1.me
31sl. Dereumber. 125. aid actd a, toir Aid.-e. and, ,IdElEhd ihit I -lho,,Id go imeia,,,t-ely for lhe rur-
Camp. When the attack commv-nc-.J I .a, on hrte reori, ail reqlEt thr-n, 10 pair Intanlly 10 fie
back near the river, lintm a iIJl Il1 thie b.llt.,hlii l rield. .11.] ILke rhii ge Il tite a.ounuta d. I odie off
regulars, anrd t.as ec.-kiri,; you to rtcp.,-t that Al .3, ji L.t a- i,,. to.,,,iided ar-I weary hrse WOliid per.
well ; 'uddc nly a riftll. w.3 heieari in n rear, an.dl lifl e ,nl, 1ile ia- i,,,h by ,v ,,Lh you and I had en-
cry o lf" the InitanG are cof .in I looked dlo. ri thIe ,.Le I- hei It ch. I hi.I pI-it,7 eled a hort distance
salreamln where mr e nn re c,ii,,ic r r,, a biid.,, or p,-s ih|,,o gh Uthe .oubo w.hen I ret Gen. C AL. I Inquired
way, when I diecover,,i( yo Fiii uri.n c hii, i t-i i e. h,itlelr a line a.Tor ed fion, the hi idge at right
and a few seconds. b.iigrt ir e :o --i,:.,r i.le. W ilth i,4l lo[ the ii er. His .,r,.. er aas an. I iold
out l-q,r,irnz to ll,,aic yoi took lie aoil, .Jid, a .i ,ci. him yoriu hii or.-Iuiil i .,,,ii I l, le, but you had
as our horice coalit crry Li, %%e -.ir r.,l tirc h.lI, h.ier i idJ on .iiJ ee ile Geneial, lie is cnlse by."
ba ing pissed thiOrnli a sort ol Fiili,, heree he we-re He pii, d on to tie filI. .ii.d I to ielivr ny o0 dr-r to
exposed to a ra3i;In, fire Ircii- the [in-laris CI' ome the riiir;t-cn., Iho t eie bill d Ashorll ,-t1ilnce beyond,
filty y,irdl. W\ecamrie p,.rin lie I. 11 l tht-i line. near ri.ier.d i[i all,,tiiil:, e u].,n a.one a% oanded. On
t.) vwhilh vre -iicnirilner-d Li-ita. Ridg-ly. blee.Jirin my aeairni. I % ) i telainid a iruhiiute by .ome vo-
proluai-lv ; ynI inqijirel il h.e it hirlt bidly, .iaii ti. lu,.e.aei., havi,.g in cli-,.ge MNijour Cooper, who
recteld -ti.n to lake care of h ,i.ij---ll Th- liiltadlior fipp.ei ,J o lt m.tI ,lly u ouiiileil. Tiliy adiked
was in Jo.lable rariiq ; %,i:.Fj tifiri..hlt], saj Ihe iiitlI lor i,\ bl ,.l. l iii,.h I iiEw f'rorn under linly
were too close t,.-ctiar. th f lh- IiJi],i ma-il be I .- t.ii,:iri-.i. gi, tllrii. ,.i ,i1 lt-je bick to lie field. I
duced. arnI the line extie-nr.l,. wit.i thin rotl, Qrt till ini-ri lti- C Ih iIlr, .i I,', t 1i- i a luij I aasb-erit,
youn m iet E'ol Fantirin Ev,-r t aarriio, il a n. ,t to I. I.r oh-ri I iiitleiU the hbatle %% asi over ;a inev line
e Kierid] the line, AId none' 1.5at ki-itt Iii? J'iej Itall%3 was bK ine tia,;id;.iiaren rr-a k cie
te r,,le Ie lhne, ,ihd nIorne ( ]:,-,ow lIIe 'ii uli\ w b.mn [".l'orni],rd, ;,ii.J y.i] i.,%r% oe r hor.fietai k acllve-
in efecting a,,J._ liairtin b., thO.e tt',.ih h.% t lil- eJ it 1 eig.ie. J iii it, ;1,iJi dle, illin llie ieiriotal of' ihe
in a batlI, ol I lie antil d- th. tib .'. iir ie t i re i ,i :,,Jd .i, ii onriled. Tiie iehli. uidep-C.ipain G.ate,
inr and recnir ing a Caiilaiiiiil_ anl lihea y til-, ha..1 ,:uiiiu ina.ii.h.-.,i th Ie lell. aid (-'oi. P.ikhdl
and where there 1t.a 'catee F rFore F II. ir onrf lej- .t-i'd ine tlo n- i. IL.: iI to a de,--inaleil puint.
p latonn officer to a c.imparny, urd three oftl...o- bid- I h itr,. line t .i l.....e.l ti ili e ci,:ub and woods.
ly w.-unrded in the r-on-r.t. Y,:.i c-r .Ad d i ir. Vr .:. ,titela. l t in II. furm.iloi.i, aid omrn- ltimle after-
shortly 'after %ou gol on ilie ginurin. and it %It a -iaJe a-ni.l. rou-j l oiid iI, IO ericoiiFace tlie oidlelc, ex-
and repealed, b-ia the line llnht li-en it t,'-cih1 ilo.i,-i, oui] otin poison, tthill the i-en. being or-
near the hiimnieI; .an-d tt a% 1 ri ire cinl t .h-tn-. I ,il-F el i n i-i lft ilit iii--l e.. 'eie Lotl.ealed. Alter-
coneqierlce ol the toir.i retire h Liri. throudih ma.- ar.J., thern tie aounndeoi an-I dead wtire conveyed
t.ike. by some lierT.:n iinrkraotiil, been gi -nn. Pill i. o, ei, ,, l iliei hurce- ri.-ci o--.J, I legged you lto go
the action an attempt Iv' m.,le ilu tirri ouir rightr-, rver -, yi, 'oi lliaokeil tmuch laillgued,:aiid
anr- to pa tolthe- rear C.apt G lt.'-,; I a ofilr.-r-d I.:, OiAl.l te ol rnio lii'u he serenice oti tha side;..e ery
mpet it, but his ioi.pitry beirn inulatali:-i-ni. (apt. itia:, [iio-i c.,dy iii the relit .lrle rnmoveniernt. But
Mellon was also deachil, h-rie the enrermy It_ oit -enimd unt llliiiis -t go. I ih aii inked your
charged, beaten, anil pir-.uel.l by b-oth ofl'thoice o icis iiion0 in-,ia lawv. C.AI MIc.lii sh, io Itn--i. upon, it.
for tome diitiance lihroriiFh the crlab Thi' check Vou weI-e u.uesr ihea jier aL thie litie, art.ICcn. Cal
upn ii r. t i e n roi Oli .i,-i ui .. .-Ur, Dill pre clo-e a io .a'v obte .*rj 0. ..- I -'P
vented them from _pizing ihe ian-li n. ord soine two he t ihed to do so he nliilt lemainniiiil nl-i-trinlend
htndredl horses belonging 1o the ..ijrantle ri. ,hica i e Ir i f ll -, lhle L If 1iu, 1 i m would iloss over
tiad been swam o0er 'I li-tlr-tlly h-ard )oil, during_ -arid gie the rneces-sar' atienlion to lliose on the
the action. give oiIeri lor Gen. C.ll to bring I,,p other side. lu vlhich lie .,'enled. rIL was then near
ihe volunteerr. [i watV 3ojr \Iii tIo have them pai -Fnn-down, and certijinly Itwo hours after the light;
in the rearof lhe reiljr'i. arnid ITrrn the left oi the In yowu cr.'-ed upon tie brilge. I ace-ompanie-d you,
diann. by which means [lie savaiges coal-Il hate beer, .,ind, piran i eclian p the ioilai oi ca-t shore, I handed
driven into the riter. oil bl. k your pi,ic,l, which I had Larrie-i o er -for
You dil ifot di-moiunt from your hor-e unlil lie hid irt r.l ieltirniJ l.C tile oppOiLite mile of the river,
been siazeirig 'inder yoli for sonie liirie, from the t.then Gen. Call dilelcil mle to go somiid the lines,
efeeH ofr two woni.Js. InFieed I haj bet- lunh e.x- nil aecel 111i i i:he -i .'t-rs undersIood the order lfor
peclinz to see you b-ii, fdil, aiil ta ice I approua.h.dl re.rrnIiing, whiichi I dri1. Fie thiren gave the order,
you, fully delterminel to ii'.ist upon your retirni aid recrosied hiinself, titlh the .tight oh the regn-
to tile rear, and Io ieinl 'your order thioiigh )our il-irs
sIaff; but I was delteried bh the appirenit nsele4iesi "' While Gen. CaIl wat eru.s-ing. I called to tWin and
of such a requttl, from the intense etriielnees witlh teqiiesled th., he wulIJ dieri the canoe. which lay
which you were engaged, and rfroir the obvious el- at Ihe shore, fiftl'y or a hundred yard above, to he
fec't your presence had upon the men. None who sent do,%n. He, not knowing w hal I wanted with
heard, can forget, your harangue to the soldiers, at ,1. replied. it is in a leky conidiion, sir, and can be
(lie ilirket momerni of the i.li, ahen the whole of no service to you. Sho itllnierwards, Col. M'c-
lin'had given a iv. in.l were killed; yuni decl it-I Inilosh closed, when I mide thle ,ame request ol hiiri.
that the enemiy int-i be bealteni ; ttliat before %di Iti a lew niillie, the canroe caite hoaltlug down,
would turn your h.ick upon ihe foe. you would poaUl whea I direceJ .oiie ul .he oldierfL to place it along
our your hearl'e blood uponi ife field. the centie of thie braip.e, whore the eirenmintesol the
The effect of thali ,peech i a-ell known. You iree,- i1nerlocked, so as It ad,] to i s slrenglh. by re-
ordered another 'h.,ige, it .nas mi-I.e, The enerni cei'ir g and re-.ilintg Ihe foTce c4i tihe-c never fire anottier gu. tli-.I 'teirfrwnr Is ior io I cronlinueil on the bridge tiysell, holding by ilhe
bePlievea Indiatan was seen trierl then flight, jecepi brhinche. flil the regilais had nearly poised. It then
three s'coils,)althonih froit Iheir occaiunal 3 elliag occiirred to mfe. a3 the sun had setl,. lial Lie spoftil-
thev no doubthl hovere. aboul us .&aur enatipnient had not been selected. I wentoR
During the action an otJer wa' given to have the -iore. (the noF ih or e.alern.). 'Ind, perceiving Gen.
Swoundfed ien reiaoe.ito i place of .afrly; bult here Call a litlle above the biidke, inquired of him if-th,
was a difficulty in in-lihi. au.-i a place. I -kcl c.irnmp hiiJ hieen selected anil narkeil iTff? He-said
Captain, now Major, Wnt. Giaharo, wvho. thouaghi no. and ni.,ried me to do it.. -l looked round and
badly wioondel-i, seemed to be thinking more of his discovered you a short distance below the.bridge;,
il lthtan of himself, if ho would have his wounded giving direc io-s trl-those who -were poated'on'ito



bank to cover the rroopq while crmn'ir,m. I Ipel- indler my oa n cb.ervaiion, I can corroburatle. As
ed to %'n. Ger. Cal' I ui.ler. % hef. imM I rq.iii.Led ne relaie, to 3 our re v ro-iig ithe ii% r le b- wmirnutely
it go ,'lk _k beyondd the i tiiiii. k ,n ,: lelt I I i l e.n ireel. 1'oa r mlr ec fitll v.
lile pl.a e. I *imminelmev nminit, l a linac, mile J'-IN lI. M 1N back a q iarlter ol ai nile f tI'otm uive inver. hill ii.-mrke.I
nv fir corll,,i- ibo it o hiimle.l iiI- ipt.No. 10.
nhven Ce,n C ill rode'vpr, I i-rt..I them mit i,) hil, BOSTON, 2 Sih Aau 1837.
anI reqip lc J I hji' aiirii'ii oi .l*-Ii ,i f.-.I 1 Ithle CnrNE ,AL ': V.lirs o il 51ih of Ati2U _t we for-
grmundl ;he rpprnive.I 1,1 A t i. mn1i ,i,.-i.t Col ir, d I-, mi.e AL bl;- li. l e, ;.n,l I haAien to give you
F'annine ni.- .he-i pI at lihe ,.i- d 1'" hinlli iiion. ,rin.J i ir -iemeni of ,1h L I..mppnihe.l unl.d r miy obse-r alion,
I lih djimt ji ;- ndn ciM l Ihe <.'ol-:n l mu it pl I.t I n t.- i iih f i r.i to the poinni ihicnii.nindl.
line. when I he volume. i .,ippri' ieJ, m homr I il-u I i .:.lunt-ei t,- i.-mr mie e'- lelimmor anrd. it Ihe bit-
conilii.-lte lo Iheir pm.iiO,,. V tJ ,mil i hit m, tie of live i;hl i._-...uheme I it.trd -, a.iil ji nri to the
m .ined in illt rear, `13 all thi, w ,complleted b efoe .jivlilinf, ot ic,liam, tin-lr Col F"aning. I halve
yol came i.p. -' i tr. ih., lie h .l Iie tie Cipt. Plellu'i -.y lthat lid
Ac I v-I nriot at lhe river %he, li rer.,r, iird.Jer ]icI uti',iOni a rmimr,.e i cf Iiimarlnm I .pI'roi.iin7 li aiouglhi
Col.M llt rri a e ,ro' cml n t l i r. I. e -o rrlt iit .mii n n'1 4 i, 11iO31 i OI the ha i .lll- n and
Itli"t litt l bul I nier henJd i-i.i a a mll I n nhin lio i.iel i i I, t'ie .t A.. .iimi,li.- t.ifly tlef ined l.y ilheiln, that
him faie therp if l'he h .d, lie IIP o'il.l. '.ii-L pi ot.iL.ly. 1... ir.. Lie i..min.eimeimmeilt i" the battle : nna l I -Iid
hia e irerdi on ihe troop'. |hei lie h.iiett !i* e ipe.'mti t, lh ar lit ii rn lni,. iin iin] .' -mi fiied unlitl borne
hi' pero.i i.) ith e of l ur' th"e dl o r iei i l.i- inim dafien a fe. tiIL I-, holi nt of [lie reaglt-i3.
bly polled to cover an.l pi.[,?t l i tHi lni.i g 'I le L.itilimo., .11i tile tlne ul iouur juiingR it, was
In the innrnini while itie ie-iulIa whimo cere or. ccni iz in i-ell', i iule lo .Jinz. ',x the iiinilergrowlh,
foot, were Lro-n-iin in LheI L'imie, B N! Dill. it, e h-i ...- I ---lmiie-mtI rtiii hin, the fule of lhm- enemy. Your
Miahle rmvr.in. of I.achm- :,i _o mjn'v, s9r, m I-n hur-e oirr lirl tireimori.t I IMell rciinmbe-r, eie Erftlin l
Ihd'riser. For a tUrn m no one 'uli,,m edl ,mini. At aim.l ,iicrsfh tlle nitmi Beloui E tiils iuilil be dnne,
length tlio or yommr t iT. hli'l it .4h in l p 'e] -il, pr.-.- Ihe liJ-,,-,, ol. imo fitre on ir iji t ll.ink. cove hing
liable for the live h im-.lielI innmlim eit ',l ,Jn i.-c-m ij tli',iii ,li- V-., a bl.- hI i i,,'k ki.oll :mnud s rub. The
lni I the ireimni fn li.,) ,b.i.:l, min linfm'.l ihleil o n lile ('i1t ( .tlC-iti c ide. pihleed iI i I1 1 rre thein, arid
horica. g ep their arinn I) the ailiei 4 in II,,e cilnoe, I.-jl mi-l-lmin ll lto l i ippn liii, e\lendir g arnd cover-
an.J p.i ii, lltroughh Ihe c+ Her, ini ,.i'fy. The fTIe hin ti--en.-,..-I i- li hy i ii.- m:rimb'ib niu .h 3s p >o,ih!e. Im-
pre m4aitn wva Ihen. an..l i. nov, Ih it <-,.n. Vill hadJ mjtiii.ely ai'ei .c ird- Cipt U i ,ilinii c ii ordered to
led the vanv over the Atreimm. that Ila wlimlie Cimii- m.h h im l lthe Ir li. 1 he Comti,;iii eA clmrliged, as di-
mind wcm- ll hare 'olloweil hlimn, lf-r i alitm --iren 1. It me, IL.t in I I ,i.Il noi :me thierim ag;in until the new
be conipo.e o line rniteialil',. 'iet i' ain-s aei line vai lorIn-er J, d. andl I ,.lies yo'ii po.IdJ'lho-e conI-'
amnlinilion'couli, likewise, hja e been ;cam ieJ in Ih,- 111iii-3 in their iiMw p"l.- oiin. liml" I wa' biticil) en-
c.inoe. 1 0 e'm I 1in L 31 i, "tI!Q l ite d ii arilm c Ilii-itmed; inJring
Indeie ., if one hill'the nimolrher h-.l teen cr o .n' i.e ll; nm iiit lilln i:n- raIlled,. by lepeie.ml .XLlarnia-
Over, inI en" -,e I i lipe coiie-m m ith ti the iiin bhi ii.a of tlie imelt o a ho.ly -.t [ li.imm, nomving rapii.lly
very whiili thi ir icteiel ie the mew .hi, i% t'l. '1l4i up r imim J nim r I iilr tl Ink, irnm. tIe %. ., inp i fiont, driv"
o 'th'e lel'l of the re~iiljre. 'he re-jIlt imim.l V,. e eei ri I hick. %A, mie bumps.'e.A, bt. Ithe Lu .lpJr.iia detached
-.. 'erv lilfe ,-ent I w 'DIsp .r >i i..-.. -....-.*.. ...* v i..'. '. ... .. r.- ,ii I A l', ,r 1ime -,-1. .-....- p'. i s had Ino-
"" -- T r uiinam ii .ll t.m.( lm I 'ill, metl 1 ,lin-in lt l, Y'om1 'dJi.iToin te.lt 1, 1 frlu lIr horse,
on cra''ing. in ppreFer' n 'e io me II.e ol r .r e h- i h.. ill i iiiol 1iimiJe d. a inJ, p.a.in e rotiild ihe left dianlk,
sh'red % ith you in ihe .l.hi-zere rir the ihit yui i e- m"alke.l dihbi:i,,lely alung the frumt of the liie,'dl-.
plied,.ai o ft 'regmird, to C ill'a I'ee ,I mlei uiir. tihe licon .
The reil of your letter I illi.iim emr br;: l.v-; G n. Vumi It tm or| r -I hill ne'er I'org '-t, ultered
Call Wvam not hin the Ijitlle. .All tlie \ .il]immlte ii lh o iinihlq ,1 11,|| ii fr I,,]lfi, I pldlv Iinl ieinim g a'i lhe
were enli e Ie in the ..lion, iouilJ ni hi. m- e ,i.:.., I ldi.iii, ilim.;c. -. d cwm'hIo aioI mlere, niell, I ail
el 25 or 31n, incluin.lnz ofi.ers Tir-y m i-rc uioin i i iy 10 die- r.i llhe i pl, I"c rifc' i 3'r), bill nol lo re-
the l.fl oa the rezmlir,, i w- .leP .:inm ..,I l b-,t I.'i Irh ml i r. I .- 'Ie O:mLO. .,iinig :nmd arim.iiilig the men,'
W warren. exm'cpt Germ. CaI'l -liff I tirr" c1 -itr.,bi. m-', rm-im.,urhfl j d oi.1 itrdJ a lliaige Iu lle front,
bly donmbl- the riunriber .)r- ihm i i7l1 .i,,J lelft. t, tk chmInch %%, j. i' tm, ar.I i-,e Ir.I irir v elri'en inmo the
upon the firmtlimi rfihie 'i.' m intI e. mtem Ii i lie ht 4lil- Aic 1im a. -\'. ii Ib. fai nmird a r:imc line. polling evime-
ia2 wa. n'ei. iaoi h-te ail.m A n'.lie- i. iin ci I" JI ,1t-,,ip-,,ei, i, pei-oii, aind impeiltdly rode along'
in. ofm Ihe- FIlorn ll colu n i l.uw i In tIhle hihet am-I timJ e line-. cml, I'ir'ilmim1, imid ,nliitt llm i \' Ilrinmeid, en-'
kindelt iTrminner. tIO. i mi., fle Miein, 11,J Itliuh, th lin Ihe Indlia s
That your con.ln.t on tit Ii. ., hlioul.l hbe imI1mij n. me'e tl.jre J." I Cirm jl tell lIuv Ija it wva, afier
ed, ii a m itier of -:,torn-inlii-nl ti mine, ,'- it mniil f- ie time t'ii, ,i.--eJ btl'ole %olJ lifl ithe llle, but iL mwa-
i *i -al ho were cmiii;i 'r Ift t r nam :.nm I.n-l ot l. 0 .I,.- I tlime iemloi, ttlie regulmo cuiiirnnlmn ed re-
w itnrir'e.J your e ert'ong. an.-J the f ,-l.ilez; expo.i,.,: i rmoailig lhe tIrve. L'iiilil the mh,-Ale li e I saw
of %our peliison. 3 i p m,,e,|l ',,rJ ,oi j ,i i-pl yved Itie u ninioil cool-
Y i rn y. hm.mwpi er. he m l-ii I i l ir-.l r,.l.ii ,l, y tl im.'. it,,I r, m r. I ,,li iul ite Ger,. 'al on the
yoa p.)c.ecm the culjei.ii.-lIr I r,rm-. mio- M ie-m.,r ,lii..i l iu ti- ld wail I it iei ltie t it nm-. h iiI nr-1edl, acid uim.
at let-3t. pelofi iim,.i.d *,miim -. 1) ; arl,I. tm t mlllu h it I It1 the I.c,% lice MQ I ,- I- mhe.t. I epmA llime
hir-P seen i n d ihea... there cere bi I'-.:,t l. I' lii er mi co.in, nidl of liit.l I C. nl. 11,- L-unaii lrnv
vho hivm e ever 'rrc ,,l w ith v,'i,, nhIO c,:,imi.J 1 tc,i l t im lhcir 'luni, timici,. milil L.clic e a lpalt oat .ii
again. n v wih alacrity. erniamt unji cr yoiiri bn.,,e'. ( ,]il ciOniiiihaiI coiceim id the crun .in g, as I iamm and
Iln ihe hnpo orseeir.g i.ou n,- inii ,ca. mo FiritIa. ti u huiini en:ouau.nig i.s men. as I poised ,ioii to
early in O( t0oher, I imir-mii, %iit. I leit in..-i,; itie r.er.
S' 'Yor obeidient .n' I1. VcrL L rrspc-lfully, your ohedienil etcanl,
.L..c .. J. SLYTLe G. P. TALLCJTT",
11516W. D. L... C 0~rrI.-. 'L-. 3d 4rlecy
.To GeCi. D. L. CLI7n-i. 4 *1
JtActINvc.i.r, Ocl 2r, 1337.
DFr.R GrNE!R.L. I h iP r.cen a talaleinnit nm.,le bi NL. I| |
Major Llte, gnving the detail, of' the battle of Tlis ii to cerilify that I. John 'illalouga, of East
Ihe Ou tillac a chee. atiil the e -vetls of that day. Floila, c" as p ,i l on lie bark ol lIe Oulblacoo-
MhnO of-the particulars therein 'stated, ha. ing come chee oi lhe 31 at Dec., 1835, asd Wal 'with dotr


desirous of rtosi',; sAd ii aieii, to jin the fol,-cs,
then in iciioin, ti lepi Ge I). 1.. Cliitli. liet a
lPibihJ.e order Va- i.a iied lii% Col. Pat,,',. eii.iitiic
fi'oi Gen. (C'.ill, bodli of' vi Oliou ie o, ilerj litat no
m.it should cla-o ., li.,re perld of lii' lie. nin li, i .i ,-
selr tini oCli-i- 4 W i e i- o iijillr:Ji n 10 e 'ie. ant Iv, i ilOlio lI
the 'aiitlsfjiclioll ofi'iatlii in llie b.ile h liiili w,- i-seit
raging on ll he Oilio-ie atde of ad sin.i.11 or &ivetI
and I fiirll'er ceil iify lhat Ceill. D. I. Clin h tdiI nut
re-crost lhe niiiill i. oiLliPe tit il all, or Ieiy nI. .i 1
the whole nuilit.i ol lioolp, had i.,ken ulp tlie;i po-
sltion oiln file .i, k of lie i ii'r.
Giveu unier my lhaiil antd -eal. ili4s Ph Al'li-il
1837. JOHN S. VI l.l.. LONG.\.
Sworn in before me.
S. CLAR. C, LtIl,,e'nl ,fI .t..laq.s.

No. 12.
J.ciK'-o It Hi.l., 1. F.. Ait,.29, I.'S37.
This is to cerlil% ih.lt I ,Jo-l.ti I 'eniiuioie. ..- at
the battle of the Ouithlacooiliee, n1I lle 31l- of De-
cember. 1833. That hli lt ito t-., ille -iic..ii I
heard General Call, dintiiilly, ise ordei. thatili no
man should cross Elie .stream liitler pieilly of their
lives. Thai, hivinig croaetl llie liivei, I n.w Lucleit *'
Clinch in the lhickest of the b.iltle. ui -ili th illni in
he firm. The oider Wv.t iin n to .haige. v lenii ll Ihe
regular i aild vuluiileern clhli'_ed lioin llilt. lili.-
and ronttcd Iheni. aioam Ihe po-iu-i ill which I w.4,
I-hadti viqwof CGer Cl(ct0i, iwho ttr, a.11 Ill line
urging and encouragir, lhe imen in coiiir, O1 die.
During Lhe whole of the iighl. i iiich is a coliu,.,Ii
fire,Gen. ( linch dlispla3 :., a coolrie.i arid iliii >idi>\
unsurpas-ed. I al-o (ei lily thajl (.en Clinch did tit0
re-crois die O iihllacotaelive, iiiil nii uiiie uu il. .uril
all lie killed were recio-.,.-l,adii .iriangeuieiits uNidt
for re-crosiing the ie-t o" lie ,.Oi.
Subscribed nnid sworn to, b-efore ime, ili- 29th d.iay
or August, IS37. STEPHEN EDI)DV,
Jiltaiitc lof iht Piace.
.o0. I1 .
ST. JOH,'S. E. F., Aug., IS37.
This Is o cerLtifv lial I, Oran Ba\ler, ActLig 1.1
Lieut. Conipany B, F. M.. via' at the billle of ille
Ouithlaconrhee. oil the 314t Dee:, .N335. an.l that I
heard Col. Pal runh give poiiltie otJc-it thai no man
should cro.s the rivet to wheie Ih, badlte was i.'iin.
and that Ihe-e oidLler were given in presence of Gei.
Call, as emanating fiom hin. Thre.ils weie nvi-cd,
and we were all oidJeied lo retire to die line. 1. how'.
ever, did ci o'a to ihe conuhlttion of Ihe ballle. ,hici,
I saw Gen. Clinch. who niaitifesled perfect coin-
mand or himeeir. I am under ihe inipresion th.nt
Gen. Clinth did not re-cru_ until late 1lih d.iy. I
also cerlil'fy that Geni. Call liil not crois hle ltieain
t6 the southern ba3tik. untlil the heat of the battle
was over, andS.it the iin ig w.i' riot continuie.i, with
the exception of a few 40iol4, after the Iniiarnsi had
been charged and had reltreaited.
Sub-cribed and sworn to, before me, thi 26th
day of Auttgust, 1337.
Justice of the Peaee.

No. 14.
JACKSONVILLE, E. F., Aug., 1S37.
*Thi,- to cerlify flint I, J11 .I B.. ataa..n U/-
the battle of l'the Ouithlacoochee, on the 31st1 Dec.,
1835. I was placed in such a situation in that engaee-
ment, Ihat I Ihad freqieitt opporlninilie_ of obsering
Ihe conduct of Gen. Clinch. who, when the hatile
ragef.d, and when the spirits of the men weie almost
failing, then Sncouraered them and led on the chirge,
by which the Indian foe wa' routed and subdued.
I also certify that Gen. Clinch did not re-cross ihe
stream until near sundown, and until all the killed

and wounded vseie re-crossed, and arrangeienta lrorf
e-t:ro;"iig ithe troop- weie iraile.
'I lie fiin- WaS conlitiial hiring the action. Gen.
Call did 0ol crosi, tlie Ouiihlacoochee, utimii tile battle
liid litea ly ceased.
Snolin I1 and subscribe.t hefoie me, this 29th,
Auiguist, 1837. STEPHEN EDDY,
Justice of Ihe Peace.
Nn. 13.
Foni Pnr io., (itcr Nloiiihiecieek, Fnlo.,)
Au:ustl31), MS7.
Dc.ai GCc-rRAL: I received your favor of the 2lst
;,i1.. Oti5 a 0.1, or i'- a zo, anid hli reii to reply tp
it. I will ain-it' er. na coici-ely as poiutible, (lie ques-
toii- littpoiindedi in rel.alion to the hille of the,
Outililt oo.lIlee. I 'vll toniniience hly ;lalilg that tlhe S
v onndcl errt- reniovit ioi the if.itar in obed;eice toan
order fi oin yo, 11as I umlel stoodd) to that effect;
ihatli. a l:,lv exaitinalion of the wounded was made
befl'ire flie% crozedt Ihe liver, arid then and afler-
wrd.., eeiCv allefliotii hult lime. |ilce, and circum-
sl..nce- wooill a-liti of, was iendeteil to them. 1
cuilitleitlly aipe iI, fur the correctness of ihis state-
mietl, In NMajor Win. Grah.iin. Capt. C. Graham, and,
ueiil. lihlrlv. the former of Aihom I met and ac-
compaiiicd lto ithe spot oicnipiet by fIle wounded,.
where lie renit.iotcd tinlil the bridge was prepared,
uheni lie walked otit with his brother. C. Gnriham,
and wa, lollowel. shot ily) afterwards by l.ieut.Ridge-
ly. Ne-itiiprof llo-e g(ntlemt n were 'i mntih dis-
abled by tlheir wounds as to lender walking imprac-
liiLtble. Alter cro,.ing the) remaineJ billt a short
lime it1 Ihe rear of Ihe troop'. stationed along the.
bilks of ihe liver, to prolecl the re-Lcrussiig of ile
letlal. aisi1d iil;tla enaiged in the fi6ht. when Ihey.
"eie reinoted. b.v Ihe diteclion ol'Gen.Call, further
baurk ino lthe swaiiip: while ther r', it w.Is- reported that,
Ihe Indians lhatl ci o-ed anrid were coniing upon the,
norlih Ei e of Lbe river, which very nmucli alarmed the
wouniled, who were elirelv unprotected, had suchh'
..i c C. .u- r't.. IL. L -'-rah r I.hii. --J-- .-A
report, walked ani to Ihe Oank roithe river, and-
there look .i position close by, and in Ihe rear of the.
regular', rimil the re-crossihtg w.s reflected and the
iloonis moeil lo the place of encampment for the'
nigtll. I lid not see Gen. Call oier the river (on
tie .south side i until a pailt of Ihe wounded had been
put acmo.-,; ihi wias afier Ihe fiingi had ceased, and
a.t a1 nlle wlien I did not conceive there was any,
pitticular dancer, as I believed the Indians had been
driven back, lowled, arid whipped.
lit c6ticlu-ion, General, allow ine In say, that what.
I saw of your conduct on lhal occasion, as utinsur-
p.r,--d for coolines. and inrlrepidily, and had il not
been for your iruneqtiialled exeilt tSi in encouraging
the men. a very different arid much more dlrnentable
liale oild have been told of the battle of the Ouith-!
I ant, dearjsi', very respectfully, your most obe-,
dient aervaut,
To Gen. D. L. CLINCH.
No. 16.
KNOxv ILLC, Ten.. Sept. 6, 1837.
DE.AR GENErr.AL: Your letter of theG6th tilt. has but
just reached me, and I hasten to. reply by the first
yoii ask me to state the length of time thai I have
known you. my opinion of your qualificalons aind
services as a commrandeer, particularly in referniCe.
to the part you bore in the commenceenent of the
present w ir will the Seminoles; whether, in the
many conversations between u', in Florida, you.did
not olien state Ihe motives and reaon which would
compel you to resign at the end of the campaign, in
which we were then engaged, and whether thor


* '


.- inotlnve and .eason', aere hnot to,.,neiedp by hIne a- ell peruni-ion of the offinterconmmnding said guard
-'amplyv sullienl. e iLin conclude by ,s.ii lilt you lo adiani.e no ihe m, e" l ihat imniitdiately after his
,jnay find it necessary no i| blikh li). rellil in d-f'en.ce irrivinzg %t the tiner awl beiing on thle ipoictl of
f your ch,i.icer a4ifl.L the nticl., ul 3 ou" r ene- cio-ri,.r it illine Lahoe, the ,ii tl conlmnencedon
m'- et i ihe oli .osile ride ofl ile liver. ie illieni .Jvanced up
A. ieran nilii iale atqnaitilance v;li von or moir he iibc i'. % iere lni.lains ined al hlin in flor the op-
Sthan I eniy-eikhl ye.''-. aud tle ipe,i.i.,o. i lhai yi lk po.ile -ide. and ihis d1 poneilI, With o.he ,s. eluined
Shave never said or dune aii..llt aHlinl' told ju llsIy I lie lire, vt eil, he nalled to go to lGen. C.,Il fur the
ive oTffence loan honlo .in ie h.rir, I c.'i Ianiuly blinjrl iurlu.e of obiaiiniig peilnii.iion 1o tieo lie nlver,
myselflf to believe il nen-,jrv o rni-ply to tOur inl- an.l own linn 3ay ," inel by 3i oficner. acling asGen.
"q. .uinie.. not hatingieem eillier of nlie atlal, I o whit I i Call4- A I-.de-'..inip, mho oilered him b., k to the
.yon, ionlianle. puolinont mmerly occupied, no derend il: that some
nl -1lu e n ".li -i tile, 4che vicc poil~m h nfie Lolle he oh=
S lo tile high chaur.cler -ind nlie I your .-rvi'e, lime ller ihe n ninineiLemeil of lie ble he ob-
g" eneratllv, and patlicila, h in I'l.i ia, I hav.e, o i. -en i llhlat ihe i'lorila volumnleei %teln Ipaced lo Ihe
innunmerible prihale nu.t ies E lr public 9i.n _olen.in i 1 ii ; acid. iliithe ib. it wa.s enenally undeilsood
occasion-i, Liorne my himnile i.lin lfnil ly le-.iinionny. 'ni 1i Cein. Call ordeal eil ltie %Ohlhnuimneer not to C 0-oi
!Thus, in my report to Goel einnieil, d.ileil Tlainlp. thie river, .d Ihlli. lhe believe Dilla3 Lompany could
av, April 12, 12 ,,1 6, .li f Olt : He, lliron.hotl i att aoild h.ne i,-,.:-ed ite rn er, had lihey been or-
(,,'- le in.rLh, cominanded liiA c'olu.mn "n ih jiilgineil deind ;o lo do.
,.and abililvy, and at the pi..,t.il.icoilal ii III ilne LOne] STLPHEN D. FERNANDEZ.
bravely dliniounled acnd follo e.l lii I. oolinp, above Sworn no, before .ie, lihi I16h September, ISJ7. J
the Iinee. (I ounlt to inane -.'ill w.-&'- ) in ni.d." In A. J. JBISSENIT, .ut. Puib.
e report of' May tile I llih. I a id llt rI i:inalion
Blig. Gen. Clinch vtii lorav.ailed a week alo. No. IS.
The army ,,ill lo'e, in ihbi ofttir-e, onie of it be'l JAchisoN, ILLsE. Sept. 25, 1537.
Scomman-lers." So, in ily adi c-.,s 0o lIne (_oul ot DF..An SIR: In ai'oer to your inquiry, Inn a lelter
| inquiry, al Frederick, Mirylaind. .pe.ialii of nn he- of lite fhli in,f I iat e ihe honor to ,lale, thatl oin lie
S ing ordered In supersede you in the cniiin.nd Ili Flo- 2,1 of Dec., IlS5, ou called on n.e to raise une liun-
i j ida, aainit nniy prinale tvi lhies, I tlol ihe cou, ihd'. died %olinleel, to pioceed to Ihe d rlei'e of ihe
had. inoleover. the higheml toliltuinCILe Ii ihe Alaihina fionlier .To ilis call I responded, bnut on
dgmenl-nil abililies ol'lt.en. Cliich, inlepehidenl the 31h De.. received an order fiouin B.ia.dier Gene-
Br[hbn better knowieige of I'o.ida a.nd of nine ene- r.il Hei hai.leZ. to )im and piit in molioin lly entire
ton be cokibhalied." Anid a3% tin, uponn tine olla- re-giieintl, and to proceed with Iwo liunLJied inouriied
ion of" reading one of' my let e 1to tine A.,n1te couirt. ricn, .n IO l epoil In to you fotr vetl 11 e, leat, ll._ tile
ltose and sAid, -1I o,,n aIo'r i/ionOl'il/ nl,!ifn-Ulf l inl oie on il pons 1o pruiecl our ovtun Imnnediaie iron-
the decision of G ti. C I.' lni. 'in rin11 t to sending' llei.
o nhe block holi,-e,on Ihe Wiilul].ooi live.-.iecoi 'rou, At Newn.os- ille. ;a lew orl Drane,) 'i,.,c r.-_i, .-,', 1,1 ;, 1',1 .- ,- P t i to Foil Dianne, you called on the Litnzelli ul Alichi a
i ent, it is (VIe.r/ uenl tinin i,,; Ir diffi" n nl. r niii.lO Coliniibi., aid H.mnnilion coilnnie'. o riie One hiti,-
rnn flintl ojiL.r, 1,' itt /i. li'. n il nn/ l ,.,i.t,, n i- diedland hlly onouIiltli tolililcel-., ilr tlie,.-nne pur-
ndinn rensomni /1.) .ri,f.r .t' .-: '/, .1 .in t ong. iAe. hich At as. pronmpily i epoinled to. I tool, till Ihe
end so il Ihppmnuil Io ,e in 1i.s cn r'." line of linmarl. h o.n ie 9h Decenmiber, t iIlh [lie noops,
I From the lime han! .tne inel at FoItL Diane o g aoin you -5I %telumiinka, lie place of rcildeznous.
1;ainii it- ty. Vy1ir re i ineTn te I otn tinn itt. ri-tented an otoer o e.\pir-s nronn
I -ie was-- n.- frq1 n ubmL~l 0,Y VII i.'i11n Ioali il "lieP I-- -'l.f'e-leet[ all oiluer oyV e.plr_1- IOlul
ljf lile was a frequent -.uoiei. of cort er- lion in lien. Herir.'n.lez. o like Newn.trnsville i il]\ iourt,
ur private and conideitial inleicon-e. You not acind to rail on Col. SanLilez, cOihinnarnliir, lie 611t
tniy tell yourself ac;rieveei by Ihe conduct of re-ainniil, F. M., Ifor a huiinnied mole In,-e. ahhilh I
lite-War Depirtmientl lIoard voui, hult you gate me rlid. Tlis 1quolno-i a. promptly lurni-hcd. aind more
tpd-sonal anI Iamily reasons wi', h, i,, vulir opinion, even Ilan- va-.called for. On ihe 1,3nh of Decein-
j li4 id conmpel you to eirlbrace the e.ihestl occa.ior, be' I maij hed I'onn Netn nlinsiille, and soire orga ni-
S reei'iiiiil )our comnm-iun. i, zalion atin J arri-ligemeul being ne sayt-- y, h.illt waS
hearni your eiel"ernni',lioil ";lh deep reien. bl, bit made itnl Fnrlt Cluin. Oiln the niglint of tile Ibll I re,
*Id not ind il in iny he-i 0no o0ip.c nitat ,ielermintn- ce-led ojers fromin you, d.iled at Full Dt e, to pro
ii. It nna3 every %nay foilnidn.I in lnca=Ont. aolnd ceel and -coir otiI tie 'iaiin ocks in aiL'1 .l[n nt Wa-
I d snnicienl. AcuritjiuiIly, lyoa ook nIt- olipoinl ii- cahoola ;oni lltle 17lTh. hearing th.nat oniedepi, edalion.
'y of tie lernnainaorn ol aclive dutlE Is r tile t ea. IIad been cominilled in tile ()ian~e L.ke l leinnerI
^ (erly i- n |May,) aid stint I our le-.anliuoni, an uel.-clitnelit wa enlt in ilhal direcli" n; o li he IShl
ougli me, o Ihle War Di...liuenlli. In iny opllinrio I pioceeild %iill ine main body to ecelnite your
u weie then pei fecily al libei-iy lo l.l.e lnal 4lep, order, and on ar.iviil al Ilan.;npdhaw P. aille, ind-
h in resir cI to honor n-in.] riioin in, anl I hate inz Inntn.in Iranis I pursued ihemn i 1h a nfetlLho-ietit,
auty enid tb-it your nit. i ie l aenid In.imily, land ordered Lieut. i ol. hills to proceed lo %Vaca-
r-epenilit of iounile-i pi ne. leil Iou no olher hoola with the main hnody. FInding il necessary, in
uJlrse lo pitri,.e. %n-lning- you all honIun and coin eqienceof Indi.'n demon.lratuonn inn our rear, i o
ioes, n.y ylear Getneral, coinnence a new mie ol operiion, Lienil. Col.
i letntn. Irul) ln' r., Ni ills w., ordered iclk no Ihe on inal encarilnmenit
n WINFIELD SCOrT. al Foit Crum. Oinl he 19lh DecetLber, Geh. Call
n. D. L. ('LCH. came to liy encamtpinenl, wiah a regiment under Ihe
command of Col. R. C. Parrnsh. and published an
No. 17. order from G. K. Walker. Setlelary, Ihen racing
'onaci I Pernon. lly appelired Stephen Governor of Florida, plJcinghiminconnnand ofall
den county. D. Fen.alidea., who bei,,,g '.uli ih x-ida irunpa i.e 1i,,6 ltd. For1fte or Ifour
depo.es. and sas lha-i he was a volunleer in dayi.prerious to illis, it hadn been reported that Gen.
atn belunginZ to company H, commanded by Call %as on his way easi it ih iroops: b the troops
l1iTurner, Col. Warrtn's reginnewi, and Ilhait n. Hrnade bigade wererais organized
-was pre-el on Ihe 31st Decetnber, 1S35, al ihe arid led lo Ihe field, n ilhioul ary a.genlcl r any per-
of Wilhlacnochee. and. upon ln3at occasion, so,, except Iheir own proper office. ed firs on
PIn witlh Captr :Uaomparny: that this de- Gen. Hernandez'i ordert- of Hlh Nob ber 1835,
a. dnCetailed o ldF iAnceguard, bnll, Ihro' requiring the brigade to be organized held iJ
stomke, was placed in the rear guard; thali h ask- readiness, in auUcipation of hosililin which h eveld
s i, ho



perann il E.'.t Flii -il i i.1 I-Irni .i iriii, tiir.d, | a .L -
cind. finin tot Iile]inrIiI..n .r himi ino .. m' ,lii'I
IH ernarli z' 1,ii i i,,ii.*rq il ic0-il t.'.,- U.i lic 21-I
DecenihFr, vF in ir I-I '.i I H.', -n'-.. vlicle a,. % -i.I
a il. irn iih filh 4 i,: In.li ri-.a,,, hi ,i l e i ni 1 =
e I he itriie tiein, jiJd hid ]111 tnln-i iife;i ni hia0Gn.
On the 23.-4, w% look tip ithe line of n,.ir h Ili r.,,IL
Drane. Frimi tInht i.,! Ihe Irootpa ritler your con.-
nri.atd, on the i2lit 29th tIr lk ip ill, lirne r.l mnl.h
to the O ithlaicoi, lre [RE.i.litu na It liie' .alnil
sunrise on the mnrni'i oif ih- 31I1 a r. oulit ii In-
dian carioe. capable r i ii- i ti e ii-i it I% h
*you ordereil the to.liInIa In ciainioriii iio-lii2 Ilc
rliver. Ahiii Ili o'l-lork. GeTn. C il -ri.e ii f.- it I
told ine that -irtine fIl iii leetu it:e .'l.-ri tIInI. t-ill
thai I ha.- beliefr el an-I illeil I ilt-ii. I iaile a)ili
iand inqiirel of the dilfreriii t ;-i.ii 1,.I ;,l ,.t i ti l
they w ere not m v nii-n, tbill ih' ittl li.- -, I'lfi l
M. lildle Florida. abort Iwenl\i -ie of tlit, Ii ul i huti,
had already lone. I retli Iel .ar.i Itlll Ihe ti-ial
that ihey were lint m tiv ti l hiJt ih. itiili.rri- iiaii
M iddle Flnrnra, ir I, nnll ,' illl-n.).1 l,) Ih ,I i j..: ii
many more wolld e',i. GeO n '. 1 llri.-t i vilt i i ,l.'.,)k
after the men, anrd in a .lioti l tlle i liiiiei.J l,': tlic
I reqoiepitel or vnin lo plprMTit mi' o I'r r'-, ri',' rozi-
ment. and voil Inli t ine To .o .o ,. qi, k i- I iill ,., ..
and I leave an orler" fnor ih-in 10) rn ike I'-,i I 'i. ;.,
their bn eL.' e mu Ai ha I %'c er. tIL h i i thrive li-
arely mloti. Bet" eepn Ii Feli,' ,iiil ir- o'.Ir.l, ,'II
the r l!,al-4 unrdler fihe coi ntilnd it Li'iut. Cut. Fin.
niinw, anri lwe'itt'.,' e .ir ih'rit i' v IIl.ii ir, ritir.
with mvs-lf. .ii"it. C-il :\itlla NI ij. Cu.,li, r ali.1 A I
jijl.iit l Phillip nilt h i nt iil" i.e "ir 1, ii iOillrr-
ment- ant h.-,,4- of n,% i-.trlu ieni. Ihi FI i.- ilI-
river, the Inlitn i'n ii,.' 'iL i' i-l Im1l li it Ihe
relgl irs, or rieht % in'-. Vl'Ti. i ho ni'- i' ehi'te P, l in
sitperinlend-ihe the eipi ion ofl i h-ial.e, inoimlife-d
yuir horse dnl rode itih j i .c l o I i) i ceiiCe it ai -
lion. Snnn ifiecr t? r e i ilih in ,-I thr ir .iliplp r-
once on the Iftl. "inI fired il-r',- Ihe ri'iPr. A qit I..
ly as p IrirP. a liorillle % 1..., r .. t. t i .. ..
the river, anl charged il ipoil thein it, ihe icminri rinoI
drove them hark TIme Inli-iia s 'ive w,% irJ a in.-i-
peered. The ltine in iohe riplami "3, i'.% t', y hlit._h
wing the reetil.iri OcLl-tii-l I li-.i lt,.ir,,ed i, i-i.t
and marched tip in the lilt or ihe le ;.ttim ritl ii-, -
el them in j > h ueP %hii'h fin illyy riuilei.l tIe Ir.
dimsn When I .rriitd d or h. lell of 'lie irEitl.i- I
liw you ili the a.l of diatn'ilmitina l i t ourll I ilnurij-
ed horne. X .li \%O t i onliiu ieIl t0 give nilei. I ilir.
your Ien to I'lhe.hirge on Itnl. anil lilvtnr o ,-let ill
a cool Iand tii eer. like tniail-e r Ac -_oil a 1 t. iit ian
opportihnIIi to lppe i o vi- I ot..rt e-I th .i ot a o1
rmy men were hilly I .i ]n.Je.li. "c tell ,,a in.%- I l.
and inq-iired a whatl I ahildl 'to with ihern. Viii 1 r.
plied thnit r 'li t l -.l.e thin he i k Il the I it-r, % ii -r
they conill eNf'r-im ine-.l l. y i Ireui, Wheti I h d
gone aboni bilf "wav in Ihe i Ie, i" "tlh ihe itrin.le.-i
men, I meti* en. j ill. coirutni tip. tl .. a ,I.il t '-
crou led the river. As on-in a, I i ,i, ed ,1t Ihe fitrr
I procepile, to cit. iii llclt atil ilniei I rin1il E I
the remaining p rt ol" my re, wme yllMilty tl' idI i ni
cross, and come to itr si-i rice. ind they rellhi-.l
that they were preveitlel fnom f uo-1'1i'a bv Coloiicl
Parrish. iwho elaleid it %i- by the oi.ltei of Gov. (C.ill,
and but for That order, they toull atid iould have
crossed. ,j
I cannot lle any tihl-', Tirmer -. i p i. m Ie .
crossiln of the iroopi, I being wounJdedJ, anJ liot able
to attend lttiy.
I am, de__ general, with great ie-pect. your obe-
dient servajs

Ezecute-H h neatness and despatch at this Oficc.

-ii,- -a

V Y 0c lO^,I C LE. ,, 'A
'"---- .--- N--*"--^^ ^'.^S-r

TH i.TsLiA Y. ... DECEMBLR 21. 1837.
L AIrE ) r -n;l Ii I- L. 'N L I- I RO It Fi.nORD I DA
A lIII tie h jitii, bi. en ie fei e dieJ Ioiri ain titlellirnti
OiD- er O1tIle a.1 ,, *'lli T.r- li 670 ii.t. Ai ri er ,
i.'e-, h.,J jiim. iiricl, li.;,ir, CeIl. Taylor',coinlman
it K iiiuitimr, b. irigitg i le intelligence that tihe Slaw,
rleec ,ind Seiin,,ile.. w ,-e mi.,giilrn iogeplher on IllI J r4
l,,,.l fi lei' l) t ii ii4. .All ihe Seituiri..le were to _
i- itle it lri,.I iie th-,i:ni.elt up tlie tnelt ddy. NUIP r
,3 hi- ii.:1 [ iin li- t1 .Ieel fi ed. The tl itiii were i33-9fL 1
rin tiri'.u il hilea coiilry, i liihotjl an EiLort, a lnd al iu
l1irl] ,eiI Ih til ie it jr t.,. al Iil eil.1 Efrlf.
T ie 1 t1-1t .cojititra f, L ,iii 1- ,i.la are fi vorable o, AAVI
a 4.1-eiy LI-.lull 01 lio ilttit arInd te i.or Lonaeque4 4g1
iiareetenr ciftihe Sitmirm-lr Il iiiiinedi tie emi.ralio i' I[
Sliuh inl ei %n ill t i be hil-d ilfh geiler;I J'il in
Ihrr-gtioul h: C.5 iii Y, aM hot only g; ,ing &Ir inl I
Ill3 10 o le ra," the '.Firel 1.10 lions ol our co iitry bu b I't
0 4 a I l, ri,
art .oillj lie aimy to Its wuoled regularity, aujti r
it; a i.:pii,,'p Ie ti-u I '1O 'lt Intl

C(m i raip aid, ttcr ./ ti,' .Irjn,q fi ,-I .V'L.liy Chrnic i F i i
PeNS ACOL i, L)T. 3, 183 slh
CG rTLEr.N : Il EN lil I ,i ; Ii rn-eI ,,le.: J .l ed t
yolt tie Ititi' iilelhi .'ice ol pi.ing e ent; in t dr`
qii1et, ai.l citi.-i i il thlie cotltlInuimO ati t liain h iretLi |-|
3 i., ll,,iicli, iontl tile ]r.ov- kink ri i i elie l ittlly an4 *,ar
lei iiii, eii i-f ie niic-il tt tpit mi his atnd Ced'.il 1cr
Bliltf., ihei- i-,. li:ili pa, lej iiol uI rcl it ,ve Illta Ilter4 '',
,nifl'tiu4i"s iiin3: .I y. W e .li e1J03 l int mof' t leligh j-
i t ii patilc ni r .ot a Ayiipiiiil ril" c %inier lat Ing, yel e al -il l
|ieaic.l, es, i.t it e ili.-Zii oi" the lpi ec fi'l0tt I Eil,
I. .-. ., ile] lay
to 7.- Faienheti.
Tlhe comiTmardJint1 ,ffi':er .aflja, who, when I la i,
i rtle, i i" c -lliiT tird -ldaii4cioiitily ill, hasl w ll
ei -d [he m-lo .11 '." andl i now rIpiiriing dainagl
wivtih .11 rpa,.,,ri:,l'a Jli-.plicl h. U ti.lei ihe ni.itr
lin-al., I hate not IUliU In )o ... A itry f ile I
i h, il 'tInp. li \ ie im. of Nei Yuilk, iOt, liea -
wl ailter on Ihe noilh endI of St. Roila i-lint!.
in-lk iti a ciigo o f it'iiit ( i, er 2,0"l) bile. 0 li
N.tm.he. Al .-a. ai.J % :- b,,i.r I to I. erpoul..,,
i ,,ne d l- i ,he I3) i-i ifle bi' it 11Ihe S. W Pa' --is -
,ol otci, anri p.i0,:eEIJrd, on her vC)iage. I a -
.)orn dIsLC-I tC', ilh t lite h.,i -pruia a lea ik. and
onle plJi.iip. t.ori13t11i t g-,i,', LOUl.I ji-t keep.. -
Itee. BH i.g itell tI) [lie eiilt it,, the -,rpililin;
a f-jr illtt ,1 rl-c,. Il-ak a pilI, I'a warlhlec
lov, nFlariled cJol i,, itho, t thoo i;no ,int-e, or or
]ii. ric-.lily, beililed h-r, itIllthaat orde -is
ijtit ,,ri.edl the ,i?.4- ,l %IIt be etii, ll I t t; h-r-'!
i. -thie, ,,c morid a portion of Ibe c.tllon "] -
_rpild. L.oieigh inum h itl. lreatler poiaLion ofill
,l,.r waier 'rhioiaih the pronmpl asaisaln3n-
Ilried? bi, Coi. niaiider Babbil, of Ihe B1j.-lo4 ,h
ir.4 lil ite ri ivy yaii, niuch vlu.aible' properly'
hieen sat el, CiS the crew of tilhe Ainti;i hid rj
to work. It i lnil e7tebill
not i-,ore and be r pi tor ithe bar a
Neilhr of the twb who follow that' citliZ g -

k 1i.1 Saiu.Ijdy -.'- -..
writ wily uI!ae,
whole cv: 1 hil ., i i
Z..' ItZ fiiei.rlrl lick by hl ii,

' N, DENTI ST, res;dos or. 4li
1ifwerrn Al .n nnd Walnut. if.
uOis Invlu-able Oni leuet.
NlcurcC of %%hitv Mw.llin-', S&ro'fuloua
'7lher Tumrour, Ulceri., Sore Legs old
u~vs Int'nluabeindnel
'jiVWunds, Spra nn a fi Bru.,':a, -wel
.ri.fl-niunatc.n ."cald flead Womner's
1,iS, Rheunmatic PrIre, Erupt.hi--,
Id rid'l;itlo, ., Bit-3 C.- ine, and better
4i1.4 genEraliv. PrIcplred by the Pa-
RM. \V. GP, \'l nl R.i,nurid, Vir
Dj9[ *. ul. UMMOMi), Ciirinnnti
.blnt fltk tl., k Vri.:[n Slaatc, t, i hnm
iT, rallona oi the subj,:e-t of SiiLS or
Av| b,) addr.: &ed, and "ili rEceive
..'n.pt alini liI:.n.
.re l?.rtil].atElgof tlhe varlu and efficacy
ilm rEnt, fr, mn fhe loll-.;, ing gentklelidn,
,l6y t',hers, |. I ls .viilI be appended
J the Orniment:
slal', Chiel .Jufiice ot tili Uiitled
jCo -';, Rchmonnd. Va.
,tffin, Mi. D., %% illiameburgh, Va.
I Hughrc Richmond, Va.
'0 a r.
8orr m.rin.
ftla, jr COL. i ngham, Va.
Caolanian, R chmond, Va.
lM. D.

KIldoe, Raleigh, N. C.
lay. Richmond, Va.
lC 0 Rielly, ,'olumbia, Ton.
miTcet, Nashville, un.
,H Denslhaud, Colu -nbia, Tenn.
B'lfc n~i .i-, -- J. doll

.-t ih. d '.3. Go.
t. Ament, 6o do,-
hadatthe Drug Store L f C. F.
d .o Borsn as arrangemerltp can he
Il evri 5y county arid town in tlie
Th,-ee who wih to become a-
%srile of thi; Or;nmrnt, will mnke
"ao Mr. Wim. S Drumgn -nd, the
prized .Ng.rntl Lofti. Western
The siber tW, ur' y appointed
'iummond, sile ngent ror thea city
d csijusiCra-ong supplied, %i ll plica-
.and their ode-- %ill be pr:.mptly
eat r or-, nt, -n the ptineipil Drug
-fR.-eal,. by tlh cub.A--r.bci.
C. F. \\ ILST.%ACf,
iuruJ irisI, ".I1 M.Tirn-t., Cireinnati

it -C?

Sr.',.V'D GENC .lltti
ilic Fronda Warlid,
CaJI has imail'e Bceeial chaiger against
Clinrl, Irn regard .o his rcA..l,: Ll ,n e 61
Orilihlicouclie, n, the 31sl ol December,
rse sub-aieC- o1 he characi s, tilhai' Gen.
unnecessarily ; iliat b3itle, espoj.er t, ,c
soldi yq--ih. ti he re-glEctld tie swurje1
C',ighleneitd i~.sl.:Il--tlialt he vruluniw.iuod1
the I unvaeiun! I
command o t Gu. CA'l, cr i,.i ni crin tihe i
a3lI thltn he, Call, cteiet.l ihe Itocpn-.f.rflinchc
re-eroising uls ,liea.n, ani "ivret tieri [rmin
iroclirinn. Tmtzr, it must be ndmi[irrijaie W
riouschaires int be pretl'err,1 agaii.it a-me
G e r,..r l r I. recIf l ] li!' l f [lla--3 clsa i0'T
Uireli liis killed to 'he rland about ln iy ljV
ec, officers arinl prierai, v.,ho were ir ti. lb;
Tlie'r gisicirierlit are reIibl .ej 111 a jai uniimt
Fiorhi' ll urslh. We ia e real ihem i 0l i %.ci"
gre rjf (ca.e, andi tiev reiiillcy lefte- il tlhe
r-ila'AT-ury niannEr, witij oe of lltha--'r~e-
fert!d by C;.:.v. (.', Nay, ature, thIY p k
condui: oE [ilis accu .',r, in litIL ba ttle, inln- ttlv
light. For it,;arcrs, ih-y prase icial 'is-s is
teer. uc.. r Gcii,-scr (sll nnFii iI, a1 e
ri'er, 'il( wl i le anr >-,T: lo | i:1 ir l bit
Weil l p.-;il el' pr-alhollej I I i in ioy tr 'lr
trial Go%. (all %as nnli nn tie field
Aite it wa, r.vr, aniiid ti[ the tiolip en
lird iOt ie-rr,)-5 ihe rIcer uniil near susisla
ter Ihe uritrtans hbaJ cea-ed1 iiir.g.
In ,gad to the c,)ildJit of (.;ec. CilB
timonv S una iniI,,.. andti e.plirit; Ihi
the %%hie ehic secineii[ he cpoased Il
hbtsit hire ul tie crieim-lhat hIe n'wa
--ih-it hie mj.Je e'..Fy ef.,ri in exslts -
cinllite rnlrlier rElioiilri n,.,il fight in dnao1c |Bb
.'nhat l'eg.ax repsatel'l ortli-r' in regard to
the wounded. On tlie.e Aseral point-.
Mli.,r Coop..r "-,1 ijlajnr J. S. L3le (rI
are lull a.il M 1lacls, 'tIurI in ;i E:r teilir
hii,ntii,nNi Mij;r LilLe, rted Is Nn fi
Clinrcl ol ilhat ociasciao-had his hoisas
hinmiVin., e-.j..-yed ecry opt.rilun-ly oifor
Cul.luctl of i11 rc.mnarid- r. His chir
gentleman or the [Eri.:vlat inntegrily,,w W
ie.t.noiiy iO grent weight lhit 1t11 CO1T5
i3 nrinuie ais1l rarcmStir, arl in his
even. of tit .oatile, anmi Do one edw.e
'' .........-* b iifl iiju tllT
si-e to Gnerial Cisnch in ihe rlha.
migonatl ihim on rcai-n.
Giceial Winfield Scuit, ini a iet,
Cl.5', ciaiei Gilh1 Se'.tember, 1837,
an aL1in.untt.ai'e uil twent5'-Oll giy
perua.io)i. iliatt tie, General CI'linc ,.
ni disce tn it.g.l cici coril jdo lly gi -
hldordble mrin : thInt in ihe rugh chll-'
u a. hf li.!A:IMt [ i Fir, la, he h 'n ^^
bli pii%'ai *., e'r I a nlnian
borne heaily i'Blnirnisy s hat.. eh
sificulL to ridfer wlh rt.m (Gen
,ittholit aflnriWaldJ fincJl.g reaiion
self ili he i .incit e.
.The loug p,,blic sr i,-c; cr "Gf;e
hi..j' -inr.'l,.. isa gcnl-aii-a1-l M
tlaiv skll, ind lig c-hsl.ousi bea"s
batl Il,, lenorir it a tleaias't nluty i .I"
IltuiI.g the mr.r'pre'np s ott L 'ie b'.h
in ie,6atd t' I o tiial cndo
public? Scr-cce,-tiul can teit--il 1t
tire retpct ail ainmarilir n of n" ,t
of Its ofc,:er; of she ariyi t- W1O
luIng ano t Intiiately known.-Cil.

fayeta n tai d n1 Ii
At'. ,
a, a 0 .10,ajf

S-r, i -ae di'tn
IVo.. ,,, ,: h,,l r/i ,t_'h, r, I j arl kO]
1 k ,e ; ir, ,: r ,, tr it" i ""'uSir
e hnlve 'l ::fb:- -, n ,,, of '.,,,r .-
drur,,l ,j'. i 'u:. n-,] ',', t,. ouls h h-
,d t n, I ,: pr,: q r, -- 'n n d hii-
ia F ll r :,-,' ,,,; n noinv i i, r. -r-i- ,d ,-lr.'nrtJ ii-
017p C jIa Ti-.la dinrll 'u''ri 1h, I -r-r.l
..ti 1_6;jl a rm v .b Iiid ,; Eiq( hi d r tim,
i~Ce'* it. r W I .r "n h,- ,:hmr_,:> re-
rim ,l,'1 -j n ni :, 1 )1in ?. ro e H o-,! el t
"ahcij. rind ; r' fe, y ih, n ,:,.,r ,r-- ,la r fic t l"o
ad tic rni.k ,t i Of -,3 ninianid i, Flrd .-

-o s n ar
ughout the Union and Cana
-d to act as agents for the 0
nicate with tImeproprietOr-
lass, post paid,
Tin, 50, No'rh Fourth-mt

*K:.,,:- ". RAR 24, "S
rfpohdbnts must excuse us for d.-
'fiti vors a week or twou longer.
triouvcrihble of the Wmtcliman
trsuit o' hillierr game," has opened
elliupon our Delegate, Colonel Du, it-
...'in hi.k insidious course lonards Go%.
"Ii, delerico of General Clinch, as in
I i. lsl,.r 'lted, 'il,,,t the printing, as in
s.,ie u,' th:,u; atlcl,; upon us. iie is influ-
Wi ild fair) rn.-,k tic. hou0r de in pea-
Ib -ihinl ,s ( C ,ihnil D .1 :i ,,ha; not taken the
Ijht cournL in beliali 'f il.'-wlatclih an's pre-
6n r fl ic.. tI e ll,? a r He,' _-. e savs h e w a s
b ite'disapiii,itej on re.ding his speech
._.a,, 0 ".: ci; (niark di'e modesty o0 '
,%oidl bv any nme:ins ,ll ithe sentiments
dwa, hced b('oD"I.. .
Iia b % (Ju. D." e adr- tIs there was
ne' to ,iiii 'i" of theOin, but he thinks
o.a-o Wo[ much oflip law ir I
bp inSt a ,t.; tiat .,l. 1. perierted fats,"
BOltei, to r itilul mean '," lo) Carry out is f,-
itlt Ll" m -. isd. ith. dear, lihu dreadl'uly
41l Do iit ill be ,rtiir-d wheath
%%" ....... bi- I30" 1 1e wher" -',
Jouever, IlL wilI inkuni
bpe, liwie\'er, ht-wII 11111
--Tbh: .r,.clo ;f dL rund__
tl/ dc.ir ic,,lale rt' this territory tulj s
" / C- d,',,t.s (A Fi,,t id4 sc, :ts to believe te
I,',lks herr lii it, "i Ivlindl ladid
Thlx.not to see he i- a wecure Fippb. pa
of otihcei --to Ielkve that the
al precIntinn to holy pati-ti.
.. es ,:.l an d]h, t in -l oe n,:r 4 .
r*i \ aCi, aWill Lheel,anjlil thoUght, A
t i. t that I2e is pa fi)or al,) lJ
'n turned ;w'-,o a %%orse -pecirim

But has Colonel Downing e
i latchni,,n a serls it was in t
al t i t n he l ,lmn e,-n ,i n t of tlime
I- if Flrd:.t hlI-h'ed 11-e I hi ce
,ei,il r, ti tie I, -rritur,%, suffii ern
I % 11 artyv re l t:-lion. General ( liri ch
a..; Ili;' lirte:rs herec-flore iildished'
1we tine a, %et heard of' but few%
Lthe ;treiefth and desperati-n of't
L.- te,' e.. ,e"ro it. Itf th" an
s'The lamented Dadi' fell a sacr
ni ,tiken notion. The arin ,
,ally ,,t, I a i e idea o t r i
l'ot cc t, ;,ubl ie thheli itile-i .
(ifd al t on, o" 1h,,, r- i .
tr ,,ll v.e r s. d i,; i it-im, i she d fo r h its
a t 'cr the battle ofi the W h1 -
ied his belief, that \vilh .20t1 FJ
'cul'di marci-h through the pI l'i
tihle lo nl r nlit :,n. i lie coul, fin -
In di not doubt lie could have p'
It' service a, well as any other persd
,itht the m. toe nunmb-r of men, bht we-,
eliied to the ihelitf that thi iii ntelliien
Nit Ihi; e-perience -since acquired, %10
b willing to rik his fume )ponf tei resiu
'1he t alle-tions oade to discredit cilhi el
Do ni ne, rand the c-ir t of ,I hich is to aid IIthe
bull', anrd lia,. u rd W ise, in lii; unprincipled
>-. lu ir, tl-, r p .ln of 'o.re o l oc ..... .,.,

ing on the %k ar," which, evincinti under tIe
ca stic reply ,f or Delelaii, lie o u dl e a ntis-
erable atteimlipt to e\pl.tiJin away before the
House, therefore, fall to the ground. The
aeoplO of Florida cannot but understand -this
V1Th lamciic-Ixl i& p Irel Jie'a n-an, it .3
:. eop-lken .. ...Tlearn ^

Erlle an 0 t'la
cut and dried candildate t. .; ppPe ,ol .
D-ownino at the n.Nt election. Tasis off-
imaks ,,oi. Let Ii %1 n 01ih it is. in his speeclh-.
4es we stlppo~e the \Vatclhnian can pieilgehinw
SrIft' we sthall haxle It, ofl tio Lawyer than in
tliote ul Colonel Dowa nilig. We are not
1pledEod to Colotiel Downin_--lf, when this
candidate is announced, lie suits tis better, \%e
nia ,o for him, maiiu. l re the morltitcation we
sltooli i v l at being i cati hlit on the ami e 's ide
ith the 1 atelimurn. Biut in the mean ltune,
wa' ,iann.t ;t.t by and ,te oor present Delegate
vilified pri deneou id falsely and as we la
clai, in t sonie of the Lh0-i portion l of patriot-
ism Ic ft in these parts after brother Knotules
ha takc n hi- sha re, %v' cannot see the most
impMi tiant interests of Florda, at tIis littlCe-
the intn rts of her numei- ous citi.enis claim*
ants for spoliatii:ns by indianc, for horn;es,
l, t.r ions arnd ;cit icr's in this inor. eo -ardiz-
odand nJ,.ngcrcrd by the injudicious and
reckless cyste ti pu sued by tht. nWatchman.

W t"j

j1Opt '- kgrw fl.S
li -la :li5l
gate aod By FL1WiN
cassome By "'Id
. med qiet ^warrior, elei hhiv e L
White cnched; for if ClinchC lL
2d Sore L ne ver col be clinched.
3d Scjlrr ByJohnu ,11d I |.lthno-.:"?
those hardeol I-the ebegrreLI that decks thelad
I fienlif.1es tei brave. C pt.R.i.
4 ii, Felons. By' Henry Leituer. Cp R
Cat' l'the Blue.
&nth i1ilie I ronl..1 biunSOu arnse anti ad
6th Spraiiin coulthil) InI hi'd uuli happy way a
in wi ateer p ed by gtil g te be.i
7 Teti ert hi h ^li ti',t nni b g Tit ,
e i 1. a I ie in w hll e re d u. t c a lls a n d g lo i. c k o
p'.tl' iit. t v Mc. Coliiin C apt bo ies,
S ,th Ch'i t theP I ct hi ,t [Unn ,, atnnetinlIAeso
'I ,e I '.ii oliw 1ai B'in daU i-. l k,"I the h ,loi dtine h,
^R >c :'"' lud ll~i*c.""l .. luW ^
-pr0p0ti.ir B a V Henry O'Nal. Lieu aii

al'eting a' iigu. "Though aol Le it, itd reti et .Ved
minDe, UL itdn NulU" 1a;1 rhng |
to ,1,a StU Bv John S -liitchtliniO Cn Uanq
e i t t U,,ii d States iy -i- fftie
te aec.ttplhe'd gentlemllan. '
i h- By oster BIoill get. Liln. Juliu em
tryW^ oi I' E_"'"1 Dueuit be 9,1 ahpad SS
tn cr, A t b i4 country y't ,ll he g ie ah e
IhtnC ustd i ges he is ,id t o wantl t hle era, h
and VhIlich es there iears flron the hahmaft ihoo
aoeiitt zl'"'' his h,=."l" n Itflfld ht't i iseto ai
a^^ entsdilr'i h^iii hn il,1;lincil-,u'~'; l
touintiment "d By i pe iiir.tD' a n d 'led to 1k
it 0! 1. tu"1 l alrsioer .B Io
I G e oth pH li
duce j c' t,' ude o'theirlotllttiY .,-.I
d moat deci" t iid otirneA. hu B btill
4ma1"i b e 'll s.e tb iicil have ; beeb rarin,,pla l
."S l l U l. e. ir,, ma.-
u [Col Gouldh on, being inuri|ed lthia
^* w It rr" yi^ ir ,j
aVro a a iiatii. of NorLh Cdruola. e1
g .qj 'fen I tiuke. w-hen ltitr lu id clte, .ng 'Sac
f i'i L hdltewaened l1 a Rip."] o 4
By Cril.Juhii C Gouda Thrs&enu
h diiadnan. "Thay have rurltiled iie;i'iEden.
A ; ard sltould'be exlerminoiaIion: I.
i By Cul A. H. Peiribertoi The mo. e
thlam -1iinted Dude auJ his brave a,',)
.1 the health of hinti. ho woni.d have noub
I ly a-eioged heir l1 and dll qaned' ihe
i iae cou ntry, hrid lie hall h the co'nirol Ls
tVVlthe should hate hndt. of ILbsv';ai 101o.
'Trvoti nid be oiperdioui to aoni?
\1' n!nle r iit Iiiiia ir lll '.
Bly' Tims. G. Case. O.irS fellow citl
9 H .' iJ
1 Thle Inlloyring parody, adopted fo
stun. by Lieit. Sid'ies. was' nslin bt IZ.
1 pary with great enthntaism. P -Lan Stjn

tiwe uiame of Gen Clinch's .siat in F'lurida
Sholild auld aequifintatie he ftogdl.6 '4
And never liroijight ioiud I,
C i Should aoiit 'cqu ,eLnta o iiir elgr
lvii And days o' Camp ltapg S'U
.CHORUS. 4 -'I
;Fqr odd Lang Syniie, dear,.,
11. Fur suld Lang S'2e, '
-r W e'll tnikea a e I' Ill tDesw
i For auld Lang lyne., Se'fl

Aid we've wandered any ui t v
". Round *'Canmp LanrSie. *'m
F or auld Langg S% lie

'e twa har. paidl't V th2 ponda.
Si li, Miornin' sun ill diie
Anid m., -iy a rndt round ii. rour'd
At "'Cuop Luig Syne."
c, Arid Fdauld Lang
Ard here's a hand y i,,risiy freel)
.AXiid gte its hund o' thiie;
"i Atl we'll take a i ghLt guid wille- %%a
,it Fkor' Cain L.'Uu iA e."
P .i r ail tug -Sy'e
h.. li And suire ve'l be your glios Li winf
..J .. .%ud rely l'it he m i- ;
ilAnd neI'llkga ipo' Indpvvaivet
h..... all p J ,, For '.Uvamp arvrigSy;.A ... I
i'" m" gi".. PilFm olud Lung Syne,'

-I, h. rr I.,. I r o -r- -

fileisa, .~ Co ti. I I iIi. I
I .1 I lltlJ i l. C I ., I U ..ll
Litl' ,,, lilt i l~l 'i iv ,' 'i.-..hti.-.lUit
F -,t, nch c 1, 13,.Int -'\ ,n, 3, 1 n ',
LL 1% AF Lr @Et IMlP,.'l- rlOT
Ales siaL r -- ;. r,' I
ili'- rii0'i d I,. io1 J I Ill't I I tt.

Ii (Illhy h ttI ll
MItr Hei.zilcn tiiii tttn it' ihe l.,'t 'cup3icej at
",,) hi it.: du,,.:.- the t, ,, Ino"king atje Lv llt
ix~ nt I Ii ci, Ii tli: I)..ll c I tlliOU iiced ifi O n t '.,
liii llttiiig I'l .li~I~ii Ii "S S itbl! I'i tl t

Mo ld e 1. 1" e. JS K., I 1 e, a d z
-1. It tde, to i y leg ; it became
lilid t. .tiii.Ji. on ,iii dile flrsi Plastecr,.
''llita tiuititr ?ItL got quite w'elil
Ij:Lii Iii i L i ti ly V er -y ,,att able and it
wo uld be a pi ty' ,.it t. J to ife puH lic by
tul coi',rittrnir ck t | III th. hatnie and -being
Cuiibtilan,l hlv 24, 1831
F'-, fRlev Bever,:t Woaulg.
II t01 e I.. (, 1I Ml C Eerstons; to be the pi'ir.i-.
t il ii lmeln t ir ,everal Vtiis .5
mily r is i, n ,e 1 I t, la .t a ihJ d ie o i0 ti t ni, 0i ia dj
L,,, hint t i. el u in InY b3 repute. t 'has been
Ii eqlt i usi' 111 my olwn family while hem,) in1
M ~ihiy lull. -iini ilg my residences in this cit
rIiIi ha Z and

rand. at
at NoT


x iN.. ...

c7 n atti'E nOt. ; ,, .eurr'ency
n'ftfT Ih orabl mbnede
,r ,w,,h reon, com ined wLre
for lev t el h to which we were sllWb V
e to sel Ihe of Small Notesa Solutelv
Negroe, which w a enhancemni.at our price,
t is wf iihemilr, teow For such a paper we have
is lawful heir, for, present Tlhese h have o
o'fr the prso eci trust they will soolWe,'eas" o-
'ofsaid \\'m. W\te orj. that impr esiion, weow4 mallke
G A 1l3Ri niodificati lns of uic erns of
rcio-, hfire of niz. tor our Quarto edi", Three
1ef 1, 1836 -lalf in advance, FI.vWDollars
r'i. cf_,~~Od' a halt', three copies at;ear ror
r'ia, Jc Vo f ?Or five copies a year for Fiuleen
I LE.EA. .. William P Folio paper will be afforded for
o Ir ;in ihir E-JIi.L Uf Id a Hal per annum in adt'v&nce:
led, afjplies i.r J-.cilers f Ten Dollars. These terms ap-
rate, |s in advance only. afe.
Lsc aret -ici t:i to ciic larch, 1638.
ilgular. lh,, [ hidD.' a ,i d ----
e, Jt tI L' ',nd 'xpp. ir iat n PROPOSALS
rescilb> by lawi, I.) tle t by Subsciription, a Book to be
ty l': .,. i. .,lii:tv rau c e entitled
nti:.t Lc Zrrin, ,I. oAce Laiand Lottery,
:Ml ni,:i ,-,y hand, ,it JAMES F. SMITH,
his 51h d.y 1L-rC /311 i op rcenllYt compiled by
E., B0 LII W l E himself .
l tliBlher assures the citizens orf Geor-
---------mav think proper to subscribe to
!'4'ru, ciiicMsflt he w-ill use every exvertion to
ICr;RE.\A ;..r. ful vehicle ol'such' information
L tl eh L} ;E .,i- ,.- portance to them.
tL..:,"'ii.i tiiiJ r 5.3., c' L.'nd Lot 'i I ill contain the
are tli. ..l i..l I LIIC fortunate drawers in the- Land
l'.r it, ktnrI c.J di L rcie'r residence, up to the firet ot
t,) L 31,1 ip., r l n i it th an en 'raved map :,f.aclh
',;i L l "l.'.t h -' l I in the Cherokee Counir., i-
U. i ." .. i",leding the naues in each district.
... e aiii ( tI LaTd Lottery will contain about
S I pages, royal aetavo size, wilJ he
ii' i I I 11'd paper. neatlv bound,anddeliv-
.iL Li,. ,,I. ) L II, I I, pbers by tie first of Match, 1.53 ,
.. JU lIll.'.\ lI-per copy
_f__ terg_ aud others, w ho \Lgilet as
pulsle in prn l c1.

hfui.l bes l *t Fi~ic '-i I tr
e fnisr-'.'-l] ,I"|.,),i'',;t''ng
p:"-' c v.',.,:tl'," t, '. th e J' i
'ln. I had I1.i'ri I li'-ii 'I-
j Wv w; li., ofv~_ ,t rl
,'on thil M-viwe he,
] ,..hrn~trii] b.ui-tl, 11 but
Sri|| tt ,l._ i li' uin tle' ,ii'
c"ior',e -' iho-e %%ho i
tlh:" d,:'.:]. [i lil t C'i--1.
rp. luwI..-, w :, L on ll I
In, .;tt metniii Aili3n.
w,."-.?1 had' e ,li. ,':-. al

.of ha i s. to cloe
from long: tene e muchI
isneeded, at Lsib P) se
konn.?cvFwith i a Ge I 3inra
.etior. of r1rsj/ap Ld otth,
ind the neighbon ouL
11 travel almost cronua
mIlf. Should the tsiness'a
tbhe agency will bi- ma. M
d while his lonv Pont],
consequent kn.:,vledr|
itons and benefits fro..
his estensive personsi.-
localiic s and people-'f tli
Cculiar facilities lor the p' -
lie., le trustsA that au;htba

L Ic ut L iIu1i 0 u u l -iuu iMa ti fl.
act as agents for the On-inim WK,
ate wiith the proprietor.
, post aid.
i No. 50 Nortth Fourth-Itree, Phila


R glNI,=+ -.E ,.;V- Io ,,o "dC,
etarql.all ora the Pelihapoolvle, [ .e
B~~haraB 4IVTPortrait of ihid ,, 16 T<^ *w,?IS-~P^ ^ li
lrand citizen, now nre~ mc j /^ ie'lcursuo lecnl^brb ile
-e-flU" GLIIMCF tie jbd 4'e1:1e
fpan'i-a di Peoie ,,"IM# .. .
.B.r}d ;, St.. Maryiq, halytL A .t tlie b .ttte of the \Vuhhcooclv.;Ua& blare-
pupha Mr. B. Headden of Augusta, and pL4s appeared aLt..mwthut^iirvkWsW hI Maidot
by him reht,-d to the City Coun,1l. The ,6 ve been dispo-'e] to n,: t iPArm Ad-.
co fit of the Press juStly ousfrves as There NiT i hpeer-sntMrn_-.m pie space Ior tri uls-
-olm -uI cussion. ofthis subject: in the lapse of one or t,''"
'"T.he subiecit i3 one -which cannot frdi ll t 'oars_'hat I arn ,., a tlitle sirpn-ed al is it1-
.w]nile) m.sr lIvely erriotins in the bos. trodt-tionll of it, under present circeumsltanees.
rnm sfttso, uI i a lIniIil',r % th thle |h-ir- II,_Vli5' this nccaiion selected for such L pur-!
actervol":l .er" fh. .-'l ,,,i;I _,nr., r.H li-P-rh=.a l. l ant- oilyfc-.o,, po e." ,v Isth attack r" 'ov % -',l thu s ,,-.
or. !h ii ny cuii'h pos hy is atack of GoC Call thtus sai':-
rti'OtieI ,_re, to Uthe pe',tij.atit',I1 oA tnho tioned1-4 "Iv doe- th, e,.li :.n" hus af;- er. ,i iI..
ti,,c, b." 1 i c-'er bmd, the ,-,bji:ci -of- hit,,. rude ..lfthe ditTf-rcnce': between those gentle-ir-ii'n
p'riiIo tIli ie heait o out, c-it- iitizni4 'ii li,'ilui Do 9's. 'cnC':c-ive one to be ain over nath fjv
particulail,y t, thI,. VJhuiiLt.:._-, ,,i ir. pIl-ri r.ia' the 0 .oII or his '1 u se to be s,'I \on k lhlt hIis ii-
t~~l~~i~~i~~il A, eIt who hal lie rlJ ll ',i
Silpii ,," ',i ba the pl, rr'.r v- letr v is necessary ? Hands off is ever tie
iie'st;, i' bra.'! aad Illmt i,,, rirn,' th& righ unhs-; Some ndvut,,aae is soigkv.-
l ild, an ,:,I' e';peritneiir 'i- mild i r,,i urbrn, i som'e
dep"'rir ent. in i hte less .-active diiris tie .I As th l or of an independent journal, with a
f'.ilr, ,iii.l .rrr i.r. F Iew m -n r 1rAqu Wit, d IpcLi C1 to act imt partially, hlie should, iiililnv
flcr, eN .-.. t r...-....., uh i h.e ,-,i d .j c-i ,clri ':coniet, live- waited to hear from Gen. Clinch
'ctieirdz, _ri 'aaII nnI gor-d of-.or, z,: hjippI" ore inr side.. I do i -. think so I o, "A"I
Llei id,.d ,-<; e n. (,lin ch. N o .,ne. could ha% --
Siirir,:--.i:d h ri i u-i iiu. ll the i6--J atid around ,r hisr- as to supp' hs e s t r e--
thetire.sJ', without feeling t i truth c-i this tat'l ;', opinion as to Gen. Clinih, \xilh lh'I
r:-,In rl:;. \Vhie he p-a.sese- aii, tii,,- i, e hopexeak nin- an, es poi ,ti)n he might.
fix lnes.,, in tlcr i ori.le s ii-.a ,thed'i I am much ministaken itf this is n:,t the
tiir,, vet his -,uti ,i V; 7r d -1,1 'lis r:.m arks.
A-lCt re',.iq lt. tih- L i- n ._ f iq ,iibor, n Clinch, hlie has been so fivorablv
,.. he pe pl of-j
ulnch ru., the uiaie3 oWlihe sr, of heope', of orida, for icarly tenI
of that .hardi nes.., % i-c, .h alost "ee.aaiily vehfiat lie needtlio'tlep.re ro triist to ihc-iri
eX--... h hias bheen intimately known to their'
'Sine retirin frn the.- ni the U. iS: l at 'lations of lilfe, a n,: man on earth.
(r?n. Clir,,_ I ;a bec:,n'e a r o' G eor- I oafi ,n i n n i
g;-i. *We ll proud i be ale r guIabl' -a3 atn officer endeared to hi'
a 0m. ,Vej G proud ; beaJ ;e td tll| u, iers and men--as a citizen. bc-l':ved
cont. %iheii imr Scate v Il apprec que'ne vir- 1yqiintainnee. in the domestic circle
tie, he: integrity and sterling nori br tils ex(- i.lpei ior.-a man withhouIt reproach--
c llient man. -'-. I 'r his alla t 'C iilU in the pre-
Thef.. t,loo ng ve.rv hando-.irne ,l '.-,Pridba is hichlv indebted. Unless I
It lie would biegreaa firetrtd, with
nient of the pretnriation of time-b
fro t s Council of Augusta,:-

"'Genedtl Cu'Fnr-h ytc by ,ou, aild present,
t~fS..l oi. ..ty bt Ai ,,sla.;...+q., 'ar
i V, take j.t,4pleasure il an I
y, ,lB,-ip ld pr cnt W
C ii,. cil; for 1 P4f-, niiiii'e,1 tli.
-. r. ; aiij'io L:?.4Ore yoiui sir, o f th I .
iration 11.w hii ch t ieb L ,,uhjiL'-l t y" .V ut l
liheld, irddl'Le rEi-pect lihil thli rebpta
of lii') cil4iie desirnns cr r extifl
tlonor, i ,tis been place I in tile Coe
1.Wr. in citpatty ili the poitcatLa
lustriout Washinctor, and L1 Fa' L
I In c-nac lusu:,n. sir, ie beg ..JJea '
1i 1',ur besit iuihe ts f.ir younr sice,
- in in "hicli voN lIa3' h ijeLsb
O-ld-t nuer mn inure thli t1t.-
\v';y repe-.:Iirihlly. your eS
C. B. HI
~B. B. KI

]I, fll lt'orf nir [ l'j'nt Cvtreer anJ?
aen ,:,"-' (i ,-org,?.- GE,'. !"a nd h-"
..erltd *a ,Z.,fy tj 010 17117., couiii l o1' A"S'
h-o I11 e placed ile 'same in t- u...1
chainmbr, in cuEomtany with itholeof \ r"
TO. and L.rarTTTE-r. i

. "--,- f^,. pom t vemiir-,;ije~iya .',+,,i,
'uld b more' ;"'ce" ce o "
ai, Co.f the ipre'sent-incnibent, ,ani that
ot lr mati. Y
1 this. I mean no di¶ge'rient of
Nert-r. whose letter I deeply larnment, as
io liselfas well as to Gen. Clinch. The
asln nmv opinion.' been eviden'tly Inisui i-
.rI t vre'very Iharsh construc-tion of .Gov-
.eri ift thrte was ,ground otfescepltion.
i- i n-int-nipe'rni'-'; of tlie piece: its \io-
iant of moderatio-nji.
S)t to be -:stJ as a [artisan in
is: .%c are all concrned. that there
"hostility betwv.en tliee indiiditiils.
lthe fire should not be flhnned by us,
.,encans be used to extiinllish'it--thev
_SCuiuthernc-rs- have I:ltli' r .-.i,.lenred seor-
Sthe Territ,:ry. in \vhich tlh-y each
,arrn and d'voted friends. The r:piutatiiion
1, should he chiheiied Lby u.; all, and the,
be emiinently ii'sitful. Florida is low
.psiLion to tic-cl the assistance of all \who
tig any help to her.
xe no, then hope that this inisnnd.-r-
'.il be rem:ov:Id and harmonv retored.
__. '. ^. s;.. -n v +,,.*. ...." "

ir~f he' ,r-"s '
*. 2 'i
lf Ldies ladiani have beau recognised t0i*
'hilip's tribe, the third is suppulusto Ini- ,. -,
'reek. They had the horse which hwasij* t t "
iy Mr. Joseph Long, the afiernoon previeut Y .
o his murder in May 1836.
Notwitiastandintg the afllictiun which I-
veighs down our devoted Territor). it was "
'ensidared proper, ly a number of the Citi.
;eus of St. Augaustiue, to greet the return of
he National Aniniversary, with the usual
eitininni-il, of respect. The Commauding
3onnr'al, very obligingly eutered into the ,
in iigemelnits ftrined for the occasion. The
Jay i-as ultheied in 1ly a salute from the St. '
['rnnri-s Barracks, nnd at J past iein o'clock,
i piocessiiou., civil aind military, undei the
:harge of Major CriABLEU Roniou amid his'
Bsisialstis, Messrs. SEGUIt ansd W -LEN-
noved Ihrough Bay, Bridge, and Carlota
3tree-ts, and the 1'Public Square, to the Gov. ,
irinineint Houwe. A large aud;iry had as- .
etnitbled i thibe Court Ituom-where the ',
Declatration of Independence wis read in a
very imnpressi'Ve manner, by Major Kiiasw"
.LET B. Gitas. and an Oration, replete titW
patriotic feeling and just sentiments, war'

National airs were, at intlervals, performed'
bIy a baudl, nwho had kindly volunteered their
services. The Exercises were openiedl and
etni eluded by prayer, devoutly add ecsed tt'
the Throne of Grace, by the Rev. DaLv/
Brown, the pnst,-r of ths Episcopal Church.' -,
At one o'clock, P. M.. a salute was fired'
fom n lithe Barracks. At four 'clock in the
afterinen, a numerous and respeclalile cbtr-'
paiiy sat doti i to a well furnished table, aIt
the Il. ridla Illolise, at wlhichl (Ton. Josepli
31 Hertnudedt. presitled, assisted by tli.
!lnu. Judge Gould, Col. Thomas DuamnetM-
said Francis L. Dancy. Esq. The hollo aiiin
Ti'astis. prepanied l'u ttie uoaJsion, weal'
druk by thu Cuinzipaiiny :

I. Tihe Amiiversry of Ame ,icar. l.igerrj
-Wlherllcer in joy. ur iu urror an l rU|Iruslt-
tty ur adverslmi-ielcunliie thrl'm wt.ehirt'tl,
2. The Prsidernt of the -Unied Alrlrg...m-
lih 'assuesii the Ilelmi. inll a Behi ur dlim-
culty and danger. lie is a good Pllu t, ll il
iill.vrh e other ic sturtl.
3J, The Congiess of the Uitited Stantes.-
We pretelr Onte lsi (aur ul a utflie ii Ciltiz-n, is iorlh
vitluitet of "'teenk, n iliy-n sllhy, eve las-
linu" spocches..
4. The Governor of Floitda.-W wi'l
Ilipport himn cordially in evrty ineansura
W itili ha four its .Il.jct thr uoD o Ul/n cuurt-
55. The Armny and Navy of litr United
Slatr.- %I e value heir glory' anit lrir
(alme ; let tlent ie miiitlei in Uiile raruest Of
furl to ring mnll UlnlourlntillaR waI r ip a rCull-
cilusivo, anld the thin, cmn be u'-.ijh.id.
fi. Flt-ridu-'lhe stlr' n er frmii i rUilltst,
utli iuokl 1i) hnerell ; the 4imj-.' a. ln"ude-
Iearvel uloloqit. Sine hlas furlitude tin inl-
i a -m ily : pifriuolisiI It i :iiinate lher rf-
fur' t istt lmatingign initily i .rgiva lUjurioa.
7. 2'Arm ra,,nif th United States una satr-
WiCe is 'FLril..--l'tevhavt coffilied priva-. 4
',US, au le.'0tte.io dli lliEis. uid inl every.___
I i- m i r. lin.limiot "emun ter h'1.nl r-i.
u o eorr tre',. 'Ihr In I-mells ilt Pierce anlu,
lm oiSn. He.:frt aini .DLn.ick, Drann elnd tha,
Hkeitmna'n. Meleon an Smtitl/h slUlt,
line pi-.ervedi by 'ITim', in 'hba snlLetuaoay
8. 'Thhe Militia of Fluridla --|Lt i 'lihy
dlomn ihrir duty 1 I.et the dlcv0>' ,AS O et'ilir.
re" and Mills. Putnam. Coo" k6m Sa a.l,.
tleir glellant c,,in1,a iii.i U ..-i -trns. reply till.
tie qie.eilimn. 'T'ney ha,.ive bsen f.ilthful spr-
ant. nf our bleadiiti; conutlry.
9. Bride and his-banJ of Heroes.--"Hltiw
boaulilul .i Deali iwhetn earied iy virtue ;.
whal pilty is it, tiata 'Se cnu die but uncm to
Sur@ uuor c9ninlry."
Th/e osses of-'tl8 odi/ '13. qn. cur ",o.
4S of4 (A4 rec ca& m/ute..,M.uy leave in-.
apire iho.e uhia lhane tls power, ith the -
a/ispositiQstA t-ks Om its jwsklcs 1-en thke at
kTM1Lioailiat iuillhA JOW- r.e-l l.'"t

jbt#t. it' ilttl uf 4" ;es nod heroes

"AFt EmptrP'a Pittr. uo3kl Freedot*s,'

-Thero wme, Q'ants in those days."
la, Fo8araUh ad iiminsett.-BRrihlt St.rA,
i'f thu S5-tl1,, in the U)ottelltuilluu ufthe Cal
Tile Fo;. Stx.--ThB sweel.sl.t atl [airsnt
floeern in our Landb uf Fl.siseis.
/TAe R te4r. qft'e Declaraimton of Indficna'.
e[.--Ont of the must estamahle of uu'

ri lea "'lrafthe Da .-n"'-His sensible
Tnre iQaeotarof-ticl U,'-uem- ......hl~.....'
n plorpriate, Onlio..- i ,
,ha rocenved-BgeternI approhatota
The folloiug VolfuuterTuaatts were then
drunk; tmaany of them in bumper aud with
By Gun. Hernanndez. President of the lti .
Th Governtetnt of the peope ; &.s e.. p,
6ed in the perfrmanceof the ninth article o.
thelrealy h, ith Spatnt; h1wlw jqqWbut a'-
wa sure.
vy Judge Gould, lt vioe President; The
hih minded,'lberal and learne.l Jude o
the Superinr Ouurt o'the ojqirc of Et
By Col. Dumnmet. 2d vice Present ; This
.American fair ; God bless thei,
By F. L. Dancy ; The Semlll 1'n
May he who conquers the unconqred and
nune |others recti he Teward of Victo
rBy D. W. Whitehurst. Esq. Orater of thin

Day; Genv. Call"; T rhe able administrator o
oIr civil policy.; an ld impartial history Will
do justiceto hisa military life f
By Major K. Gibbs, the eader f the
Declaration ; Gen. D. L. Clineh ; The Hr0
of the Wych ecoochee ; Him cmii an d pan-

rI t '.... a

By William t. r 'Brockanoughr-Ju,
ThelIndianMurderers ;"Whos shsdetlsI
by man shall his blond hlia shad;" T
have been found inadequate
By Lieut. S. J. Brantford; The splrtiktA.i f
fevenity six ; On au ocrasion like the preseni..
anai| ever predominate over local-feel-
jriE* A -
By Li. May, U S. Drag,&. TkeLiaksof
St-. Augustine; Their giaeis omilyequal-
led by their beauty and eloguince .i(nao
liers. t.,--.
By Jas Ml. Gould, Eiq.; The prin .i#6 ol'
0our father% of the Revoluvionu. A' it iu-a
heritance-wlheii e forger them, toa.y e-be a
ifurgaolten as a nation. 9V
By J. C. Clelntid. Esq.," The' rhiah- of
East Florida ; They hive niiublff l htir
Lduty in the ieli, and have hen h .iltsa-.
vage roe ihil Il/try can I.--ve the v l.udesi
ofclimate,l t ile iiigi's of the .i.man.
tuud the privations ul the citizetgi -oier.
By W. H. Brknkmiihrugh, E-q Rlt.rid,;
Its ladies warm anid genernuii itas tIt'hliil.e
a breeze readers either dlelighlful. --' _
By Maj.n Wrn. Travers ; The n S t d
Navy of the United States.l
By Capt. J. M. Hanson; T ,I
dnd MilNUan of The lhTrtf>I Sitae s- to ey
mat d-dii iiied They f ll! r' .-'
By Col. B. A [Putiantn ; His 'Erc .
GCo. Call ; Hil patriotmIm avid ,l I, nyto
'lthe pubti C elfeirare entitle ham to opifi*
tire ft ihe people.
S1By Maj. Cha.. ItuIbou; Native&a
'citizens. may they ever be united in
cause of iidepeadenre. r -"
1ly Lieit. Lee; St. Augustint ; Thei
verbial hospitality or its ihiHbitainid eq4u
by the exceeding lovelineid ofits feir'a
-a y Liet-.. D ,um ; "The inhabitants' .
Aug,.tioe. alike distinguished for patri
ud hIospitlity. l_
By Dr. llmilthn : The Alachua in (
.teern; The re-rni olt ofera mall hbnal 'tnios--isinuld v%% hail lnliy itiinre sIch .6
iritl to alsi.(iu prultetilig uur still eip'n
Lfrnlitier. .
l By J.S. lialainm; Cot. Dud ini'q
cDlegate elect.our present lite;, emt -ny
tJure career prove him % nor;lihy our cite
By Win. ii, llrockenbrougil. E-q'.;
JS. M. Hanson ; 'The nuttle.t Rnmani i
mll. lie only in times ancient dr inoduri
v.nitquiihed Ce.x.sAa il. the field. I
By D. It. Dunham ; Asdre iJ
Educiliou and habit in :y nake a Di
lit anid a Statersimainn. ibuit God at;
make a Hero and :in honelst inca..
RvJ. C. Cleliml,, E'q ; Gritcra
Clintrk-; In lii rei. ine illt lie canitid
hint lthe Iteart of ilia the Flhiridiaunt. '
Bly Ctl..J.S. Sanichez; Gen. Jes'.n
the dffirers and soldiers uf the reguli
IN beLt. Chnlmers ; Duntican aiL.-,
oTin'egoldier. siml patriot villifi-d by n
simrn uf tie Govaieninrentl yet suppurtel
gei'ruutis ansld tbre people.
tBy a Gueist; .Marcellino the riia i
Tl. 0 e n.pnn\.' u it j,>iirni l ai of "1 ll r
late. slid In. nt 'i- i lln'i ll lit i' h M
F,. tat l r irt s "%iit. p,.i e deJ d 'aSll
It li,,.hull tie .rallrd that tihe dinli. r i.irr '-
lep.iLa n lt i. a shl..rt lno itie. aid lh.l-i
silii.tg aili senving it iul. Mr. .4ha..
,rietir ,.tf tile Flurida Iluse.", 0-111-
iaste mil iiustr-y. Th.e tllialt r 1oft
-- w,1r "ere 1,-i.Ilrerci t1" iluri .
Wis r .iri) learn nhit Mr. White/.l
dleelinas ilie puhilir:aimii if his Oration wbi
4l'n. Ie:.n uliriilI hi. tii e enilnllittlle ofIsPI
.'4ingei tle ltS. le k ti llittat it iaq ,trepar-i
'"i stithin a reo 1 1 f* ri u, u 11111' itn del.'i
,ery; hlut il c. it.,i i elS in a alil facts %ihilchrl-
,ne shuinil likI t.. see soullihitied toithe pIIL.l
lie enousideraiioni. It as ioe repeat, a very
jeteresting perfitrminaee.'
Thusl har ptised 'away the 4th July,
637 ; miav itr iisxt ailvsnr smile upnn dif
fereni ttare of thlings--may peace anid.prs-
purity lme speedily restored to our hopeless.


miir,, i nl

"P _
^-it A
i /y '-9 is

isltai L a rfibe'"i twO'Col. Warren received a slight wound
1tg 1''in the-.neck jadt abov n lie collar hone fromt the
/.7-iiil riaoP Pr r spertlball orfan nneen Indian; ahnut the ,binie itne
S0, f., L i e .r.. .. t lMailj (Cnoper lell. us we supposed. iiinrvally itonund-
kSFTTLE OF THE OUITfILACOOCHCE. pJd bi lie iubm-eqiietiill recovered. tlhlugh the ball
?'g1" r-unRan.\y, Dec. 31 .Abual 3 ,'.':'- A. I. [,3.;ed thro-igh hi' Lnd in ithI regi.in (f the liigi.
tht guirdilWl e eec lled in, nid li.E wh.1.h c.i mnni man 'ol. M1013 continued in the titrinly wlier lii
rdedr I r r nli-i; i.' i id iI n dJr- ien v were s "ie.?i d nbout irrting ilie ie-' and I'ogi,
i mthe .,ijl 1. ih*e r I t t.-r.t k :.ii r ind ,rhill, .!rnrJ I .ii.,, nl cniiiiiina der! It is but just-lich I fw: i
e wained inmp.tientlij i.,r lI urdcr *-ji.%iird miote.' r hi', fello .inriing [lie C. din;iton or n ;ilii It
ur provisions and baggage were left at thish en- add,h ifhi licev night hate done tioisu, bL ateying
pir-eni utiner charge oi' Lieul. LDancy, 'the U. on r ilh iippiiile aide ifLtho river as Ithe middle I-'lo-
:Arpi, an irIICji;gLinl, genrih'niinilj and braie redI;-.n dd '
i, lth-I n grin,-.)n ..r I'tri i men. I ,il I the volntnLeern h'Id crot sed the miJ er nd
At longll Ihe miui'h *-I.f-d I"..r toid wi;i p-it ,.d ;npp.rlid ihe diviiin under fi(en. (.Linch, Ini .
ang the lines nnd nai % i;e a, eri, -*j>'ie to ihr tune /;., _',g[l lieir- cannot be a douht bill thi war vnuld
11-01l hi i- l atr.d iliin p,.r ol' brp-cht, h hi ri: bren friadicil ; ihe liunro p % %iireIn il il iiiiiii
'rPie prospect i-,F :.- in niii.: tn h ilie enine y in a o r al.i wive, and ;itlt orii of the red ren, an.d
Fl dy, and Ithe conjtcint,- ic1t-h lill .d eec-r lie'-it rioltitg bul 'phitl,' wri waiinling on i th, pat tinrilli
1- 11 Lhe r.?suils of it. produced cnn i..d i ..,l, i ecie. "'nluii-i'ra tO l-ni.hie the- h i In ii.rncli ait ,i e nInt Li, their
a rl it was quite dark% when we snatled cor the .n,r.ng Iold, nnd conipie lIliein I-) leri '
; lhlncnoch',:. :i dtilinee a the d u;de. jr.i'rmined A; ihe regular innp., iEt cr nn-ider ibly int our
of' o lit.- ri iule --L-tli cri I'n re, ,-piii1] oblinld I an l IS mipi,-;ij ulc I'or nme 1 I,, o .lo r .-rinl-.l i.li
S ii t -p I. re -.-unre ihroi'iit-l ,til't., crttclneLe uf :ir, o-,.nil or Ii-ir r p...iiiuiis ; but iiin lle 1, knot,
p.ath. Alar.iigh he .'\pr,.-im,rn i oriunternince &, h iI iq ri 'iiii-.1id ntie t'i.ol, lhii,.-r. illf e n
tr'l I t rldierg could nol bo i en, ll].: si,;i t ,1 n ,I I.n -i n ,i i i n it I ,.il% hr. Ib '.a,-rnd rroii lhe
ilar awe raitn-,d lhi trI dih 1he r inl -- no In- tcrrii.i .,it .i .,1" 1iiht h, i-i ,iniL fii \ lti]-.d tind
g=.e caln des'rli e i1 hul it I dr111l hi.,t ih il .r, t.- wtuna t'd, w lJt ilu l' liB \olutlt' .-i, llii:n., tt,- L. Lt[)I
inn tlhinch ihnr.o- +. cir.e Ih-. f ii- ,ind ill,:, -i- it %tti n .rtd rite it l"[hli.ii, if it, elo t'. iti' wnius ad-
-i-, 1lchl. ,iead t,,nnili e .jut Lrtilic i durlk I etd ,'.cidentulli by n .1'l-e iinui.
Un "'i"ch ..epin. l a I r .r c ,,]. i l i t.,, l"' t tii" li ,- t e ,Ict ., ,lie ,n ,, I werei 4n iAe, ririulienerl
gi 1 V.o e .Vl,.ii ieni.g o1" Iri.i nditr. il-, :.'tipeII. i-e da I l ni,v d ,dnot know it ihicl.ir tl l ".i 'ntv fit-
c-rI loud peal of t.l- ,nder re i-ileriat.r g thlI sk diin., .rnd i.ar.n drirhirgeti If u.-, ,uu i i, ul. lh ',
[ e bgg.i. i.'iiugli ild; ,i it i.] l li .1 cir- c,.uild nrti l O i.n'
r i u'ee) pnii 1 io 1 ti.i t, ,,,pa,-u-lch .r i p'ipi:ir,.d (1 ,. Clincl r,-ipEJ sove-r-.,I bj!l, in In. ciotli,
i n n r i.uile ,ii prig.n-,itun-i e t- i. h,,|. -d i,,j ,. Ih .......- h ]ii,. i ,p p,i .-itig nr i iwehiI ,ii r.
S h,, W 1-,,I,- l'h,,l i i d, I t,,,.,. i fa-,r.,,,t-d I | .:tad \ 'l, ,,i i,. ,l;i.g.gem..ium an ,di idu,il
idth, ri .,. i .- i,,,d i PC. r ,i. G-ne, i rr,.-ii,-d'd .Ip lli he nrrrni ',
aS n d O l.nc,., nrd Ih,-,, ,r ,,n e ; ,-,d .,, 1,,`,,.. ,,,, ,-I: I ll 1', .Jh ,_ ,,,J ^ Ih., nhe b,,I l p,-, -'-
u a 1. r l,,rv., aid nimi. ,, inr, i,,edil l 1e ] nf ...d i 11- I.'I :1 i of. '"- 1iIris f ce
S hl-hi bLi-,in t -rt niriu.illy io ippr.i did p-hiI h, -,. if .ni, i it l ii l i ,ei
if 7 -1 t1t, .I unil i [i 'p"it i Ii... -,i-.:,- i r, i ln ,,,, in.- pt' ,di.l ,, pi ; |,r.:revn
........ l h,,, d,:. r ila V 1 11 1, ,, l n ,, I ,i .lt ri- 'l h, I m .i. I- n 'i-.-irt pi~j l,.e ,it.
l .lly i:-l hirl,rn .i huhj I.' ,,p.e ..,J '-d Ar. ~-, ... 1 ,, pJri ,,r.,l;, f .l 11 I. 0 ,d, fl tl,,, n L,.' lal| t ,n
a, 1 .t, :[ ,J ,i,'_"*J+:,r '"*, p:,""e+!,J] I,,- d,i.e- ,I nI ll, +. fir ,; d rtled p i ic.l:,rlv at
1` d )1-3 I,.. Il ol- i "I., tll I,,, i iiui.,.h l u, l i. I l.. ih .II i ,--t-. l,,.!I ,t L- l .
e .. it. I l, %% t-.I r 1.. F lit ,r ,L I t-- til.tit. ll .l rlr,,f ,, tr,,j,-,J [, i|,, ,,i ; ir, n'- ,nJe id. l, n-

o d O t i a c l" Ii'" ^ lilt] lit1t ni.- d i nt'" (ti nt1 I. I ll i. il- lr7 .. ,, i ii it/ ^ ^ i-i utt fi.-I L '. h ^ .ut it l iii tl t F I 1 11.''', .l ^ ',n ?
cirrii ttitr'l ri i .i-[iI. t irf _, .i- I 1,' I ,I i i

I 1 r ..i .. i i r t t. -. % t ii t, i p i .lI t .i i, I t- i 'i ,.. ,. nI

- ., ;.' ii.ir, -,it. ."',,: r. ". -iinj i fi li-r d r' -, .' ,' lit- Iu r, i li-.,[ ,,. ld

a^ ^ r r,,-., ,,p, 11, ",_r. 1,',--** h,.a,i.. ,,,,'% b,: ,[ I, ,,j ,,,. ..* ,+, //,i, ', -,n, j ., /,,,,, ....,0,, u.., ;-

l^ iIh.. I ,.i i ,. -,pinr.i. ...i l i d,-h.. h, I 1 ,:h.J ,nd'-, I r e-, 'ii'- ,' r

jila i ,,- --'- i hi r,,bly n-l '.i.i I ,, eI. :,il.-,I 1. .t ,-r- I 'i r I ....- i 't i. n i,,li.t tI-...i l ,lie

IrqiI, n ivb -, --- 11it~j m -~,101,u
5 -_______.,r ., n
- ti l t. .- :, i tl tilt h- llr,, ,- I,, d.:,.,l t ... l.. i.h -, Ih e,., -, [rI,, I. r.. d, I.. tier[,t | h ,h i [ ', -w
. .... idl 1:. .d nh ,r -,,, b ,h,. h i, ... ,,,i IF ih. vitr li, I ( ,-,l dh

giltm (I Itf -Ptt.- I--'' n r li lni i-ii m iJ h i-.-ri itt--i t -nriiid M .~~.iIi ip .Ll 1-' -i *i-, i ,,[
11-:c.r --I[,, ,, r -, h id i-,. ,,-I i,. I -, : i. t I- t. 11,1 I i .. pnih' r-,-.... 1,,1 i ji[.. .. ,, [ l ; i I,-... i .[

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S i-i rt P0i n ,,e I tI r.W b '. li i ,,, h I, d 1. -, ,- 'd '. crI,:, ,, ll ,, 1 ,:, 1 n l i.
~ q ,,+ un ,, i" .hu d,' %,,,', ,d"III Hh ,,, I.,i a,,,,, o I ..0n ,l i ml ,.Iu i-

I lnd .in l il, i iti-h.d .. % n -i i.- I|( i hi.J I.i ,:l..h I' ..... m I,:,%- lIl,. -ir ., l-iI. 1, .

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).n ^,' .h l ,,', ,', 1,: : 1,,7I, l +,, ,r y n,: i |t J ,I C /,nllll L., ll ', i," ,i i u i,i -----___th,_ _, i n
., a.. i, ..., -.lh .i .' ,. -., .: .,,,i .(!- l
,:l'., 1.i .- ". i-I., L-,.: .,..,' ..... ,,,. ,: b, 1 Ihl. "... t",-*.rl n- L ,;r -,v |h,, .,ir ,,,

t?.. h. ,* I,,==.t =i .l=.-.:a= ..... ,=.,'. I,,, iI ',li- j,,| h,, ., 21 1 1 "...e,,l**" 1 .1% .nlie ..-
-. ,I d q' ,' ,.. a ,1" I i. ,, i. .] ; ,. i, ,e ,, d I ld J i d I .) \ h, J ; [
1 %. 4 1 2h. _e _P FIn ,, i I

F ~''* t] u n T h l I" r T1 r ', 1_, I, ,. I n n. ..:. r I, i I r, l',ht r h -I ,*, n n n ,.a, d ,,
e d i-in ho !o b ,ut v'', 'r, h l,, ot d P l~ 'J .~,--d I r' ,' ],n I~ -, ,[, :c .. h. 1" of [I-" 7,',. I,,, ,r, ..1 0 .,-
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1" 1- l ,l :1 .11, J ,- i.,,-,r ? ( J h l lj~ r, -_| ,. ** ** ** ; i. :. I c ,. '
.- -i L h il L0 % 10.i in [I c l | ,:, :. LL" 11 .4 i ,
1 l, 110I r l 1. i nh I ,.:1 1,,,, 1,W1, ,,-I, WI,, '1 ,, ll ,. ,. |' ,' he h ,P .
f"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~.1-A:j Al "b il,1Ir:t,-,,,.,,-n .",,.I.h, '",r!dJ',Ln+t .-r .N rd 1...r...l. :,p, cto,

r -d at h,, I, II-,f. ,r., r, l ,[, nilIr I. nei o fi-,1 I ,- d e w r- i :
'e i II--Itr mr ` r L111.1- J1.er: %,:," [,,,f. M 114",'1 1,

... ......aim -- _

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c' li, .' ,1 i. N.... it- l,1i f. .. -- i t .ll. l [t-I

m trill-1i' liii i nut-] lIiP L.nidRia iii i 11%

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La l. .ii i- lt t i I i ti I.:n ', it tilt. i -[ [, I
ti \h 1 .,f i .....l .. iu ir i r.t -i-tint ui .:u ,., .. ri L ,;.
i ,, l ,,1 nl i,, ,? 1, 1 h -II. 11. 1 1 ,1'. .I II. 11d ,."}

N-r r'' r iii ii- i.-uL-u- h.i ci ttiprii| iti-r- \i-i
l tttrfl. +, ;l t ,. t i ,J iii [' l i :i. ,: l Jh ,lit_'.,

il i te... I .tfrlp .i **i II II ni t iltr -- fiull t% it I. li ii
;il e ll .;ll, ij l i l l. H I n l .I h i ;] j

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j r nnpl i i, nh n I; iurh e tIim l| .. p o i t, i |'I

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d ,, pl ,-tm ,d .l li' .i lu m itt .,l'.,l u .;,, il. h ,ia .li irl,[!|]
p\ ri IT i -e i i.'f't l rmi-: ,- .-u, ,,r ii i l l:
NtA I i'.i i n.i t.li ,1 r u d... i .i". t IC.. i ...i

a inditt r. i nio f itig- ii I ,i ct -ri u 11 i c i.iLil, i r- fu
TO W'ii 1 c .:.I ii li i i~. iil j .. ; rW I n I
d ,r1-d. .- id .' ., -. -, d l it. I : ]

tl1.1 l -Ti'-r l ,l.t- ih' lrea, i l, i ft.- i-" I I n
i l ir ,iii,. li i l. l 'Ill i-f 1,. *i tlimri i lm ,zI [ irl -...;

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ai 1` p-ra c' t- izunud i'- all i a idnur: d ;I t--i .ri. Ins
I h_.: ,rid i i I, i. 4 1 Ci,, II" IIor, [4 ,,,- ,I t,,]"-I .r,.

,il ni ..hIpus. b ra i nu-i d ,im- Ilita d II-.,t an l-et her
it ll'i m l r. .i ,', I,, llsee .mov ing -frt[ i poit"ion to po a. h -. ,-
Ian. Il lniuc and IiI tut, l't.":I, i, u l.,r c lne a i. d,- .-
oid n-ihe by main,- Ownn un i fl o rti tuld.
-'atop ofile, ,,. n.n E ,i fII- I tn, C rl, .arren tI foI,- ru:I ,1 a
D ie l ,,- ,n" % -ih ; d 'U0 3 z ,'I.. }, ;l. -,:n ll,.;h t ,, ,n -

In c in 'tIe [tt,. -Idellof? t ri ver,' externding, aI,.,og
e Ead .be go.tJ1', L I hver l lls- (of. t.,I h e 4th oft thelltLhr -

onide. i t.'h.i w, te fis tim h,-e ,had r,- i,-n
Ito ro,^uh-rSl

S orengali.e i, ,dsv.s cn de, r commendatiron,

for ioIu e ,Ios b d cover ,Ia in every per- F
fou-ma cefdt.l._ I
t" l ,, -,.,b r,,. l 1,1. 3" uh l e ., I n ,i ,?,rd n "

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mI fningthat b b e me; m tvng fOur d oi'tiun Poiteteion a-
d ina ian e,dt at d ir ps,, -. ps de-, tl, r -
vi .eitis, ,iey aind ud" ring iortair ll.de n

.,Otdersiwere tuljc iopswho wer dotog allthe Add
,:.ghl 1ieg t hd, c l't w ver ed e o ing to out-n
determined t lo adv ince'l h res tad',,it r, -
[,ai- el iheng and Cot l-o Mieir l retreat t h tbithe

consideri ng t is w a ndthe Mi lls aim h tthd beenina n

C ooper, ag brae e nt, o nsmde ea tte cmpt at i on
Aotg r u eepingah line, bteacth mnu cented
vice ,n o a n hitn "t ,n r [ h n, ,an t I, ne =
-nn}d thathis. [l e acn,. h one, cuenot nng -rutree-
hisn,'.r, o1" I,,dzinig 7wi n stdh- ..-.d e..rm ,

fig h ]iFhL n, o1" IF; Ine -w hoI were[ doin gtoo.,h ,n .--eb r;.

I},lel .1 th le m;, a n d c t' ffte i n [ r + r et.. re at to b i v e r,
Color~ 1 W3pr,, eed aJ nd Millis a_ + l r h
'o er a,' b",p.; D dlerrave m3lI E,, r, r n ,jvtrJ
ln' rle'h .n v,ng ria e olne pont anto postioh.a
In up '. .heir c, ina ln e .. b..... t ear..,l, n o olness and
inln r eenwe l~ iae yt Ad
ajj;jj~~j Ihrck on hidsane Ofln.horsek ad bei a tewh
a o of ea;chone. .rai .s fot .tree n

oo .:- -a-Ioo
' sn n e ls ov ro] a ve


V.l.a S. Magazine und L emocrant nereiew,:
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r r.i igiun. L -l.. CL ,ll lnlumhn.i, ..nil >ni-h jil d tii i
a' C. l.. i '.,Lit I II lit iI W Iii IpIl CuIlt il' l e LJin..,i l6 i
,.1 nInIt B,.:I.Il. ti ..i n.i mt r Id r li,.- dl. c. le -, df. ,rlb-
I ., J ,iu lie priir mltl -I lie JI Wui, lic 1l.i'l). nl
.n i ., iili 1.,n iIg Ltlc.l ii il.t u 1at ni n n i lii : line ciin g
t.'Il. ,e r.i Ilic D rILit.-l iini: ,iii i l thi l l[0lled i, i'h ,U i.
1- 1nil l I C .r ili attin .ii j .1..i d, i ini.o ii .l'i h -i'i.
l*:J ll',hhu'.,iI' ,l",l'.'.l++ll, lm.3. [:hl..r 1 t. ^ iu. t n + h L(/';l+Inat" .II
n l* .n. -hi.ii l l uin le ii m lla l n Io i n1- 'In I -*. iii-.,I 1n l
Ti b m, I II Inn nI :Il-[ i ilc i i. 4 i i dl ..I i. n o-l
i nh :[ nl+ n..i I 1. t n I., !.pIn l. 1nw, iin,. "
red I i i. tlit itli |-i l I1 ill- n n in tin-i It.-.' ili-liii. .1 n.11
thI. l ,i l |.lt i |i i II. i li I L', l I Al I L n i uj.,- iu 0 I'C IL.
|, ,.,l6-,h c.' ..,n .'. .I ... I I P, l. In Il, -j
lIn. Ilie Ciiii ii ), Lhp,.-I j ii nii in iil ..i ,l: ,ii. i ll o: ii i n .-

ii m .i--il- ill. :i i..i i....1 ;if n..l I, -iiin lii' i I.. inn- -

| I.t 1 i h,';'! ',.i ,-ii '-1 l. I n l- -,hl't." t ..

iT..lll rllrl l l..l4,l h .Ih I-lH l nl I i l,. L I .hIi .1 ., ll l l,
llti.. 1 till. ll l 11 'l l 1n-r.ol h llI A tn' I ,II l I l in:l ll 'I 'l l .' J
I l In- l .1.- il 1 1. i ii .i I It ii, I .l n :. lIn r im.

l t I 1 ,i .. ..I. l -l I I -ll.. l inI.,- r. Ir l l l-.
M -t .'. ,; I Ini .u'.I ,- .inn l-h-'- i '.A"

11 I IT u I(Cdl,- ,L1-
DI (. ..l. 1 l -I ll- ld, I--,'1 111, 1n... L 1 al!l-

13 .1. in : ii I1 -, i. i -A ., inn. E 5 ill .w= ii I".". In- ii I.

It- ll. l ll 1, I i tIl I lll i 1 IL- il n1 .. ,

t l :" i m i n- i' i n i n I '
[A- 1.J" -. 1 i i 1i' 1 1i 11 Inni n -i I -' li' ii'In, .- .Ini '-

IFt n. li-in+ n d -h1.n1 ii :-i li .11 I,. I. 1 '.|
IS i i n [, h '', l -n,.- n-I- ni"' n i.i t i:11

IC if .,I ',l II i nn' l in ii s l i n .l '' "I ..ii 'lni' If, nun in" liJ tn
I II... ..ii ,. IhMIn Wn

i f -i l..... I.,.hl.n,,Iinln i n~l .Lm
tl I nil, inn, -1.iu.i.. In- nul. 11 ii, I --I nn ni i- I l iin
inn. hi I' (nn l l.d IT- It I- ni l. la i.-iiL I III l1 .:N

''Iil l "l' i' ii. ', 1. [, Ini ii I. i, mlin n 1.1"' ,ll'l
111 1lnd tw r
*t niht i nh,, Inn~o [i" n nl ','.t. pni- n -'Id ,,h
Iti u-n C.ii, i nti nn-
I I,.. ii ,.nI i.il nun I. -. ni- I i- ), --i.. n in. I i. f aI it
n) f i t i a .. i..l'A nl h.. LI

et I'.I I I lo ..n L i .I o- A zI ..n .I.. I m ni 'I = .
n nI i I-ITI.-.... 1i, n I 1 6i
... InI n i [ .h i nii.ii lll i.. .in II t l n in i nr TIII
D+)+ ,. L -- I ,.li" I.' I i. III,% :,'}i." h

",,, I t. .. .0 ,f, l' I. I ... h + l ,, e

n .',.','- I :- 7q .: ,-..,. ..... ..... .. ,

t' ,I ." I ..=. .1, p.
all.. :fr I, d h ,. ., T. l' M hl r- 11 I.. .L 1 1r I [ !

ii I. ., I, l ,

-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" 1i -',. .pI PS Ihh r.,1.,.l,.Ih ,l f-n.In

.~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~"a lhent,, "s .,. ,1 ,.. n Iltr, ,,f n r~, rI :.

Last c'cn'i ad the ple-i-sur or atl
,he dinni ,er. ri the cili-Zcn o" Ihis p
t d-li n _iil.i--'uk .d worihy'offi'e--rGen.
and such a diiier. 'v'e IhaIL ne.tcr witnciee
f-ire. \VcWe do not.- mean the cinnri ntcn-ll" 1 t-l. I
sblIes, &c. wlicb vn'ere of thbvery tibcskl,
rC ElludeJ to tIhe nbmher who partook, ,
Ibo lJiiuo wa-, rull ; but we speak of thi
which aninoled the entire asfenlnly-tlhe--
i-nam wvi-i.h pcr taJed every boaomi, and th
IiiBl i':,illn whiill t, -i; ,,ible in riery counl.nt
A 1jrge iiunil.r .I t lasts, regular and vll
viCTre Ci' t, very mrrny of iilich WCIc in Lit
est deriee ,oiniiiiiTienllrY to Gen. Cline I
the Voluintnriic % ho wcnl last winitir o 0the
ida war. Afier 16n, thitd r'gnilar ,,am, the --
i'rlo r.jki to adjiCis lite company ; .he e3Bi E
laboicd litdr Rulings deeply ulTiclted b
lihe as,.-aii.in called to minJ,lv ill-: Loa.t it
de-'.tcid alTffrti n fcr liiin bhich it Cx:prei-Ce
lii' kinJn- i's ti the 3OUllng Vuiluntriter It
cd ui-d.C fi.rii.- H u elurin1- l itlnknh
u:,mraany fir tile h..onor confer-cd upon I
pi 3-.?' a lig]i tlnilliI,,ii l n Il Lh1 ln t IcSUli B
Ille Ani l .l )- Ihr rl-, cnnn tuct i f lie l C'n 1- (7
Ine {i.chimnudiJ Blues and Hust, ;t. I,
ili' best hindJ nincl lIncir llet-, tc itin
proni.jiiitulie '-.Lb ih ncli lhe.'nv eneouni'
,iwamlpi ond'] hsiiim&i an-J p..-iJ -i of Flo
der a Ecor.:hdng a.n, and milmoift lthouia
i'' i, lit concludeJ by ri.ffeing a Eenti p
uniiman rVn1h l\111030 W'hncii ho [dJ -4pcnk
a'JILre a-In :- to iIlni Ih<: itio C-rinp-ini.:, a6.
ha Hl3 amid tih di:anIcNrLg acid long coi
.ilpl ijis i ullic v holc h.-u-.'. ; -
Cr-pt tih RloberLs,-.n and Doncn ttcre il,.o.la
ed. and retiLiurr1iJ Lliethi ilhnkl fur the compir, q
,aid ilileml, ridJ the nilirncr in vhlc:li it Wat
ccncJ i' iho con-ipny.-/
DuLnIg IL,, en.cnng a inunmtcr of pmlri."tic -'c
.ilnl1iln1g Unfl w nl' sUn,. iichh l verl o ;eri' ".V I
pfl-ilud,:,-. A iItlnJCi Ie n-l mw a JJ p i.0 i'
lon; S .p,, rl-tr. y e& nllCiT-n nil'Lhl,31
in Illui.irn tu i;L.imp Ling Sync.aL Gc-i. C nc '-
pl3nllliLInl iln Flii.Ja, wilj;l:h i 3i the head.ql-
erso f the tCruop- u nJLr hiiin, f'lou this ;cCLio uo
G,.rgil.i The enlhu'n iam w.t. h, t whi
eecid anJ ir-plauded js welf *jB it; hinez ,.r .
oca:-i-.n induce u@ to gi.c. it n pice beo' blo t.

A L D L A N% G S E."
*Ildre icl -I b/ t, l Oiii, ittleei s froiii lait, u,'U
VUE \ CLI.VCH, a(n ., it a: t/n? D.ind
i-,?.I 1 t 1 A:;i oijl lu A Feb. 1 -3. 3 3.
Sh.aulJ amid acqulatiince le forgot *
Aii, Tie or lir u;zlhil ') m jij I
ShuI' ld lJ i .:.lj jil'i3nce lie' l' ;._ t "
AnL J di.ns u' -'Cinap Lang S, na -_'
F..,r aullJ Ling Syne, my dear
F.-.r auld Lang Sync -l
\We'll t.ike a cup o' kinnie's+ Net,
Fur auld ILang 'vyn.
n, J ,_Jh.fEn.-iau-L-ha-sw's'mr"'-
*- 1 n'ud itu51 Lhb hammocks fie m;
And we'vc wanjieed nany a weary ftot,
RoiIriJ C imp Lang Syle."
For auld Lanj 8 ie, &e.

\Ve tn.a hal' paid t i' Ithe porriai
Frae mirniLit sun Lill dine ;
And many a rfle round u1; cuar'd
Near "-'amp Lang nri.,"
Fur J"ld L ,n. Fync, &ic.

A. iId here's a hand mly. titu-l fci.:n.I,
And giC us a hand o' Lhiine':
Anid v.'-L'll take a right gruid Tjlle r.ijgliht,
For "Cainli) In g Syve."
e Fjr auld Lung ') ne A..

AnI d '.-lire yVe'll Inc our glas o' wine,
.And -uciy Fil be neiio ;
A'nd we'll tLke a cup u' kindnes-; v-rt
Fcor "'anip Lang Sync."
Fot auld, &ic.

Not bung able to procure., all the lcails gveln
at Ric iliirnr to CGen. Clinch hj'A eLiiiiig, in ime
tfir to-dayf pnper, we llink it host not ti) publish
ainy liurllIOn til3il .we can g t LIi? VA hlle.

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