Specifications - Project: U. S. Post Office and Custom House, St. Augustine, Florida

Specifications - Project: U. S. Post Office and Custom House, St. Augustine, Florida


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Specifications - Project: U. S. Post Office and Custom House, St. Augustine, Florida
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Mixed Material
Design & Construction Division, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
29.892465 x -81.313142


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Subject: Painting, Roof Repairs, Air Conditioning, Etc. Stamped "Permanent File Copy"

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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GSA form 1084 March 1960 U 5 DEPARTMENT OF LABOR .... OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY WASHINGTON DECISION OF THE SECRETARY This i. before the Departmenl of Labor PUI'SlIll1t 10 a l"C' amended, 12 U.s.c. 1703 et 1It'q. PHA Housing A"I of 1949. as amended. 42 U.S.C. 1401 et stlq. FAA Federal Airport Act of 1946. as amended, 49 USc. 1101 et &eq. HSC HOlIpi1a1 Survey and Construction ACI of 1946. U.S.c. 291 et stlq. SCA School Survey and Construetion Act of 1950. 20 U.s.C. 251 et seq. CfS Defense Housing and Community F"adiric. Service!\ Ad of i9S1. 3." amended, 12 USC. 1592;. AND Reorgal1 i7.ation Plan Number 14 of 1950, S USC. 1331.. Rcgulation8 of the SecrelAry Labor. PM! 5, Title 29. Subtitle A. Code or federal Regulationa. This wagc determination and mooitic1tions rlw.rp.of during the period prior to the stilted expiration dare shall be us ed during period and mode a part of every conlnet for performanrc of the describe.d work a" provided fly applicable law and re.guiations of the Secrelo. unless modific4. shall he Ihe miuimum wage ral.es to be paid under aoy such contract by aud 8ubconlmctors on the work, Vnd.. r the Act (law code DB) the contracting ofricer shall require tba! any class of laborers dnd mechaoics not listed in the SecretAry's decision. ""hich will he employed on the contr.<: I shall be eb,.sified or reclassified by the conlractor or suhre,ntraclor ""nformaMy 10 S,'uelaris de...ision and 8 report of the administrative aclioD taken in such CdS"" "h&1I be milled by the a!;ency 10 rhe s....,relary of In the e,en t the inter .. teol parties c.annot agree on th" proper da.siikatio" nr reo c1as3ification of a partlcuhr ( lass of laborers and mech'llI'cs to be u..ed. the qlwsti"n. accompanied by the IL'Cpmmend,lti"" of Ihe contracting oflicn, shall he referr.. d to the Secrt:lary of Lahor for delerminatlOn. Where clasoi ficati(,,,; of tailOr,,!"'! and mec hanics which ..ere nol included In the original are d".ired under any st .. t llt es olher than the Davis Bacon Ac \ ([aw code DB). 3 supplementary wage determination shall be requl>.8ted h)' the Head. The wage ralC'S contained in this decision are straight houri) w.,ge In area. management Iloll labor organiz..in tt.e constnrction indu;;I.fj' have collectively fOJ health and "f'\fare iUDd con!rih u tioDs. Such contribution" lire nol includ ed in wage rates determined by the Secretary of Labor for coo stm('IIOIl proje<::la. By directioD of the Secretary of Labor. lsi CHARLES DONAHUE SOL I C I TOR OF L,o,BOR


: "., 'U' I : I I III ,,,'.1 \ '1'\1 I" 1 111 .....'"n"'." 1I..1.11111..1".........."'....ltl........,...u ... t ...............II.,.It......HwH ................'nll'...............l." .............., ....." .....,...tlll......I........", u 'c P AR f Mt H n. AG ;::"'';Y OR BIJRi-:.!ro.her a.::Jcrip'ion) : SUPERSEDES DECISION NO. I ..S.T..__&J1Cills..T.JJiE.,....ll...s..._.e.o.s..l...Q.E.f...I.C.E..k ..QQ!.!BI....._..................._....:......._.............._..._..._... ..........._.._....__... ITATE (COUNTY: ".II..III.I......I..I"u.ln...uI.,.IUI...........I.'U1I".,.,'''''..:.c...........S.I.,...........u.i....11,.....;4111...11 .."'............111.1....11,."1.1.....'.....'......UI.U.......",. CRAFT I PER HOUR;: CRAFT I PER HOUR .._.__ ..... .._._......._ .._ ........................ uu...................................... :-................................_ ....._ ........ ..._ ....................................................................n .._ ... Asbestos workers :$3.62 I Winch truck operator !$3.32 i. I, improvers: iE levator construct-ors : 3.665 1st yr. 50% II helpers : 2.565 II 2nd yr. 60% (outside) 3.00 3rd yr. 70$ 4th yr. 30 % S-rruc'j-ura I 3.575 Bollermakers-Blacksmiths 3.85 Ornamental 3.575 Ii 1. helpers 3.60 Reinforcing 3.475 Bricklayers: Soft floor layers 3.15 Br ick laye J-s 3.60 Roofers helpers 1.65 Stone wasons 3.60 ;: Roofers helpers, kettleman 1.65 T i Ie sei--rers 3.25 Laborers: Marble masons 3.25 Air tool operators 1.60 Terrazzo workers 3 .25 Laborers I .35 ,Carpenters: Mason tenders 1.45ICarpenters ,I 3.l j Mortar mixers 1.45 Carpeni'ers on creosote mater i a I: 3.40 Plasterers tenders 1.45 Mi Ilwris;h-:-s 3.5 0 z Pipelayers (cone. &clay) 1.45 Pi ledrivers 3.1 3 ? Lathers 3.50 Cement maso ns 2.8 0 Painters: Electriciuns: Painters, brush 2.90 I n remen 3.00 Spray or roller 3.31 Cable splicers 4.05 Swing stage 3.17::; I I I I ussistant 2.8 0 Structural steel erected 3.175 Li nemen 3.80 stacks, steeples, flagpolesr Cable splicers 4.05 I tanks on legs above 15 ft., Ii II ass i s-i-an-r 2.70 radio towers and lighthouses 4.275 Groundrnen 2nd class 1.76 I Plasterers 3.50 Groundmen -1st class 2.1 6 J P lumbers: I I ....." .....Un"lliull................,,,...............uuu....u .......n"..ulu.1.....uu...".un................"lu"uu..."t ..... ........... "Ull.uulu.............." .............. .....' ....n .....................I.U.UIItI'U.' APPRENTICE SCHEDULE ..............-............-....-..-..: I 1st : 2nd I 3rd I ..til : 5tll 16th 7th : 8th ....._.u.__u ....__..__...._ ...........u.__..... ..............._ .J............_..............._ ...... J _" ..... ......._ u ... .. _._.uu....__......._ .............._._......_ ..........................._.._. Carpenters 3 mos. 50% 60 Ii 6 mos. 6:>% 70 75 80 85 87-1/2 90 Linemen Year $1.81 2.21 2.50 2.90 1 rom'lorkers 6 mos. 50% 60 11 Year 66-2/3% Plumbers 6 mos. 38% 45 50 53 56 5 9 62 65 9th--70%i 10-rh--75% Sheet meta I I'lorkers 6 mos. 40% 4 5 50 55 60 65 70 80 Steam f i-jters 6 mos. 38 % 45 50 53 56 59 62 65 9i-h--70%i IOth--75%; Glaziers o l ..al.U: er.:s._..._..__...._..._6 mos. k _. ._.\.J. .mo.s.. 50% ____ 55 65 70 -r..l e..e.. 14...........I.J.'.l..-___ 80 9 0 "'2 Crt ........_,U ___."._:.IJ-.....___......_.__................. 'T'/>.i apprenrice rate i$ 6y percentage 0/ 'he ja.,/aeyman's rate 0,11.",,'-. i.dicated : .,I .. .. tI......."I..........I...I..II\......" .....U......IU.............r..............U.III.'.......IUII........uu......U..'.I........1I1.................................U....'I'.'.............."II.II..........1..' ......,.........11,.' GSA FORM 1 005


'r, ,at ; U h :., t ft' l'I.... ..I ...''...: r .......UI.."'"II'..U .....IIIII.UJl..tI'..I .....II....II.,..UU.UIlIIl..Ulnl..,,.f"4.., ...111 UIIIIUUIIUU,IIU""UIIII'''''''''''UUII.n .j '-' AG E:rfC'I' O k e lJR#.U I DECISION I ... ............. ............._.....................:.....y.::.?4.1..?9.4..................... .............................. DESCRIPTION OF WORK :LAW CODE I I 0-8 I.___ ......u ....u : DATr:: OF DECISIO....r)/\INTING I ROOF REP/\IRS, /\IRCONDITIONING, ETC. ........_ .................. :RXPIRES I ....................................................................................-........................................................P.8GE....Ll., .........:.........P.lugus:t....1D.......l .2.6.1........................... LCCATION {Cit., or orher d.cacriplioll) : SUPERSEDES DECISION NO I ....s.r......AUG.USIJ.blE.r-..l.J......s_..EDS.T_'OEE.1.C.E...&...COUBI..lI0USE.................._.........:................__.................................__......__... STATE FLOR ID/\ : ST. JOHNS I.U..............................""....I .....I .....II..."I.II.IIU.....................IUII...."IU...U ul.tln.!',llllf.II.,1111........., ............1.....'11.11111 11.1 1.1111,, ,111.'11.,1''''''1111......1,".......11''..111''''. CRAFT PER HOIJI(: CRAFT PER HOUR ................_ _ .... ..._ ...._ ......___......_ .................. _.I. ........................!!>............................ .................................._ .............. .1........................ Plumbers $3.80 and oi ler $2.2;) Steam fitters 3.80 Mechanic helper 2.10 Refrigeration and air Air compressor 2.10 ing 2.00 Pumpmen 2 .10 Roofers 3.25 Firemen 2.25 Shee ',' me-l'al workers 3.55 Tractol" o perai"or (I ess -[-han 50 hp Sprinlder fitters 3.70 pulling rollers (traffic) or ;\cous' i'ical workers 3.15;; pulver mixers or equipment Truck drivers: with 'front end loaders, bladeS:, 1-1/2 i 'ons or less : 1.25 e t c.) : 2.10 : I Over 1-1/2 tons : 1.50 Bulldozer (0-6 or larger) : 3.10 \''1e lders -receive rate prescrib-: (smaller than D-6 : 2 .10I ed for craft performi ng opera-Mechan i c (heavy equ i pment) : 3.20 ti o n t o which welding is Pumpcrei"e operator l 3.00 inc i denta I Ho i st o perator 3.10 \Iell dri Ilel-s 1.50 Clamshell opera'i'or 3.30 ;: ; he f pers I .00 Drag line operator 3.30 Ti 18, marb Ie, terrazzo a nd soft Pi Iedr i ver 3.30 floor" he I pers; Pi Iedr i ver vlorld ng on creosoted 1st 3 month s I I0 mater i a I 3.40 3 t o 6 mos. I .25 Shove 1 o p el-a j 'or 3.30 Ex peri e n c ed 1.35 I Crane o r derrick operator 3.30 d r i vers I .35 Crane or derr ioperator(when Terrnzzo gr i ncJers I .65 worki n9 \'/ith i ,"onworkers) 3.5 5 1 .'1arehouseman I 55 Si deboom ca'i ope ,-ator 3.20 P o wer equipment operators: IBridge crane operator 3.05 Oi ler, (Tm!lel-I 2.10 Front end loader (I cu. yd or Cor;lbination apprentice engineer: larger) 2.60. : ...........' ....nn....'II.u.Ui.,.U.UI!..' ..I..' ..UI.""I.........!..nul.H....tlllllllu.nllt"....uh.IIIIU"....U ......." .....'tUIlI......U ...lIla..III..."I....,nlu..IIIII....."III.lIullnull....n ....II....,1I APPRENTiCE SCHEDULE -....--............-..........: I 1st : 2nd 3rd I 11th : !)th I (,t. h 7ttl I Bth ............................._.__ _....._ ....._____ ... ... .............t............................. ............I...................._...H n ...... ........._ .............._ .... ..................................... Til e sai ters 6 mos. $ 1.30 1.46 2. II 2.44 2.76 3.09 8ricklayers 6 mos. $1.38 1.55 2.24 2.5 9 2.93 3.28 fitters 6 mos. 63% 66 69 7 2 75 78 8 1 8 4 9th--87%; IOth--90% Te r razzo and marble se lters 6 mos. $1.30 1.46 2.11 2.44-2.76 3.09 Soft floor layers 6 mos. 5 0lt 60 70 75 130 90 l:llcIS j 'erei-S 6 mos. 35% 40 45 50 55 60 75 85 E l e c t ricians 6 mos. $1.30 1.79 Electricians Year $1.96 2.14 2.71 3.04 A c oustical workers 4 mos. SO% 60 65 .... ..........-......... ._-.._. .__........-._-._-_.............__.__.......__.._-_..._-_......_............._.._._-_.-_..-...-......--..-.----.-.--...................-....-.. .. apprenrice rde 'oS by 1J.'!fCe ,llage of the joul&eymon's rate u n l e ss otlvJrwlse '"dicQted. II "t.'l.III..........I II...., .,I..n ....... .............,.....................n."...............................,...u..........,................,..................................I...... .............II....'IIIII.....UU'" ,.'.111" GSA FORM itlSS March 1951


: I II,.,', 'I; I .,1,.1 t. r:'U"t"';I, t ........., ..r .1....." : ,IUUln'UI.IU.'....."........' ..I....,....II..................' IIII.....................,,"..II 11 r. tl.I'U'............,.....,.......,"' .c.OC;:NCY OR elJREAU DECISION NO. Genural Services Administration-Public Bulld1nqs ::lerv.tce : Y-24 284 ....... ...... ................_ ....._ ........___._......_ __....... ...._ __....... 006.........._ ................................._ ............_ ...1......... ..... ........................ __ DESCRIPTION 0,. WORK !LAW CODE : 0-8.__...___ ........_..._u._......._.._..........._.......u.......... FAINTING ROOF REPAIRS AIRCONDITIONING ETC :DATEO,.DECISIONI 1 I. : _..._M.Q.Y.......l_9.gJ..__........__......._........ : EXPIRES _.........._......._..................._..............................".__.. _....................................!:h.G.E...J...l..l.. ..................... : .......f;\J.IQ.u.s.t....1.0.".....1.2.R..I......................._.._ LOCATION (CU7 orothe' IkIlC,iplioll) : SUPERSEDES DECISION NO. ..S.I......L\OOUs'IJJ:J4.-LJ..-._S..._P..Q.SI...QEE.lCE...&.. ........................._......: I ....._............_.._...___..._..__...______.. STAT. ,COUNTY: ..nl,......I.II.......'...,......I.II.......n.....t".......U..I'.,I..Hnf;'......".............1111........,11.;1." ........",....,61,1,'''........1,1.,1..........,................1)....... CRA,.T PER HOUR: CRAFT PER HOUR ...... .. ____u ........__..._ ................................_u u ... ... ................ .................. ......,.. .......................... __..........u.__ ........_ ......... ....................... ...................... Winch truck $2.70 Compressor plan t (consist of (2) or more air compressors working in tandem as a uni t ) 2.30 Well point pump an d supervise installation 2.65 Concrete, asphalt paving machine 2.75 Motor patrol 3.00 Roller operator (steel &rubber tires) self-powered) 2.10 Backhoe operator 3 .30 Earth hauling : how pm/ered) : 2.65 Tractor, heavy ( 5 0 h.p. or larger1 2.65 Motor boats 2.20 Lubricating engineer 2.75 Conveyers 2. 10 Pulver mixer 2.10 Fork lift 2.95 machine 2.10 i Locomot i ve eng i neer 3 .O=i Trenching machine 2.65 Mixers concrete under 15 cu.ft. 2.10 Mixers 1: 15 cu.H. and over 2.75 i !: i i: i I I ........................,,,....., ..........,,,..........,,,.,,,...' ....,11 'nu............n.,.......,.,............,us l ..................u'...n .....1I.........I1 ......,.".'....I....,I......" .., ..,."U.....II.II....." ............. APPRENTICE SCHEDULE ..M......_ .. ..-........._ ......-..-..: 1st : 2nd 3rd I : 5th I 6th : 7tll : 8th ___... ........... ... .. ......_ ...... ____......_ ........... t ............. .... ......... ........ .....J...... ............. _.1 ....................._ ............................. .._ "'............_ ........ ..._ ....... Acoustical workers 6 mos. 70% 75 80 85 87-1/2 90 Mi Ilwrights 3. mos. 50% 60 11 6 mos. 65% 70 75 80 85 87 90 r:--c -Lathers 6 11105. 45% 50 ).J 60 65 7' "" Terrazzo grinders 6 mos. $1.10 1.30 r .50 1.65 .........."t1........ ," ... I...................,...n Ininl...,................" ....1...." 11......" .....................",........,....11.........11.......1......................................,"........." ..'.M....." ....... ( I GSA FORti 1085


-o r--:r '"I r--..... '-' o :to V) "" on '" '" ..,... COLOR SCHEME ITEM (/) NUMBER

\; :.: rl I I GENERAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS (These apply, unless otherwise scheduled or noted)IiD ALCOVES: Match adjoining spaces BASE: (Painted on) 5-5/8 inches high. Match door 1BASE: (Cement, Wood or Metal) Match door BEAMS: Match ceiling. I BOOKCASES: Painted or natural finish as required to match wallsCABINETS: Match adjoining surfaces, inside and outside1--' CELLS: Benches, Grilles and Frames; match walls CEILINGS: White. (See closets for modification) w CHAIR RAILS: Match wainscot CHUTES: 26280 CLOSETS: Coat, Linen and Supply; walls and ceilings to match walls of 1adjoining spaces CO LUMNS: Match wall 'Il;) CONDUITS: Exposed; match adjoining surfacesN CONVEYORS: Housing, hangers, supports, etc.-26280CORNICES & COVES: At ceiling; match ceiling COUNTERS: Painted to match door unless natural finish is required iD COUNTERS (P. O. Lobby): Workroom side only; 23531 P DOOR CHECKS: Match adjoining surfaces DOORS & DOOR TRIM (P. O. Occupied Space): 24233I DOOR TRIM (all other except P.O.): Match wall t ") DOORS, ACCESS: Match adjoining surfaces DRESSING ROOMS: Match adjoining spaces DUCTS: Exposed; match adjoining surfaces1-DUMBWAITE R SHAFTS: Walls, white Doors and trim, shaft side; match room side Guide rails and other ferrous metal work; black 1ELEVATOR SHAFTS: Passenger: Walls, white Doors, shaft side; match lobby side I Hanger covers, fascias, toe guards,"'..... dust aprons; 26440 Guide rails and supports; black Cast iron sills; oiled in Freight: Walls, white Doors, shaft side; 26280 1 Guide rails and supports; black Exposed ferrous metal work; 26280 ELECTRICAL CABINETS, JUNCTION BOXES, ETC. (Exposed): Match adjoining surfaces Sheet 1 of 4 FILE NO. GENEEAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS INTERIOR COLOR SCHEMES DWG. No 6-50-2JDATE 11-1-50 PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION REVISED 10-30-59 Standard Detail


'J' ') GENERAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONSI-(C ontinued) F ACE BRICK: Unpainted FACTORY FINISHED ITEMS: See specifications FLOORS (Concrete): T he following rooms or spaces with finished concrete floors shall be painted 26280: Elevator machine rooms and secondary levels Locker Rooms Mechanical equipment rooms Stairs; floors, platforms, treads and risersSwitchboard rooms and wire closets Toilet Rooms 1Transformer Rooms All other concrete floors shall be unpainted unless.t\i scheduled or noted otherwise Q FUEL ROOMS: Walls, ceiling and floors; unpaintedDoors, trim and ferrous ;metal; match adjacent spaces GRILLES: Match adjoining surfaces INSECT SCREEN FRAMES: Match window trimLOOKOUT GALLERY & SHAFTS (P.O.): All surfaces, black; outside walls, match walls of room; underside of lookout, white LOUVERS: Match adjoining surfaces MAILING VESTIBULES (P.O.): Match P. O. workroom MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT: See specifications MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT FOUNDATIONS: Match equipment MOVABLE PARTITIONS AND DOORS: Match walls of room NICHES: Match adjoining surfaces NON-FERROUS METALS: Unpainted OVERHEAD SOFFITS: White PASSAGES: Match adjoining spaces PICTURE MOLD: Match wall PIPE RAILS (P.O.): 24233 PIPES (Exposed): Match adjoining surfaces (unless colored for identification) RADIATORS (cast iron): Match adjoining surfaces RADIATORS (cast iron behind enclosures): Black!n RECESSES: Match adjoining spaces RECESSES, TELEPHONE (hardpressed fiberboard): Match color of adjoiningi-" spaces REFRIGERATORS, WALK-IN: Walls white; Ceiling aluminum paint REGISTER F ACES: Match adjoining surfaces SCUTTLES: Match ceiling'--1 (cloret): Match walls 2 of 4FILE NO, I I GENERAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS DATE 11-]-50 INTERIOR COLOR SCHEMES DWG, No'16_ 50-2J PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION REVISED 110-30-59 Standard Detail


,)'. ...... GENERAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS (Continued)f-ill SKYLIGHT AREA, INC LUDING SASH AND FRAMES: STAIRS: Soffits (cement or plaster): White1Soffits (metal): Match door color Ferrous metals: Match door color...J\.. Wood handrails: Natural finishConcrete floors, platforms, treads and risers: Match ceiling of room 26280 SUBDIVIDING OFFICE PARTITIONS: Match color scheme of room iu TOILET ENCLOSURE PARTITIONS AND DOORS: Match color of wainscot, (P. O. Toilets) 24233 TRANSOM SASH: Match trim TRAP DOORS IN CEILINGS: Match ceiling VAULT DOORS AND TRIM (Inside and Outside): Match outside room doors V AULT VESTIBULE: Match door WAINSCOTS, PAINTED-ON: In stairways, boiler rooms, mechanical equipment rooms, etc., where scheduled: Color of door ill WINDOW GRILLES, WIRE MESH PARTITIONS (P.O.): 24233P WINDOW GRILLES, WIRE MESH PARTITIONS: Match walls 1--\A.TORK ROOMS (P.O.): Observation units: 24233 Screenline Counter Cabinets (old type, remodeling or repainting only): 24233Walls, at Screenline (old type, remodeling or repainting only):1From top of screenline to floor: 24233 From top of screenline to ceiling: 24518 Wainscots, face brick: unpainted Walls above wainscot: 24518 11\0 !i) I --" 1-FILE NO. GENERAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS Sheet 3 of 4 DATE 11-1-50 INTERIOR COLOR SCHEMES DWG. No 6-50-2J REVISED 10-30-59 PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Standard Detail


'" \:". -ill 1(:'::::-iu lf--ill p -iu r-. I-I -l.., TYPES OF FINISHES .. -if] :::qif] f--=! if] if] f--=! rLl f--=! 0 rLl f--=! rLl Z if]rLl f--=!f--=! :::q (Ilf---< SPACES ITEMS drLl if] rLl d f-i :=>f--=! f--=!Z d if] rLl :=> :=> I if]rLl f--=! Q Plaster Walls x I Toilets, Kitchens, Bath Plaster Ceilings x I Rooms, Steam Rooms, Wood Work x Service Closets, Gear Metal Work x I Rooms, and Similar Spaces Concrete or Masonry Walls and Ceilings x Lookout Galleries & Shafts All Painted Work x Acoustic Walls or Ceilings, except new factory finished All Painted Work I x units Plaster Walls #x ##x I Plaster Ceilings x Wood Work x Metal Work x All Other Spaces Concrete or Masonry Walls x Concrete or Masonry xCeilings Painted-on Wainscot I Iand Base x Items specifically noted or specified.** Grained wood (natural finish which shows grain of wood). # In all spaces occupied by the Post Office Department. ## In all other spaces except those which are occupied by the Post Office Dept 600 SPECULAR GLOSS VALUES Gloss Enamel. . 70 Eggshell ............. 6 to 30 Semi-gloss Enamel .... 30 to 70 Lusterless . 2 to 6 NOTES: 1. Items such as grilles louvers, register faces fascia plates, and similar unimportant elements of design, shall have the same color as the surface within which they occur. 2. White for ceilings shall be pure and untinted, and shall be carried down to the picture if any; white for other surfaces shall be tinted very slightly as specified to eliminate the appearance of chalkiness. 3. Rooms and spaces for which no color instructions have been given or scheduled shall be painted in the same Interior CoiJ.or Scheme as for spaces used for similar purposes. FILE NO. GENERAL COLOR INSTRUCTIONS Sheet 4 of 4 J DWG.NO.!6-50-2J IDATE 11-1-50 INTERIOR COLOR SCHEMES REVISED 10-30-59 PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADNINISTRATIOH Standard Detail .-;"" a"" I o -c> u Cl :r: V)

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BID DERS Your attention is especially called to Standard Fo rm 22, "Instructions to Bidders" Standard Form 19 or Standard Form 20, "Invi tation for Bids", and Standard Form 21 "Bid Form" whichever are included in this Specification. Listed below are some pertinent bid r equirements often overlooked by bidders which could result in bids being non-responsive. A. B ID requiremen t on bids over $2,000 -20% of bid amount. rx:l oBID GUARANTY to b e in f o rm of a BID BOND, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, CERTI FIED m ECK, OR CASHIER r SCHECK. PERSONAL CHECKS N O T ACCEPTED. CIl B. AQ

IMPORTANT NOTI C E TO BIDDERS Your attenti on is especially called to Standard Form 22, "Instructions to Bidders" Standard Form 1 9 or Standard F orm 2 0 "Invitation for Bids", and Standard Form 21 IIBid F ormll wh i chever are included in this Specification. Listed below are some pertinent bid requirements often overlooked by bidders which could resul t in bids being non-responsive. A. BID GUARANTY requ i remen t on bids over $2 000 -20% of bid amount. BID GUARANTY to b e in form of a BID BOND, POSTAL M ONEY ORDER, CERTI FIE D CHECI.{, OR CASHIER'S CHECK. PERSONAL CHECKS NOT ACCEPTED. B. ACI.

NOTICE OF TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE Bids or proposa19 under th.ts procurement are fJoHcited from small buBiness concernS only and this procurement 18 to be awarded only to one or more small business concerns. Tnis action is hased o.n a determination by the contracting officer and the Small Busine88 Administration under the authority of section 15 of the Small Bu,ineS8 Act. A small business concern is any firm which meet. t ho criteria established by Title 13. Chapter I. Part 1<21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Bids or proposals received from firms which are not small business concerns will be considered nonresponsive.


., .",11 ,.1 t .lIIIUI)" ,II,1 I I H'" I nUII! lUU1U' .'U"" 'IIIIU"a"UUUHlluuun.."IUU,haluu.u.., ..U"U.1"...,U....'''.....iI......UtlU......'u ... .... 1)/;;( 1.1 : RE VI S <;; ll MARCk 1953 : A p pr. No. GENERAL S ERV ICES GEI;IERAL flECOUlATlON NO. 13 : Proje<:t No. DCL!-3 16t'r and 1 8-1-023FO R B i D S ro, ;rtr }i!\Y';JI".... ...... (CON:;TRUCTION CONTRACT) I NIIME: AND l.OCATlON OF P HOJECT I D E PARTMENT OR AGeNCY I GENERAL SEtl V ICES ADMINlSTllATION U. S POST OFF ICE AND CUSTOM HOUS E PUBLI C BUILDINGS SERVI CE ST. FLORID A 5 0 S eventh S-:-ree';', N. E. Atlanta 23, G eorg ia BY (J:soillg office) Pllblic Uuildings Service, Hegion D esi g n an d Construction Division P8ach-ITse-Seventh Bu i I d i 5 0 Seventh Street, N. E. At lan'r a 23, Georg ia .in Tr i pi i ca' i e f 'urnis hing a nlaLor, equ ipment and ma terials and per!onniDg eU w:CtrJe for t h e project described herei n will be received !loti! 2:30 P. M. ELls'j' ern Standard Time on JUNE 13 1961 ie Room 146 P each"l-ree-Seveni-h Bu i Id i n q 50 Seventh Street, N. E. Atlanta 23, Georgia aDd then publicly opened. ....... ....Bid guarantee in the amount 0[ 20% of -rile b i J is rcC1U i reli on b ids in excess of $2,000. Cbedw or money orders must he made to t be General SCl'vices A&minis tration. P e rforma nce. and Payment. bouds will be r"'qllired on contracts in excess of 2 0 00 Per -ror"iiJIiCS i,OIl ,,' j ..; dIl1 0 U,I-j-of 01 coniTavi pt-i co and Payment bond _L j f roc" f .I ... :. 1n 1 ,1e amoun-( o' :J /0 o' -,. ,e conr.:racr pr t c e VII i I be reou ired. .1. I Upon request, one set o f specifi ct'llions and draw ings will he supplied without charge to each general contractor interested iii b i d d ing on the comp:ete project. Bidding ma t eria' may be obtai n e d (WID tIt e custodian oE the building or from the Uegional Office. Fai lure of -ril e bidder -i-o submit the required bid !]uarani-ee wi'fh 'i'he b id i1)a'l, be for reject ion ...PAl t'-IT I NG, ROOF REPAI RS, /i IRCOND [TI ING, ETC. /r. t o r rrwtiO fl o a mages (if any ) pa r m a ,..t s tile., is attached 0' mllde 0 pan of ehe specifications. Bids sh311 be submitted on th e forms furni s he d or c opies t hereof. 4.,.......""III.....UIlIl'IIII...............l n .......lull.I.;I.U.." ......IIU........u ..." ......, ..: H ...' ....., .............I I U ....IUtll.............." .....Utl..fUluIUI..!ln. HuHn.,.....ftn ..I ..I....." ..lIn h


BtJY AMERICAN INFORMATION REIlARDmG BUY AMERICAN ACT (a) The Buy American Act (41 U. S. C. 10a-1Qi) generally required that onq domestic construction material be used in the performanoe this contract. (See the olause entitled "Buy American" in Standard Form 23A, General Provisions, Construotion Contraots.) This requirement doe s not appl to the following construction mater:lal or oomponentsI CorkJ sisa1J hempJ flaxJ juteJslllq licorice root, asbestosJ English china clay, English ball cl..l\vJ carnauba wax} mical rubberJ antimoI\YJ manganeseJ titaniumJ tungstenJ zirconiumJ chrondumJ platinum) tin; nickel and natural nickel alloys. (b) (1) Furthermore, bids or proposals offering use of additional nomomestio c onstruction material may be acceptable for award if' the Government determines that use of comparable domestio constrution mater i a l is impractica1be or would unreasonably increase the ooat or that d omestic construction mater1s.l (in sufficient and available commercial quantities and of a satisfactor,y quality) is unavailable. Reliable evidence shall be turniehed juBtif.ying such use of additional nondomestic construotion material. (2) Where 1t is alleged t h a t use of' domestic construction material '"auld unreasonably increase the coat: (1) Data aha11 be inclnded, based o n a reas onable oanvass of' supplies, demonstrating that the co s t of each such domestic construction material would exceed by more than 6 per cent the cost of comparable n an domestic construct1on material. (All costs of delivery to the construction site shall be included, as well &8 any applicable duty.) (li) For evaluation purposes, 6 per c ent of the cost of all additional nondomestic construction material, which qua.lities under paragraph (1) above, will be added to the bid or proposal. (3) When offering a ddit ional nondomestic construction material, bids or proposals may also offer, a t stated prices, available comparable domestic construct10n material, s o a s to avoid the poss1bility that failure or a nondomestic construction material to be acceptable. unde r (1) above, will cau s e r ejection of the entire bid. ;,


U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA P&-REG-4 This index Is for convenience only. Its accuracy is not guaranieed. In case of the inde x the the speci'flcation'wi II govern. Section Number General Provis!ons and General Conditions 2 Special Conditions 3 .I\pplicable Minimum Hourly Rates of \'/ages 4 Miscellaneous Repairs 5 Demolition and Cutting 6 Miscel!aneous Steel & Iron &Metal Items 7 Concrete anG Cement \tJork 8 Masonry 9 Roof and Sheet Metal Repairs 10 Lathing, Plastering and Furring II Cerpent,"y und IIWOr"k 12 Exterior Painting 13 Interior Painting 14 Mechanical and Electrical Equipment 15 Plumbing 16 Heating Apparatus 17 Airconditloning and Venti lation 18 Non-Conducting Covering 19 Electrical Systems 20 Lighting Fixtures


23-202 STANDARD fORM 23-A MARCH 1953 EDITION GENERAL PROVISIONSGENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION fED. PROC. REG 141 CfR) 1-16.'0 I (CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS) 1. DEFINITIONS (a) The term "head of the department" as used herein shall mean the head Or any assistant head of the executive department or independent establishment involved, and the term "his duly authorized representative" shall mean any person authorized to act for him other than the Contracting Officer (b) The term "Contracting Officer" as used herein, shall include his duly appointed successor or his authorized representative. 2. SPECIFICATIONS AND DRAWINGS The Contractor shall keep on the work a copy of the drawings and specifications and shall at all times give the Contracting Officer access thereto. Anything mentioned in the specifications and not shown on the drawings, Or shown on the drawings and not mentioned in the specifica tions, shall be of like effect as if shown or mentioned in both. In case of difference between drawings and specifi cations, the specifications shall govern. In any case of discrepancy either in the figures, in the drawings, or in the specifications, the matter shall be promptly submitted to the Contracting Officer, who shall promptly make a deter mination in writing. Any adjustment by the Contractor without this determination shall be at his own risk and expense. The Contracting Officer shall furnish from time to time such detail drawings and other information as he may consider necessary, unless otherwise provided. 3. CHANGES The Contracting Officer may at any time, by a written order, and without notice to the sureties, make changes in the drawings and/or specifications of this contract and within the general scope thereof. If such changes cause an increase Or decrease in the amount due under this con tract, or in the time required for its performance, an equit able adjustment shall be made and the contract shall be modified in writing accordingly. Any claim of the Con tractor for adjustment under this clause must be asserted in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt by the Contractor of the notification of change: Provided, however, That the Contracting Officer, if he determines that the facts justify such action, may receive and consider, and adjust any such claim asserted at any time prior to the date of final settlement of the contract. If the parties fail to agree upon the adjustment to be made the dispute shall be determined as provided in Clause 6 hereof. But nothing provided in this clause shall excuse the Contractor from proceeding with the prosecution of the work as changed. Except as otherwise herein provided, no charge for any extra work Or material will be aHowed. 4. CHANGED CONDITIONS The Contractor shall promptly, and before such con ditions are disturbed, notify the Contracting Officer in writing of: (1) subsurface or latent physical conditions at the site differing materiaHy from those indicated in this contract, or (2) unknown physical conditions at the site, of an unusual nature, differing materially from those ordinarily encountered and generally recognized as inhering in work of the character provided for in this contract. The Contracting Officer shaH promptly investigate the conditions, and if he finds that such conditions do SO materially differ and cause an increase Or decrease in the cost of, or the time required for, performance of this contract, an equitable ad.iustment shaH be made and the contract modified in writing accordingly. Any claim of the Contractor for adjustment hereunder shall not be allowed unless he has given notice as above required; provided that the Contracting Officer may, if he determines the facts so justify, consider and adjust any such claim asserted before the date of final settlement of the contract. If the parties fail to agree upon the adjustment to be made, the dispute shall be determined as provided in Clause 6 hereof. S. TERMINATION FOR DEFAULT-DAMAGES FOR DELAY-TIME EXTENSIONS (a) If the Contractor refuses or fails to prOsecute the work, or any separable part thereof, with such diligence as will insure its completion within the time specified in this contract, or any extension thereof, or fails to complete said work within such time, the Government may, by written notice to the Contractor, terminate his right to proceed with the work or such part of the work as to which there has been delay. In suc'! event the Government may take over the work and prosecute the same to completion, by contract or otherwise, and the Contractor and his sureties shall be liable to the Government for any excess cost occa sioned the Government thereby, and for liquidated damages for delay, as fixed in the specifications or accompanying papers, until such reasonable time as may be required for the final completion of the work, or if liquidated damages are not so fixed, any actual damages occasioned by such delay. If the Contractor's right to proceed is so terminated, the Government may take possession of and utilize in completing the work such materials, appliances, and plant as may be on the site of the work and necessary therefor. (b) If the Government does not terminate the right of the Contractor to proceed, as provided in paragraph (a) hereof, the Contractor shall continue the work, in which event he and his sureties shall be liable to the Government, in the amount set forth in the specifications or accompany ing papers, for fixed, agreed, and liquidated damages for each calendar day of delay until the WOrk is completed Or accepted, Or if liquidated damages are not SO fixed, any actual damages occasioned by such delay. (c) The right of the Contractor to proceed shall not be terminated, as provided in paragraph (a) hereof, nor the Contractor charged with liquidated or actual damages, as provided in paragraph (b) hereof because of any delays in the completion of the work due to unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Contractor, including, but not restricted to, acts of God, or of the public enemy, acts of the Government, in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, acts of another contractor in the performance of a contract with the Government, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, and unusually severe weather, or delays of subcontractors Or suppliers due to such causes: Prov'-ded, That the Contractor shall within 10 days from the beginning of any such delay, unless the Contracting Officer shall grant a further period of time prior to the date of final settlement of the contract, notify the Contracting Officer in writing of the causes of delay. The Contracting Officer shall ascertain the facts and the extent of the delay and extend the time for completing the work when in his judgment the findings of fact justify such an exten sion, and his findings of fact thereon shall be final and conclusive on the parties hereto, subject only to appeal as provided in Clause 6 hereof. 6 DISPUTES Except as otherwise provided in this contract, any dispute concerning a question of fact arising under this contract which is not disposed of by agreement shall be decided by the Contracting Officer, who shall reduce his decision to writing and mail or otherwise furnish a copy thereof to the Contractor. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of such copy, the Contractor may appeal by mailing or otherwise furnishing to the Contracting Officer a written appeal addressed to the head of the department, and the decision of the head of the department Or his duly authorized representatives for the hearings of such appeals shall, unless determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to have been fraudulent, arbitrary, capricious, Or so grossly erroneous as necessarily to imply bad faith, be final and conclusive: Provided, That, if no such appeal to the head


of the department is taken, the decision of the Contracting Officer shall be final and conclusive. In connection with any appeal proceeding under this clause, the Contractor shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard and to offer evidence in support of its appeal. Pending final decision of a dispute hereunder, the Contractor shall proceed dili gently with the performance of the contract and in accordance with the Contracting Officer's decision. 7. PAYMENTS TO CONTRACTORS (a) Unless otherwise provided in the specifications, partial payments will be made as the work progresses at the end of each calendar month, or as soon thereafter as practicable, or at more frequent intervals as determined by the Contracting Officer, on estimates made and approved by the Contracting Officer. In preparing estimates the material delivered on the site and preparatory work done may be taken into consideration. (b) In making such partial payments there shall be retained 10 percent on the estimated amount until final completion and acceptance of all work covered by the contract: Provided, however, That the Conti acting Officer, at any time after 50 percent of the work has been completed, if he finds that satisfactory progress is being made, may make any of the remaining partial payments in full: And provided further, That on completion and acceptance of each separate building, public work, or other division of the contract, on which the price is stated separately in the contract: payment may be made in full, including retained percentage thereon, less authorized deductions. (c) All material and work covered by partial payments made shaH thereupon become the sole property of the Government, but this provision shaH not be construed as relieving the Contractor from the sole responsibility for all materials and work upon which payments have been made Or the restoration of any damaged work, or as a waiver of the right of the Government to require the fulfillment of all of the terms of the contract. (d) Upon completion and acceptance of all work required hereunder, the amount due the Contractor under this contract wiH be paid upon the presentation of a properly executed SRg gOlly sutitiuQ voucher therefor, after the Contractor shall have furnished the Government with a release, if required, of all claims against the Government arising under and by virtue of this contract, other than such claims, if any, as may be specifically excepted by the Contractor from the operation of the release in stated amounts to be set forth therein. If the Contractor's claim to amounts payable under the contract has been assigned under the Assignment of Claims Act of 1940, as amended (41 U. S. C. 15), a release may also be required of the assignee at the option of the Contracting Officer. 8. MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP Unless otherwise specifically provided for in the specifications, all equipment, materials, and articles incorporated in the work covered by this contract are to be new and of the most suitable grade of their respective kinds for the purpose and all workmanship shall be first class. Where equipment, materials, Or articles are referred to in the specifications as "equal to" any particular standard, the Contracting Officer shall decide the question of equality. The Contractor shall furnish to the Contracting Officer for his approval the name of the manufacturer of machinery, mechanical and other equipment which he contemplates incorporating in the work, together with their performance capacities and other pertinent information. When required by the specifications, or when called for by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer for approval full information concerning the materials or articles which he contemplates incorporating in the work. Samples of materials shall be submitted for approval when so directed. Machinery, equipment, materials, and articles installed or uscd without such approval shall be at the risk of subsequent rejection. The Contracting Officer may in writing require the Contractor to remove from the work such employee as the Contracting Officer deems incompetent, careless, insubordinate, or otherwise objectionable, or whose continued employment on the work is deemed by the Contracting Officer to be contrary to the public interest. 9 INSPECTION (a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (d) hereof all material and workmanship, if not otherwise designated by the specifications, shaH be subject to inspection, examination, and test by the Contracting Officer at any and all times during manufacture and/or construction and at any and all places where such manufacture and/or construction are carried on. The Government shall have the right to reject defective material and workmanship or require its correction. Rejected workmanship shall be satisfactorily corrected and rejected material shall be satisfactorily replaced with proper material without charge therefor, and the Contractor shall promptly segregate and remove the rejected material from the premises. If the Contractor fails to proceed at once with the replacement of rejected material and/or the correction of defective workmanship the Government may, by contract Or otherwise, replace such material and/or correct such workmanship and charge the cost thereof to the Contractor, or may terminate the right of the Contractor to proceed as provided in Clause 5 of this contract, the Contractor and surety being liable for any damage to the same extent as provided in said Clause 5 for terminations thereunder. (b) The Contractor shall furnish promptly without additional charge, all reasonable facilities, labor, and materials necessary for the safe and convenient inspeci:ion and test that may be required by the Contracting Officer. All inspection and tests by the Government shall be performed in such manner as not unnecessarily to delay the work. Special, full size, and performance tests shall be as described in the specifications. The Contractor shall be charged with any additional cost of inspection when material and workmanship are not ready at the time inspection is requested by the Contractor. (c) Should it be considered necessary Or advisable by the Government at any time before final acceptance of the entire work to make an examination of work already completed, by removing or tearing out same, the Contractor shall on request promptly furnish all necessary facilities, labor, and material. If such work is found to be defective or nonconforming in any material respect, due to fault of the Contractor Or his subcontractors, he shall defray all the expenses of such examination and of satisfactory reconstruction. If, however, such work is found to meet the requirements of the contract, the actual direct cost of labor and material necessarily involved in the examination and 'replacement, plus 15 percent, shall be allowed the Contractor and he shall, in addition, if completion of the work has been delayed thereby, be granted a suitable extension of time on account of the additional work involved. (d) Inspection of material and finished articles to be incorporated in the work at the site shall be made at the place of production, manufacture, or shipment, whenever the quantity justifies it, unless otherwise stated in the specifications; and such inspection and written or other formal acceptance, unless otherwise stated in the specifications, shall be final, eKcept as regards latent defects, departures from specific requirements of the contract, damage or loss in transit, fraud, or such gross mistakes as amount to fraud. Subject to the requirements contained in the preceding sentence, the inspection of material and workmanship for final acceptance as a whole or in part shall be made at the site. Nothing contained in this paragraph (d) shall in any way restrict the Government's rights under any warranty or guarantee. 10. SUPERINTENDENCE BY CONTRACTOR The Contractor shaH give his personal superintendence to the work or have a competent foreman or superintendent, satisfactory to the Contracting Officer, on the work at all times during progress, with authority to act for him. 2


11. PERMITS AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR WORK, ETC. The Contractor shall, without additional expense to the Government, obtain all licenses and permits required for the prosecution of the work. He shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property that occur as a result of his fault or negligence in connection with the prosecution of the work. He shall also be responsible for all materials delivered and work performed until completion and final acceptance, except for any completed unit thereof which theretofore may have been finally accepted. 12. OTHER CONTRACTS The Government may undertake or award other con tracts for additional work, and the Contractor shall fully cooperate with such other contractors and Government employees and carefully fit his own work to such additional work as may be directed by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall not commit Or permit any act which will interfere with the performance of work by any other con tractor or by Government employees. 13. PATENT INDEMNITY Except as otherwise provided, the Contractor agrees to indemnify the Government and its officers, agents and em ployees against liability, including costs and expenses, for infringement upon any Letters Patent of the United States (except Letters Patent issued upon an application which is now or may hereafter be, for reasons of national security, ordered by the Government to be kept secret or otherwise withheld from issue) arising out of the performance of this contract or out of the use or disposal by or for the account of the Government of supplies furnished or construction work performed hereunder. 14. ADDITIONAL BOND SECURITY Ifany surety upon any bond furnished in connection with this contract becomes unacceptable to the Government, or if any such surety fails to furnish reports as to his finan cial condition from time to time as requested by the Government, the Contractor shall promptly furnish such additional security as may be required from time to time to protect the interests of the Government and of persons supplying labor or materials in the prosecution of the work contemplated by this contract. 15. COVENANT AGAINST CONTINGENT FEES The Contractor warrants that nO person Or selling agency has been employed or retained to solicit Or secure this contract upon an agreement Or understanding for a commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee, excepting bona fide employees or bona fide established commercial Or selling agencies maintained by the Contractor for the purpose of securing business. For breach Or violation of this warranty the Government shall have the right to annul this contract without liability or in its discretion to deduct from the contract price or consideration the full amount of such commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee. 16. OFFICIALS NOT TO BENEFIT No member of or Delegate to Congress, or Resident Commissioner, shall be admitted to any share or part of this contract, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom; but this provision shall not be construed to extend to this contract if made with a corporation for its general benefit. 17. BUY AMERICAN ACT The Contractor agrees that in the performance of the work under this contract the Contractor, subcontractors, material men and suppliers shall use only such unmanufactured articles, materials and supplies (which term "artic.les, materials and supplies" is hereinafter referred to in this clause as "Supplies") as have been mined Or produced in the United States, and only such manufactured supplies as have been manufactured in the United States substantially all from supplies mined, produced, or manufactured, as the case may be, in the United States. Pursuant to the Buy American Act (41 U. S. C. lOa-d), the foregomg prOVISIOns shall not ay!Jly (i) with respect to supplies excepted by the head of the department from the application of that Act, (ii) with respect to supplies for use outside the United States, Or (iii) with respect to the supplies to be used in the performance of work under this contract which are of a class or kind determined by the head of the department or his duly authorized representative not to be mined, produced, Or manufactured, as the case may be, in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality, or (iv) with respect to such supplies, from which the supplies to be used in the performance of work under this contract are manufactured, as are of a class Or kind determined by the head of the department Or his duly authorized representative not to be mined, produced, Or manufactured, as the case may be, in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality, provided that this exception (iv) shall not permit the use in the performance of work under this contract of supplies manufactured outside the United States if such supplies are manufactured in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality. 18. CONVICT LABOR In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the Contractor agrees not to employ any person undergoing sentence of imprisonment at hard labor. 19. NONDISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the Contractor agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, or national origin; and further agrees to insert the foregoing provision in all subcontracts hereunder except subcontracts for standard commercial supplies or for raw materials. 20. DAVIS-BACON ACT (40 U S C. 276a-a(7 (a) All mechanics and laborers employed Or working directly upon the site of the work will be paid unconditionally and not less often than once a week, and without subsequent deduction or rebate on any account (except such payroll deductions as are permitted by the Copeland Act (Anti-Kickback) Regulations (29 CFR, Part 3 the full amounts due at time of payment, computed at wage rates not less than those contained in the wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, regardless of any contractual relationship which may be alleged to exist between the COlltractor Or subcontractor and such laborers and mechanics; and a copy of the wage determination decision shall be kept posted by the Contractor at the site of the work in a prominent place where it can be easily seen by the workers. (b) In the event it is found by the Contracting Officer that any laborer or mechanic employed by the Contractor or any subcontractor directly on the site of the WOrk covered by this contract has been or is being paid at a rate of wages less than the rate of wages required by paragraph (a) of this clause the Contracting Officer may (1) by written notice to the Government Prime Contractor terminate his right to proceed with the work, or such part of the work as to which there has been a failure to pay said required wages, and (2) prosecute the work to completion by contract or otherwise, Whereupon such Contractor and his sureties shall be liable to the Government for any excess costs occasioned the Government thereby. (c) Paragraphs (a) and (b) of this clause shall apply to this contract to the extent that it is (1) a prime contract with the Government subject to the Davis-Bacon Act or (2) a subcontract under such prime contract. 21. EIGHT-HOUR LAWS-OVERTIME COMPENSATION No laborer or mechanic doing any part of the work contemplated by this contract, in the employ of the Contractor 3


or any subcontractor contracting for any part of said work contemplated, shall be required or permitted to work more than eight hours in anyone calendar day upon such work, except upon the condition that compensation is paid to such laborer Or mechanic in accordance with the provisions of this clause. The wages of every labore r and mechanic employed by the Contractor Or any subcontractor engaged in the performance of this contract shall be computed on a basic day rate of eight hours per day and work in excess of eight hours per day is permitted only upon the condition that every such laborer and mechanic shall be compensated for all hours worked in excess of eight hours per day at not less than one and onehalf times the basic rate of pay. For each violation of the requirements of this clause a penalty of five dollars shall be imposed for each laborer or mechanic for every calendar day in which such employee is required or permitted to labor more than eight hours upon said work without r eceiving compensation computed in accordance with this clause, and all penalties thus imposed shall be withheld for the use and b e nefit of the Government: Provided, That this stipulation shall be subject in all respects to the exceptions and provisions of the Eight-Hour Laws as set forth in 40 U. S C 321, 324, 325, 325a, and 326, which relate to hours of labor and compensation for overtime. 22. APPRENTICES Apprentices will be permitted to work only under a bona fide apprenticeship program registered with a State Appren ticeship Council which is recognized by the Federal Committee on Apprenticeship, U. S Department of Labor; or if nO such recognized Council exists in a State, under a program registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship, U. S. Department of Labor. 23. PAYROLL RECORDS AND PAYROLLS (a) Payroll records will be maintained during the course of the work and preserved for a period of three years thereafter for all laborers and mechanics working at the site of the work. Such records wiJl contain the name and address of each such employee, his correct classification, rate of pay, daily and weekly number of hours worked, deductions made and actual wages paid. The Contractor will make his employment records available for inspection by authorized representatives of the Contracting Off,cer and the U S. Department of Labor, and w ill permit such representatives to interview employees during working hours on the job. (b) A certified copy of all payrolls will be submitted weekly to the Contracting Officer. The Prime Contractor will be responsible for the submission of certified copies of the payrolls of all subcontractors. The certif,cation will affirm that the payrolls are correct and complete, that the wage rates contained therein arc not less than the applicable rates contained in the wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor attached to this contract, and that the classifications set forth for each laborer or mechanic conform with the work he performed. 24. COPELAND (ANTIKICKBACK) ACT-NONREBATE OF WAGES. The regulations of the Secretary of Labor applicable to Contractors and subcontractors (29 CFR, Part 3), made pursuant to the Copeland Act, as amended (40 U. S. C. 276c) and to aid in the enforcement of the Anti-Kickback Act (i 8 U. S. C. 874) are made a part of this contract by rd("rcnce. The Contractor w ill comply with these regulations and any amendments or modifIcations thereof and the Government Prime Contractor will be responsible for the submission of affidavits required of subcontractors thereunder. The foregoing shall apply except as the Secretary of Labor may specifically provide for reasonable limitations, variations, t olerances, and exemptions. 25. WITHHOLDING OF FUNDS TO ASSURE WAGE PAYMENT Therc may be withheld from the C ontractor so much of the accrued payments o r advances as may be necessary to pay laborcr s and mcchanics employed by thc Contracto r Or a n y subcontractor thc full nmOUl1t of W:Igcs required by this contract. In the event o f f"ilure to pay any laborer or mechanic all or part o f the W:Igcs required by this contract. thc Contracting Officer may take such action as may bc neccssary to cause the suspension, until such violations have ccased, of any furthcr paymcnt, advance, or guarantee of funds to or for the Government Prime Contr:Ictor 26. SUBCONTRACTS-TERMINAnON The Contractor agrces to inscrt Clauses 20 through 26 hereof in nil subcontracts and further agrees that a brcach of any of the requirements o f these clauses may be grounds for termination of this contrnct. The term "Contractor" as used in such clauses in any subcontract shall be decmed to refer to the subcontractor except in the phrase "Government Prime Contractor." U S GOVERNMENT PRINTING o,-nCE 19S9: 0-52:8661


GSA FORM 1139 AUGUST 1959 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE Section 1 1 GENERAL CONDITIONS 1-1. DEFINITIONS (a) The terms "Administration" and "Service" as used In the specifications shall mean the General Services Administration and the Public Buildings Service, respecti vely. (b) The term "Contracting Officer" as used in the specifications shall mean the officer who executes the contract on behalf of the United States, and shall include his duly appointed successor, or his authorized representative. (c) "Government Representative," "Construction Engineer," and "Inspectors" as used in the specifications shall mean representatives of the Public Buildings Serv ice, General Services Administration. In the absence of such a representative at the buildin g or site, "Government Repre sentative" shall mean the Custodian of the buildin g or site, unless otherwise s pecified. ( d) The term "Contractor" as used in the specifica tions shall mean the individual, partnership, or corporation that agrees to provide all labor, material and services required in the contract. 1-2. GENERAL PROVISIONS The Standard Form 2 '3A, General Provisions (Construction Contract), in e ffect on the date of the invitation for bids, is attached to the specifications and made a part hereof. 1-3. CONTRACT AND BONDS If the amount of the contract is in excess of $2,000 and the successful bidder fails to satisfactorily execute the required forms of contract, performance bond and payment bond within the time e s tablished in the bid, the Govenment may proceed to have the required work performed by contract 01' otherwise. and the bidder to whom award was ori g inally made shall be liable for any excess cost to the Government. 1-4 CONDITIONS AT SITE OR BUILDING The Contractor shall be responsible for having ascertained pertinent local conditions readily determined by inspection and inquiry, such as the location, accessibility and general characte r of the site or building, labor con ditions, the character and extent of existing work within or adjacent thereto, and a ny other work being performed thereon at the time of the submission of his bid. 1. MEASUREMENTS All dimensions shown of existing work and all dimensions required for work that is to connect with work now in place, shall be verified by the Contractor by actual measurement of the existing work. Any discrepancies between the drawings and specifications and the existing conditions shall be referred to the Contracting Officer for adjustment before any work affected thereby has been performed. 1-6. MONUMENTS AND BENCH MARKS (a) The Contracting Officer has established, or will establi s h such general reference points as will enable the Contractor to proceed with the work. If the Contractor finds that any previously established reference pOints have been d e stroyed or displaced, he shall promptly notify the Contracting Officer. (b) The Contractor shall protect and preserve the established bench marks and monuments and shall make no changes in locations without the written approval of the Contracting Officer. Any of them which may be lost or destroyed or which require shifting because of necessary chang es in grades or locations shall, subject to prior approval by the Contracting Officer, be replaced and accurately located by the Contractor. ( c ) The Contractor shall provide competent engineering services as necessary to execute the work in accordance with the contract requirements. He shall verify the figures shown on the survey and approach drawings before undertaking any construction work and shall be responsible for the accuracy of the finished work 1-7. USE OF PREMISES (a) The Contractor shall comply with the regulations governing the operation of premises which are occupied and shall perform his contract in such a manner as not to interrupt or interfere with the conduct of Government business (b ) Work performed outside of established working hours shall be at no additional expense to the Government. 1-8. BUILDING CODES, ETC. (a) The Contractor shall, without additional expense to the Government, comply with all State and Municipal building ordinances, codes, and regulations insofar as they are binding upon the Government. (b) State and local building codes and regulations do not apply to work inside the property lines of Government-owned properties but generally do apply to Government-leased properties. (c) The Contractor shall obtain and pay all fees and charges for connections to outside services and for use of property outside the site. 1-9. TAXES (a) Without additional expense to the Government, the Contractor shall be liable for all applicable Federal, State, and local taxes. ( b) Some States and the District of Columbia exempt Contractors from certain taxes, including sales or use taxes, on materials for Federal construction. The Contractor shall inform himself fully regarding these exemptions 1-10. GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION (a) All work shall be done under the supervision of the authorized Government Representative in charge of the work at the site. (b) The authorized representative of the Contracting Officer as to the proper interpretation of the drawings and speCifications is the Supervising Engineer for contracts awarded by the Central Office of the Public Build ings Service and is the respective Deputy Regional Director, Public Buildings Service, for contracts awarded by any of the Regional Offices of the General Services Administration. Nothing shall excuse the Contractor from proceeding with work in accordance with the "determination of such representative as to the interpretation of the drawings and specifications (c) Government Representatives have no authority to approve or order changes in the work or to alter the terms or conditions of the contract without written authority of the Contracting Officer. 1-11. WORK TO BE DONE BY CONTRACTOR Unless otherwise specified, the Contractor shall execute on the site, and with his own organization, work equivalent to at least 12 percent of the total amount of the contract price. The cost of material Installed by skilled and unskilled labor carried on Contractor's own payroll may be included in the 12 percent.


1-12. SUBCOIHRACTS (a) Nothing contained in the contract shall be cunstrued as creating any contractual relationship between any subcontractor and the Government. The divisions or sections of the specifications are not Intended to control the Contractor in di'{iding the work among subcontractors, or to limit the work performed by any trade. (b) The Contractor sha1l be responsible to the Government for acts and omissions of his own employees, and of subcontractors and theil' employees. He shall also be responsible for the coordination of the work of the trades, subcontractors, and material men. (c) The Contractor shall, without additional expense to the Government, employ specialty subcontractors where required by the specifications. (d) The Government or its representatives will not undertake to settle any differences between the Contractor and his subcontractors, or between subcontractors. 1-13: SCHEDULE OF ESTIMATES Before the first partial payment under the contract becomes due, the Contractor and Government Representative shall prepare jointly a schedule of the estimated values of the main branches of the work totaling the amount of the contract. The values in the schedule will be used only for determining partial payments. The cost of bonds and preparatory overhead work shall be prorated through the life of the contract. 1-14. PA YMEIUS TO CONTRACTORS The provisions of clause 7 of Standard Form 23A, General Provisions, are supplemented as follows: (a) Material delivered on the site and preparatory work done will not be taken Into consideration in preparing estimates upon which partial payments are based, except as provided in subparagraph (e) hereof. (b) If the contract price is $1,000 or less, payment in fu1l will be made upon completion and acceptance of the work. (c) If the contract price is more than $1,000 but not more than $2,000, payment will be made in full upon completion and acceptance of the work. When the Contractor so requests, partial payments covering ninety (90) percent of the value of acceptable work performed each month will be made, in which case the final payment, including retained percentages, will be made upon completion and acceptance of the work. (d) If the contract price Is more than $2,000, partial payments will be made in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned clause 7. In the discretion of the Contracting Officer, payment of a portion of the retained percentage may be made before final acceptance, provided the contract is practically completed, and the work put to use by the Government. A release of claims will be required before final payment is made. (e) Unless otherwise provided in the specifica tions, if the contract price is more than $500,000 material delivered that will be incorporated into the structure will be taken into consideration, provided the material is delivered on the site or is delivered to the Contractor and properly stored by him In a warehouse, storage yard, or similar suitable place within 25 miles of the site. Before each such payment is made for delivered material ON the site, the Contractor shall furnish to the Construction Engineer such evidence as he may require as proof of the quantity and value of such materials. Before each such payment is made for delivered material OFF the site the Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Otficer, through the Construction Engineer, properly executed bills of sale for the delivered material upon which payment is being made. 1-15. FAIR ST AHDARDS ACT The Contractor's attention is directed to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (52 Stat. 1060) and any amendments thereto. 1-16. ACCIDENT PREVENTION In the performance of the Contract the Contractor shall comply with the applicable provisions of the "Standard specification for Accident Prevention," issued by the General Services Administration, and shall take any other precautions necessary to protect all persons against injury at the site of the work. 1-17. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION LAWS The Act of June .25, 1936, 49 Stat. 1938 (40 U. S C. 290) authorizes the constituted authority of the several States to apply their workmen's compensation laws to all lands and premises owned or held by the United States. 1-18. BUY AMERICAN ACT Pursuant to the Buy American Act, referred to In clause 17 of Standard Form 23A, General Provisions; the Administrator of General Services has determined that the provisiOns of the said clause 17 shall not apply to the following: Cork; sisal; hemp; fiax; jute; silk; licorice root; asbestos; English china clay; English ball clay; carnauba wax; mica; rubber; antimony; manganese; titanium; tungsten; zirconium; chromium; platinum; tin; nickel and natural nickel alloys. 1-19. STANDARD REFERENCES (a) Any materials, equipment, or workmanship specified by reference to the number, symbol, or title of any specific Standard shall comply with the latest edition or revision the reof and any amendment or supplement thereto in effect on the date of the Invitation for Bids, except as limited to type, class or grade, or modified in the specifications (b) Standards referred to in the specifications, except as modified, shall have full force and effect as though printed in the specifications. (c) Reference in the specifications to any article, device, product, materials, fixture, form or type of construction by name, make, or catalog number, shall be interpreted as establishing a standard of quality, and not as limiting competition. The Contractor may make substitutions equal to the items specified if approved in advance in writing by the Contracting Officer. (d) Specifications," "Commercial Standards," and "Simplified Practice Recommendations" can be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, United States Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D C., or may be obtained from any Regional Otfice of the General Services Administration. Directions for purchase and the price of each copy are contained in the respective indexes obtainable from the same sources at current prices. (e) "Standard Specifications of the Public Buildings Service" can be obtained without charge from any Regional Office of the General Services Administration or from General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service Washington 25, D. C. (f) Standards of Associations referred to in the specifications may be obtained directly from the Associations. 1-20. DRAWINGS (a) The general character and scope of the work are shown by the drawings listed in the specifications. (b) In case of differences between small and large scale drawings, the large scale drawings shall govern. Schedules on drawings shall take precedence over any confiicting notations on the drawings. On any of the drawings where a portion of the work is drawn out and the remainder Is shown in outline, the parts drawn out shall apply also to all other like portions of the work. (c) Where the word "similar" occurs on the drawings, it shall have a general meaning and not be interpreted as being identical, and all details shall be worked out in relation to their location and their connection with other parts of the work 1-21. STANDARD DETAILS (a) Standard Details are listed on the drawings and accompanying the specifications. Their application is 2


made specific by notation on the drawings or by references elsewhere in the specifications. Where the notes on the drawings indicate modifications of the detalls listed, such modifications shall be made. ( b) Revisions of Standard Details are indicated by adding a suffix letter to the basic number in alphabetical order, i. e 6-15-3B supersedes 6-1S-3A. Such suffix letters may not appear in cross references on other Standard Details The Standard Details which accompany the specifications shall take precedence over earlier editions thereof referred to on the drawings, in the spec ifications or on other Standard Details. 1-22. SHOP DRAWINGS (a) The Contractor shall submit for the approval of the Contracting Officer, shop drawings, setting drawings and schedules, required by the specifications or requested by the Contracting Officer. No work shall be fabricated, save at the Contractor's risk, until such approval has been received Drawings and schedules shall be delivered to the Contracting Officer unless otherwise directed. (b) Drawings and schedules shall be checked and coordinated with the work of any other trades involved, before they are submitted for the approval of the Contracting Officer and shall bear the Contractor' s stamp of approval as evidence of such checking and coordina tion. Drawings or schedules submitted without this st.amp of approval will be returned to the Contractor for resubmission (c) Drawings and schedules shall be submitted in quadruplicate ( unless otherwise specified ) accompanied by a letter of transmittal in triplicate. The letter shall include a li s t of the numbers and dates of the individual drawing s submitted. Drawings shall be complete, bound in sets, and shall bear: 1. The date. 2 The name of the project. 3. Consecutive numbering. 4. The Contractor's stamp of approval. (d ) The Contractor shall submit all drawings and schedules sufficiently in advance of construction requirements to allow ample time for checking, resubmitting and rechecking. (e ) The approval of drawings and schedules will be general, but approval shall not be construed: (1) As permitting any departure from the contract requirements; ( 2 ) as relieving the Contractor of the respon sibility for any errors, including details, dimensions, materials etc. ; ( 3 ) as approving departures from full size details furnished by the Contracting Officer except as otherwise provided herein. (f) If drawings show variations from the contract requirements because of standard shop practice or for other reas ons, the Contractor shall describe such variation s in his letter of transmittal. If acceptable the Contracting Officer may approve any or all such variations subject to a proper adjustment in the contract. U the Contractor fails to describe such variations he shall not be relieved of the responsibility for executing the work in accordance with the contract, even though such drawing s have been approved. ( g) If the drawings or schedules as submitted show a departure fro m the contract requirements which the Contracting Officer finds to be in the interest of the Government and to be so minor as not to involve a chang e in the contract price or time for performance, the C ontracting Officer may approve the drawings. 1. SAMPLES (a) After the award of the contract, the Contractor shall furnish for the approval of the Contracting Officer, samples required by the specifications or by the Contracting Officer. Sampies shall be delivered to the Contracting Officer unless otherwise directed. The Contractol' shall prepay all shipping charges on samples. Materials or equipment for which samples are required shal1 not be used in the work untll approved in writing by the Contracting Officer save only at the Contractor's risk and expense ( b) Each sample shall have a label Indicating: 1. Name of project. 2. Name of Contractor. 3 Material or equipment represented. 4. Place of origin 5. Name of producer and brand (if any) 6. Location in project. Samples of finished materials shall have additional markings that will identify them under the finish schedules. (c) The Contractor shall mail under separate cover a letter in triplicate submitting each shipment of samples and containing the information required in ( b ) above. He shall enclose a copy of this letter with the shipment and send a cop y to the Government on the project. Approval of a sample shall be only for the characteristics or use named in such approval and shall not be construed to chang e or modify any contract requirement. Before submitting samples, the Contractor shall assure himself that the materials or equipment will be available in the quantities required in the project; because no change or substitution will be permitted after a sample h a s been approved. (d) Approved samples not destroyed in testing will be sent to the Governm ent Representative at the project. Approved samples of hardware in good condition will be marked for identification and may be used in the work. Materials and equipment incorporated in the work shall match the approved samples. Samples not destroyed in testing or not approved will be returned to the Contractor at his exp e nse if so requested at time of submission. (e) Failure of any material to ;lass the speCified tests will be sufficient cause for refusal to conSider under this contract, any further samples of the same brand or make of that material. The Government reserves the r ight to disapprove any material or equipment which previously has proved unsatisfactory in service. (f) Samples of various materials or equipment deliv ered on the site 01' in place may be taken by the Government Representative for testing. Samples f a iling to meet contract re quirements will automatically void previous approvals of the items tested. The Contractor shall replace such materials or equipment to meet contract requirements, or there shall be a proper adjustment of the contract price as determined by the Contracting Officer. 1. CLIMATIC CONDITIONS When so ordered by the Contracting Officer the Contractor shall suspend any work that may be subjected to damage by climatic conditions. 1. HEAT The Contractor shall provide sufficient heat as fol1ows: ( a ) As necessary to protect all work, materials and equipment against injury from dampness and cold (b ) At all times during the placing setting and curing of concrete to insure the heating of the spaces involved to not less than 50 Fahrenheit. (c) From the beginning of the application of plaster and during the setting and curing period, to produce a temperature in the spaces involved of not less than 50 Fahrenheit. (d) For a period of 10 days previous to the placing of inte rior wood finish and throughout the placing of this and other interior finishin g varnishing, painting, etc., and until the completion of the building, to produce a temperature of not less than 70 Fahrenheit. 1. CONTRACT CHANGES The provisions of clause 3 of Standard Form 23A, General Provisions, are supplemented as follows : (a ) All proposals for changes in the work shan be submitted by the Contractor in a lump sum amount. 3


(b) In considering proposals for changes invc:v ing added work, omitted work, or any combination thereof, check estimates in detail will be made by the Government, utilizing unit prices where speci fied or agreed upon, with the view of arriving at equitable adjustments. (c) When the necessity to proceed with a change does not allow sufficient time to properly check a proposal, 01' because of failure to reach an agreement. the Government may order the Contractor to proceed on the basis of price to be determined at the earliest practicable date but not to be more than the increase 01' less than the decrease proposed (d) With each proposal for a change involving an increase or decrease in the amount of the contract, the Contractor shall submit separately an itemized breakdown that will include but not be limited to the following: 1. Material quantities and unit prices. (Separated into Trades.) 2 Labor costs. 3. Construction eqUipment. 4. Workmen's Compensation and Public Liability. 5. Overhead. 6. Profit. 7. Social Security Tax. (e) Proposals and breakdowns should be submitted as promptly as possible. (f) Allowable overhead, profit, and commission percentages are given at the end of this paragraph. These percentages shall be considered to include, but not to be limited to, insurance other than mentioned herein, bond or bonds, field and office supervisors and aSSistants. use of small tools, incidental job burdens, and general office expense. No percentages for overhead, profit. or com mission will be allowed on Social Security Tax. The percentages for overhead. profit. and commission to be allowed by the Government may vary according to the nature, extent. and complexity of the work involved, but in no case shall exceed the following: Com-Overhead Profit mission To subcontractors and/or to the Contractor for work performed with his own forces____________ 10% 10% (If established by the practice of the trade, higher percentages for overhead may be allowed.) To Contractor on work performed by other than his own forces____ 10% On proposals involving both increases and decreases in the amount of the contract, the overhead, prOfit. and commission will be allowed on the net increase only. 1-21. PAYMENT FOR HEAT Determination of payment to be made for the cost of heat furnished during any period of time that extends beyond the date for completion stipulated in the contract will be as follows: (a) Payment will be made for the extended period of time that is caused directly by authorized changes made in the drawings or specifications, as provided in clause 3. Standard Form 2'3A. General Provisions. (b) Payment will not be made for the extended period of time that is caused by delays other than those noted in paragraph (a) above. (c) When the total extended period of time is considered to include both of above conditions (a) and (b), the Contracting Officer will adjust such time and determine the ratio of time covered by condition (a) to the total extended period of time and payment will be made as provided in (a) above. (d) In determining the cost of furnishing this heat the Contractor wlll be allowed a reasonable amount for overhead, but no prOfit. (e) Except as provided above. no payment wlll be made by the Government on account of any other items of cost of delay. whether occasioned by a change in the specifications or otherwise. 1-28. FINAL INSPECTION AND TESTS The requirements of clause 9 of Standard Form 23A, General Provisions. are supplemented as follows: (a) If any part of the work as installed be at variance with the contract requirements. the Contracting Officer may. if he finds it to be in the interest of the Government. allow all or any part of such work to remain in place, subject to a proper adjustment in the contract price. (b) The Contractor shall give the Contracting Officer at least ten (10) days advance notice of the date the work will be fully completed and ready for final inspection and tests. An endorsement by the Government Representative at the site shall be attached to this notice which shall not relieve the Contractor of his responsibilities in the matter. Final inspection and tests will be made within ten (10) days from the date specified in the aforesaid advance notice. (c) Regardless of quantities involved, inspection of material and finished articles to be incorporated in the work at the site shall be made at the place of production. manufacture. 01' shipment. only when shop inspection, mill inspection or plant inspection is required by the specifications. 1-29. GUARANTIES (a) Unless otherwise provided in the specifications, the Contractor guarantees all work to be in accordance with contract requirements and free from defective or inferior materials, equipment, and workmanship for one (l) year after the date of final settlement or from an earlier date determined by the Contracting Officer. (b) If, within any guaranty period, the Contracting Officer finds that guaranteed work needs to be repaired or changed because of the use of materials, equipment, or workmanship which. in his opinion, are inferior. defec tive, or not in accordance with the terms of the contract, he shall so inform the Contractor in writing and the Contractor shall promptly and without additional ex pense to the Government: (1) place in a satisfactory condition all of such guaranteed work; (2) make good all damage to equipment. the site. the building. or contents thereof. which is the result of such unsatisfactory guaranteed work; and <:3) make good any work. materials. and equipment that are disturbed in fulfilling the guaranty. including any disturbed work. materials. and equipment that may have been guaranteed under another contract. Should the Contractor fail to proceed promptly in ac cOl'dance with the guaranty. the Government may have such work performed at the expense of the Contractor. (c) Any special guaranties that may be required under the contract shall be subject to the stipulations set forth above. insofar as they do not conflict with the provisions of such special guaranties. 1-30.. ,DEBRIS AND CLEANING (a) The Contractor shall. during the progress of the work. remove and dispose of the resultant dirt and debris and keep the premises clean. (b) Upon completion of the work. the Contractor shall remove all construction equipment and surplus materials (except materials that are to remain the property of the Government as provided in the specifications). and leave the premises in a clean condition satisfactory to the Government Representative. 4


t'Section 1-12 of the General Conditions is amended by adding thereto the following! II (e) Contraetor agrees that, Contractor, its offieers and agents will not refuse to furnish information or records, except as provided b y the terma of the contract involved, to any Government agency or any in the legislative dr judieial branch of the Government with respect t o this contraet or any other Government contract or any subcontract under such a contract to which he is a party. The Contractor agrees to include a sim i lar provision in hia subcontracts under this contract. "For breach or violl\tion of this agreement, the Government shall have the right to terminate this contract without liability. "The Contraeting Officer may require, without liability to the G o vernment, the Contractor to terminate any subcontract under this contract whe n the Contr a c t ing Officer determines that sueh subcontractor breached or vio lated the foregoing agreement. "(f) The Contractor a grees that prior to entering into any subcontract he will obtain from every proposed subcontractor the following representation! 'The bidder represents (c heck ap propriate boxes) that the bidder i ts officers or agents, ( ) have ( ) ha ve not refused to furnish, upon request therefor, information or records to any Govern ment agency or any establishment in the legislative or judicial branch of the Government with respect to any contract with any department, agency or other instrumentality of the Government. "In the event any propos ed subcontractor or subcontractor, as the case may be, submits an affirmation representation, the Contractor shall refer the representation to t h e Contracting Officer, who thereafter may require, without lia b i lity to the Government, the Contractor not to enter into or to terminate the subcontract, as the case may be. "In the event any prop osed subcontractor or subcontractor, as the case may be. submits a negative representati on, the Contractor shall r efer the representation to the Contracting Officer, who thereafter may require. without liability to the G overnment, the Contractor not to enter into or to terminate the subcon tract, as the case may be, upon a determination by the Contracting that such subcontractor ha s breached or violated the foreboing representation.


U.S. POST OiCFICE Al'ID CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUS'rINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 SECTION 2 SPECIAL CONDI'rICNS 2-2... SCOPE OF HOEK. 'l'he\.J'Ork to be d.one h ex'eunder inclndes the la'ool', materials, elt:iprnent and installation of all work {or paintins, ront r e pairs aircOilditionins, etc., inc !'ding: a. Complete inter:i.or and exterior painting of the bui::"ding. b. Clean and paint ail vrY'ough t iron liGht fixtures in the ceiltr,g of gallery and balconies. c. Repair all light fixtures in "b. 11 above and repls,ce all e2..ectric 'i-;irinc; from the fixture Junction l)ox to the fixture Replace a 1.1 brol<:cn and rill ssing Glass in light fixtures. d. Clean and paint f::.ag poles. Provide ne'i-l extension to increase the length of all. poJ.es to 13 feet, 6 inches;. e. Re-2.nchor all tl:reshol. cls. f. Re-alig n all casement sash in the respective openings, square all uni:'5, r 'e:?air and. ad.just hardllare; replace broken ';lindo.r glass, re-paint as calJ.ed for under interior and e xterior paintinG. C;. Eernove varnish from all casement sash and i.;i,ndow stools, sand, fill and refinish as specified in interior painting. h. Repair all plaster. i. Clean all debris from crawl space. j Remove roofing over the galle:;."Y and replace i.;ith new tile roof and nei'; :::la shing. k. On all other tile l'oofs, rerno-Ie broken tiles and replace; re-set all loose tiles unless the composition 1)as,= raofi.ng and make 'i-mtertight; repl ace all rotted roof sheathing, rafters) outlookers and fas cia. ll:'lere shoiln on the drawL1Gs, remove existL1g composition ruofing and replace IIi th 11e"r cornposic:2.on roofing. 1. Rel)lace all defective flashing and. sheet rr..etal i-lork "lith ne\.; copper unless the existing copper is re-usable. m. Replace certain lavatories, J.avatory trim, urinals, t:rinal trim, lora ter closet seats, 1.;atel' closet flush valves and .janitor's service sink, all as specified in the section "PLlJ1 'lBING'' 2-1


U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE. FLORIDA PB-REG-4 n. Remove ail existing caulkins and re::::u k Caulk all extoricr openings, such as doors, wil1 d oh'S, iouvel-s, etc, o. airccnditioning, etc., and al I changes and repairs incident therato. p. Perform miscellaneous work as shown and/or as specified, al l c s shown on Drawings Nos 27 thrcugh and including 27-18; in acr::or d c.ilce w i th t h e applicable Standard DetC'li!s ii5"i'ed on the drawings l-efE Jrenced here; n a!1d ath;}ch8::J hereto, a.l d as ht )reinafter specified and as may be d; j-ec-j-ed 2-2. T:lViE_F08 of the work shall ba TIIIO Hundred (2CO) Co Iendar daysfrc:n the date of i-ec e i p-r o f nc. t lee oro proce.9d. 2-2t.. 12-'. One Iunp sum b 1 dis i I-ed. 2-28 None rov:evor. since tim('l is of the essence of this tho work shal I be di ;igont:y prosecuted as spsC" if1ed in Paragraph 5 o f -rhe Genera i Prov isi 0115. g m 2-' ; fl.


SPECIAL CONDITIONS -(CONTINUED) 2-3. LABOR STANDARDS CLAUSES: In all sub c ontracts entered into for portions of this work, the contractor shall: 1. (a) Recite in the body of the s u bcontract, the terms of Paragraphs 20 through 26 of the General Provisions (Standard Form 23A) of this contract or: (b) Physically attach to the subcontract the terms of Paragraphs 20 through 26 of the General Prov i s i ons (Standard'Form 23A) of thie contract and include these terms by reference in the body of the subcontract. 2 Secure from the subcontractor a cknowl edgement' in writing that the above Labor Standards Clauses h a ve been received and shall be a part of t he subcontract. 2-4. BID GUARANTEE: Each bidder must sub mi t with his bid a bid guarantee in the amount of 20% of bid in all cases of bids in excess of $2 000. Failure to furnish a required bid guarantee in the proper amountt by time set for opening of bids, may b e cause for rejection of the bid. A bid guarantee may be in the form of a bid bond, postal money order, certified check, cashier's check, irrevocable lette r of credit or, in. aCcordance with Treasury Department regulations, bonds or notes of the United States. Bid guarantees, other than bid b on d s will be returned (1) to unsuccessful bidders as soon as practicable af t er t he opening of bids, and (2) to the successful bidder upon execution o f such further contractual documents and bonds as may be required by the bid as accepted. If the successful bidder withdraws his bid within the period specified therein for acceptance (60 days if no period is specified) or, upon acceptance thereof by the Government fails t o enter into the contract and give bonds within the time specified (10 day s i f no period is specified) after the forms are presented to him, he s h a l l be liable for any difference by which the cost of procuring the work exceeds the amount of hie bid, and the bid guarantee shall be available toward offsetting such by which the cost of procuring t h e wor k exceeds the amount of his bid. and the bid guarantee shall be available tow ard offsetting such difference. 2-5. Paragraph 1-11 Section 1 of Genera l Conditions (GSA Form 1139) 1 s d eleted in its entirety. 2 6 OCCUPANCY: The premises will be occupie d during the performance o f the w ork. 2-7. NEW WORK: Unless otherwise required by the drawings or specif i cations, new work i n extension of existing work shall correspond in all r espects with that to which it connects or to sLmi l ar existing work. 2-2


SPECIAL OOOD111003 -2...13 tl OU) WORK, Erletlng work: 8hall bG cut, a.1terodp removed, or removed and replaoed for the porforManoo or tbe conhrnot.. Worle "lohat ill replaced nh911 JI'll1toh shd19.r 'iiork. However, unlOGIJ oiihonril!ll(,) pro,,-idod by the or Ipooitloltt.ion!ilJl 'C.iO l'ltruotural lIo11lbers IIhill 00 cnrt. or nltarod .-U.ho\\t lJtuthorl""tlon or thlf./ -. ottio"r. Wot"k X'EH'Snin.i.ng in pIaoa l'rhioh 18 or by rtlAOOn of lto:.....k donG under thio ooni,raot shall reotored 0f1URl to ltD oonditioll nt -\bo 'c.illl6 ot the sward. ot the oont.r9.0t. 2-9. It romoval or existing work exposos disoolol'"od. Ot' unfWohad !ul"taoea. or 'Work O"..tt of Duoh BUI'fnoes llhall be, r<').rilliishea. or thu shall be replaced AS to mak& aontlguoua work ftnd 2-10. Tho prooftding parograph shall not be oonstrued to thG ralinlI'Jh1ng or reoonstruotion of d19ld.milar finiohas previolllllly (lxpo!:ed, o r ot Burrao ,g ln good oondition in or on dif!aren \ 10V01a by of tnterTening work, unlc6B ref1nloh:tng or reoonstI"Uotion ill speoifioally indioatod or Dpaolfi0d. 2-11. & DAMAOZS1 (8) Furuitu.r0, O f,\rpo t o, linolo1ll'7l and other furnishings and ltXtureo shOll be romoved be neaoosBry for the proper eXDoutlon or the l1ork, and prol.iorly proteoted) ond on oompletion of th.o l50rk shall be IHltisraoliorily replsoed by the Contrnctor al1 the Government Representativo may direot. (b) Tha Contraotor shul provide 0.11 neoessary labor, lZlaterials, t.oola, oattolding, drop oloths, eta., to tbe oocupant o and furnishings t.ho building and remOV0 the upon oOl'llpletion or the lfOr k. (0) Tbo Contraot.or oha1l X"oplaoe, whorsvor r emoved or d8.lllllgedf l-lfLlJ.rI, part1tions, br1ukwork, or ruty portion theroof in n manner equa l to t.he original oon9truot1on and !in1oh. 2-12. MA.TERIALS ON THE SITE. UnlaalJ ot.hanr.1.a8 apt'lbified, (Jonot-ruot1on JQS.t.orial9 (\ltd item/! of meohnn!cal aquipNcnt :1.ncludi.ng light.inG fixtures t hat iU'O to bo rOltl.oved and not permiteed to be re-used under thQ oon t rnot shall beoomo the proporty o the Contraotor and temoved fromt.hG t;it0. 2-1). WATER ELECTRICITr ETC. I The pror.U.lleo EU'0 noW' f1upplied ldtb water and eleotrIo services vAIofiMaY be used in thie vork, subjeot to the rogv.lationa of tho Oove:nunent .A:gency in oontrol. Tho llontrno+,or ohall JMke hill own arrangement for eervioes. 2-14. CAUTION. It be that the YQult 'doors 10 the building &rc Jlith vaul'" proteoting dtwio"s with tear ga9 'rho Contrn.ctor iQ c;autioned to ooo8Ult the Custodian and asoertain uhet.her vault door'S &oo19o oible to under the oontract are so equipped, as it is tor unfamiliar vith !JUoh protecting devices to tl'Ullper with or disturb them. In C1U'" 'f'a'U,ll. door eo equipped 1s required to be reJftoved or left or reoet, t ha Contraotor shall give the Off.i061 two (2) in order that arrangement Nay be gade by the [or the and reoonneotion o! the 2-3


SPECIAL CONDITIONS -(CONTINUEO) 2-1.5 HOOIFICATIONS TO GENERAL PROVISIONS, STANDARD FORH 23A: A. CLAUSE b, "DISrUTES" is deleted in ito entirety and the folloulng subotituted In lieu thereof: "(a) Except 8S otherwise provide(l in this contract, cny dispute concerning a question of fact arising under thia contract 1s not disponed of hy nsrccmcnt shall be decidod by the Contracting I Dha 11 reduce his decillion to writing nnd mail or furnish n copy thereof to the Contractor. The decision of the Contrccttng Officer Ahall be final nnd conclusive unless within 30 dcys from the date of receipt of such copy the Contractor mails or othen-lise furnishes to the Con trac ting OfUccr a wri tten appeal addressed to the Administrator of General Services Administration. The decision of tho Adroiniatrator or his duly authorized representative for the determination of such appeals shall be final and conclusive unless determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to have been frnudulent, or capricious, or arbitrary or 80 grossly erroneous as neceoenrily to imply fnith. or not supported by substantial evidence. In connection with any appeal proceeding under thin cLause, the Contractor shall be afforded an opportun! ty to be heard and to offer evidence In support of its appecl. Pending final decision of a dispute hereunder, the Contractor shall proceed diligently with the performance of the contract and in accordance with the Contracting Officer's decision. (b) This "Disputes" clause does not preclude consideration of law questions 1n connectton with decisions provided for in parcgrnph (a) above; Provided, That nothing in this contract shall be construed as making final the deciaiou of any administrative offid.al. representative, or board on a question of Law," 8. CLAUSE 17 I "BUY AMERICAN ACT" is dele ted in i 1:8 entirety and the following substituted 1n lieu thereof: "BUY AMERICAN (a) Agreement: In with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C. lOn-10d) R.nd Executive Order 10582, Oecembe\" 17, 1954 (3CFR Supp ). the Contractor agrees that only domestic cons.trl,lction JIIl).tcrlal will be used (by the Contractor. subcontractors, materialmen, and suppliers) in the performance of this contract, except for nondomeBtic material listed in the contract. (b) Domestic construction material: "Construction materia.l" means any article. material, or suppLy brought to the construction site for its incorporation in the building or work. An unmanufactured construction IDllterial 1s a "domest1c construction material" if it has been mined or produced in the United SCates. A mllnufactured' construction Illllterial J.s a "dolllesc1.c construction Dunerial" if it has been manufactured in 2


SPRCIAL CONDITIONS (CONTINUEO) Uni.teu StAteR /lnd if thl! coat of itR which ha v e been mined, produced, or fnAIlUfc'1ctu'["cd in thc United exceeds 507. o f the cost of nll its componcntR. "Component" mellns a.ny article, material. or ottpply directly incorporated in a construction material. (c) Domnstic component: A compcmeot FlhAl1 be considered to hav e been "m!.ned, produced, or mnnufoctured in the United Staten" (regardless o f ita oource in fnct)if the article, material, or ourr1y in which it i s incorporated was manufoctured in the United StateR fI'I l the compo n e n t i9 of n cillso or kind determined by the Government be not mined,ll\ produced, or manufactured in the United Stntcs in sufflcicnt and renson nbly available commercial quantities .and of a. quality." c. CLAUSE 19. "NONOISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYl-1ENT" is deleted in ita entirety and the following substituted in lieu thereof: "In with the performance of work under this contract the contractor agrees as follows: "(1) The controctor not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race. creed, color. or national origin. The contractor will take offirmatlve action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment. without regord to their race, creed, color, or national origin. Such action shall include, but not be Ilmited to, the following: employment, upgrading, demotion or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or. termination; rates of payor other forms of compensation; and selection for traininc. including apprenticeship T h e contractor agrees to post in conspicuous places,nvailable to employees and applicants for employment, notices to be prvvidcd by the contracting Officer setting forth the provisions of this nondiscriminatio n clause. "(2) The contractor will, in all solicitations or advertisements for cmployeesploced by or on behalf of the contractor. state that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for empl o y .ment without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin. "(3) The contractor will send to each labor union r representative of workers with which he has a collecti.vc bargllining llgreement or other contract or undcrstllnding, a nocicc, to be provided by the agency contracting officer, advising the said labor union or workers I representative of the contractor's commi tments under t his Section. llnd shall post copies of the notice in conspicuous places available to employees and applicancs for employment. 2-5


,. (ll ) The contractor. wi.ll comply with nIL provisions o f Executl'JC Order No 10925 of Morch 6, 1961, and of the rules, regulntion:':, :111,1 r0.1evont orders o[ tho Committee o n Equal Emp 10'.1"ncn t created thereby. "(5) rhe contrnctor will uro{1';h n l l information and reports hy Executive Or.der No. 10925 of Maich 6, 1961 nnd by the rule!:, l:cgullltions, nnd ordera o[ the said Committee, or pUr GUEmt thc}:eto, and "Till permit access to his books, records, and acc o unts by the contracting agency and the Committee for purposes of i nves t igation to ascertain compli:mce wtth I>\Ich rules, nnd orders. "(6). In the event of the contractor I s non -compliance w i t h the t'l.onciscrimination claunos of this COntract o r with any of the s a i d rules, regulations, or orders, this contract may be cancelled i n whole or in part and the contractor may be declared ineligible for contracts in nccordance with procedures authorized in Executive Order No. 10925 of March 6, 1961, and such other sanctions may be imposed and remedies invoked as provided in the. said Executive ordn or by rule, regulation, or order of the President' s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, or as otherwise provided by 1a\l1. "(7) The contraclor will include the provisions of the. foregoing paragraphs (1) through (6) in every subcontract or purchase order unless exempted by rules, regulations, or orders of the Pre.sident's Committee on Equnl Employment Opportunity issued pursuant: to section )03 of Executive Order No. 10925 of Nnrch 6 1961, so that such provisions will be bindinc upon each subcontractor or vendor. The contractor \11111 take such action with respect to any subcontract or purchase order as the contracting agency may direct os a means of enforcing such provisions. including sanctions for Provided, however, that in the e v ent the contractor becomes involved in, or is threatened With, litigation with a subcontractor or vendor as a result of such direction by the contracting agency, the contractor may request the States to enter into such litig3tion to protect the interests of the United States." D. CLAUSE 24. COllF.LAND ANTI-KICKBACK ACT -NONREBATE O F t.JACES: Delete the \wrd lOaffidavits" in the ninth line and subs t itute the word "statements". 2-16. ASSICNHENT OF CLAINS: (a) Pu\-suant: to the Provisions of the Assignment of Claims /let of 19l fO, as amended (31 U.S Code 203, 41 U S Code IS) if this contract provides for payments aggreGating $1,000 or more, claims for moneys due or to become due the contractor from the Government under this contract may be assigned co a bank, trust company, or other financing institution. including any lending agency, and may thereafter be further assigned and reassigned to any such 1-6


SPECIAL CONDITIONS (CONTINUED) in:ll;itllti.on. Any alJch or t'cll!':$lgllmcnt s(\oll coval' n11 amounts under this contrncl nnd not nnd not be mode to more than one I'l1:"l:y. c:tcept th:lt lIny such nS91r,nmcnt or rCfHlsignmcnt may he mode to one pnrty nccnt or for 2 or morc parties partic1.pnting in $uch flnAncJ.nr,. NotwithsLandinG ..my other provision of this contract, pllymcntn to ;:In of lIny moneys clue or to become U\lC under thl..., contr:lct not, to the extent py.ovldcd i.n sl)ld Act, : :11.: Gu/)j,'ct torcdllction or nct-off. (0) In no event sholl copica of this contrllct or of :my PLms, Spedfic:)tionn, or other almllnr uocuments t'p.lnting to Horl{ under this contract, if marked "Top Secret", "r,ccret". "Confidenti.'ll", n : r "RC!itricted", be fUl.:nl::;hcd. to any assinncc of any claim arising under th1.s cont1.'3ct or to any other person not entitled to receive the somc; Provi: or duty, whether or not such tax or duty \o10S excluded from tht! contract price; or of BOY interest or penalty thereon, the con tract price shall be correspondingly increased: PROVIDED, nUl.t the Contractor in m.-iting chat. no amount for such tax, duty or rate increase was included in the contract price as a contingency reserve or AND PROVIDED FURTIlER That liability for slich tax, cluc;, rate incere:;t, or penalty was not incurred throul;h eha fault or ne!jligcnc! of the Contractor or its failure co fo11O\-/ instl'uctions of the Contraccing Officer. 2-7


SPECIAL CONDITIONS -(CONTINUED) (2) If the Contractor is not required to payor bear the b'Jrclcn, or ob tflins n refund or drawback, in whole or in part, of any tox, duty, IntereDt, or pcnnlty which (1) w08 to be included in the contract price pursuant to the of paragraph (b), (ii) was 1ncludcdin the contr.nct pricl', or (lii) was thc bosis of an increase in the contract price, the contract price sholl correspondingly decreased or the omount of: such relief, refund, or d"Cl1wback shol'l be paid to the Government, nG directed by the Contracting Officer. The contract price also cho11 be correspol1uingly decreased if the Contractor through (ts fault or negligcnce or its failure to follow instructions of the Contracting Officer, iq required to payor bcar the burden, or does not obtnin a refund or dl"flWhllCk of /lny such tax, duty, interest, or penalty. Interest paid or credited to the Contractor incident to a refund of taxes shall inure'to the hencfit of the Goverruncnt to the extent that such interest \v'as earned n[ter the Contractor loinS paid or reimbursed by the Governmn ,):: for such tnxcs. (3) Invoices or vouchers covering Rny adjustment of the contract price pursuant to this paragraph (c) sholl set forth the amoun t thereof 0/3 II aepar.ate item nnd shall identify the par ticular tax involved. (4) Nothing in this paragraph (c) shall be applicable to social security taxos; nct income taxes; excess profit taxes; capital stock taxes; unemployment compcnsntion taxes; or any State and local tnxcs,except those levied on or measured by the contract or sales price of the services or completed supplies furnished under this contract, ingross income taxes, gross receipts, taxcs, sales and use taxes, excise taxes, or franchise or occupation taxes measured by sales O1:receipts from sales. (5) No adjustment of less than $100 shall be made in the contract price pursuant to this paragraph. (d) Unless there does not exist any reasonable basis to sustain an exemption, Lhe Government agrees upon request of the Contl"actor Without further liability except as othendse provided in this contract, to furnish evidence appropclnte to establish exemption from (i) any Federal tax, "'hlch the Contractor warrants in writing ",as excluded from the contract price, or (11) any State or local tax PROVIDED, That evidence appropriate to eotablish exemption from duties will be furnished, and Government bills of lading will be issued, only at the di$cretion of the Cootrricting Officer. In addition, the Contracting Oficer may furnish evidence appropriate to establish exemption from any tax that may. pursuant to this give rise to either an increase or decrease in the contract price. (e) (1) The Cou[ractor shall promptly Lloc1fy the Contracting Offic.:!r of all lIIaLters pertaining to Federal, State, and local tuxes and duties chat reasonably may result in either an increase or decrease io the contract price. (2) an or decrease in the contract price ,may be requirQd under this clause, the Contractor shall take action as directed by [he Contl:"acting Officer. and the CO.ltract price shall be equitably adjusted [0 cover Lhe costs of including any inearest, and reasonable attorney's fees. 2-8


U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM I'IOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE. FLORI 0,'\ P3,REG 2-!8. Vlithin thirty (30) calendC'r days after the executlon of the contract, the con+raci-or shal I submit to the Chief, Design and Construction Division, Public Sui Iding:, Service, a breakdown ccs-r estimate in form satisfactory to tho Gov(wnment, scheduling the various branches of the work and indicating the monetary vaiues o'r 'j'he T:lis breakdown cost estimate wi II be used as a basis for determ i n i ng percen';-ages of ccmp leti Of) iii pn"pri ng month; y paymen':'s to the contractor. Proaress Repor';-GSA form 184 \ I! II be 'furr: i shed by the Government upon request. 2-19. CONSTRUe110N PRClGRESS SCHEDULE: The contractor wi II be requi red to fsh a progress sclledu Ie i ;:;-iorm sati sfactory to i-he Govern ment simi I<:ir to a bar graj.lh which l'Ii; I show the anticipated -I'ime required to cOlT'plete 8c-:h division of Vlork showr. on 'i-he Bre51kdowll Cost Es-rimate. The sched u le wi I! be maintained by ille contrGctcr during the course of the project and wi II be submitted with each request for and wi II show i-he actual amo,-'n-r of Gorr:ple"i"ed work in comparison with the esi'imated amount of comp leted Vlo,-k. 2-20. REGULATIONS Arm CODES: Local, City, County and State Regulations ared Codes, GO no'r apply to the work to be under this cO:1'i'ract within the confines of Government properi'y, however, local codes may be rll e' ; -and fo! lowed i:1 instances under heating and plumbing not expressly or particularly indicated wltl,in this specification or the appllcable Standerd Specification. 2-21. AI I e Iectr i I work to be perforrr,ed under th i s comt.ract shall comply \'lith the reqIJ icements of the latest edition of the Nai'jonal Eiectrical Code, and the of the local power compan';! supplying power to tt,e Governman-r. In the event this spe::ification is at variance with the regu;ations of the National Electrical Code and/or regulations ot the local power compo!'),:" such va(jiations shall be referred to the Chief, Design and Construction Division, Public Bui IdiGgs Service for decision before any work effected thereby is"started. 2-22, _PERfOlilliNG Ca) The bui Iding premises wi! I be occupied during the tenure of the contract. Contractor shal I arrange and organize his work in such a and method so as to cause the minimum interference with the conduct of Governmant business. Before any of the remodeling, alterat!ons and miscellaneous changes of existing work within the s cope of the contract is begun, the contrcctor shal I \'Ii-rh the Government Representative and the Custodian of the bul lding and agree on a sequenco of procedure; arranging tor avai labJe trucking space on the Governmerlt pranises for the delivery of materials, s-ror'aga of i nside rouTing o f materials, and c!earing the necessa,"y area3 for performance of the contract work, means to the premises and bui :ding; space gm


U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Pg.REG.. 4 for -remponJry storage of mater'ials and equipment; use of appr'ooches; of corridors, and simi lar means of communications; and the location of pari"itions, and the Ilke. (b) Te i'lpOrary openings through interior walls shal! be barricaded j n a manne r and method so as to c lose the open 1ng Clga i nst -rhe pub I i c by night or dur i n g non-'\llOrk i ng hours by day. Ternpor':lry open i ngs through the 8>dsi"in9 toi let ins-j-alla-rions by the tenants end of the; bui idlng at all timl9s. E!ectric 2 n d telephone services of all description shall be maintained at 01 I times. (e). The Con-;-rac+cr sha II furn i sh a II labor and mater i a I including fuel, for heating as required in the various sections of the spec i fications, by the enti-l-Ied "Heat" in the General Conditlons and as hereinafter s p e c ified. (f) The bui iding wi II !je occupi e d dt:r i ng -;he execution of o n this contract and the shel I, without addi+ional cost to 1-he Gcvernment, furnish and instal I al I necessary temporary taci litles, such as partit!cns s curtain wal Is, enclosures, pip i ng and boi jer equ i pment: inc!uding, if necessary, temporary lat; cn of auxi Ilary heat i ng equ i pmenT and -t-emp1xa( -:' a Iterai"ions in preseni-heat i ng equ i pment no''1 insi-alled i n the bui Idirlg. (9) The Contractor may uti lize the present heating system now installed in He bui Iding, a lso the new heating equipment, etc., as requireo by this corl"l-racT to furnish the heatingfocilii"ies to accomplish t he specified heating r'esults. However, if the permanerit heating eauipment ane rT'.3t"3ria:s are used b y the ConTrac1"or for the purpose of wit h the heating requirements, the Contractor shal!. to the time of finai inspection, place -rhe entire equipment in an acceptable, condition to the satisfaction of the Contracting Officer. 2-23 The atteiltion is direci"ed to 1-4 1-7 of t he Generel Conditions of the specifications. gm 2-10


U. S, POST A:'Il[) CUSTOM I-iCUSE ST. AUGUStiNE, FLORIDA PB-REG,-4 2-24. The b 1 dder is hereby caut i or,ed tila!"" g:?nera II y he VI i i be permitted to conduct his work at the bui Iding during regular working hours. His work may be oro interruption and delay when demo:ition, dr" i I i ng, the mo" i ng of equ i pment or mater i a Is; or oth'3r work i r:vo I v i n9 rnovei,lent or' 1101 sa i nte;;'"'fere 1;1 ith the conduct of Governmen-r bLiS i r.ess. 2-25. It is the responslbi lity to ascertain: pr!orto of his bid, the extent of the he expecT during the life of 1 'llis contract. 2-7.6. The sha II not be I i ab Ie fOI-any loss sus-I'a i ned by the contractor cr h! s subccn-r,ac+ors due to 5 1,ch de iay c;'" i n-'-8n up -:-i ons, or ovo:-tl me vlorl< may be req'Ji r od to complet8 3ny part 0 '[' t h e vlork. :2.-'27. OlLIi-lE ,.2lTs.: CO;lsti"uctlon matel-ials and items of ffi.3cr.cmical and electrical equipment that a:-e r'equired to be i-e r ,loved and nel" penn i t-red to be re-used under -rhe ccn'l-r'aci", sha I I b8ccme the propert/ af the Contractor and their salvege va!ue to the bidders sha: I be refleCTed in the bids, m3ter'ials which conform with the contraci-reCJu i relnsnts ari d are cons i dered su i tab Ie by the Repr'esS'il-rativ0, may be re-usi;,d in the \'!Oi-!( af, direc-red by him. Mater'ial taken fro:n Vlork now in p Iace" Vlh ich in the op 1ni en of the Governme:1t Represent;;) ti ve has no va lue,< she I be removE 1 fi-om the 585.. The GovernrnerddoE'S not assume respon::; i bi ltv for any ioss or' damage -j-e nlo-rer; u Is or equipment on the site, the salvage value of which the Contractor may hcve reflected in his bid. 2-28. VI i I be perm i -[-ted to use a toi let room on the premises ( : f avei lable) subject to the regulation 3nd control of the Buiiding Custodian. If -roilet l-tJom is not aVClilabie" the C-:mtractor shall provide accol :lmodations with and watel-connec'; "ions, keep them in a sanitary condi-rion, and on completion the contract, :-emo'v'e same and IE-ave the prei-;J; clean. 2-29. \r,JATER, EX.Q; The premises are nO'N with "late r and eiectric services which may be used in this work, subject to the regula-," ions of the Governm Gnt Agency in cont;-o I. The contractor sha II make h j 5 own dr'rangemen-i-s -for services. 2-30. Fl;QERAL AND2J"ANJ).8RD_SPEQJ.f.:.!CA11

u. S. POST OfFICE AND CUSTOr'4 HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA P8-REG-4 2-31. Standard Oetai Is listed and r.oted on the draw i ngs. Tl:ey are i dentifi ed by ba3 i c f'llilnera: s and kept current by the addition of suffix 13tters TO the basic Standard Oatai Is are in the specifications shal I be condlered as the current iSSU9 cf the Standard Datsl 1 so listed or noted. Standard datai Is refersoced on the draw i ngs or withIn the Specifications Sh31 I be ful l y and strictly edhered to, inc!uding materials and fabrication, but modified OGly as necessary to confcrm with the sensra! drawings and fications.. !Jo 0-;: the \'Iork e3 shown or menticr,ed on the Standard Detai!z shall be omitted excop-l" as especially shOl!Jn or specified. iais and items indic6tod on Standard Oc-rai 15 as being furnished by the GO'lE:rnmen-r wi 1 : .DQ:t be lied by the GOV9t'nment but sha III be furn i shod by the Contractor, except such rna-iocr i at sand i -i-ems espec i ally schedu led to be by the Governffient 2. v-Jhere the specificatlons or drawings permit t he 1J:'Je of bitornt.te maTer!a!3 01-COllstTu.::tion at i-he option of the the requirements for workr::anshipl fabrication and ins-tal la-I-ion as specif j ad or fo:-' the pi ime ma-j-er i C:i I or construction sha II app l y; so far es pr3cticable to the optional matel-ial or construction, except as o+her\'.' i;;e pro\!1ded in the sper:: rn cat i 0;'15. The sha II be respons j b ie for one make at his change or adju!:-;tmeni" in connec"/,j ng -i'l1cri-mc, y resul-i-from Gis ch 'Jice and use of such ortiona! mate;-ial or construction, in conformity with the contract requirements. 2-33.. _VfS'F iCATION OF 1m.: The grades and mem":'Jremeni"s shov," en the draw i ngs are td,e;l from the 0:--i 9 1 na I p lans Iyin pal7 c.'Ind sha: I be checked and vet i f i ed by the cor,tractor before the con-j 'ract v!ork is started. Contractor is request ed to visi t bui !d:;-,g and make such inspections necessa:--y to pl-operly insur e :1imself of the cor'rectness of the site dimensions indicated, and to tami himself with the actual and Gxisting and to acquaint himself with rbquirements of the work, al I as necessary to and provide the full and ccmple-t-e vlOrk as shown and 2-34. ADJUSTMENT Of MEASUREMENTS: Contractor will be Derm i tted TO--"-------_ ._---------. mcke minor adj;Jstments in the shown on the drawings that cover present and existing work, so all revised and new work wi II proper! y fit, join 1 un i te, and COiwect ord-o i-he preser.t work, a I lin an accept

G. S POST OFFICE f;ND HOi..lSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLCRiDA pa-RC:G-4 Governm9nt. All cut'ring of work in place whej-e neC0Ssar\l -ro pr-[cnn I'lla contract \'!ork sha I I be performed ina -j-hornugh and workman 1ike manner. AI I damage to work in place caused by the shal! be repaired and restor '9d to original good and accep;-abie condition, using same quality and kinds cf materials as required to match and finish with adjacent work. Structural members of present work shall not be cut under eny clrcumDtances where and called for or; -I-he drawing anei within the 2-36. SHQLDRN'UHGS: Shop dra\J i ngs, descr; p-r i ve mater id I, etc shall be rer1uired as specified in Paragt'aph No. 1-22 of the GI:meral Conditions. Shop Drawings, etc.,in eight (3) copies shai 1 be submitted to the Chief, Design and Construction Division and I cover the materials, c1imens l o ils, faoricc;:-l-ion and ot:,er per"i"inent da-I" a and inforrr.a+ion neces.:;ary to fully identify and explain prcposea by the Contractor for use under" the ccntract. rV;:lter i a is and iterns shi31 i not be incorporated i n1"o -i-he wOr"k pr i Oi" TO recs! pt of Ylr i tten approv3!. Shop draw i ngs w 1: I be requir&d on matorials and items where cal led for under the res?ectlv9 i OriS of the spec i f i cat i ons. 1\ iiiter,.s are to be listed by ne'11e} model number and manufacturer. 2-37. IBY L! Mater i a! sand items listed hereunder wi: I be lJy cuts, pic-j-ures, catai08 iist:ngs, etc., along with descriptive literature to fully explain and identify the material and equipment proposed for Lse under this cQntract. Cuts, lii"eratUl'ej etr:'1 shall be submitted in e,ish+ (5) copies to the Chi6'(; Design end Cor.str"uc-rion Divisic:; for review and 8;)prova!. nwo (2) copies 0';-the submittal \'Jill be returll(;;cJ -i-o ContractorL (a) See mechanical sections for fixtures, equipment, fittings. ac'..:essor i es I etc" rcqu i red to be r 'ev i awed and approved by Ii-; erai'w-e. (b) Trim and finish hardware wi I I be approved by brochure identify!ng catalog listings, numbers, etr:., and brand name manufacturer. Hardw [ ll"e shall be schE

u. S. POST O:-F!CE AND CUSTOiVl H:)l.:SE ST. AUGlJST! NE 1 FLOR IDA P8-REG-4 Materia:s and items aubject to approval under L i terature shal I be delivered to the s i 're inc lean or i gina I conta i ners or wrappers bear i n9 the br'and nama and manufaci'uter-or ot()er' ider."I"ifying labels. Mater'ia!s a!1d items subject to approval Literature or Samples, shei I not be in-in the Vlork prior receipt of written approval. Samples and literature cover i ng mater i a: s und items no'l" herein : i s-h"Jd sha I I be submii-ted for review and ClPpi'o'/al upon request by -rhe Govel-nment. 2-38. of cedain materic:.Is shall be submit-ted to -ihe Chief, Design end Construc:-icn Di'li3:on 1-01-review ar:d upproval. Samples shall be or have labe!s Identifying the ma-rerials or items, brand name and Samples wi I I be required for materials and Items as fellows: (Fo:-,rojects over $10,000 I-efer to poragl-aph Conditions). a. Roofing ti Ie and felt. b. Cau i king ccmpound. 2,-39. Ccn'h-actor sholl cer-j'ifica-j-e in -rripficaie from the manufacturs r ai'tes'l"ing i-hai-folloVlir,g materials subjec-r to approval Sample 3 alld Litorerh.rre do comply wi1-h the applicable Federal Specifications. The ce:-tlficattls shal l accor,pany +r.e a. Ccmpos i t i on roof i ng i a is" b, and materials. Sae mechanical sectiens fe: fb:tw-es, equipme!lt, accessories, etc., required to be aoprove d by literature. 2-L:. )1I8l'lLLTALS: al1d items subject to shop arav/ings; scmplcs or litera-rura, shal be submit-reo for reviev! and appr()va! ':Iithin i"hir--i'Y (30) calena2r day!: -crom the da-re of pl-oceed notice. Transml'rtal tetter in triplica-re shal! the submittais. 2-4!. .PJANS -2?EGJ.r !GllTlONS-=....'\F:FBQ.VE2_Sl.lfJMllT:\i.:..,lJ_AT8: Con-rractor shai I keep a complete set of drawings, specific;ations and copies cf all app r oved submittal data, on i'he job at all times for re'fer8nce and inspection. 2-42. .<\NO (lLlAL!TY P',ppl iai'lces, furnished must be i n w i th the Specification reqwiremants in each case and of the best quality and grade. Equipment shal I have bean manufactur-ed not more than i2 prior -/'0 date of bid invitation. 2,-43. GUAG."Ii\ffls?: AI j work L:nJer th 1s sha I I be guaranteed for one year the date of final se-r-rlement 0f the contract as roquired b'/ -I"he /\rticI8 Er.-ritled "Guflrant,es" in the, GE)!1c:al Condi;-ions. gm 2.. 14


U. S. POST OfFiCE r".ND CUSTOM HOUS E ST. AUGUSTiNE, FLORiDA PB-REG-4 CertificBtes of guarantee and registretion shai I be sent to t h e C h laf Design and Construction Division, Public Sui Iding s Service, before final sed-Iement 0-1' the con-i-ract, Guarantee sha II inc jude 0 II labor and materials for first year and al I materials for succeeding year. 2-44. .killUNG D After the schedlJ Ie of ca I and r-: ,ct,-lea! E q u i p:nEmt has be s n 0etr:::rlill tied and app : "c.ved the Contn.c-ror sha i prepare and furl) j sh four (4) cop i G S of t:1e I'll ring d i aglQm for -ihe cooplete airconciit;oni ng installa-j-lon. The wiring diagrams sha: f S:10W al! control wiring and Wiring shel I be approved by the Chief, Design and Construction Division, Public Sui !dings Service: pr i or to i nsta II i 11 9 the Cju i prnent and mal< i ng the c;onr,ections" One of the Bppruved VI j r i ilg di a91-arn sha Ii. b,,3 framed u n d e r g l oSS and muunted on the wa: lin the Equ i prr,Gn-t-Room in Iocat: on to be c.ieterro i nGd by the Gov6 i -nrnGnt Ropr6sentat i vee One copy of The wi r irig di agra,ns sha I I be delivered to the Sui fding Custodlc.n, The remaining two copias of the \'Iil-in9 diag ram wi I I be re-l":::Jined by the Governm ent 'for record. The wiring d i agrams shall indicate step :>y step star'ring and shut down procedure 2 4 : ) .c' f 1;R,\T Jl\G J.dS JB',ICTI C)I'l2 .b;y_ Q_EN meGt the fa 110\"1 i ng r-E: 'qu i rements: ( a ) The bidder flith his own orsanization, or the subconsti'ac-:-orCs) he use on the project, must have had approximately three years' experience in tho instai ling and servicing of airconditloning system s simi Jar in type t o t ha t d escribed in the specifications. (b) The bidder i'lith his own orsanization, or the subcontractor-(s) he wi I I use on the project, shal I have had successful experience in instal ling al I princ!pa: portions, including refriger ation and ajr handling equipmen t on one or more lations of not less than 25 t o ns capacity each one or more i nsta I !F.J-;-ions (\'Ih i ch may Oi may ilot be one of -rhe above) having at least one refrigerating m achine of not less than 7-1/2 tor: s capac i t y a II of wh ic h have be8n opera'i ed successfu 11'/ for appl-ox imately 16CO hours actual operat ing time prior to the date on which bids a("e o p en ed. gin 2-1 5


U. S. POST OFFlCE AND CUSTON HOIJSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 A list of installations as required shal' be submitted within five days after bids are opened. Bidder shall also submit, upon request, a statemont of his experience and the names and addresses of proposed subcontractors, if any, and the work to be performed by of each. Ability to mgot the foregoing requirements and adequacy of the infomation submi1-';-ed wi II be considered by the Contracting OHiccr in determ in i ng the respons i biii-loy of the bidder. 2-47. The following sa';eguards shai t be observed invol\/ing hot \'Jor"k, i.e. welding, cutting, -;"ar r:o-rs, brazlng and other opera-j-ions ',vhe,'-e op,en f lames or implements uti: izing heat are l,;sed. {B) Pr i or to cornmenc I ng operot ions, a pas it:va deterTIInat i on shall be made that it is to conduct the hot work in a shop 9re3 or outs 1cie o'f i-he bu i Ij i n9. Th i s detecm i net ion sha II b9 r.1ade by the Government at the job site. (b) Prior to operaTions, the site shall be visited and suitable locations established for the portable equipment during actual oparations and S'rorage during non-working hours. The l-esp0nslble supervisor for the CO;yiT<3C"ior a;}Ci the Governnlen-t-l-epresentati ve s ha I i con fer and dec i de such with tho Government representative's decision being t inal in of disagreemsnt. {c) The contraCTors sUj)el-visor sha! I inspec-r a: I locations where hot wo"'k hEls been plOw70rmed Lo' r less than 30 nor more than 90 mi nlltes c'rter Ilork is ccmpletcci or stopped fOi-the day. Cd) Before operaTions commence; the contractor 511all furnish to serve as a fire watch (or watches) for locations where hot work is to be dons. (Ona fire watcher may observe several locaticns ina re Iat i ve l y sma I I cOI.-i-i J"OUS a.ea if epproved by i-he Gove:-nment representative.) Each fire watch shal I have a contrac'ror furnished, suii"able i"yps, fully charged, operable fii-e xtinguisr,er', The contractor is respons I b Is "j"hat the .:,-i'8 w:'tch knows ho\'! to operate the f i l'e ext i ngu i sher and how to turon ina fire a la;-m and/or sun'mon fi re department assistance. (0) Hot wod<. sha i I no-!-be done in or near rooms or areas where fiammable liquids or explosive vapors present or thought to be present. in the l a fter cases, a comb...!!3tible gas indicai-or (expiosimeter) test shall bo made to assure -;ha-r the c::rea is safe. The cont:-acto:-is respons i b : e arranging for such and he she! I bear such charges as may be 9111 2-16


u. S. POST OFFICE P.ND H O U S E ST. AUGUST! NE, FLOR IDA +PR-REG-4 (0 Inso-:-ar as possible, the contractor shall l-emOVG an d keep tho area free from all ccmblls-j-ibles, i.f!. rubbish, pGper, waste, etcq \'I: -.h ina rad i us of 25 feet fro m oper-at ions. ( 9 ) :f combllstibl8 malerial cannot be removed, the contractol-shall furnish blallkets cover such material with them, insuring that no op e n i ng s ex i st ini -o \-1 hi ch s pa'-ks can (/\sbes1'os b' c:n ket s usua! Iy have a course W8?Va; therefore, it is g ood to use them doubled. ) At the of the 30varnmsnt representative, w o od floors, wal is, and cei li:1gs shall be vJet d o wl) thoroughly with v/ate, -Jj.gfore, during and afta r operations to afford adequate protectiun. (11) \to!here possible, -'rhe C(;-'ltractor sha. I furnish and use baffies of met a! or asbestos to prevellt th' 9 spraying of spurks_ hot sla9, etc., surrou nd i ng combus-;-i b !e mater i a!. (I) 7he contr3ctor shal i prevent the extension of sparks and p ar-l"-icles of ho-I-me-ral open windows, doors, holes and cracks in fic'Jrs l wal is, cei lings, roofs, and i-he (J) cylinders of 9 a3 are usod in hot work, they shall be p : acad a safe distance from work The contractor shall check hose and equipment f or deterioration, maffu:1ction and leaks pr i or starting o ::;er;,;,tioi's. He shai I prov:de suitable to acc i del1ial overturning of cy!inders. Ail cylinder conti-ol valve s shall b e shut-off VJh i Ie the equ i pmeqt is unat tended. Acety IF.:ne cy Iinds!-s ',ha I ( be in an upright whl I e in use with t he pressure set at 15 psi or l ess. (kl If hot worl< are to be dono Oil a Viall, -;-Ioor, ce: ling, or roof, the opposite side shall be checked before operations and suii-able prec:::H.it i or.s to minimize the huzard of a fire starting or commun i c at; n9 to the oppos i t a de i operat ion s {I : 1 v,'hen h o-t-\'ior: : o i ) erations are r.:ompieted or ended for the day, each location o f tne ciay l s WOi-K sh o i be inspected b y the sup3rviso;-y tive of the contracTor -not sooner than 30 minu'tes cornp!e-rion of operations to hidden or smolder ing fires and to insure ihat prope r housekeeping is maintained. (m) Where sprinkler prot ection it shQ!1 be ma i ntainad with out interruption w hi Ie op,':'!ratlons are being performed, 1f oper-ations are dOlle quite close -fO autOl'7latic sprinkler h sads, sheet asbsstos or damp c loth : 1Ual-ds may be used to sh ie I d indi v i dua! heads temporar i I y, ( 1"1 ) If any of the cre not emplo,!ed, or are viclated, -:-he r -esponsible Gov ernmont i\8pr-eseni"ative may, by v Jritten notice, stop unti! r:omp I i ance is obtai n0c. Suc h stoppage sha I I not re i i eve or-he ;:;onrrF.Jctor from performing hi s vlcrk within t h e con-i-ract ;:;'9riud for the contract price. gm 2-17


U. S. I:JOST OFFiCE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 REGUlATIONS: 2-48, N:ITI-IER city, county nor state regulations apply to thi work. All work in this contract shall comply w i th all requirements of the latest edition of the National Electrical Code and the regulc:tions of the local company supplying power to the Government. In the evenj: this Specification'. is at v.n-iance 'ilith the reg1d,atio:1s and/ot' recom:nendations of the PO'le::.-Company, such variations shall be referred to the Chief, Design and Construction Division, P'.lhlic Service, for decision before any thereby is started. 2--49. IIA complete, satisfactory operating air cor.ditioning system is the o f the COi.ltract even though each piece of equlpment or ite m of Hark may not be or indicated 'cll work and equiprJent specified, shm m on the drawings or required for coreplet8 installation shali be in accordance with the applicable pa::agraphs of the follovlir:g Standard Specifications published by General Services Administration, and the Standard Details included herein: 1. Standard specification for Air Conditioning, elated 15, 1956. 2. Standard specification for Electrical Work, Part I, da':-ed ,Iu Iy i, i946. 5. Standard Specification for Electrical Work, Part II. ciai'ed Ju 1,/ I, 1946. 4. Specification for Non-Conducting Covering, date d Au gust 9 57. 5. Standard Specification for Heating, do'red June I, 1952. 2 .! D


U. S. pOST OFFICE" AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORiD/\ PB-REG-4 .r G@IfME1'IT.!.. 2-50.All items must be installed and connected in accordance vlith the best engineering practice. Unless othen1ise specified or shown on the ma;mfactlJrer I S instructions and rer.ornmendations are to be folloHed. All items of equipment shall have been manufactured not more than one year prior to date of bid opening. SIN,9ULAR 2-5 I Jlhere any device or part of equipment is referred to in singular number, such devices shall be deemed to apply to as many such devlces as are required to complete the installation. OBS' i'RUCTIONS: 2-52. Any obstructions to the installations of ne".!l 'Hork as specified shall be overcoce by this contractor by removal or alteration of \ 'lOr1<: in place or adjustments in the ne'vl work, ,vithout further cost to the Government, FOR HORI-;';" 2-53. If the Post Office vlOrk areas cannot be complete by December 15, of any year, the Contractor shall schedule other areas between December 15 and January 1 ",hich are not subjected to seasonable demands. lvI..APUFACTURER; S 2-54. All air conditioning equipment installed including cooling tower shall be the product of nationally recognized manufacturers who have been manufacturing similar equipment for a period of not less than two (2) years and have adequate facilities in the vicinity of the installation for servicing their products. IJARTS LISTS, ETC: 2-55:'The contracto= shall furnish in triplicate to the Custodian of the building complete lilanufacturer I s parts lists for all machines installed. 1I 2-19


SECTION 3 APPLICABLE MINIMUM HOURLY RATES OF WAGES 3-1. The attached wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor specifies the minimum hourly rates of wages which shall be paid to laborers and mechanics employed or working directly upon the site of the work embraced by this specification; the rates having been determined by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Law, as amended, to be the prevailing rates for the corresponding classes of laborers and mechanics employed on contracts of a similar character in the local i ty where thi s work is to be performed. THESE f..ITNIMUM HOURLY RATES OF WAGES SHALL APPLY ONLY IF TIlE CONTRACT IS IN EXCESS OF $2,000 IN AMOUNT. 3-2. the wage rates given in the attached decision are the minimum rates required to be paid during the life of the contract, it is the responsibility a f bidders to inform themselves as to local 1 abor conditions such .:1'3 the prevailing wage rates, the length of the work day and work week, overtime compensation, health and welfare contributions, available l abor supply, and prospective changes or adjustments of wage rates. The Contractor shall abide by and conform to all applicable laws, Executive Orders, and rules, regulations and orders of Federal Agencies authori zed to pass upon and determine wage rates. No increase in the contrrict price shall be allowed or authorized on account of the payment of wage rates in excess of those listed in the attached decision. 3-3. The wage determinatl'Jn deci sion of the Secretary 0 f Labor is attached SOlely for the purpose of setting forth the minimum hourly w age rates required to be paid during the life of the contract and is not to be accepted as a guarantee, warranty or representation as to the wage rates indi cated. Under no ci rcumstances shall any mi stake in attaching the appropri ate wage determination deci sion of the Secretary of Labor and in the wage rates set forth entitle the successful bidder to cancellation of his bid or contract or to an increase in the contract price or other additional payment or recovery. G SA_WA S H DC 5 4-4 955 GSA FO RM 108;"0 v em be r 195:


Form l OtJ 4 r ;Jr.:h 1 ) 6 0 U.S DEPARTMENT or:" LABOR OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY WAS1-1 INGTO:\I DECISION OF THE SECRETARY This ciI'e hefore the Oeparlmcn! of lab"r pursuant t o a request for a wage a! c'luircd by !.iW applicable.. 10 the work des..:ribed A study has Dlade of w8 e cOllry of Labor. Part 5. TiJe 29, Subtitl e A. Cod e or fcdera: This wage determination lind any modificatiolL8 thereof duri ng Ihe period prior to the [ .lted ,hte shell b e U3' ell during such p<'rtod and m ade a part o f every rOlhr3CI for perfOnTldn e C of I he ..-o,k provided by Ilpp!iclible \"w and re,;ulati oLl8 of t he S/; cre u ry uf !..sOOr, and ",sE c ralc C(;nlain c d i:1 !hi. c!ec.sioll. unless modifi ed. sill,!] be the miuimum wage rates LO be paid ullder any f:OOlnlet b y contra'tl)IS and SUb<:OlllrnctOrs Oil the work U"der the Dov is BIl' ;{JO Act (law code 03) th.. contr acting offi cer shall r equire that a ny o f laborers and m echanics nol listed in the which will be ern; I"yetl on the contract. shall be cl assified o r rechssified !Iv the conl.Dclor ('or B ubc G !.tract o r ronfo r n u Lly [0 th e aeci. :on ar.tl pnrt of th" adnunis(, dtivte take n in -'lIc h ca"'" shall be miued by the h, the Sc:.:n ta:-y o!" !!i t he ev e nt the canno t a g r e e on th e p roper -das:..ificafion or re cba sifi c3tiu" ot a par-lieula. class o i la !.oor e r : d nri ((."",h anies 10 be u sed. ;h, qtle.:>ti oD. accompan ictl by 'be ..of the cOlltrac l inf!, o fficer. be ..dNrid II) the "f L a b o r for f in a l tie lt;r1l,inati u n W h ere dassificalioa s of iaborers and m ec hanics .. hit:h were n o t incl uded in Ihe original d : ,ci io n 6 r-, t k_'1ired I lIld e r any s t tll ul n s olil e r than the D a v is Bacoll Act (law code DB), 11 supplementary wagt delerminutio n s!",11 Le rNlUe:;:ed by the At;ency Hesrl Th(' wage rat e$ iD th, s J 'Cieion a rt: w83 e raIl'S In sump. r e a m a !lag e ment eDd labor organizations In the c(.ns!ru c l;on indu&lry nave co llectivel y for h ea lth nd welfar e fund Such contribution. a r e (lot includ ed In wage rales delermin.. d by the Seaet.uy of I..ab c .r (or CO!lstnlClion p rujects B y tli n!Ct ioll of the Secretary of l.a b or. l s i CH ARLES DONAHUE SOLICITOR OF LABOR


: 1 1 H' ""'" tl' I If'" t l ...t,., 1a l l I ,', H"U'h.. :1t"U'.fI.'....'...n ..u ...1I1lttln...h ..t ..U ...Utu.....U .. ...,Uu a ....u H 1I.."nu ...... un"." .......'HII'.U......., ..tI H .. I 0 h .... ,.. Gen e ral Administration-Public BuIldinCJs Y-20, ; 3f8 .......... 4._. ..._ .........................._ ..... __ ............_._........_ ......___ __..............._ ................ ......................d u .......................................... OESCRII>TlC'N OF WORK !L.AW CODE I 0-8 .I .... .. ......... ...........-......._............................................... P/II NT i NG, ROOF r-\[PA ;R S II=<:CCND IT IING, ETC. :OATE OF DECISION : /\ p r i I 4, f ? 6 I ........................... ...................._ ....._ ...u ............u ......... :exPIRES PP,GE I :Jul.4 1 % 1 '" ................... u ..................... n_.............................:.......... u .................................. .......................u ................. ............................_ ....................................... .......... L.OCATIOh {Cit, or ( ),her 4ecc,ip:ion) : StiPEP.SEOES OSCISION NO. ST. / \UGUS TINE U. S. POST OFF ICE & COmT ...............-....._ ....__... ...__......_ ......._ ........__...__........................................_ ....._ ........................._ __................_ ........_ ................................u ............__....... ..._. STATIl ,COUNTY: FLORIDA S T. JOHN S : "ntnlln......1iI.... ..III'I..tI.nlnnC'RAF;.....lIu"a...lllfttll.....,u..tU..........."H."'.IU'l lh'U..ltUI"I.1 r......lnunl'"II" ..U".,..........." ................._.'....... ......_......._............__..u_._... ...................................... ........-........ ..:o.. ........ ........._ .... .................. ._ .. .. ...... ................... .. ......of...... ... ilsbes;os \lo r kel-s : $3.02 Gro u ndmen Is ;" c lass :$2 .1 6 II n I : '/. h I j Inprovers: : TrUCK opera10r 3 .3 2 Ii s (3'::;-50% I Elevator constructors 3.665 rj G O :; I \I helpers 2.565Ii I I I3 rd 70% I Glaziers (outside) 3.00I II ILi i h D O;; I I Ironworkers: Go i Bla cksrni ihs : 3 3 j Structural 3.575 I I I I : ( 0 ,.-Ine, pers _. Orna mental 3.575 Bri ck la yers : Roinforcing 3.425 IB r ickl a ers 3. 0(: Laborers: I Sjoll e t;lasons 3. 60 Air teol operators : $1.60 -7, '? ,Til e se ; i-8:S Laborers : 1.3 5. 3 ): ... _Jjlarb Ie maso ns Mason tenders 1.45 Terrazzo \lorkers 3.2 : ; 1V1ortar mi xsrs 1.45 Plasterers tenders .45 3 I.! Pipelayers (conc. & clay) .45 Cari J en;-eiS on c ,eOSOl""'"! ma i"e i--Lathers 3.50 j a I. 3 ,Ll-O Pai nters: 111 i I I\'I!' j : r i s 3 0 Painters, brush 2.90 [ J i ledri vGI-s 3. I j :; : Spray or roller 3.31 Cel1l8ni f\1asorls 2 Swing stage 3.175 EIe e i T i c i iln s : I Structural steel erected 3.175 Wiremen 3 .GO i Smoke stacks, steeples, flag Cable I: 0. poles, tanks on legs above Cable s p l ieers ("iSS i s i an; -,:30 15 ft., radio towers and 3 C O lighthouses 4.275 11 '" i I Cable splicers .u-' :; Plasterers 3.5 0 Cabl e spl icers 2. 70 i Plumbers: -iGro unJmen 2nd Cl ass I (J :I P lumbers 3.80 f :: ...n."....I.U'"................. ..'lInn ..nu...n .........n u ."..tlu.." u..ull}fn'''!'''n''..'III.II''.....II..' ..'.n......lnu ......U............U.n""'I......U..''''..UI..II I.P?RENTiCE SCHEDULE ..M ................. ..... ; I 1st : 2nd I )rd 1 1th : I !ith 17th : 8th"'............. ._ ...... ...................... _.___.... .. ............... t ..... .. ...... .. ...... ...... ....................._ ....... \ ....... ..._._.u.......................-"'....... .............,,,.._...._....................... ........ Carpenters 3 mos. 50% 60 II 6 mos. 65 70 75 80 85 87-1/2 90 Linemen Year $1.81 2.21 2.50 2.90 Ironworkers 6 mos. 50.;& 60% Ironworkers Year 66-2/3 P lumbers 6 mos. 38% 45 50 53 56 59 6 2 65 9th---70%; IOth---75% Sheet metal workers 6 mos. 45 50 55 60 65 70 8 0 Steam fitt ers 6 mos. 38;% 45 50 53 56 59 62 6 5 9th---70%; IOth---75% ; Glaziers 6 mos. 50 % 55 65 70 80 90 .._............_..... ._...._.............__....._......_.__....._-_..........__._-_..._................_. .....__.......--.............._........__....__......_.........._...__._........._..._-_. Tlais ,;;;pprentic

',I' "1'0<1 :, ",1 .' ',I l>!: 11, 'HU,: .,....t IIlIlIUt' .n......" ...rtU'' ...UUUII....1U.n....'rll:II..:..t.........",.IHU..n.U'nu.u.'n'...:t.....,un.u........,U..1 o. i ..c, tlu;:, e:.I


. t HU" .,t",, ,.';' 1."ltu........ ...aU/ ...' 'IU(.n......." n ......' ...U"..4n"UI, tH"U;UUhIUU1ttlUU'1!I:''''''IU'' "UUUU'H..." ....d"l.a ... 1 :'.,1 .. t ._ 't Llh ..; U NO ......... ................................................ :..... .................................................._ DESCR1PTI '')N OF WORK :l.AW CODE O-B..._.........................................._.............. ..... ..............-. : IJA Te: OF DECiSIONF'A INT rNG, HOOF F;[PA iF { S, 1\1 RCONDI TIOt4 lNG, ETC. :....ilp.r..1.1....4 ..,.._J.9.6.I..........................._.... ..... : EXPIRtzS .............................................._.................................................................................E:l.G...l.l.1........_........... ..:............!........................................... I.OC,.TION (Cif'Y 0' other d.cactiplionJ : SUPERSEDES DECISION NO. ST. AUGUSTINE U. S. POST OFFICE &COURT HOUSE : ........t ......._ ......_._...__............... ____......___ ..............u ..............u __. .....__..................................................._ ....._ .........................._ ..... ___. ...n ...... 8T ATE "COUNTY: FLORI Dt. : ST. JOHNS : at ...............nut!'I"n"I"lUI, ....,.........II' untl...uu............................1' III It"IIUIUI" 1 1\111'" "linu,,;ItU'I,ll141 ,.II.I.It"lIll ....I.."...... ,I.u.n,,,,,IIIn,l u un".......U tiliIIUIiU'U" .. : FER HOUR? CRAFT PER UOUfl ................._ ___-_ .........._.__ ........................, ....... u ;; .... nu :O-........... u .............._ ..._ ....._ ...u ............ .........._ ........ 1.,... ....... ':i tires) self-powered : $2. 10 : IBackhoe operator : 3.30 : Eari'h hauling scraper (reaard Iass: : ..., = how 2.65 : :: ., Tractor, heavy (50HP or larger) 2.65 : : ., Motor boats 2.20 Lubricating engineer 2.75 Conveyors 2.10 Fulver mixer 2.10 Fork liH 2.95 Il'Ie Idin g mach I ne 2.10 Locomotive engineer 3.05 Trench ing mach i ne 2.65 Mixers -concrete under 15 cu.ft. 2.10 Mixers 15 cu. H.and over 2,75 i ..IJUtl..I ..U ..IUIt...UI.....,IIfUIl: U ..!I..I".IIU".,IIII.....flull..u ....,Ut".."u ........ ..n ..un..a'i.............ull..I1t,tI....UUH.UUI..".....ItH.U..UUU........ull.n.'..' .............""n.IIU'tI"UIlI.." .... APPRE tHJCE SCHEDULE ..._ .............................................__......".".........._ .....__............................_ ...........................u u........ ...._ ............. ........._ ........... ___................._ r : PEfHOC AND CRAF T INT EP.V AL .._ ..........._.__ ..-_..._._............._........-_.._ .._...._...............,...__..._ .....\ ... -...................._ ........ ...... : 1st : 2;'ld )rd I : tot.. 7th : ........_ ...._ ...................................__.....___...............1.........................................1...................1...................._.................................................................................... Acoustical workers 6 mos. 70% 75 80 85 87-1/2 90 fvli llwrights 3 mos. 50% 60 Mi Ilwrights Lathers 6 6 mos. mos. 45;; 65 50 70 55 75 60 80 65 8 5 75 87 90 Terrazzo grinders 6 mas. $1 .10 : .30 1.50 .65 -Tf.is 6P P7

u. S. POST OFFICE CUSTOM r:Ot;SE ST. AUGUSTINE, FlOFdDA 2ECTl.Qll....1 l:'i! seE LLANEOUS I 4 1. OF Existing fl<.J9;)olcs shall bl3 removed f.-om the i r bass. Bottom ends of po Ies she. i I be thorough Iy cleaned of all rust, pitted surfaces, or other lmperfcctions. New s8cticn:o of tubing, of simi lar shape, Ifleight, size, etc., as existing tubing7 shall be welded to existing flagr.;oie in lengths as required tc ffiClke a finished pole 13 fast. 6 inches long. The joint the n0W and ex i sti n9 sect ions Sh3!! be made w1th an ins i de s1-ee! 5 Ieeve of seam Iess drawn bi r ,g;, roo';' less i"h:m 3 feet, 0 i i'i" ches long. S!eeve shall be plug welded to nt1W section with not less than four (4) 3/4 inch diameter welds. The abutting ends 0f new existing poles shal I have a continuous weld, ground smooth en exposed 4-2. If job conditions are such that the existing poles cannot rerl10ved from ti,cir bases, th8 complete ass'3mbly, base and pole, shal I be removed, the existing poie at a length that wi I! permit not less than I "fooi-of the ins i d8 s! eevero axi' end i Iri-o the e x isting portion, and the above described work perform3d. gm 4-1


U.S. PCBT OF7ICE AND CVSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, PB-REG-4 4-3. Existing halyard cleats, if in good cOLlo:L t Jon, OC removed, cleaned and l"ep:::"acc::d in posi tion relative to orj.ginal ina. stallation. Furnish and reeve on the poles) two (2) 5/16 diameter nylon halyards of sufficient length. 1,.-1,. ?::ior to work req:tlired in extension of poles) the ,)rna:rr;en"..; on top of the po;.es shaJ.l be x emoved, stored and. protected until pole is :C'eplaced in oriGinal position. For finishing of o1'na llient and :painting of poles, see uncleI' "Exterior Painting". 4-. RENOVATION OF HINDOt{ SASH.-Each e::isting wood windO';-1 sash shall be caref1.l11y and reset, re-aligned, adjusted, repair'ed as necessary to leave each 1mi t in a first c1ass condition. L:-6. Each sash shall checked for alignment and anchorage. Each unit that is loose) out of plumb, out of alignment or other\-lise not properly positioned or anchOl'ed shall be removed, be repaired and. be properly re-set and re-:.nchored. Replace all bucks that are rotted with pressure treated material of same cross sectional area. Pl'ovide new galvanized buck anchors if existing anchors are not in coocl condition. Adjus t all vents so that '''hen closed they ,rill pro'lide a ,,,atertj.gh-t:. closure against the frames. Replace all rotted sect.ions of ven-t:.s and frames Ylith wood of similar species and profile. Resecure all loose jOints. 1;-8. Replace all broken 1vindow glass and all defective putty as called for in the section EXTERIOR PAINTING. 11.-9. Repair and adjust all windry,r operating hal'd1vare. Replace all missing and defective parts wit.h new parts similar to the existing. ,1--10. Strip all varnish from sash, trim and steals and p:tepare for painting as specified in the sections "IETERIOR PAIN' rING" and "EX'l'ERIOR PAINTING". I. THRESHOLDS. Ali. thresholds shall be :-e-anchored so that each one is tight ane:. Each be removed and the anchoring devices replaced if necessarJ. Ne,-r expansion dev:l.ces shall be of steel; lead. and fiber pJ..ugs are not acceptable. Each threshold shall be reset in a bed of mastic) gray color, and all excess Inastic cleaned from the exposed surfaces. The mastic shall effectively seal the thresho:'.d to the floor and prevent the passage of vater under the threshold.


u.s. POST OFFICE A N D CUSTON HOUSE S'1'. AUGUSTINEJ FLORIDA PB-REG-4 4-12. CLEANING SPACE. -T h e cravl spacE: 1mder the building s:l8,ll beclean-ecf to remOVe an tr'ash and debris. All t rash and debds shall become the propert.y of the Contractor and shall be disposed of by hilll off' the site. h-3


5-1 5-2 5 -3 5-4 5-6 5-7 5-8 2. DE}:10LITION & CUTTING GENERAL:. Furnish all labor and equipment necessary to complete all demolition aad cutting as indicated on the dl'at-l::'ngs and required Em' the installation of all neH \'lork of Hhatevei.' nature and for the installation of all mechanical equipment, ducts, drains, pipes, etc. FURNITURE, The Contractor vlill remove \ ,here n ecess<'.ry all furniture, supplies, etc. from all areas v7here nev7"1Ork is involved. 'pR,Q.T.,ECTIO'IS..!... Protect all present york and replace present work that becomes damaged. Protect all ,-Jorking and public areas from dust as directed by the Construction Engineer. Protect and maintain all condui.ts, pipes, drains, sewers, and ",ir.es until new work is ip.stalled. EQVIP!'1ENT: All mechanical and electrical equipment will be removed as specified in their respective sections of the speCification and/or as shown on the drawings. Dm'!OLITION AND GL!T;:'INC: Execute all demolition and cutting in an orderly and careful manner, wlth due consideration for all Post Office employees, the public and all tradesmen on the work. Demolish concrete slabs and masonry in small sections, brc:ce and shore where necessary to avoid collapse. Do all cutting through all slabs, partitions, wood floors, suspended ceilings, etc. neatly and large for the p;:lSsage of ducts, pipes conduit, etc. and for ti1C installation of air conditioning, suppl y outlets, etc. Unless shown otben-lise in the drauings, ell cutting shall be Gone between the existing concrete joists o f the floors and attic slab and also shall avoid the remo val or the 2 inch covering or. the steel members. Hhcre the complete, or partial, removal of a jOist, or joists, is necessary, joists to be cut, shall be supported in a mam:er approved by the Governm eni' R epresenta-j'ive. Carefully check all mechanical drawings for the full exte,1t of all cutting. Remove all materials, rubbish and debris promptly from the building. Acculr.ul"ction of rubbish and debris '-1ill not be permHted. Remove, and reinstall doors and frames, glass, etc. necessary for the instaiJ,atlO>-1 of all nC\-1 work and the restoration of all present \.Jork after the installation of all nevI vlO:dc r:


5-9 Contractor to schedule all demo1i_ t ion D d c lj t il: ;:; o f ;:1 ,-lork so as to intel-:fere as l i ttle as P ; )ss.i.bJ..:. : "I. : i.td P v t Office activities and shall illform the Post Office cus::odi211 sufficiently in advance of all areas in \;-lhic h vlOrk is to be don2 so that he may be prepared and take whatever precaution necessary for the owner's operatioc and protection. 5-l0 EHPORARY NG FOR AHU-2 : Provide tem?orary opening in eX1sting wall as required to permit entry into A H unit EqUl.pment Room. See cir:l'. ] i ngs for location. 5-11 OPENU;G FOR PACKAGED LIQUiD CHIJ!LE ,R: as Provide temporary oPe n i ng shm-ln on drmvings. in the boiler room exterior Hall 5-12 :2ATCHING: Fatching of certain items is called for in the several sections of this specification. All other patching necessary to he done in connection ,-lith the insta llation of the equipment shall b e done in a neat and workmanlike manner, -using sam2 materials, finishes, and texture as adjoining surfaces. 5-2


SECTION 6 ..STEEl.... & 6 NJTAL 6-J. This section includes all material, labor, equipment, tools, services, etc. for the completion of all miscellaneous stee l and iron \"ork Clnd all metal items r equtr ed by the d;:-a\-li ngs and these s peclficatior,s. listed belo\-l are ment i on e d solely for guidance to the bidders and do not imply a complete listing of such \-lOrk. 1. Structural steel Wide flange beams, channels, angles, etc. 2. Exterior Louvers. 3. Loose lintels. 4. Metal Door Louvers 6-2 Shall comply Federal Specifications, ",hich are referred to by symbol, and the requirements specified herein: : QQ-S-7Lfl, Type I or Type II as best suited, G:i."ade B, Class 1 Wrought iron shall b e either s t ructura l grade steel ccm mcn iron as def1neJ by A.S.T.H. designation No. A 81-33 or refined wrought iron at the optio n of the Contractor. Thickness speci fied for sheet iron or steel are decimal equlvvalents of manufactures stondar d gages as given in Table XIX of Federal Specificat:i..on GQ-S-636 for low carbon steel sheets. Gages of non-ferrous metals a r e Erow n & Sharpe. Red Lead Paint: TT-P-86a, Type II. Frimer Paint, Synthetic: TT-P 636 6-3 S HOP D aAHINGS: Shop c1ra\vtngs are required for all miscellaneous steel work and for metal itsms g i ving Sizes, details of conctruction, and methods of assembling. 6-t.f ANCHORS: Anchors, "lhere necessary shall be of adequate size and in sufficient n umbe..-for the p r oper fastening of the vw'd<. Bar anchors shall have turned e nds a nd \ -lhere pr::"cticable, shall extend not les s than 1 2 l nches int o structural block and tile wor k S inche s into \vork and 4 inches into concrete. Anchors ",hal:!. be arranged to lie i n the joints of masonry. 6 -1


6-5 6-6 r 0-1 6-3 6-9 6-10 Expansion belts and scre,,)s shall have metal s l ields, eY that screvlS of the j,nterior I ,]ork may be nsed Ivi_ tr't e j _ti'er J ie,',,__c shields or fiber plngs. Steel drive bolt s of same size as expansion bolts up to, and L1cludi1l8,': :i.nch diamete r and having split shank with closed ends and threaded on one end may be used in lieu of expansion bolts into concrete at the option of the Contracto:c. All steel work shall be thoroughly cleaned and given a shop coat of paint. Painting materials shall cOMply with applicable Federal Specifications. Interior steel Hork that ,'Jil1 be exposed to vie,v shall be painted \-lith iroil exide paL.t priraer. A: 1 other steel sha'_1 be painted w i th red lead paint. Paint on surfaces shall be thoroughly brushed out and not e.llmved to run or sag or fill the COl.ners. Shop coats da n :aGed d'.lring tn.nsit or erection shall be touched cp in the field Hith paint or as herein specified. I S standard shop coat Qay be used instead of the paint specified above on stock items. The steel coo,aug to'l.-Jer supports shall be painte d pith one coat of red lead dnd two coats of aluminum paint. STRUCTURAL For sizes, and relative locations of the various members, see dra\-]ings. All parts ordiaarily necessary to complete each item shall be furnished and installed. Welding shall be continuous along entire area of contact. Where appearence is of importance, exposed Helds shall be ground smooth. Strcctural steel shall conform to A.S.T.M. Specif ication A-7; and the curl.'ent rules and practices set forth in the "Code of Standard for Steel Building and Bridges," and "Specifications for the Design, Fabrication, and of Structm-al Steel for Buildings of the Amcriciln Institute of S t eel Construction shall apply. All welding shall be in accordance \-lith the I1Standard Code for Arc and Gas t'Jelding in Building Construction" of the American Welding Society. All bolts for connections shall be of the exact lengths required, rio threads on the surface, and shall be fitted with self-lacking nuts. Turned bolts and unfinished bolts shall comply "lith Federal Speci.fications FF-B-578u, American National Coarse Thread Series, Class 2 fit, and shall have self-locking nuts. 6-2 6-11


---6-11 6-12 6-13 6-14 6-15 6-16 6 -17 (Cont' d) Open holes shall be provided as nec8ssaLY f o r b o : t e d connections of other work und8r the general contract to structural steel. StructUl:al members shall be accurately set to the required lines and levels and properly secured in place. Anchor bolts and anchors shall be properly located and built into the ccnnect ing work, bein3 preset where practicable. STEEL LINTELS: Steel lintels shall be provided for all square head openings in masonry I 'lhcre other lintels are not indicated on the c1raHings. Built-up lintels shall be bolted or riveted The lengths of the bearing at each end of lintels shall be not less than 1 inch per foot of span, but 1n no case less than inches. Steel in non-loading bearing partitions of structural tile, shall be structural channels of wldtlls equaJ to the thickness of tho mascnry. Lintels of square-head openings in partitions of gypsum tiles or concrete masonry units shall be set with a clearance of inch above the head members of buck or frames. EXTJmIOR \.JEATHER PROO]? I,OUVERS: LlU.vers with insec t 3creens and mesh grille shall be provided for outsi de air intake and relief openings as shmm on draHings. e esign .::nd const ruction shall be in accorClance vrith standard detail 6-9-8Dexcept that all material shall be copper. Roughbucks shall be copper. l'fETAL. DOOR LOUVERS: Metal dour louvers shall be furnished and installed in existing doors \vhere iadicated on the draHings. The door louvers shall be 16 gauge steel with factory applied prime coat. Door louvers shall be in accordance w1th schedules and standard detail 6-15-7 and shall be painted to Qatch the door in which it is located. P';.TCIn r 'Q: The Contractor shall do vlnatever patching necesGary to any present metal "TOrk in a neat and \vo:ckmanli .ke manner, All mz.terial shall be of same quality as present material. All surfaces shall be flush and even with present surfaces. 6-3


SECTION 7 COllCH.ETE Ai'i!D CEYtlT \WRIC ------.._-7-1 SCOPE: This Scct:Lon includes all mC\terial, labor, eqlli?ment, tools, serV1ces, etc. for the completion of all Concrete indicated on the druHings or required by these s pecifications. Items L.su:d below are Dentioned solely for evidonco to the bidders and do not imply .:l complete schedule of com:rete vlOrk reql.lil"ed. (1) Forms. (2) foundations. (3) Concrete curbs for air-conditioning equij)ment. (4) Concrete foundations and pads for air-conditioning equipr,lent. (5) Concrete pedestals for cooling tm<1er suppm."tG. (6) Patching of all present concrete rnade necessCiry by t!,e installation of al! new work. 7 HATERIALS: Materi.al s sha.ll comply "ith appl iceble Federal Specifications, ir,dl.catcd by symbol s, except as othenlise s?ecified. 7 -3 PO!lTLA.NJ CEMENT: SS-C-192a; Types as specified for classes of concrete. The 28-day test may be waived by the Service in its approval of Type I cement All concrete of any class, either Type 1, Type lA, Type III or type lIlA at the option of the Contractor. 7-Lf DELIVEI1-Y. ETC;: Cement shall be delivered in the original bags or sacks bearing the name of the brand and manufacturer and marked with the net of the cemcrrt contai.ned therein. Ninety-four pounds net wei ght shall be considered as one cubic foot and shall be the basic unit of measurement for every kind of cement uGed in concrete and cement work. This basic unit shall apply whether proportions are measured by weight or by volume. All cement shell be kept dry until used. 7-5 Cement may be furnislled in bulk form at the site or at a central mixing plant, provided it is measured by weight and previous arrangements are made with the Service for inspection and testing. 7 G J'INE AGG;mGATE & COARSE A.9GJ:.illGATF.: Grade A, natural sand, stone Bund or slag sand, subject to ASTM, C-40-48, test for organic impurities Coarse aggregate nominal size No. 4 to inch. Sand for applied cement shall pass a No. 4 screon and shall meet the folloHing screen analysis: 7-1


Retained on a No. S screen .............0 to 5 per cent Retained on a No. 16 screen .............5 to 30 PC}: Retained on a No. 30 screen .............30 to 60 per cent Retained on a No. 60 screen ............65 to 85 per cent Retained on a No. 100 screen ...........95 to 99 per cent 7-7 HATER:.. 8:1all be fresh, clean and free'from injurious amount of mineral aLld organic matter. ]-8 1. The proportions of aggregates to cement and water for any concrete shall be such as to produce a mixture which will work readily into the corners and angles of the forms and around reinforcement with the method of placing employed on the work, but without materials to segregate or excess free \']ater to collect on the surface. The cOr.lbJ.ned aggregates shall be of such sizes that when separated on the No. 4 standard sieve, the weight passing the sieve (fine aggregate) shall not be less than 35 per cent nor greater than 50 cent of the total. 2. The methods of measuring concrete materials shall be such that the can be accurately controlled and easily checked at any during the work. 7 -9 illiALITY OF C9NCP.EJE :_ Concrete shall harden into a homogeneous mass having resistance to weathering and compressive strength of (3000) PSI at 29 days. Max. (6.5) gcl. water per sack cement. Min. six (6) sacks (or equivalent weight) of cement for each cubic yard of concrete. 1. Aggregates shall be separately stored and separately measured by weight (or equivalent weight) for each batch. Fractional sacks of cement shall be weighed for each batch. 2. The slump shall be within the range specified. If the slump obtained is greater than that specified, the water content shall be reduced by the necessary amount. 3. Any neCeSS81.-Y changes in concrete to meet the requirements specified for strength and for proportions and consistency shall be made without change in contract price and to the satisfaction of the Representative. 7-2


---------7 -10 Concre:te shall be tested for consiSi:f'.ncy at t h e m... xer, ., A complete batch [;11<111 be l:lixed as specified and then d'llnped. The sample shall 1:.e taken immediately from tite batch and tested under the directtons of the Representative and i n accorddance 1Eth ASTH Sta'.1dard C-lld-S2. The slump shall be 3 inches maxil1,um for all concrete. 7-11 l'{TX ING: -----...-. T:1e mixer shall be capable of the azgrega:or cement an::! ,;ater, H'itbiT! tLc specified tirll c into a thoroughly plastlC and uniform l1,ass, and of disclv:;.rging the mixture "7i thout segregation. The lJolume of each batch shall not exceed the manufacturer I s r<:ted capacit:, of t;lC mixer. 7-12 All materials entering the mixer shall he accurately proporticned by suitable vleighl' c g and measur1.ng equ:Lpment. Hater shall be measured to Hi.thi n one pint of the tot,,-l amount :;:-equired per batch. The mix:i ng of each batch shall continue for '.t least all the materials (including the water) are in the mixer cirUlll, Guring Hhich time ::he drum shall rotate at a peripheral s?eed cf about 200 feet per 7-13 :l;.ND M IXING: Hand mixing shall be done on a watertight platform and I n n o t to exceed one bag of cement per batch in the required Class of concrete. The cement and fine aggregate shall be mixed dry until neDa of til e fine aggregate is exposed, then the coarse aggregate and Yater added, and the mixing continued until a homogeneous rnixtllre of the required consistency is obtained. 7-llf REINFOF.CU1G METAL: Reinforcin g metal shall include bars, stirrups and fabric and the spacers, chairs, tics, etc., as require d and necessary for as acmbling, placing and supporting the metal in place. Metal shall be clean and free from loose scqle or rust or any coating that destroys or reduces the bond to the concrete. M etal shall be kept clean until used, or shall be cleaned with wire brushes before placlog. 7-15 BARS: OO-E-71.:1, 'l'ype n, conforming to ASTH i\ 305-53T and any grade except strcctLral gracie, unless othernise noted on ul'al dra\,lings. Spirals and ties for co!;.;:nn rei.nforcement may he Type A. 7-3


7-16. 7-17. 7.., 7-19. STI';.EL Fi\BRIC:_ Steel shall be used and may be zinc-coated; sustaining less than 3 inches nor more than 8 inches apart; length of mesh not to 16 inches. ZQlli,1S: Forms shall conform to the l'equireo':1 shape, 1illes and dimension.:; of the mentbOl-s, have smooth faces with tight, flush and be set to the required and levels. They shall be substantial, suf:Zjcl.ently light to prevent leekage of n,orta::-and be properly or tied toget her to maintain position and shape. The inside of shall be clean and free frost when the concrete is placed. Forms equip8cnt foundations and pads shall provide for a one inch chamfer cn top 8xternal and corners. Fil..STF.Rmcs. ETC:_ Anchors, bol.ts, sleeves,d1imbles, slots, inserts, etc., as required for other work shall be properly located in cooperation with trades and built in as the work progresses. Among other ttLings, atteni:ioli is directed to the following: Anchorage for structural, miscellan20us and ornamental metal work. Sleeves, thimbJ.cs, hangers and h:=.lnger ins2::ts for piping a',1d ducts. Make proper provision for setting all metal ';-101': as required by the and Standard Details noted ther8on. PLACING REINFORCIllG ME'fAT,: Reinforcement shall be accurately placed and securely and to prevent d:'s?lace.ment before or during the pouring of the concrete. Fabric shall be near the center of .:lnd one above the c.ott8nl 0:':: floors on horizo:1.tal slab work generally and shall be lapped and wired at joints. 7-4


7-20. 7-21. 7-22. 7,-23. 7-2f',.. 7-25. 7-26. 7-7..7 < 7-28. CONCRETE: Concrete shall not be placed over reirforcement, etc. until such vlo;:k :1:"S been inspected and ,vritteIl permission gi.ven by "i'he Govarnrnell';' Represen'j"o';'j ve to proceed H ',th the work. Hood forms that are not mill-oiled or shall be damp when the concrete is placed. Concrete shall be placed by such means as ,.;'ill ma:':'l1tain consistency and praveut segregation and be deposited in the form as nearly a3 practicable in its final location Hithout rehandling or flC";ling into place. It shall be placed immediately af::er lnixing and be so or othenvise worked into pJ.ace as to fill all voids and show no sand streaks, honeycomb or segregat ion of the aggregate when the farn: s are removed. Vibration shall not be at any point to tte extent that localized area s of are formed, The rate and method of placing concrete shall be such that .:he concrete be placed iu a continuous operation. Before placl.ng ne,' concrete on or against hardened concrete, the surface of the hardened concrete shall be roughened and cleaned of foreign matter and laitance and moistened -lith Concrete bear1cg on cored brick shall be separated from the brick by a double thickness of roofing felt. Concrete that is not covered by the forms and for which a cement finish is requi::ed shall no:: be pla;;e d until it can be finished as U1PERFECTION3 : Imperfections on exposed concrete which require filling, pointing or patching or the restoration of broken or arrises, shall first be anrl passed upon by the Governthen corrected to conform with the coatract requirements. and burrs shall be removed by suitable means or by rubbing \:"itll c.:n:borundum stones. The surface of the concrete slabs shall be pitched to outlet drains as required. The concrete she-ll be struck to uniform slopes, compacted ,'lOad floats and tl"O\-leled smooth. Outlet and for water disposal are included Mechanical EquipmEnt and shall be built in as requ1red. /-5


7-31 ,9El1E1fLlUNISH: Cement Hnish shall bond perfectly 'vith the umlerJ,ying concrete and be fLnished to true even lines and surfaces and left free from dafects. Joints and edges shall be straight in connection -/ri th safety treads, COl'ner bars, frames, etc. shall be flush with the metal. 7-32 Interior cement finish shall be tr' ovJeled smooth and exterior' cc=nent be floated, except vertical surfaces shal:!. be finished smooth after the forms are removed. 7. SURING:---and Protect all concrete and cement work against rapid d=y1ng keep moist for at least tte firDt s i x days after placing. 7-5L!. : After the installation of all ducts, grilles, registers, eo.uipment, etc. de; all patehing in a neat and workwanitke mar .ner, all patching IT:c?.terial shall match and be of same quality as adjacen!:. nIate:ri.a:!.. All surfaces shall be flush and even and of same texture of adjoining surfaces. 7-6


----SECTION 8 i'lASarm.y 8 -1 This section incl.udes all mate:Clal, laDo:::, equipment, tools, services, scaffolds, etc. for the of all masonry work 1.nd:i.cated on the dj : mvings and required by these :oped.rieaL.ons. Itcrils listed bele

d. Tiles shall be burned as straight and tru0 as careful produce within the tolerarces spC?cified. T:Le Body oS: glazec'i:He SilClll be uf clear burning, plasti c, desired fire clay. tiles shall be of lightburning, ':lesired clay. For roofing ti les, see S8ction 9, llRoof Repairs,lI e,. Unglazed tiles have semi-vitreous body, clear faces cf hudy color and smooth texture. ('or roof i ng t I Ies, see Sec-i'i on 9, llRoO-f Rera irs. 11 f. The colors furnLsted shall be outside the range re-p1:esentcd the tile surfaces and shall be well distributed the completed work. 8-4 cement sha:i. 1 meet aU rec;u:i.rements of A. S. T. H. C92-51. a. b. Sand shall ne clE:an ancl sharp; sha:l pass a nurr.ber 8 steve and no -aore than 5 per cent shall pass a num i)er 100 sieve; it nhall be Hell graded T....,ithin these maximu:n Clud minimum sj.zcs; L: contai.n not more than 5 per cent or orgalL::. c or otllcr deleter.ious matter. c. Water shall 0e fresh, clean and free from deleterious d. N:1terials sha 1.l he accurately ,,1eesured snc tLo:::oughly mixed until evenly dlstributed the batch. Mortar shall not be rctem?ered for use. 8-5 SCAFfnLDING: All face hricL and masonry trim i n cor.naction ;:he:ce'\v':'th siw1.1 be laid from t h e si.de of the \-1ull o n wInch the facing occurs, end scaffoldine siall be erected maintained as necessary to properly meet this cequirement. 8-0 L WUIG -General: Under drying condHio[,s (but not when subject to frost) brick with more than 8 cent absorption be drenched ,\>lith water, allowed to drain a-.: d E'hall ne damp "'hen laid. Brick shall not bc lain ';-lid.le frost or excess "later rea1Clins on their surfaces. Each Ghall be laid in a full, level bee: 01: mortur, shuved into place and all joints filled, lez,..vir.g no voids, Unf1l1ed iurrcwed joints shall not be permitted. vertical joints in brick-work and the joints next to other materials required in connection shall be filled solid with murta r as each of brick is laid. Recessed brick shall bellid wi th the ft'og side dm,m. 8-7 Erich. 'erly 00ndec1 or ,,nehord to abutting masonry and concrete. All meta). ,,70rk required 3ha11 be built in as the \vork progresses. ::> "u-,t.


8-8 8-9 8-10 8-11 8-12 8-13 8-1L: Every sixth course shall be a ful 1 b:.:id: m : :1Cader course tllrollg;.l va:.l or to t Le SET'fING FILE:--_._--._.Structural tile shall be set plumb and true to line in regular bond and properly to other connecting work; no on fac e of walls or partitions or a t returns. Set in full beds o f and fill ell except as o t herwise specif iad. Face joints of wor k that will be exposed or tJaL'tted s:wll Leatly stl'ud'.. Joints n ext to other materials required in ::onnection \vi.th the tilevlOrk shall be filled solid \-lith mortm: as e.::ch COllrse of tile is laid. The use of tile \ vHl not be permit<:ed. Split tile shall not b e used Closure ti12 shall be stock specIals; or, if cut from standard tile, shall be whole units acceptable to the Gov0rnnicn'i i All other spaces occurring in the \]o:-k that are not large enough for shall be with brick properly bonded. H eta:;' "wLk rcC;'Jin;d s hall be built tn as t h e work progresses. All joints in exposad tile work shall be finished with a metal jointing as soon as possible after t he mortar has attained its initial set EO as to compact the in the joint, forcing It tight against the tile and closing all cracks and crevices. Square head oi lenings in tile wi thout steel lintels shall have tile lintels filled w i t h Class A c oncrete and reinforced with steel rods; the minimum relnforcemcnc to b e 1/2 inch diarnster runs in the top and cells, unless ot:lCnvisc s!-tm'm. CLEANING: On cc-mpletion of t he work, b;:i.cl<: f::-.cing s Lall be cleaned, dm\ 'l1, removing dir t and fore ign material, excess mortllr, mortar stains, etc. acid is used it shall be murj.atic and not than one volume of the com,:]crcial acid to nine volumes of water. the brick before the acid solution is and, after clea n i ng, rinse a hose, r8moving a ll t;:2.ces of acid. All Horl: conC:E:'ct i ng \ ,it h the bric;('\olOrk be adequately protected contact with the acid solution. PATCHING:-.---.--After the installatio n of all ducts, grilles, registers, equipment, etc. do all \Jatching in a r wat a n d >wrkmanlike manner. All patch:'ng IT1.3.te:cial shall match and be o f same qU

U. S. POST OFFICE AND HOUSE ST. AUGUST:NE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 .1"29.9...= Il.l'JD_SI-IEQ MET/\'l 9-i. EXTENT OF i'JOP,K: Th is secr i on Inc I udes a II mater i a!, !abor, equ i prnen-r, -serv(CElS, e1-: necE)ss2lry {-or the comp: eti on of a I I roof i ng \'Io;-k as shmm on the dra\l( i ngs, spec ifi ad herein, G i as requ i n")d, The existing and ne\'1 roofing she II be vlater+ight ar.d in excellent condition upon completion of this work. (a) t he sti ng roof tile, mortar sctt i ng bed and cOl"npos ition base roof over the gallery. Replace all rotted sheathing and joists, if any, and ir.stall new co;np03ition base roof; ins-rail new ti Ie i-oof in mortar setting bed over the compos it;on r"oof end "f 13sh to a \'Iatel"'-!" i ght conc!ition. (b) On i"he bulan;::;e the bui Iding roofs, r"emove al i defec+ive and broken clay tile und replace with neVi ti:z. Rosecure all :005e -riles, Pej)6 i r the compos 1t i on basa roof i n9 as reqll i red for a comp jete Iy wa-;"ertight i-OOf. \'/he!-e shown en the drovilngs, reinove existing composition roofing and replace with new compOSition roofing al! flashing as specified in the section titled "Sheet Metal Repairs." (c) \ljhere shown on drcwings: portlons of rcofiilg for" insi-al1211':011 of cooling tower, roofdeck fans, fresh Eli;-in-;"a!{es) eTc. All patchir,g and closing by of such equipmGnt shall be done ina ;-:ea-;-and vlor "kman like manner", uS if i ed in. AII patching shall be of 53;ne !

u. S. POS T OfFICE AND CwST0lvl ST. AUGUSTIt--IE, FLORiDA P8-R!:G-4 Elastic cement: a plas-j-lc r-oofing cement 1-0for bedding and laying siate. It sh.311 be Cl material of gcod cohesi::m ::md adhesion thai-wiil -for years runn!r,g or creeping a;1d shull be of color to m'3-rch the color of the r,ew rcof : ng ti 16s. POI-'rlem d Celiient: Fe d erc. I Spec i f i ca';-j O i l SS-C-! 92d J Type i. COPP31-! j 6 02. 30-[-;-copper. Aspha!t pr imer-------.-----------------------------SS-A-70 I Asphalt, Type: ( exc3pt where Type II is sp8cified-SS-A.-666 Coa l--ia:-pitch, Type I .. R-P-38I \'!ate,prooi shOuth ing paper. any TYPG Types 1./1 cnd VII C l ass Ai 35 i bs" SiT8i1grh--------f.JU-P-147b Canpres s ed ccrkboard------------------------------HH-C-5 6 Ib M i nerc: I ':Joo I -526 Fi .. ..------32! b Cotton fabr i c. sa7ura t ecl------,--,..," ..Coa I tar saturc:ted 7 0 t, TYre i ---------.--------,.....HHF.20 I 8i nous p last i c ..

U.S. PGST OFlt'ICE ,AND CUS'roIvI 110USE ST. FLORIDA PB-REG.4 Roof:i.ng tile sh8.].l be shale or mi.xb:.rcs 0;" chuJ.c E.::ld clay, straighc and tr'ue f:cce from r::hecl;:s and blisters on expcsed snria.ces, and shall be of t ype, sizes, cross section, thickness, and finish to match existing ard correcpondlng tile in all respects. t:lin 14 ca:emlar ci.ays :'rom l'ecei.pt 'oJ" the C811tracto r of notice t.o IJroceeo., the Contractor shaIl select at lee,st one of each of the enC: brulcls, eave clos1..:.res and other roo:'inG tile shapes in exis';:inc: roof wh:i.ch is "hole, unde.magecl, and representa-:'ive of the color, finish, texture and section of the co:.,'responding remaining reofing tiles; si'w,ll carefully removE::, clean 'Ly scrubbing with s tif:' :fiber 'brushes and clean water, box or crate, nne: sLip each selected tile to the point of' manufactu::,c of the ne1. ruofing tilej and shall pay al2. cost::;, expenses) .3.nd charge s in"JOIved. The roofing tiles selected shall, shO'r the extreme ranee in co:Lo!' shades of the existinG: roof tiles. 9-3. D3PLAC]HG TILES nT TllE EXIS':J;IHG ROOF.-"('lhere and COlil);,Gsi tiGn1.:;a'Se---rool'frlg frrer:-el!lncedand!01' re:pa::"red, the Fork be to the existing that is sound. a,1d in eood conclition. S-L:,. LAYIITG NEl{ ROO:::"ING GALLK1Y. -Three plies of felt shall be lelcCc)ver'thewo()d sheath:':"l:lgj the fi:'st ply nailed d01V'n 1.ri th edges and ends lapp2Q 4 inches; the second and tt-.J.rd plies ].1oppe(1 in shingle fashtoa usinG 30 pounds of asphalt :per 100 s'luare ieet. After a1'::' plies a:e installed., a flood CC8."t of asphaJ.t, using at J..east 40 j)ounds per 100 s<:,uare feet shall be instc:;.J.leci over the le..3t ply. lUl three plieE of' felt sh[1.11 be turned up vertical surfaces 6 inches if possible. 9-5. lIire netting 3ha:"1 be ins talled o','er t h e fclts to rein:!:'orce the mOltar [oetting bed. NettinG shall be type C, inch mesh, 16 gage, in acco:rdance with s})ecif:Lcation RQ-F-22D). 9:".6.. 1.1ortar bed slmL. consist of one part portland ce:t!lent, -} part hydrated. lime, to 5 parts masonry sal1d, mixed "ith the minimum amOl,z.t of .rater. The I'lortar setti:lG becl shall be comp.'3.cted and sc:ceecled level for insta:"'lation of the tile. 0-7. Tile ShRll be soaked 1.,rith ifater and the back side of each


U.S. PCST OFFICE MID CUSTOlv HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 piece slushed v:' th n0ai-cerc.ent as :Lt is laid. 7he ti1c shaJl be firmly enbedclecl in the mortar so that ea,r..:h piece is secure. SlJ.ppleraenta.ry fastene:::'s, nOil-corrosive type; s)1_al1 be used to insure perfect anchorage of each piece. Tile s11a1:_ be laid in regular courses p9.rallel with the eaves and no attempt made to stretch the courses in both d_irecti ons shall be in perfect ali.grunent. s-c. laps end bands, of gable ra1<::2s to end bands and field tiles shalJ_ lie lrith elastic cement. The roof shall be ]Jl'operly flashed to vertical surfaces. 9-9. :NEl-l COMPOSITION ROOF. -For locati 0[1 and extent of 'wrk, see Roof' surfaces-shall be sound, clean and. dry, reasonably smooth and fre e from l::>ose and foreign ma:terial and from depressions that 1{ould interfere vit h pro:fler drainage. E-very precaution shall be taken to keep moisture out of the roofing during its applicat.ion. Felt and paper shall be dry 1-rilen laid. No IJart of the roofin;; ll1f.I.tel'ials shall be applieo. or laid durinG damp or rairj-Y veathei' or ,-ri1ile lwisturc of any Icind is present in visible a:uount 0!1 the surface that is to be covered. Surfaces that become 'vet from any cause d.urir!g the progress 0:' the .rork shall be allo:red to dry Ot'.t to t h e satisflcUon of the Enginee:c befo:ce ,TOrk is rcslllned. S -/0. P / Tef-! r-O C'

U. S. PCS'l' OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 Cover the sheathine; 'l-Ti th a layer ;)f 5...pound sheatldng :pc,per or l..'.n::;aturated felt, laPlied at joj.nts and nailed in p:;'. Felt laid c,ver 1-lOad sheathing shall be naj.led every 30 ir..ches through fJ.at tin disks about 6 inches f1"om the upper edge of each sheet. 1'1here cant strips do not occur at intersecJ.;ions \vi th vertical surfaces, the first and second layers of' felt over wood sheathing shall turn t,;.p iaches and be nailed every 12 to 1.4 inches near the top edge. ?-15. Lay the felt ,.;ith not less than the follmling laps: Layers :'aps in inches ::or Starting ,ridths in inches Number 32" felt 36" felt 32" felt 36" felt 26 29 13, 19, 7, 14, 22, 2'-1 "25"2 am:'. j 29 and 36. The of all sheets shall be lapped 6 inches. 9 16. Extend layers of felt and mappings to the top edge of strips and flash 'I-:ith 3 added layers of fa.bric and felt as shOi-Tn 9,-5 5


u.s. peST OFFICE AiIJD CUS'I'OM HOUSE AUGUSTINE, FLOHIDA on the drmring. The first (fa"hric) to turn ont 2 inches bethe oottom edGe of the cant strips and each additiona::;' layer (felt) to turn out 2 incLes Itlo::"e than the preceding one. Bed each layer of flash:.ngs in bitumir.ous pJastic cement evenly ap:f)lied wir a trovel and. coat the last layer above the bottom edtje of the cant strips 'Jith not less than +/16 inch tbic}:ness of the same cement. El:.QS of sheets shall be J.alc'?ed 3 inc!oes ane,-staggered in the layers. Cover the top edges witil fl.::.shings a::d countel'i'lash:i.ngs they be othel"'trise exposed., (fo:c details, see 9-J7. Extend all layers of felt and mo:ppirlgs, (1vhere composition roof oins tLie rocf) under tile to same point as plesent2.y in pls.ce. Remove and replace ':,ile as requj.red to make \oratertight junction behleen roof le':els. 9-1 o. car:.t stri:ps OCC'.lr at gre:vcl guard, mop ill 3-ply base flashinGs as specified above, inGtaJ.l cap flashj.ng as sho"m in det or dra1-ring 811<1 c.pply fL1.al surfacing. 9-19. ;.Jhere felt and fs.bric flashings te::.'minate in flashing rec;lets, they shall 08 covc:::-ed ",ith one layer of 90 pound mineral surfaced roofing wec.6ed and cauJ.ked into reelet and shall extend. onto roof at 10 inc:les beyond edge 0:' cant strip, finisil ,.,it11 fined 9-20. E';er;y ply of' felt al.d shall be pressed 'into close conta.ct 1.-ri tIl the structu::.'c and vith each other in all angles at abuttinG ve:::-tical su:::-fs.:::es and 2.t bottom and top of :::ant stri:pG. 9-2 Hetal flashin:;s and fittings sha:::'l be bedded in hot asphalt or pitch, and. the par-:'s '''hieh extend onto the roofing shall be covered '.....i t11 not less than t1TO stri:ps of feltj the first ex' er..d.ing at. least. 3 inc:"les the edges of the metal, and the second at. least 2 ir.ches the first, and b07,h laid in hot pitch. 9-22. ltlhere roofinG finishe s; aGainst gravel stops special precautions shall "be ta}:en to protect any vork beyond the edge of the roofing before and uhi2.e moppings are ap:plied. 9-23. The roofir.g shall be laid in proper sequence and ,,:ithout any undue delay or suspension of betl....een operations; fron start to finish. The flashinGS o..nd connections of roofing to other ;wrk shall be completed bef'oTe -the final coating is poured end surfacing applied. r, r


U. S. POST OFFICE II.ND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLOR IOf, P8-REG-4 9-24. f\:1ETAl REP8IRS: Coni-ractor shall carefully examine and repair all existing sheet metal fiashings, va leys, gutters, eave drips, flashing counter-downspouts, etc. No flashing work shal l be covered with other material unti I the flashing has been inspec-i-ed end approved by tha Government Representative. Upon completion of this Vlork, ai I roofs shal! be watertight and in e)

U. S. POST OFF ICE C:USTOr" HOUSE ST.AUGUSTiNE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 9-31. TEST All reof work she! I be c o :npie-) -el / weatherproof and watertight at t h e time 0f final inspect ion. At his O\\ln expense, the Contractor she II be prepared to cu-j-out a 12 x 12 section through the new composition i-oof., at one, two, or three as selected by tho Governm ent Representative, and to repair and restore the roof t o weatherproof and watertight condition in an acceptable manner. The q.;t out sec ri on sha I I show the grave j, the rcCju ired pi i es o-f fe It, a:1d c(",val-s hee-j-or vapor sea I, in und i si"urbed se(j uence. grn 9-8


:0-I. 10-2. 10-3. I.OU. ..10 kiT.RING, PLASTf!.RI2f G ,_FllRRINQ, ET9._ This SecU.on includes all labor, material, tools, equipment, 3caffold, services, incidentals, etc., for the c()mplet :iOn of all Latlling. Plastering and Fu.rring :::cquired by the dratvi.ngs and specifications. Items listed before are mentioned solely for guidance to the bidders and do not imply a complete schedule of such work. a. F'lrring around ductvlOrk ar:d pi.pes. h Pntciling of suspended ceilings as requ:Lred. c. Patching of all present plastering made necessar y by the installation of ducts, grilles, registers, diffusers, pipes, conduits, etc. GE1',.'ERAL:_._-'"'-Plaster include all interior lathing and plastering, metal studs, metal furring and metal necessories, such as grounds, base scrceds, casin3 b eads and corner beads. For location, extent and character of 1)laster vlOrk, and arm-lings. l} Plastering generally shall be en metal lath, 2-coat work to m a sonry. O. Manufacture d materials sh.::tll be delivCl"ed in the original, cont ainers or bundles bearin;; the mnker's name and brand. They shall be kept d:-y, o:S7f the ground, under cover and m 7uy from s,..eati.'. 8 and other damp surfaces until put to use. Material.s shall to the follm'ling applicable Federal Specific.::ttions, v7hich are to by symbol, and the requirements herein. gypsum Plasi:er: 3S-P-l,02, Type H (Np.at) or Type H (\vood fibered), at t h e option of the Contractor. Neat plaster shall be fibered for scratch coat. Calcil1ed Cypsum: SS-P-402, Type G. Sand shall b e clean. 'Hell graded [lnd free from soluble s.::tl ts (alkali) and organic matter. dry, all of the sand shall pass a No.4 sieve and shall meet the folloHing screen analysis: 1 0 -I


Retained on a No. S screen o to 5 per cent. Retained on a No. 16 screen 5 to 30 per cent. Retained on a No. 30 screen .30 to 60 per cent. Retained on a No. 50 screen .65 to 85 per cent. Retained on a No. 100 screen .95 to 99 per cent. A maximum of 10 per cent passing a No. 100 screen will be alloVled. Wh8n by volume, 85 pcunds of damp sand or 80 pounds of dry sand equal one cubic foot. Volumes specified are on a dry basis. Water shall be fresh and free from alkali, Lath: QQ"B-lOlc except as othenvic specifi.2d. He:Lt;hts .;pecified are per sClunre yard. Lath not othenvise s})ecified shall be either 2L, or 26 gauge, flat, expanded met.s.l lath not lighter than 3.4 pounds, or 2-1/2 mesh per inch 19 gauge ,voven ",ire lath not lighter than 2.48 pounds Flat-rib (1/8 inch) expanded metal lath shall wei gh not less than 3.4 pounds. Rib lath shall heve 3/8 inch ribs or and be ther expanJed metal, ueighing Eot l ess than 4 pounds, or 2-!/2 mesh per inch, V stiffened, woven wire weighing least 3.3 pounds. !et.:l1_ such as grounds, base screeds, casing, corner beads and concealed picture molding, shall be zinccoated sheet metal not less than 26 gage, with expanded or perfocated flanges or clips so shaped as to permit embedment in the plaster. Hangers Clnd Inse:-ts: Hangers sh8.ll be of ample lengLh. and other means or att8.chment, as installed, shall develop the full strength of the hangers used. Steel flats; 1 by 3/16 or 1-1/4 by 1/8 inches, with 7/16 inch diameter boles pun ched on the center line and equipped with 3/8 inch diamcter bolts; no hole less than 3/8 inch from an end. Rods: 3/16 inch diameter. Steel to be zinc-coated, cadmiumplated or pai _need. loops and h3.ngers are specifj.ed below. Netal Furring:_ Either hot-rolled or steel shape:s, except where hot-rolled shapes krc specified; painted with rust inhibitive paint, except where zinc-coated (galv.) finish is shown or specified. Cold-rolle d cba":mds; flanges not less than 7/16 i;:LCh wide and the -7ing minimum \'1eights per 1,000 linear feet; 300 pounds for 3/4 inch, 475 pounds for 1-1/2 inch. 10-2


Metal Furring -(Cont'd) }Iot-rolled channels: The minimum v]eights per 1,000 linear feet: 300 pounds for 3/4 inch, 410 pounds for 1 l.nch, 1,120 pounds for 1-1/2 inch, and 1,470 pounds for 2 inch, Furring for ducts and similar irregular surfaces: net ligLter than 1 inch hot-rolled channels or 1 by 3/16 inch flats: 3/4 inch diameter rods. Crosa furring for lath; 3/4 inch channels or 3/8 inch diameter rods. Wire accessories shall couform to applicable Federal Specifications and shall be soft annealed. Steel shall be zinccoated, 2. Steel Wire, Co=rosion-Resisting: QQ-W-423 (Composition FS Lf30). b. Steel GQ-W-432, Finish D. c. Hangers: Corrosion-resisting steel not less than .125 inch diameter, or steel not less than .162 inch in diameter. d. Ties o= attaching brackets and runner channels to steel shapes or inserts, steel not less than .08 inch in diameter, double wrapped or two strands saddle tied. e. Ties fo!' furring channels to runners and steel J01sts; steel loops less than .062 inch diameter, or a double wrapping of lacing wire f. Lacing H:!.re, steel, not less than .047 i nch diameter. IO-,Ll. GENERAL: Hlf.'l.'URE SAND HIXING by volu:nc shall be made in cO:1tainers of knmvn capaclcy. The amounts of sand specified are on a dry basis. No lumpy, caked or frozen material shall used. No that has comr,lenced to set shall be retempered or used in the work. Mixing equipment, boxes and tools shall be cleaned for each batch. 1. The materials shall be proportioned as specified, Hith o&ly such variations as Hill, under prevailing co&d1tions, improve the quality of the work and as shall be approved by Re preseni 2"tive. All ingredients shall be accuracely measured and thoroughly mixed until evenly distributed throughout. 10-5. PLASTER:-_._---_. Neat plaster shall be mixed one part plaster to two parts sand for first ( scratch) coat on lath, and one part to tl:ree parts sand for second (brcwn) coe..t on lath and masonry. Farts are by v1eight. 1 0-3


Gypsum Plaster (Cont'd) a. For second (brmvn) coat on lath and for use on masonry, the proportions shall be 100 pounds of gypsum neat plaster to not more than three cubic feet of vermiculite or perlite. b. Wood fibered plaster shall be used without sand for first (scratch) coat on lath, and either without sand or mixed one part plaster to one part sand, by weight, for second (brmm) coat on lath and Clasonry. 10-6. FItiISII eGAT: Finish coat finish. shall be a prepared gypsum (lime free) white 10-7. INS'fALLATlO:'J OF FURRING, LA'fH, ETC. Frovide metal furring for all lines, contours and planes where lath is required for plastering, and include all necessary hangers, bolts, inserts, clips, f3stenLngs and attachments which shall be of such size, numb2r and design as will del/elop the full strength of the members. a. Metal furring shall be erected to true lines and surfaces and be rigidly supported and fastened in place. Grounds, furring, framing, etc., shall be tested &nd all needed corrections made before lathing or plastering is b. 1"101:a1 furring to \Ihid: tile lath \-1111 be attacbed shall be wired to the brackets, and other steel supports at every intersection or point of contact. c. Ceiling Fb:ture Recessed: Provide openings in suspended ce.ilings and L.1 neH duct furring and equip wi.th frar,lcs for the support and attachment of air conditioning outlets ircluded un2er Equipment. The frames shall consist of 1-1/2 inch with web vertical, squared to accurate dimensions nnd bolted at corners. shall provide 3/3 inch clearance for the outlet housing on all sides and be punched for the housin;:; attachments. d. The frames shall be correctly sp2cced, .eveled and aligned on top of the cross furring channels and thereto. Any abutting runner channels shall be screHed or bolted to the frames tiH'ough bent ends. It is intended thl1t the fixture housing be installed before lathing and plaster:;.ng and tl',at the of the trades involved be co-ordinated. 10-8, ..iteI1's. of furring, lathins and accessories; See dra;-;-ings and Standard Details for the follmving: a. Furring. Furrins and lathing of interior partitions to provide flush h. architectural finishes. 10-4


c. Casing beads as plastergrounds at having wood .. trim flush with plaster surface. 10-9. LATHING: Netal lath shall be used as a base for all plaster ,'lork on metal fun:ing and .Erc:mj.ng, For lath of the types v1Cights specified, the maximum allovlable spacings of are as follow3: a. Flat expanded and wire lath; 16 inches on walls; 12 inches on ceilings. b. Faper-backed wire fabric: 16 inches on walls and ceilings. c. Flat rib expanded 24 inches on walls and ceilings. d. wire lath; 24 inches on walls; 19 inches on ceilings. e. 3/8 inch rib expauded lath: 24 inches on walls and cellings. Lath generally shall be laid with the long dimension at right angles to the stipports, edges lapped inch gnd endsiapped Rib lath shc:.ll have the ribs "nested" at sides and one inch at ends. Wire lath shall be tightly stretched. End joints of sheets shall be made gene:::-ally only at bearings and shall be staggered. If occur between bearings the ends shall be lapped one inch and laced or adequately tied with lacing wire. Lath shall be continucus around the corners of intersecting plaster surfaces. Metal lath generally Ehall be fastened at points not Olter 6 inches apart along supports, or attached to the metal furring at 10 inch intervals by specially designed steel wire clips or not lighter than 13 gauge which interlock and provide a continuous for the lath along the furrlng, and s1de joints shall be wired at least once betvJeen supports. Rib lath shall be fastened at a11 ribs. Lath masonry or concrete surfaces that are to be plas::ercd shall ex;:end onto same at least 4 inches and be every 6 inches. Expanded strip lath at least G inches wide shall be centered on and secured across all flush joints (vertical a nd hOi:izont.al) bet"t'leen concrete sm"faces and abutting partitions; across narrow chases f;:;r pipes cmd conduits in masonry furr.ing and partitions. Fasten the strips suficiently to retain position during plastering. Expanded cornerites, not less than 3 by 3 inches, shall be installed in all internal Hhere partitions of hollov1 masonry unl.ts that will be plastered intersect unfurred ceilings and abut concrete or masonry walls that also are to be Cornerites shall be fastened sufficiently to retain p03ition piaEtering. 10-5


10-1D. IC)-1I. 10-12. iO 13, 10-1.1. ACCESSORIES: Netal grounds, base screeds, casing beads, and corner beads silall be to straight, true lines .:md the flanges fastened in place at points not more than 8 inches apart. Grounds and beads shall be level and plumb and parallelled with floors. 1. All vertical plaster corners, and all horizontal external angles shall have metal corner beads. APPLICATION OF Pl,,\STER RPEPARA T10iiJ: Surfaces to be plastered shall be clean and free from frost, loose particles, efflorescence, grease, oil, acid and similar fore i.gn matte-.:-,. H2sonr-y and all under coats of plaster shall be dampened to eliminate excessive suction c.:.nd permit proper spreading of the plastic material s. SCREEDS: Plaster screeds fo:,:, the brmm coat shall be run around the margins of all ceiltngs and \Vulls on intermediate li.nes about 6 feet apart. Th0 screeds shall be brought into perfect line and level to establish the exc::.ct surface of the brovm coat and allo-;.]ed to Si::;t up, and then used as a guide fer the coat. ON l"!.A S ONP.Y: The first coat shal::" be applied \vith sufficient material and pressure to form a good bond and tIten doubled to bring the plaster to the screeds and grounds, straightened to true surfaces with rod and darby and left rough, ready to receive the finish coat. ON .. The f1rst (scratch) coat shall be applied with sufficient material and pressure to cause perfe(:t adhesion and to key with or imbed the lath. It shall cover the face of the lath to a depth sufficient to allow for scratching, and shall b8 crossscratched in both directions before the mortar has set The scratch coat for gypsum plaster shall be alJ.ovied to set, but not dry out, beo::ce the brm,m coat is cSppl Led. The scratch coat lime pl.s.ster and Keene I s cement plaster shall be allmved to set hard and dry out before the brO';vIl coat is applied. The l>rm,m coat chall be brought out to the screeds and grounds, straightened to a true surface with rod and darby left rough, ready to Tcceive t h e finish coat. 10-6


1015. fINISH COAT: The finish coat shall cover thl"! rOllgh plas,:e:c so completely that no part of the undercoat shall SllOT,ol through llnd shall be not more than l/B inch thick. A skim coat of the material shall be t:-oHeled on with enough pressure to cause perfect adh'-!sion, doubled back before any set has taken place, allm-led to draw a fe", minutes, and then troweled to a dense surf.::..ce \vil11 a polish. Trle least amount of "later possible shall be carried on tlie IJrush used ahead of the trowels. 1. The fini:;hed \vork shall be straight, level and plumb, with true surfaces and sharp lines and arrises. There shall be no visible joints, cracks, crazing, tool rr.arks or discoJ.orat: ons. All patching shall match perfectly with all adjoining surfaces. 10-16. PATCHHJG: After the installation of all ducts, gr:i.lles, regj.sters, equipment, etc., do all patching in a neat and \vorkmanlike manner. All material shall match and be of same c!'Jality as adjacent material. All surfaces shall be flush and even and of san,e and color of Cldjoining surfaces. 10-7


II-i. 11-2. 1 I 1-4. .1.1._ CM{PKNTilY AND HILU!CRK,_._---SCOPE:_._. -Th i s Section lncludes all labor, material, t ools services, lllcidentals, etc. f o r the completion of Carpentry aad Millwork required ty Lile drawings and these s pecifications. Hi':. TERIAT,S: Lumber s11a11 l )e<1); the grade 8f'd trade nark of tlle association under w hose rules produced. All lumber shall be well seasoned and kiln-dried. 1. Hood members beo.ring a g a j.nst concrete or uasonry s llall be anchored as indicatecl 01:' required. All such mernbers shall process treate d similar and equal to Celcure 01 pressure treated w i th i Jolmen salts. Celctlre r e r.e i1tion shall be U /5 l b cu. fl. of lumLer w i t h penetrati on Ln not less t:lan of the sap wood and ]olman salts retentiun shall be not l e ss than 0.35 per c ub i c f oot. \ JORIJ.LlI.I-JSHIF : all lumbcl. and milhlOrk in a neat and \'lOrkmanlike ma>., ne1" Cut end s mitel'.'-n g and joining shall be doue accurately a u d neatly. 1. Where 1t is reqllired to install metal louvers in present wood doo:s; remo v e woed doors, c u t out the required size of and neatly and securely ins t all metal Rehang doors. Protect door 2. \\'l w re ncu f urLi ng i nterferes H :Ltll e Xl stilig ,-lOad moldi n g and tri m proi 7iJe ne\-7 Hood m old1.ng and u S required to maintain continuous pattern Neu Hood mold:Ln 8 and trj.lU to match existing. P A TCnI NG: After the installation of all ducts, Grilles, rcglsters, equlpme n t etc. GO all patching in a Bea t and Horkmanllkc manner. All patching material shall match and be of same quality as adjacent m aterial. All surfaces shall be flush and even and of s ame and color o f adjolning surfaces. 11-1


u. POST OFFiCE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUST It-E: I FLOR IDA 11-5. \1hen roofing is removed as shown on drawinSJs, \'wod j-oofdecks shal I be careful Iy for rotting. decay. or other damage. WhGI-e damage occurs in I-oof deck, joists. et::: "._ beneaTh -/"he damcged area sha I I be carefu I I Y exam! ned fot-simi larty demased. cracked or broken members. Such 0; damaged rcofdack and structural members shal I be replaced \\1 ith mCillbers of same size and yua j i ty as those removed. TrG3tment naw structural membars shail be as spacified above. gm 1


U.S. POST OFFICE AND CUS'l'OH HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-h SECT 19J'LJ2 EXTE1UOH Ph,IN'.l.'ING' 12-I. Naterials and 'I1orl:manshi ,p, excE:l)t as modified in the shall be in strict accordance vith' Standard S:;?ecii'ications fer Exter:i.or Painting, General Services iLclministration, Pu1JJ.ic Buildings Service, dated December 1, 1953, .Thich farrrJ> a part of thj.s Spedficatioll, end copy of \Thich may be obtained upon appllcation from the Bus::'ness Service Center, Peachtree-Seventh BuLldinc, 50 Seventh Street, N.B." Atlanta 23, Georgia. 12-7. SCHEDULS. -This sec' ::'ion of the spec::'ficat:i..on includes the furnishinG of all materials and lal;or for the folJmdnG exterior paintinc: a. Eepaint all rre'riously painted exterior i'Tood1f')rk of the entire buildinG. LOUl sides: top and vertj cal edges of previously painted exterior doors shall be repainted. b. Rer.l0vc all dried or cracked elastic caull:inC compound at 'ilind.mT and door frw""!'.es; l)rime the surface vith ciLear varnish and vhen dry ir.stall neii elastic caulkinG compound. Caulk all .TindOiT and door openings ':lhether or not previously caulked. c. Remove old. finish, dmm to the bare wood anc 1 metal from alliGatored vindoll sills and any alliGatored surfaces of or metal ,lOrk about the ext2rior of the building, and. refinish as specified for paintinG nev ilood and paintinG ne,,, metal. NOTE: See Paragraph 16 of Stanc;,ard Specification for Exterior paLating. d. Replace all missing, loose or defective putty in all exterior 'ITinG..OIls and c.oo:.'s. \Tnere old putty is cracked, broken or aliicatored, it sha:il be removed in its entirety and be replaced vith fresh putty vell tooled in place. e. Replace all cracked, brol(en or missing glass of tl1e e;:ter:i.or vindO\ts and doors of the entire buildinG. f. refinish all frames of exterior irindmf and door insect screens llhether installed on in::;erior or exterior of' orenings, includinG .linc,o",o[ and doc:..' screens in stol'ace, Replace all 12I


U.S. POST OFFICE ADD CUSTm,l HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINB, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 G.a.nl2.g ccl, torn and unserviceable vire mesh in all vindoHs ane. doors vitll bronze or copper nesh throughout buildinG. 13. Refinil:>h sash runs in connection 1.,i th all exterior "\-lindous. Sash shall not "Je pennitted to stid. in place by reason of paintinG or refinishing h. TIevarnis:1 all previ0usly varnished exterior 1100d1vorlc, both sides, top and. vel'tical edGes of doors. i. Eepu.int all previously paintec. exterior metal work of the entire anQ prenrises, includinG flagpole. Refinish vith gold leaf (xx), ornament on top of flaG,:?oles. Ornament shall be remm!ecl (as hereinbefore specified), refinished and upon completion, replaced on the flaGPoles after they have been reset and. painted. Gilt paint is strictly forbidden. See Paragraph 32 of Standard Specifications. j. Re:paint all previously painted. roof coverinG, dmTnspouts, gutters, flashinG, etc., as specified for repaintinG metal vrork. 1\:. Paint 0.11 previously painted exterior concrete, stucco, cenent plaster and brick vli th 2 coats of oil base paint TT-P-I 0 2 in lieu of that specified in Standard Specifications for Exterior Paintinc;. 1. Paint vit:1 heavy duty aluminum asphalt roof paint all exposed surfaces of p:'e.stic flashing in connection llith composition rOOfing, after a.prlyinc; a coat of bituminous plast:5_c roof cement not l ess than 1/16 iEch thick on all exposed plastic flashinG on r oof. r.1. COLO R SCHEr, lE: All colors shall match "\Tork in place uhen neVa 12 -3. SPRAY AND ROLLER PAINTING: No spray or rolle:' -paintinG ..Till be pe:.."r,D. t ted on e:('cer:Lor \lOrK. 12-2


----U.S. PCST OFFICE AND CUSTmJ HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 InTERIOR PAINTING 13-I. MA.TERIALS Al'ID -Materials and \wrknanship) as rrio:"_ified herein) shaLL be in strict tlccvrdance with Standard Specification for I1""I'ERIOR PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE, GENERAL S:8P.VICES ADNINISTPATION, DATED A?RIL 5, 1951; Inter::'m :;::'evision, dated December 1) 1958, lih:!.ch forms a part of this Specification) and copy of \-Thich may be obtained upon applice,tion from the Business Service Centei') Peachtree-Seven'ch BuildL1C) 50 Seventh Street) N.E.; Atlanta 23) Geoyc;j_a. 13-2. SCHEDULE. -'111lS section of the Specification includes the furnish'ing of all Eaterial and labor for the follm'Ting interior paintir.cg: a. Clean and repaint all previously painted surfaces of the entire building b. Clean and paint all surfaces added as 1wrk of this contract) except f a ctory finisheu. items. For paintins nel ,!ly ins -ral! e d s-rruci'ural steel, see Section 6, ilMiscellaneous Steel &. Iron & IVle ta I Iterns c Remove a;J.d replaster all drunac;ed) r.i3sing) loose or soft p l aster in spaces specified to be painted. d. CALIITHG. -Calk all \There ,rood. and IJlaster join, 1 T i ndO-VT &nd door frames. PAINTING OF' 1 1ASONRY C01TCRETE IN SPACES PARTIALLY PU\S'l' EBED: e. Repair) clean and :paint 0.11 concrete and masonry surfaces in the follOl-ring spaces) except as noted: (this paintinG shall be as specified unde r Paragraph No. 73-B of Specification for In"terior 1 'Jal;:e r epairs i:ith cement to natch \Torl<: ",:1en nel1. For p c in-; i:1S) 0,' RofriS81-atioll [quipmont Room, see Section 17, dAircondi'i-joning and Veni-j lation. PAINTING OF PTIEVIOUSLY PAINTED CONCHETE AND NAS01TRY SURFACES IN : f. Repair, clean and paint all pre'.riously painted can cI'ete and masonry surfaces i:l the follol-ring spaces, except as noted: 13-1


U.S. Posrr OFFICE AND CUSTON HOUSE ST. AUGUSTlrffi, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 (This pair.tinG shall be as specified under Parac;raph No. 73-A of Standard Specification for Interior Painting). BASEIviENT: All spaces, except Concrete Floors, Base and Steps. :r::SFITHSHlrTG OF CONCRETE S'I'EPS AND CEl-ffiNT FLOOnS: v' Clean end paint pl'ev::'ously pain:'ed Concrete Floors, Base and Steps throughout buildinG;. REFINISHING h. Previously varnished 'ITcod'\wrk in t h e Nain Lobby and Post I Ila.ster's Office, includinc; directories and bulletin boards if previously varnished, shall t,e repaired, cleaned, treated e.nd revarnished as specified hereinafter under "SPECIAL PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS" i. All o t her p:::eviously varnished ,vood surfaces shall be cleaned, repaired, treated and painted. j. Clea n and paint all previously painted interior ..rood'\Tork througheut all spaces. k. Vault doors shall be refinished. See Special Painting Instructions. 1. Clean and paint all exposecl metal surfaces of boilers, breechinc;s; heaters, 17i tl1 2 coats of inch quality blade asphalt heat resist inc paint. Do not cover manufacturer's identifica.tion tac;s on mechanical e'luip::nent. ffi. Clean and paint all previously painted surfaces of sinl:s, pumps) motors., fans and other mechanical e'luipment throuc;hout the buildinG, except as noted. Baked-on enamel surfaces in good condition shall net be painted. n. Clean and pA.int all previously painted hard.uare, S'I{iteh plates, .ra]]_, floor and ceilinG pla.tes, etc., throughout all spaces un2..css othenrise notecl. o. Clean and paint all exposed conduit, etc., throughout all spaces except a.s noted. Nic}{el-plated or other plated '\l0rI;: not includ.ed. 13-2


u.s. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTI1ffi, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 p. Clean and paint all tors, radiato:;.' c;rilles, shields, and radiator connections, etc., in accordance vith Paragraph No. 56 and 57 of Standard Specifications, in all spaces except as noted. Nickel-plated or other plated vorl;: not included and all radiators finished 'Tith bronze or alUTlinum paint shall be refinished vith same type of I:1aterial to t1atch present finish ,(hen ne11. '1. Repair, clean and paint all non-conductin13 covering on pipes, boilers, breechinc;s, lrater heaters and tanl:s throughout all spaces. r. Clean and :paint all pre7iously painted, exposed surfaces of all louvers E:.nd frames, rec;ister faces and fronts of electric cabinets thrOUGhout all spaces. S lE'races havinG baked-on enamel in Good condition shall not be paintcu. s. Clean and po.int all previously ps'.inted interior plain and ornatlental iron, steel o.nd sheet metal work, \-frouc;ht iron liGht fixtures and all ,-Tire mesh Grille uork, manhole and trench covers, etc.) in accordance ITith Parac;raphs 59 and 60 of Standard Specifications throu13hout all spacesEor painting of newly instal led Si-ruc;ural Si-e e l, S E 8 Sec. 6 ';[Viiscellanoous S-ree! & Iron & i \ 1ei-al Items. li t. Clean and paint all previously painted steel or hollo\7 metal pal'titioJ.1s, se.sh, doors, frar,1es, tril7l, stools, etc., thro uc;hou"t all spaces. u. Touch up or reletter all titles, numbers, etc., in all areas daT'laged or 01:,11terated by the '.wrk of this Contractor) a!1d refinisi1 all letterinc t 1:lat is fad.ed, detetioted and G .eface d and. touch up or reletter all titles and nur.1erals i!1 all areas vl:.ether or not damaGed while performing \lork under this contract. NOTE: All doors shall be nU1.1bered in accordance vith the numbers shOlrn all the AssiC;l1Llent Plans, copy of vhicLl is at t h e buildinG. All numbe::.s and letters shall be black or gold leaf, as the location may require. Decals or C;ilt :paint not acceptable. v. I ,acquer all 1Tork in connection Hith any metal ITindmT screen frames installed inside of building. vT. COLOR SCEHS: The finish colors for all lrorI-:: shall 1)e in accordance vitll attacJ.led color schedule. COLORS IN POSTAL OCCUPIED AREAS: 13-3


U.S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOl>l HOUSE ST. AUGUSTlIffi, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 /3-3. NOTE: The colors for paintinG postal-occupied areas, ot:1er than the ?ost Office and Nailine Vestibule shall be as 1'ollovs: (a) The i ,ralls of all toilet rooms, m-rinG rooms, Janitor I s closet and utillty closets, except There rnrble, Glass or tile occur, shall have Q. dD.do pa::,nted medim'l Green color The vall above the dado sha.ll be liGht Green 24510. (b) :n1ere cr.uir rails occur, the reil a:1d vall shall be color 21+233 and the vall above chair rail color 24513. (c) All other postal-occupied areas other tl:.an I \Iai.ling Vestibule sha.ll have the pai)'1ted in one solid tone of lic;ht creen color 24512-. (d) Painted ,minscottinG shall Generally be provided in offices unless specified. (e) Doors, door fl'ames and trim, lrindO'ifS, sash and trim, and baseboards, shall be medium c:reen color 24233, except as othenrise noted on drmTinGs. (f) All beams and underside of callerj.es shall be flat 'il1ite. holes in floor of lookouts sho.ll be black. (g) Observation and vent units in loolwut Galleries to be light Green color 24510, except unj.ts located in black. band under overhang and underside of lookouts. Slat type units shall be :inished same as at present. (h) The continous "'.Jlacl<.: b::md cove:l.'inG the soffit of overhang and extenclinc; 2 inches doun the vertical irall shall be painted around the loolwut go,llery incluc..ing the "Baltimore" observation u!1its. Vertical and horizontal pipes, radiators and the like to be palntecl to !l'1.:n;ch adjacent vo:;:-lc. (i) All f:i.re hose cabinets and fi!."e extinguisher racks shall be red color No. 11105, and shall be applied not less than 2 larger, on all Sides, than the extinguisher or rack. 13:"A. SPRAY PAIN'l'HTG: No spray or roller painting 1.rill be permitted, except in Boiler Roons and Storac:e Rooms in basement. All other paintinG s:lall be applied i-rith a brush. 13-4 ..


U.S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOl-' I HOUSE ST. AUGUSTInE} FLORIDA PB-REG-4 SPECIAL PAUlTING nrSTTIUCTIOlJS 13-5 1\1 1 vault doors and fraInes and inner doors and frames and edGes shall be sanded to 0. snooth surface and be repainted vith c;loss enamel. See Paragraph 61, Standard Specification. /3-6 T h e Contractor stri p old varni sh finish dOlln to the b are '\load 0 : 1 all ;'[Qc.lvrOl'k in the Public lobby and Postrnuster' s office, includinc Pos tma s t er's doors and trir:J., screenline, ..lindo,., triEl, etc., Upon com p l e tion of rer.lOval of old finish the ',TOod surfaces shall ee refi nished as outlined in Paragraphs 63 and 69 of the Standard Specification e;:cept that clear v&rnish shall be used and shall h2.ve a rubbed finish. 13-7. All doors stall be numbered as s tat ed. here:Lnbefol'e, gold leaf shall be used on ((.oors in Public !:o bby and. on doors a t second floor. All othe r doors sh0.11 h ave black nULlbe:.:s. Numbers shall b e 2 inches high. The ,;wrd "POSTIASTER" (in 1-;-inch letters) and "OFFICE HOURS" (in 1 inch letters) (including time) shall be installed on Postmaster's door ::'n 23 carat gold leaf. /3-5


u. S. POST Or-FICE AND CUSTO!v ) HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FlOR!DA PB-REG-4 SEG.TI QtLI4 MfCHP.NlCAL AND EQ1JI?MENT 14-1. THIS SECTION OF THE SPECIFICATION APPLIES TO {..ND FORMS A PART OF SECTIONS COVERiNG TI-lE H!=.i\TIt:G, AIR COND!T!ONIf\:G tND VENTI i..ATION, COVERING, ELECTR!CfIL SYSTEf\1S, I'LUtv1 9iNG, AND LlGiHING 14-2 .i'!ND AND illJ!!J.!TY Of App!ia,lC0s,fixtur0S, ei-c., furn i shed sha l I be in accordance \1/ i th the spec i f i cat i on requ: rements in e6ch case, of the best qua!ity and grade, and shal I be a current model for which replacement parts are avai lable. 14,-3. I\ti'eni"ion is callod to the j.]ct that witk:;1 3 0 days ofter th9 date of to proceed, the Contractor shal I submit to the Chief, 085i9i1 and C;or,si'ruc-iioli Division for rJpproval a comp lete i is:-of fo i n9 i terns that he proposes to use in the project (no considel-atioll wlll be given to partial lists submitted fi-orn time to time), g i ving the i'rada name, catalogue number, and 10 copies of ca-j-3!ogue d'.:r;-a descriptive literature 0;--other informatim sufficient to co:np:0tely identify each item, and clearly marking each wii'h i-he item reference letter. Catalogue No. !tem Name of Manufactui9r or 'rode Name A. Motors, Motor Starters and 89 it Dr i ves----------(Subm it d:li'a on i-hese vii til the data on the equ i pment they serve B. Refrigerating C. Pumps ----. D. Coo i i ng Tower E. Air-Handling Ui1its---F. Heating Coils --G. Coo I i !l 9 Co i I5 H. A 1 r F i Iters -. I. F::1ns---J. Shuttersgm i4-1


IJ. S. POST O:-FICE AND H:IUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORiDA PB-P.EG-4 Catalogue No. Item Name of Manufacturer or Trade Name K. TherrilciilC3 ;-:3rs ----L. r ,egistcrs and Gr-i I!es -M. Cei ling Diffusers -N. Aut omdTic Temperature Control for Venti !atlon and Air Conditioning(Diagram Required) O. NO:1conduci-ing Covering for P!u [ llcing F. Noncoilducti ng Coveri nD for Heating Q. Nonconducting Covering for Condi t ioning Equipment Duct, etc.-M '3in Distribution PailS I (Shop Drawings Required)' _.:.i. Branch C i rcu i t Pane 1 (Shop Draw i ngs Requ ired) .-. T. Mo-ror Contro! Center (5 hop Draw ings ired) U. Service Ent rance \! Di Sw itches---' 1 Plumbing Fixtures and Equipment -14-4., None of the preceding iten1s shall be purchased, delivered to site, or ins-j-al led, unti i tile (-rEP.l has beon approved. After i-;-elll has(j:l been appro ved, no sub:o;ti-rution I'li II be penn i r-red except where such substitution is consider ed by the Chief. Des ign and Construction Division to be to The best interest TO the Government or is due to circumstances beyond the control of the Cont ractor. Ill-5. Should the Coni':'"aC'!'or fal I -:-0 comply '.-lith any of ihe requirements of the preceding paragraphs, i. e. -I. Fai! to submit to the Chief, Design and Construction Division for approval within 30 da y s after the date of receipt of notice to p roceed, the list o f items, etc" in accordance with the above schedule: 2. Fai I to neme items, etc., in accordance with specification requirements and of the best quality and grn 14


U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTiNE, FLORIDA P8-REG-4 then the r! ght is reserved to se Ieci" a flJ II line of mater i a Is and app I i ancas, which selection shall be final and bInding upon the Contractor, The materiuls selec"red or" apfH"o'/ed, as the case may be, by the Chief, Design and ConstruC"l"ion Division, shall be used in tile work. Attention is cal led to the fact that I appiiances l apparatus and rrcrrer i a Is subm! tted for-app:--ova! sha I t be subs": -anti a j Iy i dent Ica I \1/ i th a simi !ar appliarce .. apparatus and mater-ials which have been li1 successr:ul commercial USE; and opel"atlon for on'3 vear in projects and ur.its of comparable size. The right is "to req:;ire Contractor to subm i -j-c;: 11 st of bu i I d i nC'5 vlhera they are in opera-r i on so that such investigar i on as may be deemed 'necessary may be made befo;"e approva!. 14-7. :!'ISPECTION AND TESr5,: The Contractor sha II tes"ia i I of the equipment installed under th:s specifi::::ation end dernfJilsti"ate its pi-oper operation to the Government's Represontative. No final inspection or test I'lill be ffi.::lde except upon formal no-rice from the Contractor by letter or te fegram. \:Jhere such not ice re Iates to a "F i na I" Inspecti on it sha 11 be to the Chief, Design and Division, irl Atlanta. No cons i dera-r ion will be given to no1-i ces from Subcontrac"i'ors. !4'. The Contractor shal! furnish all necessary labor, fuel and appliances (such smck0 machine, mercury gauge, air pump, boi ler makers' 'force pL!mp for boi ler te:>t, 1"or the 'j"ests and sha! I meet a II of Said tests, except of oj-he Goven1rr.ent Inspector. 14-9. If tests shay tnat the work is in any way defective or at vOi-iance with the specification requirements the Contractor shall immediately make all changes necessary correct the same and remedy al i defects to the satisfaction of the Government Representatlve. In the event the does not within a re0sonab!e time remedy ail and rna!..;) al I changes demanded by the Representative to complete the work satisfactori Iy, the right is to havQ defects remedied or chanses made to char'ge the cost of same aga l nst the acc(;un"i" 0 '[-the Con' tracto:-. C.:mtractor sha I; be respons i b Ie fer any damage to equ i pment by testsu 14-10. 'piPING. Hi\NGERS ETC.: GENERALLY: All pIping, ei'c., except electric co;,duits run in floor construction, suspended cei ling space or roof space, sha! I be run lei with the lines of the bui Iding unless otherwise sh01n or noted on drawings. Water supply pipes where practicab:e shaJ I be placed at eJevation and hung on mu:tiple hangers. Electric conduits :;hall not be hung on hangers with etriY oihor service, and so far as shel i be hung above al! other service pipes. different service pipes, fittings, etc., shall be so instal :ed that after the cQvering is applied there wi Ii be not less than 1/2 inch clear space be-h'Je:3n "rhe fin i shed cover i ng and other and between gm 14--3


-14-II. 14-12. 1413. 14-i4. the finished covering of parallel adjacelll: pipes. Except a s otherwise specified, hangers shall be spaced not more than 10 feet apart, and those on different service lines running par.a::'lel \oJith each other and near together sholl be in line with each other and parallel to the lines of the buildings. Exact location of electric outlets, piping, ducts, etc., stall be co-orciinated SUQColltr::lcto!'s so that there Hill be no between fixtures, piping, ducts, etc. Unless otheniise spec::,fied, hangers &nd hanger supports sllall be in accordance with StHndard Details No.ls lO-l-lA, lO-1-2A, and I N pTALLATION or All applianc8s and eqlliF,,12!lt shall b2 installed and connected in accordance with the engineering practice unless othen'lise shown on drawings or spec1.fiecl, manufactured instructions and shall be followed and all auxiliary piping water seals, !al\'es, electric etc., shall be furnished and installed complete. OUARANTEE S: All wor k this of the specification shall be guaranteed for Or.2 year from the ('ate of final seti::;.eme.nt under this contract requi,red by the article entitled llGuarantee of 'i'loi"kll in the Conditions. UNIO NS: No union shall be placed in a location which will be inaccessible after completion of the building unless so shm'1l1 en draHings or specified. UnLcn3 shall be installed on each side of all special valves, regulators, etc., on or.e side af each check v&l v e and each thermostatic and ac all pieces of equipment as boilers, pumps, compressors, tanks, etc.; in order thEit such equipment may be readily disconl1.ected. Hhe1'e flanged valveE, regulators, etc., do not permit the removal of flcmge bolts, tvlO such mu:t be sep9.rated by a spool. CHJCK VALVE.:. Check valves shall provided wherever indicated, specified o;,required for the p:Lope;:o operation of the eqL:ipment of the system. Each valve shall lJ c. of the type and materials of construction hest suited for long and efficient operation ,o}i th a minimum of COl::-e and repair. \ ')here by the Manufacturer of the equipment insta:lr;d or required by good pr&ctice for proper operation, the valves shall be designed ar:d constructed to prevent slamming and to be quiet in operation. 14-L :


!4-15. I16. k-17. 11'.-1 J. INTF.R}"ERENCES: The Contractor sllall coo::.-dinate the v70rk of the different trades in o:-der that interferences betueen mechanical, electrical, architectural and structural work will be avoided. All necessary off sets in piping and all fittings, etc., required to properly install tb.e \ 'lOrk shall be c.omplete 1.n ?lace. Piping, ducts, etc shall be kept as close as possible to walls, collllans, etc., :!.n order to take up the minj_if.uiTI amcunt of Epace all offsets, f1ttings, etc., required shall be furnished and installed without additional expense to the Governwent. In case interference develops the Government Reprosen'feri i va Hill decide equJ.pment shall be re-located regnrc!less of vlhich vIaS first installed. See also Paragraph "Coo;:-dinated Layouts". SINc::mAR NmmER:---_._---Where any device or part of equipment is herein referred to in the singul'lr nUffi0er (such as "the pump"), such refer-ence shall be deemed to apply to as many such devices as are required to complete t11C instO-llation as shm-m on the drmvings. INSTRUCTION 017 EM:'::.1.DYEES: In 3ddition to any detail.ed instruct10ns called for the Contractor must provic.e, v]ithout expense to the GO'lel..mnent, Competent instructors to train the employees who will hS'l8 charge of the apparatus 2nd equipment, in the care, adjustment, and operetion of all parts of the equipmant. Instructors; shall be available for a period of two calendar weeks after the completion and acceptance of the work under thia cOLtract. ,\CCESS PANEL S: Furnish and install access ?anels not slaaller than 12 inches by 16 iLches for access for concealed valves, ?-traps, cleanouts, traps, unions, expansl.o:J. jOints, dampers, etc., vlhere n.) other means of access is provided. Access panels shall be all steel construction with a No. 16 gauge wall or ce1ling frame and a No. 14 gauge panel door. Doors be secured with concealed hinges and flush locks of either the cylinder type or apI-'roved, posttive acting, screw-driver operated type, except doors for ivall panels LUay be iv-ith suitable clips and COl\Ilcer:sunk sereus. Outside of access panels shall be flush finished wall or ce1lings. Panels sh&ll be painted with a ::-ust inhl.bitivcl?rirllcr at the factory and after installation be painted with not less than two ceats of lead and oil paint to illntch adjacent surface.


19. li;-20. 1i1:ZI. 14-2:;:' 14-23. 14-24 ACC?SS TO -Y.-6!=VE.El....l._..ETC1.. Furnish and install steel ladders, platforms, extensLon handles, extension oil cups of such similar fittlngs or appliances as Ulay be required to permit easy access for proper lubrication etc., of all equipment where same is not easily unless othenlise specified or s }lOwn 0i1 drawin;-;s. Steel laL.du s will not be for access to eCiuipment less than 10 feet above floor unless shov7n on or specified under the p3rticular item. Distance to be measured from floor to center line of pipe. DRIP PAllS=Provide copper drip pans uuder \ -wtCi:-, soils, leste, steam, return 01.-drip p:i.pi.ng vihicL nm over elect:::-ic s'l:vitchboards, transformer vaults, or electric motor Each drip p3U shall have a dr;:cin piped to discharEe '-lhere shO\';11 en draHings, or if not shown, tu discharge over nearest available open drain. NARKING OF PIPES AND Vi.LVES:,-----_._._---._----.--All exposed pipes covered and uncovered, including electric feeder conduits, d ,all be marked \ 'lith stenci.ls to indicat2 the use of the p&rt:Lcular pipe or conduit. See Electric.:!l Syste10S Section for markins of fire alarm conduits, h:i.gh tenston conciuits) etc., Where two or more steam or uater pressures are used the ste:1cil also indicate the pressure. Stencils shall be plain block letters about 1 inch high and shall be located near each brnn2h con:18ction, near each valve, and at least every 50 feet on straight nms of pipe. Hhere pipes are adjacent to each other, s t encils s hal! be properly lined up and shall be so located as to b e legible from the floor. Letters on covered pipes and uncovered galvanized pipes shall be black or red, and on uncovered black pipes shall be white. Fans, exposed ducts, etc., shall be similarly stenciled. The exact location of stencils shall be ae by the Governmerd' R epreseni-at i vc. Each valve controlling mains risers, etc., but not including individual shut-off valves on fixtures, etc., shall be tagged with a brass tag about 1 inch diameter v;ith numbers as large as Ta g s shall be secured to v&lves with copper Hire of not less than No. 12 gauge. Schedules, framed under glass, Sho':Ol ing number, locaci.on, and pipe contr olled shall be provided and mounted -,here directed. Schedules :;hall conform to nUr:Juers s;lOwn on dravJings for rLscrs, EtC. Unless othenlise specified for a particular application, motors shall comply with the follovling requirements. 1 : -6


-14-25. J14-27. 14-28. 14-29. 14-30. 1!:--31. -1:;--32., 14-33. Each motor shall have sufficient capacity to start and the machine it drives vlithollt exceedj_llg the motol:' nameplaLc at tile speed speciL_cd or at any speed and load which n:ay be o1..lt:ur.ed by the drive actually fU7:nj_shed. The horsepowers of motors indicated on the drawings are thos8 estimated to be l'eand are to be uS8d to determine the electrical feeder s5_ZGs. The horsepovlcrs specified are also those estimated to be by the driven equtpment operating at specified duties and efficien::::ies. If the actual 110rsepm-mr required the equipment proposed to be furnished d:i.ffers [rom that specified, or in the absence of specified values, if lt diffel:'s from the value shmJ!1 on the dl-aHings, the matte:;.-must be adjusted before installtion. Hotors sllall bear i ,IEi I!'. Des i elf! B. letter designation. Hotors shall be rated for continous duty at 100 per cent of rated capacity, at,d temperature rise shall be based 0.1 n11. ambier.t of L:-O degrees centigrade. Unless othe!wisc required or specified polyphase motors shall be Gener2l purpose, squirrel cage, open type, induction motors, and shall be in accordance with Federal Specification CC-M-Gt +l. Hotors shall be wound for 208 Volts, 60 cycles, 3 phas8 alternating current. Si ng i 8 phas2 mot ors shall be of the open capacitor type, and shall be in acco!ciaHce with Fed0ral Specific:c>.tion CC-M-641, or CC-M-636. Hotors shall be Hound for 120 volts, 60 cycle alternating current. Generally, motors 1/2 horsepower shall be single phase. Hotors 1/6 horsepovler aed upder may be split phase type. The infuiaticn resi.stance between sCHtcr conducto::'s and frame s of mutors at the time of final inspection shall not be l ess than megohm. No shop test of motors will be required but the temperature rise, insulation resistance and general characteristics will be determined at the building at the time of final inspection. Hotor leads shall be te;:ll -,inated as specified under 'Terminal ConncctLon For MotO l:S and Starters." MOTOR C'.:.-ENEI<.{!LLY: Each motor shall be ?rovided with a fully enclosed motor starter of proper design to meet the s pec i al of the motor and drive. The starter be equipped with contacts to break each ungrounded Line to the motor. Therrllc1 1 over-current devices 5:18.11 be provided as required to open all contacts simultaneously. A suitable reset device for resetting over-current trip shall be prOVided. 14-7

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14-3<':, :4-35. 36, 14-37. ;4-38. 1tl--39. 14-iW. 14-'.1 I. Unless othen-lise specified, starters shall be general purpose type, mounted in steel cases equipped 'l:i.th suitable hinged doors arranged for Each case shall be so designed that the enti:::e sta:i:te.:-can 'uc readily removed, and shall be of sufficieIlt size to permit easy access for repair, replacement of parts, and making of connections. Starters shall be for wall, floor, or mounting, as indicated on d:C[''.V'ings, or sped.:Elcd, and shal:" be comp}.2te \-lith .:tIl necessary frames or supports. othenlise silOHn on d:L8.wings, st!:1rters shall be loca'ced in a position where the motor and starter are fully visible from other. Each starter shall ha\'e a horscpO':-ler rating, Hhich shall be not less than the rating of the uotor it controls. Thermal ovel--current devices shall be rated in amperes, to correspond w1th t he nameplate current rating of the motor. Rating of thesp devices sllall not exceed the ratings by the motor manufacturer for the particular application. Except as othen'7ise indtcated on dr.:nvings or specified, starters shall be of full voltage, across the line, magnetically operated type Hith over-current protection and under voltage releiise. Each m.:..:.gnetic start0.r shall be of combinat:Lon type, containing a circuit within the starter case. Nagnetic shall be provided ,nth manual start-stop push button stati on" m::mnted on stnrter case, unless float switches, pressure switches, thermostate, or other automatic devices are j.ndicated on drm' Lngs or hereirwfter specified. All starters cC11tr(;11ecl uy automatic devices shall be provide.:! Hitil a three-position ; I,"lnd-OE-Automatic transfer sHileh mounted on starter case, and connected so the motor can be manually operated regardless of the pos2.tion of the automatic cO:l.trol device. Transfer sHitch shall not be connected to supersede any safety device or sClfety interlock. Manual starters shall furnished for single phase motors unless othGn-lise specified, and shall be equipped ,rUn a fQQnually operated trip-free 3';'7itch, with over current thermal trips and contacts to break edch ungrounded line conductor. Operation of over-cur!'ent dev1.ce in any pole sh.s.ll Simultaneously open all cont acts of s'litch. S'ivitch shall I)e designed for manual resetting of over current devices. Sixty-five percent reduced voltage starters shall be of the auto-transiormer step type, the resist2nce type, the dual ,,!ound motor type, or the star-delta type, having an adjustable time interval bet';\T:2:'2J.1 the apI'l:Lcation of reduced and ful l voltage to the motors. Starters shall be mounted in the Motor Control Center with adequate ventilation. The starter shall be fully 14-8

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14.;. 14-4. '14--44. 14-45. 1,;--46. and shall confo rm to all of the :':C([u:i.rements of e ,1.:! pOHer supplier ,i.,hose "1ritteLl rppr01'al of the b::: obtained by the prior to placement of an order with an equipUlent manufacturer. In any event, the equipment man"Jfactllrer shall specify the type starter that he \ "ilJ. accept for use with his equipment. CQ!1NECTIOi\S. FOR ivlOTORS l'1oi:ors and starters 3ha11 have leaes terr.linated with solderless pressure Hire connectors, Specification W-C-601a. All terminal starter cases, and connectors shall be sllitable fOi:' tile sizes and types of condu;::to:cs as specified and/or shmm on d:..'a"nngs. BELT DRlyES. GENEP-ALLY: Each motor-driven not direct connected shall be equipped with A V-baJ t drive. Belts shall be endless, of reinforced cord and rubber construction. Cerds shall be of long staple cctton, rayon, or other suitable textile fibers. Belts shall be of correct cross 3ection to fit properly in the sheave grooves. Belts for each drive shall be carefully matched. Sheaves shall be of cast-iron or steel, bored to fit prop2rly on the shafts end secured keys of proper size. The use of Sf;t Bcrev1S alone wj_ll not be permitted. :LJit;::h of sheaves sh3.1l 1:: 3 not less than 3.4 ::'nC(lGS for "A" section belts, 5. e i.nches for liB" section beJ.ts, 9.4 inches for "c" section belts and 13.3 inches lor ")JI' s8ction helts. Vari2..ble sheaves sila1.t, unless aLlen-lise specified) be selected so that the :ceq.ured r.p.m. will be with the sheave set approximately in miciposition and the pitch diameter in that positl. on shall be aa specified D"Living <:::0.1 driven shafts she.ll be set pa.rallel B l.d shall be so located that corresponding grooves will be in the same place. The driven sheave of each drive shall have the same groove spacing as the motor sheave for drives with 4 or more belts. The ratiag of cacil dd.ve shall be as recOrnmeL10E;.1 by the manufacturer for the servi ce but shall be at least 1.2 timcs the nameplate rnting of the motor, uith proper allo';mnce for sheave diameters, center and arc (Jf (;cmtact less than l80 degrees. For variable speed dr.ives the hors>2pmJer rating shall be figured at the speclfied mid -position Each drive using high capacity belts shall have a tag and a sticker applied in a conspicuous wanner to the and sheave. Tag and that tha belts arc high capacity i4'-9

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1/:-47. 14--50. !4::i I 14-52-. 14-53. 14-"l1., .QELT. GUilliD...!. Each belt drj_ve sh[)l1 be ,-;i tit a guard. :iuards shall be of No. 12 u.s. Standard gage 3/4 iLch diamond mesh Hire screen, or equivalent, ,-lalded to 1 inch steel angle frames and shall enclose all belts and sheaves. Tops and bottoms of guards shall be of substantial sheet metal of not less than No. 18 u. S. Standard gage. shall be secured to the foundations or floors by heavy angle supports anchor bolts. Braces to motors .7il1 not :)e perJn:i_tteci c:!nd braces secured to driven machines vlill be permitted only \'lhen the main support'; E..re also secured to foundations. Guards shall be designed H i th adequate provision for move ment of the motor to adjust belt tension. Xeans shall also be provided to permit Oiling, of speed counters and other and testing operations with the guard in place. F01LHl'-CdINRRY. ETC. Provide fOULdations for all machinery includins fans, pumps, compressors, e::.: Foundations gsnerally shall be 'ouiltup hom the structul"al floor sla.bs an,:,: 80..::.11 be made of Class A All exposed except wher2 steel is indicated, shall be finished 'vitli cement mortar troH81led smooth. Machiues shall be secured to foundations Hith anchor bolts of ample size. BoltD shall have bottom plates and pipe sleeves and shall be securely embedded in the All l!k1.chines shall be grouted under the entire bea:ri!1g surface of the bed plate or frame. After grout has set, all wedges, shims and jack bolts shall be and the space filled with grout. Each electric motor shall be mounted 0:1 tt1e same foundation as the driven machine. Reciprocating machines, such as air compressor.;; and vaC:UULl pumps, itavlng an uniJal [ !I1ce in ti18 lE){"izontal shdll have foundat i ons designed to resist the horizontal forces. Foundetions shall be in accordance with the machinery manufac5 reconunendations and .:1.S indicated on the drawings. for other moving machinery, such as fans, pumps, compressors, etc., having no reciprocating parts, sh&ll be set on standard factory made Lsolation units mounted on concrete sub-base. See Standard Detail No. 10-1-5. foundat i ons for t 1,ese machines may he hE..:lvy '-J81.r:lecl structural steel frames in \vhich case the concrete above the steel base may be omitted 1/: --10

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!4-55. Isolation units be steel banded natural cork or machinery corkboard pads, auj'cs::aLle spring llnii.: s o r n1.bhcr .i. shear units, selected wj t h cousidern t i on of the p r evail ing mact.ine itequencies alld guaran::eed by the manufactu::e r prevent transmission of objectionable noise to the structure. :: STANDA RD D E TAILS 14-56. -.-_._--The d e ta:Ll s referred to by numhers on the mechanical drawings, in the St, :u:dard Specif:i.catio:ls 0:0: tn this spccificutton are Details of the Public Buildings Service and form a part of the Contract. Hhere "Basement", "Basement Floor," or "Ground Floor" is14-57. reforred to in t h e cpecification it be understood to mean the 1mvest flOaT of the bu:tlding. Corr.osion Hetal --Hhere corrosion resist::.ng metal1 4-58. I s referred to in specification, it shall be either nickel copper allo y 0:: corroslon-resisting steel alloy. Unless otherw i se specified nick 81 copper alloy eha1l c o mply with Federal S pecificf.!tion QQN-28l and corrosion-resisting steel shall with F e d e r e l Specification QQ-S-76Ga, and may b e either Class 1 (A! SI No. 316), or Cldss 6, (AISI Nos. 321 or 34 7). 1 /1" -59. i'l.ny e xisting lightin3 fixtures have to be relocated in order to f ;1cilitate the installation of net-1 duct twrk or piping shall be relocated, as a part of this Contract, to a nm., locatl.on as close as possible to the o l d location. Wiring shall be extende d to the net" location i n concea1.ed conduit above the cei3..ing. In caRes where the building structur e prohibi ts the running of concealed conduits, expose-::J. ,.,ire mold l:lay be used mounted flush against the ceilins Provide doors in furred ducts to lisht requlred 14-II

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u. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PS"F-EG-4 14-60. POv{.ER & During the instal latlon of the a!r conditioning system Ccr,trac i -or shall be responsible for fwnishing at his expense any Te"llpOrary power or hSct i 119 wh 1 ch may be requ i red due to the Interruption of these services as incurred by the installation of any part of this contract. 14-6! Existing equ!pment not r e nderad obsolete by the ot th i s contract sha i' be resto,-sd to i n9 COile; i1-ion as required additional cost to the Govarmnent 14-" 12

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U < S. POST Oi-FleE CUSlOiVi !-lOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 SEQT!9lLL2 NG 15-1. This of the specifications includss the rE,rwva I of the-co:ct,,,-_:tn: f i x-I'ures und rep lacerr:snt thereof VI i th n8W pi Ui.lb i n9 f i xtllres, and other v!ork, a II as i nd i on the drdVi i ng arld herein. 15-2. in this sect-ie'n of the spElclficai"ions to pwragraphs mean peragraphs in the Plumbing Specifications, Public Bui Idings Service, Genera! SorvIces Administration. Dated June I, 1958, and such including I to 5 inclusive form a part of this specification. A copy of the Standard Specification may be obtai ned from the Bus i Sarvice C('ntsr. Referer:cos to figures, p3ges, etc., in connec;-ion wi-I-h finishes and plumbing fixi'ures ,-efei to 'I'lg"' ures, pages, etc in Feder 'ai Specification WW'-P-54Ib. c. .E..iE.l!.C...e Sea I to 4. 15-3.. EXisi-i, ng and indicated to be removed, :;ha I I become the property of the Con'tractor and sha II be removad from the premises. Salvage vd:La of materials removed shai I be reflected in the bid. 15 sha be outfit VL 20F (se::t,on 10, figur'e 10.1 9 ) with faucets '4SW 105s chaIn and stopper (section !7, paragrnph 17.6. i) type 108 "P" trap ( seer-ion 17, paragl-aph 17.34) and type RV supplies with type 6A angle s t eos (paragraph 17.1.3 to 17,1.4 inciusive. 15-5. ..N.: sh:;: 11 be outfit VU 16P(Sec. 10. figure 10 .13) (seo para9raph 10.6.6 to 10.6. 6.2 inclusive) ...pedal oper'ateo 'fiush valve. The flush valve shai! be LC, Pattern D {see par-agi"aph 18.2.3, !e,,2. 3.1 and inclusive) modified 1'0:-pedal oper2lTion, Pedal shat! bE: C2st white me-j-al, and shal! be chromium plated. Center of foC't pedal shal I be locatec 8 inches from the center of and on the right hand 51 de of the ur i na I, and sha 1 I be 6! inches from of in i shed wainscot, and !O inches above finished floor. Suppiy line to the flush valve shall be rigidly supported. !5-. SERVICE SINK shail be outfit VS20G wi-I-h gucrd, modified to omit back-splash dr; Ilings (section 101 figure 10.2i) to Guit existing roughing, and type 49 service sink (section 17, par agraph l7-19). gm 15-,1

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u.s. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOH HOUSE ST. AUGUSTInE, FLORIDA PB-REG-h !5-7. :!ATER CLOSET SEA.TS. -Sl,-alJ. be open front type CKI 'JAT:8P. CLOS:C'l' FLuSH VALVES. -Shall be type LC) 1)3.ttern D diaplu'al;l "O"I;eraTea., Tpal' ag:;:'apll 2 and 13.2.4). 15-8. lJRINt\L FLUSH VALVE.-SbalJ.. be type LU pattern D diaprcam operated. For replc.cer'lent valve only. 15-9. LAVATWY TRIH. -Shall be type 14 01' 10, C or D as may be :::-equired existinG lavatories beinG retrir:lIned. SuppUes and. stops shall be type IN "itil tYre 6A anzle valves (section 17, 17.1.3 throuch,1'(.1.3.5, -'1.7.2, 17.2.1, 17.6, -I 1' '-' d"1 )7u an -L(.9. 15-10. AFTETI IlTST.t.LLtt'l'ION ne" plwilbing fixtures shall be given an operationc.l test the presence of and to thp. satisfactio:l of the construction engineer 0:;: his appolnted representative. 15'-2

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u. S. POST OrF !eE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE 1 IDA PB-REG-4 HEAT IN.Q.._ 16-1. SENF.Rl\..b: This section includes "l-ha fi.;r.lishing and lation of all rnai'er-ia!s and labo\-of convsl-sloil of the existing S'i'e3Ll boi icr to hot water service, eto:::., (' 2 S shown on -rhe an."J/or specified herein 16. in "i-his section of the specification to paragraphs in ';'he Standard Specification for Heating, Public !3ui dings Service, General Sarv l ces Administration, dated Juris I, ;952, and such paragraphs, inc l ud i ng paragraphs I to 5, inclusive, form a of this specification. /.. CQPy of the Standard Spec ifi cat ion r ;lay oe procui'ed on app I j cat i on to or-he Elusiness S'9rvice Cznter, PS8ch-rree-Sev8nti) Bll! !ding, 50 Sevonti1 Si"r8et, N. E." .A.tlanta 23, Gso'gja. 15-3. ..:;'?! ETC:,:,: A i I pip I ng sha! I be ins ia I led as required tor a canrlete Piping shail be black steel. See parasraphs 43 -j'o 67 inclusive, e>:cep1' paragraphs 44,49,55,56,57,61,62, 61:. and 65. 16-4. See 77 and 78. 16" 5. J:-::.:tJ.QERS f\j\jD SI)P;::Q.Br?: See paraoraphs 79 'ro 82 irclusive. 16-6. P:PE SLEEVES, FLOOR Jl8D CEI.l.ING P.ill.fS, ETC..:.: See paragraphs 83 to 88 inclusive. 16. See pai-agraphs 92 to 97 inclusive. 16-8. E XPA!,!SION Tfl 4KS: See pa t-3graphs 34 -j-o 37 inclusive" 16. 110T C2 !RgUUIT!NG SeC! paragraph: 5 185 and '89" Capacity shall be as si-a-j ed or the drawings. Contr'ols shal: b3 as shown on drawings. 16-10. COIWER$lON OF_. SXISTiNQ..]9JJ.ER T9_HQI-l' JATE.8: Contr;;:c-j-or sha: 1 remo vo exi 51' i n9 steom pip; ng '(run bo 1 I er nnd rep i pe as shown on dr::lw i ngs. i5-i !. BO l ,=ER 80 i Isr con'h-o Is sha 1I be as shown on drawings. 16-12. PAINT.Lt:'2: See pa:-agt-aphs 200, 203 and 204. Existing aquipmen1' with insulati0n in good condition nsed not have insulation r8moved for pa i nting. am 16' r I

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U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOi' 4 HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLO,'=\IDA 16-:3. See paragraphs 207 and 210. 16-14. equipment shown on the draw i ngs to be removed, such as certain steam piping, radiators, vacuum pump, a-i" c sha II become. the property of the contiactor and from the premises. The salvage valve shall be reflected in the bid. 16-!5, J\! i patching shall be done i n a n eat a n d I'/orkmanlike manner, matching fin i shes. gm 6-2

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U. S. POST OFF!CE fiND CL'STOM HO!..!Sl : ST. AUGUSTINE 1 FLORiDA PB-REG-4 SsQI'!OI'Ll.? A I R,COND ; T ION i NG A"iQ VENT LbtT ON 17I jiORI<.--.!..t'JC LtJDEO: Th 5 sect i on of t he spec i f i cat i on i nc Iudes the furnishing and ins-I-all::ltl on of a complete airconditioning and venti Ic::ting Sys: -8rn for t h e bu i i ding as descr j bed he r "e in and i no i ca-;-ed on the draltJj n9s, l-i-2. REFERENCES IN TH I S Sr:CT lOt OF THE SPEC IF iCAT ION TO MEAN IN THE STPNDARD SPECIFICATION, PUBliC BU I LD 1NGS Sl:RV ICE GENER/\ L SERV ICES ADM' N I STR/\T IDl\TED 5 1956 AND SUCH PARI\GRAPHS, AS It/ELL AS PARAGRAPHS I to 4 INCLUS IVE, r-ORivl A OF T H iS SPECIFIC/ ,TleN. ,A. COPY 0:-THE STA"JDAPD SPECIFiCi\TION MAY BE PROCmED ON APPLICAT ION -m BUSINESS SEFNICE COfrER, 50 SEVENTH STR:::ET, N. E., ATLANTA 23, GEORG! P, 17-3. GU/\RAtHEE: The Contractor sha II guarantee that the ent ire instal wi' I op erate wii-hout oDJec t iol'iabie dra-[-ts, noises or vibra-rion as determined by the Government Representative. !7-/1 E:
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u -S o POST Or-";=ICE II,ND CUSTO!"l HOU3::: ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORi DA PB--REG-4 17-8. PAC!difica-I-ions wi II be permitted: Pumps not larger than 5 inch (discharge size) may be of the single suction, vertic a I !y sp: ii-; ype if the -rota 1 dynam i c head does not exceed 100 feet; cas i ng \-,S i r i ng rings may b8 om i tted on pumps not exceed i ng 2-1/2 inch (dlschJrge size) and hDving a total d ynamic head not exceeding 50 feet. De 16t8 -I-he last sentence 0 -;; P a ;'cj 3r-aph 76. l lechan i ca I sea Is may be fur' n I s h ed on Iy whe:e they are : ",: comm:3nded and gl!ar 'a'1"i"eed by the pump manufacturer. Close coupled pwnp mo'r-ors may be cil-ip proof ir. lieu of splash proof. Capacity shall bf: ;:JS shcw n on drawings. 17-13 See Paragraphs 71 -;-0 78, inclusive, excep-r that the fo I low! n9 mod Ifi cat ions \II I I i be perm I t'j'ed: Pumps not lars:et -than 5 inch (discharge si:?:G) may be of singie suction, verti ca l :y split l -ype If the i-otal dynamic head does not exceed 100 feGt; cas i ng wear i n9 rings may be om i i"ted on pumps not e>
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t..:. S FOST O F r7 AND CU3YOM HOUSi: ST. AIJGUSn NE, IDA P8-REG-4 in lieu of 2 inch; standards in width, depth and of both)fTo stringers; rigid, moulded pl[Jstlc fi: I ha'/ ing rnacllanicai end "" chemical properties least equal t hose of high inlpact polystyrene in lieu of woed or metfll fill; fan ey 1 i ndeis of mater i a Is othsr than weod or stoe I. p:-ov 1ded they have equ i va 1ent s -ITsngth, impaet res i stance a:' ld sorv i ce !; fe. Capae i ; y sha I I be as shovin on draw i ngs. 17See I: I to 116, i nelusive and Poragr:'-1p h3 i27 to 133, incll!slve. 17-16. ETC.; Sea Par-agl-aphs 117 to 133, inc lusive, e x eep-r in lieu of 93t8 0:--globe ,-,alves ConiTactor may use lubricai-ed plug cocks or eccantr i c plug va I ves of u i-ype that \'I iii not mater i a II y 1ncrease the h ead loss cd t h e system and 2 inch va I vas s h a I! have brc:n::::e bod i e s i if lieu o f cast iron. P!f!N: This piping shall be the some as specified for condenser" \'Ioter piping. 17-18 Dr"ain piping shall be steel with cest iron drainage 17-19. PIPE SUPPORTS: See Paragraphs i34 to 1391 inciusive. 17-20 See Pare,grephs 14, 0 to inclusive. 17-21. THERIVD, M EITR See 144. Thermcmei-er wells shu i I b e i nstf11 ied \titlel"e s:'0':: n on drm' i I1gs. 17-22. A bronze case mG'rcury t hermometer \'I i -j-b separab 1 e shall be installed where shot'm on draw ings. 17-23. Thermome-r8r scc>!es S h e d I be appr' o x i m3i'ely 7 inc hes long with appi-oved sca Ie range s gra duated in degre() -s. Thermometers sha II be paced so thai-t hey can be reud 8:3S i IV by a man s t and i ng on tile floor and \'I th norma i room 1IIumi nat ion" 17-24. Pressure gages sha II be in accorciance vii th Fedel-a I Specification GG-G. Dials shul! be ar-proximately 4-1/2 inch, as in diameter and dials and cases be black finished. Gages shal! be moun-;-ed and prov i dec! w i -rh stop coe! (s 17--25. Gages sha I i be install'?d where show il on drawings. 17-26...L'l(D,ANS iONT..!lf'IK: SeE: Pal-agraphs JLlr 5 i -o 148, inclusive. The tank s h a 1 I be constructed as shown on the dra':" i gm 17-3

PAGE 112

U. So POST OFFICE AND HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PG-REG-4 17*,27.. Heating and cooling col Is shall be as heraina'f;-er sf)ecified except: AluminlJr,) fins wi 11 be permiti 'ed on c00ling coi Is -cha1-arc not spr'ayet:J; edgewise-wound, tape:reo, hel ical fins assembled under sufficient tension to provide a permanent bend wi i I be permitted on hE-at i n9 and coo, i ng coi '5 prov i jed fins are no-j-Iess than .01 1nch th i ck at the base and any coi Is having loose fins at the time of final inspection are repl5ced with new coi Is. 17-28. k;EfO!!iJ5 ; \:--![) (VJ/i 1f:Rl: See P3i*agraphs 149 t o i531 inclusive, and Paragraph :55. Dime:1s i ons o f coils s:'all be app:"o:drm:rj-ely as indicated on drawings. of coi Is sha!1 be as given on the !.! R-H I\f\;DUNS See Paragraphs 160. 162? l63, a;ld ;64. 8al I bearings that have bal Is and races special Iy lapped and irdividual ly ; -es-red and se !ec7ed for qu i et opernt on rubber mounted \,/ i ttl su i -j-ab ie provision for grcunding wi I I bo perm tted. Capacities she; I be as indicated on the drawings. !7-30. See Pai*agraphs 182 to 189, inciu5ive. Air ncndl ifiS uni'i"s I and 2 shall be provided \'lith automatic roll type a! j-f; Iters. Air f; Itars ;:;ha I I be of the autO'i1at 1 c rer:ewab i i um i-ype; in which a roll of i-he medium is un',' :ound aC:-055 the a i r stream by i:! mechan i sen contro! t ed by thG3 i r-pressw'e drop through the mad i Uill. The filtsr medium sha:i be adeq'ja-r-J!Y so that thei-o wi!i no-; -be any leakage of un f i itered air. r ho diff erential pressure control shali b e Ddjustablc to eny cut-in and cd-out pressure fl*orn .20 inc h t o .60 inch (wai-er gage) Vi i th a d i -ffet*sn' tial from .05 i il,:h to .10 lnch. Initial ad,]us-rrnent be a-)-.50 i n ch cutu i nand .40 inch cut-ou1-. The fi Iter shal I be pr0vided with a suitable means to stop travel of the medium w h en the end of a ro!! is reac hed and operate a visual signal to the nS'3u f o r j'enewa l The of i iter, wh'3 n ope r-zting at its specified rat e ryf air t' OVI and \'!h8,1 dust consisting of 96 percent (by weigh t ) Cottre!1 and 4 percent cotton l int iG dispersed in -rile en -raring air-E r r the ra-re of approximately one grar.: per 10()O dm, sh.311 have received not less than 100 grams of dus t per square foot of madia when the a verage r't;S i 5-;' anc e t o c. I f low reache s .45 i ilch wai"el-ga ga The media she! i ha ve an aver ago efficiency n removing Cottrel i precipitate of not le. % than 75 percent dUI-ing the oregoing dust loading -I-est. An fi Iter 98ge shul I be provided as required by Paragrap h 188 or 189. g m !7-4

PAGE 113

U $, POST Oi-FleE Aim CUSTOM I-;OUS E ST. AJGUSTI N!:1 FLORi Oil, PB-RES-4 17-3i .fGi'IL800f VF.NTILATORS: Cen-rrifuga! rcof tire fans, indicated in the on the drawings, shal I have horizontal wheels 'Z and 5hal! be a type Iy designed for mouniing on raised curbs above a f Ia t too;:. FGI1 sha II be Iate with backward inc! i :1ed fan V! hes Is supported on ball bearing s -fc:n 1T'.0-ror' and rigidly braced frame and housing. Fen ,(Iheel, m0Tor and drive shall be mounted on su i i -cb l e to absorb tha vi bra-rion and any magne-ric motor h L,;iTl. Fan:3 may be V-be It driven, provlding t h e V-belts are of the standard t y pe. Fan fr2m a sh a l I be h eavy wei d8d stee I l -ious i;:g shi::l; I be twon i shed in copper. A I i centr i fuSe! roof fans sha 1 1 be prov i dE';d \\' i th -rype draH damp::ws located in -t-;'8 eXhc:ust duc-r jus; t below the fan section. The fan moi"ors shc:l! I be iSOlated the e>
PAGE 114

U S. POST OfFICE ,A,r-..:o CuSTOM HOUS E STo AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA P6-RC:S-, 4 Ca) AI! thermostats shal' be of the fully proportioning type, unless otherwise specified. fll' controllers, lncluc'ing (-00;0 thennostc:ts used as master control l ars, but not including other rocm thermostats, shall be pl"ovid8d with an adjus-;-able -i-hroHling range. (b) Whore remote are requ!red. an adjustable r0 t io feature sh a l I b e incorporated. (c) J\l i contro I!ers I e::act Vlit,iir. -i-he range at vthich the co ntrel ler is operating. (a) AI I va:ve and dempsr operators shal I be f u I y proportioning unless otherwise specified. E!ectric motors may be of the geared o r hydraulic type. A I I gears shal! be machine cut 01 1 immersed. A!: operators sha! I be quiet in operation and shel! be p l -ovl Jsd with spring return so arrange d es to fai I safe in either a n8rmally open or normally closed posItion In the event of contra I power fai lure, 1t requir'ed for fire or freez e protection. The opsn or closed position sha! I be either as spec ified or as required to suit job conditions (f) Al I va l ve and d amper operators s ha: I be capable of at rates of speed to corre spond to the exact dict6tes of the control ier and variable load requirements and selecte d to provide speeds that wi I I prevent hunting. ( g ) Provisio:1 shall be rr:ade for \/'3I\'e and damper operators, operating in sequence with other valves or damper operators, to have adjustable oper ating rsnges and points in ordor to provide flexibi Ilty of adjustm8nt i n sequenc i ng and th:-ott! i n9 i-ange as .eqJ ired by the op8rating chBracteristics of the sys+em. (h) AI I control wiring and tUbing shal I be instal led by mechanics employed by or under subcontract to the control manufacturer 9 :-11 7--6

PAGE 115

U. S. POST OFF;CE AND CLSTOM HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Po' -REG-4 ( i) Tt-ansformers for e'ectr i c or electron i c contra: 5 shu I! bo connected to motor control center (prov!de c i rcuit brGakers in spaces prov i ded for' motor star--: -er5), or connected ,to add i tiona I c i rcu i -rs in lighting or power p3nels. Separate circuits mus+ be provided in panels fer controls; spare circuits in pane!s shal I not used, except as noted, for con -rro Is. Where centrols serve an individual unit, transformers may be connected to leads of the system controlled. 17-39. Control identific6tion numbers on manufacturerls diagrams sha! I b9 the same as the ccn-h-cl identification nLlln::er s on contI-act d:-awings. 17-40. Tempcrai-ure contl-ol dai'a fo:-a!)provc:I, as required by the "rvlechanlcal and Eiectr;cal Equipmen 'j'" section of 'j-he specification, shall include con1rol d i agrams simi iar inaall respects to those to be furnishad for pos;-l n9 as requ ired :-;y Parag i -aph 250. These diagrams sha' 1 1 nc I ude a large outline of each air' handling unit, tan, refrigercrl-i ng sys-;-n1 and heating system1 etco l with al I control devices c0rrect t y located thereon, cowplete with actual instrume:-.t i'anges, settIngs, control and inte;-Iock secuences, etc. Each diagram I also contain a complete description of the control cye Ie and operoting ins'rructions. i7-41. _See Paragr'aphs 281 to I inc Ius; ve. !7-42. IfI of the alumlnum al loy specified In Paragraph 281, the Contractor may use any scm2ercial al loy having temper and ferming Zinc coated angles may be on aluminum ducts and casings in lieu of tha aluminum angles required by Paragraphs 283 and 291. 17-43. Conci -ete clJr b s a nd -foundat i OilS sha I I be constructed unce:a I r casings and apparatus e,'lcl()se d tllerein as shown on drawin9s" 17,-4-. See Paragraphs 302 to 307, ir.clusive, except Paragraph 304. 17,-",5. See Paragraphs 308 to 310, inclusive, !7-46. ..bEXIBLE C O LLjRS: See Parasra!Jh5 311 and 312< :7-,P" See Paragra phs 313 to 320, inc Il.S i ve. ;7-48. .,sO,lJND Soe Paragl-3phs 321 ro 327, inclusive, and S-i-andQrd D8ieil 10-6-4. j7-. Q8J LLES: See PGragraphs 331 to 333, inc! us i ve. gm 17-7

PAGE 116

U S. FOST OFFICE AND CCSTOiVI HOUSE ST. AUGUSTlNE, FLORIDA P8 REG-4 17-50, See Paragl-cphs 331 and 332. I\I! regisi-ers s ha ll be provided with opp0sed b:ade dampers. 175 I. ,.g!;j LI I'IG PJ FFUSC:RS.: See Paragraphs 335 to 343, j nc Ius i ve, DiHusE";rs sha 1 ba of the type shol'ln on the drawings and shall be provided with volume adjusters. 17, Each register-and diffuse r s hall be provideci with a adjustable, vaned air scoop. :7. See Pai"agraphs 355 to 357, inclusive. 17-54 }Q. !US]ffNTS: See Pc;rag r aphs 358 to .562, inclusive. 17-,55. Igill: See Par:lgraphs 353 1-0 373; inclusive. 17-56. PAlfI.:T!t;': See Paragr .3phs 374 i-o 38i, inclusive. !7-57. -tNSj"RUCTI Ol': The Ccntraci-o;-sha I ; 'furnish the servlc' 3s of competerd-instructors to tra i n the Gov61-nment operators, such i ns1-ruci-ot"S to be a vai for a total of not less than 10 eight hour days a f ter the p : "oje:c-t-is accepted and tur-ned over the GO\!ernment for regu lar ope:-a' 1-ion. 17-58. ,9PERfI,Tilli. The contractoi' sha I! prepare c ump :ete Operai-i ng an d iVi o i ntenance Man ua Is foc the a i reon di t 1on ; ng system. The manual sha! I inciude the fo lowing: (a) Description of system and design intent. (b) Opera-ri ng i nst.ucl-i o;,s, inc ludi n9 s-rart.. up shut"doVln, and routine uperation. (c ) ins-;-ruc-riOl1s follo\Jd by la-red riiailufacturei-s' i pti ve i i teiai'ure, shop dt"aw i ng5, perroi-mance ClIt"V e S and rating data, spare parts lists, and manufacturer's manuals. One copy of tha manual shall be submitted for approval 30 days before the schedul<.:' d completion of t h e After approval, the contractol" sha!1 thsn p : "ep are i 'hrae add i tiona l cop i es. T ile 'f OW" s ets sha i I be forwarded to -'rhe Chief, Design and Constnlction Division, Public B u ildings Service, Region 4, 50 Seventh Street, E., At ianta 23, Georgia. 179 SljMP PUMP: Furnish and ins-;al l in the t"ef;i geration e quipment room one sump pump o'f 1-he capacjty on the drawings. The pump shall be c()lTIple're v/ith 18" >( 24" ;r0n recei ver tanl<, outoma-;-jc flua-r s\,lltch, ver'l-icai pump and foot valve assembly. sm 17-8

PAGE 117

U. S. POST OFFICE Aim CUSTOM HOuSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORiDA 17-60, .QUTTlliG..-.8!:)Q-PAL;HLNQ: Clri 'ting and patching sha I! be performed in a neat workmanlike manner, matching existing finishes in texture Gnd color. 17-61 The Con" race-oi-shall furnish all labor, material, tco!s, scaffolds, and other appliances necessary to execute the pa;ntins wor!, required as fol lows after all dLIr."i" ,'iol-k, olJi"le"rs, piping, i nsu tat i t u.,' i n9: etc" has been CC%P leted. SGe Par:J9,-aphs 374 to 376, inclusive. eEi:-agrarhs 379,380 and 381 as "r-ollows: I The refriger;:,tion equipmant r'oom shall be painTed.I, 2. Pd I equipmen -j-shall be ?3inted in accordance wi-j-h Federal Standard No. 595 -Color Chips as follows: CH i P ,NO_ Mach i nety, Compr'esso:""s, Pum[.is: E-rc. ;n444 I Eq!.J i pment Room Dool-s 26293 Equ i prnent Room j !s 36595 Eq'J i pmed Room F 100i-36293 3. Cel) 1 1 n 9 towe,-stee I bas j n sha 1 I be given two fie I d eo::t5 of puini-. 4, All gri iles, registers and diffusers shel I be painted. DuctI,':or!< sha I I be pa inted on: Y vlliere -rhe duct i:; e)
PAGE 118

18-I. 1 8-2. I C\ 71C,-;). 10-4. 18-5. 12-t) 1 0-7, -lliJ101\1 1 G .COVE.liP\:G ..Qf..J1QB.1S Ibis section of the specification includes the end installing of non-conducting cov orin g for pipin0,valss, ducts, equipment, etc., of all branches of the project as herein specified and shown on plans. References in this of the to mean paragrephs in the Standard for Nonconducting Covering, Public BUlldings Services, General Services Administration, dated August, 1957, which paragraphs form a part of this A copy of the ScanJs rd Specification may be procured application to the Business Scrvic3 Canter, 5 0 Seventh Street, N. E., Atlanta 23, Georgia. See Paragraph 1 to 7, J.nclusl.ve, that coverj. ng in pipe trench and space shall have an outer covering as speclfied ?aregraph 7. COVERIlJG-fOR S2e Paragraphs G to 15 inclusive and Farngraph 21. water piping ex?oved in air conditioned spaces shall be covered as r;;tquired for hot Hater piping under "Covering for Plu,nbing". FQR Ne\' h ot "f;y;er pi pi ng neu concealed re.turn piping, nev7 exposed return in finished fitt i ngs and valves shall be covered. See Paragrephs 24 to 29 and Paragraphs 3 5 to 3J inclusive. FOR LOW TEM;.,ERATURE PIPING: All chilled water shall be covered. See Paragraphs 47 to 49 inclusive and Paragraphs 51 to 63, inclusive. c;qVERING FOR Al'm AIR CONDI!10NE'1G Chilled water water expansion tank a nd chilled water pumps shall be ( S0e Paragraphs 64 to 72, inclUSive.) 18I

PAGE 119

18-8. [OR AIR CONl)ITImHNG.pueTS ,_T:.f.:. See Paragraphs 83 to 92, inclusive. ducts exposed in air conditioned spaces need not be insulated. All other supply ducto from fr8sh aL: inlets to l"OOm outlets must be covered. Return ducts in spaces not supplied with conditioned air be insulat2d. Other return ducts including d\;cts in hung ceiling spaces between conditionee rooms need not be covered. .. 18-2

PAGE 120

----19-4 19-1. 19,-2. 19-3. 19-5. \'::;.. 6 IS-7. .12 ELES'l'RICAL -SYSTEHS SCCPE OF WORI\.: This section of the specification includes a complete conduit and Hiring systl2r.1 fOL' tbe air c onJi t iornng system as described herein and indicCli.:ed on dra';nn3s, includ:Lng the reof &ny liGhtinz fixtures, or ocher electrical equiplnent confllct:i.ng Hith the "Ie,v air conditioning installation. Also, a complete distribution service up to and includl.ng neH lighting panel boards but not branch wiring a a d lighting except as indtcatcd on draHings. REFERENCE IN THIS SECTIOl'T OF T H E SPECIFICATION TO PARAGRAPHS 11EANS PARAGRAPHS IN TIlE ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION ONE AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE, GErmR.tiL SERVICES AmUNISTRATION DATED JULY 1, 1946, AND SUCH PARAGRAPHS FORN A PART OF THIS SPECIF!CArION. A COpy OF THE STANDARD SPE;CIFICATI 00I VlAY BE PROCURED O d APPLICATION TO THE GENERAL SERVICES ADl-UNI STRATI ON PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE. GENERA L: See Paragraphs 1 t o 4 inclusive. C01 J Q UJ1 .!.. See .J to 28:, inclusive and 30. Unless specifi.ed or 8hm Jn on the druHings, all "iring shall be installed in conduit, and shal! be concealed i n all finished areas unless approval for installing exposed conduit is given by the contracting o f ficer. Flexible conduit shall be used for a l l c onnectioLS t o m otors. Condults shall be arranged to provide minlmum interferellce \-lith existing and proposed facilities. CABI N ETS: Sec Paragraphs 6 8 to 79, inclusive. Wiring gutters shall b2 constructed o f code gauge galvaniz8 d s t eel, equipped with Sereyl covers, and shall be of dimensl0ns 2S shmvn on the drm-lings unless larger dimensions are requlred to accomodate equipment or wiring, They shall be painted with two coats of light gray paint. ]YPE See Paragraphs 90 and 91. _IDE N. _TIFICA' fION OF-CIRCUITS: Heans shall b e provided on each F ,anelbo[ .rd for easy identification of circuits. Thi s shall be a ccomplished by unc of nu mbering devices adjacent to each circuit breaker handle in conjunction with a neatly printed or typed card in a card holder mounted on the inside of t he door of the cabinet of the panelboard over whi ch shall be placecl a sheet of clear pla stic, is-I

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19-8. 19-5 19-iO. 191 I. HIRING: In.ring shall be completed to all lighting and pm,er o u tlets, wotors, controllers, s'Y7itches, etc. See 1:::0 to 128, inclusive. Conductors in damp or wet locations shall be type RH1>l-RR as approved by Unden(lriters Laboratories, Inc., and shall be provided with a polyshloroprene sheath. GROUND CmmECTI8NS:---_. ----.Provide ground connections. See 131. Add to last sentence: "This clamp shall be the same basic materi.;::l as the materi2.l of the pipe to which connected." (lON!ROLS /',l\1D HB.ING:-_._--_. -......-_. Electric controls and wlt'l.ng are not sho"ln complete on the plans. HOI'7ever it shall be the contractor's re.sponsib::'lity to provide all necessary control \-111.'ing and devices required for a complete and operable system, in accordance with the specifications ,::md the draV1i.ngs. a. All motor start8rs, control wl.rl.ng, and equipment shall be and 2S electrical work, except the control devices that are a component part of the air conditioning control panel, and thermostats shall be and installed as mechanical b. 1he portions of the section entitled and Electdcal shall forn a part of this section of the specifications. c. When pueuwatic type controls are used, the electrical contractor shall delete all controls or control wiring, which are replaced by the use of pneumatic controls or tubing fronl this sectLon of the specific&tions. The item itams to be deleted shall be by co-ordLnating \'7ith the pneumat:ic control::; contractor. SPECIAl" REOUIREtvJENTS: All cutting, channeling and chasing of masonry con.:.rete, or tile construction for the installation of electrical equipment and raceT:mys shall be T,dth the use of a suitable concrete savl to j.nsure against exce.ssive dam&ge to existing construction. It shall the responsibility to insure against interruptions in electrical service without prior written of an representative of the contracting officer. 19-2

PAGE 122

IS-12. 19-U. 19-11-, ')--. l ,c),... d 6 The contract or shall be reaponsible for rearranging existing electrical facilities in a vlOrkmanlike manner, as may be required to accomociate structural, architectural, and mechanical vlOrk. Electrical service shall be 3 phase, four wire 120-208 volts, underground from existing pole on Post Office property. S2e PC'.ragraph 30: \ 'Jhere conduits enter the buildings underground from outside, the conduit shall be run through iron pipe sleeves have been grouted in place and a plastic nonhardening cement shall seal the space between the conduit and sleeve to prevent of moisture. L:Lghting fi::tures, or any other items of electrical equi.p",hich are found to be in cOi.1f1ict vlith thG locati();l of any parts of the new air conditionjng installation, shall be relocated as directed by a representative of the contracting officer. Conduits and wiring shall be rerouted as necessary to prevent such conflicts. It shall be the responsibility of the contract0r to survey the premises before submitting his bid, and all such conflicts shall be resolved at no a.dditional cost to tile govecn:-llent. EX.ISTING. \ 'OjlI :: The work ahal! be carefully laid out ie advance, and, where cutting, channeling, chasing, or drilling of floors, walls, partit10ns, ceilings, or other sur faces is necessary for the proper installation support or nnchorage of the conduit, raceways, or other electrical work, t his work shall Le carefully done, anrl. 2,-! Y d t!mClge to buildi.ng, piping, or equipment shall be rer)D.ired by skilled mechanics of the tr.ldes involved, at no additional cost to the Government. E QTjIPMENT The mouating of all motors and controls, unless fact ory mounted on the driven machine, is i ncluded in thi.s section of the specifications. INSPECTION 'fEST: See Paragraphs 139 to 143, inclusive. i'lnJL_BOXBS..:... See Paragraphs 52 and 53. PLUG (Convenience O utlets) See Paragraphs 60 to 62, inclusive. Paragraph 60 shall be modified to provide NEMA grounded type wall receptacles construct2d to take both regular blade caps or 3 caps with spec1a1 grcunding blade. For special I Cl_"7-' )

PAGE 123

------19-' 17. 1918. 19-19. 19-20. 19 i. purpose o'Jtlet receptacles see Paragraph 62. P;:-ocide 2 male plugs to fit the special purpose outlet receptacles for each receptacle installed. & OUTLET BOXES: See Paragra?hs 31 to 38, 41 to 47, ipclusive. Plug in ground floor unfinished spaces and storage rooms, shall be mounted in multi-gang boxes set 4 feet 6 inches above floor. ILUSH Sv./!TCllE:S: See Paragraph 57 except as hereinaf ter mod1fied. Suitches shall have the yoke from mechanism and the yoke shall be securely fa3tened to the s'witch body by through-bolts c::: or rivets. S,,1itches shall be fully enclosed cup type with entire body and cover of celd molded bakelite or equal pbenolic material. Fiber, paper or similar materials will not be as enclosing media except fiber may be used to close the unused terminal open1ngs for 3 and 4 way switches when used single pole units. BRANCH-CmCUIT" EQUI PPEDJHTILAUTO}'l.AT:(C BREAKERS: Branch circuit r:anelboards shall oe of the deae fro:1t safety type with C circuit breakers in accordance with Federal Specification \ J-P-13la ane Amendments land 2 as indicated on drm]ings. Bus bar's shall have type lu.S connections for a:i:taclung feeders. No consecutively numbered circuits shall be connected to the same phase bus. to standard detail No. 10-4-12, for indexing. tVITJ-l AUTOVJATIC CIRCUlT BREAKERS: See Paragraph No. 101. "AND AMENDl-'ENT 1 AND 2" after ;IFEDERAL SPECIFICATION H-P-13J..n11 Ci rcu i-r breakers sha 11 be class 0-2. The control center shall consist of standardized construction conforming to NEl1A type tlC' 1 Class I construction and shall include complete metal enclocure, starters, circuit breakers, brand. circuit and ot;1er units as shown on the projC!ct drat.;rings v;i th master block c:.t the top o f the structure. :Ubbe2 rubbel-r..atting (24" \vide x 1/811 thick) shull be installed on floor around motor center. 19-4

PAGE 124

All starters shall be combination across the line mClgnetic type unless indicated otherwise on drm:ings. Each controller shall be that the circuit breaker must be in ':he "offll position befo:rc the unit may be fr.om the The height of t;1C motor cC::1ters shall to'::! approximately 90 incl1es. I1aximuI!l o2pth sh211 be 24 The finish both inside and out shall b0 a medium light gray enamel ASb ij49 ever a rust inhibitor. hotor Coni:rol Center shall be rated in accordance with NEMA standards for 600 volts maximuill, three-phase. Engraved plastic naille-plates each unit ohall be provided. Construction: Motor Control Center shall be totally enclosed, standing type, and shall consist of No. 12 gage fabricated sheet ste21. shall consist of a structural or formed steel frame oraccd and welded into a rigid unit which shall maint&in its alignrnen': anJ shall not be in shipment or erection or by stresses resulting from short circuits. Adequate ventilating louvres shall be provided. The unit shall be securely bolted to channel iron sills grouted into a 4' high concrete pad on tha floor. Surfaces damaged or scratched during shipment or erection shall be refinished, and the whale unit rubbed u.mm Hith ail approved pol ish. All circuit sh&ll be fixed breakers, molded case type of the frame .size and setting ind:1.cated on the dr2.Vlings. All circuit breakecs shall be Class C and E. 19-5

PAGE 125

U. S. FOST OfFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE ST. PB-REG-4 SECTION 20 JJ.9.liI.lliQ FIXTURES" i OF This of the speciflcntion COVGrs the furnishing and Installation of lIghting and lighting for a II li ght i ng out let s I n -i-he proje::t as lis ted in t;,e IISchedule of Fix-rures,ll includino the connectiol" of the fixtures and equipment to the wiring of the bui Iding. Also, repair all wl' ought Iron I!ght fixtures in the ceiling of gallel"Y and balconies, and rep lace all electric wiring from the fix';'ure outlet box to i he flxture. Rep!ace e! I and ml3sing glass in the above Illen'['ioned light fixtUl"es. Usa No. 14 p,.I'J.S., Type AF wire. 20 -2. REFERENCE IN TH I S S ECT ION OF THE SPEC If ICi,T ION TO PAR,'\GRAPHS PAR,l\GRAPHS !!\j THE STflNDpRD SPECIFIC/\TION FOR FIXTURES, ETC., PUBL IC BiJ1LDINGS SERVICE, GENERAL SERVICES DATED APRI L I, 1956, AND SUCH PARAGRAPHS FORM A PART OF TH I S SPEC : FI C/\TION. A COPY OF THE ::TANDARD SPEC 11='_ IS/\TION MoW BE PP.O Cl!RED APPLlO,T!ON TO THE GENERAL SEF!VICES !,Dfvi I N iSTRXi'IOi\I, 8 U S i : 'J:':SS SEHVIC!;: 20-3. See ParaSji-a;,:>h 5. 20-4. fixtures and lighting equipment she:! I be in COf.'/pl ianc3 with Standard Detai Is Nos. lo-e-8;\, 35 shown on various cwojor::i' drawings, as specified, and as cover ed in II SCh (;3du iGl of Fixtures. II 20-5. F i xtiJres sha!! be VI i red and connected to accornp I i sh the switching arra ngement required by the electrical drawings for the project. (See parag:aphs 18 and 21 and 23, inclusive.) 20-6. MAITRLALS: See Pai'agr apn 9 ?orce 1 a i n ename led stee 1 re f I ctors. See 38. 20-S. SCljgDULE OF (See following page for schedu Ie.) grn :

PAGE 126

----------------------GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION SCHEDULE OF FIXTURES, ETC. -Quantity Fixture type Quantity Suspensior; Location required nu;:nb0:C and Lamp or ref1ec-Length \'Jattage tor type Overall per fixture Surface 6 160 1. SD-200 Mounted Basement--_. .----.....-. -----------"------------_ ._--_ ______from ceiling to lot-!est 20-9. A I! mater i a Is sha I: be neVi and sha I I con form to the s-randards of the Undenlriter's Labora-rories, Inc., in every case where such a standard has been established for the particular -rype of material in question. 20-10. TESTING: AI I wiring and equipment instal led shal I be completely tested and marked and the installation shal I be left in perfect i 119 order. 20-II. CLEAN I NG-UP: Upon comp leti on of a I I under th i s con-rrac-r, al I equipment, unused materials, debris, etc., provided for the \-wrk sha I I be remo'/ed frem 'i-he bu i Iding and site. AI I areas shal I be lef-r in a clean and neat condition. 20-12. COfvlPLET.I,ON OF CONTRACT: The contractor shall notify the Chief, Design and Construction Division, General Services Administration, Region 4, Peachtree -Seventh Bui Iding, 50 Seventh Street, N. E., /-Itlanta 23, Georgia, in vlriting, when all work under this contract has been fully completed. END OF SPECIFICATIONS 20-2

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I INTERIOR PAINT PND COLOR SCHEDULE STPNDARD COLOR SCHEMES "''''1"\0 Cf"'UCUC SPACE NAME T SEE S.D.6-5(}-IF tvUDIFICATIONS P. O. Storage (Basement) 8 80i ler Room (Basement) 8 Painted-on-Wainscot 6 Ft. High Fue I Room (Basement) -Doors and Trim only 26293 (I"\-l-h +h::>" ",..,<::+::>I_,..,/""'/""' ,"Con AI I Offices Fl.) I areas) -Lookouts and Vaults -Omit Painting Mens' Toi let (2nd Fl.) 5 Except P. O. Occupied Womens' Toi let (2nd Fl.) 5 Except P.O. Occupied PI II Storage Rooms 8 A I I C e iii ngs i te -NOTE: Un less modified by a special note} fol low general color instructions, S. D. 6-50-2J (4 s h e ets) wh ere they apply to the above spaces. Woodwork previously varnished shal I be re-varnished. Drawing GEID:RA.L SERVICES AIMINISTRATION Title PAINT AND COLOR SCHEDULE Public Buildings Service R",crin,., "<1 Project U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE D&C Division, Atlanta, Ga. Looation ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA LeGate ,./61 Ckdi AyerR,.. Street KING AND ST. GEORGE Proj. 3164 Dwg 27-!9No. No Form R4-461 October

PAGE 128

SPECIAL COLOR SCHEMES SPACE NAME .I COLOR NO. SPACE NAME I COLOR NO. t 1"le -worKroom cs. t I nance and corridors: Section. Swing Roan and IYIO Il.:l 1113' I JYlaulngvesTII Is above Wa i nscot Existing bule: NOICn IW indows and Trim Existing Walls above Wainscot 24518 tvlcTcr. Doors and Trim Existing Wainscot or Dado 24233 t\ I I woooworK, [)eSKS, and 1\1aiCh Ferrous Metal Existing Windows, Sash & Trim 24233 I Ce iiing and Corn ice i te Mesh Window Gri Ilep 24233 Doors and Trim 24233 t-'. IVI. UTT Ice I Ass_I. jJ. M. Offi.CG 1 P.O. InsQ_1 SUQ-r l Cabinets under Counter 23531 1:la S. 1 leTS In l.::. J:L. 5creen II ne to top of : Conduit Box (Workroom 24233 side only) v.}a lis 24518 Doors and Trim 24233 A I I ce iiings v/h i te and Trim 24233 eei lings Idhi "I"e I -NOTE: Unless modified by a special note, follovi general color instructions, S.D. 6-5O-2J (4 sheets) where they apply TO the above spaces. p.ovlously varnished shal I be re-varnished. AII work pa i nted Co lor 24233 sha II be semi -gloss enamel finish. I r.() I "0 IMTJ:"O '''0 11105 2441:0 34672 I 20252 24518 3659'1 23531 26293 Black 24233 vJhi+p I Drawing GENERAL SERVICES AWINISTRATION AND COLOR SCHEDULE Public Buildings ServiceTitle -Reftion 4 Project I S FOST OFF Ir.F r.IISmM __I-l()IIC;r: n i \ : c; i nn Location T. AUGUSTINE. FLORIDA I LeGate L /61 Aver Street I I NG AND ST. GEORGE Pro j l No. 3164 Dwg. I No. 27-20 FonT: R4-460 October 1954

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--l FILE NO. EXTERIOR LOUVERS Frame. mullions and blades shall be a Iummum, as specifIed. SCA lE IAS NOTE 0 DWG .NO.6-9-80I DATE 12-17-50 REVISED 1-17 -61 ._-. -..JPUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION ISTAN DAR 0 OETAI L For larger openings see other drawinqs. Fo,.. size of masonry openings see other drawings.I w oC[ al o w -SE:CTION Is ____ -C Ductqs re9u;redSee! de+. Z" de+: .y" sh 9ril1e Exp. bo/lts 3 to a side lil -I\J -1\1 I : SeCTION = 0 e l1GrilJe----------rL frame........ Frame \ C\I :2 -.s "Ii{' (/) '" '" ..... NOTES : u o I ..III 30 .. III ( F.S. DET Z 1\ F p .DET. IIX

PAGE 130

.... 'c>, Cerorn ic tile Normal f'loor '/8" reeil 'lent NormaI f'loor or tiIe Yeo,, adhesiveapplied line -----, f'roor-in9 I"f'loorlng 1/." 'II t vinylplasticL-. I fof' resl en ed9inq ;. I'll II'1,.. 1 with I Extrudd Qlum, 0: pan 5ion ..hield'O, threehold one at eacherc! and intermediateone'O e"o.Co 0 ------' I I '-J, T-I T-2 (w Finished flloor line --r---Y4" It4ter'iol ac;. other dLlXjs. Zinc dividingsirip Yer resilient eucpansion '=>hie Ids. one ot each end aro lo-te1"'medlate onee 8"o.c. NormaI floor' etrfp T-4 I T-3 w Marble Normo\ floor' Ys"r-esilfent f'OO1"'in9 21_ ---""\y 4" T5 ,'+1----1 '" in weothQ.r'strip VB" reeilient tl)oorinq 2J -oJ... ___ 1'1 I 4 1,1: Ir 1' 1 Aluminum threshold ----, tiOfTTlO' f'loo. linQ Yfi'reeilie.nt Larpet_ t I __ I t--T-6 NOTES; I t I ii / I +11 :,, 1 I I": I ,! P rovide two row<;; oF='c;crew", lJ.Ji-th expansIOn shic=lds,tt,L!o at each end ard int-ejmediate oncz'i> st-oggerea and spaced 1'2" o.C in each row. I. Fo r door s w in9 ) see ofher' dt'awinq'O For cocne.ou Ie of floor Pini<;;;hes, See other drawingco. .3 For goug'"s o-P metal 'ae-a s pecificatron'O 0 ;;; J Aluminum with threshold --...I eJt.poneion ehie.lds, o n e at each e.nd 0 T 7 '" t) 0 :x: Ul <{ '" a: Ul Q(.!) THRESH O LD S AND ED GING STRIPS F ILE NO. PUBLIC BUILD ING S SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION STANDARD DETAU, DATE REVISED SCALE I 1/2 F. S. DWG. NO. I 6 -15 -7 0 f'loori rl9 1'/6"I-\ 5creuJe with line '5olid metol edqin,g line. co. rpet --J_ 1 a nd intermQdiate oneo;:, e"o,c Co) 2 1 >CD Z 3-31 61 I I 3-1 -46

PAGE 131

I 8-SECURE BY OETAILSECURE BY OETAIL REOUIREOREQUIREO ....... \P -.J)ROP FORGEO OR MALLEABLE IRON TURNBUCKLE III SWIVEL PERMITTEO 11+8i._Ict oJ LOCKNUT 1-OVERING .8 C ,..-NUT __c c EEP AS CLOSE ,-CUT OFF \.if TO PIPE AS 't3= POSSIBLE / CLOSE AFTERuri AOJUSTMENT! 1_ 0 COVERIN III I HANGERS NO. I 8 2 HANGER NO. 3 HANGER NO.4 -HANGER NO. I: FOR ALL PIPE FOR USE WHERE SPACE FOR ALL STEAM, RETURN, CARRYING STEAM OVER WILL NOT PERMIT WATER, AIR, GAS, WASTE, 15 POUNOS PRESSURE INSTALLATION OF VENT PIPE ETC. ANO HANGER NO. 2 FOR ALL LOW HANGERS NO. I, 2, a 4. FOR EL ECTRIC CONOUITS,PRESSURE STEAM, RETURN, EXCEPT WHERE HANGER\! WATER, AIR, SOIL, WASTE, NO. 3 IS REQUIREO. VENT PIPES, E 'C., EXCEPT WHERE HANGER NO.3 IS --"'-REQUIREO. IIII c NOTE = ALL BOLTS TO HAVE SQUARE OR HEXAGONAL HEAOS. ALL NUTS TO BE SQUARE OR HEXAGONAL. STOVE BOLTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. 1HANGER NO. I HANGER NO. 3 HANGER NO. 2 HANGER NO. 4 A I A 0 0 A 8 C 0 C A 8 C 08 C 8 3 3 II 3 I 3I 3 :lx.1...l.X!. IIXIOGA liX/OsA!Xl, S 4 4 '8 '8 2' 4 4" X s "24 B 8 82' 2" I3 3 3 3 "I 3 3 3 3 3 .!X !...l.X..! IIXIOSA I X '-4' 1 4 3 X S I 8 8" 8" 4" 4" 4 48" 8' 4 B 4" 8 3 I3IX.1. I I I /JXIOGA IJXIOGAIxI-IXi 4" 4 8 8 I8' 8 8'8 II. I3 3 3 3II) I X I I X I I X I I' X I1.1. /'.,. X 1fI ,II X II I IiI4"' 4 4 4" KI B B li4, 8"8' 3II 3 JI X I I 'X I11 1.1IX.L I'IXJ II-xl:jX'6 4" KI8 8 2 8 TIJ8 8 2IZ----;;;;:,, 3 I I 33 3 3 3 .!I X.!.. I X-L 2 222 IIXiI4"X'6 I IX4" I4" Xi684 8 8'8 8""88 I I2' 2j, IJX'4' I xi-I xiIXi2j IJx.i tjxi:2j I i-I, I" II" I"t"-.i I I I 3 33 I 3 I,Xli liXIIi-xiiIJxIItXt I/JxI tIT-3 1 .1./.Lx l /.Lx.L 3.1. IJxliI/xi 3t IjXtt3j IIX_1iI-l4 4 1 4 8 2 2i 2 .t i I i t I I 4 j4 4 4 IJxil Il-xJIJXI ILxiiIlxlIJXJ LII) ; .,.I .,.I 5' 1Ix,"5 5 Ilx ,;5 Ijx Ilix;IJxlIJxli III I 6 6---,-,,6 6 Ilxl IIXiIIXI i _2X4 IIxiII-xlJ l-IJ I I......\/1; 2xj8 8 8 2xl/jxl8 2xl IlxlIlxJl iI II II() 2 x';'2xj10 ;.I 10 10 I 2xJ 2xJ2xl I tlxl iJ'"..... '" 1212'"I 2xjI 12 2xl12 / 2xJ2Xl 2x7l.Ilxl II I i..... '" u SCALE FILE NO. NONEo 1&1:r PIPE HANGERS DWG. NO. DATEIO-I-IAl2-7-45'"c ; c PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION STANDARD DETAILREVISED, 6-15-51 '" ... -'"

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L I II"I Ii ""-I
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Three, I dl /Branch Circuit h III r N umbered Neutral Lugc( Nu mber.ing for f ....Neut'al BUI Single p ole circuit breakerssingle pole --,"N I 'A 7 B e 3 3 C 2 B C 9w c( A 104 A B 11 4. 6 C 5 B C 12 () \) ...:. I. 14 Phose buses III Numbering for 3 poleo circuits --------+---+-1--------+---------' Numbering of breakers as indicated hereon is manda3 pole tory even though differing from main circuit breaker where manufacturer's standard practice indicated or specified Lugs only unless circuit breaker is indicated or specified Circuit breaker current carrying Q. connection sholl be of the boltedIII type, factory assembled. feeder FRONT V IEW OF TYPICAL PANELBOARD SEQUENCE PHASE BUSSING 8 N UMBERING t'-(l20/208v 3phase 4wire) (277/480v 3 phase-4Mire) III I .... I
PAGE 137

I 60 NO SOUARE ELBOW I .... TO tlAVE LESS THAN 2 SPLITTER 48 .... i. ..),p'1'\ "'It fI) :U -J I'1&1 0 Ii ; "'" I' ..... I ....:z: 24 t: -1&1 0 USE 16 SPLITTERS FOR ELICNS 12 FALLING IN AREA BELOW 15 0 0 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 WIDTH-WINCHES NUMBER OF SPLITTERS REQUIRED 6 n L =R = I II I, I I l 48 8" I fI) 1&1 361 I I -I I I I Il-II I:!; 24 0 II ,> t2 i : I I0 I I 0 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 WIDTH W-INCHES SQUARE TYPE SPLITTER DIMENSIONS ,. I-.. MLJ 1 RaW R" S. L E I/,aw LONG RADIUS TYPE SHORT RADIUS TYPE FILE NO. DUCT ELBOWS SCALE NONE DATE 12-7-45 DWG. NO. 10-6a l REVISED I PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINlSTRATION STANDARD DETAIL 1 1 __ ..... .-i ..... I -.0 OC\ U C x: V'> .,... I ... V'> -6 '"

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'" .... .... "" "" u co :r::
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22-102 STANDARD FORM 22 MARCH 1953 EDITION GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION FED. PROC. REG. (41 CFR ) 1-16.401 INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS (CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS) (These instructions are not to be incorporated in the contract) 1. Explanation to Bidders. Any explanation desired by bidders regarding the meaning or interpretation of the drawings and specifications must be requested in writing and with sufficient time aUowed for a reply to reach them before the submission of their bids. Oral explanations or instructions given before the award of the contract will not be binding. Any interpretation made wiU be in the form of an addendum to the speci fications or drawings and will be furnished to all bidders and its receipt by the bidder shall be acknowledged. 2. Conditions at Site of Work. Bidders should visit the site to ascertain pertinent local conditions readily determined by inspection and inquiry, such as the location, accessibility and general character of the site, labor conditions, the character and extent of existing work within or adjacent thereto, and any other work being per formed thereon. 3. Bidder's Qualifications. Before a bid is considered for award, the bidder may'be requested by the Government to submit a statement of facts in detail as to his previous experience in performing similar or comparable work, and of his business and technical organization and financial resources and plant available and to be used in performing the contemplated work. 4. Bid Guaranty. Where security is required, failure to submit the same with the bid may be cause for rejection. The bidder, at his option, may furnish a bid bond, postal money order, certified check, or cashier's check, or may deposit, in accordance with Treasury Department regula tions, bonds or notes of the United States (at par value) as security in the amount required: Provided, That where the total amount of the bid is $2,000 or less, the contracting agency may declare a bid bond unacceptable by so stating in the specifications or Invitation for Bids. In case security is in the form of postal money order, certified check, cashier's check, or bonds or notes o f the United States, the Government may make such disposition of the same as will ac complish the purpose for which submitted. Checks may be held uncollected at the bidder's risk. Checks, or the amounts thereof, and bonds or notes of the United States deposited by unsuccessful bidders will be returned as soon as practicable after the opening. 5. Preparation of Bids. (a) Bids shall be submitted on the forms furnished, or copies thereof, and must be manually signed. If erasures or other changes appear on the forms, each such erasure or change must be initialed by the person signing the bid. (b) The form of bid will provide for quotation of a price, or prices, for one or more items which may be lump sum bids, alternate prices, scheduled items resulting in a bid on a unit of construction or a combination thereof, etc. Where required on the bid form, bidders must quote on all items and they are warned that failure to do so may disqualify the bid. When quotations on all items are not required, bidders should insert the words "no bid" in the space provided for any item on which no quotation is made. (c) Alternative bids will not be considered unless called for. (cI) Unless specifically called for, telegraphic \bids will not be considered. Modification by telegraph of bids already submitted will be considered if received prior to the time fixed in the Invitation for Bids. Telegraphic modifications shall not reveal the amount of the original or revised bid. 6. Submission of Bids. Bids must be submitted as directed on the bid form. 7 Receipt and of Bids. (a) Bids will be submitted prior to the time fixed in the Invitation for Bids. Bids received after the time so fixed are late bids; and the exact date and hour of mailing such bids, as shown by the cancellation stamp or by the stamp of an approved metering device will be recorded. Such late bids will be considered, Provided, They are received before the award has been made, Andprovided further, The failure to arrive on time was due solely to a delay in the mails for which the bidder was not responsible; otherwise late bids' will not be con

PAGE 143

sidered but will be held unopened until the time of award and then returned to the bidder, unless other disposition is requested or agreed to by the bidder. (b) Subject to the prOVlSlons of paragraph 5(d) of these instructions, bids or bid modifica tions which were deposited for transmission by telegraph in time for receipt, by normal transmission procedure, prior to the time fixed in the Invitation for Bids and subsequently delayed by the telegraph company through no fault or neglect on the part of the bidder, will be considered if received prior to the award of the contract. The burden of proof of such abnormal delay will be upon the bidder and the decision as to whether or not the delay was so caused will rest with the officer awarding the contract. (c) No responsibility will attach to any officer for the premature opening of, or the failure to open, a bid not properly addressed and identified. 8. Withdrawals of Bids. Bids may be withdrawn on written or telegraphic request received from bidders prior to the time fixed for opening. Negligence on the part of the bidder in preparing the bid confers no right for the withdrawal of the bid after it has been opened. 9. Bidders Present. At the time fixed for the opening of bids, their contents will be made public for the information of bidders and others properly interested, who may be present either in person or by representative. 10. Bidders Interested in More than One Bid. If more than one bid be offered by anyone party, by or in the name of his or their clerk, partner, or other person, all such bids will be rejected. A party who has quoted prices to a bidder is not thereby disqualified from quoting prices to other bidders or from submitting a bid directly for the work. 11. Award of Contract. (a) The contract will be awarded as soon as practicable to the lowest responsible bidder, price and other factors considered, provided his bid is reasonable and it is to the interest of the Government to accept it. (b) The Government reserves the right to waive any informality in bids received when such waiver is in the interest of the Government. In case of error in the extension of prices, the unit price will govern. (c) The Government further reserves the right to accept or reject any or all items of any bid, unless the bidder qualifies such bid by specific limitation; also to make an award to the bidder whose aggregate bid on any combination of bid items is low. 12. Rejection of Bids. The Government reserves the right to reject any and all bids when such rejection is in the inf:erest of the Government; to reject the bid of a bidder who has previously failed to perform properly or complete on time contracts of a similar nature; and to reject the bid of a bidder who is not, in the opinion of the Contracting Officer, in a position to perform the contract. 13. Contract and Bonds. The bidder to whom award is made shall, within the time established ir. the bid and when required, enter into a written contract with the Government and furnish performance and payment bonds on Government Standard Forms. The bonds shall be in the amounts indicated in the specifications or the Invitation for Bids. U S GOVERNMENT PRINTING OfFICE NOTICE THE ENCLOOED GSA FORM 527, "CONTRACTOR'S QUALIFICATIONS AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION" IS TO BE C OMPLETED AND SUBMITTED WITH THE BID. IF THE BIDDER HAS SUBMITTED THIS FORM TO GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION, RIDlON 4, WITHIN THE SIX (6) MONTHS, HE NEED NOT SUBMIT IT WITH HIS BID. 4pC-191 AproO

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1 0 BANKS AND FINANCE COMPANIES WITH WHOM YOU ARE NOW DEALING AND AMOUNTS OWING : I AMOUNT LARGEST AMT. I NAM E A D DRESS NOW OWING PAST I(Stre et City, Zone St a te ) OWIr.G 12 MONTHS I I I '" I I I I I CONTR ACTS I N F ORCE : LOC AT I ON OWNER S NAME AND ADDRESS B RANCH OF WORK CONTRACT AMOUNT EST IMATED COMPo DATE 1 2 LIST THE FIVE LARGEST JOBS YOU HAVE COMPLETED IN THE LAST FIVE Y EARS : LOCAT ION OWNER'S NAME AND ADDRE SS BRANCH OF WORK CONTRACT AMOUNT AMOUNT SUBLET 13A. WHAT TYPE S OF WORK DO YOU PERFORM AS GENERAL CONTRACTOR 7 13B. WHAT TYPES OF WORK DO YOU PERFORM AS SUBCONTRACTOR? I 3C. WHAT TYPE S OF WORK DO YOU GENERALLY SUBLET' 14. HOW MANY YEARS HAVE YOU BEEN I N BUS I N ESS AS A. GENERAL R ACTOR YEARS B. SUBCONTRACTOR YEARS IS. CHECK PROPER BOX IN ANSWER TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS (Explain eac h "Yes" answer on palle 4 of this form) A. HAVE YOU. DUR I NG THE PAST TWO YEARS. BEEN C. HAVE YOU EVER FA I LED TO ENTER I NTO A CONTRACT CHARGED WITH A FA I LURE TO MET THE CLA I MS AFTER AN AWARD WAS MADE? DYES D NO OF YOUR SUBCONTRACTORS. MATER I AL MEN. OR D. HAVE YOU EVER FA I LED TO COMPLETE ANY WORK SUPPL I ERS? DYES o NO AWARDED? DYES D NO B. HAVE YOU EVER FAILED TO QUALIFY AS ARE E HAS YOUR APPLI(;'i\TION FOR SURETY SPONS I BLE BIDDER? DYES o NO BEEN DECL I NED DYES 0 NO CERTI FICATION: For the purpose of e stabl ishing financial responsibility with, or procuring credit from time to time from the General Services Administration, we furnish the above as a true and correct statement of our financi al condi tion on 19 and further certify that all othe r statement"s are true and correct. There has been no material change in the applicant's financial condition since th e date of the above statement. We agree to noti fy you immediately in wri ting of &ny materially unfavorable change in our financial condi tion. In the absence of such notice or of a new and full financial s ta t emen t. this is to be considered as a continuing statement. NAME OF BUS I NESS BY of authorized offiCial) DATE TITLE 3

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o o o --I o Z r Ul ." (),., "o :>:J ,.,o --I r,., o z Ul :I:,., :>:J Ul

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si'A'N 11" ;.' 11'-.",.1, ,tll'''1I II.IO........... .U...' IIII.IIU' ,Ultll lun.., I "" :"R''F'ERE'N'C'ii" ."It,,,".,''''H'''; ...", ""'H',1I'IIIIU'U"tt"."fll'H" STRoH ICN : Appr. No. GENERAL "EGUlATIONNo. 13 BID FORM : Project No. DC4-316L! and .. ,_______ ._____ ____ .______ '. __ j __________ ______________ I DATE OF Instructions to Bidders (Sttlfidard Form 22) : HAY 18, 1961 m to be submitted ill. ... ......._..-_. __ ... .. ...........-.... NAME AND OF PROJECT U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOM HOUSE, ST. /\UGUSTINE, FLORIDA .................................. ....TO: Cenera! SCi'vic es Administration Public Buildings Service c/o Chief, Design and Cons'i'ruction Division PeaclyiTGe -Seven-r-h Bu i I d i 119 50 S eventh Street, N. E. Atlanta 23, G eorgia in cornpli ncc with your Invitation for bicls of the date, t!'iC ..eL:r prOpOf}l'S to furnish al! labor, equipment, and and perlonJ ali wl>rk for PAINTING, ROOF REP/l,IRS, AIRCONDITIONING, ETC. at U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOr.1 HOUSE, ST. AUGUSTiNE, FLORID;', !n accQrd:lr1 CI:! wi th specificaLions, drawings, and conditiolls fm the consideration (If the [ollowi,-:g nmolll,t(s) I I' I' J ., d I l. d h' 30an(I (1glee3 t'lat, upon wl'ltten accept.an c e 0 tllS .1I'I, maliC, or otlcn'Vlse IUrDlSnE:: Wit 111 _____ calendar days afte r the date 01 G p e ning of bids, he will within__days {unless ,1 longer period is alloweo} aftf!f receipt of the prescribed forms.; (!xecute 5UllJdard Fo:-m 23, CO:lstl"uction Contract, and :;ive perrorm,;r.c l > nond :'l!ld paym <>.llt bond on Goverllrr.ent stand ard if these forms a r e required, with fin d suHicient surety or sureties .... U,tt"" U'I" ....,""II....... ,.,,'" :", u "It',,, It II' II I II"" "'1' U .II,.1UI' UII. 11 11' ,." "1': I I.' "1 \ I .. I I ,It."."" I'I ,. '. ,111 1 It.1I U tltH ..to ,u,u1'.0" "'1" UI,I U 1I1'l ............., U,I, i'II,. (Continue: or: otf:er side)

PAGE 149

,'. .,. I. h i t 1 1,HI .:1 \" 111.1 IIIt' It"lIau IIIi......UIIIII,.,HIIF ; It"" U.,.., ,." *.,,ItUU """,,,UII" "H'".....,..,,'UII't 1I ....U.,u'""U"1"""'11IIIII'U1I1I1f..'"U IIuti.........., II.,UtI..U The. ug-rees thllt iF awarded the contract, h o "Jill commence work as soon oS! pract,icuble after the date of receipt of notice to and that he will complete the work within the calendar du)'s after the date (If receipt of u(,!!ce to pt'oc:ced as stipulated in the spccificfltior,s. The undersigned receipt of the fullowh'lg f.ddcnda to the drawinga and/or specilications (Gille number and dale (if each): -----------.----------{ ------.----------------. The underaigncd (check appropriate boxes): O} Thut 118 0 is, 0 i not, ::\ conr.em. (For th i s pll,rpcose, a small /,usinC$$ concern i., one that (aJ is i mjep13l1cie,'1t ly owned .md. ope r ated, (b) ;.< IIO/' GomiM/!f. in its field of operation, and {e} ?v ith affWaw:;, r.ad average reee'..ts j.7r U'/f. t.hree years oj o r lesr;, (See Gode of R;:gulations, nde 13, Part 103 a., ame/.de!!!, for additional ;ILfom'atio7l.) (2) (n) That Le 0 ha5, 0 has not, emp!o:"ed or retaine d allY or person ( oUH!r ,han a full-time bOll a fide emwo!!,inr; soldy for till! bicde.rj to solici l or "ecure lids c ontrut:l; and (b) That lie 0 hes. [J hAS .lot, paid or t(. pay any coo ,pony (>f person (lIther 'han a f l.ll-time bona fide er.1p!o }"ee : ,(I'] ri"1[( !(Jiei.'I' for ,Ile bide/er) any iee, cOlj,missi<>TI, pcrce"lnge or brokerag' {fOe cQll tinl5cnl '1pr lll ,)r frnm tbe cward of thiB COn(ro.d, and agrc(!>1 In lurni"h info rm:::lion t!i<"rl';o us requestl}d b;. \.00: COI !lr; '<:tillg O ffi cer. (Fa: ,nterpretctinn of t;',js r eprcse.uu!ir,n, c :"cluding the "or..rw fi& ? cmpluy'!e", see Code of Fedeml Title 44. Chill,ze,/, Par: lSO.j ( 3) ThElt he operates as no 0 ind i vid u lli, 0 partD('rsoip, 0 incllrpolated in State01 _______________________________ Enciosed lS hid g'.!tlrrmtcc cOlll>istiag QC i!l tbe amourlt of ----------------------.-----.. N ... M E OF FIf(M OR INOlVifJllAL (T,.pe o r prinlj ; FULL N AMi:: OF AI.I.. PAFiTNE rlS (Type pri"t) ...................................... .... ............... ............... ....................... ................ ............... ..............................................................,... ......... ................................... BIJSINE!;S ADDRESS (Type cor t,rir ,,) : .........., ,"'" ,:.....' -................ '................................. .,............................,....................... .... I .................................... ................................................................................... .. o r pri"l) -----_._---------_ _-----------------------______1__ -_. ___________ _________________________ ____ ._ DIRECTIONS FOR SUBMITTING BIDS Envelopes containillg bids, guarantee, must be scaled, mnrkcd, and addressed :-<9 follows: Mark in lower left-hand corner: Address: Did fur PAINTING, ROOF REPAIRS, AIRCONDITIONING, General Services Admillistration ETC. Public !3llildings Service U. S. POST OFFICE I7I.ND CUSTOM HOUSE Room 14 Peachtree-Seventh Bldg. at ST. AUGUSTI NE, FlOR IDA 50 Seventh Street, N. E. To be opcneJ 2: 30 P.M., fit Ian 'ra 23, Georg i a Eflstern Standard Time, June U ll. CAUTION: Do not in clive/ope b ids for 011ler work. cids Sllould not be qualified hy e xce ption:; to the bidding conJitions. ...U.,.......IIIIIU'......").......11I"flU" ,nilIII."'.....nlU' 1 111.........'1 ...'.'nlh"'H4 .,. Ill.IIII"I""""U U.III ..IIIt II"I ".IU II,.111 HI..........JI, U III.......' ..." 1111", II ..,,'.......ItI ,.'It......

PAGE 150

REPRESENTATION: The undersigned bidder represents (check appropriate boxes) that the bidder, its officers or agents ( ) have ( ) have not refused to furnish upon request therefor, information or records of any Government Agency or any establishment in the legislative or judicial branch of the Government with respect to any contract with any deparbnent, agency, or other instrumentality of the Government.

PAGE 151

.10.. ', I ,.,:, \'. 14' I I : \.,'I'.II ....... \.t"..II."U ......""'.II.I"'IlIiU.'IIII'II .. U ...."II"IIII,'"IUUu""l"""It'''It.II.t, ...... "" .....;.II .. .."'.l l .. ;"'lfhIIlH,IIIIIt'I';tU'''U',,, REFERtcNCE;); L1A R ) ; 'ORt l. JAN U A.f-.lV Appr. No.GEN U .At. SER V'CE5 ALM'N'STRAT'CN GENERAL "EGUUH' ON NO. 13 BiD FOR M Project No. DC43 161 : and ........ _. .... ____ _. ___ .."__ .....1.'. __ ,. _. _. .......... _, ..... I Of, rE OF Read the In s tructions to Bidde rs (Stafi.dard For m 22) : HAY 18, 1961Th i S.fO.T.m.....It.e.d..i.II................. NAME AND OF PROJECT U. S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOiV1 HOUSE, ST .FLORIDA .............................................. TO: Gl'::l.:;r a SCi'vices Adrninistrati on Public Buildings Service c/o Chief, Design and Division Poachtrce -Seventh Bu i I d: 119 50 Seventh Streef, N. E. Atlanta 23, Georgia In cO f 1!pli.,nc c with your for Lid s o f the ahove date, the undersigned hereby t y fu rnish all labol', equipm.:nt, and <.md pedan'l all wl..r k for PAINTING, ROOF fl I RCONDITIONING, ETC. at U. S. POST OFFICE (,NO CUSTOrvl HOUSE, ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORI 0/, !fl strict wi 'lh s p ecifications schedule!';, drawings, Imd c(JndiLiollB {o, tne consideralioll of the following amo u nt(s) ag!ees upon written acce p tance of this hid, mailed, o r otherwise lurnis!H:d, withir. _____ calendar d ays aha the d a t e of o p ening of hi ds. he will within 15 c alcndar days (unless a longer period is uJl owcd) after receipt of the prescribed forms; e xecute S l nnrlard For m 23. C onstl'uct; o n ilna i';ivc perform r.:. r.c l hond a nd paym;cnt bond o n Govern ment s f .an <1 ard formfol if these forms nrc required, with Hnd suHi cient sure t y or sureties. (Continuc on other side) 30

PAGE 152

I' 1.1 I.: 111 1 "".1 H ....." .....: ) 1 '1.IUIIII'to"", H '1IHI.I"Ij .1"........".,..."11'''''..........11 ..t ..Ullflll II.U......."11 "IU.lI...... The undersig\l;'ld cbl'ees thnt if awarded the contract, he witt cummence work as soon as pract.j cable nfter the d .. te of receipt of notice to <'1.nd toat ue will cO'l1piete the work within the calendar dar::; after" tho dut('! of of U{l!lce to proceed as stipulated in the spccificfltions. The 11ndersigned r:'.cknowi ,!dr,c!;.4 ref!eipt oi .he (oll, ) wiil.g ,ddcnd..'1 to lhe J:'awing3 and/or tions (Give nu .mber and dale (If each.): -------------. ---------f-E------------------------.. The uoaemigflcd represcflb:., (check appropriate boxes): 0) ThaI h tJ is, 0 is !lot, sm::lll (For this pltrpo.e, a small business concern. i.s one thet (a} is i ildep<3nrie:ntiy owned am! o pe ro.ted, (b) i$ TlO/' dorr: ;/Wn in its (tell! of aperatiorl, m : d (c) w ith affiliarp-o, had Q.vetagf? G.Tltrlal rr!ceir.ts IJ' '.-?!l year.. oj or It'.SD. (See Code of Federal Rflgu!aUons, l'itle 13, 'art 103 a.s omel.J,cd, [N illfor"lltioTl.) (2) (0) That !"G 0 h3S, 0 hw; not. or rNahll'd !HlY corn pm!y or l'er50n (otl,,!r tholl a full-time t or i a jide employee worl,iflg soldy jor thl;? bidder) to solicil or ",ecurc t!lis c<..ntru"t; and (b) That llC [J has. [J n ot, paid or to pay eny compllny or pt'rsoo (other thaI! c full-time bona fide en p'oj':;(j u'O:kln[! 30!dy r.r th(! bidder) aD)' tec, c:1ll;mi!!>si<'n, per(;elll.nge or ff'e co,l!ingent >lfl(HI M rc;o;,llling fron! the r-ward oj thii> c(;(l!lad, fu!rl agrca,,, to fnrni"h infcrm :ll ioll icla!in;;; l iit-Teu u::; rcquestrJd b!, til.; Coc;tra<:ling Officer. (Po .. interpract itln of rhis rcpresei.ta!iNl, ".elud ing the "bona fidr: empluy':e", see Cod!. of Reg;l;at;ons, Title 44, Clwpte;' 1, Part 150.) (3) Thil l he operates as nn 0 iudividuui, 0 partllcrt-:nip. 0 cc>:po:il, ion, ir!ccrpol
PAGE 153

REPRESENTATION: T h e undersigned bidder represents (check appropriate boxes) t h a t the bidder, its officers or agents ( ) have ( ) have not refused to furnish upon request therefor, information or records of any Government Agency or any establishment in the legislative or judicial branch of the Government with respect to any contraet with any department, agency, or other instrumentality of the Government.

PAGE 154

I I j '" ," 1, .1" I I 10:":' .," I I r' 11 1'1'1"" I '1"\'111,1'1""'" ...." I" 1.1,. ,I'l"I' I I .I'IIIIIIU.III.otl ll.I'lh......11 ""....1.....1 .........,.' ..".,.' .." a ..' .............IU'U.." ......t :. : ..NDAl : W :H REFER ENCE Appr. No. GENERAL REGULATION NO. 13 BID FOR M Project No. DC4-3 I GL! and (CONSTRUCTION CONTRI'.CT) : 18-1-023' ....... ....... ______ ... ...... ...... ......... __ .. ... .. ......................... ... ...... ...... ... ....... ... .a ... ............... ............ ... .. .. ........... __ .. ___ -... .. 0 ATE ()F "l V I T T I ON R"
PAGE 155

' Illp., ii" ""11'11" ,1' ":tfl;.ItIl..UU.........'"'I"........UIU'II"......UUI'"....tI"......UUIl.."fI'. "''''''''1111. The 6grees that if awarded the he will commence work as soon os; practicable after the date or receipt of notice to and t Lat he will c{lmplete the work within the call!Ddar tlays after the of o J Iwt!ce tI) proceed as stipulated ; D the spccificflticrLs, The receipt of d : e fut\.) wi 'lg f.ddcllda to the Jrawings arJd/ur tions (Give nur.:ber and dale (If each): -----------"----------f------------------------------------.-------r------------------------1--.----------------1-----------------------------.........: .::..:::..:..::. ...............::. : ...:..::..:..::::::::.:..::::..... .::::::.,:::j::......::::::..::::::::........: .. ....... ::..: .::.........:::. .....:.. Tbe undersigned represents (check appropriate b()xes): (1) That h e 0 is, 0 is not, a s m::111 conr.ern. (Ft.>F til i s purpo:;e, a small {;/Winess concern one !hat (a) is owned lmd { 'peroter!" (6) i... flot d ilT" i 'IGr.t in i zs field. of operatior l. mid (c) 11Ji!1! afj iliareli. r..ad atlera g ann'Jo t rl'ceirr.,; th.to pr(, dhg t./,ree years oj o r (See Code of Fed,!/'al Re;;ptuJtioY/,;, Title 13, rart 103 a-'l amel.darl. for (",M h i or.at illfon ali.on.) (2) (n) b e 0 hss, 0 hil s ilot, employed or retail'''''' j(\n. per(;entage or {Fe continf5l'ml Ilpon ,'f I'f!Ru/ting f or: 1 the oi this a gr....e" r .o. furni s h inf.crtTI'Hioll :-ela! i n g h:rHo [IS rt'l)uesu)d b y d"" COI!lr:Jctin8 O ff ll:er. (f 0,-",Urpreecu,,-,n 0) r.!lIS r.:oprese;.tatu>n., tr..dudlng ehe "bona J:d ? t!mpluY'Je"J see Codll of F edrwl ritle Clw;J:tJl' l, Pan 150.) .J, That he operates as an 0 indivi
PAGE 156

REF'PESENTAT I ON: The unders i gned bidder represen ts k appropr iate boxes) lhat the bidder, I ts of f i cers or agents ( ) have ( ) have no t refused to furnish upon request the refor, information or r o c ords ot any Government or an y establishment in the legislative or Judi d al bran' : h ot the Government wIth respec t to an y contract with an y department, agency, or other Instrumentality of the Government.

PAGE 157

..;'-"11 "I'''"IIII,IIIUI l IUU"IIUt. STRATlCN A p pr. No. GENERAL "EGULATION NO. 13 BI D FORM Project No. DC4-31 G4 and (CO N STRUCTION CONTR.A .CT) 18-:::"-023 .... -.. -.., ....... --............. -............ -... -...... ---... -... --.. ... ........ -. -...... -. ... ..... --... -..... I ---... --....... ., -...... .-. --..... -. -... '--..... ... -... ... -.... I Ot. TE OF INVIT". TICN R elld the Ins tructioru to Bidders (Standard For m 22) : I{t1Y 1 8 1961This.!().'.m............... ..... ......... -........ .......-. NAME AHD I.OCATlO;,. OF PROJEC' r U. S. F'OST OFF I CE AND CUSTOH' HOUSE, ST. /\UGUSTI NE, FLOR I DA ;0;;;/ ......................... TO: Ger.Bra! Ser"ices Adm i ilistration Pubiic S enice c/o Chief, Design and Division P oa c htree Se v enth Bui Id: n9 5 0 Seventh Street, N. E. At lanta 23, Georg ia In conlp\i ncc with your i nv itation for Li( s of the ahove date, the u nclert igned h el"eLy propORes t o furnish al! lab o r eClUipmBnt. and materials and perfor m nil wc.r k Co. PAINTI1JG, ROOF REP(-\IRS, A I RCONDI TION ETC. at U. S. POS T OFFICi: (,ND CUSTOM HOUSE, S T. AUGUSTINE, FLORID/\ .n accor:"hn ce wil.h specifi c a t ions, Bc::hedul e:s drawings, and conditions fOI t.he considercHio n of tile followi n g arnoullt(t..) n and ag! 'cee that, upon written acceptance or tlli", hid, mailed, or otherwise furnished, within_-=__ caie"dar days afte r the dati; of opening of bids, he will within__ days ;} longer pel'iod is ul!owc d) aftIlf r"c( : ipt of the pre& crilocrl forms, \;!xecute Standard Fo':'m 2:1. Construction C('tntract, and 6ivc performfw.c' bOlld ;;nd paym.':nt bond on G o vernment. Sran dill'd forn:g, if these forms are required, wiih goo d su:ficicnt s urety or sureties ""11" 1111' If'1HI II't III'I""IO '! ...........""" II ;I' I' III1III '"11' ", ,'H HI""I'll',II" r '1 I 1 11 I,. U I, 1i i l i ltI'"'"'U '11.\1 II. ,.11,1' IIIlIlh,,'.., ......, ...." .. "" """'"til II'"lit..............un He {(onfi nlJ i ; Or: other side)

PAGE 158

-"1" u n : J.I ,111I I lll t I ,.U\ ......."'.HI .. IIJII.""' h ...U""H".,....UI.II.UIH ....Uj"fI"11.1'u,,'uIJIU........ I"I"'..".U.....""UIIlII".....II'''... ull......"I".II....UIl. The undersign;'1d acree's that if the cont:'llct, h e will commence work as soon as prm ct?'cuble alter the date oi receipt of notice to procee d, :w d t tlat he will c{lrnple:e the work withir: the calendar unys after' the of "eceipt 01 u { ,i.::e to procci!d as sripulated ;0 the -----.----.--. -------E-' ----------.----_.. The 11ndefs i,glled reef.: ipt of t L e fuil, )wing .ddcada LO lhe dl"a'Nings and/or ti ons (Give number and date. of each): ............ ....... .........The uode-mi g ncd represents (ch,eck approprio/ e bnxes): (1) Tha t h e [J is, 0 is not, a tlm31l ] 'u"in ) 5S conrem ( F M th i s p!lrpo;;e, a small : iusin flrv tdi'lg t hree y eal'S 0/ :;;, 5 ,OIJ(),O()O or les:;. (See Codl" of F ederal Title 13. ," art I O J ameMicd, f(/r' ili/oTJ"; :lltio'l.) (2) (r.} TI 1 t I.e 0 ha!". 0 hog ,lo t C!Tlploycd or retabrrl cny COll'.P I'OY or person l o th er th'J.n a Iu.ll.tim,' b ema fi d e em[Joyce wo!',ing solely jor tlie bidderi to solidt (lr "ecurc lIds c ('ntrael; and (b) That ;Ie C has, [J !18S Bot, pftid or agree,! t o pay an y con',pony or person (other tllan a ( llti me bona fide emp loyee l<'odcin t soldy for the bidde.r ) 3:J)" b :::., c ClrI,missiMI. percentag e o r fee contingent P Oll ,, : reRuiLing froll! the c'Vurc! of this cont lO e t fic, l agree,,, II) [ urni ."h i n f.;rm:li.ion : e lat,/l/2' l.1i"rf":O us b y I n (:oCltr1lc:tilllil Of iicer. (,,"Of interpretatio n of rcpre e ; tCl!hn, mctu, { in g t h e term "bona jide employ e e''', see Code. of F'e dtmJl Title 44. Chf4i,t er I. Pa.rt ISO. ) (3) Th a I he operates as !lIl 0 individual, 0 p a rtnl"rs n ip. 0 corpor isting ()f HI the amount of -;\-- --. -. --; of' r7';;; .-.-..-.-. ........ ... ... L .. ............. ...... ..._ ............... .. ........... ... ... ............. ... ........_ ................_ .............................n ................................. .- 04 ... .......... A O OF,ESS (Type or ...........,...,...,., ......... ........................... ................. ........... ........ ....................... ............. 1 ... .......... TI TLC (T'1jJ e or prinl) _. ___ _. ______ __ __ __ ___ _____ ____ J __ ___ ____ _____ ._._._ _____ __ __ ___ DiRECTIONS FOR SUBMiTTING BIDS Envelores cO!l taining hid;:" etc., mus t be st:aied, m::uked, and addressed ns ollowe: M ar k in lower comer: Acldi CSS: Bid P AINTING, ROOF REPAIRS, AIRCONDITIONING, General Administration r.:-'-'"1'-' Public B,.,jidings Service U. S. POST OFFICE 1\l'JD CUSTOM HOUSE Room 1 46, Peachtree-Seventh Bldg. fI,t ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA 50 Seventh Strosi' N. E. To b(: openeJ 2: 3 0 P.M., Atlanta 23, Georgia Eastern Standard Time June C 1951. CAUTION: Do not include: in envelop") 0..:'1 bids f ':)r o ihN work. Eids slloufd not qUGlified b), to the bidd i ng condition:.:, ...'n" ..... '..u .. "tlIIU111 .....11 "UlitII'"..tllIlIlll""U lUI'" I flUl1 Ill! ,.111 U I,. til' III",. ,I,',II,U tlIIIIH I; II ..n ; 1111 n lit ..." Uti If11111,. '" ,....... III"1'".................1hi II

PAGE 159

REPRESENTATION: The undersigned bidder represents (check appropriate boxes) that the bidder, its office,rs or agents ( ) have ( ) have not refused to furnish upon request therefor, information or records of any Government Agency or any establishment in the legislative or judicial branch of the Government with respect to any contract with any department, agency, or other instrumentality of the Government.

PAGE 160

THIS RCORt) WAS BU:,kOlW) fHE fEDERAL RECORDS CENTER, G S.A., 1557 ST. JOSEPH ST.. EAST rO: NI G ACCfSSJON NO.__..._........ _.... .... ..... ._ ,BOX N(),_____.__.. .... ......u.