Specifications - Project: U. S. Post Office and Court House, St. Augustine, Florida


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Specifications - Project: U. S. Post Office and Court House, St. Augustine, Florida
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Design & Construction Division, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration
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Government House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Saint Augustine (Fla.)
48 King Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 48 King Street
29.892465 x -81.313142


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Subject: New Oil Burner, Fuel Tank, Etc. Stamped "Permanent File Copy"

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University of Florida
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,.'STANO',\ROItFOR'..iu......r...................n...."'..,.".,......u............'nu'.....tt.' ................A.F'ER'E.NCEtI...............UII".........u.nu........'..M Ih RlVISlO "'ARCH 1953 : A r. No.SERVICES pp Q[IIUAL R[GULATION NO. 13 : Project No. Dc4-2002 t NVJTAT ION FOR BIDS !......................................._ _... (CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT) : DATE ________________________________________________._________ ._:_________NAME AND L.OCATION 0 .. PROJECT DEFARTMENT OR AGENCY GENERAL SERVICES U. S. POST OFFICE & COVn.T H)TJSE PUBUC BUlLDlNCS SERVICE ST. AUGUS'i.'INE, FLOltIDA 50 SEVENTH N. E. ATLAI.'IT'A 23, GEORGIA BY (Iu.inll oflke) Puh!ic Buildings Service, Region 4 Design and Construction Division Peachtree Seventh Building 50 Seventh Street, i\f. E. Atlanta 23, Georgia ..ill triplicate for furnishi.og Ill! labor. equipment. end materials and rerfonning all wOll for fhe project described h(;rein will be received until Eastern Standard Time on AUGUST 28, 1958. in Peachtree Seventh Building 50 Seventh Street, i'J. E. Atlanta 23, Geor[:ia aod then opened. ... .!?. .........Bid guarantee in the amount of 2% of the bid, but not less than 8200, is reqnired on bids in excess of $2,000. Checks or money orders must be made payable to the General Services Admiuoistrlltion. Performance and Payment bonds will be r e'V :i red on contracts in excess of $?,OOO, each in an amount equal to 50% of tbe contract price unless a lesser amount is stated below. Upon re(juCSl, one set of Epl."cificalions and drawings wiH !'e supplied without charge to each genera! contractor interested in bidding on the complete project. Bidding materiat may he obtained from tbe custodian of the building or from the Regional Office .....NE!f [ OIL BURN:SR FUEL TAl\J1(, ETC. Informction reg:mling liquidated damages (ij Gny). parmenl3. etc., i3 attached or made a port of the ;pecificatit". Bids shall be submitted 011 the forms /urnis/led or copies thereof ....." h ....C..'.".u...................,..........u....".....................,I."IU...U.,I.................' ..N ..........UI........, .....Ut.....................u...,'...(U.,."...............'.II.:t. ...........II.,I.HIII....uu.


STANDARD FORM 23A MARCH 1953 PRESCRIBED BY GENERAL GENERAL PROVISIONS SERVICES ADMINISTRATION GENERAL REGULATION NO. IS (CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS) 1. DEFINITIONS (a) The term "head of the department" as used herein shall mean the head or any assistant head of the executive department or independent establishment involved, and the term "his duly authorized representative" shall mean any person authorized to act for him ether than the Contracting Officer. (b) The term "Contracting Officer" as used herein, shall include his duly appointed successor or his authorized representative. 2. SPECIFICATIONS AND DRAWINGS The Contractor shall keep on the work a copy of the drawings and specifications and shall at all times give the Contracting Officer access thereto. Anything mentioned in the specifications and not shown on the drawings, or shown on the drawings and not mentioned in the specifica tions, shall be of like effect as if shown or mentioned in both. In case of difference between drawings and specifications, the specifications shall govern. In any case of discrepancy either in the figures, in the drawings, or in the specifications, the matter shall be promptly submitted to the Contracting Officer, who shall promptly make a determination in writing. Any adjustment by the Contractor without this determination shall be at his own risk and expense. The Contracting Officer shall furnish from time to time such detail drawings and other information as he may consider necessary, unless otherwise provided. 3. CHANGES The Contracting Officer may at any time, by a written order, and without notice to the sureties, make changes in the drawings and/or specifications of this contract and within the general scope thereof. If such changes cause an increase or decrease in the amount due under this contract. or in the time required for its performance, an equitable adjustment shall be made and the contract shall be modified in writing accordingly. Any claim of the Contractor for adjustment under this clause must be asserted in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt by the Contractor of the notification of change: Provided, however, That the Contracting Officer, if he determines that the facts justify such action, may receive and consider, and adjust any such claim asserted at any time prior to the date of final settlement of the contract. If the parties fail to agree upon the adjustment to be made the dispute shall be determined as provided in Clause 6 hereof. But nothing provided in this clause shall excuse the Contractor from proceeding with the prosecution of the work as changed. Except as otherwise herein provided, no charge for any extra work or material will be allowed. 4. CHANGED CONDITIONS The Contractor shall promptly, and before such conditions are disturbed, notify the Contracting Officer in writing of: (1) subsurface or latent physical conditions at the site differing materially from those indicate d in this contract, or (2) unknown physical conditions at the site, of an unusual nature, differing materially from those ordinarily encountered and generally recognized as inhering in work of the character provided for in this contract. The Contracting Officer shall promptly investigate the conditions, and if he finds that such conditions do so materially differ and cause an increase or decrease in the cost of, or the time required for, performance of this contract, an equitable adjustment shall be made and the contract modified in writing accordingly. Any claim of the Contractor for adjustment hereunder sha ll not be sllowed unless he has given notice as above required; provided that the Contracting Officer may, if he determines the facts so justify, consider and adjust any such claim asserted before the date of final settlement of the contract. If the parties fail to agree upon the adjustment to be made, the dispute shall be determined as provided in Clause 6 hereof. 5. TERMINATION FOR DEFAULT-DAMAGES FOR DELAY-TIME EXTENSIONS (a) If the Contractor refuses or fails to prosecute the work, or any separable part thereof, with such diligence as will insure its completion within the time specified in this contract, or any extension thereof, or fails to complete said work within such time, the Government may, by written notice to the Contractor, terminate his right to proceed with the work or such part of the work as to which there has been delay. In such event the Government may take over the work and prosecute the same to completion, by contract or otherwise, and the Contractor and his sureties shall be liable to the Government for any excess cost occasioned the Government thereby. and for liquidated damages for delay, as fixed in the specifications or accompanying papers, until such reasonable time as may be required for the final completion of the work, or if liquidated damages are not so fixed, any actual damages occasioned by such delay. If the Contractor's right to proceed is so terminated, the Govcrnment may take possession of and utilize in completing the work such materials, appliances, and plant as may be on the site of the work and necessary therefor. (b) If the Government does not terminate the right of the Contractor to proceed, as provided in paragraph (a) hereof, the Contractor shall continue the work, in which event he and his sureties shall be liable to the Government, in the amount set forth in the specifications or accompanying papers, for fixed, agreed, and liquidated damages for each calendar day of delay until the work is completed or accepted, or if liquidated damages are not so fixed, any actual damages occasioned by such delay. (c) The right of the Contractor to proceed shall not be terminated, as provided in paragraph (a) hereof, nor the Contractor charge d with liquidated or actual damage s, as provided in paragraph (b) hereof because of any delays in the completion of the work due to unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the Contractor, including, but not restricted to, acts of God, or of the public enemy, acts of the Government, in either its sovereign or contractual capacity, acts of another contractor in the performance of a contract with the Government, fires, Hoods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, freight embargoes, and unusually severe weather, or delays of subcontractors or suppliers due to such causes: Provided, That the Contractor shall within 10 days from the beginning of any such delay, unless the Contracting Officer shall grant a further period of time prior to the date of final settlement of the contract, notify the Contracting Officer in writing of the causes of delay. The Contracting Officer shall ascertain the facts and the extent of the delay and extend the time for completing the work when in his judgment the findings of fact justify such an extension, and his findings of fact thereon shall be final and conclusive on the parties hereto, subject only to appeal as provided in Clause 6 hereof. 6. DISPUTES Except as otherwise provided in this contract, any dispute concerning a question of fact arising under this contract which is not disposed of by agreement shall be decided by the Contracting Officer, who shall reduce his decision to writing and mail or otherwise furnish a copy thereof to the Contractor. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of such copy, the Contractor may appeal by mailing or otherwise furnishing to the Contracting Officer a written appeal addressed to the head of the department, and the decision of the head of the department or his duly authorized representatives for the hearings of such appeals shall, unless determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to have been fraudulent, arbitrary, capricious, or so grossly erroneous as necessarily to imply bad faith, be final and conclusive: Provided, That, if no such appeal to the head 16-68473-1


of the department is taken, the decision of the Contracting Officer shall be final and conclusive. In connection with any appeal proceeding under this clause, the Contractor shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard and to offer evidence in support of its appeal. Pending final decision of a dispute hereunder, the Contractor shall proceed diligently with the performance of the contract and in accordance with the Contracting Officer's decision. 7. PAYMENTS TO CONTRACTORS (a) Unless otherwise provided in the specifications, partial payments will be made as the work progresses at the end of each calendar month, or as soon thereafter as practicable, or at more frequent intervals as determined by the Contracting Officer, on estimates made and approved by the Contracting Officer. In preparing estimates the material delivered on the site and preparatory work done may be taken into consideration. (b) In making such partial payments there shall be retained 10 percent on the estimated amount until final compietion and acceptance of all work covered by the contract: Provided, however, That the Contracting Officer, at any time after SO pcr c 'n t of the work has been completed, if he finds that progress is being made, may make any of the remaining partial payments in full: And provided further, That on completion and acceptance of each separate building, public work, or other division of the contract, on which the price is stated separately in the contract, payment may be made in full, induding retained percentage thereon, less authorized deductions. (c) All material and work covered by partial payments made shall thereupon become the sole property of the Government, but this provision shall not be construed as relieving the Contractor from the sole responsibility for all materials and work upon which payments have been made or the restoration of any damaged work, or as a waiver of the right of the Government to require the fuifillmcnt of all of the terms of the contract. (d) Upon completion and acceptance of all work required hereunder, the amount due the CGntractor under this contract will be paid upon the presentation of a properly executed and duly certified voucher therefor, after the Contractor shall have furnished the Government with a release, if required, of all claims against the Government arising under and by virtue of th{s contract, other than such claims, if any, as may be specifically excepted by the Contractor from the operation of the release in stated amounts to be set forth therein. If the Contractor's clai m to amounts payable under the contract has been assigned under the Assignment of Claims Act of 1940, as amended (41 U. S. C. 15), a release may also be required of the assignee at the optiGn of the Contracting Officer. 8. MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP Unless otherwise specificallY provided for in the specifications, all equipment, materials, and articles incorporated in the work covered by this contract are to be new and of the most suitable grade of their respective kinds for the purpose and all workmanship shall be first class. Where equipment, materials, or artides are referred to i n the specifications as "equal to" any particular standard, the Contracting Officer shall decide the question of equality. The Contractor shall furnish to the Contracting Officer fo r his approval the name of the manufacturer of machinery, mechanical and other equipment which he contemplates incorporating in the work, together with their performance capacities and other pertinent information. When required by the specifications, or when called for by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer for approval full information concerning the materials or articles which he contemplates incorporating in the work. Samples of materials shall b e submitted for approval when so directed. Machinery, equipment, materials, and articles installed or used without such approval shall be at the risk of subsequent rejection. The Contracting Officer may in writing require the Contractor to remove from the work such employee as the Contracting Officer deems incompetent, careless, insubordinate, or otherwise objectionable, or whose continue d employment on the wGrk is deemed by the Contracting Officer to be contrary to the public interest. 9. INSPECTION (a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (d) hereof all material and wo,kmanship, if not otherwise designated by the specifications, shall be subject to inspection, examination, and test by the Contracting Officer at any and all timcs during manufacture and/or construction and at any and all places where such manufacture and/or construction aTe carried on. The Government shall have the right to reject defective material and workmanship or require its correction. Rejected workmanship shall be satisfactorily corrected and rejected material shall be satisfactorily replaced with proper material without charge therefor, and the Contractor shall promptly segregate and remove the rejected material from the premises. If the Contractor fails to proceed at once with the replacement of rejected material and/or the correction of defective workmanship the GGvernment may, by contract or otherwise, replace suc h material and/or correct such workmanship and charge the cost thereof to the Contractor, or may terminate the right of the Contractor to proceed as provided in Clause 5 of this contract, the Contractor and surety being liable for any damage to the same extent as provided in said Clause 5 for terminations thereunder. (b) The Contractor shall furnish promptly without additional charge, all reasonable facilities, labor, and materials necessary for the safe and convenient inspection and test that may be r equired by the Contracting Officer. Ail inspection and t ests by the Government shall be performed in such manner as not unnecessarily to delay the work. Special, full size, and performance tests shall be as described in the specifications. The Contractor shaH be charged with any additional cost of inspection when material and workmanship are not ready at the time inspection is requested by the Contractor. (c) Should it be comidercd necessary or advisable by the Government at any time before final acceptance of the entire work to mal:e an examination of work already completed, by removing or tearing Ollt same, the Contractor shall on request promptly furnish all necessary facilities, labor, and materiaL If such work is found to be defective or nonconforming in any material rcspect, due to fault of the Contractor Gr his subcontractors, he shall defray all the expenses of such examination and of satisfactory reconstruction. If, however, such work is found to meet the requirements of the contract, the actual direct cost of labor and material necessarily involvcd in the examination and replacement, plm 15 percent, shaH be allowed the Contractor and he shall, in addition, if completion of the work has been delaycd thereby, be granted a suitable extension of time on account of the additional work involved. (d) Inspection o f materia l and finished articles to be incorporated in the work at the site shall be made at the place of production, manufacture, or shipment, whenever the quantity justifies it, unless otherwise stated in the specifications; and such inspection and written or other formal acceptance, unless otherwise stated in the specifi cations, shall be final, except as regards latent defects, departures from specific requirements of the contract, damage or loss in transit, fraud, o. such gross mistakes as amount to fraud. Subject to the requirements contained in the preceding sentence, the inspection of material and workmanship for final acceptance as a whole or in part shall be made at the site. Nothing contained in this paragraph (d) shall in any way restrict the Government's rights under any warranty or guarantee. 10. SUPERINTENDENCE BY CONTRACTOR The Contractor shall give his personal superintendence to the work or have a competent foreman or superintendent, satisfactory to the Contracting Officer, on the work at all times during progress, with authority to act for him. 2 16--G8473-1


11. PERMITS AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR WORK, ETC. The Contractor shall, without additional expense to the Government. obtain all licenses and permits required for the prosecution of the work. !-'Ie shall be responsible for all damages to persons or property that occur as a result of his fault or negligence in connection with the prosecution of the work. He shall also be responsible for all materials delivered and work performed until completion and final acceptance, except for any completed unit thereof which theretofore may have been finally accepted. 12. OTHER CONTRACTS The Government may undertake or award other contracts for additional work, and the Contractor shall fully cooperate with such other contractors and Government employees and carefully fit his own work to such additional work as may be directed by the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall not commit or permit any act which will interfere with the performance of work by any other contractor or by Government employees. 13. PATENT INDEMNITY Except as otherwise provided, the Contractor agrees to indemnify the Government and its officers, agents and employees against liability, including costs and expenses, for infringement upon any Letters Patent of the United States (except Letters Patent issued upon an application which is now or may hereafter be, for reasons of national security, ordered by the Government to be kept secret or otherwise withheld from issue) arising out of the pel"formance of this contract or out of the use disposal by or for the account of the Government of supplies furmshed or construction work performed hereunder. 14. ADDITIONAL BOND SECURITY If any surety upon any bond furnished in connection with this contract becomes unacceptable to the Government, or if any such surety fails to furnish reports as to his financial condition from time to time as requested by the Government, the Contractor shall promptly furnish such add.itional security as may be required from time to time to protect the interests of the Government and of persons supplying labor or materials in the prosecution of the work eontempilIted by this contract. 15. COVENANT AGAINST CONTINGENT FEES The Contractor warrants that no pcrson or selling agency has been employed Or retained to solicit or secure this contract upon an agreement or understanding for a commission. percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee, excepting bona fide employees or bona fide est<:blished commercial or selling agencies maintained by the Contractor for the purpose of securing business. For breach or violation of this warranty the Government sha H have the right to annul this contract without liability or in its discretion to deduct from the contract price Or consideration the full amount of such commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee. 16. OFFICIALS NOT TO BENEFIT No member of or Delegate to Congress, or Resident Commissioner, shall be admitted to any share Or part of this contract, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom; but this provision shall not be construed to extend to this contract if made with a corporation for its general benefit. 17. BUY AMERICAN ACT The Contractor agrees that in the performance of the work unde r this contract the Contractor, subcontractors, material men and suppliers shall use such unmanufacture d articles, materials and supplies (which term "articles, materials and supplies" is hereinafter referred to in this clause as "Supplies") as have been mined or produced in the United States, and only such manufactured supplies as have been manufactured in the United States substantially all from supplies mined, produced, or manufactured, as the ca.se may be, in the United States. PUrs1.1ant to the Buy American Act (41 U. S. C. lOa-d), the foregoing prOVISIOns shall not apply (i) with respect to supplies excepted by the head of the d'!partment from the application of that Act, (ii) with respect to supplies for use outside the United States, or (iii) with respect to the supplies to be used in the performance of work under this contract which are of a class or kind determined by the head of the department or his duly authorized representative not to be mined, produced, or m<:nufactured, as the case may be, in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality, or (iv) with respect to such supplies, from which the supplies to be used in the performance of work under this contract are manufactured, as are of a class or kind determined by the head of the department or his duly authorized representative not to be mined, produced, or manufactured, as the case may be, in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality, provided that this exception (iv) shall not permit the use in the performance of work under this contract of supplies manufactured outside the United States ifsuch supplies are manufactured in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities and of a satisfactory quality. 18. CONVICT LABOR In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the Contractor agrees not to employ any person undergoing sentence of imprisonment at hard labor. 19. NONDISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the Contractor agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, or national origin; and further agrees to insert the foregoing provision in all subcontracts hereunder cxcept subcontracts for standard commercial supplies or for .aw materials. 20. DAVIS-BACON ACT (40 U. S. C. 276a-a(7 (a) All mechanics and laborers employed or working directly upon the site of the work will be paid unconditionally and not less often than once a week, and without subsequent deduction or rebate on any account (except such payroll deductions as are permitted by the Copeland Act (Anti-Kickback) Regulations (29 CFR, Part 3 the full amounts due at time of payment, computed at wagerates not less than those contained in the wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, regardless of any contractual relationship which II'ay be alleged to exist between the Contractor or subcontractor and such laborers and mechanics; and a copy of the wage determination decision shaH be kept posted by the Contractor at the site of the work in a prominent place where it can be easily seen by the workers. (b) In the event it is found by the Contracting Officer that any laborer or mechanic employed by the Contractor or any subcontractor directly on the site of the work covered by this has been or is being paid at a rate of wages less than the rate of wages required by paragraph (a) of this clause, the Contracting Officer may (1) by written notice to the Government Prime Contractor terminate his right to proceed with the work, Or such part of the work as to which there has been a failure to pay said required wages, and (2) prosecute the work to completion by contract or otherwise, whereupon such Contractor and his sureties shall be liable to the Government for any excess costs occasioned the Government thereby. (c) Paragraphs (a) and (b) of this clause shall apply to this contract to the extent that it is (1) a prime contract with the Government subject to the Davis-Bacon Act or (2) a subcontract under such prime contract. 21. EIGHT-HOUR LAWS-OVERTIME COMPENSATION No laborer or mechanic doing any part of the work contemplated by this contract, in the employ of the Contractor 3 16-68473-1


or any subcontractor contracting for any part of said work contemplated, shall be required or permitted to work more than eight hours in anyone calendar day upon such work, except upon the condition that compensation is paid to such laborer or mechanic in accordance with the provisions of this clause. The wages of every laborer and mechanic employed by the Contractor or any subcontractor engaged in the performance of this contract shall be computed on a basic day rate of eight hours per day and work in excess of eight hours per day is permitted only upon the condition that every such laborer and mechanic shall be compensated for all hours worked in excess of eight hours per day at not less than one and one-half times the basic rate of pay. For each violation of the requirements of this clause a penalty of five dollars shall be imposed for each laborer or mechanic for every calendar day in which such employee is required or permitted to labor more than eight hours upon said work without receiving compensation computed in accordance with this clause, and all penalties thus imposed shall be withheld for the use and benefit of the Government: Provided, That this stipulation shaH be subject in all respects to the exceptions and provisions of the Eight-Hour Laws as set forth in 40 U. S. C. 321, 324, 325, 325a, and 326, which relate to hours of labor and compensation for overtime. 22. APPRENTICES Apprentices will be permitted to work only under a bona fide apprenticeship program registered with a State Apprenticeship Council which is recognized by the Federal Committee on Apprenticeship, U. S. Department of Labor; or if no such recognized Council exists in a State, under a program registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship, U. S. Department of Labor. 23. PAYROLL RECORDS AND PAYROLLS (a) Payroll records will be maintained during the course of the work and preserved for a period of three years thereafter for all laborers and mechanics working at the site of the work. Such records will contain the name and address of each such employee, his correct classification, rate of pay, daily and weekly number of hours worked, deductions made and actual wages paid. The Contractor will make his empioyment records available for inspection by authorized representatives of the Contracting Officer and the U. S. Department of Labor, and will permit such representatives to interview employees during working hours on the job. (b) A certified copy of all payrolls will be submitted weekly to the Contracting Officer. The Government Prime Contractor will be responsible for the submission of certified copies of the payrolls of all subcontractors. The certification will affirm that the payrolls are correct and complete, that the wage rates contained therein are not less than the applicable rates contained in the wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor attached to this contract, and that the classifications set forth for each laborer or mechanic conform with the work he performed. 24. COPELAND (ANTI-KICKBACK) ACT-NONREBATE OF WAGES. The regulations of the Secretary of Labor applicable to Contractors and subcontractors (29 CFR, Part 3), made pursuant to the Copeland Act, as amended (40 U. S. C. 276c) and to aid in the enforcement of the Anti-Kickback Act (18 U. S. C. 874) are made a part of this contract by reference. The Contractor will comply with these regulations and any amendments or modifications thereof and the Government Prime Contractor will be responsible for the submission of affidavits required of subcontractors thereunder. The foregoing shall apply except as the Secretary of Labor may specifically provide for reasonable limitations, variations, tolerances, and exemptions. 25. WITHHOLDING OF FUNDS TO ASSURE WAGE PAYMENT There may be withheld from the Contractor so much of the accrued payments or advances as may bc considered necessary to pay laborers and mechanics employed by the Contractor or any subcontractor the full amount of wages required by this contract. In the event of failure to pay any laborer or mechanic aH or part of the wages required by this contract, the Contracting Officer may take such action as may be necessary to cause the suspension, until such violations have ceased, of any further payment, advance, or guarantee of funds to or for the Government Prime Contractor. 26. SUBCONTRACTS-TERMINATION The Contractor agrees to insert Clauses 20 through 26 hereof in all subcontracts and further agrees that a breach of any of the requirements of these clauses may be grounds for termination of this contract. The term "Contractor" as used in such clauses in any subcontract shall be deemed to refer to the subcontractor except in the phrase "Government Prime Contractor." U. s. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 16-68473-1


GSA FORM 1139 A PRIL li'i6 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE Section 1 GENERAL CONDITIONS 1-1. DEF'INITIONS (a) The terms "Administration" and "Service" as us e d in the specifications shall mean the General Services Administration and the Public Buildings Service, r espectively ( b) The term "Contracting Officer as used in the specifications shall mean the officer who executes the contract on behalf of the United States, and shall include his duly apPOinted successor, or his authorized representative. (c) "Government Representative, "Construction Engineer," and "Inspectors" as used in the specifications shall mean representatives of the Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration. In the a bsence of such a representative at the building or site "Government Representative" shall mean the Custodian of the building or site, unless otherwise specified. (d ) The term "Contractor" as used in the specifications shall mean the individual, partnership, or corporation that agrees to provide all labor, material and services required in the contract. 1-2. GENERAL PROVISIONS The Standard Form 23A, General Provision s (Construction Contract) in effect on the date of the invitation for bids, is attached to the specifications and made a part hereof. 1-3. CONTRACT AND BONDS If the amount of the contract i s in exc e ss of $2 000 and the successful bidder fails to satisfactorily execute the required forms of contract, performance bond and payment bond within the time established in the bid, the Govenment may proceed to have the required work performed by contract or otherwise and the bidder to whom award was originally made shall be liable for any excess cost to the Government. 1-4. CONDITIONS AT SITE OR BUILDING The Contractor shall be responsible for having ascertained pertinent local conditions readily determined by inspection and inquiry, such as the location, accessibility and general character of the s ite or building, labor conditions, the character and extent of existing work within or adjacent thereto, and any other work b eing performed thereon at the time of the submission of hi s bid. 1-5. MEASUREMENTS All dimensions shown of existing work and all dimensions required for work that is to connect with work now in p l ace, shall be verified by the Contractor by actual measurement of the existing work Any discrepancies between the drawings and specifications and the existing conditions shall be referred to the Contracting Officer for adjustment before any work affected thereby has been performed. 1-6. MONUMENTS AND BENCH MARKS (a ) The Contracting Officer has established, or will establish, such general reference points as will enable the Contractor to proceed with the work If the Contractor finds that any previously established reference pOints have been destroyed or displaced, he shall promptly notify the Contracting Officer. ( b ) The Contractor shall protect and preserve the established bench marks and monuments and shall make no chang es in locations without the written approval oJ the Contracting Officer. Any of them which may be lo s t or destroyed or which require shifting because of necessary changes in grades or locations sha ll, subject to prior approval by the Contracting Officer be replaced and accurately located by the Contractor. (cl The Contractor shall provide competent engineering services a s necessary to execute the work in accordance with the contract requirements. He shall verify the fi gures shown on the survey and approach drawing s be fore undertaking any construction work and shall be responsible for the accuracy of the finished work. 1-7. USE OF PREMISES (a) The Contractor shall comply with the regulations governing the operation of premises which are occupied and shall perform his contract in such a manner as not to interrupt or interfere with the conduct of Government busine ss ( b ) Work performed outside of establiShed working hoUl' s shall be at no additional expense to the Government. 1-8. BUILDING CODES. ETC. (al The Contractor Shall without additional expense to the Government, comply with all State and Municipal buildin g ordinances, codes and regulations insofar as they are binding upon the Government. ( b ) State and local building codes and re gulations do not apply to work inside the property lines of Government-owned properties but g'enerally do apply to Government-Ieased properties. (c) The Contractor shall obtain and pay all fees and charg es for connections to outside services and for use of property outside the site. 1-9. TAXES (a) Without additional expense to the Government, the Contractor shall be liable for all applicable Federal, State, and local taxes. (b) Some States and the District of Columbia exempt Contracto rs from certain taxes, including sales or use taxes on materials for Federal construction. The Contractor shall inform himself fully regarding these exemptions. 1-10. GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION ( a ) AU work shall be done under the supervision of the authorized G overnment Representative in charge of the work at the site ( b ) The authorized representative of the Contracting Officer as to the proper interpretation of the drawings and specifications is the Supervising Engineer for contracts awarded by the Central Office of the Public Building s Service and is the respective Deputy Reg ional Director, Public Building s Service. for contracts aw arded by any of the' Re g ional Offices of the General Services Admini stration. Nothing shall excuse the Contractor from proceedin g with work in accordance with the determination of such representative as to the interpretation of the drawing s and specifications. ( c) Government Representatives have no authority to approve or order chang e s in the work or to alter the terms or conditions o f the contract without written authority of the Contracting Officer 1-11. WORK TO BE DONE BY CONTRACTOR Unless otherwise specified, the Contractor shall execute on the site, and with his own organization, work equivalent to at least 12 percent of the total amount of the contract price. The cost of material installed by skilled and unskilled labor carried on Contractor's own payroll may be included in the 12 percent.


1-12 SUBCONTRACTS ( a ) Not .hing contained in the cont r act s haH be con strue d a s creating any contractual relationship between a ny subcontractor and the Government. The divi sions or sections of the specifications are not intended to control the Contractor in divid i n g the work among subcont r actors or to limit the work performe d b y any trade. ( b ) The Contractor shall be responsi ble to the Government for acts and omissions of his own employ ees and of subcontractors and their employ e es. H e s h a H a lso b e res ponsible for the coordination of the work of the trades, subcontractors, and material m e n (c ) The Contractor shall, without additional expens e to the Government, employ specialty subcontractors where required by the specifications. (d ) The Government or its r epresentatives will not undertake to settle any difference s between the Contractor and his subcontractors, or between subcontractors. 1 -13. SCHEDULE OF ESTIMATES Before the first partial payment under the contract becom e s due, the Contractor and Government Repres entative shall prepare jointly a sche dule of the estimated values of the main branches of the work totaling the amount of the contract. The values in the schedule will be used only for determining p artial payments. The cost of bonds and preparatory overhead work shall be prorated through the life of the contract. 1 -14. PAYMENTS TO CONTRACTORS The provisions of clause 7 of Standard Form 23A, General Provisions, are supplemented as follows : ( a ) Material delivered on the site and preparatory work done will not be taken into consideration in preparing estimates upon which p artial p ayments are based except as provided in subparagraph ( e ) hereof. (b) If the contract price is $1. 000 01' less payment in full will be made upon completion and acceptance of the work. ( c ) If the contract price is more tha n $1,000 but not more than $2,000, payment will be made in full upon completion and acceptance of the work. When the Contractor so requests, p artial payments covering ninety (90) percent of the value of acceptable work performed each month will be made. in which cas e the final payment, including retained percentag e s, w ill be made upon compl etion and acceptance of the work. ( d ) If the contract price is more than $2, 000, partial payments will be made in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned clause 7 In the discretion of the Contracting Officer. payment of a portion of the retained percentag e may be made before final acceptance, provided the contract is practically completed, and the work put to use by the Government. A release of claims will be required before final payment is made. ( e ) Unless otherwise provided in the specifications, if the contract price i s more than $500 ,000 material delivered that will be incorporated into the structure will be taken into consideration, provided the material is delivered on the site, or is delivered to the Contractor and properly stored by him in a warehouse, storage yard, or similar suitable place within 25 miles of the site. Before each such payment is made for delivered material ON the site, the Contractor shall furnish to the Construction Engineer such evidence as he may require a s proof of the quantity and value of such materials. Before each such payment is made for delivered material OFF the site, the Contractor shall furnis h the Contracting Officer throug h the Cons truction Engineer, properly executed bills of sale for the delivered material upon which payment is bein g made. 1-15 FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT The Contractor's attention is directed to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (52 Stat. 1060 ) and any amendments thereto. 1 -16. ACCIDENT PREVENTION In the p erformance of the Contract the Contractor shall compl y with the applica ble provi s ions of the "St andard s p ec ification for A ccid ent Prevention, i ssued by the General Serv ice s Administr a ti o n and sha ll take a n y o ther precautions n e c essary to protect all persons a g ainst injury at the si t e of the work. 1 -17. WORKMEN'S COMPEN S ATION LAWS The Act of June 25, 193 6 49 S t a t. 1938 (40 U S C. 290 ) authoriz es the constituted authority of t h e s everal S t a t es t o a ppl y their workm e n S compensation law s to all lands and premises owned or held b y the United States. 1-18 BUY AMERICAN ACT Pursuant to the Buy American Act. referred to in cl a u s e 17 of Standard F orm 23A, Genera l PrOVisions, the Administrator of General Se rvices has determined that the provisions of the s a id cl a u s e 17 shall not apply to the following: Cork; sisal ; hemp ; flax ; jute; silk; licorice root; asbestos ; Eng lish china cl a y ; English ball clay; carnauba wax; mica ; rubber: antimony; manganese; titanium; tungsten ; zirconium ; chromium; platinum; tin: nickel and natural nickel a lloys. 1 -19. STANDARD REFERENCES ( a ) Any materials, equipment, or workma n ship specified by reference to the number, symbol, 01' title of any specific Standard shall comply with the lates t edition or revision thereof and any amendment or supplement thereto in effect on the date of the Invitation for Bids, except as limited to t y pe class or g r a de or modified in the s pecificat i ons. ( b ) Standards referred to i n the spec i fications, except as modified, shall have full force and effect a s though printed in the specifications ( c ) Reference in the specific a tion s to any article, device product, materials, fixture, form or type of construction by name, make, 01' catalog number, shall be interpreted as establishing a standard of quality, and not as limiting competition. The Contractor may make substitutions equal to the items specified if approved in advance in writing by the Contracting Officer. ( d ) "Federal Specifications ," "Commercial Standards, and "Simplified Practice Recommendations" can be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Uni ted States Government Printing Office, Washington 25. D. C or may be obtained from a n y Re g ion a l Office of the General Services Administration. Directions for purchase and the price of e ach cop y a re contained in the respective indexes obtaina ble from the same sources at current prices ( e ) "Standard Specifications of the Public Buildings Service" can be obtained without charg e from any Regional Office of the General Services Administration or from General Services Administra tion, Public Buildings Service W ashington 25, D. C. ( f) Standards of Associ a t ions referred to in the specifications may be obtained directly from the Associations 1-20 DRAWINGS ( a ) The general character and scope of the work are shown by the drawings liste d in the speCifications. ( b ) In case of differences between sma ll and large scale drawings, the larg e scale drawings shall govern Schedules on drawings shall t a ke precedence over any confiictin g notations on the drawing s On any of the drawing s where a portion of the work is drawn out and the remainder is shown in outline, the parts drawn out shall apply also to all other like portions of the work ( c ) Where the word "similar" occurs on the drawing s, it shall have a general meaning and not be interpreted a s bein g identical, and all deta ils shall be worked out in relation to their loca tion and their connection with other parts of the work 1-21. STANDARD DETAILS ( a ) Standard Details are listed on the dra wings and accompanying the speCifications Their application is 2


made specific by notation on the drawing s 01' by references elsewhere in the specii'tcations. Where the notes on the drawing s indicate modifications of the details listed, such modifications shall be made. (b ) Revisions of Standard Details are indicated by adding a suffix letter to the basic number in alphabetical order, i. e., 6-15-3B supersedes 6-15-3A. Such suffix letters may not appeal' in cros s references on other Standard Details The Standard Details wi1ich accompany the specifications shall take precedence over earlier editions thereof referred to on the drawings, in the spec ifications, or on other Standard Details. 1-22. SHOP DRAWINGS (a) The Contractor shall submit for the approval of the Contracting Officer, shop drawings, setting drawings and schedules, required by the specifications 01' requested by the Contracting Officer No work shall be fabricated, save at the Contractor's risk, until such approval has been received Drawing s and schedules shall be delivered to the Contracting Officer unless otherwise directed. (b ) Drawings and schedules shall be checked and coordinated with the work of any other trades involved, before they are submitted for the approval of the Contracting Officer and shall bear the Contractor's stamp of approval as evidence of such checking and coordination. Drawing s or schedules submitted without this stamp of approval will be returned to the Contractor for resubmission (c) Drawing s and schedules shall be submitted in quadruplicate ( unless otherwise specified) accompanied by a letter of transmittal in triplicate. The letter shall include a list of the numbers and dates of the individual drawings submitted. Drawing s shall be complete, bound in sets, and shall bear: 1. The date. 2. The name of the project. 3 Consecutive numbering. 4. The Contractor's stamp of approval. (dl The Contractor shall submit all drawings and schedules suffiCiently in advance of construction requirements to allow ample time for checking, resubmitting, and rechecking (e) The approval of drawings and schedules will be general, but approval shall not be construed : ( 1 ) As permitting any departure from the contract requirements; (2) as relieving the Contractor of the responsibility for any errors, including details, dimens ions, materials, etc. : ( 3) as approving departures from full size details furniShed by the Contracting Officer except as otherwise provided herein. (f) If drawing s show variations from the contract requirements because of standard shop practice 01' for other reasons, the Contractor shall describe such variations in his lette r of transmittal. If acceptable, the Contracting Officer may approve any 01' all such variations, subject to a proper adjustment in the contract. If the Contractor fails to de s cribe such variations he shall nut be relieved of the responsibility for executing the work in accordance with the contract, even though such drawing s have been approved. (g ) If the drawing s 01' schedules as submitted show a departure from the contract requirements, which the Contracting Officer finds to be in the interest of the Government and to be so minor as not to involve a chang' e in the contract price or time for performance, the Contracting Officer may approve the drawings. 1-23 SAMPLES (a) After the award of the contract, the Contractor shall furnish for the approval of the Contracting Officer, samples required by the speCifications 01' by the Contracting Officer. Samples shall be delivered to the Contracting Officer unless otherwise directed. The Contractor shall prepay all shipping charges on samples. Materials 01' equipment for which samples are required shall not be used in the work until approved in writing by the Contracting Officer save only at the Contractor's risk and expense. ( b ) Each samp!e shall have a label indicating : 1. Name of project. 2. Name of Contractor. 3. Material or equipment represented. 4. Place of ori gin. 5. Name of producer and brand (if any). 6. Locati o n in project. Samples of finished materials shall have additional markings that will identify them under the finish schedules. (cl The Contractor shall mail under separate cover a letter in triplicate submitting each shipment of samples and containing the information required in (b l above He shall enclose a copy of this letter with the shipment and send a copy to the Government Representative on the project. Approval of a sample shall b e only for the characteristics or use named in such approval and shall not be construed to chang e or modify any contract reqUirement Before submitting samples, the Contractor shall assure himself that the materials or equipment will be available in the quantities required in the project; because no change 01' substitution will be p ermitted after a sample has been approved. (d) Approved samples not destroyed in testing will be sent to the Government Representative at the project. Approved samples of hardware in good condition will be marked for identiftcation and may be used in the work. Materials and equipment incorporated in the work shall match the approved samples. Samples not destroyed in testing or not approved will be returned to the Contractor at his expense if so requested at time of submission. (e ) Failure of any material to pass the 5pecified tests will be sufficient cause for refusal to conSider, under this contract, any further samples of the same brand or make of that material. The Government reserves the right to disapprove any material or equipment which previously has proved unsatisfactory in service. (f) Samples of various materials or equipment delivered on the site or in place may be taken by the Government Representative for t esting. Samples failing to meet contract requirements will automatically void previous approvals of the items tested. The Contractor shall replace such materials 01' equipment to meet contract requirements, or there shall be a proper adjustment of the contract price as determined by the Contracting Officer. 1-24 CLIMATIC CONDITIONS When so ordered by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall suspend any work that may be subjected to damage by climatic conditions. 1-25. HEAT The Contractor shall provide sufficient heat as follows: (a ) As necessary to protect all work, materials and equipment against injury from dampness and cold. ( b) At all times during the placing, setting and curing of concrete, to insure the heating of the spaces involved to not less than 50 Fahrenheit. ( c ) From the be ginning of the application of plaster and during the setting and curing period, to produce a temperature in the spaces involved of not less than 50 F'ahrenheit. (d) For a period of 10 days previous to the placing of interior wood finish and throughout the placing of this and other interior fini shing, varnishing, painting, etc., and until the completion of the building, to produce a temperature of not less than 70 Fahrenheit. 1-26. CONTRACT CHANGES The provisions of clause 3 of Standard Form 23A, General Provisions are supplemented as follows: ( a ) All proposals for changes in the work shall be submitted by the Contractor in a lump sum amount.


(b) In considering proposals for changes involving added work, omitted work or any combination thereof, check estimates in detail will be made by the Government, utilizing unit prices where speci fied or agreed upon, with the view of arriving at equitable adjustments. (c) When the necessity to proceed with a change does not allow sufficient time to properly check a propo sal. or because of failure to reach an agreement, the G overnment may order the contractor to proceed on the basis of price to be determined a t the earliest practicable date but not to be more than the increase or les s than the decrease proposed. (d) With each proposal for a change involving an increase or decrease in the amount of the contract, the Contractor shall submit separately an itemized breakdown that will include but not be limited to the following: l. Material quantities and unit prices. (Separated into Trades.) 2. Labor costs. 3. Construction equipment. 4. Workmen's Compensation and Public Liability. 5. Overhead. 6 Profit. 7. Social Security Tax. (e) Proposals and breakdowns should be submitted as promptly as possible (f) Allowable overhead, profit. and commission percentages are given at the end of this paragraph. These percentages shall be considered to include, but not to be limited to, insurance other than mentioned herein, bond or bonds, field and offic e supervisors and assistants. use of small tools, incidental job burdens, and general office expense. No percentages for overhead. profit, or commission will be allowed on Social Security Tax. The percentages for overhead. profit. and commission to be allowed by the Government may vary according to the nature, extent, and complexity of the work involved, but in no case shall exceed the following: Com, O verhead Profit mission To subcontractors and/or to the Contractor for work performed with his own forces___ ____ 10% 10% (If established by the practice of the trade, higher percentages for overhead may be allowed,) To Contractor on work performed by other than his own forces_ ___ 10% On proposals involving both increases and decreases in the amount of the contract, the overhead, profit, and commission w!ll be allowed on the net increase only. 1-27. PAYMENT FOR HEAT Determination of payment to be made for the cost of heat furnished during' any period of time that extends beyond the date for completion stipulated in the contract will be as follows: (a) Payment will be made for the extended period of time that is caused directly by authorized changes made in the drawings or specifications, as provided in clause 3. Standard Form 23A, General Provisions. (b) Payment will not be made for the extended period of time that is caused by delays other than those noted in paragraph (a) above. (c) When the total extended period of time is considered to include both of above conditions (a) and (b), the Contracting Officer will adjust such time and determine the ratio of time covered by condition Cal to the total extended period of time and payment will be made as provided in (a) above (d) In determining the cost of furnishing this heat the Contractor will be allowed a reasonable amount for overhead, but no profit. (e) Except as provided above. no payment will be made by the Government on account of any other items of cost of delay, whether occasioned by a change in the specifications or otherwise. 1-28. FINAL INSPECTION AND TESTS The reqUirements of clause 9 of Standard Form 23A. General Provis ions, are supplemented as follows: (a) If any part of the work as installed be at variance with the contract reqUirements. the Contracting Officer may, if he finds it to be in the interest of the Government, allow all or any part of such work to remain in place, subject to a proper adjustment in the contract price. ( b) The Contractor shall give the Contracting Officer at least ten (10) days advance notice of the date the work will be fully completed and ready for final inspection and tests. An endorsement by the Government Representative at the site shall be attached to this notice which shall not relieve the Contractor of his responsibilities in the matter. Final inspection and tests will be made within ten (10) days from the date speCified in the aforesaid advance notice. (c) Regardless of quantities involved, inspection of material and finished articles to be incorporated in the work at the site shall be made at the place of production, manufacture, or shipment, only when shop inspection, mill inspection or plant inspection is required by the specifications. 1-29 GUARANTIES (a) Unless otherwise provided in the specifications, the Contractor guarantees all work to be in accordance with contract requirements and free from defective or inferior materials, equipment, and workmanship for one (1) year after the date of final settlement or from an earlier date determined by the Contracting Officer. (b) If, within any guaranty period, the Contracting Officer finds that guaranteed work needs to be repaired or chang ed because of the use of materials, equipment, or workmanship Which in his opinion, are inferior, defective, or not in accordance with the terms of the contract, he shall so inform the Contractor in writing and the Contractor shall promptly and without additional expense to the Government: (1) place in a satisfactory condition all of such guaranteed work; (2) make good all damage to equipment, the site, the building, or contents thereof, which is the result of such unsatisfactory guaranteed work; and (3) make good any work, materials, and equipment that are disturbed in fulfilling the guaranty, including any disturbed work, materials, and equipment that may have been guaranteed under another contract. Should the Contractor fail to proceed promptly in accOl'dance with the guaranty, the Government may have such work performed at the expense of the Contractor. (c) Any special guaranties that may be required under the contract shall be subject to the stipulations set forth above insofar as they do not conftict with the provisions of such special guaranties. '1-30 DEBRIS AND CLEANING (a) The Contractor shall. during the prog ress of the work. remove and dispos e of the resultant dirt and debris and keep the premises clean. (b) Upon completion of the work the Contractor shall remove all construction equipment and surplus materials (except materials that are to remain the property of the Government as provided in the specifications). and leave the premises in a clean condition satisfactory to the Government Representative. 4 U 5 GOvERNMENf P R!N1!NG OFFlct 1'"-'iIi a 4 091 3 1


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUST! NE, FLOm DA PB...RF..G-u & COURT H O U SE NOTICE There are Liquidated Damages stipulated in this Specification. (SEE PARAGRftPH 2-2A 11 QUI DATED DAMAGES)


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. A UJUSTINl!" FLORIm FB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE SECTION 2 SPECIA L COiJDITIONS 2-1. SCOPE OF WORK: The work hereinafter specified includes the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment and installation of all work required for a New Oil Burner for Lxisting Heating Boiler, 2,000 Gallon Frel Oil Tank, Oil-Fired Hot 1{later H Gater, and all related Pipi ne, ttc., for a complete instal1P.tion; as shown on Drawing Ho. 27-5, and Standard Details Nos. 10-1-])., 10-1-2A, 10-1-3A and 10-3-9, as hereinafter and as may be directed. 2-2. THlli FOR C OMFLL TION: The time for completion of the -... contract hereundeT' shall be Ninety (90) calf3ndar days from the date of receipt of notice to proceed. 2-2A. DH.AGLS: Liquidated Damages shall be Twenty-Five Dollars per calendar day. LABOR STANDARDS CLAUSE / 1. In all subcontracts entered into for portions of thts work, the contractor shallt 1.Ca) Recite in the body of tho subcontract the of 20 through 26 of the General Provisions (Standard Form 23A) of this contract; or l.(b) Physically attach to the subcontract the terms of Paragraphs 20 through 26 of the General Provisions (Standard Form 23A) of this contract and include these terms by reference in the body of the subcontract. 2. Secure from the Bubcontractor acknowledgement in writing that the above Labor Standards Clauses have been received and Shall be a part of the subcontract. LPG 062458 mes 2-1


GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION -PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE SPECIAL CONDITIONS (Continued) 2-3. OCCUPANCY. The premises will be occupied during the performance of the work. 2-4. NEW WORK. Unless otherwise required by the drawings or specifications, new work in extension of existing work shall correspond in all respects wi th that to which it connects or to similar existing work. 2-5. OLD WORK. Existing work shall be cut, altered, removed, or temporarily removed and replaced as necessary for the performance of the contract. Work that is replaced shall match similar exi3ting work. However, unless otherwise provided by the drawings or specifications, no structural members shall be cut or altered without authorization of the Contracting Officer. Work remaining in place which is damaged or defaced by reason of work done under this contract shall be restored equal to its condition at the time of the award of the contract. 2-6. If removal of existing work exposes discolored or unfinished surfaces, or work out of alignment, such surfaces shall be refinished or the materials shall be replaced as necessary to make contiguous work uniform and harmonious. 2-7. The preceding paragraph shall not be construed to require the refinishing or reconstruction of dissimilar finishes previously exposed, or of finished surfaces in good condition but in different planes or on different levels when brought together by the removal of intervening work, unless such refinishing or reconstruction is specifically indicated or specified. 2-8. PROTECTION & DA"1AGES. (a) Furni ture, carpets, linoleum and other furnishings and fixtures shall be removed as may be necessary for the proper execution of the work, and properly protected; and on completion of the work shall be satisfactorily re{llaced by the Contractor as the Government representative may direct. (b) The Contractor shall provide all necessary labor, materials, tools, scaffolding, drop cloths, etc., to protect the occupants and furnishings of the building and rerrove the same upon completion of the work. (c) The Contractor shall replace, wherever removed or damaged, walls, partitions, brickwork, etc., or any {lortion thereof in a manner equal to the original construction and finish. 2-9. MATERIALS ON THE SITE. Unless otherwise specified, construction materials and items of mechanical equipment including lighting fixtures that are required to be removed and not permitted to be re-used under the contract shall become the property of the Contractor and removed from the site. 2-}0. WATER, ELECTRICITY, ETC. The premises are now supplied with water and electric services which may be used in this work, subject to the regulations of the Government Agency in control. The Contractor shall make his own arrangement for such services. 2-11. CAUTION. I t may be that the vault doors in the building are equipped wi th vault protecting devices with tear gas attachments. The Contractor is cautioned to consult t he Cus t odian and ascertain whether vau1 t doors accessible to workmen under the contract are so equipped, as it is unsafe for persons unfamiliar with such protecting devices to tamper wi th or disturb them. In case a vault door so equipped is required to be removed or left open, or reset, the Contractor shall give the Contractin g Officer two (2) weeks notice, in order that arrangement may be made by the Government for the disconnection and reconnect ion of the {lrotecting device. 2-12. LABOR STANDARDS PROVISIONS. Clauses 20 and 25 and the last sentence of Clause 23( b) of the General Provisions, Standard Form 23A are applicable only to contracts in excess of $2000. GSA FORI4 11.1 GSA_WASH DC October 1953


SECTION 2 SPECIAL CONDITIONS (CONTINUED) 2-13. ASSIGNlVIENTS: -the contract nor any claim for monies due or to become due thereunder shall be assigned. 2-14. NODIFICATIONS TO GENFJlAL PROVISIONS. STANDARD FORM 23A: (a) CLAUSE 6 (Disputes) of the General Provisions is subject to the proviSions of P. L. 356, 83rd Congress, approved May 11, 1954, which permits judicial revie\-l of the decision of the head of any (or his representative or board) under the Disputes Clause where it is alleged that such decision is "fraudulent or capricious or arbitrary or so grossly erroneous as necessarily to imply bad faith, or is not supported by substantial evidence." (b) uelete CLAUSE 19 in its entirety and insert in lieu thereof the following: "NONDISCRIMINATION IN EHPLOYMENT: -In connection with tne performance of work under this contract, the contractor agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color or national origin. The aforesaid provision shall include, but not be limited to the following: employ ment, upgrading, demotion, or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertiSing; layoff or termination; rates of payor other forms of compensation; and selection for training, including apprenticeship. The contractor agrees to post hereafter in comspicuous places, available for employees and applicants for employment, notices to be provided by the Contracting Officer setting forth the provisions of the nondiscrimination clause. "The contractor further agrees to insert the foregoing provision in all subcontracts hereunder, except subcontracts for standard commercial supplies or raw materials. lI


SEc:I'ION 3 APPLICABLE MINIMUM HOURLY RATES OF WAGES 3-L The attached wage detennination deci sion of the Secretary of Labor specifies the minimum hourly rates of wages which shall be paid to laborers and mechanics employed or working directly upon the site of the work embraced by this specification; the rates having been determined by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Law, as amended, to be the prevailing rates for the corresponding classes of laborers and mechanics employed on contracts of a similar character in the locality where this work is to be p.erfonned. THESE MINIMUM HOURLY RATES OF WAGES SHALL APPLY ONLY IF THE CONTRACT 1'3 IN EXCESS OF $2,000 IN AMOUNT. While the wage rates given in the attached decision are the minimum rates required to be paid during the life of the contract, it is the responsibility of bidders to inform themselves as to local labor conditions such as the prevailing wage rates, the length of the work day and work week, overtime compensation, health and welfare contributions, available labor supply, and prospective changes or adjustments of wage rates. The Contractor shall abide by and conform to all applicable laws, Executive Orders, and rules, regulations and orders of Federal Agencies authorized to pass upon and determine wage rates. No increase in the contract price shall be allowed or authorized on account of the payment of wage rates in excess of those listed in the attached decision. 3-3. The wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor is attached solely for the purpose of setting forth the minimum hourly wage rates required to be paid during the life of the contract and is not to be accepted as a guarantee, warranty or representation as to the wage rates Under no circumstances shall any mistake in attaching the appropriate wage determination decision of the Secretary of Labor and in the wage rates set forth entitle the successful bidder to cancellation of his bid or contract or to an increase in the contract price or other additional payment or recovery. GSA_WASH DC GSA fORM IO"tlllbtr 19'53


1081l IIG rch 1':153 U. S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY WASHINGTON No. T-772 Date: July 22, 1958 DECISION OF THE SECRETARY This case is belore the Department of Labor pursuant to a reque,t for a wage predetermination as required by law applicuble to the work described on the attached wage scbedllie. A study bas been made of w:)ge conditions in the locality and on the basis of information assembled by the Oep'ittment of Lllbn the wage rates listed on th,,) attnched sc!lf::du!e are hereby determined by the S"cretary of Labor alS the prevailing (or. in the Cdse of the Federal Airport Act, a'" minimum) rates (If wages for the described classes of in accordallce with applicable law. LA W REFERENCES AND SPECIAL PROVISIONS ....... DB Davis-Bacon Act, as amended, 40 U.S.C. 276 (a) at "eq. ................ FHA National Housing Act. a8 amend"d, 12 U.S.C. 1703 et seq ................ PHA Housing Act of 1949, as am<'ndtc'd. 42 V.S.C. 1401 et seq ............... FAA Federal Airport Act of 1946. as amended, 49 ll.S.C. 1101 et seq. ................ HSC Hospital Sarvey and Construction Act of 1946, 42 U.S.C. 291 et seq. ............. SCA School Survey and C onstruction Act of 1950, 20 U.S.C. 251 et seq ... ........... CFS Defenl!!e Housing and Comm!,dty Fad' iities und Services Act of 1951, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 1592i. ................ REO Reorganization Plan Number 1<1 of 1950, 5 U.S.C. 133z--15. Regulations of the Secretary of Llthor. Part 5, Title 29, Subtitb A, Code of Federal Reaulations. This wage determination decision and any modifications thereof during the reriod prior to the stAted expirlltiOil date shall be used durin{5 such p e riod and nnlde n part 0 contract for performance of the described work as by applicable law 1100 of the tary oZ Lc.bor. and the contained in thi s decision, unless modified, shall he the minimum wage rates to be p a id under sny such contract by and subcontractors on the work. Under the Davis-Bacon Act the contractinl'l officer shall require thst any daf rates_ In some areaB management and labor organizations in the construction indll stry have collectivdy bargained for health and welfare ("nci contriiJ ulions. Such contributionI' are l,ot included in wage rates determined by the SecrL.ary oJ Labor for construction pr ojec ts. By direction of the Secretary of Labor, /s/ Stuart ricthman SOLIClTOR O F Ll. BOR AttachmeDt


..flUU'TII""jlt,U"U' ,otI4,U""UIIH' UU...nnIIUUH... .. :tUHnll'lfUIlIt...l ..' ..II....UI.'.."'..nn.'tnu_........IIUUh' ...' ..Unn.....uuu..tN'M,"""'..;:::T i olE:.NT. Coi, l!1,/Fi:EAU D e:CISlON NO. I ................................_..................:...........f'.::l.l..?..........................._........................ 0,. WORK :LAW COCE : 0-8 I_......._n_.....................................__..._._._........__.. : DATE OF DECISION NEh OIL BURNER, FUEL ETC. L...............12.?lL..........._......._.. :E:XPIRES ..._._._.._......_............._....._.......................,................................__.....................................................:.._...9......:r.....;?+..},......".................. LOCATION (Cuy or ut""', Ge5crtpcu,,,) :SUPERSEDES DECISION NO. I ....T..:...i;J:.h'&$.1.D.lli.J....Y.......J:P..T.......f}.NJJ...C.QW:D:...BQ.JSE.........................:_.._..........................._......................._ ...___.. STATE ,COUNTY: I I H'T{)RID { : S'J1mUi\rc.: I ..ti'lw..nu"lf..i...Ult............" ..I.If...........II...U.U.,'" ..........u ......, .......Jt,lh'\t..,'rC.'W-tMl.'n'......."'tl.,.U"" ..'u!..I" ...U ...UUI,UIl,.II.II.!I'!. ...U ....III ,.,-..'....., ...............1. eRA"T I PER HOUR: CRAFT PER HOUR ......_......-........_..........__._......._..._..__....................._. ......................._......_........__.:-. ........ ..............................." .._.....................................................-....................._ ,.......,.. I : I : I :L.sbestos workers : qP). 225 fI II Iimprovers : i I r:'0 n< : 1st year : :/ E 2nd year : 60% 3rd year : 70% 4th year : 80'1.: I I V : Bricklayers : $2.75 i I "r:'r. :Cement masons c::.:/c:: E Ele ctricians 3.45 Laborers 1.00 Painters, brush 2.00 Plumbers 3.50 Shee t metal workers 3.05 Steamfitters 3.50 Truck drivers, It tons or less 1. 23 Truck drivers, over tons 1.50 I I E i: : I i ..., ..." ......................"III"........u ....u"...............'....'I"UI...U",.'....n..ntc"" ..ft'll..."'"1,nun..'....u.........'.tl......I .. II.....'un ...u ....u.,,,.....,,.,......; APPRENTICE SCHEDULE a ............u ..........uu._........ ........................n .............._u.......................h .........._ .....n _.u....................................................._ ........-........ u ................__.....___ .,..I: PERIOD A ... O RATE CR",.T INT ERV AL ,-.-......-.--.....---.-..-.-.......................,...---.........................-..... _.......__. : I 1st : 2nd I 3rd : !jth 16th : 7th : 6th _.__...._ .._ ....... __.............. ......_._.......u __....._ ....._ ..l .................... _....... _............_...1 ........... .__ .1-........ ....... __...... ....... ........... ...................... .......................__..... __ 6 )1lOS. 38% 45 50 53 56 59 62 65 9th -70 10th -75 Sheet' netal workers 6 mos. 40% 45 50 55 60 65 70 80 Electricians Year $1.62 78 ;;;;1.95 76 _. ....-....._._-_._.._. ._..__.._.._._._...._-..-....__.-_._--_.........._._.._--_......_._._._....._._..__........_..._-_........_.__......-_...-......._..__...._....__.. TAis appre"'ice rOle is ty pereeatQ8e 0/ rAe jOllneYlAlln'. ,ate "n. te&s ;AGicated ......nn.......u ...n...........n...'.......,,,,,.,,..............,......................,".........."."...."',................""........,............,....,.,,,...., .......I".., U".I....h .....""....." ...u."..,..,""" ....II...,,,'Uli GSA FORM 1085 .arch 1953


U. s. rUST OFFI C E ST. f-lJGUSTINE, FLOi iIDA PB-RbG-4 & COURT HOUSE SECTION 4 GLl'JERAL 4-1. FEDERAL SPECIFICATIO NS: Federal Specifications hereinafter referred to may be obtai.red f rom the Chief, D & C Division, General Services Administration, Region 4, Peachtree-Seventh 50 Seventh Street, N. I., AtJarrta 23, Georgia. 4-2. HAl \TNL R OF Pf:.RFORHIN3 H)hK: All naterials and equipment sha-llbe delivered at the site before any Hork is started which will affect the use of existing boiler. In the event the heating season has a lready started when contract work starts, contractor sh3.11 arrange with the Custodian exactly when boiler nay be shut down and for hm-T long. 4-3. t ,:ThTE'1IALS i IT' All materials and "Tork:m:lnship shall be best grade and and only m echanics skilled in their respectiv e trades shall b e e mployed on the Horle. N o old na. terials may be reused in the work unless specifically mentioned herein. 4-4. l1EASUREHbNTS: All dimensions of existing "Fork and dimensions required for the new Hork that is to COlme ct to work now in place shall be verified by the contractor by actual measurements at the site before any is started. Any discrep3.ncies between the Specification and the existing conditions shall be referred to the Contra-cting Officer for adjustment before any work affected thereby is started. 4-5. Bidders shall be able to show that they have had ample experience in similar installations that have operated successfully for at least 2 heating seasons. If required by the Contracting Officer, bidders shall submit a list of projects installed by them within the past 5 years. 4-6. INSPECTION A N D The contractor must test all of the installed under this Specification and de monstrate its proper operation to the 's Representative. No final inspection or test willre rrade, except upon formal notice from the contractor by letter or telegram. \rJhere such notice relates to a "Final" insp3ction, it shall be smunitted throug h the Custodian of the buiJ.ding. No considerat.ion will be given to notices from subcontractors. 4-7. The contractor must furnish all necessary labor, fuel, and appliances far the tests and mU'3t neet all expenses of said tests, except those of the Government's Inspector. mes 4-1


U. S. r-oST OFFIC E ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & CO tlliT HOUSE 4-8. If tests ShOl! J th:l.t the work is in a ny way defective or at variance with the Specification requirerrents, the contractor must i mme diately maIm all ch9.nges to correct and remedy all defects to the satisfaction of t he Contracting Officer. In the event the contractor does not within a reasonable time remedy all defects and make all changes dems.nded by the Contracting Officer to complete the work satisfactbrily, the right is reserved to have defects remedied or changes na de a nd to cha rge the cost of same against the account of the contractor. 4-9. INS'J.t,.LIATION OF [QUIltT NT: All appliances and equipment must be installed and connected in accordance with the best engineering practice. Unless otherwise shown on the Drawings or sp;cified, manufacturer's instructions and recQIr.rnendations are to be follovled. 4-10. GUARAFTLS: .All l-rork under this Specification shall be gua rantied far 1 year from the date of final settlement of this contract as require d by the Article entitled "GU3.ranties" in t he General Conditions 4-11. CUI'TING nm Ri.. IIi.mG: All required cutting of I'lOrk in place recessary to install the work of this contract, shall be performed by this contractor. All camag G to work in place caused by work of this contract shall be repaired equPl to original condition, usinp m3terials of same kind and quality as originally used and finished to na tch adjacent work. =4-12. TL :PORAHY BLArING: In the event the heating season begins before work uJlder this contract is completed, the cont ractor shall furnish suitable and approved temporary heating for t he building at no additional expense to the Goverrunent. Temporary heating, if required, shall b e sufficient to ll13.intain an averaF,; e temr-erature of 70 degrees F., in the occupied areas of the building. 4-13. Dl\TA TO El sa L ITT J _D: Contractor shall submit to the C0rtracting Officer for approval, a full description of the ing equipment he proposes to use, naming manufacturer, style, type, size, and a .ll catalog data necessary to promptly identify the equipment proposed to be used. This data shall be submitted within 10 days after award of the contract. mes 4-2


--------------------------------------------U. S. POST OFFICE & COURT HOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 NAME OF MANUFACTURER CATALOG NUMBER OR TRADE NANE 1. Oil Burner ------------2. Thermostat 3. 10'1-J Hater Cut-Off Lr. Pressure Regulator 5. Oil-Fired Hater Heater 6. Heater nellef Valve & Pressure & Thermal 7. Remote Oil Gauge 8. Storage Tank (Submit Shop Drawings) 9. Controls Each Piece of Equipment __________________________ 10. Automatic Draft Controller 11. Safety ---12. Hagnetic Switches________---'--'-___________ 13. Steam Pressure Gauge 14. Stack Stat In the event contractor fails to submit the required data within the specified time, or lists materials not in accordance with the Specification, then the Contracting Officer shall have authority to select the equipment to be used, and the equipment so selected shall be used in the loJork ,.Jithout further cost to the Government. nc 4-3


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE SECTION 5 OIL BURNING EQUIPNENT 5-1. Existing boiler is Titusville GS 35 vacuum return steam boiler rated at 3500 sq. ft. E. D. R. hand-fired coal and installed in 1936. 5-2. OIL BURNING EQUIPMENT: Equipment shall consist of oil burner, oil storage tank, and all necessary accessories, control and safety devices, etc." for full automatic operation. 5-3. ALTERATIONS TO FIRE BOX OF BOILER: The boiler shall have fire box prepared for oil burning. The grates, grate bearing bars, operating levers, ash pit doors, etc., shall be removed" crated and stored in building where directed. All alterations in firebox of boiler necessary for the proper and economical operation of oil burner shall be made in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the burner used who shall provide a shop drawing, in triplicate, showing plan, longitudinal section and cross section of boiler firebox showing size and construction with burner unit proposed for approval before installation. 5-4. BURNERS: Oil burner shall be -full automatic, designed for burning Commercial Standard No. 2 fuel oil. The burner shall have a capacity of not less than 4235 sq. ft. of direct cast-iron steam radiation and shall be capable of developing on test a gauge pressure of 2 pounds per square inch, starting "Jith a cold boiler and ",ith all radiators in service, within a period of 1 hour and 30 minutes. 5-5. Oil burner shall be of the horizontal pressure atomizing electric ignition type combining motor, fan, pump and burner in 1 unit. Burner must be installed outside of firebox and secured to front of boiler. The burner fan shall supply all air necessary for complete combustion. An efficient oil filter of proper size shall be installed. 5-6. Burner shall have a nameplate showing name of manufacturer, model number and size. Burner shall be the product of a manufacturer who maintains a service organization, with a full line of replacement parts, within 200 miles of this project. 5-7. SAFETY DEVICES: Provide in complete working order, automatic devices which will accomplish the following: (a) stop burner motor and shut off oil supply when boiler pressure reaches 2 pounds gauge or in case of Imr water. nc 5-1


U. S. PCST OF.r-'ICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 &COURT HOUSE (b) Shut off oil supply in case of failure of electric current. current is reestablished, burner shall automatically follow normal operation. (c) Stop burner motor and shut off oil supply in case of extinguished fire. (d) ignition. Shut off supply of oil to burner in case of failure of (e) burner. Regulate the oil pressure to insure a unifor.m pressure to the (f) The top of the oil storage tank is above basement floor and contractor shall install an approved anti-syphon device to prevent flooding of basement with oil in any emergency. This shall be installed on suction line inside building. 5-8. BRICK vVORK: Refractory lining shall be installed in the boiler as by the manufacturer of the boiler. Oil burner shall be installed in the[piler door opening according to the manufacturer's requirements, and best engineering practice. The opening around tihe burner gun shall be closed with brick or high temperature plastic suitable for high heat duty. 5-9. PEEP HOLE: Provide a permanent peep hole into the combustion chamber. Leave opening in the brick work installed in the lower firing door approximately 2-1/2 inches by 4 inches. 5-10. All brick shall be intermediate heat duty fire brick laid up lJith fire clay l1fith brick dipped and rubbed and tamped into place to form as thin a joint as possible. In connection with closing opening around burner, the contractor may use a high grade monolithic refractory of not less than the thickness of fire brick and suitable for the sawe heat duty. 5-11. LCW vlATER CUT-OFF:-Provide a float-operated, mercury tube type, lo't1f cut-off which will shut down the burner in event the water in the boiler drops to within 1-1/2 inches of the crown sheet and restart the burner llhen the water line returns to proper operating level in the boiler. Float chamber shall have a blow-off valve piped dovm to within 12 inches of the _floor. 5-12. PRESSURE REGULATOR: Provide a suitable high limit protective device to stop the burner and prevent damage to the boiler from excess pressure from overheating. This device shall be of the pressure type with 0 to 10 pounds range and 1 to 5 pounds differential. This unit shall be mounted on the boiler independent of any other device nc 5-2


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA pB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE and shall be equipped vIith mercury tube contacts. It shall be mounted parallel to and at the same level as the boiler pressure gage and shall be provided Hith goose-neck siphon, and brass lever handle ru1d stop cock. Pressure regulator shall not be connected to the low water cutoff.--5-13. Present compound vacuum and steam gauge shall be removed and delivered to the Provide and install a new gauge for stearn mounting. It shall have a hi inch dial with black enameled case. It shall be of the retard type, graduated from 30 inches vacuum to thirty pounds pressure, and shall cover an arc of 270 degrees. The scale from 0 to 10 inches vacuum shall be graduated in increments of 1/2 inch and fram 10 to 30 inches, in increments of five inches. From 0 to 5 pounds pressure the scale shall be graduated in 1/4 pound increments, and from 5 to 30 pounds in 5 pound increments. The gauge shall conform to Federal Specification GG-G-66 E 4 a.b. and c. for vacuum systems Type 4. 5-14. DAMPER JilliiOVAL: In the event there is a main damper in the breeching betl-Jeen boiler and stac:c, it shall be removed and breeching and covering repaired. Damper in boiler breeching uptake shall remain. 5-15. DRAFT REGULATOR: Furnish and install in the breeching an automatic draft regulator of the adjustable, balanced counterweighted type, of prop e r size and design to maintain the draft required far' proper and efficient combustion under all conditions of load and weather. The area of opening in the regUlator shall be not less than 75% of the area of the breeching. The regulator shall have means for manual closing and must be msta:Lled in accordance l-J'ith the manurecommendation. It shall be located as on the drawing. 5-16. S TACl\ S\tJITCH: Contractor shall install an approved stack switch in the present breeching or boiler uptake. Sl-Ji tch shall react to changes in stack temperature and prevent continued operation of the burner in the event of flame or ignition failure. 5-17. VAL'JE PIPING: Contractor shall furnish and install discharge piping from present boiler pop safety valve over side of boiler to within 12 inches of floor. Piping shall be black iron full size of safety valve outlets and properly supported with adjustable rod hanger. 5-18. CONTROL PM]EL: Furnish a..'1d install on the wall at boiler as shown on the drawing, and not over 5 feet above floor a control panel on which shall be mounted all equipment for automatic control of the burner from a thermostatic element hereinafter specified. The panel shall be of the proper size for containing all controls and be securely nc 5-3


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE attached to the vrall with not less than t1.fO 1/8 inch by 1 inch bar iron supports secured with expansion bolts. The board shall be mounted with 4 inch conduit space behind it. Board and supports shall be painted 2 coats of black enamel, each side. Control panelboard shall be constructed of one of the following: (a) 1/2 inch t.hick hard cement asbestos board. (b) 1/8 inch thick steel plate faced l-lith 1/4 inch thick hard cement asbestos board securely bolted to the steel plate. (c) 3/4 inch plYVlOOd. 5-19. IWOH 'l'HERNOSTAT: Furnish and install on the 'Hall or a column on the first floor, where directed by Custodian, a suitable snap action thermostat with 1 or 2 thermostatic elements combined in 1 unit so that one element operates in the day time and the other at night in conjunction with a built-in synchronous clock operating time device. Thermostat shall have a differential of not more than 1-1/2 degrees F. variation. The device shall have an adjustable Imrered temperature or lIoffll period of from 6 to 12 hours, and an adjustable "on" period of from 12 to 24 hours. 5-20. The thermostat shall have a suitable metal or plastic guard and shall be securely attached, about S ft. above the floor. Thermostat shall be provided Hith temperature scales and locked adjustment mechanisms by means of which the operating temperature can be adjusted through a range of 10 degrees above or be1OH' the temperature at which they are specified to be set. THE THERl'1'JSTAT SHALL HAVE A LOCKING COVER OR OTHER APP1i.OVED LOCKING DEVICE W:-:IICH WILL PREVEHT TANPERING HITH THE SE'l'TING. 5-21. The of the temperature scales and the hours for on and lowered temperature operation shall be as directed by the Custodian. 5-22. OIL STORAGE TilNK: The oil storage tank shall be located 1<-lhere shown and shall be approximately 64 inches diameter by 12 feet long. Tank of slightly different overall dimensions but having the same capacity will be acceptable. The tank shall be made of steel or wrought iron and shall comply with the Standard for Design and Construction of Underground Storage Tanks of the Unden'lI'itel's I Laboratories, National Board of Fire Underwriter1s and shall be so labeled. 5-23. Tank shall be painted 2 coats of red lead at factory and 1 heavy coat of hot asphalt at time of installation. Provide an Undenn'iters manhole in top of tank 'Hith extension collar and bolted cover vrlth gas tight gasket. Construct brick manhole for access to manhole ill tank, and provide same ,dti.l heavy solid cast-iron cover and frame, set about 4 inches above the finished grade. Backfill over tank to be properly compacted as directed. Concrete slab under tank shall be 1:2:4 mix well tamped in place. Slab shall be poured on nc 5-h


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 &COURT HOUSE undisturbed soil to prevent settlement. See Standard Detail No. 10-3-9 for reinforcing and anchor rods, etc. 5-24. Tank is to be provided l.Jith tapped openings for 2 inch fill pipe, inch vent pipe, 1 lllCh oil suction pipes and 2 inch oil return e pipes. The neH oil burning hot "rater heater requires tank tapped openings. 5-25. Provide a suitable gauging rod, graduated to indicate the number of gallons of oil in tank. Also provide a remote reading oil gauge located inside boiler room as shown on drawing. The tube from gauge to oil trulk shall be run in galvanized iron pipe for protection. Remote gauge shall show amount of oil in tank in gallons. 5-26. INSPECTION OF TANK: The oil storage tank and installation thereof including all underground piping will be inspected and approved by Custodian of the Building before backfilling. If tank or installation thereof is at variance with the Specification, the Custodian will advise the Contracting Officer, and request a decision before tank and pipe are covered. 5-27. RESODDING: The top 6 inches of tank backfill shall be a good grade of top soil equivalent to or better than present top soil and shall be free of stones and rubbish. Contractor shall furnish and set new grass sod over disturbed area of same type and kind as existing grass. Seed may be smm in lieu of sod if seed is available. 5-28. PIPING: Oil suction and oil return lines from oil tank to burner shall be soft rumealed seamless copper tubing, Type K, in accordance vlith Federal Specification lJW-T-799a. The vent pipe and fill and gauge piping shall be galvanized wrought iron or galvanized steel with cast-iron galvro1ized fittings. Use double swing joints where horizontal steel pipe is connected to tank, and loops 1'There cooper tubing enters tank to provide for tank or pipe settlement: 5-29. Oil suction rrru.st be not smaller than 1/2 inch (naminal) diameter but be reduced as close as possible to burner to the size of the tappings. A return line of the same size as suction shall be installed if recommended by the oil burner manufacturer. 5-30. Oil suction shall extend t.1rrough special oil tank fitting .without break in tubing to within 4 inches of bottom of tank. No foot valve is to be used in tank. Install an extra heavy bronze ball check valve with union in suction line just inside building \rall. 5-31. Fill pipe shall be extended up to grade and shall be fitted viith a 'tiatertight locking cap. A heavy cast-iron box bedded in concrete and provided with a hinged or lock cover shall be placed on end of fill pipe at gl"'ade. If locked cover is used, furnish 2 keys for nc 5-5


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUST! NE, FLORI IlA. PB-REG-4 & COURT HOU SE same. Furnish 2 keys for locking cap. Fill pipe to extend down inside tank to 4 inches above bottom. Vent. pipe shall be not less than 2 inch diameter run to building and up outside of same as indicated, or if not indicated, as directed, and be terminated with a return band and screen. 5-32. The fill pipe is also to be used for gauging rod. Piping and tubing must be provided with unions or flared fi ttings at each piece of apparatus to facilitate disconnecting, etc. Tubing and piping outside building wall shall be run underground and shall be carefUlly graded. Piping and tubing inside building to be run as shown on drawings. All tubing shnll be protected against damage by a 6 inch Wide continuous cover strip of 1/4 inch thick asbestos board. Tubing inside bUilding shall be run as shown on dralnng and be free of kinks and dents and protected as indicated on drawing. Contractor shall neatly drill holes in basement exterior wall and grout in place 2 -2 inch steel pipes for passage of copper suction and return oil pipes. Pack between steel pipe sleeve and copper tubing with plastic compound at ea.ch end of sleeve to form watertight j oj nts 5-33. SHUT OFF VALVES: Provide hand-operated valves as close as possj ble to boiler in oil suply and oil return lines so that fuel may be shut off and burners removed. The valves are to be in addition to the automatic valves. 5-34. GENERAL: All valves, appliances, plplng, electrical work, etc., necessary to provide a complete and satisfac't.ory oil burning installation shall be provided whether speaifically mentioned in this Specification or not. In each oil suction line at point where pipe rises at each burner, furnish and install a suitable priming tee. 5-35. Burners, oil tank and all control and safety apparatus shall be approved by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Burner shall also comply With Commercial Standard CS-75-42. Contractor shall comply with local fire and safety regulations in the installation of oil burning equipment. 5-36. }fDTOR AND CONNECTIONS: Motor,is to be wound for 115 or 230 volts, 60 cycles, single phase, alternating current and is to be of the capacitor type i n with' Federal Specifica.tion CC-M-636. 5-37. Motor and all control and safety devices a .re to be furnished and installed complete. 5-38. PjlINTING: The b1rrners, etc., shall be filled, rubbed down and painted 2 coats at the no 5-6


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOTJSE SECTION 6 ELECTRICAL 6-1. All electrical work shall -comply with the requirements of the latest edition of the National Electrical Code, using Undenlriters' approved materials. 6-2. Power shall be taken from the main entrance switch, as shown on drauing. 6-3. NeVI switches on vIall adjacent to main entrance sl-litch shall be furnished and installed as follows: (a) Cne 30 ampere, 2 or 3 pole solid neutral, Type H, single throw safety s'I"Jitch and connect to entrance SVJitch vlTith No. 10 Ttl wires in rigid conduit for 115 or 230 volt single phase service as required for motor. (b) One 20 ampere, 2 pole, :.rype H fused safety switch for hot water heater burner motor as shown on dravdng. 6-4. On control panel for bUI'ner, furnish and install a magnetic switch enclosed in a steel cabinet with door, properly sized for burner motor, consisting of a magnetically opera,ted sl->Titch with 01rerload and under voltage relays. Nagnetic svlitch shall be operated with a pushbutton on door of cabinet. 6-5. EXTHA FUSES: Contractor shall furnish and deliver to the Custodian a set of spare fuses for each safety s vIitch installed under this contract. 6-6. HIRING: All lsfiring shall be Type Tl J run in rigid conduito:> All wiring specified shall be size required by the code, but not less than size recommended by manufacturer of equipment installed. lrliring shall be code standard 600 volt.s. All wire splices shall be soldered. 6-7. CONDliIT:: All wiring shall be run in rigid conduit unless hereinafter othenvise specified;, size required by the code, but none less than 3/4 inch. Conduit shall be zinc-coated. Conduit shall be run parallel to building lines and shall be securely fastened to walls, sla.bs, beams, etc., with approved type I-hole iron clips and 1/4 inch expansion bolts of the tamping type, u,sirJ.g a shield of malleable alloy. Conduit shall be supported at intervals of not greater than 8 feet. 6-8. FIT'l'INGS: All conduit fittings (boxes, terminals, etc.) shall be screw jointed, cast type, for exposed Hork, all balvanized. No standard sweep elbovls shall be used and no concealed type fittings shall be used. 6-1 nc


u. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COlmT HOUSE 6-9. E NERGENCY STOP SlrIiTCH: The heating boiler -oil burner shall be provided with an emergency stop switch located just inside the entrance door to boiler room. This switch shall be plainly marked emergency oil burner stop switch in red. 6-10. C C lIJI'CCTIOf.TS TO f'lOTORS: Conductors from control board to motors shall be run in rigid conduit from control panel up to ceiling, thence along ceiling and drop to floor at a point near motor. The vertical drop shall be anchored by floor flange and shall be provided with a box for take-off to motor. Flexible cable shall be run from bex to motor but length of flexible cable shall not exceed 18 inches. FleJdble cable shall be used for to controls installed on the boiler but in no event shall the length of any run of flexible cable exceed 18 inches. 6-11. No control devices on boiler shall have rigid conduit connections. 6-12. liIRING DIAG..M!i: F'urnish a wlrmg diagram, in duplicate, showing all wiring, completely and accurately. This diagram shall be framed under glass and hung on wall in basement near control panel and copy r;iven to nc 6-2


U. S. POOT O F FICE ST. FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE \ SECTION 7 AUTCMATIC OIL BURNING Hill 1J1ATER UNIT 7-1. JVIATF:JLIAL lID1OVED: Present coal-fired hot water heater and smoke pipe shall be removed and replaced \-Tl.th a nelJ oil fired hot Hater heater unit.. It is not desired to leave the building without hot water and shall be consulted when coal-fired heater is removed. 7-2. OIL BUR..TlJING 'tJATEil. HEAT:2R: The self-contained oil burning water heater s h3l1 be of the full automatic storage type, combining tank, combustion chcmber, oil burner, automatic temperature regulator and safety devices i I I a sinzle unit. The name of manufacturer and the model number shall be cast on or be attached to the heater front. 7-3. The unit, must h ave the manufacturer's guaranteed recoverJ capacity of heatL'1g not less than 90 gallons of vlater 100 degrees F. in 1 hour, and must : l R.Va all efficiency of not less than 7-4. 'rhe tank s hall be vertical type and shall have a storage of not less -C) ")aIl 3 5 gall ons. The tank and flues shall be of (a) cop per-silicon alloy in accordance with Federal Specification QQ-C-5 9laj or (0) nickel-copper alloy Ll accordance with Federal Specification QQ-N-2ol; or (c) reinforced copper. 7-5. 'l'he tank of heater shall be desi gned for a l-Jorking pressure o f not less than 127-1/2 pounds per' square inch and shall be tested to at least 150 pounds h,ydrostatic pressure before leaving the factory. 7-6. 'The heate:r: shall be provided .Iith a high i:.emperature refractory combustion chamber and ample heating surface in the combustion c h aJncer and flues A heater utilizing t ube su::."face iIi_th water on inside of tubes is not acceptable. The heater SIlall have a cleanou"\:, a'1d i_nspec:t i on door and a cast-iron or steel base ,,.,ith legs or other suitable protection against transmitting heat to the 1'loor. Provide a drain cock Hith hose nipple 1'or 3/4 inch hose. 7-7. The tank shall be insulated. iUth approximately 1-1/2 inch thick rock vJOol" 01' equivalent insulation, and shall be encased :.i.n a rustproo1' steel jacket having a baked enamel or lacquerec:' steel finish. 7-8.. The oil burner shall be of the horj_zontal, -pressure atomizing gun ty)e not less than 1 gallon per hou r capacity. The burner shall combine motor, fan, oil pump and oil burnel' in 1 unit a.nd must be suitable for burni.."l1g Commercial Standard No. 2 fuel oil. Burner shall be fully automatic, employing electric ignition. Hotor shall be wound for 11$ vol-ts, 60 cycles, single phase, alternating current and is to be of the split phase or capacitor type. nc 7-1


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLQl1IDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOOSE 7-9. Heater must have an immersion type \iater temperature regulator and a safety combustion control. Both devices must be rated at not less than 7.4 amperes at 115 volts. The \-1ater temperature regulator shall have an operating differential of approximately 10 degrees F., be set to maintain a..Tl average water temperature of 140 degrees F., and have means for adjusting the setting from 120 to 160 degrees F. The safety combustion control must be of a design that will positively prevent the discharge of oil into the heater in the event of ignition failure or premature flame extinguishment. 7-10. Provide for oil burner an enclosed.twnbler type, single pole, manual starting svlitch lvith built-in thermal overload protection. The thennal element of the switeh shall be of the proper rating for protection of the motor furnished. 7-11. Electrical control devices and must be furnished complete, using 3/4 inch conduit. Use rigid conduit and cast screw jointed fittings for all electric circuits. 7-12. Heater must be provided \-lith an adjustable balanced counte:nveighted automatic draft regulator, or back draft adjuster "Thich will prevent excessive drafts from interfering with proper com'.Justion. Provide flue of required size constructed of No. 20 United States standard gauge galvanized iron and connect it to the smoke breeching of main heating boiler or to chimney as indicated IV"ith cleanout. "" 7-13. Provide a pressure relief valve and a temperature relief valve. 7-14. Relief valve shall have a capacity, not less than the heat output of the heater and shall have a testing lever. 7-15. The pressure relief valve shall comply with A.S.H.E. Boiler Code. It shall be set at 100 pounds per square inch gage and shall be installed on the cold water connection next to the pressure gage hereinafter specified. 7-16. The temperature relief valve shall be the automatic reseating type and shall comply with the American Gas Association Inc's requirements. It shall be installed with the operating element within the tank at the top or in the hot water supply line within 6 inches of the top of the tank. 7-17. The discharge from the relief valve shall be extended, with 3/4 inch galvanized pipe to discharge into the engineer's sink, or if there is a floor drain nearby, to discharge over the floor drain. If neither engineer's sink nor floor drain is available, the outlet of each relief valve shall be extended to about 12 inches above floor, near wall. nc 7-2


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE 7-18. A 3-1/2 inch dial, japanned-iron case, pressure gauge, graduated to 200 pounds shall be furnished and installed on the cold water connection to the hot water tank, bet1oJ'een the check valve and the tank. Gauge connection shall be fitted with a finished brass T-handle stop. :; 7-19. \rJATER CONNECTIONS, ETC: Nake rJ'ater plPJ.ng connections complete. Cold water connections for water heating outfit shall be provided Hith a gate valve, and with a union, a check valve, and the relief valve and pressure gauge in the order named between the gate valve and tank. Hot water connection shall have a gate valve with between valve and tank. 7-20. Present horizontal overhead hot 'Hater storage tank is required continued in service and hot and cold vater piping to nm; oil fired hot water heater shall be provided to connect to existmg house plplllg, using same size pipes. If I'resent piping is brass then all l-later tank pipe extensions shall be brass pipe, use standard weight galvanized iron pipe with malleable screl'led fittines. All piping shall be neatly installed, run parallel to lines of building, al d close to ceiling. All ne,'l extensions shall be covered generally same aspresent HaGer pipe. nc 7-3


U. s. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 & COURT HOUSE SECTION 8 NON CONUTCTING COVERING, ETC. 8-1. All new pipe and fittings shall be covered to match existing work. Any damage to covering on existing boiler, boiler breeching, hot water storage tank, pipe and pipe fittings shall be repaired with materials of the same kind and finish as the existing covering. Covering shall be as specified in Standard Specification for non-conducting covering dated August 1957 a.nd the following paragraphs refer to this Standard Specification: Paragraphs 1 through 11, inclusive II 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 through 31 inclusive 33 through 36, inclusive Copies of stand<'l .rd Specifications are available from office of the Contracting Officer. nc 8-1


U. S. POST OFFICE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA PB-REG-4 &COURT HOUSE SECTION 9 ': 9-1. CLEAN-UP, E TC.: Durtn6 progress of work and at completion, contractor shall remove all dirt, debris and surplus = material from the building and maintain the site of the 1-Jork in a neat and clean condition satisfactory to Custodian. 9-2. CCHPLETION: Upon completion of all contract work, contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer, in l-Jritin8, and an inspection and test will be made by a representative of the Contracting Officer. END OF SPECIFICATION nc 9-1




-II I .II ... 5) -, .. --I : til 0 : : 1 I 1-.:::hi "-i -til l "'" 11-rl <0 <0 I rl or. ..., o LII:: '".. .I ,'" NOTE' ALL 80LTS TO HAVE SQUA R E OR HEXAGONAL HEADS ALL NUTS TO 8 E SOUARE OR HEXAGONAL. STOVE 80LTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. SECURE BY DErAi l 8 .... SECURE 8Y DETAIL REOUIIiF.D ...... 'r+8 ,--LOCKNUT C EEP AS C L OSE CUT O F F E HANGER NO. I HANGER NO. 3 HANGER NO. 2 HANGER NO 4 A 0 C 0 D A C8 C A 8 A B C B D I I I3 3 I I 3 3 3.!X .!. .!X..!. .lxi. I/-XIOGA IlxlOIM;r .. .... 8 .. 8 4 8 8 2' Ii2 8 8' 2 8 I3 3 J JJ 3 3 3 J 3 X I 2X.!. .!x !.IX!. Ii-XIOGAliXIOGA., 8;r .. ..4' 8 8 T 4' 88 4' 4'8 8 I3 J 1.1. .!..!.xi.IX.!. I lJ.xIOGA I I I IJXIOGA;;-Ixlixi of ..88 8 8'8 8 8 I I3 J 3 3I I II X II I I I I X I I X I I x I I'X IIX}II8 if 4' 4'8 IF 8 "8 4' 8 8" 11 I" 8"3 I 3 I3 3.1 .J I I X I I I I X I I X I11 I x.l. 11. Ijxi1/ I:jX16 :r8 8" :r "8 4" 8"8 2 6 8 2 28 I3 I 3 3 3 3 3 I X .J. I X.J. I x..1. 2 2 2 2 If-Xii lix/l;;xr6 ":j1f8 8" 8 8 8 of 8' { I I3,IX I 2;2j / x l I Xi-g j II X-,l IIXI212/ IX'if if t T E E I I 3 33 3Ijx l-I/X,f Ij xdIjxJ liXI ItXItI I I E2" it I I3 1 .1. .1.l.1x J.lJ.x l 3-'If X tf 3;3j IJx ,;-Ilx ,; It X tt Tof 4 .. 8 2 22 2 i 4 j4 4 Ijx I-Ijx il I-JXifIIX IIIX!IJX,i I I I II ,. II ,. I 4 55 55 ; fixi I l x;lixl'txli Ilx i II x_"I 6 6 6 6 2 xTI Ilxl 'ix IIxilixl II Xt IJ II II I, l i X ,8 8 88 2 xl2XI I l xl 2xtIlxl I I6 I I i 2 Xii IIe/O10 I I 10 Ex t2x IExt Ilxt 2 x i II l-l I 1212 I 1212 2xjI 'A'i 2xj 2xl2xl Ilxl 2 x "II FILE NO SCA LE NONEPIPE HANGERS DWG. NO.DATE IO-I-IA1 2 -7-45 PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE GENE RAL SE.RVICE S ADMINISTRA TIO N REVISED S T ANDARD DETAL6-15-51 REOUIRED .nROP FORGED OR MALLEA8LE IRON ruRN8UCKLE SWIVEL PERMIT TEO W LOCKNUT ...;J OVERING C !< A' 01.\ '---H A NGERS NO. f 8 2 HANGER NO I : FOR ALL PIPE CARRYING S T E A M OVER 15 POUNDS P RE SSURE HANGER NO. 2' FO R ALL LOW PRESSURE STE AM. RETURN, WA TER, AIR, SOIL, WASTE, VENT PI PES, E C., EXCEPT WHER E H ANGE R NO. 3 IS REQUIRED A OI, Rrt 0A '01.COVERIN -=-D '--HANGER NO. 3 FOR USE WHER E SPA CE WILL NOT P E RM I T INSTALL ATION OF HAN G E R S N O I, 2, a 4. V ',,--HA NG E R N O 4 FOR A LL S TEAM, RETURN, WA TER AIR, GAS, WASTE, V E N T P IPE ETC, AND FOR L E C T RIC CONDUITS, EXCE P T WHERE HANGER NO, 3 IS REOUIR ED.




VI :

. -D'D COVER eli; ,> THI, S ftf.CgRt) WAS BORROWED FROM T E fEDERAL ncOMlS cnHER. G S ... 1557 ST. JOSEPH ST.. E AST POI G t .N O .......... __.........._ ..,..............._ BOX NO 'V'--"T<"""l OATE_..._....._.. ............,... ..... ......................._..__.