Migration & Ingest from CONTENTdm: Notes on Processing for Partners

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Migration & Ingest from CONTENTdm: Notes on Processing for Partners
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Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
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Gainesville, FL
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Curator tools
Data migration
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At UF, each digital collection is under the purview of one or more Curators or Program Directors, with collaborative support from the Head of Digital Development & Web Services and/or Digital Humanities Librarian. For scholarly digital projects and archives, teaching faculty partner and collaborate with Curators/Program Directors following the processes for their collections. This documentation provides additional information and resources for working with partners to migrate and ingest collections and full materials from CONTENTdm. This documentation is for use by Curators and Partners, and complements the technical documentation: http://dloc.com/sobekcm/migration/contentdm

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University of Florida
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Migration & Ingest from CONTENTdm : Notes on Processing for Partner s As with all migration and ingest processing, we welcome discussion on any aspects because p rocesses can alw ays be improved for partner ease Please let us know on any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Please let us know on both direct concerns and thoughts overall because dLOC ( a s well as other collaborative projects for which UF is the technical host other institutions and projects using SobekCM) benefit great ly from partner insight s Overall Migrating and/or i ngesting files from CONTENTdm includes three areas: Collection(s) and subcollection(s) setup M etadata Files Each of these is detailed below. Subcollections For existing collections and subcollections partners should confirm that these should be created in the version in dLOC/SobekCM This is an opportunity for changes if wa nted Resear ch confirms that subcollections are of great interest, value, and use for all users ( advanced scholars students, etc.) W e recommend retaining/mirroring any existing subcollection s that are already defined. In SobekCM/ dLOC, subcollections have features at that curated level and separate landing pages to provide conte xt for the materials and also retain all rich support from the higher Partner Collection with all partner materials still directl y accessible and supported through the main P artner C ollection page http://dloc.com/ifiu includes all FIU items, and subsets of those items are also organized into two subcollections. These subcollections are linked from the bottom of the main FIU collection page (direct links: http://dloc.com/ifiulaw and http://dloc.com/ifiudloc ). Having the subcollections for thematic/topical collections means that they can be more easily promoted as collections. For instance, all dLOC thematic/topical collections are listed on the thematic collections page: http://dloc.com/dloc1/collect


Process for S ubcollections: 1. Partners confirm any/all subcollections to be retained (noting any changes for collection names, descriptions, etc.) 2. Partners confirm if the same banner from the Partne r Collection page should be used for subcollections a. Or, partners provide an updated banner no w, or can update using SobekCM s online tools b. B anners should be 900 pixels wide by under 150 pixels tall 3. P artners confirm that the text from existing collection pages should be used provide text, or update the text using SobekCM online tools Process for Ingest of Items/Materials, including Files and Metadata As of November 2013, the current ingest process from CONTENTdm 1 includes partners going through these steps: 1. Partner copies/exports files and metadata from CONTENTdm a. Partner makes a full copy of the CONTENTdm collection folders. The copied files are used for the next preparation steps, which may be best done by the partner of by b. Export the metadata using the Exporting to Tab delimited Text Files method (includes the text of the pages and links to each of the files associated with each object). 2. File Pr ocessing by Partner OR a. In the copied folders only (with these version the version to send for ingest), go into each collection folder and delete all the subfolders EXCEPT image and supp b. Delete all the small "icon" jpeg images c. Pull all the TIFFs, XML, and CPD files out of the image subfolder and into the root collection folder d. Use Adobe Photoshop batching with actions to convert any remaining JPEG images to TIFF (to allow the SobekCM builder to create its own derivatives) e. Once this work is complete and confirmed, move the new TIFFs into the collection folder and delete the remaining image subfolder 3. Metadata processing and full ingest by continues with current process. 1 Technical documentation and process notes ongoing updates : http://dloc.com/sobekcm/migration/contentdm


Technical Documentation (c opied Nov. 2013 from http:// dloc.com /sobekcm/migration/content dm ) R ESOURCE T YPES If you are migrating single image files from ContentDM to SobekCM, you should be able to use the Spreadsheet importer to easily create the new resources within SobekCM. Then, you need only write a small script to move the images into folders named with the new BibID_VID and drop those into the SobekCM Builder. This gets somewhat more complicated when working with complex multi page documents and supplementary materials. M IGRATION N OTES What follows are notes regarding a migration from ContentDM to SobekCM i n October of 2013. These notes are posted in the hopes that this will make future migrations simpler. Having never had a collection in ContentDM, there is a very good chance that there may be a better way. If you know of anything to make this process easie r, please do not hesitate to contact me at Mark.V.Sullivan at Gmail.com Preparing the collection folders for import 1. I received an exact copy of the collection folders from ContentDM. If you are not already working a copy of your collection folders, make a copy now. 2. Step into each collection folder and delete all the subfolders EXCEPT image and supp 3. Delete all the small "icon" jpeg images 4. Pull all the TIFFs, XML, and CPD fi les out of the image subfolder and into the root collection folder 5. Use Adobe Photoshop batching with actions to convert any remaining JPEG images to TIFF (to allow the SobekCM builder to create its own derivatives)


6. Once this work is complete and confirmed, move the new TIFFs into the collection folder and delete the remaining image subfolder 7. I then moved all the prepped source folders into a new folder for processing below All of this work listed above was done by hand, although it would be very simple to au tomate much of this with simple scripting. Preparing the collection level metadata for processing 1. I received collection level metadata output from ContentDM, which included the text of the pages and links to each of the files associated with each object. This metadata was exported using the Exporting to Tab delimited Text Files method. One of the most interesting things about this format is that each individual page for a complex, multi page object is listed AND the multi page complex object is also referenced, in the same fi le. 2. Convert each individual collection output (txt) into Excel for ease of working with them 3. Add a new column at the beginning of each Excel file with the new SobekCM collection code 4. Combine all of the separate collection level spreadsheets into a single s preadsheet for processing everything at the same time 5. Add a new column at zero position named ID and fill with series starting at 1, 2, 3, etc.. 6. For rows that are multiple issues of the same title (in a newspaper or periodical) set the ID to be identical Process the files and metadata 1. Using code included here, check that all the files exist ( see Verify_Resource_Files_Exist() within code ) 2. Create text files from the text in the spreadsheet ( see Add_Text_Files() within code ) 3. Step through and process any r eferenced CPD files. Move the CPD file and all related images and text into their own subfolder for processing as a single item. ( see Process_CPD_Files() within code ). Note: this implies that the next time we go through the spreadsheet, when we find a ro w that references a page within a CPD file, it will not be found. This is why we checked that all files existed at the beginning of this process. 4. Finally, build the complete METS packages from the spreadsheet, CPD folders, and loose files ( see Create_Sobek CM_METS() within code below ) C# C ODE The code below essentially follows the steps listed above for the final processing of the metadata and images.


// Read the prepared Excel spreadsheet into a DataTable ExcelBibliographicReader xlsReader = new ExcelBibliographicReader (); xlsReader Filename = "Complete.xls" ; xlsReader Sheet = xlsReader GetExcelSheetNames ( "Complete.xlsx" )[ 0 ]; DataTable importTbl = xlsReader Check_Source (); // Check that all files exist ContentDM_Importer contentDm = new ContentDM_Importer ( importTbl @" \ \ ad.ufl.edu \ .... \ College \ source" ); contentDm Verify_Resource_Files_Exist (); Console WriteLine (); // Since the text is in the spreadsheet, write out the text files for // indexing within Sobek int text_files_written = contentDm Add_Text_Files (); Console WriteLine ( "Wrote + text_files_written + text files" ); Console WriteLine (); // Process all the CPD files referenced int cpd_files_handled = contentDm Process_CPD_Files (); Console WriteLine ( cpd_files_handled + CPD files handled" ); Console WriteLine (); // Create the METS packages ready for SobekCM contentDm Create_SobekCM_METS ( @" \ \ ad.ufl.edu \ .... \ College \ ready \ ); Console WriteLine ( "COMPLETE" ); Console ReadLine (); This code uses the classes found in the ZIP file below, as well as the SobekCM_Resource_Object library, which is available in the SobekCM source code from our GitHub site Download ContentDM_Importer C# class T RADEMARKS ContentDM is trademarked by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. and its affiliates Photoshop is trademarke d by Adobe Systems Incorporated.