3D Architectural Visualization Using UDK as a Interactive Tool


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3D Architectural Visualization Using UDK as a Interactive Tool
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Project in lieu of thesis
Martel, Duncan
College of Fine Arts; University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla


3D visualization in the field of architecture is an emerging discipline that has had a powerful impact on how architects present their work, especially with the use of the technology’s ability to communicate ideas. However, the potential for what 3D software can do is still being realized in the architectural design process. Although a plethora of ways to communicate exists, certain possibilities in the virtual realm are not being capitalized on. Spatial awareness in digital architecture, especially of real world representation, is not being utilized to its fullest potential, just as client involvement and interaction in the virtual space is limited to static presentations. This project proposes an alternative approach to the current design process by presenting a system that will develop a stronger relationship between the client and the architectural designer. By drawing from aspects in other fields of 3D design, specifically video-games, the project lays the framework for a system to be used by architects to immerse their clients in a proposed architecture and encourages interaction from them within the virtual environment. The project uses programs such as 3Ds Max, Photoshop, and Flash, to develop content for an environment realized in the Unreal Engine using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). The UDK environment demonstrates the system described in my thesis research. This system incorporates the client participation and experience in an imagined space to create a knowledgeable understanding of the architect’s vision, thus developing a deeper understanding between parties’ wants, needs, and approaches.
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Digital Arts and Sciences terminal project

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README_ToRunMyCapstoneProject VERY IMPORTANT! READ ME: ----To run the project, there are a few steps you must take.----1) Run "UDKInstall-Martel_D_Thesis.exe" 2) The executable will unload the files onto your computer (where specified). Pick an easily remembered location and name the folder appropriately. 3) Once unloaded, search for the name of the folder you saved the files to. Find the file, "UDK.exe" and run it. To navigate, start with: "name of folder you picked" > Binaries > Win32> UDK.exe 4) Running the UDK.exe will start the simulation (the project). Note: You can make a shortcut of the UDK.exe file to the desktop once you find it for easier future access. ----Controls---You can select and click certain buttons in the user interface by scrolling over and using the left mouse button. When you are not in the interface menu, you can navigate the environment: To move the camera (walking), WASD moves your camera forward, left, back, and right respectively. To move the camera (looking), move the mouse. Q: Opens up the menu. This is the interface where you can manipulate the architecture interactively. -To close the menu, click the "X" button at the bottom left of the screen. C: Changes camera views. You can have the menu open at the same time as changing cameras. -If for some reason you cannot move in first-person camera after closing the menu, cycle through the cameras again. ----TO EXIT---Hit 'Tab' on the keyboard then type, "exit" and you will end the program. ----If at anytime you are confused or need help, please email me at: dmartel@ufl.edu Page 1