Canal Zone Tree Frog

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Canal Zone Tree Frog
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Palumbo, Luke ( donor )


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Order: Anura, Family: Hylidae, Subfamily: Hylinae, Species: Hypsiboas rufitelus. Synonyms: Hyla rufitela. The species was originally named Hyla rufitela, but it was determined that Hyla was not its correct genus. The species was moved to the genus Hypsiboas and renamed Hypsiboas rufitelus. Both names refer to the same species of frog, the Canal Zone Tree Frog. Hypsiboas rufitelus is the current accepted name of the frog Habitat: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama. Humid lowlands and swamps. Nocturnal. Males can be heard year round. Status as Endangered Species: Uncommon, listed by IUCN as "Least Concerned." However, their population growth is stable. Threatened by habitat destruction and increased agriculture in the area. IUCN List of Threatened Species, /// Davidson College, /// Discover Life, ///Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), /// ITIS,

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University of Florida
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Panama Canal Museum Collection at the University of Florida
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