Hercules Beetle

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Hercules Beetle
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Palumbo, Luke ( donor )


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Order: Coleoptera, Family: Scarabaeidae, Subfamily: Dynastinae, Species: Dynastes Hercules. Largest of the Rhinoceros Beetles, belongs to the same subfamily (Dynastinae) as the Ox Beetle (accession number 2013.1.668) and coelosis bilboa (accession number 2013.1.670). Found in Central and South America, mainly in rainforests of Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil, but found as far north as Mexico. Diet: Rotting wood and decaying fruit. Considered harmless to humans because they cannot sting or bite. The Hercules Beetle is the strongest animal in the world, able to lift over 850 times its own weight. The Hercules Beetle's shell is unique in that it changes color from green to black as the air around it gets more humid. Scientists are studying how and why this occurs in hopes of producing "intelligent materials" that might serve as humidity detectors in food production and meteorology. Science Daily quoting the Institute of Physics, http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/03/080311081146.htm

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