Ox Beetle

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Ox Beetle
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Palombo, Luke ( donor )


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Order: Coleoptera, Family: Scarabaeidae, Subfamily: Dynastinae, Species: Strategus Aloeus; Externally identical to Strategus Hipposiderus. Also known as Rhinoceros Beetle. Belongs to the same subfamily (Dynastinae) as the Hercules Beetle (accession number 2013.1.669) and coelosis bilboa (accession number 2013.1.670). Found in North and South America. Diet: Larvae eat decomposing roots and detritus, adults eat flowers and fruit. Life Span: 12 months Considered harmless to humans because they cannot bite or sting. However, larvae are regarded as pests as they tend to invade crop fields and feed on roots of crops and healthy trees. Entomologist Séverin Tchibozo claims the larvae of these beetles contains twice as much protein as chicken or beef, suggesting it could serve as a source of food for humans in the future. However, currently it is not widely used as a food source. Bug Guide, University of Iowa Entomology, http://bugguide.net/node/view/6277 ///Séverin Tchibozo, Global Steak - Demain nos enfants mangeront des criquets (2010 French documentary)

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