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Order: Coleoptera. Family: Scarabaeidae. Tribe: Rutelini. Subtribe: Anticheirina. The specific subfamily Rutelinae is composed of approximately 200 genera and 4,100 species that are distributed worldwide everywhere except Antarctica. However, most diversity occurs in the neotropics in North and South America. Size: The Scarab Beetle grows to be between 0.08 and 6.7 inches, and can weight up to a total of 3.5 ounces. Diet: Omnivore. Adults eat vegetation, fruit, and other insects, while larvae eat roots and decaying vegetation. In Panama, the Scarab Beetle is known to come out after rainfall. The locals refer to them as May Beatles. In Panama City, some people call them "Totorrones.” In Panama, they tend to be around 0.8 inches, monotone brown, and predominantly nocturnal. Due to its relatively few Scarab Beetles, Australia is known to import them to help clean up dung from cattle farms. In ancient Egypt, the Sacred Scarab was worshiped by the Egyptians as the embodiment of the sun god, Khepri. National Geographics, /// Bio Museo, /// University of Iowa Department of Entomology, Bug Guide,

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