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Sharlotte Sunk

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was handed over to U.S. special operations The Obama administration will announce Monday what will be
forces by the laliban Saturday evening near the Pakistani border. arguably the most significant U.S. environmental regulation in decades.



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In Today's




A few more

long weekends

Nominations are welcome for
a Monday holiday in March and
August. We enjoyed last week's long
Memorial Day weekend. We are
looking forward
about five weeks
from now to the
Fourth of July.
This year, the
Holiday is the
first Friday in
July. It will be
I, a fun weekend
celebration of
D e [e kour nation's
DerekDeclaration of
DUNN-RANKIN Independence.
I like these
CHAIRMAN long week-
ends. We could create a few more.
Congress has helped with a little
rearranging, moving six of the 10 fed-
eral holidays to specific Mondays.
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New
Year's, the Fourth of July and
Veterans Day are the only survivors
after tinkering with the dates.
As mentioned last week, the
Japanese are about to name
Mountain Day as their 16th national
Congress added our 10th, Martin
Luther King Jr.'s birthday, 20 years
ago. It moved from his actual birth-
day to the third Monday in January.
Congress has done the same for
George Washington's birthday, the
third Monday in February, which is
somewhere between Washington
and Lincoln's birthdays. Some states
celebrate it as Presidents Day.
Congress also fixed Memorial
Day as the last Monday in May. It
began as Decoration Day, a day to
remember and honor with flowers,
flags and speeches the soldiers,
North and South, who fought in the
Labor Day is the first Monday in
September. Catering to our love of
long weekends, Columbus Day was
moved from Oct. 12 to the second
Monday in the month.
When I was a boy, Veterans Day
was known as Armistice Day. It
celebrated the end of the Great War
(World War I) on Nov. 11, 1918.
Every year, we honored those
who fought and died in that war.
This year it will fall on a Tuesday.
Even though the day was been
stretched to acknowledge our debt
to all veterans, Congress is not ready
to mess with Nov. 11. We seem
shy of holidays or long weekends
in March, April, June and August,
where there are no national holidays
or long weekends. No need to let
the Japanese get ahead of us on
Mother's Day has yet to be
honored as an official United States
congressionally blessed holiday
Congress just needs to move it from
May 11 to a Monday a month earlier
to provide a long weekend in April.
Father's Day is in June. An act of
Congress can provide a long week-
end in that month.
Now I need your help. March and
August are without any Monday
holidays. Fact is, those two months
provide no sanctioned long week-
ends. It is only by calling in sick on
Friday or Monday, or maybe both, in
March and August that we can get a
break. Give me some suggestions.
I am also appealing to those of
you who have retired and cannot
fully appreciate the need for 14 hol-
idays approved by the federal gov-
ernment. Have some compassion
and give us a few needed holidays
so that we can start the ball rolling
on the long course of lobbying to get
congressional approval.
Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman
of the Sun Coast Media Group. He
can be reached at derekdr@sun-

Batten down the hatches

U- m

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has
seen a swell of marine thefts recently.
Three Marine Unit members and dozens
of volunteers help to patrol the county's
1 waterways.

Rash of marine thefts

perplexes police


Two years ago, someone stole the
$16,000 Yamaha F150 motor from
David Servis' 20-foot American
Marine Shearwater boat, which
he kept at a boatyard in Charlotte
County. Servis paid about $11,000
out of pocket to help replace it,
and since has moved his boat to a
different storage facility.
Another thief stole his expensive
motor the first week of May.
"It's sad," said Servis, who lives
in Punta Gorda. "Boating is such a
big part of our economy down here.

We have to protect it."
The 72-year-old, originally from
Stockton, N.J., moved to the area
eight years ago. He's owned boats -
since the 1970s, and said he never
had a problem with thieves up
"I could leave fishing poles out in
the boat and everything," he said.
"You can't do that down here."
Servis said he's considering just
selling his boat "as-is" and buying
a new one, which he said he might SUN PHOTO BY ADAM KREGER
keep in a marina.
"But even there it might not be John Kennedy is the Punta Gorda Police
Department's only full-time marine officer.
THEFTS 115 He is aided by many volunteers.

Balloon-twister Karen Climer tells the story of the "Three Little Pigs" with children Saturday
afternoon during the Charlotte County Library System's annual Summer Reading Kickoff at the
Mid-County Regional Library in Port Charlotte.

Summer Reading Kickoff

for everyone even dogs


PORT CHARLOTTE Last month, Paul
Grover came to the Mid-County Regional
Library for a class project that had him
reciting a portion of "The Wizard of Oz."
Before that, he came to the library for
a book report on Jackie Robinson, the
Grover, 12, likes reading books because
they open him up to the world and, in the
case of "Oz," a place beyond the rainbow.
"It's good education for kids," he said.

Grover was at the library again on
Saturday for the Charlotte County Library
System's annual Summer Reading Kickoff.
"We came out to support the library,"
said Grover's mom Cathy of Deep Creek
"We come here all the time."
The Summer Reading Kickoff was an
opportunity to sign up for the library's
age-appropriate reading programs for
fun and prizes, including weekend stays,
restaurant gift cards, and tickets to Disney
World and SeaWorld in Orlando. And there
was plenty more to do at the carnival-like

Pastor out at

San Antonio


of Venice announced late Friday that
the Rev. Robert Tatman has resigned as
pastor of San Antonio Catholic Church.
In response to questions posed
Thursday by the Sun concerning
parishioner complaints of Tatman's
tenure at San Antonio located on
Rampart Boulevard, near Deep Creek-
Bob Reddy, spokesman for the diocese,
issued the following statement:
"It is not always easy to find a fit for
a parish, particularly when there are a
number of groups not always united.
Each priest has different skills, and, just
as among people-at-large, each has his
own personality.
"After prayerful consideration and
reflection with regard to the ongoing
challenges at San Antonio parish,
Bishop (Frank J.) Dewane accepted the
resignation of Father Robert Tatman
earlier this year.
"In view of the sacramental needs
of the parish, Father Tatman agreed to
continue to serve the parish until such
time as a new pastor/administrator can
be appointed."
Reddy added: "San Antonio parish
has had a number of priests assigned
to serve the faithful since 2006, when
the founding pastor retired. There have
been five priests assigned as pastor/
administrator to the faithful since that
"The majority of these priests have
requested to be transferred, and Bishop
Frank J. Dewane listens and must
respond to these requests. This fact has
been previously shared with members

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And that's why I LoJacked
my sleeping log!


An Edition of the Sun
VOL. 122 NO. 152

Why do I have to take math?

T hate math."
J This phrase is
one of the most
emotional comments a
student will ever shout.
Frightening fractions,
devilish divisions and
massively long multipli-
cation problems haunt
us. After teaching math
for 18 years, and now
tutoring in the Math Lab
in the Academic Success
Center at Edison State
College, I find this usually
translates to: "I'm scared
of failing math again."
Why do we feel like
"math failures?" The
number of reasons
actually might scare a
statistician, but let's look
at just a few of the more

popular ones.
"I couldn't do math
before, so why should
I be able to do it now?"
Here's the short answer:
Because things can be
different if you decide to
make a change. We are
all older and a little wiser
than we were just a short
time ago, and we cer-
tainly have the ability to


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Newspaper designated market:
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CreditCard ......................... $16.47
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Service hours: 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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or to report any problems with your
service, please call 941-206-1300 or
toll-free at 877-818-6204.You may
visit our office at: 23170 Harborview
Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980.

Easy Does It Club, offers
both AA & Alanon meetings daily,
7:30am-9pm, 23312 Harbor Ave., PC.
Call 941-624-0110
Cardiac Bicycle Ride, Join
us for a 40-mile no drop 13 to
15 mph ride. Call Bill 941-740-2257
for start location
Farmers Market, History
Park Farmers Market open every
Sunday 9am-1pm, 501 Shreve St.,

learn from our previous
"I'm not smart enough.
How can I do this?"
Here's another short
answer: Statistically,
that is true for very few.
Success depends on how
hard you are willing to
work and keep trying.
"I won't have the time
for the homework...
isn't that important?"
Absolutely! You must
budget your time to
be able to learn the
So how can you
succeed at math and lose
your fear of failure?
First, stop telling
yourself that you can't do
math, never have been

between Virginia Ave. & Henry St., PG.
Port Charlotte Elks, bar
bingo 1-4pm, kitchen closed. 20225
Kenilworth Blvd., PC. 941-629-4545
Punta Gorda Elks, bar open
at noon; wings & rings 2-5pm; Tiki
bar open 1pm; Music by Island Vibe,
25538 Shore Road, PG. 941-637-2606.
Members & guests
Garden Tour, of gardens at
History Park, 501 Shreve Street, PG,
1 pm, $5 suggested donation; Q&A.
American Legion 103,

The Sun revised the calendar events we publish in
the paper and display online. All events must be entered
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It's easy. Go to, select an edition and
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able to do math, and
most likely never will be
able to do it. This is a
self-fulfilling prophecy
that really does not help
you in any way.
Next, develop some
effective study routines.
The marathon, six-hour
study session doesn't
work for most students. A
more effective method is
to work for 20 to 30 min-
utes, take a five-minute
break, then start another
short session. You retain
more information from
the beginning and end
of a study session, so the
more beginnings and
endings you have, the
more information you
retain. It still may take

Dart League 1pm. $3 per rd. Join us
for a fun afternoon! 2101 Taylor Road,
PG. 941-639-6337

Life Port Free Camp,
June 2-6, 390 Flamingo Blvd., Port
Charlotte, 7am-6:30pm, Grades K-6,
Vacation Bible School,
VPK-6 grade, 9am-noon, Mon-Fri.
Liberty Community Church, Veterans
Blvd., PC. 941-429-0776
Punta Gorda Elks, lite

If you do not have the ability to enter your events via our
website, we can type them in on your behalf at the rate of
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Remember to save the confirmation email you receive
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provided instruction and then resubmit the event.

you six hours, but it will
be a more productive
Lastly, learn how to
read a textbook effec-
tively. Since a textbook is
not your standard book,
never just start at the
beginning and start read-
ing. To find out what's
important, start with the
problems at the end of
each section, and read
over the type of problems
the author expects you to
be able to solve. Then go
back and actively look for
the examples that show
you how to do those
problems. Highlight
and write notes in the
margins. Finally, begin
your homework and look

lunch 11am-2pm; chicken nite
4:30-7:30pm; Tiki-4pm; Karaoke with
Billy G., 6:30-9:30pm at 25538 Shore
Road, PG. 941-637-2606. Members
& guests
Fun With Music,- an
afternoon of music, dancing and fun!
Mondays at 1pm. Centennial Hall,
Cultural Center. $2.941-625-4175
Yogi Runners, the yoga
sanctuary, Mondays; June 2-July
7, 5:45 pm; run 7pm; yoga. $99,
Charlotte Democrats,
meet Ist Monday, June 2, 7pm. 4300
Kings Hwy, #402, PC. 942-258-3542

Men's Club, Gulf Cove
Methodist men meet 1st Tuesday
at 8am, Stefano's Restaurant,

back at the examples
and definitions when
If your fear of math is
keeping you from getting
a college degree, go back
and read this article
again! With a few chang-
es to your mindset and
methods, you can do it.
Edison State College has
many free resources to
help you along the way.
Prepare to be amazed at
the results!
David Gravelin is
a math instructional
assistant at Edison State
College Charlotte Campus
in Punta Gorda. He
can be reached at 941-
637-3519 or dgravelin@

401 S. Indiana Road, Englewood.
Charlotte Carvers, wood-
carving & burning every Tue, Punta
Gorda Boat Club, W. Retta Blvd.,
8am-noon. Call Bob, 941-391-5064
or stop in
Deep Creek Elks 2763,
lunch with Diane 11am-2:30pm,
dinner 5-8pm, AYCE pasta, pizza
and more. Karaoke with Spot Light
Meet the Author, Sally
Simon at the library to sell & sign
copies of her books. 10am-1pm, 424
W. Henry St., PG. 941-833-5460
Punta Gorda Elks, lunch
11am-2pm (in bar); LBOD meeting
6pm; Lodge meeting 7pm. 25538
Shore Road, PG. 941-637-2060,
members & guests

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2013 Carolina Skiff
60 HP Mercury 4 Stroke

The Boat House of Naples
2068 Davis Blvd., Naples

Laishley Park

Dock E


The Boat House of Port Charlotte
4295 Laura Rd., Port Charlotte


o TAi


The Boat House of Cape Coral
1516 SE 46th St., Cape Coral

30 Years of Serving Southwest

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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

:The Sun/Sunday, June 1, 2014


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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


q_/I ,


t %--="


7r i


I l v,,,

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


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Sidney M. Bilsky
Sidney M. Bilsky, 76,
of Harbour Heights, Fla.,
passed away Friday,
May 23, 2014.
He was born July 10,
1937, in Pine Bluff, Ark.,
the son ofWilliamW and
Sarah R. (nee Bram) Bilsky.
Sidney was a builder for
many years in Memphis,
Tenn., before becoming a
wholesale jewelry sales-
man. He came to this area
from Sarasota, Fla. Sidney
was of the Orthodox
Jewish faith. He had a big
personality and enjoyed
life, and loved to cook
gourmet meals.
Sidney will be greatly
missed by his wife,
Dulcinea; sons, Wayne
Bilsky and Russell Bilsky;
and stepson, Andre
The family will receive
friends 1 p.m. until the
service in celebration
of Sidney's life at 2 p.m.
Monday, June 2, 2014, at
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services. To
express condolences to the
family, please visit www. and
sign the online guest book.
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.

Florence Devaney
Florence Devaney 92, of
Port Charlotte, Fla., passed
away Saturday May 24,
2014, at Fawcett Memorial
Hospital in Port Charlotte.
She was born Oct. 20,
1921, in Buffalo, N.Y
Florence was a high
school teacher for
many years in Buffalo.
She was a member of
St. Charles Borromeo
Catholic Church. Florence
was a wonderful lady who
enjoyed life to the fullest,
and will forever be missed
by all who loved and knew
She is survived by her
sister, Ann Devaney of Port
A Memorial Mass will be
held at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday
June 3, 2014, at St. Charles
Borromeo Catholic
Church in Port Charlotte.
Inumment will be held at
the St. Charles Memorial
Garden. Friends may visit
online at www.robersonffi.
com to sign the memory
book and extend condo-
lences to the family.
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home &
Crematory Port Charlotte

David L. Donahue
David L. Donahue,
66, of Punta Gorda, Fla.,
passed awayWednesday,
May 28, 2014.
He was born April 19,
1948, in Louisville, Ky.,
the son of Howard and
Elizabeth J. (nee Spann)
David was a retired
educator, and moved
to Punta Gorda in 2000
from Miami, Fla. He
enjoyed fishing, and was
an animal lover.
He will be greatly
missed by his wife of
35 years, Ann; father and
stepmother, Howard
and Merwyn Donahue
of Rantoul, Ill; sisters,
Debbie of New York, and
Darlene of Rantoul; and
numerous friends. David
also will be missed by his
special dogs, Tango and
A celebration of
David's life will be held
at a later date. The
family requests memo-
rial donations be made
to the Animal Welfare

League of Charlotte
County 3519 Drance St.,
Port Charlotte, FL 33980.
To express condolences
to the family, please visit
com and sign the online
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.

John James
John James Eugenides,
85, of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
and formerly of Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away
peacefully Wednesday,
May 28, 2014, in Port
Charlotte. Arrangements
are by Roberson Funeral
Homes, Port Charlotte

William A. Jasper
William A. Jasper, 68, of
Punta Gorda, Fla., passed
away Thursday May 29,
He was born
Dec. 29, 1945,
q, inSt. Louis,
Mo., and moved
to this area in 2002 from
St. Louis.
Mr. Jasper was the
owner of Baby Barriers in
Punta Gorda. He was a
Mason, a Shriner, a mem-
ber of the Veteran Motor
Car Club, and he enjoyed
boating, the St. Louis
Cardinals and Florida
Collegiate Sports. Mr.
Jasper was also a member
of Burnt Store Presbyterian
Church in Punta Gorda.
He served in the Army
during the VietnamWar.
Survivors include
his wife, Jeanne; son,
Jerrad of Orlando, Fla.;
brother, Robert Jasper of
Chesterfield, Mo.; and
grandchildren, Cole and
Services will be held at
a later date in St. Louis. In
lieu of flowers, memorial
donations may be made
to the American Cancer
Society, 4574 Via Royale,
Suite 110, Fort Myers, FL

Tracey Miller
Michael Tracey Miller of
Port Charlotte, Fla., passed
away Tuesday May 27,
He was born Nov. 29,
1959, in Cleveland, Ohio.
Michael moved to Port
Charlotte with his family
in July 1971 from Ohio.
He was an associate with
a supermarket in Port
Charlotte. Michael enjoyed
music, and loved collecting
sports cards.
Michael is greatly missed
by his mother, Monica
Miller; sisters, Cynthia
(Dean) Eigenmann of New
Jersey and Tamara (Craig)
Medvetz of Bradenton, Fla.;
and four nephews, Corey,
Cody, Kyle and Cole. He
was preceded in death by
his father, Frederick Miller.
In remembrance of
Michael, in lieu of flowers,
donations can be given
to the Moffitt Cancer
Center Foundation Fund,
#33411 Melanoma, 12902
Magnolia Drive, MBC
Found, Tampa, FL 33612.
Arrangements are
by National Cremation
Society of Port Charlotte.

Robert E. Miller Sr.
Robert E. Miller Sr., 80, of
Port Charlotte, Fla., passed
away Thursday May 29,
2014, at Tidewell
; Hospice in
,a Sarasota, Fla.
June 3, 1933, in
Paterson, N.J., and moved
to Port Charlotte 20 years
ago from West Paterson,
Robert was a plant man-
ager for Brown Chemical
Company for many years.
He was a veteran of the
U.S. Army Robert was a
wonderful husband, father,
grandfather, great-grand-
father and friend. He will
forever be missed by all
who loved and knew him.
He is survived by his
loving wife of 60 years,
Louise; a daughter,

Kim J. (Steve) Vigorito
of West Paterson; sons,
Robert E. (Amy) Miller
Jr. of Port Charlotte, and
Scott M. (Cheryl) Miller
Sr. of Ringwood, N.J.; five
grandchildren; and five

Seaman 1st Class Marcel J. Simon
April 1, 1925 May 22, 2014

Marcel was a strong patriarch of the Simon
family. He will always be remembered by
family and friends who were not mentioned
in the original obituary, which ran in
the Sun Thursday, May 29, 2014.

Family and friends who will never forget
Mr. Simon include his beloved son-in-law,
Mahlon Miller; first grandson, Eugene "Buddy"
Nardin, from his first son, Pete Simon, and his
beloved wife Pam Buddy loved flying with his
grandfather as a young boy; Marcel's son, Mark,
along with Elke Simon and their two daughters,
Christina Huddleston and Kim Pekala (married
to Rick Pekala); and the only great-grandchild of
Marcel, Clara Jade Pekala; Mark's current fiance,
Darlene Philips; family friend, Ann Winfield; and
Marcel's best friend, Jane, and her husband Tom.

From all of us, you are in our hearts, now
and forever. Submitted by your loving son,
retired Sgt. Maj. Mark C. Simon, who is not a
divider, but a family uniter.
Godspeed we love you, and
we will see you again.

Evelyn Ruth Birdsey
Evelyn Ruth Birdsey 98, of North Port, Fla.,
died Wednesday May 28, 2014, at Quality Health
Care of North Port.
She was born Nov. 22,1915, in
Springfield, Mass., to George and Ruth
(nee Anderson) Bostrom.
Following the death of her mother,
when Evelyn was 10 years old, her
father moved the family, including
her younger siblings, George and
Betty, to Portland, Conn., to be near
her father's family.
Evelyn was a graduate of Portland High School, and
attended the University of Connecticut. She married
Herbert Birdsey on June 3, 1939, and resided in
Middletown, Conn., where they raised three children.
They were very active in the Middletown community,
and both retired from the Middletown Board of
Education. Evelyn retired in 1982, after serving as an
Administrative Secretary for 25 years.
They moved full time to North Port in 1984, and
were very active with the North Port Elks Club (dis-
banded) and the North Port Yacht Club (disband-
ed), and volunteered with Meals on Wheels. They
were members of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in
North Port, where Evelyn served as a Sunday School
Teacher, a Deacon and an Elder. She had a very
strong Faith.
Evelyn loved to entertain family and friends over
the years, made many friends along the way, and cre-
ated many cherished memories. She was a talented
artist who painted beautiful pictures, sharing them
with loved ones. She enjoyed playing bridge and
other card games, dancing, and corresponding with
family and friends. Evelyn had a wonderful smile.
Evelyn will be greatly missed by her son and best
friend, Richard; daughter, Deanna; three grand-
children, Tom, Gera (Albert) and Melanie; three
great-grandchildren, Shamus, Avery and Marco; and
many treasured relatives and friends. In addition
to her parents and siblings, Evelyn was preceded in
death by her husband in 1995; son, Tom, in 1998; and
many relatives and special friends.
Following Evelyn's request, no services will be held.
The family asks that her family and friends keep her
memory and love in their hearts. In lieu of flowers,
the family requests that you hug someone you love;
and dont hesitate visiting someone with dementia
or Alzheimer's disease. Her ashes will be buried in
the family plot in Connecticut. To send condolences,
please visit

The family would like to extend its deepest
thanks to Dr Robert Gutierrez and his staff
for their outstanding care and support over
many years. A special thank-you to the staff at
Quality Health Care for their tireless care, love
and compassionate treatment of our mother

A gathering for friends
and family will be held
from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.,
with a Memorial Service at
7 p.m., Thursday, June 5,
2014, at Roberson Funeral
Home Port Charlotte
Chapel. Inurnment will be
held at a later date in New
Jersey. In lieu of flowers,
memorial contributions
may be made to Tidewell
Hospice, 5955 Rand Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34238. Friends
may visit online at www. to sign the
memory book and extend
condolences to the family
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home &
Crematory Port Charlotte

Lester Stadtler
Norman Lester "Norm"
Stadiler, 83, of Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away
Sunday May 25, 2014.
Arrangements are by
National Cremation Society
of Port Charlotte, Fla.


Owen Marble
Douglas Owen Marble,
85, of RotondaWest, Fla.,
died Tuesday, May 27,
2014, at Manor Care
Health Services of Venice,
Fla. Arrangements are by

Englewood Community
Funeral Home Inc.
with Private Crematory,
Englewood, Fla.


Jane Ellen Mally
Jane Ellen Mally, 55, of
North Port, Fla., passed
away Saturday May 24,
2014, at her home in North

Port. Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home &
Crematory Port Charlotte,

Jeanne M. Volney
Jeanne M.Volney, 79,
of North Port, Fla., died
Saturday, May 24, 2014.
Arrangements are by Fort
Myers Mortuary Services,
Fort Myers, Fla.


D& Ikantw pepoa

A -A pmr=flfgi fkt
You do not have to pre-pay for your arrangements.
However, if you want to freeze the price, then we will
put the money in a policy for you. We believe in
giving straight answers to your questions.
Nobody likes unexpected surprises.
Old FAs ioNEod SERviE J'i
TAYLOR FUNERAL 4. (941) 833-0600
1515 TamiamiTr, 1
and Cremation Services Puma Gorda, FL 33950

,,,J 1,89O, per o-nZ

For Limited Time Only
Royal Palm
Memorial Gardens
27200 Jones Loop Rd Punta Gorda, FL
(941) 639-2381 50470565

Mary Alice Willis
Mary Alice Willis, 86, of Punta Gorda, Fla., passed
away Thursday May 29, 2014, unexpectedly at
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda.
She was born Oct. 29, 1927, in
Panama City, Fla., and moved with her
family to this area in 1958.
Mary Alice and her husband, W
RichardWillis, owned and operated
Willis Construction Company and
Tackle Plus bait and tackle shop, until
her husband's death. Thereafter, Mary
Alice worked part time for many years
in the mail room of the Charlotte County Tax
Collector's Office, forming many wonderful friend-
ships. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother,
great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.
Her love and spirit will be missed by her children,
Thomas R.Willis and Gail (Terry) Manley of Port
Charlotte, Fla.; grandchildren, Kurt (Carol) Manley
of Port Charlotte, Kristi (Chad) Bryan of Eustis, Fla.,
JonathonWillis and Jarrett Willis of Fort Myers, Fla.;
great-grandchildren, Jessica (Richie) Bigi of Ocala,
Fla., Luke Bryan and Makynna Bryan of Eustis;
great-great-grandchildren, Angelina Bigi, Gavin Bigi
and Connor Bigi of Ocala; sisters, Annie Mae Bethea
of Punta Gorda, and Carol (Pat) Gooding of Cross
City, Fla.; brother, Herman (Sarah) Clark; and numer-
ous nieces and nephews. Mary Alice was preceded
in death by her husband, W Richard Willis; parents,
George and Nellie Clark; brothers, Edward Clark and
Lloyd Clark; and sister, Inez McKinney.
A gathering of family and friends will be held
from 11:30 a.m. until a celebration of life service
at noon Tuesday June 3, 2014, at Kays-Ponger &
Uselton Funeral Home, 635 E. Marion Ave., Punta
Gorda. Burial will be at Royal Palm Memorial
Gardens in Punta Gorda.
Arrangements are by Kays-Ponger & Uselton
Funeral Home, Punta Gorda.

Elwood J. Hannon
Elwood J. "Woody" Hannon, 80, of Lake Suzy, Fla.,
passed away Saturday, May 24, 2014, surrounded by
family, at Tidewell Hospice Inc. in Port Charlotte, Fla.
He was born Aug. 25, 1933,
inWinsted, Conn., and moved
to Lake Suzy 14 years ago from
Newington, Conn.
Woody was a U.S. Army veteran
who served in the Korean War. He was
also the Captain of the West Hartford,
Conn., Fire Department for 30 years.
After moving to Florida with his family,
Woody started working at Publix for
many years, where he met many friends
and co-workers. He loved to fish, especially
going on his yearly fishing trips to Canada
with his son and friends from the PA Club.
Woody was very active, coaching his children's numer-
ous sports teams. He was a semi-Professional Soccer
player. Woody enjoyed many summers at their beach
house in Old Saybrook, Conn. He was a wonderful
husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, son,
brother, neighbor and friend to all, and will forever be
missed by all who loved and knew him.
He is survived by his loving wife of 55 years,
Charlene (Dee) Hannon; three daughters, Kimberly
(Chris) Glenney of North Port, Fla., Stacey Hannon
of Rocky Hill, Conn., and Tamara (Evan) Bouchard
of North Port; his son, Michael (Jennifer) Hannon
of Milford, N.H.; a sister, Eileen (Ron) Bouchard of
Farmington, Conn.; five grandchildren, Michael
Hurley, Travis Glenney Courtney Neill, and Matthew
and Sean Hannon; one great-granddaughter,
Madelena Hurley; many nieces and nephews; and his
beloved dog, Maggie. Woody was preceded in death
by his parents, Harold and Catherine (nee Nash)
Hannon; three brothers, Harold, Larry and Bobby
Hannon; and his sister, Delores Battalino.
A Memorial Service will be held at 4 p.m.
Tuesday, June 3,2014, at Roberson Funeral Home
Port Charlotte Chapel. A Memorial Mass and
Inurnment with military honors will be held at a
later date in Newington. In lieu of flowers, memorial
contributions may be made to the Port Charlotte
Rehabilitation Center, 25325 Rampart Blvd., Port
Charlotte, FL 33983; or Tidewell Hospice Inc., 5955
Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. Friends may visit
online at to sign the memory
book and extend condolences to the family
We would like to thank the nurses and staff
at the Port Charlotte Rehabilitation Center and
Tidewell Hospice Inc. for their kindhearted and
special care during this difficult time.

Arrangements are by Roberson Funeral Home &
Crematory Port Charlotte Chapel.

OurTown Page 6



The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Man found in truck was Cape firefighter

GORDA- The man found
dead in a truck Friday
morning just off U.S. 41
near Tuckers Grade was
Cape Coral firefighter
Jeremy Comer, according
to a press release from the
city of Cape Coral. His fa-
ther is former WINK News
anchor Patrick Comer.
Jeremy had been with
the Cape Coral Fire
Department since January
2003, the release states.
"I have been in contact
with his wife and family,
and have offered our
full support," the release
quotes Fire Chief Don
Cochran as saying. "Please
keep his family in your
thoughts and prayers
during this difficult time."
Charlotte County
Sheriff's deputies were
investigating the death
Friday, but sheriff's spokes-
woman Jennifer Griffin
said there was no trauma
to the body, and the death
"does not seem suspicious
in any way."
The cause of death
remains unknown, and

The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriffs office, Florida High way
Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is
determined by the court system.

no further details were
available Saturday

Woman dies in
house fire
VENICE -The Sarasota
County Sheriff's Office
is investigating a house
fire in the early hours of
Saturday morning that
resulted in a woman's
According to an SCSO
report, deputies responded
to a home on Moss Lane at
12:13 a.m. after a report of
a possible house fire.
Upon arrival, deputies
met an adult male outside
of the residence. He stated
he woke to the smell of
smoke, and noticed the
house was full of smoke
and was on fire, the report
states. He attempted to get
a female resident out but
was unable, so he called
911. Fire had fully engulfed

the back bedroom, and the
SCSO units were not able
to save the woman. Once
the Sarasota County Fire
Department was able to
put out the fire, the SCSO
was advised the woman
was killed in the fire.
The initial investigation
appears to indicate the
fire was started in the
bedroom. The State Fire
Marshal's Office was
called and responded,
according to the report,
and SCSO detectives from
the Criminal Investigations
Section and Forensics also
were contacted to assist
the Fire Department's
Anyone with informa-
tion about this investi-
gation can contact the
Sheriff's Office Criminal
Investigations Bureau at
941-861-4900; or Crime
Stoppers at 941-366-TIPS
(8477), or via text message

by texting TIP 109 plus
a message to CRIMES

Traffic enforcement
locations set
- Beginning Monday, the
Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office will increase traffic
enforcement at the follow-
ing locations:
Speed enforcement:
9 U.S. 41, between Jones
Loop and OilWell roads,
south of Punta Gorda.
Cornelius Boulevard,
between State Road 776
and U.S. 41, Port Charlotte.
Traffic light/stop sign
U.S. 41 and Midway
Boulevard, Port Charlotte.
9 U.S. 41 and Cochran
Boulevard, Port Charlotte.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office reported the following
Whitney Marie Meyers, 24,10000
block of Winding River Road, Punta
Gorda. Charges: DUI and violation of
probation. Bond: none.
Jeffery Scott Hucknall, 45, 3400 block

of Gulfbreeze Lane, Punta Gorda. Charge:
destroying or damaging electronic
monitoring equipment. Bond: $920.
James Sullivan McNeally, 47,100
block of Cheyenne St, Punta Gorda.
Charge: violation of probation (original
charges: battery, committing cruelty to
animals and violating animal-abandon-
ment prohibitions). Bond: none.
Joseph John Ainscough, 50,6000
block of Quince St., Punta Gorda. Charge:
violation of probation (original charge:
battery). Bond: none.
Irving J. Grand-Pierre, 29,17800
block of Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte.
Charge: battery. Bond: none.
Danny Joseph Arnold Jr., 31,2200
block of Cedarwood St., Port Charlotte.
Charges: five counts of possession of
cocaine with the intent to sell; two counts
of trafficking in more than 28 grams of
cocaine; three counts of possession of a
controlled substance without a prescrip-
tion; and four counts of possession of
drug paraphernalia. Bond: none.
Dylan James Palon, 22, 21200
block of Coachman Ave., Port Charlotte.
Charges: possession of a controlled
substance without a prescription and
possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond:
Michelle A. Hammond, 24,1000
block of Ohana Way, North Port Charge:
violation of probation. Bond: $885.
Nancy Suzanne Simpson, 44,

3200 block of Ginsa Terrace, North Port
Charges: DUI and resisting an officer with
violence. Bond: $15,000.
Travis James Golly, 22,1800 block
of Neptune Drive, Englewood. Charges:
possession of less than 20 grams of
marijuana and possession of drug
paraphernalia. Bond: $9,000.
Michael William Maggio, 29,W.
Wentworth St, Englewood. Charges:
possession of a controlled substance
without a prescription and possession of
drug paraphernalia. Bond: none.
Jamal Corday Felix, 27,3300 block
of Port Charlotte Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Charge: driving with a suspended or
revoked license. Bond: none.
David Cameron Dion, 23, Port
Charlotte. Charges: DUI, possession of
less than 20 grams of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia.
Bond: none.
Courtney Diana Marx, 17,2200 block
of Omar St., Port Charlotte. Charges:
two counts of possession of a controlled
substance without a prescription;
transportation of drug paraphernalia;
and violating driver's license restrictions.
Bond: none.
Mary Louise Olivia Henry, 23, of
Franklin,Tenn. Charge: possession
of a controlled substance without a
prescription. Bond: $5,000.
Compiled by GaryRoberts, Marion
Putman andAnne Klockenkemper



Jackie's Auto Body Where Local Dealers Go For Auto Body

One of the best auto body shops
in this area is Jackie's Auto Body.
With over 35 years of experience,
Jack D'Amico is second to none.
Many local car dealers and car
collectors bring their cars to
Jackie's Auto Body for first class
auto bodywork, or a custom
paint job. Jack repairs everything

from minor dents to major
collision damage, and will put
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All types of insurance claims are
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Auto Body repairs, paints and
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products and materials as well as
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Auto Body is located at 19888
Veterans Hwy., in Port Charlotte,
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Count On The Best Service

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Dr. D's Auto Repair
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computerized engine
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brands are the best
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their large selection.
Quality TV is a factory-
Quality TV Owner Mike Morales, authorized service
14212 W. Tamiami Trail, agent for most brands
North Port and is an authorized
Dish Network and
DIRECTV dealer/
installer. Quality TV also has an on-site repair shop.
Quality TV is known for their selection of TVs, audio/
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from a professional
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Absolute Blinds has been
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County and the
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one of the largest and
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window treatment
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Blinds can fulfill all your
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An array of verticals, a
selection of wood
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pleated shades, top
treatments, cornices,
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Absolute Blinds is a
Graber dealer and
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Absolute Blinds is there to
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like Absolute Blinds'
Facebook page. For more
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Jackie's Auto Body
19888 Veterans Highway
Port Charlotte

'Sunflowers' shine at annual luncheon

The 21st annual Sunflower Luncheon, presented by Our Char-
lotte Elder Affairs Network, better known as OCEAN, was held
Wednesday at Visani Restaurant & The Comedy Zone in Port
Charlotte, with dozens of local businesspeople attending the
event to honor four nominees, with one winner of the 2014
Sunflower Award Virginia B. Andes. Here, OCEAN president
Karen Amador welcomes guests to the annual luncheon and
reads the mission statement.

David Obermier gives the invocation before the guests begin

Ami Conti reads the Sunflower Dedication at the start of
Wednesday's OCEAN luncheon.

Norma Nixon, Bonnie Speer, Christine Hause, Michelle Gore and Mary Hopkins attend the event.

Norma Chervinski, director of operations, and
Suzanne Roberts, CEO at the Virginia B. Andes
Volunteer Community Clinic in Port Charlotte,
arrive at Wednesday's luncheon.

Teri Ashley enjoys the Sunflower Luncheon.

B.J. Carmean, Patsy Woody, Larry Bestor and OCEAN vice president and Sunflower nominee
Melissa Vanderbilt-Bestor enjoy the annual luncheon at Visani's.

- l m
Dolly Dessart is a key member in starting the
Sunflower Award Luncheon 21 years ago, to honor
volunteers in the community.

Sunflower nominee Mika Shearer is all smiles at the 21st annual
Sunflower Luncheon.


Ir. Michael Metyk
Podiatric Surgery

" Diabetic Care
" Foot Pain
" Foot Surgery
" Diabetic Shoes
New Patients Welcome
3191 Harbor Blvd. Unit D
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Sunflower nominee Stacy Jones is pictured with guest Sandy

I ZeMM li I

New Patients
Welcome 629-4311
General Dentistry
Implants Cosmetic Nitrous Oxide
7 Dentures & One Day Repair
ip :Laser Periodontal Therapy-
3440 Conway Blvd. #2A (Behind Post Office) Port Charlotte

Marge Davis and Debbie Harrington attend the luncheon

('61311 oe
Routine Annual Visits Laparoscopy Surgeries Hvsteroscopic Procedures
Bladder & Rectal Prolapse repair Treatment Of Abnormal Bleeding
Diagnosis & Treatment Of Urinary Incontinence
Now Accepting New Patients. Please Call For An Appointment

0 Yasmeen M. Islam, MD
Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology
3400 Tarniami Trail, Suite #102, Port Charlotte

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

C OurTown Page 7


Our Town Page 8 C The Sun ISunday, June 1,2014


Derek Dunn-Rankin Chairman
David Dunn-Rankin Publisher
Chris Porter Executive Editor

Brian Gleason Editorial page editor
Stephen Baumann Editorial writer

Email letters to


Be prepared,

storm vets

and newbies

OUR POSITION: Storm readiness
is critical whether you're a storm
season veteran or a newcomer
e have little doubt area
residents are peerless
when it comes to hur-
ricane preparedness. But nearly
10 years after Hurricane Charley
reminded everyone that it can hap-
pen here, the challenge emergency
managers are facing is the sheer
quantity of residents who weren't
around for Charley.
"We've learned over the years that
our population changes by 50 per-
cent every eight years. We had a
seminar at Riverwood ... and none
of them were here for Charley,"
Charlotte County Emergency
Management Director Wayne
Sallade told us earlier this year.
We saw during Superstorm Sandy
in 2012 that preparedness isn't nec-
essarily drilled into the heads of our
northern friends like it is here. The
absence of simple precautionary
steps such as filling car gas tanks as
the storm approached led to huge
lines at the few gas stations with
operating pumps after the storm.
If you're new here and you haven't
been converted to the gospel of pre-
paredness preached by emergency
managers and the media, today's
beginning of the Atlantic hurricane
season should provide plenty of
exposure. Our May 16 Hurricane
Preparation Guide is a good place
to start.
As vulnerable as newcomers
are to preparedness lapses, even
longtime residents of Southwest
Florida are susceptible. The dearth
of hurricanes in the past nine years
poses risks, such as complacency,
outdated storm supplies and
changes in emergency contacts,
insurance policies, shelters and
evacuation routes.
The best bet for everyone,
newbies and vets, is to start from
scratch. Find your disaster plan;
if you don't have one, make one.
There are plenty of preparedness
guides available online by doing a
quick Google search; local libraries
and county facilities also have
disaster guides available. Charlotte
County's preparedness guide is
available online at www.charlottefl.
com and Sarasota County's website
The basics are always the same:
Nonperishable food and water (one
gallon per person per day) for three
to seven days; batteries for flash-
lights and radios; and medicines.
Remember, a hurricane is only
one kind of disaster lurking during
the storm season; tornadoes and
severe thunderstorms could knock
out power and severe flooding,
especially in low-lying areas, will
be a growing concern as the sea
level continues to rise and storms
become more frequent and severe.
For skeptics, know this: the military
and insurance companies believe
in climate change, so it's worth
reconsidering your stance.
Storm supplies are mostly about
staying put, but there's a chance
you'll have to get out, either to a
local shelter, a hotel or the home
of family or friends. Knowing your
zone is key to knowing if you can
stay or have to go. In Charlotte
County, stop signs are labeled with
color-coded bands (red, orange,
yellow and green) that correspond
to elevation and flood risk. You also
should be aware of your closest
refuge sites.
Home preparedness is essential,
as most residents will ride out
storms in place, as they did with
Charley Fill your grills propane
tanks and get a spare, too. Keep
yard clutter to a minimum, as
every piece of lawn furniture and
landscaping accessory becomes
a potential projectile. Document
your belongings, inside and out, for
insurance purposes; cellphone pho-
tos and videos are a great portable
trove of documentation and cloud
storage is an increasingly popular
and accessible way to ensure the
information isn't irretrievable or
Space prohibits a more compre-
hensive preparedness rundown,
but you can see there's more to
preparedness than watching the

weather or stocking up on batteries.
Whether you're a storm veteran or a
newcomer, it's time to get ready


Guns are not
the real problem

A sad truth, another mass
shooting and another series of
calls for action. Unfortunately,
the calls for action are for more
gun control and action against
the NRA. While admittedly the
NRA is far less sensitive than it
could be, people seem to miss
the common thread. It is not
the NRA but the miserable state
of our mental health system.
Every mass killing was done
by someone who had very
serious mental health issues.
When they didn't have guns
they used knives.
The sick killer in California
passed a gun purchase back-
ground check in a state with
one of the most rigorous of gun
laws. He was also interviewed
by sheriffs deputies who found
no problems.
This says it all.
First, why did the state think
that a deputy sheriff was quali-
fied to conduct an exam on the
sanity of this young man? Why
were his problems not treated a
long time ago?
I'm sure the president will go
to California, mourn and seek
to place the blame everywhere
else except where it belongs,
massive cuts to a system
already broken.
The problem is not guns but
the sorry state of our mental
health care system.
William J. Dahms
Cape Haze

Upset about
veterans' treatment

It is time to stop being
Republican, Democrat, inde-
pendent, libertarian, progres-
sive or conservative.
What is happening and has
continued to happen, no matter
which party was in office, must
stop. The way our veterans
have and are being treated is a
disgrace. Each and every one of
us needs to be upset with the
way the government runs the
VA. Think just how much worse
it would be if all the public
funded programs (Wounded
Warrior project) did not exist.
Our veterans would really be in
trouble. It is our government's
responsibility to provide for all
veterans' needs.
It is very easy for politicians
to talk about veterans' benefits,
but it is very rare that after

they are done talking anything
happens. It is easy to talk the
talk, hard to walk the walk, and
very few follow through with
promises made. It is time we, the
so-called silent majority, stand
up and make sure our veterans
are taken care of. If the persons
in office fail, vote them out.
Veterans being put on lists wait-
ing for medical care of any kind
should not be permitted. The
time for investigations, audits
and being very mad about this is
past; it is time for action.
I must ask one thing in
closing. If the VA indicates
how big government manages
health care, how are they going
to manage yours?
John Dorotics
North Port

More hours
for libraries

When the economy tanked
and tax revenues dropped, it
made sense to cut our library
hours and days. Now that the
economy is improving, why are
the library hours and days still
limited? For working people
and students, daytime hours of
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. make access
difficult. It is time for our librar-
ies to be open six days per week
with some evening hours added.
John Dye
Port Charlotte

Time to stop
blaming GDC

North Port's Public Works
Director has repeatedly stated
"that the reason the city's roads
are in such poor shape is
because they were never built
for the future."
Furthermore, he goes on to say,
routine maintenance on paved
roads includes resurfacing each
road every seven to 10 years.
GDC started development in
North Port over 50 years ago. The
city needs to stop blaming GDC
and acknowledge that the failure
to maintain the city roads lies
with city administration.
Now that the new road
work is set to begin, I hope
that the city has qualified
personnel in place to inspect
the road repair/repaving and
that substandard work will be
redone, not just overlooked.
Any driver who travels the
Phase 1 section of Sumter
Boulevard (at Interstate 75) can
testify to the poor quality of the
pavement. The deterioration
of this roadway has been years
in the making. Yet, we haven't


heard anything about repaving
this section. Hasn't the seven
to 10 year resurfacing of every
road that the director spoke
of expired? Is Sumter going
to be another voter-approved
multimillion-dollar referendum
in the future?
Finally, is it really necessary to
have a ground breaking cere-
mony with each and every little
thing the city does? It's a waste of
time and a waste of money It's
all political grandstanding.
Anna Kopfhamer
North Port

Students need
their own newspaper

It is believed by some of us
that now is the time for the
students to have their own pub-
lication during the school year.
Maybe "The Trumpet." Hear ye,
hear ye.
Charlotte County has grown
from one high school, middle
school and a couple of ele-
mentary schools. We now have
throv higcrhols.h tthrov midle.ll

schools, 10 elementary
and special needs sch
This is a lot of kids;
serve their own special
once a week. With this
students, something
all the time. Not just g
and sports. Think oft
that could be covered
Grandparents andf
would love more cove
more students.
There is all summer

'Quiet time' nc
in Punta Go

It seems the engine
slow train through Pu
is very frustrated that
the wee hours of the t
so he blows and blow
thundering train horr
sure that the entire ci
awake as well.
You would think he
fast freight train passi
unprotected intersect
instead of intersection
ed by bells, lights and
According to a rece
article in the Sun, the
Lakeland has solved t
train horn-blowing pi
by passing a "quiet tir
ordinance. The city ol
Gorda should consid(
the same.


ry schools We need to stop molly-
hools coddling prisoners. They need
they de- to be put to work earning their
l section keep. They aren't in prison
s many to be catered to. Everyone
sgoingon else needs to earn their own
graduation living, why should they be

he subjects any different? Also, why is
. everyone so worried if they
have to suffer for a few seconds
parents when executed? What about
the people they heaped

r to plan suffering on? They deserve a
little suffering, and it shouldn't
Pat Spence take 20 to 40 years for that to
happen either.
El Jobean Stop telling parents they
can't discipline their children
needed as they see fit. The kids grow
up thinking they don't have
rda to obey their parents. I'm not
condoning beatings, but a good
spanking would help. Time-
eer of the outs sure don't work. When
anta Gorda parents say "no," it should be
t he works "no." If they don't listen, they
mornings need punishment. By the same
vs the token, if kids are taking guns,
n to make knives, etc., to school that
ity is belong to their parents, the
parents need to answer for it.
was a real We need a right-turn on
Ing through Cochran turning on Veterans.
ions, Too much gas is wasted for
ns protect- the one person going straight
gates. and holding everyone else up.
mt For that matter, a lot of lights
city of need to be set better. The left
the same turn lights should be flashing
roblem lights. That would better
me" city serve, and stop the waste of
f Punta fuel also. It works in other
er doing cities. I don't know why it can't
work here.

William McCrary
Punta Gorda

Nancy Zimmerman

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OurTown Page 8 C

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tom D'Andrea
brought a chuckle

Thank you for including Tom
D'Andrea's column in the edito-
rial section of your newspaper.
You do a good job reporting
the news and your choice
of columnists seems to be
balanced meaning some we
think are crazy and some are
very smart thinking just like
we do. But Tom caused chuck-
les at breakfast. Great way to
start the day.
Pam Perry

Thanks to Debbie
at Oyster Bar

This is a thank you to the
awesome staff at the Oyster Bar.
Debbie, you have given us
so many wonderful memories
throughout the years. Your
staff is by far the best, Carol
N., Carol M., Eileen and
Ronnie. All of you have made
the OB a "special" place for
us; it's like family.
The many years of singing
with our friend Joe O'Brien
on Sundays, the ever-famous
Oysterettes, what fun we had.
You gave us a place to act
silly and make a lot of people
I remember getting a phone
call when we didn't show up
on Friday to see if we were
OK. Nice. I loved bringing you
cakes and cookies for your
birthdays or just to say thank
you and we love you.
The best place to get a steak,
onion rings and many more
delicious dishes. Debbie, you
made us all feel so special and
that is rare. Jim and I wish
you a well-deserved rest, and
thank you for all the memo-
ries. The OB was one of a kind
and will be missed by many.
Ellie Powell
Punta Gorda

Some pet peeves:
Convicts to turns

I have several pet peeves to

Ben Carson: Doctor of division

N eurosurgeon-
conservative icon
Ben Carson said in a visit
to the capital Wednesday
that God's plan for him
is to teach Americans
that "our strength is in
our unity and we need to
stop fighting each other."
What a noble senti-
ment! And how much
nobler it would be if
Carson's time on the
national stage hadn't
been devoted to exactly
the opposite.
In the 16 months
since his speech to the
National Prayer Breakfast
made him an instant
conservative celebrity,
he has drawn a parallel
between same-sex
marriage, and pedophilia
and bestiality; he has
declared the United
States "very much like
Nazi Germany"; he has
likened Obamacare
to slavery; and he has
called the veterans'
health care scandal, in
which some died while
on waiting lists for

medical appointments,
"a gift from God" be-
cause it shows the ills of
government health care.
Along the way, Carson
has exhibited the dema-
gogue's belief that those
who don't agree with him
aren't just wrong: They
are un-American and
On Wednesday, he
was at a National Press
Club luncheon attended
by a couple hundred
supporters, and he used
the occasion to impugn
the patriotism of jour-
nalists. He said that
"slick politicians and
dishonest media" are "in
the process of destroying
our nation." Carson said
that "members of the

press, just like members
of political parties, have
to stop and say, 'You
know what, my loyalty is
not to this party or that
party; my loyalty is to
America."' (Apparently
he isn't making such
demands of Fox News
Channel, which hired
him as a contributor.)
He said that his de-
mand for answers about
the terrorist attacks in
Benghazi and political
targeting by the IRS
"makes me an American
who understands
America and what free-
dom really is." So those
who find Republicans'
allegations on both
matters overblown don't
understand America
or freedom? Likewise,
Carson said the tea party
is "anybody who cares
about freedom in this
nation." Everybody else
must not care about
At another point, the
doctor offered a curious
prescription for the
nearly 50 percent of

Americans who don't
earn enough to pay
federal income taxes.
Carson said it's "not fair
at all" that "this group
doesn't even pay any
federal income tax, but
they should have a say
in how much this [other]
group pays? How does
that sound fair? That's
not fair at all." By this
logic, only the wealthy
would be allowed to
Scores of Carson's sup-
porters rose from their
seats to applaud his hint
that he may join the 2016
Republican presidential
race. (He had planned to
play golf, "but it appears
to me that perhaps God
has a different plan for
me.") Carson, 62, has
a compelling story to
tell about his rise from
meager means. And he's
a good storyteller: He
enchanted his followers
as he whispered into
the microphone about
restoring "one nation, un-
der God, indivisible..."
But Carson isn't

famous because he
can recite the Pledge
of Allegiance. He's a
celebrity because he
drives the very divisions
he claims to abhor. In
his hourlong presenta-
tion, he invoked Marx
twice and Lenin once to
describe liberals -"the
enemies," he called
them and their effort
to stifle debate. "This
stuff is straight out of the
neo-Marxist liturgy. Saul
Alinsky, one of his rules
for radicals: Don't have a
Fine, let's have a con-
versation, doctor. Let's
talk about the use of the
term "Nazi Germany"
to describe present-day
America. "In a very ap-
propriate context, I said
most of those people in
Nazi Germany did not
believe in what Hitler
was doing," Carson said
Wednesday. "But did
they open their mouths?
OK, but that's not what
Carson actually said in
February. "You know," he

told Newsmax, "we live
in a Gestapo age. People
don't realize it." He
cited an IRS audit of his
Later, he elaborated to
Breitbart News on what
he meant by Gestapo
age. "I mean very much
like Nazi Germany....
You know, you had a
government using its
tools to intimidate the
population. We now live
in a society where people
are afraid to say what
they actually believe.
And it's because of the
PC police."
Political correctness
may be annoying, but it
isn't genocide. A brilliant
mind such as Carson's
surely grasps that
distinction. But Carson
is also clever enough to
know that subtlety won't
bring him stardom. For
that, he needs to stoke
animosity and division.
Dana Milbank is a
Washington Post colum-
nist. Readers may reach
him at danamilbank@
washpost. com.

Showdown in Tar Heel country

times" is Thom
..Tillis' answer,
delivered with a faint
flicker of a Cheshire Cat
smile. The question was:
How many times, that
his campaign knows of,
has Democratic Sen. Kay
Hagan said on camera
that under Obamacare,
if you like your health
insurance, you can keep
it? Tillis will be sharing
some of her video prom-
ises with voters as he
seeks to become part of
a Republican Senate ma-
jority in January 2015.
Tillis will also suggest
that Obamacare, which
Hagan pluckily says she
would vote for again,
portends a dismal
future of government-
run health care akin to
that offered in today's
alarming VA hospitals,
including a troubled
one in Durham. There
are, however, limits
to Hagan's kamikaze
loyalty: When Barack
Obama visited
North Carolina last
January, she stayed in
"If I thought there was

t takes a nearly
impenetrable obtuse-
ness to conclude that
the most salient thing to
know about University of
California Santa Barbara
killer Elliot Rodger is that
he was a white male who
didn't like women.
Yet many liberal
commentators have
managed it in the painful
festival of stupidity that
has followed his horrific
act of mass murder. The
reaction has featured
rants about sexism, white
privilege and Hollywood,
all of which are absurdly
detached from the
reality of what happened
at UCSB.
It is usually only the
details of these sorts of
rampage killings that
differ, not the central
element: a sick young
man not getting proper
treatment for his severe
mental illness. Rodger's
mother had been
so frightened by his
YouTube videos that she
alerted his counselor,
and the police visited his
apartment. According
to The NewYork Times,
Rodger had been pre-
scribed risperidone,
an anti-psychotic, but

a way to get [a Senate
Republican majority]
without North Carolina,
I would not be running,"
says Tillis, 53. Although
he did not complete
earning his college de-
gree until he was 37, he
had a fulfilling profes-
sional life as a partner in
and then with IBM, be-
fore being elected to the
state Legislature in 2006,
pledging to serve only
four terms. In his third
term he became only
the second Republican
speaker of the House in
the 20th century.
After the 2008 elec-
tions, Democrats con-
trolled the state House
of Representatives 68-52.
Today Republicans
control it 77-43 and they
have upset The New

evidently refused to
take it.
Even without any of
that background, it is
obvious that Rodger's
final YouTube video and
his 140-page manifesto
promising to exact ven-
geance upon the women
who spurned him are the
ravings of a deranged
person; as such, it is
the derangement itself,
not the content of the
ravings, that is most
important. Nonetheless,
some commentators
have plumbed his
lunacy for meaning as if
they were reading "The
Bell Jar."
Washington Post film
critic Ann Hornaday led
the way with a piece
asserting that it is "clear
that his delusions were
inflated, if not created,
by the entertainment
industry he grew up

York Times' emotional
equilibrium by measures
such as cutting from
17 to 10 the number of
days for early voting
(which is 10 more days
of early voting than New
York has), curtailing
unemployment compen-
sation (which had been
the most generous in the
Southeast), cutting taxes
by about $2 billion over
five years, expanding
school choice, etc. The
Times has lamented
"the decline of North
Carolina." Some decline:
The state has added
more than 200,000
jobs in three years.
Unemployment has
fallen from 10.4 percent
in January 2011, then
eighth highest in the na-
tion, to 6.2 percent, one
of the largest improve-
ments among the states
in the last 13 quarters.
The Tax Foundation
says North Carolina's
business-tax climate
may go from the nation's
seventh worst to the
17th best. In 2013, the
Census Bureau estimat-
ed that North Carolina
was just 48,000 residents

in" (his father works in
Hollywood). According
to Hornaday, "a sexist
movie monoculture" -
captured by Judd Apatow
comedies that often star
Seth Rogen danger-
ously misled Rodger into
believing that he could
always get the girl in the
It is certainly true that
our pop culture is coarse
and coarsening. But Judd
Apatow movies don't
make people criminally
insane. If lovable schlubs
like Seth Rogen are partly
responsible for Rodger's
rampage, let's go all the
way and blame Jonah
Hill, too.
Salon ran a piece by
Brittney Cooper arguing
that "white male privilege
kills." Cooper seems
to believe that severe
psychiatric disorders
are something that rich
white kids are prone to
because they consider
themselves so entitled.
The other interpre-
tation is that, as Jessica
Valenti put it in a piece
for The Guardian, "mi-
sogyny kills." There is no
doubt that Rodger hated


behind Michigan, so by
now this state probably
has replaced Michigan
as the ninth most
populous state.
Although Tillis has
been an enthusiastic en-
actor and implementer
of the conservatism that
North Carolinians voted
for, the Republican
Senate primary elicited
a river of lazy journalism
about the "Republican
civil war" pitting tea
party and other conser-
vatives against "estab-
lishment" moderates,
such as Tillis. Actually,
all Republicans are more
or less conservative, just
as all Democrats are
more or less liberal.
The Republican's
supposed civil war is
just a manifestation of
what has been called
"the narcissism of small
differences," the phe-
nomenon of people with
minor disagreements
being more bitter about
them than are people
with large differences.
As novelist Anthony
Trollope wrote, "the
apostle of Christianity
and the infidel can

meet without a chance
of a quarrel; but it is
never safe to bring
together two men who
differ about a saint or a
Hagan, who is in her
first term, defeated
Elizabeth Dole, whose
one term followed
Jesse Helms' five terms.
Helms, however, never
received more than
55 percent of the vote
and averaged 53 percent.
North Carolina's other
Senate seat, currently
held by Republican
Richard Burr, in his
second term, has
had seven occupants
- four Republicans
and three Democrats
- since Democrat
Sam Ervin vacated
it at the end of 1974.
There are 2.8 million
registered Democrats,
2 million Republicans
and 1.7 million
unaffiliated. In 2008,
Obama defeated John
McCain 49.7 percent to
49.4 percent. In 2012,
North Carolina was Mitt
Romney's narrowest
victory, 50.5 percent to
48.5 percent.


3519 Drance St.
(941) 625-6720

(863) 993-4855

6781 San Casa Dr. 145 W. Dearborn St.
(941) 474-7884 (941) 475-0636

Including spending
by national groups,
this will probably be
the year's second-most
(behind Kentucky)
expensive race, drawing
upward of $100 million.
Americans for
Prosperity, supported
by Charles and David
Koch, has already run
$8 million of ads against
Hagan, who is toiling
to arouse voters' wrath
against the brothers
fromWichita, of whom
many North Carolinians
know nothing.
Democrats intervened
in the Republican pri-
mary, spending millions
in attempts to drive
Republican voters away
from Tillis with ads on
television and conser-
vative talk radio ques-
tioning his conservative
credentials. Now Hagan
says his conservatism
is extreme. Intellectual
whiplash is an occupa-
tional hazard of crimson
liberals in purple states.
George Will is a colum-
nist for The Washington
Post. Readers may reach
him at georgewill@
washpost. com.

T T,

Charlotte Hearing
Center Inc.

I -
Bethany L. Walden, Au.D.
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology

Evaluations &
Hearing Aids
"Since 1984"
21216 Olean Blvd.,
Suite 4
Port Charlotte
Across from AAA Bldg.
Most Major Bran, *Availbe


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

C OurTown Page 9


OurTown Page10 C


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Europe's secret success in job creation

'll be spending the
next couple of days
at a forum spon-
sored by the European
Central Bank whose
de facto topic what-
ever it may say on the
program will be the
destructive monetary
muddle caused by the
Continent's premature
adoption of a single cur-
rency. What makes the
story even sadder is that
Europe's financial and
macroeconomic woes
have overshadowed its
remarkable, unheralded
longer-term success in
an area in which it used
to lag: job creation.
What? You haven't
heard about that? Well,
that's not too surprising.
European economies,
France in particular,
get very bad press in
America. Our political
discourse is dominated
by reverse Robin-
Hoodism the belief
that economic success
depends on being nice
to the rich, who won't
create jobs if they are
heavily taxed, and nasty
to ordinary workers, who
won't accept jobs unless


they have no alterna-
tive. And according to
this ideology, Europe
- with its high taxes
and generous welfare
states does everything
wrong. So Europe's
economic system must
be collapsing, and a lot
of reporting simply states
the postulated collapse
as a fact.
The reality, however,
is very different. Yes,
Southern Europe
is experiencing an
economic crisis thanks
to that money muddle.
But Northern European
nations, France included,
have done far better
than most Americans
realize. In particular,
here's a startling, little-
known fact: French
adults in their prime
working years (25-54) are

substantially more likely
to have jobs than their
U.S. counterparts.
It wasn't always
that way. Back in the
1990s Europe really
did have big problems
with job creation; the
phenomenon even
received a catchy name,
"Eurosclerosis." And it
seemed obvious what the
problem was: Europe's
social safety net had, as
Rep. Paul Ryan likes to
warn, become a "ham-
mock" that undermined
initiative and encouraged
But then a funny
thing happened: Europe
started doing much
better, while America
started doing much
worse. France's prime-
age employment rate
overtook America's early
in the Bush administra-
tion; at this point the
gap in employment rates
is bigger than it was
in the late 1990s, this
time in France's favor.
Other European nations
with big welfare states,
like Sweden and the
Netherlands, do even

Now, young French
citizens are still a lot
less likely to have jobs
than their U.S. coun-
terparts but a large
part of that difference
reflects the fact that
France provides much
more aid to students, so
that they don't have to
work their way through
school. Is that a bad
thing? Also, the French
take more vacations and
retire earlier than we do,
and you can argue that
the incentives for early
retirement in particular
are too generous. But on
the core issue of provid-
ing jobs for people who
really should be working,
at this point old Europe
is beating us hands down
despite social benefits
and regulations that,
according to free-market
ideologues, should be
hugely job-destroying.
Oh, and for those who
believe that out-of-work
Americans, coddled by
government benefits, just
aren't trying to find jobs,
we've just performed a
cruel experiment using
the worst victims of our
job crisis as subjects.

At the end of last year
Congress refused to
renew extended jobless
benefits, cutting off mil-
lions of unemployed
Americans. Did the long-
term unemployed who
were thereby placed in
dire straits start finding
jobs more rapidly than
before? No not at all.
Somehow, it seems, the
only thing we achieved
by making the unem-
ployed more desperate
was deepening their
I'm sure that many
people will simply refuse
to believe what I'm
saying about European
strengths. After all, ever
since the euro crisis
broke out there has been
a relentless campaign by
U.S. conservatives (and
quite a few Europeans
too) to portray it as
a story of collapsing
welfare states, brought
low by misguided
concerns about social
justice. And they keep
saying that even though
some of the strongest
economies in Europe,
like Germany, have
welfare states whose

generosity exceeds
the wildest dreams of
U.S. liberals.
But macroeconomics,
as I keep trying to tell
people, isn't a morality
play, where virtue is
always rewarded and vice
always punished. On the
contrary, severe financial
crises and depressions
can happen to econo-
mies that are fundamen-
tally very strong, like the
United States in 1929.
The policy mistakes that
created the euro crisis
- mainly creating a
unified currency without
the kind of banking and
fiscal union that a single
currency demands -
basically had nothing to
do with the welfare state,
one way or another.
The truth is that
European-style welfare
states have proved more
resilient, more successful
at job creation, than is
allowed for in America's
prevailing economic
Paul Krugman is a
columnist for The New
York Times. He can be
reached via www. newyork
times. com.

VA scandal fits an established Obama narrative

We don't nor-
mally expect
our presidents
to pay close attention to
how long veterans are
being asked to wait for
care in the vast medi-
cal system run by the
Department of Veterans
But we do expect presi-
dents to appoint Cabinet
officers and other aides
who can run the federal
government well well
enough, at least, to pre-
vent full-blown scandals
from erupting.
That's what the VAs
long-running scheduling
problems have turned
into after reports that
veterans died while
waiting for medical
care and bureaucrats
apparently manipulated
records to make their
performance look good
when it wasn't.
No one can read the
stories of individual vet-
erans who suffered at the
hands of the bureaucracy
- like Edward Laird, a
76-year-old Navy veteran
who lost half of his nose
because he had to wait
two years for cancer
tests without feeling
helpless fury.
And those stories are
certain to keep coming.
It's an especially
dangerous scandal

for President Obama
because it fits into an es-
tablished narrative about
his presidency: that he's
a skilled politician and
speechmaker but a lousy
The biggest problems
Obama has faced in the
White House aside
from unrelenting oppo-
sition from Republicans
in Congress have
come not from making
policy but from trying
to implement it. The
calamitous launch of his
health care plan last fall
is the biggest and most
painful example, but it's
only one of several.
The 2009 economic
stimulus plan's "shovel-
ready" projects that
took months to start,
the confused response
to the 2010 BP oil
spill, the flap over IRS
scrutiny of conservative
organizations, even
the State Department
failures that led to the
deaths of four Americans

in Benghazi in 2012 all
were mainly lapses in
management, not policy.
The president's
conservative critics have
accused him, often wild-
ly, of every sin they can
think of, from diabolical
conspiracy (in the case
of the IRS) to dereliction
of duty (Benghazi). But
the charge that's likely to
stick is one that connects
all those unrelated events
to an underlying truth:
Obama has never paid
as much attention to the
nitty-gritty of manage-
ment as he has to making
policy and campaigning
for votes.
"Presidents get elected
because of their rhe-
torical skills, but they
succeed or fail based on
their managerial skills,"
warned Elaine Kamarck,
a former White House
aide to Bill Clinton who
directs a center on public
management at the
Brookings Institution. "In
this administration ...
somehow, there is no ad-
equate communications
system; the White House
keeps getting hit by these
unpleasant surprises."
Until recently, Kamarck
noted, the White House
didn't have a high-
ranking aide assigned full
time to monitoring how
programs were being

implemented. That's one
of the reasons for the
failure of the health care
website; the engineers
foresaw it, but nobody
high up was pulling that
information out of them.
Bad management
alienates even a pres-
ident's allies, Kamarck
"His popularity can go
down and stay down,"
she said. "That's what
happened to Jimmy
Carter in the last year
of his presidency. That's
what happened to
George W Bush after
Hurricane Katrina."
And now "that's the
narrative about Obama.
It's the narrative even
among Democrats.
They're beginning to say,
'Oh, we love everything
he says; we just wish
he could get something
In the case of the VA
health system, problems
many of us are learning
about now have long
been evident but never
quite got fixed.
"This has been build-
ing for 10 or 15 years,"
said Phillip E. Carter, an
expert on veterans affairs
at the Center for a New
American Security. He
said demographic surges
of aging Vietnam vets,
plus returning vets from

n Yall of unworthy humanity Nonetheless, the doubt that it's hurtful,
LOv RY like a god and thinks: You Twitter hashtag to sample some of the
know what's wrong with #YesAllWomen got tweets, to be a female
FROM PAGE 9 that guy? The sexism. If started as a rebuke to shark biologist told that
only he were cool with Rodger's toxic attitude the public isn't ready to
women. But who watch- women, he would want to women. It cataloged see you on camera, or to
es Rodger's final video to spare humanity from all that women suffer go to a school where a
promising to annihilate his wrath. from sexism. I don't visible bra strap violates

Iraq and Afghanistan,
were straining the
Even the specific prob-
lems of excessive waiting
times and bureaucrats
manipulating records
aren't new.
The VA knew that
some of its medical
centers had piled up
huge backlogs in pa-
tient appointments by
2011. The Government
Accountability Office,
Congress' investigative
arm, reported in 2012
that VA bureaucrats were
fiddling with waiting
time records. CNN
reported in 2013 that at
least six veterans died in
South Carolina because
of long delays in pro-
viding diagnostic tests.
Charges of misconduct
at the VA medical center
in Phoenix, the incident
that turned the problem
into a scandal, have been
percolating through the
bureaucracy for more
than a year.
So if Obama only
learned of the depth
of the problems from
watching TV, as his
spokesman said last
week, something is
amiss with his ad-
ministration's internal
It's possible to hold
out some optimism

the dress code but a
"Cool story, babe, now
make me a sandwich"
T-shirt doesn't. It just has
nothing to do with Elliot
Rodger's condition or his
The reaction to the
U.S. killings is sadly
typical. Our political and
media culture has proven
impervious to serious
discussion of severe
mental illness and how it
is treated in this country,
despite repeated, heart-
breaking occasions for
it. Usually, the diversion
is gun control. Since
Rodger stabbed his first
victims, and didn't use
an "assault rifle" but a

amid these scandals.
"Every crisis is also an
opportunity," Carter said.
"Fixes are available at the
VA, and this is the time to
put them in place."
It's even possible that
the White House has
learned some man-
agement lessons. After
the health care website
crashed last fall, Obama
named a seasoned
administrator, Jeffrey
Zients, to take charge -
and seven months later,
the health insurance
program appears to be
And two weeks ago,
Obama created a White
House post deputy
chief of staff for policy
implementation -and
filled it with Kristie
Canegallo, an aide who
worked with Zients on
the health care crisis.
"We have determined we
need more senior-level
focus on implemen-
tation and execution,"
White House chief of
staff Denis McDonough
said in announcing her
Good call. Too bad it
came too late to help
some of those vets.
Doyle McManus is a
columnist for The Los
Angeles Times. Readers
may reach him at doyle.

handgun to kill the rest,
the gun debate didn't
take off. Instead, another
hobbyhorse took up all
the space.
Rep. Tim Murphy, a
Pennsylvania Republican,
actually has a proposal
to make it easier to treat
the severely mentally ill.
Alas, his bill won't get a
viral Twitter campaign
because it focuses on
the real problem rather
than exploiting the latest
horror for cheap ideolog-
ical points.
Rich Lowry is the editor
of the National Review.
Readers may reach him
at comments. lowry@

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


C OurTown Pagell

Recovering woman, family grateful for support


Last September, Tonya
Wright was given up for
dead. The private-duty
nurse and mother of two
had suffered two massive
strokes as the result of
three brain aneurysms
that left her in a vegeta-
tive state.
Tonya's mother,
KimberlyWright, said her
daughter had suffered
from headaches and
was given Percocet and
told the pain would
subside eventually.
Sept. 22, Tonya's 13-year-
old daughter found her
lying unconscious in the
bathtub and called 911.
"They told me that two
of them (the aneurysms)
had burst and another
was coiled," her mother
said. "After two surgeries,
the doctor told us that
she would probably
remain a vegetable for
the rest of her life, and
wanted us to pull the
plug on her life support.
I refused."


event at the library.
Outdoors, there were
games and activities,
highlighted by bouncy
inflatables, Tampa Bay
Rays pitching contests,
basketball, face painting,
balloon artists and live

A mother's intuition
paid off. Kimberly said
her daughter is now
walking with some
assistance, and can talk,
use her cellphone and eat
by herself.
"She scoots out of bed
and gets on the floor as
well," she said. "She has
made amazing progress."
Although Tonya is
progressing steadily and
hoping to take care of
herself without any help
at some point in the
future, it has been a long,
uphill battle, financially
speaking, her mother
"My daughter is on
Medicaid," she said. "The
problem is, there are no
beds available in either
Charlotte or Sarasota
county. Her social worker,
Mark Jackson, is trying
his best to get her the
help she needs. He has
called every nursing
home in both counties.
The people at Complex
Care had provided her
with free therapy. They
were great."
In January, her

demonstrations of local
talent. Inside, there were
special shows that included
a speaker from NASA, a
local photo exhibit on
Hurricane Charley (con-
tinuing through August),
and the library's regular
Dog Tales program, where
children learn to read by
going one-on-one with a
pet-therapy animal.
"Kids like to read to

Raymond, the Tampa Bay Rays mascot, poses with James and
Paul Grover, along with their friend Stephan Jean-Baptiste, all
of Deep Creek, during the Charlotte County Library System's
Summer Reading Kickoff program.

daughter was transported
from Complex Care
Hospital at Ridgelake in
Sarasota to the nursing
home at the Sarasota
Memorial Hospital, after
it was discovered she was
Kimberly said her
daughter desperately
needs therapy so she can
improve and eventually
be released. In addition
to donations from friends
and family, Kimberly has
held fundraisers to pay
for her daughter's medi-
cal bills. She praised her
employer, the Charlotte
Pain Center, her co-
workers and the com-
munity for providing
incredible support during
this difficult period.
"Every day when I get
out of work, I drive to
Sarasota to be with her,"
she said. "On weekends,
my sister Meribeth and
her husband Jerry open
their doors to me so I can
stay at their house. I am
so thankful to them."
Kimberly said her
daughter is very lonely
and "begs for visitors."

dogs because they're not
judgmental. A dog is not
going to laugh at them,"
said Merle Hobart, whose
Pomeranian pooch, Zoie, is
always a good listener.
While the library is
usually busy on Saturdays,
Hobart said the Dog Tales
program was overwhelmed
during the Summer
Reading Kickoff.
"There was a lot of
people. They kept swarm-
ing around the dogs," she
said. "The whole point is to
get children excited about
And that means young
children, and those
"That's why we have
these reading programs
for every age group," said
Anne Shepherd, library
division manager. "We
do this because we want
everybody to read, adults
and children."
And it's easy to join. The
summer reading logs don't
offer a list of books from
which to choose. All read-
ing material is welcome.
Kelly Schiano had her
daughter, Gabriella, 6, sign
up for the reading program.
"We're hoping to build up
her reading skills over the
summer," Kelly said.
In addition, the Charlotte
County Library System
offers a variety of other
summer programming for
young adults, much of it
science-related. Coming to
every library this summer

Her speech has improved
so much that she can
have conversations.
"One of her former pa-
tients, MichaelWright (no
relation), a paraplegic,
takes a bus and visits her
three times a week," she
said. "I can't thank the
nursing staff on the sev-
enth floor at the hospital
enough. They have been
wonderful to her."
"Here is a person who
was practically dead,
and look how far she has

Tonya and Kimberly Wright share a smile together. Kimberly
said she cannot thank her family, friends, co-workers, the
Charlotte Pain Center and the community enough for all of their


come," she added. "She
has made incredible
A car wash will be held
from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

June 22 at Advance Auto
Parts, 1183 N. Toledo
Blade Blvd., North Port.
All proceeds will go to
Tonya Wright's Fund.

During Saturday's Summer Reading Kickoff program at the Mid-County Regional Library,
Matthew Boulin, 12, from left, of North Port, along with Devon Wallace and Justin Moss, both 10
of Port Charlotte, engage in a duel with light sabers.

is the Imaginarium from
Fort Myers, and an inter-
generational Nature Walk
is planned at the Punta
Gorda Public Library,
along with a Dr. Who Party
(Mid-County) and a Big
Bang Theory Party (Punta
"We let the kids get their
hands dirty," said Kayce
Austin, librarian supervisor
for youth services. "Every
single week of the summer,
we have something going
on for kids and teens."
For more information
on the summer reading
program, call 941-613-
3160. For more about all of
Charlotte's libraries, visit
Email: groberts@sun-heraldxom

Don Zillmer of Balloon-a-tics creates a light saber for martial
artist Justin Simeon of Deep Creek, who also performed
Saturday afternoon.


of San Antonio parish."
A proposal by the
bishop that the San
Antonio parish consider
either expanding its
present church or build-
ing a new one at a cost
of between $4 million to
$9 million appears to
be the spark that touched
off a simmering vein of
discontent in the parish.
In an extraordinary
series of letters to the
bishop and to the parish
Finance Committee,
provided to the Sun, San
Antonio parishioners
allege spiritual and finan-
cial dysfunction in the
parish, as well as Dewane
turning a deaf ear on
their pleas for help.
The letters allege that
financial problems have
been caused by parish-
ioners fleeing to nearby

parishes in protest of
Tatman changing 20-year
parish traditions, like
eliminating children's
Gospel explanations
during the family Mass,
as well as blessing them
after Mass, and taking the
Eucharist home to aged
and ailing family mem-
bers; saying from the
pulpit that only Catholics
can go the heaven, and
denigrating the role of
women in the church.
Asked by the Sun
to respond to these
allegations, the diocese
announced Tatman's

What the
numbers show
According to the San
Antonio parish bulletin,
weekly offertory col-
lections are in arrears
of $86,600 for the year
to date, as of May 25,
compared with last year.
Additionally, parishioners

have pledged only
50 percent of the church's
$172,000 Catholic Faith
Appeal set by the diocese.
Comparative figures
provided by neighboring
St. Charles Borromeo
Catholic Church, in the
Parkside area of Port
Charlotte, reveal that
the parish has, for the
first time in its history,
surpassed its CFA goal,
pledging $210,400
- 109 percent of its
$193,000 goal.
Sacred Heart parish in
Punta Gorda reported
$220,000 pledged to
date 93 percent of its
$237,000 goal. In addi-
tion, San Antonio has cut
the hours of its longtime
church secretary from
35 hours to 17.5, and
eliminated her benefits.
Thomas Scott, a San
Antonio parishioner for
12 years and a retired ex-
ecutive from the financial
field, called the bishop's
proposal "fiscal insanity."

In a time of dwindling
receipts, he said, "hoping
to get donations totaling
millions seems outland-
ishly optimistic. This, to
me, indicates either the
bishop's lack of under-
standing, or complete
disregard for the life
experienced by those in
the pews."
He said parishioners
leaving the parish for
area churches are "voting
with their cars. These
folks were active fund-
raisers for the church.
Now their fundraising
and other talents are
Reddy, the diocesan
spokesman, countered:
"There is always a
concern if any parish
is running a deficit,
and such matters are
reviewed on a regular
basis. It is misleading
to the parishioners of
San Antonio parish to
make a comparison ... for
(the) year to date with

neighboring parishes.
"It is not uncommon
within the diocese to see
wide ranges from parish
to parish in collections
related to the Catholic
Faith Appeal, or any
collection for that matter,
even though within the
same geographic area/
Responding to the
Sun's questions about
the financial viability
of a remodeled or new
church, costing millions,
in view of the parish's
financial situation, Reddy
"There has always been
a plan to build one in
the future, as the parish-
ioners of San Antonio
parish requested at the
time of their establish-
ment. It is the parish that
finances the building of
the church. However no
formal determination has
been made as to when a
church would be built in
San Antonio parish."

Of the volumes of
complaints /solutions
contained in the docu-
ments shared with the
Sun one of them a
tear-laden, five-page,
single-spaced, highly
emotional, "heartbroken"
plea from a mother to the
bishop ending in, "please
help," perhaps the
most compelling solu-
tion came from retired
financier Scott.
He wrote:
"Since Pope Francis
is trying to bring a new
era of collegiality to the
faithful, it seems to me
that a better task for the
clergy at the diocese and
San Antonio would be
to listen to the people:
Find out why so many are
leaving, then find a way
to gather them back.
"If and when the
parishioner base grows,
that would be the time
for the church to start to
think of a conversion or a
new building."

Thomas Quigley, M.D.
Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon
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Z feye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and
tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases.
Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older.
EYXOffer Does Not Apply To Freedom And Optimum Health Plan Participants.
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----L Code: CSOO

OurTown Page12 C


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

an m reviit

ww .flriapbicots co






CASE NO: 08-2012-C/
(CWALT 2005-54CB);
To the following Defend
Last Known Address
action for Foreclosure
gage on the following
LOT 325, BLOCK 199
a/k/a 2920
has been filed against
you are required to ser
of you written defenses
it, on Marinosci Law Gr
Attorney for Plaintiff
address is 100 W. Cypr
Road, Suite 1045, F(
erdale, Florida 33309,
ty (30) days after the
cation of this Notice in t
file the original with the
this Court either before
on Plaintiff's attorney o
ately thereafter; othE
default will be entered a
for the relief demand in
This notice is provided
to Administrative Or
ACT, If you are a pers
disability who needs ar
modation in order to par
this proceeding, you ar
at no cost to you, to the
of certain assistance. PI
tact the Administrative
Manager, whose office
at 350 E. Marion Aven
Gorda, Florida 33950, a
telephone number is (9
2281, within two workir
your receipt of this [N(
ACTION]; if you are h
voice impaired, call 711
WITNESS my hand an
of this Court this 28th dz
As Clerk of the Court
By C.L.G.
As Deputy Clerk
Publish: June 1 and 8,
322095 3046826
CASE NO.: 140

To the following Defendant(s):
Last Known Address
Last Known Address
Last Known Address
T OF THE action for Foreclosure of Mort-
L CIRCUIT, gage on the following described
AND FOR property:
EDITORS, 33947
OTHERS has been filed against you and
TEREST IN you are required to serve a copy
A ROHR, of you written defenses, if any, to
ND ALL it, on Marinosci Law Group, P.C.,
CLAIMING Attorney for Plaintiff, whose
)ER AND address is 100 W. Cypress Creek
I NAMED Road, Suite 1045, Fort Laud-
T(S) WHO erdale, Florida 33309, within thir-
BE DEAD ty (30) days after the first publi-
ER SAID cation of this Notice in the CHAR-
SPOUSES, file the original with the Clerk of
RANTEES, this Court either before service
S; MORT on Plaintiff's attorney or immedi-
EGISTRA- ately thereafter; otherwise a
AS NOMI- default will be entered against you
ANS INC.; for the relief demand in the com-
This notice is provided pursuant
ION to Administrative Order No.
ant(s): 2.065.
S, CREDI- ACT, If you are a person with a
D ALL disability who needs any accom-
LAIM AN modation in order to participate in
TATE OF this proceeding, you are entitled,
SED at no cost to you, to the provision
of certain assistance. Please con-
tact the Administrative Services
D that an Manager, whose office is located
of Mort- at 350 E. Marion Avenue, Punta
described Gorda, Florida 33950, and whose
telephone number is (941) 637-
8, PORT 2281, within two working days of
IVISION, your receipt of this [NOTICE OF
DING To ACTION]; if you are hearing or
OF AS voice impaired, call 711.
BOOK 5, WITNESS my hand and the seal
GH 74K, of this Court this 28th day of May,
PUBLIC 2014.
As Clerk of the Court
MONT- By: C. L. G.
CHAR- As Deputy Clerk
3981 Publish: June 1 and 8, 2014
t you and 322095 3046857
-e a copy I
, if any, toI NOTICE OF
f, whose 3122
ess Creek
ort Laud-
e lerk of Case No.: 08005552CA
e service Section:
against you LOANS
the com- Plaintiff.

d the seal Defendant(s).
suant to an Order on Motion for
Leave to Cancel Foreclosure Sale
dated April 22. 2014, entered in
Civil Case No. 08005552CA of
2014 the Circuit Court of the Twentieth
Judicial Circuit in and for Char-
fT OF THE lotte County, Florida, wherein the
LCIRCUIT, Clerk of the Circuit Court will sell
AND FOR to the highest bidder for cash on
(FLORIDA 21st day of Juy 2014, at 11:00
)00518CA am. at website:
IA, https://www.charlotte.realfore-
ER closecom, in accordance with
A Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, rela-
tive to the following described
property as set forth in the Final
JNKNOWN Judgment, to wit:
)HN W. BOOK 3. PAGE 90A, 90B, AND
SPOUSE Any person claiming an interest in
REK; ALV- the surplus from the sale, if any,
'A ALVINA other than the property owner as
ON; ANY of the date of the Lis Pendens
PARTIES must file a claim within 60 days

H, UNDER atter the sale.
DEFEN- TIES ACT. If you are a person
T KNOWN with a disability who needs
WHETHER any accommodation in order
TIES MAY to participate in this proceed-
S SPOUS- ing, you are entitled, at no
cost to you, to the provision of

certain assistance. Please
contact Jon Embury, Adminis-
trative Services Manager,
whose office is located at 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2110, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days: if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated at PUNTA GORDA, Florida
ths 2nd day of May, 2014
K. Sandrock
Barbara T. Scott
Publish: June 1 and 8, 2014
329037 3046964

Classified = Sales
Case No. 2010-CA-001556
CitiMortgage, Inc.,
Chrystal Dawn, et al
suant to a Final Judgment of Fore-
closure dated May 06, 2014,
entered in Case No. 2010-CA-
001556 of the Circuit Court of
the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, in
and for Charlotte County, Florida,
wherein CitiMortgage, Inc. is the
Plaintiff and Chrystal Dawn;
Unknown Spouse of Chrystal
Dawn if any; Capital One Bank
(USA), N.A. a/k/a Capital One
Bank; Any And All Unknown Par-
ties Claiming By, Through, Under
And Against The Herein Named
Individual Defendant(S) Who Are
Not Known To Be Dead Or Alive,
Whether Said Unknown Parties
May Claim An Interest As Spous-
es, Heirs, Devisees, Grantees Or
Other Claimants; John Doe and
Jane Doe as Unknown Tenants in
Possession are the Defendants,
that I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash by electronic
sale at www.charlotte.realfore-, beginning at 11:00
AM on the July 9, 2014, the fol-
lowing described property as set
forth in said Final Judgment, to
LOT(S) 35 AND 36, BLOCK A,
WOOD, YEAR: 1989, VIN#
Dated this 27 day of May, 2014.
Barbara Scott
As Clerk of the Court
By: K. Sandrock
As Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact
Jon Embury, Administrative
Services Manager, whose
office is located at 350 E.
Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda,
Florida 33950, and whose
telephone number is (941)
637-2110, at least 7 days
before your scheduled court
appearance, or immediately
upon receiving this notifica-
tion if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 day; if you are hearing
or voice impaired, call 711.
Publish: June 1 and 8, 2014
349911 3046892
Case No.: 12-2954-CA
BANK & TRUST f/k/a
a state banking corporation,
accordance with the Final Judg-
ment of Foreclosure dated May
15 2014, in the above-styled
caduse, the Clerk will sell to the
highest bidder for cash, at
at 1:1 o'clock, Am_, on June 1_8,
2014, the following described
Lot 9, Block 3287, Port Char-
lotte Subdivision, Section 44,
a subdivision according to the
plat thereof as recorded in
Plat Book 5, Page 54A
through 54G, of the Public
Records of Charlotte County,
Parcel Identification No.:
Any person claiming an interest
in the surplus from the sale, if
any, other than the property
owner as of the date of the lis
pendens must file a claim within
sixty (60) days after the sale.
Dated: May 20. 2014
Barbara T. Scott,
Clerk of Court

By: K. Sandrock
Deputy Clerk
Publish: 05/25/14, 06/01/14
333466 3042749
To view today's legal notices
and more visit,

CASE NO.: 12000744CA
suant to a Summary Final Judg-
ment of foreclosure dated
December 11, 2012, and entered
in Case No. 12000744CA of the
Circuit Court of the TWENTIETH
Judicial Circuit in and for CHAR-
LOTTE COUNTY, Florida, wherein
ASSOCIATION, is Plaintiff, and
KEISLING, et al are Defendants,
the clerk will sell to the highest
and best bidder for cash, begin-
ning on 11:00 am at www.char-, in accor-
dance with Chapter 45, Florida
Statutes, on July 16th, 2014, the
following described property as
set forth in said Summary Final
Judgment, to wit:
Lot 13, Block 719, PUNTA
GORDA ISLES, Section Twen-
ty-three, a Subdivision,
according to the Plat thereof
as recorded in Plat Book 12,
Pages 2-A thru 2-Z-41, of the
Public Records of Charlotte
County, Florida.
Any person claiming an interest
in the surplus funds from the sale,
if any, other than the property
owner as of the date of the lis
pendens must file a claim within
60 days after the sale.
Dated at Punta Gorda, CHAR-
LOTE COUNTY, Florida, this 23
day of April, 2014.
Barbara T. Scott
Clerk of said Circuit Court
By: J. Miles
As Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation to participate in this
proceeding, you are entitled,
at no cost to you, to the provi-
sion of certain assistance.
Please contact the Adminis-
trative Services Manager
whose office is located at 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2281, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than seven (7) days; if you are
hearing or voice impaired,
call 711.
Publish: 05/25/14, 06/01/14
336737 3043154
CASE No. 12000794CA
SERIES 2005-66,
suant to the Final Judgment of
Foreclosure dated February 11,
2014 in the above action, I will
sell to the highest bidder for cash
at Charlotte, Florida, on July 14,
2014, at 11:00 AM, at
CLOSE.COM for the following
described property:
LOT 18, IN BLOCK 609, OF
a/k/a 360 CASALE G
Any person claiming an interest
in the surplus from the sae if
any, other than the property
owner as of the date of the lis
pendens must file a claim within
sixty (60) days after the sale. The
Court, in its discretion, may
enlarge the time of the sale.
Notice of the changed time of
sale shall be published as provid-
ed herein.
DATED: 2/26/14
By: J. Miles
Deputy Clerk of the Court
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in this proceeding, you
are entitled, at no cost to you,
to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact
Charlotte County, John
Embury, Administrative Ser-
vices Manager at (941) 637-
2110, fax 941-637-2283 or
Administration Services, 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta

Gorda,, FL 33950 at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-

ing or voice impaired, call
Publish: 05/25/14, 06/01/14
295673 3042993

YOU CAN.....

.,Find a Pet

fFind a Car

rFind a Job

.,Find Garage Sales

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VSell Your Home

wSell Your Unwanted

.Advertise Your
Business or Service

Classified -
it's the reliable
source for the
right results

suant to an Order or Summary
Final Judgment of foreclosure
dated March 25, 2014, and
entered in Case No.
082013CAOOO989XXXXXX of the
Circuit Court in and for Charlotte
County, Florida, wherein FEDERAL
TION is Plaintiff and DAVID P.
dants, I will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash website of
1 11:00 a.m. on the July 16.
2014, the following described
property as set forth in said Order
or Final Judgment, to-wit:
If you are a person with a
disability who needs any
accommodation in order to
participate in this proceeding,
you are entitled, at no cost to
you, to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
Administrative Services Man-
ager whose office is located
at 350 E. Marion Avenue,
Punta Gorda, FL 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2281, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
DATED at Punta Gorda, Florida,
on April 9, 2014.
As Clerk, Circuit Court
By: J. Miles
As Deputy Clerk
Publish: 05/25/14, 06/01/14
105230 3043035

A Bargain



Check the



A Whole


of shopping

is right at




Once your organization
has been approved for
the "GiveBack Program,"
Ruby Tuesday will provide
you with a custom flier for
you to distribute. When
your guests dine on your
specified fundraiser date
and present the flier, your
organization receives
20 percent of the sales from
the dining check.



meeting set

The Don't Let Charlotte
County Go To Pot Coalition
is part of the statewide
movement called "Don't
Let Florida Go To Pot." It
includes more than 100
coalitions and organiza-
tions across all 67 counties
in Florida. It is a response
to the attempt to push
Florida into the colunm of
the legalization of the drug
marijuana for recreational
use. The group holds that
the "Use of Marijuana
for Certain Medical
Conditions" ballot amend-
ment to the constitution of
the state of Florida rep-
resents a crisis in cultural
The Don't Let Charlotte
County Go To Pot Coalition
is a grassroots effort to
shine the light, share
information and educate
its friends, families and
neighbors about the details
of the decision voters are
being asked to make on
Amendment 2. More infor-
mation on the statewide
coalition is available at
com; more info about
the local coalition can be
found at www.Facebook.
The next local coalition
meeting will be held at
11 a.m. June 17 at La Playa
Plaza, 2811 Tamiami Trail,
Suite C, Port Charlotte.

Bank to collect
flags for disposal

Charlotte State Bank &
Trust will arrange for old or
torn American flags to be
disposed of in the proper
manner. Owners of such
flags are encouraged to
bring them to any of the
bank's five local offices now
through Independence
Day, July Fourth:
9 Murdock office, 1100
Tamiami Trail.
Punta Gorda office,
2331 Tamiami Trail.
Parkside office, 3002
Tamiami Trail, Port
9 Peachland office, 24163
Peachland Blvd., Port
Charlotte Harbor office,
23112 Harborview Road.
Bank lobbies are open
from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Thursday,
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, and
9 a.m. to noon Saturday;
the bank will be closed
on the federal holidays of
Memorial Day (Monday)
and Independence Day.
Flags brought to bank
offices will be delivered to
either Roberson Funeral
Home & Crematory or
Kays-Ponger & Uselton
Funeral Homes and
Cremation Services. Both
have served as collection
points for retired flags
for many years. For more
information, call 941-624-
5400 or 941-624-1947.

Ruby Tuesday
offers 'GiveBack'

Ruby Tuesday would like
to help organizations, such
as charities, nonprofits,
churches and others, raise
money to benefit their
individual organization. As
such, Ruby Tuesday offers
its "GiveBack Program"
as a means for these
organizations to do so.
To take advantage of ti~s
money-making opportuni-
ty, register your organiza-
tion online at https://www.
and complete the Ruby
Tuesday "GiveBack" appli-
cation providing required
tax documentation.

:The Sun/Sunday, June 1, 2014


C OurTown Page 13

2014 Boys & Girls Clubs of Char-
lotte County Summer Programs
(space is limited; call now to register):
.7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Aug. 13
at the Family Services Center,
21450 Gibralter Drive, Port Charlotte.
For kindergarten (completed) through
eighth grade. Cost (nonrefundable):
$50 per week for one child; $40 per
week per child, if enrolling two or more
children (plus a $25 registration fee
per child). 941-235-2472 or dpaige@
.8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-June 25
at the Murdock Middle School Teen
Center, 17325 Mariner Way. For rising
sixth- through eighth-graders. Cost
(nonrefundable): $50 for the 18-day
camp, plus a $25 registration fee.
201-572-0381 or amcallister@bgcofcc.
.8 a.m.-i p.m. Monday-June 25
at the Port Charlotte High School
Teen Center, 18200 Cochran Blvd.
(credit retrieval provided). Cost (nonre-
fundable): $50 for the 18-day camp,
plus a $25 registration fee. 941-258-
All these weekday programs offer
academic enrichment by certified
teachers, fine arts programs, sports,
swimming, recreation, a games room,
a technology lab, field trips and much
more. Lunch and a snack are provided
daily. General info: 941-979-8379, or www.bgcofcc.

Charlotte County Family YMCA
Camp Dotzler: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
weekdays, now-Aug. 14 at 22801
Bayshore Road, Charlotte Harbor. For
youth who have completed kinder-
garten through eighth grade. Activities
include swimming, kayaking, field trips,
a climbing tower, and art and human-
ities. Lunch and an afternoon snack are
included. Cost: Charlotte County Family
YMCA members, $170 per two-week
session; nonmembers, $200 per
two-week session. 941-629-2220.
Kiddie Kollege:
6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays,
now-Aug. 15 at four locations
in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda
and North Port. For children
who have completed voluntary
prekindergarten and those entering
kindergarten. Activities include letter
recognition, number recognition,
phonological awareness and basic
math skills, Cost: Charlotte County
FamilyYMCA members, $100 per
week; nonmembers, $115 per week.
CIT- Counselor In Training
programs: 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
weekdays, now-July 3 (Session A)
and July 7-Aug. 14 (Session B) in
Port Charlotte and North Port For
youth who have completed ninth
through 10th grades. CIT is a training
program that prepares youth to take
on the role of a futureYMCA camp
counselor. The CITs will be under
the direction of a director, and will
work with different age groups
all summer. Free lunch and an
afternoon snack included. Cost: $175
per session. 941-629-2220.
Sailing Camp: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Friday-Aug. 15 at the Bayfront
Center YMCA, 750W. Retta
Esplanade, Punta Gorda. For youth
ages 8 through 16. Campers will
be introduced to water safety and
the rules of navigation, and will
be instructed in a"lifetime"skill
that promotes self-confidence
and responsibility while sailing on
Charlotte Harbor. Cost: Charlotte
County FamilyYMCA members, $140
per week; nonmembers, $160 per
week. 941-347-8855.
Tennis Camp:
10:30 a.m.-4 p.m. (full day) or
10:30 a.m.-i12:30 p.m. (half-day)
June 9-July 31 at the Punta Gorda
Club YMCA, 290S Tamiami Trail. For
children/youth ages S and older.
Tennis Pro Roberto and his two
assistants will teach campers how
to play tennis or improve their
skills. Cost: Charlotte County Family
YMCA members, $SS per week
(half-day) or $11iS per week (full
day); nonmembers, $S per week
(half-day) or $13S per week (full
day). 941 -505-0999.

Other camps:
Summer Camp at Life
Port Church, 390 Flamingo Blvd.,
Port Charlotte: 7 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Monday-Friday. For children in
kindergarten through fifth grade.
Includes crafts, games, snacks and
drinks and more. Art lessons and
visit from the Creation Museum
in Arcadia are just a few of the
things planned. Parents are asked
to provide students with a lunch.

Free; register,
LPCamp2014, or at the church. Info,
Cheryl Reber, 941-815-8256 or
941-255-5544, Ext. 251.
Eco-Day Camp: 8 a.m.-noon
Monday-Friday at the Charlotte
Harbor Environmental Centers
Alligator Creek Preserve office, 10941
Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda.

Camp involves children in a variety of
outdoor and environmental activities,
including wading, hiking, taking a boat
trip and more, as they learn about
Florida wildlife, habitats and ecology.
Designed for children leaving second
grade to entering eighth grade. Cost:
$60. Children attending must dress for
the outdoors -jeans, sneakers (no
sandals or open-toed shoes), hat and
T-shirt; they should bring an extra pair
of shoes, sunscreen, bug spray and a
bagged lunch. 941-575-5435.
"Symphony Kids" Summer
Music Camp: 8:30 a.m.-i2:30 p.m.
Monday-June 13 at Liberty
Elementary School, 370 Atwater St.,
Port Charlotte. Students entering
grades one through 12 will combine
fun and learning at the Charlotte
Symphony Orchestra's all-new summer
camp. Includes instrument instruc-
tion, ensemble, chorus, rhythm and
movement, music and technology,
and guest performers demonstrating
musical culture from around the world.
Cost: $125; $120 for siblings. tuition
assistance is available. T-shirts and
healthy snacks are included. Registra-
tion forms, www.charlottesym phony.
com or 941-205-5996.
Exploring 4-H Day Camp:
9 a.m.-3 p.m. June 9-13 at the UF/IFAS
Charlotte County Extension Service,
25550 Harborview Road, Suite 3, Port
Charlotte. Charlotte County 4-H will
play host Campers will explore 4-H
activities in gardening, wildlife, food
preparation, arts and crafts, animal
care, dog safety and much more. For
elementary school-age youth. Cost
for the week: $25. Parents may stay
or drop children off. 941-764-4345 or
Dance Arts Camp: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
June 9-13 at Studio Seven Center for
Creative Studies, 2509 Rio de Janeiro
Ave., Deep Creek. For ages 5and 6, and
7 through 10. Includes daily classes
in tap, jazz, ballet and tumbling; arts
and crafts; movies; and special guest
performers. Cost: $140 per week. There
will be a $10 registration fee for camp

enrollment good for all four weeks
of camps at Studio Seven (current
students, fee already paid with Spring
2014 enrollment). Camp tuition must
be paid in full by Monday to reserve a
place. No prorated fees, and no refunds.
Children should bring a lunch. Camp
details provided upon enrollment.
941-764-0680 or info@studiosevenpg.
Kids OnStage Summer Drama
Workshops: weekdays, June 9-21
(contact group for times) at the
Charlotte Performing Arts Center, 701
Carmalita St. (next to Charlotte High
School), Punta Gorda. Students in first
and second grades Dolly's Kids -
will perform "Over the Meadow"; third
through sixth grades Stars will
perform the musical,"On the Radio";
seventh through 12th grades -Thes-
pians will perform the award-win-
ning Broadway musical, "Hairspray,
Jr" Participants will have "hands-on"
experiences in all facets of a theatrical
production: backstage, scenic design,
props, costumes, music, choreography,
sound and lights, as well as performing
onstage. Performances of all three
productions, which are open to the
public, will be at 7 p.m. June 20, and
at 2 p.m. June 21 at CPAC. Cost: $185
before Monday; afterward, $210
- there is a $25 discount for each
additional child per family. Register/
info, 941-255-1022.
Dance Technique Camp:
9 a.m.-4 p.m. June 16-20 at Studio
Seven Center for Creative Studies,
2509 Rio de Janeiro Ave., Deep Creek.
Forages 11 through 17. Includes daily
classes in tap, jazz, ballet, modern
and acro; also will include classes in
core strengthening, dance history,
funk, leaps and turns, and more. Cost:
$140 per week. There will be a $10
registration fee for camp enrollment
- good for all four weeks of camps
at Studio Seven (current students, fee
already paid with Spring 2014enroll-
ment). Camp tuition must be paid in
full by Monday to reserve a place. No
prorated fees, and no refunds. Chil-

B OOKy-nThaeUej~
We Sell, Buy A D e
& New Books and Audio Books



Prices from 39C

on Paperbacks

and from $1.99

on Hardcovers

Bring your gently used books to
be assessed for trade value, and
bring cash to get another
discount of up to 15%

Monday Saturday: 9:00-5:00 year round
2150 Tamiami Trail #8, Port Charlotte
Charlotte Square Plaza at 41 & Forrest Nelson

Your Locally Owned Book Store Since 1987

Take Care of


.8 ),

dren should bring a lunch. Camp details
provided upon enrollment. 941-764-
0680 or
Punta Gorda Elks Lodge
2606 is accepting Summer Camp
Applications for July 6-July 12. Boys
and girls ages 9 through 13 are eligible
to participate. There is no cost to the
families. Applications are available at
the lodge, 25538 Shore Drive. Partici-
pation is limited to the first 80 camper
applications. Joe Campbell, exalted
ruler, 941-637-2606, Ext 405.
Stage and Screen Camp:
9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 7-11 at Studio Seven
Center for Creative Studies, 2509 Rio de
Janeiro Ave., Deep Creek. For ages 7 and
older. Students will learn all about life
onstage and on screen, as they will be
introduced to performance terminology
and technique, audition tips and tricks,
musical theatre choreography, vocal
performance and much more. Cost:
$140 per week. There will be a $10
registration fee for camp enrollment
- good for all four weeks of camps
at Studio Seven (current students, fee
already paid with Spring 2014 enroll-
ment). Camp tuition must be paid in

full by Monday to reserve a place. No
prorated fees, and no refunds. Children
should bring a lunch. Camp details
provided upon enrollment. 941-764-
0680 or
SummerYouth Running Camp:
7:30-11 a.m. Mondays and Tuesdays
(meet at South County Regional Park,
670 Cooper St., Punta Gorda), and
5:30 p.m. Wednesdays (meet atThe
Foot Landing, 117 Herald Court, Punta
Gorda) July 7-30. Sponsored by
New Balance. For age groups 10-12
and 13-15. All abilities welcome.
Preregistration required. Cost: early
registration, $99; afterJune 15, $119.
To include The Foot Landing Pub Run.
Info/register, 941-347-7751.
Ids' Summer Spectrum: 9 a.m.-
12:30 p.m. and 1:30-5 p.m. weekdays,
July 14-18 and July 21-25 at State
College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota in
South Venice, 8000 S. Tamiami Trail. For
youth ages 11 through 15. Provided by
Corporate and Community Development
Will include puppetry, jewelry design,
safari, clay creations, sdence, junior
journalism, gross chemistry, cooking and
more. Hands-on science, technology,

engineering and mathematics (STEM)
classes-including clay animation,
video game design, stop-motion
animation and creative robofics- also
are offered at the campus.
kids or941-408-1412.
SoYou Want to be a Rock
Star Camp: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July 21-25
at Studio Seven Center for Creative
Studies, 2509 Rio de Janeiro Ave.,
Deep Creek. For ages 7 and older.
Music professionals from around the
country will work with students on
their instrument of choice, their stage
performance, song-writing techniques
and more. The camp will conclude with
a Friday night performance at the Punta
Gorda Woman's Club. Cost: $175 per
week. There will be a $10 registration
fee for camp enrollment- good for
all four weeks of camps at Studio Seven
(current students, fee already paid
with Spring 2014 enrollment). Camp
tuition must be paid in full by Monday
to reserve a place. No prorated fees,
and no refunds. Children should bring
a lunch. Camp details provided upon
enrollment. 941-764-0680 or info@

Your mouth. Our mission.
Call or visit to schedule an appointment today.
1750 Tamiami Tr.
FDenture Money Back Guarantee applies to all full and partial dentures and covers the cost of the denture(s) only. Refund request must be
submitted within 90 days after insert of final denture or hard reline. Denture(s) must be returned within90 days after refund request date. 'For
patients without dental insurance. New patients must be 21 or older to receive free exam and X-rays, a minimum $140 value. Minimum savings
is based on a comprehensive exam and full X-ray series, the value of the savings will vary based on doctor recommendation. Discounts cannot
be combined with other offers or dental discount plans. Offer(s) must be presented at first visit. Offers expire 8/31/14. @2014 Aspen Dental
Management, Inc. @2014 Stewart-Haas Racing. Procedure code 150. THE PATIENT ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO
TREATMENT. All fees listed are minimal fees onlv. Dixon Dental Concepts, PC, Dr. Dixon DN19229.



National Cremation

By pre-planning
we've not only protected each other
but also our entire family! Thank you,
National Cremation Society! MU

Buffalo Wings and Rings
1081 W. Price Blvd,
North Port, FL
Wed. June 4th
Wed. June 1 1th
11:00 AM

Whiskey Creek
3746 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL
Wed. June 4th
Wed. June 1 1th
4:00 PM

Beyond the Sea
3555 S. Access Road
Englewood, FL
Wed. June 4th
Wed. June 1 1th
11:30 AM

Old World Restaurant
14415 Tamiami Trail
North Port, FL
Fri. June 6th
Fri. June 13th
9:30 AM

Golden Corral
1451 Tamiami Trail
Punta Gorda, FL
Tues. June 3rd
Tues. June 10th
11:00 AM

Red Lobster
1331 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL
Thurs. June 5th
Thurs. June 12th
11:00 AM

Allegro Bistro
1740 E. Venice Avenue
Venice, FL
Wed. June 4th
Wed. June 11th
12:00 PM

4369 Tamiami Trail
Venice, FL
Thurs. June 5th
Thurs. June 12th
11:00 AM


11 -, I BRIPIM1111
Extended Hours: Tuesday thru Friday
Open during lunch and until 6:OOPM
For the past 27 years we have offered skin care diagnosis, treatment and skin
cancer remo al. We continue to strive for quality patient care offe ing each
natient an individualized exacrience to meet their saecific needs

4 O

:OurTown Page14 C


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


Charlotte County
Rylin Tracy Schilling, to Jessica
Mizell and Christian Schilling of
North Port, at 6:19 p.m. May 20. She
weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces.
Audrey Vannessa Corrington,
to Amber Ellis and Jason
Corrington of Punta Gorda, at
10 a.m. May 22. She weighed
6 pounds, 9.4 ounces.
Evelyn Riley Andrashko, to
Maryna and Viktor Andrashko of
North Port, at 1:28 p.m. May 23. She
weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces.
Kaja Bella Ruby Matthews,

Shop Ch arlotte

Where Shopping Makes Cents
charlottecou ntycham

to Justina Bailey and Mario
Matthews of Punta Gorda, at
8:53 a.m. May 27. She weighed
8 pounds, 6 ounces.
Xavier Vincent John Barden,
to Jewel Lynn Faith Klein
and Preston Roy Barden II of
Englewood, at 3:32 a.m. May 28. He
weighed 6 pounds, 6.4 ounces.
Drake Alexzander Schultz, to
Cristle Schultz and Ryan Neff of
Punta Gorda, at 5:04 p.m. May 28. He
weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.
JasLynn Faith Watson, to
Madison H. Kirkpatrick and
Jeremiah D. Watson of Port
Charlotte, at 5:19 p.m. May 28. She
weighed 6 pounds, 1.7 ounces.

Charlotte County
Caswell Emerson Coley Jr. of Punta
Gorda, and Jennifer Lynn Andreoli of
Punta Gorda
Mark Allen Bermudez of Punta
Gorda, and Georgianna Wendy Paradis
of Punta Gorda
Bhaveshbhai Govindbhai Patel
of Arcadia, and Pareshaben Trikamlal

Patel of Arcadia
Nathan Daniel Carey of North Port,
and Tiffany Nicole Hauer of North Port
-William Jonathan Rice of Port
Charlotte, and Kaitlin Colleen Shannon
of Port Charlotte
Jared MacKenzie Crowder of North
Port, and Melissa Renee Patten of
North Port
Richard Wilson Stackhouse
of Port Charlotte, and Carol Ellen
Klingensmith-Ellis of Port Charlotte
Oscar Mauricio Torres of Punta
Gorda, and Jennifer Nicole Doyle of
Punta Gorda
Ricardo Rodriguez Jr. of Port
Charlotte, and Ida Szabo-Wasyl of Port
Richard Alan Gaskill of Punta
Gorda, and Lorraine Man Rattai of
Punta Gorda
Claude Thomas Lane of Port
Charlotte, and Betsy Marie Anderson
of Port Charlotte
Peter Samuel Johnsen of North
Port, and Melissa Ann Roduner of
Punta Gorda
Robert Eugene Lewandowski
of Port Charlotte, and Shana Lynn
Dandino of Port Charlotte
William Walter Jones of Port
Charlotte, and Sally Lynn Connelly of
Port Charlotte
-Brandon David Scott of Arcadia,
and Shannon Nicole Williams of Punta
Juan Fernando Cajas Navarrete of
Lehigh Acres, and Jessica Soriano of
Lehigh Acres
Daniel Jordan Al-Khatib of Port
Charlotte, and Erica Rose Powell of
Port Charlotte
Joshewa Anthony Matos of Port
Charlotte, and Sara Beth Sharrah of
Port Charlotte

Paul James Wood of Toledo, Ohio,
and Tonia Cherie Wood of Oregon, Ohio
Justin Michael Mahlan of Port
Charlotte, and Netnapha Jaithan of
Port Charlotte
Dean Alan Kimball of Punta
Gorda, and Karin Lilli Kimball of Punta
Michael Edward Francavilla of
North Port, and Jodie Ann Howard of
North Port
Robert Shawn Norus of Rotonda
West, and Desiree Dawn Numen of
Rotonda West
Jacci Davon Allen of Punta Gorda,
and Christina Alicia Walker of Punta

Charlotte County
Christopher D. Barbera v.
Freida G. Barbera
Joshua Bowser v. Stevie Bowser
Thomas William Chisholm v.
Bonny Jean Chisholm
-Jennifer R. Dendinger v.
Christopher Dendinger
Rachel Lee Green v. Robert E.
George S. Grossman v. Deborah
Jean Grossman
Paula Elaine Johnston v. David W.
Neal Thomas Kinsinger v.
Elizabeth Marie Kinsinger
Michelle Lee Lalande v. Trent
Jeremy Lalande
William J. Lulves v. Marilyn H.
Kimberly Pulaskie v. John Pulaskie
Kenneth Robert Rollag v. Jessica
Marie Rollag
Britteny Nicole Smith v.
Nicholas W. Smith


Charlotte Harbor
Yacht Club
Ladies Bridge winners
May 20:1-Cleta Clark, 3130;
2-Virginia Martin, 3100; 3-Harold
Clark, 2980; 4-Fran Dumke, 2380.
Slam Bridge winners May 28:
1 -Geri Dempsey, 3670; 2-Pat
Slaughter, 3590; 3-Adden Wagner,
Mahjong winners May 27:
1 -Lynne Oakley.

Charlotte Square
Charlotte County Bridge
Group winners May 24: Trudy Riley,
6210; Virginia Clayton, 5310; Marty
Lauer, 4580; Dee Weisenberg, 4450.

Chubbyz Tavern
Big Dog's Live Trivia
Challenge winners May 28:1-The
Cat's Meow, $50; 2-The Bimini Bay
Buddies, $25; 3-The Irish Elephants,

Cultural Center of
Charlotte County
Contract Bridge winners
May 21: Joyce Weibel, 5600; Maria
Johanson, 5470; Ann Lewis 5260;

Connie Oberlander, 5180.
Wednesday Double Deck
Pinochle winners May 28: I-Al
Haines, 1805; 2-Dick Lajoie, 1572;
3-Tom Rutherford, 1553; 4-John
Cahall, 1539.
Thursday Night Double
Deck Pinochle winners May 22:
1 -Bonnie Weithman, 1643; 2-Mary
Lewis, 1624; 3-John Cahall, 1608.
Pinochle winners May 24:
1 Jan Howard, 710; 2-Joe Lupton,
659; 3-Mary Jane Aynes, 656.
May 27:1-Mike Hess, 688; 2-Bonnie
Weithman, 668; 3-Jug Gogia, 639.

Deep Creek
Elks Lodge
Monday Bridge winners
May 26:1-Tom Zinneman, 3740;
2-Chris Ostmark, 3570; 3-Toni
Trezise, 3530; 4-Fred Kuss, 3480.

Isles Yacht Club
Scrabble winners May 23:
Judith Howell, 296,175.

Country Club
Ladies Bridge winners
May 21: 1-Tessie Cox; 2-Linda
Bellmore. May 23:1-Marilyn
Gilbert; 2-Sara Croak; 3-Marge
Lincoln. May 28:1-Linda Bellmore;


The Benjamin J. Baker
Community Development
Corp. now is accepting
scholarship applications
from graduates of the class
of 2014. Applications are
available for download at
org. To request that an
application to be mailed
to you, contact the office
at 941-916-0282; or to be
emailed, contact
benjaminbakerCDC@ All criteria
mentioned on the appli-
cation must be met prior
to the deadline date. Feel
free to call if you have any
questions concerning the
The deadline for
submission of an ap-
plication is June 30. All
applications must be
postmarked no later

than June 30, and mailed
to: Benjamin J. Baker
Community Development
Corporation, PO. Box
511713, Punta Gorda, FL

Skate park shifts to
summer hours
Charlotte County
Community Services
announced the beginning
of summer hours of
operation Thursday at the
JM Berlin/Rotary Skate
Park, located at Ann Dever
Memorial Regional Park,
6941 San Casa Drive,
Englewood. The park will
be open from 11 a.m. to
9 p.m. every day, except
Wednesday The skate
park is closedWednesdays.
For more information
about all Community
Services programs and
events, call 941-625-PLAY
(7529), or visit www.

white and blue

with those who

have served.

vk Royal Palm Retirement Centre
Independent Living Assisted Living Memory Care
,D 2500 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte, FL 33952



Dr. Thomas R. Cherpak, D.D.S.
Dr. Kristin A. Woods, D.D.S.
Dr. Richard L. Ballentine, D.M.D.
Dr. Adam Gutwein, D.M.D. DntsyI mplnteistr
Carng.nvronen Comei etsr
Sam Dy*merenie Seon Oinin RE

Chldenthouh enorAdls os IsuanesAcepe

* Thomas'F E
Board Certified EX
Eye Physician :FOR NEW PATIENTS:
& Surgeon Icomplete medical exam with one of : ourboardcertifiedeyedoctors
20600 VETERANS BLVD., SUITE A : includes prescription for eyeglasses,
PORT CHARLOTTE I and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and
941-766-7474 other eye diseases. Offer applies to
2529 TAMIAMI TRAIL I new patients 59 years and older.
PUNTA GORDA bffer does not apply to Freedom an(
941-639-2020 I Optimum health plan participants.
I Coupon Expires 7/16/2014
330 NORTH BREVARD (NEXT TO I No Hiddjen Charge: It isoplcta teptetado I

863-993-2020 IhoI o r erementfre flee |

I u or alI

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Check the Florida lottery numbers in SUSPORrS


Water's Edge Dermatology. Now in Port Charlotte Call for an appointment

,O n b L Adult and Pediatric Dermatology
Diseases of the Skin, Hair & Nails
Skin Cancer Detection & Treatment

*M"ggcone Cosmetic Services

2484 Caring Way, Suite C Port Charlotte, FL 33952


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for more information.

1.Dr. Laura DeStefano

are no longer affiliated with

The new name of their practice is


21260 Olean Blvd. Suite 202 A
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

:TheSun/SundayJune 1,2014 FROM PAGE ONE C OurTown Page 15


Canadian homebuilder
this week purchased
Thomas Ranch, a
9,650-acre tract of land
in South Sarasota County
and North Port, for
$86.25 million.
The acquisition is
unusual because of its
size in relation to its
proximity to an urban
area and city infrastruc-
ture, said Brian Johnston,
chief operating officer
of Mattamy Homes, the
builder that made the
"You can go buy 10,000
acres in the middle of
Wyoming ... but you'd be
waiting hundreds and
hundreds of years before
you have any develop-
able land," he said.



safe," he said. "It's just sit-
ting there for the taking."
A string of thefts from
docked boats in the
Knight Island area near
Englewood in mid-May
brought the number of
Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office theft cases involv-
ing boats, boat accesso-
ries or marine equipment
to 22 for the year. Items
taken include a johnboat
from a dock, a canoe from
a yard, a GPS, an air tank
compressor from a boat
in back of a house, coolers
from a docked boat and
myriad fishing gear.
Charlotte County
Sheriff Bill Prummell said
some of the stolen goods
are used by criminals,
but sometimes detectives
find the property being
sold on, in
out-of-town flea markets,
or in pawn shops from
people trying to make a
quick buck.
"If you give certain
people an opportunity,
they're going to take
it," said Prummell, who
would like to remind
people to lock up marine
equipment and not leave
valuables on boats.
"Overall, Charlotte
County is a safe county,"
he said. "But we're not
An example that
made headlines was
a $3,500 motor stolen
from a Charlotte Harbor
Community Sailing
Center training boat in
December. And, more
recently, detectives in
the southern part of
Englewood were inves-
tigating several thefts
on the water during the
weekend of May 17-18.
Items taken included
kayaks, paddleboards
and expensive fishing
"The increase in
marine-related thefts
is, more or less, when
there is something big
going on with fishing,"
Prummell said. "If a
certain season opens
up or if there's a tourna-
ment, we have an influx
of fishermen coming in."
The 32nd annual
World's Richest Tarpon
Tournament took
place off Boca Grande
May 15 and 16, with a
kids tournament May 17.
"We just had a big
tarpon tournament,"
Prummell said. "And,
actually it was that
weekend we got hit.
There are more tour-
naments coming up, so
that's where we're trying
to beef up our patrol."
To the south, the Punta
Gorda Police Department
has investigated eight

marine-related thefts
since Jan. 1. Four in-
volved small boat motors,
including the Servis case.
"That's really amazing,
in the big scheme of
things," PGPD marine

"This is different."
More than 6,000 acres
of the parcel lie within
in the city of North Port
in the West Villages
area; the remainder is in
unincorporated Sarasota
County. The site is
approved for more than
11,000 homes and 3 mil-
lion square feet of com-
mercial development.
Development is expected
to begin in 2016.
Although the proxim-
ity to developed areas
means the area could
grow relatively quickly
for its size, Johnston
said a community "really
won't be up and running
until five to seven years
from now. But our view
is that once it's up and
running, it will have
undeniable momentum."
Mattamy is working
with a minority partner,

officer John Kennedy
said. "Other than that, we
always have fishing poles
and things taken."
Like Prummell,
Kennedy would encour-
age people to not leave
items out. Kennedy
said there is a blip in
fishing-gear thefts when
school lets out.
"Kids are out of school
now, and they get bored,"
he said. "And with things
like fishing poles, they're
using them. So you can't
just check a pawn shop
and find them."
Kennedy said people
who leave boats in
canals should consider
motion lights or security
"Just having that
presence can go a long
way," he said.

The CCSO Marine Unit
consists of a corporal
and two deputies who
man three vessels, but
Prummell admits his
agency could benefit
from a larger fleet on the
"We are trying to
do more with less,"
Prummell said. "Could
I justify increasing my
Marine Unit with the
current work we're
doing? Absolutely. But
it comes down to bud-
getary dollars.... Down
the road, I would love
to expand our Marine
To help for now, a
group of about 30 vol-
unteers aids the Sheriff's
Office by patrolling on
two other boats.
"We have a good corps
of volunteers who are out
constantly," Prummell
said. "They want to give
back to the community,
and they help us tremen-
dously. What's good, too,
is if we have something
big going on like the
Freedom Swim they
can help with safety."
Community assis-
tance is something the
Punta Gorda Police
Department relies
heavily on as well. The
PGPD Marine Unit has
a full-time officer and
two volunteer groups:
the Marine VIP program
and the Punta Gorda
Isles Neighborhood
Marine Watch Group.
Each group has dozens of
members who act as eyes
and ears for the police,
reporting suspicious
"The biggest problem
we're having right now
is occasional thefts
of opportunity," PGI
Neighborhood Marine
Watch Group founder
Bill Guenther said. "If
someone leaves rods and
reels or equipment on a

dock or boat, someone
can go by in a small
boat and it'll be gone in
10 seconds."
A few years ago, some
volunteers even came
across a drug deal. But

Vanguard Land LLC,
a Sarasota-based real
estate acquisition
and development
firm that will provide
planning strategy and
direction for the parcel's
"They actually
brought the parcel
to us," Johnston
said, adding that he's
known Vangaurd Chief
Executive Officer John
Peshkin personally for
about 22 years.
"I have a lot of trust
and faith in (Peshkin's)
commercial acumen,"
Johnston said. When
they started looking at
the parcel, "we came to
the conclusion he was
on to something quite
interesting," he said.
Peshkin said the area
"has all that Southwest
Florida has to offer,"

Guenther, 82, said crime
seems to be down since
he moved into PGI about
13 years ago.
"The purpose of
the Punta Gorda Isles
Neighborhood Marine
Watch Group is to be a
deterrent," he said. "And
we are."

thefts nearby
The North Port Police
Department has reported
18 cases of boat or
boating-equipment thefts
since the beginning of

Jorge Cabrera, M.D.,
"Reversing Diabetes

including close prox-
imity to beaches and
shopping, and urban in-
frastructure and services.
He also noted that four
other fast-growing com-
munities -IslandWalk,
Gran Paradiso, Sarasota
National and Grand
Palm are benefiting
from similar locations.
"Obviously, that's one
of the things that attract-
ed us to the property, a
big portion of permits
that are happening in
this area," he said.
North Port City
Manager Jonathan Lewis
characterized the day the
acquisition went through
as "a good day" for North
Mattamy is "a very
well-respected, well-
heeled group, and we're
excited about them
(becoming) part of North

the year. Six included
actual boats mostly
johnboats or pontoon
boats and eight
involved fishing gear.
"We've noted an
increase in (the) theft of
boats since April," NPPD
Assistant Police Chief
Tony Sirianni said. "But
fishing-equipment thefts
have decreased."
Even inland, Arcadia
sees its share of
marine thefts.
"From time to time,
we have reports of stolen
boat motors or fishing
poles or tackle boxes

Port," he said.
The area's healthy
portion of commercially
zoned land could help
to balance North Port's
high proportion of
residential land the
result of preplatting by
General Development
Corporation in the city's
original limits.
The future devel-
opment of the parcel
is "potentially a huge
commercial lift for the
city of North Port and
south Sarasota County,"
Lewis said.
As a trade-off, Lewis
said the city is working
to improve infrastructure
in the area to accommo-
date the growing devel-
opments, pointing to
the River Road widening
project as an example.


and things," said DeSoto
County Sheriff's Office
chief deputy Maj. James
Vitali. "But the instances
that we have don't
appear marine equip-
ment was specifically
Vitali said the "vast
majority" of such
stolen property is sold off
In Naples, authorities
have seen trends similar
to that in Punta Gorda.
"A lot of the fishing
poles and items stolen
off of people's boats
or lanais we have a

Developer buys prodigious South Sarasota parcel

Village Place ALF
(Assisted Living Facility #9249)
& Signature Home Now
(HHA #299992688)


John P. Braut, D.O.
"Managing Shoulder
& Knee Pain"


More ADA
work at parks
Charlotte County
Community Services
announced construction
will start June 9 and go
through Aug. 2 for ADA ac-
cessibility improvements
at several county park
locations, including Ann
Dever Memorial Regional
Park, Harold Avenue Park,
the Port Charlotte Public
Library, G.C. Herring Park
and the Tringali Recreation
Center. These parks and
libraries will remain open
during this period for
improvements; there will
be ongoing construction
activity near concession
stands, walkways, parking
lots and ramps for acces-
sibility improvements.
Activities in these areas
will not be closed, but will
be limited to alternate
routes and entrances.

lot of people living on
canals; seems to be kids
or younger people who
will use them themselves
or pawn them," Naples
Police Lt. John Barkley
said. "We've had boat
equipment like motors
and electronics stolen
as well, but that comes
in waves. The big thing
we're seeing taken
recently is radar gear and
fish finders."
The Marco Island
Police Department re-
ported only three similar
thefts so far this year.
Email: akreger@sun-heraldcom


June 12, 2014

Port Charlotte Cultural Center .....
Event Time: I OAM-2PM Limited Seating

Please RSVP: (941)766-8900

Paul M. Popper, M.D., PA. Deborah Jo Dunham, ARNP-Bc Saeed Shahzad, M.D.
"CAD, How to Manage" "Heart Failure, How to Manage" "Alzheimers & Dementia"
11AM 11:30AM 12PM

:The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

C OurTown Page 15


:OurTownPagel6 C LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014


i IF

Fishing off the pier recently at Laishley Park
in Punta Gorda, James Allen took a break to
rescue an angel fish that had been hooked
but never released.

relaxing in Punta Gorda

Stephen Allard, a retired chef of 38 years, spent a recent morning on the pier at Laishley Park
hoping to reel in a few eligible-sized fish to take home.

Mary Colontonio and her husband Ralph used
crab traps and large dead fish as a lure to
possibly catch something off the pier at Laishley
Park in Punta Gorda.

There was no stopping 2-year-old Adelyn
Rossetti from running in, out and all around the
water fountains at Laishley Park in Punta Gorda.


Melissa Maybett pulled in a small mangrove snapper that, due to its size, had to be tossed back
into the waters off the pier at Laishley Park.

Two-year-old Oliver Pelan ran from one water
fountain to the next, occasionally stopping to
splash one with his hands.

Tysaiha Garrett, 13, spent the day with his father Richard at Laishley Park, occasionally spotting
sea creatures such as stingrays, jellyfish and crabs.

Sporting sunglasses and shoes, 4-year-old Adriana Stoppiello stays just clear of the spraying
waters to play with her shovel and buckets recently at the fountains at Laishley Park
in Punta Gorda.

Day at the beach

a-- -

- "A

All the way from Kansas City, Eric Hubbs and Lauren Clifton
brought their children, 6-year-old David Hubbs and his sister,
10-year-old Olivia, and 6-year-old Julian Clifton to spend time at
Englewood Beach building sandcastles Friday.

Are You In Pain?
Dr. Shao Has A Solution.
ForNe Ptint
Vihthscopr .. ... ~j eEp.6151

Bonnie and Dave Lowe, visiting from Ohio, were shelling the
shoreline at Englewood Beach using a scoop, while enjoying the
waves and sunshine from their beach chairs.

When the water drained from her "private pool" on the
shoreline at Englewood Beach, 4-year-old Ellie Biswas would
take her scoop and bucket to the waves to collect more water.

China Healing Center
12497 Tamiami Trail,#3 North Port, FL 34287
1----- 941-953-4888 941-564-6291

A group of"older kids" bobs up and down in the waves of Englewood Beach, having
just much fun as the little kids.

Eight-year-old Lena Westerbeck was
enjoying the rumbling waters off the
shoreline at Englewood Beach with her
oversized pink tube Friday.

:OurTown Page 16 C

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014



Shinseki exit breaks
Obama's crisis mold

Shinseki tendered his resigna-
tion at the height of a political
clamor for his departure and as
revelations of systemic delays in
veterans' patient care mounted
daily. Shinseki left even before
the review Obama had ordered
of the department's problems
was completed.
Page 2 -

Is a pyramid the key
to saving an island

The rescuers are pinning their
hopes to save Egmont Key from
disappearing on a device that
looks like a flat-topped concrete
pyramid pierced with holes
and called a wave attenuation

Page 3 -

Some Kiev barricades
come down

Demonstrators on the main
downtown avenue of Ukraine's
capital set piles of tires
ablaze on Saturday to protest
authorities' call to end the
encampment that began six
months ago.
Page 5 -

Old photos emerge
of Apollo training

Before Apollo astronauts
went to the moon, they went
to Hawaii to train on the Big
Island's lunar landscapes.
Now, decades-old photos
are surfacing of astronauts
scooping up Hawaii's soil and
riding across volcanic fields in a
"moon buggy" vehicle.

Page 1 -

Coffee rust reaches
new heights in
Central America

Thousands of coffee farmers
fight the fungus called "coffee
rust" in hopes they'll continue
to supply the smooth-flavored,
aromatic Arabica beans enjoyed
by coffee lovers.

Page 8 -


new pollution rule the
Obama administration
announces Monday
will be a cornerstone of
President Barack Obama's
environmental legacy and
arguably the most signif-
icant U.S. environmental
regulation in decades.
But it's not one the
White House wanted.
As with other issues,
the regulation to limit
the pollution blamed
for global warming
from power plants
is a compromise for
Obama, who again
finds himself caught
between his aspirations
and what is politically


ee at ast

Taliban releases Sgt. Bergdahl after five


The only American
soldier held prisoner in
Afghanistan has been
freed by the Taliban in
exchange for the release
of five Afghan detainees
from the U.S. prison at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,
Obama administration
officials said Saturday.
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was
handed over to U.S. spe-
cial operations forces by
the Taliban Saturday eve-
ning, local time, in an area
of eastern Afghanistan,
near the Pakistani border.
Officials said the exchange
was not violent and the
28-year-old Bergdahl was
in good condition and
able to walk.
"While Bowe was gone,
he was never forgotten,"
President Barack Obama
said in a statement from
the White House Rose
Garden, where he was
joined by Bergdahl's par-
ents. "The United States
of America does not ever
leave our men and women
in uniform behind."




This undated image provided by the U.S. Army shows Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. U.S. officials say the only American soldier held
prisoner in Afghanistan has been freed and is in U.S. custody. The officials say Bergdahl's release was part of a negotiation
that includes the release of five Afghan detainees held in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Global focus on violence against women


Nearly 300 schoolgirls
abducted in Nigeria.
A pregnant Pakistani
woman stoned to
death by her family for
marrying the man she
loved. Widespread rape
in many war zones.
And in California, a
murderous rampage
by a disturbed young
man who had depicted
sorority members as a
prime target.
From across the
world, startling reports
of violence against
women surface week
after week. The World
Health Organization
has declared the
problem an epidemic,
calculating that one in
three women world-
wide will experience
sexual or physical
violence most often
from their husband or
male partner.
Yet even as they

In this Oct. 6,2011, photo, protesters hold carnations in their mouths during the
Romanian version of the "Slut Walk" march in Bucharest, Romania. The Slut Walk was
a protest against harassment of women initiated by the outfits they wear or their
behavior in public. The World Health Organization has declared violence against women
an epidemic, calculating that one in three women worldwide will experience sexual or
physical violence, most often from their husband or male partner.

decry the violence
and the abundance of
misogynistic rhetoric,
women's rights activists

see reasons for hope.
"The violence has
been happening forever
- it's not anything

new," said Serra
Sippel, president of
the Washington-based
Center for Health and

Gender Equity. "What's
new is that people in
the United States and
globally are coming
around to say 'enough
is enough,' and starting
to hold governments
and institutional
leaders accountable."
Even in India-
where just this past
week, two teenage
cousins were raped
and killed by attackers
who hung their bodies
from a mango tree
- there are signs of
change. Public outrage
over the 2012 gang
rape and murder of a
23-year-old student
led the government
to expedite legislation
increasing prison terms
for rapists. In April, a
court sentenced three
men to death for raping
a photojournalist in
In the United States,
the military says it's


VA warnings

on waits go

back years

WASHINGTON The report this week
confirming that 1,700 veterans were
"at risk of being lost or forgotten" at a
Phoenix hospital was hardly the first
independent review that documented
long wait times for some patients seeking
health care from the Department of
Veterans Affairs and inaccurate records
that understated the depth of the
Eleven years ago, a task force estab-
lished by President George W. Bush
determined that at least 236,000 veterans
were waiting six months or more for a
first appointment or an initial follow-up.
The task force warned that more veterans
were expected to enter the system and
that the delays threatened the quality of


This June 25, 2013, photo shows President Barack Obama
wiping perspiration from his face as he speaks about climate
change at Georgetown University in Washington.

and legally possible.
It will provoke a messy
and drawn-out fight with
states and companies
that produce electricity,

and may not be settled
until the eve of the next
presidential election in


Obama's boldest move

on carbon comes with perils

Page 2 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shinseki exit breaks Obama's crisis mold

- This was not in the
Barack Obama playbook.
The resignation of
Veterans Affairs Secretary
Eric Shinseki on Friday
did not follow the
usual arc of a crisis in the
Obama administration.
Obama prefers to not
get sucked into a drama
and cede in the heat of
the moment. He'd rather
send in fixers and have
the bloodletting occur in
due course.
Shinseki, however,
tendered his resignation
at the height of a political
clamor for his departure
and as revelations of sys-
temic delays in veterans'
patient care mounted
daily. Shinseki left even
before the review Obama
had ordered of the
department's problems
was completed.
For Obama, there
was little doubt that his
decision to let Shinseki
go was painful.
"He is a very good
man," Obama said of the

former four-star Army
general and Vietnam
veteran. "I don't just
mean he's an accom-
plished man. I don't just
mean that he's been an
outstanding soldier. He's
a good person who's
done exemplary work on
our behalf."
In this crisis, it became
clear to the White House
that the solution to the
problems identified in
news accounts and in a
damning report from the
V~s inspector general
were endemic and would
take time to turn around,
let alone correct.
That's what set it apart
from the spectacularly
bad launch of healthcare.
gov. Kathleen Sebelius
stayed on as head of the
Department of Health
and Human Services
until April, seven months
after that fumbling start.
But that was a website
problem caused by
poorly designed tech-
nology. It was fixable in
the short term and in the

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is seated beft
speaking at a meeting of the National Coalition for H
Veterans, Friday.

end sign-ups exceeded
The path for Shinseki's
exit was laid a week
ago when Obama told
reporters that if Shinseki
"does not think he can
do a good job on this and
if he thinks he has let
our veterans down, then
I'm sure that he is not
going to be interested in
continuing to serve."
On Wednesday, White

House chief of si
McDonough noti
Obama of the sc
inspector genera
as Obama flew b
Air Force One fro
Point, New York,
he had just deliv
foreign policy ad
The VA inspec
general's report
a preliminary rev
by Shinseki hims
depicted the pro

as widespread. The
inspector general's report
offered another troubling
observation: The issues
went back nearly a
decade, before Obama's
That's hardly a comfort
for Obama and his belea-
guered White House.
Obama served on
the Senate Veterans'
Affairs Committee that
reviewed those inspector
AP PHOTO general studies. He
ran for president in
re 2008 with a promise to
homeless improve the delivery of
benefits for veterans. His
wife has made helping
taff Denis veterans and their
tified families a priority. Last
:athing week, Obama called the
al's report care of veterans "one
)ack on of the causes of my
omWest presidency."
where What's more, as
rered a Obama brings more
address. than a decade of wars to


an end, he has made a
point of telling return-
ing soldiers that they
deserve the care and
benefits of a grateful

nation. Those returning
servicemen and women,
many with physical or
mental wounds, have put
additional strains on the
VAs health care system.
The inspector general,
examining the troubled
VA health care system
in Phoenix, found that
about 1,700 veterans in
need of care were "at risk
of being lost or forgot-
ten" after being kept
off an official waiting
list. That came after
allegations that as many
as 40 veterans may have
died while awaiting care
at the agency's Phoenix
For a president who
lists veterans as a
priority, that suggests a
massive failure.
Beyond that, the
crisis draws attention to
another Obama priority
- health care. It raises
further doubts about the
government's ability to
deliver on the president's
principal legislative

Obama says goodbye to press secretary

White House press secre-
tary Jay Carney became
the news instead of just
delivering it Friday, when
President Barack Obama
unexpectedly interrupted
the daily
briefing to
after three
and a half
EARNEST years as his
Obama said it was
"bittersweet" to see
his friend Carney step
down and announced
that principal deputy

press secretary Josh
Earnest will take over
the job. Carney said
the transition will take
place around mid-June,
but Earnest will take
his place traveling next
week on Obama's trip to
Carney brought rare
but practical experience
to the job as a former
reporter who once cov-
ered the White House for
Time magazine. He left
journalism to become
communications director
for Vice President Joe
Biden and subsequently
moved over to serve as
Obama's press secretary
in 2011.
"He comes to this

place with a reporter's
perspective," Obama told
reporters after interrupt-
ing Carney midsentence
as he responded to a
question on Ukraine in
the Brady Press Briefing
Room. "That's why,
believe it or not, I think
he will miss hanging out
with you."
A key component of
a White House press
secretary's job is to
regularly joust with
reporters in an intense
session. Obama said he is
putting the "flak jacket"
for dealing with the press
on another friend in
Earnest, who has worked
with Obama since he

was his communications
director for the Iowa
caucuses in the 2008
The affable Earnest
is well-liked within the
White House press corps,
and is seen as helpful.
Reporters applauded the
announcement. Earnest
is a native of Kansas City,
Missouri, and Obama
noted he still roots for
the hometown baseball
team, the Royals, as the
son of an athletic coach.
'As you know, his name
describes his demeanor,"
Obama said. "Josh is
an earnest guy and you
can't find just a nicer
individual even outside
of Washington."


President Barack Obama gives White House press secretary Jay
Carney a hug after announcing that Carney will step down later
next month, during a surprise visit to the Brady Press Briefing
Room of the White House, Friday.

US law prods states

to revisit health care rules

(AP) Prompted by the
health care overhaul law,
several states are updating
their rules for insurance
networks to better reflect
who is covered and how
people shop for and use
their benefits.
Laws governing health
insurance vary, but states
generally try to ensure that
health plans give residents
reasonable access to a
sufficient number of
primary care and specialty
physicians, said Tyler
Brannen, a health policy
analyst for the state of
New Hampshire. Yet that
aim hasn't kept up with
changes in how and where
people access health care,
he added.
For example, nurse
practitioners and phy-
sician's assistants now
provide a significant share
of primary care, and many
consumers head to urgent
care clinics instead of
scheduling office visits, he
said. And the current focus
on hospitals ignores the
reality that virtually every
service provided during a
short-term hospital stay
is now available in other
settings, including ambu-
latory surgical centers.
"There's going to be
an emphasis on types of
services, versus types of
providers," he said of the
new standards being put
in place.
New Hampshire recently
began working to revise its
2001 rules, and while its
first step in that direction
came after a consumer
challenged them under
the Affordable Care Act,
Brannen said he realized
years ago that the stan-
dards were outdated.
Washington state just

implemented new regu-
lations, and discussions
are underway in several
others, including Arkansas,
Minnesota and California.
Also changing is how
many people have insur-
ance and who makes up
that group, with previously
uninsured residents gain-
ing coverage through the
health overhaul law and
the expansion of Medicaid,
which in New Hampshire
will involve using federal
money to buy private
health coverage.
"We're now talking about
people with different
health care needs, and
different abilities to travel
to providers," Brannen
Similar discussions are
playing out elsewhere,
said John Weis of Quest
Analytics, aWisconsin
company that provides
software and consulting
services for health plans,
employers and govern-
ment agencies seeking
to measure network
"States are saying, 'Boy,
you know what? The pro-
cess I had in place wasn't
really sufficient,"' he said.
"What you've witnessed
over the last six months is
consumers saying, 'Hey,
my provider's not in the
network, my hospital's
not in the network, these
networks are so skinny,
there's no access to care,'
because there weren't any
rules that prohibited plans
from doing that."
Given the relatively
quick implementation
requirements of the health
overhaul law, however,
most states did not have
sufficient time to revamp
their process, Weis said.
Regulations vary by state,

and states are taking dif-
ferent pathways to update
them. Legislative approval
is required in some states,
while in others, insurance
departments have the
authority to make changes.
Anna Odegaard is head
of an advisory committee
representing consumers
and small businesses in
Minnesota. She believes
the standards adopted
when the state created
its marketplace, MNsure,
aren't strong enough
because they only focus
on how far patients live
from providers and not on
whether those providers
are actually accepting new
Her committee has
heard complaints from
providers who believe
their specialties are not
well-represented in the
marketplace and from
navigators who helped
people sign up for cover-
age. Many new enrollees
had no idea whether their
doctors would be included
until after they signed up,
she said.
"The conversation
right now is: How do
we get MNinsure or the
Department of Health to
do the data collection to
substantiate that there
really is a problem, so we
can come back around
with solutions?" she said.
Washington state's
insurance department
began developing a new
network adequacy rule
in September, and the
approved changes took
effect Monday The new
regulation was designed
to give consumers more
information about the
networks, according to
Insurance Commissioner
Mike Kreidler.



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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


WIRE Page 3

Is a pyramid the key to saving an island?

TAMPA (Tampa
Tribune) -
Businesspeople, engi-
neers and the Seminole
Tribe are working on
a plan to save scenic
Egmont Key before tides
and ships finish washing
it away.
The rescuers are
pinning their hopes on
a device that looks more
at home in the deserts
of Egypt than the deep
water at the mouth of
Tampa Bay: a flat-topped
concrete pyramid
pierced with holes and
called a wave attenuation
The man who makes
them is confident they
can stop a process that
already has cut down an
island once 580 acres in
size to just 200 acres now.
"We have the only
option for saving eroding
shorelines that also nat-
urally renourish them,"
said Tom Brown, CEO of
Dade City-based Living
Shoreline Solutions.
"Other options require
manual renourishment.
They block waves from
reaching the island. We
don't stop waves. We
diminish them."
The pyramids come in
all sizes and are stacked
anywhere waves hit the
land and pull the sand
back into the water
without returning it.
They already have
helped reverse erosion
on another local island,
the Richard T. Paul Alafia

Beachgoers enjoy the sand and water on Egmont Key's western shore on Oct. 10, 2013, in Egmont Key.

Bank Bird Sanctuary,
and Louisiana is using
them in a pilot program
at Shark Island in New
"They will work in
Louisiana," Brown said.
"And I am absolutely sure
they can protect Egmont
The job will take mon-
ey and the permission of
the U.S. Army Corps of
Beau Williams, an
environmental consul-
tant, wants to conduct a
pilot program that would
place 200 to 300 of the
concrete pyramids across
1,000 feet near the west
end of the island where
erosion is worst. He

predicts the arrangement
would stand about 5 feet

Williams hopes that
the pilot project would
convince the federal gov-
ernment that the devices
can work, leading to the
necessary permits and
maybe even funding.
"It all comes down to
the money," Williams
said. "We need it."
The pilot project
would cost $400,000 to
Here's how the pyra-
mids work:
When waves crash
into them, water flows
through the holes,

diminishing the waves'
power, lessening the
water's ability to pull
sand from the island and
blocking much of the
sand that could be taken.
Sand from the water
side of the pyramid is
carried through the holes
via the flowing water and
trapped on the island
side, rebuilding the
shoreline over time.
As the shoreline grows,
the devices can be lifted
and moved farther back
with a crane for contin-
ued shoreline expansion,
even to the original
They are placed at
a distance apart to
allow sea life such as

restoration and storm-
water retrofit projects, re-
sulting in the restoration
of more than 2,400 acres
of wetlands throughout
his 25-year career. With
a number of federal and
state awards to his credit,
Ries is considered one of
the best in raising money
for environmental
projects through a com-
bination of government
funds, grants and private
He expects to be done
by the end of the month.
0 0 0

The Ulele Spring
project cost $670,000 -
money cobbled together
by Ries from five
AP PHOTO sources. He said he is

confident he could raise
the half million dollars
for Egmont Key.
Williams aims to begin
applying for permits for
the pilot program by the
end of summer. Once
they're in hand, Ries
would begin fundraising.
"I'm just waiting on
someone to say 'Go,"'
Ries said. "I believe in
saving Egmont Key."
Accessible only by
boat, Egmont Key draws
more than 200,000
visitors a year with its
lush green foliage, pic-
turesque beaches, and
the remains of fortress
installations from the
time of the Spanish-
American War, including
cannons submerged by

Egmont Key's turtles -
to swim in between. And
they can be removed
when the job is done.
The pyramid's size,
number of holes and
weight vary depending
on the job. The smallest
have been 2 feet high; the
largest 9 12 feet high and
weighing nearly 7 tons.
How many are used
depends upon the job.
To help obtain fi-
nancing for the Egmont
Key project, consultant
Williams brought
Thomas Ries into the
The president of
Ecosphere Restoration
Institute, Ries had been
a part of 80 habitat

Press) -With 100 acres
and a mansion built in
the 1920s, Little Bokeelia
has what an island needs
for the big leagues: a
10-minute boat ride's worth
of privacy, electricity from
the mainland and its own
reverse osmosis water
Little Bokeelia's price is
in the big leagues as well:
It's listed at $24.5 million,
putting it on the upper
edge of Southwest Florida's
most exclusive residential
But it's not alone.
The urge to live on one's
own landmass has driven
people to pursue their
dreams on islands large
and small- with varying
degrees of success.
That's because the same
features that make islands
alluring- privacy and
remote location- also are
pitfalls that eliminate many
potential buyers, said real
estate agent Klaus Lang of
Michael Saunders & Co. in
Sarasota, who represents
the owners of Little
For one thing, he said,
"The challenge we have
is that all the water in
Southwest Florida's not
very deep. If we'd been
able to get a 100-, 150-foot
boat in there, we'd have
been able to sell it in a few
That same tricky access,
of course, also enhances
the privacy of an island
that's only a 10-minute ride
from the mainland.
Also, Lang noted, the
very rich travel differently
than you and me. "People
who would buy this
island, they probably have
the means to come by
But not everyone has a
helicopter, and Fort Myers
businessman Dale Christie
hopes that he can use his
island- Pelican Island just
off San Carlos Island near
Fort Myers Beach- to
capitalize on that.
Christie bought the is-
land for $110,000in 1994 in
a foreclosure sale from the
Federal Deposit Insurance

Co. after the real estate
crash of the early '90s.
"The thought was to put
a home on the island," he
"We had a condo at
Boardwalk Caper 3" near
the island on San Carlos
Boulevard, Christie said.
"We actually invested
in some architectural
drawings. But because of
a combination of finances
and other things going on
in our lives, we never built."
Now, however, Christie
and his daughter Heather
are revisiting the idea -
this time for both love and
They hope to build a
house on the island's two
acres of uplands and rent it
out to newlyweds in search
of privacy plus easy access
by boat to the nightlife of
Fort Myers Beach.
Modern technology, such
as solar power and septic
systems, designed to work
in a constrained area make
the task less daunting than
it might have been 20 years
ago, Christie noted.
But the technical issues
involved in building on a
small island can be daunt-
ing, as Sal Sabella knows all
too well.
Sabella, who grew up
in Cape Coral and now
operates Adquarters, a Fort
Lauderdale advertising
and marketing company,
bought Little Shell Island
in the mouth of the
Caloosahatchee River for
$50,000 in 2003.
In its heyday in the
1970s, the island was
home to the landmark
Little Red Door restaurant
and over the years a
piano bar and a water-
ing hole for the fishing
When Sabella bought it,
however, Little Shell was
abandoned and badly
eroded. Still, he hoped to
put up a landmark of his
own: a lighthouse-shaped
weekend getaway vacation
"Sabella sold ittle Shell
for $175,000 in 2008 after
spending thousands of
dollars trying to find a way
to build there.

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Private island

dreams have

a large cost



Page 4 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Man who accosted Pitt pleads no contest to battery

-A man who accosted
Brad Pitt on a red carpet
pleaded no contest to
battery Friday and was
ordered to stay away from
the actor and Hollywood
red carpet events.
Vitalii Sediuk entered
the plea during a court
appearance Friday
afternoon, two days after
he leaped from a fan area
and made contact with
Pitt at the "Maleficent"
premiere. He was


stepping up efforts to
combat sexual assault in
the ranks and President
Barack Obama's admin-
istration is campaigning
against sexual violence at
colleges and universities.
A month ago, for the first
time, the Department
of Education revealed
its list of schools under
investigation for how they
have responded to the



Bergdahl's handover
followed indirect negoti-
ations between the U.S.
and the Taliban, with
the government of Qatar
serving as the go-be-
tween. Qatar is taking
custody of the five Afghan
detainees who were held
at Guantanamo.
According to a se-
nior defense official
traveling with Defense
Secretary Chuck Hagel
in Singapore, once
Bergdahl climbed onto
the noisy helicopter he
took a pen and wrote on
a paper plate, the "SF?"
- asking the troops
if they were special oper-
ations forces.
They shouted back at
him over the roar of the
rotors: "Yes, we've been
looking for you for a long
Then, according to the
official, Bergdahl broke
Bergdahl, of Hailey,
Idaho, is believed to
have been held by
the Haqqani network
since June 30, 2009.


2016, or beyond.
"It's going to be like
eating spaghetti with a
spoon. It can be done,
but it's going to be messy
and slow," said Michael
Gerrard, director of
the Center for Climate
Change Law at Columbia
At the crux of the
problem is Obama's use
of a 1970 law that was
not intended to regulate
the gases blamed for
global warming. Obama
was forced to rely on the
Clean Air Act after he


care the VA provided.
Two years ago, a for-
mer hospital administra-
tor told senators during
an oversight hearing
that VA hospitals were
"gaming the system" and
manipulating records to
make it appear that wait
time standards, the crite-
ria for awarding manager
and executive bonuses,
were being met.
Since 2005, the depart-
ment's inspector general
has issued 19 reports on
how long veterans have
to wait before getting
appointments and
treatment at VA medical

sentenced to three years
of probation and attend a
year's worth of psycholog-
ical counseling.
Sediuk, 25, was also
ordered to stay away from
Pitt's partner Angelina
Jolie and stay 500 yards
away from the Hollywood
block where movie pre-
mieres and the Academy
Awards are hosted. He
was also ordered to stay
away from LA Live, a
downtown entertainment
complex where Sediuk

On May 8, Sen. Barbara
Boxer, D-Calif., and
several of her col-
leagues introduced the
International Violence
Against Women Act, a
bill intended to make
anti-women violence a
higher diplomatic priority
for the United States. And
from June 10-13 in
London, British Foreign
Secretary William Hague
and actress Angelina
Jolie will co-chair the
first-ever Global Summit
to End SexualViolence in
"It's absolutely essential

crashed the Grammy
Awards in 2013.


He was
Friday with
four misde-
assault and
two counts

conduct at sporting and
entertainment events. He
also pleaded no contest
to unlawful activity at

that we shed a light
on how pervasive this
problem is," said Julia
Drost, policy advocate for
Amnesty International
USAs women's human
rights program. "From
the top on down world
leaders to family mem-
bers people need to
take responsibility."
In some important
respects, the May 23
rampage in California
was different from the
systemic violence against
women that abounds in
much of the world. The
assailant, Elliot Rodger,

a sporting or entertain-
ment event and the
remaining counts were
Sediuk is a former jour-
nalist for the Ukrainian
television station 1+1,
which fired him roughly
three weeks ago.
Sediuk, who was
jailed Wednesday night,
appeared in court in the
sport coat and jeans he
wore to the "Maleficent"
premiere, which stars
Jolie. He smiled at times

had been plagued by
mental health problems
for years, and four men
were among the six
University of California,
Santa Barbara students
that he killed.
Nonetheless, accounts
of Rodger's hostility
to women, and his
bitterness over sexual
rejection, led to an out-
pouring of commentary
and online debate over
the extent of misogyny
and male entitlement. On
Twitter, using hashtags
such as YesAllWomen,
many women worldwide

This file image provided by IntelCenter on Dec. 8,2010, shows a frame grab from a vid
by the Taliban containing footage of a man believed to be Bowe Bergdahl, left. Saturd
officials say Bergdahl, the only American soldier held prisoner in Afghanistan has been
is in U.S. custody.

Haqqani operates in the
border region and has
been one of the deadliest
threats to U.S. troops in
the war.
The network, which
the State Department
designated as a foreign
terrorist organization in

tried and failed to get
Congress to pass a new
law during his first term.
When the Republicans
took over the House, the
goal became impossible.
The new rule, as the
president described it
in a news conference in
2010, is another way of
"skinning the cat" on
climate change.
"For anybody who
cares about this issue,
this is it," Heather Zichal,
Obama's former energy
and climate adviser, said
in an interview with The
Associated Press. "This
is all the president has in
his toolbox."
The rule will tap ex-
ecutive powers to tackle

facilities, concluding that
for many, sufficient con-
trols don't exist to ensure
that those needing care
get it.
For example, in
October 2007, the VA
inspector general told
the Senate Committee on
Aging that "schedulers
at some facilities were
interpreting the guidance
from their managers to
reduce waiting times as
instruction to never put
patients on the electronic
waiting list. This seems
to have resulted in some
'gaming' of the schedul-
ing process."
That's virtually iden-
tical to language in a
2010 VA memorandum,
and again in the latest
inspector general's report

2012, claims allegiance
to the Afghan Taliban,
yet operates with some
degree of autonomy.
Officials said Bergdahl
was transferred to
Bagram Air Field, the
main U.S. base in
Afghanistan, for medical
evaluations. A defense

the single largest source
of the pollution blamed
for heating the planet:
carbon dioxide emitted
from power plants.
They produce about 40
percent of the electricity
in the nation and about
one-third of the carbon
pollution that makes the
U.S. the second largest
emitter of greenhouse
"There are no national
limits to the amount of
carbon pollution that
existing plants can pump
into the air we breathe.
None," Obama said
Saturday in his weekly
radio and Internet
"We limit the amount

this week that led dozens
of members of Congress
to call for VA Secretary
Eric Shinseki to resign.
He abided by those wish-
es Friday, telling Obama
that he had become a
distraction as the admin-
istration tried to address
the VA's troubles.
The series of reports
over the years also raises
questions about whether
Congress should have
done more to solve the
problems that have so
grabbed the nation's at-
tention in recent weeks.
"Anyone in Congress
who thinks they've done
enough for the VA is
simply deluding them-
selves," Democratic Sen.
Jay Rockefeller of West
Virginia said in response

during the hearing and
politely answered ques-
tions from a judge. His
hands remained cuffed
for the hearing, and the
right sleeve of his sport
coat was ripped.
Sediuk was released
from custody later
Friday. His attorney
Anthony Willoughby
said he expected the
stay-away orders against
his client to be lifted
after a year if his client

shared their experiences
with everyday harass-
ment and sexism.
"People are beginning
to make the connection
between the violence and
how women are treated
on a day-to-day basis,"
said Liesl Gerntholtz,
executive director of the
Women's Rights Division
of Human Rights Watch.
She welcomed the
ever-expanding ability
of women around the
world and their male
allies to show solidarity
and voice anger via social

would be reunited with
his family. The military
was working Saturday
to connect Bergdahl
with his family over the
telephone or by video
Several dozen U.S.
special operations forces,
backed by multiple
helicopters and surveil-
lance aircraft, flew into
Afghanistan by helicop-
ter and made the transfer
with the approximately
18 Taliban members. The
official said the comman-
dos were on the ground
for a short time before
lifting off with Bergdahl.
The official added that
the U.S. still believes that
Bergdahl was being held
for the bulk of the time
AP PHOTO in Pakistan, but it was
leo releasednot clear when he was
day USe transported to eastern
freed and Afghanistan.
All of the officials

official said he would
be sent to Germany for
additional care before
eventually returning to
the United States.
The defense official
said Bergdahl was tenta-
tively scheduled to go to
the San Antonio Military
Medical Center where he

of toxic chemicals like
mercury, sulfur, and
arsenic that power plants
put in our air and water.
But they can dump
unlimited amounts of
carbon pollution into the
air. It's not smart, it's not
safe, and it doesn't make
sense," he said.
While Obama has
made major reductions
in carbon pollution from
cars and trucks by in-
creasing fuel efficiency,
manufacturers cooper-
ated after an $85 billion
government bailout.
His rule requiring
new power plants to
capture some of their
carbon dioxide and
bury it underground,

to Shinseki's resignation.
"Year after year, when
members of Congress
have had the opportunity
to provide legitimate
funding increases for
the VA, they've done just
enough to skirt by."
Pointing to the Bush
task force report from
2003, JosephViolante,
legislative director for
Disabled American
Veterans, said the prob-
lem of access to health
care has been known for
a decade.
"In our mind, a lot of
the problem that is tak-
ing place on the health
care side is due to a lack
of sufficient funding, and
that's Congress's juris-
diction. We think they've
fallen short over the

insisted on anonymity in
order to discuss details of
Bergdahl's transfer.
Bergdahl's parents, Bob
and Joni, had been in
Washington on a pre-
viously scheduled visit
when they received a call
Saturday from Obama
informing them that
their son had been freed.

while significant, has
little real-world impact
because few new coal
plants are expected to
be built due to market
Both those rules also
prescribed technological
fixes or equipment to be
placed on the automo-
bile or power plant.
The rule released
Monday, though, would
allow states to require
power plants to make
changes such as switch-
ing from coal to natural
gas or enact other
programs to reduce
demand for electricity
and produce more
energy from renewable

years," Violante said.
Rep. Jeff Miller, the
chairman of the House
Committee on Veterans
Affairs, said money is not
the problem at the VA. He
notes that the president
has traveled the country
touting the spending
increases that have
occurred in VAs budget
during his presidency.
Spending for VA
medical care has
nearly doubled in less
than a decade, from
$28.8 billion in 2006 to
$56 billion last year.
"They can't even spend
the money that we
appropriated to them. If
money could have solved
this problem, it would
have been solved a long
time ago," Miller said.


Today is Sunday, June 1, the
152nd day of 2014. There are 213
days left in the year.
Today in history
On June 1,1914, U.S.
Secretary of the Navy Josephus
Daniels issued General Order 99
banning alcoholic beverages
from Navy vessels, yards and
stations, effective July 1, 1914.
On this date
In 1533, Anne Boleyn, the
second wife of King Henry VIII,
was crowned as Queen Consort
of England.
In 1868, James Buchanan,
the 15th president of the United
States, died near Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, at age 77.
In 1915, the T.S. Eliot poem
"The Love Song of J. Alfred
Prufrock"was first published in
"Poetry: A Magazine of Verse"in
In 1939, the British subma-
rine HMS Thetis sank during a
trial dive off North Wales with
the loss of 99 lives. Lou Nova
defeated Max Baer at Yankee
Stadium in the first U.S. televised
heavyweight prizefight. Mexico
officially abolished the siesta.
In 1943, a civilian flight from
Portugal to England was shot
down by Germany during World
War II, killing all 17 people
aboard, including actor Leslie
In 1958, Charles de Gaulle
became premier of France,
marking the beginning of the
end of the Fourth Republic.
In 1968, author-lecturer Helen
Keller, who'd earned a college
degree despite being blind and
deaf almost all of her life, died in
Westport, Connecticut, at age 87.
In 1979, the short-lived nation
of Zimbabwe Rhodesia came into
In 1989, former Sunday
school teacher John E. List,
sought for almost 18 years in
the slayings of his mother, wife
and three children in Westfield,
New Jersey, was arrested in
Richmond, Virginia. (List was
later sentenced to life in prison;
he died March 21, 2008.)
Today's birthdays
Singer Pat Boone is 80. Actor
Morgan Freeman is 77. Opera
singer Frederica von Stade is
69. Actor Brian Cox is 68. Rock
musician Ronnie Wood is 67.
Actor Jonathan Pryce is 67.
Actress Gemma Craven is 64.
Country singer Ronnie Dunn is
61. Actress Lisa Hartman Black
is 58. Singer-musician Alan
Wilder is 55. Rock musician
Simon Gallup (The Cure) is 54.
Actor-comedian Mark Curry is
53. Actor-singer Jason Donovan
is 46. Actress Teri Polo is
45. Actor Rick Gomez is 42.
Model-actress Heidi Klum is 41.
Singer Alanis Morissette is 40.
Actress Sarah Wayne Callies
is 37. TV personality Damien
Fahey is 34. Actor Johnny
Pemberton is 33. Tennis player
Justine Henin is 32.

41 charged in
insurance scam
involving deer
- Forty-one people in
Philadelphia are facing
charges in what prose-
cutors call an elaborate
insurance fraud scheme
that used dead deer to
fake car accidents.
Ronald Galati Sr. is
accused of running a
$5 million scam out of
his auto body shop.
District Attorney
SethWilliams said
Wednesday that Galati
coached customers to
claim they'd struck a
deer rather than a car.
That way, insurance
companies would
consider them "no
fault" accidents and
pay the claims without
raising the customers'
Investigators say
Galati stored deer
carcasses, blood and fur
in the back of his shop
to use as props.
Also charged are
Galati's wife, son and
daughter, several
insurance adjusters,
tow truck drivers, a city
official and a police

The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014 WIRE PageS WORLD NEWS


Palestinian unity
government to be
formed Monday
(AP) The formation of
a Palestinian unity gov-
ernment backed by rivals
Hamas and Fatah will
be announced Monday,
Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas said
Saturday, adding that
Israel already warned him
it would take punitive
steps against the new
The formation of the
government would be
the most significant
step yet toward ending a
crippling seven-year-old
Palestinian political split.
However, it is also bound
to increase friction be-
tween Abbas and Israel's
hard-line government.
Abbas said Saturday
that he would respond to
any Israeli punitive mea-
sures, such as withhold-
ing the monthly transfer
of some $100 million in
taxes and customs Israel
collects on behalf of his
Palestinian Authority. The
funds are vital to keeping
the self-rule government

Abalone trial
catches begin in
1WAKI, Fukushima,
Japan (Yomiuri Shimbun)
-Trial catches of aba-
lone have begun along
the southern coast of
Fukushima Prefecture.
After the seafood is
deemed safe in inspec-
tions for radioactive
substances, it will be sold
at a local fish market.
Three fishermen
belonging to a fishing
association for abalone
in Iwaki in the prefecture
left port on a small boat
in the early morning of
May 19.
They dove to a depth
oft 9 to 13 feet, where
they caught 12 abalone
Fisherman Hideto
Yanagiba, 48, said, "I feel
relieved to be able to fish
again after such a long
The trial catches
are limited to specific
kinds of fish and waters.
May 19 marked the first
trial catch by diving, and
brought the number of
fish on the list to 32.
Kuniyuki Tanno,
head of the association,
said delightedly, "We
took a step forward in

Pakistan launches
Afghan airstrikes
after attack
Taliban fighters attacked
several Pakistani military
posts along the Afghan
border Saturday, sparking
an hourslong gun battle
that included Pakistan
launching airstrikes into
Afghanistan, authorities
said. Pakistan said soldiers
killed 16 militants, while
Afghan officials said
the airstrikes killed five
The fighting was the
latest cross-border attack
along the volatile and po-
rous Pakistan-Afghanistan
boundary and again tets
the two countries' already
uneasy relations.
Two Pakistani military
officers blamed the local
Pakistani Taliban for the
attack, saying dozens of
fighters from the group
crossed into Pakistan
overnight to stage the
The insurgents attacks
at least two military
checkpoints in the
northwestern tribal

region of Bajur, killing one
soldier and wounding two
others, local government
official Shah Naseem said.
Naseem said the heavily
armed attackers also
targeted several military
posts in the border village
of Nao Top, about 30 miles
northwest of Khar, the
main town in Bajur.

Some Kiev barricades come down

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) I
Demonstrators on the
main downtown avenue
of Ukraine's capital set
piles of tires ablaze
on Saturday to protest
authorities' call to end
the encampment that
began six months ago.
A few hundred meters
away, workers in hard
hats cleared debris from
torn-down barricades.
The contrasting scenes
on Kreshchatik Street
in Kiev highlighted just
one of the many uncer-
tainties facing Ukraine.
Even after the May 25
election for a president
to replace the interim
leader who took power
amid chaos in February,
many Ukrainians remain
deeply suspicious of the
government, and several
hundred are still holding
out at a vast protest
Three months of
protests during the
winter eventually drove
pro-Russia president
Viktor Yanukovych to
flee the country. But the
extensive protest tent
camp and the barricades
of wooden pallets, tires
and trash that protected
the camp remained even
after interim president
Oleksandr Turchynov
was appointed.
The holdouts say they


Ukrainian army paratroopers preparing to move to a position in Slovyansk, Ukraine, S
Confrontations continued Saturday between government troops and the rebels, who
administrative and police buildings across the east and want to join the region to Russ

want to keep up the
encampment until the
new government and
president-elect Petro
Poroshenko carry out
important reforms in a
country long riddled by
"Personally, I have
no plans to leave. They
need to show the people
that the new laws are
working I they're where
they are thanks to us,"
said demonstrator Anna
Chaikovska, from the

Rivna region in western
Newly-elected Kiev
mayor Vitali Klitschko,
the former world heavy-
weight boxing cham-
pion, has called on the
demonstrators to fold up
their tents and go home.
But aside from removing
some of the barricades,
authorities have taken
little action.
Russia has repeatedly
criticized the Ukrainian
authorities for failing

to clear out the
campment and
buildings occu
was among the
stated in an agi
reached betwe
Ukraine, the UI
States and the
Union in April
at cooling tens
Ukraine's crisis
In Ukraine's (
where separati
declared two p

fighting government
forces, many are deeply
suspicious of the Kiev
demonstrations and the
new government they
have propelled to power.
The conflict between
government forces and
the insurgents in the east
escalated markedly in
the last week, including
Rebels' attempt to seize
the airport in the city
of Donetsk on Monday
and the shooting down
of a Ukrainian military
helicopter on Thursday.
Twelve people, including
a general, died in that
On Saturday, Russia's
Foreign Ministry crit-
AP PHOTO icized a suggestion by
an official from the
;aturday. Organization for Security
have seized and Cooperation in
sia. Europe that it could
withdraw its observer
en- mission from Ukraine
d free because of safety
pied by concerns, as shooting
which between government
terms troops and pro-Russian
reement rebels continued in the
en Russia, region.
United The international
European monitoring body says it
aimed lost contact on Thursday
ions in with a group of five
S. monitors in separatist
east, eastern Ukraine. Another
ists have four-member team has
rovinces been held by eastern

independent and are

rebels since Monday.

Security matrix prevents another Tiananmen

visiting friends in China's
capital, environmental
activist Wu Lihong must
slip away from his rural
home before sunrise,
before the police officers
watching his home
awaken. He rides a bus to
an adjacent province and
jumps aboard a train just
minutes before departure
to avoid being spotted.
In a neighboring prov-
ince, veteran dissident
Yin Weihong finds himself
hauled into a police
station merely for keeping
in touch with old friends
from the 1989 Tiananmen
Square pro-democracy
movement. While he's
technically a free man,
the treatment makes
it virtually impossible
to keep a job or have a
normal home life.
A quarter century after
the movement's suppres-
sion, China's communist
authorities oversee a raft
of measures for muzzling
dissent and preventing
protests. They range
from the sophisticated
- extensive monitoring
of online debate and
control over media to
the relatively simple -
routine harassment of
government critics and
maintenance of a massive
domestic security force.
The system has proven
hugely successful: No
major opposition move-
ment has gotten even a
hint of traction in the 25
years since Tiananmen.
President and Communist
Party leader Xi Jinping
seems intent on ensuring
things stay that way
"It's extremely bad right
now, much worse than in
past years," said Yin, who
spent several months in
prison for his role as a
student leader during the
1989 protests. "There's
less and less space for
civil society or, if you're
like me, even to just live
your life freely."
Each year's anniversary
brings a crackdown on
dissent, but this year has
been especially harsh, say
dissidents and human
rights groups. Lawyers
and others taking part in
even minor private com-
memorations have been
detained. Outspoken
relatives of those killed in
the crackdown have been
forced out of Beijing.
Journalists, including
those in the foreign

In this Wednesday photo, plainclothes policemen, center, chat
as they stand on duty at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

media, have been issued
stern orders not to report
on unspecified sensitive
topics around the June 4
anniversary, with warn-
ings of dire consequences.
"We are seeing a
crackdown very large in
scope," said William Nee,
Amnesty International's
Hong Kong-based China
researcher. "What we
have seen thus far under
the Xi Jinping government
hasn't been very good."
Caught unaware and
unprepared by the
Tiananmen protests,
China now anticipates,
detects and chokes
off political and social
activism before it can
challenge authorities.
Despite a huge rise
in prosperity and
vast social changes,

LIC. #CPC057330
SINCE 1975

political activism and
organization outside
the control of the ruling
Communist Party is
strictly verboten.
"The authorities are
very careful to nip any
potential dissent in
the bud at the local
level, the focus being
on ensuring they can't
link up and become a
nationwide movement,"
said Human Rights
Watch Asia researcher
Maya Wang.
Yin said China's
rights conditions have
deteriorated since party
stalwart Xi Jinping's
appointment as gen-
eral secretary in late
2012. While going after
corrupt officials, Xi has
demanded strict ideo-
logical orthodoxy and

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pushed a campaign to
denigrate liberal values
such as Western-style
constitutional democ-
racy and the indepen-
dence of the media.
Government critics
and public intellectuals
face ever-more-intrusive
harassment, Yin said.
Liu Xia, the wife of
imprisoned Nobel Peace
Prize winner Liu Xiaobo,
is under house arrest
and constant super-
vision. An unknown
number of others can
leave home or work only
with permission.
Some veteran activists
say the room for inde-
pendent organization
is tighter than it was
in 1989. A limited
number of nominally

non-governmental orga-
nizations are permitted,
but they operate only
at the pleasure of the
authorities and must
confine themselves to
non-political issues
such as environmental-
ism, child welfare and
workers rights.
"It's OK to hold lec-
tures and conferences,
at least in principle, but
you can't really conduct
research and seriously
delve into the topics,"
said Wu, an environ-
mental activist from the
eastern city of Wuxi who
has endured more than
a decade of harassment,
including a three-year
prison sentence on
fraud charges he says
were trumped up.

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LAM wIll- IVIW I- I -- v

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

WIRE Page 5




Page 6 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

For letter carriers,

dog bites are a

constant threat

(Fort Worth Star-
Telegram) -Veteran
letter carrier Debera
Cobb has a survival
code: Never look a dog
in the eye.
"I've just been bitten
once that's all that is
going to happen if I can
help it," she said.
Recently in Fort
Worth, a letter carrier
was accused of killing
a dog with a rock, an
episode that upset the
owners. The worker is
on administrative leave
while the incident is in-
vestigated, according to
the U.S. Postal Service.
At the same time,
statistics show that
dog bites are a serious
hazard for those who
deliver the mail.
Fort Worth ranked
16th in the number of
postal employees 26
- attacked by dogs in
2013, according to the
U.S. Postal Service.
Postal workers said
it's hard to find a letter
carrier who doesn't
have an experience to
"I don't know what
it is about postmen,
but the dogs don't
like us," said Christi

Rice t

Once seemingly destined
to become secretary of
state, Susan Rice now
holds a lower-profile
job at the White House,
juggling global crises for
the president and trying
to ensure his foreign
policy priorities don't fall
by the wayside in a storm
of overseas problems.
She shows no bitterness
about the turn of events
that short-circuited her
diplomatic trajectory. As
President Barack Obama's

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AL PCAL tww 'Ide

Fite, president of the
National Association of
Letter Carriers Branch
226, which represents
Fort Worth. Nationwide,
5,581 postal employees
were attacked last year.
The Postal Service
hopes to improve mat-
ters through an infor-
mation campaign that
includes tips for pet
owners. Additionally,
it also released the dog
attack rankings as part
of National Dog Bite
Prevention Week, which
started May 18 and
ended Saturday.
Letter carriers are
equipped with dog
spray, a repellent that
consists of less than
1 percent cayenne
pepper. They can
curtail mail at homes or
neighborhoods where
large dogs roam loose.
They aren't timid about
calling animal control
when they see loose
"It makes a lot of
people mad, but it is for
the safety of us," said
Tina Jarrett, a postal
worker bitten by a dog
about a year ago. "I had
my nose almost ripped
off, and it was a terrify-
ing experience."

helping C

national security adviser,
she commands a suite
of offices steps from the
Oval Office and has more
daily access to him than
does Secretary of State
John Kerry.
Kerry travels the world
and gets the headlines.
Rice quietly orchestrates
the foreign policy issues
put on Obama's desk.
These days, Rice has
been keeping a list of
issues at risk of being ig-
nored: a trade agreement
with Asia-Pacific nations,

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India arrests 3rd suspect in

gang rape of 2 teens

- Police arrested a third
suspect Saturday in the
gang rape and slaying
of two teenage cousins
found hanging from a
tree in northern India, as
a top state official said
he was recommending a
federal investigation into
a case that has triggered
national outrage.
The three suspects
detained in the attack
in Uttar Pradesh state
are cousins in their 20s
from an extended family,
and they face murder
and rape charges, crimes
punishable by the death
penalty, said police officer
N. Malik. Two other
suspects from the same
village are also being
sought, he said.
Facing growing criti-
cism for a series of rapes,
authorities in Uttar
Pradesh, which has a
long-standing reputation
for lawlessness, also ar-
rested two police officers
and fired two others
Friday for failing to in-
vestigate when the father
of one of the teenagers
reported the girls missing
earlier in the week.
India has a long history
of tolerance for sexual
violence. But the gang


A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member pushes aside a policeman blocking the path during a
protest against the gang rape of two teenage girls, in Allahabad, India, Saturday. Police arrested
a third suspect and hunted for two others Saturday in the gang rape and slaying of two teenage
cousins found hanging from a tree in Katra village, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh,
a case that has prompted national outrage.

rape and killing of the
14- and 15-year-old girls
- which was followed
by TV footage showing
their corpses swaying as
they hung from a mango
tree caused outrage
across the nation. The
father who reported the
girls missing, Sohan Lal,
has demanded a federal
"I don't expect justice

from the state government
as state police officers
shielded the suspects,"
said Lal, a poor farm
laborer who refused to
accept a payment for
500,000 rupees ($8,500)
offered by the state gov-
ernment as financial help.
He told reporters Saturday
that he would accept
no financial assistance
until the Central Bureau of

Investigation, India's FBI,
takes over the case.
Such government
payments are common in
India when poor families
face high-profile calam-
ities, and Lal's unusual
refusal particularly for
a man living in desperate
poverty- was likely to
focus attention on his
demands for a federal

)bama juggle foreign policy crises

development projects
in Africa, protecting gay
rights overseas.
She's sent the list
around to some of
those on the 400-person
National Security Council
staff she oversees. She
holds weekend meetings
when necessary to keep
tabs on issues that may
have gotten overshad-
owed by Mideast instabil-
ity or Russia's threatening
moves in Ukraine.
The approach shows
the degree to which Rice,

9 ways

- If I read one more
article about how awful
air travel is today com-
pared to the "golden days
of air travel" my head is
going to explode. I'm as
nostalgic as the next guy,
and would pay anything
to take one last ride in a
Lockheed Constellation,
but let's face facts.
Compared to the days
of the "Connie" and
Douglas DC-7, and even
the Boeing 707, when Pan
Am and TWA and Eastern
ruled the skies, today's air
travel is:

When I took my
first transcontinental
flight (in a TWA Boeing
707) my parents paid
the inflation-adjusted
equivalent of about
$2,000 round-trip. That
was the only fare avail-
able in 1964, other than
first class and maybe a
"night" fare. We flew "Y"
economy class. There
were no discounts, no
super savers. The fare
was printed on the TWA
schedule. It changed
maybe a couple of times
a year. Flying was a luxu-
ry. Now you can fly New
York to L.A. for $129 each
way on a good day. And
here's a fact: When we
started Airfarewatchdog
in 2005, you could fly
from New York to Liberia,
Costa Rica, for $305
round-trip. Recently,
that fare was $288
round-trip: http://www.
blog/ 18441422 /intl-fare-

who's nearing the end of
her first year in the White
House, sees herself as the
point guard in a game
rapidly nearing the final
"It is a very important
part of my job, partic-
ularly at this stage in
the president's tenure,
to not just be fighting
fires and the headlines,
which to some extent
is unavoidable, but to
make sure that the things
he cares about his
legacy interests, issues,

accomplishments -are
nurtured and carried into
the end zone," Rice said
in an interview. "We are
trying to put points on
the board."
Yet the fires have come
fast and furious, even on
the day Obama an-
nounced he was shifting
Rice from United Nations
ambassador to national
security adviser.
Hours after the Rose
Garden ceremony, the
first leaks from Edward
Snowden were published

online, sparking a
monthslong review of
the government's spy
practices and angering
U.S. allies caught up in
the sweeping surveillance
There's been little
respite since, often throw-
ing the White House into
a reactive posture.
The week Rice officially
took over as national
security adviser, Egypt's
military ousted the
country's first democrat-
ically elected president.

air travel is better than ever

A passenger waits for his flight inside the new Hamad
tional Airport on the opening day in Doha, Qatar, May

The 707 was a lovely
plane but so far, it has
been involved in 170
crashes of one kind or
another. Compare that to
the 777 or any modern
jetliner. Air travel is much
safer today than in the
good old days.

New planes are much
quieter than those old
rumbling Constellations
or noisy 707s. You're
flying in a much better
product. Yes, the seats are
getting more cramped,
unless you opt for an
"economy plus" or "econ-
omy comfort" seat.

Better connected
There are power plugs
at seats. And Wi-Fi. You
can check in online and
get flight notifications on
your mobile device.

More entertaining
In olden days,

to check your bags. We'd
bring on just magazines,
a coat, medicine and
other essentials in one of
those airline-logo flight
bags, which I still love to
collect on eBay. Sure, now
there are checked bag
fees, but at least you have
the choice of not being
separated from your
luggage if you don't want
to be.

More extensive
AP PHOTO You can fly to so many
d Interna- more places today, often
y 27, 2014. with just one stop or one
connection, than back in
thlq 1rll-,,nri 'Coe

entertainment took
the form of the flight
attendants handing out
playing cards with the
airline's logo stamped on
them. I do miss airline
playing cards, but I'd
rather have seat-back
video with hundreds of
movies and TV shows.

Can you believe that
they used to allow smok-
ing on airplanes?

You can book your own
travel online, and take
control of your travel
plans, easily comparing
airlines and fares to get
the best price, either
on your smartphone or
computer. No going back
and forth with a travel
agent (although I do love
travel agents, don't get
me wrong). And you can
carry on your own bags.
Back in the "good old
days" there were just hat
racks above the seats, so
you had no choice but

More rewarding
Love them or hate
them, back in the good
old days there was no
such thing as a frequent
flyer program. Airlines
gave stuff away for "free"
such as playing cards and
meals (actually you paid
for these things because
they were rolled into
the price of your higher
airfare), but they didn't
give away free flights.
Now they do.
True, there were some
things about the good
old days that were better.
The economy class seats
were plusher. People were
more civil. You could
greet friends and relatives
and see them off at the
gate. But today, for all its
negatives, commercial
air travel is a much better
product than it was even
a few years ago.
I'll still be collecting
those airline flight bags
and other memorabilia.
But that's as far as my air
travel nostalgia goes.

TheSun/SundayJune 1, 2014


WIRE Page 7

6 Cleveland police officers

charged in fatal chase

nighttime car chase in
Cleveland that ended on
a schoolyard where more
than 100 shots were fired
at the suspect's vehicle
appeared to be over
when an officer opened
fire again, a prosecutor
said in announcing
charges against the
patrolman and five police
Cleveland patrol officer
Michael Brelo stood on
the hood of the suspect's
car and fired at least 15
shots through the wind-
shield five fatal at
the two unarmed people
inside, Cuyahoga County
prosecutor Tim McGinty
said Friday.
McGinty cited a U.S.
Supreme Court ruling
this week that said police
can't fire on suspects after
a public safety threat has
ended. He said the other
officers on the scene had
stopped firing after the
November 2012 chase
"This was now a stop-
and-shoot no longer
a chase-and-shoot,"
McGinty said in announc-
ing two counts of man-
slaughter against Brelo.
"The law does not allow
for a stop-and-shoot."
Driver Timothy
Russell was shot 23
times. Passenger Malissa
Williams was shot 24
times. No gun was found
on them or in their vehi-
cle. The chase had begun
when an officer thought
he heard a gunshot from
a car speeding by the po-
lice and courts complex,
jumped into his patrol
car and radioed for help.
Police don't know why
Russell didn't stop.

Casey E

(AP) -A Washington state
judge on Friday granted
a daughter of ailing radio
personality Casey Kasem
regular visits after she
raised concerns about his
The ruling by Kitsap
County Superior Court
Judge Jennifer Forbes
added another twist to the
ongoing dispute between
Kasem's wife, Jean, and
her stepdaughter, Kerri
Kasem, who has said in
legal filings that her father
suffers from a form of
Kerri Kasem said in
court that her father is
suffering from bedsores
along with lung and
bladder infections.
Casey Kasem, who
was not in court, gained
fame with his radio
music countdown shows,
'American Top 40" and
"Casey's Top 40." Now 82,
he and his wife have been
staying with family friends
west of Seattle.
Jean Kasem has been
in control of his medical
care and has controlled
access to him, blocking
three of his children from
seeing him in recent
months, according to
court filings.
In an impromptu
news conference Friday
afternoon on the lawn
of the home where the
couple has been staying,
Jean Kasem scolded the
"Shame on these chil-
dren! Shame! Who have
done this to their father
and who have shredded
my family" she said.
Last week, she was
served with a California
court order that temporar-
ily suspended her powers
to determine his medical
treatment and expanded
Kerni Kasem's authority to
determine whether her

father is receiving ade-
quate care. By then, the

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin D. Williams, right, makes a statement regarding the grand jury
announcement of the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams Friday, in Cleveland. Cleve-
land Mayor Frank Jackson, left, listens.

Brelo fired a total
of 49 shots. In all, 137
shots were fired at the
schoolyard, authorities
say. None of the other
12 officers who fired
shots were indicted,
McGinty said Friday. Five
supervisors were charged
with dereliction of duty
for failing to control the
The killings have been
decried as a racially mo-
tivated execution both
victims were black and
are part of a wide-ranging
federal investigation,
including into the police
department's use of dead-
ly force and its pursuit
The chase involved five
dozen cruisers and wove
through residential neigh-
borhoods, onto Interstate

90 and eventually ended
in East Cleveland.
McGinty said the chase
covered 20 miles over
23 minutes and reached
speeds of 110 mph.
Safety director Michael
McGrath said 104 of the
277 Cleveland officers
on duty that night were
involved at some point.
The police union has
defended the officers'
actions and said the
driver was trying to ram
them. The president of
the Cleveland Police
Patrolmen's Association,
which represents patrol
officers, did not return re-
peated calls for comment
Friday. The president of
the Fraternal Order of
Police, which represents
the indicted supervisors,
could not be reached.

Cleveland's police
department has been
dealing with the fallout.
Police officials an-
nounced in March that
the department will
limit when and how long
squad cars can chase
suspects. The revamped
policy was in the works
before the deadly chase,
but what happened did
influence the new guide-
lines, Police Chief Calvin
Williams said.
A review of the chase
led to the discipline of
64 of the 104 officers
involved in the chase for
violations of department
rules, McGrath said.
Twelve supervisors were
disciplined, including
one who was fired and
two who were demoted,
McGrath said.

[asem's daughter granted visit

Jean Kasem, right, the wife of ailing radio personality
Kasem, appears in Kitsap County Superior Court with
attorney Joel Paget, left, Friday in Port Orchard, Wash.

couple had traveled from
California to Washington
While allowing Kerri
Kasem to visit her father,
the judge also set a June 6
court date to further con-
sider whether to enforce
the California court order.
Forbes also allowed Kerri
Kasem to have a doctor of
her choosing examine her
Kerri Kasem arrived at
the home Friday evening
and spent an hour inside,
KING-TV reported. She
made no comment as she
During the hearing,
Jean Kasem's attorney, Joel
Paget, said Casey Kasem is
being cared for by profes-
sional staff as well as his
wife. The lawyer denied
that Casey Kasem's health
has deteriorated since he
was moved to Washington
"They came up here
to get some peace and
quiet," Paget said.
Lawyers for Jean Kasem
also raised concerns about
the possibility of pictures
of Casey Kasem being
given to the media. The
judge told Kerri Kasem
that any images from
her visits could not be
distributed beyond herself
or her lawyer.
Jean Kasem spoke only
briefly in hushed tones in

the courtroom.
Forbes said Ke
will be allowed d
for up to an hour
ruled that Casey

must stay in Washington
state unless a deal is
struck to return him to
California, and that Kerri
Kasem could bring a
witness to her visits with
her father.
"I actually would like
to have somebody in
there," she said. "I have
been accused of things I
haven't done. It's for my
An unidentified man
AP PHOTO accompanied Kerri Kasem
rCasey on her Friday evening
he visit.
Outside the courtroom,
Liberty Kasem, the daugh-
ter of Casey and Jean
rri Kasem Kasem, told reporters that

taily visits
x. She also

she has tried unsuccess-
fully to talk to her sister
about the situation.


This 1971 image provided by NASA shows Apollo 17 astro-
nauts, Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, left, and an unidentified
man, training with the lunar roving vehicle on the Big
Island of Hawaii. Before many Apollo astronauts went to the
moon, they came to Hawaii to train on the Big Island's lunar


photos emerge of

Apollo training

Before Apollo astronauts
went to the moon, they
went to Hawaii to train
on the Big Island's lunar
Now, decades-old
photos are surfacing of
astronauts scooping up
Hawaii's soil and riding
across volcanic fields in a
"moon buggy" vehicle.
The Pacific International
Space Center for
Exploration Systems, a
Hawaii state agency, is
displaying the photos
at its Hilo headquarters.
Rob Kelso, the agency's
executive director, found
the images at the Johnson
Space Center in Houston.
Astronauts from Apollo
missions 13 through 17
trained in Hawaii as did
some backup crews, Kelso
Some training was
on Mauna Kea volcano,
where glacial runoff
crushed and refined rock
into powder. Astronauts
also trained on recent lava

Today, robots are tested
on the Big Island for moon
and Mars missions.
In recent years, engi-
neers have tested tech-
nology to pull oxygen out
of the island's dirt, which
is volcanic basalt like the
Martian and lunar soil.
Future missions could use
this technology to extract
oxygen from the land
instead of taking it along.
The oxygen could be used
for breathing, to make fuel
or for other purposes.
Kelso said scientists are
also interested in testing
robots at the Big Island's
lava tubes and lava tube
skylight holes, which
resemble similar forma-
tions recently spotted in
high-definition images
taken by satellites orbiting
the moon, Mercury, Venus
and Mars. Lava tubes
are tunnels made when
lava forms a solid roof
after flowing steadily in a
confined area for hours.
Skylight holes are formed
when part of the tube

This December 1970 image provided by NASA shows Apollo
15 commander, Dave Scott and lunar module pilot, Jim Irwin,
training on the Big Island, Hawaii.


oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

-Page 8 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today


78 88 98 97 86 84
8 a.rm. 10 a.. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m.
The higer the UV Indexw number,
the heater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low;
3-5 Moderate; 6-7 Hig; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme.
RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature
based on eiit weather factors.

Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday
lvi I
0 50 100 150 200 300 500
0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy
for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealty; 201-300
Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous
Main pollutant: ozone

Pollen Index readings as of Saturday
teds O o.oO1
absent low moderate hiel veryhigh
Source: National Allergy Bureau

Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday
High/Low 910/690
Normal High/Low 910/700
Record High 970 (2011)
Record Low 550 (1971)
Precipitation (in inches)
24 hours through 5 p.m. Saturday 0.35"
Month to date 3.53"
Normal month to date 2.50"
Year to date 1554"
Normal yearto date 1204"
Record 170" (2005)

Month 2014 2013 Avg. Record/Year
Jan. 3.67 0.43 1.80
Feb. 1.24 2.12 2.52
Mar. 5.10 1.98 3.28
Apr. 2.00 3.06 2.03
May 3.53 2.76 2.50
Jun. 10.50 8.92
Jul. 7.38 8.22
Aug. 9.29 8.01
Sep. 11.12 6.84
Oct. 3.48 2.93
Nov. 0.01 1.91
Dec. 0.97 1.78
Year 15.54 53.10 50.74 (since 1931)
Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m.


Scattered PM. Storms Scattered PM

890/710 880/7(
60% chance of rain 50% chance

Possible weather-related delays today. Check
with your airline for the most updated schedules.
H/Lo Outlook Delays
Ft. Myers 90/73 storms afternoon
Punta Gorda 89/71 storms afternoon
Sarasota 90/73 storms afternoon

The Sun Rise Set
Today 6:34 a.m. 8:18 p.m.
Monday 6:34 a.m. 8:19 p.m.
The Moon Rise Set
Today 9:55 a.m. 11:25 p.m.
Monday 10:47 a.m. none
First Full Last New

Jun5 Jun12 Jun19 Jun27

Minor Major Minor Major
Today 9:18a 3:06a 9:41p 3:29p
Mon. 10:09a 3:58a 10:31p 4:20p
Tue. 10:58a 4:47a 11:20p 5:09p
The solunar period schedule allows planning days
so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in
good cover during those times. Major periods begin
at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours.The
minor periods are shorter.

High Low High Low
Punta Gorda
Today 7:30a 12:47a 5:07p 11:08a
Mon. 8:09a 1:26a 5:52p 12:04p
Today 6:07a 9:24a 3:44p 11:42p
Mon. 6:46a 10:20a 4:29p ---
Boca Grande
Today 5:12a 7:45a 2:49p 10:03p
Mon. 5:51a 8:41a 3:34p 10:44p
Today 8:02a 1:16a 5:39p 11:37a
Mon. 8:41a 1:55a 6:24p 12:33p
Today 4:22a 8:03a 1:59p 10:21p
Mon. 5:01a 8:59a 2:44p 11:02p



I.losI *Os I Os l 1os I120s I 30s I 40s I 50s I 60s I 70s I 80s l eO sm

, Storms

e of rain

Scattered PM. Storms

860/ 710
60% chance of rain

Scattered Rain

830 / 720
70% chance of rain


Tampa Bmn
89/73 89/'

St. Petersburg
89/75 Apollo Beach

Longboat Key 9My


Scattered Rain

820/ 720
70% chance of rain

Plant City#
%89/71 v Winter Haven
don .....
72 Ba rtowl @


Ft. Meade

Temperatures are today's
highs and tonights lows.

Gulf Water

I 89/71
Englewood, -j
89/72 T
I Punta Gorda


850 89/71.
Boca Grande$

Forecasts and graphics, except for the
WINKTV 5-day forecast, provided by
AccuWeather, Inc. Z2014

Publication date: 6/1/14

Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland
direction in knots in feet chop
Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs
E 7-14 1-3 Light
Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola
E 7-14 1-3 Light

Fort Myers

Cape Coral

Lehigh Acres

Fronts Precipitation

Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice
U.S. Extremes (For the 48 contiguous states yesterday)
High ................... 1090 atThermal, CA Low. 230 at Bodie State Park, CA

Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Concord, NH
Des Moines

Hi Lo W
94 65 s
53 46 sh
79 61 pc
78 53 s
70 49 t
84 66 t
79 54 pc
70 57 s
78 60 s
79 53 s
85 63 s
80 55 s
85 66 t
86 68 pc
80 64 s
82 58 s
86 67 s
78 46 s
89 73 t
87 50 pc
84 68 t
82 65 pc
75 52 t
62 41 sh
80 62 t
79 52 s

*1Helena (1 45
Sanibel Honolulu 86 74
89/75 Houston 86 72
Bonita Springs Indianapolis 85 68

89/73 ;, WORLD CITIES .... Toda


Coral Springs
Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Pierce
Key Largo

Hi Lo W
87 71 t
89 74 t
89 75 t
87 75 t
84 72 t
86 76 t
90 73 t
85 75 t
85 65 t
83 64 t
85 77 pc

Hi Lo W
85 71 pc
88 72 pc
89 73 pc
85 73 t
83 72 pc
84 75 t
88 72 t
85 72 t
86 65 pc
83 64 s
84 75 t

Key West
Panama City

Hi Lo W
87 78 pc
86 71 t
87 71 t
85 76 t
87 76 t
89 72 t
87 68 t
84 75 t
87 71 t
85 71 t
86 73 t

Hi Lo W
85 78 t
86 71 pc
88 71 pc
85 74 t
84 75 t
88 72 t
87 67 pc
85 72 t
87 71 pc
84 69 t
83 71 t

Pompano Beach
St. Augustine
St. Petersburg
Vero Beach

Hi Lo W
86 76 t
82 72 t
89 75 t
88 71 t
90 73 t
88 67 t
89 73 t
85 73 t
85 75 t

West Palm Beach 85 76 t
Winter Haven 87 71 t

Hi Lo W
84 74 t
81 72 pc
89 73 pc
86 71 pc
88 71 t
91 67 t
90 73 pc
84 71 pc
85 73 t
84 74 t
88 70 pc

Buenos Aires

5 t


64 47 pc

Hi Lo W
94 67 s
56 48 sh
84 65 pc
84 65 s
70 51 pc
87 67 t
84 59 s
81 63 pc
80 65 t
82 63 pc
84 67 t
85 61 s
85 68 t
81 68 t
83 67 t
87 62 s
84 68 t
86 62 pc
91 74 s
82 54 s
85 65 t
83 67 t
64 50 r
61 41 pc
73 54 r
84 65 pc
76 48 pc
86 73 pc
88 72 pc
81 68 t

Hi Lo W
70 52 c

111 82 pc106 76 s
87 63 c 83 62 pc
67 47 pc 72 48 c
63 45 s 64 50 s
88 64 s 90 70 s
66 44 t 67 44 t
83 77 t 82 78 t
63 52 sh 63 50 sh
74 44 t 72 48 t
59 47 pc 58 50 pc
71 54 t 73 58 t
70 55 c 68 53 sh
79 52 pc 82 54 s

Jackson, MS
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York City
Norfolk, VA
Oklahoma City
Portland, ME
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City
St. Louis
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro
St. John's
San Juan

Today Mon.
Hi Lo W Hi Lo W
87 68 t 86 69 pc
85 70 t 82 69 t
84 61 t 85 65 t
97 79 s 99 78 s
77 63 pc 75 59 pc
87 69 t 84 70 t
87 72 t 88 73 t
78 63 t 81 63 t
81 67 t 81 61 t
86 66 t 86 65 t
87 67 t 86 70 t
87 73 t 86 72 t
75 59 s 84 69 pc
71 56 s 79 65 s
88 70 pc 91 71 s
89 68 t 87 64 t
79 56 s 83 68 s
106 81 s 107 81 s
81 61 s 80 66 t
71 48 s 77 57 pc
75 55 pc 79 55 pc
76 54 s 82 63 pc
79 55 s 86 62 s
76 54 pc 83 60 pc
87 71 t 84 72 t
90 72 pc 91 73 s
75 64 pc 72 62 pc
69 53 pc 64 52 pc
74 52 pc 78 52 pc
79 59 s 84 69 pc

Today Mon.
Hi Lo W Hi Lo W
74 51t 72 50 t
77 57 pc 79 61 pc
77 55 pc 79 63 pc
69 49 c 70 49 c
63 47 t 67 47 c
79 68 pc 76 67 t
73 54 t 75 55 pc
53 41 s 60 47 c
88 77 pc 86 77 s
70 50 r 70 48 sh
86 70 s 84 66 s
74 59 pc 80 65 t
69 50 pc 73 54 pc
77 55 pc 67 51 sh

Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, ice.

Coffee rust reaches new heights in Central America

FRAIJANES, Guatemala
(AP) For years, Hernan
Argueta's small plot of
coffee plants seemed
immune to the fungus
spreading elsewhere in
Central America. The air-
borne disease that strikes
coffee plants, flecking
their leaves with spots
and causing them to
wither and fall off, failed
to do much damage in
the cooler elevations of
Guatemala's mountains.
Then, the weather
Temperatures warmed
in the highlands and
the yellow-orange spots
spread to Argueta's
plants. Since the warm-
ing trend was noted in
2012, the 46-year-old
farmer said his family


went from gathering a
dozen 100-pound sacks
of coffee beans each
month to just five.
Now, Argueta is among
the region's thousands of
coffee farmers fighting
the fungus called "coffee
rust" in hopes they'll
continue to supply
the smooth-flavored,
aromatic Arabica beans
enjoyed by coffee lovers
around the world. But
with no cure for the
fungus, and climate
conditions expected to
encourage its spread,
they are bracing for
a long, hard battle to
Argueta, like many
farmers, is replacing his
old trees with new coffee
plants that better resist

In this May 22 photo, a man carries wood as he cleans a
plantation in Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala. The region's thou
coffee farmers are fighting a fungus called "coffee rust"
cure for the fungus, and climate conditions expected to
its spread, they are bracing for a long, hard battle to sui

the rust, and cutting back
existing trees in the hope
they'll spring new foliage.
It will be two to three

years, however b
new plants prod
bright red cherri
hold the valuabl

A major name brand hearing aid provider wishes to field test a rema
new digital hearing instrument in the area. This offer is free of char
you are under no obligation.
These revolutionary 100% Digital instruments use the latest tech]
to comfortably and almost invisibly help you hear more clearly
technology solves the "stopped up ears", and "head in a barrel" sen
some people experience.
If you wish to participate, you will be required to have your hearing
in our office FREE OF CHARGE to determine candidacy and review
results with the hearing instruments with our hearing care specialist
At the end of this evaluation, you may keep your instrument, if ,
desire, at a tremendous savings for participating in this field test. S
testing will be done to determine the increased benefits of this tech
Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss,
environment, accuracy of hearing test, and proper fit. This is a woi
opportunity to determine if hearing help is available for your heari
and get hearing help at a very affordable price.

NOW through July 5, 2014

Call today to make your reservation for the Hearing Aid Field Test

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(863) 535-5674

Port Charlotte
Town Center Mall
(Inside Sears)
(941) 315-8644

Inside Wal-Mart
(941) 451-7069

Merchants Crossing
(941) 526-0186

Argueta has had to seek
out construction jobs
to get by. "Now we have
had to find other lines of
work," he said.
Coffee rust first hit
Central America in the
1970s. For decades, cof-
fee growers simply coped
with the blight and
lower yields. But as rust
spread to the highlands,
the problem demand-
ed action. Last year,
AP PHOTO Guatemala declared a
national emergency, with
coffee officials estimating rust
sands of had affected 70 percent
but with no of the nation's crop.
encourage In neighboring El
rvive. Salvador, the rate of

)efore the infection is 74 percent,
tuce the according to the London-
ies that based International
le beans. Coffee Organization.
In Costa Rica, it's
64 percent; in Nicaragua,
37 percent; and in
Honduras, 25 percent.
9l In its April report, the
.g ? ICO said the average
price for coffee hit a two-

arkable year high more than
US$1.70 per pound as
'ge and market watchers worried

about production in
nology Brazil, where severe
y. This drought is affecting the
nsation world's largest coffee
crop, and an El Niflo
tested weather pattern is
w your expected to further hurt
I. supply across the region.
The spread of rust has

Special prompted growers to
adopt new measures,
nology. such as "stumping," the
noise practice of pruning trees
nderful of all infected vegetation
ng loss in hopes of encouraging
them to regrow with

TEST greater vibrancy. They

are also using fungicides
and installing shade
covers, which appear to
help keep the fungus at
Rust also has hit farms
in Southern Mexico,
which produces much of
the region's shade-grown
coffee, and where the
government is leading
a sweeping replanting
"We have old, unpro-
ductive coffee planta-
tions that haven't been
pruned. In some case
they're 40 years old," said
Belisario Dominguez
Mendez, who heads up
coffee issues for Mexico's
Agriculture Department.
"Coffee rust is a good
pretext to transform
the coffee industry
in Mexico," he said,
noting the government
intends to replace about
20 percent of coffee
plants each year, hoping
to have them all replaced
within five years.
None of that will make
rust go away, however.
"It's an issue of man-
aging it, controlling it,"
Dominguez Mendez
said. "We have lived with
rust for 30 years, and we
will continue living with
it for as long as we are
In El Salvador, Claudia
Herrera de Calderon
worries over her family
inheritance, two large
coffee farms high in
the mountains near the
Guatemalan border.
She has been stumping
plants on the two par-
cels, which total about
500 hectares (1,200 acres)
and spraying fungicides.
But it's not enough.
"Even if you cut them
back, the problem is that
with the climate changes
we are seeing the
rains, the droughts, the
rust basically, we
are looking at the need
to replant everything,"
Herrera de Calderon said.



Sunday, June 1, 2014 @SunCoastSports

San Antonio sets up
a finals rematch with
the Heat, Page 6

Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence

* MLB: Boston 7, Tampa Bay 1

Loss offers no fight and no lineup punch

WHO: Tampa Bay
(23-33) at Boston
WHEN: Today,
7:15 p.m.
WHERE: Fenway
Park, Boston
Bedard (2-3, 4.10)
vs. Jon Lester
(5-6, 3.45)
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 620 AM,
1220 AM, 1480
AM, 1530 AM,
1580 AM
INSIDE: The Mets
outlast the Phillies,
Page 4

Rays muster

five hits, sink

10 games

below .500
Bay players were hoping
to get back to just play-
ing baseball Saturday
Rays third baseman
Evan Longoria said all
the "extracurricular
activities" of this past
week, from the war of
words to the bench-
es-clearing incidents,
meant little when the
team was trying to fight
out of the cellar.

The Rays record on this date and
final records since 2008:




qualified for playoffs

And Tampa Bay dug
itself deeper into last
place Saturday after
getting blown out 7-1 by
Boston at Fenway Park.
There were no pregame
warning issued by
umpires, nor were there
any beanballs purposely
directed at anyone.

Just a beatdown.
The Rays (23-33) have
lost five straight, all on
this road trip, to fall 10
games out of first place
in the American League
East. It's their worst
record after 56 games
since going 22-34 to start
the 2006 season.
Right-hander Jake
Odorizzi had his rough-
est outing in more than
a month, matching his
shortest of the season
(313 innings). He went
in feeling as if he had
finally found some con-
sistency, putting together
a string of four strong
starts. But he struggled,
getting charged with five
runs on six hits, striking AP PHOTO
out six and walking one. Tampa Bay's Kevin Kiermaier scores on an inside-the-park home run as
RAYS I 4 Boston's A.J. Pierzynski waits for the throw during Saturday's game in Boston.

0 FLORIDA STATE LEAGUE: Leonardo Reginatto


Brazilian pro
players form a
small club, but
one Stone Crab
wants to expand
the membership
Leonardo Reginatto's pro-
fessional baseball career
is almost improbable.
He grew up in soc-
cer- crazy- ahem,
football-crazy -Curitiba,
Brazil. Baseball isn't even
among the top five most
popular sports in his
native country, but it's the
one Reginatto was drawn
to as a child. He discov-
ered the game for the first
time as a 7-year-old when
his Japanese neighbors
invited him to play.
Seventeen years later,
Reginatto is the starting
shortstop for Charlotte,
and, through the season's
first 52 games, he leads
the team in hits (60) and
batting average (.339).
Not bad numbers for
someone who never
thought baseball would
take him this far.
"I never thought I
was going to play pro-
fessional one day. I was
doing college already,"
Reginatto said. "But then,
I had the opportunity
with the Rays, and I think
I made the right choice.
I knew it wasn't going to
be easy, but at the same
time, it was maybe the
only chance I had. So I'm
trying to enjoy it."

Baseball is not an easy
sport to play in Brazil.
There's little in the
way of organized youth
leagues or summer
camps people play
more as a hobby. There
isn't much in the way
of equipment, either.
Reginatto said most of
the gear he played with Charl


Stone Crabs: Team waits out two-hour rain
delay and wins in the ninth. Page 4


Iotte's Leonardo Reginatto took up the game as a youth in Brazil and was signed by Tampa
n 2009. The game has already taken him further in life than he dreamed.

NCAA baseball: Florida and FSU are ousted in
regional play; Miami loses. Page 4

College softball world series: Florida State is
eliminated. Page 6

0 AUTO RACING: Three Palms Speedway

New operator

targets a late

August opening

Catch fencing is change soon. Haase said
the new catch fencing
next on repair, around the track will be
put up within the next
rebuilding list month and the bleachers
By ZACH MILLER will be installed as soon
SPORTS WRITER as the county gives
final approval, which he
PUNTA GORDA expects to come in the
Three Palms Speedway next week.
finally has a grand The Haase family and
opening date. the county have already
The owners of the worked out issues regard-
speedway announced ing the scoring tower.
Saturday that the track The list of race classes
will reopen its doors to the track will play host
racers on August 30. to when it reopens is still
"(That date) gives us being finalized.
ample time to promote While the track has
our events and gets us out been closed to the usual
of the rainy season," Vice race participants for
President of Marketing more than a year, it has
and Corportate Sales not sat unused. Three
Andy Haase said. Palms Speedway's biggest
The track still has the attraction so far has been
barren look it has had drift car racing events.
since the previous oper- "It's one of the hottest
ator removed the fencing new motorsports that's
and bleachers early last out there, so we're glad to
year, but that should OPENING I 2

0 COLLEGE BASEBALL: Snowbird Classic

Financial impact

jumps 80 percent

Research firm
reports event
brought $9M
into the county
- A little more than six
years ago, the Snowbird
Baseball Classic consisted
of one man's vision.
Today, it is a significant
player in the college
baseball world, annually
drawing 40-plus teams,
including more than 20
Division I programs, to
the area each February
and March.
It has become a signif-
icant player in the area's
economy as well.
The Charlotte Harbor
Visitor and Convention
Bureau estimated the
Snowbird tournament
brought $9,065,300 to

The annual estimates of how
much the annual tournament
brought into Charlotte County
since 2010:*
Year Teams Benefit
2014 45 $9,065,000
2013 40 $5,100,000
2012 32 No studydone
2011 25 $4,068,000
2010 25 $3,300,000
No study was done in the
tournament's first year: 2009

Charlotte County this
year, a significant jump
from last year's estimate,
in its annual economic
impact report obtained
by the Sun on Friday.
"It's kind of amazing,"
Snowbird Classic di-
rector Steve Partington
said. "It's something
that the people of
Charlotte County need to

INDEX I Lottery 2 I Shorelines 2 I Pro baseball 3-51 NBA 6 I Scoreboard 6 1Quick hits 6 I Auto racing 7 I College sports 7 I NHL 7 I Golf 7 1 Tennis 8

~Page2 SP The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

Florida Lottery
* CASH 3
May 31N.............................. 5-1-6
May 31 D ............................. 0-8-8
May 30N .............................. 2-9-6
May 30D ............................. 2-5-6
May 29N .............................. 8-4-3
May 29D ..............................7-2-7
D-Day, N-Night

May 31 N ...........................1-4-8-6
May 31D..........................3-0-3-4
May 30N ........................... 6-7-1 -7
May 30D ..........................6-0-2-2
May 29N ...........................7-0-8-4
May 29D ...........................17-7-6-7
D-Day, N-Night

May 31 ...................3-9-11-23-28
May 30 ...............19-23-30-31-34
May 29 .................3-13-32-34-36
1 5-digit winners .......... $231,401.67
298 4-digit winners.............$125
8,987 3-digit winners ............ $11.50

May 30 .......................8-16-27-39
MegaBall .................................... 3

May 27................. 1-26-38-44
MegaBall .................................... 2
0 4-of-4 MB................ $1.1M
4 4-of-4...........$1,593.50
26 3-of-4 MB ......................... $537.50
827 3-of-4 .................................... $50

May 31 ............2-11-31-38-49-52
May 28 ................. 13-14-18-26-37-45
May 24 ..............3-6-17-19-45-48
0 digit winners............... $3M
19 5-digit winners ............. $5,866.50
994 4-digit winners............. $82
21,620 3-digit winners.............$5

May 31 ................15-27-31-34-48
Pow erball ..........................................1

May 28 ................ 2-24-28-32-59
Powerball ................................. 25
0 5of5+ PB ........................... $152M
0 50f5 ............................. $1,000,000
1 4of5+ PB .......................... $10,000
65 4of 5................... $100
$152 million
May 30 ................10-13-42-43-62
MegaBall .................................... 2

May 27................ 1-6-10-46-58
MegaBall ................................... 13
0 5of5+ MB ............................ $26M
0 50f5 ............................. $1,000,000
04of5+ MB ........................... $5,000
10 4of 5................... $500

It is the Sun's policy to correct all
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Something Ballmer needs to know

his colun should
be read while listen-
ing to "Money" by
Pink Floyd (running time:
6 minutes, 23 seconds).
to former Microsoft
CEO Steve Ballmer for
apparently buying the
Los Angeles Clippers for
$2 billion. But someone
should alert Ballmer
that a good NBA team is
neither micro nor soft.
The above item says
"apparently" because
ousted Clippers owner
Donald Sterling is suing
the NBA for $1 billion
for a litany of grievances.
Sterling was forced out
because of perceived
damage to the NBA brand
- but Sterling's lawsuit



could actually put a dollar
sign on that damage.
9 AnESPN wonk
wrote Friday that the
Los Angeles Clippers
actually need to change
the name of the team for
the good of the franchise.
Well, the name "Seattle
Supersonics" is still
So far, the groups
railing on the Washington
Redskins to change their

From where we started to where
we're at, we've really outgrown the
whole thing. I didn't have any idea we
could get this big.
Snowbird Classic founder and director
on the tournament's growth into an economic powerhouse


understand how much
impact we really have on
the area on the hotels
and restaurants and
that doesn't even include
what I know is a spillover
into Sarasota County
and Lee County. We have
a tremendous impact
in Sarasota County that
nobody tracks."
To put the number in
perspective, the bureau
put the figure for the
Tampa Bay Rays spring
training at $20.9 million.
This year's significant
jump from the $5.1 mil-
lion estimate a year ago
is due in part to a change
in how the estimate was
In past years, the
bureau calculated the
numbers using a formula
supplied by the Florida
Sports Foundation. This
year, the bureau hired a
Tampa-based research
firm to study the im-
pacts of both the Rays
spring training and the
Partington was thrilled
upon receiving the
numbers, which are
higher than he could
have imagined when he
started the tournament.
This year's tournament
featured an all-time high
of 45 teams, and team
expenditures alone ac-
counted for an estimated
$3,080,500 in economic
impact. Almost every
participating team stays
in the area for at least
three days and many will
set up camp for a week
to 10 days during their
school's spring break.
Spectators, most of


have the track involved
with it," Haase said.
"We're received well with
the drifting community.
We've actually had a
couple of Formula Drift
guys practicing here. It's
been big for us to have
the NASCAR equivalent
of drifting coming to our
The speedway also has
held go-karts races and
open practices, using a
modified road course
for those rather than the
oval track. They've made
the track available for

whom came from outside
of Florida, accounted for
an estimated $5,794,200
and the rest came from
officials and media.
While the Snowbird
Classic has increased in
number of teams and
economic impact every
year, Partington knows at
least one of those factors
will level off starting next
year. Although next year's
field is not set, Partington
expects to have between
40 and 50 teams. There is
plenty of demand from
teams he's already
started to book some
teams who want to return
in 2016 and 2017 -but
the infrastructure is
not there for continued
"We can't get too big
because we don't have
lights on the best field we
have, and we don't have
enough hotels to support
us getting much bigger,"
Partington said. "When
you really look at the
bottom line from where
we started to where we're
at, we've really outgrown
the whole thing. I didn't
have any idea that we
could get this big."
One factor that has
helped Partington sustain
the number of teams he
had this year is the help
from Charlotte High
School. He's worked with
athletic director Brian
Nolan and former base-
ball coach Dan Flaherty
to allow teams to use the
school's sports facilities
for practice, something
that is just as important
to many coaches as game
Contact lach Miller at 941-206-1140

any types of go-karts,
which have drawn drivers
ranging in age from 5 to
their 20s.
"Those racers will
get a chance to run
underneath the lights in
August, which is really
big for the 5-year-old kids
to go out and race and
be underneath the lights,
because for those kids,
it's like they're racing at
Daytona or Homestead,"
Haase said.
He added that the
speedway will continue
to host drift car and
go-kart events even when
the track opens back up
for oval track racing.
Contact Zach Miller at 941-206-1140



name haven't convinced
the NFL players to join
their cause, but they are
still trying. Apparently,
these groups saw what
happened when the NBA
players were a key cog in
overthrowing Sterling.
Nobody deserved a
spring football victory
more than DeSoto County
High School and coach
Matt Egloff, one of the
nicest football guys in
the area. The Bulldogs
slogged through spring
practices without enough
players to go 11 on 11,
but defeated Boca Ciega
7-6 on Friday night.
The Tampa Bay Rays
get a lot of credit for
developing talents such
as David Price and Evan

Longoria, but the list
of the team's top picks
since then still has a way
to go: Tim Beckham,
LeVon Washington (didn't
sign), Josh Sale (now a
Charlotte Stone Crab),
Taylor Guerrieri (recov-
ering from Tommy John
surgery), Richie Shaffer
and Nick Ciuffo.
The MLB draft is this
week, but only deserves
close observation by true
diehards. Look at it this
way: Regardless of who
the Rays draft, he's at
least two years away from
being kept in the minors
for the club's benefit.
The World Cup is
coming, which means
we're about two weeks
from a lot of people

suggesting they were
soccer fans all along.
Speaking of which,
between his flopping
and agitating of LeBron
James, are we sure Pacers
guard Lance Stephenson
wasn't a soccer player
NHL league execu-
tives must be high-fiving
themselves over the
fact that the Stanley
Cup Finals is destined
to feature the New York
Rangers and either the
Chicago Blackhawks or
Los Angeles Kings, the
three biggest markets in
the United States. But
it would do hockey so
much good to have the
Cup north of the border


Stone Crabs youth
camp: July16-19,9 a.m. to 1p.m.;
open to boys and girls ages 6-14; Cost:
$125/camper. Includes instruction by
Stone Crabs players and coaches, daily
lunch and autograph sessions, two
tickets to July 18 Stone Crabs game.
Registration deadline:July 11th. To
register, contact Mary, 941-206-3510
or visit

Iron Pigs travel team
tryouts: July 12-13,10 a.m.-noon
for ages 12 and younger and 1-3 p.m.
for ages 13 and older, North Charlotte
Regional Park, 1185 O'Donnell Blvd.,
Port Charlotte. Call or email coach
Wayne Harrell, 941-626-1274 or

Game Day Heat: 12U travel
team looking for players. Call Scott,

Lemon Bay Touchdown
Club tournament: June 14, out
of Gasparilla Marina. Cost before June

2: $300 per 4-person team ($50 every
additional angler); after June 2 ($350
per 4-person team). Deadline: June 2.
Categories: red grouper, snapper and
mystery fish. ContactJohn Redman,
941-456-1186, Eric Fogo, 941-468-
9888, or Dan Reigle, 941-716-2795.

Tarpon 2-Man
tournament: The Charlotte
High School football team is hosting
its annual 2-man golf scramble on
Saturday at Port Charlotte Golf Club.
The cost is $70 per person. You must
have a minimum 15 handicap on your
team. There will be a skins game,
long drive contest and closest to the
pin on all par 3s. Start time is 8:30
a.m. To register, call Scott Harvey at

Englewood Sailing
Association youth camps:
June 9-13,July 7-11, and July 28-Aug
1; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily; at Indian
Mound Park, Englewood. Cost: $125/
camp ($10 discount for YMCA or ESA
members). To register, call Englewood

YMCA, 941-475-1234. Call Hugh
Moore, 941-257-8192 or visit www.

Charlotte Harbor
Community Sailing Center
camps: Weeklong youth sail
camps; Monday, June 23, July11
and 25; at Port Charlotte Beach
Park. Cost: $175/week (maximum).
Details and application forms online
at or call

Pirate Skills Camp:
June 16-19; 5:30-8:30 p.m., at Port
Charlotte High School field; open
to boys & girls 5-14 years old. Cost:
$55. Participants registered by June 2
receive a T-shirt and Sackpack. Contact
Chip Stec at

The Community Calendarappears daily
as space permits. To have youractivity
published, fax (941-629-2085) ore-mail
( event details to
the Sports Department at least one weekin
advance. Phone calls will not be accepted.
Submissions suitable for publication will be
edited forlength and clarity.

2014 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final
June 5-8, 2014

For the first timeT s J,
in more than fourON
decades, the
ultimate challenge
of skill, agility and
discipline will hold
its international
championshipJu 6- 20
on American soil.SARAS APO CL

Spectators of all AT A
ages are invitedFN GR GI NG S
to experience the
excitement, asGi
world-class athletesMA
come to Sarasota
Bradenton toFoOpinCr o
compete for a en t
their place in the aSS pas i .a n
Olympic spotlight.oal. 56.90

Take your seats... *
it's going to be a
thrilling ride! P........


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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014 SP Page 3


All stats through Friday's games


2B, Double-A Montgomery
He carried a four-game hitting streak
into Saturday's game. and he has a hit
in nine of his last 10 games. Brett is
batting .306 with four home runs, 16
RBIs and eight stolen bases.


Pitching in front of
his parents for the
first time in three
years, the left-
hander returned
from the disabled
list Thursday
and pitched two
innings of scoreless, hitless relief,
striking out one.


The shortstop
recorded a hit in
every game he
played this week,
going 9 for19
with three RBIs
over five games
from May 24-29.
He carried a 10-game hitting streak
into Saturday's game, batting .475
over that stretch.

OF, Class-A Bowling Green
The .204 batting average might
not be ideal, but there's still plenty of
power in Araujo's bat. The outfielder
has hit three home runs in his last
four games, and he ranks third in the
Midwest League with eight on the

"I guess it's just a couple days, or
who knows how long, to regroup, to
get my mind right or whatever. I'll get
back hopefully whenever it is they
decide I can come back and come
back right!'

Center fielder Andrew Toles on
manager Jared Sandberg's decision to
keep him out of the lineup fora few

Today: vs. Brevard County, 5 p.m.
Monday: vs. Brevard Co., 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday: vs. Brevard Co., 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday: at Tampa, 7p.m.
Thursday: at Tampa, 7p.m.
Friday: at Tampa, 7p.m.
Saturday: at Tampa, 6 p.m.

The Stone Crabs continue their
inter-division slate with three
more at home against the Brevard
County Manatees and four on the
road against the Tampa Yankees.
The Manatees will continue to test
Charlotte's hitters with a staff that
ranks second in the Florida State
League with a 2.64 team ERA, and
the Yankees will test the Stone Crabs'
pitching staff with an offense that has
10 more home runs than any other
team in the league.


Eric Jagielo, Yankees: The third
baseman leads Tampa in home runs
with 10, and his 31 RBIs rank second
on the team behind only Dante
Bichette Jr. Jagielo is batting .278
with three home runs and 12 RBIs in
his last 10 games.


Tyler Wagner, Manatees: The
right-hander leads a talented Brevard
County rotation with a 1.94 ERA, and
he gave up more than two runs in a
start just once in May. He's scheduled
to pitch in the series finale against the

Stone Crabs on Tuesday.

Charlotte's Leonardo Reginatto dives back into the bag on a pickoff attempt against Dunedin on Wednesday. Reginatto leads the team
with 60 hits and a .339 batting average. He entered Saturday's play riding a 10-game hitting streak, during which he has hit .475.

BRAZIL "I was happy," In their first season "If he keeps hitting,
ZIReginatto said. "I told my together, Reginatto had you just never know,"
mom and my dad and the worst year of his Sandberg said. "I
FROM PAGE 1 asked them, and they professional career. Still wouldn't say I have any
growing up came from said, 'It's up to you. If feeling the effects of a idea what position he
either the United States you think that's what you back injury that cost him should play- for me,
or Japan. want for your life, you part of the 2010 season, he profiles more as a
"Soccer, you only have can do it. We're behind the infielder batted .198 utility-type shortstop,
one ball and you can you all the time.' And I'm for the Renegades. second baseman. Any
play with no shoes on. here now, trying to play Reginatto has steadily time you can put a
So it's very tough, base- in the big leagues one improved each season guy who hits for a high
ball in Brazil," Reginatto day. That's my dream. since. His averaged average and gets on base
said. That's my goal." jumped to .276 in 2012, at second base, that's
"Everybody who plays @ and he finished second something that's going to
baseball in Brazil, they In the five-plus years in the Midwest League be huge.
really love the game. since that day, Reginatto with a .325 average for "I think he's definitely
That's about it. You don't has had experiences he Bowling Green last year. got a shot to play in the
make a lot of money, likely never could have He is batting .339 this big leagues. Who knows
and you spend a lot of imagined as a kid. season and entered play for how long and what
money. So you really love He has played in Saturday in the midst of position, but he's put
what you do if you play Guacara, Venezuela; a 10-game hitting streak himself in a good posi-
baseball." Princeton, WVa.; (19 for 40). tion from a standpoint of
Reginatto was one of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.; "He's come a long giving himself a chance."
the few who loved it. And Bowling Green, Ky.; and way," Sandberg said. And whether he makes
10 years after he started Port Charlotte. He played "Before the injury, peo- it, Reginatto wants the
playing, he received a for his native Brazil- ple said 'Oh yeah, he has list of Brazilian-born ma-
chance to turn his favor- and manager and Hall a chance to hit.' Now, jor leaguers to grow. He
ite hobby into a career. of Fame shortstop Barry after the injury, here he knows how tough it was
Tampa Bay's director Larkin in the 2013 is proving to everybody to get the proper base-
of Brazilian operations, World Baseball Classic, that he can hit." ball equipment growing
Adriano de Souza, which included trips to up, so he is trying to
noticed Reginatto when Panama and Japan. The list of Brazilian make it easier. Whenever
he was playing for a "I'm learning new Major League Baseball he can get his hands on
16- and 17-year-old things every day. That's players is a short one. extra batting gloves, bats
team in 2008. He asked what I want," Reginatto Cleveland Indians or cleats, he sends them
the young infielder if he said. "The first year catcher Yan Gomes be- to friends back home.
wanted to try out for the when I signed, when I came the first Brazilian- He wants more young-
Rays. would go play, I would born player to make sters to live the dream
"I say, 'Why not?' be nervous. I didn't have it to the majors when he is.
Reginatto said. "I never the confidence in myself. he debuted on May 17, "You can see that you
told him to do that, but I But after years and years 2012, and Chicago White can get there," Reginatto
had that opportunity." playing, I have that Sox pitcher Andre Rienzo said. "It's not just guys
Reginatto went confidence." became the second from Cuba or America
through three or four Stone Crabs manager when he debuted on or Japan; we can play
workouts in front of de Jared Sandberg has seen June 30 of last season. baseball, too. It's just up
Souza and a contingent that confidence grow. Reginatto was team- to you. It doesn't matter
of Rays scouts from Sandberg has managed mates with both in the where you're from; It's
both the major-league Reginatto every year World Baseball Classic, the way you work.
club and its Venezuelan since 2011, at short-sea- and he hopes to join "You can get there. It's
League affiliate. And on son Hudson Valley, them in the majors. up to you."
Feb. 2, 2009, Reginatto Low-A Bowling Green His manager thinks he Contaa Josh Vitale 941-206-1122 or
signed a contract. and High-A Charlotte. can.


Home boobirds stick in their craw

On May 22, Tampa Bay
Rays closer Grant Balfour
blew a save against the
Oakland As. But the Rays
came back to win in
extra innings, so Balfour's
performance didn't make
What Balfour said
about the fans at
Tropicana Field after the
game did.
"The fans can boo me
and all that (expletive),
but that's fine. It's not
going to help me out,
it's not going to help the
team do anything out
there when you do that
(expletive). The feeling
is, the team's behind you
and everybody's behind
you, the crowd, the whole
nine yards, things are
going to go right. But
when you start pulling
that (expletive), it's not a

good vibe.
"The team's pulling for
the team, so the fans got
to be pulling for the team.
Everybody's got to be
pulling for the team. You
can't be back and forth
like that. That (expletive)
doesn't work. So I'll just
walk away positive from
it. It's a good win. A
much-needed win."
While he was frustrated
with his inability to con-
vert the save, fans booing
the home team is not un-
common around baseball
and other professional
sports. Players still don't
want to hear it.
Here's what some
Charlotte Stone Crabs
players and coaches had
to say about it:

Is there ever a reason home
fans should boo the home team?
Manager Jared Sandberg: "They
have every right. They're the one that
bought the ticket. They have every

right to do whatever they want. If they
pay money to buy a ticket and come to
the game, and they see poor play out
of their hometown team, they have
the right to do whatever they want
to do ...y've probably been booed
as well, at some point. It's part of the
game and something that, as a player,
you got to accept. And play better!'

Catcher Maxx Tissenbaum:
"Should boo? Probably not. But
growing up a baseball fan, I certainly
understand that. Going to 30-40 Blue
Jays games a summer and seeing
the Yankees, the Red Sox come in
there and sort of clean up on them, it
certainly got frustrating as someone
just watching. But I think the thing a
lot of people don't take into account
when they're booing an on-field
performance is all of the hours before
the game starts, because that's what
kind of frustrates us as players!'
Reliever Marcus Jensen: "If there
was an option, yeah, we'd probably
prefer not to get booed. But we don't
have much control over that. All we
can do is just do our jobs and make the
best of the situation:"

Can you hear that when you're
on the field?
Jensen: "For me personally, I end
up zoning out. Sometimes I'll hear my
song Will Smith,'Gettin'Jiggy With
It'- and then I'm like,'Oh, 0K But
for the most part, you get so zoned in
that you don't even recognize it. It's
probably one of those things that you
just have to tune out, because if you
let it get to you, it's going to affect
Tissenbaum: "It's usually not
just people booing. It's usually some
sort of comment that's thrown in
there, too. And a lot of the time it sort
of calls into question of whether you're
working hard or trying, even....
Sometimes it may appear that way,
but it could be something as simple as,
this is a guy that's playing his eighth
game in a row and that's 100 percent
of what he's got that night. But
that's not what you saw on opening
day. So I think a lot of the time, it's
not necessarily the boo, but it's the
comments that are made with it!'
Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122

Stone Crabs

Typical FSL rain delay! Catcher
Jake DePew (@JDePew33)

I just want teammates on Call Of
Duty that don't suck #theregoesmyKD
-- Outfielder Josh Sale (@

Off day was perfect! Beach, jungle
mini golf and a great sushi/hibachi
dinnerr! Good people = great memo-
ries! Back to work today, Go Crabs!
Catcher Maxx Tissenbaum


Best pitcher you've ever faced:
"1 think (Baltimore Orioles
prospect) Kevin Gausman. I faced him
at LSU in the NCAA super regionals
in 2012, and facing him he had
electric stuff. He had that sort of very
- he had a big mound presence. He
was one of those guys that was kind
of intimidating to face. Had some
pretty good swings off him, but on
the pitches you took, you weren't
comfortable taking them!'

Favorite pregame meal:
"I'm actually really starting to like
the turkey dogs. I wasn't so sure about
them at the beginning at the year, but
now it's one of those things where I'll
grab two or three of them when I get
in there. That's a favorite of mine!'

Favorite sport other than
"Hockey. No doubt. I come from
Toronto, and it's a hockey hotbed.
So'Go Leafs, Go; even though they
always blow it right before the
So who's your Stanley Cup pick
this year?
"I'm going to root for the Rangers,
just because I went to school in New
York (Stony Brook). And I have a lot of
friends who are Rangers fans"
Favorite TV show:
"I like to watch all the late-night
talk shows like Craig Ferguson,
Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel; it's just
always kind of fun to catch up on
what's going on"

Have a question you would like to ask
a Stone Crab? Sendyour questions to

return from the disabled list on
Thursday night was even better than he
had hoped: For the first time in three
years, the left-hander's parents were in
the crowd to watch him pitch.
Brandt's parents were visiting from
his hometown of Fuquay-Varina, N.C.,
and they got to see their son pitch the
day before they left for home.
"I don't know if they've seen me
throw since Princeton (in 2012)"
Brandt said."l know in Hudson Valley
they didn't visit, and they didn't visit
Bowling Green last year. They visited
here last year, but I didn't get to
throw. I was kind of hoping I got to
throw today, because they're leaving
tomorrow, so I was hoping today was
the day they would see me throw for
the first time in a couple years!'
Visit for
Josh Vitale's Crab Cakes.

Share your Stone Crabs photos by
*uploading them to our Facebook page
*devoted to baseball at

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 SP Page 3

Page 4 SP The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014




make a

fast exit


Ramirez and Adam Pate
hit back-to-back RBI
doubles in the third
inning after a rain delay
of 3 hours, 19 minutes to
spark North Carolina to a
5-2 victory that eliminated
host and No. 2 national
seed Florida on Saturday.
The Gators (40-23) went
0-2 in a regional for the
second year in a row and
have lost their last six
NCAA tournament games
since the 2012 College
World Series.
North For NCAA
Carolina tourney
(35-26) ad- glance, see
vanced to a Scoreboard,
game today Page 6
against the
loser of the
late game between the
College of Charleston and
Long Beach State.
The Tar Heels broke
open a scoreless tie after
returning from the lengthy
delay, greeting Florida
reliever Kirby Snead with
four consecutive hits.
Florida lost its opener,
3-2, to the College of
Charleston (42-17) in a
game that didn't finish
until the early hours
of Saturday thanks to
another three-hourOplus
rain delay The Gators
wasted two bases-loaded
opportunities and went
down in order in the last
three innings after cutting
the deficit to one.
Alabama 6, Florida State
5: Wade Wass and Mikey White
homered, left-hander Justin Kamplain
pitched eight scoreless innings and
Alabama eliminated Florida State in the
Tallahassee regional.
Kamplain (7-3) was lifted after
surrendering a leadoff single in the
ninth, and Florida State capitalized on
the wildness of two Alabama relievers
for its runs. The Seminoles (43-17)
managed only eight singles in their
two tournament losses.
Alabama (35-23) scored a pair of
unearned runs in the fifth to take a 3-0
lead. Wass'two-out grounder went
through the legs of Florida State third
baseman Jose Brizuela, allowing White
to score. Austen Smith followed with
his second double of the game to score
Wass, who added a two-run homer in
the seventh.
In the region's late game, Kennesaw
State faced Georgia Southern. Alabama
will face the loser today.
Texas Tech 3, Miami 0:
In Coral Gables, freshman left-hander
Dylan Dusek scattered four hits over
eight innings as Texas Tech won a
winners' bracket game in the Coral
Gables regional.
Dusek set a career high for innings
pitched while striking out three and
walking one for Texas Tech. Corey
Taylor pitched the ninth and earned
his second save.
In the regional's other game, Matt
Noble was 2 for 3 with three RBIs and
Bethune Cookman withstood a late
Columbia rally to beat the Lions 6-5 in
an elimination game.
Keith Zuniga (8-4) scattered three
hits over six innings while walking two.
Bethune Cookman (21-32) advanced
to play Miami today in an elimination


Miami's Christian Yelich slides safely into third base ahead of the tag by Atlanta's Chris Johnson
during the fourth inning of Saturday's game in Miami.

Mets outlast Phillies in

another marathon day

Braves out-

slug Miami;

Cubs shut out


David Wright had an RBI
single with two outs in
the 14th inning, leading
the New York Mets to
a 5-4 victory against
Philadelphia in the second
consecutive marathon
game between the teams.
New York needed 5
hours, 32 minutes to win
this one after losing to the
Phillies 6-5 in a 14-inning
game Friday night that
took 5:23 to complete.
The Phillies and Mets
have played 37 innings
in three games with two
more still to play in the
rare five-game series.
Buddy Carlyle (1-0),
who was called up from
Triple-A Las Vegas as an
emergency arm after the
Mets used eight pitchers
on Friday. He tossed three
scoreless innings to earn
his first big league win
since June 25, 2008.
Braves 9, Marlins 5: In
Miami, Jason Heyward and Freddie
Freeman each drove in a pair of runs
to lead the Braves, and Ervin Santana
(5-2) won for the first time since May
10 against. Craig Kimbrel got the


Red Sox third baseman
Brock Holt started it with
a two-run homer in the
third, his first big-league
home run. Later in the
inning, Mike Carp hit a
sacrifice fly, making it 3-0.
Boston added a couple
more in the fourth, on a
perfectly executed safety
squeeze bunt by Jonathan
Herrera and an RBI single
by A.J. Pierzynski. With
Odorizzi's rough outing,
Rays starters have gone
13 starts without a win,
their longest since a
14-game stretch spanning
the 2010-11 seasons.
Meanwhile, the Rays
offense didn't do much
to help. With right-fielder
Wil Myers (sore right
wrist) and shortstop
Yunel Escobar (tight
left quad) out of the


wwww __

PUNTA GORDA 941-G38-ACME ARCADIA 803-884-2333


last two outs for his 15th save of the
season, which tied him with John
Smoltz for the most saves in franchise
history with 154.
Cubs 8, Brewers 0: Anthony
Rizzo hit two two-run homers and
Jason Hammel (6-3) tossed seven
innings of four-hit ball, lifting the Cubs
in Milwaukee. Both of Rizzo's homers
came on full-count pitches and went
deep to right. Chicago snapped a
three-game losing streak.
Cardinals 2, Giants 0:
Michael Wacha worked six innings of
three-hit ball in his fifth rain-delayed
start of the season, and OscarTaveras
homered in his second career at-bat for
the Cardinals in St. Louis. Yusmeiro Petit
(3-3) gave up two hits in six innings
for the Giants, but one was Taveras'
418-foot drive in the fifth. The Cardinals
have piled up 6 hours, 30 minutes of
idle time in Wacha's starts, with delays
of 51 and 47 minutes Saturday.
Nationals 10, Rangers 2:
Anthony Rendon went 4 for 5 and hit
one of four Washington home runs,
and Doug Fister (3-1) allowed four hits
in six innings in Washington. Adam
LaRoche, Jose Lobaton, and pinch-
hitter Scott Hairston also homered in
Washington's offensive surge.
Yankees 3, Twins 1:
Masahiro Tanaka shut down Joe Mauer
and the other Minnesota hitters while
lowering his AL-leading ERA to 2.06,
and Brian McCann lined a go-ahead
double in the eighth inning in New
York. Tanaka (8-1) permitted only
an unearned run in eight innings.
The heralded rookie from Japan gave
up four singles, just two leaving the


Tampa Bay's Jake Odorizzi
reacts after hitting Boston's
Mike Carp in the second inning

lineup, Tampa Bay was
dominated by Red Sox
right-hander Rubby De La
Rosa, who was making his
first big-league start since
2011 with the Dodgers.
De La Rosa allowed
four hits through seven
innings, striking out eight
and walking none.
The lone bright spot
for the Rays came from
rookie Kevin Kiermaier,
who ripped an inside-
the-park home run in the
eighth inning off reliever
AlexWilson. Red Sox cen-
ter-fielder Jackie Bradley
made a valiant effort on
the play, leaping against
the wall in left-center,
but the ball bounced
back and hit him in the
head. Kiermaier scored
easily for the second Rays
inside-the-park home run
this season, after Myers
on May 4 vs. Yankees.
With Odorizzi's short
start, left-hander Cesar
Ramos saved the bullpen

Orioles 4, Astros 1: Nelson
Cruz hit his major league-leading 20th
home run and drove in three runs to
back 6/ innings of four-hit ball by
Chris Tillman (5-2) in Houston, and the
Orioles snapped a four-game skid. The
loss ends a season-best seven-game
winning streak for the Astros.

Blue Jays 12, Royals 2: In
Toronto, Juan Francisco had three hits
and four RBIs, Marcus Stroman won
his first career start and the Blue Jays
used a seven-run first inning to rout
the Royals. The AL East-leading Blue
Jays snapped a two-game losing streak
and finished May with a record of 21-9.
Toronto has won 15 of its past 19.
Indians 7, Rockies 6: In
Cleveland, Mike Aviles hit a three-run
homer in the second and added the
go-ahead single in the eighth inning
to help the Indians. Bryan Shaw (2-1)
pitched 1 scoreless innings. Cody
Allen worked the ninth for his third
save as the Rockies fell to 2-6 on their
nine-game trip.
Padres 4, White Sox 2: in
Chicago, Will Venable had a season-
high four hits and drove in two runs
as Tyson Ross (6-4) limited the White
Sox to two runs- one earned- on
five hits in six innings. Huston Street
remained perfect in 17 save chances
this season, and San Diego improved to
20-4 this season when scoring four or
more runs.

Dodgers 12, Pirates 2: In
Los Angeles, Hanley Ramirez homered
twice, drove in five runs and scored
four times, tying career highs in all
three categories and leading Los
Angeles to a rout of Pittsburgh.

by throwing 42/3 innings of
relief, allowing two runs
on five hits.
NOTES: Rookie Ali
Solis's first big-league
start didn't last long. Solis
left the game in the third
inning with a nasal con-
tusion after a pitch in the
dirt from Boston's Rubby
De La Rosa bounced off
Pierzynski's pad and hit
him in the face.

Tampa Ba
DeJesus d
Zobrist ss
Joyce If
Longoria 3
Loney 1 b
Holt 3b
Bogaerts s
D.Ortiz dh
Carp 1 b
J.Gomes If
J.Herrera 2
Tampa Ba

h 401 001
3b 400001
gscf 4 0 1 0 0 2
rf 31 2 1 01
ez2b 3 0 0 0 0 2
ph-c 2 0 0 0 00
33 1 7 1 010
ss 311020
c 402101
re rf 4 2 2 0 0 1
cf 41 1201
2b 423 100
34 711 7 2 8


000000010- 1 70
00322000x- 7110

a-was announced for Solis in the 3rd. LOB-
Tampa Bay5, Boston 7.2B-DeJesus (12),
Zobrist (8), Bogaerts (15). HR-Kiermaier
(2), offA.Wilson; Holt (1), off Odorizzi; Brad-
leyJr (1), offC.Ramos. RBIs-Kiermaier (3),
Holt 2 (9), Pierzynski (27), Carp (6), Bradley
Jr. 2 (20), J.Herrera (5). SB-G.Sizemore (5).
SF-Carp. Runners left in scoring posi-
tion-Tampa Bay 4 (S.Rodriguez, Joyce,
Zobrist, DeJennings); Boston 4 (D.Ortiz 2,
J.Gomes, Bogaerts). RISP-Tampa Bay 0
for 4; Boston 2 for 9. Runners moved up-
Bradley Jr.. GIDP-DeJennings. DP-Bos-
ton 1 (J.Herrera, Carp).
OdorizziL,2-5 3 65 5 1 6 84 5.13
C.Ramos 42, 52 2 1 2 57 4.43
DeLaRosaW, 1-07 40 0 0 81050.00
AWilson 2 3 1 1 0 2 38 3.00
Inherited runners-scored-C.Ramos 1-1.
IBB-off C.Ramos (Bogaerts). HBP-by
Odorizzi (Carp). WP-Odorizzi 2, C.Ramos.
Umpires-Home, Ted Barrett; First, DJ.
Reyburn; Second, Tom Woodring; Third,
Dan Bellino.T-3:07. A-37,076 (37,499).



delivers big

hit in ninth

Stone Crabs

waste two-run

lead, but win

with walk-off
-The Charlotte Stone
Crabs were likely glad
to see anyone but the
Dunedin Blue Jays in
the visitor's dugout on
Saturday night. The
first-place Jays had won
three straight at Charlotte
Sports Park, and the
Crabs needed to do
something to celebrate
their departure.
So they did. With a pile-
up at first base.
Third baseman
Jonathan Quinonez hit
a bases-loaded single in
the bottom of the ninth
inning as the Stone
Crabs walked off against
the Brevard County
Manatees, 3-2, after a
two-plus-hour rain delay.
"I feel great tonight.
That's awesome,"
Quinonez said after the
game. "I finished strong
Center fielder Kes
Carter led off the inning
with a walk and moved
to second on designated
hitter Jake DePew's
sacrifice bunt. Left fielder
Josh Sale walked and
right fielder Marty Gantt
singled to load the bases,
giving Quinonez a chance
to deliver the game-win-
ning hit.
"It's huge for us. It's the
first win all week for us,"
manager Jared Sandberg
said. "That's a huge hit
for (Quinonez). A confi-
dence-boost for him. I'm
really happy for him."
Second baseman
Tommy Coyle got the
Stone Crabs on the board
first with an RBI single in
the third inning, and first
baseman Patrick Leonard
added to the total in
the next inning with his
eighth home run of the
The Manatees clawed
their way back into it.
Third baseman Nicky
Delmonico cut the deficit
to one when he doubled

WHO: Brevard County (28-26) at
Charlotte (26-27)
WHEN: Today, 5 p.m.
WHERE: Charlotte Sports Park,
Port Charlotte
Lopez (6-2, 3.17) vs. Reinaldo
Lopez (3-2, 3.98)
RADIO: 91.7 FM or stone-
TICKETS: At stadium ticket
office (opens at noon)
PROMOTION: Fathers' Day
celebration, Family Fun day

and scored on error and
a passed ball in the sixth,
and right fielder Nathan
Orf tied the game on
an RBI double in the
Stone Crabs starter
Austin Pruitt worked six
innings, giving up one
unearned run on five hits
while striking out five.
Reliever Ryan Garton
improved to 4-0 after
pitching a scoreless ninth.
"I thought Austin Pruitt
pitched really, really well,"
Sandberg said. "He did an
excellent job."
The win was Charlotte's
first since May 24, snap-
ping a four-game losing
"I think we have, now,
more energy," Quinonez
said. "We can win this
Shelved again: The Stone
Crabs placed right-hander Jeff Ames
on the disabled list with right arm
fatigue. Outfielder Julian Ridings
was called up from extended spring
training to replace him.
Sandberg said the team will give
Ames rest, have him skip a turn in the
rotation then "see where we're at:'
Ames is 1-6 with a 6.29 ERA. He
also missed two weeks earlier in the
year with a right bicep injury, but
Sandberg said his injury is unrelated.
Leonel Santiago who was
moved to the bullpen to make room
for left-hander Blake Snell will
likely take Ames'turn in the rotation.
Step forward: Stone
Crabs third baseman Tyler Goeddel
(bruised wrist) took ground balls
and played catch prior to Saturday's
game. Sandberg said the team will
re-evaluate Goeddel today before
deciding what his next step will be.
Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122

Jonathan Quinon
Crabs: The third baser
hit in the game, but it w
one that mattered. Quin
has been filling in for thE
Goeddel at third base -
bases-loaded, walk-off s

Austin Pruitt, Sto
The right-hander delieve
his best starts of the sea
just one unearned run or
six innings.

Ninth: With the Stone
Manatees tied, 2-2, Char
the bases on a single, a s
a walk and another sing
the stage for Quinonez t
walk-off hit.

"(Dunedin) really too
think the rainout (Friday
was something good for
get away and get theme(
Now we get the walk-ofi
build from there."- Ma

nez, Stone
man had one
vas the only
onez -who
e injured Tyler
- delivered a

Because of the late start to
Saturday's Stone Crabs game,
a boxscore was not available
in time for this edition. It will
appear in Monday's paper.

North Division
W L Pct. GI
E GAME Dunedin (BlueJays) 38 16 .704 -
me Crabs: Lakeland (Tigers) 35 20 .636 31/
Brevard Co. (Brewers) 28 26 .519 10
ered one of Tampa (Yankees) 27 27 .500 11
son, giving up Daytona (Cubs) 20 33 .377 171/
Clearwater(Phillies) 12 42 .222 26
in five hits over South Division
W L Pct. GI
Fort Myers (Twins) 31 22 .585 -
St.Lucie (Mets) 32 23 .582 -
G Bradenton (Pirates) 27 28 .491 5
Charlotte (Rays) 26 27 .491 5
Palm Beach (Cardinals) 26 29 .473 6
rlotte loaded Jupiter (Marlins) 23 32 .418 9
sacrifice bunt, Saturday's results
Charlotte 3, Brevard County2
le, setting Lakeland 7, Palm Beach 5
o deliver the Tampa at Fort Myers, ppd.,rain
St. Lucie 4, Daytona 3
Clearwater 1, Bradenton 0
Jupiter 5, Dunedin 0
Today's games
GAME Palm Beach at Lakeland, 1 p.m.
)k it to us. I Daytona at St Lucie, 1 p.m.
Bradenton at Clearwater, 1 p.m.
y) hopefully Dunedin at Jupiter, 1:05 p.m.
r us, to kind of Tampa at Fort Myers, 3:05 p.m., 1st game
Brevard County at Charlotte, 5 p.m.
out of town. Tampa at Fort Myers, 5:35 p.m., 2nd game
ff, and we can Monday's games
Brevard County at Charlotte, 6:30 p.m.
manager Jared Palm Beach at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.
Daytona at St. Lucie, 6:30 p.m.
Dunedin at Jupiter, 6:35 p.m.
Bradenton at Clearwater, 7 p.m.
- By Josh Vitale Tampa at Fort Myers, 7:05 p.m.


Page 4 SP

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

SP Page 5


East Division For Friday's late linescores, see San Francisco AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
W L Pt GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Scoreboard, Page6 Blancocf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .224
Toronto 33 24 .579 8-- 2 W-1 17-13 16-11 Pencerf 4 0 1 0 0 3 .286
NewYork 29 25 .537 212 6-4 W-1 12-12 17-13 Sandoval3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .251
Baltimore 27 27 .500 412 2 4-6 W-1 11-12 16-15 Morse1b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .295
Boston 26 29 .473 6 312 6-4 W-6 14-17 12-12 BRAVES9, MARLINS5 H.Sanchezc 3 0 0 0 0 0 227
RAYS 23 33 .411 91/2 7 4-6 L-5 12-14 11-19 Atlanta AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Colvinlf 3 0 0 0 0 3 .265
Central Division Heywardrf 4 1 1 2 2 0 .246 B.Hicks2b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .181
W L Pt GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away B.Uptonc' 5 0 2 1 1 1 .216 Adrianzass 2 0 0 0 0 0 .146
Detroit 31 20 .608 4-6 W-2 14-11 17-9 FFreemanib 4 1 1 2 2 0 .298 b-Paganph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .325
Chicago 28 29 .491 6 212 5-5 L-2 16-14 12-15 IJUptonlf 50 1 0 02 301 Affeldtp 00 0 0 00
KansasCity 26 29 .473 7 312 4-6 L-1 13-14 13-15 C0ohnson3b 5 1 1 0 023 256 Petitp 2 0 0 0 02 000
Minnesota 25 28 .472 7 312 3-7 L-1 13-14 12-14 A.Simmonsss 4 1 1 0 1 1 .266 Kontosp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Cleveland 26 30 .464 712 4 5-5 W-2 17-11 9-19 LaStella2b 3 1 2 1 1 0 .333 c-B.Crawfordph-ssl 0 0 0 0 0 .236
West Division Varvarop 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Totals 30 0 3 0 013
W L Pct GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away Avilanp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- St. Louis AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Okad 33 22 .600 -- 4-6 Wi1 15-12 18-10
Oangeles 330 224 560 212 4-64 WL 15131511 D.Carpenterp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- M.Carpenter3b 3 0 1 0 1 0 .286
Los Angeles 30 24 .556 21/2 6-4 L-1 15-13 15-11 SSmos ogb 300010.6
Texas 28 28 .500 512 2 6-4 L-2 13-13 15-15 sp 00 0 0 00 Wong2b 30 0 0 1 0 269
Seattle 26 28 481 62 3 4-6 L2 1215 1413 c-Doumitph 0 1 0 0 1 0 .217 Hollidaylf 3 0 0 0 1 1 .273
Husatn 24 33 .421 10 612 7-3 L-i 12-16 12-17 Halep 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Craigab 4 1 1 0 0 1 .255
NATIONALLEAGUE Kimbrelp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- YMolinac 3 0 0 0 0 1 .309
East Division Lairdc 4 3 2 1 1 1 .234 Taverasrf 3 1 1 1 0 1 .333
W L Pt GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away E.Santanap 2 0 0 0 0 0 .125 Jh.Peraltass 3 0 1 1 0 2 .237
Atlanta 30 25 .545 5-5 W-2 18-12 12-13 R.Pena2b 1 0 1 1 0 0 .205 Jaycf 2 0 0 0 1 0 .288
MARLINS 28 27 .509 2 1 5-5 L-2 20-10 8-17 Totals 37 912 8 9 8 Wachap 2 0 0 0 0 1 .045
Washington 27 27 .500 212 112 4-6 W-2 16-14 11-13 Miami AB R H BIBBSO Avg. S.Freemanp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --
NewYork 26 29 .473 4 3 6-4 W-1 13-17 13-12 Yelichlf-cf 4 2 3 0 1 0 .255 a-Grichukph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .160
Philadelphia 24 29 .453 5 4 4-6 L-1 12-17 12-12 Dietrich2b 5 1 2 2 0 2 .252 Neshekp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Central Division Stanton rf 4 1 1 0 1 1 .316 Rosenthalp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
W L Pt GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away McGehee3b 4 1 1 2 0 0 .297:Totals 27 2 4 2 4 8
Milwaukee 33 23 .589 6-4 L1 17-12 16-11 GJones1b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .263 San Francisco 000000000-0 30
St. Louis 30 26 .536 3 5-5 W-1 16-11 14-15 Ozunacf 3 0 1 1 1 1 .258 St. Louis 000010lox- 2 40
Pittsburgh 25 30 .455 712 4 6-4 L-1 16-13 9-17 Sloweyp 00 0 0 00 .000 a-struck out for S.Freeman in the 7th.
Cincinnati 24 29 .453 712 4 4-6 W-1 12-12 12-17 Saltalamacchiac 3 0 0 0 1 2 .237 bastruckoutfor Srean inthe th
Chicago 20 33 .377 1112 8 4-6 W-1 10-13 10-20 Hechavarriass 4 0 2 0 0 0 .268 outfor rin nthe th- cFlied
Wes Diisin J Tune p U U U 5U out for Kontos in the 8th. LOB-San Fran-
West Division Ja.Turner p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .250 cisco 4, St. Louis 5. 2B-Morse (16), Jh.Per-
W L Pt GB WCGB L10 Str Home Away a-Je.Bakerph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .244 alta (12). H-Taveras (1), off Petit. RBIs-
San Francisco 36 20 .643 7-2 L-1 19-9 17-11 Caminerop 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Taveras (1), Jh.Peralta (24). SB-Craig (1).
LosAngeles 30 27 .526 612 5-5 W-1 12-16 18-11 b-RJohnsonph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .313
Runners left in scoring position-San
Colorado 28 27 .509 7/2 1 2-7 L-3 16-7 12-20 DaJennings p 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Francisco 2 (B.Hicks, Morse); St. Louis 2 (Gri-
SanDiego 26 30 .464 10 31 2 5-5 W-2 14-15 12-15 Hatcher p 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---:
:chuk, Craig). RISP-San Francisco 0for 4; St.
Arizona 23 34 .404 13/2 7 5-5 L-1 9-20 14-14 A.Ramosp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Louis 1 for 3GIDP-Craig DP-San Fran
LucaslIf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .326 Loic o .GD-Cag P-a rn
AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL LEAGUE Totals 34 511 5 5 7 cisco 1 (Affeldt, B.Crawford, Morse)
Friday's results Friday's results Atlanta 003200103- 9121 San Francisco P H R ER BBSO NP ERA
Cleveland S, Colorado2 Cleveland S, Colorado2 Miami 000102020- 5113 PetitL,3-3 6 2 1 1 1 5 74460
Minnesota 6,N.YYankees1 Philadelphia 6,N.Y.Mets5,14 innings Kontos 1 2 1 1 1 3 24 1.29
Washington9,Texas 2 Washington9,Texas 2 a-grounded intoadouble playforJa.Turner Affeldt 1 0 0 0 2 0 15 1.47
Kansas City6,Toronto1 Atlanta 3, MARLINS2 in the 5th b-grounded out for Caminero St. Louis IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
Boston3, RAYS 2,10innings Milwaukeeii,ChicagoCubs5 in the 7th, c-walked for S.Simmons in the WachaW,4-3 6 3 0 0 0 7 942.45
Houston 2, Baltimore 1 San Diego 4, ChicagoWhite Sox 1g9th E-R.Pena(2),Giones (7),Saltalamac- S.Freeman H, 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 11 0.00
San Diego4,ChicagoWhiteSox1 SanFrancisco9,St Louis4 chia (8), Hechavarria (6). LOB-Atlanta 12, NeshekH,7 1 0 0 0 0 1 13 073
Oaklandg9, LA.Angels5 Cincinnati 6, Arizona 4 Miami 8 2B-FFreeman (16), McGehee Rosenthal S, 16-1810 0 0 0 3 15 4.10
Detroit 6, Seattle3 Pittsburgh 2,LA Dodgers1 (13). 3B-Yelich (5), Dietrich (2). RBIs- IBB-off Kontos (Jay). HBP-by Wacha
Saturday's results Saturday's results Heyward 2 (16), BUpton (13), FFreeman (Blanco).Umpires-Home, Marcus Pattillo;
Washington 10,Texas2 Washington 0,Texas2 2(31), La Stella (1), Laird (5), R.Pena (7), Di- First, Lance Barrett; Second, Mike Everitt;
N.Y.Yankees 3, Minnesota 1 San Diego 4, ChicagoWhite Sox2 etrich 2 (16), McGehee 2 (34), Ozuna (33). Third, Ron Kulpa.T-2:29 (Rain delay: 1:38).
Toronto 12, Kansas City 2 St Louis 2, San Francisco 0 SB-Heyward (9), J.Upton (6), La Stella (1). A-44,426 (45,399).
San Diego 4, ChicagoWhite Sox 2 Cleveland 7, Colorado 6 CS-GJones (1). S-E.Santana, R.Pena.
Cleveland 7, Colorado 6 N.Y. Mets 5, Philadelphia 4,14 innings SF-McGehee Runners left in scoring CUBS 8, BREWERS O
Baltimore4,Houston1 Atlanta9,MARLINSS position-Atlanta 8 (CJohnson, JUpton Chicago AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Boston7, RAYS1 ChicagoCubs8, Milwaukee0 3 Laird 2 FFreeman 2), Miami 4 (JeBaker, Bonifacio3b 5 1 2 1 0 0 .275
LA. Angels at Oakland, late LA Dodgers12, Pittsburgh 2 Saltalamacchia, McGehee 2).RISP-Atlan- Lakecf 5 0 0 0 0 3 250
Detroit at Seattle, late Cincinnati at Arizona, late ta S for 12; Miami 2 for 7. Runners moved Rizzo lb 4 2 2 4 0 1 .269
Today'sgames Today'sgames up-Lucas. GIDP-F.Freeman, Dietrich, SCastross 3 1 1 0 1 1 277
Colorado (ChacinOA) atCleveland (Tomlin Colorado(ChacinOA)atCleveland (Tomlin GJones, Je.Baker. DP-Atlanta 3 (F.Free- Schierholtzrf 3 1 0 0 1 0 .210
3-2), 1:05 p.m. mn .imnFFemn,(~hsn
Minnesota (Hughes 5-1) at NY Yankees 3-2),1:05 p.m. man. ASimmons, FFreeman), (Ciohnson ghlanlf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .147
(Whitleyo0(,s5p.m Atlanta (Harang 4-4) at MARLINS (Eoval- LaStella, F.Freeman),(La Stella, A.Simmons, JoBakerc 4 0 1 1 0 2 170

Kansas City (Guthrie2-4) atToronto (Buehr di4-2),1:lOp.m. FFreeman);Miami1 (HechavarriaDietrich, Barney2b 4 0 1 1 0 0 .185
le9-1),1:07p.m. N.Y. Mets (Niese 3-3) at Philadelphia G Jones). Hammelp 3 1 1 0 0 1 .091
RAYS (Bedard 2-3) at Boston (Lester 5-6), (Hamels1-3),1:35p.m. Atlanta IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Grimmp 3 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Texas (Darvish 4-2) at Washington (Roark E.SantanaW,5-2 6 7 3 3 2 4 874.10 GRim p 0 0 0 0 0 0
1:35 p.m.
Texas (Darvish 4-2) at Washington (Roark 3-3),1:35p.m. VarvaroH,4 1 00 0 1 0 152.79g Stropp 0 0 0 0 0 0.24
3-3),1:35p.m. Chicago Cubs (Samardzija1-4) atMilwau- AvilanH,3 9400 0 0 1 g4.50 Totals 36 810 8 2 8
Baltimore (W.Chen 5-2) at Houston (Feld- kee(Lohse6-1),2:10p.m. D.Carpenter 0 3 2 2 1 0 153.91 : Milwaukee AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
man3-2),2:10p.m. SanDiego(Stults2-5)atChicagoWhiteSox S.SimmonsH, 1A 0 0 0 0 1 30.00 Segurass 4 0 0 0 0 1 269
San Diego (Stults2-5)atChicagoWhiteSox (Sale4-0),2:10p.m. Hale % 1 0 0 1 0 7 1.38 Braunrf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .320
(Sale4-0),2:10p.m. San Francisco (Hudson 5-2) at St. Louis KimbrelS,15-172A0 0 0 0 1 16 1.77: bLSchaferph 1 0 0 0 00 12
LA Angels (Weaver 6-3) at Oakland (Gray (Lynn6-2),2:Sp.m. Miami IP H RER BBSO NP ERA Lucroyc 4 0 1 0 0 0 .321
5-1),4:05p.m. Cincinnati (Simon 6-3) at Arizona (Miley Ja.TurnerL, A 5 7 5 4 4 4 905.59 C.Gomezcf 3 0 0 0 0 2 .318
Detroit (Scherzer 6-1) at Seattle (Elias 3-4), 3-5),4:10p.m. Caminero 2 2 1 1 1 22410.80 K.Davislf 3 0 1 0 0 0 .258
4:10p.m. Pittsburgh (Volquez 2-4) at LA. Dodgers DaJennings 2A 1 0 0 1 1 14 1.26 Gennett2b 3 0 2 0 0 1 .270
Monday'sgames (Greinke8-1),8:07p.m. Hatcher % 0 0 0 0 1 44.50 1
Boston at Cleveland, 7:05 p.m. Monday'sgames A.Ramos % 2 3 2 3 0 30 3.09 Wangp 3 0 0 0 0 1 ---
SeattleatN.Y.Yankees,7:05p.m. N.Y. Mets at Philadelphia, 7:05 p.m. Slowey 2 00 0 0 0 64.55 W a p 0 0 0 0 0
RAYS at MARLINS, 7:10p.m. .RAYSatMARLINS,7:10p.m. D.Carpenter pitched to 4 batters in the 8th. W.Peraltap 2 0 0 0 0 2 .100
MinnesotaatMilwaukee, 7:20p.m. Minnesota at Milwaukee, 7:20 p.m. Inherited runners-scored-S.Simmons Dukep 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Kansas Cityat St.Louis,8:10p.m. KansasCityatSt.Louis,8:10p.m. 2-0, Kimbrel 2-0, Hatcher 2-0, Slowey 3-0. EHerrera3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 231
Chicago White Sox at LA. Dodgers, 10:10 Chicago White Sox at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 IBB-off A.Ramos (Heyward). Umpires--: Totals 29 0 4 0 011
p.m. p.m. Home, Quinn Wolcott; First, Greg Gibson; Chicago 000205001- 8101
Pittsburgh at San Diego, 10:10p.m. Second, Phil Cuzzi; Third, Gerry Davis. Milwaukee 000000000- 0 40
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... T 3:28. A 26,875 (37,442).
a-tripled for Grimm in the 9th. b-lined out

METS 5, PHILLIES 4,14 INNINGS for Braun in the 9th. E-Barney (3). LOB-
MR AGA NewYork AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Chicago3, Milwaukee4. 2B-S.Castro (13),
M INOR LEAGUE STANDINGS C.Youngcf-If 6 1 1 0 1 1 .200 Barney (1). 3B-Ruggiano (1). HR-Rizzo
Dan.Murphy2b 6 1 1 0 1 1 298 2 (10), off W.Peralta 2. RBIs-Bonifacio
INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE MIDWEST LEAGUE D.Wright3b 7 0 2 1 0 3 .294 (14), Rizzo4 (28),Coghlan (1),Jo.Baker (3),
INrthDvisionGrandersonIf-rf 6 0 1 0 1 0 .198 Barney (1).SB-C.Gomez (1).CS-Schi-
North Division Eastern Division BAbreu rf 4 1 2 1 0 1 .320 erholtz (3). Runners left in scoring posi-
RochesterW(Twins) 3W Pd. GB W L Pt. GB Matsuzaka p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .500 tion-Chicago 2 (Hammel 2); Milwaukee
3024.556 South Bend (Diamondbacks)3420.630 denDekkerd 2 0 0 0 0 1 .000 1l(K.Davis).RISP-Chicago Sfor 6;Milwau-
SyracuseI(Nationals) 3025.545 2 West Michigan (Tigers) 31 24.564 312 Duda lb 5 0 1 1 1 1 236 kee 0 for 1 Runners moved up-Lake.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Yankees)28 26
.519 2 Dayton (Reds) 2826.519 6 Reckerc 6 0 0 0 0 3 .211 DP-Chicago1 (Schierholtz, Rizzo).
Buffalo(BlueJays) 2725.519 2 Great Lakes (Dodgers) 2729.482 8 Tejadass 4 2 3 2 2 0 .227 Chicago IPHR ER BBSO NP ERA
LehighValley(Phillies) 2927.518 2 Lansing(BlueJays) 2629.473 812 deGromp 1 0 0 0 1 1 571 HammelW,6-3 7 40 0 0 8110278
Pawtucket(RedSox) 2829.491 312 Bowling Green (Rays) 2529.463 9 Edginp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Grimm 1 00 0 0 2 122.63
South Division Fort Wayne (Padres) 2430.444 10 Campbell If 1 0 0 0 0 0 .276 Strop 1 0 0 0 0 1 10 4.61
W LPct. GB LakeCounty(Indians) 1937.339 16 Rice p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Milwaukee IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
Durham(Rays) 3423.596WesternFamiliap 0 0 0 0 0 01.000 W.Peralta L, 4-5 52 56 6 2 51052.73
Gwinnett (Braves) 2925.5537 312 1 e-Floresph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .222 Duke 1 3 1 1 0 2 25 1.59
Norfolk (Orioles) 2135.375 12 W LPd. GB Carlylep 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- Wang 2 2 1 1 0 12513.50
Charlotte(WhiteSox) 1837.327 15 K 3719.661 f-Lagares ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .291 Inherited runners-scored-Duke 2-2.
West Division Peoria (Cardinals) 3025.545 61/2 C.Torres p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 HBP-by Hammel (CGomez, Braun) Um-
W L Pt. GB 1 QuadCities(Astros) 2926.527 71/2 Totals 49 5 11 5 713 pires-Home, Angel Campos; First, Jerry
Indianapolis (Pirates) 3322.600 Clinton (Mariners) 2726.509 812 Philadelphia AB R H BI BBSO Avg. Meals; Second, Paul Emmel;Third, Jordan
Toledo (Tigers) 2729.482 61/2 Burlington (Angels) 2727.500 9 Reverecf 7 0 2 0 0 2 .285 Baker.T-3:00.A-42,332 (41,900).
Columbus (Indians) 2629.473 7 1 Cedar Rapids (Twins) 2630.464 11 Rollinsss 6 1 1 0 1 0 .253
Louisville(Reds) 2630.464 712 Wisconsin(Brewers) 25 30.455 1112 Utley2b 5 1 1 0 2 2 .320 DODGERS 12, PIRATES2
Saturday's results Howard lb 6 1 2 3 0 2 .230 Pittsburgh AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Saturdy's rsultsBeloit (Athletics) 2331 .426 13 Byrf 511013.7 JHaisnb 50200125
Columbus 19, Louisville 3, 9 innings, 1stS a sByrdrf 51 1 013.279:JHarrison3b 502001 .295
game D.BrownIf 5 0 1 1 1 1 .201 N.Walker2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .276
Buffalo5,Syracuse2 Burlington 7,CedarRapids6 Nievesc 3 0 0 0 0 2 .268 Barmes2b 2 0 0 0 0 0 .232
Toledo 4, Charlotte 1 Dayton 7, Lansing 6 c-C.Hernandezph0 0 0 0 0 0 146 A.McCutchen c' 3 0 0 0 0 0 .298
Norfolk3, Pawtucket1 GreatLakes6,LakeCounty5 Manshipp 2 0 0 0 0 0 000 Morrisp 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Scranton/W-B 7,Indianapolis 3 Bowling Green at South Bend, late Bastardop 0 0 0 0 0 0 __ J.Hughesp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Durham1lOLehigh Valley0 1WestMichiganatFortWayne, late Brignac3b 5 0 0 0 1 4 .200 G.Sanchez1b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .266
Columbus 2, Louisville 1, 9 innings, 2nd PeoriaSKaneCounty3 :KKendrickp 100000 .0g S.Martelf-cf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .246
game 1 0 0 0 0 1 .171 Tabatarf-If 4 1 3 0 0 0 .275
Rohetr ,Gwnnt 11Clinton at Beloit, late:.I
QuadCities4,Wisconsin3 Hollandsp 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mercerss 4 1 2 1 0 0 199g
Today'sgames :Diekmanp 0 00 0 00 ---C.Stewartc 4 02 00 0 264
Syracuse at Buffalo,i o:0pm. Today'sgames b-Rufph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .100 :Cumptonp 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Gwinnett at Rochester, 1:05 pm. Burlington at Cedar Rapids, 1:05 pm. Papelbon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 J_ .Gomez p 1 0 1 0 0 0 1.000
Pawtucket at Norfolk,i O:0pm. 1 LansingatDayton,2pm. d-Ruizph-c 3 0 2 0 0 0 .287 a-Sniderph-rf 2 0 1 1 0 0 .212
Scranton/W-Batlndianapolis,i l35pm. BowlingGreenatSouthBend,2:05pm. Totals 50 410 4 617 :Totals 38 211 2 0 6
LehighValleyatDurham,5:05pm. 1 QuadCitiesatWisconsin,2:05pm. NewYork 200101000000 01- 5111 LosAngeles AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
CharlotteatToledo,6pm. Clinton atBeloit,3pm. PhiladelphiaOOOOO3OlOOO 00- 4100 D.Gordon2b 5 0 1 0 0 2 .286
Columbus at Louisville, 605 pm. Lake County at Great Lakes, 305 pm. a-struck out for K.Kendrick in the 6th. Ethier c 4 2 0 0 1 2 .263
Monday'sgames 1WestMichiganatFortWayne,3:05pm. b-grounded out for Diekman in the 8th. Romakrf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Lehigh Valleyat Durham,i :05pm. KaneCountyat Peoria,7 pm. c-sacrificed for Nieves in the 9th. d-fouled Puig rf 4 2 1 0 0 0 .344
CharlotteatToledo, 7pm. outforPapelboninthegth e-struckoutfor 1Figgins3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .250
Scranton/W-Batlndianapolis,7:05 pm. Familia inthel11th f-sacrificedforCarlylein H.Ramirezss 4 4 4 5 0 0 .265
Columbusat Louisville,7:05pm. EASTERN LEAGUE the 14th. E-Dan.Murphy (7). LOB--New :J.Wright p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Pawtucket at Norfolk, 7:05 pm. EasternDivision Yorki, Philadelphiall. 2B-B.Abreu (6), Ad.Gonnzalezlb 4 9 3 1 1 0 9273
Gwinnett at Rochester, 705 pm. W L Pd. GB Duda (7), Byrd (17). 3B-Revere (3). HR-: KemplIf 4 1 2 2 0 1 .248
Syrcus a Bufal, :05p~m Prtlnd Re So) 31867g -- Tejada (1), off K.Kendrick, Howard (10), off Ju.Turner3b-ss 4 1 2 2 0 1 .250
SOUTHERN LEAGUE Binghamton (Mets) 3024.556 7 deGrom, RBIs-D.Wright (30), B.Abreu (8), Butera c 4 0 1 2 0 0 .208
North Division Reading (Phillies) 29 24.547 712 Duda (24), Tejada 2 (13), Howard 3 (37), :Ryu p 3 0 0 0 0 1 .095
W L Pd. GB 1Trenton(Yankees) 3027.526 812 D.Brown (27). SB-C.Young (4), Revere(i5). VanSlykerf-cf 0 0 0 0 1 0 .242
Huntsville(Brewers) 38 17.691 -- NewBritain (Twins) 2429.453 1212 CS-Granderson (1), D.Brown (1). S-de-; Totals 3812 14 12 3 8
Tenesse(ubs 229 73 12 Nw~apsireBle~as(203 34 112 Gromn,Lagares,C.Hernandez. Runners left :Pittsburgh 000101000 211 1
Birnghame (Whits) 243229412 We Hm sernlu Division35347 in scoring position-New York 8 (Recker 1Los Angeles 20450100x -1214 0
Jacksnga (MarieS) 2232.4071512 Wetr D i Pd.i GB 2, Dan.Murphy, C.Young 2, Duda, Grander-. a-singled for J.Gomez in the 6th. E-S.Mar-
Chaoo (Dodgners) 21 3240 38 2 7 P.G son 2), Philadelphia 6 (Howard, Ruiz, Byrd te (2). LOB-Pittsburgh 9, Los Angeles 6.
Shta o uth (D division 4.82 Akron (Indians) 34 21.618 -- 2, Manship, Utley). RISP-New York 4 for 12B-J.Harrison (5), Mercer (8), Ad.Gonzalez
W L Pd. GB IRichmond (Giants) 29 24.547 4 15; Philadelphia 2 for 14. Runners moved :(13). 3B-D.Gordon (4), Butera (1). HR-H.
Mobile (Diamondbacks( 33 21.611 -- Bowie (Orioles) 29 26.527 5 up-Granderson. GIDP-D.Brown. DP-: Ramirez (8), off Cumpton, H.Ramirez (9),
Mississippi (Braves) 32 22.593 1 1Erie (Tigers) 2529 .463 812 NewYorki1 (TejadaDan.MurphyDuda). off Morris. RBIs-Mercer (7), Snider (12),
Jacksonville(Marlins) 29 27.518 5 Altoona (Pirates) 20 35.364 14 NeWYor IP H R ER RRSO NP ERA H.Ramirez 5 (32), Ad.Gonzalez (37). Kemp
Montgomery(Rays) 2728.491 612 Harrisburg(Nationals) 1935.352 1412 deGrom 6 A 3 3 3 2 11101 2.42 :2(i5),Ju.Turner2(i0,Butera2(9).SB-H.
Pensacola (Reds) 23 33.411 ii1 Saturday's results Edgin H, 2 0 0 0 0 0 5 1.93 Ramirez (5), Ju.Turner (2).SF-Kemp. Run-
Saturday's results Portland 9,Trenton 4,1 st game Matsuzaka H,3 1 1 0 0 0 1 222.45 :ners left in scoring position-Pittsburgh
Birminalham 2,Tennessee 1 NL ..L. L,.A AI ... Rice H, 7 0 0 0 1 1 85.11 :5 (Cumpton, C.Stewart 2, G.Sanchez, J.Har-a e lI~~Ii',xLU~uFmlaB~ 58 io(Lsnee4J~rey2Eh

Huntsvlle at Jackson, late wn pnet"Rnu Familia BS, 1-2 2 3 1 1 1 2 35 2.86 rison); Los Angeles4(J.unr Ryu 2, Ethi-
Mobileat Chattanooga, late p.m.Richmond 4,Bowie 1 CarlyleW, 1-0 3 2 0 0 1 0 40 0.00 er). RISP-Pittsburgh 1 for 8; Los Angeles
Pensacola BJacksonville0 NewBritain3, Binghamton2 C.TorresS,3' 1 1 0 0 1 2 162.45 8 for 15. Runners moved up-Mercer,
Mississippi at Montgomery, late Harrisburg 6, Akron 4 Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA D.Gordon, Puig.
Today'sgames Erie3,Reading 2 K.Kendrick 6 8 4 4 2 5113 4.21 Pittsburgh IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
BirminghamatTennessee,2p.m. Portland4,Trenton3,2ndgame Hollands 1 1 0 0 2 1 253.15 CumptonL,0-234111110 2 2 756.85
Mobile at Chattanooga,2:15p.m. Today'sgames Diekman 1 0 0 0 1 0 21 3.81 JGomez 1i 1 0 0 0 2 24 4.55
Jacksonville at Pensacola, 5p.m. NewHampshireatAtoonap m Papelbon 1 1 0 0 0 1 17 1.69 Morris 2 1 1 1 1 2 23 3.80
MississippiatMontgomery,6:35p.m. PortlandatTrenton,i 0pm Manship 4000 0653589 g1100 02 24 2.16
Huntsville at Jackson, 7:05 p.m. i 3pm BastardoL,3-3 1 1 1 1 2 0 24 3.86 LosAngeles IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
Monday'sgames Inherited runners-scored-Rice 1-0. RyuW,6-2 610 2 2 0 4109 3.09
Mobile at Chattanooga, 7:15p.m. BinghdmtunatNewBritdin, 1:35pm IBB-off K.Kendrick (Duda), off Bastar- J.Wright S, 1-1 3 1 0 0 0 2 392.73
Birmingham atTennessee,7:15 p.m. Richmond at Bowie,2:05 p.m. do (C.Young). Umpires-Home, Mar- Inherited runners-scored-J.Gomez 2-2.
Jacksonville at Pensacola,7:30 p.m. Harrisburg at Akron,2:05 p.m. vin Hudson; First, Brian O'Nora; Second, Umpires-Home, Eric Cooper; First, Sean
Huntsville at Jackson,8:05 p.m. Monday'sgames Doug Eddings;,Third, Cory Blaser. T-5:32. Barber;,Second, Chris Guccione;Third, Paul
Mississippi at Montgomery, 8:05 p.m. No games scheduled A-37,516 (43,651). Nauert.T-3:07. A-49,455 (56,000).

Texas AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Choolf 4 1 1 0 0 0 .289
Sh.Tollesonp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Andrusss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .252
Moreland1b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .268
A.Beltre3b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .296
Do.Murphy3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .213
Riosrf 2 1 0 0 1 2 .317
D.Robertson rf 1 0 0 0 0 1 .143
Chirinosc 3 0 0 0 0 1 .219
LMartincf 3 0 1 0 0 0 .278
Odor2b 3 0 1 1 0 2 .281
Tepeschp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
a-N.Martinezph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
S.Bakerp 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
c-Choiceph-lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .208
Totals 31 2 5 2 110
Washington AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Span cf 4 1 1 0 1 0 .269
Rendon3b 5 3 4 1 0 1 .268
Werthrf 3 1 1 1 0 0 .291
b-Hairstonph-lf 1 1 1 2 0 0 .450
LaRoche1b 3 1 2 3 1 0 .321
Desmondss 3 0 0 0 1 2 .231
Stammenp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .250
Blevinsp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
McLouthlf-rf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .188
Espinosa2b-ss 4 1 1 0 0 3 .206
Lobatonc 4 1 1 2 0 3 .228
Fisterp 3 1 1 0 0 0 .111
Frandsen2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .236
Totals 351012 9 3 9
Texas 000011000-2 51
Washington 140302 00x-10120
a-grounded out for Tepesch in the 3rd.
b-homered for Werth in the 6th. c-ground-
ed out for S.Baker in the 8th. E-Choo (3).
LOB-Texas 3, Washington 4. 2B-Choo
(10), Andrus (14), LMartin (5), Odor (3),
Werth (9), Espinosa (7). HR-Rendon (6),
offTepesch; Lobaton (2), offTepesch; LaRo-
che (7), off S.Baker; Hairston (1), off S.Baker.
RBIs-Moreland (22), Odor (11), Rendon
(27), Werth (22), Hairston 2 (5), LaRoche 3
(27), Lobaton 2 (10). CS-Span (1). Runners
left in scoring position-Texas 3 (A.Beltre,
S.Baker, Odor); Washington 1 (Desmond).
RISP-Texas 2 for 7; Washington 3 for 5.
Runners moved up-L.Martin. GIDP-A.
Beltre. DP-Washington 1 (Desmond, Espi-
nosa, LaRoche).
TepeschL,2-1 2 75 4 2 1 624.43
S.Baker 5 5 5 5 1 7 85 6.04
ShTolleson 1 00 0 0 1 82.89
Washington IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
FisterW,3-1 6 4 2 2 1 6104 3.34
Stammen 2 1 0 0 0 2 30 2.40
Blevins 1 00 0 0 2 12 4.22
Umpires-Home, Laz Diaz; First, Clint Fa-
gan; Second, Jeff Nelson; Third, Scott Barry.
T-2:47. A-35,164 (41,408).

Colorado AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Blackmonrf 4 1 2 4 0 0 .317
Cuddyer3b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .311
C.Gonzalezlf 4 0 0 0 0 4 .258
Tulowitzki ss 4 0 0 0 0 2 .352
Morneau1b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .306
Stubbscf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .317
Dickersondh 3 1 1 1 1 1 .346
Rosarioc 3 2 1 0 1 1 .225
LeMahieu2b 4 2 3 0 0 0 .281
Totals 34 6 8 5 211
Cleveland AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Bourn cf 4 0 1 0 1 0 .288
A.Cabrerass 4 0 1 0 0 1 .246
Brantleylf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .303
Raburndh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .210
Y.Gomesc 4 1 2 0 0 0 .266
Dav.Murphyrf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .269
Aguilar1b 2 1 1 0 1 1 .188
a-Kipnisph-2b 0 1 0 0 1 0 .235
Chisenhall3b-1b 3 2 2 3 0 1 .369
Aviles2b-3b 4 1 3 4 0 0 .280
Totals 33 711 7 3 6
Colorado 002000400- 6 80
Cleveland 040002 01x- 7111
a-walked for Aguilar in the 8th. E-Dav.
Murphy (1). LOB-Colorado 3, Cleveland 6.
2B-LeMahieu (6). HR-Dickerson (6), off
Atchison; Blackmon (10), offOutman; Aviles
(3), off Morales; Chisenhall (3), off Morales.
RBIs-Blackmon 4 (37), Dickerson (14),Chi-
senhall 3 (15), Aviles 4 (21). SB-Blackmon
(10), Cuddyer (3). S-Chisenhall. Runners
left in scoring position-Colorado 2 (Tu-
lowitzki 2); Cleveland 3 (Raburn, A.Cabrera,
Brantley). RISP-Colorado 2 for 4; Cleve-
land 3 for 9. Runners moved up-Brantley.
GIDP-LeMahieu, Bourn. DP-Colorado
1 (Tulowitzki, LeMahieu, Morneau); Cleve-
land 1 (A.CabreraChisenhall).
Morales 5% 86 6 2 3 956.03
Masset 34 2 0 0 0 1 113.65
Ottavino 1 00 0 0 2 11 1.46
BrothersL,32 1 1 1 1 1 0 12 3.70
Bauer 6 42 2 1 8100 3.63
Atchison 3 3 3 0 0 132.59
OutmanBS, 1-1 0 1 1 1 0 0 12.95
ShawW,2-1 13 00 0 0 3 23 1.37
AllenS,3-4 1 00 0 1 0 103.09
Outman pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. In-
herited runners-scored-Outman 2-2.
PB-Rosario 2. Umpires-Home, Bob
Davidson; First, James Hoye; Second, Bill
Welke; Third, John Tumpane. T-3:05.
A-20,174 (42,487).

San Diego AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
E.Cabrerass 5 0 2 0 0 2 .251
S.Smithlf 3 1 1 0 1 0 .309
Quentin dh 2 0 0 0 3 1 .345
2-Medicapr-dh 0 0 0 0 0 0 .283
Headley3b 5 0 1 0 0 3 .199
Alonso1b 3 1 0 0 1 1 .214
Venablerf-cf 4 1 4 2 0 0 .213
Maybinc' 1 0 0 0 0 0 .303
1 -Denorfiapr-rf 2 1 0 0 1 1 .277
Riverac 2 0 2 1 1 0 .243
Amarista2b 3 0 0 1 0 0 .198
Totals 30 410 4 7 8
Chicago AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Eaton cf 4 1 0 0 0 2 .260
G.Beckham2b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .279
Gillaspie3b 2 0 0 0 2 1 .351
Viciedorf 4 0 2 1 0 0 .283
ADunnib 4 0 0 0 0 3 .227
AI.Ramirezss 4 1 2 0 0 0 .329
Konerkodh 4 0 1 0 0 1 .174
DeAzalf 2 0 0 0 2 0 .173
Flowersc 4 0 0 0 0 1 .286
Totals 32 2 5 1 410
San Diego 021001 000- 4102
Chikago 010010000- 2 50
1-ran for Maybin in the 2nd. 2-ran for Quen-
tin in the 9th. E-E.Cabrera 2 (9). LOB-San
Diego 9, Chicago 7. 2B-Venable 2 (8),
Rivera 2 (7), Viciedo (16). RBIs-Venable 2
(10), Rivera (12), Amarista (9), Viciedo (21).
SB-Venable (2), Eaton (5), A.Ramirez (1i).
CS-ECabrera (5), 5.Smith (1). S-Rivera.
SF-Amarista. Runners left in scoring
position-San Diego 6 (ECabrera 2, De-
norfia,S Smith, Amarista, Headley);,Chicago
5 (A.Dunn 2,Viciedo, Flowers 2). RISP-San
Diego 4 for 14, Chicago 1 for 9. Runners
moved up-G.Beckham. GIDP-S.Smith,
Viciedo, De Aza. DP-San Diego 2 (E.Cabre-
ra, Amarista, Alonso), (Amarista, E.Cabrera,
Alonso) Chicago 3 (A.Ramirez, A.Dunn(,
(Flowers, Flowers, A.Ramirez(, (G.Beckham,
A.Ramirez,A ADunn).
TRossW,6-4 6 52 1 3 5 982.85
VincentH,6 1 00 0 0 3 1329g6
BenoitH,9g 1 00 0 0 2 131.75

StreetS, 17-17 1 0 0 0 1 0 13 1.23
RienzoL,4-2 3 73 3 2 4 80 4.26
Carroll 33411 1 3 2495.14
S.Downs 'A 110 0 0 0 66.05
D.Webb 134 1 0 0 2 2 27 2.17
Inherited runners-scored-Carroll 2-0,
D.Webb 1-0. HBP-by Rienzo (S.Smith).
WP-D.Webb 2. Umpires-Home, Tripp
Gibson; First, Dale Scott; Second, Dan
lassogna; Third, CB Bucknor. T-3:16.
A-1 9,025 (40,615).

KansasCity AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Aokirf 4 0 0 1 0 0 .264
A.Escobarss 5 0 0 0 0 2 .259
Hosmer1b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .271
B.Butlerdh 4 0 2 0 0 1 .254
A.Gordonlf 3 1 1 0 1 0 .282
Valencia3b 4 1 0 0 0 3 .246
Hayesc 4 0 1 1 0 2 .088
Dysonc' 4 0 2 0 0 0 .286
Ciriaco2b 4 0 2 0 0 0 .250
Totals 36 2 9 2 1 9
Toronto AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Reyesss 4 1 1 1 1 0 .250
StTolleson ss 0 0 0 0 0 0 .300
Me.Cabreralf 4 1 1 1 0 0 .309
Bautistarf 3 2 2 1 0 0 .310
a-Pillarph-rf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .281
Encarnacion dh 3 2 1 0 2 2 .266
Lind1b 5 4 3 2 0 0 .351
Lawrie2b 3 0 2 3 0 0 .238
J.Francisco3b 4 1 3 4 0 0 .275
D.Navarroc 4 1 1 0 1 1 .272
Gosecf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .283
Totals 36121412 4 5
KansasCity 010000100 2 9 0
Toronto 71030001x -12142
a-struck out for Bautista in the 5th. E-Lind
(2), J.Francisco (5). LOB-Kansas City 9, To-
ronto 8. 2B-A.Gordon (15), Bautista (9),
Lind 2 (10), J.Francisco 2 (6). RBIs-Aoki
(11), Hayes (2), Reyes (16), Me.Cabrera (30),
Bautista (40), Lind 2 (15), Lawrie 3 (31), J.
Francisco 4 (24). SF-Lawrie. Runners left
in scoring position-Kansas City 4 (Ciria-
co, Hosmer 2, Hayes); Toronto 4 (Bautista,
Me.Cabrera, D.Navarro 2). RISP-Kansas
City 2 for 8; Toronto 9 for 15. GIDP-A.
Gordon, Hayes, Gose. DP-Kansas City 1
(Brooks, Hayes, Hosmer);Toronto 2 (Lawrie,
Reyes, Lind), (J.Francisco, Lawrie, Lind).
Kansas City IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
Brooks L,0-1 34 5 7 7 3 04243.88
Mariot 3 64 4 0 2 65 6.87
Ti.Collins 3 1 0 0 0 3 464.91
LColeman 1 2 1 1 1 0 23 6.27
StromanW,2-0 6 5 1 1 0 6 947.30
RedmondS,i-1 3 4 1 0 1 3 3g3.41
Inherited runners-scored-Mariot 2-0.
HBP-byTi.Collins (J.Francisco), by Brooks
(Me.Cabrera, Lawrie), by Redmond (Aoki).
Umpires-Home, Gabe Morales; First,
Larry Vanover; Second, Angel Hernandez;
Third, Adrian Johnson. T-2:53. A-31,652

Minnesota AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Dozier2b 4 1 0 0 0 1 .232
E.Escobarss 4 0 2 0 0 0 .328
Mauerdh 4 0 0 0 0 2 .267
WillinghamIf 3 0 1 1 1 1 .278
Arciarf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .256
Plouffe3b 4 0 1 0 0 2 .249
Parmelee1b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .179
Pintoc 2 0 0 0 1 1 .229
A.Hickscf 3 0 0 0 0 2 .186
Totals 32 1 4 1 212
NewYork AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Gardnerlf 4 0 2 0 0 1 .285
Jeterdh 4 0 2 0 0 0 .273
Ellsburycf 3 1 1 0 1 0 .269
Teixeira1b 2 0 0 0 0 1 .242
a-B.Robertsph-2b1 1 0 0 1 1 .247
McCannc 4 0 2 1 0 0 .232
A.Sorianorf 3 0 0 0 1 1 .235
1 -I.Suzukipr-rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .321
Solarte2b-3b 4 1 3 1 0 0 .299
KeJohnson3b-b4 0 2 1 0 1 .217
Ryanss 4 0 0 0 0 1 .360
Totals 33 312 3 3 6
Minnesota 100000000- 1 41
NewYork 000100 02x- 3123
a-struck out for Teixeira in the 6th. 1-ran
for A.Soriano in the 8th. E-Pinto (4),
A.Soriano (2), KeJohnson (5), Solarte (5).
LOB-Minnesota 6, New York 9. 2B-Jeter
(5), McCann 2 (6). HR-Solarte (6), off Cor-
reia. RBIs-Willingham (6), McCann (24),
Solarte (26), KeJohnson (14). SB-Ellsbury
(15). Runners left in scoring position-
Minnesota 3 (A.Hicks, Arcia 2); New York
5 (McCann 2, Ryan 3). RISP-Minnesota
1 for 8; New York 3 for 9. Runners moved
up-E.Escobar, Parmelee. GIDP-Mauer,
Arcia, McCann, Ryan. DP-Minnesota 2
(Parmelee, E.Escobar, Correia), (E.Escobar,
Parmelee); New York 2 (Solarte, Ryan, Teix-
eira), (Teixeira, RyanTanaka).
Minnesota IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
Correia 6 9 1 1 1 3104 5.87
DuensingL, 1-21 2 2 2 2 2 332.08
Burton 3A1 0 0 0 1 86.23
TanakaW,8-1 8 4 1 0 2 9106 2.06
Dav.RobertsonS 1 00 0 0 3 272.08
Inherited runners-scored-Burton 3-1.
IBB-offDuensing (A.Soriano).WP-Tana-
ka 2. Umpires-Home, Jim Wolf; First, Bri-
an Gorman; Second, David Rackley; Third,
Tony Randazzo. T-3:04 (Rain delay: 0:34).
A-44,346 (49,642).

Pearce If
Lough If
N.Cruz d
C.Davis 1
Altuve 2
Fowler cf
J.Ca stro c

)re AB R
srf 3 1
3 0
1 0
h 2 1
cf 4 0
lb 4 0
4 0
o3b 4 1
2b 4 0
hc 4 1
33 4
n AB R
b 4 0
rrf 4 0
Jf 4 0
c 4 1

1 0 2 0 .300
0 1 1 1 .293
0 0 0 1 .159
2 3 1 0 .315
0 0 0 1 .283
0 0 0 2 .231
2 0 0 0 .301
2 0 0 0 .220
0 0 0 0 .213
1 0 0 2 .069
0 0 0 0 .318
0 0 0 1 .255
1 0 0 1 .255
1 0 0 1 .229

M.Dominguez3b 2 0 1 0 1 0 .250
Krauss1b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .173
a-Guzmanph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .204
Presleydh 2 0 0 0 0 1 .243
b-Carterph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .192
Grossmanlf 2 0 1 1 1 0 .159
Ma.Gonzalezss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .302
Totals 30 1 5 1 2 6
Baltimore 100020010- 4 81
Houston 010000000- 1 50
a-struck out for Krauss in the 9th. E-
Schoop (7). LOB-Baltimore 7, Houston 6.
2B-Markakis (11), N.Cruz (13), Hardy (12),
J.Castro (8). HR-N.Cruz (20), off Williams.
RBIs-Pearce (12), N.Cruz 3(52), Grossman
(8). CS-N.Cruz (3). SF-N.Cruz. Runners
left in scoring position-Baltimore 3
(Schoop, AJones 2); Houston 4 (Altuve 2,
Krauss, Presley). RISP-Baltimore 0 for 5;
Houston 1 for 7. Runners moved up-
Pearce, Machado, M.Dominguez, Krauss.
GIDP-Carter, Ma.Gonzalez. DP-Balti-
more 2 (Hardy, Schoop, C.Davis), (Hardy,
Schoop, C.Davis).
Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
TillmanW,5-2 63A41 1 2 31104.63
R.WebbH,7 1 00 0 0 2 142.96
Z.BrittonS,4-5 1 1 0 0 0 1 80.91
KeuchelL,6-3 6 63 3 3 3 832.70
Williams 3 2 1 1 1 4 465.29
HBP-by Tillman (M.Dominguez, Presley).
WP-Tillman 2. Umpires-Home, Andy
Fletcher; First, Chris Segal; Second, Mike
Muchlinski; Third, Mark Wegner. T-2:45.
A-29,619 (42,060).

This Date In


1925 Lou Gehrig batted for Pee Wee
Wanninger in the eighth and replaced
Wally Pipp at first base to start his streak of
2,130 consecutive games.The Washington
Senators beat the New YorkYankees 5-3.
1975 Nolan Ryan of the California An-
gels pitched his fourth no-hitter, striking
out nine. Ryan tied Sandy Koufax's record
by beating the Baltimore Orioles 1-0.


Page 6 SP

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Game 1 -Virginia 10, Bucknell 1
Game 2 -Arkansas 3, Liberty 2
Saturday's results
Game 3 Bucknell5, Liberty 2
Game 4 -Virginia vs. Arkansas, late
Today's games
Game 5- Bucknell vs. Game 4 loser, 2 p.m.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, 8 p.m.
At Carolina Stadium, Columbia, S.C.
Friday's results
Game 1 Maryland 4, Old Dominion 3
Game 2 South Carolina 5, Campbell 2
Saturday's results
Game 3 Campbell 4, Old Dominion 1,
12 innings
Game 4 Maryland vs. South Carolina,
Today's games
Game 5 Campbell vs. Game 4 loser,
1 P.M.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, 7 p.m.
At Alfred A. McKethan Stadium,
Friday's results
Game 1 Long Beach State 6, North
Carolina 1
Game 2 College of Charleston 3,
Florida 2
Saturday's results
Game 3 North Carolina 5, Florida 2
Game 4 Long Beach State vs. College of
Charleston, late
Today's games
Game 5 North Carolina vs. Game 4 loser,
1 P.M.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, 7 p.m.
At A-Rod Park at Mark Light Field,
Coral Gables
Friday's results
Game 1 -Texas Tech 3, Columbia 2
Game 2 Miami 1, Bethune-Cookman 0
Saturday's results
Game 3 Bethune-Cookman 6, Columbia
Game 4 -Texas Tech 3, Miami 0
Today's games
Game 5 Bethune-Cookman vs. Game 4
loser, 2 p.m.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
inner, 7 p.m.
At Dick Howser Stadiu m, Tallahassee
Friday's results
Game 1 Kennesaw State 1, Alabama 0
Game 2 Georgia Southern 7, Florida
State 0
Saturday's results
Game 3 Ala ba ma 6, Florida State 5
Game 4 Kennesaw State vs. Georgia
Today's games
Game 5 -Ala ba ma vs. Ga me 4 loser, Noon
Game 6 -Game 4 winner vs.Game 5 win-
ner, 5 p.m.
At Jim Patterson Stadium, Louisville, Ky.
Friday's results
Game 1 Kansas 10, Kentucky 6
Game 2 Louisville 5, Kent State 0
Saturday's results
Game 3 Kentucky 4, Kent State 2
Game 4 Louisville 6, Kansas 3
Today's games
Game 5 Kentucky vs. Kansas, Noon
Game 6 Louisville vs. Game 5 winner,
5 p.m.
At Bart Kaufman Field,
Bloomington, Ind.

winner, 8 p.m.
At Goss Stadium at Coleman Field,
Corvallis, Ore.
Friday's results
Game 1 UC I rvine 10, UNLV 3
Game 2 Oregon State 2, North Dakota
State 1
Saturday's results
Game 3 UNLV 2, North Dakota State 1
Game 4 UC-lrvine vs. UNLV, late
Today's games
Game5 UNLVvs. Game 4 loser, 5 p.m.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, 11 p.m.
At Baggett Stadium,
San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Friday's resulIts
Game 1 Pepperdine 3, Arizona State 2
Game 2 Cal Poly 4, Sacramento State 2
Saturday's results
Game 3 Sacramento State 5, Arizona
State 4
Game 4 Pepperdine vs. Cal Poly, late
Today's games
Game 5 Sacramento State vs. Game 4
loser, 4 p.m.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, g p.m.

College softball

At ASA Hall of Fame Stadium,
Oklahoma City
Double Elimination; x-if necessary
Thursday's results
Game 1 Florida 11, Baylor 0, 5 innings
Game 2 Oregon 3, Florida State 0
Game 3 Kentucky 4, UL-Lafayette 1
Game 4 Alabama 6, Oklahoma 2
Friday's resulIts
Game 5 Florida 4, Oregon 0
Game 6 Alabama 2, Kentucky 0
Saturday's results
Game 7 Baylor 7, Florida State 2
Game 8 Oklahoma 3, UL-Lafayette 1
Game g9- Baylor 8, Kentucky 7
Game 10 Oregon vs. Oklahoma, late
Sunday's games
Game 11 Florida vs. Baylor, 1 P.m
Game 12 Alabama vs. Game 10 winner,
3:30 p.m.
x-Ga me 13 Florida vs. Baylor, 7 p.m.
x-Game 14 -Alabama vs. Game 10 win-
ner, 9:30 p.m.

Pro basketball

(Best-of-7;x-if necessary)
Miami 4, Indiana 2
May 18: Indiana 107, Miami 96
May 20: Miami 87, Indiana 83
May 24: Miami 99, Indiana 87
May 26: Miami 102, Indiana 90
May 28: Miami 93, Indiana 90
May 30: Miami 117, Indiana 92
San Antonio 4, Oklahoma City 2
May 19: San Antonio 122, Okla. City 105
May 21: San Antonio 112, Okla. City 77
May 25: Okla. City 106, San Antonio 97
May 27: Okla. City 105, San Antonio 92
May 29: San Antonio 117, Okla. City8g
Saturday: San Antonio 112, Okla. City 107

W L Pct GB
Chicago 5 1 .833 -
Atlanta 3 2 .600 112
Indiana 3 3 .500 2
Washington 2 2 .500 2
NewYork 2 4 .333 3
Connecticut 1 5 .167 4
W L Pct GB
Minnesota 6 0 1.000 -
Phoenix 3 1 .750 2
Los Angeles 2 1 .667 212
San Antonio 3 3 .500 3
Seattle 1 5 .167 5
Tulsa 0 4 .000 5

Friday's resulIts
Washington 68, New York 60
Atlanta 80, Seattle 69
Minnesota 88, San Antonio 72
Chicago 101, Connecticut 82
Phoenix 100,Tulsa 78
Saturday's result
Indiana 70, NewYork 66
Today's games
Atlanta at Connecticut, 3 p.m.
Los Angeles at Washington, 4 p.m.
Minnesota at San Antonio, 4:30 p.m.
Tulsa at Seattle, 9 p.m.

Pro hockey

(Best-of-7;x-if necessary)
N.Y. Rangers 4, Montreal 2
May 17: N.Y. Rangers 7, Montreal 2
May 19: NY Rangers 3, Montreal 1
May 22: Montreal 3, NY Rangers 2, OT
May 25: NY Rangers 3, Montreal 2, OT
May 27: Montreal 7, NY Rangers 4
May 29: N.Y. Rangers 1, Montreal 0
Los Angeles 3, Chicago 2
May 18: Chicago 3, Los Angeles 1
May 21: Los Angeles 6, Chicago 2
May 24: Los Angeles 4, Chicago 3
May 26: Los Angeles 5, Chicago 2
May 28: Cic5, Los Angeles 4,(2T

Toronto FC 5 4 1 16 14 13
Columbus 4 5 4 16 17 17
NewYork 3 5 6 15 20 22
Chicago 2 3 6 12 19 21
Philadelphia 2 7 5 11 16 24
Montreal 2 6 4 10 11 22
Seattle 9 3 2 29 29 21
Real Salt Lake 6 1 6 24 23 17
Colorado 5 4 3 18 16 15
FC Dallas 5 6 3 18 22 22
Vancouver 4 2 5 17 18 14
Portland 3 3 7 16 20 20
Los Angeles 4 3 3 15 14 9
San Jose 3 4 4 13 13 12
Chivas USA 2 6 4 10 13 22
NOTE: Three points for victory, one point
for tie.
Tuesday's results
Sporting Kansas City 1, New York 1, tie
Wednesday's results
Portland 2, Chivas USA 0
Saturday's results
Seattle FC 4, Real Salt Lake 0
Toronto FC 3, Columbus 2
D.C. United 1, Sporting Kansas City 0
Montreal 2, New England 0
San Jose at FC Dallas, late
Philadelphia at Chivas USA, late
Today's games
Los Angeles at Chicago, 4 p.m.
Houston at Colorado, 8 p.m.
Vancouver at Portland, 9 p.m.
Wednesday's games
Real Salt Lake at Columbus, 7:30 p.m.
Chicago at Colorado, 9 p.m.
Friday's games
Sporting Kansas City at Houston, 8:30 p.m.
Saturday's games
San Jose at Toronto FC, 4 p.m.
Columbus at D.C. United, 6:30 p.m.
Vancouver at Philadelphia, 7 p.m.
Seattle FC at Chicago, 8:30 p.m.
Colorado at FC Dallas, 8:30 p.m.
Portland at Real Salt Lake, 10 p.m.
Seattle 7 0 2 23 19 7
Chicago 6 2 1 19 15 6
FC Kansas City 4 4 3 15 18 16
Portland 4 3 2 14 10 10
Washington 4 4 1 13 17 18
Western NewYork 3 3 2 11 13 11
Sky Blue FC 2 4 4 10 10 15
Boston 2 6 0 6 11 19
Houston 1 7 1 4 8 19
NOTE: Three points for victory, one point
for tie.
Wednesday's results
Chicago 2, Sky Blue FC 0
Boston 4, Portland 1
Saturday's results
Houston 2,Western New York 1
Today's games
Seattle FC at Sky Blue FC, 6 p.m.
Washington at Boston, 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday's games
Western NewYork at FC Kansas City, 8 p.m.
Washington at Chicago, 8 p.m.
Saturday's games
Boston at FC Kansas City, 8 p.m.
Western NewYork at Portland, 10 p.m.
Chicago at Seattle FC, 10 p.m.

Pro football

West Division
Arizona 10 0 0 1.000 663 477
Los Angeles 2 8 0 .200 336 495
San Antonio 1 9 0 .100 447 566
Pacific Division
San Jose 7 3 0 .700 566 405
Spokane 5 5 0 .500 527 480
Portland 3 7 0 .300 407 510
South Division


- The San Antonio
Spurs are back in the
NBA Finals, beating the
Oklahoma City Thunder
112-107 in overtime on
Saturday in Game 6 to
set up a rematch with the
Miami Heat.
Tim Duncan had 19
points and 15 rebounds
for the Spurs, who will
play host to Game I on
Thursday as they try to
avenge last year's heart-
breaking seven-game
Boris Diaw scored 26
points for the Spurs, who
won despite point guard
Tony Parker missing the
entire second half and
overtime with left ankle
Russell Westbrook had
34 points, eight assists,
seven rebounds and
six steals, and Kevin
Durant added 31 points
and 14 rebounds for
the Thunder. Oklahoma
City overcame a
12-point deficit in the
fourth quarter to force
Spurs guard Tony
Parker missed the second

scored his team-leading seventh goal
of the season to lead D.C. United past
Sporting Kansas City. .. .
In Montreal, Andres Romero and
Jack Mclnerney scored in the Montreal
Impact's victory over the New England


California Chrome
"ready" after practice run:
In Elmont, N.Y., California Chrome is
revving up his bid to become the 12th
Triple Crown champion after a fast run
at Belmont Park.
He ran the 5 furlongs in 59 4/5
seconds on a fast main track at
Belmont Park.
Alan Sherman, the son of
77-year-old trainer Art Sherman and
his top assistant, said "he's ready."


Gatlin wins lO0-meter
dash at Prefontaine: In
Eugene, Ore., Justin Gatlin won the
100 meters with a wind-aided 9.76
seconds. Had it not been for the
breeze, Gatlin's time would have
been the best in the world so far this
season. It was the 2004 Olympic gold
medalist's third 100m title at the
Kirani James of Grenada edged
American Lashawn Merritt in a photo
finish to win the men's 400 meters at
the 40th annual Prefontaine Classic.
James, the gold medalist in the 2012
London Olympics, bested his rival by
leaning at the end to finish in 43.97
seconds, best in the world this season,
in the third IAAF Diamond league
event of the year. ...
In Goetzis, Austria, Kai Kazmirek
of Germany led the men's decathlon
after the opening day of the IAAF
World Challenge Hypo Meeting on
Saturday, and last year's winner
Brianne Theisen-Eaton built a slim
lead in the women's heptathlon.

Quintana closer to Giro
title: In Monte Zoncolan, Italy, Nairo
Quintana virtually clinched the Giro
d'Italia title with a strong ride up the
demanding Monte Zoncolan, while
Michael Rogers benefited from a fan
interruption to post his second stage
victory of the race.
Quintana's 3:07 lead ahead of
fellow Colombian Rigoberto Uran
remained unchanged entering today's
final stage.


Froch knocks out
Groves: Carl Froch knocked out
British rival George Groves in the
eighth round Saturday to retain his
WBA and IBF super-middleweight
titles in a rematch in front of 80,000
fans at Wembley Stadium.

F-rday's results
Game 1 Stanford 8, Indiana State 1
Game 2 -Indiana 1 0,Youngstown State 21
Saturday's results
Game 3 Youngstown State 5, Indiana
State 2
Game 4 -Indiana 4, Stanford 2
Today's games
Game 5 Youngstown State vs. Stanford,I
1 P.M.
Game 6 Indiana vs. Game 5 winner,
6 p.m.
At Hawkins Field, Nashville, Tenn.
Friday's results
Game 1 -Oregon 18, Clemson 1
Game 2 -Vanderbilt 11, Xavier 0
Saturday's results
Game 3 Xavier 6, Clemson 4
Game 4 Oregon vs.Vanderbilt, late
Today's games
Game 5 Xavier vs. Ga me 4 loser, 1 p.m.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, 8 p.m.
At Swayze Field, Oxford, Miss.
Friday's results
Game 1 Georgia Tech vs. Washington,
ppd. rain
Game 2 Mississippi vs. Jacksonville State,
ppd. rain
Saturday's results
Game 1 -Washington 8, Georgia Tech 0
Game 2 Mississippi 12, Jacksonville
State 2
Today's games
Game 3 Georgia Tech vs. Jacksonville
State, 2 p.m.
Game 4 Washington vs. Mississippi,"
6 p.m.
At Alex Box Stadium, Baton Rouge, La.
Friday's results
Game 1 LSU 8, Southeastern La. 4
Game 2 Houston 3, Bryant 2, 10 innings
Saturday's results
Game 3 Bryant 2, Southeastern La. 1
Game 4 LSU vs. Houston, late
Today's games
Game 5 Southeastern La. vs. Game 41
loser, 3 p.m.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5
winner, 8 p.m.
At M.L Moore Field, Lafayette, La.
Friday's results
Game 1 Mississippi State 5, San DiegoI
State 2
Game 2 -Jackson State 1, UL-Lafayette 0
Saturday's results
Game 3 UL-Lafayette 9, San Diego
State 2
Game 4 Mississippi State 3, JacksonI
State 1
Today's games
Game 5 UL-Lafayette vs. Jackson State,I
2 p.m.
Game 6 Mississippi State vs. Game 5
winner, 7 p.m.
At Allie P. Reynolds Stadium,
Stillwater, Okla.
Friday's results
Game 1 Cal State Fullerton 5, Nebraska 1
Game 2 -Oklahoma State 8, Binghamton 0
Saturday's results
Game 3 Nebraska 8, Binghamton 6
Game 4 Ca l State Fullerton vs. Oklahoma
Today's games
Game 5 Nebraska vs. Game 4 loser,
1 P.M.
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 51
winner, 7 p.m.
At Charlie and Marie Lupton Stadium,
Fort Worth, Texas
Friday's results
Game 1 Sam Houston State 2, Dallas
Baptist 1
Game 2 -TCtJ 2. Siena 1,.11 innings

Tampa Bay
New Orleans


6 4 0 .600 580 588
4 6 0 .400 504 555
3 7 0 .300 525 531
2 7 0 .222 403 514
East Division
9 0 01.000 463 374
7 3 0 .700 553 454
5 5 0 .500 570 560
5 5 0 .500 477 512

Friday's results
Tampa Bay 62, New Orleans 48
Spokane 58, Portland 48
Saturday's results
Pittsburgh 48, Cleveland 34
Orlando at Iowa, late
San Jose at Arizona, late
Todlay's game
San Antonio at Philadelphia, 5 p.m.
Friday's game
Arizona at Portland, 10 p.m.
Saturday's games
Spokane at Jacksonville, 3 p.m.
Philadelphia atTampa Bay, 5 p.m.
New Orleans at Pittsburgh, 5 p.m.
Orlando at San Antonio, 8 p.m.


American League
Daniel Nava to Pawtucket (IL). Recalled RHP
Rubby De La Rosa from Pawtucket. Sent
RHP Steven Wright to Pawtucket for a re-
hab assignment.
Jimmy Paredes to Omaha (PCL). Recalled
RHP Aaron Brooks from Omaha.
RHP Bobby Korecky for assignment. Re-
called RHP Marcus Stroman from Buffalo
National League
Thomas to Gwinnett (IL).
fael Montero to Las Vegas (PCL). Recalled
RHP Buddy Carlyle from LasVegas.
Wandy Rodriguez.
OscarTaveras from Memphis (PCL).
Frontier League
Tommy Mendoza. Released RHP Eric
Dan Meyer.
RHP Jhonny Montoya to Fargo-Moorhead
(AA) for a player to be named.
the contract of RHP Markus Solbach to the
Arizona Diamondbacks.
National Football League
ed Alex Santos to director of pro personnel.
Canadian Football League
Mike Cornell and SB Marcus Henry.
DBTerry Hawthorne.
National Hockey League
Smith to a three-year, entry-level contract.
Mike Yeo to a multi-year contract extension.
terms with D Jesse Graham on a three-year,
entry-level contract.

Saturday's results WESTER
Game 3 Siena 9, Dallas Baptist 8, 10 Texai
innings: May 23:Torontc'
Game 4 Sam Houston State vs.TCU, late May 26:Texas 6,1
Today's games May 28:Texas 3,1
Game 5 Siena vs. Game 4 loser, 3:30 p.m. May 29:Toronto,
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5 Stra:ea
winner, 8 p.m. ModyX Trn
At Reckling Park, Houston -Tuesday:Toron
Friday's results
Game1 -Texas 8,Texas A&M 1 S c e
Game 2 Rice 7, George Mason 2
Saturday's results
Game 3 -Texas A&M 7, George Mason 3 EASTER
Game 4 -Texas vs. Rice, late
Today's games New England
Game 5 Texas A&M vs. Game 4 loser, D.C.
4 p.m. Sporting Kansas(
Game 6 Game 4 winner vs. Game 5 Houston

(as 3, Toronto 2
to 5, Texas 1
6,Toronto 3
3,Toronto 2
to 4, Texa s 1
is 2,Toronto 1
ito at Texa s, 8:30 p.m.
nto at Texas, 8:30 p.m.

7 4 2 23 21 16
6 4 3 21 18 14
isCity 5 5 4 19 19 14
5 7 2 17 16 24

NBA: I-n Ane I ,Olhm I T 7A T

Spurs earn trip

to NBA Finals


Sports on TV

5 pm.
ESPNEWS San Antonio at Philadelphia
1 P.M.
FOX NASCAR, Sprint Cup, FedEx 400, at
Dover, Del.
3:30 pm.
ABC- IndyCar, Indy Dual in Detroit, race 2
4 pm.
ESPN2 NHRA, Sumnmernationals, at En-
glishtown, NJ. (same-day tape)
1 P.M.
ESPNU NCAA, Division I playoffs, region-
als, teamsTBD
4 pm.
ESPNU NCAA, Division I playoffs, region-
als, teamsTBD
1 P.M.
ESPN -World Series, game 11, Florida vs.
Baylor, at Oklahoma City
3:30 pm.
ESPN -World Series, game 12, Alabama
vs.TBD, at Oklahoma City
7 pm.
ESPNU World Series, game 13 or 14,
teamsTBD, at Oklah oma City (if necessary)
9:30 pm.
ESPNU World Series, game 14, teams
TED, at Oklahoma City (if necessary)
7 a.m.
TGC European PGA Tour, Nordea Mas-
ters, final round, at Malmo, Sweden
TGC PGA Tour, The Memorial Tourna-
ment, final round, at Dublin, Ohio
2 pm.
TGC LPGA, ShopRite Classic, final round,
at Galloway, NJ.
2:30 pm.
CBS PGA Tour, The Memorial Tourna-
ment, final round, at Dublin, Ohio
5 pm.
TGC Champions Tour, Principal Charity
Classic, final round, at Des Moines, Iowa
1 P.M.
FSFL- Atlanta at Miami
SUN -Tampa Bayat Boston
2 pm.
MLB- Regional coverage, San Francisco at
St. Louis or Baltimore at Houston
WGN Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee
8 P.M.
ESPN2 Pittsburgh at LA. Dodgers
7 a.m.
FS1 MotoGP World Championship,
Grand Prix of Italy, at Scarperia, Italy
12:30 pm.
FS1 MotoGP Moto3, Grand Prix of Italy,
at Scarperia, Italy (same-day tape)
1:30 pm.
FS1 MotoGP Moto2, Grand Prix of Italy,
at Scarperia, Italy (same-day tape)
8 P.M.
NBCSN Playoffs, conference finals, game
7, Los Angeles at Chicago
2 pm.
NBCSN USA Sevens Collegiate Champi-
onship, pool play, teams TBA, at Philadel-
4 pm.
NBC USA Sevens Collegiate Champion-
ship, championship rounds, teams TED, at
1:30 pm.
ESPN2 Men's national teams, exhibition,
United States vs.Turkey, at Harrison, NJ.
1 P.M.
NBC- French Open, round of 16, at Paris
5 a.m.
ESPN2 French Open, round of 16, at Paris

Glantz-Culver Line

National League
at Miami -115 Atlanta +105
at Philadelphia -135 NewYork +125
at Milwaukee -135 Chicago +125
at St. Louis -125 San Francisco +115
at Arizona -115 Cincinnati +105
at Los Angeles -190 Pittsburgh +180
American League
at NewYork -115 Minnesota +105
atToronto -170 Kansas City +160
at Boston -165 Tampa Bay +1551
at Houston -105 Baltimore -105
at Oakland -135 Los Angeles +125
Detroit -145 at Seattle +135
at Cleveland -115 Colorado +105
Texas -115 atWashington +105
at Chicago (AL) -170 San Diego +1601
at San Antonio 51/2 (206) Oklahoma City
(if necessary)
at Chicago -150 Los Angeles +130

Pro baseball

LosAngeles 000 302 000 5 70
Oakland 511 020 00x 9110
Richards, LeBlanc (1), Kh 8 n anta

Pittsburgh 001 100 000 -2 61
LosAngeles 000 000 010- 1 71
Liriano, Ju.Wilson (6), Watson (7), Melancon
(8), Grilli (9) and R.Martin; Beckett, Maholm
(6), C.Perez (7), B&Wil son (8), Howell (9) and
Butera. W-Liriano 1-5. L-Beckett 3-2.
Sv-Grilli (7). HRs-Pittsburgh, I.Davis (4).

College baseball

Double Elimination;
x-if necessary
At Daven port Field, Charlottesville, Va.
Friday's results

Saturday's result
San Antonio 112, Okla. City 107, OT
Thursday's game
Miami at San Antonio, 9 p.m.

half because of left ankle
soreness. He had eight
points in the first half,
then was sitting on the
bench when the third
quarter started. Cory
Joseph replaced him in
San Antonio's lineup.
Now it's the Spurs and
the Heat in the NBA
Finals for the second
straight season. Miami
eliminated Indiana
in Game 6 of the East
series Friday night. The
Heat topped the Spurs
in a classic seven-game
series a year ago for
their second consecutive
The last Finals rematch
came in 1998, when
Michael Jordan and the
Chicago Bulls topped the
Utah Jazz for the second
straight season.
Game I is Thursday
night in San Antonio.


- Jordan Strickland hit a
pair of two-run homers,
Heather Stearns and
Whitney Carrion com-
bined on a five-hitter and
Baylor beat Florida State
7-2 Saturday in a Women's
College World Series
elimination game.
Florida State's nation-
al player of the year,
pitcher LaceyWaldrop,
struggled for a second
straight game. After
giving up 10 hits in a 3-0
loss to Oregon, Waldrop
(38-7) surrendered six
hits to the Bears in four
innings, including three
in a three-run second
inning highlighted by
Strickland's first homer.
Trailing 5-0 in the fifth,
Florida State (55-9) got a
two-out, two-run double
from Briana Hamilton off
Stearns (14-4). But with
the potential tying run at
the plate, Carrion retired
Kelly Hensley. ...
Kelsey Stevens allowed six hits,
Brittany Williams hit a two-run
first-inning double and defending
NCAA softball champion Oklahoma
beat Louisiana-Lafayette 3-1 in an
elimination game ....
Kaitlyn Thumann doubled and
scored on an error in the bottom of
the eighth inning as Baylor rallied
from a seven-run deficit to stun
Kentucky 8-7 in an elimination
game. Baylor (49-15) advanced to
play fifth-seeded Florida today. The
13th-seeded Bears would have to
beat Florida (52-12) twice to advance
to the best-of-three finals, while
Florida needs one win to advance.


Documents suggest
corruption in Qatar
World Cup bid: In London, a
British newspaper said it obtained
documents proving that a former
member of FIEAs executive committee
made payments totaling $5 million to
senior football officials in return for
support for Qatar's successful bid for
the 2022 World Cup ....
In Major league Soccer action
in Seattle, Marco Pappa, Chad
Barrett and Obafemi Martins scored
second-half goals and the Seattle
Sounders ended Real Salt lake's
season-opening unbeaten streak at 12
with a 4-0 victory in a game between
the league's two top teams ....
In Toronto, Jermain Defoe scored
twice and Doneil Henry headed in the
winner in injury time in Toronto FCs
victory against Columbus. .. .
In Washington, Fabian Espindola

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


P ow e r NASCAR Sprint 14.(13)Sebastian Saavedra
15. (5) Ryan Briscoe, Chevro
Cup Series 16.(21)Ryan Hunter-Reay,
Cup Se ies 117. (22) Mikhail Aleshin, Hon(
FEDEX400 18. (15)Takuma Sato, Honda
After Friday qualifying; racetoday 19. (3) Jack Hawksworth, Ho
w in s i S1 At Dover International Speedway 20. (14) Josef Newgarden, I
Dover, Del. tact.
Dt o Laplength 1 mile 21.(4) Mike Conway, Chevro
(Car number in parentheses) 22. (17) Simon Pagenaud,
D1. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 164.444 mph. tact.
2. (18) Kyle Busch,Toyota, 163.785. Race Statisti,
3 (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 163.688. Winners average speed: 9
4. (48) JimmieJohnson, Chevrolet, 163362. Time of race: 1:49:29.9323.
5.(42) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 163.08. Margin of victory: 0.3308 !
a r 6.(24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 163.066. Cautions: 4 for 17 laps.
7. (11) Denny Hamlin,Toyota, 163.066. Lead changes: 10among
8. (4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 162.499.
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 9.(55)(Brian VickersToyota, 162.411. NASCAR
10. (15) Clint BowyerToyota, 162.243.
DETROIT ill Power 11. (47) A J Allmendinger, Chevrolet,
DETROIT -Will Power 162.155.'Na i n de
won the first of two week- 12. (16)(Greg Biffle, Ford, 160.995. BUCKLEUP2
end races at the Detroit 13 (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr, Chevrolet At Dover international
Grand Prix.162933 Dover, Del.
14.(31) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 162.903. Laplength 1 mile
Power finished 0.3308 15. (27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 162.889. (Start position in par
16.(78) Martin TruexJr., Chevrolet, 162.844. 1. (4) Kyle Busch,Toyota, 200
seconds ahead of Graham 17.(5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 162.69. ing, 0 points,$43,590.
Rahal on the bumpy, 18. (66) Brett Moffitt,Toyota, 162.602. 2. (5) Trevor Bayne, Ford,
19. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 162.58. $42,690.
13-turn, 2.36 mile street 20.(14)TonyStewart, Chevrolet, 16255. 3. (1) Joey Logano, Forc
circuit on Belle Isle. 21.(20) Matt Kenseth,Toyota, 162.536. $28,865.
The second race of 22.(13)CaseyMears, Chevrolet, 162.25. 4. (6) Matt Kenseth, Toyota
23. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 162.155. $21,665.
the Detroit Grand Prix is 24. (41)(Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 162.009. 5. (2) Chase Elliott, Chevrole
today. This is the first of 25.(43)Aric Almirola, Ford, 161.754. $26,015.
26.(17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 161.747. 6. (7) Kyle Larson, Chevrole
three doubleheaders in 27. (9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 161.725. $16,765.
IndyCar this season. 28. (10) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, 161.623. 7. (3) Brian Scott, Chevrole
29. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 161.573. $22,150.
Busch adds Nationwide 30.(51)Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet, 160.887. 8. (12) Ty Dillon, Chevrole
31.(26) ColeWhitt, Toyota, 160.592. $21,910.
win: Kyle Busch won his second race 32. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 160.435. 9. (9) Elliott Sadler, Toyota
of the weekend at Dover, taking the 33. (98) Josh Wise, Chevrolet, 160.206. $21,515.
Nationwide Series racetosethimself 34.(34)(David Ragan, Ford, 159.419 10. (11)(Regan Smith,Chevr
35. (23) Alex Bowman, Toyota, 159.391. $23,415.
up for a tripleheader sweep. 36. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 159.2. 11. (8) Chris Buescher, Ford
Busch followed his dominant win in 37 (44) J J Yeley, Chevrolet, owner points. $20,865.
38. (36) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet, points. 12. (10) Brendan Gaughan,
the Truck Series with another stellar run 39. (7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet, points. 85.8,32, $20,740.
in Nationwide. He led 124of200 laps 40.(33) David Stremme, Chevrolet, points. 13. (16) Ryan Sieg, Chevrole
41.(83) Ryan Truex,Toyota, points. $20,640.
for his 66th career victory in NASCAR's 42. (77)(Dave Blaney, Ford, points. 1413) LandonCassill, Che
second-tier series. 43. (32) Blake Koch, Ford, points. 30, $20,515.
Trevor Bayne was second, followed 15. (21) James Buescher, Tc
by Joey Logano, Matt Kenseth and IndyCar 29,$21,290 A
16.0(19) Dakoda Armstrong,f
Chase Elliott. Logano had won the last CHEVROLET INDY DUAL IN DETROIT 28, $20,365.
four Nationwide races at Dover. Race 1 17. (23) Joe Nemechek,Toy
At The Raceway at Belle Isle Park, Detroit $20,290.
Lap length 2.346 miles 18. (25) Jeff Green, Toyota
Pedregon tops Funny (Starting position in parentheses) $20,240.
Car qualifying: Cruz Pedregon All cars Dallara chassis 19 .(22) Paulie HarrakaToyc
1. (16) Will Power, Chevrolet, 70. $20,190.
topped Funny Car qualifying in the
2. (9) Graham Rahal, Honda, 70. 20. (29) Jeremy Clements,
NHRA Summernationals, with his 3. (8)Tony Kanaan, Chevrolet, 70. 59.1,24, $20,840.
track-record 3.959-second effort 4. (19)Justin Wilson, Honda, 70. 21. (27) Timmy Hill, Chevro
5. (1) Helio Castroneves, Chevrolet, 70. $20,085.
(310.48 mph) from Friday holding up. 6.(2) James Hinchcliffe, Honda, 70. 22. (14) Mike Bliss, Toyota
It is Pedregon's 56th No. 1 qualifier and 7. (11) Carlos Munoz, Honda, 70. $19,980.
S8.(12) Carlos Huertas, Honda, 70. 23. (28) Joey Gase, Chevro
second of the season. 9. (20) Charlie Kimball, Chevrolet, 70. $19,905.
Doug Kalitta took the No. 1 spot in 10. (18)(Marco Andretti, Honda, 70. 24. (32) Derrike Cope, Chex
11. (10) Scott Dixon, Chevrolet, 70. 20, $19,830.
Top Fuel, and Allen Johnson topped the 12. (6) Juan Pablo Montoya, Chevrolet, 70. 25. (33) Josh Reaume, Dodc
Pro Stock lineup. 13. (7) Sebastien Bourdais, Chevrolet, 70. $20,280.

, Chevrolet, 70.
olet, 70.
Honda, 69.
nda, 68.
a, 66.
onda, 65.
Honda, 36, con-
olet, 14, contact.
Honda, 4, con-
7 drivers.


26.(17) Dylan I
63.8,18, $197!
27. (15) Ryan
28. (20) JJ. Y
29. (26) Tanne
15, $19,530.
30. (39) Jeffre
39.2,14, $19,78
31. (18) Cale C
32. (38) MikeH
33. (24) Josh
50.6, 0, $19,301
34.(35) Carl Lo
35. (31)Tomm
tion, 29,42.4,9,
36. (30) Todd B

00 37 .4u) vMorgi
I Speedway gine, 13,36.6,
38. (37) Ryan El
13, 30.3, 6, $12
rentheses) 39. (36) Matt D
0 laps, 149.7 rat- tion, 10, 27.6,5
40. (34) Blake
200, 115.5, 42, 29.3,4,$12,02(
d, 200, 127, 0, Averagespee
Timeof race:
a, 200, 114.6, 0, Margin ofvict
Caution flags:
t, 200,114.8,40, Lead changes
Lap leaders: C
et, 200, 101.3, 0, K.Busch 77-20
et, 200, 108, 37, NHRA
t, 200, 99.5, 36,
a, 200, 94.2, 35, At Old Bridg
rolet,200,96,34, : TOP FUEL 1.
327.66 mph
d, 200, 89.3, 33, 108.20; 2. Ric[
vs.15.Dom La(
,Chevrolet, 200, Langdon, 3.7e
Millen, 3.841,
et, 200, 86.4, 31, 3.777, 324.67
319.82; 5. Britt
vrolet, 199, 78.2, 12. Spencer Mi
oyota, 198, 79.1,: griff, 3.804, 31,
321.04 vs. 10.
,Ford, 198,73.6, Tony Schuma(
tron Brown, 3.;
/ota, 198, 66.4,0, FUNNY CAR
Camry, 3.959,!
a, 198, 64.3, 26, Chevy Impala
sham, Camry,
ota, 197,61.9,25, Pedregon, Car
Hight, Ford M
Chevrolet, 197, Bob Tasca Ill,
John Force, M
olet, 196, 51.1,0, Matt Hagan, D
5. Jack Beckn
a, 195, 68.8, 22, vs. 12. Chad H
Alexis DeJoria,
olet, 195, 47, 21, Jeff Arend, Chi
ney Force, ML
vrolet, 194, 44.8, Tim Wilkerson
Tommy Johns(
ge, 192,38.6,19, vs. 9Ron Capr
Not Qualify: 17

Kwasniewski, Chevrolet, 188,
Reed, Ford, 187, 70.7, 17,
Yeley, Dodge, 186, 59.3, 16,
r Berryhill, Dodge, 180, 39.5,
ey Earnhardt, Chevrolet, 171,
Conley, Chevrolet, accident,
Harmon, Dodge, suspension,
Wise, Chevrolet, engine, 78,
ong,Toyota, clutch, 44, 43,10,
y Joe Martins, Dodge, vibra-
Bodine, Chevrolet, engine, 15,
an Shepherd, Chevrolet, en-
7, $12,240.
lis, Chevrolet,wheel bearing,
)iBenedetto, Chevrolet, vibra-
Koch, Toyota, vibration, 8,
Race Statistics
d of winner: 114.741 mph.
story: 1.005 seconds.
:4 for 27laps.
: 3 among 3 drivers.
C. Elliott 1-18;J. Logano19-76;

e Township Raceway Park
nglishtown, N.J,
Doug Kalitta, 3.748 seconds,
vs. 16. Clay Millican, 6.081,
hie Crampton, 3.750, 326.95
agana, 3.894,316.38;3. Shawn
61, 327.27 vs. 14. Terry Mc-
321.19; 4. Steve Torrence,
vs. 13. Morgan Lucas, 3.823,
tany Force, 3.777, 324.44 vs.
assey,3.811,320.36;6. Khalid
77,322.27vs. 11. BobVander-
9.75; 7. Leah Pritchett, 3.779,
J.R. Todd, 3.787, 321.65; 8.
cher, 3.784, 316.75 vs. 9 An-
786, 319.07.
1. Cruz Pedregon, Toyota
310.48 vs. 16. Terry Haddock,
,4.245, 289.51; 2. Del Wor-
3.994, 321.04 vs. 15. Tony
nry, 4.167, 287.17; 3. Robert
mustang, 4.014, 316.45 vs. 14.
Mustang, 4.154, 303.64; 4.
ustang, 4.015, 310.48 vs. 13.
odge Charger, 4.080,308.50;
man, Charger, 4.017, 318.99
ead, Camry, 4.080, 312.28; 6.
Camry, 4.027, 314.31 vs. 11.
larger, 4.071,310.63; 7. Court-
ustang, 4.030, 319.14 vs. 10.
, Mustang, 4.055, 311.70; 8.
on Jr., Charger, 4.048, 311.27
ps, Charger, 4.054,307.65. Did
7. Mike Smith, 6.275,107.40.

0 COLLEGE ATHLETICS: Video likeness lawsuit

Game maker strikes

a $40 million deal

Payments could

go to more than
100,000 athletes
A $40 million settle-
ment has been completed
that will pay college
football and basketball
players dating to 2003 for
the use of their likeness-
es in NCAA-branded
The payouts could go
to more than 100,000
athletes, including some
current players, who were
either on college rosters
or had their images used
in videogames made by
Electronic Arts featuring
college teams. Lawyers
for the plaintiffs say it
would be the first time
college athletes will be
paid for the commercial
use of their images.

Depending on how
many athletes apply
for the settlement, the
payments could range
from as little as $48 for
each year an athlete was
on a roster to $951 for
each year the image of
an athlete was used in a
The settlement is
with Electronic Arts and
Collegiate Licensing
Co., which licenses and
markets college sports,
and does not include the
NCAA. The case against
the NCAA is scheduled for
trial early next year.
Plaintiffs in the case,
which dates to 2009, con-
tend the NCAA conspired
with Electronic Arts and
Collegiate Licensing
Co. to illegally use their
images in videogames.
U.S. District Judge
Claudia Wilken still must
approve the proposed

* NHL: Western Conference finals

Last Cup spot

rides on Game 7


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CHICAGO -Jonathan
Quick would rather be
resting than staring at
another seventh game.
There's not much he can
do about that now.
A wild and memorable
Western Conference final
between Los Angeles
and the comes down to a
win-or-go-home Game 7
in Chicago tonight.
"I guess we can get
used to it," Quick, the
Kings' goalie, said after
a 4-3 loss in Game 6 on
Friday in Los Angeles.
"We don't want to be used
to it. If you play Game
7s throughout the whole
playoffs, it is going to
be pretty tough on your
body. Whatever. We're in
this situation. Before the
series if we were asked,
'Would you want to go to

Friday's result
Chicago 4, Los Angeles 3
Today's game
Los Angeles at Chicago, 8 p.m.
For series glance, see
Scoreboard, Page 6

Game 7 against Chicago?'
and be put in that spot, a
one-game thing, I think
we would take it."
It'll be the third Game
7 of the postseason for
the Kings, who dropped
the first three games
in the opening round
against San Jose and then
went the distance with
Anaheim. They blew a 3-1
series lead to Chicago.
The winner today plays
host to the New York
Rangers in Game 1 of
the Stanley Cup finals on

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0 .erasbas. bl S." ]

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Sarasota, FL 34240

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~Page8 SP The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014


Feds probing

Mickelson trades

Watson takes

Memorial lead


DUBLIN, Ohio Hall
of Fame golfer Phil
Mickelson confirmed
that FBI agents inves-
tigating insider trading
approached him this
week at the Memorial
Tournament. The five-
time major champion
said Saturday he has
done "absolutely nothing
A federal official briefed
on the investigation told
The Associated Press the
FBI and Securities and
Exchange Commission
are analyzing trades
Mickelson and Las Vegas
gambler Billy Walters
made involving Clorox
at the same time activist
investor Carl Icahn was at-
tempting to take over the
company. When Icahn's
intent became public, the
stock price jumped.
Smiling as he stood be-
fore a room packed with
reporters and cameras,
Mickelson said the case
had not been a distrac-
tion until FBI agents
approached him after his
opening round Thursday.
The federal official told
the AP that Mickelson

and Walters placed their
trades about the same
time in 2011. Investigators
are looking into whether
Icahn shared information
of his takeover attempt
with Walters, and whether
Walters passed that infor-
mation to Mickelson.
Watson takes Memorial
lead: Bubba Watson shot a 3-under
69 for his third straight round in the
60s to take a one-shot lead on Scott
Langley in the Memorial in Dublin,
Ohio. Watson was at 12-under 204 and
in position for his third win of the year.
He is 11 under on the par 5s, the key to
scoring at Muirfield Village.
Lewis matches ShopRite
record: Stacy Lewis moved into
position to take the top spot in the
world, shooting a bogey-free 8-under
63 to match the 36-hole record in the
ShopRite LPGA Classic in Galloway
Township, N.J. The second-ranked Lewis
had a 12-under 130 total on the Bay
Course at Stockton Seaview Hotel and
Golf Club. First-round leader Jennifer
Johnson shot a 70 and is two shots
Garwood surges into
lead: Doug Garwood shot a 7-under
65 to take a one-shot lead after the
second round of the Champions Tour's
Principal Charity Classic in Des Moines,
Iowa. Garwood had an 11-under 133
total at Wakonda Club. Michael Allen,
the Allianz Championship winner in
February, was second after a 66. Mark
Calcavecchia and Tom Pernice Jr. were
9 under. Calcavecchia had a 69, and
Pernice shot 67.

Call941-625-0680For More Info or To Book A Tee Tinme

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18 holes with 1/2 cart Regular Price $19
Tee Times 6 days in advance.
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Golf& Country Club *tax is not included

Sample Course List
- Bobcat Trail Golf Club
- Boca Royale Golf
& Country Club
- Calusa Lakes Golf Club
- Capri Isles Golf Club
- Heron Creek Golf
& Country Club
- Highlands Course
at The Meadows
- IMG Academy Golf Club
- Jacaranda West
Country Club
- Kingsway Country Club
- Legacy Golf Club
- Myakka Pines Golf Club
- Palm Aire Country Club
(2 courses)
- River Strand Golf
& Country Club
- River Wilderness Golf
& Country Club
- Rotonda Golf & Country
Club (5 courses)
- Tatum Ridge Golf Links
- University Park Country Club
- Venetian Golf & River Club
- Waterford Golf Club


PGA Tour Bekya
At Muirfield Village G.C, Dublin, Ohio Karrie
Purse: $6.2 million Sydne
Yardage: 7,392; Par 72 Laura
Third Round Sarah
Bubba Watson 66-69-69-204 Miche
Scott Langley 72-66-67-205 Meen.
Hideki Matsuyama 70-67-69-206 HeeYc
Adam Scott 69-70-68-207 Suzan
Chari Schwartzel 72-69-67-208 Azaha
Jordan Spieth 69-72-67-208 Mina I
Billy Horschel 71-69-68-208 Paola
Robert Streb 72-67-69-208
Brendon Todd 71-68-69-208
Paul Casey 66-66-76-208 Ch
Ben Martin 72-72-65-209
Andrew Svoboda 72-69-68-209
Ben Curtis 69-71-69-209
BoVan Pelt 72-72-66-210
LukeGuthrie 75-69-66-210
Rory Mcllroy 63-78-69-210
Scott Brown 70-69-71-210
Ryan Moore 68-70-72-210 Doug
Chris Kirk 66-70-74-210 Micha
Kevin Stadler 72-71-68-211 Tom F
Justin Leonard 68-75-68-211 Mark'
Ernie Es 70-72-69-211 Chien
Brendon deJonge 73-69-69-211 Joe Di
Steve Stricker 71-70-70-211 John F
Jason Day 72-69-70-211 Wes S
Jason Dufner 71-69-71-211 Tom L
Kevin Na 72-69-70-211 Steve
Justin Hicks 73-67-71-211 JeffH
CamiloVillegas 71-68-72-211 Tomrr
Hunter Mahan 68-70-73-211 Jay Ha
Daniel Summerhays 74-70-68-212 ScottS
Matt Kuchar 74-69-69-212 BobG
Keegan Bradley 67-75-70-212 Mark'
Robert Garrigus 72-70-70-212 Rick F
Bill Haas 73-67-72-212 Bobby
Marc Leishman 71-68-73-212 Olin B
Martin Flores 69-68-75-212 Mark m
Thorbjorn Olesen 71-67-74-212 Roger
David Hearn 71-73-69-213 Willie'
Cameron Tringale 73-70-70-213 Bart B
Aaron Baddeley 69-74-70-213 Mark l
FreddieJacobson 71-71-71-213 Gene
Justin Thomas 73-68-72-213 Duffy
!Jim Furyk 73-68-72-213 Tom F
Dustin Johnson 73-68-72-213 Fred F
Luke Donald 71-69-73-213 MikeGC
Kiradech Aphibarnrat 73-71-70-214 KirkTr
David Lingmerth 72-72-70-214 JeffCc
Ryo Ishikawa 72-71-71-214 Wayne
Phil Mickelson 72-70-72-214 Larry
CharleyHoffman 69-72-73-214 Bill GIa
NickWatney 69-71-74-214 David
GaryWoodland 71-68-75-214 Jeff SI
Charles Howell III 69-75-71-215 David
MichaelThompson 67-76-72-215 MarkM
KJ.Choi 73-71-72-216 BillyA
Stewart Cink 71-73-72-216 Ben Ba
Jason AlIred 74-68-74-216 Kohki
Chris Stroud 74-68-74-216 Loren
Mike F
LPGA Tour Marcc

At Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf
Club, Bay Course
Galloway Township, N.J.
Purse: $1.5 million
Yardage: 6,177; Par 71
Second Round
Stacy Lewis 67-63-13'
Christina Kim 64-67-13
Jennifer Johnson 62-70-13.
Anna Nordqvist 69-65-13
Gerina Piller 67-67-13
Haeji Kang 68-67-13
Inbee Park 66-70-13
Haru Nomura 63-73-13'
Julieta Granada 71-66-13
Doni Carter 69-68-13
Kim Kaufman 69-68-13
Brittany Lincicome 67-70-13
Na Yeon Choi 66-71 -13
Amy Anderson 70-68-13
Mi Hyang Lee 68-70-13
LindseyWright 68-70-13
Chella Choi 67-71 -13
Sandra Gal 67-71 -13
Shanshan Feng 74-65-13S
Christel Boeljon 71-68-13S
Mariajo Uribe 70-69-13S

Gil Mc
John I
Jose C


ny Lang
ee Michaels
a Lee
Young Park
nn Pettersen
ara Munoz

ampions Tour
AtWakonda Club
Des Moinse, Iowa
Purse: $1.75 million
Yardage: 6,910; Par: 72
Second Round
Garwood 68-65-
ael Allen 68-66-
PerniceJr. 68-67-
Calcavecchia 66-69-
Soon Lu 71-65-
urant 69-67-
Riegger 68-68-
hort,Jr. 66-70-
Lehman 69-68-
Lowery 67-70-
art 70-68-
nyArmour III 69-69-
aas 69-69-
Simpson 68-70-
Gilder 73-66-
O'Meara 71-68-
ehr 69-70-
,y Clampett 67-72-
rowne 74-66-
McNulty 74-66-
r Chapman 71-69-
Wood 71-69-
ryant 71-69-
Brooks 71-69-
Sauers 71-69-
Waldorf 70-70-
Purtzer 70-70-
Funk 70-70-
Goodes 70-70-
iplett 69-71-
oston 68-72-
e Levi 69-71-
Mize 74-67-
asson 72-69-
Eger 71-70-
uman 70-71-
Frost 70-71-
Mouland 68-73-
Andrade 75-67-
ates 75-67-
Idoki 73-69-
Roberts 70-72-
Reid 70-72-
'Mediate 69-73-
Dawson 68-74-
Senior 67-75-
Pate 76-67-
anToledo 74-69-
organ 73-70-
nman 72-71-
Coceres 71-72-

ropean Tour

At PGA Sweden National (Lakes)
Malmo, Sweden
Purse: $2.05 million
Yardage: 7,390; Par: 72
Third Round
HenrikStenson, Sweden 69-70-64-2
Eddie Pepperell, England 66-72-65-2
S. Gallacher, Scotland 67-72-65-2
Alvaro Quiros, Spain 71-67-66-2
Victor Dubuisson, France 69-69-67-2
Bradley DredgeWales 69-70-67-2
Romain Wattel, France 71-70-66-2
Rafa Cabrera-Bello, Spain 68-72-67-2
Thongchai Jaidee, Thailand 69-70-68-2
R. Derksen, Netherlands 70-71-67-2
Chris Doak, Scotland 70-69-69-2
James Morrison, England 70-73-66-2
Thomas Bjorn, Denmark 70-71-68-2

* TENNIS: French Open

Back offers

only drama in

Nadal's matches

Favorite makes

10 unforced
errors during
third-round rout

PARIS The closest
thing to intrigue or drama
involving Rafael Nadal on
Saturday came after his
31 st consecutive French
Open victory concluded.
That's when the eight-
time champion revealed
that a painful back is
slowing his serves and,
all in all, giving him more
trouble than his oppo-
nents so far.
For now, leave the on-
court theatrics to others.
Wimbledon champion
Andy Murray, for example,
was clutching at aching
hamstrings while being
taken to 7-all in the fifth
set by No. 28 Philipp
Kohlschreiber before
their third-round match
was suspended for fading
light. No. 23 Gael Monfils
acknowledged tanking a
set en route to a 5-7, 6-2,
6-4, 0-6, 6-2 victory over
No. 14 Fabio Fognini, who
was docked a point for
chucking his racket near a
ball boy.
"They make a good
show for the crowd,"
Nadal said. "Long match.
Crowd involved. Good for
Well, aside from the fact
that Monfils and Fognini
combined for more than
twice as many unforced
errors, 137, as winners, 66.
Nadal's play was much,
much cleaner: During the
entire course of his 6-2,
7-5, 6-2 win against 65th-
ranked Leonardo Mayer
of Argentina, the No.
1-seeded Spaniard made
10 unforced errors two
in the first set, three in the
second, five in the third.
He's dropped a total of
19 games through three
More worrisome would
be his back, which also
acted up in January during
a loss to Stan Wawrinka in
the Australian Open final.
"During my career, I
had (a) few problems....
Hopefully will not be (the)
case" the rest of the way in
Paris, Nadal said.
Against Mayer, Nadal
averaged only 102 mph
(165 kph) on first serves,
with a top speed of 114
mph (184 kph).

WHAT: Year's second Grand Slam
WHERE: Roland Garros, Paris
WHEN: Continues today at 5 a.m.
TODAY: No. 2 Novak Djokovic
vs. No. 13 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga,
No. 4 Roger Federer vs. No. 18
Ernests Gulbis, No. 6 Tomas
Berdych vs. No. 10 John Isner, No.
7 Andy Murray vs. No. 28 Philipp
Kohlschreiber (to resume at 7-7
in the fifth set of a third-round
match), No. 8 Milos Raonic vs.
Marcel Granollers; No. 7 Maria
Sharapova vs. No. 19 Samantha
Stosur, No. 8 Angelique Kerber
vs. No. 18 Eugenie Bouchard, No.
14 Carla Suarez Navarro vs. Ajla
Tomljanovic, Garbine Muguruza
vs. Pauline Parmentier.
FORECAST: Sunny. High of 70
degrees (21 Celsius).
be a machine, I would be No. 1
for 10 years, better than Serena."
Kuznetsova, a two-time major
champion, talking about how
she's not perfect.
Combined unforced errors and
winners in Monfils' five-set victory
over Fognini.
ONLINE: http://www.roland-

At Stade Roland Garros, Paris
Purse: $34.12 million (Grand Slam)
Surface: Clay-Outdoor
Men's Singles
Third Round
David Ferrer (5), Spain, def. Andreas Sep-
pi (32), Italy, 6-2,7-6 (2),6-3.
Dusan Lajovic, Serbia, def. Jack Sock,
United States, 6-4,7-5, 6-3.
Marcel Granollers, Spain, def. Martin Kli-
zan, Slovakia, 6-7 (5), 6-2, 7-6(4), 7-5.
Kevin Anderson (19), South Africa, def.
Ivo Karlovic, Croatia, 6-3, retired.
Rafael Nadal (1), Spain, def. Leonardo
Mayer, Argentina, 6-2,7-5,6-2.
Gael Monfils (23), France, def. Fabio Fog-
nini (14), Italy, 5-7,6-2,6-4,0-6,6-2.
Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, Spain, def. Don-
ald Young, United States, 6-2, 6-4, 2-6, 6-7
Women's Singles
Third Round
Svetlana Kuznetsova (27), Russia, def.
Petra Kvitova (5), Czech Republic, 6-7 (3),
Sloane Stephens (15), United States, def.
Ekaterina Makarova (22), Russia, 6-3,6-4.
Simona Halep (4), Romania, def. Ma-
ria-Teresa Torro-Flor, Spain, 6-3,6-0.
Lucie Safarova (23), Czech Republic, def.
Ana Ivanovic (11), Serbia, 6-3,6-3.
Jelena Jankovic (6), Serbia, def. Sorana
Cirstea (26), Romania, 6-1,6-2.
Sara Errani (10), Italy, def. Julia Glushko,
Israel, 6-0,6-1.
Kiki Bertens, Netherlands, def. Silvia Sol-
er-Espinosa, Spain, 6-2, 6-1.

That was down from
an average of 111 mph
(179 kph) and top of 122
mph (197 kph) in the first
round last Monday.
Through two matches,
Nadal faced five break
points and lost serve

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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014



:Page 2 The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

Feeling Fit


President and Publisher
David Dunn-Rankin

Feeling Fit Publisher
Dave Powell

Feeling Fit Editor
Karin Lillis

Medical Advertising Executive
Anthony Feroce

Medical Advertising Executive
Bibi R. Gafoor

Medical Advertising Executive
Fort Myers
Erick Sykes

Columnists and Contributors
Laureen Albrecht
Barbara Bean-Mellinger
Judy Buss
Tom Cappiello
Patricida Garlausky Horwell
Renee LePere
Bob Massey
Ted Robedee

Support group listings are published
as space permits. To have your group
included, send the information to

News briefs and announcements must be
received by noon on Monday to be included in
Sundays edition of Feeling Fit. Contact Karin
Lillis at feelingfitasun-herald com or call

Letters to the editor can be submitted by
e-mail to feelingfit ~sun-heraldcom, or they
can be mailed to Feeling Fit, 18215 Paulson
Drive, Port Charlotte, FL33954.

Your name and phone number must be
included for your letter to be considered.
Letters have to be kept to 250 words or fewer
and will be edited for length, grammar and
spelling.All letters mustbe signed with a
full name, not initials.An e-mail address and
telephone number must be included. The
phone number and e-mail address are not for
publication, but must be provided.

Feeling Fit is a weekly magazine published by
the Charlotte Sunlocated at 18215 Paulson
Drive, Port Charlotte, Ff 33954.

V A medical centers are making
t he news these days, and not in
V a good way. I am all for inves-
tigative journalism and the problems
it often helps to solve. Businesses
and government all survive because
of good people doing good things.
Businesses thrive and prosper because
of good management. Government
does also. Small businesses are easy
to track, and their successes are easy
to track by watching the numbers.
Government is more difficult because
the numbers are not as clear-cut as
they are in business. Small businesses
can easily be monitored but large busi-
nesses are another story.
I once was told by the territory vice
president of Sears that the company
was like a dinosaur who when you
bit the tail, the head would move two
years later. It is hard to make construc-
tive change in well-established, old
Look at the recent problems with
General Motors. The culture of GM
makes it difficult to fix problems. The
corporation's leaders are working at it.
I hope that they can overcome these
problems and again become one
of America's top auto makers. It is
difficult to change the course in a large
private company. Government is even
Now back to the VA medical centers.
They are big and they are govern-
ment-run. That is having two strikes
against you before you get to the start-
ing line. The VA medical centers are
a $48 billion company that has 1,710
facilities, including 152 hospitals. The
VA system servies 8.8 million veterans.
The problem reported is that some
facilities were cooking the books to
cover up unusually long wait times.
The first thing that this tells me is that
management had the reporting in
place that would tell them if they were
having a problem. This is easy: You
find out if the problem is people or
Management could, when alerted to
a problem, fix it. If they are not alerted
nothing happens. When someone sub-
verts the reporting to deceive the boss,
this leads to larger problems down the
road. I believe that when employees
deceive their employer, there is only
one solution. Get rid of the deceiver.
The culture of government is often,
not to make waves: "What my boss
does not know won't hurt as long as
it makes us look good." This policy
eventually burns someone.
I experienced the culture of gov-
ernment on a small scale in the 2010
census. At the time, I was in the
middle of one of my retirements and
decided that being a census taker
might be interesting. It was fun work
and I attacked it with gusto my first
day. In a few hours time I closed out
about 10 households. When I returned
to the office, my supervisor he said to
me, "What are you doing?" I said that
I thought that I did a good job, and
he told me that I had to slow down;
if we did it too fast, we would work
ourselves out of a job. In other words,
do a poor job so we could make more

Can't find it anywhere?
Don't give up check
the Classifieds!

Ch~roWeoo.F -Ekglcw d -NoA Pt Vcnim

Dave Powell
money. I really grasped the gravity of
the situation when I overheard a con-
versation between two of the census
takers. Their topic of conversation was
how many weeks they had to work
to qualify again for unemployment
Now, back to the VA, again. I tell that
story because it shows the culture that
exists in our government. Now before I
get emails and calls saying that not all
government workers operate that way,
I know that there are many hardwork-
ing dedicated professionals working
for our government. But the culture
is there and has been for many years.
Fifty years ago my wife worked for the
Census Bureau in Suitland, Md.. This

We have yc

mind with

locations t

better serv

was the headquarters for the bureau.
She was part-time, but they would still
call employees in when there was no
work. The bureau had to spend the
money that was allotted to it, or there
would be a budget cut the following
year. This is part of the culture of our
national government workforce.
I believe the problems with the VA
go much deeper than just cooking the
books and that reform of the culture
must occur. Yes, if you are guilty of
deception of any sort to keep up
appearances, you should lose your job
and benefits. Honest reporting is the
lifeblood of any organization big or
small, government or private.
What has happened in the VA to
some of our servicemen and women is
a disgrace. We know that the demand
on the system is huge. We have more
veterans needing help than we have
doctors and nurses to care for them.
Personally, I am a veteran and I
have been under the care of the local
VA for many years. I have found them
to be professional, competent and
courteous. I have a good friend that
has been a patient of the Bay Pines VA
Healthcare System and has nothing
but praise for the care that he receives.
I believe there is much more that is
good about the system than you would
be led to believe by the news services.
Let's fix it but not throw out the baby
with the bath water. Get honest
accounting, assess the need, and
direct our nations resources to solve
the problem.



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Changing the VA's business model


UNIT 102



oPage 2

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

TheR SunGNC /SnMJn ,04felnfcmwwsnesATERS~nt Pg





We are proud to treat many area residents in our ERs -

consistently beating the national ER Wait Time average!

Both hospitals are Joint Commission Top Performers on

Key Quality Measures, Accredited Chest Pain Centers

and Primary Stroke Centers. Our ERs are staffed and

equipped around the clock to provide you the highest

quality emergency care when you need it.

Tex 23000fo E


Fawcett Memorial Hospital

cU4 r M4 cawe*rZ ?OU15

Englewood Community Hospital
700 Medical Boulevard I Englewood, Florida 34223 i

Fawcett Memorial Hospital
21298 Olean Boulevard I Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 1

mmffmmmmmw l

..... .....................
.. ............


1111M ..... .....

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 3

.................. .......
........ .....

Health department encourages early immunization for students


Senthe school year resumes
In August, it's usually a mad
W dash to get children immu-
nized. The Florida Department of
Health (DOH) is encouraging parents
not to wait so long.
"Parents are usually very busy
trying to get their children ready for
school," said Dianne Shipley, health
educator/media liaison for the Florida
Department of Health in Sarasota
County. "By getting them immunized
now, you can avoid the last-minute
rush in late summer and ensure that
your children are adequately protected
against potentially life-threatening
diseases such as measles, whoop-
ing cough (pertussis), tetanus and
Immunizations have had an
enormous impact on improving the
health of children in the United States,
according to the Florida Department of
Health in Charlotte County.
Most parents today have never lived
through a serious epidemic one that
devastates families and communities,
where the mortality rate keeps climb-
ing. Vaccinations are still the best way
to protect infants, children and teens
from 16 potentially harmful illnesses
that could have terrible effects. Germs
that can cause vaccine-preventable
diseases and even death are still
around, and can easily transferred to
an adult or child who has not been
"In fact, outbreaks of measles and
whooping cough (pertussis) have
been reported in the news especially
during the last few years," Shipley said.
"Measles and outbreaks of whooping
cough (pertussis) have occurred in
Sarasota County and have been linked
to individuals who were not vaccinated
or updated on their vaccines.
"The 2009 outbreak of pertussis in
Sarasota County resulted in 20 indi-
viduals coming down with whooping
cough, which can be fatal in children
who are too young to be fully vacci-
nated. This compares to four people in
2010 and seven in 2011 who developed
whooping cough."
Children must be immunized
before enrolling at any Florida public
school, Shipley said. By the time a
child starts school, he or she should
have already had a number of required
In Sarasota County, proof of updates,
boosters and series completion is
required to enter schools for the first
time, and to advance to some grade
Electronic records are maintained
both by the state (Florida Shots


Immunization Registry) and the school
district. A Florida physician or health
department must complete a certifi-
cate that shows the student has been
immunized. Immunization records
are checked to assure they are current
before a student can register for classes.
Those who are coming from out-of-
state are not in the Florida registry, so
proof of vaccinations is important.
Certain immunizations are required
by the schools. A Florida physician or
health department must complete a
certificate that shows the student has
been immunized.
Children who do not have proof of
current vaccines will not be able to
attend school the first day, nor will they
be able to ride the school bus or partic-
ipate in extracurricular activities until
proof of updated vaccines is provided.
The state does allow for exempting
students from immunizations due to
religious reasons but with a caveat.
Children whose parents choose a reli-
gious or medical exemption from being
immunized they will not be allowed to
attend school if there is an outbreak of
a disease. This is to protect them from
"Parents who have children who will
be graduating from high school in the
next few weeks should know that many
colleges and universities, including
Florida public universities and colleges,
require proof of updated vaccinations
for enrollment and/or dormitory
living," Shipley said. "Vaccines are
only free while the student is enrolled

in school or under age 19 through the
federally-funded Vaccines for Children
(VFC) program. After high school
graduation, the cost of vaccines for
those who are no longer eligible for the
VFC program can exceed $300," Shipley
continued. "By acting now, families
can save money, meet college require-
ments, and avoid the last minute rush
in the summer, if they qualify for the
VFC Program; if not, we can bill private
insurance, which usually covers chil-
dren's immunizations without a co-pay,
"The recommended vaccines offer
safe and effective protection against
the most common and serious forms of
bacterial meningitis, tetanus, diphthe-
ria and pertussis (whooping cough),
hepatitis A and human papillomavirus
(HPV)," she added. "The protection
offered through some vaccines wanes
over time, so certain vaccines need to
be repeated to maintain an adequate
level of immunity, and some require
a serious of doses to confer full
While Sarasota County offers

vaccinations at health care service cen-
ters, the Charlotte County provides an
annual immunization clinic at each of
the four middle schools for sixth-grade
students. These immunizations are
required for student to enter seventh
grade. The school will give permission
slips to each student to bring home
and return with a parent's or guardian's
signature. Immunizations are also
given at all the Charlotte County health
department clinics, other county health
departments, or your private health
care provider. The immunizations are
free for all children up to the age of 18.
"When young people are current
on their vaccines," Shipley said,
"regardless of whether or not they are
college-bound, it reduces the likelihood
throughout their lifetime that they will
acquire vaccine-preventable diseases."
For more information, visit www.
index.htm (Sarasota County) or www.
immunizations.html (Charlotte

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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Managing Parkinson's disease through exercise


Cataract & Laser Institute

Bringing you the world's

most advanced technology.




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" Providing a"virtual reality"4
examination of the inside of the eye i
" As featured on the Dr. Oz show
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Port Charlotte and Punta Gord,


W en people hear the words
Parkinson's disease,"

IFV they don't often think of
health-related fitness as a simultane-
ous condition. However, many peo-
ple with Parkinson's are in fact very
physically fit. As a care coordinator
for Neuro Challenge Foundation for
Parkinson's, I have met Parkinson's
sufferers and Parkinson's fighters.
The fighters know very well the bene-
fits of exercise and strive to maintain
their health and fitness to the best of
their ability despite the challenges
they face.
Parkinson's disease is a neuro-
degenerative disease that is marked
by tremors, slowness of movement,
stiffness of muscles, and unsteady
Dr. Dean Sutherland, director
of the Southeastern Center for
Parkinson Disease in Sarasota, said
that "exercise is as important as
anything you can do for Parkinson's."
How can you become a Parkinson's
fighter? The first step is to un-
derstand the five components of
health-related fitness and how they
affect functionality.
The first component is maintaining
a healthy body composition. What
does this mean? Your weight should
be appropriate to your height, and
you should strive to have more
fat-free mass than fat mass in your
E PHOTO body. You can find out your body
mass index by going to the Center
for Disease Control's website (www. and accessing their BMI
calculator. Excessive fat in the body
can result in loss of muscle mass,
and muscle is something People with
Parkinson's should strive to maintain.
The second aspect of health-
related fitness is muscular strength.
Having strong muscles improves
posture, decreases the risk of
musculoskeletal injuries, and de-
creases the risk of osteoporosis.
Muscular strength helps people with
Parkinson's maintain independence.
The third component important
1 for health-related fitness is muscular
endurance; or the ability of a muscle
or group of muscles to work repeat-
.... edly over a period of time. An exam-
ple of muscular endurance would
% be the ability of the leg muscles to
for ride a stationary bike for 30 minutes.
People with Parkinson's will expe-
rience better posture and stability




(941) 629-EYES (3937)

proedr for pain i

or a nel-atfl. .IIgou

backon y{ Io :r 1f o -tie.


-June 11, 1:30 p.m., North Port Parkinson's
Wellness Club: "Driver Evaluation and
Rehabilitation" 5600 Peace River Road,
North Port
-June 25, 1:30 p.m., North Port Care
Partner Support Group with Carisa and
Parkinson's Empowerment Hour with
personal trainer, Kevin Langley, 5600
Peace River Road, North Port
-June 26, 10 a.m., Venice Parkinson's Well-
ness Club: "Driver Evaluation and Rehabili-
tation"Venice Chamber of Commerce, 597
Tamiami Trail South,Venice
-June 30, noon, North Port"Table Topics;'
Join us for lunch and presentation on
"Strategies to Enhance Cognitive Fitness"
with Carisa Campanella, 5600 Peace River
Road, North Port

if they are able to sustain muscular
Fourth, health-related fitness is
greatly enhanced by good cardio-
respiratory functioning. This is the
ability of the heart, blood vessels and
the lungs to work effectively together
to deliver oxygen to all the cells in
the human body. Activities of daily
living are more easily performed with
strong cardiorespiratory fitness.
Finally, the fifth component of
health-related fitness is flexibility, or
the ability of joints to move through
a full range of motion. People with
Parkinson's who maintain good flex-
ibility experience enhanced postural
stability and balance, and are less
like to fall. Being flexible also makes
it much easier to perform simple
tasks like bending over to tie your
shoes, pull a shirt on over your head,
or swing a golf club.
It's never too late to begin a
program towards improving your
health-related fitness. Your body
is designed to last a lifetime, and
you can help influence how well it
performs for you. Always get a physi-
cian's clearance before beginning an
exercise program. If you are new to
exercise, enlist the supervision of a
certified fitness professional.
Carisa Campanella is a care co-
ordinator for the Neuro Challenge
Foundation, with offices in Sarasota
and North Port. For more informa-
tion, call 941-926-6413 (Sarasota) or
941-928-5886 (North Port) or visit
www. neurochallenge. org.


Can Save So Many...

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 5


Study proves physical activity helps maintain mobility in older adults


It's something we've all heard for
years: Exercise can help keep older
adults healthy. But now a study, the
first of its kind to look at frail, older
adults, proves that physical activity
can help these people maintain their
mobility and dodge physical disability.
A new University of Florida (UF)
study shows daily moderate physical
activity may mean the difference
between seniors being able to keep
up everyday activities or becoming
housebound. In fact, moderate
physical activity helped aging adults
maintain their ability to walk at a rate
18 percent higher than older adults
who did not exercise.
"The very purpose of the study is
to provide definitive evidence that
physical activity can truly improve
the independence of older adults,"
said principal investigator Dr. Marco
Pahor, director of the UF's Institute on
What's more, moderate physical
activity not only helped older adults
maintain mobility but also helped
prevent the occurrence of long-term
mobility loss. Co-principal investi-
gator Dr. Jack Guralnik, a professor
of epidemiology and public health at
the University of Maryland School of
Medicine, said there was a 28 percent
reduction in people permanently
losing the ability to walk easily.
"The fact that we had an even bigger
impact on persistent disability is very
good," said Guralnik, who also holds
a faculty position at UE "It implies
that a greater percentage of the adults
who had physical activity intervention
recovered when they did develop
mobility disability."
The results were published in
the May issue of the Journal of
the American Medical Association
presented on May 27 at the annual
meeting of the American College of
Sports Medicine in Orlando.
Researchers showed that prescribed
daily physical activity can prevent
older adults' loss of mobility, defined
in the study as the ability to walk 400
meters, or about a quarter of a mile.
Although 400 meters might sound like
an arbitrary number, it's an important
figure for older adults, researchers
"Four hundred meters is once
around the track, or from the parking
lot to the store, or two or three blocks
around your neighborhood," Guralnik

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Older adults complete walking exercises at the University of Florida as part of the UF-led LIFE study. The study, released May 27, examined how
physical activity affects the mobility of adults aged 70-89.

said. "It's an important distance in
maintaining an independent life."
Called the Lifestyle Interventions
and Independence for Elders, or
LIFE, study, the study took place
across eight field centers. There were
two Florida field center recruitment
sites at the University of Florida and
Jacksonville Brooks Rehabilitation as
well as field centers at Northwestern
University, Pennington Biomedical
Research Center, the University of
Pittsburgh, Stanford University, Tufts
University, Wake Forest School of
Medicine and Yale University.
The researchers recruited 1,635
sedentary men and women ages 70
to 89 for the study. The participants
could walk a quarter mile within 15
minutes but were at risk of losing that
ability. Low physical performance
can be a predictor of early death and
higher hospitalization and institution-
alization rates, and patients with low
physical performance are not often
recruited to large studies, Pahor said.
"These are people who are patients
we see every day. This is why this
study is so important: It includes a
population that is typically understud-
ied," Pahor said.

We listen so you can hear.
If your hearing doesn't seem as good
as it used to be, perhaps it's time for
some realfacts. Let's talk.

A study, the first of its kind to look at frail,
older adults, proves that physical activity can
help these people maintain their mobility
and dodge physical disability.

The participants were randomly physical activity group was slightly
separated into two groups and fol- higher than in the education group,
lowed for an average of 2.6 years. The though the number was not statisti-
first group of 818 walked 150 minutes cally significant. The researchers think
per week and did strength, flexibility this is in part because the physical
and balance training. They were mon- activity group had more frequent
itored by two visits to field centers contact with research staff, possibly
per week. The second group of 817 resulting in a higher reporting of
attended health education classes and hospitalizations. The physical activity
performed stretching exercises. This could also have triggered underlying
phase of the study occurred between heart trouble and other health prob-
February 2010 and December 2013. lems. Researchers plan to study this
Staff members assessed study occurrence more closely, Pahor said.
participants every six months, check- "It's quite a vulnerable and high-
ing their ability to walk, their body risk population," Pahor said. "Both
weight, blood pressure and pulse rate, age and poor health were factors.
among other measurements. The staff We selected people who had low
was not told which participants were physical performance, which is a
assigned to physical activity or to the strong predictor for future morbidity,
education classes, hospitalization, institutionalization
The study did turn up one unantic- and mortality."
ipated result: The number of people Dr. Wendy Kohrt, professor of
reporting hospitalizations in the SENIORS 119

Charlotte Pain Management Center

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Specializes in the most
advanced pain management
techniques available!
Anjan Ghosh, M.D. Neck & back pain, Sciatica,
Board Certified in Arthritis, Joint Pain,
Pain Management Previous Back Surgery, etc...
3109 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

We offer a complete range of
audiology services for our clients
including the following:
V Diagnostic Hearing Testing
V Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment
V Hearing Aid Dispensing & Repair
V T.V. EarsdG
V Batteries & Supplies
The Best of Charlotte
for the Past 10 Years!

Ricardo Gauthier, Au.D
Doctor of Audiology


rM 941.505.0400 U0"
100 Madrid Blvd Suite #315 -Punta Gorda, FL 33950


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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Research shows exercise helps boost brain power

cientists in the have discov-
ered that exercise does more to
enhance thinking than thinking
does. That's right, exercise appears
to build a brain that resists physical
shrinkage and enhance cognitive
The question on your mind is,
"Why would exercise build brain
power in ways that thinking might
not?" The brain is a tissue, like all
muscles and organs. With age and
underuse its function declines. We
humans lose about 1 percent annu-
ally in volume from the age 20, in the
hippocampus, whose major function
in the brain is related to memory
and certain types of learning.
Scientists' prevailing thought until
recently was that humans are born
with a certain number of brain cells
and would never generate more.
Recently researchers discovered
through autopsies that adult human
brains contained a number of new
neurons. They found fresh cells in
the hippocampus, indicating that
neurogenesis the creation of new
brain cells. The best part was the
discovery that exercise jump-starts
Justin S. Rhodes, a psychology pro-
fessor at the Beckman Institute for
Advanced Science and Technology
at the University of Illinois, through
testing with mice, found that the
group of mice who were physically

active had better results on cognitive
All of the mice completed a series
of cognitive tests at the start of the
study. They were then divided into
four groups. One group's surround-
ings consisted of sensory stimulators
and plenty of food choices. Another
group had all these and added a
disc shaped running wheel. Another
group had no such embellishments,
just the standard food. The final
group had running wheels, but none
of the other sensory embellishments.
After several months the team of
researchers put the mice through the
same cognitive tests and examined
brain tissue. It turns out that the toys
and tastes no matter how stimulat-
ing, had not improved the animal's
"Only one thing mattered and
that's whether they had a running
wheel," states Rhodes. "Just how
exercise remakes minds on a mo-
lecular level is not fully understood,
but research suggests that exercise
prompts increases in something
called brain-derived neurotropic
factor, or BDNF, a substance that
strengthens cells and axons, fortifies
the connections among neurons and
sparks neurogenesis." Scientists did
also find that humans after work-
outs, most people display higher lev-
els of BDNF in their bloodstreams.
The benefits of exercise seem
endless. Exercise we now know
keeps the mind sharper, prevents
certain diseases, and helps maintain

At the Fitness Salon at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, Colette Papineau uses the chest
press machine as part of her exercise program.

a healthy weight and a well condi-
tioned body and mind.
The evidence of the benefits of
exercise keeps growing. Start an
exercise program today, it can only

benefit you.
Ted Robedee is the manager of the
Fitness Salon at the Cultural Center
of Charlotte County. He can be con-
tacted at 941-625-4175, ext. 263.

Nighzday, even at play...

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Advanced laser guided cataract surgery right here in Port Charlotte!

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completed with the BEST results possible.
If You need eye surgey, why go anywhere else? The most advanced,
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&ccl_"rrAUONaS O...4 p

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 7

Keep kids safe in the water from bath to pooi


efore most of the country has
opened its pools for the sum-
mer, Florida has already had
more than 20 alleged child drown-
ings this year, according to the
Florida Department of Children and
Families (DCF).
From January to May, 28 such
drownings have been reported to
DCF's abuse hotline, the agency
reports. Florida has more children
under the age of 5 drown than any
other state, DCF said. It's a sad sta-
tistic that in a country that sees more
than 1,000 children drown every year,
according to the nonprofit Nemours
Center for Children's Health Media.
Though pools and the beach are
the areas that most quickly come to
mind, it's not just those places that
cause problems. Since a person can
drown in less than 2 inches of water,
according to the Nemours Center,
bathtubs, ornamental fish ponds, the
sink, buckets, fountains and even a
ditch filled with rain water can be
Here are some basic tips to keep
children safe around water:
*First and foremost, watch them.
Every agency that publishes guide-
lines for children and water safety
puts this at the top of the list. As
tempting as it is to fall asleep in the
sun, gab with your friends, read a
book or play with your cell phone,
don't. And don't assume because
your kids know how to swim or are
on a floatation device of some sort,
that they can't drown, the Nemours
Center reports. If the kids are being
watched by a babysitter, make sure
he or she knows the house pool rules.
*Don't depend on the lifeguard.
A lifeguard at a pool is a good thing.
Most are trained as guards and cer-
tified in adult, child and infant CPR/
AED and first aid. But, your child is
not the only person guards have to
watch they have to watch every
patron at the pool. The American
Lifeguard Association recommends
one lifeguard for every 25 patrons
at the pool and a minimum of two
guards at all times in case of emer-
gency. But not all pools adhere to the
recommendation. So dropping your
child off at the pool for the lifeguard
to watch is a big no-no, according to
the American Red Cross.
*Get the kids to swim lessons. This
is another recommendation high on



the list of every child safety advocacy
group. Children older than 4 years
old should be taught to swim, The
American Academy of Pediatrics.
(AAC) It also "encourages caregivers
of children ages 1-3 to consider swim
instruction for their child, as studies
have shown it reduces drowning
incidents." The AAC said caregivers
should learn to swim as well. The
Nemours Center and American Red
Cross suggest checking with local
pools to see when lessons are taught.
The lessons should be taught by
qualified instructors, such as those
who have their water safety instruc-
tor certification.
*Teach your children to never
swim alone. It takes only minutes to
drown and by the time anyone finds
you, it is likely too late. The American
Red Cross said to use "the buddy
system" even at pools and beaches
watched by lifeguards and that
counts for adults, too.
*Invest in a life jacket. The life
jacket should be properly fitted and
U.S. Coast Guard-approved. The

child should wear it whenever near
water, especially on a boat, the Red
Cross and Nemours Center said.
*Children and infants are like
Goldilocks. They are more tempera-
ture sensitive water can be too hot
or too cold for them quicker than
adults. According to the Nemours
Center, water is comfortable for
children between 82 to 86 degrees.
Since body temperature drops faster
in water than on land, watch for
shivering or muscle cramps. If your
child exhibits either, get him or her
out of the water immediately. On
the flip side, the hot tub is no place
for children, either. Their bodies can
overheat much faster than an adult's.
*Fences make good pools and
hot tubs. The Consumer Product
Safety Commission states fences
should stand at least 4 feet tall with
no foot or handrails for kids to climb
on. The slats should be less than 4
inches apart so a child can't squeeze
through. If it is a chain-link fence,
should have no opening larger than
1-3/4 inches. The gates should be

Charlotte County's Aquatics Department offers
swimming lessons at the following locations:
*Oyster Creek Pool at Ann Dever
Memorial Regional Park, 7001 San Casa Drive,
Englewood, 941-681-3743.
-South County Regional Park, 670 Cooper St.,
Punta Gorda, 941-505-8686.
For information, visit www.charlottecountyfl.
com/com munityservices/aquatic.asp

self-closing and self-latching, and
the latch should be out of children's
*What's in the water? You may not
want to know. The public is familiar
with the term "airborne pathogens,"
but there are waterborne pathogens,
too. Unfortunately, they can be in
public swimming areas. Nemours
said to protect your children and
others do not allow children or
other gastrointestinal illnesses to


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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014 Page 9

Dreams, smart PJs

and the future of sleep


n a hyper-busy world, it some-
times seems as though sleep is a
luxury. How many times have you
heard someone complain that there
just aren't enough hours in the day?
But what if the key is not in fine-tun-
ing your day-to-day routine but in
minimizing or at least optimizing
- your sleep time?
Here's a review of some of the more
audacious ideas for rethinking the
future of sleep:
*Dream management.
A staple plot device of science fic-
tion films (think "Inception") involves
a person waking up and realizing that
he or she is living inside a dream.
Now that may be a possibility as
long as you don't mind zapping your
brain with a weak electrical current a
few times a week. In tests, researchers
found that delivering a low-level
electrical impulse to the frontal lobe
of the brain during REM sleep cycles
enabled sleepers to experience "lucid
dreaming" the sensation of being
an active participant in your dreams.
In a best-case scenario, "lucid
dreaming" would make it possible
for people to manage their dreams in
real time. People experiencing night-
mares such as people suffering
from PTSD might be able to alter
the outcome of painful experiences.
Decades from now, you may even be
able to "incept" a set of dreams and
trick your brain into thinking that a
scenario from someone else's dream
is actually happening to you.
*The perfect sleep experience.
Think what could happen if your
mattress were connected to the
Internet and your bedroom were
hooked up to aWiFi thermostat. You
might be able to create the perfect
sleep experience, right down to the
temperature of the room, the rigidity
of your mattress and the amount of
light filtering in from your window.
You could even have your bed wake
you at the end of a sleep cycle.
In 2011, Travelodge hired the futur-
ologist Ian Pearson to study the future
of sleep for hotels and travel. By 2030,
he said, the perfect sleep experience
might be possible. Theoretically, you'd
arrive at your hotel, plug in all the
variables into a database and drift off
into a peaceful night's sleep.
Genetically modified sleep.
As biologists map the human
genome, they're looking for genetic
markers that code for certain behav-
iors and tendencies. One that they
hope to locate is the "sleep gene" a
hypothetical gene that codes for "light
Certain genes, such as CLOCK
and BMAL1, are known to play an
important role in the body's circa-
dian rhythm. Now researchers think

that they've found another gene -
DEC2 that might be the secret to
light sleeping. Mutations of DEC2,
it appears, significantly reduce the
amount of sleep time that's required
for the human body.
The military is apparently one of the
major customers interested in such
research. Imagine SEALs and Green
Berets, once they've had some gene
therapy, able to soldier on for days
at a time during battle. They would
be super-soldiers, capable of accom-
plishing missions without suffering
the effects of sleep deprivation such
as drowsiness, disorientation and
slower reflexes.
*Curing narcolepsy.
One of the little-told stories of
neuroscience is how researchers are
getting better at creating drugs that
target specific neurotransmitters of
the brain. Researchers, for example,
have found that steady dosages of
modafinil can help cure narcolep-
sy. The drug appears to target the
neurotransmitter GABA, which is
the brain's most important sleep
regulator. It also appears to affect
other chemicals in the brain, such as
glutamate, that are responsible for
creating high levels of neural activity.
And some pharmaceutical compa-
nies are working with the Pentagon's
Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency on new "wakefulness" drugs.
*Smart pajamas.
Sleep has many restorative func-
tions related to memory and aging.
By monitoring sleep patterns, it might
be possible to optimize these func-
tions or even diagnose some medical
conditions. The next iteration would
be targeting and tweaking these
functions using wearable technology.
Imagine settling down in bed wear-
ing pajamas that monitor your sleep
patterns. These smart pajamas would
measure skin conductivity, blood
pressure, heart rate and pulse and
then make a diagnosis, sparing you a
trip to the doctor's office.
*Human hibernation.
We tend to think of hibernation as
something that only animals do to
conserve energy and get through long
winters without starving. Yet, research
that dates back to the early days of the
space program is based on inducing
astronauts into prolonged hiberna-
tion. To make months-long journeys
to Mars possible, for example, NASA
is experimenting with a method used
for therapeutic hypothermia to cool
down human body processes in order
to make hyper-sleep on manned
space missions possible.
Manned trips to Mars will not
happen anytime soon, but these
hibernation technologies might be
used to suspend certain physiological
processes, allowing people to survive
surgeries, battlefield injuries and
gunshot wounds.

and eents

ind and body.

Learn heart-healthy, low-fat and low sodium food
options and how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Tuesday, June 3 I 9:00 11:00 a.m.
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more about other common neurological disorders.
What they are, symptoms, causes, risks and treatment
options. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Tuesday, June 17 I 11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m.
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Free. Call 941-637-2497 to register.
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different than conventional surgery? Learn the pros
and cons, then sit at the helm of the robot and take it
for a test drive. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Thursday, June 19 I 6:00 7:00 p.m.
Boyfront Heolth Punto Gordo Cofeterio
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Ramon Gil, M.D.,

Nicholas Connors, M.D.,
Orthopedic Surgeon

Charlene Okomski, M.D.,

The adult Mental Health First Aid course is appropriate
for anyone 16 years and older who wants to learn how
to help a person who may be experiencing a mental
health related crisis or problem. $25 for 8-hour course W U
and manual. Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Saturday, June 28 I 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
Boyfront Heolth Punto Gordo Medicol Office Plozo
713 Eost Morion Avenue, Punto Gordo

~ Bayfront Health
Port Charlotte e Punta Gorda
P t 'i lts y y s beb eits d, ksf ns r proe -r t
Understndingthe sk adbeneitsofe echtre e et c elpyo n kee best deas ncfcryorid u situation
Members ad idepedent memberoftheMedi tof By tHette ad P Gfd

Need help?

Dial 211 to connect to more than
880 health and human service providers,
representing local services available
throughout Charlotte County.


oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 9

Centenarian sisters reunite after 10 years apart


ose Shloss had one wish to
see her two sisters again. The
siblings all over age 100 -
were reunited in April through a
special program organized by Brook-
dale Senior Living and the Wish of a
Lifetime foundation.
"The odds of reaching 110 are
about one in 7 million," Dr. Karl
Pillemer, a Cornell University geron-
tologist, said in a news release from
Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale. "If
you add the fact that the three sisters
are all currently more than 100 years
old, the odds are so incredibly small
that it would even be difficult to
calculate them."
Shloss currently lives at Villa of
Waterside Retirement Estates, a
Brookdale facility in Sarasota. She
is the youngest of the bunch at 101;
Ruth Branum is 104 and Rubye Cox is
110. The three siblings reconnected
at Branum's senior living commu-
nity in Rhode Island. Cox joined
her sisters from her native state of
The last time they saw one another
was when Cox celebrated her 100th
"My trip was wonderful," Shloss
"They sat there and chatted like
teenagers," added Shloss' daughter,
Janet Shloss.
Seven family members in-
cluding Ruth Shloss' 5-month-old
great-granddaughter Leela and
Wish of a Lifetime founder Jeremy
Bloom attended the reunion. "People
these days are so mobile no one
ends up in the same place. Despite
all this technology like Skype -
there's nothing like a hug," said the
younger Shloss.
The sisters grew up on a farm in
rural Oklahoma. In total, there were
four girls and three boys. One broth-
er contracted tuberculosis during
World War I, said the elder Shloss, "so
Ma took care of him and week took
care of ourselves.
"My family was pretty self-suffi-
cient. We always had a lot to eat in
our house and my mom was such a
good cook. We grew our own food.
The farm was bountiful."
Shloss' father helped bring elec-
tricity to rural Oklahoma as part
of a government-run organization,
said Janet Shloss. "They lived on a
farm, but my granddad was very
Rose Shloss met her husband in
Washington D.C., where they both
worked, and married in 1943. The
couple had two children. "I was lucky
to have good husband so very
good but I lost him a long time
ago," she said.
Rose and Janet Shloss credit Steve
Strumpf, the executive director of
Brookdale in Sarasota, with helping
the wish come true.
"Steve came to introduce himself,
and he and my mother got to chat-
ting. He asked her, 'If you had a wish,
what would it be?' She told him she



Centenarian sisters, Ruth Branum,104, Rubye Cox, 110, and Sarasota resident Rose Shloss, 101, rejoice in a heartfelt reunion on April 10th, 2014,
after nearly a decade apart.

wanted to see her sisters."
Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime
bought mother and daughter tickets
for a nonstop flight to Boston. They
traveled by car to Bristol, R.I., for the
"One of the most remarkable parts
was getting my 104-year-old aunt
from Oklahoma. They brought her
here via private plane," Janet Shloss
said. Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and
CEO of 23andMe donated Branum's
flight, according to Brookdale.
"The reunion was just remarkable,"
said Janet Shloss. "It was a result of a
tremendous effort on the part of the
Wish Foundation and Brookdale."
In 2010, Brookdale Senior Living
partnered with the Wish of Lifetime
program to date, more than 450
Brookdale seniors have had wishes
Bloom three-time World
Champion freestyle skier, two-time
Olympian, eleven-time World Cup
gold medalist in freestyle moguls ski-
ing and former NFL football player
- left competitive sports at the peak
of his career in 2008. He established
a foundation in honor of his grand-
mother, Donna Wheeler, with the
primary goal of changing the culture
of aging in the United States. The
result, Wish of a Lifetime, enriches
the lives of seniors by seeking out
and granting their lifelong wishes.
"Our belief is that growing older
doesn't mean you have to stop
dreaming and living a life of pur-
pose," Bloom, the program's founder,
said on the organization's website.
For more information about
Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime,
visit and
www.seniorwish. org.

If you love reading, he sure to check out

Not only can you read this week's magazine, you can also search
through years' worlh of back issues. And the best par: It's FREE!


Above, Rose Shloss is pictured with Wish of a Lifetime founder Jeremy Bloom.




Offer good in the absence of gumisd
Valid through 6/30114
63 1

oPage 10

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

Athletes with Tourette syndrome inspire, compete

e stands in the batter's box,
his head on a swivel, jerking
in every direction. He looks
at the umpire longer than the pitch-
er, holds the bat in one hand and
punches himself in the ribs with the
Somehow, fighting the full-blown
episode of his Tourette Syndrome,
Kellen Webster sees the pitch he
wants and plows it up the middle for
a single.
And his father doesn't know wheth-
er to laugh or cry, so he does both.
"He was doing what he loved and,
selfishly, I was inspired," a tearful
Todd Webster said of the experience
in 2012, the summer before Kellen's
junior year at Bothell High School.
"I tell people all the time that it was
the worst thing I've ever seen, but at
the same time the best thing I've ever
seen him do. It was very uplifting."
Leyton Thommasen's tics are
much more subtle, and many who
watch him tend goal for the Kennedy
Catholic soccer team have no clue
that he, too, has Tourette's. His is a
milder form, yet like Webster he has
overcome obstacles to excel athleti-
cally and academically.
Together, they epitomize the
motto splashed across the Tourette
Syndrome Association website: "I
have Tourette's, but Tourette's Doesn't
Have Me."
They inspire family and friends,


Leyton Thommasen, the goalkeeper for Kennedy C
college in Oregon.
most awed by their accomplish-
ments. They refuse to let Tourette
syndrome stand in their way and
hope their stories will motivate
others to compete.
One so insistent and irritating, you






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Catholic, hasn't let Tourette's inhibit his ability to play soccer, and he plans to continue playing in

can't suppress the urge to scratch it. His Tot
Now imagine that itch inside your age 5, wh
head. hummin
That's how Thommasen describes Thomr
his Tourette's. age when
"I can't scratch it by hand," he said. a freqi
So, Thommasen twitches his head and a
for relief- sometimes even on the his parer
soccer field and it feels like a good be in class
fingernails-down-your-back scratch, that MarR
at least for the moment. sought a
Kellen Webster's eyes grow wide at they had
hearing Thommasen's depiction. thing Ley
"That's exactly what it feels like, Just as
having that itch and the only way so do the
you can try to make it go away is to accordin
move it," he said. a clinical
Both 18-year-olds also suffer from Hospital
obsessive- compulsive disorder Tourette
(OCD) and attention deficit hyperac- "Nobod
tivity disorder (ADHD), often side- anything
kicks of Tourette syndrome. some pai
Webster's Tourette's has improved tics. "A lc
drastically over the past year, through grow out
medications and a new behavioral that's thc
treatment, although a back injury are giving
prevented him from playing bas- As mar
ketball and baseball as a senior at grow out
Bothell High this year. Head move- "The u
ments are rare and his only tic seems
to be elongated eye blinks.

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urette's was diagnosed at
hen he began making loud
g noises.
nasen was about the same
n he displayed a verbal tic
Luent clearing of his throat
preschool teacher once told
its he was too disruptive to
ss. But it was just last spring
k and Denise Thommasen
n official diagnosis for what
already surmised and some-
yton controls on his own.
Tourette's varies in severity,
way parents deal with it,
g to Dr. Geoffrey Wiegand,
1 psychologist at Children's
in Seattle who specializes in
syndrome and OCD.
dy wants their child to have
g wrong," he said, noting
rents might not notice subtle
ot of people will say, 'They'll
t of it,' and a lot of times
kind of advice pediatricians
g parents."
ny as 30 percent actually do
t of it, according to Wiegand.
nfortunate thing is we don't


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Page I11

Back pain usually fades, with or without medical care


ack pain is one of the most com-
mon health complaints, affecting
more than one in four adults ev-
ery year, and a popular reason for phy-
sician visits. But most people recover
from back pain whether they're treated
medically or not, said Wolf Mehling, a
professor of medicine at the University
of California at San Francisco.
For people who do see a doctor,
research shows that while the vast
majority get better, a small percentage
get worse. In a recent study, Mehling
and his colleagues interviewed 521
people six months after they'd seen
doctors for acute back pain; 81 percent
of them were completely recovered or
much improved, while 16 percent were
the same or slightly improved and 3
percent were worse off.
The American College of Physicians
guidelines for back pain generally
recommend over-the-counter pain
medication, rest and exercise for initial
treatment for "nonspecific" back pain,
which means pain that is not clearly
linked to injury or disease. Yet many
people go to the doctor for nonspecific
back pain, where they are often given
prescription pain relievers and/or are
sent for expensive tests. (Of course,
if you have severe pain and/or have
been injured, you should go to the
doctor immediately.)
A recent study categorized treat-
ments offered in nearly 24,000 patient
visits for back or neck pain over a
12-year period. (This sample did not
include people with "red-flag" symp-
toms such as pain radiating down
the leg, which can indicate a nerve
problem.) Prescriptions for opiate
pain medication increased, from 19
percent in 1999-2000 to 29 percent
in 2009-2010; likewise, referrals to
another physician increased from 7
percent to 14 percent, and CT or MRI
scans increased from 7 percent to 11
percent. These trends run counter to
clinical practice guidelines for acute
spine pain, such as those published
by the American Pain Society and the
American College of Physicians, the
study said.
Getting an MRI scan or an X-ray
is a reasonable step if back pain has
persisted for six weeks or more, the
guidelines say. Then, doctors are
looking for such possible causes as a
herniated disk or a bone spur.
But imaging can be misleading,
Mehling said. In "25 percent of people

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walking down the street with no pain,"
doctors could find some pathology, he
said, such as bulging or thinning disks.
Indeed, said Daniel Cherkin, a senior
investigator at Seattle's Group Health
Research Institute, "in 85 percent of
people, it's not possible to confidently
identify a cause of back pain."
With unclear cause, treatment op-
tions are murky. Yet many doctors turn
to surgery. Twenty years ago, Cherkin
documented that rates of back surgery
in the United States were double
those of many countries' and five
times those of the United Kingdom.
Eight years ago, another group found
dramatic regional differences in back
surgery rates within the United States.
"As a spine surgeon, I try to avoid
surgery," said Jay Khanna, director
of the Johns Hopkins Orthopedic
and Spine Surgery practice for the
Washington area. For chronic back
pain, he recommends physical therapy
to strengthen the muscle support for
the spine as well as "activity modifi-
cation," which might mean avoiding
bending over or lifting heavy things. If
pain persists, he may recommend in-
jecting steroids or nerve blocks directly

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into the back. Such injections provide
temporary relief from pain weeks
to months for steroids which might
be enough time for natural healing or
physical therapy improvements to take
Cherkin suggests that doctors and
patients take a broader view of back
pain to include not only physical
causes but also psychological ones.
Mehling said two frames of mind make
it particularly likely that back pain will
persist: "fear of moving the belief
that if you move, you'll make things
worse," and catastrophizing- worry-
ing that you'll be debilitated for life.
More and more researchers are
studying how the emotional com-
ponent of pain contributes to back
problems. One study, for example,
found that people with acute back
pain had increased activity in sensory
areas of the brain but that people
with chronic back pain had increased
activity in emotional areas of the brain,
which suggests that doctors should
find ways to address the emotional
aspects of lingering back pain, not just
the physical aspects. Evidence-based
guidelines have been developed in

Britain that address the psychological
component of low back pain.
Here are a few tips to help mitigate
back pain:
*Over-the-counter pain medications
such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen
can help make you more comfortable,
as can ice or heat.
*Practice common sense, such as
getting sufficient rest, stretching and,
of course,avoiding positions that hurt
or strain things further. But unless
you absolutely must lying in bed
is not a good idea. Moving is key. "I
usually say, 'Do some gentle exploring
of your range of motion,"' Mehling
*Alternative care, such as chiroprac-
tic, acupuncture, physical therapy,
therapeutic massage or yoga, may also
provide relief. In 2007, the American
College of Physicians reviewed the ev-
idence and found that these methods
had some positive effects for back pain
that lasted more than one month.
"Generally, patients who go to a
massage therapist or a chiropractor
are much happier with results of their
treatments than those who go to their
family doctor," Mehling said.

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" Weakness
" Numbness
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Center For Spine

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oPage 12

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Drugs can reach patients faster and cheaper, FDA chief says


A new program that lets drug-
1.. makers move more quickly
.through the approval process
for breakthrough products may help
lower the cost of life-saving treat-
ments, the nation's chief drug regula-
tor said Wednesday.
The program, approved in 2012,
can cut the time needed for approval
by years, a gain for companies that
may be reflected in pricing, said
Food and Drug Administration
ACommissioner Margaret Hamburg.
The agency is also trying to work
more in parallel with the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid early in the
approval process to help companies
better understand issues surrounding
the value of their potential products.
"If we can lower the costs, we can
lower the cost to patients ultimately,"
Hamburg said. "It really matters for
patients, especially when there aren't
other effective therapies in a given
Hamburg, in a wide-ranging
interview, also said the agency
is under pressure to extend the
comment period for its decision to
regulate e-cigarettes and doesn't have
near-enough money to successfully
implement new food safety laws.
The comments on treatment costs
come as cancer doctors are set to
discuss the cost of cancer care start-
ing later this week and controversy
FILE PHOTO is rising over an $84,000 hepatitis C
I Gilead Sciences's hepatitis C pill
Sovaldi was approved in December
and has drawn ire from Congress and

patient groups for its price tag.
The pilot program with CMS is
only available now to medical device
companies though may be opened to
medicines at a later time. In addition,
the breakthrough review pathway
at the FDA pinpoints promising
treatments and assigns companies
additional agency guidance through-
out development.
The FDA proposed April 24 that
e-cigarettes face regulatory oversight,
including passing a review to stay
on the market, for the first time. The
rule, if made final, would extend
FDA's reach over the tobacco indus-
try that began in 2009 with cigarettes.
While the current comment period
ends July 9, the agency has received
more than 10,000 comments, many
requesting an extension to consider
the details and complete research..
The FDA must make a decision
"soon" on the requests, Erica
Jefferson, a spokeswoman for the
agency, said.
"We feel some real-time urgency,"
Hamburg said in reference to when
the FDA would finalize the proposal.
The agency is also being pushed
to step up its food safety efforts and
estimated it would need as much as
$450 million to implement a 2011 law
that expands inspections and raises
the agency's presence on U.S. farms.
Congress has allocated the FDA $78
million, Hamburg said.
Implementing the law is "a huge,
huge task. Support for the Food
Safety Modernization Act is one area
of continuing budget need," she said.
Obama's budget request for 2015
includes $253 million to implement
the act.



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Emergency Room and Health Care Center, 2345 Bobcat Village Center

Road, North Port (off Toledo Blade Boulevard). For information, contact

Marc at 941-240-8989 or

2-3 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month at Charlotte Regional

Medical Plaza, fourth floor. The plaza is located next to Charlotte

Regional Medical Center, at 713 E. Marion Ave., Punta Gorda.

For more information, call 941-637-9575.

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 13

:Page 14 The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

Study: Diet soda drinkers lost more weight than water drinkers


eople taking part in a weight-
loss program did better over 12
weeks if they drank diet soda
than if they drank only water, re-
searchers reported.
Among the 303 dieters, the people
who drank only water lost 8.4 pounds;
those who drank diet soda lost 12.1
pounds, and they reported "signifi-
cantly greater reduction in subjective
feelings of hunger," the researchers
said in the journal Obesity.
The results, the researchers said,
"should be reassuring for people who
choose to consume non-nutritive
sweetened beverages," and show
that they can be consumed "without
concern that their weight-loss efforts
will be undermined."
Diet sodas have been in the food
supply for about a half century, and
there are still questions raised about
whether they are helpful for people
trying to lose or maintain weight.
The researchers noted that several
observational studies have reported
an association between diet soda
consumption and weight gain or
higher weights.
Some nutritionists say artificial
sweeteners can confuse the body with
the promise of sweets, and prompt
the consumption of caloric products
in compensation.
In an accompanying editorial,
Steven Anton of the University of
Florida at Gainesville Medical School
noted that research has been mixed
on the use of diet soda and body
weight. The current study, he wrote,
had the strength of including men
and women from two parts of the
country, as well as various ethnic
But he said that 12 weeks is a short
time, "really just a preliminary look at
the outcome."
Mike Jacobson, executive director
of the advocacy group Center for
Science in the Public Interest, echoed
"This brief, 12-week study adds
to the evidence that artificially
sweetened beverages do not increase
appetite and weight gain, though the
researchers should not have pub-
lished a paper until the whole year-
long study was completed," Jacobson
Anton noted that although not the
only factor, "a large body of evi-
dence" shows that sugar-sweetened



beverages promote weight gain in
children and adults.
The dieters, with body mass indices
of 27 to 40, enrolled in a one-year
clinical trial at the University of
Colorado and Temple University. The
results reported last week are from the
first 12 weeks of that year.
The participants all exercised fewer
than 300 minutes a week and drank
at least three diet sodas a week. The
two groups were put on the same
program, except for their drinks. They
all attended group meetings run by
dietitians or psychologists, took part
in weekly weigh-ins, and kept track of
their hunger feelings.
The water group was asked to drink
at least three cups of water a day and
not drink any diet sodas. They could,
however, consume artificial sweeten-
ers in foods, but they were asked not
to add them in, for example, coffee.
The other group was asked to drink
at least three cups of diet soda a day.
Their water consumption was not
The American Beverage Association,
a trade group that represents soft
drink makers, funded the current

study. That, said dietitian Andy
Bellatti, raises a red flag.
"Over the past few years, I have
worked with many clients who have
given up diet soda and the majority
of them have mentioned to me that
once they ditched the artificial sweet-
eners, they found that their cravings
for sweets significantly diminished,"
he said in an email.
James Hill, one of the researchers
who conducted the study and a
professor of pediatrics, medicine,
and physiology and biophysics at
the Anschutz Medical Campus of
University of Colorado, said the trade
group had nothing to do with the
study design or analysis, and agreed
that the results would be published
no matter the outcome. The results,
he said, were reviewed by other
"Do people believe that we would
fake the data because it is indus-
try-funded? I think it is very fair to
recognize the funding source and if
people are worried they should care-
fully scrutinize the results," Hill said.
"I have worked my whole career to
get the private sector to invest more,

Diet sodas have been
in the food supply for
about a half century, and
there are still questions
raised about whether they
are helpful for people
trying to lose or maintain

not less, in research. Is it ethical for
companies to sell diet sodas if they
do not cause weight loss? Companies
need to know," he said.
The researchers could not identify
the mechanism for the higher weight
loss among the people who drank diet
sodas. They said it's plausible that be-
cause they said they felt less hungry,
those dieters stuck more faithfully to
the diet program.
The U.S. Food and Drug
Administration approved a new
artificial sweetener, called advan-
tame. There are five other noncaloric
artificial sweeteners.

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The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

What to do when support for healthy lifestyle change isn't mutual



Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., M.D., FACS, FACRS, I
Board Certified Colon & Rectal Surgery
Board Certified General Surgery
Board Certified Surgical Critical Care
Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Surgery,

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- Colorectal Cancer
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Murdock Circle Executive Center
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Port Charlotte, Florida 33948


ne of the first things Dr. Don-
ald Hensrud learned when he
began working with patients in
the area of wellness and prevention is
the futility of trying to change anoth-
er's behavior.
"I realized quickly you can't change
someone else," said Hensrud, medical
director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy
Living Program, Rochester, Minn.
"Change is difficult for people.
Some are ready; some are not."
For example, "one of the partners in
a relationship may be held back from
starting a fitness program because he
or she is not as ready," he said.
That person may even be threat-
ened by his or her partner's interest in
physical fitness, and try to undermine
In his work, Hensrud has seen
instances where one partner gives
chocolate to the other who's trying
to lose weight in an attempt to
derail that person's progress.
"We should be supportive of our
partner's efforts at self-improvement,"
he said.
"If one partner isn't supportive,
the other has to take a step back and
reflect. It may say something about
the person who's not giving support.
"You have to realize that it might be
someone else's insecurity."
In general, "we tend to resist
change," he said. "Our routine is safe.
FILE PHOTO We like the status quo; it's easier to
do what we know, and maintain it,
than to make changes even if the
changes are beneficial in many ways."
:TAL "If we're comfortable in our own
habits, and the other person is mak-
ES ing changes, it may be viewed not so
much as making an improvement but
P.A. as 'rocking the boat."'
Committing to an exercise program
takes time and involves an emotional
investment, Hensrud said.
USF "Some people may feel that it's
taking time away from the relation-
ship," he said. "It's good to look at
the specific reasons behind those
Support is critical in starting and



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sticking with an exercise program,
whether or not you exercise together
as a couple, he said.
"Having the support of someone
we really care about can make a big
difference. It matters what people we
care about say about what we do.
"On the flip side, the lack of support
can be very detrimental."
If your partner is not supportive
of your fitness goals, try to remain
supportive of him or her anyway "to
help them come along," Hensrud said.
"We all have different strengths and
He warns against adopting a
"holier-than-thou" attitude, he said.
And avoid taking a competitive stance
with your partner.
Instead, "you might say something
like, 'Do you want to come on a
walk with me. I always feel better
"Invite them and involve them
to the degree that they want to be
If you are the one who's not sup-
portive of your partner's fitness goals,
"try to do some honest self-reflec-
tion," Hensrud said. "You may need to
look at your reasons.
"Support goes along with respect,
and we need to have respect for each
other's boundaries."
As an example, he pointed to the
relentless campaign that some people
levy to convince their partners to quit
smoking which "always backfires."
No matter where each of them is on
the road to making healthy lifestyle
changes, "hopefully the couple is
going in the same direction together,"
he said.
Getting into an exercise program
together "would be a plus," he said.
"Take baby steps. Start by walking
five or 10 minutes at a time, and then
build up to longer walks."
Sometimes, couples "have different
things that they like to do," he said.
"It's great if it works out" that they can
pursue physical fitness activities to-
gether, but even if they have different
schedules and can't exercise together
mutual support goes a long way.
"Enjoying the journey together can
be tremendously rewarding."

eelso to view
several years' weith of back issues for free

- Anal Rectal Abscess
11 -

- Hemorrhoids
- Pilonidal Diseases
- Pruritis Ani
- Anal warts
- Colonoscopy
- Rectal Prolapse
- Polyps of Colon and Rectum
- Anal Pain
- Anal Rectal Fistula
- Starr

Thousands of Health Stories from Feeling Fit & WebMD

JFeeling Fit aB

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 15

:Page 16 The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

Bayfront Health announces June events


The public is invited to attend
the following June events hosted by
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and
Punta Gorda:
June 3, 9-11 a.m.
Cardiac Diet Nutrition Class
The Wellness Center at Bayfront
Health Punta Gorda, 733 E.
Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda
Heart-healthy nutrition tips for
those with cardiac issues. Learn
about heart-healthy, low-fat, and
low-sodium food options and also
how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
June 10, 9 -11 a.m.
Pulmonary Diet Nutrition Class
The Wellness Center at Bayfront
Health Punta Gorda, 733 E.
Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda
Heart-healthy nutrition tips for
those with pulmonary issues. Learn
about heart-healthy, low-fat, and
low-sodium food options and also
how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to

June 10, 2 3 p.m.
Lung Cancer Support Group
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
A support group for those diag-
nosed with or recovering from
lung cancer. Free. No registration
June 14, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Training Course: Youth Mental
Health First Aid
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Building 4th Floor
Conference Room, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
Instructor: Jesse Babcock, III,
Mental Health First Aid helps
you assist someone experiencing a
mental health related crises. This
session is focused on youth under
the age of 18. The $25 fee includes a
manual. Call 941-637-2497 to register
(limited to 10).
June 17, 5:30 p.m. -6:30 p.m.
Physician Lecture: Robotic Knee
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
Conference Room, 2500 Harbor Blvd,
Port Charlotte

Speaker: Nicholas Connors, MD,
Orthopedic Surgery
Learn about and see a live demon-
stration of the latest robotic resur-
facing procedure designed to relieve
pain due to osteoarthritis. Free. Call
941-637-2497 to register.
June 17, 9-11 a.m.
Cardiac Diet Nutrition Class
The Wellness Center at Bayfront
Health Punta Gorda, 733 E.
Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda
Heart-healthy nutrition tips for
those with cardiac issues. Learn
about heart-healthy, low-fat, and
low-sodium food options and also
how to read and understand food
labels. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
June 17, 11:30-1 p.m.
Lunch & Learn: Common
Neurological Disorders
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Speaker: Ramon Gil, MD,
In honor of Migraine Awareness
Month, learn more about common
neurological disorders- symptoms,
causes and risk factors and treatment

options. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
June 19, 6-7 p.m.
Lecture & Test Drive: Uses and
Benefits of Robotic Gynecological
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Cafeteria, 809 E. Marion Ave., Punta
Speaker: Charlene Okomski, MD,
Obstetrics and Gynecology
How is robotic gynecological
surgery different that conventional
surgery and what are the benefits?
Hear the lecture and then sit at the
helm of the robot to experience
the surgeon's viewpoint. Free. Call
941-637-2497 to register.
June 28, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Training: Mental Health First Aid
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Building 4th Floor
Conference Room, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
Instructor: Jesse Babcock, III,
Mental Health First Aid helps
you assist someone experiencing a
mental health related crises. The $25
fee includes a manual. Call 941-637-
2497 to register (limited to 10).




We're Life Care Centers of
America, the nation's largest
privately-owned skilled care
provider. If you share our
heartfelt approach to caring
for the elderly, consider
*oining our family at Life Care
Center of Punta Gorda. We
offer competitive pay and
benefits in a mission-driven




Come visit with us at 450
Shreve St. Punta Gorda EOE

for Prestigious ALF. 3 Years +
Experience in Hospitality / Hos-
pital Environment.
Fax Resume to:

PT-20 hrs/wk. Surgery Center,
Med. office & insurance exp. FAX
941-764-7542. 11111121


CNA'S, HHA'S and
Find new clients by
advertising your services
in the Senior Directory
every Wednesday in
The Sun Newspapers.
This feature publishes in
Charlotte, Sarasota, and
Desoto Counties.
Market yourself reach
150,000 readers!

Charlotte DS-t- ,nl .ew..d. Norh Prt-V-,
Call 941-429-3110
for more information




CMA's for Englewood,
Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda
locations. Visit us at
click on "employment" and
"open jobs" to apply for open
positions. Come work for the
best! DFWF/EOE


I (






VENICE, FL 34285
(941) 484-8801 PH
(941) 484-3450 FAX


CAREGIVER avail 10+ yrs. of
exp. Compassionate, certified.
Let me help keep your loved one
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enhancing minds all across town.

The more
you read,
the more
you'll know.
Keep up to
date with
your local

oPage 16

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014 Page 17

Dental hygienists pass boards
The entire 2014 State College of
Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) den-
tal hygiene class passed the National
Board Dental Hygiene Examination
on the first attempt, continuing the
tradition of SCF's 100 percent pass
rate since the program began 15
years ago.
Members of the 2014 graduat-
ing class included Kayla Bazell,
Bradenton; Michelle Bellina,
Sarasota; Donna Cruzan, North
Port; Danielle Golden, Nokomis;
Shaina Gormley, Bradenton; Andrea
McBride, Bradenton; Melissa Skinner,
North Port; and Yuliya Smirnov,
Pam Kennard is SCF's Dental
Hygiene program director. As one
of the health professions at SCF,
the Dental Hygiene Program offers
students the opportunity to gain
practical experience on modern
equipment in SCF's Dental Hygiene
Clinic designed for patient comfort
and quality care.

VIP executive director
Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) of
Charlotte County has named Sherry
A. Mearns the organization's new
executive director.
"We're delighted Sherry has
accepted this position," said VIP
Board Chairman
Brad Marquardt.
"She came to
our purpose
and goals as a
director, and I'm
confident she
will help us make
a positive impact Sherry Mearns
on residents in
the community suffering from low
vision or severe vision loss."
"I'm looking forward to expanding
VIP's role in the community," said
Mearns has extensive experience in
business administration, community
relations and marketing, editing and
publishing, web technology, oral and
written communications, and time
For more information, visit www. or call 941-625-8501.

Alzheimer's support groups
The Alzheimer's Association Florida
Gulf Coast Chapter-affiliated support
groups are for family members,
caregivers, and others interested in
learning more about Alzheimer's

Local meetings are held at the
following locations:
*Gulf Cove United Methodist
Church, 1100 S. McCall Road, Port
Charlotte, meets at 1 p.m. on the
third Friday of the month.
Living Waters Lutheran Church,
12475 Chancellor Blvd., Port
Charlotte, meets at 10:30 a.m. on
the second and fourth Friday of the
month. Respite provided at location.
Village Place Assisted Living,
18400 Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte,
meets at 10 a.m. on the third
Thursday of the month.
Royal Palm Retirement Center,
2500 Aaron St., Port Charlotte, meets
at 10 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of
the month.
South Port Square (Harbour
Terrace), 23033 Westchester Blvd,
Port Charlotte, meets at 3 p.m. on the
third Tuesday of the month.
Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic
Church, 1441 Spear St., Port
Charlotte, meets at 2:30 p.m. on the
fourth Thursday of the month.
Port Charlotte United Methodist
Church, 21075 Quesada Ave., Port
Charlotte, meets at 3 p.m. on the
third Thursday of the month.
Life Care Center, 450 Shreve St.,
Punta Gorda, meets at 3 p.m. on the
third Monday of the month.
Punta Gorda Isles Civic
Association, 2001 Shreve St., Punta
Gorda, meets at 3 p.m. on the second
Tuesday of the month.
Desoto County Public Library, 125
N. Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, meets
at 11 a.m. on the first Wednesday of
the month.
First Alliance Church, 20444
Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte, meets
at 3 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of
the month (The meeting at the First
Alliance Church is a Younger Onset
diagnosis support group. This group
is for individuals with a diagnosis
before the age of 65 the person with
a diagnosis and caregiver are both
welcome. The person who has been
diagnosed needs to be younger than
65 and needs to be able to engage in
a conversation with others). Please
contact Linda Howard with any
questions concerning this group,
For information concerning sup-
port groups, or for more information
on services provided through the
Alzheimer's Association, call 800-272-
3900 or 941-235-7470.

Parkinson's support
The Neuro Challenge Foundation
for Parkinson's in North Port offers

free support for families dealing with
the challenges of Parkinson's disease.
Parkinson's Wellness Clubs take place
at 1:30 p.m. the second Wednesday
of the month. A Care Partner Support
Group with simultaneous Parkinsons
Empowerment Hour takes place
every at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth
Wednesday of the month.
All meetings take place at Neuro
Challenge Foundation's office at 5600
Peace River Road, North Port.
For more information, call 941-
928-5886 or to make a care advising
appointment, or email at carisa@

Tidewell Hospice volunteers
Tidewell Hospice serves patients
and families dealing with life-limiting
illness in our four-county service
area: Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and
Sarasota counties. These patients are
eligible for several different services,
including: nurse, social worker, CNA,
chaplain, bereavement counselor,
and volunteer.
The volunteers may provide respite
in a patient's home, visit patients
who live in nursing homes or as-
sisted living facilities, assist at our
local Hospice House, work in the
administration office, or even take
an approved pet to visit our patients.
Volunteers are needed every day of
the week, both daytime and evening.
Contact NancyVollmer (941-979-
4304),, or Kim
Hartshorne (941-979-4324), kharts- for more details.

FGCU Renaissance Academy
The Renaissance Academy at
Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)
seeks new lecture topics and in-
structors for its lifelong learning
program for summer/fall 2014 and
winter/spring 2015 sessions at any
of the University's nine Renaissance
Academy locations in Collier, Lee and
Charlotte counties. The Academy is
also seeking volunteers to assist with
future program planning and growth.
The Renaissance Academy is
FGCU's lifelong learning program
for adults, seniors and retirees. It is
based on the premise that learning
should never cease, that keeping
the mind intellectually, creatively
and culturally active fundamentally
enriches and invigorates lives.
Single lectures, short courses, day
trips, computer classes, film series,
life enrichment and travel abroad are
some of the programs offered at the
Renaissance Academy. There are no
exams or grades, just learning for the

joy of learning with friends, neigh-
bors and peers.
Lecturers may offer single lectures
and/or short courses in art, business,
computer instruction, ecology, envi-
ronment, government, history, law,
life enrichment, literature, music,
philosophy, psychology, religion,
science, sociology, medicine and
U.S. and world affairs. There are no
advanced degree requirements for
lecturers. Prior lecture experience
is preferred. The Academy pays an
honorarium of $75 per lecture.
Lectures are offered weekdays,
evenings and weekends. Each lecture
is usually 60-90 minutes long, with
additional time allotted for question
and answer sessions.
Those interested in lecturing for
the Academy may download a course
proposal form from our website at For more
information contact John Guerra,
director of Continuing Education and
The Renaissance Academy at 239-
434-4838 or

Tobacco cessation program
Do you want to quit tobacco but
you're concerned about weight gain?
The Florida Department of Health's
Tobacco Free Florida program's new
expanded resources can help.
Participants who enroll in the
Florida Quitline phone counseling
may access the Weight Management
Program, a pilot program designed to
help tobacco users quit while limiting
possible weight gain associated with
Those enrolled will receive up
to three tobacco cessation calls in
addition to up to three weight man-
agement coaching calls.
Participants with Type 2 diabetes
will receive up to three calls with
registered dietitians trained in the
weight loss needs of people with Type
2 diabetes.
The Weight Management Program
is available to Florida Quitline
participants, age 18 and older, who
speak English, currently use tobacco,
and have a body mass index (BMI) of
23 or higher.
Participants cannot be pregnant,
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, or
have had weight loss surgery in the
past 12 months.
Tobacco Free Florida has also ex-
panded its free nicotine replacement
therapy (NRT) offering.
Any participant who smokes more
than nine cigarettes per day or chews
more than two tins per week is
NEWS 118


We Not Only Listen, We Hear



Accepting New Patients
Treating All Conditions
Treating All Healthcare Needs
V Hormone Conditions
y Diabetes
V Anti-Aging & Hormone Replacement
V Homeopathic Medicine
V Affordable Weight Loss (20% off)
Dr John Janick and Janick Medical Welcome V Thyroid Disorders
Tucker Greene, M.D., Murla Ecclesiaste, ARNP d'*#(/
and Shannon Magee, RN, CDE to the practice NEW PATIENTS
Dr Janick is Board Certified Internal Medicine CALL 766-6249 201
Voted "Top Doctor" and "Best Doctor" 4369 TAMIAMI TRAIL 2
Walk-Ins Accepted & Adored PORT CHARLOTTE, FL

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 17

:Page 18 The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014



eligible for combination NRT, includ-
ing a supply of both nicotine patches
and gum, free of charge.
Florida residents who want to quit
tobacco and qualify for the Weight
Management Program and/or com-
bination NRT can take advantage by
calling 877-U-CAN-NOW

Senior services offered
Senior Friendship Centers' dining
programs offer local residents, age 60

and older, nutritious lunches, healthy
aging activities, educational speakers
and a chance to meet new people.
The centers are open from 10 a.m.-1
p.m. Monday-Friday. A donation of $2
to $4 is appreciated to help cover the
cost of meals.
Dining sites in Charlotte County
include New Operation Cooper
Street, 650 Mary St., Punta Gorda,
941-373-5819; Rebecca Neal Owens
Center, 27420 Voyageur Drive, Harbor
Heights, 941-255-0723; 100 Rotonda
Lakes Circle, RotondaWest, 941-373-
5080); Christian City of Florida, 6433
Gasparilla Pines Blvd., Grove City,
941-373-5080; and 2295 Aaron St.,
Port Charlotte, 941-373-5027.

For menus or more information,
Home-delivered meals are also
available by calling the Elder Helpline
at 866-413-5337.

Vision & hearing assistance
The Punta Gorda Lions Foundation
offers eyeglasses and surgeries to
help prevent blindness in individuals
with vision impairment. The foun-
dation also offers hearing aids and
examinations for those who are hard
of hearing. These services are offered
to those who otherwise would not be
able to get help.
In Punta Gorda, contact Bill

Ringelstein at 941-637-9979. In Port
Charlotte, contact Teri Parson at
941-624-5705. In North Port, contact
Penny Gregrich at 941-740-2860. In
Englewood, contact Jeri Zomes at

HIV support group
An HIV support group ("The
Exchange") meets at 6 p.m. the
second Tuesday of the month at
Comprehensive Care Center, 14243
Tamiami Trail, North Port.
The group is open to those who are
HIV-positive, and their caregivers. For
more information, call 941-888-2144
or email

W ATE R should be changed in the bathroom, the American Red Cross. "Seconds
not at pool side. Wash your hands count in preventing death or disabil- RESOURCES
after changing diapers. Avoid swal- ity," the Red Cross states. If you own .KidsHealth:
FROM PAGE 8 lowing water. Rinse off before and a pool or hot tub, the Red Cross said firstaid safe/outdoor/water-safety.htmI
after getting out of the water. it is important to have equipment Florida Department of Children and Families:
swim. Children who are not yet pot- *Know what to do in case of an such as life jackets, reaching or
ty-trained should wear swim diapers emergency. Even when all precau- throwing equipment and a first aid p//wwwlmyflfaeswoervie-
and a lot a pools demand they do. tions have been taken, emergencies kit. Enroll in a Red Cross home pool programs/child-welfare/water-safety-tips
Children should be taken for bath- still happen. If a child is missing, or water safety class and CPR/AED *American Red Cross: http://www.redcross.
room breaks often and swim diapers check the water first, according to course. org/prepare/disaster/water-safety



know which 30 percent that's going
to be," he said.
Denise Thommasen's OMG mo-
ment came while watching Oprah
when Leyton was in seventh grade.
He'd gone through myriad mal-
adies from hearing loss (he
once wore hearing aids) to peanut
allergies to being hot all the time.
It always seemed like one little
thing after another. Denise never
considered Tourette's, until she
watched an Oprah show featuring a
boy who displayed many of Leyton's
"I watched that show, and it
just hit me, oh my God, he has
Tourette's," she said.
Mark wasn't buying it, although he
now admits he was in denial.
"In the back of my mind, every-
thing added up," he said.
Leyton thrived in school and
sports, especially soccer, and for
the most part controlled his tics
- although his neck and hand
movements were particularly bad as
he reached puberty, when Tourette's
tends to peak.
"You would have thought he was a
third-base coach with all the tics he
was doing," Mark said.
But none of them, including
Leyton, thought he needed any
outside help. Only when he strug-
gled a bit in a Spanish class last year
did they decide to seek an official
diagnosis. Students with disorders
like Tourette's often receive special
considerations for taking tests, like
additional time.
But once afforded that opportuni-
ty, Leyton turned it down.
"He decided he didn't want to be
treated any different," Mark said.
"He wanted to be like the rest of the

Leyton, a B-plus student who will
attend and play soccer for Pacific
University in Oregon, shrugs off his
disorders and is genuinely more
annoyed by his mother's overprotec-
tive nature (she is a self-proclaimed
mama bear) than the fact he has
"I honestly don't care," he said.
"I'm one of those people who likes to
block things out."
For a while, the Websters thought
their son's Tourette syndrome might
be mild, too.
Most of Kellen's verbal tics quieted
down until he reached junior high,
and then some mild medication
His Tourette's flared up occa-
sionally, but he sailed through his
sophomore year in high school as a
starter in basketball and baseball.
A 6-foot-3 guard, Webster flew
onto the college recruiting radar by
hitting eight three-pointers at the
4A state tournament, one shy of the
Then the wheels fell off that
summer as his Tourette's raged. His
head nearly spun like a top and he
punched himself black and blue. He
clapped and clucked and barked and
during one baseball game his mouth
stuck open.
His parents had a neurologist on
speed dial and Kellen tried multiple
medications. He began working with
Wiegand and became one of the first
in the state to learn Comprehensive
Behavioral Intervention for Tics
(CBIT), which ultimately worked
Kellen was able to play basketball
- sometimes sinking three-pointers
with his head turned away from the
hoop until he suffered three con-
cussions, his balance a casualty of
his meds. He returned for baseball,
but quit batting partway through the
season for safety reasons he might
get beaned not watching the ball.
The Cougars reached the regional

tournament, when Kellen selflessly
told his coaches the team had a
better chance with someone else
at shortstop as his condition flared
again. They lost to Kentwood by a
Leyton Thommasen's Tourette's
hasn't affected his athletic abilities.
Kellen Webster wishes he could say
the same thing.
Tics have never made Thommasen
miss a soccer ball and he is among
the top goalkeepers in the state. And
he has a role model in Tim Howard,
goalkeeper for the U.S. National
Soccer Team who has Tourette's.
Webster's coaches say he could
play at least Division II baseball
and/or basketball, when his condi-
tion is under control.
Wiegand said he believes sports
can be therapeutic for Tourette's
patients, especially those with
depression, like Webster.
"Physical activity and social
activity are really the two anecdotes
to depression," he said. "And for
those not doing well in school, it
gives them another area of their life
where they can excel and base their
But Webster admits one reason he
didn't push returning to the baseball
team this spring, if his back allowed,
was the fear his symptoms would
rear again.
"I don't want to sound overdramat-
ic, but it was kind of scarring," he
said of the struggles. "I didn't really

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder
characterized by repetitive involuntary move-
ments and vocalizations called tics.
The name: The disorder is named for Dr.
Georges Gilles de la ourette, a French neurol-
ogist who in 1885 first described the condition
in an 86-year-old French woman.
More men than women: Males are affected
about three to four times more often than
Numbers: It is estimated that 200,000 Amer-
icans have the most severe form of TS, and as
many as one in 100 exhibit milder symptoms.
For teens: Most people with the condition
experience their worst tic symptoms in their
early teens.
Source: National Institute of Neurological

want to risk it."
Yet he asks for no one's pity.
"It was hard for me to have the
game taken away from me like that,
with what I have, but my dad always
says it will make me a better person,
because everyone's going to face
adversity, and I face it a lot, which I
think will make me a better person,"
he said.
A month ago, Webster thought he'd
give up baseball and basketball to
attend Washington State University,
but he recently reconsidered and
might pursue both at Bellevue
"I've missed it," he said.

Frantz Bladeless
Laser Cataract Surgery
Dr. Frantz takes Cataract Surgery to the
Next Level with Area's First VERIONTm

Y RION creates a "fingerprint of your eye" and tracks it from the
PJanning stages to your actual cataract procedure, working
00 'ogether with the laser and other advanced technology to give
you the best possible procedure for your unique eyes.

Laser Guided Precision. Increased Accuracy. Improved Safety

Cataract Center
000 *0...

To schedule your cataract evaluation c
505-2020 or visit BetterVision


General & Implant Dentistry
Former faculty member of Marquette University School of Dentistry
301 W. Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda 575-2273

Jonathan M. Frantz, MD,
One of our Country's Top 5
Loser Cataract Surgeons1*

oPage 18

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Caring for a baby changes a man's brain, study shows

arenting a small child requires
the forethought of a crisis plan-
ner, the reflexes of a professional
goalkeeper, the energy of a cheerlead-
er and the empathy of a therapist.
After eons of practice at such
caregiving, it's clear that mothers
have evolved some brawn in those
parts of the brain that weave together
these many skills, and that practice
strengthens them. But fathers can
clearly develop the same cognitive
and emotional muscle, and a new
study finds that the more he cares
for his offspring, the more a father's
brain looks and behaves like that of a
mother engaged in the everyday care
of a child.
In fact, say the Israeli authors of the
study, the very practice of caregiving,
whether by a mom who is her child's
primary caregiver, a dad who steps
in to help or a gay father raising a
child with no woman in the picture,
activates a recognizable "parental
caregiving' neural network."
Their research was published
Tuesday in the journal Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences.
The researchers said they may be the
first to take advantage of an unprec-
edented cultural shift. Changing
cultural mores have given modern
men a larger role in the care of their
offspring, and in instances of gay
male couples who have chosen to
raise children together, at least one of

the men takes on the role of primary
caregiver and no mother figure is
present at all.
In a series of experiments, the
researchers, led by Eyal Abraham of
Bar-Ilan University, visited and vid-
eotaped 89 first-time parents as they
interacted with their babies. They
took measurements of the parents'
levels of oxytocin, a hormone that
mediates behavior related to nurtur-
ing, trust and affection. And later they
scanned the brains of the parents as
they watched video of themselves
with their babies, and of other parents
interacting with their own children.
The aim of the functional magnetic
resonance imaging (fMRI) was to
discern patterns of brain activation
associated with parental caregiving.
Whether their direct caregiving
role is full or part time, men have a
pattern of activation that is just a little
different from women's. But caring
for one's baby prompts activity in
and communication among the same
brain circuits, whether a man or a
woman is doing it.
Key components in the parental
caregiving neural network are cir-
cuits that are central in attaching
emotional importance to experience
(the amygdala, the ventral anterior
cingulate cortex, the inferior frontal
gyrus and insular cortex, and the
ventral tegmentum), as well as
others that help us impute needs,
intentions or mental state to other
people (the ventromedial prefrontal
cortex, the superior temporal sulcus).

The circuits that came alive with
caregiving involve emotional pro-
cessing, reward and motivation, and
in developing a smooth exchange of
give-and-take known as parent-child
In mothers, the brain's emotional
processing circuit was most activated
by watching videos of their interac-
tion with baby. In fathers who were
not full-time caregivers, the largest
activations were seen in regions in-
volved in interpreting and responding
to another's social cues. Among gay
fathers who were full-time caregivers,
both regions were greatly activated,
with much cross talk between them.
In females, as luck would have it,



medicine in the division of geriat-
ric medicine at the University of
Colorado, helped review the scientific
merit of the study before the launch
of the main LIFE trial. She said the
information produced by this study
fills gaps in researchers' knowledge
of the types of people enrolled in the
'As an exercise scientist, I believe
this type of research is absolutely
critical to establish scientific evidence
on which to make recommendations
for how lifestyle can beneficially
influence health status," Kohrt said.
"There is a general belief among the

the brain structures from which these
motivations and behaviors spring are
rich in receptors for the hormone oxy-
tocin, a chemical copiously released
by females in the wake of giving birth.
Although men make oxytocin and are
sensitive to its effects, this hormone
has not always been seen as a central
driver of nurturing behavior.
In this study, researcher found that
a womans oxytocin levels were a good
predictor of activation of her brain's
emotional processing centers and
of affectionate behavior. But in men,
higher oxytocin levels predicted more
activation in the brain's centers of
social cognition and were associated
with better parent-child synchrony.

public and the scientific and medical
communities that we know exercise
is good for you, so why do we need
to do more research in this area?
However, we still do not know wheth-
er certain types or doses of exercise
are better than others, particularly for
specific health conditions or diseases.
The LIFE trial demonstrated that a
modest increase in physical activity
has the potential to help older adults
maintain functional independence."
Pahor and Guralnik said there is still
a vast amount of data to unpack from
the study, including looking at the
effects of physical activity on the par-
ticipants' emotional well-being. The
research team also plans to determine
how physical activity impacted the
participants' physiological, social and
biological factors.

Children exposed to secondhand smoke have higher rates of asthma and
respiratory infections, and are more likely to become smokers themselves.
Help them be safe...,please don't smoke around kids.
For more information, contact the Department of Health in Charlotte HEJLTH
County, 941-624-7279 or visit

Florid ,

Go over your recent "screening" test results
with the local expert Heart and Vascular Specialist
Tom Kartis, M.D.
Longest current track record of excellent
outcomes in Cardiac Surgery in Charlotte County.
The only local Double Board-Certified Cardiovascular
Specialist who is also a member of both
Society of Thoracic Surgery and
Society for Vascular Surgery
Demonstrating Commitment to Your Heart & Your Circulation
Call for your appointment (No referral needed) 235-4400 Visit
American Colleges of Cardiology, Surgeons, Chest Physicians

oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 19

CX tct- q1-the- .rt trcatmcnt

or venous disease that ca7i

vhainqvjiour iz c"

Even though we can still

fix it, don't let them get

this bad. Call JVAI.

"As usual, fast and es.

diagnosis and treatments
tailored to your unique needs.
Since 1998 JVAI has developed,
refined and successfully used
laser ablation techniques for the
treatment of incompetent veins.
Our success rate for venous leg
ulcers, varicose veins and
chronic venous insufficiency is
over 97% with virtually no
complications. These
procedures are well tolerated in
the office setting with the patient
awake and comfortable.
State-of-the-art venous treatment
by internationally recognized Vein Specialist
Douglas H. Joyce, DO, FACOS
Triple Board Certified in Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery,
General Surgery and Phlebology (Venous Disease)

YourGut Off
to learn more!

25092 Olympia Avenue i<--
Punta Gorda 941-575-0123 2
Visit us at


oPage 20

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014


.... DAr.F

An organized closet

can change your life


Don't roll your eyes at an organized
closet. I know that I did for years, and
now I realize how very wrong and naive
I was. An organized closet can change
your life for the better. Does this seem
too simplistic? Well, it's not. Someone
once told me that spontaneity could
only be achieved by organization. I
scoffed at this person back then, but
20-plus years later I have to say, "Steve,
you were so very right"

There's a very good reason why the
closet is often used as a metaphor for
secrets, fears and repression. Closets
are small, dark, messy spaces holding
our deepest personal stuff: our masks,
the fat clothes, the hole-riddled shoes,
the bags that stash our hidden packs of
cigarettes and much more. It's time to
come clean and dump all our past stuff
and secrets; it's time to come out of the
closet literally. Take every single thing,
including hooks and nails, out of there
and scrub the closet clean. When you're
facing the clean slate of your future, be
particular about what things you let stay
in your world.

Seventy percent of your stuff should
not return to that closet. That's right, I
said 70 percent. There is only one way
to execute this purge successfully. Grab
every large trash bag or box you can find
and start tossing.
Here's the criteria:
1. Does the object remind you of
something bad, scary, unhealthy or
gross? Toss it.
2. Does the clothing fit you perfectly?
No? Toss it. And I don't care about your
promise to lose five pounds for a friend's
upcoming Tahitian wedding.
3. Have you worn it in the last two
months? If not, toss it.
4. Would you wear this to your high
school reunion weekend? If not, toss it.


You obviously don't feel comfortable or
"you"in it, so it must go.

Let your true colors fly. If you love
clothes and fashion, you should seriously
consider remodeling your closet into a
small office and transforming your sec-
ond bedroom into a closet. If you're not
a fashionista, your small closet will more

than suffice. But and this is a serious
but do not keep clothes in there that
you don't actually wear consistently. If
you are a dress-down diva, toss those
nylons and skirts and high heels and tell
the world that you simply will not take it
anymore. You are who you are, and who
you are lives in comfy clothes. If you're a


IreNousel [Olle:

'The cook don't clean'

Long hot







Getting more

.'DArC 2

from your store rA"'

1";'S 3,*

LWhat's new in music"


Online shopping 101: Expert advice on

making the most of your experience


We've all been there. You have a
pile of dresses to try on, and a helpful
saleswoman is rushing off to find
another style, two or even three sizes
larger than the one you pulled off the
rack. Perhaps, like the Grinch's heart,
that posterior has grown three sizes in
one mysterious day when you weren't
paying attention.
Who needs public humiliation, when
you can shop in the comfort of your
own home?
There's been a sharp increase in the

number of people choosing to shop
online, says Jody Rohlena, deputy
editor at Consumer Reports' ShopSmart
Magazine, who gave us the rundown
on how to make the online shopping
experience seamless.
The first place to start? Ensure there's
a good return policy, she says, noting
L.L.Bean, an outdoor apparel and gear
store out of Maine, as tops of the list.
"Our 100 percent satisfaction was
established by L.L. Bean himself when
he started the company in 1912'"
says Mary Rose MacKinnon, L.L.Bean




Summer books preview:

Hot fiction of

every stripe
This summer reading list is a picnic with fiction
of every flavor: fantasy, thriller, romance, satire and
the ever-popular genre of books about people
going to the beach.

CUTTING TEETH, by Julia Fierro.
An ensemble of Park Slope parents you'll love
to hate take their playgroup to a shabby summer
cottage on the Gold Coast. Everybody's got



Dermatology without the wait... So you have more time for things you love

Now in North Port
14840 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287

A weekly section of the Sun Vol. 4 No. 22 June1,2014

"3 The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

No. 0525




1 Part of a rainbow
7 Blanket
14 Rear admiral's
19 Invader of 1066
20 Comment upon
heading off

61 Susan of "L.A. Law" 115 "Spamalot" writer

62 Tale of
67 Word before or
after "down"
70 Yam or turnip

and lyricist
116 Forward
117 Heavens
118 Clear-cuts, e.g.
119 Off course


21 Catch (surf) 71 They're big in barns
1 Not on point
,. o _, ., 72 Huskers' targets

22z Lik{e larmianII IU. ... -"-
23 Stoners' memoirs? 75 '12 or '13, now
25 New Guinea 77 Western followers?

26 Freud disciple
27 Coaches
28 Leverage in divorce
30 Mixologist
32 Went from black to
red, say
33 Home with a view
34 Whinny
38 Sound in a hot tub
41 Mallard relative
44 Berth
45 Theater opening
46 Dumbstruck duo?
50 Moolah
51 Blemished
52 Admit (to)
53 Calculus calculation
55 Makes the

80 Wire service inits.
81 Some lapses
83 Like many men's
85 Grant Wood
88 "The Canterbury
Tales" inn
89 Yemeni port
90 Wrapped (up)
91 Conciliatory
92 Kitchen drawer?
93 Some sites for
94 Eke living
97 Maltreated
99 Having trouble
slowing down?
105 Like radon
among all gaseous

56 Zero-star movie 108 Popped up

2 Singer Jones
3 Hang (over)
4 Saturated
5 Samsung
6 With 10-Down,
certain punch
7 Marshy lowland
8 Features of many
kids' place mats
9 Legal hearing
10 See 6-Down
11 Star of reality TV's
"The Girls Next
Door," briefly
12 Immodest display
13 Oscar nominee for
"The Wrestler"
14 Highlight
15 Double takes?
16 Gutter site
17 One with a home
away from home
18 Crime-fighting Eliot
20 Extra: Abbr.

57 Balkan capital 109 "Appointment in 24 Actress
59 Beach, Fla. Samarra" novelist Dawn Chong

Online subscriptions: 110 Cobbler's
Today's puzzle and more heirloom?
than 4,000 past puzzles, 113 Bet
($39.95 a year). 114 Aplomb

26 Mentored, e.g.
29 Celebrated
30 Poe poem, with

31 "The Tempest"
33 Hieroglyphic
35 Love," 1987
LL Cool J hit
36 Stylist's goop
37 fit
38 Rest stop
for short
39 1956 Gregory Peck
40 "Don't be a !"
42 Confronts
43 Certain back-
45 "The Rapture of
Canaan" author
47 See 49-Down
48 Big name in
barbecue grills
49 With 47-Down,
50 Building needs,
54 Not straight up
57 Tolerated
58 Focusing problem,
for short
60 Ferrell's 68
cheerleading 69
partner on "S.N.L." 73
63 Dealt (with)
64 A musical might be 74
on one
65 Neighbors of 76
66 Sale site, maybe 78
67 Popular pre- 79
marathon meal 81

Wedding site 82 View from Lake
Engine booster Como
Tropicana Field 84 Relatives of
team turtles
W.W. II invasion 86 Neon frame?
site 87 Stirred
Tight spot in South 89 Spare
Florida? 93 In a hurry
I Hawkins Day 95 Govt. securities

Taedium vitae

96 Left open-mouthed,

98 Rent 105 Comes to pass, old-
99 Wedding sight style

100 Fancy wheels,
101 "... so long
both shall live?"
102 Part of an old
military alphabet
103 Big band's
104 Pops

106 "Star Wars"
107 Others, to Ovid
108 In
111 End of un film
112 Puncture preceder
113 Mme.'s cousin


Clothes that work for new grads hitting the job market


You've earned the degree,
nailed the interview and
scored that first job. Now, it's
time to look the part.
Navigating out of the casual
college wardrobe and into
workplace-appropriate outfits
can be a pricey puzzle, but it
doesn't have to be.
Every workplace has its own
style from buttoned-up
banks to the colorful creative
environments. The trick is
to quickly figure out what's
appropriate and practical for
your line of work.
Some rules always apply:
People who look put-together
and take care in their appear-
ance will make a better first
impression than those who
dress sloppily. And new hires

should try to draw attention
to their work ethic and
skills not to what they're
"If you have to ask some-
body if what you're wearing is
work appropriate, it's proba-
bly not," says Jessica Hensen,
a corporate recruiter for
the fast-growing marketing
company Red Ventures, based
in Fort Mill, S.C.
Red Ventures has a relaxed
approach to dress; even CEO
Ric Elias wears jeans and a
polo to work most days.
But Hensen stresses that
although company leaders
believe "you don't have to
be dressed in a suit to be
professional and successful,"
certain things are no-nos:
short skirts, ripped jeans and
tank tops.
At MetLife's Charlotte, N.C.,

office, there's a more formal
Workers in sales who inter-
act with customers wear suits
and ties, while those who
don't see customers follow
business-casual style with a
collared shirt and dress pants.
Some departments allow
jeans on Fridays, but not the
ripped or casual kind; struc-
tured jeans in darker denim
are the norm.
"We know everyone wants to
be an original and stand out,
but from a corporate stand-
point, a little bit more con-
servative is better," says Jason
Moore, sales desk manager in
MetLife's office in Charlotte's
Ballantyne neighborhood.
Women are advised to wear
closed-toe shoes instead of
sandals, and men to wear
lace-up shoes "that don't

Appropriate business attire for the new college graduate looking for employ-
ment. People who look put-together and take care in their appearance will
make a better first impression than those who dress sloppily.

resemble anything like a
"If you run into (a high-level
manager) in the elevator,

think about how you want to
look in front of that person,"
Moore says, "so think of it as
an interview every day."

An eye on the future


The Domenico Vacca label may be root-
ed in old-school southern Italian tailoring
traditions, but its founder, creative director
and namesake is a social media junkie
whose work on film and TV projects have
him looking three to 30 seasons down the
road. During a recent visit to his Beverly
Hills boutique, he shared his thoughts on
what the fashion of the future might look
like, the importance of Instagram and
what happens when the guy wearing your
tuxedo wins an Academy Award.
Q: You've made suits for Jeremy Piven's
Ari Gold character on both the HBO TV
series "Entourage"and the upcoming film
that won't hit theaters until mid-2015. Did
you approach the projects differently?
A: Definitely.You have to think June
2015; you can't think March 2014. We kind
of already know what's going to be trendy
a year from now, so what I created for
Jeremy (is what) you will see in my next
collection, the one that comes out in the
spring of 2015.
Q: What will the suits of"Entourage"-
and hence spring 2015 look like?
A: Colorwise we have a lot of great blues,

royal blues, very deep colors. We also did
a great palette of browns and beiges. We
also did a lot of Prince of Wales (checks)
and plaids where we really pushed the col-
ors a bit. We posted pictures of Jeremy on
the set in some of the pieces to Instagram,
and people started reacting like crazy.
Q: Speaking of which, you have a pretty
robust social media presence. More than
24,000 people follow your Instagram
account, and almost 37, 000 follow your
Twitter feed. What role does social media
play in building a brand like yours?
A: It's amazing! And I'm completely ad-
dicted to it. I like to do the Instagramming
myself- and then share it to Facebook
and Twitter because it gives me a lot
of feedback and reaction right away. You
know if you're on the right track. And
it's a great way to be in touch. I used to
spend more time in my stores, but now
I'm traveling a lot and spending much less
time with my customers, and I miss that in
a way. That's where you get your feedback
and reactions. So I think Instagram and
Twitter really are filling in that gap. Now,
in one shot, I can have a 33,000-person
Q: Besides"Entourage;'what other film or
TV projects have you worked on recently?

A: I helped do the wardrobe for a (TV)
pilot called "Tin Man"- it's about the
future, in 2030. Shaun Toub is the lead
Q: What will men's fashion 15 years from
now look like?
A: I still believe it will be about a slim
silhouette (and) simple lines but with
interesting details. One of the things we
did was make the corners of the lapels
on an overcoat Shaun's character wears
in metal. They could be done in different
fabrics and changed to match the color of
the tie, like a pocket square. That's what
I see. And everything is going to be less
sloppy and the bodies are going to
be perfect. You can't tell me that in 2030
somebody can't come to me and say:"I
can suck all your fat out"
Q: Perhaps your biggest red-carpet mo-
ment to date was in February 2013 when
Daniel Day-Lewis wore a custom royal
blue Domenico Vacca tuxedo with a shawl
collar in black grosgrain to the Academy
Awards. Does something like that translate
into a measurable jump in sales?
A: The Monday after the Oscars, we sold
20 of those Daniel Day-Lewis tuxedos.
People were just calling from everywhere
saying they wanted it.


Looks from Domenico Vacca's spring 2015

-Page 2

The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

TheSun/SundayJune 1, 2014 Page 3 FLAIR

Getting more from your store

hen it comes to supermar-
kets, biggest isn't always best.
Consumer Reports' recent
survey of 27,208 readers reveals that
Wal-Mart, America's largest grocer, is
at the bottom of the food chain. The
mega-store finished last among 55
supermarkets, earning subpar scores
for checkout speed, employee courtesy
and meat and produce quality.
Store choice matters because
Americans are heavily invested in
their supermarkets, averaging 88
trips per year and spending approxi-
mately $6,000, according to the Food
Marketing Institute, a trade group.
Consumer Reports offers this advice on
the best ways to save:
Compare unit prices. They're on
shelf tags beneath the products, and
they're the only way to know for sure
which package size is the best deal
per quart, ounce or sheet. Bigger is
usually cheaper, but not always. At a
local A&P, Consumer Reports spotted
side-by-side packages of Hampton
Farms peanuts, one 8 ounces and the



other 24 ounces. The unit price tags
revealed that the smaller bag cost $2
per pound; the larger, $2.66.
-Try store brands. They account
for about a quarter of all supermarket
products and sell for 22 percent less, on
average, than national brands. Seventy-
eight percent of respondents who
bought store brands said they were just
as good, and Consumer Reports'own
tests have shown that's often true.
Consider warehouse clubs. They
have everyday low prices, so you don't
have to wait for a sale. But consider
whether it makes sense for you to
pay the membership and to buy in
bulk 20 pounds of flour or 500 feet
of aluminum foil, for example. Other
drawbacks to club shopping: minimal
service, a limited selection and long
checkout lines, according to the survey.

Don't pay for convenience.
Prepped and precut commodities from
watermelon to garlic can cost extra.
At a Price Chopper, portobello mush-
rooms were $12.79 per pound sliced
and $4.99 per pound whole. But some-
times it works the other way; packaged
products are cheaper. Consumer
Reports saw russet baking potatoes for
$1.29 per pound sold individually but
$2.99 for a 5-pound sack.
Capitalize on coupons. In 2013,
consumers saved $3.5 billion by
using coupons for packaged goods.
Manufacturers distributed more than
300 billion coupons that year but
redeemed "only" 2.8 billion, according
to Charles K. Brown, vice president of
marketing for NCH Marketing Services,
a coupon processing firm. Don't leave
money on the table: Savings per
purchase averaged $1.62, Brown says.
For all the chatter about paperless cou-
pons that are downloaded to smart-
phones, 91 percent of all coupons
reached shoppers through newspaper

Shop early in the sales cycle.
Eleven percent of readers complained
about stores being out of advertised
specials. The problem was worst at Pick
'n Save, Pathmark, Meijer and Tops.
Consumer Reports has had the best
luck finding the type of bargains prom-
inent in circulars at the beginning of
the cycle (usually Friday or Saturday).
Be loyal. Many chains reserve their
best deals for customers who enroll in
loyalty- or bonus-card programs. And
some have a fuel reward component;
the typical discount is 10 cents a
gallon at participating gas stations
for each $50 spent at the store. Other
possible perks: rebates based on
purchases (usually $5 for every $500),
coupon doubling and buy-one-get-
one-free specials, coupons toward
future purchases and the ability for
those 60 and older to get extra savings
on certain days. More than half of
Consumer Reports' survey respondents
belonged to bonus-card programs,
and 84 percent were satisfied with the

New releases from

Matisyahu, 50 Cent

he first release this
week is a new one
Matisyahu called
Matisyahu was born as
Matthew Paul Miller on
June 30, 1979, in West
Chester, Pa. Matisyahu
blends reggae, hip hop,
beatboxing, scat jazz
along with Jewish style
of prayer. Wow, that is
so crazy I just had to
write about this guy.
He had a tough upbring-
ing that eventually led
to him finding his way.
At a young age he
and his family moved
to White Plains, N.Y.,
and he really didn't take
his Jewish upbringing
too serious. He re-
belled as a teenager,
he started using drugs
and dropped out of
high school so he could
follow his beloved band
Phish. This ended with
him being sent to a drug
rehabilitation program
in Oregon.
While in this program,
he became known as
Matt the Jewish Rapper
from New York. It is
where he began to
search for his identity.
Being Jewish began
to become relevant to
him. At the age of 19,
he adopted the Jewish
form of his birth name,
Once he returned
to New York, he spent
much of his time study-
ing his faith and felt
he needed to expand
on it. His fondness for

hip hop and reggae
music was the tool
where he could express
himself. His first break
came from Phish. The
lead singer invited
him on stage to perform
with the band at the
2005 Bonnaroo Festival.
His 2005 released,
Live at Stubbs, got
him some airplay and
During 2005-2006 he
was the opening act for
Sting and his creative
style began to catch on.
Akeda is his seventh
release and is his most
personal release since
he has had complete
control over the creativi-
ty of the content.
Next we have a new
release by 50 Cent
called Animal Ambition:
An Untamed Desire To
50 Cent was born as
Curtis James Jackson III
in Queens, N.Y., on
July 6, 1975. He was
raised by a single moth-
er. She was a 15-year-
old cocaine dealer in a
poverty stricken area,
and by the time Curtis
was 8, she had passed
away. He moved into
his grandparent's home
along with many other
family members. By
11 years old, he was
out on the streets
selling crack cocaine.
By 16 he was arrested
for selling drugs and
sent to a juvenile boot
He became interested

in rap because of the
competitive nature of it
and adopted the name
50 Cent because it was
a metaphor for change
and that's what he
needed to do with his
At 21, he began to
take his rapping serious
and was introduced to
Jam Master Jay of Run
DMC. He taught 50 Cent
how to write songs,
create beats, structure
songs and put together
a finished product.
Some major rappers
began to take notice
of 50 Cent and got him
signed to Columbia
Records. Just as things
looked like life was
turning around for him,
the past caught up to
him and outside his
grandmother's home
a gunman shot him
nine times, two days
prior to filming his
debut video. He spent
many months recov-
ering during that time
Columbia Records
dropped him from
the label. After re-
habilitation, he was
blacklisted by many of
the labels. It wasn't until
Eminem heard his mix-
tape called Guess Who's
Back that he brought
50 Cent to Los Angeles
and introduced him to
Dr. Dre.
He was given the
opportunity to place
one song on the 8 Mile
soundtrack. By 2003
he released his debut


album called Get Rich or
Die Tryin.
Well, instant success,
it sold almost 900,000
copies in the first four
days. It has been certi-
fied eight times plati-
num and earned him a
Grammy for Best Rap/
Hip Hop Album.
This new album is his
fifth studio release and
his first in five years,
it includes eleven new
songs and features
some guest artists
like Styles P, Yo Gotti,
Prodigy and Jadakiss. All
people you would
be familiar with if you
are a fan of rap music,
if not these names
probably mean nothing
to you.
Other major releases
this week are from
Camper Van Beethoven,
Echo &The Bunnymen,
Fanny, Led Zeppelin
(reissues), Meshell
Ndegeocello, Morgan
James and Miranda
Lambert. Independent
releases are from Fu
Manchu, Bob Mould,
Peter Murphy, Rich
Robinson, Kelly Price,
Sheila E and John
Keep rockin' folks!

Tom Koontz is the owner ofTJs CDS
& More at 3275-A Tam iami Trail
in Port Charlotte. He loves reader
comments, and can be contacted at

Get a free Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer on Mondays at
Bonefish Grill with a coupon.
The chain is offering the spicy starter, which costs $10.50,
with the purchase of two entrees when you dine in after
4 p.m. on June 2 and 9.
Get the deal:
free-ban g-m on days.

Bring home the pork and then whip up a weeknight meals
in a jiffy with free pork recipe booklets.
Choose "Easy Meals in Minutes,""Eat Lean for Less,""Ground
Pork,""Celebrate Ham," and "Juicy News."
Recipe offerings include honey pork tenderloin kabobs, Thai
pork pizza and Spanish-style pork tenderloin.
You can download the cookbooks, print individual recipes
you'd like to try or order the booklets by mail. They should
arrive in 4-6 weeks.
Get the deal:

Sun Sentinel

Affordable ways to eat organic


Here are a few tips
on how to go organic
without busting your
Shop the farmers
market for locally
grown meats and
produce. You'll often
find better prices than
at the grocery store.
Don't buy every-
thing organic. Focus on
the Dirty Dozen pro-
duce that tends to have
the most pesticides:
apples, strawberries,
grapes, celery, peaches,
spinach, sweet bell
peppers, nectarines
(imported), cucumbers,
cherry tomatoes, snap
peas (imported) and
Visit the websites
and Facebook pages

of companies such as and
Sign up for newsletters
and find printable
With good soil,
seeds and some tender
love and care, you can
grow your own pro-
duce. Visit your local
gardening center or
hardware store for tips
to get started.
Take advantage
of abundant produce
when it is in season.
When strawberries are
in season, buy some
and make strawberry
jelly. Or flash-freeze
them (freeze on a cook-
ie sheet for a couple
of hours and store) for
future recipes.
Buy only what's in
season; it's abundant
and therefore cheaper.

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oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 3


~Page4 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, June 1,2014

Look whatI found!




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The Amazing Ronco

rom the early days of TV to today, we
have been bombarded by Ron Popeil
and his unusual products that he
promoted on air.
One of the very first I found was the hair
trimmer that was made of a comb and an
attached razor blade. Did it work? Yes, but it
wouldn't replace a trip to the barber shop.
The most famous was the Pocket
Fisherman, which still brings OK money
on eBay.
His first television product was the
Ronco Spray Gun. It was a garden hose
nozzle with a chamber in the handle for
tablets of soap, wax, weed killer, fertilizer
or insecticide. It worked by inserting a
tablet that contained the product you
wanted to spray. Popeil made a bundle
by selling tablet refills.
The earliest one of his own
inventions that appeared on TV
was the Chop-O-Matic which later

became the Vego-Matic.
So how many out of just this small
group did you own over the years?
A side note is that total sales at retail for
all of Ronco's items is over a billion dollars.
Collectors of Ronco items want them
unused and in the original box. I have
discovered over 30 products from Ronco
and I'm sure there must be a few more.
The Ronco Rotisserie and food dehydra-
tor have been very successful, but they
are not fun products like the smokeless
ashtray, the Mr. Dentist electric tooth-
brush, the no-spill coffee mug, the rhine-
stone stud machine, the flower loom, the
Buttoneer and the salad spinner.
One of my favorites is Mr. Microphone,
which lets you talk through your own
radio at home. The funniest story about
using Mr. Microphone was told by David
Brenner in his book"Soft Pretzels and
Mustard"where he had his dad were

talking back to the radio.
It seems Ronco ignored the children's
market as there are very few items that
would appeal to youngsters. Household
items and specific kitchen items were
Popeil's specialty. One offer was a box
of two plastic ice bags in the shape of a
porpoise and a fish. You filled them with
water and froze them before putting them
in a punch bowl as an interesting cooler.
Although you'll get your best deals at
yard sales, make sure you only buy items
in the box. If you want some that have
never been used then you need to go
to online sites like eBay and Etsy. Etsy is
becoming a popular site that originally
specialized in crafts and novelties, but
now has items of all kinds with over a
million world-wide sellers. This is not
an auction site, although you can make
offers below the asking price.
As far as prices go you can buy a


Buttoneer on eBay for about $10 and a
bottle and jar cutter for under $30. The
Mr. Microphone has sold for $75, which
is about the most you'll pay for a vintage
Ronco item.
Even the pocket fisherman goes for
under $25.

Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and
knows his stuff. Please feel free to email him with
questions or comments at

First ad on moon could come from Japan America must get there first


Fasten your seat belts, fellow Americans.
We're about to soar full throttle into
another space race.
If you haven't heard, a Japanese sports
drink manufacturer has concocted a plan
to place a shiny blue titanium container of
its Pocari Sweat beverage mix on the lunar
surface late next year.
That's right. Japan is poised to become
the first country to put an advertisement
on the moon OUR moon, the one we
claimed with an American flag and "one
small step"and all that good, patriotic stuff.
Putting a man on the moon was fine if
you're into that sort of thing, but putting an
ad up there is truly inspirational. It's spread-
ing capitalism to outer space. It's marketing
where no one has marketed before.
The company behind this nefarious
moon-jacking is Otsuka Pharmaceutical,
makers of everything from New Saralin (a
gentle laxative) to Jog Mate Protein Jelly
(a gentle protein jelly?) and, of course, the
popular and mildly grapefruitlike Japanese
sports drink, Pocari Sweat. I don't know
what a pocari is or why anyone would want
to drink its sweat, but I'm sure it pales in

comparison to our delicious red-, neon
green- and blue-colored American sports
Otsuka's space canister is shaped and
decorated exactly like a can of Pocari
Sweat. The company is encouraging
children to electronically submit their
life dreams, which will be engraved
on titanium plates and inserted in the
As it says on Otsuka's website, "Put
words to your dreams, so they can travel
over 380,000 kilometers to the lunar
surface as engraved messages. From
then on, you can look up to the moon
whenever you feel down. The words you
entrusted to the moon are sure to give
you the energy to chase your dreams
Oh, barf. It's bad enough Japan is
stealing our valuable moon advertising
space. Must the country also swipe our
weapons-grade American schmaltz?
Children who submit their dreams will
get a "dream ring"that, should they ever
make it to the moon, will allow them to
open the container and retrieve some
powdered Pocari Sweat mix, which can
be whipped into a rejuvenating bever-
age, assuming there's a bucket of moon

water nearby.
Enjoy those rings, kids. Because the
minute a U.S. astronaut gets up there, he
or she will open that stupid powdered
sweat container the American way by
shooting it with a handgun and hoping
the recoil doesn't send him or her flying
into deep space. (U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!)
Clearly, America must respond to this
brash attempt by the Japanese to plant
a garish space billboard on our lunar
property. And the only way to respond
is by planting our own garish space
billboard there first.
We could certainly parrot Otsuka's plan
by blasting a bottle of Gatorade moon-
ward. Maybe tweak Neil Armstrong's
famous words a bit: "That's one small
step for man, boy am I thirsty."
Or we could tell Donald Trump that
Oprah Winfrey is going to be the first to
put a sign bearing her name on the moon,
then let Trump's ego do the rest.
But I think we should focus on the one
thing all Americans love to see advertised
these days: themselves. Thanks to Twitter
and Facebook, Instagram and Linkedln, we
now stand united in our love of promoting
our own personal brands.
So let's beat the Japanese at space

branding by becoming the first country
to put a selfie on the moon. Since I'm
brave and willing to put my selfie in grave
danger, I'll volunteer.
My selfie will be placed on a titanium
placard. On the back, we will engrave the
dreams of American children who hope
one day they can grow up to be me.
All I need is a wealthy sponsor to fund
this project and get the selfie to the moon
before the Japanese deliver their gross
sweat can.
This is important, people. The race to the
moon in the 1960s brought us together
as a nation, and I'm sure the race to put a
selfie on the moon will bring us together as
a nation of individuals who care primarily
about themselves.
As President John F. Kennedy said at
Rice University in 1962: "For the eyes of the
world now look into space, to the moon
and to the planets beyond, and we have
vowed that we shall not see it governed by
a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner
of freedom and peace"
I'm sure he meant those words to hold
true for advertising as well. After all, this is
Ask not what your selfie can do for you,
ask what you can do for your selfie.

cLOSE TBE DARING challenge and maybe you start small and aim for you would have. Or more or all combined, too
A while back there was should too. One article having just 100 things in to the point, don't we all bright or too boring, open
a viral post about the"One on ZenHabits ( http:// your closet. Or maybe for really just wear maybe or full of secrets. You don't
FROM PAGE 1 hundred thing challenge" the more daring, make 10 different outfits in our need a life coach to set
where a blogger was fun-the-100-things-chal- that number 50. Do you closets to begin with? Be you on the right path; you
dresses-only gal, donate telling people that he lenge/) gave some tidbits think you could do it? I honest. Be daring, need a closet makeover.
those jeans and sweats to was going to simplify about why you should try mean, how many pairs of Your closet is just a So get up and go reorga-
Goodwill. I hereby an- his life and get down to it and how to set some shoes and jeans do we all scaled-down version of nize your closet today -
nounce that you are free owning just 100 things. rules to the challenge. If need really? And imagine your world: organized or and watch what happens
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These days, L.L.Bean to shop online these days? having to go through the colors and sizes online, those with thinner thighs,
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of our brand." Q: How many of us like Q: Aside from not have a wider range of merchants have great re- policies now. Sometimes, I'll
turn and shipping policies? order two pairs of the same
AD GA: "Oh, there are so shoes, knowing I can send
many these days. Lands' one back, as I'm someone
.NEnd, REI, Nordstrom and who is sometimes one size,
Kohl's come to mind. We sometimes another.
BUILDING SUPPLY say to look for a return Q: Anything to be cau-
BUILDING SUPPLY IAEIL policy of at least 30 days" tious about when ordering
Q: How can you ensure online?
HUGE SELECTION ALL SIZES agoodfit? A:"Especiallyinelec-
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-ALUMINUM & VINYL WINDOWS ing things like virtual games and movies -
IMPACT & NON IMPACT fitting rooms and other watch out for a restocking
innovations in shopping fee.That can be 15 to
= FREE ESTIMATES for years, and we feel 20 percent, and it's a fee
0,Friendly, knowledgeable personnel on hand to answer where we're finally at a you're charged whether
all your questions and help with your selections. point where it's worth you open the item or not.
V isl it uo Expert installation available-Ask for details. talking about. One of the And look out for that fine
isiV Ouromost prevalent is True Fit, print. If it's on clearance,
New Showroom!
OUR VOLUME which is used by stores make sure there's no tiny
PURCHASE POWER MEANS like Nordstrom. You don't type that says,'AII sales
E PRICE BLVD have to measure yourself. finaL.'At least be aware it's
....DISCOUNTS FOR YOU! It asks you questions there. Because we all know,
like, 'Do you have a short if you find the perfect item
torso'And it identifies on clearance, it might be
cuts that have a fit for worth the gamble."

-Page 4

FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

TheSun/SundayJune 1, 2014 FLAIR Page 5

Long hot summer recipes

onnecticut transplants and
readers of this column,
Nancy and Lou Belli, have
been wintering in Punta Gorda for
many years. They finally bought a
piece of property and had a man-
ufactured home installed, making
the decision to live here year-round.
Although leery of our summers,
Nan said that she's not worried
about it much as all she has to
do is jump from air-conditioned
cars to an air-conditioned home!
Although we are expecting a long
hot summer, I'm positive that
they will head out and discover
that there's so much more to our
Charlotte County summers, includ-
ing gorgeous Technicolor sunrises
and sunsets, than having to live
their lives as"cats on a hot tin roof"
holed up in air conditioning.
Nan did mention though, that
she and Lou had a great time out
a week or so ago while dining at
Phil's in Punta Gorda, and that
the food was exceptional. She
kindly sent me several recipes, but
unfortunately some were a bit too
long for the column.
Looking for your recipes, mem-
ories or just some gab. Thanks for

3-4 large onions

3 cups flour
I cup tepid water
Olive oil
Sharp provolone cheese
Peel and slice onions. Fry in olive
oil till translucent. Drain oil from
onions into a bowl. Add enough
oil to bowl to make I cup. Mix
flour, oil and water together. Knead
into a roll of dough. Roll out half
of dough into an 11l-by-i17-inch
baking pan. Spread out cooked
onions and provolone onto dough.
(I also add broccoli, anchovies, etc.)
Roll out other half of dough to
cover the ingredients. Bake at
375 degrees until lightly browned.

2 tablespoons butter
I diced red bell pepper
/ cup finely chopped onion
2 teaspoons curry powder
I cup chopped cooked sweet
I tablespoon flour
/ cup sour cream
2 tablespoons mango chutney
24 wonton squares
2 tablespoons melted butter
Melt 2 tablespoons butter in
large heavy skillet. Cook pepper,
onion and curry powder until
tender. Stir in sweet potatoes. Cool.
Stir flour, sour cream and chutney
into sweet potato mixture. Preheat

oven to 350. Brush wonton squares
with 2 tablespoons melted butter
and press each into miniature
muffin cups. Spoon sweet potato
mixture into the wonton shells
and bake 12-15 minutes till golden
brown. Makes 24 filled wontons.

As our summer will probably be
long and hot, using the slow cooker
a few times during the week willsave
stove heat, work and hair-pulling.
4-5 pound rump roast
2 tablespoons shortening
4 potatoes, quartered
2 carrots cut into 3-inch pieces
2 stalks celery, sliced
2 teaspoons salt
Pepper to taste
1 bay leaf
12 teaspoon basil
12 cup bourbon whiskey (buy a
Heat shortening in skillet and
brown meat on all sides. Combine
all ingredients in cooker, add
browned meat. Cook on low 10-12
hours. Serves 8.

2 cups lentils
8 Italian sausages, either hot or
sweet or combination
I large chopped onion
I bay leaf, crumbled

1 12 teaspoons salt
Pepper to taste
2 cup red wine
Beef stock
Parboil sausages in water for
10 minutes. Combine all ingredi-
ents in slow cooker adding enough
stock to cover. Cook on low
8-10 hours. 6 servings.

2 acorn squash cut in half with
seeds scooped out
2 teaspoons salt
Pepper to taste
6 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons brown sugar
3 slices diced bacon
12 cup water
Season six squash halves with
salt and pepper. Sprinkle with
other ingredients except water.
Pour water into cooker. Add squash
alternating rows so that halves do
not rest directly over each other.
Cookon high 1 hour, then switch
to low 5-6 hours. 6 servings.

5-6 medium apples, peeled and
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
I teaspoon cinnamon
2 cup canned crushed


pineapple, drained (reserve liquid)
/ cup chopped walnuts
Mix sugar, cinnamon and
pineapple. Stuff apples with sugar
mixture. If reserved pineapple
liquid does not equal 1/2 cup, add
extra juice. Add apples to cooker,
sprinkle with walnuts. Cook on low
7-8 hours. 5-6 servings.

1 pound dried prunes
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 cups orange juice
/ cup sweet red wine
1 piece lemon peel
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoons ground cloves
1 teaspoon nutmeg
Place prunes in slow cooker.
Mix sugar, orange juice and wine,
pour over prunes. Add remaining
ingredients to cooker. Cook on
high 4-6 hours. Serves 8-10.

Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions
and recipes for her column. Email her at, or call 941-889-7297.

'The cook don't clean'

leanliness in both
the kitchen and the
firehouse is para-
mount. In the kitchen, "if
you have time to lean, you
have time to clean!"
In the firehouse, if our
equipment is dirty and
unkept it may not work
properly, and that could
get us killed. In the kitchen
if it is not clean, deadly
bacteria such as salmonel-
la can wreak havoc on our
health. In the firehouse,
there is a golden rule"The
Cook Don't Clean!"That
is one nice thing about
being the shift's chef. The
crew comes together as a
team to make the kitchen
hospital-clean. Rookies
spearhead the effort, with

1 cup Italian panko bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
I sweet onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 eggplant, sliced in rounds, about
1/4 inch thick
1-2 eggs, lightly beaten
Extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons pesto
3-4 tomatoes, peeled and roughly
chopped, or I can of Italian tomatoes
I teaspoon red pepper flakes
34 cup fresh ricotta
34 cup grated mozzarella
Fresh basil, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

the rest of the crew filling
in and lending a hand
to put away left overs

Mix the Italian panko bread
crumbs and Parmesan cheese
together on a plate. (I like panko for
this recipe because regular bread
crumbs tend to get soggy). Dip the
eggplant slices into the beaten egg,
then coat with the bread and cheese
mixture and place on a sheet or
sheets of wax paper. Repeat until all
of the slices are done. Add enough
olive oil to just cover the bottom
ofa skillet and heat until the oil
shimmers. Add eggplant slices and
cook over medium-high heat until
they are golden brown on both sides,
just about 8-10 minutes.
Remove eggplant from skillet and
drain on paper towels. Set aside. In
the same skillet, add more olive oil if
necessary and heat until it shimmers.
and move chairs into the
engine bay so that the
floors can be swept and

Add onion and garlic and cook until
the onion is translucent, about
minutes. Add tomatoes, pesto and
red pepper flakes, and cook for
another 5 minutes or so. If the sauce
is on the dry side, you can add a bit
of water. Taste for salt and pepper.
In an oven-proof pan, spread
a layer of tomato sauce, then
cover with a layer of eggplant.
Dot eggplant with ricotta cheese,
then add another layer of sauce.
Continue layering until all of the
ingredients are used up. Sprinkle
with mozzarella first then chopped
basil. Bake at 350 for about 30
minutes, or until sauce is bubbling.
If you're into pasta, make
your favorite and plate Eggplant
Parmesan on top and enjoy!
mopped. It's amazing to
see the team effort come
together in taking care of

"The House"
No one has an assigned
job, we just do what needs
to be done to complete
the task. If anything,
firefighters always make
up great teams.
Another great team
is eggplant and tomato
sauce with lots of cheese.
This weeks recipe is a great
vegetarian dish that acts
as an awesome side dish
for those of us that like a
little meat in our meal as
well, so everyone on the
team wins!
This dish does take a bit
more time because you
pan fry the eggplant first,


and then bake it together
with the sauce, but it's
worth it for a wonderfully
satisfying meal the whole
family or crew can enjoy,
and "that's bringing the
firehouse home."

t Firehouse Foodie, Frank E.
Vaerewyck, is a graduate of
Charlotte High School who
began his firefighting career
in Punta Gorda. He is currently
with the Manassas Volunteer
Fire Company 501 in Virginia.
You can contact him at frank.
vaerewyck@ thefirehousefoodie.

things to know about

hurricane season


Starting this hurricane season, forecast-
ers at the U.S. National Hurricane Center
in Miami will begin dropping small
drones into storms in the hope they can
learn more about how storms strengthen
and better predict a storm's intensity.
With the season's official start today,
here are five other things to know about

Federal forecasters are expecting a
slower-than-usual Atlantic hurricane sea-
son, with eight to 13 tropical storms and
three to six hurricanes. There's no way
to tell whether any of those potential
storms will strike the U.S. coastline during
the six-month season that starts June 1.

The weather phenomenon known as
El Niiho, which warms part of the Pacific
every few years and changes rain and
temperature patterns around the world,
is expected to suppress the number and
intensity of tropical storms and hurri-
canes this year. Cooler temperatures on
the surface of the Atlantic Ocean com-
pared with recent years will also lower
the probability of hurricane formation.

Forecasters name tropical storms when
top winds reach 39 mph; hurricanes have
maximum winds of at least 74 mph. The
first storm name on the list this year is


NOAA satellite image shows the eye of Hurri-
cane Charley just as it reached the Punta Gorda
area in 2004.
Storm surge the dangerous water
rise created by tropical storms is one
of the deadliest and most damaging
tropical storm hazards. This year, the
National Hurricane Center will post col-
or-coded maps to show coastal residents
how far from the shoreline the water will
spread and how high that water will rise.

It's been 10 years since the historic
2004 hurricane season, when four hur-
ricanes affected Florida for the first time
since record-keeping began: Charley,
Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. There were 15
named storms that season, nine of which
were hurricanes. But those four hurri-
canes remain among the top 10 costliest
hurricanes to hit the U.S.


Here's a great freebie for Father's Day, which is coming up June 15.
The website is inviting folks to make free personalized cards.
Choose from 54 designs, then customize it with your photos and Dad's name.
Use the code DAD14C.
The freebie is valid through June 1. And shipping is also free.

The News & Observer





C T S E msC




oThe Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014 Page 5



The Sun /Sunday, June 1, 2014

Riding in Google's self-driving car: Some notes from the back seat


Soon after I climbed into the back of a
Google self-driving car this week, we drove
through a yellow traffic light.
The car made it through the intersection
with plenty of time to spare, while the light
stayed yellow, and my fellow passengers
almost didn't notice. A short time later,
though, the car stopped for a yellow signal
at a different intersection while I found
myself thinking I would have kept my foot
on the gas.
Of course, I got a ticket a couple of years
ago for blowing a similar decision.
That's the thing about the self-driving
car: With lasers and cameras affording a
360-degree view of everything around it,
gyros and accelerometers to measure its
own velocity and processors that calculate
the speed of every moving thing nearby,
Google says its retro-fitted Lexus RX450h
hybrid can make those calls with a degree of
certainty that even a veteran driver may not
be able to match.
The "self-driving" system also has the ben-
efit of comparing what it sees with detailed

digital maps, based on data compiled on
previous drives around the city, that show
everything from the exact positions of curbs
to the location of lane markings and traffic
During our 25-minute driving tour of
some busy Mountain View, Calif., surface
streets, Google's NickVan Derpool explained
that the car's onboard computer analyzed
the variables and calculated it had plenty
of time to make it through the first yellow
light. The system also noticed that the
second yellow signal came at an intersection
where the cross-streets were wider which
meant we'd have to travel further to make it
through to the other side, said Van Derpool,
who was riding shotgun and monitoring the
car's sensor readings on a laptop computer,
while Google's Ryan Espinosa sat behind the
Espinosa wasn't steering, of course, except
when we first pulled out of the parking lot
at the Computer History Museum, where
Google showed off the cars to a group of
reporters this week. Once the self-driving
system took over, the wheel turned itself
while he used both hands to adjust the
air-conditioning vents though a red

over-ride button was within easy reach.
(The demo followed Google's recent an-
nouncement that it's starting to spend more
time with the cars on city streets, where the
conditions are in many ways more challeng-
ing than on freeways.)
For much of the ride, I could have closed
my eyes and probably wouldn't have
noticed that Espinosa wasn't steering -
except for a time when the car changed
lanes abruptly, with a perceptible lurch.
"It's a lot smoother than it was a few
months ago;'said Van Derpool. He explained
that the system moves the car in a manner
that's most efficient but like many new
drivers, it has to be taught through feed-
backfrom operators like Espinosa and Van
Derpool, that it can be more comfortable
for passengers if the vehicle eases gradually
into a turn.
"The car drives like a robot," he admitted.
"The goal is to get the car to drive more like
a human."
But not in every way. Google engineers
stressed over and over that their first priority
is to make the car safe far safer than
automobiles operated by humans. On the
other hand, there are times when they've


This April 23 photo provided by Google shows
the Google driverless car navigating along a
street in Mountain View, Calif.

decided to rely on human judgment:
As we passed a police car that was parked
on the roadside, I asked if the Google car
is programmed to pull over when one of
Mountain View's finest flashes the red and
blue roof lights.
"We're working on that"said Van
Derpool. But for now, the plan calls for the
car's human operator to take over, if that
circumstance should ever arise.

New television series premiering between now and Labor Day


Summer season! Here are
only some of the new series
premiering between now
and Labor Day.
Sunday, June 1:
"Halt and Catch Fire"
Period tale finds Lee Pace
and Scoot McNairy hacking
their way into the computer
business in the early 1980s,
so there's your soundtrack
Steve Wozniak has stated his
Monday, June 2:
Citizen-singers go tonsil to
tonsil with their best impres-
sions of singers you know.
"Ladies of London"
A cast of mostly American
women keep Britain classy.
You know the drill.
.Tuesday, June 3:
"Famous in 12"
In thisTMZ-sprung
self-fulfilling prophecy- or
"social experiment"as the
network puckishly calls
it a family of nobodies will
attempt to become a family
of somebodies by starring in
a reality show about a family
of nobodies attempting to
become somebodies.
-Wednesday, June 4:
Jennifer Falls"
(TV Land)
TV Land goes boldly into
the late 20th century by
fielding its first single-camera
comedy. Jaime Pressly stars
as an ex-executive living with
her mother (Jessica Walter)

and working in a bar for her
brother ("My Name Is Earl"
cast mate Ethan Suplee). Not
necessarily a metaphor for
starring in a sitcom onTV
Monday, June 9:
"Murder in the First"
Taye Diggs and Kathleen
Robertson are San Francisco
homicide detectives on
a season-long case; Tom
Felton (little Draco Malfoy) is
a Silicon Valley panjandrum,
-Tuesday, June 10:
"Chasing Life"
(ABC Family)
A young reporter learns
she has cancer in a series
adapted from Mexico's
Sunday, June 15:
"Masterpiece Mystery: The
Escape Artist"
David Tennant and Ashley
Jensen wear their own ac-
cents in a dark thriller about
a Scottish barrister who finds
himself in need of a defense
Saturday, June 21:
"Almost Royal"
(BBC America comedy)
Sacha Baron Cohen-style
prankumentary in which pre-
tend aristocrats (Ed Gamble,
Amy Hoggart) tour the USA:
"Is the Playboy Mansion
where that old man lives with
his daughters?"
Sunday, June 22:
"Rising Star"
Real-time voting and a
30-foot-high curtain are the
hooks in the summer's thou-
sandth singing competition.

Josh Groban, Brad Paisley,
Kesha and Ludacris are the
stars who'll make you ask, "Do
they really need this thing?"
"The Last Ship"
Michael Bay, the American
Antonioni, proffers this tale
of global pandemic.Trailers
portend exploding helicop-
ters, raised voices, ice, a ship.
-Tuesday, June 24:
Middle East-set thriller in
which a dictator's son brings
his American family home to
visit at precisely the wrong
-Wednesday, June 25:
"Taxi Brooklyn"
The Luc Besson "Taxi"
franchise goes small screen.
Chyler Leigh is a NewYork
police detective with a
suspended license; Jacky Ido
is a man with a cab. Must I
spell it out?
Young & Hungry"
(ABC Family)
Emily Osment is a personal
chef to tech millionaire
Jonathan Sadowski in a com-
edy about those people who
are ruining San Francisco.
"Mystery Girls"
(ABC Family)
Former TV costars Tori
Spelling and Jennie Garth
("Beverly Hills, 90210') play
former TV costars- turned
Friday, June 27:
"Girl Meets World"
(Disney Channel)
Long-awaited follow-up
to 1990s tent-pole"Boy
Meets World"focuses on the
preteen daughter (Rowan

Blanchard) of your old friends
Cory and Topanga (Ben
Savage and Danielle Fishel,
still). Expect next sequel
sometime around 2028.
Sunday, June 29:
Hot cops and lawyers
show, with a South Carolina
setting. Feel the humidity.
Derek Jacobi and Ian
McKellen in a multi-camera
sitcom as a bickering gay
couple in a half-century
relationship. These men have
played Hamlet. (And Lear.)
-Wednesday, July 9:
In this Steven Spielberg
production, Halle Berry is an
astronaut who returns home
pregnant after a year alone
in space. Her other child,
apparently, is a robot.
-Thursday, July 10:
"Welcome to Sweden"
Amy Poehler's brother,
Greg, stars as a man who
moves to Sweden for love in
a sitcom based on himself
Illeana Douglas and Patrick
Duffy play his parents.
Sister Amy, Will Ferrell, Gene
Simmons and Aubrey Plaza
poke their heads in to say
"Working the Engels"
Andrea Martin of"SCTV"
and Broadway fame plays
a woman running her late
husband's law firm. The first
Canadian-American half-hour
sitcom, reportedly, which you
are free to call progress.

-Sunday, July 13:
'The Strain"
Guillermo del Toro
co-created (and directs
the initial episodes of) this
vampirism-as-virus story;
Corey Stoll is the CDC man
on the case in the city that
conveniently never sleeps.
David Bradley and Sean Astin
are in it; Carlton Cuse ("Lost')
runs the show.
Monday, July 14:
Best buds Ryan and
Brandon (Noah Reid and
Dillon Casey) travel the world
in search of Ryan's fiancee.
Not a reality series, though
you could totally sell that.
Slacker sperm donor
meets the families. Also not a
reality series, either, but you
could totally sell that too.
-Thursday, July 17:
Life-is-tough comedy
promisingly cast: Nat Faxon,
Judy Greer, Jenny Slate, Brett
"Ray Donovan" meets
"Royal Pains."Tom Ellis is a
Hollywood doctor -"rene-
gade physician;'it says here
- who swoops in discreetly
and expensively when
Hollywood bigwigs come
down with things they can't
go to Cedar's for.
Troubled-relationship dra-
ma picks up Matt Passmore

from "The Glades;' marries
him to Stephanie Szostak
But for how long?
-Tuesday, July 22:
"Food Fighters"
The reputation of home
cooking is at stake as ama-
teur chefs go spatula-to-spat-
ula against pros. Money is
'The Quest"
LARPing (live action
role-playing) gets a game
show. I see heads exploding
over this.
Friday, Aug. 1:
"Masters of Illusion"
Dean Cain magically
reappears on television as
the host of the CW's other
magic-themed summer
Monday, Aug. 4:
"Bachelor in Paradise"
"Bachelor Pad"on an
Wednesday, Aug. 13:
Sean Bean may be con-
fused as an FBI agent with
a literal identity crisis, but at
least they won't be killing
him off in the first season.
Sunday, Aug. 24:
The conflicted swinging
spirits of"Mad Men"
"Masters of Sex"and "The
Hour" converge on this
series set in the gynecology
department of a London
hospital in 1961, back
before we knew what we
know now.

problems and burning
secrets, including the nanny,
"theTibetan Mary Poppins"
Will Grace have another
baby? Will Tiffany put some
clothes on? Will Nicole have
to go back on Zoloft? Is the
world about to end? All will
be revealed by Labor Day.
(St. Martin's, out now)

by Joel Dicker
A literary thriller by a Swiss
20-something who spent
summers in New England,
this 670-page translation
from the French has taken
Europe by storm. Its narrator,
young novelist Marcus
Goldman, is in a sophomore
slump when his mentor,
Harry Quebert, is arrested for
the murder of a 15-year-old
girl he was in love with 30
years earlier. Mad page-turn-
ing ensues. (Penguin, May 27)

by Emma Straub
Off to Mallorca with the
Post family: parents celebrat-
ing their 35th, daughterjust

graduated from high school,
older son and his girlfriend,
a gay couple who are close
friends. Unfortunately, Dad
has just lost his job as editor
of a men's magazine for rea-
sons that put a damper on
the anniversary celebration.
Great characters, delicious
setting. (Riverhead, May 29)

by Herman Koch
Dutch author Koch's
reputation for creating
irresistible stories about
nasty people doing nasty
things was established
last summer with "The
Dinner"now on its way
to a screen adaptation di-
rected by Cate Blanchett.
This year's model focuses
on the shady doings of a
celebrity doctor whose
star patient dies not
long after he may have
raped the doc's teenage
daughter during a stay
at their villa on the
Mediterranean. (Hogarth,
June 3)

by Katie Crouch
Those who couldn't get
enough of the Amanda


Knox trial will enjoy the
nasty, deadly adventures
of an Irish girl who falls
in with a bad crowd
during her year of study
in Italy. Sex games,
jealousy, mean girls,
money, booze, ancient
Umbrian secrets, strange
American roommate -
it's all on the syllabus.
(Sarah Crichton Books,
June 17)

by Michael Hastings
"My name is Michael
M. Hastings and I'm in
my twenties."The first
sentence of this novel
about an ambitious
intern at New York
newsmagazine is made

poignant by the fact
that the author, the
nonfictional Michael
Hastings, was killed in
a car crash last year.
His reporting from
Iraq, Afghanistan and
Washington is the basis
of this debut novel,
a behind-the-scenes
eyepopper for politics
and news junkies. (Blue
Rider, June 17)

by Jojo Moyes
Housecleaner, bar-
tender and single mom
Jess Thomas can't make
ends meet and tech
mogul Ed Nicholl has
woes at the other end of
the financial spectrum.

Beloved British chick
lit author Moyes brings
the two together on
the side of the road,
where Jess is standing
beside a broken-down
Rolls-Royce with her two
oddball kids and giant
dog. They were on their
way to a math Olympiad
in Scotland when a
cop pulled her over.
Now they're en route
to a love story. (Pamela
Dorman Books, July 1)

Lorenzo Carcaterra
Carcaterra ("Sleepers,"
"Law and Order") moves
a story like nobody's
business by page
16, we're two terrorist
attacks in, the first in a
piazza in Florence, the
second on Delta Flight
33, LAX to JFK, including
among its victims the
wife and young daugh-
ters of the man who
runs what he calls the
United Nations of Crime,
a global Mafia of un-
precedented power. "My
name is Vincent Marelli
and I own your life."
For 291 pages, anyway.
(Ballantine, July 29)

by Lev Grossman
The conclusion of a
fantasy trilogy that began
with "The Magicians" and
"The Magician King;'a
series that has won raves
for its adult take on the
wizard-school theme. The
concluding volume finds
now nearly 30-year-old
Quentin Coldwater kicked
out of the magical land of
Fillory, back teaching at
his alma mater, Brakebills,
when he is once again
called on to save the
world. If you're not already
on board, binge reading
beckons. (Viking, Aug. 5)

by Julie Schumacher
A skinny wink of a nov-
el, this academic satire is
composed entirely of let-
ters written by miserable
Midwestern MFA prof. Jay
Fitger to his ex-wife, his
ex-girlfriend, his agent
and a never-ending list
of institutions to whom
he is asked to address
letters of recommenda-
tion for his students and
colleagues. (Doubleday,
Aug. 19)

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Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, June 1, 2014

Matt Kuchar defends
his PGA title in the
"Memorial Tournament,"
at 2:30 p.m. on CBS.

Jarrett Joyce almost
gets stuck on "Shipping
Wars," airing at
10:01 p.m. on A&E.

Mike (Neil Flynn) be-
comes the head coach
on "The Middle," airing
at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Rick Harrison tries to
steer clear of a bad buy
on "Pawn Stars," airing
at 9 p.m. on HISTORY.

C o n v e rs io n C h a rt om..t Com.t Com.t C.c o..... ...... Fo0S %gN~7s
Port Punt,
Venice Englewood Sarasota Charl'oti, Arcadia Gorda. Sarasota DISH DIRECT DISH DIRECT
WZVN 2 ABC Bonita Springs 7 11 7 26 26
WFTS 28 ABC -Tampa 11 28 28
WWSB 4 ABC Sarasota 7 7 7 10 7 7 7 40
WTSP 1 CBS St. Petersburg 10 10 10 10 10 10
WINK M) CBS-Fort Myers 213 213 5 5 5 11 11
WFLA CC) NBC-Tampa 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
WBBH 20 NBC Fort Myers 2 2 2 20 20
WTVT 13 FOX -Tampa 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
WFTX [3 FOX Cape Coral 4 4 4 36 36
WEDU a:) PBS-Tampa 3 3 3 3 3 3
WUSF 16 PBS -Tampa 204 204 204 16 16 16
WGCU 30 PBS-Fort Myers 3 3 3 30 30
WXCW 46 CW 6 21 6 46 46
WTOG 4 CW 9 9 9 4 44 44
WTTA 38 MYNET 11 11 11 14 38 38
WMOR 3 IND 12 12 12 38 12 32 32
WXPX 6 ION St. Petersburg 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 66 66
WCLF 2 IND -St. Petersburg 22 22 22 2 22
WRXY 9 IND Ft. Myers-Naples 22 44 10 49
WFTT 5 Telefutura -Tampa 23 23 23 95 5 50 50
WVEA 62 Univision -Venice 15 15 15 6 62 62
A&E Arts & Entertainment 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 118 265 118 265
AMC American Movie Classics 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 131 254 130 254
APL Animal Planet 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 184 282 184 282
BET Black Entertainment TV 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 124 329 124 329
BRAVO Bravo 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 129 237 129 237
COM Comedy Central 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 107 249 107 249
DISC Discovery Channel 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 182 278 182 278
E! Entertainment Channel 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 114 236 114 236
ESQ Esquire Network 82 82 82 82 118 118 160 115 235 115 235
EWTN Eternal Word Television Network 243 243 243 12 17 285 261 370 261 370
FAM ABCFamily Channel 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 180 311 180 311
FOOD TV Food 37 37 37 37 76 164 110 231 110 231
FX FX Network 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 136 248 136 248
GSN Game Show Network 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 116 233 116 233
HALL Hallmark USA 5 5 5 17 73 240 185 312 185 312
HIST History Channel 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 120 269 120 269
HOME Home&Garden 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 112 229 112 229
HSN Home Shopping Network 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 222 240 222 240
LIFE Lifetime 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 108 252 108 252
OWN Oprah Winfrey Network 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 189 279 189 279
QVC Quality Value Convenience 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 137 317 137 317
SPIKE SpikeTV 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 241 241 241 241
SYFY Science Fiction 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 122 244 122 244
TBS Turner 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 139 247 139 247
TCM Turner Classic Movies 65 65 65 65 169 230 132 256 132 256
TLC The Learning Channel 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 183 280 183 280
TNT Turner Network Television 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 138 245 138 245
TRAV Travel 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 196 277 196 277
TRUTV truTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 242 246 242 246
TVLAND TV Land 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 106 304 106 304
USA USA Network 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 105 242 105 242
WE Women's Entertainment 117 117 117 117 117 149 128 260 128 260
WGN WGN America 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 239 307 239 307
CSS Comcast Sports South 28 28 28 28 49 70
ESPN Entertainment Sports 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 140 206 140 206
ESPN2 Entertainment Sports 2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 144 209 144 209
FS1 Fox Sports 1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 150 219 150 219
FSN Fox Sports Network 72 72 72 72 56 77 423 654 423 654
GOLF Golf Channel 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 401 218 401 218
NBCSN NBC Sports Network 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 159 220 159 220
SUN Sun Sports 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 422 653 422 653
NICK Nickelodeon 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 170 299 170 299
TOON Cartoon Network 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 176 296 176 296
CNBC Financial News/Talk 39 39 39 39 37 102 208 355 208 355
CNN Cable News Network 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 200 202 200 202
CSPN Congress 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 210 350 210 350
FNC Fox News Channel 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 205 360 205 360
MSNBC News/Talk 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 209 356 209 356
SNN SNN Local News 6 6 6 11 11
CMTV Country Music TV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 166 327 166 327
MTV Music Television 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 160 331 160 331
VH1 Video Hits 1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 162 335 162 335
CINE Cinemax 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 310 515 310 515
CINE2 Cinemax 2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 312 517 312 517
DISN Disney Channel 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 172 290 172 290
ENC Encore 150 150 150 150 150 350 340 535 340 535
HBO Home Box Office 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 300 501 300 501
HBO2 Home Box Office 2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 301 502 301 502
HBO3 Home Box Office 3 304 304 304 304 304 404 302 503 302 503
SHOW Showtime 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 318 545 318 545
TMC The Movie Channel 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 327 554 327 554

On the Cover

'Last Comic Standing' Boasts
New Host, Judges and Format

FYI Televsion, Inc.
NBC's "Last Comic Standing"
(Mondays at 8 p.m.) is back for its
eighth season, and this time around
the humor is given even more serious
thought. Under the helm of longtime
executive producer Page Hurvitz
and her new partner, Wanda Sykes
(a respected standup comedienne in
her own right), the show has been re-
energized byway of a new host (J.B.
Smoove, "Curb Your Enthusiasm")
and a new panel of judges: inter-
national standup sensation Russell
Peters ("Comics Without Borders");
writer, director and actor Keenen
IvoryWayans ("In Living Color") and
the legendary force of comic nature
that is Roseanne Barr. Perhaps more
importantly, the series has raised
the bar on competition through
some crucial format changes.
"Roseannes an expert on the
format;" Hurwitz quips. "Roseanne
is often quoted as saying, 'I have
no idea how this show works"
"I kind of don't. But it's
good, though;' Barr responds.
"The biggest change the viewers
will notice right out of the gate is we
didn't do open-call auditions this
year" Hurvitz goes on. "In previ-
ous seasons they went around and
did open calls in various cities. And
people off the street would come in
and audition. This season, Wanda
Sykes and I did the casting
in advance of the show.
We picked 100 top comics
from around the country.
And then we had them
come to L.A. And they
performed in a big
theater venue fore
what we call our
invitational round.
And they performed
for the judges.
And then it
was up

to Roseanne, Keenen and Rus-
sell Peters to decide who would
advance in the competition.
So, that is the biggest change.
"Then we brought back doing
challenges which had been done
in previous seasons. However, we
did the challenges this season in a
way that they were really focused
on comedy and in stretching the
comedians, in terns of their skill
sets, having them try their hand at
sketch comedy do a little improv.
They did a roast. They did things
that they would probably do in their
careers as they progress. So, instead
of putting comedians into wacky
situations, we really wanted to put
them into situations that they might
face as comics going forward. And
beyond that, the other big change
is that the judges are making all of
the decisions this year, in terms of
who keeps moving forward in the
competition. In the past, America
would vote through a phone vote or
a text vote. This season the judges
have made all the decisions. And
we think they've done a great job:'
Barr allows that the new talent
she has witnessed on the show has
restored her appreciation for today
comedy scene. 'Well, I was thinking
that it was pretty static and kind of
boring, actually, over these last few
years;" she explains. "But becoming a
judge on this show and seeing
people who are actually
writing jokes that I've
never heard before,
itfs kind of excit-
ing. I've never
heard these
premises in
so many of
my favorite
comics who
are compet-
ing. I've never

ular kind of writing. And its very
brave, and its cool. This is like a
rebirth of comedy. Not just on this
show, but all over the place. Its ex-
citing. Its kind of like punk rock."
Hurwitz believes the zeal that
Barr and the others display for the
art of standup comedy has enhanced
the mentoring given the contestants
of "Last Comic Standing" "Having
watched a lot of the footage that we
shot;' the producer begins, "I think
one thingthat is so great is seeinghow
passionate Roseanne is about stand-
up as a craft. And that comes through
in her criticism and her advice"
'Well, I'm passionate about writ-
ers and talents" Barr answers. 'And
especially when you combine those
two things and you get a standup
comic with a real voice of social
criticism. I mean we haven't seen
that for 100 years. Its awesome. I
mean, some of them are legitimate
social critics. That you'd think, 'Oh
my god, this person needs to go
on CNN or something.' I mean,
theyre funny and measured'
Both Hurwitz and Barr agree
that putting the selection and judg-
ing solely within the domain of the
professionals has resulted in more
entertaining standup acts on the
show. "Honestly, to cut to the chase"
Hurwitz elaborates, "we can go
around the country and have people
come in off the street and do that for
hours and hours. But really, we have
three terrific judges who are the best
of the best. Its like, why are we going
to waste their time with people that
are walking in that have never done
standup before? We wanted this
competition to be the best. So, we
spent a lot of time looking at thou-
sands of comedians literally, just
me and Wanda and wanted to get
the best people in front ofthesejudg-
es. And we think that itfs elevated the
level of performance and competi-
tion and makes for a better show.
"I'm sure there are people that
are going to say, 'Oh, we miss see-
ing, you know, the guyin the chicken
suit,' or that kind of train wreck
stuff. But we just didn't want to
make that show. We wanted this to
be the best examples of standup."
'Well, a guy in a chicken
suit, that can be really funny,"
Barr counters. "But, you know,
it just depends. It depends"

"Look;' Hurwitz continues,
"we've got Roseanne Barr, Keenen
Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters. We
think that they pretty much know
what there talking about when it
comes to comedy. So, why not let
the experts decide? And I think part
of what viewers will see this season
is we're pulling back that curtain
so that people can really see this as
a craft and understand what goes
into it and why something is good'
"They win because they kill the
audience;' Barr adds. "So, the au-
dience is part of it. Its the laughs
theyre getting from the audience -
thatfs how we judge. Its just that no
non-expert opinions are needed. You
don't want, you know, people who've
never acted to vote on the Academy
Awards. Its people who know the
craft who should be voting on it:'

Cover Story .......................... 3
Sports ..................................... 4-5
Soap Update ....................... 21
Radio/News/Weather ............... 5
Q&A ..................................... 11
TV Crossword ..................... 42
Movies ............................... 48
guide to symbols
**** = Exceptional*** Good
** = Fair = Poor
Symbols & codes:
(CC) = Close Captioned 'R'= Repeat,
N'- new (HD)'= High Definition
DVS = Descriptive Video Service'
iTV = Interactive television, T
Parental Guidelines forTV:
You may see rating codes on your
TV screen. Here what they mean
'Y'- appropriate for all Children. 'Y7'
appropriate for 7 and older 'G'
general audience. 'PG'- parental
guidance sugested. '14'- 14 and
older 'M'- 17 and older
Along with the rating codes mentioned
above, you may see additional
abbreviations. Here's what they
mean 'AC'- adult content. 'AH'
adult humor 'AL- adult language.
'AS'- adult situations. 'BN'- brief
nudity 'G' graphic language. 'GV'
graphic violence. 'MT'- mature
themes. 'MV'- mild violence. 'SC'
sexual content. 'SSC'- strong
sexual content. 'V'- violence.
Motion picture guidelines:
Movies that appear on movie channels
may have a theatrical rating. Here's
what they mean: 'G'- general
audiances. 'PG'- parental guidence
suggested, some material may not
be suitable for children. 'PG-13'
special parental guidance strongly
suggested for children under 13.
'R'- restricted, under 17 requires
accompanying parent or guardian.
'NC-17'- not recommended for
persons under 17.

Comedy veteran Roseanne Barr contact information
takes center seat as she joins Programming Questions?
Russell Peters and Keenen 1-800-Comcast or
Ivory Wayans on the judges'
panel for a new season of Why is TV Schedule Different from this book?
TV networks sometimes change schedules af-
"Last Comic Standing," ter this weekly book is printed. More accurate
airing Monday at 8 p.m. TV schedules are in our daily Sun Newspaper
on NBC. and our websites:



3:30 p.m.ABC Chevrolet Indy
Dual in Detroit: Race 2from
Belle Isle in Detroit (Live)

12:30 p.m. FOX FedEx 400
from Dover International
Speedway in Dover, Del.
Noon FS1 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Practice Pocono 400from
Pocono International Race-
way in Long Pond, Pa. (Live)
4:30 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Qualifying Pocono 400
from Pocono International
Raceway in Long Pond, Pa.
9:00 p.m. FS1 WinStar World
Casino & Resort 400from
Texas Motor Speedway in
Fort Worth, Texas (Live)
9:00 a.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Practice Pocono 400
from Pocono International
Raceway in Long Pond, Pa.
11:30 a.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Practice Pocono 400
Final Practice from Pocono
International Raceway in
Long Pond, Pa. (Live)


1:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
4:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
1:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
2:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
4:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship
4 (Live)

10:00 p.m. ESPN2 2014 NCAA
Baseball Championship

1:00 p.m. FSN Atlanta Braves
at Miami Marlins (Live)
1:30 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Boston Red Sox
2:00 p.m.WGN Chicago Cubs
at Milwaukee Brewers (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN2 Pittsburgh
Pirates at Los Angeles Dodg-
ers (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Tampa Bay
Rays at Miami Marlins (Live)
7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Miami Marlins (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN Kansas City
Royals at St. Louis Cardinals
7:00 p.m. FSN Tampa Bay
Rays at Miami Marlins (Live)
7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Miami Marlins (Live)
10:00 p.m. WGN Chicago
White Sox at Los Angeles
Dodgers (Live)
7:00 p.m. SUN Miami Marlins
at Tampa Bay Rays (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 MLB Baseball
Teams TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m.WGN New York Mets
at Chicago Cubs (Live)
4:00 p.m. SUN Miami Marlins
at Tampa Bay Rays (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Chicago Cubs (Live)
7:00 p.m. SUN Seattle
Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays
4:00 p.m. FS1 Cleveland Indi-
ans at Texas Rangers (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Chicago Cubs (Live)
4:00 p.m. SUN Seattle
Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays
4:00 p.m.WGN Miami Marlins
at Chicago Cubs (Live)
7:00 p.m. FOX MLB Baseball
Regional Coverage-Teams
TBA (Live)

Tony Stewart snapped a
30-race winless streak
when he took the check-
ered flag at last year's
"FedEx 400," and FOX will
have turn-by-turn cover-
age of this year's race
from Dover International
Raceway, Sunday at
12:30 p.m.


8:30 p.m. ESPN Eastern
Conference Finals, Game 7
(If Necessary) Miami Heat at
Indiana Pacers (Live)
9:00 p.m. ABC 2014 NBA Finals
Game 1 (Live)

7:00 p.m. ESPN2 Los Angeles
Sparks at Atlanta Dream


8:00 p.m. FS1 Golden Boy Pro-
motions from Boston (Live)
10:30 p.m. ESPN2 Friday Night
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Champions Tour
5:00 p.m. GOLF PGA Cham-
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Charity Classic: Final Round
from Wakonda Club in Des
Moines, Iowa (Live)
10:30 a.m. GOLF PGA Cham-
pions Tour Golf: Big Cedar
Lodge Legends of Golf: First

Round from Buffalo Ridge in
Ridgedale, Mo. (Live)

2:00 p.m. GOLF Shop Rite
LPGA Classic: Final Round
from Stockton Seaview Club
in Galloway, N.J. (Live)
Noon GOLF Manulife Finan-
cial LPGA Classic: First
Round from Grey Silo Golf
Course in Waterloo, Ontario
12:30 p.m. GOLF Manulife
Financial LPGA Classic:
Second Round from Grey
Silo Golf Course in Waterloo,
Ontario (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF Manulife Fi-
nancial LPGA Classic: Third
Round from Grey Silo Golf
Course in Waterloo, Ontario

Noon GOLF The Memorial
Tournament: Final Round
from Muirfield Village Golf
Club in Dublin, Ohio (Live)
2:30 p.m. CBS The Memorial
Tournament: Final Round
from Muirfield Village Golf
Club in Dublin, Ohio (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF FedEx St. Jude
Classic: First Round from
TPC Southwind in Memphis,
Tenn. (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF FedEx St. Jude
Classic: Second Round from
TPC Southwind in Memphis,
Tenn. (Live)
1:00 p.m. GOLF FedEx St. Jude
Classic: Third Round from
TPC Southwind in Memphis,
Tenn. (Live)
3:00 p.m. CBS FedEx St. Jude
Classic: Third Round from
TPC Southwind in Memphis,
Tenn. (Live)

8:00 p.m. FS1 Henderson vs
Khabilovfrom Tingley Coli-
seum in Albuquerque, N.M.
10:00 p.m. FS1 Henderson
vs Khabilov from Tingley
Coliseum in Albuquerque,
N.M. (Live)


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1:30 p.m. ESPN2 Turkey at
United States (Live)
9:30 p.m. ESPN2 Bosnia-Her-
zegovina at Mexico (Live)
8:30 p.m. ESPN2 Portugal at
Mexico (Live)
5:30 p.m. ESPN Nigeria at
United States (Live)

1:00 p.m. ESPN Game #11
from ASA Hall of Fame Sta-
dium in Oklahoma City (Live)
3:30 p.m. ESPN Game #12
from ASA Hall of Fame Sta-
dium in Oklahoma City (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN2 WCWS Fi-
nals, Game i from ASA Hall
of Fame Stadium in Okla-
homa City (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN WCWS Finals,
Game 2from ASA Hall of

Fame Stadium in Oklahoma
City (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN WCWS Finals,
Game 3 (If Necessary) from
ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in
Oklahoma City (Live)


French Open Tennis
5:00 a.m. ESPN2 Round of 16
from Stade Roland Garros in
Paris (Live)
8:00 a.m. ESPN2 Men's &
Women's Quarterfinals from
Stade Roland Garros in Paris
9:00 a.m. ESPN2 Women's
Semifinals from Stade Ro-
land Garros in Paris (Live)
11:00 a.m. NBC Women's
Semifinal from Stade Roland
Garros in Paris (Live)
11:00 a.m. NBC Men's Semi-
final 2 from Stade Roland
Garros in Paris (Live)



1. Only two players in
major-league history
have had a season of at
least 30 home runs and
50 stolen bases. Name

2. How many major-
league seasons did Julio
Franco play, and did he
ever appear in a World

3. Who was the first
black quarterback
to win the Heisman

4. Name the last rookie
before Portland's
Damian Lillard in the
2012-13 season to lead
the NBA in minutes
played for a season.

5. In 2013, Cornell's
Mitch Gillam became
the third hockey goalie
in NCAA history to score
off a direct shot. Name
either of the other two
to do it.

6. When was the last
time before 2014 that a
South American country
hosted the World Cup
for men's soccer?

"8L6T ul -- 1! uOM puP --
1! pISOLI Pu!1ua5JV "9

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(866T) 01IS uP6!LP!IAJ
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U!A13 s,0150 0 LIPS u

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ajpuv s,uolsnoH -E

'suosaas anI5al-Jo[lw
EZ u! paQPId 0H "Z

spuos3 AJJ?3 puQ
(L86T) S!Aa 3!-3 -T



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King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: Could you tell me
when "Longmire" is
coming back? -- Terry
and Pat V., via email

A: A&E's highest-rated
original drama of all
time will return for a
10-episode third season
on Monday, June 2, at
10/9c. I recently spoke
with series star Cassidy
Freeman (who plays
Cady Longmire), and she
gave me a little hint as
to what to expect this

"The first season of the
show really set up who
these characters are.
We got into the rhythm

of having a crime every
week or every two
weeks, and then last
season I felt like we
started to see things
happen to each of these
characters, and the
proverbial **** hit the
fan. Last season's tagline
was: 'A storm is coming.'
And now this season,
the storm has come, and
you'll see how people
deal with the wreckage.
There's going to be a
lot of change. How do
they put their lives back
together? How do they
fight to keep what they

And speaking of love,
will Cady and Branch
continue to explore
their on-again/off-
again relationship?
"Absolutely," Cassidy
said. "It's really, really

complicated. At this
point, it is no longer a
don't-tell-my-dad taboo.
Now it's more about if
they really want to be
together, and if they are
each other's priority."

Q: Can you tell me if
"The Carrie Diaries" will
return this fall? -- Denise
G., via email

A: Along with "The
Tomorrow People" and
"Star-Crossed," the
ratings disappointment
"The Carrie Diaries" has
been canceled by The
CW to make room for
new programming. "The
Flash," "iZombie," "Jane
the Virgin" and "The
Messengers" will join
The CW's growing lineup
of supernatural and edgy

Cassidy Freeman

Write to Cindy at King
Features Weekly Service,
P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475;
or e-mail her at
For more news and
extended interviews, visit www. and


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HBO 302302302302302302400 Hope Floats ('98, Romance) **2 Sandra Bull- Real Sports with Bryant HBO Boxing After Dark (Replay) (CC) (HD() 24/7 (CC (H)
ock. Loss causes woman to rethink love. Guntel (HD)
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Fame Achievement"; more. "Lifetime Achievement"; more.
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213213 5 5 5 gram gram (N) USA ? Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio (Uve) ((C) (i))
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 (1:00) Children's Miracle Network Telethon A telethon is aired to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network, a non-profit organization for Children's
X -hospitals, medical research and community awareness.
NBC 2 2 2 LazyTown MTP: Mili- 2014 French Open: Round of 16: from Stade Roland Garros in Paris (Live) t College Rugby: 2014 USA Sevens Colle-
22 ((C) tary I((()(14D) V giate Rugby Championship (live)
Paid Pro- NASCAR Sprint Cup: FedEx 400: from Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del. (live) (() The InsiderAccess Hollywood ((C)
1O-13 13 13 13 13 gram (1I)) ((R)(H))

FOX Paid Pro- NASCAR Sprint Cup: FedEx 400: from Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del. (live) (() To Be Announced Program infor-
m 4 gram 4 (1I)) mation is unavailable at this time.
McLaughlin The Week Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You The Big Band Years Musical style of the 1930's Lent at Ephesus Be-
P (N) (1I)) How to achieve financial independence. (R) (1I)) and 40's. ((() (R) (1I)) hind-the-scenes.(R)(14))

PBS 204204 16 Healing A.D.D. with Dr. My Music: 50's & 60's Party Songs Dance music Joy Bauer's Food Remedies 30 Days to a Younger Heart Im-
16 Daniel Amen (R) from the '50s and '60s. (() (R) (14D) Healthy eating. (() (N) (14D) Iproving the heart. ((() (R) (lID)
PBS McLaughlin Wash Wk (R] Moyers (N) TheWeek Escape from a Nazi Coming Back with Wes D-Day: The Price of A Company of Heroes
X3 3 3 NlI) ()D R) (14D) Death Camp(R) (14D) Anew mission. (R) Freedom (CC) (R) Screaming Eagles.
CW 6 21 6 Children's Miracle Network Telethon A telethon is aired to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network a non-profit organi- Rules (CC) Rules: Jeff
N zation for Children's hospitals, medical research and community awareness. (N) (1I)) Day
Step Up 2: The Streets ('08, Drama) '= 2 Love & Other Drugs (10, Comedy) Jake Comedy.TV Marianne 'Til Death 'Til Death
C 9 9Briana Evigan. Gyllenhaal. A one-ni ght stand develops into more. Sierk ((() (R) (1I)) (1I))
MYN 11 14 Paid Spon- IPaid Spon- IFriday the 13th ('80, Horror) **1/2 Betsy Paid Spon- Paid Spon- SAF3: Texas In A Bottle Community OK! IV(R)
A sred. scored. Palmer. Vengeful being stalks summer campers. Isred. scored. ((() (R) (1I)) (1I)) (1I))
MYN 8 8 Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Addams Kid Galahad ('62) A boxer seeks revenge Follow That Dream ('62, Comedy) ** Hillbillies move to
8 I 8 gram gram against the men who broke his manager's hands. southern Florida to homestead, despite all opposition. (NR)
No Good Deed Apolice officer who interrupts a The Brothers Solomon ('07, Comedy) ** Will 30 Rock (CC() 30 Rock (CC) HowlMet How I Met
32 bank robbery istaken hostage by the gang. Arnett. Dying dad wants grandchildren. ((() (I) (1I)) (I) I)
ION 2 2 2 1326 18 11(11:00) lntothe Blue('05) ILeverage Missing wife. Leverage: The Gold Job Leverage:TheRadioJob Leverage Help from Leverage: The Big Bird
2 I Dversvs. dealer. I((( (1I)) Cashforgold. (1I)) Nate's dad. (1I)) friends. (((( (1I)) JobCEOtargeted.
WCLF 222222 2 Rabbi Ron Phil- Turning Point Manipu- Christ. & Jewish ((() Van Perry Stone Winterfest Concert In Touch with Dr.
22 Bemis(CC) lips lating people. (CC)(R) Jews Koevering (N) Series CharlesStanley(CC)
WM 22 4 10 Encourag- Love Worth Love a Testi- Retro Walk on The Dieti- McGregor Baptist Tomny Difference Through
4M ing (CC) Child monies of Water cian Bates Bible (N)
TF 23 23 23 95 Cde Namia Enjaulados ('08) *1/2 Maestra La amenaza ('05) Una mirada a losescandalos Piratas del Caribe: La maldici6n del Perla
so (05) intimidada por unos pandilleros. (CC) de la policia descubiertos por un periodista. Negra ('03) Johnny Depp. Maldici6n pirata. (CC)
UNIV 15 1515 6 (11:00) Repiblica El chavo FiJtbolCen- r Futbol Internacional: Turkey vs United El chavo animado Cono dice el dicho
62-----deportiva (N) (C) (4D) anindo I (N) States (Diredo) ((() (14D) Version animada (14D) Relato y reflexi6n. (lID)

A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Soldiers IHellboy('04)Ademoncombatsevilforthegovernment. GoodFellas ('90, Crime) ****A man becmespartof the Mafia. ((()
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Pulp Fiction ('94) (R) Jaws (75, Horror) ***1/2 A beach community is stalked by a shark.((() Jaws 2(78) Roy Scheider. More shark attacks.
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 To Be Announced To Be Announced ITo Be Announced ITo Be Announced To Be Announced ITo Be Announced
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 My Husband (11) FatAlbert('04) ** Cartoon characterscometo life. ((C) JustWrightl('10) **QueenLatifah. Therapy and romance.
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Hsewives IHousewives ((() (R) IHousewives ((() (R) IHousewives ((() (R) Housewives ((() (R) Housewives ((() (R) Hsewives
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Goldmember ('02) (:53) Idiocracy ('06) Rule of the witless. (C) South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Treehouse ((C) (1I)) Treehouse ((C) (1I)) Treehouse ((C) (1I)) Treehouse ((C) (1I)) Treehouse ((C) (1I)) Treehouse ((C) (I))
E! 46 46 46 46 21 26 196 Total Diva Total Divas (14D) lWith the Kardashians (14D) To Be Announced Programming information unavailable. TBA
ESO 82 82 82 82 118 118160 Risky Listing (1I)) IRisky Listing (1I)) IRisky Listing (1I)) Best Bars In (1I)) psych Fake psychic. psych Fake psychic.
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Sunday Mass (R) ILitanyof InConcert IMoments In Song IRosary Catechism Parables Priests Consuming
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 Tuck Everlasting ('02) **1/2 lmmortal family. Dolphin Tale (ll) Young boy befriends injured dolphin. Pocahontas Girl aids explorers.
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 The Kitchen Grilling. ITrisha's lPioneer Ilron Chef (R) (HD4)) Chopped (R) (HD4)) Chopped (R) (H4)) fChopped (R) (I))
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Vow('12) Salt(10)ACIAofficerisaccusedoftreason. lWanted ('08) *** Accountant joinsleagueof assassins. (R) Mr.&Mrs.Smith
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179184 American Bible (R) IMinute "This Blows." Minute (R) FamFeud FamFeud Fam.Feud FamFeud fFam.Feud Fam.Feud
HALL 5 5 5 171 73 240 The Makeover (l3) Julia Stiles. Beervendor. LuckyinLove('14)JessicaSzohr. Perfect life. A Crush on You (11) **1/2 Email mishap. ((C)
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Mountain (R) (1I)) Mountain: Thin Ice Mountain (R) (1I)) Mountain (R) (1I)) Mountain (R) (1I)) Mountain (R) (I))
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Lovelt:Sinkor Swim PropBro(R)(I1)) PropBro(R)(I)) Prop Bro (R) (I1)) PropBro(R)(I)) Prop Bro (R) (I))
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Highgate Manor Highgate Concierge Vince Camuto Vince Camuto Ready to Wear Home Solutions
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 (11:00) The Eye ('08) Mr. Brooks ('07) ***Criminal alterego. ((C) Foreclosed ('13) Vengeful evictee. (CC) (41)) Flowers in Attic (14)
OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103161 Best of Oprah Show BestofOprahShow ISuperSoul(R)(4D) OprahRodneyKing. Oprah(CC)(R)(I)) Oprah(CC)(R)(I))
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 In the Kitchen with David@ The host showcases new appliances. La-Z-Boy WEN by Chaz Vionic
SPIKE 57 551 5 29163 54 Bar Rescue (R) (I)) Bar Rescue (R) (I1)) Bar Rescue (R) (I)) Hungry ((() (R) Hungry((()(R) Bar Rescue (R) (I))
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 (11:00) Valentine (09) Hostel: Part 11(07) ** Mutilated girls. (R)( ((C) Resident Evil (02, Horror) Zombie battle. ((C) Resident Evil (07) (R)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Librarian: Solomon's Mine ('06) ILibrarian: Judas Chalice ('08) Powerful relic. IGhost Rider ('07) ** A supernatural cyclist battles evil.
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 230 The Barefoot Contessa ('54) Failing director. 1(:15) Laura ('44) ***l/ Death and obsession. Leave Her to Heaven ('45) ***
TC 45 45 45 45 5 72 139 SayYes ISay Yes Mysteries: Betrayal Mysteries (R) (1I)) Mysteries (R) (1I)) Marry? IMarry? Marry? Marry?
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Law Hit-and-run. (14D) Lakeview Terrace ('08) Deadly house feud. Disturbia ('07) *** Teenager suspects murder. Collateral
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Sexiest Beaches (R) Sand to Space (R) Bizarre ((C) (R) Bizarre ((C) (R) Point (R) Point: Panama City
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Top 20 Angry woman. Jokers Jokers Pawn (R) Pawn (R) Pawn(R( IPawn (R( S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach S. Beach
IVLNE 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Who's Bos Who's BossWho's (:48) Cosby ((C) Cosby Cosby ICosby Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby
USA 34 34 34 22 52 50 SVU: Careless (TV14) SVU: Pure (TV14) ISVU Trafficking. (1I)) SVU Fountain murder. SVU Brother returns. SVU: Rescue (TV14)
WE 1171_i 117 117 117 149 Mystery (R) Marriage (R) Mystery(R( Marriage (R) CSI Miami ((C) (1I)) CSI Miami ((C) (I))
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 (11:00) Bait ('00) Crookon a hook. Lead-Off MLB Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers (ive ((() (I)) 10th(HID) HomeVid



Mountain Men
8 p.m. on HIST
"Close Calls" Rich Lewis
has a close encounter with
a mountain lion; despite a
near fatal landing with no
gear, Marty hunts for meat;
Tom faces wildfires and
grizzly bears threatening
his home; Eustace chases
armed poachers; Charlie
crashes his snowmobile.
(H D)

Safe Haven
8 p.m. on USA
While trying to escape from
her troubled life, a young
woman finds herself falling
in love with a widower and
his two children in a small
town, but her new found
happiness is threatened
when her mysterious past
comes back to haunt her.

9 p.m. on AMC
"Against Thy Neighbor"
Simcoe suspects that rebel
conspirators have infiltrat-
ed the ranks in Setauket, so
he begins what amounts to
a witch-hunt in order to get
them to reveal themselves;
George Washington calls on
Ben to undertake a secret
mission. (HD)

Food Network Star
9 p.m. on FOOD
"Hollywood Calling!" Bobby
Flay, Alton Brown and Giada
De Laurentiis welcome 12
hopefuls to Los Angeles
where their personality and
culinary skills are immedi-
ately put to the test when
they are challenged to
prepare one party appetizer
for a Hollywood premier
party. (H D)

Cosmos: A SpaceTime
9 p.m. on FOX
"The World Set Free" The

Ship of Imagination travels
all the way to Venus to ex-
plore the greenhouse effect,
the history of global warm-
ing, the results of climate
change and the impact that
humans have on the Earth's
atmosphere. (HD)

Mountain Men
9 p.m. on HIST
"Winter's Wrath" Unpre-
pared for winter after time
with family in Florida, Tom
faces a major decision; af-
ter a mountain lion attack,
a hunting dog may perish;
Marty takes family on a
trip; a man shows his son
the mountain man lifestyle
by saving bison. (HD)

Halt and Catch Fire
10 p.m. on AMC
"1/O" The computer tech-
nology boom of the 1980s
is perceived through the
lenses of a visionary, an
engineer and a prodigy as
they try to gauge and make

Winter (Delroy Lindo) takes
desperate measures to
keep Chaning alive as she
struggles to recover from
her gunshot wound on NBC's
"Believe," airing Sunday
at 9 p.m.

sense of the vast shift in
culture that is taking place
in the Silicon Prairie of
Texas. (HD)


CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 To Be Announced Info unavailable. Beach To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter (HD) 2014 NCAA Women's CWS: Game #11 Update 12014 NCAA Women's CWS: Game #12 ISports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Inside Inside Inside International Soccer: Turkey at United States (Live) NHRA Drag Racing (Taped) (HD)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 RaceDay Moto3 (Taped) (1D) Moto2 (Taped) (1D) IShut Up IMonster (N) (HD) UFC Fight Night: Miocic vs Maldonado
FSN 72 12 72 12 56 77 Marlins Marlins Ie MLB Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins ([ive) (HD) Marlins MLL Lacrosse (Replay)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 1 PGA TOUR Golf (Mye) (HD) # LPGA Tour Golf: ShopRite LPGA Classic: Final Round (Live) 4 Champions Tour
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Countdown(HD) ClubGuide(HD) WildSkies Whitetail Outdoors C.Moore FLW(HD) To Be Announced
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 5 76 Phenoms FOXSpo Rays LIVE! MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox (Live) (HD) Rays LIVE! Inside Inside
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Fairly Fairy Sam&Cat Sam&Cat Thundermin Haunted Sanjay BreadwinneSponge Sponge Sponge Sponge
TOON 80 80 124 124 46 20 257 Regular Regular Universe Universe Grandpa Grandpa Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure Open Season 3 **
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 State Tony Blinken. FareedZakaria (R) CNN Newsroom Sunday The latest worldwide news and updates. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 The Best of Washington This Week The Best of Washington This Week The Best of Washington This Week
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118News HQ Housecall NewsHQ(DC)(N) FOX News (HD) Respected INews HQ CarolAt IHousecall MediaBuzz (R)
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Weekends with Alex Witt (N) (HD) MSNBC Live Live news (N) (HD) Karen Finney (N) Caught (R) (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News INews News Daytime (N) News Paid INews IPaid News INews News INews
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Hot 20 Countdown An awards preview. New in Town ('09) **' Executive relocates to revamp a plant. Kindergarten Cop
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 WhiteChicks ('04) */' Underheavycover. Notorious ('09, Drama) **/' Life of Notorious B.I.G. showcased. Stomp the Yard **
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Men in Black ('97) Agents watch aliens. Men in Black 11 ('02) ** Kay & Jay return. Hit Floor(R)(HD) Game FullCourt
CINE 3 320 320 320 320 320 420 Con Air ('97)Transporter 2 (05) Mercenary 2 Guns (13) *** Two men learn (:50) Big Daddy ('99, Comedy) **/2 Adam (:25) Identity
IN 33_ 3 23(22 (CC) battles boy's Ikdnappers. (CC) the mob has set them up. (CC) Sandier. A big kid plays at fatherhood. (CC) (13)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 LongKiss (:25)Eneny oftheState('98, Thriller) Gene (:40) Rushmore ('98) A man and a (15) The Debt ('ll) *** Helen Mirren. Agents
(9) Hacknan. A lawyer is framed for murder. boy fight over a teacher. (CC) track down Nazi war criminal. (R) (CC)
DISN 136 13611361136 9945250 Austin (CC) Austin(CC) Austin(CC) Dog Blog DogBlog Jessie(CC) Jessie(C) Jessie(CC) GoodLuck GoodLuck Liv(CC)(HD) Liv(CC)(HD)
D 3 3_ (HD) (HD) (HD) (CC) (CC) (HD) (1)) (141) (HD) (HD)
0 1:15) The Village ('04) The Transporter ('02) International (:40) A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: (:20) Big Trouble in Little China ('86, Comedy)
ENC C50 i5o i5C i5( 150 3501Creaturesterrify smuggling ring exposed. The Dream Master ('88) Two friends take on a Chinese gang.
HBO 2 302 302 302 302 302 400 (15) Red 2 (13) Bruce Willis. Frank searches (15) Real Timewith Bill (:15) Admission ('13, Comedy) Tina Fey. A Oblivion (13)
_BO for a nuclear device. (PG-13) (CC) (HD) Maher(VMA) woman's Princeton career is at risk. (CC) Vital resources (CC)
Date Movie (50) Last Week John (:25),Broken City ('13) An ex-cop (15) HBO Latino Boxing: Fort vs. Rodri & Del V vs. Rosa (45) Making
HB02 303 303 303 303 33 402 ('06) Oliver (CC) (HD) deals with a public scandal. & Froch vs. Groves II (CC) (HD)
HB03 4 304 304 304 304 404 (9:45) 2014 Rock Roll 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony "Lifetime (15) 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induc-
BO3 3 3Hall Fame Achievement"; more. tion Ceremony Music icons honored.
SHOW The 13th Warrior ('99) *** An Carlito's Way ('93) Al Pacino. A drug dealer pledges to go The Impossible ('12, Drama) Naomi Watts. A
340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Arabic poet fights for the Vikings. straight, but his friends pull him back into crime. family is separated by a tsunami. (CC)
3 Ghost ('10) 1(:40) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ('12, Drama) The Cold Light of Day ('12) ** (:05) Java Heat ('13, Action) ** Kellan Lutz.
TMC 350 350 350 350 353(C50 38 CC) *** Sheik's vision of fly fishing. (CC) Man finds family's kidnappers. Manhunt for terrorist in Indonesia. (R) (CC)
Br j i T j i ]L I J I I i T I ] ]LT ] ]LI ] ]L, l

JUNE 1 ==L '-c=A :1 I i

ABCWord ABC7 News America's Funniest Home The Bachelorette (N) (HD) (01) Marvel's Agents of
ABC 1 11 1 News with I 6:30pm (N) Videos Boyupset that Santa S.H.I.E.LD.: Beginning of the
2M DavidMuirN) (ND) ate the cookies. (CC) (R) ([41)) End Coulsn discovers even
I__ (HD) darker secrets (R)
ABC News The lat- World News America's Funniest Home The Bachelorette (N) (HD) Marvel's Agents of
211 est news. (N) (HD) Videos (CC) (R) (HD)) S.H.I.E.LD.Darker secrets.
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 1 Wodd News News (N) America's Funniest Home The Bachelorette (N) (HD) Marvel's Agents of
AM (N)(HD) Videos (CC) (R) (HD) S.H.I.E.LD.Darkersecrets.
CBS Evening 1ONewsThe 60 Minutes (CC) (N) (HD) Elementary: Internal Audit The Good Wife: Parallel Con- The Mentalist: Grey Water
CBS 10 10 10 10 News National latest news. Murdered hedge fund man- struction, Bitches Keeping Investigating a murder at an
1 0 news. (N) (HD) (N) ager. (CC) (R) (HD) Lemond Bishop a client. (CC) (R) oil cracking site. (CC) (R) (HD)
CBS 213213 5 CBS Evening News (N) (HD) 60 Minutes (CC) (N) (HD) Elementary: Internal Audit The Good Wife Keeping cli- The Mentalist: GreyWater
11 3 5 5 5 (N)(HD) Hedgefund manager ent. (CC) (R) (HD) cradkng murder (R)
(7.00) NewsChannel America's Got Talent: Audition People from all walks of Believe: Revelation Winter has Crisis: Found Finley and Dunn
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 Children's Mir-8 at 6:00 News life with all sorts of talents audition in New York City and musttake extreme measures in search forthe father of a Palk-
C acle Network and weather Los Angeles, hoping for a chance to perform at Radio City ordertosaveChanning's life. (N) stani embassysoldier ((((N)
Telethon Music Hall. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) (1HD)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly America's Got Talent: Audition People with all sorts of tal- Believe: Revelation Channing Crisis: Found FBI searches for
20 News (N) ents audition in New York City and Los Angeles. endangered. (N) (H)) soldier's father. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News Enlisted: Pran American The Simpsons Family Guy Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odys- FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday areexamined WarPete's Dad! Under- Bob isascien- Peters big sey: The Word Set Free des of the news day are up-
F13 1 and reported bythe FOX 13 weakiess.(N) overduo.(CC) tist. (R) (H)) head. (CC (R) Greenhouse effect and dimate dated bythe FOX 13Nighty
News Team. (N) (R) (H)) (H)) change. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX (4:30) To Be Announced Info Enlisted: Prank Dad Under- Simpsons (R) Family Guy(R) Cosmos: Odyssey Green- FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
__ unavailable. War cover duo. )HD) (HD) house effect (N) (HD) news report (N)
PBS PBS WEDUArts Incredible Happy('11) Mr.StinkGirltriestohelpa Ed Sullivan's Top Performers 1966-1969 The top per-
3] 33 3 Newshour(N) Plus(R) Health! (R) **12(CC) -foul-smelling man. (R) formers of the1960s.
P.204204204 16 Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You How to Happy (11) **2 Anne Bechsgaard. Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now
;,,1 achieve financial independence. (CC) (R) (HD) Va ued emotion examined thoroughly. (CC) Hardships; lessons. (CC) (R) (HD)
PBS The Men Who Sailed the Navy Heroes of Normandy Mr. Stink Grl triesto help a How Sherlock Changed the World: Part 1 Character's in-
N Liberty Ships (CC) Remembering D-Day. foul-smelling man. (R) fluence on crime-solving. (CC)(R) (1HD)
CW 6 21 6 21i2Men(CC) 21i2Men(CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) How I Met: GlIt How I Met: Modem: Re- Modern (CC) WINK News @10pm (N) )HD)
C 6, (1HD) I(HD) I(HD) I(HD) ter(HD) /BltiMng gretOnly (HD)
CW Friends (WG) Friends (W) 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) CSI: Miami: Raging Cannibal CSI: Miami: Bombshell Julia's Criminal Minds: Conflicted
CI (CC) (CC) 11)H) H1) Russian mob. (141)) instability. (CC) (1)) Spring break Iler (141))
MYN 11 14 Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country ('91, Science Seinfeld: The Seinfeld (CC) Raymnd Comm nity Our Issues Whacked Out
N Ill Fiction) Kirk is blamed for an assasi nation. (CC) Seven Aquarium. (CC(HD) (CC) (CC)
MYN 8 9 8 Friends (CC) Friends (CC) Family Guy Family Guy The Cutting Edge ('92) -1/2 A temperamental figure Leverage: The Big Bang Job
(Xi (CC) (CC) skater and a hockey star compete for Olympic gold. Defense plans. (H))
IND 12 1212 3 12 Modem: Re- Modern (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Glee: The Role You Were Born Glee: Glease Rachel and Kurt The Office: The Office (CC)
3 2 grets Only (HD) (1(HD) () to Play "Grease." return for"Grease." The List (HD)
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 11 Leverage: The Blue Line Job Leverage Dishonest scien- Leverage: The French Con- Leverage Cheerleading Leverage: The D.B. Cooper
Ie Savingaman. (HD) tist. (CC)(HD) nection Culinaryworld. group. (CC) (1)) JobAmeican mystery.
2 The Brody The Watch- Monumental Great Awakening Tour Love a Child Grace For Knowthe ChristforAIl Jesse
22 _____ Fie man Today Cause(CC Nations Duplantis (N)
WRY 2 The Good Life Pery Stone Great Awakening Tour Connection Saving the Entertain- Time of Day of Salva-
244 10 (CC) (N) (C Invest-or ment tion
2 TLF I 9 5000) Piratas del Caribe: ('03) Lamarca(12Acoin) Y*Unexsldadolucha para que unJusticia verdadera: Guerra en las calles Las nuevas
I m I IU aldid~n pirata. Imicrohi no 'aiga en manos err~neas. (NR) (CC) rusnapejdc lcso(C)14)
UNIV 16 Humores (CC) Noticiero AquiyahoraPeriodismode BailandoporunsueiioDocefamososayudan acumplir ,:05) Sal y pimienta Tras las
a 62 l S 6 Univision (N) vesigacion. (N) (i) los suerios de un talentoso concursante. (N) cameras (CC) (N) (D))
li' '1 W i In IU; 'M KID ;7 o n 1:01l! I I I l! 'III IIII
Duck Dc(Oi D New
A&E 26262626 50181Duck Dynasty Duck (CC) (R) Duck"Black Duck (CC) (R) Duckwllie's Duck (CC) (R) Duck: Fowl Duck N (:01) Duck )R) Duck:
G. I. SI (1D) IPanther. R) (D) Play (R) boien (D) siYnara (R)
(400)Ja 2 The Day After Tomorrow ('04, Drama) DennisQuaid. A climatologist tries TURN: Against Thy Neighbor Halt and CahFire: 1/O Com-
AC 56 56 56 56 30 5323178 (CC) to warn the world about a cataclysmic shift in climate. (CC) Rebel ies.(N)(D) uter bom. (N)(D)
To Be Announced Info un- Ultimate Treehouses II: The Treehouse Masters: Out on Treehouse Masters (CC) (R) Treehouse Masters: Out on
APIL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 available. Roots (R) (1)) a Limb (N) (H) (1)) a Limb (N) (1))
3JustWright Why Did I Get Married? ('07, Comedy) *1/2 Tyler Perry, Sharon Leal. A reunion turns Daddy's Little Gids (07 Drama) *Afa-
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 i'10)( somber as one of the cou ples attending confronts infide (PG-13)(ti) ther seeks custody of his children. (CC)
BRAVO 68 68 68 6825451 185 1530) House- The Real Housewives of Atlanta: ReunionlAtlanta: Kandi's Wedding: Married to Medicine Dead- Housewives Crowns (CC)
BRAV wives(R) Part 3 Husbands join in. (CC)(R) Say Yes to Distress Iline looms. (N) (CC)(N) (N)
COM 66666666 152190(:58) South (29) South (:59) South South Park (R) Wedding Crashers (05, Comedy) *** Owen Wilson. Two friends Billy Madison
POM ark(R) Park(R) Park (R) (HD) sneak into weddingsto prey on romantically inspired women. (CC) ('9g *1/2
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43120 Treehouse Ma sters Dream Treehouse Masters A visionary shares his designing mas- Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (CC) (N) (1))
DISC 0 0 reehouses. (CC)(HD) Iterpieces constructing dream treehouses. (HD))
(5:30) To Be Announced Program informa- To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Total Divas Professional female
E!__ 44 1tion is unavailable at this time. wrestlers. (1D)
82 82 82 82 1181181601 psych Slacker confused for How I Rock It HowI Rock It Parks & Rec. Parks&Rec. Parks&Rec. Parks&Rec. PartyDown Party Down
ES I psychic by police. (HD) (1D) H(D) (D) I(HD) (1D) (1D) (CC) (HD) I(CC) (AD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 11285 Churchand CrossingGoalfTheWodd Over Newstrom Sunday Night Prime Callers' Chesterton (IV Holy Rosary EWTN Theology
I44 3 7 Poor (VG) around theword. (CC) questions. )1VG (N) G) MG) Roundtable Current events.
FA 55 55 55 104619915) Mulan ('98) *** A young woman dresses like a 1 5) The Little Mermaid ('89) *** A human-obsessed Willy Wonka and the Choco-
FAM 0 man and goes to war in her elderly father's place. (G) mermaid falls in love with an above-surface Prince. late Factory ('71) (G)
FOOD 31313131 16164 Chopped Speculoos; pork C ped: Grill Masters: Finale Guy's GroceryGames Food Food Network Star Premier Cutthroat Kitchen Judges
76 164pR) (141)) pork. Sardines. (R) (14)) NetworkStar. (N) a (N) (HD) compete. (N)
FX 51 51 51 51 49 53(5:00) Mr. & Mrs. Smith ('05) Married assassins are rhis Means War ('12, Action) 1/2 Two CIA operatives This MeansWar (12, Action)
FX 4 shocked to learn that their next targets are each other. discover that they are dating hesamewoman. Dating samewoman.
GSN 119 119 119119 34 19184Family Feud Family Feud The American Bible Chal- Game Show Moments Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed
G 11 3 1 (IVP) IVP lenge (R) Gone Bananas (CC) Game(R) Game(R) Game (R) Game (R)
HALL 5 11 13240 Nearlyweds ('13) **/2 Friends learn that the priest who Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Makeover (13 Comedy) An education consultant re-
ALL 1 7 married them failed to file the paperwork. (NR) (CC) Something God (N) cruits a beer vendor to run for Congress. (CC)
81 81 81 81 3 65128 Mountain Men: Meltdown Call IMountain Men: Misty Mountain Mountain Men: Close Calls Mountain Men: Wnter's Wrath Tom's big decision; cougar
HIST stirs choice. (R)(HD) IHound vs cougars. Landing may k1l. (N) may kill dog. (CC) (N) (1D)
HOME 41 41 41 41 3 2165 Hunters(C) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) IHunters FamilY Hunters (CC) (R) Life (R) Life Private Hunt (R) Hunt\Weekend Alaska (R) Alaska (R)
H 11 1 1 (HD) (HD) living. (HD) home. (R) retreat
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Highgate IConcierge Coin Collector Coin Collector Highgate Manor Highgate IConcierge
3 52114000) Flowers in the Attic (14) Petals on the Wind ('14) Siblings face the demons of their Drop Dead Diva: No Return (01) Devious Maids: Be-
LIFE Siblings' end. (CC) past 10 years following dramatic escape. (CC) (CC) (N) (14)) trayal (CC) (N) (1))


Oprah: Where Hanson today & Oprah Prime Oprah and Oprah: Where Are They Oprah ((C) (N) (HD) rah's Master Class
O N 58 58 58 58 47 103 161 more. (CC) (R) (1)) IPharrell. (CC) (R)(1)) INow? B. Burke-Charvet. M ohc pi's lesons (N)(1))

E 51 7 51 51 2 6 Bar Rescue Failing sports Bar Rescue: Scary Marys Bar Rescue: The Lost Epi- Hungrylnvestors:Tacosand BarRescue: A Bar Full of Bull
57 7 7 2 6 4bar. (R) (1)) ying Texas bar (R) Isode (N) (1)) Tantrums (CC) (N) I New Bdford, Mass.
SYFY 6 61 61 61253164180 Resident Evil: Extinction ('07) The Crazies ('10, Horror) *** Citizens of a small town End of the World ('13, Drama) Video clerks & institutional-
7777-- -0Corp. vs. survivors, are being turned into murderous maniacs by a virus. sized scientist-turned-sci-fi writer save mankind.
TBS 59 59 59 59 3 62 52 Daredevil ('03, Action) Man blinded by toxic waste relies on Zombieland ('09, Horror) Unlikely partners must survive Zonbieland Gang klszombie
____ 9 -9 heightened super senses to fight crime. ((C) zombie attacks to find the last place of refuge. (R) to find last refuge.
TOM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Green Fire ('54, Adventure) A prospector battles nature, Bringing Up Baby ('38) ***2 A screwball heiress falls I Was a Male War Bride WAC
65 bandits and a plantation owner in Colombia. (CC) madly in love with a reserved paleontologist. (CC) weds Frenchman.
TIC 45 45 45 45 5 12139 Marry? (() Marry? (() Marry? (() Marry? (() Return to Amish: Our Jour- Return to Amish: Home is Where the Beef Is Amish and
(141)) 1 1 )) HD 1HD) HD )HD) ney So Far(N) (HD) Ex-Amshfrends ather. (N) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 (5:30) Collateral ('04 Drama) Cab driver becomes the hos- The Town ('10, Crime) *** Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hal A thief strugglelThe Town ('10)
tage of a contract killer with five hits scheduled. to go straight while he falls in love and avoids the FBI. (R) ((C) ((C)
Xfreme (CC) (R) Xfreme (CC) (R) TripFI p TripFIp ((M(N)lysteriesattheMuseumAn MysteriesattheMuseumSe- HotelSecrets & Legends
69 69 69 69 260 66 170 (HD) (HD) Alaska trp. (HD) auto revoluton. (R) cret spy weapon. (R) Dru trials. (N)
TRUTY 63 63 63 63 50 30183 uV Top Funniest Korean truTV Top Funniest (CC) (R) truTV Top Funniest Unsuc- truTV Top Funniest: truTV Top Funniest Kids
druTmmer ( tn(n ) cessful. ((C) (R) Greatest Gaffes ((C) (R) flour house. ((C) (R)
WIND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Friends 1(:49) Friends (IVPG) (HD) Friends Friends IFriends Friends Friends Friends Friends
USA 34 34 3434 2 52 50 Law & Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Safe Haven ('13, Romance) **2 Josh Duhamel. A woman's happiness No Strings
__3_0 UnitStrip club. Unit: Bombshell is threatened when her past comes backto haunt her. ((C) (11) (CC)
WE 11711111111 11149 CSl: Miami: Cheatng Death CSI: Miami: Gone Baby Gone CSl: Miami: Power Trip In- CSI: Miami: The DeLuca Motel CSI: Miami: Tipping Point
11711 1 Lab prank (CC) (HD) Baby 1dnapped. volved officer (CC) (HD) Delko targeted. Street gang. (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Step Up 2: The Streets **/2 A rebellious street dancer Jurassic Park 111 ('01) Sam Neill. Dr. Grant is deceived into Salem: Our Own Private Amer-
leads a crew to an underground dance competition. returning to the island to help find a lost boy. ica (() (N) (D)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 (5:00) To Be Announced Program information is unavail- Talkin Football To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
able at this time. this time.
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 10 (5:30) SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) NBA Countdown (N) ((C) (HD) 2014 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals, Game 7 (If Necessary):
29__( (141) 0 )(30()prsee:foBitlCn.( Miami Heat at indiana Pacers from Bankers Life Fieldhouse
ESN 30 30 30 6 591(4:00) NHRA Drag Racing BseballTonight: Sunday tj> MLB Baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates at Los Angeles Dodgers from Dodger Stadium
__ 33- -(Taped) (HD) Night Countdn(N) (Live) (14D)
FS1 48 J 4848426983 UFC FightNight: Miccicvs NIASCAR: Do- UFC1 on 1 ((C) Flashback((() UFClnsider(N World PokerTour. Alpha8St TheUltimateFighter: Knetic
48 48 48 42 69 13 Maldonado (Replay) ver(HD) (1D) (1D) (lHD) Kts Play Down Chess(CC) (R) (14D)
S MLL Lacrosse: Florida vs World PokerTour. WPT Mon- Wrld Poker (Taped) ((C) (14D) UFC Unleashed Best ofthe Championship Bull Riding
72 72 72 72 56 77 Rochester(Replay) treal-Part3 (d best ofUFCfights (N (Taped( (HD
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 ? (5:00) Champions Tour GolfCentral (N) PGA TOUR Golf: The Memorial Tournament: Final Round: from Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin,
____ (Live) (lID) (lHD) /Ohio (Replay)(lID)

NBCSN 1 71 71 71 4 (5:00) To Be Announced Info Lucas Oil Motorsports UnderWild Whitetail Di- Eye of the North to Territories DeerHunting
71 71 71 7 unavailable. Hour (lID) Skies aries (lID) (lID) Alaska (lID) Wild (lD (lD
SUN 38 33 401 401 45 57 76 Into the (lID) Saltwater (li TV (lD) Ship Shape Sportsman Reel Time Fish Flats (lID Addictive Fish, Professional Tarpon (lID)
1 (R( (141D) (141D) (14D))
NICK 25 252525 24 44 '52 Sam & Cat (R) Sam & Cat (R) Thundeman Haunted (R) Full Hse ((C) Full Hse ((C) Full Hse (CC) (33) Full Hse Full Hse ((C) Full Hse ((C)
_____ (141D) (141D) (R) (141D) (141D) (CC)
TOON 80 0 124124 6 20 2517Oen Season GumballAll Clarence (R) Clarence (R) King Hill ((C) King of Hill Rick Morty (R) Burgers: Boyz Burgers Mu- FamilyGuy
3 11) grown up. Offiefun. 4Now seum tip. (1V14)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Debt IMoney(N) Greed (R) Failure to Recall: GM(R) Cocaine Cowboys II *
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100CNN NewsroomSunday CNN Special Report Tsu- Anthony Bourdain Parts Un- AnthonyBourdain Parts Un- Inside Man: Income Inequal-
CNN 38 News and updates. (N) nami updates. (N) known: Rus~a (R) known: Thailand (N) ity (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Newsmakers The Best of Washington This Week Q&A Interesting people dis- Commons ad gt We ite House The final cam-
____ R cuss their work. (N) ai nweknd in Florida.
FOX News Sundaywith Chris FOX Report Sunday News Huckabee Entertaining talk. Hannity Conservative news. Stossel The host reports on lib-
FNC 64 64 64 64 4 71 "' Wallace (CC) (14D) wrap-up. (N) (14D) (N) (14D) (CC) (N) (14D) ertarian issues. (lID)
MSNB 83 83838318540103 Caughton Camera: Odd and Cau hton Camera: In Pedl Caughton Camera: Pointof Vegas Undercover: Return Raw4:America'$ BlackMar-
MNB 8338 83 0 Outraeous (R( (HID) Sudgen terror (R) (1D) No etu (N) (14D) toSinCity(R)(1D) ketAfenceoperation.
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News (N) INews (N) News (N) Paid Annette News (N) Paid INews(N) SNN Evening Edition (N)
CM 7 44441 2 24 221 (5:00) Kindergarten Cop ('90 **1 2 A cop Beverly Hills Cop ('84, Action) *** Eddie Murphy. A Detroit cop track- Beverly Hills Cop 11 ('87)
CMT poses as a Kindergarten teac er. ing a ki ler in Los Angeles turns the town upside down. (R) (lD) **/1 Axel Foley returns. (R)
M 33 3 33333548210(5:00) Stomp the Yard ('07) ** New stu- Nick Cannon Nick Cannon Nick Cannon Catfish: eTV Show Mysted- White Chicks ('04, Comedy)
MTV dent learns about new dance wave. ousproduer (R) *12 Under heavycover
VH1 50 5 50 504323211 Hollywood Exes Women Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ((C) Men in Black ('97) **% 2 WII Smith. Two top secret Men in Black II Kay and Jay foil
grill rea' (R (lid (R (lid agents commit themselves to monitoring aliens on Earth. devious alien plot.
(5:25) Identity Thief ('13, Comedy) **12 The Devil's Advocate ('97, Thriller) Keanu Reeves. A hotshot New York PercyJackson:Seaof
CINE 320 32(0 320 320 320 320 420 After learning that someone has stolen his lawyer accepts a deal that's too good to be true from a diabolical attorney, Monsters (13) Logan Lerman.
identity, a man searches for the con. but finds that temptation exacts a steep price. (R) ((C) Journey to sea. ((C)
(10) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ('12, Fantasy) Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (12 (:45) Chemistry
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Bilbo Baggins joins the wizard Gandalf the Grey and a group of 13 dwarves on a quest to Horror) Abraham Lincoln was a vampire Liz's offers. (1D)
reclaim a ost dwarf kingdom from a treacherous dragon. ((C) hunter prior to his presidency. ((C)
IDidn'tDolt IDidn'tDoIt Dogwitha Dogwitha Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Liv and Good Luck
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 452 50 Fraternaltwins. Fraternaltwins. BlogDogcan BlogDcgcan (CC)(HD) (CC)(HD) (CC)(HD) (CC)(D) Maddie Charlie(((1()
(CC) (( spek s k Identical twins
Looper (12) While working for a mafia and killing Final Destination ('00, Horror) ** : 2 ,(40) The Transrorter ('02, Action) **1 2 A
ENC 150150150150 150350 disposable agentsfrom the future, a young killer named Narrowly escaping a fatal explosion the courier of illegal goods becomes entangled
Joseph recognizes his older self as a target. (R) ((C) survivors are stalked bya specter. (R((C) in a deadly smu ggling plot. ((C)
5:00) Oblivion (13, Science (115) R.I.P.D. ('13) 12 Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds. Two Game of Thrones: The Silicon Valley Veep: Debate
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Fiction) The last drone bickering partners defend the word from a monstrous brand Mountain and the Vier Presentation Selina
repairman on Earth. (() of criminals. (PG 13) (CC) (liD) Unexpected uests. ((HD) day. ipre ares. (N)
VICE~rd LastWek Real'1imewithBillMaherA Fast& Furious 6 ('13, Action) ***12 Vin Diesel, Paul (15 Broken City (13, Thriller)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 news. (((((lID) John Oliver ((( panel of guests discusses Walker. Agent Hobbs enlists the help of Dominic and his An ex-cop deals with a public
(1D) lics. (1VMA (lD) team to take down a gang. (PG 13) (CC) (14D) scandal. (R) ((0
(4:15) 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony With additional awards like (:45) 2014 Rock
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304404 Induction Ceremony "Lifetime "Lifetime Achievement' and "Musical Excellence," iconic artists are honored with induction Roll Hall Fame
____ __ Achievement'; more. and live performances from other legends.
fears of Living Califomication Nurse Jackie Penny Dreadful: NurseJ.:The Calif.: 30 Penny Dreadful:
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Dangerously: Revolt, Shptreviton. Jaclkeand Resurrection (R) Ladyithtie IMinutesorLs Demimonde (N)
Rebuild, Renew ((C) (R) (14D) I(R) sobriety. Lamp (N) (lID)
Sinister ('12) ***2 Ethan Hawke. After a novelist Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ('03, Action) ***2 Uma Thurman, Dark Skies ('13) ** 2 Ked
TMC 350 3503 350 35350 385 learns about unsolved murders, something stirs in his new Naomi Kusumi. An assassin awakens from a coma and Russell. A deadlyforce cmes
!_ home. (R) ((() (HD) seeks revenge against her former colleagues. (R) ((() after a family (C)


iABC[ 111r 1 News lET(R( Extra(R( Paid ABC World News Now (N) News News(N)
ABC ( 11 News Castle Practice Paid Paid Paid lWorld News (N) News News ANews
ABC A] 7 7 7 10 7 News Paid McCarver Cold Case Cars.TV Raceline World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 10 101010 10 News Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid (05) Up to the Minute (N) News News News
-CBS f1 21q21j 5 5 5 News McCarver Paid Inside McNeety Kickin'It (35) Minute (N) News News News (N)
NBC C[] 8 8 8 8 8 News Paid Paid Paid Paid Extra (N) Meet Press IPaid Early News News INews
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Paid Bones IPaid Red Crpet Dateline Meet Press Early News News (N)
FOX 1 1313 13 13 13 News Notice ICloser Paid Paid Paid Judy Judy News News News (N)
FOX 4 4 4 Closer Notice Clee(HD) Homes 30Rock 30Rock Patemi Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS 3 3 31 3 Grateful Dead (N) Sherlock: Part 1 (R) American (R) (HD) Mr. Stink
PBS 16204 24 204 I Clearly Now (R) 13 Steps (R)(HD) 130 Days (R) IHappy 0 1 Bolder Yga
PBS N 3 3 3 Austin Pink (CC) Sherlock: Part 1 (R) American (R) (HD) Mr. Stink
1CW ) 6121 6 Queens Queens Practice Alien Alien Sanctuary Paid Paid Harvey
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Criminal Family Fanily Mr. Box Mr. Box Middle IPaid Paid McNeely Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN Ch 111111 14Ride IHonor Ring Paid Bones Doyle Hollywd Hollyscp Paid Paid Shepherd
M I 8 9 8 Futurama Futurama Springer Access Highwa to Hell 92 Sea Hunt Sea Hunt Shepherd
IND M 12 12 12 33 12 ThereYet There Yet Curse of inferno* Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 6 2 2 1326 18 17 Listener Listener psych psych Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
WCLF2 22 22 22 2 Tommy Awaken Awaken P hecy Fruit C Spc Copland C ife Good Life Jesus CTNSpc Empower Hmekeep
iWRXY49 2244 10 Life Awaken Awaken Ministry Turning Women B.Gouley Chades Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF N 23123123 95 5 Deportivo El duelo ('11) (CC) La amenaza ('05) ** Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIVI 5 1515 6 Humor es INoticiero Verdad Al Punto Como dice IHora Pico Para amar Humor es INoticiero
I *I i* I N i i I I
A&E 26262626 3950181 Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Paid Dog Bnty IPaid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Halt Catch TURN (R) Halt Catch TURN (R) Freakshw FreakshwSma Twn CSI Miam Stooges
AP36 Treehouse Treehouse Treehouse Treehouses Treehouse Treehouse Treehouse
BET 35353535 40 2221 Girls ('07) Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration
S 25 Fashion Wedding Medicine Hsewives Crowns Wedding IFashion Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 6666 6666 1521 Madison ('95) Tosh Tosh Schumer S Park SPark S. Park S. Park SPark Presents Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431 Russian Yeti (R) (1)) Treehouse Treehouse Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46146 46 46 21 261M Dra ma Total Diva CLae ou Total Diva Police Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESO 82182 82821111q1 Alternate Alternate Brawlers Brawlers Brawlers Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWIN 24242412 1128 Life (R) Mass (R) Litanyof Ma Dow Sunday Guide In Defense Pray C Bookmark Cateches.
FAM 5555555510 46 Wonka Osten IMeyer Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 31313131 161 Kitchen Star (R) Cutthroat Kitchen Guy's (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 Means War The Strangers ('08) Paid Paid Paid Iaid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 1ew171 34111 Ne wlywedlNew N ewwed Mind Mind Pvramid Pyraid Do Eat Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 511 3 Si ned G olden Golden Golden Go lden Golden Frsier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 Big Rig Big Rig Mountain (:01) Mountain (R) -Bi Ri Bi RI Paid Boneyard Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Hunters Hunters Hunt IHunt Alaska iAlaska Hunters Hunters Life Life Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52411 Petals on Wind (14) Drop Dead Devious Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58 58 58158 411016 Oprah Oprah Master Cl. Berkus Rachael Phil (HD() Dr. Phil
SPIKE 5515151296354Bar Rescue Hungry Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Paid TPaid Paid Paid
SYFY 661616125 641 Wheaton iTheCrazies '10)*** Philadelp ia ('12) Doomsday 1* Twilight
TBS 59595959326252 Zombieland Daredevil ('03) (CC) Ghost Rider ('07, Action) Manied IMarried Married
TCI 65656565 16 Male Bride Cossacks ('28) (HR) Nine Days ('62) PanicYear Zero ** 2
TLC 45454545 51213 Return to (R) (H() Return to IMam?. IMarry?. Paid IPaid IPaid IPaid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 The Town ('10) (CC) Collateral ('04) (CC) Disturbia ('07) (CC) S'ville
TRAV 6969696926661 Mysteries Mysteries Legends y!lsteries Mysteries Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTY 63 63 63 63 50 301 Carbonar Carbonar truTV To truTV Top truTV To Carbonar Carbonar Paid Paid Paid Paid
TVLND 6262626231542 Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends IFriends
USA 34134134 34 225250 No Strings ('11) (CC) SVU (HD) SVU (HD) SVU (HD( SVU (HD() SVU (HD)
WE 11111111 1114 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid IPaid
WGN 16161619411119 Salem Salem Salem Best Men '97) (CC) Home Vid News (N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 4910 TBA Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid IPaid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 125810 SportsCenter iSportsCenter SportsCenter Playoffs (RepIa)Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 65914 ESPN Bases ESPN FC Inside IMLB Game (Replay) SortsCenter French
FS1 48 48 48 48 4269 83 FOX Sports FOX Sports IFOX Sports FOX Sports World Truck (HD) NASCAR K&N
FSN 121721272 56 77 Wrd Poker MLB Game (Replay) Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 PGA TOUR GolfCnti Champions Tour GolfCntd Paid Paid IPaid Paid GofCnbl
NBCSN 1171 741 90 Winkelmn NA Hunter Shark Pro Mazda Countdown Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3B 304014045 51 6 Reel Fish Polaris MLB Game (Repla I Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid PaId Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 371 Mariuana Amer. Gun Failure to Paid Paid Mariuana Worldwide Ex (N)
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 381 Anthony Anthony Inside Man CNN News Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 1818181831121 Q&A (R) Questonsl(:40) Washington 1(:40) Washington Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 111 Huckabee Hann Stossel FOX News Huckabee MediaBuzz FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 401 Locku ocku Locku Meet Press Caught Meet Press First LookITooEa
SN 1 1 News (N) *News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)

2 32132 321 Chenisty House of Wax (05) Cloud Atlas Impact over time. Rushmore (98)
DBN11i 942Sog IAustn IGood Lck IGood Lck Shake It IANT. Bog Mie On Deck On Deck Fish Hks Phineas
ENC 1 16 11 11. 3 iTews (6) *** Bat ( () News()Influence (90) Final Destin. (00) (
EG 11501 135Big Trouble ('86) Bait ('12) CC Inlec ('0 FnlDs. ('0)(R
HBO Oliver Thrones 2 Veep Silicon Oliver IThrones Silicon Veep 40-Year Virgin (05)
HB02 Broken 124f (35) The Negotiator ('98) HTo Prison ('06) IPush Tin ('99)
HB03 (10:45) Rock Roll Hall He Got Game (98) IHide and Seek ('99)
SHOW 36 Penny iNurseJ. Calif. iPenny iNurseJ. Calif. Hustle & Flow (05) House Yes
TMC 3 313 3 353 30 Drk Skies Jay Silent Bob ('01) Girls (13) (CC) The Samari** Elizabeth ('07)


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid IPaid IPaid Paid Seraphim Falls ('07) **2 Mountain chase. (R) (CC) IJaws 2
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 42 wrmh Colors ('98) A Clintonesque candidate campaigns Kicking & Screaming ('05) Will (10) Arlington Road ('99, Thriller) *** A man
with an odd assortment of supporters. Ferrell. Father-son rivalry. suspects neighbors of terrorism.
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Magic Mike ISisterhood of Pants '05 **1/2 (CC) Chasing Mavericks Learning to surf The World's End 13 (CC)
Poltergeist II: The Other Side (86) (35) Unbreakable ('00, Drama) *** Man un- (25) Benny& Joon (93) A mentally 0) Bend It Like
The Beast reappears. covers extraordinary abilities. () ill girl finds love.(CC) Beckham(03)**
HBO 302302302302302302 4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ('05) Johnn Return to Me ('00, Romance) **l/2 Fast & Furious 6 (13, Action) Dominic and his
Depp. Candy factory tour. Grief-stricken widower finds love again. (CC) team help agent Hobbs. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Push in 1(:35) Gasland Part II Dangers of mining. ILethal Weapon Two co s artner up. (:40) Ocean's Twelve ('04)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Nine Months ('95) ** (CC) 1(:45) Bi ('88) Boy's wish granted. (CC) The Place Beyond the Pines Life of stealing. (R)
House of Deep Impact (98, Science Fiction) ** A (35) Dangerous Minds ('95) (15) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Yes deadly comet journeys to Earth. (HD) Ex-Marine teaches. (C) 11) Marryin Edward. (CC)
TMO 350350350350350350385 Elizabeth 35) A Simple Plan (98, Thriller) Bill Paxton. Trio (:40) The Way Bck ('10) A group of prisoners escapes a Si- Your Sister's Sister Two
07) finds $4 million tem station. berian labor camp dung World War II. lwmen. (R)
TM 65656565 1691230 Look for the Silver Lining ('49, Musical) ** The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady A young Brewster's Millions Spending $1 Worries
Broadway star Marilyn Miller. (CC) woman seeks to become a singer. million in two months. Away
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid -79ougs lBehind Enenmy Lines 11 ('06) *1/2 (R) (CC) X2 03
INE 3203203203203203204201(:10) Dragon Eyes ('12) A town unde Fight Club ('99) An underground fight club escalates into an (:05) The Dark Knight Rises ('12) Batman pro-
siege finds a hero. organization dedicated to anarchy y. (R) tects Gotham from terrorist. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 (5:40) Ruby Sparks (12) ** Dead Man on Campus ('98) U-571 ('00) **/112 A ca tured U-boat. (CC) You See Me (13)
ENO 15150 15150 15 350 G~.G emen Hairspray ('88) Teens vie for a spot (:15) Romancing the Stone ('84) A shy writer (05) Are We Done Yet? (07) 12 Dick+Jane
Ion a dance show. tries to rescue her sister. (CC) Costly dream home. (CC) (05)
HBO 302302302302302302 40 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation ('97) Ana Smith (15) Life of Pi ('12) ***2 Azookeeper's son is surrounded Red 2(13) Frank searches fora nu-
Warriors fight evil. (R by loose animals after a shipwreck (CC) clear device. (CC) (H))
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 M. Hussein IThe Mighty Ducks ('92) (CC) (] 5) Walk the Line ('05) ***2 Life of singer. (CC) Lethal Weapon 2 ('89) (CC)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (5:20) Match Point ('05) ***2 Out to Sea ('97, Comedy) In Good Company ('05) Younger boss. IThe Return 06
Legendary ('10) *-*-A teen brings (:45) The 13th Warrior ('99, Action) An Arabic Houseguest ('95, Comedy) ** Sinbad. Debtor Powder
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 his family back together. poet fights for the Vikings. (CC) fleeing mob invades man's life. 95)

TMO 350350350350350350385 Rider (12) (:35)A Bag Of Hammers ('12) ** Crazy Kind of Love ('13) ** Vir- A Good Woman ('06) **1/2 Blos- Marvin's Room ('96) A
T 33 33 (CC) An abandoned boy. (CC) ginia Madsen. A free spirit. soming affairs. (PG) (CC) 20-year feud.
TOM 65656565 169230 MGM Pa- Night Fog My American Uncle ('80) A professor examines the lives of The Great Race ('65) A daredevil challenges his chief neme-
I I rade (55) three peo le to prove his theories. sis to an around-the-world road race.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Jaws: The Revenge 87, Action (CC) AVP 04 ** (CC)
INE 320320320320320320420 (:15) Revolutionary Road ('08, Drama) A couple (:15) Closed Circuit ('13, Drama) f 1/2 This Is 40(12, Comedy) Paul Rudd. A
I 3 wants to escape the suburbs. Ex-lovers placed on same defense team. not-so-avera e American family. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 42 Limited Madagascar 3: Most Wanted ('12) *** My Super Ex Superhero ex. Tombstone ('93) No peace for Earp. (R)
ENO 150 150 150 150 150350 Are Done (50) Bird on a Wire (90, Comedy) ** A man (:50) A Soldier's Story (84, Drama) A black offi- (35) Phone Booth ('02) Colin Farrell.
E1 ('07) and his ex flee dru runners.(CC) cer is murdered at his ost. Hostage in booth. (R)
(5.30) Off Air Station down- Cheaper by the Dozen 2 ('05, Com- (:45) Chain Reaction ('96, Action) Pair flees when 24/7 (CC) (HD) Pure Country 2: The Gift
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 time. (HD) edy) Rival family. (CC) blamed for explosion. (CC) i'10) (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (5:05) The Majestic ('01) (CC) (:45) Life According to Sam ('13) (CC) 1(25) Just Like Heaven ('05) IMike Tyson ('13)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 30 404 Streak 1(:45) Cry Wolf ('05, Horror) ** (:20) White Noise ('05) Ghosts in static. Mad Dog and Glory ('93) (R) Shining
SHOW 340 340 340 340340 340 365 (:15) Joe the King ('99) ** Noah Fleiss. Teen Daylight ('96) A safety expert looks for away to Scary Movie 5 ('13) A couple experi- Dawn 2
SHOW steals for dad's benefit. (R) (CC) save tunnel explosion victims. ences unusual events. ('12)
(:20) Airspeed ('00, Adventure) Lightning Tom and Huck ('95) **1/2 Boys (35) Simon Birch ('98, Drama) Joseph Mazzello. Missing
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 knocks out a plane's pilots. (CC) witness murder. (PG) (CC) Boy envisions himself a hero. (09)
TOM 65656565 169230 (15) They Met in Bombay ('41, Drama) Clark Fast and Loose ('39, Comedy) A Majority of One ('61, Drama) **l/2 Rosalind Russell. A
TGable. Thieves conspire in India. Manuscript murder. (CC) Jewish woman falls for an Asian man. (NR)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid The Scorpion King Ancient assassin. Pulp Fiction ('94)
OINE 320320320320320320420 Changeling Don't Be a Menace to South Cen- (05) The Great Gatsby ('13) A war veteran finds himself For a Good Time, Call... ('12, Com-
(R) tral Living in the hood. caught in a world of decadence and lies. edy) Phone sex. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Woo ('98) 1/2 Adventurous date. Inhuman Resources ('12) ** Sound of My Voice ('12) **1/2 (40) Spotless Mind ('04) (R)
ENO 150150150150 150350 Bewitched ('05) Wtch The Brothers Grimm ('05, Fantasy) Con artists Love & Basketball ('00) Omar Epps. Players fol- Hotel Transylvania Mon-
11 1 cast in movie, encounter magical curse. (CC) low their hoop dreams to USC. tersgather.
HThe Man Who Knew Too Little A The Return ('06) **A young Provodni- (:45) R.I.P.D. ('13, Action) Jeff Bridges. Officers Company
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 bumbling American. woman has terrifying visions. kov (R) fight monstrous criminals. (CC) ('05)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (5:30) Off Air (HD) Conchords Erin Brockovich Secreta 's crusade. 1(:45) Red 2 ('13, Action) Nuclear device. IMartinez
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Blue Crush ('02) Bi ('88) Bo 'swish granted. (:50) Cinderella Man ('05 ***12 Boxing chain on. Presence ('10) **
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 (:05) The Reunion ('11) ** John (:45) Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Gosford Park ('01) A weekend shooting party at a country
S 3 Cena. Bail bonds business. ('04) 1/2 Mind-control device. manor becomes a deadly event. (R) (CC)
TMO 3503503503503503 (5:30) Off Air No programming infor- (:40) Pete Smalls is Dead ('11) (15) My Life So Far ('99) Colin Firth. Disciplined Two Bits ('95) ** Boy
I3 3 mation scheduled. Friend's funeral. (CC) family upset by guests. (CC) needsquarter
TM 65 65 6565 1691230 Hollywd: Dream Factory (15) The Actress ('53, Drama) **1/2 A small Kiss Me Kate ('53, Musical) ***12 Divorced Jupiter's Darling ** A
(1VG) town woman dreams of Hollywd. actors perform together. (HR) (CC) d in Rome.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Windtalkers ('02) **1/2 The Navajo language in World War 11.
OINE 320320320320320320420 (15) Switchback ('97, Thriller) **1/2 Agent's son (15) American Beauty ('99, Drama) A mid- (:20) The Apparition ('12) Couple Batnan
is taken during manhunt. (CC) die-aged man gains insight. (R) (CC) plagued by an evil spirit. 05
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Beverly 1(:40) Lake Mungo ('10) (CC) Showtime ** Opposite cops. IMiss Congeniality 2 Pals kidnapped. Jawbreaker
FN 150 150150 150 150 350 Stepmom ('98, Drama) -l1/2 Julia Roberts. A The Odd Life of Timothy Green ('12) Couple Dude, Where's My Car? ('00) ** Johnny Be
I1 1 1 fatal illness binds two women. (CC) takes in mysterious young boy. Stoners seek car. (CC)
HBO 302302 302 302 302 302 40 Battlefield Earth ('00)1/2 John Travolta. An alien The Incredible Burt Wonderstone ('13) A magi- Spdingstee Entrapment ('99) ***A sexy
I I race tries to enslave humanity. cian connects with his icon. (R) agent baits a master art thief.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (5:50) About a Boy ('02) (CC) 1(:45) Sabrina ('95) **1/2 Driver's daughter. (P6) ((CC() We're the Millers ('13) *** Fake family.
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (5:30) Off Air (H)) Reversal of Fortune ('90, Drama) (CC) IBrothers (CC) Band of Brothers (15) Brothers
0 Cabin Boy ('93) A Quartet ('13) *** Past rivalries of (:45) Dangerous Minds ('95, Drama) Ex-Marine Barbershop 2: Back in Business
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 36 ds raduate retired opera group. (CC) turns inner-city teacher. (CC) ('04) Shop in danger.
TWhite Fang (91) A Yukon prospec- (:40) In the Shadows ('02, Drama) Matthew (25) A Simple Plan ('98, Thriller) Bill Paxton. Trio Prefontain
tor meets a do -wolf. Modine. Death on a film set. (CC) finds $4 mil lion temptation. ('97)
TOM 65656565 169230 Backfire ('50) ** Friend Bride by Mistake ('44, Comedy) Forsaking All Others ('34, Comedy) Libeled Lady ('36) An editor prints a TheyWant
goes mising. Heiress plays poor. (CC) Left at the altar. (CC) Ilibelous story. (CC)
II *ill,, "4 I ll,,* : 1 '* i* ,, i Ii I"1. ]i i ri l!,,i l ,II ll,,i 1,,


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IL=5 = WTM1 1ofi
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 ( 1:30) Jaws 2 ('78) More shark attacks. The Day After Tomorrow ('04) Global warming. X2 ('03) *** A genocidal plan.
OINE 320 32 320 320 320 320 40 (0) Grandma's Boy (06) Allen Co- (:45) The Ringer ('05) 1/2 Man pulls (:20) FIX ('86, Action) Bryan Brown. An effects Constanbne ('05) The
vert. Life with grandma. Secial Ol mp ics ruse. man is framed for murder. (CC) onof Satan.
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 20) The Abyss ('89) ***A missing U.S. sub. (CC) (:40) Mama ('13) **1/2 Alone in the forest. (.25) Fantastic Four ('05) *
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Beckham ('03) ** Inept ninja. (CC) kidnapped woman. man pursues his older self. (R)
HBO 302302 302 302 302302 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone ('13) A magi- Blue Crush ('02) ** Girl questions The Normal Heart ('14) A gay man sets out to combat a
H cian connects with his icon. her passion for surfing. disease that is killing homosexual men.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Ocean's 12 (50) Spy Game ('01) *** An agent in trouble. (CC) High Hopes Warm Bodies ('13) *** (CC) Brockovich ('00)
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(1 5) Heathers ('89, Comedy) *** Winona Beauty Shop ('05, Comedy) Queen Latifah. A Deep Impact ('98, Science Fiction) ** A
S 3 Ryder. Teens kill to be pop ular (CC) hairstylist opens her own salon. deadly comet ourneys to Earth. (HD)
Sister's (12) Kinky Boots (06, Comedy) Linda Bassett. Drag Do the Right Thing ('89, Drama) Danny Aiello. Man on a Ledge ('12) *** Sam
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (R) queen rescues shoe factory. Racial tensions lead to a riot. Worthington. Suicidal man.
Worries (:45) Four Jacks and a Jill ('42) Ray Son of Lassie ('45) ** Peter (:45) Kee Your Powder Dry ('45) Women be- Clouds
TOM 65 65 65 65 169 Bol er. Musical ruse. Lawford. Do in WW1. (CC) come WAsdurin V I. (CC) 46)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 X2 ('03) A madman plans mutant genocide. (CC) Hollow Man ('00) ** The man vanishes. (R) (CC) ILara Croft 2 ('03)
OINE 320 32 320 320 320 320 4 (10:05) The Dark Knight (:55) Enemy of the State ('98, Thriller) *** A (:05) Batman Begins ('05) A billionaire develops a dual per- Bulletto
Rises (12) lawyer is framed for murder. (CC) sonality to fight crime in Gotham City. 1(13)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 You See Me ('13) 2 Guns ('13, Action) Mob set up. (CC) (:55) War ofthe Worlds ('05) ***(CC) The Watch ('12)
ENO 150150 150150 Fun With Dick and Jane (1 5) Vamps ('12) ** Female yam- (:50) The Wedding Planner ('01, Romance) Wed- (:40) Are We Done Yet? ('07) *12
----1 5 (CS (CC) 2ires romantic struggles. ding planner falls in love. (CC) Costly dream home. (CC)
Red2 ('13) Faceoff(R) Cinderella Man ('05) Boxer Jim Braddock fights to regain his Entrapment (99, Thriller Sean Connery. A sexy 24t7hCC)
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 301 400 (C) status as a champion prizefi hter. age bief.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Weapon 2 About a Boy ('02) (CC) )1: 5) Jack the Giant Slayer ('13) (CC) The Normal Heart ('14) Gay activist.
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 The Return Disconnect ('13) Struggle to connect. IThe Campaign ('12) 12 (CC) Oblivion ('13) ** Vital resources. (CC)
SHOW 340 34 340 340 340 340 365 Powder ('95) ** Albino with spe- Diary of a Mad Black Woman ('05) A spurned The Brass Teapot ('13) A young (] 5) The 13th Warrior
SHOW cial powers faces abuse wife turns to her grandmother. couple pushes their luck. 1'99, Acton)
TMO 350350350350350350385 Marvin ('96) (:45) The Coalition ('13, Comedy) Women's Peterand Vandy ('09) (:50) Am6lie ('01) A shy waitress decides to bring delight and
IM 2 revenge scheme against athlete. Relationship. awe into the lives of other people. (R)
TOM 65656565 16923 (15) Beachhead ('54, Drama) Tony Curtis. Sex and the Single Girl ('64) ** A reporter Not With My Wife, You Don't! ('66) ** Men
Marines protect a plantation owner. pursues a female sexologist. (NR) compete for a nurse's affections.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (11:00) AVP ('04) The Scorpion King Ancient assassin. The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior ('08) Volcano
(1 5) Con Air ('97, Action) **/2 Nicolas Cage. (] 5) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (:45) 2 Guns ('13, Action) ***Two men learn Creatures
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 4'2 An airplane is hijacked by inmates ('94) Mascot kdna ped. the mob has set them up. (R) (CC) (13)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 French Kiss ('95) Woman meets thief. Twoforthe Money Sports gambling g. (15) Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ('12) (R)
ENO 150150150T150 150350 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (:55) Shall We Dance? ('04) **/2 (:45) Tootsie ('82, Comedy) *** A male actor (:45) Lost
E 11 (04) Princess' suitors. (CC) Dance lessons. (CC) pretends to be female. (PG) (CC) ('98)
HBO 302302302302302302 40 Pure Country 2: The Gift Admission ('13, Comedy) Tina Fey. A woman's Les Mis6rables ('12) *** Hugh Jackman. Life of runaway Iron Mask
HBO ('10) (CC) Princeton career is at risk. (CC) prisoner in 1800s Paris. (PG-13) (CC) (HD) (98)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Mike Tyson 1(:45) The Siege ('98) Martial law. (CC) Martinez Big Momma's House 2 ('06) (35) The Negotiator ('98) (R)
HBO3 304 304 304 304- 304 404 Shining Through ('92) A spy in Berlin. lOnly the Lonely ('91) A cop finds love. One True Thing ('98, Drama) *** /2 (CC)
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Bending the Rules ('12) ** Two Broadway Idiot (13) "American Id- Scary Movie 5 (13) A couple experi-
SHOW_ 34'3(3C344 !Dawn: Part 2 A daughter. men solve crime. (CC) ot on Broadway. (CC) ences unusual events.
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 TheMissing Person A (:05) Wreckage ('10) A group runs (35) The Last Rites Of Joe May (11) **1/2 An (25) Simon Birch ('98) Boy envi-
ming man. into a serial killer. (CC) aging man is disappointed in life. sions himself a hero. (CC)
TOM 65656565 169230 Auntie Maine ('58) A woman tries to teach her orphaned The Trouble with Angels ('66) *** Teens No ime for Comedy ('40) ***
Nephew the importance of living a full life. pull pranks at girls' school. (PG) (CC) Musical pla right. (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Pulp Fiction ('94) Crime conversations. IThe Core ('03) ** Scientists drill to the earth's center. (CC) Angels ('09) (CC)
OINE 320 32 320 320 320 320 42 S. Park: BiggerCensor- 20)A Good Day to Die Hard (13, Action) John Mystery Men ('99, Comedy) **1/2 Superhero (10) The Devil's Advo-
CINE ship war. and his son try to stop a heist. wannabes protect the city. (CC) cate (97) (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 EternalS. Snitch ('13) *** Undercover father. (CC) (:25) Romy &Michele ('97) Outbreak ('95) Lethal virus in U.S. (CC)
ENO 150150 150150 150350 Hotel (12) (45) Finding Neverland ('04, Drama) *** The Oz the Great and Powerful ('13) A man finds (.45) Bevely Hills Ninja ('97, Com-
ENC 1(CC) inspiration for Peter Pan." (CC) himself surrounded by magic. edy ** Inept nina. (CC)
HBO 30230230230230230240 In Good Company ('05) Man's new Hope Floats ('98, Romance) **1/2 Loss causes Oblivion (13) *** Tom Cruise. The last dronE Provodni-
I 1 11 1 boss is half his age. woman to rethink love. (CC)(HD) repairman on Earth. (PG-13)(CC) kov (R)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Armageddon (98) **l/2 Asteroid threatens. (CC) The Club (14) (:45) Mission: Impossible (96, Action) Island
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Presence (45) Nine Months ('95) Frustrated dad. The Godfather ('72) The story of a New York Mafia family. Match Pt.
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 05) Silver Linings Playbook ('12) Emotionally Powder ('95, Science Fiction) ** Albino with (55) The Woman in Black (12, Hor- Carlito's
S3 damaged man reclaims life. special powers faces abuse. (CC) ror) Vengeful ghost. 93
TMO 350350350350350350385 Two Bits (25) Dick Tracy ('90) A detective bat- (] 0) The Way Back (10) A group of prisoners escapes a Si- (25) Elizabeth: The Golden Age
('95) tles evil villains. (CC) berian labor camp during World War II. ('07) Romance and war.
TCM 65 65 65 65 169 230 Jupiter ('55) (:45) Many Rivers to Cross ('55, Western) A trap- Diane ('56, Drama) *1/2 Lana Turner. A tempt- Tribute to a Bad Man ('56) ** /2
** er is forced into marriage. ress becomes powerful. (NR) Law of the West. (NR) (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Backdraft ('91) *** Firefighting brothers seek arsonist. (CC) iGhostbusters ('84) Friends hunt ghosts. (CC) G'buster2
CINE 320 30 320( 320 320 320 42 (11 :45) Batman Begins ('05, Action) A man be- (10) Identity Thief ('13, Comedy) A man (1 5) WarGames ('83, Drama) *** Hacker sets
comes a masked vigilante. (CC) searches for who stole his life. (CC) off missile defense system. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Jawbreaker ('99) 20)Mama ('13) **12 Alone in the forest. The Debt (11) Naziwar criminal. (CC) ICircuit (13) (CC)
FN 150 150 150150 150 350 (11:30) Johnny Be Good The Pacifier ('05) ** A tough The Odd Life of Timothy Green ('12) Couple (35) Little Man ('06) A criminal little
('88) (CC) babysitter protects four kids. takes in mysterious young boy. person plays a baby.
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 4 Entrap- Phenomenon ('96, Fantasy) A mysterious force (.45) The East ('13, Drama) Brit Marling. An oper- The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
I 1 010 ment makes a man a genius. (CC) ative chanes priorities. (CC) Magician memories.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Walk the Line ('05) Life of singer. (CC) ,:5) Broken City ('13) Mayor's scandal. Lethal Weapon Two cops partner up
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 40'4 Brothers IBand of Brothers Band of Brothers Band of Brothers (45) Band of Brothers (CC) Band of Brothers
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 (1 5) Heathers ('89, Comedy) ***Winona The Impossible ('12, Drama) *** A family is Beauty Shop ('05, Comedy) Queen Latifah. A
Ryder. Teens kill to be po pular. (CC) separated by a tsunami. (CC) (HD) hairstylist opens her own salon.
S 0 5050 85 Prefontaine ('97) A dis- Fightville ('11) ** The advance- (:45) Peacock ('10) Cillian Murphy. A man's secre People Like Us (12) Adult siblings
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 tance runner ment of Mixed Martial Arts. double life is revealed. (CC) meet for the first time.
TOM 6565(6565 169230 0145)The Wantedto Law of the Tropics (41, Drama) Janie Gets Married ('46, Comedy) (5 5) June Bride ('48, Comedy) **1/2 Bickering
Marry37 Fugitive marries. (R) **1/2 Adapt to marriage. reporters cover a wedding. (CC)
II rI ],f I ]I i] f l l i, I ] i f ] l le,, r Ii, l


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NBC XI) 8 8 8 8 8 Today Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
NBC 2W 2 2 2 NBC2 News @ Noon Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
FOX_1N 13 13 13 13 13 FOX 13 News TMZ Dish Bethenny TMZ Live Ju Judy FOX 13 5:00 News
FOX X] 4 4 4 America We People Justice Supreme Judy Patemity The Test Maury Judy Judy
PBS LI) 3 3 3 3 Charlie Rose Variety Curious Curious Arthur lArthur Kratts Europe
PBS M 204 204 204 16 Newsline Contrary Variety Varie t Journal Travels
PBS J) 3 3 3 Cook's Kitchen PaintThis SewltAl DinoTrain DinoTrain Sid Kratts Curious Kratts Caillou Capitol
CW Ml 6 21 6 Dr. Phil Bill Cunningham Wendy Williams Steve Harvey Fain Feud Fam. Feud Dr. Phil
CWMI 9 9 9 4 America America Paternity Patemity Cold Case Files Bill Cunningham Steve Harvey Queen Latifah
MYN 38 11 11 11 14 Judge Mathis Trisha Goddard The Test Judge Mathis Maury The People's Court
MYN X 8 9 8 OK! TV Paid The People's Court Judge Mathis The People's Court Community Community Friends Friends
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ION N 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Movie CriminalMinds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds CriminalMinds
WCLFU 22 2222 22 2 Destined Thr. Bible Hmekeep Christian Jim Bakker The 700 Club Your Health It's Time Parsley
WRXYM 22 44 10 Hmekeep it's Time The 700 Club Your Health Jim Bakker Connect Revival Mission Salvation
TLF SM 23 23 23 95 5 Tras la verdad Laura Qui6n tiene la? Casos de familia Fuego en la sangre Fuego en la sangre
UNIV 62 15,15 15 6 Destilando amor Hoy La rosa de El gordo y la flaca Primer impacto
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 CSI: Miami Criminal Minds Criminal Minds The First 48 The First 48 The First 48
APL 4444 44 44 36 68 130 Pit Bulls Pit Bulls Pit Boss XL Swamp'd Swamp'd Gator Boys Xtra North Woods Law
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BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 New York NewYork New York Ladies of London Real Housewives Real Housewives
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Movie Tosh Tosh (:49) Tosh.0 ITosh Tosh ITosh Futurama Futurama
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Sins & Secrets Porter Porter Porter Porter ]Moonshiners Moonshiners Moonshiners
DISN 136 136 1361136 99 45 250 Mickey Einsteins Einsteins Octonauts Dog Blog Dog Blog Dog Blog Dog Blog I Didn't Doit Movie
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26,196 E! News Sex & City Sex &City Sex & City Sex &City Sex&City Kardashians Kardashians IKardashian
ESQ 8282,82 82 118 118 160 Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Jimmy Fallon
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Daily Mass Best of Journey Threshold of Hope Reflection HolyName Rosary Friar Holy Bears Choices
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 8 Rules 8 Rules Reba Reba Reba Reba BoyWold BoyWold BoyWold BoyWodid Middle Middle
FOOD 3713 37 37 76 164 Pioneer Barefoot Sandra's Ten Dollar Rest Chef 30Min. Essentials Giada Barefoot Barefoot Pioneer Trisha's
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 Movie Movie HowlMet HowlMet 212Men 2112Men Movie
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HALL 5 5 5 117 73 240 Home & Family Little House Little House Little House The Waftons
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Pawn Stars Pawn Stars
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Hunters Hunters Now? INow? Now? INow? Now? INow? Now? INow? Now? Now?
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Studio Barse Studio Barse Summer Summer Beauty Paul Woods Pres Slinky Brand
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 HowlMet IHowlMet Grey's Anatony Grey's Anatony Charmed Charmed Wife Swap
OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103161 Dr. Phil Oprah: Where Oprah: Where Oprah: Where Oprah: Where Dr. Phil
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150 Q Check EternaGold ]tarte beauty Summertime WEN by Chaz
SPIKE 57 57 57 5 29 63 54 Movie [Movie Movie
SYFY 6716 67 67 253 64 180 Trek: Next StarTrek:Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Star Trek: Next Gen Trek: Next
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 The Office Cleveland Dad Dad Dad Queens Queens Friends Friends Friends Friends ISeinfeld
TLC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 What Not to Wear Ultimate Cake Off 19 & Counting Cake Boss Cake Boss Honey Boo Boo Toddlers and iaras
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Bones Bones Bones Bones Castle Castle
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Bizarre Foods v Food Iv Food
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest.. World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest...
TVLAND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gunsmoke Gunsmoke Bonanza Bonanza Walker Walker
USA 34 34 34 34 22 5250 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU
WE 117117117117 117 149 Law&Order Law&Order Law&Order Law&Order Law&Order Law&Order
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 In the Heat of Night WGN Midday News Law&Order Law&Order Law&OrderCl Law&OrderCl
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE To Be Announced Talkin Football Beach GolfWeekl
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter Outside Insiders NFL Live Horn lnterruptn
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Numbers Never Lie 2014 French Open
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NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 BoxScore IBlue Blue NAHunter DeerHunt LoveHunt ONTV Winkelmn Americana Americana Pro Football Talk
SUN 38 38 401,401 45 57 76 MLB Baseball Fight Sports World Class MLL Lacrosse
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FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 Outnumbered Happening Now Real Story Gretchen Shepard Smith Your World Cavuto The Five
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CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Movie Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover Reba
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48210 Catfish Catfish GidCode GidCode GidCode GidCode GilCode GidCode Time'sUp TheEx
VI-I1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Hit theFloor HollywdExes Fabulous Life of... Fabulous Life of ... Hitthe Floor Marrying Marrying


Black Hawk Down
7 p.m. on WGN
A group of elite U.S. soldiers
drops into Mogadishu to
capture a warlord's lieuten-
ants in an attempt to stave
off the regime's efforts to
starve thousands of Soma-
lis, but when two helicop-
ters go down, the men find
themselves fighting for
their lives.
Whose Line Is It
8 p.m. on CW
"Rob Gronkowski" New
England Patriots' tight
end Rob Gronkowski and
guest comedian Jonathan
Mangum join "Whose Line"
veterans Ryan Stiles, Wayne
Brady and Colin Mochrie
in a series of improvisa-
tional games using only
their imaginations and little
information. (HD)

Last Comic Standing
8 p.m. on NBC
"Invitational 3" The audi-
tions continue as the lucky
comics invited to take the
stage compete for the 20
spots in the semi-final
round, hoping to impress
the judges enough with
their sets to advance in the
competition and have a
chance at the $250,000 prize
package. (HD)

Beauty and the Beast
9 p.m. on CW
"Beast is the New Black"
When Vincent gets arrested
for murder, Cat and the oth-
ers have to work together
to try and clear his name,
but when they uncover who
actually turned Vincent in,
they realize that they have
an even bigger rival to go
up against. (HD)

Swamp People
9 p.m. on HIST
"Beasts or Bust" While one
team puts their own lives


Ridge vented to Eric about
needing to get through to Brooke
before the wedding. Wyatt again
pleaded with Quinn to stay out
of Brooke and Bill's relationship.
Meanwhile, Brooke and Bill
enjoyed a private dinner on the
beach overseas. Ridge had the am-
munition he needed after learning
about Bill and Quinns affair. Bill
worked with a wedding planner
to surprise Brooke. While headed
for Dubai, Ridge called Katie to
explain why he had to stop Brooke
from marrying Bill. Brooke and
Bill's wedding on the beach in Abu
Dhabi began. Quinn admitted
that she had complicated feelings
for Bill. Wait to See: A family
tries to cope with some surprising
news. Quinn tries to clean up the
mess she made for Wyatt. Katies
happiness is tested.

Victor came to a surprising re-
alization about Sonny. Abigail was
thrown by Ben's strong reaction
to an innocent offer. Brady was
tempted to use drugs after his run-

in with John. Marlena was jealous
when she heard about Roman's
date with Giselle. A confession to
Nick's shooting continued to send
shockwaves throughout Salem.
Hope suspected all was not what
it seemed in Salem. JJ unwittingly
played a part in Nicoles downfall.
Nicole angrily told Daniel that
they could no longer be friends.
A shocking twist was revealed in
NickWs case. Sonny feared that he
would lose Will forever. Jen-
nifer overheard an eye-opening
conversation. A desperate Nicole
tried to save her relationship with
Eric. Wait to See: The truth about
NickWs murder is revealed. Eric
confronts Nicole over her decep-
tion. Jennifer ponders the fallout
of her decision.

Sonny cornered Ava. Mean-
while, Olivia told Carly about
Sonny and Avas tryst. Julian
confided in Alexis about his fear
for his family's safety. Luke had a
mysterious business meeting at
the Metro Court. Tracy turned to
Lulu for advice about Luke's odd
behavior. Ric wined and dined
Elizabeth. Both Dante and Shawn

in serious jeopardy to hunt
monstrous alligators during
an electrical storm, another
team deals with a clogged
canal to fill their tags, and
a third team enters cattle
country to land a state
record gator. (HD)

Love It or List It
9 p.m. on HOME
"Blended Families" When
two families came together
to live in a 1,000 square foot
house, space became an
issue, and even though they
love their neighborhood,
they will either need to find
a new place to live or reno-
vate the current space to fit
their demands. (HD)

10 p.m. on A&E
"The White Warrior" Walt
Longmire is still reeling
from events that have Hen-
ry standing trial on murder
charges, Connally shot by
a mysterious shooter, and
Vic Moretti's anxiety over a
person from her past, but a

were shocked by Annaus decision
despite her good reasons. Ava had
a trump card of her own to play
against Sonny. Alexis questioned
Rice's involvement with both Julian
and Elizabeth. Sonny didn't
believe Ava's claim. Ric was caught
off-guard when he was suddenly
faced with criminal charges. De-
spite their shock in regard to Ric's
alleged misconduct, Elizabeth
asked Alexis to represent him. A
scorned Morgan leaned on Olivia
for comfort. Wait to See: Maxie
and Nathan share a close moment.
Carly and Ava face off. Sonny begs
for his son's forgiveness.

Sharon started to get her
memory back about the night of
the gala. Neil asked his family
for their support before he asked
Hilary to move in with him. Later,
Hilary and Lily got into a heated
argument. Leslie asked Ian about
his end game. Nikki worried about
what Victor and Dylan could be
plotting against Ian. Victor turned
down Ians offer of a truce. Chelsea
gave Victoria an ultimatum to tell
Billy about her pregnancy or she
would. Sparks flew during Jack
and Kellys first real date. Victor

Josslyn (Jes Macallan) and
her sassy group of girl-
friends Savannah, Karen
and April return for more
scandalous episodes on
their respective paths to
self-discovery as "Mistress-
es," the provocative ABC
drama making its season
two premiere, Monday at
10:01 p.m.

surprise visitor gives him a
renewed drive to fight. (HD)

asked Nikki once again to move
back to the ranch with him. Jill
finally agreed to let Colin out of
the attic. Summer was furious to
find Kelly and Jack together at the
mansion. Wait to See: Cane plans
an elaborate scavenger hunt for
Lilys birthday. Nick suspects that
Mariah is manipulating Sharon.
Avery confronts Ian.


ABC7 News CABC World The 7 Entertainment The Bachelorette (N) (HD) Mistresses: Rebuild Savi real-
ABC 1 11 1 6:00pm The News with O'Clock Tonight ((() (N) ties that she should make the
26 news ofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) (HD) most out of her second chance
day. (N) (HD) at life. (N)
ABC News The lat- ABCWord TheList(IVG) RightThis The Bachelorette (N) (HD) (01)Mistresses: RebuildSec-
28 est news News (N) (HD) Minute (HD) ond chance. (N) (HD)
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 7 News (N) ABCWord AMillionaire? AMillionaire? The Bachelorette (N) (ND) (01) Mistresses: Rebuild Sec-
AM 7 News (N) (((R) ((((R) ond chance. (N) (HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC)2 Broke Girils Friendswith Mike&Moly Mom 48 Hours Award-winning
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca News with tune (CC) (N) (N) (HD) Class clown. BetterLives: Sharescrts. Tempted broadcast journalists present
10 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) Deeivers(N) (CC)(R)(HD) Christy. (CC) (R) in-depth investigative reports.
(N) (ND) (41)) (CC)
CBS 2131213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Broke Gi (R) Friends:De- MikeMolly(R) MomTempted 48 Hours In-depth investiga-
1 3 (N)(HD) tion (N) (HD) eivers (N) (HD) Christy. tive reports. (C)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Last Comic Standing: Invi- American Ninja Warrior: Dallas Qualifying Competitors
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC)(N) national 3 Invitation-only audi- tackle ten obstacles including such new additions as the
8 and weather events (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) tions continue. (CC) (R) (HD) Tilting Table, the Ring Toss and the Swinging Frames, in
Dallas (CC) (N) (HD))
NBC News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Last Comic Standing Audi- American Ninia Warrior: Dallas Qualifying Dallas competi-
2 2 2 News (N) tune (N) (HD) tions continue. (R) (HD) tors tackle obstacles. (CC) (N) (HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider MasterChef: Top 22 Coin- 24: Live Another Day: Day 9: FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX events ofthe day are examined ,(() (N) (HD) pete Top 22 take mystery box 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Jackmakes resofthenewsday are up-
13 13 13 13 13 and reported bythe FOX 13 challenge. (CC) (N) (HD) plansto find Margot ((()(N)(HD) dated ythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons MasterChef: Top 22 Compete 24: Live Another Day Finding FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
3Q 4 4 news; weather. (N) (R)(HD) (CC) Mysterychallenge. Margot. ((() (N) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS 3BBCWod BusinessRe- ihe PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Joy Bauer's Food Remedies Nutritionist Joy Bauer helps Australian Pink Floyd Trbute
M 1 3 13 11 31 News((() rt(N) (HD) those wanting to lose weight and eat better. (R) concert. (CC) (R) (HD)
Sesame Street Performer Cat in Hat (R) Peg+Cat Rick Steves' Hidden Europe 12 much-loved findings Suze Orman's Financial Solu-
i 24(HD helped. (CC) (R) (1)) (11) Cake made. within Europe. (CC) (R) (HD) tons ForYou (R) (HD)
PBS 333 BBCWodd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) AntiquesRoadshowLetter; D-Day 360 D-Day recreated. Secrets ofthe Dead Mysteres
x I 3 News((() port(N) (HD) bank ((C) (R) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) probed. ((C) (HD)
CW BigBang(CC) News(N) BigBang(CC) 2112 Men (CC) LineRob IUneComedy Beauty and the Beast New News@10pm(N)(HD)
M 6 21 6 (HD) (HD) (HD) Gronkowslk. skts. (R) rival. (CC) (N) (HD)
Queens (1VP) Queens 21/2 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men (CC) Line Rob UneComedy Beauty and the Beast New Engagement: Rules (CC) (HD)
C (1D) Doug's mask (HD) (HD) Gronkowslk. skts. (R) rival. (CC) (N) (HD) Zygote
INN 1111 1Raymond: Th ESeinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Law& Order: SpecialVictims Law& Order: Special Victims Cops Re- Cops Re-
11 11 11 14,Letter (G) (IVPG) Unit: Mother (HD) Unit: Loss(HD) loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD1 Cleveland (CC) Family Guy Family Guy Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
8 98(HD) (CC) (CC) Unit: Mother (HD) Unit: Loss(HD) Unit: Sin (CC) (HD)
IND 12 12 12 33 12 Modern (CC) Modem Col- Bi Bang (CC) Big Bang(CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims The Office Ru- The Office (CC)
i 2 (HD) legetour (HD) (HD) Unit: Sin (CC) (HD) Unit: Perfect (HD) mors. (HD)
ION 2 2 2 1326 18 1 Criminal Minds: Closing Time Criminal Minds: A Thin Line Criminal Minds: A Family Affair Criminal Minds Murdered Criminal Minds: Foundation
AC Beach murders Home invasions. (HD) Atlanta murders. couples. (CC) (HD) Young boy kidnapped.
22Christan Fit- Today Faith& ZolaLevitt(CC() Great Awaken Tour Love a Child Richard Rob- Gospel Truth Jewish Jewels Life Today
22 ness Ihealing. () erts((C (((N) (CC) (CC)
22 AA Joyce Meyer Turning Point Pivotal deci- Great Awaken Tour Stop Hurting Love a Child Joyce Meyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
M49 ((1N sos (CC) ((((N) dles (CC)
TIF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Volcin ('97, Drama) ** Un grupo de expertos trata de La viuda negra La vda de
50 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) desviar la lava de un volcan en erupci6n. (CC) (HD() Ghselda Blano. (N)
UNIV Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me robd Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
15 15 15 6 (N) Univisi6n (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor (CC) (HD) Humilde hogar.

A&E 26262626 Criminal Minds Girls choose Criminal Minds: Empty Planet Criminal Minds: The Pact Mur- Criminal Minds Murder link Longnire: The White Wanior
Avdim. (1V14 (HD Bombr in Seattle. derousduo. (1V14( (TV14( (CC) (1HD Longmire gets help.
A4C 56 56 56 56 5 :30) X2 ('03) *** Patrick Stewart. A Get Smart (08, Comedy) ** / Steve Carell. A quirky analyst is pro- Halt and Catch Fire: I/O Com-
3 53 231 madman plans mutant genocide. (CC) (HD) moted to help an agent fight evil syndicate's crime wave. (CC) (H) puter bom. (R) (H)
APIL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 RiverMonsters: KllerCatfish Finding Bigoct: FurtherViet- Finding Bigioot: Further Leg- Finding Bigioot: FurtherTher- NoLimits(R) NoUn'its(R)
Cannibalistc fish. nam Bigf (R)(HD) end revisted. (N) mal footage. (N) (HD (HD
106 & Park Viewer selec- BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 Snoop Lion hosts a night to honor the best in How to Be a Player ('97, Comedy) A wom-
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 20 tons. (CC) (H) the hip-hop industry. (TV14) (CC) anizing playboy plots revenge. (CC)
Married to Medicine Dead- Atlanta: Kandi's Wedding: Housewives of Orange Me- Housewives of Orange House Ladies of London London's
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 line looms. (R) Say YestoDistress chanical bull. (((R) hunt stress. (N) elite. ((()(N)
S. Park: (:26) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo (27) Dail Futuram (1V141Futurama: (58) Billy Madison ('95) Millionaire's immature son repeats
O____ Majonne (HD) (( IShow(iv (R) Gdfellas school to prove he can run father's business.
DISC 40 4040 40 25 43120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- #BikerLive: Lone Star State #BikerLive: Rust Belt (N) (H) Vegas Rat Rods: Mack Rod
DISp aired. (CC) (HD) paired. (CC) (HD( (R) (HD( MackTruckcab. (N)
KiUp with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cam-
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26196 Total Divas Professonal fema E! News The entertainment world's latest epringp h he es Uwith te far Cam-
E! wrestlers. (H) news. (H) Kar ans (HD( era socialite and family. (HD(
ESO 82 8282 82118118160 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps psych Slacker confused for psych Slacker infused for psych Slacker confused for
I I I others. (CC) (HD) others. (CC) (HD) psychic by police. (HD) psychic by police. (HD) psychic by polie. (HD)
EWN 243 243 243 12 11285 MEWTN A Travel Daily Mass Celebration ofthe The Journey Home Call-in EWTN Ho Rosary The World Over News from
SNig Guide Holy Eucharst. (R) program. (TV G) Nightly (R (IVG around theword. (R)
FAi 5555 55551046199 Middle: TheMiddle: Bruce Almihty (O3)JimCarey. A reporter who blames Miss Congeniality ('09), 2 A tomboy FBI agent goes
MothersDay Signals God for his altering lie is giv n almighty powers. undercover as a contestant at a big beauty pageant.
FOOD 31 3131 31 16 Diners (R) (H) Diners (R) (H) Guy's Grocery Games Food Rewrapped Rewrapped Cutthroat Kitchen Mystery Dis- Mystery (R)
Ne 76 164 e r Star (R) (N) Cookes. Thanksgiving fare. (R) crepancy. (HD)
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 5 (5:30) Forgetting Sarah Marshall ('08) *** Jason Segel. Wanderlust (12, Comedy) */2 An urban couple em- Louie A Louie A
Man encounters ex-girlfriend at resort. (R) (CC) brace alternative living after bcoming unemployed. (R) omic'slife. comic's life.
GSN 119 119 119 119 34 171 FamilyFeud FailyFeud FailyFeud FamilyFeud FanilyFeud FanilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud
GW) 17 7 1 1 341914 lP VPG) (W I(VPG) (FVPG) (W) (IVPG) I(1VPG) [1W) I(IVPG)
HALL 5 11 132401 The Waltons: The Change- The Waltons: The PortraitArtist The Waltons: The Capbve Eliz- Middle (CC) Middle Eye Frasier: Hot Frasier Fraser
ling Grow up. (CC) from Paris. (CC) abeth drves. (CC) (HD cream. Pursuit on TV.
HIST 81 81 81 81 3365128 Swamp People: Cursed Dead Swamp People: Bld Swa People: SwampAm- Swamp People: Beasts or Bust American (N) (:31) American
--------gator bites. (R) (HD) Brothers Monster gators (R) bush Safety at hrsk ( Electrcal storm. (HD) (N)
Love It or List t Retiring men Love t or List t De-duttehrng Love t or List ft: Bachelor Pad Love t or List t: Blended Fain- Hunters Car Hunters (CC) (R)
HOME 41 41 41 41 5 h 42 165 ouse. (CC) (R) (HD) home. (CC) (R) (HD) Bachelor pad. (R) lies Familyspace. garage. (HD(
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Home Solutions M. Asam Beau ProForm Health Home Solutions Home Solutions
36 36 36 52 41 0 orders: Kevin; Mary Outsde Hoardes: Julie and Shannon Hoarders: Augustine Hoarding Hoarders: Where Are They Little Women: LA: The "M"
1401 36 3i 3r Outsidefamily. (CC) (ustdyfight. (HD( mom. (CC((1)D Now? (CC) (HD() VTrd Dance class (R)


OWN 58 58 58584103161 Dr. Phil: I Want My Ex Back Dr. Phil Childhood obesity. Dateline on OWN Stabbing Dateline on OWN Student's Dateline on OWN Tragic fall.
OW 8 5 8 5 71.-11Second thought. (141) I(CC) (141) death. (CC)(R) (141) -death. (CC)(R) (141) I(CC) (R)(141))

51 51 51512963 54 Cops: Coast to Cops Drug Cops ((C)(R) Cops ((0(R) Cops Suspi- Cops ((0(R) Cops: Coast to Cops Bank Co Trailer Cops Golfcart
S KEI 7 7 57 7 29 3 54Coast Istash. (R) (141) (HN0)P cious car. I(141) ICo ast Irobber (R) pa r fre. Id ver.
S- Y 61 61 616125316 180 (4:30) Haunting Michael ('96, Fantasy) 2 John Travolta, Andie MacDowell. Reporters Contact ('97, Science Fiction) A brilliant scientist
--------- 18('09) investigate a woman s claims that an angel is living with her. discovers a radio signal from extraterrestrials. (PG)
TBS 595599326 5Seinfeld: The Seinfeld ((C) Seinfeld:The FamilyGuy((( FanilyGuy((IFanily Guy FamilyGuy FamilyGuy BigBang(() BigBang(CC
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Library (HD) Cafe (HD) HD( (IVPG) (CC) (CC) (HD) (HD)
TM 65 656565 169230 Till the Clouds Roll By ('46) A songwriter moves to Eng- A Hard Day's Night ('64, Musical) The Bea- (:45) Pop Gear ('65) ** Billie Davis. "British
T 5 land, where he falls in love with a young woman. tles. A day in the ife of The Beatles. Invasion" band videos. (NR)
TIC 45454545 5112 13 My Big Fat GypsyWedding The Cake The Cake We Should Have Eloped! SexSentMetotheERExtra Funeral(CC()(R) FuneralC((R(r)
'1 T 5 45 57 Competive ideas. (R) Boss (HD) Boss(HD) Funny reenactments. (R) Dose: Game Over (HD HD
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: Fool Me Once... Arctic Castle: When the Bough Castle: Vampire Weekend Castle: Famous Last Wrds 'MajorCrimes Witers
------------2 explorer. (CC(1() Breaks Lucrative deal. Vampirefetish. (H) Rockstar. (CC(1() dde-along. (CC) (R) (H)
TRAV 69 69 6969260 66 110 BizarreFoodswithAndrew Manv Food: v Food: Port- Bizarre Foods America BizarreFoodsAmericaRhoeHotel Impossible Great
__TR ___ Chicken embryos. (R) Brookyn land, ME Iguana hunt. (CC) (R) Island dishes (R) Northwest. (CC) (N)
TRUTV 63636363 5030 18 Storage (R) Storage (R Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Uck Lizard Lick LUzard Uck Lizard Lick LUzard Uck
Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Towing Tow(R) Tow(N) Tow(R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends
USA 343434342252 50 NCS: Los Angeles Russian NCIS: Los Angeles: Skn Deep WWE Monday Night Raw (N) (CC) (HD)
------------ agents. (CC) (HD) Dead Naval tech.
WE 11111 1111 491CSI: Miani: Sinner TakesAll CSI: Miami: Dead Ringer Old CSI: Miani: A Few Dead Men CSI: Miami: Long Gone Family CSI: Miami: Crowned Pageant
Poker game murder nemesis (CC) (HD) Killer targets ons. disappears. (1D) murder (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home Black Hawk Down ('01 Action) ***% Josh Hartnett Eric Bana. A group of elite U.S. Salem Wtches of Salem,
W I Videos Reel comedy. soldiers falls under heavy enemy fire in Somalia. (R) Mass. (CC) (4))
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (1)) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talking Football
ESPN 29292929 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) Baseball To- e MLB Baseball: Kansas City Royals at St. Louis Cardinals from Busch Stadium (Live)
9 (HD)S) nite(HD) (HD)
ESPN2 30303030 6 59174 Amund the Interruption Inside: U.S. SportsCenter 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series: WCWS Finals, Game 1: SportsCenter
I 1 Horn )HD) (CC )HD) (HD) (N) )HD) from ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City (live) (14D) (N) (14D)
FS1 48484848426983 America's Pregame (N) (CC) Red Bull Air Race World Championship: Street League: Pro Open Knockouts MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
F 1 8 8 42 (HD)) Putrajaya (Taped) (CC) (14D) 12014: The Bginning (14D) (14D)
ShipShape Madins LIVE! e MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (Live) (14D) Malins LIVE! Madins (HD)
I : i ] 7 2 7 2 7 2 7 2 5 6 7 7 "IS h pN H D hI N)po
__ _TVR )N))HD) ( N))HD41)
GOLF 149 49 49 49 55 60 304 Golf Central (N) (141)) The Golf Fix (N) (1)) Tin Cup ('96, Comedy) ** 2 Kevin Costner, Rene Russo. A former golf Tin Cup ('96
pro decides to compete in order to impress his rival's girlfriend. Comedy)
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 6 The Cross- The Cross- To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
over(14D) over(HD) this time. thi time.
SUN 383840140145 5 16 FOX Sports Rays LIVE! (N) (e MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (14D) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside: Loney
Salutes (lID) (1D) at First
NICK 25252525 2444 252 Webheads Sam&Cat(R) Thunderman Haunted(R) Awesome(N) FullHse (03) Full Hse Full Hse (CC) Full HseDJ's Full Hse Re-
(CC) (14D) (R)(14D) (14D) (14D) Chicken pox. (CC) cousin. pay debts
TOON 80 8012412446 2 25 (:15) Regular (:45) Gumball Adventure Regular Steven Uni- Uncle King ofthe Hill Cleveland Family Guy Rick and
_TO 100 4 0 i Show ow verse Grandpa (CC) Show(HD) (1V14) Morty
16PM 6 0 7P 7:0 8P 8:30 9 M 930 1 M 03
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
CNN 32323232 1838 1 ISituation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Tonight The biggest
33 3 Room(N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N)(11)D stories. (N) stories. (N)
U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 10, Representatives. (N) tives most importantcommittee hearings.
Secial Report with Bret Baie On the Record with Greta The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
Tne latest news (N) Van Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (CC) (N) (14D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (lID)
MSNB 83838383 185 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
M 88 3 18 Sharpton. (N) (11) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (11) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (141)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News Chef Rolf News News Paid News (N) News(N)
CMTV 414141412324221 Reba Reba Reba (14D) Reba: Red Reba Re- Rocky 111 ('82, Drama) *** Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. A boxer is Cops Re-
__rV blinded. Alert (14D) newing vows, trained by his former rival to reclaim the boxing championship. oaded(4)
The Ex & Time's Up 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 Why? girls talk. (CC) girlstalk. (CC) girls talk. ((C) Igirls talk. ((C)
H/I-l 50 50 5050 4323211 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Bus- Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ((C) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (() Hit the Floor (N) (14D) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ((C)
ness interferes (R) (R) (14D) (N) (lID) (R((D)
(5.15) Constantine ('05 Horror) (:15) A Good Day to Die Hard (13, Action).** Bruce Pitch Perfect ('12, Comedy) *** Anna Kendrick, Sklar
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 **- A detective bateswith Willis, Jai Courtney. John travels to Russia to work with his Astin. An all-girls a capella singing group attempts to defeat
Satan's son. (CC) son, who turns out to be in the CIA. (R) (CC) (14D) their male rivals. (PG-13) (() (lID)
(1I5) Outbreak ('95, Thriller) Dustin Hoffman. Scientists specializin in (25) Road Trip ('00, Comedy) Breckin 42('13, Drama)-***1 2 Two
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 diseases race to find a cure for a lethal virus outbreak before the .S. Meyer. A college student heads to Texas to heroic men changed baseball
government can take drastic steps to conceal the problem. retrieve an incriminating videotape. forever (P6-13) (CC)
JessieNave IDidn'tDolt Livand Jessie Naive Movie Good Lck Dogwith a
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45250 nanny.((((HD) Fratemaltwins. Maddie nanny ((()(D) Charlie (CC) (lID) Slog Dg can
(CC) Ildentical twins. I I speak
(10) Unbreakable ('00, Drama) *** Bruce WA llis, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ('03, Adventure) (:55) Premium Rush (12,
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 Samuel L. Jackson. A man uncovers his special abilities ** Sean Connery. Literary characters band together to Thriller) Bike messenger gains
with the help of an enigmatic stranger. (P-13) (CC) battle a villain called the "Fantom." (CC) (14D) i unwanted attention.
he East (13, Drama) *** Brit Marling, Alexander 24/7: Cotto! 2 Days: LastWeek Fast & Furious 6 ('13, Action) Vin Diesel.
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 41 Skarsgard. An operative for a private intelligence firm Martinez 01 (CC) Rusran John Oliver (R) Agent Hobbs enlists the help of Dominic and
infiltrates an anarchist group. (PG-13) (CC) (hD) (14D) Provodnikov (14D) his team to take down a gang.
5:15) Erin Brockovich ('00, Drama) A LastWeek Real Time with Bill MaherA Game of Thrones: The Veep: Debate Silicon Valley
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 secretary's determined crusade brings an John Oliver((( panel ofguestsdiscusses Mountain and the Viper Selina Presentation
arrogant utility company to account. (D) politics. (IVMA) (14D) Unexpected guests. (4D) prepares. day.
(5:20) Les Mis6rables ('12, Musical) *** Hugh Jackman, Big Love: Easter Bill and VICE Wodd The Place Beyond the Pines (13) Trying to
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Russell Crowe. Lives of runaway prisoner & helpless girl Roman get lawsuits. (CC) (14D) news. (CC) (14D) take care of his family, a man gets dragged
come to a boil in 19th-century Paris. (CC) (lID) into a life of stealing. (R) (CC)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (11, Fantasy) Years of Living Penny Dreadful: NurseJ.:The Calif.: 30
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Kristen Stewart. Bella and Edward tie the knot, but their Dangerously:A Dangerous Demimonde (R) Lady with the Minutes or Les
marriage and honeymoon cause problems. Future (CC) (N) (lID) Lam (R) (14D)
(15) Step Up Revolution ('12, Drama) *** Cleopatra The Truman Show ('98, Drama) ***2 Jim Carrey, Ed TheWords (12, Drama)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Coleman. An aspiring professional dancer falls in love with Harris. A man discovers his life is the subject of a ** *AWiter uses man s
I the leader of a dance crew. (PG-1 3) (CC) (14D) 24-hour-a-day television show. (P6) (CC) (14D) manuscript as his own. (CC)

JUN 2 1- -i1 Inie Exr IordNw()

ABC [ II 111 7 News Kimmel Nightine Extra ET Insider Exta WorldNews(N) News News(N)
ABC 21) 11 News Kimmel Nightine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News INews
ABC 7 1 11017 7 News Kimmel Nightline Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1 212 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TVZ Inside Comics Minute News News News (N)
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NBC 2M 1 1 2 2 2 News Toni ht Late Ni ht Last Call Dr. Oz Money Early News News (N)
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FOX X 1 1 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raynd nynd The Office The Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Paternity vorce Alex News (N)
PBS CI 3 3 3 3 Moon Happy ('1 ) **/2 D-Da 360 Antiques Mr. Stink Sherlock: Pat 1 (R)
1PBS M28i 24 16 Solutions Music Dance music. Billy Joel: Trust Jo Bauer (R) Conmsss Yoa
PBS 3M 3 3 3 Rose (N) Smiley CrossroadAntiques Antiques Mr. Stink Sherlock: Part 1 (R)
CWN 4) 6 21 6 21/2 Men IHow I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules IMiddle Middle IDish Harvey '70s '70s
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends /Simpsons Si ns Kin Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3h 1111I11 1 Seinfeld Commn. Raymond Ameica OK!TV Bridezilla '70s '70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN I 7 I 8 9 8 Seinfeld Sei id King Hill ing Hill Dad Dad Sunn Sunny 'il Death 'il Death Paid Paid She herd
IND 121212 13 12 FamGuy FamGuy Dad Iad Cleveland ne Pye There Yet ThereYet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION A6 2 2 2 13126 1817 Criminal Criminal tWithout INumb3rs Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WCLFM 22 22 22 2 Kingdom Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club CTNSpscjHmekeep
IiXY49 2244 10 News Awaken Awaken You and Me R Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF I 232323 95 5 Deportivo Pasillo TV Verdad ILa viuda Deportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 52 15!1515 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito ICerocnd Casa risa La rosa Gordo Primer Noiciero
A&E 26 262626 3950181 Longmire Criminal Criminal Longmire Longmire Pi B Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Halt Catch (08) Lara Croft 2 ('031 (CC) IFace/Off ('97 Fed changes face. es
API 4444 4444 36 681 Finding Finding No Umits INo Limits Finding Findn Finding No Limits NoLiits
BET 35353535 40 2221 Player *1/2 Wendy Latifah Held Up ('99) 2 (CC) BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 6825118 Housewife Ladies Housewife Ladies Wedding Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 1521 Daily IColbert midnight IS. Park Dail 1Colbert midnight Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Jeselnik Paid Paid
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E! 46146 46 46 267 C. Lately INews (R) IC. Laely Kardashian Total Diva C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
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FAM 5555555510461 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air BelAir Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 31313131 161 Diners IDiners Cutthroat M M e Diners Diners Rewrappd Rewrappd The Heat Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53ILouie Louie Louie Louie Louie Louie 2 1/2 Men 21)2 Men Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 1111111 3411 1 Fain Feud Fam. Feud Baae Bactage Fam. Feu Fam Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Baggage Baggage Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 511 132 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33651 American American Swamp Swamp American Ameica r rican Paid Boneyard Paid
HOME 41414141 53 4216 Love It Love It Hunters Hunters Love It Love It Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411 Little (R) Hoarders Hoarders Little Dance class. Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58585858410161 Dateline Dateline Dateline 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 51515151296354 Cop Co Jail Jail Jail IJail Ja IJa Jail Entoure Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 616161612 641 Contact ('97) I Contact ('97) *** A signal from space. Paid Paid IPaid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes 1408 ('07) *** (CC) Married Married Married Ead
TCI 65656565 16 Having A Wild ('65) Hold On! ('66) Lovely Da ughter / College Girl**
TIC 45454545 51121 Sex Sent Funeral IFuneral We Should Cke Boss Cke Boss Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
TNT 61616161 285551 Law (HD) Law (HD) Law (HD) Law (HD) Closer Closer S'ville
TRAV 696969692 6611 Bizarre Bizarre Hotel (R) Bizarre Bizarre Paid IPaid Paid IPaid
TRUTY 63 63 63 63 50301 Uzard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Uzard Uc Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic LizardLic Wipeout BaitCar Paid
TVLND 6262626231 F es Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Fiends Friends F friends Fnends Friends i Frends Friends Friends
USA 3434343422 5250(:05) Faster (10) (CC) NCIS NCIS NCIS SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 11111111 1114 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid IPaid
WGN 161616194111 9 Salem Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama Til Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 282828284910 Sports Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
ESPN 29292929 12580 Sports Sports Sports Sports MLB Game (Replay) Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 65914 Olbermann Baseball NBA Olberman INASCAR Sports Sports Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX Sports NASCAR Sprint Cup (Replay)
FSN 12721212 5677 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Re I Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
GOLF 494949495560 (10:30) Tin Cup ('96) Golf Cntrl Fix (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Golf Cntrl
NBCSN 111115461 90 Countdown To Be Announced Countdown Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3133401401455116 Inside IThe Panel MLB Game (Reply) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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CNN 3232 3232 18 381 3600 (R) CNN Tonite CNN Tonite 360 (R) Simulcast Early Start (N)
HBO2 Bi 118837 (HD( Hearings KeA Hearin(s (Ke R Hearin(s Ke Hearin s
FN 4 06 46 871 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity IOn Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend

HBi3 Pines (R) Ado 'Donnell BH(ardball Hayes ( ) (12) Ft LT E
SN 6661 11 News INes News IPaid INews (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CIE 3( 3230 4 Banshee Eve's (14) (CC) I Re rg n(0)* *Gii'sGuJ Off 105) Bettie' ('06)

W 321 42 (13) Topless Worlds Ed ('13) (R) B Sinsation (:50) Sunshine ('07) Ruby
usn A. N.. Lck Good Lck Shake It IA.N.T. eOnakeck OnDeck Wizards RWizards dOne ek k ks Phneas
EG 1101IO13Ruh BynLa The Blob Killer goo. Vampire B. *12renlrm
HB 03 3 NWGFast6 IThrones Iveep ISilicon IRuslan IRealTime IOliver The Normal Heart ('14)
HB23 0 X33X 4' Boxing (CC) (141)) Blown Away ('94) (R) .(:45) G.I. Jane ('97) IM Hussein
HB3 3IN3I 0Pines (R) Admission 1/'r(:40) The Beach ('00) Iron Fists ('12) Match Pt.
SHW 3(434( 31Penny INurseJ" ICalif. l'ar ofI BeuySo '5 ILegend"
TM 1 530 313Words IPeacock ('10) 1(:l0) Jarhead ('05) (R) 1(:l5) Undead ('05) **/2 Rider *


Extreme Weight Loss
8 p.m. on ABC
"Kathie and Josh" Chris
and Heidi guide a single
mother weighing in at 225
pounds and her 21-year-old
son who lives with her and
weighs 345 pounds through
a transformative weight-
loss journey that they hope
will help them get their
lives back on track. (HD)

Famous In 12
8 p.m. on CW
"Are We Famous Yet?" A
family that believes they
have what it takes to be fa-
mous moves to Los Angeles
for 12 weeks and with the
help of Harvey Levin's TMZ
machine is given various
challenges to overcome
all while being tracked via
social media. (HD)

America's Got Talent
8 p.m. on NBC
"Audition" Auditions
continue as talented and
not-so-talented individuals
from around the country
perform a wide variety of
acts in front of the celebrity
judges, hoping to perform
at Radio City Music Hall and
take home the $1 million
prize. (HD)
Storage Wars
9 p.m. on A&E
"Darrell Sheets The Bed" Be-
cause Darrell's warehouse
is so close to the auction,
he and Brandon make plans
to buy as many units as
they can, but Ivy and Rene
work together to shut the
two men out. (HD)
Flip Or Flop
9 p.m. on HOME
"Loud, Louder, Loudest"
Tarek and Christina receive
a lead on a house from an
agent, and even though it is
located near an airport and


Omari Hardwick, Lela Lo-
ren, Naturi Naughton and
Joseph Sikora star on the
new series "Power," pre-
miering Saturday at

oman HarawicK

9 p.m. on Starz. The
series follows nightclub
owner James St. Pat-
rick (Hardwick), whose
friends call him "Ghost."
His club caters to the
rich and famous. It also
hides a dark criminal
world. He wants a legiti-
mate life, but that may
jeopardize everyone
he holds dear. And a

former love (Loren) com-
plicates his life even
further. Curtis "50 Cent"
Jackson, who also wrote
the soundtrack, co-cre-
ated the series with
Courtney Kemp Agboh,
who was nominated for
an Emmy for "The Good
Wife." The drama is part
New York club scene and
part violent drug trade.

When "The Real House-
wives of New Jersey"
returns on Sunday, July
13, at 8 p.m., there will be
some new faces. Amber
Marchese and identi-
cal twins Teresa Aprea
and Nicole Mauriello are
joining the cast. Aprea
lives with her husband
Rino, whom she has mar-
ried twice. They have a
son, Giovanni. Mauriello
loves fashion and is the
mother of two boys, Joey
and Anthony. She's the
ambitious one in the
family and works for
a jet charter company
that handles high-profile
clients. Amber is married

an elementary school, they
believe the low listing price
makes it worth the attempt,
but hidden problems soon
The Haves and the
Have Nots
9 p.m. on OWN
"The Confession" Patriarch
Jim Cryer comes up with a
cover-up to save his son,
Wyatt, after he was arrest-
ed; Benny's condition con-
tinues to improve; Amanda
buys a gun; Candace tells
the truth about her preg-
nancy; Veronica pushes her
agenda with Jeffery. (HD)
10 p.m. on AMC
"Creature's Daughter" Crea-
ture finally has the oppor-
tunity to meet the daughter
he has been long separated
from in person, and he also
has the chance to relive his
breakdancing past; Todd is
uncertain as to whether he
can plan a surprise party
for Asia. (HD)

to James Marchese and
is the mother of Corbin
and Isabella, and step-
mother to Michael and
Sebastian. A cancer sur-
vivor, she has a passion
for health and wellness.
Don't worry, Teresa Giu-
dice and Melissa Gorga
return with Dina Manzo.
Guidice and her husband
are facing massive legal
troubles. Manzo is get-
ting a divorce, and her
daughter is going off
to college. It's a tough
time for Manzo and she
needs the comfort of her

Sarah Lancaster, Kip Par-
due and Vivica Fox star in
the new Hallmark movie
"Looking for Mr. Right,"
debuting Saturday at 9
p.m. A struggling novel-
ist finally gets an agent
when she writes a book
about her dream man.
But before she can publi-
cize her book, she has to
find the perfect boy-
friend she's been writing
about or at least some-
one to play the part. The
writer may just discover

Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC's
"Celebrity Wife Swap," rock
prince Dweezil Zappa, the
son of musical legend Frank
Zappa, hopefully won't
"Freak Out" too badly when
he trades his mate, Megan,
for Rebecca, the spouse of
former MLB outfielder David

she's been looking in
the wrong place for the
perfect man.

Against their family's
wishes, Kandi Bur-
russ and Todd Tucker
are tying the knot. The
planning for the big
event plays out for sev-
eral weeks on "The Real
Housewives of Atlanta:
Kandi's Wedding," pre-
miering Sunday at 8 p.m.
on Bravo. They want to
pull off their dream wed-
ding in record time, but
it won't be easy. Dream
weddings are costly, and
things get complicated
when they decide to
host his mother at their
house. It's the clash of
the soon to be mother-in-
laws and Burruss must
find her strength if she's
to stand up to Mama
Joyce, who is loud when
it comes to her feelings
about the nuptials. These
people give new meaning
to family drama. This is
one couple who should
think about eloping. We
hear Hawaii is nice this
time of year.


ABC7 News ABC World The 7 Entertainment Extreme Weight Loss: Kathie and Josh Chris and Heidi Celebr We Swap: Davd
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight(((N) guide a single mother weighing 225 pounds and her Jusic; DweezilZappa
26 news ofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (H)) (HD 21-year-oldson who lives with her and weighs 345 pounds Rockesandjocks wivesrade
day. (N) (HD( through a weight-loss journey. ((C) (N) (HD( laces (N) (HD(
ABC News The lat- ABCWord The List (IVG) Right'This Extreme Weight Loss: Kathie and Josh Single mom and Celebrity Wife Swap Rockers
2 est news News (N) (HD) Minute(HD) adult son lose weight. (CC) (N) (HD) andjoks (N)(HD)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWord AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Extreme Weight Loss: Kathie and Josh Single mom and Celebrity Wife SwapRockers
AC 7 10 7 7News(N) (C)(R) (()(R) adult son lose weight. (() (H) ()andjs (N)(HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! ((C) NCIS: Homesick The team in- NCIS: Los Angeles: Unwrit- (01) Person of Interest: The
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pmLoca Newswith tune ((N) (N) (HD) vestigate a mysterious illness in- ten Rule Nell joins the team CrossingThe battle to take
10 news report. Scott Pelley(N (iHD( fecting militarychildren. ((0 (R) out in the field. ((C) (R) (HD( down HR escalates. ((C) (R)
(N) (HD) (HD) (1HD)
CBS 2131213 5 News (N) (HD( Evening News News (N) (HD( Hurricane NCIS: Homesick Mystery ill- NCIS: Los Angeles Missng (:01) Person of Interest Taking
11.(N)(HD) 2014 (N) ness. ((C) (R) (HD) gifriend. (C(R)(HD) down HR. (R)(HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment America's Got Talent: Audition Auditions continue as tal- (:01) The Night Shift: Second
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight ((C (N) ented and not-so-talented individuals from around the coun- Chances TC goes over his
[ and weather events. (N) (HD( weather; more. (HD) try perform a wide variety of acts in front of the celebrity boss' head. (CC) (N) (HO)
judges. ((C) (N) (HD)
NBC 2 News (N) (HO) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) America's Got Talent: Audition Auditions continue as indi- (:01)TheNightShiftOverboss'
2 2 2 News (N) tune (N) (HO) viduals perform a wide variety of acts. (N) (HO) head. ((C) (N) (HO)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ ((C) (N) The Insider Riot: Tom Green and Andy I Wanna Marry "Harry": FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 events ofthe day are examined (() (N) (HO( Dick Tom Green; Andy Dick Spotted by the Paparazzi ((C) des ofthe news day are up-
13 and reported bythe FOX 13 ((()(N((HD) (N) (HD) datedbgtheFOX 13Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons Riot: Tom Green and Andy I Wanna Many "Hari': FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
3c news; weather. (N) (R)(HO) (CC) Dick Tom Green. (N) Spotted bythe Paparazzi news report. (N)
PBS SBCWold Business Re- ihe PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You How to 30 Days to a Younger Heart
3m 3 3 3 News((() rt(N) (HO) achieve financial independence. (CC) (R) (HO( Improving the heart.
204204204 Sesame Street Wedding CatinHat(R) Peg+Cat(C) LentatEphesus Be- Doc Martin: Old Dogs Martin suddenly gets Healing
im 4 204 204 1 trouble. ((C) (R) (HO) (HO) (R) hind-the-scenes. ((C) (R) (HO) a new secretary. ((C) (R) A.D.D. (R)
PBS 3 E3 3 BBCWorld BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) D-Day 360 D-Day recreated. Hallowed Grounds Overseas Objects and Memry Re-
[ I News(CC) port (N) (HO) (CC)(R)(HD) cemeteries (R) (HO) lling 9/11. (CC)(R)(H)
CW Big Bang (( News (N) Big Bang (((C 2 11/2 Men (( Famous In 12 Attempting Supernatural: Dvl May Care News @lOpm (N) (HO)
AC 6 21 _6 (HO) (HO) (HO) fame. (CC) (N) (H) Crowley is the key.
Queens(lVP) Queens:Ticke 21/2 Men (CC) 2 12 Men ((( Famous In 12 Attempting Superstural:Davl May Care Rules Timmy's Rules: Shy Dal
W 1 9 (HD) Treat (HO) (HO) fame. (CC) (N) (HO) Crowley isthe key. ster. (HO)
MYN 11 1 14 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld ((C) Family Feud Family Feud Bones: The Fire in the Ice Bones: The Hero in the Hold Cops Re- Cops Re-
W MIVP) (IVPG) Hockey player. (IVP) Grave Digger. (IVl( loaded (HO) loaded (HO)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD Cleveland ((C) Fam Guy ((C) Fam Guy ((C) Bones: The Fire in the Ice Bones: The Hero in the Hold Law&Order: Special Victims
8X8 (HO) Hockey player ((C) (HO) Grave Digger (HO) Unit: Uncle (HO)
IND 12 1212 3 1 Modern: Flip Modem: Big Bang ((C) Big Bang ((C) Law& Order: Special Victim Law & Order: Special Victim The Office ((C) The Office ((C)
32 1 1 8 Flop Treehouse (HD( (HD) Unit: Uncle (HO) Unit: Soulless(H4) (HO) (HO
ION 2 2 2 1326 18 1 Crininal Minds: The Pact Mur- Criminal Minds Murder link. Criminal Minds: God Complex Criminal Minds: The Good Criminal Minds Dead prosti-
AC derous duo. (HO) (CC) (HO) Sadistic surgeon. Earth Missing men. tutes. (CC) (HO)
WCLF 2222 22 2 Christlian Fit- Today Faith& Rhema Praise GreatAwakenTour Henry Babers, Richard Rob- Gosel Truth PeyStone Life Today
22 2222 ness Ihealing. (C) ratwknSr. errs (CC)( CCN (C() (C
WRXY 2 1 Joyce Meyer Savingthe In- Hannah(C) Great AwakenTour End of the Monumental JoyceMeyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
M 1 1 22 44 10 ((C)(N) vestor Age (()((N) d-es ((C)
TIF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura La viuda La viuda negra La vida de Futbol Internacional: Bosnia-
50 2(VPG) ((C) escolar. (VPG) ((C) negra (R) Griselda Blance. (N) Herzeg ovina vs Mexico (Diredo) (( ) (HO)
15 15 15 6 Noticias ((C) Noiciero De que te quiero, te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
al (N) Univision (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor ((C) (HO) Humi de hogar.

A&E 26262626 39 50 1 Storage ((C) (R) Storage Steal Storage ((C) (R) Storage ((C) (R) Storage ((C) (R) Storage ((C) (R) Storage ((C) (N) Storage Wars (:01) Shipping (31) Shipping
(HO) mode. (HO) (HO) (HO) (HO) (HO) (N) (HO) (N) (HO) (N) (HO)
(5:00) Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle 300 (07.Action)Gerard Butler Lena Headey. Three hundred Spartans Freakshow(N) Freakshow(N)
AMC 56 56 56 56 3 53 231 of Life (03) Pandora's Box hunt. fi ghtto the death against the formidable Pers an army. (R ((C) (HO) (DHO
RiverMonsters Freshwater River Monsters Ancient mon- Mini Monsters A look is taken at the secret world of some Monster Croc: Search for a
API 44 44 44 44 36 68130 memohes (R)(HO( ster (CC)(R)(H) small and strange creatures. (CC) (HO) Killer High-risk mission.
106 & Park Viewer selec- Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself ('09 Drama) *12 Tyler Perry. A troubled Black Coffee (14, Comedy)
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 nephews, as a man urges her to make changes. (CC) New couple'sexes.
BRAVO 68686868254511 Atlanta: Kandi's Wedding: Housewives of Orange House Real Housewives N.Y. Dog Real Housewives N.Y. Mu- The People's Couch (N)
85 Say Yes to Distress hunt stress. (R) memorial. (CC)(R) seum party. ((C) (N)
COM 66666666 152190(:56)S. Park (R) (27)Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo% (2)Daily (:58)schumer Tosh. Bold Tosh.ONice Tosh.0Daniel'sTosh.O(CC)(R) AmySchumer
COM (HO)6 6666 2 (R) Show(R (R((HO( fashion, guy.(R) father. (HO) Press.
DISC 40 4040 40 25 43 1 Moonshiners Tradition re- Moonshiners Tradition re- Deadliest Catch: On Deck: Deadliest Catch Captains'trou- (:02) Siberian Cut: Russian
DISC vealed. ((C) (HO) sealed. ((C) (HO) Falling Down (N) (HO) ble. ((C) (N) (HO) Roulette ((C) (N) (HO)
(530) Keeping Upwith the E! News Entertainment Giuliana & Bill Starlet cou- "ia&TameraTwinsworkto Total Divas Professonal femalE
E! 46 46 46 46 21 26196 Kardashians (HO) news. (HO) ple. (HO) stay connected. (HO) wrestlers. (HO)
ESO 8282828211811816 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps Risky Listing NYC real es- Risky Listing NYC real es- White Collar Brawlers
I others. ((C) (HO) others. (CC) (HO)) tateH) tate. (H) Worker boxing. (HO)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 11285 EWTN A Travel Daily Mass Celebration ofthe Mother Angelica Live Clas- EWTN Holy Rosaiy Threshold of Hope Pope
Nightly (N) Guide Holy Eucharist. (R) sics MotherAngelica. Nightly (R (IVG( John Paul II.
FA 55 5 5 55 1046 19 Middle: Home- Middle Sue's Miss Congeniality (00) **1 A tomboy FBI agent goes 17 Again ('09, Comedy) Zac Efron. A former basketball star
coming cush. undercover as a contestant at a big beauty pageant. getsachancetodo hgh school all over again.
FOOD 31313131 16164 Chopped: Duckfor Dinner Chopped: Unsung Heroes Chopped: Make No Mistake Chopped: Take Heart Pep- Chopped Bloody Marys. (N)
]7 76 164 Duckconfit (R) (HO) Fizzy ingredient. (R)(HO( Fava beans. (R)(H) pers; pork (R) (HO) (HO)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 (5:30) Wanderlust (12, Comedy) ** 2 Ur- Super8 ('11, Mystery) JoeleCourtney, Jessica Tuck A group of Fargo Drifter influences smal
b4ancoupleembrace alternative living. friends witness a train crash that precludes bizarre occurrences. town. ((C) (HO)
GSN 119119119119 34 119 1 41Family Feud FamilyFeud Family Feud Family Feud Minute to Win t(R) The Chase (R) Family Feud Family Feud
G S N( W 17 7(1 7 4 1 9 8 l P VPG) ( W ) M MVP ) [1 WP ) M(I l
The Waltons: The Beau The Waltons: Day of Infamy The Waltons: The Yearning MiddleAxljeal- Middle ((C) Frasier VP) FrasierNiles
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 '40 Grandma's ex. ((c) Curt died. ((C) Elizabeth in love. ((C) ous. (HD) (CC) eopes.
HIST 81 81 81 81 3365 128 Pawn Stars (R) PawnStars: Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) PawnStars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Top Gear (CC) (N) (HD) MountainMen: WntersWrath
(HO) IStuf It (HO) (HO) (HO) (HO) Bigdecision; more.
HOME 41 41 41 41 3 42165 Now? Florida Now? (R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters Flop Dficult Flop (R) Flop Hidden IFlopFlipperis- Hunters (CC) (N) Hunters Re-
H project. (HO) Boston home. job. (R) problems. Issue. (R) (HO) turn home.
HSN 24242424 51 19 151 Slinky Brand Fashions Solutions Studio Barse Jewelry Studio Barse Jewelry Slinky Brand Fashions
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Wife Swap Moms trade Dance Morms Trainer vs. True Tori ((C) (N) (HO) Little Women: LA: Litte Kim of Queens Pageant
homes. (IVP( ((C) moms. ((C)(HO) Women, Big Drama (N) coach. ((C)(HO)


OWN 58 58 58 58 41103161 Dr. Phil: Son-in-Lawvs. Dr. Phil: Am Ithe Only One? The Haves and the Have NotslThe Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and the Have Nots
OW S8S S 8 710' 11Mother-in-Law (CC) (141)) jUnique issue. (141) 7 ~yTarreted. (R) Jim plots cover-up. ICampaign event.
I 51 51 51512963 54(500) Ninja Assassin ('09, Action) **1 2 The Fast and the Furious: To o Drift ('06, Action) **A young man is Godzilla ('98) ** Giant
----------- 35Ninja clan member is rogue for revenge, sent to live in Tokyo and is intro uced todrift racing. (PG-13) iguana attacks Big Apple.
S180 (530) Trek: Star Trek: Next Generation Wil Wheaton Heroes of Cosplay Heroes of Cosplay: Ottawa Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton
SYFY 167 67 67 67 253164 18Next (CC() IChildren 1kdnapp.ed. I(R) Comikaze. (R)) Pop Expo (N)) I(i) ())
TBS 59 59 59593262 52 Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld: The Fain Guy Fain Guy IVPG) Fam Guy (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC)
T I3 2 (14D) )D) Red Dot Nightclub. 11)D) ()D) (HD) ()))
TM 65 656565 169230 Don't Make Waves ('67) ** Swimming pool tycoon co- 2001: A Space Odyssey ('68, Science Fiction) Keir Dullea. A trip to Jupi- 45)Alien ('79,
T 5 erced into giving man ales job so he can chase girl. ter is jeopardized by the spaceship's murderous computer. (6) Horror)
TIC 45454545 5112 39 Toddlers and Tiaras Beauty The Little Couple: All You 19 Kids and Counting Derck 19 Kids and Counting The Little Cou- Little (CC) (R)
l 1 4 7 pageants. (CC) (1) Wanted to Know (R) returns. (CC) (R) (1) Duggars test Ben. (R) (14D) pe (N) (4D)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: One Man's Treasure Castle: The Fifth Bullet Am- Rizzoli & Isles Date mur- Rizzoli& Isles: Dancewith the Rizzoli & Isles Jane's viral
Garbage chute. (H)) nesiac. (CC) (H)) dered. (CC) (R) (H)) Devil Paddy's tral. video. (CC) (R) (H))
TRAV 69 69 6969260 10 BizarreFoodswithAndrew Man v.Food: v Food: New Bizarre Foods America Taylor Masters (N) Masters )R) Game On (CC) Game On (CC)
IV__ I _1 Calfs tongue. (CC) (R) DC(R) Odeans ork roll. (CC) (R) (N) R)
TRUTV 63 63 6363 5030 10 World's Dumbest... Control truTVTopFunniestJedi uses truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest: Funny truTV Top Funniest (CC) (N)
I 0 problems. (R) the Force. (CC) (R) Screaming for mom. (CC) (R) Fails Snowman. (R)
ITVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54244 Friends IFriends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends
USA 343434342252 50 Law& Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Playing Police (31) Modem
UA 33 2 Unit Boy lit on fire. Unit: Persna ()D) ily)D) ly(D) ily ()D) ily ()D) dinner Family
WE 117 11 111111 11 149 Law & Order: Denial Baby Law& Order: Navy Blues Nav Law& OrderCriminal and legal Law& OrderCriminal and legal Law& OrderCriminal and legal
killers. (CC) (HD) pilot suspect. (HD) system. (CC) (HD) system. (CC) (HD) system. (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home MLB Baseball: Chicago vs Los
Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. AngeleslIe) (4)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE(HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. TouBeAn- Golf Weekly
ESPN 29 292929 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) Inside: U.S. (N) 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series: WCWS Finals, Game 2: SportsGenter
(141 trrmr)to) ) HD) from ASA Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City (live) (N) (14D)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 2014 French Open WNBA Basketball: Los Angeles Sparks at Atlanta Inside: U.S. International Soccer: Bosnia-
------------4 (Taped) (V Dream from PhilipsArena (ve) (CC) (14D) (14D) I Herzegovina at Mexico (live) (14D)
FS1 48484848426983 America's Pregame (N) (CC) Would Poker Tour: Alpha8 St. MLB162(N)(C Back of(N)(CC) Pecos (CC) (14D) Pecos (N)(CC) MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
7 7 7 _7 (14D) Ktts Play Down (1D) (ID) (14D) (14D)
FSN 12172172172 5 7 UFC nsiderN) Mains UIVE! MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (live) (14D) Madins LIVE! Madins (HD)
(lID) (1)liD) (N) (liD))
GOLF 49494949 5560 304 Golf Central (N Inside PGA Playing Lessons fromthe The Greatest Game Ever Played ('05, Drama) *** A worlkng-class Greatest
(1I)) Tour(HD)) Pros: Jessica Korda young man competes in the U.S. Open against a champion. (PG) Game (05)
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 The Cross- The Cross- Premier League Count- To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Info un-
I 7 over(14D) over(HD) down (CC) (14D) this time. available.
SUN 383840140145 5 16 MLL Lacros Rays LIVE! (N) ( MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Miami Marlins from Marlins Park (Live) (14D) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside: Loney
(Taed) (14D) (I4D) at First
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 SpongeBob SpongeBob SanjayCraig Sam&Cat Nick News Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House
(CC) (CC) (14D) (14D) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC)
TOON 80 8012412446 2 251(15)Johnny (:45)Adventure Regular Gumball Uncle Adventure King ofithe Hill Cleveland Amercan American
TO1004 5 Test (CC) ime Show Grandpa Time I(C) ShowI) Dad! (lID) Dad! (I))

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
CNN 32323232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 360 CNN Spc. (N) CNN Tonight The biggest
N 3 3 18 Room(N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N)(14D) stories. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 31 12 1 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
-----------3 IRepresentatives. (N) tives most important committee hearings.
Special Report with Bret Baie On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 11 118 Tne latest news (N) Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (CC) (N) (14D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (lID)
PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chis Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Sharpton. (N) (1D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (1D) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News()N) News()N) News Paid News INews Paid INews News()N) News(N)
CMTV 414141412324221 Reba (1I)) Reba: Just Reba: Trading Reba (1I)) Cheaper by the Dozen ('03, Comedy) Steve Martin. With his wife doing a Cops Re-
_MTV Business Spaces book tour, a father must handle a new job and his 12 kids. loaded(lI))
The Ex & Time's Up 16 and Pregnant Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Pregnant Faking It Awkward. Awkward. Faking It
--V 33 33 33 33 35 48 2 Why? I girls talk. (CC) girls talk. (CC) (ID) (1I))
1 5 5Many Game: Game (R) (H4)) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Hit the Floor ()R) (1I)) Malibu's Most Wanted ('03) Two actors pose as gangsters
V 00004amStepRp (R) (1D) 1and escort a white rapper deep into the ghetto.
(5.30) Bulletto the Head (13, Die Another Day ('02 Action) **2 Pierce Brosnan, (:20) Blue Streak ('99) ** Martin Lawrence, Luke Wlson.
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Action) A hit man worls with a Halle Berry. Agent 007 investigates the connection between A hapless jewel thief poses as a police officer to retrieve
detective. (CC) a terrorist and a billionaire. (PG-13) (CC) (14D) stolen diamonds. (PG-13)
The Watch (:40) Nothing to Lose ('97, Comedy) An ad (:20) Taken 2 ('12 Action) 1*2r Liam Neeson, Maggie M icMike('12, Drama)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 ('12)Alien execjoins forces with a con man to get Grace. A retired IA operative and his wife are targets of W %Astrippertiestofinda
invason. (R) revenge on his cheating wife. (CC) revenge in Istanbul. (PG-13) (CC) (14D) life outside. (R) (CC)
(5:00) Movie Dog with a Austin & Ally Movie Jessie Naive Good Lck Dog with a
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Blog Dog can (CC)(14)) nanny. ((lID) ())) Charie(CC) )(H1) ogDogcan
Speak IIIII~a
(51) Hope Springs (12, Comedy) **% Meryl Streep, Fun With Dick and Jane ('05 Jim Carrey. (35) The Wedding Planner ('01, Romance)
ENC 150 150150150 15013% Tommy Lee Jones. A married couple seeks help from a Man and wife deal with a sudden reversa of *2 A successfu weddin anner falls in
specialist to rekindle their romance. (P6-13) (CC) fortune by becoming thieves. love with a charming groom-to-be.
Real limewith BillMaherA Red 2 ('13 Action) Bruce Willis, John Malkovich. Frank Game of Thrones: The Silicon Valley Veep: Debate
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 panel of guests discuss Moses gathers his team when a nuclear portable device Mountain and the Viper resentation Selina
politics. (T MA) (14D) Igoes missing. (P6-13) (CC) (14D) 'Unexpected guests. (R)(HD) day. prepares (R)
The Nomal The Bourne Legacy ('12, Action) ***Jeremy Renner, (:45)2 Days: 24/7: Cotto LastWeek Real ime with Bill MaherA
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Heart Gay Rachel Weisz. A new agent escapes termination and seeks Sergio Martinez 01 (CC) John Oliver (CC panel ofguets discusses
activist. to expose CIA crimes. (PG-13) (CC) (lID) IMarinez(HD) (14D) I(HD) oltics. (IV0) (HD)
(10) The Way Way Back ('13, Comedy *** Steve Big Love: A Barbecue for Betty Silicon Valley Veep: Debate The40-Year-OldVirgin('05,
HBO3 304304304304 30440 Carell Toni Collette. Introverted teenefriends a water parkDon'splansofgettingafourth Presentation Selina Comedy) Aging virgin datesa
manager to avoid his family situation. (CC) (14D) wife. (CC) (14D) day. prepares celibate mother.
(515) The 13th Warnior ('99, Nurse J.: The Calif.:30 Diary of a Mad Black Woman ('05 Comedy) 12 Penny Dreadful:
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Action) *-*-*AnArabic Ladywith the Minutes or Kimberly Elise, Shemar Moore. A rejected wi fe turns to Demimonde (R)
fights fortheVikngs Lamp Less(R) (lI)) her gun-toting grandmother for help and advice. (CC)
(55) Find Me Guilty ('06, Drama) *** Vin Diesel. A Lawless (12, Crime) During the Great Depression, three Fatal Instinct ('14, Action)
TMC 350 350 3 350 350 3 85 mobster faces trial and acts as his own attorney. ()R) (CC) brothers living in Franklin County Va. run a bootlegging )NR) (CC) (lD)
business in defiance of Prohibition laws. (CC)


I Lat Lat "I* Inie Exr IordNw()
ABC [ II 111 7 News Kimmel Nightine Extra ET Insider Exta WorldNews(N) News News(N)
ABC 21 11 News Kimmel Nightine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News INews
ABC 71 1 1017 7 News Kimmel Nightline Iaid ES.IV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 112,121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TVZ Inside Comics Minute News News News (N)
NBCC] 81818 8 8 News Tonight LateNi ht LastCall Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News INews
NBC 201 2 2 2 News Toni ht Late Ng ht LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News (N)
FOX M 13113113 13 13 News Access IDish TVZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish ITMZ News News News (N)
FOX X 1 1 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raynond The Office The Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS Ui 3 3 3 3 Heart (R) Music (CC) (R) (HD) Hallowed Objects Ind.Lens(R) Katmai
- PBSM iO i 2 16 Healing SuzeOrman(R)(D) Happy ('11)- Healing (R( Healing a
PBS 3M 3 3 3 Rose (N) Smiley Makers D-Day 360 Hallowed ObMects Ind. Lens (R) Sky Island
lCW ) 6121 6 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules IMiddle Middle bish Harvey '70s 70s
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpons 1ing Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3h 11111 14 Seinfeld Commn.Raymond Amenca OK!TV Bridezilla '70s '70s Paid Paid Lets Ask iShepherd
MYN 7) 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill 1ing Hill Dad Dad Sunn Sunny 'il Death 'il Death Paid Pa
121212 31 12 FamG FaG Dad Dad Cleveland yne Payne ThereYet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION A6 2 2 2 13 26 1817 Listener Listener Numb3rs Numb3rs Paid Paid 'pirationToday
WClF2 l 22 22 22 2 Purpose Awaken Awaken IYou and Me CW 700 Club Em r Hmekee
WRXYN 4410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reg Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 11231 195 5 Ftbol lit La viuda Deportivo El Chavo ILa viuda Deportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 52 !1515 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd Casarsa La rosa Gordo Primer Noficiero

A&E 2626262639 50181 Shipping Shipping Storae Storae Stora torae Shippina Shippina Shi ping Shii Paid B B Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Small Tn Freaksh. Freaksh. Small Tn Scorpion King 2('0 (CC) Freaksh. Freaksh. Small Tn CSI Miami
API 44444444366813 Mini Monsters (HD) Monster River(R) Monster TBA TBA
BET 35353535 40 2221 Coffee Wend Latiah Black Coffee ('14) BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 682 5118 Housewives Wedding Housewives Couch Housewives Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15211 Dai Colrt midnight ITosh Daily 1Colbert midnight ISchumer S. Park S. Park S Park Presents Paid Paid
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E! 4646464627 126 C. Lately INews (R) IC. Late Total Diva C. Lately ISoup Drama Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESO 82 8218218211111 Risky Risky Brawlers Brawlers Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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FAM 5555555510461 700 Club BeAir BeAir e -Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 31313131 16Chopped Chopped Chopped Choppd Chopped On Rocks Paid Paid
FX 51515151158 4953Fargo (R) ar (R) Far (R) 2112 Men Presentsaid !Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 11111113411Minute Baae Bagage Fam. Feu Faa FeuF Feu Mind Mind Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 511 132 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers /Frasier IFrasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33651 Mountain Pawn Pawn To Gear (01) Mountain (R) Paid Boneyard Paid
HOME 4141o41 41 5p Hunters Hunters Flo Fl Flop IFlop Paid Paid IPaid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52411 Dance Moms True Tori Little (R) (02) Kim Dance Moms Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 585858584710161 Haves Haves Haves 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 5757557296354(10:00) Godzilla ('98) ** ILast House on the Left Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 616161625 641 Cosplay Wheaton Wheaton Rise of Zombies Iead Season 12 Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan Holmes IConan Holmes Angels Outfield ('94) IMarried Married Married Eal
TCI 65 65 6565 16 (10:45)Alien (79) R) Destination Marooned 69 ** (6) Queen ('58)
TLC 45454545 51121 19 Kids Little Little 19 Kids Little (R) Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Mentalist Justice Justice Mentalist Law (H) Law (HD) S'ville
TRAV 696969692 6611 Bizarre Masters IMasters Game On IGame On Bizarre Bizarre Paid IPaid Paid Paid
TRUTY 63 63 63 63 50 30 Dumbest truTV Top truTV Top truTV Top Dumbest Wipeout Bait Car Paid
TVLND 6262626231542 Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends rFiends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends IFriends Friends Friends
USA 3 3 34 34 225250 Modem Modem Pa in P aing NCIS House House SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 11111111 1114 Law (HD) Law (HD) Roseanne Roseanne Roseannel Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roeanne Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 MLB Baseball (live) Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama 'Til Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 28282284910 Sports Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
ESPN 2929292912580 Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 65914 Soccer Olbermann B Olbermann NASCAR NFL Live Inside Nation Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX Sports IFOX Sports FOX Sports MLB162 Back of Pecos Pecos Wrld Poker
FSN 12721212 5677 Wrld Poker MLB Game (RepIay)Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
GOLF 494949495560 Greatest Game ('05) GolfCntrI ILeaming Lessons Paid Paid Paid Paid GofCntr IPGATour
NBCSN 111 546190 TBA To Be Announced Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 30 3040140145 51 16 Inside Israeli MLB Game (Reply) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39393939 311 Money TBA TBA Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange
CNN 3232 3232 18381 3600 (R) CNN Spc. CNN Tonite 3600 (R) Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 1818181831121 Hearins Ke Hearings Ke Hearings Ke Hearin s
FNC 646464 64 48 111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318! 401 Haves (R Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow
SNN 6 6 611 11 News News News Paid News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32( 4 Banshee Topless Eneny of State (98) IQuickies Obsession Dragonfly ('02)
CINE2 3213213213213213214 Mgic Mike (50) The Watch ('12) Hotel Erotica ('04) Eternal S. ('04) Limited
DISN 1 131 13 99452Austin A.N.T. Good LckGood LckjShake IA.N.T. IOn Deck IOn Deck Wizards Wizards On Deck IOnDeck FishHks IPhineas
ENC 15 11 1 1534:20) Romancing ('84) (:10) Sin City ('05) (R) Original Sin ('01) Done *
Thrones 124f Veep HBO Boxing (Replay) (HD) Faceoff IThe Purge ('13) OffAir
HB02 2014 Rock Roll Hall Fame (0N) Silicon 1(:45) Ted (12) (R) (CC) IConchord Majestic
HB03 40 Virgin Disconnect (13) ***Casino ('95) Crime in Vegas. (R) Streak **
SHOW 36INurseJ. Calif. lPenny 17 Psychopaths ('12) IClockers ('95) (CC) Anthony Cl
TMC 3 3 3 313 3130 Fatal (:40) Wall Street (13) Booty Hunt Original Sin ('01) lOnly You ('92)


The Lead-Off Man
7:30 p.m. on WGN
In the minutes leading up to
the first pitch, experts dis-
cuss pitching matchups and
trending news surrounding
the Cubs and Major League
Baseball; announcers pre-
pare viewers for the game,
discussing lineups and any
changes that have been
made. (HD)

The Professional
8 p.m. on ENC
In New York City, an eccen-
tric French hitman takes in
a 12-year-old neighbor after
her parents are murdered
by corrupt policemen, but
while he struggles with
his new role as protector,
she asks him to teach her
how to kill so she may seek


Melissa & Joey
8 p.m. on FAM
"Your'e the One That I
Want" From Joe seeing Mel
in her wedding dress too
soon and her father absent,
Mel and Joe's wedding
weekend has a bumpy start,
even including an injury
at his bachelor party, and
elsewhere, someone acci-
dentally makes a shocking
confession. (HD)
Baby Daddy
8:30 p.m. on FAM
"Foos It or Lose It" Unaware
Emma's college fund is
hidden in it, Bonnie sells
the foosball table to a
fraternity, causing Ben and
Tucker to pose as pledges
to retrieve it; Riley's rival
Georgie gets her a job inter-
view at Vogue, but not all is
as it seems. (HD)
The 100
9 p.m. on CW
"We Are Grounders Part
1" Clarke and Finn escape


9 e

L t? 6


from a dangerous situa-
tion only to be faced with
a new foe; Bellamy tries to
save Jasper; Raven faces a
danger never seen before
and Murphy finally gets his
revenge. (HD)

Tyler Perry's For
Better or Worse
9 p.m. on OWN
"Who's My Daddy, Part 1"
The lives of sports commen-
tator Marcus and his outgo-
ing wife Angela, along with
the lives of their friends, are
followed as Dominique acci-
dentally overhears Richard
and Keisha admit that
Marcus is not her biological
father. (HD)

10 p.m. on ABC
"Overboard" Several poten-
tial suspects are inves-
tigated after a socialite
drowns after a party aboard
a yacht; the tension be-
tween Angie and Sergeant
Cross comes to a head as

Animated Series
for Adults
1. The very first
animated series that
aired in primetime, this
situation comedy about
two neighbor families
dealt with adult issues
at times, but puns about
rocks were a constant.

2. The longest-running
primetime series in
history, this comedy
has spoofed current
events for decades now,
but the children of the
titular family haven't
aged a bit.

3. In (slight) contrast,
the children of this
irreverent series were
kept in third grade for
the first three seasons
before graduating to
fourth grade in 2000
- and they've remained
there ever since.

4. The teenage title
characters of this MTV

When the BAU is called out
to Kansas City to investigate
a series of murders, a tense
reunion ensues between
Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripple-
horn), her retired police
captain father and her
homicide detective brother
on "Criminal Minds," airing
Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CBS.

their investigation leads to
a surprising killer with an
unusual motive. (HD)

series speak and act as
if they had been stuck
in fourth grade for years
as well, with their free
time spent doing little
more than snickering
at music videos and
hoping to "score."

5. Following the 31st-
century adventures of
a pizza delivery boy
who was cryogenically
frozen by accident, this
comedy was actually a
very smart satire with
occasionally brilliant
science-fiction plotlines.

,,Pw Jn nJ,, "s
-;;no puP S!AOS,, "t
,,>IJJ1d qInos,, "c
,,suosdw!s aq1,, *l
,,sauo4slu!lIJ q,, "T



3 4 5

1 9 2

7 5 9

3 6 7

6 8 9 4

9 7 8

2 3 1

7 1 6

8 4 2 5


ABC7 News CABC World The 7 Entertainment The Middle: The Modem Fam- (31) The Motive: Overboard A socialite
ABC 1 11 1 6:00pm The News with O'Clock Tonight ((C) (N) The Smell Gi's Goldbergs ilyPhiltdcks GoldbergsA drowns after a party aboard a
267 news ofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (D (HD) soccerteam. (R) Birthday gifts. Luke. (O(R)(HD newchannel. cht leaving several suspects
day. (N) (HD) _(CC) (R) (HD) /(R) (HD) hind. (N)
ABC News The lat- ABCWorld The List (IVG) RightiThs Middle: The Goldbergs(R) Modem (CC (R) (31) Goldbergs Motive: Overboard Sodalite
2N est news I News (N) (HD) Miut(HD) Smell (R) (HD) (HD) /(R) drowning. (CC) (N) (41))
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? Middle: The Goldbergs (R) Modem (CC (R) (31) Goldbergs Motive: Overboard Sodalite
AC 7 7 10 7 7News (N) ((C) (R) ((C) (R) Smell (R) (HD) (HD) (R) drowning. (CC) (N) (HD)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-IJeopardy! ((() Survivor: Cagayan Members Criminal Minds: Bully The CSI: Crime Scene Investiga-
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pmLoca Newswith tune ()(N) N) )HD) oftribes based on brawn, teamiscalledoutto Kansas tion: HelplessrDeadinsdehu-
10 news report. Scott Pelley (N) (HD) beauty and brains compete in City, where Blake has a tense man-sized hamster ball. ((C) (R)
(N) (HD) Cagayan. (HD) reunion. (R) (HD)
CBS 2131213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Survivor: Cagayan Three Criminal Minds: Bully Tense CSI: Crime Scene Investiga-
1 3.(N) (HD) tion (N) tribes vie. (CC) (HD) reunion. (CC) (R) (HD) tion Hamster ball. (R)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment 2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 1 (Live) (CC) (HD)
NBC 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC) (N) I
8 8 8 8 8 and weather events (N) )HD) weather; more. )HD)

NBC News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) 2014 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 1 (Live) (CC) (HD)
2 2 2 News(N) tune N) (HD) U
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider So You Think You Can Dance: Auditions #2 (TV14) (CC) (N) FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX events ofthe day are examined (CC) (N) (HD) (HD) des of the news day are up-
13 33and reported bythe FOX 13 dated ythe FOX13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local JudgeJudy Paradise TV So You Think You Can Dance: Auditions #2 (TV14) (CC) (N) FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
4 4 4 news; weather. (N) (R) (HD) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS 3 3Business Re- ihe PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) My Music: 50's & 60's Party Songs Dance music from the Suze Onmn's Financial Solu-
m 3 3 Ne w(C(o)d jort(N) (HD) %5s and '60s. (CC)(R) (HD) tions ForYou(R)(HD)
Sesame Street Making a Cat in Hat (R) Peg+Cat(C) My Music: 50's & 60's Party Songs Dance music from the 30 Daysto a Younger Heart
204 204 204 1 friend. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) (R) '50s and '60s. (CC) (R) (HD) Improving the heart
PBS BBCWorld Business Re- The PBS NewsHour ((C) (N) Nature: Outback Pelicans Peli- NOVA: 0-Day's Sunken Secrets W/Vl shipwrecks near
3 3 3 News (CC) port(N) (D) can families. (R)(HD) Normandy explored. (CC) (R) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 SigBang(((C News (N) Big Bang((( 21/2 Men(((C Arrow: Identity Roy gets ar- The 100: WeAre Grounders News @10pm (N) (HD)
M 6 21 6 (HD) (D) (HD) rested by Officer Lance. Part 1 A new fe. (N)
CW 9 9 9 4 Queens Sea- Queens: Lyin' 21U2Men(((C 2 12 Men(((C Arrow:ldentityRoy getar- The 100: WeAre Grounders Rules (CC) ()) Rules Group
m) 9 9- 4 snal job. Hearted ()) (HD) rested byOffier Lane. Part 1 Anewfe. (N) roadtrp.
CRaymond Seinfeld(CC Fmily Feud Family Feud Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Cops Re- Cops Re-
M 11 11 11 14 Seinfet d ) (VPG) Kdnapped.(VP6) Mobwar. (WP) loaded(HD) loaded(HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (HD1 Cleveland (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Special Victims
8X9 (141) Kdnapped. (141) Mob war (C(141)) Unit: Nocturne
I 2 Modem Caree Modem:Afr B Bang((C % Bang(C Law& Order: Special Victime Law& Order: Special Victime The Office (CC) The Office (CC)
12 12d12 3 1 theFire (H (HD) Unit:Noctume Unit:Birthright (HD (HD
ION 2 11 Law&Order:Criminal Intent Law&Order:Criminal Intent Cold Case Illegal aliens Cold Case: The Sleepover Law&Order:Criminal Intent:
AC Murdered novelist. Witness murdered. dead. (CC) (HD) 1989 murder. (CC) (HD) Untethered (HD)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Jack Van ImpGreat Awaken Tour Destined Richard Rob- GospelTruth Supernatural Life Today
22 ness Ihealing. (CC) Reign (CC) erts (CC) ( (N) (CC) (CC)
WRXY 22 4 10 Joyce Meyer First Life (CC) JackVan Im reat Awaken Tour Connect Saving the In- Joyce Meyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
AM I I 0 I I I I((()(N) j(HD) (CC) vestor (CC) (N) ces (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 5 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Peleador callejero ('09 Acci6n) ** Peleas callejeras en La viuda negra La vda de
50 1 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) e circuito de Ia ciudad de Nueva York (CC) (141)) Griselda Blano. (N)
UNIV 15 Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
15 15 15 6 (N) Univision (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor (CC (CHD) Humilde hogar.
M1 FIii
TheFirst48:Brutal Busness Duck: Si- Duck New DuckWIlie Duck ((C) )R) DuckCareer DuckHunt falls Duck WIlie (36) Duck (R)
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Double murder (R) ameseTwins ducklblind. raes. (R) (H)) !day.(R) ( apart. worried. (H))
(5:30) Volcano ('97, Drama) ** A raging volcano erupts in Angels & Demons 09, Thriller) *** Tom Hanks Ewan McGregor. Experts in sym-
te middle of the city of Los Angeles. ((C) Iboism seekthelinK etween a murder, terrorism and the Vatican. (P6-13) (()
RiverMonsters Survival tech- ITo Be Announced Info un- Treehouse Masters Celtic Treehouse Masters ((C) (R) Treehouse Masters: Out on
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 niques. (O)(R)(HD) javailabe. cottage. (R) (HD) (HD) a Limb (R) (HD)
35 3106 & Park Top 10 videos seected by the Get Rich or Die Tryin' ('05 Drama 50 Cent. Inner-city drug dealer To Be Announced Info un-
B10 iewers. (T) D14)) who writes rap songs on the side re hinks his Iifest e. )R) (t) available.
6868686825451185 Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing New Million Dollar Listing Sky Million Dollar Listing New Untying the New York (R)
BRAVO York Difficult lesson. York Puerto Rico trip. Garage trailer. (R) York (N) Knot (N)
S.ParkAbduc-ToshOAndy ColbertRepo(:27)Dail (7) Key& (28) Key & 5) S. ParkR) (29)S.Park(R) :59)S.Park(R) S.Park(R)(HD)
_OM_ 67 ton. Dick R) (R) Show() Peele(R) Peele(N
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431201 Dude, You're Screwed Surviv- Naked and Afraid Man and Dual Survival: Untamed: No Dual Survival: Mayan May- Kodiak: The Proving
DISC alists tested. (HD) woman left. (CC)(HD) Man s an Island (N) hem (CC) (N) (HD) Grounds (CC) (N) (HD)
E! 46 46 46 46 2 26 1 (4:00) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment Kardashians Keeping Upwith the Kardashians Cam- The Soup (HD) Burning Love
I I unavailable, news. (HD) (HD) eras fol lw socialite and family. (HD) (HD)
ESO 82 82 8282118118101 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps On The Table On The Table How I Rock It Hw I Rock ft How I Rock ft Alternate
others. (CC) (HD) others. (CC) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) [HD) Route (HD)
EWTh LastCall: DailyMassCelebrationofthe EWTN Live Interviews on EWTN Holy Rosary Catalogue (TV Vaticano
EWTN 243 243 24N 12 17 285 T(N) Stories of Hol Eucharist. (N) evangelism. (N) Ni Nhtl(R) (IvG) 6)
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 (5.00) 17 Again ('09) Zac Efron. Melissa(CC)(R) Melissa: Unin- Melissa (CC) (N) Baby Daddy Sixteen Candles ('84) A girl's family overlooks her 16th
High school do-over HD) vited (R) (HD) (N) (HD) birthday as her sister's wedding approaches. (CC)
FOOD 31 3131 31 6 164 Diners (R) (HD) Diners Brook- Restaurant: Inossible North Restaurant Stakeout Cajun Restaurant Stakeout: LasVe- Restaurant: Impossible:
yn, N.Y. Bend, Ohio. (R) )HD) lace. (R) (HD) asStakeout(N) Saving Grace(N) (HD)
(5:30) Super 8Q'11, Mystery) A group of friends witness a Red Tails ('12, Action) Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. A squad- Red Tails
FX 51 51 51 51 4 train crash that precludes bizarre occurrences. ron of black pilots faces racial segregation during World War lI. Blackpilot

GSN 119 119 119119 34 119 1 Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSNW 17(7 7 7 4 7 8 TP VPG) (W IVPG) (N P) (wVP) I(IVPG) I(1VPG) [1W) I(IVPG)
HIALL 5 511 13240 The Waltons: The Conscience The Waltons: The Obstacle The Waltons: The Parting Middle Brcks Middle Sue Frasier Private Frasier. The
I Second thoughts. Mike Paxton. (CC) Vacation. (CC) frend. iwinstrip. dinner Bad Son
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65128 American Pickers Barns; re- American Pickers Guys find American Pickers Memorabilia American Pickers (CC) (N) American Pickers 1961
-- srt; more. (R) (HD) reatcar (R)(HD) sought. (CC)(HD) (HD) Messerschmitt (R)(HD)
E41 41 41 413 42165 Property Brothers Expect- Property Brothers Expen- Property Brothers Moving in Proay Brothers Contempo- Hunters Small HunterChina
HOME 4 ing ababy.R)HD) sive taste. (R) (HD) together. (R)(HD) rary home. R)(HD) Tn. move.
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Bajalia Women's Baalia Women's Body Solutions Body Solutions
Unsolved Mysteries True Unsolved Mysteries True Movie Movie
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 crime stories. (CC) (HD) crime stories. (CC) )D)


OWN 58 58 58 58 41103161 Dr. Phil: Runaway Dramas Dr. Phil Stories of revenge. For Better ForBetter(R) ForBetter(N) ForBetter(R) ForBetter(R) ForBetter
OW S S 8 8 710- 6 R na a teens(D Iway D) ) Dominique. (141) I(141) (141) (141) IBlind date.

SPIKE 51 51 51512963 54 (430) I4ck-Ass (10) A teen de- The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ('06, Action) ** A young man is Haywire ('12) re*vGina Carano. Black ops
SPIKES7 S S7 S 29 3 54cidestofight crime. sent to live in/Tokyo and is introduced to drift racing. (PG-13)Islireksevn.(N(::)(D

S61 61 6161,25316 180 (5)Mega Piranha ('10) Piranha (10, Horror) *2 A group of strangers tries to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ('07, Adven-
I SYY 6 67 7 6 25364 8(reistorc pirana. (R) Isurvive a swarm of ancient, man-eating fish. () Iture) ***r~ Pirate alliance batles corporation. (P-13)
Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Fam Guy (IVPG) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Deal With It
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Subway IFi-Up ILimo (141)) I(141) (141) (141) (141) I(R)

TOM 65 ( 5) The Feminine Touch ('41, Romance) An expert on She ('65, Fantasy) **/ A man resembles a portrait on Clash ofthe Titans ('81)
TM1565 65 65 l69 23( marital jealousy gets jealous ofnhswife'sadmirer. an oldcoin, so he searches the truth about it. (CCl) 1r*r*Perseus quest. (CCl)

TIC 45 45 4545 5 7 Toddlers and Tiaras Beauty AmericanGy yWedding Return to Amish: Our Jour- Return to Amish: Home is Where the Beef Is Amish and
1 1 4 4 4 7 pageants. (CC) (HD) Teens at a bal (R() ney So Far (R) (HD) Ex-Amish friends gather. (R) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: The Third Man Heist Castle: Suidde Squeeze Base- Castle Sexual domination. Castle: Tick Tick Tick.. Serial Castle: Boom! Serial k1ler
TN 1 1 28 case. (CC) (HD) ball player (CC) (HD) (CC) (HD) k1ler (CC) (HD) taunts Castle & Beckett.
Bizarre Foods with Andrew v Food: Phila- ManvFood: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Trip Flip WId Trip Flip (CC) (R) Baggage (CC) Baggage (CC)
TAv 169696969 260 66 170 Zimmem: Indonesia delphia St. Louis Zimmem: Bolivia (R) west. (N) (H) (N) (R)
TRUTV 63636363 5030 18 Pawn: Total Pawn (R) S. Beach: S. Beach: South Beach South Beach South Beach South Beach Hardcore Hardcore
Meltdown Spanglish Creepin (R) Tow (R) Tow(R) Tow(R) Tow(N) Pawn (N) Pawn (R)
ITVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Cleveland Falls: Pilot
USA 343434342252 50 Law & Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
US 1 3 0Unit: Perverted Unit Meat-paclkng. Unit Behind bars. Unit: PTSD(V14) lint Rollins hunch.
WE 11i111111 111149 Law& Order. Baby, It's You Law& Order: Blood Adopted Law& Order: Shadow Bonds- Law& Order: Burned Murder Law& Order: Rtual Mutlator
Teen model kled. baby kled. (CC) (HD) man kled. (CC) (HD) on machine. (HD) mugged. (CC) (HD)
America's Funniest Home HomeVideos Lead-OffMan 4( MLB Baseball: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs from Wrigley Field (Live) (CC) (N))
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 Videos Reel comedy. (1VP) (N)HD())
SS 28282828 4970 Geico SportsNTE (141) To Be Announced Program information is unavailabe atTo Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
__SS_ 12_2_8_8___0Gecpds IE(D this time. this time.
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series: WCWS Finals, Game SportsCenter
3 (If Necessary) (Live) (CC) (14D) (N)(1D)
ESPN2 30303030 6 5 74 Aroundthe Interruption BMLBBaseball:TeamsTBA(Ive)(HD) Baseball Tonight (N) (CC) (HD))
America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Main Event: UFC 144: UFC Tonight (N) (CC) (14D) The Ultimate Fighter: Kinetic The Ultimate Fighter: Some-
F:1 148 48 48 48 42 69 83 (lD) Edgarvs Henderson Chess (CC) (R) (14D) one's Getting Bulied
NAccess (N) Game 365 Championship Bull Riding PowerShares Tennis Series: Charlotte: from Time Warne Car Warriors: Trans Am (D)
(14D) I(HD) (Replay) (HD) Cable Arena in Charlotte, N.C. (Replay) (lID)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Golf Central (N) (lID) School of Golf: Chapter 17: Big Break NFL: Four Quar- LPGA Tour Golf (Replay) (lID) Golf Acdmy Inside PGA
Around the Green (N) ters (141D) Tour (lD)
NBCSN 11 1 11 11 5 690oThe Cross- The Cross- Hooked Up Hooked Up Shark Hunters Shark Hunters Shark Hunters
SUN 383840140145 5 16 Powerboat Rays LIVE! (N) e MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (live) (14D) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside: Loney
(14D) (14D) (I4D) at First
N 2 2 SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sam & Cat Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 (CC) (CC) (CC) (D) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC)
TOON 80 8012412446 20 2571 5) Adventure (:45) Gumball JohnnyTest TeenTitans Defenders of Regular KingoftheHllCleveland American American
___ 0ime (CC) Go! Brk Show I(CC) (ShowD) Dad! (lID) d! (lD)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
CNN 32323232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 360 Anthony Bourdain Parts Un- CNN Tonight The biggest
N 3 2 18 Room(N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N)(14D) known:-Thailand (R) stories. (N)
U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
-SPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Representatives. (N) tives most importanticommittee hearings.
Special Report with Bret BaierOn the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 11 118 Tne latest news (N) Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (CC) (N) (14D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (lID)
MSNB 83838383185 4 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrenc
M 8 3 18 Sharpton. (N) (14) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (11) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (141)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) INews(N) News Paid News News Paid News News(N) News(N)
Cheaper by the Dozen ('03) *CMT Music Awards Red CMT Music Awards 2014 (14D) (:45) CMTMu-
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Careers and 12 kds. Crpet (N) (14D) sic (14D)
333333333548210 The Ex & Time's Up Faking It Awkward. Catfish: The TV Show Me- Catfish: The TV Show Me- Catfish: The TV Show Me-
------------3 Why? l (HD) dia pen pals. (14D) dia pen pals. (14D) Idia pen pals. (lID)
S50 50 5050 43 23211 30) Hitthe CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story Trio's origins & rise to fame in '90s to Hollywd Exes (N) (14D) Full Court Life Marying
Floor(R) bankruptcy, illness, fights & death. (R) (14D) I(N) Game (N)
(5:40) Beautiful Creatures (13, Fantasy) A (:45) Madagascar ('05, Comedy) *-12 (15) Closed Circuit ('13, Drama) **% Eric Bana,
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 man meets a mysterious girl, who he starts David Schwimmer. Zoo animals learn to use Rebecca Hall. Lawyers and ex-lovers are placed on the
uncovering family secrets with. instincts in order to survive the wilds. same defense team in a terrorism trial. (R) (CC) (lID)
(:05) Vehicle 19 (13, Thriller) Paul Walker. A (35) Batman Begins (05, Action) Christian Bale. A billionaire who Strike Back 1(:50) Girl's
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 man stops at nothing to reveal the corruption witnessed his parents murders develops a dual personality to fight the Looking for IGuideto
of a local police department. organized crime that has engulfed the streets of Gotham City. Clare. Depravity
Austin& Ally Liv and Dog with a Austin &Ally Movie Jessie Naive Good Lck Dog with a
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45250 (CC) (14D) Maddie Blog Dog can (CC) (14D) nanny. (CC) (14D) Charlie (CC) (1D) Bog Dog can
Identical twins Ispeak Peak
(5:45) Lost in Space ('98, Science Fiction) *2 Gary The Professional ('94, Thriller) An eccentric ( 50) Evil Dead ('13, Horror) *** Five
ENC 150 150150 150 150 5 Oldman, Wliam Hurt. An intrepid family is sent into space hitman takes in a 12-year-old girl after her friends findaBookofthe Deadinthewoods
to find a habtable planet to colonize. (PG-13) (CC) parents are murdered. (R) (CC) and are possessed by demons. (CC)
(5:45) The Man in the Iron Mask ('98, Adventure) **12 Silicon Valley Veep: Debate 12014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 4oo Leonardo DiCaprio. The Musketeers plot to replace the Presentation Selina Iconic artists honored with "Lifetime Achievement," "Musical
abusive kng with his long-hidden twin. (CC) (14D) day. prepares (R) Excellence" & more. (CC) (R) (lID)
(4:35) The Negotiator ('98, Real Sports with Bryant Casting By A look at the last 50 years of R.I.P.D. (13, Action) Jeff Bridges. Two
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Thriller) A police negotiator tak Gumbel (CC) (HD) Hollywd's history through casting directors. bickering partners defend the world from a
___hostages. (CC (CC) (141D) monstrous brand of criminals. (CC)
(15) The Incredible BurtWonderstone ('13 Comedy) Big Love: The Baptism GameofThones: The Last Week VICE Vdd
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 **1/2 Steve Carell. A magician splits with his stage partner eenie is baptized in the Mountain and the Viper John Oliver news. (CC) (14D)
after a performer steals their fame. (CC) (14D) backyard. (CC) (14D) Unexpected guests. (14D) (lID)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 ('12 Fantasy) Penny Dreadful: 60 Minutes Sports (N) (CC) Calif.: 30 Nurse J.: The
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 **12 Kristen Stewart. Bella experiences a new life and Demimonde (R) (14D) Minutesor Less Ladywith the
new powers after the birth of her daughter. (CC) (R)(HD) Lamp
(20) Smile ('12) While dealing with the tragic death of her The River Wild ('94) While traveling down a treacherous April Rain ('13, Action) (NR)
TMC 3503503503503500385 mother, a freshman in collegelearns about an urban legend river a professional white-water rafter struggles to survive i (14D)
= 3S surrounding an online serialkiller. (CC) a deadly game with two armed fugitives.


ABC[2C 11 1 News Kimmel Ni Mine Extra ET Insider Exta WorldNews(N) News News (N)
ABC (2M 11 News Kimmel NighMine IKatie :(R( News IPaid lWorld News (N) News News INews
ABC] 1 1 1 7101 1 News Kimmel NighMine IPaid ESITV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid U tothe Minute (Ne News News News
CBS 2121' 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TrlZ Inside Conics Minute News News News (N)
NBC[E 81818 8 8 News Tonight LateNi ht LastCall Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 2M 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Money Early News News (N)
FOX M 13113113 13 13 News Access Dish TVZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish "MZ News News News (N)
FOX X 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond The Office Office 30Rock 30Rock Patern Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS LII 3 3 3 3 Solutions IHealing A.D.D. (R( ______ NO VA (CC) (R) (141) Hallowed Obects
- PBS M 2428I D 20] 16 Heart IJoy Bauer (R) )Use Your Brain Incredible Health! (R) O pinion Yo a
PBS 3M 3 3 3 Rose (N) Makers Nature NOVA (CC) (R) (HD) Hallowed Obects
SCW ) 6121 6 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harve'70s 1'70s
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends jSimpsons Simpsons 4ing Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN 3C 111111 14 Seinfeld Commun. Raymond mIAmic 1OK! TV Bridezilla r70s r70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN I 7) 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld KingHill 4ing Hill IDad Dad Sunny Sunny 'Til Death ill Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 33 12 FamGuy FamGuy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet ThereYet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 66 2 21213 261817 Order: Cl Order: Cl Numb3rs Numb3rs Paid Paid 'nspration Toda
WCLFM 22 22 22 2 Love God Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club CTNSpecHmekeep
IWRXY49 2244 10 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Rign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF I 23123123 95 5 Deportivo Pasillo TV IVerdad La viuda IDeportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV!52 151515 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd Casa risa La rosa Gordo Primer Noticiero

A&E 262626263950181 Duck IDuk Duck D uck III IDuck Duc k u Duck Duck Duck Paid Dog Bnty Dog B nty Paid
AMC 56156156156130 53231 Halt Catch Volcano Lava flows in L.A. 1(34) Pulp Fiction 94 Crime (R) St es
API 44 44 44144136 681 Treehouse Treehouse Treehouse TBA Treehouse Treehouse Treehouse
BET 35353535140 2221 TBA Wendy Latifah ConicVw ConicVw ComicVw Wayans BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 681682 5118 NewYork Housewife U i New York Medicine Untying Mtchmake Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 6616611521 Daily IColbert midnight SPark Daily IColbert midni ht Cha lie Chapplie Sunny Sunny Sunny Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431 Survival Kodiak Dual (R) Naked Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 4646464621261 C. Lately News (R) IC. Lately Soup C.Lately C.Lately Kardashian Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESO 82 82 82 8211111 On Table On Table IHow Rck How I Rck How Rck Alternate Alternate Alternate Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWIN 24242412 1128 For WomrWomenGr Daily Mass EWTN Live News HolyQun LastCall Catechis Saints Finding Dolan
FAM 5555555510461 700 Club Baby Dad Ba Dad Melissa IMelissa Paid IPaid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign LifeToda
FOOD 33713131 761 Diners Diners Restaurant Restaurant Diners IDiners Restaurant Iron Chef Paid Paid
FX 5151515158 4953Red Tails ('12) ** The Bridge The Bridge The Bridge Presents Paid Paid
ST 18181 345 Fam FeuFam. Feud a e 9an ind IMind am FeudFam FeudrBa e I e Paid nPaid aPaid IPaid
HALL 5 5 5117 32 Frasier IFrasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheer Cheers Fmsier 4Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIT 8 181133I6512American IAmerican American American Ameicd Paid BoIad Pi Paid

HOME 41414141 534216 Prop Bro Prop Bro Hunters Hunters; Prop Bro Prop Bro Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36363636 52411 Movie (02) Movie 102) Movie Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58584710161 For Better For Better ForBetter For Better ForBetter For Better 48 Hrs. 148 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 51515151296354 Hayre Kick-Ass 10 Action The Marine ('06) (CC) Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 616161612 641 World End Wheaton ICosplay Cosplay Eye of Beast ('07) *12 Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Sex and the City 2 ('10) *12 (CC) Married Ead
TCI 65656565 16 Clash 14 for Texas ** Rivals unite. Fifth Musketeer ('79) Once Before
TLC 45454545 57131 Return to (R) (1) Return to Wedding Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
TNT 61616161 285551 Five 0 Justice Justice CSI: NY Numb3rs Law (HD) S'ville
TRAV 696969692 6611 Paradise Tri Ri e e Paradise Bizarre Paid IPaid Paid IPaid
TRUT 636363o63 50301 Pawn Pawn S.SBeach aS.Beach lS. Bach lP I I PawIIJwj awIn Wi eout BaitCar Paid
TVLND 6262626231 542 Cleveland Falls Friens Friends Cleveland Falls Friends IFrends Fri ends Friends IFrends Queens Queens
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Modem Modem NCIS NCIS Order: Cl Order: Cl SVU (HD( SVU (HD))
WE 1111111 1114 Law (HD) Law (HD) L.A. Hair L.A. Hair LA. Hair L.A. Hair Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 Rules Rules Rules Rules Parks 130Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama 'Til Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 28282828490 Sports Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
ESPN 2929292912580 Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports ortsSports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 59141Olbermann Baseball NBA Olberman INASCAR MLB Game (Replay) Olbermann
FS1 4848 4848 426983 FOX Sports MLB Whip Fighter FOX Sports FOX Sports Fighter UFC (HD)
FSN 121721272 56 77 Wrd Poker West Coast Insider Dumbest Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 Golf Cntrl School LPGA Tour PGA Tour Learning Paid Paid Paid Tour Wkly Euro Tour
NBCSN 11111 5461 90 Hooked Hooked Shark IShark Saltwater Intothe Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 333401401455 76 Inside Do Florida MLB Game (RepI) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 311 Mone Greed Greed Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange
CNN 3232 3232 18381 360 (R) Anthony ICNN Tonite 3600 (R) Simulcast Early Start (N)
CSPN 1818181831121 Hearinas Key Hearins Key Hearins Key Hearings
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1111 OReill Kelly File Hanni On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318 401 Haves (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball Hayes (R) Maddow First Look TooEa
SNN 6 61611 11 News News News Paid News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 4 Banshee Pleasure ('13) Topless (:40) White Men ('92) ISkin Max .Changeling ('08) (R)
CINE2 3213213213213213214 (:20) Tombstone ('93) (CC) Girl's Gui Gir's Gui Two for Money ('05) Hitcher ('86) (R)
DISN 13 131 1 99452 Austin A.N.T. Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N.T. On Deck On Deck Wizards Wizards On Deck On Deck Fish Hks Phineas
ENC 15151 1 153 Evil Dead Booth ('02) ** 2 Lost in Space ('98) (/0) Gigolo (80) (CC) Bewitched
HBO Hall Fame IReal Time Oliver Thrones RealSex 24ff High HpesjMan with Iron (12)
HB02 (15) Fast& Furious 6 ('13) VICE Rocketeer ('91) (:50) Near Dark ('87) OffAir
HB03 Silicon INormal Heart (14) Scandal ('07) IGangster Mob kng. Blue Crush
SHOW 34( 60 Minutes lYears of Confused ('93) Sommore (R) Bending ('12) OffAir
TMC 3 35( 33 333AprilRain (35) Girls ('13) Hi Tension *** lOfficeKiller* C. of Corn(99) OffAir



8 p.m. on AMC
After losing university fund-
ing, a group of paranormal
investigators set up shop
in an old firehouse work-
ing as ghost exterminators
and find that business is
booming in New York City
before finding a gateway to
another dimension. V (HD)

NBA Countdown
8:31 p.m. on ABC
Expert analysts preview the
upcoming action in the NBA,
evaluating the strengths
and weaknesses of each
team while breaking down
the pivotal matchups;
coverage includes exclu-
sive interviews, insightful
commentary and special
features. (HD)

The Breakfast Club
9 p.m. on FAM
Five high school students
from very different walks
of life and levels of popu-
larity learn a lot about
themselves, each other and
the social stereotypes that
dominate their lives when
they are thrown together in
detention one long Satur-
day afternoon.lV (HD)

The Bourne Ultimatum
9 p.m. on SYFY
A former CIA assassin suf-
fering from amnesia returns
to the United States to track
down the people responsi-
ble for making him what he
is and shut down the secret
department that refuses
to stop sending agents to
eliminate him.l(HD)

10 p.m. on ION
"Forget Oblivion" Ed risks
his life to save a man with a
perfect memory who


In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for
today. Circle each answer that you find and list it 1i the space provided at
the right of the grid. Answers can be found in all directions forwards,
backwards. horizontally, verticaly and diagonally. n example Is given to
get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle?
Today's Category: Musical Instruments

O G F I X B8 B G L M T

I, Flute



is abducted and forced
to penetrate a high-tech
research lab and memo-
rize a new smart gun's
design; the team must go
up against a criminal and a
weapon they've never seen
before. (H D)

Our America with
Lisa Ling
10 p.m. on OWN
"Transgender Lives: 3 Years
Later" Journalist and host
Lisa Ling revisits each of
the four transgender people
whom she visited three
years prior and learns of
their journeys of transfor-
mation, from the sex they
were born to the one they
feel they truly are. (HD)

10:01 p.m. on CBS
"All in the Family" Watson
and Holmes are brought in
to investigate the murder of
a person who may have had
a personal tie to the mafia
when their body is found


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. 47 Ronin (PG-13)
Keanu Reeves
2. Homefront (R)
Jason Statham
3. The Wolf of Wall
Street (R) Leonardo
4. The Legend of
Hercules (PG-13)
Kellan Lutz
5. Frozen (PG)
6. 12 Years a Slave (R)
Chiwetel Ejiofor
7. Gravity (PG-13)
Sandra Bullock
8. Anchorman: The
Legend Continues (R)
Will Ferrell
9. American Hustle
(R) Christian Bale
10. Grudge Match
(PG-13) Robert De

Jimmy Kimmel won't have to
stay up so late, and he gets
to talk more about sports as
ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live"
moves into primetime to
cover the NBA Finals on
several "Game Night" edi-
tions, beginning Thursday
at 8 p.m. with Game One.

inside of a barrel; Holmes
attempts to bury the hatch-
et with Detective Bell. (HD)


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Frozen (PG) Disney
2. The Legend of
Hercules (PG-13)
3. The Hobbit: The
Desolation of Smaug
(PG-13) Warner Bros.
4. Ride Along (PG-13)
5. The Nut Job (PG)
6. Tyler Perry's
Madea's Neighbors
from Hell (NR) Lions
7. Labor Day (PG-13)
8. The Pirate Fairy (G)
9. Devil's Due (R) FOX
10. The Secret Life of
Walter Mitty (PG) FOX

-J0L!Z0 uesjo oL
0 3 3An u1OIqA '6 I eoqo'e
S y I IIl 0O1A 81. &GH Sg
A 0 10!A Z Je n -
N 3 0 y A I IV eqnl 9.
v ,/ ,J. Y w ,% euoijdoxes : LOlleO
uq~oj "0 eU0ppxI,;I 0 1 '
OOOOd l eSI E] "
a a ouesid 11,ofue9l
-uoqnloS wijewS P3W .


ABC7 News TABCWorld The 7 Entertainment Jimmy (31) NBA ,m 2014 NBA Finals: Game 1 (ve)
6:0pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight(cc)N) Kimmel: Countdown
7 11 7 nwsofthe Diane Sawyer NewsNHD HD GameNight: )N))CC(HD)
day. (N)(HD) Game One (N)
ABC News The lat- ABCWord The List(IVG) Rightmhis KimmelCQ)(N) NBACount(N)D 2014 NBA Finals: Game 1 (ve)
A 11 est news. News (N) )HD) M )nute (HD) (HD) (HD)
ABC 1 1 1 10 1 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Kimmel (CC)(N) NBACount(N)6T>, 2014 NBA Finals: Gamel (Lve)
AC 7 7 10 7 7News (N) (CC) (R) (CC) (R) (HD) I(HD) 01) Elementary: All in the
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-IJeopardy! ((() The Big Bang (31) The Millers Two and a (31) Bad (01) Elementary: All in the
CBS 6pm Loca News with tune (CC) (N) (N) )HD) TheoryShel- Surprising HalfMen Teacher: Nix Family Mafia involved in body
10 10 10 10news report. Scott Pelley (N) (HD) don. (CC) (R) (HD) Carol. (R) (HD) Brothers the Fat Wek inside barrel. (CC) )R) (D)
B h I F W id(N) (1)) cohabitate. (N) (1D)
CBS 21312131 5 5 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Big Bang (:31)Millers(R) (01) Two& Hal 31) Bad (CC) (N) Elementary: All in the Family
1 )N) (HD) tion (N) Sheldon. )R) )HD) Men (HD) Body in barrel. (R)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Hollywd Game Nigh: Game ) 01) Undateable: Last Comic Standing: Invi-
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 Bat6:00 News News Current 8at7:00News;Tonight(CC)(N) Night: Behind BarsCelebrities Undateable The Switch national 4 (CC) (N) (HD)
[ and weather events. (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) play unique party games. (CC) (N) Nick likes Danny hasa
(HD) Danny. (N) (HD) crush.
NBC News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Hollywd Game NightCelebrity (:01) Undateable (N) Last Comic Standing: lnvita-
2 2 2 News (N) tune (N) (H) game show. (N) Undateable (N) (HO) tonal 4 (CC) (N) (HO)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider Hell's Kitchen: 9 Chefs Gang Related: Pecados Del FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX events ofthe day are examined (CC) (N) (HO) Compete (CC) (N) (HO) Padre Ryan must choose his riesof the newsday are up-
13 13 13 13 N and reported bythe FOX 13 job or Javier. (CC) (N) (HO) dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy The Simpsons Hell's Kitchen: 9 Chefs Coin- Gang Related Ryan must FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N 4 4 4 news; weather. (N) (R) (HO) (CC) pete (CC) (N) (HO) choose. (CC) (N) (HO) news report. (N)
PBS 3S3 3 BBCWodd BusinessRe- ihe PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) The Big Band Years A retrospective look at the music that My Music: 50's&60's Party
3 3 3 3 News(CC) port(N) (HO) broughtAmerica through Wd War ll. (R)(HO) Songs Dance music.
PBS 4 24 1Sesame Street Wllpowr trou- Cat in Hat (R) Peg +Cat(cc) Earthilight A Nature Special PresentatiolHappy (11) **12 Anne Bechsgaard.
M b04 (0C (R ble.(141)R)(HD) (HO) R) A bird's-eye view of the world. (R) /Valued emotion examined thoroughy. (cc)
PBS BBCWodd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Pink Gold Rush Shrimp fish- Doc Martin New doctor. (CC) Masterpiece Novel adapta-
x I I __ 3 3 3 News (CC) port(N) (HO) ing. (CC) tions. (CC) (HO)
CW 6 21 6 iThe Big Bang: News (N) Big Bang(CC) 2 12 Men(CC) TheVampireDiaries:True The Originals Interesting News @10pm (N) (HO)
M 21 6 Pilot (HO) (HO) Lies Stefan is missing. news. (CC) (R) (HO)
CW Queens: Queens: Depo 212 Men (CC) 2 1/2 Men(CC) The Vampire Diaries: True The Originals Interesting Rules: The Jeff Rules (CC) (H)
MI 9 9 9 4 Thanks, Man Man (HO) I(HO) Lies Stefan ismissing. news. (CC) (R) (HO) Photo
IN II 11 14 Raymond (CC( Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud House: LastTemptation Tough House: Changes Lotterywin-CopsRe- Cops Re-
S(P) (IVPG) choice. (CC) (HO) ner. (CC) (HO) loaded (HO) loaded (HO)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (H1 Cleveland (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) House: Last Temptation Tough House: Changes Lottery win- Law & Order: Special Victims
X8 ]_8(HO) choice. (CC) (HO) ner. (CC) (HO) Unit: Slaves (HO)
IND 12 12 12 33 12 Modem: My Modem Phil The Big Bang: Big Bang (CC) Law& Order: SpecialVictime Law& Order: Special Victime TheOffice The Office (CC)
U2 1 1 12 Hero(H) dreams. Pilot (HD) Unit: Slaves (HO) Unit: Debt (HO) New buyer (HO)
ION 2 2 2 1326 18 1 Ghost Whisperer. Ghost in the Ciminal Minds: The Fallen Criminal Minds Missing bus. Criminal Minds Conference Flashpoint: Forget Oblivion
AC 3 11 Machine (CC) (1O) Homeless murders. (CC) (HO) murder. (CC) (HO) Perfect memory. (R)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Bay Focus Great Awaken Tour JoeVan Richard Rob- Gos I Truth Bridges Life Today
22 n 1 1 hess Ihealing. Koevering erts (CC) ((((C) (C)
g 22 10 Joyce Meyer Tomny Testimonies Great Awaken Tour For Hurting Inspiration the Joyce Meyer Place Mira- GospelTruth
22AM40 (CC) (N) Bates of Triumph Women Day (CN) ces (CC)
TLF 23 2323 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura El vientre de la bestia ('03) Un ex-agente de Ia CIA halla La viuda negra La vda de
50 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) corrupci6n political ytraici6na buscar a su hia. Griselda Blano. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo que la vida me rob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
62 (N) Univisi6n (N) de un intento de violaci6n. sin amor (CC) (HO) Humilde hogar.

The First 48 Swing set; At- The First 48 Same tattoo. (CC The First 48 Lethal burglar. The First48: Heartless Brutal (01) The First 48 Deadly
lanta. (CC) (R) (HO) )R) (HO) (CC) (R) (HO) murder. (CC) (R) (H) party. (CC) (R) (HO)
Angels & Demons ('09) Experts in symbolism seekthe link Ghostbusters (84, Conmedy) ***'2 Bill Murray. A group of paranormal Ghostbusters
between a murder, terrorism and the Vatican. investigators goes into the ghost extermination business. (CC) I1 ('89)
RiverMonsters: Lethal Leg- ITo Be Announced Info un- Alaska: The Last Frontier North Woods Law (CC) (N) fNorth Woods Law: On The
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 endsSeekingthetruth. available. Cabins; mead; more. (HO) IHunt(CC1)(N) (HO)
106 & Park Viewer selec- ILife ('99, Comedy) Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence. Two men falsely con- Phat Girlz ('06, Comedy) 1/2 Mo'Nique. A ro-
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 210tions. (CC) (HO) Ivicted of murder are sentenced to life in a prison camp. (CC) bust woman starts a fashion line. (CC)
68 68 68 6825451 1(530) House- IMarried to Meaicine Tense Married to Medicine Ladies Married to Medicine Dead- Atlanta: Kandi's Wedding: To Be An-
BRAVO wife (R) fashion show. (R) |choose sides. (R) line looms. (R) SayYesto Distress nounced
2S. Park: 26) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repor(:27) Daily Chappelle's Sunny Backto (58) Sunny (CC) Tosh.0 (59) Tosh.0 (R) Tosh.0 (CC) (R)
M (Asspen ) (R) Show(R) Show work (HD) Thanksgiving. (HO) (HO)
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv-
DISC aired. (CC) (HO) paired. (CC) (HO) ing off the land. (HO) ing offthe land. (HO) ing off the land. (HO)
E! 46 46U46 46 27 26196 (530)the E! News Entertainment Keeping Up with the Keeping Up with the Party On (HO) Party On (HO)
Kardashians (HO) news. (HO) Kardashians (HO) Kar as ians (HO)
82 828282118118101 Brew Dogs Celebrabng Brew Dogs Celebrating Brew Dogs Celebrating Best Bars In America Best Best Bars In America Best
ESQartianal craft eers.(H artisanal craft beers H9 artisanal craft beers. (H) bars in U.S. (HO) bars in U.S. (HO)
EWWN 243 243 243 12 11 N LastCall: DailyMassCelebrationofthe The Wold Over News from EWTN HolyRosaiy HolyWood Crossing/Koal
-W Nightly(N) Stoiesof Holy Eucharist. (R) around theword. (CC) Nightly NR) (VGang AtVG)
F 55 55 55 10 46199 Middle Parents Middle (CC) Sixteen Candles ('84) A girl's family overlooks her 16th The Breakfast Club ('85) Five very different students learn
FAH 55 vsit. ()) birthday as her sister's wedding approaches. (CC) about each other during a weekend detention.
FOOD 31313131-76 164 Rewrapped Rewrapped Food Network Star Premier IChopped: Cool, Palm and Per- Chopped Canada: Showdown Food Court Wars Burgers
(R) Cooes. art y. (R)(HD) fectedBowfishtail. attheOkaCorral and pizza. R) (HD)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 HowlMet Two&Half Two&Half TheHangoverPartll('ll)Fourfriendspartakeinacalm Anger(CC) 'l')heHangover Partll(11)
(M 4) (HO) Men (HO) Men (HO) brunch and travel to Thailand before a wedding. *** Thailand turmoil. (R)
GSN 119 119 119 119 34 119184 Fanily Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud The American Bible Chal- It Takes a Church (N) Family Feud Family Feud
(VPG) (IVP)) IVPG) lenge (N) VPG) (IVPG)
HALL 5 11 132401 The Waltons: The Pin-Up The Waltons: TheAttack Ike's The Waltons: The Legacy Middle Time Middle (CC) Frasier(IVPG) Frasier(IVPG)
First prize. (CC) heart attack (CC) Ashley Jr. (CC) capsule. (HO) (CC) (CC)
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Pawn (R) (HO) Pawn (R) (HO) IPawn (R) (HO) Pawn (R) (HO) Pawn (R) (HO) Pawn: Pawn U Pawn (N) (HO) Pawn(N)(HO) BigRg~ lden- Big Rig: Road
Love It or List It Too Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Hunters Re- International
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Cramped in a home. () (HO) (H) ) (HO) (HO) ()H) turn home. (N)(H)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 RaraAvisby risApfel BeautyRptBeautytips. Beauty Rpt Beauty tips. ListwithColleenLopez RaraAvisby risApfel
36 36 36 36 52 4140 Wife Swap Momstrade Project RunwayAll Stars For- Project Runway AIl Stars For- Project Runway: Underthe Kim of Queens Pageant
LIFE homes. (IVPG) (CC) mercontestants mercontestants. Gunn (CC) (HO) coach. (CC) (HO)


OWN 58 58 58584103161 Dr. Phil: Children of Addicts Dr. Phil Money mistakes. (CC) OurAmerica with Lisa Ling OurAmerica with Lisa Ling OurAmerica with Lisa Ling
OW 8 8585 7 0'-11Robin McGraw. (TV14) I(141) IBond between twins. Deliverance. (R) (141) Lisa revisit. (N)(141))

E 51 51 51512963 54 CopsFamily Cops(CC)(R) opsPolecolli-lCopsTrans- CopsDrug Cops ImpactWrestling(N)(HD)
PIE 7 7 7 7 9 3 trouble. I(141) Ision. ]sexual. (R) Ideal. (R) Iross-dresser.

SYFY 67 67 67 62531 64 180 (5:30) Pirates ofthe Caribbean: At World's End ('07, Adventure *** Johnny Depp. The Bourne Ultimatum ('07, Thriller) An amnesiac assas-
i 'irate alliance battles a nefarious shipping magnt an cre crew. (141) sin tries to uncover the secrets of his past. (CC)
Seinfeld: The Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld: The FamGuy((Q Fam Guy((C)FainmGuy(() n ( ( g Bg (
TBS 59 59 59 5 Letter (HD) Keys BDang (CC) BgDBang(CC) BigBang(CC) BgBang(CC)
TOM 65656565 169 3((:15) Gun Glory ('57, Western) A retired gunslinger's at- The Last Sunset ('61, Western) A philosophical outlaw The Tarnished Angels ('58)
------------- tempt to settle down is hampered by an evil outlaw. plays cat-and-mouse with a pursuing sheriff. (CC) *41, A reporters affair
TIC 45454545 Toddlers and Tiaras Beauty SayYesDressSayYesDres Outrageous 911 Swimming Outrageous 911 Burger Buying (R) Buying
I457 72 139 pageants. ((C) (HD) (HD) (1D) pool. (R) (HD) emergency. (R) (HD) (HD) Dog-fhrendy.
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle:DnofThievesThiefs Castle: Food to Die For Castle: Overkll Competition for Castle: A Deadly Game Feel- Castle:ADeadlyAffairUnex-
T 1 6 28 murder (CC) (HD) Frozen chef. (CC) (HD) Beckett's attention. ings cnfronted. (HD) ected suspect. (HD)
T 6 9Bizarre Foods with Andrew v Food: Co- v Food (CC)(R) Bizarre Foods: Global Grocery Greatest Mysteries (N) Hotel Secrets & Legends
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Russanfod. (CC)(R) lumbus(R (H)) Aquringfod.20: Killer hotel. (R)
TRUTV 63636363 50 30 0 World's Dumbest.. The truTV Presents: World's Jokers Gro- Jokers (R) Jokers Strang Impractical The The
fastest shrimp. (R) Dumbest...: Hotshots(R) cery store. voice. IJokers Carbonaro(N) Carbonaro(R)
TIVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Brady (CC) IBrady (CC) Brady (CC) Brady (CC) Brady (CC) Brady (CC) Who'sBoss |Who'sBoss Raymond Raymond
USA 343434342252 50 NCIS: Newborn King Pregnant NCIS: Los Angeles Navy NCIS: Los Angeles: Familia NCIS: Los Angeles: Lange, H. NCIS: Los Angeles Software
U 33 3 22 2 marine. (CC) (H) SEAL imposter. (HD) Mystery ofHetty. (HD) Callen's)past (HD( engineer (CC) (H)
WE 1117 117 117 149 LA. Hair. A Thin Line Between LA. Hair: Chair Battle LA. Hair: A Thin Line Between L.A. Hair: Hotlanta, HairWe L.A. Hair: Hotlanta, HairWe
Love and Fake (R) Royale(R) Love and Fake (R) Come (N) Come (R)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home How I Met How I Met HowI Met HowI Met Salem Wtches of Salem,
Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (1V14HD ((V14 HD) (V14 HD ) (41HD Mass. (CC) (H)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 (5:00) To Be Announced Info To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced info un- To Be Announced Info un-
unavailable, this time. available, available.
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) X Games Austin 2014: BMX Vert & Men's Skateboard
Vert Final (live) (CC) (141))
ESPN2 30303030 6 5 74 Around the Interuption 30 for 30: The Bad Boys (CC) (14D) Inside: U.S. Inside: U.S. Baseball Tonight (N) ((C) (HN)
__ _Horn (141D) (C)) (141)) (HD)
America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC From(N) FOX Sports FOX Fight Night: Golden Boy Promotions: from FOX Sports Live (N) (CC) (lID)
FS1 :148 48 48 48 42 69 831) / (11)HD4))Bso v C)(4)

FSN 12 72 72 72 56 77 Icons(14)) Access(NN)D UFCReloaded:UFC134:SilvavsOkami(Replay)(14)) WordPokerTour:WPTMon-
treal Part 3 (HN)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 GolfCentral (N PGA Tour Golf: Cleveland Open: First Round: from Lakewood PGA TOUR Golf: FedEx St. Jude Classic: First Round:
(14D) Country Club in Westlake, Ohio (Taped) (14D) from TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tenn. (Replay)
NBCSN 171 71 71 71 54 61 90 The Cross- Fantasy (N) PrenierWorld Premier League Club Guid Premier League Count- Premier Premier League Club Guide
over (14D) (N) (N) (CC) (14D) Idown (N) (CC) (14D) World [((C) (lID)
SUN 3838401401 45 5 16 M Baseball: Miami vs Rays LIVE! (N) Florida Insider Fishing Report Expert ad- Prep Zone Trackside: Belmont Frday: Th Fishing Re-
Tampa Bay(Ie(141)) (141D) vice on tactics and locations. (N(141D) (lID) ExdtmentBegins
C 2SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sam & Cat Instant Mom See Dad Run Full House Full House Full House Full House
NICK 125 25 25 25 24 44 252 (CC) i(CC) (CC) (141) (141) (CC) i(CC) i(CC)/(o
TOON 80 80124124(46 2025(15) Uncle (45) Adventure Gumball Steven Uni- Teen Titans Johnny Test King ofthe Hill Cleveland American American
__ Grandpa Time verse Go! (CC) (CC) Show(1D) Dad!(lD) 1 d!4(lD)
Ii:1' I 'll I ;IJ ]{ ] I IIl' ,/ III
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money ((C) The Kudlow Report American Greed American Greed American Greed
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 360' The Sixties: The World on CNN Tonight The biggest
N 2 3 18 Room (N (N) yond the news. (N) Breakingnews.(N)(1D) the Brink (N) stories. (N)
U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of U.S. House of Representa- Key Capitol Hill Hearings C-SPAN presents Congress'
,SPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Representatives. (N) tives most importanticommittee hearings.
Special Report with Bret Baiei On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 11 118 Tne latest news (N) Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (CC) (N) (14D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (lID)
MSNB 83838383185 4 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
M 88 3 18 Sharpton. (N) (1D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (1D) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (14D)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News Paid News News Paid News News(N) INews(N)
CMTV 4444(530) Party Pa Down South: Paybacks CMT Music Awards 2014 (14D) Party Down South (R) (14D)
474 74 4Z1Downl(R) aFishAprankwar.
333333333548210 The Ex & Time's Up Catfish: The TV Show Me- Catfish: The TV Show Me- The Challenge: Free Agents The Challenge: Free Agents
-----------3 4 Why? Idia pen pals. (ID) Idia pen pals. (lID) Individuals cmpete. Individuals compete.
H/I-I 50 50 50 50 4323211 The Greatest 80 61 The Greatest 60 41 The Greatest 40 21 The Greatest 20 1 counted. Maid in Manhattan ('02, Ro-
counted. (R) Icounted. (R( counted. (R) (R) mance) Political love.
(5:10) The Devil's Advocate ('97, Thriller) (35) The Ringer ('05, Comedy) 12 Man (1 0) Doom ('05, Action) ** Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike.
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 *** A diabolical attorney tempts a pretends to be mentally challenged so he Space Marines are sent to battle demonic beasts at a
11 hotshot lawyer with endless success. (CC) lcan enter the Special Olympics. (CC) science lab on Mars. (R) (C) (14D)
(:15) Dark Shadows ('12, Comedy) 12 Johnny Depp (-10) Fantastic Four ('05, Action) loan Gruffudd, Percy Jackson: Sea of
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Michelle Pfeiffer. A vampire imprisoned for 200 years wakeE Jessica Alba. Four astronauts acquire superhuman powers Monsters ('13) Logan Lerman.
up in 1972. (PG-13) (CC) (lID) after being exposed to gamma rays. (PG-13) (CC) Journey to sea. (CC)
Good Lck Good Lck Dog with a Austin & Ally Movie Good Lck Dog with a
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45250 Chalie(CC)(11)) Charlie(C)(141)) BlogDogcan (CC) (lID) Charlie (CC) (lD) Blog Dg can
I spek I speak
(15) Peggy Sue Got Married ('86, Comedy) **1 Hotel Transylvania (12 Family) Dracula, (35) Oz the Great and Powerful (13) A
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 Kathleen -urner. Woman contemplating divorce goes back Frankenstein and a number of other magician finds himself in a whimsical place
in time to her senior year of high school. (CC) monsters gather at a hotel resort. (CC) an tries to make his mark. (CC)
(] S) Last Week (:45) R.I.P.D. (13) 2 Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds. Two 24/7:Cotto! Veep: Debate Silicon Valley Game of Thrones: The
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 John Oliver(R) bickering partners defend the world from a monstrous brand Martinez 02 (N) Selina Presentation Mountain and the Viper
of criminals. (P613 1CC (N1D prepares. (R) day. Unexpected guests. (R) (141
The Island ('05) Awaiting transfer to a secluded paradise, True Blood: Dead Meat Seake The Normal Heart ('14, Drama) Taylor Kitsch, Matt Bomer.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 two people escape the holding facility to expose the truth considers helping Bill & V\arow. A gay man sets out to combat a disease that is ling
behind the seemingly Utopian society. (CC) (CC) (lID) homosexual men. (NR) (CC) (14D)
(5:50) Match Point ('05) A social-climbing and engaged Big Love: Where There's a WiI Game of Thrones: The Real Time with Bill Maher A
HBO3 304304304304 304404 British ex-tennis pro fals for an American actress dating his Problems arisewith the revised Mountain and the Viper panel of guestsdiscusses
rival, who is soon to be his brother-in-law. wills (lID) Unexpected guests. (lID) politics. (IVMA) (14D)
(5:30) Carlito's Way ('93, Crime) *** AI Pacino, Sean 55) Silver Linings Playbook (12 Comedy) ***2 Penny Dreadful:
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Penn. A drug dealer pledges to go straight, but his friends Bradley Cooper. Former teacher leaves a mental Demimonde (R)
pull him back into crime. (R) (CC) (lID) institution and attempts to reclaim his life. (R) (CC) (14D)
(:20) The Words (12, Drama) *** Bradley Cooper, Zoe Sliding Doors (98, Comedy) **2 (40) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (12) A
TMC 350 350350 350 350 350 385 Saldana. An aspiring writer decides to pass a man s Woman's life takes two separate paths when consultant approaches a fisheries expert to
long-lost manuscript as his own work. (PG-13) (CC) she either misses or catches a train. bri nasheks vision to life.


ABC 2 II 111 7 NBA Final News Kimmel Nhine Extra ET Insider Extra lWorld News News News (N)
ABC 2M 11 NBA Final News Kimmel ne Katie (N) News Paid World News News News News
ABC 1 7 1 71101 7 7 NBA Final News Kimme Nightline Paid IES.'V World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 10 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1)2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMZ Inside Comics Minute News News News (N)
NBC[J] 8 8 18 8 8 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Toda (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Dr. Oz Money Early News News (N)
FOX M 131313 13 13 News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News (N)
FOX X 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymnd The Office The Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS C[ 3 3 31 3 Music (R) lBrain Change (R) (Master e. (R) NOVA (CC) (R) (HD) Ribbon
-PBS M]204 24 201 16 Solutions (R) Europe Rick Steves (R) (HD) Heart Heart Nature Healthv a
PBS N 13 3 3 Masterpce. Smiley Old House Masterpce. (R) NOVA (CC (R) (D) Ribbon
SCW ) 6 21 6 21/2 Men Howl Met How I Met Modem Iodem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s 70s
CW .) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends .Sinson Simpons Kin Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN 3M111111 14 Seinfeld Commun. Raymond America OK! TV Bridezilla '70s 70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN 71 I 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad ISun Sunny 'il Death 'Tl Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND 32 121212 313 12FamG FamG Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 66 2 2 213126 18 17 Flashpoint Flash pont Flashpoint Flashpoint Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WCLF 22 22 22 2 Wealth Awaken Awaken You and Me C 700 Club Em er Hmekee
WRXY 49 1224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Gaither Exercise Fitness
:5TL :1)1231231231 955 Deportivo Pasillo TV Verdad La viuda Deportivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV 5 1515 6 Noticias Noficiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd Casarisa La rosa Gordo Pimer Noticiero

A&E 2626262639 50181 48(R) 48(R) 48(R) 48(R) 48(R) Paid BDog Bnty B Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Ghostbusters 11 89 Halt Catch (04) Arachnophobia ('90) TURN (R) es
API 44 44 44 44 36 681 North Wood Woods Law Alaska TBA Woods Law Alaska Woods Law
BET 35353535 40 2221 Phat ('06) Wendy Latifah ComicVw ConicVw CoicVw Wayans BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 682 5118 Housewife Housewives New York Wedding Medicine Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 1 211 Daily IColbert midnight Tosh Daily IColbert midnight Chappelle HalfHour Sunny Sunny Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25431 Alaska Alaska Alaska Fast Loud Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46 46 46 46 27261 C.Lately INews(R) IC. Lately Party On IKardashian Kardashian Soup Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 8218211111 Movie Movie Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWDN 24242412 1128 DefendingjWomenGr Daily Mass World Over News GodWps Muialdo Catholic Web Faith Dr. Ray
FAM 5555555510 461 700 Club BeI-Air BelAir Bel-Air IBel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Today
FOOD 31313131 -61 Diners Diners Chopped Food Court Diners Diners C ed Ace Cake Thieves Paid Paid
FX 51515151 584953 Hangover2 Anger IHall Pass 11) **2 (R))(CC) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 1111111 3411 American It Takes Fain Feud Fam. Feu dFam Feu Fam.Feud Baggage Baggage Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 511 132 Frasier IFrasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 8181818133651 Top Gear Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Big ig IBig Rig Top Gear Paid Boneyard Paid
HOME 41414141 53 4216 Upper (N) Addict Addct Hunters Hunters Upper (R) Addict lAddict Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36136 52 411 Gunn Project Gunn (02) Kim Gunn Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58 58 58 58413161 Our Americ Our Americ Our Americ 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 51515571296354 The Marine 06 (CC) Police Police Police Paid IPaid Paid Paid
SYFY 616161612 64 Boume Dungeons and 12) Morlocks (11) */2 IMandrake 10 (CC) Wheaton
TBS 59595959326252 Conan [Holmes IConan Holmes Bridget Jones ('04) Married Manded Married Ead
TCI 65656565 16 Tarnished IBend of River ('52) Winchester Fighter Squad. ('48) Backfire
TLC 45454545 51121 Outrageous Buying Buying Outrageous SayYes SayYes Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid
TNT 61616161 285551 Five 0 Justice Justice CSI: NY CSI: NY CSI: NY S'ville
TRAV 6969696926611 Mysteries Histry Lelends M4 steries Foods Paid IPaid Paid IPaid
IRUT 63 63 63 63 50 3018 truTV Top Jokers Jokers Jokers Carbonar Carbonar truTV Top Wipeout Bait Car Paid
TVLND 62626262T 54 Raymond d Raymond Cleveland Queens IQueens Queens Queens 3'sCo. Ts s Co3'-sCo. 3's Co. Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Modem Moder SVU (0) SVU (HD) SVU (HD) SVU () SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 1111111 1114 L.A. Hair LA Hair Marriage L.A. Hair L.A. Hair L.A. Hair Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 Salem Parks IParks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama Til Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 282828284910 TBA Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
ESPN 29292929 12580 Sports Sports Sports Sports NBAFinals:Gamel _Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 65914 Olbermann Baseball NB Olbermann NASCAR Sports jSports Olbermann
FS1 48 48 48 48 4269 83 FOX Sports MLB Whip FOX Sports FOX Sports FOX FigN Night Flashback Insider
FSN 12121212 5677 Wrld Poker Unleashed West Coast Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 PGA (HD) GofCnbt IPGA TOUR Golf (Replay) (HD) Paid Paid GofCntd Euro. Tour
NBCSN 11111 54 61 90 Countdown Club Guide Shark Shark Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 333401401455116 Florida Sportsmn IMLB Game (RepIay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 31 Money Greed IGreed Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchange

A7 eain se Silco 24e 7 Marin ezGum e y naear yes *K( 0) e th (08)ng
3 18 3p60 (R) Sixties NN Tonte 360 (R) Smulcast r Start (N)
F 6 646 648 71 1O'Re illy Kelly File Hann ty On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
SOW 3 C1854!0N HaJes (R) Maddow i 'Donnell Hardball Hayes ( ) Maddow First Look Too Ea y
TC 3 3 3 3 30 News Newst News Chef News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CI E 3 ( 32 0 0 Ba ns he e i f s u .s~ S o uth P a rk (R) R e d D rag o n ('02) lB la c k D og ('98)
IN 2 3 32 3231 2l 1 Monsters 42 Bravery and courage. COEd Cnf. Co Ed Cnf. (0) Great Exp. ('98) Beverly
DI N 3 35 16 9 52Austin IA.N.T. IG od LcklG od LcklShake t IA'N'T" IOnD ck IOnD heck IWizards IWizards IOnDeck IOnDeck IFishHks IPhineas I
EN 51%1 1 1 3 Oz I(:0) Bewitched ('05) To Rome Love ('12) 1(35) The Two Jakes ('90)
HB % M T 6A Real Sex ISilicon 124 7 IMa nez IGumbel Snake Eyes (: 10) Teeth ('08) IMaking ofI
HB02 30 3 0: K f The Bourne Legacy ('12) Real Sex Red 2('13) ((C)(HD) IMea Maxima Abt Boy
HB 3 3034 D 0Veep IThe Beach ('00) (CC) |Veep |W ould ('12)* (:45) The Rock ('98) IOffAir
SH W 1 34( 36 .S.! Calif. INurse J. I Dirties ('13) lk k Hughley ICarlito's Way ('93) (R) (CC) Cabin Boyl
TM 3 35 05 3 Salmon Ghost W riter ('10) (:45) Sex Pets ('12) % Fell to Earth ('76) W hite F ig



Shark Tank
8 p.m. on ABC
A 6-year-old pitches paint-
on bandages; a 15-year-old
demonstrates how to make
drinking water more excit-
ing; a high school senior
presents his online re-com-
merce business; a 16-year-
old hopes to save the bees
with his spicy raw honey.
(H D)

The Dark Knight
8 p.m. on AMC
A new district attorney
joins Batman and the police
in trying to rid Gotham City
of crime, but as things start
to turn around, a giggling
psychopath with big plans
attacks the city, and his
mutual enmity with Batman
soon turns personal. 0(HD)

-- 1 13 A s a I

1. Part of a window frame
5. Actor Kinnear
9. Funnyman Brooks
12. Mr. Kazan
13. Casting call offer
14. Simon and Garfunkel's "I
15. "Man vs. Wild" star Grylls

No Limits
8 p.m. on APL
Among the scorching dunes
of Death Valley, Eric learns
the extreme desert sport
of sand boarding, combing
high speeds and hot sand;
Eric trains with the Chan-
dler, Ariz., ostrich-racing
king and competes in the
town's Ostrich Festival. (HD)

No Limits
8:30 p.m. on APL
"Marlin: Impossible" Eric
Young hopes to join the
league of elite fishermen in
Mexico who have actually
caught a striped marlin,
one of the hardest fight-
ing fish in the world, from
a small kayak, after hours
of paddling and an intense
struggle with the armed op-
ponent. (HD)

Hawaii Five-0
9 p.m. on CBS
"Hana Lokomaika'i" Internal
Affairs calls Chin in for
questioning regarding his

16. Shown, "Devious Maids" star:
2 wds.
18. Actor Savage of "Boy Meets
20. Dependable
21. Brother of Raymond Barone
24. Easter find
25. In the know
26. Writing assignment

father's murder 15 years
ago, and how his relation-
ship with Malia and her
family might have affected
the rest of the investigation.
(H D)

D-Day in HD
9 p.m. on HIST
"Part 1" The 70th anniver-
sary of D-Day is commemo-
rated with the use of rare
footage converted into high
definition and firsthand
accounts from Allied and
German survivors detailing
the massive death toll on
both sides to overthrow the
Nazi regime. (HD)

10:01 p.m. on NBC
Blackbeard's grand scheme
is questioned by popular
pirate captain who recently
arrived in the area, forcing
him to choose between an
old friend and his master
plan; Tom finds himself
quickly becoming an impor-
tant player in Blackbeard's
plan. (H D)

30. "Jeopardy!" champ Jennings
31. Tiller's tool
32. Follow as a result
35. Spa feature
37. "90210" hangout the Peach
39. Breadwinner
40. Add water to
43. Rocker's guitar
44. He's Raylan Givens on "Justi-
46. Mr. James of "Divergent"
50. "Buck Rogers" actor Gerard
51. Historic canal
52. Rancher's concern
53. Witness
54. Mr. Reynolds
55. "Diary of Housewife"

1. Confederate general Stuart
2. Pub pint
3. Actress Kirshner
4. Floyd of Mayberry, e.g.
5. Actor Hugh
6. Ex-Yankee Guidry
7. Fill with joy
8. Strait or Lopez
9. Tennis champ Wilander
10. Give off, as light
11. Slothful
17. They're often underfoot
19. Before, in verse
21. 2014 series of 5-Across
22. Dr. Thackery on "The Knick"

Striker Javier Hernandez
leads Mexico against Por-
tugal in an "International
Soccer" match at Gillette
Stadium in Foxboro, Mas-
sachusetts, and ESPN2 will
televise the game Friday at
8:30 p.m.

23. Outlaws
27. Ostracize
28. First-rate (hyph.)
29.1985 film, of the Dragon"
33. Song," ,_ and Away"
34. "Take your pick"
35. Part of ajazz combo
36. Singer Franklin
38. Showing sadness
39. Consumed
40.1980 movie, "The of War"
41. Tennis star Nastase
42. Mr. Waggoner of "The Carol
Burnett Show"
45. Ms. Long of "Boyz N the
47. Tailor's bottom line?
48. Geologic time period
49. "The Couple"


VNn v sio 3 nIIN
3 0
Av S3 au m
01TJ a


ABC7 News CABC World The 7 Entertainment Shark Tank Kids and teens What Would You Do? Re- 20/20 (CC) (N) (HD)
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight(CC)(N) hoping to be entrepreneurs actions to moral dilemmas.
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) HD reenttheirideastothe (CC) (HD)
day. (N) (HD) Shar. (CC)(R) (HD))
ABC News The lat- ABCWorld The List(IVG) RightThis Shark Tank Kids and teens of- WhatWouldYou Do? Moral 20/20 (CC) (N) (HD)
2N et news News (N) )HD) M )ute(HD) fer their ideas. (R) dilemmas. (CC) (N))
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? Shark Tank Kids and teens of- WhatWould You Do? Moral 20/20 (CC) (N) (HD)
AC 0 News (N) (CC) (R) (CC) (R) fer their ideas. (R) dilemmas. (CC) (HD)
10 News l CBS Evening Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (CC) Undercover Boss: Buffets, Hawaii Five-O: Hana Blue Bloods: Drawing Dead
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca News with tune (CC) (N) (N) (HD Inc Learning to grill steak. (CC) Lokomaika'i Chin is questioned Officer accused of excessive
1 0 news report. Scott Pelley(N (HD) (R) (HD) aboutthe investigation into his force. (CC) (R) (HD)
(N) (HD) fathers murder
CBS 2131213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (4)) Inside Edi- Undercover Boss: Buffets, Inc Hawaii Five-O: Hana Blue Bloods: Drawing Dead
1 3.(N) (HD) tion (N) Grilling steak (R) Lokomaika'i Chin questioned. Excessive force. (R)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Dateline NBC (CC) (N) (1N) (01)Crossbones Blackoeard's
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at 6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC)(N) grand scheme is questioned by
[ and weather events. (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) popular pirate captain and
friend. (N)
NBC News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Dateline NBC (CC) (N) (HD) (01) Crossbones Plan is ques-
2 2 2News (N) tune (N) (HD) toned. (CC) (N) (HD)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider 24: Live Another Day: Day 9: Gang Related: Pecados Del FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX eventsoftheday areexamined (CC) (N) (HD) 4:00PM-5:0mPMJackmakes Padre Ryan must choose his resofthenewsday areup.-
13 13 13 13 U and reported bythe FOX 13 plans to find Margot. (CC) (R) (HD) job or Javier. (CC) (R) (N)) dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy 'The Simpsons 24: Live Another Day Finding Gang Related Ryan must FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
4 4 4 news; weather. (N) (R) (HD) (CC) Mar got. (CC) (R) (HD) choose. (CC) (R) (HD) news report. (N)
PBS 333)1)BCWord Business Re- ihe PBS NewsHour (CC) ashington Flonda This Happy (11) **12 Anne Bechsgaard. Australian (R)
BCNewso(CC) 14n 1 1h) Week (N) Week (N) Valued emotion examined thoroughly. (CC) (HD)
PBS 204 204 204 16 Sesame Street: MeAmigta Cat in Hat (R) Peg +Cat(CC) Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You How to Mind Over Medicine Mind and
204 0 0 1 Rosfta Rosita's story. (HD) (R) achieve financial independence. (CC) (R) (HD) health. (CC) (R) (HD)
PBS EBCWorld Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Washington The Week (N) The Story of the Louisville Or- Maiachi High Dedication oul-
[ZI News (CC) port (N) (1HD) Week(N) (HD) chestra (CC) (R) (HD) tura pdde; more. (R)
CW 6 21 6 SBig Bng (CC) News (N) Big Bang (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Line Candice LUne Kyle Rich- Hart of Dixie Crashed the News @10pm (N) (HD)
M 6 21 6 (HD) (1HD) (HD) Accola. ards (R) dinner. (CC) (R) (HD)
CW 9 9 9 4 Queens Bin Queens (IVP) 21/2 Men (CC) 2 12 Men (CC) Line Candice Une Kyle Rich- Hart of Dixie Crashed the Rules Audrey's Rules Baby
MI 9 4- Bingo win. (HD) (HD) (HD) Accola. ards. (R) dinner. (CC) (R) (HD) raise. Ishower
MYNI 11 11 Raymond: Seinfeld (CC) Family Feud Family Feud Monk Woman murdered. (CC) Monk Disbelieved witness. Cops Re- Cops Re-
111111 1 GoodGirls (WhP) (IVPG) (141) (CC) (141) loaded (41)) loaded (41))
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywd (N) (H1 Cleveland Rap Fam Guy (CC) Fam Guy (CC) Monk Woman murdered. (CC) Monk Disbelieved witness. Law&Order: SVU Fatal bum-
8 battle. (141) (C(4)H ) ing seen.(CC) (41))
Modem Family Modern (CC) B Bang (CC) Bi Bang (CC) Law & Order: SVU Fatal bum- Law& Order: Special Victims The Office: The Office (CC)
3 2 2 12 38 12 I _/. (HD) (HI) (HD ing seen. (CC) (HD) Unit: Obscene Sabre (HD)
ION 2 2 2 1326 18 Ghost Whisperer. Pieces of Cold Case: It's Raining Men Cold Case: Red Glare McCar- Cold Case: Mind Hunter Head- Cold Case: Discretons Slain at-
Am 2 3 11 You Missing girl. (HD) AIDS activist. (HD) thy era murder (HD) less victims. (HD) tomey. (CC((HD)
WCLF 222222 2 Christian Fit- Today Fath & RonPhillips Great Awaken Tour The Good Life with Bob Goaspel Truth Entertain- Life Today
22 ness healing. D'Andrea (CC) (N) ment (CC)
W Y JoyceMeyer Prophecyin Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour ZolaLevitt(CC( Walk on Wa- Joyce Meyer Entertain- Gospel Truth
22 44 10 (CC) (N) jthe News (CC) (N) Iter (CC (N) rment (CC)
TLF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los niiios Aventura Futbol Central Futbol Intemacional: Portugal vs Mexico desde La viuda
50 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) (N) Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. (Diredo)(HD) negra(N)
UNIV Noticias (CC) Noticiero De que te quiero te quiero Natalia huye tras defenderse Lo queavida merob6oda Qu6 oibres tan ricos
15 15 15 6 (N) Univisi6n (N) de un intento de violacion. sin amor (CC) (1D( HumdE hogar.

Criminal Minds: House on Fire Cininal Minds: A Higher Criminal Minds Small Texas Criminal Minds: In Heat Sexua Criminal Minds: The Crossing
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 Serial arsoni. Power"Angel of Death." town. (1V14(ND) dentty. (V14) Traveling stalker.
6(5'30) Ghotbusters II(89) The Ghostbusters reunite to The Dark Knight ('08, Action) **** Christian Bale Michael Caine. A new enemy at-
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 tangle with the spirit of a 16th-century tyrant. (CC) tacks Gotham City and develops a personal enmity for Batman. (PG-13) (CC)
RiverMonsters Perilousen- TreehouseMastersAwriter's No Limits (N) No Limits (N) Treehouse Masters: Out on Treehouse Masters (CC) (N)
APIL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 cunters (CC) (R) (HD) retreat. (CC) (R) (HD) (HD (HD a Limb (N) (HD( ffHD)
35 106 & Park Viewer selec- To Be Announced Info un- A Thin Line Between Love and Hate ('96, Comedy) *12 A womanizer The Game
BET 35 35 35 ti40 2220tons. (CC) (HD) lavailabe. meets a psychotic female who turns his life upside down. (C() (V14 (NDN
Bee Movie (07) **l/ Young honeybee partners up with Bee Movie (07) ** 2Young honeybee artners up with addy Day Camp ('07, Con-
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 25451 185 florist when he decides to venture outside hive. (CC) florist when he decides to venture outsidehive. (CC) edy) *Miitary dad.
(:55) S. Park (R) (25) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repol(:26) Dail Futurama (V14 (28) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby ('06) Moronic
(41) (R HD R) Show(R) (R( NASCAR star must rebuild his life after losing to a French driver.
Gold Rush Mining for gold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. Chrome Underround: Race
DIS(CC) (1 4( (CC) ()HD) (CC) (HD) (CC) (1D( to tePort(N(14D)
E! 46 4646 46 2 26196 (4:30) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment The Drama Queen Hollywd tal- Fashion Police Clothing The Soup Entertainment fun.
E I unavailable, news. (HD) ent manager (HD) choices. (HD) (HD)
Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps Parks & Rec. Parks & Rec. Parks & Rec. Parks&Rec. Party Down PartyDown
ESI 82 8282 82118118 160 others. (CC) (D) others. (CC) (ND( ) ND (HD) (1D4) (1D) ( (4HD) (CC((HD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 11285 EWTN St. Murialdo, Daily Mass Celebration ofthe Life on the Rock Friars inter- EWTN HolyRosay Cross Consuming
E Nightly (N) MyHStor Holy Eucharist. (R) view. NighI (R( (IV6) Trainin (CC)
FA 55 5 5 55 1046199 Middle Bricks Middle (CC) The Breakfast Club ('85) Five very different students learn Pretty in Pink ('86, Comedy) **/ A teen from the wrong
friend. (1)) about each other during a weekend detention. side of the tracks fails for a rich preppy boy. (14)
Diners: Route Diners (R( (1( Diners Lobster Diners: You Diners Diners (R) (1N) Diners Jewish Diners (R) (1N) Diners (N) (HD Diners Califor-
FOODr31313131 16164 (R) N)) avioli. Called It Mofong (R) meats. niafare.
FX 51 51 51 51 5 49 5 HowlMet HowlMet HowlMet Howl Met Kung Fu Panda(08 Comed ***Jack Black. A panda trains with fa- KungFu
(1V14)(HD) (1V14)(HD) (M4)(HD) (V14)(HD) mousmarta artsto protec isvillage usingkngfu.(P6(( Panda(08)
GSN 119119119119 34 19184lFamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud 1vs.100Mobofgymnastsand Newlywed Newlywed t Takes a Church (R)
()VP) (IVPG) (W) (IVPG soap tars.(IV6) Game (R) Game (R)
HALL 5 5 17 13240 The Waltons: The Torch The Waltons: The Tailspin The Waltons: Founder's Day MiddleAxl Middle (CC) Frasier(IVP) Frasier. Motor
Dew Drop Inn. (CC) Failed eye exam. (CC) New cmpstion. grounded. (1D) (CC) SIkls
81 81 81 81 3 65128 American Pickers: Cheap Pick American Pickers Tor- American Pickers Memorabilia D-Day in HD: Part 1 D-Day's 70th anniversary remem-
HIST Rockwarehouse. nado-sthcken. (CC) (R) (HD) sought. (CC((HD) bered using rare footage & survivor accounts. (N)
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 1 HuntFamily Hunt(R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) Amazing Water Homes LifeAmoveto LifeArbstc Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters Greek
vacation. (HD) HD Aquatic abodes. (N) Oahu. couple. (R) (HD() island.
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Outdoor As Seen On TV Summer Home Origami: Storage Orgami: Storage
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 1401 Hoarders Compulsive hoard- Hoarders Compulsive hoard- Hoarders Compulsive hoard- Hoarders Compulsive hoard- Hoarders Compulsive hoard-
--------ing. (CC) (1)) ing. (CC) (1)) ing. (CC) (1)) ing. (CC) (1)) ing. (CC) (HD)


OWN 58 58 58 5841103161 Dr. Phil: When In-Laws Cross Dr. Phil Making peace. (CC) Oprah:WhereOmarosa; P. Oprah: WhereAre They Oprah: Where Are They Now
585 85 71311the Line (C(4)H) (141) Glaser(CC)(R) (141)) Now? Rodman's regrets Sinbad onmarriage.
S 51 5 51 512963 54 Cops SuspectsCops Drug Cops NarcoticsICops (CC)(() Cops (CC)(R) Cops Shop- Bellator MMA: Summer Series (N) (HD)
57_ 5 7-- argue. crimes. (R) stash. (HD) (HD) ifting.()R
SYFY 61 61 61 6125364180(5:30) The Bourne Ultimatum ('07, Thriller) An amnesiac WWE SmackDown (N) (HD) Continuum: Revolutions Per
67676 6 2. 6 assassin tries to uncover the secrets of his past. Minute (N)
32 Seinfeld () Seinfeld: The Seinfeld: The Seinfeld (CC) Valentine's Day ('10 **12 People search for love, and It's Complicated ('09, Comedy)
TB 59 59 59 593 (HD) Pitch Ticket (HD) couples determine re ationships on Valentine's Day. A secret affair. (CC)
TOM 65 656565 169230 The Long, Long Trailer ('54) A couple buys a trailer for a The Sea Hawk ('24, Adventure) A young British noble ex- 1) The Black Swan ('42)
_____- -honeymoon trip that nearly ruins their marriage. led to sea becomes a notorious pirate ca tan. A pirate story. (CC)
SayYesDressSayYesDressSayYes Dress SayYesDressBorowed, aBoowed, Aianta(C)(N) FAfIantaAthletic Gown(CC)(N) Gown(CC)(N)
45 45 45 45 57 72 139 (HD) (HD) (HD) New(HD) New(HD) (HD) ) bdes. (HD) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Castle: Punked Time-traveling Castle: Anatomy of Murder Kiss the Girls ('97, Thriller) Morgan Freeman Ashley Judd. A serial killer's RunawayJury
1__ 1 1 8 murderer. (CC) (HD) Hospital word. (HD) escaped victim aids the police their search for him. (CC) (03)
TFAV 69 69 69 69 260 66110 Bizarre Foods with Andrew Man v. Food: v Food Grilled Bizarre Foods America Organ Mysteries at the Museum Hotel Secrets & Legends
69 Mexican cuisine. (R) Austin cheese. casseroles. (CC) (R) Baseball bat. (CC) (R) Restaurant duel. (R)
TRUT 63 63 63635030T183 op 20 Most Shocking Gun Pawn System Pawn: The Pawn Compe- Pawn Lure pur- Pawn Mad- Pawn Busines Pawn Olympic Pawn (R)
3___ 3 3 safety. (R) failure. Outsider ttion. (R) chase. juana hunt. deal. torch.
WIND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gilligan's IGilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Who's Boss Who's Boss Raymond Raymond
USA 34 3 34 34 22 52 50 Little Fockers (10) **A man focuses on being a good Modem Fam- Modem Farn- Modem Fain- Modem Fain- Modem Fam- Modem Farn-
34 34 34 34 father while trying to impress his father-in-law. (CC) ily (HD) ily(HD) ily (HD) ily (HD) ily (HD) ily (HD)
WE 11717 117 117 149 Marriage Boot: Bridezillas 2 Mystery Millionaire: Fitness Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Marriage Boot Camp: Real- Mystery Millionaire: The
117 Secrets Revealed (N) Mogul Strips Down Stars: TheAmbush ity Stars (N) Lonely Surfer (N)
WGN 16 16 16 19A41 11 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met HowIMet
Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (1V14) HD) (1V)14)HD) W114)(1D) (MV4)(HD) (V14)(HD) (1V14)(HD)
CSS 28 23 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (1)) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football SporsNITE

ESPN 29 9 2929 1 5 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) X Games Austin 2014: Men's Moto X Best Whip Final, Moto X Step-Up Final, Skate-
board Big Air Final: from Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas (live) (14D)
ESPN2 30 30 303 6 2014 NCAA Baseball Chain- Around the Interruption SportsCenter International Soccer: Portugal at Mexico from Gillette Friday Fights
30 30 30 30 pionship ([fe) (14D) Hom (14D) (CC) (14D) (N) (14D) Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. (ve) (lID) ([e)
FS1 48 8 4848426983 America's Pregame (N) (CC) 100,000 (CC) NASCAR Race Hub Special NCW"S f NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: W\nStar
48_ 44 44 (14D) (14D) (CC) (14D) Setup: Texas World Casino &Resort 400 (live) (CC) (lID)
FSN 12121212 56 77ieMLB Baseball: Miami vs Madins LIVE! Marlins (14D) Golden Boy Live: Michael Perez vs. Jorge Romero: from Courtside Icons (ID)
72Chicago (77 7) iHD) (N) (1D) Bayamon, Puerto Rico (Taped) (1D) Jones lD)
GOLF 49494949 5 0 304 Golf Central (N PGA Tour Golf: Cleveland Open: Second Round: from PGA TOUR Golf: FedEx St. Jude Classic: Second Round:
49___ 4 9 5 (14) Lakewood Country Club in Westlake, Ohio (Taped) (lID) from TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tenn. (lID)
The Cross- The Cross- To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
71 71 71 71 54 61 over) over(HD) thistime. thistime.
Rays LIVE! (N) MLB Baseball: Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (e) (lID) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside: Loney
38 38 401 401 45 57 76 pohn R(e-1 ) Rays LIVE! a
NICK 25252525 244 22 SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob NJinja Turtles Ninja Turtles Full House Full House Full House Full House
25Q 25 2 (C4 4 (CC) (CC) (CC) (14D) (14D) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC)
TOON 80 0 124124 4 20251(500) Movie (:45) Regular (:15) Adventure (45Johnny (15) Gumball (45) MAD King ofthe Hill Cleveland American American
80___ 822 07Show Time Test(CC) (CC) Show(ND) Dad! (14D) Dad! (lID)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Kudlow Report American Greed To Be Announced To Be Announced
Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Spot- Unguarded
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38100 Room (N (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N)(1D) stories. (N) light (R) with (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 1831 12 109 Politics & Public Policy Today Major political activity Politics & Public Policy Today Major political activity Politics & Public Policy Today
SPN 81 8 8 3 around the U.S. around the U.S. Political events.
Special Reportwith Bret Baie On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
:NC 64 64 64 64 48 71 11' The latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (14D) talk. (CC) (N) (14D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (lID)

MSNB 83 8 838318540103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show Lockup Cameras explore life
MN 838 83 83 Sharpton. (N) (14D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (14D) Newsand views. (N) behind bars. (lID)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News (N) News (N) News Paid News News Paid INews News (N) News (N)
CMI 4141414123 24221 Malibu Coun- Malibu: Baby Malibu Song Malibu: Cash's Cheaper by the Dozen ('03, Comedy) Steve Martin. Wth his wife doing a Party Down
_MTV try: Pilot Steps recorded. Car book tour, a father must handle a new job and his 12 kids. South (R)
MWV 33 33 33 35 48210 Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- To Be Announced Info un-
MT_ ness (14D) ness (14D) ness (14D) ness (14D) ness(HD) ness (14D) ness (14D) ness(lID) avaiabe.
VH1 50 5 50 504323211 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (CC) Game (R) (14D) Manying Bad Boys ('95, Action) Martin Lawrence WII Smith. Two bickering detec- Notorious ('09)
-(R) ()D) 1 Game (R) tives must pretend to be each other to geta witness total ** (R)
(10) PercyJackson: Sea of Monsters ('13, Adventure) Ender's Game ('13, Science Fiction) ** 2 Asa Identity Thief ('13, Comedy)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 *** Logan Lerman. The son of Poseidon embarks on a Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld. A gifted child is sent to space *412 A man searchesforwho
journey to find the mythical Golden Fleece. (CC) where he preparesforan invasion. (PG-13) (CC) (14D) stole his life. (CC)
Closed Circuit (:45) Eneny of the State (98, Thriller) ***An innocent lawyer is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12, Fantasy)
CINE2 321 321 321 321 321 321 422 Case Of framed for a politically motivated murder, which sends him on a race to ***2 Martin Freeman. Bilbo Bagginsjoins a quest to
intrigue. expose the truth before getting caught by national security. (CC) reclaim a dwarf kingdom from a powerful dragon. (CC)
Dog with a Jessie Naive Dog witha Austin& Ally Movie Austin & Ally Jessie Nave
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250Bo Dogcan nanny. (CC() ID BlogDogcan (CC((() (CC) (14D) nanny. (CC) (14D)
___ sp__ eak spek
(:20) The Cave ('05 Drama) *12 Cole Hauser, Morris The Pacifier ('05, Comedy) Vin Diesel. A (40) Dude, Where's My Car?( 00) *
ENC 150 150 150 150 150350 Chestnut. Scuba divers trapped in an underwater cave tough Navy SEAL is assigned to protect four Two bumbling potheads go on a crazy
encounter bloodthirsty creatures. (PG 13) (CC) children from a gang of killers. adventure in search of their missing car.
(4.45) Burt (:45) 2 Days: 24/7: Cotto 2CottCottol Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones: The Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Wonderstone Sergio Martinez 01 (CC) Martinez 02 (CC) MockingbirdTyronenlistsan Mountain and the Viper (IVMA) (CC) (N) (14D)
1 ('13) ** 2 Martinez (R) (14D) (14D) unlikely supporter. (R) (14D) Unexpected guests. (R((D)
Lethal Weapon 2 (89, Action) *** Mel Gibson, Danny Veep: Debate Last Week 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Glover. Riggs and Murtaugh go after a drug-smuggling Selina John Oliver (CC Iconic artists honored with "Lifetime Achievement," "Musical
South African diplomat. (R) (CC) (14D) prepares. (lID) Excellence" & more. (CC) (lID)
Band of Brothers: WhyWe (:55) Band of Brothers: Points Big Love: The Ceremony Barb Disconnect ('13) Individuals from different backgrounds
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Fight Easy Companyfinally Easy Company invadesHites admits to following polygamy. come to realize the destructive potential of the internet as
enters German soil. fortress. (CC) (CC) (14D) they deal with their own personal afflictions.
Barbershop 2: Back in Business ('04, Comedy) ** Ice 12 O'Clock Boys: The Director's Cut (N) Caite r ShoBox: TheNew
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Cube. Calvin's shop is put in danger again when a (14D) Minutesor LessGeneration (N) (CC)
developer seeks to shut it down. (PG-13) (CC) (lID) (R)(141)
People Like (25) A Walk on the Moon ('99, Drama) *I Diane Lane, (25) A Perfect Man ('13, Drama) Twist of The Canyons (13, Thriller)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Us Siblings Vi go Mortensen. Restless woman plans a trip to fate has cheating husband falling back in *1/ Movie producer unravels
meet. Woodstock and encounters her rebellious daughter (R) love with his wife. (NR) (14D) over betrayal. (R) (CC)


ABC 2M 11 7 News Kimmel Nightine lExtra ET Insider Extra Entertain Paid Paid Extra (N)
ABC 23 11 News Kimmel Nightine Katie (R) News Paid Paid Homeown Paid Paid Right IRight
ABC7 1 1 110 1 News Kimmel Ni ghine Paid ES.TV Come .TV Crook Kickin' It Career Ilcons
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Stonm HseSmart
CBS M) 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMV1Z Inside Conics Raw Trav IT1IZ Missing Animal Hollyscp Paid
NBC[I18 8 8 8 8 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Today(N) Paid Extra lstLook Paid Paid Into Wild
NBC 20 2 212 News Tonight Late Ni ht Last Call Dr. Oz Money Paid Paid Hollywd On Mone"
FOX U 131313 13 13 News Access IDish TIMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish ITMZ Paid Paid Paid Awesome
FOX X 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond The Office The Office Paid Comedy.TV Cars.'V Homes Paid Paid
PBS M 3 3 3 3 Moon (R) Incredible Health! (R) Orchestra Mariachi Hallowed Old House
PBS M 161Heal IBilly Joel: Trust Music Dance music. I Can See Clearly Now (R) (HD)
PBS N 3 3 3 Rose (N) Smiley Aubism WashWk Week Orchestra Mariachi Pioneers Old House
CW AM 6 :21 6 21/2 Men How I Met owIMtModem Modem Rules Rules IMiddle Middle IDish Music Mix Black Ent McNeely EP Daiy
W ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Fnends Fnends Simpsons Si ns Kin Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
MYN 3 111111 14 Seinfeld Commun' d Amenca 0K!TV illa 70s '70s ClubTV Paid LetsAsk Paid Paid
MYN X)] 8 9 8 _Seinfeld Seinfeld IKingHill 1KingHill Dad Dad IS unny Sunny 'Til Death 'Til Death Paid Paid 0pn Hse Paid
IND 2 121212 3B 12 FamGuy iFamGuy Dad Dad ClevelandP e Ie ThereYet ThereYet Paid Surfs Up
ION 6 2 2 132618 171 Cold Case Cold Case Cold Case Cold Case _Paid Paid 'prtionjoday
WCLF 22 22 22 2 Fruit Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club Gopel Forgive-
WRXY4 2244 10 News Awaken Awaken You and Me IRn Gaithers End Age Connect
TLF ] 23 23 23 95 5 La viuda Deportivo Cocodrilo 99 La viuda IDeportivo P ado Pa do Contacto
UNIV I) 151515 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cero cnd ICasa risa ILa rosa Gordo Primer Noticiero
kkwj I iii i I i l.1T~
AE 26262626 3950181 Criminal Criminal Criminal Criminal Iriminal Paid Dog Bnty Dog Bnty Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Kniht I Halt Catch (34) Hitman ('07) **1 IHalloween 5 ('89) *12 CSI Miami Stoes
API 44 44 44 44 36 681 Treehouse Treehouse No Limits INo Limits 1reehouse No Limits No Limits Treehouse ITreehouse
BET 35353535 40 2221 Game IGame Wendy Latifah ConicVw ConicVw ComicVw Wayans BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 682 5118 Day Camp Daddy Day Camp Weddn Fashion Untying Paid IPaid Paid Paid
COM 6666 6666 1521 Chappelle Half Hour Half Hour (:01) Yes Man ('08) *** (CC) S. Park S. Park S. Park Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 Gold Rush Chrome Gold Rush Gold Rush Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 46146 46 46 27 C. Lately News (R) IC. Late Police C. Lately IKardashian Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESO 82 82 82 8211111 Risky Listing (HD) Getaway Getaway Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWIN 242424112 1128Parables WomenGrWomenGrITBA News Catholic Bedrock Mar Dow Sav Faith Journey Jesus Sacred
FAM 5555555510 461 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Paid Paid
FOOD 31313131 161 Diners IDiners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Iron Chef Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Kung Fu Panda ('08 Sugar & S ice ('01) -Surrogates ('09) (CC) Paid Paid
GSN 1111 3411 1 Fan FeudFam. Feud Ba a Mind Mind FaFeud Fai Feud e Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 511 132 Frasier Frasier GGolden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Luc Ly
HIST 81818181 33651 American American D-Day in HD: Part 1 American Paid Boneyard Paid
HOME 41414141 5342161Hunters lHunters Life ILife Hunters lHunters Hunters Hunters Homes Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 411Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58585858410161 Oprah 0prah Oprah 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
SPIKE 51515151296354 Cops Cops Cos Cops Jail l Jani _Jail Jail Jail Jail Paid Paid Paid I Paid
SYFY 667161612 641 Wheaton Continuum IWheaton Cosplay Pandorum ('09) *** (R) Continuum Twilight
TBS 59595959326252 Com it 09 (R) DealWith IValentine's Day ('10) (CC) Married Married Fxworthy Eal
TCI 65656565 16 Black Swan Spanish Main ('45) Trol Pirates Golden Hawk Island
TLC 45454545 5111 Atlanta Atianta IGown IGown RonowedjBowowedjS Yes SayYes Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid
TNT 61616161 285551 Runaway Jury ('03) 15) Kiss the Girls 9) (R) Preview Law (HD) Law (H)
TRAV 6969696926C11 Mysteries Mysteries Le ends Mlysteies Bizarre Paid IPaid Paid IPaid
TRUTo 6363636350301 Pawn Pawn Pan Ivn Pawn Pawn Pawn wn InPawn awn Wipeout BaitCar Paid
TVLND 6262626231542 Ra nd nd Raynd Falls Queens Queens Queens IQueens Raymond Raymond Raymond IBtady Brady Brady
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Modem Playing Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits
WE 11111111 1114( Mia ge Marriage Mystery Marriae Marria e Mystery Paid IPaid
WGN 1616141119 How MetlHowlMet Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama TilDeath Paid Paid Paid Paid
CSS 28282828490 Sports TBA Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 2929292912581Sports Sports SsrsSosn Spots Spots
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 65914 q* Fights (Live) lBaseball Olbermanr INFL Live Nation NFL Live Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 NASCAR Sports FOX Sports IFOX Sports FOX Sports Practice (HD) Sprint Qualf
FSN 12121212 56 77 Finsiders MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 PGA () USGA Golf Tourn Golf CntI USGA Golf Tourn Champions
NBCSN 1111 5461 90 TBA Shark IShark Mobil 1 World Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Wingsht
45 56 Inside ISports MLB Game (Reply) Trackside Paid Paid Paid Paid Pad Pad
CNBC 39 39 39 39 311 Money Car ChaselCarChase Car Chase Car Chase Paid IPaid Paid Paid Worldwide Suze Orman
CNN 32 32 32 32 18381 Inside Man Inside Man CNN Spot Unguardd CNN News Spc. (N) CNN News Simulcast
CSPN 1818181831121 Politics Politics Today Politics Today Politics Today
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1111 O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five Hannity
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318 401 Lockup LLockup Lockup Lockup Lockup Lockup Hardball Business
1 News News News IChef News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 4 Identity Topless Girl's Gui Dark Knight Rises ('12) Zane'sSx The Sentinel ('06)
CINE2 3213213213213213214 Hobbit (:50) Mama (13) (CC) Top Top Choke ('08) *** The Shining ('80) (R)
DISN 13 11 1 99452 Blog Good Lck IJessie IGood Lck Jessie Jessie Blog Movie On Deck On Deck Fish Hks lPhineas
ENC 1 101 1 1 3qLittle Man ('06) IDarkside ('90) (:20) King Arthur ('04) (CC) Innerspace ** /2
30r VICE Real Time VICE Silicon Veep Gangster Mob king. (:55) Lethal 4 ('98) **1/2
HB02 Hall Fame IFacedf 24/7 24/7 About Mary ('98) *** Thrones IReal Time IMaking of
HB03 Prometheus ('12) *** Heat ('95) Master thief sought. (R) 1(:05) Out to Sea ('97)
SHOW 36 ShoBox IPenny INurseJ. Jungle Fever ('91) Bob Saget: REvery Day (11)
TMC 3 3 3 3 3 3 3B Canyons Take This Waltz ('12) Original Sin ('01) ** (:40) Ecstasy ('12) ** ITrouble

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