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haro tte SunHERALD

Record-high prices for U.S. beef and pork chops are helping to Celebrate the"home we all share"with green decor.
THE WIRE PAGE 1 make 2014 the most profitable year ever for chicken producers.






Our Florida

US president

It's about time. Odds are that Florida
soon will send a favorite son or daughter
to the White House. We are the only one of
the largest states never to have put one of
A ~our own at the top of
jJ2JFJ& their party's ticket, or
it. W ,actually have elected
Ma state leader as
j It is not the popular
vote that elects a
president, but the
electoral votes of the
states. Remember
Dere Bush vs. Gore, when
Dere Gore led and was the
DUNN-RANKIN winner if each vote
CHARMAN had counted equally?
The big four are
California, Texas, NewYork and Florida.
Each has a passel of electoral votes.
When the nation was founded, the
big states drawn from the 13 original
colonies were Virginia, North Carolina,
Pennsylvania, NewYork and Massachusetts.
The largest, Virginia, gave us four of the first
eight presidents in Washington, Jefferson,
Madison and Monroe. Massachusetts
gave us two in John Adams and our sixth
president, his son John QuincyAdams.
NewYork provided the eighth in Martin
Van Buren. He had been vice president
under the seventh chief executive Andrew
Jackson, a governor, senator and war hero
who represented the young frontier state of
If Benjamin Franklin had been a little
younger, he might have been Pennsylvania's
big-state president. As it turned out, the
first from the Quaker state was James
Buchanan. That has been enough to keep
us away from Pennsylvania ever since.
There were less than 2 million people in
Florida when our family moved to Miami
Beach in 1936. It was not enough to provide
more than a Claude Pepper ripple on New
Deal politics. The next census will show
us having the third-largest population,
behind California and Texas, with NewYork
bumped to fourth place.
Statistics suggest we soon will elect a
president from the Sunshine State. Former
Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham made a short
run for the Democratic nomination six
years ago, until he was derailed by a heart
These days, our young Sen. Marco
Rubio is mentioned frequently as a
possible Republican candidate. If not the
standard-bearer for his party there is the
possibility of a Cuban-American vice pres-
idential candidate, with the opportunity to
capture Florida's bag of electoral votes. He
might sway some Hispanic voters nation-
wide to vote for a Republican ticket.
Just as likely to become Florida's first
president is Jeb Bush. We have never kept
the presidency so closely in the family as
to elect a president's brother. But then, we
have never nominated an ex-president's
wife to run for the office, as we are likely to
next year.
Three pluses for a candidacy are kinship
to a president, status as awar hero/general,
or the favorite son in a big state. Jeb Bush
has one of these markers.
There has been a fair amount of national
press recently over a few comments by Jeb.
When asked if he will be a candidate for
the Republican nomination, our former
governor replied that he would decide
before the year's end.
As in the past, Jeb proves he is his own
man, who will not jettison his principal
beliefs on immigration or education, which
are at some variance with legislators in his
Republican party. We are two and a half
years away from the next presidential elec-
tion, but Jeb's record as governor suggests
he would be a serious challenger to Hillary
Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman of
the Sun Coast Media Group. He can be
reached at

Inaction bogs homeowner

County yet to determine course on rural flooding

Fountain's property at the end of
Little Farm Road in eastern Charlotte
County a rural outpost if ever there
was one is inhospitable, at best.
Wild boars intrude past the fencing,
four large gators had to be captured
and removed, a bobcat chased her dog
away for five days, and water mocca-
sins swarm the marshland.
"It's wild and woolly out here," she
But the greatest challenge from
nature comes after it rains. Little Farm

Road, the only public access afforded
homeowners, floods out easily and
often due to the crossing of Popash
Slough. So much so that, even in the
dry season, the slough prohibits home
service by school buses, garbage trucks
and the U.S. Postal Service.
Fountain appeared before the
Charlotte County Commission last
week to ask what is being done to re-
solve the flooding problem, which has
existed since the road was built in the
late 1960s. She didn't get an answer.
"I really wanted a response,"
Fountain said. "I wanted to know if
they're going to do anything with the
rainy season coming."

She certainly doesn't want a repeat
of last summer's heavy rains, when
motorists nearly had to book passage
to get across the drainage ditch.
"Last year we had ridiculous rain; it
was 28 inches deep and impassable,"
Fountain said. "I couldn't get through
Commissioners have been weighing
their options for months, but, as yet,
have determined no course of action.
At one time, the plan was to install
huge concrete box culverts under the
road to improve drainage. But when
the project's cost estimate reached

Family traditions

Area residents
celebrate Easter
in many ways
Brenda Reyes remembers fondly the
Easter traditions she celebrated as a
child growing up in the Philippines.
Good Friday, Christianity's most
solemn day of observance, was always
a time for reflection, when family
members talked in whispers or barely
talked at all, she recalled. There was no
television watching, no listening to the
radio, and no laughing on Good Friday,
she said.
There was no showering either.
"We didn't get to take a shower until
Sunday," the Port Charlotte woman
said, laughing. "My grandmother was
very religious. So on (Easter) Sunday,
the families packed a festive lunch and
met at the beach or the river. And we
washed away our sins."
In contrast, Patti Allen, a Presbyterian
who grew up in Canada, remembered
getting lots of exercise as a kid on Good
Friday. She and her family always went
for a hike in the woods.
"My mother asked me today if I was
going on a hike," Allen said Friday
morning. "Yes, I said to the mall."
As Christians around the world
commemorate the death and resurrec-
tion of Jesus Christ, many of Charlotte
County's faithful remembered their
family traditions and how cultural
mores play into the celebrations.
"In the old days, they didn't have
candy baskets," said Cris, a member of
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in
Port Charlotte. "That's a modern thing.
We had eggs."
The Port Charlotte woman, who
declined to give her last name, was

Even our local heavens at times reflect the light and promise of Easter: Here, after a recent
sudden shower at TT's Tiki Bar, the sun returned, forming a brilliant cross in the sky over
Charlotte Harbor.
raised Orthodox by a Greek mother and "The eggs represent the tomb of
an Irish father. As a little girl, she re- Christ and the new life," she said.
membered her grandmother preparing
dozens of eggs and painting them red. FAMILY 12

Businesses want changes for next Grand Prix


ENGLEWOOD If things don't change
for next year's boat race, one local business
owner is going to rally others and com-
plain to Charlotte County commissioners.
Jill Hermmes, owner of Beach Boutique
in Englewood, said not only did she
lose money during the recent three-day
Charlotte Harbor Super Boat Grand Prix,
but was forced to close her Jet Ski rental on
"It would have been a huge liability
for us to have people on Jet Skis with
hundreds of boats on the water," she said.

"This time of year is supposed to be our
busiest-just before Easter. Instead it
was a ghost town. There should have been
hundreds of people here and at the Lock
'N Key and Flounders. Because organizers
bused in everyone, the local businesses
didn't receive any benefits. Beach vendors
did well."
Business owners learned this week that
next year's race will be held April 10-12,
after Easter, but organizer JerryYork
explained there was little choice in the
date for this year's race because the
racing circuit has a certain schedule, and
local folks don't want to interfere with
turtle-nesting season, which begins in

Ed Hill, the Englewood Florida Chamber of
Commerce executive director, hopes people want
to be involved in the planning of next year's
Charlotte Harbor Super Boat Grand Prix. Email your
ideas to boatracefestival@englewoodchamber.
"We want them to change the date
of the race to something like May,"
Hemmes said. "I spoke to some of the
(speed boat) drivers' wives. They said
they weren't booked for May."
Hemmes said she met with race


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chance of rain. :. ... i

Hey, who ate my Peeps?

VOL.122 NO.110



Our Town Page 2 C


The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cleveland United Methodist
Church, 28038 Cleveland Ave., Punta
Gorda: Cleveland UMC and First United
Methodist Church of Punta Gorda will
hold a Community Sunrise Service at
6 a.m. at Laishley Park, 100 Nesbit St.,
Punta Gorda (bring a chair); also, back at
Cleveland UMC, 9:30 a.m. One Worship
Service (traditional), and 11 a.m. Worship
Too Service (contemporary) (message
for both is"A New Life"). All welcome.
Eastside Baptist Church, 6220 Golf
Course Blvd., Punta Gorda: 7 a.m. annual
Easter Sunrise Service, followed by
Sunday school at 9:45 a.m. and 11 a.m.
service with the Rev. Mike Mowry, pastor.
Also, Super, Giant, Colossal, Gospel Egg
Hunt, 11 a.m., for all kids; children's
services afterward. Fun, treats and door
prizes. 941-639-1648.
Edgewater United Methodist
Church, 19190 Cochran Blvd., Port
Charlotte: and youth sunrise service at
7 a.m., traditional worship at 8 a.m., and

contemporary worship at 9:30 a.m. and
11 a.m. All are welcome. 941-625-3039
Englewood United Methodist
Church, 700 E. Dearborn St.: traditional
Easter services at 8 a.m. (least traffic)
and 11 a.m., and contemporary service
at 9:30 a.m. or
Grace Community Church of
Englewood at Indian Mound Park,
210 Winson Ave, Englewood: annual
Easter Sunrise Service 7:30 a.m., with
children's activities. After service, a
continental breakfast will be served.
Seating for 300 will be provided. All
welcome to come as you are. Free; for
all ages.
Gulf Cove United Methodist
Church, 1100 McCall Road (State Road
776), Port Charlotte: 7:15 a.m. sunrise
service, traditional services at 8 a.m.
and 11 a.m., and contemporary service
at 9:30 a.m. (this service signed for
hearing-impaired). Bring fresh flowers
to place on the cross outside. All
welcome. 941-697-1747, gulfcoveumc@ or http://gulfcovechurch.
Hope Lutheran Church,14200
Hopewell Ave., Gulf Cove: Sunrise
Worship Service, 7 a.m. in the church
sanctuary, followed by Easter breakfast in
the fellowship hall by the youth and their
sponsors (full breakfast; all welcome),
Great Easter Service at 9:45 a.m.,
and Easter Jazz Mass later in the day.
941-697-2345 or http://hopelutheranpc.
Knights of Columbus Council
8074, sponsor, at Ponce de Leon Park,
3400 Ponce de Leon Parkway (end of
West Marion Avenue), Punta Gorda:
7 a.m. Sunrise Mass. Event in 39th year.
Bring a chair. All welcome. Rain site:
Sacred Heart Church, 211 W. Charlotte
Ave., Punta Gorda.
Lighthouse Baptist Church,
14251 Chancellor Blvd., (behind the
North Port Home Depot) Port Charlotte:
outdoor Easter sunrise service, 7:30 a.m.;
complimentary breakfast, 9 a.m. to
10:15 a.m.; and indoor celebration
service, 11 a.m. Children's puppet show

with the Rev. Tommy Sheffield, pastor, in
the fellowship hall during both services.
All welcome. 941-624-6462 orwww.
New Hope Church: 10 a.m. Easter
Sunday worship service at the North
Port Performing Arts Center, North Port
High School campus, 6400 W. Price Blvd.
(includes free family photos with a live
donkey). All invited. 941-276-5770.
Pilgrim Church, 24515 Rampart
Blvd., Port Charlotte: 7 a.m. Sunrise
Service at the Nav-A-Gator Bar & Grill,
9700 S.W. Riverview Circle (off County
Road 769/Kings Highway), in DeSoto
County, just past Port Charlotte (rain
site is Pilgrim Church); then, at church:
8 a.m. traditional service, and 10 a.m.
contemporary service. All welcome.
941-629-2633 or
Port Charlotte International
Church, 2811 Tamiami Trail, Suite B
(in the LaPlaya Plaza, between West
Tarpon and Port Charlotte boulevards,
off southbound U.S. 41): Resurrection
Sunday celebrations today with special
guest, evangelist Jerry West. 941-627-

9036 or
Punta Gorda History Park, 501
Shreve St.: Easter Worship service, 9 a.m.
Bring your own chairs. Coffee, juice
and pastry will be provided afterward.
Redeemer Lutheran Church, 6465
Mayport Road, Englewood: 8 a.m. and
10:30 a.m. services (with a 9:30 a.m.
Easter Egg Hunt).
or 941-475-2410.
South Biscayne Church, 13000 S.
Tamiami Trail, North Port: 9:30 a.m. and
11 a.m. worship experiences. All invited.
St. Nathaniel's Episcopal Church,
4200 S. Biscayne Drive, North Port:
8 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite, 10 a.m. Holy
Eucharist Rite II, 10:45 a.m. Sunday
school, and 11:15 a.m. Easter egg hunt.
All invited. 941-426-2520.
Trinity United Methodist Church,
4285 Wesley Lane, North Port: outdoor
Easter sunrise service, 7 a.m.; and
blended worship service (traditional
and contemporary), 9 a.m. All invited.



"I remember cracking a
lot of eggs."
On Easter, her family
feasted on lamb and
"lots of Greek pastries,"
she said. "Lots of Greek
Cris carries on much
of the same traditions
today. "It's a beautiful
Punta Gorda City
Councilman Tom



$437,969, commissioners
objected. County offi-
cials already have spent
$61,000 on design and
permitting, and have
discussed the likelihood
of a lawsuit if they don't
follow through.
Part of the cost-benefit
analysis is that relatively
few residents are affected.

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Cavanaugh, an Irishman
who hails from the Bronx,
recalled how his mother
every year bought him
a new outfit, while she
donned a new bonnet.
"Of course, my father
always wore the same
suit," Cavanaugh said.
The Cavanaughs cel-
ebrated Easter weekend
a lot like most Irish
Catholics at 3 p.m.
Good Friday (the hour
when Jesus is believed
to have died), everyone
stopped to kneel and say
a prayer. Things were a

In addition, the vast
majority of land in the
drainage area lies outside
the Cook & Brown Streets
and Drainage MSBU,
which would pay for the
Most of those who use
the final stretch of Little
Farm Road live in a mo-
bile home park, but they
have their own private
crossing a wooden
bridge without guardrails
or lights.
"It's pretty dangerous,"
said Fountain, who last
year paid $350 for the
privilege of driving her
truck- and horse trailer
- across the bridge when
the road was under water.
The other alternatives
to fix the drainage
problem also were less-
than-ideal solutions. At a
recent county workshop,
county engineer Joanne

little more subdued that
day. On Easter Sunday,
the family attended
Mass, followed by a walk
to the park or a trip to
"We would take the
train into the city and
stroll down Fifth Avenue
so my mother could
show off her new outfit,"
Cavanaugh said with a
Easter dinner con-
sisted of leg of lamb,
Cavanaugh said. And all
the kids got chocolate.
In the Philippines,

Vernon presented several
options, such as buying
a bridge for more than
$500,000; renting a bridge
for $15,000-$20,000 per
month, plus $250,000 for
bridge abutments and
roadwork; and reducing
the width of the box
culverts for a one-lane
road through the slough.
Another option, put
forth by Commissioner
Chris Constance, was to
buy the land.
"Honestly, it's cheaper
for us to purchase the
land than it is to provide
a road to the land," he
Fountain, as a potential
seller and a taxpayer,
thinks this is the most
reasonable approach.
Fountain bought the
5-acre parcel in 2012
for $42,000, but did not
realize the extent of the



History Park Gardens,
Farmers Market closed for Easter.
Gardens open for strolling 8am-11pm
at 501 Shreve St. 941-380-6814.
FOE Eagles 3296, Lunch
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm. Dinner Tue-Sat
5-8pm. Music Wed-Sat 6:30-9:30pm.
Join us! 23111 Harborview Rd, CH
Punta Gorda Elks, Bar
open 12pm; Easter Dinner 2-5:30pm,

Reservations Only; Tiki open 12pm;
Music by Mick Cogden @ 25538 Shore
Dr., 637-2606 mbr&gst
Deep Creek Elks 2763,
Easter Dinner 1-5, Reservations
strongly recommended


Deep Creek Elks 2763,
Lunch With Amy 11-2:30, Races With
Peggy @ 3pm, Dinner 4:30-7pm, Tacos,
Burgers and more, Cornhole @ 6pm

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Easter Sunday was like
"a regular Sunday with
a little extra," said Ana
Romillo of Port Charlotte.
The 77-year-old
Filipino woman said
no one wore fancy hats
when she was growing
up, but everyone wore a
new outfit.
Easter observance in
her community started
the Thursday before
Good Friday, she said.
"We stopped watch-
ing TV, no radio, and
you were supposed to
reflect," Romillo said. "It's

flooding issue. Since
then, she has upgraded
her property and put in a
new double-wide mobile
home. After initially
listing her property for
$175,000, Fountain is
willing to negotiate,
including a possible land
swap with the county.
According to minutes
of the commission
meeting on Jan. 27, 1998,
one option to resolve
the problem would have
the county purchase the
property for $45,000, then
vacate the right of way
and remove the culverts
for another $22,000.
"They basically chose
to do nothing," she said.
With another rainy sea-
son on the way, Fountain
fears that policy has not


FOE Eagles 3296, Lunch
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm. Dinner Tue-Sat
5-8pm. Music Wed-Sat 6:30-9:30pm.
Join us! 23111 Harborview Rd, CH
Punta Gorda Elks, Lite
Lunch 11am-2pm; Chicken Nite
4-8pm; karaoke with Billy G. 6:30-
10:30pm; Tiki open 4pm @ 25538
Shore Dr., PG 637-2606; mbr&gst
Four Leaf Stummers, Live
Music, Fishermen's Village, Center

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not so commercial as it
is here."
The traditional Easter
dish consisted of Spanish
sausage, chicken,
vegetables, potatoes and
cabbage, while tropical
fruit took the place of
candy, Romillo said.
For Allen, the
Canadian, Easter was
always a production, as
most years it snowed.
"On Easter, my sister
and I would wake up to
a note from the Easter
Bunny stating that he was
there and we needed to

find all the eggs through
the clues he left us,"
Allen remembered. "Each
location had eggs and
another clue. I think my
mother thought of the
Amazing Race' before its
time. Our last clue always
(led us) to two gigantic
chocolate bunnies. Mine
was white chocolate and
my sister's milk choco-
late. Dad would proceed
to eat the ears, and we
both would cry.
"Funny to remember,"
she said.

Patricia Fountain drives her truck across Popash Slough after
last week's rain. Charlotte County officials are mulling several
options on how best to remedy the repeated flooding of Little
Farm Road, east of Punta Gorda. "It's like this nine months of
the year,";' Fountain said.


Featured Events
Swingin' On Mondays, presented by Charlotte County Big
Band, April 21,7 pm, theater of Cultural Center of Charlotte County,
2280 Aaron St., PC. Featuring big band music from the Decade of the
1980s. Reserved seats $12.941-625-4175, ext. 221.
Charlotte High "Imagine"Vocal Concert, 7p.m.,
Thurs., April 24, Charlotte Performing Arts Center, 701 Carmalita St., PG.
CHS Vocal Department"lmagine"Concert. Admission is Free. For info, call

American Legion 103, Hall, Cultural Center. $2.625-4175
VET Appr Day, Hot Dogs 12-3,2101 AL Aux 110 Bar Bingo,
Taylor Rd, 639-6337 Open to the public! AL Aux Unit 110
Fun With Music, Fun With begins calling at 6 PM at AL Post,
Music- An afternoon of music, dancing 3152 Harbor Blvd, PC, 629-7442. Lots
and fun! Monday at 1pm. Centennial of fun.

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OurTown Page 2


:The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

H^aftfp 60Mh /4nniverar

It's very clear, our love is here to stay;
Not for a year, but ever and a day.
In time the Rockies may crumble,
Gibraltar may tumble,
They're only made of clay,
But our love is here to stay.

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:Our Town Page 4 C The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014




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She's been giving you great

service for years. Now she's filling

prescriptions that earn fuelperks!

Sweetbay is now Winn-Dixie.

Welcome to a whole new experience with new items and hundreds of new ways to
save at your neighborhood store. Sweetbay is now Winn-Dixie. At the Winn-Dixie
Pharmacy, we believe in making healthy easy for everyone. That's why we offer free
wellness screenings, a free app so you can refill on the go, and a convenient place to
get your immunizations. We'll provide the same great service you've come to expect
with a few more ways to save. Now that's making healthy easy Because we're not
just changing the name. We're changing the way you shop. For the better.

I- -,

B rad mnlon ? 'I

Sarasota 40
Gull GalP

0 Arcadia


Venice PQ
Englewood 4
Lemon Bay

4-. -i,/h ,-i ,i'1

Port Charlotte

H. .I, "'-

Moore Haven

* Pahokee

C^ r ^.RJI L~ah Acr,
Cape Coral Fort Myers

Bonita Springs 4 -
Urban 'Q

S These Sweetbay locations are now Winn-Dixie.


* Poi

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The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


-r- &


The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


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Donald R. Beer
Donald R. "Don" Beer
passed away Monday,
April 14, 2014, after a
-I long illness,
at home,
by his wife
of 47 years,
,. Linda, and
Lisa and
Don was born and
raised in Long Branch,
N.J., and Red Bank, N.J.
After graduating from
Red Bank High School,
he attended Grove City
College in Pennsylvania,
and graduated with a
Bachelor's Degree in
Business Administration
& Finance. During
his working career,
Don joined Bell of
Pennsylvania as a
District Office Manager,
and later worked for
Roach-Reid and Medical
Records Corporation in
Cleveland, Ohio, as a
Medical Office Systems
Sales Consultant.
It is said that true
salesmen are born not
made, and that was nev-
er more true than with
Don. He loved his work
and all he did throughout
his career before retiring
to Port Charlotte, Fla.,
in 1999. Don was an
avid golfer and joined
his three buddies from
high school in Myrtle
Beach, S.C., for 10 years,
to reunite and enjoy the
game he loved. He was
a Pittsburgh Steelers fan
long before they began
their winning streak,
and remained a staunch
supporter throughout
his life.
Besides his wife Linda,
Don leaves behind
his children, Susan
(William) MacGregor,
Bob (Cindy) Beer, Debby
(Jeff) Settles, Lisa (John)
Heun and Dawn (Neil)
Evans; grandchildren,
Katie MacGregor, Ryan,
Josh and Morgan Beer,
Christian and Jacob
Settles, Cody and Dylan
Heun, and Brooke and
Kristen Evans; and
Emmanuel Robert and
A private celebration
of a life well lived will
be held at a later date.
In lieu of flowers, the
family requests that you
remember Don and his
family in your prayers.

Helen Brammer
Helen Brammer passed
away Thursday, April 10,
She was
I born on a
May 25 in

year retiree
of General Motors. She
was a 38-year member
of American Legion
Post 469 in Frankton,
Ind., and a member of
the Punta Gorda Moose
in Punta Gorda, Fla.
Helen was a renowned
square-dancer. She will
be deeply missed by her
card-playing buddies
and her score of friends.
Helen was dearly
loved by her children,
including her son,
Stephen; and daughter,
Pamela Farr; as well as
five grandchildren; 15
great-grandchildren; and
two great-great-grand-
children. She was
preceded in death by her
husband of 67 years, Bill

J. Brammer.

Cheryl A.
Cheryl A. DeScalzo,
54, of Port Charlotte,
Fla., passed away Friday,
April 18,
2014, at
in Port
was born
Oct. 15, 1959, in Staten
Island, N.Y., to Thomas
and Michelle (nee
Muldoon) O'Connell,
and moved to this area
35 years ago from there.
Cheryl was a home-
maker, and was of the
Catholic faith.
She is survived by her
sons, Daniel (Marissa)
DeScalzo of North Port,
Fla., Cory DeScalzo of
Port Charlotte, and Devin
of Port Charlotte; daugh-
ter, Alicia DeScalzo of
Lake Ronkonkoma, Long
Island, N.Y.; parents,
Thomas and Michelle
O'Connell of Port
Charlotte; brother, John
J. (Michele) O'Connell of
Port Charlotte; compan-
ion, John Morgan; and
six grandchildren. Cheryl
was preceded in death
by her brothers, James in
1983, and Thomas Jr. in
A Graveside Service
will be held at 1 p.m.
Monday, April 21, 2014,
at the Restlawn Memorial
Gardens Chapel in Port
Charlotte, with mau-
soleum entombment
to follow. Please visit
Cheryl's tribute wall at to
share memories and to
send condolences to the
DeScalzo family.
Arrangements are by
Paul Schelm Funeral
Home, Lake Suzy, Fla.

Truman G.
Truman G. "Jerry"
Harmon, 84, of Port
Charlotte, Fla., passed
H.. Wednesday,
.:^:. April 16,
2014, in Port
He was born Sept. 6,
1929, in Carroll County,
Jerry was raised in New
Marion, Ind., graduat-
ing from New Marion
High before entering
military service with the
U.S. Army and serving
overseas. Afterward,
Jerry worked 30 years
for General Motors
Corporation in GM's
Indianapolis, Ind., plant,
retiring as a Supervisor
before relocating with
his wife Ruth J. (nee
Hass) Harmon, whom
he married in July 1950,
to Port Charlotte, where
they have lived since
1984. He was a 50-plus-
year Gold member of
the Masonic Order, a
member of the Scottish
Rite, and a member of
First Christian Church of
Punta Gorda, Fla.
He is survived by his
beloved wife of nearly 64
years, Ruth H. Harmon;
and nephew, Jerry (Kay)
Neace of Madison,
Ind. In addition to his
parents, Bacil G. and
Eula M. Harmon, Jerry
was preceded in death by
a sister, Marjorie Hackett.
Visitation will be from
9 a.m. until 10 a.m.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014,
at Roberson Funeral
Homes Punta Gorda
Chapel. Funeral services
will follow. Ceremonies
will be conducted by
Masonic Lodge 115

F&AM of Punta Gorda,
and officiated by Brother
Dwight Elam of First
Christian Church of
Punta Gorda. Burial will
be held in Indianapolis.
Friends may visit www. to sign
the memory book and
extend condolences to
the family.
Arrangements are
by Roberson Funeral
Homes, Punta Gorda

Biserka B. Martiuk
Biserka B. Martiuk,
83, of Port Charlotte,
Fla., passed away
Saturday, April 12, 2014.
Arrangements are by
Roberson Funeral Home
Port Charlotte Chapel.

Geraldine C.
Geraldine C. Mitchell,
69, of Port Charlotte, Fla.,
passed away Tuesday,
April 8, 2014, at Signature
Healthcare of Port
She was born Aug. 27,
1944, in England, to John
and Teresa Mitchell.
Geraldine was a dog
groomer for many
years in Port Charlotte.
She was a daughter,
mother, grandmother,
great-grandmother and
friend, and will forever
be missed by all who
loved and knew her.
Survivors include her
two daughters, Colleen
Higgins of New Jersey,
and Dawn Burkart
of Pennsylvania; her
father, John Mitchell
of Pemberton, Pa.;
sister-in-law, Dianne
Mitchell of Tampa, Fla.;
a lifelong friend, Larry
Rice of Philadelphia, Pa.;
11 grandchildren; four
great- grandchildren;
and two nephews. She
was preceded in death
by her two sons, Matt,
and Mark; her brother,
Terrence; and her moth-
er, Teresa.
No services are
scheduled at this time.
Memorial Contributions
maybe made in
Geraldine's name to the
Animal Welfare League
of Charlotte County,
3519 Drance St., Port
Charlotte, FL 33980.
Friends may visit online
to sign the memory book
and extend condolences
to the family.
Arrangements are
by Roberson Funeral
Home & Crematory Port
Charlotte Chapel.

Ernest Wharton
Ernest "Ernie"
Wharton, 63, of Punta
Gorda, Fla., passed away
A- pril9,

A.m., the only child
.,,-& ..: ', of Ruth Ash
and Edward
Ernie served in the U.S.
Army, then in the U.S.
Navy Reserve. He was the
owner/operator of G&W
Service and G&WA/C
in Mount Holly, N.J. He
moved to Punta Gorda in
1988, and continued to
work as an A/C techni-
cian, until he opened
his own business in
2002, called ES Sporting.
He was a member of
the Elks, the Moose,

the American Legion
and the NRA. Ernie will
be remembered as a
loving husband, father
and grandfather. He
was a simple man who
enjoyed helping family
and friends with their
air-conditioning work,
including Phil's 41, the
Elks and the Humane
He will be greatly
missed by his wife,
Sandra "Sandy"; daugh-
ter, Tara Wharton- Price;
sons, MatthewWharton
and Jonathan (Anne)
Wharton; and grandchil-
dren, Quentin, Madison,
Justin and Alexander.
A memorial service
to celebrate Ernie's
life will be at 11 a.m.
Saturday April 26, 2014,
at Congregational United
Church of Christ, with
the Rev. Bill Klossner
officiating. To express
condolences to the
family, please visit www. and
sign the online guest
Arrangements are by
Larry Taylor Funeral and
Cremation Services.


Madeline L. Bryant
Madeline L. Bryant,
97, of Englewood, Fla.,
passed away Sunday,
April 13, 2014, at Tidewell
Hospice. Arrangements
are by Englewood
Community Funeral
Home with Private

Reggie E. Jones
Reggie E. Jones, 66, of
Englewood, Fla. passed
away Friday, April 18,
-2014, peace-
fully in his
"' sleep.
Swas born
S Dec. 30,
1947, in
/ Punta
Gorda, Fla.,
to Benjamin and Norma
Reggie married
Faye Jones on July 23,
1976, in Englewood.
Throughout his life,
Reggie was known for
his famous dance moves,
including the "Punta
Gorda Stomp"; his love
for fishing, boating and
being out on the water;
and his magical ability to
tell a great joke or story.
He was very involved in
the life of his community,
and passed along his
passion for family and
life on the water to his
children and all who
knew him. Reggie was
a proud Englewood
business owner, oper-
ating Red Jay Kitchens
for 40 years. He was also
honored to be a mem-
ber of the Lemon Bay
Sunrise Rotary, where
his commitment to his
community was able to
shine through, alongside
his love for his fellow
He is survived by his
wife, Faye; children,
Phillip and Elizabeth; as
well as his many friends
and extended family.
Reggie was preceded in
death by a number of
family members, includ-
ing his daughter, Regina.
Memorial arrange-
ments will be announced
at a later date. In lieu
of flowers, please send
flowers to the Lemon
Bay Sunrise Rotary, P.O.
Box 897, Englewood, FL
34295. You can express

your condolences to the
family at www.lemonbay
Arrangements are
by Lemon Bay Funeral
Home and Cremation

Doris B. Pierce
Doris B. Pierce, 93, of
Englewood, Fla., died
Friday, April 18, 2014.
Arrangements are by
Lemon Bay Funeral
Home & Cremation
Services, Englewood.

Michelle M. Winter
Michelle M. Winter,
48, of Englewood, Fla.,
passed away Thursday,
April 10,
was born
Jan. 20,
1966, in
N.Y., and
moved to
this area in 2001 from
New Jersey.
Michelle was a barber
in the Englewood area.
She was an avid crafter
and enjoyed painting,
and was a member of St.
Raphael Catholic Church
in Englewood.
Michelle is survived by
her husband of 24 years,
Stanley "Bobby"; parents,
John and Anna Damiano
of Englewood; son, Austin
of Englewood; brothers,
John of California and
Anthony of Florida; and

grandson, Rocky.
Memorial services
will be held at 10 a.m.
Friday April 25, 2014,
at St. Raphael Catholic
Church, 770 Kilbourne
Ave., Englewood. In lieu
of flowers, memorial
donations may be made
to Tidewell Hospice
Inc., 5955 Rand Blvd.,
Sarasota, FL 34238.
Arrangements were
made in Port Charlotte,


Edward Michael
Edward Michael
Hickey, 68, of North
Port, Fla., passed away
Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
Arrangements are by ICS
Cremation and Funerals
Inc., Harbour Heights,


Thamas Worley
Thamas "Joe"
Worley, 74, of Arcadia,
Fla., passed away
Sunday, April 13, 2014.
Arrangements are by ICS
Cremation and Funerals
Inc., Harbour Heights,

For more
Words of Comfort,
go to

AL- I ask Lmrq

A-^ Wkat is & mea"iU~u

Ih^^ A
Call us and we will send you a free brochure on
how to create a Meaningful Cremation Tribute.
We believe in giving straight answers to your
Nobody likes unexpected surprises.


Sand Cremation Services

941 c83 00

(941) 833-0600
1515 Tamiami Trl, Hl
Punta Gorda, FL 33950p $'V


Renee A. Connolly
Jan. 15, 1938 March 11, 2014

Renee Feuerherm Connolly was born January
15, 1938 in Newark, New Jersey. She attended Arts
High and was a very talented artist who worked in
many mediums her entire life.
Renee worked in the banking industry most of
her life, having attained the position of Auditor for
a very large company. She was a graduate of the
American Institute of Banking. She also worked
at the American Red Cross for several years after
the 9/11 terror attack and Hurricane Charley. She
continued to volunteer for several more years after
she retired; and she enjoyed every day there.
Strong in faith, Renee belonged to Holy Trinity
Lutheran Church in Port Charlotte for more than 30
years. She sang in the choir, was a member of the
Altar Guild, belonged to the Quilters Club, Priscilla
Circle and helped at the monthly breakfast in addi-
tion to other activities including the Octoberfest.
She was a member of the original Cul Cen
Productions for 8 years and enjoyed singing and
dancing, as well as making scenery for the plays.
She was also a member in the North Port Chorale
for several years.
Renee enjoyed and loved her neighbors and
attended or hosted many birthday events. In ad-
dition, she was an animal lover who had many
pets over the years, and always had a bird bath
and a feeder in the yard (the squirrels enjoyed
the bird seed too!).
She made all the holidays very special; decorat-
ing the house, cooking and baking, and showing
her great love of her family and friends.
Renee is survived by her loving husband, Stephen;
brother, Richard; daughters, Linda (Robert),
Lori (Bruce), and Lisa (Bob); 6 grandchildren; 8
great-grandchildren; and 1 great-great-grandchild.
Renee will be greatly missed by all who knew and
loved her.
The celebration of her wonderful life will be
Saturday, April 26, at 11:00 a.m. at Holy Trinity
Lutheran Church, 2565 Tamiami Trail, Port
Charlotte, FL 33952, (941) 625-5262. Lunch of
Renee's choosing to follow in the Fellowship Hall.


Words of Comfort
Recall it as often you
wish, a happy memory
never wears out.
I -Libbie Fudim

timi'l111 lJJI.fI'l i llJ.I.BJmtBIB njlffJI.l~l:'i~llJ..[.I.I


, I I


OurTown Page 6 C


The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

A life of quiet inspiration


Chris Klossner leaves
a legacy of learning and
love of reading for family,
friends and students.
April 5, at age 59,
Christine Klossner passed
away much too soon. Yet
she touched many lives
through the years in her
quiet, determined way.
"Chris never wanted
to be the focal point of
anything; she tended to be
shy," said her husband, the
Rev. Bill Klossner, pastor
of Congregational United
Church of Christ in Punta
Gorda. "She was more apt
to be in the background,
quietly helping others."
Chris' big passion was
reading. As a teacher of
second and third grades
at Sallie Jones Elementary
School in Punta Gorda
for 25 years, Chris never
missed the chance to
encourage her students to
read. In the last few years,
she became the school's
curricular resource

teacher for several grade
levels as well.
A native of Wisconsin,
Chris met Bill at Lakeland
College in Sheboygan.
They married in 1974.
Soon afterward, Bill was
called to his first pastoral
appointment. In 1988,
they moved with their
three children to Punta
Chris so loved teaching
that she inspired all three
of her children to become
teachers. Now, her chil-
dren's students also are
benefiting from Chris' love
of learning.
"She was loved by her
students, their parents and
the community through
the service projects her
classes were involved
in," said Jennie Hoke,
principal of Sallie Jones
Elementary. "Her passing
is a great loss to our Sallie
Jones family, and we miss
her so."
Chris could be counted
on to look at a complex
problem and come up
with a workable solution,
Bill said. Yet, for all her

she lived life
fully too. The
S loved to trav-
el, visiting
as many as
30 countries
KLOSSNER through
the years -
from Switzerland and Italy
to China and Ukraine.
"Even last summer,
in between her (cancer)
treatments, we went to a
wedding in California, and
two weeks later to another
wedding in Naples, Italy,"
Bill said.
The strength, dignity
and grace Chris showed in
dealing with her cancer all
show the kind of person
she was, her husband said.
She continued to teach
until December, when her
health finally required her
to retire.
In addition to Bill, Chris
is survived by her children,
Jacob (Jenna) of Punta
Gorda, Michael (Lacie) or
Arcadia, and Emily of Port
Charlotte; grandchildren,
Caden, Kiersten, Dylan,

Alaina and Easton; and
her parents, Gene and
Polly Engebrecht of Punta
A gathering for friends
and family will be held
from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
May 2 at Congregational
United Church of Christ,
1201 Aqui Esta Drive. A
service celebrating Chris'
life will be held at 3 p.m.
May 4 at the Charlotte
Performing Arts Center,
701 Carmalita St. (adjacent
to Charlotte High School),
Punta Gorda.
Memorial donations
in Chris' name may be
made to Congregational
United Church of Christ,
P.O. Box 510838, Punta
Gorda, FL 33951-0838;
the Kiwanis Foundation
of Charlotte County, P.O.
Box 510777, Punta Gorda,
FL 33951-0777; or to the
Sallie Jones Elementary
School Library, 1245
Narranja St., Punta
Gorda, FL 33950.
To express condolences
for the family, visit www. and
sign the online guest book.

Cultural Center
to offer Easter dinner
The Cultural Center of Charlotte County, 2280
Aaron St., Port Charlotte, will offer an Easter
dinner from noon to 2 p.m. today. The menu
will feature baked ham with raisin sauce, roast
turkey with cranberry sauce, vegetable lasagna,
garden salad, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing
with gravy, green beans, Key West vegetables,
strawberry rhubarb pie, chocolate mousse and
Key lime pie. Iced tea, water and coffee are
Tickets are $16 for adults, and $10 for children
younger than 11. All prices include sales tax.
Tickets may be purchased at the Cultural Center
information desk, the box office or the adminis-
tration office; online at www.theculturalcenter.
com; or by calling 941-625-4175, ext. 221.

Farmers market
to close for Easter
In observance of the Easter holiday, the
farmers market at the History Park, 501 Shreve
St., Punta Gorda, will be closed today.

Take your picture
with the Easter Bunny
The Port Charlotte Town Center mall, 1441
Tamiami Trail, will play host to the Bunny
Photo Experience through today in front of
Regal Cinemas. Children will have the chance
to visit with the bunny and take home a
treasured snapshot of the occasion. For more
information about the mall's Easter events,



Jackie's Auto Body-Where Local Dealers Go For Auto Body

One of the best auto body
shops in this area is Jackie's
Auto Body. With over 35 years
of experience, Jack D'Amico is
second to none. Many local
car dealers and car collectors
bring their cars to Jackie's
Auto Body for first class auto
bodywork, or a custom paint
job. Jack repairs everything

from minor dents to major
collision damage, and will put
your car in like-new condition.
All types of insurance claims are
accepted and Jackie's is on the
Preferred Insurance List.
Jackie's Auto Body repairs,
paints and services almost any
vehicle and uses the finest PTG
paint products and materials as

well as state of the art
equipment. Stop by and meet
Jack and Regina and receive a
free estimate. Jackie's Auto
Body is located at 19888
Veterans Hwy., in Port
Charlotte, and the phone
number is 941-255-5967. Trust
the pros to make your vehicle
like new again.

Jackie's Auto Body
19888 Veterans Hwy., Port Charlotte

Dr. D's Auto Repair,
23415 Janice Avenue in the Whidden
Industrial Park in Charlotte Harbor
Call Dr. D's Auto Repair
for all your auto repairs.
Owner, Mike True, and his

staff are all ASE certified
and they offer the finest
full service repair in this
area. Dr. D's repairs all
types of vehicles
including motor homes
and four wheelers. At Dr.
D's you can count on the
best service, diagnostics,
repairs, replacement
parts, etc. Only superior
quality replacement parts
are used and rates are
very reasonable. With the
computerized engine
analysis, you can be

assured that the service
required on your vehicle is
necessary. True is well
known as an excellent
auto mechanic and the
business enjoys an
excellent reputation. Dr.
D's is located at 23415
Janice Avenue in the
Whidden Industrial Park
in Charlotte Harbor and
the phone number is 941-
743-3677. For the best
service at a reasonable
price, call or stop by Dr.
D's Auto Repair.


Q. My Air handler in the
garage is sweating. My
contractor tells me not
to worry. Is this normal?
A. Generally speaking,
sweating on the bottom
of your air handler the
size of a dollar bill or
smaller should be ok. If
it's larger than a dollar,
it's very likely this will
cost you many dollars in
the long run. If there is a
possibility of property
damage, we recommend
you call John and Carrie
Gable at Dale's Air
Conditioning & Heating,
18260 Paulson Drive,
Port Charlotte. The
Gables run a focused
business on customer
service and pride
themselves in providing
service on your heating
and cooling unit, and
pool heater. They strive
to educate their
customers on how to
keep their home heated
and cooled in the winter
and summer, and what
to do to extend the life of

the unit. You can count
on the service, advice and
fair pricing that you
receive and a thorough
and complete check at
each service visit. Call
Dale's Air Conditioning &
Heating for sales or
service. The phone
number is 941-629-1712
and business hours are 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday
through Friday, with 24
hours emergency service
to their customers.

Q. I know gold is selling
at record prices. Where
can I get the best deal?
A.Westchester Gold &
Diamonds, 4200-F
Tamiami Trail, Port
Charlotte, is known for
unsurpassed quality,
variety and pricing when
buying or selling gold,
silver, diamonds, Rolex
watches and fine
collectibles. Owner, Steve
Duke, is on site to assist
you with jewelry
purchases and
appraisals, or the sale of

your old gold and other
valuables. Specializing in
pre-loved Rolex watches,
new and estate jewelry
pieces, oriental rugs,
unusual gifts, paintings,
rare collectibles, and
more, Westchester should
be your destination. The
selection is amazing. This
business is a community
staple and is known for
its generosity in giving
back. Listen to Steve
Duke's Friday morning
show on 1580 AM radio
each week 9 a.m. to 10
a.m. It is interesting, fun
and always topical. The
store is located in Baer's
Plaza, and the phone
number is 941-625-0666.
Visit their website at

Q. I want designer
window coverings, but
can't afford a personal
decorator. Any advice?
A. Yes! Call Absolute
Blinds for free advice
from a professional
decorator and the best

Quality TV Can

Customize A TV Package

For Your Needs

auBefore you purchase a
h" ;' "TV stop by Quality TV
W.Tama=9at 14212W Tamiami
., .;, Trail, North Port, or
!D call them for aquote
at 941-426-1773. They
can advise which
i brands are the best
oe p engineered to fit your
Sp needs, and you can
ui tio, Ts see their large
selection. Quality TV
is a factory-
authorized service
Quality TV Owner Mike Morales, agent for most brands
14212 W. Tamiami Trail,
North Port and is an authorized
Dish Network and
DIRECTV dealer/installer. Quality TV also has an
on-site repair shop. Quality TV is known for their
selection of TVs, audio/video systems, antennas
and repairs, but they also have a great selection of
other products including security alarm systems,
metal detectors, security cameras, Blu-ray players,
tailgate portable antennas and used TVs with an
in-house warranty. Owner Mike Morales will
match prices on any in-stock TV For more
information, please visit their website at

selection available.
Absolute Blinds has been
in business in Charlotte
County and the
surrounding area for over
ten years and has
become one of the
largest and most
successful licensed
window treatment
companies in Southwest
Florida. With unbeatable
pricing, blinds made
while you wait, Absolute
Blinds can fulfill all your
window treatment needs.
An array of verticals, a
selection of wood
plantation shutters,
horizontals, mini-blinds,
pleated shades, top

treatments, cornices,
draperies and more is
among their offering.
Absolute Blinds is a
Graber dealer and
estimates are free. If
you need window
coverings for home or
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is there to assist you.
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The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


C OurTown Page 7

Making a big idea good, a good idea better

sometimes a big idea
is a good idea.
I like to write
about good ideas, but I
wasn't so sure about the
Charlotte Harbor Super
Boat Grand Prix race
when word first got out.
It was a big, bold idea
to be sure, but was it a
good one?
Not surprisingly, a lot
of people in the area
were wary of this event,
a lot of which could be
blamed on what orga-
nizer Jerry York calls "the
fear of the unknown."
It's hard to get behind
something you can't see.
Worse-case scenarios
are imagined. What if
80,000 people show up
at the Englewood Beach
roundabout at the same
time? Maybe nobody
will show up!
Count me among
those who were initially
"optimistic yet unsure."
But as race day
approached, more and
more the races sounded
like a good idea. Plans
were solidifying. People
were becoming edu-
cated and interested.
Logistics were figured
out. It was really going
to happen.
Some of those, myself
included, have changed
their minds since the
race. There are others
who will never change
their mind about it, one
way or the other.
Now that the first year
is over, the races have
been deemed a success
by many.
Jerry already is
planning for next year's
event. The date is set
for April 10-12, 2015,
which will fall after
Easter. Which is good.
One of the knocks we
heard was, "Why have it
the week before Easter,
which is a week seasonal
visitors are still here
to fill restaurants and
So check that one off.
Will it still be a Friday
parade, Saturday festive
and Sunday racing
day? "That's yet to be
determined," Jerry said
Jerry told me Friday
he already is starting
the process of systemat-
ically meeting with his
volunteer committee
chairs and going over
what can be improved
next year.
In order to help with
this, we asked our
readers, people who
attended the race and
those who did not, to
offer suggestions. We
got a bunch of com-
ments, and we're going
to try to print them all.
Some offered concrete



organizers in the past,
but they didn't listen to
"We were told they
couldn't have it other
dates because of turtle
season and then tarpon
season," she said. "Our
customers said they were
leaving early to go back
up North to avoid the
madness from the boat
races. Others said they
hunkered down at home.
Some said they were going
out of town and didn't
want to be anywhere
near the beach during the

suggestions about how
to improve. Here are a
few of those:
Have a better
plan for those with
physical disabilities.
Ronald Muschong, who
describes himself as a
full-time wheelchair
user, felt he was totally
left out, as he read there
were basically no provi-
sions for the disabled.
Good point.
Improve the bus
transportation. This
was suggested by
Bill Penny of Lake
Suzy. Buses were a
little jammed up at
the beach parking lot.
John Wolfinger of Punta
Gorda had similar
problems on the other
end. The system could
be improved, and likely
will be. We bet they're
working on this now.
Clarify what you
should bring, what you
shouldn't. Donny of Port
Charlotte was mystified
by instructions to bring
only a folding canvas
chair. What about water?
Sunblock? An umbrella?
How about a towel?
Lots of times, festivals
have a list of what you
should bring (a chair,
water and sunblock
usually are allowed),
and what you shouldn't
(dogs, fireworks, illegal
moonshine). That way,
it's clear.
Get the restaurants,
hotels and rental con-
dos together for pack-
aging deals. That one is
from me. I think owners
of a lot of establish-
ments went in thinking
it would either kill their
weekend business or
cause a mob scene. They
didn't really promote
it, and neither scenario
came to be. A concerted
effort next year would
be a good idea.
Thanks to our readers
for their suggestions.
The good news is, we
have a good idea to
build on. Who knows
what will happen when
you take away the "fear"
Chris Porter is exec-
utive editor of the Sun
Newspapers, and writes
about good ideas that
improve the community.
If you have a good idea,
email him at porter@, or call

races. What good did that
do for us?"
Hemmes said she plans
to partner with restaurants
and other retailers along
the beach to approach
Charlotte County commis-
sioners to suggest changes
for next year's event.
As a Lemon Bay Sunrise
Rotary member, Dave
Dignam volunteered,
helping Englewood's three
Rotaries sell beer and
beverages at the event.
Overall, he said the races
went better than he expect-
ed. He'd like to see the boat
race engage more of the
Englewood community
and its businesses, so they
can derive more benefits
from it.

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Foot Pain
Foot Surgery
.* Diabetic Shoes
'i New Patients Welcome

L 941-613-1919
Dr Michael Metyk 3191 Harbor Blvd. Unit D
Podiatric Surgery Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Sun readers provided a wave of
comments and suggestions for next year's
Grand Prix:

The county, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
and CCSO volunteers, the promoters did an
outstanding job. Months of planning went into
this event. All should be commended.
Lt. (Darrell) Caparo, district commander in
District 1 (Englewood) his deputies, volunteers,
and all others who gave up the weekend, did all
they could do to anticipate, correct, protect our
county, our beach and the event.
Were there any glitches? I am sure there
were, but, as in any first-time event, it is a test
run for all concerned. We should be proud of
our men and women who made this event as
wonderful as it was.
We all want progress, a better town to raise
a family or retire, but we don't all see that
progress always comes with a price, be that in
money, time, construction, new schools, better
police force, better medical facilities, better
ambulance, etc. You get the picture.
Here's hoping that we have a second annual
Super Boat Race 2015.
Bonnie (Snow) Kromka
Englewood East

The weekend stunk. Being a full-time
wheelchair user, I was not only disappointed
but insulted that I was told "in print""Don't
Come!" as county parking lots have been
closed and the shuttle service does not provide
wheelchair lifts. Hello, this is the 21st century
and there is a 24-year-old civil rights law
(titled) the Americans with Disabilities Act.
What the hell were these people thinking?
Ronald Muschong
Charlotte County

I went to the boat races at Englewood on
Sunday, took the bus shuttle to and from the
beach. It was fast and no problem. Both races
went off on time, no delays. All the vendors
were friendly, as were the race teams. SBI ran a
quality race program. Let's do it again next year!
Fred Filo

Why is it even called "Charlotte Harbor Boat
Race?" Actually, some people from out of town
were quite unhappy to go to Charlotte Harbor,
and find a block party instead, and when they
were told where the boat races were being held,
like a half an hour away... Oh well, this county
is being noted for such planning.
Overall crowds were not even close to what
was expected, businesses on the beach said
they did better without the race. Vendors on the
beach said they did not do as well as expected.
There were probably more people in boats
viewing the race than on the beach. Did any
business in Port Charlotte see any difference
... at all? Did the county even recoup any of
the taxpayers'money that they gave to the
promotion of this event?
OK, so I am not a boat race fan, neither are
many people I've talked to. Many people went
just to see what it was all about, asked if they
would go again, probably not.
Now is this event a bad thing? No, not at
all, but don't tell the people and business of
this county that this is a windfall for all. This
county has a problem of over-projecting results
of events and future prospects for this area.
Probably called desperate.
John B
Port Charlotte

Good News:
1. No more above and below the front-page
fold ad nauseam hype, hype, hype that darn
2. It's done!
3. Nowhere near the turnout anticipated,
4. Maybe no one made money?

How that can be done,
Dignam said, he didn't
know. However even
renaming the event
the "Charlotte Harbor
Super Boat Grand Prix at
Englewood Beach" might
be a step in the right
direction, he suggested.
Ed Hill, the Englewood
Florida Chamber of
Commerce executive
director, helped to orga-
nize the event. Now, he's
also thinking about how
to enhance the value

Bad News:
1. Charlotte County taxpayers are on the
hook for close to a quarter million dollars
2. American taxpayers on the hook for Coast
Guard patrol (equally outrageous).
3. Apparently deaf Charlotte County
commissioners who refused to heed wishes of
Manasota Key residents.
4. Closing of public beach access, especially
difficult for the handicapped.
Maybe there won't be another one of these
god-awful money-making schemes at the
expense of the residents of Charlotte County.
It's simply not the right venue for such an
undertaking. Fort Myers, Naples maybe, or were
those county commissioners either far more
intelligent or apparently not on the take? We'll
never know.
Sign me one more Key resident who
derived nothing but aggravation from this past
weekend's foolishness.
Nancy Martin

What went right? 1) plenty of publicity.
What went wrong? 1) The changing
decisions on the road closings created an
illusion about nightmare traffic issues. Sitting in
the heat in long traffic was not the thought for
an enjoyable day. If there was so much issues
about the bridges, there will probably be issues.
2) Mixed messages: On the website under
"What can I bring?"The answer was "yourself
and a chair in a sleeve." Meanwhile, one news
article had one of the race event leaders saying,
"It will be hot, so bring a lot of water."OK, can
we bring water in a carry bag and my chair or
only my chair? Don't want to get on a bus only
to be hassled.
3) Multiple comments comparing to NASCAR.
Being a NASCAR fan, there are specifics on
what you can and cannot bring, right down to
the chair size, small cooler size, umbrella. So
comparing to NASCAR needs some tweaking.
It appeared that an attendee would pay the
$15 for the transportation, carry a chair, and be
at the mercy of vendors for sunblock, a towel,
bottled water, an umbrella, etc. Don't get me
wrong, money would be spent on crafts/food,
etc., but to have to pay for everything had the
appearance of a very expensive day.
At the end of the many published Internet
and newspaper articles, it seemed the"fun"
place to go without the hassles was the (Punta
Gorda) Block Party, which we and friends
that had planned to go to the boat race -
choose to go to instead of the boat race.
I would suggest that it not be held on
Block Party weekend. But, then again, if the
information is confusing and cost concerning,
the Block Party is a good second option for that
Port Charlotte

We went to the boat race on Sunday via
shuttle bus from State Road 776 and David
Boulevard. Everything was wonderful and very
enjoyable. Going late and staying late was the
ticket. No issues at all with transportation and
viewing the race. Really, really cool to watch
the race from Englewood Beach, so close to the
(We) attended the Sarasota boat races on
Lido Key last year, and Englewood was a much
superior overall experience. Can't wait for next
year's races.
Don and Izabel Parker
Rotonda West

I was out on the water for the Sunday races.
It would be great if Jet Skis were banned,
because they operate their boats with complete
disregard for other boaters. (They race) around
creating large wakes within a few feet of
anchored boats.
Charlotte County

to the community and
Hill surveyed Manasota
Key businesses and
learned liquor sales were
up 20 percent, while dining
was down 30 percent to
50 percent. He's still garner-
ing input from Englewood's
mainland businesses. He
also heard from people
who were pleasantly sur-
prised by how "respectful
and behaved" the specta-
tors were.
"We know now that the

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race can work- even
though it can be better,"
Hill said. "From the
community's perspective, it
was a respectful crowd. For
those of us who had been
at these events before,
that's the message we tried
to get out but it just
wasn't believed."

We live in Englewood for seven months, and
were a little apprehensive about the boat races,
especially the traffic. We did not attend the
festivities on Saturday, but did go to the races
on Sunday. Traffic was never an issue for us, and
we thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Our only suggestion is that perhaps the
advertising should include Venice, with a more
northern parking area such as the Big Lots
across from Englewood Isles. We also did not
see much hype on the local TV stations prior to
the race.
All in all, we think the organizers should
be commended on a job well done. We look
forward to next year!
Tom and Judy
Englewood (seasonal)

We think the first Grand Prix race was a
hands-down success, and look forward to the
second one next year.
John and Joanne Heary

I attended all three days of the event,
and thought that everything went very well.
The only thing I noticed of concern was the
departure process after the race on Sunday. The
bus traffic coming into the beach lot created
a safety issue. There was not enough room
for the bus to turn, and it had to back up in
order to make the turn. People were pushing
and crowding to get on a bus, which made it
difficult to position the bus for loading.
Perhaps an adjustment could be made to
make this situation safer. Everything considered,
I thought the event was well-executed and the
organizers are to be commended for a job well
Thank you for your reporting.
Bill Penny
Lake Suzy

Overall, my wife and I really enjoyed the boat
races and associated activities. We definitely
would attend again.
We attended the parade in Punta Gorda
Friday night, and it was a nice up-close-
and-personal intro for what was to come on
Sunday. The boats are very impressive. We were
surprised to see the differences in the boats, but
soon learned about the different classes that
would be involved.
At the races in Englewood on Sunday, it
was very crowded, but we expected that. We
really enjoyed touring the staging areas and
looking at the boats and their fancy trucks in
the parking lot. Folks were very friendly and
very approachable. There was plenty of food and
drinks, although trying to find some of it took a
little time; a map of the lot would have helped.
The crowded beaches reminded us of summer at
the Jersey shore where my wife and I grew up!
The nice thing is the huge crowds would be
gone this week and the event would bring a lot
of $ to the area.
During the race, there was some
announcements going on to provide info on
the race, but unless you were right next to the
announcer you couldn't hear it. It would be
nice if there was a way for people to get the
race info via their phones so they know what is
going on with the race. This was our first race
we attended, so we were amateurs.
One area that needs some improvement
is the bus transportation. We parked out on
State Road 776 at the Group 1 lot across from
Home Depot and next to David Boulevard. We
had to wait in a line of over 100 people for
45 minutes to get a bus to bring us to the event.
Coming back in the afternoon was much better,
although there was a lot of confusion at the
bus loading area at the beach. They should get
lessons from Disney on how to effectively run
bus transportation.
Hope this helps and hope the feedback helps
make next year's event even better.
John Wolfinger
Punta Gorda

Hill envisions Englewood
creating its own weeklong
"Englewood Beach Grand
Prix Festival" with fashion
and boat shows, golf
tournaments and other
activities. The chamber
wants to lead the effort.

WxceZIC(3ce ,<

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Our Town Page 8 C The Sun ISunday, April 20, 2014


Derek Dunn-Rankin Chairman
David Dunn-Rankin Publisher
Chris Porter Executive Editor

Brian Gleason Editorial page editor
Stephen Baumann Editorial writer

Email letters to


A time

to reflect,


"winter season" comes to a close.

aster is ripe in mean-
ing and not just for
Christians who celebrate
the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Easter also coincides with
Passover, which celebrates the
delivery of the Jewish people
from Egypt.
And for those who practice a
different faith or no faith at all,
it is still a significant time of
the year.
While not the official start of
spring that came a month
ago the two religious cele-
brations represent an annual
milestone that signals a meta-
morphosis in Florida: from the
hectic winter-playground mode
to the slower-paced routine of
life in the hot summer of the
This is traditionally the time
of year when our long-term
visitors are fully into their
migration back north, confi-
dent in the knowledge that the
harshest winds of winter are,
most likely, behind them.
Easter weekend has long
been a seasonal demarcation,
although its position on the
calendar varies. This year, we're
told, our winter residents may
be lingering just that much
longer, due to both a late Easter
and foreboding reports of the
lingering chill elsewhere. (Did
you notice the 2 inches of snow
and 20-degree temperatures
in some parts of the Northeast
last week?)
But it will pass. The cherry
blossoms and dogwoods have
blossomed in the Mid-Atlantic
states. Central Park is bloom-
ing. The daffodils and crocuses
have emerged farther north.
And we know here in
Southwest Florida that the
temperatures will climb con-
sistently from here on and that
the cool evening air will soon
be gone. Spring is fleeting; a
long, hot summer will be upon
us in no time.
For the past several days we
have spent joyful days with our
children at any one of dozens
of egg hunts in the area. We
have sat with our neighbors
and friends for special meals.
We have seen an uptick in
special events like the Relays
for Life, the first professional
power boat races that drew
thousands to Englewood Beach
and the annual Punta Gorda
Block Party.
It seems almost like a cele-
bration of the end of the winter
season. An opening of one door
as we close another. A turning
of the page. Another winter
season past.
We can look at this time of
the year as an opportunity to
focus on the task at hand and
the everyday work that sustains
us in the less-busy season.
Before we know it, kids will
be out of school for summer
vacation; families will be trav-
eling. The air conditioners will
run overtime and the lawn will
grow while we're watching. The
interstate, the Tamiami Trail
and State Road 776 won't be
quite so hectic. Plenty of open
parking, wherever.
From all appearances, this
winter has been a good one
for the businesses that sustain
our economy. Hotels were full
again. Restaurants were busy.
The housing market is inching
closer to pre-recession levels.
There were healthy signs all
around of an economy spring-
ing back to life.
That's very good. It is also
reason to thank and celebrate
the seasonal visitors whose
presence helps sustain us
throughout the year, the people
who fuel our economy and
enrich our social and cultural

Our neighbors, if only




Thanks for help
in musical benefit

American Made wants to
thank everyone who took the
time to support our benefit
to raise money for musical
instruments for Charlotte
High School. The team
efforts raised $3,300.
Thank you Blake from
Porky's for designing our
poster. Applebees, Beef
'0' Bradys of Punta Gorda,
Porky's and the Port
Charlotte Moose, for donat-
ing food and hosting our
The parents who donated
their time. Dean Campbell,
Steve and Lisa Gross, Ranee
Polis, Diane Burkey, Val
Lansdale and Tammy Guest
for their parts.
Moccasin Wallow, The
Smoked Mullet Band, Ken
Tyner, Jesse Jones and Phil
Ward, formerly of Young
Country, American Made and
the CH Jazz Band for their
musical talents. Ken McCoog
of Lights Out Sound for all of
the equipment and running
the sound.
The media for helping us
get the word out. Robert
and Kristen Randolph of
the Parrot Magazine, Al and
Susan for the photos and the
Sun paper for the coverage.
Buffalo Graphix, Camp
Bow Wow, Cindy and
Company, Dependable
Drywall, Luigi's, Emil's Sports
Bar, Nash Cataract, Roy's
Trailers, and Taco Bell for
their donations.
Bill and Nancy Itschner,
Larry and Bettye Scoppa,
Joyce Hughes, Jan LeBlanc,
Bill and Stephanie Gardener,
Dick and Florence Roberts
for their generous donations.
There are many more I
should thank, but you know
who you are. We are so proud
to be a part of this commu-
nity and to have the friends
and the support that we do.
Donna Gossett
Punta Gorda

Government here
is a big mess

I did not believe what I was
"Take control of airport."
How dumb can you be?
The commissioners can't
handle what they have to

do now. They hired three
$100,000 advisors in the last
three years alone. This is
your tax dollar they wildly
spend. What gets me is they
still collect their salaries,
for not knowing anything,
and you want to give them
another responsibility. Sorry,
the most ridiculous thing to
I have been involved with
government and politics for
the last 62 years. I lived on
three different continents
and been involved politically
and otherwise in two. I have
had the privilege to hold the
title of mayor in New Jersey,
been a schooled city planner
and feel I can say without
reservation, this is the worst
government I have had to
deal with. They could not
fight their way out of a paper
bag, as the saying goes.
All you have to do is look
around you, one disorga-
nized mess after another,
again, financially with no
respect for the taxpayer,
they're spending money like
drunken sailors. So leave that
Airport Authority alone, and
please tell me you were only
kidding. But all in all, I would
not like to live anyplace else.
Alex Haak

never stops

Lately, there have been
several columns in this
paper by Paul Krugman, a
well-known extreme liberal,
on the advantages of higher
He posits a magic rate of
4 percent. This follows the
Democrat administration's
desire to use inflation to
pay down their current
$17 trillion debt with cheap
future dollars.
The other way, of course,
is higher taxes which even
they are sometimes hesitant
to do. His theoretical logic,
which is opposed by many
expert economists, is based
on fuzzy, complicated and
easily refuted statistics. He
then uses hardly readable,
arcane wordsmanship. Try
comprehending his columns.
Just a few points to the
Once the government starts
inflation for whatever reason,
they don't stop. Look at the
double-digit ruinous inflation
rates of the Carter years.
Next, it greatly affects those
on a fixed income like
SSI, savings accounts and

pensions, which hardly ever
rise to meet inflation. Yet
inflation always causes prices
to go up for our basic expens-
es like food, fuel, utilities,
housing and taxes.
Krugman also harps on the
"rich" not paying their fair
share of taxes. Wrong again,
because their savings and
wealth go into private-sector
investments that fuel our
economy and create jobs,
not into a box under the bed.
And thus he sees the govern-
ment not getting more of our
money to spend on "invest-
ments," such as Solyndra
and so-called "shovel-ready"
projects that didn't exist.
Fred Holzweiss

Our leaders are
'timid, feckless'

The wolves of war are
While the leader of the
free-world wrestles with his
basketball brackets, Syria's
Bashar Assad cynically ig-
nores a faded, trampled Red
Line and continues to poison
and bomb the men, women
and children of his country
into submission; Vladimir
Putin smells the decay of
American and Western
resolve and with his special
forces masquerading as
Ukrainian protesters, seizes
assets and land belonging to
a sovereign country, unleash-
ing a 21st century cold war;
Western diplomats bargain
like guileless tourists in an
Iranian bazaar and trade
away the success of effective,
crippling economic sanctions
for vague, unenforceable
promises, while Iranian cen-
trifuges process deadly ura-
nium for nuclear warheads; a
more aggressive China flexes
its muscles in the Pacific
and has surely taken notice
of the unopposed execution
of Russia's Ukraine gambit;
nuclear armed North Korea
under its psychotic dictator,
remains festering, untended
and uncontained.
As was the case in the
1930s, America is inwardly fo-
cused and war weary. Europe
has continually scaled back
its military capabilities and
is dependent on American
military power for defense,
and Russian gas and oil to
drive its industry and warm
its people. As the world
witnessed in the last century,
the perceived vulnerability
of enemies is the heroin of
autocrats and tyrants, driving

them to light the fuse of war.
Unnoticed by most, the stink
of major war is drifting in
the air while our feckless,
timid leaders sit around the
campfire singing "Kumbaya."
Jac Simensen
Punta Gorda

Gerrymandering a
threat to Obamacare
The Founding Fathers
wanted the voters to choose
their representatives. Today
representatives choose their
voters. This has allowed a
Republican minority to often
appear as a phony majority.
It is to do with represen-
tatives being linked to geo-
graphical areas and not just
population. Over time people
have left rural areas for the
cities. Since more Democrats
moved to the cities they tend
to be under-represented;
when gerrymandering is
added in it gets much worse.
Rural states like Wyoming
are over- represented in the
Senate. Wyoming with less
than one million in popula-
tion has the same votes as
California with 39 million.
Florida has a majority of
Democrats but the Florida
House is overwhelmingly
Republican due to rural
districts. Today, Republican
candidates are getting picked
byVegas billionaire Sheldon
Adelson or by those who
inherited billions like the
aristocratic Koch brothers.
This puts Obamacare at risk
and could allow Republicans
to again charge women more,
kick kids off their parents'
policies and deny coverage
for prior conditions. Repeal
of Obamacare would bring
back the "doughnut hole" for
seniors and deny seniors free
preventative screening.
Billionaires can't be
bankrupted by medical bills
so they pick Republicans
who don't care about health
care. This November the
Republican minority will do
everything to cling to power,
so expect memos like, "Time
for some vote-counting prob-
lems in Florida's cities."
Douglas Kennedy
Punta Gorda

Throw the key away
on animal abusers
Once again, and all too fre-
quently, recent animal abuse
stories surface on network
news or in our newspapers.
This time it is Adam
Redford, 57, of East Estero
who was arrested for over
1,000 animal torture videos
and hundreds of porn videos.
When is our legal system
going to dish out the harshest
of punishments for these
"worthless pieces of trash"
that exist around us in our
neighborhoods? I am sick-
ened by these revelations. Our
laws should be ramped up to
make sure these severe cases
never see the outside of a jail.
Animal abuse is known to lead
to child abuse or worse.
The news network indicated
that Miami also has charges
against Adam Redford.
Wake up Florida, everyone
should write their representa-
tives to make changes in the
laws governing the punish-
ment for these scum that
exist to torture and maim our
animals that have no defense!
Lock them up and throw
away the key! May they get
the same or worse treatment
in their "jail environment"
than they dished out to the
Barbara Morris

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OurTown Page 8 C

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

A contrary view on the Pulitzers

On Monday, my
Post colleagues
celebrated winning the
Pulitzer Prize for public
service along with the
Guardian newspaper for
their reporting on Ed-
ward Snowden's revela-
tions about the National
Security Agency.
On Wednesday,
Post columnist Marc
Thiessen held a
Thiessen, who writes
a weekly online column
for The Post, hosted an
event at the American
Enterprise Institute de-
voted in large part to de-
nouncing the Guardian,
The Post and the Pulitzer
committee for their
actions. Thiessen, also an
AEI fellow, said journal-
ists at The Post "my
newspaper," as he put
it should not have
published the articles
and had done something
"incredibly damaging" to
national security.
Thiessen had already
written that The Post's

actions broke the law,
and there has been
healthy debate about
the Pulitzer board's
decision. But Thiessen's
guest, British member
of Parliament Liam Fox,
went further. "What sort
of world do we live in
where that gets a Pulitzer
Prize for public ser-
vice?" he asked the AEI
audience. "An award for
public service for possi-
bly the greatest betrayal
of our national secrets
of all time strikes me as
quite bizarre."
The two kicked around
the idea that journalists
might be to blame for
future terrorist attacks.
"If there is another 9/11,
another London subway

bombing, how is this
debate going to look in
retrospect?" Thiessen
"You could take a very
politically tempting route
to say, well, thank you to
the newspapers who have
helped Mr. Snowden.
Thank you to those who
have given awards to
those who have helped
betray our national
secrets," Fox said, before
proposing that it's not
time to "get into pointing
the finger."
But minutes earlier,
Fox had said: "The next
time when you get a
bomb going off in a
subway or a marathon,
when someone's child is
abducted by a pedophile
ring, you might want to
thank those who made it
easier for those people to
do those things."
Fox didn't seem to know
much about the Snowden
dispute on this side of
the Atlantic at one
point he confused The
Washington Post and the
New York Times and, in

any event, he was much
more aggrieved by what
Glenn Greenwald and the
Guardian had done than
anything else. But it took
some gall for the MP to
cross the pond to deliver
a lecture on what's wrong
with the public discourse
in America.
"Just as I think there is a
smug, self-congratulatory
element inside the media,
which lives in a very
limited bubble," he said,
"I think the same applies
to Beltway politicians
who are obsessed with
the internal mechanics
of politics and with, let's
face it, abstract political
The American em-
phasis on these abstract
issues -namely, civil
liberties means that
"the penny has not
dropped" for Americans
the way it has for Britons,
who are more tolerant
of their spies. Fox said
there has been a "Beltway
discussion where the
media is congratulating
itself," and he asked: "Has

anyone shown that any of
the surveillance activity
has been illegal under the
oversight that is set up in
the United States under
a system that is overseen
by Congress? ... It seems
to me that the argument
has always been hijacked
by libertarian elements in
United States politics."
Thiessen raised the
possibility that American
conservatives have been
"duped" by a "left-wing
cabal that is trying to
undermine American
diplomacy and American
I respect Thiessen's
passion, but I think the
explanation may be
simpler. Unlike Fox's
constituents, Americans
have a Bill of Rights,
drafted by our forebears
in reaction to the rule
of Fox's forebears. It
protects, among other
things, our free speech
and privacy.
Certainly, many of
the Snowden-fueled
disclosures following the
original NSA revelation

have been gratuitous
and harmful; those, and
his sheltering in Russia
rather than arguing his
case in a U.S. court, raise
doubts about his motives.
But the original NSA leaks
were justified because
U.S. intelligence officials
had misled the public
and members of Congress
about the program.
There's no value of "over-
sight" if the overseers are
being fed lies.
Fox went on, about
the "ultra-narcissistic"
Snowden committing
"treason" and the
Guardian's "incompe-
tence, arrogance, all
added to a perverse
anti-Western ideology."
"I am outraged," the
Briton said. "I hope
you're outraged."
"I'm outraged,"
Thiessen assured him.
This hadn't been in
Dana Milbank is a
Washington Post colum-
nist. Readers may reach
him at danamilbank@

The stupid hounding of Condi Rice

f Condoleezza Rice
were as self-pitying
and politically crass
as Attorney General Eric
Holder, she would be
wondering aloud what
it is about her race and
gender that accounts for
the hostility to her.
Rice's speaking gigs on
college campuses and her
ascension to the board
of the Internet company
Dropbox have sparked
protests calling for her to
be disinvited, cashiered
and generally isolated
and shamed.
Condi Rice is not a
natural lightning rod.
She's such a disreputable
figure that she's on the
board of the Kennedy
Center and the Boys and
Girls Clubs of America.
She's such a lightweight
that she's a Stanford
University professor.
She's such a yahoo that
she once accompanied
Yo-Yo Ma on the piano.

The mob nonetheless
believes that her due
punishment for serving
the wrong administra-
tion in the wrong cause
should be banishment.
When the University of
Minnesota invited her to
give a lecture as part of a
series marking the 50th
anniversary of the Civil
Rights Act, the school's
faculty roused itself.
Roughly 200 of them
demanded that the invi-
tation be revoked, partly
because she is unfit to
be part of a civil-rights
lecture series.
What would give

anyone the idea that a
woman who was the
nation's first female
secretary of state, who
experienced Jim Crow
firsthand during her
childhood in Alabama,
who was friends with
one of the girls killed in
the Birmingham church
bombing would have
anything relevant to say
about civil rights?
The Minnesota pro-
fessors say that it is in a
"spirit of free expression"
that they ask for the
reversal of Rice's invita-
tion. Because nothing
says free expression like
shutting down someone's
They claim they would
love to have Rice come to
the school on some other
occasion. Presumably to
sit in the dock at a mock
war-crimes trial.
The Rutgers faculty
reacted in a similar vein

to the selection of Rice as
the school's commence-
ment speaker. It called
for undoing the deci-
sion, explaining that "a
Commencement speaker,
who is entrusted with
speaking to graduating
students about the direc-
tion of their future lives,
should embody moral
authority and exemplary
Does the Rutgers
faculty really think Rice
will urge graduating
students to go out and
start "wars of choice" and
do "extraordinary rendi-
tions"? If the past is any
guide, Rice will tell the
Rutgers students about
the importance of getting
an education, of finding
their passion, of being
optimistic you know,
all the truly dark stuff
that animates quasi-war
The protesters of
Dropbox's decision to put

Rice on its board said it
called into question the
company's "commitment
to freedom, openness,
and ethics." In their brief
against her, they didn't
raise any remotely plau-
sible concern about how
she would influence the
policies of the company.
The hounding of Rice,
naturally, all goes back to
Bush national-security
policy. If support for the
Iraq War is a mark of
odiousness, though,
Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden
and John Kerry should
never be allowed to set
foot on a campus or sit
on a corporate board,
since they all voted to
authorize it.
As for interrogation,
the most frequently cited
act of "torture" is water-
boarding. A total of three
terrorists were subjected
to it. The legality and
wisdom of this Bush
policy and others is

certainly open to debate.
But Rice's critics aren't
interested in argument.
They are offended by
Rice's very presence. As
usual, her harassment
is about narrowing the
range of respectability so
as to limit the parameters
of political debate. This
time, it is failing. The
leaders of the University
of Minnesota, Rutgers
and Dropbox have
refused to dump Rice.
Of course, if the
typical rules applied,
the fierce opposition to
her would be attributed
to racism, sexism and
any other handy "-ism."
Just imagine what Eric
Holder would say if his
opponents embarked on
a concerted campaign to
silence and shun him.
Rich Lowry is the editor
of the National Review.
Readers may reach him
at comments. lowry@

Salvation gets cheap

he Intergovern-
mental Panel on
Climate Change,
which pools the efforts
of scientists around the
globe, has begun releas-
ing draft chapters from
its latest assessment, and,
for the most part, the
reading is as grim as you
might expect. We are still
on the road to catastro-
phe without major policy
But there is one piece
of the assessment that
is surprisingly, if condi-
tionally, upbeat: Its take
on the economics of
mitigation. Even as the
report calls for drastic
action to limit emissions
of greenhouse gases, it
asserts that the economic
impact of such drastic
action would be surpris-
ingly small. In fact, even
under the most ambitious
goals the assessment
considers, the estimated
reduction in economic
growth would basically
amount to a rounding
error, around 0.06 percent
per year.
What's behind this
economic optimism? To
a large extent, it reflects a
technological revolution
many people don't know
about, the incredible
recent decline in the cost
of renewable energy, solar
power in particular.
Before I get to that rev-
olution, however, let's talk
for a minute about the

overall relationship be-
tween economic growth
and the environment.
Other things equal,
more GDP tends to mean
more pollution. What
transformed China into
the world's largest emitter
of greenhouse gases?
Explosive economic
growth. But other things
don't have to be equal.
There's no necessary
one-to-one relationship
between growth and
People on both the left
and the right often fail to
understand this point. (I
hate it when pundits try
to make every issue into
a case of "both sides are

wrong," but, in this case,
it happens to be true.) On
the left, you sometimes
find environmentalists
asserting that to save
the planet we must give
up on the idea of an
ever-growing economy;
on the right, you often
find assertions that any
attempt to limit pollution
will have devastating
impacts on growth. But
there's no reason we can't
become richer while
reducing our impact on
the environment.
Let me add that
free-market advocates
seem to experience a
peculiar loss of faith
whenever the subject
of the environment
comes up. They normally
trumpet their belief that
the magic of the market
can surmount all obsta-
cles that the private
sector's flexibility and
talent for innovation can
easily cope with limiting
factors like scarcity of
land or minerals. But

suggest the possibility of
market-friendly environ-
mental measures, like a
carbon tax or a cap-and-
trade system for carbon
emissions, and they
suddenly assert that the
private sector would be
unable to cope, that the
costs would be immense.
Funny how that works.
The sensible position
on the economics of
climate change has
always been that it's
like the economics of
everything else that if
we give corporations and
individuals an incentive
to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, they will re-
spond. What form would
that response take? Until
a few years ago, the best
guess was that it would


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The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

C OurTown Page 9


Supreme Court regulatory overkill

occasionally, the
Supreme Court
considers ques-
tions that are answered
merely by asking them.
On Tuesday, the court
will hear arguments
about this: Should a gov-
ernment agency, whose
members are chosen
by elected officials, be
empowered to fine or
imprison any candidate
or other participant in
the political process
who during a campaign
makes what the agency
considers "false state-
ments" about a member
of the political class or a
ballot initiative?
An Ohio statute, which
resembles laws in at least
15 other states, says,
among many other stern
things, that: "No person,
during the course of any
campaign ... shall...
make a false statement
concerning the voting
record of a candidate or
public official." Former
Rep. Steve Driehaus, a
Cincinnati Democrat
who considers himself
pro-life, says he lost his
2010 re-election bid
because the pro-life
Susan B. Anthony List

violated Ohio's law with
ads saying that when he
voted for the Affordable
Care Act (ACA), he voted
for taxpayer funding of
When he learned that
the SBA List planned
to erect billboards
proclaiming "Shame on
Steve Driehaus! Driehaus
voted FOR taxpayer-
funded abortion," he
filed a complaint with
the Ohio Elections
Commission, the truth
arbiter and speech
regulator. So the bill-
board company refused
the SBA List's business.
The SBA List did air its
message on radio.
One can credit
Driehaus' pro-life sincer-
ity, given that the ACA's
passage was greased by
many more deceptions
and dissimulations than

the president's gross
falsehood that "if you
like your health care
plan, you can keep it."
Driehaus says the ACA
does not specifically
appropriate money for
abortions. The SBA List
counters that the ACA
can subsidize abortion-
inclusive insurance
Driehaus says insur-
ance companies must
collect a "separate
payment" from enrollees
and segregate this mon-
ey from federal funds.
The SBA List says money
is fungible, so this ac-
counting sleight-of-hand
changes nothing.
Driehaus says an
executive order issued
after passage of the ACA,
which was promised to
get him and a few other
pro-life Democrats to
vote for the act, prohibits
ACA funds from being
used for abortions. The
SBA List says the exec-
utive order proved that
the ACA itself allowed
taxpayer-funded abor-
tions. The president of
Planned Parenthood, the
nation's largest abortion
provider, seemed to

agree, complacently
dismissing the executive
order as a "symbolic
Ohio's law, which
obviously is designed to
encourage self-censor-
ship, certainly chilled
the SBA List's political
speech. Yet a lower court
upheld the infliction
of the intentionally
speech-suppressive law
on the SBA List because
those challenging it
supposedly must prove
something impossible
- that if they persisted
in their speech they
would be certainly and
imminently and success-
fully prosecuted. Under
this standard, politically
motivated people can, at
little cost to themselves,
make accusations that
entangle adversaries in
expensive speech-halting
proceedings during a
The SBA List's brief to
the Supreme Court notes
that "a law requiring
citizens to pay $1 before
they could publicly
comment on electoral
issues or candidates for
office would be imme-
diately justiciable (and

promptly invalidated)."
Yet Ohio's law makes it
easy for literally millions
of Ohioans to subject
participants in the
political process to much
more expensive costs -
not to mention the threat
of incarceration.
The Ohio Election
Commission has pon-
dered the truth or falsity
of saying that a school
board "turned control of
the district over to the
union," and that a city
councilor had "a habit
of telling voters one
thing, then doing an-
other." Fortunately, the
Supreme Court, citing
George Orwell's "1984,"
has held that even false
statements receive First
Amendment protection:
"Our constitutional
tradition stands against
the idea that we need
Oceania's Ministry of
This case, which
comes from Cincinnati,
where the regional IRS
office was especially
active in suppressing
the political speech of
conservative groups,
involves the intersec-
tion of two ominous

developments. One
is the inevitable, and
inevitably abrasive, gov-
ernment intrusions into
sensitive moral issues
that come with govern-
ment's comprehensive
and minute regulation
of health care with taxes,
mandates and other
coercions. The Supreme
Court will soon rule on
one such controversy,
the ACA requirement
that employer-provided
health care plans must
cover the cost of abor-
tifacients. The other
development is govern-
ment's growing attempts
to regulate political
speech, as illustrated
by the Obama admin-
istration's unapologetic
politicization of the IRS
to target conservative
These developments
are not coincidental.
Government's in-
creasing reach and
pretensions necessarily
become increasingly
George Will is a colum-
nist for The Washington
Post. Readers may reach
him at georgewill@

Is Jeb too old school for the new GOP?

s Jeb Bush's moment
Not in his mind.
The former governor of
Florida says he's con-
sidering a campaign to
become his family's third
president, even though
he dreads "getting back
into the vortex of the
mud fight."
But as enticing as it
is for the Republican
establishment to con-
template the prospect
of an unexpected
comeback, an epic series
of primary battles and
a cinematic rematch
between the Clinton and
Bush dynasties, it's not
all that likely.
The Republican Party
has changed dramatically
since 2002, the last year
Jeb Bush ran for office,
and not in ways that
would aid his candidacy.
Let's start with Bush's
presumed base of
support: the moder-
Republican establish-
ment, based in the
business community
and the donor class. Yes,
some of the grandees
would like to see the
comforting name of Bush
atop their party's ticket





again but not all of
them. Many believe that
what their party needs in
2016 is a new face, and
Bush isn't that.
"He's a fine man,
but the disadvantages
outweigh the advan-
tages," one thoroughly
establishment figure, a
former fundraiser for
George W Bush, told me.
"The Republican Party
is about to turn the page
generationally. We need
to be looking forward,
not back."
It's not only a matter
of image, he said, but
something more fun-
damental. "He's out of
sync with where the
party has gone. This is
a party of small govern-
ment and individual
freedom now. Jeb comes
from the 1990s, from a
generation of governors
who mostly wanted to

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make government more
In 2012, Mitt Romney
wasn't his party's clear
first choice either.
Romney won the
Republican nomination
only after he outlasted
a series of impromptu
conservative challengers:
Newt Gingrich, Rick
Santorum, Rick Perry,
former pizza magnate
Herman Cain.
But those other candi-
dates were all underqual-
ified or underprepared.
This time, the GOP's
conservative wing has a
bench full of potential
candidates who have
spent years raising mon-
ey, recruiting supporters
and honing messages:
Sens. Marco Rubio, Rand
Paul and Ted Cruz, Rep.
Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin
Gov. Scott Walker. There's
no pushover on that list.
Finally, if Bush decides
to run for the nomi-
nation, he's chosen an
unusual way to do it:
poking his finger in the
eyes of conservative
activists on hot-button
His compassionate
statement on illegal
immigrants "It's an act


proceed on many fronts,
involving everything
from better insulation
and more fuel-efficient
cars to increased use of
nuclear power.
One front many people

of love" -got headlines
this month.
But that wasn't as
jarring to many conser-
vatives as Bush's flinty
defense of Common
Core, the national
standards for elementary
school education. Tea
party activists loathe the
program as "Obama-
core" and see it as an at-
tempt to impose federal
control on local schools
(even though it origi-
nated with governors
like Bush when Barack
Obama was still in the
Illinois state Senate).
Bush waves their
concerns aside with an
air of impatient disdain.
"The idea that it's a fed-
eral program is just not
true," he told Fox News
this month. "I'm totally
committed to this.
I just don't feel com-
pelled to run for cover
when I think this is the
right thing to do for our
Give the man credit
for sticking to his guns.
When Romney ran into
flak from the right, he
changed his positions.
Bush's stubborn fidelity
to his convictions, by
contrast, is admirable.

didn't take too seriously,
however, was renewable
energy. Sure, cap-and-
trade might make more
room for wind and the
sun, but how important
could such sources really
end up being? And I have
to admit that I shared
that skepticism. If truth
be told, I thought of the
idea that wind and sun

Want To Get

C reate


It's Easy... Just


But he's somehow
allowed it to crowd out
any other message.
"If you're running
for president, talking
about stuff your base
doesn't want to hear is
not a surefire way to
win," observed John
Feehery, a former aide
to the Republican House
leadership. "Talk about
something else instead."
Bush isn't doing
that, which, to some
Republicans, is one of
many signs that he's not
ready for a presidential
run yet.
Another is his frequent
and candid invocation
of ambivalence about
running, not normally
a sought-after emotion
in a party's electoral
"I go about my busi-
ness each day trying to
avoid having to think
about it," he told Fox
News. "I've got a fulfilled
A candidate named
Bush has additional
reason to hesitate. If
Jeb runs, one of his first
challenges will be to ex-
plain how he differs from
his father, whom many
Republicans remember

could be major players
as hippie dippy wishful
But I was wrong.
The climate change
panel, in its usual dead-
pan prose, notes that
"'many RE (renewable
energy) technologies
have demonstrated
substantial performance
improvements and cost
reductions" since it
released its last assess-
ment, back in 2007. The
Energy Department is
willing to display a bit
more open enthusiasm;
it titled a report on clean
energy released last year
"Revolution Now." That
sounds like hyperbole,
but you realize that it
isn't when you learn that
the price of solar panels
has fallen more than
75 percent just since
Thanks to this
technological leap
forward, the climate
panel can talk about
electricity generation as a

chiefly for raising taxes,
and his brother, who
led the country into two
wars and a financial
crash. If his rivals don't
ask him which of the oth-
er Bushes' decisions he
disagreed with, reporters
will. That's how you'll
know he's really decided
to run: when he agrees to
answer those unpleasant
It's not impossible
that Jeb Bush could win
his party's nomination
in 2016. It would take a
decision to run, a clear
and visionary message,
hard work organizing
supporters and raising
money, and a grueling
gantlet of primaries
against if he's lucky
- divided conservative
opposition. But so far,
Bush hasn't stepped onto
that well-marked path.
That doesn't mean he
won't. That GOP grandee
I quoted? He demanded
anonymity because
he knows he just might
end up working for the
candidate he criticized.
Doyle McManus is a
columnist for The Los
Angeles Times. Readers
may reach him at doyle.

realistic goal and since
coal-fired power plants
are a very large part of
the climate problem,
that's a big part of the
solution right there.
It's even possible that
decarbonizing will take
place without special
encouragement, but
we can't and shouldn't
count on that. The point,
instead, is that drastic
cuts in greenhouse gas
emissions are now within
fairly easy reach.
So is the climate threat
solved? Well, it should be.
The science is solid; the
technology is there; the
economics look far more
favorable than anyone
expected. All that stands
in the way of saving the
planet is a combination
of ignorance, prejudice
and vested interests.
What could go wrong?
Oh, wait.
Paul Krugman is a
columnist for The New
York Times. He can
be reached via
www. newyorktimes. com.

.0. LaetinMDCA6O


Our Town Page 10 C

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014


The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


C OurTown Page 11


Charlotte County births
Cyrus Lee Cox, to Sarah and David Cox of North
Port, at 10:26 a.m. April 2. He weighed 7 pounds,
4 ounces.
Jordan Patrick Brown, to Laurie and Stephen
Brown of Port Charlotte, at 1:10 p.m. April 13. He
weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces.
Dylan Levan, to Tracie Kuchen and Matthew
Levan of Port Charlotte, at 8:40 a.m. April 15. He weighed
6 pounds, 15 ounces.
Hunter Matthew White, to Cassandra
Chrzanowski and Donald White of Port Charlotte, at
2:44 p.m. April 15. He weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces.
Kiara Lynn Sweeney, to Tara Fulks and Kyle
Sweeney of Port Charlotte, at 8:17 p.m. April 16. She
weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces.

Charlotte County marriages
Joseph Richard Domico of Butler, Pa., and Monica Jean
Dempsey of Butler, Pa.
Jorge Martin Caballero Ascencio of Englewood, and
Samantha Valerie Craddock of Englewood
Jeremy Scot Schneider of Plattsburgh, N.Y., and Paula
Marie Obert of Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Kurt Douglas Humphreys of Punta Gorda, and Lisa
Diane Duda of Punta Gorda
Christopher Scott Stone of Port Charlotte, and Jennifer
Lynn Dargusch of Port Charlotte
Joseph Daniel Donaldson of North Port, and Christina
Marie O'Connell of North Port
Leon Bradley Engle of Port Charlotte, and Jennifer
Colleen Eash of Port Charlotte
Antonio Alfred Suares III of Port Charlotte, and Judith
Ann Mackay of Port Charlotte
Roselio Martin Mejias of Punta Gorda, and Elisha Dare
of Punta Gorda
Kim Allen Nielsen of Punta Gorda, and Judith Ann
Youngquest of Punta Gorda
James Chauncy Michaud of Punta Gorda, and Priscilla
Ann Michaud of Punta Gorda

Johndavid Panella of Punta Gorda, and Mariateresa
Zazueta Lopez of Punta Gorda
William Jackson Clapp of Punta Gorda, and Diana Lynn
Krueger of Punta Gorda
Louis Henry Dieke of Punta Gorda, and Susan McGarry
of Punta Gorda
Terence Anthony Fillmore of Derby, England, United
Kingdom, and Teresa Edith Close of Derby, England, United
Loring Wood Jr. of Port Charlotte, and Helen Lorene
Guston Wichita Falls, Texas
Jamie Clifton Peters of Punta Gorda, and Kristin Ann
Mannone of Punta Gorda
Emil A. Abdelmalak of Port Charlotte, and Shery M.
Galoaa of Port Charlotte
Jason Everett Davis of North Port, and Crystal Nichole
Skinner of Port Charlotte
Ryan Christopher Boyette of Mountain City, Tenn., and
Jazira Awad Babikir Albiki of Kauda, Sudan
Clifford Allan Baldwin of Arcadia, and Lori Beth
Anderson of Arcadia
Edward B. Juul of Port Charlotte, and Cynthia M. Allen
of Port Charlotte

Charlotte County divorces
Susan Victoria Bledsoe v. Steven Bledsoe
William Patrick Chaney v. Gwendolyn Renee Chaney
George C. England v. Holly Joanne England
Kelly Franklin v. Michael Franklin
Christopher L. Hallinan v. Karin W. Hallinan
Laura Ann Hensel v. Steven Hensel
Christopher James Hyman v. Joanne Marie Hyman
Fred Lloyd Jackson v. Tara Nicole Jackson
Jessica Langstine v. Jason Andrew Langstine
Margaret Jane Metjev. Geoffrey Bill Metje
Carmine J. Pucciariello v. Natalia Pucciariello
Carolyn Bourgault Rector v. Randall Eugene Rector
Danielle Lynn Schneiderovitch v. Oren Jack
Mark S. Sweeney v. Jennifer Louise Sweeney
Deana Marie Wolzv. Douglas Eugene Wolz


Charlotte Harbor
Yacht Club
Ladies Bridge winners
April 15:1-Cleta Clark, 3420;
2-Janice Ressel, 2240.
Slam Bridge winners April 9:
1-Adden Wagner, 5650; 2-LaQuita
Morris, 4980; 3-Lucy Secitz, 4410.
April 16:1-George Miller; 2-Cleta
Clark; 3-Lucey Segitz; 4-Bevelee

Charlotte Square
Charlotte County Bridge
Group winners March 29: Marty
Lauer, 8690; Rachel Cavanaugh, 7120;
Virginia Clayton, 5850; Roger Stone,
5200. April 5: Bert Rockower, 5750;
Fred Jameson, 5740; Jay Oberlander,
5400; Rachel Cavanaugh, 4140.
April 12: Jay Oberlander, 6030; Bill
Kutchman, 4890; Fred Jameson,
4230; Anne Lewis, 4210.

Chubbyz Tavern
Big Dog's Live Trivia
Challenge winners April 16:
1-The Cat's Meow, $50; 2-The Irish
Elephants, $25; 3-Jaywalking, $25.

Cultural Center of
Charlotte County
Duplicate Bridge Club winners
April 8: N/S: 1-Evelyn Palmer,
Barbara Johnson; 2/3-Peggy Villela;
Kathy Haag; 2/3-Denis Leduc, James
Kioski. E/W: 1-Dorothy and Ken Facer;
2-Jean Higham, Sine Herold; 3-Ken
and Patty Earl. April 10 (a.m.):
1-Bob Bonjean, Pearl Hull; 2-Jean
Higham, Sine Herold; 3-Leon and
Martha Bisson. April 10 (p.m.):
N/S: 1 -Bob Sandahl, Leslie Clugston;
2-John Avery, John Bush; 3-Denis
Leduc, Dottie Harrop. E/W: 1/2-Bob
Mohrbacher,Yoshi Lapo; 1/2-Robin
Worcester, Judith Parker; 3-Marilyn
Grant, Peggy Villela.
Sunday Double Deck Pinochle
winners April 13: Glenn Knechtel,
1834; Audrey Speidell, 1822; Mike
Hess, 1662.
Monday Night Pinochle
winners April 14:1-Juanita Bale,
697; 2-Sally Durbano, 666; 3-Larry
Durbano, 656.
Contract Bridge winners
April 2: Trudy Riley, 5640; Pat
Jennings, 5500; Georgia Klemm,
5450; Margo Brough, 5270.
April 9: Frank Chulay, 6330; Cheryl
Jakubowski, 5990; Connie Oberlander,
5330; Barbara Allore, 4860. April 16:
Marty Lauer, 5850; John Noble, 4910;
Irma Chulay, 4850; Bill Kutchman,
Wednesday Double Deck
Pinochle winners April 16:1 -Al
Haines, 1843; 2-Jaunita Bales, 1606;
3-Virginia Clayton, 1585; 4-Bob
Paulsen, 1575.
Thursday Night Double Deck
Pinochle winners April 10:1-Gary
Sblendorio, 1668; 2-Rita Harkey,

1620; 3-Kathy Garbowicz, 1548.
Friday Evening Bridge winners
March 28: Colleen Shoemaker, 4690;
Virginia Clayton, 4620; Blanche
Thum, 4520; Cheryl Jakubowski,
4460. April 11:1-Trudy Riley, 6100;
2-Marty Lauer, 5159; 3-Jug Gorgia,
4740; 4-Mid Noble, 4550.
Friday Night Euchre winners
April 11:1-Jan Howard, 82; 2-Peggy
(no last name given), 73; 3-Georgia
Klemn, 71.

Deep Creek Elks
Monday Bridge winners
April 14:1-Rick McAdams, 4040;
2-Judy Gilbert, 4010; 3-Georgia
Kleem, 3580; 4-Barbara Allore, 3570.

Isles Yacht Club
Scrabble winners April 11:
Judith Howell, 232; Liane Riley, 253,
Duplicate Bridge winners
April 16: N/S: 1-John Craven, Pat
Slaughter; 2-Jan and Jim Dunn;
3-Bobbie Fischer, Sherry Lane. E/W:
1-Arlene and Ray Rothhaar; 2-Betty
and Rick Cotton; 3-Jim and Laurie

Country Club
Bridge-O-Rama winners:
Overall for 2013-14: Bev Bossert
and Nancy Anderson.
Ladies Bridge winners
April 4:1-Marge Lincoln; 2-Betty
Worthington; 3-Linda Bellmore.
April 9:1-Dee Nutt; 2-Carol
Niemann. April 11:1-Allene Croy;
2-Gerrie McGee; 3-Lucy Schmidt.
April 16:1-Linda Bellmore; 2-Dee
Partners Bridge winners
April 9:1-Norma Block, Linda
Bellmore; 2-Ron and Dee Nutt; 3-Dale
and Judy Strub. April 16:1-Bob and
Carol Niemann; 2-Nancy Anderson,
Denny Gilstad; 3-Dave Baker, Norma

Duplicate Bridge Club winners
April 7: N/S: 1-James Kioski, Everett
Dehn; 2-Marilyn Grant, Chuck May;
3-Barbara and Clifford Reitz. E/W:
1-Chuck Skarvan, Earl Lewis; 2-Jean
Higham, Sine Herold; 3-Peggy Villela,
Bonnie Elliott. April 9:1-Everett
Dehn, Bob Sandahl; 2-John Bush,
Bonnie Elliott; 3/4-Joe Potter, Myra
Sheppard; 3/4-Susan Bowman,
Denise Cucaro. April 11: N/S: 1-Chuck
Skarvan, Zenon Shpon; 2-Barbara
Johnson, Paula Farr; 3-Dave Valliant,
George Doeren. E/W: 1-Jean Higham,
Sine Herold; 2-Grace Campbell,
Walter Downs; 3-Ken and Patty Earl.

Port Charlotte
Golf Club
Game Day winners April 16:
Euchre: 1-Mary Ellen Ryder;

EnIIt l I .i 1I1 i -i In el In eI c ._1 f--- pI i D I .' u., a i "T 11- ,
.- 1,-1 1 I I 1 F

2-Mary Price. Bridge: 1-Marge
Karowsky; 2-Marilyn Carlson; 2-Doris
Schmitendorf. Dominos: Kay Nay.
Mahjong: 1-Marlene Arthur; 2-Jean

y Wood Decor Sale
S Candleholders
S Metal Decor Sale
SAll Wicker, Decorati
Boxes & Storage


Shutter & Blind Manufacturing Company M


Sq. Ft.
& Installed

24" W X 36" H $84 Inst.
36" W X 50" H $175 Inst.
48" W X 48" H $224 Inst.
48" W X 60" H $280 Inst.
72" W X 62" H $434 Inst.


Our blinds
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Unlike the
Flimsy Plastic
like the
36" W X 48" H $39 Inst. 36" W X 48" H $39 Inst.
52" W X 62" H $68 Inst. 52" W X 48" H $49 Inst.
60" W X 62" H $75 Inst. 60" W X 48" H $69 Inst.
72" W X 72" H $93 Inst. 72" W X 72" H $86 Inst.
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Home Accents
Categories Listed



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~iA- Packaged Quilt Battings
IN t Wedding Sale at Pillow lforms
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[ l < < / |j l | < f rtfB~f?^ l^.^^ 'COUPON MR IILlSTORE OR ONLINE -SE
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code O11V Ite atIegla, Pric,
NORTH PORT SARASOTA 5"95 Vidtru h Apri26,20i4
U.S. 41 Tamiami Trail & S. Salford Blvd. South Tamiami Trail .a.. .p. .. p,
Located in The Cocoplum Village Shops & Beneva Road
t941-426-8400 941-924-4693 ......
| rD @ il

Each week in Sunday's Charlotte
Sun, we run free birthday
announcements along with a
photo. Email your .jpg photo of
the birthday boy or girl of any age,
along with the person's name, age,
and birthday month and date, to
Marion Putman, assistant Charlotte
editor, at marionmputman@gmail.
com. Deadline is noon Thursday.
Note: If you bring or mail in a hard-
copy photo (to 23170 Harborview
Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980),
we will try to accommodate you,
but we CANNOT guarantee the
ability to return it to you. For
more information, call Marion at

I _,194W:. I
Happy 15th birthday to Happy 2nd birthday to
William Lakatos on his special Giuliana Colosimo on her
day March 28. special day April 26.

24" W X 36" H $49 Inst. 9413066041
36" W X 48" H $62 Inst. Port Charlotte
52" W X 48" H S93 Inst. 941-257-0726
72" W X 60" H $131 Inst.

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:OurTown Page 12 C


The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

an or ist
ww .flriapbicotcsco






Per FL Statute 713.78
Time of Sale 10:00 am
Location of Sale: Al A
23309 Harborview Rd.
Charlotte Harbor, FL 33
Date of Sale: 5/5/14
2004 TOY
Publish: April 20, 2014
130547 3029758

31 .122

Case #: 2010-CA-0037(
BAC Home Loans Servic
f/k/a Countrywide HomE
Servicing, L.P.
The Estate of John L. K
Deceased; Kelly Ann Hri
berly Annette Kane; Unk
Heirs, Devisees, Grante
Assignees, Creditors, Li
and Trustees of John L.
Deceased, and all other
Claiming By, Through, L
Against the Named Defe
Unknown Tenants in Pos
#1; Unknown Tenants in
sion #2; If living, and all
Unknown Parties claimir
through, under and agai
above named Defendan
are not known to be dez
alive, whether said Unkr
Parties may claim an int
Spouse, Heirs, Devisees
Grantees, or Other Clain
suant to a Final J
entered in Civil Case N
CA-003762 of the Circu
the 20th Judicial Circuit
Charlotte County, Florida
BAC Home Loans Servi
f/k/a Countrywide Hor
Servicing, L.P., Plaintiff
Ann Hrina and Kimberl:
Kane are defendantss, I
Court, Barbara T. Scot
to the highest and best
on July 3. 2014, the
described property as s
said Final Judgment, to-
If you are a person w
ability who needs any
modation in order tc
pate in this proceed
are entitled, at no cos
to the provision of
assistance. Please co
ADA Coordinator;17(
roe Street, Suite 12
Myers, Florida 339(
533-1521 at least
before your schedule
appearance, or imnr
upon receiving this
tion of the time be
scheduled appearance
than 7 days. If you a
ing or voice impair
Barbara T. Scott
Charlotte County, Florid
K. Polito
Pulblish: April 13 and 2(
118683 3026571

CASE NO: 12000782CJ

1 3122^^

A/K/A JOHN V. DUKE, et al.,
that Sale will be made pursuant to
an Order or Final Summary Judg-
ment. Final Judgment was award-
S ed on February 11, 2014 in Civil
Case No. 12000782CA, of the
Circuit Court of the Twentieth
Judicial Circuit in and for CHAR-
LOTTE County, Florida. wherein,
AM Defendants.
The clerk of the court will sell
to the highest bidder for cash at
11:00 AM on-line www.char- on May
23. 2014, the following
Described real property as set
forth in said Final Summary Judg-
ment, to wit:
WITNESS my hand and the seal of
the court on March 10, 2014.
S J. Miles
By: Barbara T. Scott, Clerk
ane, 33950, AND WHOSE TELE-
ina; Kim- PHONE NUMBER IS (941)
known 637-2281, WITHIN TWO
Hinder and CALL 711.
endant(s); Publish: April 20 and 27, 2014
session 329190 3014860
ng by, IN AND FOR
t(s) who CASE NO.: 12000861CA
known Plaintiff.
terest as VS.
ants PHYLLIS A. SILVA; et al.,
it Court of
in and for sale will be made pursuant to an
a, wherein Order or Final Summary Judg-
.in, L.rPi ment. Final Judgment was award-
icing, L ed on March 4. 2014 in Civil Case
e Loans No. 12000861CA of the Circuit
and Kelly Court of the TWENTIETH Judicial
y Annette Circuit in and for CHARLOTTE
SClerk of County, Florida, wherein, NATION-
t, will sellrf STAR MORTGAGE, LLC is the
iTE.REAL- Plaintiff, and LOUIS F. SILVA and
ACCTER 45 dants.
1100AM The clerk of the court, Bar-
1 1loi bara T. Scott will sell to the high-
following est bidder for cash www.char-
et forthin at
-wit: 11:00 a.m. on the 30 day of
A SUBDI June 2014, the following
TO THE described real property as set
ECORDED forth in said Final Summary Judg-
COR6DEDO ment, to wit:
Sing, you WITNESS my hand and the seal of
t to you, the court on March 7. 2014.
ntact theain CLERK OF THE COURT
1 Fonrt K. Polito
1 (239, Fort Deputy Clerk
) 214 33950, AND WHOSE TELE-
O, 2014 PHONE NUMBER IS (941)
637-2281, AT LEAST 7 DAYS
N, A PUB- Publish: April 13 and 20, 2014
POLITIC, 334261 3026563

Case No.: 08-2012-CA-002122
NTY Section: _______

To view today's legal notices
and more visit,

1 3122 ^^

suant to an Order of Final Sum-
mary Judgment of Foreclosure
dated March 4. 2014, entered in
Civil Case No. 08-2012-CA-
002122 of the Circuit Court of
the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in
and for Charlotte County, Florida,
wherein the Clerk of the Circuit
Court will sell to the highest bid-
der for cash on 7 day of July,
2014, at 11:00 a.m. at website:
https://www.charlotte.realfore- in accordance with
Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, rela-
tive to the following described
property as set forth in the Final
Judgment, to wit:
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale.
TIES ACT. If you are a person
with a disability who needs
any accommodation in order
to participate in this proceed-
ing, you are entitled, at no
cost to you, to the provision of
certain assistance. Please
contact Jon Embury, Adminis-
trative Services Manager,
whose office is located at 350
E. Marion Avenue, Punta
Gorda, Florida 33950, and
whose telephone number is
(941) 637-2110, at least 7
days before your scheduled
court appearance, or immedi-
ately upon receiving this noti-
fication if the time before the
scheduled appearance is less
than 7 days; if you are hear-
ing or voice impaired, call
Dated at PUNTA GORDA, Florida
this 5 day of March, 2014.
J. Miles
Barbara T. Scott
Publish: April 13 and 20, 2014
329037 3026584
CASE NO: 12003416CA
suant to a Non Jury Trial of Fore-
closure dated February 25, 2014
entered in Civil Case No.:
12003416CA of the Circuit Court
of the 20TH Judicial Circuit in and
for Charlotte County, Florida, Bar-
bara T. Scott Clerk of the Circuit
Court will sell to the highest and
best bidder for cash at www.char- at 11:00
am on the 30 day of May, 2014
the following described property
as set forth in said Summary Final
Judgment, to-wit:
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any.
other than the property owner as
of the date of the lis pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale.
Dated this 5 day of March,
Barbara T. Scott
Clerk of the Circuit Court
By: K. Polito
Deputy Clerk

County Clerk of Court, 350 E.
Marion Street, Punta Gorda,
FL 33651-1687, Tel: (941)
637-2238; Fax: (941) 637-
Publish: April 20 and 27, 2014
272484 3029661

Fmd it in the


DIV. MGR., PHONE: (239)
533-1700. FAX: (239) 533-
PHONE: (941) 637-2110,
FAX: (941) 637-2283. JEM-
PHONE: (239) 252-8800,
FAX: (239) 774-8818, MMID-
(239) 533-1723, FAX: (239)
Publish: April 20 and 27, 2014
322180 3028579

A Bargain
Check the
A Whole
of shopping
is right at

CASE NO.: 12004004CA
SERIES 2005-AR6,
suant to an Order Rescheduling
Foreclosure Sale dated on or
about February 11, 2014, and
entered in Case No.
12004004CA of the Circuit Court
of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit in
and for Charlotte County, Florida
in which Deutsche Bank National
Trust Company as Trustee for
Washington Mutual Mortgage
Pass-Through Certificate Series
2005-AR6, is the Plaintiff and Gre-
gory K. Smith, are defendants,
the Charlotte County Clerk of the
Circuit Court will sell to the high-
est and best bidder for cash in/on
, Charlotte County, Florida at
11:00 AM on the 7th day of May,
2014, the following described
property as set forth in said Final
Judgment of Foreclosure:
ENGLEWOOD, FL 34224-5430
Any person claiming an interest in
the surplus from the sale, if any,
other than the property owner as
of the date of the Lis Pendens
must file a claim within 60 days
after the sale.
Dated in Charlotte County, Florida
this 16 day of April, 2014.
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Charlotte County, Florida
By: J. Miles
Deputy Clerk
If you are a person with a dis-
ability who needs any accom-
modation in order to partici-
pate in a court proceeding,
you are entitled, at no cost to
you, to the provision of certain
assistance. Please contact the
Administrative Services Man-
ager, whose office is located
at 350 E. Marion Ave., Punta
Gorda, FL 33950 and whose
telephone number is
(941)637-2281, within two (2)
working days of receipt of this
notice; if you are hearing or
voice impaired, call 1-800-
955-8771. To file response
please contact Charlotte

ust as our college
begins its transition
from Edison State
College to Florida South-
Western State College, my
role is evolving as well.
Over the last year, I have
been serving as the liai-
son for community and
economic development
in multiple communi-
ties. In addition to Punta
Gorda and Port Charlotte,
I'm also traveling to Cape
Coral, Fort Myers and
Moore Haven.
There is no need to
worry about who is mind-
ing the store, because our
academic and student
programs are overseen
by extremely capable,
campus-based or regional
personnel. Our goal is
that the daily operations
of the Charlotte campus
are handled seamlessly
by skilled management
teams. I still welcome
your calls and emails,
however, and am glad
to make sure that all
requests receive a timely
The college's service
area is geographically
vast, covering three
coastal and two inland
counties that vary from
high-density urban to
rural. In all, that's more
than 4,700 square miles.
To ensure that we offer
academic programs
that fit the current and
projected needs of our
area, it is critical that we
develop a partnership
with local businesses.
What I have learned in
a very short time is that
while each community
has a different demo-
graphic profile, Southwest
Florida has much more in
common than I imag-
ined. Regardless of the
location, elected officials
need the engagement of
business leaders to en-
sure they hear the voices
of all constituents.
A broadly composed
committee of citizens
has been working with
Charlotte County officials
on potential projects for
the sales tax extension
referendum. I am certain
that many voices were
heard on a variety of
issues, but the committee

process evolved into
priorities that serve us all.
One project I was
pleased to see on the
recommendations is the
Piper Road extension.
Our campus is placed
between two interstate
exits, making it difficult
for visitors to locate. Not
only will the extension
complete the highway
that leads to the airport
and neighboring industri-
al sites, but it also opens
a new gateway to Edison's
Charlotte campus.
In Moore Haven,
leaders are working to
establish a hub that will
use their geographic
location to serve the
cross-state transportation
and logistics industries.
To better prepare the
workforce this hub will
necessitate, Edison has
developed new programs
that will help train these
future employees.
Finally, Cape Coral
leaders are working
extremely hard to de-
velop the public-private
partnership needed to
diversify their growing
community. There is a
common realization that
planned development
will provide the revenue
needed to maintain the
community lifestyle that
residents treasure.
All of this travel is
racking up quite a bit of
mileage on my car. I hit
the 200,000-mile mark
two weeks ago, but the
view from my car window
is a bright future for all of
Southwest Florida.
Dr Patricia Land is
the Charlotte campus
president/regional vice
president of economic and
community development
at Edison State College
Charlotte Campus in
Punta Gorda. She can be
reached at 941-637-5682


World Book Night
2014 set

The Punta Gorda/Port
Charlotte Branch of the
American Association of
University Women will
partner with the Mid-
County Regional Library,
2050 Forrest Nelson
Blvd., Port Charlotte, on
Wednesday for World
Book Night 2014. World
Book Night U.S. is a
celebration of books and
reading, when more than
25,000 volunteers across
America will give out
a total of half a million
books within their
communities to those
who do not regularly
read. World Book Night
was created to encour-
age reading for pleasure,
which has been shown to
improve literacy by ac-
tively engaging emerging
readers in their desire
to read. Reading can
change lives, improve
employability, encourage
social interaction, and
have a positive effect
on mental health and
happiness. Put simply,
books are fun, and they
can be life-changing.
April 23 was chosen as
the date for the world-
wide program because
it is the UNESCO
International Day of the

Book, as well as William
Shakespeare's birthday.
AAUW volunteer
book-givers will pick up
their books from 4 p.m.
to 6 p.m. Wednesday at
the Mid-County Regional
Library during a short
reception, to which the
AAUW and library staff
will play host.

Free art therapy
workshop set

The Arts & Humanities
Council of Charlotte
County will offer a free
art therapy workshop
from 1:30 p.m. to
3:30 p.m. Wednesday in
the Conference Center
at the Charlotte County
Chamber of Commerce,
2702 Tamiami Trail, Port
Charlotte. Taught by
Carol Lucas and Susan
Schmidt, the workshop
will train participants in
how to use art to en-
hance the lives of those
living with dementia.
Local artists, staff
from nursing homes and
senior day care centers,
caregivers and all those
interested in working
with affected seniors are
encouraged to attend.
Space is limited. If you
are interested in attend-
ing, call 941-764-8100 to
reserve a seat.

Future bright

for Edison,


:The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


C OurTown Page 13

'Spring' into family fun

-With arts and crafts,
bounce houses and
all-day Easter egg hunts,
the annual Spring
Spectacular is a haven for
young tots. But it's not
for kids only.
After putting in extra
hours during a long week
of laying tile floors,
James Bonito of Venice
was ready for some
relaxing family time. And
he found it Saturday at
the Charlotte County
"It's really calming
here, not stressful at
all," he said, watching
his daughter Sophia, 6,
getting her face painted
like a butterfly, before
strolling over to the
crafts table to build a
His wife Selena also
was enjoying the breezy,
easygoing day.
"And we're going to
do the rides," she said.
"There's a lot to do, and a
lot of free stuff too."
The fourth annual
Spring Spectacular,
which continues at
10 a.m. today, includes
such activities as an
"Imagination Station,"
coloring contests, free
arts and crafts, a "Play-
Doh" table, face painting,
free kids' tattoos and
more. For children inter-
ested in more frenzied
fun, there is an Xtreme

Kids Zone with bounce
houses, bungee jumping,
mega slides, a rock wall,
a mechanical bull ride,
a DJ and dance party,
and, new this year, a 3-D
simulated roller coaster.
Then there are the tra-
ditional Easter egg hunts.
With more than 30,000
eggs and 1,500 prizes, the
Spring Spectacular prides
itself on being the biggest
egg hunt in Southwest
Sylvia Maher of Port
Charlotte also is taking
a break from her job,
arranging an Easter
vacation with her
daughter's family visiting
from Michigan, where a
lingering ground cover of
snow prevents anything
like a spectacular spring.
Maher's grandsons,
Thomas and Jack
Simasko, already have

done the bounce house
and bungee jump, and
are looking ahead to the
egg hunts.
"We're having a real
good time," Maher
said. "This is great for
For many, it was their
first time at the Spring
Spectacular, and not
their last.
With three young
children, Mervina Leahy
of Port Charlotte had
her hands full, literally,
carrying Koryn, 3, in her
"I saw the Easter
Bunny," said Koryn, her

Sophia Bonito, 6, of Venice performs a trick-riding stunt on
her pony, while Punta Gorda's Dariana Colon, 6, prefers the
hands-on approach, at the Spring Spectacular Saturday at the
Charlotte County Fairgrounds. The event continues today.

_4 ^ -. -.

Jessica Monroe of Port Charlotte and Shailene White, 4, make
bracelets at the Spring Spectacular.

Under the watchful eye of his sister, 3-year-old Koryn, Dylan, 9,
and his mom, Mervina Leahy, build a project at the Home Depot

ar l ~LET US KNOW...
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What: Spring Spectacular
When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today
Where: Charlotte County Fairgrounds, 2333 El Jobean Road, Port
Admission: adults (18 and older), $5; kids (2 years and older), $1;
seniors (65 and older), $3 portion of profits to benefit Charlotte and
Sarasota counties. Parking is free; some rides/activities have additional
Egg hunts: 10:15 a.m., infants through 1 year old; 11 a.m., 2 years
old; 11:45 a.m., 3 years; 12:30 p.m., 4 years; 1:15 p.m., 5 years; 2 p.m.,
6 years; 2:45 p.m., 7 years; 3:30 p.m., 8 years; and 4:15 p.m., 9/10 years
- bring a basket
Also features: firefighters'MDA "Fill the Boot"drive, Easter Bunny
on-site for pictures, "Imagination Station;'coloring contest, free arts
and crafts for kids, a "Play-Doh" table, free kids tattoos, a DJ, food, and
an Xtreme Kids Zone with bouncers, mega slides, mechanical bull rides,
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OurTown Page 14 C


The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

Charlotte Chorale names managing director

congratulations to
Connie Thrasher
of Port Charlotte.
She recently was named
the new managing di-
rector for the Charlotte
Chorale, according to a
press release from the
Thrasher, who will start
June 1, comes with a
in the non-
profit arena,
and has
in market-
ing, grant
THRASHER fundrais-
ing, sales
and management. She
follows Lee Stein, who
recently stepped down as
executive director after

serving for four years.
Tickets for the Charlotte
Chorale's 2014-15 season
are available by calling
941-204-0033. Additional
information is available
at www.charlottechorale.
The Punta Gorda
Police Department
recently announced its
annual award winners
for 2013, according to a

press release from the
Police Officer First
Class Justin Davoult
was named officer of the
year. He was honored by
his peers for his out-
standing performance
in 2013, leading the
agency in drug arrests,
and was second in total
arrests, total incidents
handled, and total traffic
contacts. In addition,
Justin spent countless
volunteer hours working
on the department's
new Interactive Center
for kids, among other
Accreditation man-
ager Gloria Sepanik
was named civilian
employee of the year.
In the short time in her

new position, she led
the agency to achieve
Excelsior status the
highest form of recog-
nition for a Florida law
enforcement agency.
The Roger W.
Fenneman volunteer
of the year award went
to volunteer David
McBride. He was
recognized for his ded-
ication to the Volunteer
Marine Patrol program,
spending numerous
hours scheduling and
assisting with the
maintenance of the
volunteer patrol vessel.
In addition, David was
instrumental in the
rescue of a struggling
victim who fell off his
vessel during the 2013
Pirate Festival.

Police Officer First
Class Joseph "Joe"
Angelini took the sixth
annual customer service
award. As the new school
resource officer at Sallie
Jones Elementary School,
he was instrumental in
quickly building relation-
ships with school staff
and students.
Joe is very involved in
his community with var-
ious nonprofit organiza-
tions, and is dedicated to
making his department
and community a better
The annual inno-
vation award went to
Lt. Joe King, who was
recognized for his vision
of converting an aging
utility trailer into a fun,
interactive learning

center for youth. He took
the lead in soliciting the
community, and collect-
ed more than $10,000
toward the construction
and completion of the
project. Since its incep-
tion, the center has been
a popular item at all local
events and schools.
Other award winners
include: exceptional
team performance, tele-
communicators Audrey
Denis and Cynthia
Proud; lifesaving award,
Police Officer First Class
Dean Irving; and family
member of the year, Fred

Rusty Pray is editor of
the Charlotte Sun. He
can be reached at rpray@

Traffic enforcement locations set

- Beginning Monday,
the Charlotte County
Sheriff's Office will

increase traffic enforce-
ment at the following
Speed enforcement:

Peachland Boulevard,
between Cochran and
Harbor boulevards, Port
U.S. 41, between
Melbourne Street and
Harbor Boulevard,
Charlotte Harbor to Port
Traffic enforcement:
U.S. 41 and Veterans
Boulevard, Port Charlotte.
State Road 776
(McCall Road) and
Spinnaker Boulevard,

The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff's office, Florida High way
Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is
determined by the court system.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's
Office reported the following
Robert Lezelle Ballentine, 48,
homeless. Charge: trespassing.
Bond information was unavailable
Gary Richard Swim, 41,2000
block of Willow Hammock Circle,
Punta Gorda. Charge: driving with

A,SAS Accounting, Inc.

,13631 Tamiamni Trail
North Port, FL
sasa ccoun tin g I C Te

a suspended or revoked license.
Bond information was unavailable
Keshia Natasha Telford, 20,
1200 block of Slash Pine Circle,
Punta Gorda. Charge: petty theft.
Bond information was unavailable
Kenneth Edward Herrmann,
66, 400 block of Cartagena St.,
Punta Gorda. Charge: violation of an
injunction. Bond: none.
Kevin Michael Steinmetz, 24,
12400 block of Henley Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charge: battery. Bond:
Summer Anne Craddock, 28,
12400 block of Henley Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charge: battery. She was
released on her own recognizance.
Fred Lee Sheetz, 59,14500
block of Cannell Lane, Port Charlotte.
Charge: battery. Bond: none.
Brian Joseph Williams, 57,
500 block of Lakehurst Ave., Port
Charlotte. Charge: abuse of the
elderly or disabled. Bond: none.
Peter Kenesei, 27,1200 block of
Richter St., Port Charlotte. Charge:
petty theft. Bond: $2,500.
Ion Scott Warner. 50.19500

block of Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte.
Charge: DUI. Bond information was
unavailable Saturday.
Lummie Isaac Snead Jr., 39,
500 block of N.W. Spruce St., Port
Charlotte. Charge: driving with a
suspended license. Bond information
was unavailable Saturday.
Dion Keith Newcomb, 42,1500
block of Abalom St., Port Charlotte.
Charge: nonsupport of dependents.
Purge: $250.
Joseph Albert Digiovanni, 25,
6100 block of Hollywood Ave., North
Port. Charge: leaving the scene of a
crash involving property damage.
Bond: $1,000.
Vidal Rendon Jr., 41,of Fort
Myers. Charge: failure to appear
(original charges: grand theft of
a motor vehicle, DUI and criminal
mischief). Bond: none.
Gwendolyn Reynolds Mikes,
44,1100 block of Martha Place,
Englewood. Charge: out-of-county
warrant. Bond: $1,500.
Anthony Raymond Hall, 18,3000
block of Perdue Terrace, Punta Gorda.
Charges: three counts of grand theft
of a motor vehicle, grand theft of a
firearm, armed burglary, burglary
and petty theft. Bond: none.
Richard Dale Cato-Groves, 38,
of Farmington,W.Va. Charge: DUI.

- C(omniled hv Garyv Roberts

North Port Interventional Pain Center, Inc.

*Most insurance accepted
*All procedures done with
fluoroscopy and under
sedation on premises
* No drugs prescribed
* Only Interventional
Pain Management

Witford Reid, M.D.
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Specializing in:
Epidural Injections, Cortisone
Injections, Trigger Point Injections
and Nerve Blocks
Se habla espafiol
No Referral Needed

I 3151 Bobcat Trail Village Center Rd.
I North Port, FL, across from Bobcat Trail Golf Course
^ w w w .c.tra n m., ...,tT!g

Benefits the YMCA Community Kids Campaign


Sat, April 26th 6-1 Opm
Punta Gorda Club YMCA
2905 Tamiami Trail
7 t E -

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Made By Local Chefs
Lobster Bisque And Dessert Bar
I Free Beer & Wine, Full Cash Bar
Martini's With The Purchase Of The Souvenir
$50 Per Person Cocktail Attire:..


Dr. Qi ShaoA.P.. iMD (in China).
top senior Clhinese acui)uncturisl
with 39 years of experience.
Speiti.diziing in immediate pai n ieie% DisiL
piobleileo Sp.ial stenosis Animuhnts Can.pal
tu nelsn dn-1 i oii F|I)noIII\.I'_I. He l spin
Neijopthi\ Depiession InsoI inma Digestnie
pioblells 'kin piloblells Si- 1s Alle s\ &. llole
PI.1 l.tleC 1 1llll_01?ILUptlll tlllI?
ClassIliaseh (hlunese Ilel bs

Chia H alig Cnte
12497 TamiiiFaImi l r id, #3 North Porti U FLmi34287
94-93-88A -94-54-29

Take Care of

W.1 <=^ve




(Left to Right)
Stephen A. Spencer, MD Samantha M. Bono, PA
Laini R. Gaar, MD Laura E. Marano, PA
Jeffrey R. Hunek, MD Elizabeth L. Weber, ARNP

-,. 1617 lamniami Irall =
CoaE ste dHPort Charlotte, FL 33948
Deh ida !e-o gyo (941)613-2400
__ orth_ as_2_ yase_ aeffrekicrdagossteamPunta Gorda, FL 33950

oI ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~4 cacrrm3a.W3-4400t tie o uliypten aeofeige
0atet niniidaizdexeiec t ee hersteifcned .

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


C OurTown Page 15

Statute offers differing views on transparency


Florida Statute 112.533
governs the way law
enforcement agencies
receive and process
complaints against their
own officers.
The statute allows for
agencies like the North
Port Police Department
to withhold the names
of officers under inves-
tigation, which they've
done repeatedly in recent
days, but in a weird twist
the same law also allows
them to release those
names if they're willing to
take the chance of receiv-
ing a criminal penalty.
According to Barbara
Peterson, president of
the Tallahassee-based
First Amendment
Foundation, the statute
does not prohibit the
NPPD from releasing the
names of officers, but
there's the possibility the
agency could be charged
with a first-degree mis-
demeanor by doing so.
Peterson said the law
is "badly constructed,"
and for citizens or media

outlets that want to push
the agencies to release
the information, there's
not much that can be
done except to spend
money on lawyers to
argue the case in court.
"It's badly constructed,
no doubt," she said of
the law. "But they're kind
of between a rock and a
hard place the way this is
At least four officers
are currently on leave at
the NPPD due to internal
affairs investigations, in-
cluding Melanie Turner,
who is the subject of
criminal charges includ-
ing sexual battery and
false imprisonment.
Police Chief Kevin
Vespia said the city and
the department pride
themselves on being
transparent, but the
threat of legal action
prohibits the agency
from releasing the
names of officers under
Vespia said it could be
the employee or even
the union that decides to
pursue a criminal charge
if names are released,

and he doesn't want his
department to be the
"guinea pig" in order to
test that theory.
"I'm trying to do every-
thing right; I'm trying to
set the example for my
people," he said, adding,
"We're going to follow the
law. We're no different
than anyone else."
Yet, depending on the
agency, it seems that the
statute is up for varying
degrees of interpretation.
For instance, Sarasota
Police Department
spokeswoman Genevieve
Judge said the SPD's
internal affairs office
leans heavily on 112.533,
and will not release the
names of officers under
Punta Gorda Police
Chief Albert "Butch"
Arenal said he had "no
problem" confirming the
identify of an officer, his
employment status, and
that an investigation is
underway. Arenal added
the statute "changed" to
permit agencies to say
more than a simple no
Charlotte County

Sheriff's Office spokes-
woman Debbie Bowe
said via email that, "If
you were to ask me if a
particular person was the
subject of a current in-
vestigation, I can tell you
yes or no. If you were to
ask if we were investigat-
ing a particular situation,
I can tell you yes or no.
Until the investigation is
concluded, we can't say
anything else. So if you
were to ask who we had
current investigations
on, I can't answer that
Mick McHale, pres-
ident of the Police
Benevolent Association
chapter representing
the North Port Police
Department, said the
union also does not
receive any information
about open investi-
gations until they are
complete. He added
the union never gets
involved in the public
debate of a officer under
investigation, and does
not comment while an
investigation is still open.
"We believe in due
process, so we don't

divulge opinions on any
of our members who
are subject to investiga-
tions," he said.

Taking it to court
The argument over
what can, or should, be
released is at the heart
of a civil action the city
filed against Sarasota-
based paralegal Michael
Barfield last month in the
wake of the Turner and
Urbina scandal.
Turner, along with
now-deceased Officer
Ricky Urbina, allegedly
sexually assaulted a
38-year-old woman
at her home March 2,
during a party. Urbina
is alleged to have shown
up to the party on duty
and in uniform. He killed
himself a short time later.
Barfield requested
Urbina and Turner's
names as rumors started
to circulate that two
NPPD officers had been
placed on leave because
of an investigation.
Once Turner was
arrested and Urbina then
killed himself, the city

tried to drop the action
against Barfield, but
Barfield filed a motion
to keep the court action
going. Barfield recently
called the NPPD one of
the "least transparent"
law enforcement agen-
cies he's ever dealt with.
"They're all over the
map. There's no consis-
tency," he said.
The First Amendment
Foundation's Peterson
thinks the court action
against Barfield, set to
resume May 1, could
provide the public with
some much-needed case
law to challenge what the
interpretation of 112.533
should be.
She said she was not
surprised to hear dif-
ferent law enforcement
agencies interpret the
statute in different ways,
as the law itself leaves so
much wiggle room for
both the agencies, and
the public, to argue.
"It's kind of open to
debate," she said. "It's a
very confusing, poorly
drafted provision of the

Man charged with stalking Venice mayor


A North Port man was
charged with stalking
Venice Mayor John Holic
after he discovered
that Holic had an affair
with his wife, according
to the Venice Police
David C. Anderson,
46, of the 4100 block of
Jaslo Ave., had allegedly
been sending threat-
ening text messages to
Holic over the course of
four months, starting in
According to a report,
Anderson threatened to
harm Holic in a variety of
ways between December
and March, including
beating and killing him.
Anderson also sent text
messages threatening to
sexually assault Holic's
wife, the report shows.
"I have so much hatred
to you right now I would
probably kill you," read
one of Anderson's texts.
"I really do want to
beat the (expletive) out
of you ... You did this,
you're going to pay," read
Holic, 68, told the Sun
he "messed up," adding
that the affair took place

five years
ago, and he
n has not had
an ongoing
ship with
wife. He
ANDERSON said he did
not personally know
"You can't go back
in life," Holic said. "If I
could back, it would have
never happened."
Holic, who is in the
first year of his second
term as mayor, attempt-
ed to ignore the messag-
es but as they continued,
the report states, he
texted Anderson to tell
him he regretted the
affair and that he had
reconciled the issue with
his own wife.
Holic told Anderson he
did not know what to do,
but didn't want to keep
texting back and forth.
Anderson replied that if
he started beating Holic
he wouldn't be able to
stop and that it "scared
On Dec. 29, Anderson
put hand-stenciled signs
in front of Venice City
Hall and in front of the
Venice YMCA where
Holic works out that


Big Band
celebrates 'Year
That Was'
The Charlotte County
Big Band will devote
the 2013-2014 season to
some of the best years
of music with its season
called "The Year That
Was..." at the Cultural
Center of Charlotte County
Theater, 2280 Aaron St.,
Port Charlotte. The series
kicked off Sept. 16, 2013,
with 1938, featuring the
Carnegie Hall concert by
Benny Goodman. The re-
maining schedule includes:
SMonday: the
1980s contemporary

influences of Henry
Mancini, Sammy Nestico,
Don Schamber and Dave
Wolpe lead to "Pink
Panther," "Sweet Georgia
Brown" and more.
Shows are scheduled to
begin at 7 p.m. Advanced
ticket prices are $11 per
person for Cultural
Center members, or $12
for nonmembers; tickets
the day of the show are
$13 per person, with no
member discounts. The
full season is available for
only $85. Purchase tickets
at www.theculturalcenter.
comrn or the box office. For
more information, call
941-625-4175, ext. 221.

tKumrimi Kunm:

19888 VETERANS BLVD. oPH: 941-623-6192
A~itt *rY!~ i rr9m.n~i i M, M iv ,f rr M .Tfrr zr

UBetween Teresa and Atwater 2 BIks East of Home Depot |
|^ w 19875 Veterans Blvd.
I ___ __ Hire Craftsmen, Not Installers
p, A+ Rated *Paver install excludes Charlotte County. "

The turning point for Venice Mayor John Holic
were the thousands of leaflets that North Port
resident David Anderson allegedly distributed
throughout Holic's neighborhood proclaiming that
the mayor cheats on his wife.
Until then, it had been mostly threatening
text messages, but as many of the threats began
manifesting themselves, Holic said he became
more and more afraid for the safety of his family.
Along with the leaflets, Holic said Anderson also
hand-delivered notes to the YMCA gym where he
works out and to his son's house.
"He was following through on them (the text
messages) one at a time," Holic said. "I didn't know
what the next step would be. If something was
going to happen to me, that was my fault. But I

stated Holic cheats on
his wife, the report states.
Authorities also discov-
ered that Anderson had
visited the YMCA looking
for Holic, and later left
a handwritten note for
On Jan. 27, Anderson
contacted Holic to
tell him he had talked
to a lawyer about the
possibility of suing him
for pain and suffering,
but since four years had
passed, the matter could
not be brought before a
The text messages
and threats continued
through March 25, with
the final message stating

-couldn't stand the thought of
something happening to my
Anderson, 46, was arrested
Thursday and charged with
aggravated stalking after
sending threatening text
messages to Holic between
HOLIC December and March, according
to a Venice police report.
Via text messages, Anderson threatened to harm
Holic and sexually assault his wife the report shows.
Holic said he met Anderson's wife while he was
working atWells Fargo in Venice, and later admitted
to his own wife that he had an affair.
He described a "tremendous forgiveness"on the
part of his own wife, and said he understood the
"emotional part"of Anderson's anger and threats

that Anderson was going
to get Holic one day.
But after the messages
stopped, Anderson then
allegedly distributed
thousands of leaflets
around Holic's neigh-
borhood on April 12 that
stated "Venice Mayor
John Holic Cheats on
Wife," the report states.
Holic was out of town
at the time and he was
informed of the fliers by
phone call, he said.
Frightened for his
personal safety and the
safety of his family, Holic
then contacted authori-
ties, the report shows.
Police subpoenaed
Anderson's phone

Log onto for the latest updates.


., OVER!
SSUN. 4/20 &MON. 4/21


1 ?5L


; FORt
_,_ ~ ~ L ,75L


AI 75

toward him. He hoped that would eventually go
away, but instead Anderson's anger continued to
escalate, he said.
"My hope was that the initial anger would
subside and he would find solace again in his wife
and regain their relationship,";' Holic added.
Holic is in the first year of his second term as
Venice mayor. Elected officials in Venice serve three-
year terms, he said.
He deeply regrets the affair, he added, saying
that his own wife was victimized by his poor-
decision making, but Anderson "doubled down"and
victimized his wife again by making the threats.
"I'm not a perfect person, I've made mistakes,"
he said."But I received forgiveness from God and
from my wife"'
Compiled by Drew Winchester

records and confirmed
he had been sending
all the threatening
Anderson was arrested
Thursday and taken to

the Sarasota County Jail,
where he was released
Friday on $25,000 bond.
Anderson could not be
reached for comment.


* *.: *.Cl,]d[or;l ~ lI ,I 0'J],~"

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2391 S. McCall Rd. Englewood
Open Monday thru Saturday 7am -11 pm
Sunday 9 am-10pm


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JBM tfiN

^(1 UOR 6 r^^fi

:OurTownPagel6 C LOCALIREGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

50 years of hunts and smiles


.4. -




Eight-month-old Madison Brownie does not know quite what David Corneliu, 2, gathered quite a few Easter eggs at
to do with her Easter basket, the hunt Saturday morning.

Charlotte County sponsored its 50th Annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday
morning at North Charlotte Regional Park in north Port Charlotte. At the free
event for preschoolers through fifth-graders which started with a 1-mile
Fun Walk, and then proceeded to hunts set up by age ranges children met
the Easter Bunny and were entertained with games, bounce houses, arts and
crafts, and treats. Here, Addison Castine, 3, gets a big hug from the Easter

Nick Piatt, 13,
Mikey Papa, 16, -
and Chris Papa, t-
12, have fun
with the large ,-
inflatable ball. tsr.

Stoney, the mascot for the Charlotte Stone Crabs, greets
19-month-old Sofia Felico and Julie Meyrs.

Weston Doeble, 1, and his brother Landon, 3, had their
faces painted before coming to the Easter egg hunt.


Lowe's had a booth at the event, building birdhouses for visitors. Here, Sam O'Shields shows his
daughter Savannah, 10, how to build one.

Lilliana Shippee, 3, Robin Johnson, Sadie Shippee, 8, Aaron Shippee, Annalise Shippee and Carter
Shippee, 6, decided to find a spot on the ground to build their birdhouses before the Easter egg

Payton Martin, 4, and her sister Amya, 3, came to find some
Easter eggs with their father Paul.

Leticia Gomez holds Violet Avalos, 2, as the Easter Bunny stops to say hello.

-- -n Si
VOW ... f -
k N ax 7- up.
Karly Greene, her daughter, Madison, 3, wearing her rabbit ears, and Gabby Konajeski attended
the egg hunt.

16 .

Children are all smiles as the Easter Bunny waves hello to them
prior to the egg hunt.

A group of children shake hands with the Easter Bunny as he

:OurTown Page 16 C

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014


V% a


Delay won't quell
2014 wrangling over
Keystone XL

Democrats sweating this year's
elections may be hoping that
the Obama administration's
latest delay to the proposed
Keystone XL pipeline takes a
politically fraught issue off the
table for the midterms.

Page 2 -

Bill could slow
Florida craft beer
industry growth

The fight between craft
brewers and the distributors of
Budweiser over the legalization
of half-gallon beer containers
has gotten so bitter that it is
even being likened to extortion.
Page 3 -

13th body pulled
from snow in Nepal

Search teams recovered a 13th
body Saturday from the snow
and ice covering a dangerous
climbing pass on Mount
Everest, where an avalanche
happened a day earlier.
Page 7 -

Malaysia asks world
to pray for plane clue

Authorities said a robotic
submarine was expected to
finish searching a patch of the
Indian Ocean seabed within a
week after so far coming up
Page 7 -

Documents detail
another delayed
GM recall

General Motors waited years
to recall nearly 335,000 Saturn
Ions for power steering failures
despite getting thousands of
consumer complaints and more
than 30,000 warranty repair
claims, according to government
documents released Saturday.
Page 8 -

11 i rr rI' III III


h eJ Ip |^|www.sunnewspapers. net

Red flag in Obamacare virus review

have accounts on the enrollment
website for President Barack
Obama's signature health care
law are being told to change
their passwords following an
administration-wide review of the
government's vulnerability to the
confounding Heartbleed Internet
security flaw.
Senior administration officials
said there is no indication that the site has been com-
promised and the action is being
taken out of an abundance of cau-
tion. The government's Heartbleed
review is ongoing, the officials

Student fought

for Holocaust


AMSTERDAM Charlotte van den
Berg was a 20-year-old college student
working part time in Amsterdam's city
archives when she and other interns came
across a shocking find: letters from Jewish
Holocaust survivors complaining that the
city was forcing them to pay back taxes
and late payment fines on property seized
after they were deported to Nazi death
How, the survivors asked, could they be
on the hook for taxes due while Hitler's
regime was trying to exterminate them?
A typical response was: "The base fees
and the fines for late payment must be


said, and users of other websites
may also be told to change their
passwords in the coming days,
including those with accounts
on the popular
petitions page.
The Heartbleed programming
flaw has caused major security
concerns across the Internet and
affected a widely used encryption
technology that was designed to
protect online accounts. Major
Internet services have been
working to insulate themselves
against the problem and are also
recommending that users change
their website passwords.
Officials said the administration

This Nov. 27, 2013, photo, taken in Washington, shows part
of the website page featuring information
I about the SHOP Marketplace.



in ferry


MOKPO, South Korea Divers recovered
13 bodies from inside a ferry that sank
off South Korea, pushing the confirmed
death toll to 46, officials said Sunday. The
discovery came after rescuers finally gained
access to the inside of the ship following
three days of failure and frustration caused
by strong currents and bad visibility due to
inclement weather.
More than 300 people are missing or
dead, and the captain of the ferry has
been arrested on suspicion of negligence
and abandoning people in need. Two
crew members also were taken into cus-
tody, including a rookie third mate who a
prosecutor said was steering in challenging
waters unfamiliar to her when the accident
Late Saturday, divers broke a window in
the submerged ferry and initially retrieved
three bodies, Kim Kwang-hyun, a coast
guard official, said Sunday. These apparent-
ly were the first bodies recovered from in-
side the ferry since it sankWednesday. Later
Sunday, government officials announced
that 10 more bodies had been found inside
the ferry, pushing the confirmed toll to 46.
Officials said 256 people were missing, most
of them high school students on a holiday
Details about how divers managed to
enter the ship and where the bodies were
found or their identities weren't clear.
Government officials said the bodies were


CHICAGO -Record-
high prices for U.S. beef
burgers and pork chops are
helping to make 2014 the
most profitable year ever
for chicken producers.
Americans are buying
more chicken as a cheaper
alternative just as fast-food
restaurants including Yum
Brands and McDonald's
add new menu items from
wings to club sandwiches.
The sales surge has sent
wholesale prices to an all-
time high, boosted profit
for processors including
Tyson Foods Inc., and left
Ozark Mountain Poultry
unable to keep up.

"We're sold out," said
Ed Fryar, the chief exec-
utive officer of Rogers,
Ark-based Ozark, which
processes 3 million pounds
(1,361 metric tons) a
week "Last fall, when
I looked at 2014,1
didn't anticipate
demand being
as strong as it is.
This is going to be a
really good year for ii i,
With whole birds
at U.S. supermar-
kets selling at

half the per-pound cost of
beef or pork, Americans
will eat the most chicken
in three years, while tight

I ._ .



Solemn Easter vigil
Pope Francis celebrates the Easter vigil service in St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican
Saturday. Pope Francis has presided over a solemn Easter vigil in St. Peter's Basilica in which
he baptized 10 people. The vigil is among the most solemn and dramatic on the church
calendar, with Francis entering the darkened basilica with a lone candle which he then
shares with others to slowly illuminate the church. The heavily symbolic service commem-
orates the darkness over the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday and the joy and light at his
resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Profit tastes like chicken

in search for cheap meat

Delay won't quell 2014 wrangling over Keystone XL

Democrats sweating this
year's elections maybe
hoping that the Obama
administration's latest
delay to the proposed
Keystone XL pipeline
takes a politically
fraught issue off the
table for the midterms.
Fat chance.
An indefinite exten-
sion of the government's
review of the con-
tentious oil pipeline,
announced late Friday
by the State Department,
almost certainly pushes
a final decision past the
November elections,
keeping the project in
a politically expedient
holding pattern. But it is
doing little to quell pos-
turing over the project,
which has taken on a
life of its own as climate
change activists battle

with energy advocates
from both parties.
Republicans jumped
at the chance to paint
Democrats as powerless
to rein in their own par-
ty's president. Keystone
opponents were split,
with some praising the
delay and others chiding
President Barack Obama
for not vetoing the
project outright.
"It reinforces how
ineffective, powerless
and without influence
senators like Mary
Landrieu, Mark Begich,
MarkWarner and
Kay Hagan are," said
Brad Dayspring of the
National Republican
Senatorial Committee,
rattling off vulnerable
Democrats up for
re-election in November.
For Democrats
competing in

states, winning those
votes will require putting
distance between
themselves and Obama.
The State Department's
announcement that a
decision on Keystone
XL won't come any time
soon offers a prime
opportunity to bash the
leader of their party.
"I am frankly ap-
palled at the continued
foot-dragging by this
administration on the
Keystone project," said
Begich, D-Alaska, adding
that the delay "means
we'll miss another con-
struction season, and
another opportunity to
create thousands of jobs
across the country."
On the opposite end
of the spectrum, some
environmentalists were
equally miffed, arguing

that Obama should mus-
ter the courage to nix
the project rather than
hold out the prospect
that he'll approve the
pipeline, which would
carry oil from western
Canada's tar sands to
refineries on the Texas
Gulf Coast.
"While we're at it, the
State Department should
also request that physics
delay heat-trapping
operations for a while,
and that the El Nifio
scheduled for later this
spring be pushed back
to after the midterms,"
said Bill McKibben of
the group 350 Action in
a statement dripping
with sarcasm.
Word of the latest
in a string of delays
to Keystone XL came
Friday as Washington
was winding down


President Barack Obama speaks in the Rose Garden of the White
House in Washington, Friday, where he presented the Command-
er-in-Chief's Trophy to the United States Naval Academy football
team. The Obama administration is extending indefinitely the
amount of time federal agencies have to review the Keystone XL
pipeline, the State Department said Friday.

for Easter. The State
Department said it will
give federal agencies
more time to weigh in
on the matter but de-
clined to say how much
longer. Officials said the

decision will have to
wait for dust to settle in
Nebraska, where a judge
in February overturned
a state law that allowed
the pipeline's path
through the state.

Governor: Closing Boston amid bomber hunt 'tough'

Several days after the
Boston Marathon
bombing, Gov. Deval
Patrick received a call
in the pre-dawn hours
from a top aide telling
him that police officers
outside the city had just
engaged in a ferocious
gun battle with the two
men suspected of setting
the bombs and that one

was dead and the other
had fled.
Within hours, Patrick
shut down the region's
public transportation
system and made an
extraordinary request
of more than 1 million
greater Boston residents:
Shelter in place.
And for the better part
of April 19, 2013, nearly
everyone did.

On what otherwise
would be a normal
weekday, people stayed
home. Stores in Boston
were shuttered, streets
deserted and an eerie
silence prevailed while
authorities searched for
the suspect and attempt-
ed to cut off escape
"It was a big decision.
I'm glad we made it,"

Patrick reflected during
a recent interview about
the anniversary of the
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it
turned out, would not
be captured until shortly
after the shelter-in-place
request was lifted some
12 hours later. He was
found in a boat, behind
a home in Watertown,
a Boston suburb,

blocks from where his
older brother, Tamerlan
Tsarnaev, had died after
the earlier shootout. The
homeowner had ven-
tured outside to check
on his boat and, upon
noticing the cover amiss,
peered in and saw the
bloodied teenager.
That the population
of greater Boston over-
whelmingly agreed to

shelter in place it was
not mandatory and
that there was little
second-guessing despite
the inconvenience and
disruption of commerce
it caused, was viewed as
a reflection of the anxiety
gripping the region. It
was also a sign of how
strongly the city rallied
around itself and its lead-
ers after the bombing.

Afraid of student-loan debt? Sell stock in yourself instead

NEWYORK (Slate) -
In 1954, Milton Friedman
laid out a radical new plan
for funding education in
a footnote to a lengthy
academic volume. He
described a system where
individuals would sell
"stock' in themselves -
i.e., a share of their future

earnings to investors
who would finance their
education and training.
"The purchase of such
'stock' would be profitable
so long as the expected
return on investment in
training exceeded the
market rate of interest," he
and his co-author, Simon

Kuznets, wrote.
Sixty years later, the
lending system Friedman
envisioned is beginning to
take shape. Income share
agreements contracts
that allow investors to
give individuals money
upfront in exchange for a
percentage of their future
earnings are quietly
gaining a following among
critics of the nation's
staggering student-debt
problem. New companies
such as Upstart, Pave and
Lumni have turned to the
investing-in-people model
to help talented individuals
secure funds for anything
from education to business
This week income share

As a Sun Newspaper Subscriber

you can access your account
information online at

Go to Directory and then My Subscription

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to sign up online for these great benefits.

If you have any questions, please call 941-206-1300.

-. -, ~t

-- r~. ~*C.. a a.1*
-~ .-
I I *

~ ~
-. -,-
U V -

agreements, or ISAs, came
into the national spotlight
when Sen. Marco Rubio,
R-Fla., and Rep. Tom Petri,
R-Wis., introduced legis-
lation that could broaden
the use of such investment
vehicles by formally
defining their terms.
The Investing in Student
Success Act would pro-
vide a necessary legal
framework for ISAs so that
investors and fund seekers
alike would know exactly
what they were signing up
for. The bill specifies details
such as the maximum
length a contract can last
(30 years) and the cap on
income a fund seeker can
owe (15 percent). The bill
also formally states that an

Body found by
highway is missing
Massachusetts boy
(AP) The body of a small
boy apparently cast off the
side of a highway has been
confirmed as a missing

income share agreement
is not a loan a question
companies like Upstart and
Pave have grappled with in
defining their contracts.
"This concept is quite
innovative in its approach
to financing college," Petri,
a senior member of the
House Education and the
Workforce Committee, said
in a release. "These plans
would help all students get
the financing they need -
including students from
disadvantaged back-
grounds but without the
anxiety that comes with
traditional loans."
The basic theory behind
ISAs is that they make life
more manageable for the
borrower because the debt

5-year-old, authorities said
The body found Friday
off Interstate 190 has been
positively identified as
Jeremiah Oliver, Worcester
County District Attorney
Joseph D. Early Jr. said. No
charges were immediately

You Can't Control the World, But
You Can Control Your Decisions.
If current events are making you feel uncertain
about your finances, you should schedule a
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is repaid in proportion to
earnings. If an ISA recipient
agrees to pay back
6 percent of his earnings
over a five-year period,
his monthly payments
will vary according to his
salary at any given time.
On Upstart and Pave,
these income percentages
are determined through
elaborate algorithms
that use data points like
education, standardized
test scores, credit history,
and job offers to predict
each person's future
earning potential. The
goal, in a sense, is to take a
generation of highly unpre-
dictable young people and
turn them into a smart bet
for investors.

announced related to
Jeremiah's death.
He was last seen by
relatives in September but
wasn't reported missing
until December. Authorities
had said they feared the
Fitchburg boy was dead.
Early said in a statement
Saturday that the autopsy
report is not complete. The
investigation is continuing,
he said.
"It appears to be a
homicide," the prosecutor
said at a news conference
Early said the body was
found at about 9 a.m.
Friday by a police search
team about 40 feet off
1-190 near Sterling, which
is about 12 miles from
Study: Half of
jailed NYC youths
have brain injury
half of all 16- to 18-year-olds
coming into NewYork City's
jails say they had a traumat-
ic brain injury before being
incarcerated, most caused
by assaults, according to a
new study that's the latest in
a growing body of research
documenting head trauma
among young offenders.
Experts say the findings,
published this week in
The Journal of Adolescent
Health, could lead to
better training for correction
officers on how to deal with
the possible symptoms of
such trauma, which include
problems with impulse con-
trol and decision-making.


Page 2 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

ii 4678 Tamiami Trail Suite 101
U Prt halotte!FL 398


Bill could flatten craft beer industry growth


WIRE Page 3

(AP) The fight between
craft brewers and the
distributors of Budweiser
over the legalization of
half-gallon beer con-
tainers has gotten so
bitter that it is even being
likened to extortion.
The issue seems simple
enough: Florida allows
breweries to fill quart
and gallon containers
- called growlers at
their tap rooms, but the
half-gallon size that's
the industry standard in
47 other states remains
illegal. Brewers, their
customers and some law-
makers think the state
should just get rid of the
restriction that many call
silly. But the politically
powerful Anheuser-
Busch InBev distributors
have a powerful ally in
Senate President Don
Gaetz as they try to force

craft breweries to give up
some of their profit.
The latest idea is to
force breweries to buy
their own beer from
distributors at a markup
before they can sell cans
and bottles to brewery
visitors the beer, in
most cases, wouldn't
even leave the premises
or be handled by the
distributors. Now, the
brewers don't have to use
a middleman.
"It's like paying
protection money" to
the mob, said Sen. Jack
Latvala, R-Clearwater,
who supports allowing
half-gallon growlers with
no strings attached.
Gaetz has in recent
weeks been playing
both sides telling
beer lovers who have
complained about the
proposed legislation that
he helped a craft brewery

In this April 12 photo, Grayton Beer Company owner
Price discusses a proposed bill that could affect Flori
brewing industry in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

in his district get started,
but is still supporting
the bill (SB 1714) that
takes profits from craft
brewers and hands them
to distributors. The bill
will likely be considered
before the session closes

May 2.
"When he say
supports Grayto
Company or he
small independ
breweries he
never support(
one thing," said

J Price, the brewery owner
Gaetz has boasted about
S S helping. "He's either evil
or he's dumb."
Price's brewery
opened under a busi-
ness plan that included
sales through distribu-
/ tors to restaurants and
stores, a tasting room
where brewery visitors
can buy draft beer and
take-home containers,
and a small production
brew pub that would
be supplemented by
AP PHOTO beer made at the main
rJamey "We can crumple
ida's craft that business plan up
and throw it out the
window," said Price,
s that he standing at his Santa
on Beer Rosa Beach brewery.
supports "If this was in effect in
ent 2010, more than likely
has we wouldn't have gotten
d me in into this business."
SJamey Anheuser-Busch InBev


Farm allows
families to rent
Easter chicks
(AP) One Canaveral
Groves farm is allowing
families to enjoy baby
Easter chicks without
committing to their long-
term care.
For $25 Hise Farms will
rent a pair of fluffy chicks
along with 2 pounds of
feed, a cardboard coop
and the care instructions
for two weeks.
After two weeks, renters
must return the birds to
the farm.
Farm owner Mary Hise
says the chicks grow a
lot in two weeks and the
rental program is a fun
and educational way for
kids to experience nature.
Hise anticipates renting
at least 100 pairs of baby
chicks this Easter season.

Workers painting
at Universal
Studios fall ill
workers from Universal
Studios in Orlando
are out of the hospital
after being treated early
Saturday when they be-
came sick while applying
paint sealer to a popular
WFTV in Orlando
reported that the workers
were applying the sealer
to the park's Harry Potter
ride around 2 a.m. on
A Universal Studios
spokesperson says the
park expects the workers
to be fine.

6 charged in
tax conspiracy
- Six people have been
charged in a conspiracy
to defraud the govern-
ment in Jacksonville
federal court.
Federal prosecutors
unsealed the indictment
on Friday.
Five of the arrests were
made Tuesday; the sixth
was made on Friday.
Four of those named
in the indictment also
face charges of theft of
public money and aiding
and abetting the theft of
public money.
The indictment alleges

that the six conspired
with inmates to defraud
the Internal Revenue
Service. They received
payments of false federal
income tax refunds that
ranged between $5,800
and $25,000, totaling
$6.8 million.
If convicted of the
conspiracy charge, each
faces a maximum penalty
of 10 years in federal
prison. The theft of public
money counts each carry
a maximum penalty of
10 years' imprisonment.

Father charged
with murder in
son's stabbing
(AP) Authorities say
a South Florida father is
facing murder charges in
the stabbing death of his
adult son during an argu-
ment over the mother's
stabbing years earlier.
The Broward Sheriff's
Office said Friday that
63-year-old Joseph
Horace Troutman is
charged with second-de-
gree murder in the killing
of 40-year-old Tyrone
Troutman. The older man
was hospitalized with
a hand injury. It wasn't
clear if he had hired an
Deputies say the
two were arguing late
Thursday about Joseph
Troutman's stabbing
of Tyrone Troutman's
mother several years
earlier. Joseph Troutman
allegedly grabbed a
large kitchen knife and
stabbed his son in the
back. Tyrone Troutman
ran to a neighbor's house
but collapsed and was
pronounced dead at a
Joseph Troutman told
deputies he was acting in

Fishermen report
increase in
big sharks
Panhandle fishermen say
they are seeing more and
more super-sized sharks
in the northern Gulf this
In Destin, Capt. Curt
Gwin caught a 668-pound
mako shark on April 10.
On April 2, two men from
Milton caught an 11-foot,
805-pound short fin

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mako. That shark could
set a world record.
Okaloosa County
commissioner and boat
captain KellyWindes
tells The Northwest
Florida Daily News that
this spring has seen an
unusual number of really
big sharks.
Earlier this month,
another man caught a
720-pound mako shark
off the waters of Destin.
Experts say part of the
reason fishermen are
seeing the big sharks now
is the eastward cobia
migration. Most of the
fishermen were targeting
the cobia when they
snagged the big sharks.

Woman killed
when car crashes
into her house
Police say a 62-year-old
Sarasota woman was
killed early Saturday
when another woman
drove a car into the side
of her home.
Eleanor Ball was
asleep when the car went
through a side wall of
her home and into her
Investigators say the car
was driven by a 24-year-
old Tampa woman
was driving away from
police after they had been
dispatched to her ex-boy-
friend's home for an
alleged break-in. Officials
say Ball died at the scene.
The driver was taken
to the hospital and was
expected to be booked
into the Sarasota County
Jail later Saturday. She
faces charges of vehicular
homicide, burglary,
battery, petit theft, and

Canadian real
estate firm
Cannabis-Rx buys
Manatee buildings
TALLEVAST (Bradenton
Herald) -A Canadian-
based real estate investment
company has closed on
a land deal in southern
Manatee County that could
light up the pot industry in
Cannabis-Rx announced
Thursday that it acquired
three buildings on 9.26 acres
formerly owned by boat
maker Genmar, totaling
209,000 square feet of com-
mercial space on 15th St.
E., near Sarasota Bradenton
International Airport.
"This acquisition rep-
resents a continuation of

our strategy to acquire stra-
tegically located properties
at a significant discount to
replacement cost, rehabil-
itate the asset to increase
its value and either sell it or
lease it to achieve our target
internal rate of return," said
olom Kylo, chief executive
officer of Cannabis-Rx.

distributors, who handle
Budweiser, are trying
to protect the three-tier
system of alcohol
distribution the federal
government set up
after Prohibition ended
in the 1930s. It basical-
ly ensures that alcohol-
ic beverages are passed
through a distributor
to get to retailers.
Exceptions have been
made for purchases
where products are
produced, like buying
wine at a winery or
rum at a distillery.
Mitch Rubin, a
lobbyist representing
Anheuser-Busch InBev
distributors, said he's
OK with draft beer and
growler sales at brew-
eries, but not bottles,
cans or kegs. He hasn't
supported bills that
simply legalize
half-gallon growlers.

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o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014

Page 4 WIRE The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014 FROM PAGE ONE

Space station's Robonaut finally getting legs

Fla. (AP) Robonaut,
the first out-of-this-world
humanoid, is finally
getting its space legs.
For three years,
Robonaut has had to
manage from the waist
up. This new pair of legs
means the experimental
robot now stuck on a
pedestal is going mo-
bile at the International
Space Station.
"Legs are going to
really kind of open up the
robot's horizons," said
Robert Ambrose from
NASAs Johnson Space
Center in Houston.
It's the next big step in

NASAs quest to develop
robotic helpers for
astronauts. With legs, the
8-foot Robonaut will be
able to climb through-
out the 260-mile-high
outpost, performing
mundane cleaning chores
and fetching things for
the human crew.
The robot's gangly,
legs are packed aboard a
SpaceX supply ship that
launched Friday, more
than a month late. It was
the private company's
fourth shipment to the
space station for NASA
and is due to arrive Easter

Robonaut 2 R2 for
short has been count-
ing down the days.
"Legs are on the way!"
read a message Friday
on its Twitter account,
@AstroRobonaut. (OK,
so it's actually a Johnson
Space Center spokesman
who's doing the tweeting.)
Space Exploration
Technologies Corp.'s
unmanned capsule,
Dragon, holds about
2 tons of space station
supplies and experi-
ments, Robonaut's legs
Until a battery backpack
arrives on another supply
ship later this year, the

multimillion-dollar robot
will need a power exten-
sion cord to stretch its legs,
limiting its testing area to
the U.S. side of the space
station. Testing should
start in a few months.
Each leg 4 feet,
8 inches long has
seven joints. Instead of
feet, there are grippers,
each with a light, camera
and sensor for building
3-D maps.
"Imagine monkey feet
with eyes in the palm of
each foot," Ambrose said.
NASA engineers based
the design on the tether
attachments used by
spacewalking astronauts.

This Nov. 13, 2013, photo
made available by NASA,
shows the Robonaut with legs
at a lab in Houston. Each leg,
4 feet, 8 inches long when
straight, has seven joints.
Instead of feet, there are

t a traffic and the most sen- any personal information The health care website in the online system.
V IRU sitive user information, has ever been at risk, became a prime target for Critics have also raised
A message that was to we have taken steps critics of the Obamacare concerns about potential
FROM PAGE 1 be posted on the health to address Heartbleed law last fall when the security vulnerabilities on
care website starting issues and reset consum- opening of the insurance a site where users input
was prioritizing its analy- Saturday reads: "While ers' passwords out of an enrollment period re- large amounts of personal
sis of websites with heavy there's no indication that abundance of caution." vealed widespread flaws data.

FER RY c fishing ships or other
FERRY It" t boats nearby at that
-,k -.'time."
FROM PAGE 1 The Sewol had left the
northwestern port of
found inside the ferry w Incheon on Tuesday on
but didn't immediately an overnight journey to
provide other details. the holiday island of Jeju
Hundreds of civilian, in the south with 323
government and military students from Danwon
divers were involved in High School in Ansan
the search. among its passengers. It
The ferry's captain, Lee capsized within hours
Joon-seok, 68, was arrest- of the crew making a
ed along with one of the distress call to the shore
Sewol's three helmsmen a little before 9 a.m.
and the 25-year-old third Wednesday.
mate, prosecutors said. With only 174 known
"I am sorry to the survivors and the
people of South Korea chances of survival
for causing a distur- AP PHOTO increasingly slim, it is
bance and I bow my Relatives of missing passengers aboard the sunken ferry Sewol in the water off the southern shaping up to be one
head in apology to the coast listen to a briefing from a Korea Coast Guard official, left top corner, about a rescue and of South Korea's worst
families other victimss" search operation at a port in Jindo, South Korea, Saturday. disasters, made all the
Lee told reporters more heartbreaking by
Saturday morning decision to wait about water was cold, and I they were, they would the likely loss of so many
as he left the Mokpo 30 minutes before thought that if people drift away and face many young people, aged 16
Branch of Gwangju ordering an evacuation, left the ferry without other difficulties," Lee or 17. The country's last
District Court to be "At the time, the cur- (proper) judgment, if said. "The rescue boats major ferry disaster was
jailed. But he defended rent was very strong, the they were not wearing had not arrived yet, nor in 1993, when 292 people
his much-criticized temperature of the ocean a life jacket, and even if were there any civilian were killed.

Netherlands' Institute of the homes were sold to
HOLOCAUST ofWar, Holocaust and Dutch collaborators who
Genocide Studies -nor taleft the bills unpaid and
FROM PAGE 1 NIOD found 217 cases fled at the end of the war.
in which the city demand- 'Ano t` their thing that
satisfied, regardless of ed that returning Jews pay a d happened, and this is
whether a third party, the taxes and penalty fees almost too sad to relate,
legally empowered or not, for getting behind in their is that Jews got back from
has for some time held the payments. Auschwitz- and then got
tile to the building." Two Dutch newspa- an invoice for the gas that
Following her discovery pers, Het Parool and De had been used in their
in 2011, Van den Berg Telegraaf, have received homes," Nafthaniel said.
waged a lonely fight leaked copies of the The Netherlands
against Amsterdam's mod- report and published its', deported a relatively high
em bureaucracy to have conclusions. The report percentage of its Jews
the travesty publicly rec- found that the city's top during the Nazi occupa-
ognized. Now, largely due lawyer advised politicians tion of 1940-1945 com-
to her efforts, Amsterdam of the time not to enforce ,. pared to other European
officials are considering the fines, but the recom- countries, in part because
compensating Holocaust mendation was rejected. of its efficient bureaucra-
survivors for the taxes and Politicians worried cy. An estimated 110,000
possibly other obligations, granting one claim might Dutch Jews died in the
including gas bills, they lead to more. Holocaust, including
were forced to pay for "The city made a con- teenage diarist Anne
homes that were occupied scious decision to reject AP PHOTO Frank. Around 30,000
by Nazis or collaborators this advice, which cannot survived the war, many
while the rightful owners be described otherwise In this Wednesday photo, Charlotte van den Berg poses for later emigrating to Israel.
were in hiding or awaiting than as a totally needless a portrait outside the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and The Institute report
death in the camps. callousness toward (Jews) Genocide Studies, rear, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. recommends that the city
"I didn't expect any of who had their property now pay survivors or their
this to happen, though taken during the war," and that most excuses reviewed a copy- said families 4.9 million euros
I'm happy it finally did," De Telegraaf quoted the including that property the papers' reporting is ($6.7 million): 400,000
van den Berg told The report as saying. had been seized by the accurate. Spokespeople euros for the fines and
Associated Press in an in- Amsterdam's official Nazis were invalid, for the NIOD and the city 4.5 million euros for the
terview. "I never dreamed ruling of Sept. 12, 1947, a Ronny Nafthaniel- a declined to comment on back tax payments on
that compensation could public document viewed leader of the Dutch Jewish the findings ahead of a homes they were unable
be the result." by the AP, was that "the community who sat on statement planned next to use while in hiding or
An unpublished review city has the right to full a vetting panel for the week. incarcerated at German
of those files by the payment of fees and fines" NIOD report and has Nafthaniel said many camps.


supply and high prices
send red-meat demand
to an all-time low, gov-
ernment data show. In a
year when farm income
is set to drop because of
crop surpluses, the U.S.
Department of Agriculture
says poultry farms will
earn $203,500 on average,
the most on records going
back to 1996.
Whole chickens sold
by farmers in Georgia,
the biggest producing
state, rose 9.2 percent
since the end of 2012 to a
record $1.07 a pound on
April 9, USDA data show.
Wholesale beef gained as

much as 26 percent over
that period.
Surging meat and dairy
prices are helping to spur
the fastest gain in consum-
er food costs since 2011,
government data show.
Beef is up after the U.S.
cattle herd started 2014 at
the smallest in 63 years,
following years of drought
and high feed costs. Pork
gained as a raging virus
that kills piglets spread to
28 states. Cattle and hog
futures reached records
last month.
While the rallies are
boosting profit on all
meats, chicken will be the
"clear winner" this year,
according to Tyson, the
largest U.S. meat pro-
cessor. "It's the cheapest
protein, or less-expensive

protein," Donnie King,
president of the company's
prepared-foods unit, told
analysts on Feb. 27.
Even as demand
increases, chicken supplies
remain limited because
producers were slower to
expand output than they
have during previous peri-
ods of improved profit. In
March and early April, the
number of broiler chicks
placed for meat produc-
tion were little changed
from a year earlier, and egg
hatchings trail the five-
year and 10-year averages,
USDA data show.
Rising output may
start to send prices lower
as early as next month,
said David Maloni, a
principal at the American
Restaurant Association

in Sarasota, Fla. The
number of broiler eggs
set in incubators reached
202.1 million in the week
ended April 4, the most
since July, and is holding
above last year's numbers,
USDA data show.
"In the near term, we'll
go higher, but the bulk of
the gains maybe behind
us," Maloni said. "We sus-
pect you'll see production
expand versus 2013 in the
coming months."
Red-meat prices have
dropped this month.
Wholesale beef slid
8.8 percent from a record
high on March 18, and
pork fell 7 percent from an
all-time high on April 2,
USDA data show.
The outlook is bearish
outside the U.S. as feed

costs rise and an outbreak
of avian influenza erodes
demand in China, the
second-largest consumer,
Rabobank International
said in a March 28 report.
Russia has a surplus, while
shifts in trade patterns
pressure prices in Europe
and Brazil, the bank said.
Any output gains in
the U.S. probably will be
modest, keeping supplies
tight and prices at the
highest ever, the USDA
said. The agency last week
cut its 2014 production
forecast to 38.5 billion
pounds. While that would
be a record, the 1.8 percent
gain would be less than
the 2.3 percent increase
forecast in March and the
2.1 percent advance in


Today is Easter Sunday,
April 20, the 110th day of 2014.
There are 255 days left in the
Today in history
On April 20,1914, the Ludlow
Massacre took place when the
Colorado National Guard opened
fire on a tent colony of striking
miners; about 20 strikers, women
and children died in the gunfire
or were smothered by smoke
from the burning tents.
On this date
In 1314, Pope Clement V, the
first of the Avignonese popes,
died at Roquemaure, France.
In 1792, France declared war
on Austria, marking the start of
the French Revolutionary Wars.
In 1861, Col. Robert E. Lee
resigned his commission in the
United States Army. (Lee went
on to command the Army of
Northern Virginia, and eventually
became general-in-chief of the
Confederate forces.)
In 1912, Boston's Fenway
Park hosted its first professional
baseball game while Navin
Field (Tiger Stadium) opened in
Detroit. (The Red Sox defeated
the New York Highlanders 7-6
in 11 innings; the Tigers beat
the Cleveland Naps 6-5 in 11
In 1945, during World War II,
allied forces took control of the
German cities of Nuremberg and
In 1968, Pierre Elliott Trudeau
was sworn in as prime minister
of Canada.
In 1972, the manned lunar
module from Apollo 16 landed
on the moon.
In 1988, gunmen who'd
hijacked a Kuwait Airways jumbo
jet were allowed safe passage
out of Algeria under an agree-
ment that freed the remaining
31 hostages and ended a 15-day
siege in which two passengers
were slain.
In 1999, the Columbine High
School massacre took place in
Colorado as two students, Eric
Harris and Dylan Klebold, shot
and killed 12 classmates and
one teacher before taking their
own lives.
In 2010, an explosion on the
Deepwater Horizon oil platform,
leased by BP, killed 11 workers
and began spewing an estimated
200 million gallons of crude into
the Gulf of Mexico for nearly
three months.
Today's birthdays
Actor George Takei is 77.
Singer Johnny Tillotson is 76.
Actor Ryan O'Neal is 73. Actress
Jessica Lange is 65. Actress
Veronica Cartwright is 65.
Actor Clint Howard is 55. Actor
Crispin Glover is 50. Actress
Carmen Electra is 42. Rock
musician Marty Crandall is 39.
Country musician Clay Cook (Zac
Brown Band) is 36. Actor Tim
Jo is 30.

Easter butter
lamb gets

- There's at least one
butter lamb in Buffalo
that won't be going
under the knife this
Butter sculptures in
the shape of a lamb are a
traditional part of Easter
meals among Buffalo's
large Polish-American
population. Butter lambs
are sold this time of year
at western NewYork
delis, Polish markets and
On Wednesday, an
elected official went
to Buffalo's Broadway
Market to "pardon" a
butter lamb, much in the
way U.S. presidents issue
pardons for a turkey
before Thanksgiving.
Erie County Executive
Mark Poloncarz
pardoned a butter lamb
from its traditional duties
on tables throughout
the Buffalo area for the
duration of Easter.
Polish immigrants
brought the butter lamb
tradition with them
when they came to
America and settled in
large numbers in upstate
NewYork cities such as
Buffalo and Schenectady

Page 4 WIRE

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014


The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014 WIRE Page 5

-_' .F-
q^o o'

I ,I

Page 6 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

Creeping landslide devours part of Wyoming town

No one can say precisely
when the mountainside
collapsing into this
Wyoming resort town will
give way. But it appears
increasingly likely that
when it does, it's going
to take a piece of Jackson
with it.
Workers and residents
have watched helplessly
in recent days as the
slow-motion landslide
spanning hundreds of
yards split a house in two
and inched ever closer
to a cluster of businesses
Standing at the edge
of the slide zone, its
rocky slope rising sharply
behind him, Jackson Fire
Chief Willy Watsabaugh
said the rate of move-
ment slowed Saturday,
giving crews a chance to
get back in and re-assess
the damage.
Yet the fate of the
businesses, houses and
apartment buildings in
the slide zone remained
in doubt. Experts

brought in to assist the
town say it's unknown
when the slide will come
to a rest.
"We're up against the
Earth, and the Earth's
movement is an ex-
tremely powerful thing,"
Watsabaugh said.
A sudden acceleration
earlier in the week
prompted authorities
to suspend their efforts
to shore up the slope as
falling rocks created a
hazard. The work that
resumed Saturday was
focused not on stopping
the slide but repairing
some of the damage it
already has caused, such
as a break in a sewer line
on Friday.
What triggered the
geologic event remains
under investigation.
Authorities are looking
into whether recent
construction at the
foot of East Gros Ventre
Butte made the slope
unstable. But they say
there could be a variety
of causes, including prior

This aerial image provided by Tributary Environmental shows a home damaged by a la
Friday in Jackson, Wyo. A slow-moving landslide in Jackson sped up significantly Frida
this house in two, causing a huge uplift in a road and a Walgreens parking lot, and thrl
destroy several other unoccupied homes and businesses.

construction at the site,
warmer weather and a
wet winter that put more
water into the ground,
where it acts as a lubri-
cant for unstable rocks
and soil.
Town officials first

noticed significant hill
movement April 4. They
evacuated 42 homes and
apartment units April 9.
By Saturday morning,
the shifting earth had
caused bulges in a road
and a parking lot at the

~stable geology, the
slope is unlikely to sud-
S'*. denly collapse like the
oMarch 22 landslide in
Oso, Wash., that killed
39 people, experts said.
More likely, large blocks
of earth would tumble
1 down piece by piece.
The ground had
I Np" been moving initially
at a rate of an inch a
day. That is expected
to speed up as time
goes on, said George
Machan, a landslide
specialist consulting for
the town.
Rockslides are com-
mon in the surrounding
AP PHOTO Rocky Mountains in the
spring, when melting
landslide snow and warmer
y, splitting weather unleashes the

reatening to

foot of the hill that were
as big as 10 feet. The
groundswell pushed a
small town water pump
building 15 feet toward
West Broadway, the
town's main drag.
Because of its more

region's dynamic geol-
ogy. In the early 1920s,
a massive slide caused
by heavy rains north of
Jackson formed a natu-
ral dam across a small
river. The dam gave
way two years later,
unleashing a flood that
killed six people.

Cheapo travel: How to spend money to save it

Yes, I'm here to tell
you how to spend less
on traveling. But if you
skimp on luggage, you'll
end up paying more in
the end.
This column is about
traveling on the cheap,
but I'm going to con-
found you right now by
telling you to spend more
The item I want you to
splurge on is your suit-
case. I'm not advocating
becoming a friend of
Louis Vuitton. You don't
need pigskin or designer
labels. But get yourself a
good traveling compan-
ion. You'll be glad you did.
Twenty years ago, I was
convinced by a salesman
at a luggage outlet near
Angel Stadium to splurge
on a little black wheeled
suitcase that cost twice
as much as the others he
was selling.
He showed me how

A man carries his luggage at Pearson International Airport in
Toronto on Dec. 20, 2013.

the recessed wheels were
so much sturdier than
the cheap, screwed-on
wheels of the other cases,
which would eventually
pop off under pressure.
He showed me how the
collapsible handle slid
down easily into the case,
and was reinforced with
He showed me how the
zippers were crafted from
extra-sturdy metal and

would last forever.
And how the canvas
fabric of this soft-sided
bag was heavy and lined
with thick waterproofing.
And he was wrong. Very
I bought the bag, but
the zipper didn't last me
forever. It only lasted 20
Today, I had to go
and spend $10 at a
luggage-repair shop to

have a new zipper pull
How annoying is that?
That means that the
suitcase, which initially
cost me $110, ended up
costing me $120 or $6
per year.
That's $6 per year
for life to date as my
constant companion,
to places like Thailand,
Kenya, Mexico, Peru
and Toronto. Everything
I need to bring on any
trip anywhere can be
crammed inside it, with
a day pack as a purse to
carry on.
If you want to get
a good bag, you can
expect to pay $150 to
$300, though there are
a lot of deals out there. is one
website to check, but I
suggest buying in person,
so you can actually feel
and see the case.
Here's some advice
from the Travel Goods
Size: Most airlines will

let you carry on a 20- to
22-inch case. Mine also
has expandable pockets.
I have traveled the world
with this size bag, which
is small enough that you
can truly be portable and
not reliant on others to
cart for you.
Zippers: Metal is the
most durable material.
These are generally
individual metal teeth that
are attached to the zipper
fabric. So-called "self-heal-
ing" synthetic zippers
on a coil system are also
popular these days.
Wheels: Bags with
four wheels, also called
"spinners," are easier to
get down an airplane
aisle; the wheels carry the
entire weight of the bag.
Two-wheelers are more
stable on uneven surfac-
es, but you will be hefting
some weight. Some
four-wheeled bags can be
tipped and rolled.
Weight: My first
suitcase was a Samsonite
that weighed about

1.2 million pounds. You
could haul dynamite in it
safely. Today, you can buy
a polycarbonate hard-sid-
ed case that is quite light
and nearly bulletproof.
Personally, I still prefer a
soft-sided case.
Pockets: Does the
bag have convenient
outside pockets so you
don't have to dig inside
for everything? Don't pack
anything in those pockets
that's valuable, by the way.
Corners: Does the
soft-sided bag have rein-
forced corners to protect
it from damage?
Used bags: When I
travel to a foreign country
and the airline will let me
bring two suitcases for free,
I sometimes bring a cheap
suitcase I bought at a thrift
shop for a few dollars. I fill
the suitcase with bubble
wrap and bring some tape.
Then, I have a place to
keep any folk or delicate
art I collect along the way
and bring it home (hope-
fully) without damage.

Why high oil prices are actually good for the airlines

Airline executives fre-
quently complain about
fuel costs. But the truth is
higher prices actually have
been good for business.
In the past six years, air-
lines have overhauled the
way they operate to adjust
to this new reality. They've

Anniversary Cruise
Sail from Ft. Lauderdale to
St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan
& Labadee.
Bus, Cocktail Party & Gift!
9-Day Cruise Package... fr. 799fr $659
Rhine Getaway River Cruise
Visit Amsterdam, Kinderdijk,
Cologne, Koblenz, Heidelberg,
Strasbourg, Breisach & Basel.
Select June & August dates.
8-Day River Cruise... fr $2,556
Vegas & The Panama Canal
3 nts in Vegas then sail
to Miami via ports in Mexico,
Costa Rica & Colombia plus a
transit of the Canal.
18-Day Cruise Package... fr. $1,299
Exotic Caribbean Quest
Roundtrip Miami to Aruba, Curapao,
St. Lucia, St. Kitts & St. Thomas.
Florida Bus from select cities!
12-Day Cruise Package... fr. $749

..ra ."kf

shown more discipline by
offering fewer seats, which
ensures airfares are high
enough to cover costs.
Unprofitable routes have
been eliminated. And
every expense has been
These changes, along
with high oil prices,

Mini Vacation

April 27th &
May 18th
Includes 4 Days/3 Nights
at the
3 meals, $70 Free Play
(941) 473-1481
Escorted Motorcoach
Groups Welcome!
Convenient Pick Ups
On The Road
Again Tours

since 1995

have created an insur-
mountable roadblock to
startup airlines that hope
to undercut established
"Traditionally, it was
too easy to start an airline
and too difficult to kill
one off," says Jamie Baker,
an airline analyst with
JPMorgan Chase.
No more.
A decade ago, airlines
were paying just $1.42
a gallon for fuel, when
adjusted for inflation.
Last year, they paid an
average of $3.03 a gallon,
according to the Bureau of
Transportation Statistics.
Fuel now accounts for
more than a third of
airlines' expenses, over-
taking salaries, wages
and benefits as the single
biggest line item. U.S.
carriers burned through
16 billion gallons of jet
fuel last year at cost of
$48.4 billion. That's up
nearly $23 billion from 10
years ago when the air-
lines consumed 2 billion
more gallons of fuel.
So why is this good?
High oil prices forced
the major airlines to do
business differently. They
grounded older, gas-guz-
zling jets. Then they
charged extra for checking
baggage and raised other
fees. More passengers
were packed into planes
and mergers helped push
airfares higher. The av-
erage cost of a roundtrip
domestic ticket includ-
ing baggage and reserva-
tion change fees grew
to $378.62 from $351.48 in


In this June 12, 2008, photo, a worker hooks up a fuel hose to an airplane at Tampa International
Airport in Tampa, Fla. Airline executives frequently complain about fuel costs. But the truth is
higher prices actually have been good for business.

the last five years, when
adjusted for inflation.
All of that has them on
pace for a fifth consecu-
tive year of profits.
A big reason for the
streak: The majors aren't
facing the myriad fly-
by-night start-ups that
disrupted their business
in the past. Low-cost car-
riers like PeopleExpress
and ValueJet used to be
able to enter markets,
charge a lot less to fly
and push the established
carriers out.
Now since fuel is
such a great expense
- that doesn't happen
anymore, said Scott Kirby,
president of American
Airlines, at a recent

aviation symposium in
"It's an equalizer," Kirby
Skybus Airlines
launched in May 2007
promising to sell at least
10 seats on each of its
flights for $10. By the
following April, a spike in
fuel prices proved fatal
and the airline shut down
operations overnight.
Without that competi-
tion, legacy carriers have
avoided fare wars and
kept ticket prices high.
"This represents the
longest post-deregulation
stretch that nobody has
started a new airline in
the United States," Baker

Virgin America was
the last major new U.S.
carrier. But since it start-
ed flying in August 2007,
the San Francisco-based
airline has lost hundreds
of millions of dollars.
It didn't post its first
annual profit until last
year and that was only
after it stopped its rapid
Jeff Knittel, president
of transportation and
international finance at
CIT, which leases planes
to airlines, says the high
fuel costs has created
a financial discipline
among carriers that have
made them look closely
at every expense in the
air and on the ground.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Laser Specialist
(941) NEW-LOOK
www. chrisconstance. com

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014 WIRE Page 7 WORLD NEWS


Four journalists
held hostage in
Syria freed
French journalists held
hostage in Syria for
10 months have been
released, officials said
Saturday, the latest batch
of reporters to be freed
in what has become the
world's deadliest conflict
for the media.
President Francois
Hollande's office said in
a statement that he felt
"immense relief" over the
release of Edouard Elias,
Didier Francois, Nicolas
Henin and Pierre Torres
- all said to be in good
health in neighboring
Turkey despite the "very
trying conditions" of their
"We are very happy to
be free ... and it's very
nice to see the sky, to be
able to walk, to be able
to ... speak freely," said
Francois, who works for
Europe 1 radio, in footage
recorded by the private
Turkish news agency DHA
as the journalists left a
police station.

Famous television
host in Pakistan
shot by gunmen

KARACHI, Pakistan
(AP) Police in Pakistan
say gunmen have shot
a famous television talk
show host amid a wave of
attacks on journalists in
the country.
Police say Hamid Mir,
a host on the private
television broadcaster
Geo, was wounded in
the attack Saturday near
Karachi's airport.
Senior police officer Pir
Mohammad Shah says
a single gunman first
opened fire on Mir's car,
followed by others who
chased him on motorcy-
cles. Karachi police chief
Shahid Hayat told Geo
that Mir suffered three
gunshot wounds to the
stomach and the upper
legs, but was expected to
Last year, authorities
found a bomb under Mir's
Pakistan is one of the
world's most dangerous
countries for journalists.
The Committee to Protect
Journalists recently urged
Pakistan's government
to do more to protect

Fiat and Chrysler
to build 3 Jeep
models in China

ROME (AP) Fiat
and Chrysler announced
plans Saturday to build
three new Jeep models in
China for that market, the
biggest for the vehicles
outside the United States,
as they attempt to boost
sales in a country where
they lag behind their
The automakers said
they will expand their
joint venture with China's
Guangzhou Automobile
Group Co. Ltd., and
increase the portfolio of
Jeeps, which are currently
imported to China.
Production is expected
to start in late 2015 in
Guangzhou, the compa-
nies said in a statement,
adding that they are
considering a Jeep model
"uniquely designed for
Chrysler Group LLC
spokesman Gualberto
Ranieri declined to pro-
vide details on that model.
He said in an email that
more information will be
announced at an "appro-

private time."
Fiat and Chrysler CEO
Sergio Marchionne, who
plans to complete the
legal merger of Fiat and
Chrysler by the end of the
year, said in the statement
that the deal represents
the next phase in the
"expansion on a global
scale of the Jeep brand."

Malaysia asks world to pray for plane clue

PERTH, Australia (AP)
-A Malaysian official on
Saturday asked the world
to "pray hard" for a clue to
help find Flight 370, while
authorities said a robotic
submarine was expected
to finish searching a
patch of the Indian Ocean
seabed within a week
after so far coming up
As the hunt for the
Malaysia Airlines plane
hit the six-week mark,
the Bluefin 21 unmanned
sub began its seventh trip
into the depths off the
coast of western Australia.
Its search area forms a
6.2-mile circle around the
location of an underwater
signal that was believed to
have come from the air-
craft's black boxes before
their batteries died. The
sonar scan of the seafloor
in that area is expected
to be completed in five
to seven days, the search
center said in an email to
The Associated Press.

The U.S. Navy sub has
covered around 51 square
miles since it began
diving into the depths
on Monday. The latest
data are being analyzed,
but nothing has yet been
Malaysian Defense
Minister Hishammuddin
Hussein told reporters in
Kuala Lumpur that the
weekend search is crucial.
"The narrowing of
the search for today
and tomorrow is at a
very critical juncture, so
I appeal to everybody
around the world to pray
and pray hard that we
find something to work
on over the next couple
of days," he said.
But he added that there
were no plans to give up
once the Bluefin con-
cludes its work. Instead,
he said the scope of the
search may be broad-
ened or other assets may
be used.
"The search will always

Malaysian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hamzah
Zainudin, left, listens as Malaysia's acting Transport Minister
Hishammuddin Hussein answers a question from a journalist
during a press conference on the missing Malaysia Airlines
Flight 370 at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Saturday.

continue," he said.
"It is just a matter of
approach. All efforts will
be intensified for the next
few days with regards to
the underwater search."
Meanwhile on
Saturday, up to 11 aircraft
and 12 ships continued
to scan the ocean surface

for debris from the
Boeing 777 that disap-
peared March 8 en route
from Kuala Lumpur to
Beijing with 239 people
on board.
Radar and satellite
data show the plane
mysteriously veered
far off course for

unknown reasons and
would have run out
of fuel in the remote
section of the southern
Indian Ocean where
the search has been
focused. Not one piece
of debris has been
recovered since the
massive hunt began.
The tiresome search,
which continues to raise
more questions than
answers, has tormented
the families whose loved
ones were aboard Flight
370. About two-thirds
of the passengers were
On Friday, around
three dozen Chinese
relatives held a prayer
meeting in Beijing for
their missing spouses.
Many sobbed heavily
as candles burned on a
table in the shape of a
heart with "MH370" in
the middle. A banner
behind them read in
Chinese: "Husband, wife,
come home soon."

13th body pulled from snow in Nepal avalanche

(AP) Search teams
recovered a 13th body
Saturday from the
snow and ice covering
a dangerous climbing
pass on Mount Everest,
where an avalanche a day
earlier swept over a group
of Sherpa guides in the
deadliest disaster on the
world's highest peak.
Another three guides
remained missing, and
searchers were working
quickly to find them
in case weather condi-
tions deteriorated, said
Maddhu Sunan Burlakoti,
head of the Nepalese
government's moun-
taineering department.
But the painstaking
effort involved testing
the strength of newly
fallen snow and using
extra clamps, ropes and
aluminum ladders to
navigate the treacherous
Khumbu icefall, a maze of
immense ice chunks and
The avalanche
slammed into the guides
at about 6:30 a.m. Friday
near the "popcorn field,"
a section of the Khumbu
known for its bulging
chunks of ice. The group
of about 25 Sherpa guides
were among the first
people making their way
up the mountain this
climbing season. They
were hauling gear to the
higher camps that their
foreign clients would use
in attempting to reach the
summit next month.
One of the survivors
told his relatives that the
path had been unstable
just before the snow slide
hit at an elevation near
5,800 meters (19,000 feet).
The area is considered
particularly dangerous
due to its steep slope and
deep crevasses that cut
through the snow and ice
covering the pass year
As soon as the ava-
lanche occurred, rescuers,
guides and climbers
rushed to help, and
all other climbing was
Seven of the 12 bodies
pulled out and brought
down Friday were handed
over to their families in
the Everest region, while
the other five were taken
to Katmandu, Nepal's
Four survivors were
conscious and being
treated in the intensive
care units of several
Katmandu hospitals for
broken ribs, fractured
limbs, punctured lungs
and skin abrasions, ac-
cording to Dr. C.R. Pandey
from Grande Hospital.
Others were treated for
less serious injuries at the
Everest base camp.
Hundreds of climbers,
guides and support crews

had been at Everest's
base camp preparing to
climb the 8,850-meter
(29,035-foot) peak when
weather conditions are
most favorable next
month. As with each
year, the Sherpa guides
from each of the expe-
dition teams had been
working together to pre-
pare the path by carving

routes through the ice,
fixing ropes on the slopes
and setting up camps at
higher altitudes.
One of the injured
guides, Dawa Tashi,
said the Sherpas were
delayed on their way up
the slope because the
path was unsteady. With
little warning, a wall of
snow crashed down on

the group and buried
many of them, according
to Tashi's sister-in-law,
DawaYanju. Doctors said
Tashi, who was partially
buried in the avalanche,
suffered several broken
The Sherpa people are
one of the main ethnic
groups in Nepal's alpine
region, and many make

their living as climbing
guides on Everest and
other Himalayan peaks.
More than 4,000
climbers have summited
Everest since 1953, when
it was first conquered
by New Zealander
Edmund Hillary and
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.
Hundreds have died


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JNWL- -,q


o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014

WIRE Page 7

I- mmmmr-m



-Page 8 WIRE


The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

10s.: ."I s Os I 10 I 20s I 30s I 40s I 5s I 0s I 7s 80s I 90s IIIII

Partly Cloudy


UV Index and RealFeel Temperature Today

7: 9i

62 72 83 84

Partly Cloudy

83/ 630

0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain

Possible weather-related delays today. Check
with your airline for the most updated schedules.

Hi/Lo Outlook
5 ; Ft. Myers 81/64 part cldy
S Punta Gorda 82/61 partcldy
Sarasota 78/63 part cldy



8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The Sun Rise Set
The higher the UVIndex number, Today 7 a 7
the greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; Td .00 am. 7:55 p.m.
3-5 Moderate; 6-7 Higi; 8-10 VeryHigh; 11lExtreme. Monday 6:59 a.m. 7:56 p.m.
RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive The Moon Rise Set composite of effective temperature Today 12':24 a.m. 11:'30 a.m.
based on eight weatherfactors. Monday 1:18 a.m. 12:31 p.m.
Air Quality Index readings as of Saturday 0

0 50100150200 300 500 Apr 22 Apr29 May 6 May 14
0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy
for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 SOLUNAR TABLE
Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Minor Major Minor Major
Minor Major Minor Major
Main pollutant:ozone Today 11:06a 4:52a 11:34p 5:20p
Source: Mn ,. 5 9,q -- 6,n

Pollen Index readings as of Saturday
Tres n7
Weeds, ',-OOo
Molds I ]
absent low moderate hi h veryhigh
Source: National Allergy Bureau

Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Saturday
High/Low 77/
Normal High/Low 85/
Record High 920 (2C
Record Low 470 (2C
Precipitation (in inches)
24 hours through 5 p.m. Saturday 0
Month to date 1
Normal month to date 1
Year to date 11
Normal yearto date 8
Record 1.95" (19

Month 2014 2013 Avg.
Jan. 3.67 0.43 1.80
Feb. 1.24 2.12 2.52
Mar. 5.10 1.98 3.28
Apr. 1.95 3.06 2.03
May 2.76 2.50
Jun. 10.50 8.92
Jul. 7.38 8.22
Aug. 9.29 8.01
Sep. 11.12 6.84
Oct. 3.48 2.93
Nov. 0.01 1.91
Dec. 0.97 1.78
Year 11.96 53.10 50.74



(since 1931)

Totals are from a 24-hour penod ending at 5 p.m.

ivion. izubwp !D:!z~a ---- b:2I P
Tue. 12:39a 6:49a 1:03p 7:17p
The solunar period schedule allows planning days
so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in
good cover during those times. Major periods begin
at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 hours.The
minor periods are shorter.
High Low High Low
Punta Gorda
Today 9:26a 2:19a 6:42p 12:12p
M on. 7 :4 9 p 3 :2 7a .. .
Today 8:03a 12:35a 5:19p10:28a
M on. 6 :2 6 p 1 :43 a .. .
Boca Grande
Today 7:08a 8:49a 4:24p ---
M on. 5:31p 12:04a .. .
El Jobean
Today 9:58a 2:48a 7:14p 12:41p
M on. 8 :2 1p 3 :5 6a .. .
Today 6:18a 9:07a 3:34p ---
M on. 4:41p 12:22a .. .

Partly Cloudy

840 / 630


Partly Cloudy

840 / 650

0% chance of rain 0% chance of rain

77 66

--"-v 78 62

St. Petersburg

Longboat Key

Partly Cloudy

870/ 650
0% chance of rain

Winter Haen
80, 61

Bartu* 6 .
no, 61 "

Apollo Beach Ft Meade
79 '62 80/58 a
| 80/58 *

%Bradenton 81 62
________ y/ Cit ; Limestone
81a2 .J8161
uta IJ

78/63 -:

Osprey -" -
78/62 9

Shown is today's weather
Temperatures are today's
highs and tonight's lows.

Gulf Water


Engleuud J-.*.
79 62 --

Boca Grande*

Forecasts and graphics, except for the
WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by
AccuWeather, Inc. 2014

Publication date: 4/20/14
Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland
direction in knots in feet chop
Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs

Arcadia -
81 64 *"."'-

North Pot Hull
81/62 "82/62
I Pu-rt Charlutte
I 80 61


Punta Gorda

Fort Myers
81/64 q

Cape Coral

Lehigh Acres


Bonita Springs_

WNW 8-16 1-3 Light "0 ,;:.;.
Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola "
N 10-20 3-5 Moderate f


Coral Springs
Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Fort Pierce
Key Largo

i Lo W
3 57 pc
3 64 pc
7 66 pc
2 67 pc
4 62 c
1 71 pc
1 64 pc
9 64 pc
5 52 pc
0 54 c
0 69 pc

i Lo W
7 56 s
) 67 pc
) 67 pc
3 70 pc
4 61 pc
3 72 pc
3 66 pc
) 63 pc
8 56 pc
5 56 s
1 71 pc

Key West
Panama City

Hi Lo W
79 71 pc
78 60 pc
79 59 pc
78 66 pc
83 69 pc
79 65 pc
77 56 pc
78 64 pc
79 62 pc
72 54 pc
75 58 pc

Hi Lo W
81 73 pc
79 60 pc
80 59 pc
78 64 pc
84 71 pc
83 66 pc
79 59 pc
80 63 pc
80 62 pc
75 59 pc
76 61 pc

City Hi Lo W
Pompano Beach 80 68 pc
St. Augustine 70 60 c
St. Petersburg 78 66 pc
Sanford 77 61 pc
Sarasota 78 63 pc
Tallahassee 74 52 pc
Tampa 78 62 pc
Titusville 74 64 pc
Vero Beach 78 64 pc
West Palm Beach 81 68 pc
Winter Haven 80 61 pc

Hi Lo W
82 71 pc
72 59 pc
81 67 pc
79 62 pc
80 66 pc
80 56 s
82 65 pc
75 62 pc
79 64 pc
82 70 pc
81 63 pc

Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation.Temperature bands are highs for the day.
''' "Seragte I ,\
r6241^ Winpeg ^ : r
UiAnea, O -rtawa Monto ea
-~2 .56, 14 3

Minneapolis T o'onto
72152 '. :: .142 r.'
: : 'Cicago Detroit New York
San Francisco 755 1 71/49 S2
6W153 o* 7114 :: :' Washington
69B --J3 '71'42 ,Kansas City Y W a s nlg n
... : : 576 9 /
LOSAngeles ,,
*77159 '::::: :- ,' '
Qr8 '* ,"1 ..)::^ :

724 9 ..a

M ,Monterrey Mia
'-___ 82M 8,3 .,.::
Fronts Precipitation

Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice
U.S. Extremes (For the 48 contiguous states yesterday)
High ............. 90 at Palm Springs, CA Low ........................ 16 at Stanley, ID

Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Concord, NH
Des Moines

Hi Lo W
74 53 pc
52 36 s
72 49 pc
63 39 pc
66 39 s
75 51 pc
64 45 s
53 38 pc
65 43 s
60 37 pc
76 43 s
67 42 pc
75 51 pc
75 50 s
67 47 s
68 45 pc
74 49 s
59 26 pc
80 62 pc
71 42 t
75 59 t
71 49 s
62 36 pc
53 28 s
70 44 s
61 33 pc
60 35 s
85 73 pc
81 61 pc
73 53 s

Hi Lo W
78 57 s
53 38 s
75 58 pc
70 47 s
64 45 pc
76 58 pc
74 49 pc
63 46 s
68 50 pc
67 43 c
79 54 pc
75 51 s
70 47 t
75 53 t
72 52 pc
76 51 s
76 55 pc
70 37 pc
80 62 t
68 44 pc
68 46 sh
74 51 t
62 32 pc
55 29 s
61 31 s
69 41 s
70 42 pc
84 73 pc
82 63 pc
73 52 t


Buenos Aires

Today Mon.
Hi Lo W Hi Lo W
67 50 pc 65 48 sh
97 73 c 100 72 pc
74 54 c 79 53 s
69 49 c 69 51 sh
70 48 pc 72 46 pc
83 59 s 83 63 pc
54 33 pc 57 37 pc
86 69 s 86 65 s
54 48 pc 56 49 c
52 31 r 60 37 pc
46 34 c 48 37 pc
65 50 r 60 49 sh
60 47 r 64 46 sh
64 52 c 61 45 r

Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

Documents detail another delayed GM recall

General Motors waited
years to recall nearly
335,000 Saturn Ions
for power steering
failures despite getting
thousands of consumer
complaints and more
than 30,000 warranty re-
pair claims, according to
government documents
released Saturday.
The National
Highway Traffic Safety
Administration, the
government's auto safety
watchdog, didn't seek a
recall of the compact car
from the 2004 through
2007 model years even
though it opened an
investigation more than
two years ago and found
12 crashes and two
injuries caused by the
The documents, post-
ed on the agency's web-
site, show yet another
delay by GM in recalling
unsafe vehicles and
point to another example

of government safety
regulators reacting slowly
to a safety problem
despite being alerted by
consumers and through
warranty data submitted
by the company.
Both GM and NHTSA
have been criticized by
safety advocates and
lawmakers for their slow
responses to a deadly
ignition switch problem
in 2.6 million GM small
cars. GM admitted know-
ing about the problem
for more than a decade,
yet didn't start recalling
the cars until February.
The company says it
knows of 13 deaths in
crashes linked to the
ignition switches, but
family members of crash
victims say the number is
much higher.
The Ion was one of a
few GM cars included
in a March 31 recall
of 1.5 million vehicles
worldwide to replace the
power steering motors;


This Nov. 19, 2006, photo shows unsold 2006 Ion coupes outside
a Saturn dealership in the south Denver suburb of Highlands
Ranch, Colo.

the recall also covered
some older Saturn
Auras, Pontiac G6s and
Chevrolet Malibus. If cars
lose power steering, they
can still be steered, but
with much greater effort.
Drivers can be surprised
by the problem and lose
control of the cars and
NHTSA closed its

investigation into the Ion
because GM had decided
to recall the cars, accord-
ing to the documents
released Saturday.
In a statement issued
Saturday, GM admitted
that it didn't do enough
to take care of the power
steering problem. A
NHTSA spokesman told
The Associated Press he

was checking into the
The number of com-
plaints and claims with
the power steering issue
appears to be high when
compared with other
recent recalls that were
preceded by NHTSA
investigations. In March,
three recalls none of
which were GM vehicles
- were issued after two
or fewer complaints.
There were 29 warranty
claims in one case, 263
in another and none in
the third investigation.
All three cases covered
fewer vehicles than the
Ion recall.
A search of the agen-
cy's database records
shows that Ion owners
started complaining
about power steering
failures as early as June
2004, and the first injury
accident was reported
to NHTSA in May 2007.
The owner of a 2004
Ion reported driving 25

mph and tried to turn
the steering wheel, but
it locked, and the car
crashed into a tree.
"Saturn stated the
vehicle is not a defect,"
the complaint said.
Another driver who
filed a complaint in July
2010 said that one eve-
ning, "midway around a
bend, my vehicle's elec-
tric power steering went
out and straightened my
wheel, putting me into
oncoming traffic."
"I could have died and
killed another driver,"
said that person, who
also owned a 2004 Saturn
The government does
not identify people who
file complaints with
Some of the people
who complained about
the Ion power steering
found on the Internet
that GM had recalled the
Chevrolet Cobalt for the
same problem in 2010.

How McDonald's went from hero to zero in Russia

(Washington Post)
- Following the news
that McDonald's would
pull out of Crimea, now
de-facto a part of Russia,
there's been a considerable
amount of spite directed
to the American fast food
restaurant in Russia.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
leader of the Liberal
Democrat Party, has
said Russia should close
down all locations of the
chain in the country, and
apparently many Russians
support him: According
to a recent poll conducted
by SuperJob's Research
Center, 62 percent of
respondents support the
closure of all McDonald's

in Russia. Last week,
Russian media reported
that anti-McDonald's
activists had appeared
in several Russian cities.
"Down with American Fast
Food!" activists in Bryansk
reportedly said.
It's a sad state of affairs
for the burger chain,
whose first restaurant in
Russia opened in happier
times more than two
decades ago in Moscow.
The apparent success of
the "golden arches" in
the country was taken by
many as a barometer of
Russian westernization.
The historic arrival of
McDonald's in Russia had
been a long time coming.

After 14 years of negotia-
tions, an agreement was
reached in 1988, the same
year that McDonald's
opened a restaurant in
Belgrade, its first in the
Communist world. "The
McDonald's golden arches
will be appearing on the
Moscow horizon," George
Cohon, a McDonald's
official, said at the time. "A
Big Mac will taste the same
in Moscow as it does in
NewYork, Tokyo, Toronto
or Rio."
Moscow, back then
referred to as the "slow
food" capital of the world
by The Washington Post's
David Remnick, apparent-
ly couldn't wait for the fast

food. To meet a demand
they were describing as
"infinite," McDonald's
announced plans for their
biggest restaurant yet. The
restaurant opened on Jan.
31, 1990, on Moscow's
Pushkin Square, advertised
with the slogan "If you
can't go to America, come
to McDonald's in Moscow."
There were reports of
huge lines, despite the
five ruble cost of a meal
(at the time, around half a
days wages for an average
Soviet worker).
For some Westerners, the
sight of the golden arches
in Moscow represented
something more than just
business. The NewYork

Times' Tom Friedman
wrote his now famous
"McDonald's theory" in
1996, arguing that no two
countries that both had
McDonald's restaurants
had ever gone to war. But
as Joshua Keating of Slate
has pointed out, that theory
hasn't really stood the test
of time: the 2006 Israeli in-
vasion of Lebanon and the
2008 war between Russia
and Georgia are two recent
examples of its failure.
McDonald's success was
startling. The restaurant
that started it all is still
open, reportedly serving
130 million customers in
its first two decades. The
chain expanded rapidly,

with more than 400
restaurants in 22 cities,
and recent plans to expand
into Siberia.
Still, American fast
food remains a draw in
Russia, where doughnut
giant Krispy Kreme, and
high-end burger restaurant
Shake Shack recently
opened restaurants to
great fanfare. Anecdotal
evidence at least suggests
the McDonald's might
be okay. The Washington
Post's Kathy Lally assures
me that though the
1990-style lines have dis-
appeared from Moscow's
McDonald's restaurants,
they seem to be always



Plant City#
J80' 61

81 61

i Lo W
) 54 pc
3 59 c
4 50 pc
8 72 s
7 59 pc
8 56 s
9 59 pc
3 50 c
2 52 pc
6 52 pc
8 56 pc
9 60 pc

Jackson, MS
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York City
Norfolk, VA
Oklahoma City
Portland, ME
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City
St. Louis
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro
St. John's
San Juan

Hi Lo W
79 58 pc
71 48 sh
74 55 pc
93 72 s
76 59 pc
78 57 t
79 61 t
60 43 t
69 40 s
81 56 pc
76 58 t
79 61 pc

Hi Lo W
78 53 pc
63 48 c
60 44 sh
60 48 sh
49 33 s
82 72 t

i Lo W
6 55 pc
4 43 pc
3 42 pc
2 47 c
2 30 sh
5 74 t


Sunday, April 20,2014 @SunCoastSports

Sports Editor: Mark Lawrence


w U

"They don't run as much as they used to,
but it's still a huge part of the game of
baseball. Especially with the way drugs
have been taken out of the game."
.Stone r abi nariaIer JARED SANDBERG

Stone Crabs center fielder Andrew Toles stops short of third base after rounding second during a game against the Bradenton Marauders this season at Charlotte
Sports Park. Toles gives the Crabs a boost of speed in the lineup. For coverage of Saturday's 13-9 loss against Palm Beach, see PAGE 5.

* BMX: Amanda Carr


new title:



In late March, Amanda Carr
added a new title to her already
impressive BMX resume:
Thailand national champion.
Until recently, Carr had never
included being Thai champion
as one of her ambitions. Even
as the Punta Gorda native fre-
quently spent time there to visit
family, it wasn't on her radar.
Then she switched her BMX
international affiliation in late
"Seriously, no BMX didn't
exist in Thailand until three or
four years ago," said Carr, who
is half-Thai on her mother's
side. "So even though I grew up
racing and we went to Thailand,
BMX didn't exist then. So it
wasn't even on the checklist.
"But I guess after switching
countries, it was a new box to

Amanda Carr goes airborne on a jump during the Thailand BMX Championships in March. She won the competition in
her first time at the race.

check off."
It also represented the be-
ginning of another year racing
BMX for a rider who rarely
rests. As usual, her calendar
reads like a Hope and Crosby
road movie that catches air.
Or as Carr put it: Fly in, do
your race, go home, train,
She followed her triumph
on March 23 in Bangmalung,
Thailand, with an eighth-place
finish in the Super Nationals in

DeSoto, Texas. That led her to
compete this weekend at the
UCI BMX Supercross event in
Manchester, England one
of her biggest international
competitions so far this year.
"It's going to kick off, for
sure," Carr said. "There are
four more supercrosses after
Manchester, plus the world
championships, so this is sort
of like the kickoff to everything.
... It's going to be more intense
everywhere we go."

It also represents the
beginning of Carr trying to
earn points to help Thailand
qualify for the 2016 Olympic
Games. Even though UCI hasn't
announced the date when
points will start tallying toward
national qualification, Carr said
she expected that to come in
For Thailand to qualify
as a nation in 2016, it must




can be

MIAMI -Yes, there
is great leaguewide
respect for the two-time
defending champion
Heat. But when some
of the other Eastern
Conference playoff teams
look at the Heat and
Indiana, they see oppor-
tunity, considering Miami
went 11-14 since March 4
and Indiana lost 13 of its
past 23.
"If we start out going
inside-out (against
Miami), they can't handle
us," Pacers guard Lance
Stevenson said after
Indiana's loss to the Heat
last week. "We match up
great. We're a great team.

WHO: Charlotte at Miami
WHAT: Eastern Conference
playoffs, first round
WHEN: Today, 3:30 p.m.
WHERE: AmericanAirlines
Arena, Miami
RADIO: 99.3 FM

* MLB:
Tampa Bay 16,
N.Y. Yankees 1




Ryan Hanigan homered
twice and had six RBIs,
and Chris Archer contin-
ued his dominance over
the Yankees as the Tampa
Bay Rays routed New York
16-1 on Saturday night.
Hanigan drove in his fi-
nal two runs with a single
off Yankees infielder Dean
Anna, who gave up two
runs and three hits in the
eighth inning.
Archer (2-1) allowed
one run and three hits
in 6 2-3 innings. He has
won all four career starts
against the Yankees,
allowing four earned runs
in 28 2-3 innings.
Wil Myers, who also
homered twice, and Evan

WHO: New York (9-8)
atTampa Bay (9-9)
WHEN:Today, 1:40 p.m.
WHERE: Tropicana Field,
St. Petersburg
Vidal Nuno (0-0, 14.54)
vs. Cesar Ramos (0-1, 7.50)
TV: Sun Sports
RADIO: 620 AM, 1220 AM,
1480 AM, 1530 AM, 1580 AM
Hoodie Drawstring Bag (kids
14-and-under while supplies last)

INDEXI Lottery 2 | Community Calendar 2 | Shore Lines 2 | Running 2 | NBA 3 1 NHL 31 Baseball 4-6 NFL 6 College football 61 Scoreboard 7 | Quick Hits 7 | Golf 8

Page 2 SP The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

Florida Lottery
* CASH 3
April 19N .................................... 3-8-0
April 19D ................................... 5-5-1
April 18N .................................... 3-0-6
April 18D ................................... 1-4-9
April 17N .................................... 9-5-8
April 17D ................................... 5-8-1
D-Day, N-Night
April 19N.................................5-0-1-1
April 19D ................................9-9-2-2
April 18N.................................8-1-1-5
April 18D ................................7-3-3-7
April 17N.................................3-8-7-8
April 17D ................................3-9-3-5
D-Day, N-Night
April 19 ........................2-3-12-35-36
April 18.....................13-22-25-31-36
April 17 ....................12-14-24-25-29
2 5-digit winners.......... $118,516.72
294 4-digit winners .................. $130
9,155 3-digit winners............ $11.50
April 18 ...........................23-27-39-43
M egaBall......................................... 10

April 15 ...................2.........2-3-34-44
M egaBall......................................... 22
0 4-of-4MB..........................$500,000
4 4-of-4.............................. $1,480.50
30 3-of-4MB..........................$432.50
666 3-of-4..................................... $58
April 19 ..................9-11-12-14-21-39
April 16..................7-20-41-43-48-51
April 12....................6-9-14-21-28-29
0 6-digit winners ......................$34M
11 5-digit winners ................ $10,011
1,260 4-digit winners............. $88.50
27,475 3-digit winners.............$5.50
April 19......................... 5-6-29-35-51

April 16..................... 34-39-42-44-59
Powerball.......................................... 8
0 5of5+PB............................$110M
0 5 0of5..............................$1,000,000
0 4of5 + PB......................... $10,000
49 4of 5 ....................................$100
$128 million
April 18 .....................18-25-38-45-63
M egaBall...........................................9

April 15....................... 4-39-46-47-70
M egaBall......................................... 13
0 5 of5 + MB.............................$38M
0 5 0of5..............................$1,000,000
0 4of5 + MB.......................... $5,000
18 4 of 5 ....................................$500


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76ers' 'h4

his column should
be read while
listening to "Primer
Coat" by Drive-By Truckers
(running time: 4 minutes,
25 seconds).
Philadelphia 76ers Rob
owner Joshua Harris said
the season has been a SHO
"huge success" despite the SPORTS
fact the team went on a 26-
game losing streak at one point.
So what would constitute failure
- outright bankruptcy?
New York Knicks coach
Mike Woodson reportedly is
"bracing" for the worst when
the club decides his future next
week. Then again, bracing for the
worst usually comes about the
same time as taking the Knicks
coaching job.
Nothing lasts forever. But the
NBA playoffs give it a good shot.
"As Game of Thrones" has
taught us, any wedding that's
preceded with a color is usually
bad. Unless you're Billy Idol.

ige success' doesn't compute



It hasn't really been a
good week for the NCAA.
3 First, the sanctioning
Body was strongarmed
Into changing its policy
so players wouldn't
go hungry. Then, NBA
| commissioner Adam
E Silver said it's a league
TRITER priority to chance the
minimum age to enter the
draft to 20, thereby forcing many
troublesome players to stay in
school for another season.
Texas A&M receiver Mike
Evans appears in so many NFL
mock drafts for the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers, the team might as
well start selling jerseys with his
name and number.
Spanish golfer Pablo
Larrazabel had to jump into
a water hazard to escape a
swarm of hornets at this week's
Malaysian Open. He's well off
the lead, but his jump into the
hazard is likely to be far more
memorable than whoever wins

the European Tour event.
Chad Johnson signed with
the CFL's Montreal Alouettes this
week, meaning that somewhere,
there is a television network
working up an idea for a reality
television series. (I'll even kick in
a title: "Hard Knocks, Eh?")
The good news about former
Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback
Josh Freeman signing with the
New York Giants is that a backup
job should come with less pres-
sure. The bad news is that with
Freeman playing in New York,
whatever demons that plagued
him with Tampa Bay likely can
be found in the city that never
Here's all you need to know
about playing in New York: An
ankle injury has some wondering
if two-time Super Bowl winner
Eli Manning is already on the
decline. Tough crowd.
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206- 174 orshore@

This week in The Hat Trick, Rob Shore
wondered if Hank Aaron has a point:
USA Today reported Monday that the
Atlanta Braves still get racist hate mail
against Hank Aaron.
Wait, what year is it again?
Apparently the new wave of vitriol
came after an interview when Hammerin'
Hank suggested race relations haven't
really come as far as we think, noting some
right wing criticism of President Obama.
"The bigger difference is back then, they
had hoods"Aaron told USA Today's Bob
Nightengale. "Now, they have neckties and
starched shirts."
Aaron is entitled to his opinion. He's also
a retired baseball player, and apart from
the annual anniversary of his breaking
Babe Ruth's career home runs record, not
much in the public eye.
But some of the hateful reaction is
insightful. Maybe race relations haven't
come as far as we had thought.
Check out The Hat Trick weekdays at


Hometown favorite aims to win

BOSTON -Shalane
Flanagan grew up in
nearby Marblehead,
Mass., with a reverence
for the Boston Marathon
and dreamed, like many
locals and foreign runners
alike, that she would win
the race someday.
Her goal has changed.
But only a little.
"If I could have one
wish, it would be to win
this specific race on this
specific day," she said this
week. "It basically would
be the highlight of my
career, for sure. If I could
win this specific Boston:
It has the most power, the
most meaning behind
it, of all the Boston
Marathons that would be

Shalane Flanagan, who was
fourth in the last year's Boston
Marathon, would be the first
American winner since 1985.
A year after two bombs

at the finish line killed
three and wounded 264
others, the 118th edition
of the Boston Marathon
has become a symbol of
resilience for the running
community, the city and
a nation shocked by
an attack on one of its
beloved traditions. And
Flanagan, a three-time
Olympian who finished
fourth in her Boston de-
but last year, is hoping an
American victory in her
hometown race will help
heal the wounds caused
by last year's bombings.
"I think something
magical can happen for
us," she said. "It means
so much to me, so much
to my community and
my family. I almost have
to pretend that it's just

another race, when deep
down I know it isn't."
No American runner
has won the Boston
Marathon since Lisa
took the women's title
in 1985, two years after
Greg Meyer's victory that
is the last American win
in the men's division.
Since then, the top U.S.
contender has trekked
to Hopkinton each year
hoping that an end to
the slump will trigger a
resurgence in American
distance running.
But a year after the
bombing on Boylston
Street provoked a nation-
al outpouring of sym-
pathy for Boston and its
signature sporting event,
Americans are staking

even more on a victory in
"There are so many
more eyes on the race
this year," said Desiree
Linden, who finished
second by 2 seconds in
2011 and was the last
American to reach the
Boston podium. "I think it
would be really special to
the people of Boston."
Linden finished second
when Flanagan won the
2012 Olympic trials on a
different course here, but
she dropped out of the
London Games with a
stress fracture in her right
leg that also prevented
her from running Boston
in 2013.
She is back as part of
one of the best U.S. wom-
en's fields in decades.


Game Day Heat: 12U travel team
looking for players. Practices Tuesdays and
Thursday, 6 p.m. at North Charlotte Regional
Park. Call Scott, 941-421-8378.

Hit Factory: Venice team seeks experi-
enced managers, coaches for travel teams ages
9-12. Teams will train at the Hit Factory, including
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age group. Call Dave, 941-716-4451.

Youth and adult classes:
Male and female. Mondays-Fridays, 6-8
p.m. at 24710 Sandhill Blvd. in Deep Creek.
Training and/or competition. Member of
USA Boxing. Call 239-292-9230 or visit,

Port Charlotte Bandits: Unlimited
Weight Midget team for ages 11-14 in Charlotte/
Sarasota counties. Headed by former NFL player
Anthony Hargrove. Contact Shea at 941-661-9368.

Englewood Cats signups: For
football and cheer returning players only. April
26, 9 a.m.-noon at Larry Nicol Field, Oyster Creek
Sports Complex, 6765 San Casa Dr., Englewood.
Free physical. Visit for
registration forms. The Cats are also looking for
volunteer head and assistant coaches. Call Chris,

North Port Mustangs clinic:
Includes cheerleading. Ages 5-15, Monday to June
22 at Larry Thoennissen Field (off Sumter Ave.) Call
Catrina 941-815-0804 or email npflagcheer2012@

Stone Crabs Booster Club
outing: Saturday at Deep Creek Golf Club in
Punta Gorda. $35 for members and $40 for non
members. Includes golf, lunch, prizes.
Registration at noon with shotgun start at 1:30
p.m. Format is a best ball two man scramble. Call
Jack at 941-625-5644 for reservations or more

Shark Scramble: May 10, at Bobcat
Trail Golf Club, four-person scramble; Registration:
7:30 a.m.; Shotgun start: 8:30 a.m. Cost: $75/
golfer or $280/four-person team. Registration

District 3A-10
Imagine at St. Stephens, 4:30 p.m.
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Charlotte at Riverdale, 7 p.m.
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Door, 7 p.m.
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Track & field
Region 4A-2 meet
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10 a.m. (North Port qualifiers)
Region 3A-3

deadline: May 6. To register, email john.bailey@, call 941-564-5760 or log on

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May 3 at BokTower Gardens, Lake Wales. Cost: $30
adults, $20 students. Includes one-day pass to Bok
Tower Gardens. To register: http://www.fprapolk.

Charlotte Harbor Multihull
Association: For multihull owners or those

at Leto High School, Seffner, 10 a.m. (Char-
lotte, Port Charlotte)
District 6A-11
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7:30 p.m.
District 7A-10
Championship game at higher seed, 7 p.m.
District 7A-11
Championship game at high seed, 7 p.m.
District 5A-11
Championship game at high seed, 7 p.m.
District 3A-10
Championship game at McKechnie Field,
Boys weightlifting
Class 1A state championships at Kissimmee
Civic Center, 10 a.m. (Lemon Bay, DeSoto
Boys weightlifting
Class 2A state championships at Kissimmee
Civic Center, 10 a.m. (Charlotte, North Port,
Subject to change

interested in them. No dues. Meets first Monday
of each month 6 p.m. at Harpoon Harry's. Visit or call

Punta Gorda Sailing Club: Racing
and cruising programs for all ages. Call Bill,
781-910-3217 or visit

Soccer: YMCA Indoor league: at
Franz Ross YMCA; ages 3-8. Register in person,
online at or call

Soccer clinic: For beginners and novices,
ages 5-10, at Dotzler Park on Tuesday and
Thursday mornings through the summer. Register
in person, online at or
call 629-9622.

70-plus slow pitch: Anyone turning
70 by May 2015 is eligible. Games will be played

May-June on Tuesday and Thursday nights at
the Carmalita complex in Punta Gorda. Call Vince
941-624-3630 by today.

Charlotte County Half Century
Softball: Sign-ups on May 1, May 6 and May
8 from 5-6:30. at Carmalitia Softball Complex. The
season runs from May 13 through the end of June.
Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday

Charlotte County Swimming:
Year-round USA Swimming team provides
instruction and competition ages 5 and up. Visit or call Susan, 941-628-1510.

Instruction: Age 5 to adult, at Franz Ross
Park YMCA. Register at
or call 941-629-9622.

"Get out and play:" Saturdays, 8-11
a.m., Gary Littlestar Masters Tennis 55 and over at
Rotonda Park. Rackets and balls provided.

Rotonda QuickStart: Free lessons for
parents and kids (12-under), 10-11 a.m. Saturday,
Rotonda Park. Rackets and balls provided. Call

Charlotte County Family
YMCA: Coaches, instructors and referees
needed for soccer, T-ball, cheerleading and flag
football. Contact Dan, 941-629-9622 ext. 108, or

Key West Paddleboard Classic:
May 3,9 a.m. start at Higgs Beach. Open to
standup paddleboards, standup surfboards, prone
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kayaks. For information and to register: www.

Lemon Bay Youth Wrestling
Club: Practices Tuesday, Wednesday and
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6:30-7:15 p.m.) through May 1 in the wrestling
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student. Sessions are for kindergarten through
third grade, and fourth grade through eighth. Call
coach Jonseck 734-915-4699, or email jonseck@

Page 2 SP

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014


Lightning need 'A' game to strike back

is no shame in losing two
in a row at home to open
a playoff series, Tampa
Bay Lightning associate
coach Rick Bowness said.
Especially with how well
the Canadiens played.
What is disappointing
Bowness said, is how
Tampa Bay lost a bit of
its identity while falling
behind two games to
none in the best-of-seven
Eastern Conference
quarterfinal series.
"Regardless of the

WHO: Tampa Bay at Montreal
WHAT: Eastern Conference
quarterfinals (Canadiens lead
series 2-0)
WHEN: Today, 7 p.m.
WHERE: Bell Centre, Montreal
TV: NBCSN, Sun Sports
RADIO: 99.3 FM, 106.9 FM,
107.5 FM, 620 AM, 1220 AM,
1530 AM

outcome, you've got to
play the game the right
way," Bowness said
Saturday. "You've got

to play the game with
a certain amount of
intensity to give you an
opportunity to win the
game, and that's where
we're disappointed in
"They haven't seen our
'A game yet."
The Lightning better
dust it off for Game 3
tonight at the Bell Centre
because only three times
in 172 series has a team
come back from a 3-0
deficit to win.
The odds for a
comeback from 2-0
aren't great, either. It has
happened 37 times in 291

series and only 15 times
when a team opened
with two home losses.
"It almost seems insur-
mountable to beat a team
four out of five games,"
defenseman Matt Carle
said, "so you just want to
take it a game at a time."
General manager Steve
Yzerman said his biggest
nit is the team's inabil-
ity to mount sustained
offensive pressure.
Though conceding
Montreal is playing
"extremely disciplined,
very patient, good coun-
terattack, playoff hockey,"
he said the Lightning are

"forcing it with the puck
in all areas of the ice."
Tampa Bay needs more
fromValtteri Filppula
and Ryan Callahan, who
have one assist between
them and are a com-
bined minus-6. It needs
defensemen Sami Salo,
Victor Hedman and Eric
Brewer to tighten their
games and show more
And it needs better
goaltending. Anders
Lindback, pulled in the
third period of Game 2 on
Friday, has a 3.69 goals-
against average and a
.881 save percentage.

What the Lightning
don't need is panic,
Yzerman said.
"Don't get rattled when
things don't go your way,"
Yzerman said. "You've
just got to continue to be-
lieve in yourself, don't fall
apart. Don't completely
lose your confidence.
That's where mental
toughness comes in."
Yzerman knows of
what he speaks. His Red
Wings in 2002 lost the
first two games of the
Western Conference
quarterfinal at home to
the Canucks but won the
series in six games.


NBA alerted players

to banned substances

players are warned at
the start of every season
about the dangers of
nutritional supplements.
One of them could be
the reason the Memphis
Grizzlies will begin the
playoffs without Nick
The reserve guard was
suspended 20 games
Friday for violating the
league's anti-drug policy
by testing positive for
Yahoo Sports, which
first reported the suspen-
sion, reported the drug
was part of a supplement

Calathes had been using.
The supplement may
not have been illegal,
but players are reminded
many contain substances
that are.
"They are not regulated
by the federal govern-
ment and so you don't
know what's in them. And
we tell that to our players
every year," NBA general
counsel Rick Buchanan
said Saturday.
Buchanan said a
warning memo is sent
to the players every year,
and it is also laminated
and posted in all locker
rooms. It also warns of
the potential dangers of
supplements, which are

not required to list all
their ingredients.
Players are randomly
tested four times during
the season and twice in
the offseason.
Buchanan said tamox-
ifen, often used in breast
cancer treatment pills,
is on the banned sub-
stance list of most sports
because it can be used to
increase testosterone.
Calathes, a 25-year-
old rookie reserve from
Florida who averaged 4.9
points and 2.9 assists in
71 games this season, will
have to miss the games
but can file a grievance in
hopes of recovering his
lost salary.


Hawks roll past Pacers

Teague scored a playoff
career-high 28 points and
Paul Millsap added 25
as eighth-seeded Atlanta
rolled past top-seeded
Indiana 101-93 on
Saturday night, taking a
1-0 lead in the best-of-
seven series.
The Hawks ended an
eight-game road losing
streak in the playoffs,
which dated to May 2011.
Game 2 is Tuesday in
Indiana, which spent
the whole season work-
ing to get home-court
advantage in the playoffs,
wasted no time in giving
it right back with a dismal
third quarter. Paul George
finished with 24 points
and 10 rebounds.
Atlanta opened the
third quarter on an 8-0

We're equal with them (in
Said Indiana's Paul
George: "We like our
chances" against Miami
in a potential Eastern
Conference finals, adding
that center Roy Hibbert
needs to be more aggres-
sive offensively against
the Heat.
The Heat would play
the Toronto-Brooklyn
winner in the second
round, and Nets guard
Joe Johnson said, "I think
we have a good chance"
to knock off Miami if
the teams meet. "Small-
ball works in our favor
with them when they
have LeBron James or
Shane Battier at (power
forward). It's a great fit."
Even Toronto, the
Heat's potential second-
round opponent, sees

Dallas at San Antonio, 1p.m.
Charlotte at HEAT, 3:30 p.m.
Washington at Chicago, 7p.m.
Portland at Houston, 9:30 p.m.
Complete playoff schedule in
Scoreboard, Page 7

run, breaking a 50-50 tie,
then pulled away when
Teague scored nine points
in a 14-0 run that made it
74-58 with 4:08 left in the
Indiana couldn't get
closer than eight the rest
of the way.

Nets 94, Raptors 87:
In Toronto, Deron Williams and Joe
Johnson each scored 24 points, Paul
Pierce scored nine of his 15 points in
the final quarter and Brooklyn beat the
Raptors in their playoff opener.
Shaun Livingston scored 10 points
and Kevin Garnett had five as the Nets

an opportunity, despite
having lost 15 in a row
against Miami.
Toronto's DeMar
DeRozan said: "You can
take a lot from what has
happened (with Miami
and Indiana) recently and
see what forces them to
struggle. Look at the way
Chicago, Brooklyn and
us are playing. It's not
going to be a cakewalk for
anyone. We understand
we can sneak into (the
Eastern Finals) and make
something happen."
Said Toronto's Steve
Novak: "Success in the
playoffs comes from how
you're playing at the end
of the year, and Miami
and Indiana are not
playing their best right
now. If we're playing our
best, we can hold our own
against the best. From a
distance, someone not as
aware might say a (Heat-
Pacers Eastern finals) is
a lock. But the playoffs
are very much about one

won despite making 4 of 24 3-pointers.
Kyle Lowry scored 22 points and Jonas
Valanciunas had 17 points and 18
rebounds for the Raptors.
Raptors GM Masai Ujiri used a
profanity about Brooklyn in a pregame
address to fans watching outside the
arena. Ujiri apologized, saying he was
"just trying to get our fans going"

Warriors 109, Clippers
105: In Los Angeles, Klay Thompson
scored 22 points, David Lee added 20
and Golden State put Blake Griffin and
Chris Paul in foul trouble to beat the
Clippers in their playoff opener.
Stephen Curry added 14 points for
the Warriors, who trailed by 11 points
to start the game before rallying in the
third when Griffin and Paul were on the
bench together.
Paul led the Clippers with 28 points,
and J.J. Redick added 22 points in 30
minutes. Griffin finished with 16 points,
fouling out with 48 seconds left and
the game tied at 105. DeAndre Jordan
had 11 points and 14 rebounds.

guy that gives teams a
problem. Brooklyn and
we have those types of
Of facing the Heat begin-
ning today, Charlotte's Al
Jefferson said: "Why not?
... Regardless, we'd learn
something ... We've been
underdogs ever since I've
been here, and it's worked
out so far."

Noteworthy: Though he
played in only 54 games, Dwyane
Wade finished with the highest field-
goal percentage by an NBA starting
shooting guard (54.6) since the
three-point shot was implemented in
1979-80. The best Michael Jordan ever
shot in a season: 53.9.
"When you see a guard shoot the
percentage Wade does, it's unheard of,"
said ABC's Jeff Van Gundy, who leans
toward Indiana coming out of the
East. It helped that Wade took only 32
three-pointers, making nine....
By shooting 50.1 percent from
the field, the Heat became only the
second franchise to make at least half
its shots in the past 17 years. Phoenix
did it in 2007-08 and 2008-09.


Chicago's Corey Crawford makes a glove-save on this shot by David Backes of St. Louis during the
second period of Saturday's Game 2, but the Blues rallied again to beat the Blackhawks in OT.

St. Louis gives Chicago

a case of the 0-2 blues

Defenseman Barret
Jackman scored on a drive
through traffic, giving
the St. Louis Blues their
second consecutive 4-3
overtime victory over the
Chicago Blackhawks on
Saturday for a 2-0 series
lead against the defending
Stanley Cup champions.
St. Louis rallied after
Chicago defenseman
Brent Seabrook received
a five-minute major and
game misconduct penalty
for a vicious elbow to the
head on Blues captain
David Backes, who had to
be helped off the ice, went
straight to the locker room
and did not return for the
extra period.
Vladimir Tarasenko
forced overtime with his

Philadelphia at N.Y. Rangers, noon
Detroit at Boston, 3p.m.
LIGHTNNG at Montreal, 7 p.m.
Los Angeles at San Jose, 10 p.m.
Complete NHL playoff schedule in
Scoreboard, Page 7

second goal of the series,
beating Corey Crawford
with a wrist shot that
banged off the right post
and in with 6.4 seconds to
go. Kevin Shattenkirk had
a goal and two assists for
the Blues, who also got a
goal from Chris Porter.
Duncan Keith, Seabrook
and Michael Rozsival
scored in a span of
five shots to put the
Blackhawks up 3-2 early in
the third. But Seabrook's
penalty proved costly, and

Miami guard Dwyane Wade works against Philadelphia center
Henry Sims during the first half of Wednesday's game in Miami.

he could be suspended
for Game 3 in Chicago on
Monday night.

Blue Jackets 4, Penguins
3, 20T: In Pittsburgh, Matt Calvert
banged home a rebound 1:10 into the
second overtime and the Columbus
earned the first playoff victory in
franchise history.
Pittsburgh's Marc-Andre Fleury
stuffed the initial shot by Cam Atkinson
but Calvert stood all alone at the left
post and wristed a shot into the open
net to even the Eastern Conference
quarterfinals at one game each.
Game 3 is Monday in Columbus.
Jack Johnson tied the game with
6:01 left in regulation for the Blue
Jackets. Ryan Johansen also scored
the first playoff goal of his career for
Columbus. Sergei Bobrovsky overcame
a shaky start to finish with 39 saves.
Columbus won the team's first
playoff victory since the expansion
team made its debut on Oct. 7,2000.

wxz AMmiy

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The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014 SP Page 3

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014




Kansas City

Los Angeles


St. Louis

Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego

East Division
556 6-4
556 6-4
.500 1 1 5-5
500 1 1 6-4
.444 2 2 5-5
Central Division
571 4-6
.563 6-4
.471 11/2 11/2 5-5
.444 2 2 4-6
.412 21/2 21/2 3-7
West Division
.706 8-2
.611 11/2 7-3
.471 4 11/2 5-5
.412 5 21/2 2-8
278 71/2 5 2-8
East Division
.706 8-2
.556 21/2 1/2 4-6
.471 4 2 5-5
.444 41/2 21/2 3-7
.412 5 3 4-6
Central Division
.722 7-3
.611 2 6-4
.444 5 21/2 3-7
.412 51/2 3 5-5
.313 7 41/2 3-7
West Division
.611 6-4
588 1/2 5-5
.526 11/2 1 6-4
.471 21/2 2 6-4
.250 7 61/2 3-7

Friday's results
Toronto 3, Cleveland 2
LA. Angels 11, Detroit 6
Baltimore 8, Boston 4
RAYS 11, N.Y.Yankees 5
MARLINS 8, Seattle 4
Texas 12, Chicago White SoxO0
Kansas City 5, Minnesota 0
Oakland 11, Houston 3
Saturday's results
Toronto 5, Cleveland 0
Detroit 5, LA. Angels 2
Boston 4, Baltimore 2
Kansas City 5, Minnesota 4
Oakland 4, Houston 3
RAYS 16, N.Y. Yankees 1
MARLINS 7, Seattle 0
Texas 6, Chicago White Sox 3
Today's games
Toronto (Morrow 1-1) at Cleveland (Carras-
co 0-2), 1:05 p.m.
L.A. Angels (H.Santiago 0-2) at Detroit (Por-
cello 1-1), 1:08 p.m.
Seattle (Maurer 0-0) at MARLINS (Slowey
0-0), 1:10 p.m.
N.Y. Yankees (Nuno 0-0) at RAYS (C.Ra-
mos 0-1), 1:40 p.m.
Minnesota (Hughes 0-1) at Kansas City
(Ventura 1-0),2:10p.m.
ChicagoWhite Sox (ErJohnson 0-1) atTexas
(RossJr. 1-0),3:05 p.m.
Houston (Peacock0-1)atOakland (J.Chavez
0-0), 4:05 p.m.
Baltimore (Jimenez 0-3) at Boston (Peavy
0-0), 7:05 p.m.
Monday's games
Baltimore at Boston, 11:05 a.m.
Kansas Cityat Cleveland, 7:05 p.m.
L.A. AngelsatWashington,7:05 p.m.
ChicagoWhite Sox at Detroit, 7:08 p.m.
Texas at Oakland, 10:05 p.m.
Houston at Seattle, 10:10 p.m.




for lack

of hustle


Harper hit the ball to the
mound, jogged to first
base and took a right
turn to the dugout before
getting halfway down the
That would be his final
play in the Washington
Nationals' 4-3 loss to the
St. Louis Cardinals on
First-year manager
Matt Williams will tolerate
physical miscues but not
the nonchalance that
the normally aggressive
Harper displayed during
his sixth-inning jog.
Now in his third season,
the 21-year-old Harper
is one of Washington's
brightest lights and al-
ready a two-time All-Star.
The outfielder once ran
into a wall in the relentless
pursuit of a fly ball.
"I respect what he did,"
Harper said. "That's part
of the game."

Around the league: New
YorkYankees closer David Robertson
pitched in an extended spring training
game for the first time since being
sidelined by a groin strain and expects
to rejoin the team Tuesday.....
The Chicago White Sox put right-
hander Felipe Paulino on the disabled
list because of right rotator cuff
inflammation a day after he allowed 13
hits and 10 runs in 3 23 innings against
Texas in the series opener....
The Pittsburgh Pirates optioned
catcherTony Sanchez to Triple-A
Indianapolis to make room for first
baseman Ike Davis, who was acquired
from the NewYork Mets on Friday night

LosAngeles AB R H BIBBSO Avg. St. Louis AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Shuck If 4 1 1 1 0 1 .189 M.Carpenter3b 4 1 1 0 0 1 270
Troutcf 4 0 0 0 0 4 319 Jaycf-rf 4 0 2 0 0 1 303
Pujolsdh 3 1 1 1 1 2 .282 Hollidaylf 4 0 1 1 0 1 254
Ibanezlb 4 0 0 0 0 2 .150 C.Martinezp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
H.Kendrick2b 3 0 1 0 1 1 .264 Rosenthalp 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
I.Stewart3b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .250 MaAdamslb 4 0 1 0 0 0 348
Aybarss 3 0 0 0 0 1 .183 Craigrf-lf 2 1 0 0 2 0 .175
Congerc 3 0 1 0 0 1 .286 Jh.Peraltass 4 1 0 0 0 1 .183
Boeschrf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .167 Wong2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .237
Totals 30 2 4 2 213 Siegristp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Detroit AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Bourjoscf 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200
R.Davislf 3 0 1 0 2 1 .326 T.Cruzc 4 1 2 2 0 1 .444
Kinsler2b 4 0 0 1 0 1 .328 Lynnp 2 0 1 1 0 1 .125
Mi.Cabreralb 41 1 0 1 1 .232 M.Ellis2b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .143
V.Martinezdh 21 2 1 2 0 333 Totals 33 4 8 4 2 8
Tor.Hunterrf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .222 Washington AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
AJacksoncf 31 2 1 0 0 .320 Spancf 5 0 2 0 0 1 .244
Castellanos3b 4 1 1 2 0 0 .256 Harperl If 3 0 0 0 0 0 .295
Holadayc 41 2 0 0 1 .222 Frandsenlf 2 0 0 1 0 0 .304
An.Rominess 3 0 1 0 1 2 .167 Werthrf 5 0 1 0 0 3 .262
Totals 31 510 5 6 6 LaRochelb 3 1 1 0 1 0 300
LosAngeles 100000001--2 41 Rendon3b 4 0 2 1 0 1 324
Detroit 02101001x- 5100 Desmond ss 3 0 1 0 1 1 .235
E-Boesch (1). LOB-Los Angeles 3, De- Espinosa2b 4 1 1 1 0 1 273
troit 10. 2B-Mi.Cabrera (5) HR-Shuck Leonc 2 0 0 0 1 1 .154
(2), off Scherzer; Pujols (6), off Nathan; b-McLouth ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .074
Castellanos(2),offC.Wilson;V.Martinez(3), Zimmermannp 2 0 0 0 0 1 333
off C.Wilson. RBIs-Shuck(6), Pujols (14), a-T.Mooreph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .214
Kinsler (11), V.Martinez (7), AJackson (7), Detwilerp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Castellanos2(7).SB-I.Stewart(1).CS-R. c-Waltersph 0 1 0 0 1 0 .400
Davis (2). SF-Kinsler, AJackson. Runners Totals 35 3 8 3 410
left in scoring position-Los Angeles 2 St.Louis 030000100- 4 80
(Aybar 2); Detroit 3 (Tor.Hunter, AJackson, Washington 000010011- 3 81
Mi.Cabrera). RISP-Los Angeles 0 for 2; a-struck out for Zimmermann in the 7th.
Detroit 0 for 5. Runners moved up-Tor. b-fouled out for Leon in the 9th. c-walked
Hunter GIDP-I.Stewart. DP-Detroit 1 for Detwiler in the 9th. E-Rendon (1).
(Mi.Cabrera,An.Romine). LOB-St. Louis 5,Washington 9.2B-Lynn
LosAngeles IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA (1), LaRoche (3), Rendon (6). HR-Espinosa
C.WilsonL,2-2 5 7 4 3 3 4111 4.21 (1), off Lynn. RBIs-Holliday (10), T.Cruz 2
Y.Herrera 2 2 0 0 1 2 30 1.80 (2), Lynn (1), Frandsen (2), Rendon (14), Es-
Wall 1 1 1 1 2 02454.00 pinosa (2). CS-T.Cruz (1). Runners left in
Detroit IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA scoring position-St. Louis 3 (M.Carpen-
ScherzerW,1-1 7 3 1 1 2 9111 2.33 ter, T.Cruz, Wong); Washington 4 (Espinosa

NATIONAL LEAGUE Chamberlain H, 21 0 0 0 0 2 8 4.26 3,Werth). RISP-St. Louis 2 for 6; Washing-
Friday's results Nathan 1 1 1 1 0 2 23 8.10 ton 1 for 7. Runners moved up-Jh.Per-
Cincinnati 4,Chicago Cubs 1 IBB-off YHerrera (V.Martinez). WP-C. alta, Wong 2, Frandsen. GIDP-Holliday,
Milwaukee 5, Pittsburgh 3 Wilson. Umpires-Home, Phil Cuzzi; First, Harper. DP-St. Louis 1 (Jh.Peralta, MaAd-
Washington 3, St. Louis 1 Brian Knight; Second, Quinn Wolcott;Third, ams); Washington 1 (Desmond, Espinosa,
Atlanta 6, N.Y Mets 0 Gerry Davis.T-3:13. A-36,659(41,681). LaRoche).
MARLINS 8, Seattle 4 St.Louis IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
Colorado 12, Philadelphia 1 ATHLETICS 4, ASTROS 3 LynnW,4-0 5% 5 1 1 3 5 873.42
Arizona4, L.A. Dodgers2,12innings Houston AB R H BIBBSO Avg. SiegristH,5 1 1 0 0 0 2 134.05
San Diego2,San Francisco 1 Altuve2b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .282 C.MartinezH,5 1 2 1 1 0 2 172.45
Saturday's results Fowlercf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .196 Rosenthal S,5-5 1 0 1 1 1 1 166.75
St. Louis4,Washington 3 Guzmanlb 4 0 0 0 0 2 .200 Washington IP H RER BBSO NP ERA
Chicago Cubs 8, Cincinnati 4 Springerrf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .278 ZimmrmnnL, 1-17 7 4 1 2 61003.92
Milwaukee8, Pittsburgh7 Carterdh 2 1 1 0 1 0 .132 Detwiler 2 1 0 0 0 2 190.00
Atlanta 7, N.Y Mets 5 M.Dominguez3b 4 0 1 1 0 0 .194 Inherited runners-scored-Siegrist 3-0,
MARLINS 7, Seattle 0 Hoeslf 4 0 1 0 0 2 214 C.Martinez 1-0. HBP-by Zimmermann
L.A. Dodgers8,Arizona6 Corporanc 3 0 0 0 0 0 .167 (M.Ellis). Balk-Rosenthal. Umpires-
Colorado 3, Philadelphia 1 Villarss 3 2 2 1 0 0 .212 Home, Adam Hamari; First, Greg Gibson;
San Francisco at San Diego, late Totals 32 3 7 2 1 6 Second, Bill Miller; Third, Vic Carapazza.
Today'sgames Oakland AB R H BIBBSO Avg. T-2:44. A-41,084(41,408).
Atlanta (Hale 0-0) at N.Y Mets (Wheeler Gentrycf 3 0 2 1 0 0 .412
1-2),1:10p.m. a-Crispph-cf 1 0 0 0 1 0 321 ROYALS5,TWINS4
Seattle(MaurerO-0)atMARLINS(Slowey Lowriess 5 1 1 1 0 0 263 Minnesota AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
0-0),1:10p.m. Donaldson3b 4 1 1 0 1 1 247 Dozier2b 5 0 0 0 0 3 .194
Milwaukee (Estrada 1-1) at Pittsburgh (Cole CespedesIf 4 1 2 0 1 0 .261 Mauerlb 5 1 1 0 0 2 .271
2-1),1:35 p.m. D.Norrisc 3 0 0 0 1 0 .257 Plouffe3b 4 1 1 0 1 1 .286
St. Louis (S.Miller 1-2) at Washington (Stras- c-Jasoph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .250 Colabellorf 4 1 2 0 0 2 359
burg 1-2),l:35 p.m. Callaspodh 5 0 1 1 0 0 327 Kubellf 3 0 1 0 1 0 333
Cincinnati(Bailey0-1)atChicagoCubs(Vil- Reddickrf 5 0 3 1 0 1 .200 Pintoc 3 0 0 0 1 1 .225
lanueva1-3),2:20p.m. Punto2b 4 0 3 0 0 0 .276 K.Suzukidh 4 1 2 3 0 1 .277
Arizona (Collmenter 0-1) at LA. Dodgers Barton 1lb 3 1 1 0 0 1 .103 A.Hickscf 3 0 0 1 1 2 .179
(Beckett 0-0),4:10p.m. b-Mossph-lb 1 0 0 0 0 0 .263 Florimonss 2 0 1 0 1 0 .150
Philadelphia(R.Hernandez 1-0) atColorado Totals 39 414 4 4 4 a-Herrmannph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .091
(Nicasio2-0),4:1Op.m. Houston 001110000- 3 70 E.Escobarss 0 0 0 0 0 0 .214
San Francisco (Lincecum 0-1) at San Diego Oakland 001000003- 4142 Totals 34 4 8 4 512
(Erlin 1-1),4:10p.m. One out when winning run scored. KansasCity AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Monday'sgames a-walked for Gentry in the 6th. b-grounded Aokirf 5 1 2 1 0 0 .276
Cincinnati atPittsburgh, 7:05p.m. into a fielder's choice for Barton in the 8th. Infante2b 4 0 2 1 0 0 .291
LAAngelsatWashington,7:05p.m. c-struckoutforD.Norrisinthe9th.E-Don- Hosmerib 4 0 0 0 0 0 .279
MARLINS at Atlanta, 7:10 p.m. aldson (4), D.Norris (1). LOB-Houston 4, S.Perezc 4 0 0 0 0 0 259
St. LouisatN.YMets,7:10p.m. Oakland 14. 2B-Springer (1), Carter (5), A.Gordonlf 4 1 3 0 0 0 .300
ArizonaatChicagoCubs,8:05 p.m. Hoes(1),Villar(3),Gentry(1),Donaldson(5), B.Butlerdh 4 1 2 0 0 0 .193
SanDiegoatMilwaukee,8:10p.m. Barton (1).HR-Villar(3),offKazmir;Lowrie Moustakas3b 2 0 0 1 1 1 .135
SanFranciscoatColorado,8:40p.m. (2),offQualls. RBIs-M.Dominguez(5),Vil- Maxwellcf 3 1 1 1 1 2 .077
PhiladelphiaatL.A.Dodgers,10:10p.m. lar (6),Gentry(1),Lowrie (7),Callaspo (10), A.Escobarss 3 1 0 0 0 2 .278
Reddick(4).SB-Altuve2(7),Villar(4),Gen- Totals 33 510 4 2 5
I B B -try (3). Runners left in scoring position- Minnesota 010120000-481
SHouston3(Guzman,Villar,Hoes);Oakland5 KansasCity 000 500 00Ox- 5100
(D.Norris 2, Lowrie 2, Crisp). RISP-Houston a-grounded outfor Florimon in the 8th. E-
SCOREBOARD 1 for 8; Oakland 4 for 13. GIDP-M.Domin- Pinto (1). LOB-Minnesota 8, Kansas City
J w lt__ i ~ guez 2, Hoes. DP-Oakland 3 (Lowrie, Pun- 8. 2B-Plouffe (5), A.Gordon (6), B.Butler
to, Barton),(Punto, Lowrie, Barton),(Lowrie, (1). 3B-Infante (1). HR-K.Suzuki (1), off
MARLINS 7, MARINERS 0 Punto, Moss). B.Chen. RBIs-K.Suzuki 3 (12), A.Hicks (4),
Seattle AB R H BIBBSO Avg. Houston IP H RER BBSO NP ERA Aoki (3), lnfante (8),Moustakas(6), Maxwell
Almontecf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .233 Oberholtzer 5% 8 1 1 2 3 943.04 (1). SB-Florimon (4), Aoki (3), Infante (1).
BMillerss 3 0 0 0 0 2 194 BassH,1 1 0 0 0 1 0 242.79 SF-Moustakas. Runners left in scoring
Cano2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 254 AlbersH,3 1 2 0 0 0 0 19 1.00 position-Minnesota 4 (Florimon, Kubel,
Smoaklb 3 0 0 0 0 0 233 QuallsL, 0-1 BS, 1-2 4 3 3 11229.00 Dozier, A.Hicks); Kansas City 5 (S.Perez 3,
M.Saundersrf 3 0 0 0 0 1 .194 Oakland IP H RER BBSO NP ERA A.Escobar 2). RISP-Minnesota 1 for 8; Kan-
Seager3b 3 0 0 0 0 1 161 Kazmir 8 63 2 0 51061.65 sas City 3 for 13. Runners moved up-In-
Rodneyp 0 0 0 0 0 0 -- OteroW,3-0 1 1 0 0 1 1 13 1.00 fante, Hosmer. GIDP-Florimon. DP-Kan-
Ackleylf 3 0 1 0 0 0 293 Inherited runners-scored-Bass 2-0. sasCityl (Moustakas,Hosmer).
Zuninoc 3 0 1 0 0 0 283 HBP-by Kazmir (Carter). Umpires- Minnesota IP H RER BBSO NP ERA
Eliasp 2 0 0 0 0 0 000 Home, Mike Winters; First, Andy Fletcher; CorreiaL,0-2 6 9 5 4 2 2 975.47
Farquharp 0 0 0 0 0 0 Second, Seth Buckminster; Third, Mike Thielbar 1 1 0 0 0 1 173.00
Franklin3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .111 Muchlinski.T-3:07.A-33,166(35,067). Tonkin 1 0 0 0 0 2 162.08
Totals 28 0 2 0 0 4 KansasCity IP H RER BBSO NP ERA
Miami AB R H BIBBSO Avg. BRAVES7,METS5 B.ChenW, 1-1 5 84 4 4 6 986.60
Yelichlf 3 2 1 0 2 1 338 Atlanta AB R H BIBBSO Avg. DuffyH,1 2 00 0 1 2 290.00
Ozunacf 4 1 2 4 1 1 343 Heywardrf 5 1 1 0 0 1 .141 W.DavisH,3 1 00 0 0 2 132.89
Stantonrf 3 0 0 0 2 2 .315 B.Uptoncf 4 1 1 0 1 1 .212 G.HollandS,6-6 1 00 0 0 2 11 2.57
McGehee3b 4 0 1 1 0 0 299 Freeman lb 4 1 3 1 1 1 .413 HBP-by Correia (A.Escobar). Umpires-
Saltalamacchiac 3 0 0 0 1 1 .283 JUptonIf 5 2 3 3 0 2 .333 Home, Bill Welke; First Brian Gorman;
Je.Bakerlb 4 0 0 0 0 1 091 Gattisc 5 0 0 0 0 1 .304 Second, Jim Wolf; Third, David Rackley
Hechavarriass 4 2 3 0 0 1 .319 Kimbrelp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- T-2:54.A-24,291 (37,903).
Solano2b 4 1 2 0 0 0 .273 J.Waldenp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
HAlvarezp 2 1 1 1 0 1 333 Uggla2b 3 0 1 0 1 1 237 DODGERS8, DIAMONDBACKS6
Totals 31 710 6 6 8 CJohnson3b 4 0 1 0 0 0 .290 Arizona AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
Seattle 000000000- 0 21 Simmonsss 4 0 1 0 0 0 316 G.Parracf 5 1 0 1 0 0 256
Miami 00110401x--7100 E.Santanap 3 1 0 0 0 1 .111 Hill2b 4 0 2 0 0 0 232
E-- t (. LO --S l M D.Carpenterp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Goldschmidtlb 5 2 1 2 0 2 .313
EAlmonte ) LOB-Seate 1 Miami b-J.Schaferph 1 1 0 0 0 0 .111 Monteroc 3 1 1 1 1 1 .254
8 2B-Zunino (3),Yelich (4), Hechavarria Laird c 0 0 0 0 0 0 .200 C.Rossrf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .000
(4). HR-Ozuna (3), off Elias. RBIs-Ozu- Totals 38 711 4 3 8 Prado3b 4 0 2 2 0 0 .260
na 4 (10), McGehee (15), HAlvarez (1). NewYork AB R H BIBBSO Avg. TrumbolIf 4 1 2 0 0 1 .213
S-HAvarez 2. Runners left in scoring E.YounglIf 2 2 0 0 2 1 .237 Owingsss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .298
position-Seattle 1 (Almonte); Miami 6 Dan.Murphy2b 5 2 3 0 0 0 .303 Bolsingerp 2 1 1 0 0 1 .333
(Saltalamacchia 3, HAlvarez, Ozuna, Stan- D.Wright3b 5 1 3 2 0 2 .286 O.Perezp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
ton).RISP-SeattleOfor2;Miami4for13. Grandersonrf 5 0 0 0 0 1 .140 Cahillp 1 0 0 0 0 0 .167
Runners moved up-Franklin, Solano 2. C.Youngcf 5 0 3 2 0 1 .333 a-Campanaph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .333
GIDP-Zunino, Saltalamacchia DP-Seat- Dudalb 4 0 1 0 1 0 .255 Totals 36 610 6 1 7
tie 1 (B.Miller, Cano, Smoak); Miami 1 (Mc- d'Arnaudc 5 0 2 1 0 0 .170 LosAngeles AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
GeheeSolanoJe.Baker) Tejadass 4 0 1 0 0 0 .184 D.Gordon2b 4 1 2 0 0 0 .375
Seattle IPH RER BB SONPERA Colonp 2 0 0 0 0 2 .000 C.Crawfordl If 41 1 0 0 1 .235
EliasL, 1-2 5% 8 6 4 5 5111 3.22 a-Nieuwenhuisphl 0 0 0 0 1 .273 H.Ramirezss 4 1 0 1 0 1 .262
Farquhar 1 00 0 1 2 201.00 Matsuzakap 00 0 0 0 0 --- Ad.Gonzalezlb 4 2 2 2 0 1 .296
Rodney 1 21 1 0 1 16 1.69 Valverdep 0 0 0 0 0 0 --- Kempcf 41 2 2 0 2 .209
Miami IPHRERBBSONPERA c-Quintanillaph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .308 Ethierrf 4 1 1 3 0 1 .214
HAlvarezW, -2 9 20 0 0 4 902.66 Totals 39 513 5 3 8 Uribe3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .342
IBB-off Elias (Stanton). WP-Rodney Atlanta 002010013--7111 Buterac 4 0 0 0 0 3 .143
PB-Zunino. Balk-Elias. Umpires- NewYork 100000022--5132 Harenp 2 1 1 0 1 0 .100
Home, Toby Basner; First, Ed Hickox; Sec- -Wiln
ond, Lance Barrett; Third, Dana DeMuth. a-struckoutfor Colon in the 7th. b-reached BWilsonp 0 0 0 0 0 0 --
T-2:20.A-24,003 (37,442). on error for D.Carpenter in the 9th. Jansenp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
c-grounded out for Valverde in the 9th. Totals 34 8 9 8 111
E-B.Upton (1), Colon (1), Valverde (2). Arizona 004000020- 6102
On this date LOB-Atlanta 7, New York 11 2B-Free- LosAngeles 000350 OOx-8 92
man(6),D.Wright(2),C.Young(1),Duda(1). a-grounded out for Cahill in the 9th.
1910 Addie Joss of Cleveland pitched HR-J.Upton (5), offValverde. RBIs-Free- E-Prado (4), Goldschmidt (2), Uribe (2),
the second no-hitter of his career, a 1-0 win man (13), J.Upton 3 (12), D.Wright 2 (10), H.Ramirez (5). LOB-Arizona 6, Los Ange-
overtheWhite Sox in Chicago. C.Young 2 (2), dArnaud (3). SB-J.Upton les 3. 2B-Montero (3), Prado (5), Owings
1912 -Fenway Park was opened in Bos- (2), J.Schafer (2), E.Young (10), C.Young (1). (3), Kemp (3). HR-Ethier (2), off Bolsing-
ton and the Red Sox defeated the visiting CS-E.Young (1). Runners left in scoring er. RBIs-G.Parra (8), Goldschmidt 2 (12),
New York Highlanders, later known as the position-Atlanta 4 (Gattis 3, Simmons); Montero (10), Prado 2 (6), H.Ramirez (8),
Yankees,7-6in 11 innings. New York 7 (C.Young, Colon, dArnaud Ad.Gonzalez2(17),Kemp2(7),Ethier3(13).
1916 The Chicago Cubs played their 3, E.Young, Tejada). RISP-Atlanta 3 for SB-Kemp (2). S-Owings. Runners left
first game at Weeghman Park-renamed 9; New York 5 for 19. Runners moved in scoring position-Arizona 4 (C.Ross,
Wrigley Field in 1926-defeating the Cin- up-Gattis, Dan.Murphy, Granderson, Bolsinger, Owings, Goldschmidt); Los An-
cinnati Reds 7-6 in 11 innings. Duda. GIDP-CJohnson. DP-New York 1 geles2 (C.Crawford, Butera). RISP-Arizona
1920 Manager Gawvvy Cravath of the (D.Wright, Dan.Murphy, Duda). 4 for 10; Los Angeles 4 for 9. GIDP-Gold-
Philadelphia Phillies inserted himself as a Atlanta IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA schmidt. DP-Los Angeles 1 (H.Ramirez,
pinch hitter and beat the New York Giants E.SantanaW,2-0 7 6 1 1 2 7106 0.86 D.Gordon, Ad.Gonzalez).
ith a three-run homer, 3-0. It was his last D.CarpenterH,5 1 42 2 0 0 226.43 Arizona IP H RER BBSO NP ERA
homeruninthemajors. Kimbrel % 3 2 2 1 1 244.26 Bolsinger L, 0-1 4 7 7 6 1 5 7310.29
1938-Cleveland's Bob Feller pitched the J.WaldenS, 1-1 % 00 0 0 0 32.84 O.Perez 1 2 1 0 0 2 164.82
first of 12 career one-hitters, beating the St. NewYork IP H RER BBSO NP ERA Cahill 3 00 0 0 4 377.48
Louis Browns 9-0. Colon L, 7 83 3 1 6104 5.40 LosAngeles IP H RER BBSO NP ERA
1939- In hisfirstmajorleaguegame, Ted Matsuzaka 1 2 1 1 1 1 189.00 HarenW,3-0 71 7 5 2 0 51002.16
Williams hit a 400-foot double in four at- Valverde 1 1 3 0 1 1 24 5.40 B.Wilson % 2 1 1 1 1 2310.13
bats as the Boston Red Sox lost 2-0 to New Inherited runners-scored-J.Walden 3-0. JansenS,6-8 1 1 0 0 0 1 164.50
YorkatYankee Stadium. IBB-off Valverde (Freeman). HBP-by Bolsinger pitched to 4 batters in the 5th.
1967-Tom Seaver of the NewYork Mets Kimbrel (E.Young).WP-E.Santana, Matsu- Inherited runners-scored-O.Perez 3-3,
recorded his first major league victory zaka. Umpires-Home, Eric Cooper; First, B.Wilson 1-1. HBP-by Haren (Hill). Urnm-
with a 6-1 triumph over the Chicago Cubs. Mark Wegner; Second, Pat Hoberg; Third, pires-Home, Jeff Nelson; First, Marcus
Seaver went 7 2-3 innings and gave up Tom Hallion.T-3:13.A-31,476 (41,922). Pattillo; Second, Laz Diaz;Third, Scott Barry
eighthitsand one run. T-2:48. A-48,541 (56,000).
1982 The Atlanta Braves recorded their
12th consecutive victory from the begin-
ning of the season a 4-2 decision over
Cincinnati in Atlanta.


Me.Cabrera If
Bautista rf
Encarnacion lb
Rasmus cf
Lawrie 3b
Francisco dh
A.Cabrera ss
Swisher 1 b
Raburn If


1 1 00
2 0 0 2
1 1 1 0
1 0 01
2 3 0 1
0 0 0 2
0 0 2 0
1 0 1 0
1 0 00
9 5 4 6
1 0 0 1
0 0 0 2
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 1
0 0 0 1
0 0 1 0
1 0 0 2
1 0 1 0
1 0 1 0
4 0 4 7

210000200- 5 90
000000000- 0 40

SLOB-Toronto 8, Cleveland 7. 2B-Me.
Cabrera (5), Encarnacion (5). 3B-Me.
Cabrera (1). RBIs-Reyes (1), Bautista (12),
Navarro 3 (12). Runners left in scoring
position-Toronto 3 (Reyes 2, Navarro);
Cleveland 3 (C.Santana, Aviles, Kipnis).
RISP-Toronto 4 for 11; Cleveland 0 for 5.
Runners moved up-Encarnacion, Fran-
cisco, Goins 2. GIDP-A.Cabrera, C.Santa-
na. DP-Toronto 2 (Reyes, Goins, Encarna-
cion), (Lawrie, Goins, Encarnacion).
BuehrleW,4-0 7 40 0 3 31070.64
Rogers 2 00 0 1 4 35 5.23
Cleveland IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
KluberL,1-2 6% 9 5 4 3 3111 5.40
Rzepczynski 1 0 0 0 1 1 17 1.13
B.Wood 1 00 0 0 2 167.11
Buehrle pitched to 2 batters in the 8th.
Inherited runners-scored-Rogers 2-0,
Rzepczynski 1-0. HBP-byBuehrle (Kipnis).
WP-Buehrle. PB-Y.Gomes. Umpires-
Home, Dale Scott; First, Ron Kulpa; Second,
CB Bucknor; Third, Tripp Gibson. T-2:42.
A-15,188 (42,487).

Milwaukee AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
C.Gomezcf 5 0 0 0 0 2 307
Segurass 5 2 2 0 0 0 .239
Braunrf 5 4 3 3 0 0 .292
Ar.Ramirez3b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .352
Lucroyc 5 1 3 2 0 0 .344
K.Davisl If 5 0 1 1 0 1 .233
Mar.Reynoldslb 3 1 1 1 1 1 .208
Weeks2b 2 0 0 0 1 0 .130
d-Gennettph-2b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .295
Garzap 2 0 0 0 0 1 .000
b-Bianchiph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .250
Wootenp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Dukep 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
e-E.Herreraph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000
Hendersonp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
FrRodriguezp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Totals 39 812 8 2 7
Pittsburgh AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Martelf 5 0 2 0 0 2 274
R.Martinc 5 1 1 0 0 1 .283
A.McCutchencf 4 1 1 1 1 0 .265
P.Alvarez3b 4 1 0 0 0 1 .162
Tabatarf 5 1 2 1 0 1 .250
I.Davislb 3 2 2 0 1 1 .259
N.Walker2b 3 0 1 1 1 0 .229
Barmesss 4 1 1 2 0 1 .250
W.Rodriguezp 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200
a-Sniderph 1 0 1 2 0 0 .236
Morrisp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
c-Mercerph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .213
Watson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Melanconp 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
f-G.Sanchezph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .219
Grillip 0 0 0 0 0 0 ---
Totals 37 711 7 3 7
Milwaukee 012110102- 8121
Pittsburgh 010501 000- 7110
a-singled forW.Rodriguez in the 4th. b-sin-
gled for Garza in the6th.c-flied outfor Mor-
ris in the 6th. d-grounded out for Weeks in
the 8th. e-struck out for Duke in the 8th.
f-flied out for Melancon in the 8th. E-
Weeks (2). LOB-Milwaukee 7, Pittsburgh
7.2B-Segura (3), Lucroy 3 (9), A.McCutch-
en (6), I.Davis (2). HR-Mar.Reynolds (4), off
W.Rodriguez; Braun (4), off Watson; Braun
(5), offGrilli. RBIs-Braun 3 (13), Ar.Ramirez
(15), Lucroy 2 (7), K.Davis (4), Mar.Reynolds
(7), A.McCutchen (10), Tabata (3), N.Walker
(10), Barmes 2 (2), Snider 2 (8). SB-Marte
(7). Runners left in scoring position-Mil-
waukee 4 (K.Davis 3, Segura); Pittsburgh 5
(R.Martin 2, Barmes 2, RAIvarez). RISP-Mil-
waukee 3 for 9; Pittsburgh 4 for 9. Runners
moved up-C.Gomez, Ar.Ramirez, Lucroy.
GIDP-Weeks, R.Martin, Tabata. DP-Mil-
waukee 2 (Segura, Weeks, Mar.Reynolds),
(Gennett, Segura, Mar.Reynolds); Pitts-
burgh 1 (Barmes, I.Davis).
Garza 5 86 5 3 2 86 4.50
Wooten 1 2 1 1 0 3 2615.43
Duke % 0 0 0 0 1 52.84
HendersnW,2-0 1 1 0 0 0 1 163.86
FrRodrigzS,6-6 1 0 0 0 0 0 70.00
Pittsburgh IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
W.Rodriguez 4 6 4 4 1 3 66 7.65
Morris 2 2 1 1 1 0 26 2.00
WatsonH,4 1 2 1 1 0 1 192.25
MelanconH, 7 1 00 0 0 2 11 2.00
GrilliL,0-1 BS,2-61 2 2 2 0 1 173.86
HBP-by Fr.Rodriguez (RAIvarez), by Grilli
(Ar.Ramirez). WP-Morris. Umpires-
Home, Jim Reynolds; First, Fieldin Culbreth;
Second, Manny Gonzalez; Third, Sean Bar-
ber. T-3:04. A-32,490 (38,362).

Baltimore AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Markakisrf 3 1 2 0 1 1 .290
D.Youngdh 4 0 0 0 0 1 .333
AJonescf 3 1 1 0 1 0 .274
CDavislb 3 0 0 0 0 2 .255
N.Cruzl If 4 0 2 2 0 0 .268
Wietersc 3 0 0 0 1 2 .314
Hardyss 4 0 0 0 0 2 .244
Schoop3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .280
Lombardozzi2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .286
Totals 32 2 5 2 311
Boston AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
G.Sizemorerf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .245
Pedroia2b 3 1 2 0 1 1 .250
D.Ortizdh 4 1 2 1 0 0 .239
Napolilb 4 0 1 1 0 2 .292
Carplf 2 1 0 0 1 0 .286
J.Gomeslf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .194
D.Rossc 3 0 0 0 0 2 .222
Holt3b 3 1 1 1 0 1 .429
J.Herrerass 2 0 0 1 0 0 .222 3 0 0 0 0 1 .220
Totals 28 4 6 4 2 8
Baltimore 100001000- 2 51
Boston 100100 20x- 4 61
E-Schoop (3), Holt (1). LOB-Baltimore
7, Boston 3. 2B-AJones (3), Pedroia (5).
3B-Holt (1). HR-D.Ortiz (3), off B.Norris.
RBIs-N.Cruz 2 (11), D.Ortiz (9), Napoli (10),
Holt (2), J.Herrera (4). SB-Markakis (1),
AJones (2). S-J.Herrera. Runners left in
scoring position-Baltimore 3 (Wieters,
Hardy 2); Boston 2 (Carp, Napoli). RISP-
Baltimore 2 for 6; Boston 0 for 4. GIDP-D.
Young, Carp 2, Bradley Jr.. DP-Baltimore
3 (Hardy, Lombardozzi, C.Davis), (Lombar-
dozzi, Hardy, C.Davis), (Hardy, C.Davis); Bos-
ton 1 (Doubront, J.Herrera, Napoli).
Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
B.Norris L, 0-2 6 5 4 4 2 7103 4.42
Meek % 0 0 0 0 0 3 0.00
R.Webb 1 1 0 0 0 1 175.68
Doubront 6% 5 2 2 2 7107 5.48
TazawaWl-0 1 00 0 0 1 110.00
UeharaS,4-4 1 00 0 1 3 190.00
Inherited runners-scored-Meek 1-1,
Tazawa 1-0. HBP-by Doubront (C.Davis).
Umpires-Home, Mark Carlson; First,
Ted Barrett; Second, Will Little; Third, Paul
Schrieber. T-2:47. A-37,689 (37,071).

Chicago AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Eatoncf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .282
DeAzalf 2 0 0 0 0 1 .161
Semien2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .187
Gillaspie3b 3 1 1 0 1 0 .315
Abreulb 3 2 2 0 1 0 .221
ADunndh 4 0 3 0 0 0 .304
Viciedorf 3 0 2 2 1 0 .292
AI.Ramirezss 4 0 0 0 0 0 .357
Flowers c 4 0 1 0 0 1 .360
Jor.Dankslf-cf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .091
Totals 34 3 9 2 3 5
Texas AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Choodh 4 1 3 1 0 1 .318
Andrusss 4 0 1 0 0 0 .304
Riosrf 4 0 3 1 0 1 .333
Fielderib 4 1 1 1 0 0 .194
Kouzmanoff3b 4 1 1 1 0 0 .395
Choice If 3 1 1 0 1 0 .208
Chirinosc 4 1 1 0 0 0 .235
LMartincf 3 0 1 0 1 0 .316
JoWilson2b 4 1 1 2 0 0 .281
Totals 34 613 6 2 2
Chicago 010000020- 3 90
Texas 100400 01x- 6131
E-Chirinos (1). LOB-Chicago 7, Texas 6.
2B-Gillaspie (5), Choo 2 (5), Rios (6). HR-
Fielder (2), offQuintana; Kouzmanoff(2),off
Petricka. RBIs-Viciedo 2 (6), Choo (5), Rios
(10), Fielder (6), Kouzmanoff (9), JoWilson
2 (5). SB-A.Dunn (1). CS-L.Martin (2).
Runners left in scoring position-Chica-
go 5 (Flowers, Viciedo, AI.Ramirez 3); Texas
4 (Kouzmanoff, Rios, Andrus, JoWilson).
RISP-Chicago 3 for 9; Texas 3 for 10. Run-
ners moved up-A.Dunn, Andrus, Fielder,
L.Martin 2. GIDP-AI.Ramirez 2, Fielder.
DP-Chicago 1 (Gillaspie, AI.Ramirez,
Abreu); Texas 2 (Kouzmanoff, Jo.Wilson,
Fielder), (Andrus, Jo.Wilson, Fielder).
QuintanaL,1-1 5 95 5 2 1 983.75
Petricka 3 4 1 1 0 1 47 3.38
LewisW, 1-1 51i 61 1 1 4 854.22
PoredaH, 1 % 00 0 1 0 90.00
FrasorH,3 % 00 0 0 0 10.00
Cotts 1 00 0 0 0 93.86
Ogando 1 3 2 2 1 0 19 5.79
SoriaS,3-3 1 00 0 0 1 95.14
Inherited runners-scored-Poreda 2-0,
Frasor 3-0. Umpires-Home, Bob David-
son; First, James Hoye; Second,John Tump-
ane; Third, Jeff Kellogg. T-2:49. A-44,811

Philadelphia AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Reverecf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .250
Rollinsss 4 0 2 1 0 0 .262
Utley2b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .417
Howard 1b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .217
Byrdrf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .242
D.Brownlf 4 0 0 0 0 0 .254
Ruizc 3 0 0 0 0 0 .204
Asche3b 3 1 1 0 0 0 .205
K.Kendrickp 2 0 0 0 0 1 .167
a-GwynnJr. ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .304
b-Mayberryph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .188
Diekmanp 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 32 1 5 1 1 3
Colorado AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Blackmonrf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .415
Stubbscf 4 0 0 0 0 3 .194
C.Gonzalezlf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .284
Tulowitzkiss 3 0 1 0 0 0 .358
Morneaulb 3 1 1 2 0 0 .333
Rosarioc 3 0 0 0 0 0 254
Arenado3b 3 1 1 0 0 0 .288
LeMahieu2b 3 0 1 1 0 0 .286
Lylesp 3 0 0 0 0 0 .300
Loganp 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hawkinsp 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 3 6 3 0 5
Philadelphia 000000010- 1 50
Colorado 001200 00x- 3 61
a-was announced for K.Kendrick in the 8th.
b-reached on error for Gwynn Jr. in the
8th. E-Logan (1). LOB-Philadelphia 5,
Colorado 3. HR-Morneau (3), off K.Ken-
drick. RBIs-Rollins (11), Morneau 2 (10),
LeMahieu (10). SB-Blackmon (5). Runners
left in scoring position-Philadelphia 3
(D.Brown 2, Utley); Colorado 2 (Stubbs 2).
RISP-Philadelphia 0 for 4; Colorado 0 for
4. Runners moved up-Revere, Rollins,
Lyles. GIDP-D.Brown. DP-Colorado 1
(Tulowitzki, LeMahieu, Morneau).
Philadelphia IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
K.KendrickL,0-2 7 6 3 3 0 3 82 3.60
Diekman 1 00 0 0 2 10 7.56
LylesW,3-0 7 5 1 0 1 2 953.04
LoganH,3 1 00 0 0 1 120.00
HawkinsS,5-5 1 00 0 0 0 71.35
Lyles pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. In-
herited runners-scored-Logan 1-1.
Umpires-Home, Tim Welke; First, Chris
Segal; Second, Tim Timmons; Third, Todd
Tichenor. T-2:23. A-31,352 (50,480).

Cincinnati AB R H BIBBSO Avg.
B.Hamiltoncf 5 1 3 0 0 1 214
Vottolb 4 1 2 0 1 0 .322
Phillips2b 5 0 0 0 0 2 .290
Brucerf 3 1 3 1 1 0 .204
Frazier3b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .210
Heiseylf 4 1 1 0 0 1 .303
Mesoracoc 4 0 2 1 0 0 .483
Cozartss 4 0 0 1 0 0 .111
Cingranip 2 0 0 0 0 1 .250
a-B.Penaph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .308
Ondrusekp 0 0 0 0 0 0
Christianip 0 0 0 0 0 0
c-Bernadinaph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .111
Hoover p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 37 411 3 2 7
Chicago AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
Bonifaciocf 5 2 3 0 0 0 358
LakelIf 4 0 1 1 1 1 .239
Strop p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rizzolb 2 0 0 0 2 1 .333
Valbuena3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 .226
Ruggianorf 3 1 2 1 1 0 .200
S.Castross 4 0 1 1 0 0 .292
Olt3b-lb 4 1 1 1 0 1 212
Castilloc 4 2 2 2 0 0 .234
Barney2b 4 1 1 2 00 .138
EJacksonp 2 0 0 0 0 2 .000
W.Wrightp 0 0 0 0 0 0 -
b-Kalishph 0 1 0 0 1 0 .154
H.Rondonp 0 0 0 0 0 0
d-Sweeneyph-lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .147
Totals 33 811 8 5 5
Cincinnati 000002 200- 4111
Chicago 111003 20x- 8111
a-popped out for Cingrani in the 6th.
b-walked for W.Wright in the 6th. c-struck
out for Christiani in the 8th. d-flied out for
H.Rondon in the 8th. E-Mesoraco (1), Olt
(2). LOB-Cincinnati 8, Chicago 6. 2B-
Mesoraco 2 (5). HR-Olt (3), off Cingrani;
Barney (1), off Ondrusek; Castillo (3), off
Christiani. RBIs-Bruce (9), Mesoraco (10),
Cozart (5), Lake (4), Ruggiano (2), S.Castro
(9), Olt (6), Castillo 2 (8), Barney 2 (2). SB-B.
Hamilton (6), Bonifacio (8). CS-S.Castro
(1). Runners left in scoring position-Cin-
cinnati 4 (Frazier, Cingrani, Phillips, B.Pena);
Chicago 3 (S.Castro, Olt, Rizzo). RISP-Cin-
cinnati 2 for 11; Chicago 2 for 7. Runners
moved up-Phillips, Frazier, Cozart 2.
GIDP-Votto, S.Castro. DP-Cincinnati 2
(Cozart, Phillips, Votto), (Mesoraco, Mesora-
co, Phillips); Chicago 1 (Barney, S.Castro,
Cincinnati IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA

CingraniL, 1-2 5 43 3 4 31043.22
Ondrusek % 4 3 3 1 1 2411.25
Christiani 1 3 2 2 0 0 194.70
Hoover 1 00 0 0 11814.54
EJcksnW,1-1 5% 8 2 2 2 5 895.40
W.WrightH,11 00 0 0 0 44.15
H.Rondon 2 32 1 0 1 35 0.93
Strop 1 0 0 0 0 1 11 4.05
Inherited runners-scored-Christiani
2-1, W.Wright 1-0. Umpires-Home, Mar-
vin Hudson; First, Cory Blaser; Second,
Jim Joyce; Third, Doug Eddings. T-3:20.
A-32,966 (41,072).

Page 4 SP

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014 SP Page 5


WHO: Charlotte (5-11)
at Bradenton (11-5)
WHEN: Monday, 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: McKechnie Field,
RADIO: 91.7 FM,


lose in



Charlotte Stone Crabs
were outlasted by the
Palm Beach Cardinals in
high-scoring game, drop-
ping the rubber game of
a three-game series at
Roger Dean Stadium.
The Stone Crabs led 7-5
after four innings, but a
four-run fifth inning gave
the Cardinals the lead,
and a four-run seventh
inning extended it out of
Despite giving up 13
runs, Charlotte had a
good day at the plate,
scoring nine runs on
10 hits. Tyler Goeddel,
Justin O'Connor and
lake DePew each had
two hts in the game, and
Goeddell also drove in
four runs and scored
The Stone Crabs
(5-11) now have Easter
off before starting a
two-game series with the
Bradenton Marauders
(5-11) in Bradenton.

Charlotte AB R H RBI BB SO AV
TolesCF 4 1 0 0 0 0 .21
CarterCF 1 1 1 0 0 0 .3!
Goeddel3B 4 2 2 4 1 0 .29
Coyle2B 2 2 0 0 2 1 .27
Leonard 1B 3 2 1 2 2 0 .2&
GanttRF 4 0 1 1 1 1 .31
O'ConnerDH 5 0 2 1 0 0 .21
SaleLF 5 0 1 1 0 2 .21
GuevaraSS 5 0 0 0 0 2 .18
DePewC 4 1 2 0 1 1 .29
Totals 37 910 9 7 7 .25
Palm Beach AB R H RBI BB SO AV
TilsonCF 4 2 1 0 1 2 .27
RodriguezLF 5 3 3 3 0 0 .34
ValeraDH 5 1 3 1 0 0 .32
Wilson3B 5 1 3 2 0 0 .35
Martini RF 5 2 2 2 0 0 .28
WilliamsSS 4 2 1 1 0 1 .11
Washingtonl 1B 3 1 0 2 1 0 .1E
EhrlichC 3 0 0 0 0 0 .18
Vargas2B 3 1 1 2 1 0 .21
Totals 37131413 3 3 .25
Charlotte 320200020 9 101
PalmBeach221 04040X -13 140
E- Goeddel (3, fielding). LOB- Chariot
9. Palm Beach 6.2B- O'Conner 2 (5, Bake
C, Tuivailala). Wilson, J 2 (6, Santiago, Ga
ton), Rodriguez, S (6, Santiago), Vargas, I(
Jensen). 3B- Goeddel (3, Nazario). Ma
tini 2 (2, Santiago, Jensen), Williams, M(
Jensen). HR- Goeddel (2, 2nd inning o
Jones, C, 1 on, 1 out), Leonard (3,4th innir
off Jones,C, 1 on,2 out). Rodriguez, S (3,7
inning offGarton, 1 on, 2 out).
RBI- Gantt (5), O'Conner (5), Sale (1Q
Goeddel 4 (12), Leonard 2 (8). Wilson,
2 (11), Rodriguez, S 3 (11), Valera, B (8
Washington 2 (8), Martini 2 (5), William
M (1),Vargas, 12 (5). DP- (Coyle-Leonard
GIDP- Ehrlich. RISP- Charlotte 3-for-1
Palm Beach 7-for-16.
Charlotte IP H R ER BB SO HR ER
Santiago 4.0 8 7 6 1 20 10.3
Jensen(L, 2-1) 2.2 45 5 2 1 0 3.2
Garton 1.0 2 1 1 0 0 1 4.3
Molina 0.1 00 0 0 0 06.1
Totals 8.0141312 3 3 15.7
Cardinals IP H R ER BB SO HR ER
Jones 3.2 5 7 7 6 02 13.C
Baker(W,2-0) 3.1 1 0 0 1 4 00.:
Nazario 0.1 3 2 2 0 0 01.9
Tuivailala(S, 1) 1.2 1 0 0 0 3 00.1
Totals 9.0109 9 7 7 23.4
Santiago pitched to 2 batters in the 5th.
WP- Nazario. HBP- Coyle (by Nazaric
Williams, M (by Jensen). Umpires- I-
Alex McKay 1 B: James Pattison.Weather-
82 degrees, partly cloudy. Wind- 8 mp
Out to RF. T-2:54. Att-5,327.
North Division
W LPct. C
Dunedin (Blue Jays) 13 2.867 -
Brevard County (Brewers) 9 6.600
Lakeland (Tigers) 9 6.600
Tampa (Yankees) 9 6.600
Clearwater (Phillies) 312.200 1
Daytona (Cubs) 213.133 1
South Division
W LPct. C
Bradenton (Pirates) 11 5.688 -
St. Lucie (Mets) 9 6.600 1
Fort Myers (Twins) 8 7.533 2
Palm Beach (Cardinals) 8 8.500
Jupiter (Marlins) 610.375
Charlotte (Rays) 511.313
Saturday's results
Tampa 10, Daytona 4,1 st game
Palm Beach 13, Charlotte9
Fort Myers 4, St. Lucie 0
Bradenton 4,JupiterO
Lakeland 4, Clearwater 2

Brevard County 3, Dunedin 1
Daytona 9,Tampa 1,2nd game
Today's games
No games scheduled
Monday's games
Charlotte at Bradenton, 6:30 p.m.
Dunedin at Lakeland, 6:30 p.m.
Palm Beach at St. Lucie, 6:30 p.m.
Fort Myers at Jupiter, 6:35 p.m.
Daytona at Clearwater, 7 p.m.
Brevard County atTampa, 7 p.m.

Boston's Felix Doubront pitches against the Baltimore Orioles. The Red Sox won 4-2.

Big hits boost

Boston past O's

5 A's hand Aug. 26, 2012. The Tigers snapped sent Milwaukee over Pittsburgh.
that skid behind a sharp outing by Braun has five home runs this
e Astros sixth- Scherzer and home runs from Nick season after being suspended for
s loCastellanos and Victor Martinez. the final 65 games last year in the
straight los "sBiogenesis drug scandal. The other
A's 4, Astros 3: In Oakland, three homers came in one game o
BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Calif., Josh Reddick hit an RBI single April 8 at Philadelphia.
BOSTON Brock Holt that capped a three-run rally in the
BOSTON Brock Hol ninth inning, lifting Oakland over
hit a tiebreaking triple Houston. Braves 7, Mets 5: In New
in the seventh inning The Astros lost their sixth in a row. York, Jordan Walden got the final
and scored on Jonathan with the bases loaded after Atlan
Herrera's suicide squeeze, Royals 5, Twins 4: In Kansas manager Fredi Gonzalez pulled st
lifting the Boston Red Sox City, Mo., Bruce Chen labored through closer Craig Kimbrel, and Atlantah
over the Baltimore Orioles five innings before the Kansas City off the NewYork Mets.
4-2 on Saturday. bullpen took over, shutting down Freddie Freeman had three hit
David Ortiz had a solo Minnesota the rest of the way. and hustled his way through a w(
homer and two hits for The Royals have won five straight play that brought the Braves two
the World Series cham- after getting swept last weekend in runs when the Mets were unable
pion Red Sox, who have Minnesota clene t i re al
won three of four. challengea costly incorrect call.
Nelson Cruz had a pair Cubs 8, Reds 4: In Chicago,
of run-scoring singles Darwin Barney and Welington Castillo Rockies 3, Phillies 1:
for the Orioles, who had hit two-run homers and Mike Olt In Denver, Jordan Lyles pitched
a three-game winning added a solo shot as the Chicago Cubs effectively into the eighth inning
streak halted, broke out of a weeklong offensive Colorado was aided by a reversed
JG ]unichiTazawa (1-0) funk and beat Cincinnati. that produced its first run in a wir
0 pitched 1 1-3 hitless Since scoring four times last over Philadelphia.
92 innings of relief. Koji Sunday in St. Louis, the Cubs had Justin Morneau also drove in
71 Uehara struck out three managed just one run before beating two runs the old fashioned way,
3 after a leadoff walk for his the Reds. Cincinnati had won 16 of the connecting for his third home run
13fourth save., last 17 atWrigley Field. the season in the fourth after Carl
05 The benches emptied
T88 c e pidGonzalez began the inning with a
94 briefly in the seventh af- Cardinals 4, Nationals 3: g
59 ter Bud Norris (0-2) threw In Washington, Lance Lynn won his s
vG high and tight to David fourth straight start and St. Louis took
147 Ross, who was trying to advantage of another shaky fielding Dodgers 8, D'backs 6
28 sacrifice, performance by Washington, scoring In Los Angeles, AndreEthier hit a
55 three unearned runs in a win three-run homer and the Los Ang
'89 three unearned runs in a win.
00 Blue Jays 5, Indians 0: Tony Cruz drove in two runs for the Dodgers rallied from an early four
13 In Cleveland, Mark Buehrle pitched Cardinals, who have won nine of the deficit to beat Arizona.
07 shutout ball into the eighth inning to last 10 games between the teams. Dan Haren (3-0) gave up five r
3 remain unbeaten this season, leading two earned -and seven hits
o Toronto past Cleveland. Marlins 7, Mariners 0: In over 71/3 innings. The right-han(
tte Jose Reyes hit an RBI single in his Miami, Henderson Alvarez won for the struck out five in his fourth start c
er, first game since opening day, when he first time since his no-hitter to end season, six days after his 8-6 victc
2, strained his left hamstring in his first the 2013 season, pitching a two-hitter over the Diamondbacks at Phoeni
ar- at-bat of the season and went on the to help Miami beat Seattle.
(1, disabled list. Alvarez (1-2) retired the first 15
ff Rangers 6, White Sox
g batters en route to the third complete Rne, o
th Tigers 5, Angels 2: In game of his career. He struck out four, 3: In Arlington, Texas, Colby Lewi
), Detroit, Max Scherzer struck out nine walked none and threw 90 pitches, pitched into the sixth inning for h
J in seven innings and Detroit finally first win in nearly two years, Prim
8 managed to beat the Los Angeles Brewers 8, Pirates 7: Fielder homered to lead Texas.
Sd) Angels. In Pittsburgh, Ryan Braun hit two Lewis (1-1) struck out four wh
14, Detroit had lost 10 straightto the homers, including a two-run shot allowing only one run over 5 13
RA Angels and hadn't beaten them since with two outs in the ninth inning that innings.
32 CRA B Toles, Coyle and running game within thi
oo o CR B Goeddel combined for organization, Sandberg
RA 132 of the Hot Rods' 230 said. They don't run as
00 FROM PAGE 1 stolen bases last season much on the major-leag
93 Without a lot of power, and they already have level as they did when tr
0 they're going to have to. nine this year. They're not ranked in the league's to
44 The current Charlotte the only threats, either, six every year from 2006
o), roster combined to hit 63 Four other players on the but many of their minor
P homers last season, one current roster finished last league teams still do.
lh, more than the number season with double-digit Low-A Bowling Greei
of stolen bases Toles had stolen bases. led its league in stolen
by himself. Catcher Justin But the Stone Crabs bases last season, and
O'Conner had the most are off to a slow start on High-A Charlotte and
B_ with 14 home runs, the the basepaths. They rank Triple-A Durham both
4 only member of the team second in the Florida State ranked in the top five o
4 who hit more than nine League with a .337 on- their respective leagues
10 last season. Last year's base percentage, but have "They don't run as mi
11 Stone Crabs belted 76 20 stolen base attempts, as they used to, but it's s
,B homers. Their 12 steals rank No. 5 a huge part of the game
But power is the last in the FSL and they have baseball," Sandberg sai(
2 tool to develop in a young been caught stealing eight "Especially with the wrn
3 player, Sandberg said, times second most in drugs have been taken
6 and the Stone Crabs have the FSL. of the game."
more than enough speed "When we get in a But if the Stone Crab
to make up for what they groove, we can steal a hope to accomplish wh
lack in strength, whole lot of bases. We did the Hot Rods did last
"I'm not worried about it last year, and we have season, they need Toles
power. I don't think any- a lot of guys coming back get hot in the leadoff si
one on the team should who have that potential," The 21-year-old is batti

be worried about power," Coyle said. "I think we're .210 and has reached ba
Sandberg said. "If you go off to a little bit of a slow at a .279 clip. He leads
out and get 45 doubles, start as far as what we did the team with five stole
you're putting up power last year, but we definitely bases, but he's also bee
numbers in this league. So have that potential." caught five times.
speed is definitely a key The Tampa Bay Rays "It's important to get
for us." have always preached the scoring position for the

RAY Iand right wrist soreness.
YU S He flipped over the short
|wall down the right-
FROM PAGE 1 field line while chasing
Longoria both drove in Desmond Jennings' foul
four runs for the Rays. ball Thursday.
Yankees starter Ivan
Nova (2-2) gave up a ca- NOTES: Yankees 1 B MarkTeixeira
reer-high four home runs (strained right leg muscle) went 2 for
before leaving in the fifth 4 in an extended spring training game
with right elbow soreness, and said he is ready to return today....
The right-hander allowed Jennings was out of the lineup for the
eight runs and eight hits second straight game due to a groin
in four-plus innings, injury.... Tampa Bay recalled LHP C.J.
Myers hit his second Riefenhauser from Triple-A Durham.
homer of the game, a
three-run shot off Matt RAYS 16, YANKEES 1
Daley during a four-run NewYork AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
fifth as the Rays took a Ellsburycf 3 0 1 0 0 2 .365
Sas te ays took a S.Sizemorelb-3b 1 0 0 0 0 1 .308
10-1 lead. The 2013 AL Gardnerlf-cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .242
Rookie of the Year ended Beltrandh 3 0 0 0 0 1 .283
a 10 ame R drought I.Suzukirf 0 0 0 0 0 0 355
a 10-game RBI drought McCannc 2 0 0 0 0 0 .220
by driving in three runs in a-J.Murphyph-c 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200
STampa Bay's 11-5 victory A.Sorianorf-lf 3 1 1 0 0 0 .266
OTO ra n o t Solarte3b-ss 3 0 0 0 0 0 .351
Friday night over the KJohnsonlb-lf-lb3 0 1 1 0 0 .226
Yankees. B.Roberts2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .175
Longoria hit his 164th Annass-p 3 0 0 0 0 1 .136
homer, which broke a tie Totals 29 1 3 1 0 6
Tampa Bay AB R H BI BBSO Avg.
with Carlos Pena for the DeJesuscf-lf 6 0 0 0 0 2 .122
most in Rays history. Zobrist2b-ss 5 3 3 0 0 0 .303
Myers the Rays up Joycedh 4 2 2 0 1 2 349
Myers put the Rays u L \ \\
putLongoria3b 3 2 2 4 0 1 348
1-0 on his first homer Guyercf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .167
since Sept. 16 in the Loneylb 4 3 2 1 1 0 255
second. Myers rf 4 4 3 4 1 1 262
Tecn S.Rodriguezlf-2b 5 0 0 0 0 1 .190
The Rays went ahead Y.Escobarss 3 0 1 0 1 0 .222
4-0 in the third when Forsythe3b 1 0 0 0 0 0 .162
Haninhadl a Haniganc 4 2 3 6 1 0 243
Hanigan ad a solo Totals 40161615 5 7
homer and Longoria NewYork 000010000- 1 31
added a two-run shot off Tampa Bay 013244 02x-16160
Nova, who had his streak a-grounded out for McCann in the 7th.
S t n m E-Solarte (1). LOB-New York 1, Tampa
of not allowing more Bay6. 2B-KJohnson (3), Zobrist (2),Joyce
S than one homer in a start (4), Loney (6), Myers (3). HR-Myers (1), off
er end at 26. It was the first Nova; Hanigan 2 (3), off Nova 2; Longoria
Nova had given up (2), off Nova; Myers (2), off Daley. RBIs-K.
on time Nova had given up ^ K e
Johnson (8), Longoria 4 (10), Loney (10),
multiple homers in a Myers 4 (11), Hanigan 6 (11). CS-Ellsbury
game since Aug. 21, 2012 (2). SF-Longoria. Runners left in scoring
whenh Ci cg he position-New York 1 (B.Roberts); Tampa
S when the Chicago White Bay 2 (DeJesus 2). RISP-New York 0 for
out Sox hit a pair. 1; Tampa Bay 5 for 11. Runners moved
ta Hanigan extended up-S.Rodriguez.
r o n h a NewYork IP H R ER BBSO NP ERA
ar the lead to 6-0 on his a NovaL,2-2 4 8 8 8 1 4818.27
ld two-run shot during the Daley 1 5 6 4 2 0 41270
fourth. Betances 1% 0 0 0 2 3 41 0.00
Anna 1 32 2 0 0 1718.
Kellyohnson hit an Tampa Bay IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA
RBI double off Archer in ArcherW,2-1 6% 3 1 1 0 4 943.65
eird the fifth. Riefenhauser 1 0 0 0 0 0 12 0.00
Lueke 1 00 0 0 2 8 3.60
Yankees right fielder Nova pitched to 2 batters in the 5th. Inher-
to Carlos Beltran went 0 for ited runners-scored-Daley 2-2, Betances
3 as the designated hitter 2-2. IBB-off Daley (Loney). Umpires-
fter n o Fid Home, Marty Foster; First, Clint Fagan; Sec-
after sitting out Friday ond, Rob Drake; Third, Joe West. T-3:15.
because of left shoulder A-30,159 (31,042).


dies _^
r-ru the,( '-

Y ~ .... ... ....
of the
Dry ... ........... ... ........
x .. .- ... ... ... ......... ./

is".. .. .


le Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria flips his bat after hitting a two-run
home run during the third inning Saturday against the New
York Yankees in St. Petersburg.







s to



other guys to drive me in,"
Toles said. "But I haven't
been getting on base at
all, really, the past couple
of games, so I've got to get
in scoring position (when
I do get on base). So that's
what I try to do; set the
table for the rest of my
If he does, the Stone
Crabs could have the

Florida State League's
fastest offense.
"I mentioned before the
season about him being a
game-changing type play-
er, and that's the kind of
ability he has," Sandberg
said. "He can really be that
spark plug and really get
us going."
Contact Josh Vitale at 941-206-1122 or

Rates valid 4/24/30/14. Not valid with other offer. 7-Day Advance Tee Tints (941) 423,6955
o 941 140 5 NO 1 Cteekcon)
'Ol H-rn Cr A pk F I vd. Noith P,r I FL 14197
N o i t h Po i t cl u ni te t B I d. I B e t v4e n 1-1, S, 4 1 & 1 75 E t 18

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014 SP Page 5









Page 6 SP The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

* NFL:

Embracing his

role as mentor

McCown can
also help with
his experience


TAMPA-At 34, Josh
McCown is the oldest of
75 players on the Tampa
Bay Buccaneers roster
and one of just four 30 or
older. So there's a natural
leadership that extends
beyond his role as starting
And as the Bucs have
brought in four quarter-
backs for visits in the past
two weeks to evaluate
their merits as high draft
picks, McCown has had a
chance to meet the young
phenoms who could
challenge him for playing
time this fall.
"They all seem like nice
kids. They look so young,"
McCown said during off-
field workouts last week.
"It was cool to say hello
to them; just briefly with
Johnny (Manziel) and
Teddy (Bridgewater) and
Jimmy (Garoppolo). Just,
'Hey. How's it going?' and
wish them well. It's funny.
You look at them, and you
think back a few years and
remember how fast it can
McCown, a third-round
pick in 2002, was in the
same draft class as David
Carr, the No. 1 overall
pick by the Texans and
whose brother, Derek, also
starred at Fresno State and
was scheduled to visit the
Bucs last week. McCown
appeared in only two
games (throwing for 66
yards) as a rookie backup
to Jake Plummer on an
Arizona Cardinals team
that went 5-11.
But he remembers how
much of a transition there
was to make from college
to the NFL, just the same.
"This is ... easily the
longest year of your ca-
reer," McCown said. "From
combine to the end of
your rookie season is just
a long year. You're excited,
but it can be draining and
very emotional."
McCown has made it
clear his approach to the
upcoming season won't
change if the Bucs use the
No. 7 overall pick in the
draft on a quarterback.
McCown's presence as a
reliable veteran signed
to a two-year, $10 million
contract would allow

the Bucs to not rush a
quarterback into the game
until he's ready.
McCown wants to
play, of course, but also
embraces the mentoring
aspect of his job whether
it be to second-year
pro Mike Glennon or a
rookie who might present
a greater threat to his
playing time. Of the past
16 quarterbacks drafted
in the first round, only
two the Tennessee
Titans' Jake Locker in 2011
and Denver Broncos' Tim
Tebow in 2010 started
fewer than nine games as
"That's the most
fulfillment that you find in
life, whether it's football or
anything else ... imparting
that knowledge to some-
body else to make their
journey better," McCown
said. "That's the key to life
in general: What can you
do for somebody else?"
Bucs coach Lovie Smith
has praised McCown not
only for his intangibles,
but his play for the
Chicago Bears last season
(13 touchdowns, one
interception in place of
the injured Jay Cutler) and
the prospect of more of
the same in 2014.
"He won't get the credit
for being the athlete that
he is. He brings mobility
to the position. He makes
good decisions," Smith,
who coached McCown for
two seasons, said at last
month's owners meetings
in Orlando.
"As I looked at (free
agents), I said, 'Who is
available that I think
can help us win football
games?' What Josh dis-
played last year was that.
I know a lot has been said
about his leadership, but
I'm talking about his play
on the football field. I feel
pretty good confident
- about the type of play
we're going to get from
McCown recalls the
veteran quarterbacks -
Kurt Warner in Arizona
and Jon Kitna in Detroit
- who taught him as a
young pro. He wasn't part
of a team that won more
than six games until his
seventh season but hasn't
had a losing record in any
of his past five.
"I'm thankful I've been
able to stay around this
long," he said. "Now it's
fun to see a young guy go
out and perform well and
know that maybe you had
a little role in that."

Josh McCown, right, filled in capably for injured starter Jay
Cutler, left, last year with the Chicago Bears.

E--" ^. -" LI.
PUNTA GORDA 941-039-ACME ARCADIA 863-884-2333

* MLB:

Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton hits a grand slam to defeat the Seattle Mariners 8-4 during the ninth inning of Friday's game.

Nobody in his way

Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton is off to his best start

MIAMI Chasing a fly
in deep right-center field,
Giancarlo Stanton and
Miami Marlins teammate
Christian Yelich appeared
headed for a collision,
and perhaps the disabled
At the last moment,
the slender Yelich hit
the brakes, allowing the
6-foot-6, 242-pound
Stanton to make the
"I kind of peeled
off," Yelich said. "Self-
preservation. You never
want to run into that guy.
It's not going to end well
for me."
The word is out, to
teammates and oppo-
nents alike: Stay out of
Stanton's way. He's not to
be stopped.
Precocious and prolific,
with a predilection for the



will bid

for Bills

of Fame quarterback Jim
Kelly is prepared to make
a bid to buy the Buffalo
Bills. Donald Trump, the
family of Boston Bruins
owner Jeremy Jacobs and
New Jersey rocker Jon Bon
Jovi are on board too.
It's not every day or
every year an NFL fran-
chise goes on the market
as the Bills are, following
owner Ralph Wilson's
death last month. Wilson's
wishes to have the team
sold rather than passed
on to his family raise the
possibility of the Bills
relocating from the city
that's been home for more
than 50 years. Toronto and
Los Angeles are potential
landing spots because
owners would have an
opportunity to make more
money than in Buffalo,
the NFL's second-smallest

Around the league: The
Minnesota Vikings are contributing
another $1.2 million to the new
stadium to put in a bigger video board
in the facilities'west end and for other
video-related upgrades. The funding
was approved and brings the total
cost of the project from $975 million
to $976.2 million.... A sculputre
of Baltimore Ravens coach John
Harbaugh was added to Miami (Ohio)
University's Cradle of Coaches.

prodigious, Stanton has
never had a start like this.
A game-winning grand
slam Friday night against
Seattle increased his RBI
total to 26, seven more
than any other player in
the major leagues. The
home run was his sixth,
which tied him for the
most in the majors, and
his six game-winning
RBIs rank first.
He went into Saturday's
game against Seattle
batting .329 with a .657
slugging percentage.
He's also healthy for a
change after missing 39
games in 2012 and 46 in
2013 because of injuries.
"This guy has had an
unbelievable month,"
manager Mike Redmond
said. "It started for him in
spring training. He came
in ready to go, and you
could see him focused
with new energy and

drive, and that has really
carried over."
Despite limited playing
time in his first four
seasons, Stanton became
one of the youngest
players in major league
history to hit 100 homers
when he reached the
milestone last year at 23.
His tape-measure homers
even make veterans
shake their heads in
Through Friday he's
on pace to finish with
57 homers and 248 RBIs.
And maybe his productiv-
ity will pick up Stanton
has been notoriously
lousy in past Aprils and
never had more than nine
RBIs in the month before
this season.
Better pitch selection
is a factor in his success.
Stanton has averaged
more than one strikeout
a game in his career, and

Stanton runs to home plate
after his grand slam to defeat
the Mariners.
he's prone to chase out-
side breaking balls while
taking fastballs down the
But he has been harder
to fool this year, and
quicker to pounce on
fat pitches and oppo-
nents have noticed the


Texas concerns linger

after spring game

AUSTIN, Texas The
Charlie Strong era began
at Texas with a shaky
performance at quarter-
back and few questions
answered about just how
quickly the Longhorns
can rebound in the
Big 12 under their new
Tyrone Swoopes
struggled to command
the first-team offense in
Saturday's annual spring
scrimmage. Texas is
hoping he can establish
himself as a viable option
in the fall.
With David Ash injured,
Swoopes took every snap
with the starters but start-
ed just 4 of 18 passing
against the second-team
defense, and his first
throw was intercepted.
Swoopes finished with
229 yards passing and
three touchdowns against
the No. 2 defense.
Strong was hired in
January from Louisville
to replace Mack Brown.
Texas hasn't won the Big
12 or more than nine
games since 2009.

Marshall shines in
Auburn spring game: In
Auburn, Ala., Nick Marshall threw
four touchdowns in two quarters as
Auburn's first team routed its second
team 58-3 in a spring football game.
Marshall, the Tigers'starter last

season who occasionally struggled
through the air, completed 13 of 22
passes for 236 yards. Wearing an
orange non-contact jersey, Marshall
kept only once on a zone-read play.
Backup Jeremy Johnson had less
success with the second-team offense
in the first half before moving to
the first-team offense in the second.
Combined, he was 9-of-21 for 130
yards and a 38-yard touchdown pass
to Tony Stevens.
Auburn's receiving corps, the
subject of much buzz throughout the
spring, also impressed. Sammie Coates
made a one-handed touchdown
catch, D'haquille Williams debuted
with five catches for 88 yards and a
touchdown. Quan Bray caught two
touchdown passes.

Quarterbacks battle at
Alabama spring game: In
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Blake Sims'bid to
replace AJ McCarron as Alabama's
starting quarterback hit a snag when
the Crimson Tide defense dominated
the annual A-Day game at Bryant-
Denny Stadium.
Playing with the offensive starters
on the Crimson Team, Sims completed
13 of 30 passes for 178 yards in a
17-14 loss to the White Team. Sims
had a late touchdown and two
Alabama's defense had 19 tackles
for a loss, seven sacks and four
interceptions in front of a crowd of
Sims' longest possession was just
five plays, while redshirt freshman
Cooper Bateman led drives of 14,10
and eight plays for the White Team.
Four quarterbacks get
opportunity in Syracuse

spring game: In Syracuse, N.Y.,
Orange coach Scott Shafer took a look
at four quarterbacks in the team's
annual spring game in the Carrier
Terrel Hunt, Mitch Kimble, Austin
Wilson and freshman AJ Long
displayed their talents as the offense
beat the defense 34-27. The four
combined to go 35 of 46 for 413 yards
passing with one interception in the
Orange's version of up-tempo football.
The 6-foot-3,233-pound Hunt is
the incumbent starter and played the
first half of the 72-play scrimmage.
He was 12 of 15 for 95 yards. Kimble
finished 7 of 10 for 112 yards and one
TD, Wilson was 6 of 6 for 124 yards
and two scores, and Long was 10 of 15
for 82 yards and one touchdown.

Fans get first look at
Anderson's Red Wolves: In
Jonesboro, Ark., the Arkansas State
football team has held its first spring
game under new head coach Blake
The black team, under the
direction of the Red Wolves'coach
experience winner Nick Bhardwaj,
claimed a 48-17 win Friday night over
the red team.
The black team piled up 489 yards
total offense, including 228 from
junior quarterback Fredi Knighten,
and built a 20-0 lead midway through
the second quarter.
Led by sophomore quarterback
Dezmond Stegall with two passing
touchdowns, the red team finished
with 305 yards total offense, but
didn't score its first touchdown until
late in the third quarter.

Page 6 SP

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014 SP Page 7


Sports on TV
ESPNU -Georgia at Florida
1 p.m.
ESPN -Vanderbilt at Arkansas
FS1 Kansas at Oklahoma St.
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TGC European PGA Tour, Malaysian
Open, final round, at Kuala Lumpur, Malay-
sia (same-day tape)
1 p.m.
TGC -PGATour,The Heritage,final round,
at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
CBS PGATour,The Heritage, final round,
at Hilton Head Island, S.C.
TGC Champions Tour, Greater Gwinnett
Championship,final round, at Duluth, Ga.
1:30 p.m.
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game 2, Philadelphia at NY Rangers
NBC Playoffs, conference quarterfinals,
game 2, Detroit at Boston
NBCSN Playoffs, conference quarterfi-
nals, game 3, Tampa Bay at Montreal
10p m.
NBCSN Playoffs, conference quarterfi-
nals, game 2, Los Angeles at San Jose
6:55 a.m.
NBCSN Premier League, Liverpool at
NBCSN Premier League, Arsenal at Hull
NBCSN Premier League, Manchester
United at Everton

Glantz-Culver Line
National League
atNewYork -120 Atlanta +110
atWashington -145 St.Louis +135
atPittsburgh -120 Milwaukee +110
Cincinnati -135 atChicago +125
atColorado -165 Philadelphia +155
atLosAngeles -160 Arizona +150
San Francisco -115 at San Diego +105
American League
Toronto -110 atCleveland +100
at Detroit -150 LosAngeles +140
atTampa Bay -130 NewYork +120
atKansasCity -210 Minnesota +190
atTexas -180 Chicago +170
at Oakland -220 Houston +200
at Boston -155 Baltimore +145
atMiami -110 Seattle +100

at San Antonio 91/2 (2061/2) Dallas
atMiami 91/2 (1881/2) Charlotte
atChicago 41/2 (181) Washington
at Houston 5 (215) Portland
Odds toWin Series
San Antonio -900 Dallas +600
Miami -2000 Charlotte +1200
Chicago -200 Washington +170
Houston -200 Portland +170

at N.Y. Rangers -155 Philadelphia +135
at Boston -230 Detroit +190
atMontreal -160 Tampa Bay +140
at San Jose -140 LosAngeles +120

College baseball
Delaware 6, Hofstra 0
Drew 3, Susquehanna 2,10 innings
Fairleigh Dickinson 3, CCSU 1
Houghton 2-1, Utica 0-0
Lehman 7-6, Baruch 6-7, 1st game, 8 in-
St. John's 13-11, NYIT 0-2
Thiel 5-2,Westminster (Pa.) 4-4
W. New England 3-3, Eastern Nazarene 4-1
William Paterson 4-5, NJ. City 2-3
Alabama 7,Tennessee 6
Asbury 14, Kentucky St. 13
Bethel (Tenn.) 6, Belhaven 3,13 innings
Boston College 7, NC State 5
Centre 3-1, Berry 2-6
Clemson 3, Pittsburgh 0
Covenant 19-6, Maryville (Tenn.) 9-7
Duke 13,VirginiaTech 3
E. Kentucky8, SlU-Edwardsville3
Erskine8-6, Limestone 0-1
Florida St. 4,Wake Forest 3,13 innings
Franklin 13-2,Transylvania 7-5
Georgetown (Ky.) 13-8, Campbellsville 6-5
Hampden-Sydney 5, Emory&Henry4
KentuckyWesleyan 9-5, Oakland City 1 -3
King (Tenn.) 7, Barton 5
Lenoir-Rhyne 11,Pfeiffer2
Loyola (NO) at Brewton-Parker, 2, ccd.
Maryland 4,GeorgiaTech 1
Memphis 6, Alcorn St. 4
Mercer10-8,N. Kentucky 3-2
Miami 3, Notre Dame2
Morehead St. 6, UT-Martin 4
Radford 5, Campbell 4,13 innings
Rhodes 7, Birmingham-Southern 1
St. Catharine 5-2, Cumberlands 4-7
Samford 7, Georgia Southern 2
Sewanee 4-4, Hendrix 0-6
Southern Poly 4-7, Spring Hill 3-2
TennesseeTech 11, Jacksonville St. 3
Tenn.Wesleyan 8-3,Truett-McConnell 0-1
Tulane at Charlotte, ccd.

Union (Ky.) 10, Bryan 7 AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE
Virginia 3, North Carolina 1 EASTERN CONFERENCE
West Georgia 9, Christian Brothers 1 Atlantic Division
W. Kentucky 7, South Alabama 2 GP W LOLSLPts GF GA
WilliamWoods 17-7,Mid-Continent3-2 y-Manchester 7648 19 3 6105244 188
MIDWEST x-St.John's 7646 23 2 5 99258 207
Ohio 3,Toledo 2,10 innings x-Providence 764025 2 9 91233 210
St. Scholastica 6-7, Bethany Lutheran 2-1 Worcester 7636 34 4 2 78189 226
SOUTHWEST Portland 762439 310 61222 284
Lamar 6, Sam Houston St. 5 East Division
New Mexico 11, San Jose St. 6 GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA
St. Edwards 2, Oklahoma Panhandle 0 y-Binghamton 76 44 24 3 5 96276 232
Texas-Pan American 5,CS Bakersfield 1 x-WB/Scranton7642 26 3 5 92206 185
WEST x-Norfolk 764026 3 7 90201 192
Pepperdine 4, San Francisco 3 Hershey 763927 5 5 88221 213
Syracuse 7631 32 4 9 75198232
Pro ba bll Northeast Division
Pro b s all GPW LOLSLPts GF GA
yFRIDAY'S LATE LINESCORES -Springfield 764723 1 5100247212
F Y A x-A' Albany 7640 23 5 8 93220 193
ROCKIES 12, PHILLIES1 Hartford 7637 32 1 6 81202 220
Philadelphia 000010000- 1 2 Adirondack 763038 2 6 68182 225
0Colorado 43010112x -1218 1 Bridgeport 762840 2 6 64183 238
SPettibone, MiAdams (5), Hollands (6), WETR C vision
Midwest Division
Manship (7), Rosenberg (7) and Ruiz; GP W LOLSLPts GF GA
Chatwood, Bettis (8), Belisle (9) and Rosa- x-Grand Rapids7646 23 2 5 99238 187
rio.W-Chatwood 1-0. L-Pettibone 0-1.
Hso.W oradoTuowi0tzkib x-Chicago 7544 21 5 5 98233 191
HRs-Colorado,Tulowitzki (2). x-Milwaukee 753923 6 7 91215 193
Rockford 763532 5 4 79234 262
ATHLETICS 11,ASTROS3 Iowa 752736 7 5 66167 232
Houston 000 030 000 3 10 0 North Division
Oakland 710 020 10x--11 10 2 Dvs
Cosart, Clemens (1), Albers (5), Valdes yToronto 7645 25 2 4 96223 202
(7), Fields (7) and J.Castro; Gray, Abad x-Rochester 7637 28 6 5 85216 217
(7), Cook (9) and Jaso. W-Gray 3-0. L- Utica 763532 5 4 79187216
Cosart 1-2. HRs-Oakland, Callaspo (2), LakeErie 7632 33 1 10 75197 232
Reddick(1),Cespedes(4),Csp(2) Hamilton 763335 1 7 74182 224
West Division
-_ --- '. ,- -.GP W L OLSL Pts GIF GA
San Francisco 000000001 -1 G5 0 7 1 G
y-Texas 7548 17 3 7106271 193
San Diego 10000001xG-( 2 5 0 x-Abbotsford 7542 25 5 3 92233 212
M.Cain, J.Gutierrez (8) and HSanchez; x-Okla.City 7535 29 2 9 81236 254
T.Ross, Street (9) and Rivera. W-T.Ross Charlotte 763736 1 2 77228 241
2-2. L-M.Cain 0-3. Sv-Street (6) HRs- SanAntonio 763037 3 6 69206235
San Francisco, Belt (6). San DiegoGrandal xClinched PlayoffBerth
(1). y-Clinched Divisional Title
DAMNBACK DODGERS Note: Two points are awarded for a win,
DIAMONDBACKS 4, DODGERS one point for an overtime or shootout loss.
Arizona 000001 001002-4 70 intfoano meorhootoutloss
Saturday's results
LosAngeles000 000 101000-2 52 Toronto 4, Rochester 3
(12 innings) Albany 5, Springfield 2
Miley, Putz (7), Ziegler (8), A.Reed (9), Del- Lany 5, Srind 2
Lake Erie 4,Grand Rapids 3, SO
gado (10), Thatcher (10), Cahill (12) and Utica2 ,Wilkes Barre/Scranon O
Montero, Gosewisch; Greinke, J.Wright W iles BrrScnce 0
Worcester 2, Providence 0
(7), Withrow (8), League (9), C.Perez (11) StJohn's 5 Portland 4
and Federowicz. W-Thatcher 1-0. L-C. she Aona
Perez 0-1. Sv-Cahill (1). HRs-Arizona, Hershey 2, Adirondack 1
Montero (2). Los Angeles, Van Slyke (2), Hartford 2,Bridgeporto
Uribe (3). H rfr ,Big p r
S( Binghamton 4, Norfolk2
Rockford 7, Charlotte 3
Pro basketball Milwaukee at Chicago, late
Abbotsford at Texas, late

NBAPLAYOFFS I owa at Oklahoma City, late
S (Best-of-7;x-if necessary)
SSaturday's results Soccer
Brooklyn 94, Toronto 87, Brooklyn leads
series 1-0 MILS
I Golden State 109,L.A. Clippers 105,Gold- EASTERN CONFERENCE
en State leads series 1-0 W L T Pts GF
SAtlanta 101, Indiana 93, Atlanta leads Sporting KC 3 1 2 11 9
Series 1-0 Columbus 3 1 2 11 9
Memphis at Oklahoma City, late Toronto FC 3 3 0 9 6
S Today'sgames D.C. 2 2 2 8 6
DallasatSanAntonio, 1 p.m. NewEngland 2 3 2 8 5
SCharlotte at Miami, 3:30 p.m. Philadelphia 1 2 5 8 9
SWashington at Chicago, 7 p.m. Houston 2 3 1 7 7
Portland at Houston, 9:30 p.m. NewYork 1 2 4 7 8
S Monday's games Chicago 0 1 6 6 10
SMemphis at Oklahoma City, 8p.m. Montreal 0 4 3 3 6
Golden StateatL.A. Clippers, 10:30p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE
Tuesday's games W L T Pts GF
SAtlanta at lndiana, 7 p.m. FCDallas 5 1 1 16 17
Brooklyn at Toronto, 7:30 p.m. Colorado 3 1 2 11 8
Washington at Chicago, 8:30p.m. Seattle 3 2 1 10 12
Wednesday's games Real Salt Lake 2 0 4 10 10
SCharlotte at Miami, 7p.m. I Vancouver 2 2 3 9 10
Dallasat San Antonio, 8 p.m. LosAngeles 2 1 2 8 7
Portland at Houston, 9:30p.m. ChivasUSA 1 2 3 6 7
Thursday's games Portland 0 2 4 4 8
Indiana at Atlanta, 7p.m. San Jose 0 2 3 3 5
Oklahoma City at Memphis, 8 p.m. NOTE: Three points for victory, one p
LA. Clippers at Golden State, 10:30p.m. fortie.
S Friday's games Wednesday's result
Toronto at Brooklyn, 7 p.m. NewYork2, Philadelphia 1
SChicagoatWashington,8p.m. Saturday's results
Houston at Portland, 10:30 p.m. Philadelphia 0, Houston 0, tie
Chicago 1, New England 1, tie
Colorado 0, San Jose 0, tie
Pro hockey Vancouver 2, Los Angeles 2, tie
Columbus 1, D.C. United 1,tie
NHL PLAYOFFS FC Dallas 2,Toronto FC 1
(x-if necessary) Sporting Kansas City 4, Montreal 0
FIRST ROUND Portland at Real Salt Lake, late
(Best-of-7) Seattle FC at Chivas USA, late
Thursday's results Wednesday's game
N.Y. Rangers 4, Philadelphia 1, N.Y. Rang- Houston at NewYork, 7:30 p.m.
ers lead series 1-0 Saturday's games
St. Louis 4, Chicago 3,30T Colorado at Seattle FC, 4 p.m.
Colorado 5, Minnesota 4, OT, Colorado Philadelphia at Montreal, 4 p.m.
leads series 1-0 FC Dallas at D.C. United, 7 p.m.
SSan Jose 6, Los Angeles 3, San Jose leads NewYorkat Columbus, 7:30 p.m.
|series1-0 |. Sporting Kansas City at New England,

Friday's results pm
Montreal 4,Tampa Bay 1, Montreal leads VancouveratI
series 2-0 Chivas USAat
Detroit 1, Boston 0, Detroit leads series
Anaheim 3, Dallas 2, Anaheim leads se- Pro fot
Saturday's results
St. Louis 4, Chicago 3, OT, St. Louis leads NATI(
series 2-0
SColumbus 4, Pittsburgh 3, 20T, series tied
1-1 Arizona
Minnesota at Colorado, late Los Angeles
S Today'sgames San Antonio
SPhiladelphia at N.Y. Rangers, Noon I
Detroit at Boston, 3 p.m.
Tampa Bay at Montreal, 7 p.m. Spokane
Los Angeles at San Jose, 10 p.m. San Jose
Monday's games Portland
Pittsburgh at Columbus, 7 p.m. AMEF
Colorado at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
St. Louis at Chicago, 8:30 p.m.
Anaheim at Dallas, 9:30 p.m. Orlando
Tuesday's games Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay at Montreal, 7 p.m. Jacksonville
SBoston at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. NewOrleans
N.Y. Rangers at Philadelphia, 8 p.m.
San Jose at Los Angeles, 10 p.m.
Wednesday's games Cleveland
SPittsburgh at Columbus, 7 p.m. Pittsburgh
Anaheim at Dallas, 8 p.m. Iowa
St. Louis at Chicago, 9:30 p.m. Philadelphia
Thursday's games I
Boston at Detroit, 8 p.m. San Antonio 6
x-Montreal at Tampa Bay, 7p.m. San Jose 38, P
SColorado at Minnesota, 9:30 p.m. S
SSan Jose at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. Philadelphia 5
S Friday's games Orlando 77,Ta
N.Y. Rangers at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. LosAngelesal
Sx-Chicago at St. Louis, 8p.m. Pittsburghat,
x-Dallas at Anaheim, 10:30 p.m. Cleveland atS

737 I
RItIIe Top 1 0

Flriagof ormb

GoN IoI 1eree

Apigates: $50 AM.-$4 P

7-Sa Eary Bid Spcial $4

Moda &Weneda Seial: $4




tReal Salt Lake, 9:30 p.m.
San Jose, 10:30 p.m.

West Division
4 0 01.000 250 193
2 2 0 .500 178 181
1 5 0 .167 252 318
Pacific Division
3 1 0 .750 241 192
3 3 0 .500 332 277
0 5 0 .000 163 241
South Division
4 2 0 .667 362 358
3 3 0 .500 331 344
2 3 0 .400 249 229
1 4 0 .200 192 278
East Division
4 0 01.000 194 156
3 1 0 .750 227 141
2 2 0 .500 185 216
2 3 0 .400 260 292
Friday's results
68, New Orleans 33
ortland 32
saturday's results
54,Jacksonville 41
Sm pa Bay 65
t Iowa, late
Arizona, late
pokane, late

S Saturday's games
Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 7 p.m.
Portland at Jacksonville, 7 p.m.
SNew Orleans at Orlando, 7:30 p.m.
SpokaneatTampa Bay,7:30p.m.
San Antonio at Arizona, 9 p.m.
San Jose at Los Angeles, 10 p.m.

American League
Victorino to Pawtucket (IL) for a rehab as-
lipePaulinoonthe 15-dayDL Recalled RHP
Andre Rienzo from Charlotte (IL). Assigned
LHP DonnieVeal outright to Charlotte.
Eduardo Nunez to Rochester (IL).
LHP Cesar Cabral for assignment. Selected
the contract of RHP Matt Daleyfrom Scran-
ton/Wilkes-Barre (IL).
Brad Boxberger to Durham (IL). Recalled
LHP CJ. Riefenhauser from Durham.
Sduci on the 15-day DL. Recalled INF Luis
Sardinas from Frisco (TL).
Maicer Izturis to the 60-day DL Placed 1B
Adam Lind on the 15-day DL, retroactiveto
Wednesday. Optioned INF Munenori Kawa-
saki to Buffalo (IL). Reinstated SS Jose Reyes
from the 15-day DL Selected the contract
of 1 BJuan Franciscofrom Buffalo.
National League
Curtis Partch to Louisville (IL). Reinstated
LHP Sean Marshall from the 15-day DL
NEWYORKMETS-Reinstated OF Chris
Young from the 15-day DL
RHP Jonathan Pettibone to Lehigh Valley
(IL). Selected the contract of RHP Shawn
Campfrom Lehigh Valley.
TonySanchezfrom Indianapolis (IL). Reinstat-
ed C Chris Stewart from the 15-day DL Des-
ignated 1 BTravis Ishikawa for assignment.
ed OF Denard Span from the 7-day DL Op-
tioned OF Steven Souza Jr. to Syracuse (IL).
Frontier League
Dane Stone.
RHP Charlie Halsup on the retired list.
National Hockey League
NHL Fined Boston F Milan Lucic
$5,000 for spearing Detroit D Danny De-
Keyser during Friday's game.
DALLAS STARS Signed G Philippe
Desrosiers to a three-year, entry-level con-
Josh McFadden from San Antonio (AHL) to
Cincinnati (ECHL).
Jake Dotchin to an entry-level contract.
rights to D Jaynen Rissling to Nashvillefor a
2014 seventh-round draft pick.
SMU Announced men's basketball F
JordanTolbert istransferring fromTexasTech.

S Winners to final, Nov. 8-9
Canada 2, Slovakia 0
SAt PEPS, Laval University, Quebec City,
Surface: Hard-Indoor
Aleksandra Wozniak, Canada, def. Jana
Cepelova, Slovakia, 4-6,7-5,7-5.
Eugenie Bouchard, Canada, def. Kristina
Kucova, Slovakia, 7-6(0),2-6,6-1.
France 1, United States 1
At Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis
Surface: Hard-Indoor
SCaroline Garcia, France, def. Sloane Ste-
Sphens, United States, 6-3,6-2.
Madison Keys, United States, def. Alize
Cornet, France, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (4), 6-3.

At The Monte-Carlo Country Club,
Purse: $4.8 million (Masters 1000)
Surface: Clay-Outdoor
| Singles
Stanislas Wawrinka (3), Switzerland, def.
David Ferrer (6), Spain, 6-1,7-6 (3).
Roger Federer (4), Switzerland, def. No-
vak Djokovic (2), Serbia, 7-5,6-2.
Ivan Dodig, Croatia, and Marcelo Melo
(3), Brazil, def. Max Mirnyi, Belarus, and
Mikhail Youzhny, Russia, 6-3,1-6,10-6.
Bob and Mike Bryan (1), United States,
def. Daniel Nestor, Canada, and Nenad Zi-
Smonjic (5), Serbia, 7-6(5),6-3.

At Royal Selangor Golf Club, Kuala Lum-
pur, Malaysia
Purse: $250,000 (Intl.)
Surface: Hard-Outdoor
Donna Vekic (7), Croatia, def. Zhang
Shuai (2), China, 1-6,6-3,6-4A
Dominika Cibulkova (1), Slovakia, def.
Karolina Pliskova (3), Czech Republic, 6-7
(3), 6-3,6-3.
Chan Yung-jan, Taiwan, and Zheng Saisai
(4), China, def. Lyudmyla Kichenok and
| Olga Savchuk, Ukraine, 4-6,6-4,10-4.

| Wednesday
At Osaka, Japan, Shinsuke Yamanaka vs.
Stephane Jamoye, 12, for Yamanaka's WBC
bantamweight title; Kiko Martinez vs. Ho-
zumi Hasegawa, 12,for Martinez's IBF junior
featherweight title.

I 6
Before 12 noon After 12 noon After 3pm



MAN DROWNS IN In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
top-seeded Dominika Cibulkova of
TAMPA TRIATHLON Slovakia beat Karolina Pliskova of the

TAMPA -A 64-year-old
Michigan man drown
early Saturday while
participating in a Pinellas
County triathlon. Officials
say fellow swimmers
pulled Donald Bautel
from the water during the
Escape from Fort De Soto
Emergency responders
said the man was taken
to a local hospital where
he later died. They said
the drowning appears to
be an accident and might
have been health related.


Oklahoma, Florida share
women's title: Oklahoma and
Florida are co-champions in NCAA

women's gymnastics.
The defending champion Gators
and first-time winners Oklahoma
shared the title with scores of 198.175
in the Super Six in Birmingham, Ala.
It's the first time the sport has had
co-champions. There is no tiebreaker.
That left both teams celebrating
on the podium. Florida finished with a
pair of 9.95s on the floor exercise and
Oklahoma also had two on the vault.
LSU finished third at 197.60
followed by Alabama, which held a
slight lead before having to count a
fall on the balance beam on the final
The Gators captured their first title
last season. Oklahoma had finished
in the top three three of the past four
years, including a pair of runner-up


New England goalie
saves team from loss:
In Bridgeview, III., New England
Revolution goalkeeper Bobby
Shuttleworth stopped Juan Luis
Anangono's penalty kick in the first
minute of stoppage time to preserve
a 1-1 draw with the Chicago Fire, who
matched a Major League Soccer record
with their sixth straight tie ...
In Commerce City, Colo., Alan
Gordon hit the crossbar in the opening
minute for San Jose and that was
as close as the Earthquakes and the
Colorado Rapids got to scoring in their
0-0 draw. Chris Wondolowski's header
cleared the crossbar late in the first
half for San Jose (0-2-3), which is off
to its worst start in 14 seasons. ...
In Chester, Pa., The Philadelphia
Union and Houston Dynamo played
to a 0-0 tie. For the Union (1-2-5), it
was their fourth tie in five games. The
Dynamo (2-3-1) are winless in their
last four....
In Vancouver, British Columbia,
second-half substitute Kekuta Manneh
scored in the 86th minute to give the
Vancouver Whitecaps a 2-2 draw with
the Los Angeles Galaxy. Manneh fired
in a shot from just outside the top of
the 18-yard box after taking a pass
from Darren Mattocks....
In Columbus, Ohio, Hector Jimenez
scored in the 90th minute to lift the
short-handed Columbus Crew into a
1-1 tie with D.C. United. Jimenez took
a long ball from Wil Trapp on the left
flank and fired a perfect shot from 18
yards into the upper right corner for
his first goal of the season.
The Crew (3-1-2) were playing
with 10 men after Bernardo Anor was
sent off for a two-footed tackle on
Perry Kitchen in the 81st minute.


Federer advances,
Djokovic hurt: In Monaco, Roger
Federer ousted defending Monte Carlo
Masters champion Novak Djokovic 7-5,
6-2, and the Serb said he plans to take
a break to let his injured wrist heal.
Federer will try to win the event
for the first time in an all-Swiss final
against Stanislas Wawrinka, who
defeated David Ferrer of Spain 6-1,
7-6(3). ...

Czech Kepublic 6-7 (3), 6-3,6-3 in the
semifinals of the Malaysian Open and
will face seventh-seeded Donna Vekic
of Croatia in today's final.


Former UNLV coach out
of hospital: Jerry Tarkanian is
back home after spending 10 days in
a Las Vegas hospital following a heart
attack. Danny Tarkanian said his father
was"very tired"but"smiling"after
being released Saturday from Valley
The elder Tarkanian was hospital-
ized April 9 after attending the Final
Four in North Texas, and complaining
of weakness, lethargy and labored
breathing. Doctors determined he
had a heart attack. Danny Tarkanian
said while it was at least his father's
second heart attack, family members
are relieved that tests showed it
didn't cause his heart condition to be
"significantly worse."


Oregon relay team ties
for world lead: In Walnut, Calif.,
the University of Oregon's women's
4x100-meter relay team tied for
the world lead with a time of 43.31
seconds to win the Elite Invitational
division at the Mt. SAC Relays.
Marybeth Sant, Phyllis Francis,
Jenna Prandini and Jasmine Todd
led the Ducks in a field that included
two professional teams and Nigeria's
national team.
Collegians also won Elite titles in
several other events. Arizona's Elvin
Kibet won the women's 10,000 meters
in 32:40.22, Oklahoma State's Chad
Noelle won the men's 1,500 meters
in 3:40.06, and Texas Tech's Kennedy
Kithuka won the men's 5,000 meters
in 13:26.98.
Katerina Stefanidi, who repre-
sented Greece at the 2012 Olympics,
cleared 14 feet, 11 inches to win the
women's pole vault and tie a meet
record. ...
In Lawrence, Kan., Kansas received
strong performances from both the
men's and women's teams at the
Kansas Relays while winning eight of
the 20 track events, the women's long
jump and had two of its graduates
win in other events.


Dynamic Impact wins
Illinois Derby in photo
finish: In Stickney, III., Dynamic
Impact ran down 2-5 favorite
Midnight Hawk in the stretch to win
the $500,000 Illinois Derby by a nose
at Hawthorne Race Course.
Ridden by Miguel Mena, Dynamic
Impact ran V/s miles in 1:49.07
against seven rivals.
"Nobody chased the favorite, so I
had to go and put some pressure on
him,";' Mena said.
Midnight Hawk, trained by Hall of
Famer Bob Baffert, stumbled out of
the gate, but recovered and went to
the lead, where he stayed until losing
the photo finish. Dynamic Impact
trailed by 2 lengths at the head of
the stretch....
In Lexington, Ky., Mr Speaker took
charge down the stretch to win the
$200,000 Coolmore Lexington Stakes
at Keeneland and earn 10 points
toward the Kentucky Derby, but will
be a spectator to the Triple Crown.
With just 17 total points at stake
in this Grade 3 race and facing a
two-week turnaround before the
140th Derby on May 3, the winner
was a longshot for Churchill Downs.
But the Shug McGaughey-trained
colt lived up to billing as the favorite
in this last-chance Derby prep,
contending throughout before
breaking clear in the stretch to win
by four lengths and earn his second
stakes victory.

-Associated Press



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The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014 SP Page 7

:Page8 SP The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


At Harbour Town Golf Links
Hilton Head, S.C.
Purse: $5.8 million
Yardage: 7,101; Par: 71
Third Round
a-denotes amateur
Luke Donald 70-69-66 -205
John Huh 71-68-68 -207
Charl Schwartzel 70-70-68 -208
NicholasThompson 70-70-68 -208
Jim Furyk 71-66-71 -208
Ben Martin 69-68-71 -208
Russell Knox 69-72-68 -209
Brian Stuard 69-72-68 -209
Brian Harman 69-71-69 -209
Matt Kuchar 66-73-70 -209
Matt Every 69-70-70 -209
Jason Kokrak 71-73-66 -210
Richard H. Lee 70-69-71 -210
Scott Brown 70-69-71 -210
Ted Potter,Jr. 70-69-71 -210
a-Matthew Fitzpatrick 71-71-69 -211
RorySabbatini 69-72-70 -211
Robert Allenby 69-72-70 -211
Kevin Streelman 69-72-70 -211
GeoffOgilvy 72-68-71 -211
KJ.Choi 70-67-74 -211
J.B. Holmes 72-71-69 -212
Ken Duke 72-71-69 -212
Charley Hoffman 73-71-68 -212
Graeme McDowell 71-69-72 -212
Martin Kaymer 73-67-72 -212
Ryol Ishikawa 77-68-67 -212
GonzaloFdez-Castano 74-71-67 -212
Kevin Stadler 71-69-72 -212
BoVanPelt 69-70-73 -212
Woody Austin 74-71-67 -212
Chesson Hadley 72-67-73 -212
Billy Hurley III 70-69-73 -212
Jordan Spieth 69-74-70 -213
Patrick Reed 71-72-70 -213
William McGirt 66-76-71 -213
PaulCasey 74-67-72 -213
TimHerron 69-72-72 -213
Kevin Kisner 73-72-68 -213
Justin Hicks 75-70-68 -213
Stuart Appleby 73-73-67 -213
Jerry Kelly 76-70-67 -213
Tim Clark 72-71-71 -214
StewartCink 70-72-72 -214
Chris Kirk 71-72-71 -214
TimWilkinson 70-71-73 -214
ShawnStefani 74-69-71 -214
Zach Johnson 71-73-70 -214
Scott Langley 66-73-75 -214
Andrew Loupe 70-73-72 -215
Billy Horschel 69-74-72 -215
James Hahn 72-74-69 -215
CamiloVillegas 72-71-73 -216
John Mallinger 69-74 -143
J.B.Holmes 72-71 -143
Ken Duke 72-71 -143
Jordan Spieth 69-74 -143
Patrick Reed 71-72 -143
Tim Clark 72-71 -143
PatPerez 74-69 -143
Andrew Loupe 70-73 143
Billy Horschel 69-74 -143
Chris Kirk 71-72 -143
Trevor Immelman 74-69 -143

Champions Tour
Purse: $1.8 million
Yardage: 7,131; Par: 72
Second Round
Miguel Angel Jimenez 65-70 -135
Bernhard Langer 68-68 136
Fred Couples 69-68 -137
Jay Haas 71-68 -139
Chien Soon Lu 71-68 -139
DuffyWaldorf 71-68 -139
Kenny Perry 68-71 -139
Steve Pate 68-71 -139
David Frost 72-68 -140
Marco Dawson 71-69 -140
Scott Dunlap 73-68 -141
Fred Funk 72-69 -141
JoeySindelar 72-69 -141
Rod Spittle 70-71 -141
Wes Short, Jr. 73-69 -142
Michael Allen 72-70 -142

Bill Glasson 72-70 -142
Colin Montgomerie 70-72 142
Olin Browne 73-70 143
AndersForsbrand 73-70 143
Mark Calcavecchia 73-71 -144
BartBryant 73-71 -144
RussCochran 73-71 -144
Larry Mize 73-71 -144
WillieWood 74-70 -144
Billy Andrade 72-72 -144
Jeff LeMaster 70-74 -144
P.H. Horgan III 70-74 -144
Jeff Sluman 69-75 -144
Nick Price 72-73 -145
Esteban Toledo 72-73 -145
Mark McNulty 72-73 -145
Steve Elkington 74-71 -145
John Riegger 74-71 -145
Peter Senior 72-73 -145
Brian Henninger 72-73 -145
GeneSauers 75-70 -145
MikeGoodes 72-73 -145
RogerChapman 71-74 -145
Rocco Mediate 73-73 -146
BobTway 73-73 -146

At Ko Olina Golf Club Course
Kapolei, Hawaii
Purse: $1.7 million
Yardage: 6,383; Par: 72
Third Round
a-denotes amateur
Angela Stanford 72-64-67 203
Hyo Joo Kim 68-70-69 207
MichelleWie 70-67-70 -207
Cristie Kerr 72-66-70 208
Amy Anderson 70-72-68 210
InbeePark 70-68-72 -210
SoYeonRyu 68-70-72 -210
ChellaChoi 74-68-70 -212
Katie M. Burnett 71-69-72 -212
Julieta Granada 74-72-67 -213
Amelia Lewis 77-66-70 -213
Haru Nomura 73-67-73 -213
SeRiPak 68-71-74 -213
NaYeonChoi 75-70-69 -214
Shanshan Feng 73-71-70 -214
AriyaJutanugarn 73-70-71 -214
Katherine Kirk 73-70-71 -214
Azahara Munoz 73-70-71 -214
Paula Reto 72-69-73 -214
JiminKang 80-65-70 -215
Christina Kim 74-71-70 -215
AyakoUehara 69-74-72 -215
Christel Boeljon 71-70-74 -215
a-SoYoung Lee 70-70-75 -215
DanahBordner 72-74-70 -216
SunYoungYoo 76-70-70 -216
IreneCoe 76-70-71 -217
MariajoUribe 76-70-71 -217
Paola Moreno 76-69-72 -217
Brooke Pancake 75-69-73 -217
Silvia Cavalleri 72-71-74 -217
KimKaufman 72-71-74 -217
LydiaKo 72-71-74 -217
Pornanong Phatlum 71-71-75 -217
Morgan Pressel 73-69-75 217
Jennifer Kirby 72-69-76 -217

European Tour
At Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Purse: $2.75 million
Yardage: 6,967; Par: 72
Third Round
LeeWestwood, England 65-66-71 -202
Andy Sullivan, England 70-67-66 203
Julien Quesne, France 68-69-69 206
NicolasColsaerts,Belguim 66-69-72 -207
DannyWillett, England 70-66-72 208
MasahiroKawamura,Japan68-70-70 208
Eduardo de la Riva, Spain 69-68-71 -208
Ricardo Santos, Portugal 67-71-70 -208
Garth Mulroy, South Africa71-68-69 208
Rikard Karlberg, Sweden 72-69-67 208
Scott Jamieson, Scotland 68-71-70 -209
LouisOosthuizen, S.Africa 72-68-69 -209
Tom Lewis, England 70-71-68 209
Anirban Lahiri, India 72-72-66 210
BerndWiesberger,Austria69-71-70 210
MatteoManassero, Italy 71-72-67 -210
WadeOrmsby, Australia 70-71-69 -210


Sample Course List
- Bobcat Trail Golf Club
- Boca Royale Golf
& Country Club
- Calusa Lakes Golf Club
- Capri Isles Golf Club
- Heron Creek Golf
& Country Club
- Highlands Course
at The Meadows
- IMG Academy Golf Club
- Jacaranda West
Country Club
- Kingsway Country Club
- Legacy Golf Club
- Myakka Pines Golf Club
- Palm Aire Country Club
(2 courses)
- River Strand Golf
& Country Club
- River Wilderness Golf
& Country Club
- Rotonda Golf & Country
Club (5 courses)
- Tatum Ridge Golf Links
- University Park Country Club
- Venetian Golf & River Club
- Waterford Golf Club


Donald holds Heritage lead

Jimenez looks

to win debut

in Champions


Donald shot a 66 to take a
two-stroke lead over John
Huh after three rounds
of the RBC Heritage on
Donald has done just
about everything on
Harbour Town Golf Links
the past five years -
except win. He lost in a
playoff to Brandt Snedeker
here in 2011, part of a run
of four top-three finishes
since 2009. Donald had
an eagle and six birdies to
finish at 8-under 205 and
carry the lead into Sunday
here for the second time
in that stretch.
Huh shot a 68 and was
at 6 under.
Major champions Charl
Schwartzel (68) and Jim
Furyk (71), Nicholas
Thompson (68) and Ben
Martin (71) were tied for
third at 5 under.
Matt Kuchar shot 70
as part of a group of five
golfers another shot back
at 4 under.
Donald's performance
capped a long day at sog-
gy Harbour Town, where
65 golfers had to finish
the second round before
the third could begin with
K.J. Choi, Furyk and Ben
Martin tied for the lead.
But by midafternoon,
the moisture had soft-
ened things up and
competitors were treated
to slick greens easily ac-
cepting approach shots.
At times, it looked more
like a local club shootout
than a PGA Tour stop.
Thompson, whose sister
Lexi won her first LPGA
Tour major at the Kraft


be ranked in the top
eight nations in points.
Thailand finished ninth
last year.
So even as Carr will be
competing to qualify for
next year's world champi-
onship, the competition
is getting tighter.
"I'm sure other coun-
tries are going to start
getting more funding,"
she said. "The points
race is just going to get
In the meantime,
winning her first Thai
national championship
- she was ineligible to


Luke Donald watches his shot off the eighth tee during the third round of the RBC Heritage on
Saturday in Hilton Head Island, S.C.,

Nabisco Championship
earlier this month, got
things going with five
birdies on the front nine
to lead at 7 under. But
bogeys at the 16th and
18th holes dropped him
back into the group at 208.
Schwartzel, the 2011
Masters champion, was
among those with an ear-
ly start and jumped into
the chase with a third-
round 68 to move to 5
under. He said the course
held up well despite more
than 21/2 inches of rain
that fell here Friday.
Schwartzel has not won
on the PGA Tour since his
run to the green jacket in

Jimenez leads Langer by
a stroke: Miguel Angel Jimenez,
extending his impressive Champions
Tour debut, shot 2-under 70 to take
a one-stroke lead over defending
champion Bernhard Langer into the
final round of the Greater Gwinnett
Championship in Duluth, Ga.
Jimenez and Langer were tied at 8

compete in 2013 after
switching nationalities
months before was a
"I couldn't race it last
year, so it was weird
riding for Thailand but
not really riding for
Thailand," she said. "So
I guess winning it this
year was one title down,
plenty more to go. It
means a lot to our family
and Thailand and to the
country for me to repre-
sent them as their new
national champion."
Part of the excitement
is to be at the forefront
of Thailand trying to
establish itself as a BMX
nation, even though it's
still in the initial phases.


Giant Savings and Unlimited Play
May Thru October and Beyond

under entering the final hole. Jimenez
reclaimed sole possession of the lead
with a birdie. Langer missed putts for
eagle and birdie before settling for par
and his second straight 68.
Fred Couples, who shot 68, is in
third place, two shots behind Jimenez.
Jimenez began the day with a
three-stroke lead after his tourna-
ment-record 65 on Friday. He began
his second round with a birdie, but he
gave back three strokes on the next
three holes.

Westwood's lead
dwindles: Lee Westwood saw his
four-shot lead trimmed to just one
after a bogey at the final hole of the
third round of the Malaysian Open in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Westwood shot a 1-under 71 for a
three-round total of 14-under 202 but is
only one shot ahead of English compa-
triot Andy Sullivan, who had a 66 as he
chases his first tour title. Frenchman
Julien Quesne is another three shots
back in third place after a 69.
Westwood, who turns 41 next
week, won the Malaysian Open in
1997 and is looking fora repeatto
end a near two-year winless drought.
For a third day in a row he birdied the

opening hole of the Kuala Lumpur
Golf Club course before dropping a
shot with a three-putt bogey at the
He added birdies at the fifth -
also for a third day in succession
-and at the par-312th before
two-putting the final green for bogey
after having to play his approach shot
from the slope of a fairway bunker.

Stanford takes 4-stroke
LPGA lead: Angela Stanford shot
a 5-under 67 late Friday to open a
four-stroke lead after three rounds
of the LPGA LOTTE Championship in
breezy Kapolei, Hawaii.
Stanford was 13 under going into
the final round, ahead of Hyo Joo Kim
and Michelle Wie at 9 under.
Stanford, a five-time LPGA Tour
winner, finished the day with six
birdies and one bogey, one day after
taking the tournament lead with a 64
in the second round.
"I kind of found something (here)
and for some reason I just have a
really good feel on these greens,"
Stanford said. "It's been a lot fun
watching the ball go in'."


Amanda Carr, right, talks with father Darol during the
Thailand BMX Championships in March. Carr won the Thai
national championship, her first since switching her national
allegiance to Thailand in 2012.

"Every time I come
back (to Thailand), the
riders, females and males,
are catching up fast," Carr
said. "The skill level is
definitely not what it is
internationally, but I'm
hoping to take it to that
After switching her
allegiance to ride for
Thailand almost 18
months ago, the Charlotte
High School graduate is
becoming something of a
rock star in the national
BMX community.
If she can help Thailand
get to the Olympics in
BMX racing, maybe she
could become an even
larger figure.
"As far as walking out
on the street, no one (in
Thailand) knows who I

am not yet, at least,"
Carr said. "But one day,
if I do well at the Asian
Games or the Olympics,
it could be like that and
I'm not opposed to it. I'm
definitely open to that
concept because it's great
for BMX in the Asian
Her biggest satisfaction,
though, comes from seeing
the pride of her family
members in Thailand.
"It's really cool for the
family over there because
our family is a bunch
of farmers," Carr said.
"We farm rice and that's
what we do and work in
factories. It's cool to see
how proud they are of the
Contact Rob Shore at 941-206-1174 or

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SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 2014







S '.
I 'f, 4


-u-u -w:~, *'-

- -~ flu~~ ~ ~ ,,qS r


4i.a ,




-Page 6





Page 10 '

.** e '**t .
.* **. O, ,IL
-, .. .-c-t-- *-,^
'-. rS jr3^^-u :r jb
-"- ..... ,, -. : -?.'a _.
w- 2. ;-A k^ t3'ur:"": -

n Prenataliiotine."

Cenerations P

Pagie p"




:Page 2 The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014


Feeling Fit


President and Publisher
David Dunn-Rankin

Feeling Fit Publisher
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Feeling Fit Editor
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f''lI|;llllfIl"' M lll ]i,.,,i, i lllI

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary
disease (COPD) is caused by damage
to the lungs over many years, usually
from smoking.
My parents warned me of the evils
of smoking; however, as a teenager I
had many influences in my life that
pushed me in the direction of smok-
ing. I cannot blame TV because we
did not have television when I was in
my teens. All the "cool kids" smoke,
movie stars smoked, sports stars
smoked and we were told time and
time again that more doctors smoked
Camels than any other cigarette.
Magazines had glossy ads of glam-
orous women smoking, important
men smoking, John Wayne smoked
Chesterfields, and Lucky Strike meant
fine tobacco. The list goes on and on.
Tobacco companies have consistently
tried to glamorize smoking, some
promoted that their cigarettes were
healthier. When filters came out,
Marlboro promoted all the pleasure
without the tar.
Later on Virginia Slims had a huge
campaign to convert nonsmoking
women to smokers. They even went
so far as to sponsor a tennis tourna-
ment. All this sales promotion was
for something that causes damage
to your lungs. In the United States,
COPD is the fourth-highest cause of
So, getting back to me, I started
smoking when I was 16 and was (in
my mind) one of the "cool kids."
When I went to college, smoking was


Could you or someone you
know have LAM?
Thousands of young women are
living with a deadly lung disease
called LAM and don't know they
have it. LAM is often misdiagnosed
as asthma or chronic bronchitis.
There is no known cure.

But there is hope.

Learn more about LAM.

Dave Powell
what everyone did. I was amazed
when I went to my first class and
discovered that smoking was permit-
ted in the classroom, while class was
in session. There were very few places
where smoking was not acceptable.
When I went into the United States
Army, smoking was part of the cul-
ture. Magazine ads from World War II
featured soldiers smoking their brand
of cigarettes.
A small package of cigarettes was
included in C-rations. To make a
long story short, when I came home
from the service, I continued to
smoke until I reached age 30. I quit
because I was hacking and coughing,
blaming it on allergies and anything

other than the cigarettes. I finally
said to myself, "This is really dumb."
I quit smoking and never smoked
again. Funny thing happened, all my
ailments disappeared.
Today, 50 years after I quit, my spe-
cialist said that I suffer from COPD
and it was caused by my smoking.
Apparently, once you have caused the
damage it stays with you.
Stopping smoking keeps it from
getting worse but it never goes away.
Magazine ads still lure young people
into smoking. Once started, it is
an addiction that is hard to break.
Quitting is recommended at any age
but the best thing is not to start.
Today smokeless cigarettes are the
rage. They give you nicotine without
the tars and cancer causing stuff in
smoke but nicotine is still hab-
it-forming and you are going to be
dependent on a drug. Addictions are
harmful in that they sap your income
of money that could be saved toward
retirement or invested in your future.
The companies selling these while
legal know that they are controlling
part of your income. I don't know
about you but it is bad enough
having the government controlling
part of my income without adding
someone else to that list.
For for information and free
resources, call he Florida QuitLine
at 877-U-CAN-NOW (877-822-6669)
or visit

Specialized Health Care

for the Rest of Your Life.

* All aspects of Sleep Medicine
* Insomnia
* Sleep Apnea/Snoring
* Restless Leg Syndrome

* Management of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
* Interstitial Lung Disease
* Pulmonary Hypertension
* Early Detection of Lung Cancer & Endoscopic Resection
* Tracheal/Bronchial Stent Placement
* Advanced Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine


Call today for your appointmc

603 E OlympiaAve
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Michael C.S. Wei, M.D.
F.A.C.RP., F.R.C.P.C., F.C.P., F.A.A.S.M.
25 Years Experience
Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine,
Critical Care Medicine & Sleep Medicine

Smoke, smoking smoked!

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The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014 Page 3






----~. .s

you know
that a simple
screening could save
your life?

o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 3

Where to start?


I'm overweight (actually obese
if you go by BMI readings alone).
There's no getting around it. My 5'4"
frame carries 50 pounds too many.
I want to eat healthy and shed the
weight. Trouble is, I absolutely love
chocolate and all kinds of other
high-calorie, high-fat goodies.
During the day, I get absorbed in
writing and editing and sometimes
I forget to eat. By the time I remem-
ber, I'm so hungry that anything to fill
my stomach will do.
On a healthy day, I'll have whole-
grain, high-protein cereal and
strawberries, or an apple and natural
peanut butter. Most days, though, I
grab the first thing I can find. Today,
tortilla chips and coffee are a bad
I've tried diets. I've tried food
restrictions. They work for a while, but
the weight comes back and usually
brings a few more pounds with it.
I say I get tired of my clothes getting
tighter. I swear in the morning I'll fix
my diet and start exercising.
Even if I start the day with whole-
grain cereal, low-fat milk and a
serving of fresh fruit, by the time
noon hits sometimes sooner I've

gotten off track. I know a diet rich in
whole-grains, lean proteins, fruits and
vegetables will help me feel and
look better. I might even have the
energy to hit put on the sneakers and
take a walk.
My "apple" shape and family history
of heart disease, hypertension and
diabetes should be enough to scare
me straight. A couple of weeks ago, I
officially joined the ranks of people
with high blood pressure I'm hop-
ing that's a temporary thing. Genetics
are not in my favor either. My dad had
a severe heart attack at 63. His father
died of congestive heart failure at the
same age.
Among the shouldds" "I wills,"
and "I ought tos," the whole idea
of changing my entire lifestyle is
There must be some small changes
I can make to get on the path to
healthier eating. So where do we
Kitty Marlow, a registered dieti-
tian in Port Charlotte, offers some
Start the day with protein. The
traditional American breakfast diet
doesn't offer many protein alterna-
tives especially healthy ones, she
says. While eggs are OK once in a
while, they shouldn't be a daily part of

yomi diet. MNlailo, suggests, iitteaid.
maike ii, egg lute I nomelette. lihiae
so'lne (Gieek \,,guit li i iit'- ;-ti Ii ;idd
so-Inethling olI-,Iti;-id iti l" like
le;an tuikev ,-- leftoveis, sIe si\s
Fc:cuI ,,it thre fi Uilt aid veggies
MIillo-x eiic-Uiii-gee liei p.itieiit t,
include : cup ',f \egetable, ''lie
pel imeial -itd t -,: ei\eti1g. o'f fi Ut
thiiuglich-,it thr e dai\ i lii e ai hli:,le
3-p,:uiid hai:g ,:f ,:,igiiic ipple -
time t, leach fi i lie Aiid if [in'm
bu\iiig lettuce a;nd ,,thei gieelts to,
feed m\ iaibblt. nih\ it,:, chip up i
little e\tia fi li \s elft-'i
,-,lle ;-it le slt 1-; [ lt t ,g o-,t wit-h
a 'f hhbei. -Iie \ Tihat'-
especiall\ lielpful foi people ljuit
beoiiUltg a liealtli\ eatlilg ieguimel.
M il,: l io ,otes Ideaill\. f Llit ill be
fiesli withi the skin still :,in. piovid-
ingt ;-i g1,1d tlice cf iiutiie tt, ;-ild
neceu-V \ hbei Fi'-ozen hilt I ;-i g ai--d
seco'iid choice. Nlilo ai' \-s
Sliiick lieailtli\ C inh e Uli t withli
a slice : 4-'-peiceit clieese. ;i couple
of tihlesp,,l i ci f litiim mnt ,-,i ;-I
tahi lesp,:,,:,l ,o:f iitiu iIal peaiiit bhuttei.
illilo, ;\ c Sl'me ,iflhei clieiti eenii
haie flirlt withi i sice ,If tui ke\. Iaiim
01 il'-,It beef ibe suie tr, .tick to, Iov-
fat ;ild Io_,V -,_-dium \ ;i iet\ i
Keep ai oUiiilt B Elel if its jUrt foi
ouiseles. N Milo si\s, it lielp,

FILE PH,-.T-..
to- -iie d, ii vhl[ Iit r eie e-iiiig
thliuglii-ut tle d;i\,"
I guetle' it' ime ,-, put ;i;I\ iliiat h ;i
, ciip, ;-id t;ike trle d : '-'i ;-i I,11-
\\a I k
Eim 1471illh1hs,,-_'sii -li 'iiil'1 -OiIt

England's salt-reduction campaign saved lives, researchers sav


A 15 percent reduction in salt
consumption was likely "an import-
ant contributor" to a 40 percent
reduction in stroke and heart disease
deaths in the last decade in England,
researchers said.
The "single largest" contribution to
the decline in deaths was a decrease
in blood pressure, they said.
Smoking and blood cholesterol also
declined over the period, 2003-2011;
produce consumption and body
mass index rose. At the same time,
there were improvements in treat-
ment for high blood pressure and
heart disease, they said in the online
British Medical Journal Open.
The English government in 2003
began a program to get companies
gradually to reduce the salt levels in
processed foods. It led to a 15 per-
cent decrease by 2011, the research-
ers wrote. Since the start of that
program, salt intake fell by 1.4 grams
a day. (In the United States, health
authorities recommend people
consume a limit of around 2 grams
a day, depending on several factors
such as age; the average intake is 3.4
to 4 grams.)
Because processed foods account
for about 80 percent of total salt
intake, and the industry undertook a
gradual reduction in salt added to all
such foods, the researchers said, it's
likely that the salt reduction occurred
across the population.
But, they wrote, "It is difficult to
quantify the relative contribution
of salt reduction" to the diseases,
but analysis of the data around the

disease and deaths show it had a
"significant role." "In the U.K., the
political action group Action on Salt
worked with the government and
the food industry to slowly wean the
British populace off salt, with excel-
lent results. Yet, our food industry
has fought a similar action tooth and
nail," said Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediat-
ric endocrinologist at the University
of California, San Francisco, author
and an advocate for reducing sugar
He noted that another group hopes
to "wean the British populace slowly
off sugar; but you can image how
well this will go over here with the
U.S. food industry. We need to reduce
our sugar consumption to improve
public health. In the absence of
industry cooperation, a sugar tax or
other more draconian government
intervention will likely be required,"
Lustig said by email.
The Grocery Manufacturers
Association, a trade group, noted the
industry's progress.
"Food and beverage manufac-
turers are committed to providing
consumers with the product choices
they need to achieve reduced sodium
intake levels," the association said
in a statement. "Our industry has
developed thousands of products
with reduced, low or no sodium and
has also silently and incrementally
reformulated many products to
reduce the amount of sodium within
consumer taste preferences.
"Reducing sodium in products
without negatively affecting consum-
er acceptance must be taken into
consideration, because a 'healthy
food' will not promote health if it is

not puiclilia ed 01i e;iteli. tle ;i ,-.ocii-
ti -ii added
The sila leseieaicliei., ,filin Queemi
Mai\ Uitmeism of Lo donL, looked at
d;-it;i ,fi-tL se eiai ,-,tlce., im cith dmlig
the Heailthi uikve\ foiL E Iig;Id fio'in
2tt0:j; rt '-'O2 l rih01 i tha itiies Iii i i-ilt
oil diet ;-ilhd iealt lic iom :1,500 peo-
pie e -i lte sar miriike \\;-I me-istu ed
thloughLi iit Iie -imlple fio 'in ie;-iil\
3.000 people hli:, trook p-iit ii the
N;tio,,lil- Diet ;-l d N lurtlr ',i m'um ve\
O c_-,lise. -,ome people take med-
icitil,:,l to, tieat high bl,,ood pies-uie
"ANl ;i; .-.( o tlie datari L lint the
Health Suive\ foi ,- glaiid shIi,-ed
tith t ;-itili\peiteltslve ined c-li,_-,tIsIB
acc,,umited foli less ti;t ii5 peicemt ,of
thle s\ rto'lic blood piesmuie decline.
thle leseaiucliei, lo-ie
Rese-icliei, ;.id trle use o, f sevei;il
sets, 'f d;it;ri mne;aiit tiit chiaiiige veie
not ti[icked fo1,i imdiVidU;-il,
S h il(iiike ineed r-, dip tliu (iei
in the U K ,. the ieseaciceii sid aih
cO_-lltmptio_-l iiieaies blh'oo'd pies-
suim e ;-i 4k f-ict,-, i (-1i tilke ;-iid
heai it diseiee
The U K i ;i\ iahieaid of tihe
United Staites Iim ieducmilg '-'ditii
intiake amid impiinig thie puhbhic',
health.-sl-iid M ichael Licb,.
executive diiectli ;it thie Ceitrei
f-i Scleice iii the Public I[iteie l.t
a m itimtIt: ;-idv ,c;icv '_iu'lp III
W\himigt,:,li He ii,:'ted thait the U K

FILE PH,-.T-..
C;i ip;ng.1 included ;id iemnmidmi:
people t-- ie;id labels ;ild ithalt ie;ill\
HWi de s;alt ,-il iS, tle -
He iioted -it ht,-,ime cIlmpimiieS
;ie ieduicim gi' -lt iI I pi,_idU'cl _''-I
thelii o-, H1. IllCludlilng \\;-illm;-lit.
\ hlch lie -.iid ie;iclied ;i 'i peicemt
leductil ,iio ,,e tie lih [ t evei;il \e;iis
)f 4-I0 piod-ducis CSPl ti-icked ii
-005) ;-ild their il -'0` -'05. them
liiid reduced the -,odmum. 11 .did
iiot cliiiige it, ;imid 15. 8 i mciceied
it. -iccoidmig to: ;i iep,_it [ -lio the
,_- i[ :_;-1 1 t1IZ;-1It1,-,11


:Page 4

The Sun/Sur1nclay A[:l, 1'20 2i 4

Prayer an important

part of dealing with cancer

H Regain your life with an innovative treatment
option available at only one hospital in Charlotte
County Bayfront Health Port Charlotte. Our
surgeons, Nicholas Connors, MD, and Ronald
Constine, MD, offer patients with mid-stage to
Nicholas Connors, M.D. advanced osteoarthritis of the knee a less invasive
treatment option than a total knee replacement.
Using robotics enables them to precisely target
only the diseased portion of the knee without
compromising the healthy bone and tissue
surrounding it. With a less-invasive procedure
and only a fraction of the recovery time, you
Ronald Constine, M.D. will be back on the court, pain free, in no time.

To learn more, visit,
or for a free physician referral, call 941-637-2497.

Free Upcoming Seminars

View a live demonstration while learning if this option
may be right for you. To register, call 941-637-2497.
Tuesday, April 22 1 5:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
2500 Harbor Blvd, Port Charlotte
Wednesday, May 14 1 5:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte
2500 Harbor Blvd, Port Charlotte

% Bayfront Health

2500 Harbor Boulevard Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Beforeyou decide on sugey diuss 'treatnetopoons mwt your docr
Understanding the risks and benefits of each treatnet can helpyou make the best decson fory our dmd-dual statuaon
Independent members of theMedical Staff of BayfrontHealth Por Cbarotte and Punta Gorda

Tom Cappiello

I was diagnosed with stage 3A locally advanced
adenocarcinoma (nonsmall cell lung cancer) in
October of 2007. lam one of the few survivors of
this terminal disease.
My diary is written to give cancer patients hope and
understanding about life after a cancer diagnosis.
This is for those who are being treated for cancer
and those caring for a loved one.
If you are interested in becoming involved in lung
cancer awareness, research and early detection,
contactTom Cappiello at
I was diagnosed with inoperable
stage 3A adenocarcinoma on Oct. 5,
2007. I will never forget that date or
my reaction to the idea that I would
likely be dead soon. I looked at the
statistics and thought my life was over.
I began to think about the gift of life
and how much time I had wasted in
52 years. I began to get busy trying to
make up for lost time.
I wrote a blog, which eventually
turned into this newspaper column,
and then a book about living with lung
cancer. I began advocating and raising
money for lung cancer research, and
last year I began a new charity to
promote lung-cancer screening and
early detection. We officially became a
501(c)3 public charity this year.
Over the course of the last 6 years,
my friends and I have together raised
over $300,000 for lung cancer research.
I am hoping the new entity The
Lung Cancer Research Council will
continue to grow and lead the way
toward increasing the awareness and
funding of lung cancer research.
After I was diagnosed, a friend of
mine began praying for my recovery
and would periodically let me know
I was in her prayers. Eventually, she
invited my wife and I to come to a
nondenominational meeting, with
friends and people of faith, to learn
about how God is in our lives if we can
recognize his interventions and bless-
ings. I am not a church-going person,
but I am spiritual enough to believe
that life must have some meaning and
that there is a reason we exist on this
Earth. Over the years my faith in God
has grown.
At the time I was diagnosed with
lung cancer in 2007, I was treasurer
of St. Vincent de Paul Community
Healthcare Inc. which had decided to
launch a free clinic to complement an
already existing free pharmacy to care
for the uninsured. The free clinic had
very little funding and was launched
on an article of faith that in time
funding would come.
In February 2008, the free clinic
opened, but within a month we were

looking to have to close the doors for
lack of operational funding. As trea-
surer of the organization, it was my
responsibility to keep the doors open.
While being treated for lung cancer,
I went to work. We cut back on hired
staff, and we shored up operational
funding asking the three area hospitals
to support the effort through monthly
donations. Eventually I stepped in as
chairman of the board, and ran the
organization from 2009-2011.
The key to our survival was securing
a $1 million pledge from Virginia B.
Andes, a donor looking to leave a
lasting legacy We used $250,000 of the
pledge in the first year to get the clinic
on its financial feet, with $750,000
going into a future fund to secure a
permanent site.
Using these funds we conducted a
nationwide search for an executive
director who had the background and
experience to make our free clinic
and pharmacy work. God blessed our
search committee and our commu-
nity with Suzanne Roberts, who now
makes the clinic run like a well-oiled
On Oct. 16, 2012 on my 57th
birthday-- we celebrated the opening
of our 8,800-square-foot permanent
facility located in the heart of the
medical community in Port Charlotte,
directly across from Fawcett Memorial
Hospital. Hundreds of invited guest
came to celebrate the grand opening.
Over the course of its first 5 years, the
clinic had more than 30,000 patient
visits. These are people who had no-
where else to go for healthcare other
than the emergency room. Millions of
dollars' worth of prescription medi-
cations have also been dispensed to
community members in need through
our free pharmacy, saving untold lives.
It was not lost on me that the
celebration of the clinic's first 4 years
also came on the fifth anniversary of
my lung cancer diagnosis, making
me by way of medical statistics a lung
cancer "survivor." It was also the very
day I received the first copies of my
book, "Living with Lung Cancer My
I consider the clinic's mission to be
what God wants from us to provide
compassionate care for the least
among us and to show love for one
another. The culmination of all of this
on the same day was, in my opinion,
a message from God. I had wonderful
doctors who endeavored to save me,
but I believe that I was saved by God,
through prayer, for a greater purpose.
Since joining my friend's God-wink
group, I have been reading the Bible,
cover to cover, in sequential order,
to look for the passages that foretold
the coming of Jesus. I knew that the
Messiah is prophesied in the Old
Testament, but I did not know where
exactly. For the last 5 years I have been
looking page by page for this message
from God.
On Palm Sunday, the week before
Easter, I finally got to Isaiah 7 and "The
Sign of Immanuel", which I learned
means "God is With Us." Who would
have guessed that I found what I have
been seeking on Palm Sunday!
My message to those of you fighting
cancer is not to doubt the power of
prayer. Continue to go on living.
Doing for others and focus on loving
your neighbor as you love yourself.
Happy Easter..

o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 5

If you've found your way once, you can find it again


What a difference a day can make.
Last week, I had entered my fifth
week of taking up yoga and medita-
tion for Lent, and it was not a good
week to put it mildly. The yoga was
fine; it was all the other stressful
events that filled the hours of the days,
from an asthma-like attack to a dead
car battery.
But Sunday, I told myself, was a new
week a time to start from scratch.
Mentally, I was putting on a fresh set
of sheets, putting up a new canvas,
and washing the chalk board. Last
week was in the past. Leave it there.
Focus on the now.
And apparently, my mind and body
were more willing to let it go than I
I set my mat on the lanai, stood in
mountain pose feet together, body
tall, shoulders back and down in
the middle of my mat, and raised my
arms up and over head on an inhale.
As I exhaled out, I bowed my head and
held my hands in prayer pose in front
of my heart.
"You ready?" I asked myself, as
I stood inhaling and exhaling in
"Absolutely," my mind answered
The arms went back over head in an
inhale and I exhaled out as my arms
and body "swan dived" down, bending
from the waist, hands touching the
ground on the outside of each foot.
"A little tighter than I thought I
was," I notice. Typical of me, it's my
neck, shoulders and upper back. I
often tease a friend who is a massage
therapist that she could probably use
a hammer and chisel to loosen up my
shoulder blades.
"Well, now that I'm aware, let's shake
it loose," I think as I step back and
lower down into a plank chaturanga
dandasana in Sanskrit. It's as I'm
sweep through into cobra pose -
quads against the mat, arms straight-
ening to lift the chest from the waist so
that you look like the snake that is the
pose's namesake that something
completely unexpected happened.
As I'm exhaling through with the
movement, the air rushes out of my
lungs with such force, it reminds me
when my family and I went to Acadia
National Park as a child, and I watched
the Atlantic crash into the rocks
at Schoodic Point with a slap that
sprayed foam high into the air.

"What was that?" My mind asks.
"Where did that come from?"
"I have no idea," I answer. "But, God,
it felt wonderful! That came from my
I move through several more poses
in sun salutation before I repeat the
series from mountain pose. The arms
go back overhead on an inhale, I swan
dive again on an exhale. I flow through
to cobra and there it is again on the
"What in the world is going on?" I
ask myself as I begin to smile. "Even
on my best yoga day, I've never felt
this before. I don't want it to end."
And it doesn't. Whatever I've picked
up on, it lasts the entire practice. The
foot seems to land in exactly the right
place every time. My finger tips seem
to be able to reach higher into the sky
than they ever have before.
When I settle down into proud
warrior pose, I look like there should
be a rapier in the hand stretched out
in front of me. The focus-point over
my outstretched fingers is so intense,
I realize if I were an archer with a bow,
all I would see is the center circle of
the bull's eye.
And yet, as focused as I am, it seems
I'm aware of things I've missed. Has
the green in the back yard always been
this deep? Have there been this many
giant swallow tail butterflies in the
yard the past few weeks?
It's not just the world going on
around me. It's the world going on in
me. I'm almost giddy.
"I've got a yoga high," I realize. "I've
heard of a runner's high, but in all the
years I've been running, I've experi-
enced it a grand total of twice. But it's
that exact same feeling. I didn't know
you could do this with yoga."
It is incredible. I feel like an actor
who's given a performance of a
lifetime. Like a figure skater or gym-
nast that has hit every mark flaw-
lessly. I feel like I'm writing the Great
American Novel. I feel like I just beat a
world record in swimming.
And I don't want to let it go. By the
time I finish with corpse pose, laying
on my back, feet fallen off to the side,
arms down, palms up and open, I'm
My cat, Connor, comes over to
"You know, Coo," I say as I stare
deep into his big green eyes, "I love
everyone and everything."
I almost expected him to ask, "Okay,
who are you, and what have you done
with my real human?"

FILE PH,.-T,-..

_o. tinl, iS \J liat lesus \ ias iaftei \ \hel
lie \en t- the deeei t t, ineditlite (-i
40 d 1\2 1 tlimlk Did lie knl,: liiat
lie \\s chain g:' O lie, like me.
saVi\ig., \Vho_-, \\l -ia[ I[ tIlls'"
I [liik. in m i[tiii [: to et it It Go:d
i, lo\e. iand xhliai t eie t at liit inclineii
\\;- ii-liihigh butl. hieii I'mi cl-,ei tlhaii
I liid been \hlien i [tiat ed ,:n Asii
D)I [ expec t t ieaiclih tiil a\\aiieneii.
i----- -

tii, iaiptiuie, e ei\ tnime I doI, \,:, -'
\\ell. iII: It', ;i pI ictice, lusj t like
eei vtllmig else Sme d\s aiie g,,nig
tr: be better thaliin iliei But, if u. ue
:thcliied t hliait in linel o-ice. V,\,iii
111l11d, \i v,-,lnl :tl ;ijd v\oiii- b,:,d\ ha;s-F
Iegaji ,oigggitih rlie pathli of memoi\ If
\o:,'Ve ifo ld V\oi i k;I voice. \o,:L cai
innd it a;illl and a;nilll aind a;-iil -- ,-i
,11,,_0 ;-F \VILL keep placthclns
Eniuli 7 LLlI Ihfil,,-"5siIII-I10itld COiI I

k ,e k.
PO F//
l^^ WKI c. Jf'no

Von need SotbWust Foridas ONLV
weeklV gude to outdoorroeftin

Every Thursday In UrMe
Mi. w_ .msd^fl2U-3

Complete Dental Care

Monica Tabbita. DDS I Joseph Proscia. DDS
General Dentists
1940 Tarniarni Trail, Suite 102 I Porl Charlolle
Call Today! 941-623-9415


H ,H L R '-NEE

I11 d : l
,o 941.625.0984I

$59 Cleaning, $1 .00 Emergency
Exam & X-rays -or- Exam
(Reg. $321) :.,, ,, .. N (Reg. $70) ,,, i,

H~d ,, .. I,, ,,DHI DDHI,, .. I.... II ,d l I 11 111 III I IH II 11I,11.h 'II II III ..,I111 .IIIIIIII.. I ,111111111 I1 I
i q Iii iil HII ,1l ,1,1,'l'I I '.II III.I'.II IIIIIIII ,,I III' I 11111 I,I ,,,n llll,,III III nI,.IIII III. ,I I II 1 ,,11 ,, li II.I' I IIIliiIIII

:Page 6

The Sun/.urnclay AI:,I 20 2i 4


,, i Health department marks

....,I 'Tobacco Free Florida Week


During the 6th annual Tobacco
Free Florida Week, April 21-27, the
Department of Health is emphasizing
the importance of teamwork with
health professionals to help smokers
quit for good. Team Up to Quit is a
statewide effort to raise awareness
of the resources available to help
Floridians quit tobacco.
"The health care community plays
a critical role in helping patients
understand the impact of smoking
on their lives," said State Surgeon
General and Secretary of Health
Dr. John Armstrong. "Patients who
discuss ways to quit with their
health care professionals are ulti-
mately more successful in their quit
Clear and consistent messaging
from physicians, dentists, nurs-
es, pharmacists and health care
professionals is important to help
Floridians quit. The Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention and
the U.S. Surgeon Genera have recent-
ly urged all tobacco control programs
and health care professionals to
connect more smokers to proven
effective resources. In 2012, only half
of Florida's health care professionals
reported that they often assessed
tobacco users' readiness to quit or
assisted smokers with a quit attempt.
Through Tobacco Free Florida,
smokers have the option to call the
Florida Quitline, use a web-based
program, or attend in-person coun-
seling services and they may
receive free FDA-approved nicotine
replacement therapy. For more in-
formation and resources, visit www.
Why Team Up to Quit?
*Patients who work with their
health care professionals are ulti-
mately more successful in their quit
*When tobacco users receive treat-
ment according to the U.S. Public

The Florida Quit-Line is confidential and toll-free.
Call 877-U-CAN-NOW (877-822-6669) You will
have access to some of the best cessation specialists
in the state who can give you:
*Private counseling and continued support.
*A personalized quit-plan.
*Tools and skills to help you succeed.
*Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available.
*Information about additional resources such as
insurance benefits and other quitting programs in
your area.
*Tobacco Quit Kit mailed to your home.
For a referral to a quit smoking program, please
contact 941-624-7200 ext. 7279.
Source: Florida Department of Health in Charlotte

Health Service's clinical practice
guideline, they report higher satisfac-
tion with overall health care received
compared to untreated tobacco
*Smokers who quit can add up to
10 years to their life expectancy by
What's the impact of tobacco in
*Florida's leading preventable cause
of death and disease is tobacco use.
*If current rates continue, 270,200
Florida children alive today who are
younger than 18 years of age will die
prematurely as a result of smoking.8
*In 2009, the annual direct costs
to Florida's economy attributable
to smoking were in excess of $19.6
billion, including direct medical costs
of $7.2 billion.
Smokers and smokeless tobacco
users interested in quitting are en-
couraged to call the Florida Quitline
at 877-U-CAN-NOW to speak with a
Quit Coach. To learn about Tobacco
Free Florida and the state's free quit
smoking resources, visit www. or follow
the campaign on Facebook at www.
or Twitter at
tobaccofreefla. Page 7

o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014

Experimental treatment repairs abdominal aortic aneurysms


On-again, off-again stomach pain
had bothered home remodeler Jerome
Holiday for more than a year, but in
January, it worsened to the point of
slowing him down.
"If I was up on a ladder, I would
have to come down," the 59-year-old
Pittsburgh resident said. "If I was
doing something strenuous, I would
have to stop."
Holiday had a potentially fatal
abdominal aortic aneurysm, which
doctors at Allegheny General Hospital
(AGH) repaired with an experimental
procedure that could prove more
effective and patient-friendly than the
one that's standard now.
AGH is one of about 30 sites in the
United States, Canada and Europe
taking part in a clinical trial of the new
technology, developed by California-
based Endologix Inc. Holiday, who
had the procedure March 4, was the
first to undergo the procedure in
Dr. Satish Muluk, chief of vascular
surgery at AGH and lead investigator
of the Pittsburgh study, said the
procedure could be revolutionary.
An abdominal aortic aneurysm a
leading cause of death among older
patients, the doctor said is a bal-
looning of the body's main artery near
the kidneys. Because of the expansion,
the artery wall becomes so thin that it
ruptures, causing internal bleeding. At
that point, the patient faces long odds.
"We estimate the mortality is
around 80 percent," Muluk said, not-
ing many patients have no symptoms
before an aneurysm bursts.
Emphysema, genetics, high cho-
lesterol and blood pressure, obesity
and smoking are among the factors
believed to contribute to aneurysms,
according to the National Library of
Medicine. Men are more prone than
However, the problem can be
detected ahead of time with an ultra-
sound, which is part of the covered
package of care for new Medicare
enrollees. The Medicare years are
when the aneurysms are most likely to
develop, Muluk said.
Muluk said Allegheny General
repairs about 150 of the aneurysms
annually. The standard treatment,
developed in the late 1990s, is mini-
mally invasive endovascular surgery in
which a stent, shaped like an inverted
Y, is inserted to bypass the damaged
section of aorta.
But 15 percent to 20 percent of pa-
tients later require another procedure
because their stent moves or blood
leaks into the aneurysm.
The new procedure involves the
insertion of two stents one to
circulate blood in each leg inside
the aneurysm and the inflation of two
polymer-filled bags to fill up the rest
of the swollen area. The technique is
designed to hold the stents in place

Jerome Holiday, 59, of North Side, a home remodeler, pictured March 19, 2014, has undergone an experimental procedure at Allegheny General
Hospital to repair his abdominal aortic aneurysm.

and prevent blood leakage.
In short, whereas the standard
procedure bypasses the aneurysm, the
new procedure "obliterates" it, said
Dr. Jeffrey Carpenter, global principal
investigator for the trial and professor
and chairman of surgery at Cooper
Medical School of Rowan University in
Camden, N.J.
So far, 24 trial participants have un-
dergone the procedure. Each case has
been technically successful, without
complications, Carpenter said.
"It's a very simple procedure, much
simpler than one we currently do,"
and it's likely to help a larger, more
diverse group of patients than is
medically eligible for the standard
repair, he said.
The trial procedure takes about
90 minutes, compared to the 2-1/2
hours or so needed for the standard
treatment, and has the potential to be
done on an outpatient basis, Muluk
said. Participants in the trial, however,
are spending one or two days in the
The new repair also has the poten-
tial to be done under a local anesthet-
ic instead of the general anesthetic
used in the standard procedure. Dr.
Carpenter said he recently used a
local while performing the repair on a
90-year-old man.
Holiday, who also has a heart condi-
tion, said he isn't sure when he might
be able to return to work.
Muluk said patients undergoing the
standard or new treatment for repair-
ing the aneurysms generally are able
to resume regular activities.

rP,,i1C T PH-.T'-..

Nellix EndoVascular Aneurysm Sealing System uses polymer to seal the entire abdominal aortic

is *1 *. S.. Sp' i..!l S SPIII'I
S Ic Sa l S SM i S i I I i S -


IV Sedation o Gum Disease
Laser Surgery o Cosmetic Surgery
Implants Extractions Emergencies
Call today to schedule a free consultation

3443 Tamiami Trail, Suits M, Located in Professional Gardens

:Page 8

The Sun/Surnclay A[i; i '20 i 4

Charlotte County community gardens project expands


For All Your Family

Minor Medical Neec

* Physical Exams
*Women's Health
* Hypertension
* I.V. Therapy
* X-Rays
* Allergies
* Arthritis
* Diabetes
* Impotence
* Stress Test
* Weight Loss
* Worker's Compensation
* Minor Surgical Procedures


2525 Harbor Blvd., Suite 102, Port Charlott
(Opposite Peace River Regional Medical Center)

DAVID S. BALLESTAS, M.D., P.A. & Associates Internal Medicine

ii Sl. O. AVI.I A.

Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-7PM Sat. 9 AM-3 PM

fWhen Lacey Solomon was grow-
S ing up in New Jersey, the summers
included a home vegetable garden
bursting with tomatoes, bell peppers
and figs grown by her Sicilian grand-
father. She admits, it was a different
--- "When you have two kids involved
in both school and sports and you're
running from place to place, you
appreciate the convenience of being
able to stop at a big grocery store
and get an entire order," she said of
today's harried pace of life.
But after decades of buying pro-
duce at grocery chains supplied by
large corporate farms, Americans'
love affair with convenience is wan-
ing as they become aware of "factory
farms'" agricultural practices. Most
fruits and vegetables are shipped
an average of 1,500 miles before it
arrives on a consumer's plate, accord-
ing to the Center for Urban Education
about Sustainable Agriculture
(CUESA), a San Francisco-based non-
profit organization who was founded
in 1994 to "educate urban consumers
about sustainable agriculture and to
create links between urban dwellers
and local farmers."
To endure that journey, most
produce is picked before it is ripe -
which means those tomatoes will
neither reach its full taste or nutri-
tional potential, CUESA states. It also
FILE PHOTO means the fruit or vegetable will likely
sit in storage for weeks before being
gassed to stimulate the ripening
9 process. And this doesn't even touch
S on the issues of the cost of shipping,
fuels needed to get their destination
I and the ensuing pollution from emis-
Is sions. Nor does it even begin to touch
on genetically modified food.
For those reasons, many Americans
have begun to buy from local farmer's
markets and organic sections, but

crops on a small scale in commu-
nity garden. Charlotte County is no
"We asked what we wanted to be
known for," Solomon said of the staff
at the South County Regional Park
in Punta Gorda. "And one of the staff
suggested a community garden. She
said it brings people together that
normally wouldn't have the chance to
associate with each other."
Through a collaborative effort

between Team Punta Gorda and
Charlotte County Community
Services, the first community garden
was built two years ago.
According to the county's website,
Community Services provided the
land and the funding to clear the
area and install the fencing. Team
Punta Gorda acquired a grant via
The Charlotte County Community
Foundation that funded the supplies
and construction of the handi-
capped-accessible bed.
Beds are available in a 3.5-foot by
10-foot for $10 a year or a 3.5-foot
by 20-foot bed for $20 a year. Since
the garden opened, all 22 full beds
have been purchased. Every August,
Solomon said, the county staff
contacts current gardeners to see if
they would like to renew. Once the
list of returning gardeners is complet-
ed, any available beds are able to be
purchased by the public.
"We always have a waiting list of
about 20 to 25 people," Solomon said.
Even if a person has never gardened
- or gardened in Florida before,
there is help available. Solomon said
at least once a year, the Charlotte
County Extension Office send master
gardeners to teach a "Gardening 101"
class about what produce grows well
in Florida and how to successfully
prepare the beds and care for the
And as the staff of the South
County Recreation Park had hoped,
the gardeners of the community
park are of all ages and walks of life.
Some are experienced gardeners that
teach novices the ropes. Some are
retirees. Some are families with young
"It is amazing what kids will eat if
they grow it themselves," Solomon
said. "My 7-year-old son, Ryder, loves
broccoli and cauliflower. And he can
totally tell if I brought it from the
garden or bought it at the store.
The garden has become so suc-
cessful, a second one has been built
behind the Punta Gorda Police
Department (PGPD) at 1410 Tamiami
Trail. There are 27 beds total one
is ADA-accessible. Like the South
County location, master gardeners
will be available to assist.
For more information about the
South County site, contact Solomon or
Janiece Strance at 941-505-8686. For
more information about the PGPD
location, contact Al Wiker at awiker@
pgorda. us or at 941-575-5535.



- -n-.-f Page 9

o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014


Imagine a visit to the dentist without any drilling


For decades Dr. Ronald Plotka had
to coax patients into getting over
their fear of the most basic tool of his
trade: the drill.
But lately people needing oral
care have eagerly sought out the
Swampscott dentist because he
is among the early adopters of a
new tool: the Solea laser, made by
Convergent Dental of Natick.
In many cases, the laser means a
needle-free, pain-free, drill-free trip to
the dentist, as Plotka and others use
it in place of a drill to perform routine
procedures such as filling cavities and
shaving teeth to be fitted for crowns.
"Patients love it," Plotka said. "It
eliminates the fear factor, which helps
us do better preventive dentistry
because people aren't going to have
that fear of the drill or the needle that
they used to have."
This week, four months after
bringing the Solea laser to market,
Convergent raised $8 million in
venture capital, led by Long River
Ventures of Boston, bringing total
investments in the three-year-old
company to $21.5 million.
The Solea, which retails for $85,000,
is the first dental laser to gain
approval from the Food and Drug
Administration for use on both hard
tissue, such as teeth, and soft tissue,
or gums.
The laser's rapid pulses of green
light as many as 10,000 per second
- not only make cuts but also have a
numbing effect, enabling dentists to
skip anesthesia in 96 percent of cases,
according to Convergent surveys of
clients. Patients often feel a slight cold
sensation but typically report no pain.
Lasers are not new to dentistry.
They are often used to whiten teeth,
perform biopsies, and harden fillings.
Convergent also has competition
in the quest to replace drills, most
notably from Biolase of Irvine, Calif.,
which makes a laser device called
the Waterlase. The Waterlase makes
cuts by vaporizing water particles in
a targeted area of a tooth and then
chipping away at the weakened
Convergent's Solea, on the other
hand, beams light at a precise
wavelength that vaporizes a mineral
called hydroxyapatite a major
advantage, according to the company,
because tooth enamel is roughly 90
percent hydroxyapatite and only

FILE PH.',T,"..

about 5 percent water. Plotka has
used both the Solea and the Biolase
at his practice, North Shore Center
for Cosmetic Dentistry, and said he
prefers Convergent's device because
it enables him to work faster and with
greater precision.
The Solea is a finalist in the dental
instrument category of the 2014
Medical Design Excellence Awards, a
global competition for medical tech-
nology. The Waterlase won a bronze
medal in the same category in 2012.
Convergent designed the Solea to
mimic the look and feel of a drill. Its
handheld arm resembles that of a
drill, and it even operates the same
way with a foot pedal to control
cutting speed.
Convergent chief executive Mike
Cataldo said he was so confident den-
tists could easily transition from the
drill to the Solea that he volunteered
to be the first test patient last year.
Dr. Mark Mizner at Commonwealth
Dental Group in Boston used the laser
in place of a drill to fill a cavity in one
of Cataldo's teeth and has made the
device a staple of his practice since

then. "Here's thie tpicial ieaictio An ,
patients: They getLi up u t of ie cluii.
and they go, 'OIl m\ God Tliit \\;as
amazing,'" Miznei -.iaid Tlhe\ caiit
believe that I jus di i killed liei i,[,,4ii
with no shot and it didn't hulit "
The Solea is iin, :i a i,,l ieplaceieni
for the drill ait leaiti niiit etli I caiin-
not be used to pel foi 1m l,:,t cinaii- I1
implants, and iiin one ini 10 caises den-
tists say they fiiiisi lsliem pimloceduLie
with a drill, ofien t ,in'" smli lghli
edges. Even then. lioevei. aiinestliesmii

iS, iilal\ll\ tllllecessaliV\ becautle lihe
lise's iitiinbiniig effect lingeis. much
like No\o ciii itrielf
Fen\ deiimil pmiicnices hae iie rue nek
laiei. but Ca;itildo tihd le iie\ \elln-
tie tfuiid, liould hlielp C(iO\eieemti
iIii ket t lihe ,,lea ai nd g ;-il idei
d,_-,pi,- T,,-i i lllll the delllialphoi_-,
out tlheiee. lie added t lihat i adiiectoi,'1:
1:f'ice ing tlie lai.ei will be po,,ted
o-l1 [lie Co-lin eigei \ebs ire 5,--11
\\haiit e'ie ti\nig to do." lie said.
is taike tlie dieaid -,uti if detii ti\V"

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The Sun/Sunclay A[:.nI '20 2i 4

Donating blood saves lives


Every two seconds, someone in
the United States needs blood, from
cancer patients undergoing chemo-
therapy to victims of car accidents
and patients with sickle cell anemia.
The need never wanes, and new
donors are always in demand. Here's
what you need to know to help.
Donation of "whole blood" is the
most common type of blood dona-
tion, but there are a few other types,
including double red cells, platelets
and plasma.
In addition, there are two special
donation types that have to do with
who is making the donation:
1. Autologous.
2. Directed.
The best type of donation for
each individual depends on their
blood type, physical characteris-
tics, personal preferences and the
availability of convenient donation
Giving the "right type" of donation
helps ensure the best use of your
valuable contribution.
Blood (or whole blood) donation:
This is the most common type of
donation, during which approx-
imately a pint of whole blood is
given. The blood is separated into
transfusable components: red cells,
plasma, platelets and/or cryoprecip-
itated AHF.
This type of blood donation
usually takes about an hour, though

We have yc
mind with
locations t
better serve

the actual donation takes about 8-10
minutes. You are eligible to donate
whole blood every 56 days.
Platelet apheresis: Platelet
donations are collected at select
American Red Cross blood donation
centers only. During this type of
donation, an apheresis machine col-
lects the platelets and some plasma
and returns the red cells and most of
the plasma back to the donor.
Platelets are a vital element of
cancer and organ transplant treat-
ments, as well as many surgical
procedures as they help prevent
massive blood loss.
A single donation of platelets col-
lected by apheresis can constitute
one or several transfusable units,
while it takes about 4-6 whole blood
donations to constitute a single
transfusable unit of platelets.
The donation takes approximately
one and-a-half to two and-a-half
hours. Call 800-RED-CROSS to find
platelet apheresis donation oppor-
tunities near you.
Plasma apheresis: Plasma is
collected simultaneously with a
platelet donation and is collected at
select American Red Cross donation
centers only.
During a plasma apheresis do-
nation, the blood is collected by
a machine, which separates the
plasma, red cells and platelets and
returns the red cells and/or platelets
back to the donor.
While donors with type AB blood
can only give red cells to other type


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| I iNew Revolutionary Treatment
That does not involve surgery or
cortisone injections for relief of
arthritis, sports injuries, ligament and
tendon pain. Let your body do the
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S.,' information.
Foot & Ankle Screening!
Come see any of our 12 Doctors in
L -my of our 12 locations for an exam
or consultation.
o Are you experiencing..

)ur Nerve Pain in your Feet or Legs?
We offer new successful non-surgical
:e in treatment called Sclerotherapy
12 Fungus Nails
We have the only colored nail polish
) patented to treat fungus nails.
e Bunions, Hammertoes, Calluses
We offer surgical and non-surgical

ab recipients, they are the univer-
sal plasma donors. The right type
donation for AB donors may be an
apheresis donation of plasma or
plasma and platelets.
The donation takes approxi-
mately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Call
800-RED-CROSS to find plasma
apheresis donation opportunities
near you.
Double red cells: Double red cell
donation is done with the help of an
apheresis machine which collects
the red cells but returns most of the
plasma and platelets to the donor.
Red cells are the most transfused
blood component, and certain blood
types are often in short supply.
Double red cell donations from
type 0 donors and donors with
Rh-negative blood types play a very
important role in maintaining blood
supply levels. Donors need to meet
slightly higher hemoglobin and
body height/weight requirements in
order to be able to give a double red
cell donation.
Double red cell donations take ap-
proximately 30 minutes longer than
a whole blood donation and allow
you to give two units of red cells.
Available in most donation centers
and some blood drives. Donors are
eligible to give double red cells every
112 days.
Autologous donations: These
are donations that individuals give
for their own use with a doctor's
prescription, for example, before
surgery. Such donations are subject
to the same testing criteria as other
donations, and therefore, if they're
not used by the patient, they are
Donations must be scheduled in
advance by calling 800-RED-CROSS.
Be sure to indicate that you are
requesting an autologous appoint-
ment when scheduling.
Directed donations: These are do-
nations made for a specific patient
by a friend or family member with a
doctor's prescription.
Such donations are subject to all
testing requirements of other dona-
tions, and if for some reason they
are not or cannot be utilized by the
patient, they may be made available
for other patients in need.
Call 800-RED-CROSS if you'd like
to schedule a directed donation.
For more information about
donating blood, go online to or call

Experience Better
Cardiac Disease
Hypertension Hyperlipidemia Diabetes
Back Pain Pain in Joint
Respiratory Problems Hypothyroidism
P.omrd crtified in Intcrn i Medicine
I i j ..-.|i ,|. ,,,,,,,m.. \ dicine

OneBlood's Big Red Bus will be at the following
locations in Charlotte and Sarasota counties:
April 21
11 a.m.-5 p.m., Books-A-Million, 1825 Tamiami
Trail, Port Charlotte
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tiffany Square, 2828 S. McCall
Road, Englewood
9 a.m.-3 p.m., Home Depot, 2450 Jacaranda Blvd.
April 22
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Publix, 1291 S. Sumter Blvd., North
11 a.m.-5 p.m., Best Buy, 18700 Veterans Blvd., Port
Charlotte 33954
April 23
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Suncoast Credit Union, 1951
Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte
April 26
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Lowe's, 651 Tuscola Blvd., North
Port 34286
11 a.m.-4 p.m., Chick-fil-A, 1814 Tamiami Trail, Port
April 27
9 a.m.-2 p.m., Deep Creek Community Church, 1500
Cooper St., Punta Gorda
April 28
8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Charlotte Technical Center,
18150 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte
April 29
10 a.m.-1 p.m., Rx Care Pharmacy, 13221 Tamiami
Trail, North Port
10 a.m.-2 p.m., Charlotte Technical Center, 18150
Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte
3:30 p.m.,-6:30 p.m., Charlotte County Public
Works, 7000 Florida St., Punta Gorda
April 30
10 a.m.-2 p.m., Direct Auto Insurance, 1825 N.
Tamiami Trail, Unit B3, Port Charlotte
May 1
8 a.m.-2 p.m., Venice High School, 1 Indian Way,
May 2
8 a.m.-2 p.m., Venice High School, 1 Indian Way,
May 3
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Publix, 19451 Cochran Blvd., Port
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Publix, 1500 Placida Road, Engle-
May 4
8:30 a.m.-1 p.m., First United Methodist Church, 57
W Marion Ave., Punta Gorda
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Our Lady of Lourdes Parish,
131 Center Road, Venice
May 5
9:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Bayfront Health, 2500 Harbor
Blvd., Port Charlotte
May 7
9 a.m.-2:30 p.m., City of Venice, 41 W. Venice Ave.,
May 8
9 a.m.-3 p.m., Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary, Tiffany
2828 S. McCall Road, Englewood
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Walmart, 2931 S. McCall Road,
Englewood May 12
10 a.m.-2 p.m., Venice Healthpark, 121 Jacaranda
Blvd., Venice
May 14
11 a.m.-3 p.m., Gulf Coast Medical Group, 1700 E.
Venice Ave., Venice
May 15
10 a.m.-2 p.m., Gulf Coast Medical Group, 8431
Pointe Loop Drive
May 18
8 a.m.-4 p.m., St. Charles Borromeo Catholic
Church, 2155 Augusta Ave., Port Charlotte
12 p.m.,-4 p.m., State College of Florida, 8000
Tamiami Trail, Venice
8 a.m.-3 p.m., Charlotte County Administration,
18500 Murdock Circle, Port Charlotte


UNIT 102




o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 11


Experts: Excess sugar consumption leads to a host of diseases


Dr. Robert Lustig's YouTube lectures
about the dangers of sugar have
raised a few eyebrows in recent years
and even drawn some criticism.
But the pediatric endocrinolo-
gist's proclamations are supported
by research his team has done at
the University of California, San
Francisco, with steady confirmation
from other scientific studies linking
sugar with chronic disease and early
death. Among his points are:
1. Sugar is poison.
2. Sugar is sugar and unhealthy in
any form.
3. A calorie is not just a calorie.
There are good ones and bad ones,
including sugar.
4. Obesity is not a prerequisite for
metabolic illness. Eighty percent of
those with obesity do have metabolic
disease or resulting chronic illness.
But 40 percent of people of normal
weight also have such diseases.
5. And don't blame those who are
obese or chronically ill for their con-
ditions. It's not so much poor lifestyle
behavior as it is biochemical expo-
sures to sugar and other unhealthful
ingredients that food manufacturers
routinely put into food products, with
consumers often being unaware.
As Prevention magazine said, "If it's
packaged, it's probably packed with
Lustig's latest YouTube video, "Fat
Chance: Fructose 2.0," has received
155,000 views and climbing. But his
2009 YouTube lecture, "Sugar: the
Bitter Truth," which details the bio-
logical consequences of high fructose
corn syrup, is approaching 4.5 million
views. He also has two books on the
But he defers to Will Smith as
Agent J in "Men in Black 3" to
answer the question Agent K (Tommy
Lee Jones) asks: "What's the most
destructive force in the universe?"
"Sugar?" Agent J said, with an
inquisitive lilt.
"He got it right. We know these
substances are addictive and hazard-
ous to health," Lustig said, leading to
an audience scold. "Hollywood knows
this. Why don't you?"
Sugar is listed in Nutrition Facts
food labels by 56 names, including
various malts and syrups. Most peo-
ple might be unaware that dextran,
athyl maltol, treacle, panocha, lactose
and sorbitol also are names for sugar.

Fructose is drawing attention with
the increased use of high fructose
corn syrup in foods, especially in
soft drinks. The sweetener produced
chemically from corn starch provides
better texture and improves shelf life.
Sucrose, or table sugar, is half fruc-
tose, which is metabolized in the liver.
and glucose, which is blood sugar thai
produces cellular energy to muscles
and organs.
In the liver, excess fructose is
transformed into fat, which can be
a factor in elevated cholesterol and
arterial plaque. High fructose corn
syrup used in soft drinks has a 55-45
ratio of fructose to glucose.
Lustig said sugar is addictive,
although not everyone agrees. Some
researchers link high consumption
rates to its overabundant availability
in American culture and diet.
A recent study by Lustig's team
concludes that 25 percent of Type
2 diabetes is caused specifically by
sugar consumption.
Studies also conclude that sugar
consumption leads to fatty liver, high
triglyceride and bad LDL cholesterol

level, plaque in blhid vessels aiind
iinstuln ielsi;-Iiice leadidmg ito meab.lI-
h SvldilOmle ;-ilid diabetes
Tlheie dehinite aie ai numinhbci f
SithidieS tIihiui 'hlion \vlili hig, p,;puia-
nion i, hi' ielaion-iiiuip bet\heen iug:aii
coiltiinpnilol ;-ilde eei \ inetaibohlic
disease \\e lii\e -- diaibetes. caidilO-
\;aicula dii.easie, metaiohilic 5Vii-
dilOline. ;i( li h eil. ivpeieii,, 'iia iid
paiiniculla iiAk fic-iil -.(' i high clihle'-
ciol ;1i iid i il:_I, cei ide," .C' hd Kllnibel
Si hilipe. ia Umveilsit o,,f Cah;I l.foiii,

Tliese Scthde. ;11io, vitlh evhidemce
filolin diet-ileienticinl tii utdiem in
Viihcli ve colinp-iie ilk f-icniml in
litltiia l s lbjeci co nltlilIiitg highi- ,0,1
Io,, -tlig iti dlets, S suggestt il-iit coll-
s tlliip oII ,o,[ luglh ;-il outsll fsiiS 'A StlN-l
pl,,iinotes lilelaJioJc diseasee" slie

In Febiutaii. ai stud\ ptlhIished il
tlie ouitlall IANL\ Inc ielail Nlediciice
fiouid iait in'OSi UlJiied Siaces
aidults colSiilu e inOic idded stugai
tih;ii is leccininieided t, -i lieailc li\
diet." w vi h-Adills oa ;-i sigihcain
iel;--iioshl.p beieei added Stugai

FILE PH'.T'i..
coiIliIIptIlin ;1i1d iicicleied i l-k til
c;-Ildlo\;V-ISctl;-II dis.eas-e 111,;,I l;It1\ "
Tliuo-e hli-,e added til_.i c-iii-
NullptiOI -\a inlie t'iaii 10 peicemi
but below '-5 peice` i ,,f ,,atil daIl\
cal,,el tesface a .;0 peiceni lnghei 114k
ifc;lldioV;lSLctl;l disease t[i~ii tiho-e
\lio-se ,_gai cclii uismptnioni \\;is less
Ihaii 10 peiceit The lisk if ciidiof\ia-
culai disieasie haiil h\ upled toi tlhio-e
Shio -e dieI coiiited 1f -' peice ii 01
inOic ,i added t,ig;i
The ,tud\ saiid tihai hnidii \eie
lal eel\ oiis.iei[ ;1ci1,-, ;ise Ol, -,t
geiideil iacei- etIlihuuici excep t Io I,
1i01i- n p- iha .m Ihi;ic 1in-Ameielh;inS I.
edticaiti ii level, phIvicail ;ictiit iiid
hibod\ li1-ni Iidex
A highiei peicenmiage if cial.-li i,
il,,nl ;idded Stlii l iI u awici tihed vtli
l1iuiihc, niih\i l i iea ed l i-k i cicai -
di,;,vaictlaii diseais e no, italiV". the
SRidV concludes In aiddili, iegiulai
co-,i iUinllptili io 1-1l, -s\- eeleiied
be eilagei i' : i,,c-,ociited w\lih ele\ited
calidlo\;Sctlalll,;, iahiv~lt
Om ieultlhs suppliI cm ilent


\,n cItiiIL coiiIdClu nic'id collipcli
dltiltlOI occtlt$i \\ iiliin ott 1\ tldcrncs, lod_'LC
\oi t\\ll find Sllc-0c-f-lhc-Jll ICUI01l0_^ lind
di,_Oi1'osIlC .CqIii)tii n loi fI1, \ ,:['l t.iccd

19240 Qiuesadla Avenue
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
(941) 743-7435

Standing L to R: Malcolm Kerstein, DDS, Robert
Coseo. DDS. Ashley Reynolds, DMD, Tim Palmer.
DDS. Richard Gelder, DMD. Sitting L to R: John
Watlers DMD, Joseph Bender DMDA


Frantz Bladeless
Laser Cataract Surgery
~Dr. Frantz takes Cataract Surgery to the
~ Next Level with Area's First VERION

k f ERION creates a "fingerprint or your eye" and tracks it from the
W0f I manning stages to your actual cataract procedure, working
41111together with the laser and other advanced technology to give
you the best possible procedure for your unique eyes l

Laser Guided Precision Increased Accuracy. Improved Safety

Cataract Center
** *O....

Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS
Our Area's First and-__
Most Experienced 1 ""
Laser Cataract Surgeon t

To schedule your cataract evaluation call
505-2020 or visit

I U r r mr^ a m 7"4I5

:Page 12

The Sun/Sunclay A[:.nI '20 2i 4

To sleep well, you may need to adjust what you eat and when






Correct sun damage

A more permanent
solution to unwanted

Reduces signs of
unwanted aging
Restores tone & glow tc

r:'4^ 25097E. Olympia Avenue
./ Suite 202
Si.tPunta Gorda, FL 33950


Sleep. Oh, to sleep. A good night's
sleep is often a struggle for more
than half of American adults. And
for occasional insomnia, there are
k good reasons to avoid using medica-
tions, whether over-the-counter or
S prescription.
We've all heard about home reme-
dies such as warm milk, chamomile
tea with honey, or a shot of bourbon
or brandy as a nightcap. On the
Internet you can find claims about all
kinds of foods that help with sleep:
fish, cherries, lettuce, miso, yogurt,
bananas, almonds, eggs, edamame,
pineapple, jasmine rice, potatoes and
cereal to name a few. Is this just
click-bait for insomniacs staring at
their screens at 11:30 p.m.? What does
the science say?
Michael Grandner, a sleep research-
er at the University of Pennsylvania,
said the best way to start adjusting
your diet is to eliminate foods that
interfere with sleep. "The obvious
one is caffeine," he said, "but people
forget about it." They'll drink a soda
at dinner or have a cup of coffee with
dessert. Caffeine typically stays in the
body for four to six hours, he said,
"but some people are more sensitive
and the effect might last twice that
..... long."
S Alcohol is also bad for sleep. While
it may make it easier to doze off,
it makes your sleep more shallow,
LE PHOTO Grandner said. "It suppresses REM
sleep early in the night, which can
lead to REM rebound later," which
can wake you up. Also, as alcohol is
metabolized, one of its byproducts
has stimulant action. Grandner also
said to avoid nicotine, large meals and
spicy foods at dinnertime.
Are there any foods that promote
sleep? There is some science behind
these supposed dietary sleep aids, but
it's piecemeal at best. For example,
turkey contains tryptophan, which
is a building block for serotonin, a
chemical involved in sleep. But there's
nothing special about turkey, as all
meat contains tryptophan as does
warm milk.
Further, tryptophan is a big mole-
cule that has trouble crossing into the
brain, so improving your sleep is not
as simple as eating a tryptophan-rich
food and getting more serotonin. And,
serotonin has multiple functions in
the brain, including some that pro-
mote wakefulness, so more serotonin

- ;,.-t. 'Exra Gentfe
Care Podiatrist
Diabetic Foot Care
Advanced Wound Care
Latest Technologies
Fellow American professional Wound
Care Association
Infection, Htt I P.Iiii
Ingrom II Titi'.ll,
Foot & Le l itii 11 h I < it,
Medic.iit PlimlhIt .
Podili r Ms *I ,"

2400 S. McC u id I Ii

does not automatically mean better
Studies that found a tryptophan ef-
fect relied on doses that would require
eating a pound of meat at a sitting,
Grandner said. "If you're eating so
much food to get the tryptophan
effect, you might suffer the too-much-
food effect."
Other foods, most notably tart
cherries, contain melatonin, which
does affect sleep. Still, melatonin
is not necessarily a sleep aid, said
Wilfred Pigeon, a sleep researcher at
the University of Rochester. "Studies
show it has a very minimal impact
on insomnia," he said. "On the other
hand, melatonin is a wonderful circa-
dian rhythm shifter."
So if you're a night owl whose body
prefers to sleep from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m.
but you have to wake up at 7 a.m.
every day, melatonin may help you
alter your sleep schedule. Pigeon and
Grandner say that to get that effect,
it would be best to take melatonin
at dinnertime rather than at bed-
time and that lower doses (1.5 to
3 milligrams) are better than higher
ones. That allows the substance to
work with your body's internal clock,
starting the long wind-down process
that's tied to sundown.
Pigeon conducted a small study
with a tart cherry juice that had
been developed as a sports drink.
The participants 16 elderly adults
with chronic insomnia reported
less wakefulness during the night (by
an average of 17 minutes) and more
total sleep time (eight minutes) when
they drank the juice than when they
drank cherry Kool-Aid, which did
not contain the melatonin and other
phytonutrients found in the sports
"It was not a huge effect," Pigeon
said. Indeed, the participants still had
significant sleep disturbance after two
weeks on the tested juice. But Pigeon
said the effect was nonetheless on par
with what some studies have found
with the herbal supplement valerian
and with melatonin in pill form.
What about other supposed
remedies? Dairy is a good source of
calcium, and nuts and grains contain
magnesium. Miso soup, fish and
yogurt contain B vitamins, such as B6.
"These are all molecules import-
ant in sleep and sleep regulation,"
Grandner said.
That means that B vitamins, calci-
um and magnesium can be linked to
some of the biochemical processes
involved in sleep. But merely eating
them doesn't mean the nutrient goes
directly to sleep pathways in the
A comprehensive review of studies
testing foods or nutrients on sleep
confirms the inconsistency of food
as a way to promote sleep. One study
might show that milk helps sleep, but
the next finds no effect. The same for
chamomile tea, B6 and magnesium.
That said, sleepy-time foods don't
have any worrisome side effects.
And the ritual of drinking something
before bed may be conducive to sleep,
Pigeon said. 'Anything that is sooth-
ing or relaxing can help."

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mild to mid depth

Botox, Dysport

Juvederm, Perlane
and Restylane




o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 13

Losing big? Everyone wins


The post-holiday weight loss
competition at the Cultural Center of
Charlotte County was a huge success
for everyone who competed wheth-
er they landed a spot in the top three
or not.
The following is a letter from the
team Beauty and the Beast, Martin and
Lynda Fernstein.
"Dear Ted,
"I want to thank you and the
Cultural Center for the Weight Loss
Challenge opportunity. For two years
we looked at this program but I was
unable to participate.
"You have to understand that in 18
months I went from walking 2 miles
a day to barely making 50 feet while
holding on to a cane. I even had to use
a motorized cart because I could no
longer walk in a store. Six and a half
hours of surgery and a few pieces of
hardware later, I started my rehabilita-
tion up north.
"Not until my recovery from back
surgery and a frozen knee cap did I
venture to the Fitness Salon to discuss
our options. There, Ted, you guar-
anteed me your complete oversight,
establishment of a personal program
and personalized a fitness routine for
myself and my husband.
"Thanks to your encouragement
and the friendly staff and volunteers
we joined the Center and began our
3-day strength training routine and
joined the challenge. I haven't felt this
good in years! If losing weight doesn't
make you smile, how you feel will. And


recommendations to limit the intake
of calories from added sugars in U.S.
diets," it concludes.
The American Heart Association
recommends fewer than 100 calories
of sugar daily for women and 150
calories a day for men about 5
percent or less of total daily calories.
New Nutrition Facts labels pro-
posed by the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration, expected to be in
place in two years, would require
companies to continue listing total
sugar but also "added sugar" to
help people differentiate between
naturally occurring sugar in grains,
nuts, fruits and vegetables from those
added by the manufacturer to en-
hance taste, texture or shelf life.
High fructose corn syrup is used in
numerous processed foods, including
many soft drinks such as Coca-Cola
and Pepsi.
Fructose in fruit isn't considered a
health risk because levels are so low,
because the fruit fiber slows the rate
of metabolism. Sucrose comprises
equal amounts of glucose and fruc-
tose. Too much of it overwhelms the
liver, which causes the liver to start
turning some of the fructose into fat,
Stanhope said.
"Fat can stay in the liver, which
may interfere with the liver's ability
to use insulin properly," Stanhope
said. "This is called insulin resistance,
and it increases risk for diabetes and
cardiovascular disease. Or the liver
can send the fat made from fructose
into the blood stream where it can in-
crease risk of cardiovascular disease."


p JE


Foster Dreier works out at the Fitness Salon at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, Port Charlotte.

I want yotli to ki,,,\ thait if those aie not
enough 10, mike \:,iu iule, tliegiocei\
receipt v.ill Becaiuse \\e s,;ied seveieil
hundreds '4, dollaie pel mintiihi iii rie
cost of foi'd i'IKIW
"We mr;i\ niit be tie cliilleiinge ii-
ner, but e\\e iie iiieie, iii e\ei\ eiiene
ofthe woid See \o, ig;iin iext \eaii'

The pi,:ces i, compoiiiunded b\
America', lhili coniiu i ptti ,,i n i ii f,-Idof
full of fat aiind ,iug;ii
A 2012 U eJim eii ', Pitfbtiuigli
study pullislied iii tie Ioliiiuial ,4 trie
Academ \ of NuIit i_11 ;-iIId Dietetic-
involved ai 4-\e;iiu lifet\le iiitei\en-
tion to gauigie liiat iinpact Ilei
sugar co'.Liinptio, ii wulld live oii
The stud, conducted b \ Lewi,
Kuller, a Pitt (Giaduitei Scli,,l ,,if
Public Heailti epideinil,:,g'tt a. ;nd
Bethany Bii iilone (iblv_. aiit-iriiit
professor iii Pitt'r depiitmeiit ,:
health and plii cti it, hli,:,xed
that womneiil \hi'_'ieduced tLigaii colii-
sumptioni e\pei ieiiced xeiglit loss iii
six montli s inid alk- i i 48i monthiilis
"What xe Io-,tuiid ;x- lis i -t x ,ineii
with greaitei \eiglit loss it btli Ni\
months aiind 4.8 mntiili eie eaitiiig
fewer dess eit, ;iiid tLgaii -s\eeteiied
beverages \, liein tlie\ t-ii ted
the stud\." -,aid (Gibb. ai d:,'ct:, i of'
epidemiolog A fe otilieie eatiiig
behavioils \eie ieelated to Cbettei
weight lo' it eitliei ,i\ mnt ,li 01 4.8
months, buNt o k ieduiciig deseit ,
and sugaii -,s\eeteiied bevei ges, \\a,
associated \itli better \eiglit loss iii
both the thliit niid long eiim "
While ieseaicli likely \-ill ne\ei
provide aib',olute ploof of ,,lig-ii'
impact onii liiimniii lieailtli. populiti n
studies iee eail i close ,, aoci tio, i
between utlg;-ii co_-iiilptioiil,- ; ind
metabolic diseaie Tlihit ;-ionng gi\-
ing evidence fiim diet iiitei\eniitinii
studies i;-ie led fligs ibo,,ut itr liiim,.
much the \\; rie lieaihltli iiip.ict ,-,f
cigarette S,_-,okiiig \\eie detei mined.
Stanhope said
In his l;itet video,. Lutig ii,-'ted rli-it
"old mediciiie" lec,-_giiized iiifectio-iii
as the m;iiii catie cif disease \-itli

-Beaut\ anad Hei Beast "
These folk aiie th,:,o buds.
\ I\ thlie\ ,tited see \ou ;-ig;iii ie\xt
xe;-ii It i O II im poii[;-iI [o 1 -tI co -II Il-
teli witvlieeicie ;iftei the co_-lest
\\e l_ t ig ;-ill eliiice, i,-,l ,_-,linee, i ;
lilfeliigl. bittle But w ili th e iiiceltive
if tlhe colinpetiti-ii,, tlieese foilk ;Iiid

tlie vect-i, beil g trlie Vai i_-,I in-
ciolbe, V ises, baicteli aiid ftill:_1
No-,aidai\,. lie hiid. iediciiie iiuwt
f,-cuI ,_--i chlI-,IIic diseeasie wili t lie
\ecto-i beilgl_ u tiii t i oi,_, il c oip,:ii-
ti,:ni." if \e place tle blaine ,- itoidI
i;-ii lt;-ic ll t g ;- ind I iI ketnig
Beciauie ,cf the lack ,A diiect
e\ideiice Sntiiilic-pe lefel led to:. food
cOlllp-iiies mi n t;-iil -ii thleie i iI-1-o
pl,,,,thtlift c[-_ii-,l inllg t-lgaii causes a
pe ,,iin tI,, be micle likely\ t, get' sick
A Q&A ,,in tlie Pep.ic, 'xeebuite
quotes i peisn aii kiug ibout the
lepi ted hieailthIi niks diet lughi i
iic t o-e
S,-lne tudie, liit \e ,_fo-uid h-i[it cOha l-
Nuumptt,,n ,ot iiniiuiall high aumunts
-,I pule it Lict,-,e I;i\ It ggei ieahlth i
coliicei ii," Pephico, iephies H'-,xevei.
tliese c-liiceiliil d- 1ii-t ;ippl\ t I- HFCS

Difficult Eactingq'
Sore Gums"
Wobbly or Loose:
AlessV AclhesiJes ?


Denture Stabilization
Affordable! Complimentary
Initial Consultation!
Aie Loil cOnItel led IboIut zinc content
IIIn LO1 1 elifille l (ltheSIu'S9
For more inlormalion on zinc and lour
dlenlure adhesltes .isll mt. ..ada.olrg

;in \ _-tlieis ;-ie _- tliel \;-i\ t,_-, m ;-i n -
t;-inig tlleu \\eiglit ;iId ;a lealtlnei
hifet\ le Oui next co:uinpetitio wn ill be
begili111g ,-,1o-t-i I e 16 1; Yotu I \ itiegiltei
;-I' ePall\ ;-i. t,_-d The cos[ t iS :;t- ;-id
inll udes, pei,-,l- l t;11 1,aii _g;ii-lj ;i fiee
inintii membinheitsIup ait the

ilugh fuict,_-,se colii1 -\Li p Despite itS
niiine. HFCS i, not iiughi in fi uct,_-,e
HFCS and1 tCable stligai- c-ntiin ibo_-,ut
the ;-ine ;iinoiuic '-t o fico-e ;iid iiei-
thei liha, been h,:,-kiin to, be haiinftul "
But St-iilihpe. h_-, c li c ii lines, ,Lg;i
,_-,l\ 1 o -1 special occi;-FioiD B i;-ibolII
oclce ;1 inlol-iiihs;-td evideiece is inclie
thaiin siifhcieniit to ad\-ie pe,:ple
;ig~iiii.t itr, c '-iiuinpriion
;-ICV1-11IIS[ 1[S 0-1 lI III PC['IOII
I tlinik the datai xe liia\e aiie Silriig
but not idehimti\e." Iie ,;iid Pe':ple
slolh,, be I,:,,:,king andh litening annd
leah ilz g Chat hle le ie ,_ -, ll ,1S ;- s-
,_-,lcilted l ithi lled _ucii .g l_2.-ii i aiike.
but tlieie in;i\ be lilk ii c,_-, 1ti i1ig
t-_, e;it l11gli;_1 im o_1- i,, tl 1A_- l_-igai kx\ ih le
kx\-I[IlIIIg ,-,1 ii i,-,letdehl itive Scleltirith
evideiece Pi-iiellS shi;,u get [hell
kids, off s ugiai aJld thie\ s,,lulM get off
siug;ii theinmsel-es "

Ve listen so you can hear.
It'.*votiir heajriig d)e'I'I S''t S ei% g.ood
a% ii tied ito he. pIeriihaip% it tiine lor
SooeC real 'lact. Let's talk.

We offer a complete range of
including the following:
v I I 1,1,1,j Ei! 1,, H e .-. 1i a T I-,ii. j
Hr T,,vl i- I E hl ii,.:- .:4. Ti P.,-,,e,-,|
Marilyn K. Lark1p. Au D. ,'. :,Ul-'- ;
T. i

.iJ.....U. ilJI .J I .I .UI. II J I..I.. f

The Best of Charlolle for ihe Past 10 Years!

H Harbor
'M 941.505.0400 a
i'' vvvvvv harboraudioic. q, .1-, E : l ,
www harboraudiollgy ncel

:Page 14

The Sun/Sunclay A[:.,I l'2i 'i2 4

-I -

Prenatal nicotine exposure may lead to ADHD in future generations


Prenatal exposure to nicotine could
manifest as attention deficit hyper-
activity disorder (ADHD) in children
born a generation later, according to a
new study by Florida State University
College of Medicine researchers.
Professors Pradeep G. Bhide and
Jinmin Zhu have found evidence
that ADHD associated with nicotine
can be passed across generations.
In other words, your child's ADHD
might be an environmentally induced
health condition inherited from your
grandmother, who may have smoked
cigarettes during pregnancy a long
time ago. And the fact that you never
smoked may be irrelevant for your
child's ADHD.
The researchers' findings are
published in the current issue of The
Journal of Neuroscience.
"What our research and other
people's research is showing is that
some of the changes in your genome
- whether induced by drugs or by
experience may be permanent
and you will transmit that to your
offspring," said Bhide, chair of devel-
opmental neuroscience and director
of the Center for Brain Repair at the
College of Medicine.
Bhide and Zhu, assistant professor
of biomedical sciences, used a mouse
model to test the hypothesis that
hyperactivity induced by prenatal
nicotine exposure is transmitted from
one generation to the next. Their data
demonstrated that there is a trans-
generational transmission via the
maternal, but not the paternal, line of
"Genes are constantly changing.
Some are silenced and others are ex-
pressed, and that happens not only by

hereditary mechanisms, but because
of something in the environment or
because of what we eat or what we
see or what we hear," Bhide said.
"So the genetic information that is
transmitted to your offspring is quali-
tatively different than the information
you got from your parents. This is
how things change over time in the
Building on recent discoveries
about how things like stress, fear or
hormonal imbalance in one indi-
vidual can be passed along to the
next generation, Bhide and Zhu were

Thousands of Health Stories from Feeling Fit & WebMD

P1 -Feen ngeFit co

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curious about a proven link between
prenatal nicotine exposure and hyper-
activity in mice.
Their work at the Center for
Brain Repair has included exten-
sive research around ADHD, a
neurobehavioral disorder affecting
about 10 percent of children and
5 percent of adults in the United
States. Researchers have struggled to
produce a definitive scientific expla-
nation for a spike in ADHD diagnoses
in the last few decades.
"Some reports show up to a 40 per-
cent increase in cases of ADHD in
one generation, basically," Bhide said.
"It cannot be because a mutation
occurred; it takes several generations
for that to happen."
One possible contributing factor,
though unproven, is that the current
spike in ADHD cases correlates in
some manner to an increase in the
number of women who smoked
during pregnancy as cigarettes be-
came fashionable in the United States
around the time of World War II and
in the decades that followed.
"Other research has shown a very
high correlation between heavy
smoking during pregnancy and the
incidence of kids with ADHD," Bhide

"What's important about our study
is that we are seeing that changes oc-
curring in my grandparents' genome
because of smoking during pregnancy
are being passed to my child. So if my
child had ADHD it might not matter
that I did not have a disposition or
that I never smoked."
Bhide cautions that the work,
though conclusive, is based on a
study in mice, which have served as a
proxy for human phenotypes.
"It's not that every child born to a
mother who smokes has ADHD, and
it also isn't true that every person
with ADHD will transmit the genetic
material responsible," he said.
"But our work has opened up new
possibilities. The next question is how
does transmission to future gener-
ations happen? What is the mecha-
nism? And the second question is, if
the individual is treated successfully
would that stop the transmission to
future generations?
In addition to Zhu and Bhide, the
paper's co-authors are Kevin P. Lee, a
research assistant in the FSU College
of Medicine, and Thomas J. Spencer
and Joseph Biederman, both of the
pediatric psychopharmacology unit of
Massachusetts General Hospital and
Harvard Medical School.

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SHeadache/Sleep Problems Numbness or Tingling Arms and Legs
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Most Insurances Accepted
Harbor Professional Centre
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o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 15

Fawcett Memorial Hospital supports Relay for Life


From left are Ruby Breeck, Kym Dawson, Michael Cauger, Deb Provencal, Lauren Popielarz and
Sundra Gagnon, part of the Fawcett Memorial Hospital team at Relay for Life.

Pictured above are Ruby Breeck (left) and Deb Provencal, Fawcett Memorial Hospital.



seeking a candidate that is
energetic and a team player to
be our Enrichment
Coordinator for our IL and AL
residents; experience with
Senior Activity Programs is
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Communication and
Computer Skills, Benefit Pack-
age includes Health, Dental,
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:Page 16

The Sun/urnclay AI:.,I 20 20i 4

TheW Su NOTSudyApi20204flngicowwsunwpprntPae1

Asperilla honored nationally
Local physician and entrepreneur
Dr. Mark 0. Asperilla was recently
honored with a national award for his
The internist and infectious disease
specialist earned the Oscar E. Edwards
Memorial Award for Volunteerism
and Community Service from the
American College of Physicians (ACP),
the national organization of internists.
The award was presented at ACP's an-
nual Convocation ceremony on April
10 at the Orange County Convention
Center in Orlando, where ACP hosted
its annual meeting, Internal Medicine
Asperilla is the founder of ACCESS
Care, a nonprofit organization that
works to improve access to free
medical services in other countries.
He has devoted his life to serving
thousands of underserved people
in Peru, Guatemala, the Philippines,
Colombia and Haiti, by providing free
medical treatment.
In Charlotte County, he co-found-
ed Virginia B. Andes Volunteer
Community Clinic and the Englewood
Community Clinic for poor, uninsured
and underinsured patients. Asperilla
has also founded the Charlotte
County HIV Clinic, Southwest Florida
Disabilities to provide services to
the disabled, the Charlotte Country
Hepatitis C Clinic, the standalone
FEMA clinic in the wake of Hurricane
Charley, and the St. Vincent de Paul
Charity Pharmacy

FGCU Renaissance Academy
The Renaissance Academy at
Florida Gulf Coast University
(FGCU) seeks new lecture topics and
instructors for its lifelong learning
program for summer/fall 2014 and
winter/spring 2015 sessions at any
of the University's nine Renaissance
Academy locations in Collier, Lee and
Charlotte counties. The Academy is
also seeking volunteers to assist with
future program planning and growth.
The Renaissance Academy is
FGCU's lifelong learning program for
adults, seniors and retirees. It is based
on the premise that learning should
never cease, that keeping the mind
intellectually, creatively and culturally
active fundamentally enriches and
invigorates lives.
Single lectures, short courses, day
trips, computer classes, film series,
life enrichment and travel abroad are
some of the programs offered at the
Renaissance Academy. There are no
exams or grades, just learning for the
joy of learning with friends, neighbors

and peers.
Lecturers may offer single lectures
and/or short courses in art, business,
computer instruction, ecology, envi-
ronment, government, history, law, life
enrichment, literature, music, philos-
ophy, psychology, religion, science,
sociology, medicine and U.S. and
world affairs. There are no advanced
degree requirements for lecturers.
Prior lecture experience is preferred.
The Academy pays an honorarium of
$75 per lecture.
Lectures are offered weekdays,
evenings and weekends. Each lecture
is usually 60-90 minutes long, with
additional time allotted for question
and answer sessions.
Those interested in lecturing for
the Academy may download a course
proposal form from our website at For more
information contact John Guerra,
director of Continuing Education and
The Renaissance Academy at 239-434-
4838 or

YMCA kids' campaign
The Charlotte County FamilyYMCA
is launching its 2014 Community
Kids Campaign to ensure that youth
in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and
North Port ha access to vital commu-
nity programs and resources that
support youth development, healthy
living and social responsibility.
This year, the Charlotte County
FamilyYMCA hopes to raise $140,000.
Funds raised will support families in
need of childcare, camps and sport
Last year, charitable gifts from
YMCA donors made it possible for the
YMCA to awarded $242,140 in schol-
arships for children to participate in
programs that provide a safe place
to learn and build confidence and
for families to reconnect and grow
To learn more about how you
can support the Y's cause, contact
Randy Dunn, CEO at 941-629-0909,
or visit www.charlottecountyymca.
com/kids-campaign.html for more

Alzheimer's resource center
The Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer's
Resource Center offers a support
group for caregivers at 2 p.m. the
second Thursday of the month
Meetings will be held at The Palms
of Punta Gorda, 2295 Shreve Street,
Punta Gorda. The next meeting takes
place May 8.
]The Alzheimer's caregivers
support group meetings include

an opportunity for caregivers to
meet others who are facing similar
challenges and to learn more about
Alzheimer's disease and effective
coping strategies. Informational
material about memory impairment,
caregiving issues, and community
resources is also available at the
meetings. Caregivers who are caring
for loved ones with other illnesses are
also welcome to attend.
Caregiver support group meetings
are held in facilities where private
accommodations can be offered.
A caring and compassionate social
worker from the Dubin Alzheimer's
Resource Center is available at each
meeting to facilitate discussion and
provide valuable information for
To learn more about participating
in this group or other services offered
for caregivers, please contact the
Dubin Alzheimer's Resource Center at

Earth Day yoga
Celebrate Earth Day 2014 with The
Yoga Sanctuary and the Charlotte
Harbor Environmental Center as they
host yoga on the beautiful CHEC
The class takes place on at 5:30 p.m.
on April 22 at the Caniff Visitor Center,
10941 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda.
Bring your kids; there will be a special
class just for them at the same time.
After class, you will be led on a sunset
walk along one the amazing trails at
CHEC so we can see first-hand the
protection and preservation of our
natural areas.
All donations collected will go
directly to support CHEC's work.
Everyone is welcome, no experience
is necessary. For more information,
visit or call

Bayfront April events
The public is invited to attend
the following April events hosted by
Bayfront Health Port Charlotte and
Punta Gorda:
April 22,11:30-1 p.m.
Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association,
2001 Shreve St., Punta Gorda
Speaker: Inspector Mark Cavic, FBI
Learn tips and tricks to help you
protect yourself from identity theft.
Call 941-637-2497 to register.
Lunch and Learn: Hip and knee
pain and treatment options
April 23, 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Peace River Rehab Center, 15121
Tamrniami Trail, North Port
Speaker: Dr. Mark Davis, orthopedic

Learn to identify the various causes
and symptoms of hip and knee pain
and understand the different treat-
ment options-both nonsurgical and
surgical. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to
Dining with the Doc: Spine disor-
ders and treatment options
April 30, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Bayfront Health Punta Gorda,
Medical Office Plaza, 713 E. Marion
Ave., Punta Gorda
Speaker: Dr. Gregory Gebauer,
orthopedic surgeon
Learn to identify the various causes
and symptoms of back pain and
understand the different treatment
options both nonsurgical and
surgical. Free. Call 941-637-2497 to

Mental health awareness
In recognition of May being Mental
Health Awareness Month, people in
the Charlotte County community
will be raising awareness of mental
health as they walk in the Healthy
Minds. Healthy Community Mental
Health Awareness Walk presented by
Criminal Justice Behavioral Health
Advisory Council (CJBHAC) on May 3.
The 1.5-mile walk in Punta Gorda
starts at Gilchrist Park. The ceremony
to kick off the walk will begin at 7:30
a.m. Parking is available in the public
parking lot located on the corner of
Harvey Street and Retta Esplanade.
"We want people to know that
while mental health and substance
use conditions are common, they are
extremely treatable and individuals
go on to recover and lead full and
productive lives," said Jessica Boles,
Director of Marketing, Charlotte
Behavioral Health Care.
Too many people who are living
with a mental health condition never
seek or receive help due to stigma,
lack of information, cost, or lack of
health care insurance coverage-as
high as 50 percent.
"We want to change equation
and help our families, friends and
co-workers who may be reluctant
to ask for help or don't know where
to find it. Our goal is to optimize
behavioral health, improve quality
of life and build an overall feeling of
wellness for all children, adolescents
and families in Charlotte County,"
Boles said.
The first 100 walkers will receive
a free Healthy Minds. Health
Community t-shirt. The walk will also
include free water, coffee, snacks,
NEWS 118

Your Spine Deserves

The Best!

Common Symptoms Relating
To The Spine Include:

* Pain In The Buttocks & Legs
* Shooting Pain In Arms
* Back And Neck Pain

* Weakness
* Numbness
* Scoliosis

941-629-6262 or 941-639-6699

Center For Spine

Gregory P. Gebauer, MD, MS
Johns Hopkins Trained
Board Certified Spine Fellow

4 We Not Only Listen, We Hear



Accepting New Patients
Treating All Conditions
Treating All Healthcare Needs
IV Hormone Conditions
# Diabetes
f*Anti-Aging & Hormone Replacement
V Homeopathic Medicine
V Affordable Weight Loss (20% off)
Dr John Janick and Janick Medical Welcome I Thyroid Disorders
Tucker Greene, M.D., Murla Ecclesiaste, ARNP NEW PATIENTS ,
and Shannon Magee, RN, CDE to the practice NEW PAIENTS 40*AL4%
Dr Janick is Board Certified Internal Medicine CALL 766-6249 'K
Voted "Top Doctor" and "Best Doctor" 4369 TAMIAMI TRAIL m
Walk-Ins Accepted & Adored PORT CHARLOTTE, FL

o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 17

NEWSe 18 NOTESunwpprnt elnftcmTeSn/udyApi2021



resources from local healthcare
organizations and speakers from the
community. Free tables are available
to local organizations.
Sponsored by Charlotte Behavioral
Health Care as well as CJBHAC,
which includes: Charlotte Behavioral
Health Care, *211, Charlotte
County Homeless Coalition,
Coastal Behavioral Health Care,
Administrative Office of the Courts
of Charlotte County, and Riverside
Behavioral Center. For more infor-
mation or to reserve a table, contact
Jessica Boles at 941-639-8300 ext. 275
or visit

Alzheimer's disease support
The Alzheimer's Association Florida
Gulf Coast Chapter-affiliated support
groups are for family members,
caregivers, and others interested in
learning more about Alzheimer's
disease. Meetings are open to
everyone and free of charge.
For program information and to
verify meeting dates, times, and
locations, please call 800-272-3900 or
941-235-7470. Local meetings are held
at the following locations:
*Royal Palm Retirement Center,
2500 Aaron St., Port Charlotte, meets
at 100 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of
the month.
*South Port Square (Harbor
Terrace), 23033 Westchester Blvd., Port
Charlotte, meets at 30 p.m. on the
third Tuesday of the month.
*Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic
Church, 1441 Spear St., Port Charlotte,
meets at 2:30 p.m. on the fourth
Thursday of the month.
*Port Charlotte United Methodist
Church, 21075 Quesada Ave., Port
Charlotte, meets at 30 p.m. on the
third Thursday of the month.
*Charlotte Harbor Healthcare, 4000
Kings Highway, Port Charlotte, meets
at 100 a.m. on the second Friday of
the month.
*Life Care Center, 450 Shreve St.,
Punta Gorda, meets at 30 p.m. on the
third Monday of the month.
*Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association,

2001 Shreve St., Punta Gorda, meets at
30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the
*Desoto County Public Library, 125
N. Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, meets
at 110 a.m. on the first Wednesday of
the month.
*Village Place Assisted Living, 18400
Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte, meets
at 100 a.m. on the third Thursday of
the month.
*First Alliance Church, 20444
Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte, meets
at 30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of
the month. The meeting at the First
Alliance Church is aYounger Onset
diagnosis support group. This group
is for individuals with a diagnosis
before the age of 65 the person with
a diagnosis and caregiver are both
The person who has been diag-
nosed needs to be younger than 65
and needs to be able to engage in a
conversation with others. Contact
Linda Howard with any questions
concerning this group, 941-235-7470.
For information concerning support
groups, or for more information
on services provided through the
Alzheimer's Association, call 800-272-
3900 or 941-235-7470.

Tobacco cessation program
Do you want to quit tobacco but
you're concerned about weight gain?
The Florida Department of Health's
Tobacco Free Florida program's new
expanded resources can help.
Participants who enroll in the
Florida Quitline phone counseling
may access the Weight Management
Program, a pilot program designed to
help tobacco users quit while limiting
possible weight gain associated with
Those enrolled will receive up to
three tobacco cessation calls in addi-
tion to up to three weight manage-
ment coaching calls.
Participants with Type 2 diabetes
will receive up to three calls with
registered dietitians trained in the
weight loss needs of people with Type
2 diabetes.
The Weight Management Program
is available to Florida Quitline partic-
ipants, age 18 and older, who speak
English, currently use tobacco, and

have a body mass index (BMI) of 23 or
Participants cannot be pregnant,
diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, or
have had weight loss surgery in the
past 12 months.
Tobacco Free Florida has also
expanded its free nicotine replace-
ment therapy (NRT) offering. Any
participant who smokes more than
nine cigarettes per day or chews more
than two tins per week is eligible for
combination NRT, including a supply
of both nicotine patches and gum,
free of charge.
This offering comes after a change
in the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services' Treating Tobacco Use
and Dependence guidelines.
For those who use tobacco at
these levels, the guidelines indicate
this combination of medications
"may result in greater suppression of
tobacco withdrawal symptoms than
does the use of a single medication."
Florida residents who want to quit
tobacco and qualify for the Weight
Management Program and/or
combination NRT can take advantage
by calling 877-U-CAN-NOW Both
programs are free and give partici-
pants access to a trained Quit Coach.
Tobacco users interested in quitting
are encouraged to use one of the
state's three ways to quit.
To learn about Tobacco Free Florida
and the state's free quit resources, visit or follow
the campaign on Facebook at www.

Senior services offered
Senior Friendship Centers' dining
programs offer local residents, age 60
and older, nutritious lunches, healthy
aging activities, educational speakers
and a chance to meet new people. The

centers are open from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Monday-Friday. A donation of $2 to $4
is appreciated to help cover the cost of
Dining sites in Charlotte County
include New Operation Cooper
Street, 650 Mary St., Punta Gorda,
941-373-5819; Rebecca Neal Owens
Center, 27420 Voyageur Drive, Harbor
Heights, 941-255-0723; 100 Rotonda
Lakes Circle, Rotonda West, 941-373-
5080); Christian City of Florida, 6433
Gasparilla Pines Blvd., Grove City,
941-373-5080; and 2295 Aaron St., Pori
Charlotte, 941-373-5027.
For menus or more information,
Home-delivered meals are also
available by calling the Elder Helpline
at 866-413-5337.

Vision & hearing assistance
The Punta Gorda Lions Foundation
offers eyeglasses and surgeries to
help prevent blindness in individuals
with vision impairment. The foun-
dation also offers hearing aids and
examinations for those who are hard
of hearing. These services are offered
to those who otherwise would not be
able to get help.
In Punta Gorda, contact Bill
Ringelstein at 941-637-9979.
In Port Charlotte, contact Teri
Parson at 941-624-5705. In North Port,
contact Penny Gregrich at 941-740-
2860. In Englewood, contact Jeri
Zomes at 941-460-9993.

Grief and loss support
Tidewell Hospice offers a grief and
loss support group at 2-3:30 p.m.,
April 21, Tidewell Office, 12034 North
Access Road, Port Charlotte. Contact
Cathy McClung cmclung@tidewell.

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Health & Hope

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~j'eefiflg FHt.OM

We listen so you can hear. t YE cA CAR
If your hearing doesn't seem as good l
as it used to be, perhaps it's time for
some real facts. Let's talk.

Charlotte County Homeless Coalition fundraiser

Seated from left are Bob Heilman, Lorraine Boudreau and Laura Lawrence; standing from
left are Lola Collado, June Heilman, Bibi Gafoor, Marc Boudreau, Dr. Augustin Collado and
Jack Lawrence. The group took part in a fundraising event for the Charlotte County Homeless
Coalition. As part of the Coalition's Derby Days, a wine and cheese tasting hosted by the
Charlotte Sun State Favorite team was held April 11 at the Purple House, 312 Sullivan St.,
Punta Gorda. For more information, visit

We offer a complete range of
audiology services for our clients
including the following:
V Diagnostic Hearing Testing
V Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment
V Hearing Aid Dispensing & Repair
V TV. Earsa
V Batteries & Supplies
The Best of Charlotte
for the Past 10 Years!

Ricardo Gauthier, Au.D
Doctor of Audiology


rm= 941.505.0400 *
100 Madrid Blvd Suite #315 Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Team Eye Consultant

Tampa Bay Rays
Charlotte Stone Crabs
0, c




:Page 18

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

Th SU nPO TG OUSudyApi20204fengtcoww sunwpprntPae1
7F Ig

Alcoholics Anonymous
Charlotte Harbor, 941-426-7723
Port Charlotte, 941-380-9177
Punta Gorda, First United
Methodist Church,
507 W Marion Ave
Port Charlotte United Methodist
Church, 21075 Quesada Ave
St Nathaniel's Episcopal Church,
4200 S Biscayne Drive, North Port
Congregational Church,
1201 Aqui Esta Drive, Punta Gorda
Community United Church of
Christ, 3450 S Biscayne Drive,
North Port
Prince of Peace Lutheran
Church, 2222 Englewood Road,

Arcadia, 863-444-0763
Englewood, 941-270-7662,
941-475-1832, 941-697-4910,
North Port, 941-429-8622,
Port Charlotte, 941-564-6039
Punta Gorda, 941-639-8107

Alzheimer's Support
Port Charlotte, 941-235-7470

Amputee Support
Port Charlotte, 941-575-7022

Anger Management
Port Charlotte, 941-206-2480

Arthritis Support
Port Charlotte, 941-627-4643

Bereavement Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-4356

Bipolar Support
Murdock, 941-613-1450

Brain Injury Support Group
Port Charlotte, 941-697-3055

Breast Cancer Support
Port Charlotte, 941-629-1181,
ext 6867 or 941-766-9570 ext 7

Cancer Support
Port Charlotte, 941-627-3000
Punta Gorda, 941-637-9575
Punta Gorda, 941-575-7266
Englewood, 941-214-8488

Celebrate Recovery
Port Charlotte, 941-629-0999
Port Charlotte, 941-625-7435

Chemical Dependency
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2474

Children of Aging Parents
Port Charlotte, 941-766-7991

Cocaine Anonymous
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2474

Co-dependents Anonymous
Venice, 941-488-8025
Englewood, 941-306-1825

COPD Education and Support
Englewood, 941-475-6571

Depression Support
Charlotte Harbor, 941-613-1450
Deep Creek, 941-629-2633

Diabetes Support
Southwest Florida,

Get Your Weekly Dose

of Health & Hope

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Get a DAILY Dose


WWFeeling Fit com

STom Kartis, M.D.
K .. Double Board Certified
Trained in New York and Boston

-) 2013 /


Dr. Kartis is currently on his 26th year as M.D.
performing surgery in his 20th year performing
exclusively heart, lung and vascular surgery and in his
14th year serving all three Charlotte County Hospitals.

'2 f and an excellent bedside manner.
L wwwMyHeart LungDoe*com

Divorce Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-3039,

Down Syndrome Support
Port Charlotte, 941-204-7509

Dual Diagnosis Support
Murdock, 941-613-1450

Emotions Anonymous
Murdock, 613-1450

Epilepsy Support
Port Charlotte, 941-629-3309

Ex-offenders Support Group
Murdock, 941-613-1450

Family to Family
North Port, 941-957-3626

Food Addicts Support
Punta Gorda, 941-380-6550

Gastric Bypass Support
Port Charlotte, 941-228-4153

Grandparents Support
North Port, 941-698-1943
Arcadia, 863-494-5965
Englewood and North Port,
941-697-7287 or 941-341-4268

Grief Support
Englewood, 941-460-1400
North Port, 941-564-1400

Hearing Impaired
Port Charlotte, 941-624-2947

Heart Disease
Port Charlotte, 941-624-4441

HIV Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-2552
or 941-716-3041

Insulin Pump Workshops
Port Charlotte, 941-484-1200

Intervention Program
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2474

Kidney Cancer Support
Englewood, 941-697-1212

Kidney Health Support
Port Charlotte, 941-625-9985

Lap Band Support
Port Charlotte, 941-624-4441

Leukemia and Lymphoma
Ft Myers, 239-992-5781

Life After (Any) Loss
Punta Gorda, 941-585-9576

Lung Cancer Support
North Port, 941-240-8989
Punta Gorda, 941-637-9575

Laryngectomy Support
Deep Creek, 941-204-1515

Memory Care Support
Rotonda, 941-698-1198

Mental Health Support
Port Charlotte, 941-263-8033
Englewood, 941-475-2000
Port Charlotte, 941-627-2100
Port Charlotte, 941-380-9177

Multiple Myeloma
Port Charlotte/Englewood,
941-457-5478 or 941-697-7861

Narcotics Anonymous
Charlotte Harbor, 941-624-1204
Port Charlotte, 866-389-1344

Port Charlotte, 941-235-0353

Ostomy Support Group
Port Charlotte, 941-627-9077

Overeaters Anonymous
Port Charlotte, 941-258-8548

Parents Group
Port Charlotte, 941-627-3982

Parkinson's Support
North Port, 941-426-4624 or
Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda,

Pulmonary Fibrosis
Port Charlotte, 941-875-5732

Pulmonary Hypertension
Port Charlotte, 941-255-5043

Prostate Cancer
Port Charlotte, 941-627-3000,
ext 3800

Quit Smoking Support
QuitTeam, 941-552-1283

Respite Care
Port Charlotte, 941-697-5109

Stress Support
Punta Gorda, 941-637-2450

Stroke Support
Englewood, 941-475-3558
Port Charlotte, 941-639-2360

Victims of Abuse Support
Punta Gorda, 941-639-5499

Widows' Support
Port Charlotte, 941-391-6136
Women's Support Group
Murdock, 941-613-1450

if you love reading h,, be sure to check out

Not only can you read this week's magazine, you can also search
through years' worth of back issues. And the best part: Its FREE!

rC Experienced with excellent results


General & Implant Dentistry 1i
Former faculty member of Marquette University School of Dentistry 4'5- -,& w m,
301 W. Olympia Ave., Punta Gorda 575-2273
50458684 www.d r mark g

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A IU-r A lr Yk Yk C

May the wonder of the
resurrection strengthen your faith
this aster.

Dr Joyce and the JVAI Staff
rGHO i0 Ce,0 rGH C GH OI 'C HaD 'COI C~HOI
2007 i 2000092012 01201

22o92 r A2012
%m &Acsitki wo5 'w_,ttli Visit
25092 Olympia Avenue, Punta Gorda 941.575.0123

0. DAr.F q

Celebrate the'home we all share'with green decor


It's not a complex
topic at all. Earth Day,
celebrated April 22, is all
about saving the precious
resources of our planet.
But how to go about
that becomes a bit more
complex. Those united
across the world in bring-
ing the message home
will point to some obvious
steps homeowners can
take. Using energy effi-
cient light bulbs, cutting
down on water usage,
recycling and composting
top the list.
Even thinking "green"
when it comes to cleaning
your home can make

an impact, says Deb
Bokamper, a St. Louis-based
interior designer, who
educates her clients about
smart decisions in design.
"Keep it simple and
green for your spring
clean," Bokamper says.
"Natural, eco-friendly
cleaners and stain remov-
ers will keep your family
and pets safe."
Michele Loeper,
marketing manager at
Ten Thousand Villages,
says when it comes to
decorating the home, it's
important to consider
organizations that look for
artisans who also consider
the earth as"one home we
all share."
Ten Thousand Villages,

Organic Yarn-Dyed Ticking Stripe Bedding ($229- $279, was
made in a fair trade mill from 100 percent organic cotton.
Below left: Peacock Blue Recycled Glass Vase ($59.95,
Below right: Sonoma Outdoors Leaves Cut-Out Solar Light ($24.99, kohls.










Recipe for team success






. PAGE 4



Get car mechanics facts

PA 3

S S I|LW that's new in music

Dolls take on more

realistic proportions

Next to regular Barbie that unrealistically
proportioned nemesis of"normal"female
bodies everywhere the more compact
stature and rounder curves of"Average Barbie,"
created by Greenfield, Pa., artist and researcher
Nickolay Lamm, looked like a healthier version
of the female form to many who saw it online.
The doll's three-dimensional, computer-
generated image existed only in the virtual
world when it was created last year by Lamm,
a 25-year-old graduate of the University of
Pittsburgh. But now, a fashion doll named

Lammily dolls are
available at www.

10 things to consider when

deciding whether to sell your home

As the economy continues to
strengthen, you may wonder
whether to stay in your current
home or sell while the timing
seems perfect.
Since there are many things
to sort out, the experts at have put together
a comprehensive overview of
things to consider:
Size: If your home is too
small, moving may be a more
affordable, less stressful option

than additions, which can be
costly and overwhelming. You
can expect to recoup anywhere
from 45 to 75 percent in
additional home appreciation,
depending on the project,
according to Remodeling.
com. However, the return
on investment is not always
immediate, which is something
to consider if you're planning
to sell immediately.
Renovations: If the
necessary renovations to stay
in your current home seem

overwhelming, it may be time
to move. For example, a new
roof can cost anywhere from
$5,000 to $30,000 or more,
according to Choice Roofing
Group. Large-scale home
issues may decrease a home's
market value, but conversely,
many home-seekers love the
opportunity to customize their
dream home.
Competition: Do your
research. Online tools such


~ F



p ppr Dermatology without the wait... So you have more time for things yo oii/'1 L_

Now in North Port
14840 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287

A weekly section of the Sun 4,' Vol. 4 No. 16 April 20,2014

41* The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

No. 413




ACROSS 57 Place in trust
1 Crazy places 58 Tony-winning
5 Supply (with) Robert Morse role
8 Yogi in the New 59 Fast
Jersey Hall of 62 European wheels?
Fame 64 Alley
13 Give up on 65 Match
18 Neutral zone, say 66gg Ample, informally
20 Geneva's __ des 67 Chart used to
Nations calculate a
21 It's organized in married couple's
a family taxes?
22 Fragile decoration 70 Reader
23 Elevated 71 Have a series
24 Hangovers at of sudden
home? inspirations?
25 Agreement for an 72 General mailing
amount to be taken address?: Abbr.
from one's salary? 73 Night hunter
28 Samoan capital 74 Let loose
31 Glow 75 What pop-ups do
32 Soil 76 Websites of
33 What C.P.A.'s wish interest?
for their clients? 79 First name among
39 Reactor Mouseketeers
43 For 81 I.R.S. update?
44 "We shun it 84 Soccer team
it comes": 88 Three-time '70s
Dickinson World Series
45 Guest book, e.g. champs
46 Purim villain 89 Alpine stream
47 First name of 90 Milk
the first female 91 Halves of zygotes
Supreme Court 92 G.P.S. component:
justice Abbr.
49 C.P.A.'s advice 93 Last-minute way to
for lowering reduce tax for a
future-year desperate filer?
liabilities? 107 i
liabilities?100 Deadline time
55 Serious appropriate to this
overcharging puzzle
Online subscriptions: 102 "Sad to say
Today's puzzle and more 103 Choice word?
than 4,000 past puzzles 104 C.P.A.'s
($39.95 a year), masterstroke?

112 "Vive !"
113 South American
114 Troublemakers
118 Triatomic oxygen
119 Strengthen
120 Certain fund-
121 Ebbed
122 Certain tracks
123 Foxy
124 Wail

1 When repeated, one
of the Gabors
2 Galley sight
3 Time and again
4 Modern two-wheeler
5 "How now! ?":
6 Alter, as a form
7 Digital olio
8 Tour group?
9 K-12
10 Parade spoiler
11 Sailor, sometimes
12 Waste place
13 Perfume
14 Where to land for
the night
15 Break apart
16 brother!"
17 Nudnik
19 "Aladdin" prince

35 19-Down, e.g.
36 Wing
37 Gift for many
a PBS donor
38 Lousy "reviews"
40 Ape
41 Division head?
42 Double-checked, e.g.
46 Conform (to)
48 Go with the flow
49 Breed of hunting
50 Like some
51 disease
52 Transition area
from deciduous to
evergreen, e.g.
53 Plaza (hotel
54 El (cheap
cigar, slangily)
56" Do me one favor

59 Important parts of
Thanksgiving and
60 "There is no greater
evil than ":
61 They might be
63 Airport on a bay,
for short
65 Food processor

20 Like some opposites 67 Classic perfume
26 Suffix with deposit 68 Algerian port
27 Choice words 69 Call up
28 Hypes (up) 74 Army base near
29 Chute opener? Petersburg, Va.
30 Hip to 76 S.A.S.E. recipien
34 Judean ruler 77 1980s Chrysler



78 Retrieve and throw 86 Tied up
back, in baseball 87 a
practice 90 Co. with
80 Syndicated radio longtinf
host John symbol
82 What to "never" do, 93 Verdi's
according to the 9 Alternat
title of a 2005 best to Must

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85 Raise one's hand,

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96 2008 Oly
gold me

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1 "X"
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97 Actor Gulager
of old TV
98 Settings for
"Skyfall" and
"Casino Royale"
99 Laxness
101 Engaged in, as
a trade
104 Sudden misfortune
105 Shah
106 Wood alternative

107 Where Davy
Crockett was born:
108 Last little bit
109 Memorable times
110 In a bad way
111 "Bravo!"
115 Cry of discovery
116 Partner of again
117 __Digital




Lammily based on that
image is about to make
her debut in the real world,
thanks to months of public-
ity and a wildly successful
"crowdfunding" project
that has raised enough
cash for Lamm to begin
manufacturing the dolls for
delivery in November.
But in spite of media
attention he has received
from venues including
CNN,, the Los
Angeles Times, "Good
Morning America,'the
Huffington Post and Mom

blogs galore for creating
a more "normal-looking"
doll, Lamm insists he's not
a crusading feminist.
"I'm just a normal dude,
sitting on the couch with
his laptop, thinking dolls
could look better if they
had more typical propor-
tions, like what you'd see
around you,"said Lamm,
who pointed out that his
dolls are meant to repre-
sent the healthy version of
typical."I wanted this to be
a healthy alternative, and
she looks like a healthy,
beautiful girl."
Lammily has brunette
hair and hazel eyes and
is wearing jean shorts, a
blue-and-white ombre

blouse, and white sneakers
in the first manufacturing
run, Lamm said. She
wears minimal makeup
and comes with a blank
passport, in which girls
can write their own names,
and espouses the motto,
"average is beautiful."
Lammily also has bend-
able elbows, wrists, knees
and feet so that she can
be posed running, walking
and engaging in an active
The dolls will begin to
be shipped this fall, first to
the morethan 13,621 in-
vestors who have donated
more than $500,000 to pay
for initial manufacturing
costs in exchange for the

right to pre-order Lammily
dolls, he said.
The young entrepre-
neur initially aimed to
raise $95,000 through a
"crowdfunding" initiative
he launched on the first
Tuesday in March at
9 a.m., with a minimum
$25 mini-investment in
exchange for the promise
of a doll. With 28 days still
to go on the initiative,
his project was already
297 percent funded and
counting, according
to his crowdfunding
website www.lammily.
Approaching mid-April, the
funding is at $501,384.
"In the first hour of the
crowdfunding, I was a
little sad because the only
people who contributed
was my mom, so I thought,
'Maybe this is going to
bomb;but it picked up in

about an hour and a half,"
Lamm said in an early
March interview.
After his "Average Barbie"
went viral online, parents
and children began asking
where they could buy a
doll like the one whose
image he had created,
using proportions outlined
by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention as
what would be considered
an average, healthy size
and shape for a 19-year-old
He began working
with Roger Rambeau, a
former vice president of
manufacturing for Mattel
- the maker of Barbie
- and tracked down a
manufacturing company
who would produce a
quality product. With his
initial goal satisfied in the
first day of fundraising,
Lamm said he is hopeful

that the doll will satisfy a
need in the toy world for
dolls that look like real
women, with others to be
created someday that have
different body types and
And what about"average
is beautiful" Lammily ver-
sions of Barbie's giant pink
plastic dream house, along
with the pink campers
and cars and horse trailers
and pets that dominate so
many little girls'bedrooms?
Are those in the works?
Only time will tell, Lamm
"I'm not trying to
compete with other
fashion doll makers in any
way, I'm just trying to make
an alternative," said Lamm,
who said his fast-growing
business has a life of its
own."lt's a living, breathing
organism and I don't know
what it will do"

l"I would say come and
Usee it for yourselves, be-
cause you will have never
seen anything like this
before. It's really so beau-
0 tifully done, so energetic, and the
choreography is spectacular."
Edward Chapman, CEO of Marchesa
Fashion House

Aprni ,,-, Lu 4 I"1 was moved to tears
Van Wezel Hall, Sarasota a few times. It was very

Online: uplifting... I've never
seen anything like that before."
Phone: 941.953.3368 1888.974.3698 carolMiller, former ballet teacher

A 1999 color illustration of Barbie in an evening gown, surrounded by images of Barbie as a
nurse, an astronaut, an anchorwoman, etc.

-Page 2

A .,.,:1 qq q9 <^1 Jl

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014

The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014 FLAIR Page 3

Car mechanic fictions vs. facts

I t's easy to feel intimidated by a me-
chanic who says your vehicle needs a
new, urn, rotorbeltifyer or a change of
translubricator fluid. To help separate myth
from reality, Consumer Reports prepared
this guide to common comments from car
"You need new wipers." This observa-
tion is often correct. You may not realize
wipers are shot until you're driving in
heavy rain or snow. Replace wipers every
six months or if they streak or miss some
"You need a new air filter." A dirty air
filter can rob power from an engine. It's
usually checked at every oil change, but
that doesn't mean you'll need a new one.
Have it cleaned or replaced every 12,000 to
15,000 miles. Not sure if it's dirty? Remove
it and hold it up to a strong light. If you
can't see the light, replace the filter.
"Your brakes are worn." A high-
pitched squeal may be the first warning.
Other signs: The brakes grab or vibrate and
the brake pedal feels soft when pressed.
A grinding sound means a replacement is
long overdue, and worn brake pads may
be damaging the brake rotors. Pads should
be checked at least twice a year.
S*"You need an oil change." Most
vehicles are designed to go 7,500 miles
or more between changes under normal
driving conditions. And synthetic oil can
last twice as long. Check your owner's
manual, because changes can become
pricey. Say your household has two
vehicles driven 15,000 miles per year. If you
change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles
at $40 each, you'll pay $400 per year. Drive
7,500 miles between oil changes and save
$240 per year.
"Flush the engine coolant." Older cars
may need a coolant flush every two years
or 30,000 miles; many newer ones have
extended-life coolant, which can last up to
100,000 miles. A sweet odor inside the car
can signal a problem.
"Those tires won't make it." Take a
quarter and stick it upside down (with
George Washington's face toward you) into
the tread. Replace tires when the tread
reaches 1/8 inch roughly the length of
the quarter's rim to Washington's hairline.
"Your struts are shot." Look at the


strut. If there's evidence of fluid running
down its side, park the car on level ground,
press down on the corner of the car with
the worn strut, and let go. If the car bounc-
es more than once, there's a problem.
Bottom line: Check the owner's
manual for recommended maintenance
intervals. If a mechanic suggests changing
filters and fluids more frequently than
the manufacturer recommends, ask for
an explanation and consider getting a
second opinion. Need an estimate? Go
to and click on
Cars and then Car Repairs to find repair
Drug accidents send more kids under
age 6 to the emergency room than car
crashes, Consumer Reports notes. About
10,000 cases per year involve liquid medi-
cations, such as cough and cold medicines,
as well as infant and child versions of the
pain reliever and fever reducer acetamino-
phen (Tylenol and generic versions).
In addition to the child-resistant caps
required by law, manufacturers are vol-
untarily designing some bottles to make
it harder for kids to get to the contents.
Those new bottles use a small device
called a flow restrictor to reduce how
much medication can be extracted from
the bottle.
Consumer Reports tested flow restrictors
on more than 30 bottles of liquid infant
acetaminophen. Its tests revealed that
although all the designs make it harder
for kids to get to the medicine, some work
better than others. Consumer Reports also
found that the maker of market-leading
Tylenol products, McNeil Consumer
Healthcare, is not currently using the flow
restrictor approach CR found most effec-
tive in its testing. But a number of other
brands are, including PediaCare products
and a store brand, DG Health, found at
Dollar General Stores.

Coupon book; Starbucks rebate;

cash-back coupon; holiday ham for less
Sign up for the Home Made Simply coupon book from P&G Everyday.
You'll get $13 in coupon good on Procter & Gamble products like Dawn,
Febreeze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean and Cascade products as well as tips on organizing
and cleaning, recipes and more. You have register. You also can sign up for
quarterly samples as well. Get the deal:
Sun Sentinel
Feed a holiday crowd of any size and save at HoneyBaked Ham with several
Here's the lineup: Save $5 on a bone-in half ham, get $4 off a boneless ham,
$3 off a mini ham and $3 off a turkey breast. Or, make your life really easy and
get $10 off online catering orders.
There is a reason off-duty police officers are often stationed at stores to keep
the peace during the holidays: It is the world's best ham and it attracts a crowd.
In the spirit of Easter, make an online reservation at your local store.
Ham coupons expire on May 18. Get the deal:
Sun Sentinel
GET 20-PERCENT CASH-BACK COUPON ON RUSSET POTATOES has released its new weekly coupon on produce this week on
Russet potatoes.
The new offer will save you 20 percent on potatoes purchased through Monday,
April 21, at participating stores.
The discount is valid on up to $10 worth of loose potatoes that you weigh at
check out.
Buy $5 worth of potatoes, for instance, and you'll receive a $1 credit. Match that
with a good sale and you'll have a seriously good deal.
If you're not familiar with SavingStar, I highly recommend signing up at, which allows you to save money at up to six different stores in the
Triangle. It takes only a few minutes to register your store loyalty card numbers.
Once you've done that it only takes a few seconds each week to select the offers
you wish to use.
At the store register, SavingStar coupons are NOT automatically deducted from
your grocery order. Instead, the savings accrue in your SavingStar account. Once
you've saved $5, you select how you want to be paid.
The SavingStar coupons may only be used once.
The News & Observer
If you normally satisfy your Starbucks addiction at home, here's your chance to
treat yourself to your favorite java on the go.
Through April 27, Starbucks is offering a $5 gift card to spend in coffee shops
when you purchase two qualifying Starbucks products at the grocery store.
The qualifying products are: Starbucks coffee, 10 ounces or larger; Starbucks
K-Cup packs, 10- or 16-count; or Starbucks Via Ready Brew, 5-count or larger.
Both products must be purchased in a single transaction.
In return, you'll receive a $5 Starbucks Card e-Gift.
Get more information:
The News & Observer

Leadership Charlotte Class of 2014 Invites You To Their

Fiesta On The Green

& Gran Fiesta

St. Andrews Golf Club,

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Come to One Event or Both

Fiesta on the Green

Golf Tournament
7:30AM Check-in
8:30AM Shotgun Start
$75 Includes golf, continental breakfast, lunch, team
prizes, hole-in-one, putting contests, & more.

Gran Fiesta

Evening Celebration
6PM Fiesta Attire Encouraged 165
Featuring: Fiesta Food, Margarita Bar, DJ spinning Latin
Dance Music, Mariachi Band, Silent Auction and Raffle
to win Bucket of Cheer and Pinata Full of Prizes

Proceeds Benefiting:
Special Olympics Florida Charlotte County
The Punta Gorda Police Department's Jammers Basketball League
Girls on the Run of Southwest Florida


I McCrory
SLaw Firm

SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION For sponsorship information, Please contact
Tina Figliuolo at (941) 627-4313 X 118 or Suzanne Roberts at 941 276-9570.

Sponsorship Package:

Contact Name:

Amount Enclosed:

Sponsorship must be received by April 25th. Please pay at or make check payable
to Charlotte Chamber Community Foundation & Mail to: Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Charlotte
Class of 2014, 2702 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL33952
* (941) 627-2222



4 ulfcoast Engraving
& Awards


0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

o The Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014 Page 3


~Page4 FLAIR The Sun /Sunday, April 20, 2014

- Look what/Ifound!


Go confidently

_______ in the direction
(941)505-1624 1^ of your dreams.
16480 Burnt Store Rd. -Henry David Thoreau
Punta Gorda, FL 33955Henry David Thoreau 3 6713

Vintage toys: The fun is in finding their value

I n a previous article about trains I men-
tioned that my father-in-law grew up
in Germany next door to the Marklin
toy family. Marklin metal paddle boats
sell now for upwards of $12,000.
One day I found my father-in-law sell-
ing Marklin and other German-made toys
to a collector for prices like $30 each. This
was stuff that had been stored away in
his attic since the 1930s. I stopped most
of the sales and ushered the buyer out. I
was not interested in old toys, but those
toys are now worth thousands.
Toys from pre-WWII Germany and
Japan are extremely collectible and can
have enormous prices. This means really
well done reproductions are everywhere
so buyer beware.
At a trade show in NewYork I found
newly made replicas of old Japanese toys
that were being sold for wholesale prices
of $7.20 a dozen and were innocently
made for the child toy market. The only
marking was a paper label that said "China"


A Buddy L bus in
mint condition
recently sold for

How easy it would be for someone to age
them a little by leaving them outside in the
rain and adding a few scratches and then
selling them for over $50 each.
American-made toys from the '30s
through the '50s are where you stand the
best chance of building a collection at a
reasonably low cost by buying at yard sales
and flea markets. However, at a flea market
if the dealer has tables full of toys you can
expect he knows what they are worth and
will start asking prices at retail. If you find
something you like don't be squeamish
about offering half of the asking price.

Tin toys from Marx and Ohio Art are
sought after as are rubber toys, mostly
motorcycles with rider on top, made by
Auburn Rubber. I found a small rubber
motorcycle in the attic of a house I
bought in New Jersey and was surprised
when I got $40 for it on eBay.
All of us are familiar with Tonka and
Buddy L metal toys. These toys were
usually abused by children who had a
ball playing with them. So finding one
in near mint condition will be unusual. A
7UP semi in poor condition recently sold
for $1,800, and if it had been well kept,

you might see double or triple the price.
A Buddy L bus as seen in this article's
photo sold for $2,800. If someone in your
family has any of these stored away, you
should let them know they may have
struck gold.
When you go back to the early 1900s
you will find the kind of stuff they show
on Antiques Roadshow. These vary from
windup trains to windup piano players.
The idea of windup toys was hot back
then, and if you find one that still works,
you can triple your value. If it is still in the
original box, you may double that again.
I would suggest a quick test and then to
never wind one again until you sell it.

Herb Fayer has been collecting for over 30 years and
knows his stuff. Ifyou have questions or comments,
email him at, and please tell
him what city you're in.

Tempted to read your child's

Facebook page? You're not alone

Technology can tell
parents how fast their teen
is driving or where he is at
any given time with ease.
It can also tell parents
what their teen is thinking,
but by very different
More than three quarters
of parents are snooping
on their children through
social media, and only
12 percent feel guilty
about it, according to an
online behavior survey

conducted by coupon site
Eighty-five percent
of parents reported
they wanted to learn
more about their child's
life, while 83 percent
were concerned about
inappropriate content
being posted by their child
online, according to the
"Snooping may get
a bad reputation, but
essentially many teenagers
don't want to talk to their
parents about their online
activity, so a lot of the time
parents don't have much

Celebrate Eartb Day...

join us Every Day
Tuesday, April 22nd 3-6pm .
Featuing oiw sustainable, local, '... a
& ea-rth ftieiibify proucts witb... 'T
Seed planting for the kids
Free samples Raffles
SFree Earth Day seedsI
And more

$5 OFF

Ea rthogriginsiMarketno reusableba
www.earthoriginsmarket o market
We offer natural, organic, vegan, Non-GMO & local products
Port Charlotte, FL 2000 Tamiami Trail # 220
(941) 255-2179

of a choice,";' said Matthew
Wood, managing editor of
Wood suggests creating
an open dialogue with
teens rather than assuming
the role of Nancy Drew.
Lisa Belkin, a mother and
senior columnist at The
Huffington Post, defended
her own snooping under
the logic that she was
paying for the device and
had a right to read what
was on it.
However, she regretted
the secrecy.
"Part of the lesson we
want to teach is that
anything you send can
be read by anyone, and
the best way to make
that point is to make it
clear that you are the
first of those anyones"
Belkin wrote (http://
Despite the over-
whelming majority of
parents who feel the
need to scroll through
their teenager's phone or
Facebook to stalk them,


New releases bring

back 1980s'feeling

his week's new re-
leases make me feel
like I'm reliving the
'80s. The hair bands are
making a comeback. Here
are the new major releas-
es for April 22: We have a
new release by Sebastian
Bach called Give Em Hell.
Sebastian Philip Bierk
was born on April 3,1968,
in Freeport, Bahamas, and
then raised in Ontario,
Canada, and is best known
as being the lead singer of
the '80s heavy metal band
Skid Row.
Bach began his career
in music at the age of 14
when he tried out as the
singer of a local rock band
and was hired. Problems
arose as they tried to book
local gigs in clubs, but hey,
a quick reminder, 14-year-
old kids are not allowed in
bars! They did record one
CD, but eventually they fell
by the wayside.
The band Skid Row was
in the market for a new
singer and after seeing
Sebastian Bach perform
at a friend's wedding the
band offered him the job

I^ I ^! Per Month j
SLast (Chance to Save-Exp 4/30/14
20+ Years
I 0 6QExperience

Reduces Chlorine, Rust, Yellow
Water, Odors, Bad Taste,
Plus Softens!

WICT inmoginanionaot work

FREE Water Test
No Filters To Change Ever



Toll Free: 855-462-8687


as lead singer. Bach was
18 at the time and had to
relocate to New Jersey. The
time was right and Skid
Row made its name during
the'80s glam rock, big hair,
stadium-filling days.
From 1987 until the
band fired him in 1996,
Skid Row was a huge
success. After his Skid Row
days he began acting and
reinventing himself as a
solo artist. He had the lead
part in Jekyll & Hyde on
Broadway in 2000 and had
some bit parts on some
TV shows. He eventually
started releasing some
solo stuff that his loyal fan
base enjoyed but he has
not regained the stardom
he once had when he was
with Skid Row.
This release is his fifth
studio release and has him
working with ex-Guns N'
Roses bass player, Duff
McKagan and former Billy
Idol guitarist, Steve Stevens.
Next we have a new
release by Winger called
Better Days Comin'
Charles Frederick Kip
Winger was born June 21,
1961, in Denver. He is best
known as the lead singer
of the glam metal band
Winger. At the age of 16, he
decided to quit high school
to move to New York to
break into the music scene.
After a few years of waiting
tables and not seeing
his dream come true, he
moved back to Denver,
were he completed his
GED and then enrolled in
college to study music.
While at college, he took
up ballet and dance. In
1984, he gave it another
try so back to NewYork. He
was hired to play bass in
Alice Cooper's band, this is
where he met Reb Beach.
The two began writing
songs and working on
forming their own band,
after two albums with Alice
Cooper they decided to
go out on their own, with
Cooper's blessing. Cooper
is the one who suggested
they name their band
They enjoyed a few very
successful years until the
start of the grunge rock
era. By 1993, Winger was
done as a group and all
of the band left for solo

Brush with fame TJ Koontz,
left, with Kip Winger in a
photo dated Dec. 10, 2004.
careers. Kip has released a
few solo projects including
a symphonic piece called
During the time that Kip
Winger was a solo act he
traveled to Port Charlotte,
to play a show here at the
Looney Bin. I sold tickets
to the show and got to see
him play live. At the time
I was not much into the
glam style of music but I
was amazed by his talent.
After the show I got to meet
him as he stayed afterward
to sign autographs and
take pictures with his fans.
Checkout the photo dated
Dec. 10, 2004.
After 28 years of being
in the music business it is
one of the only photos with
me and someone famous.
Maybe I need to get out
more. In 2009, Winger got
the band back together
for a reunion show and
created a new album. Now,
five years later, the boys are
back at it again. Let's hope
this release isn't "Headed
for a Heartbreak."OK, corny
play on words using one of
Winger's biggest song titles.
I should be ashamed.
Other major releases this
week are from Sharon Corr,
G. Love & Special Sauce,
Neon Trees, Joe Satriani
(box set) and Future.
Independent releases are
from Augustana, Drake Bell,
Death, Down N Outz, Ted
Neeley (Yes, the guy who
played Jesus Christ in 1973
Jesus Christ Superstar),
N.O.R.E. (rap) and Keb Mo
Keep rockin, folks!

Tom Koontz is the owner of TJ's CDS
& More at 3275-ATamiami Trail
in Port Charlotte. He loves reader
comments, and can be contacted at

-Page 4

The Sun /Sunday, April 20,2014


SThe Sun/Sunday, April 20,2014

FLAIR Page 5

Saving money by switching stores... maybe

C circumstances sometimes force us
to change our shopping and eat-
ing patterns usually budgetary
circumstances. So several months ago, I
decided to skip my usual shopping place
and try Save-A-Lot. Big change!
After shopping and waiting for
someone to bag my groceries at check-
out, I finally realized that you had to
bring your own bags and actually bag
the stuff yourself! Right then, I missed my
old store. But after comparing costs and
getting acclimated to the store, I found I
was saving money. I do miss the variety
of products sold at the old place though.
One weekend I decided to shop
at DollarTree, not only to save a few
bucks, but also to see if I could actually
prepare a week's worth of recipes from
my purchases. Recipes for a week would
have included canned spaghetti, soups,
pizza rolls, macaroni and the like, but
no meat. Now I'm not averse to eating
canned spaghetti or pizza rolls, but not
as a regular part of my diet.
Comparing prices that week, I realized
that Dollar Tree would not have saved me
as much money as I had hoped, as many
products were 10 to 15 cents cheaper
at Walmart and Save-A-Lot. Dollar Tree
does take coupons but obviously the
coupon's brand, and Dollar Tree usually
sells unknown generic names. However,
it certainly warrants our time to compari-
son shop, not forgetting the gas required
traveling from one store to the other.
Easter and Passover blessings to all!

2 large ripe avocados, peeled
3 tablespoons Key lime juice
1 teaspoon ground chili pepper

2 dashes Tabasco, or other hot sauce
12 teaspoon salt, or to taste
1 tablespoon minced sweet red onion
1 tomato, diced
Mash avocados well by hand or food
processor, but do not puree as you want
it somewhat chunky. Add remaining
ingredients and blend well. Refrigerate
about an hour prior to eating. Serve with
tortilla or other chips. Serves 4-6.

8 small to medium potatoes, scrubbed
6-8 green onions thinly sliced
% teaspoon chopped fresh dill, or
1A teaspoon dried dillweed
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons butter, cut into 8 pieces
Preheat oven to 350. Slice each potato
thinly being careful not to cut completely
through. Sprinkle green onions between
slices. Season potatoes with dill, salt and
pepper. Top each with piece of butter
and wrap in foil. Bake till tender, about
40-60 minutes. Serves 8.

pound hamburger
1 cup chopped onion
2 minced garlic cloves
3 12 cups sieved canned tomatoes
2 6-ounce cans tomato paste
2 6-ounce cans water
1 teaspoon fennel seed
12 teaspoon oregano
Salt and pepper to taste
In 2 tablespoons butter or margarine
brown hamburger. Add all remaining
ingredients. Simmer, covered, for 3 hours.
Serve over spaghetti and noodles. Or if
making rigatoni, use 2 cups of the meat
sauce. Serves 6. (Makes 6 to 7 cups.)

1 pound hamburger
12 cup chopped onion
% cup canned tomato juice
12 cup uncooked oats
1 teaspoon salt
Pepper to taste
1 8-ounce can tomato sauce
Except for tomato sauce, mix all
together and form into 12 balls. Brown
well on both sides in skillet with 3 table-
spoons butter or margarine. Add 8-ounce
can tomato sauce and simmer for about
30 minutes. Serve topped with chopped
chives, optional. Serves 6.

2 cups chopped hot dogs
2 chopped hard-boiled eggs
12 cup grated Cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons pickle relish
1A cup chili sauce
12 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon mustard
Mix all ingredients and use to fill 8 split
hot dog buns. Wrap each in an 8-inch
square of foil, securing ends with a tight
twist. Place on baking sheet and bake at
400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

1 15-ounce yellow cake mix
1 21-ounce can peach pie filling
3 eggs
Mix ingredients all together, beating
for about 3 minutes. Pour into a greased
9x13 baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees
for 30-35 minutes. (Recipe submitted by
Nancee Donovan. Nancee and husband

". .1 ,

are winter residents and will be joining
the exodus up north after Easter, as so
many of my faithful readers are doing.
Will miss you all!)

Sweet reader, Sue, called and men-
tioned that she had misplaced the grape
nuts pudding recipe that she had clipped
out from one of my columns several
years ago. Finally found it!
A cup softened butter or margarine
1/ cup sugar
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
2 eggs separated
2 tablespoons flour
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
A cup Grape Nuts cereal
1 cup milk
Preheat oven to 325. Grease a 1-quart
baking dish and set aside. In large bowl
cream butter, sugar and lemon peel. Add
egg yolks and beat till light and fluffy.
Beat in flour, lemon juice, cereal and
milk. In small bowl, beat egg whites till
stiff. Fold into cereal mixture and pour
into prepared baking dish. Place dish
on roasting pan in oven. Fill pan with
hot water halfway up side of dish. Bake
1 hour and 15 minutes. Serve warm or
cold. Makes 6 servings.

Mary Kleiss welcomes calls, suggestions and recipes
for her column. Email her at, or
call 941-889-7297.

Teamwork is winning recipe

Teamwork is winning recipe

I am one of those people
who has trouble sitting still.
It always seems as if I have
something going on or an inter-
est to pursue.
Besides being a firefighter
and a fire protection systems
inspector, I write this column,
blog, race sailboats, and am
involved with the USCG AUX. I
am a father, a significant other
and a friend. I will be there for
those who need me. I tell you
this not to brag, but if you look
deep into what I just told you,
you will see I really enjoy team
work. I realized this while gliding
through a well-tuned J Boat,
while sailing in a spring series
regatta last weekend.
That boat doesn't go any-
where without a coordinated
effort by everyone on the crew,

One creative and motivated leader
*Willing motivated team members
An open trusting environment

Mix together the ingredients:
Clear vision and defined goals
A well-developed game plan
Clearly defined roles and responsi-
A lot of open communication and a

just as the fire doesn't get put
out without similar coordination.
In the U.S. Coast Guard, the
patrols do not happen without
the teamwork of the pilot, flight
crew and ground crew. The
Firehouse Foodie is made up

rprril. le oi
SConstructive team behaviors
Establish ground rules upfront and
define how decisions will be made.
Watch closelyfor individual personality
types and group dynamics. Carefully
balance participation fall members and
don't be afraid to consider good ideas.
Be prepared to adjust"cooking time"and
"temperature"at anytime as needed in
response to never-ending change! Serve
with a heaping helping of fun and enjoy
your success as a team! The biggest thing
to remember is"there is no I in team!"

not only of me but a few others
behind the scenes who proof
read and help me manage my
time, appearances and efforts.
When even one person isn't
present, the whole team feels
it, and when someone quits or

leaves, it can disrupt the flow of
things until someone else steps
in, and takes up those efforts.
Recently having gone through
a change in my personal life,
I have learned many valuable
lessons that have made me a
better teammate.
Sometimes taking that initial
step and moving on, helps form
new bonds of trust so strong
that you would lay down your
life for that person or persons.
Teamwork is important whether
you're crewing a 40-foot sail-
boat with seven other people,
fighting a fire with three other
people or walking through life
with one person.


In some of the leadership
training I have been fortunate
to attend throughout my career,
I have learned of a "Recipe for
Team Success"- give it your all
is the name of the game. Trust
me; it makes you a better team
player and that's bringing the
firehouse home!

Firehouse Foodie, Frank E. Vaerewyck,
is a graduate of Charlotte High School
who began his firefighting career in
Punta Gorda. He is currently with the
Manassas Volunteer Fire Company 501
in Virginia. You can contact him at frank.


Easter style

for kids
From frilly frocks to a new
spin on the coat and tie,
these looks work for any
special spring occasion.
Remember when Mom
and Dad would stuff us
into those nightmarish frilly
dresses with bonnets so big
they tripped us up during
the egg hunt?
Thankfully, styles have
changed, and so has what's
considered our Sunday
More casual? Perhaps.
More stylish and comfort-
able? For sure.
With Easter right around
the bunny trail, here are
some parent- and kid-ap-
proved Easter outfits that
won't break the bank.
Whether your kids love to
get dolled up or not, there
are lots of sweet styles to
help them dress to impress.

Right: For him, add a pair
of suspenders or a blazer
to dress up the look. Him:
Polo and plaid shorts,
$8.99, Costco; boat shoes,
$19.99, bunny ears, $1,

Nautically inspired. Her:
Chambray eyelet dress,
$39, Robeez sandals, $34,
Teeny Bee Boutique; striped
leggings, $5, eyelet bonnet,
$8, Target.

Above right: Bright neon colors are overshadowing soft pastels
this season. Pair colored chinos or shorts with a patterned
gingham or a floral top. Her: Pink skinny jeans, $9.95, floral
track jacket, $17.95, navy patent shoes, $9.95, H&M.


other parents look at their
children case-by-case.
On the public forum
Circle of Moms, one mother
said she sees her sons'
different behaviors regard-
ing social media and acts
accordingly, while another
mom lives by the"your
business is my business"
rule with her daughter.
Rather than prying,
Wood suggests: "The key
thing is for parents to work

hard to keep communi-
cation open with their
children, meaning that
snooping isn't their only
way of accessing this kind
of information and peace
of mind."
Parent participants in
the survey were asked
"How regularly does your
teenager use social media?"
The majority of the parents
taking part (82 percent)
said that, as far as they
were aware, their child or
children used social media
"every day, more than
once."They identified the
devices that their teenagers

used in order to access
their social media accounts,
with the most popular
devices being cell phones
(85 percent), laptops
(81 percent) and tablet
computers (66 percent).
Later in the survey,
parents were asked how
they felt about their child's
social media usage, with
two-thirds of them (65
percent) selecting answers
that indicate they think
it is "used too much"and
two-fifths (41 percent)
described the rising trend
of social media as "very


Friendly, knowledgeable personnel on hand to answer
all your questions and help with your selections.
Expert installation available-Ask for details.


223 urhyC'6 Nrt Prt F* 91-29122 x 6606

SVisit Our
New Showroom!|V


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8th Annual

Charlotte County Spring

Home & Garden


Saturday & Sunday

April 26 & 27


Charlotte Harbor

Event & Conference Center
(Downtown Punta Gorda on the river, between the two bridges)




Repair &



11AM, 1PM & 3Piv
Host of HTGV's




Protect Your
Now is the time
to repair & upgrade
Meet experts
from every
building trade
See the latest
products for
your home
and yard.


Sponsored by:

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SUiNtAk wirNKq 1
Chafmc DcSB ESglvom Nh PMa Von EW S
America's BEST Community Daily NEW^V\S| ^HB


as's Home
Values Channel can help
determine your home's
worth. Then, work with a
real estate professional to
determine a competitive
price point, and let the
bidding begin.
Lifestyle change: Just
as growing families need
more room, a shrinking
family might mean it's
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Downsizing can free
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Demand: As demand
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which represents artisans
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strives to improve the
livelihood of thousand s
of artists.
"Our artisans create the
unique products we sell
by using earth-friendly
materials that were either
sourced naturally from
the land such as banana
fibers and bamboo, or
they use materials that
have been repurposed,
such as old newspapers,
recycled glass or bicycle
chains," Loeper says.
"Environmental sustain-
ability is an important
tenet of the fair trade
movement, and one
in which we take very
We also took a look at
a company familiar to
yoga fans: Gaiam. Always
an eco-friendly company,
it's now branched out
from fitness products into
home goods.
A few of our favorite
choices for those who
love home and the planet:
Moroccan Blue
Reversible Outdoor

prices. Consider selling
to take advantage of
increased demand and
tightening supply.
Equity: Year-over-year
home equity growth
reached eight percent
at the end of 2013, as
reported by the Homes.
corn Local Market Index.
If you love your current
place, continue enjoying
your home and reap the
benefits of increased
equity when the time
comes to sell.
Local economy: If you
live in a growing town, it
may be wise to stay put.
Watch the local economy
grow for a year or two and
then decide if it's a good
decision to relocate.
Updates: Home
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Rugs, ($68 -$138, gaiam.
com). These Moroccan-
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* Recycled Glass
Stemmed Votive Holders
loved the shapes of these
candle holders, which are
made out of all recycled
* Enchainment
Candleholder, ($8,
If you're a cyclist, you'll
love it. And even if you're
not, you have to admire
these candleholders,
made in India from used
bicycle chains.
* Recycled Glass Head
($19.95, This
quirky guy is a favorite of
customers at Pier 1.
* Highlands Carafe,
($29, tenthousandvillages.
com). This bubbly carafe,
made in Bolivia, was
mouth-blown and made
of recycled glass.
* Shared Lives Bread
($24, tenthousandvillages.
corn). Artists from Baguio

As demand
picks up,
Share ready
to keep up,
and that
means brand
new homes
at varying,

Location: Consider
your neighbors, school
zone, proximity to work
and daily life activities.
Are you happy where you
* Availability: Keep
an eye on the market by
signing up for free email
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receive notifications when
new homes meeting your
specific criteria become
available. Take your time
and wait for the perfect
For home update ideas
or to search homes for
sale or rent, visit www.
Deciding whether to
stay or sell is an important
decision that shouldn't be
made lightly. Weigh all of
the options to determine
what's best before taking

City, the Philippines, have
found a good use for
yesterday's news. These
masterpieces are made
out of old newspapers. We
also love the Daily News
Hotmat ($16).
* Organic Yarn-Dyed
Ticking Stripe Bedding
($229 to $279, gaiam.
corn). Sleep tight knowing
this elegant bedding was
made in a fair trade mill
from 100 percent organic
cotton. The bedding,
made in India, is made
with low eco-impact dyes
as well.
* Peacock Blue
Recycled Glass Vase
($59.95, This
brilliant gem was created
from recycled glass.
* Pandanus Totes,
($30.99 $56.99, gaiam.
com). These handy totes
were created from panda-
nus leaves by a fair-trade
group in Indonesia.
* Sonoma Outdoors
Leaves Cut-Out Solar
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Choose from bright green,
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Find more fashion and
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IMgl -
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Comics Page 2 D/E/N/C/V The Sun I Sunday, April 20, 2014

by parker and hart



PIC 71 r'I A ..4'hP'A V"4N&
pgA4 Vj > qN6N /


[If WAIf ro
-roPofW AT


GROUND \ ( 5' ( FOR

i i.-

...... -- ,, 1 .
2, /,A- ^

) r: '. tlr f,- 'i "i,
,Oo p / A, ,AA /" A ,A '





^^ -^^~CAPPOT'^^
-,--'' ^--1-. ----^ /
i?-,1<) a

( -* ..\ Y W.r,,,l l,,,. ,


Comics Page 2 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014 I The Sun DIEINICIV Comics Page 3

rr s r, BADll T
Re1' ~ DM^ -^
Si9 3 Plf \^

S" ..OH,




ite --.8,-.K;

<-* rf!-.* ^'
*.- ** *^ <

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by Art & Chip Sansom

-I b 'k

Comics Page 4 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014 I The Sun DIEINICIV Comics Page 5

Wele 6 66smwT 1 A N -y Iw w^ N!
^ \, -psmopm6 IJ\ fcVEM!i
X VG6 ^C&m I


i ($ .... ..M.TP E R ...
ONION.. .....
cit 0 Io,


!!^^^^ (- .' (( ^^

,.P^ H R ,':"[d "r- ,^|,
JOHN 0.,. r ._
4 2.0


~ '
-FROZ:-N' 1~ BEI6 A. iS.A..6 A56 15 ThE l RO/ A 0 THE EVIL AT rilMf. IT ,FI-
t. 7, A -E. ,' IM F ,F CEA AKE .F

Fg7P F&A A-D&ANrD -ASS- 15 -HE LK& A N "-l- -H -v- 1A-RN -- --TH
1-_,-- K-bl R P L6; :_&P c A1'30--- I ....T ,,S "-AC I OV_ ,..

Sunday, April 20, 2014 / The Sun D/E/N/C/V Comics Page 5


UMKIT! Wg- H-I-5'9 WOo qViY'.1BUT WE Go To OUR FATE ToGEh'rmew

.- =.-- q
... ......-.-..- -.- -.

Gth PHANTOM ... A~S~WU~T. ,
SWIM FOR JUST H5-RS5LF -,'.,.-.,



-5..TEB506,I. ,"E OUt A(pAILM. H TV HO(H
__. __ / _:,/


J : ,--,

4-20,.1 ,0

Hank KetchamB6 OW L
Dennis the Menace ,Hj ..EIP A L1 &G-- BA*- I-ARING THF

/- ._C_.I...A _____A

-- .O N LY O N F- .LA T T L I
\, Y .:L..,TMU TIL




Comics Page 6 D/E/N/C/V

The Sun / Sunday, April 20, 2014


The one-hour stand-up
special "Tracy Morgan:
Bona Fide" at 10:00 p.m.
on Comedy Central.

At 8 p.m. on NBC's
"The Voice," the top 12
artists perform live for
America's vote.

Hannah Vassallo stars
in "Matthew Bourne's
Sleeping Beauty," airing
at 9 p.m. on PBS.

Kevin Harvick defends
his title in the "Toyota
Owners 400," airing at
6:30 p.m. on FOX.

C o n v e rs io n C h a rt Com.cst C.. FoiOS enEngINPtN s PtCharSPG
Port Punt,
Venice Englewood Sarasota Charlotie Arcadia Gorda Sarasota DISH DIRECT DISH DIRECT
WZVN 26 ABC Bonita Springs- 7 11 7 26 26
WFTS 28 ABC -Tampa 11 28 28
WWSB 0 ABC Sarasota 7 7 7 10 7 7 7 40
WTSP 1 CBS- St. Petersburg 10 10 10 10 10 10
WINK M) CBS-FortMyers 213 213 5 5 5 11 11
WFLA CC NBC-Tampa 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
WBBH 20 NBC Fort Myers 2 2 2 20 20
WTVT 13 FOX-Tampa 13 13 13 13 13 13 13
WFTX [3 FOX Cape Coral 4 4 4 36 36
WEDU a: PBS-Tampa 3 3 3 3 3 3 -
WUSF 16 PBS-Tampa 204 204 204 16 16 16
WGCU 30 PBS-Fort Myers 3 3 3 -30 30
WXCW 46 CW 6 21 6 46 46
WTOG 4 CW 9 9 9 4 44 44
WTTA 38 MYNET 11 11 11 14 38 38
WMOR U2 IND 12 12 12 38 12 32 32
WXPX 6 ION St. Petersburg 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 66 66
WCLF 2 IND -St. Petersburg 22 22 22 2 22 -
WRXY 9 IND Ft. Myers-Naples 22 44 10 49
WFTT 5 Telefutura -Tampa 23 23 23 95 5 50 50
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DISN Disney Channel 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 172 290 172 290
ENC Encore 150 150 150 150 150 350 340 535 340 535
HBO Home Box Office 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 300 501 300 501
HBO2 Home Box Office 2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 301 502 301 502
HBO3 Home Box Office 3 304 304 304 304 304 404 302 503 302 503
SHOW Showtime 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 318 545 318 545
2 TMC The Movie Channel 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 327 554 327 554

On the Cover

Surprises Fill 'Black Box'

FYI Televsion, Inc. pels he]
Dr. Catherine Black (Kelly in the
Reilly) is a neuroscientist with a here. A
gift for understanding the corn- thrilling
plexities of the human brain on integnt
"BlackBox;',"premieringThursday very pi
at 10 p.m. on ABC. Her patients Cath
depend on her out-of-the-box logical
thinking about their neurological Cube"
disorders. She's one of the most Dr. Ian
respected doctors in her field of and the
expertise, but no one, except for nician
her family, knows she has bipo- who is 1
lar disorder, a disease that keeps Catheri
her walking on a tightrope of life. lationsl
"I was drawn to the complica- (David
tions;'," says Reilly. "I was drawn ofdatin
to the ugly side of it as well as the her co
beautiful side of it. I have no in- chiatris
terest in playing a character who essa B
is one thing, as none of us are. all the
And the fact that she is bipolar is Crea
just one thing about this charac- er Amy
ter that's not who she is. She's make a
many, manythings, andhowdoes drama.
somebody navigate through their medical
life with this disorder and make been a
the best of it? Her brilliance re- it's not
ally was a beautiful thing for me about
to explore. Someone's passion for neurolc
their work, their obsession with about
healing patients, with neurology, view ol
the fact that there are so many this is
disorders that are not treatable sion o
and we have to find a way for work
people to live with these disor- comes
ders and how creative that is and passion
how this woman doesn't sleep at your be
night because of it I love her. think a]
"I'm obsessed by her, and I'm passion
playing her right now. I played does
her yesterday. I'll be playing her just as
on Monday morning. I believe in passion
her. It's very important for me, as the h
an actor, to play her with integrity charac
and truth. And that doesn't mean
shying away from some things
that are somewhat uncomfort-
able or a little bit icky, a little bit
far they're quite farfetched, but
The venerable Vanessa
Redgrave plays Dr. Helen Har-
tramph, the voice of reason on
the ABC medical drama "Black
Box," premiering Thursday
at 10 p.m.

hat this mania is. It pro-
r into one place, and then
next minute she's down
nd for any actor, that's a
g ride to be taken with
y and with truth, and I'm
uoud to be part of this."
erine works at a neuro-
center nicknamed "The
with the lothario surgeon
Bickman (Ditch Davey)
eccentric radiology tech-
Lina Lark (Ali Wong),
riding a secret of her own.
ne has a complicated re-
uip with her fiance, Will
Ajala), who after a year
ig still doesn't know about
ndition, while her psy-
t, Dr. Hartramph (Van-
edgrave), knows where
skeletons are buried.
tor and executive produc-
Holden Jones wanted to
different kind of medical
"There have been a lot of
1 shows, but there's never
show like this, because
about psychiatry it's not
those issues it's about
)gy," says Jones. "It's
the 21st-century
f the brain. And
Particular pas-

Catherine Black translates into
the show itself. I wanted so
much to get new stories on tele-
vision through a very new char-
acter, and these are stories you
haven't seen. More like stories
that you would find in an Oliver
Sacks book or something by V.S.
Ramachandran stories that are
about spectacular people outside
of the range of normal who have
exceptional minds. And we're go-
ing to see them through the eyes
of the characters themselves as
well as through Catherine's eyes.
It's a very heavy special-effects
show, and we think it's some-
thing quite unique that will cap-
ture the imagination and draw
people in, as will this passionate
and extraordinary doctor who's
going to take us on quite a ride.
"It is not a show about bipolar
illness. It's about brilliant neuro-
logical cases where the lead char-
acter happens to have a secret
condition herself, no more than
'The Sopranos' is about a man
who has anxiety attacks. It's a
part of the character. If you look
at, say, 'Homeland,' for example,
in the entire first season, I think,
[Carrie] had one manic episode.
The fact that it's in there is part of
who the person is, but you're not
going to see mania every week
You're going to see extraordinary
medical cases and avery complex
and edgy character who,
i almost as an addiction
Metaphor, struggles
with a desire to be
unmedicated be- i'" it i- I upec-
Ft,,, u~~il,, hi' h."
HI,. 11. aSon
t' *.,1'-' pas-
,i, ,' iN -, ue-
Srthir' tl.ot is
r ...... ,I,,,,. to

home for her. "Well, my father
was a doctor, and my father was
bipolar," she says. "So, I could
say I was pretty home-schooled
in bipolar. I pretty much lived
with it until his death, somewhat
caused by it, for 35 years. So, I
have a pretty intimate knowl-
edge of medicine, of doctors and
of bipolar. And in addition to
that, I've done massive amounts
of research, and to a degree, the
character relates to Kay Redfield
Jamison, who is the foremost au-
thority on bipolar in the United
States, who works at Johns Hop-
kins, who wrote a memoir called
An Unquiet Mind' and who is
bipolar. And I assure you bipo-
lar people do behave like this."

Cover Story................................ 3
Sports ..................................... 4-5
Soap Update ............................. 21
Radio/News/Weather............... 5
O&A ........................................... 11
TV Crossword .......................... 42
Movies ..................................... 48
guide to symbols
**** = Exceptional*** = Good
**= Fair* = Poor
Symbols & codes:
(CC) = Close Captioned, 'R' = Repeat,
'N' new, (HD)'= High Definition,
DVS = Descriptive Video Service,
iTV = Interactive television, T =
Parental Guidelines forTV:
You may see rating codes on your
TV screen Here what they mean
'Y'- appropriate for all Children 'Y7'
appropriate for 7 and older 'G'
general audience 'PG'- parental
guidance suggested '14'- 14 and
older 'M'- 17 and older
Along with the rating codes mentioned
above, you may see additional
abbreviations Here's what they
mean 'AC'- adult content 'AH'
adult humor 'AL'- adult language
'AS'- adult situations 'BN'- brief
nudity 'GL'- graphic language 'GV'
-graphic violence 'MT'- mature
themes 'MV'- mild violence 'SC'
sexual content 'SSC'- strong
sexual content 'V- violence
Motion picture guidelines:
Movies that appear on movie channels
may have a theatrical rating Here's
what they mean 'G'- general
audiences 'PG'- parental guidance
suggested, some material may not
be suitable for children 'PG-13'
special parental guidance strongly
suggested for children under 13
'R'- restricted, under 17 requires
accompanying parent or guardian
'NC-17'- not recommended for
persons under 17
contact information
Programming Questions?
1-800-Comcast or
Why is TV Schedule Different from this book?
TV networks sometimes change schedules af-
ter this weekly book is printed. More accurate
TV schedules are in our daily Sun Newspaper
and our websites:



10:00 a.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Practice Toyota Owners
400from Richmond Interna-
tional Raceway in Richmond,
Va. (Live)
1:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Practice Toyota Owners
400 Final Practice from Rich-
mond International Raceway
in Richmond, Va. (Live)
3:00 p.m. ESPN2 NASCAR Na-
tionwide Series Qualifying
ToyotaCare 250 from Rich-
mond International Raceway
in Richmond, Va. (Live)
3:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Nation-
wide Series Qualifying Toyo-
taCare 250from Richmond
International Raceway in
Richmond, Va. (Live)
5:00 p.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint
Cup Qualifying Toyota
Owners 400from Richmond
International Raceway in
Richmond, Va. (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 ToyotaCare
250from Richmond Interna-
tional Raceway in Richmond,
Va. (Live)
6:30 p.m. FOX Toyota Owners
400from Richmond Interna-
tional Raceway in Richmond,
Va. (Live)


1:00 p.m. ESPN Vanderbilt
Commodores at Arkansas
Razorbacks (Live)
2:00 p.m. FS1 Kansas Jay-
hawks at Oklahoma State
Cowboys (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Florida A&M
Rattlers at Florida Gators
Noon SUN Missouri Tigers at
Florida Gators (Live)
1:00 p.m. FSN Georgia Tech
Yellow Jackets at North
Carolina State Wolfpack
2:00 p.m. ESPN Alabama
Crimson Tide at South Caro-
4 lina Gamecocks (Live)

3:15 p.m. SUN Texas A&M
Aggies at Mississippi State
Bulldogs (Live)

1:00 p.m. FSN Seattle Mari-
ners at Miami Marlins (Live)
1:30 p.m. SUN New York
Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays
7:00 p.m. ESPN Baltimore
Orioles at Boston Red Sox
7:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Atlanta Braves (Live)
7:00 p.m. ESPN MLB Baseball
Teams TBA (Live)
7:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at Atlanta Braves (Live)
7:00 p.m. SUN Minnesota
Twins at Tampa Bay Rays
Noon FSN Miami Marlins at
Atlanta Braves (Live)
2:15 p.m. WGN Arizona Dia-
mondbacks at Chicago Cubs
7:00 p.m. ESPN New York
Yankees at Boston Red Sox
7:00 p.m. SUN Minnesota
Twins at Tampa Bay Rays
1:00 p.m. SUN Minnesota
Twins at Tampa Bay Rays
2:15 p.m. WGN Arizona Dia-
mondbacks at Chicago Cubs
7:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at New York Mets (Live)
8:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Chicago White Sox
1:00 p.m. FS1 Los Angeles
Angels of Anaheim at New
York Yankees (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSl Pittsburgh
Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals
7:00 p.m. FSN Miami Marlins
at New York Mets (Live)
7:00 p.m. SUN Tampa Bay
Rays at Chicago White Sox

Graeme McDowell won
his first career playoff
to claim the title at last
year's "RBC Heritage,"
and CBS will have final-
round coverage of this
year's PGA Tour event,
Sunday at 3 p.m.

7:00 p.m. WGN Chicago Cubs
at Milwaukee Brewers (Live)


3:30 p.m. ABC 2014 NBA Play-
offs Teams TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 NBA
Playoffs Teams TBA (Live)
8:00 p.m. ESPN 2014 NBA
Playoffs Teams TBA (Live)


9:00 p.m. ESPN2 Friday Night
Fights Josesito Lopez vs.
Aaron Martinez (Live)


Champions Tour
3:00 p.m. GOLF PGA Champi-
ons Tour Golf: Greater Gwin-
nett Championship: Final
Round from TPC Sugarloaf in
Duluth, Ga. (Live)

6:30 p.m. GOLF Swinging
Skirts LPGA Classic: First
Round from Lake Merced
Golf Club in San Francisco
6:30 p.m. GOLF Swinging
Skirts LPGA Classic: Second
Round from Lake Merced
Golf Club in San Francisco

6:30 p.m. GOLF Swinging
Skirts LPGA Classic: Third
Round from Lake Merced
Golf Club in San Francisco

1:00 p.m. GOLF RBC Heritage:
Final Round from Harbour
Town Golf Links in Hilton
Head, S.C. (Live)
3:00 p.m. CBS RBC Heritage:
Final Round from Harbour
Town Golf Links in Hilton
Head, S.C. (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF Zurich Classic
of New Orleans: First Round
from TPC Louisiana in Avon-
dale, La. (Live)
3:00 p.m. GOLF Zurich Clas-
sic of New Orleans: Second
Round from TPC Louisiana in
Avondale, La. (Live)
1:00 p.m. GOLF Zurich Classic
of New Orleans: Third Round
from TPC Louisiana in Avon-
dale, La. (Live)
3:00 p.m. CBS Zurich Classic
of New Orleans: Third Round
from TPC Louisiana in Avon-
dale, La. (Live)


Noon NBC 2014 NHL Stanley
Cup Playoffs Teams TBA
7:30 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
7:30 p.m. NBCSN 2014 NHL
Stanley Cup Playoffs Teams
TBA (Live)
3:00 p.m. NBC 2014 NHL Stan-
ley Cup Playoffs Teams TBA


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WJYO 91.5 Religious
WVIJ 91.7 Religious
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WYUU 92.5 Latin
WIKX 92.9 Country
WFLZ 93.3 Contemporary
WTLT 93.7 Easy Listening
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WOLZ 95.3 Oldies
WMTX 95.7 Contemporary
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WINK 96.9 Contemporary
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WUSV 98.5 Country
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WQYK 99.5 Country
WCKT 100.1 Country
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WWGR 101.9 Country
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WJGO 102.9 Oldies
WTBT 103.5 Country
WXKB 103.9 Pop
WKZM 104.3 Religious

Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
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Safety Harbor
Punta Gorda
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Ft. Myers
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Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Pt. Charlotte
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers
Ft. Myers


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St. Pete
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Ft. Myers

Punta Gorda


College Lacrosse
11:00 a.m. FSN ACC Tourna-
ment: Round 1, Game 1 from
Newton, Mass. (Live)
1:00 p.m. FSN ACC Tourna-
ment: Round 1, Game 2 from
Newton, Mass. (Live)
1:00 p.m. FSN ACC Tourna-
ment: Semifinal 1Ifrom
Newton, Mass. (Live)

8:00 p.m. FS1 UFC 172: Jones
vs Teixeirafrom Baltimore
Arena in Baltimore (Live)


English League Soccer
6:55 a.m. NBCSN Liverpool at
Norwich City (Live)
9:00 a.m. NBCSN Sunderland
at Chelsea (Live)
11:05 a.m. NBCSN Everton at
Manchester United (Live)

2:55 p.m. NBCSN West Brom-
wich Albion at Manchester
City (Live)
7:40 a.m. NBCSN Everton at
Southampton (Live)
9:55 a.m. NBCSN Tottenham
Hotspur at Stoke City (Live)
12:30 p.m. NBC Norwich City
at Manchester United (Live)

UEFA Soccer
2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA Champi-
ons League SoccerTeams
TBA (Live)
2:30 p.m. FS1 UEFA Champi-
ons League SoccerTeams
TBA (Live)

8:00 p.m. ESPN Georgia Bull-
dogs at Alabama Crimson
Tide (Live)
4:00 p.m. FSN Kansas Jay-
hawks at Baylor Lady Bears



1. Who were the last
teammates before
Baltimore's Manny
Machado and Chris
Davis in 2013 to lead
the A.L. in doubles and
home runs in the same

2. How many times
did New York Yankees
legend Joe DiMaggio
have seasons of more
RBIs than games

3. Who holds the Pac-
12 record for most
touchdown passes in a

4. In 2013, San Antonio's
Tim Duncan became the
fourth player to play in
the NBA Finals during
three different decades.
Name two of the other

5. When was the last
time before the 2013-
14 season that the
Philadelphia Flyers won
at least 10 consecutive
games at home in

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uOWOLI OAnoaesuoo3
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'LE6T) suoseas jnoj *Z

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>)IJOA MN 011 JO1 11!
p!p (sunj awioq) Ljnl
aqe3 pue (salqnop)
B!JqioE) nol *T


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ABC ABC Action News Good Morning America ABC Action News This Week with Paid Pmro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- PaidPro-
2 in Weekend (N) (HD) Weekend(NH1HD) Weekend (N) (HD) Stephanopoulos(NHHD) gram gram gram gram
ABC ,,i Amencan Black OurWorild BlackAlIn-GoodMorningAmenca ThisWeekwith Paid Pmro- First Baptist Faith Life PaidPro-
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CBS gram TV (HP)11 HP) gram IOr) (111"l) g)qram gram
CBS WINK News ii' 6AM Sundaym Ill)II CBS News Sunday Morning 1,,'l Facethe Nation ,, 1t LailaAlit,,
v 1Hilt 1Hilt
NBC PaidProPm- PaidPro- Lazyit'i Zou Itl TodayWeekend i" ii News it News Meet the Press' iii r PaidPro- PaidPro-
wl gram gram 111it1 Channel8 gram gram
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FOX FOX 13s Good Day FOX 13s Good Day FOX 13s Good Day FOX News Sunday with Paid Pmro- PaidPro- PaidPro- PaidPro-
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3 t-ball. (CC) (R) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (CC(R) ) (R)(HD) (HD)) (R) (CC) date (HD)
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'PBS 3 Curious (CC) Curious (CC) Arthur Fa- Kratts(R) Curious(R) CatinHat(K Peg + Cat DinoTrain Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now Moti-
x (R3I3 ) (R) vors. (R) (HD) 4(HD) (HD) (CC) (R) (R) (HD) national speaker discusses his life. (R) (HD)
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TLF 23 23 23 95 Programa Perspec- El Chavo EI Chavo Aventuras del panda ('95) Dos Marcelino, pan yvino ('12, Familia) Marcelino La rmomria
50 3 3 9 pagado tiva (VPG) (1VPG) ninos salvan a un cachorro panda, es un nino vivaz y curioso. (NR) (CC) (HD) ('01) *12
UNIV 15 15 15 6 (4:00)Misa Misa de Pascua del Papa Fran- ParavolveraamarTras LahorapicoChistesy AI PuntoTemas Repiiblica deportiva (N)
62 P 6 ascua cisco (R) lafeliddad. (HD) risas. (CC) (HD) candentes. (CC) (HD) (CC) (HD)
W-1J 1 EI M A E T J* IIII-1 .1 W WI 1I'7 IRI I i I
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WE 117 117 117 117 117 149 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Marriage (R) IMarriage(R)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 Paid(CC) Paid(CC) Lord's Way Facts David(N) RMeredith Salem(R) Saem(R) Fast Five ('11) Vin Diesel. Ex-cop and ex-con.

King Features Synd., Inc.

Q: I really miss "Ex-
treme Makeover: Home
Edition," especially de-
signer Tracy Hutson.
What has she been
doing lately? -- Pamela
T., Waco, Texas

A: You can still catch
Tracy decorating for a
cause -- this time she
has teamed up with The
Design Network (www.
corn) to star in "Mom-
tourage," an original
video series focused
on lifting up deserving
moms who have done
so much for their
families and their com-
munities. Each episode
will follow Tracy as
she pays a surprise

visit to each woman's
home, listens to her
story, learns about
her family life, and
then offers a fun and
inspirational interior-
design interven-tion
-- all in the span of one

When I spoke with
Tracy recently, she
told me how excited
she was to work with
TDN to help these
women: "If I have the
opportunity to help
people, I'm going to
take it. That's just who
I am. This series just
goes to show what you
can do, and how impor-
tant and impactful it
can be on someone's
life -- especially some-
one who has had a
rough time just getting
on her feet. It's so fun,
and it means the world
to them."

Q: I finally was able to
watch "Hatfields Mc-
Coys," and I absolutely
loved it. When can I
see Bill Paxton in some-
thing like this again?
-- Paul T., Scranton, Pa.

A: Well, I can't tell you
exactly when just yet,
but I can tell you what.
The History Channel
has ordered "an eight-
hour television event"
called "Texas Rising,"
with Bill leading an
all-star cast featuring
Brendan Fraser, Ray
Liotta, Jeffrey Dean
Morgan, Thomas Jane,
Olivier Martinez,
Michael Rapaport and
many more. The series
will detail the Texas
Revolution and the rise
of the legendary Texas
Rangers, and is set to
premiere in 2015.

Tracy Hutson

Write to Cindy at King
Features Weekly Service,
P.O. Box 536475,
Orlando, FL 32853-6475;
or e-mail her at
For more news and
extended interviews, visit www. and

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_(111)) (111D) (R( (111D) (111D) (R( (111D) (111D) (111D))
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ENClui0i5i5 038scientists test a love potion. Son foils robbery. (PG) (C() men battle over a sexy widow. (C() ***Cyclist pursued.
,HBO 302302 302302 30 30 : 15) Musical Chairs (11, Drama) 1/2 Leah Pipes. State of Play Obsessive Stories of Fear, Loss& Fight Game (:45) The Dark Knight Rises
H 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 dancer joins a wheelchair contest. parents. (R) Betrayal (R) (HD) (R) IMarquez(R) ('12) *"* *'* (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 3 2 (1:15) Cloud Atlas ('12, Drama) Tom Hanks, Halle Berry. A killer becomes a (:10) War of the Worlds ('05, Science Fiction) Fa- (:15) Veep (:45) Veep
_______ hero, and an act of kindness incites a revolution. (CC) Ither protects kds as aliens attack. (111)) (11D))
HB03 304304304304 304404 Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people
w who influenced him. (CC) (11D) who influenced him. (CC) (11D) who influenced him. (CC) (11D)
SHOW 340 340 340 3 340 344 365 The Secret of My Success ('87, Comedy) 60 Minutes Sports (CC) Showtime Championship Boxing: Hopkns vs. Shumenov (Replay) (CC)
SHOW 3**'2 Man scams himself into a better job. (11D)
TM 350 350 350 30 30 0 Inescapable ('13) *'1/2 A man Ernest Goes to Jail ('90) Ernest Ernest Scared Stupid ('91) Ernest (:35) Houseguest ('95) Debtor fleeing
TC 30 30 30 30 3 3|8searches for his missing daughter. winds up on death row. (CC) disturbs the tomb of a troll. mob invades man's life.


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CBS Paid Pro- PaidPro- Cherry Blossom Pa- Stonnsi'I Storms.,'1 PGA TOUR Golf: E& i-1:,lr3,: F-1Il:ll:,d :,;', '::, *',i':u T.:. ,
101 gram gram rade l. ,- 1:.,3 LIII m HII ,i -I*:* ".. 11 11 _ii Ili .: H1 -:.1i HI 1. -131 ,' ii-m:
CBS Raw Travel Paid Pro- Honell' iii Homeown Paid Pro- Hollyscoop PGA TOUR Golf: 1E: 1 .:ri.g.q: F:1- iF.:.I,:: T.:. n
1 hi Igram 1lii ''ihi gram hi ,-..ItIi : I. .-11 I- I* H1.:.l -iH.- :3 1 -il..ii' 1 1iim111
NBC ./ 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: T. : i: TiE 1ii.1,,ip1i 1/1 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: T.-Bil: TiE iL;,,iii mlii
NBC ., / 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: T.- Bi: TiE iL..i, ii mii / 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: T.- Bi: TiE L,..i ii1 1mii,

FOX ,, Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Hotel for Dogs ,r? ,,:,,: ** EI-,, .:.:.. Access Hollywood ii
131 gram gram gram gram gram ram -*:ii -1i:i :r .,:II:.: Ill:.,i : B:I: : III)I ii uiiIi
FOX 4 Paid Pro- Paid Pro- American Latino Pres- The Mod Squad ('99, Action) *1/2 Claire Danes. African American Comedy.TV (C) (N)
m4 __4 4__- gram gram ents Three young delinquents go undercover. (R) Short Films
PBS ,3 McLaughlinFlorida(CC) Tothe Con-Gulf Coast WEDU Arts UpClose The AII-Star Orchestra Townhall Meeting: Wilderness: The Great
3S 3 (N) (R) trat y (N) (R) (R) (R) Soloist's role. (R) 2014 Debate (CC)(R) (H1)
_. .____ DebateR (lo)st(srol(.ID)
PBS .. 204 204 16 Easter Parade ('48, Musical) *** Judy Gar- Death in Paradise (CO) Kitchen (CC) Cook's (R) Cooking: Martha: Home (CC) (N) Old House
1N 16 0 land. A man adjusts to a new dance partner. (NR) (HPD) (N) (1D) H Potatoes Brealfast (H1D) (R)
.PBS Dr.Wayne Dyer: I Can Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For You Rick Steves' Italy: Cities of Dreams Culture of Heartbeat of Home
X ...3 See Clearly Now (R) How to achieve financial independence. (R) (HD) Florence, Rome and Venice. (CO) (R) (HD)) Dance special. (R) (HD)
CW 6 Home Run Showdown (12, Family) Matthew Rocksteady ('10) r**An aspiring 20-year-old Private Practice Child's Rules (CO) Rules Jeffs
N 14121 6 Lillard. Rival brothers as little league coaches, sees track-racing as hit ticket to a better life. (R) eggs. (CO) (H1D) (1HD) father
CW 9 9 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ('03) Comedy.TV (C) (N) Comedy.TV Bernadette Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Til Death Til Death
__ 4________ ** Victorian superheroes battle villain. Pauley. (C) (R) grram gram (HD) (HD)
MYN 1 11 14 Paid Spon- Paid Spon- Dirty Work ('98) **y2 Norm MacDonald. A re- PaidSpon- PaidSpon- SAF3: Father's Day Pain- Community OK! TIV (N)
Nm scored scored. venge-selling firm targets a client. (PG-13) (CC) scored, scored, ful memory. (R) (Hi) (lI)) (14))
MYN 8 8 Paid Pro- Paid Pro- Addams Addams Side Out ('90, Sports) *1/2 Law student plays proGladiator Teens illegally box for money to save
X MYN' gram gram volleyball for the summer in California. (CC) one's dad and help other leave the ghetto.
IND 12 1212 3 12 Formosa Betrayed (10, Thriller) James Van Der ThrowMomma Fromthe Train ('87, Comedy) 30Rock ((CO 30 Rock ((CO How I Met HowlMet
N I -- '-Beek A political conspiracy is uncovered. **1/2 A simpleton creates a murder pact. (CO) (HD) (I(HD) (H1D) (HD)
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Monk A power outage. Monk Monk loses Ii- Monk Monk helps mob Monk A bloody man. (CO Monk Old partner. (CO) Monk Possible conspir-
fic (CC) cense. (CC) boss. (CO acy. (CC)
WCLF 22 2222 2 Rabbi Ron Phil- Turning Point Resurrec- Christ. & Jewish ((C) Van Perry Stone Winterfest Concert In Touch with Dr.
SL"22 Bemis(CC) lips tion proof. (CC)(N) Jews Koevering (N) Series Chariles Stanley ((C)
WRXY 22 Don Wilton Love Wrth Love a est- Retro Angel The Dieti- McGregor Baptist Tommy Difference Through
S1_ ,(CC) (N) Child monies of Braham cian Bates Bible (N)
TLF 23 23 23 95 (11:30) La momia regresa ('01, Aventura) **1/2 D6j Vu ('06, Ciencia fiocion) Denzel Washington. Un agent El tirador ('07, Accion) Asesino
_N 1 3 Rich y Evie salvan al mundo y a su hijo. ((C) federal viaja en el tiempo para salvar a una mujer. ((C) busca ayuda y refugio. (R) ((C) (i))
UNIV 15 1515 6 Rep. dep. (ii. 050) Fitbol de M6xico: Guadalajara vs UNAM desde La vida de Nuestro Sefior Jesucristo ('86, Religion) Historia clasica que
[62l lJ HII) | Universitario (Diredo) ((C) (Hi)) relata la vida de Jesucristo desde su ninez a su muerte. (CO) (lID)
1 1 7 M I M I ii I I i I ii
A&E 26 2626 26 39 50 181 Bates Motel: Plunge Bates New evidence. Barry'd Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (11:32) Forrest Gump ('94) Tom Hanks. A simple man. The Last Samurai ('03, Drama) Tom Cruise. American embraces samurai culture.
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 To Be Announced To Be Announced ITo Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced
BET 35 35 3535 40 22 270 35 & Ticking ('11) *1/2 Friends manage their romantic lives. IThe Nutty Professor ('08) Drake Bell. Boy drinks potion. NuttyPmrof. ll ('00) */12
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 Housewives ((C) (R) Housewife ((C) (R) Medicine (R) Medicine (R) Housewives ((CC) (R) Housewives ((C) (R)
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 South Prk IThe Comebacks ('07) Coach and his team. 1(:28) Idiocracy ('06) Rule of the witless. (C) IRole Models ('08) Mentors. ((C)
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Treehouse ((CC) (HI)) Treehouse ((C) (HI)) Treehouse ((C) (HI)) Treehouse (C) (HI)) Treehouse ((C) (HI)) Treehouse ((C) (HI))
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196Giuliana(R)(HD) GameOn GameOn Total Diva (R) (H)) E! Ent. Special Secret Hollywood. (R) (H)) SecretSociety (R)
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118 118160 (10:30) Rocky V ('90) Lucky: Crushing It (R) Knife: Whole Pig (R) psych (C) (H4)) psych (C) (H4)) psych (C) (1H))
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Easter Sunday Mass (BNSIC) (N) In Concert: Haydn's Creation Musical tribute. SavFaith Fr.Ruder The Gospel Rosary
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 The Prince & Me ('04) A student falls in love with a prince. Cinderella ('50) Fateful encounter. The Little Mermaid ('89) Above the surface.
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Kitchen (R) ITrisha's Pioneer Chopped (R) ISaveMy(R) Mystery Mystery IDiners Diners
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 (11:30) The Day the Earth Stood Still ('08) Avatar ('09) ***y2 Sam Worthington. Space marines colonize an alien world. ((C) Apes
GSN179 179 179179 34 179184 Minute to Win It (R) Minute (R) MinuteAron Ralston. Fam Feud Fam.Feud Fam.Feud Fam Feud Fam Feud Fam.Feud
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 240 TheGood Witch'sGift (10) PoliceChief. (C) TheGood Witch's Family (11, Family) ((C) The Good Witch's Charm Nosy journalist.
HIST 81 81 81 813 65 128 The Bible: Homeland The Bible: Hope Lions; angel; flee. (R) The Bible: Mission Miracles; betrayal. (R) The Bible: Passion
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Love It (CC) (R) (HD) Life(R) Life(R) Life(R) Life(R) Life(R) ILife(R) Life(R) I Life(R) Life(R) Life(R)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 NUTRiBULLET Kitchen Solutions Electron. Conn. Highgate Manor NUTRiBULLET Electmron. Conn.
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Devious (C) (R) (ID) Devious (C) (R) (ID) Devious (C) (R) (ID) Devious (C) (R) (ID) Devious (C) (R) (ID) Devious (C) (R) (ID)
OWN58 58 58 58 47 103161 New Earth (N) (HD) Best of OprahShow Super Soul (R) (HD) Lindsay Life on track Lindsay (CC) (R) (HD) Lindsay (CO) (R) (HD)
QVC14 14 14 9 14 13 150 In the Kitchen with David The host showcases new appliances. ]Computers Denim & Co.
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 Bar Rescue (R) (HD) Bar Rescue (R) (HD) Bar Rescue (R) (HD) Bar Rescue (R) (HD) Bar Rescue (R) (HD) Bar Rescue (R) (HD)
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253 64 180 Dungeons and Dragons ('12) *Evil sorcerer. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising ('07) *1/2 (PG) Stardust A youngmantriestofindfallenstar.
TBS 59 59 9 59 32 62 52 (11:30) Meet the Browns ('08) *1/2 The Family That Preys /2 Scandal threatens. |Why Did I Get Married Too? ('10) *1/2 Ex disrupts couples.
TCM 65 65 65 65 169230 (10:30) The Big Fisherman ('59) King of Kings ('61, Religion) A man becomes a messianic figure. (CC) GreatestStoryEverTold ('65)
TLC 45 45 45 4557 72 139 FourWedd (R) (Hi)) Little (R) Little (R) Little Laundry list. (R) Little: Zoey Makes 4 Little Illness in India. Little Alone in India.
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Law: Ambitious (HI)) 2014 NBA Playoffs (CC) Jonah Hex ('10) Disfigured drifter. I, Robot ('04) **12 ((C)
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Bizarre Fresh food. Bizarre (C) (R) Philipps Best Parks RV Getaways (R) MegaRV Paradise (C) (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Panic (R) Panic (R) Pawn (R) Pawn(R) Jokers Jokers KillerKaraoke (R) KillerKaraoke (R) Dumbest (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Gilligan's Gilligan's
USA 34 34 34 34 22 52 50 The Game Plan ('07) Quarterback father. ((C) The Back-Up Plan (10) Expectant mom. ((C) The Switch ('10) **1/2 Having a baby. (C)
WE 111 7117 117 117 149 Marriage (R) Marriage Boot (R) Joan & (CO) (R) (HD) Joan &: Pill Popper CSI Miami ((C) (HD) CSI Miami ((C) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 FastFive IThe Chronicles of Riddick ('04) Battling invaders. (CC) Vfor Vendetta ('06) Fighting a totalitarian government. (R) 300('07)



It's the Easter Beagle,
Charlie Brown
7 p.m. on ABC
Easter appears to be
doomed when Charlie, Sally,
Lucy and Marcie ignore
Linus' advice and take their
best shot at preparing the
Easter eggs, and it is up to
the mythical Easter Beagle
to save the holiday for ev-
eryone involved.

Bob's Burgers
7 p.m. on FOX
"Ambergris" Louise at-
tempts to sell Ambergris,
a profitable, but illegal by-
product of whale poop that
is used for fancy perfumes,
on the black market after
finding it with Gene and
Tina on the beach; Bob and
Linda cope with their men-
tally unstable landlord. (HD)

The Simpsons
8 p.m. on FOX
"Married to the Blob" Comic
Book Guy seeks Homer for
advice on how he can ask
Kumiko, a Japanese woman
who writes autobiographi-
cal manga, to go on a date,
as he feels his comics are
useless if he cannot have
someone who he can share
his passion with. (HD)

Family Guy
8:30 p.m. on FOX
"Life of Brian" Stewie and
Brian wind up stuck in 17th
century Jamestown when
Stewie destroys his time
machine while in the past,
and must fight off the close
encounters that nearly alter
the course of time and man-
kind during their entrap-
ment. (HD)

In My Dreams
9 p.m. on ABC
Two people are sharing
dreams in which they are
the perfect couple meant

to be with each other, but
when they wake up they
realize they have never met
and soon realize they have
only seven days to meet or
else miss their chance. (HD)

Cosmos: A SpaceTime
9 p.m. on FOX
"The Clean Room" An explo-
ration into the discovery of
geochemist Clair Patterson
that paved the way to vic-
tory in public health during
the 20th century, as Patter-
son formulated a uranium-
lead dating method which
led him to calculate Earth's
total existence. (HD)

9 p.m. on NBC
"Bang and Blame" Bo's
confrontation with Zepada
leaves her weakened, forc-
ing Winter to call upon Bo's
former guardians to watch
over her once more; Tate
and Winter learn about
Channing's past while
trying to help Bo; Skouras

As the contestants renovate
craftsman style homes with
families that require an
office workspace, Darren
Moore's fitness background
is put to use by Team Blue
leader Nina Magon as they
create an eco friendly indoor
gym for an owner who is a
personal trainer on "Ameri-
can Dream Builders," airing
Sunday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

tests Sean's telekinetic
abilities. (HD)


CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 To Be Announced Info unavailable. iBeach To Be Announced Info unavailable. To Be Announced
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter (HD) e College Baseball: Vanderbiltvs Arkansas (live) (HD) ISpecial (N) (HD) SportsCenter (HD)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Storied: The Book of Manning |Year: The Marinovich Project College Football (Replay) (CC) (HD)) Sport Sci. (CC) (HD)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 Arenacross: Tulsa Monster (N) (HD) \Q College Baseball: Kansas vs Oklahoma State (live) (CC) (HD) Fighter (R) (HD)
FSN 72 72 2 72 72 56 77 B. Bunch Madins e MLB Baseball: Seattle Mariners at Miami Marlins (live) (HD) IMarlins Madins West Coast (N)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 Morning Pre Game PGA TOUR Golf (live) (HD) PreGame 4j PGA Champions Tour Golf (live) (HD)
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Soccer (live) :10) Premier League (N) Formula One Racing: Grand Prix of China (Replay) F1 Extra Challenge
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 57 76 Reid& FOX Sports Rays LIVE! e MLB Baseball: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays (live) Rays LIVE! Inside Inside
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 Rabbids Rabbids Rabbids Rabbids Breadwinne Sanjay Fairly Fairly Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 The Smuris ('11) NinjaGo NinjaGo TitansGo! TitansGdo Gunbtall Gumball JerryShow TheWizardofOz('39)***'/
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 State (CC) (R) (HD) Fareed Zakaria (R) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Newsroom (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings. C-Span Weekend Debates & hearings.
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 News HQ Housecall News HQ (DC) (N) FOX News (HD) Respected I News HQ Carol Aft NewsHQ MediaBuzz(R)
MSNB 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 AlexWitt (N) (HD) Taking the Hill (N) Meet Press (HD) MSNBC Live (N) Karen Finney (N) Caught (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News News News Daytime (N) News Paid News Paid News News News News
CMTV 47 47 47 47 23 24 221 Hot 20 Countdown Videos and news. (R) Reba Reba Reba Reba The Parent Trap ('98) Twins trick parents.
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 210 Bring It Bring It On: All or Nothing ('06, Comedy) Bring It On Again College cheerleaders Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous
VH1 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 Purple Rain ('84) Rival singers. Poetic Justice ** A poet falls in love with a mailman. Basketball (R) (H)) Hot 97 Crew (R)
CINE 0 320 320 320 320 320 420 (11:30) The 40-Year-Old Virgin ('05) Cinderella Man ('05) ***'/2 Boxer Jim Braddock fights to Oblivion ('13) One of the last drone repairmen
IE 320 32* 32 32 32 320 420 Virgin & celibate. (CC) regain his status as a champion prizefighter. (CC) stationed on Earth has one last job.
CINE2 31 321 321 32131 3 4 Godfather (:50) The Godfather: Part II ('74, Drama) **** Al Pacino. Michael Corleone faces (:15) The Godfather: Part III ('90, Drama) Al
I 33 321 32 422 ('72) new challenges as he takes over the family crime empire. (R) (CC) Pacino. A mob boss tries to get out. (CC)
DISN 136 136 1361 136 99 45 250 Blog (CC) (R) Blog(CC) (R) A.N.T.(R) A.N.T.(R) A.N.T.(R) Austin(R) Austin(R) Austin(R) Good Luck Good Luck Jessie (R) Jessie(R)
(HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (R) (R) (HD) (HD)
ENC 1011i011i01 i~1 50 oo(11:10) Rush Cursed ('05) Siblings try to kill werewolf before (:25) Hang 'Em High ('68, Western) **% A (:25) Grumpy Old Men ('93) *
E __ *_ S ( I0 ('12) their fates are tragically irreversible, tough guy seeks revenge in Old West. (CC Men fight over widow (CC)

HBO 2 302 302 302 302 302 400 (11:00) The Dark Knight Rises ('12, (:45) Real Time with Bill (:45) Pacific Rim ('13, Action) Giant robots piloted by humans Beautiful Creatures
S302 30 30 30 30 02 400 Action) Ultimate enemy. Maher(IVMA) fight off an alien menace threatening Earth. -**'/ Family secrets.
HB02 33 303 303 303 303 303 402 (1 5) Man of Steel ('13) A young Clark Kent embarks on a (:45) Dark Shadows ('12) A vampire imprisoned Game of Thrones Tyrion (:45)The Out
S303 303 30 30 30 03 402 journey to become the legendary Superman. (CC) for 200 years wakes up in 1972. (CC) helpsJaime. UList
HB3 4 304 304 304 304 404 Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people
HB03 who influenced him. (CC) (HD) who influenced him. (CC) (HD) who influenced him. (CC) (HD)
nSHOW i4030n4n30o435Boxing (Re- ALL Inside Com 50/50 ('11, Drama) ***' Young (:15) Dark Skies ('13) A family's peaceful life is pu The Longest Yard Prison
340 340 340 340 340 340 365ay) ACCESS (R) man tries to beat cancer. (CC) in danger due to a deadly force. completion.
TM 0 30 35 3 Housegues (:25) Lemony Snicket's A Series of (:15) The Brass Teapot (13, Comedy) **'/2 A Silver Linings Playbook ('12, Comedy) Emo-
TMC 350 350 30 35(0 5 5 385 ('95) Unfortunate Events ('04) young couple pushes their luck (R) (CC) tionally damaged man reclaims life. (CC)

= sI,1 ,, *,, id' ]* I i ,, *] l I l]I
ABCWorid ABC7News Itts theEaster Charlie OnceUpon a Time: In My Dreams, 1 I : .:..I.I T .:.Bi:..:.i:.i.: .:
ABC Newswith i' 6:30pm iu Beagle. Char- Brown'sAll l: .-i'r.q TB i.:.u.i" iiiiiHi i .:ri, iiir i.-i'i',: 1i Iii.:i ,. II. i.;..: .:.:.uh'.- ii.ii
261 DavidM ulrii i lieHI heBrown Stars I-.i.:I:.II. I1.:. r. .-5.:i .:.-. l i ,i -. ul, i* i. (.-1'.-
|HI:1| l.- ir,' rr,- I ', l '- ,- ,- l-i.: -1 I|l l | |HI)l|
ABC NewsTr,-i5i. i WorldNews Easter AIIStarsiri OnceUponaTime:i-E.E.,.vi. In My Dreams 1 I:.i -,i,-i :- :.1.i:. i,- .:'in
.. 1 n'.- .: HIlIIHIII B eag le T "ii.:.u..3"i iiiH i) .,.- 1"'.: ,i', : 1- rI',.:rI' il'. ii.: nl-. I',.-I.-.: l .:.:.ul',.-i ,, 111 "
ABC i i i WorldNews News ii Easter All StarsINi iOnceUponaTime:ilEi.., In My Dreams I 1 I:. ii I,.:.,T I :.i:.: i :5ri-n
4aHIIIiHIIII Beagle T" I.:.u..r" 111 i1iii ,1h.- i"' : 11-1 I'.:I, il'.- ir: 11h- I:.-I.: .:.:.ui:.- 11 "
CBSEvening 10 News Tr.: 60 Minutes i,,lil i11, The Amazing Race: The Good Wife: -ii :i:.-.3 TheMentalisti-.: I-:: i,--
CBS News I 51.:.i5 III-.: ', I .: All-Starsi" ,ini vlI 'v'Ui -i.i)'.:.i rv i.:. i. :. I 1I 1 : 1 I., I.: :.-i.:I .-..
1 I',- .: IIliHIm il lIlH l" l |tli| I~ ",',|-.: I', .:,lu "l: |i i | l|li Hm I|l

CBS CBS Evening News ill Hvi 60 Minutes 1,Iil1,,,vi1, The Amazing Race: The Good Wife: -ii T BI....:] TheMentalist: i.:..:-
W I"l) 11 I"__A ll-Stars v I I ) '":1'u I I- I1i'i,:,I'iiT,:,,I 1 I-" .: -:l 04 11111I11
NewsChannel NBC Nightly Dateline NBC 1, IIH)|1111i Amencan Dream Builders: Believe: IE.3-i.3 ird I-:ii3,.- E.:.: Cnsis: H.:.-.:I ',.: .:i:,,-i.:
NBC 8at6:00 1 1.: :New s W eek- *: i1,.:.iri ':i ', T.-ri5 i: .::.l.:.'l. .:.r ill-i :.- I|.i,3 r". I'u'5l', I' .:i I :' 5 ",i'" : .- :
3rd' .- 1' ,.-1 l end Edm onliI .:l-.:. 3l. .:I 51r rI' r.:r I.: I.: 5 l-i.:I' .ri.- i) I id.ri' ii.- ..ui u.ii rij '. Ihl.:
_____ (HD)) homes. (N) (HD)) (HD)) as bait.
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Dateline NBC (CC) (N)(HD) American Dream Builders Believe: Bang and Blame Bo is Crisis: Here He Comes Luring
S0_ _____ News (N) At-home businesses weakened. (N) (HD)) kidnappers. (N) (HD1)
FOX 13 6:00 News News Bob's Bur- American The Simpsons Family Guy: Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odys-FOX 13 10:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 131 13 13 i aeventsofthedayareexamined gers:Amber- Dad!Sexual Manga love. (CC Life ofBrian sey: The Clean Room Clair nesofthenewsdayareup-
3 13 13 and reported bythe FOX 13 grisWiale dismayghost (R)(HD) Stuck in history. Patterson'sdatng method. (CC) dated by the FOX 13Nightly
_____ News Team. (N) by-product. (R) (HD) (R) (N) (HD)) News Team. (N)
FOX JudgeJudy(R) ParadiseTV Burgers:Am- American: Simpsons(R) FamilyGuy(R) Cosmos:A SpaceTimeOdys-FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
S _____ (HD) bergris Poltergasm (HDP) /(HD)) sey Dating method. news report. (N)
PBS PBS WEDUArts Pioneers of Television Callthe MidwifeAgoraphobic Masterpiece: Mr. Sefridge II TheBletchleyCircle Murder
3 _____ Newshour(N) Plus(R) Comics'sitcoms (R) (HD) woman. (N) (HD)) Card game. (N) (HD) suspect. (CC) (N) (HD)
204 204204 16Ask This (C)(N P.Allen Design Fake or Fortune? Portrait of NOVA: WId Predator Invasion American Experience: Grand Coulee Dam American
204_ m I (HI)I ideas mayor (CC) (R) (HD)) Predators returned. Irrigation; power. (CC) (R) (HD) Fanily(R)
PBS (5:00) Heartbeat of Home My Music: John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind The Masterpiece Sneak Preview Great Performances R&B;
g_333____ Dance special. (R) (HD)) greatest moments of folk music. (CC) (R) (HD)) Season two preview. soul; rock (CC) (R) (HD))
CW 6 21 6 2112Men(CC( 2112Men(CC() BigBang(CC) BigBang How I MetTed How I Met(CC() Modem:Un- Modem:Hal- WINKNews @10pm(N) (H))
21 l (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) Penny's lie. tricked. (HD)) plugged loween
CW 9 9 9 4 Friends (fVPG) Friends 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) CSI: Miami: Miami Confidential CSI: Miani: Raising Caine Criminal Minds: Paradise Car
MO (CC) I Porsche ride. (HD (HD) Meth lab found. Horatio's ex-wife. (HD) accidents. (CC) (HD)
MYNN 11 14 nThe Mod Squad ('99) Young delinquents are recruited to Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld: The Raymond (CC) Community Our Issues Whacked Out
N 111 work undercover in L.A.'s seedy underworld. (CC) Stall(CC()(HD) (CC) (CC)
MYN 8 9 8 Friends (CC) Friends Family Guy Family Guy Throw Momma From the Train ('87, Comedy) **'/2 Leverage: The Bank Shot Job
CX IPorsche ride. (CC) (CC) Danny DeVito. A simpleton creates a murder pact. Hostages. (CC) (H))
IND 1 Modem: Un- Modem: Hal- Big Bang (CC) Big Bang Glee: Big Brother Blaine's Glee: Saturda NightGlee-ver The Office The Office:
2 3 plugged lween (HD) Pennys lie. brother. (CC(()()) Saturday Night (HD) Nleak Nepotism
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Monk New medicine. (CC) Monk Monk needs assistant Monk: Mr Monkvs the Cobra Monk Monk sees murder. (CC() Monk Case in traffic jam. (CC)
l (CC2) A dead movie star
WOLF The Brody The Watch- Peter Great Awakening Tour Love a Child Unspoken Knowthe ChiistforAII Jesse
22 2 File man Youngren Cause (C) Nations Duplantis (N)
WRXY 2 1 The Good Life Perry Stone Great Awakening Tour Connection Saving the Entertain- Time of Day of Salva-
0 1 1 1 1 (CC) (N) (CC Investor ment tion
TLF 23 2323 95 (4:30) EItirador Duro de matar4.0 ('07, Thriller) *** Bruce Willis. Un policia de N. York La casa del Sol Naciente (11) *1/2 Un ex convict anda
0 _____ ('07) impide que un terronsta destruya la economic del pais. (CC) Jtras el verdadero asesino para Ilevarlo a lajusticia.
UNIV 15 15 15 Humores (CC) Noticiero Aqui y ahora Periodismo de Nuestra belleza latina Varias mujeres bellas compiten en- (:05) Sal y pinmienta Tras las
62 Univisi6n (N) investigaci6n. (N)(HD) |tre si en un concurs de belleza. (N) cameras (CC) (N) (HHD)

A&E 26 262626 3 50181 Duck Dynasty Surprise wed- Duck "Black Duck Career Duck (CC) (R) Duck Taxi- Duck Willie's Duck (CC) (R) Duck (C ) DuckEating
A&g 2 2 2 ding (CC(R H) Panther." day. (R) (HD)) dermygift. gift. (R) (H)) (H)) skIls. (R)
AG 56 566 56 3 531 he Shawshank Redemption ('94, Drama) Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman. An innocent TURN: Of Cabbage and Kngs Mad Men (CC) (N) (H))
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 man convicted of his wife's murder copes with the horrors of prison. (CC) Ben is betrayed. (N)
I4 4 44 36 6 1 101 To Be Announced Info un- Rocky Mountain Bounty RiverMonsters Mysterious River Monsters Wetlands' Rocky Mountain Bounty
APL 4 44 44 44 436 68130 available. Hunters (R) (H)) deaths. (CC) (R) (HD)) monster (CC) (N) (HD)) Hunters (N) (H1))
BET 35353535 2221(5:00) Nutty Professor II: The Klumps ('00) Johnson Family Vacation (04, Comedy) Cedric the Entertainer. An ur- Celebration of Gospel 2014
BET3_____ 333l7Kump tries to rid himself ofBuddy. ban family travelscross-country to a family reunion in Missouri. Artists perform. (R)
68 68 68 68 5 15 Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of At- The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion, Married to Medicine Peace Fashion
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 18 Kenya suffers loss. lanta Musicalwoes. Part 1 (CC(()(N) talkfails. (N) Queens(N)
M 66 66 66 16 157 o RoleModels Bill Cosby: Far From Finished Bill Cosby Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 19 entors. talks love and marriage. (CC) (R) (H)) Man (CC) (R) (H)) Comic's childhood. Tracy Morgan. (1VMA)
IC 4 0 0 4 2 4 1 T0 reehouse Masters Dream Treehouse Masters Dream Treehouse Masters Dream Naked and Afraid: Uncen- Naked and Afraid Floods and
DISC 40 40 40 40 5 4 0 itreehouses. (CC) (1H41) treehouses. (CC)(HD)) treehouses. (CC)(14D)) scored Malaysia; extras. heat. (CC) (N) (HD)
E! 46 46 46 46 i 26196 Total Divas: The Braniel Bus Total Divas: On Brie's Bad Side Total Divas: Inhale, Exhale Total Divas Father's bless- Eric & Jessie Chrisley (CC)
46 46 46 Tour bus. (R) (HD)) Brie's newenemy. Nattie's surgery. (R) ing. (N) (HD)) (N)(HD) (HD()
ES 82 8282 82 118118160 Rocky III ('82, Drama) **** A boxer is trained by his for- Parks Ron ParksSpecial Parks Ann's Parks (CC) (H)) Dream On Dream On
E 88 82(_ _mer rival to reclaim the boxing championship. (PG) does job. guest, mystery. (TV14) (TV14)
I 3243 243 12 17 285 UiOrbi Message and Solemn Mass of Easter Sunday From Rome (R) The Word was Rosary (TV G) EWTN Theology: The Canon-
EWTN24324324312 1728 Blessin -Easter (R) Sl ___ S d Fo meR Made (R) zaton of the Popes
FAM 55 10 0 4619Tangled ('10, Fantasy) ***l A princess is trapped in Hop('11 Family) **/2 Man must take on the responsibil- Hop ('11, Family) Easter Bunny
_____FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 19 the queen's secret tower until a bandit frees her. (PG) ity of nursingtheEasterBunnybacktohealth. (PG) suffers an injury.
FOOD 31 3Cutthroat Kitchen: Hawaii Chopped: No Pain, No Shame Food Court (N) (HD)) America's Best Cook: The Cutthroat Kitchen: Tso
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 5-Oh No! Pasta art. (R) Largejawbreaker jGames Begin (N) Good (N)
(FX 51 51 51 51 49 5:30) Rise ofthe Planet ofthe Apes (11, Action) ***-/2 Contraband ('12, Thriller) -/2 Mark Vahlberg. A man runs counterfeit (:33)Contra-
FX 51 1 1 3Andy Serkis. Genetically enhanced ape starts war. money from Panama to the U.S. to protect his brother. (R) band ('12)
GSN 179 179 179 179 179 41 Family Feud Family Feud Shop 'tilYou ShoptilYou ShoptilYou Shop tilYou Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed
GSN 179179171734 1718 (P (IVPG op Drop Drop Drop Game(R) Game(R) Game (R) Game (R)
HALL 5 5517 13 2'40 The Good Witch's Destiny (13) Catherine Bell. Cassie Signed, Sealed, Delivered: A Lesson in Romance ('14) A woman tries to reconnect
ALL '7 3 prepares for her birthday. (NR) (CC) (H()) Timeto Start Livn (N) with her family by enrolling in college with them.
T 8 8 81 8 33 6co5:(00) The Bible: Passion New Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) Pawn Stars (R) No Man's Land: Sandmen
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 6512 faith movement (R) (HD1)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD1)) (HD)) Rain stirs trouble. (N)
ME 1 1 1 1 c 416 Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters Beach Caribbean Life Caribbean Life Hunt Family Hunt(R) Living Alaska Living Alaska
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 (H) (HD) (HD) or city. (N) (N) vacation. i(N) (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Coin Collector Coin Collector NUTRiBULLET Dessert Electronic Connection Electronic Connection
LIFE 36 36 3636 52 4 140 Devious Maids Marisol at Devious Maids: Totally Clean A Day Late and a Dollar Short (14, Drama) Whoopi Devious Maids: An Ideal Hus-
LI 6 36 36 6 41 risk. (CC) (R) (HD)) Death solved. (R) Goldberg. Woman's quest to mend relationships. band New romance.


O Wu N L ind sa y i.-i ,d *: ,j.. 111a Il L lnd s a yI r 1.11,. L in d sai. .,. ., ,y I 111)i
,:,t,:, n 7.17-,l',,, r iii ,I ,- 31 B5 B 1" 1,''.- l Ii .I,. .', l, I', i I; I11l)1
S i BarRescue T.:rn-.: 1:'i' BarRescue: l-i:-.rjl.: T B:' i BarRescue: T3 *:'EC":U i' Bar Rescue 1iii111, Catch',iii, Catchiii, ()
S PIK 1Hi1l = 1, II-" ;I T.- B: 1 .: I ; IHIiI 1HIiII IIHI 1
1 .J. ,11,Stardusti,0 i- :.ur ,i;ri, Paul, 11 r.: ,*** :_-i.:.ri ?.:., T .:.:. '.:.: Men in Blacki' i '. ill _-ilr T *.:.,l.:.|: ,:.:il C
M a d e a G o e s to J a il ,? ? -'r 5 ,id n',,:,r l ',,-, nd.ri : T y le r P e rr n 's M a d e a 's B ig H a p p y F a m ily i i ,: ,- ,3 T y le r P e rry 's M a d e a 's B ig
fl'*& bfl u|:3ni |..:.i- Ell3' i l:1i:r.:l.:.n- l.:i -11:11:l 3r 31: | 13 *I .: 'T *.:*' 3.: :.ri'i.: 3*:'; *:.:l: .:i l -1.: mE.: Happy Fa:mrly:' 3 1: 15 *:*'; iEii Z

TOM i The Greatest Story Ever Told, ,:.. ii:..- 31 Bp1i".':.Ii :. Easter Parade i J1: I i:.:-ii..,n.- I.:. -.: I 3r,, .: i:-1:3 AnnieGetYourGun, I.'
r,'i .. i. ll.' ,.-* 1 -1. ii. .:.l I.; ;u ; .: l hii i .:.l'' 'i- i 11" l:. i: .:iu .:il'i i.:.l', ____ ':' '-i a I': '5:l~ vi', I',i .; h .:.u l',.-. l.:.i..j.-n il'.. ',- ir i i" .:.__* v i',' i" .r a:I', ; I ', : 'I',:,__.l.-
,TLC ." The Little Couple .:.i'd .:- Litle,-irl |Littlei' vii UMediumini LlMediumihi Longlsland Longlsland My Five Wives 1i1mii 1
i" v*.: i. i III IIHII l. i.:..: i. viii iHI ilII M ed lii M ed iii
.NT 11.iiLRootibUl I-.:.I:.- 1 ,,B. 2014NBAPlayoffs: T.- ri: TIE- 1L-;.| 2014NBA Playoffs: T.- r,,: TI'- |L;.
:E Juii__________'lt .: rj_ 'Ill)
TRAV 69 69 69 69260 66 170 Food Paradise: Big Beef Para- Food Paradise Flavorful MysteriesattheMuseumlnfa-GreatestMysteries: Holy Hotel Secrets & Legends
S6 di/se 10-pound steak treats. (((C) (R) mous informant. (R) Land Biblical areas (N) Outlaw lodge. (N)
TRUTY 63 6 6363 5 30 13 World's Dumbest.. Hip-hop truTV Top Funniest: TV truTV Top Funniest Dance World's Dumbest... Fighting World's Dumbest.. Figure
m31 usician. (R) Blunders 2 (((CC) (R) moves. (((C) (R) dancers. (R) skaters. (R)
TVLND 6262626231 54 244 Gilligan's IGilligan's Gilligan's IGilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 34 3 3434 22 52 50 w He's Just Not That Into You ('09, Comedy) *'/ Ben Affleck A needy Bridesmaids ('11, Comedy) *** Kristen Wig. A lovelorn and broke
34 woman receives advice from her friends about the dating scene. Woman accepts to be her best friend's maid of honor. (R) ((C() (H1))
WE 11711711717 1117149 CSI: Miami: Come As You Are CSI: Miami: Baclkstabbers CSI: Miami: Intemrnal Affairs CSI: Miami: Throwing Heat CSI: Miami: No Man's Land
1 1 Marine recruiter. jFemale terrorist. (H1)) Natalia suspected. (H)) Land mine. ((C) (H() Truck hijacked. (H1))
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 1 (5:30) 300 ('07, Action) Three hundred Spartans fight to the Fast Five ('11, Action) Former cop and ex-con team upon Salem: TheVow((CC) (N)(H4))
dH16 1eath against the formidable Persian army. (R) the wrong side of the law for one last job. (C(()
CSS 28 28 28 49 70 (5:00) To Be Announced Program information is unavail- Talkin Football To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
28a l e80 0 able at this time. _______this time.
S29 29 29 29 12 5 70 Baseball Tonight: Sunday | MLB Baseball: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox from Fenway Park (live) (H)) SportsCenter: from Bristol,
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 10 Baseball Tonght Suda (H)_
(N) (141)) *(NI 100) Conn. (N) (((1(41)
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 59 4 SportsCenter: from Bristol, E:60: Dream On: Stories from 30 for 30: The Price of Gold (CC) (H1) 30 30: Judging 30 for 30: Soccer Stories:
ESP 02 OConn. (N) (CC(((H) Boston's StrongestJwell Hillsborough (HP)
FS1 48 48 48 42 69 83 (5:00) The Ultimate Fighter: ThE UFC on FOX: Werdum vs Browne: from Amway Center in Worid Poker Tour Alpha8 UFCCountdowni : 172: Jones
SHurting Game (R) Orlando, Fla. (Taped) (CC ((1)) Florida Conclusion vs. Texiera (N) (00) )
FSN 712 712 72 7 56 77 Duniest StuffCutting Edge Wrld Poker (Taped) ((CC) (H)) Wrld Poker (Taped) ((CC) (H)) The Best of Pride: Legends Wrid Poker (Replay) (CC) (HP)
_(___ ____ () MD(N) of Pride (N) (00)
GOLF 49494949 5560304 Golf Central (N) (H)) PGA TOUR Golf: RBC Heritage: Final Round: from Harbour Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, S.C. (Replay) (H))
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 6 o (5:30) World Challenge: Long NHL Live (N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (live) Playoffs:
Beach (N) (HP) Z/ Teams TBA
SUN 38 3 401 401 45 5 76 Into the (HD) Saltwater Exp. TV (14) ShipShape Sportsman Fla. Sports- Fish Flats (H) Fishing (HD) Professional Tarpon (HD)
SUN 318 TI 4'IV (R) (HD)) Iman (R)_ FulHse(___ FulHse( ___FulHseFun
NICK 25252525 is 25 Haunted (R) Thunderman Sam&Cat(R) Sam&Cat(R) Full Hse(((CC) Full Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC) FullHse (CC) FullHse(CC) FullHseFund
NI K ii a ii i a tt(141)) 1_ (14D)(HP 1 ))HP(141KH)) ________________ raiser.
TOON 80 124 146 20 251 (4:30) The Wizard of Oz('39) Clarence (R) Jerry Show Venture (R) Venture(R) Robot: Eaten Burgers Stor- Bob's (CC(() (H)) FamilyGuy
TON8 01414462 65 y ^^g |PM |6:30 7_ PM 7:3 8 PM 8:3 9 PM 9:3 10 PM 10:30
CNBC 39 39 3939 37 102 Paid IPaid Debt IMoney(N) 60Minutes (R) Inside Prison industry (R) Mob Money (R)
CNN 32 3 32 32 18 310 CNN Newsroom Sunday CNN Presents One-topic Death Row Stories (R) Death Row Stories (N) Chicagoland: Back of the
CN 3 18 3 00 News and updates. (N) studies. (CC)(H(()) Yards massshooting.
CSPN 18 18 18 18 3 12 109 Newsmakers American Politics News coverage keeps Q&A Interesting people dis- PM's Ques- American Politics News coverage keeps
CSPN 8 8 8 3_ 1(R) viewers informed, cuss their work. (N) tions(R) viewers informed. (R)
C 4 4 6 6 4 118 FOX News Sunday with Chris FOX Report Sunday News Huckabee Entertaining talk. Hannity Conservative news. Stossel The host reports on lib-
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 Wallace (CC(() (HP)) Iwrap-up. (N) (H0)) (N) (HD)) (CC) (N) (HD) ertarian issues. (HD)
MSNB 83 83 83 18540 103 Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Caught on Camera People Lockup Cameras explore life
MSB 8 83 8 8 40 face danger. (H)) face danger. (HP)) face danger. (HP)) face danger. (HP)) behind bars. (1H))
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News (N) INews(N) News (N) IPaid Annette News(N) Paid News(N) SNN Evening Edition (N)
CMV 1 4171 1 (4:00) The Parent Trap ('98) Footloose ('84 Drama) Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer. A Chicago teen moves FNAUSA(R)(HD) Cops Re-
CTV47 47 47 423 24 221 **/ Twinstrick parents. to a small town where dancing and rock n' roll are banned. loaded (H))
MT 33 33 33 33 48 210 oRidiculous (R) Stomp the Yard ('07, Musical) **, Columbus Short. Troubled teen strug- Scary Movie 3 ('03, Comedy) *1k A roving reporter inves-
M___/ 33 33 3 (HP)0) gles to adjust to campus life and enter step competition. tigates crop circles and a murderous videotape.
IVH1 50 50 504311 7 InkCrew Gir's TI&Tiny(R) TI andTiny: TI and Tiny: Stomp the Yard ('07, Musical) **- Columbus Short. Troubled teen strug- StompYard 2
VH1night. 5(H0) 4Call 911 Gravi-TI gles to adjust to campus life and enter step competition. 1('10) *
:05) Ted ('12) After a childhood wish comes true, a boy's Jack the Giant Slayer (13 Adventure) **/2 Nicholas The40-Year-OldVirgin ('05)
CINE 320320320320320320420 teddy bear comes to life, growing up with him and ultimately Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson. A war between humans and *** Aging virgin dates a
___ __ coming between him and his girlfriend. (R) giants erupts when a boy opens an entryway. (C(() celibate mother. ((CC
(4:15) The Godfather: Part III 1(:10) Broken City ('13, Thriller) **/2 Mark Vvahlberg, Vehicle 19 (13, Thriller) Paul Walker. A man Girl's Guide
CINE2 321 321 321321 321 321422 ('90, Drama) A mob boss tries to Russell Crowe. An ex-cop finds himself in the middle of a stops at nothing to reveal the corruption of a Overzealous
___ __g__ et out (((CC) scandal after being hired by a mayor. (R) (((C) (HP)) local police department. (((C) recruit
AustinAustinA ustin & Ally I Didn't Do It IDidn'tDolt Monsters, Inc. ('01, Comedy) ***2 (:40) Jessie Good Luck Jessie:
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Pseudonym. (R) (CC(() (R) (H) Vegetable Newsmoothie. John Goodman. A city of monsters is thrown (((CC) (R) (H)) Charlie: Team Badfellas
I spray (R) (R) into a panic by a little girl's arrival. ((( I {Mom Emma's crush.
Raw Deal ('86) The director of the FBI secretly hires a In the Line of Fire ('93, Thriller) ***/2 Clint Eastwood, (:10) Mission toMars ('00)
ENC 150150150150 150350 disgraced former agent on an outside-the-law basis to John Malkovich. A veteran Secret Service agent returns to **'/2 A second Mars craft
___ __ __ __ infiltrate and destroy the gang that killed his son. duty to prevent an assassination. (R) (C(() looks for the first. (C(()
(5:00) Beautiful Creatures ('13) (:10) The Way, Way Back (13, Comedy) *** Steve GameofThrones:Breakerof SiliconValley Veep:Alicia
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 A man learns secrets about his Carell, Toni Collette. Introverted teen befriends a water park Chains Tyrion considers his Richard Key event. (N)
___ __family. (CC) manager to avoid his family situation. (C) (H()0) options (N) (H)) negotiates. (H00))
(5:45)TheOut Makingof... Real Time with Bill MaherA Game of Thrones: The Lion Man of Steel ('13) A young Cark Kent embarks on an
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303402 List Personal Behindthe panel ofguests discusses and the Rose Tyrionoffersto arduous journey to discover his extraterrestrial heritage and
___ __ tales. scenes, politics. (FVMA) ()) help Jaime. (HP)) become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
American Beauty An unhappy married man begins to gain In Her Shoes ('05, Comedy) "*** Cameron Diaz, Toni The Making of The Lovely
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 costly insight when a sudden midlife crisis drives him to quit Collette. Two sisters with nothing in common gain a better ...: Identity Thief Bones ('09)
___ __-his job and fulfill his juvenile fantasies. appreciation of each other. (PG-13) 1_ ** (CC)(
(5:00) The Longest Yard (05) Years of Living Califomrnication Nurse Jackie: NurseJackie: Califomication Years of Living
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 *1' 2Convics play guards in Dangerously: Dry Season Levon(R)(H0) Sink or Swim (I Pillgdmage (N) Julia(N)(H0) Dangerously: End of the
____ football game. ()(C ( (R) (00)) Woods (CC) (N) (H0)
(05) Daylight ('96 Drama) ** 2 Sylvester Stallone, Amy Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ('04, Agent Cody Banks 2:
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Brenneman. A safety expert looks for a way to save tunnel Family) Jim Carrey, Liam Aiken. An avaricious relative plots Destination London (04) *k'2
T___ _-- 1 explosion victims. (PG-13) (C(HP(1))KS0 oto murder his three young charges. (C(() Mind-ontrol device. (C(() 11


ABC = 61 News EThi Extra i Paid ABC World News Now iii News News iiu
ABC 2alI NI News Castle Practice Paid Entertain lWorld News oI) News News News
ABC M] 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Paid McCarver Cold Case Cars.TV Raceline Word News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1oiii i" News Pa id Paid Paid Paid Paid ii.i UptotheMinute iN News News News
CBS iii I I News McCarver Paid Inside McNeely Kickin't I Minutei News News News i',
NBC Ii x x x News Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Meet Press Paid Early News News News
NBC 201 I I News Paid Bones Paid Red Crpet Dateline Meet Press Early News News iu
FOX 131I I 1 I 1 i News Notice ICloser Paid P aid Paid Judy Judy News News News II),
FOX 4 4 4 Closer Notice Glee(HD) Homes 30 Rock 30Rock Patemity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBS CL 3 3 3 3 Served? IKeepUp As Time One Foot Masterpce. Bletchley PeterPan(R) (HD) Pioneers
SPBSI -16 I NOVA i0 r Americani lYoungs NOVAih American i0 IYoungs Bolder |Yoga
PBS 201 Perform Callit) Masterpce. Bletchley PeterPan ini1111, Cappy0,1
"CW i'i Oueens IOueens Sanctuary Alien Alien Cheaters Paid Paid Harvey 70s "70s
CW I Criminal Family Fanily Mr. Box Mr. Box Paid Paid Paid McNeely Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3 111111 il 14 Ride Honor Ring Paid Bones RepublicR IHollywd Hollyscp Paid Paid Shepherd
MYN ) 8 9 8 Futurama Futurama Springer Access Buster ('88, Comed' Sea Hunt Sea Hunt Shepherd
IND 3 1212 12 38 12 ThereYet There Yet The Net ('95, Thriller) Cheaters Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION 66 2 2 132618 17 Monk Monk Monk Monk Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
WCLF l 22 22 22 2 Tommy Awaken Awaken Prophecy Fruit CTN Spec Copeland Citylife Good Life Jesus CTN Spec Youngren Hmekeep
WRXY4! 2244 10 Angel Awaken Awaken Ministry ITurning Women JB.Gouley GmddOpyGaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 1 2323 23 95 5 Deportivo Mas allia de R. ('95) 0peraci6n ('08) (CC) Pagado Pagado Contactop a
UNIV 2 1515 15 6 Humores Noticiero Verdad Al Punto El chavo IHorapico Paraamar Humnor es Noticiero

A&E 262626263950181 Duck Duck Duck Iuck Duck k Duc uck Duck Duck Duck Paid DogBty DogBt Paid
AMC 5656 56 56 30 53231 TURN (R) Mad Men TURN (R) Mad Men CSI Miami C SI Miami Stoge St ooges
APL 4444 4444 3668 13 River(R) Bounty River(R) Bounty River(R) River(R) Bounty
BET 35353535 40 22 27C 2014 (R) TBA Movie SuhPkReed BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 2 5118 Watch Housewives Medicine Housewives Watch Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 152719 Tosh Schumer Wrkaholic Tosh Bona Fide South Prk South Prk South Prk South Prk Futurama Half Hour Paid Paid
DISC 40404040254312 Naked Naked Naked Naked Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 416 46 6 27 266 1 Total Diva Game On Chrisley Soup IC. Lately Total Diva Soup C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 821161161 Lucky (R) Knife (R) Brew Dogs Brew Dogs Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24242412 17 28 EWTN Live Mass(R) John P. II Sunday Vision Easter (R)Catalogue Bookmark Cateches.
FAM 55555555104619 Hop (11) Osteen IMeyer Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Reign LifeToda
FOOD 37373737 7616 Kitchen America's Cutthroat Kitchen Food Court Paid Paid Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Contraband (12) **1 Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 171797117 341791 1 vs. 100 1 vs. 100 Mind Mind Pyramid Pyramid Dog Eat__ Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 24( Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers eers Frasier i Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 No Man's Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn No Man's No Man's Paid Cowboys Paid
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 4216 Hunters Hunters Hunt Hunt Alaska Alaska Hunters Hunters Life Life Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 4114( Devious Devious A Day Late and (14) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay iBerkus Rachael Dr. Phil Dr. Phil
SPIKE 5757 5757296354 Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Catch Catch Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67167 67125 6418 Frank Miller's Sin City (R) CreatureCreature Cratr Creature Creature Twilight
TBS 59595959326252 Big Happy ('11) IMadea to Jail ('09) *' Meet Browns ('08) *'2 Married Married Married
TCM 65 65 65 65 16 Annie Spies Undercover a ent. Lola Montes ('55) Ambersons
TIC 45454545 57 721 U MediurrLI Medium Five Wives LI Mediu LI Mediu Little Little Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Playoffs Inside NBA Watchmen Retired superheroes. Law (HD) S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69692 661 Mysteries Land (R) LegendsI Mysteries Mysteries Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 301 aR's Sh Jokers truTV Top Dumbest Dumbest IBarnm's Sh Jokers Paid Paid Paid Paid
TVLND 6262626231 542 Raymond Cleveland SoulMan Queens Queens IQueens 70s '70s '70s '70s 70s Curb Your Curb Your Curb Your
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 (03) SVU NCIS NCIS The Game Plan ('07) SVU (HD) SVU (HD)
WE 11111111 1114 CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 Salem Bones Salem Salem Salem Dharma Dharma Dharma News (N)
CSS 2828282849 70 TBA Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 1258 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter .SportsCenter Playoffs (Taped)Sports
ESPN2 30303030 659 74 30 for 30 ESPN FC MLB Game (Taped) Playoffs (Taped) Sports 30for30
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOX Sorts FOX Sports FOX Sports Arenacross Monster Wrld Poker
FSN 72 721212 3 7 56 77 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 49 5560 W PGA GolfCntri Champions Tour (Re lay) (HD) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 5461 90/ Pla yoffs (e) Overtime IMarathon Top10 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3340140145 5776 ReelFish Powverbt MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Pad Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 Marijuana Marijuana Greed (R) Paid Paid Greed (R) Money Worldwide
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 3810 Death Row Death Row Chicago Death Row Death Row Chicago Early (N)
CSPN 18181818 37121 0Q&A (R) Capital News Today Today in Washington________ Today in Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 Huckabee Hannity Stossel FOX News Huckabee MediaBuzz FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Lockup Lockup Lockup Meet Press Lockup Meet Press First Look Too Early
SNN 6 66 11 11 News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 32032032042 40 Virgin Fenme (:45) Admission (13) 103: To Die For ('07) IMe, Myself **/2
CINE2 323213213213213214 Gird'sGui Chernobyl ('12) Chenisiy Chenistry Ocean's Twelve ('04) Les Mis6rables (12)
DISN 1 1 1 136994525 Blog Austin Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N.T. Jessie Now You ('05) lOnDeck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENC 15 1 1 1 150 35 Mission Grumpy Men Premium Rush ('12) 1Dead Zone ***Nice Guy
HBO 30 302 340Thrones Veep Silicon IThrones Silicon Veep Identity Thief (13) Valentine
HB02 30 303 303 Man of War of Worlds ('05) FightGmeReal Sex Making of Pussy Riot **l2 Kingdom('12)
HB03 30 3 3W Lovely ('09) *** Maria Grace ('04) ***/Mating H. ('99) (:10) Limbo (99) **1
SHOW x 3 36 NurseJ. Calif. Years of INurseJ. Calif. ICanyons ('13) Patton Osw ICareer ('91) **
TMC 35 3 35 35 35 3 3 Banks 2 Homegrown (:45) Passion Fish ('92) *** Hunter (11) *** Teapot


AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid d Paid IPaid Paid IPaid History ofthe World, Part 1 ('1) (CC) Samurai ('03) (CC)
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320420 Me, Myself Overboard ('87) A man tells an am- The Negotiator ('98) A brilliant hostage negotiator is wrong- (:45) Getaway (13) Former race car
IN 0 33 3(( 2 nesiac she's his wife. fully accused of murdering his partner. driver must save wife.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 32142 Les Mis Fallen ('98) Copycat kllings border on bizarre. (R) |(:55) Office Space ('99) (CC) Mission: Impossible ('96)
ENO 150 1 5io 150150 150 3 Nice Guy (:40) Guess Who ('05, Comedy) **l/2 Father Love & Basketball ('00) Omar Epps. Players fol- National Treasure ('04) Treasure
EN i a au ('98) upset with future son-in-law. (CC) low their hoop dreams to USC. hunter protects history.
HBon 3023303020232 Valentine The World Is Not Enough ('99) James Bond (:45) Beasts of the Southern Wild ('12) Louisi- The Apparition ('12) Couple
HBO 302 302 302 30 302 30 0 ('13) thwarts terrorist's scheme. (CC) ana girl looks for mother. (CC) plagued by an evil spirit. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 (:05) Wing Commander ('99) The Crash Reel Snowboarder profile. (:40) The Watch ('12) **1/2 Alien invasion. Dark
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 (:20) Big Fat Liar ('02) (CC) (:50) The Sentinel ('06) **y/2 Conspiracy. (:40) K-PAX (01) Delusional man. (COC) Pitch Perf
SSW 30 3 34 34 30 0 3Lorenzo's Oil ('93) The parents of a boy with an incurable Turner & Hooch ('89) **1/2 Case (:15) The Big Kahuna ('99, Comedy) The Other
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 disease go to great lengths to save him. of the slobbering witness. Salesmen prepare. (11
TM 350 350 350 35 10350385 The Brass Teapot ('13) A young Lincoln ('12) ***/2 President joins the Union to help put Hollywoodland ('06, Mystery) *** George
M 350 350 3 3 couple pushes their luck an end to the Civil War and slavery. (COC) Reeves' death is investigated. (CO)
TM 65 65 6565 169230 Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Ski Party ('65, Comedy) Boys dress (:15) Beach Party ('63, Musical) ** A scientist Muscle Beach Party ('64,
TCM 6 165656 16, 3 Machine Explosive robots. as girls at ski lodge. studies teen mating habits. (CC) Musical)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid JPaid Invincible ('06, Drama) -***r Open NFL tryout. (CC) DieHard
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 (5:10) Lola (:45) Vanity Fair ('04) **1/2 Poor girl uses quick wits and se- (:10) In Good Company ('05, Comedy) Man's (:05) This Is 40 (12) A
CINE 320(3203232323 12) ductive charms to climb the social ladder. new boss is half his age. (CC) milestone. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321422 Courage Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Soviet espionage. The Negotiator ('98) Taking hostages. Journey 2 ('12)
cp ENO i 1 5 15 (5:10) Force 10from (:20) Are We Done Yet? ('07, Comedy) Dream Frankenweenie ('12) ***Sci- The Banger Sisters ('02, Comedy)
1C 1 150 15 I1 15 35 Navarone ('78) home becomes costly venture. ence experiment. (PG)(CC) Former groupies (CC)
HBO 302 302 302302 302302 4 Scary ('00) :25) Gloria in Her Own Thunderstruck ('12) ** Kevin (:15) First Comes Love ('13, Drama) Woman's The Wedding Date ('05)
HBO 302 30(C2 30C) Words (R) Durant. Basketball star. (CC) journey to becoming a mother. **(CC)(HD)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Ruby Sparks ('12) Rain Man ('88) Brothers' story. (R((() (:15) The Way, Way Back ('13) *** (CC() Deep Impact ('98)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Die Another Day 007 vs. space laser. Making of 1(:40) Just My Luck ('06) Luck reversed. The Heat r**2 Partners clash.
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 Mellen- Earth Girls Are Easy ('89) ** (:15) Crimes of the Heart ('86, Drama) **l/2 A Beaches ('88, Drama) Bette Midler. Unlikely
SHOW 34 4 4 4*3( camp Geena Davis. Aliens in pool. woman shoots her husband. (HD) friends form a lasting bond. (CC)
TM 350 350350350 0 0 385 (5:45) Return to Paradise ('98, (:40) Backflash ('01) Video store (:10) Inescapable ('13) *1/2 Missing (:45) Another Stakeout ('93, Com-
I 3I 3 a 3 3 a Drama) A difficult choice. owner meets an ex-con, daughter. (R) (CO) (HD) edy) Missinc informant.
TOM 651 65165 65 169230 (5:30) The Telegraph Trail The Life ofJimmy Dolan ('33) Ride Him, Cowboy ('32, 1(:45) The Big Stampede ('32, West- The Man from Monterey
1_ s1 ('33) ** **1/2 Fugitive boxer. (COC) Western) *1/2 emrn) Sheriff hunts thief. ('33) (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Stooges TheRecruit ('03) ACIArecruitmustfind a mole.
INE 320 320 320 320 320 320420 GhostCity (:50) Rushmore ('98, Comedy) ***/2 A man (:25) Shadow of the Vampire ('00) Tombstone ('93, Western) Kurt Russell. The
INE 3 3'/2 and a boy fight over a teacher. (CC) An actor seems real. Earp brothers fight the Clantons.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 New Year's Eve ('11) ** Love issought. There's Something About Mary ('98) Parental Guidance ('12 **/2 BigMomma
N 15015015011S:40) Hope Springs ('12) **12 Re- Rush Hour (98) **1/2 Jackie (:10) Perfect Stranger ('07, Thriller) A reporter :05) Harold and Kumar
1C 10 150 1a15 150 1 15 350 kindling romance. (COC) Chan. Detective team. (COC) probes her friend's murder. (COC) ('04)(R)(CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302302302 4 Man of ('13) A Night at the Roxbury ('98) ** The Lovely Bones ('09, Drama) A murder vic- (:15) The Dark Knight Rises ('12) Batman pro-
O 30 3 30 30 30 *1/2 Two unhip brothers. (CC) tim's family comes apart. (CC) tects Gotham from terrorist. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Small Town (:50) Seeking a Friend for End ('12) Man of Steel ('13) *1/2 Superman's origins. (CO) FightGame One Day
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 180 Second (:25) Pescador ('11, Drama) JBeautiful Creatures Family secrets. J(:10) Revolutionary Road ('08, Drama)
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 Quartet ('13) *** Past rivalries of (:45) Joyride ('97) Tobey Maguire. Boytakesthe A Brooklyn State of Mind ('98) Textuality ('11)*1/2
SHOW_ 3 4 retired opera group. (CC) t car of a deadly assassin. (CC) Danny Aiello. NY criminal. Blackberry lovers.
TMOP 3503535030355 Unraveled Medicine Man ('92) **Y/2 A scien- (:20) Munmford & Sons: (:20) Two Family House ('00, Drama) A man (:10) Beauty Shop ('05)
-TM 350 350 350 353 503 53 8 ('12 tist works in the rain forest. Road (1V14) dreams of purchasing a house. Salon politics.
TOM 6 5 13 Voyage (:45) 3 Godfathers ('48, Western) Three outlaws (:45) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon ('49) The U.S. Rio Grande ('50) U.S. soldiers try to
TCM 65 65 65 65 16 3 40) adopt an abandoned infant. cavalry fights off Indians. (CC) stop Apache raids.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid |JudgeDredd ('95) A Judge is framed. Windtalkers ('02)
CINE 320 320320 320 320 320 2 Tristan & Isolde Legend- Supernova ('00) *** Alien artifact The Godfather: Part II ('74, Drama) ****** Al Pacino. Michael Corleone faces new
ar lovers. endangers starship. (CC) challenges as he takes over the family crime empire. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Sabrina ('95) Driver's daughter. (CO) ITombstone ('93) No peace for Earp. (R) 1(:20) The Rocketeer ('91) Jetpack hero.
p ENOm 15015 155 (5:15)Twister('96)Storm (:15) Stranger Than Fiction ('06, Drama) A man (:15) Premium Rush ('12, Thriller) Police Academy ('84) Misfits create
1N I5 1 150 150 Ia 5 35 chasers learns he is living in a novel. Cyclist pursued. (CC) chaos at cop school.
HBO 302 302 30 30 30 30 4 ~ade('01) (:40) Kicking & Screaming ('05) Marquez (R Fight Game Pacific Rim ('13, Action) Charlie Hunnam. Giant Dodgeball: True Under-
HBO 302 302 302 302** Father-son rivalry. (CC) ,(R robots fight off alien menace. dog ('04) **1/2
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303303 402 Sound of My Voice ('12) **1/2 Never Been Kissed ('99) k** Witness: Libya (:15) Mama (13) **1/2 Alone in the forest.
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Ned Kelly 1(:25) Kraus (HD) Pacific Heights ('90) -**-1/2 (R) Absent ('11 Gay teen's plan. Ali's Greatest Fight ('13)
OW 30 3 30 30 3 3 :1310) John Mellencamp: It's About Elizabeth: The Golden Age ('07) *** Eliza- Material Girls ('06)1/2 Wealthy sib- The Other F Word (11)
SHOW 340 340 340 340 4 6 You Musical journey .beth I dares war with Spain. (COC) lings are left penniless. -Fatherhod.
TMOP 3505030303535 The Confession ('10) Boy prepares (:50) Hollywoodland ('06) A detective is hired to look into the Alex Cross ('12, Crime) Tracking Providence
IM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 for first confession. mysterious death of George Reeves. down a serial killer. (CO)**
TOM c65 65 6565 192 (4:45) The Green Berets (:15) Reunion in France ('42, Romance)** A (:15) Flying Tigers ('42, Action) **-1/2 American (: 15) Flying Leathernecks
TM s1_ ('68, Action) woman fears her beau is a Nazi. pilots find trouble in China. (CC) ('51) (CC)
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Stooges Eddie and The Cruisers ('83) *** (CC) ICop Land
OINE 0 30 30 30 3 3 4 Hoosiers ('86, Drama) Gene Hackman. Basket- White Noise ('05) *** Michael Kea- (:45) Gangster Squad ('13, Crime) Undercover Cinderella
CINE 320 320 320 32 32 32 42 ball squad's inspired season. ton. Ghosts in static. (COC) cops go up against a mobster. ('05)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Marigold ('12) *** The Debt Nazi war criminal. Kingdom of Heaven ('05) Fight for Jerusalem. (R) IVehicle 19 ('13) *1/2
c 150150 150150 150 350 (5:20) The Man in the (:05) Proof ('05) *** The death of The Brothers Grimm ('05) Two traveling con artists venture :55) To Rome with Love
N 10550150 15 Moon '91- *** a brilliant mathematician. into a haunted forest beset by a curse. I'12) (CC)
HBO 302302302302302302 4 Identity Thief (13) **l/2 State of Play Obsessive Too Big to Fail ('11) **1/2 William (:45) Just My Luck ('06, Comedy) ** A girl in- Chairs('11)
HB 302 302 30 30 30 30 40 Stolen identity. parents (R) -Hurt. Financial crisis. (CCO) herits a guy's misfortune. (CC) 12
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303303 402 (10) Cloud Atlas ('12) The impacts of individuals'actions. TheWay,Way Back ('13) Real Sports (HI) RainMan
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Anna Smith (:40) EDtv ('99) A reality TV star. (COC) Beasts of the Southern Wild ('12) *** (:25) The Lovely Bones ('09)
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 Lorenzo Beaches ('88, Drama) Bette Midler. Unlikely (:45) Sarafina! ('92, Musical) ** School girl gets Wicker Park ('04) A man searches
SOW 4 3 34 3 3 (93) fri ends form a lasting bond. (CC) involved in protests. (PG -13) for his missing lover.
TM 350350 350 350 350 350 385 Legendary ('10) ** A teen brings (:35) Nixon (95, Drama) Anthony Hopkins, Joan Allen. The rise and fall of the 37th Lincoln ('12, Drama) CMIvil
IMC 350 350 3a0 350 35 i back3 together. President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon. (COC) War (CC)
TOM 65 65 6565 169230 Tall in the Saddle ('44) A cowboy is (:45) Without Reservations ('46, Comedy) A nov- (:45) Tycoon ('47, Adventure) **1/2 An engineer finds love
TM i i i 6 i67 accused of murder elist meets a war hero. (CC) land danger during a tunnel project. (COC)


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AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 The Last Samurai ('03) Yank goes samurai. (CC) The Shawshank Redemption ('94) A man in prison. (CC) Invincible
INE 320 30 320 320 320 320 42 (:20) The Revenant (12, Comedy) Zombie and (:20) Go ('99, Comedy) Sarah Polley. Lives of he- (:10) The Man in the Iron Mask ('98) Musketeers
INE 3 3 3 3 3 ( his friend hunt for blood. (CC) donistic L.A. teens collide. (CC) plot to replace abusive k1ng.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ('12) 1(:20) Snow White and the Huntsman ('12 (CC) Oblivion *** Vital resources.
ENO 150 1 1 50 1 50 15035 National Treasure Secret Johnny Be Good ('88) Teen Raw Deal ('86) A former FBI agent (:20) In the Line of Fire ('93, Thriller) Agent fights
ENC IS0 1 l a((history, plays football. (PG-13) (CC() infiltratesa gang. (CC) past to save president. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302302 302 302 Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays people Battleship ('12, Science Fiction) **1/2 Human (:15) Just My Luck ('06, Comedy) **A girl in-
HBO 3 3 3 3 3 3 who influenced him. (R) (HD)) navy battles alien armada. (CC) herits a guy's misfortune. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 The Dark Knight Rises ('12) Ultimate enemy. (:35) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ('12, Fantasy) Congenial.
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304404 (11:45) Pitch Perfect ('12) (:40) The Delay ('12, Drama) The Wedding Date ('05) ** Kicking & Screaming ('05)
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 (11:50) The Other FWord ('11) Detention of the Dead High school Derailed ('05)An affair iscompli- Your Sister's Sister ('12) Emily
SHOW 340 30 340 34 34 34 6 Fatherhood. (R) (CC) kds fight zombies. cated by blackmail. (CC) Blunt. Two women. (CC)
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (:10) Rescue Dawn ('07, Adventure) Pilot rallies (:15) Nixon (95, Drama) Anthony Hopkins, Joan Allen. The rise and fall of the 37th Lincoln
SM 350 350 35 35 35 35 8 other POWs to escape. (CC) President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon. (CC) (12)
TOPM 65 6 6 1 Muscle (:45) Bikini Beach ('64, Comedy) **l/2 Pop star Pajama Party ('64) An alien teen Beach Blanket Bingo ('65) ** Teens have
TCM 65 65 65 65 16923( Beach fallsfor a teenager's girl. (NR) fallsforan Earthling. adventures atthe beach. (NR) (CC()
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Die Hard 2 ('90) Airport terrorists. (CC) IJaws ('75) A beach community is stalked by a shark (CC) IJaws 2 ('78) (CC)
pINE 3 3 3 3 3 (11:05) This Is 40 ('12) A (:25) The Man with the Golden Gun ('74) Bond is (:35) Heat ('95) A homicide detective makes it his mission in life
CINE 320 320 32 32 32 32 42 not-so-average American family. a target for assassination. to track down a master thief. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Joumey 2 (:50) The Island ('05) **1/2 Utopian society. (CC) EI Gringo Outsider targeted. 1(:50) Stigmata ('99, Horror
P ISO 10 15 1 3 The Odd Life of Timothy Green ('12) Couple (:05) Drumline ('02, Drama) ** Harlem street (:0) Frankenweenie('12)*** (:40)LA.
SEN O 1501 50150 150 1503 takes in mysterious young boy. drummer in marching band. (C**) HScience experiment. (C1) ('97)
HBO 3023303 Wedding In Her Shoes ('05, Comedy) *** Sisters be- Man of Steel ('13) A young Clark Kent embarks on a journey Fever Pitch ('05) Love for
HBO 302 302 302 302 302302 40'0 (,5) gin to appreciate each other. (CC) to become the le enary superman. baseball.
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Deep Impact ('98) Dream House ('11) **1-/2 (CC) (35) Snitch ('13) *** Undercover father. |The Hangover Part III ('13)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 Heat 1(:25) Dodgeball ('04) **/2 (CC) Identity Thief ('13) Stolen identity. (CC) Mann V. Ford Waste lawsuit. Gasland
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 (:15) Circle of Friends ('95, Drama) **1/2 An Carlito's Way ('93) A drug dealer pledges to go straight, but Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (12)
SOW 4 3 34 34 34 3 awkward small-town girl finds love. his friends pull him back into crime. Sheik's vision. (CC)
TM 350 350 350 350350 350 385 Stakeout (:35) Ed Wood ('94, Drama) Director Ed Wood (:45) Silver Linings Playbook (12) Emotionally (:50) Red Flag (12) *1/2 Indie film-
TMC 35 5]35 5 5 8 (93) creates strange movies. (R) (CC) damaged man reclaims life. maker traverses the U.S.
TOM 6565 6565 169230 0 (:15) Sagebrush Trail ('33)** Randy Rides Alone A The Star Packer New (:45) The Lawless Frontier ('34) Allegheny Uprising ('39)
S6 6 6 6 16 Framed for murder. (NR) masked kIler sheriff in town. ** Revenge in the West. Gun sales.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Behind Enemy Lines ('01) A pilot's survival. (CC) Next of Kin ('89, Drama) **/2 Policeman vigilante. Windtalkers ('02)
pINE 30 3 30 30 30 3 o 15) Prometheus (12, Science Fiction) Expedi- (:20) Oblivion ('13) ***One of the last drone repairmen (:25) Great Expectations ('98,
CINE 320 320 32 32 32 32 42 tion to learn humanity's origins, stationed on Earth has one last ob. (C) Drama) ** Artist's loss. (CC)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 32142 Big Momma's House 2 ('06) IThe Godfather ('72) The story of a New York Mafia family. Life of Pi (12) Shipwreck
ENC 150 150 150 150 150 350 Harold ('04) (:40) Twister ('96, Drama) Helen Hunt. Storm (:40) The Wedding Planner ('01, Romance) Wed- AntiTrust ('01) Computer geek's
*** chasers pursue killer tornadoes, ding planner falls in love. (CC) dream job turns deadly.
HBO 302 302 302302302302 4 (10:15) The Dark Knight The Way, Way Back ('13) *** (:45) One Last Hug: Grief Pitch Perfect ('12, Comedy)*** An all-girls a A. Ventura
HB 302 Rises (12) Teen seeks respite. (CC) Camp (R) capella singing group. (CC) (HD()) (94)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 One Day (11) (CC) (:20) Red Eye ('05, Thriller) Moonrise Kingdom Runaway love. War of the Worlds ('05) (CC)
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 The World Is Not Enough *1/2 007 fights terrorist (:25) Beginners ('11, Drama) Promised Land ('12) Small town fights.
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Textuality (35) Stir of Echoes ('99) Kevin Ba- (:15) Cocktail ('12, Comedy) ** A timid girl 50/50 ('11, Drama) Young man tries Quartet
OW 3 3 3('11) con. mages haunt man. moves in with a party girl. (NR) (CC) to beat cancer. (CC) (13)
TMO 3503503503503 5Beauty Shop ('05) ** DeadHeads (12) ** Two zombies (:35) Out of the Ashes ('03, Drama) Doctor ac- Virus ('99) ** Ship survivor's ref-
TMS 350 350 350 350 350 350 al on politics take a road trip. (R) (CC) caused of collusion with Nazis. (R) uge harbors death. (R) (CC)
TOM 65 65 6565 1692 Grande The Quiet Man ('52, Romance) ***/2 A (:45) The Wings of Eagles ('57, Drama) A para- (:45) How the West Was Won ('62)
(M 5 5 50) boxer returns to his native Ireland. (CC) lyzed aviator returns to duty. America'sexpanse.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 (11:00) Windtalkers ('02) Radio code. lWe Were Soldiers ('02) The first battle of the Vietnam War. Marshals ('98) **/2
OINE 320 320320 320 320 320 420 The Internship ('13, Comedy) Two jobless sales- Internal Affairs ('90, Thriller) **1/2 A cop tries National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2: The Abyss
N 320 320 32 32 32 32 42 men compete as interns. (CC) to catch a corrupt officer. (R) (CC) Coll ege @ Sea (06) (89)
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 (:10) Les Mis6rables ('12) Runaway prisoner. (CC) (:50) The Long Kiss Goodnight ('96) (:50) White Huntsman (12)
EN 150 150 150 150 0 Pol.Acad. In the Line of Fire ('93, Thriller) ***/2 Agent (:40) Hang 'Em High ('68, Western) A tough guy (35) Staying Alive ('83) ** Dancer
('84)1 ( fights pastto save president. (CC) seeks revenge in Old West. on Broadway. (PG) (CC)
HBO 30232303023230 Dodgeball (:45) Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor plays Marquez (R) Real Sports -Gumbel Battleship ('12, Science Fiction) **1'/2 Human
HB 302(302302302302302400 people who influenced him. (R) ( (HCC) ()HD navy battles alien armada. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Miss Congeniality 2 Pals kidnapped. (:15) The Heat (13) Partners clash. (CC) (:15) A Good Day to Die Hard (13) **
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 All Fight (:35) Valentine Road ('13) :0) Trouble with the Curve (12 (CC) Now You See Me (13) *** Bank heists.
SHOW 340 3 340 340 340 340 365 The Other FWord (11) 54('98, Drama) Young man works at (:35) The Brothers Bloom ('09) Swindling broth- Meek's Cutoff (11) Guide over the
SOW 34 3 3 3 3 3 Fatherhood. exclusive club. (CC) ers pickthe wrong mark (CC) Cascade Mountains.
TM 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 (11:45) Outside Providence ('99) (:25) Hidden Assassin ('96, Thriller) Messages Deleted ('09) An answer- Mean Creek ('04) A brother tries to
IT 3 **3 j A teenage misfit. (CC) Assassin on the run. ing machine message. prevent bullying. (CC)
TOM 65 65 6565 1692 2 (11:15) Flying Leather- The Sea Chase ('55) British and German navies (:15) Cast a Giant Shadow ('66, Adventure) An American officer is re-
T _1, necks (51) pursue a a freighter captain. cruited to lead the army of the new state of Israel.
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Cop Land ('97) Corruption battle. (CC) Mission: Impossible III ('06, Thriller) Spy vs. dealer. (CC) Pearl Harbor ('01)
OINE 320 30 320 320 320 320 42 (11:45) Cinderella Man ('05, Drama) Boxer re- (:15) Getaway ('13) Former race car (:50) Jack the Giant Slayer ('13) **1 2 A war Bourne
INE 3 3 3 3 3 3 ains prizefighting status. (CC) driver must save wife. erupts between giants and humans. (12
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Vehicle 19 The Internship (13) Job competition. Oblivion ('13) The last drone repairman on Earth. IBlown Away ('94)
FMN 150 150 150 150 1500 To Rome (:50) Postcards from the Edge ('90) Actress (35) Hotel Transylvania ('12) ** (:10) Good Will Hunting ('97, Drama) Troubled
Ecm 1u 1 1 1 1( ] 12) copeswith career, drugs & mom. Monsters gather. (CC) genius deals with his past. (CC)
HBO 302 302 302 302302302 4 Musical Chairs Wheel- (:15) The Lucky One (12, Drama) A Marine's Transporter 2 ('05) Mercenary bat- The Sentinel ('06, Crime) A White
O 0 3 30 30 30 chair contest. luckywartime photograph. (CC) ties boy's kidnappers. House conspiracy. (CC)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303303 402 (11:45) Rain Man ('88) Brothers' story. Paycheck ('14) Makingof The Hangover Part III ('13) IThe Watch ('12)
HBO3 304304304304 304404 Lovely (:45) Snitch (13) *** Undercover father. American Beauty ('99) Midlife crisis. Maria Full of Grace ('04) ***
SHOW 340 30 340 340 340 340 365 Wicker ('04) (:45) Fearless ('06, Action) Shido Nakamura. The The Way Back ('10, Drama) *** Prisoners (:45) Java Heat ('13) ** Manhunt
S~OW 30 3 3 3 33( /2 life of revered martial artist. escape a Siberian labor camp. (CC) for terrorist in Indonesia.
TMO 353535303030 Lincoln ('12) President hopes to end Apartment 1303 ('13) Mischa The Brass Teapot ('13) A young (:45) Nixon ('95) The rise and fall of
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350( 385 war and slavery. Barton. Haunted apartment couple ushes their luck. President Nixon. (CC)
TOM 65 6565 65 16923 Angel and the Badman ('47, West- (:45) Trouble Along the Way ('53) **l/2 A pri- (:45) Big Jim McLain ('52) John Rio Bravo ('59) A lawman
T __M 5 5 ,(ern)Gunslinger in love. vatesohool hires a troubledcoach. Wayne. Agentsin Hawaii, introuble.
I1 a! ],l I ]I, i] l l l i, I I ] i l ] l ,'eIT r Ii,


ABC 2 1 11 1 Bethenny The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
ABC 2 11 ABC Action News The Chew General Hospital Katie Ellen DeGeneres News News
ABCN 7 7 7 10 7 7 ABC7 News @ Noon The Chew General Hospital RachaelRay The Doctors News News
CBS I1 10 10 10 10 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal Dr. Phil News News
CBS ] 213213 5 5 5 News Young Restless Beautiful The Talk Let's Make a Deal News at 4pm News News
NBC X 8 8 8 8 8 Today Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
NBC 2W 2 2 2 NBC2 News @ Noon Days of Our Lives The Doctors The Dr. Oz Show News News News
FOX M 13 13 13 13 13 FOX 13 News TMZ Dish Bethenny TMZ Live Judy JJudy FOX 13 5:00 News
FOX X 4 4 4 America We People Justice Supreme Judy Patemity The Test Maury Judy Judy
PBSCI) 3 3 3 3 Charlie Rose Variety Variety Thomas Kratts Martha WordGiril Curious Europe
PBS M 204 204 204 16 Newsline fContrary Variety Globe Trekker Fake or Fortune? Antiques Roadshow Journal Capitol
PBSJM 3 3 3 Variety Thomas Sid Clifford WordGidi Curious Arthur Martha Capitol
CW M 6 21 6 Dr. Phil Bill Cunningham Wendy Williams Steve Harvey Famn Feud Fam. Feud Dr. Phil
CWMI 9 9 9 4 America America Paternity Patemity Cold Case Files Bill Cunningham Steve Harvey Queen Latifah
MYN 38 11 11 11 14 JudgeMathis Trisha Goddard The Test Judge Mathis Maury The People's Court
MYN X) 8 9 8 OK! TV Paid The People's Court Judge Mathis The People's Court Communit Communit Friends Friends
INDR32 1212 12 38 12 Cheaters Cheaters JerrySpringer Steve Wilkos Show Jerry Springer 30 Rock 30 Rock How I Met How I Met
IONJ 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Movie Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds Criminal Minds
WCLFU 22 22 22 2 Destined Thr. Bible HmekeeperlChristian Jim Bakker The 700 Club Your Health It's Time Parsley
WRXYMI 22 44 10 Hmekeeper It's Time The 700 Club Your Health Jim Bakker Connect |Revival Mission Salvation
TLF N 23 23 23 95 5 Tras la verdad Laura Qui6n tiene la? Casos de familiar Fuego en la sangre Fuego en la sangre
UNIV620 1515 15 6 Destilando amor Hoy La rosa de Elgordo y laflaca Primer impact
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 CSI: Miami Criminal Minds Criminal Minds The First 48 The First 48 The First 48
APL 444 44 44 36 68 130 Pit Bulls Pit Bulls Tanked: Unfiltered Swamp Wars Gator Boys Movie
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 Parkers Parkers Wife Wife JanieFoxx JanieFoxx Parkers Movie
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 New York New York New York Couch Southern Charm Real Housewives Hsewives
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 Movie Tosh Tosh Tosh Tosh Tosh Tosh Futurama Futurama
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43 120 Sins & Secrets Porter Porter Porter Porter Moonshiners Moonshiners Moonshiners
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Mickey Einsteins Einsteins Octonauts Jessie Jessie Win Lose (:40) Blog (:05) Blog Dog Blog Win Lose Good Luck
E! 4646 46 46 27 26 196 E! News Sex & City Sex & City Sex & City Sex &City Sex & City Kardashians Kardashians Kardashian
ESQ 8282 82 82 118118160 Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Million Dollar Jimmy Fallon
EWTN 243243243 12 17 285 DailyMass Best of Journey Threshold of Hope Reflection HolyName Truth Friar John XXIII John XXIII
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 8 Rules 8 Rules Reba Reba Reba Reba BoyWorld BoyWodd BoyWorld BoyWodd Middle Middle
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164 Pioneer Barefoot Sandra's Ten Dollar Rest Chef 30Min. Essentials Giada Barefoot Barefoot Pioneer Trisha's
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 21/2Men 21/2Men Movie George How I Met How I Met 21/2Men 21/2Men Movie
GSN 179 17919 179 179 34 179 184 Lingo Lingo Fam. Feud Famn Feud Catch 21 Pyramid No Deal No Deal Shop Shop 1 vs. 100
HALL 5 5 5 17 73 240 Home & Family Little House: Begin Little House: Begin Little House: Begin The Waltons
HIST 81 81 81 81 33 65 128 Cajun Paw CajunPawr American American American American American American American American American American
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Hunters Hunters Now? Now? Variety Now? Now? Now? Now? Now? Now? Variety
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Real Collectibles Home Solutions Ingenious Designs Colin Cowie Beauty Innovations Joan Hornig Giving
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 How Met FHowlMet Grey'sAnatomy Grey'sAnatomy Grey's Anatomy WifeSwap Wife Swap
OWN 58 58 58 58 47 103161 Dr. Phil Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to
QVC 14 14 14 9 14 13 150Q Check Spring Linen Ultrafine Silver Nickel-Free Jewelry Problems Solved MallyBeauty
SPIKE 7 57 57 57 29 63 54 Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Ink Master InkMaster Ink Master Ink Master
SYFY 67 67 67 6253 64 180 Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off Face Off
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 Office Cleveland Dad Dad Dad Queens Queens Friends Friends |Friends Friends Seinfeld
TIC 45 45 45 45 57 72 139 What Not to Wear 19 & Counting Little Little Bridesmaid Bridesmaid FourWeddings LI Medium LI Medium
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Bones Bones Bones ]Bones Castle Castle
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 66 170 Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Bizarre Foods v Food v Food
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest.. Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore Pawn Pawn
TVLAND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Gunsmoke Gunsmoke (:40) Gunsmoke (:50) Bonanza Bonanza Griffith Griffith
USA 34 34 34 34 22 5250 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU
WE 117117117117 117 149 Law&Order Law & Order Law&Order Law&Order Law & Order Law & Order
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 IntheHeatofNight WGN Midday News Law&Order Law&Order Law&OrderCl Law & OrderCl
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE To Be Announced Talkin Football Beach GolfWeekl
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 SportsCenter SportsCenter |SportsCenter Outside Insiders NFLLive Horn Interrup
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Numbers Never Lie ESPN First Take SportsNation Highly JHighly College ESPNFC
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 NASCAR Race Hub Rise as One UEFA Pre. UEFA Champions League Soccer Crowd Goes Wild
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 MLB Baseball ______ Game365 Courtside W Coast Customs World Poker Tour TheFinsiders
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 In Play with Jimmy The Golf Fix Big Break Florida Big Break Florida Feherty In Play with Jimmy
NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 Sports Outdoors Next Bite Winkelman Fish Texas lnto the Saltwater Americana PowerNat. PowerNat NASCAR Pro
SUN 38 38 401401 45 57 76 Fight Sports Fight Sports P1 AquaX USA Polaris Access Phenoms Gators Orange & Blue Debut
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 44 252 PAW Patrol PAW Patrol Wallykazan Peter Sponge Sponge Sponge Fairly Faidy Fairl Sponge Sponge
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Adventure Adventure Universe Universe JohnyTest JohnyTest Gumball Gumball Drama Drama Regular Regular
CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Fast Money Power Lunch Street Signs Closing Bell Fast Money
CNN 32 32 32 32 18 38 100 Legal View with Wolf CNN Newsroom Jake Tapper Situation Room
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 118 (11:00) Now America's News HQ Real Story Gretchen Shepard Smith Your World Cavuto The Five
MSNBC 83 83 83 83 185 40 103 Andrea M [Ronan Farrow Daily The Reid Report The Cycle Alex Wagner The Ed Show
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News |Paid SNN News Daytime Paid News Paid NNews ews News Live @5 News
CMTV 474 47 47 23 24 221 Movie Dog & Beth IDog & Beth IDog & Beth Reba
MTV 333 33 33 35 48 210 16 and Pregnant 16and Pregnant 16and Pregnant GirlCode GirdCode GirdCode GirdCode GirdCode GirdCode
VH1I 50 50 50 50 43 23 217 TI&Tiny BlacklnkCrew Hot97 BehindtheMusic Behind the Music Behind the Music The Greatest


8 p.m. on AMC
When a small-town police
chief thinks a recent ocean
death was the work of a
gigantic shark, the mayor
refuses to heed his warn-
ings, but after several more
deaths, he begins a hunt for
the shark with the help of a
scientist and a fisherman.
0 (HD)

8 p.m. on CW
"What Storm Is This That
Blows So" While trapped at
school during a hurricane,
Teri slips Roman a drug that
causes him to say cruel
things to Emery, and Gray-
son threatens Drake into
ending his secret relation-
ship with Taylor; Julia seeks
Emery's help when Eva
terrorizes her. (HD)

8 p.m. on FOX
"The Nail in the Coffin"
The Jeffersonian team is
brought into investigate the
murder of a wealthy heiress
whose remains were dis-
covered in a national park,
but when facts surrounding
her death point to the Ghost
Killer, the FBI Deputy Direc-
tor takes an interest in the
case. (H D)

Billy Crystal 700
8 p.m. on HBO
During his one-man two-act
play, actor and comic Billy
Crystal portrays a number
of characters who have
influenced the person he is
today, chronicling his life
from his youth and grow-
ing up in Manhattan's jazz
world to adulthood. (HD)

The Voice
8 p.m. on NBC
"The Live Shows Premiere"


Bill decided to pursue custody
of Will. Liam and Hope shared a
passionate kiss. Justin informed
Bill about the poor state of his
publishing business. Quinn
urged Wyatt to do everything he
could to win back Hope. Karen
arrived in town to try to get
Spencer Publications back on
track Hope recalled the good
times with Liam. Brooke called
Karen and asked to meet in
secret. Katie pulled Donna into
the middle of her quarrel with
Brooke. Bill pleaded his case to
Karen as to why he should be
renamed CEO. Maya recorded
her conversation with Oliver
about his intentions toward Aly.
Katie grew suspicious of Justin's
loyalty after he asked for more
access to the company files. Wait
to See: Carter questions Maya's
motives. Aly and Oliver embark
on a new romance. Liam has a
proposition for Hope.

Nicole tried to come clean
with Daniel. Marybeth stirred
up trouble for JJ and Paige.
Aiden got honest with Marlena.

Rafe was determined to figure
out Gabi's secret. Later, Gabi
had a fit when Will brought up
the idea of a custody agreement.
Eric informed Marlena that
he was going to marry Nicole.
Brady told a disappointed
Theresa he had to stop seeing
her. Aiden and Hope ran into
a major snag while planning
the St. Luke's summer gala. A
mysterious figure delivered the
incriminating photos ofEJ and
Abigail to the DiMera mansion.
Rafe was hot on Nick's trail. JJ
confided in Paige before kissing
her. Hope was put in an awk-
ward position with Roman. Wait
to See: Daniel pressures Theresa
to confess. Nick threatens Sami.
Nicole realizes that Liam is

Sonny verbally lashed out
at Olivia during one of his
depressive episodes. Patrick and
Sabrina learned the gender of
their baby. Anna and Dante took
Carlos in for questioning while
Ava tried to help him form a
plan of action. Jordan proved
her loyalty to her new boss by
confiding that she wanted in on

Having made it past both
battle rounds and the
playoffs without being
eliminated, the top 12 art-
ists perform in front of the
judges, but this time the
American public, not just
the coaches, will have a say
in who stays and who goes
home. (HD)

The Following
9 p.m. on FOX
"Silence" When Joe Carroll
sets the final step in his
master scheme in motion,
Ryan and Mike race against
time to prevent the death of
many innocent lives; Claire
crosses into risky territory;
Mark and Luke scramble to
decipher a new strategy.

Bates Motel
10 p.m. on A&E
"Meltdown" Romero con-
tinues to search for the
truth behind Miss Watson's
death; warring drug fami-

his covert business. Ned didn't
trust Luke's motives for mar-
rying Tracy. Anna and Dante
secretly arranged to get a DNA
sample from Carlos. Lulu asked
Britt whether she should trust
Obrecht's latest offer. Luke tried
to erase any doubts Tracy had
about marrying him. Sonny
tried to make things right with
Olivia. Carly was touched when
Franco let her in on his new
scheme. Carlos was prepared
to make a full confession to
the police. Luke continued to
taunt Kiki. Wait to See: Michael
mourns AJ. Morgan faces the
ultimate betrayal. Sabrina un-
expectedly shows up at Emma's
dance recital.

Summer missed her mom
more than ever. Chelsea and
Chloe butted heads behind
the scenes at the fashion show.
Stitch asked Victoria out on a
date. Abby and Tyler planned
their engagement celebration.
Noah gave his parents his bless-
ing, but Sharon was worried
about how Victor would react.
Kelly reached out to Summer
by telling her that her mother,
Phyllis, would be proud of her.
Connie warned Chelsea and

Will (James Van Der Beek)
tries to be more adventur-
ous by sexting with his new
date on "Friends with Better
Lives," airing Monday at
8:30 p.m. on CBS.
lies force Dylan to make
an impossible choice; an
enraged Norman pushes
Norma out of his life after
she won't reveal the truth
about his blackouts. (HD)

Chloe to behave themselves.
Noah asked Courtney to be his
date at the engagement party.
Victor assured Nikki that Ian
would never hurt anyone in
their family again. Avery taped
the first episode of her show,
"Real Folk Food" Wait to See:
Everything changes for Victor.
Summer is unhappy with Jack
and Kelly's blossoming relation-
ship. Colin reaches out to his


ABC7 News ABCWorId The 7 Entertainment Dancing with the Stars Celebrities are paired with profes- Castle: That '70sShow Con-
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe Newswith 3'Clock Tonight(CC)(N) sional dancers in order to train fora live televised ballroom structdonworkersfindthe body
2 6newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (H) (HD) dancing competition, and one couple is eliminated every of a NewYork mobsterfrom the
_____ day. (N) (HD) ____________week. (CC) (HD) '70's. (N)
ABC NewsThe ABCWorid TheList (IVG) AskAmerica Dancing with the Stars Celebrities are paired with dancers (:01) Castle: That T70s Show
2N latest news. News (N) (HD)) (IVG) to train for a ballroom competition. (CC) (H[)) Murderfrom 70's (N)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News (N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Dancing with the Stars Celebrities are paired with dancers (:01) Castle: That '70s Show
A 7 7 0 7 7 _News(N) (CC) ( (CC) (R) to train or a ballroom competition. (CC) (HD)) Murderfrom 70's (N)
10 News, CBSEvening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (C(() 2 Broke Girils Friendswith Mike&Molly: The Big Bang NCIS: LosAngeles: Recovery
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pmLoca Newswith tune (CC)(N) (N) (HD) Originalleaser. BetterLives Mike'sManold Theory Favor- Kensiand Deeas goundercove
l 0 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (H)) (CC) (N) (HD) SextingWII.(N) Destiny(N) ite movie. (R) to investigate a Navyofficers
(N) (H14)) I death.
CBS 23 21 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (H) InsideEdi- BrokeGird(N) Friends MikeMolly(N) Big Bang(CC) NCIS: LosAngeles: Recovery
i 213 213 5 5 5 (N)(HD) tion (N) (HD)) SextingWII. (HD)) (R) (H) Undercover (R)(HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Voice: The Live Shows Premiere The top 12 artists (:01) The Blacklist: The
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8 at6:00 News News Current 8 at 7:00 News; Tonight (CC) (N) perform in front of the judges, but this time the American Pavlovch Brothers Brothers
[ and weather. events (N)(HD) weather; more. (HD) public, notjustthe coaches, will have a say in who stays who expertly kdnaptargets (CC)
and who goes home. (CC) (N) (HD) (N) (HD)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel ofFor- Jeopardy! (N) The Voice: The Live Shows Premiere The top 12 artists (:01) The Blacklist Expert kid-
20 _News(N) une (N) (HD) perform, hoping to win votes from viewers. (N) nappers. (CC) (N) (HD))
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider Bones: The Nail in the Coffin The Following: Silence Joe FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday areexamined (CC) (N) (HD) Heiress's remains discovered Carrollsetsthe final step in mo- riesofthenewsday are up-
1 3 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 in a park (CC) (N) (HD) tion; Claire crosses into riskyter- dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) ritory. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy (R) Simpsons (CC) Bones: The Nail in the Coffin The Following: Silence Final FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
[ 1 4 news; weather. (N) (1HD) (HD)) Murdered heiress. (N) step. (CC) (N) (HD)) news report. (N)
PBS 3 3 BBCWordd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Ana- Independent Lens: Muscle Shoals Muscle Shoals, Ala.'s,
C News (CC) port(N) (HD)) heim Prop duck (N)(HD) musical history. (C) (N) (HD)
APBS 9 AAnni 16 Sesame Street: The Ironing CatinHat(R) Peg+Cat(CC) Europe (CC) (R) Pacific Mount Israel:TheRoyalTourTourof Globe Trekker: East Texas
20 m 2 6 MonsterGrovers cape. HD11) (R) Rainier country. (CC) (R) (HP) Oil fields. (CC) (N)
PBS 3 BBCWord Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Antiques Roadshow: Simply the Best Two Dr. Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now
x News (CC) port(N) (1)HDPBNu) circa 1795 Federal side chairs. (R) Hardships; lessons. (CC) (N) (HD)
CW 2 Big Bang (CC) News(N) Big Bang (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Star-Crossed Hurricane hits The Tomonrtrow People Poss- News@10pm(N)(H))
M 6 \21 6 (1)HD) (1HD)) (HD) town. (CC) (N) (H)) ble return. (N) (HD)
CW 9 9 Queens Golf Queens Big 21/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Star-Crossed Hurricane hits The Tomorrow People Poss- Rules Broad- Rules (CC) (HD)
M I 9 4 date. and Tall. (HD)) (HD) town. (CC) (N) ((H) ble return. (N) (H) wayfan.
MYN I111 1 1 ,Raymond (CC) Seinfeld (CC) FamilyFeud Family Feud Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Cops Re- Cops Re-
lm l l 14__ IVPG) (IVPG) Unit: Waste (HD)) Unit: Resilience loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood(N) Cleveland(CC) Family Guy FamilyGuy Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims
X 98 (HD) (HD) (CC) (CC) Unit: Waste (HD)) Unit: Resilience Unit: Strain (HD)
IND 12 12 12 3 12 Modern (CC) Modem: Air- Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Office: Frame The Office: Hot
12 12 12 38 12 (H)) port 2010 (HfD) (HD) Unit: Strain (HP)) Unit: Prodigy (H)) Toby Girl
ION 2 2 2 13 26 171 Criminal Minds Terrorist Criminal Minds Fantasy of Criminal Minds Morgan is Criminal Minds: No Way Out Criminal Minds Wealthy cou-
2 3 2 8 prisoner. (CC) (HP) killing. (CC) (HP) arrested. (CC) (HP) Killer in diner (HD) pie dead. (CC) (HD)
WCLF 22 2222 2 Christian Fit- TodayFaith& LevittCal Great Awaken Tour Love a Child RichardRob- GospelTruth Jewish Jewels Life Today
2_2 22 ___ ness Ihealing. Thomas. (N) SoHutnerts(CC) (C) (N) (COC) (CIC)
WRXY 922 4 10 n JoyceMeyer Turning Point Marketplace GreatAwaken Tour Stop Hurting Love a Child JoyceMeyer PlaceMira- GameOn
AM 44 1 (CC) i(CC) Wisdom PaeM(CC) acles
TLF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura El guardaespalda: Un nuevo comienzo ('08, Accion) Una La viuda negra La vida de
50 3 TV(PG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) mujer britanica esconde un secret. (R) (CC) Giselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero Porsiempre miamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6 Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
62 1 (N) Univisi6n (N) Natalia huye. y maldad.(CC) (HD) Isin amor (CC) (HD) Humilde hogar.
STheFJrst48Grandfather Duck Pick up; Duck Youtube Duck Men's Duck (CC) (R) Duck Dynasty: Stand By Mia Bates Motel: Meltdown Nor-
kA&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 led. (CCQ (R(HR) ()) gator. videos. tradition. (H) Familyreunion. (R) man's blackuts. (N)
AMPC 56 56 56 56 30 53 29 (5:30) Invincible ('06, Drama) A Philadelphia bartender goesJaws ('75)***-12 A small-town police chief is convinced that a series of deaths was the
AMI x x 5x 5x 3 533to an open try-out for his favorite NFL team. work of a gigantic shark, but has trouble getting others to believe him. (CC)
AI 44 4 44 n 61 onFinding Bigfoot Dog sled as- River Monsters: Lost Reel River Monsters: Unhooked River Monsters Wetlands' Rocky Mountain Bounty
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 distance. (CC) (R(H) (HD)) Man-eating catfish.(R) Over 300 pounder (R) Imonster (CC) (R) (HD)) Hunters (R) (H1)
T c c 3 3 09 70 106 &Park Top 10 videos selected by the To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Keyshia Fam- The Soul Man
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 270 viewers. (CC) (H)) ilylife. (HD)
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 25451 185 SouthemPig TheReal Housewives ofAtlanta:Reunion, Housewives of OrangeGirls in Housewives of OrangeNew Southern Charm Independ-
BAVO 68 68 6 6 hunt. (R) Part 1 (CO (R) Honolulu. (CC) (R) neighbor. (CC) (N) ence. (N)
COM 66 66 6666 15 7 1 (:58) South Prk (29)Tosh.0(R) (:59)Colbert DailyShow(CC()Futurama(1V14Futurama(lV14SonthPrk(R) SouthPark: SouthPrk(R) SouthPrk(R)
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 (0 HD Report (HD) Shw (R) (R) it(HD1)) T.M.I. (R) (HD() (HD1)
DISC 40 40A40 40 25 43120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N'Loud: Revved Up Re- Fast N'Loud (CC) (N) (HP) Lords ofthe Car Hoards
S40 40 40 40 4 aired. (CC) (HP) paired. (CC) (1H)) pair& extra info. (HP) Camaro obsesson. (N)
KeeigUp with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cam-
E! 46 46 46 46 27 i 196 Total Divas Professonal femalE E! News The entertainment world's latest Keeping Up with the Keeping Up ith the Kardashians Cam-
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 wrestlers. (HD)) news. (HP)) Kardashians (HP)) eras follow socialite and family. (HP)
ES 82 82 82 82 118 118160 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps psych Slacker confused for psych Slacker confused for psych Slacker confused for
S 11 11 I others. (CC) (HD)) others. (CC) (1HD)) psychic by police. (HD)) psychic by police. (HD)) psychic by police. (HD()
1EW 9N 243 243 243 12 178 EWTN News Vision DailyMass Celebrationofthe The Journey Home: Devin EWTN News Rosary(TV G) The World Over News from
EW(NN 24324324) H Holy Eucharist. (R) IRose (IVG) (N) R) I(R() aroundtheworld. (R)
FAi 55n 10 0 46 The Middle (CC) The Middle (CC) Hop (11, Family) **-2 Man must take on the responsibil- Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A down-and-out private eye
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 (HD)) (HD)) ity of nursing the Easter Bunny backto health. (PG) helps a cartoon character framed for murder.
FOOD 317 17 3137 -1 7164 Diners (R) (HP) Diners (R) (HD) Guy'sGroceryGames:Surfs Rewrapped Rewrapped Kitchen Casino: All In (R) Mystery(N) Mystery(R)
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76 164pSurfandturf. (R) (N) (N) (141)) (1H)
S 1 1 1 5 4 (5:30) Contraband ('12) **/2 A man runs counterfeit Step Brothers ('08) Two grown men are forced to share a ArcherLana's Archer New
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 53 money from Panama to the U.S. to protect his brother, bedroom when their parents get married. (CC) baby. roles. (R)
GSN 1719171917191719 179184 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Family Feud FamilyFeud
GSN 179W17917917 34 179W184 ) ) ) ) (VPG) (V) W) (TVPG)
iALL 5 17 71 n240 TheWaltons: The Gift Friend The Waltons: The Cradle Olivia The Waltons: The Fulfillment Middle: The Middle: The Frasier (IWG) Frasier(IVPG)
ALL I -----7 passes away. (CC) is pregnant. (CC) Orphan boy. (CC) Telling Wedding (CC) (CC)
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 65 128 Ancient Aliens Bible relic's Swamp People: Hexed Cursec Swap People: Rumble in the Swamp People: Beast of the Down East Dickering 1960s
HIST 8 8 8 link. (CC) (R) (HP)) area hunted. (R) Swamp (R) (HD) Lake (CC) (N) (HD)) school bus. (R) (HD))
1 4 16 Love Itor List ItA 100-year-old Love It or List It Hazardous Love It or List It More space Love It or UList It Expanding House Off the Grid
HOME 41 41 1 41 53 42 165 home. (R) (HD)) staircase. (CC) (R) (HD)) needed. (CC) (R) (HD)) family. (CC) (N) (H)) Hunters (N) (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Healthy Healthy snacks. ProForm Health Tony Little Body NUTRiBULLET Dessert ProForm Health
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 4110 1 Hoarders: Chris and Dale Hoarders: Doug & Ruth Hoarders: Theresa; Karen Ex- Hoarders: Laura; Penny Termi- Hoarders: Merdene; Jeff
L 6 6 6 6 41 14 Losing children. (HD) -Hoarding for memory. (HD) pired food. (CC) (HD)) nal cancer (CC) (HD)) Ex-superrnmodel.(CC) (HD)

APR. 21

OWN 58 58 58 584 1 161 Breaking Down the Bars BreakingDowntheBarsVice- DatelineonOWNDisappear- Dateline on OWN Sudden Dateline on OWN Tragic
WN Amandasharessongs. tim's mother (R)(HD)) ance.(CC)(R)(HD) death. (CC) (R) (HD) deaths. (CC) (R) (HD)
SPIKE 51 51 575129163 54 Cops(CC) (R) Cops: Coastto Cops Gir hit by Cops: New Cops (CC) (R) Cops: New Cops Flamingo Cops: Coastto Cops Vegas CopsTrans-
SI 7 7(HD) Coast tniruck Jersey (R) (HD)) Jersey (R) heist. Coast crimes Isexual. (R)
S61 61 61 61 25316 M 180 en in Black ('97) **'/2 Wll Smith. Two top secret Hurlant(N) Hurlant(N) Warehouse 13: Secret Warehouse 13: Endless
SYFY 7 67 67 67 23 w4 18( agents commit themselves to monitoring aliens on Earth. Services (N) (141)) Terror (R) (H14))
TBS 59 59 59 59T 3262 52 Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld (C) FamilyGuy Family Guy FamilyGuy FamilyGuy BigBang(CQ Big Bang (CC) Barn's Show
(11)TBS 3 (HD) (HD1) (HD1)) I(CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (HD) (1HD) (N)
TOM 65 65 65.65 169 20 How to Stuff a Wild Bikini ('65) A witch doctor conjures up The Big Trail ('30, Western) **1 A mountaineer protects a wagon train New Frontier
TM 5 5 16,7 a woman to distract the guys on a beach. (CC) bound for California from the dangers ofthe Old West. (NR) ('39) **/2
TIC 45 45 45 45 5 72 19 Untold Stories ofthe ER. Dis- Untold Stories ofthe ER. Untold Stories ofthe ER:: Sex SentMetothe ER Fiasco; Tattoos Tears Tattoos (CC) (R)
,_TL 5 5 5 4 a 72 Iturbed cowboy. (R) Woman wedged in. (R) Temptations(R) (HD) newfotage. (N) ofjoy (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Casitle: Flowers for Your Grave Castle: Nanny McDead Nanny 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (C) Playoffs:
TNT 6 61 61 61 28 55 51 Nvelist murder in dryer (CC) (HD)) TeamsTBA
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 1710 Bizarre Foods with Andrew vFood: Little Man v.Food: Bizarre Foods America Cw Bizarre Foods (N) Bizarre Foods America Carib-
w 6 Washington, D.C. (R) Rock(R) DC (R) head and goat (R) bean flavors. (CC) (R)
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Pawn (R) Pawn(R) Pawn(R) Pawn: Booze LizardLick Lizard Uck Lizard Lick Lizard Uck The Safe- TheSafe-
& Guns Tow (R) Towing Tow(R) Tow(R) crackers (N) crackers (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligans Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 3434 34 34 2252 50 NCIS: Los Angeles Chechen NCIS: Los Angeles: Kill House WWE Monday Night Raw (N) (CC) (HD)
SUA 14 34 34 34 terrorists. (CC) (HD)) Terroist ing. (HD)
S111111 1111 CSI: Miami: Point of Impact CSI: Miami: Kll Clause Jellyfish CSI: Miami: Count Me Out CSI:Miami:Delkofor theDe- CSI: Miami: Show Stopper
SWE_ 117117117117 11 14 Drivers' secrets. (HD)) murder (CC) (HD)) High-speed chase. (H)) fense Deliko returns. Burned singer (CC) (H))
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Salem (CC) (H))
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 Vdeos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. _____
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (H)) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football
ESPN 29292929 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, MLB Baseball: Teams TBA (live) (H)) Baseball Tonight (N) (H))
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 Conn. (N) (CC) (1H))
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 5 74 Aroundthe Interruption SportsCenter from Bristol, NFL Live (N) (CC) (HD) 30 for 30: Soccer Stories: Hillsborough (HD)
ESPN230 30 30 30 6 59 74 Hornm(HD) (CC) (HD) Conn. (N) (CC)(HD)
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Countdown: 172: Jones The Ultimate Fighter: The Hurting Game (CC) (R) () MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
F(148) vs Texiera (H1))l (141))isLV
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 ShipShape Marlins LIVE! 'C MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves from Turner Field (live) (HP) MainsLIVE! Marilins(HP)
1~T___V N)(HD) (N)(HD))
GOLF 49 494949 5560 0 Golf Central (N) () The Golf Fix (N) () Big Break Florida: Cash or Big Break Florida: Golf In Play with Jimmy Roberts
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 304 GolfCe )Immunity (HPD) Blackack (N) (1H)) (N) (HD)
_NBCSN 71 71 71 71 54 61 90 CAR NHLLive(N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (ve) 24NHLStanleyCup
NBSN11 1 1~~ ASCAR NHL Live (N) y p y04 HLStnlyeu
America(N) I Su/ PlayoffTs: TeamsTBA
SU P 3 1 'owerboat Into the (HD) Saltwater Exp. TV (HD) ShipShape Sportsman Fla. Sports- Fish Flats (HI) Fishing (HD) Professional
SUN 38 38 401 401 45 5 76 (HD)) I (141) "TV(R) (HO)) man(R) ())___ _______)
NICK 25925 25 2524 44252 Sponge Fake Sponge pon() ge Sam&Cat(R) Full Hse (CC) FullHse Fund FullHse: FullHsePillow ull Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC)
NICK o25st. (R) 2Boating test. (H1D) raiser. GreekV\eek fight.
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 257 Adventure (N) Regular (N) Clarence (N) Grandpa (R) King Hill (CC) King HillAlien Cleveland (CC) Cleveland Mo FamilyGuy Boondcks (CC)
TOON 80 80 i'412 46 2I 257_ 'J Ifather (! ''J1 doctor ] mI I I, l

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) Greed A nasal surgeon. Greed Insurance money. Greed A Ponzi scheme. The Profit: Key Lime (R)
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest The Don Making the
N 3 2____ Room(N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (H)) stories. (N) Lemon (N) Case(N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 19 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
-SPN 18 18 18 18 \ 10 Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N)
c 64 64 64 6 71 SpecialReportwith BretBaie OntheRecordwithGretaVan The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S M M 1 The latest news (N) Susteren (N)(HI)) talk. (CC) (N) (HI)) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (HI))
MSNB 8383 8383 185 4 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
IMNB8 I I 10 Sharpton. (N) (HD)) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD)) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HI))
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News (N) News (N) News (N) Chef Rolf SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News (N) News (N) News (N)
CMTV 4 4 1 4 2324 1 221 Reba (HI)) RebaKyra Reba Weather Reba (HI)) The Dukes of Hazzard Dukes Beverly Hills Cop ('84, Action) A Detroit cop tracking a
MTV 7 47 4 4 3 4 drinking, girl. repossess car. (HI)) killer in Los Angeles turns the town upside down.
mit 33 33 33 33 35 48 21 'Teen Wolf Deadly teen were- Teen Wolf Deadly teen were- Teen Wolf Deadly teen were- Teen Wolf Deadly teen were- Teen Wolf Deadly teen were-
V 3 3 33 3 4 (wolf seeks love. (HI)) wolf seeks love. (H)) wolf seeks love. (HI)) wolf seeks love. (HI)) wolf seeks ove. (HI))
1i 50 50 50 50 43 232 17 Basketball Wives LA France Basketball Wives LA Co- Basketball Wives LA (N) (HI)) (I andiny(N BlackInk Crew (CC(N) () ThisisHot97
VH 0 0 0 0 43 2 i1 invitation. (R) (i))______ gnac launch. (R) (1I)))(1)(N()
The Man in the (:25) Argo ('12) A CIA specialist forms a plan to rescue six Getaway ('13, Crime) -k'*% Ethan Hawke. Warm Bodies (13, Romance)
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Iron Mask ('98) Americans from their haven in the Canadian ambassador's Former race car driver is on a deadly *** Nicholas Hoult. A
house during the Iranian revolution. (CC) mission to save his kidnapped wife. (CC) zombie fallsfora human.
Oblivion ('13) (:45) This Is 40 ('12, Comedy) **%1 Showcased is a comedic look inside The Beach ('00, Drama) 1*2 Leonardo DiCaprio,
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Vital resources, the life of a not-so-average American family; Pete and Debbie are Virginie Ledoyen. Three travelers in Thailand join an island
I___ (CC) approaching a significant milestone in their relationship. (CC) commune ruled by a strong woman. (R) (CC) (HlD)
Dogwitha DogwithBlogLivandMad- Jessie(CC()(R) IDidn'tDolt: Dogwitha LivandMad- Austin & Ally: GoodLuck Win Lose (R)
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Blog Avery's Romantic die Swapping (1I)) Dance Fever(R) BlogStan dieShow Drectors& Charlie:Charlie
___ __ enemy. feelings. spots. misbehaves audition. Dvas I s2!
(4:20) In the National Security('03 Comedy) Martin National Treasure ('04, Adventure) **% Nicolas Cage, (:15) GuessWho ('05, Comedy)
ENC 150150150150 150 350 Line of Fire Lawrence. A pair of police rejects discovers Harvey Keitel. Modern treasure hunter follows clues to **'/2 Father upsetwith future
__ 93 (CC) a dangerous smuggling operation. uncover secret of the Founding Fathers. (PG) (CC) son-in-law. (CC)
Trouble with the Curve ('12, Drama) ***- Clint Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor-comic plays characters he Heat ('13, Comedy) **'2
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 40 Eastwood, Amy Adams. A baseball scout takes his who have influenced the person he is today. (CC) (R) (HI)) Uptight agentand crude cop
---------daughter on what could be his last recruiting trip. (PG-13) (CC) partner up. (R)CC)(((
(5:30) Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and FightGame Real Time with Bill MaherA Game of Thrones: Breaker of Veep: Alicia SiliconValley
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Fabulous ('05, Comedy) *% Sandra wtJim panel ofguestsdiscusses Chains Tyrion considers his Keyevent. (CC) Richard
_____ Bullock. Pageant pals are kidnapped. (CC) Lampley(HlD) politics. (1VMA) (HD) options. (CC) (H1D) (HID) negotiates.
(: 15) The Lucky One ('12, Drama) *** Zac Efron, Taylor Deadwood: A Lie Agreed VICE: Killer Pitch Perfect ('12, Comedy) *** Anna
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 Schilling. An Iraq veteran searches for the woman from his Upon, Part 2 Calamity Jane Kdswerld Kendrick An all-girls a capella singing group
------- lucky wartime photograph. (PG-13) (CC) (H1D) returns to camp. stories. attempts to defeat their male rivals.
(:15) Step Up Revolution ('12, Drama) *** Cleopatra Years of Living NurseJackie: Califomrnication NurseJackie: Califomrnication
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Coleman. An aspiring professional dancer falls in love with Dangerously:End of the Pillgrimage (R) Julia(R)lHID) Pillgrimage(R) Julia(R)lHID)
the leader of a dance crew. (PG-13) (CC) (H1D) Woods (CC) (R) (HOD))
(5:30) Lincoln ('12) *** Daniel Day-Lewis Sal Field. Hollywoodland ('06, Mystery) ***Adrien Brody, Diane I:10) The Double ('11, Crime)
TMC 350350 350 350 350350385 resent oins the Union to help put an end to the vil War Lane. A detective is hired to look into the mysterious death ,**1 CIA operatives search
S land slavery. (P6-13) (CC) (HD) of George Reeves. (R) (CC) (HID) for an assassin. (CC)


ABC[ 2 I 111 17 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News (N)
ABC 2M 11 News Kimmel NiMghtine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC 1 7 7 10 7 17 News Kimmel NighMine Paid ES.TV ABC World News Now(N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late n TMoZ Inside Comics Minute r News News News(N)
NBCC[] 8 8 8 8 8 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Dr. Oz Mone Early News News (N)
FOX 3 1313 13 13 13 News Access Dish TMVZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News(N)
PBSL i 3 3 3 3 Florida's IRose (N) Antiques Lincoln Call (R) Masterpce. Lincoln
SPBSM20i0 1 6 Smiley Rose(N) Europe Trekker Israel (R) Charade (63) ***1 Compass lYoga
PBS N 3 3 3 Clearly Now (N) 30 Days (CC) (R) (HD1)) heeRose (N) PaAntiques Lincoln Fitness
SCW ) 6 21 6 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey 70s 70s
CW 4) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Si pns o King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3h 11 11 11 14 Seinfeld Comnmun Raymond America OK! TV Bridezilla '70s '70s Paid Paid Lets Ask Shepherd
MYN7I I 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld King Hill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunn 'il Death 'Til Death Paid Pad Sheherd
IND M 121212 33 12 Fam.nGuy Fam.Guy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet There Yet Paid Paid Pad Paid Paid
IONN 6 2 2 2132618 17 Criminal Criminal Trace Trace Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WCLF2 22 222 2 Kingdom Awaken Awaken You and Me Cvance 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
IWXY4 22 4410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF N 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Guardaespalda ('08) Laviuda Deportivo Pagado IPagado Contactoth
UNIV 2 1515 15 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd. Casa risa Larosa Gordo Primer Noticiero
kH~jiffihuU IEIEI Vi* I/. F* 0 fj**1 i 1II
A&E 262626263950181 Bates(R) Duck Duck Duck (R) Bates (R) Bates(R) Paid IDog Bnty Do Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53231 Jaws 2 (78, Thriller) (CC) IDie Hard 2 ('90 *** (CC) TURN (R) Mad Men
APL 4444 4444 3668 130 River (R) River(R) Bou er(R River(R) River(R) Bounty
BET 35 35 3535 40 22 271 Kevshia Soul Man Wendy Movie IReed BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68254 51185 Watch ouHousewife Housewife Southern Watch Housewife Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15 2719 Dai Colbert midnight South Prk Daily Colbert midnight Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Wrkholic Jeselnik Paid Paid
DISC 40404040254312 Fast Loud Lords (R) Fast Loud I Fast Loud ]Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 4616 46 6 27 261 C. Lately News (R) IC. Lately Kardashian ITotal Diva C. Lately Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 8211111 Brawlers Brawlers Risky Risky Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 24P242412 1 728 Priests WomenGr Dail Mass Journey News To Know Vision John Paul Octava Dana Miracles
FAM 555555551046 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Toda
FOOD 3737137137 76 16 Diners Kitchen Mystery Mystery Diners Rewrapp Rewrapp Chef (R) Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Archer Tomcats (01) (CC) Archer Horror Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GSN 17S 171S 1 S 3411 Fam. an Feu Fam. Feud Ba e aae am. FeudFad Fa FeFam Feud Baggage Baggage Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 732 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers ICheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 Secrets Swamp Swamp Down East Secrets Paid Cowboys Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Love It Love It Hunters ItheGrid Love It Love It Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 4114( Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Hoarders Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 5858 58 58 4710161 Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 57 5715757 296354 Cops Cops Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail IJail Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67 67 672 641 Warehouse Hurilant Hurilant Continuum Haven Haven Paid Paid Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Dan Real Life ('07) Married Married Married Earil
TCM 65656565 1623 Frontier Haunted Somewhere *12 |Baby Face**2 Sex Sin 08Telegraph
TIC 45454545 577213 Sex Sent Tattoos Tattoos Untold IUntold ER Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 (10:30) Playoffs (CC) IInside NBA Law (HD)) Closer Closer S'ville
TRAV 6969696926 6611 Bizarre Foods Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre Paid IPaid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 6 503018: Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lic Lizard Lie TheSafe TheSafe LizardLic Lizard Lic Saloon Jailhouse Paid
TVLND 6262626231 54 Queens Queens Cleveand Sou Man Queens Queens RoseannelRoseanne Cosby ICosby Cosby |70s 70s Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 22 5250 Chrisley Chrisley NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS SVU(HD) SVU(HD)
WE 11111111 1114CSIMiami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI Miami CSI MiamiPaid Paid
WGN 1616 1619 4111 9 Salem How Met Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama 'TilDeath Paid Paid News(N)
CSS 2828282849 70 Sports Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESPN 29292929 12 58 70 Sports Olbermann Sports rts ts NS MLB Game (Replay) Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 NFL Live Sports NBA lBaseball NASCAR Sports Sports Olbermann
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports Crowd Goes FOX Sports FOorts rts FOX Fight NightMLB 162 Sports
FSN 2222 5677 Wrid Poker MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 494949495560 Golf Cntrl Big Break In Play /Fix (HD)) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 71 7111 5461 90 P/ layoffs (live) Overtime Premier League (N) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 338401401455776 Tarpon Reel Fish Knockouts! l nockouts! Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 Money Greed R) I(R) Greed (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide Exchangeal(N
CNN 32323232 1838 360 (R) CNN Tonite TheDon Making 360 (R) CNN Tonite 360 (R)IEarl (N)
CSPN 1818 1818 37121 Ca pital Capital News Toda Today in Washington Today in Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 1111 OReilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Haes (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball JHayes (R) Maddow First Look TooEary
SNN 666 11 11 News News News Paid News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32 3203203204 Bodies Gir'sGui Top lAlexander ('04) ** Powerful ruler. ,Getaway ('13) Lola ('12)
CINE2 32321 M 214 Zanes Se Mission ('96) Nights ('96) (:45) The East ('13) Courage (96)
DISN 1313113699 45 25 Austin Blog Good Lck Good Lck Shake It A.N On Deck On Deck Wizards Wizards On Deck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
ENC 151501150 15035 Guess Who (:10) Get Carter ('00) Drunken ('00) National ('03) Force 10
HBO 30 32 302 302 40 Heat ('13) Thrones IVeep ISilicon Promised ('12) Real Time 1(:50) Scary ('00)
HB02 30303303 Paycheck Alvarado Dark Knight Rises ('12) ge h,)Making of Mama ('13) (CC) Rubyk
HB03 M Pitch Perf 5) Savages ('12) (R) Engagement ('12) (R) (:50) Spy Who Loved (77) l
SHOW 1336 Years of Django Unchained ('12) (R) (CC) 21 Grams ('03) *** Mellencamp
TMC 3 353 3 3 3 3 Double Wrath Of ('10) |Born 4th July ('89) (R) (CC) |Machinist ('04) Paradise


The Originals
8 p.m. on CW
"An Unblinking Death" Cami
attempts to help Kieran by
requesting an unorthodox
treatment; Eljah visits the
bayou after failing to seek
a compromise with Klaus in
how to control the Crescent
Wolves; Marcel reveals an
overwhelming truth about
Hayley's family history to

Deadliest Catch
8 p.m. on DISC
"The Bait: Season 10 Kick-
off" The captains of each
crab-fishing vessel meet
up for their own pregame
show, during which, they
attempt to determine who
is operational, who is not
going out to sea and who
is on the reserve list for the
show's 10th season. (HD)

8 p.m. on FOX
"Opening Night" Special
guests who have helped
shape Rachel's life and
career arrive in New York
to show their support when
she makes her Broadway
debut in "Funny Girl." (HD)
9 p.m. on CW
"Alex Annie Alexis Ann"
After killing a vampire who
assaulted a prisoner, Sheriff
Mills brings in Sam and
Dean, and with their help
she discovers the girl was
captured by a clan of vam-
pires who used her to lure
in humans and have them
feed off of the victims. (HD)
New Girl
9 p.m. on FOX
"Menus" Jess and the guys
go on a series of thrilling
escapades when a plethora
of Chinese food take-out
menus are unloaded on the
front door step of the loft.


The "Nashville" music
from its companion
docu-web series, "On the
Record," is coming to
ABC at 10 p.m. on Wed-
nesday with "Nashville:

Clare Bowen

On the Record." Cast
members from the drama
take the stage for a con-
cert at the Ryman Audi-
torium. Performers in-
clude Hayden Panettiere,
Charles Esten, Clare
Bowen and Sam Palladio.
They will also sit down at
the Bluebird Cafe to do
some acoustic perfor-
mances. Fans will have a
chance to see the song-
writers behind the show

and learn how the music
is made. Some of the
songwriters appearing
on the show are Trent
Dabbs, Caitlyn Smith,
Cary Barlowe and Ashley
Monroe, who is a mem-
ber of the Pistol Annies.

Executive producer Bill
Lawrence ("Cougar
Town," "Scrubs") makes
us laugh and we are look-
ing forward to his new
comedy series, "Undate-
able," premiering Thurs-
day, May 29, at 9:30 p.m.
on NBC. Here's what Law-
rence had to say about
the show in a letter he
sent out to television
critics: "I sometimes feel
like a good ol' fashioned
multi-cam (if it's actually
funny) is where broad-
cast can still compete
with cable. I believe
we've got one. The cast
has immediate chemis-
try. As a matter of fact,
the four stand-ups and
Bianca Kajlich have all
known each other for
years, and two of the
leads even live together
in real life. We let the
comics ad-lib constantly

Dance Moms
9 p.m. on LIFE
"Seeing Red (Reunion Spe-
cial)" Abby and the moms
reunite to discuss the past
year's fights, losses and
heartbreaks, Abby talks
about how much it hurt to
lose her mother, Christi
dwells on Kelly's expulsion
from the team, and old
grievances between those
gathered resurface. (HD)

About a Boy
9:01 p.m. on NBC
"About a Kiss" Will invites
Sam to Andy and Laurie's
game night, but his plans
for the perfect night quickly
fall apart; Will goes all out
to prevent a romantic spark
between Fiona and his
friend TJ; Marcus learns of
a school connection to his
babysitter. (HD)
Growing Up Fisher
9:31 p.m. on NBC
"Desk/Job" Mel brings
Henry to work to show him

and can self-promote
(using the stand-ups)
along with NBC's market-
ing launch. Any of you
that saw our 'Undateable
Comedy Tour' know that.
That was actually part of
the pitch for this show -
to get a bunch of comics/
actors who are friends
in real life and see if that
chemistry translates.
Shows have so little time
to develop that chemis-
try nowadays." We can't

ABC Family announced
the premiere date for
"Young & Hungry" is
8 p.m. on Wednesday,
June 25. Jonathan Sadow-
ski plays a tech entrepre-
neur who has his world
turned upside down by
Gabi (Emily Osment),
who wants to be his per-
sonal chef. "It's a cute
show," Osment says.
"She's a very ambitious
chef who lives in San
Francisco. She doesn't
know what she's doing,
except she does know
how to cook. She's a little
all over the place, but
she's passionate about
what she does. And she's

Mindy (Mindy Kaling) has a
run-in with the law when a
surly police officer admon-
ishes her for giving his
young daughter birth con-
trol pills on "The Mindy Proj-
ect," airing Tuesday at
9:30 p.m. on FOX.

what success looks like
because he fears his son
is becoming a slacker, and
Henry learns an unexpected
lesson in the process. (HD)

determined to make her
dreams come true."

Those who are truly into
music know that Muscle
Shoals, Ala., is the unlike-
ly birthplace for some of
the best recordings ever
made. Lynyrd Skynyrd's
"Free Bird," Bob Dylan's
"Gotta Serve Somebody,"
the Rolling Stones'
"Brown Sugar," Bob
Seger's "Night Moves"
and Paul Simon's "Koda-
chrome" are just a few of
the songs produced at
the small studios of this
Alabama town. "Indepen-
dent Lens" tells the story
of the music of "Muscle
Shoals" Monday at 9 p.m.
on PBS (check local list-
ings). Sitting on the Ten-
nessee River, this musi-
cal Mecca has attracted
such other artists as the
AlIlman Brothers, Elton
John, Traffic, Willie Nel-
son, Wilson Pickett, Are-
tha Franklin, Dr. Hook,
Tom Jones, Rod Stewart,
the Osmonds and the
Staple Singers. The docu-
mentary features inter-
views with Gregg Allman,
Bono, Clarence Carter,
Mick Jagger, Keith Rich-
ards, Etta James, Alicia
Keyes and Percy Sledge.

APR. 22
-ABC7 News CABC World The 7 Entertainment Marvel's Agents of (01) The TrophyWife: Celebrity Wife Swap:
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight(CC(N) S.H.I.E.LD.: The Only Light Goldbergs ThePunisher Tichina Arnold; Kelly
AB news ofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) (HD) (HD) in the Darkness (CC) (N) (HD) Erica plays a Disciplining. (R) Pacakard (CC) (N) (HD)
______ day. (N)(HD) )HiDs p________________________rank (R) __________________
ABC 11 NewsThe ABCWorld TheList (IVG) AskAmerica S.H.I.E.LD.: TheOnlyLightin (:01)Goldbergs Trophy Disci- Wife Swap:Tichina Arnold;
A_ latest news. News (N) (HD) I(VG) the Darless (N) (______R) pining. Kelly Pacakard (N)_____
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? S.H.I.E.LD.:TheOnlyLightin (:01)GoldbergsTrophyDisci- Wife Swap: TichinaArnold;
____ 7 'News(N) (CCN) (CC) (R) the Darkliess (N) (R) pining. Kelly Pacakard (N)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) NCIS: Better Angels Gibbs NCIS: Los Angeles: The Person of Interest: Mors
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca Newswith tune (CC) (N) (N) (HD) leaves mid-caseto help his Frozen Lake Callen and Sam Praematura Rootgoes toex-
S i news report. Scott Pelley(N) HD) father reconnectwith former enlist help to retrieve a missing treme measures to get ShaWs
______(N) 4(HD) war pilot (R) thumb drive. assistance. (R)
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) InsideEdi- NCIS: BetterAngelsGibbs' NCIS: LosAngeles Missng ):01)Personofl InterestRoot
1 3 .(N) (HD) tion (N) father (CC) (R) (HD)) thumb drive. (R) (HD) escapes. (R) (HD)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment The Voice: lI -: Eiiirii,,i.:.ri, iIiAbouta GrowmgUp Chicago Fire: 1:1, r-. iar,
NBC 8at6:001 I. : News.juii.:ri, 8at7:001 I- : Tonight ii ii' I IIII iIIH1| Boy -rid .: Fisheri-:I', :i,.:.u :i.,u B: .3i ', Bl .3 '.3
NB i 3 d *: iB"' i *: *:'I-': i E .-51".-* : rI i ':i.. r i H: I "l'3iri'.: r.l-i" ilr ".I:." 1 .:. .:.'l : r i. i.3 Iq "
___ __ __ ________ _________________I' III I'mII'____
NBC News mi1IH1II NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! il The Voice:li : Eiiriiiri,.:.ri: Boy: I:.:u Fisher: Chicago Fire: 1 -: 1 r,
201 -News II tune li i IiiI_ I .hIio.:.. ir :,, : 11':1 1.: I.: l': i
FOX 13 6:00 News I : TMIZ i iil The Insider Glee: 'i:.;'ri.'I i1.-1, :i:.-:ii1 NewGiid: TheMindy FOX 13 10:00 News T.:.i:, :I.:-
FOXIIUIM'I '*. L, Bp El. ,
FOX I-r .. i i Ii I|II'I .: i :i :ii .: r I:-r 'iilro lect' : rIl ii.:- : I : ri. : h' 3i i: u, l
1iii '* '** '* r. .^:il:3l. ni:F : 1 i ':d: ri;il t i.: ,d.l:,riin-i :.l .* : 3i|:3d : :.:i:Ii *: |:.illE Iil d35I.E- i:. rili: F : 1 :*I liiqirii
FOX FOX 4 News at Six LI.:..: I JudgeJudy ih Simpsons i i Glee:.i:.eriiri.I BiII-I:i:.. NewGiril: Mindyiiiiii FOX 4 News at Ten I iih.,11
3 6N_ -- --'_ __ ,',, : .-*: ll',.-l 1111 ______ HI.1| ______ HI:1 _____ l' I Ul I" 1111| IHIII _____ '. '1- IU ;| H ) |H :1,,____ -l ;. |:, '.:.,1 |11| ____
PBS BBC World Business The PBS NewsHour iil Pioneers ofTelevision r 1..i.:I AmencanMasters:-,.-ri Frontline: :.iih.i I 115.:.rih
,,., _K_ ,__ N e ws i,,i R e[0o rtnnl IH I|_____.__'-.:. .: |II||H I| ____ '1"1.:. .-I'".;-I' Uiii iiin H~Ii ___ :* .[ :.i..,iia III H(I| ____
PS Sesame nStreet: Tr.-i- i.:..:-I CatinHatihi Peg+Cati',i FatherBrown i.:.ri.. .:.:.ri. DocMarbn:,ri.rii.:riH.:.:i Scott, BaileylF:I.:ii.i-i:
iii P--_--_ lu :_I'.:. :ihril .:.ih.i-." HIMI) ),; i.:l.d III)IH(Ii) Tl -.: ii-;.3 i)hE.: E :-i.:j- ri3ir- i')
PBS I BBC World Business The PBS NewsHour ((I 111I America's Wild West Profiles If infamous Suze Orman's Financial Solutions For
301_ Newsi'i Reportiiii M.11 ',i- .:...: II, iri: 1111,i;| il|Hl| Youl:rir r:i1 .:ii ..:.r:iE I''I HI Mi
Cw BigBangi''i INewsIII BigBangil'i 2112Meni',i TheOriginals Tiur, i.:.ri, Supernatural: -I: -rin-: |Newsi31'0pmiiil1iiHi
4691 l- Il 1 1IHIII r i.:. i i IHll II" I. d- i -ii : I'r ir. l' ,
CW I Oueensi NA OueensiTwi, 2 112Menivi 2 12Meni, i The Originals Tiujrh i.:.ri, Supernatural: -I.: -n,--.: Engagement: Rules: TI.- i.:
'41 IHIII __ itHIII ___ HIII ___ IHIII ___ "':i.. n i" ) )tii IH I __ -I.- ,. -r-ir, ar',',,- 1",: 5,;t~ai T ,.:.- ln l',.:..:. __
MYN I11 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld Party Family Feud Family Feud Bones: Yanks in the U.K, Bones: Yanks in the U.K, Part Cops Re- CopsRe-
m_ 1 11 !_trouble. (WVP6) ()VP6) Part 1 London murder. 2 London murder loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood (N) Cleveland(CC) Famn. Guy (CC) Famn. Guy (CC) Bones: Yanks in the U.K, Bones: Yanks in the U.K, Part Law & Order Special Victims
X. N C (HD) (HD)) Part 1 London murder. 2 London murder Unit: Raw (HD)
IND 12 1212 3 12 Modern (CC) Modem Reality Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law & Order: Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims Office (CC) (HD) Office: The
S112 12 38 (HO)) check (HD) (HD) Unit: Raw (HO) Unit: Counterfeit Dundies
ION 2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Criminal Minds Hunting for hu- Criminal Minds: Legacy Killing Crminal Minds: Zugzwang Criminal Minds: Magnum The Listener: Rogues'Gallery
I i I mans. (CC) (H) homeless. (HO) Reid's girlfriend. (HO) Opus Personal loss. (HID) Art theft ring. (N)
WCLF ChristianFit- TodayFaith& Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour Henry Babers, Richard Rob- Hannah(CC) PerryStone LifeToday
2 22 22 22 2 ness healing. (CC) Sr. erts(CC) (CC(N) (CC)
WRXY M 410 JoyceMeyer Savingthe In- Hannah(CC) Great Awaken Tour End of the Walk on Joyce Meyer PlaceMira- GameOn
M (CC) vestor Age Water (CC) cles
TLF I 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Ciudad de M6xico ('00) ** Stacy Edwards. Una La viuda negra La vida de
5 23 23 9 (VP6) (CC) escolar. (YVP6) (CC) hermana busca a su hermano. (R) (CC) (HO) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero Deque te quiero, te quiero PorsiemprerniamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
B(l 11 1 N) Univisi6n (N) Natalia huye. y maldad. (CCH) () sin amor (CC) (H) Humilde hogar.

A 2 Storage (CC) R) Storage (CC)R) Storage: San Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) (R) Storage (CC) R) Storage (CC) R) Storage Wars: Married to Storage Wars
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50 181 HD HD(ur1to4 (HD) (H14) HDH#113 Job: Pilot |(HO)
AMC 56 56 56 56 5 5:00) Jaws 2 (78, Thriller) Roy Scheider. A Next of Kin ('89, Drama) A gutsy Chicago police officer decides to work Game ofArms: Battleforthe
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 p31 Dolice chief tracks a white shark outside the law to punish the men who murdered his brother. Belt Epic battle. (N)
Oceans ('10)Filmmakersex- To Be Announced Info un- To Be Announced Info un- African Cats ('11, Nature) *,** The daily lives of African
APL 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 plore life in the oceans avalabe. available, wildcats and their struggle to survive. (G)
T 3 3 2 106 & Park Bow Wow and Keshia Chante count down the Movie The SoulMan KeyshiaFam-
BET 35 35 35 35 -40 22 270 top 10 videos chosen by the audience. (HO)) (HN)) ilylife.
68 68 68 68o254 51 ,,1 Tiho"e Real Housewives ofAt- Real Housewives N.Y. Mer- Real Housewives N.Y. Party Real Housewives of New People's People's
BRAVO 6la 6 6 6 nta: Reunion, Part 1 maid costumes. (R) goes awry. (CC) (R) York City: Fireworks Couch (N) Couch (N)
COM 66 66 6666 152 1907 0(:58) South Prk Tosh.OCou- ColbertRepo DailyShow(R) Schumer(CC) Tosh.0(CC)(R) Tosh.0(CC)(R) Tosh.0(CC)(R) Tosh.0(CC)(N) Schumer(CC)
pM _____ R) prevent. )R) |((HR)))H) (HD) (H)_ (HO)) (HO)) (N) (H)
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 4321 onMoonshiners Tradition re- Moonshiners Tradition re- Deadliest Catch Captains Deadliest Catch: Careful What You Wsh For Government
S 0 0 4 4 43 1 vealed. (CC) (HO) vealed. (CC) (HO) meet. (CC) (N) (HO) shutdown impacts fleet. (CC) (N) (HO)
(5:30) Keeping Upwith the E! News Entertainment Giuliana & Bill Starlet cou- Tia&Tamera Twins work to Total Divas Professional femalE
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 196 Kardashians (HP) news. (HO) pIe. (HO)stay connected. (H)) wrestlers. (H)
ESO 82 82 82 82118 1181 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps Risky Listing NYC real es- Risky Listing NYC real es- White Collar Brawlers
IS 11 1 others. (CC) (HO) others. (CC) (HO)) tate. (HO)) tate. (HD) Worker boxing. (HO)
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 News(N) Vision IDaily Mass Celebration ofthe Mother Angelica Live Clas- News(R) Rosary(fVG) Threshold of Hope Pope
Holy Eucharist. (R) sics MotherAngelica. (R) John Paul II. (R)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A down-and-out private eye Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ('07 Fantasy)*** Daniel Radcliffe. A ty-
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 199 helps a cartoon character framed for murder. rannical new teacher seizes control of Hogwarts, forcing wizards to act. (HO)
FOOD 37 37 37 7 iChopped:A Guts Reaction Chopped: Wasted! Herb Chopped: Belly Dance! Tuna Chopped: Waste Not Juicer Chopped: Pern Peri Determined
S7 3 7 6 Poultry intestines. (R) stems. (R) (H) belly; lamb. (R)(HD) pup. (R)(HO) Per peri rub. (N)(
F 51 5 5 5 5 49 5 (5:30) Step Brothers ('08, Comedy) Two Captain America: The First Avenger ('11, Action) ***A regular guy Faigo: The Rooster Prince
FX 51 51 51 51 4 3 grown men must share a bedroom. (R) is transformed into a super soldier and battles evil villains. Blacknail plot (N) (HO)
19 71719 1 11 1 Family Feud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Minute to Win It (R) The Chase (R) FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 (W) IVPG) (W_) MIm_) [(1VPG) (IVPG)
iALL 5 17 73240 The Waltons: The Graduation The Waltons Traveling The Waltons: The Car Car Middle (CC) MiddleSum- Frasier: Shrink Frasier()VP6)
ALL 5 7 3 John-Boy graduates salesman. (CC) for college. (CC) (HO) mer'send. Rap (CC)
I 1T 811 81 81 3 65 128 Cars First boat; Counting: Old Cars: Pimp My Cars: GT Oh Counting: Cars: Haunted Cars: Ghost Cars: Mercury American: (:31)American
HIST 8frame. 'Schol Bus R) MyMy Buggin'Out Hog(R) Rider(R) Rising BeerBell-y (R)
H E 1 1 41 41 5 10 AreThey AreThey Hunters (CC) (R) Hunters (CC) (R) FlopA 1920's Flop(R) FlipOrFIop FlopMoldy House OfftheGrid
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 NowR) Now?)R) HO H) home. (N) bathroom. Hunters (N) (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Organize with Ease Cowie Beauty Innovations Real Collectibles Real Collectibles
SWife Swap: Lovazzano; Clover Dance Moms Music video Dance Morns Pyramid revela- Dance Moms Abby's loss. True Tori Discrediting ru-
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 Hollywod mom. shoot. (CC) (R) (HO) tion.(CC) (R) (HO)) (CC) (N) (HO)) mors. (CC) (N) (HO)


N 8 8 110 1 Welcome to: Cant All Just The Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and the Have Nots lThe Haves and the Have Nots The Haves and the Have Nots
OWN 58 58 58 5 4 10. 161 Get Along? (R) (HD) Celinevs. Hanna. Jeffery suspects. Candace's plea. (R) Celinevs Hanna.
IE 51 51 51 5 2963 54 Ink Master: X Men's Hugh Ink Master 2 on 1 Tat-Astrophe Ink Master Artist SlaughterArt- Ink Master: Ink Master Ex- Ink Master: Fighting Dirty (N)
J57 57 57 63 54 acknan X-Men fans. Working in pairs. ists sent home. (R) plosion (R) (HD) N(HD)
v 61 61 616125 18Face Off: Industrial Revolution Face Off: Bloodsuckers Leg- Face Off: Cry Wolf (CC) (R) (H) Face Off: Heavenly Bodies Creature Shop Challenge:
SYFY67 67 67 64 180 Original robots. (R) endaryvampires. (R) (CC) (N) (HDN) Life in Motion (N)
TBS 59 59 59T 59 3262 52 Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld (CC) Fam.Guy Re- Big Bang (CBig Bang (CC) BOg Bang(CC) BigBang(CC) BigBang(CC) Big Bang (CC)
59 59 59 (HD D) (1HD1) union. (HD)) (HD (HD (HD)) (HD)) (HD)
TOM 65 65 6565 169 239 AlleghenyUp- 1939:Hollywood'sGreatestYear('09)A Stagecoach ('39) ***% Strangers who travel together TheManWhoShotLiberty
65-65665 16 3 rising look at film clips from 1939. (CC) fend off Indians and bandits from stagecoach. (CC) Valance ('62) (CC)
TIC 45 45 4545 5 72 3 LI Medium LI Medium(R) Little Finding Little (CC) (R) 19 Kids and Coun'ting E. 19 Kids (CC) (N) 19 Kids Little Quality Little Chal-
45 45 45 7 I Camping. (HD)) balance. (HD) Bates'swedding. (R) (HD) Boundaries, time. (N) lenges. (R)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle Frozen & tangled. (CC) Castle: Always Buy Retail 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (CC) Playoffs:
(4 (H1) Vodun ritual murder. Teams TBA
TRA 696969B 171 izarreFoodswithAndrew ManvFood: vFood:Ann izarreFoods AmericaCul- Masters(R) Masters(N) Bizarre FoodswithAndrew
TRAV69 69 69 66 17 Traditional cuisine. Honolulu Arbor (R) ural influences (R) Local delicacies (R)
T rUi r, i.. Ii," Paan1wn awn- Pawni Pawni0.P:.i ..:. Pawnvn..:.i:. 31 Pawn Fi.r,->:Pawnl.r.:- Pawn.:.,..J Container Container
TRUTV -* *" ." i... ___ .u~.. I___ w iiiJ lln H__ 5.r i ,I)r. W a s n W i n
rVLND '.' '._' '' '' '- Griffith Gnffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 1Law & Order. Special Victims Law & Order: Special Victims 1Modem Hili 1.-1 Modem Modem I:.:..:. Modern i'i Chnsley i'iiiii M odem
U-* _._ .., nit: M.. i lr.:. l IIU nit: E .: |:1i: | el M ,III LHIII 'l.P.:.:.h* : l1.iii t-rr1| |H11 lI.. MI,. i.3..:
WE i vvi &,, ,, ,.. Law tOrder TuriT. ,B.:.- Law&Order: :i.-.Bri.:.- Law & Order: :ii.:.:.rri.: .: Law Order:. .: .r.:.'-i i: Law: Order:Tr,:-F.:iiii.:-Fi...:
WE n,,,:!,.;. LO I,|:ir~i:n ir till IHI lII ln .l. EI bit. I iHP- 11-11,11-,, 1,
ii i.Amernca'sFunniestHome Salem: Kill Bill: Vol. 1' -.:I.:.n ***-'. L',u i Truir r --n i : : i :..:-i iin Salemi' MIIII
WON hI" Videosli-.E l.:.:.',V;.d o -W itchesih *:rEi .:.r.:.i :.",, riB E:i *: *rl : 3.- J irii.- B.1 : i :r .:. :l' .:I.:.. ..j.-:
c SS h Geico SportsNITE IHiii To Be Announced i.:..:q r,.:.m3,,1.:.": 'E, 1 l.ii.i:.i: 3 1 in1.: ToBeAn- Goff Weekly
.. .. .. bounced
ESN _, .. h, SportsCenter: .:.,- 11:i.:.i 30for30: 1 ,:,i i .:.n L T.-: Outside IlI 1I- Special ii Special u 2014 Draft Academy IlI 1III-

ESPN2,, ... Aroundthe Interruption SportsCenter.i.:.riil:.:.i: SportsCenterSpecial:'--, 30foro30:r11i,: ii B .TI-,: BaseballTonight llIIIIII1,|
"H H o m iHl | l~l ||t HI.l| '.,_ ,l*;.:.l- il }{ti| | l |HI]l| _____ rl',- ; 1,:,,: I |11| HI:1| ___ ,",l',l',:.'::. HIl| _________________
FSI d i d 4 4 .. America's Pregame il I,) World PokerTour:-ii:.,i-: Riseasilij,") UFC Unleashed Ti.: i:..,jr MLB 162il1,, MLBWhipAround ili,)
S 4 i ov (1HD) Florida-Conclusion (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) (HD) (HD)
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 'UFC Insider(N) Marlins LIVE! MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at Atlanta Bravesfrom Turner Field (live) (HD) Madrins LIVE! Marlins(HD)
S7 7 56 (1) (N)(H) (N) (HD)
GOLF 49 49 4949 5560 304 Golf Central (N Inside PGA GolfAcdmy Learning Cen- Golfs Greatest Rounds: 2013 The Players (N) (H)
(HD)) Tour(HD) (N) ter(HP))
TuN N t ner,2014 NHL StanleyCupPlayoffs:Teams TBA ) 2(LNive)le~u
NBCSN 71 71 71 1 5461 90 ProFootball NHLLive(N) 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff: Teams TBA (ve2014NHLStanle p
__ Talk (N)Z/ Playoffs: Teams TBA
SUN 38 38 40140145 57 76 gators (Re q i) RaysLIVE! (N)', MLBBaseball: MinnesotaTwinsatTampaBayRaysfromTropicanaField (hive)(H) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside(HD)
(14) (141) ( HD) ( ) Fu
NICK 25 25 25252444252 Sponge (CC) SpongeBob Sponge(CC) Sam&Cat(R) FullHse(CC) FullHse(CC) FullHse(CC) FullHseBad Full Hse (CC) FullHouse
(R) (CC) (R) (R) (HD)) advice. D.J.'s diet
TOON 80 80 12412446 2 27 Adventure (R) Gumball (R) Grandpa(R) Clarence(R) KingHill(CC) Kingofthe Hill Cleveland(C) Cleveland(CC) DadDeacon FiamGuy(IVM4
TO (CO) |(HD) (HD) wanted.

CNBC 39 3939 39 37 102 Mad Money (CC) The Profit: Key Lime (R) Shark Tank (CC) (H) Shark Tank (CC) (H) Shark Tank (CC) (HD)
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 10 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Special Report Tsu-
N 3 1____ Room(N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HD) stories. (N) nami updates. (R)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 19 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
SPN 18 18 18 18 3 i IRepresentatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N)
S6 6 6 6 48 71 11SpecialReportwith BretBaie OntheRecordwithGretaVan The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S M M M 8 The latest news (N) Susteren (N)(HD)) talk. (CC) (N) (HD)) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (HD()
MSNB 83838383 185 4 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chis Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MNB8 3 18 10 Sharpton. (N) (HD)) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (HD)) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HD))
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News(N) Paid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News (N) News (N) INews (N)
CMV 7 47 47 47 23 24 221 RebaBrockin Reba(HD) Reba(HD) Reba(HD) The Dukes of Hazzard Moon- TheRock (96, Action) Two men try to rescue a group of
__MIV_ 4 7 47 23 24 _2 garage. shine fuel. (CC) (HD)() tourists that were taken hostage by a madman.
Ml 33 33 33 33 35 48210 Girl Code Girl Code 16 and Pregnant Pregnant Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 Teens have Teen Mom 2 Teens have
V 33 3 33 3 5 48 girls talk. (CC:) kids. (HD)) kids. (HD)) kids. (HD()
u1/ 50 50 5050 2 217 The Greatest 20-1 of count- TlandTiny(R) ThisisHot97 Black Ink Crew (CC) (R) (HD) Basketball Wives LA (R) (HN) The Brothers Fourfriends have
down.0 050432 __down. (R) (HD)__ (R)(HPi ____D) romantic troubles.
Heat ('95) (35) Broken City ('13, Thriller) **% MarkWahlberg, The Purge ('13, Thriller) Ethan Hawke. A This Is 40 (12, Comedy) Paul
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Masterthief Russell Crowe. An ex-cop finds himself in the middle of a family struggles to survive during the one Rudd. A not-so-average
--------sought. (CC) scandal after being hired by a mayor. (R) (CC) (HD)) night when all crime is legal. (CC:) American family (COC)
Stigmata (35) Kingdom of Heaven ('05, Drama) A grieving, French blacksmith The Internship (13) ** Two jobless middle-aged
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 r** 2 Para- follows his Crusader father to the Holy Land, where hefinds himself salesmen compete as interns against dozens of college
___ normal attacks defending Jerusalem from the soldiers of Saladin's army. (CC:) students for a coveted job at a sawy, tech company.
GoodLuck GoodLuck LivandMad- JessieActof Avalon High ('10, Fantasy) Britt Robertson. Austin &Ally Good Luck Jessie Paintbal
DISN 136136136 136 99 45 250 Charilie: Alumni die Basketball kndness.(R) A transferred student discovers that her Futuristicword. Teddygeson rival. (CC) (R) (HD)
Doppel Date interview. (R) game. (HD() school holds a medieval mystery. (R) date.
(5:40) LA. Confidential ('97, Drama) ***/2 Kevin The Odd Life of Timothy Green (12) A (:50) Are We Done Yet? ('07, Comedy) *1
ENC 150150 150150 150 350 Spacey Russell Crowe. A trio of detectives investigates a married couple that is unable to conceive Newlyweds buy a house in the suburbs, but
shotgun massacre at a 1950s L.A. diner. (R) (CC) takes in a mysterious young boy turns into a costly nightmare.
(5:15) Fever Pitch (05, Comedy) Real TimewithBillMaherA Game of Thrones: Breaker of SiliconValley Veep:Alicia Real Sports with Bryant
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 Womancompetesfor panel of guests discusses Chains Tyrion considers his Richard Key event. (R) Gumbel (N) (CC) (HD)
----- boyfriend's eve. (CC) politics. (VMA) (1D) options. (R) (1D) (negotiates. (H1D)
1:15) Fantastic Four ('05, Action) "** loan Gruffudd, The Way, Way Back (13, Comedy) Making of... Real Time with Bill MaherA
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Jessica Alba. Four astronauts acquire superhuman powers Introverted teen befriends a water park Behindthe panel ofguestsdiscusses
___ after being exposed to gamma rays. (PG-13) (CC() manager to avoid his family situation. (CC) scenes. politics. (1VMA) (H1))
(5:50) Gasland Part I A look is taken at the dangers of the Deadwood: New Money Veep:Alida Silicon Valley Fora GoodlTime, Call... (12)
HBO3 304304304304 304 404 hydraulic fracturing process. (CC) (HN) Mining operation's scout Keyevent. (CC) Richard AriGraynor Twofriends sarta
arrives. (HN)) negotiates. phone sex line.
Salmon (:25) Gone ('12, Thriller) %'/ A woman Years of Living Years of Living Mlad Dog: Inside the Secret
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Fishing in sets out for her sister who has been taken Dangerously: Dry Season Dangerously: End of the World ofMoammar Gaddafi
Yemen (12) by a man who abducted her. (CC) (HD) (CC) (R) (H1D) Woods (CC) (R) (IHD) (TV14) (R)
(1]5) Knife Fight ('12, Drama) *1% Rob Lowe, Julie Bowen. Take This Waltz ('12, Drama) *** Seth Rogen Silver Linings Playbook (12)
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 A political strategist taking on three clients must make a Michelle Williams. A happily married woman soon falls in Emotionally damaged man
Difficult decision. (R) (CC) (HD)) love with an artist across the street. (R) (CC) (HPD) 1redaims life. (CC)


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APL U U U U -TBA African Cats, 11, TM, TBA TBA TBA
BET 111 i''" Sleep Wendy Movie Reed Reed BET Inspiration___
BRAV 4'" 4 4'" 4"'* I *i Watch Housewives Housewives Housewife Watch Couch Paid Paid Paid Paid
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TIC 45454545 57 721 319Kids 19Kids Little Little 19 Kids Little Little Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 (0:30) Plaoffs (CC) Inside NBA Mentalist Law (HD) Law (HD) S'ville
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TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 301 Container Container Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Container Container Container Container Saloon Jailhouse Paid
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USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Modem Modem Chrisley Chrisley (:01)SVU SVU(HD) SVU(H0) SVU(HD) SVU(HD)
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FSN 72 7222 3 56 77 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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MSNBC 83 83 83 83185 4010 Hayes (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball HayesR (R) MaddowFirst Look Too Eay
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CINE 32 13203 3232 330This Is 40 Animal ('11) 1(:45) Killer Joe ('12) Carnal Ghost City **/
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DISN 1313613136 99 45 25(WinLose Blog Good Lck Good Lck Shake It |A.N.T. OnDeck OnDeck Wizards |Wizards OnDeck OnDeck FishHks Phineas
END 15(15015150 15035 Done The Call ('13) ILife Aquatic ('04) **/2 (] 5) L.A. Confidential ('97) IHope
HBO 302302 3023N23023240( Thrones IVICE IVeep ITransport ('05) Fight Gumbel IMan of Steel ('13) *1/2
HB02 3033033 402 The Great Gatsby ('13) *** ISilicon IKlown (H0) IConsequ. ('03) Small Town
HB03 30 3DI 30 3040 Good Tne Billy Crystal (H0) IDodgeball ('04) 1Homer ('89) *1-1 180 Second
SHOW3 34C 340 365 -Moanmr Nurse J. Calif. IJrhead ('05) (R) (CC) IVarsity Blues ('99)lPeter ('09) (CC_)
TMC 3 3 353503535385 Silver (R) 1(:05) Dare ('09) (35) Bully ('01) (CC) HighSchool Unraveled


Melissa & Joey
7 p.m. on FAM
A free-spirited local
politician finds her entire
lifestyle turned upside
down after agreeing to take
custody of her niece and
nephew, along with the help
of a recently-bankrupted
stock trader desperate
enough to take on the role
of male nanny. (HD)

7:30 p.m. on SHOW
A true-crime novelist uses
found footage to piece
together details of a series
of murders that took place
in his new home, but he
realizes he's put his whole
family in danger when it be-
comes clear that something
doesn't want those secrets
told. (HD)


The Middle
8 p.m. on ABC
"The Wind Chimes" Frankie
tries to reason with a
neighbor on taking down
her wind chimes that are
driving the entire family up
the wall; Axl and Hutch find
a couch on the street and
want to bring it home. (HD)
8 p.m. on CW
"Seeing Red" Roy is sent
into a blind rage by the
mirakuru and unleashes
his fury upon the city, and
while Oliver believes he can
still save Roy, Sara believes
he is too far gone and must
be killed. (HD)
8:30 p.m. on ABC
"No, You Can't Sit With Us"
Tessa decides to make a
statement to the Chatswin
society by grooming a so-
cially outcasted girl for the
Miss Chatswin pageant and
to rival Dalia; George, Noah,

6 9 Z

~ T9
6 I?

Fred, and Victor take a guys
only weekend camping trip,
but Victor gets lost. (HD)
Baby Daddy
8:30 p.m. on FAM
When an irresponsible man
in his 20s finds out he has a
baby after his ex-girlfriend
leaves her at his doorstep,
he must put all things aside
and learn to raise his little
girl with the help of his
mother, brother and closest
friends. (HD)
The 100
9 p.m. on CW
"His Sister's Keeper" Bel-
lamy takes a risk and leads
his crew into Grounder
territory during his search
for Octavia; Raven picks up
on Finn and Clarke's intense
connection. (HD)
10 p.m. on ABC
"On the Record" Cast mem-
bers and the songwriters
of the music from the show
"Nashville" sit down in the

Television Firsts
1. This still-popular
sit-com features tele-
vision's first interracial
couple real-life
spouses whose union
was controversial within
the entertainment
industry at the time.

2. The arrival of that
couple's first child was
also groundbreaking,
in that the wife's
pregnancy was followed
in the series' storyline
all the way to her
delivery of the boy, who
went by this name on
the show.

3. That showbiz couple's
production studio put
out such shows as this
cult-classic futuristic
series, whose plots
include television's first
interracial kiss.

4. This children's show,
the first produced by
a network, was named
for its fictional host,
a kindly, mustachioed
man of many hats

The top six finalists take the
stage in hopes of impress-
ing Jennifer Lopez and her
fellow judges and win-
ning America's vote on an
all-new two-hour episode of
"American Idol," beginning
Wednesday at 8 p.m. on FOX.
Bluebird Cafe to perform
and discuss the process of
making the music itself and
what it has meant to the
songwriters and the actors
to create these songs. (HD)

(literally), big pockets
and a "Treasure House"
for a home.

5. Not just for the kids,
this animated series
- the first to air in
primetime tackled
such adult topics as
infertility and adoption.
The titular couple
even smoked Winston
cigarettes (their
sponsor) during the
closing credits for the
first two seasons.

6. Premiering in 1965,
this espionage drama
was the first series
to cast an African-
American actor in a
starring role.

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,,Aznl @AOl1 1, "T



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ABC7 News CABCWorld The 7 Entertainment The Middle Suburgatory ModemFan- (:31)Mixology Nashville: On the Record Cast
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe Newswith O'Clock Tonight(CCO (N) Wind chime Socialoutcast. ilyAustralia ad- How Dominic members and the songwritersol
S news ofthe DianeSawyer News (N) (HD) (HD) problems(N) (CC)(N)(HD) venture. (N)(HD) feels (N)(HD) the musicfrom the show "Nash-
________ day. (N)(HD)) __________ (HD)) __________v_______vile".
ABC I NewsThe ABCWorld TheList (IVG) AskAmerica Middle(CC)(N) Suburgatory Modem:Aus- (31)Mixology Nashville:On the Record Mu-
11N latest news. News(N) (HD) (TYG) (1HD) (N) (HD) tralia(N) (N) (HD) sicoftheshow. (N)
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? A Millionaire? Middle(CC)(N) Suburgatory Modem:Aus- (31)Mixology Nashville:On the Record Mu-
A 7 ______70 News(N) (CCN) ( (CC(R) ()(HD) (N) (HD) tralia (N) (N) (HD) sicoftheshow.(N)
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) Survivor: Cagayan (CC) (N) Criminal Minds: Strange CSI: Crime Scene Investiga-
CBS 10 1010 10 6pmLocal Newswith tune(CC)(N) (N)(HD) (HD) FruitVirginiahomefoundwithtion:PassedPawnsDead
10 0 news report. Scott Pelley(N) ([H) skeletons. (CC) (R) (HD) homeless man with winning
______(N) 1(HD) streak (R) (HN)
CBS 213213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Survivor: Cagayan (CC) (N) Criminal Minds: Strange Fruit CSI: Crime Scene Investiga-
1 33 1 (N) (HD) tion (N) (HD)) Backyard skeletons. EionWnning streak
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Revolution Years after Law & Order: Special Victims (:01) Chicago P.D.: A Material
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8at6:00 News News Current 8 at7:00 News; Tonight(CCO((N) worldwide electrical failure Unit: Jersey Breakdown A run- WtnessTheteams investigates
[ and weather events (N)(HD) weather; more. (HD) young girl searches for truth, away isfound beaten and a gang shooting. (CO (R) (H)
(CC) (HD)) raped. (R)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Revolution Gir investigates Law& Order: SVU Raped run- (01) Chicago P.D. Gang shoot-
2 22 2 News(N) tune (N) (HDP) global blackout. (HD)) away (CC) (R) (HD)) ing case. (R) (HD))
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider American Idol: Top 6 Finalists Perform Only six finalists FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday areexamined (CC) (N) (HD) are left in the competition, and the pressure is on because desofthenewsday areup-
13 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 one of them will be leaving after the votes come in from to- dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) night's performance. (CC) (N) (HD)) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy Paradise TV American Idol: Top 6 Finalists Perform The six remaining FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
4___ _____ 44 news; weather. (N) Car loan. finalists perform, hoping to win America's votes, news report. (N)
PBS 3 BBCWoid Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Nature: Snow Monkeys Daily NOVA Social groups. (CC) (N) Your Inner Fish Inherited
CB News (CC) rt(N) (HD(PBo))( life examined. (N) (HD)) traits. (CC) (N) (HD))
S AA Sesame Street: The Ironing Cat in Hat(R) Peg +Cat (CC) Real Rail Adventures: Swit- Old House (R) Home (CCR) (R Fake or Fortune? (CC) (N) (HD)
20 204 04 1 Monster Grovers cape. (HD 1 (Rzerland (CC) (HD)) (HD1)) (HD))
PBS BBCWodd Business Re- The PBS NewsHour((N) Mister Rogers & Me Children's TV show My Music: 60's Pop, Rock & Soul 1960s
x333_ News (CCO)_ port(N) (41)))Mhost Fred Rogers. (CC) (R) (HD) musicians perform biggest hits. (R)
CW 6 2 6 Big Bang (CC) News(N) Big Bang (CC)O 21/2 Men (CC) Arrow: Seeing Red Roy un- The 100: His Sister's Keeper News @10pm (N) (HD)
AC I I 16 21 16 (1D)) (1)) ((HD)) leashes rage. (N) (HD) Flashbacks. (N) (HD))
CW Queens Queens: Strike 2 1/2 Men (CC) 21/2 Men (CC) Arrow: Seeing Red Roy un- The 100: His Sister's Keeper Engagement RulesAudrey's
9 9 9 4 Doug'syouth. One N(H)) (HD)) leashes rage. (N) (HD)) Flashbacks. (N) (HD) Partylie. raise.
MYN 11 11 14, Raymond (CC) Seinfeld: The FamilyFeud Family Feud Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Cops Re- Cops Re-
S___ _____ 4Pie (CC) (VPG) (1TVPG) "Crypt club" ball. A corrupt prison. loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood(N) Cleveland(CC() Fam. Guy (CC) Fam. Guy (CC) Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law& Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order Special Victims
S (HD)) (HD) __ ____ ______ "Cryptclub" ball. Acorrupt prison. UnitSerial rapist.
IND 12 12 12 3 12 Modem: Aunt Modem Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Office (CC) (H) Office Polides
32 3 1 *Mommy Claire's plans (HD) (Hfl) Unit Serial rapist. Unit: Executon Mriew.
ION 2 2 2 102 18.i 17 Burn Notice Corrupt official. Bum Notice: Sins of Omission Bum Notice: Lesser Evil Vic- Bum Notice: Friends and Fam-Burn Notice Michael's new
N 3 (CCO) (HD) Ex-fiance's trouble. tors past. (CC) (HD) ilyOutofphison, enemy. (CC) (HD)
WCLF 22 2222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & Jack Van ImpeGreatAwaken Tour Destined Richard Rob- GospelTruth Supernatural Life Today
22 1 1 ness healing. (CC) _GeAw nReign (CC) erts (CC) (((C(N) (CF() (CC)
WR22 44 10 Joyce Meyer First Life(CC) JackVan I pGreatAwaken Tour Connect The Watch- Joyce Meyer Place Mira- Game On
M 22 ___10 (CC) (HD14) (CC) -man (CC) cles
TLF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Arena ('11, Accion) Un ex bombero compite en un event La viuda negra La vda de
50 (TVPWG)(CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) de gladiadores para unaaudiencia on line. (CC) Giselda Blano. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero PorsiemprerriamorEnvidia Loquelavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
62 1 (N) Univision (N) Natalia huye. y maldad.(CC) (HD) Isin amor (CC) (HD) Humide hogar.
:1 3 i 1 iiFIE-It f
BB- ii~i~i.~i.'~ Thm^e First 48 Dismembered |Duck (CC)(R) Duck Scootr
A&ETheFirst48Dismembered Duck (26 (R) Duck Seoter1 Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck (CC) (R) Duck Career Duck Dynasty Duck (CC) (R)
8A&E3 body. (CC) (R) (HD)) (HD)) turtle. (HD) (HD) (HD) day (R) G.I. SI 1(HD))
AMC 56 56 5 5 5 1 (5:00)Windtalkers (02) During World War II, two Navajo U.S. Marshals (98 Thriller) **-/2 Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes. A marshal seeks
----- -- -65 63 3 use their language to encode radio messages. a fugitive who may be innocent of his crime. (PG-13) (C) (HD)
0 Finding Bigfoot: Further Big- River Monsters: Unhooked River Monsters: Unhooked Fighting Tuna: Cape Cod Bay Fighting Tuna: George's Bank
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 130 foot footage. (R)(HD) Piranha-likefish. (R) Man-sized monster. New strategy (HD) Captains last trip.
BET 35 35 35 35 4 22 7106 &Park Bow Wow and Keshia Chante count down the Apollo Live Amateur talent. To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
BET 35 35 35 35 0 22 70 top lOvideos chosen bythe audience. (HD()) (C) thistime.
BRAVo 68668 2 1 Real Housewives of New Housewives of Orange New Million Dollar UListing New Million Dollar Listing New Flipping Out:Outof Bounds
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 York City: Fireworks neighbor. (CO (R) York Cursed listing. (R) York (N) H.R. vioafons. (N)
COM 666 6 15211 South Prk Tosh.OMovie ColbertRepo Daily Show(R) Key &Peele(R SouthPrk South Prk(R) South Prk: South Prk (R) TripTank:The
O__27 (1V14)(R) spers. (R) |(HD) (H7D (1V14)(R) (HD)) Pandemic (HD)) Green
DISC 40 n40404 240 2 19 Dude, You're Screwed Surviv- Naked and Afraid Man and Naked and Afraid Man and Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N'Loud Classics re-
DISC 0 0 4 1 alists tested. (HD() woman left. (CC) (HD) woman left. (CC) (HD) aired. (CC) (HD)) paired. (CC) (HD)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 26 16 (4:00) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment Kardashians Keeping Up with the Kardashians Cam- The Soup (HN) Burning Love
E! 46 46 46 46 2 26 196 unavailable, news. (HD)) (HD)) erasfollow socialite and family. (HD) (HD))
ESQ 82 82 82 82 118 118160 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps On The Table On The Table How I Rock It How I Rock It How I Rock It Aternate
others. (CC) (HD)) others. (CC) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) (HD)) Route (HD)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 17285 News (N) Vision (R) Daily Mass Celebration ofthe EWTN Live: George Weigel News (R) Rosary(TVG) Catalogue (TV Vaticano
EWTN 24324324 12 1785oly Eucharist. (N) (N) (R) G)
FAi 5 5 55 10 46 1099 The Middle (CC) The Middle (CC) Melissa& Messa &Meli ssa& sa& BabyDaddy Sister Act ('92) **Y2 A Reno lounge singer who has
F 1 i 10 (HD)) (HD) Joey (R) Joey(R) Joy (N) N(HD) been targeted by the mob hides out in a convent. (CC)
FOOD 317 37 37 371 16164 Diners (R) (HD) Diners Texas Restaurant: Impossible Lake Save My Bakery: Out of the Restaurant: Impossible Restaurant: Impossible:
FOO 3 3 3 3 7 1 oumey. City, Minn. (R)(HD) Mix (N) Tavares, Fla. (R) (HD)) Treading Water (N) (HD)
FX 51 51 51 51 58 49 5 Captain America: The First Avenger ('11) Thor ('11 Action) **** Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman. A warrior is The Americans: Martial Eagle
X 1***1 1 1 4 A A superhero battles evil villains. banished to Earth, leaving him to fight off evil forces. (CC) (HD) Mission issues (N)
GSN19 717199 1 171 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Mind ofa Man Mind ofaMan
GSN 179 179 179 179 34 179 184 W IV W) M) (V (WVPG (IVPG) (1VPG) (N) (N)
S5 17 7340 9nThe Waltons: The Conflict, Part The Waltons: The First Day The Waltons Cross-country Middle Tech Middle Evil Frasier (IVPG) Frasier(IVPG)
HALL 5 5 5 11 3 02 Home in danger Boatwright. (CC) race. (CC) school., bunny. (CC) (CC)
HIST 81 81 81 81 3 6518 American Pickers Harley; bear American Pickers New store American Pickers Model T American Pickers (CC) (N) Down East Dickering Gems
HI I 8 8 6 trap. (CC() (R) (H)) addition. (R) (H)) Ford sis. (CC() (R) (HD() (HN)) mined; more. (N) (HD))
ME 4 4 4 5Property Brothers Property Brothers Open con- Property Brothers: Maria & Property Brothers Renovation House Off the Grid
HOME 41 41 41 41 53 42 165 Fixer-upperhome. (N)) ( eptdesign.(R)(141) Dave Hotel life. (R) project (R) (H) Hunters (N) (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 AmedeoNYC Amedeo NYC Hot in Hollywood IMAN: Gorgeous Locks MAN: Gorgeous Locks
LIFE 36 36 3636 52o41 1401 WifeSwap Momstrade Bring It!: Street Battle Rivals Bring rd: Shut Up and Dance Preachers' Daughters Kolby Bringd: TheLock-lnAll-night
LI 6 6 6 6 41 homes. (IVPG) (CC) clash. (CC) (R) (HD) Hometown batte. (R) goes on trip. (N) (HD)) rehearsal. (N) (HD)


OWN 58 58 58584103161 Oprah:WhereAreThey ForBetter(R) Fo rBetter(R) ForBetter(R) ForBeter.Re-ForBetter(N) ForBetter(R) ForBetter(R) ForBetter(R)
O N IS s8 s s8 4 O-1 Now? Rodney King. (R) (HD)) (H14) (1H4) Iunited |(ND) I(H1)) (H14) (41))I
S 5IKE 7 1 51 51 29 63 54(500) Man on Fire (04 Drama) A former assassin hunts the Law Abiding Citizen (09, Crime) Jamie Foxx. A man intends to exact re- Training Day
----------- people who kidnapped a nine-year-old child. |venge 10 years after his wife and child are murdered. (R) (CC) (|'1)**
c 61 61 6 5 180 Hurlant (R) Pitch Black ('00, Science Fiction) ** Vin Diesel. Survivors marooned District 9 ('09) Sharlto Copley. Extraterrestrial refugees are
SYFY 67 67 67 67 253164 18 on a desert planet are hunted by flesh-eating creatures. (R) (H1)D) forced to live in a concentration camp in Africa. _
TBS 59 59 595 59 3 62 5Seinfeld(CC) Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld(CC) Fam. Guy Re-enactment. (CC Fam. Guy Af- Big Bang (CC) BigBang(CC) Big Bang (IVPG) Deal With It
4TBS 59 59 59 9 32 62 52( I(HD(HDfair. (HD) (HD) (HD) (N)I
TOM 65 65 6565 169 20 (4:45) How the West Was Won ('62) **k Playhouse They Were Expendable ('45, Drama) Robert Montgomery. Two patrol tor- Operation
TCM 6 6 65 6 6 3America's expanse into the Old West. l pedo boatsfight Japanese forces in the Philippine Islands. Pac.('51)
TIC 45 45 4545 139 Long Island Medium Past Women of Homicide Deadly 48 Hours: Cold as Ice Death- Women of HomicideBenton To Be Announced Info un-
L 4 4 4 L readings. (CC) (R) (HD)) drug deal. (R) (HD) Ibed confession. (HD) investigates. (N) (HD) available.
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: Little Girl Lost 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (CC) 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (CC)
1 TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Beckett's ex. (CC) ((HD))
TRAV 69 69 69 69260 171 Bizarre Foods with Andrew vFood:Syra- v Food: Bizarre Foods America Foods Trip Flip (CC) (N) Trip Flip (CiC) (N) Baggage: Baggage(CC)
ZiTRAV 69 69 69 692666 17ZJmmem: Alaska (R) cuse(R) Springfield (R) in St Louis. (R) 1(HD) (HD) Stea Drum (N)
TRTV 633 6 53 1 o S. Beach (R) S. Beach (R) South Beach S. Beach South Beach South Beach S. Beach (R) South Beach South Beach South Beach
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 30 183 Tow(R) Porschejob. Tow (R) Tow (R) Tow (R) Tow (R) Tow (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 24 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Cleveland Soul Man
USA 343C2 NCIS: Caged Guard at NCIS: Broken Bird Ducky NCIS: Shabbat Shalom NCIS: Shiva NCIS team unites NCIS: Canary Cyber-terrorist.
34 34 34 22 52 50 women's prison killed. (HD) stabbed. (CC) (HD) Ziva's father. (CC) (HD) in lightofevent. (CC) (HD)
WE 117117 117 7 117 149 Law & Order ConspiracyAdul- Law & Order: Forgiveness Law & Order Fatal heart at- Law & Order: Wedded Bliss Law & Order: Helpless Press
WE 117 7 11 1 tery murder (HD) Killer defended. (HD) tack. (CC) (HD) River murder. (HD) manipulated. (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Salem (CC) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy (1V14) (114) (1FV14) (114) _____I
5ss 28 28 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (H) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at
I__ _SS_28_28_28_28_49_70this time. this time.
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 7 SportsCenter: from Bristol, MLB Baseball: r I.- York Yankees at Boston Red Sox from Fenway Park (live) (HD) 30for30:The SportsCenter
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 8 70 onn.(N) (CC) (HD) ) Deal (N)(HD)
ESPN2 3030 3030 6 A 14 Aroundthe Interruption SportsCenter from Bristol, SportsCenter Special: On 2014 Draft Academy (HD) Baseball Tonight (N) (CC) (HD)
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59 74 Hom(HD) (CC) (HD) Conn. (N) (CC) (HD) the Clock (N) (HD)) .
FS1 4848 48 4842 a69 3 America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Tonight (N) (CC) (HD) CONCACAF Champions League Soccer: Teams The Ultimate Fighter: Flying
FS1 48 48 48 48 42 69 83 (D) TBA (live) (CC) (HD) the Flag (CC) (N) (HD)
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 Access (N) Game 365 College Baseball: Florida A&M Rattlers at Florida Gators from McKethan Stadium MLB Baseball: Miami vsAt-
SFSN 72 2 (lD) (1N) at Perry Field (live) (HN)) lanta (Re /ay) (H1)
GOLF 49 49 4949 55 60 304 Golf Central (N] European School of Golf: Chapter 13: In Play with Jimmy Roberts Big Break Florida: Cash or Big Break Florida: Golf
GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 60 (4D) Tour(N) PuttForDough(N) (HPD) lmmunity(H4D1) Blackjack(HP)D
PmN 717 17n46 0Po Football NHL Live (N) -- 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (live) 2014 NHLStanley Cup
NBCSN 7_ Talk(N) S _'_ Z,/ PlayoffTs:TeamsTBA
SUN 38 38401 401 45 5 76 'owerboat Rays LIVE! (N)' MLB Baseball: Minnesota Twins at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana Field (ive) (HD) Rays LIVE! (N) Inside (HD)
1UN (1 38 40 401 4 1 7 ( ) (lID))
NICK 252525 252444252 Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) Sam&Cat(R) Full Hse (CC) FullHouse Full Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC) Full Hse (CC)
NICK 25(R) (R) (R) (14D) D.J.'sdiet.
TOON 80 80 12412446 202,1 JohnyTest(CC) Titans Go! (N) Universe (R) Clarence (R) King ofthe Hill King ofthe Hill Cleveland Cleveland American Fam.Guy(IV14
TOON 80 80 124124 46 20 (N) (CC) (CC) Show (HD) ShowD(H) Dad! (HD)

CNBC 39 39 39 39 37 1021MadMoney (CC) Greed(R) Greed(R) Greed(N) money: Out to Pasture
CNN 32 32 3232 1838 100 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper 3600 CNN Tonight The biggest Death Row Stories (R)
33 2_____ Room (N) (N) yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HD) stories. (N)
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 19 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
SPN 18 18 18 18 3 Representatives. (N) :_______coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N)
c 64 6 6 6 71 1 Special Report with BretBaiei OntheRecordwithGretaVan The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
S M M M The latest news (N) Susteren (N) (H4D) talk. (CC) (N) (H1D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (1HD)
MSNB 83 83 8383 185 4103 PoliticsNation Rev. AI Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB8 8 0 10 Sharpton. (N) (Hl) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (H1)D Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (H1)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News(N) Paid SNN Evening Edition (N) Paid News (N) News (N) |News (N)
CMTV 4 4 4 4 23 24 21 Reba: Pilot Reba (Hl) RebaSharing Reba Van's de-The Dukes of Hazzard Last Country Strong (11, Drama) An up-and-coming song-
MV 4 4 _____74(341) doctors cison. moonshine run. ()ID) writer helps a fallen country singer revive her career.
MIT 33 33 33 335 48 210 RealWodrld: Ex-Plosion Exes Real World: Ex-Plosion Exes Real Wodrld: Ex-Plosion Exes Real World: Ex-Plosion Exes Real Worid: Ex-Plosion Exes
TV 3 33 3 3 48(move in to party. -move in to party. move in to party. Move in to party. move in to party.
H11-1 50 50 50 50 43232 17 The Brothers ('01) ** Four friends examine their rela- Fabulous Life of...: Beyonce & Fabulous Life of...Luxury car Fabulous Life of...: Atlanta
VH 0 0 0 tionships when one announces his engagement. (R) JayZ Blue Ivy. (R) fleet. (CC) (R) (lI)) (CC) (N) (NN)
(:20) Admission (13, Comedy) ** Tina Fey, Paul Rudd. [(1] 0) Assault on Precinct 13 ('05, Action) **% Laurence Oblivion (13, Science Fiction)
CINE 320320320320320320420 A woman's career is at risk when she runs into a boy that Fishburne, Ethan Hawke. Corrupt police officers attack a *** The last drone
___ could be her son. (PG-13) (CC) Detroit police station on New Years Eve. (CC) repairman on Earth. (CC)
(4:30) Life of Pi (:40) Getaway (13, Crime) *% Ethan (:15) Warm Bodies (13) *** Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Strike Back (:50) All Babe
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 ('12) Shipwreck Hawke. Former race car driver is on a Palmer. A zombie learns his romance with a human has set Looking for Network (13)
deadly mission to save his kidnapped wife. off a chain of unusual events. (PG-13) (CC) (H1D) Clare. 12 (CC)O
LivandMad- LivandMad- LivandMad- Jessie: Snack Let it Shine (12, Family) ** Tyler James Williams, Coco Good Luck Win Lose (R)
DISN 136136136 136 99 45 250 die Skate- die:Brain-A- die Relocating. Attack New girl. Jones. A has become a teenage music sensation in Atlanta, Charlie House
___boarding. Rooney (R (R) Ga. (NR) (CC) party.
(:20) The Grudge ('04, Horror) ** Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rush Hour ('98, Action **% A Hong (:40) Twister ('96, Drama) **12 Helen
ENC 150150150150 150 350 Jason Behr. An American exchange student uncovers a Kong detective and LAPD cop search for a Hunt. A storm chaser teams up with his
c___ urse that sends its victim into a rage. (CC:) diplomat's kidnapped daughter. (CCO) ex-wife in pursuit of killer tornadoes. (CC)
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Veep:Alicia The Way, Way Back (13, Comedy) HBO First
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302400 ( ('94) **'/2 Detective hired to Powerful Staffchanges Richard Key event. (R) Introverted teen befriends a water park Look Film
____ ind missing mascot algorithm. (R) negotiates (H1D) manager to avoid his family situation. (CC) preview. (N)
(4:30)Warof Taken 2 (12, Action) -*-* Liam Neeson. Six by Sondheim Life and art of composer Man of Steel (13, Action) Henry Cavill. A
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 the Worlds A retired CIA operative and his wife are explored, highlighting creation of six iconic young Clark Kent embarks on a journey to
('05) ** targets of revenge in Istanbul. (CC) (HD) songs. (CC) (H1D) become the legendary Superman.
(:05) Snitch (13) After his son is framed in a drug deal and Deadwood: Requiem for a Game of Thrones: Breaker of Beautiful Creatures ('13)
HBO3 304304304304 304404 imprisoned, a father goes undercover for the DEA in an Gleet Rumors aboutthe camp's Chains Tyrion considers his **'/2 A man learns secrets
effort to help free his son before it is too late. Future spread. options. (CC) (H1D) about his family (CC)
(5:45) Quartet (13, Comedy) *** Maggie Sinister ('12) 12*' Ethan Hawke. After a novelist ALL ACCESS Nurse Jackie: Seven
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Smith. Past rivalries are rehashed for former learns about unsolved murders, something stirs in his new Pillgrimage (R) Psychopaths
friends of a retired opera quartet. home. (R) (CC) (HN)) |('12) (R)(CC()
Beauty Shop (05) A hairstylist decides to open her own Halloween: Resurrection ('02) *12 A The Inheritance ('97, Drama) ** A
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 salon after her boss takes credit for her hard work, but the contest to spend the night in Michael Myers' woman working for a wealthy family in the
clientele only want to stop by for the gossip. childhood home turns deadly. (R) (CC() 1800s meets a handsome stranger. (CC)


ABC 2 7 111 17 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News (N)
ABC 2M 11 News Kimmel NiMghtine Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC 1 7 7 10 7 17 News Kimmel Nigh Mine Paid ES.N V ABC World News Now(N) News News News
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Up to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TV1Z Inside Comics Minute _x News News News(N)
NBCC[ 81818 8 8 News Tonight LateNight LastCall Toda (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night LastCall Dr. Oz Mone Early News News(N)
FOX 13% 1311313 13 13 News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond R aymond Office Office 330 Rock 0 Rock Paternity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBS[ 3 3 3 3 3 Giants Rose(N) Nature NOVA(R) Inner Fish Pioneers Masters
mPBS M 0 16Sniley Rose (N) Europe NOVA (N) American (R) Youngs NOVA (N) Opinion Yoga
PBS 13 3 3 Music Brit Flovd (1D)) e e Rose(N) NOVA (R) Inner Fish AntiLques Antiques (R)
"CW ) 16216 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey '70s '70s
CW. ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpsons King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Daily Buzz
MYN3C 11 11 11 14 Seinfeld Conun d America OK!TV Bridezilla 70s 70s Paid Paid LetsAsk Shepherd
MYN7I I 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld KingHill King Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny 'Til Death 'Til Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 33 12 Fam.Guy Fam.Guy Dad Dad_ Cleveland Payne Payne There Yet There Yet Paid Paid Pad Paid Paid
ION A6 2 22 132618 171 Notice Notice Notice Notice Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WCLF l 22 22 22 2 Duplantis Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club Youngren Hmekeep
IWRXY9 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 5 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Arena Gladiadores. La viuda Deportivo Pagado Pagado Contacto
UNIV T5 1515 15 6 Noticias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd. Casa risa Larosa Gordo Primer Noticiero

A&E 262626263950181 iDuck IDuck Duck IDuck IDuck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Paid Dog Bnty Paid
AMC 5656 56 56 30 53231 (:01) We Were Soldiers ('02) **% Behind Ene Lines ('01) ICSIMiami Stooges
API 44 44 44 44 36 6813 River(R) Fighting Fihtin River(R) River (R) Fighting Fighting
BET 35 35 35 35 40 222 Game m Wendy Movie BET Inspiration Pad ai
BRAV 68 68 68 68 25 5118 Watch New York Flipping NewYork Watch Southern Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66666666 15271 Dai Colbert midnight South Prk Daily Colbert midnight TripTank Chapplle Sunny Sunny Sunny Paid Paid
DISC 4040404025431 Fast Loud FastLoud Naked Naked Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! 4616 46 46 27 261 C.Lately News(R) C. Lately Soup C. Lately C. Lately Kardashian Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESQ 82 82 82 82111116( On Table OnTable How I Rck HFlow I Rck Howl Rck Alternate Alternate Alternate Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
EWTN 242432412 17285 ForWomnWomenGr Dail Mass EWTN Live News Mary Eph. Vision Catechis Saints Vatican Theology
FAM 5555555510 4619 700 Club Baby Dad BabyDad Melissa IMelissa Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign LifeToda
FOOD 3737137137 761 Diners Diners Restaurant Restaurant Diners Diners Save My 'Iron Chef Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Americans (:20) Fargo (R) Americans Horror Horror Unsuperv. Paid Paid
_GS_ TSIT IS TS341(8 Far. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage IMind IMind IFam! Feud Faro Feud Baggage IBaggage P~asier ad Pad Pi
HALL 5 5 5 17 7324 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81818181 33 6512 Vikings American American Down East Vikings Paid Cowboys Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Prop Bro Prop Bro Hunters PtheGrid Prop Bro Prop Bro Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 4141 Bring It! Brin It! Preachers' Bring It! Bring It! Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58 58 58 58 4710161 For Better Fr Better For Better F orBetterFr Better For Better Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 57 57 571571296354 Training Day ('01) (R) Man on Fire ('04, Drama) *** (R) Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 6166161253641 District 9 Stargate Portal to galaxy. Pitch Black ('00) **** (R) Twil eight Paid Paid
TBS 59595959326252 Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Father of Bride ('91) Married Married Married Earil
TCM 65656565 169 Operation Pac. ('51) Fighting Seabees OreBataan ('45) .G. Berets ('68)ad
TLC 45454545 57 721 Women TBA 48 Hrs. Women Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Playoffs Inside NBA Five 0 Mentalist Numb3rs Law (HD)) S'ville
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 66 Paradise jTrpFIp TripRip IBligage Baggage Paradise Bizarre Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63636363 50 3018: Repo Repo S. Beach S Beach S.BeahSBeach S. Beach S.Beach Repo Repo Saloon Jailhouse Paid
TVLND 6262626231 54 2 Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens Cleveland Soul Man Queens Queens Cosby Cosy Cosby 70s 70s Divorced
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 NCIS CIS NCIS Order: Cl Order: Cl SVU (HD() SVU(HD)
WE 11111111 11149 Law(HD)) Law (HD)) IMary Maryj Ma MaMary Marriage Marriage Paid IPaid
WGN 1616161941 11 9 Salem Rules Parks Parks Salem Salem Sunny Futurama il Death Paid Paid News (N)
CSS 28 28 28 28 49 70 Sports Paid Pad Paid IPaid Paid IPaid Paid IPaid id d IPaid Paid Paid
ESPN 2929292 1258 70 Sports Olbermann Sports Sports MLB Game (Replay) ______Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 59174 NFL Live Sports NBA Baseball NASCAR Sports Sports Olbermann
FS1 4848 4848 426983 FOX Sports MLB Whip FOX Sp orts Fighters UFC(HD) UFC(HD14
FSN 72727272 5677 MLB Game MLB Game (Replay) I Paid Paid Paid IPaid Paid Paid Paid IPaid
GOLF 494949495560 GolfCntd PGATour In Play PBi Breake PGA Tour Learning Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 717171 5461 90 Playoffs (live) nP Overtime Premier Top 10 Top 10 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 3838401401455776 Inside Israeli MLB Game (Re pl) o Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 Greed (R)( Greed (R)( Money Paidd Pd Paid Paid Worldwide Exchangeal(N
CNN 32323232 18 3810 360 (R) CNN Tonite Death Row 360 (R) CNN Tonite 360 (N) Earl (N)
CSPN 18181818371210 Capital Capital News Today Today in Washington Today in Washington
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 7111 O'Reilly KellyFile __ Hannity On Record JRed Eye The Five FOX-Friend
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318 4010 Hayes (R) Maddow O'Donnell Hardball JHayes (R) Maddow First Look Too Early
SNN 6 66 11 11 News News News Paid News (N) News (N) INews (N) News (N) News (N)
CINE 32320 323203204Oblivion Pleasure Pain ('12) The Shining ('80) (R) Skin Mx4 Tristan ('06) **
CINE2 32321323213213214 All Babe This Is 40 **1/2 A milestone. Big Momma -*- (:05) Dreams ('98) **'/2
DISN 13 1313 136 99 45 25 Austin Blog Stuck ('04) (CC) IA.N.T. |OnDeck On Deck Wizards |Wizards On Deck On Deck Fish Hks Phineas
ENC 15 115150 150 3 Twister (35) Stranger (07) Wedding (01) Paradise Road (97) Twister
HBO 30 30 302 3 302 40 Real Time Thrones IEngagement (12) (R) J.C.'s Vampires ('98) Made **1/2
HB02 30 30 303 303 303 40 Man of-*12 Pacific Rim ('13) IVICE Stash House (12) *1'2 IJawbreaker -*1'/2
HB03 303 3 3 Creatures Silicon (:45) Beginners (11) (35) The Fury ('78) INed Kelly ('04)
SHOW 334C 36 Psychopath Calif. Saw II ('05) ***, Undead ('05) ](:15) Accidents ('00)
TMC 3 3 3 3 3 3 30 V/H/S ('12) ** 1 (CC) ISex Awards (:15) Bellflower (11) Wonderland ('03) ** 1



Hell's Kitchen
8 p.m. on FOX
"14 Chefs Compete" Pairs
from the teams create
unique pizza dishes for a
chance to win a relaxing
day trip to a hotel; at din-
ner service, the chefs must
impress Chef Ramsay's
family, but while one team
excels, the other runs out of
a crucial ingredient. (HD)

Grey's Anatomy
9 p.m. on ABC
"Change of Heart" Jackson
is tasked with delivering
some bad news to the doc-
tors first hand; Derek gets
a surprise visit from his
sister; Richard shows up in
Boston; Bailey considers a
risky move to increase the
speed of her research work.

Ice Cold Gold:
After the Thaw
9 p.m. on APL
"Point of No Return" Josh
and Eric retell of their trip
to Eqi, north of the Arctic
Circle, where Josh was
sure they would find riches
despite the winter weather;
Chad's reputation was on
the line and tempers flared
when use of the dredge be-
came problematic. (HD)

9 p.m. on CW
"Toy Soldiers" Mary and
Francis are forced to choose
between saving their mar-
riage and ruling their coun-
tries when Mary's uncle
reveals unfortunate news
about her mother; King
Henry forms a disastrous
plan. (HD)

Surviving Jack
9:30 p.m. on FOX
"Something to Talk About"
Frankie tries to introduce


In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fil me category lor
today. Circle each answer that you fWi and li it in Ote space provided at
he rg1 t of the Wid. Answers can be found In a directions forwards,.
backwarOs, horizontally. veicaly and diagonally. An example is given to
gel you sarted. Can you find the twenty answers In Its puzzle?
Today's Categoy: Trees

A ^ R u C F M 0 D E

* ~
I~ s

1, Spruce


MONIMs jWs!unr 0t
GtONIdS'611, JI-4-J 0
quonbeS8L wi3 a
poompeh LI. poomBoA -L
Je6dod 91 Jepeo 9
lU l94L. OJUB S
Uql~d IH, 40000 31"
WOd L eAuod c
"wde t. uod*v-
uapUfl 1 e1oBOVi.
*ugainis LPJums PoM

his new girlfriend to Joanne,
but finds she has returned
from getting her tubes tied
and is doped up on pain
medication; George and
Mikey attempt to recover a
pornography video that is
disguised as a "Casablan-
ca" tape. (HD)
Bad Teacher
9:31 p.m. on CBS
"Pilot" A former trophy
wife attempts to regain her
luxurious old life by posing
as a teacher at an upscale
middle school in order to
meet rich, single father but
runs into trouble when her
unsuitable teaching method
attracts suspicion from
other staff. (HD)

The Black Box
10 p.m. on ABC
"Kiss the Sky" Dr. Catherine
Black feels like she's at the
top of her game as a world-
renowned neurologist, but
her secrets are getting
harder to control and she
meets a new colleague,


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. American Hustle
(R) Christian Bale
2. The Hunger Games:
Catching Fire (PG-13)
Jennifer Lawrence
3. Dallas Buyers
Club (R) Matthew
4. Thor: The Dark
World (PG-13) Chris
5. The Counselor (R)
Michael Fassbender
6. Captain Phillips
(PG) Tom Hanks
7. Frozen (PG)
8. Free Birds (PG)
9. About Time (R)
Domhnall Gleeson
10. Last Vegas (PG-13)
Robert De Niro

When meddling mama Alma
(Olga Merediz) arranges
a date between her son,
George, and a Latina doctor,
he quickly discovers that the
woman his mom has fixed
him up with may not be as
well-adjusted as he had
been led to believe on "Saint
George," airing Thursday at
9 p.m. on FX.

Dr. Ian Bickman; At home,
Catherine's boyfriend wants
her to marry him.


Top 10 DVD, Blu-ray

1. Frozen (PG) Disney
2. Saving Mr. Banks
(PG-13) Disney
3. American Hustle
(R) Sony
4. The Hunger Games:
Catching Fire (PG-13)
Lions Gate
5. Thor: The Dark
World (PG-13) Disney
6. Gravity (PG-13)
Warner Bros.
7. 12 Years a Slave (R)
8. Homefront (R)
9. The Book Thief
(PG-13) FOX
10. Game of Thrones:
The Complete Third
Season (TV-MA)
Warner Bros.

APR. 24

ABC7 News ABCWorld The 7 Entertainment Grey's Anatomy: Go It Grey's Anatomy: Change of The Black Box: Kss the Sky
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with O'Clock Tonight((CC) (N) Alone Derek's responsibilities Heart Jackson tasked with Dr. Catherine Blackfeels like
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N)(HD) (HD) are weighty. ((C) (R) (HD) delivering bad news. ((C (N) she'satthetop ofhergamefor
_____ day. (N)(HD) ___________(HD) now. (N)
ABC 11 NewsThe ABCWorld T"heList (IVG) AskAmerica Grey'sAnatomy:Go ItAlone Grey'sAnatomy Bailey's re- The Black Box: Kss the Sky
Latest news. News (N) (HD) (TYG) Derek overwhelmed. search. ((C) (N) (HD)) Catherine's secrets
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Grey'sAnatomy:Go ItAlone Grey'sAnatomy Bailey's re- The Black Box: Kss theSky
News (N) (CC(N) (CC) (R) Derek overwhelmed, search. (CC) (N)(HD)) Catherine's secrets
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (C) Big Bang (C) (:31) The Twoanda (:31)Bad (:01) Elementary: The Man
CBS 10 1010 10 6pmLoca Newswith tune (CC) (N) (N) (HD) (N)(HD) Millers: 0072 Half MenAcci- Teacher: Pilot with the Twisted Lip Mycroft
10 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) (CC) (N) (HD) dental pimp. (N) Faketeacher returns to New York. (C) (N)
_______(N) (HD1)) _(N) (HD) (HD))
CBS 2131213 5 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) InsideEdi- BigBang((C) TheMillers: (:01) 21)2 Men Bad Teacher: (:01) Elementary Mycroft re-
1_ .(N)(HD) tion (N) (N) (HD) 0072 (N) (N) Pilot (N) turns. (CC) (N) (HD))
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Parks and Recreation: Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Shorts (CC) (N) (HD)
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 at6:00News News Current 8 at7:00News; Tonight (CO((N) Moving Up Leslie goes to a
[ and weather events (N) (HD) weather; more. (HD) parks conference. ((C) (N) (HD)
NBC 2 22 News (N) (HD) NBCNightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Parks and Recreation Parks Saturday Night Live: SNL Digital Shorts ((C) (N) (HD)
0 News (N) tune (N) (H1)) conference. (N) (H1)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) Thel Insider Hell's Kitchen:14ChefsCom- Idol:Results Surviving FOX1310:00NewsTopsto-
FOX 13 13 13 1 3 13 eventsofthedayareexamined ((CC) (N) (HD) pete At dinner service, the chefs Show: 1 of 6 JackPomtape riesofthenewsdayareup-
13 and reported bythe FOX 13 must impress Chef Ramsay's Voted Off(N) disguised. (N) datedbtheFOX 13 Nightly
___ News Team. (N) family (HO)) (HO)) News Team. (N)
FOX 4 FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy (R) Simpsons Hell's Kitchen Ingredient runs Idol (CC) (N) Surviving (N) FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
N news; weather. (N) (4(H) Lady Gaga. out (CC) (N) (HO)) (HO)) (HO) news report. (N)
PBS 3 3 BBCWodd BusinessRe- The PBS NewsHour ((C) (N) WEDUArts BusinessFo- Green Village Antiques Roadshow: Ana- Krakatoa((CC)
M* News (CCO) pSCod ort(N) (HO)_) _Plus(N) rum(N) (N((HD) heim Prop duck (R) (H4) (R)
PBS I4 204 204 N Sesame Street: Simon Says CatinHat(R) Peg+Cat(((CC) Nature Pet connection. ((C) Life in the Undergrowth Land Wild!: Giant Otters (CC) (N)
R] I I I I \ Telly worries. (R) (HO) (HO) IN(R) (R (H) invertebrates ((CI)
PBS 3 BBCWorld Business Re- The PBS NewsHour ((C) (N) Under the Streetlamp: Let the Good Doc Martin: Revealed Behind-the-scenes
[Z 1 News(((CC) port (N) (HO)) en(:Times Roll Quartet performs. (C) (N) (HO) of "Doc Martin." (CO) (R) (HP)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang ((CC() News(N) Big Bang ((C() 21/2 Men (C) TheVampireDiariesEnzo Reign: Toy Soldiers Disastrous News @10pm (N) (HO)
M_ .1 (14 (H) (HD) 1(H)) flashes back (N) (HO) )plan. ((C) (N) (HO)
CW Queens Carrie Queens:Strike 212 Men(CC) 21/2 Men (C) The Vampire Diaries Enzo Reign: Toy Soldiers Disastrous RulesDinner Rules:Double
44 1 ,l il .; __ T,7:i:,I II i:I ___ &J i 1:; : |II" | I :I| _i'I ''l Ii IIHI: I|51'- I_:L':. I1
MYN i Raymond ,i" i Seinfeld li FamilyFeud FamilyFeud House: i.:..:.ri,,u i-:.u-: House: .-,iii :..:.:..:- :.: CopsRe- CopsRe-
'mi' u' -Illl:l3 1 :.:. ; 1"'p.i:'ll'i;tI,:, i ii- |I | :lloadedIIIII loaded IIII
MYN Hollywoodlii Clevelandili Fam.Guyi', Fam.Guyi', House: i.:. .:.riu, -.:.u.: House: :_,iiil :i.:,,.: :.:,. Law & Order:SpecialVictims
SI M IHIII IHIII HIII :1- i :ll| ,i:.:. Ilip.:.l i: ,IIi l lill I HIMI| U nit: : :I':'l' IHIII
IND Moderni'I Modem :.illl Big Bangi"i BigBanglii Law & Order:Special Victims Law & Order:Special Victims Officel-'ii Office :--tui:.'i
21 M HIII HIII Unit: Er.i.i IHIII Unltl'I I.:. ii I i ljip:d i.-i
ION -,,. Law& Order:Cnminal Intent Law & Order: Crinmnal Intent Law & Order: Cnminal Intent Law & Order: Cnminal Intent Crinminal Minds Bi.:ii i:
66 1 I I .:. II |:.;i:,li :.ri, i. :' i.: l |i'l:' i: l .:3:' IHIII -I l ':l':'Ii. l.:l'- II :II.:.uII ":':'1:' i i .l' I I|HI:lI|
WCLF Chnstan Fit- Today I-BIlII Bay Focus Great Awaken Tour JoeVan Richard Rob- Grace For Unspoken Life Today
221 -- -- --ness hc Biir,.ll,. Koevenng ertsi,, 11 Today 11 ,1
WRXY u Joyce Meyer Tommy Testimonies Great Awaken Tour For Hurting Inspirationthe Joyce Meyer Place Mira- Game On
4i9 1. 1 1 Bates of Triumph _Women Dayl icles
TLF ,, ,, .,. ElIChavo:i.:.: riii ii' .: Vivan los ninhos :ijiu Justicia verdadera I IIIii La viudanegral[. ii3i:
901 Iu. I" i ".:I:IIhl I '" ,l.' l-I~l'l:l:I III-
UNIV I I Noticias ii Noticiero De que te quiero. te quiero PorsiernprenlamorEirl 'd1 Loquelav idamerobol.:.j Oue pobres tan ricos
121 'Ill Univision iI I 131 31 3 ,i dB I''il, l II.- 1 i :1', 111i 1111 H jl'l, Id. :,Jl.
A&E I, ,. -,. The First I48rluiiih',,n,:,. The First 481 i .:i.:i'. TheFirst48: :r51T-i.:.ir1 TheFirst48 E.:.,ur,- *: : Beyond Scared Straight
r i: E IIIh}IlM II) IlIl}Ih }IM IlI rl lit iq:lrill i;.: IHI)il *:'ljrdi iIli} }IIh)lM I ITI.ll3I. I I:31 rlli:l 1111

AMC 56 56 56 56 53231 (5:00) U.S. Marshals ('98, Thriller) -**-/2 A marshal seeks Pearl Harbor ('01 Action) -12 Ben Affleck Josh Hartnett. A love triangle divides old
-AM a a 3 --a fugitive who may be innocent of his crime. (CC() friends as they fly into battle in World War II. (PG-13) (CC) (HO)
S44 4 4 4 130 onIce Cold Gold: Afterthe Thawlice Cold Gold: Afterthe Thaw Ice Cold Gold: Afterthe Thaw Ice Cold Gold: Afterthe Thaw Ice Cold Gold: Beast Wthin A
API 44 44 44 44 36 68 Rubies Revealed IThe good and bad. The Arctc Circle. Riches in Eqi. (N) fight to the end. (N)
5T 5 35 35 3 4 2 70 106 & Park Bow Wow and Keshia Chante count down the Steve Harvey Steve Harvey Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx The Parkers The Parkers
BET13 35 35 35 40 222 top 10 videos chosen by the audience. (HO)) (CC) (C() (W() (( I(IVPG() (IVPG)
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 1 (5:30) Medicine The Millionaire Matchmaker The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion, Matchmaker The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion,
BAV6 6 6 6 _____Someday a bride. (R) Part 1 (CC() (R (CC) (N) Part 1 (CC) (R)
COM 66 66 6666 15 7 190:58) South Prk (:29) Tosh.0 (R) Colbert Repo Daily Show(R) Chappelle's Chappelle's Sunny ((C) Tosh.O ((CC) (R) Review(CC)(R) Tosh.O((CC)(R)
COM 66 66 66 66 R H (H) ((C) ((C) (HO) (HOD) (H1) (1DHO)
DISC 40 40A40 40 25 43120 Fast N' Loud Classics re- Fast N' Loud Classics re- Alaska: The Last Frontier LJv- Alaska: The Last Frontier LJv- Alaska: The Last Frontier Liv-
S40 40 40 40 paired. ((C) (HO)) paired. ((C) (HO)) ing off the land. (HO) ing offthe land. (HO) ing off the land. (HO)
E! 46 4646 46 27 26 196 (5:30) Keeping Up with the E! News Entertainment Keeping Up with the Keeping Up with the Party On (HO) Party On (HO)
E! 46 46 46 46 27 Kardashians (H) news. (HO)) Kardashians (HO) Kardashians (HO)
ES 82 82 82 82118 1181 Brew Dogs Celebratng Brew Dogs Celebrating Brew Dogs Celebrating Best Bars In America Best Best Bars In America Best
E I N N 11 1 artisanal craft beers. (H) artisanal craft beers (HP) artsanal craft beers. (H) bars in U.S. (HO)) bars in U.S. (HO)
EWIN 243 243 243 12 11 News(N) Vision (R) Daily Mass Celebration ofthe The World Over News from News(R) Rosary (TV G) Nine Days That Changed The
EWTN 24324324312 Holy Eucharist. (R) around the world. (N) (R) World ('10) W 1/2
FAi 55 5 5 55 10n 46 199 The Middle (CC)( The Middle (CC)( SisterAct ('92) **1/2 A Reno lounge singerwho has Sister Act II: Back in the Habit (93, Comedy) */2
Fl 11 S (HO) (HO)N (been targeted by the mob hides out in a convent. ((C) Whoopi Goldberg. A former lounge singer coaches choir.
FOOD 317 37 37 317 Chopped: Leftovers Extrava- Chopped Chinese dump- America's Best Cook: The Chopped Canada: For The Food Court Wars Sub sand-
76O 3 3 ganza Slicesof pizza. lings. (R) (HO)) Games Begin (R) Love Of Cod (N) wiches. (R) (HO)
FX 51 51 51 51 49 53 (4:00)Thor('11) Contraband ('12, Thriller) **'/2 MarkWahlberg. A man runs counterfeit George AngerLacey's Contraband (12)A man runs
FXCC Ill_((C money from Panama to the U.S. to protect his brother. (R) George's date. ex. (N) counterfeit money. (R)
GSN 179 179 179 179 1719184 FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed FamilyFeud FamilyFeud
GSN 17( (17V17917 34 1VPG8 VPG GaeR Ga(R Game(R) Game(R) Game(R) (1VPG) (IVPG)
iHAL 5 5 17 73240 The Waltons: The Romance The Waltons: The Ring Ring The Waltons: The System TheMiddle: The Middle Frasier (IVPG) FrasierOn-air
ALL 5 5 5 7 Art class. (CC) inside a purse. ((C) John-Boy defends ((C) The Hose Axl'sfoot. ((C) plea.
HIST 81 81 81 81 3365 1 8 Pawn(R) (H) Pawn(R) (HN) Pawn(R)(1H)) Pawn () (1) PPawn (R) ( N) Pawn(R)(1)) Pawn(N(NN))IPawn(N)(HP) Vikings: TheChoice Bloody
H IST 81 8 81 1 33 5 12 ______________________________________ encounter. (N) ____
HM 1 1 1 5 Addict (CC) Addict (CC) Addict Curb Addict ((C) Addict: Tile Addict ((C) Addict (CC) Addict ((C) House Off the Grid
HOME 41 41 41 i 41 5 (H)) (HD) appeal. (HO) Terrors (HO)) (HO) I(HOD) Hunters (N) (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19151 Vergara Beauty Rpt Beauty tips. Beauty Rpt Beaut tips. ListwithColleenLopez Vergara
LIFE 363 6 411 3 3 Wife Swap: Stockdale; Wife Swap: Rowland; Rivera Something's Gotta Give ('03, Comedy) Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton. A bachelor at-
LI 136 46 6 6 1TonkovicBluegrassfamily. Laid back strict. (CC) tracted to young women becomes attached to his girlfriend's mother. ((CC)


OWN 58 58 58 58 103 161 20/20 on OWNWifemur- 20/20 onOWNRileyFox 2020 OonOWN:Searching Sis- 20/2 onOWN:DeathBy 2 onOWN:WatHap-
W 8 8 8 10x'- 161 v odered. (CC) (R) (HP)D) murder. (CC) (R) (HP)D) Iters Missing sister. Driving Manslaughter. (R) Ipened to Nina Reiser?
c 5 5 51196 JailFort Worth CopsGay Cops: Coastto CopsBicycle CopsOfficers Cops(CC) (R) ImpactWrestling(N)(HD)
SPI KE prison, affair. (5) Coast chase, rescue. (H14))
SYFY 61 61 61 6253 M 180 (4:30) District 9 (09) ***'/2 Hostel ('06, Horror) Americans backpacking through Eu- Jeepers Creepers ('01, Horror) A cannibalistic demon pur-
7 o' o' o 4 o 8 "Aliens are refugees. (R) rope are lured to a town where horror awaits. (CC) sues twin college students on their way home.
TBS 59 59 59593262 Seinfeld (CC) Seinfeld: The Seinfeld Heart Fam. Guy Murder mystery. Fan Guy (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (CC) Big Bang (IVPWG) Big Bang (TVPG)
TBS 59 59 59 59 32 62 52 () IStatue attack (CC) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD) (HD)
TOM 65 65 6565 169230 Blood Alley ('55, Action) A seaman helps the daughter of a Red River ('48, Western) **ir* John Wayne. A young man disagrees Shepherd Hills
____v1i __( \ missionary smuggle villagers to Hong Kong. with the way his foster father runs his cattle empire. (NR) (CC) ('41)
TIC 45 45 45 45 72 1 LI Medium(R) LIMedium(R) Tattoos(CC)(R) Tattoos Tears American Gypsy Wedding American Gypsy Wedding Tattoos(CC)(N) Tattoos(CC(()R)
45 45 45 ( ( HD) (HD) of joy. Wedding meeting. (R) Modeling dreams (N) (HD)) (HD)
TNT 61 61 61 61 2855 51 Castle: The Double Down 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (CC) 2014 NBA Playoffs: Teams TBA (CC)
61 61 61 55 51 Castle's bet (CC) (HP))
TRAV 69 69 69 69 260 170 BizarreFoodswithAndrew ManvFood: Manv.Food: Bizarre FoodswithAndrew Greatest Mysteries: Holy Mysteries atthe MuseumSea
Sw 6 66 1 Street stands. (R) St. Louis Boulder Zimmem: Delhi (R) Land Biblical areas. (R) beast head. (R)
TRUTV 63 63 6363 5030 18 Killer Karaoke Four Tops. (R) World's Dumbest... Jokers Strang Impractical Impractical Impractical Jokers Dance Jokers (R)
Eggs;kicks;elephant (R) voice. Jokers Jokers Taste test. class.
TVND 62 62 626231 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith Gilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
USA 343434342252 50 Law& Order Special Victims Bridesmaids ('11, Comedy) *** Kristen Wig, Maya Rudolph. A lovelorn and broke Sirens (CC) N) Modem Fam-
U33_ ___ Unit: Quickie (HD)) woman accepts to be her best friend's maid of honor. (R) (CC) (HD) (HD) ily(HD)
WE 11711717117 1171149 MaryMary: CoverGirs Teddy' MaryMary: Changes Tina sep- Mary Mary: Holding the Fort Mary Mary: The Last Chord Mlary Mary: The Last Chord
117117 117 11 14 infidelity. (R) (HD)) rates. (CC) (R) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD) (CC) (N) (HD) (CC) (R) (HD)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 9 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Salem (CC) (HD)
S1 1 11 i Videos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (1V14)(HD) (1TV14)(HD) (1TV14) (HD1 (114)H) _______
c5 28 28 28 28 49 70 (5:00) To Be Announced Info To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at To Be Announced Info un- To Be Announced Info un-
C unavailable, this time. available, available.
ESPN 29 29 2929 12 58 70 SportsCenter: from Bristol, E:60: Dream On: Stories from ''C College Softball: Georgia Bulldogs at Alabama Baseball Tonight (N) (HD)
m 9 8 7 Conn. (N) (CC) (HD)) Boston's Strongest Crimson Tide from Rhoads Stadium (live) (HP))
ESPN2 30 30 3030 6 714 Around the Interruption SportsCenterSpecial: SportsCenter Special: On Friday Night Fights: Josesito Lopez vs. Aaron
30 30 30 59 74 Horn (HD) (CC) (HD) Gruden's QB Camp (HD) the Clock (N) (HD)) Martinez (live) (HD)
FS1 4848 4848 42 69 83 America's Pregame (N) (CC) UFC Unleashed Title bout. UFC Tonight (CC) (HD) The Ultimate Fighter: Flying MLB Whip Around (N) (CC)
148 48 48 83 (D) (CC) (R) (H1D) the Flag (CC) (R) (HD) (4HD)
FSN 79 79 79 7 v. 77 Icons (HD) Access (HD) Women's College Lacrosse: ACC Tournament: Round 1, PowerShares Tennis Series: Denver (Taped) (HD)
GOLF 7 1 ,, 1, GolfCentral illj LPGA Tour G olf: : 1,.1-. :i ,1. \.-1 :i ::i.: i-i i Fl -.:.ur.: h.:., Li.L : r l.:.d .:.i: PGA TO UR Golf: .u:ir:ii i..: :.I I. '
CM 71 71 771 7 ,5 Mecum:I i NHLLiven il 2014 NHLStanley CupPlayoffs: T.- ri: TiE- li,.I 22014NHLStanleyCupf
NBGSN 11 11 11 11 54 6'___*-*"___________NHLiveiiii____\ Playon:TI.;:i- T:
SUN 38 38401401 45 -. The Panel HowtoDoFla Florida Insider FishingReport E :.:.-,l d MLBBaseball:r ,n-n-.:-.:.i T i1-: Bi T ,i,:.B i : F i.:.' RFishingRe-
i-" -' I: '"" :" : '"l l 1-:-: B 1: 11.| 11 1 T, :'|:.l: B" 3 I- 1. i ,1,,, |HI:l portImH|HIfl|
NICK 25 25 25 25 24 _. Spongetli Spongetil i Sponge"li Sam&Cat:I Instant: L:qr3ni Dad Runil, FullHseii FullHse: FullHsei"i FullHsei ,i
TOON 80 80 124124 46, "i Uncle Titans Go! m JohnyTesti"iStevenUni- King of dithe Hill King ofthe Hill Cleveland Cleveland Amencan Fam.Guy iTim
j- Grandpa in verse 1ii il ) Shovw 111, Show MIHil Dad! 1m1ii

CNBC 39 39 39 39 1-' il: Mad Money i, i Greed- ii 'i:':n Greed-:::i- iu- Greed :hrii in reed i
CNN 32 32 3232 1 3 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper360' CNN Tonight The biggest Chicagoland: C ii :. ir,-i ,u
__NN_ 3 2 3 8 1Room N) N) |yond the news. (N) Breaking news. (N) (HD) stories. (N) ture (N)
SPN 8 18 1 1 3 1 U.S. House of Representatives Issues in the House of Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted Tonight from Washington
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 1 Representatives. (N) coverage of the day's top public policy events. (N) Public policy. (N,
IN 6 6 6 6 48 71 SpecialReportwith BretBaie On the Recordwith GretaVan TheO'ReillyFactorNews The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conser n.
S M M M The latest news (N) Susteren (N)(HlD) talk. (CC) (N) (H1D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (1HD)
MSNB 83 83 8383 185 103 PoliticsNation Rev. Al Hardball with Chris Matthews All in with Chris Hayes Po- The Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word with Lawrence
MSNB8 18 M 10 Sharpton. (N) (4D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (H14D) Newsand views. (N) O'Donnell (N) (HD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News(N) Paid News (N) News (N) Paid News (N) News (N) News (N)
CMTV 41 41 4 4 23 24221 Reba (HD) Reba Reba the Reba Brocks Footloose ('84, Drama) Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer. A Chicago teen moves FNA USA (N) (HD)
T_ 47 47 47 47 3 4 tutor secrets, to a small town where dancing and rock'n' roll are banned.
M 3 3 3 5 4 2 Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous-
T 3 4 ness (HD) ness(HPD) ness(HPD) ness(HPD) ness(HPD) ness(HID) ness(HPD) ness(HPD) ness(HPD) ness(HD)
1 50 50 50 50 431 232 17 (4:30) Baby Boy ('01, Drama) Basketball Wives LA (R) (HD) Fabulous Lifeof...:Atlanta T!land Tiny(R) TI and Tiny: TI and Tiny: Tl&7iny(R)
VH1 50 M 0 4 i an is threatened. (R) (C)________ (R)CC (RH)D) (HD) Gravi-TI Call 911 (HlD)
(5:45) The Abyss '89, Science Fiction) *** Ed Harris, (:15) Showtime ('02) A hard-working LAPD detective and a The Internship ('13) ** Two
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Michael Biehn. Wen a submarine vanishes, the authorities publicity-hungry patrol officer find themselves unlikely jobless salesmen compete as
___ _dispatch divers to rescue its crew. (CC) (H1D) partners for the benefit of a reality TV show. interns. (CC) (HlD)
(4:50) Snow White and the (05) Mission: Impossible ('96, Action) *** Tom Cruise, Tombstone ('93, Western) Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer.
CINE2 321 321 321 321321 321 422 Huntsman (12) r**2 Queen Jon Voight. An agent embarkson a schemeto clear his The Earp brothers and Doc Holliday moveto an Arizona
___ vs maiden. (CC) ()ID) name after being branded a traitor. (PG-13) (CC) town controlled by a gang. (R) (CC) (1HD)
Austin&Ally Austin&Ally LivandMad- JessieFriend JudyMoody and the Not Bummer Austin&Ally GoodLuck Jessie Nanny's
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Moviescene. Trentiscaught die Softball atdinner.(R) Summer ('11, Comedy) Heather Graham. A Famous Amyon sister (CC()(R)
___ __(R) (R) tryout. (R) (HID) third-grader oes on adventures. (CC) busker (R) television. (R) (HlD)
(20) Police Academy ('84 Comedy) *** Steve xXx: State of the Union ('05, Thriller) Ice (:45) In the Line of Fire ('93, Thriller) A
ENC 150150150150 150 350 Guttenberg, G.W. Bailey. A group of wastrels and misfits Cube. An ex-convict volunteers to save the veteran Secret Service agent returns to duty
___ _creates havoc at a major city s police academy. (R) (CC) President from a military faction. to prevent an assassination. (CC)
(:15) Pacific Rim ('13, Action) Charlie Hunnam. In the nearfuture, massive FightGame Veep:Alicia SiliconValley Gameof Thrones: Breakerof
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 robots piloted by humans fight off giant monsters that have risen from the wlJim Key event. (R) Richard Chains Tyrion considers his
_____ Pacific Ocean, threatening Earth's existence. (CC) Lampley(R) (I(HD)) negotiates. options. (R) (HlD)
Chasing Mavericks (12, Drama) *** Gerard Butler, True Blood: The Sun Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Actor-comic plays characters
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 Jonny Weston. A teenager recruits a surfing legend to help Long-lost kin; Sookie meets who have influenced the person he is today. (CC) (HD)
___ __ him learn to ride massive waves. (PG) (CC) (HI)) stranger. (CC) (HI))
(:05) Top Gun ('86, Action) A cocky fighter pilot falls for an Deadwood: Complications Game of Thrones: Breakerof Real Timewith Bill Maher
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304 404 instructor at an elite combat training school where he seeks Samuel Fields bonds with Chains Tyrio on insiders his Scheduled: Harold Ford Jr.
to prove he is the best of the best. (CC) Jane. Ioptons. (CC) (HP)) (1VMA( (CC) (14D)
(1 5) The Words (12, Drama) -** Bradley Cooper, Zoe Django Unchained ('12 Western) **** Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz. A freed slave
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 365 Saldana. An aspiring writer decides to pass a man s travels across the United States with a German bounty hunter to liberate his wife from the
--- I long-lost manuscript as his own work. (PG-13) (CC) clutches of a ruthless plantation owner in Mississippi. (R) (CC) (HlD)
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ('04, Kindergarten Cop ('90, Comedy) ~**1% Arnold Alex Cross (12 Crime) **
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Family) Jim Carrey Liam Aiken. An avaricious relative plots Schwarzenegger. A detective poses as a kindergarten Rachel Nichols. Trackng down
to murder his three young charges. (CC) teacher in order to find a possible witness. (PG-13) (CC) (HD) a serial killer. (CC)


ABC 2 7 i111 7 News Kimmel Nightline Extra ET Insider Extra World News (N) News News(N)
ABC 2M 11 News Kimmel Nightline Katie (R) News Paid World News (N) News News News
ABC 1 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Kimmel Nightline IPaid ES.TV ABC World News Now (N) News News News
CBS 1 1010o10 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid U to the Minute (N) News News News
CBS 1a 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMZ Inside Comics Minute I News News News(N)
NBC C 8 88 8 8 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Today (N) Paid Extra Early News News News
NBC 20 2 2 2 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Dr.Oz Money Early News News(N)
FOX I3 1313 13 13 13 News Access Dish TMZ News Paid Alex Divorce Dish TMZ News News News(N)
FOX I 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office 30 Rock 30 Rock Patemrnity Divorce Alex News (N)
PBSC1 3 3 3 3 Krakatoa Rose (N) Old House Pioneers Masters Nature NOVA (R)
-PBS6 W 20 16 Smiley IRose (N) |Europe Nature U'growth Wild! (N) Cause (R) Healthy Yoga
PBS N I 3 3 3 Suze Orman (R) (H) Rose (N) Movers McLghlin Masters M. Graves Me (R) (H)
*CWM) 6216 21/2 Men HowlMet How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Harvey i70s 70s
CW_ ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpsons King Hill Sunny Conics Paid Paid Paid Dail Buzz
MYN 3I 111111 14 Seinfeld Commun Raymond America OK!TV Bridezilla '70s 70s Paid Paid LetsAsk Shepherd
MYN 7III 8 9 8 Seinfeld Seinfeld Kin Hill Kin Hill Dad Dad Sunny Sunny 'il Death 'Til Death Paid Paid Shepherd
IND M 121212 31 12 Fam.Guy Fam Guy Dad Dad Cleveland Payne Payne ThereYet There Yet Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
ION A6 2 2 2 13 2618 17 Criminal Criminal Trace Trace Paid Paid Inspiration Today
WCLF I 22 22 22 2 Wealth Awaken Awaken You and Me CTN Spec 700 Club Yoiungren Hmekeep
IWRXY49 224410 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaither Exercise Fitness
TLF 50 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo ,Justicia (CC) (H0) La viuda Deportivo P ado ,Pagado Contacto
UNIVZ 5 1515 15 6 Noficias Noticiero Familia Amorcito Cerocnd. Casa sa La rosa Gordo Primer Noticiero
~~~~~~~ ~~~ UNVI-~Is oa~sIoi~m 3mnd. Laari
.... Famil ia410j M C GordoW4Ki me~~m m 011 ri kl
A&E 26 26 26 26 3950181 Beyond 48(R) 48(R) Beond Beyond Paid g DoBrty Paid
AMC 56 56 56 56 30 53 231 Mission: Impossible III ('06) :01)i Co Land ('97) (CC) IGame Arms tooges
API 44 44 44 44 36 6813 After Thaw Cold Gold AfterThaw AfterThaw After Thaw After Thaw Cold Gold
BET 35 35 35 35 40 22 2 A ollo 1WendyA Movie Panther BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 2 5118 Wath Matchmak Housewife Housewives MatchmakWatch New York Paid Paid Paid Paid
COM 66666666 1521 Daily Colbert midnight Tosh Daily IColbert midni ght Review KeyK Peel Sunn Sunny Sunn Paid Paid
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 431 Alaska Alaska A lIaska FastLoud Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
E! '. I .Lately News i C. Lately Party On Kardashian Kan ardashian Sou Paid Paid Paid Paid
ESO Wj*j! iPaiMovie MoviePaid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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FAM I" .. I' 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air lBel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Reign Life Today
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GSN I r i r I r i r AI Fr am.Feu Fa Feud Mind Mind Fam. Feud Fam. Feu FaFeudFam. Feud Bagge Baggage Paid Paid Paid Paid
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SPIKE I -...' Ink Master Cops Cops Police Police Police Paid Paid Paid Paid
SYFY -d i' Saw: Final Chapter Darklight, -, *'. m Hurlant IHurlant Hurlant Hurlant Sanctuary
TBS Conan Holmes Conan Holmes Father Bnde. 2 '_______Mamed Mamed Married Earl
TCM ........ i. Shepherd i 1, Reap the Wild Wind, J': The SpoilersI Married, .i '
TLC L 1 Wedding Tattoos Tattoos Wedding Tattoos Tattoos Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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TRAV 69 6969 69 26C 661 Mysteries Land (R) My steles M stories Bizarre Paid Paid Paid Paid
TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 3018 truTV Top Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers Jokers truTV Top Saloon Jailhouse Paid
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HBO 30 3033020 Real Sex Silicon VICE 05) Billy Crystal (R) Bom Killers ('94) *** Identity
HB02 30303030330 The Heat ('13) (CC) Election ('99) __ Rebound ('05) *- ILeaving Vegas ('95)
HB03 30 0. 3 Veep Curve (12)(CC) 91/2 Weeks ('85) ** IVeep The Game A twisted gift.
SHOW X365 S.! Calif. NurseJ. Waiting... ('05) Blood Creek ('09) ** Lorenzo's Oil ('93)
TMC 3353 330 Alex Cross Double(1) (:40) TheMaster (12)(CC Haven ('06)** Lgendary



8 p.m. on AMC
In ancient Rome, the under-
handed son of the emperor
murders his father and tar-
gets his trusted general in
order to inherit the throne,
but when the general be-
comes an enslaved gladi-
ator, he vows revenge on
the man responsible for his
losses. (HD)

Tanked: Unfiltered
8 p.m. on APL
"Legal Vending Machine"
The ATM team remembers
Wayde being inspired by a
client in the Army to send
everyone to team build-
ing boot camp; the guys
hoped a working custom
reef vending machine tank
would impress a colleague
at the world's largest
aquarium trade show. (HD)

Kitchen Nightmares
8 p.m. on FOX
"Mangia Mangia Pt. 1" Chef
Ramsay tries to help the
owner of an Italian restau-
rant improve the atmo-
sphere, food and service
of her establishment, and
runs into such problems as
an incompetent head chef,
low morale and a staff that
brings a host of problems to

8 p.m. on TNT
A king and his personal
army of 300 elite Spartans
fight to the death against
the invading Persian forces
in the ancient Battle of
Thermopylae, in which the
men attempted to hold a
narrow mountain pass
against insurmountable
odds.fl (HD)

Shark Tank
9 p.m. on ABC
A young entrepreneur


1. Former French protectorate
5. Archaeological site
8. Ms. Vanderpump
12. Jessica of "Dark Angel"
13. Latin "I"
14. Actor McGregor
15. Kramer to Jerry, e.g.
17. Musante or Oliva
18. Fire truck equipment

19.2000 Dick Wolf series, &
21. The Big Band _
22.1981 thriller, "Eye of the
26. Miranda's husband on "Sex
and the City"
29. Tire pattern
30. Presidential primary state
31. Danny Thomas'"' Room for

pitches his hand-crafted
bow tie line, two men pres-
ent a hot beverage made
from roasted cocoa beans,
a college student shows off
a nutritional supplement
and two men seek investors
for their 5K obstacle course
race series. (HD)

Hart of Dixie
9 p.m. on CW
"A Better Man" Zoe finds
herself in a predicament
when she is thrown in the
middle of Wade and Vivian's
relationship; the heat be-
tween Lavon and AnnaBeth
spins out of control and
affects the town; George
reluctantly agrees to a date
with a Bible School teacher.

10:01 p.m. on NBC
"Shiizakana"The FBI inves-
tigates the death of a truck
driver who had his body
torn apart by two different
species of animals, but

32. HBO series set in New Orleans
34. Burdened
35. Tension
37. AMC drama "Mad
38. Actress Jaime Ray __
40. French "Mrs."
43. "Cool Luke"
46. He played Dirty Harry
48. Song, "It's a Sin to Tell
49. Long, long _
50. By and by
51. "Hot _" Houlihan of
52. Golf movie,"_ Cup"
53. "Star Wars" Jedi Master

1. Kristin Kreuk on "Smallville"
2. "Jeopardy!" host
3. Theater award
4. Decline
5. Actress Winger
6. Composer Stravinsky
7. Vincent D'Onofrio on "Law &
Order: Criminal Intent"
8. Fallon rival
9. John Wayne's "Sands of
10. Actress Laura Giacomo
11. Oliver Stone film, Given
16. Rabbit kin
20. Matching group
21. Shown, "The Place Beyond the
Pines" actress: 2 wds.

Friday at 9 p.m. on NBC's
"Grimm," Adalind (Claire
Coffee) finally takes mea-
sures into her own hands,
even if that means she must
forge a dangerous alliance.

neither consumed him
after; after a therapy ses-
sion, Will compares notes
on Hannibal with another
patient of his. (HD)

23. "Drop Diva"
24. Keanu Reeves movie, "The _
25. "The Middle" actress Sher
26. Poses
27. Legal matter
28. Pitcher
33. Suffix with Brooklyn
34. It follows Mardi Gras
36. Hard work, figuratively
37. TV lawyer Perry
39.0. Henry's "The Gift of the
40. Like old records
41. State of mind
42. Actress Best
43. Bryan Cranston on "Malcolm
in the Middle"
44. Ms. Larter
45. Pinch
47. Robert Redford's "The We


V0)01oAftsMNI Q I S d I I

A|NV 5 I 311y

3 P
N-3-6M S ,-3' 14


ABC7News CABCWorid The 7 Entertainment Last Man (:31)LastMan Shark Tank Bowties, roasted 01) 20/20 (CC) (N) ()
ABC 7 11 7 6:00pmThe News with 3'Clock Tonight(CC) (N) Standing Standing Dog cocoa bean beverage, nutri-
26 newsofthe Diane Sawyer News (N) () (HD) Boyd'sonfi- breeding. (R) tional supplement and race se-
______ day. (N) (HD)) ___ __dence. (N) ______ries. (N) (H)________
ABC NewsThe ABCWorld TheList(IVG) AskAmerica LastMan(CC) LastMan:Stuc SharkTankBowtieline. (CC) :01) 20/20 (CC) (N)(HD)
2N1 latest news. News (N) (HD) (TYG) (N) (HD) Muffin (N) (HD))________
ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 News(N) ABCWorld AMillionaire? AMillionaire? Last Man (CC) Last Man: Stuc Shark Tank Bow tie line. (CC) (:01) 20/20 (CC) (N)(HD)
7 7 0 7 7News(N) (CC)(N) (CC) (R) (N) (HD) Muffin (N) (HD))____________
10 News, CBS Evening Wheel of For-Jeopardy! (CC) Unforgettable: East of Islip Hawaii Five-0: Pe'epe'e Blue Bloods: Custody Battle
CBS 10 10 10 10 6pm Loca Newswith tune (CC)(N) (N)(HD) Carrie andAl help Eliotwitha KainakaAmurderedpool Erininvestigates a murderaccu-
10 0 news report. Scott Pelley(N) (HD) murder investigation in the cleaner leads the team to a pos- station against an on-duty officer
______(N) 4(HD) Hamptons (N) sible terrorist cell. (N) (HD)
CBS 213213 News (N) (HD) Evening News News (N) (HD) Inside Edi- Unforgettable: East of Islip Hawaii Five-O: Pe'epe'e Blue Bloods: Custody Battle
13 21_5_55 (N)(HD) tion (N) Hamptons murder (N) Kainaka Terroist ell.(N) On-dutyofficer (N)
NewsChannel NBC Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Dateline NBC (CC) (N) (HN) Grimm: Nobody Knows the Hannibal: Shiizakana A dead
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 8at6:00 News News Current 8 at7:00 News; Tonight(CCO((N) Trubel I've Seen Search fora bodytorn apart bytwo different
8 and weather events (N)(H) weather; more. (HD) Wesen kIling suspect. ((CO (N) species ofanimalsisinvesti-
S(HD)) gated. (N)
NBC 2 2 2 News (N) (HD) NBC Nightly Wheel of For- Jeopardy! (N) Dateline NBC (CC) (N)(HD) Grimm Wesen killer. (CC) (N) :01) Hannibal: Shizakana Killed
2 2 2 News(N) tune (N) (HD)) (HD)) byanimals. (N)
FOX 13 6:00 News News TMZ (CC) (N) The Insider Kitchen Nightmre: Mangia Kitchen Nightmrne: Mangia FOX 1310:00 News Top sto-
FOX 13 13 13 13 13 eventsoftheday areexamined (CC) (N) (HD) Mangia Pt. 1 Staff problems MangiaPt. 2 Ramsay continues riesofthenewsday areup-
1 3 3 3 3 3 and reported bythe FOX 13 plague Italian joint. (CC) (N) (HD1) to help Italian joint (CC) (N) (HD) dated bythe FOX 13 Nightly
News Team. (N) News Team. (N)
FOX FOX 4 News at Six Local Judge Judy (R) Simpsons (CC) Kitchen Nightmre Staff prob- Kitchen Nightmre Italian FOX 4 News at Ten Nightly
3 4 4 news; weather. (N) (HD)) lems. (CC) (N) (HD)) point. (CC) (N) (HD)) news report. (N)
PBS 3 BBCWoid Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Washington Florida This Great Performances: Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
CI] News (CC port(N) (HPD) N s r))Week(N) Week(N) Journeyfrom 19th centuryto modern day. (N)
SSesame Street Bert's imagina- t inHat(R) Peg+Cat(CC() Antiques Roadshow: Kansas Call the Midwife Pregnant in- MidsomerMurders Shooting
BS24204 204 16 ton (CC) Ber) imagine (Cat inHt ((Pe
(R) 0\ tjon. (CC) (R (HD (HD (R) City Elis poster (R) mate. (CC) (R) (H)) trip death. (CC) (R)
PBS BBCWoid Business Re- The PBS NewsHour (CC) (N) Washington The Week (N) Brit Floyd: Live at Red Rocks 12-piece A Celebration
x News (CC) port(N) (HD()1 P e )) Week(N) (HD)) band performs tribute show. (CC) (HD) (N) (HD)
CW 6 21 6 Big Bang(CC) News(N) Big Bang(C(O 1/2 Men (CC( LineNolan Line (CC) (R) HartofDixie:A Better ManZoe News @10pm(N) (HD)
M I I \1 Q(HD14)) a (1 HD)) (HD)) Gould. (N) (H)() in the middle. (N)
CW ooAQueens:Pa- Queens: Strike 21V2 Men(CC() 2 1/2 Men(CC() LineNolan Line (CC) (R) HartofDixie:A Better ManZoe Rules Jeffscu- Rules Bogus
m) 9 9 9 4 tronsAint Out (HD)) (HD)) Gould. (N) (HD() in the middle. (N) riosity. cruise.
MYN 11 Raymond (CC) Seinfeld: The FamilyFeud FamilyFeud Monk: Mr. Monkandthe Dog Monk: Mr Monk Goes CopsRe- CopsRe-
1M 1 1 14 Wife (WVPG) (IVPG) Dog adoption. (HD) Camping Scout trip. (HD) loaded (HD) loaded (HD)
MYN 8 9 8 Hollywood (N) Cleveland(CC() Fan Guy(CC) Fam. Guy (CC) Monk: Mr. Monkandthe Dog Monk: Mr Monk Goes Law & Order: Special Victims
S (HD)) (HD1) (1HD)) _____ Dog adoption. (HD)) Camping Scout trip. (HD) Unit: Alien (HD)
3IND 1 1 1 33 1 Modem: Leap Modern: The B Bang (CC) Big Bang(CC) Law& Order: Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims The Office: TheOffice:
S12 12 12 38 12 Day Kiss (H (HD) Unit: Alien (HD) Unit: Surveillance The Duel Fire (HD)
ION 1 1 17 psych Fashion industry. sych:Shawn (and Gus) of the psych: Ghosts Shawn stages psych: Murder?...Any- psych: Daredevils! Daredevil's
(2 2 2 13 26 18 17 Fi onP)(( iead Lot mummy. house haunting. (CC)O one?...Anyone?...Bueller? near accident. (CC)O
WCLF 22 2222 2 Christian Fit- Today Faith & RonPhillips Great Awaken Tour Truth The Good Life with Bob Entertain- Life Today
22 1 1 1 ness healing. ID'Andrea ment (CC)
WRXY M Joyce Meyer Prophecyin Rhema Praise Great Awaken Tour LevittCal Walkon JoyceMeyer Entertain- GameOn
22 44 10 (CC) the News (CC) OThomas. (N) Water (C) ment
TLF 23 23 23 95 El Chavo Risas y mas risas. Vivan los nifios Aventura Coraz6n de dragon ('96, Fantasia) Un caballero y un La viuda negra La vida de
50 3 (TVPG) (CC) escolar. (TVPG) (CC) dragon se unen para derrocar a un rey cruel. (CC) Griselda Blanco. (N)
UNIV 15 15 15 6 Noticias(CC) Noticiero De que te quiero, te quiero PorsiempremiamorEnvidia Loqueiavidamerob6Boda Qu6 pobres tan ricos
62l 1 1 |(N) Univision (N) Natalia huye. lymaldad.(CC (HD) sin amor (CC) (HD) Humilde hogar.

Te First48: Desperate Moves The First 48 Street murders. The First 48 Woman shot & The First 48 Survivor's help. The First48: Tom; Gun Crazy
A&E 26 26 26 26 39 50181 Raoeagainsttime. (CC)(R) (HD)) burned. (CO (R) (HD)) (CC) (R) (HD) Rookie detective. (R)
AMC 56 56 5 5 532 (5:00) Pearl Harbor ('01, Action) *1% A love triangle divides Gladiator (00 Drama) ****** Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix. In ancient Rome, a
AMC 56 56 56 56 3 53 odfriends as they fly nto battle in World War II. deposed genera seeks to avenge his family's murders. (R) (HD)
Finding Bigfoot: Further To Be Announced Info un- Tanked: Unfiltered Team boot Tanked: Playing Favorites! Tanked: Dining with the Fishes
APL 44 44 44 44 36 6 130 Rafting ootage.(R) (H) available. camp. (CC) (N) (HD)) ATM crew reminisces. Crabbing boat ank
BET 35 3535 Keyshia Fam- Movie Movie
BET 35 3535 35 402221T0 I iy~e.
BRAVO 68 686 6825 Men in Black ('97) **1/2 Will Smith. Two top secret The Bourne Identity ('02, Action) **** Matt Damon. An amnesiac The Bournme
BRAVO 68 68 68 68 254 51 185 agents commit themselves to monitoring aliens on Earth. wanted by the U.S. government searches for clues to his past. Identity
COM u 666 6 15211 (:58) South Prk Tosh.0 Ventril- ColbertRepo DailyShow(R) Futuramna(V14 Futurama(IV14 Key &Peele(R Key &Peele(R)Tosh.0O(CC((R) Tosh.0 (CC) (R)
COM 66 66 66 66 15 27 190 (R) cquism. (R) 1(HD)) (R) (R (H) (HD) (HD)) (HD)
DISC 40 40 40 40 25 43120 Gold Rush Mining forgold. Gold Rush Mining for gold. SonsofGuns: Locked SonsofGunsSwampcarand Boss Hog: Mr. Pig Shot Hun
S40 40 40 40 (C)(HD) (CC) (HD)) Combo gun; extras. (N) rifle. (CC) (N) (HD)) stirs trouble. (N)
E! 46 46 46 46 7 26 196 (4:30) To Be Announced Info E! News Entertainment The Drama Queen Hollywood Fashion Police Clothing The Soup Entertainment fun.
E! 46 46 46 46 2 26 196 unavailable, news. (HD)) talent manager (HD)) choices. (HD)) (HD))
S8 82 82 8 118118 Burn Notice Ex spy helps Burn Notice Ex spy helps Parks &Rec. Parks &Rec. Parks&Rec. Parks&Rec. Party Down PartyDown
ES 82 8282 82 118 160 others. (CC) (HD)) others. (CC) (HD)) (HD (HD (HD) 1(HD) [(CC (HD() (CC()(HD)
T 4 d EWTN Vision(R) Daily Mass Celebration ofthe Life on the Rock: Yvonne News Nightty HolyRosary The Worid Over News from
EWTN 243 243 243 12 17 285 Nightly (N) Vi R Holy Eucharist. (R) Noogle (N) (IVG) around theword. (R)
FAi 55 1099 The Middle (CC) The Middle (CC) Liar Liar ('97, Comedy) **y2 A boy's birthday wish pre- Bruce Almighty ('03) Jim Carrey. A reporter who blames
FAM 55 55 55 55 10 46 1)(HD) I(HD)) vents an unscrupulous lawyer from telling lies. (HD)) God for his faltering life is given almighty powers.
D 37 37 37 37 -761D Diners: Break- DinersTortilla Diners:Leg- Diners (R) (H) Diners Pork Diners (R)(H) Diners (R) (H) Diners(R) (H) Diners (N) (H) Diners (R) (H)
FOOD 37 37 37 37 76164 fast (R) factor. acies(R) Iwithcurry.DirR(D n r n sie((D
v 1 1 1 8 4 5 HowlMet: HowlMet HowlMet HowlMet Just Go With It ('11 Comedy) **-1/2 Adam Sandier, JenniferAniston. Man with fake
FX 5151 51 51 58 4953 Twin Beds (1V14)(HD) (1V14)(HD) (1V14)(HD1 wedding ring meets lady, isashamedoftruth, andfakesdivorce.(PG-13) (CC)
GSN 1791719719179 13 1M F7amilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud FamilyFeud 1 vs. 100 Contestants battle Minute to Win It Hula-hoop MinutetoWin ltTeacherv.
GSN 179171717 34 179184 (V (IVPG mob. (IV G) challenge. (R) laborer. (R)
I- 5 1 1 The Waitons: The Marathon TheWaltons: The BookPub- Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Middle: Middle (CC) Frasier(IVPG) Frasier(IVPG)
HALL 5 5 5 17 7340 Dance marathon. (CC) lished writing. (COC) Time to Start LMn(R) The Safe (HD)) (CC) (CC)
I 1T 811 81 81 3 65 128 Modem Marvels Failed inven- American Pickers Hangars; American Pickers Comic; American Pickers Tor- American Pickers: Franks
HIST t 8 8 6 1,ons. (VPG) (R) (HD1) "school. (CC) (R) (HD)) haunted. (CC) (R) (HD)) nado-stricken.(CC) (R) (H) Holy Grail Rare oilcan.
HOME41 41 41 41 42165 Life(R) Life(R) Hunters (CC() (R) Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Hunters (CC(O (R) Off the Grid
HOME 41 41 41 41 (N)
HSN 24 24 24 24 51 19 151 Joan Boyce: Collection Lawn Lawn and garden. Coin Collector Coin Collector Lawn Lawn and garden.
IF 3 3 3 3 Wife Swap: Parker; Robinson Wife Swap: Yonts Jan-Turan Celebrity Wife Swap Mothers CelebrityWifeSwap Chauf- To Be Announced Info un-
LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 41 140 childstarmom. (CC) Pageants and artists. swap homes (HD)) feur; wairess. (HD)) available. (CC)O


OWN 58 58 58 584 103161 prah: Where Are They Oprah: Where Omarosa; P. Oprah: Where Are They Now Good Hair (09) Actor and comedian Chris Rock examines
OWN 5B 58 58 47 136 Now? Rodman's regrets. Glaser (CC) (R) (HD)) Sinbad on marriage. the African-American obsession with hair. (CC)
PIK 5 5 51 5 2963 54 Jail (R) (HD) Cops (CC) (R) Cops (CC)(R) Cops Trans- Cops (CC) (R) Cops Cops (CC) (R) Cops Suspi- Cops: Coast to Cops Domesti
157 45) 29 63 54HDD vestites. (HD)) Cross-dresser. (HD)) ciouscar. Coast abuse.
SYFY 61 61 61 61 2531 1 Jeepers Creepers ('01, Horror) A cannibalistic demon pur- WWE SmackDown (N) (HD) Continuum: A Minute
Y 67 h h h.- 64 18 sues twin college students on their way home. ________________Changes Everything (N)
TBS 9 9 5 5 6 5 Seinfeld: The Seinfeld (IG) FSeinfeld:The Fam Guy(CC) X2 ('03, Adventure) Professor Xavier's heroes reluctantly join forces with Magneto and his
____59 59 59 59 Dea (HD) Voice (HD) Brotherhood to battle a government agent planning a mutant genocide.
TM 65 65 65 65 169230 (5:15) Rio Bravo ('59, Western) A sheriff attempts to keep a North to Alaska ('60, Western) *** Romantic entangle-(:15) McLintock! ('63) ***
______ 193well-connected killer from escaping justice. ments and a con artist plague two prospectors. (CC) ILove on the range. (CC)
TIC 45 45 45 45 72 39,Gown Low-cut GownStand- Boirowed(R) Borrowed(R) SayYes(CC)(R) Say Yes (N) SayYes(CC)(N) SayYes(CC)(N) GownAnnual GownDream
bn b ack ing out (R) HD) (1HD)) (HD) (1(HD) 1(HD) 1(HD) sale. (N) gowns.
TNT 61 61 61 61 28 55 51 Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici Supernatural LARPers; fairy. 300 (07 Action) Gerard Butler, Lena Headey. Three hundred Spartans Clash of 1i-
61 61 61 61 C 55 51 artoon-like deaths. (TV14) (CC) ([HD1) fightto the death against the formidable Persian army. (R) (CC) Otans (10)
TFAV 69 69 69 69 2O 66 1n7 Bizarre Foods with Andrew vFood: New Man v.Food: Bizarre Foods Fried tarantu- Ghost Adventures: Fear Fac- The Dead Files Haunted Opera
Sw 6926 66 Z zimmem: Singapore Orleans Boise las. (R) tory A cement plant House. (R) (HD)
TRUT 63 63 63 50 30 183 Killer Karaoke Stinky part- Top20 MostShocking Junkie World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... Thief World's Dumbest... Trapped
TUners. (R) drops drugs. (R) Dognappers; seagull. (R) shot partner. (R) by seatbelt. (R)
TVLND 62 62 62 62 31 54 244 Griffith Griffith Griffith IGilligan's Gilligan's Gilligan's Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond
US A 34 34 3422 52 50 Law &Order Special Victims Law& Order: Special Victims Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fam- Modem Fanm-
3___ __ __ 0UnitMisidentified. UJnit Meat-packng. ily(HD) ily(HD) ily(HD) ily(HD) ily(HD) ily(HD)
WE 117117117117 71 149 Marriage Boot Camp The Marriage Boot Camp An Marriage Boot Camp (R) Marriage Boot Camp (N) Marriage Boot Camp (R)
E 117117117117 17149 labyrinth test. (R) overnight trade. (R)
WGN 16 16 16 19 41 11 America's Funniest Home America's Funniest Home How I Met I How I owMet How I Mlt How I Met How I Met How I Met
V I I 11 V ideos Reel comedy. Videos Reel comedy. (M 4(1Y4(H) (JV14)NHD) (1V14)( HD) (M14)() (1V14)(HD1) (1V14)(H)
CSS 28 2 28 28 49 70 Geico SportsNITE (HD) To Be Announced Program information is unavailable at this time. Talkin Football SportsNITE
ESPN 29 9 2929 1 5 SportsCenter: from Bristol, Conn. (N) (CC) NBA Count(N) 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 N(1) 0 TeamsTBA
ESPN2 30 0 3030 6 59 4 Intenrruption (N) Countdown (N) NASCAR Nationwide Series: ToyotaCare 250: from Richmond SportsCenter from Bristol, Playoffs:
30_ 303 3 _7 (HD) (HD1)) /a_ International Raceway in Richmond, Va. (live) (HD)) Conn. (N) (CC) (HD)) TeamsTBA
FS1 48 48 4842 69 83 Sprint Qualify. FOX Sports The Ultimate Fighter: Flying UFC Countdown: 172: Jones Crowd Goes Wild (N) (CC() (HD)MLB Whip Around (N) (CC()
S48 48 48 4 (Li) (CC)(HD) the Flag (CC) (R) (HD) vs. Texiera (HDP)) (HD))
FSN 72 72 72 7 77 Ship Shape Madins LIVE! MLB Baseball: Miami Marlins at New York Mets from Citi Field (live) (HD) Marlins LIVE! Icons (HD)
72 72 72 72 56 (R) (N) (HD) (N(HD)
GOLF 49 49 49 49 5560304 Golf Central (NII LPGA TourGolf: Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic: Second Round: from Lake Merced PGA TOUR Golf: Zurich Classic of New
49 49 49 49 55 60 04 Golf Club in San Francisco (live) (H) Orleans: Second Round (Replay) (HD)
NBCSN 1 71 71 71 54 61 90 Mecum: Kan- NHL Live (N) ,2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Teams TBA (live) 2014 NHLStanleyCup
sas. ,____ Playoffs: Teams TBA
SUN 38 41 4 4 Florida Insider Fishing Report Expert ad- Rays LIVE! (N) '' MLB Baseball: Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago White Sox from U.S. Cellular Field (live)
SU 38 38 401401 45 7 76 vice on tactics and locations. (R) (HD) (HP)) (HD).).
NICK 25 25 25 2524 44252 Sponge (CC) Sponge (CC) The Wild Thornberrys Movie ('02) *% (:45) Sponge Full Hse (CC) Full Hse Fish's Full Hse (CC) Full Hse Jesse
NIC(R25 25 25 25 24 44 252 (R) () Eliza tries escaping boarding school. Bob (N)ibath. Jnjail.
TOON 80 124 124 4 2025 15) Grandpa Clarence (R) rtans G: (:45)Johny King ofthe Hill King ofthe Hill Cleveland Cleveland American Fam.Guy(14)
TOONR80 80 12412446 20257 (R I I|reams |Te(R |(CC) |(CC) Show(HP) Show(HP) ) Dd!(HP) _
CNBC ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a 393C9h9a37sera oey(C sr
CNBC^ 39393939 37 102 Mad Money (CC Car Chaser CarChaser carChaser Car Chaser Car aser ICarChaser CarChaser CarChaser
CNN 32 2 32 32 183 Situation Crossfire (CC) Erin Burnett OutFront Be- Anderson Cooper3600 CNN Tonight The biggest CNN Spot- Unguarded
CNN 3 51 3 3 18 3 100 Room(N) (N) |yond the news. (N) Breaking news.(N) (HP) |stories.(N) light (R) (witN
CPNl 8 1 1 1 129 House of Tonight from Washington The day's top Tonight from Washington Unedited and uninterrupted coverage of the day's top public
CSPN 18 18 18 18 37 12 109 Reps (N) public policy events. (N) policy events. (N)
C 4 64 64 6 71 SpecialReportwithBretBaie On the Record with Greta Van The O'Reilly Factor News The Kelly File News up- Hannity Conservative news.
: 8 7 1 The latest news. (N) Susteren (N) (H1D) talk. (CC) (N) (H1D) dates. (N) (CC) (N) (1HD)
CMSNB 83 83 83 83185 40103 PoliticsNation Rev. AI Hardballwith Chris Matthews All in with Chris HayesPo- The Rachel Maddow Show Lockup Cameras explore life
MSNB 8 3 83 8 4 Sharpton. (N) (H4D) Political issues. (N) litical panel. (N) (H1D) Newsand views. (N) behind bars. (HlD)
SNN 6 6 6 11 11 News(N) News(N) News(N) Paid News (N) News (N) Paid News (N) News (N) News (N)
CMIT 41 4141234 21 2 24 Reba Reba's Reba(HPD) Reba:Vanny Reba(HPD) The Dukes of HazzardObsta- National Lampoon's Animal House ('78, Comedy)
CM 47 47 47 47 23 24 21 parents. Dearest de derby. (CC) (HD) ***John Belushi. College misfits challenge the dean.
MW 3 33 3 3 MTV2's Guy Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- Ridiculous- To Be Announced Info un-
MTV 33 33 33 33 35 48 2i0 Code ness(HPD) ness (HD) ness (HD) ness(HD) ness(lH) ness(HPD) ness(HPD) available.
VH1 50 50 50 5043 23 17 Fabulous Life of...: Atlanta Saturday Night Live: Saturday Night Live in the'90s: Pop American Pie ('99 Comedy) Sexually inexperienced high
V1 0 07(CC) (R) (1)) ________Culture Nation Memories from 1990s. (TV14) school kds learn about life, ove and the libido.
(5:45) The Bourne Legacy ('12, Action) **,* Jeremy Gangster Squad ('13, Crime) ***,,, Sean Penn, Josh Getaway ('13, Crime) -,k'/
CINE 320 320 320 320 320 320 420 Renner, Rachel Weisz. A new agent escapes termination Brolin. Undercover cops worktogether to take down an Ethan Hawke. Former race car
and seeks to expose CIA crimes. (PG-13) (CC_) ]intimidating mob king. (R) (C) (HP)D) _driver must save wife.
(5:00) Blown Away ('94, Action) The Conjuring ('13, Horror) .'/2 Vera Farmiga, gStoker('13, Drama) *** MiaWasikow- 1(:45) Lethal
CINE2 321 321 321321 321 321422 Mad bomber hunts Bomb Patrick Wlson. Paranormal investigators help family being ska. A youn woman's uncle comes to live Weapon ('87,
Squad member. (R) terrorized by a dark presence. (R) (CC) (HP)D) with her and her mother. (R) (CC) (HP)D) Action)
Dog with Btog Dog with a LivandMad- JessieZuri's Cars 2 ('11, Comedy) Lightning McQueen puts his skills to JessieFamily WinLose(R)
DISN 136 136 136 136 99 45 250 Stan Tallksto Blog Internet die Pioneer report. (CC) (R) the test in an international racing competition while Mater history. (CC)(R)
Gran photos. living. (R) (HD4)) gets involved in a top secret mission. (CC) HD))
(:20) The Call (13, Thriller) *** Halle Berry, Kirk Baily. A Shanghai Noon ('00, Western) **%2 Jackie Chan, Owen (:55) Hitch ('05, Comedy) **12
ENC 150150150150 150350 911 operator takes a call from a teenage girl who has been Wlson. A Chinese princess is kidnapped and a lowly guard A romance coach helps men
___ __-kdnapped. (R) (CC) (HlD) tracks her to the Old West. (P6) (CC) with women. (CC)
(] 5) Bowfinger ('99) **1' Steve Martin Eddie Murphy. A Game of Thrones: The Lion Game of Thrones: Breakerof Real Time with Bill Maher
HBO 302 302 302 302 302 302 400 film producer gets shots of an action star for his movie, any and the Rose Tyrionoffersto Chains Tyrion considers his (TVMA) (CC) (N) (ID)
___-- -way he can. (PG-13) (CC) (HP)) help Jaime. (R) options. (R)(H14)D ________1
(5:l5)TheWatch('12,Comedy) VeepCaucus VeepUSCG Veep:Alicia Real Sports with Bryant The Hangover Part III (13, Comedy)
HBO2 303 303 303 303 303 303 402 adsdisccver extraterrestrial voters (CO((HD) ride-along. (CC) Key event. (CC) Gumbel (CC) (HD) *,* Three friends take their mentally
___ __ invasion. (CC) OH )) (HD)) unstable comrade to get treated. (R) (CC)
(4:45) Maria Full The Wedding Date ('05, Comedy) *** A Deadwood: Something Very Snitch ('13) **** After his son is framed in a drug deal
HBO3 304 304 304 304 304404 of Grace ('04) woman hires an escort to pose as her Expensive Alma wants to and imprisoned, a father goes undercover for the DEA in an
___ __ __ __ boyfriend at her sister's wedding. establish a bank effort to help free his son before it is too late.
Java Heat ('13) A Gunfighter's Pledge ('08) */ A un- Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp Pimp Dark Skies (13, Horror) *12 Keri
SHOW 340 340 340 340 340 340 365 Terrorist man whose wife and child were murdered authored 7 books & sparked street poetry on Russell. A family's peaceful life is put in
___ ____ manhunt, sets out to avenge their deaths. (CC) the gritty world of the ghetto. (HD) danger due to a deadly force. (PG-13) (CC)
(4:45) Nixon ('95, Drama) **12 Anthony Hopkins, Joan Lincoln ('12, Drama) ***'2 Daniel Day-Lewis. The 16th President of Inescapable
TMC 350 350 350 350 350 350 385 Allen. The rise and fall of the 37th Presient of the United the United States finds his country seceding into two separate *2 Missing
___ __ 3 __ States, Richard M. Nixon. (R) (CC) (IHD))i o U confederacies and joins the Union to help put an end to slavery. (CC) daughter


ABC 2M 711 7 News Kimmel Nightline lExtra ET Insider Extra Entertain Paid Paid Extra (N)
ABC 23 11 News Kimmel Nightine Katie (R) News Paid Paid Homeown Paid Paid Right Right
ABCM 7 7 7 10 7 7 News Kimmel Nightline IPaid ES.TV Comedy.TV Crook Kickin'lt Career Icons
CBS 1 101010 10 News Late Show Late Late Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Storms HseSmart
CBS M 2121 5 5 5 News Late Show Late Late TMVZ Inside Conics RawTrav. ITMZ Missing Animal Hollyscp Paid
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NBC 2 2 212 News Tonight Late Night Last Call Dr. Oz Money Paid Paid Hollywd On Money
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FOX 4 4 4 News Arsenio Raymond Raymond Office Office Paid Comedy.TV Cars.TV Homes Paid Paid
PBS 3 3 3 3 3 Masters IRose (N) WashWk Week Perform (CC) (R) (1H)) Pioneers Old House
PBSI 2014202 16 Smiley Rose(N) Europe Brown Midsomer Bailey Death D. Martin
PBS N 3 3 3 Concert Brain Change (R) Rose (N) Antiques Pioneers Antiques (R),(
*CW ) 621 T6 21/2 Men How I Met How I Met Modem Modem Rules Rules Middle Middle Dish Music Mix Black Ent McNeely EPDaily
CW ) 9 9 9 4 Arsenio Friends Friends Simpsons Simpsons King Hill Sunny Comics Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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IONS66 2 2 132618 17 psych psych psych psych Paid Pa id Inspiration Today
WCLF 22 22 22 2 2 Fruit Awaken Awaken You and Me CVance 700 Club Gospel Forgiven
IiXY4 2244 10 News Awaken Awaken You and Me Reign Gaithers End Age Connedct
TLF S 23 23 23 95 5 Deportivo Corazon (96) (CC) La viuda Deortivo Pagado IPagado Contacto
UNIV I) 1515 15 6 Noticias Notficiero Familia rAmorcito Cerocnd. Casa risa Larosa Gordo Primer Noticiero

A&E 26262626395018148(R) 48 (R) 148 (R) 48(R) 48(R) IPaid Dog Bnty IPaid
AMC 5656 56 56 30 53 231 Gladiator IBIood Diamond ('06) ***2 (CC) IHannibal Rising ('07) 12 CSI Miami
APL 44I44444436681 ankedTanked Tanked "TBA ITanked Tanked Tanked
BET 35353535 40 22 27 Movie eMovie Movie BET Inspiration
BRAV 68 68 68 68 25 5118 Bourne Identity ('02) [Men in Black ('97) Medicine Paid |Paid Paid Paid
COM 66 66 66 66 15 271 South Prk South Prk American Pie 2 ('01) C. DElia Key; Peele Key; Peel K Nanjiani Paid Paid
DISC 4040404025431 Cold Gold Boss Hog Sons of Gold Rush Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
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EWTN 24242412 17 28 John Paul Daily Mass Life (N) Karol ('05) (CC) Karol ('05 (CC) Jesus Choices
FAM 5555555510461 700 Club Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Bel-Air Paid Paid 700 Club Paid IPaid Paid Paid
FOOD 37 37 37 371- 761 Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Iron Chef Paid Paid
FX 51515151 5849 53 Just Go With It ('11) *1/2 (CC) xXx Outlaw secret agent. Pi iUnsuperv. Paid Paid
GSN 1117111 1I341 71 Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Baggage Baggage Mind Mind Fam FeudFam Feud Baae Baae Paid Paid Paid Paid
HALL 5 5 5 17 732 Frasier Frasier Golden Golden Golden Golden Cheers Cheers Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Lucy Lucy
HIST 81 881 81 336512 American American American American American Paid Cowboys____ Paid
HOME 41414141 534216 Hunters Hunters Vanilla IVanilla Hunters theGrid Hunters Hunters Vanilla Vanilla Paid Paid Paid Paid
LIFE 3636363652 411 (01) TBA Wife Swa Wife Swap (02) TBA (:03) TBA Paid Paid Paid Paid
OWN 58585858 4710161 Oprah Good Hair ('09) (CC) Dateline Dateline Dateline Dateline
SPIKE 57 57 57 57 29 63 54 Cops Cops Cops Jail Jail |Jail Jail IJail Jail |Jail Paid |Paid Paid Paid
SYFY 67 67167 67253 6418( Hurilant Hurilant Continuum Warehouse Ark of Truth ('08) *** Stargate Vegas
TBS 59595959326252 Lara Croft ('01 (CC) Bam's Sh Deal With DOA ('07) (CC Preview Married Married Fxworthy Earil
TCM 65656565 1623 McLintock! The Shootist (76 Sons of Katie ('65) Stor Ever ***
TLC 45454545 57 7213 Say Yes SayYes Gown Gown ISayYes ISayYes Borrowed Borrowed Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
TNT 61616161 285551 Clash ('10) (CC) Hulk ** A monster is born. Law: I.D. Law (HD)) Law (HD()
TRAV 69 69 69 69 26C 6617( Dead Files Ghost IDead Files Dead Files Ghost (R) Ghost (R) Paid Paid
TRUTV 63636363 50 30 Top 20 Dumbest Dumbest Dumbest Top 20 Saloon Jailhouse Paid
TVLND 6262626231 54 24 Queens Queens Queens Queens Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Cosby Cosby Cosby jCosby Cosby Cosby
USA 34 34 34 34 225250 Modem Sirens No Strings (11) (CC) Good Luck ('07) (CC) Order: Cl Order: Cl
WE 11117117111 117149 Marriage Marriage Joan&& Marriage Marriage Marriage Paid Paid
WGN 161616194111 9 How IMet How IMet Parks Parks Parks 30 Rock 30 Rock Sunny Futurama 'TilDeath P Paid Paid Paid Paid
CSS 2828282849 70 Sports TBA Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Pad Paid
ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 58 70 Playoffs e) (H) Sports Sports Playoffs (Replay) Sports
ESPN2 30 30 30 30 659 74 Playoffs (Live) Olbermann NBA Baseball Playoffs (Taped) Playoffs
FS1 48484848426983 FOX Sports FOXSports FOXSports FOX Sports Practice Sprint Qualify. Sports
FSN 72 72 72 72 56 77 Wrld Poker MLB Game (Replay)me ( )Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
GOLF 49 49 49 49 5560 PGA TOUR GolfCntril PGA TOUR Golf (Replay) (HD() Paid Paid Paid Paid
NBCSN 71 711 7 5461 90 Playoffs (live) Overtime TORC (N) Mobil 1 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
SUN 33 3401401455776 Rays Inside Inside MLB Game (Replay) Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
CNBC 39 39 39 39 3710 CarChse CarChse Car Chse Car Chse Car Chse Car Chse Paid Paid Paid Paid Worldwide SuzeOrman
CNN 32323232 183810 Death Row 360 (R) CNNSpot Unguard Death Row CNN Tonite 360 (R) Death Row
CSPN 18181818371210 Capital Capital News Today /Today in Washington Today in WashingtondlBi
FNC 64 64 64 64 48 71 I O'Reilly Kelly File Hannity On Record Red Eye The Five Kelly File
MSNBC 83 83 83 8318 4010: Lockup Locu Lockup Lockup LockupLockupHadball Business
SNN 6 66 11 11 News News News Chef News (N) News (N) INews (N) INews (N) News (N)
CINE 32 320323203204Getaway InBed Hypnotika Jack the Giant ('13) Femnme (:50) Munich ('05, Drama)
CINE2 321321321321321321 Weapon ('87) Journey 2 (12) Ungerie Lingerie Chemobyl ('12) The Edge ('10)
ISN 1361313 99 45 25 Liv Jessie A.N.T. Good Lck A.N.T. Jessie Good Lck Go Figure ('05) |OnDeck On Deck FishHks Phineas
ENC 15151 15 150 3 Hitch **1 2 Guess Who (:50) The Call ('13) (R) D. Claiborne ('95) (R) Frankenw
HBO 30 M30240 VICE Real Time IVICE Silicon Veep IScary ('00) (CC) Silverman (:25) Chill ('99)
HB02 3303 303 4 Way, Way Back (13) 1Brother ('02) Real Time Thrones Spawn ('97) **
HB03 M Savages (12) (CC) Good Time fl1/ 2Mating H. ('99) IThe Associate ('96)
NSHOW 3404036 NurseJ. Calif. (:10) 21 Grams ('03) (: 15) The Best Man ('99) ** Turner ('89) **1
TMC 353 3 3 3 3 30 Inescapabl A Dark Truth (13) ** Suicide (HD()) Lawless ('12) (R) (CC) Far/Away

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