2013 ALA Emerging Leaders


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2013 ALA Emerging Leaders
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Smith, Bonnie J.
Dzuba, Tyler
Holley-Harris, Nzinga
Schatoff, Eugenia
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Emerging Leaders 2013 - Team J Project white paper. In 2011 the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) sponsored a three-year American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leaders (EL) initiative in an effort to understand the needs of LIS students and new library professionals and ascertain the appropriate services and marketing strategies to better meet LLAMA’s mission of encouraging and nurturing future library leaders. The 2013 EL team reviewed the findings of the 2011 and 2012 EL teams’ research, key LLAMA organizational documents, and conducted a series of stakeholder interviews between January and May 2013. The result of this inquiry and research is a set of recommendations for meaningful and broad engagement in the professional lives of LIS students and new library professionals.

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Reaching LIS Students and New Professionals Tyler Dzuba, Nzinga Holley-Harris, Eugenia Schato, Bonnie SmithPurpose Proposed Communication TacticsAcknowledgements Our work was directly based on that of the last two LLAMA Emerging Leaders Teams: Melissa Barger-Brisbin, Melissa Cardenas-Dow, Angiah L. Davis, Deana Greeneld, Kristin Henrich, Lessa Kananiopua Pelayo-Lozada, Sherry Machones, Willie Miller, Laksamee Putnam, and Tinamarie Vella. Thanks to Janine Golden and Kerry Ward of LLAMA for their expert direction; Eric Shoaf and Eileen Theodore-Shusta of LLAMAs Membership and Marketing Committees for their guidance on LLAMA proceedures and feasibility; Janel Kinlaw and Emily Prather-Rogers of NMRT and Rachel Besara of LLAMA for their suggestions regarding new members; and Don Wood of ALA for his advice on coordinating with student chapters. Next StepsRecommend to the LLAMA Board of Directors that a section/committee be appointed to explore implementing the ndings. Present whitepaper outlining recommendations and ndings to the LLAMA membership and Board of Directors at the LLAMA membership meeting during the 2013 ALA conference. Recommend to the marketing and membership committees that the ndings be incorporated into the membership survey. This will allow for easier membership feedback on the recommendations. Gather data on the types of products and services oered by LLAMA that would be most important to the students about to enter the library profession Understand the quality and quantity of LLAMA promotion by professors in LIS management and leadership courses Establish a set of objectives and measurements for membership marketing and recruitment The Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) sponsored a three-year Emerging Leaders project to achieve the following goals: Drawing results from the rst two years and interviews with key stakeholders, we developed a set of strategies to maximize outreach towards new graduates and target LLAMAs services to this previously untapped audience. LLAMA Emerging Leaders 2013 TeamProposed Services to LIS Students and New ProfessionalsLIS Faculty Outreach Consistently reach out to LIS faculty to update them on services, trainings, and marketing materials (e.g., brochure). Student Chapters Outreach Provide services to student chapters: webinars, presentations, discussion groups, training. Support Student Chapter leaders and market leadership skills training. Social Media Identify the best social media venues to promote LLAMA and facilitate communication. Brochure Create brochure geared specically to LIS students and recent graduates, tailored to their needs and services. Visually appealing where the content will answer the question: Why is LLAMA relevant to me? Online Space | Student Portal Create an online space appropriate to this new market with two goals: 1) to highlight LLAMA services and 2) to encourage the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and promote leadership skills. Stakeholder Interviews LLAMA Administration NMRT Administration External DataLLAMA 2012 Membership Survey LLAMA Strategic Plan 2012-15ALA Student Chapters coordinator LLAMA Membership Committee LLAMA Marketing/Comm. Committee 2011/2012 LLAMA Emerging Leaders LLAMA/NMRT Joint Committee Library Leadership and Management AssociationThe mission of the Library Leadership and Management Association is to encourage and nurture current and future library leaders, and to develop and promote outstanding leadership and management practices. LLAMA is for students too!LLAMA Buddies Request a seasoned buddy to network, answer your questions, and advise you about all that LLAMA has to oer. Student Chapter Request LLAMA services for your student chapter. LLAMA can provide leadership skills training, webinars on topics of interest to your chapter including career planning, interview and resume preparation, assistance with events and a virtual space to connect with other chapters around leadership skills. Online Student Portal Access our online LLAMA Student Portal where you can network with student groups, learn about services, grant opportunities and resources available to you. Resources Local LLAMA members are available as a resource: to connect, advise, and present workshops and talks. Through LLAMAs Student Portal, we can answer your questions about the eld, help you network at ALA, oer career guidance and resume assistance, and provide you with leadership training resources.Top 6 things LLAMA can do for YOUCommittee Internship Would you like to work with a seasoned professional and participate in LLAMA's student and recent graduate Committee Internship Program? Learn new skills, network, gain leadership experience and boost your resume! New Professionals Section The New Professionals Section of LLAMA provides you with the support to grow your management career. Explore opportunities to network, publish, meet with local members, and gain practical experience and education.