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dLOC Overview and Partner Presentations
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dLOC Advanced Topics Training Institute
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dLOC Advanced Topics Training Institute, Schedule for July 21 – August 2, 2013
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Wooldridge, Brooke
Forgie Scott, Monique
Guillaume, Marie France
Cerette Lubin, Marie
Alexis, Bernado
Charles, Fenton
Korstjens, Irwin
Ancieta, Yunette
Honore, Luc Steve
Thomas, Precilla
Till, Ashley
Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
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Miami, FL


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Digital Humanities
Digital Scholarship


Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) Advanced Topics Training Institute, Schedule for July 21 – August 2, 2013, with details on presenters, training topics, for use in on-site training and for use in planning future training opportunities, guides, documentation, and other training and support materials

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Digital Library of the Caribbean Overview and Partner Presentations Presenters: Brooke Wooldridge, Digital Library of the Caribbean Monique Forgie Scott, National Library of Jamaica Marie France Guillaume & Marie Cerette Lubin Bibliothque Hatienne des Bernado Alexis & Fenton Charles, National Archives of Haiti Luc Steve Honore National Library of Haiti Precillia Thomas, Belize National Library Irwin Korstjens & Yunette Ancieta University of the Netherlands Antilles Ashley Till, University of the Virgin Islands Presentations will be added in a separate file. www.dloc.com Email: dloc@fiu.edu


Digital Library of the Caribbean dLOC's diverse partners serve an international community of scholars, students, and citizens by working together to preserve and to provide enhanced electronic access to cultural, historical, legal, governmental, and research materials Partner Training Technical Infrastructure Institutional Support


dLOC Quick Facts Content Management System and Long term Preservation 37 Partners Caribbean, Europe and US Over 24 million hits since 2006 Over 1.8 million pages of open access content 13,000 titles with 80,000 items Digitization Training Program Scholarly Collaborations Educational Outreach Shared Governance


dLOC Content Partners


Financially Supporting Members Executive dLOC Members : Florida International University Libraries, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of Florida Libraries Sustaining dLOC Member : Florida International University Latin American and Caribbean Center, University of Virgin Islands, University of the Netherlands Antilles Supporting dLOC Members: Belize National Library of Heritage Service, Duke University, New York University Contributing dLOC Members: Brown University John Hay Library, CARICOM, National Archives of Haiti


Scholarly Advisory Board Chair: Dr. Frank Mora, Director Latin American and Caribbean Center; Florida International University, Miami, FL Co Chair: Dr. Phil Williams, Director, Center for Latin American Studies; University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Members: Dr Alejandra Bronfman, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada Dr. Eric Duke, Assistant Professor, Department of Africana Studies, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Lloyd Gardner, Manager, Environmental Support Services; Environmental Specialist, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Dr. JoAnne Harris, Profesor Literature, Communication, & Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA Dr. Leah Rosenberg, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Dr. Chantalle Verna, Associate Professor Depts. of History and International Relations, Florida International University, Miami, FL Vacant


dLOC New Additions Panama Canal materials from the Panama Canal Museum and the University of Florida Haitian and Dominican materials from Brown University Vodou Archive with University of Florida and Duke University De classified documents from CARICOM Conservation reports from WIDECAST Haitian Art Digital Archive from FIU LACC


dLOC New Additions from the National Library of Jamaica Nassau Tribune 1973 1974 The Angelus from the Belize National Library Observador from the National Library of Aruba El Mundo from the University of Puerto Rico Caribbean Review from Florida International University


Presented by Monique Forgie Scott Digital Resources Librarian


The National Library of Jamaica Established in 1979 under the Institute of Jamaica Act of 1978. Built on the collection of the West India Reference Library (WIRL) which was founded in 1894 as a section of the Public Library of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ). This public library was the first of its kind in Jamaica. It began operations in 1879 Comprehensive collection, rich in primary source materials covering all aspects of Caribbean life and society. WIRL formed the nucleus of the National Library Today the NLJ through legal deposit, purchase and donation continues to build and preserve a collection of books, maps, newspapers, postcards, prints, audiovisual materials, etc. The National Library of Jamaica Act, 2010 confirms the autonomy of the National Library; establishes the National Library as a corporate body and provides the legal framework to formalize the mandates and operations of the library.


Collaboration With DLOC Started out in 2005 when it was a pilot project. The NLJ is among the first of its partners contributing two collections : 1. Jamaica Unshackled : First digital collection developed and was funded in part by The Culture Health, Arts, Sports and Education Fund (CHASE). Collection brings together resources related to two landmark events in Jamaica's history: 1831 Sam Sharpe Rebellion / Baptist War 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion and 2. Planters Punch Magazine


NLJ Digitization Programme Department: Digital Resources Development with a team of four W e digitize for: Preservation; Access ; Retrieval ; New collections; Develop best practices Collections Jamaica Unshackled: Covers Sam Sharpe and Morant Bay Rebellions Picture Dis : Highlights people, places and products of Jamaica hosted on Flickr NLJDigital Jamaicana Set for launch soon. Management Policy Storage :NLJ servers Access CDS ISIS / GENISIS interface Internet dLOC / WDL/www.nlj.gov.jm/Facebook/Flickr Catalogue records linked to existing digital content




History and Documentation The BHFIC is an Old Library established in Hati in 1920 managed by the Brothers of Christian Instruction Because of lack of money, the first Director chose to concentrate the documentation specially on Hati the culture, the history of the nation, the legislation, the geography, the religious history, the education and the medicine in Hati The BHFIC has about 10 000 documents, including books, newspapers and archives The library is open only during the week from 9 am to 3 pm and has only three employees to do all the work


Digitizing and Problems Too many documents such as books, newspapers or archives are really in bad condition And they are in big formats We have only one scanner that can scan documents on 8 5 x 11 Some of the documents need to be repaired before scanning Unfortunately, we have the appropriate equipment to do this job and the documents become more and more damaged, sometimes they are just broken The biggest problem that we have for the present time is to scan the documents and rescue what is still possible to save


National Library of Haiti Monday, March 26, 1940, at 9:30 in the morning, the National Library was inaugurated in the presence of the President of the Republic Mr. Stnio Vincent, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Public Works and representatives of the body the state.


The same building houses the National Library, 63 years later, on March 26, 2013.


At the inauguration, the National Library was composed of only one room, which served both as a reading room, book storage and administrative space It measured about 157 5 square meter At the opening of the National Library, March 26 1940 there were already in the store, more than five thousand ( 5000 ) books available, more than two hundred ( 200 ) journals and various documents, including the personal collection President of the Republic Meanwhile, five other libraries were opened in five municipalities in the country, in the same year of 1940 Currently the National Library has a reading room of 145.2 square meter, an auditorium of 149.1 square meter which houses a conference room, a legal documentation center and a cyber. Add to the new building the following functional services: The B ook storage The S ervice of legal deposit The Periodicals service The T echnical service The C oordinating service of the municipal libraries The IT department The R eception service About fifty thousand ( 50 000 ) monographs and more than fifteen thousand ( 15 000 ) periodicals are now the holdings of the National Library


DIGITALIZATION WORKSHOP Scanning material bequeathed to the National Library via dLOC support by the Embassy United States of America constituting an interim workshop in the project of mass digitization of the library.


DIGITALIZATION WORKSHOP The scanner CopiBook, capture device available in the digitalization workshop for scanning large format.


DIGITALIZATION WORKSHOP The acquisition of an HP ZR30w monitor has just been done to achieve the graphics processing on the digitized objects.


DIGITALIZATION PROJECT OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF HAITI RESULTS 1 Scanning of the weekly publication of the historical periodical "Gazette Politique et Commerciale dating from 1804 to 1806 1.6 GB on TIFF format of objects digitized from this collection. This content is entirely published and available on dLOC website. 2 Scanning of the annual publication of the historical periodical General de la Situation de la Republique dating from 1888 to 1931 16.6 GB on TIFF format of objects digitized from this collection and stored locally. 3 Scanning of the Bi Weekly publication of the periodical Moniteur official journal of the Haitian Republic 12.9 GB on TIFF format of objects digitized from this collection and stored locally. 4. Scanning of the Bi Monthly publication of the periodical 7.75 GB on TIFF format of objects digitized from this collection and stored locally.


DIGITALIZATION PROJECT OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF HAITI PROSPECTS Acquisition of additional scanning devices Development of our interim digitization workshop in a Digital Services Unit Creation of a digital resource center Application for funding from national and international donors Concept and Launch of the Digital Library of the National Library of Haiti within 3 years from October 2013 to October 2016


National Archives of Haiti www.dloc.com Photograph of the Historical National Archives Creator: Fenton Charles 2012


Equipment at the National Archives Equipment at the National Archives www.dloc.com www.dloc.com


SERVICE DE NUMERISATION MAI 2012 MAI 2013 Le service de numrisation des Archives Nationales a le plaisir de soumettre votre apprciation son rapport pour la priode allant de Mai 2012 au mois de Mai 2013 selon le modle de DLOC The scanning service from the National Archives of Hati is pleased to submit for your consideration the report for the period May2012 in May 2013, according to the model DLOC.


Mai Septembre 2012 Le service a numris cinq cent (500) images relatives aux ngatifs. Octobre 2012 Mars 2013 Nous avons fait face un problme majeur qui a grandement affect notre problme de logiciel Sobeck Avril 2013 Brooke Kern BELIZAIRE Aprs quoi ils ont t au service de Numrisation pour la remise en fonction DLOC on peut dire que tout est point Avril Mai 2013 Six (6) Albums contenant six cent (600) images de Ngatifs sont numriss


May to September 2012 The service has digitized five hundred (500) pictures relating to negative. October 2012 to March 2013 We faced a major problem that has greatly affected our production level. There was a malfunction in the device on the negative. And it lasted for several months because of a software problem Sobeck April 2013 Brooke and Mark were in Haiti to participate in meetings, one with the Technical Director in this case Jean Kern BELIZAIRE After which they were serving Scan for delivery depending on the device which was out of service for several months because of the aforementioned software. Thanks to the intervention team DLOC we can say that everything is developed. April to May 2013 Six (6) Albums containing six hundred (600) Negative image are scanned


National Heritage Library The National Heritage Library (NHL) is a branch of the Belize National Library Service and Information System. The establishment of the National Heritage Library (NHL) was a direct result of the 2004 2009 Strategic Plan which included a goal to "evolve the National Collection into the National Library of Belize" and listed six points to achieve that end. The fourth point states, "The publications in the collection will be preserved The National Collection consists of materials by and about Belize and Belizeans. These materials, estimated in the range of 20,000 (including multiple copies), are in all formats and are held on the second floor of the National Heritage Library located in Belmopan. This collection was formally established in 1954 and is managed by the Librarian of the National Heritage Library along with 5 paraprofessional staff. Unique items within the collection are rare books (some of which are out of print), newspapers (some of which are defunct) and government publications, all dating back to the mid 1800's.


National Heritage Library Along with an audiovisual unit, the special sub collections of funeral booklets, maps, political posters and photographs, are also part of the National Collection. Researchers and college students are the library's primary users; however, members of the general public have sought information from the collection outside of formal research. The aforementioned abridged history of Belize further explains the contents of the materials within the Collection.


National Heritage Library Digitization: Digitization of Belize's National Collection arose out of the recognition of the necessity to preserve the older materials within the collection for current and future reference. Conservation efforts for these materials have included covering the most delicate among them with acid free holders, storing them in secure metal shelving and housing them in a temperature controlled room; however, as Belize is situated in a humid region prone to hurricanes, the threat to our unique collection is imminent. The digitization project: Since 2004, there has been one staff, Mr. Michael Bradley, assigned to converting VHS to DVD and digitizing rare or out of print books within the collection. From 2010 to present, there are four additional staff assigned to digitizing of the collections. The titles were primarily on Belize and some of the materials are still under copyright protection. Generally, the duration of copyright is 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the material was produced, if the author is unknown, or from when the author dies.


National Heritage Library Materials Digitized Newspapers Post Cards Stamps Rare & Out of Print Books


National Heritage Library Challenges and Opportunities: Challenges The challenges faces at the National Heritage Library are mainly financial, training and storage. (no need to explain!!) Opportunities The National Heritage Library hopes to apart more training as this one and create network with other Institutions and Organizations attending this training to get assistant and also do out side projects as we have done for dLOC


National Heritage Library Presenter: Mrs. Precillia Thomas Presentation Creator : Michael R. Bradley Belize National Library Service & Information System (BNLSIS) BNLSIS/NHL 2013 BNLSIS/NHL 2013