Using SobekCM : Quick Start Guide ( Documentation )


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Using SobekCM : Quick Start Guide ( Documentation )
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Quick start
Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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State of Florida Colleges and Universities are eligible to use the centrally hosted and supported SobekCM@FLVC Digital Content Management System. To get started, please contact our team: and/or see this guide for help.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Using SobekCM: Quick Start State of Florida Colleges and Universities are eligible to use the centrally hosted and supported SobekCM@FLVC Digital Content Management System. To get started, please contact our team : Getting Started Administrative Set Up 1. For each institution, a n institution level digital library is created. a. This digital library collection will contains items and can contain collections for your institution. This allows you to easily see all items from your institution and to search and browse all items, while also being able to organize items into topical and other specific collections that can be individually searched and b rowsed. b. To create your main digital library page, please contact us ( ) c. We y website, to best match the look and feel. The page will have the text you sent (and you can send new and updated text at any time) or the standard text: i. Florida Prestigious University Digital Collections includes materials from Florida Prestigious Univer sity. d. You can have a custom URL that includes your institution, so it can be or whatever format works for you. This is simple to set up. It does require help from your local IT folks, so please let us know who to contact or please feel free to have them contact us. 2. Each institution can have as many internal users as wanted. a. You can have internal users with full permissions to add new items and edit all of your items. You can have internal users who can only add new items and only edit others. b. Users cloud with the servers at the UF Data Center in Gainesville, FL and administered by FLVC). c. Plea se contact us to have multiple users created at once, or user accounts can be created as needed to best support your workflows.


3. Questions on this and related support. a. We often hear from folks who are getting their first digitization workstation set up, who have questions on equipment, technical standards, and best practices. We whenever we can. 4. Addin g items to your digital library, editing items, and seeing all of your items. a. Once the institution is set up and you have a user account, adding items is easy. b. Go to your digital library, and log in by clicking on the mySOBEKCM link in the top left corner. c. i. tart N ew It ii. Enter information about your material in the appropriate field. iii. Any field with a plus sign to the right of the field may have multiple entries for that particular field so click the plus to add additional authors, re don e, click on the save button which will take you to the add files screen iv. Add files by clicking on the rowse button to locate the file. After selecting the appropriate file, click on the pload button. v. Repeat for all files for the item. vi. When all fil es have been uploaded, click on the save button. vii. The item is now online 1 and you may review your material. viii. To review the item information, click on itation ix. C lick on d. e. To see all ick on View all my submitted items Other Resources P lease contact our team with any questions : Trifold Handout: 1 You can choose whether this means the item is fully and publicly accessible now, or whether it goes into a private status where you can for the review process stage in their workflow.