Students as Critical Users of New Media ( Video and PPT Slides )

Students as Critical Users of New Media ( Video and PPT Slides )


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Students as Critical Users of New Media ( Video and PPT Slides )
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UF Digital Humanities Day & Interface: Faculty Seminar 2013
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Presentation slides
Thorat, Dhanashree
University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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New media technologies, especially the Internet, are an important part of our students’ lives, and increasingly incorporated in classrooms. Students might use Google for research,social media to meet group members, and maintain a blog as a class assignment. However, are they critical users of these technologies? A critical user recognizes, among other aspects, the assymetrical power relations that shape the production and dissemination of knowledge through new media. In my talk, I will share how a (Digital) Humanities course, and indeed, any course, can encourage students to develop an understanding of their practices and participation in new media. Some issues and sites this talk might cover: 1) how lack of Internet access, around the world as well as in the United States, affects who can create knowledge on the Internet, 2) which specific sites and texts instructors can use in classrooms to develop critical skills pertinent to new media practices, and, 3) what critical skills students might be expected to develop. A conversation on this topic is necessarily interdisciplinary. I hope my talk will help us to share our areas of expertise and brainstorm ideas in confronting the challenges and opportunities related to technology,teaching,theory, and practice in the blended learning age.

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