dLOC Sustainability Planning Update (June 2013)


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dLOC Sustainability Planning Update (June 2013)
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Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, July 1, 2012 To June 30, 2015
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Sustainability plan
Wooldridge, Brooke
Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
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Miami, FL
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Sustainability plan


The June 2013 update follows the plan prepared by the dLOC Sustainability Committee for July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015, implemented early in 2011. Sustainability plan for sustained, ongoing stable growth in parallel with certain costs being institutionalization as core to institutional programmatic needs and mission.

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dLOC Sustainability Planning Update June 2013 Section One addresses the current products and services, organization and governance structure, continued growth and the plan for 2012 2015 with updates at the end of year one (2013) Ke y Points Section One Current products and services o dLOC provi des free access to more than 1.8 million pages of Caribbean content in multiple languages from more than 3 6 partners. o dLOC partners gain access to the already operating dLOC website with online web presence, digital preservation and archiving, digitization and digital curation tools and training. o Scholars collaborate in the dLOC environment building upon the shared collections to create collaborative research projects and exhibits. o Primary and s econdary schools, universities and the community learn about the Caribbean and have access to research resources through targeted outreach events. Organization and Governance o Partners, publishers and members all have defined roles and contribute to the success of the collaboration. o The Executive and Academic Advisory Boards provide leadership and governance for the project. o The Administrative and Technical hosts provide support and sustainability for the program. Value Proposition and Market Placement o d LOC is uniquely positioned as the largest and most well known open access repository of Caribbean research materials supporting preservation and access for Caribbean Studies. o dLOC represents the most cost effective and efficient solution for access to Cari bbean research resources based on research of the existing commercial and open access resources; especially in an environment where open access repositories are increasingly understood and operated as viable solutions. Key Points Section Two Partners a nd Members Objectives 2013 Update Increase the number of Partners (currently 32) by 2 5 partners per year Currently at 36 (or 38) partners Increase the number of Institutional Members (currently 11) to 25 by June 2013 11 in 2011 2012 13 in 2012 2013


Increase promotion to new Partners and Members by adding several methods: o Rotating the new iterations of the Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age Conferences o Create a calendar or other promotional piece sent to Partners and Members. o As funding permits, create a t raveling e xhibit and offer to Partners and Members. o As funding permits, award small seed funding to support local digitization. Need to plan for 2013 Need to plan for 2013 Need to plan for 2013 El Mundo microfilm Donor Development Objectives 2013 Update Over the next 3 years we will aim to have 1 2 meetings with possible donors per month and submit 3 4 proposals to potential funders per year. Transitions in the Host Libraries have postponed most private donor development; new staff to begin later in 2013 Release and promote a donor sponsored digitization program o Digitize a Resource $100 and up o Create an Exhibit $10,000 and up (varies according to the scope of the project) o Sponsor a Collection $25,000 and up (varies according to the scope of the project) Grants Objectives 2013 Update D evelop at least one proposal for a project of more than $100,000 2013 2015 (submitted, awaiting notification) (UF & UPR ) 2014 (submitted, awaiting notification) (UF) Panama Canal Preserving a Legacy, Celebrating a Centennial, Leveraging an Extraordinary Human 2015 (IMLS, awarded) (UF) Archive of Haitian Religion and Culture (NEH Collaborative Resear ch, 2012 2015) (UF & Duke ) D evelop at least two proposals for projects less than $100,000 Latin American Research Resources El Mundo newspaper from Puerto Rico 2014 (LARRP, awarded) (FIU & UPR ) (UF internal grant, awarded) (UF)