The Indispensable American Steam Shovel Handling Rock from the Cut, Bas Obispo, Panama Canal Zone


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The Indispensable American Steam Shovel Handling Rock from the Cut, Bas Obispo, Panama Canal Zone
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Angrick, Bill ( donor )
Keystone View Company
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Meadville, PA
New York
Portland, OR
Toronto, Canada
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Steam Shovels   ( fast )
Labor   ( fast )
Railroads   ( fast )
Excavating machinery   ( fast )


Five laborers working with an American steam shovel in Bas Obispo cut.
Gifted on behalf of William P. and Barbara L. Angrick

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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20862---American Steam Shovel Handling Rock from the Cut, Bas Obispo, Panama Canal.

Bas Obispo is 31 miles from Colon. It provided, so that when some are undergo-
is the north end of the Culebra Cut. In the ing repairs, the n"itnber at work will not
rock section the can.i is to have a width be less than 100. Itrhas been demonstrat-
of 200 feet at the bottom and a width of ed that these 100 shovels can handle each
208 feet at the surface. Lar:e steamiers year 20,005.000 cabic yards of material
will not be able to pass each other in the classed as rock. At this rate the 110,000,
rock sections. Provi ion for their passing i 00 cbic yard- of material in the divide
will be made at oth, re points. The rock doud be removed in five years and a half.
Section will be only nine miles long. The This tirn: J could be shortened, by work-
width of the canal will per i-t steamier ing at nq:nt :s well as dr ing the day.
to travel at the speed of six to iirht kn.s By da.nn;r thI Ciagres :liver at
per hour and allow two ordinary steamers Ahajuela, -r. at water power c.n be' had.
to pass each other without stopping. A portion of this power can be used to
The great amount of material to be generate electricity. By it the whole cut
removed from the Culebra Cut will require can be lighted so that the wok can go on
a great many steam shovels. It is propos- by night as well as by day. Without the
ed by the Canal Commission to have 100 assistance of the steam shovel, the dig-
of these shovels available for continuous going of the i4nama Canal could hardly
work. More than that number will be have been undertaken.
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