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Haiti sun


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Haiti sun
Physical Description:
R. Cheney, Jr. ( Port-au-Prince, Haiti )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )

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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 32441147
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Full Text
Presidex4- )Fr#n &a liet
;A 6
issued a' Mecree on ues S 'retory'd
S it, n. ec 'State mich6l
nearing a new Coun lie
siacro:., H6 6r becat
ci!, of Martiniere at'!
tarieS of State, inembers'of, nistei 'of
I formAtich Minig
'VOL. IX07 9UNDAY 14OVEMBER 9th. 1958 No. 7. PORT-Au-, PRINCE which 7F!Fe-:. I dd at, theit" -
posts during eciai',cereinahy, j qc
d.sp ean, :Belizake -ceded' hii pla'c'
d ay
Wiedne his,' W
_ Rn,- ucren,
it -10._00-A M L
CORONAT-ION 'OF, POPE JOHN' XXIII .the Minister 6f.:th ontifiw: :on, 6 12
pr eceeaig' Cabinet are inblud-.
p4in the recently fortned, Co
with W_ rk 0 N'
:,three. of t;h prinpi
'70'0 '_Ui'-
ng and one 4
PRM Secretaries, leaYi
N, CET O t c-11 A$Sv _7,
new ers n -b6ing
ality a 6d in:,,
Minister Arthur'Bqnbqjnnxe,, 9jr,
The PredGminantlyj GaLbolic TE DEUM AT BASILIQUE tion8 of Pope John YAX11 I' was Tn6 .U. S; 'P gartinen _ot.
ai f, Public Works ,was rep ace d by-- St ateah. N
to in e an appe ovpeace to
citizenry of. HAiti, ,will attend/ NOTRE DAME 8:30 A, M. ak t46.'aw.arq! of,,,4
M. J. an I _j
-sp4ia1'_&erv'ices today thiGugh. tll,- mlersi of_,a,'Uhation13- u in goi ct I ion
out 11; jtb 1AAie to comm'emo- oin 11: 00 to, 1:qq P M. f6d y-., ib. twel- minute address: befor nisibir'of Finance,4rit Si 'Et, new Ejrribass r
'Min thebaudf, rbpla
The Cent ak Gatholi d7s -the, Sacred ,wjlepof,,Cardinals _P
Taie rthe -co-ronation Of Pope' q -au-P qhi 2
49bia"XXIII who ass =.cd I the oeuv 6sv, will Sponsor bio'ad- ',befoie _he,'eel brated his first om,
ta s k ficate, 0 Ls .;of: liis, Pouiti R d in or I e ... N6t,6m or lt4
on as over, ano Haiti rom, ni'ass as Sppr-eme;Pontiff the,
n Y
Txk65d y.; 9.,00: A. M.' aver Radiodiffusion lne.,Oha A'. _TJe'.',,sUcCesSfu daer, fo
government officials'will 'H aiti, fr 12 00 to .1 mation, ,i f-_4. 'A
enue oin 2 30 -His Gorc place il! A-0-de
0 'is Constructdtg
4igh Arr'lve 414 '4 dj3L-V_.' P179JE ct.l .
Atte4d an 8. 36 A; At. i Te 'e Kw : QW, ,
wit t e .1son
meroe St eter6_ Me-
'and over. Radi Com as&a h h f V Ila"
P ...I Haitiajj.'.:,1. jjgjfi6s en in t'e- .',
Pp aurf iniee7s. B -from 2:00 to .2:30 -M f Ut; th $,47ooWm
-p an ritua e,' -uivae
magm, ic;
4 e toda, will b& rested in trade with Hofig K pag-
On- (bisti *," lb 'ilfflfi"
tx tire dq that, gms, es, t as ceremo
codiltry-'th I 669-0-111e,
4is Excallency X he, 'Papal. seerated, to Zia- in si e, prpper
cerem nies an iiy the.,V;aticab be &i4h p'
u n c io, lvfns _Ioiv 6111111mci. "eral r ajoicing vmg Adel:, ciafi, f L
on d Th' b Uhited,, Statt s
. e a vent e pop 7S first a -, I '. 1,
nil jo r p Y,.. e
pv!6 4 Tee. tion at of, -.t: e new
nrip ep "oi a ed 2): conrimu oii1.P,;"
n't Was that of M6116' inu on,,page age'16)_
his-- official. p sider e-e_.'Irx f
01410 f- st:-- nbli
le ir A,
c acw ed, on :page 16.)
'HA ',IC'-M
.,.DEVELOPMEN'T' rPL'AN..'.... .
ec ance an =on
Wlien,.'Hurricae H:a z e' j _e
trd., ti
,p ad t agstt des c 6! ,,, ffi aitian,:,'-Q0verr'r0
in- 'Southeasterfi an th. -
d,:Ni '.mj'enf- in repaujpg :,, ...
tern: Haiti r',yearsagq .- e
mi, *1 11 havo _J thi fol : 'Most.bf-this";wo rk:ha s::Ial
e. y, c.prnp e ed tha
datiqn oT a great a" lie f" %,,'f&
lj anned :d' t
ei t f r
x pmeq.jrkogram, em bracln'g- f. air 'p
all; Haiti.:,: gres l1l es-
Apart frbin the loss, of ue
heaviest toll. w% as, exa ted
ipape om, e-. nagefi. th driui M -de-14
hurl. K T
fid irri n systems. upon ,H[A'Itv r6s6iited 01,111 1
which, these areas -. epeiided
to P D vOiei,,
resi erit U, al
f h 1 11. ; ]be
e m 'd
produce, ood, they. needed,_ T ePist, to -'Pa e: *
ALs:-p4r a, rehWlitati Haiti e owin orV-
States jvt -enygons, a far- as- T,
rogra -the United
rip I'
Adirii-- io"ale
terhation a l, co-61jer-ation ji
nistration,. W6i4-1V off eieO'
'valW at,', the of 4he
Cjrq* W -t h'- rv 4,
eje" ,(IIAGS ) 'o
dS a C G dtiu U j
xA 'es,,' ai ian
Solai i ,At Ei4 ] "CJL-66
S 41'
LiveJy pitiblicin- he
dvIneed iiii the.'da4yJexerC
ad ouv
b6iiig car6 e Haip
S,; ,M ,
CCU y amyed h
::Missi*on ;afid; Mem ers of' tl e:' 12, xs aen.
'd: Forces of Haiti,,,before 'w-As
Ar4p, Y,,.;.,.
the, -bim e at: the PlAce, d6 e( M- 731 _9 "Y Ccorate
of arms of, -H itil
with tne..coami
( onfihii6d on p a g0it 14):
P 't.TED
T, 6V
_,i4eorrdiii- to the AHerald' 6t olzt'.
ein, T'a_'hd- Oil
bj .Ra- afts 6% G' Am.''
The'1)6mimean. epu ic,>
x1r, a
o Haiti i. -cently ann eed''Aj
t A'jjjjo'un 8 tau
that the, DepaT tment of the TM
t6rior of Haiti, hadr dePorte&,,'ft ald "th't-- tb' epa'
lluriw_'tJ i, last fmir months 12 e ate7prwil nue id-D.-
foreigners.' Mg. arer
Ileg in
Sidi i I!' y
'ican. 7. he iHerald- niisinterT)Xet
t ese /T

1- 1 -'1 11 I ., ) I I ,L ; 3 -- ; '
111n .1.11- '' 1 1 1. .. U ; -- ,]:;- -- 7$ ,J q ,, ', t ,,,'. ',' .7 L '! : '. : ", ,: "., :, .. ".- t', ?. :% --: ". "I .
-- !'-', %,1-:, ,-';, ," I' I ,. : 2, ,: 1, I ."14? .A -
, 'I I T : I i 11 .- d ., ,,: 4 ,,', "', : :: : '. I -: ", L -
1 I :. I : j ,: : ::, .. I I I I j I .- 11 I i I ,: I I I : I I -L ., :. ,j L W 4 I : I %, ,, :1 I 11 1. :1 -
: : .% I .1 .. ,- !,, ,, -, --, I I I ,( : 1 ,.:, : ,'e-
,1, 1#71R,; ,
, I .1 : I .1 11 1 S I I I : -- .- 1
, 11 I I .. I : I I j -L, I I I I I I I I
. I .. I : N : I -, I I ", ? : ,: : ,; 1 7: !,- 1v I 1. 11, 11
1 I 1 I I -- ,,, 17 ,. I I.. : ; 9 (L '
:1 ,- I 4 '. I -4 i ,.:- ,.- i : I I ST TN .EMB i",
- 11 ,
AGE .. ", 11 1 I I 9 91 4HAM I I I I I DAY,, NOV ER
I L : I L
. 9 L ., r 9 1 9 9 9 : I I 9 L 11 11
. I -
'1 L I L 9 9 I L L L L 9 9 9 9- .L( L 9 L 9 L : 9 I i I 9 L L 19 L 9 9 L I L L.. LL
" i 99 L L 9 I I L L 9 9 ,
U" L .. 9 1 9L 9 9 ; .. 1 9 1 .9 L 19 L I I L I -
, I -?' E L -, -9 T L L L 9 9 : % 9 L L 9 a n 4 granite found tiont give ,accesstOjih-6 *bbffq '--dw
' i
- ".'. '- ', ; 9 9 L 9 9 9 9 I I 4 L L 9 1 9 T -
: -- I A i 9 I PROVE'
, -9.'LjqL_ 'h URRICANE RXX"- 9 L L L L L I I 9 9 throu h the heart of ver ry ar6und C. ayes h' Id I
, r '. 9 LL 9 L L I 9 L W I 9 -9 y for .
- L 9M A Y.' 'L 1 I t L -
L : ;" L L I L L )u
-' L j 9 I L 9 L L L I I
, L L -
" ? ,' 9 tile country this ,road not only -completed by Jana S' "I __;, M ,, L E S L 9 L ary 3 :
-1 11: I I ;: I L 9 L L I ^ 9 L L I 9 1 1 L ilitie S ; I
K9 L 9 : .. L .. I 9 T O Wi'd 'I Whil
' "' % .- I !'" "' L .. ., 6a- '. ovide transport fac be m qntion4
_ -, 'L' 9 '., I I I L 9 9 'c riUjI4 ,LfLj6j a 'Pao %) ; 9 9 1 t may
" I L L % L L L 9 -,_ : L '9 'L L;. 9 L ', t 9L I 9 9 -L L I L p r 9 L -
L I gt I L, am L 9. H I .
"I I i i rorA a relidbilita- -ij6ja ramago9 L SygtdjT L S( expect. ,gr 1 WWL: koba.bly be absorb fo aiti's export crops as well' on the subject Of L joadS, 9'
, I I L 9 I 'L : 1 9 L 9 L L L 91
",- ,. :., L 9 L 9 IL L
I _A I ,, 9 L ,Lq _, 't 1 9 -,, ,L A 9:'-' '- L -6 j9 ; 9 in the Cayes--JTO
-': i I t e 9 million,,- d I arc' Led laterby this long-term pro- as road crops ,but can well. rbeck prQje '
tjo -OL' PTO 66t -a LL develd ffien'Ved-to 6t o 9 1 9.
, L LL L i I L, 9 'L 9 L 1- ., L L 9 1 1 L Lo f 1
Me. ap pr ent ,and L L99 -, odW, .. f L providing Val able in later days lead to the deve- 130 kil &ters 11
'AprogramL u om
I L L And --to el 9 .co I mp let L -t.hw-e--hdL'ject-,-d tej
" n A' j bp;c -' i rozxis "'
; L L L L y L 9 L 1 9 9 1 :
_, nde L Of, -.: : 9 9 1. I I q L. L._ 4h 'L ent of Jeremie as an ini- fi 'S Yedr L r 13. P ri Q LL
- L ence. The.Quar lopm market and maintenaiieb r1o
. -T ik data and ex L
g, f 11 tri', Ct, Sign ecem er ,:'n year. pe .. LL
' % L 9 9 9 1 1 1 9 L .
'(' "' .- -9 -", I L 9 LL I'll,
... I _al & 9 mat, L.
,* L I L jj '. ,L 1 9- 1, 11 '
the L 9 9 d 9 L om-, tier M orin was, in t e old Co- portant 19 A-
4, ,_1 Mlofw6 i 9 lk ifidi bo,% 6in-bi ;-Acui wI h L 9 are being-L'bUilt at an estiniat
.L on At a g aM L L I ,port. --' L I L
' -4 -9 L ; 1 9 1 9" L 'L .9 C L L .- L ja l 9 9 9 L I : ,
- t7 ,- I 1. I a L 9 2 ,
't ,6 L'j- L ,j It "t1ii L I .1 -.
'L. Y L,. S ,-, ., .
,,p a 9 ns ,te _9 b datei'Wat6r and Ion Voldrogue BridgoL: cost, of $234,000.' 11 ,-
t" j an Wore laid" plq' J L dayst-the'richL 'St- Lagri- I,-
4-, L ,9 L .' -9 9 -' L L. 9 J' L 9 1 '. :. L L ; I L 9 1 L" L I I 9 1 .1 9 9 I I .
--- 4 L. L 9 L L L L ; L L L L ) L :: !'
L f L eS6 pj -, 9 EfI6, L tern
?-'Ior tfie inte -gtion, o th The -impQsing Voldrogue To sum up mQney wise
,7- L ,,,, gi L idAdg. Will: e there arid-,the cii1tL;r .-Lerea Lin -the-Wos
' L I L I I 1 9 1 9 1 L 1 19
- "' ,- LL 9 1. I '- L L 9 _, 9 _. 9 q 9 L 9 9 h L I b .. '
1 _U .n 9 ide oneS L re. Exp6rts.sa L I contribution by
QJec M, 1 loc All I 'arid iinging of,-the-:wAtetL bv--. Hemisp ,it has Bridge with Itwo' abutments L overall:. C .
L'9, L I i til& L T L y L L L L .1. "- 9 L' L ,_ L L 9 9 L 9 9 __ 9. 1 1 9 j I I I 1 99 ,. '.
,; L t L L 9 ,L tS ,LpQtlb '.
'6ntua ly, 9 L 'meanS United States Operations
, I' 9 L nal L pro: "to L i inter 0i i, I ected to L I .-
, '-- 0 L in o L regio I th&_ liffid'- by L 0 -L lost L none. L ntial. -.- ,q and four piersisexp I 1 9 11
), L 9 .. L9' 9 I
I 1'.- L L'L" -, h .A I L 1 -h 9' L % 'll 9 L 9 L, d.1 .L
I -, 'L L I L L d L I ,- ..
M, N %, 't emSe V !S_,jjdl dfjC 8S wi L e.fo 16ca -is ;is ari6therL milli 9 0 Cos e 99 ,-11
, W'J S jh'; j;-:wbdld- L r I i I- :: th n 0 t $135,000 and to becomplet sion wid the ..HaAian .6 "'
., L: L I L 9 L 9LL 9 L L L L 99 L L9 9 ,- .... I ,
. .L t ,i"i : : L : L 99 I L -
' ait 'ofth'e, b.: L 9 : L 9 : : L '9 6jqL Ct_ ,'Which should also
L, At l -, '' f L L : : r pr
,, ,,'-t 9 L .. L 9 L' L' la I ed by ,M arch nexf,- year, ment to these. projects havo,' ,
4 pr& L 1 .. .9 I I I L I
,, j, ,I -, 'L '.L 9 1 19 9 9 L 1 9.9 L L 9 ,_ 99;, L L I i I by, &L-end of although flood ra I d L 99 r I
': :, ins an
11 LL I 1 9 9 9 9 L L ; 9 $2,10a'-2
;, l ilil-ptrung- e 999 h .. LL 99 (,, bo,' cornp L16tea L ,th .1 L I I L L ,the L b e amounte so far to L',
kL 9 ji L' IL 99L: L 1,Recoverirj4.L Cane, La I I 1 9 L a I
A' -; Me L 9- n Th e. irriga ion sec- hence the- 9 i t 9 9 I I -
6n 4 .: -, d L9
A' k-tF,; ci, ,first 6r or e.., Th t' of this section
,, -, 9 or ,r igation an raina:
th- t.h
' I ; L 1 9 1 1 9 -- L 9 ., 9 9 L I I L j L covelL en6:?(t -Y ear L ,_ 1#11 L9 LrO L L L L ,21 f 10,
k- L '' .. I L L L LL .- 9 9ajrti- -
pr a- on- ,! 99, 'g. L -, L L ." L'- cost around higW e bri g t cause ,,1469,593 or the W r-.
-, L 4; ikt I On g 9 1 1 'L some L _12, ()D L acries for c L ine .,on, i .-expected to. Vol d e 7-m igh
'L 1 1 L L 91 1 L ,9.' L 9 L, L L L I L I 1 9 L L 1 9 L ... 999 7 1
" I I I 9 tCtg L -, 9 9
-at ft Ierm projo 5 9L 9 ; L L 'L L L i
- $erreS of, sho. .L iminodidto: effe6tLL$800"066 9 ,4ile. L the farm to de What 9 the -bridge wjJ1 Mor ec and for -T '
,- L L 1 9 9 99 L L I L I I I 9 % L I 9 9 9 Ln p ro je Lt 9 I q
' L 9 9 I alorie.'.-LQ e L- ay
1. P1 I L 9 9"" 'L 9 L.- I I ii a 9 La Jnar et 'LL 9 ; h g& 0 1 9 I 1,
ttl i er. national 9 fi 9'L be brt L _fac iliti 68 9 L L f '
t WitljftjL a- Wid .eL ahe,
I I L I 1 9 L.''th _: _,aHd eii e r ads I in L transp I 1. $1,260'832. All'the mo .ey L I 'L .L ,., 1 9 oha 9 .. 9. 9 L 9 N 9 L L I 1, L
L ,9. L as n e on k19 ,
, -
. ,q 99' Lo '
"to L be-em: ingin :1 faj- L L, '-9 -' ,tod Ltd', C
', L I I I& -,j)e. are expee L L f act competing -these prqjects
- 1 9. q 9 L 1 other may be ,gathered from the L -U
ar! erg improved: L operation. Of-, i, e LL C. St an -
:, ;, I .:9 1 I : I L 9 9L L .1. L L L I 0 0 0 ;, 9 -1 I L L 9
, 9 L 99 I -L L L 9 ; _, ;L _9 !W L' L 99 I ': j h 9 9 'L ]tii. j L' 9 9 L im h ow L : .-,',--
L I ..
, ', : -,, 9 9 9 9 9 _, 9, 'L I LL LL L I .t jj 7!. 1 .) :L e I;ive r L 1S ,
: I 9 L mm Augar L' m l' q 9 I 9 available. L
- I .1. I 9 9 .
. 9 L e ,,
QSJE '9 L enibbdyw : ;' "'L i4 9 1 1 9 6 L L .. L" L 4 9 h e L I S L ..Lt "ll I -- ,
. I- 9 9L 9. 9 1 9 9 $150 L L L that', a ,
I 9
e- present 9- h L I : % not L' nj Thi piojec W1 L r ehabilitat& passable -to vehicular traffic a, '
L 9 q 999 ( L L 9 9 L i o y 9 L incr asekLL 9 L' Tho'5e contributions 'Lg.h 61"
11 I :' -, 9-i 9 L T Q A L L L 'Op ro .j 'L ,q L 'L _, L 9 1 I L 1 9 L L L .9 1 I L I L L a 9 L L I I
, d' 'eCtj 99L 9 L as
" tQ4Land ,eff& ., I I -L I
.- L 'd-L L i tive. -of j"3knd
9 9 9 1 1 ,-. _Yqj- '. ktb0r fOM but ,oyi 10,000 ac 9 rL in. an .Area .for long.',periods, and it is no been,, :.ma e in a variety of -L1
I i A Lt6 1)4 9 9 L -1 9 L p r 9. 9 -9 L .L 9 L 9 I L 1. : I I I '. .
., .9 jn jA;%+ el -L L L' L. 9 1. .1 i 9L q 9" Lt L L I 9 L9 L 9 L 9 9 .9 1 :
-- -1- 11 j -tio, f AT. -,S. dolla
'7. 1 n '1ts L po en ,m6n. way -cash, rs in
-L %- L 9 ;.df---,q',- -: ,hL, noeded -. ekbo 't!:' ur 'ribh L '. or cocoa, uncomanon L Sight. to see L s ",
11 Ith q :':, jio X t, 9 9 .. fig 9 L -- 'L L 9 -'L ': L 9 9 .. 9. 9 1 9 : L '. 9 L' I I 9 I I ,
L + W o ; L j -' -L -- 1. L ; L S L L L L 9 L I 'L
1-1 11 L X ;9 ng s and omen j- '. WaIng breaStL hi h o lalia,
- '- 9 o ij L 1 e9y. '9 'L L L I .ban :9 ')e I An 9 L -L, ana -pineapples ora W 'L funds-' and
, 'I, 1;* OL -,'q 9. L o 7 9 ; I 9 9 -99 I 9- 9 c unte art-,
1 1 ', 9'. L" L q L' "' L 9 L 9 L I I r p I I L
F' L, L .99
i. i _L seyO L I,:- rican. I L .
d"'l-unft ", ,L ributior' 9, L -L U L .' -' 9 L.9'. ,- : .,
q 9 q -,,., 9 L ljq ., L Tn. S: area six of :M L I palm L oil and sugar in Nvater'. across th6 fording. L where the.Haitian Government
, k a t 9 ;_ L L ; L L L 9 : 9 L L 1 9 L 9 1 L L 9 1 9 I L 9 9 9 L
" 9 L 9 9 L 9 h L for
I", ),_ .; 4irrigation systerns-'& W 4 cane Cgs L ,crops Linkin -So ded J. I L.L I L-,, snialP, I L .export, g Jeremie with ,L ukr ovi, personel. and. equip7,, ,
I L]E$y 'L .. 'L, 99" ;2- 9 L L, L' L Sd ,dh L ".. I 'L
-on I i L .LL 'L I a S 9 L L- pr,
,, q q bf' LV. 3 mil ion., L_ L, 1 9 Ho' el L..d 11 4L I L ts 9L I I- 9 .9 9L 9 1 9 1 9 -- 9
% 9 .
9: ,I
I LL :id,"by h- and fo I through P
' : j* L L 9 I ; T I- L f L avoL alrea y, en Od crops as peanu ; ce Chaude ourcine,- ment. ,L 1.
-- t h L 9 d 9 f L_ 9 'd "L 9 9 L .. L .. 9 1 1 L L 9 L, L L 9 1 1 L 9 9 L 9 L 9 L- I L9 I 99 ; -4
6 6b L 'L -9 en I. ': I ct'. ',
at a6 -.0w ip S I 9, aq" 9 i0t;At-4 9 _13,r-041j L L L L J L-j3dtatoe a d -L.%jegetableS L this bridge and 0 '- ,AL!fe 'ot To I A ffra .
I ;, L, 9 on ,,o 9 s m r ad ill OP'
11 I I I .. 9 t ;;L, I :L 1 9 7 9
b e' & 1 1 9 9 '- L L I 1 9 L 9 9 _L 9L L
'L.." Lf ,J
ataOe land, wiif-Iave eW- Ai L 9 q 1'9 d- -- _-',
"' -" 1 L OPS'LIas a rea Y Mereaq;L -' L'W- L L Indi" 9 j'L. ruit L: L L -host sp6ctacular. vaje L TnV& tm entL ,
- 999 L L' : 6th& & __, 9 'L up; one of the I
, j, L 9 -1 L 9 I L Pri
,;O ,to jhb I 9-9L,.' L_ 'L L afi_ th L 9 9 faj.j n I I I 9 % I
" 9 L'C Unt'ry' -A rricirftural "t" L L L I ,' -L -1 L 9.
I I L, 9 t L, ti'l 'L L", i : L YS iqLtQ:ojI L' O L Le L L 1 9 L -
1 11 -1 -- I 9 ,an ".''LPoen L an .H a ,6f- the'
'9 L. L -.; f, y e I L vewa
", L L L 9 .. gi- I I I L-" -Id -e j 9 -,fL-, ,L ed'"Ifl OO, A& ,n -, :dr In ,.L L qa$ I- L ,: .. -,:,L I
'L I L I L ) r 9 I 'L L -4 -- ;
- 1 9 ,
9L ,t b 99 ',if, 9 L 91 9 'L'
'production ,easier- t L 9 L q ; 91, L 'N o99 L L .. quit L. fy 'tS -'L' 'L
, -L 9 T I L 9 -- 9 1 j&AU SpQ L So L I tS -f .- JL ,
, 9 I 1 9 9. 9 9. ,,.., ,,,.,
"L, -, L 9 1 L'L ", ," ld- te I L 9 4 49 CA ,
. L of its great6 Jr 1- -, '
, ,3, 9 I -L L 9 ac tO h -'- ," h Aia 7' -- b projee thei 17-
"V L L I; -.- : ,er coP '-LL'.. 1 ,5Rnd ,w ntiai -fOr
' L' 'd _L I L- 9 '- L L, 99., ;: L ', L g-, L 'L.-L ., 9 I L : L 9 ., 0 9 IS -
ai ro a d s ", 1 L. L. .' L \11 9 a L L ', C '. I I 9L I 9 1 9 1 j L ,4 L : I I L
L r 9 qr ar6as' a rea, V L Crops,'L Stdaniship L- 9'. ', -jrL ad'9 L L ". -
, ,, L 4 L' L -- -Ian'.- -16t 16464; .tnd h9; ih t this ',,area'.-ma L'6" Ay
. L L .'-moke.-
-L 1j.. ". L, L'. L ; j -6. as -a e y 9 ,a priva e -mi.,vre men .,-
'pr 9 1 'q L. 9 L 9 19 : '6.6 L -1 I I I ad&vk i. g 9 L ,
L ', L: : L I 9 1 9 '- q 9'
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, ., '-, ", I L9'8f t : f o ,f '
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i L L -' L he I
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eas Y L. -. q 9 j L L, 9 ', L it ", 9 : 9 L M irL L 99 9 X L 9 "d _,cL Ion'L pq-
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.. I L I e ': MaM.' L- 9 Lp __Cora r'oad, cost L tiaijiLl
1, I I -- 9, --, 92 It L ., M estimate JdL *a.l Bas6i -_iD-nL ga.ion; -,,
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, -1 It L,.- L te LtS have ant : _liiik I. 9 L s
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"'i ': is, area, L., 6 V& *I,' L'
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;- LL9 : L L ere i rox-imately 22 .kilometers' 6r#b In a e e -*.
'L i t' th h'- i a h 9,, 99
L, 9 .L L, ;, 9 L 9 9 'L 9 L I 9 1 9 9, I 9 9 .,
'L 9L 'L I -
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"; -, P I 't', ", Lo eL i 'L ,4 I .
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,;, L 9 -' I Lo. L d ied- Ibng Ui rit Is ,projects.are' comp e.te;dL.'.As they -
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L 9 L8 ., LL P p r v c e L; .9 9, LL. i, '9 j. L 9 L 9 9 I 9 L L L L 9 L' 11
; -, I U I Ii. L h if 9 ;. 9. ,.9L L 9 99L9 9 L L L I I'
W 11 A 9S of .. L L L L / L 9 9'ti,,-, ., LeSj: eci I 9 1 1 L .. .1 L 'idever L .. ,L 1 9 '
-, L _link ;L. nm enqy L 9 "L'L 9 4L Y 1= 1 '9 L 9" ft -L 9 t, -hir ioady ,nearing the, hajf r L e d into lo ge ,tei regio ',
- L L L -1 'LLas- po o ,anlb egrated -'idever L ay ii -in
, L L : I 9 9 L 9 L 9 L L 9 9
an vegetabl&s; L L 9 'L _
,, to 9 dL -- to,- ,mark 9., 1 L L j.L L plans L theS 1 be-con1b I ..
,,, as a -contiibiiti&j t6 fi6M,"C' '.9 9, '-- L _-L,_L efl. I L4 L t' I L L ar -,
, L 9 9 .. 9 9_ ', L L- -_',- eft. L., hi 'h '- I k .d,, handcrews are all. hai e availa-
' L L : I L 9 o ,9 now In' L an

AY, NOVEMBER 9th. 1958.. *HAIT- SUly
3 Men Given Death enaty .u t r
I Petio-Vile
Haiti's National Penitenciary has no oDeath Row- but for A hard-working chaufieux
the first time in year three men are in cells there with the met death at the hands of his
dth penalty hanging over them. Caly lhey await the result 25-year-old ton last Tuesday,
of an aapeal which is lbeiing forimilated by their co-issel. at their home in Ption-Ville.
The men are Yves Bajeux, prosecution alleged that the Rene iBeto -was -struck
former businessman and manu- oombs were being manufaciu. down ith two -evolver bullet
actur.r representative Franck zed as part of a plot to create fired. by his son f ollowing an
Leonard and Holberg Chris- ixror during the Lbor Day pa- a r I y evening argument,
tophe. They were convicted a rades attended by Presideit Dr iataly w wounded, he was rushed
week ago by a miliataly tribu. rinancois Duvalier on May 1et., to the General Hospital in Port
sal of plotting against the se- to assassinate the President, au-Prince where he died three E RTCLASS PASE G RSER
curity of the State. A fourth seize a radio station and over- hours later. FIRS
awan, Anthony Henickson, said Litrow the Government.- Known to his chauffeur col. P OR1A
to b a British subject, who TFik Military Connission was leagues andthe commuting pv /
was charged with them- with set up uider the declaration of blic of Petion-Ville as N6n&T
membership of an armed gang i state of siege- following the who drove the Port-au-Prince-
and plotting against the life of discovery of the plot and other Petion-Ville route. eN6nk, Bre
the Chief of State was acquitted incidents. ton was said to be a quiet, caT the *nter of
I'hesecharges against tlte three Yves Bajeux, Franck Leonard pable citizen, and solicitou of-l
confdcmned men were also dis- Holberg Christophe and An. his wife and children. Hie report
thony Hendrickson who stood edly counselled his son ina Aoney a d
The trial followed the disco- for 41 sessions of tie Military matter of marriage plans point P rAsy
ry by the Police after an ex. Court and lieard damaging evi. out t he should advance -
plosion there of a bomb factory fence presented by tril count is studies further befre takco
at Vahotieres on April 29. The eel. ing on the responsibilities of a
Yves Bajeux ,local business. husband--
OUit D rer TO man and chemieail manufactu. The 'cese ,of patricide whicb EM une Win
~ tated v~ros agent, is the betteriuknown~ shook the residents of the mount -
of the three condemned men, tain down was Aittributed 'by = gMAST
The National Council of Tou and has "a wife am t c some to the fact that the sona *
rim in a -notice issued lnt dren. *Nicolas Breton, is suffering .
week reminds all Travel Agen- following the sentence by from rmiental disorder.
cies thatthey are-obliged to ;he 1\Military Court, an appeal The son was taken into cus U. S. SENATOR Spain, Trimdad;
rotate the Chaffeur-Guides so for presidential clemency o tody following the shooting and ELLENDER- 4o 'Ae' cease
that-the same chauffeur doesn't will be brought to trial. VISIT PORT mmean Repubb
work twice consecutively during nadein t press A mo ---o--Pnle dHavan
two cusrlandings unless rtleigdbyucnMo- NUMEROUS PERSONS ,U. S. Senator Allen J. Ellen- dSenator Ellender-wllcne
~s& Ind~ngunl~irticle signed by tjicien MonER}~P~~~
here is an abundance of to- tas, Editor of Kle Nouvelistem, RELEASED FROM der, Louisiana Democrat, is mak with U. S. and l
rists and there, is enough work as pubished by the daily- in CUSTODY ing a tour, Latin Aierica meant officials at
for every one at the same time which he sketched the life and The local press last week' that will take him to heady a on his tour.
'to this end it is asked that diaracter of Yves Bajeux-whom announmed the release as an a s of countries in Central.
a list-of the chauffeurs utilised e stated had kept to his work of Fresidential clemmency: of and South, America and the DEPUTY LAE
L~fterach leading exei e -3n diaf kep tp his area
er ene xpedted* udout of politics up until this several persons indicated in the Carib ban aea. FORM A,
The National Council of Tou happened, appealing.Tor under- bomb explosion at Freres in Pe A member of several senate Det
riam urges strict confirmation standng- for the' condemned tion-Ville of June 29th. committees inchdig
t t p d arg nt. mn and another chance to Industrialist Jean Desquiron portent Appropriations Cammit Ghana, last week
MRibert Klein flew to n ake good.*, and Doctor Lucien Pierre-Noel tee, Senator Ellender arrived in- companied by hii
ori lst monthto -be with The plea in favor of die men were among several arrested Mexico City October 26. With mer Miss PissePa e
her athr h i 1. was, echoedby (Le Matin and following the explosion on the the exceptio ofLa few overland Blain. The distinge
La Phalange'. eve of the Sit Peter's -Festival trips, he will- travel by Pald
Aux- at Petion-Ville when President American World Airways Sys-
- Duvalier was scheduled to use tem to visit Guatemala City; hours Prior tooth
Pierre Blain, well-known ac ithe route 'on his way to inau- Belize, Biitish' Honduras; San
tor and playwriklit here wa -gurate several public utility. Salvador, El Salvador; Teguci- FatherGeo1
AAr I -r- ore.-
.= fmb6 made Director Gereral ot the projects. galpa, Henduras; Managudf, Niris
-Th.ihtre de' Verdure, and ms caragus; Panama City, Pana- Father Jean-B
tallied in his new function on EX-MAJOR iia Bogota, Colombia; Quiton g
Thursday afternoon. 1VMAX CORVINGTON Ecuador; Lima, Peru; Santiago, cation,left last we
1RELEASEd. Chile and Buenos Aires, Argen where he will pre
Ex-Major Max Corvington :tina. Hath D a
who as 'iprisoned sixteen From Buenos Aires, the Se- Annual 'Congress -
months ago, was released from nator will return -northward T e
custody on Friday. The former visiting Rio de Janeiro, Bilem Marceiu Louis.
Army'officer had been held at and Manaos in Brazil; George- functionaryin the
ferefnie.'. town, British Gfiiana; Port, of -vf Educa tioil.
Only one member ofthe family pay full fare. All others can save $200 (dollar
each on a round trip tourist fare, or $300 (dollars) each if theyflyFirst Class.
On a round trip to Rome, for example, a family of five can save as much a
$1,200 (dollars)! For reservations, see your Travel Agent or Pan Am.
-s-amsac w-. Rue Dantes Destouches-Port au Prnce-Tel: 3451

.'IRATrr SUN) SUNDY NVEBER 9th. 195&
.* -/Emile Roumer, noted IHai- CIAMBER :OF COMMERC
tian contemporary poet who TO OBERVE GOLDEN
has published some Jewels in ANNIVERSAl
the French language, is the Haiti's Chaiber of Co an
our n saugrenu, oup incongru, oun mouche de coche in- active collaborator who de- ce %S majmg prepaatio t
lights our readers i4th his it cnmmrt t'5t n
Pitale, tout oun-mouvement 6clairation cab avortli, ajoute ihsorraeswt i i commemorate its 50th AmniveeM
an~d philosophy in our weeklly 6t.
ou,,nueau diconfiture it toute faillites qui 'survqnu quand an hlspyinorwel ary :on Decenber 6th.
ent mtte doubte li lan Cga qu' regard moune qui con. Chronique Creole. A banquet honoring the e
Mr. Roumer who takes pride ~ m~r
iiasqu'ap prodnuit, hommes de thiAtre qu'ap cr66-pi6ces _s tonor membr oftc
batep in his 'ulet life with his fai. Chamber of Commerce wvillUf
lyin their Jeremie home, is a 4 hc
.Pnnul ment, gai crper iun' raz6 pareil ealet6s ac n h a o h OM
firm 'believe in Creole as a,~
116rsi' puisque m'connin que oupnas, rign&es h lnhain hs tme
e ganaumge. aare Messieurs tdouard Este
Femme la hard mouch6 P sou nombrite domestique ballet Boris Pasternak frapp6 son proper figure zott. Fo ve, H. Brsson, Dam'te Bell
garde, Abe arixadGy
orbeil pt6: comment son marine lan dbp6t m6tt6 m' a rafffit premier traduction angI D4cteur Djivago a e Lacroix andGi
Qui malpropret6 ouap vende bonmoune? pour m' ou& ga la baille en creole, icesque'tenants culture
Me, franea, oilig a oun lttature deuxibme main, oun caf6 E. N JACOB, B rmiI
P6 bouche on, ouap g~n' lan carrire. poliatiue. deuxibme grkgue, esscemoka pas pour tt SUBJCT EXPELLED
m~ i~r~q~e Pobte, c6 t6oin temnps 1'. Par exmpe, poui 6#Pction Jean B rsdnil'ee
E lier,, ndgre, jonli mulatre, min tonjoure mile hourrique B otc ni eip .:.a xmlpu 1to en y .Presidential /Dect~ this
drae XXIII, past et nauta, nous cab chercher Ian litt6rature pas&6 week, Edward Nathaniel Jaco
an nuite, noAu lan carrefour, martin, en b gros peaui, ga Joachim d B ay t6 6crit sou pareil 4v4nement: of British nationality was ex
ju atteotorm oniPutre, chanter cantiqu. bon voir, Paschal, un conclave serr4, pelled from Haitian territooy
Et 'une chambre & I'autre 6galelmenrt voisine as aIndesirable.,*
Pour I cover z'beds reptile, haver c6 oun moyen, li'aiiclambre servir, de8 et q de cuisine,
Lan place 1'Etat lettree oud6nonc6 citoyens, En u tit reoin de dix pieds en arr CARO VISITED
Ju6tez oi lan quincaire) ah! Quel analphabbteI... Under the command-of Cap
II faith bon voi auteur le palis enmuri, tain D. M. MacLean, the R
B'eprii ori tellement faux que ouap vive sans remorde sgb hdttsbthtop:dvn,.Crnaboih 7
pour envelope aabtI pa ambition, Iautre par: bone mine, tourism on Tuescsy morning
Ei nar44pit de lins4tre 1utre adoub; with a orew of 659 Te s
digeant, "inrxdou6 comprende pour-, A'ialer corpsspnthdanPoanre
spent ihe day inPr-u-rne
Ia.aile alphabition de tel. sorte que yo pa gn I i oir dehrs toute la vi11e en ars having in the eveni f
m-.pPic, gain lengtemps m' chant re. Crier: Le Pape est -ait, er de faux alarmes, o.
.et61ga;r la, T9embtant C6 que J&r6mie gain oun Sapeager un palais mais plus quetout cela.
*prepare pour reculer tabres' ac satisfaction n'im-Ftbo ,u I',qide1ur:s an,
/Fait bonvoirqi e lun, qui de Iatre e iate,
p gouverem ent-trange. Frangois Cajou seulement gi t d q ii e y o r c st *
Qui mt poua su yci qui met pour cetuy-IhL,
tenli~ne, compitencei et capacity Jour m6tte toute ti cre-E ormia kt i adnrxei t
Et pou mois d'un 6cu dix Caridnaux e'e nte.
4u-rizcesonliac.Autre temrps ,illtre ifes! I~aprs idu 'Bl*a;rombines
'eitaisation zott liabitub faif la Capitale pas bon du tout. ga conlae6 psneiofrh b etopridnilNa
prl srtement -lin .oun gaspillage I'argent pour oun paysgottu, encot rrefaeanuitaiin
rop pauvre.ropre qui pas janmi demy
11parteent capable que yro permiette li former propre
on I', 'poussed bourrique li geir onnin. Centra- ROUSSAN-CAMILIE ET FULUGNC1O BATISTA
*t oun trois sept bois-hin-iin c~t pays a toudours sort Lan temps government Estiro et premier p silence Ba-
tista, oun pte uiac Nicolas Guilled et Pablo Neruda donin6
C16~~~~~* dcit IDU -cnmqeeepe mrq ode Sud, ounn'nhdini q4i Santo D/omngo
nos otinquIan -bhefiteurs 'Morn par exml0zdiu b t90l6q
directear Ibole du- soir q1ti lan oun tour de mI ain ta dieu d' 1a terre Rdtfusa m arille, en n m ot, t6 en mission
a 6 120- adultes,.aun citoyen qune stranger A diplomatiqie la avlne. ;i1.
vl& pr end pour oun vulgare cul-terreas. A compliments qiu le fait Chef d'Etat pour richesse et d&
inundation n passant par SHADA pour finir velppemet pay 1', Batista sourit: M' remerci6 on, min
population a ju s chc ac mchacet6 HaYti pas canmarade Cuba co ne possibility!.. Qui iriune
et pillageurs que, potvoirs central aveugle voyer lan qui suffoqu4? M Batista reponde:
re Lors ou ditogren dit: Y1o sy eubano libre!... L'ap p6td& tt~e
W -a oun Chef d'Etat: h 'liparce que terre a pas pour Ii, c4 trangers qu'ap donnin I'en
e M, touii one ban h ritage. ,' itHaiti mieux que Cuba, pare que toute terre
te experts ezi 6ducation,'master oftc. et.oup cpince. n' yo lan mirain hofs, ravenir pour nous!...
min caugnan m. znuite en motor-boat suffit pour oun indigLhne J~. en trois ans deux cents dollars -par mois du ri, iannes pas
1'dPort-au-Prince pougai g ecom manqu4 avantage. Venezueia seulementcab iaille outi einprunt
ac seul condition. que yo vende li 2% rvcdltes. Ti Anlles
ue 'citoyens cvi profess -de 20 30 ans om profes. us9au'd Canal Panama fournit d4 1ouch6s por vivres, ,Iguis
6001e- Frbre- Instruction Chr6tienne et qui continue obriales.
dxans lan. ensegmnt pre que ctyn ay d&. Sans aricle 6, clieu, Haiti!
,s et Ame a instruction frbres yo-, c6 pas acceptable ALONSO REY'ES
i~1~n %~anj 'c~inine canL fo LS BE~LLE '1NSAIQUES
porcutoisie lac.,modestie 'naturel plaeimatte ignorants. ac in- Grand 6crivain meeticain, sAlono Re es pasmene comrp-
a vine..danser sous venture yo. diplomat Ambassadeur au Brbsi1 I t iin embetement A
Sang element a, esprits ressis qui pas prend -- droits excessif sou garbances Rois-eliches itiein yo t6 a
ur fromage sans doute va baille &cucateurs J6r4mie supbrieur en qualit min Ja douane t6 dur pour yo. Ca 1Ar-
e pour montrer ga yo cab r4aliser. gentine t6 voy6 pat' manqu6 46grbvement, oun nparchandise L w PLACE iEFFRAND
inf~rieur pe(iple la t6 rh614 graine grigi, grano de pico.
tELECTION, PAPAL O mu diplonsate yov, H ar exenicle oun panama A00 dollar.
Hitres qu.'ap 4tudier temps Moyen-Age, oblig6' tenuil unPsde tIa'iti ni in P pap anme ongsm ce
b 'e on Ppapen jann oig6 semence
6~mes Frangois Villona ui t'a cr66 oit indistrie lan pays 1' d'autant plus que tres-
En voici deux, trois, assises eurs paill Port Sahit yo, c4 oui4t chapeau.
Sur lepli du bas de Jeurs r sBef. Alonso ReveS. invit& ministre cle Commerce a onu
repas intime. Li 't gain oun niguesse come cuisinibre, mal
rs 6panoui, fruits mur, ainsi'ballades, rondels, son n h acains our f6 dl sel bon lan bouche.
si as ent pour Apr s oaf4, pousse-caf6, ministre commerce la mand6 pour
'ouvri. Bon intention pas. faith bon literature, puis- ou& moune qui par4 oun si bonne ch6re (Pt naturelement gar-
texist com miroirs loun temps donn lan spectacles bances pat' manau-) Cuisinibre a dit: Ministre, 4 oun plate
o bances. uti oi manner.
autursgai ou ses mgiqu qi prmette yo Fo nous ranneler nious aue 10 Br~sil t4 for~n Dar >famhill
0mna sionoep te onu~~ r en ab rs1~a sBrasance, nom qui touch amour propre aristocrats __________
1 h s i r n ot & g c m e n a m e o u r o v c r a T1 ~ in o us b r a m a n c n o m r b a n c e s c a z 4 b a r r i br e la d u a n ( 1.

Opmuniy Weld,.PblShe m4day, Morning in; a,,Me6cree pfilis
1RSlRIZwssw the Card of Identity haabed;n6 x6dP
fiNx EJ FOI ed eix ea 4p
THE-ODD SPOT TAIYthe tiew. ruing was fom~h.p 2,gud
Smie fifteen hundred- tourists iad a good day ashore :this .
IKin ,pqe of the biidgest single landings since the winter crulise Tcis adFi slear, up, te achulat
jasn Reports from the United States where Haitian. delegates deIOcai;which. is si ob
ar tending the ASTA corAvention emphiasis-e that this country ea DdrchTiswould llelp Rtt
11 jss (lhe No. I -tourist-attraction of thie Caribbean. T d eaik'awfdru tksli h fiii
thi is gone.Thoespthwvris among news- trip- vith MVr Charon who is a iffiportance. of promprigifp
'xietin the, United Stistesv Thboitia tio of Wierhi wonderful guide for the wofider aind keep hammering fort ,e
: ionie. doubt in their minds that everything could be all, oful-s:enery of Tahiti. We thank service ine ou post o
. n aii Snc hePre jl a olag at n ren- you very much for the% kind partment,
cigthose who wish to, hliday iii ilai, n erseefe ht itidtinyugv us IVr,
cotfaio ftisoi pot in the national life -is 11 y Shield is 'now in NewCaeo
!R- neesary, we again uirge tha it shouble r eiVe d. rtia.
Thlis is a 'beautiful countchy
WO TYBD .of h-sh tropical beauty and wel
ofte think of our happy so-
iis uilderstood4,thke Haitian Goveriiinent iook advia of 'jour t in. Haiti ad: then
tereceit visit of, Mr.: R16lin Atwo~d, Washtigjoll Chief. dtIlCA ftiends we have their -W nmiss'"v-
dius wtlii th osibilities: of tharii ianibs is- the soiverir of our, contatt
an for.m--282 mile network of roads to tl;e South, witl the 'people itre.
S: rvey a ve already been mded- 64 -this systemi which would VWith my very best regards
.-erit easier accessto, Cay es aud Jbreinie The est of asphali if and sincere good, wishes,.
s estiiaated;-,at $,12 Mnillion an21 the elapsed time ior 6olis- ( Irs) Charlotte Wuss.
Jr ton. at, thiee yead.
Asa: result of thes conversations a formal ,a liainhsP-ttP-i Ni4 15
PP MT 1he Editf
made to i eveomn Loan Find -through thhUSM e r
hrfor, a lonto cover tllis work. This the sort of logtrIHiSi
elopgnent, ppjec fowih the Develo nient Loam Fund S
GreaedGoo limidimications arbeediential irllthe attraction
capitl ely ln Th uptltonlde rdeveloped, countries. Untfortuiatey roads of-
has.. made the obser-vation -ofQ
tesel es< are not immediately ,reproductive and this is the too m ny holidays that. last ----
a n ldc hoeir reelpe ouiries wit naual rt6i thee days which r-etardsz, j
mii 9 caAii vicious, circle which Wor n rvsadtiirto
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ni d tates for whil thr more aiccag a ti pc
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th iefblni komies of this a 1ea their mal ve' ruSuvr-tGk"O
materia aset r ntalpn atLtn-mrcn
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ivry, thrnofpet boy The recri section in the U.~r!
-1011onee cupronb e is I)mcrtc adsie itoywihth
on ofa Reubii Genor o Nei Yak, ives foug n- houdketrtsigtr
-Am_ rica .eelomn osbltns toes ts to be thatrs it mark theay rebirth of Lie
at em suprted oth fact that lagelyou iteas hd li-tlk of efiiny
inge~~~~M6s 'ofte liothd pate thtwo hepbiccoie Nhr
teller ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e wli ha afr nebrptto usd heUied i;RudTi rusofes ,oo U -Vfel
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AlrLirn epe hthe the deet o no History dos Cariy-o uggovnec
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&h an tbes yieldi whr pricile are ati stake.t
ever then the~~ poiia copeio o the, vot tis phasPhn:337ceOfc: sadl&o.lg,
on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~m woul windicat that thDerUfteAeia epe9Jsadl&C. eea et rseyirT

b) $ 1,UU0.u00 per year on mhe income of a marned couple; ana Social Welfare
p iOjthere is a
300.00per year and epto $ 1,500 on th income cien .BelizAire.
(Continued from last- edition): of Any individual having dependents of ascendants or-descen- Minister. of Agriculture, N
dants, that is to say, children, father, mother, fathen-n-law, tural Resources and Rua
1 -- NIVDULINOM AX ,-mther-in-law etc' velopment--Mr Henri,- Mi
The obligations resulting from paragraph C above, are reci- Charles.
di 8,Al salaried .indiid 1 ingneaemployees of. procal. 'The deduction of $ 300 per year by head provided for 1V~inister of'Public He'
-.comece prsn menpblbfunctionaries, pesnsof ipdependenit sat above does not apply if 'there is~ a question, of child, grand-son and Population-Dr Augts
I thse ho bneft fom ay sufcew tve or ran-daughter of the taxpayer except as' it was during theDei.
of,, inom' otinchndid afnong the' idistrial commercial, taxable .year: -:Minister of N~ational Educ
a-id bnfcaisae.euektfile- under tion-Rev. Father:Ja-
th0me mtax. Concerniing tli" houses.. left for thel ne 1yasofaeo e aie tiste Georges.:
iedorohrfee of charge, te estiriati 2)' Over 21. Years 'of -age and (otnefrmpg1) Unde r-Secre tary o h
(cnine frm ae I
deedn "uo th aaae
,,,etlvleanaly which serve asabA isf0rtepoet a eedn the th apyrrior and National Defense-
atdue to' studies in a che Aurele A. Joseph.
establishn or the University secretary so Infort
Th".'r a ari e s of. ass8ocidt es Of Iorifmercial :and of Hfaiti or abroad recognizedflos tion et:Coordination---r
es hal b apar -of hegenraby -the Staite, or for. reasons of MnseofCrdatoindges J. Figaro.,
mirdd ,asvIeLofIncoI e aidir6ththe object, of a,montb etlo hsclifriy Information-AV Lamartiniere ,UneScrtyofCm
siili o ha o ddutinsfrm mpoyeWhether it is a question ofaHora ce. and Industry-Mr Clcv-
pes of.bitsinessmen, or -industrialists working sedn rdsednol Minister of the Interior anid M. D6sinor.
P--aoe thb'Sbbjct of;,.nonthdy deductions And are de. .toefrihn oeta afNto91 Defense-Mr Free
thos~fuxa haf Tqtio -ed
i cohfordzaxe M' iity, wiith: article 19 oftepsn fthe support of: the depn ric Duvignesid. FmsA Hatn
ffteohr, elemnentsof iddial, come. dent person may claim the de. Minister of Foreign Affair A
-79 i. Te. lividend. slia) beteojcofa1/ duciio1 n. -nother words, several and Cult---Dr Louis Mars.meiaIntut
1 : Oe 1M
, er
:icmaiswiisalbeaqiedudtaxpayers mnay not cama de- Ministeir of Finances, CoTeHatanAercnmn
4 vie al o e ichied ntidcinfrtesm inidivi- merce and Industry-Mr Andr( tut-presnted a serif do
4:i~cij f ameA~
da. Theard. mentary and travel fihmsa
d ~yhai transmit thep amount wit aneplctv Thyhvete"rgt.t h Minpet f ubi Works Auditorium on Avenue .de S
Eeeti thTxOfice, from, the 1st_-,to-thie 15 .,h oifthe deuto a rt h eu-Transports And- Conanunica- pre-Counrdyeeig
3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o depnebldouhea on.,h etieig o c i. Thkh6deductin()i .vn fJ sie ~ o a on han to ve ig thefil
litalumes 0teCopn ermon.,tli
-tlhe t he emissio 0 a n
declth'Soaofii div ui income-M shall b. Thedeductionr (b-iagane
B- reps e amDpatnt. h neovein cs fdcaeo n f h
ntrary of each ear fthe fiscalr peio endince twoj ofs toaridcupesr
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ti l he ax Oficetogthe izi oned to a) chlre of)
,6,fato~f-mn; ogifs recei anthetramittedo by speialnthi.ara:osppr. WLO E TS E BR O HI
il i teps 'off t cl ibo e h b iraior 'euto (b is grSUG EST
'r!i wil be placed t hik dipslt:er ax as edition). Aon o, h
es'rea. bf At:T PO T-UPRpC LO E S OP :Tao
stdith- a llarry a deducio o the 's a x rideuling, An0E I NI.E IM U I ES R~ '
p eeployer ordcapanie whc have~ anee HOTELS:i Beau RiaeaCs SGH S ENG.eau.o
byxth ept n The~ -utc oLier .h i uiv ehitItentonlC tithy an aicIlii or
-dclFtn AinG ecLARA ONS.----Al indy Adtsnpeomancy lb nSui Hotyl, RivEMABERnSUDieI
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E they th.:.i,-(caxaron :iiom e d by the ntioapyries, o e o 735. The 36.00t saqes Nobbe & odl CaoY HoeI oucgu
Offic arny inie by a Astoaterize sigae Soitaipon.eHve otrta rcrsh fex hir ePcriRxCf
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id, stifkistatem emmustybesa.companid by (embroideries Rae Shpaeu-Diex~rt ytm
unouri ofane thec tah rStre lu and Ta- am. T
aterizentne accomu, anha i igt e ay ntb thN I t erCLUBS:a Cson- RO AN"OR E
-fo slron salte arsn.us Tarry thPolwn id-traioa n abncoaepeettv
4nr andd M5 above i ntioe
let~i a sa1r (11.1-1os6.
GATONOFz .rkekI b CAAIN l iedi eizmployed for theb month1iHt ,Rvi-AUt e
alaries~~~~~ak-rie isHioalyreiibet h Ebit
towhthrre" eye or of tx hileaus habotua Sewim Sok EPearfiHte SnlorklaerSk
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'thff n madeh and cthber -esto 44 OTSnr andm Kyona
75 Te e 36 00 0 ti HAVES: YOURl PA TY AT KY N
%n~~rear, on elt.'fthe mon om ofay mied finividua rwo h ausNbe&BneSvyHtl1

r J Private outstanding in Latin. America, Ibled within the past seven years which are finding Latin Ame- ing agri
pital Going o against a total of almost $37,000 and calculate, that they should rjea an attractive field for ex- service
atin*Minerica (00,000 all over the world. reacl a total of about $900,, ppaion. ,utilities.
It should be pointed out that 000,000 during t comita de- The Eard Camp my for is- As in
sVhington. -Over, a third these ,figures represent firivate eade, unless tlxe 4 oIdgace, is. ma la y o 9' Latin Aeicn o tk
nited States private capital capital investments-6nly They upheaval. 15000,000e is to turn c_ m
W asnly flowing to other coun- do not include United State& H IOW IT GQF5 S qutitrtuep mr
rii finding its way into'La- Governan inetetrad Aog Unite'd States firb ,@*ntipg, -ar itsob',1
ca, according to stu- ex lo 0 an tended through lo an and pmeri,. C Jeq l o
Amtri, patcptn nLtnAo* Wn. i
derecontly made 'by the U- grants, the Export-Imp ort Bank can econom ie delomn Aset aside 0.00,000 for ag git,
States Depatment of 'of Washington, the Internatioogh r their investment i refineryto be built near Ash- -Y,
zCmerce .in Washington. nal Bank for :Reconstruction that region of the mrld are eion Paragriay's capital. are con4 4
S $4,000,000,000 and Development, and the In- such 1prgpate ge nP ,pre
i went out of the United ternational Finance Cbrpora-, General pcqt d ard O09, cgp4ital is8 Vrd pver; ga pe In
(_6#p4t& atli Am Vmtnr
its.in private investmbents. tion. *,General Motor sColtePmo a id ire ruh decun i te
195 $1,346,00000 was Economists emphasize t he live, Caterpillar Tractor, Unie tries draw more than others, of sharing
ed by Latin America, this fact that United Statateps Rubber 0 motor "d a wide vgripty ofi econo
a total of $8,000,000,000 capital investments in other companies -and iny smaller lI ig petroieam inin -ad caracteth'
ite Statee piae caia-onre aejust about don-, J"tRflsr qq9 q
Jg ter Bringi s you this wa
rnc Beaded Bags w le'v Resumo
F n tp tO price .-4
Danh ilverjewly 2 Reduc
Dani ryta Vaee
ehnis Stemwita e god 2/,, 4edction
Cwesh e rimics RWeacl tibn'
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I25 Reduction
i ne a Dinner Sets 1le lcO PId.e e PeIce
SilericemiV 290,,0
1 Cf1
"ae Ahr' '' ,'n 3900032.0
itian Jew lry (Che t) 0 Reduction
Haitia fabhrics Arand} boxesc K0 iNe rce40
iaitian Rug (Armand) 4' x 6 Old Price 0 New Pr ic 20.01
er c $2"-0
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ing s, reminders, commands obligatory. Erzulie (or the wo ch
will follow.one after another, man who is marrying a male no o
and then, finally, sanctions will loa) must own a complete bri- be adorned and d
1)h imposed. Nor will tb loa dal outfit, with a veil and whit flowers and basil. Mis
B tte Me6nnei -IG ccepts spouse for its horse shoes. Therre must be a large zuliedidnot e
just anybody at all; it will reception, including cakes,- li- to the projected ima
la e u choose the one who is to marry quors, rluents of all kinds demanded so pre
tre eists ad 6-(Dimballah,. Ogotii -or he oplacedv with the horse, and champagne or other drinks rage with herself, wh
tieen ''ede) etc. and in this way it seeks to act nfavded by the la, must not usual requirement.
Sch mar- i the best spiritual interests of be overlooked. An orchestra It took place on a
Z,1emyterqeted, and, t may often happen that, a the vodouisant, muay he angagd Toaltiadysced oE le
_ei ged. To all ihi> a da e,,e b r
Sr o in h to com- Sonetimes, however, a year. m be added the expenses of morial rre as
youngmanhs edi tiself fqr fearof' the rage with a powerful loa is the ceremony: the fees of the on Saturday..The my
siduosglylToees and tyrannies of the sought by an ambitious person, pere savane and the houngan. age was to tak la
edemands-suchlF awithwo h d enter wh would like to achieve cer.' Tik two mystic marriages hounfor where Sebasti
if tinip o contract; but the loa may tain definite ends (whether fi- which are here described took 8i loa, aid the ceren
aoiortal Ime iimpos 46, sibl for lim to. nanciap s r 'political). place in Haiti, 'near Port-au- to begin at four o'clock
ticm -ethsuniu Here the marriage takes on the Prince. The first one, was with afternoon. Sebastien, f:
rve to ismy be. jeoard, quality of a pact, id it con Iaenan hair
he hei. id( amay desecod upondhimAitions are imperious. In such wore a white suit and
and, hi thiaybethdank wt caseeiayisfeunl obli.! WITH ERZULIE tiful'eilk shirt., All ':his _C
e- gaa ne ,is er.ost. tr Eru ie a pe u e.
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e w ith Plroi vi ged p sitor several bidl
hixd aaieepesseo d d, tht&aeis'i0wihthelywl t'rke engagementse finly adoiig m,-a
ini~ adi lif
Aipg t tedcided todare marriage with surlfe ro o-
t iiorews he inlightef
rule a t auch mA, ta n a to vhh we h e dmou '(te oudoun wthe wuet of r
41-e wy -6hon asi i'
of~~~~ -Him 1i'ff is true~p it~a is gh his aecording..to he tatern co.! trssoEzuie. aningrtle was anowa I~f H"'"
ib6 :2nej ft eionel end- 96angsoeri. it aorrelenems ad sitioe wshed lavieamuchaen. facwoe-poweres cSmet
oreinaji thi c larei an ej iecseieprue n Vile tish ositeioa. an Alrsekea fumes. gow
ca- lmaiage.W- wedd ungi g re h wo ee
7iii IS FINE ST IN .
C ~* CH.HM /f ,SW T/ FR N H C/ 0
@lT FRE PORT PRC' --- /-----
ly' hop g grantees- yu hae' ida nbn 'R Ort-au-Prwince and were lookin Ifoad o bein
try re we can offer youei an siimene array of igins
is, car_ and.scubt1r1
rta -m r -44s4444444ouues oss
ch44 would;44 pl, er .(o
Ick .'to4 4va4 14'< 74h w in i4ieha
i4 ~ 7 2/244r" as4et y4. a44 Sprt)adwt h
44 ) 44 u4t be44m l nd bsl L i u
c qys mriae x4,
ali-~~~~~~~>~44~ 4<>A. o, lt oti, n ies
1k4444 an lived in' c44 2 4 w 24a~ ia 4<44744 p4 y& -i's -th i 72< 4

ER ~ ~ ~ 9th. 1958-~ aHA eU) AG
niche- had beeb I a dark-skinned- rabbi. He began Mistres. Erzulied!
_hperistyle. It, was the prayers' of the. action de Her eyes shone, her full,
4 -made, up of emn- Grace and the audience ans. moist -lips were parted slightly.
A eto and silk cloths iwered devouttly; then, follow. All men belonged to her and.
an armature of ingthe litanies, he began the sle honored them all.
oo and open in canticles. Finally he stepped '
i was a table co- aside .and the houngan took-
thawhite cloth and over following with the canticle Home. Economics.
!aiisticks, -'a missal, after having n greeted, s oquets of flowers, saints in heavens that is to Miss Ella Mae Crosby, Us
d ,n the back. say, the loas -naming ,them QM Advise, .in H eEcno..P-sopI, 'a-,al
o-lithog'pso tgea egh mics Extension, arrived in Portds f^e
An-fsome of the other The. Virgin Mary was. natu- ,u-Prince '11st month, and is
..Ioa.rally, celebrated more than the now hard at work.
-t-fthe niche were other saints, and then followed, Miss Crosby completed her
e46archairs for the the Vo'udoun songs in customa- undergraduate work at the Uni
dand one of them ry ritual order-, with Erzulie dersii -of Tennes&e Sch4ol0o
light blue and being invoked with: special fet. Home -Economics- and has done .
fbic. Behind -these vor. However, -she did not'se-em gradite Work at -Iowa' StatdI M
oehirs for the6 od to be ready to miaxiifeet herself. College, universityy. of Chlifor-
-mother. A shor Eveyonbeaealteim nia and Teachers College, Co.
', stood a long. table patient, and the liormgan shook Tumbia University.- In- Septem-
githcny sweets, his asson an bchll, and per- brof this year she, codtlm e
Edfne wines, -* arran-. fumed the guisits'. They had a year's xtd si pension
cauifu wrdin -hpedtha Mitreis rzuieEducation at Coirnel University
cwa flanked by, bot- wouldm2oui(i thw mortal bride, adwsgranited a -Pli. D.
1geg.butshe seemed to decline this ,miss Crosby.: has experience
th nch fine horse that day. Then on fa~ onyH~i'eonstra-,
Ve v e)- had -bekn 'the women who -was to be wit- tinAgent' in Tennesste and
entng ear, mss gn t'.sayat irs im- tai
oor Ermulie, and to weeptibly and theni with aa
Ve en b:~g
o o.r e exa Cooperation Administratio wd
astet f egu geae in een
- in the terms of syes closed, she -fedl back ard, wt h tt xeso evc
.9 13 .- li
;oy, was' her hue- was held up on her feet, and, at-Cohbama,-Bolvi--Sh
ieeveve were conse. here, Erzuflie appeared. a losre ,ti ers
, 'signinent with 'the Assoiacion
th -;usual ritual1 Thfe transfiguration was8 com-
Sulina de Credito y
ht of an insignificant
.. ,Rural (ASCAR) Extensiom pro
fancee took their young woman, the loa ha~d cra
- ect i the state of Rio Grande
me-chairs reserved ted ah irresistible cocpxette, whodoSlBrzl
front of the god- leaned langorousl'y on the 'M~
Viss -Crosby will begun, hei p
the winse.M-houlders of two- young ,men duties i at yassigwt
sedii\ Io- stumnoned, to ,;upport her..and the trainingcore-frHm
t-eepiresent. ,to lead her to the room resei-ved lDefixsrto Agent beidg
Apee aae., stood -in, for her- use. Tliere' Ersulie per- heMd'at St.Raphael during No-
th' fie where- large .formed her meticulous toilette vember.
,ad &n. lit. IE- wasra -with the finest soap, put powder .00foo
ri, &4sSPe4
e uin -and make upa on, combed her Dissiibles An
chin,- Bid
'ttuft orn the chin ,Eir -endlessly. before arranging alT uos
Pac SaW on City
tache, and large !the oglden 'comb and flowers
e:hed on the end in' her black'tresess under tl6 Nekr Dessables, apoit 7:
I cb~nappointed t
malroun~d nose;1 he 'veil.,of tulle brhich wag' held on life visit this yeart uoe
eat ~~~ea en to Euoe IN HECAIBEA
a& jack et and vee with a -blue satin bow- as Assistant General Secreta
ioned white trou- Finally she appeared in. her of the World Youth Assem1y
d&wsatoia- bridal dross, perfumed, shining leaves for his new post 'in Parie LOOK'
ngyiniued with a with golden jewelry, a bouquet - sown importance, of flowers on one amand a his youn'g bride, of his assign-
bnt, over his large light blue handkerchief in h6r mient where li!e has beenapon tPto-
3e brought to, mind, hand, her long sk irt often lifted ted for two years. The young
cdupl. wee mariehd on Gero-
STEAK. HOUSE her -25, at the Cathedral, with A ota-
Monseigneur Remy Augustin,
'Arch-Bishop of Port-au-Prince.Exeso
ACOULOU Yalande B~enamin. They wpl
qtop brieftly in New-York, and At St.-Mare: etygAscveMa ml
will e'ail to France on the .WEDNESDAY --
AT 8 3 0 P M Nicely furnished house 'in
Pacot, near Wilson- City" Nv
38. 'Large living-room, 3 bed-
IREAT COLORFUL kicen, 2'veadas,ba IREag
compete ervants' quartes ve
SHOeI s. i s

ageat air scrip:-in riente I',ro- gt,(p.Jt U. S. ti weel-
11 A L~ih IN A U"Xl A vu,:e ac mie ea stern end of, ]Ritissant
.'-Aracricar- Cuba.i&E en Iaig i aesr James. C, Net~
6r6 te arcaft The passengers were later! A Committee' of. Administra- of the U. S. Diplo
sq ances,.p, released. Thne province is the tion for the recently organized arrived this weel,
Age sad te center of rebel activities. Rebel orphanage, foun ded by Miss -
tthttny.wui- rj)1, oes Leader Fidel Castro has his Suan, a Jaman, a ate rCaec
not-e- f~mg ver he.2 pas~enerst incudig mountain headquarters there, sant was formed this past week. British Diplomail(
a tteIne aio, Last. Saturday four rebel gun- ,,r utceBie sCarrvdAt o
we na i an men boardZ-d Cubana' milo an of the. Committee which Suniday.
26thmveet mog a:,4 mnio as dollar British-built turbopo inldsIis Ater Noel (Ves
p,, d rtrigte hee airliner in Miami bound for Va ta Bsco, MrCicBan Co elAh
D radero Beach. At gunpoint they tnMs erLpcie Reefh .S ie
X sad 7ida. tht te~j~rd,.C utin. -ednedaynigt's forced the pilot to attempt to rend Philippe Van Potten, Mr Monday on a s
irll 1tn te fouir -engine plane inEutceBlyMsRou
he ebe teritry Ad t cashdBerne, Mrs Patil Rey, and Mr E
254lig1ke-sn.Tresr Albert Bayeux.
d C uan. let iiv ,d Company.
gitd vied 'h ] pe etThe orphaange is clirtig. for .h lngm
on- EAon the 25 psegers tlairty children;gh Ewo kind customers th
,taw -Irtigh',poi frce te plo' o aD3 aboard the pane seized Wednes Are infants, less fhian six- month\eedy oe
ee', 0 ligh( was an~en Ameriren Id. Mis$u stated that her.w,1aat utn
e id without. address as Lane m spoln a ikof-the customer
Robeirt IVontoeyHe is be-a unpaid, forthei
lieved to be sailor or 1Marine Coiite memb er 98
g,Lto --the U. S.' Naval Base niet at the orphange on Friday Tecretm
at Qantaamo 3ay.aftersioon -for An mfspectionof 4a tm
lie the 11a prmssad 'tLfor-bv-inin~ a
Teplatte.was o~n a flight, siapetisan o.rov enoed
from Hiavana to Gualitanamo mlt la frsuke. arzeare.
w*ithrit6fis'to be made at IMa'n- Inorder ,to._avti
zanillo, ,onL the southeast comit, r c tion ,,rha2
air 1guthie zones of .Portau
* Th& sfps 6re in Grite, Pro obsrve an 2 i
. her anniversary on November.
rine.Thelaie if -1ana- 7lities, i't invites all
knillo At'4: pmi. 6but never ar-
71 ~~ eda gui, about 76 iies Acrdd t
uAAttorrney. Her"' Alfred nl withan the outstome
tish wo efoi beps I s Diane Arm and wIer mat anpyae
visi- ehlil wasrm d-dii on 06b&i 0th in stiakfhgypn.
o, ieda, -Cuba skin-divP intit. .--pueal die
cim a.. he copilot .wb:4 lyees hre
-Aac( nIlo son of the go-7 MissLlinFr1 C off-. Ih urn o
_VermiLmltr he of cidt arrived tis" 'rektiwokadh eml
O rirent rvne..wt Piis V to o' "hrzdt e
_u an0' ;_ g 1 a r -[ r i a '. L .. F Ia o r i w th qie -Apy i
. t 'Pclaimscehewcusto
g .t 't-Port-au-Prince was 1Vr -Hery Boyer- of teHg
ad. _turn quesped ;to call .ai
cancelled Court of ,Accottis retr e tinBr.t f
4~. with the bi M.4Ac
OpedS~a~il o isWith Haltian Airtists at dl oi
pei -engaged r
(:n~~L Palladiu] i Night Club L V0e
IThe Eletri C
aXeciles wim iefI-n i everalo er seinsatoal numbers quests trtdso
including, the handle daineMidualyms
- i frth mon
.Music 'by the 'kjemours Jedi lpiaeEsmbb 4ellbi
Admion ....... ....... $ .00 Kl oa dao
-ITh~e Electric o
quests he Cooper
1"CL R ATIO iutomers in adv
nagem enit when iti
thyare dprived o
certain neighbor
ie the imuposiibility 0'l
certai break-dor
formators or cribhe-
zone a -ood distance
Central or some ohr
oftemin lines. I
preciate th~e kindnss
tomier w-ho advises~h
or the local Repest
the Company at Pt
WEEKLY RATE ( o oi~e ooe
0 or Legane.
$35,.penV week To avoid any econi'l
toesmay required
calling at ,tleir ho es
Immle of th Coi

EMBERd 9th 198.I T I SU N* PAGE 13,
rerternbracding generally recognized by go rerJ I~oM rtinl arid management' upon-which the*United States Senate declare
Wbeets of life, it it menit officials both inLatin Part VI healthy economic 'development ed:
1 bable that the fi- America and in the United Sta is based. aThis is, on the whole, money
rk of the Interna- tes, as well as by. many sectors In some instances, quick ecc well spent. Individual projects,
pration ^ Admiiistra of thel American peopies while others .are difficult to tiomic aid has even made Pos. by and .large seem to -be- tech-
ispredecessorsl has themselves. assess or will take:considerably, sible the survival of democratihnically sound. and well admi-
,,l progress Of thte Wile technical cooperation, more time, to become evidentI cally elected governments. nistered. 1Many of them have
whre it has' b eeni is not intended to supply cay. About- 1,500 Latin Americani Living standards- in "Latinf been highly successful, not only
May -never lbe pital for economicc .develop, specialists anionally ini a ;wide:'America have been steadily in the technical sense of improv
weter it is extrenme- ment, it does help to create area .of technical skills are gi. raiised, despite the fact that ing standard of living and prai
rig to hear that the conditions which are piere. ven the opportunity of training this area has the highest rate moting economic development
bfthese activities, is quisites to the attentionn 'of in the United States, in ther of' population growth in the but Also in the broader sense
private capital and to the in- Owna countries, and in third world, and many -of the coun- of enco uraging United States9
IE DT elligent use of private and pu cuntries where speca faciii tries in it have suffered from trade, increasing opportunities]
blicIE devlopen lon.Lwiesgit one-rap), economies for cen- 1for private investment, and its
purchasing power, limited do Imiproved mnethods for, the turies. proving United States political.
m velopment. of resources ad cultivation offeasoru relations... In 'most cases, the)
inadequate mareting facilities bes,,quinine, insecticides and Those who have revisited programs.have survived, anst
to receivee -foreign are some of the factors which Other agricultural. products have some of the ,Latin American have continued under -local'.
tudnts'erbace.discourage investment of privatF een introduced and a number countries after a-nmeofgiacto akhproiti
tr Boarding House Capital; apd ths odit .ions of Latin American countries years, -report tremendous impr biIion to th clveo '
smtn ituated. at 'are being gradually overcome have been aided in their efforts trements over former yeIa Irs,, is the. country in. queilton'.s-
slReSlyPe-by technical cooperation ati, to, diversify'the sources of their the availability and quality of.-
30 1~oertePI- vities in Latin America. In this income. vegetables, to mention just one ,The, reporta- steses the
wait la envisaged that both Improvrements i transpprrpt food item. cagstaaetkigpcl
t, moer, oute private and public capital -will tioti and communication have Moeta50vainl.ainhe dpinofnwies
enu moernhoue take their rightful places in the accelerated. For istakes tre gfitr a schools have 1enadtcnqtsa rsd
ronl further economic development mendous strides have been opened in. ten countries oLa., the,;:trAmrcn. ehia
of these nations, working sid made in Latin Atmerica within tin America as a result of'.inter,coprtnrgam
by side in'a spirit of intelligent recent year in promoting Itlk Americasi. technical -cooperation, Universities have introduced
cooperation. safety of air navigation, and in while agricultural colleges havethsotcusemto s r
WANTEDh fa'M maintenance and repair been established in seven, coun alent i h ntd"Sa
ie,3 mntsol, LONG TERIV PROCESS of aircraft. tries. usinesmez -have Adopted 'the-
'APone 2353, Fabius, The abostion pefrac In another country, the. first gospel' of, productivity. Greater '
and illiter ecords in the mechanical tra. land transportationlinkbetweensefrlachsbeniraig
-o- a n li evaly isalog des hnve been vstly improve d the economically active part of ly evidn.Ada nin
ooo bst 0 tion. Ye thsi aid new attitudes, involving the nation. and A potentially~ w ant an educational o hi
b asedhueesetial cotioneeconomis andgeae appecitation and res- important but hitherto inac- children, -eyen t heir- daughthers.
swngom, dnn fpict for manucal labor, have cessible agricultural area has Tn relatively recent timnest-such
daro -om, bt, hig social prors of any cutygained grotnd. opened up new vistas for 6co-idaweevruly nhrd
goal, l c itMachinery pools aind camps nomic development.Up.tth
Iw.ater, Americanestyle vitie s now -under the aegis of have provide places for the timxe the highway program was, of.
go~. veana sur tlel ra Ia Copeato training of technicians in the initiated, -maintenance on an' One former -United-=States.
Pri uasadiee diisrto aebe e and maineac of heavy organized scale was practically. Ambassador in a Latin Amzerf#
.6 garage, servants' ing slowly but steadilY' aschinery. non-existent. Since, the advent can country 'has-stated that the
tk shower. Apply Some- of the accomplislmiet bei ae h ulc o ne-Amherican tc n al oite-Aieican technical coop II
4 48' anpeVet hih anbeatriutd itahealth programs alotne h--p at operation, the necessary organi ration, should be, cosdral ege o hsf eted more than -25,000,000 7gation for maintaining and in\. pride-- both /to tie- Latin Am6
ooo0- activities are easily disceinible pepe daia tetm h roving the national highway ricans and- the United, -Stati
have been in operation. In orie systenti is bigdvlpd, personnel engaged .in' them.
For all1 kinds of French Pe .rfu not sigro of 17 cities, reports show Training. is being given in coilse Here,= lewsays,-wone sees ao-
v isit Hagiti's Smartest Indian staye 11!;S I as e truction, maintenance ofetquip- tual ,demonstration of, how ii
aisd rom 3 ea to 4. nent and testing of soil and ported. techniques can be adapt-
years. Itn some areas the imbi materials. ed to local conditions ...... l
Select your favourite perfume olnce of sm Tinox has been re- health, education and Agrical-
fTomd our large ColleeffoN du ed to practically nil. MONEY WELL SPENT ture, their achievements de.-
serve paqt support,,and promise
, 'JEAN PATOfl.. IrCREASIN(G A recent report of the Com- an even greater. measure ot
CHRSTANODORORTNwITrrES mittee. on Foreigrn Relations of success for the future
IWe offer you the world's famou- The technical cooperion
brands at free port-prices a og ram provides many Caribbean Construction Co..S-A.
opportunities to increase uinder-
LE GALION warding of modern private en Builders Of The Military City
CARVEN terps id d ft funcios Gen. Manager: Gerard THEARD
LANVIN NINA RICCI nation of capital, techniques P on e: 3955. -P. O. BO...- 284
etc... etc... e

Haitian Display ,
Keen Interest,
'In U. S. Electionis
Ai interested public in Haiti
followed the news over the ra.
dio of the elections taking place
in tht country of their good
neighbors of the United States,
on November 4th., and learned
Recovering from an appendectomy at Caniape Vert is young of thle terrific landslide of the
Miss Elizabeth Salgado, daughter of Coast Guard Captain and Democrats aver the Republic
VMrs.- Salgado.._. Hai-uis (nior..Chainber of .Commerce will .not party.
participate in the International Ciamber- of Commerce's 13th. The White House Press Atta-
World Congress to he hel this year in Minneapolis reason cho Lincoln Wbit: admitted to
ack of finances.: Shopping for a new Wardrobe and re-halancing newsmen that this defeat was
.he budget are the Ton D e edof KLM. Chieva-liers de Nuitseiufothpay.W nth
t, ~~~ ~ 4 niDe .Rrd8a serious for the party. When the
ered their Diquinii homeon peaceful night-this past week vi3tes were counted the demo-
m rolled away with $250 in casand a jumbo,- size collection .atshad won a wide majority
t'clot~ing... Ms, Rampy, wife of tCarlo Pressoir -at Henri Deschamps... Reported that a so Represent atives, and 7 out of
is flying kites all over town... 11 State Governors.
Steire Stephenson, is lack at work after -graduating -a second time. -
from ithe -G~olleges. Heeducated and diplomaed and doesn'* The Democrats now have:60 ROLLEI shot
want anytu more to dofwith d'olleges- please... Those hard out of -91 seats in the Senateh
to- disinguishmeh -of ra Place downtown business world, having taken 11 over froi the s rh m rk
eBaillour de fo ds (money. lender) have tightened .utp their Replblic-ains. They lifted 48
'o,% ogag 'etc... seats from their opponents in
the house of Repreenitatves,
uis riwold i back-from ~ir Hubert E. Reeves, Point nowhaving 255 Democrats out 'OF H.R1
ah -t8 M an e seen IV official, arrived Sunday, ap-of 432 members'lThey inowd
orkhgat rea bome conpanied by Thi'wife nd fourh 33 Demowr tie Governor.
i apHni child. nt out f 49 of the Unied Staes.
- The Republicans had a large
44s en Gaff, wieof Hitian Vc0alltoNwmajority-inl certain Stiates aeli- J
thel Drcor of 1,the United. York Mr Jeim Excellent, arriv -I New York, New Jersey To-.
itiatis If~rirmtion. Service' ed in the Capital this week.dinMneOh, Vr-
Sdiana, Maine, Ohio, West Vir-
heth, left Mosday for Paris on 0 o-' ii andAiod
nii and Arizona.
bhe K- .I airlines. She will 'The Earl 'Kennedy Travel
en few weeks with her Agency of Detroit, Michigan Ne o son Rockefeller triiin-
rnothe ~folloling- the 'sudden has opened a branch office in phd over Governor Averell
fer f .Port-auPrince, with Mr. elio Harriman for the Stte of New
G 14 -STATUS AS Faiblas as Manager. The deci- York and is said to h a pos.
of th big middle-west sible candidate- a the Re abli-
S aH iof was made following a vi- can party for the national Ilec-
breiginationiality have appi :it last month by 1r. and Mrs. tions in 1960 'against fNon.
Syrge Jackson, representatives
of the firm -who spent 10 day
I c eI coniklas F oned olhere at Hotel Villaa Creole.s*
lkoii~ Lucsda Albertn ]Londa FS andE his ma iAdrum
rdct Jean' Camiille ,Joseph Cathermne Dunhan
r he Management of the Elec Honored By Casno onda
nosa3~ D~ea~ eb~i nyeGsoes Antilles
IT~~~~~~J -hHroe uftandITI in
he tr~~~~~~~~~ic Comnpany inform that te ,D s t O ro B fe n aen
ransmission lines in the yard
Alfed Tohlinson, Young fothe Powrer Plant Was struck h wPlsrngne
g r Catherine Dunham, who return
iltuinld Engineer Fof Montegb h October .26th,
rlea a a is spending two. Provoking 'serious dan s to n o H i la wI s
ksjh heawit IHotel Riviera. uthen main electrogen group, Ne-
trhe Casino des Antilles.
*o. icassary repairs were begun on
-ormer Deputy $Saf'e Za., the, 27th and the Company e'x" fe orn teW dwt
Afe tou::'- ;;oth Thrl Stam'
the Ma teoeDw ptortort-a-Pri
warmlye~?O wecmd nent bXTXL RENLUA M S
Hatinplt fnrn1ie- h'etrn fuseous LARGE SWoMN ch arg- wreS ,,.
>$0 e ned hil~ dinoring- in E P. OU COME2 TOrtTam-irtNJOY Y
the United States aid Europah
SCOTCH No Mia Dnam wiH vacation' H0 TEL SPLENDID
here for several weeks.
(Under Aoeerican Mana gment)
-5Miniutes to Downtown Port-avq-Prine
$ose For Rent. pre- M TiME P
oThea Completely furnished house LARGE SWIMMING POOL BAR REST
CM bration t~o rent, Onl Canape Vert Rona'ESNBLAE
Scotch No. 50 cominned living dining- RAO AL AE
coCroom, bedroom, spare room, \VHEN YOU COME TO HAIT ENJOY YOUm'
hath, pantry, small verandah
at entrance and at rear 2 ser- AT
vants rooms with toilet and
shwrcacolktceet.H 0 E PL N I
Entie huseproectd b
wruh-rnisaainARn N IE I O F R

Ho 6 9Kki Mission. Their departure for. Gindg Mlr .I e
Trujillo iis &et-for 2:3 .M
.(Cahitiftiid-from page 1)
Tuesday. -~ s oe
Haiti'% trade wiilik& mii~. ei -Fir
sRince World War I, and th~eisoesd .Tu
t tnidg of China to Communts ported, du_ th,, 6 a jjt n e'rzls
will have an opruity to dis-$38416 od n
cu 'st h ei a bl m se an d ida s
L*Mssion arriving here thi a9
M- i h of odina yevn paper eig
teMnon her ofth iog on15
i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 15 Girul 1eft Heg Kane Zeprte oft thdisowoae llvl e
yers rri ak a eotaeonte o. la,br O. fE ithmeri thb6 Le
g In'oit't ofe -o---y of a"ie Baalkf Thd- h.h1 7
idie wCahe Edueto Pradeli Pom lAn; ag, a- Impr T.tii, Dnjer8Y,6r7
S'Uzle ihi lerult let -,u h e-ekorro Ptra by sonb-Diretordof the Depar
Jeprfre ors atrrbnn foKwoDcoat.tk fIih qg
ta's A h Nu a H ea expecer* io e e in i The Misoo"vl e a
Silre Wedig froeforthee e Le 1OxY~xpot-a 200 ; t otn Ma ab Crps, od-A c
oto ay Mr L.r' gr.n Pak l'ai9 ior Tame To
New York onxcl.an fao oanla
Govem Poitx rtin oea t in weit In y adl Ioin i Ofi Th7ei t
18< e a ti C filiti dring id ffc
. that fiilllte oa Modht :0A h S hswe
es aer dcato r i;.P i li>e- fecivd for" tadi" hiiat e ut
vik 0. -lait th e t acre Hwer Chrhin yr, CbDon r .rd Influstrye dart laiso
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Enke and businesmnbds niu from Amrcnpemli eam ,E
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Made Here... IR/ /
(Continued from page 1)I
and th insignia of the IAGS.
Later that evening at a -re- C]
ception at the Villa Creole, the
map was exhibited along with
a picture of the IAGS atwrk
inthe field an'd in their offices,
along with the Jntr-icate machi-
nery ued' in niapoaking
Caipain Slager, with, his at-
tractive wife, received the guests:
al ong with inister of Public
Works Jean Magloire USMO
Director and Afrs. Hary Yoe
71_ and Mr. Oscar L. Ainsworth,'
Operations Division, Chief of
IAGS, vfhocaipe up from Pa-
nama for th6 occasion.
Major Slager explained to
the *Sun,, that this was an ex-
tremely accurate map, of which
theywere all justly proud. He KLM'S FAMLY
pointed' out that" in this com-. FromnOt. 5
i ined-Haitian-American effort VSave U. S. $0.L
'sixtyfour Haitians work with Take W
ffhe 1AGS and M any biave -been, to wondeu Eti
qTuick to learihgl Tkile V a o iscover, enru
f~~r 'G. O taksiiwhich w k taught to then 2 A' (ROYAL)) sevc'
here.L: Of the, ten United States R oy al Du
?fe0 M-0al lit eonlWorking in the I. A.,ou us Ask yur
ressof-theFAO S,, fo~u are engines .and
s ilb edshe% 'are military. Two--are occu- /V
oos Rica- fro p .I dth flying .the helicopter
a 22d f S this d% z
"7Beve aeroplane, essential
a V i n o n ~ ~ I e r n i a 6 f g i c tl m p
tionari. Ther mapc of, Port-au-Prince,
ee-aaisiti adiibl.i nclr a nfl SPECIAL SERVICE
, ti "_L trton owed by one of, Carrefour, and O OEJH
hav talk wi) n.wheL send most important agriz' 0Cntne rf pg
of, eArbl Miultural L area of Haiti, the Cul. gnor DoeieTrnitthtr to hi
30 '~gaiot to. LSa le-Sacain ihe is' rnow Lin print. pot'of 'Prdlebretary ofState. plained tha:ea o
jaake 1hn irief Lvi- .At the Villa -Creole, Bidfet; 0at fnto MonignorTr and-had bee ad
e Republc dC ies thL iho~iinAe. iiwl ncag of, The meoisgw
sia tjo, wel Ldhe Guerts oftf'tfpoiy adie. h ciii
yoe~ Specia el 'win Maor Geaand,, Tediyesin haitiO this od nha
therecnff to G re a a rc l nb r n rg i e k d t rai e h et r e a e o
;.Frenh Majoryhs ee, oardo th Oro Chhtesio a o h ntra nte'o
Feertoi ix an h eevigln hoad oal res, aoendonW Noembek' 'd ils al ot
L ea-edn nc unotuat acLdnt wen 6th.,l he recive the 500 ne-ddto.fn
iearn koqwnerib as. 1 nn !'jured his elow ,ooato ceeoi, in a ipe-
vith. IAf, w sat s daugh, mentine i thiatcn.H
ed .. I a oin h GnOco e t ws of thePnii aerdpo eIo
ahd' all th(l fang'ois d Sale fgSr speia withne thef newsien ad whir e theatiates tte..I
),ni6ItI zedoi t6amet ca;, Lpcashten wdith phemsi go'ait ht oeot
*o estxrn'ashore --- laug and applause awe he atn o fa sy ha
fd 6ady foteDrcor his weportesto peneiit thLe~es hrn u
=nclie thh booy.'dyeee (Contine frm page 1)i oftecddv hihwseeterand Caeosad
-poi y bouSn fon. the (0ons n H ry T u iaey-cnenn th e. ftirmi. Veruenig
alP eneral GIoue vr d It- I& r is antuici te da l roe of h e PeI s an sai J. Trou It,
oby a C 7iinl elMa by thho Amria Ebas it ouion o thele\A the eoncae
.xOfic~cm-cyor abu Fbur 1, 196 Itaia jor els, Aleno athrn i
but Bj thirw n S rviceiinow lintehd atils mutneve berytetutnhesta
wHfi edestiken by aus Dr Au r etd snrntdt.sscrd ..o'Fa c
a pefr ac uFfortswilas its. ofIe in te B f re coined the audine, rit o
witness nmy bulig h thepp Pope agi brouih paah ae mettn
re~eely ~ dSHOEth
0"'GiV6.~~~FO EVERY'1wfbl 00toep n ateo

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